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Ladysmith Standard Feb 29, 1908

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THE SHOE OF       !'
Wo havo i-ccoived Our
Spring shipment, consisting
of 850 pair of tho Newest
Stylos In Illtu-k nnd   Tans.
The ''Enamel Kid" SIko
is being greatly -worn, and
is strictly U|wto-Dntf>.
Call in ami sec us — Wo
guarantee to Fit.
(Sib.   Box of Dragon Tea  S2.00
i   3 Packages of Fancy Biscuits      35c ,
(Including Butter Thin, Dainty Sodas, Oyster Crackers, New England Ginger Snaps, Graham Wafers, Milk Toast, Lemon CrenmsJ
HERALD'S STRANGE t&&;&'$$'W6stehl F"el
Nanaimo    'Contemporary    Tries
Claim  Standard  Story.
serious fooling
.by Hnlpii Smith it would have heim
, treated with greater reverence and
J given more credence than all thegos-
fl||jul8. Because the story is that ui'a
working' man it is fur that reason
1<0 ridiculous and must he cheapened.
And it is thc working man who keeps
the Herald sting In active operation,
UA<AiAiAiAiAiAiAiAiAi^iibiAiAiAiA—••^•AA -A-A*A-.jl
230 Pairs of LECKIE'S Famous
MINING SHOES at...... $3.00
All Other Goods i.       rj|A|/|   CO
Proportioq Only at    DlVrVLC   O
isj.s.iejiie.istusujissitaitjisjititjif n) !»'»■■■» ■» i«jm» if imiofii
a seductive opportunity for the dis-
J play of its own peculiar and dittort-
'ed ideas of smartness before over it
j will venture a roference to a contemporary. And vory often tho air of
obscurity in which it lives, breathes,
and has its being confu8esj*ta*a.judg-
inent and confounds its intentions.
It wns so on Sunday. Hore is tho
articlo :
1 "On Saturday, November 2nd, tho
Herald published the following news
item, relative to the locations mado
on the West Coast:
" 'Yesterday, Walter Miles and his
brother, of Ladysmith, came ovor
from 'Alberni by automobile on their
return from tholr fourth trip to tho
West Coast of tho Island. Mr. Miles
■has with him a quantity of black
sand containing colors of gold that
thoy washed out on lho claims .recently located by thom. The ground
is beach diggings and aiso a bank of
gravel, about (10 miles from Alberni. It is reached by travelling overland some six miles from Uclulot,
at which point the steamer Tees
lands passengers and freight. Tho
ground located created considerable
excitomont some years ago,' and at
that timo quite extensive development
work was dono, a flume, costing, it
is said, somo SIO.0O0, was built.
'1*0 company are sold to havo taken
out ill the neighborhood of $80,00(1
during tho , time thoy workoil the
mines, but owing to dissensions, tho
work wus stopped and tho.ground
finally abandoned.
" 'The Miles Brothers think tho
ground is good and will endeavor to
interest capital in .again opening up
and working tho gravel banks.   Tlio
—  old flume still stands,   but is   badly
broken down in' places.' "
■fff-f-H"f-T-H-f-T-f-H-*"f-f-f-f++     "Yesterday the     Freo Press,   nnd
t havi- tntm, -r* "lao its ladysmith publication made
i uavu latu ., a now story    about it,   under    Iho
inni I A NsPsFtJat " l"!afinS °r "-Heaeb Lund Worth $150
a a fvtnrr   ta «,m '!    "ln tho article of yesterday io a as
AS WELL AS THE ■• stat8d ttat   .tnere £ „ i;rii;,ol bmk
a n ■■ |TV - - 10° '*** '''t*''1- unu according to the
/%DILI II -f doscowrers, it is teeming with gold.'
..     "According to tho articlo, iho oank
to innko or repair nnv part of - ■ Is 100 feet high.      Tho length   and
your    Watch,   bo    it English, ■• depth aro not given, but-if it is IU0
Swiss, American, or any othor ' * foot high, and 2,000 feet long,   and
"•J*?',    , • I extends    back 1,000 fi-ot, it • n.e-ins
4.    Why?    Uccnuso I havo stud- 7 7,407,400 cubical yards, a vuivl   is
f ltd     tlie   Wntcli from both   a ,\ figured by placer miners as "a   ton,
4- Scientific anil Practical   View. .. multiplying this by $150 |ior   cubic
J nnd   understand tho principals .. yard ami. you   havo as a result 51,-
T    All work guaranteed.   Prices ■- 121,110,000.    This is about the am-
T In   nccordanco   with first-clnss -• ount of tho   United Stales national
■f workmanship, ;; rtebtj sUl[ tho Herald hoped it is nil
T y\     _~i      IT 0—0. t—k ram ■ ■ thcni, and thnt Mr, Miles and his as-
t   \J     l±      M f If |Fp .. socio tot   will   gather in a fair share
II   1   VAe   lAt \J\J A   ** '* ll- '<"* they have certainly   spont
Z . •• timo nnd worked hard to locate and
i    EXPERT  WATOHMAKlon,    '' claim the some."
•i   Ilorologicnl Inst.,   Toronto,   '.'    The lumleii of   tho   articlo,   so far,'. ns ii is apparent, Is that the  story
I   _   is months old ond wns lirst publlsh-
, - cd hy tho Herald and that in its re-
SAIIjQH   DISAPPEARS. written    form it Is incredibly oxng-
!   gorated.    fn nowspuper language the
_       ■      '"    Feared that He Has Fallen Over the l*,™ ,1_T.m-\Jtm' La!i>'S""th """"T
 4— » tion has dressed up 111 now garments
I Wharf and lloen Drowned. *n old Herald "scoop."     Woll, tho
a   < IJttdysniith publication will tnko full
WE HAVE FLIES'    THAT   WILL     Qn_ of tho crow ()f t|    -   „   „,.       responsibility for it, and its   editor
DRAW T1IOUT   LIKE A MAO NET. Illw ooallllg    llt t,,G ,„„,' whnrvH,; 'eels In no way abashed or humiliat-
UODS THAT WILL   HOIJJ  ANY- has disappeared ond there are good      ,., ? this exposure,  as thc Herakl
THINO THAT SWIMS. reasons     '»■*   believing he has   boon Wff J£" * T"""-'' °  "" "1^hU"a
drowned.   Quite n youilg man, ho had ,„?" £?'" ,*th Z n? iT'i "  T""
 *  boen In town with some other   mom. I>r0'"/?      fo'     <*« Horakl claiming
liors of the crow, but hnd got sop- S'l ' . "K ", prl1do '" " T.'s ,S,C0T'
COME AND LOOK AT.01111 STOCK united from them, lie was, how- T' '?, "<,..<i0"-vi',,*r its originality In
FRESH SHIPMENTS EVERY HAY ovor, seen to be going down  In   the ,„SL   u    T'  l",rt,cl,1?r';v ln ,'ts
direction of    the wharf and that is S?n' '^J*™!'"""''' "'"' lts ortho"
the last tbat was seen of him.   Some "ft1*?!'    ,J!1J'' '? ,th0 ™ry noxt issm
_.    ,, Mr. S. Rooddlng    eclipsed all   his
I'iio Herald, In its last Sunday's previous efforts in the decoration of
issue dolgncd to stoop to a notice of the hull of the opera houso on Wod-
tho Nanaimo Free Press, and tlio Bpsday. The roof was festooned In
'■ Standiutl," ulUiough, of course,-it diamond loshlon in lhe three colors,
was not to be expected from its lim-'recl, white and blue. Looking from
ited intelligence that it would give ond t„ om] ,,r tn0 |ulM U|Cre . woro
tho latter Journal a name. It is on- three waving arches of color, all In
ly onco in an ago that tho Herald perfect sympathy, uud the whole ef-
jUiandons its ludicrous attitude of (ect was enhanced by tloft tlocorrtlvc
high-and-niightiness. Thore has to be touches with    flans, chlncso lunteniB
and hunting.   There wore six mirrors
Good Tackle
,pf his belongings,  including a   pl|»
alter Its attempt to show us up   we
and pockot knife have since boon '.??nd J," ,ts .W/,01" »ucll„wo«ls »s
, found .111 the wharf, and it is feared A',M"Ban«|. ' Oemetury." These
that he has fallen over Into the Jfo no typographical errors. "Conic-
wuter tar^   '" oitablishod on the "Herald"
Constable Cassidy has Immediately J"8'''"„ ""'''»' as "M»'™tin'«." "Eiu-
onloroil the water In tho vicinity to b"sfy^, Th.ey hayo/et to i-oduco to
bo dragged, but so far without . nv f staodln«.to™; b.ut ™ lln8 oppoared
,^al(Ut -   in evpry shape but the correct   ono.
.  Yet tho   gentleman   i-csi{pnsihle   for
egregious blunders wuxed merrily sar-
■Mil    ii.iiM nv \\ 1 lrfvimn wiwv l'ostlc ovor a lottel' ,vhioh he I'ul*li9h-
MH. .IOIIN RYAN LEAWNO TOWN „_ lrom a Ladysmith resident.  Truly
t a    littio   knowlodge is a dangerous
I   Mr. and Mrs. John Ryan and  fain- thinif.
,lly will l» leaving town oarly   noxt    To como back to tho "scoop" part
'week.    Mr. Ryan took a trip   over of It.    Tho Standard man know   of
tho lino lust Full, and bought   lund Mr. Myles' (not Miles) departure to
In tho   yakink Vnlloy.      Now that the West Coast,    and was told thc
the sin-lng Is opening out, work will object and destination ol his cruise
have to lie commenced on the ranch, So also van he shown samples whon
nnd Mr. Ryan will pull out early   in Mr. MyicS came back, nnd glvon   an
the week. account of the expedition.     But tho
Thore Is no doubt oi it Mint .lack claims had yet to be registered and
will bo vastly missed in the coniniu- leased, und therefore It was   hard!
nity.    Ho has always been with the safe to publish tho discovery—a hand
boys, and every branch of sport has of consideration    which   apparently
had his ardont help and support.   A nover    troubled    the Herakl peoplo.
specialist in baseball, he was anna- Secondly; tho sani|iles .had to be as-
gor ot the     local tonm, and It was sayod,     and   tho Standard man hns
certainly   no    fault of. his thut lho nevor cultivated tho-art of creating
boys put up such an Inglorious per- « scoop out of nothing.   All that Iho^
formanco.                                       , Herald had to   say was that Myloa*
A groat spieler and nn inimitable had located somo claims 011 the West
"Joshor," Jack will leave the casual Coast which he thought he could in-
sporting conclaves vastly the poorer forest capital in developing,
for his absence,    lt is a pity he can-    Tho Standard waited until the title
net stay    for the   fourteenth.    His to the claims had beon secured und
presence alone was worth a goal nnd tho results of tho assay of tbo  somas a rooter, be hud ovoryono "skinn- pics lonrnod.    Tho root of tho whole
od" In tho two cumps.   But business story lay   In thoso two facts  which
calls him, nnd "-nod I cul Bport   as tho Herald never hnd.   Yot,' says Its
****♦ he is, and deni ly us he would like to editor, we rriado a now story n 'nut
__._^____^_______________________ see tho match, ho Is bound to go. It—that Is, about tho article publish-
,~~~~~~—~~—————.   n0 takes with him tho best wishes ed in tho Herald.   There is cerlninK
of all in tho community who   know no doubt nt nil that any story pub-
THE PEDESTRIANS. him; und tho boys particularly, am- Hshed In the Herald will stand for a
—— ong whom tho writer for once   will lot of   renewing; bnt Btirely such nil
Olty, Mo    Feb   28—Whon 'noludo himself, wish them tho    very accusation in the present case, when
tht walkers In lh,, .1. ,!«,, *,,«, .to,,   ,10st ot Kood   '"'* '" lils mw <,nt<"*' tlro Standnrd waited until the   facts
tht walkers in tho six, day raco stop- prlm wcro all available and until  It   ffns
|ita tor   tho day, at    midnight, the 4      .   -  -, safe to publish them, about touches
scon wnt at follows: ,      | tho limit ol Ignorant presumption,
Thero   remains    the socond point
Phont 7-4.
on the walls, all prottly decorated
and the stage was charmingly fixed
up. Altogether tho hall has never
been seen to bolter advantage.
drew attention to tlie fuct that tliey | TIT) r\T\ 1,111T
|woro doing it now.    If it was ' tho 0Al   OlXJiVV
duty of thu Socialist Party to   inor-
{ p-lly educnLo the -workers, as stated
•by Mr. McMillan, then that was   an
, —— - Indmissien tbut thu Church bud failed
;Ju its mission,   Aa a matter of his-
Huv. Mr. McLecid's Address is Chal- Kory, the churches had ulways stood ' u.  S. Revenue Cutter Thetis   Sails
jin the Interests of tiie ruling classes
longed by i'resbylorinii Pastor      „mi   resisted   all    attempts at pro-
  [gross made by the workers in the dl-
.,.[,„ ,, ,    ,   .,    ,,       , , rcction of freedom.
t1,e"i^;iAu^,bl^":!:..!":su,r-.^' :"*"»-'"- "pm*
1 mi assor-
U11 Mitfaion of Rescue.
The Aihoricuu revenue cutter  llhe-
Us wiia in the     hurbor during   tlie
tion mode hy Mr. McMillan that tho
,    .                                             Socialist ropreaentativet at Victoria [week coaiiug for a long trip on  ra-
LuU^miu..  undo* Lhc ausplcua ,im, Vute(|        im     m f     |)ruv.iti.   ther a i^aurkubtc ctiuhI.   It appears
local   bucluliBt organizatioi), inir ionn] J3.™   t.„ '    A-■•«,«,* w     • II
droaneu a public meeting iii tno Jj'uin
Hall, LuUybiniUi
nn MM.!,Url   f;;cla.1(,.l1ury',lllJ1,'HL1U11'   -m local option, suhl  that ho,  (thc'tliat the Japunca,- .scl.ouner Satsuma
v\Z vL ll,,,   ,u7"   '   »„• urhB   ohairman), waa hot convorsaivt wft1i:>aa -wreckefl nSai- Yalukat Bay, Al-
uiu Liu.imuii   isn. ii. umiuugbs,  Lhe circuraatancoa,    hut woukl    pro- «Hta# the crew     making laud   witn
umod   the _ «i-*t.iig hy hitroduoing oUro froth tlie soolallftt momhcrK    a plenty ot provisions,    a. vessel came
statement uf their reasons for so-do-|lllun£ af**r tlie wrock, but for some
ing, and when he published those roa-|Wftson or athcr only two .>r    three
sons lie had no doubt thoy would ful ot the    Japs    could make the bhip.
Iju closed    on    tno lut-a   jUunday   in  j., - -    - - >     -> *
tlio spi-akor ol tlio ovcning, and
od tno attention or liiu audi nc
tlio* fact that ttio voters
1st   woum
satisfy tlie audience that tho   action takon was correct.
The mooting then dispersed.
Stops Work at   tho Mines for Two
Laat Days of the Week
Further trouble with tho companya
locomotivea led £o tho mines being
idle these laat -f-wo days. It was
found neceasary aonie months ago to
Bend the big locomotive No. 14 up
to the machine sho^s at Cumberland
for repairs. No. 10, the engine that
crashed over French Creek, waa sent
down to take the other's place, and
has been in use ever since. However,
No. 14, being ready for work again,
the locomotives were shipped simultaneously from either place at tlie
beginning of the week.     This threw
the hauling" on to a .couple of "din- 	
kies" and on Wodnesday ono of them frout «s the key to thu whole
problem.    **■—«*    •
The speaker then quoted examples
March next, and urged ovoryono wiio
had the noe-essm ...mi ui'ous   to
vote, tu stop behind after lite meeting was over aud nil out thoir ap-
plioatlon forms, thoi'e boing two uf
tho local comrades qualified to tako
their doclurutions.
Mr, McLeod,    in    his opening   re-
markii,  disclaimed    will intention   of
instructing his'ttudiou'ee iu Boclalistl . .
economics,    lhat ho was at present'
untiblu to du, nut having been in the City Hand     Arranging, Concert   and
Dance for Saturday Evening
March 1-lth.
mo\omont long enc-ugh und the timo
ut his disjiosal for tne study uf Socialism being vory limited. However;
ho had scon quite'enough in his ex- Tho City Band are arranging
perienco to convince him that in m- concert and dance for Saturday oven
dopendont political action lay tho fog, idlircil %#$_ for tho ^^qx ol
only hope of the working cluas. liy Air. John McMiuua who lias beon un
independent political actum'-' he didUblo tu follow his employment for
not mean Liberal.labor or Conserva-1 over a year. The concert will com-
tive-labor    parties,      Such    purtioslmonco ut 8 o'clock sharp so as    to
were nut organized in the interest of
tho workers whose interests they pro
leased to represent, but wore used us
rod herrings xo bo drawn across tlio
trail of the real issue that was at
stake. That interest was tlie ownership and management of the machinery uf production. Capitalist "labor'' parties were used to confuse
and keep in tho background that issue.' The Socialist party was ' tho
only true political party uf the
workers, inasmuch as it accepted
that issue and kept it in tlio i'ore-
leave plenty of time for tho dance. A
splendid musical programme bas
beon arranged and tickets are now
on sale at 50 cents each. The tickets aro good for buth concert and
dance and may bo obtained at W.K
Morrison's store or from John JMulr
was put out of commission by getting in the road of a train of load-
oil cars.
However everything is now ready
for a start again, and the-(mines, in
all probability, ■will' go every day
for the next three weeks.
Ladies Prepare    and Enjoy a  Glorious Time in the opera
Houso Laat Night,
culled ffqm his experience in Nova
Scotia as to tho way in which labor
had bocn tricked and sold by theso
bogus "labor" parties. Turning to
Urltish Columbia, he could find
stances fully as convincing of tho
corruption and chicanery used liy
self-styled "labor" i-eprosontatives.
He would draw the attention ut his
audience to tho fact.tluvt they wcro
represented in Ottawa by one uf the
foremosb Liberal-labor representatives in Canada—Mr. Ralph Smith.
How had he represented labor interests in Parliament? Well, whon tho
Grand Trunk Pacific Bill was being
discussed ho had opposed an amendment that would have excluded Oriental labor from tho construction
and operation of that railroad. Also
in Nanaimo he had handed ovor the
herring fishing industry to his friends
who were employing .Japanese, thus
effectually excluding white men  from
The leap year dance that was given in the opera houso under tho aus
pices of the City itnnd was a grout'obtaining their living in that indus-
and pronounced success.     Tho band-j^
mon had handed over the whole    of!
tho arrangements to n committee of|trict in Ottawa with tho record of
ladies, and in this they showed their the Socialist representatives in thc
wisdom and-discretion.     The   ladles 'I'ro^ncial Parliament, and no soiisi-
 . .      ,. . .        ■'.'■-_   I bio working man would hesitate   to
got together and spared no pains to !cmuieain ih(i ()ll0 lind endorse the
mako the evening's entertainment a'other. Tho last vote he (tho speak-
success, and they succeeded to an un w) ftU(i rocorded wus for the liberal
Contrast the actions of the Liberal
labor"   representative    of this dis-
precodented extent.
A large number of invitations wero
sent out, and thero were over eighty
couples sat down to supper, while at
times there wore    over seventy cou-
party. Ho hoped tho Lord would
forgive him. Ho had no mtention'uf
doing it again. (Laughter and applause).
Dealing with the drink quoottuu ho"
insisted that drink* was nut the cause
of tho   poverty of the workers*    It
plos on tho floor. There was mixed certainly* was a cause, but the main
dancing and this concession was vast cause was capitalist ownership uf tho
,y appredntod l,y t„e old country hS^^'feor ,-co,.,mo»-
dancers who wero present. - Then, of doU ali worklngmen and women to
course, being leap year dance,     the study Socialism and support the So
men had to play tho part of wallflowers. If they did make a move
they were promptly mulcted In a
fine of 25 or 50 cents, and a great
part of tho fun of tho ovonlng camo
from .these many trials.
Tho gents behaved well, in the way
of refreshments, they tended table
well, the floor was in lino shape, tho
hall was just ns it wns for the Eagles— altogether it was a glorious
night, and the ladles well deserve
three cheers and a  tiger of hips.
The bahdmen fully appreciate their
efforts and acknowledge that the success of the evening was entirely due
to their work,
Slater ......
Messier ....
Miles.    "Museums of Safety Devices"   and
Tho   Herald   had no scruple in   the
 •  • 1»B general Industrial hygiene h«ve been flrBt pIaC0 ,n -»p|nflhing" the  hiory
 103 established   by tho governments    of nt any nnd all risks to the   dtacW-
 a 101 Holland, Germany, France, England orers.    Now    that tho assay inures
1Q. „,.        „.    ..       „„^wt^ „»    m„   are out, It makes it its first   bus -
 ]87 and MVcm! olhor cmmtplei of    Bu- ness to show them to bo a ridiculous
 17B rope.    These   do magnlflcont    work, exaggeration.      This   Is strictly  In
Sinks   100 In educating employers and employ- keeping with alt the policy nn I ptift
McrHd , 110 ed, as well as the public generally.    Maury of tho Herald.   If it had boon
The Ladysmith mon have accepted
thc challenge of the men of the Xow
Western Houae and arc prepared to
take tho field on Sunday afternoon.
The proceeds, after ground expenses
have been paid, they wish to hand
over to a player who waa Injured
several weeks ago on the field.
The Ladysmith line up is as follows:
Ooal— J. Cartwright.
Backs- E. Wynne and Elliot,
Halvoa— Howell, Motro and Aitken,
Forwards — Lund, Barclay, Appleby, Dickson and Proving.
Reserves— Skidmore, Solo Bell and
Happy Jack,
Manager— S. Decker.
Water corrior— 'M. Churchill.
The klckoff will take' place at 2.30
o'clock and    t$ere Is surd to be
groat game.
Among them waa tlio 'captain uho,
on liis arrival in Seattle, notified tbe
Japanese Consul of the plight of hia
crew, who in turn sent word !■■ the
Japanese Embassy at Washington.
On the matter being brought before
the United States Cabinet it was immediately decided to order the Thetis to go to the rescue of the marooned men.
The Thetis has started but she has
1200 miles to make before she reaches the castaway's who are in rather
u precuneus plight. Practically they
are marooned on a glacier and although they have plenty of provisions tliey will not have anything to
keep warm. Should the Thetis call
here on her way back there should
be un exciting story of pej/il on the
sea to publish.
AND OiilJKl*.
"     Nanaimo, X-*slj. 28Ui—
Tbt    Inflowing   interesting   peps.'
was read by Mayor Bell oi Enderby,
and gave rise to much discussion:
When about a month ago I wus
requested by our energetic honorary
secretary Mr. Hose to contribute a
paper or talk to help out the programme ol thit convention, I hesita
ted because it has been my lot to
live for several years in a small island town, consequently my experience In municipal matters has be>n
very limited; and In my opinion If s
man has not experienced what he is
trying to imprest upon others his
words are not likely to have much
However, after residing ln the province lor fifteen years, during which
time I  have lived in three different
JA JfiJi
.ObUU-,      WUVfWUUIH    »ia..a    ^..ji-v-.v     v..h    --
Jcialist parly of Canada as tlio only
organization that stood for tho in
terests of the working clnss.
Tho Chairman then stated that the
platform was open to any ono who
had anything to say either fiir
against Socialism, or to contravert
anything the speuker of tho evening
hud said
Hov. Air. McMillan, of tbe Presbyterian Church took tho platform. In
his opening remarks, he confessed
that he had been rather disappointed at not hearing an exposition of
Socialist economics. He himself hud
no guarrol with tho Sccialist proposition for the collective ownership
of tho machinery' of production and
distribution, but ho did not believe
thnt tho workers hud the ability or
intelligence to manage modern industrial undertakings.
Turning to the temperniice question raised by the speaker of the evening, ho said ho wns informed that
on an average Si2i'0 per your was
spent by tho minors of Ladysmith in
drink. He directed their attention
to tho sodden intellects resulting
from such a consumption of liquor,
which unfitted the workers for mental ellort of any kind, lie disagreed
with the Socialists that the root of
thc evil lay in economic conditions.
Ho concluded that it lay In humup
nature itself. Tho Socialist IMrty
ought to confino its elVorts to the
Moral education of the individual.
He had read a few works on Socialism, including the Pinkorton Labor Spy, nnd some of Kobort Blatcli-
ford's works. In one of tho lattor
worka, Robert illatchford denied tho
existence of a Clod, and in another
denied the responsibility of man for
his actions, laying tlio blamo on
heredity and environment, reducing
man to tho level of an automaton,
Bo instated that a man who spread
such ideas was not fit to appreciate
tho higher Ideals ot humanity
Here the sponsor    was interrupted
and corrected by one of the ntidlenco
who pointed    out that to say that
BIntchford said  .there was.no Cod.
was not trite.   What he said was "I
don't know."
Another member of the audience ro*
Tho    right or a  State leelslaturejmimlofl tho speaker1 that, religion nnd
under tho .constitution of the. United economics woro two diiTorent lines of
thought,    nnd n  religious discussion
" <■. ],,,(]   nil   nli
Company Compound of Local 1'eopli?
i'lili uuild and Operate a Steam
Ltuinory Fiiuii ui Nanaimo.
Thu Free Press oi recent issue soya
For some weekd past, as has beon
generally known, eilorts havo been
put forward tor tho organization of
u company tom'K-«oj oi local capital
u> 'iirtiuuse uiul operate u steam
laundry piunt in Nunaiino.
.a present Nanaimo is without a
white laundry able to handle the
worn of the city and as a result,
muny Chinese laundries have sprung
up in the city, und those who do not
patronize Chinese laundries send a
lar^je sum of money every month to
i aucouver and other points to laundries there.
Mr. Chas. Dickinson, who has ae,
ably liunuiod the local agency of the
Pioneer 'Laundry, of Vancouver has
beon tlio moving spirit behind the
movement to, secure this new industry fur Nutiaiiuo aud us a result the
plans of the new organization are
sulliciently advanced so that a meeting has been held for thu purpose of
electing u bourd of directors, appoint
towns and visited many others, IJ '"t' a manager, arranging for a build
.ave noticed tbat we stem to have Al!U'_^' ',u''c'"ls,; >" P'ant.vs«|l other
become accustomed to the flagrant] Tha company will be organized at
violation of tome ol our laws and sao.uou, oi which amount ifia.uoif
particularly those    relating to mor- ha" now tMea subscribed.      Bo that
a(s. And therefore, without any cn-1"'1"" alJl"m^ ttru, .f^'tottd, the
ho.,,.. .        ,    ,. ,, i couipuuy will be enabled to go right
deavor to make it a  religious que*- ahead without any delay,
tion It Is my Intention to venture ti f   'i'he opportunities of a steam lauu-
few suggestions regarding tht bettor Ury ,iu   this   clty   •*• «"»ptionally
. r ....      f    . ...      i good.   At present not only a   larg»
enforcement of these laws. "Smount of business leaves NonaimoT
«e frequently hear that our laws but also a considerable portion of
nre defective, or at least inadequate, tl™ laundry of this section ot the
but In my opinion. It Is the non-en- if11*"*1 Sous t0 mainland points. As
,„„._.._,    „, . . tho company intend to eniplov noth-
forccment of our laws whore wo nut but WHITE LAUOU throughout,
'all. and   to   operate   nothing   but    the
Tho    crlminnl codo. ol Canada  Co- most up-to-date plant under the beat
'   -"  In a   general way.     Ou   ■"^"S"""-''"- procurable there will be
„.,,,,,.,,- no reason   why they should not   bo
provincial statutes also have laws enabled to bundle all this business
which apply to nil conditions and at Nunaiino. lu addition to being
plncc-s. nnd tliov also give to munlcl '■ Stvat convenience to the city and
pnlitlcs wide latitude, snd power t 2.W-H l° ',m,T 5UOh   a" "n»J!tuMon
",-.., . !"'»=■   v i,,,,.^ t|1(J establishment    ol this new
make their own hy-lnws In order tr- industry will benefit the city by roa-
meet local conditions.     And,   whll; sou of giving employment to many
there    are    loopholes    occasional!*,  aad ttddl»« t0 lhu If0"-""'" vo,uu"J "'
.. , ... . _ .      .       ,'   business transacted locally.
showing up In these statutes, largely,   jfUon cralit ,, uu„ Mrv Wck<)0S011
owing 11    rnplilly    changing condl- for tlio Worts he has put forward in
tions of    n   new country,    on    ths this    direction.      The new company
whole, I am a believer In the wisdom nnd arrangements of all our
laws; nnd nlso the mode of .administering them.
. will start out witli the best   wishes
'of everyone for its success.
Mr. Dickenson will be iu Ladysmith
on Saturday evening ut tlie Abbots-
Thls paper Is not Intended to    he'(u''d Hota}   and   will have a limited
n»ai..,i.,t.   k.,i   ..in    .™. —if. amount of stock, which may be   ac-
Pntlmlttle. hut you will agree wltn quilwJ .    ^ r^dmis o( ^dyamlth.
me that we have not reached the i At the last mooting ol tlie share-
Ideal state y«t, and that many ol holdoi-s the following officers wero
„,,„ „i,i,.i.i. ... „.i.. .,„i.,.i. , sleeted: J. il. lludd. President; J.
our officials     not only maintain    a w     ^^      v ice.,,rMideIlt.    Jolm
masterly sllenco when some laws  ore shew, Secretary; C. Dickenson. Mun-
betng broken by certain persons, but agini; Director.
these officials    actually break     tho' „ Wra-tors: A. E. Maiuwuring, E.E.
,        .,        , ,  . . - Summers aud W. w. Cray.
laws themselves.     l*t mo quote    a .
concrete ease.    For a  period of six
months I   happened to be living   l-i STUEKT KLNAWAY,
a  hotel In ono of our interior towns *"     '
and every day black Jack was In ovi-,Tol'm Bolohglng to liig store  Make
,„. .    , ,.     , Street Circuit in Keoord Time,
donee.     The    constable would    fre-| _
quently look on and no reproving' T„„ cxorcsa ^^ bo|onging ^ th,
word or warning came from hlin; nig store caused some excitement
nnd Judg. r from his actions, I could yosterduy morning.    They bolted out
not help feeling that current opinion
of the    alley    way alongside of the
store,    tore across Catacre   Street,
was correct, said current opinion be- liml shut inlCl th0 uncy hading    t0
Ing that Mr. Constable Indirectly re- 'Roberts Street,    lt is something   of
celved part of the "rake-off..' a driving feat -to negotiate this road
In the same hotel ons of ths most g^'WJS? ''f' T ^™*m*y»
raced along it and emerged on to
constant players was ths govern- Koberts Streot.
ment agent, and ho, like the other There they swerved to tho left snd
players, did not confine his opera- ""'"I* around tlie drand cornor. The
ti... ,. .i* a„„. . «.t, »...» ,.«», ""agon turned ou one whcol, but did
tions to six dnys a wtsk, but very ll0"*hava    Mni0 l0   0 OVOT ttna  the
faithfully evory Sunday evening    he-wain galloped madly along the   Es-
was found In his chair carefully tkln plunude.    .lust as they patted (lut-
nlng the rancher or teamster    that •"* Streot'   °"0 0( t"0 fm   em-
,        ,,,, ,, ..      .        „     .__\ ployeos mannged to board the flying
uns less skilful! than hc.     Ho.   the mgotL and   succoodod in pulling UJ
the horses at the foot of High street.
States    to enact a law .prohibiting .      ■       . -.     ,
,   s     .'..'.,,      "had no placo In a Socialist mooting.
employment of female lnborora    After, this the   discussion   boiamc
for moro than ten hours a  day;   In general,   until   Mr. Mclxi-d rose
which tho Stnto of Oregon Is Involv- reply.      Dealing   with tho assertion
nrf   ,.•».    ..»«~i L.i .. .1.. a,mn>nw> tnnt *"* working cIiirs wore not cn-
ed, was    argued below the supremo ^  m„nnBlnK  ind,1(Btr)os     ll0 shall be closed from U p.m. Sntm-
court of tho TTnlted States recently. ■-   ■■     *      ~- -
govomment agent—he, tho ropresen-
tatlvo of law and rlghtnoss,—ho, the
m'nglstrnto, who In tho near future
would likely havt to sit In Judgment
on tho very man with whom ho hod
been associated In breaking the law.
I ook also at the bold nnd constant way l« which our liquor regulations are violated. Section 7 ot
tho I.lquor Trafflo Regulations Act,
of l!W, states distinctly thnt    bars
(Continued on Page 4.)
lt was a line raco, and the excitement was greatly appreciated by tho
men on the street.
The printers were the lirst craft
of any importance to extend their
organization throughout the United
States. Tho National Typographical Union was established ln 16112.
Ten years later It was changed to
the International Typographical Union In order to take fat Canada. CONSULT ME
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or Sell Ont;   or If You   Want
Metat-r Fablis, Conveyancer.
Ladysmith   Standard'
Stint- Wstkly.
Published on Wednesdays and Saturdays Afternoons by the
Robt, ll. Hindmarch,
Out Year  11.00
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Advertising Rates on Application.
Winnipeg, Feb, 27— E. s. McHorg,
. Brandon, hat been appointed superintendent of tbs operating and construction of the new Saskatoon lint
of tbt company.
Winnipeg, Feb, 27.—Chat. B, Sttw
art, a young C.P.R. twitch man,
was killed laat night by being crush
ed between two cars, He leaves a
widow about two months married.
Halifax, Deb. 37.—0. McNeil, a
North Sydney hockey player, hai
been sentenced to three months in
Jail for assaulting persons at Glace
Halifax, Feb. 37.-Karl Nozieke, i.
Pole and ex-Uusalan soldier, was arrested at Sydney last night oh the
charge of attempting to kill his wife.
It is alleged that ths act was only
prevented by interference of three
companions who deprived blm of
his weapons, consisting of two knives
a chisel and a hammer.
Toronto, Feb. 27— Rev. E. 0. Mc-
Lamm,  secretary of home missions J^* *2ff*
of tho Presbyterian Church ol Cana-
r*T*r-ir" v
■i mi.—a- 11..J——■s.t——      — -      i    .a...        ».i i   ■    i„—
Oxford and Cambridge is now definitely tettled for April 4, when the
tide on the Thames is suitable, at 8
o'clock In the afternoon. Both crows
are almost, though not quite, ar
ranged, and are woll on with their
Referees. and Their Office.
felt so    sore personally merely   because the    Ladysmitli    Club officials
'and thu Standard should have  ques-
There is one thing' that lids    sea- \ttoncd ">" *Ull»Pl»ty of certain Main-
son's play has developed, and   that W.'P'»J™» t0 "T^*'*   W   ls"
is the' need of more efficient referees :  **    ff1",' ,    Ti* _°*Z >S.,.n"  "Ml »nd th«''*> "s*"1'' i™lud° W stalls tlio need or more omuent referees,  |lul.m in jnBiSting that the Constltu-   ,.   t .       °
The whole system needs altering and   tion of on Association and tlie  laws     „    .."   , v'
something introduced calculated    to governing a competition should    be ^iu'Sfiv 'S.S^iI?^if*?n? cor '
kn„«.   OouipHod with.    But tlie Free   Press ''""'""SWy  representative team and    ,
KnOW- ..,._       _,      .   ._     .. ,     ,,. Some        K,,VnnfiM>n   „,.   ..i.rl.lih.,,    ,, nvitl-u    *"«".
pride of Manitobn and take any of 8tyi0 wna
them along that looked good; stopJn .j Dftrr-j
again at Toronto and there play the I '   __
cream of Ontario   and   llnally   play MAINLAND JR
the   champions    ot Quebec at Mont-
strangle hold and    to
obtain men    with a working
ledge    ol
By   a score    of    four-nought,  tho
Royal City High School Juvenile soc
cor team   defeated   for   the   second
tht Vancouver Central school
team    on   Saturday last.  The boys
tho   rules of Association       on ,h    .ui,i1H.t     „nr|  i,„ ,!,.„,   niS. could go to England and bo a   ere- ._     ,        -   --•■-
and the power to enforce =|K%tJS obutllC, ™&to!$fa ."..-u.d also Z^Za^re^ZV^^
their observance.     Hardly a   Satur-;    Under the heading "Jjadysnilth Iiii- \be_'^fj" *>v<,'Jr ,v**y l° "acl1 of  tlw cu,ura agmiisi tne ieauors In tho Is
day pos^s without some club raising ClXJl^n thei Rowing "M^taTiS? $&ffi ^ ^ajlrtl^SJ^ot
land, and are ready to defend thoir
colors against the leaders in the Is
to auyi   "Now that tho   'Ladysmith
the province
a big howl about the refcreeing.   Of j.^^,,, Club h„s M,argA „£ s01..| would be a team that could be  recourse, it muy be that tho howl was vices of Jim Trim, of Wosthom   ls-, °°8? zod b>' u,e 'Bominlon us a thor-
uch nosier than the occasion   war- land, and Hartley, of tho Nationals, l?us'j}y rtprawntatlvo one mid would D   1<u^
iiim.ii   nuaivi    iiitiii   viii**   i/f.'-ii.T'.'.f      w«ii-    fH»«i   iiiru   itiu nvj,    ui    lyiiu   m a i-iuiinio, ■.        ,. ■ , ,     , . ,   .
ranted, and, indeed, there may   havo MSA*!*!!* _*°y !"_.<&
ln the juvenile series.
The team    that faced the ball    on
Saturday was      Storme, McAllister,
King,   Wllkli,   McKenzlo,
been nothing at ... to complain ab- « 'ISorenT*t„"X tcai^uo
out. But mistakes ure being made playing Mainland mon. Importing
all the same, serious mistakes, too, 'players, how-over, is not a new turn
und worse even than tha-., the du-' lor Ladysmith, for to bring pacific
tics of tho office of retoroo aro boing'coast championship, and B.C. clium-
wrongly conceived. pionship to thoir homo, thay have re-
Tho game is played according to a sorted to local men for at least two
do^t yesterday for Western Cana-
Toronto, Feb. 27— Tom Flanagan
has been prevailed upon to contlnut
to act as manager of tho Irish Canadian Athletic Club and will bold
the reins tor at least another year.
Re will go to England with Longboat and Insists that they leave Canada between May 1st and 15th.
The Marathon race takes place July
Brockville, Ont., Feb. 37.—Apop
loxy wos not the cause of death uf
J. G. Warnock, a former Ottawa
merchant and horseman, who died at
Brockville under circumstances that
led the attorney gonornl to order an
inquest and autopsy. Ths result
the autopsy of the stomach has been
sent to the provincial analysts at
Toronto and the Inquest adjourned
uatil his report is received.
Halifax, Feb. 37.-AII hope of saving any of the cargo from the Pick-
ford & Black liner Beta, which waa
stranded at Turks Island Is practl
cully  nbandontd.
Montreal, Feb. 27.—Victor Nicoli,
charged with the murder of Antonio
DI Lucca, who was stabbed through
tho heart on Cadlux street Inst Frl
day night, has been arrested In Syracuse, N.Y., and will be held to
nwalt extradition proceedings.
NEW YORK, Feb. 27.-Capt. William H. Van Schalck, master of tht
Ill-fated steamer Cencrnl Slocum, ln
ths burning of which 1,000 persons
perished, surrendered himself today
to United States Marshal Henket,
and was taken to Sing Sing prison
to serve his term of ton yean' Imprisonment for negligence In attention to duty as master of tha Slocum.
Captain Van Schalck was sentenced
Jan. 27, 1906, but appealed from
' tht Judgment, which has now been
sustained by the United State* Circuit Court of Appeals. On bis trip
to prison the aged man was accompanied by hia newly married wife.
New Partnership
Ctrtwrijht& Barclay
certain fixed sot of rules with which
the players ought to be familiar but
are not. Thero are, however, a number of rules w'hieh every player
knows, and the referee is there to see
that they are observed or thot tho
full penalty of their Infringement
(laid by the offending side. This
all lalrly easy; but tho referee has
largo powers of discretion, and in
blowing his whistle ho should be
guided by how far a mistake is Intentional, and by the 'advantage that
was derived from the mistake.
Taking an example. Suppose a forward has tho ball, and is making for
goal. He meets a half or a full,
back and dodges him. The latter
reaches out for a trip, but'falls in
his purpose. The foul Is there, and
the penalty is a free kick. .But, In
nine cases out of ten, in-givin a free
kick, the referee is giving tho advantage to tbo offending side. In other words ho is 'defeating the' very object of tho rules under w-hioh he is
directing tho game. For nn attempt
ed trip the whistle should only go
when tho free kick is going to give
an advantage to the side ofTondod
There is another point. In tho last
few games the writer has witnessed,
there'hiive been fouls awarded 'for
infringements of which only'the re
loree and Providence wero cognizant.
This toot! toot! toot! for all kinds
of trivial offences, often more imagin
ary than real, only tends to spoil
tho game. Nothing aggravates a
player more than bo be penalised for
an offence ho never committed, or
for a cause of which he is ignorant.
Almost naturally ho begins to offend
in earnest, and all the writer's' experience and observation go to show
that more games havo boon spoiled
by the too officious referee than by
anything else.
The handling question, too. wants
to bo treated vory lightly. Tho referee should be absolutely satisfied
in his own mind that a ball was
handled intentionally to gain an illegitimate advantage before blowing
his whistle. The same thing may be
A rough player
is hardly ever a dirty player. He
takes all risks himself, and gives nothing but what ho is prepared to
take. For instance, Faddy Hewitt
was severely criticised by a Victoria
journal the other day. Iii the present writer's opinion, tho Viotoria
pressman did not know -what he is
talking about. Paddy Is rough enough and reckless enough in all conscience; but thc writer has nover yot
seen him resort to shady matihods.
This question wants to bo ventilated. Even In England there hus
been a disposition on the part of
Drat referees to prohibit all fair
charging. Ii la a.l a mistake. Foot,
ball Is a robust outdoor gamo, and
no amount ol legislation can convert
it into parlor tennis. A man that
hat wolght has aa much right to his
handicap as tho man -that has Sliced
or thc man that has a pair of drib
Ming feet. Is a full-back to lie reduced to ono ineffective poke for tho
ball against a flying winger when he
could have charged him off the ball?
If fair charging is to be prohibited,
then tho game is to the spoody and
all ltt attractions and zest are taken
from it.
There are two more little points.
It is a mistake to think that a man
cannot Jump to hood a ball. It 1b
no foul If in coming down ho lands
on another man. The foul comos In
when a player throws himself at another who is ln the air with no other intention than that ol irrasslng
him. Again, any part of tho ground
within the four touch linos constitutes the Held of. play. Victoria referees have adopted the habit of
making a player stand squarely on
tho touch line. The rule requires
only that some part of hot'- feet be
on the touch line and that the player face the field oi play. Ho can fulfil these conditions and loo1 either
up or down the field, ond that is all
there is to it.
To get good and efficient referees a
system of examination should bo
drawn up by the Association and a
Kale of fees agreed upon. The latter
ia a necessity. A man cannot lie expected to lose timo and work and
Undergo all manner of Inconveniences
for nothing. There is some schedule
of expenses in connection with tho
Assoc ation at present, but this is
not enough. If good men' are to bo
got they will have to be paid for,
and with football on the Island in
its present flourishing condition the
question should be soriously taken
up at tho next annual mooting. • As
things are a man Is recommonded for
the position without anything very
definite being known as to hit experience of tho game and his know-
lodge of tho rules. "Thore Is no doubt
about It that ho should bt thoroughly tested In his grounding on the
rules, and only by such a plan can
efficient men be assured. The only
way to get men to' go the trouble of
qualifying In this manner is to make
the referee's feet high enough, not
only to cover actual expenses, but
also loss of time, snd all tho Inconveniences of tht office.
Importing Players.
Our friend on the Free Press hat
given us another token of Ms fraternal feelings towards us and 'towards the Ladysmith Football club.
It Is a constant puzzle to ut why the
years in succession, Ladysmith
should bo satisfied now, for Tviin is
a splendid full-back, one uf tho best
In B.C., and Hartley, as a goal keeper, is also among the 'best. Archie
Clegg, of Victoria, is back again at
Ladysmitli, so the champions should
make a powerful eli'ci-t to retain
their title, lt was also rumored
that Qunzun, Rogers and anothor of
the Vancouvor Thistles wore tried for
by 'Ludj-sinith, but these men are
not going to leave Vancouvor."
Now, in all one spieling the Standard has dono it has never once
charged Nanaimo with importing
players. It was quite ready to believe that a kindly and -bene-.oleiit
-Providence led tho educated and ei-
fertive feet of Howitt &i Co. to Nanaimo's hospitable shores. Whether
i'i-o\i.louce would have done so much
for Hewitt & Co. had they pussuisod
no pedui abilities, is extremely open
to question. But we nevor even
breathed the suspicion, and would
not have done so now had the article we have quoted not suggested
that thero was lessvof Pro'idencc
than ol design in the whole business.
Howltt, Crulckshanks and Harley
may have landed in Nanaimo by the
merest accident. On the other hand
they may not, and wo hae oor doots.
- But even if they were brought there
for the purpose of playing there is
nothing to be said against it—that
is, not new. Thc Island Association
in its -wisdom has ruled that these
men are eligible, and the same ruling makes the whole Thistle tonm <*«*
any other Mainland eleven eligible.
The only point on which these men
could havo bocn ruled out was that
ol regarding tho Island League as a
qualifying stage in tho competition
for tho B. C. Cup. When that point
failed there Is nothing in the constitution to prevent cither Ladysmith or Nanaimo from openly seeming thc services of uny number of
Mainland men. From our point of
view, tbe decision was a regrettable
one fro- Island football; but It is
there and the Free Press is right In
presuming that the champions will
make a powerful o.fort to retain
their title.
Tho assertion that "impcrting play
crs is not a new turn for Ladysmith" is misleading us well as malicious. Nanaimo players assisted
tho LudysniiH. .cum, it is true, and
no one '- re Is inclined to minimise
tho value ol their services. But thoro
woe no team then Jn Nanaimo, no
constitutional point was raised, and
tliey wero local men as well as Islanders. The uso ol tho wed "importing" in such a connection is erroneous, and w-o cun only conclude
it was used designedly to give u
sting to the romurk. There is no end
to be gained, no purpose to be serv-
uil by twoli back-biting "spiels." We
havo no iiersonul grudge to work oil
against the Nanaimo team or any
member in it. It is a fine eleven,
and, although naturally we think wo
have u, finer, the whole question remains to be settled; and we can leave
it at that.
An All-Canadian   Eleven.
Tho scheme which Messrs. Con.
Jonas and W. Ellis, ol Vancouver,,
have in hand of sending a team to
England to compote for the Amuteur
Association Football championship
of the world, ls making great progress under . thoir management. At
present they are considering tho feasibility of making thu teum representative of the whole Dominion. Mr.
Adam bus race ved the following loiter from thom, dated Fob. 25, 1008:
-Dear Sir.—Negotiations are under
way in British Columbia for the pur-
poso of sending a British Columbia
team to compete in the Olympic
(lames, to bo held in England next
fall, for the Amateur, Association
Football championship of the world,
und it ls practically' settled that a
team shall go, Tho question of
funds has boon studied out and the
promoters can seo their way clear
to raise tho amount that will lie required.
Some of tho most prominent members havo suggested, and tho others
have agreed to It, that Instead of
the team being seleotod from British
Columbia alone. It be seleotod at
the time ol tho People's Shield tournament from the teams' from all over
the Dominion and thus make lt t
Canadian Team.
The present Idea Is. for a committee to watch the tournament games
and select men to play a trial game
and include among the selected some
of British Columbia's star players
who may not be competing lh the
tournament, and from this trial
gamo select eleven men.
Start these eleven mon for England, play the n against a picked
eleven of Alberta, at Calgary say,
and if any men in the Alberta team
art worthy of a place ln the Selected Team take thom along too; of
course Alberta would in all probability be already represented on the
team by some of the Calgary Caledonians already chosen in ' Vancouver. At any rato this would give
outsiders a chance to qualify for the
representative team who, because
they wero not members of the Club
that won the Provincial Championship were not eligible to compote for
the People's Shield. Thit, of courts
might apply to the other Provinces
at wdl as Alberta.
Journey   on    to Rsglna toy,   and
play    a picked eleven of Saskatchewan with tho same object;   make an-
Fret Prett sporting man should have other stop at Winnipeg and play tho
claim on the   Olympic Games   Committee.
Tho gate moneys taken in the various test matches would go towards paying the expenses of tho
Kindly let    us havo tho   views of
your Association on tho mutter   at
your earliest convenience.
Yours in sport,
Dlsnoy, Currle, Hardman, Gilford,
and Innes. Goals were scored by
Gilford, two, Davidson and Wilkio
one each. McKenzle, Disney and
Gilford starred for the home eleven.
I Tbe weather at Richmond was fine,
the sun shining brilliantly. From the
time the gates were open spectators
continued to pour Into the ground,
and altogethcs the scene was an animated one. The teams wore :
I England.
I A. E. Wood, A. Hudson, H. H.
Vassall, J. G. G. Birkett, W. N.
H. H. Williamson, G. V.
Portus, C. E. li. Hammond, L. N.
Slocook, T. S. Kelly, R. Gilbert, F.
Boylen, F. J. V. Hopley, H. Have-
lock, R. Dibble.
W. P. Hinton, H. V. Thrift, J. 0.
Parke, G. C. Beckett, 0. Thomson,
H. R. Aston, F. N. Smartt,    H. G.
The    Mainland    Dittrict Footbali
League holdt ltt trial game prepare- Lapagem
tory to playing the Island, on Tuesday, March 8.
Tht San   Francisco Chronicle,    in
speaking of the McFarland-Melsh bat Wilson, G* Hainiet, B. Solomons, T.
tit at Milwaukee on Ftb. 91, says:    . Smith, W. Adams, E. McG- Morphy I
"Pteky McFarland showed    Whirl-;T-.0,- Harper, A. Tedlord.    *,
, .. . ,   t ™~_aa   ..,, i     J   Ireland won the toss, and England
wind form against Freddy Wslsh,  of kickod oR at 8.05.    From tlnf' re-
England tonight ln a tsn-round bat- turn, Parke punted back, and a cou-
tlt before the Btdgtr Athlttle Club, 'g!8 of scrums took place' in midflold.
wmnlng    th. decision after a terri-j^^^^^^^e ball
ne bout. kick.    From a line-out thingt look-
Tht l'ridt of the Stock Yards  ad- td dangerous for England, but  Bur-
miDlstered   a fearful beating to ttt ^..J0™***1 ,dow" 'u* _m *-Jtoe-
j   -n ,t       ,.t     u .. -/., j Birkett again showed to advantage
speedy Briton, although he fell down land taWnin naas ,,„„, P„ri,,=^5!
in an attempt to win a bat of 1200
to 8100 that bt would ttop Welti
Inside the limit.
It was the old story of a lightning laat boxer against a settneed
Hugger in which tbe latter won out-
Welsh showed indomitable courage,
and took a world *>f punishment; never flinching for an instant, although
he frequently adopted a crouch that
worrltd tht little Chicago fighter.
Welsh started out to make Packy
dizzy In tht flrat round, but ht soon
found out
and taking a pass from Portus made
a line run, but he unfortunately dropped the ball. 'The Englishmen were
showing gOod form and holding their
Opponents well.
Birkett broke away after a scrum,
In which ths English secured the ad
vantage, but a rather awkward pass
to Lepage was not accepted. Thrift
was at fault. The Irishmen took sd
vantage of a poor pass by Birkett
to'Vassell, but Wood came to the
rescue' with a good kick into touch,
and a .little later made a still better
clearance. Ireland had a rare chance
Just after, but a good run by Thornton waB neutralised by a knock on
by Parke when
that the Chicago boxer jSt,*""*™ "'"" ° Bcore "*""* M>
bad a bit of speed himself. It was i The wind was slightly in favour ol
a pretty exhibition of footwork and the Irish contingent, but there   was
ducking and honors were fairly even n°'h'"« ■>"*'" <*"• / traehUkn*
,    ...       j ..       , .       , allowed England, and    Wood gamed
in thit and the subsequent session.     ,bout   twenty     yards, but nothing
HcFurland    buckled down to    his eorae of it.   For off-aide Ireland was
work In tht third, however, landing _{*<> twarded   a frco kick with    tho
a series of stiff left hooks to the
Englishman's Jaw. tbat made the Utter hang on for doar life.
The light nearly ended In the fourth session, Paoky flooring his man
with a hard right over tbe heart
after rushing about the ring.
Walsh took tht count Of six    and
tamo result.
Ireland continued tlie pressure for
a while, but then England began  to
Improve, and though a pass by Portia to Lepage waa spoilt by the latter knocking on, Slocock broke away
A fine collar   broke the movement,
but then Birkett tried a flying kick,
aod Vassall    touchod down, but the
Item was disallowed for offside.
Aftor twenty minutos' play, from a
came up groggy, but italled through scrum well in the Irish lines,    Wll-
ths round and came back In ths next. liamson nipped away and gained   o
engagement In fairly good shape.-The ^ver,iry 'or England.    Wood   took
.   Ic -..    »V,   .    a itno P'oco, making a good, but    un-
tenth wos mostly MeFartand. successful shot at goal.
In the early part    of the session,    Not deterred by this, the wearers
Welsh landed blow for blow, but be-'0' the green pressed, and Parko, got-
fore the round was half over he was'£!* *"' .bi>u" '"»* Thomson a„d Bir-
........ , .    . _    :,   .   I»ett' made a splendid run before be-
lilad to "worv into frequent clinch- ing pulled up to tho English back-
Some smart Tplay by tho English
three-quarters wus horo witnessed,
but thoy had a tendency to pass forward. From a scrum only a fow
yards (rom the English goal Lopago
Chi- took the bnll and made a run almost tht entire length of the Held
,but there wat no one thore when ho
Chicago, Feb, 27.—When the    	
cago Club of tht National League Zt^ ^Ll l0I«th »' ">«
AT . ,. . , , . . , Ia. ibut w'e^*, was no 0M tbme wW
starts on its training trip next week patted, and although Hinton was ._
Orble Overall, ont of the atar pitch- tht ground Thrift; spurted and pick-
art of tht team, will carry hla brlda SLlJ\muc';i to tho disKust o( "">
with him. "Big Jeff." a. tho POPU-j^^Hngtand 8 points; Ir*
lar pitcher is known to the fans, wat land nil.
married today to Mill Ethel Hinton' On changing ends tho Englishmen
of Engltwood. Overall ' and hi. fL*$E£A""""P*-?1 Jo^ng tactics,
. ,a . t a .. . .. — , . "" Birkett, who hod been a power
bride of today have long been fail ra himself, was here, thore, and ev-
frlonds, but according to report the erywhere, 'Once he got going, and
pitcher did not    succeed In cllnchlnj looked like running In alone,    Hin-
hls hold on the afftctloht of tbt W^t^huTvmmZ}!* W-f "W*!
...   ..     .    .  t't      s..        .   .   it0 Puu*. but Vassall, who was   not
until of tar hs had dons his part In quite far enough up, failed to take
winning ths world's championship for j the ball.
bis team lost fall. Tht brldt lt L?1!!,.*!!?8 w" then «JoIayod for „
an «comp...hed n»t.clen and    »r, ZfTZ ^^.'1™°^
popular in Englewood society.
London, Feb. 27.— According
Sporting Life, Tommy Bums,
Canadian    heavyweight,   often
Irishmen got the better of a scrum,
wneellng their oppononts right round
and Aston came away, but Wood
Mopped his career. From some One
passing Hudson scored a tocond try.
U Wood took the kick and converted
thj tht tcort at 4.21 being England 1
tl. a*0*! 1 try (8 ptt), Ireland nil.
I Tht Irishmen now woke uo ntui
light both "Tiger.' Smith aad BCl'parke, Thrift and Beckett patted to
Squires on tht ono evening, the boutt Thornton, who mado a splendid run
to taks place ln April and to be of .J** "PS1* P""*"1, wo0(l wl"» he
ten round, each, with 15 mlnuU..XjtSfflft *,.' \_$-jEJmft*
termisslon between. Burnt alto o^1 Ireland then obtained a fret-Melt and
fori to meet any three flghtert Great iJ"k« kicked a splendid goal.
Britain can produce In a tingle eve-1,,*; *'°J 5US0B Wf£,0'   E-W-
i      ti. ■•_.£'_.■• i" V t ■-. T^      a   wad, and Wood converted,   England
nlng, tht bouts to bt of its round-, thut winning by 18 points lcTaT
each with a 15 minute rest bstween
Thit it how tht Vancouver World
London, Fsb. 27.— Up to noon today no word had been received here
from Jack Johnson, the American:""1 fwwlaot recordt the Island lea-
colored heavyweight pugilltt. In re'- «1W "f**00" ■* Victoria on Satur-
Ply to tn o«j'm»dt by » syndicate', *» •h•,r• ">• Nanaimo Intsrmedlat-
of British eporttmen for a match in " "-* I*»*taiieh Junior! were    en-
Waterbury, Conn., Feb. 17.—Frank
Gotoh, who holdt tht American ehtra
plonihlp In wrestling, defeated Jim
Par, the English wrestler, In two'
straight fallt last night In 19 J and
il minutos respectively. Both th.i
bout] were at    catch at catch   can
New Westminster News.)
Over 600 enthusiasts of the grand
old game of soccer thronged to the
Moody square grounds on Saturday
to watch the struggle between tho
Rovers and the Thistles of Vancouver, in the semi-finals for tho B. C.
Cup, which resulted ln a draw, one
all. For tho first fifteen minutes of
the game nine men only faced the
ball for the locals, and one of those
nine was a man who, while a good
player end doing bis best, was yet
sadly out of practise, and only played to fill the place. With this handicap, those fifteen minutes passed
without a score, then came Bruce,
the new full back, and Lockhart, tho
latter pluckily taking tbe Held despite a game knee.
Two goals only wcro scorod, and
these from penalties, ono on each
side. The flrst was for a foul off
Turnbull, the rafereo claiming that
he placed both hands on a player
during a rush for the goal. The
shot was an almost Impossible one
to stop and It was no discredit to
the goal keeper that he felled to
save lt. The second was for a nasty trip on tbe part of a Vancouver
man and evened the score. Several
ugly fouls wers credited to the vis-
ltoet, ono of which may yet prove
the awarding of the game to Westminister, the Vancouver goal vesper
delivering a nasty kick to Locke; hu
was ordered from the field by the referee but refused to go. The re
feree, lt would seem, should have
stopped the game, but falling to do
so, the game should be awnrded to
the Rovers. The case will probably
be carried to tho league executive by
the management of the team, if not
by the referee himself, Haslott, of
Westham Island.
Both teams played a strong game
and both were exceedingly solid ln
thslr defence. The goal keeper for
the visitors put up a fins article of
ball, except ln the case mentioned.
Barbaree for the'home team, was
ever there when wanted, and nothing
missed him. The backs of both the
teams were good, but the Rovers
showed a weakness In tbeir forward
Une, which but for the excellent
work of the backs, might have proved disastrous. The forwards of the
wero strong, but thty never
broke through. The halves of thi
home team fed tholr forwards woll
Turnbull and Loamy in this position
doing grand work. Locke at contre forward played brilliantly using
hit judgement with good results, ably
backed by Watson and G. Fleming;
the latter, however, ls a much better man at back.
Special mention must bo made ot
tht now man on the team, Bruce, the
back, who figured In the dipper
dredge team. Bruce was at full
back, and his work was more than
had beon expected of him; he proved
a barrier that broke several lino
combinations on the part of tho
Thistles, and worked off a number
of tho genuine old country tricks
his opponents.
Should tho executive decide that
ths game will have tn be played oil
again, lt will almost certainly bo
demanded that It shall take placo on
New Westminster grounds, and. with
a stronger team, tho match ot tho
sbason should bring ths biggest
crowd of the const out to boost for
tho Hovers.
(From Our Own Correspondent)
VICTORIA, B.C., Feb. 27.-At the
afternoon sitting of the Legislature
yesterday tlie debate on tlie budget
closed, and without a division tho
House went Into Committee of Supply considering a number of tho appropriations before the Houso ruse at
six o'clock.
Stuart Henderson, speaking for tbo
Opposition suggested that instead ot
investing the sinking iunds ot the in-
crlbed stock of the Provinco ln England it might bo brought tu the province and loaned at say 4 por cent,
or more. Thit would bt ot great
advantage to tho province and effect
a saving.
Parker Willlamt drew a pitiful picture of how hit constituency 'fared
under the appropriation! mado.
Ht contended that the roads wero
mismanaged. A man bad been put
in charge who did not know anything about tbt butinesi and time
had been employed in taking out
stones and tilling the hoist with mud
Ht referred to some of the roads being practically impassable. Mr. Pear-
ron, the grocer In Nanaimo had got
stuck In ons plate so that lt was
necessary to carry ths packages he
had on tbe wagon about two hundred yards so that tbe wagon might
proceed light. Mrs. Harris and Homer had tried to fill up the holes In
one piece of the road, but found It
Impossible to get stones enough and
had had to taks ths rails from a'
fence. Mr. Williams thought the,
government should pay there women
for their work.
Ho took exception to the doing
away with the government office at
Ladysmith and the removal of all the
buelnest connected with it in Nanaimo. I
While the Houso was In Committee
of supply, tho Attorney General gave
ihe Information that the government
had ln view testing tho question of
whether copper In the *!). It N. belt
wat to bt construed ss bsse or pro-
  clous mttalt.    The question of   the
~t.   a t water rights of tho Company In  the
The date of the boat race between E. * N. belt wot alto to be tested.
_    ... «
I The right to tax the E. & N. lands
was also a matter to be decided and
also the respective rights of tho province and tlio Dominion in the fisheries of ths province.
, At the evening session the estimates were again considered in ' committee and considerable progress was
tmado.    Objections were made to the
I votes to    various constituencies   by
| Opposition members.
Mr. Hawthornthwaite objectod to
tho expenditure on the administration of Justice. Thoro wns $200,000
spent on this by tho provinco in addition to that silent y the Dominion for salaries. Yet thoro wos only
♦382,000 spoht in education.
In this connoctlon ho said that the
Judges seeined to consider it their
duty to Insult bettor mon than
meat of an Englishman's drew.
gaged with Victoria teamt:
"Intel-mediate- '
At Victoria-Victoria West A, A.
a, Ladyimith 2.
At Victoria—North Ward 5, Nanaimo 1."
Nunaiino, Feb. 27.—
The most Important feature so far
of the B. C. Union of Municipalities
convention up till yesterday, when
lho convention sut until 11 p.m., developed during the afternoon, when
Mayor* Boll of Enderby road his pa-
pur on the "Necessity of Batter Law
Enforcement," as published ia another portion of this issue. The pallor drew fourth a two hours' epirlt-
ed discussion of the proper way ot
arriving at a satisfactory application of tbt present laws on tho statute books. From the tone of the
different members it can easily be
seen that Nanaimo is not the only
city In British Columbia that bat
mot with difficulties In this regard.
As the discussion developed it was
apparent that there wort almoat as
many different ideal of coping with
tho situation as there were members
of the Union. It was generally con
ceded however, by every speaker that
there was a real necessity of finding
some better laws and better ways of
applying them, especially as regards
saloons and hotels, with reference to
the Liquor License Act. Justices ot
tho peace, police magistrates, weak-
kteed mayert aud the rttt of the ot-e*
floial machinery, municipal and provincial come in for more or lets criticism. While no drastic move wae
adopted by the convention at a result of the paper, lt wat quite apparent from the general remark*
that the matter will play a very
lively part at the next annual convention when delegates come back
aftor the matured thought of a
yoarjs study on it,
Mayor Bell recommended that License and Police Commissioners bt
elected by the people, instead of appointed as at present by the government. This It will be remembered,
is along tho lines of the suggestion
made by the Nanaimo Council on
different occasions. It however, did
not moot with approval of the Union, thoro being much diversity of
opinion on tho subject, many mem-
Icrs thinking it advlBublo to leavo
well enough alone.
The following resolution wns finally passed disposing of tho matter;
"Hesolvod,—That    this convention
endorse tho sentiments so ably     ox-
for legislation empowering tho election of license commissioners."
 -♦     •
Halifax, Feb. 38.—The Dominion
liner Kensington, with 550 Salvation Army emigrants for British Col-
i'mliln on board, Is expected to arrive tomorrow. Trains of special
cars for the party arrived hero this
morning from Montreal. All the
cars are equipped with cookt and
a commisslory car will be attached
to the train.
...VICTORIA, Feb. 28. -A special
mooting of tho Vancouver Island os-
loc ation tomorrow evening in the
President's (J. G. Brown's) offlos, in
tho Postoffice building at 5:80sharp,
to consider the reports of tho referees in tho Nannlmci-Y.M.O.A. Senior and tho Victoria West nnd Nanaimo games playod on tlio Oak Bay
grounds last Saturday.
Other Important matters that will
como up for consideration will be the
cuses of tho playors who were 'ruled
off at these games and to decide
whore and whon tho tio between tho
North Ward nnd tho Nanaimo Juniors
for the Junior championship will be
A Icttor from Secretary Will Ellis
of tho Vancouver district association league ro an All B.C. team for
tho Olympic games.
Steel Is Iran free from dirt, ah*
or foreign substance fused with
csrbon. .Ctrbon gives toughness
stength, kecness and life.   •.
Thirty year's studv of Ihe razor
situation has shown a way to
add Ihe highest per cent of
carbon to a Carbo Magnetic
rasor blade fhroug a secret
processor ELECTRIC TEMPERING giving It a uniform diamond like hardness-something absolutely Impossible
with flre tempered * razors,
and they are Hamburg ground.
Bui Test this UNCONDITION-
home-or have yourbarbcr use
Undesirable rjharoctors Coming) Ovor Extent of     Devastation ln     Russia
Border and Irom Orient Will
be Deported.
In the legislature yesterday tlio action of tho full court Judges, particularly Mr. Justice Clement, in com'-
—— ' inenting upon the action of the legit
LONDON, Feb. SO.-The Right Bev latlm) lu palising tho Natal Act, wus
 inson, bishop for    north
one of the British shipyards.      The it.
effect ol the pollcs of the government I    This description will be readily re-
and    private, owners In Canada    in cognized as accurate by almost   ev-
lienerally     Quite Unknown
ln England.
111.   Wl
[VANCOUVER,  Fob.  36,-The Dominion government 1b devising means Hiirairaon    oiannn ini-     -nun
oftpecting immigration, especia.lv^ J and^on^aT Eure,r3t.ng toTo ££* "' ' "" hlnt   ""
natw^S ZmZ'Z    Z<aZ1™SZ^^»\^ <-—-- **-« *■» If Judges'o, tho
devastation    brought about in  Rus-
stato of Washington, as well as from sia generally, and particularly in the
Baltic provinces by    tho revolution-
tho Orient. Heretofore arrivals at
Vancouver have been watchod closely
enough, but scores ol foreigners, objectionable in riots of government,
como from United States and Alas-
van ports. Now, however, officers
aro to be stationed all along tho
boundary line points of entry. Fifteen Italians came to Vancouver ten
di.ys ago and were deported to Bel-
llnghum. They Immediately
ceded from the boundary nnd are
now engaged at railway, construction
at Clovordale, B.C., with no logi.l
machinery to send them away.
Australian People Pleased Ovor Expected     Visit ot American
War Vessels.
MELBOURNE, Feb. SO.-The Invitation extended by Altred Deakln,
prime minister, to tho United States
fleet to visit the chief seaports ot
Australia has awakened enthusiasm
throughout the country. All tho
principal newspapers and political
leaden are warmly supporting tho
The text of tho mossage to President Roosevelt dated Jan. 34, was
only published hore yesterday. It
suggests that such a -visit might
make more completo the close alliance between the two countries.
Premier Deakln also asked the go
vernment to use Its Influence In support of the Invitation.
 « ;	
CALGARY, Feb. 36.-D. Q. Lu-
mont, manager of tho North American Assurance Co., was arrested on
Monday on tbe charge of embezzling
(3,000, tho proceeds of collections
for the past three months. He was
allowed out on bail, and will coma
up for trial today.
I.amont't friends trlod to settle
with notes at six and twelve months
but Walsh and McCarthy, lawyers,
who are looking alter tho firm's In-
torests, refuted to accept this.
JUNEAU, Alaska, Feb. 30.- T.wj
Servian men, one union, tbt other
non-union, died yesterday, uud thi
burial uf one almost precipitated i
riot in which tbe police wore tulle;
on to restore order. The union ma i
was burled peacefully, but when tlio
priest in charge of the funeral services attempted to toy mass over
tht non-union miner he found thi
church door locked. A mob of 209
union men requotted the priest to
refuse to bury tbt non-unionist. The
priest declined and refused ln tur.i
to permit the body -of the union
miner to be taken into the chdrcb.
Tbe disturbers attempted tn stop
ths hearse by holding tho horses bridles aud succeeded In dragging a num
bat of mtn away trom tht funcrul
procession. The marshall Attempt
ad to restore ordor but for tbe timo
being was powerless. The crowd
followed the body to the cemetery
and mado anothor disturbance there
Order was finally restored. No one
Wat Injured.
ists, declares that its oxtent is quite iosialu.tui-
unknown.in England and fully jus- courts,
tines tlie measures of repression a-
doptod by tho Russian government.
"Whatever," concluded the bishop,
"may have tieen tho destruction ol
life in the French revolution, I doubt
if the destruction of homes and pro-
supremo    cuurt persisted ln such     a
course legislation might be found necessary to show tlio judges that the
'0    was higher    than    the
porty waa as groat in Franco as in politicians.
Objectiun was also raised to the
expression made use of the day be
fore by Mr. Justice Irving to thu effect thut tlio appeal, in the Natal
Act was not of such pressing importance,   as it only alloc ted
Buchanan, Sask., Feb. 20.— The
DouKhobors aro still experiencing
some lively times. Evsr sinco the
ranks of the faithful woro badly
broken up last spring by hundreds
leaving the communities, there .has
beon bad blood existing between tho
communists and independents which
has resulted in several assault cases.
Last week Lt: Itoyno ol the mounted
police went out to one ol the villages to summon some of the Douk-
I   Before tbo bouse adjourned J.
| Hawthornthwaite naked that
houso adjourn to consider a question of grave public importance,
seudiug up to tho Speaker at thu
same time a resolution reading ai
"That this house views with regret and alarm tho tone of the judgments given by certain of the justices of the supremo court ol British
Columbia In tho cases tried before
them under the Natal Act, 1908, uud
further emphatically protests again
st the growing practice of certain o'
!!r.riirSTu,0,Or!l,.tl!?JU8liCe «»   '"■"■""y    using thoir positions
of tho peace.    On his arrival he was
told to got out-of the village,     an J
that they would not recognize     the
logal ' papers.        In company with m0aad ^
three other officers he went out the jmuce
second time to mako arrests.   They
were mot by the whole community,
men and women, numbering about a Act.
hundred or more.    The women were
placed    In the    front   and a hard
struggle ensued.     The officers   were
and influence on the bench to foster
the fortunes of any political party.''
The basis for this resolution    was
a judgment given by    Mr.
Clement in the Full Court,
on the appeal mode respecting tho
Japanese arretted under the    Natal
The Speaker ruled Mr. Hawthorn-
thwalte't resolution was not such aa
he described, ai a matter ol urgent
helpless nnd returned to town    ami pui,Uc importance.
wired their report to tho govern-
mont, asking for further Instructions.
In the meantime friends of the obstreperous Doukhobors Induced 'them
to come to town and make their ap-
rearanco at the trial at Canora.
The question was discussed at some
length, when Mr. Hawthornthwaite
introduced tbe subject as a question
of privilege. He argued that thu
Judge had questioned tho honesty of
the members of the legislature. Tbe
legislators were at honest as the
————— judges, ho said, and cited a recent
Tho Alberni Pionoor News is auth- exhibition    mads Ly tho Judges    In
ortty for the following:   Ninety-three settling questions    of procedure    at
calculated to result In a loss of ro
timber wolves, killed in loss than ..
month's time, is the record mado by
Jamos Macintyro, of Quatsino, who
has presented a bill to tho government agent ' .re for $1895 the amount of bounty at the rate of $15
por head. An examination of Mr.
Macintyre's    account   showed    thnt
, .. , !*?„ j"?11' the ground that the Judgo hod
some of the wolvos   wore   killed bo- „.itiri.«M tu. uJi. -. ..—
fore Feb. 1, the date    on which the
lncronsed    bounty   came Into effect
Chicago   Chancellor    Says    Fatho.
lltlnrlcg   Will    Not be
the Only One.
CHICAGO, Feb. 3G.-"Murdor will
bt committed In Chicago within
month, similar to tho Denver
slnatlon, where tbe Hav. Father Loo
Uslnrlch waa thot down whilt ad
ministering ln St. Elizabeth Catholic church," asserted Chancellor E.
M. Dunne, of tbt Chicago arch diocese last night.
"I am positive that anarchists, of
utl-cltrlcals, or whatever thay call
themttlvtt, have prepared lists of
prlotti and clergy to be killed, and
am certain that some Chicago man
hat been marked, I am the mont
logical man for assassination, tnd
although I hovt thousands of faithful friends In tht colony, I alto have
many bitter tncmles."
Father Dunne eald if ho It not
ahoion to bt murdered tho other can
didttes would bt tlthor Archbishop
Qjulgley, the Very Rev, F. 8, Angel
lucl of the Church of ths Assumption, or the Rev. Fathor Francis
Oordon, provincial of tht Church of
Resurrectionists. I
Detective! Bernachy and Long re- J
ported to Chancellor Dunno at ths
Chancory and told Mm they wcre Instructed to serve as his personal
bodyguard,    '
ipect    In the dignity of the Judges.
Ths judges should mind their    own
business and look only to the duties
of their office.
The leador of the Oppotitlon took
le ground that the judgo had    not
criticised the members ol the Legislature.    He had criticised tho Attor-
a   -■ n. ..     «      .   -,- *y General as tho first law   ofBcor
and on those hs will bo allowed only for instituting the proceedings which
*5 per head, but ho has evidence on- ne must   have    known were so 111-
ough of February's work to mako his founded,     He (Mr. Macdonald)    en-
clalm, whon revised, amount to   ab- t|reiy agnei wlth tho judge,
out $1,000.    It ls reported that In-    .j_ ,hai,p passage    took   place ne-
dlnns up tho const, who have learned t,veen tho |eador   0f ths Opposition,
of the increase In bounty on panth- ^d Mr. Hawthornthwaite. Tho'furors and wolves to $15 por head each mer deacribed the move made bv tho
havo taken to the woods on a  hunt, Socialist loader and   the   Attorney-
and lt    Is   expected thnt thoy w 11 <jeneral as a concocted scheme
soon hnvo largo sums to collect Irom     jir. Hawthornthwaite    said  ' that
tho government, was "a deliberate falsehood."
— ♦  The leader of tho opposition    de-
'"        manded a retraction, and tho Spook-
LISBON, Feb. 27.—The mystory bo or ruled that the languago usod   by
,,   . ,. ,      ,,.,,,, , Mr.  Hawthornthwaite was unparlia-
bind tho murder of lUng Carlos and ln(mtaryi md ,hould ^ wlthdr^n.
the Crown Prince is not likely  ever    Mr.    Hawthornthwaite    said    bt
'would withdraw only aftor aftor Mr,
Macdonald withdrew   his expression,
Tho leader of tho Opposition    repressed that
tu be completely lilted.    The
Portuguese   government prefers that
the crime should be regarded both at .used to do this, and	
home and abroad as the deed of in- tho onlv question before thi Spea'tor
„ ,.    , , , ,    ..        „   wus that ol Mr. Hawthornthwaite's
dividual! carried    away by the poll- oojectlonablo language.
Ileal frenzy of the moment, aud    in-    The Speaker uphold this contention
aeuiuch at tht Republicans art also stating that it has not boon brought
anxious to cltar thoir tkirti ol    ro- *° ,'''" »»«»"«<"'    that Mr. Mscdon-
„ ,„.    . , ,,    ,  .. w ,.     «ld s language wos objectionable   at
sponslbility for regicide, both    sides the time.
are glad to see an investigation that    Finally the Socialist leader   intim.
would probe the affair to the bottom ntoa ho woul11 n°t withdraw tho Ian-
smothered.    -Yet there I. undoubted- ffi ^jTt, master $£
ly much that could be cleared    up. pod.
It it a  matter    ol common knowl-    Later Mr. Macdonald accepted   tho
edge that   there  woro Intrigues    in ^r"'"' .n0 „,A"0,rkney   Ge"eral
, , ....       end tho Premier that there was   no
high places as well as low,    before concocted    scheme   and tho matter
the tragedy occurred and the rage of dropped.
the leaden and lieutenants of    tho J,Tho <louate on the budget was con-
.',  —       ,   .     .,_.   „__   ,     tinued by a number of Liberal mem-
two parties    against which Premier ta„  H 'c   Bnmte_ mbd_ a  a^Qag
Franco and King Carlos were,    ex- plea for larger appropriations for Al-
ceeded all bounds. bernl and pressed tor more to be ox-
Thero It no suggestion that there j^-»^jb.-^ad^make
wat    a repetition of   the BeWrada automobllos with the mall to    pass
plot aimed at the king's person, but over It.
that some of ths desperate political
loadera were Involved    ln the series
of abortive plots    against Franco's
life which preceded tho murder Is believed here ln well Informed circles.
Franco himself told a friend thu
dny boforo ho left Lisbon that lt wat
Impossible to reveal to the world
what he had. learned ol tho Intrigues ol the enemies of the king and
himself, and It was therefore tetter
for him to retire forever from the
political arena.
Tho connection between the Ropub
llcans and tho regicides lt equally
difficult to establish. The disclaimers of men like Madia must bt accepted to far as the "peaceful whig"
concerned. But thit cannot be
said of tha advanced radical wine
ns there Is plenty of evidence that
thoy had planned a rising on thu
nlirht of thc crime. Signal! to tho
ships In tht harbor and tho barracks
on the slope of St. Ooorge's Hill
were shown toward midnight, and
bands of mon went to the barracks
of an artillery and Infantry regiment
which were to Join In the proclamation of a republic. The signs!*
brought no responses and the doors
of thp barracks wcro found locked.
U1GGINSV1LLE, Mo., Feb. 2(1.-
An attempt to wreck tho eaatbound
Chicago and Alton passenger train
running between Kansas City and
Bt, Louit waa madt at the west snd
ot Higganivillt last night.
A freight train that proceeded the
passenger, knocked the obstruction
from tht track. At tht foot of
Main street a dozen heavy logt had
been placed across the tracks The
freight train that struck thc# obstruction was running stow and no
one wat hurt. Tht only thing that
saved tho passenger train was ths
fact that It wat a ftw minutes late.
There It ao dut to the wreckers.
While tht Ottawa government It
leaving the way open for having ltt
Binary protection cruller for
service on the British Columbia
matt built at a British ship yard,
It Is an odd coincidence that Canadian shipbuilders art asking tht government for a bounty on the shipbuilding Industry,
. »■ w- ,.»»...•••■•.»■«» ».| Ttti „, flihary cruller, which ' tt
Toronto, Feb. 37— The Hall * to coat approximately $800,000, was
and Emplrt'i Ottawa eorree- * designed hy R. L, Nawman, whoso
pondent says Laurier may ap- • plana wart recently tent to England
peal to the country next Novem * by the Ottawa government, and unbar. * lest plans of tht powers that be are' custard that seems bent on floating
sttatsss t t t .i.t i;w changed, tht vtatel will ba built by away on tht whsy that oozob from
J* ...                                                   , ■ .. I ■ ' '...'JjJ:'!' li
having their ships built in England
has a serious effect on Canadian
shipbuilding. "' ln eastern Canada,
several firms havo closed dowii. Canada, in the laat issue, says:
"To those British shipbuilders wlu
had seen the yards of the Collingwood Bhlpbuilding Company on thu
Georgian Bay a few months ago, the
news thnt the company had closod
down for lack of orders must have
bean startling indeed. Tho yard
was the largest and best equipped
of tho five stool ship building yarn*
on the Cauadian shores of tho great
lakes, but M. B. Smith, the superintendent, nevertheless asserted that
none of the shipyards in Ontario had
mads any monoy, and that at Collingwood tho company had hod to
.." 'contend with the free Importation oi
British built vessels, nnd with the
scnlo of wages pnid nt tlio shipyards
on tho American shores.
"Ws spent," he continued, "$50,
000 In bringing In Scotch and American shipbuilders, and ln perfecting
our organisation; and lt ls with u
groat deal of reluctance that tho decision to close down lias been reach-
ed. An offer was mado by our company to build two steamers for tho
Canadian Pacific railway at cost,
plus 5 per cent., in order to retain
our organization. But the O.P.R.
thought thoy could do better ln
England. If the outlook Improves,
wo may re-open our yard at some
time In the future, and it will- not
bo dismantled."
The municipality of Collingwood
voted $800,000 toward the equip
ment of the plant, which ls also freo
from municipal taxation; and in ad
dltion to this municipal aid the com
pany draws 3 per cent, per annum
from the Dominion government on
the $500,000 invested In Its dry-
In February   last, writes a  Canadian correspondent tn the Yorkshire
Post, the    yard was crowded    with
Work—new tonnage and repairs—and
about 800 men wcre employed.    The
Collingwood, a freighter 406     feet
long and of 50 feet beam was In tho
fitting   basin.       Another freighter
48(i foot long was ln building     for
Dominion government,     Earlier
than    the launching of the Collingwood, In' October, 1900, the    company had built the Midland. Prince,
wbich up to that time was tho largest vessel ever built in Canada. This
I, which was of tho brldgo con.
ttructlon type,    It, capable of carrying . 10,000 tons on draught ot 20
feet, and at the time she was laun
chad it was stated that she had cost
her owners $805,000,    A year    ago
whin   these    wero the conditions
when    Collingwood was the busiest
shipyard    ln Canada— it waa    announced by Capt. Alexander McDou-
gall,   the president of the company,
that a second dry dock was to    bs
built.    It wos planned to make    It
000 feet long—100 feet longer    than
tbo existing dock, which is the largest dry dock on ths Canadian shores ot tho great lakes.    The yard ut
Collingwood has turned out     mora
cargo tonnage than any of the other
Canadian lake yards, and there    is
much regret tbat    there ia such    a
poor prospect ol new work tor what
is without    doubt the best equipped
shipyard in the Dominion.
The fact that the Collingwood yard
and tho yard at Bracebridge, on the
Niagara rivor, are now both closed,
will add to the pressure on the Dominion government for tome decision
on the question of bounties. In ths
winter of 1905-6, when the tarill
commission was on its widely extended tour, the Hon. W. S. Field
ing, tho minister of finance, was
more openly in favor with the shipbuilders who advocated bounties in
aid of their industry than he was
with tlie representatives of any other Industrial interest. He was noncommittal towards most of tho petitioners, but both ut Victoria ani
Halifax his remarks left it to bo understood that if the shipbuilders
would agree among themselves as tu
bounty scheme, government aid
might be relied upon. The farmers'
organization, however, protested so
vigorously and so continuously
gainst the renewal ol the iron und
steel bounties—a renewal to which
government; were committed —
that tbey apparently dared not mako
good the half promises which tho
chairman of the tariff commission
had made to the thlp building interests. It It probable that with tho
ntw pressure that will result from
the closing of ths Collingwood and
Bracebridge yards a decision by the
government will'soon be announced.
A savage attack on hospital cooking is madt by tho New York Medical Journal. "In almost all our
hospitals," it declares, "the food
provided for the patients Is abominably ropulilve," and ln these institution!, It adds, cookery, if not a
lost art. ls Ignored. Tht lood Is
usually of good quality to start
with, and analysis would show lt to
be nutritious, but the preparation is
wretched, and no attempt to make it
appetising Is made. The result Is
that the sick man, with unutterable
loathing, takes into his mouth lukewarm decoctions of vegetables, wastes bis small energy la chewing lea-
thery steak, or struggles painfully to
retrieve from    his palate a hit    of
ory body who hus ever been subjected
tu  the  iini'uYunuiitud  mercies uf uny
except a   few uf the beet hospitals—
which by no incai.B is the .same     as
to suy the most expensive ones—aud   B. E. WALK EH, President
as the     Medical     Journal explains,  ALEX. LAIKP Go
they have   no excu«
poorer fuud for invalids than the or
The Canadian Bank
Of Commerce
.. , _._neral Masger
for supplying A E IRELAND Superintendent
than the or- i . -
dinary restaurants do for well people, us their hours for meals are regular und definite, and they do not
have to' keep things ready for a cal)
at any moment.
in tlie same articlo in which the
hospitals are so severely scolded for
their cooking, the common idea as
to the necessity for lighL and restricted diet for the sick is conderau
ed as of a piece with, und dating
back to the time of, the theory that
an inuiJid can hardly be helped without making him us miserable as possible, lie is no longer robbed of liis
blood, salivated with calomol, nauseated with antimony, or deprived
of water, but he iB still usually limited to a minimum of nourishment,
presented in the forms he likes least.
Vet, according to this authority,
"tlie prescription of low diet stands
on no substantial basis of clinical
That hus a dreadfully heterodox
sound, but in its favor is the fact
that the low-diet policy comes down
to us from the prescientific age and
therefore there is a very high probability that it is wrong. As for
the bad food in hospitals, there in
no doubt about that, and il accounts
perhaps, for much of the popular feal
ing of antagonism to them.— Ne*"
York Times.
 1       *
"Englisnwomen are not well dressed in the day . mc. There! Somebody had to say it." Samuel J,
illy the says it in "An American in
London." in Everybody's for February. "But they do have red cheeks
Everybody has to say that. You remark tentatively to an Englishman
that tlie women appear rather ill*
apparelled|r-from an American viewpoint, of course— looked as if they
hopped briskly into their dresses in
the morning,, or mayhap, slept iu
them, and he rejoins, 'I know, my
dear fellow, but observe their com*
plexlons/ You observe their complexions and the complexions are instantly observed to be worth looking at the second time—clear and
soft and perfectly tinted. And when
you see these same ladies at tho
theatres or at the big restaurants or
at a function of somo sort or another, you revise your opinion, for
you discover that, apparently, thu
London woman doesn't core much
what she wears for street or shop
ping purposes, but does care a great
deal what she wears in the evening.
And you are lost in admiration until some crass person near you, undoubtedly from America, asks:
Why, in heaven's name do they
keep on their hulf-solcd shoes with
their evening gowns?"
At Alberni there are two ladies
basketball teams. They have been
doing considerable practise, nnd played a very exciting match last week,
tbe City Girls vs. the Country Girls
of Brai cl.es.
paid-up capital 810000000
Rest     5,000.000
Total Assets.. U3000.000
Bra' e'es throughout Canada and in the United States a;.d England
Farmers'   Papsr   Dlacounted.
SAVINGS BANK department
Deposits of $1 und upwards received, uud iutere t alluwed at
curren rutei-. Tlie tlepititi'i' is subjt-ct to nu delay whatever in
the witl dtnwnl of lhe whole or any part of tlio deposit
9:80 a. m., to 13.    4 p.m., to I p.
m.    ? p.m., to 8:30 p.m.
rrosldent aiul Mnnnging Director.
■I.iry-'rreo surer.
Heals 8arvtd at all 'Joura.
First Class
Private Rooms
For Ladies
Clam Chowder and Oysters
w.LWttt   -   prcprlciir.
(Special to i-'rec Press.
Vancouver, ]-'eb. 27.—Gun-a-
Noot, tlio Indian murderer, of
Ilazolton, u-lioi-u cluisa by the
provincial pollcs hns cost many
thousands or dollars, has got
entirely out of reach in tho
wilderness again. Constable
Wilkes' party has roturned, after a  fruitless search.
The Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
Has received the agency of
one of the best American
Picture Enlarging Firms
Cull in and seo Spccirrens.
Stove Wood
Out by White Labor Oaly.
P.O. Box 54 ^L^^^^_
Dealer ia All Kinds of
Vests Delivered free of cliargt om tht
Shortest Notice.
All Home Cured
fl. HOCsUE'S
Roberts St. Butcher
of wouum in the most disgusting
maimer. As to offering a woman a
seat that Is a "weuknattf thai fow
Uuthiiuiiies would us guilty of.
OIUNBY, Q„ Fob. 27.-An un-' U *" ,lmvly aa sct "' "wrcy m **"
known burglar wus shot and killed •>«rt °< tl10 transportation companies
here early this morning by Thomas t0 Pr°vilta w0'ktn« w0,,"'n with cara
Robinson,    a  young    farmer,     who t0 l>»ii»«.vss.   The well-to-do    can
found the robbtr   in tho    houso    ol laU c"rrittg6*-	
Win. Jonkinson,    who is ot present
Uniting friends In Iowa. '    '   Th0    W^o™"   *111 S° l° J**'
When requested to give up tht bun ,mlth °n th** "'"moon train t-inior
die in his possession tbe burglar tow t0 1,18ot **• L»<>*"»'t>> W-f *
threatened to shoot. Robinson so- "«">'«• "> «>» "»«■•" l«S**-> »"«<*'■
cured the help of three companion. " " not m[y deoi<l011 who wl" re-
whom tho burglar also threatened, H"""' ">« N*™1™ team but the
whereupon Robinson fired with fa- »omo ■>Iai'M» ""•* wmt to Victoria,
lal effect I witl> one ("Option, art expected   to
Robinson and his companions gave "° 9 ' «» "Malmo llnt-up tomor-
themselvet np to the police. I row*    The W«<"«" have not bttn
I ] at successful as tht senior team aad
SEPARATE OARS FOR WOMEN 1,avo not r0Cclv<Ki the *IU,,, •n<*"'''*«''
In crowded London it has been1 mellt' and "'though « ""'»* "*o said
found compulsory to provide sapar- »» Intermediate game dots nof af-
att cars for working women In the ,ord the »ame lntoro,t "■ a "enlor
early morning and lata owning whon «"""'■ th« ,acl that th0 00min* m'
tho rush to work and back home Is lo™ mu,t b° d,'awn (rom the lnt"^
heaviest. In New York the same' ",odlats ,»I•I•■■ >hould »ot be ovor-
thing is In contemplation. , loo,*e"' therefore it Is to the bett ta
in New York the asssrtlon of the **""»» "' *ootba" |B thl" cltv; or
right of bruto force it almost univcr-1 "V of** clty- tot that maMor
sal. It is an exhibition ol boorish- > ■vh°re *■>• «a™> '■ t0 l"> 'osf™".
ness as often by a man faultlessh-1that M much ba doM ,or *'"> M<*'
dressed as by one In tho plainest|'"""latea tsfor the tenlor players
garb. The principal that might Is
right Is more frequently applied   to
Union Brewing Co.
Ladysmith, D. O.
aqd Pastry
Always Fresh on Band.
Wadding and Party Cakes Made to
Fruits ami Candles nt All Kinds    -
Prices are    very   reasonable.    AU
Customers trtuted alike.
On the Eaplanadt.
Ladysmith, B. 0.
ths poor working woman than     to.
Oonl- Walker.        ^^^^~
Full Backs— Thom and liowon.
Halves— McBlwan, Jacob and Her-1 J
others.   Mon who look liko gentlemen "n-
and who no doubt think thoy    aro Forwards- Isbsrwood, Flthar. Kll
such, crowd over ths feet and limbs ]asa- ''»"»». Ohtvlwlok.
,h ...
rull Stock of Miliars' Toolt.
Ship Repairing Work
A flptclaltJ^^L^^
All ktndt of Blaektmlthlng  , 1
Sou at Short Rotlct. I
»>axvtKl>>a>tysys>%a»«i<»4>«x>%«>at«jl .'■HBBIOLUL
FAWN COVERT COATS, loose fitting,
to $12.50.
Special Prices,   »J,-.5U
LIGHT GREY TWEED COATS, with Velvet Collars,   loose fitting.   Prices $5.75 to '$9.00.
lars.    $7.00.
effects,   with Velvet   Col-
and Grey at Prices to suit  all.
OUR SELECTION OF LADIES' SKIRTS is now complete, and
we can show you some very smart Skirts in Black, Navy,
Royal Blue, Brown and Cardinal, as well as a full showing
of New Tweed elfeots.
Ing our men and boys,-are we not Bttvt from $500 to $1,000. Thrown
guilty of   squally gross negligence ? out at once. (
Ws have the means at.hand; means *•■ Fur regulation of saloons and
that, considering the upkeep of our taverns—that all liquor sold iuthemj
courts, constabulary and Jails, are hi consumed on premises. Promptly'
more costly- than firs-fighting ap- referred to executive.
plianoes and yet the large majority To charge license fees on automo-
of us stand idly by making little or b"e* 'rom *5 to $100 on grounds of
no effort to put this law machinery ft destruction of roads by motor
into force. I feel that we do not °ais*.. On motion, referred to the
use the common tense in this matter executive,
that we sxerelse elsewhere. |   Tne    rural     delegates spoke very
4       strongly     in    favor of reducing the
I    i«n .,        . „,.    a,. t . »Ps*l limits and to increase the tax-
| Affiliation of. the different metal ation, on account of the great das-
trades union bodies of the United traction they do the roads. It seem-
States was discussed at a recent ** ,n their opinion that reckless au-'
conference In Cincinnati. The pro- £**| nad b,'ou«:ht tnl» bn th*""-
posed merger will take in the black-, A ^„ re(<J|.rlng t0 Ucy.le ,„•
smiths, boiler makers, moulders, pet „£ license   feet re blackamith   and
tern makers and others. 'portable sawmills, was not adopted.
WANTED      ~~~" Several more clauses In Kent's ' re-
„.' ;   _ , , „   .     ' commendations were referred to   the
At the Hotel Cecil, a woman cook, oya-nt.ivn
to assist ln the kitchen, or to   take """-1""™*
full charge.    Apply Jas. Hill,   Hotel FK0M COQIIITLAM-
Cecll, Ladysmith. Sunday observance ln this munici-
TRANSFER OF LICENSE        \^Uiy w" bt0U*U *"' by Co*™"10'
„,,,.,> , .    Cameron,    with reference to a lo->-
ne^t'^lfngr^'ucen^nl/'co^!^^ «* «* - «* *».
missionera of the City of Ladysmith,,aild no l«-w to deal with it. Coun-
application will be made for a trans- cillor Cameron wished to impress on
The local Order of Druids are giving a social tonight, and arrangements have been completed for a
swell time.
There will be a magic lantern show
in the Y.M.I. Hall on Monday evening, March 2nd. Father Nicolaye has
the affair in hand and thero will lie
other attractions in addition to the
lantern. Admission, Children 25
Adults, 35 cents.
The mine at Sidney Inlet, says tho
-Alberni News, has lieen closed for r
short time, and the manager J. L.
Parker, M.E., and about twenty men
were passengers for Viotoria on the
steamer Tees last Sunday night. It
is reported that a new gang of men
will shortly arrive to resume operations on a lurger scale, and that the
ore output will he shipped to the
Tyee smelter nt Ladysmith. Mr.Pnr-
ker has great faith in tho Sidney Inlet property, and believes that there
are many other propositions on Alberni canal that will provo profitable
if properly developed.
chostra to express their heartiest
thanks to the committee of Indies
who worked so hard and aesriduoas-
ly to make the dance last night the
great success it was.
A. WRIGHT,   Sec.
Between Warren Street and the La--
dysmith Hotoll a liquor tester. Finder will please return to the   ratter
 1 *-—'"     , i   "-■"■
Mr. Dave Johnson has sold his ox-
press business to Messrs Hawluy
Gilford. Dave has been ofl the waggon practically since the town was
began and there is no more familiar
figure on the streets. He is, undecided yet what he will do, but beyond
owning tho building on First Avenue
his interest in the business ceases to
day. Messrs Huwley & Gilford aro
over In Vancouver buying horses and
on their return will start right into
A special meeting of the Citizens'
League wns held in tho city hall on
Thursday night. Tho meeting wns
called more particularly to discuss
the electric light question, and to
deviso ways and means of pushing
the scheme ahead. No definite
tion wns taken, however, it being
agreed that it would be woll to wait
for a report from Mayor Nicholson
and Aid. Matheson.
The Senior Football eleven"loTtTor
Victoria this morning cherishing intentions the most fell ngnlnst the
Y. M. C. A. boys. They have Hob-
son's choice. Either they have got
to win, or srtuy In Victoria. The
latter would be a bitter pill to swallow, but It would bo nothing near so
bad as that which they would hove
to take If they lost and then had
tho brass to come homo in day light.
But thero are no "ifs" to it, or nt
least thero ought not to bo, and Y.
M. C. A. will hnve to Improve Immensely np„n anything thoy huvo
done this season to give tho boys
much trouble.
(Continued from Page One.)
fer of the interests of Edward Mul
hollland, now deceased, In the retail
liquor license issued in respect to tho
premises known as the -Ladysmith
Hotel, to Robert Barclay.
Executrix of the estate of E. Mulhol-
| land, deceased.-
Lndysmith, B.O:, Feb. 25, 1908.
Philpott's Restaurant
tt tht Piatt (sr
Nanaimo, Fob. 27.—
Tht B. C. Union of Municipalities
mat at 9 - o'clock this morning   to
tackle the tremenduous amount    nf
Are they work ahead of it for the day.     The
I, first business of the session was   tho
day to    1 a.m. Monday.
closed?       No.    The front door
locked, but It It not only tht China- au'!!!dm(m,t ol J?" constitution In
.„'    ,     .      .    ,   . .   ,.   several minor particulars,
mss* that has back doors and aids Following this the Convention took
doors and laules' entrances, all of up the consideration of rccommenda-
whlch art and to accomplish the U:tions   'rom    different municipal ties,
__? ■? * h0°Z.m *• ^"^•'"t S "o'ciOfT CKnffi*
Ana a large number ol our hottlt tion from a municipality that convic-
do not even take tht precaution t-j tions under the Liquor Act as np-
covar up their tracks and the    only 1>lio11 t0 Indians particularly, should
Ineonvanlana. <h.t «,. tt.i3T. m.« e" to tho municipalities and not to
inconvenience .that tht thlrtt-f   man the GovernIIient.     In the disou88iall
experiences on Sunday it that ha that followed it evolved that thero
had to walk in by another way anl waa no uniform plan throughout  the
then tit down at a tablt, then  to P'ovioa> »' •""■'tog ">■* this matter.
.    „_ ..       "    , *~"' ~T*    . In somo places fines wont to tho mu-
bt promptly ttrvtd instead of stand- nicipallty. In others  to the Governing up to a  bar. ment, in others half to the city and
Tht Criminal Code oi Canada tta- na" to Government and so on.
^•"■TLr r,wuey u *win-'poSrori„rthe itt^n
and punishable by a tint not ax- purely legal dne and suggested i-o-
cteding (50 or six months in jail, ferring it to the executive with pow-
And wt all know that thit section *r B-1™1 *° "le executive to call the
„, ,t. .„       , ,_, ,   , . servioes of a solicitor to tako It   to
of ths law it at completely ignored the governrao„t a- necos0sary Vhis
at if it had ntver beta enacted. |waa adoptcj. In the meantime it is
Again, nearly all our cititt have a lltaly that the various municlpall-
bylaw. wotfibfUni auittiu on tha H™, wiu haBg on t0 the fines pond-
mil,~,t      Z ,      7?rT , ing deftnito decision,
aidewatkt and in public places; and Tht advisability of establishing a
still ln thaw saws cititt ladles' homo for destitute persons was then
Ikirtt art mopping up tobacco Jules taken up being introduced by the
and microbes every where (Vancouver delegates.    The idea    of
" ,   •'srj'wntrs. the move is   that    there will be-a
Other inttancat could bt quoted ol home to which each municipality
law-breaking, and I submit It not could send their destltuto to. Tlie
thit ta unfortunate lists ol   things   Dlttttor has been brought   to tho at-
.lr. , _.      ,     , * ' ttntion    of    the government several
that law and order it to constantly times by Vancouver. Tho Old Ma™,
and indecently broken in thit tn- Homo at Kaniloopt does not include
lightentd country?    It lt not   only "omen and    men who enter    them
unfortunate but ftrioui. because dit- mv*.    havo .b*K!n n»w«,t»   n   the
,        " * awaous, uafwis* off provinc9 »or ls ywut
rtgard lor any out law hat a tend-, j_u. Cavanagh pointed out how
tncy to load to ditrtgard for all the home could be maintained at lit-
lawt.    And history, at wall at our tie expense.
observation tali. ... ni.i.i.. tt... •_ I Dr- Umwrhlll, of Vancouver, by
starvation, Wit ut plainly that in penniMion o( Ule Convent on,   drew
Ut individual in tht community, permission of tho Convention, drow
and in tht national lift tht natural tiont of aged, Indigent people In
consequence of law-braaklng Is mora Yt"c011v'"' ""J*! tn» "OMasity of pro-
u_.h_.kta..     .-a _■         „T.,    yl<Un« •oni° kind o' « home for such
law-braaldag- aad whan wt lightly people throughout the province. It
esteem ont law it follows that wt wat hla idea that each municipality
will lett diligently try to obev  any C0UI<1 malls their own conditions   re
the convention the idea of having
the Sabbath Day observed so that
others not working on that day
would not be annoyed.
A motion to refer it to the executive waa defeated Aid. Glover spoke
strongly favoring that it be dealt
with in convention. He said lt waa
a shame that the Lord's Day Act
was workable In other provinces and
not here. He wanted a recommendation to go to the attorney general
asking legislation so that it could
be workable. Mayor Robinton de*
clured it was a political matter and
he for one refused to deal with it.
Aid. Glover— It is a moral question.
Aid. Irvine*- Wo are treading o
dangerous ground. For the harmony ol thit convention refer it to
the executive.
Mayor lindmark— It is not apolitical question. We are the only
province not enforcing it. We are
no heathens here. It Is a disgrace
the way the matter now rests.
Councillor Rumble— Our Sundays
are a disgrace. Hindus, Japanese,
and Americans are debauching our
Sundays. They ought to be taught
that we have laws that are to be
An amendment was moved favoring that this convention go on record asking ths attorney general to
give consent to the enforcement of
the Lord't Day Act.
Mayor Planta strongly favored th
amendment favoring the Lord's Day
Act being enforced.
Tho amendment was carried by an
overwhelming majority amidst applause, A copy df the resolution
was ordered placed in the hands of
tho deputation going to Victoria to
morrow to be presented to the government.
Mayor Robinson stated that if the
resolution was presented by the delegation he would withdraw frou
the deputation when lt came up.
Mayor Keary— That's a very extraordinary poaltion for you to takt.
Mayor Lindmark— That will bt
all right.
On auggestlon ol Mayor Planta the
resolution was ordered sent by mal!
to the attorney general, which will
answer the same purpose.
The afternoon session of the Con
vention opened with a paper read by
Dr. Drystlale, of Nanaimo, on the
prevention of disease. Tho doctor
road a lengthy paper, taking up sewerage, water supply, and such other
problems that come in direct contact
with the jurisdiction of municipal
bodies. Tho pajier was well written,
concise and helpful In evory wav and
was exceedingly well received by the
Dr. Underhill, medical health officer
ol Vancouver, spoke at some length,
.deploring the appalling grots neglect
| of municipalities in regard to health
I am instructed liy the members of
These Goods are arriving daily and our assortment Is Just
about complete'.   .
A look, through Our Stock of
New floods would convince
you that wo are showing a
larger and better assortment
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Goods, Cotton Goods of all
dlscriptions in Plains or Fan-
cies, Zephyrs, Ginghams, Ducks
Galtatcas, Cham-brays, Prints,
Dlmitys, House Furmiehlngs ol
all discriptlons, too numerous
to mention.
Call In and have a look
through our many lines of Now
Spring Goods.
Headquarters for Trunks   and
Suit Cases,
f "fa s>s>t>%saiaiss»>.%%s»%t>t>st _Ao>mf
A. B. HILBBRT    j
Telephone, 1 2-4 j
Nanaimi li 0.    j
*%%%*-%»>%% »%»»« « % «,«, mm,%J
N|clf)tyre Foundry &
Stove Conipany, Ltd.
Ladysmith, B. 0
Dp. %& dm
All Work Guaranteed,
New Store
Newly Stocked
All Kinds of Wall Paper.
Picture   Framing a Specialty.
High Street. I
of our laws      And if fr„m h..    -, peoplo to be sent to the homo   but
LZ.,1!!!: -       .? *?    .   •»«* »><>'»«*"' such people they sent
•outtqutnoes, we do not break    the to tbt home,
letter oi other laws In heart wt  do    Mayor Keary, ot New Westminster,
not respect thtm.    And to put    lt,'t™I«^,,u',P01"^d th*1 "1^°;        „, .-..„.,....„«, ... .„»,.. lu .,„»..,.
brltfly,    wt art tht poorer In Intta*-1. a i^°!    '   , 7 J^°     ,.to "^ mattert.  Ho recommonded more strio
if    . mtwvm poorer in integ  » delegation of fourteen, after    the tor   onforcemont    of the Provincial
rity by our „tg.tct of law    enforce-,Conation, to Victoria to interview l&^STTS1.^ £ovfnc£Toy
m9nt' ltitJ'?V*",m8,,t' l"?y",r! •or th8  f-! carried on an education from house
And this brings   us to th.   wM__$2*^\?A »»*
the Lndysmith   City Band and   Or- P01"' ■*»* I w>»h you to remember, SSStS, ™liI SSRi'«i ?£?",»». \n othw •x*11*1 matters.    In B.0. much
_____ namely,  that our men and   woman, '?*  „     , ,Vi        . f      t   more mM he done along these lines
Call and seo our Now Lines
of Spring Goods arriving every day.
We are also handling a lull
range of Ginghams and Prints
—in Checks, Spots, -Stripes,
William'. Block
and particularly our boys and girls tomorr,'«'to P™'" this most import- • iiMa ta i^g Uono ■»„,.    Ho    ,,,1,1
are being weakened and Injured, and
Mrs. H. Thornley went down the
line this morning,
Mr. T. P. Mclntyre boarded the
Victoria train this morning.
Mr. Jenner was a passenger on tho
Victoria train this morning.
Mr. and Miss Forcimmer were in
town on Wednesday.
Miss R. Lewis is taking a vacation Just now. j
Mrs. Jas. Hutchinson wont down
the line on Thursday morning.
Judge Harrison was in town yesterday.
Mr. R. Adam visited Ladysmith on
Wednesday evening. 1
Mr. F. G. Ashton went down   the
line yesterday morning.
Mr.- and Mrs. Watson boarded the
Victoria train yesterday morning.
Miss M. Hagorvllle, after spending
a day or two In town, loft for Victoria this morning, -
Mr. Wm. Hooper returned from n
trip to Vancouver Thursday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall, who have
been spending a fow days with Mr.
and Mrs, Wm. Kerr. lett on the Victoria train this morning.
-Mayor Nicholson returned from Nanaimo, where he had been attondlng
tho Municipal Convention, yesterday
Mrs. De Gex, wife of tho manager
of the local liank, left on Wednesday
for a short visit to friends in Vancouver.
Mr. G. Jameson, who left Nanaimo a few months ago for the old
country, came over from Seattle
with the football boys on Sunday,
Young Alex. Robinson suffered a
bad aocldent early in the weok. Ho
was out -with a gun, when in some
way it went off, and the charge
caught his right hand, Inflicting a
painful wound.
I   Assortment of Bamboo Goods.
Large Assortment of Fancy   China-
ware and Glassware, Etc.
'Phone 18. f Flrtt -Avtnut
...  „  ..»„„„„„„ „„„ ,„,„,„,   ,ml, ,     , ,, .ithtre thould'lie a Provincial law in
the probability of the best character1 iThJ! 1u*,sti*"> h»Jinf been disposed rogard ^ piumblng.    Hav0 n0 plumb
growth it lessened by   this   unwise 0| I*.    1"^0">i™odl"imw   «°m   V" ing at nil unless you can havo    tho
practice.    And while this is not ths,,niI"1cl,>a,1^f? *vere a«ain .a]Su T     beat.    A poor septic tank Is   worse
opportuns tims. or the proper place I „__long '?,*?"   wa" .r«»lvei1     rom then none at all.
to talk about Character, It Is   ouitt' jr™.*"1        C     was takon up clauss,   Mayor Robinson said he hoped   to
fitting that ws, aa men holding offl-1 W..    r- a   ,.    ita. ..     ...    have a chance to amend tho   Consti-
cial positions "and thereby having' «»>» °»» "M-«»alt with by the tutlon ,0 tliat hereafter Medical
a volet in unking regulation! that ESI^.r.AS 2!" mio".a«,™J Health Omcort, City Engineers and
affect the whole population should S__'P0*,_lon th,J "cn *-»'<*«|g Municipal Clerks would be ontttled
remember that character is all-im- 2*,,1H S. i". ![ . P°Wer **ya,la*,,l° hereafter lo attend the Conventions,
portent and that the destiny of this _™ld d"Vo101' t?ot !>,°'*'<!r (or '* Following the reading of tho pa-
Bpmmlon with ltt immense pots''?.m „p?rP°,f8 ?"? f any "•"•P1*" per, the rocommemlatiSnt from mu-
billtlet depends, more upon tht thai.I'*."'", hav!„t0 '""ustrles. ilc|p«1l.tltt wero again taken up.
actor of IU people than all Its rich'..* Cu"""ltt«> "tt appointed to New vVostmlnstor's recommendation
retourees put together, s      tci 1*2, If \.''"!'   15?"", rjH"^!"* this „ gMng authority to cities to have
WtTshould alto remember that uJE!. -    "fft. "     * '""""Ing   "so- „„   MIKW,ment   committee for    Ule
iris '.dHLTSm^        i?o«sa_r_S as ™»r ™taamA to •■ "*■
td Wm-3* l&Wffi «« NORTH COWICHAN-
ln tht City of Ma7t S^uTandT tn- !__S_^J_.>f.f{   "      5   rlgh.t_2' Th»t municipalities have the right
deavor to our utmost   to   make li SIE  _^L_^   C |M,T 'r°"J  *S?J_ ot Imposing ,*rsonal property tax as
mm, a. pojbtotr mrsft do' S^TST tot.. Tatar and "JK ^_E£ *ova'™enl'    Uid 0W
right and aa difficult at possible for «teitT tor   llriS    sW .ST Jf«S ,m th" ttt*,1°'
men to do wrong.                                |S22SL -wif1*!. 1         ™*ii£?i?/ PR0M SUMMRRIvAND-
But from" mSrtly economic stand-'ES^E Ta^Lm .> i'.w°   d."f »' "« <llsallowlng discount of 10
point ouTmen^uui bo^arsouTwi "1_ !™? J?.-!?ILM "^Z '*_]a'Mv!_f «»'• <* taxes.   Eliminated.
gtst and best iSnLw%SZ£, i£ 'JSvStton -feW*!?? deuLtS" Th»t W5rd Syst<!m *» Mi,iHa
-.,.   ta 1. .... >Lt._._r*A *r ooBvention,    through Hs^ delegation, but   Wttrd   nom|nntion    system be
ST_L_-n_s6T_.,*« ^w_»_rs_ai;-s a^mQi
corrset and   counting money   worth    oiau-i 11   ~v,»,i ,» »h„ ■.««ikf ™at    '"hool   year i-iose 1
six par cent, we flnd ont man wSS l«_J2!2f ifil~    T^ }?       «PP°int- municipal ytar.   Eliminated,
in earning PO-ver to «W00ta earn,- .loZer?  Islld. „ JTu   °uFt Mayor *°biMoa "' Kam,0<>
of in Property wo£h ihT an.o«t   Z^i. -.."'ILL" d"'* wi*y~ «• that th. Act referring to
w« .J"'I,0i-f,ty f.0,th. *^!!?  *"**&' t«N,aJr ■* "" "tthdrawP.
We are keenly alive to the necessity,   —
allowed between
Action. Eliminated,
year clots same at
Kamloops mov-
rrlng to   school
taxes In    which tht word   S  mills
psrty.    Look   at tht
vest in water systems; then add
wo are keenly alive to the neeettity,   Claim Iff  Mlomui in ,k. „.«...,,   """■ "■    »■"«-."- "»■»   a   mint
and In every cats nut forth ourhott i»«„??..„'/ nlBr""i. lo the twimpt, 0CC11B)  |)e mmitA to ,^4 10    At
-•«. w as a rg ag ■fvirans -—j- m--raft
n^r^ aJrova|A,'^St^TlorSTmHmIfN^UV1SB- , '^SffL* »-ved that th.
If a cltTh.rm&'.pplui:1^ ftSS ''S^lZ'^ag ;rm..e.mltt.°'lO,,UtLo.ttS """" "°m
m "" "pr^t' oid 'turn ^.^"t'^'O^fTp. "mST ^nln'1%Un to .mend
__kT_L55Tl_n _-.r?!1' ."   *!'''****•■ "mch wat passed without Mm nntuittnUnm.    slowing   Medical
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Dally at 9 a. m.
Pet^r Inkster
Ready for all kind of
Leave Ordtrt with Blair - Adam.
Telephone 3-4.
Pods and lines;
Flies and Tackle
For All Kinds of Fishing..
In tht matter of en application for
a duplicate certificate of Titlo to
lots three and four (8 and 4) Block
twenty nine (•!») Mop 708a. Townsite
of Ladysmith.
Notice is hereby given that it is
my Intention at the expiration of one
month from tho first publication here
of to Issue a Duplicate Certificate of
Title to the above land issuod to
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday Mary Davies on the 38th day of July
'"""  and numbered 7845c.
Choicest Fruits
Cigars   Tobaccos.   Soft Drinks
Excellent Boarding
natlc.   Now, gentlemen, by allowing tbTaot considerimr to attontl convent!,,,,, and   hav,    a
tht nrm^orcsment of our laws and KROM KENT CO0N0I)>. -   "***  °*t'
thereby destroying or partly destroy-     A.   To   Increase   ouallflcatlont
Tht Convention
of 7:80 tonight.
adjourned    until
SpsolsJ Meal Tiokuta for
the Week
Mrs, D. O. WHITif,
At 9:00 and 15:88.
For Victoria.
Trains f\rri.e at Ladyimith
Registrar Oeneral.
Land Registry Office, Victoria, B. C.
the 11 dny of February, 1008.
Dally at 11:67.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday,
At 11:57 and 17.65.
From Viotoria.
District Passenger Agent.
103 Government St.,
Proposals for Clearing Land For
Agriculture, Vancouver Island, B.0
Sailed proposals will bs received
by the Chief Engineer at hia office In
Vancouver, B.C., up to noon of Tues
day, March 'Hit, 1908 for the clearing, grubbing, etc, required in opening up lor settlement the firtt selection ol E, & N. Land .Orant Lands.
Consisting ot an area of approximately one hundred and twonty-flve
acres adjacent to the town of Lady-
Victoria im th and approximately one thousand one hundred and forty acree situated between French Creek and Little Qualicum ln District ol Nanoots.
I Plans thowlng location and ipeciu-
cationa can be obtained by application to abovt office.
The lowest or any tender not noc-
tstarlly accepted.
. Chief Engineer.
Vancouvtr,    B, 0.,   February 19th,
i   1908. 133-to rale
THAN WOOD. . . .
H, Thornley
Notice is hereby given that I Intend to apply to tht Board ol Lt-
eentlng commissioners of the Municipality ol Ladysmith at their next
regular meeting for a transfer of tht
wholesale Liquor License now held
by mt lor tht premisis, occupied by
mt and situate on Lot 9, Block 91,
in tht laid City of Ladysmith, from
myself to August Pina.
Ladysmith, B. 0., 34th January,
. A tour-roomed house Just off Fifth
rtvtnue. Full lot, cleared and fenced.
8400 cath takes everything. For par-
{titulari apply A. Brown, Ladysmith.
Notlco is hereby given that an application will be made to tht Legislative Assembly of tht Provlnot of
Brltith Columbia for an Act to Incorporate a Company with power to
equip, build, maintain and optratt a
Une of railway of standard or other
gaum to be operated by itoam, electricity or oolier power for tht carrying of freight, uastehgers and express from a point situated on Section Fourteen (14) or Fifteen (15) lit
Bangs Five (V,) Cranberry District,
or Stction Fourteen (14) Range Sis
(VI.), Cranberry District; thence
touth-eatterly by tht molt feasible
route to a point situate on Oyster
Bay in Oytler District, a distance of
about twelve milot more or less—
with authority also to tonttruot,
equip, maintain and optiata branches
Irom time to time from any point
or points of tht proposed railway j
with power alto to conttruct aod optratt telegraph and telephone lines
for tht purpose ol Its business Md
lor tht public; with power to own,
um tnd operate water powart convenient to ths rotd, railway tnd
other purposes, and with such othtr
powers and privileges as art usually
given to Railway Companies.
Solicitor! lor Applicant.
Dated tt Victoria, B.O., thit Utt)
day of January, 1908.
A marble Maaonlo keyttone, tomt-
whert between the Stnk and 'Fourth
Avenue, via High Street. Findtr
pleats return to thit ofBos.


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