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The Ladysmith Chronicle Apr 7, 1909

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With Which Is Amalgamated the Ladysmith Standard.
Vol. I.
Ladysmith, B.C., Wednesday, April 7, 1909.
Site for
Light Plant
The most Important matters dis- The schools are about to open on
cussed at the last meeting of the city their fourth quarter. The matters of
council were the new sewer by-law regularity and punctuality are again
and tho sale of the electric light de- m special need of attention and par-
benturos. It was decided to submit ents are asked to co-operate vigor-
ll.e draft of the new by-law for the 0usly with the school in suppressing
sewers to Mr. W. J. Taylor, barrls- neglect and tardiness in the children,
ter, Victoria, and a committee was It Is not. enough to merely raise
appointed to select a sight for the children to the "school age" and
electric light plant. send them  to school.   It is unques-
There were present at the meeting: tionably a fact that the parents re-
Ald. Haworth, Roberts, Campbell, main throughout the entire process
Dier, Brown and Matheson, and May- the major factor in the child's train-
or Nicholson in the chair.   -- ing. When the schoo, falls the parents
The minutes of the previous meet- ehts have probably failed previously
ing were read and approved. and the latter Is tbe first cause   of
A   communication from   Mr.  John the former.
Stewart was read re the sale of  the    It is further requested of the   par-
debentures and enclosing a draft   of ents that they   prohibit their child-
the new sewer by-law. ren from going to sc'iobl until about
The communication was laid over ten minutes before school call. Cer-
for future reference. tain   senior   pupils are   engaged   in
A letter   from Mr.  John Stewart, study and they have a right to   in-
complaining that be had not been giv- telligent protection,
eh a chance to purchase the electric    In tbe case of pupils who propose
light debentures, was read. to enter as candidates for examina-
The aldermen generally disclaimed tion for entrance to the High School
any knowledge of Mr. Stewart being the parents of such are reminded tbat
in the market for" the purchase of de- all pupils need training and when a
Dentures up until the time tbe sec- special 30 minutes is given to draw-
ond option, was granted. The letter ing class the teacher must believe
caused much discussion in which near-! that they need that training. In La-
ly every member of the council board 'dysmith tbe very best pupils are in
took part. |a distressing need of it, and prompt
It was decided to send a suitable'and regular attendance should be
reply to Mr. Stewart. {guaranteed.
The copy of Oeorge Stimson & Go's The following ia a list of promo-
letter to Mr. L. M. de Gex accepting tions from division to division effect'
electric light debentures at 94 was' ed on April 1st. No promotions hav-
read and filed. ing  been made  beyond   the   junior
H. Bowes, secretary of the British I grade:
~ Columbia Municipal Union, wrote ask-1   promoted   from   Class   A Division
ing for tne annual $10 fee to the Union.
It was moved by Aid. Haworth, seconded by Aid.   Matheson,   tbat the
VI. to Class B Division V. H. B.
Hutchison, teacher—Muriel Beattie,
Vera Bickle, Jessie Burke, Jane Gordon, Mary Jones, Jessie McLachlan,
All-California Soccer Football Team
•ti &>
mm> 1 **"»-«, (Sill ^^
letter he received   and filed and the'Herbert McMillan, Peter Whiskers.
310 fee forwarded.
The motion was carried.
S. A. Cunliffe, of Vancouver, made
an application for the position of
sewer inspector.
There were several other applications for positions in connection with
the building ot the sewers, all, of
which were filed for future reference,
James Callander made application
for his annual police uniform, and
the request was granted.
Accounts aggregating {961.54 were
presented and referred to the finance
committee, to be paid If found correct.
Mayor Nicholson reported that he
had seen the I. 0. 0. P., with regard to the new cement sidewalk on
Roberts street, and the society was
prepared to pay its share, on condition that the city takes charge of
the work.
Aid. •Roberts had not seen any ol
the property-owners since, and tbe
committee was given another week
to report.
Mayor Nicholson presented a letter
from Hon. - Mr. McBride acknowledging receipt of statement of accdunts
in connection with the smallpox epidemic ot last year,
Aid. Campbell gave notice.that he
would Introduce a, by-law at the next
meeting of the council authorising a
loan ol 150,000 tor the construction
of sewers.
In the meantime Mr. W. J. Taylor,
barrister, Victoria, will be asked to
express his opinion with regard to
the draft of the by-law forwarded by
Wm. Brent ft Co.
Aid. Dier thought it was about
time the council should be doing
something with regard to the electric
light. We should have a site selected, so that when the money was
available work could proceed at oncei
The mayor referred to several places that might be satiable, and it
wan eventually decided to select a
committee of the council to arrange
for a site,*
Aid. Dier and Haworth were constituted a committee to look into the
The council adjourned at 8:45 p. m.
electric Light Plant, Site.
Aid. Dier and Aid. Haworth, the
committee appointed by the city
council to select a site for the electric light plant, lost no time in attending to their duties. They vent
over all the ground that seemed
available and have decided to recommend to the council a point on Esplanade at the corner of Metbuen
street. It Is tha best.' place tbef
could find, but there will have to be
a spur track built In from the bunkers In order to have easy access to
the coal. It Is not believed that
there .will be any difficulty in arranging thla, and If the council move
as quickly as Aid, 'Dier "anil tiaworth,
lt will not be long until the plant la
in operation. This haste Is desirable
inasmuch as a number of citizens are
contemplating the installation of gasolene lights, and if there was any
prospect of an early production of
electric light, there would be no need
of going to the expense of putting in
gasolene lights.
Promoted from Class A .Division
VII. to Class B Division VI. Mabel
L. M. Dowell, teacher—Robert Hicks,
Vienia Nummy, Maggie Patterson,
Jennie Bulky, Douglas Gregson,
Thomas Davidson, Tarla Nummy,
Ethel Campbell, Florence Weir, Eva
Shaw, Gertrude Williamson, John
Pollock, Percy Hooper, Thomas Conway, Wilfrid Jones.
Promoted from Class A. Division
VIII to Class B Division VII. Nora
J. Hill, teacher - WUtrjjjC Bryden,
Simpson Bauld, Ernest 'Johnston,
Lilaa James, James Kane, Lesley
Mottlshaw, Patrick Malone, Mary
McLachlan, Mary Orr, Josephine
O'Connell, Donna Popovich, Barbara
Ray, Janet Sklllng, Caroline Wright,
Elizabeth White.
Promoted from Class A Division
IX. to Class 0 Division VIII. J,
Mobius, teacher—Emile Delcourt, Jessie Smith, James Johnson, Nora
White, Salmn Turner, Andrew Patterson, Lottwick Jones, Martin Do-
gar, Joseph Bernardelll, Elisabeth
Sisko, Elisabeth Mayousky,. Margaret
Nelson, Mary Louche, Falarle Ver
On   Monday   night while Mr.   and
Mrs. Stewart were ascending thc big
hill near tbelr residence tbey   heard
cries.    A   few  more   steps brought
them face to face with a lady   and
gentleman who had had a miraculous
escape from death.
It  appears   that  a party of Chemainus people had been to Ladysmith
to see the Jubilee Singers and were
returning by rigs.   Mr. Gilbert,   tbe
well-known employee in the store ot
the lumber company, and Miss   Mc-
Gee, a   nurse   from   the Chemainus
hospital, who accompanied him, were
tbe unfortunate pair and how   they
escaped with   their  lives is nothing
short of a miracle.   While they were
descending the bill, some of the barn-
ess came undone and the rig following too closely upon tbe horse frightened   him.   Mr.   Gilbert remembers
little   more than that  Be saw   the'
horse jump tbe high cribbing.
Mr. and  Mrs.   Stewart   took . the'
pair to their bouse and sent for Dr.
Williams, who   soon   arrived.     Mrs.
Stewart attended to the two unfortunates while Mr. Stewart roused Mr.
Whltcomb    out ot bed and went   to
look for the horse.   They tound blm
in a sorry fix but after carefully, removing the harness they got him on
to bis feet and then began the work,
of taking, an animal with three legs
up the steep embankment.   Mr. Stewart put tbe horse in a loose box in
bis stable and on examination found
that nothing but a severe sprain to
one hind leg marred him.   The horse
was well bathed with hot water and
rubbed with linament and made   as
comfortable as possible tor the night.
Mies   McGee   escaped   with a few
but  Mr.   Gilbert will   be
unable   to   attend    to business for
j______I__ -,---, ...«■ I some time.
onlv one team in it    The score wll I 'nations are of three classes.   First, —— Some   time   ago   tbe farmers   of
rive some idea cf the game.. Just'or ■"•no managers' certificates; sec-1 Messrs. DeBeck and Paff, of New 8outh 0yBter sent through Parker
fmarine 8 coals to 1 Tbe game was ond, for underground" managers, and Westminster, have secured 1,400 acres wmiamg B petition to the Govern
^^L^^tta^^^^^^ fire and shift bosles. '-They ol! crown-granted lands; situate on th.'
".*'■..{*<?S'^   i? H.~ %•■
Picture ot crack southern team which plays in Ladysmith next Sunday. Back row—D. Hunter, J. Smith, A.
Harris, R. Grant, N. McFarlane, T. McKiernon, E. Perkins. First row—H. Walters, J. Balmaln, G.
Donohue, Sam Goodman <W. Highett), H. R. Elliott, J. Munro, 0. Fike.
The game on Sunday between the
local teams, Winnipeg vs the City,
played before a big crowd, was full
of surprises. It couldn't be called a
first-class   game, because there   Was
bard game. All footballers in British Columbia are looking forward for
Ladysmith to win the game, and it
should, prove a good one.
l-he Officials Examination.
At nine o'clock in tbe provincial
court house, at Nanaimo Tuesday
morning, the examinations for applicants for coal mine officials, opened
with Inspector F. H. Shepherd and
Mr, ColviUe as examiners. Tht exam-
Local and
Mrs. Joseph Tate and Mrs. Isabel
Tate, .of Bremmerton, Wash., are visiting old friends in iadysmitb. They I      . „„
are   stopping    with.   Mrs.   WiUiam!f5".   i.
dysmith captain   not  being able to'are   being   held  simultaneously: on ""» of the Great Northern railwav in
get a team, McKinley and Christian Tuesday    Wednesday and Friday, in Langley district.   The price wasTsu -
led by.Dufty   and   Linton,   At the berland. |ers to erect a sawmill at once    The
start of the game referee Nimmo called the men together and gave all!
players a warning, that for any offense a player would be penalized.
Crodit must bo given thc referco for
thc fair and impartial manner in
which he looked after the game and
kept out any unnecessary rough play
which at times would try and creep
in. From thc start it was Been thc
Ladysmith players were out of it,
and after about seven minutes of
piny the score stood 4 to 0, and the
ball always around the Ladysmith
goal. The second half was a repetition of the first, and at the call of
time the score stqod 8 to 1 in favor
of tho Winnipeg players. Of the winning team it must bo said that they
played with a vim and ginger that
was Inciting in the locals. Thoir
combination was treat to witness,
and to a man they played good ball.
One cannot pick up a man on the victorious team who did .not do his
share. The backs were Impregnable,
and the halves fed tho forwards with
great accuracy. The shooting of tho
forwards was uure, and tho combinn-
^^^^^ as has been scon
this   field.   On   tho other hand
Hospital Committee Meeting.
There was a meeting of thc hospital committee last night at thc city
hall, Mr. W. G. Fraser In the chair
Mr. E. Lowe reported on behalf of
the employees of the Wellington Col .,, .
llery company, that 48 per cent, wore tion was as good
in favor or making a donation ot 60'"" f h,° noM "'
cents per month for six months \ for
the building ot the hospital and afterwards pay 25 cents per month ton
maintenance, for which they are to
receive in return free treatment in' re*Mrn &"*me;
the public ward for themselves and
families. The medical committee reported progress ol their committee,
and Mr. Earl, representing the foundry, said all the men there were willing to adopt the same proposition
as the employees of the Wellington
Colliery Company. Mr. Wilson, from
the shingle mill, said the men were
willing to adopt tlie same proposition. Mr. Meale, from the smelter,
stated that they were willing to makT
a donation, ot 25 cents monthly for
the maintenance, and he would report later as to what they would donate for the building. Mr. Fraser
reported progress representing th
business men.
It was moved, seconded- and carried that a committee be appointed
to interview the C. P. R. officials
with regard to securing a site for
the hospital. Mayor Nicholson, W.
G. Fraser and Dr. Frost were appointed on the committee.
Mr. Prater stated that he had writ/
to Mr.   Ralph Smith,  M. P„ In re
tho Ladysmith team were out of it,
and at no stago of tho game wore
they In tt. The less safd about them
the better, tbough there Is talk of a
If this comos oft it
will be up to the players to got In
shape, and with the help of McKinley, O'Connell, Strang and Christian, the Ladysmith team should be
able to make a better showing,
though Smith of the Winnipeg team
will be a great loss.
Victoria United will meet tho seniors in an Island League gamo uext
| Saturday. The kick-off will take
place at 4:30 p. m., and the following
team will represent Ladysmith:
Goal—Dougan. m
Backs—Rogers, Crozier.
Halves—Wynne, Main, Fletcher.
Forwards — McDowell, McGuire,
Brass, Warburton, McLeod.
The general admission fee will be
25 cents.
Jimmy Smith, the right naif of the
Ladysmith football team, has left lot)
Wtnnipeg, where he will take up his
residence for the summer. It Is stat»
ed he will meet a young lady  from
gard to tbe Domlnon subsidy for a Scotland shortly who   is to become
marine hospital.
The meeting then adjourned untl
next Tuesday evening at 7:30 p. m.
Arthur McLaughlan
some renown,
for a contest, lt la understood that
Mclsaac Is, willing to arrange a dat
after his. meeting witli McNamee on
the 20th of Aprilf
hli wife.   Mr. Smith will be greatly
missed from the team Here.
An unusual  number of   applicants'tract is estimated to contain 30 000
are being   examined this   year-80- 000 feet of timber,
throughout the province. '
The following named are examining officials at the different centres:
Fernie—R. O. Drennan, Chas Sim-
later, Thos, Morgan.
Nicola—B. Browitt, A. Dick.
Nanaimo—A. ColviUe, F. H.
Cumberland - W. H.   Wull,
The Abbotslord hotel is undergoing
many changes this week. The parti
tion betweon the oilico and waiting
{room has been removed, and a larg
Jcr office will be the result, lt will
Shop, take some time to make all thc chan
ges, and Mr. McMurtrle is dctermin
Coal thief Caught.
Tally ed tn make improvements in his hotel that will be in keeping with the
progress of tho city.
ment to have a substantial fenct put
along this most dangerous place and
Mr. Williams banded in tbe petition
to the Government with the strongest recommendation. All that was
done was to lay a few logs along the
brink of the precipice, but surely
such steps will be taken as will prevent a recurrence of what but tor
some unforeseen intervention must
surely havo proved a fatality.
Japanese fishermen
(TO the Editor.)
Sir—Some time ago you mentioned
in The- Chronicle that there  were a
great number In Ladysmith who sent
east for their goods, and you   com-
aman^wh'T' " ?hr'BtlanlMd Chln-!h«In\aeryngood "for^Tfirs? twoV1"^ «»* ** "»»** ™« to the
aman who for a long time was n'nlghts ofVe week Ve besrpictur>Bstern *»»*«»* stores was not
member of tho Salvation Army, was was "Escaped from Sing Sing" Joe bu"dlns UP Lauys<nith. Now, as yon
up tn tho polico court this morning' Sanderson has two very good songs.: "P1?1?0*1, a,'thi8 to your readers, I
before Magislruto Harrison charzeri Tho 8Bmo Progrummo will bo repeat- t"1nk,it ,is "^ "mc you would tell
with stealing coal. Nlehtwatehm«n ed to-nlSht- »•»<• to-morrow night thel-',our,JLn,1>,,:™rth subscribers that they
mgMwatchrnan ,ollowillg plcturcs will bo pBeBseutcd.; should   build up  a  white town   tor
China"     "KinEiWh,tc bl,s™css'    r ro,er lo Hah-   The
O'Connell had been on tbe watch out
for coal tSiovco for somo time and • gcattcrbrain's Troublos," "Interrupt
Inst night at 11 o'clock his scorch',,(1 itomuurc." "~
was rewarded by catching the China-'
man in the net. In the court this
morning thc Chinaman denied the
charge nnd accounted for bis presence, on tlio coal car by saying that
ho had gone there to get a cigarette
from   some    ono    on the car.     In
"Home   Work    in   China,'
"The Sceptre," "MyB
tcrious Flames," and "Troublesom
Thoft." There will bo two new
songs: "I Want You," "If You Cnro
for Mc as I Care for You."
nsmuch as Mr. O'Connell said he discovered thc Chinaman with a big
chunk of coal at bis feet which had
been taken from thc car and Mr. F.
W. Hawse stated that there was a
lot of coal missing from time to
time, the magistrate was convinced
of the guilt of the prisoner and sentenced him to ono month hard labor
in the provincial gaol.
Mrs. Horlh left last week on a
fortnight's visit to her daughter,
Mrs. D. LewiB, Victoria. Mrs. Horth
will'also have the pleasure of making the acquaintance of David Lewis,
Jr., a very recent arrival.
., „, ... .,   Any of tho local sports taking part,.„,
Laughlan, a pugllist   ot •„ the 24th of May celebration In Na- Jf"'
, is in the pity looking |nft|mo gB0Uid reg|Bter the B. C,   A.|™,
A. U. form.   Manager Eno has some
forms and will be glad to accommodate anyone wishing to register. The!
registration fee is only 25 cents.
An air line to Vancouver involving
The All-star California team which
fldrtJl^nd^ouTLnL ?* ?roP°"?a will play here on Sunday, have an
rieinitv of m^^tlmK}l0m ^" unbroken record. On Saturday they
..-.ni*y,?.'.Fbf*„°!or«f on )he »aln played a draw with the strong  Van
A Pathetic Scene.
Spokane, April 5,—Nursing her son
back to life and strength, that tho
state may take him from ber and
send, blm to tbe penitentiary for a
long term, is the daily task ol Mrs.
Mary Adams at the Deaconess hospital in this city. With a bullet-hole
entirely through his brain, Theodore
Adams, shot while trying to hold) up
n Cannon Hill car on New Year's
eve, paralysed on one side, is gradu
ally recovering his health. Every afternoon his mother is with'him, remembering him only In the purity of
his youth, and bestowing again upon
him the same tender care that she
gave him In the days of his childish
Innocence when a mother's love gave
her unshakable faith in the future ot
ber boy Theodore. It Mrs. Adams
has any hope that the fates will
aparo her the humiliation ot seeing
her own son sentenced to the penitentiary after she brought him trom
verge of the grave, she never
murmurs a word of complaint or reproach.
Adams has heard the warrant read
which charges him with highway rob-,
bery, but lt will be some time, before
he will be called to face tbe court,
as he probably will
the atek room for several weeks yet.
The.new programme at thc Opera
House Tuesday night was fairly good j
the best subject being "Darkest Africa," which portrayed some of thc
wild animals of that country. Although Mr. Lewis was suffering from
a cold, his singing was highly apprc.
elated. The new programme to-morrow night includes the beautiful
Btory, "Enoch Arden," also "A Trip
through Spain." Thc comedy element Is provided by "The Dynamite
Man" and - others, There will bo a
special show Saturday morning at 11
a. m. when children will be admitted
for 5 cents.
The export lumber trade shows
somo improvements within the past
month, though at prices which are
considered low by the mill men.
Cameron Lumber company wli!
150,800 feet of lumber*by the C. P.
R. steamship Monteaglc to China
and another shipment ot 100,000 wi'l
be shipped via the next Blue Funnel
liner to Holland. The same firm has
secured the contract for the supply
of 30,000 cross arms for the Manitoba
government for use In telephone extensions. This last order will require
fifteen cars to carry lt to Winnipeg.
The announcement was made officially at Vancouver Monday morning
by O. D. Rand, who has been appointed selling agent for tbe Grand
Trunk Pacific railway, that the first
sale of lots on the townslte ot Prince
be confined to'Rupert, the western terminal of the
'railway,   will take place in_Vancon-
'Mother   will be with me untti  liver from May 26th to 29th.  The pro-
get out of here," he said.   "My  sls-'vincial government   and the railway
The terms of sale of Prince Rupert 	
lots are declared by real estate men line to Vancouver Is planned by the Jou'ver   team,   ami" played half the ter is with me'qutte a hit too, and .company will hold a joint sale.   All
to be romarkably liberal, and much] Graud Trunk Pacing Railway.  It will] game with only ten men.   On Sundaj It does not seem so miserable lying'the lots will not be put on the mar
more so than lt was expected would'reach Vancouver trom .the northeast I Nanaimo  suffered  their   first defeat, here,
be the case.   One quarter ot the pur- Tho northern Junction will probably for some   timo,   and   yesterday the i 	
ohaso prico ot tho lots mu»t be paid i be at a point on the main line near (southerners   defeated    Vancouver   3 ~~* ————_
down nt the time of tho auction and' tho   Yellowhead pass.    This   means, goals to 1.   On   Friday the visitors    A tenco Is being built around
' meet a Scotch team picked from B school, and the grounds will lie
C, and on Sunday meet the local proved under the supervision ol
seniors   tn   what   promises to be a j teachers.
the balance will fall due In one, two a nock-and-neck race between the
and three years with lntoreit at but Grand Trunk Pacific and the Cana-
als per cent, per annum. J dian Northern rallwny.
ket during this time, but lt is stated
that loin in earn block will be offer
od, Salt!*, will tako place at a later
the I date In Victoria and Prince Rupert,
im- The uinouncement of the date of tbe
the'sale Is expected to cause a great ruaf
I to Vancouver,
money paid to Japs for lish is never
spent in Lndysmith, nor in Canada,
but is sent to Jupnn. This is a dea<)
loss to .Canada, and also to Ladysmith, as it keeps out thc white fishermen who arc trying to build up n
lish husincps and who pay taxes to
the city. It should be thoroughly
explained to the people that fish kept
alive for two, thrco or six weeks ovo
not wholesome food. The fish thus
offered for sale are liopt In boxes four
to five feet square, ere never fed, and
arc kept thero so long that tbey
turn blind and are covered with
sores. In this condition they cannot
be wholesome food.
Now, Mr. Editor, just think of a
butcher keeping a cow standing in a
lake with nothing but water to drink
for three weeks? Ho would he prosecuted lor cruelty and nlso for offering for sale for human tnod nn animal that hod been treated in that
manner. Now, sir, this is just the
way the Japs ke?p and treat tho codfish they are peddling through town,
and tt muet not be forgotten that
lofrosy Is caused hy eating diseased
fish. It. is time tlio hen,tli inspector
was looking into tho matter.
Mr. Editor, fish should be killed at
once when takon from the water. This
in what thc white fishermen do, and
It makes n big difference in tho taste
The'you can get good frosh fish. People
ship Another thing, medical men will tell
you that fish in n diseased condition
is likely to produce a looseness of
tho bowels. . j
Cruelty of thin kind should be stopped at once, nnd I would like to have
tbe views of others on tbe subject.
Any one who doubts this statement should take a trip out to Cow-
ichan Gap and see for themselves.
Of course, the Jap caught fish may
be cheaper than those offered far sale*
by the white man, but the latter Is
the best so tar as health' is concerned. The white man's Ssh is killed at
ones and then taken to market, so'
of fish when cooked for the table,
should think of their health, and not
buy cheap, starved, diseased fish;
Have a white town and encourage
the white fishermen. Keep the Japs
out of the town, or we may find
them digging coal at Extension and
elsewhere, and also setting up stores
of all kinds.   Then what?
Chemainus, Ii. 0„ April 4th, 1909.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Cornish, of Extension, have returned from a most enjoyable visit to Portland, Ore, THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
will purchase a first-class lot and two-
storey building in the heart ofthe
business portion of Ladysmith.
You must decide quickly
Notary Public Conveyancer
Head Office  • • Toronto
CAPITAL $10,000,000: REST $6,900,000
Are a most convenient way In which to carry
money when travollltus abroad.  They are Issued
denominations ef
$10, $20, *50, *ioo and $200
and the exact amount payable in Austria. Belgium.
Denmark, France, Germany, Crest Britain, Holland.
Italy. Norway, Russia. Sweden and Swltserland is
stated on the face of eaeh cheque, while in other
countries they are payable at current rates.
The cheque and all information regarding them
may be obtained at every office of the Bank.
For Sale
Well tad ' White Wyandotte and
White Leghorns ol splendid laying
strains. Eggs, $*J.;00 per IB; two
settings, $8,511. Also a good stock
ol Black Orpingtons and Pekin Ducks
at same prices per setting. Pedigree
Irish Water Spaniel Pups, hrcd from
the Champion Burrard Pat II. These
make splendid all-round sporting
dogs lor this county. Dog pups,
J25.O0; bitches, S20.OO. L. F. Solly,
Lakeview Farm, Westholm, E. & N.
Railway. •
Novelty Theatre
Masonic Buildling, Ladysmith
Matinee for School Children Saturday
Programme Changed Monday and Thursday
'■  ■ 1
Admission: I Oc and 15c
IOc Matinee Saturday
LADYSMITH BRANCH   L. M. de Gex, Manager
Published by Carley * Carley at Ladysmith, B. C.
every Wednesday and Saturday.
$1.58 a Year ir MvaRCt, 25c Per Msnth
Advertising Rateaon application
With Hon. Joseph Martin and Hon.
W. J. Bowser both In London town
this summer, it is quite likely the
people ot England will hear a whole
lot about British Columbia.
Tbe council has selected a commit
tee to look alter n Bite for the electric light plant, and there seems
to be no reason why the installation
work should not begin within a lew
Attorney-General Bowser lelt tor
the East Sunday. He will be absent
several months, dulng which time he
will travel over Europe and spend a
lew weeks gazing at the monuments
along the Nilo.
Mr. William Wallace Bruce Mclnnes
has been appointed senior county
court Judge ior Vancouver. The reward is scarcely commensurate with | his   attention   ta the hill near Mr
to a Rossland broker, stating that
British" Columbia mining shares are
looking up there and are being inquired for to a considerable extent of
late, and requesting information concerning mines in order to stimulate
The citizens of Ladysmith will extend their heartiest congratulations
to the people of Nanaimo on the
raising of the quarantine at the latter city. Undoubtedly Nanaimo has
suffered much from the visitation of
smallpox, but with renewed liie and
energy all will be forgotten in a
short time.
Addressing the Empire club on Canada's natural resources, Mr. R. W.
Brock, director of tbe geographical
survey, said Canada was destined to
become one of the greatest mineral
countries in the world. Sufficient
surveys had been made to warrant
the assertion that the Dominion min<
eral resources ure practically unlimited.
It is rather unfortunate that Ladysmith will have to pass another bylaw before operations on the sewer
will commence. That this will have
to be done is not the fault cf the
city council. The men who are lending the money want better security
that was offered by the provisions ot
the first by-law.
When the money appropriated for
Newcastle district by the Government is being spent it would be well
for the road   commissioner   to turn
the services Billy rendered his party,
but lt is something, and he needed
the money.
The sentiment in favor ol woman
suffrage is growing in the United
States. The other day an attempt
was made to introduce a woman suffrage bill In tbe MasacUnsetts House
ol Representatives, and was defeated
by a vote of 43 to 1C0.
Stewart's house, where the accident
occurred Monday night. It was fortunate that nothing worse than a few
severe wounds resulted from the upsetting of the buggy over the embankment.
Interesting particulars are given
by the Transvaal Leader with reference to hidden treasure, said to belong to the late King Lobengula, tor
which search is now being made. Tbe
Tha Victoria Colonist Is urging the treasure, which   consists ot $14,000
citizens to clean up the streets,   and!0*"- ln -»»». •*,«■«■ ol raw gold, tea
wogon loads of ivory, and 400 dlam-
th* Vancouver Province Is ottering olu-g| *a believed to be accreted on
the same advice to the people of that,""1 banks of the Korl river, one of
I the tributaries to the Zambesi. Only
city.    Victoria   and  Vancouver   aro nTe persons knew ol the whereabouts
not the only cities where the broom
could be used to advantage.
Oeneral Booth, commander in-
chief ot the Salvation Army, is at
St. Petersburg, and Is negotiating
' .with the government for permission
to establish a branch of the Salvation Army In Russia. He Is strongly opposed by the Holy Bynod,
Is patriotism on the wane ln Victoria! At a recent meeting called in
that city to make preparations for
the celebration of Victoria Day only
eight citizens put In appearance.
Thtri wa» a time In Victoria when
several hundred citizens would have
responded to the call.
Rover Motor Cars
New and Guaranteed, from $600
These Celebrated Cars are written down from $1000
to away below cost to make room for 1909 Models.
Plimley Automobile Co., Victoria
mother country can make no answer
to the splendid demonstration of New
Zealand, Canada and Australia which
would do full justice to its significance. She welcomes it with pride,
bnt she must also make it clear that
while she counts upon the dominions
with even greater confidence than before for co-operation in the task of
imperial defence, she must he and is
prepured to maintain her supremacy
in the quarter at present challenged,
of her own strength alone. That is
a national necessity wherein the entire empire is deeply concerned, but
which would still be necessary to
this country it the empire did not exist. We are fully able and fully determined to tane it upon ourselves
as our particular care. That determination'on our part will in no way
detract from our appreciation of their
aid or from its va.ue to imperial security. The best use to. which the
welcome naval co-operation now offered by the dominions can be applied is toward strengthening tbe
defences each in its own quarter of
the world. Co-operation In that manner will prove the best form of cooperation In the end. Wc shnll await
with conlidcncc thc elaborating ol
provisions for that purpose between
our government and theirs. ,
Box 173
Phone 43
(Correspondence  to  The   Chronicle.)
The good boat Alcedro, from Nanaimo, in command of Capt. Laird,
captured and seized a Japanese boat
and seine net as it Is against the
law to seine without a license. But
the japs are good poachers and don't)
savey wrong.
The Gulf is full of drift logs, which
can be Been from Gabriola beacon to
the Fraser river, 20 miles, A good
launch would do well picking up logs
at this time.
The smallpox is about stamped out.
There bave been no new cases reported.
Salmon are running good at present.
I Sill T. J. Trapp I Co's
hit-Intel Waiens
For Meats
Geo. Roberts'
Meat Market
Cor. First Ave. and Roberts Street.
Light and heavy teaming.
Furniture and piano moving
a specialty.
Nicholson & Weaving
Telephone 1.
During the ammoi. wr have sold n targe number
of wagoni, implemenU and logging trucke.
Everything carries a guarantee
Mir Strait
A prominent mining brokerage firm
in Montreal a law days olnte, wrote
ol the treasure, and of tbeae only
one, John Jacobs, • native minister,
who was at that time private secretary to Lobengula, Is alive to-day.
About a year ago Jacobs entered
into negotiations with a Johannesburg prospector, as the result of
which both men, accompanied by - a
small party, set out tor the north,
trekking Into regions rarely traversed by white people. They started on
January 3rd, 1908, Irom Johannesburg, and were absent over a year.
They did not bring back the treasure, but they are firmly convinced
they have tound the spot where It
lies. Difficulties of transport, and of
obtaining food and water, etc., caused tha abandonment of the search.
Another expedition is about to set
Another expedition is about to be
set on foot.
The London Times In reference to
the empire and fleet says'.
There can bs no Briton worthy ol
tbe nam* who has not telt redoubled
pride ln his lineage this weok.   Ths
no nee
I, the undersigned. 3. W. Wallace, Intend to
apply In thirty days to the Commlsloner of Lands
for the privilege to lease the following described
lands, for oyster culture: Starting eleven
chains from D. Page's a. w. corner post, running
twelve chains from a post marked J, W. Willece's
s. e. comer In a northerly direction, thence In a
westerly direction eighteen chains, tleneelna
southerly direction twelve <■' -Ins, thence In an
easterly direction eighteen cl    i i to point of com.
menewnent, containing twenty a
Ladysmith, B. U, stare,. «,'.'..'.
Dissolution of Partnership,
The partnership heretofore existing
between the undersigned carrying, on
business as Hotelkeepers at vlu (My
ol Ladysmith is this day dissolved l.y,
mutual consent.
Joseph Tens* will pay all debts ,->nd,
riceive all moneys due to the pnvt-
.103  fEliy/,
R. f.. WOO1),
Ladysmith, B. C, 23 Fib., l'.i'H,
lathe Opera House on Roberts St.
Short order meals at all hours.
Oysters   and   Clam   Chowder a
Wc have engaged a llrst-class bar
ber and the wants of our customer
will be promptly attended to.
The only Shoe Blacking stand
the city.
John W.   Coburn,
Geo. C. Piekard,
President and Managing Director. Secretary Treasurer.
The Ladysmith Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Fir Lumber;
Red Cedar, Shingles and Lath
Fresh Halibut on sale every Friday
Also a full line of Fresh and Salt Meats*
Ryan's Meat Market
We have the largest assortment of
Spring and
Fancy Suitings
to be fouud in the city.
D. J. Matheson
Gatacre st.,   Ladysmith, B. C.
} Ladysmith Opera House |
I ~WIIgramme I
1 To-morrowNight}
f     ! . ! ! "   ^
| Two Shows, 7:30 and 8:45 p. m. |
I     Admission-.   10 and  15c
%      _^ J! ■
| SPECIAL! Morning Show SATURDAY, at 11 a. m.
Have Your Houses Plastered
For Terms apply to
C. HINK, Plasterer,etc., Laclysmilh, V. 0.
Cement Siuowalks a specialty.
F.C. Fisher
Studio In Williams' Block.
For Sale
Valuable rented pro
for sale, cheap. Clear Title,
No Incumbrance. Immediate possession. Applv to
owner on premises. Next
Opera House,
W. P. McLean.
Excellent Boarding
Eastertide Luxuries
comprising the very best and purest In food produote th the grocery trade
ran supply, are to be had In the utmost profusion. Whether you have only
a little family fo»st, or an elaborate banquet to eclobrate Easter, it will be
greatly to your interest, at well as convenience, to soe our atook ami diamine
our goods ami prices, es both arc sure to interest you.
Scott's Building, First Avenue.
1 '♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦•♦••»■»*•*•••••♦•••♦♦»••••♦•« •••♦' THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
As Cheap as
10 qrtCooking Pots, 85c each.
4, 6, 8 qrt Preserving Kettles, 40c to 65c
Pie Plates, white, 10c each,
Bakers', white, 15c, 20c ann 2/io each.
Shanty Plates, white, 10c each.
Dippers, 23c eaoh.
Hand Mugs, 2 for 25c.     «
Tea Steepers, 25c each.
Egg Boilers, 10c each.
Furniture store
New Hats
Your hat is here—thc right shape
/ and style to suit your lace and hei^st
—for no   one   stylo   is becoming tc
•  e ery man.
" Wc have both soft and dcrbys in
Strachan Hats
which blend in harmonious and elegant degree tostyle features ol the
Those are pre-eminently the hats
for young men and ate genuinely good
quality throughout.
Also new lot of Shoes in different
styles, and new lines of Shirts in different styles and shades, and they are
J. J. Thomas
Ladysmith. Bakery
Cates of every< description, lane
and * plain. Candies ol all kinds
Fruit ol all kinds. Fresh bread ever
Reasonable prices. Come and se
our lines and leave your orders. W
give careful attention.
Hop Lee, Prop.
Esplanade street,   Ladysmith.
T. E. Sullivan
Plumbing, Has aid Staamfitting.
Prices Reasonable.
First Avenue, near New Western lml el
We carry a   large stock ol Fancy
The City Market
Wholesale aad Retail.
Ladysmith, B. C.
Crepe Paper
10c per roll
Agent for
Standard Steam Laundry
First Avenue,
ceeded   in   producing   artificial   sapphires from melted alumina in much
the same manner as artificial rubios
are made,
Government railroads ln India   are
experimenting with east iron   cross-'   The aeronaut society of Great Bri-
ties made in the form of boxes. tain has acquired a tract of ground
half a mile square which will be fit-
Prance, has withdrawn her objection ted up for-experimental work   with
to a proposed wireless telegraphy ser-' airships.
vice between England and Italy.       I
,   _        ... .„ . Ex-president Roosevelt makes light
A Connecticut paper null has sue-1 of   the   alleged   threat against   his
™1?J°.r*?il8ni*??**.?!!.W.ithi!'!! an?„s^s he hca.rd noth->*e unus
ual until tho man Tosti
in irons.
was placed
a fine grain from Texas sugar cane.
The Michigan Central will electrify
its Detroit terminals and its main
line for 30 miles, to Ypsilantii Mich.
To secure a patent in each of the
64 countries issuing them would cost
an inventor $15,000, exclusive of attorney's fees.
A single body of iron ore in Lebanon county, Pennsylvania, has been
mined almost without interruption
since 1740.
The first living walrus to be exhibited in England in nearly 40 years
recently arrived at the London zoological garden.
The' River Elbe is being tunnelled
at Hamburg at a cost of 72,000,000
to facilitate travel between two sections of tbe city.
Briquets of compressed calcium
carbide which tho maker avers will
keep indefinitely are a recent invention In Vienna.
Brazil has granted u concession lo
a German company for n telegraph
cable to Europe and South Africa by
way of Tcneriftc island.
Now dump cars ordered by the V.
8. Steel corporation will discharge a _ ___^_
60-ton   load jrtth   the labor of one into of 72,000 coins per hour
man in Icsb than two minutes.
|   The August meteors, according   to
Tho year 1908 will long be known a lending astronomer, form a stream
ln Great Britain as the potato year, | so broad that tlie enrth, though it
the record   crop of   almost 4,000,000 j travels faster than 18 miles a second,
Some One Has Said
Being happy is largely a matter of not having
toothache, Light Shoes, Etc.
However true this may be, we have the remedy
for the Shoe part of it. I
We have a large stock of Spring Shoes and we are
conceited enough to think we can fit any person in
We have 2 or 3 nice lines of big Misses' Shoes with
Low Square Heels, regular Girls' Shoes in Womens'
sizes, just the thing for that big girl of yours, in
sizes 2£ to 6.
Also a big new rangejxi Classic Shoes for Children.
New White Canvas Shoes for Easter Confirmation.
an egg; another pink, with fruit col-
A company has been formed in
Connecticut to exploit a typewriteu
which is held to be noiseless, printing bo pressure instead of the hammer stroke.
Thc .longest   tunnel   in the world,        __. . 	
having a   length   of   over 14   miles, oring; a third chocolate, with melted
will pierce the Caucasus    mountains' chocolate; and leave the other   part
on   the line of the Russian, railroad white.   While still hot pour this Into
from Mzchet. egg shells which have been emptied by
',,„.,.,_   .breaking   a small   hole in   one end,
The government of the British Eas^ anU tnen carefully rinsed.   The shells
Africa   Protectorate   has   prohibited j s|,ould be prepared the day before the
with mt™. ieRseTt ia made   Tne resu]t wnen tn<(
eggs are removed from the shells will
del ght any child, aud, and the children are the ones who should be
pleased at the Easter season.
When ready to serve this pretty
Easter dessert place the eggs upon
the flat dish of jelly which has been
arranged as a nest for the pretty
pink, white, yellow and chocolate
Cavin's Footwear Store
any person experimenting with wireless telegraphy without a license from
the governor. ,
One ol the biggest electrical com.
panles in Germany is considering tbe
erection of a separate plant for the
manufacture of aeroplanes and other
forms of airships,
A machine operated on thc principle of a vacuum cleaner is being
UBed to pick walnuts in Calilornia
groves. Two men operate it saving
tho work of (right more.
Tlie Bank of England is oxpori-
monting with a   new Swiss counting
Magic Eggs for the Children.
Select a   dozen smooth  and evenly
matched   potatoes.   Wash them thor-
_^^_^^_^^_^^___^_      _   oughly, and partially bake them in   iv
machine, which is said to sort   and |hot. oven.   When   almost cool cut   a
pack money into bags or tubes ut tlio
ton.'   having  been  produced.
Worms, the product of butterflies,
which were brought from Venezuela,
by a recent south wind, are destroying the corn crop of Curaco.
A young  French   chemist   has sue-
Paperhanger and Art Decorator.
High Street.
takes soven weeks to cross it.
A Ncstful of Colored Easter Eggs.
With half a box of gelatine make a
quart of lemon jelly and pour into a
large flat glass dish. Cut the rinds
of the lemons used for the jelly into
long shreds and cook them in sugar
and water until quite tender. Then
take them up with a skimmer. When
the jelly begins to harden sprinkle it
until it looks like a nest of straw.
To the remainder of thc gclatino
dissolved in cold water add a quart
of sweet milk, a small cupful of white
sugar, a tiny pinch of salt and a
heaping teaspoonful of cornstarch
til the cornstarch is completely cooked, Divide this into four parts; color one part yellow with the yolk  of
Wm Spcncc, comer White st. and
Fourth ave., Ladysinith,, begs to intimate lhat he is prepared to undertake all kinds of Gardening. Trees,
Shrubs, Plants and Flowers of all
kinds to be had on shortest notice.
Express and Teaming
Woodlfor Sale.
Star Orchestra
Open for engagements from     Two
Pieces up.
Gives Dance Every Two Weeks.
tot full particulars, apply
First Class   Photos.
Gallery on First Avenue,
Notice to Contractors.
SlALBO TENDERS, puperBcrlbed Tender for
School-house," will be received by the Honourable
the Minister of Public Wnrkn up to noon of Thursday, the 1Mb April, l!HHi, fnrthe erection and com-
Itlatlon of a Urge ono-mom frame St'huol limine al
Coiirtmiay, Comox KlocUiml Dhrtiiit.
Plans, RuwiHcntiimH, contract and forms of tender may lie ticen on and after tho 16th day ff
March, 191)9, at the office of the Government
Agent, Cumberland; of R. Carter, Esq., Jr., Secretary of the School Board, Courtenay; and at the
Public Works Department, Victoria, B. C.
Each proposal must be accompanied by an
accepted bank-cheque or certificate of deposit on
a chartered bank of Canada, mad* payable to the
Honourable the Minister of Public Works for a
sum equivalent to t cn per cent, of the amount of
the tender, which nliall be forfeited If the party
tciuh'iliiK decline to enter into contract when
called upon to do no, or If he fall to complete tho
] work contracted for. The cheques or certificate,)
of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to themunon the execution of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out
on the forma supplied, signed -with the actual
signature of the tenderer, and enclosed In the
envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily
Edward Mohun,
Assistant Engineer.
Public Works Department,'
Victoria, U. C, 6th March, 1909.
Dr. R. B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
Livery, Peed and Sole
First. Avenue.
Phone fid.
E. Pannell
Moats and Vegetables
fVO.BoxM. UllMltl     '    pi.,,,,44
piccii out ol tho top of each one nnd
save the pieces for lids. Then scoop
out a hole in eiich potato large
enough to hold an egg; scasOh the cavities thus made with salt and pepper
and pour into each one a wcll-bentcn
egg. Put thc lids on securely and set
thc potatoes bach ln the oven to finish bilking. When baked tbey may be
arranged upon a dish garnished with
parsley. The children will enjoy the
surprise of llnding thc eggs inside of
what they supposed to be nothing
but baked potatoes. This Easter surprise has the merit ot being not only
protty to look at but also very good
to cat, besides being very wholesome
which cannot be said of many made
Two Trctky Eastir Dishes.
A delicious and most attractive salad for Easter may be made by building a nest of narrow strips of cold
boiled potatoes upon a few very crisp
lettuce leaves. Fill the nest withjf
eggs made of cream cheese rolled in
grated yellow cheese. Serve on indi-
idual plates with a well-made mayonnaise dressing, and plain crackers,
or thin slices ot brown bread and
butter. .
Pour gelatine flavored with nnfer-
mented grape juice into egg shells
and set them upon lee. When the Jelly seems to be firm remove the shells,
and you will have as many pretty
clear violet eggs as you have had
shells. Arrange them around a
mould of Bavarian cream, and serve.
Gelatine flavored with chocolate,
orange or cranberry juice would make
equally pretty eggs, and probably
please the children better than the
violet ones.
An Easter Tree.
The Stockton children were ill at
Christmastime one year, so they mis'
ned having their usual Christmas
tree. When their mother proposed
giving them an Easter party one of
the little girls said: "Mother, why
can't we have an Raster tree and
trim it with Easter gifts?" They did
have an Easter tree, and it .proved a
as well as to the little friends wnom
igreat source of delight to themselves
they invited to share their Easter
merrymaking with them.
Instead ot Santa Claus, at the top
of the Easter tree a large toy rabit
was placed, and everywhere among
the branches colored eggs attached
lo bright ribbons were strung.
l.lttlo baskets were made Irom the
egg sIioIIb with tine wire lor handles,
filled with tiny candles and hung on
tho tree. Hero and there among thc
branches rabbits and chickens ol can
dy, cotton batting and cloth poepod
out. The tree was still further decorated with egg shell Brownies,
clowns, gnome::, etc., whose faces
were grotesquely painted, and whose
arms and legs were most curiously
shaped. The tree was lit by candles,
tome of them ln egg shells and others Id little tin holders,
The games which the children played, the refreshments which were served them and the tavora given thero
were all typical of the Easter season,
The company, old and young, Joined in the egg hunt and in egg races,
ahd every one enjoyed the Eastir
tree,   Irom   which  one ot tho little
W. 6. & R.
Shirts for Men.
Jno. Nortiiway & Son
Shape keeping Clothing for Men.
"Lion Brand"
Clothing for Boys.
Double Seats, Double
Derby Shoes for Men
Empress Shoes for
These lines are the
best in their class. No
matter what price you
Eay, it is impossible to
eat them for quality,
style or fit. These
goods are all guaranteed
and we are SOLE
Walters &
Esquimau and
Nanaimo Railway
Easter Holidays
Excursion Rotes
In effect between all stations.
Tickets on sale, April 8, 9,
10, 11, 12.
Final Limit, April 13.
Train Service
April 9,10,   I, 12.
L. D. Chetham,
'l Dist. Pels. Agt.
Victoria •        .        , B, C.
Time Table No. 7
Trains leave Nanaiffio 5:15 Dally
Trains arrive Nanaimo 12:85 Daily
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday,
Trains leave   Nanaimo  16:15
Trains arrive Nanaimo 18:33.
Dist. Pass, Agt.
1102 Govt. st. Victoria, B. C.
I      DRINK      !
(I. B. C.
x       mum, i c.      t
•>      ........     **'
Portland Hotel
Barclay   &   Conlin,
Aro You Going to Build
* fence or a house, il so coo tilt me, es I
on save you money on lumber.   Bering
purchased a lo* truck.   I am prepared to
move furniture and  pianos.
Fox any teaming consult '<
I, 3 and 5,Bastion St.,Nj*valmj
Phone 124     P. 0. Box 1
Ladysmitli Music Store
Agent for Singer Sewing
Machine and Sharpies' Separators.
Stocktons distributed Ranter gifts to
her departing guests, The gifts consisted of Easter booklets and cards,
and, of eolirse, the pretty ornaments
from the tree. ,
All loads o* Clock and Watch «e>
pafrtej. |s»*'«tiwMfi«*, QuaraataM ,»*
Reasonable Prices.
English Watches a Specialty.
JR. Easton
Practical Watchmaker.
All wbrk left at H. Hughes' stow
will teoeiw Piteayt rtttnUafc THE LADYSMITH CHI.MlCli
Easter Suggestions
Dressy Men
Once more Kastur time is upon us  and we ask if you have everything you J.
require in the following LINKS:
MEN'S HATS—Our range this year is larger than ever and art showing New
Styles in soft and stiff Felts, et*2.50 and $11.00 EACH.
MEN'S SHIRTS in all the latest Shapes and Patterns. Our showing in
Shirts this season is immense  andean please all from $1.00 to $2.00 EAOH jj
TOOKE'S COLLARS 2 for 2oo.
MEN'S TIES, only the newest.   Null'said.   Prices 28o to 75c EACH.
MEN'S SOX—W« can sell you these as loud as yon like, and some beauties
too, all shades and qualities.   See out-Special Fancy Sox, 3 pairs for f 1.00.
MEN'S SHOES—Our Stock is Large, New, Stylish and Ressunalile, All
Kinds, see the leader, Black Kid, Silk Cloth Upper at $3.00 a pair.
REMEMBER WE HAVE Hankerchiefs, Fancy Vests, Suspenders, Belts,
Underwear, Sweaters, Carters, Collar Buttons, Pants. In fact anything your
little heart desires.
TO THE LADIES-We beg to draw your attention to our White and Fancy
Dress Muslins.   These are Beauties.
Headquarters for 1'aas' Egg.DyeB, ,*>c packages.
Easter Specialities
Before deciding on your new hat visit our Millinery Department and see the latest styles. Your
Millinery order will receive our very careful attention.
Men's Suits
We stock some of the very choicest and most up-
to-date designs in Men's Suits.   Prices very reason-
-»_.»■_■—f-J—t.J—». -»-»., teatu TuTnaTeiTnTsaT^t istsiTu* I AJfm. Tai
Dressy Hats
Local and General
Herts Shirts
Our stock of these is very complete. We can show
• you something really smart and dressy.
! Simon Leiser & Co., Ltd
Young and Old
The Celebrated Hardeman
Hats have arrived.
We have them in the
very latest shapes and shades
such as Jade, Brown, Champagne, Russ, Backus, Elephant, Etc.
These h:.ts have no equal
for wear, style and shape
Prices {1.25 to 14   Each
Headquarters for Star
Brand Shirts for Style and
W. E. Morrison
Williams Block
We have just received another shipment ol those
Elegant Designs and
Colorings in Wall Paper
Call and sec thorn. iTiey aro going last.
A lull line of> Paints and Varnishes
in slock.
Picture Framing done rfli shortest
notice. Bring your pictures and lock
over our mouldings.
Mr.  Arch.  McKelvie returned
Vancouver this morning.
Tse Na Dru Herb Tablets.
Ladysmith Pharmacy.
At the
Miss Stant and   Miss. Boardesona
left on the noon train for Nanaimo.
Finest Chocolates   and Confection-
cry in the city at Hooper's. •
Thos. Booth, of the Nanaimo Herald, is in the city on a business trip.
Try Na Dru CTtavcoal Tablets lor
Dyspepsia.    At the Drug Store.   *
Don't forget Good Friday. I.eavo
orders for Hot Cross Buna at the
Hop Lee Bakery. •
Mr. Charles Reed has returned to
Ladysmith alter an absence of a year
visiting relatives in London, England.
were well rendered. The house was
a large one, and all present enjoyed
Fine English Pork Pies, lreah made daily
Hooper's, Gatacre street.   Try one.      *
The strike of railway workers at
Prince Rupert has been settled. Labor Agent Conway, who is now in
Vancouver, declares that 2,500 more
men will be required when navigation
opens on the Skeena river.
Chong Kee
Washing and Ironing promptly attended
P. 0. Bos 81.
5th Avenue.
Ling Gow, thc Chinaman employed
by the Ladysmith Lumber company
at Coburn, was taken to Victoria on
the E. ft N. railway Sunday afternoon suffering from a broken leg. He
was operated upon and died shortly
atter the leg had been amputated.
Not only in Ladysmith, hut all
over the Island, nnd in the best houses, in Victoria, including the Empire,
Grotto, Bismarck, W. Harrison and
Empire, and all retail stores, is the
Grand Dule sold. *
WANTF.D.-Table hoarders. Apply
to Mrs. Jas. Gilchrist, Baden-Powell
street. *
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bland went down
to Victoria this morning. Mrs.
Bland will go to Astoria, where she
will visit her sister for a lew weeks.
II you want a Rood Comb or Brush
call at the Drug Store. •
Painter sn.1 Papeihiuiger,
Mayor Nicholson was a passenger
on the morning train for Victoria.
He will consult with Mr. W. J. Taylor, the Victoria barrister, with regard to the sewer by-law.
KoV Garden Seeds go to the Drug
Store. •
E. Pimbury, head of E. Pimbury &
Co., one of the oldest and best
known citizens ol Nanaimo, died at
Duncan yesterday, nged 7C years.
The deceased was one of Nunuimo's
most public spirited men, and wan
associated with the progress of tbat
city during the past thirty years.
The dealers in sporting goods at
Vancouver tinve no Lnlly lacrosse
sticks on hand, so it will be necessary to wait awhile betore lacrosse
practice in Ladysmith will begin. The
local players are determined to have
the best sticks on the market or
none at all. The sticks have been ordered from the east and will be here
ln a few weeSs.
For Sale
Plymouth Rock and Minoroaeggs, $1.00
per setting.
Leave orders with George Roberts,
Butcher, Ladysmith.
Owing to thc tact that the California and Victoria teams will be here
Saturday, the City Band will give
one of their popular dances that evening. Dinner at 8 o'clock sharp.
Gentlemen, 50 cents, ladles free.
Not only in Ladysmith, but all
over the Island, and in the best houses in Victoria, including the Empire,
Grotto, Bismarck, W. Harrison and
Empire, and all retail stores, is the
Giand Dule sold. "
The Williams Jubilee Singers  gave,    .   -,  w ..     .   _     . w-ttBh„„
n. very pleasant concert In the Opera'   AnR* Mt8< AZ' w,'*™i.I*'
House last Monday night. There were!8* £*.• „to°k J™ZZ   £™.^
 .„«.=   .„/ „!,„»„„.   .„a .it: charging   a   strapping   young   man
Tlie Sunday school anniversary of
the Methodist church will he held
on Easter Sunday. The Easter sermon will be delivered at the morning service, and in the afternoon and
evening anniversary services. The
children have been training (or some
time, and the choir will assist in tbe
singing. Special addresses will be
given.     All are invited.
The choir of St. John's church assisted by other local telent, will render Staincr's "Cructiicion" at the
chirch on Good Friday, 7:30 p. m.
Those taking part have been very .diligent in practice for several weeks
and the rendition is likely to prove
a treat to all music lovers. Come
and encourage local talent. Admission free, A collection will be taken
up to defray expenses.
many  songs   and  choruses, and all
See our windows for bargains in Miners' Boots. .
We want to clear out all the miners' Boots we have •
A Chance to Save Money
• in stock to make room for a shipment of the cele- •
? bratea King of the Pit Miners' Boots we will receive !
• shortly.   It will pay you to buy a pair of these Boots '9
now as we are selling them off at bargain prices.
with attempting to entice a girl of
tender years. The culprit confessed
when confronted with the evidence.
Mr. Watts gave him his choice of the
lash or prison. He chose the lash.
At Watteburg there is a great flagstaff. The culprit was not tied, but
was commanded to take off his coat
and vest and place his hands on the
post, Mr. Watts personally applied
the lash, and every stroke brought
forth cries for mercy.
New Collars
suitable for tailored shirt
waists and for dressy wear.
Wash Belts,   Leather Belts,
Dressy Belts.
Victor Machines
Double Side, 10 in., 90c; 12 in., $1.50
Knight's Book Store
To wash white silk garments put
them to soak ln cold water for an
hour or two; then wash them in tepid water, soaping them as they are
washed. If the stains have not then
disappeared wash the garments
through tepid   water  a second time;
then   rlnso   ln  cold, soft water   tn1^ „_„   _.      ,	
which a handful of common salt bas'milk and two.thlrds skim milk. Soak
putting Into every ten gallons
large handful of powdered borax; or
boil with tbe clothes one teaspoonful
of spirits of turpentine, putting the
turpentine In the water betore placing them ln a solution made by put
Ing the boiler on the stove,
When washing muslins and fine
goods be careful not to use strong
Soak colored dresses before wash
ting one spoonful of ox-gall in a gallon of water, to stay the colors.,
When washing blue lawn dissolve
half a pound of saltpetre In a pailful
of water and dip the articles up, and
down several times before washing.
Dresses of lavender or green should
not be blued and are improved by being drleS In the sun.
When making starch for light
clothes use soapy, water; lt will give
them a' glossy appearance and prevent the Iron from sticking. Make
the starch for sheer lawns and organdies ln Mack and light and dark colors out   of diluted   milk, one third
been  dissolved,   and   again In water
containing a little bluing.
To make   linen  beautifully   white
prepare the   water  tor washing   by
well in this solution, and be sure to
Iron the dresses on the wrong sld
after They have been dried and sprinkled.
The Fishing Season
| is again with us, and we are prepared f
for it better than ever.
Trowling Spoons, in endless variety. f
|   Flies, in abundance.
Lines, at all prices.
|   Sundries, a full Stock.
{  Fishing Rods, Special Values.
Tennis Players Note
4    That we are   clearing out our entire line of;;
| English Tennis Shoes, Ladies'and Gents', at much .'.
less than COST.
Ladysmith Hardware Co., lm.
| We Have Everything You Need
1        JOHN  BICKLE
V *
I solicit your repair work, remember I guarantee all
work, ana have the facilities for doing all repairs to
watches. A good watch is worthy of the best attention,
and you can only get that by going to a First Class
Watchmaker. My reputation is a stake when I repair
your watch and guarantee it. Therefore you'are sure of
a first class job. GIVE ME A TRIAL.
Caverhill's Barley Flakes
The orocess by which this New Breakfast
Food is prepared, requires
to accomplish.
This means increased Cost—but the results are
so satisfactory, that we think it pays and we
are SURE you will think so too, after trying a
sample package. We will explain in this space
what changes take ptoce in the barley. In the
meantime we guarantee the quality of this
New Food.
In Packages      | 5   LCfltS «sh Your Orocer
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
FOR SALE.—Bedroom Suite and
extra, lied and sundry household turn
ishings. Apply A, Ladysmitli Chton
Uileofflcet     „ ^ , ,    •
WANTED—Two   respectable young
men   as   boarders.   Apply Mrs.   A.
Wright, Metliuen street.
To Let-Furnished front room. Ap-
ly Mrs. Harry Lee, Esplanade.


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