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The Ladysmith Chronicle May 15, 1909

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With Which Is Amalgamated the Ladysmith Standard.
Vol. I.
Ladysmith, 5. C, Saturday, May 15, 1909.
No. 74.
Prince Rupert Has
A Good Townsite
Mr. A. Brooksbank returned several upy* ago from Prince Rupwt mid
Iiai many-interesting things lo t>r»y
ot the new coast city. After a pleasant trip the steamer reached Prince
Rupert 44 hours put from Vancouver.
Mr. Brooksbank says the appearance af the city from the harbor is
somewhat disheartening as huge
boulders and rocks stand out so
prominently that one cannot see
anything else for looking at them
but they are all being quickly demolished hy dynamite and the latest inventions in machinery.
Prince Rupert can boast a splendid wharf, and what town there is
certainly looks very, busy and cn the
go. The business portion is now situated on the site to be used j lor tbe
railway depot, and Mr. Houston'.s
mineral elaims.
The isite of the city itself, lying
immediately above this, is ten aven-
u.-' deep and five or six miles long
aud comparatively level, and is now
mostly Surveyed out into lots. Then
are several miles ot roadways nnd
sidewalks laid out, and more beinp
done every day. The Westholmr,
Lumber Oo. have   the contract for.
this work, also thc erection of another wharf, of which Mr. Gilling-
ham, late of Ladysmith, is thc supervisor. It is tbeir intention to
erect a sawmill at an early date in
tho vicinity. \
Several miles of sewers are also
now laid down, so that immediately the townsite is sold it will be in
a good sanitary condition.
The scenery across the harbor is
superb, and as tbe town is somewhat elevated above the shore, a
splendid view of it can be obtained
almost  anywhere.
Dr. McNeill, late ol Ladysmith,
has been located there about a year
and is much pleased with his choice
of location.
The atmospheric conditions are
somewhat similar to those ot Vancouver, and although damper than
Vancouver Island is not very noticeable when one is busy.
At present over and above the
thousands of laborers that are employed on the railroad there are
about 900 people resident right in
Prince Rupert, and a great increase
an this is anticipated within the
next few months.
Afternoon Mail
Is Demanded
I  The Big
Same To-morrow
There are a couple of changes in
the local team for to-morrow. Brass
is placed inside left, Adam Is moved
tocentre, McKinlcy gets his place on
the halves and Strang will be
brought to his position in centre
half. The team is a good one and
the sport-loving public ofLadysmith
should see their favoritos come out
victorious to-morrow.
Nanaimo are playing the same
team which defeated us two weeks
ago and the game promises to bo a
clinker from start to finish. Nanaimo have five men out ol town and
are certainly at a great expense
keeping a team together
lowing are the teams:
Backs—Rogers and McDowell.'
Halves—Wynne, Strang, McKinloy.
Forwards—McLeod, Brass, Adam-
McOuire and Granger.
Reserves—Warhurton, Crosier, Graham.
' Goal-Walker.
Backs—Hewitt and Hurren.
Halves—Mossey, Mitchell and Har-
Forwards—Blundell, Cruickshanks,
Hooper; Brown and Mossey.
Referee—A. Locksley, Esquimalt.
Linemen—A. Hart, Nanaimo; D.
Turnbull, Ladysmith..
lack of space prevents giving in detail. At the close ot the banquet
the floor was cleared and the dance
took place till 11:30 when. Ladysmith
departed for home, in tho best ot
spirits and hoping for better luck
next time. .
At a meeting of the Victoria Board of Trade last
Thursday the question of an afternoon mail service on the
E. & N. Railway came up for consideration. With the E.
& N. at present giving^^ouble service on only three
days in the week, it would be a difficult matter to arrange
a double mail on these dav$, but the moment a regular
double train service is resold, there should be afternoon
mails. Some objection has been made on account of the
cost, but, as the Victoria Colonist points out, the post-
office department is not run to make money, but for public
British Columbia
Methodist Conference
Local and Provincial
News Notes
9. W, Carley, representing tLfe
Plydo Shoe Company, ot Montreal,
was in the city yesterday.
The Kinrade Case
Will Come Up Again
Ladysmith Defeated
by Extension
Ladysmith lacrosse boys met with
defeat at Extension hy the team ot
that place on Thursday afternoon to
the tune of 0 to 1. The grounds
were slow bat not any slower than
the local team. It was all Extension from start to finish. They defended their own goal ln good style
and had a system of attack while
the play of Ladysmith was ragged.
Further reference to the match Is
unnecessary but the boys here must
now start and practlco as a team
if they hope to win.
After the game tbe visitors were
entertained ln royal style, a banquet and dance being given them In
the K. P. ball. Everyone present
declared that it was tho best treatment they, had ever receivod or could
ever hope to receive. About 30 lacrosse players and friends sat down
to the supper and discussed tho lino
points of the gamo, somo even going
so lar as to make speechos,' which,
Toronto, May 14.-Attoriioy-Gencr
al Foy has received thc following! letter from R; B. Spern, toroman ol/thc
Kinrade Jury: "I bco by the press
that you aro to take uptho Kinrade
case early this weok with tho members of tho cabinet. Tho matter
The tol- should be given a most searching inquiry in the interests ol socioty. It
is no doubt a difficult task on account of tho manner in which tho
evidence of the principal witness was
given, but I fool as a juror tbat our
verdict was not nearly strong
enough. I do not know what the
medical report will be, but I fed
that If sane she Is a dangerous girl.
Therefore, as I have said, tho tragedy should be followed up. I hope
I have not transgressed in taking
the liberty of writing you, but this,
I feel, is not a trifling matter."
Attorney-General Foy says crown
investigation of the Kinrade murder
will continue: "This case will not be
dropped until it is solved. The mills
of justice may seem for a time to
grind slow, but in the view of the
department a slow course is a sure
course in this unusual and unfortunate case. "
Mr. Foy says he never heard before that the Kinrade jury had a
name drawn up in their verdict, and
that they had ret'irned an open verdict in order not to interfere with
the plans of tbe lawyers.
All those interested in the United
Ohoir are requested to meet at the
Methodist church next Thursday ev-
eolng, at 8 o'clock.
Voting on the sewer by-law will
begin at 9 o'clock Monday morning
Record your vote tor improved san
itary conditions.
Attention is directed to Mr. John
Stewart's advertisement in another
column in which he discusses thc
merits ol Vancouver property, ho is
oflcring for sale.
Tho Fraser River Lumbor Co., ol
New Westminster, will import from
thc cast 80 French Canadians to op-
crate its mill, as it is dotcrminod tu
no*t employ  Asiatics.
Thc recent
a "growing
heavy rains resulted in
time" for the gnrdens
in Lailysm'iih. -There era many pretty lawns here nnd all ■have bcon benefitted  by tho showers;
Mr. George Wilson and his son Arthur, returned Thursday morning
from a. few days' visit to Vancouver.
Mr. Wilson was greatly Impressed
with tho business activity ol the
Terminal City.
John H'liston, editor of the Prince
Rupert Empire and the Daily. Bulletin, is at Vancouver, getting out a
special, edition dealing with the resources of the city ho has done so
much to make famous all over the
Mayor Nicholson has returned from
a. visit to Vancouver.
The Princess Roller Skating Rink
In, Nanaimo has been thoroughly renovated and the floor surfaced oil
with an electrical sandpaper machine. There has also been a large
consignment ol new skates added to
the equipment and Mr. McTnrItalian,
who arrived from San Francisco on
Tuesday will open tho rink for Bkat-
ing to-night at 7:26. There will be
an extra Besston run from 10 until
12 o'clock no visitors from Ladysmith will be sure to have plentyol
With the, improvements that have
recently been made in the Abbots-
ford, commercial travellers unite in
pronouncing that house the best arranged hotel to be found In any city
in British Columbia outside ot Victoria and Vancouver.
E. N. Clark, who was arrested
here last Monday by Constable Callendar, has been sentenced to four
months each on two charges ot receiving money under false pretences.
There are several charges ot forgery
against him yet to be heard.
Mr. H. P. Frost, father of Dr.
Frost, returned yesterday from a two
weeks' visit to friends in Victoria
nmjj   Vancouver.
The' Right Rev. Alexander McDonald) the new Catholic bishop of the
diocese of Vancouver island, is expected to arrive in Victoria next
Some one has suggested that a
prise should be offered on Dominion
Day for the best kept lawn in Ladysmith. Mayor Nicholson will be in
the running for this prile, having
spent a great deal of labor on a
lawn that will be a credit to himself and his gardener, William
There is an interesting meeting of
the British Columbia Methodist •Conference being held at New Westminster. One of tho events of tbe
conference was thc unveiling of a
number of portraits of thc pioneers
of Methodism in this province. The
men whoso works were thus honored were: Rev. Bd. Whits, Rev. Dr.
Evans, Rev. A. Browning, Rev. Dr.
Robson, (the only survivor of these
four) Rev. O. Bryant, (father of Mr.
Theodore Bryant,) Rev. T. Crosby,
Rev. James Turner;vand a number of
general conference officers; Rev. Dr
Carman, Rev. Dr. Sutherland, Chancellor Burwash, of Victoria linkers
ity and Rev. Dr. Potts.
These portraits were the work ot
Mr.Foster of Toronto.
In the remarks ot some of the pi-
oneers they said that Victoria was
little better than a shack town in
1859. Mr. C. G. Major said that at
that time they bad to pay $1 for a
paper six weeks old, and that beans,
bacon and flour were each 31 a
pound, and to send a letter to Vale
it cost $1.
Rev. James Colvert, well known in
Ladysmith and Nanaimo, was elected president, and Rev. A. E. Roberts, secretary.
Tbe following is the first list of
stations so far an Victoria district
is concerned. The list Is subject to
Victoria—Metropolitan, T. H. Hol-
ling, B.A.; Geo. W. Dean, Wm. Sheridan, superannuated; John P. Hicks,
editor Western Methodist Recorder,
by permission of Conference; Albert
J. Brace allowed to     engage ln Y.
by permission ol
M,   C.   A.   work,
Victoria—Centennial: Andrew Henderson.
Victoria—Victoria West: Arthur
E. Roberts, Sec, of Conference.
Victoria—James Bay: James A.
Victoria—Chinese Mission: To be
supplied—(Chan  Yu  Tan.)
Victoria-"1- Japanese Mission: To be
supplied.    (P.  E.  Kuwabara.)
Victoria—Indian Mission: (B.N.)
Lay Agent.
Strawberryvalc—To be supplied.
Sidney-A.  N.  Miller.
Salt Spring Island—George R.
Clark, under Supt. of Sidney.
Cowichan—A.  Hastings.
Cowlchan Indian Mission—C. M.
Tate, (C.A.D.)
Nitnat—Indian niission: To be supplied.
Clayoquot—Indian Mission: Melbourne Raynor, M. D., medical missionary.
Nanaimo—Wallace St.: John Robson, B. A.; Robert. B. Laldley, sup-
Nanaimo—Haliburton St.: To be
Nanaimo—Chinese Mission: To be
supplied, (T. 0. Thorn.)
Nanaimo—Indian Mission: To be
supplied, (W.  J.  Knott.)
Wellington—Chas.  W.  Webber.
Cedar—To be supplied, under superintendent of Wallace St.
Ladysmith—Robert Wilkinson.
Cumberland—J. ,W. Dickenson.
Cumberland—Japanese Mission: Native evangelist, (tJ. Oyama.)
Alberni—G. A. Love.
Esquimalt—One to be sent; A. W.
Dever, superannuated; Thomas Key-
worth to attend College.
Forest Fires
following is thc score in the 3rd
medal shoot of the Tyee Gun club:
M. Hopkinson  10
G. Hepplc  18
W.  Kcsorlch  18
M.  Duitko  19
J. Wargo,,  18
Mn McKinlcy  12
J. Meok  	
Dr. Dier  ;,	
F.  Almond „. ....
W. Hayden 9 concerned, that    means the keeping
J.  McDonald  .............".!..! "...'.Ill ont ot fireB.    Something in this di-
J. Rumbsy  14 rcction   has    already been done   in
Forestry ln    Westorn Canada,   as
I everywhere else means far more than
the planting of trees.   Thc first step
in forestry is the preservation   ol
"   i forests already existing, and, as far
"   | ns  Canada—cast and west  alike—is
the land has been taken away. In
the Crow's Nest valley alone there
are, out of the 212 square" miles of
its total area, 85 square miles cf
such land. Originally covered by a
heavy lorcst ot fir, it is -.ow but a
"poor, gravelly prairie, -milt f..r agriculture and of very little ute for
grazing." One Arc alone d«»«a, rot
usually have this oflcct, but "a second or third Urc rarely fails to 'mil
•ill forest reproduction" (i. e, t' e
little trees) "to destroy the hi. i.in-
Ing seed trees, to burn -iff thcupper
layer ol soil, and leave a descinte
waste" such as thc country just
spoken ot,"
B. A. Clark, who was arrested in
Ladysmith last Monday, was up
again yostcrday charged with frog-
cry. His case was remanded, which
mado him restive. He wanted to
know why he could not be sentenced
at once. "I have admitted that I
passed the check. I have a wcait
heart, and this suspense is killing
me," said he. Asked whether be
also admitted that he knew the
check to be forged when he passed
it. he said he did not. whereat the
The properties of the Dominion
Coppes Company, in liquidation, will
be disposed of by public auction in
Vancouver on tho 28th Instant, subject to reserve bids fixed by the
judgeln chambers, ln two lots. Lot
"A" will consist ot all tho company's proporty real and personal,
except that included In Lot "B."
Lot "B" will consist chiefly of supplies on bund for tho mines and
smelter and the benefit ol the contract with the C. P, R. respecting
freight rules.
magistrate said that the plea otnot
guilty must standi
The beautiful picturo of Samson
nnd Delilah has attracted large audiences to the Novelty Theatre for
the last two nights. The picture
follows closely the narrative ln Judges 14th, 15th and 16th chapters.
Tho picture of Samson grinding in
the prison house is remarkably realistic, and at the climax when he
pulls down the pillars the spectacular cffe.t is,really marvellous. There
are other good pictures and the programme will be repeated to night.
Beginning next Monday there will be
another good programme, the principal picture being the Wages of eln.
The following is the full programme:
A Jewell of a Servant, comic; thc
cipul picture being the Wages of Sin.
special; Magistrate's Conscience;
Fatty's Follies, coihlc; and two Illustrated songs,
Vote for the Sewer By-law
Cunada,   but much remains     to .be
Forest fires in the Rockies, their
effects and means of preventing them
are discussed by H. R. McMillan,
assistant inspector of Dominion forest reserves, in December issue ot tha
Canadian Forestry Journal. His article gives thc result ol investigations made by him during the season of 1905 in the Crow's Nest district of Southern Alberta, more accurately defined as the valley of thc
middle fork ot thc Old Man river,
between thc Livingstone range and
the  western boundary of  Alberta.   I
Originally this whole region was
heavily timbered, so the reports of!
explorers and other visitors to the
district say, with the exception of
a small area (eighteen miles ln extent) situate above the timber line.
"So numerous and so disastrous
havo been the fires following in the
wake of the travellers, settlers and
railways," Mr. McMillan writes,
"that at present, of tha original 212
square miles ot forest, only
square miles remain." Moreover,
the timber which is easiest to get
at is always the flc.it destroyed, and
what Is lett is situated at high'
levels and ln other places whero It
is hard to get at.
Not only has the timber originally on tho land boon destroyed, but
in some canes nil possibility ot l inducing, without going to an enormous expense tor    artificial planting,
British Columbia
The North Devon Herald has the
following with regard to fruit growing In B. C. nnd in Vancouver Island
"Fruit growing In Biitish OoVna-
bia is destined to talis a high i'!<" e
among the industries of that province on iho P-fiflT To thc Bcm-
lishman, fruit growing possesses
great attractions, the character    oi
| the settlement which thc Industry
ensures and the social conditions
which accompany it are what be
seeks and prizes. The history of
the great fruit growing enterprise
in California which had been largely
developed by British settlement and
British capital Is a proot of this
fact. The greater proportion of the
land In British Columbia suitable
for fruit   growing   Is covered with
| tedious and expensive. It involves
S3 .forests and the process of clearing la
the loss of much valuable time before the settler can create a property returning the income he desires.
The Canadian Pacific Railway, with
characteristic foresight and enterprise, has anticipated these difficulties and in Vancouver Island has selected and set aside 100,000 acres
from its land grant Bpeclncally for
fruit growing settlements.
Tho band dance to-night should bo THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
There Is Money Being Made in Lots
in   Hastings  Townsite, Vancouver
I have several for sale at ruling prices.
Notary Public Conveyancer
Published by Csrley & Carley at Ladysmith, B. C,
every Wednesday and Saturday.
HSI i Yeir in Advance, 25c Per Month
Advertising Rateeon application.
Head Office  •  • Toronto
CAPITAL $10,000.000: REST $6,000,000
Bank Money Orders
to and under         -         ■ 3 cents
Over f3 and not exceeding $10, tt "
"   $10      "      "           WO, 10 "
'•   |30      "       "           JflO, IS "
These orders are payable at par at any office in
Canada of a Chartered Bank, except in the Yukon
and at the principal banking points tn the United
States. ,.     ,
They ar» negotiable at tfM to the £ sterling in
Croat Britfin and Ireland. They form an excellent method of remitting small sums of money
with snfetv and at small cost and may be obtained without delay at any office of the Bank.
LADYSMITH BRANCH   L. M. d« Gex, Manager
Vote for the Sewer By-law
Next Monday the ratepayers will be given an opportunity of endorsing the amended sewerage by-law. It is
unfortunate that the original by-law was not altogether
acceptable to the money lenders, but the men who purchase debentures are very careful as to the exact terms
in which their security is guaranteed. Therefore, no objection can be taken to Mr. Brent and hi3 associates in
insisting on a by-law that will stand in the courts. There
does not seem to be any reason why there should be one
vote recorded against the by-law. A sewerage system is
essential to the health of the people, and past experience
has taught the citizens of Ladysmith many severe les-
We have had epidemics here that were manifestly the
result of defective sanitary conditions, and the city will
be menaced by other epidemics until the causes are removed. If the original by-law had been satisfactory the
sewerage works would have been in process of construe
tion at the present time, and in order that the delay may
be as short as possible, Mr. Brent has everything ready in
Toronto to start printing the debentures just as soon as
he receives telegraphic notice of the adoption of the bylaw by the ratepayers. If the by-law passes next Mon
day; the contract may be let the day following. It is the
duty of every ratepayer to turn out Monday and vote for
the by-law. A big vote will convey the impression that
ths ratepayers ar2 alive to their own best interests.
Down on Dice Throwing.
The-License Commissioners of Vancouver, at a recent
meeting, decided to recommend to the City Council the
adoption of a by-law abolishing dice-throwing in barrooms.
This leads the Vancouver World to remark that the practice of dice-throwing is one of the most undesirable developments of the "treating" idea. Few things contribute
more to excessive and unnecessary drinking than the put
ting of the payment to the hazard of the dice. The
"lucky" man is not seldom the least fortunate, because,
after a run of luck, it is usually regarded as a matter of
honor with him to give his opponents an opportunity for
"revenge." In consequence, what was probably regarded at. the outset as an innocent and necessary refresh-
^   —ia ia* jM;«u?ntr tn  excess.
I       We have the choicest lots in       |
f Hastings  Townsite
I for Sale.
X Come early and get first pick.
Real Estate
I First Avenue,
Ladysmith :«:
Novelty Theatre
Masonic Building, Ladysmith
New Programme
A Jewell of a Servant, comic; tbo
Little Detective; Thc Wages of Sin,
special; Magistrate's Conscience;
Fatty's Follies, comic; and two illustrated songs.
' —! l -1	
Admission: IOc and 15c
Matinee Prices Sc and IOc
John W.  Coburn,
President and Managing Director.
The Ladysmith Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Fir Lumber,
Red Cedar, Shingles and Lath
If you want any Home Cured Hams
or Bacon, call around to
Ryan's Meat Market
Have Your Houses Plastered
For Terms apply to '
C. HINE, Plasterer, etc., Luilytmith, P. O.
Cement Sidewalks a specialty.
F. C. Fisher
Studio in Williams' Block.
Shoe Repairing
I am ready to repair Boots   and
Shoes.     Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Ccrner Third ave. and High street,
near Queen's Hotel.
Express and Teaming
Wood for Sole.
Real Estate Profits
If you lived in Vancouver you would hear every day stories of men making huge profits from a small
investment in Real Estate.
It is simply a repetition of the history of all great Cities in their growing period. Seattle, San Francisco, Spokane, Chicago, Milwaukee, Denver and a hundred other cities in the United States as well as
our own Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and now Vancouver have made and continue to make great wealth
for those who invest in suburban property that is as sure to increase in value as it is true that to-day
followed yesterday. There is in Vancouuer to-day a good deal of suburban property that will double
and treble in value within the next two or three years.
The City of Vancouver will double in population within the next five years according to the most conservative estimates, and with such rapid growth going on, it takes no prophet to foretell that a wise
investment NOW will not only be perfectly safe but will also yield very large profits.
If you will look at the location of
the black triangular shaped pece in
the accompanying map you will see
that it is favorably located as to
street car lines.
If you were on the property and
could see its beautiful location as to
view, etc., you would feel as I did
when I first visited "Cedar Cottage
Park". D. L. 393, that it was the
most favorablv situated piece of land
to be had for the price or double the
price in fact, near the City of Vancouver.
"Cedar Cottage Park" eannot-fail
to become very valuable property in
the near future and therefore I would
advise you to buy as many lots as you
can in (his sub-division.
Lots in "Cedar Cottage Park" are
sold on very easy terms, so easy
in fact, that any wage-earner in
Ladysmith may pay for at least
one lot from his monthly earnings.
Come to my office for a map and
learn fuller particulars as to prices,
terms, location, etc. •,
How to Run a Newspaper
Jim Jones he was an, editor,
is tried to be;
He bought himself a hand press and
started in to see
Jes' what there was in editin',   but
when he canvassed 'round
Some fifteen hundred editors in that
same town' he found,
They all knew more about" it than
Jones  could  hope to know;
Theytold him:  "You must run   her,
Jones, Jes' so an' so an' so,
De sure   and     boom tbe Baptists,
they're bound to help you out,
And give the good old Methodists a
big salvation shout!
that'Gi.c every man a     notice;  be sire
und put it down
Whenever Major Jinks is seen to rer-
nmbulnte the town;
Put in a few free locals for ml   thc
stores, and give
Each man a free, subscription, if you
want your sheet to live I
Well, Jones he    done    jes' ns tley
Bald, tor fear they'd make i. row,
But the more he tried to please 'em
all, tbe more they told him how!
Until at last he took, a, kink i.nd laid
'     him on the shelf,
He'd run the paper   ln the 'lotnd,
' tin' follered it himself.
Interested In the Dominion
Sir Edward Olouston, Bart,, vice-
president of the Bank of Montreal,
who has just returned to this country atter visiting Great Britain and
the'continent, in an interview stated
that the rapid development of the
Dominion and tbe success wbicb tbe
Canadian Pacific railway and other
enterprises has achieved, have Heated the deepest interest in the progress ot this country in financial and
Industrial circles in itreat Britain.
As one result of British interest in
Canadian affairs, Sir Edward said
that emigration from Great Britain
this seat-.« Would be very large. He
thought that the coming to Canada
of so many enterprising and wealthy
observers could have but one effect,
and that wcnld be large additional
rrtUah holdings ln the various enterprises ot this country.
In regard to banking conditions in
Great Britain, Sir Edward stated
that as tar as be remembered there
wero fewer banks in the old country
at the present time than a quarter
of a century ago, but as many amalgamations had taken place, andtbe
institutions thus given greater Influence and strength, it was obvious
tbe same rule worked out in the
same way would apply equally well
to tbe banking facilities ot this country. Asked as to what he thought
the present banks would be able to
look after the business of Canada,
Sir Edward answered in the affirmative. As regards the knowledge the
British people have of Canada, Sir
Edward stated that this knowledge
did not to any great extent apply
to our industries. Those, however,
who knew our country perfectly and
who understood our protective system, would, buy industrial stocks and
put them away; but he thought the
time wn« not quite ripe tor any
heavy,bu. ,' of Canadian industrials
on tbe l 1 ot tbe British investing
St. Helena
Near Poverty
What is to be the fate ol St. Helena? Is the question asked by the
Hon. H. W. Solomon, of thc executive council of the island, who has"
issued a plea on behalf ot the distressed Inhabitants.
"It is over two years since the
garrison was removed," says Mr.
Soloman in a letter to A. G. Wise,
secretary of the St. Helena committee, "and although we appreciate
the action of the colonial office in
giving a subsidy to start a hemp
mill, as well as a grant for teaching the girls lace making, yet much
more remains to be done. At the
requests of former governors the
farmers improved their. breed ot
live stock, being assured they would
always be required for military service. The result is that the farmers are to-day left with some 2,000
cattle on their hands which are practically useless, as on account of their
poverty, theyi have no money to purchase meat. These cattle are also
an impediment to the growing ol
hemp, occupying pasture lands which
would otherwise be used for hemp
cultivation. Money is also needed
tor the upkeep ot the roads.
"Large numbers ot children are un
ment must be found when they leave
Financial assistance is needed from
the authorities at home in the island,-
which played such a consplchous
part in British history, if it is to
bo saved fratn decay.
The Town of
Marble Bridges
Robert Watchorn, New York's commissioner of immigration was talking at Ellis Island about tbe ijualnt-
ness of immigrants.
: "Oh, they are quaint," he said,
"but these line old crusted Englishmen of yoeman stock are particularly quaint. I wish we got more of
"I talked to one of them the other day. He was at TO as hardy at
a boy.
" 'Where do you come from?'   said
" 'From Bonsall,' said he.
" 'Where's   Bonsall?'   said I.   -\
never heard of Bonsall over here.'
" 'Never heard of Bonsall?' he
cried. 'Bonsall, where kings and
princes are buried, and where there
tire 170 marble bridges!'
"Bcnsall is only a village in Derbyshire," Commissioner Watchorn
ended, "but the old immigrant's account of it was true. Its churchyard is full ot kings and princes—
they are the two leading families—
Will  Celebrate  Victoria   Day
With A Record Day's Sport
Record Attractions,    Record Programme
Record Prizes
Children's Sports,   Field Sports,   Launch Races and Regatta.
Sports Handled by Athletic Club under Sanction oi C. C. A. A. (J,
MONDAY,   MAY  24th
Two Mile Walking Race, Hindoo Wrestling, Flat,  Hurdle and Obstacle Races,
Launch Races and Water Sports.     Water Concert by Nanaimo Male  Voice Parly.
Exoimsios Rates O.v Ali, Train's and Steamers
^jest   One   Day's   Sports    Ever   Held In   Province
., . ,       _ and, Mqwn  the  viillageis'oiie  street
provided for.   There is, besides. the,flow> ^.lMUt that „ MAgeA ^
question of   the   children   who are fore   each cottage   with   a   Blab   of
growing up and lor whom employ-1 Derbyshire marble."
Objects to Evolution Theory
W. Jennings Bryan, during a recent
lecture ln Winnipeg, said he was not
yet convinced that man was descended from the lower animals—from the
ape. He was not going to quarrel
With those who wished to trace the;.*
ancestry back to the monkey, but
they should not include the ape in his
family tree. If lt was true that there
was a clean line of descent between
man and the ape, was the man. going towards the ape or coming fron;
him? Was man an improved monkey
for Airships
' An experiment will soon be made
to determine the success of communicating by wireless telephone from, a
balloon to Btations on land, The
flrst wireless telephone instrument
lor aerial purposes was delivered to
A. Leo Stevens last week by A.
Frederick Collins of Newark, N. J.,
who has beon experimenting ln wireless telephony tor several years, say*
tbe New York Time*. The total
Wight cf- the instrument Is 19)
Stevens made a demonstration at
his balloon shop ol how the outfit
wouU appear whan attached to the
uMe of the car. He (aid that his
wireless telephone will first he used
In the reconstructed balloon Conqueror, which was on*1 ol tbe American
Tontestant* last year ln the Interna-
'tonal race at Berlin, and which exploded when several thousand teet in
(he air with A. Holland Forbes and
Augustus Post. The balloon will be
mown hereafter as tbe Columbia,
IU flrst ascension will be made from
*•.*■ Springfield Aero club at Springfield,  Muss.
'Wlreloiin telephone stations will
be established at the top ot some
high buildings In New Turk and. Boston," aald Stevens, "and we expect
to be able to give a detailed account ot our trip as we aro sailing
through the air. For long ascensions or balloon   races the wireless
or was the monkey n degenerate
man? For his part, he would as soon
accept the belief that all monkeys
came from men, as that all men
camo from monkeys. If man was
evolved trom the ape, why was the
ape still an ape whilo man had compassed the infinite stretches of civilization? Why . should one. ape be
evolved into a man, and the other
loft an apeT Mr. Bryan said he was
afraid bf that terrible law of the
survival of the fittest, which was a
law of strlle and hatred.
telephone should be ot Inestimable
value, as it will be possible to keep
track of the balloon, and, ln case ot
difficulty, assistance may be quickly
"For government uses ln dirigible
balloons, the wireless telephone will
also be of great aid. In reconnoitring expeditions it would thus be
possible to give accurate information
of the operations of the enemy in
time of ww."
The B
Frvifte, '
that irif.
tngl r>**
of 3310 <
bottom o
115 degr*
the well
• well at   Ronehamp,
• l to be the lei.uat
been sunk tor indus-
"• It reaches a ci-pth
e temperature at the
• well la never less than
renheit when it is 60
eit at the mouth ol
••*» from wells, the deepest boriau M. the earth's surface Is
probably *"," of    the ParuschowlU
Silesia.   It attains
In th* jf an application for
I m Dtti     « Certificate of Title' to
j Ut '.A   28   (Map   708 A)
Ton dysmith.
Notice thf given that it 1*
my   to' nt   the expiration ol
ono !*.*»«■ ••utu the data ol tha first
publication hereof to isaue a Duplicate CtrtUkate ot Title to said land
issued   tv   William   Bevertdge   and
Henry R*J*l on the 3rd day ot November, MA and numbered 8803 C,
Registrar-General of Titles.
Land   Registry   ORce, Victoria, B
O.. Mm Xtt.il Am Of Aoril. 1909,
A 1IY-LAW to authorize tlie borrowing
oi a sum of f 30,000.00 upon the security, .of Sewer Kates, and Rentals, with
the Guarantee of tho City of .Ladysmith,
for  Hower Construction purposes.
WHEHEAS it is intended to borrow
the sum of $50,000.00 upon thc security
of the sewer rates and sewer rentals imposed, levied nnd collectible in the City
ol Lndyainilli:
AND WHEREAS it is proposed to givil
tho guarantee of tho Corporation of tbei
said City for securing the moneys borrowed:
AND WHEREAS a petition under tho
provisions of 'tho Municipal Clauses Act,
signed hy ths owners of moro than one-
tenth of the value of real properly in
the City ot Ladysinith ns shown by tbo
last revised Assessment roll has been
presented to tho Municipal Council requesting the Council to introduce this
AND WHEREAS tho said
000.00 currency and all such dobentures
hhall bo sealed with the Beat ot tho said
Corporation and signed by tbe Mayor
thereof nnd counter-signed by tho City
J. THE DEBENTURES shall bear
date ot the day attor tho final passing
of this by-law, and shall be payable in
25 years from tho said dato at the office
ot the Corporation o! the said City ol
Ladysmith, (or at such other place ns
may be designated thereon) nnd shall
have attached to them coupons for the
payment of Interest from the time ot
tho delivery thereof, and the signatures
to the interest coupons may be olthcr
written, stamped, printed or ltthograhp.
cd..     ..
benr interest nt tlio rate ot ll per cent,
per annum from the dato thereof, pay-
alilo Half yearly on tho last day of June
and December, in each and every year
until tho redemption of the said Debentures at thc office of the clerk of the
Municipal Corporation of the City of
Ladysmith, or at surh other place as
may be expressed In the debenture or
FOR 8AI,B~1B It. Rowboat, I
cashions, I carpet aad one-third Interest in boathouae. Apply to J, A.
Knight, Udyemith, B. 0. •
and Sewer rentals aro estimated to pro-
d'ice $4800.00 annually:
AND WHEREAS tho snld amount of
money Intended to be borrowed pursuant
to this By-law, will bo primarily charged and secured upon the Sewer rentals
and Sewer rates to be assessed and lev-
led, collectible annually in tho City of
AND WHEREAS the computed amount required to be collected annually
by Sewer rentals and Sewer rates, at
otherwise to bo raised annually, to pay
tho interest nt 0 pcr centum per annum
upon the said sum of 150,000.00, is S.'l,-
000.00, ond tho amount required annually to discharge the debt when payable, vis: the said sum of (50,000.00, in
25 years Is 11:171.40, and It Is estimated that there will not he any deficiency:
AND WHEREAS the nmount of the
whole rntnble land or improvements or
real property of the Municipality amounting 'to the last revised Assessment
Roll Is (457,205.00.
AND WHEREAS It Is proposed to borrow tho said sum of 150,000.00 upon
debentures as hereinafter appearing:
THEREFORE the Municipal Council of
the Corporation of the City ot Lndy-
**BiUi euncts as follows:
f. THE MONEYS raised under this
i\,--iaw shall bo forthwith expended In
t**« aODStruction ot Sewers aud for tbe
purposes generally mentioned in this By-
la.;, nnd tor no other purposes',
a. IT, SHALL bo lawful for the May-
c •' the Corporation ot tho City of La-
dyniih to borrow on the security of
st ■'* rates and sewer rentals Imposed,
I vied and collectible, In tho City of La-
c 'with, and by way of guarantee upon
thc credit of tho said Corporation by
way of tho debentures hereinafter mentioned, from any person or persons, or
b" / or bodies corporate, who may be
r.ii.tg to advance the same as a loan,
I ■"» ef money not exceeding in the
f ...fid the sum of $80,000,00 currency,
o ' ii cause nil such sums so raised or
received to be paid Into the hands ot
tiv. treasurer (or person acting at such
tu the Corporation fur tho purpose'and
\ •Kb the object horelnbeforc referred to. Th
Capuntlou tor the purpose and with
tl jbjeet herlnbefore referred to. The
lilu Debentures shall contain the guar-
a A"» ot the said City of Ladysmith, Id
Uu) following terms, or as near thereto
as can be:
"The payment of the principal mon-
" eys and Interest thereon usder this
" debenture at the respective dates when
"tho same fall due under.the terms of
"•this debenture Is hereby guaranteed
" by the Corporation of the City of La-
" dynihith."
8. IT SHALL BE lawful for tho said
Mayor to cause any number ot dobentures to bo made, executed and issued
for such sums ns may be required, not
exceeding however, the sum nf $50,000,00
currency, each of the said Debentures being of the amount of not less than $1,.
0.   IT SHALL BE lawful for thc May-
Sewer rates; or ot tho said Corporation to dispose of
tho said Debentures nt a rate below par,
and to the treasurer to nay out of the
sums so raised by the sale of tho said
Debentures, aU expenses connected with
the preparation and lithographing of the
debentures and coupons, or any discount
or commission or other chages Incidental
to the snlo of the said debentures.
7. In the event of tho amounts raised
In any year from Sewer rates and rentals proving Insufficient to pay the said
two sums ot $8,000 and $1871.40 respectively, then and in that event thero
shall bo levied and raised upon the rat-
uhle land and improvements or real property In thc Municipality nn nmount sufficient to remit such deficiency and discharge tho guarantee of thc City pro
8. SO MUCH of the moneys collected
fur and received by the City Treasurer
under the provisions ot the By-law or
By-laws to bo passed aftor tho passage
of this By-law us aforementioned shall
he sufficient to provide the annual interest on the moneys borrowed on tho
security of tho said Debentures and the
annual sinking fund for tho payment ol
the principal moneys duo upon thc said
debentures shnll, immediately on receipt
thereof, bo set aside hy the City Treasurer und placed by him to a separate account with' tho bankers of the Corporation of the City of Ladysmith, and
thereout shall bo paid the coupons or
Interest upon the said debentures or borrowed moneys ns tho same shall from
time to time fall due, aid tbe moneys
to provide the said annual slaking lund
shall be placed on deposit and with the
Interest thereon shall he allowed to accumulate, and thereout) shall be paid the
principal money* borrowed, as the said
debentures shall from time to time become due.
9. THIS BY-LAW shall, before the Baal passing thereof, receive the assent ol
the electors of the said Corporation, In
the manner provided for In the Municipal
Clauses, Act, and shall take effect on .the
day after the final passing thereof.
10. THIS BY-LAW may aot be altered or repealed savo with the consent of
the Lloutenant-Oovcrnor-'a-Counril.
11. BY AND WITH the consent ol the
Llontenant-Governor-ln-Council, ot the
Province ot British Columbia, the Sewers By-law 1908, No. 85, is hereby repealed.
18. THIS BY-LAW shall be cited at
"The Sewers By-law, l»b»."
PASHED the Municipal Council the	
  day   ol   1»0».
RECONSIBKBEfl, adopted and finally
passed by tht Council, the 	
day ol  i  1909,
C, M.  0, Mayor.
Tako notice that the above la a true
copy ol tht proposed By-law upon which
the iota of the Municipality will be taken at Ladysmith, City Hall, Monday,
17th May, 1909, from 9 a. m. to 7 p. m.
Making   Profit
We ctrtainly expect to make a reasonable profit on everything we sell.
If we did not, wo would close up shop. But miod you, we said reasonable.
Some grocers want big profits, but then they are satisfied with few sales.
We run our business on a different basis: small profits often repeated. We
are satisfied, our customers are satisfied to save money on good quality
groceries- to everybcdy'i satisfied.
Scott's Building, First Avenue.
•4»«X» «4>«4>4>»'»4><>4>»0>'»<>'»'»«»'»4><>0>'»<>0><>»0>«>««C4>4»«0>
We have the largest assortment of
Spring and
Fancy Suitings
to be fouud in the city.
D. J. Matheson
Oatacre st.,   Ladysmith, B. C.
E. Pannell
Meats and Vegetables
P.O.BuM. UIIMIU Phone, <4
HM & McAdie
Undertaking Company
First class Hearse supplied in Ladysmith.
Telephone No. 262 and 180
P.O. Box 733   •     •   Nanaimo
Chong Kee
Washing and Ironing pwinptly attended
A. Litt
Charges moderate.
All work   left at   McCallum's 2nd
avenue, near Fire Hall, will receive
prompt ateention.
Mr. 8. Zulck of Ladysmith is
hereby authorised to collect any
debts due me. He will also pay %ny
debts due by me.
Ladysmith, 28th April, 1909.
Notice is hereby given that it ii
my intention to make application to
the Board of Licensing Commission-
era ot the City ol Ladysmith tor a
transfer of the retail liquor license
now held by me on behalf ot the, pre-
misesknown as the Hotel Cecil from
myself to Arthur CamlU Oarpenter.
Ladysmith, 19th April, 1909.
Tenders will be received by the undersigned up till 12 o'clock noon, on
Saturday, 15th May, 1909, for painting the outside of the Ladysmith
School Buildings,'two coats ot paint.
Specifications can be seen nt my office. The lowest ot any tender not
necessarily accepted,
Secretary Board of School Trustees.
Ladysmith, 80th April, 1909.
TO RENT—Five-roomed House.
1/ Aw«me I   fly *t TaUnhoua
he lived in, where tho west wind blcjt|a.id there iB some talk of a play. Thoy.
She sat in tho middle of tlio sinml
'   %
smoking-room ailjoiuing   t'.ie  lint' • pi
Savoy Hotel and around her a little
court, ol admirers, including the reporter, who was busy taking diw.*.
the words of wisdom which flo*.vetl
from Her lips, and the boy who white
things and stood a little apavt from
the group. She was pretty or :10c,
according to thc accident ot the
moment, and she had little wavy
golden surls coming from unexpected places, a wonderful smile v.;tb
which her eyes secmod to have
something to do, and she was chic.
from the tips on her patent shoes to
the angle of thc green feather on her
hat. She explained her likes and
dislikes in pert little phrases, which
seemed to afford her admirers continual delight. New, York was really
her home, but London was great—
uvcryono had been real good to her
and she was going to have another
song next week. In the middle of it
all sue caught thc adoring gaze of
thc boy who wrote things, who
wasn't really a boy at all, but who
camo Irom the country and was paln-
liuty shy. Someone whispered In
her oar and she suddenly beamed
upon him.
"Say, are you the Mr. Rankin who
writes those delightful stories?" she
asked him sweetly.
He stammered out something to
the effect that he did write stories
and she moved up to the corner of
the lounge.
"You must come and sit right
down by me,'< she declared. "I want
to know how you think of nil those
wonderful plots."
This was where the thing began.
Presently the reporter, finding that
there was no more material Ior him,
went away and left the boy who had
been his companion behind. Ono by
one the others dropped off, and presently thc girl rose, too.
"I must go back and get a sandwich or something betore I go to thc
theatre," she remarked, looking nt
her hat In the glass.
The young man Rankin was suddenly   bold.
"Won't you come into tho cute witli
mo and have something?!' he asked
Sho hesitated tor a moment and
glanced at him furtively. They were
certainly a rather queer looking
couple, she neat and chic and expensive, he in ill-fitting country clothes, an unfashionable collar nnd impossible tic. He was just as conscious as she was at her ease, and
thongn the maltre d'hotel handled
him gently, he showed a lamentable
ignorance in those small amenities
which a smart young woman expects
from her male escort. However, they
got through the meal somehow, and
after first under-tipping and over-
tipping the waiter, dropping his hat
and treading upon her gown, thoy
got out of the place. When he told
the driver ot the hansom to drive
to the Cnrlton Theatre—stage door-
he lelt thnt he had begun to live at
He ventured to ask her to supper,
but she had had enough for the present, nnd declined. But she was in
her way a kindly little soul, and when
she suw how disappointed he was she
made him some amends.
"You can look ln tor half an Hour
alter the show it you like," she told
him, "20 Carlton Mansions."
"What time may I come?" ho de
mar.ded  breathlessly.
"Any time, not before twelve," she!
He walked down to the Embankment afterwards. He felt the absolute]
need ot being somewhere where he
could think. He was an impressionable young fool, of course, but after
all, he was honest and those were
beautiful thoughts which came to him
as he walked slowly along, his eyes
travelling over the dark, Blowly flowing water to the glittering arc ot
lights beyond. Up and up and up he
lifted her, up beyond the stars to the
diyino company oi the women who
had ruled thc world, through the
hearts of Its conquerors; and yet no
higher than his foolish heart which
- had taken her In for all thc days.
It was hall past twelve when ho
knocked with beating heart at tho
door ol ber room. Tho luxury of thc
opposite tho door. A man was, sitting on its arm and she waB laughing up into Ills face. Several other
girls In neglige attire wero in thc
room and half a dozen men. There
wcro sandwiches and whiskey and
soda upon the Bldcboard, the remains
of a supper upon the table. It   was _.^^^__^^^__
not at all like what he had expected Ifllte'   A b**rst of laughter'from thc
Sho half rose from her chair   and | othcf tnWo towards which she   had
introduced him to everybody. He felt
salt across the marshes and tbo incoming tide rent long streaks ol silver into tho brown land. Ho told
her of the white winged birds, thc
winter sunlight, thc wonderful fascinating loneliness ol thc forgotten
village from which he came. And
after* a moment or two's Iblank wonderment she was bored. She hid it
at first' with .; .gentle yawttB behind
iici fan."" He was blind to the hint,
anfl  went   on—rushing  against    his
that it was rather a trying moment.
All the men were in evening dress,
and obviously belonged to, a set with
which he had come little Into contact.
They all spoke a lew words to him,
and one of the girls tried to draw
him into conversation. But, nevertheless, he felt hopelessly an alien.
They talk in a shibboleth which he
did not understand, their jokes, theij)
laughter, tholr flying remarks all
seemed to be founded upon a common and Intimate acquaintanceship.
He did his best but he felt himself
a ghastly failure. His hostess camo
over at last and sat by his side.
There is no doubt at all thnt she
was a kindly  little  person.
"I'm afraid you're bored, as they
say, over here," she began
"I'm not," he answered with unexpected boldness, "but I hated to sec
that fellow sit on the arm of your
Then the laugh come—the laugh
fwhich he loved. Perhaps the others
thought he had been amusing. He
only knew.
"Why, where should he sit!"   she
demanded.    "Wouldn't you sit there,
if I asked you to?   Come, I'll sit on
yours.    Now you     can't be jealous,
can   you?     Get me a whiskey-and'"'."', ~  "","  1~T "...       "„""","'
.    ■.,      , .      „■ ■- | had been sufficient Ior him.   Yet she
soda, there s a dear boy.
He went to the sideboard and mix-.
cd one.   When he came back she was
so often, covertly glauccd, caused her
to turn her head. A hand was waved to her, a signal flashed back. A
moment or two later, two of tbe
mon were by her side.
They spoke courteously to her comr
panion—they had both been at thc
flat on the night of his visit. They
even tried to avoid tho appearance
of ignoring htm, but the thing was
hopeless from the first. She was
one of those who demands the right
to be amused, as the ordinary person
demands to live. Her companion
had failed—failed utterly In every
way. She felt herself aggrieved^ and
the limit's of het good-nature had
been reached. The rest is quite ,oasy
to guess. A sort of amalgamation
of the two parties took place. No
one was rude to Rankin—they were
all too well bred, but tho thing
camo home to him. When the party
dissolved he slipped away unnoticed
—certainly unmissed.
* # *
Alter that he began to slip and
then to fall. He did no work and he
lived—he scarcely knew how. Ho
haunted the places where she was 'to
be seen; when he could afford it he
lennedover tlie rail ot the. gallery
ot her theatre. He was never obtrusive,  a half-cut  and a few  evasions
was often conscious, uncomfortably
conscious ot him. Occasionally she
saw a Btaabby, haH-starved figure
talking to someone else. He walt-| guding away from the front of her
ed for her with the tumbler in his flat whcn shc camc out| or lurWng
hand, a little awkwardly. Present-'in the shadow3 o[ thc narrow street
ly she noticed him and came over, in whlch was BituntCd the stage door
but she continued her conversation1 ot the theatre which she still graced,
across the room all the time. HoJAtfilst it ma.Je hcr uncomfortable-
saw with whom shc was talking and' n[t0rwards, with the divine common-
thnt they seemed on excellent terms. I scnsc 0[ |,ei: race an(j SCX| sllc put
Ho felt himself growing pale with nlm out 0[ uel. ro'nu ns a crank-
misery. Suddenly bIic seemed to re- nothlngto be tlioqglit of Bcrioiioly.
member him again and seated hor- Then onc (iny si,c met the reporter
self once more ou tho arm ol bisj ami nc stopped hcr in the street,
chair. |    "i*y  the  way,"  be asked, "do yon
"Say," shc remarked, looking at hnppon to remember a young man
him critically, "I thought that all w|10 Wll!1 with-ino at tho Savoy* one
you Englishmen always changed your 'jay_a v,mll|, |,|iut Dy t|,c namo o[
clothes for  thc evening." j j,an!iiii?"
Ho tclt his checks grow furiously yho looked at him curiously. *1
f>o»' j giicss   co,"   t;!ic    answered.    "What
"I—I forgot all about it to-night,"  about him?"
he answered. |    "Nothing   much,"     ho    answered,
What havo  you been  doing?" shc j Vpr.ly   (ji^   idiot's  diapjicarcd—gpnc
nsked. ; under, from all I can hear,   and   a
"I went for a walk," he answered. t.00Jj many people are anxious to
She looked at him as at somo being lindhim out."
live in a handsome flat and entertain continually, a pleasant but
somewhat Bohemian .crowd. Thoy
own a motor car and go south for
the winter. These are well known
figures at certain wost end restaurants and ho has learned to order a
dinner. But thoy had been married
a year before he dared to ask -hor
the question, which had boon on his
mind since thc day ho met thc rc-
repoi'tcr In the Strand and had a
drink with him. He asked it after
a little dinner at the Savoy and she
leaned back in hcr chuir and looked
at him under hall closed eyes and
that delightful 'smile.
"Say Arthur," she murmured with
hcr irresistible drawl, "arc you satisfied with your wife?"
"Of course I am," he answered
"Then don't ask silly questions,"
she told him.
Dr. R. B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
Livery, Peed and Sole
First Avenun.
Phone SB.
Box 173
Phone 13
For Meats
Gee. Roberts'
Meat Market
Cor. First Ave. and Roberts Street.
she     wholly lalled to undcr-
"For a walk!" she repeated
"Why?" she asked.
"Some undo up in the north
a little vaguely for a person of hcr' left     him  £80,000,"   he    answered,
direct habit of speech. | "Lucky fellow if ho ever turns up to
Suddenly it flashed in upon him—'claim it. I can't make out what
the wholo vast incongruity, thc oter-jWent wrong with him. Clever chap
nal differences whose barrier between in his way, but not balanced
them must reach even to tho skies, Miss Bella Delmain was very
between the dreamer with his head thoughtful for tho rest of that even-
In thc clouds and thla charming,! *ng. She had been having a good
acute little person, whose teet were1 many Into nights, she had missed re-
very much upon thc earth. It was hoarpal once or twice and tho aud
thc moment which might have bcon | ionce had left off. encoring hcr ono
the moment of his salvation. AjSOng. A new piece was being talked
second later he might have broken of and as yet the mantigcr had Bald
away, lived down his pubis and como nothing to her about hcr part. For
out, a few years older perhaps, but the next tow evenings she looked
his own man. Thc merest chance about outside her flat and outside thc
Intervened. The illuminating Hash l',r-j stage door. At Inst she was sliced  his eyes,  transformed his some
In the Opera House on Roberts St
Short order meals at all hours.
Oysters  and   Clam   Chowder a
We have engaged a first-class bar
her and the wants of our customer
will bo promptly attended to.
The only Shoe Blacking stand in
the city.
what homely features. Ho seemed to
hcr for the moment almost attractive. Sho bent down and lightly
touched his lips with hers.
"Silly boy," she murmured.
Then indeed his case was hopeless.
She agreed,  with some misgivings,
ccssful. Ho wns flitting away into
the shadows but she caught I'm
(irmly by tlie coat sleeve.
"Why, isn't that you, Mr. Rankin?" sho exclaimed. "Why do you
always run nwny Irom me?"
Ho was speechless, but his appearance told its story.  Hcr voice sound
to dine with him on the following1 ed very pretty and sympathetic.
day-Sunday.    She had been invited     "gee here," sho   said,   "it's time
to join    another party, which    phe y0U qUit this foolishness. You've got
should have preferred', but another
girl had been asked first and she was
piqued. Nevertheless sho had misgivings, and they were justified. He
had forgotten to engage a table at
tho fushlonablo restaurant which shc
named, and when they arrived they
wero relegated to an uncomfortable
corner. He had ordered no flowers,
his evening clothes wore old-fashioned and sho was almost certain he
was wearing a made-up tie. The
maltre d'hotol openly patronized him,'
when he attempted to order the dinner; he chose tho wine recommended
by the waiter,  which  was no sweet
place   rather oppressed him,   wholly
unused to such things—the smoothly | wcro    almost painful
running lilt, the spacious   corridors j best to help him
with their heavy piled carpets,   the
shaded electric lights,  the   pleasant
warmth    and the somewhat   supercilious air ot tho servants.   A voice
called out "como in," and he entered.
She waa lolling in an easy
to como and have supper with mo
Ho drew a quick, sobbing breath.
"Look at me," he gasped. "Fancy
mc supping with anyone. Let mo go.
I'm content. I'vo spoken to you once
more. That's enough. I'm going to
end it to-night.
"Rubbish," sho snld firmly, "Now
listen to mc. It doesn't matter
bit about your clothes. Take this
nnd borrow what you want. I Bhall
expect you outside nt. half past
She smiled at liitn, thc same smil
nnd flitted in through the sta go door.
ns to bo most unthinkable, and bisj He found liltmull standing there with
nervous     attempts    at conversation u gold net purse In his hand nnd n
She did her new  lllo bounding through his Veins.
He lelt  tho  sovereigns,; a  dozen  ol
A great city is springing into being in British
Columbia. It is Prince Rupert—the city of
destiny. >
Prince Rupert is the terminus of the Grand
Trunk Pacific—the emporium of Northern British Columbia, Alaska and the Yukon—the centre
ofthe great fishing industry of the north—and
destined to be one of the great commercial and
industrial centres of population on the continent.
Between 2,000 and 2,400 lots will be offered for
sale by public auction in Vancouver, B. C, May
25th to 29th. Terms:—one-quarter cash; balance one, two and three years at six per cent,
interest. Titles are absolutely indefeasible,
which means that all titles are guaranteed by
the British Columbia Government.
. No city in the making ever presented to the
world greater possibilties than Prince Rupert.
What San Francisco is to Calif ornia—what Portland is to Oregon— what Seattle is to Washington
—and what Vancouver is to Southern B. C,
Prince Rupert will be to the great developing
region of the North.
For maps and further particulars, write
Agent for Government and Railway,
Vancouver, B. C.
Lands for Sale
Agricultural, Timber and Suburban Lands for sale.
For prices and location apply to the Land Agent at
Victoria or the District Land Agent at Duncan.
Town Lots and cleared Suburban acreage for sale
at Ladysmith. Apply Land Agent, Victoria, and
Townsite Agent, Ladysmith.
Paperhanger and Art Decorator.
High Street.
For good sterling in-
vestment secure a
"Bay," she commanded, "don't U'jj
to talk any more about thc theatre
Toll mc the things which Intcrost you.
Where do you write your stories?
How do the thoughts como lo you?"
I   Ho    began  to ruiihsodlzc—lo talk
chair about the things ho loved, the place
llicin   at
down the
Then  be  staggered
The odd part* ut It was tliut their
inaiTlago is or Bconis to bo u success!
Blio flirts a little, ot course, but discreetly, ho hits begun tn write; again
few lots in
Elkins Bros.
Prices $250 and $350, easy
Henry's Nurseries f
Spring Trade
Tested stock, seeds for farm,
garden, lawn or eouservatoiy,
from belt growers in England,
Holland, France, United States
and local growers.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray
rumps, Spraying Mttorials, Wire
Fenoing and Hates, Cut Flowers,
1S7 page catalog free.       j
|   Office,-Greenhouses and Seed-
.house: 3010 Westminster Road, |1|
I     Vancouver B.C.   1
T. E. Sullivan
Flunking, Gas and Steamfittinc
Prices Riasonalle.
First Avenue, near New West*i*n lintel
The City Market
Wholesale aad Retail,
Ladysmith, B. C.
Star Orchestra
Open lor engagements Irom     Two
Pieces up.
Givei Dance Every Two Weeks.
For lull particulars, apply
Ladysmith Bakery
Cakes of every, description, fane
and plain. Candies ot all kinds
Fruit of all kinds. Fresh bread ever
Reasonable prices. Come and se
our lines and leave your orders. W
give careful attention.
Hop Lee, Prop.
Esplanade street,  Ladysmith.
First Class   Photos.
ftvUttj: oo First Avcaua.
We carry a   large stock ol Fancy
Light and heavy teaming.
Furniture and piano moving
a specialty.
Nicholson & Weaving
Telephone 1.
Excellent Boarding
Baby Carts
Now Arrived
All Styles and Prices.
Within  reach of everybody.
Also fine line of Mattrass-
es. Linoleum from 50c to
$1.00 per yard.
— — '■   *>xl
Furniture Store
Electric Light Debentures
If the city enters into an arrangement with the smelter
company to supply current for strest lighting purposes,)
Ladysmith should be lighted by electricity within a few
months.  The money for the electric light debentures
should be herein a few days, and by that time the counci
will have an answer from the smelter company.   If an
agreement cannot be reached between the smelter company and the ci.y, it will be the duty of the latter to proceed with as little delay as passible to install its own plant.
If the light is not here in September there will be many
more gasolene plants installed, which will mean a great
loss to the city.
Jamaica Is a Land
Without Germs
Go To
J. J. Thomas
for Canvas Shoes in all sizes, for Men, Boys
and youths, also in Ladies', Misses' and
Children's, in White and Brown.
Also a lot of very Pretty Socks for Men
and Faney Hose for Ladies.
A few lines in Men's Hats to clear.
The Truth
It has been said lhat it takes a rich man
to draw a oheok, Ahorse to draw acatt,
A prttty girl to draw attention, A toper to
draw a cork, A free lunch to draw a crowd
ami Globo Suspenders to draw your trousers up,   TRY THEM.
Montreal Doctor
11 Use Radium
Hosiery   Bargains
This week at
Children's cashmere ribbed
hose. Reg. 35c to 45, Selling at 25c and 35c.
Boys'worsted Hose. Reg.
35c to 50c, selling at 25 and
Ladies' cashmere Hose.
Reg. 50c, selling at 40c.
Ice  Cream
Carter's Store
let Cream lOo a plate.
Experiments  in tbe use of radium
for medical purposes are being made
for the first time in Canada by Dr.
George E. Armstrong, who has just
returned from Paris, where   he   has
been studying its possibilities at thc
famous Radium Institute,   says the
Montreal Gazette.     Dr.   Armstrong
brought back a small supply of tho
precious material with him,   and is
already experimenting with  its  use,
but as yet    hns   not   secured any
marked results, as  ho has only  been
using it a couple of days.   He nat
urally,   did   not bring   a very large
supply of the stuff   back with   him,
as it is worth   (100   a   milligram,
which is about the size of a pinhead.
Discussing his trip, Dr. Armstrong
said he found the work at Paris very
interesting.   He spent some time at
the Radium   Institute   watching experiments with the new material tor
the cure   of   various forms of skin
diseases, cancerous growths, etc. The
use  of radium, however, he stated.
was only used in England, but it
was quito common on the continent
in the middle ages.
The ringing of bells by rope is
still very popular in England, especially in the country, where almost every hamlet, howover small,
has Its church with Its peal of bells,
which arc often remarkably well
rung. The first peal of bells in England was sent by Pope Calixtus III.
King's college, Cambridge, and
ns for 300 yoars tho largest pcivl
in England. About the beginning of
the year 1500 sets of eight bcllu
were hung in a few of tho largo
In the middle of the sovontcenth
century a man named White wrote a
famous work on bolls in which ho Introduced the system of number! >g
them 1, 2,.3, 4, otc, on slips of paper In different orders, according to
the changes intended to be rung. It
is calculated that to ring all the
changes upon 22 bells at two strokes
a sccdnd would take 1M,000,OQO
Ono of thc most famous bells in
thc world is thc first great bell ot
Moscow, which now stands in the
middle of a square in that city and
is used as a chapel. This hell was
cast in 1836 by the Emperor Nichol-
A Philadelphia physician, lately returned from a trip to Jamaica, was
greatly impressed with tbo almost
total absence of any kind of germs
on thc island, Infection is so rare
as to bo almost Unknown, and lt Is
not necessary for surgeons to take
thc precautious against it which aro
iudispcnsablo here.
"I was amazed when I saw them
dressing wounds in a Kingston hospital," Buld tho physician. "They
used no antiseptics of any kind, and
did not even go to thc trouble of sterilizing instruments, I questioned
surgeons   in   charge, and they
said it was not necessary; tbat there
wero so few infectious germs on the
island that healing was almost never interrupted by infection.
"If wc should  do work tn any   ot
our Philadelphia hospitals   as thoy,
do it wc would be overwhelmed with
blood poisoning and other cases ol
that kind. Thoy will not always
have this freedom from germs, bow-
ever. Intercourse with the United
States and I'Hurope will, in time,
load them up with germs, unloss
great precautions arc taken.
"It is a pity that such must bo
the case, just as -the introduction ol;
tuberculosis germs into America by
the white man was a great pity.
The Indians never hud tuberculosis
until thc Europeans came and then
they wcro decimated by thc disease.
Many of tho South Sea islands arc
totally free from malaria just because they do not have malarial
germs nor tho • mosquitoes which
transmit them. To me a country
Unit had no < germs would seem a
Time Table No. 7
Trains leave Nanaimo 5:15 Daily.
Trains arrive Nanaimo 12:35 Daily,
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday,
Trains leave   Nanaimo 15:15
Trains arrive Nanaimo 18:35.
Dist. Pass. Agt.;
1102 Govt. st. Victoria, B. C.
Not Original
Machinery of Beaver
|      DRINK      I
9 X
| II    R    f-  I
U. B. C.
X ft
%     AMD BOHEMIAN     4
FOR SALE—Oow newly calved. Apply Peter Williamson, Extension,
B. 0.
Greaves, next Fire Hall. Mrs
FOR SALE—Express wagon in perfect order and harness. Apply Arthur Howe, Chemainus.
The socond Moscow hell, which is
the largest In the world that is actually In use, weighs 128 tons.
There are several hells extant which
weigh ten tons and over, of which
Big Ben, the largest bell, in England,
weighing between 13 and 14 tons, is
one. Big Ben is, unfortunately,
FOR SALE—Four roomed house in
good locality in Extension, B.
O.   Apply Ike Storey.
FOR SALE—White Leghorn eggi tor
setting. Bull Leghorns and Black
Mlnorcaa. $2.50 a setting. Apply
Mrs. Laird.
PIANO FOR SALE.-Cprlght Grand
Dominion Piano, in flrst class condition. In use only a short time.
Apply Mrs. Bernard, Union Brewery, Ladysmith,
repair. * ' Eighteen feet over all
Speed, 74 miles. J O. Pendray,.
P. O. Box 568, Victoria, B. O.
MilriM W«m1
Dorlit lift tMtonwt hart told a Urttnnnbtr
tl wftns, t—littiiits aad hat-fat trunks.
Ettnthlni emits a t-turtnUt.
had not yi    .ssed the experimental	
stage, and while good results had as* Jt iB nearly. 20 feet high, has a
been secured in some cases not [ circumference of 60 feet, is two teet
enough was as yet known about it to tnlck and weighs about 200 tons,
give it a definite place for medical
"There is certainly something
in radium tor medical purposes,"
said Dr. Armstrong, "but it is almost too soon to yet givo a place
to it. It is being thoroughly investigated at Paris, and it seems to be
of '«|"!e for various superficial skin
diseases, cancerous growths, etc.
The doctors there have secured very
good results In some cases, but enough is not as yet knownto compare
it with results obtained trom other
things, so that as yet it is impossible to say just what it will do."
Dr. Armstrong brought back several milligrams of the precious stuff
tn a tiny glass bulb. It Is in tho
form of a grayish powder, very much
like ordinary dirt off the street.
The radium, however, is practically
yndestru.ctible, it being, circulated
that lt will keep oa giving up rado-
activity with only a loss of about
ball its original onergy in 1,750
The Man Tin Going to Marry
I read of a man who said to a maid
That whether she lived in the ooooa treo
Or where the fierce panther in wild forests
Or where soft southern waters were rippling,
Ho sent her his greetings where'er she might
Tacoma, Wash., May 13.-That the
much treasured machinery, of: the pio-
onccr steamer1 Beaver, (purchased at a
fancy price and brought to this city
from British Columbia, is not thc
original machinery placed in that
vessel by tho celebrated Watt, back
in the early '30'9, is declared by
Robert McCulloch, ot Tacoma. In h
marine history nf the Pacific coast,
which McCulloch has tound, an account of tho Beaver Is given, and
tho statement made that thc vessel
was overhauled at Victoria about forty years ago, hcr machinery taken
ont and new machinery Installed.
"The only part of the original
machinery placed in the vessel when
she' was being built on the river
Thames, England, is a small section
of one shaft," said McCulloch today. "The rest of ber machinery,
built and placed ln her by Watt, was
taken out at Victoria and placed ln
the srrap heap."
Members of the state historical
society not only paid a fancy price
for thc machinery of the Beaver,
but later footed a, freight bill of $700
for bringing it from British Columbia to Tacoma.
Speaking of the above, Hon. J. S.
Hctnickcn of Victoria, says he docs
notscc how thc boiler.* could be the
ones that came ont iu tho Beaver.
Shc came out. under sail with the
wheels in the hold and the original
boilers} ,wcj>e, especially constructs
for burning wood. Later the steamer burnt coal so tbat tt was unreasonable to suppose she was using
the same boilers. It is also pointed
out that the life of a boiler is nothing like as long as that ascribed
to the Beaver's boilers.
9        BEER       $
.j,   9
x      mum, a. c.      4
9 9
*** •*• •!*♦»* • J» •!!**•* *!•*♦* ***♦**"*** *C* »♦* *•* **■• *i**5* *♦* *** ****I*i
 — ^————j
Plates of Iron in
Some Ancient Bells
There are several old bells ln Scotland, Ireland and Wales; the oldest
are ofton quadrangular, being made
of thin iron plates which have been
■Neath the frozen sky or the banyan tree,
""•e madf ■'■•••'
  -j — «... ua.iya
Till he made her his bride until life should
And I think it was Mr. Kipling.
So since minds great with thoughts in the
same channels run,
And Pegasus prances when once he's begun,
And the muse flares hor toroli in tho face of
the sun,
I no longer my quick pen will tarry.
To the man of all mon I will forward him
My lore till we meet in a haven of bliss,
From tlio heights  of Elysium I blow a
sweet kiss
To tho man I am going to marry.
I only insist on a very few tilings:
I don't want an  angel   with  sprouting
I seraphic, cherubic darling that sings—
But lie must, have coal-black moustaches;
His hnir mtisn't eitrl, but just softly fall
On his brow, and of course he must be very
And dark, and distinguished,   and—well,
that's all,
Except good, with a lot of dashes,
Hi must love mt, of course, but must never
hammered and riveted together, uays, My leoreti to'know, but contontedly bask
In my smilea when I give them, nor take
me to task
Local and General
For Garden Seeds |o to th* Drug,
Stow. ♦'
The,band will give another popular dance on Saturday evening.
II you want a good Comb or Brush
call at the Drug Store. *
Use Na Dru Herb Tablets.
Ladysmith Pharmacy.
At the
Fishing Rods at cost to clear out
Ladysmith Pharmacy. *
lillir Strut
the London Globe. At the monastery
of St. Gall, in Switzerland, the tour-.
aided bell of the Irish missionary
St. Gall, who lived in the seventh
century,Is still preserved; but more
ancient still is the bell ol St. Patrick ln Belfast, which Is ornamented with gold and gems nnd silver
lllllgrc work.
The   curfow    bell Is    that gbout
When   my action! and conduct don't
pleaso liim
He must look in my eyes and call me fair.
As I put on a sweet little injured air,
And I think all the while, at I smooth hit
Of a nice little story to ease him
I never hare teen him, and yet tome day
We will Bitil along on tht Biscay Bay,
With tho blue above, and our hearts to gay,
And no secrets cares to smother;
We will laugh with tho gods as we sail,
 __, and wlion i
which    most linn   been written   and Tho light hat died out of the sky, oh! then |
. .        11 will promise to lovo liim for ever, i
li'uld.   It has been thought that   Itj   If I don't fall In love with another
Finest Ice Oream in the city at
Hooper's, the most sele*t parlor
on the Island. Everything of the
best quality in Confectl.iiery.       •
Tea rooms for ladies or gentlemen. Short order ar, sandwiches
always ready at Hoop *.*'.*. •
Dissolution of Partnership
I Jones     i
1      Hote!?
9 9,
**<• •j* t»5tvt»*n»»j*^**j»**<s>»** *J*****5* •J******* •** ****** *♦• ****3^*2*i
Portland Hotel
Barclay  &  Conlin,
The partnership heretofore existing
between the undetsigned carrying,, on
business as Hotclkcepers at 'Mi I'.ty
of Ladysmith is this day dissolved |.y
mutual consent.
Joseph Tmik will pay all debts nt,
noelva all moneys due to the jait-
JOS  rflUSZ,
R. h. WOO").
Ladyimith, B. C, 38 Feb., I'.OD.
Hens for Sale
One Hundred Hens for
sale. Apply D. Davies,
junctor,  near Ladysmith.
.Leave orders at Robert's
/Butcher Shop.
3 dot. Ladiet' Capt, all thit yean
styles. Reg. ap to »I.S5, SPECIAL
Cliildrsn's Print tnd Gingham
bresits, marked tway down in price.
Boys' Mouses, lhe walking kind.
Bee our leader at JOo.
Mtu't Underwear. See our Spe
clal Penman's make, Reg. 7%, SPECIAL 50c.
10 Bolls ol Oilcloth, 2 ydt. wide.
SPECIAL 30o iq. yard.
Walton &
Imperial Laundry
Hugh Thornley has secured the Agency
for tht above Laundry.
Laundry shipped tvery Monday.
Terms Cash.
Down Town Ofiioe, H. Hughes' Store.
HM Undertaking Parlors!
1,3 ami 3,Bastion SI.,Nanaimo
Phone 124     P. 0. Box 1
Siflitf and Wheeler & Wilson
If you ai'e thinking of buying a sewing machine call
and see our stock cf cbeg
soiled machines at reduced
prices to clear.
AU Ua* «k Sink and Watoh flt»
fSrSs- *-«-««taa1 ouuMtwm r-
Rett out Me Prices.
English Watches a Specialty.
J. R. Easton
Practi-%1 Watchmaker.
AH m»*fc If* r» H. HuriuY,' gt-r■.
will NNfcw P»>   t avtoitm. THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
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i 32 to 44      Price       $1.00 a Suit |
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$1.60 a pair,  size311 to 13.
Men's Neglieee Shirts,
collar attached. Reg. $1.25
for 95c.
See Windows
W. E. Morrison
Local and General
Kor Garden Seeds go to tha Drug
Store. •
Mr. John Tha 1b back trom a vis-
It to the Terminal City.
The assizes will begin at Nanaimo
next Wednesday. .
If you want a good Comb or Brush
tall at the Drug Store. *
Mr. and  Mrs.   Steve Decker   havo
returned from a visit to Vancouver.
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I      I     •     I     •     I     I     I     •     •
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large consignment of
Garden Hose
:: . Manufactured by the Gorham Rubber Co., New "
i i
York.   Every length guaranteed. for one season.;;
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Simon Leiser &Co.y Ltd 1
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Cash Books
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Kniglifs Book Store
At Ladysmith, April 13, to the
wife of J. E. Smith, Roberts street,
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Ladysmith Pharmacy. •
Louis Oodbolt, a well-known commercial traveller, was in thc city today.
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to $25.00.
Several bu)idles of stock from
Ijinry's nurseries wero received in
Ladysimith this week. '
Jas. D. Hill,' ■ formerly of Ladysmith, but now a resident ot Victoria, came in on the noon train.
Henry Sheppnrd, gaoler at the Vlc^
toria police station, yesterday celebrated his seventy-fourth lilrthday,
completing nearly thirty-live yearB
ot service on the local force. Ho was
the recipient of hearty congratulations from his fellow members on the
lorcc to whom he is affectionately
known as "Dad,"
Public Meeting
A public meeting will be
held   in    the    city   hall
Wednesday Evening May 19th
to arrange for the Dominion
Day Celebration.
All are requested to attend.
Wo have Just received another thlp-
lent of those
Colorings in Wall Paper
Call and tee them. They are going fast.
A full line ot; Paints and Varnishes
In slock.
Picture Framing done on ihoitett
notice. Bring your pictures and lock
over our mouldings.
Painter and Paperhanger.
Church Services.
St.nJay services: At 8 a. m., low
nass. At 10:30 a. in., high mass
H 2 p. m., Sunday school. At 'i
p. m.. evening service and Benediction.
' Morning, 31a. m.; efening, 7 p. m.;
Sabbath  school, 2:30 p.   m.   Everybody welcome.   All seats Iree.
. Epworth   league   meets    Tuesday
Prayer meeting; Wednesday evening
Sunday Services at 11 a. m. anl (I
p. m.      Bible    Class   and   Sunday
School at 2 p. m.   Prayet   meeting
Wednesday at 7 p. m.
Hammocks! Hammocks!:!
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Princess Roller Skating Rink
Matins and Holy  Communion ,11 a.
m.; Children's   sorvice      2:30 p. m.
Evensong, 7 p. m,    V* '•**»
Subject: Morning,     "Confirmation)';
oveiringt,   "Missions."
Services ln the Church ot Christ,
the Living God, on Roberts street,
between Fourth and Fifth avenues,
on Sunday: Preaching, 2:80 p. m.
and 7:30 p. m. Wednesday evening,
prayer meeting at 7:30. All are welcome.  Rev.  J.  B. Barbour,  pastor,
NewSkates, Clean Floor, Good Music, Good Time
Wm. C. licTarnohom, Hon. ond Prop.
Mr. William Rolston, who has been
visiting friends ln Ireland tor the
past three months la expected home
tho latter part of this month.
If Ladysmith football team (alls
to win to-morrow Dr. Dier will organize a team ot heavyweights and
enter for the championship.
■ tlittofJinMrifs
IV -tiUp, Ms Hi Sims
White & Gold Premium In Every Package
Absolutely CANADIAN in every respect.
Made in CANADA from CANADIAN White Wheat
by CANADIAN Millers.
Ask your GROCER to tell you about this delicious
Breakfast Food.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.


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