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Ladysmith Standard Jun 10, 1908

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Array /^le^lativel^
'^V JUN 121908
T)$w, ¥m\) at)d Crisp I
35c peri'n
Porrlti'a Soda Crackers, Qfln   i ur   "in
Ramsay's Soda Crackers.. OU1-'   ' til    J IU
Consisting of—
SK^: 2Pi3htsf'P25c5
VANILLA WAFERS; "  '    V.™*>» •   '   b«J V %
SOCIETY TEA,   .        - j
"I'lfNCH cakes, a pbifflW*fof."..T.*.: :;..'..::.--..'..■.
GINGER SNAPS, per pound,	
 .-... 2.-ici
      10c *
Is selling some nobby Shoes lor Mon, at $2,110 per pair.
AIbo Ladies' and Children's, at prices that can't lie retichoil
hy the other fellow.
if H>n is; iriyiyia-lfif i-ip>P'P 'SHH'tH'fT'T'T'T't'
r IIItliiiaalaaaaasaaaja-^^aa       ■ ■   . il   ' i   i   n     .1
¥OUt?ANGET     *»
Clocks, Watches, Pictures, Books,
Razors, Etc., Eti.
for White Swan Washing Powder Coupons
Send a Two-Cent Stamp for our Catalogue
B. C. Soa|> Works, IffSisM
20 per cent off
Pop Pay «
A few Snaps in Stoves
and Ranges. Oome in
and see them It witl
pay you.
.Ull.     J
Phono 7-0. !
N. 1).—Tents and I lainmooks-
—complete stock.—CASH.
I   Ice Gream
is HomeM.de, Freeh Dally.  Crltlca
pronounce It to be   The Best   ever
sold In Ladysmith. '-Corns and   try
It.   Warranted absolutely pure.
Be, and lOo. Per Dish.
Picnic and Private Parties Supplied
hy tho Gallon.
' Hooper^ Parlors'
MM Nt* FsrisM ta (Tom,
Just arrived—Imported   from •
England—a One assortment ot -
tho    Best   English Silverware,
Sterling and Plate.
All Cased Goods, Including—
Cream and Sugars, Bon-Bons,
Four-pieced Seta, Mustard, .
Salt and Pepper, Fish Sota, ■
with Pearl Handlea, Fruit ■
Knives, etc., etc., all In caso,'
•at a cost from |2 to $20.00. '
IP. G. N00T
Watchmaker and Jeweler.
Hmmm* h f 4 ♦♦♦•♦♦ ^
Wall Papers
Oome and  Moke Tour
Seleotion—new stock
fresh io.
J. E. Smith,    Robert! Street
Council Decide To Fall In Line With Other Municipalities
In Central and Northern Seotio s of tlm Island
'   Tilo    twenty-first   meeting    of tile   waited upon the Council i'or the pur-
City Council wns held In iho    City pose of soliciting: a subscription towards tho Celebration    un the First
Hull on Monday evening. Mayor Ni
cholaon presided, and thore were presont Aids. lioborts, Haworth, Brown
McKinnoll and Mathoson.
A letter was rend from Mr.    lioi.
Beattie,    of    Nanaimo, regarding   tt
scheme to ndvortiHO the Island cities
outside of Victoria.    Mr, Uonltio wns!
in tho city lost week laying his pro-'
posnls bofore ns many ns possible of 1
the lending citizons und   merchants'.' 1   _._","',   **'
In brief ho proposos to got   out    n I, ,Tv° ,fo i',winF
high-grade,   artistic pamphbt,   honu- ™a°?.by,t™ A'
tifully nnd lavishly Illustrated, with:""""1™ »' May
of July.
On motion of Aid. Hn-worth, seconded by Aid. Matheson it was decided to grant ti donation of $25.
The -Council then adjourned.
 'I4 .
A. & B. FUND.
disbursements  were
& 11. Fund for- the
G. Barr	
Jas. Tate ......
C. Thompson
Win. llussell ..
E. Lowe 	
•A. ■Kessorich ..
local views, which, by pen and
ture, will set forth tho natural advantages and resourcos if tho various placos covered. It is the vory
best kind of advertising a i-isinr city,
can get and 0110 of the crying needs
of ladysmith.
As reported in tho Inst ;ssuc ol' t'-e,
Standard, the quostion was -'l-lciiss-
ed at a meeting of the Citizen's League on Thursday evening, nnd 'ire
general scheme endorsed.
At that meeting Mr. Beattie staled
thnt to do Ladysmith justice, both
In respect to views and to iottor-
prcss, 5150 would bo required. In,
his lottor to the Council on Mnnu-ty
night Mr. Beattie stntod ho .vns ready to put up anothor proposition.
Ho would ask a donation of 8 To DO
from tho Council and endeavor to
make up tho rest from, the business
mon in town. Ho ronllzod thnt the
trouble with tho Council wns shortage of money, but he thought that
tho proposition ho.wos now milking
would overcomo that dililculty.
Mayor Nicholson said that tho subject of the lottor would not be ncwi h d i^i-d him
to thom. The question hns boon dis- ma DU1 mu """
cussed nt thu last mooting of the
Citizen's League uud its adoption
recommended to tho Council. Arcord-
illgly ho personally thought that it.
thoy could got a good advortisomont
in tho booklet, they ought to tako
it up. They did not huve to pay.
tho money until thoy received tho
pamphlets, but Mr. Beattie wns naturally waiting to know how much
they would depend on from tho Council.
Aid. Haworth wanted to know,
whnt kind of. a show thoy would got
in tho book for $70. If thoy woro
only to got two or three pages that'
would bo satisfactory to nobody.
Mayor Nicholson said he thought
that would be all right. They were
up against it. They had turned'
down a newspaper proposition of
this kind while agreeing that, had it
been in pamphlet form, thoy would
have accepted it.
Aid. Matheson said hu would liko
to soo tho city udvertised. He would
ulso liko to see tho money put on the:
streets, and so they wero botwocu tlio
mischief and the uoep sea. However,
tho Citizen's League had endorsed^
tho proposition ttiid he thought they'
should tako it up. Ho tliereroru mov-;
od that tho letter from Mr. Uealtiu
be received and his proposition to
the Council, uskiug lor u donation
$75 adopted. Aid. llaworth socondod and tho motion carried unanimously.
A letter from a Seattle engineering
firm iu regard to the city's proposed electric light plant, was ordered
filed und the City Clerk instructed 10
send a suitable acknowledgment.
Mi-. H. Thornley reported tlml ho
had taken 34. loads of sand from tliu
city suud pit which hud been paid
fur according to agreement.
Two letters were .read, ono l'rolu
Mr. E. Mohun and tho other irom
Mr. King, both dealing with thc city
survoy. Tho ilrst acknowledged receipt of agreomont and the socond
stutcd thut Mr. King would be unable to suy for two or three weeks
yot w-hother or not he would be ablo
to undertake tho work.
Both lettors wero ordered tiled.
Three letters were road from Toronto Security linns respecting tho
debentures which the city arc to issue    ln two of I hem dililcultius   to
John Bannsky  .S 6 00
Jas. Conlin  7 50
Jas. Crossan   :.. ia 50
Geo. Kes'erloh '  ,.:.:.. 81' 00
A. Borsch   81 00
M. Dunsmuir .!  5 00
F. Forrest   18 00
F. Corrislni   11 00
C. Gold   84 00
« 10
..     '2 00
..    83 no
5 00
i 00
..     17 0(1
. *2'i8 00
TORONTO, Juno 0.—Yesterday's
elections in Ontario was a landslide
in favor ot the Whitney government.
In the last house Premier Whitney
2 members, leaving
the opposition 20. At the last session tho number of seats was increased to, 100. Tho Conservatives
titought that if they wero able to
carry seventy seats in yesterday's'
elections they would be holding their
own. The increased representation
being given the Liberals. The government, howovor, did much better'
than it anticipated, currying no lees
than 86 seals, leaving IV lor the
Liberals, two seats being in doubt,
and Mr. Studholme, the Labor candidate, being elected ln Hamilton.,
the members of tne government were
returned, mostly by very large majorities, the exception being Hon.
Nelson M-mtelth, ln South Perth,
who has only a majority of 80.
The Conservatives carried all eight
seats ih Toronto, and nearly all by
majorities running Into, the thousands, most of tho other candidates
losing their deposits. The best fight
was made by Rev. D. C. Hossack,
who wns only defeated by John Shaw
liy about 400.
New Ontario went solidly for the
government, though the returns received are not yet fully completed,
the majorities appearing to be very
Liberals were elected in tbe following constituencies: South Bruce,
North Grey, Ualdlmand, Centra Huron, East Latubton, North Middlesex, West Northuniborluud, East Ottawa, North Oxford, South Oxford,
North Renfrew, Russol. Hast Siincoe
stormont, West Wellington, South
Studhofane, Labor, was elected ln
East Hamilton. Leeds and Munitou
Un are in doubt, ond all ths reminder ot the seats were carried by the
straight govornmont candidates.
MONTREAL, Juno U.-The Quebec
elections which took place yesterday,
tho sale of tho debentures were j resulted In tbe return of the Oouin
pointed out, one being the |..>autII>lo. governiiwnt by a reduced majority,
redemption of tho dobontures at livo, „„ , , tf
yoars and another tho low rale of In-] ib* opposition   hud seven members
terest.    On motion two of tbo   lot-,in tho lost house; in the new     one
tors wero ordered filed and the third they wili have sixteen,
was held over lor future reference.   |   Th„ ,TOturo o( the contMt WM ^
Montreal between 1'reuiier (Jouin and
Henri Bourossa, tho Nationalist lead-
The trouble u few thoughtless destructive persons can make in a community is brought home every day.
It ia the community, not the harebrained jokers who unfortunately
have to pay for it. For example,
aome person or persons have actually stripped off some of the fittings of
the motor winches on tho Tyee
Smelter Company's new wharf. Besides the cost of the fittings, there
is the time and trouble necessary to
replace them and, in any case it was
either a piece of wanton destruction
or criminal theft.
Now, for the rosults. Tho spit is
much used in the summer for bathing and is always tho scene of tho
Regatta on thc First of July. If by
granting theso privileges the com-
pnny is to have its machinery stripped or injured can it ho wondered at
if tho grant is no longer made. It
is to be hoped that the spit will be
available for the Regatta this year
again, but actions such as these always end in tho -withdrawal of a privilege which, by the great majority
of tho community, is vastly appreciated and generally respected.
A batch     of    communications   all | _ ., , , ,   , ,
touching upon tho   proposod   instul-l^ht in ""> 8<" J"«• division
lution of an  electric lighting plant,
were ull ordered tiled.
Accounts totalling $1360.50 were
presented and referred to tho Finance Committee to be paid If found
Muyor Nicholson reported Lhat the
street gang were. busy now grading
a sidewalk up High Street. From
Fifth Avenue thoy would go down to
the Finn Hall to Huberts St .vet ami
continue down along towards tho
bush, and as fur as possiblo open out
tho streets lu that socllonl
On finishing up the hilt Uu-y would
mnko a bettor approach to the Wol-
er. The premier was considered impregnable ln this division wbich he
has represented for some yean, but
Bourossa conducted s, whirlwind
campaign and downed ths premier by
51 votes. The premier will be in
tbs next bouse as he wos also a candidate in l-ortnoiif end wss elected
there by a majority of ,835.
Mr. Bourn Ma   ran for two constituencies,   his second being St. Hya-
lington Colliery Co.'s ofTlco   for tho olnthe,    where   the vote wss a  tie
the returning ollicer will vote for Mr,
liourussa's    opponent, but the pros*
REVAL, June 9.—The meeting bo
tween King Edward and Emperor
Nicholas occurred here today with
due formality. It was the first timo
that an English monarch has ever
made an official visit in Russian waters, escorted by the Royal yacht
Victoria and Albert with tho King
onof England on board, entered the
"Bay of Reval shortly after 10
o'clock this morning.
The customary salutes were fired,
and after an exchange of formal visits, the King and the Emneror
lunched on board tho Russian Polar
Star aa the guests of the Dowager
Empress. Tho bay was favored by
brilliant and beautiful summer weather, and thousands of spectators
had gathered on the battlement summit of Mount de la Cathedral and
along the wooded shores of the bay
and other points of vantage of sea
wall to witness the Incoming of tho
ships of war. The Imperial train
bearing the Emperor of Russia and
sulto from Peterhofl arrivod hero at
8 o'clock this morning: Whon the
Imperial party alighted they were
suDvlsed to find the disembarking
platform surrounded by a guard of
school children of Reval instead of a
detachment of troops. The children
cheered enthusiastically and this evidently mado a deep impression upon
tho Emperor and the Empress.
Accompanied by the infant Czarevitch and the littio Orand Duchess,
his slstore, the Royal party at once
boarded a launch and were at once
taken out to the yacht Standard.
The Russian Empress, the Queen of
Greece, and other nobilities, arrived
one hour later and wore put on
board tho yacht Polar Star. The
Emperor wore the uniform of a captain In tho Russian army. The little
Czarevitch, who was in" high spirits
was clad In a youthful sailor costume. As Emperor Nicholas boarded the Standard, the Imperial saluto was fired, the Royal Standard
was hoisted to tho mast-head and
the yachts and all the rest df shipping In tho harbor dressed ship and
broke out tho bunting of tho British
vessols which had arrived in the offing during tho night and wore now
visible on tho horizon. In the lend
was tho Victoria and Albert and
then the two cruisers, and in tho
rear tho othor Imperial yacht Alexandra.
Passing outside the Russian vessols, which had formed in two lines,
and rushing lively past the Stand-
art and Polar Star, the Victoria and
Albert and the two cruisers swept
round in a great curve coming closo
into shore and dropping anchor bo-'
tweon tho Stnndart and the Polar
Star. King Edward on tho bridge
of the Victoria nnd Albert, and Emperor occupied a similar position on
tho Standart. Both monarchs could
plainly bo seen from tho shore. King
Edward wore tho uniform of a British Admiral.
Tho minuto tho visiting vessels
dropped thoir anchors, a launch bearing Emperor Nicholas loft the side
of the Standart and tho Russian
monarch boarded tho Victoria and
Albert, whero ho exchangod vory
hearty greetings with King Edward,
whom he had not scon for seven
years and saluted Quern Alexandra
and Princess Victoria.
After a fow minutes on bonrd the
Victoria and Albert Emperor Nicholas returned to the Standart. In the
meantime King Edward had put on
the uniform of a Russian admiral,
and nt onco returned tho call on tho
Emperor on tho Standart. Ho was
presented to Premier Stolypin, former Minister Iswoisky, and Vice-admiral Dickoff, Minister of Marine.
Thera 1b a weird, not to say grue-1
some fascination in the discovery of I
a heap of ship's papers which have;
come from heaven only knows wuuro, >
and in a manner and after a course
just as deeply and darkly mysterious. One burrows a poker into
them, gingerly turns a book or a
page with all manner of reflections
as to the writers, and almost an '■
awe of making some sturtling discovery and unfolding some deep sen
tragedy. Whose were tho hands ■
thnt penned these letters, that nmdo
out those wages sheetB, filled out'
these manifestoes? Are they still
sailing the sens or are these papers i
fri'somo wny connected with the grim '
tragedy of their death. And how
came these papers here?
All these feelings were experienced
by a few Ladysmith mon yesterday
afternoon, and they are still puzzling over these battling mysteries.
Ihey pulled over the bay and on tbe
iust islet came upon a heap of
ship's paper*. Old letter books.
manifestoes, bills of lading, receipt
I'urms, passenger lists, accounts and
shipments cl all Ma> s. Greatest
aud most thrilling of ..11 the mys-
lery, some of the papers were from
tlie ill-fated Islander. ! Lod the papers come from that ill-starred vessel? It seems impossible, but nothing is impossible to tbe sea and its
vagaries are beyond all credence, At
any rate the mystery is there awaiting solution, and papers of ths Islander certainly juat gives the necessary touch of thrill to It all*
From Aluy U0 to    June 0 Japanese
Troops Had 2o En^atiemeaU
With Korean insurgents.
fers, left Nanaimo on   December .6th
in the evening, and if the message Is
genuine the writer must have   erred
a day in the date.   The  Keweenab
left Comox the    following   morning,
and there was a theory that the two
colliers might have collided   in    the
i storm encountered    soon after   leav-
SEOUL, Korea, June «.—The Ja-^ng tho   straits.    The steamer   was
! panose army in headquarters reports commanded by Capt. David O- Black.
from May ao to June ti the govern- !burn' a fr°Vft S™tian, who -was    in
na *     ♦.„    „    _.   .   o« ,  I command     of   the    Umatilla, Walla
ment     troops    had 2t. engagements (WftIIa and othcr COftgt 8teame'rs>   He
with tho insurgents.     In these   eu- mado two   trips to    the Gilbert Ib-
gugemeuts HU insurgents  were kill-lilimIs on "black-bin I ing expeditions'
.O    BirHL   /lVVIIUUi . —     ,    -.        ,. -     ,
Haworth reported thnt he hnd;!!**" »«> tbat Mr. BuiiruBia will be
Oalt, Ont., Juno 8.—Mm. Samuel
Armstrong, widow nhont 48 yoarB,
formerly Miss Annie Patterson, oldest daughter, of Thomas Patterson,
ex-assessor and tax collector of Gait,,
committed suicide Saturday by jump-
infr from tho C.I'.R. bridge into tho
Grand river, a distance of sbout Vft
feot. The. body has boon recovered.
She leaves a son and daughter.
convenience of the miners snd thon
if possiblo, they would do u little
moro to Fl™*' Avenuo,
visited Mr. Pogorly,    and told   hlm seated on tho recount. | Mnsklnlnsje,     Megantic, Montmagny,
thnt ho.must submit n plan of    thol   Another feature was the defeat of St. .lames and St. Anto-ine divisions
a$ &rio g'a %r>° ^rir ^ m°t n'nmi^ .«*»'*■" ^
Pd-rorly had gone to Mr. Slewnrt|Lol,l',IllJ *'111 Pelletier, the lomior In Vorchcrea. The Independent Liberal
and Inquired whnt ho hnd to iio. Mr. (Laval liy 17 aad the latter la Dor- candidates were elected In L'-Assomp
Stownrt told him thnt ho would hnvo cluster by    a Inrge majority.    Ar- tlon and Quebec East, defeating the
X,r,l,nlTr0n,m5tMra%^o,^^1^r ^J-*- f ^«™t ^ **»«-
nnlil ho could not propnro  tlio pinna "°nt ln lhe Hou"° °' Commons    to volo with the governmeot.    All tho
himself   and    ho "thought tlio   rlty run lor Montagny, was successful
ahould   atnnd   tho   coat  of having j   All tho members ol tho Gouln gov-
thom proparod. ,.   'ernment were returned by gobd   ma-
On motion It waa ngroed Unit   tho "— " "' ""  •
by-lnw should bo enforced, Hln Wnr- JOi-Klee.
ship   having   stated thnt ll would    The constituencies curried by    the,
look vory iinfnlr II, nftor iniltlng Mr. Conservative! and Nntlonnllte were: from Montcalm irlves the election to
Parrott to audi trouble, thoy should „,„„,,,„.„„,„_    0hn,|ev>O)t.    Chateau- \ .loseph Sylvester, Ooneervatlve,    In
other constituencies elected straight
supporter*' of His government,
Montreal,   June 0.—L*test returns
allow Mr. Pogorly to evade-the  bylaw with a similar building.
gay,   Oomptori,
Two    Mountains, place of Or. Blsaonette, liberal,  by
iw with a similar building. i""*'    >""»i->~»>     »»«    --—— ■■ . TT   TT.
Messrs. Thornley and J. Hi Smith,1 Jaoques    Cutler, Jollet, Ia\pralrle, a majority of M.
The-1""1 wns know" "" the waterfront as
,        .       , ,. ...     I Lucky Dliickljiirn. owing to his good
transfer ol Korean ministry I fortum   '
26 taken prisoners.
ed and
recent ....... u. .xu.oaff muiii.i.ry. fortune in earning several largo sal-
was due to the l'iKt that during a yogo fees for towing disabled vessels
conference of provincial governors a '"to North Pacilic ports.
number ol cases of negligence of tho Tho. 1"stT-S00n of either tho Mont-
,               ucgufceuui oi uio solTat or Koweonnh WttB on tho   af-
governors to roport tho actual facts tornoon ot December 7, 1894, whon
concerning   the attitude of the Ko- the observer at Tatoosii sighted  tho
reons towards tho insurgents    wcro
vessels, the former leatling~by about
overlook*, also neg'oct in failing to S^ »"*■ CvfllorTwl^
correct false and malicious reports vailing and tho Koweonnh wns soon
concerning the Japanese policy, thus shipping some heavy seas.     f
tacitly   encouraging   the insurgents, j  ' ♦ —
In consequence tho minister of agriculture was transferred to the homo
department and today the new home
minister announced removal of soveral provincial- governors showing a
determination to effect many swooping charges in minor officials.
The trial of E. I.. Bethel, charged
under an order of the ilritish council '-with spreading setlitjon In a
newspaper publ'shod in Korea conies
on June 14, beforo an English Judge
at Shanghai whoro a British counsel will act for the prosecution.
TOK10, June 9.— M. Cumair, thc
Brazilian charge D Affaires, entertained tonight all the officers of the
Brazilian warship Benjamin. Which
is now visiting Japan. Tho entire
Japanese naval staff und foreign naval attaches were present.
AUCKLAND, N.Z., Juno 9.- Tha
olllcers of the Ameiicrn fleet will
be entertained horo on Aug. 14. Tho
bluejnckela of tho fleet will have the
freedom of tho railways, which havo
nrrnn-iod daily excursions for them,
nnd which nko will provide luncheon for the men. In conformity
with tiio suggestion of Rear Adinirol
Sperry no nlcohollc liquors will be
ervod nt the entortnlnmcnt af tbe
S.   R.
Purports to Como From Captain of
Monsterrat, Lost Fourteen Years
Ago After Ijctiving Nnnnimo.
TANGIER, JJoro., June 9.— According to couriers who have reached this city Mulai llallil, the Insurgent sultan, with his entire suite end
army ol 12,000 mon is on hia way
lo Fez. About 20,000 Berlier tribes
men are reported to he marching on
to join him. Hand left Alegulnez on
J une. 2, and on the next day is said
lo havc completely annihilated the
rem mints of tho Cherhula rebels
Remnants of Azizs functionaries who
fled from Rabat have reached Me-
ST. PETERSBURG; June 9.-Spe-
cial despatches received here indicate
serious situation on the Turko-
l'ersian frontier. Turkish troops,
which hitherto have been massed oa
the Russian frontier iu the vicinity,
of Erzerum Villa are in lull movement towards Persia. Detachments
have already invaded Persian territory. The Turkish occupation of
the district of Azerblzan west of Ur-
umiinao. has bean carried oa in s>
systematic manner and the method
of administration of this territory Is
similar to the administration in regularly annexed territory whloh
would seem to Indicate that the
Turks mean to remain permanently.
Iludics of Turkish regulars, who have
followed in the wake of Kurdish
tribes have commenced to collect revenues In spite ot tho proverbial
Turkish slowness, u customs house
lias been built at Koiehnr some miles from Uniurlmnh.
The Turku hnvo seized salt mines
belonging to tho Persian crown and
hnvo expelled the Shah's officials.
Thore is overy indication, say ths
ilespntches, Iho Turks nre taking full
advantage of the disturbed conditions In Persia to seize a  valuable
Fourteen yenrs after the stonm col-
lior Monsterrat foundered off tho on-
trnnco to tlie straits, a bottle mos-
sago hns just been given to the United * Stntes liyilrogi-npliic olllco by
tho life silvers nt Ynnqulnn Bny, Oregon, purporting to bo from Cnptnln
Blackburn of tlio Ministerial. AH
that tho message states is that tho
Monsterrnt wont down December (i,
1894, nt 4:80 p.m. That bottle.
which    was   covered with Imrnaclos,
was found by Frederick Butterfleld, aj»,-™teg1cnl portion of the country,
sottlcr, in a cove   two   iniios  from
Yaquina Bny
him to tho life
aont it to tho hydrographid   olllco at
Washington, \ —
Tho Miinstorrat.  and  a  sister col- \   „ - ,,    _______
llor, the Kowoenah, and tho ship Iv- I-ome- •Tune 9- ~ Qut,° ***-***
nnhoo, u-ci-o all lost in the closing .died In this city thla morning rrom
days of 1894, with eighty pooplo. pnoumonln, after nn Illness of four
Wreckage of tho vessels wns .found oil • j_ „ „„ ,„„. T.„,i„„ ,„i„i.iar (Mr
tho Vancouver Island coast. Tho rtBVS' "° ""■ Kn,,R" mAlW£..
Monsterrnt. to which thc botllo   ro-,'"reign nffnlre (rom 1001 to 19u*».
:ove    two    miles   fromi
nnd    wns referred by |
c-savers, who in    turn ■
MONCTON, N.H., June 9.—Moose throughout the province ere *
becoming so plentiful the farmors in some districts are applying for *
special license to kill them lh defence of tholr crops. Farmers oa...*
tho outskirts of the city report that on several occasions moon *
hod boon seen loading In tho fields with cnttlo. A Metcalfe em- •
ployoo of tho publlc works department found inooao feeding In his *
yard.  ..„!
• t • • •
.•••••fi. •••
• HAMILTON, Ont., Juno 9.-At a  meotllig ol the Hamilton Me-
• thodlst conference yostcrday, Dr. Lylo, representing   the Presbyter-
• Ian churoh of Canada, gave „n nddroas on    church union, In which
• ho anld, only a   thin lino seporntod Methodlstr   and.Presbyterians,
• mul Hie door would soon be open  nnd    whon It wae the dawn ot
• tlio longest day for Canadian VrotostnntiBin     was at hand.    Thay
• belonged to the some nice, religion and language, and one In  God.
» Rov. .1. K. Unsw6ith, representing- tho Conjrogallonal church, alio
• addressed (he meeting on the samo subject.
• aeeeattteetr
r on  liiu un...., wi".. ......
.O..I.-,—    L.J-I.-1.1. CONSULT ME
If You Require Any
Or If You Require Auy
Ur  If  You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Soil One:   ur if You   Waal
ln tbs   town,    It Is what there    Is
wanted in the town, what there    Is A__________________t._______________________m
robin for,     what ths town is notur- 7'
ally suited for, that ws Want toad- £03"JN June d.WTh. Daily Hail
vertlee.     Take the localloa'.aDd: the °f ^f^fe   at Q""* le'«l.™Pba
site of the town,     By rail it
Notary Pebiie,
Ladysinith   Standard
I'ublislieil uu WoilnesUaya una Saturdays Auuriioons by tha
Itulil. it. Hlndiuuicli.
SUllSCHil'TlON   I'lllCE.
i>ao iour  tx.bo
.....   .u..all.»   ,..      76
.ttifu iibllia  f.uluo uu Aitpllcufluli.
'iho advertising schoinu which MX'
oeo. fioitttio hus boon ijusiilug iu tno
town tiif-st) lust low days, ami widen
tho council dociUeU to support on
Aiuuilny night, alter it had boon en-
dumeil by the Citizens' League on
Ihui-siJaj e,oiling, should prove a
good investment ior the city. All
■the same thore ore somo few citizens
wno regard it not as a good investment, promising fair returns, but
as simply a waste of good money.
This view is symptomatic ol Lady-
siniili, and eloquently rellocta tlie
timorous, negative attitude so many
neets with Victoria, by water with
Vancouver. Ships already call here
from all ovor the coast with ore for
tlie smelter. Ib tbe smelting industry going to be the only one in British Columbia? As a matter ot
fact the capital for industries drifts
into cities like Victoria and Vancouver simply becuiiae they are advertised and not because ths location is. by any mesne the best. For
any industry requiring coal, coiinf a
more favorable site be found on the
Island or in British' Columbia, than
Ladysiiiilh? Advertise these facts;
and we shall have industries here.
Again, lhe agricultural possibilities
of the district' have often been extolled in tho Standard, and we have
no doubt that our efforts would   ni ,t,   ____,_.   _        \ . ,
,    ,it .,        .-",     ,    __   . ■   ,-   .the work must go slew, and by
read with the usual snigger of    de-J,i„„ u.,_ .__._,...   .
rision. Still the laugh is coming
our wav. Tlio clearing oiierations
now being carried out by the C.-P.K.
company were never expected by
iheso mocking solium, and right now
they would rather belittle tlie whole
thing than make fair allowance for
It as on asset of the city.
It is these things that Mr. Beattie
proposes to draw attention to in his
booklet. The pamphlet itself will
be printed on tho very lines! paper,
and there will Iio more space occupied bv pictures than by letter press.
Thc whole will make, a really ortis-
tic little booklet, striking in its
dainty cover and general get up, and
of a size convenient for mailing.
The write-up wilt coyer all and more
of the points we have enumerated,
dealing particularly with' the advantages of jhe city fur Industrial purposes, and, ths views will set forth
overy scheme, of interest in the city
and Its environment. It is the very
best form of advertisement the, city
could get, and the Council were well
advised In accepUng the proposition,
Of course thoy are laboring under
great financial difficulties, and ... too
much cannot be.expected of them.
Otherwise in all the circumstances,
nnd particularly in view of the -fact
that the city has never heen previously advertised,   they would have
of    the citizons hnvo taken of    its, ,       ,■-.         «•-  „-»-».—w.
stabillty and its future.     Ths view |?!?e Artter *»J«SV. .closed, with, the
has even gone further that this. It
has grown with these good old business "Thomases" to such an extent
tbat not only do they decry any direct advertising of the city, but they
absolutely deprecate the use of advertising IN the city. The Standard la under peculiar obligations to
the businessmen holding such views.
Our point is that the view is essentially and entirely erroneous.
The modern industrial system is a
thing of almost a  century's growth:
Some uf its results ore not entirely
defensible, but they are none the lees
unmistakable.     Advertising, its uses
and it£ necessity to every form     of
modern business, is one of these outstanding principles.     There is     no
getting away from it.    Even in    "a
small   community such as ours    it
has its uses, and the man who knows
how to advertise, and does so, will
do better, much better, than the man
who declares lt to bo an unnecessary
expense.       Of course,    on advertisement; no more than any other bus!
ness outlay,    will not always bring
ln direct returns.    We would not assert that the merchant, say. who advertises in today's Standard a  new
line ol summer suits, would require
the city constable tomorrow to keep
the crowd in line and in order, But
we will say that the merchant   will
dispose   of    his goods   much more
readily and ijuickiy than If ho    bad
never advertised them at all.   More
than thla, wo know that special advertising   has produced special    results.       We know this because     wo
have seen the figures, and two' comparative   totals are    more eloquent
of 'results than two columns of evon
tli* most silvery prose.    Right here
in Ladysmith the merchant or business man    who Imagines he Is going
to keep tally    with   his competitor
who    advertises Is wilfully deceived
Ho is   away iiehlnd    the times,    i
shrunken relic of the fossil era     In
business, with Just aa much show to
move ahead.
Now, as regards the city itself, can
il be argued for a moment that it
hat ever received the advertisement,
even the publicity it merits and
demands? Has any one of its nu-
inoroda potential developments and
natural advantages been adequately
publish - Not one of them. What
is there In the town to advertise?
■aid some of the citizens, and they
imagine they have settled the whole
question. Why they have only opened it out.    It Is not what there Is
first o.ler. However, it is a first
step and we have no doubt .the result will lie satisfactory to all, parties.
an Interview, had-'wlth^Str Robert
Hart, director general of Chinese
customs who arrived there yesterday
on board the Str. Yoroka bound for
England. Sir Robert said he waB
travel ling comfortably. His chief
trouble wits insomnia and he hud
not had a good night's sleep since
November. Fearing a physical and
mental breakdown he had to get me
dical authority.
Sir Robert said ha tried to get
two years' leave hut could only get
one. Whether he returned to China depended on his health. Re China's future he said he was a great
believer in the Chinese. Once they
were organized after the European
plan, he declared, they certainly wero
destined to become a powerful
tion, but with such an immense mass
time they are organized along modern lin-s. even if they are aggressive which they are not, they will
know how to temper their strength
with wisdom.
As to the ".Yellow Peril," Sir
Robert said he thought that while
the Chinese are likely to become formidable competitors In Industrial and
trading matters, they will not cause
tho world any special trouble.
Broadly speaking,. ho said the Chinese view Is that military development is retrogressive hot progressive.
At tho ,samu time they will be strong
enough to hold their own against all
comers. "-And it must he remem-
liered," concluded Sir Robert, "con-;
jsequencos nro like rabbits, once they
got tho start you cannot stop
HEIR   CHILD.      -.<
Mrs. Rolfsoa Says    She Will
in Her Efforts to    Oct Pol
cion ol Her Child.
* Billiard! and Pool $
Best Liquor* and Cigiin.
Cartwright & Barclay
An echo of the Rolfson kidnapping
case, one act of which was played
in Nanaimo recently, appears in today's Victoria Colonist In the following article:
Foiled in her first attempt' to recover the custody of her child which
she kidnapped at Nanaimo recently,
but was arrested by her husband In
whose charge the child then was,
Mrs. Anne Rolfson will make' another try to regain possession other
offspring. She la now ln ths .elty
endeavoring to ascertain the whereabouts of her husband and child.
Three weeks ago Mrs. Rolfson visited the city in search Of the  child.
Several months ago Mr. and    Mrs.
Rolfson    -were an   apparently happy
couple residing    in California,    the
husband left for Seattle to look   for
work und' soon rumors of hie    misconduct drifted back to tho    woman.
She loft for Seattle where she  found
her husband was living with another
woman.       Divorce proceedings   were
instituted hy Mrs. Rolfson who   obtained an order giving her the custody of her nine-year-old son. Rolf-
eon, however, had obtained a prior
order from the    Seattle    court   by
which be took the child and left for
Canada.     He want first to Vancouver and when    hie wife arrived    on
thl* aids of the boundary, was* operating a bioscope show at .Vans!
mo.    Seeking the aid of the    local
police, Mrs. Rolfson soon located her
husband and child.     She went    to
Nanaimo, met the child, who readily
cams to her, and was on her    way
back tb Victoria when the husband
had her arrested at Ladysmith on a
charge of kidnapping the cbdM.    As
the order of the Seattle court    waa
not ol any effect on this side of the
boundary the woman mi forced   to
relinquish    possession ol   the child,
snd the    prosecution instituted    by
the husband was allowed to drop.
Mra. Rolfson returned to the city
and left for Seattle where she took
the necessary steps to secure legs!
sanction for the recovery of ths
child. Now she la again In this
city looking for ths husband and
child who, in the interval, have disappeared.   '
Mrs. Rolfson Is determined to recover possession of ber Son, and
while, she has bnt a very limited
supply of money shs declares that
aba will continue bar search until
•hs Is siieeensmL
-.,...,„;,.■.,-.•:■■■ '.
No trace, o' the ship'i library
which President ROosevolt presented
for tlio American Seaman's 1-YUui.l
Society in his maiden speech. Trty
years ago, has been dlaeuvore.i oy
the olllcers of that organisation today. That this chest of hooks,
which was launched on tno clipper
ship-Rival by the Presid-ii.t In his
tenth year, may still be tossing >>n
tbe high seas was provotl possible by
the return this week of a -umllur.
library which was Bent on its travels October 17, 1806, two years before the "Roosevelt Atulotic Chios'-
sent out theirs. Koeords of the 2.".-
743 book cheats circulated ly tio
sodsty sines 18-19,. show, howfvoi.
that • life of lirty twi years for
these volumes in the forecastle is exceptional.
Whether Captain Uriel Donne, who
set sail for San Francisco on Pec-
ember 12, 1868, with the bonks presented by young Roosevelt, is still
alive, or whether ship or crow survive to tell the tale of their fate,
cannot be determined hero to-day.|
because of a fire years ago which!
destroyed all shipping recurds. Only,
one report, however, was received by
the society on the cor-.-esponding library shipped two yoars ho'ore ilifl-
veston and Just now Baal!./ returned..
On December 18. 187a. this book'
chest was reported transferred to the
PiscaUa.ua, : a Gloucester Ashing
craft. Its return by express from
it's forty-two years of aei-victi »\
Captain Israel Bartlett ol thus vessel brings the first tidings ■ f it for
thirty-five years.
From 8000 captains, mates und
seamen the American Seamen's I-', ion
Society has today exact records ol
its loan libraries now known to be
afloat. These records show that
618,400 volumes, have been .road ny
443,380 seamen, while 139,815 Tackles of Uncle Sam's service have
read 89,415 booka especially
out in navy bottoms. More than
ISO of these chests of books have
beon reported as in use in United
States life-saving stations, where
1327 keepers and aurfmen have read
their 6886 volumes. Each library is
numbered and registered, and
ports of its voyaging* made to my
one who may launch and keep, it
afloat by paying 120.
A weather-beaten case of tlssso
books is to-day awaiting rcsliip-
ment at the society's headquarters,
after having served for two years on
hoard tha Peary Arctic Club's stoiun-
er Roosevelt In quest of the North
Pole. During tho long .Arctic night
from October 32th to March nth.
Lieutenant Peary declared every book
was read and retread by every mom
ber of hia crew. These libraries of
which almost 800 have been sent to
sea this year, contain forty-throe vol
umes of travel and adventure, biography, reference and religion. A
Bible, dictionary, atlas and "Pilgrim's Progress" ars included with
many of the latest and most. suitable works of poetry snd fiction.
Half a dozen of these books aro In
the Swedish, German and Nortve-
llglan tongues- Records of. the 100
libraries sont through the social ,v as
a memorial to the heir of Aberdeen by the Dowager Duchess of Aberdeen in 1870 show that many, of
the books dedicated to this wanderer.
"George Gordon," who left a dukedom to follow the sea and bo swept
overboard, still, travel the seas'
thumbed-hard In the fo'castle.
NEW YORK, June 6,-It has long
been the custom for thousands of
New York children to swarm to the
numerous parks throughout the city
the first warm days of May. for *helr
annual Mny day parties. The frequent and heavv rains, however, during Way caused many of the parties
to be ' postponed until this month,
and nearly evory pleasant afternoon
several parlies of merry children can
be seen dancing around Mny poles In
Central Park, Last weok, because
the lawns were so wot und soggy,
twenty-five thousand children woro
disappointed, the Park authorities
considered   it unwise to allow, thom
HAMIOTA. MAN.', June 8.-One of
the worst accidents in the history of
the town occurred here at an early
hour this morning When Lome Baker
lost his life and Arthur Heisterinaii,
with several others, narrowly escaped serious Injury.
An old building which hnd been
placed on the commons at the west.
ond of the town for the purpose of
testing a new chemical engine" was
set on flre. In'some unknown way
the flre alarm was glvon nnd tho fire
brigade was soon en routo. The
team drawing the engine and firemen
was coming up Main street at top
speed when ono of tho gas cylinders
to romp on tho grass. The children exploded. Bakor, the engineer, was
are well versed In May day history standing on tho roar step boardopor-
for they eloct tholr Kings and Quoona at|ng tho oyllndor and was blown
and go through tho entire ceremony many yards away, killing him In-
according to tho old custom. In ad-|stantly. Helstormau had two fingers
dltlon to May parties lho children blown off, his -"■■■'■
do a great deal of folk dancing   on I badly cut.
SILVBRTON, Col., Juno 8.^ Six
men are dead, eight others in a critical condition from breathing    foul
Uo nobly spurned the proffered bribe,
Uo cursed the corporation.
1 cannot very well describe
ills wrath and Indignation.
i arm broken and hands
the groon. The folk dancing is
taught in all tho public schools as
pnrt ot the athletic training of the
girls. Recently a festival ol folk
dances waB held on tho green in Central Park, in which fifteen hundred
children participated.
-li, -   '
OTTAWA, June 4.—In the   House
of Commons this morning McCarthy,
niem'-'or f r Cithj'hry, coi-iplninod   nf
in si—. m| baTtsf s-rrsatfa*
ol Osa-nq soma sjgtysens ol
Dr, Held, Urenvillo,' indignantly denied the statement -made in public
accounts committee yesterday that
yachts belonging to hlm were repaired at the government yard at
Freacott. He said ths statement
was untrue. No work had been
done that had aot been paid for, he
said. It was characteristic of the
Hon. Mr. Brodeaur's sense of honor
that he should have brought the mat
ter up in hls (Hold's) absence. Mr.
Brodeuur protested against this insinuation as unjustified, and it was
agreed that Dr. Reid have an opportunity lo bring tho matter up at the
next meeting of tho publlc accounts
Mr. forclon, leader of the opposition, complained of Intercolonial
railway employes in Temiscouata
county being coerced and intimidated into voting for Liberal candidates in provincial elections." Also complaining of the government steamer
Montcalm not stopping at St. Irene
in Charvoix county to take on board
Hon. Graham said the I.6.R. employees understood they could vote]
for whom Ihey pleaseS**
Brodeaur promised Investigation il
particulars supplied him regarding
the Str. Montcalm's failure to stop
at St. Irene were true.
♦ —   '     i
HAMILTON, Ont., June 8.- The
Hamilton Methodist conference on
Saturday passed a resolution in favor .of. a law being passed which
u-111 npt only make It punishable for
persons to sell or givo cigarettes or
tobacco in any form to another person under eighteen years of age, but
will also punish persons under eighteen found, .using tobacco in any form
by a flno not exceeding $10 and
costs, or In default of payment. Imprisonment for any period not exceeding one, month.
air, and thirty more are temporarily-]ijs ioaom hooved, he clenched    his
"''"'■ list,
Add turnod his flashing eye on
ihe polo and shrinking lobbyist
And growled like uny lion.
'How dared jou to propose," said
'A wicked thing like this to mo?
conlined to thoir homes by gas poisoning in tho Gobi King mine at
Qludstone Thursday night. Flro destroyed the engine house of liie mine
and also the shaft bouse. Tho two
buildings were noar tho (Tour of tho
shaft, and to prevent a spread of
the flumes and smoke to tho workings of tho mine these doors woro ,__y horror
closed temporarily. The mon working on
loathing and disgust
find beyond expressing,
tho night slillt in tho mine , haV(, my ,,„„„,„.„ falu> ftnd ^^
were informed of the conditions    on And tha' ,« W1)rth p0SBMsing.
tho surfaco   and Instructed to with- r hope forever it may stay
-*- Abiding and unshaken..
Rev. J. R. MacLaren, df McCoy
Lake, near Alberni, was found shot
dead yesterday. Sunday,' when neighbors, attracted by the fact 'of no
signs of life about the house, went
to investigate, they found the body
Sitting on the doorstep, the entire top of the head blown oil. A
gun resting between the knees showed how death had come about. He
had been dead for some hours.
The deceased was a retired Presbyterian minister and had recently
been employed as assistant in the
government office. He had resigned
this position nnd had retired to the
A verdict of accidental death was
brought in by the coroner's Jury.
The deceased had a son coming from
California to visit him. All the
circumstances point to suicide.
MacLaren was a man who was
exceptionally! well-liked throughout
the district.
EASTVAN, SASK., June 8,-Ycs-
terday afternoon while the 14-month
old son of Mrs. Should was playing
on the sidewalk ho fell off Into a
pool ol water and was drowned.
Bleiikin, 15 years old, wus seriously
Injured yesterday by his team running away while plowing.
WINNIPEG, MAN., Juno 8.-Wlth
a gaping shot wound over his heart
and a 32 calibre revolver with ono
chamber empty lying fifty feot distant, Herman Goldstein, 22 yeara of
age, a tailor by trade, was fniinii
dead lying on the C.P.R, transfer
trucks on Sutherland avenue, last
night. Aftor an all night search uii-
police arrested V. ll-i'.Sustain und H.
Prochany as boing implicated in 1 Ik-
It appears that Goldstein and liu-
bensteln had quarrelled ou-ly in the
evening about -Rubenstelu's wife,who
had recently left her husband uud
gone to live with Prochany nnd it is
thought that Rubenstoin -oin-nitti-il
the deed assisted by Prochany.
FERNIE, B. C„ Juno 8....The case
of Pat Mullen, charged with murder
ing Angelo Orlando of Michol, lost
September, was tried in the Asslr/
court here Saturday. Evidence was
tendered of Mullen's flight alter the
alleged murder and tho arrost at Ot.
Falls, Mont..
The evidence ot different witnesses
as being eye witnesses of the shooting, which occurred at a dance, was
vory clear. Mullen was sentenced tn
twonty years for manslaughter.
EUFALA, N. Y„ June 8.-In the
fight botweon fifteen Cheetah residents of 'Eufula yesterday in the
streets, F. Woods, deputy constable,
and Joseph Palmer, were injured.
Woods will probably die. He was
shot onice through the body. Palmer
Ib not seriously wounded. The trou-.
ble started when Constable Woods
attempted to disarm Palmer. About
fifteen shots -were fired In all.
WASHINGTON, D. C, June 8. - 	
b^WpiS 'a°„   £\* «• -"«- ** ^e majority In-
ploye of the pension office, shot n'm-icMn*a *o the view that It would    bo
self    through   the brain yostorday bad business policy at this juncture
while insane.   Laboring undor a de- -
lusion    that an" attempt was boing
made to murder him, he fired at po
draw when the flames had been
tiuguishod.       .Three men failed
come out of the mino and ollorts to
rescue them wero mado.     The    first
men to enter tho mine returned    in
haste and informed those in waiting
that the mine woe filled with    foul
air,    Two rescue parties -were formed and the   men started into     tho jiy    fault—and
mine in groups of live by moans    ol j blame—
the electric elevator which was still j   Ypu must not be too hard on,
The uir generated by*the'j didn't mean to give offence
movement of tho elovntor had cleared the atmosphere in the elevator
shaft so that but littio discomfort
was experienced. Soon after a scoro
or more of rescuers had entered tho
mine somo of those last in appeared
n't tho . foot of tho elovntor ' shaft
ciirr- •» tho unconscious forms of tho
miners who had succumbed to tho
noxious air. Later the party reached tho surface bringing the dead body of Victor Erickson and the almost lifeless body of John Sumston
und Otto .Johnson, lho.throe mon
whose absence causod tho necessity
for rescue work. The others who
perished or wore injured wero uf tho
rescuing party.
WASHINGTON, June 8,-No general increase in freight rates is likely to bo made by the railway . in
this country In tho near future if it
be made at all. Certainly nothing
will he done boforo next tiutunin'and
it is unlikely, now thut anything approaching a goneral increase will bo
attempted then.
At a recent meeting of presidents
and operating oillciais of Important
railroads held in Now York it was
the concensus of opinion that lt
would be undesirable if not absolutely impracticable to put Into ef
feet at this time an Increase of the
freight rates.     Opinion at the meet-
I sell that faith for paltry pay?
in that you're much mistaken.
I'll do my very best to kill
Your infamous, outrageous bill."
! I I.I 1-j.l i I I'M I.I. t    Ill l? "
The lobbyist blushed red with shame.
Said ho: "I beg your pardon.
I  have   been    to
I own    I  should    have had    more
We'll make that Bum Just double."
Tho rest of It I   won't disclose,    .
Ilut ^- well, now what do you  suppose?
Wlllenistadt, Island of Cura-i*
cao, J line 9.—A steomor which •
has just arrived here from Por-1 *
to ('ablo, Venezuela, confirms! •
the roport that soveral cases of1*
tho plogue exist In Caracas. I *
The people of Porto Cabello, *
fooling sure that the plague will •'
reach that port, have erected a •*'
Ottawa, Out., Juno 8.—D. H. Robs'
Canadian trade commissioner at Melbourne, Australia, sailed today for
Vancouver. Ue will mako a tour of
tho Dominion in tho interests of the
Canadian-Australian trade.
destrians, into the homos of his
neighbors, and the police. Altogether
he fired about fifty shots in this way
none of which causod any' harm. His
wife fled from tho houso taking her
children with her. . <
Pospislol was sitting ln the second]
story window. He first rolled up hls
sleeve and injected cocaine into his
arm and then fired the fatal shot.
He plungod forward to the ground,
and died tin the way to the hospital
'    e>
to attempt an Increase of rates.
CITY $50,000.
; Wheeling, W. Va„ Jons 8.—A riot
among coal mlanra, occurred today
at ths Empire mines south of Bella-
Ira, O. One man Is ("-ported to
have been killsd and a w
• Caracas,     via    Wlllemstadt,
»i June 8.-Although    ths decree
» Issued by President Castro op-'•'•
' sntog th*    port of Lagua    to  •
* commerce on May SU, has    not •
"bssn rescinded, Laguira Is sti.l •
shut off from communication *
' with the outer world because of*
' the continuation of the plague. •
1 There have been new cases almost daily and ths situation ls
; dsspsrat*.
ar4 prize forjaeriaij navj-
. ' BATflRS.
PARIS,  Juno 8,!^Aerial  enthus-
•sta are taking an interest in    the
r»(*s    of    120,000* which has been
ttupded by tt. QueOton.'for' the nfit
saroplanlst    who succeeds   in flying
•w.flys/.mlniutes wl-th the, motor    of
tn.._.   ... tyfi-Wfrn stopped at the height of
Kansas Ciiy i^'__M'in get- rtWflMw,, metres.    M. O^onton
WAr. out p union labs|-bntMlsv„av. «!»!»>■ , thstt; a man. ma accomPll.h
sty month In order to keep susshsn **» .*» nccwnapllflhed hy « bird    in
|*jJL_,n,0rmod lB ***' *° •" *** ,n"rll!s tWo«8» **' wHSotit motion
P* . ',rt ^ *l»»^ aAar   tW nrst Impul-
."'•-■• - .a *«*>*-., ;..,'■ u  ...;,,,,
i MONTBBAX, June 8.-Votlng in]
the ' provincial elections Is proceeding quietly. The weather is very
warm, .'but • large vote is being
boiled, especially in the French sections of ths oity. A large number
of factories ekissd at noon for ths
half day in compliance with a naw,
provincial' atatute la order to per;
n^.„smp^fl'.>Q vote., ''' " ' [ (
Ons . pf the polls. In Hochslega
SoUBtyi dtd not open until 9.80 .bar
Pa's .always    grumbling 'bout the
hard Urns he n*aSL^__—__
Working and struggling and "getting
for all";
Thinks lifS ain't worth living, 'cept
only the times
Hs Is enjoying himself at baasball.
Says    to ma: "des, a girl's    life
ain't a trils,
I'd like to be you and rest up    a
Ha don't say nothing—keeps oa with
a smile.
When I say to ma: "Don't you nev-
-   er gpi tired?
Don't yon never wish of work
was through?"
Ma says; "Little    sonny, to
and fret
But makes    ths work harder
have to do." ^^-^^^
So when pa's sitting grumbling piles
and. piles, ^^___
Ma don's say nothing 'bout troubles
and trllee; s*ssssssss»a"ai
Ma keeps right on and looks patient
and smiles.
Now, I side with ma; there ain't  a
bit of uss
Grumbling, and growling ths    whole
livelong day.
Things seem to hustle and get done
with me that
Would never get done If treated pa's
When taken ma's way with patience
and smiles
They   kinds get small, the troubles
and titles,
'Sides ma's way Is   nice and pleasant the whiles.
San Francisco, June B.-The battle
ships Maine and Alabama, composing the special service squadron..un-
der command of Capt. Harber, started at 7 O'clock this morning on thslr
rsturn trip,to ths Atlantic by way
of Honolulu, Manila and Suss.
—i * _
Vancouvor, Juno 8th.
"I think the peoplo' iif Vancouver
will bo glad that wo havo ronchod
the last phaso of tho riot. I hopo
somo good will como of lt, that at
least it shall holp us to understand
oach othor better than wo hnvo ,ln.
the past."
Commissioner King, Into Saturday
thus closed tho two-week's Chinese
claim inquiry, his third Investigation
within nino months, nil growing out
of tho momornblo riot of September.
After revising tho last nf the IHO
claims, each of which was separate!-.'
examined and. revised, Mr. Arthur
McEvoy, on behalf of the . Chinoso
claimants, thanked the commissioner
for hls courtesy, and kindness to tho|
several claimants during the sittings.
The , first inquiry growing out of
tho riot was that into the claims of
tho Japanese, who wcro awarded in
the neighborhood of $8,000. The
second was that, In the following
month, November, into tho cause of
tbe Oriental influx. Had the Chinoso
government had a resident consul, in
the Dominion tho claims of'the -Chiii
eso government would havo boen Investigated at a much earlier ditto.
Rumor has it that Mr. Owyiing King
will be tho first! Chinoso consul in
Canada, and that he will bo stationed at Vancouver.
Tho claims -of tho Chinese total
nearly $28,000. Tho amount thoy
will be awardod will likely bo In tho
neighborhood of $25,000.   -.-
That will mako tho cost of tho riot
by the Injury to tho business and
property of tho Odontitis, (88,000.
The damage to property owned by
white citizens has nover been osllmat
ed, no claims having ovor been made
against tho city for compensation*.
Making a fair estimate for this nn'il
Including the amount paid out by
the Orientals for flroarnis whloh Com
mlssloner King disallowed, both in
the claims of the Chinoso and'Japanese, and adding the cost of tho extra
pollco protection, tho cost of the
three Investigations and tho printing
of the official report, tlio five-hour
riot probably cost $50,000.
■     >
NEW YORK, Juno S.-Sorah Koten
the young trained nurse who lured
Dr. Martin W. -Auspis to a houso in
Harlem lust night with a false sick
call by telephone and shot him to
death after she had lain ln waiting
for many hours, said today that she
had no regret for her act: "1 shot
him, but did not murder him,"- she
aald in a cell in the police station,
gs she waited a summons to appear ln court. "I killed him . because he had wronged me and theo
refused to help ms. I tried to punish him In the courts, but found myself powerless. My father and moss jther are dead, so I had to protect
on.my honor."
Moncton, N.B., June 9.—The principal hotels in this city have raised'
rates from $1.50 to $2.50 recently,
and as a result commercial travellers threaten a boycott.
—        ■  t
Mexico. City, June 9.—A special'
from Durungo, received last night,
says that In a fight between bandits and rurals on the Sanignado
ranch near Durango Chief Guerityof
the rurals and two of hla men were
killed, and two other soldiers were,
wounded. One of the bandits was
killed and the others escaped. This
band recently killed H. S. Jones, an
American, and the soldiers were in
pursuit of them for the crime. Ths
outlaws are still being pursued.
Traina Lrjave Ladyimith
Daily at 9 a. m.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday
At 9:00 and 15:68.
POr Victoria.
Trains Arrive tt ladyimith
Dally at 11:67.
Wsdnesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday,
At 11:57 and 17.66.
From. Victoria.
GEO. t.'cOUitTFffAY
District Passengsr Agent.
103 Government St.,   '        Victoria
dirt, girl
"Millie," aald ths young man,
hs slipped the engagement rag        ._,, ____^^^^^^^^^^^_
IT "TL '.ir^.5""1 *°Id yom "H ™«» «ems little doubt that when
ther about this?" |th, „,,, Ha|hlt    th„ g|r, goM:  ^
«ia. «..r,° !._TaV" "to**** -*■»■ » Jury.w-M "ave an opportun-
Mtas Mill, "Why, clarence, mam- (ty to pass upon the "unwritten
-T. k™VW,flv,r •J««««t»a before law," or Justification of murder un-
'dsr certain cinimwtaneos,
Steel Is iron free fromd
or foreign substance fusei
rm. .Carbon gives toiif,...
Btli, keeness and Ure.   ,
Thirty year's study or the n
add the highest per cent or
carton jo a Carbo Magnetic
razor blade throug a secret
with flre tempered -razors .
nnd tu.._rc llKrg?re£nd.-
»?.Ul '^,'»,h,s UNCOrWilON.
home-or have yourbsi"
ol r Obligation to
you *»."
Ladysmith Hard ware Co, * oosee a a a e
flHCItC-H TO HELP ITS LOVSBS. • * * » • * • '
f'HICAGp, June 4.-A courting- a
room to encourage: acquaintance and #
then marriage among the young pen- •  least six are dead, four fatally
Geneva,    Nev„ June 0.—  At
pie attending the Christ Presbyter- •
ian church, Is an Innovation Rev. a
i)r, J. E. Synder, pastor of the •
church, will establish In ths hope •
that It will eventually make many •
persons nappy: •
It the s|ngle members ol his  tin- *
gregatlon dp. not make love, It  win
not he the fault ol Rev. Dr. S'ydor,
for he will have everything i.-i    the
courting room arranged jur.t ns
most fastidious   young man
hurt and several others more or
less seriously Injured, Is the result of Friday's tornado which
swept across Fillmore county
and destroyed everything In its
The denth occurred at tbe Nanai-
. nip hospital yesterday morning of
Indianapolis, June 0.—The plant ,j„im (jus Constnntlns, aged 30, of
of the I'resto-Llto Company, on Lgijysmiili. The deceased Is it na-
South street in whloh gas is stored, tive of Italy, and the funeral will
blew up today. Eleven persons are take placo from tho Ladysmith rall-
iujured by the explosion, none fatal- way stution on the arrival of the
ly, however. St. Vincent's hospital truln Irom Nnnalmo on Tuesday af
and an engine house of tho city flre ternoon at 4.15 p.m., to the Ik-man
department adjoining were badly
damaged. The plant has been completed but a short time and cost
$70,000. Tills la tlie third oxplb-
PORT VIOTORIA, Eng., Juno 0.
the The Royal yacht Victoria and Alhort slon at tho company's works
would with King Edward and Queen   Alex-
have thun when lie oaTls „n hi* true andra, Princess Victoria and a large
_[._,-    __•■        ,    ..„„„..,„.., suite on board, loft hore at daylight
love at her homo.    In the lirst place fo. „„„„,   Hu8s|n   |jy W(Vy   of Kje,
the room will occupy a   »»• '.•Built- Canal.    The King's yacht, the Ale*-
ing, to be erected beside '.ho ohui-h, undrn will Join tlio party ut Iliuns- _7r,7n,_,
as soon as tho property -an be    «f   Imtten.  I'russla nnd will l-o at   tho     LOS ANGELES,
cured.    The eoufting room will   lie ^0»"1 "' tbe n°y^ P^'X   ln
complete In every respect.     It   will   "      ''  :_«,	
have" solas, cozy corners, screens Itf-
hind which blushing cou' .os may
coneeal   themselves, chawronea    (or
those    who   desire thein,   anl dim'   NEW YORK, June O.-Road    roe-
Ugbts, ,ords for autos    were broken yestor-
When Rev. Dr. Snydw .innutinco'i day during tho races held In connection with tbe opening celehra'tion ut
Jamaica. One mile over a roud
was covered    in 88.5 seconds by
this plan today there wus much    rejoicing among his pcoplo.
"Oh, Isn't that i-Ht a lov.!;'
Idea," remarked one girl.
Tit certainly Is," rejjnol her (a-
cort. "It was so bright ol dear Dr.
Snyder to think of such a   thing."
Rev. Dr. Snyder thinks th-t when
young men of other church si learn
that there Is a- way to miV'e let
to order, they will urge th»-r past-.ira
to adopt the Idea..
 , »
a o o e a a a--a a a a •• a-a ■*.-* *
• Pittsburg, Pa., June 6.— For
• the embezzlement ol * 1,005,000
• from tbe Farmers' Deposit Na-
• tlonal bank, Henry Belter and
• ior and auditor, were sentenced
• John Young, former paying tel-
• shortly after   soon today   to
• serve ten years each ln the aen-
• ltentlary.
car ouned    by Hairy Loveiy,    and champion,"
driven liy Herman KlrkpatrlcV. This a,,,er    n"rns'
was at tho    rato ol B3.6 miles    «n win, loso or
.June 4.—Oon-
tho corning the treatment of Jnck Johnson, the colored heavyweight pugilist, by Tommy Burns, tho Canadian
l.-oxer, James J. Jeffries today expressed himself in forcible terms of
"If Tommy    intends to tight    tho
negro nt all,    Iio should do so now
undor terms thnt will not cause the
sporting mon of America to blush In
shanio for tho man thoy now     call
said Jeffries.     "I  con-
doninud for $30,000,
draw, to 1-e absolutely
Tho one-sided orrnnge-
ho    Is     trying to put
-To'inson Is a  disgrace
mont    that
t'TO'irh     onto tin- sport.'
Detroit, Mich., June O.-Hon. P.
White, of Marquette, one of tbe
most prominent man In the upper
peninsula of Michigan and pioneer In
tbe Copper Iron Development Company, of that country, dropped dead
here today In front of ths city hall.
Heart disease is supposed to    have
.been the cause of death.
MONTREAL, June 6.—A special
: London cable says: Geo. Lyon the
-Canadian golfer, has decided to refuse the Olympla championship gold
i medal because he does not wish to
.take anything he has not actually
played tor. Mr. Lyons regrets that
'he devoted so much time and left his
business to no purpose. He returns
-to Canada on the Empress of   Ire-
lland on June 13.
Exeter, June 6.—At yesterday's sea
lion of the Methodist conference a
resolution to memorialise the Dominion government to prohibit Im
iportatlon and preparation af opium
m any of Its forms except for medicinal purposes, was unanimously
carried, end wilt he sent to Ottawa.
TEHERAN, June 6.—The Perslon
Cabinet has been definitely reconstructed .under the Premiership uf
. MuBhlr Bt Bouttaneh. It la hoped
that this win be the end of the political unrest.
Toronto, June «.—Elizabeth Taylor, 28 yeara old, waa arrested lest
night, charged with assaulting Edward Chandler last Tuesday night
by throwing carbolic acid with Intent tn do bodily harm. Mr. Chan-
dler'a fsee was badly burned nnd Is
threatened with the loss of his eyesight.
a     -   —
Tonight Ib tho last night of the
present programme at the -Opera
House, In all there are eleven dlf-
erent pictures and two illustrated
songa to he shown. The regular
Saturday night crowds should not
miss tonight, each picture is worth
Mooaejaw, June 6.—J. Klrliy, n
homesteader at Morse, died in the
hospital here last night as the result
of an accident. He was slaying at
tho hotel and while walking In his
sleep wall-'ed out ol an upper story
window and fell heavily to tho
ground, fracturing and dislocating
his backbone. He como horo from
SEATTLE, June 5.-- Frank Water-
house Ic Co. have invitded the local
coal market with Wellington fuel,
brought from British Columbia, and
big light Is on botweon coal operators of Pierce and King countios
and the foreign producers. Tho price
for Black Diamond and Franklin
lump has been cut to $11.25 to meot
the competition of Wellington coal
and all othor grades are roducod
British Columbia coal must pay an
import duty of 67 cents a ton, but
this handicap Is not rogardod as a
soriouB obstacle by coal dealers.
It is claimed the Canadian mines aro
able to operate cheaper than thoso
on the American side of the lino,
and neither transportation nor tariff handicaps will stand ln tho way
of a bitter fight for control of the
local coal market.
Notice thut the price ol Amorlean
coal has been reduced was given to
dealers last night and this morning.
At the same time dealers claim that
their profits have been cut so that
thero is little moro than a drayage
profit ln hauling the fuel.
The Wellington mines have an advantage over the collieries of this
state In a choapor labor supply and
a larger per contugo of lump or domestic coal. Not more that 10 t-or
cent, ol the output of the Black Diamond mine is lump and tho lowor
grades have to be sold at a low figure for steaming purposes. Wellington runs high in lump coal.
Catholic church, and thence to the
It seems from the story told the
Free Press, that the deconsed was
'hatching it." in Ladysmith with a
number of other countrymen. The
men purchased some fresh pork nnd
ran it through a cutting -machine to
make saus.igo. From what con be
learned at presont writing it appears that tho moat vine black in
places, whether from standing too
long or not Is not known. At any
-ate tho I.lack spots wero cut out
and the rest ol tho meat eaten. All
of those who partook of it have been
sick and at present somo aro confined In the Chemainus hospital, ono
of thein, it is suid, boing in a precarious condition.
The poor follow who-was brought
to tho local hospital wos In a very
distressed condition, being swoolen,
his flesh turning a bluish color and
suffering terrible agony,
dollars, with or without coats, or to
imprisonment, with or without hard
labour, for a term not exceeding six
months, or to botli fine and imprisonment in tho discretion of the convicting magistrates.
Doted at Victoria, 9th April, 1908
(Bv Command).
Provincial Secretary.
Charles J. Fugati, M.ll..
Secretary Provincial Board of Health.
President anil Managing Director.
trap; c plckard.
Sri tecnry-Treasurer.
From pri/o winning Stock. Barred , y^
Rocks, Hlue'. Laiigslmns, Black Mil' ' amorous, Hull', Whito, and Brown Leu 'C*
horns, Blnu Audit lusinns and Bluci Ifc
Orpingtons, Huff and White Cochii. ijj-
Huntums, and (loldon Soabrights.       \*r_
Eggs $2.00 por 111; others at $1 jp
per 18.    ■
Mount View Poultry Yards
Flve-Acro Lots, Nnniilnin, li.C |
Notice of Examinations.
VICTORIA, B. C, Juno 6. — Private information has been received
In Victoria today from Ottawa,
which IndlcateB that the federal elections are to be held within three
WASHING-TON, June 6.-Ths cause
ol the accident on the United States armoured cruiser .Tennessee, in
which (our .man were killed and a
number Injured , caused by the
rursting of a steamplpe while the
vessel waa off the California coast,
will be thoroughly examined Into by
a board oi investigation or court
of Inquiry to be appointed by Admiral Set-res. Upon tbs results of
this Inquiry will depend tbs question whether any of the olllcers are
responsible for tha accident, and will
alao serve sa a basis for any Improvement of the machinery necessary to prevent a recurrence of the
Admiral Sabres has telegraphed
report   containing   practically    the
same Information as the news    despatches from San Pedro.    The accident, he said, occurred at 11   a.m..
PITTSBURG, June 6.—While attempting to arrest four men alwut
ten o'clock this morning in Elizabeth county, Detective Englourt was
shot and killed and one of the men
waa himself wounded twico. The men
are alleged to bo Implicated in the
hold-up robbery of the Monogahel
Consolidated Coal and Coke Company, last Thursday morning, at
The other three men are barriouded
in a vacant house holding a possol
of citizens In check with rifles and'
revolvers. An automobile currying
six detectives left here at 10.30 this
morning, and a desperate battle ia
expected to occur when the detectives reach the scene.
Yeck Chong, a local Chinaman,
states that in connection with the
recent arrests of some 17 Chinamen
for pulling down a houso in Chinatown, that the arrested Chinamen
will bring an action against the city
for Illegal arrest. The warrant was
writton, naming four of the Chinamen and then read "and others."
Some of the arrested men who hnd
to he roughly handled by the police
before thoy would submit, aro now
very keen on getting back on tho
city by* proving, if they can, that
their arrest Is illegal. It is generally believed that tho city has nothing to foor from tho action If lt is
brought In.
Miss Annie Bushfleld, Daughter     of
Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Dushlield of'
This City, Married in Vancouver . Thursday.
The wedding took place in Van
couver1 on Thursday last of Miss Annie Bushlleld, daughter of Mr.' nnd
Mrs. Jos. Bushlleld of this city, and
Mr. J. H. Richardson. Miss Bushlleld has for the past twb years been
connected with the nursing staff of
the Burrard sanitorium. She will
have the best wishes of a large number of Nanaimo friends.
The marriage took place at tho
Nurses' Homo, the Rov. R. JCIlliken
performing tho ceremony. Hiss E
Chambers attended the brido and Mr
II. Donaldson noted fls .grnouwninn.
Aftor tho reception Mr.   nnd Mrs
Mchnrds-.m loft to take up residence
in tholr now homo on Comox streot.
QUEEN GOT, $40,«K>.
Lisboo, June 8.—The commission
which is investigating tho finances of
the lute King Curios has discovered
that Dowager Queen Maria i'ia received $40,000 from tho state. Tho
queen dowager does not deny that
she received this money, but Bays
she was Justified in using it on the
ground that her allowance of $2,100
a year wus not sufficient to maintain her in royal stato. The government Ib greatly embarussed by
this discovery ns the major portion
-of.these advances was concoded during the previous administration of
Manuel Esproguoiru, who is at presont minister of finance.
Fuel for Public. Buildings.  .
Whole or separate   sealed   tenders
will, be received by the Hod. the
Chief Commissioner up to and ' including Monday, the first day ol
June next, for supplying and delivering best lump and washed nut coal
required at tho Provincial Government Buildings at Victoria, Vnncou
ver and New Wostminstor, B.C., at
enumerated hereunder, during the
yoar ending 80th June, 1909, to be
delivered In such quantities and at
such times us may bo directed during the period above stated.
Tho approximate annual consumption of coal at each'   of the   build-
irgs named is as follows:
Best lump coal— ,„ j
Parllamon:,    Buildings,     Victoria, duly   qualified
NOTICE ia hereby given that examinations will bo held for 1st, 2nd, *
and 3rd Class Certificates of Com- 5!
potency under tho provisions of tlio ^
'Coal Mines Regulation Act," nt <-
Nanaimo, Fertile and Cumberland, on 41
the'10th, 17th and 18tli dnys of *i
June, 1908, and for 2nd and 3rd
Class Certificates of Competency, ut 4,
Coutlee, on the Hith and 17th duys ..
of June, 1908, commencing at nine 4]
o'clock in the forenoon. <p
Tho Subjects will bo as follows:—   dj
First Class Candidates—
Mining Act and Special Rules.
Mine Gases.
General Work.
Mine Machinery.
Socond Class Candidates-
Mining Act and Special Rulof-.
Mine Gases.
Goneral Work.
Third ClaSB Candidates-
Mining Act and. Special Rules ,
Mino Gases and General Work.
Application must be'mado    to   tho
undersigned   not   later than Friday,
Juno 5th, 1908, accompanied  by the
statutory fee, as follows :—
By an applicant   for   First    Class
Examination $10.00
By an applicant   for Socond Class
Examination   810.00
By   an applicant for  Third   Class
Examination   ... $5.00
The applications must be accompanied by testimonials and evidence
stating that:—:
(a). If a candidate (or First Class
that he Is a British subject and litis
had at least fivo years' expel ience in
or about the practical working of a
coal mine, and is at loast twenty-
five years of age :
"(b). If a candidate for Second
Class, that he has had at least flve
years' experience, in or about the
practical working of a coal mino. 1
(c). If a candidate for Third Class
that ho has had at least threo years'
experience In or about the practical
working ol a coal mine :
(d).   A candidate lor a Certificate
o( Competency as Manager, Overman
Shiftboss,   Flreboss   or Shotllghtei1,
shall produce   a   certificate   Irom a
"   medical practitioner
one to Ladysmith Car
j Great Field Day
aqd Big Regatta
Athletic Sports, Five-«-Side Football,
Pushball, Tug-of-War and Relay 1?ace,
Indian Canoe Races, Water Polo, Sculling
Races, Greasy Pole and Championship
Swimming Coutests  ^,«,sb.
Biggest aid Be t ill Bay
Celebpation or the Island
280 tons.
Government House, Victoria,    110
Court Houso, Victoria, 60 tons.
Jail, Victoria, 100 tons.
Court Houso, Vancouver, 88 tons, cations,
showing: that he has taken a course-
in ambulance work .fitting, him, the
said candidate, to give first aid to
persons Injured in coal mining    op-
By order of the Board.
Nanalmo.B.C,April 4th, 1908.
Court House, New Westminster, 70
Provincial    Hospital    ior   Insano,
New Wostminster, 00 tons.
Jail, New Westminstor, 40 tons.
Washed nut caal—   . |
Provincial    Hospital    for   Insane,
New Westminstor, 1,200 tons.      I
The abovo.mentloned quantities are,
not guaranteed; the quantity actual-'
ly required moy be undor or   above PUBLIC HOSPITAL FOR THE IN
tho figures stated. | SANE.
While tenders shall bo accompanied; 	
by a cheque In the sum ot $300,!
nud separate tondors by a cheque in
the sum of $100 on a chartered bank '
of Canada, mado payable to the Hon.
Notice to Architects,
Tho Government of British Colum-
tho"cnief" Com^lssToner which "wili »>», """.<> ,tho , .^'^titi™ Mlt
ho forloitod if the party tendering de- W™>b \XlU,?cnlH0SDSf  for    ho!
cllue or   neglect to   enter Into   tho ^^^^..^l tercet
contract whon called upo-t to do bo. .'J^Jtlani,    situated   near   New
Tho choquos of unsuccessful Under- 2? 7 ? ';„   n 1°
Uon'Iif'tho extract U"°" "" °XMU-j   CdX-   accompanied by   spe-
tl0Trf4°ar,r,s not bound   J^tt-Z^ES?**
lie Hospital for tho Insano," and addressed to tho Hon. the Chief Com
and Pastry  j
Always Fresh on Hand.
Weddbig and Party Cakea Made to
Ordor. ;
Fruits and Cnndies of All Kinds
Prices are    very   reasonable.    All
Customers treated alike.
accept tho lowest or any tender.
Tondors must be signed by tho ac
tual signature of the tenderers.
Public Works Engineer.
Lands nnd Works Deportment,
Victoria, B.C.. 14th Mny, 1008.
Tie fom Ml
Gatacre Street.
On the Esplanade.
Ladysmith,  11. U.
Attorney ior Oompaa-y Said to Have "Mia the vessel was under full pow-
Approved Claims tor Damages      ""   "*"   »—-■—<- <--••— *■•>•-
aad Collected Major Portloa
WA.TBBTOWN. N.Y., June 6.-Su-
permtendaat Cornelius Chrlsti of the
Rome, Watertowa aad Ogdeaeburg,
has dlacloaad what aa oeUaved to be
oaa of the most collossel schemes ta
defraud the ooinpaay sad claimants
for damages, that tbs eompaay baa
,eyer eaooaatereo.
er, the four-Inch boiler tube bursting. Ha aald tha injured men were
to be transferred to the hospital at
Los Angeles thla afternoon.
> —
London,   June    A.—It la declared
jhcre that 310,000 pounds of American meat that    has been stored In
'London, Glasgow and Liverpool was
 Hls tovestlgation'yesterday re-shipped by fast steamer
.covers a period of (our months sod to New York, to meet tho continued
led to the srrest ol'H. J. Me Cor- shortage of meat In America.
,mtek,■$ well ttbwn' attorney, ua'tH,', (        -1*
May the claimant: ol ths eompaay. oft .'
the charge of..forgery la the second .
degree, McOormlck waa about to ,
ilesve the city when apprehended by',
.the police. Hla hearing today waa ,
.adjourned until June 13. I,
McOormlok'a peculations are eetim-',
atad by the railroad officials    from 'a
»8p;000   to »100.000.    His
■waai(b approve a ciaha of an
tared' party or oi the
ually the widow of the
the road, forge the claimant's
to tie .cbeoks tn paymant aad pay thi Mranesota FederaMon'oi Labor,
-th. claimant » small portloa of tha wWch mMt, there next wetk tn an-
w» » ••*• 'hual convention.
. ,    : '.Ti'HBIIlll
Vienna, June 6.—Sixteen men *
wero killed nnd   seventeen oth- *
era were more or less seriously  •
Inlursd    by an explosion    this *
afternoon in a  celulwld    fas- *
tory at Ottakrlng, a suburb of •
Vienna. *
- "I.V!   '      ♦   ■! 7—-
°"   -Ths elty of Winona la making preparations for the entertainment
ST. PETERSBURG. June «.- The
effects ot King Edward's forthcoming visit to Russia are boing keenly
canvassed In political circles hore,
principally with regard to its relations to German--, against which the
broad trend of the King's recent
policies la supposed to run. Serious
politicians aro of the opinion that
King Edward's statesmanship haa
now to fuco tho hardest test, tho In-
Itlnting of moro intimate relations
with Russia, on whose soli ho will
bo the first English king to set foot.
Tho task, however, will bo facilitated by the political necossittcs and
mutual advantages, will be onunlly
apprecliited by both sides. Puhllo
opinion hero Is ready to meet Eng-
l-nd moro thnn hnlf wny. All political parties, except the extreme ro-
nctinnnrlos. look upon an Anirlo-Rus
slon nccrrd ns natural to the completion nf thn chain of Franco. Ruo-
nl-n nnd Aniflo-French Ilea.
Tho matters to ho discussed „t tho
moetlnr- bv TCIng Kdwnrd and    Emperor Nicholas.     will take a
r-n-p and nnrtlcuW nltontlon
Regulations for tho Docking or
Mooring ol All Vessels Arriving at
British Columbia Ports from Pin-
guo-Infcctcd Forts.
(Approved by Ordor of Hls Honour
tho   Admtnlstrator-in-CouncIl,   dated
8th April, 1008).
1. All vessols arriving at British
Columbia ports from ports infected
or suspected of being Infected with
Bubonic Plaguo shall conform to the
following regulations:—
(a.) Vessels shall lie moored or
dockod at a distance not less than,
six feet from wharf, or land:    -
(b.) Ropes or chains connecting
a vessel with wharf or land shall
be protected by funnels of size and
shape satisfactory to Local and
Provincial Hoards of Health:
(c.) All gangways shall be lilted
whon not In uso, Gangways when
In use shall bo guardod against the
exit of rats by a person specially
detailed (or this purpose:
(d.) All vessels changing route
to solely British Columbia ports
shall give satisfactory evidence ol
disinfection and extermination of
vermin to Provincial Board of
2. Evory owner, agent, or captain
of any vessol, and every other   peri
wl-'o j son violating or Instructing, author-
wip ! Izlng, ordering, permitting, or other-
mtosioner ol Lands and WorkB, will
be rocoivod up to noon of Tuesday,
tho 30th Juno, 1908.
The designs, specifications, reports
and estimates of cost shall havo no
distinguishing mark or motto, the
author's namo being enclosed In a
blank envelope securely attached to
tho design submitted,
side the Province, to lie selected by
the Govornmont, after the 80th June
The design placod first by the Ad
Judicator shall receive a premium of
$700, nnd the ono placod second,
premium of $500.
Tno Govornmont   Is not bound
erect tho building from any   of   the
designs submitted.
H the design awarded first place Ib
accepted, the -premium roferred to
above shall be included In the professional fee paid to the architect
Printed conditions governing the
competition Can bo obtained by bona
fide compotltora upon application to
the undorslgned.
Public Works Engineer.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., 7th May, 1908. td
The Best Butcher Shop
in Town is
Roberts St   Butcher
I' li. Box 51 'Phone 44
Hauler in All Kinds of
Meats Delivered free of charge on the
Shortest Notice.
Lndysmith,  D. O.
b<i p-tvon
of -tr-rnecn
"hl-l, |h.
to miostlrm*
i fi        t   -wise suffering any person to violate
rmntir-r    to  any (|f    the   toregoh,g    relations
and   Macedonia,   ror-rrtlhir | shall be liable, upon summary   con-
niwrl n' -   ron-mon  r-nrdn-1 VIctK-ir helore any two Justices   ol
Tho attention of the Lands and
WorkB Department having been directed to the fact that town lots in
townelte named Prince Rupert,
being a. subdivision of Lot 642,
Range 5, Coast District, situated on
tho mainland between the mouth ot
the Skeena River and Kalcn Island,
are   being   offered . (or salo, lt hns
The design shall be adjudicated up.
on by an Architect practising out-
been deemed necessary to warn the
publlc that the said townslto Is not
altuated at the terminus o( tho
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, and la
not the townsite which Ib owned
jointly by the Government ol British Columbia and the Grand Trunk
Pacific Hallway Company.
Chief Commlastoner ot Lands nnd
Canadian Bank
of Commerce
Union Brewing Co.
[Established 1807]
Paid nil Capital... 8I0.000.O0*
RCSI....... $8,000 000
Savings Bank Deposits of $1
and upwards received, and
interest allowed at cur-   .
rent rates.
nrdley Is    ar-oclnlly
felt. '
the Peace, for every  such offence to Lands and Works Department,
a fine not   exceeding   one hundred
Victoria, B.O.. Kay 1st, 1008.
iaTTJlT.J_.-.-,   .   ..-- j_i„...
Im  L. M
de GEX  Manager. ft~E
i I. u,\~r:~Jim*mmi
HILLINfifiY and Dry Goods SFEGIALS.
.•«■" 1..1'
Vnluos up ti   fl 25.     Special Hit-..
gain Price   85c.
Regular $1.25.      Special   Bargai'i
Price  i   50c.
Rogulnr SI.50.       Spoci.il   llnrgnin
Price   ?1 25
Regular 82.75.      Special    lliirgiun
Price    $2 ilO.
Rogular up to R5c.     Spei'inl llnrgnin  Prico  50c.
Specially    rodiicod    for   Saturday
and Monday,     Your cholco of nny
Cont   in the Store at n reduction
ol 15 Per Cont,
Bargain Prico   S5c oach.-
Tho greatest simp in Curtains <va
hnve ever offofod. Rogular S2.25
per pair, Specinl llnrgnin Price,
$J.8B a pair. 3. yards long, nnd
00 inches wide. Only n limitod
number of theso.
About 2000 yards, of beautiful Em
broidery to be offered at 5c, and
10c per yard.
Full size, Hemmed, ready (or use.
Specially made   (or    S. Leiser   Si
Co.   Spoclal. Price  11:90 pr.
A special    snap   ln White Honeycomb Bed Mats,   suitable (or single bods.    Only ...,  90c. each.
Ladies'    Black   Open Work Hose.
Special Prico   85c a pair.
Boys    and   Girls'    Black Cotton
Hoso, hard weavers  26c
A special lot o( samples o( Children's Stockings, mnrked at vory
low prices,
Seo Our Stock ol Ladies' Waists—
somo very natty designs at. Special Prices.
Empress Crenra Sodns, 20c a pkg.
Guaranteed Pure Jam,   Special, 8
Jars for   $1.00
Finest Creamery Butter, 32Jc lb.
Cooked Ham a Specialty.
All kinds ol Fruit   In Season   at
very keenest Prices.
Pure Coffee, 85c per tb„ or 3 lbs.
for ,,,. $1.00
Mocha and Java Coffee—the best
on   the    Market    at our Special
Price ol  45c per lb.
Reindeer Coffee' and Milk 26c. tin.
We are'in   a   better   position to
show   you   some ol the   smartest
lines    in   Up-to-Date Shoos than
ever before.
1. Men's Patent Leather Bills,
new. last, the woll known Slater
make—a guarantee o( good wear.
Special , ..,.$4.95
2. Men Velour Call Bluchor,
broad last, medium weight Shoe.
Slaters.   Spoclal Price ,  $4.75.
3. Ladles' Dongola Kid, wide fitting, extra strong. Special Price,
4. Ladies' White Canvas Shoes,
All sizes, per pair  $1.60
5. Child's White Canvas Slippers
Special Price ...  96c
6. Boys Canvas Shoes  95c.
A visit to- Our Shoe Department,
will convince you we have the
Goods and the Prices and Quality
| are RIGHT.
SIcM0,N LEISER, & GO, Ltd.
The 1'ui.ol'ul took place yesterday
afternoon of Mr. .loliu Gus Constantino, wlio died iu Nanaimo on Sunday aftoruoou. The deceased, it is
said, together with some other oi hie
countrymen, pin-took of pork for dinner. Tho pork must hnvo been dis-
ousod ior Constantino look violently
ill and died. Tho remains wore
brought down on tho uftoriiooii train
and, after a servico in tho itomau
Catholic Church,' woro interrod In
tho local cemetery. Docoasod wus
only 25 years of ago.
Thoro wus a gonoral meeting of tho
Celebration Committee on Monday
ovonlng, the various sub-committoes
ull reporting good progress. Collections aro coming in good, and everything points lo tliis being u record
The Nanaimo reporters ore having
the time ot their Uvea at tbe meetings ol the City Council Just at pro-
sent. Aid Shepherd and Mayor
Planta (ought a fust six-round bout
on Monday evening without either o(
them obtaining a decision. His
Worship gallantly offered to baoM
himself (or S200 in a finish light before tho electors, but they could not
agree upon the articles. Tims, gentlemen!
Thero is a Cup Tournament now in
progress at Parrott's Bowling Alley.
It ls too oarly yot to talk o( the
winnor, but soino o( the competitors
are putting up some tall scores and
the finish will be a very close one.
Thero wero somo good scoros mado
at tho Howling Alloy Inst wook and
the winners in every cnso obtained a
prize only as tho result of good
bowling. -At tho ton pin gnmo Mr.
G. Ross was highest with 186, nnd
was followed by Messrs. Dior and
Mooro ouch with 165. At live pins
C. Thomas wns first with 62, Hind
march second with 59 nnd McKinley
third with 56. Daily prizes nro again boing offered this wook.
The local lodgo of tho I.O.O.F.,
have been putting through quite   a
A few Specials in
Cooling Drinks
for the
Hot Wave!
Raspberry Syrup.
Vanilla Syrup....
Lemon Squash...
Lime Juice	
. .50o
• 25c
number uf new members and there is
a bigger batch than over (or Monday night, (or wham a good atton-
dunco of members is requested. The
lodge is now in such a good flnan-
rinl standing that tho entrance (ce
is shortly to be raised, so that intending applicants should get In
thoir names ns soon as possible.
Roberts Street,
Houso   and lot on
Apply   Mr.   Jas.
^Leave your orders for
For 'Star' Brand Shirts A Shoes
William's Block
Tho Indies are catching on to tho
bowling gamo. Mrs. A. -J. Knight
won a handsomo prize with tho respectable scoro of 89 and Miss B.
Blnnd -wns onco moro a prize winnor,
Tho new hydrographtc survoy ship,
tho Llllooet Is coaling at the local
wharf for her maiden trip. She is a
smart looking craft, splendidly equipped and finely fitted up throughout.
Messrs. H. Thornley and T. Doch-
erty are representing the local lodge
at tho Grand Encampment o( I.O.O.
F„ now being held nt New Wostminstor.
Anyone crossing tho bay Just at
present cannot holp noticing the num
bor o( derelict piles showing all over
the harbor. With the large amount
of boating going on Just now, theso
piles are a rent danger and the attention o( the responsible authority
Is drawn to them.
Owing to an accident to part of
the lighting apparatus, sustained In
transportation from Nanaimo, the
Moving Picture show announced to
commence tonight ln the Opera house
hns had to be cancelled.
Aid. Campbell (ailed once more to
answer roll call on Monday evening.
His continued absence (rom the deliberations of the City senate ia
causing a lot ol comment, and his
friends expect that tho trip which he
is now taking to thc Hot Springs
will send him back more vigorous
nnd moro zealous in the discharge of
his duties than ever.
Thoro is no groat rush of nnmos
(or Johnson's billiard tournament.
It should be understood that this Is
a handicap and tho man that, -..can
compile a modest ton has as good a
show as the man who can rattle up
a stylish century., The ban 'icapper
will see to that, It-is inly! 25
cents to enter and thlft (ec pays for
the table. It Ib requested that all
who Intend taking part in the tournament will give in their names hs
soon as possiblo so aa to allow the
thing to proceed.
MILWAUKEE. Wis., June 8. -
Nearly 1,000 brewers, representing
nn invested capital ol millions o(
dollars, assembled In Milwaukee . today to take part in the annual convention ol the United States Brewers- aaaoclation. The convention will
undoubtedly be the most Important
that the organization has overbold.
The present wave ol prohibition
swooping over thc country and Its ol-
(oct on the brewery Interests will bo
exhaustively discussed. Steps will
be taken, it Is expected, to unite
tho breweries ond the allied Interests Into one compact organization,
which will combat the prohibition
movement on systematic lines.-
Premier Cannot Give any   Information Regarding Its Introduction in   tha House.
OTTAWA, Ont., June 9,-Whan tbt
house met this morning.Mr. Monk
aaked 11 tha govarnmont intended
taking over the bill Introduced by
Ralph Smith to grant railway telegraphers throughout the Dominion
an ehrht hour day, but Laorlpr could
give no Information at present.
'••Plying to a question by Foster
Mr, Oliver aald ha expected to be In
position at an early date to present particulars to the houss of par-
- f:   - „
Our    Homespun    Two-Pieco ,,
i Suits ore gfeat coolers on
\ | hot dny.    $8.50 to $15.00.
, i    Negligee Shirts, Mesh Shirts, I!
Soft Collars. Linen and Straw ' '
i I Hats.    Fine   Wool" and   Bal- .',
' ' brlggan Undorwoar. Grey   and
I White Canvas Shoos, and oth- ',',
er accessories.
\ ',    It's up to you, Sir, to   say , ,
i ' whether you'll suitor with   tho ' •
Summor   Hoot,   or find   relief [ J
by coming horo.
w$$ w
All Work Guaranteed.
chose nnd sale of seed grain supplied in Saskatchewan and Alberta
during the spring.
'     . e
Ottawa, June 8.—When the Commons met this morning private bills
on tlie order paper were taken up
aad advanced a stage. A largi
number of questions were answered
and ull wont on smoothly until government orders were called und motion made for commit/tee uf supply.
Then Major Fowler complained of
terms of notice which had been served upon Intercolonial railroad employees that tbeir salaries cannot be
paid until supplies had been voted
by parliament'. Mr. Fowler declared that the government waa trying
hud to create the impreasion that
tha opposition waa blocking the postage of euppKsa, but the fact was
tha minister of railways never oskod
ior supplies to pay his department
until last Friday night, whilst today ha waa absent casting his vote
la Brockville in the provincial eioction. The responsibility rested on
the government.
From p persual of Hansard from
November UU January he noticed
that government supporters had oc-
oupltd 88 columns more apace than
tha opposition.
i———» _— ■
PHOENIX, Arlt., June 8.- Granite -Reef diversion dam, an auxiliary
unit of the Salt river reclamation
project, is completed and ready for
opening. The dam is.located twenty-two miles above this city and
coat approximately $250,000.
Thc structure, which is of concrete,
is nearly 1,800 feet long, and contains, Including the masonry for the
sluice and regulating gates, about
40,000 cubic yards o( concrete. The
Granite Reel dam will divert ail the
water used on both sides o( the river, Including the storage supply (rom
Roosevelt dam,- which is the chief
feature of the Salt river project.
About 160,000 acres o( land in the
neighborhood oi Phoenix will b~, supplied with water diverted by the
Granite Reel dam, and when the
great Roosevelt dam is completed
several thousand horsepower will be
developed and .utilized to pump water (rom underground sources to supplement the surlaca supply and lacrosse the irrigable area by 50,000
acres. Tho general elevation ol tht
irrigable lands Is 1,000 to 1,800 It.
above sea level.
The volley la traversed by the
Santa Fe and Southern Pacific mil-
roads, which connect In with, towns
of Arizona, the Paclflo coast cities;
and eastern fruit markets. Tho soil
It an alluvial deposit of great fertility and adapted to the cultivation
of a wide variety of crops, including those of tho tomperato and sub-
trojilea] zones. The lands are mainly in private ownership, but thoro
ars many large holdings, which must
be subdivided and sold to actual
Mrs.    L. M. de Gex   boarded tho
Victoria train this morning.
Mr. R. Gibson is ln town today.
Mr. J. Francht was in town today.
London, Ont., June 8.—Roberts of
Montreal, who has been stopping
with an uncle here for the past ten
days, waa found dead In the grass
at the corner of Egertop and Hamilton road yesterday. It It supposed
that while making a short cut for
hls uncle's houss, and In attempting
to climb river a barbed wire fence,
he lost his balance, fell to the earth,
and broke his neck.
-   " i -i
Machinists' lodges of New England
hnve begun an agitation to have labor men nominated for the various
elective offices In overy city end
Visit tho Foundry and mako
your own choice. -You will
save time and money, and get
better satisfaction.
Mclntyre foundry
Company, Limited
A fow on hand yot which aro
going at
Come and
Inspect '
my Stock o( Latest Styles ln
: Wall Papers
Picture  Framing   a Specialty.
High Street. ,
Iron Bod, lull slzo electrical
Woollen tops and Bottom Mat--'
trcssos at  $18.50
T-hroo-Quartor slzo at .... 12.50
Ono Hall slzo, at   11.60
The Snow Flako Mattress,—
the Mattress (or Comfort,
Samples on hand for  inspection.
Q>. Peterson
'Phono 18.
Flrat Avenue
a Smarter line o( Shoes In tho
town than   Ours, but we   are
',   Irom   Missouri,   and you   will
,    hnve
^Orders Promptly Attended to
To reduce our Stock wo will run a
threo Dny Auction Snlo, commencing
Saturday, Joe 13/08
II you see OURS after nil
tho others, we know you will
buy Ours.
Canvas Shoes! for everybody..
Tan and Chocolate Shoes—all
sizes.    Nice ones.
■ Cavin's Shoe Store:
The City
For the Best Bread
AND   _A^-m\
Finest Cakes and
Pastry in Town
Juno 15th completes our First year
in business hero. Our Stock Is now,
Up-to-Dato and First Class ln Quality. Rathor than carry Stock moro
than a yoar, wo will sell at Cost.
Hero's your chanco to got tho Bost
at your own Price.   ■
No rosorvo. Any article put up
(or salo upon request, and my Por-
sonol Guarantee goos with everything sold. All goods will be as
!   OUR REGULAR STOCK - A Re-, , „       . .       „
duction Sale will go on  during   the J OS. JH&..K1V6.1.   PFOp.
^ Saturday-*tom.9:ao a.m., to 12 m
and (rom 7 p.m., to 10 p.m.
Monday, Tuesday-From 7 p.m., to
10 p. m.
Every Convenience,   and Everything
of the Seat.
Notlco Is hereby given that I- Intend to' make1 application to the
llouril n( Licensing Commissioners of
tho City of Ladysmith nt tholr next
regular mooting for u transfer o( tho
Wholesale liquor llrunse now issuod
to mo in respect to tho premises situate upon Lot 0, llloik 01, In tho
Olty of Lndysmith, (rom myself to
Vupoloon Mnncn.
Ladysmith, B.C., Oth June, 1008,
No Show To-Night
Owing to Accident to Apparatug tbe Moving
; Pictures Rooked at the Opera House
Are Cancelled
Hotel Cecil
Best Liquors and Cigars,
First Clan Photos.
Upholsterer and
Mattress Maker.
Repairs promptly
Attended tO. A Itore, on Roborta Streot, ndjnln-
„ !__ ling.Blair ft Adam's storo,    Will  bo
T ..... rt. j n , . faltered   to suit tonont.,   Iumiodlnto
lj°ave UrfJen at retenon » .roasesslon.   Terms reasonable.    Ap-
furniture Store*.    ' '      ml9ip,y '***» °*'** i"-*'-
Patronize Home Industry
By Smoking
Made in Ladysmith
For Sale by
Kods ad lines
Flies and Tackle
For AU Kinds of Fishing.
Ice Cream
10 Cents a Dish
Cigars   Tobaccos.   Soft Drinks
Telephone, ] 2-4.
Niuiiiiiii i li C.
j. m. mot?GAN,
Teacher of Voico Production and
Engagements may bo left at tho
Standard Ofllco.
Setting Eggs
Full Setting for $100
ive Orders at 0. Roberts' Bute
Shop, First Avonue.
David T. Davie;
: IA Nbw Line
;!      Of Ladies'White-
Both dainty and
serviceable at
I MissUren'si:
* - * ■
• >     FANCY GOODS  STORE.     , ,
Excellent Boarding
Special Meal Tickets for
the Week
Mr*. S. Cocker,
H. Thornley
Notice Is horoby glvon that I shall
make application to the Board of
Licensing Commissioners of the Oity
ol Ladyamlth at their next regular
meeting for a transfer of the -retail
liquor license now held, by me for
tho premises known as the Columbia Hotel, situate on Lot 3, Block
80, Ladysmith, from myself to Clement Tobo.
Ladyamlth, B.O., stay 0, 1968.
Tho Committee of the Ladysmith
Football Club request that all accounts against tht Club be rendered
on or before Wednesday, May 80th,
In order that the Club's hooka may
lie audited for tha sesson.


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