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Ladysmith Standard Sep 30, 1908

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Array NUMBER ;_r"VOLUME 1,
Whilo you live for you'll be a long time dead!
A good saying nnd a truo one.
HAMS A_J) BACON—We carry only the bost and for fl'avor
can't be equalled.
BUTTER—Crocks, prints, or tubs—A. 1 quality.
CHEESE—Only the bost Canadian kopt in stock. Mild or
Modium tuste.
FRUIT—Apples, pears, poaches, plums, grapes, bananas, Melons
Citrons, otc.TThis is our strong suit.
TEAS—Solo ugents for Dragon, Radwuira, Deckugeilio and B.
A, Special (loose). Need no recommendation.
Our currants, raisins1, poel, jolly powders, jnms. Jollies, picklos,
relishes, canned moats, biscuits etc., aro all of the host and you
'will find wo curry only the highest quality.,
I- |4-H-M»M*'I4*H'*'H* .'■. '.■*•>
i A i At A*A-A*^'A«^^W^*A-_----_----_--_--A__A_--_^_fc_-__i^l-i-_iii_l
fi Roses or Royal Household flour  $1.75 per sack
6 packages of Force  25 cents.
8 lbs. of extra good creamery butter $1.00.
We solicit your trade t.ccause it pays YOU.
Clocks, Watches, Pictures, Books,
Razors, Etc., Etc.
for White Swan Washing Powder Coupon-
Send a Two-Cent Stamp for our Catalogue
B. C. Soa|i Works, fijlill
^%        i
Large Glass Fruit dishes,
Only 30 cents each
Largo Glass Water Jugs,
Only 35 oents eaoh
Glass Tumblors,
Only 45 cents a doz.
6 Piece Class Table Setts; Butter
Dish; Cream Jug; Spoon Holdor,
Sugar Bowl,
Only 50 cents a set
Now is the time to lay in your
stook of winter fuel. Order
your wood right aw»y..___»
H. Thornley
TBOMXtfc        -
In the police court yesterday morning two charges were laid ti_aii_t
Oeorge Paris. One wus that of having curried concealed weapons, which
was not proceeded with, but to which
Paris entered a plea of not guilty.
He was represented by F. El. McD.
Russell, of Vancouver.
Paris was also charged with having fired a shot with intent to do
grievous bodily harm. He entered a
ploa of not gaiilty.
The case wns adjourned until Wednesday, when evidence will be presented. Bail was fixed at $10,000,
hull of the amount in his own bond,
j„nd two others of $2,500 each.
On bohnlf of tlio lacrosse club of
New Westminster it Is nnnvUhood an
investigation of Saturday's disurace-
rtil affair is io lie mudo and nn effort
Mayor Nicholson to be Asked to Car
Public Meeting.
There ia Just a chance that ai_
Athletic Club will be put up in the
city alter all. No one has ever attempted to deny Lhe need ot one, and
there has l>een all kinds of talk a-
uout it. What was lacking, however, was for some one to take the initiative and head tho movement. That
some one has come forward in the
person of the Bev. -las. McMillan.
! Mr. McMillan, be it understood, is
not trading upon his ministerial (position, lie is a lover of clean
and an advocate of mental
and physical culture. Ho deplores
the lack of a   library, as well as the
j        S. 3. HUMBOi/r ASHOKE.
Big American Passenger Boat Badly t
Frank Allison was in town lost
night and this morning and brought
word ut" two murine accidents. It
seems that the big American freight
and passenger boat, the Hum bull,
which trades to Alaskan ports, ran
ashore on Satouruai island uu Mon-
,duy night. Tho ship suffered coneid-
| crublo damage her bows being all
stove in. Howevor, tlie holes wero
I patched up with cuuvas, and she
was towed off by the tug Lorno
and taken down to Esquimalt to be
The tug Owen also came to grief
at tlio lighthouse lust night. There
was a very thick fog, and tho tug
ran ashore and tlio scow, which she
was towing aud which was loaded
with coal, also grounded. However,
they were not in such a bad fix ami
both tug and scow gut off with only
the Joss of a few tons of coal.
audit the city books.
The new by-laws, the one for the
regulation of places of amusement,
and the other for the protection of
shade trees, wcre affirmed without
Aid. Koberts reported that Messrs.
Wright and Weir had drawn his attention to somo trees which were a
menace to their property on the cor-
Iner of Third avenuo and Methuen
street. Mayor Nicholson thought
that if the trees were dangerous,
they ought to be cut down, but it
it was a question of funds. Aid,
Matheson thought the Same, ami Aid.
Campbell declared that if thc people
cut them down themselves they
would be doing no more than mimy
others had done in the town.
The Council then adjourned.
Now Bylaw Which Will Govern
Conduct of llilliui'il Rooms
Bowling Alloys.
Phone 7-v,
Tho following Is a copy of tho now
amusement bylaw which' wns rend a
third time at the Inst mooting of tho
council nml which will conic up for
ratification on Monday evening.    It
was clniiso five which led to such an
interesting exchange  oil Aldcrmiuhic
opinion upon tho question uf the observance of the Sundny:
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1—An inspector of licences hcroin-
(^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^■^^■■■■■■l tf    after
8_)_____(-)_O8gf&eCe08^^ Irefencd    to   shall bo appointed by
^J5__________B__g______g__'_=-BS_gg-_ggggBg   ' -CT 'resolution of tho Council, and in the
*———*———^— meantime, and until such    appoint
ment is made, the Chief of Police
shall fulfill tho duties.
2—Every person requiring a licence
to carry on nny of tho trades, callings,  occupations or businesses cnu-
jmerated or referred to in this bylaw, shnll apply in writing to tho
Licence Inspector for such licence before the issuance thereof.
3—Before a licence for nny dance
hnll, skating rink, bowling alloy,
billiard  room,  pool room  or   other
places of public amusement, tho Inspector shall ascertain if the applicant thereof is of good character,
and tho same in the case of all mem-
bons in the caso of a firm or corporation, and shall mnke report thereon to tho Mayor. If such roport doos
not show the applicant to bo of
good character, tho application shall
he referred to and bo dealt with by
tho council nnd tho applicant   shall
tbo hoard in support. *
4—Liconces for danco halls, skating rinks, bowling alloys, billiard
'rooms, pool rooms nnd othor places
of public amusement, hereafter issued shall he issued good for week
days o-ly.
■Public dance hulls, skating
rinks, bowling alleys, billiard rooms,
amusement shnll lie closed nt twelve
o'clock midnight of ouch dny, anil
remain closed until six o'clock of
tho following morning nnd on Sun-
dnys ro thnt neither dancing, sknt-
pool may be carried on therein by
nny of tho public. Provided thnt this
clause shall not apply to entertainments organized for charitable or
politic purposes or organized nnd
givon by private or fraternal organizations,
<!-—Xo boy under tho ago of sixteen
lyours shall ho allowed within nny
bowling alloy, billiard room or pool
room In tho City of Ladysmith nor
I shall any game of chanco or hazard
with dice, cards, or any othor dovlcn
to bo played for money tie permitted,
nor shall money bo used in connection with any gnnie within thc places
of amusement mentioned in this lection beyond tho actual fjo charged
by tho proprietor or keeper of such
ploco of amusement,
7—Any person found guilty i f i.
broach of sections   flvo and six   nl
'this bylaw, shall on conviction thei'o
of boforo a Polico Magistrate or rny
Justice or 'Justices of tho Ponce iov-
Ing Jurisdiction In tho City nf Lady
smith,  on  thc oath of nny credible
.witness, forfeit and pay at the dis-
iorotion of tho said Police Magistrate
'justice or Justices convicting, a
ponalty, not exceeding tho sum of
fifty dollars (In addition to costs)
for each offence.
iido to punish the |>crsons who   in
[cited the trouble.     The oillciais     of BPort'
the Westminster club proposo to vis-,
it punishment on their own members'
as well    ns on    the Vancouver men. |a,)Bence of headpuarters for the var-
Thc.,- will, thoy declare, nek for  the
suspension of Vernon Green, nnd will
also suggest  that severe censure be
passed on   Tommy and   Jimmy Gif-
ford and Galbratth, for the part thoy -   —-   —
took in tho trouble.     They are also j h"et?5i<» a.  lend in the matter
ious sporting organizations. He is
so convinced of the need of those
things, and of the benefit they would
lie to the town, the boom thoy would
be to the youth of the city, that he
endeavoring to ascertain now     whol;8 ohiMb*    ^natures to a  peti-
to lhe field  tlon re9u«sting the Mayor to cell   a
brought the rotten
nnd threw thom at the players
public meeting to consider may and
means    of getting   on athletic hnll,
•r,n,-= n-,W'th which sha" ''e incorporated    a
liA_K,s Of' -library ond reading parlor.
j   It is to be hoped that the meeting
• will     fie well attended,     and   that
taken.     The thing can be dono ensi-
Scienee    has camped ninny    times  ■     ■""■
close on the trail of fairy talc. Fro-1 broml>t and effective action will
quently it has seemed to take    tho
load from wonder stories purely im-ily e,10uB*''     A'l that Is needed is
aginary.     There was an instance the .
other day when Prof. Francia   Dar- *
win told the British Association    of' ADMIRAL
his conviction that plants have memory and habits, and at least a suggestion of consciousness.
Prof. H. W. T. Wager continues on
The football club hus lost a loyal
lUpporter nnd an active worker in
the person of 'A. Walker who litis
left town to take up u position ns
book-keeper with the 0. P. R. at
Revoistoke. Quiet and unassuming,
Archie was n man of sterling qualities nnd an iirdcnt advocate of pure,
I clean sport. He has worked indefati-
gubly for the Football Club, and
his services will be greatly missed.
His judgment was thoroughly relin-
ble, and, as a member of tho executive he sought only to do the very
best for tho club. He was deeply interested, too, in the question of an
Athletic Hall, and, had ho stayed,
could huve been depended upon to
toko an active part in its promotion. The footbnli boys1 are all
mighty sorry to lose him; but they
wish him every success in his new
sphere, and in this tho manager most
heartily joins.
Nanaimo,   Sopt.  28th
_.  .._,__ ,   Admiral  Klngsmill,    head   of the
this striking) line of new thought in Marine service of Canada, arrived in
natural history. He displays lenses;th° e}iy today on the noon train
(token from leaves in support o. a" „_„ tspX %Tior
claim that plants have to some de- tho West Coast,
gree the sense of sight. At least \ Admiral Klngsmill is a distinguish-
they can see where to turn for the ? ?Il,nadi*nr'He was born at ^O'Ph
light most favorahl. to life and %%& _?£ Sffi5ft_f tin.
8'owth. I the Boyal Alfred of tho North Ara.ri-
'can and West Indian    station.     He
fioii'l.two :p.mhih-|k»,i'(i«'-
HKft, fnt ii i-nnyitf mt tn)
Irmly l ii.«..nt_ilh_»i_iet
t-oilitlty ami ei.1r.ii1.) 11
HnimiH," (till of iniet_,,
hiK, viihmlilr uiul prni.11
Rid niftiriiiHtliiii tor urn..)
' in our buslnoss since coming
to Ladysmith Is duo lo the
satisfaction given our custjui-
ei'8. Excellency of quality tnd
good valuo for money rocoivod.
That is our motto.
Our stock is larger and mors
fully assorted than ever end
you are cordially invited to
inspect it—got our prices un
watches, rings, gold brooches,
bracelets, ladles- and gouts
chains, etc, etc.
Watch work a specialty and
all work thoroughly guaranteed,
"The   Jeweler   and   Oettcan."
The practical trend of these    u_- „,„„, for a ^   ,n tnc BritannT-
coveries is not apparent.     Just now  training ship,   leaving in  Dccemibor,
the new ideas of plant consciousness 1870, and In June 1871, he was ad-
may impress most laymen as   being "?itt2;las midshipman. Hc served on
. „ _. .,.    _    .      ~7 , the Bristol, the arladno and the To-
espocially pretty conceits, having the pM. raogtly in Atlantic waters, go-
charm heightened by the possibility ing aa far south as the Capo of
iof a  shade of truth. JGood Hope and the north to Hali-
u i it.   . —    ,~i„„.„™ .u.     h'.„. _*•   In 1'874 he    was    sent to tho
But tho two professors who    ha-e Wagt ,nd|(Ul ,n tb_ 0_m   |md     ,B
spoken already have not eivept    the isto ho wns    made   sub-lieutenant,
whole range of hyjiothesls. Shall wo serving in the Bullfinch.    In June,
not hear from a  third man, subtly |f*fj ho w«» "PPolntod to her Ma"
, .      .   „    . „ ...      'IJosty's    yacht    Victoria and Albert
wise, who shall tell us that the ,„„„ ,„ Sopt. 0, the same yeur ho
Igirowing things can also talk among was made lieutenant. In 1878 nnd
'themselves?     That when we     speak 18"9 he served in tho Mediterranean.
„, ,.,„i,,„,„.i i——.,  ..a it., —i., From 1881 to 1885. as first lieute-
of    whisiierlng trees    and the grain Bftnt of tb_ Anb   b_ _M mgmeA
that sings In the breeze, we are deal- j„ suppressing the slave traffic in
ing with'more of fact than we real- tho Persian Gull. This duty, chasing
i._o [slave vessels undor all sorts of un-1— —   -— "-•
„, . ,! favorable  conditions,    was  arduous  find bolnK made
We ought     to desire somothlng of and trying, tho heat Intense,    wator
this sort in positive revelation,   The scarce and often bad.
manifestation of actual voices 0f the'   During the  Somali  campaign     of
 ._      ,    a, a    aa—       i -i ■ 1884 Lieutenant Kingsmjll     was in
woods    pleading ond raging against _baTg. _. the to__ aBnd gma„   port
the forest killers of our times   is   a 0f _eyla, in the Gulf of Aden. There
miracle to be prayed for.—New York was a  groat deal  of unrest among,    ..."       ,        _„__j
WorI(I. (the tribes at tho time, but tho pros- native houses have been washed
onco of tho British warship had   a         ' "       '~
good effect. The Arab was paid
I HEREBY give notice that I Intend to make application to tho
Board of Liconslng Commissioners ot
the Oity of Ladysmith, at thoir
next regular meeting, for a transfer
of tho retail liquor llcenso now held
by mo In respect to the (Portland
Hotel, Ladysmith, from inysnlf to
John Barclay and John Conlin.
Ladysmith, B. 0„ Sept. 9th, 06.
SEATTLE, Sept. 29.- A special
| cable to the Times says that a lone
bandit appeared on tho trail between
Nome and Council, Alaska, and held
up elghl miners and secured about
way and there has been a  heavy loss
[o7'isa77i7'lA77n7t'1'7!am ?!! |ol life in the Hyderabad and Deccun
STORY IN FRISCO*. ana    lieutenant Klngsmill
I then jolnod tho Cormorant sloop   jn districts    as a  result of the flood-
PAPER.      ^^^^
To ths -fleet That Man Who Threw
Bomb at Emperor Napoleon is
living in Los Angeles.
whloh ho served for four and a half
yoars. In this latter period tho Cormorant visited many of the South
Pacific Islands, and on the way
homo in 1899 tho captain died of
yollow fevor, whon Capt. Klngsmill
assumed command and proceeded to
Gibraltar as lieutenant in command.
Sept. av. ■ Capt   .jjjngsmin in 1890,'   in charge
der. ond visited in the period many
"""jof tho Now Guinea group of Islands.
Empelror Louis Napoleon |fIo retired     from the    Goldfinch in
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Sept. 29. uap.   Jv1_ssmu]
-The Call publishes a story to the of the Goldfinch, proceeded to tho
1'llect that Coiute Camillo de Rudio,' Australian station, whore in June
the Itallun exile, who threw one of'J8"1* be ,,!a.9. promoted to common
tlie bombs that shattered the
rlage    of ^ _ „.- _„ ,„„„«,,     lrum ine    uoionncii ir
III. ttnd Empress Eugenie, killing 10 1891 and travelled for a period, vis-
persons und injuring 150 others   in '']"? H<-n»"'"'. somo of tho western
, , ._ i__, » i ,. ,ntn I Stntes and reaching Toronto in
Paris on the night oi Jan. 14, 1858, |Anri, 18M, In October of thnt year
is living quietly In Los Angeles with ho served at Portsmouth, remaining
hls English wife who aided him to thoro iu9t ono Voar. ""h™ ho was
a-ap. th. .conoid, and ha. bm ft°.^n^™^° - **
with him ovsr since. In nccomhor 1894, ho was in corn-
According to DeDudio, the plot to mnnd of the Blenheim, which con-
kill the French emperor wns origin-1 ^""l th° body of Sir John Thomp-
. a c    ,. „     n—, t    .    i   ,     son  to Halifax. During that     cold,
ated by relics Orslno, who took in- rougn j0„rn(,y t0 this side of the
to his confidence himself, Guisepiie| Atlantic there wero no fires ln tho
I'lore, and another exile named Go- officers' quarters except In the ward
.- m,,_ ,a— .,.. thnt „_,.,.. room and captain's room. In Sep-
inc_. Ihe idea was that an uprisingL,,, lm\ ho WM appointod to
lu I ranee would be followed by one tho Archer and sont to tho China
In Italy ln wlllch ths monarchy j Station, and during the throo years
would he overthrown. h<> wns thcre he visited many plncos
ti_ ii.t,,,,-,--,.    ni thn un—,.    „j '« Japan and China, nnd spent throe
lhe throwing    of the bombs    and        tha    on Kamsehatka    coast on
the    execution ol Orilnl and Pierre,seal  fishery protection duties.     He
ure mattora of history.    Gomez was' served on the Gibraltar during   tho
sentenced to life Imprisonment.   De-'""™1 nrtirl0,_V^, °f .T''     ""lo^
,, „    ,        ., ...   iMIldarn,  Australian  station,     1900
rudio escaped on hi. way to the to I(K)S. on tho .Resolution battle-
gallows to which ht had been con- ship in tho manoeuvres of 1901: on
domnod, by tho aid of his wife, Eliza the Majostic from January. 1905 to
„».f^        ,,—„-.. - "—'•>   ,on»   — "-- «--'---
which followed the unprecedented
rainfall. The river Musi rose sixty
feet, all the bridges were carried a-
way and the country wus devastated
for many miles in either direction.
Corpses were strewn everywhere and
scores of bodies have been found in
the branches of trees where they were
lodged by the sivollen waters. The
native hospital at Hyderabad was
NdiTininod by the water and collaps
ed, all the inmates being buried in
the wreckage.
Booth, an English woman. Hs was Mnrch' 190fi. on the Dominion from
afterwards sont to Devi.'. Island but tfp$ft£^^?&.
made his escape and after many vl- to May 1908, on tho 12th of which
clasltudes renchod California. In his month ho was promoted to tho posl-
story, DsRudio declares that Fran- Hon of near Admiral at Dovenport.
KrAmn foinni «i,. Mi'ii ... "e wcars tho Quoou's modal, Egyp-
ocsco Csippl, the Italian statesman, tlan medal, 1904, tho Khedive's
was cognizant of the plot and that bronze star and tho modal of the
Crlppl was ln conference with Orel- '""Mrs' Legion d'Honnour.
-_---_-i  -♦—	
nln a  few moments before the bombs
were thrown.
Nokomis, Sosk., Sept. 26.— Chris.
,      ,, , Matheson, section foreman on the 0
MONTREAL,   Sept.    29-Nomlna-'   "D« '  «ncr3nrta_d you to say, Mrs T.P., Is lying ln tho Nokomis hoi.pl-
tlons for the general    elections yes- °'Br»».     that your husband drta_l ta! In a critical condition suffering
tcrdoy were:       Cornwall and Stor- a*tceiSf''efW »__, ■  _,.   .t..»     a   ,_    hiw
mont,   R. A. Pringle, Conservative;     "No> JiOgs, yer honor; hs    don'
Additional Evidence  of tho Mineral
Wealth    of   the   Island
Laid Bare.
Another big coal deposit has bcon
located on Vancouver Islandnnd de
velopment is being arranged. Tho
new find which has boen mado by experts who have been engaged in'boring for some months past with diamond drills by the Wellington Collier Company is situated at Deep
Bay, about three miles south of Union Bay, whore tho bunkers of the
company aro at present located to
supply ships with the fuol brought
over the short railway lino from the
Union collieries about olevon miles
further north. Tho exports have located good conl with o seum of eight
leet in thickness. It has been doci.iod
to sink a shaft and start wo/kin?,
the new seam as soon as th*^ necessary machinery can be Be^ured. and,
it is understood, bunkers^ will be
built at Deep Bay and \ tho conl
brought to tidewater for \shipmont
at that point. Tho find will result in
the establishment of still Vnother
coal port on the Vancouver \lsland
Tho tug Pilot which reached ' tho
outer wharf on Friday, brought various officials of the company and
others from the scene of tho new
find. The experts were sont to drill
noar the place whore the seam has
boon located many mouths ngo and
the drill used was found not to reach
far enough. Longer drills were secured and the borings resulted in the
BOMBAY, Sept. 29—Thousands   ot
LONDON, Sept. 29.—The problem
of dealing with tho unemployed iu
tlie great centres of population
throughout the United Kingdom is
being seriously considered by tho government authorities, all of whom
agree that tho numbor of persons
out of work will be greater tho coming winter than ln many years before. No estimate has boon nitide of
the unemployed tn London, but a
census taken by the newspapers of
provincial cities shows alarming niun
Tho conditions at Glasgow aro pro
bably worso than In most of tho oth-
citios, there being 22,000 mon now
seeking work, at that placo; Sunderland has 13,000 unemployed, Birmingham, 10,000; Liverpool 14,000;
Manchester, 8,000, and other dtles
from 1,000 to 5,000 eaoh. These figures do not Include the groat army
of strikers in the Lancashire cotton
trade. Distress funds are now being raisod throughout tho country.
from a gun   shot    wound   In    his
11 throat, the accident occurred In    a
Teams Redrafted   tor Double Headei
on Sunday Afternoon.
At a meeting of the executive
lhe Football <JluL> last night it w
docidod to reduce the number
leiuiis In the City Leuguo to lour J
This was doue ior the reason that
ihu teams would be stronger,
games would be better, and the in-l
lerest on additional inducement glv-l
en to the public tu attend. The ciim-|
miuee also arranged that one oil
them should look ufter each team,!
and help the captain to turn it outj
in full strength. H^^^
The teams now are the Thistle.,!
the Nationals, the Boavers, and the
nnucks. All four teams will bs
engaged on Sunday fternoon, tbs
Canucks mcetini' the Beavers, an*1
tho Thistles playing    the Nationals.!
The teams will Un   up us follows:]
Goul— Morrison. H	
Backs— lliuduiarch     and     0'Con-|
Halves—Cello, Simpson, Eno.
Forwards— Cloke, Hughes, Adam, |
O'Connell, Simpson.
i„scrves— A. Crossan A. Kerr.
111       BEAVERS.
Goal— Dunbar.
bucks—Hewlett and Jackson.
Halves—Harrop, Leahy, Morgan.
Forwards—Cosier, Graham, T. Mc-|
Millun, R. McMillan, E. Orde.
Reserves—Scobie, J. D. McKay.
These teams will play flrst, the j
game starting at 2 o'clock sharp. At J
a quarter past three the game w th J
the Nationals and Thistles will com- j
inoiice, the line up being as follows:
Hacks—Christian und Parsons.
Halves— Wynne, Bellis, Main.
Forwards— Wright, Haworth, Philr
lips, Warburton, Provins.
Reserves— Larrigon and Bryden.
..     .  ' THISTLES,
/d'oal— Hartley.
Backs— Struthers, Sanderson.
Halves— Grainger, Strang, Fagan.
Forwards—Wilkinson, Mechte, Aken-,j
head, Irving,, J. McMillan.
Reserved— I„wis, Campbell O'Connell.
Vancouver, Sept. 28.—W. W. B.
Mclnnes, iu closing his address at a
rally of thu Liberal party in thsir
committee rooms in Hastibgs street
on* Saturday evening said the following of tho lato Judge Cane:
'1 do think it is fitting that before closing I should suy a few
words by way of tribute to our old
friend Judge Cane, who has been
called from us so suddenly. We recall him as an old comrade in many
a political fight. To me he was particularly dear. I knew him years ago
in Nunaimo whoro ho was my warmest friend, and it was to Judge Cana
more than anyone else that I owed
my first entrance into public life
in Canada. In him we saw one of the
best types of a largo-hearted and
fair-minded mini. Ho was a hard
fighter beforo ho was elevated to the
bench, but ho was always a fair
fighter. During the two years that
he wus on the beuch his career was
one that any judgo iu Canada might
envy. Always of a fair disposition,
hc brought to his decisions a calm
and judicial mind. W© have a right
to refer to him as a splendid torpe
of good citizenship, and when we
think of his sudden call, when we
see theso things upon us and the
leaves of liie fulling fast about us,
it should mako us all realize more
forcibly what lifo is meant to be,
and attune us to do more earnestly,
what is right by our fellow-men, so
that when the death summons comes
to us we will be able to answer
that wo huve done our part."
Fort Wayne, Ind., Sept. 29.—A notable event in Masonic circles wan
the laying of the corner stone here
today for the new Scottish Bite cathedral1. The event was accompanied by Interesting ceremonies In
which prominent Masons from many
parts of Indiana took port.
L'.AMumptlon, B. Sfftttn, Lttxral.    fllrl,,k eW**Myi    It'• al-nys whls car ln th0 railway yard..
KIOTO, Japan. Sept. 29— Postponement of government undertakings involving the expenditure of
8100,000,000 In accordance with ths
pol^y receotly announced by Premier Kntsurn does not mean that
the government has censed activity
in this direction. It is authoritatively stated that the fundamental
principle of the postponement consists in so arranging the funds for
tho projected enterprises that thsy.
may bo carried out without i*-'
tronchmont but deferring their completion three or four years.
In recent years there has developed a considerable growth of the annual' surplus which It Is expects* the
government will hereafter utlllss In
development of a peaceful character.
.. . ..-J;? If You Require Any
that a start will be made with the
| actual work of both systems before
the term of the present Council has
w.ni.mirvuv,   if i   0ur "iPutotfies are due to the shade
AGREEMENTS Drawn j0l Sydney Smith, and to the pa-
itience of our readers. We have suffered altogether too much in the last
few issues at tho fingers of the man
on tho    monollne or the gentleman
Or If You. Require Any
•r If Yos Wan* to toy a _».«_,
er Sell Ons;   or If Yeu   Weat
Natal? -_»1_, Oeans-sosr.
Ladysmith   Standard
Published on Wednesdays ana _*«ui-
aaya Afternoons by th*
__»YU_,T_ P.B--SKN- OO.
„©b». R. Htnd_,~reh,
One Year  11.50
tux Mouths       76
Ail»wfl»U_  Rat—i ou Application.
 ™-~v-~v^_w_w-*w-vttcw«>_^ .
Itoijdawi $JoM|g Qmscm I
Whatever the season may have in
store for the Reds and Whites, tho
first game has been won. There   is
an old adage that a bad start means
,     . .a good finish and vice-versa!-Tpre-:
who is supposed to road our proofs. |(er the goud start an„ u ^ Hnm
We declare upon our honor that   we take care of ltse„, Tw0 g__e,.have
have written none of the foolish ami b0on played In the Pacific Coast lea-
nonsensical things     with which     we guo anu champions and ox-champlons
havo boen    credited.     Sydney Smith have each two points to their credit.
declared     'that     "Orthodoxy ta my Neither porformanco, may ba,vu been
doxy,  ftnd heterodoxy is your doxy" altogether    satisfactory,     but    tho
or something to thnt eflect. The sec- points wero annexed and    there.... is,.
ond lino was dropped in our issue of thno to improve. ,   ,    ,,,-,  ,, ,..,,
Saturday, and wo ore made to   des- 'Wle   conditions, of.. tbo, gamo
eribe tho bold statoment that "orthodoxy is my doxy" as a "biting
sarcasm." Again in anothor part
of tho articlo, tho word "similar" ia
printed, whereas wo wrote "secular" '
Of of courso mistukfcs will occur; but i Victoria on    Saturday.    Owing    to
Saturday were vory similar to those
which inurkeed tho opening game in
Nanaimo. Vancouver put a scratch
team on tho field,' and tho chamV
pions never rose- to their truo form;
Something of thoiisfuma was seen iu
we all do enough when w© shoulder
those for which wo are responsible,
and we must confess to a natural
objection to Iio heingi made to say
silly things.
Tho "Herald" in its issue of Tuesday morning, contained a characteristic article on Ralph Smith. The
editorial was suggested liy tho smoker which was held in .Smith's Nana!"
uio commltteo rooms on Saturday
evening last, nnd embodied a very
handsome, if not fulsome, eulogy of
Ralph os a mnn of irreproachable1
principles nnd a politician of 'dhiiri'
peaohabie Integrity, Of course;'this
is all right for tlio Herald, and easily understood. But it goes 'out of
tho way to dreg in Mr.- Shepherd
whom it accuses of describing Smith'
freak" at tho Conservative
The citizens of Ladysmith will
shortly have placed hefore them for
their consideration a sewerage bylaw. Mr. Mohun, the Victoria engineer, has completed his work, and
the Council has now in its possession   plans,     profiles, and specifics- I as
tions for a complete city system, [convention held in this city.-
The total estimated cost for tho in- We attended that convention', and wo
stalletion of tho system is $50,000. have no recollection of Shepherd over
This is the part of the Mr. Mohun's using such a word. But, even if
work which will have most interest he had, wo don't soo why such spce-
for our citizens. The iigure is low, jdy repentance should have overtaken
very low, compared with what had,him. Ralph Smith went into poii-
bcon expected in well infoi'mod cir- i tics by nnd with the votes of organ-
cles. Notice of motion was immo-,ized labor. Who keeps him at 6t-
diately givon by Aid. Matheson that tawa? Ho-started out asindepend-
he would bring in u by-law to bor- ent Labor, with the avowed object
row money for the purposo of put-! of obtaining for his class whatever
ting in a sewerage system, and the concessions ho could squeeze from
by-law may bo ready for tho mcet- oithor party. Where is henOW? How,
ing of the Council on Mondny oven-; stands he now? "Four square
ing, and will certainly como beforo n" the winds that blow," says
the citizens in the space of a few!Herald,
weeks. j  «. __
There ls no reason to doubt that)
tlie by-law will be,—nproved so soon I
ns ever it is submitted.    The  time
hue Piissed when a money bylaw ap- VANCOUVER, Sept. 26,-Oharac-
lieored as a  bogey to tho' rate-pay.-',.,,,.     ,, 7 <*durao-
ers. That was demonstrated ,„ the ^*Fw " l" " * *"7**_* T
case of the electric light<by-law and' f°S"' **! "' MCrnn98' th9 Ub"
we believe it wiU be shown in even >T' "" ,"^I"** ^^"^
more conclusive fashion in the Zn- &_T T^ £?' ""***   «*.*ft
i night s rally at the liberal haadquar
ing ballot.     The town hns Improved
all round    since the citizons decided 177\t.I«
they would have lights, even if they„C W , nalx"aiM* ,or N*
"W ing tho Dunsmuir government in pow
er, before accusing him of mailing a
fruitless attempt last summer to-secure the support of Mr. Kelly, tha
Liberal leader in Vancouver.   .
Mr. Martin," said Mr, Mclnnes,
"has betrayed the great principles he
fought for in Manitoba. Seven years
ago at Victoria, he threw them to
rhe winds when he accepted a campaign subscription of $2,500 from
the Whito Pass and Yukon railway,
and turned' a- deaf ear to the clamors of-the people of the north, who
wanted railway competition as Uie
result of the exorbitant freight and
passenger rotes, and at a period
when a syndicate was prepared t*o
build a  competing road.
"But this deal falls into insignificance compared" with the other deal
Jn which.Mr. Martin was the prime
.actor, .1 am prepared to prove on
Ithe public platform that In the
had to borrow $25,000. Side by
Bide with this buoyancy of tone and
spirit exists Uie deep-seated conviction of the necessity of a system of
sewerage. Phore were many who
even went so far as to oppose tho
electric light question on tho ground
that a system of sewerage was the
greater necessity of the two, and
ought to have come first. Now that
the Council has completed the preliminaries and is .ready to, proceed,
the by-law should'be gon'erully endorsed by the citizens.
It may be that the work of instal-
ing the two systems of light and
sewerage will be proceeded with simultaneously. For 'some reason .or
other Mr. Marpole, the managing
head of the western section of the
Canadian Pacilic Railway, has not
been able to pay ids promised visit
to Ladysmith.    Meantime, the coun-
some mistake. several of the senior
pluyers. down there woro not regis-
torod in time, and substitutes had
to bo sought at the last uiomont.
Tho g-uio therefore wus hardly. up
to the standard" which' one expects
from tho nieotin# of representative
olo^ons. Thoro'woro bright spells to
tho 'game; but for tho most, part tho
display was ragged and uneven.
The ground had something to do
with this. Tho game was played in
the Royal' Athletic. Park, which has
the.'advantage of being closo into,
town.,, The, .field Is also fairly level
and can be made Into a splendid
pitch; but as' it is now-tho surface
is seamed 'witli ditches and scored
with  small > rises,,,and    depressions.
NO GAME. ho signed a Cleveland contract.
. i     "1 um here," said McGuire the oth-
to have boen "a'city- cr *duy m :UlovolaiKl; :.''b*adk1;:"C.:m;ty-
on Sunday afternoon lm nbio to .help Cleveland out. Tlio
Naps are* fUnying grout, ball and I
think have _' splendid chanco to win
tho pennant. Iiiim not as lin'sly $i
I was onco, but I will help all I cilll
in coaching anil helping out in othor
ways;. If JBomls should ho hurl I am
willing to go behind the but without
any hesitancy. I Is my ni-in right?
Woli, I should say it was."
There was
league game
between the Boavors and Canuclfs.
-However, some of the Beavers failed
to show up, and tho match had io
■be' called1 oil. A gamo of sorts was
played for the benefit! of. thoso sup-;
porters, who were on tno' grounds,
but the exhibition wns hardly appreciated. Now it is of no use tho
executive arranging matches1 if' tho
players.-will nut turn up audit is
to bo, hoped thnt this will ,bc tlio
last'disappointment this senson.
,, Says the Van
smith is going
tt champion 'te:
latest mbve;beii
bring four . ipi
;rhey, are Duggi
Is accounted o
country, ' McG
and   Scottish
Brass, j inside 1
outside right.
from tlio  Cleti
shows tho ahio'
Ists botweon
mo and how thi
to show less enl
ing bf players,
of them sendini
the. big profess,'
old country,
San Francisco
■Will Battling [
title against 'Packey 'McFariand with
the  next threo months nnd wi
cil has, in conformity with his   ex-l^' .T™ "T"™ '"„" " tW'pro"
vnmed    wish, canceHed all nego£:    '    lT„* *" °_ 19°° h9 '"****
tlon, for the sale of' the city" S .. ST*****' ™'™> *»    "
tures.     Mr. Marpolo was "to     have
been up a   week ago,  but has'   not
yet put ln an appearance.     It is almost    certain     that,  when he does
come, the   city bonds will be taken
over by the company.     In tho meantime tho sewerage by-law can be (iur'1
ried through, and, if, by any chance,'
there should bo n  hitch ln tho deal
with the C'P.R., tho two loans'could
be lumped    together and the debon-
t'ires offered en bloc. " No doubt it
t would ho much easier to borrow seventy-five than twenty-five thousand
dpflars,  and the one will thus'help
i Pn, ffy <?lther/ , There-is nO' question
tniit the safest and the cheapest plan
is to borrow the whole of th6"*nbnoy'
required and proceed to put in   thc
• of the Great Northern rail-
way. :i„.   ■.    , .
"If he threw his principles to the
winds for 12,500, what concessions
was he prepared to make for ■ the
larger gift?" asked Mr. Mclnnes, and
he was cheered by his supporters.
Consequently the "footing was npt|the Chicago stockyards fighter cop-,
only difficult hot tlio bounce of tho SOnt to K° tne forty-five round routo
ballwas novor 'certain; nnd' this jwlth, the champion? These aro the
nlone'.'WaS' responsible for several or^ questions uppermost ln the minds of:
rors.,..     i    ml itne followers or tho pugilistic gumo,,
Thero was, ~ome blunder about tho and everybody Is hoping that thoy
reforce. Mr. , Rock, of Seattlo, was "vi" '*0 answered to the satisfaction
appointed' liy the executive in Na- of tho l)ublic before the edge wears
naimo to rofe'reo tho game on Sntur- 0|T tho Present interest in tho mntch.
day„,whilc Mr. Locklcy was to offi-1 Jt !°ol<ed a week ago ,p.s. if there
ciu,ta at Seattle. Last week, first wns "ot a "-'""nee in tho world for
the Colonist'and then the■ Herald'_ni'lt,10;n,cotin*"'but ei'lhc days'flit by
■rtourtced tlittt A'lbert Bradshaw would >"*_% man seems -inclined to como a
tako tho whistle. Tho ."Standard" bit ncum' lbe cri)cial,/point. ..The
bn Saturda-j gave 'tho' position "to" eagerness which Pnckey has .djaplayr
Mr. Rcoks for the reasons flint'he od'Within.-the last few days has lod
wus the man appointed ••by-tho Exe- «HW to, bqliovo that tho 'champion
cutivo and tho club had, been notl- W\ b0 P"luod into giving' him n
fiod by Mr. Will Ellis thut ho would . ch"l•c<, j_n_ bofor°lih8 'ntenflcd, ., .
act. As it, hn'iponcd noitner "'Alboft ' "PERCH" IS TOO HIGH. ,,
nor Mr. 'Reeks lind''Hls lotfer* of 'noti'! - But" before t'horc is anything stir-
fication with him, and there ". wns ring McFurlan'd-will'hnvo to tnkc a
nothing else to do but abido by,.thc. tumblo off. thut lofty perch'whbi'o he
appointment of tho E.xecutivo. Qlear- .has-been chirping since he boenmo a-
ly a grave' blunder had been made' factor in tho lightweight „ brigade.
somewhere, ami ft' Is 6nty fair to He soys'thnt' he is crazy for n
say that Albert accepted tho;position chance to get-nt Nelson nnd in the
in the n-jo spirit of sportsmanship. ,nox,t breath -tolls ono thnt ho -will
These pro1 imlnnrios having been never go forty-tivo rounds—that
settled tho game'Was started. ''Tho t'wdhty-Five is'ns far ns he will ovor
local boys woro soon dbwn but Vig-' travel. ■ r
orious defence work kept tho -.for.-. On tho fnco of it tho proposition
-wartls from troubling Beaney. Play seems ridiculous—McFiirlnnd. a prp..
afterwards see-snwod a bit but tho' tender to the title, dictating tonus
homo boys always looked tho mom'to tho man" who hns boon fighting-
dangerous and hold the -advantBKcHho hardest'til them l'ur six yenrs,
in tho play. A high shot from T. j Unless .Pockoy's prnttllngs conso in
McMillan from the ljno soiled in just i a very,, short. time Nelson will stop
honcntli tho crossbar' fairly boating | answering him nnd go about his
Beaney.. No more scores were'' mode thoatrien I 'affairs Just, ns though his
in this half although, it was;not |rival had never been heard of. Every
for want of chances nml Hartley body knows,now thnt the champion
tipped ovcr tho bar a shot from j is out to fight along fight. Tho four
Buxton of tho very snme kind   thnt mile pa'cij is tho ono forhlm and ns
ho 'hns tho powor to dictate ho can
not boi 'blamed for exorcising it.
The Dano hns become enamored of
tho footlights of lato and this is one
reason 'why lib has not already givon
his consent to taking on McFariand.
Ho has proved to bo a great enrd on
tho stage and can makemuch money
within the noxt throo months in this
country and Europe. He dislikes putting all this behind him and gotting
back to tho grind of tho ring.
.That offer pf $10,000 for a six
rbund go in 'Philadelphia late noxt
month appeals strongly to the champion.-. It Is a-' safe proposition for
him and ronliy, menus a $10,000
cheque In his,hands before ho enters
the ring. He mny take a slight beating from Packey nt tho distance but
he would bo In no dangor oflosing
his hard earned title.
It would not bo surprising if Nolson and McFariand' woro to moot In
Philadelphia in tho limited round
go nnd then como on here nnd sign
for tho renl championship bottlo. six
rounds would not do either of them
any hhrm'nnd would only to crcnte
still moro rivalry and interest in tho
big mntch that must como sooner or
After, a layoff of two years, cite
littio "Eddie Hanlon Is about to
jump into the' limelight again on tho
last night of'the present month ns
a,3toP .liner'against Owen Moran, tho
British Champiqii. Though Eddie hns
16'ng' been rated as a dond ono, his
recent toni-round mlx-up with Johnny- Murphy brought him out of tho
mqrguo. The littio Britisher Is giving
awny weight, to tho locnl boy and
thts is ' a point in Eddie's favor,
evon If he'nover gotH any further. Ho
also has the.ndvnntugo of height
and rench .and, if he can dlsplny nny
thing lito that old-timo form of Ills
the' fans will bo In for a treat
* Bimwdi and Pool #
But Liquor* tnd Cignr*.
ii,i 7ii.i n- i'.-1 -.'■:.'.
-AUNGKSTON, Tan., Seot. 38. —
The British sni|i Look Finland, from
Port Pierre, ' Sbuth Australia, for
Gfflao, wa. wrecked oil Foster Island at daylight yesterday, and   20
f the crew df ^4'were drowned. The
other four of the erew were picked
up by a p__ing steamer.
Foster Island lies a' short distance on ths northeast coast of Tasmania'and it is surrounded by dangerous shoals, 'a strong gale, ac-
compahled by a high sea wna blowing and the "vessel struck ths reef
sad soo-'saiiK'.": The ftyir survivors
report thit the second mate become
insane hurlng the storm and Jumped
overbdord;   "'"''    •  '-.   '     "
■ ^—•"' * ■ "V ..." ;■ '
London, Sept. j 28.—The Canadian
• Flre'-*0hderwrltoi!8' Association   has
Increased;,insurarjeo rates ovor'tlrhc*5
had beaten Beanoy:
Tho socond half was perhaps.mora
hotly contested. Adanj. got through
threo but oh tho first "occasion shot
a littio wide, ori "tho second hit
Iionney ami on -leHthlrd wns robbed
by Beanoy In a sprint. A penalty,
was glvoh for pushing and jimmy,
scored. Sanderson onco had a ol—ir
run from .the centre'Hno'but'wnsVo'P
lurcil and shot intu lleanoy's hands.
Worburton was pi^sonted with a
similar opportunity and Fred mnde
gpod, the ball striking tho under
sldo of the crossbar ■ and glancing
through. Buxton shot through at the
other end but was,givon gtTsido und
tho game ended 3 'to 0 in'fnvor of
■Ladysmith. '■    '    ■■
Tho first thing that has- to bo said
about tho play of tho toam Is that
its back division Is as good as anything, going. Hartley Is in oxcell mt
form already nnd may lie expected
to play up to his repututlon. Christian and Struthors novor made ; a
mistake and the latter saved «. certain scoro. But tho man who should
have the first word and tho highest
praiso, to uso an Irishism, Is • only
a "kid". Jimmy Strung, playod
great game for n time. Up to the
time ho was badly and dirtily foul-,
cd by Thomas, Jimmy was simply
groat, hoops better than ho has oVtr
been scon this season.. His chocking
npd defence Is not, on,|y good; but
his play generally is. brainy imd his
passing and feeding of his forwards
is oxouiplury. Jimmy Is a bofir "fit1
ba' " player. ■   ,   .,.   .,.,. ,      ,!..-....
Wynno and Grainger both played a
good gamo. Joo was strange to his
position, and in thc second half wus
inclined to got too far back-. ■ But
Joo had two big, jfast men. against
him nnd perhaps the cautious game
.was the safest. Wynno had his men
In hand, and his tackling nnd kicking wcro as good as ovor. Ho might,
howevor, pass a Uttlo .better. Thoro
wxire times,- too, when, there wus, a
vory reprehensible 'slackness' in tho
play of the whole line. In n Loaguo
gumo, with so much at stakov aftor
'old country saturday
London. Sept. 26—Only one of the
~      ' ed for this afternoon
the fixture nt Kluok-'
elTield     United  bniig
linost, every Instat-.co
|o us expected.
|lj Preston N.  E,
nil; Bristol 1.
ll Newcastle -IT.,
nnchestor 0„ ii.
, 8; Liverpool
4; Bury 1.
|stoh  Villa, 2.
Nottingham »F.,
Burnloy 0.
Leeds 0.
Grlnishy Town 0.
,, £;  Clapton 0.
0; Bni'iisley 0.
T. 1; Fulham, 1. ,
Ihiun A-. 1:
Tott.orjh__ ,IL„ .a _
1;    Wolveiiinmpton
. lj Bradford 0.
West,Hara..I)., 4; Luton 0.
Brighton nnd If.; 4; nrentford, 0.
Plymouth'A., 0;C rystal r. 0. !   '
Leyton 1; SwIndBn 2.
Southampton- 2;'Portsmouth 0.
Rending 1;,Exeter 2.
Norwich C. 1; Northampton. 0,   , .
.Watford, 'iJ;' New.-Bi'ompton 1.
Bristol R., 4; Millwall, 2.
Coventry, 2; South End 5.
,.   (Continued on/l'uge Throe.)
Steel        Ran\
■ BM&limQ<-M^AJ.^^^T0AS*m^Q BRE_
One way produces evenly broiled meat
eVeEflyty-asted' br.ad without taxing
patience of the housewife.  This way is re]
sented by  "Sa'sk-alta" R&rige. ; The reasc
"Sask-alta" Range has an Autoniatic Lift'
(Patented) in addition to regul
Broiler Door; stnd this team wor
..for the operatoriinstead of m
her work.
Oyster'East School.
SEALED TENDERS,  superscribed
Tender for School-houso," will bo
received by the. Honourable tho Chief'
Conunissidner up to, 4 p.m., of Friday, tho 2nd October, 1008, for tho
erection and,,,completion of a small
oho-room frame School-houso nt Oyster Enst, Newcastle Electoral District.
Plans, specifications, contract and
forms of tender may bo scon on nnd
after the 23rd clay of September,
1908, at the office of the Government ngont, Nnnnimo, and at tlie
Lands and Works Department,, Victoria, B. C. "    *    4
Each proposal must bo accompanied by un accepted-bank chequo or
certificate of deposit on a chartered
bank of Cnnadn, m'ado payable to
tho Honournblo the. Chief Commissioner, for a sum equivalent to ton
por cont. of tho nmount of tho ton-
dor, which shnll be forfeited if the
purty tendering dcclino to outer.into contract when called upon' to do
so, or if ho fnil to complete tho
work contracted for. Tho cheques or
certificates of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will bo roturnod to
them upon tho execution of tho contract.
Tenders will, not bo considered unless made out on tho fonns supplied
slgnod with tho nctunl signature of
the tenderer, nnd enclosed In the on-
lolopos furnished.
Tho lowest or uny tender not no-
uissnrilv nccepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Lands nnd Works Department,
Vlctorln, B. C, 17th September, '08.
T/itl'StKi-aJta", Way
Another way produces
unevenly broiled meat and
unevenly-toasted- -bread -
and taxes the patience of
the housewife.  This way
fcjg regresqntpd Igjr^iJiiost
Ranges.    The   reason:
Some Ranges ha.ve "pnly"(
a Broiler Door, others have
a contrivance like that
illustrated  in  top small
drawing; both of which enjoy the distinctiof
VTW^^ broiler a_
tiring.the eye that directs the aim.
Another W-p
London, Tereirte.MOBtrtrtWhioli)e|.VenceBver, SUefcn, HmiIHm,C
Ladysmith Hardware C<
■ /   «_■     Ol SB nR.M  It
Will bo in Ladysinith ovory Wodnes-:
day at tho Abiiotsford" Hotoi;' 'itoom'
6.'- -RoniHngs and trontmonts-wiH'be|
given. Best of .references given ns
to work done In Nnnalmo.
[ coMrbm*A_L_.
Excellent BoardinJ
Tolephone, 1 •2!4,;
Nanuiiiw -!i. ,C .
i '
r r.
J. _D.-:fl_0^GA]
* j*. !i a*. \*——-
Teacher of Voice Production an j
EngligeEients may be left at tbt]
Standard Office.
Sale of Laud for Unpaid Taxes in South Nanaimo, North Nanaimo
and Nanaimo Oity Assessment: Districts, Province of British Golumbi
I hereby glvo notice that,;on l*Vlduy,|ljjo ninth liny of October, A.U.r.1008, at tho hour of ton o'clock iJ
the forenoon, nt the Court Hiiu,si\ Ninnuiifi'), I shnllj mill nt public auction   the   lands in tho list herolnaft,
set out of tho persons in lliboui'l fist hereinafter set' out for tho delinquent tarfos unpaid by the said
sons on the Mist day of Tlecbiilieri', 1907JJ fend for Interest, costs and expenses,   including tho cost of ai
tlsing said sale, il tho total;'nfiioiiht*' is rjoj sooner* paid. -■" —
Nnmo of Person
tho play is finished and the points
have'boon won is tho time for fun
and jokes. Thore was hot much fault
forward,.. Sanderson 'has-' been seen
to better advantage many a time,',
and T, McMillan had too bulky a
hack against him to shine very much
but at least hc scored ri'gonl. Warburton was bettor, than ho has 'been
and i at. times played hrllliftntlyi .but
he wants to cure himself of,tho,habit of running tho"'ball back. Jock
played his usual hard gnmc And tho
big follow was out of luck. Bis only
goal was a penaltjj'.jfnot. deserved at:
thnt,) but ho ' was through three,
times only he failed'to"lnnd'tho ball
In .the net. He pSssed1 'morofraSly
and- with greater precision on Saturday and was always dangerous,:,-;
' The last word Is, of course,, that
the-game was won' nnd that Is a
great thing In a team's' first giuno
away from homo, fljio it-ble/mow Is
as follows: .„.    . ,   ...   ..
tlca,lly the ,wholp of the __rc_trtHe'
in'tffactMring districts of   tta^dvBmith
a__' m'an
city'beoaiise'oi the,alleged lack of „„        _, . .
flrenflghtlng .applrlttuS _r*l "Vb*1 ^S8_,vw"'' '
yater, pressure,: Vlctorts ,win
A'ftei" a quarter of a century has
passed, Jim McGuire has gone back
to Cleveland, tho town ln which he
first played baseball, both as an
amateur and a professional. Twenty-
six ' or seven years ago. Jim,
thon'playod with the old Riversides,
thon .famous as a corking good amateur club,. He caught such good ball
for that team that Manager Hackott
of the Clovoland Loague team decided
to glvo'bJni' a trial. Jim was scarco-
lyA,rlpe: for fast company thon, however, and he was let out to Toledo.
Ill 1885 ho played with Indianapolis, finishing the second with l*o-
trolt. He then wont to Philadelphia,
putting,in ,tw.q years with the Phillies. He was with Detroit again in
1688,' with 'Toronto In 1889 and
Rochester In 1890. He then wont to
Washington and remained thore until
1699, Ho thon noxt put In throe seasons with Brooklyn. Detroit thon got
hlm AtM kept 'him for throe soasans.
Then he wan With Griffith's Highlanders -until he was allowis'd" to' go'
to Boston as mnnagor during the
season of 1907. His, recent, .reslgnar,
tlon In' consequence of Interference'
l-l.O OvO!by the owner'of the club.-ls'frosli 1ft
1,1 0 0.0, the memories of the fans. Yostorday
Raven  Coppor
Oold Co	
Spratt Coppor
Gold Co	
Tacoma Steol Oo.
Tacoma Steol Oo.
Tacoma Steol Oo.
Treat, H. W	
Van   Anda   Copper
& Gold Co
Van   Anda   Copper
* Gold Co.
Vancouver ,. .Island
. Building Resource
McOtifllo, Estato of
Piittorson, Margaret
Delinquent Taxes.
Interest up to
, date of,   Sale.
Pint of Lot 0,   111 acros, Texada Island
Purt ol 'Lo> 1,  2<v'l ncrci 'loxndn Island 	
Lots 1. 2, 3,' i\ ■ and 5, A)7i acros, Toxada Island
,1'nrt.o/L9t,l(l,..53fl-a,cros„,;j;e.\ada Island ,..,..,,,,.-1    6_,
Lot 23,  220 acres, Toxada fslund  IJi'I'lliU'V 1/si,
I^ots II, 12,'nrid l'S, 'filft' ncros, (Toxnda Island ..
'Lot 2(1, loo acres, liexadp,,Tsland 	
N.W. r Section 28, 11 ntr'cs,' Gn|irlola Island	
E pt. Sect. 2 mid 3, Rnngo 6, 1(7 acres, Codar Dist,
Bock, Estate of Robert  ,. 	
.leek, Estato of, P.o-
bort ,,  •-...
Bock. Estato of Jlo-
bort ...., 'in...
Bock, Estato of Robert  i  I...
Lots 7 and 9, 135 ncres, Toxndiv Island. «_•__•_
Uot 14,- 381   fores, Toxndiv Island, 	
on i
E pt. Sect. 9, Rango 5, 57,acres Crnnborry District.
W pt. Sect. 9, Rnngo fl, 1!) acres,'iJ'Wborrx.XssAjJcl,,,,., ^gg +„ VSr08
E pt. Sect.
13, Range fl, 40 acres, -Cranberry-iJtrleti
'!   ■<   ' _  » :i i!
W pt. Sect. 18
(I        1
, Range 7, 50 acres, Cranberry'DI'strldf
Fl _ D W Pts.
... i o o i a
... l-eo I-•_
llnrnes, Sarah Jniio Lot 25, ] (10 ncres, Wellington District, „-..i	
Pacific Whaling.f'o. Lot ll, 2H2 airos, "Wellington D|-tn_t.i.».**..*•»*.
Jnmos, William
Wallls, Rich. P.'
Wnllls, Rich. P.,
.Gfiiijos,   Ht.ophiin
Part of Lol,'7'f. 8.9 acres..Nnnpnao District 	
Lots '7, 8, \i, 30, an^ 7«,' 20d8 perils, Nanoose Dial.
IWt S3,- IrtO nrfrrc-,''Vftno'om''-l8trlct 	
H ,        .-,.    i . .       '■ . - lUll ' .........
Prtrt of Lots ISAridllfl, ftango,'XI|, fl 37-100  acres,
Nntinlitio"City ' Dlitrlct.! .:7„,)7.\	
♦11.40      f .03      *2.00      $13.«g
,    .
K.l_ '
. Wli
,..,»^n«lmo„l'17t)i Sept.; 1908.
M, I ATE, Collector. ?.: ,:„;_;•!:.„:.:-;-;:
With only one more week' to
half and some of tb* visiting spare
men on the side lines in a jocular
Way sang out for Jackett to scoro,
and he immediately did, running
through the whole Vancouver team.
It was 'Welsh football at. its best and
explained to the spectators why it
was that Wales was the only team
New Zealand couldu't beat. The men
were a little faulty at first and only
but. aftor the inter-
Telegraph.News of the
and Great Wtatora rail
.Tfac.lv mffelv'val 'hey steadied and piled    on the
ufsctly. safely ___,.   .^ mnr_   m£ CQ],stitutfg
Vancouver has the Northwestern base scored 10 points
bnll league    pennant perfsctly. safety'va' they stead lei
.a ,-   ,      i      . ,       - i«_s_ of the score,
tucked away.     Ix Is almost linpos- a r<KoM ,„ rugby   a.lbbSj tho Wo,sh
sible ,1'or,   .the Beavers to lose    the international    three-quarter    .scored
rag now,     for they would have    to j'our, Jack Williams, the Welsh for-
iose   every     one of'their remaining 1^J £* over five times, and Pon-
T   .      ■ ty -Jones, Mc gnu    Oldham, Davey,
games and one of the other leading |jackett and Johnny Williams     each
teams would have to win all its  re- ' ' ' *    ' *■*■- 1-'-~
uioining games to separate tbe Beu-
-f ■*-
vers from the bunting,
ft. ■ This is the second year of the,' re*
organised Northwestern League and
Vancouver has finished In the two
extremes. Last year the local team
wound up in last place with Aberdeen on lop. i This year the Bea-verB
** "' are away up at the top, while Aber
deen will have to battle to finish is
theilrst division.
Vancouver,    Sept. 20.-The    final
championship lacrosse game   of    the
season   between Vancouver and Nsw
■"■"'  -        '   '   Westminster at Westminster this   at-
1...J1-      ;-i ) teTnoon' broke    up in the bloodiest
,,,     . i    .1        row that hue disgraced tbe game in
years.    The fight,'    which was    embellished     by one    shot from a  revolver, occurred at half time, at   5
o'clock,    when Vancouver was hope-
-lessiy-heatan, with a score of  eight
to nothing against them
''•'" -" "   The bad leeling had started earlier
"' "In the game from a  smash    whloh
Vernon Green of Vancouver Is alleged to have dealt Gordon Spring,
who was playing in a championship
game for the first time. Later
ill •   ""-reen-lald'a 'hard one over    Winte-
,,. mute of Westminster, and just    be-
„      .   ..   fore the half time whistle would hare
•, sounded he struck Tomany Gilford.
Glfford and Green began to mix in
a scrap, and in a moment friends
of both men rushed from the fence1
and started a riot. From all di-
rectians rival players piled into the
..melee, and in half a minute blood
and sticks and lists were flying, and
the lacrosse gams was completely
_        luagotfaD^    .
Green was ths principal object   of
the    wrath of the Royal City men,
and    he escaped to the club house.
There he    was    defended by George
Paris,     the colored trainer of    the
'.yU.evM -k. .\ -. i vi_C'6-ver' team and a prise fighter
;.,;,.-,,--   ..  ,i: ol coast repute.    Paris pulled a  revolver when liurd pressed, and Dave
* Burnett, a  city employee, of   West-
'     minster, attempted to wrest it from
.'. bis haiid.     Burnett grasped the bar
rel and held the muzzle towards the
ground whsn the first shot went off.
The bullet scratched his band and
penetrated his coat. A dozen men
•• " *' ' Immediately snatched the revolver
from 1 _rls, who wus turned over to
two policemen.
In the meantime the riot on the
OeM had somewhat quieted, and Rev
 T. M. Henderson, president ot    the
.. _ .. Westminster lacrosse club, wsa able
to mako himself heard. He endeavored to disperse tbe crowd which
waited around the Vancouver dressing rooms for ths appearance of .the
visiting players, to renew the at-
tackTo help matters, Glfford entered
and shook hands with Green and
with President Henderson and the
policemen succeeded in getting Green
off the grounds without further   in
Somewhere In ths fracas, Referee
Archie McNaughton was hit in the
eye with an egg, out he was other-
 e*h_ unhurt.      No eltort was made
to resume tho gams'.
At the police station Paris' revol-
* ■•    '       *      ver was    found to be fully loaded,
with tbs exception of the one    shot
A crowd followed the police to the
station, but later dispersed
Vancouver's team was short-handed, and Munn of Wostminster, played
in goal for the visitors.
At the -moment of; the shooting by
Perls, there were cries of "Lynch
biro," "let us lynch hlm," from ths
crowd, which closed around ths cor-
ored trainer. Only the arrival of
the police saved him. Later en attempt waa made to get Parts awny
front the police, end the cries for
lynching were repeated.
' The car which conveyed the Van-
rjfrff " eWfer pfsyere home was spattered
with rotten eggs ss ik left the. city.,
FOR VANCOUVER.    ,.,,..
Vancouver, B. d„    Sept. 38.—The
.... .>   .international rugby gome at Brockton   Point this sitcrnoon    between
the Anglo-Welsh team now     on Its
.   way home to the Old Country after
l~-   ""touring New Zealand, Australia and
Vancouver gave the   four   thousand
spectators tha finest exhibition ' of
•   *•     •       ■ the code over seen   on   the Pacific
coast, for ths brilliant Welsh backs
 -hnply dazzled their opponents   and
: the final score was eight goals, seven
tries, or 61 points for. tbe visitors
and five points tor the home team,
"i ' iTbe Vancouver score asms right   st
the   beginning   of the gome In the
flrst 80 seconds; in fact for,
scored ono, eight of tho tries boing
majorized. It did rugby a lot of
good for it showed the' brilliant possibility of first class piny.       .   •
Mathewson has performed some
rare stunts in tho pitching line this
season, and has fnirly won the distinction of leading tho major leagues
in all departments of tho gamo. In
winning his 8-2 games ho has struck
out 207 batsmen, and holds the season's record for strike-outs. Ho hus
shown remarkable steadiness, hls
his bases on balls and hit batsmen
totalling only 41, about one to a
gamo. He is charged with only threo
wild pitches.
Fairly rivalling his performance is
thnt of Walsh, of- the White Sox,
who has won 34 out of his 45
games. Like Mathowson hc has also
gone into many games at critical
stages, and pullod out victorios that
do not show in his record, Walsh
has beon moro liberal in passes than
the great Christy, but holms a good
strike-out record—1.79. The six loading pitchers in striko-outs aro ns
American—Waddoll, St. Louis, 181''
Walsh, Chicago, 179; Avgert, Philadelphia, 150; Hughes, Washington,
147;. Vlckcrs, Philadelphia, 148,
Young, Boston, 141.
National—Mathewson, Now York,
207; Rucker, Brooklyn, 175; Overall,
Chicago, 129; Reulbach, Chicngo,
107; Pfeistcr, Chicago, 104; Cam-
nit-,.Pittsburg, 102.
McCnrty of tho Boston Nationals
has a splendid record for a youngster, nnd was prevented from' bettering it by injuries. Coombs, of tho
Athletics, makes a fine record in tho
few, games ho has pitched, holding
the top placo In the American circuit. Pastorious, of.Tjrooklyn, seems
to be tho hard luck pitcher of tho
major circuits, having lost thirteen
TRAGEDY. |    Hitherto tlie    double daily service
. ■ ■— - has been maintained in the summer
fanlla, Bept. 28—A tragedy vie-,months only, but owing to tho incurred at Camp JesSam, Saturday, creased travel of the past yoar, ofli-
night resulting In the death' of Lt. '.rials of the company havo decided to
E. .7. ,Uloom of tho Fourth Infantry, kavVtho double daily train service
and Pte. Suttles, ol Company K, of | iu operation throughout the winter.'
tho samo regiment. Suttles, for The present service will bo discon-
sonie reason, shot Bloom and then;tinued on Saturday, Oct. 10, and
cut Ills own throat.     Suttles   ''died j the   'following    day the winter time
immediately, but Bloom lingered until Sunday night. An Investigation
of the affair is being mnde by military officers.
Ottawa, Ont., Sept. 28.—The An.
gltcan Synod this morning decided
that for tho next threo years all royalties on sale ot the now church
hymn boobs shall bo devoted to the
missionary cause.
Billings, Mont., Sept. 28.—
The coroner's jury Inst night
returned a verdict, holding tho
crew of tho Northern Pacific
freight train responsible for the
collision near here Friday be- ■
tweon a freight nnd n passenger train, in which 21 people
were klllod. , Tho jury found
that the freight crow was running over their schedule.
CHICAGO, Sept. 28.—Seven men
out of a party of eight wore drowned in the Calumote river last night,
when the passenger launch Lemon
struck one of the supports of the
Nickel Plate railroad bridge in the
river at Twelfth streot, and turnod
over and sank. The owner ot the
craft, Either Wcstergron, was seated
at the stern of the boat and aftor ho
was thrown Into the water he swam
ashore. Westergren's brother-in-law
John Griock, was one of tho victims.
Westergran seemed distracted and refused to give the nnnies of the others.
According to information given to
the pollco by Joseph Keller, of Iron-
dale early today the men drowned
were Otto Yunker, Goorgo Van lies-
sen, Peter ' Dundan, John Frlck, J.
E. Selebloom, John Zinck and Goo.
The I_iuon wns an eighteen-foot
gasoline launch. Wcstergren, the
boner, lives at South Chicago, and
Is said to be wealthy.
VASSAR, Mich., Sopt. 28.-Bach,
a small station on the Michigan
Central railroad north of Cairo, was
practically wiped out by flre last
night. The railway stutlon, saw
mills and lumber yards went Ilrst;
and thon the flre spread to tbe residences in the village. At last reports the flre was still raging.
table will,go into effect.
ill'  DRUNKS.
1ELLIC0, Tenn., Sept. 28.— One
of tho bloodiest allairs iu the history
of .East. Tennessee occurred near the
'i cmi<_seo-„uiitLid,y line north of
Amarus post oilico yesterday. The
scene was at a little Baptist church
withiu fifty yards of whicn is u
"blind tiger,'' which has been in
operation for months. Tho services
had closed und nearly the entire congregation had emerged from the
diurcn when a crowd of drunken
mon who had been visiting tho blind
tiger, ftecan firing into tho worshippers with pistols. John Bennett, J.
W. MocKinnoy and Edward 'i'hoi—aa,
were shot down at the church door
and died uliaost instantly, streams
of bluod frum their wounds flowing
down the steps of the littio church',
the preacher, Rev. Kind, was shot
und mortally wounded, falling in the
-lurch yard. Another worshipper,
named Gibson, was also shot down
in front of the church, but is not
dangerously hurt.
lAnthras is five miles from a rail-
road and has no telephone connection. Jellico officers could not find
out the names of the men implicated
in the shooting. All the,dead and
wounded wcre men of families except
300,000  PEOPLE    MARCHED
SAN FRANCISCO, Sapt. 38. —
Wrapped in the tentacles of a gilant
devil fish, Martin Lund, a 'diver employed by the coast wrecking company, fought for his lite yostorday
in the hold of the wrecked steamer
Omona, which lies in 80 feet of water in Fort Ross Cove, off the Marine county coast.
Lund arrived in the city after an
experience which Comes to few men,
and will enjoy a vacation Mora 11-
gain donning a diving suit. Tbt
devil fish had evidently entered the
vessel's hold during the night and
Lund was at work'some time before
he became aware ol his presence. A
giant tentacle four inchos In diameter first gripped one leg. Bofore
Lund could realize what had happened .anothor had encircled his thigh.
'Ihe dlvor liegan to chop frantically
at the rubber-like bands and at tho
same time signalled tho barge above
that he wished to; ascend. Unable
to free himself In time, two more
tentacles squirmed out of the darkness and one twined about his neck.
The' efforts of tho men on tho surface to comply with his signal. almost pulled off hist helmet, and he
was forced to signal them to desist.
With only his lsft srm free he hackled at the tentacles? until they were
partially crippled, r*ttt he was being
drawn towards the deadly beak when
he saw the outline of the devil fish's
body. Plunging suddenly toward It,
lie drove his knife, ^ith all his force
Into ths head, repenting the blow
until he hAd slashed It into sections.
In its death threes tho nctupus
tightened its tentacles until tho diver was. almost crushed in Its embrace. Lund then cut himself free,,
and was brought to! the surface In a
fainting   condition,)   Anothor diver
LONDON, Sept. 28.—Of the great
demonstrations held in Hyde Pork
in recent veers tbat on Sunday to.
protest against the licensing bill wns
by fnr thc largest, but it lucked tho
enthusiasm which was manifest at
tho other gatherings, particularly
that of tho suffragists. The crowd
yestorday was estimated ut 'JOO,000,
filling tho open space which stretched from Hydo Park, cornor to tho
marble arch. They came to this
section in fourteen processions and
in countless small groups from     all
ho nearby counties nnd all parts of
tho metropolis. Closo to two hundred special trains brought In thoso
from tlio outside districts, who numbered fully 60,000 and who joined in
tho various processions, which wore
accompanied by one hundred hands.
The speakers declaimed against tho
bill nt different central points for nn
hour or moro nnd nt a bugle Sound
resolution condemning the'bill wns
proposed and carried with a great
outburst of cheers.
' WHITE   p_X„__.'    "■'"'  '   ;i
ST. PETERSBURG, Sept. 28. -
Since the beginning of the epidemic
there havo been 15,583 cases ot Asiatic cholera reported In Russia and
7,102 deaths. In St. Petersburg a-
lone, sinco the presence of the disease was officially admitted there
have been 4,931 cases and 1,875
deaths reported. Ths figures with
reference to the invasion Of ths city
by the disease oannot be relied upon,
as upon a number of occasions private but trustworthy statistics have
showed the number ol coses and
deaths in a single day to be far ln
excess of that announced by ths authorities.
The ellorts ol Premier Stolypin and
some of ths higher government offi-
cigls which recently had been directed townrds arousing the municipal
authorities to action have resulted
in an appreciable betterment ot the
sanltnry conditions and a consentient
decrease In tho disease us shown by
ths figures givon yesterday. For the
24 hours ending at noon the number
of now cases In the city was 268.
and tho number of deaths 148, as
compared with 312 new coses snd
158 deaths for the previous 24 hours,
Tho death rate has been lower than
during tho previous epidemic between
30 and 35, against 50 in 1893. The
people are much encouraged by tbe
Improvement revealed by the latest
■    ♦ ; ■
WINNIPEG, Sspt. 38.-A doubts
dally servico between Winnipeg and
Vancouvor during the winter months
is planned by tbe C.P.R., and will
go into effect on Sunday, Oct. 11.
Facts given out at the local offices
this morning show somo great chun"
es in the schedule. One ls ln th*
. running! of No. 1.     This train    tor-
md nf? tholr font  lBVen lonVott 'Hi,'. _"""" ;"'""• ""i'*' _"■—"><•   _tom- ,uorly rnn Irom Montrew to Vnnoou-
. .?? tneir reet. mren Jackett,    the press   of China loft here    for Van-     .   .   .               ,„     ,       , . .
▼tolling fullback and English Inter- cou-er Saturday, Sept.  26th nt   4 VOT- but now   wl" on,v ""■ between
n-«o-.i _.„-_  n vne'tn tbs second p. m,                                                 Winnipeg and the coast city.
4 .
of Morgan's ths Welsh "half', "in "rf"! "™iight'-some of thi tentacles to the
tempting to kick the ball did let surface, and It is hoped to raise the
-hurton fall on It and Bull convert- hody and tirlfig It to tho city forex-
1 ffith ♦Jho»eioeptl»n of ones In  the.MblUt,n
I Moti-' half when .young Bills near-1
. ly got over, Vancouver did nothing,
while the    Wolstunon  rant   through
than and ths English forwards rush
Hong Kong, Sopt. 58.—Tho
Washington, D. C. Sept,,,28.—A r,er:
inurkuble education campaign wns
formerly inaugurated Here ' today, ft
wus a-Immunity crusade ngniitst' ti
most deadly foe. Tho, Whilo l'laguei
Tbo occasion was the opening pf tho,!
sixth tro-enninl international congress on Tuberculosis at tho National museum. A moro distinguished
gathering perhaps hns never before
met in the .National capitpl. Scient-,
ists of International fame,'the members of diplomatic corps, phUantHrop'
ists ami doctors of every .civilized-
nation, wero present. The first day
of tho convention wns marked by
simple hut unique ' ceremony. Preliminary to tho format opening' 'tlie
diplomatic corps, the spokesman of
tho various countries, officers of tho
congress, tho honorary presidents
and the socj-ion .presidents mot in tho
office of Dr. Henry Beyer, chairman
of the committee of exhibits in the
nuseiim building shortly before 11
o'c'oej, ,nml accompanied by Doctors
Bycr and John ,S. Fulton, the secretary gi'iierar'proceoded to tho stage
in the groat auditorium. The Secretary of thc Trensiirery. Corloliu presiding officer' nctod ns the personal
representative of tlio president ■ and-
of the United Stntes Government.
A welcome to tho United State's
i'upital.,,wns then extended by District Commissioner MeFnrlano followed by brief remarks by lhe representatives of ribmit thirty foreign
countries.. The assembly lialLwos a
prism of, rolor. the flags of overy
nation being 'displayed, the h'atlbnal
nnthonjs of this "and other countries
wore played by the marine bond. The-
greater part of the day's session waa
devoled to responses by foreign
delegates and speakers nnd tho nations represented were:        '   '•
Dr. Ferninn Rodrlguas, Jr., Argentina; Bnrin Hcngel Muller Von Hong-
var, Austria! Prof.: Peiils, Belgium;
Dr. F. Montizanibcrt, Canada; Dr.
L. Sierra, Chile! Dr. Juan- Ulloo,'
Costa, Rico,; for. Jonquiti ,L. Jacob-
sen, Cuba! Dr. Bernard Bag, ..Don-,
mark; Dr. C. W. Richardson, Equa-'
dor; Prof. Louis Latiduy, Frnnco;
Dr. Robt Koch, Germany; Dr. Arthur
Newsholnie, Great Britain; Dr. Lauv;
bres Coroniilcz, Greece; Dr. Bengo-
echc; Oiintcmole; Dri Jossbleti de
Jong, Holland; Dr. Anton's Stella.'
Ttnly; Dr. Edunrdo Liccogn. Moxico;
Dr. F. I), flnrhltz, Norway; Dr.
Kcheverria. Panama; Dr. 1—dislaw
Detro. Hungary; Dr. Sllve Ourgel'dc
Ainnral, Portiigunl; Dr., .Stremescuo
Rotlninliin; Dr. A. Vladimir, p'.Rus-.
sla; Dr. Cnniille Cnllj, Spain;' Hon.'
Comi'itil Conarcratiz, Sweden'; Rr\'
Frank Egger, Switzerland: TmE Luis
Molxwii 1-liniur, Uruguay,,,, ,Al the
conclusion of this feature of. the programme, Secy. Cortolyou1 rolled 'tno
mooting, (lie delegates disporsed nnd
will nut assemble. In general session
again until flntiirdnv moriilng, Oct.
Beginning at 2,30 this afternoon,
sectional meetings wll)' bo held; ..jxa
follows: Pathology, nnd Bncteriology
Pros. Wm. Welsh, Baltimore Clinical.
Study and Tlierniiphy ,'of Tuberculosis, Pros. Dr. Vincent I Y. Bowdich.
Boston; Surgery atnl Orthopedls.
Pros. Dr. C. W.' Mayo, Rochester;
Stato and Municipal [Jpntrol tuberculosis, president. Surgeon Oenot„r
Wymnn. At 3 o'clock ,' jj session ol
section of tuberculosis:(11 children, of
wlllch Dr.  Abraham  .IScolis of New
the, Chicago _, -f_». ms.™j, f**11:^!
way. Both these pending deals go.
solne distance in. - explaining the increase iti the capital stock by the
Canadian Pacific by fifty miHion dollars. . .
It may be taken as an official fact
beyond question that at various times in the lust two years negotiations
have been curried on loo'dng to tho
purchase.by tlie Canadian Pacific of
the White Pass railway, extending
rom Skagway to White Hurso. Fivo
weeks ago William' Whyto, second
vice-president and general manager
Ofthe western lines of the C.P.R..
camo west to make an inspection of
the White Pass line. Ho conferred
at Skagway with S. H. Greaves, the
president of the White Pass and the
representative of the English bondholders of the line. Mr. Whyte's
visit was of special significance becauso ho mado it at a time whon
the western divisions of tho rond Immediately under his control were ln
tho throes of the mechanics' strike.
Up to three months ago tho terms
oflered by the Canadian Pacific to
the Whito Pass were not accented,
but Vancouver transportation men
havo it figured out now that the
English syndicate ls willing to take
up tho olfer and that thoir announcement may come any day.
The Guggcahelms own a large
bloek of stock in the northern company; but the bulk of their heavy
freight for Klondike dredges.and mining apparatus has already been moved in and tho question of controlling
freight rates will not be a very particular one with the mining company
in years to come. Against that,
there is the faet that 'profit-malting
business with the Canadian Yul,on is
not growing and'for"that reason
nlono there is an incentive! to1 allow
some other concern to'tnke the chances in the future.
One of tho objects of the Canadian
Pacific in gaining possession of the
Whito Pass line is undoubtedly that
of owning the key to the northern
transportation situation. .. Ever
since the northern line was built, its
owners have been able to absolutely
dictate terms and conditions and
really to, adjust profits qr losses for
the steamship ' companies operating
betweon Skagway' on the north and
Seattle and Vancouver on the south.
With tlio White' Pass line in its possession,' the Canadian line is figuring
on having every steamship compony
a!nd every railway, for that mnttor,
under its thumb in tho handling of
freight into the Yukon and Alaska.
The Canadian Pacific.wljl then be
able to carry freight and passongers
on its own sieiiiners and trains all
ihe way from London to Daweon
and back.' This will be possible il
tho deal now ponding is comploted.
„.     .JOHN  W.   COBURN.
President and Managing Director.
■I ir'y-Treuaurer.
the emmm urn
Head Office
Capital $10,000,000  Res'. $5,000,000
A Savings Katik Department will be
found at the branches of th_ Rink in Canada. Deposits of $1 and upwards are
received and interest is allowed at current
rates. The depositor is subject to no
delay in the withdrawaltiof the whole or
•uiy portiorrof thc■'d'fjposi!".    fl.eount. may
ic opt)ti__ Ii) tho names of two or more per-
3ons. Withdrawals Jo hc madj by anyone
jf the numbor op by tlm survivor. w
F_. M. de GEX,  :...;....;... Manager
Iu Touch With Civili-'aUo|i Alter,
Quarter of. a Century',?   „, ,
San Francisco, Sopt. 20.— Thomas
.Fleming, tho original ol Robert L,
Stevenson's     character    "Tho   Wild
tScotchman," .who-reached San Francisco yesterday,  after a  Quarter of
century of voluntary exile on ono
if tho islands of the Marshall group
of the    South Pacific, today is get-
||tini; acquainted with the stroot cars,
'and-other'tokens of civilization.
' Fleming -is    a  trading agent     at
Arm1 Islnod, 150 miles from his near
st'whito neighbor.       When 15    he
loft Paisley, Scotland, to roam    the
sen:     Ho- #111'return to the Marshall
group ns soon* ris he Is tired of sight
'Effective June 6lh'. "
Trains Leave Ladysmith D
Daily at 9:00 and 15:68.
Trains /\, rive at Ladysmith
Daily at 11:57 and 17:C",'
le Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
B.  0.
P.O. Box 54 'Phone 44
Dealer In All Kinds of
-eats Delivered' free of charge on tbs
Shortest Notice.
H"Union Brewing Co.
District Passenger Agent.
$102 Govornmont St., Vlctorll,
j^tV***^*.*.***-**- ---___♦ I
York Is rro.ililont will)
c r,
Toronto, Sept, 29.—Shareholders l„J
lho Ontario Iwnk will probably form
combination to resist payment of
double liabilities on tholr stnek.
Arid Billiard Saloon!
Pool and English
Billiard Tables.
Dally Prize for Highest i„
Bowling Score.
full Stock ol Miners' Tools.
Ship Repairing Work
„      •      A Specialty
. All kinds oC Blacksmlthlng
Dons at Short Notice.
and Pastry
,.     .      ljiilysmith. B. C.
.,. ■  ~ i . •
Barclay & Conlin,
iiTi*. pass
|«n. tftt*yai. Item tMira ground A;
■  Out Test this IINCONDITION- .
lALLY (i-KSANTCCD mor «ti
home-or have your belter use f
Hon vou-*- thirty days WITH.
national scored
e_uul_j_t. .__.j i
VICTORIA, Sopt. M.-V-neouvtt
transportation men expect to recetve
the announcement any any now of
the purchase by the Canadian Pacific Hallway ol the railway and Yukon rlvor stonmors of the White Pass ,
and Yukon route. Indeed ofllcials
on the "inside" of_ho company's af
fairs exiwctetl to hesr ot the    com-1
{oWh^oad __' «,»■! of^. t^i i I_adysinith Hard wap 6 Co,
* .,   .i i-  ■ '_
Strmt Is Iron free from dirt, air
or foreign substance fused with
carbon...Carbon gives toughness
stength, bigness and life.    - »
Thirty year's study of the raior
illusion bas shown a way to —
add lhc hMhest per cent ofj
carbon to a C-irbo Magnetic
,ranw Made tlvoug a aecMt
INO dying It a uniform dla-
mon* Hhc hardness-something absolutely Impossible
with flre tempered \ razors,
Dlssoiutl.n Of Partnerstilfi.
Tive pintaei-Riiip heretofore ex
stine between the undersigned is'
this dny dissolved by mutual oon-1"
sent.   All debts   due to and all, t-'ust0,n''''
debts by the undersigned ure payable to and by. Joseph Curtwrickt
Ladysmith, B. C, Aug. 24th, 1908
nug. -Oth 1 tn
Always Fresh on Band.
Wedding  and  Party  Cakes Mad.
Fruits anil Candles ol All KimI.I
Prices nre    very   rcnsonable
All I
tieuted alike.
Hotel Cecil
On the I Spin nude.
Ladysmith,   D. O.
| Tlie Best Bi|tch.er Sho.
Best Liquors and Cigars.
n is
Jdo. fl| ttyai
Roberts! Street
P. OFIfiiER      rti
[Teacher ol[ Music]
Studio in WiliinW Block
Hi Jar
-. _•"'
over by the Canadian Pacific
r t
;        t GOOD JWSINESS.
.'.',_. . 'I li a   *
Ttottinte/Soift. as.-ifnnltil roprirl:
LeleV'Suporior consolidated company
for the yoar ending itufco 80th shows
not surplus of $1,07S,WK) Increase of
*?14,879 over 1007.
«x__ i.i.   .., . t'7":r'7:.^
it Avenue SPECIALS
For the Cold Days
In Cardinals and Navys from $1.95 to $3.75.
With Pker dots in all colors. Prices from 95 cents up.
A large selection of all sizes in various Tweed effects at very
reduced prices.
In red, blue-and stripes. Prices from $1.95.
Before buying your furs, call at S. L. & Co.'s and   compare
our prices.
. About 100 Comforters at prices from $1,95 up to $1-5.00.
Special price on our 7 lb.  Real Ayrshire Blankets, $0.50 pair.
Nearly all our fall waists are now in ami we will bo pleased
to show you tho range.
Mr. G. Gillespie, of W. E. Morrison's store, left on Saturday for his
annual vacation.
Thero is tu lie u   Big- Liberal meeting on   Friday evening in the opera
' 'house.     In     addition to Mr. Ralph
II. Fagan left on Saturday for Smjth, the platform will be occupied
holiday on the other by Me_irs.   Smltli-Ourtis and    John
Oliver.     Thoro ought to bo at least
a  rich How of party oratory.
a  two-weeks'
Mr. and lifts. Bowers, of Vancouver, [inid n visit to Mr. and Mrs.
II. Ellis on Saturday.
Scotty Bennett left on the SS.
Crtiijrhull on Sunday for Australia.
Fresh Groceries are arriving
at Gear'e Ideal Store.
Summer visitors to the old country are getting back again. Mr. and
Mrs. Delcourt and Mrs. Thomas relumed last week from a trip to
Mr. .lurvinein is now ready to do
business in his noiy studio nn First
avenue, and invites his clients to
walk along and seo him. Ho has
fixed liis studio so as to get bettor
results and guarantees his work to
(jive every satisfaction.
Mrs. W. J. Wntson returned
Monday from u week-end visit
Tho Grand Duke Cigar cha • *".s
'all brands. It is made in town, and
on is the best smoke iu town. Don't lor-
to get to call for it. X
Miss B. Jackson returned on Saturday from a   week's holiday.
Miss Boyce, of Sacramento, who is
staying with Mrs. J. Russell, went
down the line yesterday morning.
Peevor is awarding his prizes under a new systom this week. Tho
howlers are still divided into A' and
B classes, and the man who has
most pins down in ten games takes
the prize of $8, Of course tho bowler will select his best ten games.
Mr.  R.  Smith went down the line
.yesterday morning.
Mr. A. E. McPhillips passed
through town yesterday on thc morning train.
Mr. F. Shepherd     went    down to
Victoria on Monday morning.
Mr. John Pausche and his newly
.made bride paid a visit to friends
J esterday.
Mr. Burns, of the Big Storo,
for a short trip to Victoria
terday morning.
ln. shortly after midnight on SuwJay
It seems that Mr. Jas. Weir is. burn-
ing out a stump on the 'lot on which
he is putting up a new house. A ptle^
of lumber had been piled to near to
the stump and caught fire. The blaze,
was extinguished by a small garden
hoso and Fire Chief Smith estimated
the damage at $10.00.
There is one good thing to be got
In Victoria, That is Winch's Grand
Duke Cigar which is on sale at Wos-
terndule Railway Cigar Store, opposite the R. „ N. station, at the
•fames' Bay Cigar Store, opposite
the C. P. Ii. Hotel and at the Hub
Cigar Store on Government Streot
run by Lewis and Evans. X
I —4~-
I A strong hunting party loaves
town tomorrow for Gallano Islands.
Tho party is to be led by W. Dun-
woody and piloted by H. MeGurriglo.
;A. Korr is going ns guu-carrior and
, S, Docker has boon engaged to draw
the corks. Warning has been sent to
j the residents of tho Island nnd If
any of thom venture out they do so
nt thoir own risk.
Another elocutionary contest is to
bo held shortly undor tlio auspices
of the W. C. T. U. Contestants hn.vo
to tio 14 years of age or ovor, and
all those Intending to enter mny
havo books on application to Mrs.
Theo. Conway on Fourth Avenue.
Thoro Is no doubt of it, that F.
Allison, the well-known "Sticks" "f
tho lighthouse Is gotting on in life,
lie fools it too, nnd hns applied timo
and timo again, hut all in vain, to
a heartless Lllieral govornmont for
an assistant. What thc government
callously refused Providence has
granted and "Sticks" has now an
assistant She (it's a girl) was horn
last night, and both mother nnd
baby are doing famously.
•Percy K. Winch Is ongaged in
very perilous undertaking. He has
voluntarily undertaken to conduct ns
tough a looking gang of gunsmen as
ever sailed the Gulf down to his
ranch at Saanich. Thoy nro suppos
odly going n hunting-, and thoy eor-s
tainl.v took enough ammunition to
blow tlio Island up. and it wasn't
nil made ol powder oithor. The gang
comprises Winch. Goo. Hnpploy, Jno
Wnrgo. O. Gillmiistcr and W. Hesse
rich. The. feathers arc bound  to Ily
'' Hoad Foreman Callander started
this morning to fix the sidewalk nt
Kay's storo and Silor's livery stable
so as to take out the toboggan slides there.
Mayor Nicholson hns men emrn-*e'
lowering hia building which was formerly occupied liy Russell Simpson.
Dave Irving was added to the executive of tho Football C.Jb lest evening* in place of A. Walker. A. Robertson was appointed to Dave's
plnco on the -rounds Committee.
Tuesday and Thursday have beon
fixed upon us tho regular practice
nights for the sen'or players, and
thoy are aU requested to get out.
'I miner Morrison will bo out to look
after them.
if riBM-HlfT _
Kippered Herring and emoked
but at the Ideul Grocery Storo.
Miss    Crossan   came down
Nanaimo this morning.
A. Morrison was again tho successful bowler at Peevor's bowling!
alloy Inst week. He bowled fifteen
gamos of ovor 150, his three best
scores being 201, 195, 174. This is
Arthur's socond win in two successive weeks, and tho writer is willing
to concede him the championship at
bowls. However, at place kicking
or once around the football Held ho
will take on Arthur for the amount
left °' 1,ls Pffess. George Boss was a-
(-es- Kain second with nine scores of ovcr
150, and Tom White third with 7;
In class B, F. Irving wns easily first
with 21 scores of over 125, D. Mar-
! shall coming socond with 12.
Mrs. Oozo has roturned homo nftor
an absence of some weeks in the
.Eastern States.
Miss Fraunland went down to Victoria this morning.
Wm. McGirr went down to Victoria this morning.
windows if you
something nice
want   to seo
in    tho shirt
We have received nearly all
our tall shirts in and we guarantee them to give satisfaction
aa well as being the vory newest.
The Star Orchestra gives its first
dunce In Gould's Hall tonight.
all cleared away; but tho smoke from
'Winch's Grand Duke Cigars is gain,
ing in volume all the time. Tho more
you smoke them tho moro you like
them. x
Mr, and Mrs. J. Gear, newly arrived from Australia, and Mr. and
Mrs. J. Evans, of Vancouver, paid
a visit to Mr, and Mrs. H. Ellis on
Outti gl Italian! cho hanno pug-t-
la ticchotta per la lottoriu del- "bicycle" sons iivvisati di rccursi d—I
liroprioturiso del Gran Hotel per ri-
tiriiro In monitu cho liiiiino ungate
r\. Corll 1.50; Com llurliero l.itX,
(lori Albino $1.; Losln Gulch $1..:
Lulgl 50; llalagnn 50; French Berto*
50; Lorenzo Otoconia $2.; G'ian Cho
Si.; Domenico Gnlasfo $1.; CMroni
50; Ohoto Picchoto $2.; Nupol Man-
co $1.60; flori 'Enrico $2.; G-. Oris-
toforo $1.; Oesaro $1.; Basin Berto
50; Ohm Giacoinii $1.; (lincomo
Gincomn $1.; Oimo Bosf $1.
M. firmo Peter Bocco.
Lndysmith, 25th Sept., 1908.
• » s e e • s •*•#*'•, s • s • e '• *
1 & NJfty fo Dp, %$. pg| pT^TH
Sept. 20th to October 3rd
All Work Ouarantwl.
Vancouver lo
Naii-mo & Reinra
are in a class by themsolves in
The styles this season aro
smart and attractivo.
TWO     HUNDRED     tailored
skirts- to chouse from; all colors—in the now clothes,
price ranging from
$3.25 to $10.50
Tickets on sale Octobor lst,   2nd,
and 3rd.
Final roturn limit Octobor Sth.
Children  undor    twclvo  and    over
fivo half fare
On  Saturday Octobor 3rd, the S.
S. "Joan"  will sail from Vancouver at 8 p.m. instead of 1 p.m.
Distriot Pass. Agt.
Victoria, B. 0.
Wall Papers
.Toe Martin has announced that bo-
sides being- o. candidate for Federal
hgnors in Vancouver ho will also
run in Victoria.
Oome and  Make Your
Selection—new stock
fresh in.
J, E. Smith,    Roberts Stree
FOR SALE—A steol rango, six holos
good ns now. Cost, S50.00. Will sell
(ur S35.00. Apply Simon Li'lfier ft,
Co., Ltd.
8.0 VE
Blocks of land,    noar   Ladysmith,
from 5 to 10 acres.   For   particulars
apply to C. Gardner. slli-lin
FOR SALIU—A houso on the cornor
of Mothucn and Third Ave. Six
rooms and pantry, hnlf a lot, cultivated, with fruit trees. Apply
my Stock of Latest Styles In
Wall Papers I
Picture  Framing   a Specialty.
High Street.
C. Peterson'^
Furniture Store
And Buy a Ball-Bearing Now
Century     Washing    Machine,   "VJ
with Wringer Attaclimont-tho
only Perfect Washing Machine
The Last Week
"No efforts should be spared," ho
said,, "to guard against its introduction." And he warned his hearers
that every city and town on the gulf
and Atlantic coasts should begin now
to destroy the rodents which carry
infection and prep-re for tlie invasion threatened.
Roderick—Back from the seashore,
oh? They tell me you stopped at a
bird of a hotel.
Van Albert—I thould say it was
ii bird of a hotel. It was called
tho Oull, and they presented you
wllh a  bill the size of a  pelican's.
*'K fell out tho window of my Oat
''And you are on the fourth floor.
That was terrible."
"Yes; I don't know how to face
the janitor. I'm suro I've violated
.some clause ln my lease."
Notice is horoby glvon that the
first mooting of tho annual court
of Revision on tho assessment roll
as prepared by tho assossor of the
City of Ladysmith, will bo hold in
the Council Chambers, Lndysmith on
Wednesday, 4th November, 1908, at
7 o'clock, p.m.
 City  Clork,
WASHINGTON, Sept. 28.— That
tho Gulf and Atlantic coasts of the
United States aro in danger of aa
Infection of the buiionic plague was
the serious note of warning sounded
today by Dr. N. K. Foster, ol California, before the delegates in attendance upon the twenty-third i
uuiil meeting of the conference of the
state and provincial boards of health
of North America.
Ho expressed the belief that such
an infection already may havo taken
place. The address of Dr. Foster,
who Is president of the organization
startled the delegates.
"I flrmly believe," said Dr. Foster, "that the United Stages will become generally infected, not from
California, but from ports having
communication liy water. My obr
ject is to sound a note of warning,
nnd to put you upon your guard n-
gninst    an insidious and dangerous
Headquarters For
Post Cards
Colored Views 2 for 5o.
Fancy Cards, 5o. lQc., 15c,
and 25c
Photo Oards 9 tor 25c
We have a larger reserve stook
of Postcards than aay other store
in Ladysmith have to show.
Knight's Book Store
( '
"Ah, proud beauty!" exclaimed lit-
tile Snlfrtdns; "you spurn my love
ntow, but let mo tell you. I will not
al>»ays be a  clerk.     I "
''ThaCs so," interrupted tlio heart-
lea** girl. "You may lose your po-
Visit tho Foundry and mako
your own choice. You will
save time and money, and got
bettor satisfi':tion.
Mclntyre foundry
Company, Limited
Entire Stock to 'Go.
For bnrgnins in watches.chains,
brooches, pins and rings, you
have a choice of a life time.
For the next 30 days you enn
get tho highest quality Jewelry
nt your own price—us everything
must go.
Suits •* Blouses
The Time
The Place
„ i   j     A\
The Town
*    J     '"•«'x
Tho time to buy is n.ow, .the pluco
to buji is 18th Avonuo, <Soso
•Grand; View, and tho t«mW ln -which
to bujr ie
A Full Line of Clothing
Are  Being Cleared
Out At Bargain
Call and be convinced.
John Thomas
Jewelry Storo
lst Avenue
D.   C.
Exceptionally Strong and Attractive
In Tapestry Covering   •_6.0tf,
In Velour Covoring ....... $18.00
A Few Bargains in Furniture
Combination Dressers at   $8.0(|
Lounges, made .up neat and substaa
tial, for   $6,51
Baby Carriages,    now   going at   K
por cont discount.
C. Peterson
Furniture Store
•Phono 1-3, Firat Arenu,
Ready for Business
All kinds of Stationery
Tobacco and Pipes
and Past Cards
Come and See Us
II. HUGHES, lst Avenue
UW -:l•_,,
We 'havo for snlo a low choice lots
in this 'location which wo are Blos^
,ing out at tho original price of
U190.00 so. lot. Tonus 100.00 leash
Sand tho ibalanco at $18.00 n. month.
Buy (*n»ct from tho owners,
A True
• ; H fl'l'l
Our Winter Stook of
n      GEAR'S
ElkenS BrOS! Meal Grocery
with Waterproof Soles
The Shoe Han.
First Avenue,
Ladysmith, B. C,
Ho«se RcMirlii tr Hist
-WSt BlMllf iMCOtril
cirKiier w»rt.__^
!5r?   M.0-BRIAN   %
Just Arrived
■-,    *i
Call and See Tbem
Terms to Suit all Buyers
Ladysmith Pbarmaey.
t**mt, ■ ■-- _ I
Just Arrived!
Applications for the position of
Auditor for ths Corporation of
Ladysmith, stating torms, will bs
received by tho undersigned up till
ti p.m. on Monday, 28th Sopt. 1008.
 Wl    _„_rI_roABT,
II . ; Olty Clerk
A New Line of
Novelties and
Fancy Goods at
Eight   Pmces.
IV|cK®lvie Bros.
Pogorly Bowling Alley
|8.00 Prizo for highest scoro af
10 pins in ton days. $2.00 for Five
Pins. ;
-Ht."!"!'.44'H'. I. IU M . .♦».
|   Winter
! Stockings \
'    Good Wearing Ladies'
' Stockings at 50c. a pair.
1 Splendid   Children.!
8 Stockings at 25c. and 30c
* a pair.
Miss Uren's
At th* Abbotfffiirjr Hotel.
-Nothing Better for Breakfast   PogOrly Bowling Alley
■M^l..t..~_*it>'__lj.f Jf,.ff^t->,,l,,l,,f ,|l,,li_._lt_ .■     j


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