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Ladysmith Standard Jul 4, 1908

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ENDS       ,I
j£        Just about 90 Ends of Plain and Fancy    Chnmbrnys,     Plain
and  Fancy Ginghams.  Paintyettos, Muslins, Prints,    Apron   Qing-
' * haras, Oalateas, Cottons, Lawns, Etc., Etc.
- i        It is to your interest to look theso    over,    ami you will   find
, , Ends that aro useful.
\ j        Don't he tho last to pick.    All (Irently Reduced,
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YOU CAN GET      ^
Clocks, Watches, Pictures, Books,
Razors, Etc., Etc.
for White Swan Washing Powder Coupon-
r——r~*~~"~"hi     -   '- '    ' •   ■   '■■'
Send a Two-Cent Stamp for our Catalogue
tt. C. »oa|> Works, viciobia, b. c.
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A few Snaps in Stoves
and Ranges. Oome in
and sea them. It rill
p»y you.
♦ _%%•>»-%a>%a>%a>%a>a>a>%_%^A
N. B.—Tents and Hummocks
—complete stook.—CASH.
Ice Cream
it Home-Made, Frssh Dally. Orltlca
pronounce lt .to lit   The Beat   ever
told in Ladysmith.   Oome and  try
lt.    Warranted absolutely pure.
So, and IOc. Per Dtah.
Picnic and Private Parties Supplied
by the Gallon.
'Hoopofs Parlors'
■fart Mat* ParttJt la Town.
'■'. WB SAVE   JUST   HAD OUR '.
\ '■ and    Cloarod   out   Old Stock. T
iiNew Stock!
la now hero, and -will be opened up at onco. Cell and seo
We solicit your Repair Work,
and Guaranteo satisfaction.
Prices In accordance with
First Class Work.
!'.     Watchmaker and Jeweler,
Oatacre Street,
Full List o(   Promotions   With   tho
Winnors of tho Rolls of Honor
Tho closing exercises for tho Midsummer holidays woro hold In the
various rooms of tlio Public School
on Tuesday morning, June 80th.
In tho moro advanced divisions,
thoso exorcises took tlie form of ordinary sehool work," consisting of
cluss roviow, whilo iu others, voluntaries, by tho children composed n
considerable part.
Littor in the moruino; tho various
Honor liolls wore awarded and promotion lists roud. Finally, as a
closing the entire assemblage of tea
cliors, children, trustees und purents
gathered boforo tho building and
sang the National Anthem. Cheers
were then given for teachers and
trustees and tho term closed with
many good wishes..
The following is a summary of promotions from Division to Division of
tho City Public Schools, also tho
names of those to whom Honor Rolls
have been granted. In addition to
those published, suitable promotions
hiivo been made from class to class
In the same Division.
In Division I., promotions to High
School'will appear later. Tho Honor Roll for Deportment was won by
Edith Emily Pannell; that for
punctuality and regularity cannot bo
awarded until tho winner of tho Roll
for rroAcioncy is known, The latter
Roll will go to the highest entrance
Promoted From Class A. Div. II. \o
Class 11., Dlv. I,
Albert Datio.
Douglas Gear,
Arthur Gregson.
Grace Michie.
Eric Meale.
Irene Morgan.
Daniel O'Connoll.
Mnry Pannell. /
Stanley Smith.
Lona Trembath.
Robert Wilkinson.
Ruby Bickle.
Janet Dunso.
George Gatz.
Rolls   of   Honor.
Proficiency, Daniel O'Connell.
Deportment,   Mary Ponnoll.
Punctuality and Regularity,    Geo.
Promotions from Clnss A., Div. III.
to Class II. Dlv. II.
James Rosattl.
Herman Hooper.
Jnmos Davidson.
Albert Forroro.
Mildred McKinnoll.
lllodwan Morris.
Rolls of Honor, (Div. III.)
proficiency. James Rosattl.
Deportment, Dlodwon Morris,
punctuality and Regularity,    Robert Itoss, Thomas Huntor.
Promoted From Clnss A. Div. IV.,
to Class B., Dlv. III.
.lanlo Anderson.
Albert llngnttln.
Evelyn Crossan.
John Dunn.
Harold .limes.
Jessie Jones.
WIHiam Korr.
George Mrus.
John Sisko.
Valda Smith,
.lames Wallace.
Arthur Wilson.
Mlko „boyosky.
Rolls of Honor. Div. IV.
Proficiency, Vnlda Smith.
Deportment,   John Dunn.
Regularity nnd Punctuality, Jessie
Promoted From Clnss A. Dlv. V., to
Class II.  Div. IV.
Prlna Datio.
Annie Dunso.
I'yllo Tnnttnrl.
.lane Whisker.
Ethel Trembath.
Janet Whlskor.
William Rafter.
Salma Pony.
Beatrice Shaw.
Alex. Christie.
Pauline GUI.
Caroline Gaffnoy.
Wilson Armstrong.
Lambert Columbia.
Samuel Inkster.
Agnes Mnlono.
William Skilling.
' Mnry Armstrong.
Helen Baxter.
For Apprehonson of Perpetrator  of
I\uiaunce on Sports Grounds
The town is gaining rather an unenviable reputation for senseless
jokes and petty outrages. Only a
.week ago some person or persons
wantonly smashed in tho window of
the Sociulist headquarters and cut
aud slashed the screen front of the
II. _ W. and ' Williamson butclie .•
Somebody with even a more    do
Wall Papers
Oome and Make Tour
Selection—new stook
fresh in.
Rolls of Honor.
Proflcloncy, Trlna Ratio.
Doportmont, Snlma Perry.
Regularity nnd Punctuality,
Clark Whlskor.
Promotions Irom Class A. Dlv. VI.,
to Class 11. Dlv. V.
Angelina llatlo. .--*..
Elizabeth Brown,
Valerie Frero.
George Rafter.
Second Contl.
William Peterson.
John Celle.
Tom Wilkinson.
Isabella Littio.
t.llu McKane.
George Keserich.
Willie Nnnklvoll.
'Lena Vanshrofl.
Gwondolyn Jonas.
John Anderson.
Jane Ann Simpson.
Oeorge Cartwright.
Henry Loo.
Elsie May James.
Adolph Oats.
Rnalnn Mlchnux.
Nina Wright.
Tom Kerr.
lead to the conviction of the attend
Hitherto the grounds have been
open at all times. If this thing is
to go On, however, the main gates
will have to be locked and anyone
found climbing the fence prosecuted
for trespass. It is meat assuredly
the duty of any clean-minded sport
who has any inkling 'of the perpetrator of tho nuisance tip disclose his
name to the Celebration Committee.
■ e ;--     -
Tho following vessols havo coaled
nt the local wharves during tho
wook: Ebro, Vadso, Robert Kor,
Vadls, Pphir, Stetson and scows, Al-
batrlss, Czar, -Princess Boatrlce, For-
ragor, Bermuda, Huto. Clayburn and
scows, Belfast, Shamrock and Tra-
Tho Ryggu is still loading sack
coal and the Two Brothors, Stotsolf
and scows, Ivanhoo and Titania aro
all waiting. to complete thoir cargoes.
Proficiency,  Angelina  Bntio.
Deportment, Aylmer Masset.
Regularity nnd Punctuality, Albort
Promoted From Cluss A. Div. VII..J
to Class B. Dlv. VI.
Gordon Rowley.   . i
Vora Bickle.
Poter Whlskor. . i
Arnold Perry. * , ' ', i
Joseph Borto.
Harold Mikola. , ■'
James Portroy.
Mary .Malone. i)
Dolly Roberts,       ,
l.ucy Gats. j      . f I
Lockhart Korr.
George Patterson.
KHie Mikola.
Clara Hiquebran.
Arnold -Altin.
i*niniii Koskl.
Willie Keserich.
Walter Klemola. :'•
Jessie Burke.
Mary Tn'inc.
Doris Jones,        1
Norman llurrap.
Rolls of Honor.
Proflcloncy, Gordon Rowley.
Deportiiienl, Arnold .Porry.   \
Regularity and Punctuality,   Lucy
J. E Smith,    Roberts Street       "<>"• ■>' Honor, <niv. vi.)
'"  r
! 1 (1!
i<_ li
Promotions From Clnss A. Dlvj VIII
to Clnss 11. Dlv. VII.
Charles Allen.
Thomas Alton.
Thomas Cnnway. '
.lames Duncan.
Arthur Fielding.
Douglus Gregson. ,
Wilfred Jones. t ■, •
Mildred Laudcrbach, ;
Harry Mooney. •
John Pollock.
James Robertson.
Wlilium Simpson.
Lily Torklo,
James Trcmhntli.
Emile Tantarri.
Oortrude Williamson. <   -
Porcy Hooper.
Horaco Jessup.
Josoph Gibbons.
Frod Bourno.
Some Suggestions from Wednesday's
The general verdict is still that
the celebration was a great success.
Had the events tilled out better there
ls not the slightest doubt tlmt tlie
day's programme would have eclipsed all previous records. Anothor
I year this may be remedied to somo
extent. The committee for ono
tiling ought to get together sooner
and make an early provisional draft
! praved mined has been busy in tho 0f a  programme.       This could    bo
Sports Grounds.   The     ticket office advertised    and    clubs and athletes
which     was put up on Monday  was communicated with.     The big    fea-
, simply messed up in a filthy "and tures at least take time to arrange,
flisgUBting manner.     This thing will1 and alter thoy have been determined
I have to be stopped. The Grounds upon thoy need to lie thoroughly ad-
Committee will give 55.00 to any- ;vertlsed. There is no doubt that
ono giving Information which     will football ought to be entirely cut out
l«n*l    tn    fl,™   .A-.A.t,         .........
Uoseu uuu iiiluu   Up.
Mayor jNi-UoIsuw
Tlie local Liun Club had a big day
tit thu traps ou Wednesday,   fliiuai-        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
mo wus down in furcu and to a vory! aiudiuil Health Oillcor Orders
largo extent    tliey     curried    oil the
goods.    In the team shout the local
gun men divided up their bust shots
with the result thut Ihey lost    both
events, ullhuugi. Uie scores were lair- luliuull,t- M*tt_r -»'u
ly close.    On the whole thu shooting'U1L«Y i^u-iih UUlcur;
was good uud some ilrst rate   scores     Uwing tu uu uuiuruul- ul Typhoid
■were made. [--'ever in our cuy, uuu owing i_   thu
In the lir'-t ovout, tun singles, Mike lucL Lllul W* u,u u 'al't-0 number
Buitkon wus first with JU; W. Mu- ul wells .uttxiu iuo cuy iiimi- which
Clarriglu, 2nd; yul F. Staimard 8rd.. l wiwiqor a duuger tu thu huaith of
jr. i-rosl,
1 Rolls of Honor.
■Prolclency.   Douglas Gregson.'   ■
Deportment. Elltnuoth Whito.
Regularity and Punctuality, fictile.-
Promotions From Clnss A. Div. IX..
to Claes 11. Dlv. Vin.
Mattl Altin.
F.lll Maria Kiillno.
Ethel Oilman. ' i
Thomas Strang.
Clifford Pollock.
Jeanie Pollock.
Alex. Korr. .
Robert Kerr. I
F.llcn Porry.
■Ethel Armstrong.
Ooorgo Zhoyovsky.
Barbara Rao. '  i
Claud Sabiston.
David Shearer.
Joseph Defrone. -
Irouo Smith, ('     ')
Susan Whlskor.
Irono Dunn.
Ethel James. i •,'
Wilfred Brydon. | (f
Jessie Anderson, '■
John Langton.
of these celebrations. The game Is
dead out of season in July, and on
such a duy as Wednesday was even
a ilve-nside game is out of place. It
would be better to put on purely
[athletic events with obstacle races,
Walking competitions, jumping, and
any event that could be devised to
combine excitement with amusement.
The parade of tho school children
was a marked success and deserves
to become a fixture in the celebration iprogmnuno. The morning is
always given over unreservedly to
them, and here it may be said that
no other events in the whole day's
spoit were watched with greater Interest. Tho little ones are always
out for blood and as> a gonoral rule,
they win on their merits. Little
Maey Gaflbey and Bessie Hannah
will long remember Wednesday. The
[former got a beautiful gold watch,
the latter a lovely gold bracelet, the
prizes being put up by Mr. A. Mc
Murtrie. And aftor the race and
the prizes had Iieon opened out and
revealed in all    their dazzling glory
I to the childish eyes, there wero still
hearty congratulations to the winners Irom their defeated playmates.
If it was nothing else, the celebration was a success with the children.
The pushball waa a huge and
costly lizzie, due entirely to tho fact
that no rules were agreed upon for
out of touch. If, when the ball1 had
creased tho lino, tbe players had li(een
stopped, the bnll brought back" well
into the field, and' the contestants
lined up at equal distances from tho
| sphere, the game would havt provided heaps of sport nnd,-inusement.
As lt was the commltteo got about
live dollars worth of amusement at
an outlay of over $50, whloh is poor
What's the matter with the local
five-aside team. Wednesday was disastrous   truly and the collapse    of
'Wynn's five put a fitting climax to
It. Cosier hns never figured in such
a debacle bofore, and report has lt
that Bob has never been able to
smile since.     When the boys do get
I into winning mood again there will
be no holding them. Meantime
friend Jim is calling "Time!"
One highly satisfactory thing n-
bout the day's proceedings was that
thert was never a protest in any
of the events. One of the ennoes in
tho Indian raco was driven on to tho
turning buoy, and split, and the
crow wero out of the raco. For a
minute or two. indeed, they were out
jof the canoe on the buoy, but decided thoy could make tho camp, and
paddled off.
This was the only thing approaching an accident except when Jimmy
fell underneath tho pushball, so that
evarybody concerned with the sports
la to be congratulated.
Michel. B.C., July 4.—James Per-
giiBon, machinist, was Instantly killed yesterday whilo fitting steam
pipes on the slope of No. ,1 mine.
Soveral cars loaded with mine timber broke loose from tho haulage,
scattering the tinrltr right and loft
in their wild rush down the Incline.
j Ferguson, who was working In tho
slope, was struck on tho baok ot tho
neck hy one of the heavy timbers,
nnd Instantly killed.
■lth and ijlh prizes being divided.
Second Event, fifteen singles. 1st,
U. Daltun, IS; and, Wi Mills, 14; Hid
H. MotJun-iglo, lil; 4tli, divided; 5Ui
M. Duitko.
Third Event, Team Shoot. 1, Nanaimo, (i:l; 2nd, Rod _ Uun Club,
CO; 3rd, Hupplo's team, 0U; 4th,
Ladysmith, 68.
Fourth Event, Ten Singles, lst H.
Wright and it. Hoggan, 'J; 2nd, J.
Wurgo; 3rd, M. Duitko; 4th and 5th,
Fifth Event, Fifteen Singles
f consular
Lhe community, i nereoy nouiy you
tuut ail ivcus witniu me limns ui
l.lic .Municipal!Ly ul Lhe UlLy ol _u-
uysuiltn lua.t lie htiuu up und ubso-
laLuiy cluuud forthwith,
ilOLis'l'iill i'ULlCli 12, l'lUiiT.
INUIAK lliiUJ, J uly 4.—A fiesner-
ute i.ght tuoU pluco at i_Ae I—fuet-
wix lust night whon astfuad oi   the
1st, mounted pulice    arrestou It. JJanfoll,
W. McGarriglo, 14; 2nd, Eafltham 13; u huti brood, ior stealing at FiTe
3rd, J. W. Graham; 4th and Sth, di- ^ Uomital)h| VBnstoue altempl,.
vided. *
Sixth Event, Tun Singles, lst, it. ed t0 a,Ti;st Daitlell when he iuuiie-
Hoggun, c. Martin and R. Easthaiu, diutely opened tire upon the ollicer.
2nd, C. Trawford; 3rd, divided; 4th .j-^ m.8 waa jjmaodiutaly returned
Wm. MeGarrigle; Stli, divided.
H. Hoggan took the prize for   tho
and Daniell was shot through    the
highest aggregate with 50.   J. Rums
by wus low, with 80.
Eaatham, Martin, Parrott and C.
Trawford hud all high aggregates,
although some of them figured much
in the prize lists. Thoir scores respectively wore 49, 47 and 44.
breast     and    leg, probably fatally.
The ollicer escaped injury.
RjJBBliD  OF  JliWliLRY.
t<*rr.i  cli
tell to
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        the Tribune froi
HUDSON BAY RAILWAY '.__. c. Converse!/ a  Now York
A USELESS KXL'ENSii. I,.r> wus robi-odlL jewels worth,
luuu ut the Hollywood it.
MONTREAL, July 4.-Capt. Grey, ]ywood_    % ^ '
of the Hudson Bay Str. l'elican, now luBt ^^     mX©^.
ia purt, oua ace no use ior building wite wora m ^^.yL
a railway     to    a port on Hudson mM ^ ^
Bay as un outlet for the grain trodo ^0^
of the Northwest.     He Bays: |
'Trade    through the bay     would
never pay.     Special steamships will
huve to be buiiL uhieh would be  no-   ■   9	
good any place else.     Thut    .would    The   following    thrilling   story is
mean lying idle for eight or    niuo from an English paper:
months in the year.    At ail times of!   -va exciting parachute descent was
the year there    are dau^erous    ice- witnessed     at   Longton Park Foto,
All accounts against tho nelebra-
tlon Commltteo, should bo rendered
, to tho Secretary, Mr. S. Weaving, on
or beforo Monday, July 6th.
Rolls of Honor.
-Proficiency,   Mattf Altin.
Doportmont, -Robert Korr. |- ory memner or tne p
Regularity   and  Punctuality,    _lll» pected to bo present
Marl. Kallao. ,     ..■■'      ■
* A Convention ol tho Consorva- •
• tlvo Parly of the Newcastle Dls- •
• trlct. will bo hold   In tho Opora *
• Rouse, Ladyamlth', on Tuosday, *
• July 7th, at 7:80 o'clock. •
* Business of tho utmost Import- *
* onco la to lie transacted, nnd ov- "
* ory member of the party la  ex- •
bergs lloatiug dawn from- the north, Staffordshire, on Tuesday. Miss Dai-
. .   ,      .     ..      ....      ':,. sy Sljepluird and Miss Louis Mav as-
-and carried into the straits by   tho cmded ju a l>umdmic blllloon   with
rush of the sea, aud sleuuiers would the intention    of   making a doubio
have to be strong and slow enough descent.       The    balloon rose to   a
to withstand     all kinds of knocks, j*™11 ll0ieht- ""'! -.°    anxious   on-
lookers soon realised that something
For nut over    threo mouths was ua- vuls imiiss.     Tho youMg latiie8 va]1.
.igutiou possible.        Not until alter ished in the clouds in a south eastj
the middle    of July could any uavi- ul''y direction, and nothing more waa
.....   ., seen of them.      lt wus subseouently
gation be certain of muling passage |oimit tlmt tho tw0 per,ormo;s   had
at all,    and    lor    weeks after that a thrilling exporionco.
would be   met by a rush of heavy     Miss Dolly Shophord on Wodnesduy
, _• ; . .  ....... fi,a     i_«   toId a Unfiling story of hor marvel-
hergi loosening out from the boy. ^ pariichut; drop'of lli0oo leet.
By the end ol Soptember it was time How she usenpera terrible death' is
the vessel-) uut to sea or run    large simply marvellous.
Chun-La of    being closed in for     thu     Who!l ubout 4-uut) feot up the   la-
, dies should have descended   by    tho
winter. parachute.     "But my     parachute,"
Tht closing off In September,     or said SLss May, "got entangled   and
'even by the middle of October, means refused to be unloosed."
that no grain of one season    could , "»* »".d "» "», went- "lil1 •« "JWO
"" ■*•"" feet tho balloon became enveloped in
gtt out before August of the follow- cioud."
jug year.    Elevators uud many oth-    Miss Shcphurd,   who    is an oxper-
er appliances would havo to be pro- i6"1,0'1 parachutest, saw things   wore
,a a      ..    .       ■. ,.   .     it.... a. getting despcrato, und with splendid
viaed.     Boutt suitable lor the trade f^.^ ^ 0„. 'ea    U| ,.i8k"tnking
would make    European ports in    a Miss May down with'hor.
month   more or less, after that."      |   Whilo   Miss Shophard     loosed her
Capt.    Gray    lias    bcon connected iwachute, she said, "Now we   meet
^ * .„_,      „    go;   it is either hie or death torus
with Hudson liny since 1811. He A(tel. tt time Miss Shophard pro-
sails on Monday for Fort Churchill, ferred facing tho risks of descent to
He wiU have us passengers Mr. and tho dangers of exposure on the bal-
..      ...    _. ,, .. i,.    -.... locm'   She advised Miss May to  un-
Mrs. Stuart Cotter, a  newly     mor- tasUm tha Mt ^ othor ^pamtm
ried couple. Cotter Is manager of connecting nor to tho parachuto, and
tht Hudson Bay Company at Fort to swing herself across so as to
Ohlmo   UamfVa. fcatcll hold of the othor trapeze.
'  "*•""•» _____ Miss May procoedod to comply with
*____ these instructions,     but instead   of
..„.„',„ „„xTci ,nft-vAnn inn,- swinging across     lu her companion,
CANAMAN WIMS 100-YARD BA0B, otdaily'lp(1rl,ormed lhe daring tout of
' springing from hor position a    dis-
LONDON, July 4.—The iutornation tanco of Qve feot towards Miss Shep-
al character of the ontries, no fewer hard's parachuto, uud at this altitude uf two miles above the ground
thaa 11 nations being represented, h01. fwt b(,cum0 cntungled iu tho tra-
itave iieculiur Importance uud Inter- P0*0 ropes, it was only the pres-
■~a       a,      , mii ,:..   \__.-.l„  \°'"'e of mind and  lightning thought
est to the Amateur Athletic Assuuu-' am| Mon    o( Miss Shophard   that
tion   championship    meeting,   which suvei|   her    (rom   ^^g   hurled to
held iu the Stadium tliiu    after- death.       Miss    Shephard     plucklly
Boon.     A big crowd was in at__d- ifl(gdMdoUt,   und   Just managed   to
"       ,    t ,    .,,,„ „„,„ Igrasp Miss May's arm nnd save her.
Thero were nearly Juo coin- j^^ u(_ SpiK,o
petitort,     umong thom many     mon|   i'|10n Miss Shophard, whose   para-
who have    entered ior   the Olympic .chute had been ready some considerable time,    jumped  into space   with
contests. |i,or   companion, nnd together    thoy
The unal in the 100-yard dash was _„do a t0,.ri|lc (irac,.„t to earth. Tho
won by Robert Kerr by one yard.; double woight undor the parachute,
Ksrr ls a Canadian, belonging to W'>' uccelerated the dim.. A low
tt...  _ —• -o   n . villttRorR at Loigli,    near Uttoxotor,
Hamilton, Ont. R. h,- walker, oi bMl |)e(Jn wnll.hlll(, (ll0 dmemt witli
South Africa was second, and J. V. >np]irehension, and when tho para-
Mortun   the holder ol the champion-'chutists   dropped   on    Mr. Hollin's
'   . . („„r ...-_     una ,a,'m tlu'y hnstenod to render assist-
ship for the    past four years,     was _^^
third. The tluio was 10 soconds ( u' foum| thnt Miss shc|,hard,
flat, liie victory wus greeted with who Touched the ground first, and
great cheera by the Canadian and! «as fallen upon by her compenlou,
5 -* w-ns very scriimslv  injured.   Despite
American spectators. thls (nct| a|,„ wns vol.y ci,eorful and
Dennis Horgan, of the lrlsh-A—or- showed tho greatest fortitude and on-
lean Athletic Association, put     tht durance.    Miss May was practically
.i ..» aa i—t i :.,th— minnlnir an. unhurt though slutkon, and was able
weight 4d foot 7 inches, winning «>-| ^ ^ __^ t_ ^ ^ Cap_
TORONTO, July 4.-Thirteen ol
the striking Iron moiildurs ol the
Moffat stovo Compony have been
committed for trial on a charge ot
rioting at Weston. Tliey nro alleged to lie pcrpotmtora of an assault on J. Molmt and six non-union employees in the Works na they
wero returning from ohiirth on the
evening of Sunday, June 21.'
^^^^^^^ .ongtou with Captain Gaudi-on, who had followed tho
courso of tho balloon by road.
First aid wos rendered by several
villagers, who procured a stretcher,
and conveyed tho Injured lad-- to Mr.
Hollin's farm. No ono would have
thought from hor laughing countenance that shc hud undergono such a
terrible ordeal the previous night, or
that she was suffering from spinal
paralysis, as diagnosed by Drs.
Hind, of Hanloy, Flotcher, of Utto-
xotor, and Smith, of Tenn, who wero
Tho recent reduction of wages at
Fall River has Increased the numbtr
of ortratlvtt In the cotton mills of
Paving cuttors contemplate tho es-' Now England, whose wages have
tabllshmtnt of the eight-hour day boon reduced during the present year
throughout the craft In nil pnrts of to about 1170,000 and a further tot
the United States.      , it Itarsd. CONSULT ME
If Vou Require Any
Or If You Require Any
/ Whether.
Or 11 You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Sell One;   or If You   Want
Notary Pablie, Conveyancer,
Ladysmith   Standard
I'ubllabod on Wodueedays auu oatur-
days Aitoi-noons by the
Robt. R. Hindmarch,
Ou. Year fl.SO
SIX Mi.ntl'.s       7B
AUi-crllf,lng Kates ou Applicatien.
Ottawa, Junt 21.
Major Hodgins has not withdrawn
his churges of over-classiiicution and
over-payment on the Trunscontinen.
tal.     lie has simply declined to go
Canada. It may bt atated again'
lhat the Conservative Party ln the
House did not demand thit Inquiry.'
It wat requested by tbs Transcontinental Commission, aud granted by
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, who should now
see that lt finishes the work which
the Conservative members desire to
Note Thle Testimony.
| The following are among the statements made by Assistant Chief Engineer Woods of the Orand Trunk
Pacilic to Chief Engineer Luiusden of
Transcontinental. They were written in October of lust year about the
time Major Hodgins was dismissed.
Ho refers here to section B In Quebec, which he had personally examined for some thirty miles-.
"In nearly every case where the
cuttings were not entirely all ledges,
the estimate given for solid rock is
double or more than double what it
should b»."
One cutting estimated 71 per cent,
solid rock and 2!) per cent, loose
rock, should have a large percentage
of earth.
One station classified 94 per cent,
solid and 6 per cont. loose rock: solid rock over-classified nt least 100
per cent.
One cut classified 78 per cent, sol-
rock and 22 per eent. loots rock;
contains hundreds of yards of earth
without a  stone.
Ono cut classified 40 por cont. solid and 10 per cent, loose rock; of
the 95,000 yards moved, at least
80,000 was pure sand.
Cut estimated 60 per cent, solid
and loose rock. It ia "purely a
sand cut," and not more than 10
cent, should be classified at
The wrestling game ls clearly just
a little more difficult to get at than
the ring. Roller has never before
been defeated. Reel, the man who is
supposed to have given Gotch the
times of his life, went down in short
order boforo the husky S attlo phy
siclau. Gotch himself undertakes to
put Holler down three times in
hour, and, according to his own
story, was lucky to get off without
boing thrown himself. .Roller noyor.
having beon in any danger. Then
comes tho bout of the First, and
Gotch slums Holler all over the mat,
works holds on him so rapidly and
of such variety that tho doctor is bewildered. Those from hero who saw
the match say that Hollor was made
to look like a novice. Ho was nover for a minute in the running.
Gotch started in right from tho
jump, aud if by an accident Hollor
did get hohind, tho champion broke
straight away. What people aro asking is, did Gotch Take on tho flrst occasion, or did Hollor lay down or
the Fitst ?
further with the Investigation before
tho committee. The government
-uujority on the committee haa tired
him out. He found himself likely to
be kept all summer without having
a chance to bring a witness from
the Works, while, so far as he knew,
he waa paying his own lawyer and
losing hig own time. Then he was
assured that he could make hia cose
before    a   board of engineers,    and,
asked by -Mr. MacdonaW whether he ftt ^ ^^^ or totcod the gov-j
would not prefer such a  court, Ma- I
_   . . ,. . ..   . _,      eminent to adopt a part of tne Con
jor Hodgins replied that as rnu-stion
was one for engineers he would pre- ■"vatlv. policy of civil semes refer the tribunal of oxparts. as more '-**». The opposition leader ln his
competent, more fair, and much less Halifax platform aad subsequent de-
expenaive for    him.     It ia ln    this j clarutiona,     demanded    tht removal
San Francisco, July 3. — On the
eve of tho battle botweon Joe Gans
and Battling Nelson for the world's
lightweight championship honors the
nogro is a decided - favorite. Bookmakers predict that many heavy wagers will be made before the men enter the ring tomorrow. Nelson ana
his backers are confident that he
will win a victory over his old-time
foe, but this opinion ia shared by
only a small proportion of the sporting exports congregated in San Fran
cisco today to witness the mill.
Ther* are ft great number of 'itm-l According to the articles of-agree
, * •       ment. tho bout will take place    to
iler statemente. relating to thla and morrovv afternoon at Croffoth's Mis-
other sections, and protests were slon Street arena and is scheduled to
made down to the time the Hodgina go forty-live    rounds.       Tho winner
„„™™u*M — . Btt<iH„ to.,..-. .»«♦«. I wi" roceivo 60 per cent, and tho
committee was sitting.    These atate-! loser 4Q por ^^ ^ 7Q porcmt
ments were not from politicians   or 0f tho gross proceeds which will go
disappointed engineers", but   from to the fighters.    Tho mon will woigh
1 in at 133   pounds   at tho ringside,
Jack Welsh has been agreed upon
us referee. A clause In tho articles
is to the effect that the referee must
not put his hands on the men If they
should be in a clinch. Thoy must
step back at his command. • This
clause was inserted at tho   'request
Has Signed Articles for Three Fights ge]Mt Committee of    Britian House
There   During the Visit of
the United States Fleet.
LONDON, July 3.—Tommy Burns,
of Uommona Approves of This
s New Measure.
the    champion heavyweight pugilist, ■ ,¥)ND0N'" Ju'»' a-Tta- «*"«•*
„,m ,..- i... ... ....._..,    * J ' bal- a measure by which tne United
will leave here for Australia on July 7. He has signed articles for
three lights during the visit ol the
United States fleet to Australian waters. Hls first light will be with
Bill Lang, who Is credited with being the beat Australiar_heavyweighit.
This will take place ln Melbourne
He will also fight Squires, whom he
recently defeated in London,
Kingdom i| to be tured into start
ing tbe day's work one hour ahead
of the time indicated by the sun, has
received the unqualified blessing of
the select committee of tbe House of
Commons, and all Indications point
to its becoming effective next April.
The bill proposes to advance the
clock one hour in April in order   to Dlv,
Below will be found the honor rolls
If tho Nunaimo public schools, excepting Division 1,, which will be announced later. The boys and girls
whose names appear horo are signalled out for special mention for pro-
liclenoy, deportment, regularity ami
punctuality during the year. The-
are a credit to themselves and their
families and deserve the highest
praise for their meritorious work.
10, Miss George teacher.
Tbe Australian syndicate has guar- "T^ "T gT' "" °' day"gl,t     ProflclencJ'- L*,ona M»rl» Smlth'
8        aud   to give    the masses one hour
anteod Hums $25,000 for the three
__^______—_ w
the responsible chief of the Orand
Trunk Pacific engineering staff. They
remain unanswerable and un-lnveetl-
gated. Yet the majority of the
committee decides that there la nothing to investigate.
Partial Civil Service Reform.      , , ---  - -    --.-—
tn..,-. ,uf N(,|Son.s representative Tho Dane
Mr. Borden and bis comrades have never clinches, and this condition is
thought to favor him. It was considered of so much important by
Ben Selig that ho had a special conference with Gans before ho agreed
that it bo made purt of tho articles.
Three Lade Carrying Gunpowder Let
Cigarette Spark Fall Into It
With Disaaterous Results.
NEW YORK, July a.-Walter W.
White, aged 14, and Eugene Heym,
aged 14, and Harry Gill, aged 16,
ull of Fort Richmond, were carrying
bag containing five pounds of gunpowder last night when a spark
from a cigarette which one of the
lads was smoking burned a hole in
the bag and ignited the powder.
There were threo explosions in rapid succession and the boys wore enveloped in flames. It is believed tho
Heym and Gill boys will die. Whito
may recover.
The Nanaimo Baseball Club lost
their manager and gained a new one
this week.
Mr. Robt. Vijiond, who has been
managing the team this season, left
this morning for Union where he will
be for a considerable part of the
season, and Ur. Hugh Allan has
takon his place .with the team, and
will hereafter manage It. If Mr.
Allan ia as successful with tho ball
tenm ns he Is with his other enterprises, it augurs wall for the future
prosperity of tht team,
jDeportment—Myrtlo I-lodgklnson.
more playtime by light oj day-* Punctuality and rogularity— Olive
The greatest objection to themea- Brown, Viola Brown,  John   Joseph
sure came from the Stock Exchange, Barbori.
whloh presented the argument    that
sense only thnt be has withdrawn
the charges. Nor Is it surprising
that ho Bhould Book a fairer tribunal, when the majority of the committee before the inquiry began pro-
nouncod his clinrges slanders, and
declured that the government would
l« vindicated.
Tbt Charges Remain.
Tne Liberal majority of the cominittee haa now ruled that it will
hear no more evidence. The two
Conservative members Uo not agree
with that. They suy that the withdrawal of Major Hodgins from the
Inquiry does not close tht question.
Abundant proof of over-cloaslllcation
has beta furnished. It did not come
Irom Vajor Hodgins alone, but irom
engineers in a still higher position;.
Ur. Woods, the engineer of the G.T.
P. Company, has mode stronger
charges thun the accuser. He says
that specifications have been ignored, and excessive allowances mode,
not through mistake of local engines-*, but from arbitrary orders of
their superiors. As his company is
expected to repay to the government
the cost of the road, he haa made
strong protest against a classification "Increasing the cost to auch an
alarming extent."
What About the Taxpayer?
The contract with the G.T.P, provides for arbitration between
company and the government
these ditputed accounts. If thero
are, ovtr-jiayments the company will
not bt chargeable. The taxpayers
of the country will bear the loss. So
it la not merely a question between
Major Hodgins nnd the Commission.
Therefore, Mr. Barker and Mr. Lennox, the Conservative minority in
the committee, desired to go on
with ths enquiry, and ascertain whether there wus overpayment, and if
so to have it stopped. If Major
Hodgins has lieen wronged he may
get his vindication from a Board of
-Engineers. But if tht country has
beon wronged, tho Board of Engineers ennnot get the money back.
Tht committee hy a ruling of the
majority refuses to go on and finish
its ohvioua duly to the people    of
from politic, of the whole civil service, outside and inside, in the department* at Ottawa, tht po.tofllce
and customs service, an the Inter
colonial and elsewhere. This wa. to
apply both to promotions and appointments. Whan parliament met,
Mr. Foster placed on tbt order paper a resolution aupporting thla
programme. This was rejected by
a straight government majority-
After notice of the resolution was
given, but beforo the vote was tak-
tbe government's civil service
commission had exposed some of the
Iniquities of the present system. So
the government waa absolutely forced to do something.
Scope ol the Measure.
The measure now proposed does nolj
affect the vast majority of civil servants throughout the country though)
the government takes the power to
extend its operations. It adapts a
part of tht Conservative platform by
establishing a permanent civil ser-
vice commission, but doet not make
that commission so independent
that platform demands. This committee is to hold competitive examinations and make original appointments to the inside service at Ottawa by merit alone. Subsequent promotions are still left with the government, .though the Conservatlvt
platform and tho royal commission
report ivns against patronage in promotions as well as appointments.
The hill proposes a general Increase
of salary to Ottawa officials.
MADRID,     July 3.—The    supreme
  *■—• "• —" _-_»«"• court yesterday gave judgment     a-
Nolson doos his most olfectivo   work      .       ,. , „.       q„„.„    *h«
at Infighting, hence this Is  expected •-**• ""> 8on "' Jilena 3iam*   the
to ba in his favor. Bohemian    opera , singer, in a suit
Thero is evory Indication that a ro- brought to recover a share of the
cord'breoking crowd will witness tlio ^^ „, Kieg j__>onno XII. from the
encounter, anxious to see settled thOj„ ,T^ ,    .. ' .,
dlsputo which Nolson and his    sup-P01«"-er    9t**m and other legatees,
porters have tried to keep up   over [which he claimed as the natural lon
since that memorable battle at Gold- of the king,
field on September 8, 1900. '    I   King Alfonso    XII. was enamored
There has never been any doubt in     ™* ...
tho minds of the fair ones as to tho,°' &»*- Sanaa who bore him two
outcome of the struggle, for only thc, sons. The singer was banished Irom
prejudiced gave any consideration to! Spain alter the death of the king,
tho ridiculous claims of Nolson that „_. ,„_. . _..,___ A ,.i.„A,_._ .
he hod been robbed of a victory, but and aM homeless and friendless in
tho Dane and his Inuuodlate follow- J"""**1 I" 1899- Tht provisions of
ers have not missed a single oppor-.the king, by which he provided an
tunity to question the right of the L^. annuity for her, appear to
negro to thc   lightwolght champion-1.        . _-,_,.       a ..     ,.
ship title,   and   rcpoatod challenges |have been carried out, and the elder
for another contest have been  ming-
its business with America would be
dislocated. Vor this work only two
hours are available under the present conditions, and under the proposed bill this time would be cut In
half. J
The committee of tho house think
this difficulty can be obviated by the
adherence by those concerned to their
present hours. For scientific purposes and navigation Greenwich tin-
is to be maintained.
Berlin, July S.—Flre broke out in
the Royal opera house this afternoon, having caught from a plumber's furnace being used in the gallery. Tho roof of the old structure
waa soon blazing nut the firemen extinguished the flames before more
than a part of the roof had . been
destroyed. While the damage will
amount to thousands of dollars, It
Is probable thet nt the opening of
tho opera season set for Aug. 16,
will be delayed.
 — ..-.- ws,. unlisted with the numerous attempts to
harm the fistic standing of the colored man.
Now it is all to bo settled in tho
ring, end if the apparent fom of the
two men during tho past year counts
for anything, the Dune is in for
worse beating than he received at
Goldfleld, and a beating, too, that
will leave no room for arguments in
In no fight sinco ho escaped a
knockout or an adverse decision on
points by deliberately losing to
Gans on a foul in tho forty-second
round in Nevada has Nolson displayed his old-time ability. Nolson has
pulled oft ono or two fairly creditable performances, all things considered, but nevertheless he gave in every appearance the Impression that
he wasn't the same Battlor, showing
In many ways a waning of the qualities thnt once causod him to be hailed as tha king of the lightwolght
,t. '. | There Is ample Gans money in
Guna, on tho other hand, has gono sight but the Nolson end is incofl-
ight along .in tho same old way so' a|derttb|,. ^ odd. 0, 2 to 1 .on
familiar to fans   who hnvo  seen   lni0 ■ . ,       »"
him for yoars the greatest fighting |nm" •"" Predominate end in some
machine, big or littio, the ring hnB instances bets are being made that
over known, His failure to stop the champion will win Inalde ol SO
Unholz in shorter time is not taken' a. -
son sought to havt hia claim against the fate king'a estate legally established.
The case was taken first before the
civil courta ln Madrid and eventually was referred to the supremo court.
 1 ■
*25,000 Gate is Now a  Certalnty-
Tho Odds are 2 to 1 on Gans—
Very Little Nelson Monty.
sale of seats for the Gans-Nelson
fight continues heavy aud from present indications a 125,000 gate ls a
certainty. All the cheaper seats
have been disposed of and the, sale
of higher priced chairs Is proceeding
Was a Boomerang.
* Billiards and Pool %
Best Liquors and Ctgnri,
CartwrifhtA Barclay
Ths Minister ol Marine comes badly out of his attempt to offset scandal, by alleging that, three yeara
ago, Dr. Reid, Conservatlvt M.P.,
got a yacht repaired for nothing by
tbt government at tht Prescott
works. The government tlniekteper
testifies that Dr. Held asked him to
keep a full account of all the work
done, and send him the bill, and
that he prepared the statement and
understood the matter was settled.
Dr. Reid swears that he paid tha
bill presented, and never heard of
nny other charges until now. When
the old hooks,whloh tbt minister hod
dug up and produced before the committee, were closely examined, it was
found tbat nearly every item ln the
original statement .had been altered
since the entries were made.
* -
Ottawa, July 8.—According to a
murn brought down fat Commons,
Chief Alexander Dokle, of the Dokls
Indians, did not wont tht timber on
tht rsservt sold. Tht salt took
place two wttkt ago, the amount received for eight bertha btlng »971,-
  „ not takon
to mean the passing of his famous
punch by those who know the
markahlo ability of tho Boor to
stand punishment. Tbat he is as fit
a; over in all othor departments
thore is not the slightest doubt, and
tho only conclusion possible Is that
in the coming contest Nelson Is likely to discover for tho first timo In
his life how It feels to bo knocked
rounds for which oven money is  tho
ruling figure.       '
Samuel Roberts, a well known resident of Sydney, died in that place
on Wednesday ovonlng. Tho deceased has many relatives residing in
this city. He was a native of Wales,
coming to B.C. in 1802. He was
ono of the pioneers of tho Cariboo
country and for tho last 8S years
haa resided In Sydney. Ho leaves a
family of thirteen children, seven
boys nnd six girls. Mrs. A. T. Norris loft for Sydnoy thiB afternoon,
the deceased being n brothor-ln-law
of hers.    City Clork (lough will also
CHICAGO, July 8.-A despatch to
the Record-Herald from Hazelburst,
Miss., says: Unable to decide which
of three women ht really wanted to
marry Eli Hood, 17 years old, a
boarder at tht farmhouse of Eli
Graves, eight miles from Huselhurst,
yesterday decided that the best way
out of tht difficulty was to commit
suicide in such a way that each wo-
would know that he had killed
himself for her.
For Mist Carrie Nelson, aged 18,
he swallowed 00 grains of morphine;
for Ulss Eva Spellman, aged 25, he
drank four ounces of laudenaum; for
Hiss Henrietta UcDonnld, aged IS,
he put tbe muzzle of a shot gun in
his mouth and pulled the trigger
with hia tote.
Betide hi. body waa found on a
table a paper wrapper that contained the morphine. On it was
scrawled "For Carrie." The empty
laudenaum bottle stood on a slip of
paper on which wa. written, "For
Eva." An empty envelope, on
which a picture of a shotgun had
been drawn waa Inscribed "Henriet
' i."
Except that he had been acting
very queer, and that he had become
despondent, Graves said hs saw nothing In Hood's manner to Indicate
that he contemplated self-destruction.
Eleven Hilt, of   B. * N. Extension
to bt Constructed—Tenders
art Being Asked. ,
The C.P.R. Is calling for tenders
for the contract ot grading another
eloven milts of the E. _ N. extension. Tht section Is from Mile 89,
ntar Nanoose Bay, to French Creek.
Tenders art to be received until
noon Friday; July 81. Tht call tor
tendera require prices on both grading and bridging along tht eleven
miles of road.
■♦ 1	
Dlv. 0, Miss E. Manifold teachor.
Proficiency—Charles Clark.
Regularity ond Punctuality— Davla
Deportment— Edith Jesaop.
Div. 8, Miss Jones tonchor.
Proficiency— Rowenu Peto.
Doportmont— Nellie Rawllnson.
Rogularity and Punctuality— Martha Bennett.
l)iv. 7, Miss I. Hanrer teacher.
Proficiency — Lenora   Hawthornthwaite.
Regularity ond    Punctuality— Au.
gust Oster.
Deportment— Ray Case.
Dlv. 6, May B. Grant teacher.
Deportment— Viola Thompson.
Punctuality and Regularity—Edith
Clara Brown.
Proficiency— John Dean.
Div, S, Mis. M. M. Frame teacher.
Proficiency—Minuto Hodgson.
Regularity and Punctuality,..Grace
IN FIRE. ,   .   -
Others    Jump From   Upper Storey
Windows and Meet With More
or lees Serloua Injuries,
CLEVELAND, 0„ July 8.—A dozen girls Jumped from the second storey windows of ths five and ten-cent
storo of S. 11. C. Kresge, on Ontario street today, following the explosion of a large quantity of Art
works on tht ground floor. So lar
at known nine girls received more,
or less serious injuries, and one or
two of them may die. Flumes broke
out and swept through the establishment following tbo explosion. Tho
lire was brought under control after
tho place had been gutted.
At 12.80 p.m. firemen removed the
bodies of six women who had been
siuuthored in the basement. A seventh woman found in the basement
was still1 alive. She was rushed to
a hospital, but lt is believed she
will die. -   '
Honry Miller, an omployee, as soon'
ns ho discovered tho flro, ran hastily
to tho top Door and then went down
the flre escape in the rear. At each
Hour Miller, stopped end opened tho
windows, calling on the clerks to
escupe. He pulled many of them
through the windows to the flre escapes. At least seventy, he says,'
got out.
Deportment— Thomas Waring.
Div, i, Miss U. Woodman teacher.
Proficiency— John D. Godfrey.
Deportment— Alma L. Barnes.
Regularity and   Punctuality—Ethel
Dlv. 8, Miss U. P. Haarer, toucher.
Proficiency— Winifred Mercer.
Deportment— Florence Jesaop.
Punctuality and Rogulurlty— Margaret Rowan.
Dlv. 2, Mist jMebiuB teachor.
Proficiency— Nellie Stannnrd.
Deportment— Clclly Colllshaw.
Punctuality and Regularity— Elei:-
iea Waugh.
Dlv. 1, Miss E. Brown teacher.
Proficiency—Wm. Neon.
Deportment— Annlo McMeekin.
Regularity and punctuality— Jes
Dlv. 2, Miss _. B. Frame, teacher.
Proficiency—Margaret Grey.
Deportment— Albert Grey.
Regularity and Punctuality— John
T. Atkinson.
YUZOSOVO, July S.-Firt broke
out today in tbe Rlkovaky mint,
which yesterday was the scent ol au
explosion of gas that resulted la a
vary heavy los. of life. Tbe work
of rescue and fighting tht lire is btlng conducted undtr tht greatest difficulties. Over 200 man remain in
tht mine, shut in by falling earth,
while 1110 bodies already havt bee-
brought out, 76 wounded were removed to hospitals and of these ten'
ure now deud and many more art
fly ng. It Is believed that tht present number of dead will be increased
by 75.
The explosion occurred Just alter
tho'nlght shift entered the mine. The
last 20 men of the shift were still
In the cage at the bottom ot tht
shaft and tbey were drawn to the
surface uninjured. Reacue parties
wero at once organized and commenced to go down. Six of the rescuers woro suffocated. Others bravely continued at the work.
Div. 1,-
Proficiency— Mabel Smith.
Punctuality and Regularity— Walter Berlsford.
Deportment— Harold Huckwood.
Div. 2.-
Proflclency— Kate Duffle.
Punctuality and    Regularity— Lu-
cilt Ainaley.
Deportment—Adella Bennett.
* — _—-
Dlv. 8.-
Profldency— Redvera Scales.
Deportment—Lily Finer.
Punctuality and Regularity— Raymond Bennett.
Son Francisco, 0al„ July 8.—Stan
ley Kctehell, the middleweight cham-!*tto"d tho funeral. Spooking of his
Plon, and- Jim Flynn were matched 5!*S the Vil*torla Times Baya: The
£»* tc, flght _ th,. c,ty f Jf_-oW,_2r^t»'_ »
tween July 4 and 81, the exact date th" Province In the person It Sum-
to be chosen later. Tbs men will uo1 -Roberts. Tho docoased was ono
moot at catch weights.    Flynn It a t,,n» i„a.?0"a,ut!,who B0USht*l» 'or-
heavvweieht iZ An tho Cnr",0° «ol<l flolds-   Ab-
neavywelgnt. .out 40 years ago he Bottled upon  a
, |rarm "} Sidney, nnd haa lived thore
e- over since.     During his long  resid
ence In the Snnnlch peninsula, he
mado a vast host of frionds. Ho wns
a natlvo of Wales whore ho waa born
75 yoars ago. For somo timo he has
jeen in a precarious stato
Toronto,   July 8.—Four
The following   telegrams were *
received at the Froo Proas oBico •
thla afternoon,    of   tho Interna- •
tlonal   yacht   ruco botweon tho
"Alexandria,"     the   Vancouvor
boat, and tho "Spirit," tho Seattle boat.    The Alexandria won *
the flrat race nnd now the Spirit *
* tnkea one : •
Vancouver, July 8. —• Alexan- *
drla passod It. Atkinson   buoy *
* at 11:44, four miles out, a mln- *
* ute and quarter ahead. At 13 *
o'clock ahe was Increasing thiB *
lead. •
Vancouvor, July 8.—Spirit won *
at 1:80 by ono minute and thlr- *
ty seconds. *
Dlv. 4,-
ProAclency— Sarah Hirst.
Punctuality and   Rtgularlty-Mary
Jam Dixon.
Deportment- Elsio Coundley. 9
ing up the business of ths Sovereign 2»ri8*   Mrs. McCluroTof AahcroftI' ~team~__7 -ZLT'
Bank suit were brought at the    In- *™™3?u"*'a"-. °'. 81dn»y: <"><> Mrs '   "M NC"V"
Mlw Haarer teacher.
Proficiency — Mnry   Aloda Pltten-
Regularity and Punctuality—Stewart Henry McKenzle.
Deportment — Catharine    Mildred
t /I
Cambridge, July 8.—It bat h
definitely decided that tht Harvard
Varsity craw, which defeated Yale,
will not go to England this summer.
Tht receipt ot a_ cablegram yesterday by Robt. F. Herrlck, chairman
of tht graduate coring committee at
Harvard from R. C. Lehmunn, tho
English rowing coach, ended all the
hope, of a trip to England by the
crimson crew. Mr, Lthmann In a
cablegram, aald: "Cambridge having to row In Olympic regatta, I.
regretfully compelled to decline further races thit atawn."
 ♦ ■
CHICAGO, July 8.—Thousand,   ot
WINNIPEG, July 2.-On account
of the very optimistic report, that
are being received regarding the yield
from all ports of the Cunuoian west,
It ls confidently expected that 25,-
000 farm hands at least will be need- -
to garner, the crop. Arrange-
menta aro now being mode for the
handling of this vast army of man,
and special trains will bo run from
various points in,.the east,.
TheW^anadlan Northern crop report, 'issued today, shows grains ot
all-kinds doing splendidly. Prospects ot a banner year were never
better. The weather all over the
country la all that could be desired. -
 —4 _
Lethbridgo, Alta., July 8.—Frank-
Snoot, an employee of Circle Ranch,
wns drowned yesterday. He wes:
driving it herd of cattle across the'
river when hie horse mired in quick--
Band, when he went under and was '
not Been again. The horse succeeded in swimming to short.
No Honing—
No Grading
'hi. a ».i7 li T 7." ™ .. h0ttlth' I   London, July 8,—Jat. B. Sullivan,
acton., hi. death boing not nltogother unox-l.. ,,   ,      ..ujiilil. ,
..     -iTT-a   P™*"1'   Hls wife survive, him and a tl_ w_*_ot    of th. A.A.TJ.     and
commenced In connection with »jna',largo fomily.   Throo    daughters  ara'manasnr of    tht American Olympic
a    cablegram
. 0. Blake, .TS___t"7T__T .pTsr 2^"t*^j_*_**»    ■"__
stance of W. E. Stavert, for tht pur- country,.   The othor mombors of tbo Pi___«t   Roosevelt   hat appointed ,__.-■*-.
_ , _ . family, consisting of five Bons and,hlm Unlttd States et-_Vf~-lon.tr at>ort tvtry railroad man in the impost of iwovtrlng s_ns of money threo ritt,1(tht(,r8i ,lve at homo. The' u,, oiymfdo «une» and that Am-.'lttd States It now at work, Th.
duo the Inttltutlon on »roml.ary Jg^JJ ^iTfron, ___» bum("* Wi ■*• •*■ I**™** t» "__* <**& rMtartad M0°
notte. The amount. Involved total ny re8idence, Boauford Farm. Rev. notify tht Brltlth Olympic Attocla- 'man on tht «Bertnt branohta ot the
nearly 1190,000. Mr. Fiinton will officiate.
men returned to work Wednesday, after month* ol enforced idleness. Al-
You know from da:
nance, st home, or in tl
•hop, that the question i,"
'Why doesn't a razor hold
He edge uniformly from heel ,
to head without honing and I/.
grinding?" Whether It la a Mi
safety, with the certain lax of I *".
new blades, or the ordinary I'M
cpon-bladed razor docs not''-»
alter the question. You want
the comfort and satisfaction of,
a clean, smooth ahave every
morning with tho confident
knowledge that your razor
will be ready for Instant use
the next time needed.
The Carbo Magnetic razerla
lhe only razor uneondttlon.
eUy guerantoad to do thla.
Thirty yeara of study on the
azor situation haa perfected
a new aecret proceaa or
aranuv rcMPERipo that
positively merges every particle of carbon (the lire of ateel)
into the metal—giving a diamond-like hardness uniformly „
throughout the blade-some-*
thing absolutely Impossible
with fire tempered steel-used
In making all other ra.ora,
But te.t this razor In your
own home—or If you prefer,
have your barber use it on you.
Olv. u.your name.	
"""•""■d- the "Carbo
•jatnetic' razor, and we will
Mate our proposition for teat.
MHMtoit on your pari tp
{"■*••—- together with our
tn. booklet » Hint, on Sh.v-
Jf* This book illustrates
the correct razor position for
•having every part of tha face.
tlon to that
LadysmithHardware Co, -aa,
lYUSOVKA, Russia, July 2,-Laat
evening a violent explosion occurred
In the Rikovsky mine, la which 560
miners were at work. A hundred
are reported to havt beon killed
Thousands of miners In the town
are greatly excited because of the
accident, and troops have been hastily called    to quell any disturbances
which are feared.
)      TRAINING.
Gans nnd Battling Nelson, who will
meet on the afternoon of July 4 in a
45-round boxing contest, tor tbe
lightweight championship, have practically flnished training work, The
weight agreement calls for 188
pounds at the ringside, stripped.
Gans is the favorite at 8 to 2
—. .
PITTSBURG, July 2.—Four per-
Bona were seriously injured and two
dwelling houses pnrtlally wrocked'to-
day when a charge of,dynamite was
exploded at the homo of George Ilea-
voloria, a wealthy Italian, living el
Smoki'tport, adjoining thla city.
Several threatening letters, signed
by an alleged Black Hand organization have been received by Deavo'-
orlo recently. The authorities avo
endeavoring to trace the authors of
the letters.
Bozoman, Mont., July 2.—The Mon
tuna state Democratic convention
yesterday Instructed the delegation
of six to tbe National Convention
nt Denver, to vote for William J.
Bryan, tor the presidential nominee,
as long a. the namo ot Nebraska is
- before the convention.
Forecasts for 80 hours ending 5 p.
m. Friday.
Victoria and vnclnlty — Moderatu
to fresh southerly und westerly wind,
not much change In temperature.
♦ —
EI, PASO, July 2.—Tht Texat and
Pacific passenger train, which left at
8.30 yesterday afternoon, went
through a washout at Borrchla, 130
miles east ol here early this morning. The engine and two coaches
went over an embankment and the
engineer, fireman and a number ol
poasangers art missing.
Sedalia, Mo., July 2.—Two Missouri Pacific trains Noe. 8 and 81,
met In a head-on collision two miles
enst ot Knobstear, Mo., early this
morning. Six or seven persons are
reported killed and a large number
St. Louis, Mo., July 2.—A message received by the general claim
agent of the Missouri Pacific aays
that at least five person, wcre killed
on a head-on collision ot trains
Not. 8 and 12, between Lamont and
Honobost today. Six or eight were
seriously Injured.
London, July 2.—It wat said In
the lobbies of the Houae of Com-
mona today that the select committal appointed to consider possible
mean, of rahabtlatlng the British
hop Industry,, ia opposed by an over-
whelm'ng majority to the suggested
duty on American hop. coming Into
London, July, 2.—Wm. T. Gilbert,
of 205 West Fifty-seventh attest,
New York, was found dead ln a
bath room of the Savoy hotel this
morning, where ho had gone to tako
a bath, and was seized with
stroke of apoplexy from which he
(50,000 FIRE.
Onedia, N.Y., July 2,-Flrs today
completely destroyed the Warner Industrial building whloh, adjoin, th.
station hers, ttverely damaging the
station and several surrounding
structures. The absence of wind la
all that saved the town. Tht lots
exceeds $50,000.
. 4 1	
LONDON, July 2.—The fact that
the Shah hns been In direct corros
pondence with King Edward, probably protesting against the sheltering
of refugee. In the Brtlsh legation nt
Tehearn, Is confirmed. It la believed that the King In reply referred
the Shah to the foreign office aa the
usual channel for such communication.
DENVER, Col., July. 2.— Fresh
from hls visit of yesterday to Win.
J. Bryan at his home iu Lincoln,
Neb.,. C. A. Towno, of New York,
candidate for vice-president on the
Democratic ticket, uri'ived here today, und at ouce placed himself iu
touch with the loaders of hid purty
now here.
I may say that I am ln thu field
to stay," said Mr, Towno, "and 1
have every reason to ieel that I will
be nominated. 1 have been assured
ot a large number of the Now York
delegation and I believe that at the
propor time they will all be lor me.
From other parts of the country also has come information that my
candidacy is acceptable and pledges
ol active tupport."
Mr. Towne said that he discussed
at length with Mr. Bryan the various planks of the platform, and particularly that bearing on' the subject of tho issuance ot writs of injunction oy federal judges ln labor
"On that    proposition," said    be,
you can emphatically state that
there will be no straddle and no ambiguity. The nnti-lnjunction plank
will be so formed as to meet with
favor from a large majority of the
worklngmen of the country.
Another plank which probably
will be incorporated in the platform
aud which-waa discussed at length
with Mr. Bryan, will embody the
proposition of an International neutralization of the Philippine islands.
Conelderable speculation ts being indulged ln relative to the action of
tha New York delegation on the
iresldent and the platform. So far
they have not pledged thoniselvcs to
anybody or anything. The Ntw
have counsel with the delegates of
York delegation la coming here to
the country, and will be guided In
its action after lt arrives here by
the results of that counsel."
LISBON, July 2.-Joee Maria de
Alpoim, chief of tha Progressive Dissidents, smarting under tbe insinuations that he was implicated in the
ussatsinations ot Lispon lust February ol King Curios and Prince
Luiae, created a sensation in the
House of Lords today by revealing
what he asserted to b. tbt true
story of the regicide plot.
He asserted the assassination had
been decided upon at a meeting of
tht Progreaalve and Regenatnr party
taw daya before they were carried
out. He charged that it was proposed to wipe out the entire royal
family with tht exception ol Marie
Butaviun Vessel, Overcrowded, Sinks
and Carries Muny- to' Doath.
VICTORIA, July 2.-News of
boat disaster involving tho loss of
severul hundred lives on the coast of
ilutuviu wus brought by tho U.M.b,
Empress of China, which reached
port yesterday.
During the paddy cuttiug season,
whole families uf natives are in the
liai.it of leaving their squalid quarters in tho city io aee- employment
in tbe o'.en fields. Tho rice is now
being hoi-vested in the country a-
I'ouud Butavia, and a large batch oi
men, women and* children, in order
to escape tho heat ot travelling by
day, and with tho view of reaching
their destination by a quicker and
less circuitous route, decided to
cross the harbor liy moonlight. So
many people were making this annual excursion that the largo pru-
hus, or native bouts, moored in the
harbor, were insullicient to accommodate the passengers, mostly Javanese, with any degree of comfort,
much less safety. It was noticed
that clouds had been gathering during the evening, and that heavy rain
threatened. But no heed was paid
to this common experience at this
time of tht year, and the boats began to creep out Into the darkness
of the night—a darkness more Intense on account of the moon being
o: scored. ,
Shortly after leaving, rnin commenced to fall heavily, tho wind
howled in tho rigging, and the passengers, becoming panic stricken, aoon
had several of tho larger boats beyond control cf the native crows.
First ono prnhu rocked violently
from sldo to sldo and thon hcclcil
ovor, followed quickly by another,
and yet anothor. Shrloking passengers struggled nnd fought in tho
storm-lnBhocI waters with no chance
of rescuo, not alono on account of
the blackness of tho night, so' much
ns becauso more fortunate prabus in'
tho neighborhood woro already too
crowdod to permit of any othor passengers being taken aboard.
A fow fishing boats rowed out to
the sceno, anil succeeded in effecting
the rescue of 27 persons Iound clinging to the, flouting wreckage. To add
to the terror of tho tragedy tho waters of Bntavin hnrbor nro' infested
with sharks, which pulled many n
struggling mortal bononth tho waves.
Tho morning following, corpses drifted to tho shore, bearing indication
of having bcon mutilated, or partly
devoured by sharks. ' .
A week from the night of. tho disaster, tho authorities hnd accounted
for 8-19 bodies, picked up on tho
beach nnd on neighboring islands,
but it is known thnt many moro
must have sunk in tho deep or havc
been dostroyed by sharks.    Fish    is
LONDON,  Juno 30. — Sir Joseph
! Hooker, the world famous botanist,
was ninety-one years uld today. Des.
pite his great age, he remains in
I possession of his faculties and con
tiiiues to take an nctlve interest in
all that pertains to liis favorite
branch of science. Nearly three'
quurters of a century has olapsed
since Sir Joseph bognn his career as
a naturalist by accompanying tho
fumous Sir James Clurk Ross expedition to tho South Polar Boas for
tile purposo ol investigating tho
phenomena of terrestrial magnetism.
In 1877 ho paid a visit of threo
months' duration to tho United
States, whero he was must cordially
recoivod by tlio lending scientific
Pin, the mother of King Carloa, but now almost unsnlenble in tho Ratav-
that the Monarchlats insisted that li?n m, *,cts'. '""' " ■■will bo a, long
i,,„* uio -»"»»"■» """""' " ""itimo before tho vendors aro olo to
such a  general slaughter would    bt report    anything   approaching - the
Finally Manuel Silvia lluissa    and
Alfredo   Costa were   given   $20,000
trado to which thoy have been accustomed. It is hoped that this iccirl-
ont, which might havo been avorted
; easily, will havo the elToct uf placing
nd $10,000 rcnrrcllpely to kill Kingly tho hnrbor police on the    ilert    to
prevent overcrowding of native crift
Carloa and Premier Franco. Arrange
ments were made by other men to
cover, the flight of the assassins but
when liuissa and Costa fired their
friends lost their heads and opened
flro also.
These shots resulted ln tht death
of Prince Lulss.
KILLARNEY, Man., July 2.— A
serioua fire hart last night which
threatened to clean out the whole
businesB section of the town, destroyed Lawrence Bros.' hardware
store and several other buildings.
The heaviest loser is W. Llddls, of
in thc future.
WASHINGTON, D. C, July 2.—It
is understood thut the Secretory of
tho Treosury will this afternoon is-
buo a call for between twenty 'flvo
and fifty million dollars uf government monoy, held by depositors'
banks, pnyablo July 15th.
London, July 2.—Lord Desborough
in behalf ol the British Olympic
.Council, recently has been appealing
to the British public to subscribe
,$50,000 for the purpose of ontcrtain-
Grlmsby, Ont., who owned the block ing tb. judgM and officials and the
in    which    the Lawrence Broa. had
their .tore.
» —
LO0KPORT, N.Y., July 2.- Chaa!
R. TownBend, formorly a member ol
tho New York Stock Exchange, and
ono of the moat prominent brokers
In New York for yeara, died suddenly at his home hero today, of
heart failure. Ho retired from business eight yenrs ago and took up
hla residence hero,
PARIS, July 2. — General George
Sherman Batcholor, ol tht International Tribune, ol Egypt, who has
been seriously 111 In thla city for. a
week past, of enncor of the mouth,
dlod thiB nfternonn. General Batcholor was born at Blatchclorvllle, N.
.i.., In 1887.
COOPERSTOWN, N. Y., July 2.-
Blshop Potter galnod In Btrongth
during the forenoon nnd his relatives
became moro hopeful lor a favorable
turn of hit Illness.
NEW YORK, July 3.—In one of
the tuburbs of New York on interesting experiment iB being, tried that
from present indications bids fair to
be most elfecbivs in making autoists
regard the/speed laws. Like other
towns they, have Imposed fines ou
guilty motorists, but the number of
arrests    did not   seem to diminish.  	
'r^wbHt:::^ s | rough and dressed fir lumber
La l'iatto, Mo., July 2.— Three
bricklayers at work cn a building,
Were killed by lightning yesterday, a
fourth wob knocked from the sli'uc-
turo and seriously Injured by tho
Paris, July 2.—Gen. Geo. Sherman
judgo of the International Tribunal
of Egypt, who has beon seriously 111
tn thts city since last week, ts not
expected to eurvlve the day.
■ ■■   ■♦ ~
London, Ont., July 2.—Clem Irwin an employee of the McMillan
Publishing Company, Toronto, was
drowned In the Thames river last
night by the (upsetting of a canoe.
Iio wns out sailing with Miss Plewes
school teacher, living in South
London. Tho latter waB saved by
clinging tn the boat.     Irwin's body
has not been recovered.
Mexico City, July 2.—According to
despatch received here today, the
authorities hnvo captured nnd     Imprisoned eighteen more of the Vlcora
President end Managing Director.
■i i^tnry-TreaBurer
OEO. 0.  PICKARD. _|
limit isri
coming Into town and handed the
driver a neatly printed card reading
as follows:
"To our. friends in tbe automobile.
This ls Port Chester, N.Y., one of
the best towns on earth. Why? Because it iB a livo, up-to-date community where every man gets an
opportunity to make good and where
the traveller Is always welcome. Will
you give us an opportunity to Bpeak
woll of you by running your automobile at a muderate speed through
tho city?"
Ab a result not a single arrest
was mado on tho day that tho flrst
cards wero-given out.
NEW YOHK, July 3.- New York
will spend about ?1,000,000 tomorrow in celebrating thc anniversary of
tbe Declaration of Independence, if
Tupc Pluvius nnd tlie local weather
sharps provide anything rosembling a
fair day. Incidentally, soveral persons, miinl.v small boys, will lay
down their livos upon the altar of
of patriotism, _ .  „      ,
ed will mount Into the hundreds— WV article.
the list last year numbered nearly
-00. A dozen or two youngsters
will pick it up becauso It didn't go
off right away, and will loso a fow
fingers or na eye or two as a result. Tho peronnial fool who didn't
know it was loaded will get in
New York, July 3.—It haa long
been a practise among a certain
class of New Yorkers, who desire to
put on a bigger front than their
thinly padded salary envelopes will
permit, to purchase certain gifts at
a store where moderate prices prevail and enclose them in boxes stamped with the name of some fashionable and high priced dealer on Fifth
avenue. This little innocent deceit
lias been practised largely in the
matter of wedding gifts which they
would like to purchase, if their salaries permittod, at Tiffany's. Consequently boxes bearing that firm's
name oro sought more than any other. Their plan of securing a box,
although roundabout, is comparatively simple. They purchase a gilt
at Tiffany's, for example, which is
properly packed in a box bearing
the firm's name, but instead of keen*
ing the purchase they return the following day and ask to have their
money refunded. They do, however,
keep the box. They then purchase
a similar article at a less fashionable and expensive store, put it in
the Tiffany box, and send it off with
n snug satisfaction that no one will
ever know the difference. The custom has been s0 much abused of late
that some of the fashionable shops
no longer print their name on the
Notice to Architects.—Competitivr'
*     Designs.
Tho Government of British Columbia invito tho Architects of British
Columbia to submit competitive designs of a Public Hospital for the
Insane, which it is proposed to erect
at Coquitlam, situated near New
Westminstor, B.C.
The designs, accompanied by specifications, reports and estimates cf
cost, and superscribed, "Design, Pub*^
lie Hospital for tho Insane," und ud-'_
dressed to tho Hon. the Chief Com-J
missioner of Lands and Works, will
bo received ^ip to noon of Tuesday,
the 30th Juno,   1908.
Tho dosigns, specifications, reports
and ostimates of cost shall have no
distinguishing mark or motto, tbo
author's name being enclosed in a
blank envelope securely attached to
the design submittod.
side the Provinco, to bo selected by
tho Government, after tho 30th June
The design placed first by tho Ad
Judicator shall rccoivo a premium o;
S700, nnd tho ono placed second, _
premium of §500.
The Govommont is not bound to
erect the building from any of tlml
designs submitted.
If tho design awarded first placo is
accept-*, the premium referred to
above shall bo included in the professional fee pnid to the architect.
Print.-! conditions governing the
competition enn bo obtained by bonn
fide competitor;, upon application to"
the undersigned.
Public Works Engineer.
Lands and Works Depnrtment,
Victoria, B.C., 7th May, 1908. td
lie Jones Hotel
Oatacre Street.
LOiSlITH B. 0.
P.O. Box Si 'Phone 44
Dealer In All Kinds ol
Monts Delivered Ireo of charge on the
Shortest Notice.
Tho numbor ol injur-1box88' but lnBt*»d 8ta,"P '* *~
2,500 loreign athletes u-ho are coming here for the Olympic games.
Lord Desborough, however, stated
that tho roeponso had been so small
that the council had bcon compelled
to abandon the proposal, as the British government provided no fund for
such purposes. In contrast he
pointed out that the Greek government spent (12,1500 at Athens on e
similar occasion in 1006. Lord
Desborough said that It Is incredible
that a great and wealthy nation
should refuso to return the hospitality, which Urltish athletes havt received in every quarter of the globe.
«    ■
San Frunoleco, July 2.—Passengers
who arrived Irom southern ports yesterday tell ol tht arrest by omclsla
of tht Guattmalan government of
H. Barrlngton, told to bt sn America— citizen, as a spy. Barrlngton
Is suid to havt gone to Central America from Ntw York tome weeks
ago. Ths passengers who toll of
tht urrett/tay that they expect to
hear that ht has been put to death
aa he had papers In his potseeslon
which proved beyond a doubt that
he was a spy from Salvador, and
that he wat In conspiracy against aj'
President Gabldera.
 ■ >
The leirlilaturt of ^lborta, Canada, havt pasted a Workmen's- Com-
ponsatloa act.
■ : Si Uu_
Henley, July 2.—Eton, which thit
year for tho first time enteral a creffi
fur the grand challenge cup, qualified for the final heat of the race
thit morning by beating the crew
of the Thames Rowing Club tn a
very close race, finishing ahead by
threo quartern of a length. Eton's
success in this race le contldered a
triumph for the English ttyle of
rowing ts the Thames Club crew
has partially adopted the style of
tho Belgian crew which won the cup
ln 1007. *
Tho final for the cup will be row-
ed tomorrow when Eton will meet
Christ Church College, Oxford, who
this morning heat New College by
lengths, covering tho courso In
seven minutes 8 seconds. Elon'a
time waa 7 minutes 0 seconds.
usual deadly work. Premature oxplo-
ons of fireworks will take place In
mnny nnd divers places and the firemen of the metropolis will bo kept
busy. Tho nmbuianco surgeons, too,
will hnvo nn activo timo of it In administering first aid to the injurod.
Altogether, it mny be said that Now
York is hondod toward anothor glorious and bloody Fourth, and nothing
but tho details aro lacking for a full
Dealors in flro works, who have
tholr habitat in Pork place, admit to
doing a biggor buslnoss than ever beforo. It Is estimated that $2,000,-
000 is a modest estimate of the cost
of Vie explosives and fireworks that
will go up In smoke tomorrow and
thnt tho grand totnl for the nation
will be In tho noighborhood of $25,-
000,000. Many now nnd novel ways
to burn up money hnvo boon invented lor this sonson's trado.
If all tho folks within tho greater
city would stay at homo nnd sot off
their firocrnckors nnd fireworks, the
blggost town in tho country could
easily glvo a $5,000,000 fillip to tho
day wo colobrate. Ilut from early
today until tomorrow is woll advanced, overy trnin nnd boat do-
parting from Now York will boar Its
sharo ol a goodly slice of tho city's
population bound ■ for the country,
tho sonside, or tho mountains, whoro
tho nir mny bo cooler, but tho noiso
will bo as gront, proportionately.
New York will hnve n go-ns-you-
plenso colobrntion. No official cognizance, In tho wny of exercises, will
bo tnken by tho cily authorities. Co.
noy Island'nnd the other seashore ro
sorts nro ready "to hnndlo the biggest
crowds of tho senson. if it doosn't
Dospilo tbe defection of mnny of
the big chlofs, who loft today for
Denver, Tammany Hall will havo Its
usual Fourth of July scream nnd tho
toil of the tiger will 1)0 pulled until
he ronrs as nevor bofore. Thoro will
bo no ntimorous sporting ovonts on
lond nnd water.
Lnst year's rocord In Now York
wns four klllod, about -100 Injurod,
and 11(1 fires. Willi fair wenthor tomorrow's roll of tho dend and Injurod is expert'-'' i -ii greater
and more glorious.
Samuel Gompers, president ol. the
American Federation of Labor,   hoe
mnde an appeal to organi7«d   labor
his throughout the country, to vote   a-
galnst all candidates for congress
who have on former occasions voted
ngnlnst lnbor meneures.
Notice is hereby given thnt tho
time for receiving competitive designs for n Public Hospital for tho
Insnne, which it is proposed to erect nt Coquitlam, situated nenr Now
Westminster, B.C., hns been extended up and including Monday, tho 6th
flay ol July,, 1908.
Public Works Engineer.
Lands nnd Works Department,
Victoria, 22nd Juno, 1908.       J25.
Union Brewing Co.
Soldier Snoozes   ao Hard Bt
lodges Hls Eyeball.     Eye Be-
,placed Without Injury.
tor stating that thoro havo boon 786
casos of totanus in this country during tho last five years, as the result
of tho annual Fourth of July celebration, of which 721 havo died,
Surgeon General Wyman, of tho Marino Hospital Corps, makes public
tho following gonoral warning in regard to the treatment of such.cases:
Physicians ofton treat blank cartridge aud other Fourth of July Injuries, unlcsB of a serious character,
as trivial," says the warning, "contenting themselves with picking out
the plainly seen piocos of wad, powder, otc, and applying a dressing.
In a fow days tho patient returns
with symptoms of totnnus, nnd thon,
whon It Is too Into, antitoxin Is giv-
tho wound Is thoroughly cleaned
out, nnd perhaps n picco of wad or
clothing found In It.
It should bo nn invariable procedure thnt all Fourth ol July wounds
lie laid fully open under local or,
prelerably, genernl nnncsthelsa and
nil foreign material nnd nocrotic or
badly injured tissuo removed, ns tho
prcsonco of blood clots nnd nocrotic
tissuo favor nnnerobic conditions,
which nro cssontinl for tho dovolop
mont of tho totanus organism. After tho wound hns boon thoroughly
cleaned otit it should bo swnbbod out
with strong carbolic ncid, at least
twonty-llvo por cont., followed by »
wnshing with nlnoty-flvo por cent, alcohol, to prevent further uctlon of
tho ncid. Some surgeons uso pcr-
oxldo of hydrogen instond of carbolic acid.
"Attor cauterization, by whatever
methods used, tho wound should bo
thoroughly washod out with a 1:1,-
000 or 1.2,000 solution of bichloride
of mercury and packed with gaum
soaked in a saturated solution of salicylic or boric acid and a largo wot
dressing ol tho snme solution nppll-
ed. In no caso should tho wound
bo closod, but it should ho allowed
to hoal by granulation. Tho dressing and packing should bo renewed
evory day."
Head Ofpioe ■ • - Toronto
Capital $10,000,000 Rest $5,000,000
$5 aiul u.ider     3 cents
Over $5 and not exceeding $10,   6   "
" $!0       " " $30, 10   "
" $30       " •M        $50, 15   "
These Orders are ^aj'i.fVe at Par .it any office tn
Canada of - Chartered Hank, except in tlie Yukon,
ami at thc principal banking points in the United
They arc negotiable at $4.<-_i to thc £ stirlinir in
Great Britain and Ireland. They form an excellent
method of remitting small sums of money with safety
and at ■mall cost, and may he obtained without de-
lav at any office of thc Baok. •>•»
L. M. de GEX,   Manager
Full Stock of Ulnars' Tools.
Ship Repairing Work
A Specialty
All klnda o* BlackamIthlng
Done at Short Notice.
TOKIO, July 8.—It Is reported the
cabinet will resign tomorrow morning. Tho Associated Press was informed today that Premier Marquis
Sanogis decided to tender his resig-|
nation some days ago, nnd that nt
his request the members oi hie cabinet agreed to resign also. The re-
Bignntiona will bo tendered the Emperor in tho morning.
The nominal reason for Sanojis'
resignation is ill health. The cabinet are all strict members of the
Siyuko or constitutional pnrty. and
lt ls therefore necessary thnt thoy
resign with him. Tho actual reason
lor tho resignation of tho premier in
understood to bo tho position taken
ly Marqule In Ouyo, secretary of the
home department, recording the future financial policy ol MnroulB Sanojis. This calls for retrenchment
in the army and navy, tho postponement'of public works, a domnnd for
sinking fund nnd the yearly re-
pnyment of loans.
Mnrquls in Ouye recently attacked
the present government's policy regarding finni-cos. This gave offence
to Mnrquls Suiniol who decided to
resign nlone.    Ho consulted with tho
aqd Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding and Party Cakes Made to
Fruits and Cnmlics of All Kinds
l-rioes nre    very   reasonable.    All
Customers treatod alike.
On tho Eaplunede.
Ladysmith,   B.  O.
The Best Butcher St\op
in Town is
Roberts St. Butcher
Guelph,    Ont,,
Tho newsboys nf Kansas City hnvo
. .-nlzeil • __■_
Hart, of Lard, dislodged an eyeball
whilo violently sneering yesterday, It j
enma ont on hla eheek, but wai' re-.,
placed by a physician, and ho wan i
little the worse for the strange In-;
, ,     ,   other ministers   and was by    them
Ottawa, July 8.-The total >n>ml-||loreuB(led to ,lCCont tl|. ^g^llons
gratlon to c«'»a'1.ttJ°r_ _^ ,"? „„'"jo! nil tho ministers of tho cabinet.
An unknown quantity In tho constitution Is thn position the Emperor may take. He possibly mny de-
cllno to ncoept the resignations nt
this timo, bnt this Is consldorod ex-
i r>SD, compared with 45,677 for May,
July 8.—Corporal jon.7.
Chatham, Ont., July 8.-A falling tromely unlikely.
brick wall at   Drader'i box factory,
seriously Injured W. H. WaRers and
Weethourne, Man.,    July 8.— Wm.
Cobblna, nn F.nglishmnn, committed
Tho nurses „t the Toronto Oeneral probably fatally Injured O"-^""^ ,„„,,„„ „,„ monllni!   „v tlllcln(, ,„„
Lndysmith, B, O.
Hospital have nlked for an
hour day. ...,        t
. i i ■.-. •    •'■ _i.-if.iii   I
eight- cllffe nnd Julltii Prlmean.
Weathourne, Man., July 8.— Wm.
Poole had hla Angers torn off and
wna fatally Injured today by aa or*
over 50 yeara of age.
daneiim.     He wna despondent     nnd ] plosion of dynamite,
out ol work. ai) LEB W. Ul
Specials for To-day Only
We have a few Ladies"  Short Coats still on hand, and   to
effect a speedy clearance, wo offer   them   at Spoclal Prices  for
1. Creum Serge,  Silk   Trimmed Collars and Cuffs,   slightly
Boiled.   Rogular 812.50.   Special Price  ,.. 14.95
2. Fawn Covert Cont,   slzo 84, Velvet Collar.    Rog. Price,
$12.f)0.     Special Prico   18.00
3. Light Fawn Covert Coat, strapped shoulders, size   88.
Regular $9.25.     Special Prico  $0.50
4. Light Striped Coat, Crimson Velvet Collar and Crimson
Trimmings, size 86.   Regular $12.50.   Specinl Price   18.50
5. Covert Coat, very bost material, size 84. Regular price,
SI2.75.     Special Price   |8,50
ual prise, Is ten piss A, Morrison,
T. Wnite and 0. 0, Boss all secured
prizes, their scores being respectively 171, 145 and 174.
■   ♦ ,  ,,
Owing to W<y!i—day being a holiday there ,vaa no ladies' day at; the
Bowling AHey*"t_le week.
The flve_-alde } tourney at Par-
rott'a Bowling Alley has not materialized yet. There ls a challenge
out for the winners ln the original
match, so that thore is all the more
reason for the game being played
,The local baseball nine will Journey to Chemainus tomorrow. This
will make the third match this sea
son and it is up to the homo boys
to retrieve their reputation.
'HI I H I t III H-t-H 'M-M'-l"!- B-e>*^»«nej,«l«jat%^%>>%<t%>ej»   tf\ /Q ' TQ     •1\TC/Q   *
IlLEATHERilAGOOD   ": "     - "**
T r\t~]   V   I      ~\T 17\X7'C! Andrew has also a ranch up In the
Xj\J\j1\J—1   -_N .Hi VV P valley, and Fred has some views and
ideas on ranching which have   never
—— yet found expression in any of    the
Mr. Knight    has got some    swell ordinary books. Nightly symposiums
a     , ..         -i.     viti...  .a wia b0 hold in the aforesaid   Arms,
postcards of the sports.     Either  as SQ that tb_ ralichers mBy a|(JO  have
aouvenirs     or to    send    to   absent an   ^portunity   of benefiting   from
friends nothing ootter could be    so- Fred's views.    It should be a   truly
groat trip, and no doubt  Fred   will
have some great talcs of thrilling in-
—   T .    cidents of flood and field to tell when
The   best   -Smoke in town is   tho bs gG^8 backt
Remember,  it is
don't forget   to .....       , ,
jj        Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Rosattl and fam
ily left on the morning train yoster-
~* day for Duluth.    Mr. Rosatti,   dur-
Pfttsy Reynolds wns committed for ing his recent visit back East bought
trinl on    Thursday night by Magls- out a buslnoss in tho thriving, _hustl-
trates Matheson nnd Nicholson on a
Grand Duko Cignr.
made in town nnd
call for   It.
charge   of having
goods stolon from Mr. .lessup's store
The prisoner was taken down to Victoria on Friday morning by Constable Callander.
ing city at the hoad of Lake Superior. Yesterday thoy loft for their
in his possession „ew home, many of thoir frionds being down at tho station to soo them
off. They havo been residents of the
district for eighteen years and are
both well known. Thoy have the
best wishes of their many friends in
thoir now enterprise.
Members    of Harmony Lodge, No
Thero   is   nothing    like it in the
smoking line.    Tho Grand   Duke is a
smoking hot success.     It is on sale,fl ,,0.0P nodded thafaspe-
ell over torn.    Try   it  and bo con-1  ' *"*"'•* •■ ***** »—""«»•» "»» uajio-
vinced. X , eial meeting ia being held tonight for
—P—~ the purpose of installing the officers
Magistrates   Matheson and Nichol- ">r ths current term, end ail are re-
son   had beforo    thom on Thursday ii-arted to bs present,
night a  man named Alfred Hall, lata' *   '
of Nnnnimo, charged with selling Among the distinguished visitors
liquor to an Indian. The latter was present on Wednesday were Mayor
charged with being drunk and lined' Planta and Aid. Booth of Nanaimo.
' SI 5 nnd costs, which he paid forth- Ex-Mayor Coburn was also down and-
■with. Hall was fined $50 and costs with Mayor Planta. took part in the
with the option of three months lm- 'selections rendered by the male voice
prlsonmcmt with hard labor. TTo'l-rty. Mrs. R. Smith was also
chose the lntter alternative and was down.
.tnken down by Constable Callander
Arrived This Morning.
. i A very   large    assortment   of j
Leather Belts and Bags.     We ■
, J are showing    something   quite j
* | new in the way of Squaw Bags i
and also   some   very new   designs in Belts.
From 35c up.
!! Men's
Mrs. D. Lewis; of Victoria, returned home on Friday morning, after
spending a few days here.
Rev. R. A. Heath returned on
Thursday from a brief holiday.
Mr. F. G. Aehton left yesterday
morning for a Short holiday.
Mr. Jesse Evans returned to Vic
toria on the afternoon train oi
Principal Hunter left for a short
holiday yesterday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Tate, of Seattle,
formerly residents of Ladysmith, ore
spending a few days with Mends.
Mr. and Mrs. Delcourt. and two
youngest boys have left for a trip
to their native land.
Mr, and Mrs. W. Bowes are spending a holiday with Mrs. Bowes, par.
ents, Mr. and Mrs. John Mechie of
Fourth avenue.
Mr. W. J. Watson boarded the Vic.
toria train this morning.
Mr, and Mrs. J. Tate returned   to
Seattle this morning, after spending
fow days In town.
Mr. and Miss Westwood, of Extension, were [passengers on the Victoria train thla morning.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Butler, of Victor-
la, ore spending a few days with
Mr. and Mrs. Brown of Second avenue.
How the D. S.
Spent the 4th
Trousers <.
are to be   found   hore in   all
< * sizos and colors and prices,  to
\j_ BUlt ovoryono.
I WALTERS &     j
For Dorby Shoos.
!to Victoria yesterday morning.
Tho Grand Duke clgnr Is on sale
in Victoria at Westerndalo's Railway Cigar Store, opposito tho
F.. & N. Station, and nlso at the
James' Buy Cigar storo, opposito
tho C.P.R. Hotel. Don't forget this
-when in Victoria. X
The Chemainus Recreation Club are
arranging for a dance to be held tn
a couple of weeks time, for which
the services of tho Lndysmith orchestra has been bespoken.
Tho Masonic Lodgo will have |Ib
annual parade on Sunday. The members will meet at the lodge room,
and mnrch to St. John's Mission
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. Robertson nnd
fnmily, nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. F. Greaves
and family left on Thursday night
for n trip up north. Tt Is tho Intention of Andrew nnd Fred to make an
extensive exploration of nil that por'
tion of tho Comox Vnllov immediately surrounding the Courtenay   Arm.
Men's Light Groy, rog. 115.
NOW 118.50.
Men's Grey Check, rog. S22.60.
FOR $18.00.
Mon's Cheap Summor Suits, rog.
810 and S12.G0.       FOR 18.50
Suits, rog. 813 nnd $18.50.
FOR $10.00
Kennel Brand Hats,    In   Bronze
Groy and Brown, reg. $3.00.
William's Block
The Injkery business is is a flourishing stat apparently, Messrs. li.
—ae — Co. ars duplicating their promises oa ths Esplanade, ao as to bs
able to meet the demands of their
growing trade.
It is probable that there will   be
hundred yards    race here in    the
near future.      The   match ia being
talked of   as a result of ths    100-
yard dash on July 1.
Tbe Tyee Gun Club held a
shoot on Thursday evening. George
lieppia waa first with 21. T. White
second with 20, and Messrs. Kesae-
rich and II. Wright third with 10,
A shoot for ths Moot Gup will be
held tomorrow.
Mr. J, Lewis is reported to bs suing good progress, although, of
course, it is aot known when he will
bs able to bs brought back from Victoria, Mr. P. Cain is also getting
along famously.
It Is today that Gans and Nelson
meet once mors to decide ths light-
ws ght champiosshlp of the world,
and knowing ths deep general interest taken ln ths result, Messrs
Cartwright and Barclay have ar-
ranged to have the news sent on
from Victoria as soon aa It arrives
Than will bs a meeting of the
Male Votes Iflatty on Wednesday evening at tha usual hour snd place.
Every member Is requested to bs
present as there Is business ol Importance to transact.
Ths Vancouver baseball team have
climbed into second place in the
Northwestern League, Spokane heading ths list.
Two heats have ban run ln the
yacht race for ths Dunamuir cup.
In the first ths Vancouver boat, ths
Alexandria defeated the Spirit, a
Seattle boat, and the holder ol the
cup. Yesterday the Alexandria a-
galn led her rival around tha first
two buoya but was overhauled on
the last reach and beaten by one
minute and thirty seconds. There
is ths rubber yet to-be
Some fairly good scores have bean
mads at Parrott'a bowling alley during the week, tn flve pins Mr. McKinley took flrst place with 70. Mr.
Mattson second, with 63, Mains 8rd
with 67, tad Jas. O'Connell 4th
with 83.     All four received ths us-
Sheridao, Wyo, July 4.—Today's
celebration ol Independence Day was
ths most notable ever seen here. The
event was In ths nature of a re-union of pioneers, which was attended
by Red Cloud, the old Sioux warrior, and by Gen. Henry D. Carring-
ton, who lad the troopa against the
Indians tn Wyoming In 1866.
Putnam, Conn., July 4.—An elm
tree waa planted today on ths Woodstock Academy grounds near the spot
where President Grant planted
trse on July 4, 1870. Tha ceremony
today waa attended by President
Great's son, Gen. F, D. Grant, and
by Gen. Horace Porter, who accompanied President Grant here It
Philadelphia, July 4.—As has bean
tbe custom for years, the oity of
Philadelphia celebrated ths anniversary of the signing of tbs Declaration of Independence in thla city by
holding a Patriotic meeting In Independence square. The meeting
was attended by a number ot descendants of the original signers.
Trenton, N.J., Juty 4.—A monument erected to ths memory of tha
Soldiers and sailors of Mercer county
was unveiled today with an Imposing military display. The monument which occupies a conspicuous
location at ths Intersection ot state
snd Broad Streets, la of handsome
design and cost $13,000.
London, July 4.-A large reception
was given Ambassador Bold today In
honor of the Fourth of July. Two
floors of Dorchester House, Mr,
field's reMdenot, wart thronged with
Americans, among whom wars all
ths members of ths embassy e_ft*
many other notables.
position was most' anxious to bring
the session to a close as oarly as
Laurier, ln reply, said he would
make a statement Monday regarding
further legislation, and If the Manitoba Boundary Bill be introduced at
all, it would bs brought in early
next ,week. The government hoped
to prorogue before the arrival of the
Prince of Wales at Quebec.
Ths house then took up ths consideration of the Election BUI.
At the request of the Prince ol
Wales, 30 or 80 members of the
Northwest Mounted Police will be
sent to Quebec for the tercentenary
celebration    to act aa hia personal
body guard.
 1 ,
Dal Rio, July 3.—Developments In
conference held at Las Vascos yesterday between Alberto Dorantes, the
commander of the Mexican forces,
Capt. Agulrre of the customs office,
and District Judge Arrondondo, and
several United States civic and military oncers show conditions to be
serious and demands prompt action
upon the part of the Mexican govern
mont. Following the conference Col.
Dorantes admitted that the situation had Iwcome serious, but he
thought tho forcos of the revolutionists had been broken and the only
trouble expected now Is from small
bonds travelling over the state, and
these, he claims, aro being pursued
by tho soldiers. It ls understood
warrants will be Issued for the arrest o I a number of Mexlcana located on this side ot the river.
Visit the Foundry and make
your own choice. You will
save time and monoy, and get
better satisfaction.
Mclntyre foundry
Company, Limited
All Work Guaranteed.
A few on hand yet which are
going at
Iron- Bod, full size eloc'ileal
Woollon tops and Bottom Mattresses at  $18.50
Throe-Quarter size at .... 12.no
One Half size, at   11.50
The Snow Flake Mattress,—
tho Mattress for Comfort.
Samples on hand for   Inspection.
G. Peterson
'Phone 18.
Flrat Avenue
One hundred acres of flrst class
land a mile and a half from Chemainus Station. For lull particulars, apply to Geo. Tranfleld, Blan-
ey's Crossing, J19-4t
The City
Launch for Hire
Fastest Boat in Harbor.
Buna from the Dominion Wharf
Shell Beach every hour.
Thursdays, Irom 1 p. m.
Sundays, from 10 a. m.
Return Fare, 30 Cents.
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Mrus tako this
opportunity of thanking all thoso
who, by sending floral tributes, and
ln other wnys oxpresscd thoir sympathy in tholr rocont snd boroavo-
Paris, July 4.-The feature of the
Fourth of July celebration by the
American colony la Paris was . the
unveiling of Paul Bartlett's statue
st Lafayette, tbs gift of AnwrlssB
eohool children, whloh was recently
sreetsd In ths Ptocs dn Louvra. Ths
-nailing was attandsd by simple ex
arr.laaa >
of   Harmony
will bo hold
A spoclal meeting
Lodgo, No. fl, I.O.O.F.
on Saturday evening nt 7 o'clock, in
the Oddfollows' Hall for tho purpose
of installing thc new olllcers. Evory
member Is roquostod to attend.
There are Symptoms j
OTTAWA, July 8.—At ths opening
session of the House Mr, Borden protested against the government's dlla-
toriaeaa In bringing down Its .1*4
latlott. Ths opposition, hs aald,
had bean accused In tha country of
unduly protracting ths session, yet
at the and of seven months ths government had not even Introduced all
the -_aa_-> referred to in ths tpeeoa
from ths throne. Ths promise of a
M_ for ths extension of ths boundary was a ease „ pota*.    The ap-
Bo sure you are ready for It,
bofore It develops Into a full-
fledged reality.
We can fit you with Cool
Footwour ol every description. \ \
Begin   at   your feot.    Dress   |
Seo our White Canvas Oxfords lor lst of July.
re A VIN
Tbe c_e fan.
Notice is hereby given that at the
next regular sitting of the Board ol
Licensing Commissioners for the Olty
of Ladysmith, B.C., we Intend to ap'-
ply for a tranBfor of the Retail Liquor License hold by us for the sale
of spirituous and fermented liquors
on the promises known ns the Now
Western Hotel, situate nn Lots 4 In
i, Block 38, Lndysmith, B.C., from
ourselves to Alfred Muhlo.
Come and
my Stock of Latest Styles in
Wall Papers
Picture Framing   a Specialty.
I. '^oeddipg
High Street. ',
a a a a,»M-M»1<«,-M-w-))-|^vy^ja'
For ths Best Bread
Finest Cakes and
Pastry in Town
Orders Promptly Attended to
A.      ~~
■ •>» %-%!»%<r%r%r»Slfc%»»%«fc».» »%»->-'
Telephone, 1 24.
Nanaini) II C.
Rods and Lines.
Flies and Tackle
For All Kinds ol Fishing.
Excellent Boarding
lanreb for Sate
Will carry 15 peraona.   Juat fitted
with new 10 h.p. engine.
For particulars, apply
Flrat Olaaa Photos.
I- I
;   the dainty
ii Wash Collars!
and Belts
! !     FANCY HOODS  ITORD.     ', |
|| Ull H Mill IIHIM4
j. m. mo.?GA]_.
Teacher ol Voico Production and
Engagements mny be left at the
Standard- Ofllco.
Notice is hereby given that I la-
lend to mako application to the
loan! of Licensing Commissioners of
the City of Ladysmith at tholr noxt
rogular meeting for a transfer of tho
Wholesale liquor license now issued
to me In respect to tho promises situate upon Lot 0, Block 91, In the
City nf Ladysmith, from myself to
Napoleon Manca.
]_uysmlth, B.C., Sth Juno, 1008.
Effective Juno Oth.
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Daily at 0:00 nnd 16:88.
SK' .
Trains r\rriv« at Ladysmith
Dally at 11:87 and 17il_,
T !r,_ __ '.'.i
GEO. L. C0UHT!|ir\Y
District Passenger Agent.
S102 Government St., Victoria.
- ■ ■LANNI 40 T J CU
Souil.lwfl r. "i [jiijii.. |
lux, vi	
frtl liil„rni!,lii,n
t, ItMUr ejHTOH, alH-ilCT, VAUil V», I. C.
Wa have a good assortment ol
English Squibs, Serpents, Yew Trees
Flower Pots, etc. Just the thing for
the First.
Hotel Cecil
Beat Liquors and Cigars.
THAN WOOD.   ...
H. Thornley
Evory Convenience,   and Everything
of the'Best.
Jos. Nankivc 1 Prop.
If You Want
to sco somothlng nice and pretty.
Just come and look In my window
and see.
No need   telling   you;   Just   coma
and look.
. Knight's
Boole Store.
1st Avenue.
Ladysmith, II, c.
A yacht, SO tost ovjjrSill.
Four-roomed house   with  kitchen,
on   High   Street.     Lot lanced and sem'at Harrup'a Jtoat'House,
cultivated.  Apply 0. Thompson,      pty w. Oeorge. Bos SSI.
Can be
Tne Pogorly.
,    Cigars and Soft Drinks.


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