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The Ladysmith Chronicle Mar 6, 1909

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Array THE
With Which Is Amalgamated the Ladysmith Standard.
/smith Standard. fy
Vol. I.
Ladysmith, B. C, Saturday, March 6, 1909.
Proposal for General
Hospital EndQrsed
There was a good"atten l n .>> iti
the regular meeting of tin I'lli/ens'
League lost Thursday night, demonstrating clearly that the citizens, ot
Lndysmith fully appeeclatc the good
worl; the League IB accomplishing on
behalf of the city.
The most important q'licstlon under
discussion was that ot establishing, p.
undertaking a,t that time fell through.
Mr. Lewis felt that all were convinced of the necessity ot a hospital, and
it, only remained with the citizens to
start the- work.
Rev. R. Wilkinson had not the
slightest doubt but what the work
would bo carried successfully to completion    Ho   spoJ:o_-at   considerable
hospital in Ladysmith.' Thc want  ot length' and gave instances ot where a
-such an institution in this city  lies j hospital would be of great benefit to
long   been felt,   and the League has
nu.w. made the first ovc. in, the
direction'o < .acing the matter befirrc
the public.
Th the absence, of 'the president, Dr.
'her,   Ir.' Theodore Bryant, tool'e  the
chair. /'.
" Thc minutes of the previous meet-
Jpj! were read and approved.
sWcral commun^ations were not
acted upon pending a joint meeting,,o»
the Citizens' League and the Island
Development association..
Secretary Wilson reported verbally
that he had heard from Mr. R. Palmer, Deputy Minister oIAgvicul'turc,
with icgard to the best varieties ot
, shade trees.
Mr! Joseph Lewis had' strong opim-
t;,ns against" planting cherry trees.
lie believed it would be Impracticable,
the commuiffty. Thc houses here
were small, and vory oiten a. patient
could nof get thc rest at the1 home
that was so necessary in case ot nervous troubles. He felt satisfied all
the churches would work "ener;etieaV
ly to carry out the work, j
Mr. John Stewart believed all that
was required to get, a hospital here
was lor some one to ma'.ic a start.
Other speakers contributed to the
debate and all agreed that a hospital
was necessary. It was pointed out
that the present government would
deal generously in thc mutter, and
that there were several other sources
trom which .generous aid might reasonably be expected.
H was moved, seconded and car-
ried, that tho secretary request all
icieties to appoint delegates to confer wit'.! tlie League with regard lo
Delegation to
Vancouver Successful
Mayor Nicholson returned trom
Vancouver Thursday evening after
taking part in thc conference that
day between the delegates sent from
this city and the C. P. R. officials.
Thc object of this meeting, h|3 generally known, was to securiSjjpctter
passenger service between Vatiaouver
nnd Ladysmith and place before the
proper officials the reasons why this
city should not be discriminated
against in thc matter of terminal
rates.    '
The gentlemen composing tho : Ladysmith delegation were Mayor rNich.
Olson, Mr. John A. 'Blair and Dr.
Dier.   At Vancouver they were join-
juist discrimination against the Ladysmith merchants and placed them
at a great disadvantage.
Local and General
News Notes
The social and concert to bo giv-1   Because oi their    withdrawal from
enin the Odtellow's Hall this, evening thc Provincial Workmen's Associatroij
by the A. 0. F. will prove an enjoy- of Nova Scotia to become members
, .      ....  .able event.    A    splendid programme ot the United Mine Woi'Kiirs ot Ame.--
Some exception was taken to this has ^ prepared by th(, coffimittec j^ ulnployee6 oi th(( Domiuio„ ?oaJ
Co. allege that the" 'company ttireat-
A very quiet wedding took place.in
statement, but It was admitted that
Ladysmith had good grounds for maty
I'n'g a request"-" for terminal rates.
Especially was this so in the matter'
of freight from the Northwest.
While thc C, f. R. officials were not Mt. Sicker
pro.iared to commit themselves to
any definite policy in this matter the
delegation were, lead to believe that
in so far as freight rates from the
Northwest were concerned, thc matter would be taken up, and .the j
prospects arc that the arrangement
will bo en a' more equitable and sat-
Duncan on Saturday last when Miss
Eessie Hid ol Somenos was united
in marriage to Mr. E. F. Tait,   ol
ens thern with dismissal, and the,'
have applied to the labor department
for the appointment of a board of investigation    and    conciliation.    The
Victoria, formerly school teacher   at 'men have nominated Daniel McDoug-
all as their    representative on ' the
^ It Is understood that tbe secretary
will notify everyone, he believes would
bo interested in tho work to, 'he present on tho occasion referred to..
Several' memtcrs expressed the be-
iicl that the various clergymen In the,
city would lie only too glad to im-
|r:ss upon their congregations the
need of such an institution.
Match Tomorrow
Nanaimo United travelled through
to YXtoria this morning to meet
Esquimau in their .last game in the
Senior island lce,guc. Thc coal city
team is strong and intend defeating
thc soldiers on their own grounds.
Messrs. Stewart out Bryant reported the establishment of a hospital at a
Jor the delation to the council with [meeting to bo held at   thc city hall
regard to the septic tank.   Thc coun| |dn tho eveinilig of the last Thursday
oil had placed d the disposal ot  tie in March.
'   delegation all the information in the
, possession ot the city with regard to
the sewerage, and had explained   to
. the   delegation how   the. change had
" been made Irm a- direH   discharge
into tho bay   to a septic tank.    It
appears 'that Mr. Mohun bad tavored
the direct discharge ol tho sewerage
into the hay, hut was opposed by Mr.
Joseph   Hunter   and Capt.   Oaudin.
Tlie delegation further reported that
the councilliad decided to provide the
travelling and hotel expenses o.l    a
delegation .composed.of Aid. Mathe-
sortjjCity Clerk Morrrison «nd three
.members of tho League. -
. Mr. Joseph Lewis pointed out t'.iat
in Victoria harbor, where-thc rise
and tall of6be tide was about the
same as in Ladysmith harbor, no objection had teen raised. Here wc
have tide, water and the offensive
'" sewcrago is destroyed by the chemical
action of the salt water.
It was moved, seconded and carde-l
that Messrs. Bryant and Stewart
compose the delegation fipm the Leai
gue, and that Mr. % 0. Frarer baln-
v|ted to epcoitipanythc delegation.
Then Secretary Wilson introduced
lhe important subject ot discussion
la the evening, viz., thc establish,
incnt ot a general hospital in Lndysmith,- In tfoing so he expressed the
belief that it 'proper methods were
adoptadthe end could be easily gained.
Thc chairman said that the subject
was befotc the meeting and- invited
discussion.' ,
Mr. J. E. Smith considered It very
strange that something had not - al-
readybeen dene- with regard to tlie
establishment of ,a hospital. -The, need
ol such an institution,presented itselj
every day and there should bo no de-.
lay in ^uceeejing with thc nndcrtak-
As to the working out ol details
Secretary Wilson believed that It
, wou'd te well to leave it to a committee from the various fraternal or*
ganizatiens in the city.
-Mr. J. Lewis supplied some valuable Intormation as to What had been
done in the past in the effort to establish a hospital in Lndysmith. At
qne time Mr. Dunsmuir had offered th
donate the site and all the building
material for Die hospital, it those in-
Cn the Sports grounds to-morrow
Nanaimo and Lndysmith B play their
first game in the Island league, 2nd
division. The game is called for
2.15 and. if the weather is as fine as
to-day a good game and gate can tie"
expected. The following is the line'
Up of the Ladysmith team:
Backs—McDowell, Hewlett.,  !
Halves—McKinlcy, Strang, Dufty.
Forwards — Grainger, McGuire,
Monison, Brass, Sanderson.
Thc Ladysmith juniors visit Nanai
mo tomorrow to play their league
game with the juniors of that city.
The boys hero have hccii training
steadily and arc roing up fully, prepared to do the trick. Thc junior
team is as follows'.'
Backs—Batie, Ross.
Halves—Ccllc, Fagan, Kerr.
Forwards—Ashmorc, Malic, Wright
SiilljKon, Wilkinson.
isfactorvt basis.   The. members of the
ed by. Mr. P.. H. Heaps, president; ot,ifkgKtion.   are ' satisflcd tnat s^|
thing will be stone, now that nn emphatic protest has been entered
against what has been a long borne
Taking it all together the conference was one that must have beneficial results, and no doubt before
long tho business men of Ladysmith
will "have reason lo congratulate
themselves on having sent a delegation tp place their grievances before
lliosfj who are in a position to grant
thcHJi early redress.
Manager Eno left this morning let
Seattle where he will represent "Ladysmith !at the annual meeting of the
Pacific Coast Football League. Con
siderablo business will be. transacted
and Mr. Bno will look alter the interests of the Ladysmith dut.
WiHiaitf- Sloan? cx-M.   P., haslclt
Vancouver for the north.
Samuel McKaiie was buried ' this
afternoon Irom his residence, Rev,
R. Wilkinson taking charge ol the
scryjec. Tli* funeral was largely altercated would pay jfor the erection, or tended by eld friends and aequaint-
thc liitildin..   For many reasons, the I nnces.
tho Board, oi Trade of that city, and
tho mayor speaks in the most appre.
dative terms of the efforts put forth
by Mr.-. Heaps to advance the case ot
the Ladysmith- delegation.
Tho delegation was received by Mr.
Marpole ant Mr. F. W. Peters, tho
latter remaining over a day or so
specially for tho purpose. Throughout the interview, Mayor Nicholson
stales, the officials were anxious to
solve the problems before, them with
advantage to the company and the
City ol Ladysmith. livery point was
discussed in an amicable spirit, and
while it may he that the result,will
not Lc commensurate with tlio growing commercial importance and geographical situation of this city, yet
enough has been promised to prove
that the efforts ot the delegation
have not been by any means futile.
Thc first grievance discussed was
tho '.iicoitvenii nee. passengers to Vancouver were subjected to hy bavin;
to ro up to Naifalmo on the noon
train, remain there for the beat to
Vancouver the next morning, and after transacting their business at Van-
<outer being, compelled ' to remain
over night again in Nanaimo, prevent,
ing their return home until the following morning, Added to this was
thc erratic boat service between Lady-*
snil.h vand Vancouver.. Only those
who ' were giltbd. with the spirit' of
prophecy could determine the. depart
tire or arrival of thc Iransfor.
Tl.is was shown to he. exceedingly
detrimental to tho interests of both
cities, but it was admitted on both'
sidci to ba a difficult, question to
soiie. Tho* Ladysmith delegation
as':cd for a regular service, but it
that were shown to he absolutely impossible they would be pleased if the
company wlSuld hold the trains over
at Nanaimo -until, the arrival ct the
Vancouver boat during thc day's on1
which the do.'.blc trail service was
in operation.
Mr. Heaps said that a tew years
ago the Vancouver city council were
prepared to subsidize a special boat
during tho summer months to the extent of. $ 100 per month to. ran between A'aiicoiivcr and Ladysmitli, call
ling at the islands during thc trip.
Ho had no doubt the niter Would be
renewed if requested.    ^
After dcUallng this question pro
and con Mr. Marpole promised the
delegation that cither a boat scheduled to leave and arrive at certain
hours would he placed on the run, ot
failing in being able to do Ibis, the
company would hold lhe train back
atNalii'imo until the arrival of the
Vanwivrr boKl.«''Hc would wait "Until tho return of Capt. Troup, and
sec It a boat could not bo placed,
icimi'nelitly mi the Ladysmilh-Vati-
comor route.
This was considered satisfactory,
and then .the question of terminal
rates was discussed at length. It
was pointed out that t'.ic Ladysmitli
merchant was compelled "to pay 1*30
or I lo' a ear ill freight more than-
Nanaiino merchants.   This was an un-
Conspiracy to
Libel Nanaimo
Rev. Mr. Webber, .ot Wellington;
Will preach in the Methodist church
at morning and evening services tomorrow. Rev. R. Wilkinson will occupy the Methodist churrfi at Wellington at both services on Sunday.
A social will be held by Laurel
Rebekah Lodge in thc lodgo room of
the Oddfellows'-Hall, Thursday evening, March 11, at $.30 o't-lock. A
splendid programme has been arrapg-
id. Admission 25c. Refreshments
will te served.   All welcome.
The Novelty Theatre has been
crowded every night this week ani
good programmes have been presented. The additional picture last r.ight
of tbe Jeifrie3-Fitzsiinmons fight was
a great attraction. The songs ot
Messrs. Sanderson and- Lewis, were
well tccc.1ved." Tho same programme
will he repeated to-night. Beginning
next Mcnday night thc pictures will
to "Biscuits Like Mother Used to.
Ma';c," "A Woman's Jeal'ousy,"
"Latest Style ot Airships," "Unsuccessful Flirt," "Tales the Searchlight Told," and others. Mr. Sanderson will sing a charminn—sensational ballad entitled, "Oh, Come My
Lou," and Mr. T. Lewis, "True Forever Hearts;" * -
smith for they know how it is them-
selv'iSi Last year when there were
half-a-dozcn or so cascs-of smallpox
in Ladysmith, the same, tactics were
pursued, and' it cannot lie said that
the good citizens of Nanaimo wete altogether guiltless in this regard. For'
that matter, the Herald, with that
journalistic enterprise which bus'made
its name famous the world over, organized itself into a detective agency
and ferreted  -.out cases ot smallpox
Heartfelt sympathy will he extend- wtrc many strikil|g t,(fa.ls jn thcpi(M
cd to the good people ot Sanaimo itj'ture*; Fur next ivrc'.t tlie manage-
what seems to be a conspiracy oir-j li;ct;t promise Cic best show |hey
thc part ot neighboring towns to ruiii'liuvc yet given. Monday night the
th.it place hy means ot exaggerated j pictures will iirlude "At the Olyin-
tepotts of smallpox, The Herald in! pic Sports," "Cum:ealine; a Burglar,"
a JBbtly indignant mood brings., the ."Wuidcrdil Fertilizer," "KiiiR Etl-
offfihders to task in strong language.! ward ali-V Hif Royal Guards," etc.
Certainly Nanaimo will havx- the j There w»'!l be a new vocalist, Mr. K.
sympathy ot    the   citizens of Lady- 11. .layncv, ol\ Seattle.    Thc songs
The Aero Roller Rink alter being
closed for a week will reopen tonight. Mr. Heincl, who is the new
proprietor, has made many changes
that will be quite an improvement.
He had men working all last night,
so he would have the rink completed
by this evening, The new floor has Dr. 0„ M. Joiic's, of Victoria, was
teen la:d, but the organ Las not yet a passenger oil the morning train
arrived. 1 ndoublcdly the improved htm Nanaimo. Yesterday in com-
rmk will prove a great attraction.     pany wilh I)r   K  M  DilVis  0, N.,„.
itimo, lie visited tho Indian ~rescr\ a-
There has been an interesting pto-jtion to sec it tiny trace of infectious
gramme    at   the    Ladysmith Opera disease is to be (omul among the na-
llousp every night, this week.   There |lives.    Acting  for    the  Covctntnent
they will very likely to-day declarii
the quarantine off. as they found only,
healthy and sanitary conditions at
the ptcscnt time. Tbat the Nanaitii'i
Ind'ans have escaped a severe epidemic is very largely due, tho Herald
says, tu the insistence of Indian Officer O'Connell who has looked well
after sanitary conditions oli the reservation under tliajlireclijin pfihe local Domii.i' n Health Officer,. Dr.
will te "Stirtgy
ce Men."
Moon,"   and "The
British Columbia
Fruit the Best
Mr   Martin Burrell, M.
that only existed in the imagination Cariboo, addressed thc Ottawa  Can
ol thc fertile brains of tbe jiewsgath-
crers.    The Free Press, not to    be
outdono   by   the   Herald, manfully
adian club on fruit-growing in British Columbia   the other -day.     The
of it under irrigation. The first ship-/
mint to outside markets was made
in ia07. In 11)02; the Province produced 2,0CiO tons of fruit, in -lt'O-l, 3,-
-vO0O Ions, valued ut, S2.->0,0()l) jind in
IPOS; over Sl.OOO.COO worth, which
fruit was mar'.eted not merely in the
P. for' Yale-! Northwest and Great Britain, but
in far off Australia. Mr. Burrell said
th.it the development of the fruit industry in Britirh Columbia v.*as only
maintained its reputation lor obtain- great   advantage   enjoyed   by fruit at its.  beginning tecauso aside Lorn
ing scoops.'  For a time it looked as growers   in     Britjsh   Columbia,   he
if every cifen-in Ladysmith had become" a victim ot the loathsome dia«-
ease. Travellers on the trains from
Nanaimo every morning, on being told,
that there were pnly a tew ca^s Here
said was the high percentage of No-
1'fruit produced by orchards. In a
British orchard not more than 1>:>
per cent,  would average firstHclass,
expressed surprise, having been toW 'n Ontario a liberal- estimate woul^
at Nanaimo tbat the whole town ot be 30 to 30 pet cent, while it was al*
Ladysmith was down with smallpox.'sulutcly sate to say that the percent-
It is to be hoped that the situation | jn Bt,t,sh ^^ ^ ^
in Nanaimo is not so serious as it is
generally .reported, and every citizen
ot Ladysmitli would he pleased to
learn that the neighboring town coUtl
boast ot a clear bill of health.
Church Services.
Sunday services: At 8 a. in., low
.trass. Al 10:30 a. in., high mass,
lit 2 p. in., Sunday school. At 7
p m., evening service and Benediction.
Morning service U a. tn,, Sunday
sthool 2:30 p. in., evening service 7
p. m. Subject morning service,
"Ohildicn of Light", evening,
"Strength of the Hills." Holy communion at 8:30 a. in.
Rev. 0. M; Ambrose, M. A. rector.
Morning, II «. tn ; evening, 7 p. m,;
Sabbath school, 2>30 p. m. Everybody 'welcome. 'All scats free.
Kpwortn'  league   meets    Tuesday
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
Sunday Services at It a. tn. atM p
p. m. Bible Class and Smithy
School at a p. in." Prayct meeting
Wednesday at 7 p. in.
be less than Tp per cent.
Fruit growing in British Columbia,
he said had now reached what might
be called the real estate .-tage when
the careful operator would sell to
guileless people for one hundred dollars an acre of land that cost him
85. But though an investigation of
tfiesc cases might cause many to believe that thc fruit-growing ot British'
Columbia was not on a sound basis,
yet they should recognize that there
was constantly going on solid and
honest development which would
make' British Columbia one 'ot the:
greatest fruit' producing countries in
the world.
Mr. Burrell quoted Professor Rob*
orison's statement that life was at
its best where children had orchards
to play in and went on to show the
refining    influence   upon' society   ol'
the fact that there was much grouni
still to to planted only 10 per cent,
of tlie area thus fur planted was in
As to tho character of thc fruit
grown in thc Okanagan valley and
elsewhere In British Columbia 'he said1
that it was rather the hab't ef somo
people in the east, as well as in Eng-
lanl to say that, while Bri'.H.i Columbia fruit had a flensing appc.n'ai'cci
and while the orchard .'.die! e.br-
dantly, the fruit, lacked quality. This/
be spoke of as a pleasing fiction. Mr.
Burrell went on lo till of the pi'i/es
won by British Columbia fruit in
competition with thc very best that,
could be produced elsewhere. At thc
great show of the Pacific Coast Fruiti.
Growers' Association at which the
best growers ot Oregon and Washington were represented, British Columbia took the hundred-dollar gold modal (or the best live cases. And at
the 'rirst game national apple show
held'in Spokane last year, which was\
attended by "buyers not' only from
all over the United States but frdut
Europe as Well, the Kclowna district
in Biilisb Columbia, which took there!
a sma.ll exhibit,, won 95,5.110 worth of
fruit growing. He   ran  quickly over.!prlzcS-anj (c,l)k „|so fl,, cu|) (cr   tho
the histofy of fruit growing in Brit'Nj ^t individual apple, in color, tcx-
Coluinhia, trom tho, planting ol the
first fruit tree in 1810 by Mr .lames
Douglas, Chief factor,of,the Hudson
Bay company and   afterwards,   Gov;
tuic and quality* in the whole exhibition.    At the Royal Horticultural
Society's    oshilution  . in   England,-
t wliero \he judges were the most cri-
ernor of tho Crown, Colohy up to fliiV'(it.a, jn U)fl „,„.,,,   fnl. six ,.„.,„,,,,„.
present trcmcidous dcvelopnient wfth (tyy. j-c-.ws.ilrlllsli-CittamTiiift hud cap-.
75,000 acres in orchard, a great deal lured the sold medal
The PhotograprYc Studio over the
Bank of Commerce.
Notary Public .       Conveyancer
LADYSMITH, B. C.    ..
Head Office   -   -  Toronto
CAPITAL $10,000,000: REST $6,000,000
Aw a most convenient way in which to carry
money when travelling abroad.   They are issued
denominations ff
$10, $20, $50, $100 and $200
and the exact amount payable in Austria, Belgium,
Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland,
Italy, Norway, Russia, Swede* and Switzerland is
stated on the face of each cheque, while tn other
countries they are payable at current rates.
The cheque and all information regarding them
may be obtained at every office of the Bank.   I    -
LADYSMITH BRANCH   L. M. de Hex, Manager
Published by Carley & Carley at Ladyimith, B. C
every Wednesday and Saturday.
$1.50 a Year in Maine, 25c Per Month
imnitle proper care lor those who,
through sickness, arc uini'hlc to look
after themselves.
• » «
But in Ladysmitli the subject comes
nearer home. H is true there are
two hospitals close at hand—one at
Nanaimo and the other at Chemain.
us— hut the- great diflirtilty that presents itself is that it often happens
that to save the patient's life, an iiti-'
mediate operation is necessary. In
thot event, a journey to I'hcmaimis
or Nanaimo is likely to have a bad
cffc't on the patient, and the loss ol
Cme is also u matter-ofgrcat consid'
eration. Indeed, several eases could
be fcpio'ted <*f where delay has had serious results. In the case ot a hospital close at hand, the percentage in
[aver ol -a successful operation is
greatly increased.
f      r i
Novelty Theatre
i   Masonic Buildling, Ladysmith
Matinee for School Children Saturday
Prograamme Changed Monday and Thursday
PERFORMANCES AT 7:30 AND 8:45 P. M.    s
7 '
Admission: IOc and ISc
I Oc Matinee Saturday ,
; AdvertlsinR Rateaon application.
Hospital for
The Citizen's' League ot Ladysmith
Is an organization which ran tvih^t ot
ha. ing accomplished considerable
good for the city anil citizens.
• • *
Some months ago the League started an agitatim in favor ot shade
trees and so emphatically and persistently did it maintain its position
that the city council has committed
itself to thc proposel..
Later on the League tool; up the
question of better transportation facilities and terminal rates for Lady-
smith, and last Thursday a deputation went, over to Vancouver to discuss th: Matter with thc 0. JPI. 11.
officials, and while the League may
not at once achieve all that it would
like to, the vis:', is certain to bear
good fruit, in the near future,   j
• • •
Then thc League became somewhat
sVe. tieal as to the. necessity ol
building a SO/ior* septic tan't, uad today a deputation will reach Victoria
to discuss the whole question with
Mr. Mohun, Jhc gentleman who prepared ),he plans for tho Sswcrage sys.
torn. The outcome of this conference
is not yet known, but, whatever II
may le, it is quite certain the citty
>' ol 'Ladysmith will le benefitted' by
. the additional information that will
he gained by the deputation, r.ml it
may be that a ((rent BftVlhrj will 'uc
effected in the   const nut ion of   the
Coal Mines Regulation Act.
Notice is hereby given that Examinations will be held for 1st, 2nd vand
3rd Class Certificates of Competency;
under the provisionsf'of the "Coal;
Mines Regulation Act," at Nanaimo,
Fernie, Cumberland and Cou'tlee; on
tt.g Cth, 7th and 8th days of April,
Another evidence of the necessity o*^j3.009, commencing at.nincT o'clock iji
i hospital, is to be found in the fact  the forenoon. ,
that: in a great number of maternity T;il! subjects will be-as follows:
cases, the lives of mother and child
are seriously jeopardized. The majority of the houses arc small, and
there is no ac'commodaeion ior nurses gnd women are denied the delicate
attention which i' tbc.y right. It
is a trying time in tile Hie of any
woman, yet it often'happens, 'because
cl lack of accommodations, they cannot keep a nurse permanently in the
house and in their nervous .condition
arc subjected lo the worry of a number ol young children. Oi ccpa's? i\t
is .not very often that a woman has
to lie sent to a hospital for this reason, but the attendant consequences
of childbearing frequently rcn.der1t necessary that the mother should hav
that rest and care to necessary t
her recovery.
Box 173
Phone 43
For Meats
Geo. Roberts'
Meat Market
Cor. First Ave. and Roberts Street.
There are at thc present time in
Ladysmith ' several patients lhat
should be'receiving attention in the
hospital. Two or three it would be
dangerous to convey to the hospital
at Chemainus, and the ethers feel
that they cannot" go so far away
from home lor several months and
thus be cut off from,their children. In
one case it is a child and thc parents'
feel that the little one being taken so
far away from home would grow
worse instead of better, and 'yet if
K.cre was a hospital in Ladysmith
where the" child could receive the at-
First Class
Sccoii..l         Third Class
Mining Act
Mining Act
Mining Act
and Special
and Special
..ill .Special
Mine .liases
Mine Oases
Mine Oases
\ cntilntlen   and Oeneral
Oeneral Work
General Work
Application must be made-to the
undersigned not later than Saturday,
March 27th, 1909/ accompanied by
the statutory fee, as follows:—
Hy   an   applicant   for   First
..- Class   Examination, 910.0
By an   applicant for    Second
C|ass   Examination ,  ... 10 0(1
By an - applicant    Ior -Third
Class     Examination .-.   5 OO.
Thc applications .must be accompanied by testimonials and evidence stating that:— •
la.) II a candidate for First Class,
(hat he. is a British subject and has
lad at least five years' experience in
or about' thc prnclicr.l working ol a
coal mine, and is at least twenty^
live years of age:
ib.» If a candidate for Second
Class that he has had r.t least, livo
years' experience-in or a'ouut the
practical working of agonal mine:
—tc.l If —u candidate ior "'fhiffl
Class, lhat r.'|has had at least three
years' experience in or a'liout the
practical working of a coal mine:
ti.) A candidate for a Certificate
oiCompetency as manager, Overman,*
ShifthOES,    Fireboss, 'or Shotlighter\
Light and heavy teaming.
Furniture and piano moving
a specialty.
Nicholson & Weaving
Telephone 1.
trillion of a trained nurse before and
,,     ..    . „„ .. .    ,  .. shall produce a certificate from r, du-
after the operation and nt t.ie same ,       r..« .     "„   ,      ,,.,. ;   -
lly qualined/memcal practitioner showtime lie iu   constant communication ing „|at ,|e has tal;wi ., cnmx .„ ,lh).
with   its parents, its rapid rostora- balance work fitting hfm, the   said
lion to health   would be practically candidate, to glv»   first   akl tc  per-
' ;
I Sell U Trapp & Co's
Celtbratid Waions
Durlnir the season we have sold a large number
of wagons, implements am) logging trucks.
Everything carries a guarantee.
Boiler Street
Now the League is looking for ol'.,-,,
er works to nccnmplbh, and it is
quite possible that the last undertaking will result in more universal benefit to the citizens than all other agitations combined. Certainly il deals
with a question of more universal interest thrn shade .trees, trnrsporta-
tioB facilities or septic tan!.s.
• •- *
In short, the Leagv.c believes that
the timo has now arr' "ed when Ladysmith should have a pcncral hospital,
'lhe care ol the sick in al! civilized
lands has always be6n regarded as a
Accidents at the mines are ol trc-
qr.cht occurrence, and yet it may be
ninny hours before the patient eani-be
conveyed-to Chemainus hospital. In
lhe meantime ,!,'ie injured man or boy
has to suiter every conceivable torture.
• < e
Common humanity demands that
these, things should he obviated as
much as possible, and it is with tills;
i.'jjcet in view ' that lhe Citizens'
League is making a move in the dir-,
cction of establishing a hospital here.
Thc members* feel that every citizen
will co-operate in this matter, and
that.before,long anyone who requires
careful nursing, and immediate attention will he able to get it without
first charge on   com iitun1ti.es.   Whero, having to depend on thc hospitals -in
this obligation has been dls.'.gardcd ,"'« neighboring towns and cities
iho result has been disestrous.    I
Palliculaily    in    thc
tvtjjit, where
t'.:ere arc so many strangers without'two children,
homes, has it teen found desirable to Gatacre street
WANTED-'A; middle-aged -woman
lo do housework   and take care   ol
coal mining, opcrtv
B.. C, Dcccm-
sons    injured in
Dated at Nanaimo,
bet 18th,. 1901).
By order of the Board-
paper* when tou are
rejudy we are.
a specialty. .   /
Papcrhanyr and  Art  Decorator.
High Street.
-      ' ■ *
litki Optra Housi on Rakerts St.
Short order meals at all hours.
Oysters and Clam Chowder a
We have engaged a first-class bar
ber and the wants of our customer.
will he promptly attended to.
Thc only Shoe Blacking stand in
thc city.
FOR  SALE-Half interest in the Well
W.  IV Smith,   ingtoii    Hotel.    Apply to J.   Dumont,
| Wellington, P. C,
Livery, Peed and Sale
First, Avenue.
^      PhnnolW.
E. Panned
eats and Vegetables
rhone »
John W.  Coburn,     - |j Geo. C. Pic'.;ard,
President and Managing Director.      !        Secretary -Treasurer.
The Ladysmitli Lumbr Co.,
limited. <
Rough and Dressed Fir Lumber,
Red Cedar, Shingles and Lath,
Fresh Halibut on sdle every Wed-
nesday and Friday.
Ryan's Meat Market
Elegant Patterns for
Summer Suitings
The Latest in
Imported Woollens
0. J. Matheson
Gatacre st.,   Ladysmith, B. C.
««««««««»<><>«« o««««««««e««)««)«t>«>«>f>*>«>««««4>«
1m«i   EW*fiH
IMS \°J(ylE9zSmm\wFmWL
m\m%Ar^ amm^^^mmimm^PtLJBtM'
■■p  inMRwrnI
- ^J*^ 'imsm^i
PHNmrtfihi i
mm j
The Pure Food Question
is nut one you need worry over il you leave your grocery orders with
R, Guar. Goodf that are doubtful in quality have no place in our store, as
we tike the trouble lo test personally all food products Wforo giving them
our sanction.
Scott's Building, First Avenue.
All kinds ol Clock and Watch Repairing. Satisfaction/ Guaranteed ai
Reasonable Prices.
English Watches a Specialty.
]. R. Easton
\ Practical Watchmaker.
All work left at II. Hughes' store
will receive. Promut attcntJup.
grand Hotel
CfiNVEMEN'r      „    ,
Excellent Boarding
Have Your Houses Plastered
For Terms ipply to
C. MINE, Plasterer,etc., Udyimllh, P. O. J
Cement Sidewalks a specialty.
 1*-*, _ 1
-Portland Hotel
*   Barclay  &  ConHn,
As Cheap as
lOrp-tCookingPots, 85c each.
4, 6, 8 qrt Preserving Kettles, 40o to Coo
.   Pie Plates, white, 10c each.
Bakers', white, loo, 20c ann 2u.> each. ,.
Shinty Plates, white, lOfeach.
Dippers, 23 jeaeh.
Hand Muge, 2 for 23c.
Tea Sleepers, 25o each.
Egg Boilers, 10c each,
Furniture store
Ladysmith Bakery
i Company
Cakes ot- every description, lane
and plain. Candies of all. kinds
Fruit of all hinds. Fresh bread ever
Reasonable prices. Come-and se
our lines and leave your orders. W
give careful, attention.
! We have some Choice .
South Vancouver Property
| on tram line'to New Westminster.
I    $   •   Come in and see.
'i First Avenue, Ladysmith
x .:
*** ****** *♦* *** ****** *♦* •♦* •Js>*Jm'**»******5*«5"»j*s>** *j**j* *j* *j* , *t* ♦I*****J* *♦* ****** *♦* *** *♦* *♦* *♦* *♦*♦♦• •** •** *♦* ♦♦* ****** *♦*♦<
Hop Lee, Prop.
Esplanade street,   Ladysmith.
T. E. Sullivan
Gas anil Steamfitting.
Prints Reasonable.
First Avenue near Now Western hotel
We casry a   large stock of Fancy
the Cjty Market
Wholesale aad Retail.
Ladysmith, B. C. v
_i " _ vi
Hall Caine's
Early Impressions
Hall Caine's career is ot the inspiring character. He emerged, from
the loneliness and obscurity of a little
Manx farm to eminence and prosperity, through his own determination
to follow the high ideals he ■formed
in his youth.. There was no meteoric-
rise to fame in his case, he achieved
success by periods ot. herd-work as a
journalist, poet, dramatist, and noveV
1st; It is a splendid story which
allows the travels*-^! the man with: ft.
purpose from the Isle of Man to
llrceba castle.
vMr. Caine holds himsell inore for-
filiate than sonic of his fellow novel-.
ists (though beginning life with many]
ofiffious disadvantages, and under conditions"- so little likely to develop the
literary faculty)'in being'brought up
us a boy in " little self-eentcreJ com-;
munity whcL'e it whs possible to see
the human drama very plain because
very, close?" There were forty or fifty
thousand all told in the Isle of Man,
and all were in senlity one hig family whereof nearly every'member appeared to know something of nearly
everybody eke,   "Our isolation from
the nst of the -kingdom* our inevitable Intermarriage and the unity  of
our material interests made our, impulses, our passions  our 4n liefs, our
stt;*rstit:ons an open book   for   any
of us to read, and it, must have been
my own fault if, with so ninny oppor
tuiiitks  of rending the human  stoiy
in >lic   impressionable days of childhood, I did not learn a little of   it!
by "heart.
Th:' story of how Hall Caine   be
High road through one of the remoter, parishes in the isle nMWan. It
was the home of an uncle who was a
small farmer as well as a ftulfher, In,
his character as farmer he cultivated
some thirty acres of land, much of ibff
hilly and some ol it boggy. In his
diameter as butcher he. killed thc
sheep he had grazed on tho mountain
s'.opcs and made weu'.ily journeys ti>J
Douglas, the tdiicrtowh of the island
to sell the meat from a stall which
stood in the market place under the
turret ol ati old church.' *> -
On one ol those -oitrneys Cajne
was permitted to go with him, • and
though he knew'lt, so little at tlie
time, he thinks now lhat not only'his
first clear impression ot-the Isle of
Hun, but also hk earliest sense of
life and the world, must date fi'oiu
that exi«rience| -A range ol hills cros
ses thc island from the northeast to
the northwest, and the home lay on
the side no,rlh of them, while Douglas
lies in thc south: Caine's rccollec-
tii,n is that, contrary to the lisiml
practice of farmers butchers, which
^vas to go around thc little, rouge,
his uncle travelled to Douglas by a
ra~s thit crossed the mountains, by]
a valley callW Sulby gltu.
The thatched cottage ol Ballaugh
was the home cf Caine's grandmother as well as his. uncle, and the- nov-
c'.Lt remembers her ajinnst entirely
as the source ol superstitious beliefs;
which to this lioltif be linds it impossible to shake off. She was a little
Manxwomnn, very old and much
bent, dressed in the blue homespun ol
the island and occupied with the li|bt
laboi" of the household while the lustier members of the family were, at
work in the fields. Caine sees her in
hi, mnd's eye yel, gathering up the
dry porse that lay about tho stuck
You Are Invited
To drop in.and see our spring opening'of new
shoes. We have ius(; opened up 62 cases of up to
date footwear.    Shoes from all the leading makers.
Doctor's Special and Dr.- Reed's Cushion Insoles
for both Ladies and -Gents. *
J. and T. Bell's and Miss Canada Shoes for Ladies.
The Celebrated Liberty and Beresford Shoes for
Men. | •■- -
8 cases of Classic Shoes for Children.
We have a new Pit Boot and it is a dandy.
Come and see it.
We have got a first class shoemaker employed now.
If you want your shoes repaired properly bring them
u along.
Sole Agent for the Celebrated English "K" Boot.
they suddenly disappeared. Some ol
them were magligiiant as well as mischievous, and she had seen them Hitting along with lanterns, the night,
after a storm, to the door ol some
lcinc ywoniaii whose man was a fisherman away at the herrings, and was
afterward found to. be lost al sea.
There were good fairies; too, and one
of these, whose name was Phondcr-
dce, would come to the poor people'it
houses at iif,ght wlicii everybody was
asleep and card tlio wool'tor lhc woman and chum the milk for the girls.
You had lo-bc kind lo Plioiiderdce or
he might become angry and even
spiteful, so last'thing before going to
led Caine's grandmother.- would lay
out on the kitchen table a crock ol
fresh water, .with perhaps a bowl of
new milk and a plate of barley bread.
Try rva~Dru Chavcoal Tablets for,
Dyspepsia.    At the Drug Store.   *
FOR SALR-.V few household effects
Apply R. J.-Trcmfcth.   ^     -
Star Orchestra
Open Ior. engagements from     Two
Pieces up.
Gives Dance Every Two Weeks.
For full particulars, apply
W. ,M. ALL1STER, Scc.j
The- Dog Tax tor the year 1900 is
row due and payable to the Ci,ty
Clerk at the City Hall. If nut paid
forthwith the law will bo enforced
With re ard to delinquents.
■' \  .   N.A. MORRISON,
'City Clerk.
New Hats
- Your hat Is Ijore—the right shape
and stylo tn'suiryoiir face-^nd heij^t
—for.no   one ,style   is beebming tc
e rky man, '  '.'■       '■•'■
We have,both soft aliil dcrbys-ln
Strachan Hats
which blend In harmonious and elegant degree tiiestylc features of (the
'1 lii'-so arc   pre-eminently the huts	
for young men nnd aro genuinely good |jcl( and two responsible purtlcs, rcsl
quality throughout, ,denls of tho Prnvjncc ot llrltlfdi Col-
_^^^_____^__^^_^^_ yatd, then feeding the fire under the
came a novelist takes him b*e\: neai-' V(,npot that hung from the'sloughby,
ly 50 years, when as a chiW of live, I a lo!1K iron ,.Jd and j^ 0V(,r ,hc
he was living off and on at Intervals'0p"fn hearll^ She called Caine Ilom-
littlc thatched cottage, on'lhcjmylieg, which was the Manx for little Tommy, and she told him countless stories of fairies and witches
and witch doctors and the evil eye.
Ono of her stories was cl a troop
of fairies who chased her home on a
moonlight night when she was a girl.
They were merry little fellows wearing ctTo-cd hats    aiiij veift jackets,
Notice to Contractors.
City of Ladysmith Sewerage.
Sealed tenders, endorser "Tender
(or Sewerage," will be received-tip to i
o p. m., on Monday, March xutu,
rutin, by the utidei signed lor the construction, of curiam Sewerage \vor„s
(cr the Corjoratiui of tiro City ol
LadyMiiith, 11. C.
Plans, spccifii'atlonsfcoiitract, bond,
and forms of tender may be seen on
and after the 15th day ol February,»j
1(103, tit   the City Hall/Ladysiiiilh,
9! 0. '
Each proposal must be accompanied hy an accepted hank cheque (or
certificate ot deposit) on a chartered
bank of Canada, made payable to
■Corporation of the City ol Ladysmith, Ladysmith, fur the suinrlf One
Thousand Dollars which shell be forfeited if the party tendering decline
to enter into contract when (failed
upon tc do so, or If he tail to com-*
pletc the work contracted fori The
cheques or certificates of deposit of
unsuccessful tenderers will he.returned to them upon the execution ol the
contract. V;--. v
Tenders will not bo csHsidered unless made out on the forms supplied,
which may be obtained at the office
ot the City Clerk, Ladysmitli, and
must be accompanied by a bond, In
lhc sum of Six Thousand Dollars,
duly signed   by tho  contractor Jilm-
FOUND-A "key marked Miller.
Owner can have same by calling at
this office.
Also new lot' of Shoes in iiiftcrcnt
styles, and new lines of Shirts in different styles and shades, nnd Obey are
drndies.    " '    ,
J. J. Thbmiis
tinibin, whose names shall 'he subject
Id tiic approval of tbe City Council
The-lowest or any tender not ncecs
larily accepted:
'Lady Mil i tli,
B. C.
City, Clerk
February 18, 180»t
in I Ihey Lc;-1 pninc'iiig 'and danciug
about her as bhafran in Irani ic terror along the lonely road until the
came in sight id lhe lighted window
of her mother's bouse on the eiirrab,
lhe inarsbv meadow laud, and   thru
Ladysmith Music Store
Phonographs - ■ (.
Gramophones.   ,,     ?
Agent for Singer Sewing
Machine and Sharpies' Separators.
Dissolution of Partnership.
The partnership heretofore existing
between the undersigned carryings on
business as llotclkr«pcr« nt llto Oily
of Ladysmith is this day dissolved ly.
mutual consent.   .
tlosgph Tens?, will pay all debts end,
receive all moneys duo to thc\uit-
nershlp. '      J-
JOS  fistlffSS;
R. i.. WOOD,
Ladysmith, B..C.,.28 Feb., I'.'Oii.
For good wearing stockings
try at
Plain or ribbed cashmere
for Ladies.
Ribbed cashmere (double
knees)  for  girls.
Heavy, all wool, hose for
boys. I	
' Xittie Darling hose   for]     A JARVI^EN
Jp- -( .
made in Canada.
Another twenty dozen
of these Elegant Blou-
ses put into stock this
week at
$1.25 and.$1.50
Walters &
Ladies Rudy to Weir House
Saturday's Chronicle
and you will see
when the •
Roller   Rink
First Class   l'hotos.
During my absence Ircm thc city
Hugh Thornley will hold my power
s>f attorney.
FOU SALE.-At a   snap,   agooij
Stanley piano,, in Rood condition. Apply to H;\' Thornley. .   ,
Oallery on First Avenue.
Dr. R. B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
F. C. Fisher
Studio in Williams' mock.
Tink Table No. 7
Trains leave Nana'rnq C:15 Daily
Trains arrive Nanaimo l-'.3."> Daily
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday,
Trains leave   Nanaimo 15:15
Trains arrive Nanaimo 18:35,
r>— i
'Diet. Pass. Agt.
Victoria,. B. C.
1102 Govt. st.
John Pogorly's
Bowling Alley
A prize of $3 will be given
to the one nwking the highest score in ten sheets.
Now is the time to practice for the Yukon Alaska
and Seattle expositions, which
igive a grand prize of $10,000
j to the best forty. teams.   It
' pays to be a good bowler.
i   Learn now while you have
a first class bowling alley,
| G6od> lights.  Come in and
John Pogorjy,
Ladysmith, B. C.
! 'aaaaaaa*aaaaa*aaaaaaa*.
U. B. G.
James Duncan
Suits cleaned"and pressed.
Alterations made.
Charges moderate.
hkiii Him   ' ~ urniiin
Express and Teamiflg
P. INKSTER,   \    phone ee
Wood to Burn
Stove won;! aud cord wood for sals,.
Freight liaulod.
Furniture moved,
For anything in ths teaming line,
See Thornley
rnoxE a.
Hllbert UnMing Parlor:
1-,5-nl j,lJ5ll?i i!., Nanaimo
Phone 121     P. 0. Box 1 THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
Don't Let
1 Spring Cleaning
1 Worry You
Let Us Do the Worrying
We have every necessity the housewife needs for $
housecleaning and can fill every war.t.
Wjilto Swan Soap, 24 bars for -. $ 1 00 »r
Sunlight Soap, '20 bars for  1 00
(i-issages Carbolio Soap, 10 bars for -..-..  1 00
l'yles Fearline, 2 pickets  25
U ild Dust, per packet  :-... .', 23
Sipolto, 2 packets    25
Old Dutch Cleanser, per tin , -,  . 10
Chloride of Lime, per large lin  25
Gillet's aid Peudray's Lye, 2 tins     25
S'jrttb  Brushes, 15o to   40
MatJB and ('oiling Dusters, c-aeh  ■ 25
Clothes Baskets, 75o $1.00 ami  1 25
Zino and Enamel pails, HO and  ,  40
Brooms, 25c, 30c, •k'.h and '.  50
a id other things too numerous to mention.
V. r. of our Spring Curtains are here.
TO THE OARDENERS.-We have reeeivtd a full line of MAY'S SEEDS, •$•
all new, aud will be pleased to show you our stock.
The Famous Picadilly
Clothing has arrived and we
can show you something that
ha3 -never been excelled in
We have them in two or
three piece suits with fancy
cuffs in the latest cuts?.nd
Goods all marked in plain
figures.   One piece to all.
We* have also received our
Prints and Ginghams
Shoes, Shirts, Etc.
til. E. Morrison
Williams Block
We have just received another ship-
mont ot those
Elegant Designs and
[Colorings in Wall Paper
Call and seo them, .Tlicy are going fast.
A full line ol. Paints and Varnishes
in sloe',;.  .
Picture Framing dene on shortest
notice. Bring your pictures aud lock
over our mouldings.
Local and General
.Mayor Nicholson went over to Nanaimo to-day.
Try Na Dru -Chavcoal Tablets for
Dyspepsia.    At tlicxDrug Store,   t
Miss  Barbara 'Jackfion   was  apj.»-
srnger on the notn train from'
FOR SALE-A tew household effects.
Apply R. J. Trembath.
Mr. Parker Williams wns a passenger en the noon train for li'.s home
at Coburn.     , • ■• ■■■'
Wl-tn asking lor tho
sec that you get it.
'Grand Dul.c''
Rev. W. F. Robertson, ot Duncan,
will cccupy the pulpit at'the.Presby-
lerinn church during morning and
eveij'ng services to-morrow.
When asking for the
sec that you get it.
'Grand Duke"
The Government has appointed Har.
ry Hughes and George Roberts license commissioners and George H«t-
worth and George Smith police commissioners. '
Fine English Pork Pies, tresh made daily
at Hooper's, Gatacre street.   Try one.     *
On account of the smallpox scare
at Nanaimo all the island engagements of the Lena Rivers company
have keen postponed until a later
Vot Garden Seeds go to the Drug
.Store. •
The brass i-and will hold their first
dance in the hand hall this evening.
Preparations have 'been going on for
some time for this event, and ltd
doubt an enjoyable evening will 'be
Painter anl Popeih.irigor,
Prices jbat
Mean Business:
There must be a rea- S
son* why our trade keeps I
growing and whMOung I
men come here past all- S
other stores. We have 5
really handsome cloth- !
ing to begin with.;
When it comes to down •
right good values you'll •
travel a long way before 5
you  find   anything to •
equal these:...
Our Miss Douglas having visited Seattle, Port- •
land and the leading Millinery centres will be hav- •
ing the first Millinery Showing on WEDNESDAY I
FIRST. : •
You can save money by buying your hats here.      J
Simon Leiser & Co.y Ltd!
Shipping Intelligence
The Romford took en bunkor coal
on her way from dray's Harbor ley
Australia loaded with lumber.
The Norwegian Steamship Cecil ia
bunkering to-day.
Thc Princess Ena discharged a- cargo oi ore at the smelter wharf during the week.
List ol shipping at the local whait
ves during thc past week:
Cs.'iir Henriette,
Nanoose and Scow, . .*
•Dola md Scows,
Spiay and Scow,
Canadian,       ■
Jessie Mac,
Two Brothers,
Stetson and Scow,
Flyer ami Scow,
Princess May,
Tyee, ,
Hot Toranles every evening at Hooper's,
15c, 2 for 2.'io.
The young, ladies of Duncan have
been affected by the basket ball fever
and organized a girls team this weak/
Ur.e Na Dru Herb Tablets.
Ladysmith Pharmacy.
At the
FOl-ND-A key . marked M.llcr.
Owner can have same by calling at
this office.
The Leader says a petition is in
circulation at Duncan urging upon
the municipal council the necessity o(
|ia-sing a by-Jaw dealing with the
question of a   sewerage system.
The choir o'j the Methodist church
gave a farewell social to Mr. Purfitt
at the parsonage Friday even'ng. Mr.
Parlitt has-been a Rrcat help to the
inging, and the members took him
hy surprise and presented him with
an address and a beautiful inkstand.
In than'.ing the friends he said that
it was a pleasure to him to help in
the service of (Sod andthat it had its
own reward, But he appreciated the
kindness and good wishes. The com-,
pany had a pleasant time.
WANT15D-Two respectable young
men as boarders. Apply Mrs.-A.
Wright, Methuen street.
Men's Shoes   I
.  •
We have just opened a nice line of Canadian •
Gentlemen's Shoes and will be pleased to show you •
our assortment. *
They are Neat and Nobby and the prices are right. •
We also have a goocf assortment of strong work- -
ing Boots. ,     n
Call and inspect 1 hem.
■ ■;'.!
j' •
LADYSMITH, ■ "     u * W>B|
#••••••••••••••••••• ••••••••.••••••••••••••■
Sale of Purses
$2.00 and $2.25. tor $1.50.
$1.00 and $1.25 for 75c,
r-AT *•
Knight's Book Store
Monthly Rfjnrt of
A. and B. Fund
George Smith    S
John Tupella	
George  Hughes	
John  Gillespie	
Oscar Dyer.	
Thos. Conway	
Jus.   English	
John Little .-	
T.Cope ;.., -
Ladysmith Chronicle, 230dodgers..
Wm. Russell	
E. Lowe	
H. McFarlane	
Wm. Siler, haulage Arab, Wagon..
iu oe
13 00
10 00
1 CO
25 00
1 00
U 00
2 SO
5 00
51 00
12 25
$101 75
E L0WB, \
There \s a,musical treat in store
r>r the citizens of Ladysmith. Thc
tc'ekraUd WilllamssJIubilec Singers
have been secured fc'y the school "teach
ers to give a concert here on about
April 5th, and thc-procccds will be
used fur school purposes, such as ml
ditXuis to lhe library, etc. This
company is not to he confounded wltij
other jubilee singers, but is thc company of which the rest arc imitators.
Further announcement as to exact
date, etc., will be made later.
Aero Roller Rink
Opens To-night.
C. E.
Every Tuesday morning
skating free to Ladies.
Saturday mornings, school
Children 15c.
Manager and Proprietor
If you want a good Comb or Brush
call at thc Drug Store.- •
Mrs. Gardner will open up
Hair Dressing
on the Esplanade Tuesday,
February 23rd.
Hair Restored and Scalp
Tuesdays and Thursdays,
10 a. m..to 12 a. m., 2*p. m.
i Ti ,T..tai T..f..f.»T»T»l.A.tMT—T«.f.«fM?—!..Ta.Ti.Ta«f..Ti *?«»?
Cyphers fftod
For Chickens
Chick Food
Scratching Food
BloolMeal  .
Beef Scraps
Ground    Oyster
A Fresh Consignment of thef
Above Just received.
Ladysmith Hardware Co.,
For Watches, Clocks, Jewelery and
Optical Goods. Columbia Graphophones,
Double Disc Records; 10-inch 85c, Cylinder Records 4Qc.        ? -
We Have Everything You Need
I        JOHN  BICKLE        1
.J. »':'.:■'♦
♦^•M'^h^h-'H":'':'':'*':"** <«>aaaaaaaaaa<«>aaam<<">
\ Ladysmitli Opera House j
| Home of the Finest Moving Picture
1       'Plant in British Columbia
13,000 Feet of Films. Two Illustrated Songs
I Two Shows Each Night
| Programme Changes Mondays and Thursdays
Admission:   IO and 15 Cents 1
Is now open for Business.
With all kinds of High grade Pastry and Fancy Cakes;
White and Brown Bread.
All Orders promptly attended to and delivered.
We cordially invite the Citizens to, give us a call,
Mrs. ft B. Wells Prop.


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