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The Ladysmith Chronicle May 26, 1909

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With Which Is Amalgamated the Ladysmith Standard.
Vol. I.
Ladysmith, 5. C, Wednesday, May 26, 1909.
Electric Light Plant
Site Discussed
In the absence ot Mayor Nlcioljon,
Aid. Dier occupleil tbe chair at the
council meeting last'evening.
There wert; present: Aid. McKinnell, Roberts, Matheson and Campbell.
The minutes ot tho previous meeting fore read and approved.
A communication was road trom
the B.'C. Pottery Works, stating
that they wero prepared to tender
on pipe tor the sewers, and recommending the council to 'ask the
foundry for 'estimates on the iron
works required. -   -
The communication was received
and filed' for future reference.
"A letter was received from the
Provincial Health Department stating that supplies of antitoxine had
been shipped to Ladysmith in accordance with the arrangements
made a tew months ago.
The - communication was received
and tiled, and contents ot jhe letter
will- be, made known to Dr. Williams.
t; Prom William Brent, Toronto, sta-
tlbg that he was preparing a draft
of the debentures, and the proof
would be sent to the city solicitor
for approval.
Received  and filed.
Messrs. Mason ,& Mann, Mr. Brent's
solicitors wrote that they had received a certificate ot registration ot
the sewer by-law, and that they tor-
warded the same to Mr. Brent's Toronto solicitors. Messrs. Mason &
Mann stated that personally they
could see no defect in the by-law.
The communication was received
and filed, and thc city clerk will no
tlfy Messrs. Mason ft Mann that a
copy of the by-law has been forwarded to Mr. Brent..
Mr. C. Campbell-Reddle wrote the
council that in.accordance with tne
request ot the council, the Lieutenant-Governor had signed thc Order
to repeal-tbe former by-law.-
. Accounts aggregating 149.50 were
presented and referred to the financo
One account wbb tor $10.00 tor taking L. C. Klein to . Victoria Kuril.
This caused some comment unung
the aldermen, who believed the Pic-
vlncial Government should iny tbo
4 bill.
' Police Constable asked leave to explain,-and permission bolng ftr'anttid,
he stated that the Governmnc. l..id
maintained that the Government was
responsible for all costs until the ar
rival of Klein in Ladysmith, but after tha»"*he city was responsible.
Aid.Campbell drew attention.to the
loose condition of. two planks In tbe
sidewalk near tbe A.bbotBtord Hotel
and thought the road foreman .should
look after the matter.
The.road foreman was authorized
to make the necessary^ repairs.
The electric light question came up
for   discussion,   but as the council
was waiting to hear from the smel
I ter company, It was decided to post
I pone the letting of tenders for poles,
etc. for a few days.
The matter ot the site was discussed at length, and while some
expressed the belief that the site selected by Aid. Dier, and Haworth
was a good one others expressed a
contrary belief.
■ Aid. Matheson spoke in favor ol
the Esplanade site while Aid. McKinnell opposed'lt. Tho last named Aid.
wanted the site permanently located,
so that lt would not be shifted at
the whim ot future councils.
Aid. RlOr expressed the belief that
when the time came that the   city
would need the Esplanade at Mcth-
* uen street, lt would be able to * pay
for the removal ot the,plant.
Aid. Dier wanted to know something about the letter rerelved with
regard to the clause which Mr.
Brent's solicitors wanted Inserted ln
the by-law.
The city, clerk produced tho clause
and in reply to tho question why It
hud not bcon roud to the round!,   lt
was explained that the letter bud-
not been received until two days after tho by-law had passed its third
Thero was some turthcr discussion
on this question and the council adjourned.
Voice of the People
(To the Editor.)
Doar Sir:—In your report of tho
moeting of the Citizens' League, I
notice that difficulty has been found
ln regard to suitable plans for the
proposed hospital.
From the suggestion it would seem
that American designs and books aro
to be searched in order that something suitable might be obtained.
Evidently the League is not going
to employ a duly qualified ■.-■architect
to superintend the construction. This
is surely a mistake and for various
Why not invite sketches tor a
building, giving an estimated cost,
number of beds and private wards,
size of operating room, and accomodation required for staff.        ,.
Many architects in the Province
would submit sketches and cost of
supervision. Then a committee of
practical men might pass on the
sketches. One or two doctors should I yesterdav Mr. J.
be on the committee also. We would
then be assured of having a, build-1
ing suitable lor its purpose and properly constructed at minimum cost.
I might make many suggestions,
but simply throw out'this hint. Although an architect I have no intention of drawing plans for the
building, but am convinced that this
would be the most economical and
satisfactory method of building.
Thanking     you tor snaring your
valuable space, I am, yours, etc.,
Ladysmith, May 25, 1900.
Local and General
News Notes
There will bo a special meeting il
the V. C. T. U. held in the 'Mission
roo"hi ot the Presbyterian Chur.cn on
Friday evening next at 7:30 sharp to
receive reports from superintendents
ot different branches. All are urgently requested to attend.
Frank Allison, thc lighthouse
keeper, hashad a letter from James
WIntermute, who Gays he expects" to
sell his mineral claims on Queen
Charlotte Islands shortly at a very
good figure. Mr. Wintermute's mahy
friends will he pleased to hear at all
times oi his good fortune.
The .body ot little August Voll-
ners, son of Harry Vollners, boat-
builder of Galiano Island, waB found
in the water not tar from his lather's home, Saturday afternoon. The
child in all probability strayed too
close to the water's edgo and was
carried out by a wave. The body
was taken to Chemainus for burial.
There has been considerable activity in real estate during the week.
J. Bland, C, P. R.
land agent, sold two lots on Methu-
cn street, and this morning he sold
two Inside lots. Besides these sales
there 'have been many more during
the past | week,, and it locjss {as 'If
Ladysmith were on the eve oi a
building boom.
(To the Editor.)
Sir:—Within n few week's timo
there have been two runaway teams
tearing through our streets. Our
council passed a' by-law that every
teamster should carry a weight,,
which should bo dropped when tbe
horse or horses wero left, standing,
but so far I have only seen ono or
two who woro living up to, tho city
by-law. It is utterly useless tor our
council to have a codo of by-laws
unless they sec they are enforced,
and it is to be hoped that thc lethargy of which the grand jury accused our city lathers wilf not bo allowed to Bleep in peace until somo
child is run over and killed before
they wake up to a sonso of common
duty. Any of tbo locomotives is liable to start a team at tho station
and they run up through the streets
at a fearful pace. The weight might
not ontlroly Btop a runaway team
tor some distance but it would bo a
great handicap and would enablo the
catching of a runaway team. I hope
the council will tako this matter up
betoro some of our littio children get
run over and seriously hurt or possibly killed. CITIZEN.
Lndysmith, May 26, 1909.
city.    Some ot the    double corners
went at $16,500 each.
It in the duty of every man in thc
city to encourage home industry.
Or,o ot tlie best cigars manufactured
in the Province is tho Grand Duke.
It. Is the product -of Percy K.
tVinch's factory, and is justly popular in every town and city on tho
Island, Smokers can feci assured
that in buying the Grand Duke they
ate grtting the best, and at thc same
time they arc building up, a local .industry that already employs a large
number of workers,-
William Noyc, a well knoffii iitl-
zcu ol Ladysmith, died last ii,t.\n-
any, aged 63 years. He l.ad teen
ailing for some months, l.ut his
ailment was not regarded iwrionaly
until within a few weeks. Ho leaves
a wife and grown up family. The
funeral took place last evenhg ut
5:30 p. m. The following floral tributes were laid on the grave: Mrs.
Nelson and family, Victoria, spray,
Mr. J. G. Young, Victoria,. spray;
Mrs. George Ross, bouquet Mrs. J.
Eno and family, wreath; Mr. and
Mrs. William James, wreath; Mr.
and Mrs. J. Hutchinson, spray; the
Family, globe; Mr. and Mrs. Rick-
ard, wreath; Miss Elizabeth
bouquet; Mr.and Mrs. Wm. McCape,
globe; Nellie Baxter, wreath; Ladysmith Lodge No. 2, K. of',F., wreath.
Crowing Interest in
the National Game
There will be a meeting held
at the city, hall this evening at
7:30 o'clock to discuss plans for
the   celebration   ot   Dominion
Day and the selection of  committees.   It is   desirable   that
there should bo representatives
1  from the various clubs ln   tho
' city, so that all arrangements
'  lor   matches   can bo mado.   It
'  would bo    well for reprcsentn-
'  tlvcs trom these organizations
'  to be in a position'to state de-
'  finitely what matches they can
1  play and at what time ln tho
:  day they can play.   This should
1  be one   ot tbo best colobrattons
!  in tho history of Ladysmith and
'  It will be If the citizens attend
'  tbe   meetings   from   now until
■July 1st. ,
>    a    aaaaaaa^asa*
Tho caso of L. C. Klein came up
before Chief Justice Hunter at Vancouver Friday, and .was adjourned
till to-day. Up to the hour of going to press it is not known whether Chief Justice Hunter granted a
rccission of the original order. It
not the ,case will come up for hearing before Police Magistrate Harrison to-morrow.
At the meeting of the city council
last evening n letter was read Irom
William Brent, Toronto, dated Mary
18, and thero was nothing in tho
communication tb indicate thnt Mr.
Brent was'dissatisfied with the bylaw as passed by the ratepayers of
Ladysmith. This dato is later than
tlio announcement that tho by-law
was unsatisfactory.,    ,
A diamond drill for the Northern
Pacific Railway arrived in Ladysmith
yesterday, and it is said will bo
used In boring for coal on the opposite side ot, tho hnrbor. The l'u-
cific Coast Coal Mining Company
havo bonded large tracts ol coal
lands ut thut point, unit It is supposed the diamond drill will bo put
in operation thero at onco.
Mr. W. E. Morrison wont over to
Vancouver on tho Rupert City Sunday and on Monday attended tbo
championship match between New
Wcsftninster and Rcglua. Mr. Morrison says the eastern players aro
far too slow (or the boys on tbo
Fraser, and the match was not us
Interesting ns it would have bcon
had the boys bcon more evenly
There has been an excellent programme at tho Novelty thla week.
The Poisoned Bouquet is perhaps the
best picture. Beginning Thursday
night therewlll bo another BOt ot
handsome pictures. The best one Ik
Crazed by Jealousy, Romeo and Juliet, The Shepherdess, Unusual Cooking, and two songs, No Ono Knows?
and I'll Bo Thero Mnry Dear. Next
week tho great Messina Earthquake
will bo sfiown,
Thore were a couple ot thousand
bidders at tho sale of 'Prince Ruport
lots yestorday at Vancouver. Bidding was lively and the prices obtained were rather above expectation!!, and It is statod that theNal-
cb. tor the whole" afternoon figured
up 9375,000. The principal buyors
were Vancouver men, although there
wer-j mnny Americans who invcatod.' r^rontn wero alive?" Tluin lt was
So for tbo lots sold aro in tho prln-l it tho Highlanders seemed vond
ftpni bustpci-u    sections ot the  nefjtha cer.crol   experience ol r.i, .':in4.
New Westminster again defeated
the Regina team by the tremendous
score of twelve to two. Tho New
Westminster team out-played their
opponents at all stages of tbe game
and again demonstrated the fact
that a team playing a combination
game can out-class one composed ol
players who iu their own teams are
stars but do uot play a combination
game when brought together, relying
too much on their own ability to
play the gamo.
• * •
The jerseys for thc local team hava
arrived1. Thoy arc a ntco mprodil
color and the team will look nice in
thorn on Thursduy when they again
faccoff with Extension. As will be
remembered tho Extension team dc
fcatcd the home boys when they
journeyed, to that placo two weeks
ago and that several weeks previous
Ladysmith shut out Extension here
so the game on Thursday is looked
forward to with interest. A collection will no doubt be taken. up on
the field to defray the cost of the
team's sweaters. The managerdent
think, for this gamo this is the best
way as lacrosse is just starting and
to. the majority of the townspeople
is unknown, so the spectators will
see thc game and contribute as tbey
think the game deserves. Everyone
is welcome and it is only owing to
the fact that the club is in urgent
need of funds that they will appeal
to the public.
* • •
The team picked to play Extension
is as follows:
Cover. Point—Muir.
First Defence—Morrison.
Second Defence—Gillespie.
Third Defence—Hewlett.
Thtrd Home—McKelvie. j
- Second Home—Dakers.
First Home—McKane.
Outside Home—Morris.
Inside Home—Wardrop.       /
Spares—Malpass and Duncan.
Referee-J. E. Smith.,
« • •
It was decided to accept the challenge of thc Nanaimo team to a
game here on the 30th Instant. II
this materializes notice will be given in the next issue.
The Cameron Highlanders fought
at Waterloo throughout the three
glorious days of June, and they were
"particularly mentioned" by Wellington in his famous despatch of
June 19, addressed to Lord Bath-
urst. Fortunate in their opportunities, they have been fortunate also
in winning the praise of the poets.
Byron,,-in "Childe Harold," has consecrated their immortality in a famous stanza:
And wild and high the "Cameron's
gathering rose,
Tho war    note of   Lbchlel, -which
Albyp's hills /
Have heard, and heard too have her
Saxon foes;
- How in   tbe    noon ol night that
pibroch thrills
Savage   und   shrill!   but with   thc
breath which fills
Their   mountain   pipe,   so fill the
(     mountaineers
With tho fierce native daring which
instills \    ..
The stirring memory ot a thousand
And Evans', Donald's fame rings in
each clansman's cars.
Hero sounds the high note ot romance, and*! bravely the Highlanders
could echo it. But war does not
ulw.iys rest at tlio lofty plane ot
glory, and wo can somotimes realize
it most clearly In' homlier touches.
After the battle it Is said that tbe
7'Jtli stripped life cuirasses oft the
dead Frenchmen nnd used them for
cooking its rations. ThCx. were gooil
enough trying pans, tbough tlio bullet-holes lot.' something escapo.
But somo Belgian soldiers who N waB not hcld pur-10Bcly lo ta"
passed by while the cooking was In this appeal as stated lit/the Herald
progress, and seeing the cuirasses,, this morning, but to transact rcgu-
went of! with the legend Umt tbo (ar business. There were present
Highlanders wcro cannibals,  md no^president     Mahoney   and Secretary
McMillan, Now Westminster; Risk
and Mi'l'iilliiin, Vancouver; Adnin,
Thornley, Lndysmith; ami Hartt and
McKinnell, Nanaimo. Thc Wcslinln'
stcr club usk'cd tor a ruling re ad-
thclr match with    tho
team together all season and did not
rely on Mainland help to .win their
games. Tho Herald speaks ol sending the cup to Nanaimo, but the local management aro only too glad
to mcet thc United in thc final and
its up to our neighbors to ploy,
eligible men... Ladysmitli has had
enough of such tactics and if the
Nanaimo club 1b trying to kill tho
game at this end ot thc Island it
is going tho right way to doit.
Nanaimo entered a protest against
the Island Association iu dropping
O^ictdria Urtitcd out of the League.
This matter wns dealt with tor somo
time and thc ruling was thc Island
Association certainly did tho right
thing when a club tries lo hand
over two games iu one day. Tho
Herald talks of fliiuftlumniing, but it'll
a cinch the Nanaimo team have boon
trying lhat with Lnilysmith und if
they cannot beat us witli properly
registered men (instead ol scouring
tbo country lor u team) then its up
to them to take what's coining. The
next game tells tbe talc and wc .will
sec what they can do with their
"eligible" team against the coming
> ' •    .• >,
Tho result of tbe game last Sunday shows that Ladysmith has the
best team,' although defeated by 3
goals to 2. Nanaimo scored their
3 goals in the ftrsr halt, two, ot
which looked very solt. In the second Ladysmith had an uphill fight,
but demonstrated that they were in
the game, and kept Nanaimo,tcam
guessing until the whistle blew for
Neither Pougnn, McDowell nor
Wynne played their usual game.
Rogers was there with the goods and
saved'time and time again. Grainger
was the pick of the halves. The forwards and second halves held their
own. At one time Ladysmith had
only nine men on the field, Wynne
being absent apparently without notifying the captain, and McLeod was
oft changing his shoes. These shoes
should be attended to before tbe
game. Turnbull handled the game
well, but thero was a tendency toward) too much whistling.
Ladysmith Won in
the Protest
At the annual meeting ot the D.
C. F. A. held ln Vancouver on Monday the appeal ol the Lndysmith
Football Club was hcurd.   The mcot-
The next game will probably
played next Sunday.
doubt the legend, which it iu a pity
to disturb, is repealed lo this (lay.
Ono other pieco ot comedy Is worth
remembrance. When tho allied
armies were in Paris, says ii writer
iu Blackwood')*. Sorgt. Campbell
of tbo 79th was tukon with others to | vortising iu
thc Elysce to be shown to tbo Emperor Alexander, and it ia thus thai
he tells tho tale himself: "Tho Emperor mado a vory minute inspection
ot 'us," ho;wrltcB, "and IiIb curio illy
led him to call on mc, as being Iho
most robust ot the party,to step to
the front. ... As soon as I stopped to tlie.liont I was surrounded by,
the astonished nobility, and the Emperor commenced his inspection and
questions as follows: First, he examined my appointments and drew
my sword. , . . Second, he examined my hose, gaiters, legs, end
pinched my jskiin:. The questions
were: It I was present at .the notions'
ot the 16th, 17th and Uth of June?
How many officers andmen tue.ngl-
ment Iobi? . .' ■, • Whether I was
in Egypt? It I wore tho kilt In winter, or if* I did not feol co}d in that
season? It I was   married? If   my
Prince Rupert is a town of over
800 houses and 1000 population. This
was brought about by John Houston, who in the tall of 1907 caused
the Cariboo and Grnnd Turk Fractional mineral claims to be located
on the Indian Reserve land., to
which the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company bad not acquired title,
other than the rights the Indians
had to thc land. The Provincial
Government claimed Ahe land belonged to the Province, and that it was
open to mineral locution; Houston
and John Knox, who wns his co-
owner In the Grand Turk Fraction,
allowed people lo-erect premises on
their claims, aud three-fourths ot the
pcoplo of Frtnco Rupert aro to-day
living and dol'ig business thore because John Houston and John Knox
gave them permission to do so, and
no one paid them a dollar, directly
orlndlrcctly for lhc privilege. Houston deeded the Cariboo to Hon.
Fred J. Fulton, Ohlcl Commissioner
ol Lnnds, In March Inst, In accordance with a letter ho wrote ln May,
Nationals.    At this game it appears 1908, In which be agreed to do   so
lhat tbo advertising was more than j were tho pcoplo living on tho claim
the goto receipts and ns the   West-1 allowed to remain undisturbed until
minster team     was to receive   ono-'lots in tbo townsilo wcro sold.    Ho
gate it     wns decided thoy and Knox still hold tho llf-and Turk
t IcuBt stand halt tho   ox-j Fraction, and will bold it until thoy
The appeal ol tho Lndysmith ciin procure lots to   suit thorn  on
club rclatlvo to Hooper and Hurrcn was then thoroughly gone into
and alter a couple ot hours of arguing it was decided the Nanaimo club
had gone directly against lhe rules
in playing Hooper and Hurren   an.V^year's assessment work.—Empire,
those men were not eligible to  play I ■■      -
Mnnro, the new Calitornia player j   Mr.       k. .Brooksbank is attending
Is not eligible, and Brown is in the | the sale of   Prince Rupert lots   at
the surveyed portion ot tbo; townsite.
They have performed the assessment
work on the claim tor the year ending September, 1909, and have •
year from that time to do the next
i-ama box, so Nanaimo In their next yanCcuver,
gamo with Ladysmith will be without the services ot tour good men.
Nanaimo is up in arms over this
but as they have broken thorulcs
(knowingly) they must take their
medicine. Ladysmith could have haa
several stars on their team it they
bad stooped to Maaninio'ti tactics
but thc loeal _*&■■•-    rt te-f-ttMr
At Ladysmith last Monday, at the
Methodist parsonage, Rev, R. Wilkinson united in marriage Thomas
dark to Florence Maud timothy.
Both nre well known here and will,
receive tbo hetrty congratulation* pi |
• wide olrtV.    f McndO, THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
There Is Money Being Made in Lots
in  Hastings  Townsite, Vancouver
I have several for sale at ruling prices.
-Notary Public Conveyancer
Head Office  ■  • Toronto
CAPITAL $10,000,000: REST $6,800,000
Bonk Money Orders
iBsuxn at the roLLownra batesi
ti aud under . .    ■     3   cents
Ovsc'IS and not exceeding f 10,    6     "
'•   $10    ""      " 130,   10     "
■•   |38„     "      " »50,   IS     "
Thsss orders are payable at par at any office in
Canada of a Chartered Bank, except in the Yukon
tnd at the principal banking points in the United
They are negotiable at 14:90 to the £ sterling in
Great Britain and Ireland. They form an excel-
lint method of remitting small sums of money
with safetv and at small cost and may be obtained without delay at any office of the Bank.
LADYSMITH BRANCH   1. M. it Gen, Manager
Published by Carley ft Carley at Lad y smith. B. C,
eyery Wednesday and Saturday.
$1.SI a Yiar ii Advanct. 25c Pir Msnth
Advertising Rateson application.
Editorial Comment.
The Alberni paper continues Its
fight against the Island Development
League. The Pioneer News has little
faith in the Development League, and,
believos the sinter leagues are being
used simply to advance the interests
«.( Victoria.
Victoria Day was celebrated
throughout the Dominion this year
with just fa much patriotic tervor as
it was during the lite ot the gracious sovereign whose birth the event
commemorates. The Queen's birthday has always been becomingly observed on Vancouver Island and this
year has been no exception to the
general rule. Those who attended
the Xtnalmo celebration speak ln the
highest terms of the hospitality of
the citizens and the excellence ot the
programme provided for the entertainment of the strangers within their*
There is a general expression ot
dissatisfaction at the unsanitary com
ditions prevailing ln the various
cities and small towns throughout
this province. 'In the Interior this
dissatisfaction ie even more marked
than In the coast towns. In the
course ot a lengthy editorial on this
subject, the Grand Forks Sun, Bays:
"In the absence ot a modern sewer-
age, even the lax health bylaw now
in lorce is said to be violated dally
inall parts ot the city. Outhouses
are said to be in a filthy condition.
Few ot them are constructed and
mdintaSined ln accordance with the
health bylaw,and a number ol them
are overlooked by the sanitary officers. Behind nearly every barn there
is a huge manure pile. These places
are known to be proline breeders of
ffles;and the fly is the worst carrier
of infectious disease that this part
ol the country Is cursed with. In
view of these facts, the officials
should enforce the present health
laws, and the citizens should make
a special effort to observe them. If
the present officers are afraid ot
making enemies by taking action,
let some disinterested person be
when lt was considered tbat his brother, who kept the crowd off while
Captain Haines shot his victim to
death, was acquitted. It was urged
in Hains' behalf that tbe provocation was such as to make. his wrath
uncontrollable. Such a plea might
be urged to justify the majority of
deliberate murders and many other
crimes of violence. A man Is not
tree from responsibility Jrom his act*
because he imagines his acts are beyond his control. There is a lesson
taught by. the verdict in the Haines
case. There would be less provocation for crime it the necessity for
self discipline were more emphatically and frequently emphasized, if men
and women were less accustomed to
persuade themselves that they are
justified in doing whatever strong
passion or desire prompts them to
do. "Thou shalt not kill" is one ot
the commandments of the Deity as
well as ot the law, and whenever
this command ,'s disobeyed, except in
actual self defence, tbe punishment
should follow as certain as the flight
follows the day.
We have the choicest lots in
Hastings  Townsite
for Sale.
Come oarly and get first pick.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed Tenders, kupenwttbtd "Tender for
School-house,"' will be received by the Honourable
the Minister of Public Works up to noon of Thursday, the 17th of June, 1901*, for theerectiun and com-
Station of a large one-room frame Schoolhouse at
rechin. Nanaimo District, B. C.
Plans, specifications, contract and forma of tender may be seen on and after the 26th day of
May. 1909. at the offices of the Government
Agent at Nanaimo, and at the Department of
PubUe Works, Victoria, B. C.
Each proposal must be accompanied by an
accepted bank-cheque or certificate of deposit on
a chartered bank of Canada, made payable to tha
Honourable the Minister of Public Works for*
sum equ vslent to ten per cent, of the amount of
the tenders, which shall be forfeited if the party
tendering; decline to enter into contract when
called upon to do so, or if he fail to c jmplete the
work contracted for. The cheques or certificates
of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon the execution of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out
on the forms supplied, signed with the actual
signature of the tenderer, and enclosed In the
envelopes furnished.
Tbe lowest or any tender not necessarily
F. C. Gamble,
Public Works Engineer.
Public Works Department.
Victoria, B. C. May 20th, 1909.
Real Estate
First Avenue, Ladysmith
Time Table No. 7
Trains leave Nanaimo 5:15 Daily
Trains arrive Nanaimo 12:35 Daily
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday,
Trains leave   Nanaimo 15:15
Trains arrive Nanaimo 18:35.
Dist. Pass. Agt.
The conviction of Captain Halna
lor the killing of Annis, the alleged
seducer ot his wife, ot manslaughter
lnthe Bret degree, and his sentence to.
not less than eight years nor more
than twenty years with hard labor,
notwithstanding that his plea was
.the "unwritten law," reveals thnt
there. Is a change for the better In
the carrying ont ol the .American"
law. which, it is hoped, will be ft
considerable benefit iu the future,
says the Rossland Miner, it was a
surprise to a good many In tie
Haines case that he was convicted,
1162 Govt. st.
Victoria, B. C.
Hllbert Undertaking Parlors
1,3 md 5, Bastion St., Nanaimo
Phone 124     P. 0. Boxl
A. Litt
Charges moderate.
' All work   lelt at  McCalluro's and
avenue, near Ftre Hall, will receive
prompt atejentloar.
Novelty Theatre
Masonic Building, Ladysmith   f
New Programme
Crazed Ay Jealousy, Romeo and Juliet, The Shepherdess, Unusual Cooking, and two songs, No One Mnows,
and I'll Be There Mary Dear. Next
vrert the great Messina Earthquake
will be shown.
Admission: IOc and 15c
Matinee Prices 5c ond IOc
John W;  Coburn,
President and Managing Director.
The Ladysmith Lumber Co.,
- Limited.
Rough and Dressed Fir Lumber,
Red Cedar, Shingles and Lath
If you want any Home Cured Hams
- v —    —- .
or Bacon, call around to
Ryan'sMeat Market
Have Your Houses Plastered
For.Terms apply to
C. HINE, Plasterer, etc., Ladj-Bmith, P. O.
Cement Sidewalks a specialty.
F. C. Fisher
Studio In Williams' Block.
Shoe Repairing
I am ready to repair Boots   and
Shoes.     Satisfaction  Guaranteed'.
Corner Third ave. and High street,
near Queen's Hotel.
Express and Teaming
Wood for Sale.
P.INKSTER, phone 66
Real Estate Profits
If you lived in Vancouver you would hear every day stories of men making huge profits from a small
investment in Real Estate.
It is simply a repetition of the history of all great Cities in their growing period. Seattle, San Francisco, Spokane, Chicago, Milwaukee, Denver and a hundred other cities in the United-States as well as
our own Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and now Vancouver have made and continue to make great wealth
for those who invest in suburban property that is as sure to increase in value as it is true that to-day
followed yesterday. There is in Vancouuer to-day a good deal of suburban property that will double
and treble in value within the next two or three years.
The City of Vancouver will double in population within the next five years according to the most conservative estimates, and with such rapid growth going on, it takes no prophet to foretell that a wise
nt NOW will not only be perfectly safe Dut w"
will also yield very large profits.
If you will look at the location of
the black triangular shaped p'ecein
the accompanying map you will see
that it is favorably located as to
street car lines.
If you were on the property and
could see its beautiful location as to
view, etc., you would feel as I did
when I first visited "Cedar Cottage
Park". D. L. 393, that it was the
' most favorably situated piece of land
to be had for the price or double the
price in fact, near the City of Vancouver.
"Cedar Cottage Park" cannot fail
to become very valuable property in
the near future and therefore I would
advise you to buy as many lots as you
can in this sub-division.
Lots in "Cwlar Cottage Park" are
sold on very easy terms, so easy
in fact, that any wage-earner in
Ladysmith may pay for at least
one lot from his monthly earnings.
Come to my office for a map and
learn fuller particulars as to prices,
terms, location, etc.
Baby Cart s
Now Arrived
All Styles and Prices. *
Within  reach of everybody.
Also fine line of Mattresses. Linoleum from 50c to
$1.00 per yard.
Furniture Store
Light and heavy teaming.
Furniture and piano moving
a specialty.
Nicholson & Weaving
Telephone 1.
Just now, on a tiny island in tho
faraway Pacific Ocean, a little community anxiously watches day by
day the eastern horizon; and tbe
first man to announce the appear-
onco on tbe .ocean's distant threshold
ot a squat little cruiser will be fur
days the proudest man In Pitcairn.
For tho member ot this inland
community know that that cruiser
once in. a year or so. Their island
is out of the track of the ships of
will bring th-jir mail, which arrives
the civilized world; the rim of the
horison is over clear save, perhaps,
when some drunken windjammer wanders from tho "road" and appears
dike a ghost-ship in the evening halt
light, passing by to tho hustling centres the other side of the Horn; or
when there creeps up this cruiser,
sent by the British government to
'show tbe flag" and to see that all
is well with thc exiles in this lonesome corner ot tho sea wilderness, •
'the world forgetting, by thc world
forgot." ,-—
More than a century ago thc good
ship Bounty (Capt. Bligh) was in tho
waters ot the Southern Pacific when
the crew mutinied, and ten of them,
led by one Fletcher Christian (subsequently murdered by natives),
made for the island of Pitcairn. This
was in the year 1790. With them
tbe mutineers took six native mon
ana eleven women from .Tahiti as
servants and wives. Once on tho
solitary island they thought they
wero sate from the consequences ot
their action; that tbey would never
be' discovered.
For twenty-tour years that was so.
Then ono day, when the mutiny tin
gored but faintly in tho world's
memory, and Christian and bis fellows had been reckoned as dead, a
ship chancod to put in at Pitcairn
for shelter. On landing the captain
wns astonished at being addressed| in
English by men who were obviously
of European origin. Then came out
tlie whole story. Since then tho
exiles havo had many visits and received many kindnesses, from "ships
that passed," and through all th'cse^
years although the original colonists aro long since dead their descendants preserve tbo English tongue,
and as far us posslblo in view of
their isolation from the centres of
fashion, hold to European modes of
In :i final decision ln the United
States circuit court, at Butte, Mont.,
in thc celebrated "smoke" case of
Fred J. Bliss, against tho Anaconda
Mining company and the Washoe
Smelting company, which ho dismissed, nnd ordered each. party to
tho" action to pay its own coBts,
Judge   Hunt said     tlio   defendants
HilberU McAdie
Undertaking Company
First class Hearse supplied in Ladysmith.
Telephone No. 262 and 180
P.O. i)ox735   .     .   Nanaimo
Corset covers stamped
on Cross-barred muslin
•and 4 skeins cotton for
working,   4oc.
Crash center-pieces
with embroidery hoops
and lace for finishing
edge,   25c.
All kinds Of Clock and Watoh W
_.£*«_    "—'-.ion GuaianttM
Reasonable Prices.
English Watches a Specialty.
J. R. Easton
PractHl Watchmaker.
AU worfr w na, n h,,^, ^
Will MCcfcn tVfir    t RttMttnn,
Portland Hotel
Barclay  &  Conlin,
wore doing all tbey could to betters!
conditions arising from tbo smoke
from the smelter and that they intend to continue their efforts and
hope for better results. The ranchers
did not dispute tbe truth of thc evidence introduced.
Tbe court could find no facta upon
which to base a decree imposing
conditions as to the processes or
mechanical devices to be used in operating the company's works nor
could the court enforce any conditions relating to arbitration or condemnations requested by tbo ranchers.
This marks the end of tho case.
Thero Is no proBpcct of an appeal.
If the case comes up again it could
only bo, as a new suit.
Tho "smoke" case was begun in
May, 1S05 and'ended in April, 1909.
Hearing began before the master in chnncery in May 1906, and
testimony was taken until June,
1907, On January 25th ot this year,
Judge Hunt adjudicated that the
plaintiff, Bliss, was not entitled to
relief aud reserved thc case from dismissal only to . determine whether
improvement couid bo made in treatment at the smelter and set tho
hearing for April 16th, at Helena.
Plaintiff asked for more time, until
April 19th. At that time no more
testimony was introduced and the
case was dismissed by Judge Hunt
recently. Tho case cost the farmers
$100,000 and $500,000 is thought to
be a conservative estimate of the
cost to tbo company.
Ladysmith Bakery
Cakes ot every description, tanc
and plain. Candies of all kinds
fruit of all kinds. Fresh bread ever
Reasonable prices. Come and se
our lines and leave-your orders. W
give careful attention.
Hop Lee, Prop.
Esplanade street,  Ladysmith.
Excellent Boarding
i PKinrietnrn.
Livery, Peed and Sale
Ice Cream
Ctrter's Store
Ioe Cream 10c a plate.
Notice is hereby given tbat lt is
our Intention to make application to
the Board ot Licensing Commissioners bf the ..City of Ladysmith for a
transfer of tbe retail liquor licence
now held by us in respect to the pre
mlses- known as the Columbia Hotel
tSltnate on First avenue, Ladysmith,
from ourselves to Joseph Tuesz.
Ladysmith, B, C, 5th May, 1909.
First Avenim.
Phono nit.
Dr. K B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
Chong Kee
Washing and Ironing p. .mptly attended
•* irVmsM.
The City Market
Wholesale aad Retail.
Ladysmith, B. C.
First Class   Photos.
o«ll»rv nn First Averum.
In the matter of an application tor
a Duplicate Certificate of Title to
Lot 1,   Block   29 (Map   703   A)
Town of Ladysmith.
Notice is hereby given tbat It   Is
my Intention  at  the  expiration   of
ona^ month from the date oi the first
publication hereof to issue a Duplicate Certificate of Title to satd land
issued    to   William BeVeridgo   and
Henry tielfel on tho'3rd day of November, 1902, and numbered 8202 C.
HUistrar-Oeneral of Titles.
Land   Registry   OlflceT Victoria,  B
O, tit* MUt d*V v> Ai«U, »N>.     I
T.E. Sullivan
PluRbli., Gas and Stearefittlng
Pricis Riuiiibli.
First Avenuo, near Now Wcotn-n bold
arber Shop
Nestor Doumont has
opened a barber shop on
Fifth Avenue, corner of
Roberts Street, and has fitted
it up in good style.
H ens for Sale
One Hundred Hens for
sale. Apply D. Davies,
Rancher,   near Ladysmith.
Leave orders .at Robert's
Butcher Shop.
I Sill U Tripp t Ci's
Cilikntii Wiiik
During ths Mason we have sold a Isrse number
at wagons, tnplsments and logging trucks.
Bvsrrtilns carries s guarantee.
Bill., stmt
Notice Is hereby given that It Is
my intention to mako application to
the Board of Licensing Commissioners of tho City of Ladysmith tor a
transfer of tho retail liquor Uconee
now held by mo on bebalt ot tho, pre
mlsesknown nn the Hotel Cecil Irom
myuolt to Arthur Cumlll Carpenter
Ladysmith, 15th April, 1909.
For Men, Women,
Misses, Boys and Girls
in all styles, shapes and
qualities in prices ranging from 25c up.
A look through our
stock of these goods
will convince you that
we have them at the
right prices, as well as
a large assortment to
choose from.
Walters &
For Summer Goods
Sunshine   grates   have
maximum  strength
Sunshine   Furnace   hat
four triangular grale bars,
each having three distinct sides.    In the
single-piece and two-piece grate no  such-like
provision Is made for expansion er contraction,
and a waste of coal always follows a shaking.
On the left- and right-hand sides are cotter pins, which when
loosened permit tbe grates to Hide out.   These four grate bars
are made of heavy cast iron, and are finished up with bulldog
teeth.    The teeth will grind up thc toughest clinker j and
because the grates are made in sections, not only can nothing but dust and
ashes pass through, but after each shaking a different side can be presented
to tbe fire. Also, with the Sunshine grate there is no back-breaking
movements attached to the shaking. By gently rocking the lever, first on the
left snd then on the right, the ashes are released on both sides.and fall through
We have the largest assM^
ment. of
Spring and
Fancy Suitings
to be fouudjn the city.
D. J. Matheson
Gatacre St.,   Ladysmith, B. C.
Three Specials
PINE CEYLON TEA,   3 lbs. for 81.00.
FRESH GROUND COFFEE, 8 lbs. for 8100.
CHOICE CREAMERY BUTTER,  3 lbs. fur $1.00.
Faultless Canned Vegetables, cost a little more
than the other Brands, but we sell them at the same
9  CANS CORN    for	
»     "      PEAS      »	
»      ".    BEANS   "	
I' "      TOMATOES for.
. 1.00
. 1.0C.
Compare our goods with those you get from others.
Scott's Building, First Avenue.
' *J» •J* »j» »J» ♦J**** *•• *^* **• •»* •!• *J,»J# *J* *J* *I**X*» *»••** *i* ••
U. B. C.
Lands for Sale
FOR SALE—Express wagon In per
feet order and harness. Apply Arthur Howo, Chemainus.
FOR SALE!- Tour roomed house In
good locality in Extension, B.
C.   Apply Ike Storey.
PIANO FOR SALE.-Uprlght Grand
Dominion Piauo tn first class condition. In use only a short time.
Apply Mrs. Bomard, Union Brewery, Ladysmith.
POUND-A tfcl Oillie Dog. Owner
can have siimc by applying to
Frank Torost, liatucrc street, nnd
paying lor tills mlvcrtlssuieat.
1 ***»£»£••£••£•*-£••*• A (**•**•*••**(*• A.*, «*..J. ■£•*£••£••£•*?*
Agricultural, Timber and SuburbanXands for sale.
For prices and location apply to the Land Agent at
Victoria or the District Land Agent at Dinitan.
Town Lots and e'en-ed Suburban acreage for sale
at Ladysmith. Apply Land Agent, Victoria, and
Townsite Agent, Ladysmith.
We «        a   large stock ot Fancy
E. Pannell
Meats and Vegetables
r. O.StcU   '     'MIHUM        «•**<•• THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
Strong Serviceable School J
=—-=Shoes—=— I
lien's Suits
For Boys and Girls
We have the agency in Ladysmith for the
and can guarantee good wear.
We have all sizes and styles and the quality speaks $
for itself. |
Prices range from $ 1.00 a pair up. X
We are showing a nice line of Leckie Shoes for X
School. *
Drop In and See Our Stock
Try a pair of Wal):-over Shoes.
%94494$449444944444494\ 9999999444444444444444.
We carry one of the I
choicest selections of Men's •
Suits ever shown in Lady- •
smith. !
The goods stand in aj
cla^s by themselves - the •
fit and style is sure to •
please the most fastidious J
The prices are very reasonable.
Inspection Invited:
Straw Hats
Straw Hats
A Full Ran,ge op Them
Boaters of all kinds.
Portician Panamas.
Linen Crush Hats, all colors, such as: \Brown, Grey,
Green and Fancy  colored.
Hair Hats, all colors .Mid
Pries from 15c up
iLocal and General
I   Miss Agnes McMilmn has returned
home  from  Victoria^
Caverhill's    Barley Flakes will re
lleve Constipation. See page 4.
2 Piece Summer Suits
Call in and get one of our
suits before they are all
picked over.
The best shape keeping
garments made.
fit Guaranteed
W. E. Morrison
Gents Furnisher
Aid.    Campbell   was a visitor to
Victoria on Victoria Day.
Caverhill's Barley Flakes will   relieve Indigestion. See page 4.    *
In Ladysmith, on May 22nd, to the
wile ot D. McKinnell, a daughter.
T.i meet your friends and be right
at home, while In Victoria, stay at
the Rainier Hotel, George 3u .* 'gy
proprietor. ♦
In Ladysmith, on May 22nd, to the
wile of Walter Steel, a daughter.
Tea rooms tor ladles or gentlemen. Short order or sandwiches
always ready, at Hopp :.*'.'. *
• •••
Simon Leiser &Co.,Ltd 1
Local and General News
Mrs. W. B. Akenhead baa been visiting friends ln Nanaimo.
.Mr. V. B. Harrison came In on
the morning train from Victoria.
There were very lew people lelt In
Ladysrrtith on Monday. Near',7 all
who did not visit Nanaimo went out
picnicking for the day.
Mr. W. S. Barton has returned
from Victoria, where be bun been re
ceivlng medical attention lor some
time.   He has completely recovered
Keep a Good Stock
Cash Books
Memo Books
Receipt Books
Shanon Files and Cases
Knights Book Store
The choir ot tbe English Church
had a very enjoyable picnic at Cooper Island on tbe 24th. Everyone
had a good time.
t) meet your friends and be right
at home, while in Victoria, stay at
the Rainier Hotel, George .luricgy
proprietor. *
Finest Ice Cream In the city at
Hooper's, the most sele-st rnrlpr
on the Island. Everything ot thc
beat quality in Confectionery.       *
City Clerk Morrison and Mrs. Morrison came in trom Victoria on Monday night and have started housekeeping in Mr. Morrison's new home,
They arc receiving thc congratulations nf their many friends.
June 2nd, 1909
For outing purposes we are showing a
line of swell goods.
Light Summer Vests,  $1.25, $1.50
and $1.75. v
#   Negligee Shirts, $1.25 and $1.50.
Fancy Neckwear and Fancy Hosiery
Leather Belts, 50c, 60c and $1.00.
Soft Felt Hats, 75c, $1.00 and $1.75.
Summer Underwear,   $1.00,   $1.25
and $1.50 a suit.    v
A nice range of Straw and Linen
Hats in latest shapes, i
_ Also a great variety of Men's Summer Suits.
TiCKETS-Gentlemen $1.50,
Ladies $1.00.
On sale at
Blair & Adam's,
J. A. Knight's,
We have just received another ihlp-
lent ot those
Elegant Designsand
FOR SALE-Brown and White Babbits. Fifty cents each. Supply Mrsl
John Stewart.
FOR   SAI.E-First-class House   in
good part of the city. Water laid
and all conveniences. Price $430.
Apply John Stewart.
LOST-Bunch ot Keys.   Return to A
Chronicle  office.
FOR SALE—White Leghorn eggs tor
setting. Buff Leghorns and Black
Minorcas. (2.50 a setting. Apply
Mrs. Laird.
TO RENT—Five-roomed House,
piv at Telephone oBlce.
Phone 43
For Meats
Geo. Roberts'
Meat Market
Cor. First Ave. and Roberta Street.
The New Power Washer
H Just attach it to your water tap::
:: and it 4oes the rest, while you go on;:
•j with your other work. Try one, we::
:: sell them on approval, if not satisfac- • \.
:: tory, you can return free of charge, ii
Ladysmith Hardware Co., u.
•I"W"IMluiw4^*I-«^W'*^l-I"i*,W^M,,i*,I* •I**W*,4Ml**I"M,,r'
!t: iwi! ndMM rupiifiiiiiiu 11111 mmmi ->
We Have Everything You Needi
Just received the latest jewelery in, Brooches, Veil
Pins, Tie Pins, Etc., Etc.    /
Special Bargains offerecUn Gents'and Ladies' Watches
A full line of Columbia Graphophone Records on hand
Machines sold on easy terms.
Mil's totMH,   Faririslmifs,    tats art Sktis,    Nits ari dps
Call and sec them. They ate going last.
A lull lint oi, Paints and Varnishes
In stock.
Picture Framing done on shortest
notice. Bring your pictures and lock
over our mouldings." .
Painter and Paperhangcr.
Cow for Sale
Fresh  Cow   for   sale.
Apply at D. Davies' ranch.
the right shape and style to suit your face
and hoight, for no one stylo is bosoming
to every man. We have both soft and
■ Which blend in harmonions and elegant
degree the style features of the season,
These are pre-eminently the HATS lor
young men and are genuine good quality
throughout.     ■>•..
New Neck Ties and Shirts.
English Kip Fit Shoes, at 83.00 a pair.
Boys' Pit Shoes, from »2.25 to fJ2.fl).
-White and Brown .Canvas Shots in al
J. J. Thomas
! 1HI BmtKMAN-ttRMHCfil&JSj
Prof. W. J. Sllpprell Principal
Columbian College speaks plainly.
Mew Westminster, B. C, May.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co.. 14.
Dear Sin,
I take pleasure in stating that I have used Caverhill's
Barley Flakes and also Barley
Bread manufactured from Caverhill's Barley Flour and have been
more than delighted with the result.
The Rarley Flakes make a break-
font food superior to any other on
(he market; they are most pleasing to the palate, while contain-'
ing as they do. such a large percentage ot pooteln, 1 would consider
them to be of the greatest value In the development ot bone and muscle, while their other
properties asslstTgreatly in maintaining a proper tone and regularity to the system.
I nnd Barley Bread to be sweet and nutrlclous and 1 believe it will maintain its fresh" >
ncss longer than any other form of bread; I recommend both with perfect assurance that a
trial will prove satisfactory In every case. Yours Truly,
W. J. Sllpprell.
We guarantee those Flakes.
Rsk Your, Grocer for Package 15c.     '
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
ARE YOU READYlsinger and Wheeler & Wilson
PaperhttngieV and Art Decorator.
High Street.
If you are thinking of buy-ll
ing a sewing machine Call]
ana see yur stock cf chc^l
soiled machines at reduced!
prices to clear.


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