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The Ladysmith Chronicle Feb 13, 1909

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With Which Is Amalgamated the Ladysmith Standard.
Vol. I.
Ladysmith, B. C, Saturday, February 13, 1909.
The Big Football
Match To-morrow
Everything is in readiness for the
big game t^fnorrow. The mound Is
in perfect condition and the players
aro Jicycd to the highest pitch. If tht)
day is as gpod to-morrow as to-day
has been, tlie crowd will he a record
one. The game is called for 2:45
sharp and the team will line up as
issued in Wednesday's Chronicle,
which is as follows:      \
Backs—Rodgcrs, McDowell.
Halves—Smith Strang, Wynne.
Forwards — Grainger, McOuirc,
Brass, Graham, Provins.
Reserves—McKintey- and O'Connell.
Mr. Percy Richardson will referee
the game.. The general admission is
25c, grand stand 25c extra.
Next Sunniiy Vancouver United
meet the seniors on the sports
ground in what might be the last Pa-
cilie Coast League game ol tbe sea-
sen. If Ladysmith wins tois game
. they tie with Vancouver and probably we may see another game to see
who will lie thc runners up.
(To the Editor.)
Dear Sir:—1 see published in your
iss-e of to-day, the names of the
players selected by th,e committee, to
represent thc Ladysmith Football
Club :ji their Island League game
with Nanaimo' on the 14th inst. 1
notice that tbure are two changes
made in the limvup ^...ce they plnyed
.Nanalmu last Sunday, Granger ploys
outside right inswjtd of McDowell.
This change I consider an improvement in tl e forward line, from observation of. .past play of both men.
McDowell's inclusion at full Lack, Is
possibly, nccessit-tled by the injuries
received by A. -'Vctrrii.cn in the Nan^
. aimo game,
Now, Mr. Editor, hero the question
arises, is McDowell compel' nt to fill
that responsible position against the
robust play of the Nanaimo forward
line. I doubt it, ns tu'.o the Injury
received by. M rris .n, who, undoubtedly is more sturdily bull thuuiMd
Further, as Nanaiin" is undoubtedly the strongest clew tliat we shall
meet In tlie leap:, i»r selectors
should certainly put forwwd ourtiest!
men lo meet them, nnd in my opinion, this has not ten done.
If wc prevent, oui opponents irom
scoring even if we do not score ourselves, we shall divide thc points, nnit
this can only-lid done by selecting the
strongest defence possible, ov ivall-
Now, as^dams has had two Wee'.:;'
rest   since he   sprains I Us !:nco   in
Vi.toria, 1 think he . diould be   requested to    fill the i option oi   li"
lack, as lie lias ccii.'.ily nil' th
quinments  'to   quality nim lor the
position;,  namely,   height,    weight,
speed, and above all, experience.   01 ■    ^ .thc)r work b
course I am    cognizant,   of tln> fact ;,„»„„ .,„.;ki»
that Adam's Inec m.y give out before, lhe game is finished, but as  be
could fnish .he Estiii'ihialt game,    I
think he could do the riifie pn   Sunday.   If he should chance to 'lip, but
1 do not think this is the least likely, as the Ladysmith grounds are not
slippery at any time.
Of course, Mr. Editor, I'would
rather see Adam playing in his old
position at centre and give Christian
the place at 'back, but,, presumably,
as Adam may have some other reason *han a sprained knee for not play-
ink, centre, 1 think, he should, be asked to play thc back po'sition. Thanking you for space, I remain, yours,
. Ladysmith, Feb. 10, im.
is   thc
and for thc test, the lineup
same as was seen here on
'H is a strong eleven, and the local boys will have to get themselves
into the best possible shape lo pull
the game off. There is none of- the
players out ot commission as a result of Sunday's game, and the management request them all to turn
nut for practice. It ia possible i.that
this series will arouse more interest
than did the Pacific Coast League.
It is an old competition, and the
championship ol the province is seme
thing that should bring out local
patriotism for all the competing
cluls. Sunday-* game is between
champions and ex-champions, and
this fact alone should make it interesting. In addition there is all the
local rivalry between the two-clubs.
Nanaimo won by two goals to one
the last'time they played on the Ladysmith. sports ground. What are
they, going to do on Sunday? There
will certainly be a big crowd there
to see."
A special train will leave Nana\mo
Sunday at l.a'j p. m. for the accomodation of those who dcsiie to attend the football match at Ladysmith.- Visitors can return on the
regular G o'clock train.
Moore's football team will leave on
Sunday morning at 9 o'clock loc Che.
mainus where they will play the team-,
of that place a benefit game in aid of
the Chemainus hospital. The team
returns on the neon train. The following will le the line-up:.
Baoks—Metro, J. Pat lie.
Halves—MoKay, O'Connell, Fagan.
'Fbrwards-^Ashrnen, Wright, <T.. Bat-
tie, Moore,-Hughes.
offices in Vancouver earniifg from 850
to $75 per montb. ft" is a question
whether young people themselves are
not responsible for the low rate of
wages. Only recently a young girl
came to Vancouver from Halifax, and
after taking a course at Pitman's
College she has been earning 860 per
month in the leading law cilices in
the city. It is not everyone who can
do this immediately but if they possess a fair education and have: power
of concentration they do and can succeed. It is an enigma' why so many,
young women remain in England and
use up their youthful energy and lcr
main a charge on the home keeper. It
would he far letter for both tlut
they should emigrate.
The United States Revenue Cutter
Manning was in at the wharves coaling during the past week. This was
the vessel that went to thc assistance of the schooner Soqjucl on January 23rd last. They brought the
crew to Port Townscnd. The men
in relating the incident, said that
theni were many tear-stained desks
when the bodies ol the captain's w te
and little child were brought on
board the cutler. This would tough
Jack's heart as he remembered his
own dear ones at home, it-^ill fe
remembered that {he captain's wife
and child were the only ones to lose
tteir lives in the wreck thc misen
mast coming down when the vessel
struck and killing them instantly.
The other two masts are still standing, and the rocks are through the
hull reaching pearly up to the dec'.:.
! "In copper, the province is becom-
ing more and more important, with
pKnty of capital awaiting the opportunity to find activity in the mines
anl in the reduction works=-and the
wt:rld market looking toward condi-
ti. ns in the icd metal a.s outlined
largely by North America,
"The province is also becoming, a
factor in yellow metal production,
and,.,while some of tho British possessions far out-class it in output, tht?
sum contributed hy thc camps ol
British Columbia is of cons'l Hence.
"it is noted that nothing in common appeal's between the district ol
Cobalt and the camps of the coast
province, while very much in common'
exists between our own western districts and those across the border,
njrth ol Washing-ton. Our interest,
therefore, in the northern camps is
always fresh, and wc believe thc progress of mining in British Columbia
will materially assist operations in
our own northern sections."
Local and General
News Notes
The management of the mo-', ing picture show to be opened in the Ladysmith Opera House have been unable
to secure a picture machine neare
than Toronto. They have telegraphed Toronto and expect to have their
machine here early next week.
Dr. Fagin, p-ovintial medial health
offiier, went up to Nanaimo on the
noon train, to investigate the cases
of smallpox in that city, and decide
upon what precautions will te necessary !to prevent the spread of the
Mr.. R. R. Hindmarch, perhaps the
highest authority' on football In British Columbia, has tlie following, re-
mar' s in lb: 'Nanaimo Free Prase,
rcjatl • to the composition, of the
Ladysmith team* selected to play next
"The local sarocr boys will be, up
against a now lineup in their game at
Ladysmith on Sunday. Morrison It)
suivcrlng tram a sprained shoulder,
tlie result- of a collision with Cruick-
: Shanks in lhe mntchlsVisrc on Sunday,
which will' put him'out of the game
for a -week or two. To take his
place McDowell will bo dratted from
the outside right position. The Winnipeg youngster has some kind of a
reputation as a left bank but he
has' never been tried out and- it is
a risky experiment. Granger comes
back into thc team as outside right,
Mr. Frank J. Richards. J. P., Vancouver, sends the following from a
report ot the committee ot the British House of Commons appointed to
ook. into the scale ol wages for wort?
era on Government contracts. The
report states that the larger proportion of employees of a firm ol Edinburgh printers are women. That
they can set up type in Greek, Hebrew, and algebraic characters. The
girls are said to be more economical
than the men, but "not So satisfactory, because they are always going
oft for sickness of some kind."
In the leather trade the employment of women has increased cuisid-
ably in recent years.    A represen-
itive ol the Mid'ahd Leather Trade:)
Lfnion declared that women arc flicker on lhe light work than men, but
that, taking heavy and light work lc;
on the whole,
not so durable,
The girl viho works for pocket-
money wages and who contributes
little to the upkeep ol tlie home was
ic.ilt with by Miss Irwin, ol thc
Scottish Council lot Women's Trades
in her evidence. The standard rate
ot wages for women would always
tend to be broken down by thcac casual cr "pocket-money ladies," in
fact, in the needlework, trades the
competition of the partially-supported woman was a serious matter to
the woman dependent entirely upen
her earnings.
I think the majority, perhaps, ol
girl clerks are not living on their
wages, and that they, are living on
their parents," said Miss Black. "We
all know thc average wage of clerks
in the city has,been brought down to
a rate which make it very difficult
lor a man to live upon the. salary ol
a clerk at all-slmply because women
are taking ths work from them; they
are doing it at least as well, and
earn ntout a third ol the -.men's payment."
The married woman nn comfortable
circumstances is better ted than th*
poorer worker, and cm do more per
hour. Moreover, she Insists on higher wages, and il wages go down she
quits her trade and refuses to work
lor reduced wages. "The worst paid
workers are those who arc absolutely dependent upon their work-lrccausf
they dare not drop it," -she added.
Mr. Richards says that women who
can set type in Greek, Hebrew and algebraic typo ought to be paid living
wages. Thero are many young women, at the present time employed In
The Princess Ena was in, for coal
utter her return from San Diego.
This was quite a change for tt;e
crew of the vessel, an ocean trip, alsd
a change of climate. When opportune
ity offered they were bathing rn the
matchless beach. The mast.ir, Captain Whitclcy, is ah old seallng-cap-
tain, and naturally hud hi? weather
eye open for seals, but airs for thc
evil days that have fallen on tho industry, ho only saw one in the
grounds that hundreds could' l,c reckoned on in tho good old days.
Vessels coming from the north report a great quantity of snow, in
Swanson Bay there being 8 feet. In
one place the side walks were cleare
and the.snow thrown into thc street.
This snow made it Impossible to see
a person walling on the opposite
Thc ship, Star of Scotland, is at
lli:i ballast grounds discharging ballast. She i,s a large ship and will
lake 3,500 tons of coal. This vessel
Is classed at Lloyd's as a barque,
anil for a landsman it is better not
to express an opinion, as thc salts
Ihcmselvts aic not agreed on the
point, Better lake a look at her rig
and tliinlc what she is.
Vessels calling for. eoal during the
past week: Richard Holyokc, Princess May, Stctsou and Scow, Ilcnri-
ette, Vadso, • Manning, Czar and
Sccw, Eiirle, Sidney, Belfast, Quecg
City, Kildonan, Nanoosc, Albion and
Scows, Princess Ena, Lome, Hope,
Princess Beatrice, J. E. Hoyden, Wanderer, Owen and Scow, Otter, Pioneer, Spray and Scow, Beatrice.,       >
The receptun tendered Rev. Mr
Ambrose and Mrs. Ambrose nt St.
Jov.u's Mission ihuri.li last evening
niay be regarded as a citizens' welcome to the new pastor, inasmuch ns
the gathering was composed of representatives from the various religious denomination ot the city. The
programme, which was a long one,
was particularly meritorious and
those present heartily enjoyed the cnJ
tettainment provided. The addresses
by Rev. Mr. McMillan and Rev. Mr.
Wil-Unson we.e eagerly listened to,
and expressed earnest hopes that.the
work of tho pastor in his new field
wouldbe congenial and prolific ot good]
results. The programme consisted of
a song by Mr. J. J. Jones, violin
solo hy Mr. W. M. Allister, which
was encored, recitation by Miss Ethel
Crc.ton, song by Mr. J. Molyncaux
recitation ' by Mr. Ewart, song by
Mr. Gould, and a song by Mr. Smith)
Rev. Mr. Ambrose gave a start address, cnJ made & very .pleasing impression on those present. Refreshments were served, and altogether a
decidedly pleasant evening was spent.
It is understood that the C. P. R.,
property adjacent to the city, which
lias recently been cleared, will be offered for sale in Mareh. There will
be considerable demand for the land,
and many houses will be built on it
the coming summer.
There has been considerable move-
msait in real estate this week. Among other sales, Mr. John Bland has
disposed of the lot en First avenue,
near the New Western Hotel to Messrs. Chappell & Wells, of Victoria,
ft is understood that B livery stable
will be erected on this lot immediate.,
Mi. John Bland lias been sufierfog
trom a sprained an'..le, ami cannot
walk around without the aid of a
slick. He is so certain that it, will
be .ill right in a few days lhat he
has challenged a member of The
Chronicle staff to a Marathon race
not later than the last week in February.
1 races will ta'e place. The eon-1 wte'.; are decidedly attractive, 'The
Jestants are Pete Morris, Wm. Rick,- Holy City" is one of the most real-
crton, Fred Mattheson, Tom Mcln- istio pictures ytt produced at this lit-
tyre and Conwood Struthorse. These tie theatre. The rendition of the so-
are the Ave fastest roller skaters in | lo. by Mr. Sanderson was" highly ap-
Ladysmith and tn to night's race will predated. Mr. T. Lewis' song is
prove  who is the best.   It will,. be1 also   praiseworthy.     For   the first
'•British Columbia, according, to its
recently compiled figures, has produced, all told, thc sum ol *328,000,.
0!k) in mineral wealth, beginning with
its earliest placer discoveries and
continuing to the end ot 1908," s.iys
the Daily Mining Record, of Denver.
"British Columbia, we"must bear in
mind, is a comparatively new field,
and has progressed largely en the
take ol lis mineral deposits. The
province is growing and the time will
como when its annual output is tar
in excess ol what it is to-day.
'Of all foreign lands, British Columbia has .more in common with the
1'nlted States than any of tiie test
of them. The miners who wcr't in
the properties In ilio cemps ol that
province arc largely American nnd
there Is a continuous change from
these districts to' Ijhc mineral region,1
ol the State*;' ThVproblcms of British Columbia, apart trom mining, aro
also very similar to our own riddles.
Thc Pacific Coast has to solve the
question of ndmlltaifcc—par|l».ularly
when il comes to thc exclusion of, for-
eiin lolgn labor, admitted to be demoralizing to any section, and Impossible to mining camps.
There was a meeting of those interested in the formation of thc Vancouver Island Development Lcagjucheld
nt the city hall Thursday evening.
Mayor Nicholson in the chair, and
Mr. Geo. R. Wilson acting as secretary.
Mayor Nicholson explained tho object of thc meeting and Mr. Wilson
read communications from the secretary of the League at Victoria, dealing with the formation of the League,
and asking for views and writing matter relating to tho city aud its sur-
On motion ct Mr. John Stewart,
seconded ly Mr. Baric, it was decided to form a branch of the League al
Ladysmith, to bo known ns the La?
ilysmith branch of thc Vancouver Island Development League.
Mr. John Stewart was elected president and Mt. Geo. R. Wilson secretary. The executive committee will
consist of those present at the meeting.
The best methods ot advancing the
objects of ti'.ic League were discussed,
and it was decided to call a public
meeting at an early date to perfect
organisation and consider plans tor
the future.        i
Mr. J. W. Beckwith, of Victoria,
was in the city this week. He is
travelling for Hood's Rubber goods,
and when he is "not busy explaining
the merits of hf goods he takes a
hand in politics. Mr. Beckwith is- a
stalwart Conservative, and had many
friends who would like tq have seen
him nominated for the Victoria seat.
At the roller rink to-night the fin-
Mr. Parker Williams, M. P. P.,
went down to Cchurn on the noon
train. Speaking of the progress already made in the house this sessionfi
Mr. Willian'.s expressed the beliet
that the House would .prorogue at an
early date. .    ' '• -
W. E. Moore has opened his barber
shop, in the Ladysmith Opera House,
and will have his restaurant ready
for business . to-night. Both places
hare been nicety fitted up and no
doubt Mr. Moore will profit by his
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Trembath will
have the sympathy of a large circle
of friends ami acquaintances in the
loss of their littio daughter Dorothy,
which took place at 5 o'clock this
morning. Tlie little one, was only 2
and the doctor discovered that she
tractive child, and was particularly
strong and healthy. A lew days ago
phe pave evidence ot serious illness,
and the doctor discuvered that she
was. suffering from meningitis. The
little one will be much missed in Mr.
Trembath's household. The burial
will take place at New Westminster
next Tuesday.
Tho Novelty Theatre has been
crowded every night during the week
with delighted audiences. Tho pictures.for the last three nights of the
one oi the most exciting races ever
seen in Ladysmith. First pri;-a will
be a pair ol aluminum roller skates
val-ed at 810.00, and second prize
S2.5Q in cash. Anybody wishing to
sc; a good race and ha''« a good
skate should be at the rink to-night
Come early as there will be a large
crowd.:. Loors open at. 7 o'clock.
three .nights of next week the pic-
iwrcs will be: ."For a Flower,"
"Don't Pull My Leg," "Love Will
Find a Way," The Patriot or Horrors of War," "Ruffians,'* "Thrashed," and "Beatrix Cenci, the murderess." The songs- will be,
"Spooning with Your Lady Love,"
and "Honey Time."
W. C. T. U. AT HOME FEB. 16
Sam Dufty - is undergoing a course
ot training under the direction of
Pete Morrison and Bouncer Brown,
and when he enters thc rincj at Na-
iniiuio, on Saturday evening, ■ February UO, to uiect Rod Standen he will
be iu perfect condition. He is now
down to his weight, 1118 pounds, and
ieels confident that lie.will be able to
take care of himsell in 'lhe forthcoming pugilistic encounter. His trainers arc also confident as to tho re
suit, and have no hesitation ,vn claim/
ing that Dufty is in shape to put up
the fight of his life. For two weeks
he has trained according to the most
approved methods ol pugilists, and
whi.'c it las been severe, he has
never shown any disposition to shirk
the exercise imposed upon him by
Messrs. Morrison and Brown. A
number of Ladysmith admirers ot
Dufty will be at the ringside on the
evening of February 20, and they
have every confidence as to the successful result of the mix-up.
Mr. and Mrs. James Oilchrist, of
Baden-Powell street, will give an At
Home to thc local union and friends
en February ISth, from 7:30 to 10
p. m., which will be in connection
with the Frances Wtllard's Memorial
Day, ths founder of thc Woman's
Christian Temperance Union, and te.
cognized throughout tho world as a
missionary day. Members especially
should bear this in mind. Mrs. Spot.
ford, provincial secretary has written!
that she will lie present. A young
lady, will recite nnd during the recitation two little girls with white
baskets will lake up lhe offerings,
There will be speeches, readings,
songs, duels, -quartets, and games,
and. a very pleasant evening is expected. All members are urgently requested to attend and bring their
friends.   All will be welcome,
Thc officers of Laurel Rebekah
Lodge, No. 9, I. 0. 0. F., were duly
installed .cm Thursday evening by District Deputy Sister Mrs. Currie, assisted by Grand Master Fulton, Past
Noble Grands Mrs. Morgan, Mrs.
Hunter abd Mrs. Matheson. The effects were as follows:
j}. O.-Mfs. Muit.
V. a.«-Mts. Safiicrson.   , .
Sfcrctaty^-Wrs. Odutlay.
'fh-asufer-Mis's trail.
Cw.ductov—Miss Gillc.'ipic.,
Warden—Miss Malpass.
Inside Guard—Miss K. Hughes.
Outside Guard-Mr. R. Blakyly.
The retiring Noble Grand, Mrs.
Worth, was then presented with a
beautiful Past Grand's jewel in honor of the faithful services she had
rendered during her term of office.
After lodge was closed refreshments
were served and games indulged in
till a late hour.
Mackenzie King shames Canada.-
Mr. MacKenzic King, in his. report
ol ciiild-labor of the factories ol eastr
cm Canada in this year of grace Husj
says: "Of the operatives employed ij,
the Quebec, cotton mills fj per ocut.,
are females and as. percent, arc |er-
sons under IS years of age. hi not-'
mal limes, uudcr .normal conditions,
wiir!; .I:c0'lii3 pn w-eek. days at 6:15 a.
in.,,continues until .12, noon, resumes
at 12:15 and. continues until o with
tlio exception of Saturday ,vlu*i I lice,
is. wcr\; in'y in the 'oruoo;i. Although the minimum ,ugc u^ wUcti
children ^in be employed-is. fivi.l ly
law at 13, several ehlllrjii mil
brought:.before the committee, who al-
milled that tlicy had rflteied-np.,!,
employment under tlw le^il n«.
Sij me of these children.. »'crs so immature and iga.-xnt that, tley we>\>
unable to teil tur year ot their birti
or their age. flnn lilt's ;-irl did ur,t
know the meaning 0f the word 'hbli
day.     She    Iu I    never    received   ,,
wttk's vacatin.	
"This is a hiV-tf -; t.„t. oI ti ;rt
slavery in this Canada of ours. . .
Think ol It. . . i-'uiiii-.u una.-! '14
years olage voglaj a day iif n
houfs amid the unspeakable uproar
and dreadful monotony of a cotton
mill.. We rather look down en the
slow methods of Great Britain, but
it is half a century or mcr$ f,;luJ8
the pepple of Great Britain shortened
the hours of. labor,' hours tco 1 nig—
even for ndulls-in all, mills where
children arc employed. Nine hours o\
it is bad enough for boys and girls
only 14 years of age, but thc difference, between that period of work, in
the case of young persons in their
teens anl the 11 hour day of Quebec
is the difference between the industrial barbarism of the early njntcenl',i
century and -the moderate humanity
of the twentieth.—Vancouver World. THt LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
To Home Seekers
Notary Public
Head Office ■ ■ Toronto
CAPITAL $10,000,000: REST (6,000,008
Everything points to a short session ot the Provincial Legislature.
Thc principal discussion of the session
will in all probability take place over
the Water Clauses Bill. It is even
suggested that atter the debate on
this till the House may prorogue.
Novelty Theatre
Masonic Buildling, Ladysmith
3,000 Ft. Latest Motion Pictures
New Illustrate*) Songs.
Propamine Changed Monday and Thursday
Admission: IOc and 15c
IOc Matinee Saturday
Are a most convenient way in which to carry
money when travelling abroad. They are issued
In denominations ol
410, $20, $50, $100 and $200   .
and the exact amount payable in Austria, Belfllum, I
Denmark. Prance, Germany, Great Britain, Holland,  binder
Italy, Norway, Russia. Sweden and Switzerland is
stated on the face of each cheque, while In other
countries they are payable at current rates.
The cheque and all information regarding them
may be obtained at every office of tbe Bank.
LADYSMITH BRANCH   L. M. de Gex. Manage*
PuMishtfl by Carter & CarteyatLadysmith, B.C.,
every Wednesday and Saturday.
The hope so tcrverently expressed
by the Conservatives of Victoria that
they would be relieved of the presence of William BlaHemore, the spell-
while the election campaign'
was going on in Comox-Atlin was
ruthlessly shattered by the election ot
Mr. Templeman by acclamation.
$1.50 a Year in Advance. 25c Per Month
Advertising- Rateaon application.*
The election ot Hon. William Templeman by acclamation tor Comox-
Atlin has provoked considerable discussion amongst both Liberals and
Conservatives. Betore Mr. Manson
announced his determination to enter
the contest there were many Conservatives who believed that in view ot
the recent disclosures in connection
with the Victoria election, Mr. Tcmpleman should te permitted to tak>e
the seat without any opposition; but
when Mr. Manson stated that there
was a strong feeling amongst Conservatives in Comox-Atlin that Mr.
Tcmpleman should 'be opposed; these
Conservatives telt that in the interests ot the party t.:ey would have to
set aside their personal objections to
a contest. Mr. Manson otters as . an
excuse tor backing out at the last
moment) that he could not get the necessary financial s ipport to carry on
his campaign, but It that were the
case he should have been aware ol tho
tact betore he started tor Prince Rupert. It looVs as it the Conservatives of Comox-Atlin hrd been "silenced" in some way or other, and if
this proves to be the case, it will
ha'-e a bad etfect en the future ot
tho party. So tar as Mr. TemplcmarV
Is concerned, Tlie Chronicle (eels now
es it did before the elo.it ion—that Hit
electors ot Prince Rupert in electing
Mr. Sloan had endorsed the policy oi
Sir Wilfiid Laurier, and lhat there
was no reason to believe that they
had changed their mind in the space
of time that had e'apsed between the
election of Mr. Sloan and the nomination ol Mr. Tcii)| lenu n. As the
situation now presents itself it loo's
as it both thc Conservative and Liberal "machines" ha I been working in
Mr. William Sloan is a strong be
l'iever in elections by acclamation. In
his own contest, Dr: Quin'lan was a
candidate up till an hour betore nom
ination, ard tnen he faded away.
When Mr. Sloan handed his seat ovei'
to Mr. Templeman,. one Manson stepped into the arena but dropped out
before the hour for nomination. II
Mr. Billy Sloan's method became universal, the Canadian people would be
saved a vast sum in election expenses
every year.
Tho Vancouver Province (Conservative) says: "In common with many
of thc people ot the province wo take
this opportunity ol extending our com
gratulations to Hon. William Templeman on his election tor Comox-Atlin,
Our sincerity in doing so will not be
impugned when we say, witlo.t re
serration, that wc consider it a good
thing tor British Columbia that it has
a cltiaen ot its own in thc cabinet
and one on wiiom it can rely. Mr.
Templeman can be ot great service to
this province without any display ol
inconsistency! as, a party politician ol
as a minister of the crown/'
Many ot the Liberal papers are advocating a change in the leadership
of the party in the House. It is
claimed that Mr. Macdonald is not
aggressive enough to meet the requirements ol n party leader, especially Id Opposition,
Every clttocn of Ladywnltb who has
the'Interests uf his home.district at
Heart should loin the local l-ran-h of
tbe Vancouver Island Development
League. Every district on the Isliani!
will be benefitted by the League in
proportion to the energy displayed- fed
the resident's ot that locality.
Tl.o oppottunitics of every American are brought vividly before, us In
connection with the celebration of t,'.«5
centenary of Abraham. Lincoln. Here
was one who sprang from the people;
who suffered the pinch of poverty,
who worked hard and long at splitting rails and other farm labor, but
who rose hy study In thc evenings
and his habit of industry to thc high*
est office in the gilt o! the American
nation, and won a place among the
great men of history.
Although he was af product ot pi-
oncer times—methods aro different
now—the same spirit ot pluck and the
determination to keep working for
something better will win success today as it did then.
Lincoln's career shows that no c"t-
ter where one may be placed, in
small village or larger town, or on
a farm, he can overcome tbe obstacles, in his path. But he must take
all sorts ot hard knocks and come up
■smiling. Like the toottoalt player
who is severely pummeled in practice
and is thus hardened for the tig
tests of strength to come, each imust
take the knocls as part ot lite. The
Illinois rail-splitter has shown the
spirit in which to meet difficulties?
No hard luck that is lacing any ot
us Is worse than he had to contend
wHi—and we can all subscribe to his
gospel ot hope and renewed effort
through which he finally won out.
And when he attained the height
bo did net forget that he.was.still
one ot the people, Nor did hei forget)
how to work, putting inns long
hours ol exacting toil as any pne in
the land. Lincoln was and is the
people's hero. He -loved mankind and
was particularly considerate ot those
not favored hy fortune. No other figure in history has been more loved
by the common people ot the civilized world. His tame shines with no
less lustre among statesmen, scholars, and others in high places. He
believed—and acted It out all his lite
—"that all men arc created equal,"
as he said in his immortal address
on the Gettysburg 'battlefield, which
every American should read again at
this time.   "Government of the peo
ple, by thc people, and for the people," another principle emphasised by
him in that famous address, found in
him its foremost champion.
In personal appearance Lincoln was
homely, and his long limbs were angular and awkward, but he demonstrated that, beauty ot mind, the
light in the eye, and the ready, smile
could make these vanish in the sight
ot his fellows. He was a noted story
teller, and had a gift ol humor that
delighted those around him. John
Hay, the late secretary ot state,
used to tell of a dream hearing en
hi-3 personal appearance that Linoln
cn'.-e related. Lincoln said that iy
thc dream he was in some great as-
iciiiuly; the people made a lane to let)
him pass. "He is a common-looking
ello^," some one said. Lincoln, in
his dream, turned to his critic and
replied in his Quaker phrase.
"Friend, the Lord pretcrs common-
looking people, that is why he made
so many ot them."
Among the negroes ot thc South,
who he had freed from slavery
through the great Emancipation proclamation, he was, looked upon as a
supernatural ixing with trnnscendant
His greatness was fittingly cxpres-
seiTby Ralph Waldo Emerson, short-
ly after his death by the assassin's
hand, whe said: "A plain man ot the
people, an extraordinary fortune attended him, . . . His occupying
lhe chair ot state was a triumph of
the good sense of mankind and ot the1
.mb'.ic conscience. He grew accofd-
ng to the need; his mind mastered
the problem ot the day; and as the
iroblem grew, io did his comprehension ot it.
It cannot be said that there is any
exaggeration of his worth. If ever a
man was fairly tested, he was. "Then
what an occasion was thc whirlwind
of,the w^r! Here was no place for
holiday magistrate, nor fair-weather
sailor.the new pilot was hurried to
the h:lm in a tornado. In four
years—four years ot battle days—his
endurance, his fertility ot resources,
, is magnanimity, was sorely tiled
and nccr found wanting.
".There by his courage, his justice,
his even temper, his tertile counsel,
his humanity, he stood a heroic figure in the centre of a heroic epoch.
He is tho true history ot the American people in his time; the true representative of this continent—lathe.)
of his country, the pulse ot millions
of people throbbing, in his heart, the
thoughh of their minds articulated by
iiis  tongue.
Box 173
John W.  Coliurn,
President and Managing Director.
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* \t
The. Chinese pirates in 1800 dominated the empire of the southern seas,
capturing cities, levying tribute, defying and defeating all the forces of
the vast kingdom of China brought
against them, and ruling the coasts
they .controlled with tho same arrogance as il they wcro piinces of the
blood. ,
Their domain extended from Ton-
quir to Foochow, mi their base oP
npei-.it/ins was an. ig lands at
the mouth of the IV rl r ,er aind
along, tlie shmes of the southern pro-
vin'ueof Ourn (Tong.
There were six squadrons of pirates
the most powerful of all being the
Red .Flag, which was under the com.
mattd ot Mistress Ching, widow at
Ching Yill, a famous pirate leader,,
who had perished in a hurricane. Am-*
ong ll.e pirate captives was a lad
named Chan,' Paou, the son ot a
fisherman, handsome and intelligent,
whim the dead chief's widow chose
as her lieutenant.
In the years that followed the name,
of Captain Paou was destined to become a word of droad as lar as Europe and America. But the true terrors, with the true power, lay in the
delicate -bauds ot Mistress Ching,
whose name was one of such dread
and awe that her subject grates
themselves scarcely dared to utter it
In 1808, in a great sea battle, the
pirates sank three government ships
and captured fifteen, with thc commander. Immediately afterwards on^
of the Chinese generals was defeated
and hall a dozen of his best war vessels were added to tbe pirate Sect.
In 1809 the Chinese government jgavc
Admiral Tsucn 100 ships to wipe out
the power of Mistress Ching. Capt.
Paou was permitted to meet, that
mighty lorce, end he was Jicaten with
a loss of 200 prisoners. The Chinese
admiral, elated, prepared for n second
But now, with her prestige impaired by the first serious delcat she had
ever encountered, the pirate queen'
rrsqliod that her. favorite's ■ daring I
could only be effective when directed
by her genius. She assumed supreme
commend i,t thc pirato fleet, and, like
Cleopatra, sailed .forth to meet the
foe. Within a lew hours the great
Admiral Tsuen and his vest squadron
were'-overwhelmingly defeated, and l\
ol his ships were in the hands ot the
pirates. ■    ,'
An English prisoner ol the pirates
'.n that year tound that Mistress
Ching's squadron numbered 800 large
warships, nnd 1000 smrll ones, with
crews amounting to 70,000 men. What
heights the great Mistress Ching
might have risen -to had not Opatae,
commander ol the Black Flags, conceived a bitter jealousy ol Captain
Paou it ia impossible to guess.    .
Optitae, at a critical time in the
war with the government, withheld
aid trom Mistress Ching's favorite
commander. Paou, in_,i reckless rage.
hurled aga/nst his associate an interior lorce and was repulsed. Opatae in
tha hour ol his victory was filled
with destiny, for he realized that
Mistress Ching would punish him by
utter destruction.
In his apprehension, ot. her wrath hu
appealed to the government lor par.
don, a, boon which the beaten and
discomfited Chinese admiral rejoiced
to grmt. The detection ol Opatae
revealed to all the pirates that there
•ns a way open to V.icm ot escaping
the penalty ot thtir hideous crime*,
with their sole altcrnnth\p, the desperate one ot conquering the whole
of China.
Tile proffer of complete amnesty
even to Mistress Ching and to Capt.'
Paou brought about a grave council
of all the pirate leaders. Paou stood
out boldly against acceptance But
Mistress Ching at length decided that
the end must come sooner of later,
and bade all her followers surrender.
Paou was made major in the Chines.}
armies, and the greatest pirate
queen who ever reigned passed into
obscurity from which history has
s'nee teen able to extricate her
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 '               • f i i
Dist. Pass. Agt.
1102 Govt, st.           Victoria, B. C.
Sole Agent for the Celebrated English "X" Boot.
without crust, and prepare a dressing
ot two eggs, beaten lightly, with salt.'
and pepper, a little nutmeg, and a
cupfuli of rich milk, add a dash it cayenne it preferred; have a smooth
frying pan hot, with a teaspoonful cr
more of hot butler; soa'l; the hre.ia in
the egg dressing until each piece is
wet, and drain; then fry a light cinnamon brown. The butter muit te
carefully watched.   Thc cutlets must
Hints for the Home.
German Noodles.—Drop them into
boiling salted water and let cook tor
about twenty minutes or more. Drain,
them and pour over them a brown
Gutter sauce, that is, melt about a
tablespoonful of butter and let. it get
a good brown. Keep stirring it.i Before sjrving mix a little cinnamon
and sugar together. You won't need
muth cinnamon and surjar over thc
linked Ham and Eggs.—Chop or
grind trimniinrs ol cold ham; put a
rounding tablespoonful of butter into
a saucepan and when melted stir in a
level tablespoonful ot flour, a vua-
spoontul of vinegar, a dash ol cayenne
and one-quarter level teaspoonful of
mustard; let cook until thick and sim
mer a little, then stir in as much ham
as thc seasoning will take up; stir
until heated, turn into abaklngi dish
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two good-sized apples. Immediately
specie over th;m the (juice from one
lemon. Mix the «.pp'.es with one
'bunch of celery finely- chopped, one-
half cup of chopped nuts. Bcil one
cup ot mill; and thicken with me 1 a-
blespoonful ot" corn starch dissolved ill
a little milk. M"yc well together one
beaten egg, two teaspoonfuls of sitg
ar, in' of salt, one-ball teaspoonful ol
dry mustard, a small pir.ph of cayenne
pepper. Pour this into the milk a
littio at a time, stirring constantly.
When smooth, take off thc fire and ad.I
one til k spoonful of olive oil and one,
of vinegar? When cool, pour ever the
celery, apples and nuts.
Local and Provincial
Mis. Hurry Ward visited Nanjimn
this week.
Thc event oi the season. De s.irc
and ta!<o it in—Eagles ' Ball next
Wednesday. *
Mrs. Sarah Wilson, formerly of Nanaimo, but for many years a resident
of Rossland, died in thc Sisters' hos-
pi'i'kl i the latter city niter an i'.N
ncis resulting from Uri^it's disccso
that has lasted nearly a year. Mis.
Wilson was a native of Wakefield,
Yorkshire, England, where she was
born on March 10, 1880. In 1881
she and her husband, thc late James
Wilson, left England for tho United
States, settling in Cameron County j
Pa. In ISW the fami.y migrated to
Nanaimo. Mr. Wilsni west killed nt
Nanaimo on February 4th, 1803, in
No,-4 colliery. Shortly alter I'M husband's tragic death Mrs. Wilsni itnd
her,children went to live In Rossland,
where they have since resided. Deceased left three sons and two daur)i-
tcrs, Fred. Naylor and James Wilson, and Mrs. William Hibcrd, all ot
Rossland, and Mrs. George Vital, ol
Seattle, to mourn their loss. AH ol
her children wcro with her during her
last illness.
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Transfer of License.
Notice I. hereby ghicn that 1 intend to
make application' to the Bourd of I.iounaing
Commissioners ol the City of Ladysmitli at
their next regular meeting for a transfer of
the retail liiirtor license now hold by me
on behalf of the premises known as the Columbia Hotel, Ladysmith, B. C. from myself to li. I,. Wood and Joseph Tow*.
Ladyimith, B.C., Jan. 7,19C0.
Transfer of License.
Nolicoi. horoby given that it is my in
tantintr to apply to tho Board of Licencing
Commissioner, ot tho City of Ladysmith for
.transfer ot the wholomlo liquor license
now held by me in rospoet to the premise,
situate upon lot S, block 72, Lndrwiith,
trom mvself to Cbsvtso and Mnlencsio.
Ladyimith, B.C., IJsh December, 1908.
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Dissolution of Partnership.
The partnership heretnre existing between tlio undersigned, carrying on business in tho eily of Ladys'iiith as hotel,
keepers under the tinu imuic of Senini A
Berto, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Jamas Keniiii will pay all debt, of
the partnership and receive all monies due
the same.
Ladysmiib, 11. C, January 27th, 1009.
1,3d11 3,313)1)1  SI.,Narvalmo
Phone 124     P. O. Box 1
Transfer of License.
Notice is hereby given that it is our intention to upplv to tho Licensing Commissioners of the Oily of Ladysmith ol their
next regular mooting for a transfer of the
retail liquor licence held hy u. in respect
to the premise known as the Extension
Hotel, situated upon Lot 1, Block lit,
Lidyainitli, B, C, from oursolves to James
Senini. . •    •• ■ ,■ j
Ladysmith, January 27th, 1009.
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To-day is payday, for the ^nen work
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The event of the season, lie sur
and take it in—Eagles ' Hall nex
Wednesday. *
j In future those having bus'.ncs
| with the corporate will find the ol
! fives nt the city hall, where Citj
Clerk Morrison has remo'.ed the
.books and safe.
rse Na Dru Herb' Tablets:
Ladysmith Pharmacy.
At the
j.. II. Hawthornthwaite, M. P. P.,
has been in a belligei'ent Ira,mc of
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Speaker Ebcrts that lie,would jiol
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There are different methods of demonstrating successfully the value, ol
advertising. Unintentionally, this
week The Chronicle . elucidated, one.
Blair & Adam bad a large quantity
of potatoes, which they were- selling
at $2 per sack. They sent an adver
tlsement to The Chronicle to tfiati effect, but in error Vt was stated that
Blair & Adam were selling potatoes
at SI per sack. For two days aftcr.th
advertisement appeared in this paper
lhe store was .crowded with people
wlio wanted to buy potatoes at this
manifestly reasonable price, and the
dcrls were kept busy explaining the
mista'.e. flic telephone Wns also
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tomcis, all of whom were anxious' to
tnke advantage ot thc low price: of
Our stock of Fancy Post Cards and Comic Valentines
has arrived and is now on sale.
Knight's Book Store
The Leading Stationary Store
Church Services.
Sunday, February JMh.
Services as follows: ,Morning 11 a.
in., Jubilee sermon, Sabbath Schoal
open session to which parents arc
cordially invited. Even'4ig service,
15 minutes' song service. Shnet address by pastor on the Beginning ol
Methodism in British Columbia, two
short addresses by two laymen of the
congregation, special hyml\» and
songs by thc choir and congregation.
Come and rejoice with us.
It. WILKINSON, Pastor.
Sunday Services at 11 a. tn. und (I
p. m. Bible Class and Sundty
School at 2 p. m. Prayei meeting
Wednesday at 7 p. m
J. McMlLLAN. Pastor.
Sinlay services: At'8 a. m., l&w
mass. At 10:30 a. in., high mass,
it 2 p. m., Sunday school. Al 7
p m.. evening service and Benediction.
Morning service 11 a. m., Sunday
sihool 2:30 p. m., evening service 7
p. in. Subjects- Morning, "The
t histian's Commissariat";i evening,
"The Armour ol God."
Ladysmith Opera House 1
Clearing out our
Hats at Cost Price.
All colors, shades
and prices must go.
Hats, regular $2.50
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W. E. Morrison
Williams Block
John Pogorly's
Bowling Alley
A prize of $3 will be given
to the one.making the high
est score in ten sheets.
Now is the time to practice for the Yukon Alaska
andSeattle expositions, which
give a grand prize-of $10,000
to the best forty teams. It
pays to be a good bowler.
Learn now while you have
a first class bowling alley,
Good lights. Come" in and
John Pogorly,
Ladysmith, B. C.
Have   a   good   time once a year.
Eagies' Ball next Wednesday. '
Don't   miss   it   now or you'll be
sorry afterwards.    Eagles' Ball next
Wednesday. *..
Try Na Dru Ch.r,coal Tablets for
Dyspepsia.   At the Drug Store.   «.
Thero will be a basket Social in th. Finn
Hall, on Fob. 15th, under the auspices of
the-young people ofthe Methodist Church.
There will ba no charge for admission, but
baskets Will bo sold and other refreshments,
such as tea, etc. A miscellaneous programme will bo rendered and a pleasant .vening
is expected. Doors open at^7.30 p. m.
Proceeds to defray cost of new tamps
placed in tho church. Come and have a.
good time. . »
Fine English Pork Pies, ireah made daily
at Hooper's, Gatacre street.   Try one.     *
Clearing Out Sales
Commencing Saturday, Feb. 6
1C0 doz. White   Dinner   and  Sou;i
Plates at 75c per doz.
50 doz. Blue and Green Dinner and
Soup Plates at 75c per doz.
15 doz. Willow Pattern Dinner and
Soun Plates at 91.00 per doz.
(50 doz.   Vegetable   Side Dishes at
75c per doz.
A Snap in Toilet Setts
12 Setts, regular price $2.50. Out
price, $1.75 sett.
Watch this space from week to week
as we arc determined to reduce our
stock end we offer weekly snaps.
These reductions in price are for
Ladysmith Hardware Co., iu.
W~M4+W-r»H-S"r»!-H44WH-4* 4-H-H-i
All diseases successfully treated
Without Drugs or Knife
Chronic cases given special attention
Rheumatism,    Paralysis  and    Nervous
Diseases yield readily to our method.
New Bickle Building,   second door to
right at top of stairs.
Come in and talk it over.
' Start the new year right and have your watch overhauled, Just think of it, tbe
balance of your watclt makes about 18,000 vibrations per hour, for every hour of the
year; that it rotates on pivots only -05 millimeter, in diameter, or about the equal of u
good sized human hair, also that all th. oil itcan retain for running purposes is about
the one one-thousandth of a drop.
Give tbe watch a chance and have it thoroughly overhauled. Alway. go to the
best man, as cheap work on audi delicate mechanism a. that if a watch I. always dear
in the long run, and usually causes ruin. We do all kinds of repairs, from the converting of the key winder into a setin winder to the ordinary-work of cleaning, Etc. None
but the best material, used. We have not only served th. usual apprenticeship at oi,r
trade, but have also had the advantage of a thorough study of th. watch and scientillo
mechanics, at the Canadian Horologies! Institute, acknowledged the best on the American Continent, a place where every part of a watch is made by hand under the direction
of experts. Now, is not one who has had this training, more capable of thoroughly repairing your watch than one who knows, little or nothing about the principles involved,
who just picked his trade up, as so many have. All we ask is a fair trial. Our price.
are cornet, and the work fully guaranteed. We can make and repair any part of a
watch from barrel to balance.
| We Have Everything You Need"
Blouse special s. Leiser & Co.
High Class, Instructive, and Latest
Moving Pictures
£ Two Shows Each Night f
■ I        —     ■     ■ I. I     - I—«— -    I-- ■        — —————— £,
3,000 Feet of Films. Two Illustrated Songs
Admission:   10 and 15 Cents f
Run on Sonjc Circuit as Nanaimo Opera House X
Why send away
for your Blouses
when you can do as
well by buying here?
100 beautiful Muslin
Waists, embroidered
and tucked yoke,
with Valenciennes insertion, sleeves trimmed with Val. lace
and insertion. For a
quick selling line
they go at 95c each.
We have been fortunate in securing
two very special lines in Lace Curtains
and offer you the advantage in prices.
S.*Leiser & Co.
No. I
3 1-2 yards long,
50 in. wide,beautiful
flower effect, good
wearing net. Only
95c per pair.
No. 2
One of the newest
Curtains, length 3
yards, width 60 in.
Two patterns to
choose from. Very
tr^tty designs, and
the price $1.35 per
peir. Be in time as
they are qu\k sellers.


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