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The Ladysmith Chronicle Feb 10, 1909

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With Which Is Amalgamated the Ladysmith Standard.
Vol. I.
Ladysmith, ft. C, Wednesday, February 10, 1909.
tenders Will Be
S      Asked for Sewers
The council met .it the usual hour
Monday evening, with Mayor- Nicholson in thc chair, and the following aldermen present: Haworth, Roberts,
Camp'bcll, Dier, Brown, McKinnell
and Matheson.
it". Aril tn J'i itison made his 'ri'fr
itjjgttiUMie, lis. city clerk, and r»ht! thij
minutes of the last meeting, which
wore approved.
Mrs. Annie Stevens, wrote Uic council that s!.e was prepared to lay. a,
cement sidewalk sixty-nine feet along*
the First Avcriue side of her premises to Gatacre street, providing thc
council defrayed a certain portion ot
the cost.
This proposal brought forth considerable discission, on recount cf the
question ol grade.
Aid. Campbell "jelicvcd it was the"
duty of thc council to encourage improvements of this character as much
as possible. ^Possibly the .matter
could le arranged by the council offering to pay so much per loot..
Aid. Dier drew attention to the
fact thct sooner or Inter the walk
would have toshe continued to Roberts street, and thc council would un.
doubtedly put down ;a wood sidewalk.
'. The mayor and ojher •members ol
the council discussed thc question in
all its tarings, and it was finally decided to grant permission to build 0
ccmint sidewalk, and that GO cents
per foot be paid to the bujder.
Another account in connection with
the smallpox epidemic of last year
rame up for consideration. It wq
thc bill ol the doctor who succeeded
Dr. Danks and it was decided to forward it to thc Provincial Secretary.
Vi'm. C. Brent, of • Toronto, vwrote
concerning the debentures, and asked
for further: information.
Accounts, aggregating. $059.10 were
presented and referred to the finance
James Callendar reported that he
1«1 looked at a tree which had fallen on tl.e Sutherland property and
that one man could remove it in a
day.   -
The report, was received and filed
and the tree will te removed.
Thc council went into committee of
the whole to consider Aid. Matheson's
revenue by-law, AW. Dier in the
The report was read clause by
clause and finally adopted.
Under the. head of new business,
Aid. ~Dier urged an immediate start
on thc sewers. It was time that ,ten^
dors were called for, so that when
the money was available there would
be no delay.
The mayor, believed in getting ready
icle, Ike Victoria' Colonist and the
Vancouver World.
Aid. Campbell gave notice' that he
wo.ild at the next meeting of the
council introduce a by-law to amend
the road tax by-law.
It was moved by Aid. Dier and
seconded by Aid. Haworth, that i a
hearty vote of thanks be tendered the
retiring city clerk, Mr. John Stewart, for the commendable manner in
which he had discharged the duties of
his office,
Mayor Nicholson took occasion to
refer to the many good qualities ol
the retiring' city clerk, and the motion carried.
Mr. Stewart thanked the members
of the council for past courtesies. , It
was with regret he relinquished his
duties, but he felt that he would do
tetter by devoting his whole time to
his private interests. He st,»2d that
he gave up his duties with the kindest feelings towards ther members of
|.the council, and he felt satisfied that
his successor would reuder a good ac«
count of himself.
Idle question of thc bond of She
new city cheek was discussed, and it
was decided to make it $5,(100. '
The council then adjourned.
at once, and drew attention to.
Joint Stock Company
of Fruit Growers
Ladysmith Out of Luck
in Last Two Games
Ladysmith and Nanaimo will meet
Sunday next in an Island League
game. Both teams are after points.
Ladysmith have played one game in
this series with Esquimau, winning
tlie game' In Victoria. Arrangements
are under way for a special train to
leave Nanahjio at a p. in.
Tho Ladysmith team ai'o not disheartened at their defeat last Sunday
and intend turning the'tables on.tlie
Pacific Coast Champions. The following will represent the Ladysmitli
team: .
Goal—Dougan. ■.
Backs—Rodgcrs, McDowell.
Halves—Smith Strang,' Wynne.
Forwards — Grainger, McOuirc,
Brass, Graham, Provins.
Reserves—McKinley and O'Connell.
This afternoon a meeting of,the
members ot the Victoria Fruit Grow;
ers' Association and others, interested in   fruit   growing on the.islands
will be held in the city hall whtn th|' 	
proposition to form a joint stack com-i in taking a   goal kick, Dcugan   put
Arthur Morrison suffered a spralnqd'
shoulder in Sunday's game and consequently wi.lbco ut of the game"l6r
a while.
Ladysmith A suffered their third dcr
feat in the second: division Island
League at- Victoria. Victoria West
won with 3 goals to 1, putting thert
at the top of the League with Ladysmith B. second.    '        '
'"N     '    ' >'
It must be confessed that there was
some disappointment at the result of
the game.between Ladysmith and- Nanaimo last Sunday. It was believed
by tnany that Ladysmith would wii
but all hopes were in vain. The Nanaimo Free Press concludes a lengthy review of the) game, which is ad
milted to be absolutely without 1,'ias,
s follows:
As for the play, thc game had only
teen in progress a few minutes when
more than spry and is deserving ol
the highest praise.
Graham has been seen to better
advantage, but he held his wing and
was to toho fore in more than ono
angerous scrimmage. For the rest,
II the men played for all they were
worth. As usual "Cruickshaiiks was
the most prominent of the forwards,
and put in a lot of useful work,
which was not very often turned to
much account. The same thing applies even more to Billy McGwire.
Billy is perhaps even more tricky
than Frank, which is saying a whole
lot, and he played like a Trojan.
But his work was mostly wasted,
i.nl he would have done better if he
had swung the ball to the other wing
oftener than he did. McDowell toulu
do nothing against Paddy, and his
ineffectiveness only served to recall
tho great personal ilueis of Paddy
and Grainger.
Rogers played a great game, at
right hack for the visitors. He is
not as spectacular as. Paddy, but he
,,5 every whit as effective as Joe
Blundcll can testify. He is a great
catch. Yesterday he ne'er made a
mistake, and again and again came
to the rescue of his side. Morrison
is better on dry ground, but there
was no fault to be found w'th his
play. Altogether it was a great
game; and on the home side at least,
there was not a failure on thc team.
pany to take the place of the local
Fruit Growers' Association will be
considered. The fruit growing industry on the island has' now reached
the stage, it is stated, when the powers enjoyed by the associations are
not wide enough to allow of the business 'being carried on as profitably
and satisfactorily as it could bt were
a joint stock corporation formed. It
has been suggested that a company
with a capital of $50,600 would p/qvt*
more satisfactory than thc present
association. Tht matter is as yet ii>
the embryo state but will bo thoroughly discussed at to-day's meeting
and whatever action is talen will be
reported to a general meeting of thy
Victoria Fruit Growers' Association
to be held tn the lMh.-Victoria
fact that a copy of the plans' and
specifications should be filed with the
Provincial Board of Health. He believed that the tenderers should deposit a cheque as a guarantee of good
Ar/iothcr matter dismissed, was thc
method of tendering. It was pointed
out that sometimes a corporation
cou.d buy material cheaper than a
contractor, and the impression pro!
, vailed generally that it would he better to have thc tenders made in two
forms—one for the. work as a whole,
and the other separate tenders for
material and work.
Aid. Dier thought that tenders
might be called for tho electric light
plant at the same time.
Mr,yor Nicholson pointed opt that
there would have to be more preliminary work done, such as selecting
a site, before it would be advisable
to call tor tenders for building the
lighting plant.
In reply to a question as to the
acinic tank,, the mayor made an In-
tercst'ng explanation, viz., that thc
proposed tank was simply a place in
which to destroy the refuse, so that
the cost of carrying it out to the water would be minimized,
It was moved, seconded and carried, that tenders be called lor the
construction of sewers, one. tender .to
he for the cost of labor and material,
and tho other tender tor labor ajono;
'hat tho tenderers be rcqttred to dd
pesit the sun: of 10 per cent, as a
guarantee ol their ahility to complete the work, and that the tenders
be in at 5 o'clock on the evening ol
Monday, March 15.
Jt was decided to Insert the- edvei-
The attendance at the Novelty
Theatre for the first two nights of
the week has been greater than' at
any time since the house opened. The
pictures were equally as attractive
as those presented last week, and Joe
Sanderson and Thos. Lewis ;saag sevi
etal' illustrated ^ngs. There will be
a change of prolamine beginning tomorrow when the following pictures
will to presented: "The Holy City,"
"Father   Was   to   Blame,"   "When
Thief Meets Thief," rnd "The Black ■  .    . .   ..- .        _.„
Princes."   The following ,ongs i*^J%£»*£2 &
te   given   by   Joe   Sanderson and
Thomas Lewis: "In the Shady Land,"
"When You Love Her, and She Loves
A very pleasant evening was spent
at the home ol Mr. and Mrs. Mahaf-
tey on Snt.irday last, when the Misses
Rule entertained a tew ot their
frieuds at cards and games. Among
those present were:' The Misses Patterson, Miss R. Nash, Miss g. Jones,
Miss M, Lapsanski, Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Gordon, Mr. 'P. James, Mr.
Geo. Hogan, Mr. Robert Belyea, Mr.
Geo.- Nash, Mr. W. Bourn, Mr. Fred
Mattlnson, Mr. H. Berrow, and Mr.
J. Jones.    .
thc ball to Hooper who without any
demur put It through. Of course it
was a fluke, hut it counted and never another point was tallied. The
visitors strove with might and main
to get through, and the home boys
ought just as desperately to keep
them' out while the forwards did
everything they knew and could do
to add to tiie lone score: Just how
desperate the struggle was it is difficult to give any idea of. Perhaps
Hewitt could do it 'better than anybody else. Ptddy was the focus
fo'lnt of every rush by thc. visiting
forwards. He was a rushing, charging tornado, diving in feet first, head
first, rJl- ways and in the nick of
time. There was not a pool on
the ground that Paddy did not sample, and hardly a square foot from
which he did not take samples home
with him, He had McDowell beaten
lo a kazzle, and when danger threatened from the other wing he charged
over there, and if ho did not end up
with a seat on an opposing forward
he was willing to bo sat on. When
it comes to spectacular play Paddy
certainly hands out thc goods.
The first half ended, and v'.ic visiters in turn got the advantage of thc
est end from which to shoot. For
wenty minutes the visiting forwards
more than ke;:t the home delence
guessing. Paddy hardly had time
to get   a   hitch in   his pants, (and
.^-aam_      t0
tst   on    whenever   there   came   a
reath'jig spell.   How long   was   it
oing to last "as tlie  question, and
many a desperate   melee took place
in tlie danger none.   However the at-
ack spent Itself, and thc home towards took up the runn:ng, and they
were -always more business-lile  than
their vis-a-vis.    Dougan   was  called
pan twice or thrice In as many min-
tes, but responded ably to the call.
Cruiokshanks   had   two   shots,   and
1'urrcn   whizzed   a   couple so   fast
ncs past the posts.   Then came the
urn*! the   visitors   again, but   it
was'only the old'story repeated.  The
defence was too strong and all'  the
efforts of   ths Ladysmith   forwards
were abortive.   As hard a game  as
had   ever been seen on   the   cricl.«t
grounds ended in favor of the home
team by the only goal of the match.
Walker deserves a word of praise.
He had not many shots to save but
those that came his way were diffi-
ult ones   to negotiate.     Thc   vety
first time he   was   called    upon he
culd only reach thc ball with   one
[hand, and it was an extremely clever
save.    Again he tipped a shot from
On account ol the recent outbreak
of smallpox in Nanaimo, the council
of thajt city is considering the advisability of erecting an Isolation hospital. Every seaport city in British
Columbia should have a permanent
isolation htspltal, and the citizens ot
Nanaimo should not delay a moment
in taking this very necessary prccau, —^^mmmmm^mmmmmmmmmMmmmmmm
tion agsinst the spread Ol this loath/ Strang over the bar which looked a
It is understood that a telegram was received at 3.30
this afternoon from Wm. C.
3rent, Toronto, accepting
the balance of the sewerage
In the discussion of thc freight and
iusscngcr service between Vancouver
and Ladysmith, no objection can be
taken to the tariff op freight hei'oi
As Mayor Nirho:spn and other speak)
crs pointed out, tho ok'ier night at
ths Citizens- League meeting, the
freight rate from Vancouver to Ladysmith is not excessive.! in fact it is
as lov? as could be expected.
During the past month or so, ten
new members have been initiated in
Harmony Lodge, 1,0. 0. F., and
there are now several applicants who
arc turning in their names far mem-
bersh'jv As an investment this is
perhaps the soundest going. A younj|
man pays his $25 to jom, and when
he is a member he lies a $50 equity
in the funds, besides thc backing of
230 other members.
A great deal of interest is being
taken in the races at the' Arco roller rink, hi tho cont:st Monday
night, the first heat was won hy .Peter Morris. Thc other contestants
were: August Lapsansky, Robert
Lawsnn and" Thomry Mclntyre. In
thc contest Tuesday night, the first
heat was won by Blckcrton. The
other racers were: Jack Bcaucliam;!
and Charles Finnland. Entrees for
tonight arc: Fred. Matheson, Frank
Gardner, Tom Batie : and Geo. Pollock.
How Forest Wealth
Has Been Squandered
At revivalist meetings the. converted drunkard and the reformed thief
arc often put forward as great attractions. They are object lessons,
and as such they appeal in a practical way to their audiences. One of
these practical object lessons has
just bcon given to CaniYta. In an address, which he delivered before the
Canadian Club at Ottawa, Earl Grey
mentioned lhat Dr. Gilford Pinchot
was the bearer of a letter from the
President of the United States to
himself and to Sir Wilfrid, inviting
Canada to take part in an international commission on the conservation of natural resources. Dr. Pin.
chot afterwards addressed the Club.
Thc moral of his address was Exper-
to crede. Tlie United States, in the
position of a ivodigai who has squan
dered his inheritance, implores Canada
to take thought for the morrow and
to be warned by- the example of her
The United States, somewhat lats
in thc day, has been taking stock and
theicsult has been most disconcerting to the people of that country.
The wty essence obfoxrestry is a.lopg
look ahead. You cannot deal with a
slow-growing crop like a forest with>
out taking at least one century into
consideration. When, therefore, the
people of the United States had completed an inventory of their forest
wealth, and realized how recklessly it
had been squandered, it was but natural thit they should turn their
thoughts to kindled problems relative
to the stores of fuel and other resources on which future generations of
Americans will have to depend. The
first step was the appointment of a
waterways commission, and the second a great convention in Washington of the governments of thc United
States in thc American Union, at
whicih both the outgoing and incoming administrations were committed
thoroughly to the policy of conservation. The first work of tip National
Conservation Commission was to
prepare an inventory of tho natural
resources of the country—to take
stock of all that remained. Dr. Pinchot, in his address, summarised thc
result of the Commission's investigations.
"We discovered," he said, ''that
thc preventable waste in our coal
supplies amount to some S300,ooo,-,
Otti every year;   that   if   wc go   on
powers, whi.h are at present largely
going to waste.
"We found that our water poweis
were in process of being monopolized
by two cr three great companies—
that our water powers, east and'
west, south and north,-,, were ijcing
acquired as rapidly, as these wise and
far-seeing men -could get hold of
them, and were thus in danger of being monopolized when our coal sup.
plies were. e'Xher exhausted or so depleted as to have greatly risen in
price, in the hands of one of tbe
most far-reaching and oppressive
monopolies that lias ever existed on'
thc face of the earth."
The seriousness of the situation is
-seen at ence when wc reflect that in
any country where fuel is scarce, as
in California, after oil is gone,
every source of power must, as far
as we.can at present sec, ccrtne from
the streams. Some day, no doubt,
every railway train, all lighting ami
heating ol houses, all 'irrigation
pumping, and all machinery wild be
done by electric power from water.
Therefore, it is all-important that
the control, of the water power
should not pass altogether cut of
the Government's hands. Then
again, the navigable streams of the
United States c0Ver 2C.C00 miles,
and some S5<io,ooo„100 is spent on
rivers and harbors; but in spite ol
that, navigation has declined, and
the lirers are less navigable than
they were fifty years ago, because tbe
soil is beinri washed into them faster
than the Government is able to
dredge it out.
It was found that the less Irom
fire in the United States was Ssuu,-
|ooo,i)l», and tbe fire bill Ior losses
and fighting, fires was %>oo,000,uOu.
The'loss seems enormous when is is
stated that the expenditure in construction is-in- thousand million doP
lars. Then, too, there is the loss
•ssjBBj.iii preventable disease. It was
calculated that there were about
3,000,000 jcople seriously ill in the
United .States with preventable diseases. A man's life: is estimated to
be worth $1,700, and a man's work
is estimated to be worth WO a year.
If three-fourths of the preventable
disease were prevented, there would
en this calculation be a saving of
51.3(0,000 a year.
Having dr. .i'n this gloomy picture
ot the United   States,  Dr.   Pinchpt
present rate,   thev will  probably  'bo'future of Canada,
Tho problem of electrifying thc lines ol, the Canadian Pacific Railway is
one that is nowadays considerably exercising the minds of the heads of
that company, says the Montreal Witness. It is quite evident that the
work cannot yet be started cm a general scale.
. Tha proposal is to make a start by
electrifying the mountain lines, utilizing for this purpose the prodigality
of water power.running to waste*on
thc eastern slope of th: Rockies.
Freezing causes a great diminution of
this power in the winter, and tho
question Is whether Rhat is left
would prove sufficient to operate the
main line during the winter so .sen.
On the Crow's Nest line this tr-u-
hle ot freezing is net experienced because oi the milder climate. It is ,n,
(his line that the start is trie
made. The line ls«tn te rivi.iislriKl-
cd as soon as lossible, and H Is probable that this will soon be followed
by electrification. Experiments to
this end arc now_bcing carried out at
Bonnington Falls, on the Knotcnay
River, where there is immerse powers,
The officials of thc company are also
carefully studying thc electric system
the',use of them   a"t   the!hastened to add that it was not,, a
"You in Canada," he said, "are in a vastly tetter prsition to take up conservation.
Your reserve ol resources per capita
is very much greater than ours; you
arc I 'itunate in being in time, much
more than wc, to take up thi3 question."
Wiiilc it is undoubtedly true that
Canada is endowed with natural resources to an extent which at present a;<pears well nigh boundless, it
is nevertheless none too soon for
the Government to devote serious attention to the conservation of these
riches, Wc of to-day arc hut trustees
for I hose who are lo come after us,
and we sometimes need to lie reminded of thc fact.
gone hy thc middle of the next cen-
ti-iiy— a long time, pcrhars, and yet
not long in tbe life of a nation;
that our iron supplies, which are
just as necessary as' our coi-1—the
high-grade ores—will tie gone by the
middle of this century; and that our
oil and gas supplies will probably- be
gone by the middle of this century.
We found that our lands are being
I washed into the sea at the rate ol
800 millions tons per year—that our
farmers have been losing over $500,-
000,001 a year from easily pre-
\cntahlc soil erosion, $1)10,000,000 a
year Irom injurious animals, and two
or three times that amount from injurious insect and other forms ol
fireychtablo waste; that smiie of Our
public liimls were being disposed o!
in such ways that the numler of
homes on the' lands were not being
ncreased; that we are cutting our
forests three nnd n half times faster
than they are 'being produced; and
lhat our forests are growing at thc
rate of .19 cubic feet per acre per
annum when the might easily gsow
at the rato ol 40—wh'ph shows the
great loss of wood material that
might be made, but that is not be.
ing made.
"We found that of every thousand
feet of lumber, standing in the forests only a little over 800 feet
gets into use, that the waste in
logging, in milling, in seasoning, in
wcrk'ag up afterwards, used up from
tho standing trees all but about 310
board feet for every thousand board
feet standing in thc woods, and that
a very large part of this, waste is
prevent able. Wo found that the reasonably  available   water   powers   in
Death of Roderick
Mr. William E. Morrison this morning received a telegram from the
east announcing thc death ot his father, Roderick 0. Morrison, at   St.
Peter's, N. S., last evening, at   the
advanced a,-/ of 85 yoars. The deceased-was horn in Inverness, Scotland, and with his parents came to
Nova Scotia when he was only .two
years old. In 1852 he went to California, and remained there for six
years. Returning to NoVa Scotia, lift
lived there thc rest ol his lite, and
was postmaster for fifty years. He
had been ill only a few hours, when
the country at the present time' the end came.' Deceased Is survived
would move every railroad train, by six children, five sons and one
every trolley car, every. wheel, and, daughter. ' Two ol the sons and the
every spindle, light enery house, nnd j daughter are at home, two 'ri Call-
answer every rse of power in tho
country. That is to say, if our vast
sur.plics of coal were burned up, the
might easily, to a great extent, ,be
foinia, and one son, William E. Morrison, is in Ladysmith. On account
of the death of his lather, Mr. Morrison's, store will be closed all day U- n
To Home Seekers
Notary Public
Published by Carley & Carley at Ladysmith, B. C,
every Wednesday and Saturday.
$1.50 o Year in Advance, 25c Per Month
Head Office  - - Toronto
CAPITAL J10.000.000: REST $6,000,000
Advertising Rateson application.
Are a most convenient way In which to carry
money when travelling abroad. They are issued
in denominations of ^
$10, $20, iso, $100 and $200
and the exact amount payable in Austria, Belgium,
Denmark, Prance, Germany, Great Britain, Holland,
Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland is
stated on the face of each cheque, while in other
countries they are payable at current rates.
The cheque and all information regarding them
may be obtained at every office of the Bank.
LADYSMITH BRANCH   L. M. deGcx, Manager
Editorial Comment.
The city council by resolution paid a» well-deserved
compliment to the retiring city clerk, Mr. John Stewart. The work required of a city clerk is often tvy-
. ing, and the fact that Mr. Stewart during the many
years h« has acted in that office has never had one
unpleasant word with the various council boards
under which he has served, speaks well for his tact
and discretion in discharging the duties of his
Steps have been taken in Toronto fof the formation of the Canada Steel Company. The syndicate
secured a new process of making steel at a fraction
of the present cost, and that, too, from common ore
which is at present plentiful in New Ontario. The
new process will redus* the cost of tool steel from
$1.03 to ten cents a pound. -
Just to demonstrate that there is no such a thing
as politics in the deliberations of the city council,
it was decided to advertise for tenders in two Conservative papers and one Liberal paper. Every alderman disclaimed any desire to give the proceedings
a political color, and no one has any right to doub|
the word of a Ladysmith alderman.
At a Liberal banquet held a few nights ago at
Vancouver, two well known Liberal leaders were
decidedly outspoken in their condemnation ofthe
graft incidental to the distribution ofthe Federal
patronaee in that city. Robert Kelly was accused of
distributing the loaves and fishes without consulting
the Liberal executive.
The Mayor and city council are determined to lose
no time in getting work started on the sewers.. Tenders will be called for the construction of the sewers,
and all the arrangements cmpleted by the time the
money is forthcoming for the debentures. This
means that work should begin early in the spring.
Hon. Wm. Templeman has been elected by acclamation for Comox Atlin. The free and independent
electors of Comox-Atlin will thus be deprived of an
opportunity of listening to the burning words of oratory as they pour forth lava-like from the chaste
lips of William Blakemore.
Under the auspices of the King, there will be
shortly established the Royal British Radium
Institute. The purpose is to facilitate research, and
,in connection therewith -there will be a special department for the treatment of various cases by the
radium cure.
The present, year will witness great changes oi\
Vancouver Island. It will be one of development
and progress, and the city that is most persistent in
keeping its claims for recognition before the people
is the one that will secure the greatest benefits,
I Kamloops has a real estate nupry, as a resulfrol
the announcement that tlie Canadian Northern *will
construct a line down the Thompson River.
Your Choice
for breakfast beverages, for the supper drink presents itself here, though in
quality equal 1 namely, to wit: Knglitli breakfast tea and Mooba and Java
coifee. Some like the same tu for aupper, others ditto aa to coffee for dinner.
In any ease, superior teas and coffees at under-the-merket prices, find
ready sale and constant replenishing of stock here.
Scott's Building, First Avenue.
Novelty Theatre
Masonic Buildling, Ladysmith
—, ,—i—. _ , .	
3,000 Ft. Latest Motion Pictures
New Illustrated Songs.
Programme Changed Monday and Thursday
 __ . . . ; _     •    ''      ''
Admission: 10c and 15c
IOc Matinee Saturday
Guided by
Sound Waves
Of great supplemental value to tho
wireless in locating the injured Republic was the system of submarine
signals adopted lhe past two years
ly ocean liners. 151 was the first
time the signals have been used in an
accident and long alter the wireless
of ths Republic had ceased to work
fie Lucania and the Baltic fe'.t their
vay along by following the signals
from the drifting and helpless Republic until they found her.
Even atter    local ing   the disabled
teamer the Lucania and the Baltic
were Icur hours getting to hcY. But
vith the certainty that a hound foi.
ows the scent the two ocean greyhounds were a'ble to keep on the
The signals wou.d sometimes be to
pert and thin to starboard, in the
republic xig agceil and tiuucd and
drifted on an ocean of haze.    Every
our showed the searching ships they
wcte closer. They "were not more
than iu miles oft when they picked
up the liner through the submarine
signals. Changing their course every
time the bells Indicated and at the
same time keeping in touch with each
other to avoid an accident, the two
pntinued on until the liner loomed
out ol the log.
I In the guiding ol thc liners to her,
the s'jgnals ol the Republic were
more effective within the radius ot
their operation than the wireless
would have been, had It continued in.
pcraticn. The wireless docs not reveal the direction from which it
; comes. The submarine 'bell, however,
is li'.v. a call in the dark. "1
. These delicate instruments, which
up to now' have been used mainly by
| the liners to pick up the first lightships similarly'equipped along the
I coast, were brought into use a Ijttle
more than three years ago. Two
years ago the White Star line tol-
owed the C'unard in their installation.
' The principle upon which tiicy ate
built Is that a sound.wave under thc
wator travel* at the rate ol 4,700
feet a second as against 1,10(1 feet a
fsecond in the air. Ia Wii6k-j*eather
a foghorn or bell can be beard only
a short distance. The submarine signals can be heard for ten miles, anil
have been picked up at 15 miles.
The apparatus that picks up the
signal is about thc size ot a man's
hat and is attached to the inner sides
ct a ship. It is a box filled with
chemicals, in the chemicals is a mi-
rophone, and from this runs u wire
attached to an ordinary telephone re-
eiver on the bridge. The ap|U'...lus
is in duplicate,, one forward on each
siriq of the vessel, The officer on th
bridge, with the receivers to his ears,
is able to shut oft communication
rom either side.
This apparatus was originally designed to pick up tho lightships along
tie coast, which are equipped with
the submarine hell. The bell is .an
irtight compartment beneath the
water and-strikes regular signals.
Atter the ships are equipped   with
j receivers they are equipped with the
1 ubmarine bell, so that in case they
ame close to each other In the  log
hey   would   te • heard.   Tbe   bell>:
ing ns  the   ship  moves,   and   the
toady ringing docs not conflict with
he receiving ot signals   Mom   light:
ships on the coast.
Alter'the wireless went cut of busies* on the Republic the bell contin-
ed to Jangle,' and this registered  on
he Baltic and Lucania.   By shutting
ol the receivers on one side or   the
ther the captains were able to tell
! which direction tho drifting ship was
aking, as thc sound waves registct-
el only upon the side to which  the
Republic had drifted.       '"'
Eagles' Annual Ball
Will Utu pUoe on tht wring of'
Wednesday, February 17
In the ';
Arnold'a Orchestra will .provide th. Music
Ticket, may b» had from the followiug
committee) i
II. Thornier,        R, Meflulit,
t. Rolands, iCodlaV   '
J.,lattllynMui,      J.Oatapl*, .
A. Brooksbank.
John W.  Coburn,
President and Managing Director.
Geo. C. Plckard,   '
The Ladysmith Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Fir Lumber,
Red Cedar, Shingles and Lath
**'   * /
If you wont Home-rendered Lard
and Home-cured Hams Go to
Ryan's Meat Market
Box 173
Phone 43
For Meats
■ AT
Geo. Roberts'
Meat Market
Cot. First Ave* and Roberts Street.
Miss UreiVs
When next in need of
A vary good quality of Ladies'
Stilling just now fur 25c.
E, Ponnell
Meats and Vegetables
P.O. Box M.
Phone «.
Dr. R. B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
'       Photographer
First CUss   Photos.
Gallery on First Avenue.
Livery, Peed end Sole
FUltAVeaw, PbomOI.
Light and heavy teaming. •
Furniture and piano moving
a specialty.
Nicholson & Weaving
\ , '
Telephone 1.
Suits to
Order $25
To make .room for iny spring stock
I will sell suits made to order (or
Two Months Only for S23.
Now is your chance to secure a
suit made up in lirst-classstyle.
D. J. (fatal
Gatacre st.,   Ladysmith, B. C.
MriiaM Wifois j
During the season w* have sold a large number
of wagons, Implements and logging tracks.
Everything carries a guarantee.
Billir Strut
Paperhanpjer and Art Decorator.
High Street.
Ladysmith Music Store
Edison Phonographs and Records,
Victor Talking Machines,
Musical Instruments of all kinds.
Tubular Cream Separators,
Singer Sewing Machines and all
PArts and Needles.
Call   and   see   our   tour   ir.nuto
As Cheap as
lOqiiCoukliigPols, 8uo eai.li.
4, 8, 8 qrt Frusoiviiig Kettles, .40o to 65c
Pie rintfs, white, lOo each.
Bailors', while, 15c, 20c ann 2flo each.
Shanty Plates, white, 10c oacli.
Dippers, 25o each,
Hand Mugs, 2 for 25c,
Tea Sleepers, 25c each.
'    Kgg Boilers, 10c each,
Furniture store
Ladysmith Bakery
Buys a Lot 33x135 ft. in South Vancouver.
Call and Investigate this Offer.
First Avenue, Ladysm/ih $
••:»:»:«M'.:«:»:«:..:»:..:..:..:..:..:..x..x. {..H"^^^'^^'^*********
Mr. W. Thomas
Discusses Gas Question
Catcs of every description, lane
and plain, (.'audits of all kinds
Fruit of all kinds.   Fresh bread ever
da*-""   ' ,      -
Reasonable prices. Come and se
our lines and leave your orders. W
give careiul attention.
Hop Lee, Prop.
Esplanade street,   Ladysmith.  \
Ladysmith Orchestra
AU Newest and   Latest Music.
For full particulars apply,
Ladysmith, B. C.
Harry Hughes « hoarfqun iters fur Vuleii-
Call in and See Them
The Chronicle, had quite nn interest-
ng interview witli ..Mr. VV. Thomas,
Cliicf Engineer of the Northern Oas
and .Power Co., who was in this city
t few days ago. looking pver the possibilities of the city as a field for gas
'enterprise. Mr. Thomas was quite
(enthusiastic as to the possibilities
for the profitable operation of a gas
I In the manufacture of gas, "Mr,
Thomas said, much depends upon tho
price and quality ol the raw material, \tf'z., coal. Ladysmith coal is so
'good for this purpose, that it is us-
led exclusively by the gas works of
| Vancouver and Victoria-. The supply
,of this excellent gas coal right qt
hand, coupled with the many other
.very favorable conditions of the terv
jritory, make the undertaking a very
| attractive one, and would insure the
Ladysmith consumers the cheapest
gas in British Columbia.
1. Ladysmith would have a twenty-,
four.hour service of gas for all pur-
pesos, lighting, heating, cooking and
power uses.
2. Clas is always reliable. Van>
couver's supply, has not failed once in
21 years.
..il. The field of usefulness for power
and heating gas is unlimited, and' its
consumption is increasing enormously
each year. Especially is its use
growing more and more popular for
industrial purposes as it is found to
Iff the cheapest power and heat available.
-1. For domestic use, especially for
cooling, gas is fast displacing  other
A. Maxwell Muir, C. E.
1208 Government Street
VICTORIA . •     S   BX
feul by reason of its economy. When
not needed, expense is stopped.
There is no ashes, and a housekeeper's -work is reduced one-half.
Gas is always ready—at any hour, a
match and a minute boils water. For
sickness, for a quick meal at any
hour it has no eqXial. ■ No ashes,
soot, or smokje, no dirt and no worry,
To-day in all modern cities gas is
used almost entirely. Houses are
heated with gas. A gas water heater in the bathroom will heat water
instantaneously, at the rate cf one
gallon per minute, and thus a hath
can be ready with water at 120 degrees temperature in 10 minutes, and
this at a cost ol about four cents.
Many thousands of bathrooms arc
equipped with these instantaneous appliances.
Oas meters are now used which hav,i
the principle ot the penny, in the slot
machines. ' You put a quarter in and
get a quarter's worth of, gas, hence
doing away with the monthly gas
hill. These are especially popular in
Ureat Britain and no doubt would an
I strongly appeal to Ladysmith consumers.
Many people unaccustomed to the
use of gas havo an idea it is expensive for such uses as coo!;ing, heating, etc. As a matter of tact this is
the most economical of all fuels and
a positive loon to the housekeeper.
Always ready, clean and quick. With
other fuel, coal or wdod, we have tl«
l»ss of over one-half up t'.ie chimney,
and soot, ashes, work and worry—a
rrcat contrast to the ever-ready,
clean and efficient, gas.
It Will Do Your Eyes Good
To see our Big Showing of
New Spring Goods Just Opened
Sole Agent for the Celebrated English "K" Boot.
Hints for the Home.
ill Have Live
Game Department
The City Market
Wholesale aad Retail.
Ladysmith, B. C.
Star Orchestra
Open for engagements from     Two
Pieces up.~
Olvcs Dance Every-Two Weeks.
For full particulars, apply
1 am prepared to do all kinds
Shoe Repairing on the Shortest Nt
iice.     A'trail solicited,
.'Second Ave., hear the Fire Hall.
One ol the big attractions on the
lay Streak at the Alaska-Yulon-Pa-
cine Exposition will he the Washington State Live (lame Exhibit.
Five acres of virgin forest have been
ct aside lor this purpose where tho
ratrons of the    exposition will have
he opportunity of seeing the rarest
ollection of game animals ever exhibited in the United States.
'Every animal will he catalogued
vith the owner's name and address,
giving those who wish to dispose ol
heir animals an opportunity to place1
dem with an exhibit that Will 'be
seen by thousands of visitors from all
arts of the world who will daily
throng the .exposition grovn,ta.
Mr. Arthur Dexter, the assistant di.
rector of.' this department, states that
a large number of animals from Alaska, including two cub bears from
Kadiak Island, were brought down on
he latei boats last (all and arc waiting to be installed with this exhibit.
English Kip Leather Pit Shoes, $900 pair.
i Big reduotleu in Ahren's Celebrated wild
UatheaShoe*. Every pains guaranteed
te give satisfatitkw or will be replaced. In
Boys' Youths' and Litte GentY Alto in
Winn's, Misses' and Children's.
Also lot. of SWEATERS for Men and
Boys to go'oheap.     t'
Meu's Soft Shirts at Reduce.; Prldo. "
(To the Editor.)
Dear Sir:—In noticing my resignation you state that I have been, in
poor health fur some time, and intend to tiiko a few months rest after
llea"e Ladysmith. To relieve any
possible anxiety please state that my
health is quite good, and that I do
not Intend to take,, nor do I need a
rest, as I have been offered a desirable appointment by the Presbytery
of Victoria and shall proceed to a
now Held Immediately, rltcr lee fj^ri
here. Thanking you for publishing
this as well as (or past favors, I remain, yours, —
Wood for Sole.
litki Optra NtMSt on Roberts St.
Short order meals at all hours.
Oysters  and   Clam   Chowder a
FOR RENT—Four rooms.    Apply T.
Uw{., barber, First avenue.
. Splendid mill wood for sale at
Ladysmith Lumber yard, at a low
price.   fyhiyAo  .
Also Hati.
Sola Agent for Aliren't Shoes
on th. market.
Best Shoe
John Thomas
FOtt S.VLK—2h. p. Marine Motor. I! ■
erything complete. Coil .park plug, shaft
float feet carborator. In first-class condition. CHEAP. J. A. Kmobt, Ladysmith. RxO. *
■" FOR SALE—Llghl Driving mare, buggy
and harness. Speedy and easy to handle
8100.   Apply at The Chrouiole office.
Roast Due!:—Wild duck roasted, and,
r, tied on to.ist. Roasted apples with
the centres filled with currant jelly
arc de.icioua served with roast duck.
Cliarlotle rfitsse;—Six eggs, pre
etnee gelatine, one i,uart milk.'P«\tt.
en to the taste ind flavor with vanilla. Pour into egg moulds. Cut
sponge, ca'kes in small, cubes and serve
together with whipped cream, sweetened and flavored with wine.
Rice Puff—One cupful of cold boiled rice, put through potato ricer,
add two well beaten eggs, salt 11
taste; drop by spoonfuls into hot fat
fry a light brown; servo wit'h i- iftile
syrup for 'breakfast as a garnish for
roast cr steak for dinner.
C'oTc Spanish Cream—One ar.d
one half cupjuls of hot coffee, one-half
cupful of mil':, one tablcspoonlul of
granulated gelatine, two thirds cupful
of sugar, pinch of salt, yolk of two
eggs." Cook like asott custard. When
f little cool, add thc beaten whites o.
the eggs and one-half teaspoonful cf
English Tart—A delicious English
tart is made by filling a deep dish
villi sliced baking apples; well sugar
ed, covering with a thin, rich paste
and baking brown; tills is to be eaten
fresh, n'.t quite cold, with cream and
cheese. ' Canned apricots diain:d ol
ti.cir juice may bo used instead cl
appl; s.
Snowball Cai.c.—Cne and one-hali
cjpfuls of sugar, three tahlcspocntuls
ef 'butter, two-thirds cupful cf milk,
two cupful:; of flour, three eggs
(whiles), two even tcaspoontuis oi
aking -powder, one teaspoonful ofba-i
Iter's extract of almond. Cream tbq
butter and sugar, add the egg whites;
nil''', flour, and baking powder sifted
together and then the flavoring. Bake,
n a square cake pan and frost.
EscaUoped Oysters. —Drain tho liquor from a pint u! oysters and wash
thenrin a bowl of clear water. Put a
la j* in a small buttered baling, dish
and cover with bits of butter. Cover
with a layer of fine, dry bread crumbs*
add more seasoning and bits of butter, an! proceed with these alternate
livers until thc oysters are all used.
The top layer should be of crumbs
and thick enough to hide the oysters.
Strain the liquor and Pour over it
land let stand for a few.minutes. Then
our over alt one-half cupful Af milk
and sprin'ile generously with bits ot
butter. Bake for fifteen or twenty
minutes until a rich crust is- formed
alhovcr. v
Transfer of License.
Notice i. hereby giucin that I intend to
make application to the Boinl of Licensing
Commissioners of tho City of Lmlysmith at
their next regular meeting for a transfer of
the retail liquor license now held by me
on behalf of the premise, known as the Columbia Hotel,Latlvsmith, B.C.. from myself to B. L. Wood and Joseph Tonst.
Ladysmith, B. C, Jan. 7, 1000.
FOR SALE-Helf interest in the Wellington Hotel, Apply to J. Dumont,
Wellington, B. C,
BOARD AND ROOM-l'se of sitting-room and piano. Suitable tor
two business men. Apply Mrs. Jas.
Gilchrist, Baden-Powell it.
Transfer of License.
Notice is hereby given that it is my in
tendon to apply to the Board of Licensing
Commissioners of the City of Ladysmitli for
a transfer of tho wboloaalo liquor lioense
now held by me in respect tn tho premises
situate upon lot S, block 72, Ladysmith,
from myself to Oszarto and Malenesin.
Ladyimith, B, 0., 15th Dooembor, 1908,
-   \
Walters & Akenhead
For Special 3 yd. White
Curtain for 85c pr.
Our first showing of Ladies', Misses' and children's White Wear is now
complote, and wo are showing a
range of  White Wear in regard to
Price and Quality
You cannot boat.  See window   for ,
display and more to be found inside.
Call iu and
Look Them Over
while.our stock is well assottcd.
Time Table No. 7
Trains leave Kgnaimo (US $&j
Trains arrive Nanaimo 12:35 Daily
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday,
Trains leave   Nanaimo 15:15
Trains arrive Nanaimo 18:35.
! I
1102 Govt. st.
Dist. Pass. Agt.
Victoria, B. C.
U. B. C.
James Duncan
Suits eleaneef and pressed.
Alterations made.
Charges moderate.
Dissolution of Partnership.
The -partnership lieretore existing between tho undersigned, carrying on business in the city of Ladysmith as hotel-
keepers under the firm name of Senini 4
Berto, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. James Senini will pay all debt, of
tho partnership ind rooeive all monies due
the same
Ladysniiili, B. C, January 27th, 1939.
Transfer of License.
Notice is hereby given that it it our intention to apple- to tno Lioensing Conunis
sionors of the City of Ladysmith at their
n»xt regular meeting for a transfer of the
retail liquor lleenee hold by us in respect
lo the premises known as the Extension
Hotel, situated upon . Lot 1, Block 13,
lisdysinith, B. C, from ourselves to James
Ladyimith, January 27th, 1909.
Portland Hotel
Barclay  &  Conlin,
Excellent Boarding
'. F.C. Fisher
Studio in Williams' Block.
Hllbert Undertaking Parlcrc
1,31 ni J,Bj Jij'n St.,Nanaimo
Phone 124     P. 0. Box 1
All kinds of Clock and Watch Repairing. Satisfaction Guaranteed at
Reasonable Prices. -  j,
English Watches a Specialty.
J. R. Easton   \
Practical Watchmaker. .
All work left at H, Hughes' store
will reccivo Prompt attention. -
Haw Your Houses Plastered
For Terms "ppl.v to
O. H1NE, Plasterer, etc., Udyimlth, P. O.
Cement Sidewalk, a specialty. THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
i  •) .t..'..T..f .t«.T..T.
Golden West Brand
Canned  Vegetables
Ha\ing purchased a carload of thesa
Vegetables wu arc in a position to
sell a littlel ess than the other fellow. ,
These goods   are A-l Quality  and.,
are packed hy theFarmeis■■' Canning
Co.,  Bloomlield,  Ont.
Refugee Beans, 0. tins for $1.00.
Golden Wax Beans, 9 tins for (1.00 j
Little Gem Peas, 9 tins Ior *t.00. '
Early June Peas, 9 tins, lor $1.00.
Sugar Peas, 9 tins tor $1,00.
Sugar Corn, 9 tins lor.$1.90.
Tomatoes, 2J-tb. tins, 7 tins lor
Pumpkins, 2J-lb tins, 7 tins lor
Jll.CO,       '
Corn on cob, 5oc a gallon tin..
a sack.
Asheroft   Potatoes, $1.00
Smoked Fish, Kippers, B.oaters,
Salmon, Halibut and Finnon H'ad-
dies.    Always fresh.
Your Grocers
Meals 20 Cents and Up.
Best 25 Cent Meal in Victoria for 20 Cents. Patronize
White Labor by eating here. Special atteniion giv en to
tourists and visitors, who are cordially welcome. We
keep the Celebrated Grand Duke Cigar.
Our stock of Fancy Post Cards and Comic Valentines,
has arrived and is now on sale.
Knight's Book Store
The Leading Stationary Store
■ There will be a baaket Social in th. Finn
Hall, on Fab. 15th, under th. auspices of
the young people of the Methodist Church.
Ther. will b. no charge for admission, but
buketa will be Mid and other refreshments,
> ich a. tea, etc. A niLcellatieou. program-
mi will lie rendered and a pleasant evening
is expected.   Doors open at 7.30 p.m.
The committee appointed by tV.e
Citizens' League and Board of Trade
met last night and agreed upon a
line of action with regard to transportation and freight rate;. A committee consisting ot Messrs, D, Nicholson, K. D. Dier and John Blah' was
appointed to bring tbe matter to the
attention ol Mr. Marpole.
Fifty yean ago to-day, February 10,1859,
th. first mifsionari.. of th. Method!.
Church landed in Victoria B. C. Six ol the
original party of eleven are .till alive.
Tho service in the Methodist church
Sunday evening, Feb.' 14, will take
the form ol an open mcctinj. • Thero
will be 15 minutes ol sacred song
service. Thc pastor will speak ol
the beginning ol Methodism in British Columbia. A number ol the official members will also address the
congregation. Special music by, tho
choir.   All urclcome.
1 Ladysmith Opera House
High Class, Instructive, and Latest
Moving Pictures
Itwo Shows Each Night
3,000 Feet of Films. Two Illustrated Soi%s
.        »-—*-i .';'■'■'——-: — i ^
I Admission:   10 and 15 Cents!
i Run on Same Circuit as Nanaimo Opera House |
Local and General
.Hot Tomales every evening at Hooper's
15c,2for25e. ;*
For Garden .Seeds go.to'tlf*. .Qtug
Store. *
The book, and safe ot the corporation
have beenmovid front Mr. Stewart', office
to the oity hall.
Use Na Dru Herb Tablets. At the
Ladysmith Pharmacy. *
There will be a meeting Thursday .veiling to form a branch of th. I.land Development League Association,
If you want a good Comb or Brush
call at the Drug Store.... ,_ , Jjf
Fin. English Pork Pies, troth made daily:
at Hooper's, Gatacre street.   Try one.
Dr. Frost and Mrs Frost, when last heard
from, were al Pasadena, Cal.
It is stated that a gents' furnishing store
will be opened in the new Biokle building
on Gatacre street about March let.
Mr. P. G. Noot has returned from Vancouver. His father was buried at that
plaoe last Saturday, from the home of his
daughter, Mrs. S. U. Stephens.
The officers of the Orphens Male Voic.
Parly have secured the services of Prof.
Harvoy, as violin accompanist at th. Grand
Coneert which they are preparing to give;
la Ladvsmith on the evening of the 27th
inst. This move will be an assurance of
still greater suco.ss and when the exc.ll.nt
train arrangement, whioh ..the committee
have ..cured, aro taken into consideration,
a moat brilliant success ia every way eau
be confidently expected.—Free Press.
On Sunday last the Rev. G. M. Ambrose,
M. A., preached his first sermon in th. St.
John'. Mission Church, The large congregations at morning and evening service
were deeply impressed with the earnestness
and eloquence of the new incumbent,' and
are looking forward to enlarged eongroga
tions, and a period of prosperity generally.
Mr. Ambrose is a decided acquisition to the
town, and will be found on the side of those
who an trying to raise the moral and social
welfare of the residents. There will be a
reception at th. church on Friday evening
next, and a very enjoyable time is promised
those who attend.
Monthly Report
ft. and B. Fund
Benefit, paid by A. and B.   Fund   for
month ending Jan. 31.1 1909. '>
George Smith      I 31 Ot}'
John Tap.Ua     9 00
JohnLittl      900
Owun Daubs    11 00
RobbSoith    11 00
M.Zi«»k       700
George Hughes.....    19 00
A. Decon     6 00
JohnMichi.      8 00
Henry Michi    IS «
W. Siler...    1100
W. Russell      500
E. Low...       500
Death claim Wm. Cope  300 00
9443 00
The Weather
Has Broken
Now is the time to renovate those rooms. Do not
leave it off till the, rash
comes on, or you may irest
with a little delay.
Call and see out elegant
designs and colorings for,
Big Shoe
See Our Window
Men's Dongola BoYCelf, etc., leatherlio
ed. Rvgular|5 and 6.50 for 13 95 a dalr
.'Men's Dong. Vici Kid, .to. Regular
$t.75 and 4.50 for $£.45 a pair.
r Man's Dongola Bench..  Beg. $3.75 for
Woman's Dongola and Vici Bench, Pat.
Toe.   Reg.-$3.00 and 3.50 for $2.25 a pair.
Boys' Hetvy Grain Wateeproof School
Shoe. Reg- $275 a pair for flOO a p»lr.
W. E. Morrison
Williams Block
Try Na Dru Chavcoal Tablets Ior
Dyspepsia.   At the Drug Store.   '.
Work on the new cement .Id.walk along
th. First Avenue tide of th. St.v.»s Utld.
ing comm«nced y».Urday. It will be a
great improvement to that .id. el Firat
avenue. .......
Clearing Out Sales
Commencing Saturday, Feb. 6
1C0. doz. White  Dinner   and  Sou?
Plates at 75c per doz. ~"
50 dost,: Blue and Qrccn Dinner and
Soup, Plates at 75c per doz,
40 doz. Willow Pattern Dinner and*
Soup Plates at $1.00 per dcz.
60 doz.   Vegetable   Side Dishes at
75c per doz.
;;" R Snap in Toilet Setts j;
12 Setts, regular price $2.50.  Out
price, $.1.75 sett.
.;   '
Watch this space from week to week
as we arc determined to reduce our
stock and we offer weekly snaps.
These reductions in price are for
* Ladysmith Hardware Co., u
,1iiImH.H'M"1*1"M-*W^M"K» <..M..ii.H..i..M»IfM"l'M"lI"I"ll'M'
Start ths new year right and have your watoh overhauled. Just think of it, th.
balance of your watch make, about 18,000 vibration., per hour, for evory hour of the
year; that it rotate, on pivots only -05 millinieter. In diameter, or about th. equal of .a
good siied human hair, also that all th. oil it can retain for running purpose, is about
the one one-thousandth of a drop.
Give the watch a chance and have it thoroughly overhauled, Alway. go to the
best man, a. cheap work on such delicate mechanism as that if a watch i. alway. dear
in the long run, aud u.ually cause, ruin. We do all kind, of repairs, from the converting of the key winder into a aetm winder to the ordinary work of cleaning, Etc. None
but the beat material, used. We have not only served the usual apprenticeship at our
trade, but have also had th. advantage of a thorough .tudy of th. watch and scientific
mechanic., at the Canadian llorological Institute, acknowledged tbe best on the American Continent, a plao. where .very part of a watch is made by hand under the direction
of eiperts. Now, I. not one who has had litis training, more capable of thoroughly repairing your watch than on. who knows little or nothing about the principles involved,
who just picked his trade up, as so many have. All we ask is a fair trial, Our prion
aro correct, and the work tally guaranteed. We can make and repair any part ol a
watoh from barrel to balance.
John Pogorly's
Bowling Alley
A prize of $3 will be given
to the one moking the highest score in ten sheets.
. Now is the time to practice for the Yukon Alaska
andSeattle expositions, which
give a grand prize of $10,000
to the best forty teams. It
pays to be a good bowler.
Learn now while you have
a first class bowling alley,
Good lights. Come in and
John Pogorly,
Ladysmith, B. C.
P. 0. NOOT,
' We Have Everything You Need
Blouse Specials. Ldser & Co.
Why send away
for your Blouses
when you can do as
well by buying here?
100 beautiful Muslin
Waists, embroidered
and tucked yoke,
with Valenciennes insertion, sleeves trimmed with Val, lace
and insertion. For a
quick   selling line
We have been fortunate in securing
two very special lines in Lace Curtains
and offer you the advantage in prices.
S. Leiser & Co.
No. I
3 1-2 yards long,
50 in. wide,beautiful
flower effect, good
wearing net. Only
95c per pair.
No. %
One of the newest
Curtains, length 3
yards, width 60 in.
Two patterns to
choose from. Very
pretty designs, and
the price $1.35 per
peir. Be in time as
they are qufvk sellers.


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