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Ladysmith Standard May 20, 1908

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Array \
■HI 1111II |»H"l"'t"»'i'ti"H"H"H-."»"<»H»l-H-l W*M*1
Schilling's Best      j
Baling Powder!
-    ;. ——~— |
!#.NEW & FRESH*!
12 ounce Tin. 50c '
2{- pound Tin., Ul.25 '
5 poiuifl Tiu .,...,..,.,...     83.50 :
Youi- Money Bacls it Not Satibfled—"Once
Used, Always Usod.
Bpp Jelly Powders -ii packet's for 25e.
'H"ll'tl'll'H''|t',l'H',l''»'llll',H"l"M*'H* ^^^4•^•IH-M-M-H4*•^•'H-H'•l
Is.soiling some' nobby Shoos for Men, nt $2.00 per pnir.
Alsq Ludios' and.ChlUiron's, nt prices that can't ho .reached
by the 'other fellow. . '
■»St»|,» ■*»Mia*l«s**»*S*»*ala%s-a*W»*J*»*'»^^ ■IIWaT   IIV Sr»Ja»StiWtl>>»ait»SJ»»aas.^.>it>»p«s>»a<a^,   pJmp.Mt-a*
The |
Good Tackle
j             if.fill  i\nu  UAifun,
i .'—-CALL AT	
Phono 7-0.
.lust arrived—imported. from
England—n   fine assortment  of
tlio    llest   Knglish Silverware,
Sterling nnd Pinto'
AIL-Cntied tluuiis,, Including—
* -Cream ■* and Sugars, Bon-Huns, T
f Four-pieced      Sots,     Mustard. 4.
T  Salt  nnd  Flipper,-:.. Fish    Sots,-4-
^ with    Bcnrl    Handles,      Fruit'
4. Knives, etc., etc., all: i„ C1,80
-i- n't' a cost from $2 to"120.00.
Watchmaker nnd' Jewolor;
f4-r *f ♦-m-M'-rm m ♦ h ♦♦
Canadian Bank
[Established 1SG.7]    ..
Paid up Capital...DIO.OOO.lW
Rest $,.QM(W
Savings Hank Deposits of $1
and upwards received, mid
inteiett all.wed utcur-
• •  rent TateB.
Ii. M. dj> GEX  Malinger,
BERLIN. May lO.^Dy some means
or other ths political, prisoners eon-
ilncd at SohtusselUurg, near St. Petersburg, have succeeded In'smuggling out, of the fortress an appeal
addressed .to the* foreign press In
tho hope that If publicity Is given
to their sufferings .an Inquiry into
tholr treatment will bo ordered from
high quartMi-..'
A cupy A_\ tho. aiipoal,. written on
behalf of st»«nty-throe political prisoners, si* pt whom aire women, has
boon received hero.. The wrltorttay
thot thulr'hiands and feet art chain,
cd day nnd night; and that thty art,
given no flood, bui. brand and water. '■■■»'.', V; .,..-,,.
The appeal goes, otv to inarm te that
not long, t-td the fortress was yjtlt-
•1 liy the director of Russian orisons administration.     Ont of     the
-      "ING   WELL;
1 CALGARY, May 19—Howard Dou-
gias, Dominion parks' commissioner,
returned yesterday from a ten-day's
inspection trip of tho buffalo parks
ut l.amont and Battle River. Mr.
Douglas was seen yesterday by the
AH crtun nnd said that beyond burning a short distance of the fence a-
roiinil tho park nt Lam'ont, the re-'
cent prairie fire had dont very little
damage. Tht buffalo, had eouie
through the' winter inroad condition nnd there had only been a Loss
nf live head out of four hundred, or
IJ j-er cent. There aro ten young
calvcsund about forty mure are expected.
Hay fftillng was ilissontlnusd last
Saturday and the animals ore now
rustling lor themselves. This could
have 'beta done a couple of weeks
earlier, but thero wm abundant supply of hay to be carried  over.
On 'Wednesday Mr, Douglas came
down to Wotnakawin' and went out
on tho Jirnnrh lino    to Inspect    the
One Hundred and Fifty Acres Back of the Cily Now
Chosen by C. P. R. Company, and Work W ill be
Commenced Sh ixly.
decidedly pretty.    The following    Is
the. complete    list of the firs works
' 1. Flight ot six 21-pound rockets,
exploding with sharp reports, tnd
scattering stars of overy hue.
| 2, Ascent of 14-inch shell from
mortar with loud report and tossing forth hundreds of feet ln the air
a wealth qf chrysanthemum bloom.
I 3. Ascent of lSi-inch shell, dis-
4.  Exhibition of Mammoth Water
| Fountains, discharging silver spray
and colored globes high in the air,
:24 ten-pound fountains,
I 5. Discharge of rockets, crimson
and green stars.
6. Discharge of rockets, cerise and
silver stars.
7. Discharge of rockets, azure and
amber tints.
8.. Explosion of shell,   pearl   and
Tho clearing of the lend along the R, town, and, as wus rem irked in
old Victoria road is. being pushed ra- tno Standar.l lest wool-, Mr, Duns-
pidly ahead, lt is a bit unfortu- muir himself is a C.l'.lt. stockhold-
nuto and rather a disappointment er, Thus it.is to liie advantage of
to tho city that the operations havo tho C.P.R. company to push the de-
dffcred no employment to men in tho vetopment of the city, and Mr. Duns- 0louwSv.t'?*fi- ,      . „
town.     There   aro loggers and tlm- muir has a  dual    Interest In     the    J*  *»Ploalon    of    Shell,     golden
bor men In tho city who have dono town's growth.   From *uch a    com- ."J™1 .■__,■„■-.■■_,_      __,,
nothing for-ovor six months.     They binotlon of Interests tho town    has     10-   Asceiit of    4-shot shell,    dtt-
aro waiting    for the camps to open everything to hope, nnd it is possib- Playing four distinct clouds of color
out again, and meantime tho cloar- lo that tho C.P.R. will purchase tho m^ram_momiea.
Ing oi this land would have    given   electric light debonturos.   lt is more
them  juat the    kind of work    thoy   than i'osslblo,   for    It is almost cer-
want,.    However, tho clearing wont   tain that the company will make  a
liy contract, and the contractor    is bid, and,    all other     things   boing
employing coolie labor. equal, their offer will assuredly    be
There is, the Standard learns,   to  accepted. '
be another bolt of 160 acres cleared I   This easy   sale    of the dobontures,... ■-- —	
on tho top of the hill, back of    tho . supposing it comes oil. and to such f,l*r¥___c^"nsol, "*"* exnete]- dura-
town.    As everyone knows that has a company as the C.P.R. -will   be ,a
■been up thore,   the soil, is of a par- great boost to tho town.    It means
that tho company hns satisfied itself that -Ladysmith is a good investment. The fact that the Canadian Bank, of Commerce- has bought
. :   ,        ,. ♦ —	
BiiBinesg Put Through and Session Adjourned After
Only a Fifteen Minutes Sitting.
liculai-ly rich and loamy nature, and
haa always been regarded as peculiarly fitted tor orchard purposes. A
f'oaring there has toon talked of for
venrs. Now the Standard is in a
position to state that instructions
have been issued, nnd tho .beginning
of tho work, of clearing Is not far,
away. This time, perhaps, there
will, be a chance of employment to
the. logger's jn tho town who have
been Of. long cAit of work.
It is also possible that the C. P.
Hallway Company will give a further earnest of its faith In tho city,
nnd of its Intentions to promote Its
material interests. Of course, In a
- senso, this is only natural. From
ono viewpoint. Ladysmith is a  O.P.
11. Grand Illumination of the wa-
, ter by powerful prismatic colored illuminators, rapidly changing colors
and discharging    globes of   various
shades high in Iht sir, giving    Hat
.reflections on the water.
12. Discharge    of aflat of Golden
ng   e "
tion stars,
18. Flight of rockets, electric flash
14,  Flight   of    rockets,    electric
spreader and emerald stars,
a lot and is going to build its own j   "* .f"*ht »' '•°**et,• ***    end
. l„„„        1„      n.n.T,   n-.lll...   nl f h„ ' °P*>    "UtS.
premises is proof positive of the
soundness of rlty investments. The
Bank and the Railway have spread
over tho Dominion togethor, and • it
may bo tnken for granted that when
the directors of the Canadian Bank
of Commerce, mako a movo they have
satisfied themselves that tho investment witl be sound and profitable.
In a sentence, tho city is coining
into its own and there is greater
prosperity ahead of it than it has
ever experienced or evon hoped to
rockets, prize com-
The sito for the power house for
tho city's electric light plant Is still
to select. ' A report was expected
from Mayor Nicholson on Monday
night, hut he was . called out uf
town and nothing was laid before
the Council, However, it is not divulging any secret to say that the
site below the bunkers is not avail-
List of Events for Victoria Day  Celebration Next Monday—Indian
Canoe Races a Feature. .
1(1, Flight of
etlc rockets.
17. Shell discharge, weeping willow tree.
18. Shell discharge, electric flash-
19. Floating -water display, electric batteries, 34-. Discharge to a
great height out of the water. A
fine effect.
20. Ascent of Golconda Rockets,
shooting meteors of stiver,
22. Ascent of Cornucopia or Triple-Headed Rockets.
23. Ascent of shooting colored
star rockets.
24. Asornt of eagles' claw rockets.
25. Shell of shells; four separate
breaks displaying beautiful effects.
26. Octopus shell. Fiery tentacles writhe in all directions across
the sky.
27. Design, the Jtwelled Column,
thirty feet high and ou Us surface
cf silver spray flre rapidly revolving
centres of brilliant colors continually change their hue to produce fresh
28. Aerial Whistling Contest by
swarms of lightning bugs aa thty
wriggle to earth.
28.  Rockets     with     varl-oolorad
er houso being in such close p.'d'flin- in the parade of an advertising
ily to thoir property, could not tee other nature, and the more entries,
their -way clear to grant a Rite un the more the entertainment, and the
land' which at any time they might more its success, Tae parade will
require themselves. form at the Crescent at 10.80. From
However there ure other conven- the Crescent It will proceed to Grace
iont and practical sites which have street, along Grace street to Hall-
nonc of theso objections. Tho com- burton, up ilnliburton to Dixon, to
pnny are willing to consider any of Milton, along Milton tc Wentworth,
theso and indeed Mr. F. Little wits to Wallace, along Wallace to Comox
so good us to promise to go ovor road, down Comox to Front street,
the ground ' himself so soon as ho along Front street to Commercial,
could get to Ladysmith. There Is pasting along Commercial to place
no doubt that a sito .somewhere of conunencement.
around tho Pavilion would bo pro- Tht following prizes have been of-
foritblo to uny othor and thero Is no fend for the parade:
Below will be found a complete
program of the Victoria Day doings
in Nanaimo next Monday.
The day starts off with a parade.
It it hoped    that citizens generally
nblo.    Tho Wellington Colliery Com- win enter into this parade and help
puny, besides objecting to .the ;„,\ ■ make it a success.    Everything goes
Rockets with veridtan start.
Jewelled - streamers. '
Shell, carmine cloud.
Shell, emerald cloud.
Fancy Motto, "Nanaimo, May
24th" in rich blut lance work, surmounted by rays of golden spur
31. Prismatic transformation Fan
Battery. A beautiful screen of colored and electric scinctlllationa rapidly changing form and color,
85. Second    Illumination of    the
sceno by masses of crimson and
orald fires,   illuminating ths    I
with a wealth of glow and color.
86. Rockets with Peacock plumes
and golden clouds,
37. Rockets with flashing silver
38. Rockets with caliope or tcrea-
Alwavs cause amusement  to
the youngsters.
88.   Searchlight rockets.
40. Shell, Golden Palm.
41. Shell, golden cloud end sapphires.
whP»eaSd It^nTTrZ &££  ***** S ^~¥ S^S
arose, at the Longchamp race cour»    *„,,„ the committee ha. not offer-,g£j *Jfi* briUlS.t nrTfoliag.
I   mnmir   fnr thn  hoof   Annntul_l   a,,- ,m -.    •** "
and colored blossoms,
reason to doubt that lt will bo
••--  4—.—j	
';     DARMES.
Latest    Paris   Fashions    at   Long-
* chomps' Riice Courso Almost
Created   Riot.'
Best representative Industrial or
commercial float. let prize, $20;
2nd, *10.
Three entries or no second prize.
Best comic float; to consist of flve
character*.   First, $25; 2nd, $15.       ,„„.
Beet comio float to consist of not 'JE.,;„
less than    two   characters.     First,
$10; 2nd, $5.
Best comic Individual character,
mounted or on foot.  1st, $5.
Firemen's Parade.    Committee   to
Sunday from tho npponranco in   tho ed money for tho best decorated au-
mombors' enclosure of four young wo- tomobilo, it ls hoped that the   au- i-J-a "ifi£" ~"«xi~>iosion-      whistling
mon   attired    ln     ultra-fashionable tomobile men    will decorate     «•-'••' ' e*P,fflsum'      w**'"1-'™*
gowns.   Tho   dressmakers of Ruo de machines and turn out ln the
la Paix frequently boom tholr latest ade.
creations at Longchamps, but   Sun- FOOTBALL MATCH.
day's experiment was too daring ev-     At 2 o'clock will take place at the
on for Parisians.  The gowns were so cricket grounds the big football game
classic, so tight-fitting, that somo of between     Ladysmith    and' Nanaimo
tho onlookers rubbed tholr  eyes    in soccer   teams.       This .will be the -v.--.-'
astonishment.  Others blushed, others grand cliinux    to a season of    tho
**«'r snaket.   ,
P""!   44.  Electric pearl shower rockets.
45. Chameleon or changing    star
46. Rockets, with trailing Japanese trailing stars.
47. Shell   discharge—Aerial rocket
48.  Shell, triple repeating, patrio-
turncd Indignantly away, while somo most Interesting and keenly contest- *|c color*
men Jaughod and Jeered.    Tho weai-- cd matches botweon these two teams     .Q   Mammoth set piece— Quintlplo
era. hnd boen sont   by   tholr employ- that has evor been hold between any „.,, *    nillaticliaf wheel, producing   a
...   in   ..l..~,lt.  .h.  T.,.„ll„,l    „l,„,,ll, twit   t,,„,„«   In   IMtiah   I'nhimMa aCHOU   UHUUCat  -Wrtan. .I*""'"""* _
wheel of sllvtr flre 20 feet In diam-
ers to ndvortlso the so-collod  sheath two teams in British Columbia. „„ ,„,. ,„ „.
gowns, an attempted revival  of the    At half time   the first pull ln the   ,     „    htoh -volVe a number   ol
Du-cctolro fashion.   Tho most sonsu- tug-of-war contest will bo held, and JJJJjjJJ \_^Tcshlres and flying   prlt-
.tlonnl of them hnvo a divided  skirt on ttxe expiration of tho game    the
matic colors, the effect, If    closely
Tho oxcltoinont become so gront thnt "nnl pulls will be held.    Entries for wJle|MdT, v^y anc.
tho pollco woro obliged to removo tlio th° tug-of-wer contest will be     re-l   .„   Hoeksts showing floating par-
young women from the enclosure.   A ™lyed up to Saturday night. Lady- ^J^    ,tn jjjn,^ fettebniof
■blushing policeman wrappod his clonk em'th will enter a  strung team and Sjn", '
around a divided skirt und conduct. I,"-tao,   ot     cou,'"s'  -*'111 •>* the™|   60   Rockets   electric shower,
od-tho owner to a cab.   Summonses w'th a  team. 8;      SM ^   t     Silver chrysan-
wore talked of, but tho pollco today     ** 6-8° the regatta,, ont ol     the'^      ^
decided not to act.   Director  Touny '"a*"'1'' features    of the day,     will,   M     8W1 ^t   crlmI0B ^ower.
let tho   inunlclpnl pollco, snld:    "It jommtnet on   tho    harbor opposite i   g„       8tal, ^t   etoctrlc    „„„.
seems theso    drossos nro tho   latest "» Provincial court house build ng.'   "^       DBW  ""•*-
fnshion.      I    think them somowhat llhon '»«*• lh'" l™'' wl1' »« malniy. ««• 8h „    ^^  ^     hlu    „,,
daring, but If    It Is   the prevailing confined to the Indian races,   which     £•   OM"    mKC<"
.      , , ,, ... , . nnn   vnatl.,        ,ntnn,.tln—      .—A    •■■.„■   v.nw.
fashion thoro Is nothing moro to   bo
are vastly    Interesting   and always, -ax-  a it, .   RMlMt.   rievio, _ _>,*.
take well with tho crowds. Nannimo. LJi, Af 5. \\^_^___i n-nound
Chamalnial.   I.aflvamlth    ValH«    and   *"!*n  by  the  flfUlg  Of  nine U-pOUno
Chemainus, Ladysmith, Valdez   and
prlsnnors rofused te Jtend iu _
ths director entered hls'tellfasm-irM
thoroupon given fifty lathes with
tho knout; Whon thdi other prisoners protested against this punishment tho wnrdiTt tttncktd them
with tht butt ends of thtlr rlfitp,
Inflicting eevert Injuries and ftndar-
lag many of thtm uneonetlout.
new perk 0h the Battle River which
ls between the C.P.R. and' tho line
«f thi G.T.P. It contains 108,000
acres' of splendid grazing land and
will lie stocked with the 250 _ nnl-
liinls that yet remain to he brought
from' Montana. The "-contract Mr
fencing this park*, 72 miles In length,
hns lieen lot td Mr. Breekenridgd of
Calgary. Tho contract culls for Its
coiitjijotlon by August which ntcnrs
tliCjii-illiiiiig of'one mile nnd n quar-
(♦» i«r day.
• 'liie government have also reserved
n,0Ulf tiiiinrc miles nt Jnspnr Pass
lor Another1 park to lie known as
.Ins, ar park, the scenery ln which
Is sold tn' rival tlint'df Rnnff. The
G.T.P. railway wlillinst through tho
centre ol It, Mr. Cnduier wjll leave
shortly to look over It and report
to the government'as to its ndnptn-
WV'      ■ t
"H-   :' .     ♦' :—
Morris, Men., Mny ip—Firs yesterday destroyed the residence ol L.
Korez, Just south of here, Tho family- had a narrow escape, Just get-
tlnr out In tlms.    Lots $8,000.
rockttt,   discharging festoons, hang-
Kuper island Indians hav, tignlned g™^'_^£ESZ Sk*l
tholr intention of entering crews '»/„tSi, ,u .fclch hang In mld-
ta\ oUwiltrof SS ^.^'S^auVslowl?l^ndflWuf
 . Iw present I th« *» *«> fertestlc color eftVote.
ALBERNI, Maj* 18,-Dave Oagnon    The following Is the programme of'   IbJ!!^,J_\__7?5om s^centiei
more commonly known hereabouts as the regatta: * ,"**vl«fl■'°™ta™' l^^_nil_7ZZ
■Frenchy."    completed hla su^con-    Best decorated boate-ltt $10, 2nd %£*a_*t£h%,^ »lS™?fier?
spray shoots 60 feot Into -the air and
falls again clour to the water, toss-
tract on the i-irht ol way on Thurs- $5, 3rd $8.
day, and a  number of men who hnd    11 paddle Indian cunoe race— let
been in Ills eni| loy left by tlie Str. $88, 2nd $44, 3rd $22.
Tees the same evening for Viotoria.     Amateur    championship
Mr. Oagnon cleared four miles    of Columbia—lst,     gold medal,
the'right of wav on ths loop, where $25; 2nd, $10 silver medal,
some of the hardest work had -  to entries „r no race. (Mile sculling),
be   done,     and he made a record    ll-paddlo    Klootohman's race—1st
that lieift everything else on tho lino. 155, 2nd $88.
When h« took his contract some ol    Flve-paddle    Indian canoe race —
the wiser heads smiled,  and looked i,t, a,1B| inA a.lrJ| ,srd $5.
forward   to nn early failure on hla    pjy, Md<n6 Klootehman'a  Race —
part, but  somehow or othor he kept i,t $10, and $7.50, 3rd $6.
at work, and  was always ablo    tp    Following    the regatta will    take
keep 0 gang of good worktrt with p^ th, nTO work, display,   which
him.   When    his Job was completed, this year will be tetter and bigger
the official ol the railway company, than tvtr,     $850 hat been allotted
whose Inspection    It had to    past, (or    the event.    During the regatta
commended    It as thoroughly satis- will take place'the illuminated  boat
factory. parade.     Good prizes are offered for
Mr. Oagnnn will remain In Alberni thls and every boat that It on tha
for tome time, and looks forward to harbor should be decorated In some
making ntw records, Bt Is a way, with the "sparklers" which
woodsman from away back, and ha* are n«w on, tale by the committee,
proved that to' tan deliver tht the effect produced on tht water In p.m., 8.15 p.m.
too**' tht evening after durlc, should     btasjd 10.80 p.m.
The eighteenth rogular meeting of ing on the point ?
the City Council was held in tho Aids. Matheson anil McKinnell both
City Hall on Monday evening. In informed him thut in rogiircl to theso
the absence of Mayor Nicholson, Aid- things there wns noUUug in tlie by-
erman Matheson presided and thoro lows. Tlie saloons wore closed not
woro present Aids. Campbell, Roberts by a by-law but liy tho provisions of
Haworth, Brown and McKinnell.        tho law of the province.
Two Communications were received Aid. Campbell remarked that wbjle
from Electrical engineering firms of many of tho saloons appeared to bo
Montreal and Seattle respectively, tight ;closod on Sunduys, a lot of
and on motion, wore ordered filed.       business   was    going on.  Only    tho
Accounts totalling $212.10 wore "business wus being conducted vory
presented, end referred ito tho Finan- quietly.
co Committee    to be   paid if found     Aid. Haworth drew    attention   to
correct. tho stairs in front of the law office
The Sanltory Inspector reported of Mr. Russell Simpson, on First
that Mr. T. Di Conway, of First Avenue. Tho property bolonged to
Avenue wns complaining of thc stato Simon Leiser & Co., and he would
of the ditch In front of his property, deprecate the idea of tbo stuirs bo-
The ditch was blocked up. Lest year ing torn down before that company
Mr. Conway's son cleaned the ditch had been properly notified.
out himself.- Mr. Conway askod for! Aid. Matheson said ho understood
the City,to look after it. | from Mayor Nicholson    that Messrs,
On motion the report was ordered Simon Leiser   & Co., were perfectly
filed, and the road foreman instruct-!-willing to have tho stairs removed,
ed to attend to the nuisance    com-     -Aid. Haworth   expressed tho opin-
plained of. I ion that,  after finishing Second Ave-
The City Clerk reported that in nue, they would be well advised to
the matter of the disputed account finish the work on First Avenue
with Constable Halhead of Chomain- while they had the services of Mr.
us, the man who had cauBed tho Love. It would bo tlio only big
troublo had paid the money. He had street Job they would have, and Mr.
accordingly forwarded tho money to Love seemed to thoroughly under-
Constablc Halhead. stand tho   work.      Accordingly    he
Aid. Matheson said that he had thought it would lie well to have tho
had a conversation with Mayor work completed on First Avenuo be-
Nicholson on Saturday night and fore thoy lost his services.
the course of which the latter had .Aid. Haworth then drew tho nt-
told him that he expected tho street tention of tho Cuuncil to tho fact
work on Gatacre Streot would be that tho bow,ing alley man was ad-
flnished on Monday, and that then it (ling to his building without having
start would be mado on Second submitted a plan to the Council. If
Avenue. they had by-laws he thought    thoy
Aid. Haworth raised the question ought to be followed,
of shutting up bowling alleys and Aid. Matheson pointed out that
billiard saloons on Sundays. They tho by-laws only called for plans
were closing up the saloons, and ho when thc buildings touched tho front
thought they ought to enforce the edge of tho lots. In Mr. Parrott'fl
same ordinances in respect to other cise he was building only on the
places of amusement. He wns not bn*k of tho lot, and he wus tliero-
suro about the bowling alley, but ho fort not obliged to submit plans.
wns positive that playing was going Tin- ouncll then adjourned after
on in the new billiard roor:s on sitting very little longer thun fif-
Sunday.  Had the.- any by-law j libar- toerr.uii'-iiltns.
A public   meeting will beheld *
in the Council Champers on Tues *
• day evening, May 20, at 8 p.m., •
for the   purpose   of considering *
the advisability   of   celebrating *
Dominion Day.' •
D.  NICHOLSON, Mayor.   •
LAPORTE, Ind.,    May 19. — Tho
board of county commissioners after,
bitter   debate hore Saturday,   lu f
Hnwlliornlhwni+e   is"    Nominated to
Conti-st Smith's Se.a.
Tho Sui-iulists have entered   their
man    for the next Federal Election.
Hawtho.-ntliwaite  is  to  run agninst
Smith ana tlie Conservative   cauui-
.te.    This fi.'cisinn ,\us nrrii-od   at
Socialist Convention held in   Na-
which the conviction    was expressed j naimo on Sunday,   J,
by members that Mrs. Belle Guiness
was still alive, appropriated $0,000
to be spent in clearing up the mystery of the "house of death."
When an attempt wus made in the
city council to obtain an appropriation of $14,000 to pay detectives,
tho coronor's special assistants, and
to provide for tho expenses of the
trial of Ray Lamphere, unexpected
opposition developed.
John G. Matthews, one'of the most
potential members of the body, declared that he did not believe that
Mrs. Guineas was dead and Insisted
that all Mb neighbors and friends
were of tho same opinion. Matthews has a wide acquaintance, and
his statement indicates very nearly
the trend of opinion on the case In
Laporte county.
Matthews argues that lt was ridiculous to suppose that Mrs. Guiness'
head could have been burned oil hcr
body, while tho hands of the children wore scarcely' more than scorched.
"What senso Is there ln appropriating money to pay detectives, who
insist at the start that. MrST Guiness
is dead?" remarked t member ot tho
The attitude of Matthews slai-tod
u hot discussion that lasted all dn.
Tho Gui'iess case in ail phase:, of tho
mystery was discussed.
In its final action tho council
ngreod upoit a compromise. A resolution appropriating $11,000 wus
passod to second reading, which
practically amounts to final adoption, ol the $9,000, $5,000 Is appropriated for the county commissioners, who are to use it os thoy
desire for the unravoling of tho mystery, but it was tacitly understood
that most of tho $5,000 Is to be offered "for the apprehension of Mrs.
To earn the reward pruiiored on
these terms, it will be necessary for
detectives to prove that Mrs. Guiness Is alive and return her Into
FERNIE, B.C., May 10.—The mine
at Michel, belonging to the Crows'
nominatior ,,f
being   unani-
Mr. Hnn tin rnthwiiitu
mdusiy 6%H vead.
Whato-er t,. result of the election
muy be Lhe . uiitest will ceri finly be
replete w.U cident i.nd excitement.
Smith 111..1 iiuwMiiii-n:;hwaite are bitter eneiv s and tho campaign will
produce Homo spicy disclosures'! bitter rect'minotiinis and tempestuous
orator,, Smith, supposing hc comes
to the scratch, has tno fight of hia
life in front of Hi\n.
Meeting ai..  1 ractlco Will lie Hold In
tho  U'loteri.rd Ifirb        "1-
ni^'nt at 8 O'l lit
At a meeting leet night in ths
Abbotsford parlors the an !e voico
cht. r. which bus bt jn so long talked
of, was ut Inst doflnttoiy started.
Tho rneetin.f w-ib not wi web attended as it ' .;Ht to bave been, but
now that the thi. g has been launched the singers will ho doubt turn
The first jiriu-tise will be held tonight In tho Abbotsford parlors at 8
o'clock, and all those who hav* giv,
on in tholr names ure requested to
attend. Mr. McMurtrie has generously placed his parlor at tho disposal of the choir, and as all singing must cense at 9.80, the singers
■will see the necessity of boing thero
on time.
, „ ..ull Ing up at the ■ame tlna'taix* color- N«t Vvm Conl Company, went   on
OI   Haitian   _j„irttllia  n»  dm   -.hi.*).   r\t_-  nitft  full.    afvlatA VAHtanlnv      hncnUSQ.   as      thev
IUU    ||U     (Hi     tllO    ■(Vital;     UlU*    iniKf    WO**m AV\-mt¥     aV *SJSSS»      VUW       ww«a|™MJ|       " »-a» vaa> 1      11 J   It a      a.I
edglobes of fire which rite and fall,   strike yesterday    because, as    tiny     There was a  Jolly wedding at tho
,   M.   Discharge ' of rocket battery, claimed, one of the miners employed  Rafter residence on    Saturday even-
T°re,> containing fifty rocket*.    Filling the had been discharged by the company (n      h    Mla. ,Annio Rafter and Mr.
nifl.       , ->_        _.ial   _■   -   .Al.   _*     A....  A.lnnaU    it.....    A—..     1....    ...nu ■Chi,   nnn,_ B
air    with a wealth of Uery colored without any Just cause.    The com-
Wm. Thomas wero married hy    the
psny,     refuting to    reinstate him,
President Sherman, of the     United Rev. Jos. McMillan.     Both families
Mine Workers of America, and Secre- are old-timers In the district,     and
tary J. A. MacDonald, who went to tt,(, yomg people   oro widely known
there was a  largo number of friends
tlon of th* union.
The following is    th* tptclal train> ...,.."...... • o o
mrvice that will ta to efftrt Monday,* J^l,™ I
between   ladysmith aad Nanaimo   I*     • , NOTICE.
TialhTloavn^cWith as follow*:,» , The regular meeting of the. Clt- '
9 SO am 11 am, 11.57 a.m.. 9 * >*>ns league will be held In the •
pim/sVprn.^ borrow  night  a, »
10,55 p.m.
Trains leave    Nanaimo al follow*:
8.15 a.m., 10.16 a.m., 1 p.m., 9.45
5 p.m., T p.m.,
7:80 o'clock. -Business of impor
tnnco will he brought up and n
full attendance Is requested.
G. WILSON, Secretary. '
nt the wedding, and after tho ceremony had beon duly pertornwd there
was a regular Jolly time, In. whloh
everybody Joined.   ■
The young people were the recipients of n large number of'hand-
some and useful presents, and they
enter Into their new life loaded with
the best wishes of their friends. til I .. I.J.I —
a ^xuIa. m)I-mmm*Wm-namnmmm
|l You Require Ana
Or If You Require Any
Motel* Pauls, Ooavejranoar.
LADYSMITH,  1.0. *
CHICAGO,   May M.-Th*,8o6tol- (Fret Prow/'. Tiol Sei-vjc*.)
lets la, national convention last eve- The Brothu4bud    of Boilermakers
nlng adapted,   a platform alter    a aod Iron    Shipbuilders of America,
long   debate that grew acrimonious will meet in annual convention    in
at times.    As noon tu tbe platform St. Paul next month.
Was    adopted,   the convention pro- -
ceeded, after midnight, to select    a At -  mmtini;   of tha Ohbt VaUev
T_d£a%' Debb.6"!!,- -^"T, ■$¥ AS     "elt.
AGREEMENTS Drawa g*^ *$»»*? ^hV&mf$^tmm
ed before the delegate*,     Phil Gal- _Z_}0 ™" **- WW* WB* ""•   '
gary,    o(    Missouri   presented   the ■■"■'"■   "■ ■-.    ■ -
name of Debs in a-speech assailing    _J.      , ' .        -.A
President Roosevelt for his "unde- ^ Milwaukee to., /preparing to enter-
■irable citizen" remark*, and declar- ta*B the annual convention of the
ad the president to be "the most L'01"*m*«lal >Telegraphers' Union of
despicable ooward the world haa ev- America .next-monto. 4 rttlvi :
er known.    He denounced the seen- .trrrfrrr-, .,,-.,■■
tory of war for having drunk the The Son- Franeteoo Labor Council
health of the Czar of Russia. Be has appointed a committee to con-
also oust aspersions at W. J. Bryan, aider and report upon- the best way
John Sparge, of New York second- of overcoming the effects of' the  reed the nomination of Debs, cent    court."decision:   In Injunction
Pi ATE* tit ico     Seymour Stedman of Chicago pre- cate*. v),.   /Ho.i .:... i    i. '■'
•rLillli UJUA'99 seated the nam*   of Simons, declar-            V   .-■   '»i ;'a)  Ul J
Ing Debt to be physically unfit    to    The California'State Convention of
«r if You Want to Buy a HOUIB, make the race.    This remark caused the National Assocltftlttn' of Statlttn-
or Ball One:   or If You  Want      tut supporters of Debs to burst forth try Engineers lr'tb Be' held Irt Stock-
In a pandemonium    of shout*    and ton, on June 11, 13 and 18,   under
hisses.    Mora clamorous debate and tha auijilce* of the Stockton    local
many recriminations followed..           union of the association.
Debs received 153 votes.    The poll ■ ■■   %
of the vote* proceeded until IM had    ^ Carpenters' District Council of
^wZS^'vtoS ^r^n'Sil' B^nhoTSted a trial oommlt-
was moved by Victor Berger of Mil- ^ hteh ,„ h()W!e(orth ^.r and
waukee that the nomination be mad, ^^ aTjiffiS Sd trade
w«h'rZf»..!h!!hSif,>B •uM--mmPXPtf^% 1»,™toethlr-
^tUmrStnfo^N^.  York. famMfa& W
Ladysmith   Standard
Published on Wednesdays an* *alur-
a*aya Afternoons by the I
Robt. R. Hindmarch,
One Year
an Muatl.e
AUvarttalng Rates on Application,
was nominated for Vice-President.
4 -—
LONDON,   May lO.-America still ganization.
holds the world's amateur court ten- >
Tht Bakers' Union of San Francisco has appointed a committee to
j prepare, a .recommendation to .the
] international. convention, that it to
meet lh October to erect a, home for
aged and disabled members p^ theb'r
I8CHIPTI0N PRICE. nis championship. Jay Gould having     r.h(a.™ i.   77x7—, .   ™,n».
 H.50 a**"1   defeated    Mills, the British' J^S^jLi     it i.^ iJ^£
"^ a. ni»v«r  <n. tt.. naitiah tiff.    ». u,. mBn ■ hotpital..... It„i* to bt an in-
fi player, for the British title    at the "IT? ., »-"■"»'•-•"'.'■■ <™ ™ "J" if
" US'.n,,htr.T»™. »«tut.on fuanaged. co-operative y by
Queen's Club this afternoon,
the labor unions, In which tree treat-
Gould's    victory by tiu-ee sets, to ^"^ medMne"will"be gKen'The
one. was easily and complete,    and KieTof wrldnmum ta Urn?   of
he    doubtless could have won    in j«|!.«!«      •"""•eiuaaf fu uu™
straight sett had he tried,   He wat ""■"»■.
LAPORTE,    Ind.,   May 16.- The not    takin« "W chances,   howtver,'       ,- . . '
burial lost niirht of Andrew K Hal- "md decided to take a rest alter.' P1^JS,b<^n«Lmft<to.V1!8.8*™?
gSsta marks"tie bogZtaT of' te. ">- amashing victoria, in the first. ^^"'-^^SiTs^k^.
final stage ta the Ga^uessfaxm mta- "*- "Kond «***. Hs had his own th* Central Labor Union of Spokane
teriee eTfaJadhZan~ £&£ , *•*• '" »e fourth set. Hi. service £ Went a^or Temple in that
concerned. Two more corpsaTw "" exceptionally excellent and com- cRy to cost ars.OOO. There are
posed to have beentoomrtJelni o'«t^ baffled the former British »™> thousand union men to Spo-
Oleen and oTe'^W'hav.iTeen '-hampion in all but the fifth and- Sf. •$__ W^fffol toem
partiully identilieii^but to IdinUfJ *fr* 8™" <>' «"> «»t aet wUoh. t^l"? W5 worto of "stock'the ne-
the remaining victims no clues ex- mrt w0° °y M1Iee* I*0 English-
ist. The relics taken from the man was n°tnl,1« fka hi. proper
death form, such as watches, snd 'orm and teemed quite demoralized
rings, may ultimately load to the ,mt" t08 third set wa* reached,
identification of some of those   who '♦"
were    caught in   the Guiness death
Yesterday     witnessed    important STRIKE,
findings    regarding the bodies    un- '——
earthed, one by the dentist,     who Stones and Clubs Used— Cor. Stop-
bridged Mrs  Guiness' lower Jaw fu* P*d in ail Sections of the
artificial    teeth, and that the pitce City by Rioters.
of jaw bone found ta the ruins was ——
from her skull.    The other si'n-crib-     CLEVELAND,    May   10.—Rioting
ed to by three  experts,   showed the and violence,    although not serious,
body taken from the cemetery „' the marked the early hours of tha strike
farm was that of Andrew lldi„'u;ein.  of the conductors and motorman  on
cessary amount can be raised.
According to Mr*.' H. L. Goodrich,
secretary of the Woman's Educational and Industrial Union "of Boston,
th* Increase In housework wage* during the laat five years, as shown' by
the records of the Domestic Reform
League, is as great, if not greater,
than in any other line of work.
The methods by which the vicVuii tat lines of the municipal traction
were put to death probably will ne- company here today. The strike
ver be known, and the ident.il ■ of waa commenced at three o'clock this
seven of the corpses is another puis- morning, following a stormy all-
tie, night meeting of toe carmen.     The
The extent to which Ray Lam- order went; into effect at 5 o'clock,
phere shared in the secret rf Mis. From the beginning there waa trou-
Ouiness ls a third. The statu . in- bie in getting ears out. One of tot
sltte that it haa positive evidence hret disturbances of consequence took
against Lamphere and the deetce PlttC* at toe Laktvltw car barn*,
positively states that ike piifonw where Chief, of Police Kehler. wal
can't be proven guilty of sieiting struck by a stone burled at the po-
the-fire, or of having ourticilutod in lice by a strike sympathizer. An
the murders. effort to run the car* from tbe Lake-
The grand jury, It is nni.v. need, v'aw barn* was opposed by tht
will begin to investigate the evi- striken. The men on toe ear* rt-
dence gathered by Shm-in* S-i ctier 'en— to leave and a crowd gathered
and   ProMoutor   Smith ui Vnday °» the police, headed by toe   chief.
Fernie,   May 16.—Tht No. 1
: mine at Ooal Creek, ol the
Crow't   Nest Coal Co., which
> hat been    closed for two    or
; three months, will resume
work on Monday, giving employment to.   about 800 men.
; The miners have accepted tht
: management's terms.
MATTEWAN, N.Y., May 10.— W.
B. Shepherd, a farmer who llvod
about four miles south of Mattewon
his wife,and.a j servant named Jennie Dendy were found dead in a farm
house today. It Is believed , they
■were murdered. ' An Infant':'still
alive but badly injured, was found
lying near the bodies.     '      '    " -'"'
were rushed to toe barn.    In    the
melee    stones and club, were
and many were slightly injured. The
cart aro    being   stopped ia all	
tions by the striker* and their sympathizers. A Paint avenue car wa*
derailed by a rail thrown across
ths track*. Th* crew on a Smith
avenue car was dragged from th*
car and assaulted. The motorman'.
scalp was laid open. On east ninth
street a mob of fifty men tore up
toe ear track* and tram* was stopped. Ht
For the most part people walked
to' their places of business this morning. During the first hour or two
after the inauguration ol the strike
there wo* little trouble. It was
not until after seven o'clock that
any semblance of rioting occurred.
MONTREAL,    May   10.—Cardinal
Logut,    tht primate ol all Ireland,
arrived    in'   the city 'tots morning
from Niagara Falls, and wat given a
royal welcome by local Irishmen.
HI* Eminence received' press repre-
t_._tl±e.lt,.tm       ~ 1. .*-.*.       I. .af      a : a ..
TORONTO, May- 15.-*B** Brett .... ___umluK. rweiveu nroaa ™Br«.
Martin, on. lot T^ntottauUnglaw, sentative.^oA^redfa'teZ "JE
W, will onjwje S»an Dr, ftme. toe his arrival, and chatted m tobies
SvSS*?. ?L .•*J«tttl0?' '» Toronto pertaining to Ireland. P
.uJuJ? "» 'o^<»n.hvf provincial    Regarding home rule, he said    he
etetmn8' alway. was and always would    ta!
of  that,
.fi.'SJ"""'. ft.**l8 artt Woman ln » Pronounced   advocate
to. hlrtory of the Dominion to    be There could nover p_T_% real p^
nominated    for   parliamentary hon- parity for Ireland untllrttTbtalned
home rule.
-♦■ — : Itegardtag the atutude of toe pre-
tsnt Uberal    Party towards tot Ir-
Cardinal Logu*
Th* shoemakers of, Italian , birth
ta Philadelphia have been organizing a societv for mutual benefit.
'Hie toclety hat .been In existence for
about a, month, and has made application for a charter under the
lawa of Pennsylvania, with the title
"Italian "Mutual Aid and I<en'eflclal
Society of Shoemakers ol Philadelphia."
come to end It on Saturday,
■wore   absolutely   no   arrangements Held.
5!?*5! !•<* u?»Dle ■*• Put_a *°ajif on. the Nanaimo should have obtained
would   still
Nqnaimo -United nre the Champions mado for    the   game.    No one had put in ah appearance    Forrest  was' hollow ^fashion,  but  It
of thu Islnntl und of British -Uolum-, looketl- after the grounds even and It nbt there,   and none of the regular """ """ •"-■-•--    ■
bin. Evon to us In Ladysinith there was loft to Con Jones to do that, forwards. The places of these able somo sort of consolation that at J Even thon there was no gate, no offl- sentees were filled by substitutes
least, the honor Is still un tlio Is- cial referee—In,short not a thing had picked up on the ground and lt was
land, and If wo were to lose It then been done, ! against   this    scratch   'combination
wo would rather it wont to   Nanal-    It may bo that some part of    all that Nanaimo battled for what was
mo.Minn anywhere else  . this muddle, was.due.to. tho altera- intended to be the highest   football
. Tho   Nanaimo    buys    deserve tho tions that   had been made   ta    the honors   in the province.   Naturally
honors.    It must be said that thoy dates owing to the Shield Compett- play was   never    really interesting
got the B. C. Championship   onsily tion.      As    a matter of   fact,   the Walker, who played goal for  Nanal-
enough,    but there was never   much Shiold Committee had no right and mo never handled
doubt about them accounting for tho really no reason for cutting Into the and yellows were always round
was none of' their fault that the opposition Was not stronger, and had
it been the strongest in Vancouver
I believe the Islanders u>„,,i,i „.in
have carried it off.
Centralias. -Champions.
Thistles. As it hus turned out they Association dates. Still if, when tho
got the first game by default and alterations -were made, proper ar-
the second thoy -won from a scratch rangomonts hud been made there
team us thoy pleased. would not  have been much   ground
Mr. J. G. Drown, in his vitlodle-for complaint. As it was the match
tory address to tlio Islund Associa- wns spoiled, toe competition robbed
tlon, expressed tho opinion that tho of all interest, and football in Van,-
U. C, F. A,, wns unnoccoasary, and cotiver given a serious and regret-
could.easily bo done without.  There table, setback,, ,     '. ' ■   "  ;T.
was further proof that tho time had    At the   last,   monen*. the Thistles
goal and they bagged three ln the
flrst half, not counting three Hurren
put through from an offside position.
In the second half they had thing,
even more their own way. The game
became a farce. The locals had
piled up eight goals, and might easily- have doubled lt had they so
chosen, when the whistle blew for
full time,    It 1. rather a pity  that
The Centralias have captured the
shot. The Black llS^^ r^J^-^
,ivs r„u„d the .leading all the season toe Shamrocks lost out on Sunday by the
odd goal of the match, the Centralias scoring two goals to their one.
Tho game was keenly and vigorously
fought from start to. finish and the
feeling exhibited by the players made
lt Interesting for the spectators. Unfortunately the weather waa wretched and the gate suffered in consequence.
Nanaimo, Mav 18,-   I-FJUBMONT,   W. Va..
WW YORK. Kay ia.-Wtir York-
" "V""7 muck agog o,vtr tot to-
Utah, into tho cholera camp. The intense heat and the absence of run-1
nlng water necessitating dependence
on tho muddy village water.    >.
'"'■"'      at 4	
SIMLA, May 18.—An outbreak   of|
cholera has compolled tho withdraw-'-. __
al of nearly all   the whito   troops Usual Poor' Araangemtntt In Eflect 'lemporarUy Insane, according* to"hls fJattJ"!?!^ *.»*»a*i'»4»s*ot of Mr*
with MaJor.General Wllllcok first col-,    for Final   Championship 0am* -   own statoment. the Rev™S. A. Coll- 551*J.Iff1 *.. J'SJ" k■l,w,* '» -~
**> Vanoouvar on Saturday.        man, 50 year, old, a prominent Me- Sorti"   FaotaiTd-ZTS.''?  ^!"
          <           '   ttoduvt    EpiKopal clergyman, killed l«^ wi^i^ ffi ^to &£
The final match for to* Brfttth Col'-hi* wift early today by cutting her a iwth.**ns Lu eSTrt^S. *£?
umbla championship was played  at- throat.    A moment after toe crime, lettable Hotel Plaza b? F?«w,Z!t
ter all    at Vancouver on Saturday, he tays. he regained hi. teases and where the payt MOO a month'72
J utt before going to press on' Sat- realized what he had done.    He sur- bar small apartment, 'flma ah.
                    -    urdey a  wire wat received at   thi* rendered himself and was looked up. looks out oa tha —--—- of tZntn.1
NEW YORK, May 18.-W. Russell, office, stating that no gam* wat to »»•'■ Ooffman resides at Hosstown, a- Park, wner* betoitoahTauitdl^da.
United States minister to Venezuela be played between Nanaimo and tot laat three mile* from here, and lain after day lata the'back yards <*
arrived here today eu route to Thistle.. A* matters turned out, charge of two of throe local chur- -scrubby tenement*
Washington, D.C. Mr. Russell said however, the; Nanaimo men went to' ches. HI. wife wat a member ot a At to* Piaza Mra Green still con-
little information wa. obtainable at the ground* about 4 o'clock and prominent local family and waa 88 ttautt away of to* habit* tht ae-.
Caracas regarding conditions at La- waited toe coming of; the Thistle*, >'•*>* old. quired In her years of living the
guiria, which is under clots quaran- who it appear* bad given a tort of During tot Past week or two Rev. elmple life. She refuses to havs say
tine as a remit of the outbreak of half promise that they would play. Cdffciisn ha* been conducting a str* of tht maid* or- bell boy* assist her
bubonic plagus. Tht B.0. Football Association -'toade; let-of revival services and hat bean hat requested tot teltphon* removed
Porto Cabello, Ven., May 18.— It no arrangements whatever for the adding many to the membership ' of from her rooms, and orders lnexptB-
it believed that the bubonic plague ganit. Nothing had been don* re- toe churches under hit cart. Yester- alve meal*. By .'following the cir-
has broken out here although toe garding tot referee, the gate, or the <,aS' he finished his revival and ap- cultloua rout* and availing bereelf
exact nature of the disease which grounds. The whole affair adds fur- peared to feel pleased with the re- °' atveral free transfers th* It able
started hat not yet been decided. ther weight tb the general cohton- »ult. -About mldnlgl t 'e and his t0 go to her office every morning for
There have been three new cases of tion on the Island, that the B.C. wife were discussing i ere services. * "lekel. Mrs. Green ha* carefully
mllarial fever, and one has resulted Football Association matter* ' need when ht suddenly soi-eu u poker, ?°nona!td tot motivtt that Impelled
fatally. Some persons declare the a general overhauling If tod attoeia-*and began beating her oa th* head. Dar tomnve to th* Plaza. It it
of tlon ls to remain totect.' There was a rtruggle during which run,or*<1' howtver, that tht desires
After waiting about In to* mltei^" "rt. Cofftntn succeeded    in escaping ,0 "**■ ln*°, aociety tine* th* eogage-
- -™t   other   daughter flylvia  'ito
low Astor    Wllk*, grtat mad-
tot    first John Jtcob Attor.
eleven that hat put up such a strong ht caught up with hor another ba* __"__ "_._,__   _   '_'
disease had all
bubonic plague.
the symptoms
<   niw   wuiuttg aDoui m cnt miser-:«»a. .vwwnan .ucceeuea    in escaping ~ **,
able weather   till about flve o'clock' from tot house to a garden at the £*■'.   '
or later, the Thistles finally turned rear, -j '  Sht   wat closely followed, "*■""<»
up.    It wa. not however the Tnlttle however, by her husband and  when f0." 5' J
Ht't alway. "carrying weight."
The Labor Council of tho Women's
Auxiliaries of Greater New York has \
for; ltt; purposs tot storting    of    a.„ .,   .' ,'    ..   , "
systematic movement by., the trad*. *' bJ«|* *» ««ok*d his face    gets
unions to make the union label    ne-     ..   ■"*« .       ,     ! ,■    , . _
cettary to employers as a means  of  .■*••» ,*ruMl',u'0 Put 'il1«ht:.
selling their gooda    It is. composed A* tta,_dtan,r tobl° ;h0    *op, u*
ct one representative, from leach wo-
—„ _  Wl   * d<l,1*", *a* thtrt'l* any"'
Thereis never a sorrow, and never fight    during the season, but    one-tie for*her life took  placti'coffman aag mont. M    It it generally
a pain comprlted    chiefly   of   Intermediate had taken a knife with'him,    and    *(M tost it exist*.
Which comes in Mils world ol sighs, players, and these were easily   ont- «**» he hsd her powerless ln    hill •
But what It felt by Adolphut Gain, classed as might bt expected by the grasp, ht cut her throat from ear i GOTHAM'S "400" THING OF THE
Poor chap, it't a wonder he'e not Nnnalmo    men,    who did not* exert'to'oar, causing instant death. CAST.
insane, bn.f?,   ,       i       themselvet in scoring eight goals.    '   AMprJIing to a ttetamant by Rev.    NSW YORK, May W.-It It    no*
Ht* one of those bashful guys.      I  Thus It waa a tain*   ending    tb CoAnan, whsn    he looked on    toe "needed that Gotham's "Four Hua-
„,_.,, .   „     , ', ""a* hat been the^^ greatett'footoallfM'eleitiody    of Ms wife hts ssnity '*»*" 1* * thing of to* part.    Th*
Hit education u good. You know „„„„ ,„ Brtt,^ oclumhia football, wm Immediately restored and he re- Sf»«" •»•*• bttn' toundtd by Mtotrltk
n^,f.*^-T*rd/.*!?"' . w.Th»'0nly tatitfactory ftlni'abbM It a«n*fd'Jirhat he had done. Be came T- *tartta, who hat bttn tat most
But hit etream of talk never ■tart* |* that th* bttt team har won. ■"   !; here aad *urrender7d httneeU te the «?nw>l<>uouf man In Ntw York    to.
to flow, I      .     _4, ____ 'pollct.  Rtv.   Colbnansay.it    had f*m7 •*• Past winter.   tThl* popular
Poor fellow,, he'i.alwayt embarrass-1 li*e1< hi* tatentlon to kill not only -*-** *«lartt that It I* Imprwslbl.
•" ao, ....,,       • t ............ , , ,. his wtf,, but alto   hit family    tad ____ "T *o group and etassify to-
«*aty. owtaf to tha feot that    to*
i cacn wo*        j  ■*"■"■■■
t auxlllar-' belonging to a trade .**■■ ■^,1?* ■•"nailf, at horn* ta _b«l
union In the greater city, and   one ''        '
representative    fro:;; each trade uni
ion having   a... auxiliary I ln connec
tion therewith.
London. Ont., May 18.—London's
population lu now 48,541, an ' Increase of 770 compared- with last
Montreal, May 10.—Broken hearted over the. death of his wife, who
had been "dead less than-a week,
Isaac David, *< 60 yeart of ag*, resident ot Tetreaultville, committed sul
cide by banging himself in a shod
at the rear of his home.
London,    May 16.—Hayden, a 10
to 1 shot, woa tbt, Jubilee handicap.
3,000 sovereign*, lor toreo-year-oldt
and up,    mile   and a quarter,    at
Kempton   .Park.     Wm. Plark's All
Black wa. second.    Geo. Fabss' Ma-
lua third,   j ■,     ,
Pilot Mound, Man.', May 16.-Fer-
rler Laller, a well known citizen of
this    place attempted tuicide    last
night by shooting himself with a revolver.     After haying shot himself
Laller    cut hit throat with a knife.
It I*    believed he wat drunk.    No
hope it bald out for hit recovery.
Where be would be out of sight.
bag at to*
Pekin, May 10.—The propoeed    a-
FLEETis off'-to tttwimM., tm°U_7Z. 'up^v"tX^.lS.PTT £T,nV01' ^'■*«"■»"■•■ of th.
SAN FRANCISCO, MaylB- The 1* queiUoB CaMmlTliSl.^J.'a n,"0,,i%C<",tr0Ter*y ""t1"" J»-
Unlted states At& b^tMUp thaiqtoat°party^'l^rgot^lfh? Ytta -^JStSL'SS da»
fleet, under command of War Admlr- Ptatonlc,   frl»d.,dp, fcr JtfWltfe ant? t^T^OnnZ &
,    2-car^itd0, To r^nav*^' SSSS. %&*"■ ^,' t
al Sperry,   weighed   anchor  at   ..
o'clock this morning  and sailed out .,  » „.„,„, ra„ nttv
of San Francisco bay in a drizzling "yen. put it on their platform    for
rain, for Puget    Spund.   The   flag- next election.
nL\ Co"noctic|,i- headed the column.    The cardinal denied strongly that
The    fleet" Is due to reach Puget he had taid Australia was on    toe
Sound May 21st. verge of rebellion, a statement Pre-
-_—,AT" * -let Deakin in the House of Repre-
prrTSBURG, Pa„ May 18. - The "entaUvts   at    Melbourne yesterday
Alleghany   Bank    suspended   today vigorously dtnouaetd.
shortly aftor 9 o'clock, the tallowing    "I wa. never la Auttralla."   taid
notice waa    posted   on the door:- hit eminence, and "I nevor taid    a
Clottd by order of the comptroller word about it.    The whole    thimr
md    placed   ln charge of National **t fabricated by reporter* ta New
Bank examiner.
York who wanted to make a
tioa." ,
A*k*d   whether    Irish .	
were now preferring to com* to Canada instead of the United States,
Brentford,   Ont.,' May 16.—
lonce continues in connection
to* strike of toe moulders at
Buck stove work* In thW bli
tack* by unknown parties w	
last   nudnight,       The   attack last
night was on two houses occupied by
Son-union meq, Conelderable damage
'at' dont but no ont. Injured,'
._. [ay   16,-rThe foreign
today denied the report that France
hat Issued an ultimatum to the port*)
It, hi* trousers
,   he think*
' That everyone wears a sneer.
And If anyone    laughs, and    slyly
He knows ht't the cause, and    his
spirit sink*
Till hit face ia white with fear.
And when a girl trie* to talk    to
He feels that hit boot* art nines,
Hit (ipt get dry, and hit face growl
He cannot talk to the maiden trim,
Hit forte ia ta making signs.
Ah, 'tis an affliction, gentle friend,
A sorrow, to make one cuss.
Tht bashful fallow, you may depend,
Hat p woeful life to the very end.
Poor Gain, he Is SO like ITS.
..' ♦	
Rioting in the olevbland
u        CAR STR1KR
Many acts of lawlessness wore committed in connection with the street
car strike between midnight and
dawn today. Trolley wires wore cut
crows i were drlvon Irom their care,
and in some instances ' non-union
men woro attacked by strikers and
sympathizing friends. Trolley wires
in Lakewood, u western suburb were
cut in several places with tho result that thc Municipal Traction
Company announced . this morning
that -no further attempt would be
mado to run cars In that section until tho Lnkowood authorities guaranteed protection for its men and
cars. Because of alleged discrimination in farce against Lakewood by
tho Municipal Traction Co,, it is
claimed that the authorities of tho
town are making no effort to suppress lnwlcss acts committed by
strike sympathizers.
_j   _„u .1 m        mm. ht* tuto ttvtrt wtotajt, thata btMef
?r BlilieVraa and Pool He I*0* Uuit  "> Caoaa* tbst  »««"<*
nil ~v*   *5 nav* tlr    months' work fn^tummer,
ami *lx month.' Mleatst ta winter.
he aald they were not. Wl»»ii.t'»wi,ma.8r th6 tormt of which diplomatic
emigrated, they preferred to s»t*W ■ I*?0"* b^Wte11 **• two, govern-
where where ths British hat did not'mtat' ,ha" ceue ,n ten day> units*
fly. That iu whv to many wtatlTJ?!lev ,uIlv "»«ini>"a toe right* of
to thc United States. , 7? ," il*«,ch •uW«eta in the matter of the
Another reason why they did not .^'"W "t"*";     Tto »»gotlailioa*
come to Canada wat because Canada
are stjlf pending.
Bett Liquor! and Cig.in.
IrrotUS, Man., May la.-The
__ . , „ .„„,   Canadian Wdrthern, Hallway   bridge
H» expressed hia admiration tor over the North Duck River at Cow-
n2? £*_'*? mn °' °»»a4*. tayutf an, JO mile*Wi 'of here 'ind tea-
«»» It touiywat t'Smrna^oYima. Wi*ffl%"W'*'»F W
Whea. reminded tbat Irtlaad   jsouid *f*lh from Prt*tW: Albert for WiiSif.
— *  |)t   drppptd    into oat of tht gnat Peff It on   toe other    aide of 'th*
am     .      ■m.i.ohA.m _ lake* without «v*n msklng atplalh bridgt,    It will take tome daye  to
rartwrtt9HtJ&. Roh/ilou he *xcla,iwd *^ , replace .tht .-bridge.   Fasaehgtrs and
i/*riWrifUltXDarCiay<   "Yet,vou    bet; without a splash, mall will 1*    tranrterred- until the
VANCOUVER, May 18,-Tom Moray, a young Englishman, Is under
arrest for having shot qn Sunday
noon. Edith Lomenk, a: woman of
the half world, who came Into notoriety last week because she  married
.Chinese of Now Westminster.
Morey told the "police afterwards,
that ho had been keeping; the -woman
two months. He visited hor room',
ordered ta breakfast and whon she
sat up ln bed to eat he exclaimed:
"So you married a Chink?" and
opened' fire. Five bullet, took effect
but all caused merely flesh wounds.
The wdtnan was removed to the hospital. ' Morey was arrested by a
Iceman who hoard the shots. . I
■ .... il'l
VAUJEYFIELD, Que., May 18 f
* —The Montreal cotton'mills here *
* doted Indefinitely and three thou •
♦ sand operators are Idle as a   ro- *
'tilt of the strike of the spinner., •
• Tha town I* full of idle men.     •
" ¥
• LOS ANGELES, Cal., May 18 • -mmm, __w_v___\ ban iWJAilOIHivi
• -The United Wlreles. Telegraph * lluar'.} -mim BAW FHAHOlscp
office In this city was in   com- *
munication   with   the   flagship *
Connecticut of the Atlantic fleet - n,urt»an nf
• at midnight.    The fleet was then • SJya.
aritfawratio population It constantly
suiting and that Now York's Earn*
Hundred would come nearer ladles*.
In*, tot number of people who eta
San Frencltco. May 18,-Uader the Jtabtfully be regarded at belonging
  to toe fashionable set.
command of Rear   Admiral Sperry,,   _    .
toe sixteen battleships, l.1JVrf!,wmor*''    Mr- MarUn o*eelara»
comprising    ths Atlantic fleet, leave ?"*!*• door« °' .toclety do not any
»    lAR   ™lla„    nnnth    nl    O..     _.....l.      0   tAlUlf. .OU^. f.UV. AVBfll.10   ffBVt,    ISaVO    ""-"   r™   -—*..   v.   OUU^V   UO   UtH BaV
• 105 miles north of San Francis- J San Francisco today oa th* voyag* •""•A* open to tot man or woman
* n„»wV^ttmi"g 140° kn0t*  iU . -nrntrnu*.    The Milne an* thT^ ■« » big bank account ^on*, tat,
•heavy seas. ? abtnm havt bttn detached from the ■**. cl»-*««* and good manaert.
............. a . . a test and    organised Into a aptclal together wito good   taste la dress,
  * ,    „ gervlet tjhuadron undtr tht eomniand J"  ____"*"   f?r aodal recognition,
................ . . o' Capt. (Wat B. Barber.    The nab- ,ltoJ?t. J*" llrtl"»a'lon th*    New
• •••••••• a ,tMUp j^ |# du< to arrfv# JB ^lYcrkart   hgd that toclety   was  be,
MtBouad next Thursday. jeomins; mon    democratic wa*    tht-
•_   _;.___- I1*ea,,»1,l o* *„«actptlon In honor ol
*- * e . • ,
• ', OTTAWA, Ont., May 18.-R.Ii.   _ __
. Sf^r,. J?,   ',mtt_e!tm'' *•'»•> . WRWEGIANS WILL OHl«BBATE.!«»- aior^'GtouldVwtUmlto^to*
• Sir Wilfrid Laurier tola morning •   r|dWKJJUPOIjI8.    May Ua- Beta*«•**'« a brief, half hour, aad to*
in connection with tbe   Govern- • »,, dauihUr* ef Nonrav whs have Interest attached to this eatertate-
• ment Election   Bill,  but it Wat • ___'_S^_lZ 1."uS SStlmSi ~m wa. ^^.-'t-Z^
compromise on the bill had been '
Blli, but it wat • fjkmtTXl&mim b. __
• wa* announced that np arrange- • are rounding up la Mlanespoii* 'to* akwen    hundred pereont present ""at
• ment for Interim supply, or any • day for a monster celehratlon ol tot ■*• afartla't Invitation.     At    tote
comoromlse o» tha hill h„d been • ^ppUl^Sy *-1^tS-S! /«««»»<W»mtat Mr! htertin    appWrS
",Illia.      ■ ta Wt famous combination of    taefc
»;,*,* •) Tbt obatfvanet of tot annivartary ■ ajH aad sttk hat, which wat regard-
nnA.nnp niwiKa- nn«irrM«. i5K o**** »w*fa btoomt an estab- •» •vTO*aj* area IndlcaUoa that
CHARGE AGAINST BROKERS    lum* „#„,_ ,B tj^itorwigltn set- "or* Individual freedom ll tot mat-
mm vonK ZZTxa      ii--i..i K*^ allanetota, Iowa tad tot «• «____h^_*____'' to bt tolerated to
jni-.w VUiiK., May IB. — Criminal-0aluyta*.    bnt the ealahrefion    *___, m bast tatjtw.
charges against certain members   of year (* 'to .uroaiti aTof toria (hat ■■-'■'"'   ■•'
the firm of T. A. McEntyre fc  Co,,V|u^.^B^Sr     - °? *«*"■*«•      EVERTS DECIARE THAW
stock brokers,    who recently   failed, I   Tht celebration ones* In tha anil. INSANE,
with liabilities exceeding one million'torium tonlnbtwiU\T bmUvTi    di    POWsHKSlEPSIB, N.Y., May 18-
dollars,   were   laid   before  District der^ to*    *ju*nleai c/tawTsoat    u'"T~l' *  "** r*in It ioiMiu    by
Attorney Jerome today by C. 0. |Norway, at wfclch the tntaktrt wtU aabta* corpus proceedings to obtain
Burllngham, toe receiver of the fall-'be Ove Oode, Norway's minister to u* l>^adom from the Mate aaylum,
ed firm. Mr. Jerome at once pre-,the Calted States; Otear M. Torri-■''•* the criminal Intent at Mattowaa,
wnted the charges before tha Grand ton. a Hading attoraey af OtfleetKi. ■*• declared by .District Attorney
Jury* : aw* fllver fieramgard. tot blind or-  *  	
ator of
the etlebfellbn,
expert* today toVlt   la-
Carlot McDonald testified that
" te '
big day   ..
la nwmory ,   of i Thaw    I*   aa   Incurable paranoiac,
^^'7\[^_Vft._.W$&>^nM&<*?'*mA a <«<»»»*" ««
..-.•...»>   *,     *n   -h   -        -.W'mmiMtrW:iii}e\^^ of to* public  tafety.
ui'i'AWA, May 16,-The Houta  of rttogaitlBnTof May 17 t* a natioa- 3d 57. A. L. Baker, acting tupt£
Commons spent     today   mostly   ta p, holiday. In Nor-.v, „ l.tortstlaf Intendent of the asylum, .Zrtedon
committee of supply  Md there -.wM'|Mfl|BS'*olct>}t*&^ ttond tort f, ™"™aa"
no trace of toe conflict which Is rag--
ing over toe election bill.   It ia un- row
derstood   that there is a  tentative'ai
arrangement    between   the   premier 'a
.'*   I
ljuebec. May 19*-The Str.
Manitoba docked at 9.4B a.m.
landed palMugert at 5.156 a.m.
and the leader of toe opposition by
which there will be a radical pruning of the obnoxious clauses.
At the Liberal caucus this morning which was the largest and bttt
attended of the session, it Is understood that while the sentiment wat
In favor of standing by ths bill to
the last, soms of the eastern nu
bers announoed their disapproval of
the bill. It is likewise stated that
Mr. Borden Is in possession of toe
terms Sir Wilfrid 1. to concede.
What these aro, If they are ta existence, will not bs known until
Monday, when the Aylosworth bill
will come up again. . It is possible
that the bill will not """« ■■•<>«*—i
then, but
that the bill will pot cohje up •even
then, but that minor" government
bills will be considered.
Thoso departments of the government which had already been voted
their full estimate, for. the year,
were paid in full today but the jui
tlce, militia, printing. Interior,, ral
ways, mounted police, port offlot and
labor only got halt, of thslr usual
cheques. . '    , 4 '
Ths Vote.   In  mipply today war* to obey
for Uublic; building. in.:tta,«t*t, to. curfaw, 1
opposition   contenting;   Itoalf ?-& 8b» WW
pointing out that, toe conatl**     '     "
In which these buildings were ta :l
eiwted were reprtsented by I4^-
lul, Hay 18- Priaot Ito haala-
V& a^uia*trjiet4oaa,|tojM|i|iia;ir
soldier, uidcivlllt*. toattotypat*
not    treat Korean at a conquered
Lake people, but th. righto 1 of all, ,,I*»T-
and abiding    oKlztat must bt r**p*cted
.      undtr penalty of eevere pumthxatnt.
thf sritnet* stand that from hit ob-
tervaf;lpn* madt In tht aaylum, ht
'waa of tae opinion that Talnr would
endanger putdlo    safety If he    wa*
***"     '       "      - '"  "    "
"Tht king ordertiyou executed at
Bunrlee for offending the queen."
'  "But the wanted me to elope with
her and I refuttd."
"fniat'a just tt."
. Mwrt lalroa free lraai«H,,ilr
-r twrctga wbtltncc fatta wito
waaWwMwl fllVCtl ttMMtjMMM
 4Ptmtt.     tt
■Hat '■ hWV oniterstoad" -Bay.
..-After tertral hour* of Mil.
Allto'tew'Um bW'-wept. "for
it ta aterm etotkakt aaid*/1
a trntBi".'"! ■■*"' ■*»
'    '*     INCORPORATED ■• '" '
The current Issue of the B.C. Gazette contains the certificate of -
corporation of "Tho Imporial Laundry Company, Limited," of Nanaimo
with a capital of fifty thousand dol-
FAMILY QUARREL RESULTS   IK      BIG STRIKE I 9DECLARED.      j the rearrangement of pemea.    It   Is
MURDER.- Montreal1,    May   16.—At   a mass  true   tbat    this happened elsewhere
LONDON, Ont., May 18.—Mr. and-meeting of the textile worker, of than In these provinces, but tho
Mr., Jones, of Rldout street, haa Hochelaga last night it was decided Government does nut mind that. It
received the following telegram from to declare a general strike in the, Is true that this little difficulty
authorities in Toledo, O,: mills of toe Dominion Textile Com-
"John    Lougheed dead here, shot pony on Monday morning. This will
and killed wife and self.    Will take tie up all the   Montreal, mills    and
lars,    divided     into    ono thousand charge of remains." will add about 1,600 more to    the
shares of fifty'dollars each. The day beforo tho tragedy     Mr. unemployed     list.     Tho mill closed
The company at its recent organ!- Jones received a letter from Loug- today, but It -was because the em-
z&tion meeting elected the following heed asking him to take cure of two ployees were working on short time,
President.—J, Sampson.
Secretary—F. G. Poto.
Directors.— Hugh Aitken, W. Oul-
lum, W. H. Voter, E. W. Harding,
and 0, Dickinson.
E. M. Yarwood, Solicitor.
little children who were  left in his ^^^^^^^^^
charge when. Lougheed went, to. .To:... „ •****)
ledo for his wife. The lctter Intlm- OUR WEEKLY OTTAWA LETTER,
ated that he was going to do some- —
thing desperate, but did not definite- Ottawa, Ont., Hay 9.—If the Lau
ly state what writers' intentions rier Government adhores to clause 1
were.    Lougheed    belonged to Lon- qj tho bill tp amond    the Dominion
Sufficient stock hns now been  sub- don before leaving hore is said     to Eioction    Act,     tho    parliamentary
scribed to guaranteo the  success   of have remarked:     "If she leaves me, struggle which beo-an on Tuosdav nf
the new    Industry    in tho city.    A she wont.llvo. and I   won't live el- this week    will    bo In   progress six
Bite has    been    secured   on Comox ther,  —
Agricultural Association Intends
Surpass all Former Effort!.
-Road and within a month's timo tho
building will bo under wny. Within
threo months' time the plant should
be Installed and the laundry in operation. With no opposition in Na.
naimo and a very large district to
draw support from there is overy In-
dlcatlon that tho company will moot »*J exluUtloii
with overy success. There has boon °" s,Pt. 23, 21 und Sit at Alexan-
quite a ruBh aftor Btock and   It   is dra lark, Ki
generally bolioved that It has    now tentjon. of the managing board art
■      - carried out success:,....-, far surpass
live ei- this week   will    bo in
months hence. The Opposition has
carefully considered the question
and has reached the conclusion tbat
it would bo treason to the rights
and liberties of the people, and to
representative government if this attempt to prevent fair .and honest ol-
t, i ,,, t u ,a notions in somo thirty constituencies
a.ii-    i  5? shouW succeed.    The proposed   mea-
._ ™... --. _- -ma j.i at Alexan-    u w ,    practicaii„ authorizes
dra Park, Kamloops, will, If the ln- Jh„ '_■ -• -• '-  -
the stuffing of lists', or wholesale dlB
 ,i—iimiiim ,      , ra„„ „„v .„„.,,,,„       ,„r -,„,,.—  frenchisemont, according to the   lo
all been sold or spokeni for ttatTof'aay 7.7io\n\"y_J_- the"ufa cal   P"**   requirements, is a more
The eertlflcato reads  the taUowlng  ™b°l £?J££"**>"* ib* m mlo   and    cowardly :method    than
are the objects for wMtothe   Com-    M KoblMon   wh    , w      'the devices of switching and stuffing
pany has boon incorporated: ,     th '      " » P™"sent M        |mportlng porsonators, man-
(a.)   To carry on tho business of a thulUa8tfcWw^ CX as^octetion i u,facturlnK   trl<*    b<-'*°t •««"•   »»«
("bl   To carry on any other busi- an*' .durln«    w» tthuro of office    as " ~ "" ~
erwlse, which may_s_ebm;_to. the£njn- .^    „, Ralne(,   durlBg *""»£
««o°;issw-a*-■«• **
any of tho Company's property   or    It ,fcthe intentlon 07the boar(, ^
rights i. .- make the exhibition of produce  and
(c.) To draw, make, accept in- frult thoroUKhI representative ot
dorse, discount, execute and issue ^ dlitrict ,___ indicative ot itspo-
promlBBory notes, bills of exchange, tentlalitlet. ,Tht live stock men will
bills of lading.: us encouraged to prepare good    ex-
Id.) . To soli, Improve, manage, do- hlblt8 tor m ,„„ md m «^ ^
yelop, exchange     lease     dispose   of   wUl bo nvlHd wth ,,,,     ^   t     ,
turn to 'account or otherwise   deal view   - -
with all or any part of the propor- ThB mattw H ,attrttctions will be
ty or rights of the said Company: |00ked after by an energetic com-
(e.) To purchase, tako on lease or mittee, who will see to tt that thla
exchange, hire or otherwise secure branch of the exhibition will te
any real or personal property and such as will bring people from nut-
any rights or privileges which tho side points. The racing committee
Company may think necessary or will be appointed with a view to
convenient for tho purposes of its securing men who. will have the best
business, and ta particular any lands interest of the "sport ol kings" at
buildings, easomonts, machines, plant heart and a programme will he ar-
and stock-in-trade: ranged which will attract an unusu-
(I.) To do all such other things ally large number of the best horse,
as are conducive or Incidental to tho In-the
attainment of the above objects. Lovers of the racing game can rest
t assured that the two day meet will
furnldh the   best of    sport lor in-to
KIDNAPPING OASE HEARD LAST participants and    spectators.     Ths
^^^^ NIGHT. ^^^
Nanaimo, May 10—
Caso Dismissed and Father Gets Possession ol Child—Judge Harrison May Hear Gate Again.
The kidnapping case, In which Mr.
and Mrs. Rudolfsun aro interested,
a. detailed ta last night'. Free Press
came up for hearing before Judgo
Harrison at toe provincial court
houso last night,
Judge Harrison dismissed the case,
giving toe child in dispute,  "
track, already one of toe best ap
pointed In ths west, will be considerably improved and fact going will
le assured.
Altogether Kamloops and the district will have reason to congratulate toomsolvcs whe- the exhibition
ol 11)08 is closed.
NEW Y1JRK, May lS.-The girl.
In the fashionable Horace Mann
school are up in arms over a recent
for tho ediet that has been issued by their
present, into the care of the father, principal that no one will le allow;
The mother has a suit for divorce ed to wear ultra-fashionable or ox-
now pending ln tho United States travagant headgear, false hair, ela-
courte, and the Judge stated that in borate adornments of jewelry, high
the event bf her securing a complete heeled shoes and peek-a-boo waists,
divorce, if she camo to Canada he Tbe school authorities believe that
would be prepared to take up the toe question ol good taste ta dress
. cast again. properly comes within the province
Asked for a statement in connec- of the school work. The girlt art
tion with the whole matter, Mr. heartbroken over the command, tor
Rudolfson said this morning that he the ordor means that "merry widow'
did not wish to enter into a mud- hate art all tabooed. Peek-a-boo
slinging contest, for it little bohoov- wants, or waists with short sleeves,
ed him to blacken the character of brecelote, rings, tight shoes with
the mother of his children. Thore fancy cloth tops or high heels, and
.wo* one statement, howover, that itowm of conspicuous colors are also
ht' would like to correct, while at oa tht black Hit,
the same time he denied all her oth- •  •  • . •
er itetomcnts Intotom, that waa in of ths many kinds ol theftt that
reference to his deserting hcr ond art committed in New York every
going to Santa Ceuz with anothor day ont of tht mott common it toe
woman, at mentioned In the Inter- stealing of bottle, of milk that are
view last Bight. Mr. Rudolf.on 'aft temptingly at toe basement
states that his mother lives at San- doors in tot early houn of the uior-
ta Cruz. After producing letters to nlng. Tht recent Invention, howev-
eetablish that fact he said It was er, ot tot shoemaker who lost bit
highly Improbable that he would bottle regularly for a week, bids
take another woman to bin mother's fgi» to catch all thieves and thu.
home, which Is a plac. about toe put a stop to tht practise, or at
■Ize of Nanaimo.
Nunaimo, Mat- 16.—
Mrt. Wake's Residence an V aides Island Completely Destroyed by
Flrt Yesterday.
least trap tot tnexiierlenoed robbers.
The shotmaktr in question rost early aad attached a tpool ol thread
to tbe milk bottle tht moment the
milkman had left it, and then went
back to bed and watched the spool
upon which the thread waa wound.
Soon tht tpool began to mova and
Jumping uut of bed tot thoemaker
.    . , . ,   dratted hurriedly and went in search
Flro yesterday morning completely 0| » policeman The loots tnd of
dettroyed tht retldence of Mm. ttake the thread waa .oon dltcovored, and
on Valde. Mend, situated rlvht by the blutcoat followed It up. It ltd
toe Oabrloltt Pass. Mr. Gray uiul MlBi ,(tOT a g^^ „,,„. gj tho Ul,
anothor man on tho neighboring Is- pocket of a mnn who wa* lol.uruly
land saw. the blaze and mode all walktair along the street. The milk
haste to the scene, but whon they wu rteuvered and th. man uitwt-
thsy arrived they could be ol no-wr- oa< wnl|, Ul0 »hooinaker danced with
vice, only the wall, remaining. g|w ovsr    the .usees, of hla mvon-
The   flre ls supposed to have ori. tion.
gloated in  a  spark  catching In tho «  •  .  •  •
onfto M1™* 'wTke Si _ a S&! jj| &*r£±£'ST^
There we. no insurance on the build- g»«. "Jf*" "Sr^Vttie din'
tag and nothing was saved from It   ff,g7,t#Wha»ll
Among   toe    contents    destroyed J"* ™ui™   tJ-i,,,  ,  «ter   wss
were many fani«y treasure, received J"*.,    ^ jBKB dlnnjr to *"
from    England by Mrt. Wakt after ^ „„,„,„ ,„„ h|ul ,„, t    on
her brother* death some year, ago. ^ Ju01|) ,„. ov„f m hour atttndlng
t to ivary   want.    Finally tat    man
CS9A-R FORTY YEARS OF AGIO    cillid tor hit check snd drawing    a
-— bill of Inrgt denomination trom    a
ST. PETERSBURG, May 18.-The big roll handed it to Jtnkln*. Pre-
fortieth birthday anniversary of tht aantly the waiter returned with Juat
Ottr wat observed as a general hoi- IS change. "Ktop It" stid tht din-
tear throughout Russia today. In tr, tad Jenkins fell to tn* floor
St. Pttertburg business wot general- dead. A doctor wat summoned tnd
ly su*pend»d and toga wen display- taid that tot waiter had ditd of
ed on many public and private build- heart duteett.
lag..     At Tsarekoe Selo toe mam- s s s t s
•"fL0*.^* htoliin dlplomatle corps xh« ttudtnte ol Columbia Ualvtr-
ealltd during tht day to pay their ,1^ „, rtjolclng ovtr tot outeomt
respect* end to pijsent meseeges ol „, th# war(l>r, ,h,y have coiiducte.1
coMWtototlon la bthtit of thtlr rt- ^.^.t Kingdom Gould, ton of
tr*eMvt rulsn and s^vtranitatt.       otorK, a„ma thi mllUonalrt. Young
1868. fad_ It tot tlghth rultr to r*- coiuaj* without a dtgrte. Ut wat
stohToa to. to™.°of^T''HB; W.otlcally drlvtnout by, battrs.
____[_Sa TJ1«1 ik? who ■*> hampartrl him In hit ttudle.
^STtS. tOih0"?™ V.°ti l' 1!^' """ ho found It iiupomiilt to gra-
i^^„ftlJim,,',i•,iS!., Bm-»uettet a mining engineer. All
iXhetrnlttei toApSa**;tl, '0"■ " "...outgrowth ., .. attempt
•xaadria Alix,
Duke Ludwlg '
^nnaVn^tne^ltei'Sn^^ V«u»« •*••» «"•-*• ">■"■• •fl0rt»    '»
!!?- ^uT-_i Aiiolr        "• '0I* a« unututl and unprtcedented   man-
'        AVfm' ner by    drawing a rtvolvtr,   whloh
__„_, __._.»»« he dltchariitd saver .1 timet, although
BOYS' BRIGADE. ^ 0B, „£, |nJurol|,     ^ *„&_%,
.t_~mt—,  ..     ..    ..,.. a*** a*™' forgiven hlm for defend-
LONDON, May 15,-Flfty member, in, himself tnd have put tvtry   ob-
of th. Boy.'Brigade, travelling 600 atatto In hit path that thty    could
mile, from Camborne, Cornwoll,    to devise.
London, will attend toe Empire Oon- ' .
cert under to. direction of Dr. 0, A. nlI,  numnwrain
S. Harries, ol Ottawa, on Empire c^wa Mav«^^ ftinatt latt
f^bjlnvltatldn 6f Ol.v* Wetherd, n,Kor^;yr]ior%„^UJ^
„._,_. t_A_H______.~_~i~ '""■ » «1* ouvgrowin Ol an MWimn
?faI*tojnl.S to kidnap him three ytart ago ta
S1*? S^SJLl °S_t or** •»"•*• *" "aahlblt" of him
uliZa" i\.nTi.nJSZ. »t the .ophomore clat. dinner.    The
of B. "C
tht Meat, tad Canned Goods Act.
similar schemes which have now been
found dangerouB ta provinces where
the -Liberal machine does not control the department of justice.- But
lt accomplishes tho same purpose, at
little expense, with loss- peril and
with more absolute certainty of success. It is invented by the same
machine, introduced" by the minister
to whom the previous conspirators
owe so much, and supported by those
baser elements which have brought
the Liberal party into its. present
position of disgraco. II the measure should be adopted it will he
operated by the class of officials of
which Leach, Preston, Wagner, Mo-
berly and Nixon aro samples,. and of
whom Mr. Prltchett, "Cap" Sulll
van and such persons'have-been advisers and instructors.
With- unparalleled impudence, added to hypocrisy, Mr. -Aylosworth has
attached this scandalous clause to
what professes to be a measure amending tho election law against corruption and fraud. The Ayleawortb
bill, as Mr. Boyce points out, is bet
ter described as a measure for the
promotion of fraud and corruption,
and the minister .devoted nine-tenths
of his speech to a detence of tho in
ruinous clause which la tho main
purpose of the hill. The provisions
against bribery and fraud are much
woaker than those of the bill intra-
Jduced by Mr. Alcorn on the Conservative ' side, and even these few
wholesome' provisions are tied to the
main clause, bo that the Opposition
can only secure, this 'much election
reform by giving the government
power to steal a dozen or more
seats which otherwise thoj could'not
hope to carry.
What is this clause which the Opposition are fighting? It is simply
a provision giving the Government
power to step in after the eioction
writs are issued, and prepare new
electoral lists for: the whole of British Columbia, tho wholo of Manitoba and all those parts of Quebec
and Ontario- which are not organized Into municipalities. British Columbia and Manitoba have complete
nnd thorough registration systems
The unorganized and outlying dls
tiicts of Ontario and Quebec are
amply provided for by tho provincial franchise law. So far as quo-
bee is concerned, the chief effect of
the measure would probably be to
allow the Dominion authorities to
make voters' lists of miscellaneous
railway labourers along the line of
the Transcontinental and attach
thom to certain constituencies. The
effect In Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia will be to enable the
machine to create absolutely new
lists, to do it at tho last moment,,
lo Bhut out all effective appeal and
all-publicity, and'so to carry out
under form of law that process of
seat stealing which was performed
contrary to law, by tho "thin rod
line" crime of 1004. It would do
more easily what was accomplished
by the London conspiracy of 1905
by the Brockville and. Huron steals
of 1880, by the, St. James, Montreal, plot of 1008, and was at
tempted by the trick ballot boxes in
Hastings and Frontenac four years
Mr. Aylosworth points out that
the Conservative party is committed
to federal control of federal franchises, whilo he admits that his own
party is committed to provincial
control. Each system ha! Its merits if honestly pursued, and each
might be honestly advocated, But
there le no merit and no honest
purpose In a method which retains
provincial control in provinces where
the Laurier party dominates and imposes federal control of tho franchise in Conservative provinces. The
Aylosworth bill does not touch tho
Maritime Provinces, It does not
touch Quebec oxcept probably ln tho
Transcontinental Railway belt. It
doe. not trouble Alberta or Saskatchewan, which are under Orlt rule.
But fur Dominion election! lt authorize! absolute control of the franchise In the two Conservative province, of the west and of a large
part of Ontario.
Tho bill provides that ta the provinco! concerned "voters" lists shall
bs prepared Immediately after the Is-
.uo of any writ for an election, or
at any time when toe Govornor.in-
Council ho directs; and for the purpose of, preparing and giving effect
to such voters' Hat. the Governor-
Ill-Council may appoint all necessary
officer, tnd confor upon them all ne-
ceaiary powers," and that "no per-
■on whoso n.nn,- 1. pot included ,n
the voter.' list us prepared and revised shall be entitled to vote." Tho
measure professes to adopt toe provincial franchise system and method,
and to take the provincial lists for
n basis, but it freely authorizes the
Dominion officer, appointed for that
purpose to strike out or add .names
to any extent, and thus gives complete powor to make a new list.
Thero It no condition requiring appeal to Judge., no restriction upon
the powor. of the federal officer., bo
qualification for appointment to
those positions, nothing to prevent
th. Government turning over the
wholo business to a political committee of Cap. iSulllvana, Loochos,
and Moberieya.
The only exouss lor this Interven
tlon Is the fact that   constituencies
ta Manitoba   and   British Columbia
sometime,   oros. the boundaries   of
Dominion   constituencies,   requiring
could easily be met by the appointment of a Judge iu the locality to
assign the voters to their proper
polls. It la true that the worst uf-
fences ln the "red line" crime of
1904 happened in districts where
these broken boundaries did not occur, and where thero was. no excuse
for the wholesale disfranchisement.
It is also true that Mr. Borileii and
the Manitoba Conservatives havo declared their, willingness to accept a
measure which will meet the difficulty about boundaries without interfering with tho provincial control of
franchises. They are willing that
Mr! Ayleswnrth shall accomplish all
that ho pretends to desire if ho will
be content with that.
But Mr. Aylosworth and his Muni
toba supporters have shown clearly
that the overlapping of liouiuluriea ia
not the t- trouble. They hnvo attacked tho Manitoba Govoi-iiment uud Its
control of the franchise. Tl-oy have
read in tho House affidavits, proved
to have bce< bought and paid fur,
to show thut Miinitolm provincial
lists wero unfair. -Their Uuiician affidavit maker has servud a term in
Jail,-and is entitled to another one.
It is established that Manitoba has
a frunchiso system us frco, registration as fair, and lists aa near perfect as can bo found anywhere in
Canada. According to Liberal doctrine the provincial governments
havo a right'to control tho franchise
for Dominion elections ln that provinco, and, whilo a Grit government
was there that right was nover questioned. It was never questioned as
to British Columbia until the Conservative, obtained control there. It
will never bo questioned as to Alberta and Saskatchewan while they are
governed by a Grit machine..:.
The Aylesworth bill is as clear ..e.
case ol political conspiracy as the
'London election crime. A similar
measure was proposed before the election of 1904. Mr. Sifton, who fathered it,: told hiB followers ln Manitoba at revision time that, they
noed not trouble about the election
list, as the authorities at Ottawa,
would attend to that,. The present
Chief Justice Fltzpatrlck. was then
Minister of Justice, and it is under,
stood that he absolutely refused to
sanction this plot. So the Sifton
bill waa not introduced, and the
western bOB! authorized his organizers and returning officers to mutilate the lists without legal authority. Many officers found themselves
ta the criminal courts in consequence
and others were greatly shamed. Mr.
Aylesworth 'confesses that his presont bill is made necessary by the
fact that the officers will not tako
any more such risks.    Mr,
All Home Cured
Roberts St. Butcher
Notlco of Examinations.
Mr. Alcorn, Mr. Boyce,    Dr. Rocho,
NOTICE is hereby given that examinations   will   be held for lst, 2nd,
und 3rd    Class    Certificates of Competency   under the provisions of the
"Coal - Mines Regulation Act,"    at
Nanaimo, Fernie and Cumberland, on
the 10th,    17th and    18th days    of
June,    1908,    and for 2nd and 3rd
Class Certificates ot Competency, at
Coutlee, on tho 10th and 17th days
of June, 1908,    commencing at nine
o'clock in the forenoon.
The Subjects will be as follows:—
First Class Candidates-
Mining Act and Special Rules.
Mine Gases.
Genera,! JVork,^,, Li ..
Mine Machinery'.
Second Class Candidates—
-   Mining Act and. Special Rules.
Mine Gases.
General Work.
Third Claes Candidates—    .,
Mining Act and Special Rules
Mine Gases and General Work,
Application must be mode'   to  the
undersigned   not   later than. Friday,
June 5th, 1908, accompanied  by the.
statutory fee, as follows :—
By an applicant' for. First   .Class
Examination 110.00
By an applicant   for Second Class
Examination  $10.00
By   an applicant for  Third  Class
Examination   $5.00
The applications must be accompanied by testimonials and evidence
stating that :—
(a). If a candidate tor First Class
that he is a British subject and has
had at least flvo years' experience in
or'about the practical working 'of a
coal mine, and is at least twenty-
flve years of age :
(b).   If   a  .candidate    for Second
Claes, that he has had at least five
. . years''experience   in   or about    the
Borden, practical working of a coal mine,
The Canadian
Of Commerce
B. E WALKER, President
ALEX. LAIHD, General Ma-ager
A. E. IRELAND, Superintendent
of Branches.
M(M»CiHm $10 000,000
** 5.000,000
TMmusdi.. 113.000,000
Branc-ie. throughout Canada and in the United States and England
Farmers' Paper piecpuntae.
Deposits of $1- and upwards received, and interest flowed at
current rates. The depositor is subject to no delay whatever in
the withdrawal of the whole or any part of the deposit.    -
Hm  MM M mi My   »:80„.%tem%^iri.***
..X. M. DeOBX.
President and Managing Director. sei i-tary-Treaaurer.      ""J
(c).   If a candidate for Third Class
Mr. Monk Mr. Jake and »ttars havo|tb^t',to"^^~J,^'-^u "™
expoBed    tally the   facts^above^set I experience in or about the practical
working of a coal mine
(d).   A candidate for a Certificate
of Competency as Manager, Ovormon
,,       , ,. a it   „       ...    .ShiftbosB,   Flreboss   or Shotlightor,
equally clear that the Opposition lhall ^ certificate from n
will resist by every constitutional i dul \mllm meai(.al ^fj
means, this proposod legislative; 8ho'wln£ that „„ hM ^ ™™£_
cr,m•, t | in ambulance work fitting him,   the
FOB 8TM0T WUIBS 8a'd can?ldato' to 8lv<> •>«' uld
FOB STHICT BUliES  I persons injured in .coal mining
forth. They have made it clearly
understood that they aro willing to
assist in providing a remedy for every wrong, and they have made   it
AOAINST DRINKINO.;^™    ._____^^_
. By order of the Board.
Nanaimo,B.C.,April 4th, 1908.
Grand Chief Stone; of B.L.E.' Hake.
Strong Recommendation..
Columbu.. 0., May 16.—About 400
delegate, were in th. city for the
convention of the International Brotherhood ot Locomotive Engineer.,
when Orand Chiet W. S. Stone called the initial meeting to order In
Memorial Hall yeeterday.
The annual report ot Grand Chief
Stone waa read.       The grand  chiet
makes   recommendation, along
line of temperance.     The rules    at
Tho attention of the Lands and
Works Department having boen directed to tho fact that town lots In
a townaite named Prince Rupert,
being a subdivision of Lot 042,
„ , Range 5, Coast District, situated oo
une oi temperance. tne ru.es at £„ mkai?i!!ni£ot.ww" ^e >nouth ol
present declare that any member dte- ™ s£""a» H'v"Jln? Kaien W""".
charged from any position fcr drtak- "",, be'ng offered for sale, it has
ing shtll. also be expelled from the I "T.. d«m"d4 necessary to warn the
order.       It 1. recommended    thatp.UDll<! that tho 8altl townsite is not
thl. rule be ao amended that any
member who drtak. either on or ofl
duty ahall be liable to expulsion.
Gana, ot Baltimore is Mill the lightweight champion of the world. Rudolph Unbolt, the lighting'Boer, attempted to wrest the title from the
dusky wonder lost night and failed.
For a time Unbolz worried Gene
with hi. peculiar tactic., but early
In the mill Gam solved th. Boer'*
style and thereafter held him Kite.
The bout went along.to the eleventh
when the referee stopped it to save
Hatawaa, N.J.. May 18.—Although
the county authorities deny. It, there
is good reason to believe that Frank
Scatter, the Polish farm hand, has
made a confession that he killed Mr
and Mrs, Wm. Shepherd, and their
servant, Mis. Jennie Bendy, who
were murdered in Mr. Shepherd',
farm hone. Saturday morning. It
1. understood Seaster knew Shcrherd
had money ln his possession and
effort, will b. made to locate, tha,
money taken from the Shepherd
PITTSBYRG, Pa., May 18.- Following meetings lasting, all day Sunday, and at which a thorough discussion of Cashier Wm. Montgomery's speculations was held, the Alleghany Bank suspended today. That
tho bank would not open today was
generally stated in tho morning papers. Quite a number pt depositors
wero gathered on Fifth Avenue opposite the bank and when th ■ order of
suapeneton was posted, all read It
and then quickly dispersed. Cashier
Montgomery, who, is in. tho county
Jail , accused of embezzlement of
$409,000 by the abstraction of securities will be arraigned in the United States court this afternoon.
While hi! prolusions nre officially
placed at 1594,000, it is said the
bank'! shortage is close to two million!.
Montgomery is held In $125,000.
♦ ■
MAASLUIS, Netherlands, May 18.
The British steamer Avoac from New1
York, May 5th for Hamburg, came
ta here with her bow. damaged and
was at once benched. She had
been ta collision with the steamer
Lords.. The Lordse sank and two
ol hor crew were drowned.
     +       ,     ...
The forty-Brat annual session of
the    British Trade- Union Cfisgress
situated at the terminus of the
Orand Trunk Pacific Railway, and Is
not the townslto which is owned
Jointly by the Qovernment of British Columbia and the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway Company.
Chief   Commissioner    of Lands   and
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., May lst, 1908. Ira
I will open In Nottingham,
n Ti'-f'.n ii mi
Fuel for Public Building..
Whole or separate sealed tenders
will be received by the Hon. the
Chief Commissioner up to and including Monday, the first day ot
June next, for supplying and delivering best lump nnd washed nut coal
required at the Provincial Government Building! at Victoria, Vancouver and New Westminster, B.C., as
enumerated hereunder, during the
year ending 30th June, 1909, to be
delivered ta such quantities and at
such times as may bo directed during the period above stated.
The approximate annual consumption of coal at each   of the  buildings named ls as follows:
Best lump coal-
Parliament    Building.,     Victoria,
280 tons.
Government House, Victoria,   110
Court House, Victoria, 60 tons.
Jail, Victoria, 100 ton..
Court House, Vancouver, 88 tone.
Court House, New Westminster, 70
Provincial    Hoapitai    tor   Insane,
New Wostminstor, 60 tons.
Jail, New Westminster, 40 tons.
Washed nut caal—
Provincial    Hospital    for   Insane,
New Wostminstor, 1,200, tons.
The above.mentloned quantities are
not guaranteed; the quantity actually required may be under or above]
the figures stated.
While tenders shall be accompanied
by a cheque in the sum of $800,
and separate tenders by a cheque ta
the sum of $100 on a chartered bank
of Canada, made payable to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner, which will
be forfeited if the party tendering decline or neglect to enter Into the
contract when called upon to do so.
The cheques of unsuccessful 'tenderers will be returned upon the execution of the contract.
The Department is not bound to
accept the lowest or e ny tender.
Tender, must be signed by the actual signature of the tenderers.
Public Work. Engineer,
lands and Works Department,
Victoria, ;B-C.-,* Uth May, 1908.
Notice to Architects.—Competitive
Designs. |
The 'Government of British Columbia invite the Architects of British
Columbia to submit competitive designs of a Public Hospital for the
Insane, which it is proposed to erect
at Coquitlom, situated near New
Westminster, B.C.
The designs, accompanied by specifications, reports and estimates of
cost, and superscribed, "Design:, Public Hospital for the Insane," and addressed to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, will
be received up to noon of Tuesday,
the 80th Juno,  1908.
The designs, specifications, reports
and estimates of cost shall have no
distinguishing mark or motto, the
author's name being enclosed in
blank envelope securely attached to
the design submitted.
The design shall be adjudicated up.
on by an Architect practising outside the Province, to be selected by
the 'Government, after the 30th June
Tho design placed first by the Adjudicator shall receive a premium of
$700, and the one pluced second, a
premium of $500.
The Government ia not bound to
erect the building from any of the
designs submitted.
If the design awarded first place Is
accepted, the premium'referred to
above shall be included in the professional fee paid to the architect.
Printed conditions governing the
competition can bo obtained by bona
fide competitors upon application to
tho undersigned.
Public Works Engineer.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., 7th May,, 1908. t<*.
The Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
Regulations (or the Docking or'
Mooring ol All Vessels Arriving at
British Columbia Ports Irom Plague-Infected Porta.
(Approved by Order ol His Honour
the  Admlni.trator-ln-Councll,   dated
8th April, 1908).
1. All vessels arriving at British
Columbia ports trom port. Infected
or euspected ol being Infected with
Bubonic Plague ahall conform to the
following regulation.:— '
(a.) Vessels shall be moored or
docked at a di.tanc. not less than
six feet from wharf or land:
(b.)' Ropes or chains connecting
a vessel with wharf or land ahall
be protected by funnels of sise and
shape satisfactory to Local and
Provincial Board, of Health:
(e.) All gangways shall be lifted
when hot in use, Gangway, when
In use shall be guarded against the'
exit of rata hy a person specially
detailed for this purpose:   "
(d.) All vesiels changing route
to .ololy British Columbia port,
ahall give satisfactory evidence ol
disinfection and extermination of
vermin to Provincial Board 0*
Health.    "' ' '
2. Every owner, agent, or captain
of any vessel, and every other person violating or instructing, authorizing, ordering, permlttins;, er oth^:
wise suffering any person, tp vlolatf
any of the .foregoing regulations
■hall be liable, upon .ummary conviction betore any two Justlees of
ths Peace, for every such offence to
a fine not exceeding one hundred
dollars, with or without costs, sir, to!
imprisonment, with or without hard
labour,, lor a term not exceeding six
months, or to both line and imprisonment ln the discretion of the convicting magistrate.. ■, ,■
Dated at Victoria, 9th April, 1MB.
(By Command). ,,;
Provincial Secretary.
Charles J. Fagan, Mitt,
Secretary Provincial Board Of Health.
P.O. Box 64
Dealer In All Kinds of '
Heats Delivered fret of charge oa eke
Shortest Notice.
Union Brewing Co.
WHOLSlall alto Wall.
Ladysmith, B. O.
and Pastry
Always Freeh oa Hand.
Wedding aad party Oaken Made ta
Fruit, and Candle, ol Alt Elade
Price, are   very   reasonable.    All
Customers treated alike.
Ob the Ikplsaade.
Ladysmith, B. 0.
Kalcker-We have    placed a  loan
row an umbrella now,
X  :  I.BISI?I,-I»l*i ■iriiViiiii-jiri'T •iJifirTrir-"'•"
Now   Waists,
Now   ICid.   Gloves    ir
New   Skirts,
New Merry  Widow Bows.
New Al lover l^nees. ,     .     .
New Embroideries.   '
New, Hack and Side Comhs.
New   Shoos.
A rtu'O Selection oi    New Mil
Fancy .Department
A Orniiil lino of Fiincy decorated Teapots,   Tniiltords,
pitchers at-practically your own price.
Victoria Day
Ladyamlth vs. Nannimo.
' """"""il"!- * -~~"-ir "~inftn~r.nj-ijmriru -
" liis.
Condensed Milk .of tho very best
quality, und only 10 cents a "tin at
the Big Storo.
Tho northern-coal trade will lie op
ening out very shortly. The sacking
of conl began at the bunkers yesterday und .a, brisk time at tho locnl
mines may' bo -expected.
Only 10 conts a tin for a No. 1.
quality of Milk, is the Special Snap
at tho Big Store this weok.
latest rumor in connection with the
riding is that tbe redoubtable John
Houston, oi Prince Rupert, will be
a candidate in Ue forthcoming election.
    ■    ♦
town this morning.
.Mr.  IIV Ward wont down tl ij
this morning.
The rond.gung is now busy on Second Avenue. There hus never been
a road along tlio Avenuo propor and
there are housos on it which
wagon can approach. The Council
is continuing tho roud which their
predecessors aia.de up to the Catholic church, to. tlio end of tlio Avo-
There is going to lie onough and
to spare of bowling alleys. Mr.. Parrott. is doubling liis pluco, and 'on
Buller Street Mr. ilohn.Pogoi-ly is
building a combined storo..and alley. Another is to bo. erected up,
tho hill so that tho next thing will
be bowling clubs and a city league
TO LEfr.-Mr. H. Pollard, ol Second'Avenue, has a front furniBhed
bedroom to let. m20-8t
Mr, D, Johnson expects tn open his
billiard' and pool room this week.
The building is finished and tho tables are on tho. road. So soon as
they arrive they will bo set up i
business commenced. Dave has
a line 'cue which ho will oiler
competition to (he player's.
LA PORTE, Ind., Hay 19.— The ;
issuing of a death certificate tor
Constable -Stephenson, of Naiuiihio, Beanie Oleon, and tbe turning over
of the body by Coroner Mack to the
relatives in Chicago, put* the Official stamp of identification upon one
of the bodies found on the Guineas
farm regarding which there has been
• much   controversy.     Although iden-
Mr. de «ox boarded tho    Vii'tnria tilled by her brother, many refuse to
train this morning. believe that the girl is deed.      The
 4 grand Jury resumed its sessions   to-
If you want refreshments, fruit, day. The seven unidentified bodies}
candies, m- good cigars when in Vic- one female and the others males, ex-
inriii. und not ut holiday prices, limned from Mra. Guiness' barnyard,
but at regular prices, go to the
Railway Cigar ond Confectionery
Store,    opposite   the Queens   Hotel,
It's eu.y to say we'll be cheerful
Regardless of -weather or luck,
And whether our schemes are    successful,
Or If we fall down and get stuck
Or if we lon money In guessing,
Or win on our ventures a pile.
Ilut answer this question In passing,
Can  a man   pay   his taxes and
. $*	
Merry Widow Ties,   something < i
vory new, 5Gc up.
Fancy Voils and Motor Scarfs, . i
in Plains or Fancys, in a largo ] J
range of colors.
Fancy     Shoulder   Collars   in
Cream and Whito Lo.co, or Em- $
broidery, something .very now;
Ladles' Fancy Parasols in   all j J
'• i the loading Shades and a largo < >
' ' range to choose from.
', ! Ladies' Sailors - Anothor   lot
just In.
All Work Quaranteed.
Come and
my Stock of Latest Styles in
•Wall Papers
Picture  Framing   a Specialty,  i '
it %dclit)g
High Street.
A few on hnnd yot which nro
$10.00 laeh
Iron Bed, full sizo electrical
Woollen tops a nd- Bottom Mut-
trossos at  ,.$13.50
•Three-Quarter nizc ot .... 12.50
Ono Half size, ut   11.50
Tho  Snow Flake Mattress,—
tho Mattress for Comfort.
Samples on hand for   inspection. —
G. Peterson
"The last   time I gave you mon-
'Phone 18.
First Avenue
Messrs.    John    McKcanon and W.
Mclnness left town on Monday    for
S'L'i.   ** kin<"* °^J^y' "*._  VaiTc'o'u'ver.   If thev can find work in
promised   me    you u-ouldn t    walk
right into a  sulooti and spend lt."
"Dat's light, lady," said the hobo.
Store street; And while seeing tho
Empress Hotel, and boats, see the
James Bay Confectionery Store, and
secure a delicious dish of Ico Cream
with crushed fruit of the very bost.
Ladysmith Cigars will bo always on
hand as soon as first order arrives.
' Tho successful contestants at
Parrott's bowling   alley lust
The Spring Assizes openod at the
Court House, Nanaimo, yesterday,
.Chief Justice Hunter, presiding.
The following nro tho names of tho
Grand Jury — Paul Bennett, Jos.
Mullett, Malcolm McRae, Edward
Quenelle, Joseph O. Ross, John
Itudd, James C. Rellley, Emerson E.
Summers, James Watson, Alfred C.
Wilson. Wymond W. Wnlkom, William
James Watson, George Williams.
Petit Jury—Oeorge R, Copley, Nestor Doumont, Dennis P. Donnoghue,
Griffiths Davis, Jas. Davidson, John
J. Doherty, Fred Davies, Enoch
Dowd, John Eno, Wm. Fox, Alex.
Fraser. Wm. Fern, Robt. Freqthy,
Jr., Wm. Ferguson, F, Garnitt, Jas.
Gray, D. Gourlay, R. Gourlay, Wm.
Ralph Graham, Gro. Graham, O. E.
Gibson, A. J. Godfrey, Jus. Gourlay
Holit. Gordon, Jus. Gordon, Joseph
Gordon, Thos. Gordon, Pat. Fagan,
Jos. H. Gray, J. W. Gray, Thos.
Gummoll, John Halloran, Herbert
were today buried in potter'* field.
Mrs. Crimsonbeak— We    want    a
new carpet.
Mr. Crimsonbeak—Well,   I saw one
down town today I'd like to havo,
"What was the pattern?
"I don't remember, but it had    a
sign on it saying, 'This carpet can't
be beaten'."
____________________________________________ ^
The Bowling
Alley and
Cavin's Shoe
Store •
Are the Two New
Features at
Yes, but as  soon as  you got the
money you did."
"Say, lodi- don't youse know de
difference between a walk and a
11 N. Jailwaj
week'Hodgson, John Hamilton, Jr..
were Messrs Jno. Meuor arid G. Ross. \   -.t      y' ,
The formor took lho first prizo, val- . Tn0,r(\ **'as, °nl*' ono   caae to   be
ue 13.00, with a score of 201.  and! bmra\ tb^ ot Rex vs. Drow. and tho
tho latter second prizo,  value S2.00, |arand Jury brought In no bill,
with eTscore   of 187.      This-   week I n "•
there Is.a dollar prize nightly    for SUICIDES OF DAY. "
the highest- . score. . .Mr.  S.   Zuick ———
taking it on Monday evening-with a' Indianapolis, May 19,—John Mo-
score of 235, tho rocord of thc alloy Gaiighoy, a former county commis-
— ' 4 , sioner, and prominent as a  local Re
publican politician, shot himself today. Tlio grand Jury recently returned an indictment against one
member of the commission, but Mc-
Uaughev had not been Indicted.
New York, May 19—Miss Bluny,
the young woman who yesterday
was sentenced to four years ln the
penitentiary by Judge Dike in Brook-
Tho Lawn Social which was hold
last night' undor tho auspices of lho
■Laurel Hcbokah Lodge, at tho Gilchrist residence on Socond Avenue,
wus a .great success. The , evening
was flno and light and thoro was a
large attendance. The City Hand
was engaged und  nothing was want- ,       . ■     -
ing to add to tho pleasure of tho ,yn. for Mooting Chas. M. Sanford,
evening. Miss Gillespie nnd Mr. Jno ■ htwyer, attempted suicide today.
Blnir wero tho luckv prizewinners in sh? ,wa" '0"nd unconscious in her
the drawing' te" in tn0 ""ymoad street Jail from
. inhaling gae.       Her life was saved
 !  by the prompt action of a physician
a who was hurriedly summoned.
! Winnipeg, May lB.-Chas. Martin,
aged 35, an invalid out of work,
hanged himself with a small piece
of cord at his home on Laurie street
lost night. Despondency was the
Now .York,. May 19.—Because ho
was to be married again, George
Stony,'72 years old wo. shot and
killed today by hia son, Geo. Storry
jr. The younger men afterwards
committed suicide. The father was
a 'member of tbe large wholesale
drug Arm of Weaver & Sterry. He
wa. engaged to be married to i
young school teacher.
1 ♦   	
PARIS, stay 18.-A lov. affair at
Boisgrenier haa ended in a double
tragedy. August Chevassier, the
son of a wealthy land owner, had
for some time been secretly engaged
to*t Lucile Hourler, who was as poor
as'.she was beautiful.
His father, however, intended otherwise for him, end Informed hlm
that ho had made all arrangement,
with an old friend that Augusta
should marry his daughter. All that
remained for him to do, ho was told
was to win the affections of his
The young man protested that he
could not fall in love with two,
and finally declared that he would
.never marry anyone but Mile Bcur-
ler. His rather replied that he
could choose between the girl and
starvation, whereupon Augusta left
the house. Shortly afterwards Augusts and hie sweetheart were found
hanging together from a beam In a
ar 05c and 75c. Special... 35c
Regular $1,25.   Special — 75c
MEN'S FEL/1* HATS In   Brown,
. Grey and Black. Reg. $2.50
and $8,00.   Special ...... 11.00
BOYS' SUMMER "CAPS. Regular 76c.    Spoclal   25c
50c to fl.25.   Special   26c
William's Block
We are making a Specialty
of the SHOE BUSINESS and
probably you will get a little
better satisfaction for your
money than you have been getting elsewhere.
——————  i i
ravin's Shoe Store
First Avonuo.
.   Grand
At Nanaimo
Trains leavo Ladysmith for Nanaimo at 9:80, 11:00 and 11:67 a.m.
and 2:00, 8:80, 6:00, 8:00, and 10:56
p. m..
Returning, leaves Nanaimo, 8:16,
and 10:15 a.m., and 1:00, 2:45, 8:15
5:00, 7:00 and 10:80 p.m.
Excursion rates in' effect between
all stations. Tickets on sale May
23rd to 25th. Final return limit,
May 26th.
District Passengor Agent.
1102 Government Streot.
Hotel Cecil
Clean Lodging and Hearty Boarding
White Cooking and White Service.
From, present appearances It I. Hke
ly that the convention of Comox-
Atlin Conservative, will be held In
''•Jicouver in the near future.  ' Thf
Youp Last
W. H. SLINCAR Setting Eggs
Upholsterer and
By coming to the Foundry
you save commission, express-
age, and package, and make
your own choice,
We challenge comparison, either In Price or Quality of
, tho Terminal City thoy will stay
i thero until the rumps open out
Tho Third elocutionary contest organized by the W.C.T.U. will beheld
in tho Presbyterian Church on Friday night. In addition to tho recitations thore will be a inusicul ro-
grnmme, and the entertainment will
be well worth while attending.
Mr. John Manus, widower ami
Mrs, Latum Hill, widow, wero married by the Rev. Mr. McMillan In
the Presbyterian Manse on Monday
Mr. W. H. Slingor is in town attending to upholster ing, u nil mattress
repairs. Mr. Slingor is an expert
workman, and any one needing repairs to the cover of lounges ami
the like can secure his services by-
leaving an ordor at Peterson's furniture store.
Noot, tho jeweler, has rocoivod a
consignment of English silvorwaro
which for quality, design and beauty
cannot be beaten. This is thematlng
Wedding bolls are ringing
all round, and -weddings means presents. These goods of Noot's are
tho Identical thing.
Mr. Oeo. Fletcher of Nanaimo was
in town on Monday morning.   .
Mr. A. E. Hilbert paid a brief business visit to town on Monday a.m.
Mr, Chas. Mains returned to buslnoss on Monday.
Mr. Robt. Gibson was In town on
Monday morning.
Mr. Parker Williams, M.P.'P. returned homo on Monday from Nannimo.
Mr. J. H. Burroughs left on Monday for Fornio to attend tho Socialist convention there.
Mr. J. H, Simpson was in town
this morning.
Miss Ingham was a passengor on
tho Victoria train this morning.
Tho Rov. Mr. Wilkinson returned
homo 'this morning from Vnncouvor,
where he hud boon attending the
Methodist Conference.
Mr. Jos. Bateman was tn town
this morning.
Mr. Adloph G.itz loft this mornT.g
for Victoria, un routo tor Seattle,
whero, provided lie can got work, ho
will take up resilience.
E.& N. Ry. Oo.
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Daily at 9 a. m.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday
At 9:00 and 15:58.
For Victoria.
Flies andTackle
For All Kinds of Fishing.
Trains r\rrive at ladysmith
Dally at 11:67.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday,
*      At 11:67 and 17.68.
From Viotoria.
District Passenger Agent.
102 Government St., Victoria
Ice Cream
10 Ceqts a Dish
Cigars   Tobaccos    Soft Drinks
Excellent Boarding
;; Dainty Embroidered:',
',', Swiss Stocks and '.',
Only (lore
Post Cards
At 15c a dozen — Saturday
being tbe last day
Mattress Maker.
Repairs promptly
attended to.
Leave Orders at Peterson's
Furniture Store. m!9
First Avenue
Ladyamlth, B.C.
Wall Papers
Mclntyre foundry
Company, Limited
JK»*>»*^»»-*»««»»%«*«>»«i J. & Smith,   Roberts Street
Dome and Make Tour
Soleotion—new stook
fresh in.
Full Setting for $1.00
Loavs Orders at O. Roberts' Butcher
Shop, First Avenue.
DavidT. Davie)
■, Embroidered Tan Hose ■ •
;;at35o. Also a full line or I
j; Hosiery at 25c.
Prop rlotor*.
;; Special Meal Tickets for
tbe Week
Mrs. S. Decker,
i I Miss UrenllTFAMTNfr
,     FANCY QOODS  STORE.       \   A JLti JLX JLTA X all VT
f. A****i*^***rfV¥WS««e»*a»s««»l
Telephone, 1 2-4
It 0.
j. m. mof?GAfi,
Teacher of Voico Production and
Engagements may bo left nt the
Standard Ofllco.
Every Convenience,   and Everything
of the Bait.
Jos. Nankivell, Prop.
The Ice
'Hooper's Parlors'
Are the Most Select, the Roomiest,
and the Moat Comfortable.
Private Room for Ladies or For .
THAN WOOD. . . ,
H. Thornley
Notlco Is horeby glvon that I shall
make application to tlio Hoard of
Licensing Commissioners of. the Olty
of Ladysmith at their next regular
mooting for a transfer of tho retail
liquor license now hold by me for
tho promises known as tho Columbia Hotel, Bltunte on Lot 2, Block
SO, Lnilysmlth, from myself to Clement Tebo,
Lndysmith, B.C., Mny 0, 11)08.
The Committee of the Ladyamlth
Football Club request that all account. agalnBt the Club be rendered
oh or boforo Wednesday, May 30th,
In order that the Club*, book, may
be audited for tho season.
a.. .   . _.   . ....


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