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Ladysmith Standard Jun 17, 1908

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■«-<■■<"> . 1111-11111111111 h-i-n-t 1111m
Hot Weather Delicacies
This hot weather we are at  our wits ond to know -what to out
Wo can settle this question (or you, and a look at our Dellcitesson
Counter,   will convince you   we  are right.
Soups,   (all kinds,  2 tins	
Pork   and   Beans   (Davers), 8 tins, 	
Pork   and   Beans,   (Clark's), 8  tins, 	
Pork   and -Beans  (Van Camps), per tin 	
Tongue   Lunch,   per tin  ..'	
Boiled   Rabbit,   2 pound tin         	
Salmon   (Tiger Brand), per tin	
Salmon,   (Icicle  Brand)  2 tins	
Lobster,   large  tins  	
HSnsrlish (Potted  Moats,   per tin 10c
Lunch   Hoof,  per tin    20c
Corned Beef,  per tin  30c
Kitchener   Sardines, per tin  16c
• o     San  Juan   Clams, S-tins 25c
" •    -Roost   Beef,- per  tin    20c
Roast Mutton, per tin    20c
All   kinds  of Pickles,   Sauces, Relishes, Ketchups,   otc,   always
In   Stock.
« •    French prepared . Mustard, 2 bottles  25c
—        BLAIR & ADAM.
ill H-tllil mill 111 111- lftirtlHIH-IH->-H-f-H4
LadyPeddltr Ftopped from Delivering Her
Wares Until Licensa Provided For in
By-Laws Has Beon Paid.
Four Big Features   for   Dominion
Dtiy Celebration,
The full sports programme for Dominion 'Day has now been practically     Tli
settled.    Thero may, of course, have ttK,vi" bo hold
to be eleveuth-hour alterations,   but
there is at least good reason to hopo
Tyee Copper Company Grant
Bration Committee  Use
of Spit,
Hegiitta on Dominion Day will
)(T the Spit. Tho ma
nagement of Lhe Tyee Copper   Company    has     generously granted  tho
. . committee tins privilege,   lt   should
that    the   events now mapped   out be clearly understood, however, that
Tho twenty-second meeting of    tho ter.
City Council was held in tho    City     Mayor   Nicholson     ulso
thut Air. King had un
-^-A"^:-^-A-A- A -'---*-'-*--A-A-A:AiAi^iaiMiftiAi4n
j*,***-. iyip,pipiw>-'*i—-r-r
YOU CAN GET      "^
Clocks, Watches, Pictures, Books,
Razors, Etc., Etc.
-for White Swan Washing Powder Coupons
Send a Two-Cent Stamp for our Catalogue
B. C. »oa|> Works; H1^I£
20 par cent
Fop Pav Week
___.   few   Snaps in Stoves
and Ranges.  Oome in
unci see them.   It will
pay you.
IN. 1*.—Tents and   Hummocks
— complete Btock.—('ASH.
Phone 7-0.
Ice Cream
ia    IIomc-Mndo,   Fr-oah   Daily.   Critics
pronounce   it   to   bo     Tho   Dost   over
■old   in   Ijadysmitlt.      Como and    try
It.       Warranted   absolutely pure.
Sc.  and IOc.  Per Dish.
Picnic   and   Private  Parties  Supplied
by tho  Gallon.
4 Hooper's Parlors'
te {Toam.
Just arrivod—Imported Irom ■
England—a lino assortment, of -
tho Best English SUvcrwure, '
Sterling and Plate. "
All Onsoil Goods, Including— "
Cream nnd Sugars, Bon-Bons, .
Four-plot-ed Sets, Mustard, .
Salt and Popper, Pish Sets, -
with Ponrl Handles, Fruit -
Knives, otc,, otc, all In caso '
nt a cost (rom f!l to (20.00.
Watchmaker and Jeweler.
4- ♦♦ -f ♦♦ "ff T-TTT.TT f * * ♦ f 4 ♦ <
Wall Papers
Oome aod Make Tour
Seleotion—new stock
fresh la.
J. £. Smith,    Robert! Street
Hall on   Monday   ovening.     Muyur vnu,c m\ J"11* lla" '"T'vod In town,
,.., .   , ,    ., and would     start    with tho survov
Nicholson   and    thoro   woro present jr-      ■■     -■   ■      •-•   • *'""..).
Aids.  Campbell, Huberts,   Haworth, morrow, (Tuesday),    All he want
and Matheson.
•oin Fourth to    Sixth Avenuo
-was two good axemen".
A communication    was read (rom Mayor   Nicholson   also rolorrod to
Firo thiol  Smith recommending the tho sidewalk which they had agreed
painting o( hydrants with illuminiint to put down on First Avonuo     Ho
paint at a cost ol 00 cents oach. had    ordered    tho     lumbor   and ho
Mayor Nicholson thought that    l( thought the best thing to do would
tho painting could bo deferred    thoy bo to call I'or tenders.    It -would   bo
had all the expenses thoy could moot choapor, and it would enable tho old
on tho improvements thoy wore milk- street gang to keep going with their
ing to tho streets and    the comple- work,
tion of the sowor estimates.                ,   Aid*.    Matheson    moved   and   Aid.
lhe communication was on motion Campbell socondod that tenders    be
ro(errod to the Flro Wardens to donl cullod for   the laying down of    tho
wij-h-                         , sidewalk, and the motion carried.
A lot'ter from   a Toronto (Inn   in Mr. ,Ino. Pogorly submitted a plan
regard to tho city debentures was or- of tho building ho hns put up for  n
dered filed for future roferonco. bowling   alley    which   was ordered
A letter -was read from a Now York filed,
firm recommending the advertisement plans nnd specifications of the now
o( tho debentures in thc "Dond Buy- promises which Mr. Wm. Frnscr pro-
or.      Tho letter wus onloreil to tako poses to erect on First Avenue woro
tho sumo courso. submitted anil-ordered filed.
A communication was road from Aid. Matheson gave notice of moths American Dank Note Company, tion that nt tho next mooting of the
asking to bo favored with the nink- Council ho would introduce a new
ing of tlio debentures wlllch tile olty by-law.
wns going to uso.    The-letter    was 'Mayor Nicholson said that ho had
"",!":""' n"0'1' lle™ approached by a lady -who hud
lho ''Financial Post!" of Toronto, heen    delivering goods in the   cltv.
wrote, asking for lhe   advertisement The orders for which sho hud   token
of the debentures.    The letter    was some timo before, Constable Callnn-
ortlered filed.                                         [ddl- hud stopped her from delivol'ing
Accounts     amounting   to Jlfid-'BO the goods, and sho wanted to -know
woro presented and referred   to    tho whnt the city authorities   proposed
Financo Committee   to     bo paid   if to do.    Ho himself did not see tlmt
found correct, tliey could got, away from their   by-
Muyor Nicholson reported thnt the laws. Thoy could not afford to sot
street work wns still being pushed up n precedent, although he uccopt-
iihonil. Ho hud heard no complaints oil her statement that sho had acted
olid he thoreforo concluded that what in Ignorance of the by-laws,
thoy woro doing wus satisfactory to All tho aldermen thought thnt the
all. They oxpected to got over to by-lnw should lie observed, and tho
the East Ward before tho ond of tho action of Constable Callander en-
week and thut would stop any com- dursed.
plaints (rom coming from that ipmr- The Council then adjourned,
OTTAWA, June 10,-The Inquiry
into Major Hodgins' churges of over-
clnasiliciition in connection with construction on the transcontinental
railway, was resumed yesterday afternoon.
Grand   Jury   Iii-turning Indictments
Against   Disorderly   Dives
Where Liquor Is Sold.
CHICAGO, June 10.—A crusade to
stop the selling of intoxicating     II-
District Engineer Duoot" o! district 'luora »' dlrordorly resorts and ultl-
n   „      ,.,,,.    .,   ,„     . ,.,        , matoly to drive these places out   ol
B, wus called to idontlfy prolilo    of ,„ ,           ,„..-.,      ,',   ,   „ _
Chicago will begin with indictments
cut in (luabec which Major Hodgins llga|Mt „.- or 30 o, m kcepcrs    ro_
sent in ordor to get aa object    les- turue,i by _e grand Jury today. Two
son of    Quebec   classification.     Mr. indictments are sought against each
Hodgins, K.C., iuipuuned the accur- proprietor, ono for   the sale of    11-
acy of the profile submitted and de- >luor nnd oho for maintaining adis-
manded tho original prolilo on file at orderly houso.     The evidence    was
tho timo of tho major's visit bo pro- secured by detectives of tho law and
duced.    This wos promised by    Mr. order league.
Murphy, counsol lor the transcontl- 'tne previous grand Jury refused po-
nental   commission.    Murphy    then llca regulation ol the sale of liquor
called Major Hodgins, who defended in these houses, und referred the ovi-
hlmsolf from    having made a  hasty nonce   furnished It    by the Law and
classification In the district, but ho Order League to the presont    grand
Identified a  number ol photographs Jurv'
taken o( thc cut In tho district, but tt Ib    understood Indictments    by
refused    to make   uny clr.BBlllontion °"ch succeeding grand Jury will   (ol-
from the    photograph:    He adhered low unt" th|s illegal pmctlco is driv
to his former statoment that    (rom cn °"*- of the city,
what he saw in 1007, forty percent. | •
solid rock would huve been
classification. Will
Murphy questioned tho witness    us    NEW YORK, Juno 10.—With   hor
to the truth of the report tlmt the bow stovo In, her stem brokon and
cut   was returned    as 82 ror cent,', her (orepoak llouileil with water, tho'jjive Acre Lots, bound on a ushing end Mrs.  Belntli nnd Inmih
rock     (or Juno 1007, but Hodgins Str. Hugin,   which   sailed   (or Cuba'trip, met the panther which prompt- Jtal
will all bo filled. If the latter should
bo tho cuso, then thero will be a bettor afternoon's sport on the First of
July than hus over been seen in Ladysmith, which is saying a great
The four special features will bo
tho Tug-of-Wur,  Five-Aside Football
contest, Pushball, and a 200   yards property o( tho Tyeo Compuny
relay raco.    For the first prizes   to  bo duly respected. . -  ■ -
tho umount of 872.00    are   offered, ♦	
divided between firBt and second
teams in tho ratio of $-18 und $22.
Last yeur thore wero Jpur teams in
tho contest, W. a. Simpson's team
winning out. It would add to the"
interest if an outside team was to
outer and it is hoped that Nanaimo
will send down some pullers.
For the five usido contest, it is
expected that Victoria will send up
a tenm, nnd tho secretary is vow
corresponding with Nunaimo and
Vancouver. With say two teams
from Nunuimo. one each from    Vic-
no one will be allowed on the wharf,
and, it is to be hoped that tho privilege so kindly granted will not bo
abused., The .Spit is about tlio only
place where a regatta could bo pulled olT successfully, and it ull depends
upon the behaviour of tho people
whether or not It will be available
next yeur. Under the circumstances
there is no reason to fear thut tho
Tlio Ladysmith City Band gave a
line programme of Music at tho
Band Stand on Saturday. The night
was ideal fur an outdoor concert,
hut there was not the usual number
of people round the handstand. This
was no doubt duo to tho fact of it
being pay Saturday night and not
in uny senso attributable to any
want of i upt'ocltttlon of the band,
indeed, th band is playing bettor
than ever .mil they hnvo got some
now selections which are really pretty. This idea af Saturday evening
concerts deserves all lhe encouragement it can bo given. The hand is
a self-supporting institution but is
never chary of giving its services to
any commendable cause in the city.
It is in fact truly a city hand, and
the people of the town may well
feel proud as woll of its past rocord
as of its general and all-round   pro-
,: flcioncy. These out-door concerts
will in all    probability continue   all
' summor and ought to ho better   at-
i tended than they are.
In the stretch of tho Hegatta programme vvhich appeared in a previous issue of the Standard, a new
and novel feature width should prove
a great attraction wus omitted.
This wus the engagement of tho La-
,,,.;„    ,,„, a.    . .     . ,. , . _. dysmith Male Voice Party for some
Jit w"l.t^i^lflJ,J!:.Ahfi-lpn1i:t  choral selections.      The parly     here
of the days' proceedings ought to be
interesting onough.
Tho Pushball is n new feature here
progress.     The party has now half
a dozen choruses in hand, and these
!®.!!!"U?.',g£'!* t>»ey will sing either from the wharf  Some twenty bishops, all the coton-
or the scow during the progress    oil.*,, ,,-,_.
the Hogatta. The music will he n|iai wchbi^ops and a number of
great treat and it is safe to saj j missionary bishopB received invita-
that this feature will prove une   of [ tions.
the most attractive iu the whole regatta.
has not long been organized, but
meoting twice a week, and, under the
.,,.,1 ,,, „ , ,     - , - experienced and efficient coaching   of
ISno^ytShVlrrS0 writ! *»" ^ * "' * "mki"B '""i"
figures nmong thc big. inniorlty
but he is told that it is nniuuin
ough nnd ho can well believe It. Mr
Con Jones has kindly placed the ball
he had mado for the Hospital Sports
at tho Committee's disposal, and the
game should provide an afternoon's
entertainment in Itself. Remember It
is pushball, und anybody can play
It. Forty-five dollars in prizes ure
offered so thnt thore is no luck of
Inducement (or players' to. turn out.     ol„ ™,v,„0,„,     ,       .1
Tho Relay Unco will bo another big     SAi* FRANCISCO,    June 10,
and    interesting   eront.    Teams   of ffono F. Murphy, who was sent
three men nice 200 yards, and  thero take    possession of Alaska In
Is uo stopping.    Thoro will bo   two
local teams In for it, one from Victoria mid It is expected thut Nanaimo will  also furnish throe runners.
It is a pretty race, and if thoro are residence, aged 83 years,
three or four tennis entered,   should
provide tho   athletic   excitement of
tho day.    Thirty   dollars in    prizes
hnve been appropriated for the nice.
In addition to these big
lTHE WOMLdJ'S    MUST    lfliaLUEN-
Lord Ciu'zou     Speaks   of King Edward aad ('resident Roosevelt
as the Two ilust Influential
Rulers the World Has
liver Seen.
LONDON, June lG.-The rUgrim's
.society oi London gave a dinner
lost night ut the Savoy Hotel to
welcome the leading delegates - attending the pun-Anglican conference.
Lord Curzon presided at the gathering, and in proposing a toast   to
ths King, and President ol ths   United States, he spoke of the two ru-
-Eu- lers, who had more influence on   tlie
to history of    the world in the    past
the seven years than any other,
name ol tho United Stutes at     tho I   Premier Asijuith, In responding ia
time     the    territory wus purchased |a noteworihj-    speech, poid a high
from Russiu, died yesterday at   his tribute to l'resident Roosevelt, and
Mr. Mur- exhorted tlie church to use Its    ln-
phy, who was born ln Albany, N.Y.
graduated (rom West Point In 1867,
and the year alter receiving his com-
feutiires, mission was sont on the mission   to
thoro will be the   usual side  attrnc-  Alaaita"
tions.    The dny will begin with the      "' ,        ......
children's races    on  the  Bsplanndc, nnd becnme a  merchant In (his city
and thon tho venue will be changed '" 1815.
to    tho    Sports Grounds -where tho
Tug-of-Wur is looked for 12    o'clock
shiirp.    Thore will bo a ladles' nice
and a 100 yards dnsh for local men
and these ovonts exhaust tho sports
The (inn Club hnvo mudo arrangements for a great day at tho traps.
Tennis urn coming from Nnnnimo and
tho Islands, and the firing will continue practically ull duy.
Tho train arrangements will bo announced    Inter.   The committee   are
He retired from the army
There   haa    heen quite an. unusual
number of arrivals and deptirturos iu
town this last week, ur so.   On Saturday     evening    Mr. and Mrs. John
in communication with Mr. Courtney Foster received their no.ee, Miss jft^
£™V^ ter, from Edinburgh, Scotland. The
slon ns yet.       1 hero is a suggestion
to nsk tho Y.M.C.A. in Victoria   to young lady says she had a   pleasant
run an excursion.    Thore ought to he voyage and ts much taken with   hor
money in tt and the Club would   ho
able to   make    hotter arrangements
new surroundings.
.Mr. Lawrence Mulholland has been
joined by Hrs. Mulholland and family. Mr. Mulholland has been here
for eome time and Intends settling
down. Mrs. Mulholland travelled
___ with the Brown family.     Mr. Urown
Nunaimo Girl Watched By a Panther le(t a  tow     weeks ago for Ouinber-
with the IC. & I\\ Company than the
Celebration Committee here.
at Old Extension.
(Tuesday's 1'Yoo Press.)
A big   panther is roaming around
Old Extension, and despite the usual
lund, Eng., to bring out the family.
Now they are    all hero, tlio population of- tho city hns been considerably increased,
lt Is only a  couple of weeks   ugo
belie! that man hus nothing to (ear that Mr. Alex. Orr received his wifo
(rom panthers, this particular brute „nd family und settled down on Wnr-
would not be    pleasant to meet    if ,vn street.
unarmed. (  Meantime    there   hnvo   also been
Sunday a couple ol lads (rom tho SOinc departures.     On Monduy    Mr.
left 'for
Tho s.mio    dny Messrs.     J.
le moro correct. Ho hod beon told
however, thut It was classic nil ni
high as 80 per cent.
said he had glicn 40 por cent, as a from New York a  few days ugo re-'iy jumped their dog giving it a se- Mulpass. .lohn Bell nnd John llurke
rough    estlmnto.    Thlrty-tw.i might turned to port this morning -with   a ^ mauling.    The boys as prompt-left     for Victoria for a   trip north.
story of a  collision nt sea.       The ly loft th8 ^ne ol the encounter - They will pick up J, Spoonor, an old
other   vessel,    the   Urltish steamer dog md M Ladysmith man.     In Victoria,     and
Coyn, bound (rom tho west coast of     shortly    alter   this   tho panther that will complete tlio party.     Last
South   America, wus ulso damaged, _mle noarly cruising a tragedy. Mr. week Mr. mul Mrs. .1. ,1. McNeill nnd
but sho   succeeded In reaching   Nor- Watchorn, tho shoe man, with    hls i,„„n,. iofl for x„va Scotia.
(oik without assistance. 'wlfo und little daughter were canip- ' «	
Tho   collision    occurred at 10.15, ing n  short way from the road on MEETING OF COMMITTEE,
whon tho steamers woro 120     miles Sunduy nt Old Extension.  Towards 	
oust by    south   oil    Cnpo llntterns. evening Mr. Watchorn went to hitch A mooting of the Oeneral Celebra-
They mot head on and both     were Up „js horse.     His littio girl     was tion L'otniniittoo was hold in thc city
heavily laden, thc Impact wos sum- playing about.     She hud gone     a- hall mi Monduy    night.    There wus
both bout lifty    feot out of Bight of Mrs. not much buslnoss to. bo transacted,
vc,ssolB                                                  Watchorn, who wont to get hor whon which was perhaps Just ns well,    In
Fortunately no ono on either ves- she wns horrified to see tho big pnu- VlBW ot tho vory, vory thin nttond-
scl wns    Injured, and   aftor repairs ther    creeping up on the child, got- unce,
hnd been mndo they sturtod for port, ting ready (or a spring. The littio Tho    Sports Oomnilttoo submitted
Tho I'o.vn continued on to Norfolk, 0ne,    sii8|>ect!ng nothing, was    ad- tboii- programme, which wns ucoept-
and tho Hugln turned nnd came back vancng   towards It.     Quicker than od    without nltorntlon.     Thero wns
CHICAGO,    Juno lO.-Tho    only
woman who will huve a  seat on tho
floor ol the    ltepublicun convention
n  regular delegato came to Chi-   , , ,
„„„- .... _,,     ,    ,,_.   . ciont  to shatter tho bows o(
cago yesterday.     She Is Mrs. Lucy „„„„„,„
A. Clarke ol llrigliiini City, and It is
declarod that sho also will be    tho
only woman who over had a  voto In
Republican    convention.        Mrs.
Clark came to tlio city merely as on
alternate dolegnt*.
fluence for lho unity ol tho nations,
anil for peace. He offered a toast
the visitors and the Archbishop of
Kill ertsland replied In behalf ol the
colonials and the Bishop of Massachusetts (or the Americans. Ths
bishops o( Missouri and Saskatchewan also spoke eloquently lor the
Champion Lands Ono on Solnr
Plexus in Eighth Hound.
PARIS, June IS.— Tommy Burns,
the Cnnndiuii heavyweight ennrapion-
slilp.claimant, and Bill Squiros, the
Australian, fought eight rounds hore
-onigllt before Burns Cinnlly concluded lo end the ufTuir with a solar
plexus thut floored Squires.
Knowing tho Character of his opponent a result of his one-round vic-
y ovor him In Sun Francisco*,
Hums did not axiom! himself nt any
tugo of tho fight. Squires (ought
n greatly Improved battle.
UAKliU CU'Y, Ore., June 16.—
People living iu this city and in tbe
territory within u radius o( tsn
miles irom here, ore (earing that a
repetition ot the two distinct eurtlf-
qnui.e shucks, thut rolled some o(
thom out ui bod eurly Friday morn-
lug und rattled dishes (rom shelves,
is iu store lor them.
This four is iutensilled by tbs presence today of heavy clouds ol smoke
bunging over the Comucopis mountain range, which wns severely shaken by the shocks. The peoplo were
so thoroughly frightened that thoy
are ready to believe that even snicifo
is tlio fororunncr oi un earthquake.
I'll© .shoe s wore more severe In the
eastern pert of Buker county, though
thov wero distinctly folt nl Hallway,
Richmond, Wallowa county, lrondlke
nnd other points.
Tho sky over Halfway und Richmond was lighted up with a purple
lint, which increased th* fears o( ths
to Now York (or repairs.
MEXICO «IT,Y, Juno 10.— Congress will adjourn today after ono ol
tho busiest     sessions hold lo recent
MONTREAI,,     Juno 10,-Dospond-
year,.    No action was taken by the ■* »*"" •*•••»•'»| «* «* «* «, to tlir„w stone, at It.    The ani
legisUituro on the dlllorent „ntl-(or- ** ">"'«"SJ»««» *™«dod pay-
olgn measures which have created so ",<mt "' boati bH1' a 1,*"*rt*n y*"
. old girl,    who gavo   her name    ns
much discussion.    The lost act
it takes to tell, Mrs. Watchorn up- ulso somo little discussion us to tho
prouchod unobserved by the pan- admission to the grounds, and It
thor, alongside of ths child, walked wns nprood to charge everybody with
slowly away with it, and then Join- out any kind of iliscrlinlnntlon.
od hor husband. Mr. Watchorn went Tho committee had also a propo-
back and found ths panther whero «ltlon before lt from tho Y.M.C.A.
the scono had been enaetod and start- »nd J.B.A.A. clubB ot Victoria,    to
hold a  four-oared contest. The clubs
wero willing to supply tho boats and
ly retreated before ths onslaught   ol lo solid crews on tho First. Tlio oom-
stoucs,    and Jumped Into tho bush, niittce, while deeply sensible of    tho
congress wes to puss an amendment ^Xi"'oT"'ho"^re^ldP*n''™n™ wl,oro'it """ k<,|,t w,,t** "n "" "'"" """ s|""',i,*'v ,|,iril' ""ll"r,vi"''     "'"
Ing Compuny building Inst night Just
ufter her swecthenrt, Judion O'Oon-
to the constitution raising the Anv
paro law. This monsuro wes passed by tho s -nato yesterday by n vote
of 89 to 7. It prevents nppe il to
tho hlghor courts In cases on flimsy
noil, hnd left hcr.
him back,    and
Hor cries brought
getting assistance,
technicalities, and will creatty .hort- J"*'1 tb,e    ■ '' conv<*«1 to tho •"""I- lpoM6d ,or
Til        ll llnt-n    thn    llnninM     hAlu     Iah aa_. '
siier, who being unarmed, did not go offer, decided thnt there mis not en-
any further,     but   Joined his family ougH    time   to mako ttrrangemontfl.
and drove nway. However,    It    may be thnt a  jiri^o
Mr. Watchorn thinks that the pon- wlH be put up to bo competed    for
ther must hnvo hod the little    one hy crows from     the   rival Victoria
fn the time necentnry to bring civil
nctlons to Judgment
tnl, where the doctors hope for
If the lining wean out of the hack A smnH P1** °r ft** Hmi put In
of your thom, pofte * plow of loft to boU "it* wttCTy Potatoes will
muiUa over the won part. .mate then dry aad mealy.
— ,.w..*^4 ua^uSlliJ  ■ —■-• - -•'-•■    '■'-
some    timo, as several clubs.
limes during tho afternoon Ihehorso    Mr, Thick announced that he   hnd
acted    sCrnngoly, showing signs    of got the uro of the Ladysmith   T.um-
fear. Iter Company's scow for tho First of
Today a number of hunters    are July, so thnt everything was    now
out scouring after the biff brute.      'nil right for the regatta.
WASHINGTON, D.U.. Juno 10. --
After an exhaustive investigation Into tho minerals of the North Pacific
Qoost, tho Untied States geological
survey hns Juat Issued a report showing the existence of marvelous coal
and petroleum hinds In the region of
Cont roller Hay.
It is expected that this discovery
will have a direct effect upon the
cost of shipplugVn tho Fachlc coast
and in the case of futuro naval operations in Pacific waters, conl will
not have to bo brought half way
afoutld the world for the uso of warships.
Ooal of a thickness of thirty feot
wns found in mnny places, nnd a
large portion of It hns tho burning
proportion of anthracite. ^Oroat quantities of soml-blttiminous coal wore
also found, which undor the tost produced coke of an excellent quality.
This Is an Important factor In
viow of lho project to build smoltors
in that region for tho Alaska copper
initios. Tho fuel problems confronting Hio North Pacific Coast shipping
and tho mining industry of Alaska,
make this dlscovory ono of far reaching importance. —~*"
1 "l" I j' iiB)rii-i»r i'ii
It You Require Anil
Or l( You Require Any
Or 11 Yuu Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Sell One;   or II You   Want
l-'AUil  ur FRUIT LANDS.
Notary Public,
Ladysmith   Standard
I'uiilisliod uii Wednesdays mm .jalur-
days Afternoons by the
Itubt.  it. Hindmai'ch, I
Munager. [
Una Veur-rr.  »1.60
.»... Ali.liU.li       76
Advertising Kates on Application.
OTTAWA, June 12.—Twenty-two British Columbia Indians inter- •
viewed the prims minister yesterday and presented a petition re' *
guiding grievances which they wanted redressed. They claimed •
thut they had not received all the lands allotted to them (or ln- *
ilinn reserves by'sir James Douglas, and they also asked (or the *
removal ol restrlctiuns on their hunting and Ushing. *
Sir Wilfrid replied that he would have their reports looked ln- •
to by the department. Subsequently Chief Capilano, the moving ■
spirit uf the delegation, called upon Mr. Fedley, deputy superinten- *
dent of Indian nlTuirs. in connection with this matter. He was *
usked by Mr. Pedley fur purticiilurs of tlie land which the Indians *
said had been taken from them, but the chiel was wholly unable to *
furnish uny»ovldence. Chief Capilano was informed tiiat nothing *
could be done by the government unless he was able to show where '
the land had been taken (rom them. *
They lo(t for the west last night without having soon tho gover- *
nor generul, who has been absent from too city, and without ac- •
compllshing anything, The opinion here is thnt Capilano iB dccelv- •
ing thc other Indian tribes into the belief that Ihey have wrongs •
which he can get redressed, but he has hnd a pleasant trip which *
hns cost him and his friends a large sum. Tho Songhces vory pro- *
perl.v refused lo take purt in the visit,  which has beon a  (allure,     z
IN U. S.
NEW YOBK, June IS.— According __
to the Tribune, twenty fishermen had -The ways ol the law courts o( the
a -narrow escape (rom drowning J3S- United States in big cases are slow
-terday; when their launch, the, Bardie 'TtF-m*--j7^ _Z_7a,
caught lire while off Seabright. The who was pardoned last Friday for
men had been out only a  short time »'■-" "-'— '
Iwhen the gasoline tank sprung aleak
und the fluid dropped to the floor of
the boat. One of the fishermen
threw away the butt of a lighted
cigar and ln a moment tho entire
boat was enveloped in (Indies. Capt.
Ryrodon, who was in charge ol   the
, launch, went overboard, and was (ol-
| lowed by the nineteen other men.
Their cries     soon brought several
boats to their rescue.     It was said,
! however, that sovernl    boats redised
(to offer assistance unless they received monoy (or their work. Capt.
Illaisiis,     In   command ol
opposition.    The order has a  mem- CUMBERLAND VALLEY     NOTES.
bershlp of nearly 1100,000 in Canada ~~~
and the United States. I (Cumborlund News.)
♦ !   Mr. Mat.   Ilemingston, H, Porter,
New York, Juno IS.—Memorial ser und W. Pierce    havo loft Courtenay
vices to commemorate the fourth an- and gonu to Flnloy river.    Thoy np-
uuy complicity heml'gh't have'"haili'iiin'vors'iry    °'    th° stoamoi- fcuornl  paroiitly havo gut the gold (ever and
TORONTO, June IS.—Prospects ol
a warm light ior the position ot
supreme chiel ranger of ths. Independent Order of Funsters increase with
the approach o( the opening oi the
supreme court meeting tomurrow. Er j
G-. Slovens, present supreme chiel
runger, and Harry Collins ars present, as is also Supreme Treasurer,!
who Is after the higher position,
Each have their following in the;
ranks ol the supreme court.
Mr. Colins does not admit that —
is connected with any ticket, lt ls
whispered around the corridors ol
the Foresters' Temple that there will
be a possible candidate (or every olllce against the present executive.
MALONE, N.Y., June 15.-Brnest I "From ocean to ocean," is the cry
0. Gleasun, a well-to-do farmer who on the little continent of Vanoouver
lives just outside this town, has the island, and as tho cry is punctured
distinction o( having been struck by.'t,y frequent calls o( "timber", as the
1'lghtnlng and living to tell ol his j __g _\n g0 crashing down along tho
experiences. With his two daugh- rjffht ot Kay> and ..look oUt below')
ters Gleason wns sitting on the ver- us the big reeks thunder down ths
andah ol their home last evening,' hillsides, it is becoming more and
during an electrical stonn, whon a'mota evident that the cry has bo-
bolt o( lightning crashed Into the njad ^ that much to be desired thing
group.     All three were thrown    to j known ln the language o( tho streot,
the floor by the shook but with the'	
exception of Gleason, none wcre seriously hurt. His lelt side was paralysed and he was unconscious (or sev
eral hours, but today he was reported (o be well on tho way to recovery.
,,,,  , received   „
| ll(o sentence nnd was transferred   to
i„„„„u   . -  wfsa.Loulsvlllo Jail lor sa(o keoping.
muncn, was soon alongside tho bum- Nov. la.-Henry E. Youtsoy and
ing boat, und with the assistance ol! ^Im Howard, alleged assassins o(
Joseph Benson, In chnrire o( a small ?Pol)elUtraM,<,rrod to 'I*>ulsvlllo Jail,
launch   all tho rho™ Howard and Powers mot.
muncn, all tho mon wore saved. The
Derdie    was     towod    back a  total-   Feb
the murder of
March 10.—Arrested and placed
-"LroV^lTuken to Versailles an,.;"™' 61=°™ °< <ftual ™l™ «*#
thence to Louisville, whero   ho   was]tragic excursion,
placed in tho Jefferson County Jail.
March 27. -. Taken to Frankfort,
whoro ho wns placed ih Jail.
April. — Examining trial boforo
Judgo Mooro ut Frankfort. Held
without bail. Obtained a change of
venue to Scott County and takon to
Georgetown Jail.
July 0.—First trial began
August 19.—Convicted
governur uf, ^'°cum disaster were hold  in Luth- gavo gone up thoro for a  euro.
eran cemetery in Brooklyn toduy.: A wedding touk place In the Eng'
Nearly a thousand porsons attended Hsu church at Comox when Mis!
■ tho services, among thom boing   sev- Dolly    Smith,   daughter   of Horace"
„„„i . —i....   . ,.     smith, of Block Creek, was united I a
Marriage to Mr." PItcock,  o.( ' Cumji-
• j bell rlvor,
Rio Janeiro, June 15.—Tho Bra-] Mr. Walter McPhee had a narrow
zilian national exposition, (or which escnpo o( being upset out o( his
Preparations havo beon going [or- bout, he was llshlng and had hlu
ward (or more than a year, was boat anchored In tho middle ol the '
opened today. It will continue un- river whon a log came down the
til the middle ol September. The exhibition, which is commercial and
Industrial In its character, is in colouration ol tho hundredth anniversary
ol the opening o( the Ports o( Brazil to International commerce.
Indian Head, Snsk'., June 15.— A
snd drowning accident occurred here
lest evening In which Manse Simpson
tho popular C.P.R. agent here, lost
his life.     It appears he was on the
lake with several (rlends and In somo.   „„„ ,, .     .    ____   , ..   , ,
J many thousands of acres o( the best
manner    fell out   of the canoe and|,„K^    ._ ... ._..-_._.    .    ..
as "tho goods,' ^^^^^^
Says the Vancouver World: When
the C.P.R, acquired what was known
as the E. & N. land grant, it was
thought that the entire purpose o(
the company was to put the line
through to the west coast at a point
near the town o( Alberni, and that
the cutting down of the running time
for mulls and passengers tu and (rom
the Orient wus the primary object
of tho new owners. It souu ivppoar-
ed that there was much back uf this,
and thut the railroad was but a link
in the chain, lt ls well known that
in the old E. & N. grant there
CARACAS, June 9, via Wll-
lomstndt, June 15.-Several
deaths from bubonic plague occurred within tho Inst few dnys
Indicating that tho city has
been widely contaminated with
the disease. Great alarm Is
is (elt because no measures havo
boen taken ns.yet to light the J
Plague in this city, nnd there •
are no serums on hand. a
_       _. .... _—.__ "'""hand    to be (oiind   in the province,
un.n.1 "nk *" *he               ' Whe" h8 m™ ttnd that    " tixia could be prepared
While to tho surface the first time ho was ;, ...
NEW YOHK,    June 15.- Work is
being resumed on the new battleship
th.   Brooklyn ^
KTLLS white girl
LONDON, Juno 15.-Not in many
years has loiuton witnessed such
gathering of eminent churchmen nB
have assembled hero during the past
few days in readiness for tho Pan-
Anglican Church Congress. Scores of
bishops and hundreds of noted divines and laymen have gathered from
the four quarters of the globo to
take part in this conference for which
preparations have been going forward for nearly flve yoars. The United States and Canada are well represented among the delegates, as
are also Australia, South Africa and
in fact, almost every part of the habitable globe-
The conference is not to have its
formal opening until tomorrow. Today many of the delegates met to
discuss tho final plans, while hundreds of othors accepted an invitation
to visit. Kncbworth, tho Hertfordshire seat of Lord Strathcona. The
formal opening of the conference Ib
to take place in Westminster Abboy
and the closing service will be held
in St. Paul's Cathedral.
One of the    most   interesting fea-
      .„ „..u ..utsut. ui a  twintnue tures of the programme will be    the
—    °-'ed irom"^ home."    uT-vZntm -*ompuny, and that the plan, were of ^^ ^U^___m^1 ^^
Wales on his trip to Canada.    This _,, that tho glrl w„ the victlm of a a  very extensive nature. bury',. tQ occupy tb_ •_b_k at    m
wiU be her flrst ocean trip and the bmn(1 o( jjrujus, or negro wizards. when ll "«■ announced that this flr8t 0( those meetings tomorrow
navy deportment has assigned Capt.' ge Sa|a that he and ono o( the wlz- latter "-"Why "ad (ailed to make night. On tho succeeding ovonlngs,
0. Window, who was lately relieved j ard„ niuneo MariB, who w„ alSo ar_ the necessary arrangements (or the the presiding »«»' ""T»" *«« he
from the bureau of navigation, to rested, entered the house and ab- carrying out o( this work It «"« hop 0, thS West Indies,'Bishop Tut-1
command her- (ducted the girl and murdered her lor thought that the wholo thing     had tie, ol Missouri, tho Archbishop    o(
The    work   o(   coaling   ths New' tt,0 purpose of using the blood o( hor fallen through,    but it now appears Capo Town, tho Archbishop oi   Syd-
Hampshire wiil be commenced Tues- heart to cure;an old negress o( con- that this is (ar (rom the case. «*. ^Bishop oMa-yrfonJta Bl*
day and   special   quarters are being sumption.       Members    ol ^he rural     it is now announced on tho    best Kens|ngto„.
uirunKed (or   Vice President    Fair-1 swda ue scouring'tho country    in of """thorlty that a  gigantic colon-     The congress    Is tho first of
. , Izing scheme   that has been contem- wholo Anglican    communion   to   be
Hinted by the O.P.B. (or two years, |"'« »■■>«>   le*".     Bishops,   clergy
,,, ,    , .   , „ . laymen nnd women from all parts ot
is now likely to materialize and   on „£ worM „„, tnko ]iaH ,„ th„   do.
Monday it is expected that contracts bates.    A glanco nt tho programme
Tun   15 —Willinm wiU be   '*' ,or    the cleorlDB 0| on0 snows that tho    spirit ol the
(or settlers at a reasonable cost, It
would bring in large numbers desirable citizens and reclaim many of
the waste places of the Island now
_^  ,,        (Presenting too   great didlculties   lor
.. t   .     a tt -a    'the individual colonist.
Negro    Wizards   Abduct and Murder i    , ,    .,   ..        „       ,,
,,, , .     „ , „ ,      aa It was along these lines that   the
Girl ior Purpose ol Using the      .„-,:,_!   . _7 .;-.:.
...    a       r.     ,t . C.P.R. lot It be known that it   was
Blood o( Her Heart. .-    ', .    ., ,      ..
______ the intention to clear a  (ew thous-
HAVANA,    June 15.-In the town aad »cres of this land by machinery
ol Alcrandez, a negro has bcon ar- and P1"00 n on lhe ■n*rket as an ex-
ths charge ol complicity Por-iment.      Later It was announced
New Hampshire   at ,„„„ un    „,. „,„,,,, 0I compUl
navy yards   that she nay bs ready ^ th8    kidnapping Luizavendes,     a thBt this part o( the work had been  e
to leave here Saturday on her    trip whjt8 c^uAi w],0 recently disappear- PlttC°d    in the hands o( a  separate tures ot tho programme will bo
to Quebec    to honor the Princo    ol'„. .. .._. ..      — ■        •	
total'   Feb. 6.— -Powers translorred   (rom
(Louisville Jail to Frankfort-Jail.
j   Mnrch 38. — Court o( Appeals  ro-
I versed finding o( Scott Circuit Court
Now trial ordered.
Oct. 8. — Translorred from Frankfort jail to Georgetown. Second trial
Nov. 8.—Again convicted and sentenced to prison (or li(e, and transferred back to Frankfort Jail.
Remained ln Frankfort jail until
September, when he was again triins
(erred to Georgetown.
Doc. 2.—Court o( Apponls rovorsod
decision in socond trial.
Itemained In jail at Georgetown un-
til August 8,    whon the third   trinl
Aug. 24.—Convicted and sentenced
to death. November 25 was fixed ns
date of execution. Appoal taken,
which stayed execution.
Oct. 18.—Translorred to Louisville
Year passed tn jail at Louisville.
Dec. A.—Court o( Appeals rovorsod
the case (or the third time.
Powers' attorneys take his case to
tho Federal court (or tho    Eastern
District o( Kentucky on tho   ground
that, his constitutional rights aro boing    violated    in   Kentucky courts.
Judgo Cochran assumos jurisdiction,!
and Powers   is removed to Newport
jail to bo in jurisdiction.
March 12.— Supremo Court   sends
tho case back to tho State courts.
Powers In jail at Newport   awaiting his (ourth trial.
Fob. 20.—Judge Bobbins of Graves
County, who presided at Powers'
last trial, is appointed by Governor
Beckham as special Judgo (or tho
next trial. Powers objected to Judge
Bobbins to try the case.
July 81. — Judge Bobbins vacatod
Nov. 10.—Fourth trial begun, with
Judge Wilson on tho bench.
Jan. 4.— Jury disagreed and   was
discharged.      -Powers    roturned    to
Juno 12.—Pardon granted to Powers by Governur Willson.
Saratoga, N.Y., June 15.— The
Wirld's Tomperence Centennial Congress resumed Its sessions here this
morning with an increased attend*
ance of delegates. Reports wero
presented during the (orenoon showing the progress of the temperance,
movement throughout -the world. The
formul welcoming exorcises are to
take place In Convention Hull this
evening. The exchange o( greetings
will be folio-wed by a Gocd Templar
reception, tho speakers to Include G.
F. Gottrell, of Seattle, national
grand chief templar, and Edward
Wavrinsky, of Stockholm, a member
of lho SwodiBh parliament.
Ivor straight for his boat, he tried
to steer it to ono sldo and failed to
do so. It cn 1110 headlong into his
boat, but no sorlous damage was
Jl. J. R. Johnston, of the Cour-
tenny Houso, received his now auto
a few days ago. It is not up to
his expo.-tiitliins, as tho first time
he wont for a spin he had tho misfortune to break ono of the springs,
ncccssitntlng oithor having it fixed
by nn expert, cr Rotting a new ma-
i-hino In exchnnge.-
M'r. Wm. Berkley has gone to
Campbell Rlnor lo work on tho survey. .   .
Owing t0 tho lack of demand (or
lumber Mr. A. Urquhart has closed
his saw mill down lor some time to
WHAT'S -IH-tT't:   AT C'HV
RENO,   NeV„  .liiuo 12.-
'I ho 1
(Spiicl il (Vn'respondonce,)
Ottawa, June ti.
 , ....u id.—Reno   was
so' shucked thnt it could hardly eat
< breakfast luduy and the thrills cam*
■ii-oiii one of the tenderest tonderleet
government Is still obstruct- [ (hat over got within a inita o( Coining government business. Three uiercial street—Mrs. Clarence Mao-
months aftor the introduction ul the toy. member of tho four hundred,
Election Bill, une month after Mr. j who resides
Ayleswurth's lung explanation of  ...
 ^^^^^^^^        it.
threo weeks atter Sir Wilfrid's    address, vaguely suggesting    some
banks, who will go to Quebec as ths; pursuit
special representative of President Brujus.
Roosevelt. I
15— No trace of the murderer •
of Mrs. Mary Morrison has been •
discovered.      The chase    will *
shortly be abandoned unless    a *
definite clue ls picked up. *
of   others of the band
WINNIPEG. Man., Juno 15.- Tho
Hon. A. A. C. Larlvioro, a lormor
member for Provonchero, was nom-!
lnatod today by the Conservatives
to contest thnt seat ln tho Dominion elections.
MONTREAL, June 15.-When the
vote was called shortly altar noon
today, the delegates o( tho Congre
gatlonnl Union of Canada voted
-without a dissenting voico ln (avor
o( continuing negotiations looking
towards Church union. Tho discussion which has extended over a large
part o( two ur throe sessions o( thc
Union and bus been lending to conclusion throughout mcotlng.s o( the
pust weok bus grown out o( tho re-
port u( tho church union cnmmltteo
which recommended a continuation
of negotiations looking to church
CHATHAM. Juno 15.—About twen
ty Chntham ladles, Including somo
ot the city's loading snclety women,
have been notified by the customs department that thoy havo boen discovered smuggling from Detroit, and
they will now either have to repay
AsThby,n00 yeats old diodludaen'iy"of: thousand acres d tlmbtr~land thirty gSrclntcPn'1'lCtiCtt1'   n0t oc,*domlc
Si''!r..,!!|i,rJlL"£ 'UU<" B°rth °' Ni"""m0 °" th' Pr°"1   The maln'thomes for discussion aro
photograph stuldo ol his son-in-law |)0sod 1|m |*..WMn Nanaimo and AU so broad, timely ond inelusivo that
■1. Kennedy on King street. |jMnj      TWl    ^ [a ^ vlaMy    0j Christians ol evory namo will bo In.
• ,..h„* 1. innMi .. o.miiMtm torostod In them.       They aro:    The
C.P.R.   EXI'I-IRMENTLN'O   IN  THIS  «bat '■ kn0«n « <W»»»»». chur(.h „„„     Humiln    s*cloty.   Tho
SECTION.    ~ I   Owing to the heavy expense necas- church nnd Humttll   Th,)Ugllt;    Tho
——. sary lor the clearing of tho land, the Church's Mlnlutry; Tho Church's Mln-
• • « •.•a,-* • a • 0 o 000 *' o, a project |,a8 |)eon |n abeyance for    a, l°nH In   Non-Chrlstinn Ijind.s;    Tho
considerable    .time and much .orr,* ^£™T %J^STXe
pondence between Montreal and   the church's Duty to tho Young,
local official* has resulted.    It    has t
now boen settled thnt an experiment TEMI-ERANCE CENTENNIAL IS
he tried    which, l[ it proves success->| AT HAND
(ul, will cucouruge tho railway cor-, SABATOoA( juno ia._Scor« o(
poratlon to clear vast tracts along mm ^ Womm ^^e, leador,
the proposod line to lie settled with   ■- -
In connection with the story
that appears in another column
relative to ths C.P.R. clearing
land In this vicinity, the Free
Press is in receipt ol a wire
just before going to press, that
the C.P.R. is simply making an
•xperlment on forty acres of
land and thero Is nothing else
on baud at present. It may
be presumed, however that the
company will follow thts up by
operations on a much larger
scale. Everything points that
way. It is needless to dwell
on the general effect this move-
out, when in full swing, will
have on this section of the Island.
.    .   .n. „...ou »,„,. ^ international reputation are gath-
Canafllans,   and possibly the bettor ^ hore t() tak„ ^ ln ft  m.Atiy
• class of immigrants from Great Brl- intBroatlonal congres, in celebration
tllln- --'of   the   100th    anniversary ol the
»    A (ow small contracts, It Is .under- foumllng 0, th8 flrtt AlM1.ican   tem-
• stood,    have been let, but the main }jmm tacMy     1M furmft, opon.
• bulk will bo dellvored Into tho hands , , ... ..
* ot contractors    this week, and     aa
* soon as the   work    is finished steps
* will    be taken to Induce settlors to
tho proiicrty (rom tho prairie provinces. The original idea was to
colonize with Englishmen, but for tho
Initial experiment, at least, this will
bo abandoned.     Most
ing u( the gathering ls set (or tomorrow morning, when rallies will
bs held simultaneously tn three ol
Saratoga's largest churches. During the week that follows many noted speakers wlll.be heard.
The lirst Amorlean temperance society, tho centennial of which Is   to
AUCKLAND,    N.2., June 16.—Ad- l*'-'avll.v timbered with tit and
vices received state that lor    three lock> Dut ls
0/ the land Is be ooieijratod m such a  notable man
"' ""H    hcm* ner.    was founded in 1808, in    th*
three ]oeb, mt is    not suitable for limber 77   -~ ~""-~ •» «
nights beginning May 10, there waa tracts, hence tho proposnl to trans- n    u,       oreou- ia thl» «o«nty,   by
"'"*''     The fame of ths
Dr. W. J. Clork.
auch important jiroportlons than
Mobile, Ala., June 15.—Ths annual convention o( the International
Printing Pressmen and Assistants'
Union opened in this city today with
delegates present Irom many cities
o( the United States and Canada.
Berlin, Jnne 15.—Today was the
twentieth anniversary of Emperor
William's accession to the throne.
Throughout the empire the anniversary was observed as a general holiday. The oapltal was handsomely,
decorated in honor of the occasion.
lima, 0., June 15.—Lima is lav.
Isbly decorated with the national colj
ors in honor of the veterans ol ths
G.A.R. department ol Ohio, whose
annual encampment will be in session hero during the next three days
Twenty thousand visitors are expected.
Amsterdam, Juno 15.—Delegates
from twenty-two countries are attending tbe conference of the International Woman's Suffrage Alliance,
which opened hero today. Rev. Anna
Howard Shaw, Miss Lucy B. -Anthony, Mrs. Catherine Waugh Mc-
Cullough and Mrs. Ella Stewart of
Illinois, are among tho Americans
presont.    -
Philadelphia, June 15.—Tha na
tional tournament for women's sin-
gles, doubles and mixed doubles tennis championships, originally fixed
(or today, has been postponed until
next week, when It will take place
on tho grounds of the Philadelphia
Cricket Club at Chestnut Hill.
in New York, London
and othor world capitals.
Ths excitement    is the result    of
a. Mrs. Muckoy's "brazen" action    In
to .the obnoxious clause, smoking a cigarette ln the presence
the bill stands exactly ns It did in °' men at a banguet given last eve-
the beginning.       The premier    has "ing in honor of her husband by the
mode no de n'le -1 -o r   10 11 upper social set of this city.
no amendment, and has not oven When tho time came for the men
made up his mind what to do. Drlv- to smoke, Mrs. Mnckny calmly lighten every way by conflicting forces, ed her cigarette and complacently
the premier floats about, leaving ev-' pulled it, while the ladles o( Reno
orything unsettled, thus delaying and —t stiff and astounded,
obstructing the voto of supply    and j *
other neci ssnry business. There never
was a  time when tho government of
Canada v.ns so utterly incapable o( ^^^^^^^^^^^^
carryiijfci.ii publio affairs. 1   HORTA FAYAL, Azores, June 18.
Who Is to Blame for This?        |^A letter has Just beon received here
There Is complaint that post office from the island of Flores, whloh de-
^doustom. employees cannot    get clures that a balloon, evidently"   ,.-
To    aaa^a ^" """* """>  M,Wi <»> J""™ 0, at 8 O'clock in the
bm_m\-, g7TBt """    not ■»»-»*    Evening from L-   To
prepared a supply bill, or taken ac- we«t     -im™ k„i.i„ - .„.   .
! Hon to give effect to the vote., The b° °0n """ *° Pa" "V"
opposition was charged  with     pre- on its
venting the vote (or the militia sum- was c,ear of the west coast.
wee    Ti,e presonco of the airship created
opposition has always been roadyto \f_t TT*  aT** ** W°Pl°
      Weeks ago Sir WiS        °     anta C™ ""* Us°M' bUt    *
—        -Jr.   w. ^^^^^^^^^^
a remarkablo vok-anic outburst    on forin the wilderness into fine agricul- Moreau movement rest* more on the
Sevanl, the    largest of the Snmoan lural properties.      fact that it marked the genesis    of
Islands.    Tho first eruption was fol- ~     ' tho crusade that    has sine* assumod
lowed by    tho groutest outflow     ol     AN(rrm,;r.  SNA,p r0n TOMMY
vn in tho history o( the Island,  lt BURNS.
________________________^__,  -  -   being estimated nt nearly 8,000 feet ——
tho price of tho    articles smuggled, per injnute.     Soon thore wns an al-     SYDNEY,    N.S.W ^^^^^^^^	
or else they will bo forced to suffer  _ _'_        —«-. wem out of existence.    But the re-j for the entertainment of
the consequences. miles wide nnd from six inches    to ed for   a Ugh*   between "Tommy" form    Impulse did not die with It. jors.
six feet deep flowing down the moun- Burns, the heavyweight pugilist, and The American Temperance Society
tain side. It overflowed the cliffs, Bill Squires, the Australian fighter, was founded in Boston in 1836, and
destroying .many natlvo houses In its Tho contest wilt be for a purse ol the rTew York- Temperance Society
way, dropping into the ocean and 114,000 and will take place here in 1829, and a year later had on*
cunning    an    Immense uprising     of durlna the vls't ml tho »m«.i».i-f •■ — "
previous level as soon as It
wer camps, though parliament
never asked for this vote, and
pass it.      . _H„ ou   mnna ex-  Wtts impossible to note other detail*
oused the delay in Judge Cassers than those given above,
inquiry into murine scundais by stat-1 The island of Flo«es is one ol the
•ing thut the opposition bad obstruct northwest group of the Asores. It
ed the Exchequer Court bill, releas-'|» about 100    miles west of LUbon.
Portugal. Tho only communication
between Flores and Porta Is by steamer or sailing ship.. The distance
from Flores to the American coast
is about 2,000 miles. There is no
record of any balloon race previous
to June 6. Ono was hsld In England on May 80, but every airship In
that contest was accounted for.
ing the judgo to con tin 110 the inquiry.
Afterwards the premier had to admit that this provision was not evon drafted, much less presented to
the house. When it was lutroduced
there was not an hour's delay oyer
it. But lt is not yet law, and
Judge Cassels is not free to take up
the Investigation. This delay is
purely government .obstruction, and
seems to be intentional with tbe
view cf preventing further exposures
whl|e the houso is in session, and
probably of burking the whole inquiry until alter the elections. . In
the some way government supporters are still blocking ingulry in the
public Accounts committee.
Making a Farce oi It.
Nothing worth mentioning has been
done (or a week, and (or another
week nothing wiil be dono ln j the
Hodgins' charge of "pudding" the
Transcontinental accounts by
Atter Major Hodg-
    ... A...J-, J.UUg'
tins completed his direct evidence Mr.
'Murphy, counsel for the Transcontinental Commission, paid by the government, began cross-examination.
He has continued It day after day,
with weary repetitions until everybody understands that it le only a
time-killing performance. Major Hodgins does not vury his statements,
und has long since told all he knows.
Fort Worth, Tex., June 15.— Many .        	
visitors are hero (or the fiftieth an- Vet he is kept on the"standen
nual meeting   of tho Texan Women's ««->ffnation so tedious and meaning
Press Association.     Tho meeting I* ,0" that newspaper reporters   have
any very marked aehlav-^.    . ..  '*" J"""' *™   ,0rmal olm{n* ton,*ht' i*1™™*     i,amM "» room.     Local-
own.    Kilt .Z£_   T' "'J,1.1 °nd    bu9l0es,, M",°™ wl" continue •■*■■■■ who mado the alleged oTer^
own.    Aftor fourteen years, in which lover Tuerfay and Wednesday. Elan- claeolfloatlon, the inspecting!!
(most continuous short 0, lava^git sporUng-^dlouto'hireT. urr.n£, $. "^ir it t_t\tTt_^^_¥^T^ ^^.^^^ X?
•fc Billiards aod Pool %
■ ♦ ■■
Best Liquors and Cigirs.
Cartwright & Barclay
tleehlp fleet next August.
....ni. in  f,
  _. The (ynjdjoate last month deposit- year 18412,
ROUND THE WORLD BAOE.        arfdnnnn    .-   ...--.
od $10,0*00   to   bind a match
-    . — --. v-w wiutxi en-
the visit- gmeer and the commlsslonore thom-
___m___m___m_______m_mmo--mmm\ "'^      C°°"0t   ''B Ca,,Sd   Unt1'      this
"~*  -        14m*y performance ends.     On Thurs-
Toronto, June 15.-TheXnnadlan.'«■•* the examination became such an
Paelflo railway has fixed today ae UW« 'me that it was decided to
the date (or opening o( the new Sud- •"Jmrn and take a ten dayi' rest
bury cut off. and the Inauguration!14 *■ easy to see that the enquiry
I of through service between this city,*'" thu* bs burked until the end of
he- ship „d lnflu_e.ee. and th.",.^ j ^n. a^orto^-ntm ^ ^^ ^ *" * **« *
thousand member*.      The
Sons of Tomnorance, founded In tho
grew rapidly In member-
Buffalo, June 18.—Berry Lynch,
one of the best known detectives in
tlio stato, was shot on Swan streot
near tho post office here shortly before noon today and seriously Injured. Otto Susdorl is under arrest (or the shooting. At the station he called himself Geo. Miller.
Susdorl was accompanied by anothor mnn who was also caught by tho
police. Detective Lynch was taken
to lho emergency hospital In an ambulance.
NAPKINA, Man., Juno 18.— Wm.
Southorn, a (armor living north ot
Naplnkn, wns found dead today In
tho barn loft of a. Dunbar. Mr.
Southern wus In town tills morning
apparently In bost of hoajth. Heart
dlsonso was couso of death.
.. — ...-— — _ ueiivaiui-Mt io lie r
.,,.,, , , ., „ , ..... ,„ tween Burns and Lang, an Austm- ent Order of Good Templars followed,Toronto to the Pacific coast,
Norlhlnsk, Asiatic Russia, June 10 who wa_ . |
motor car In the  -___.    . . —
—The   Amorlean
New York to IMrl» race, passed
through here nt nine o'clock this
morning. The German car left at
half past nine.
Johnson   at   Melbourne last
WHITBY, Ont.,   -
DECLINES NOMINATION -       I. -tt,ronto-   3w» l«.-Oreat interest
BAJtRIE, Ont., Juno la. _ North      ,oiull,osted in the meeting of tho
Slmeoo Liberals   yosterday nomlnat- »»P™me court of the Independent Or-
r..-_   tn —..      -a mt  tt —      „-...«.....j   iiiiiiiiniiL-   --■ A--.. —.  h. aua
-&_-&-__«£ ?W 21 *oK;tt^ '" »** «'ty tomor-
YAtlf  nn    -innnin'm.   r. M™, Frany, living on a farm    noar.ton MocCarthv,Tlif.P"'who hna    ..„
-e^il IL iw?&"fl- r""«" ^s&n'l'ne'^r ° '*"" "' ^1^™°^°"   * ^5,--
But the people should remember that
the Inquiry so choked off ls Into a
charge of Improper payment* of two
I or three million dollar* of the hard-
earned money of the people of Canada. It is an Investigation ordered by the, government itself, and demanded    by the very commissioners
Steel Is Iron free from dirt, sir
or foreign substance fused with
carbon. .Carbon fives toughness
stength, kceness end life,    , .
Thirty year's study of the razor
iltuallon has shown a way tor
add the highest per cent of t
carbon to a Carbo Magnetic
razor blade throug a secret ,
processorELeCTItlCTerlPER. L
INO giving it a uniform die- ■
niond like hardness-something absolutely Impossible
with flre tempered  razors,
[and they are Hamburg ground.v-
But Test this UNCONDITIOrV]
to consider the proposed revi-
of   rate*.    The proposed    In- -who are obstructing its" progress and
'crease has already met with    much making It a bad Joke.
• BELL1NGHAM,     June 12.—iJPour Biggest   Revival to bo Held in Now
additional arrests have been made in j York Since     the Denth
this county in connection with    the, of D. L. Moody.
Morrison    murder case, all the sus-| ——,
beets answering in a general way
to tho . description u( the murderer
They are being held for th* Canadian authorities here! The mulatto
who escaped Irom the Belllngham police yesterday and was later arrest- governor. Meetings will he
ed at Stunwood, fifty miles south of from J une 14 to Sept. 20, in a new
here, was taken to Blaine at noon tent with a seating capacity of 8,-
today to lie turned over to' Chiel 000 nt Fifty-First street and Broaxl-
Constable Spain. Be is an octo- way. The lest known evangelists
roon named Joe Fisher. He ad- in tho world, including Rev. J. wil-
mits he wae at Cloverdule the day bur Chapman, Dr. Breckenridge, the
0( the murder and walked to Blaine, Scotch evangelist, and the Rov. Jas.
that aftecnoon. Sheriff Williams is
confident tbat he ls the murderer.
NEW YORK, June ]3.-The biggest revival lit New York city since
tlio death D. L. Moody has been
planned under the leadership of the
Rev. Dr. C. D. Hugfies, father o( the
Vancouver, June 13.—An Interesting cnso involving the custody of u
child born o( parents between .whom J
the marriage tie lias'been dissolved, I
camo up In the pollco court this ]
morning, when 0. II. Rulufson, tho'
father, appeared to answer .a charge
of perjury. Accused elected for preliminary hearing   and was remanded
Vancouver, June 12.— In spite ol
several arrests made yesterday the
authorities are inclined to the belle!
that the Send who assaulted and
murdered Mrs. Morrison at Hazel-
mere, is still at large. It is (eared
that he has sllppod through the police lines and got across the boundary. The search of the district a-
round the scene of the murder ls
still continued. A bat worn by
Mrs. Morrison I* missing,
With a negro named Win. Banks
in custody, who wa* arrested under
highly auspicious circumstances anil
was lett at New Westminster, Constable John Munroe, of the provincial police, came in from Cloverdule
thl* morning, and arrived In Vancouver thi* afternoon. Munroe, a-
long with Constable Wilkie, hud been
scouring th* country from Langlsy
Prairie to th* boundary line. Alter
having been out ail day yesterday,
the olnoers learned that a negro bad
loan seen at Port Kells washing his
clothes, and had since taken to the
woods. They caught the train lor
Vancouver and reached here at 10
o'oloek, getting the engineer to atop
at Fort Kells. The negro had been
rounded up by the section man, and
the millmen employed at the Walker
and Graham mill. The negro had
been driven from the wood* when the
section man and Mr. Graham and
hla millmen gave chase. The officers
brought their man down to Clover-
dale, where they stayed all night.
He wo* brought to Westminster this
liiorning. <g|
Bunks, whon arrested, denied that
he had been washing his clothes, and
protested that he bad only been
washing himself. Officer Munroe
told him he waa positive he had
seen hlm In Vancouver, but thla the
prisoner denied. He would give no
satisfactory account of how he came
to be at Port Kells, nor how the
goods found on him came to be In
Hia possession. It we* found that
he had been working for P, O. Dunne
on a ranch at Hnselmere.
One peculiar feature of the case is
that the victim's hat has not been
found, although a careful search has
been made aruui.d the spot where ihe
murder occurred. Th* daughter of
the unfortunate woman, and people
who met. bar In Hazelmer* ar* positive that Mrs. Morrison was wearing a hat while ln town.
The man arrested yesterday near
Mt. Vernon, who was found hiding
In a box car of a (rolght that had
come south is an Italian withsoar-
thy complexion. If he will agroo to
cross tho boundary lino he will In-
brought to Hazelmere todny. In tho
ovont of his rotuslng to go north ho
will be cross-examined by Constable
Spain at Ht Vernon.
Constable Hutchinson and Private
Detective Berenson nre out In rigs
sunrchlng tho country along the
boundary lino.
The knife found near tho scono ol
tho murder boars no mnnudicturei-'s
nnmo nnd cannot lie Identified by
any storekeeper at Blaine.
A clue which mny load to Important developments hns boon old nine I
by Detectlvo Onroy of tho G. N. R.
On inquiring at Clovordulo ho found
that a mulatto, answering the description glvon by the little Morrison girl o( tho murderer o( her mo
ther, was trying to soil a clasp
knife like thnt discovered at the
scono of tho tragedy and with which
tho crime was committed.
* ' 0
* VANCOUVER, B.C.' June 18. •
* — Prominent citizens   horo -ijave •
* guaranteed    the    Kilties   Band, *
* four thousand   dollars for   two "
* days.   Tho Muyor presents an II- '
* lumtnatod address and tho   Fin- *
* once Commltteo presents a  Ban- *
* nor with tho city coat o( arms. *
* A publlc   holiday    and royal *
* sond-oll will bo arrangod for.       *
Pittsburg, June 18.—No •amusement, charity, or social event ol
years in Pittsburg haa attracted so
much Interest us the amateur production of the old opera "Pirates ol
Penzance," for the benefit of the
Industrial home for CrVppled Children. When tbe curtain goes up on
the flrat performance at the    Alvin
reform this city.
Gray, of Chicago, have I een brought ff ow th^ ,'t «'''9 ,10t the practice to
.       ' ™    ,,-..', .     try a criminal caso when a evil ense
here to, concentr.ito tholr oTorts   to COnnCctod with it wub still ponding.
"United Canada" Says That Honor
Awaits Him— Mclnnes to Run
ia Vancouver.
Ottawa, June    12.—"United Canada," which Is usually well informed
on political mutters, says that Hon.
Mr. McBride will be made a  K.C.M.
till,   to-day.     Mr. .(. ii,. Cl. Abbott 0. on the Klng'e next birthday.
appeared for   the   complainant, unil ' it also declares that Mr. McPher-
forSthtaecusned?'U' *' °> -    C''""i son' MP'- """     bo *n'0lnM pc*-
At the    outset Mr. Abbott stated maatoT ot Vancouver, nnd that   Mr.
that tlio accused had obtained    pos- W. W. B. Mclnnes will be the Liber-
sosslon of a child which hud    been ai cnndlduto in the constituency.
in    the     custody    of the defendant.  •	
Thore wan a civil case pending in
consequence, and tho cnso would
como up in tho civil court early noxt
week".    Ho quoted from Hoscoo    to
*,»***.  a«»»t.t».
Frankfort, Kv., Juno 13.—Caleb Powers and Jim Howard,
who were convicted ol complicity in the assassination o(
Senator Goel el, wero pardoned,
by (lov. Wilson today. Powors
wastrled (our times, the last
trial resulting in a disagreement.
Tho magistrate soemod disposed to
postponfTtho hoaring, but Mr.  Craig
objected.    His client, ho said,
not in a position to givo bail,
ho was  Jn a position to givo uncomplete answer to lho charge.
Mr. Abbott snld ho had no    objoc-
NEW YORK, June 18.-A cable
despatch received at the offices ol the
Holland-American Line Bays that the
new liner Rotterdam sailed toduy on
its initiul trip to this city. The
won Iluttc dum Is a finely constructed
but twin-screw vessel ol the leviathan
type, 668 (eet long, 77 (eet wide, 48
(eet deep and ol 17 knots speed.    In
tion to the caso   proceeding.      Thu character    of passenger accommoda-
pnrtios, ho said, wore mari-ioil in California and two children were born*.
In 11106 the accusod instituted proceedings in Scuttle for divorce. A
criiss petition wns filed by tho wifo,
und the casei caine on (or hearing iff' lavishly decorated "and furnished
Muy lust.     While proceedings    woro'
CADILLAC, Mich., June 13,-Sev-
en persons, all the family oi Mr. und
Mrs. Daniel Cooper, with the exception o( one aun, were murdered some
time last nignt, probably by the
wife and mothor, whu hns been insane. Fred Cooper, a son agod 17
Is the only ono o( the (ninily now
alive, nnd he is dying at Mercy hospital, unable to give any account o!
tho tragedy.
In every instance the victims
killed with a bullet through
The dead are:
Daniel Cooper, 48 years old.
Mrs. Cooper, 45 years old.
Harry, aged 14..
Inez, aged 11.
Samuel, aged 10.
Georgian, aged 8.
Florence, aged 1.
When Mrs. Cooper's mother
other neighbors entered the home on
Chapman street this morning there
were no signs ot life, the bodies ol
the victims were scattered all about
the place; some were ln their beds,
and others on the floor. Mrs. Cooper lay across the body ot the baby
on a bed with an empty revolver beside her.
It Is believed Mrs. Cooper committed the murders and then killed
herself. She was once confined In
nn Insane asylum, and tor some timo
had, boon brooding over the (act that
Cooper was out of work. A few
days ago she Is reported to Have
said she would end It all.
PORT CLINTON, O.,'June 13.-A
new world's record was made yesterday at the stato rifle range at
Camp Ferry In the tryout (or a rifle
team to represent the United States
at tho coi ung contest to bo hold at
Bisley, Eng., in July. There were
21 competitors. The high scores
were iniido by tho following:
Eastman, Ohio  .864
Lushner, New York 861
Lllon, Ohio  .: 860
Hazy, Delaware  ,.856
Benedict, Ohio  851
Martin, New Jersey  851
Jeffers, Massachusetts  851
The flrst ten will constitute the
tenm. The world* record of 1752
point* by tb* United States at Ottawa, Ont., for the Palma trophy ln
September of last year, was beaten
■     -♦
Paris, June 18. — That the ties
which once bound Canada to France
still survive In sentiment at least Is
evidenced by the popular interest taken In the celebration ol the Quebec
erceutoniiry at tlie Sorbonne tomorrow. Tho celebration will be
conducted undor the Joint auspices of
the Duplelx Committee, Canadian residents, and the Canadian Society.
I'rof. Marcol Dubois will deliver an
address on the French colonization
of Canada and there will be a programme of Canadian airs and poetry. The fetes will b* continued
next month , .at Honflour, whence
Champlain sailed for Quebec
, j-kfc-n     .
LONDON, June 18.—The suffragists
today will hold the most Impressive
demonstration they have yet attempted, when I 1,000 women from
overy part of the British Isles, the
colonics and the United States, and
several of    the European countries,
still ponding, accused loft Seattle,
and tho United Statos, taking with
him tho oldest child, a boy of four
yoars. He got the child from California, where it has boon taken by
tho inothor, who had gono buck to
her pcoplo there. With tho child he
came to Canada. Mrs. Rulofson under tho divorce, claimed to bo the
custodian' of tho child. Whilo tho
plea, of divorco gave hor custody of
tho "child -uccording to low in tlie
state o( Washington, the Washington
court hud no jurisdiction here. She
took proceedings undor the Guardians and Parents' net, which act, he
said, In normal circumstances, gave
the mothor tho right to tho custody
of the child while it wns under the
age of seven years The husband opposed tho proceedings, on the ground
that tho mother wns an improper
person to have the custody of the
child. Affidavits were prepared, und
one (rom the fnthor was proposod to
be rend before the judge in chambers
but beforo tho l-oading counsel nskod
and received permission to ci-oks-cx-
uiiiine on ft.
Magistrate Williams. Bofore the
affidavit was filed? v Ho voluntarily
submitted himself, before tho affidavit was used? It strikes mo there
Is a  weakness there,''
Mr. Craig snld hls learned (riend
know that.I proposed to use the a(-
fldavlt, but it was nevor used, and
It was not beforo tho court.
Tho hearing of tbo cnso then proceeded.
BUTTE, Munt., June 12.-Bravely
entering a blazing powder magazine
300 feet below tho surface ol the
earth, Mike Dunn, forinan ol the
Lexington Copper and Silver mine,
extinguished the flames just in time
to prevent gn explosion of 1,250
pounds of dynamite, saved tho Uvea
ol 200 men and the mine from total destruction. Dunn is tbe hero
of the camp today.
Dunn wus making his regular round
ol the workings shortly niter midnight, when he smelled smoke. Investigation showed the flro to be on
the 300-(oot level, where the powder
mugazlne is located. He rushed to
the magazine and, unaided, fought
the flames which wore already gnawing nt the wooden cases In which
the dynamite was packed.
There were 25 cas?s, each containing lllty pounds of dynamite, ln the
magazine at the time, and an explosion would have resulted in the
Complete destruction of the entire
mine. Dunn broke a water pipe,
and within a fow moments had
flooded the magazine and all danger was past. Then he continued
his round uf inspection. The miners
did not discover their narrow escape
from death and the heroism ol their
boss until the shifts wcro changed
The flre originated by the crossing
of two electric wires connected with
heaters on the 300-foot level. The
Lexington is one of A. A. Bointze's
rich properties,
SAN FRANCISCO, Juno 12.-Lov0
In a lint Is good onough (or pretty
little Ruby Gllmnn, sister of Ma-
belle, tho wife ol tho multi-millionaire, William. Ellis Corey, president
of the steel trust.
"I nm not marrying for marble
palaces In Franco nor mansions on
Fifth avenue," sho said today, ns
she started (or San Rn(uel to become the bride of Charles Hagcrdon,
a speller at the chutes and amusement park, The wedding today Is
snld to be the result of a true love
Ruby said she did not exi-ect a
wedding present from her sister, Ma-
belle, wife of tho stoel king, when lt
was suggested thnt she might send a
diamond Hum, nn Imported touring
oar, or *otn* other little trifle.
tions the vessel embodies a marked
advance over most modern transatlantic steamers. The halls and saloons are unusually large and are
the best Dutch style. The steamer
contains a splendid palm garden,
libraries, aad every luxury possible
on shipboard.
HONOLULU, June 12.—With intoxicating llyuors, officers' ball* and
hula dances absolutely eliminated"
(rom the plans o( the reception ol
the Atlantic fleet whon it touches at
this port next month, the "cruise of
the banqueteers" "will be somewhat
The official committee that ho* the
reception In hand voted today to
eliminate intoxicating liquors from
the list of expenditures and to taboo
the hula dances. This will be tbe
first (ote given hore at which the Iamous native hula dunce has not played a conspicuous part ln the program.
Watertown, N.Y., June 12.—0. B.
McCormlck, attorney, brother of H.
J. McCqr.nick, former New York
Central claim agent, under arrest
for embezzlement, jumped from a
live-story office building this morning and ts In a dying condition. He
was arrested last night ln connection •■■•"• (tin railroad (rauds and
relonscd on ball.
theatre tonight, the people who paid will march (rom the Thames embank
(or their admission will gaze upon* ment to Albert Hall whore thoy will
chorue compoeed ci young women of .hold a meeting. Features of the
wealth of whose families aggregates, procession will be threo hundred ban-
half a billion dollars.    Among  the ners    symbolical of women's sphere,
sixty    young   women who will    go and    women famous   In the world's    .,„,„„„„„,   „„„„ ....   .-...„ ,...„..„„
through the throo performances the,history. Mlllclont 0. Fawcott, wl- and M. Cruppl the French minister '''^1^8 "o'to^mld, not to poo-
samo as if they were getting $15 • dot of the Rlchg Hon. Henry Faw-|0f commorce, ntteudod the commem- pio of 55 yenrs of ago;' but to those
week for doing it are representatives' cett, was to have led the procession,' oration today of the hundredth an- of 70 nnd upwards, who are British
of nearly alt the millionaire families hut as a compllmont'to hor Amorl- ntveraary of the defence of tho city hpthj who are not criminals, and
of Pittsburg and the immediate   vl- can co-workers, she has resigned tho against Napoleon's armies. Tlie king WCoiu\7tinToufTrlnkformugs
r*llllt.V I tll-inim    —'    l*Jt**fAM    >..   Vmn    /il_.__iri_4n4-   fpilm     >.a.     --AA_\tmni,i Atom'-4*-.    a.ll...l aVl .. a   ii. _ ."....
The death is announced of tie
vory Rov. Wm. Hugger Barlow, Dean
of Poterburough.
John Riimsbuttom was hanged at
Manchester for the murder o( James
McCraw, his brother-in-law.
Montgomeryshire had-the flrst Sunday schnul in Wales; It was started
at n (arm house in Llanidloes, in
Thero nro 10,000 unemployed in
Sunderland, and bands of thom aro
raiding fiinns and coal depots for
food und fuel.
In i-osiainRO to nn appeal by tho
Liverpool dispensaries for the sum of
825,000 the Earl of Derby hns contributed 82,500.
A school rifle club movement hns
boon commenced in the Islo ol Wight,
and girls nro not debarred (rom
its membership.
Tbo now conipany wlllch is to carry on nnd develop tho Times hns
beon registered. The nominal capital is 88,750,000,
The removal of tlio shipbuilding
works u( tho Messrs. Yarrow, (rom
tho Thames to tho Clyde has now
boon almost complotod.
Tho first established vegetarian
restaurant in London has just closed
its doors. This was tho Alpha Food
Reform Restaurant.
Misses Susannah nnd Sophie lllak-
oy, sisters, havo dlod at Burnley,
within a fow dnys of each othor
tholr ages totalling 150.years.
Three hundred und sixty men at
Oldham havo Joined the Territorinl
Army, against 05-1 who wore in tho
volunteer movement.
A gront feature of Continental hotel life, the wlntor gin-den oi' palm
court Is gradually being introduced
into tho Inrgo London hotols.
A Newcastle streot tin-whistler confessed tlmt his uveriigo earnings
81.02 n a duy. His prosperity spoil
ed him nnd  ho got drunk.
Tho total valuo of fish limited in
tho' Lancashire nnd western sen fisheries district during the quarter ond-
oil March 31, wns £121,881.
Strawberries woro down to one shll
ling a pound nt Covcut Garden on
Sutlirdny, and Spnnish asparagus
wns to bo had nt 12 cents a bundle.
Tho Bishop of London sn.vs ho duos
not know how ho should find time
to prepuro his sermons it ho did not
do so while dressing.
Tho (uiiorul o( Mr. R. Hatchor one
o( tho Plymouth brethren loaders in
England, litis taken plnce nt Taunton, attended by about 10,000 pcy-
1 During April thero wore only six
vessols launched (rum the 'various
ship-hullding yards on tho Tync compared with eighteen In tho same
month lust yeur.
For thc miitcrinls of a builder's
yard sold by tho London County
Council, tho highest prtvato tender
wus 81,785, while nt auction tho
goods realized (8,520,
Dr. Thoinus Lambort Hinton, of
St.. Iioonnrds, who with Sir Henry
Pitman shares the seniority of    the
Notice to Architects.—Competitive
The Government of British Columbia invite the Architects uf British
Columbia to submit competitive designs of a Public Hospital for the
Insane, which it is proposed tu erect
at Coquitlam, situated near New
Westminster, B.C.
The designs, accompanied by specifications, reports and estimates of
cost, and superscribed, "Design, Public Hospital for the Insano," and addressed to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, will
bo received up to noon of Tuesday,
the 80th June, 1908.
The designs, specifications, reports
and estimates o( cost shall havo no
distinguishing mark or motto, tho
author's namo being enclosed In a
blank envelopo securely attached to
the design submitted,
side the Province, to bo solectcd by
the Government, altor tho 30th Juno
The design placed first by the Adjudicator shall receive a premium of
8700, and tho one pluccd second, a
premium of 8500.
The Government is nut bound tu
erect tho building from any uf the
designs submitted.
K tho design awarded first place Is
accepted, the premium referred to
above shall bo included in tho professional foe paid to the architect.
Printod conditions governing tho
competition can bo obtained by bona
fide competitors upon application to
the undersigned.
Public Works Engineer.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., 7th May, 1908. td
mooting places in England.
Since tho Carlisle Guardians
elded to detain all tramps for two
days the number o( vagrants claiming a night's rest in tho workhouse
has decreased nearly 50 por cent.
Tho Duke ot Northumberland has
boon elected president ol the Royal
Institution (or the ensuing year,
Sir J. Crichton Browne, treasurer,
and Sir William Crookes, secretary.
For acts ot bravery, or for'five
years' exemplary contlnous sorvlce
und freedom from accidents, Oldham
tramway employees will receive a
merit badge and'increased wages.
Mr. Richard Curson, o( Cringleford
Norfolk, who has beon a shepherd on
tho same farm for fifty years, can
trace the connection of his family
with the village back to the year
In the market place at Batley, a
large crowd witnessed a diabolo competition for school children, the local postmaster and chief clerk acting
as judges.   There wero 89 entries.
Although G. C. Wlngham, the
groundsman of the Shorncliffo Cricket Club, Is seventy years ot age,
he Intends playing regularly this
season. Last year hc took 266
For the twelve months ending
March 81 st, 1907, London's consumption of water amounted to 82,125,-
249,847 gallons, representing a dally
averago supply of 88 gallons |*r
Tho British Admiralty have decided to construct storage tanks at the
Clarence Victualling Yard, Portsmouth, capable of containing 20,000
tons of oil for use aa fuel in the.
British Nary.
Southampton, June 15.—The British steamer Bengore Read, which
ran amuck in Portsmouth harbor
yesterday afternoon, carried away
part of the upper works of the battleship Vengeance, finally grounded
in the mud. She is now In the dry
dock hore. The damage to her bow
Is not'considered serious.
Ottawa, Ont., Juno 15.—Jean Paul
tho youngest son of J. Ptoutier, of
Hlntooburg, wns killed Saturday
night hy being run over by a waggon.
Windsor, Ont., June 16.—J. Brown
19 yenrs ok), lineman of the Bell
Telephone Company, wns electrocuted Saturday while looking lor trou-
jble on tho wires.     Ho wa* to have
been married In a few days.
President aad Managing Director.
*####♦#*###«*#***#***.*##*!».!».*.• : .'-• «*####<•*****
Great Field Day
and Big Regatta
Athletio Sports, Five - a - Side Football,
Pushball, Tug-of-War and Relay Bace,
Indian Canoe Races, Water Polo, Sculling
Races, Greasy Pole and Championship
Swimming Contest--;, Trap Shooting.
Biggest and Best One Day
ration on tbe Island I
and Pastry
Always Fresh nn Hand.
Wedding and Party Cakes Mo.!,   to
Fruits and Candies of All Kinds
Priees are    vory   reasonable.
Customers treated alike.
On the Esplanade.
Ladysinith, II. O.
Tlie Jones Hold
Oatacre Street.
Sargossa,    June 15.-Klng Alfonso Royal College ol Surgeons, has com*
D ° ..I..1,1,1     l» In     1 I Ull ll     limit-
Wllloiiistndt, Island ot Curscuco,
June 15.—The Invasion ol the stato
ol Zulla in Venezuela, by locusts le
taking on a very serious character.
Fears are entertained that the crops
will be destroyed and that * famine
may follow.
Spots can be taken out of women'* skirt* and men's trousers by
pressing under a cloth wrung out of
a basin of water with a dash of
amonla In it.
A thorough draught out to    blow
through every room at least once
day ln   order to dislodge the stale
air from corner* and from under the
To make a* good toasted bread on
a gas range as oa a conl flre, put
a pie tin on the ga* burner. When
hot place bread on a toaster, turning ns It browns.
The Best Butcher Sljop
in Town is
Roberts St. Butcher
P.O. Box 31 'Phone 44
Dealer In All Kind* of
Heats Delivered free of charge on ths
Shortest Notice.
Lndysmith, B. 0.
Canadian Bank
of Commerce
[Established 18G7]
Union Brewing Co.
Paid up Capital...SIMIO.NO
MSI $.,000,000
Harrlsburg,   Pa.,    June 18.— The    Dr.   Alice   Faweott, Lady Franols
Jury brought In   a  verdict ot    not Balfour, Sarah Orand, Beatrice Ilnr-
place of honor l0 Wo dologatos from was exceptionally enthusiastic at the tankards is tho latest crane." These j wear a nightcap,
the United States, Anna Shaw   and reception which wns accorded    hlm loathor mugs, which woro used  ovor
Mlsi Lucy J. Anthony. '    by tho multitudes. tw0   ™ntl»'l<!8  "S". ftr0 now   worth
No application la better for lustreless hair than salt.    Sub well Into
thBrooti of the hair .t n ght, then I savinus Bank Deposits of 81
and tie up In a targe handkerchief    or
„,„ ,   _,_„ ,   To carry a heavy mattress on the
 a.  from 810 to tiO apiece. I    VN  .   *      ... '    , .„,    ,     -^
' Christian Scientists In London are porcl1 ,0 »,r- M™ ">• "™l» »■ -*1
By putting glycerine on the back building n temple whloh will cost »u»pender* and put one loop on each
guilty in the oapltol eonsplracy caa* radsn and Elizabeth Robin* will all ot labels for bottles It will prevent S-lon.oOO. It is fin Sloane street, 'side. Two people can haadt* It
today. march In the. procession, their peeling ot). Chelsea.   This sect has now eighty '^ MM,
f.. .   'I'm  ..  \;.  ,.,    - .      ...    ' ;•• \7: .i'7!i
and upwards received, and
interest allowed at current ratea. ,
, M. de GEX Manager.
■Mil Stock of Miners' Tool*.
Ship Repairing Work l
A Specialty t
SAW kinds o! Blaskemlthlat    i
. Dons at Short Rati**.        I
*4ie^+%%ai%o*%ip-*oipeti+p&p_ii VISIT OUR
Men's Department
1, Mon's Summer Suits, light Grey Stripes in Two-Pleco.
cinl Prices, S12.50 und §18.50.
2. Men's Navy Serge Suits "Progress Brand," guaranteed
color, Our standard Suit, only $10.50.
8.   Men's Pants in all sizes at, por pair, $2.50 to $5.00.
huve a very large selection of these.
4,   Men's Summer Vests—somo   very   nieo patterns at .Reasonable Pi-ices.
">.   Men's All-Wool Summer Underwear, very fine mako, in sizes
from 84 to '12.   Spoclal Price, $2.00 per Suit.
6. Just to hand—20 dozen of Men's Ties.    Very Spocial   lot-
pure silk.   Nothing more, natty to bo had.
7. Before going on a holiday,   see   our   stock of Valises and
Hnnd lings.    We enn suit you.
8. Men's Shoos in great variety ut very keenest prices.
9. The largest assortment of Men's Shirts to choose from.
Mr. Vh&a. Martin, of -Nanaimo,
passed through town on the -morning
train Monday.
Mr. J. M. Morgan, of Victoria, returned home on Monday.
Mr. and MrB. W. E. Akenhead camo
down from Nunaimo on Monday
Mr. Chas. Mains returned to business on Monday.
Mr. John Muir.spent the week-end
in Nanaimo,
Mr. Galloway, of Nanaimo, was in
town on Monday.
Mrs. W. E. Akenhead   camo
from Nanaimo this morning.
Rov. R. Wilkinson returned from a
, visit to Nanaimo this morning.
Mr. (lough, city clork for Nunaiino,
passed through town on the train
this morning.
Mr, nnd Mrs. W, Mylos left this
morning on a short trip to Soattlo
has a  Chin-a-
ii   charge     of
Constable Cassidy
man in custody on
There must havo been a
on the Joan on Monday evening.
The streets hore between 9 and 10
p.m. were even in oro crowded than
on a pay Saturday night. The excursionists had a lovely night to
go homo in.
The conditions of the
tournament, together with the terms
of the handicap, will' be found posted up in the parlors.
Nurse Addle    ls
days in Nanaimo.
spending    a
The Ladysmith delegation of the
W.C.T.U. convention, to be held In
■Victoria, left yesterday morning.
There wero Alesdumes. Jas. McMillan, It. Wilkinson, Jas. Malpags, J.
Harries, 0. Wilson and Miss Cil-.
Mr. and Mra. Jean Lowo and family took the train for Victoria yesterday morning en route for the
Crows' Nest I'ass, where they     will
Air. Con Jones, accompanied by
his four boys cycled into town yesterday afternoon front Nannimo, and
big crowd |eft earIjr t.liis morning for Duncans
or as near to it as tho party can
get. One of the boys is only four
yenrs of nge, nnd Con is after a record, with every prospect of getting
It. Certainly thore is little chance
o/ another boy of tho same age riding a wheel from Nanaimo to Victoria.
reside during the summer.
"The"steamer Ureenwioh
llerokl,     "will     carry     coal
Mr. Jos. Lewis, his many friends
will be pleased to hear, is doing
well as can 'be expected in the hospital at Victoria. Mr. Lewis has
been in failing health for some time,
and a couple of weeks ugo he -was
laid up in bed. Ho was pulling n-
round slowly, when hc suffered n relapse, and he was advised to go into hospital. lAn operation will be
necessary, but it will_Jje some time
*"" ! before Mr. Lewis is ready for it.   In
says tho the    meantime it   is good news to1
learn that he is doing all right.
! D». !-;.&»
All Work Guaranteed.
Revelstoke, Juno 15,—A letter sign-i
cd by tbe Black Hand and sent in
the regular Malla style waa laat
week posted here to C. B. Hume,
well known merchant, warning him
that vengeance would be taken a-
galnst members of his family If he
failed to placo a package containing
one thousand dollars in currency on
the western pier of the 6.P.R. bridge    Fort William, ''Juno 17.—Two chil-
at this place. dren of James Harrison, section tore-
Hume   was absent    in Vancouver man,     aged   5 and 9, wore playing
when ihe letter was received at his round tho round house when the boy
office and   hls manager, who opened got hold of a   ride and In play
it, paid no attention to its content*,  pointed tho weapon at his sister,
The |-ol co regard the mutter serious- was     nccideiituHy discharged fatally
ly and a  close guard Is being  kept wounding the littio girl, who    died
Visit tho Foundry and make
your own choice. You will
save time and money, and get
better satisfaction.
Mclntyre foundry
Company, Limited
__-.-*^m-mm,m.-^-.m*tm.^m--mm^mm.mm m\g
A fow on hand yet which aro
going at
$10.00 tt
Iron Bed, full slzo oloc'ileal
Woollen tops and Bottom Mut-
trossos at $18.50
Three-Quarter slzo at .... 12.50
One Half size, at   11.50
Tho  Snow Flake Mattress,—
tho Mattross for Comfort.
Samples on hand for   inspection.
Come and
my Stock of Latest Styles ln
Wall Papers
Picture  Framing   a Specialty.
If. %ddit)g
S. Peterson
High Street. \
'Phone 18.
First Avenue
on Hume and his family.
shortly after.
TORONTO, Ont., Juno 10.—Harry
Collins has withdrawn from the contest for tho ofllco of Supromo Chief
Rnngor. I.O.F. This announcement j
comes from Collins himself. Ho will,,
however, run for Supreme Troasuro-
shlp. The ro-clcctlon of E. fl. Sto-
venson. present Supromo Chief, Is
now assured.
London, June 1-7.—A woman, who
registered by tho name of Mrs. H.
Yoke, of Thaniesford, attempted to
commit suicide by taking luudnneum
hnd turning on tbo gas In' the room
nt tho hotel. She hod a nine-year-
old child with her at the time. Both
will recover.
Tenders will be received by tho un-
hOjderslgned up till Monday, 22nd Juno
It 1908, at 12 noon, for labour only
for the construction of nn eight foot
sidewalk commencing at the north
cornor of Blair & Adam's store and
running along First Avenue to High
Street. Specifications from Alderman Campbell.,
Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
J. STEWART,    .
C. M. C.
Nunaimo to Nome."     That ie    tho
worst of -these moonlight excursions. Constable Callender took a Chl-
Spirlts mount so high that one har- noman named J. Kee down to Vic-f
bor is indistinguishable trom an-torla this morning. The Celestial
other. Still it is necessary to is undor a sentence of three months'
state that the Greenwich ls really imprisonment for theft, and seemed
loadin- coal an tho T wharf in OyB- wonderfully content nnd happy with
ter harbor. himself.
a  box at
There is to be a   lawn social    on Strawberries nt 18 cents
the    grounds     of    tbe Presbyterian the Big Store,
church on Tuesday, Juno 2.1. The so- 4
cial will commence at 0 o'clock    in „,.      n
the afternoon and there wiil be ice- J^^ j^l^tY Is
cream on sale, and tea and cake will also mado in Ladysmith.   Don't  for-
lie iprovided. Sot to call for the homo mado cigar,
Mr. .John Williams had his log ra- whon ln vlctoria call at the Rail
ther severoly crushed |n Extension wny Clgnr Storo, opposito tho E. «
mines on Monday by a fall of dirt N. Station, or at tho James Day Ci
gar store, opposito the C.P.R. hotel,
and ask for a Grand Duko cigar.    X
Tho smoker's delight is tho Grand
Duke clgnr, on snlc in every licensed
house in town. Try it and bo convinced, x
Irom the rool. His ankle particularly was badly mauled, and he was
taken 10 Choiuainus hospital.
The billiard tournament at D.
Johnson's billiard parlors is now in
full suing. Tho starts have been
announced, and the players can pull'
of their gumes as soon as they wish.',,?}. '!T °™ getUng out to   I"-"0*
The sooner   tbe preliminary round. &%-^&JXtm-.
are played    off the better, and    all ing, and everything promises a   dny
those who. have entered aro requested "' '"it competitions on tho First,
to put ln an appeu ranee as soon as '      '
It js roportod In town
Ottawa, June 16.—Judge Cassels
resumed investigation Into the affairs of thc marine deportment yes-
terduv afternoon and will sit tar
several days this week.
An exchange give* the following
tip on the making of a merry widow hat:
Take one Mode wheel. Superimpose on tho htib one deep granite
suucep&n, first snipping ofl tbe handle with as axe.     -
Stitch on cover of wine-colored velvet from your senson-before-lust's
coat suit.
Put on a 8-inch binding around
rim of canary-colored tnlTeta silk
from your great-granilmother's party dress.
Rip 19 yards of box niching ofl
your shirt-waist box, and wind ar
bout crown, and add a feather dueler or two.
-A soup ladle and a Joint fork will
give a Jaunty effect If used a* hatpin*.
On tho O rounds of tho
Presbyterian iburoii
Tuesday, June 23rd
At 5 O'clock In tho Afternoon.
Ico Cronin, Toil, and 'Cakes.
All Aro Welcomo.
Do you want to keep your feet
cool theso hot days? If so, call
in and sou our lino of CANVAS
SHOES in High Top or Oxfords,
In Whito or Brown with Leather
Two-Pleco Summor Suits, in
Light Urcy, Browns, Dork Greys,
otc. Just tho thing for keeping
cool ln,
.lust tho thing for boating or
lounging around in aftor work
n. i.
William's Block
. - this morning that Mr. D. Davis has sold tho
Now Western Hotel to n Nnnnimo
man, ThiB makes the second big pro
petty deal within'a fow weeks and
Justifies thc prediction thot thoro is
a prosperous summor in front.
Thoro woro somo protty good scores
nt the Bowling Alloy Inst wook and
overy ono of the prizes woro woll
won. A. Morrison with i.67 wns
highest at ten plus, Q. Ross coming
noxt with 170 nnd R. Rulstiin third
with 107, At flvo pins, Dupont . na.
tho hlghost of the week with 71, boing closely followed by A. Howay
with 07. and A. J. Knight camo
third with 54.
On Wodnesday afternoon whon tho
alley was rosorvod to Indies, Mrs. A.
J. Knight took first prlzo nnd Miss
B. Rland second. It should ho i
clorstood that tho same ladles cannot take a prizo twico In successive
weeks. This rule glvos all tho ladles a chance. Thoro aro some more
handsome prizes for competition this
In Saturday's Issue of the Standard It was stated that Victor Collo
run Ids cm- into a pile of bricks opposite tho   now post ofllco building
Several Witnesses Give Evidence   in
tho Investigation   Into  tho
Marine Department.
OTTAWA, Ont., Juno 10.- T. U
Wilson, invontor of Citlium Caribo,
wus recalled at tbe Marino enquiry
toduy. Ho denied.having paid commission to any official of the department. He admitted that the manufacturing prollt upon gas acetylene
buoys was 85 to 40 por cent.
P. S. Meariio. ot Toronto, socretary treasurer of the Canadian Fog
Signal Co., Ltd, said that tho cost
of each ditiphoiie used oh fog signals nnd sold to tho department,
was between $5,011(1 und $6,000, tho
cost to manufacture was botweon
$400 nnd $300, but tho chnrgo to
tho government Jnt-liidud the cost of
furnishing tho plant.
Myriad* Crawl    on   Rails, Ureasiug
Them so Badly   That Cars
Fail to Make Grades.
That the humble caterpillar can (top
even a C.P.R. train is no flight, of
imagination, but a serious proposition to roadmasters and section
gangs on the division west of Yale.
Since the warm weather has began
these pest* of th* horticulturalists,
and so lull of promise to the student of entomology, have multiplied
exceedingly on the tracks, where the
tho statomont wns'-rnado inT good noat encouraj os tholr development,
faith and on what oppoored to ho-At night myriads swarm on the rails
good authority and certainly the'and th. -tumU. keep, thom .there
thing rnuld onslly havo happened nnd , „.,„ . __—1„„ t. i a—,. ..»
reflected no discredit upon the driver. unt" » P""1"* *"■'» *••"»• •"•*
Howovor. It was all a mlstako. What death and destruction.    Their bodies
really happened wos that Mr.
Celle so grease tho rails that several times
nrl,ithnJlUi' ". m """'""J'",4""" last week the train crew* failed to
Grand Hotel nt rather a fast link, •... ,.,. u«.__ ___- ..„ ..
and finding his foot brake Insufficient ™kt th* mbg ST*dM tm «»-Be-
to check the speed of his car, Jam- ta'" h"d been well sanded. This
med on the emergency brake. The was the cnso on Friday, evening near
machine brought up beside the pile Mission, when «overal trains -w
of bricks and thnt Is all thero is td . ,. . _ . _
the story. He always had tho car s*»"«l- The phenomenon, according
undor control and never touched a to railway men, Is by no mean* un-
brlck- common In tropical eMmetes.
i Won!
Last Night of our
S cces8ful
A few bargains left. They
MUST GO as our new stook
in due in a few days.
Ki*"Four Piizes will be giv-
e i uwny at the close of the
Sue To-Night.   Get your tic
kets and win a good Prize.
25 }>er cent discount sale
on during the day.
Launch for Hire
Fastest Boat In Harbor.
Runs from the Dominion Wharf
Shell Reach ovory hour,
'n-ursdays, from 1 p. m.
Sundays, from 10 a. in.
Return Faro, 30 Cents.
" Proprietor.
are increasing each month.
People are beginning to realize that In the Shoe Business
as woll as any other Business,
it pnys to buy from a Specialist.
Fop tlu Best Bread
AND .^pm
Finest Cakes and
Pastry in Town
Ordors Promptly Atl ended to
***.*■* «*«, *.»*,<» •
Pods and Lines
Pii s  nd Tackle
Pur All Kinds of Fishing.
Wo make a Specialty of
Shoe Business.
the    ,
Wo do not sell Hay.
We havo the Nicest
White Canvas Shoes ln
  j ,
Line   of
Town,    i
Tbe Sh ta.
:   Belts aod Merry   \
Widow Bows,
i i ; ,
' ■      FAXCY  GOODS STORK.     « i
i ► ,r
Lao ch for Sale
Will carry 10 persons.   Just fitted
with new 10 h.p. engine.
For particulars, apply
First Class Photos,
Telephone, 1 2-4. j
Nantiiim H C.    '
j. m. moRGAN,
Teacher of Voice Production and
Engagements may be left at the
Standard Ofllco.
Notice is horoby givon tbat I In
tend to mako application to the
Board of Licensing Commissioners of
the City of Ladysmith at their next
regular meeting for a transfer of the
Wholesale liquor license now issued
to me in respect to the promisos situate upon Lot 9, Block 01, in the
Oity of Ladysmith, from myself to
Napoleon Manca.
Ladysmith, B.C., Oth June, 1008.
EfTcctlvo June Oth.
Trains leave Ladysmith
Dally at 9.00 and 15:58.
Trains r\rrlve at ladysm_li'
Dally at 11:57 aad
geo. i. comprfirYf
District Pussongor Agent.
$102 Govornmont St., Victoria.
Hotel Cecil
Best Liquors and Cigars.
Roberta Streot,
Houso   and lot ou
Apply   Mr.   Jas,
Ice Cream
10 Cents a Dish
Cigars.  Tobaccos.   Soft Drinks
Excellent Boarding
Speoial fliie.il Tickets for
the Week
Mrs. S. Decker.
•!*• I*|
THAN WOOD.   .   .   .
H. Thornley
Evory Convonlonco,   and Everything
of tho Best.
Jos. Nankivell, Prop.
Solid two ib. fltBmiw, post*
»ko, for A copy of my DMtl.
Wtillyl hiHtnitoilbortklot,
''(•utjHiry nud Suburb ni
Homo*," hill of (morel.-
Ing, Y'lltliiblo ami nrtn!,l-
(if I hifcirnitrtior, fur linmo
t, mm wrron, yot, m.mi %t


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