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Ladysmith Standard Feb 1, 1908

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tY 1st, 1908.
This extra told snap will makt you think about keeping warm. Wo
havo the Necessities.
Bovrll, in S5c; 65c; *1;2S and S2.00
per Bottle.
Bovrll Cordial, 20 ox. bottle,   81.25
Nutre Ox, 20 oz. bottle SI.25
Raspberry Vinegar in i-gal. bcttlos
76 cents.  '
Fancy Syrups in quart bottles at 50c
These make    good    "Hot Drinks"
and should be in every household.
Boys' and Girls' Wool Gloves at 2flci
pcr pair.
Boys' Wool Mitts, per pair 25c
Ladies' Ringwood Wool (Moves,   85c
por imir.
Men's Wool Mitts and Coves, at 25c
and 50c per pair.
Men's Linen Kid Gloves, per pr 81.50
Heavy Sox, Mufflers,  Sweater UlulTs,
Scarfs, etc., for tho mon folks.
\ta\am\tm\t*lmim\lAit\imt^.A.Af----------m.-...t   - III
Watch This Space
Is Slashing Prices
This le tho age of
Specialists. Wo are
SpeclullBts in the art
of Watchmaking, and
can repair any Tln-.e-
kecplng instrument,—
lie It Watch, Clock,
or Chronometer. Give
us a call.
IP. G. N00T
(Late of Toronto School ot .
Watch and Chronometer •
fT ♦'♦»»»♦++♦♦++<*++♦»+♦>
Wa era Stocktaking, and aa there
will be lota of I
which   we   are going to clean out,
they will be aold as SNAPS.
NEW YORK, Jan. HB.-Wlth Victor Herbert aa president, John P.
Sousa aa treasurer and Reginald de
Kovao aa secretary, with 5,000 of
the leading musical composers and
authpra of the country composing
the rank and die, the Authors' and
Composers' Copyright League of Am
erica has been formally launched for
the purpose ot carrying on tho fight
jn Congress against the "canned music trust."
The object of the new league le to
secure the passage of laws requiring
manufacturers of records, discs and
perforated rolls for mechanical music machines to pay royalties te the
composers. Bills containing the demands of the lengus have already
been Introduced into Congress by
Senator Klttredge and Hepresenta
tlve Barchfield, and the musical authors are hopeful tbat they will Boon
be passed.
All over the country composers and
authors have Interested themselves
In the bill and are beselglng Congressmen for Its support.
Tho composers are very much in
earnest in tholr fight and declare it
Is a case of brains against money,
it Is alleged that the "canned music
trust" la essentially parasitic, since
it exploits the productions and the
names and reputations of American
composers without giving any financial return. The composers assert
that thay are Just as much entitled
to the product of their labor aa are
other members ot society engaged tn
useful or artistic work, and that
Congress should protect them In this
right against the exploitation of the
canned music trust. y
Mo»' determined among the composers in his warfare against the
trust Is Victor Herbert, who declares
that he haa not now a single musical composition in hand and that
he will cease writing music unlees
Congress grants relief from the methods ol the "canned music" makers. Many other distinguished composers have made similar announcements, and It is likely that musical
composition In this country will soon
be a lost art unless ths solohs at
Washington corns to ths rescue of
tha composers.
(Cumberland News.)
On Friday evening a quiet wedding
took place at the home of the bride's
parents when Debithn, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Lewis, waa
united In marriage to Mr. Frank
Bradbury, both bf this city.
Having resided hero for years both
of the contracting parties have made
many friends, all of whom will wish
the newly married couple many happy years of married life.
On Saturday evening a nuict wedding was solemnized at the Wever-
loy hotel, when Miss May Jamee,
daughter of Mrs. James of this city,
was united in the holy bonds of matrimony to Mr. Andrew Gibson, ot
thla city. Rev. D. MoGllllvray performed the marriage ceremony, sending the young couple away rejoicing.
The newly married couple Will
make their home In the city, having
the best wishes of their many triends
To aU his many Scottish friends in
■the city, the editor oi the Stundard
hastens to say he is no way responsible 1*01* the subjoined account of
the Burns' celebration. As it happened, ow ng to. tho exigencies of going to pi-ess the editor waB unable
to do as woll as he eould have wished by the Anniversary. And, of
course, he is all too conscious that
had he done as well as he eouki have
wished it would still havo appeared
"pu.r ■.'ashless'' slut, to his north of
the Border rrionfls. However another
Lnssonueh has come to his rescue,
and it Is sui'e to say thut those who
are scotch, as well as those who ai\j
not, will fully appreciate the writers
quaint and puuky humor. Here
tho account
One Hundred and Seventy Acres of Land to Be
Cleared for Farming Purposes Along
Victoria Road.
Ahncat ever since tlie C.I'.U. Co.,
acquired the E; & N, railroad there
have been reports <.f extensive operations    to     be carried out along
pahy witli their lucul agent,   Mi*.
Bland,     thoroughly     explored
ground  round    about.       Choice
J.   ed  by the wholly. unexpected   slacken, ness in the coal trade certainly   put
,1 .   rather   a drab complexion on   local
.. ,.     ., ._■_■__ business.'Things happily ure taking
tho upen the piece of lund lying between a ,turn,       U    is     reported that the
jsjbolt.      The reports always   bore   a Mr. J.  Stewart's chicken ranch, and smelter will not  be long in opening
somi-offloial authority;  but thero was tlie city  limits.     The land will     be  out; it is unlikely that tlie   logging
1.    lt came to pass,  in tho.   yearJni)vor anything definite suit! either as cleared from  tho track back ovor the camps   will     be closed much longer,
one thousand nine hundred and eight/to when the oPoinumhis were   to   be road.        As     everybody   hereabouts and thete is roasmi to .relieve   that
commenced or where they were to bo knows there is some flno soil all over  the depression in the coal trade will
carried out.        Iflach town ami   city  that stretch   of     country,  soil  that   not affect tho Extension mines to an:
along tho line has cherished tike hope will lend Itself to ull kinds of   close
of  benefiting  from  the  opening    out culture.
of fresh lauds, and from timo to One hundi*eil and seventy acres aro
time, one or the other has had rea- to bo cleared for a beginning. Tho
son to believe that It would come cleared land will be parcelled out
within tho sphere of the proposed into lots cl from 10 to perhaps 50
work, |ucres.    Terms of purchase will be ar-
'Ladysmith has always figured in ranged later, but it is understood
these reports; but thero has* been so] that the company will make them ao
much talk, so many prophecies with- easy -and as moderate as possible,
out over anything following thatthejThe work of clearing'will,  it
In the City of Stunt-ps'.' uHvclt cer-
tain wise men from a far country beyond the great mountains ami the
wide-rolling sea.
2. (in that year the rulers of the
cky did that which was right in J
their own eyes.)
3. Now theso wise men assembled
themselves together, and they said
ono to another, (io to, let us remember our brethren whom we have
4. For behold we bo iu a far country, und it shall come to pass   that
pcoplo woro rapidly    coming to   the
was all  in tho    air, and that   there
was nothing in  tho roports,  circumstantial us some of them woro   made
-    we'to   appear.      -Now, at thc most op-
do;  we will moke a great feast.,   so;portune time,  the Stundard is   able
to announce thut work is tot be commenced right uway on a large piece
of land just on tho city limits.
Tho officials of the company   woro
in the town last week, and, in   com-,
men shall say of us, Ye be'blameless j belief that,     as the French say,
on the earth; ye have flod from
land  of your nativity,  because
land af your nativity is poor.
"    This thing,    therefore, will
v*i will nmi
that the nose of    whomsoever smell*
eth it thai! tingle, and wo will   call
to mind tho ancient days and    the
mighty deeds of our fathers.
0. 'So thoy 'appointed' a day and
many were -gathered together—a mixed multitude from the Land of Oakes
and of Thistles, from tho West and
from tho North, and from the 'Isles
of the Sen.
7. And behold n great foast was
prepared and fresh sonsy matrons
ministered unto them, and a ruler of
tho feast was appoint'd, and sat in
the midst.
8. And forthwith to each man was
given n writing of the good things
of the least, ami the writing was iu
a tonjrtu- no -man could understand,
for tho language was tho language of
the Crapaud, which signifieth iu the
heathen  tongue, a frog.
9. And some there woro who pretended to know tho writing nnd the
Interpretation thereof; now theso
wore hypocrites; for" they know but
six loiters of the writing, nnd those
letters were H A-G O I S, and even
this much was' o (Trent mystery.        |
10. And the dishes no man coukl
number; the people ate mightily, as
it were the space of one hour. And
no man spoke to his neighbor till his
inner man wns comforted.
11. And whilo thoy ate, behold
thero drew near a tall stripling,
clothed in mnny-colored garments,
who bore in his arms a musical instrument, shn|>od like unto a beast
of prey.
12. -And he blew mightily upon
what seemed the tail thereof, and
straightway came thoreforth shrieks
and sounds as it wore thc huwlings
of tho damned.
pectodi be begun right away
The announcement of those contemplated operations could not have
come at a bettor time. It never
does do any good to blink facts, and
times have been dull of late aod the
future was not looming up any. too
brightly. Of course, there was never any need for despondency, or for
doubting the future. But the closing of the logging camps, and the
shutting down.- of the smelter, follow
Mr. W. E. Morrison Receives Tidings
of tho 'Death of His Sister.
Mr. W. E. Morrison early in tho
month received news of the death of
his sister wh ch took place nt St.
Peters. The Halifax Herald of a recent date,  contained the following:
The deatli occurred at St. Peters,
C.B., on Monday, Jan. tith, of M.
Charlotte Morrison, youngest dough-
Premier McBride Says That Ottawa
Government Bas Not Done Its
Duty by the Province.
large extent.
To this brightening outlook must
be added the work now to be under
takon by the C.P.R. The work of
clearing will bring some present benefit' to the city, und whon completed
will stand as a* permanent addition
to the assets of tire town.. It is
probable thot this will not be the
only piece of land cleared. Back of
the cltv there is some soil, the equal
of which is not to be found on the
Island. It has been properly examined before, and, it is understood
thut the C.P.R. has even asked for
contracts fcr clearing it. However,
it is not known 'for certain whether
this work will bo proceeded with immediately, although the chances Hre
that it will. As it is, it is gocd
news for the city, the potential value of which it would be difficult to
There will be a great football hill
<■,-,.„.„ «... „..    n „ — .A—t i      I0' 'are hero next week. »   On Sutur-
(Irom our own Correspondent.)     Iday   Feh ^ t|l0 Wft, ,,.,„„„ game
The Immigration Bill passed Hs will be playod when two picked
second reading yeatarday in the   le- teamB wl" oppose each other and do-
, , . ,_.     .        .,       ., ,       eido who    shall     iigui-e in the flnal
gislature without a  dissenting voice. game    bil^_ tlle ,8laml and    the
The debate waa    continued through- Mainland. . On the Sunday afternoon
out the afternoon by Premier    Mc- tho local telini '-'ni ho,vo " visit 'rom
  — -  n -=--   ,.„,,.„ „rf   .    „   n.nki,,,™ it.  the Soattlo Fuotbnll  Club. Tho   So-
ter of li. Cl. Morrison, for fifty years ""de and A. E. McPhillips on    the attle 00.,s are comlng t0 Victoria on
"""' ' "  '      ' "-"   '"' * government side, and H. E. Brews- sho 8th' and    want to extend thoir
ter on tho opposition side. ' trip so as to take in Ladysmith.   Of
The premier did not speak at great cour* thc>' havc been secomodatwl,
Postmaster ami a leading citizen
that town.    Miss Morrison was seized with a violent attack of influenza
in tho    latter   part ct March, 1907,
• ...     ... . , ...      Ann local followers of the gome will
and although sho overcome tho dis- length, owing to frequent intarjec- hove on opportunity of seeing an Am
ease for a timo such inroads wcro tionB by members on tho opposition orican team in action. Thc Seattle
made upon hor health that she   sank ^  he waB lmmi t_ att8ntlon men are champions of the North Wes
tern Loague, so that there should be
to    several matters   of  a Dominion
In the course of his remarks
pointed out that tha bill waa a
cessity, owing to the fact that
18.   And tho   hearts of the people
were     comforted,     for    this Is that 'Ma, Mr. W. K. Morrison,
wherein their groat strength 116th.     I   The    sympathy of the community
14. -And wine wns brought inves-!gocs to tho ull'ectcd family anil in nn
sols but tho children of the North especial degree to Ihe aged (other,
-would none of those: for they quench- to whom sho was a loving and lulth-
ed their thirst with tho Dew of    the'ful daughter.
after an illness of many months,
borne with fortitude and Christian
Miss Morrison for many years acted tho capacity of assistant in the
Post office, where she endeared herself to all by unfailing kindness. She
wns u faithful and active member of
the Presbyterian   Church from    tho
ago of twenty years until hor death; *—-____-___—-,__
at th rty-six. She is survived by-He showed from questions asked, by
her father, now In his Mud your, by w. w. B. Mclnnes in the Dominion
three brothers and ono sister in   St.  _ . . *■.    ,
Peters, nnd two brothers, one in j Houso and anawered by ths govern-
('nllfiirnla, and one lu British Colum-jmenl thnt the Liberals had changed
! front on tbe question of a  commercial treaty with Japan.     The   Lau-
a great game.
h? TO
Liberal government at Ottawa had
not    dono Its duty by the 'provinco,
Mountain, which is the water of fire.
15", Thon spake the wise mm of
tho congregation unto * them, ami
called to mind the ancient days nnd
the mighty. Hoods of thoir fathers.
And tho people rejoiced   exceedingly.
18. Now it cume to iwss when
thoy had eaten and drunken greatly,
even unto the full, that tho hinges of
their tongues wero louncned—yea, oven the joints of their knees.
17. And the ruler of tho foast lied
to his homo, and n third pert of the
multitude followed, and a third part
comninod, saying, "Wo thirst"; and a
third port rose up to dunce.
18. And thoy danced after tho fashion nt their country, and their
movements resembled tlio iwrogrina-
tions of a hen upon n griddle which
is hot. Yet thoy Boomed to think il
pleasant, for they shouted for Joy.
ID. Now its for tbem that woro
attaint, behold their drinking was
steady, but tholr limbs wcro not so;
yoa, thoy also shouted for joy, and
sang amazingly.
20. And they unHwcrcd one to another and said, that notwithstanding
tho crowing of tho cock ur the dawning of tho day, they should still partake of tho juice of the barley. So
they encouraged one unother with
those words.
31.   And new it camo to pass, (hut
as they sat, ono camo and said that I
ho had scon a strange fin- In thc sky j
but what It wns he could not toll.
22.   And somo said, It is the mean:
and others said, tt is the sun;   and ,
some said, Doth thu sun ride in   tho.
wost? and others said,    Tills Is not
The funeral services were conducted
by Rev. John Ouldor in tlie Presbyterian Church, St. i'oters, and nt
Loch Lomond by the Rev* John Fraser, where the 'interment took place
beside that of her mother who died
thirty years ago.
Jan.  29.— Miss
rior government had given the information that when they came into
power they found a draft treaty,
but they had not procacded with it,
as It was against their policy. La-
tor they had entered into n treaty.
A. E. McPhillips said that while
he did not believe the provinco   had
There are two league matches set
for decision today on the sports
grounds. Tho flrst Is between the
local and the Nanaimo juniors. Our
boys were defeated at Nanaimo
Jan. 11; but there waa a little hard')
luck entered Into this result. A draw
would better have reflected the play
of tho game. However the home
boys havo a chance to oven up today, but they will have to move
Nanaimo . havc got thoir strongest
team down, and they fool pretty confident of taking away a  couple    of
the power to enforce such nn act, he .   . .        1,. ".    ,. .I     ,
ju ___,*. ,_L .*.   ,., ii points.     Tho gome should therefore
did not wish to put his opinion
gainst others.    Ho considered it wise
Louiso G. Maud, the California wo- to paM this ln ()rdeI. t0- sho„.    th0
man, haa written a .letter to Capt. p0Jtjon of tno ,,rovinco on tho sub-
J. W. Mitchell, of the Spanish   war
veterans,     in which   soma saocastic
II. C. Brawstor, in the course of a
comments are made with referencoto,,,,,,,, flir a   wluto Ilian.„ cou„try, ro-
the W. C. T. U., tho canteen and the ] forrod t0 the ' (act tlmt a|0ng
refusal ol men to re-enllat    in    the
"Grown    men,   lighting men
that," says Miss Maud, "resent
I proposed extension of tho I-*.  &  N
1 railway there wcro five camps ot Jn-
i panose engaged in clearing land,   ln
°*-1 view of this he did not think     any
ing bossed around by a  pack of wo- oxomption of taxation should bo al-
men thoy do not evsn know. If the iowed th0 raiiwny ns propossd     by
ladies won't let the soldiers     have „„„tiier bill.
their modest drinks at the canteens,:   -r„0 |,l|l passed Its second loading
and ths soldiers won't thereforo re- |Without n   dissenting voice
enlist,  then I would suggest     that 0n thB 0,,onlng of tho houso J. II.
these women use their vast political uawthornthwaltb appealed from the
influence to got Conga-sis to permit spoor's decision in ruling his mu-
lliem to enlist In tho protection   of t)o„ impeaching the lleutcnnnt gov-
the men.     Strong minded and Invin- cmor, „„t.
clbls In ths    defence of tholr prlncl The, jlouae divided on pnrty    lines
pies ns they are, they suroly would tn0 uiioruls     and Socialists voting
make a  superb    array ot Amnions „py,
be both fast and exciting.
The second match is between the
seniors and the J.B.A.A. boys. Tho
bitter put up n good game in tho
Victoria City Loague, hut have fared hndly nt tho hands of Nonntmo.
Tho homo boys should certainly take
the points, but thoy ore leaving nothing to chnnce nnd aro not making
'.ho foolish mistake of underrating
their rivals. With tho ground ln
tho present condition thc gnme
should prove the fastest seen here
this season.
Tho kick-off Is at 2.80 p.m.
and    In marching valiantly to war, sustaining tbo speaker.    Thc Speak
Tho Str. Beatrice camo into port
this morning to coal. Tho boat has
been chartered by a pnrty of wool-
thy capitalists from Boston,     Now
         York,   anil othor    eastern American
Mr. Hawthornthwaite ngalnst <'itios. mA ls bound for a cruise  ol
three weeks around the Quean Char
tho west, but tbe east; and some said ' amid the popping glngor ale and sar- 0l.-8 ru]|,lg vvn8 sustained by a  good lot** Islands.     Tho boat will make
saparllla    bottles, their appearance conservative majority.
direct for Princo Ru]»rt whore     It
should causs ths enemy to ftee    for    i„ ropiy to Mr. Brewster, the chief «nl stnv ov("' ,or R   ,ew *iy"'    A'
commissioner of lands nnd works »*ong tho party are some landscape
said that no reserve had boen placed »'tlsta, who will transmit to thoir
on wator in tho neighborhood of Al- ™»vaa tho beauties of the proposed
his life.*'
London, Jan. 81.—The corres- '
pondent of ths Dally Malt at '
Durban announces In a
patch that ths Standard
Company haa acquired
South Atrlaan trading interests
of the Shell Transport and
Trading Co., thus establishing
a monopoly In Southern Africa.
bernl but tbo subject wns under con
Which Is it? for wo perceive two
the sky.
28. And ono snld, I see nothing.
Now tho name of that man wns lllin
Poo. He wns tho son of Fill Foo,
and his mother's namo wns Maud
Foo; and his brethren Hung Foo,
Sing Foo, and Greet Foo, wcro
21. Th »r-v ii hade his nul-
gblior farewell, embracing, nnd vowing eternal friendship, nnd some wore
borne homo by men in scanty raiment, nnd others in carriages which
Jingled as they wont; and others
drove their own chariots home, nnd
saw many strange sights: for they
found grass growing and ditches in
the midst of the way whero they hnd
not porcolvetl them before.
2.j. And it came to pass thnt in
the morning many lamented, nnd
took no breakfast that dny; and the
mon In whito raiment brought   unto ———————————
thom many cunningly devised drinks, previous flay, they rejoiced again for     ....	
yea,  plck'-mo-ups,  for their   tongues they   suld.     Our brethron whom wo 07, ;0 and (15.    Thoy will retain the ii.At._i.    .-a
clove unto the roofs of tholr mouths hnvo loft will hour ol It nt the ,'onst title ct Professor Emorltus. By this small pox. »V»T. dpfMnona ana
and tho spittle on tholr hoard wns ot the New Year, ami thoy will re- action tho senate of Victoria Unl- moaalos have boon mors prevalent tn
like unto a small silver coin, oven n member    us   ami bless us. nnd our varsity has entered upon a eystom of Tlmnmt_m    ,h.B   g,,   corresponding
The objects of the party are kept a
close secret, but In the company ar
inf-ltic1.fi lumbermen, mining men, and
railway mon.    Naturally they    are
___^ taking   overy     caro of thoir bodily
TOROATO, Jan. 2ll.-Rov. A.   H. comfort, and to brace up against the
Itelnnr, Dr. A. B. Bnin and Rev. Jno hardships oi such nn extended cruise
Hurwnah, all of whom nro  members thoy    nro   taking thotr own cuisine,
of tlio staff ol the Victoria Unlvor- ..  *.     j.._,„^ v.n^mim.* ~» .11 !,»■.
slty, will retire Ironi active Work on ""^"R d<",rlv0<1 Vancoursr of all her
lienslons, the first two getting $1700 beat chefa
each, yearly, and the third receiving —
*l,t)00    a year.     The pensions  nre     Toronto,
for life.
Jan. 81.—Returns to tbt
The respective ages ot tho three are Provlncl.l Board of Health from 795
-n -„.\ ns    ntine viti retain the divisions of ths province show that
School Trustees    Discuss aud   Paw
Estimates lor the Year to Amount of ¥10,140.
There was a meeting of the School
Trustees on Thursday evening. ' at
which the chief business was the consideration of the estimates for tha
current year. The estimate . agreed
upon totalis $10,140, which, ot cours
is an increase upun the expenditure
of 1-at year. To account for the increase it may be said that about $ 1-
000 has been allowed fur painting
and repairing the uchoul building and
that another thousand 1ms beon "provided fur high school salaries while
increases have ajsu been granted to
three uf the teachers. Altogether tha
estimates are close enough and il. a*
the year's end any of the money remains unappropriated, the city will
be that much the richer.
The resignation of Miss Laidley
was accepted, and out of five applicants, Miss Lena S. Pringle of Wellington, was appointed to her place. ■
Miss B. Moore, of Nakusp, was appointed to Miss Grossan's place.
The salaries of throe of the loach-*
era were raised $2-50 a month,   aod
Messrs.  Bickle and Bryant   are   the ..
new management committee, Mr.'Ro:
bert White 'being entrusted with   the
duty of look ng after the building.
TemparatOd vs.
As -was to be expected the Temper-
mice men are not to be bluned by
the boast and bras; of the Abbots-
lord. Captain Fulton called at the
Standard ofllce today and stated that
he and his men ure ready and anxious to meet the Abbotaford men any ■
timo- He only makes one condition..
The players who turn ou*. for tha
Abbeitsford must be boau-flde boarders of that hotel, eating and sleeping
there, and must have been registered
on the hotel books at least a week
previous to the lime of thc issue of
the challenge. On this condition the
Temperance men are ready to. meet
them at any time that a date oan bs
arranged, it is now up to the Ab-
botsford men.
There are many Welshmen in town
who will remember J. If. Morgan,
who won audi musical fame in the
Old Country as the conductor of the
llesolven Male Voice Choir. According to a contemporary in Victoria,
Mr. Morgan has organised a male
voice choir, thore, and the following-
account of his career is taken from
the same nnper.'
Mr. Morgan from the age of tan
has taken an aetivo Interest in mu-
and ia well known in Walea for
hia triumphs in his favorite activity.
As a boy of more than average ability he wus a member oi the celebrated Welsh Conductors' Club, tile
South Walea Choral Union, conducted by the renown "Caradoe." When
16 years of age he developed into a
base s nger and ho was constantly in
demand throughout the southern
part of Wales as bass soloist, 'taking u leading part in the standard
works of Handel, Messiah, Mendelssohn and Elijah.
He then studied voice production!
and singing tor two and a half
yours with Professor ijarwrence, ths
noted musician of Merthyn TydUl,
who was, by tho way, the fgvorita
pupil of tho reputed -'Monchelea."
Ho commenced choral conducting,
and socti became famous in tho motherland as a conductor. His celebrated, Hesolven male voice choir is
known the world ovor by music lovers, lt won many hundrods ot
pounds in comiwtition, winning tho
National prize two years ago at
Mountain Ash. A serious break in
health thon forced retirement and
Mr. Morgan came to this country to
ropulr his shattered nerves.
Mr. Morgan rapidly mado a name
tor himself In Victoria, ond it ia reported that hc contemplates trying
to organise a male voice choir here.
Mr: Morgan could almost certainly
command a sufficient number of. pupils to justify the effect and it is to
be hoped ho will carry out the proposals.
VANCOUVER, Jsji. 31.— H. Oag-
hun, lineman in th* employ ol the
city, had . a narrow aacapt trom
death today. Be was standing on a
transformer near the top, of a pole,
when he grasped by mistake ths
wire currying a voltage ol one thou- -1
sand. '■ ■'■"■$$_,
He was fourfully burned and strug- v
gled several minutes before hs) could
release himself.     Jack Brown,     another    lineman, working on a root
near by,    saw  his struggles, traced
the wire, and at the risk ot his own
lifo   climbed   to it and cut. It.     It
took only a few'momenta to release
(Snghoin, but the latter's hand, arms .
and    leet   wero burned..   One finger
was burned entirely ofl 'and several     \
bones laid bare. ■•-   h
2(1.   But, when they thought of the enctl tor our labour here.
member     us   nnd bless us. nnd our varsity has entered upon a system of       „mh_
hearts nnd hands nhnll hc strength- providing    pensions     for professors  iwcomiier
Victoria, Jan. 81.-John Oliver gives nottos ot motion in
the legislature on Monday a resolution "setting forth that by
reason of tho refusal ol the I.t.-
Oovernor to assent to ths Immigration bill of last session,
and entering Into contract" for
Japanese Ms Influence has been
• Impaired or wholly destroyed"
and praying for hla removal.
who have given long service.
month a year ago.
........ tffia*flf»ttTl»t .
it tou Ksqtltr's Ah>
WILLS, ,. 3
out TdV'A»u.«irVA»y
_-tb_.-AU.L_l   alAtMJAxM',      OfilljiiiJHfl   CfiffRUARK   li
.Si; Woo.
life;' ,":';
•» ■ Ton Was* to Buy a HOU8B.
s» Ml Oas;   or It To*  Wans
fAJaK er, FBUIT »AND8.
jUaDnxrra. b.o.
Ladysmith Standard'
■Wished ssi Wednesday, and Saturday* Altai-noon* by the
aWbt. B. Hindmarch,
•as Tsar $|  fl.sO
Ml Months  ,„    .7J
Advactisltuy Bates on Application.
Ths sjanouneament made'in our
■sws columns that the C.P.R. Company was going to dear 170 acres
ol Isad adjoining ths city limits will
bs read with general satisfactior
80 tar the town has bean almost sn-
' tiraly dependent upon the coal trade'
been lo*pP lhe; ground. tiHSvh by .iu
VkWia'',, road or back,, of the L-lty,
must have been struck by tho rich
nature of the soil.. The difficulty
has always been the clearing of the
land. Now thnt the C.P.R. company are taking hold of it this dlffl-
culty Is removed. Provided that the
cleared land can be obtained at reasonable rates, Ladysmith should soon
be the; centre of u rich, prosperous
fanning country. It is a beginning, the .first step towards the day
of 1 greater things. One industry
raises another, and In spite of the
present dullness, tbo future Is brighter than it has been for some years.
3 ,The new Council Is now ready for
business. Thore Is* still a representative wanted for tho -Middlo Ward,
Mayor Nicholson has now appointed
all his committees. For the Streets
he-is using tho wholo Council, and
this plan should certainly obviate
any possibility of a charge of favor-
Itoinn. Each alderman, as a member of the committee, will' lie In
CHICAQO, Jan. 80- Wultef Mack
of San Jose, Col., and a graduate
of Stanford University, occupies a
cell here after having spent an inheritance of $15,000. He is charged with having passed bogus checks.
The last dollar of the $15,000 left
hlui by his father only a year ago,
departed from hlm> three days ago.
Mack was dining in a Dearborn
street cafe with two actresses when'
the police took him Into custody on
complaint of tho proprietor, who alleged thnt the young man passed -a
bogus check for $10.
 : e	
Austrian Attempts   to Commit Suicide to Escape Dreams—Refuses
to Eat and Begs to Die.
every member of his family swept
away by tho bubonic plague, -..hicli
devastated the littio Austrian town
in which they lived, inconsolable
grief drove Louis HeJisgott, as Immigrant youth, to an attempt at
suicide lost night.    Even now as  he
position    to make ^n-s^tic^lSi0?,,^^ begs^'S. "'let
for   his own particular ward;     but gott is only 19 years of age.
but there    is little   doubt the fin      He came here •">«> New York less
vole of the board will go to where t,a a wee,k ago nopba8 *° ,i"'^t
n,» „   v • .      a ,      ~Z       ™ his »°<t°w in new scenes. Last night
tho work is most needed. The San- j he dreamed his father called to him,
itary anil Cemetery Committees have amI "f* determined to obey his vls-
also taken hold of thoir work and I0",. H<"'lnS n" more "se for money
,t   , ..    .; ' 1 bo burned three $5 greenbacks of tho
tho former, at least, have a big and $80 he still had and threw the \c-
difflcult task in hand. In addition malning silver out of the window,
to tho onforcomont of the exlsbina-111""1 lw ,ay down witn ft *ul>8 ,ronx
health by-laws (and thoy ought to loon^riZ^^X^j:'''1
stand by thc rigid observance
these tews) they have to grapple
with Iho question of a sowcrogo system. Their predecessors in ofllco, in
their final report to the Council cm-
NEW YORK, JaUi 80— Bonk e.v
uminera took, active charge today of
the affairs of the New Amsterdam
National Bunk, and the Mechanics
and Traders Bank, after a state in.
spectlon, both of which closed their
doors yesterday. Both of these
bonks were included in the Morse
Helnze Thomas chain of banks, and
after the closing of the National
Bank bf North America a few days
ago, tnere had been what practically
amauhted to runs upon them.
AS 0. result of the closing of these
banks several other smaller institu
tions met heavy withdrawals of deposits this morning. One of these
was the Oriental Bonk, whero quite
a run of depositors wero paid vory
promptly and President Kelloy
nouncod thnt 12 other institutions
had como to the aid of tho bank and
that-he hoped to be able to withstand tho drain.. It Is not anticipated that the closing of the Amsterdam and Mechanics and Tradors
banks will have any effect on the gen
era! hanking situation in this city,
as both of them have been going
through * gradual liquidation for
the last few months In which their
debts and credits have been gradually reduced.
State Superintendent, of Banks Williams said today that the general
condition of banking Institutions In
this city Is good nnd that weakness
has developed only In special cases.
New York, Jan. 80— Depositors
thronged the offices of tho Oriental
bank during the forenoon. The banking rooms are comparatively small
and before one o'clock the line before
the teller's window could no longer
be accommodated within the doors,
bate is   tMUBA-i- muta.* Aim India,    heated tim'kte tn fun house1
Louder    Mucdohald   Says Conservatives Are as Guilty aa Ottawa Government.
The time of the legislature yesterday was again given over to the
discussion of the Immigration Bill,
The legislature begad yesterday
what promises to be one of the most
heated debates of tlie session, that
on the Immigration Bill, The subject assumed at once a discussion oi
tho relative merits of the Dominion
j-    i   (London Spectator.)
it ths British people are wise,
tbey will shut their ears against all
sensational and "viewy" talk as to
this or that Influence which is going
to drive us out of India. We shall
remain In India aa long aa we   are
introduced by tbe Attorney General.  «?»»'• 4 kM,n* '*■ ""* tho "at,ve Liberal government and the previa-
The, chief Interest attached to     tho Poputatlon    as a  whole are Incupa-
speech    of   the loader of the opposi- bl* •' ■»' desirous ot combining to
tlon, who defended the Liberal party ^t* m. ?"'•    tut not on. moment
from the well-directed attacks which .,<>n««f-    *»' pressnt there ia no   In-
havo    been made upon It In oonnec- ""cation that ws havs lost the pow-
tlon with the subject. ;» of rule, or, again, that the inh«.
Mr. Ross opened the debate yester- bltanta of India have the least de-
day. Ho contended that there was sire to drive us out, or any capaalty
ground for believing that the Domln- -•* «»blnlng to accomplish that
ion government had afforded protec- wo'*-1 0ur ru,» •■> laiia- no doubt
tion to the entry of Japanese into .,,.1to .,0IM "tent In the nature of a
Canada In order to suit the purpod-1 mlr*c,»- hut It Is one of thoss mlra-
cs of the G.T.P. - I''"   "k" *n**    which   preserves a
Ho chorged the Liberal Party    at' ""'', sysslght In face of a  thouaand
risks run by day and nit
also are all pledged to work for It,
so that they nro in for a very busy
and a very strenuous year.
Tho Finance Committee have yet to
tor it. prr-prtty- and progre*. Th.-be ^ fr°m: "Ut they wi" neod t0
scoria, of th, smelter al.oTatrib."PrO0Md T* ""* "V' Th° C'ty
utad soothing to the SlT?,' Wy low »n<1 !* is ™"
will bs a- Mggar factor than aV!"* ° T »"*- t0 suspend op-
wh« ones it or-n. out again. Co"I'° T*" •»»■» »» th. bogin-
shhrabl.   .bufunes. revenue ha. \\&£%F °nt"'<"y im'"Aa thc end *"
_,_.'.__       . 1 tne term
a derived from the logging camps
1 it is to bs hoped that the lum-
FERNIE, Jan. SO—The miners  at
phasi-ttd the need of the city for such j the Coal Creek mine owned by    tbe but extended out on Broadway   and
system.      The present committee Crows'    Nest Pass    Coal Company, Uround the corner into John   street.
are on strike today.       Other mines It was stated today that friends   of!1"'" Vancouver Liberal convention the
taw industry   will very soon resume
operations again.     But, while    the
town   was , undeniably    assisted by
nddatries.    It depended chiefly
Jo* Its existence upon the mines.   It
■.was almost    inevitable that, under
these circumstances, the town should
I have como to be looked upon merely
j as a mining camp.     Its other
fasts sad potential developments have
been either ignored or entirely . ne-
| ghicted.    It. advantages have never
advertised.     The town all   gl-
' ha. been taken too cheaply, and
[ moat ol all haa It been cheapened
Uvtag, in It. whatever way
job. nay look at It, Ladysmith has
the makings of a One coast city. It
I haa what many a larger city never
I, a staple industry. The time
en It wtll cease to be an Import-
. coal centre Is fsr away in ths
tn. With,. this to build upon,
it Is there to stop the city from
; 1ahead, from emulating other
ping coast cities. It has un-
water facilities. There are
ntae-e* for factories and Indus-
1 oa our shores.which not an-
I other city-on. ths bland or in the
I province can supply. The climate
fa good as anywhere in .British
olumhla. . As a pleasure resort
city- can offer greater attrac-
or gratify more hobbles , of
pleasure seeker. . The mineral
|resourcM of the hills behind have
1 been thoroughly tested, but It
III known that there are vast bodies
■of ore In paying deposits
Luckily they have got
rid of the Gibbons' caso, which has
been, dragging on for weeks. Tho
Council took up precisely the same
grounds ns their predecessors, but
were able to arrange n settlement
at their first interview with Mr. Oih^
bons. No ono will blamo tho Council for the.r action. Thore Is no
getting away from the fact that
there was negligence on thc part of
tho city's officials and employers at
the burning of the stumps for which
ths .city was entirely responsible. Wo
are unable to say how tho case
would have resulted In a court of
law. ,The last Council took steps
to ascertain their position, we believe, and wcro told that they could,
not be held responsible. Thnt was
In the eyes of the law, of course.
Morally It Is difficult tn seo how they
could shirk! the responsibility. That
at. any rate, fs the way we have nl
ways regarded tho matter, and there
are many who share our views. The
Council's action will hs generally endorsed. It settles what has always
been a painful cass, and the Council
f. now free to go ahead upon Its own
career and work out Its own and tho
city's salvation
Ottawa with being Insincere in connection with the question. The treaty entored into had permitted Japs
to come into the province to the disadvantage of white races.
John Jardlne spoke for the opposition and J. A. Macdonald made the
longest speech that has been given
this session. He charged the attorney general with introducing a
bill which would not be operative a-
golnst the Japanese and Chinese because of existing treaties, and contended that Mr. Bowser was attempt
Ing to hoodwink the public.
Mr. Macdonald defended the Domln
ion government for al! its acts, and
when driven into a corner would describe the Conservative opposition as
equally guilty with the government
at Ottawa., while praising the work
of Mr. Lemieux in arranging for a
restriction or the immigration.
Mr. Bowser wanted to know if, at
of the Crowe Nest may be closed by President Hugh Kelley of the Orlon-
Mlgllt- ftol bonk hav. subscribed about one
j million dollars to meet' the run on
that Institution, nnd that he will be
able to secure further assistance
DES MOINKS, Jan. 28,-Exasper-
atod ovor having lost    in a coniost  „„,!,„,",""" ""i '"""*"  '"""""""•«'     "
for the county printing, simply   he- "T ntereSts "ot connect<!*1
cause she was a woman, Elizabeth   ,vlth ""> clearing house.
Schem, editor of tho Storm Lake Vi-1   At tho Canal street branch of the
^.nrrn^e'cuVrerSo^Tr  ^ *"* n"0,rt °ne ^"^ ^
paper, makes the following proposal:   I""*"0™ ""de withdrawals     today,
"A constant fight for what    right- and this seemed to satisfy thte    do-
!!;«? ^'Tf,8*-'0 lwr '' *. Kmr. "'"'  m"nd    »» the branch for thereafter
tear on the nervous systom of any  „„
woman and we have come to the lie- t""ro mn Rn mnnv wa,tlng to mako
Hef that Iii order to stay in newspn- deposits ns to withdraw.
por work and maintain our    health, j f
we will  have to   marry some  man
printer who can ilo tho fighting  and       BRAVE INDIAN WILL C1F.T   \
swearing for us. MEDAL
"This is leapycnr and this may bo,
considered as a proposal by airy one
leader of the opposition did not advocate the abrogation of the treaty
wtjfc Japan.
Mr. Macdonald admitted he did,
If but successive questions did not
draw from him a satisfactory ax-
plnnation as to how he mads the
two stands agree.
The debate was adjourned on   motion of Premier McBride.
Incoh Chipps    Will    Get ihe Royal
Ilumnno Society's Modal for
Telephone    Company   Is Unable   to
Keep Operators    from Getting
Married Even Though Bonus
Is Offered.
WENATCHEE, Jan. 29-Old maids
or any or nil girls who have   given
up tho idea of getting married   are
in demand hore.   Tho telephone com- ...HARHISBUIKl,
pany is having a hard time  to   se-
,'ruro ojierntors who will not    leavo
who would be qualified to fill tha vacancy so evident in tho Vldotte office."
G. A. Ci-nlg, the bachelor editor of'   ,„,,. „ ,   , ,, ..      Ithem to get married,
the Uvtton St wrot„ an aecet.t- ,,,,'» Rf«'»''«(H™'»ly *U»\ Ct 5w a tanus was offered to
ance, conditional upon the ability of V-u'.!!?,;' s ffr""twl, to Jnc" Ulie girls who would not leavo to
Mis, Schem to "make pancakes, fry ^\JL^SST mC'M """ ""'">' """" « <"> trS. tried only
ham and eggs ami distill good   cof- ta* "'' "7"1' , one stuck  t 01 through thoyear and
fee. In the next smio of thc Vid- „™adw* °' t,ho I,ro° •'■•'»» will ro- hlst „fu,r „„„ received her prise sho
ette the fair editress will assure member that last July thero appear- (.t6ok ^ Kmpyear crazo and pro
Craig of her ability to deliver   the ]*" nn account of the wondorful feat nosen-
goods and all nowspapordom Is pro- .accomplished by Chipps In a bravo, Wha't now to offer ns an Induce-
parlng to extend congratulations.      i attempt tn save tho lives of hisdnit-
+—  ghter and hor baby.       Chipps is an
Indian from tho west const of    the
Great Interest Being Taken in Trial
ot Those Charged With Looting
Stats Conspiracy,
HARRfSIiURO,     Pa.,   Jan. 37.-
ij Not sines the trial ol United States
All these Senator Quaiy ten years ago for con-
itural advantages of the city   and" .piracy   to    wreck   a Philadelphia
Tfct cannot be too highly adver-'bank has there been such an Interest
taken In a trial a* has been manias-other    s-rsst asset of    the tested in the proceeding, begun   loan* of the district,is .at    Isst' dsy 'against the men charged    with
hs exploited.     Anyone who   has conspiracy to loot the state treasury
In connection with the construction
and furnishing of the big Mate capi-
tol building.
1 Since tht revelations of nearly two
yours sgo in which some of the foremost, mea of tbs state wero Involved, ths imposing whit, marble .true
tore on the capital hill has been a
point of greet interest, Excursionists hsvs come from all over tho
stat. to see the chandsllers alleged
to b» loaded with tons o» lead, tho
commonplsce furniture paid for at a
tsbt-lou. figure and the paintings nnd
frescoslsg. (or which there la said
ta.hav. been as overcharge ,of hun-
Tot thousands of dollars,
trisl of ths alleged conspirators
If,,being conducted In ths dingy old
fashioned    court house.    A special
Jury panel of eighty Is on hand, and
Judg. Kunkel Is presiding.    .
Ths Arst, flv» conspiracy causes list-
ad for ftal Involves payment of
149,971 for sofas, tables and cloths,
Ths commonwealth agree that .the
, fraud. , to the amount of $19,308
, wers perpetrated. The defendants In
th. ease, are chief contractor It.
Sanderson, and architect M. BUston
I of Philadelphia, former auditor general W, Snider of Spring City, for-
mer stats treasurer, and Jas. Bhu-
maker of Johnstown, former superintendent of grounds and building..
yyiLia^j r_ *
I ■WasstYTRItrO' OP* THE M9ST.
.-, ■ aid v.    Hi   •■ |.. -.,
irtwrightft Barclay
mm   otm-'timtm.
MINE OPERATORS   ADOPT OPEN; Mand and wns engaged in olio   iisu-
SHOF POLICY. nl^ occupation of flsliing for   salmon
Strlko Out Clause
ees are Requested to Renounce
Western Federation.
ment to secure girls who will stay Is
the problem that the Farmers' telephone Company of this placo is 'aii-
iirbig under. It has been suggested
that they raid and kidnap tho    in-
.uf,An   u~  i.   ,t ,   " —. JIBiiiif   wvy   rum   uuu   wuiwr   wiw      .*•-
rt,f ^ a,    C.""'>"    .'," ma*9 "  »«tes of nil old maids' home and. if
by Which Employ- ;'lp,. 'rom s*e-eston to Vancouver. Inething else will dol It   s gsiu-a!ly
Jd to Renounce     ,™t„^f %£!F      th" Mp a   i"6"^ mvnoml lhat    they wili e«.-i-v    ont
nenounio     1 gale of wind    was encountered,   .ind chLT Di.n
the boat capsized.-'   Most of the par-i y      , t
-        *v succeeded in gaining n Isold   onI WOMAN 8IFFRA0ISTS NEVER
OliLDFIELD, Nev„ Jan. 27- The **• "Ptumcd craft, but Chipps' dnu-'                      s VY DIF.
Goldfleld mr-_ operators association g™"?' and, her ""bydahped close   lo 	
last night aboilshed the card     ay- £ tt JTaJfrgPZlIZ **| , Hr°d.trat<;SnsdAfterMtt,ng
tem which roquirod all employes  to tOT •>»•    He reached her, bnt found       T*elr Dcmontstratlons ARer Design an agreement renouncing    the ^at tt "» Imposstble to resjaln the *J« ^^.^ ^'   __._*_
„,   ..         „ ,                         ^*             comparative safotv of the html-   Vnr',   lX>ND0iN, .fan. 89.— Having rolled
Western    Federation of Miner,    and nine long hours he struggled fn    the «« ««" King Edward yesterday dur-
declored an open shop policy. .         .water in a bravo endeavor to bring J'"If the ceremonies of the opening of
The resolution adopted stated   as **• 1*>v<,d    oni!s    "lth    •>•»> to ths I PSrllament and the House of    Com-
.„„.„..                      '                          shore, but nt last was thrown up on I n™1", effeclpvoly barred against them
,.mL ' t                                           ths beach more dead than alive, with the nvtnen     sudrfigists of England
That hereafter applicants for en>: neither hi. daughter nor her    babv.; this morning! adopted a now method
ployment shall only be required    to'14 '• tor a<* act that the    aocloty of protesting against the   fact that
haa granted tha medal. ! His Majesty, In his speech from   the
 » 4         i   -.
satisfy the secretary of the associa
tion and their employer of their competency and reliability."
This action wa. determined upon,
it Is said, because the agreement
which the men were required to sign
wss In conflict with the status of
"We shall operate on the open
Plan," said Secretary Erb of the
Mine Owners' Assoclntlon, and employ men regardless of their membership in any union."
It Is believed that there are fully
one thousand Federation men in thc
camp ,whn will roturs to work under
'ho now ruling.
- ♦	
Trial Marriages Favored by French
Minister of Justice ond Worship
In Reply to Paul Bourget.
throne, mado «u> mention ot their fle-
'mands to lie permitted to. vote,
) The militant .members of the organisation formed themselves) into
several coimnituere which at the
■hour today visltied tho homes of the
various members of the cabinet for
•ths purpose of aaklng them to
their influence to havo tha question
of women's, suffrage* sottled at this
session. None of tho mombors would
see thom.   Tho wemon demonstrated
PARIS, Jan. 2U.-Replylng to the
theme advanced by Paul Bourget mi by ringing door bells and delivering
nls play, "A Divorca," which was a*,rw"°» '">'" d?°' ■*?»• "^ P0".
„iv.    ,    ....        ,/ ,lieo -vera prepared tor thi. course of
given In this city last night, Arls- action and moisy scenes war* w«t-
tde llriond, the minister of Juatlce | nessed on the fashlonabh thorovgh
and worship, pructlcufly comes out,'•,,,!, ot London. 'Hie women **m-
in r..n. „• ..i.i       -, .7       I tunny 'dispersed  after ssreral cadi.
In fafon of trial marriages.   He en-|n,d f^,, B^|e
dorses tho idea of the trraduat evwlu- ,
tlon of the doctrine of divorce until c01 '"T F,!*t>a «3TH 8TEAMHRS
the Mnt Is    resched where a  mar-,
CHICAGO, Jan. 27- Ono fireman
ia supposed to havo bean killed, more
than a score of others injured, and
property     valued nt half a   million
MANY ARI-: JS.IURED IN CHI0A-- jrlagd may be contracted for a.  ape-U^,,,,   luio   tht   Ghanaer-Tartar
■clfled period under legal safeguards,! Episods Find Charmer
protesting the Irnoresln of both par-] More to Blame.
""'■ I  VICTORIA, Jan. 80—The court of
Hs declares    It Is impossible    for investigation, consisting of Mr. Jus-
- - ^0M •l,out t0 entor *■'*•■ «"'» "la. tio. Martin, Capt. J. D. Warren snd
dollars was destroyed In a lire/thatl tinn t0 know th« irm character   of Copt. David Llewellyn Jones, which
devastated the Mayer building, a so- th<,lr W"*»r.. and that It Is unnn- enquired into the clrcitrostances sur-
lural and Intolerable to expect an rounding the colllalon of the ateam-
I l-mated pair to drag out a miser- er, Tartar aad Charmer oft Point
ablo existence because they blunder- orty, oot. 17 last delivered it. de-.
ed In entering   upon the most vltgl U„011 ln court y-tM(Usr ^ter.
relation In Ufa, noon,
'       . r   ' ' j   It may
ven story brick building, and the
Hotel Florence on Adams street onr-
ly today.
Tho tiro broke out in the basemont
of the Mayer building and spread so
rapidly that when the first detachment of firemen arrived tho first
bulMIng was In flames. A strong
north wind swept the flames to the
adjoining hotel building, and in a
few moments the structure wna a
burning furnace. The walls and
roofs of both Structures collapsed n-
bout an hour later, carrying down
with them an .entire company of firemen, All, except one, .Tames Mulr
Ingher. on truck No. 1, were ros*-
eiied. HI. body Is believed to be In
the    ruins,    adjoining   the burnlncf
'l WBWWo, Jn. 39. — Mre:-:Haii-|l,,n,ct"ro on *"■ m'i '" tho Po'tlal-
tan's condition la critical, but phy-'ly enmptotod sixteen story build!.*
.aldana «r* hopsful of aseorsry. of the Corn mchenge bank.
be atated that ths  court
WRECKED IN SEYMOUR" •xP""'y declined    to go Into
Tuc Erin, Belonging to J.S, Emerson, Strikes Rock and Sink,
ln Seymour Narrow..
VANCOUVER, Jan, 80—The    tug
Is no reason why it should not continue, for another hundred and fifty
years. Further then that no wise
man will car. to look. We, at any
rate, refuss to bs pessimistic about
India. The machinery of our rule
is thoroughly sound and efficient, if
ws takf tt a. a wholo, and, what
to mora, I. .till Inspired by the true
principle— th. desire and resolve to
govern In tha Interests of the governed, and to allow no other consideration., whether of sentiment or of
Interest, to Interfere with that resolution. While that lasts, snd while
we refuse to maks any concessions
to folly, Ignorance, or guilt, we are
safe. Winds and tempests, doubtless, arise for a time to shake our
dominion, bnt they will not uproot
VANCOUVER. Jan. 80.-A Grand
Forks despatch today from Boston
brings the startling announcement
that ths Granby Consolidated Company is at present negotiating for
the Immediate purchase of all tho
holdings of the British Columbia
Coppor Company, aa well as the Dominion Copper Company. Engineers of the Granby company are nt
present examining tho properties to
be purchased.
Granby officials hore will not tnll;
on tbe subject, which is clentlnii
much Interest.
STATE $1,010.20
Pa., Jan. 80. —
The now famous boot-black stand
for the senate lavatory supplied by
contractor John 11. Henderson, oi
Philadelphia, ono ot thu dofomlunis
in the state capltol conspiracy suits,
waa offered in evidence by lho cuni-
monwoulth today. Sunders m collect
ed $1,610.20 from tho state lor this
stand and made the sub-contractor,
by whom it wns supplied, pay $128.
Photographs of the rosstroms of
the senate and house caucus rooms,
for which the state paid Sutido.-son
$00,748.80, and for which ho paid
the aub-contractor $22,000, woro also offered in evidence. Fred. II. Potter and Howard Krohl, of tho Audit
Company, of Now York, wcro culled
by the commonwealth to establish
the measurements of tlio sofas,
clothes trees and tables produced before-the Jury. All of this iiiruiture
was supplied by Sandorson at the
rate of $18.40 per foot, and, according to the commonwealth, he wa-
paid for certain articles at tho rate
ot three times the actual measurement. The commonwealth also offered several bills for furnishings supplied by Sanderson for the purpose
of showing that different systems of
measurement were employed by tho
contractor tor collecting for articles
supplied under the sale Items In tho
special Capitol furnishing schedule
ot 1904.
Architect Joseph Huston, who haa
secured a separate trial has subpoen-
sd as a witness for his co-defendants
former Auditor General Snyder, For-
■nor State Treasurer Mathues James
M. Rehumakor, former superintendent
of Grounds and Buildings, nnd San<
derson, but may not ho called. The
feeling against the architect, on thu
part of hla four co-defendants growr
more hitter an tho trial proceeds.
4 •
CALGARY, Jan. 80- In the legislature yesterday afternoon Mr.
Simmons, ot Lethbridge, introduced
a resolution In ths interest, of employees ss follows:
"Resolved    that a memorial    bo
cinl Conservative ministry.
Tho debute was introduced on tlie
socond reading of the bill by Hon.
W. J. Bowser. He took occasion
early in his speech to deny the charges made by Duncan Ross to tho effect that he had drawn up the con-
truet between the C.P.R. and Gotoll
whereby the latter was to furnish
t-oolio labor. Mr. Bowser said he
intended to follow this up and would
force Duncan Ross to retract his
words. He would go into Mr. RosS'
constituency,^! ho could not meot
him sooner and deny tho statement.
Mr. Bowser contonded that thoro
was no Just reason for the disallowance of tho immigration bill at Ottawa. He suggested that the reason for the disallowance was found
In tho fact that the G;T.P. wished
to employ Orientals nnd the Dominion government sought to favor that
corporation. He said that the information he got thot tho contract
was being made between the G.T.P.
nnd Gotoll came from a prominent
J. A. MacDonald asked for his
Mr, Bowser declined to give it,
however, aa it would ruin that gentleman.
The reply of John Oliver was of
tlie regulation type. He charged
Mr. Bowser with preparing a bill
which, from the fact that It was
made inapplicable to those people
who ,wcro oxomptod under oxlstlng
treaty, made the law worthless.
Mr. Bowser contended that an appeal should be takon to the courts
to test the constitutionality of tha
course taken by the government. He
intended to appoint officers and enforce the act.
Premier McBride also spoks in favor of tho bill, pointing out the inconsistency of tho Dominion government in tho matter of disallowance.
Tlio reasons advanced, he contended,
wore Insufficient.
J. II. Hawthornthwaite favored
the bill, and took strong objection
to the Liberal policy. He feared
thnt the visit of Hon. Mr. Lemieux
hnd resulted in no direct results.
Tho debate adjourned on motion of
Mr. Ross.
On the opening ol the house all
tho corrospondonco between the lieutenant govozhor nnd the secretary
of state relative to tho withholding
of assent to lust year's immigration
bill was brought down by the provincial secretary, It Included nothing but what haa already bean produced.
Mr. Mclnnls asked the hon. ths
provincial secretary tho following
1. Does any agreement or understanding exist between the government and the Salvation Army with
a view to bringing 'Immigrant. Into I.i, tlsh Columbia during the year
2. lias the government any knowledge of any effort being made by
the Salvation Army to bring In Immigrants during the year 1908?
8. Haa the Salvation Army Immigration agonclea been notified by tho
government as to Industrial conditions in British Columbia at the
present time?
Hon. Dr. Young replied aa follows:
1. Yes.
2. Too Salvation Army has arranged to bring In a number of Im-.
migrants as domestic servants and
farm laborers for whom places have
been found.
8. The Saivntlon Army officer In
charge ot Immigration to British
Columbia has full knowledge of the
Industrial conditions In the province
nt ths present time. ,
FLAG  BOUGHT, $4,2.10.
'• LONDON, Jan. .10.-The flag'
. i* of ths American man-of-war, •
prssented to th. governments sot- . chespeako, captured In the light •
ting forth the desirability ol certain * with the British ship Shannon, •
sms.dment._to the railway a*, o, J £ |ff^J^Jg &»$- .
Canada, providing that before prose- . t0 _ AmU)r named rartrldge. It •
rations are begun against trainmen • Is reported that Partridge acted *
or other employees of railway com-,* (or Cornelius Vunilerbllt.
panlea* for negligence, causing accident, in* the operation of train., or
otherwise, that provision bs mads
fpr the proper Investigation before a
competent committee or other competent parsons, with s view to arriving at ths cause of ths accident."
m.,m ».
somewhat conflicting atatomenU    fit
the two sides, but, .taking their own
accounts of their respective conduct,
found    that   both vessels   .were to
No recommendation as to the Ms
pension or cancellation of any of the „. „ ,  	
Erin, formerly the Sarah M. Benton' certificates of tho officers Involved is escaped from th. tram. He dragged
of Seattle, owned by J. S. Emerson made, but Capt. Whltely, of th.,V nttttea pound .hot and chain at
struck at Saltgnto in Ssymnur Nar- Charmer is severely censured, Hiot*;.»die<jItio hi. .left leg two nvllss bs-
rows yesterday and sank. Hor crew! Jones ofthe Tartar I. ensured, and fore* hs -ws. nbl* to fres himself ot It
easily escaped to shore and cam. to Capt. Held of the Tartar, I. exoner- „, breaking ths chain with a hsavy
Knneoum. B(ed from all branse, and farther com rich.
A wrecking outfit was sent north' mended for the asatolnnee given    toi   Th. local nolle, captured Martin a-
Albany, Ore., Jan. Sfl.-Taklng ad-'
vantage of tbs momentary absene.
of th. gtuvd whito the limited waa
stopping hers, Henry Martin, a fsd
oral . prisoner from Goldfleld, Nov.,
this morning.
.-i-f*.i.,..L...1ui \iu\__mi.a
the Charmer atter th. accident.
bout low mils, from bsr*.
£3 aUiOUI-ul
.'.l.ai.. ...t,
i-,:i*i:i i:'
Steel Is Iron free from dirt, .Ir
or foreign substance fused with
carbon. .Carbon gives toughness
.length, hetness and life.    ,
Thfrty year's study of the razor
sltu.llon has shown a way toi—
add the highest per cent of
carbon to a Carbo Magnetic
r.ior blade throug a secret
IND giving II a uniform diamond like hardness-some,
thing absolutely Impossible
with fire tempered mors,
and they are Hamburg ground
Dut Test this UNC0N0ITI0N-
XUV fiUARANTEED raior a t
homcor have; your barber use
II on you.for thirty days WITH.
out Obligation to v
.BAUTJ-l H'iWwiiAJtaJibAWRDAy, JfklMvtlAUV 1st, i.Wu8.
4o4a»«> j»a>»«>«>o<f4%4«>s>i> * a^se*4^iwa*i%»«jv*>f
4» i,***,******.-***.-*-**-**-** ■»»■«.•»•»«•■»»»•»«■•***■»••**♦»••••■•■♦
 n >
Press of Thursday':
i: Bays tho Pi-
date :        H	
The coming of the Thistle football
Mr.     Simpson and the Ladyimith travelling (rem one   city to another taken for granted, both liy tlie Y,M,
In search oi work, nor against tbem C.A., and Nanaimo boys, the    men
leaving ono place for umollu-r where are iierfeelly    eligible    to piny here,
lu1 then thoro is an end of  It. There nre
club can be enlightened on thla matter, as far as the Nanaimo club    1. better "inducements nre held
concerned,     The three men, Hewitt, them.    But oven the Free i>
Crulckshanks and Harley, now play
'ms ninn other players   on the
will   admit    that    a   good deal of of work, and possibly
play*, totbl. city and the i.uestion Ing for th8 ,„.,.„, BP,vlous to ; ». Z^^Zj^c^Tat^n^ "^ *? *'«_
a. to: whether these men are eligible tll„0 or tneit arrlva| hert| nad bMB alty,
to' play for the Nanaimo club, has, 0llt - of employment frOra a month But thnt is not tho point. Tho Is-'
ever sines thslr arrival, been a thorn to six weeks, and. at least bns of lond t,!ai"s Br° I'1"*1"*' '" LeHgje
in the .Id. pf the Ladysmith club. lhem laew wh.t lt WB< t0 g0 wlth. ^V'al.at SS cl°peting In
At n football concert held ln La- out, „ m0lli E„ch of tnMa tnrM oup.j,ie form for thc same titlo. Tho
dysmith on Saturday night lost, owns property *n Vancouver, which team,that wins out on tho Island,
President Simpson, of that city's „ . draw on thora. 0n. „ th. ^M-\\mT &&&*%&
club, at tha wind-up of the program, players wrote to a, Nanaimo friend ship. Surely it Is ronsonabfo to nr-
touched on the question of the main-  seeking work in this city.    Now   ll K>'o th»t tho   competition   for   this .
ilnnl honor is one urn. the same both.4,w'
Centre— Johnnie,
Mainland   cut
some oi' thom
NANAIMO  vs.   .I.It.A.A.
Nutmimo have nrl'angod to piny un
oxhihiUon giuue on Kuusduy afternoon with the .J.n.A.A. boys. The
team will bo es follows:
Goal— Bradihaw.
Backt— Hewitt and Graham.
Halves— Farmer, Qllmore and Ilar-i
(Jan. 30.)
1778— Franoe acknowledged Independence of the United States.
1884— Rlchnrd Lawrence attempted to nssasslnnte President Andrew
Jackson. '
1836— Alpnca wool first introduced into England. '
1847— IiOrd Elgin reached Montreal nnd took the oath of offlc" ai
Oovornor of Panada.
1856— Chilean war steamer Caza-
den wrecked, with lose of 318 Uvea.
1802— The Ironclad Menitor was
1902— Anglo-Japanese treaty signed.
1900 — FTed«rick VIII. proclaimed
King of Denmark.
The Canadian Bank
Of Commerce
B. E. WALKER, President.
ALEX. LAIH1), General Ma sger
A. E IRELAND  Superintendent
of Brai dies.
Rtsi     5,000.000
tmii Assets.. 113.000.000
Bra dies throughout Canada and in tbe United States ace)  ttu-fland
Farmer*' Paper plaoountsd.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received, and intere.-t allowed at
cm run rates. The depssitor is subject to no delay whatever in
the witl diuwal of tlie whole or any part of the deposit
land     players    competing in Island it ukely that these men would leav. l!JI%to™-la_d "awl""!! tho Mainland,
lsague games.    Mr. Stmpaon    said:  Vancouver    if   work was to ba had The mon now    playing for Nanaimo
nrtln tho  samo
Right wing— Blundell and Crulckshanks.
Left wing— Steele and Peters.
This match commences sharp
1.30 o'clock).
'   s>
LAN l>.
1:80 a. m., to 13.    4 p.m., to • I.
m.    8 p.m., to 8:30 p.m.
LjiDYSMlPH MUNCH  If at DsOBX, Manages
•p. believed that the players    now thore    where the conditions,    when havo already tnkon pari
appeartag for th.Y.M.0.A. had gone work „ „,<,„„„„, are more satlsfac- ^iC"!-™ the Stutlonapiny-'
to Victoria in tha legitimate way of tory? _r cnnnot play lor two clubs In   tho
bnalness, to earn thslr bread and u i8 thought by outside clube Ka- same competition. That Is one point
butUr. But he was not so sure a- nnlmn brouBnl th«e player. o'^^^lS^M** «6
bout ths men ploying for Nnnalmo. |,„t jf the Ladysmith club wishes to tics win out on the Mainland. Sup.
Th. question would be taken up on prohe thc matter, Irom the Thistles posing again, os Is iKjssiblo, that Na-
Feb. 8. and they would -learn   who- „,„„ lt will readily be tound    that nalmo head ttojeaguo ™ J**
ther or not these men wero eligible the three mon moved to this city tor AxiAeA wiu Howltt ami Cruick- Hackenscbmidt, ol Hussio, easily dc-
in ieland games. If they were, the. tho snme reason that Struthere and shanks play tor tho Thistles ur for fo„tod Joe Rogers, thc American^ In
Ladysmith would have to go    alter  Thackerv    (formerly   of   the Sham-,Nanaimo' the wrestling- match at Oxford    Mu-
mi -     . .    -.mi-- »„    ni>.,       ,      '    , .    „• t _t In conclusion,    it   should bo said sic Hall this afternoon for thc cham-
man.    Thsy were    willing to    play rncki, wtnt to Victoria. \   ™ '-™1™."'   „,,   Howitt, Cruick- plonshlp of   tho    -world.   Thc .notch
.    „      „ . „    «,, shanks and Harlcv playing    for Na- was under   catch-as-catch-can   rules,
Whnt the Free Press man hns    to ^^   {_   ^ t^ubl|mt the    Lady- the best two out of Mirco falls, with
ten minutes'    rest period allowed
Li   According to n dospntch from Lon
home talent; but II their competitors adopted other methods, they
would have' to do all they could to
secure success."
Is tho pipe doomed in this country
, says the London Dully Mail.
| Tobacco is popular in ths United
at Kingdom aa it haa never been before,
but it la tobacco in a form which
would be unrecognizable in old-time
smokers. Each year now the psopls ^
of ths country are spending twenty-
flvs million pounds in tobacco. Here
ia an expert's estimate aa to how jjj
the money goes: j C^
Cigarettes  £15,000,000 (i,
Pipe tobacco           9.000,000, fe
Cigars      1,000,000) §
President and Managing Director.
________ ^
sny about thc TRistlo (.layers    go*
helping Nanaimo, Is all ri-jht.^ •';;',^c ,^b^n ,qid.    It, as seems   to    be  between bouts
beyond what has alrca-
i.i nothing    to be suld against   nienj!
IS   ADVOl'A'I'l-'.D. ,	
-— I   BELLINQHAM, Jan. 29,-Th. .0-
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 80.—The Chinese called fortune tellers, clairvoyants
plan of paying physicians by the and palmists are the biggest im-
month or year, the payments to stop posters in ths world. It Is abso-
whsu tha doctor becomes negligent, lutely impossil.ls for anyone to rend
and allow, hla putionts to becomo the future, and lt may be taken a. a' u tight as sardines ln a box, 398
seriously ill, is advocated by Prof, general rule that only wsak-mindsd mon ,iept i^ n|gi,t j- y,, Mna 0(
W. B. Elklns oi the University of iwrsons are eaay enough to pay over tll0 condemned c.lty Jail. They sispt
Missouri in an article in a current good money for worthless scraps ol there because thay wen penniless, I
Scieuti-o Magailne. ; knowledge obtalnod by trickery and w|thout work and friends, and   had
Chicago, Jan. 80— Burr Robinson,
Three Victims ol Adversity Are D's-'ttn old.tlnu clnsua mUi dled    bfjn
covered Unconscious, Overcome
by Poisonous Atmosphere.
SEATTLE, Jan. 80— Jammed  In
' This plan haa been In operation In guesses at future hsppsulngs
the Chinese empire lor 4,000 years,  by one no belter able to foretell than
nnd ia .aid to work remarkably well the dupes themselves." Sk j
them. |   Thla la the statement mad. by Al-
Prof. Elkin.   intlmutes that    tho blnl, who I. now performing al   ths
proposal would do away with     the Orand theatre, who haa studied  ths
no other    plena to go to keep trom
So crowded waa the Jail and
stillllng was ths stmosphara in    the
miserably ventilated municipal   bas
tils, that three of the men wars un-',
temptation lor physicians to    pro- trick, ol Um mediums, cUirvoyMta, ~^Iou,* 'vbm ~j^ jJhn"corbett
today, aged 71.
Kerora, Jan. 80— A. Mancarry,
an employe, ol tha Rat Portage lum
bv company, was struck on the
bead and Instantly killed on Wednesday while falling a tree nt ona
ol tbs company's camps near hers.
Lloydmlnstar, Snsk., Jan, 80 —
Percy Ingram, n well known E»g-
>a|liahman, prominent in the Baris colony, tell on the trail to Lloydmln-
star laat night and waa badly frozen.    Hs died this morning.
found tbem thi. morning.    Tbs mon
were carried out to. ths fresh air, wa
long the illness of their patients and and other fakirs until hs
would render it to the doctor's   in-' them bis own.    Friday night Alblni
terest to bring about a  apeody   re- demonatrated    aud    explained these '   .___,.
_ _ *•      ,,    „.,,,.,,    .    A.        _„     _    ,        .       tor waa thrown In thtl. faces,
covery and to keep hla clients in tlio tricks to the public, showing    how
best of heulth possible at all times. ' ths writing on ths slat. I. don.  by
Tho professor declares that physl-'the clever sliding back and loath ol "?" "  _""" """"*"""'™ "**" ■"•*"*
.   .   j   .      ..I ,   .    '       i        .      __^    _   t       . . a* and they became console's again,
clans instead of waiting around   lor a piece of cardboard, how clalrvoy-
slck people to experiment upon, will ant. read measagea written them by
seriously consider   methods of   pro- carbon paper placed on   th. stands.
venting Illness which now Riots them bow a  clever   system of    speaking
their living.    Quacks would be put tubes Is mad. uss of t. communlcat-
out of business. , ing with confederates,   and exposing
The   snme plan Is suggested     for almost all tha practices mad. use of
lawyers, who would thon seek to pre- by ths frauds.
vent   litigation instead of fostering    "I hav. studied thsss method, and
it. A general tax is suggested to I know whereof 1 apeak when I pronounce tham fake.. Aside from this
a commonaense view of    tbs    case
Montreal,    Jan.    80— Firs today
completely gutted the paint and oil
house ol P, D. Dunn Ic Son, McOlll
!__ ""!. t_h6l'.-_1!.!.^      ™L™ i"*™*-    The building, on both sides
war. also badly danagad
will be heavy.
Ths loaa
St. Catherine.,    Jan. 80— Martha
Thompson,   sixteen year old daugh-
The acone In tha old city Jail thla
morning waa almost beyond description.    Glad to have any place    to
keep     out of th.   cold, thsss men, .        ,. . .
many of    tbem   deserving workmen J".0' ,a Jr'ldowihwe' hM bMn m**
out nf «nployment, bad to bs  con- *r,ou'ly _ »••"*•*   he" ,or nwurly
tent     with slrping on «hn cnant 'hrM "'*'> "**- *•» " n0 clu« to
.. .v. „.. ....     . hat whoreabouta.
subsidize the medical and legal professions, thus mnklng the phaalclans
and lawyers public servants.
floors of th. call,  with perhaps
newspaper or two under them. Tbey
lay In rows along ths waHs, Jammed
up as tight against end. other    as *oia* ,t-hrou*"a tto 1«Wlstot*1~ ^
wss possible.    Where then, happen
111 S1NESS.
Bill Introduced    ln Alberta Legislature for Reforms In tbe Liquor Business.
  which ths governmsnt takw over the
will convince anyone with manning -" """""'' -"■" —"''"»'.-- ^ ' iarMiMm 0, «,, ,_„a
---.„ ••._»   .„. . _.ii ,__,.... ed to be a few r -irt men there was     ™" a«»i«iiwi»u«« ui "•')*""
room enough between    ths tier    nf
feet for another unlortunnt*.    In al
most every call of the rlty Jail
was tha same.
and prisons throughout th* province.
Thay are at prsaant under the Jurisdiction of ths N.W.M.P. Owing to
th. raiJtd axteisicn, they find they
must confine thslr duties to patrol
work. Tha Jails will ba ln charge
of ths sheriffs ot tha districts. Appointments and regulations will   b.
power that the travailing fortune
teller, are tricksters ol ths rawest
sort. Do you suppose that any-
. one who could foretell the future
would be doing a petty larceny business with private individual, of
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Irpmall   means?       A oJea wh* kn|w
EDMONTON,    Alta., Jan. 80— C. what would happen In a givea time -—-,
D. Herbert, m«nber for Roiebud dls- could either seeks a fortuas In    the Orsnd Trunk Brakam n by S*-9a- with the government,
trict, moved today in the local    le-'etock market   er .wild demand    a cr|„M StvM Poi mg„ »
glslature, the first reading of a bill princely   aalary    from any corpora-! from Death. INDIAN BRIDE SUES
which     (ontemplatos some swooping tlon or any government In «ha whole —— | j-q« |8,000 BALM.
reforms in the administering of    the world. |   Montreal, Jan. SO—Walter Scott, a —
liquor buslnees in the province ol "II a hungry man steals a meal, brakeman on the Orand Trunk rail- Lswlston, Ida., Jan. 80— LUxIa|
Alberta. The act is called "The If a poorly paid clerk rob. hi. em- way, gave hi. lite last night to save Haaastt, a Ne- Pare maiden, aged
liquor Dlepanaerles Act," and ln gen ployer, or il any other act of dls- another. Scott wa. a hnikeman on -3 years, haa filed n $8,000 dam-
oral confines tho soiling of lntoxl- honesty is committed, no matter the Vaudretl[train, and among thc a,c «ult against David McFarland,
cants to regularly licensed dlspen- how excusable, the perpetrator goe. passengers wss Mrs. Ie,*auH, ol Indian, for .eduction, Th. caso is
series. | to Jail.   These thieves rob poor and Strathmor*.    When her utattw wns said to be a direct attack upon th*
It 1. not proposed to bring tho act Ignorant people, tak. money away reaehad ah* got oft on the wrong Ind aarrlag. custom, whioh i.
into effect until July, 1909. from them and give nothing ln    nt- track In front of an *asti-'>un_ train. ' ft similar to thnt of Japan,
A board of three commissioners turn for it, and they an let go, scot Seott Jumped and brew th. woman cassrUou being *qulval*nt to divorce,
shall be appointed hy the lieutenant- fine. In fact, by the payment of a off the track, hut wa. caught him- McFarrand is one of the recognized
govornor-ln-councll, the duties of paltry llcenso to ths City thsy are seH by the limited express snA wns leader* al his tribe, a ■ graduate of
which will be to establish wholesale allowed to rob unmolested." ground te piece*.
Total  £35,000,000
"The cigarette has gripped us as
it haa gripped the rest of the world"
said one of the moat prominent of
London tobacconists yesterday, "the
clay pips is practically dead, other
kinds of pipes are being relinquished
for ( garette*. Even hardened pipe
smokers are giving way. Cigar amok
crs are coming into line too.
"The chief reason la the conven
ience of the cigarette. This hustling age doc. not allow of the leisurely pipe in business hours. In
walking from one office to. another,
or In return from lunch, there Is :u.t
time for a cigarette. So the pip*
Is reserved till night.
Then, when night comes, the clg
nrcttr. often triumphs over the pips,
for no cigarette smoker ever relinquishes them when ones they hav. exerted their influence. They appeal
to all classes. Connoisseurs smoks
them, ths bricklayer smokes them la
preference to hla clay pipe. The use
ot cigars Is diminishing, but that is
dus not only to ths fascination of
ths cigarette, but also to ths fact
that cigars, irom varloua reasons are
more expensive."
Eighty por cent, of the men In
thi. country are, it la calculated, users of tobacco ln some form or oth-
Calgary, Jan. 80— An act ia now'er. Tho average consumption of
cigarettes Is eight to each person
day. Pipe smokers consume at least
six plpefuls a day. Assuming that
a cigarette lasts ten minutes and
pipe of tobacco twenty minutes, it
Is possible to estimate the time
which eighty per cent, of the mon
af the country spend In smoking each
The figures are: Cigarette smokers, 1 hour 30 minutes; pipe smokers
3 hourrs.
nnd retail dispensaries and generally
to enforco    tha   provisions of    the
act. H	
-      .      ■*      - I Ammunition is Short, But Game
■OH      Plentiful and Dav .on Is
Carlisle snd probably th* bnt half
back that ever donned a football
uniform. His alleged victim, according to bar own complaint, la an
Is'   WASHINGTON, Jan. 80- An *x- •a*""™*  «»•«•«•   »d „Tducat,,d
' girl, who relied too Implicitly upon
the nmoothly spoken promise*.
Another German Paper Makee Charges of Gross Immorality    A-
r gainst Court Circles.
BERLIN, Jan. 80—German royalty
Is confront*, with another foul scandal In liigh lite that promises to be
even mors shocking than ths recent
sensational expoie ol Editor Harden.
Dr. Leo Lelpzlgcr follows Harden's
footsteps by printing in this wook's ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
issue of his weokly paper, Rotand j gomo „_ ina hunters find that since
Von Berlin, fresh charges against .|,o.v cannot get ammunition for their
high army circles. LelpziRer's ox- rifles they will have to make ar-
pose differ, from Harden's In that r„-gomen(a t„ gt_ 0tner shooting
It links the names of many    noblo irom or R0 ou( 0> business.
use a  large quantity ol ammunition
In tho    rqglon tributary to Dawson,
women with shocking Immoralities
Rtronuone .efforts are being mado to
suppress ths charges.
'    p.     4 ,
Son Francisco,,. Jnn. 30.—The people of San Francisco paid SS.nno.-
000 in lire i insurance nremluma In
1907. TMs is tho ltirgost nmount
•ver taken out of this city hy the
companies and It appears that tho
lowest loss ratio In local history
must lie recorded lor tho year. Much
local complaint • against .Insurance
chnrees hasubpen hoard.. Tho chani-
ber of commerce ot San Francisco
has argued the auestlon of rntcs
with the executive committee nt the
board of Ar* underwriters In behalf
Of th. city', mercantile nt*r*sts.
p_w-.l  i 11.1 .U)i I-I-UKI--1J -111 -Mil
^__^__^__—m—w^——_^__^__—     jtraordlnary sons, th* most unusual
Feeding wail. probably that avar occurred In
legislative chamber under almilarcir
DAWSON, Jan. 38.-Daw.on la ln' cumitaBC(,$   «,„.. „,„, iotMJ wn|„
the unique position thi. winter    of chaplain Heory N. Ooudn waa if1 	
boing short on soveral lines of am-' |iverlB- y,, op^i-g -^y^ ln •_,,' NEW KORK. Jan. 39—Halled aa
munition. No sholls can be bought HouM o} Hspr»stntatlve*. Thla ua- tha "uncrowned king of finance," J.
In the market for the Savage rifle, uaUy aig-ia^ body burst Into loud P. Morgan rscslvwJ ponderous spend there nre several slzea of other app|,ttM and |_twrupt«l the Invoca- plauae last night at ths annual baa-
riilos entirely exhausted. tIon wllail ^ ^^ ,,,4. ' qu#t of the bank* of the city fit New
The    many   hunters   for cariboo,    ..c    rnrA>   MlVK uli ,, hesssch York at th. Waldorf-Astoria hotsl.
moose, mountain    sheep, bear    and Thee  fr0B ^ j|ng0> th# damagofu*'   Morgan wa* unmoved during    ths
other game in the Klondike annually th, ,,,-„( mA „„ otnw UBdoi|-,bIa chewing which grwted    th* mention
.... „   ,—. „„.-.»„ „# '""- dtlssna." of hi. nam. by Albwt Ollbwt, chair-
Evidently    the legislators    forgot man ol ths    clearing houss commit-
themselves, for in applauding th. r*. tea, who presided,
mark their voices could b* hsard  a-'   In marked contrast to tha ovation
hove that af ths chaplain. for Morgan was th. .llsnc* in   which
When quttt was restored, th* chep- ths toast to President Roossvslt waa
lain continual: mwlved.
"Olv. us, we pray, Instead patrlo-    In opening, Chairman Gilbert said:
tl. atatasman,   broad-mlnd*d, g*n*r- "G*ntlemen, til    your glasses    and
ous-henrted, manly men, that    Thy drink th* first    toast of the evening
•very 1 kingdom    may coma, Thy will    ba to tbs President of ths United Sta-
incal ln evory restaurant not only ls.don, „„ ,,-u,, „ it |. |B hsavsn."     ta.."
the mystic word caribou written on I Not In th. memory of the oldest Whll. th. orchestra played "Ths
tho menus, but tho more fascinating [mnnbM, of the houss haa audi a Star Spanglad Banner", th* hankers
words, mountain sheep, moos* snd _.mt ^een enacted while opening aroa*. There waa not a sound or
ptarmigan are there with regularity. pr,yer w„ ^^ od*,^, a cheer, and .. th. laat strains dlsd
Such moats, If In some ot the cities . ■ 'away    everybody .at down In    sl
ot the world, would command a big Isnes.
prico In tho eating houses, while here    St. Catherines,    Jan. 80^- Frank ♦
the prevailing charge Is 75 cents per, Carrol, a carpenter her*, la charged A MARTYR.
order of mountain sheep, caribou or with victimising a number of tarn- She (seated at thc pinno)— Do you
monso, nnd 11.35 for n whole ptnr- chants hare on worthlm. check, for love music?
inlgan. Native grouso are billed at varloua amount., aad tha polios are He- Yes, dearly. But you may
M.flO per bird. after hla, go on playing, anyway.
Tho hunters have been making a
hoavy slaughter ln caribou thla winter, and the market has beon well
supplied with the meat.    At
The custom' of binding the teet of
th. Chinese women Is accounted tor
by a cdrioua legend.
Tho story runs that there waa once
a concubine of on* ol the anpsisrs
of China, who was exceedingly begu-
tlful, but, unfortunately, she waa deformed In her feet. She waa compelled to resort to various Ingenious
ways to disguise her misfortune. The
ladles of the court, wishing to win
hsr smile, bound up their feet very
much as she had done, and the noble
ladies outside of the court, wishing
to be in the royal fashion, were not
slow to follow suit. Those of still
humbler rank, desiring to ape the
manners of the leaders ot fashion,
twisted and distorted the foot of
thoir daughters.
Murpolo's     Second Son Burned     to
Death In Mysterious Manner at
Spence's Bridge.
VANCOUVER, Jan. 39.- D. P.
Marpole, second son of R. Marpole,
C.I1.II. superintendent, was burned
to death this morning at Spence's
Bridge whore ho lived with his wife
and child. Tho latter wcro away
at Kamloops visiting, so that no
one knows bow the flro occurred.
Early this morning the houso was
ablaze nnd young Marpole wns probably suffocated. His ranch foreman, who lived In tho house, uoroly
oscnpod with his life in his night-
clothes.    Dcconsed wns 25 yenrs   of
KAMLOOPS. B. O. Jan 2P.-\Vm.
Kilhy. of Lytlon, who wns on the
way to tho hospital horo on train
No. 1)11 this morning, nttomptod to
got off tbe train lictoro It arrived ot
the station and wns caught nnd badly mangled. He died Instantly. It Is
suppnsod ho thought ho wns being
carried by tho town, as tho track
runs quite n distance through the
town boforo reaching the station.
Hsala a*rv*d at all -lours.
Flrat Class
Prlvataj Rooms
For Ladles
Clam Chowder and Oysters
W. E. M06B-    -    rnirlcl.r.
of Victoria
Will Give Leeeona on
At R. McMillan's Residence,
First   Avenue.
The Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
Has received the agency of
one of the best American
Picture Enlarging Firms.
Call in and see SpecitreDS.
Stove Wood
Ovt by White Labor Only.
P.O. box M ^1^^^^
Dealer In Ail Kinds of
Weata Delivered free of charg*'*«t_*
Shorteet Notice.
Union Brewing Co.
WSOLKSaLI and rkmil
Ladysmith, B. O.
All Home Cured
Roberts St. Butcher
No championship matches wsre
played laat season, though Vancouvor clalma the championahlp lor that
year and alao hav* th* gall to claim
this season's championship alrsady.
If the Hornets do not aplka their
guns on Saturday Vancouver jsHll
have littio to crow about.
Thiatloa Defeat Wsalham Id.
After three stubborn anwa. the
Thistles hav, at last ^»*^.WJ*-
ham Island In *^,'tPtX'otJ_fJi'°t1\
cup tl* on the M-lnland. TU -cots
won by 2 to hlL
Victoria West won their secondI Jean
gue match over the T.M.0.A,.Intermediates   by    8 to 0 on  Saturday.
| The VY.M.'*   put a weak team in th*|«
I Wd.'
and Pas-try
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding and Party Cake* Made to
Fruits and Candies of All Kinds
Prices are    very   reasonable.    All
Customers treated alike.
On the Eaplaaad*.
Ladysmith,  B. O.
IMll Stock of Hlaara' Toole.
Ship Repairing Wash
A Specialty
All klnde of BlaakMHklaf
Don* at
't'Wittii^^ - ■ ■ ■ -*-»-_.-fc->--i--fc ggBSB-W-_S8BS8SBS_Bi_g___a_-
j,,. ., _    _   .... - was tbe only cabinet minister    &b-
Edward aectjildeu
Clearance Sale
Only a few more days to go—Now is your
ipportunity to secure
A few Ladios' Raincoats So clear at   gG on
About 12 Girls' Coits to go at       ' HALF BlllOin
SO White Bod Quilts to go nt       , Jj"
S Dozen Ladies' Corsets values up to $2.50, for ............ 95c,
»■»__*»»■* »% *»^^*^*»***--»-M*-+-»V%^*r^.v%-»^t
_. ■» t_. ■%. ^m^m^m^^
10 per cent on the investment.
  |   The convention of the Internation-
The local lodge of K. of P, will al Ass<Jciation of Machinists, which
give a dance and supper on Friday, wa" "eld last month In St Louis
February 21st, In celebration of the voterl tho sum of S10 nno r„,. tu , '
44th anniversary of the founding of -„,,, „, °, „ 51°'000 for the be-
the order.   The arrangements ure   In ° Btrlkers on the Erlo rail-
the hands of a    strong   committee   loat'-
and a successful evening is anticipnt- a
__ .  i    The British Labor    Party   at 	
t Tho local Rebakahs    „ro going   to ™<«™° I-* lart week,' rejected £|Z__T * T"V .7^    °'
have a time on tho even ng of    Feb- a   larKe malority     a  proposed     .    vlo,enco <•"<« the situation gives eer-
'TLi4^F""'l,an'u^'c'"(;»t» havo monument to    its cons itut o7m„_" ""'^ f°r a'arm*     ThB     enat
                                                 oonstllutl™ bind-1 powers of   Europe have agreed     to
Sent    when King
the throne.
Ills majesty lu his speech referred
in conventional terms to the visit
of the German emperor, which, he
said, could not fail to confirm the
friendly relations existing bet-ween
the two powers, to the death of
King Oscai- of Sweden, and the con-j
lusioii of the Russian agreement.
Acting in the spirit of this agreement, ln spite of the complications
lu Persia, the two governments had
maintained a  policy of peace.
Continuing, the King said, "My
government has Joined with the governments of France, Germony and
Russia in a treaty for the preserva-.
tlon of the integrity of the kingdom j
of Norway.
Referring to the Hague peace con-
instruments annexed to tha final act
ference, the King said:   "The  works
of that conference show the progress
[that bas been made, and tbey    are
receiving the attentive consideration
of my    government.      One of    tho
most important of these instruments
establishes the great principle of an.
International court of appeal in personal cases.     My government is considering the question of Inviting   representatives of the leading maritime
nations to attend a   conference     in
London next autumn,with the view
of coming to an understanding     on
certain important points of International-law. for the guidance of    the
'The   condition of    the Christian
and the    Mussulman   population in
[Macedonia     shows no' Improvement.
The bands    of different nationalities
its I continue to pursue a  campaign    of
'IJUH GUliiftloJi Of
not yet been mado,     hut there w 11
probably be a concert followed h.
dance.    There will be another notice
further oh.  Look out for it.
infi- tho party
to Socialism.
i Tho affairs of the Commonwealth
Trust and Savinss Bnnk of Chicago,
an institution orgnnls-cd two years
ago as n   strictly union labor bank,
Sabbath Services.
Morning.—11 n. in.
Evening— 7 p. _i.      ■-»■■■-
Evening subject tomorrow night.-        t0 he W01""1 «P «nd the corpor
"The Unsearchable Riches of Christ
All are ln invited.
Tho United Guild of Si. John's
Mission will hold a Musical Social
in the Church of England Mission
Room on Tuesday, Feb. 18fch. Admission 25c. Tho proceeds will be
devoted to the Sumlny School. j
aflon is to be dissolved.
i "*
At a conference of representatives
of national lithographic organizations recently held in Washington, D.
0., It was decided soon to amalgamate tho allied lithographic trades.
ount to tho Turkish government
scheme fop the improvement of the
iudlolalltyr In that region, and my
govornment have made further proposals to tho Sultan and also to tho
great powers for dealing) effectively
with the principal causes of this disturbance."
 ' » ♦	
Thc Eight-Hour League
  .......te...o of America,
MARRIED IN'  VAN" 's conducting nn agitation     among
"vr*" tho trades unions with tbo object of
„    ,, , .    making,     the    "unlversni eight-hour
Bambrlck-Roberts    Nuptials ill    •__. . • „   .. ,
Vancouver On We.lne.-day workday" the paramount  Issue     ot
Evening. tha coming presidential' campaign.
VANCOUVER, Jan. 30.—Vory plot principal SHAW   FINISHES 24
ty waa    a   wedding which   occurred YEARS' SERVICE
fast evening at   thc Church of   Our '
Lady of the Holy Rosary, In    which _'.■_,
thf contracting    parties wcro    Miss Twenty-Four Years Ago Today .Ibhn
Harriet L. Roberts of this city, and       shaw started Teaching In Na-
Mr. Thomas Bambrlck,    of   Comox, -,.,„,
Vancouver   Island.      The bride has -elmo Publ'c Sohools.
been a resident of Vancouver for so- - '.
veral years.    She is the daughter of Nnnalmo, Jan. 81.—;
Sir. and Mrs. Charles Roberts of Red Mr. John Shaw today severed bis
Bapids, New Brunswick, and a sister connection with the Nanaimo pabllc
to Mr. T, J. Roberts    of   this city.    .__.,.        . ,, .
The latter gave away tho brido at schools to mtm UBoa his new duties
the pleasing ceremony Inst evening, as Internal Revenue Officer for Na-
She looked exceedingly hamisc-iiie   in nalmo.
a gown of white not over cream taf-     .. .    _„,„,. „    ,. ,   . .
feti. with cream hat to match. She " '" n0m R str<ln»e coincidence
was attended by her sister. Miss Em- th»t Principal Shaw commenced his
ily S. Roberts, iWioso dress was of teaching In tho Nanaimo school ex-
white aollne, trimmed with point „._,_. ■>,. ,,._,_ .„ . A _,
ice, and who wore a black picture nCily U years ««° tod»y* He °°m-
it.. Both bride, and bridosmnid car- menced on a Friday and Is now quit
led bouquets ot roses and carnations ting on a  Friday.
^TVT    ^"Suler* £ » '" -o/herJnUrestlng tact that,
Cheane pfrformod tho ceremony.    A out or " »»chers now on ths staff,.'
large number of friends of the couplo eleven of them have passed through:
attended    at tho ohurch.      Mr. ond his hands ss pupils
Mrs. Barobrick loft on the Owl train . F F
on a visit to Portland and Oallforn-
hu> cities.    On their return they will
Hvo at Comox.
The Labor Temple Association
Seattle, haa declared a  divldond
Wo ore having a Special Solo of Men's
Natural Wool Underwear in nil sizes from
M to 44. Regular
Sale Price *2.r.O a
Suit. Clearing at
*1.50 a Suit.
Also have a lino of
Engllah Whitney Blan
!"ts in Gray and
Just Received, » nice
"age ot Shoos In Patent Leathers, Don-
s-olas   and   so forth.
Mr. Shaw's last day In the school,
apart from the regrets that    must
necessarily attend tho breaking     of
such associations, was made as pleasant as possible.     The pupils of tho
first division presented him with    a
of very handsome -dressing case, encased
01 in beautifully tthnsod leather.      Mr.
'Shaw briefly flianked !the pupils who
dismissed    with three rlngfng cheers
for their departing principal.
After dismissal of the pupils, t*ie
teachers gathered in tho principal's
room, and after many reminiscences
had , beon passed, presented Mr
Shaw with n very beautiful set of
cuff links and studs, tastefully, mono-
* -
 _f -t .   .
Home, Jan. 20— Ths Pop* today
received In private audience the moat
reverend Louie Nasaalens Bewin, th*
Archbishop of Quebec.
■   ■ ■   "-    ♦■ ■'	
'At th* Opening of tha English   par-
1       ligment Which Took Plac*. In
| London Today.
| LONDON. Jan. 39,—Tha atriklng
I feature of the opening of |iarliamcut
today waa the precaution taken with
regards the entrance of women to
witness th* ceremonies.
The   threatened outbreak    on tha
part of the    woman suffragists     of
I England gave an unusual interest to
| the formal proceedings. Greater
precautions could not hav* been taken If an anarchist uprising, had been
The   only   _____________________________m
galleria* were thoae for whom members   vouched
NEW. YORK, Jan. itl.-By soon
today the fate of Hairy K. Thaw
will probably be in the bands -of the
jury. The lawyers have finished
their summing up. Justice Dowlin«
began hia exposition of the law iu
tlie case when the court convened
this morning. As soon aa it ia finished the jurors will retire to tbo
| stuffy little room n,ear the court
room where the trial has been held,
there to remain until they huve a-
grecd upon a verdict or until the
court loses hope of thoir ever reaching an agreement.
Mr. Littleton tor the defence, argued tbat there wa* nothing in the
evidence to show that Thaw ,waa
sano when he killed White. On the
othor hand Dlatrlct Attorney Jerome declared that there waa nothing
in the evidence to show Thaw to be
nsane nnd everything to show that
the killimg of White was premeditated murder.
Betwsen these two extremes the
Jury must, decide. They havo the
ground for a compromise verdict of
murder in the second degree or manslaughter In the first degree. A verdict of not guilty carries with lt,
under the plea made, the excuse ol
Insanity and If it la rendered, the
district. attorney may move at onco
that Tfinw be committed to the Mat
towan asylum for tho criminally insane. If tho verdict of not guilty is
rendorcid Thaw probably wilt be Bent
to the asylum where he will remain
until roBcased by Judicial proceed
In closing his charge Justice Bowling impressed upon the jury the responsibility which was ..theirs, tolling: them th*y, should bear in mind
that .upon their verdict depended the
Ufa or liberty of the prisoner.
".Your .verdict must not be influenced by any matte* outside th* record," he said, ''neither passion nor
sympathy shuuld sway you in your
deliberations. ,Vou must not speculate or guesa a* .to .the matters in
evidence here, but must decide the
issus solely upon your calm, dispassionate 'judgement; as to the weight
| and meaning of the testimony. Nor
are you concerned with the punishment which may follow a verdict of
gailty at your hand*. Your sole*
function Is to determine if any crime
haa been committed, it* grade, and
leaVo the question of nanalty .to
those responsible for its taiposltlonf'
Justlcs DowUng told ths Jurors
thoy should bear In mind that th*
, NEW" YORK, Jan. 30. - Giov.tlni
Morbsitii, the .well known banker coil
'tlriues critically ill at his country
home lb Westchester county,' and In
.view of hid mlvanetU age grave fears
are felt for his recovery. Mr. Moro-
sini's spectacular career has furnish
ed material for many a gcod newspaper story in years post, whlfo the
[escapudeo of the younger members of
his family have likewise attracted
much public attention.
The nationality and schooling. of
Giovanni Moroslni wero both calculated to develop in him lovo cf. adventure with a well conditioned hero
ism. A cadet in tho navy, a volunteer in the army In Italy In 1848, a
companion of Garibaldi, a penniless
refugee in America, hero of street
fracases, Joy Gould's bodyguard,
confidential mnn and partner in business—nrt critic, linguist par excellence, boxer and sportsman—the el-
dor Morosini certainly has beon i
notable figure.
Glovanno Morosini's chiidron in
herited their father's impetuous temperament, and defiance of conventionalities. Miss Glulia Morosini has the
reputation of being one of the best
dressed women in New York. Somo
j.timo sinco she raised a discussion by
[declaring that it was impossible for
a woman of fashion to dress properly on loss than $200,000 a year. She
is an expert whip and a familiar figure on the apeedwgy.
Whilo Miss Glulia often   sets    the
tongue of society wagging, but little
is heard nowadays of her sister, Victoria Morosini.   Some twenty   years
ago this impetuous creature,   in   the
bloom    of   youth, tall and radiant,
with luxuriant     hair, dazzling   yet
[sympathetic eyes, resplendent in the
gorgeous apartments of her father's
manson, broke the totters, threw oil
the yoke of oppression and determined on the wild plan of eloping   with
her father's coachman.    That   night
they wore married.   Nictoria and her
husband fled to    Europe.   But  ever
there they    remained in the   public
eye, and in a few    months returned
to New York.   The $1,000 tho bride
possessed at the time of her    marriage was spent during the European
trip and on reaching this city, husband and wife wore in serious    fln-
!uncial strata.    Doth went to  work,
[the huebond as conductor of a street
car, and the wife as a member    of
the chorus at tlie Casino theater. On
tlie night    it   was    announced   she
would appear the Casino was    packed by an audience attracted through
curiosity.    The young woman was a
.drawing card for a few weeks,   but
at the end of that time she was   allowed to resign.
After struggling against poverty
for nearly two years the young woman left licit- husband and a reconciliation witli hor family was partly
eficctcd. Sho dropped from sight and
it was not until somo years later
that she was located as an inmate
of a convent in Vermont! where sho
is still supposed to bo living In retirement.
Attilfo Morosini, tho youngest son
of tho millionaire banker, came under his father's displeasure some
eight or nine years ago by marrying
without tho hitter's consent. He
chose ns his brido Miss Mary Waah-
ington Bond, a lineal descendant of
George Washington's brother, Samuel. Upon leaning of the beauty, attractive qualities and distinguished
ancestry of the young woman, the
older Morosini speedily forgave his
[son and bride. The latter is now
very prominent in Now York society
ond her ciiniatare is included in Peter Mario's famous collection of Am-
- -lea's most beautiful women.    -
Our assortment was never
more comploto than It is at
present In the way of ZKphyij,
Ducks, Delaine Prints and Galatea. Now is the time to
chooso your summer Goods,
while tho cost is low; ail guaranteed good washers:
Something off tho ordinary in
tho way of mercerized and Satin Finish, very suitable for
making Shirt Waists and whole
suits; nono bettor for washing
and doing up.
i - **.
«M»B»»»«»»»«s«»ar»ji».»»sr ,Kf«|as^^A^.Wi*»'»r«*^»(|i|»|
;   A. 13. Bt-.B_.ftT    j f New Store
'Telephone, 1 2-i.
N|c.f|tyfe Folindry &
Stove Comjany, Ltd.
imith, B,
Dp. 1U «
All Work Guaranteed.
Peter Inkster
Ready for all kind of
MMMMMMMMMMW' _■■■■&■■ a mam m	
personal [FURNITURE
Ab Off his
I'OCUESTEU, N.Y., Jan. 2».- In
tho absence of his mother from home
I yesterday afternoon, Wm. McBride, a
12-year-old boy of Egypt, N.Y., a
little place east ol here, put on a
belt of his father's, loaded a shotgun with cartridge of buckshot and
blew the head off his four-year-old
sister. Viola, who had been left by
'her mother strapped in a high chair
with an older sister at home. Tlie
latter told the coroner at tbe subsequent Inquest that the boy then
strutted about with the gun and
pointed ft at hcr.
At last, moved by the elder sis-
tar's fright, the boy took up the
body, put lt Into a blanket and ear-
In the year 1911 tha Eternal City
will have its grand   exhibition, und
—.. r— — •—- - ■»-"-»» »"" c-'*-(for its success an unparalleled "Clou"
ried it bohind a barn, whero he hid N, indispensable.   Some ingenious tier
''When asked bv th. c„r„ne, -bv  u»l«'«> I""   nrcoo—i     ... - -■--   **
Mayor Nicholson returned from hie
trip to Victoria on .Wednesday evoning.
Mrs. S. Weaving visited Nanaimo
on Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. and MrB. Wilkinson returned
from a visit to Nanaimo oii Thursday morning.
Miss liussvll vlsitod Nanaimo on
Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. H. Kay, who has been sick
for three weeks, is now out and
about again.
Mrs. W. Thompson visited Nanaimo
on Wednesday.
Mrs. O. Pickard    paid a visit    to
Nanaimo on Wednesday afternoon-
Mr. I. Gould silent Wednesday after
noon ln Nanaimo.
Mrs. li. lt. Hindmarch visited Mr.
J. W. Jettison, of Prldeaux St., Nanaimo, on Wednesday afternoon. '
Mr. fit, Kay left early In the week
on a buslnees trip to the Mainland. I
Mrs. T. Mowatt paid a brief 'visit
to Nanaimo on Wednesday afternoon
Mr. Harry Kay has returned from
a business trip to the mainland.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Adam and daughter returned from a brief visit to
Nanaimo on Thursday morning. .
Mrs. C. M. White has returned
from a business trip to San Francisco.
Mr. S. Decker got back from a trip
to Victoria on Wednesday night.
Mr. H. Kay boarded thc Victoria
train today.
Mr. A. McKenzle, of Extension,
went' down to Victoria this morning.
I   Assortment of Bamboo Goods,
Large Assortment of Fancy   China-
ware and Glassware, Etc.
G. Peterson
rtRNirtnc store
'Phone 18. First Avsnu*
Lsavs Orders with Blair * Adam.
Telephone 3-4.
Notice is hereby given that I Intend to apply to tits license Commissioners of the City of Ladyimith,
at their next regular meeting, for a
transfer of ths Retail Liquor lionet
{now held by me for tha premise*
known aa the Extension Hotel, Ladysinith, B.C., from myself to John
Lucca Domenico Glovando.
Ladysmith, B.C., Nov. 19, 1907.
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Daily at 9 a. m.
C. W. Sawyers, master of the Imperial Lodge, No. 1815, L.O.L., has
resigned that office owing to difficulties arising out of his presence and
leadership of a number of Orangemen who recently tendered a Conservative nomination In Vancouver
to Charles Hibbert Tupper.
Instructions given ln all th*- latest
Fancy Work at : '   »
Miss F. Ur011
Roberta Street, Ijfdrainltb.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday
At 9:00 and 18:58.
For Victoria.
Trains r\rri»e at ladysmith
Dally at 11:57.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday
At 11:67 and 17.65.
From Victoria.
When asked by the coroner -a by  ho
did this, ho said:   "Well,   she    wns
son has   prcjwsed    to surprise  the
visitors by restoring the Thermos of
Caracalla,    now   one    of the most
..     _w      .-~-_v_»a-g     tUV     -.IIWUI1
Idoad and fthought s'hr'neodod lobe,.0,~BUa'   1now, "».    °'*•» ;
in a cold nlace " beautiful ruins of ancient Rome.    ,.
The mother, "Mrs. Emma Mellride.  |s '° v"» «°   ™«roly now rtructure,
is » widow    and four of her    eight '&.»«j.**"*."», 'h»,'Ja,an'°'"f   ,°'d|
Ichildron ore In an Institution  n Uuf- M^    . About ""J8 P'an.not    r.ls-|
ifnlo     Her husband was killed  eomo.^?8'™*'™»«* *«»jointI on  or
months ago lu a train accident    at some time already.    We leave  aside
Fnlrnnrt th* objections of orthodox antiauar-
iiiirpu t. . iuns who look   upon every accurate
District Passenger Agent
103 Government St.,
aad eVery reoulslte
For Stylish Hair Dressing.
Dainty and Elaborate.
Call round and see them, Ladies.
. is     presumed to be    inno
J cent until the jury had Inert eonvln-
of^eed beyond a   reasonable Idoubt that
he is guilty, nnd that! the burden of
proof   rest* upon th*    itrosocutl'on
.   He told then, however, that   thla
i«rfi-_ .„   uf _ ,'d not mean th,lt' "■• <*t.-lct    at-
ladla, admitted to th.  tonty    mUit pr„TB „,„ ,.„„,„
-oas for whom men.- every possible do.bt, but that    hs
"lv» or relative*. JHta J?,™        .'""" VmV' '^^    "*t,rinl •,""">t
««ty around W_r____l_^ TZ "" '*"■ M" Clu"'     at WM top *>■» J"™"
I * all *Z__. ' <Th°"' I"mer to «"•* <" taje*    the
' testimony of any is/Item In whole or i
H. Thornley
i - ..«. aw-    upuu every accurate j
'imitation of an ancient model aa an MMWWWWMMVMVWWMMA
u,iwvT_ipri    !„-   o__n». -» «_,'intellectual theft and a profanation ■—-a-"———«-—-—-——-•
WINNIPEG,  Jan. 28.-One of the o( t|)6   claaaM   ideal   ,£„,._ „    ,-
most extraordinary law suits    that matter of fact, we are already   used
was ever    hoard in    court of king's to this    embellishment of Industrial
bench for     Manitoba was instituted axhlhltlona   by    way of a historical
.appendix for the sake of Instruction
toda.v. las well as of amusement.   There waa
Tho plaintiff is Czar Nicholas,    'I an "Old Paris," an "Old Berlin," an
nil tho Itussius, and ho is suing for ''ow Nuremberg" attached   to    the
, , . ■____,     ,    latest world s fairs    in Europe  and
large sum of monoy invested ln AmerICBi ,vhy ^oii'd not tho Ro-
Winnipeg real estate by his abscond- mans treat us to an :in tatit-n of the
lug treasurer of the deportment of Thermos of Caracalla during the sum
the interior of Turkestan, who ran ^-^g-J^Jbtt^ ^
away with 810,000 roubles some «j to Kmothlng moro lasting and
time ago and who has since been llv voted already £100,000 on this rein- nuiotlv In this citv construction. It is ovldent that It
ing quiotlj in this city. Is-not a temporary structure that la
Stoafer Proskmlchoff Is his nama tnought 0f, but a permanent edifice
■ and with a lady of high degree, the exactly like the old monument at the
Countess Anna Zeeman, who accom- «'•»«    *'l«"> It   *«» finished.    That
, . , ■ . , „ a ,- m-_i. changes the whole aspect of the ques
panlocl him whon he fled from Tash- tlon Commo- ^ „„,, a0,tflet|c
kenil. Since arriving ln Winnipeg, feeling alike revolt against such 'a1
he has Invested heavily In city  pro- useless and gigantic imitation.    Tho
... ,    •■,   _o~,_ „( th. «-«   i» expense will be ultimately found
perty in tho name ot the woman. It ^ mmb Mgb_t.   bn _A*  £K.
Is in order to got this property turn lf tco mmn in „ country that  „ ... . „,„.,«; . _, ...-.-„- v.«_u.rry i
ed over to his imperial majesty that not even a   pittance   to spare   for wholes*!* Liquor Llcenso now   held of -action Fourteen (14) Ra
the present suit Is instituted prossing educational wants and   art by me for the premlsea occupied   by (Vltl,    Cranberry    District!
'   ,   -.   .-.•-       .       ..i-- i .    hi. interests.    It is oetonlshfng to   flnd me and situate on Lot 9, Block 91, south-easterly by    the moat	
J, E. O Connor,    acting tor    nis 81gn0I. B|,,cli tne mwitorlous dlroc- In the aald Olty of Ladysinith, from route to a point situate on   Oyster
imperial majesty.     The defense will tor of antiquities, among the dofen- myself to August PIna. Bay In Orator District, a distance of
put up a  vigorous    fight and    the ders of the scheme.     His argument |   Ladysmith,    B, C, 24th January, about twain*    mile* mora or lc—
•tllPt' '* .h"r•b>, -lv<ln ""at I   to-
i tend to apply to the Board  of   Li
niX T"\?f """-'"'oners of the   Muni
Philpott's Restaurant
b the Plans for
Notlcs is hereby given that an application will be made to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of
[British Columbia for an Act to Incorporate * Company with power'to
equip, build, maintain and operate a
line of railway of standard or other
gauge to be operated by steam, electricity or oehar power for the carrying of freight, uasaengera and express from a point situated on Section -6-n_M~_,_^f-.   — «•"*' '*»■ ■
•— "" Rang* six
it;   thence
Premier .sir
In part.
IcVJIi f_U'3 /., ill.   |>I'
- - -. _  -—   •_          a. •»••*<••■« a S.SIO     Ulffinil
case will excite great interest on ac-   " thftt. tl,e now "ulld ng will be
count' o, the high interests Involved. ^t^na^Zn^^.^
ALBANY, N.Y., Jan. 81.-Accord- e^hlMt,on° a^thn't 'X""'0 ?,' ""]
ing to the 1908 annual report ofthe Sent &__. »?f? .hl^ """K ff"
State Commission in Lunacv.    sub- . ....?■" .ng!.w.!Lt.h1"'. bo »"?«* lh«
At once,
First-class generat tailor
—._,     t_     U.l«    ..VVU    U.ll.llll.    ,TJ|, _t,\
State Commission in Lunacy,    sub- nltortttAnn'm'"-««..i_-j" i i——».... «..«,, _uhl-viuns general tailor.
Saarlo, for the public; with po    ^^ *
, ^.....u — —.-.. ... -«u«vj,    .uu- alters
snitted to the legislature today thero noses     Tor thi'. ™„i_;_._L".'    _* *~ -     - - - - ■•- ■ —...».
'ere moro Insane women ln tlio state JJST-'. »Z„„»l„ _?   ?m0nt'   ^w" couver    r-to»-      Apply, A
ttian men.      The wholo number   of ffi suffidn^A^SSlnJ.rlS' B»» "«. Ladysmith, B.O.
committed Insane on October 1 1907 flee In ^.artS _«i .._!._"?_. -2* i' " —	
Sen"   anflo1 l°0fl Sg?J22P- SB jf^S Ko "Zb^ % ««» •»« -FRIENDS.
men, and 15,106 wero women.    The actor of the Eternnl rl»- .La    -ii.'   u        .
mimber of inmate, of the two    cri- ST to--M_S-S "Rol's"!.!,'"    _*?* '  C0UM   **" " «"»
5™   ™14'    "rlvat0 "Mn«e» on the top of Calton hill at   Bdln-    Fan- Yes, deat-lf you wanted to
Institution, 199. burgh-Continental Corresponded, tak. chloroform     '
w(th authority alao to construct,
•quip, ualnteln and opetat* branches
from time to time from any point
or points of th* proposed railway:
srlth power alio to construct snd op-
*n(te tslsgsaph aad telephone   line*
— _ , -.._ Power to   own,
as* and operate water powaia «o--
- usnleat to the road, railway and
othes purposes, and with audi other
pswere aod privileges aa era usually
a given to Railway. Companies.
,       BAfflNARD * ROBERTiiON,
Solicitor* for Applicant,
Data* at Victoria, B.C., (Wa 16th
day sy 'aaaary, 1998.


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