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Ladysmith Standard Apr 11, 1908

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Array -"%>\
Ashcroft Potatoes
GOOD SUPPLY. When boiled thoso Potntoos are very mealy and
boil Just like a ball of flour.
$1.75 a Sack
-  I1 —
I !•*>*••
LiA.A.A. A.A.af.4.A.A.A.A...i4.AiAi«>.a>.a>iAia\i -■.____)
Makes a Speciality of
at Prices that suit your pocket, and A LITTLE LOWER THAN
'T'»'t'*'»'l'f'T'T'> ■«■■¥■■■"/■■>■»> l*.i*.*)iTl»»*Ji*;'*M**n
Free Golden West Soap
and Washing Powder
60c Worth of Silverware Fiee
with every 50 cent Purchase of
Golden West Soup and Golden
Wtsi Washing Powder.
To obtain this Silverware all you have to do is to
purchase 50 cents worth of Golden West Soap, 12 bars,
or Washing I'owdor, or 25 cents worth of each, and
for a Silver Plated Teaspoon (which is worth at least
25 cents) then cut out the Coupon off the two Cartoons
and send them to the Manufacturers and obtain another Silver Plated Teaspoon FREE.   In this way your
Golden West Soap and Golden
West Washing Powder
Cost? You Nothing.
4 m-H-N-f++*++-H+m^
Is more annoying than a
watch which fails—fails to givo
you accurate timo. Plenty oi
peoplo can clean a watch, but
to fully adjust and time a
watch Is tho work of an export
II your watch is giving trouble, let me examine it, and
quote prices for repairing thoroughly, and tlin'mr it accurate- .
iy.  ah nuitrv fiUAKAni'iuiuu .
Priees    in    accordanc?   with '
flrst-clnss work—no botch work '
Canadian Horologlcal Institute \
rm*H"r+*4->-r ♦♦ mm 4\
Ottawa, April 2.
Editor Standard:
Dear Sir,—Looking over tho -Lady-
Boforo City's Outlook for Summer Hrightor
Than Ever Before.
There is going to be a boom in the
buiiiiing trade this summer, and
Nunalmo   Member   Charges Socialist A   Taxpayer   Puts   Sewerage
Loader With Making' Incorrect Lights:
Statements. ■ ■
LudysmiUll,  April 8,
Editor Standard :
| Dour Sir,—I see in the Ladysralth' It result or which the town will pro-
Standard 1)f April 8, that another sent a vastly improved appearance,
smith.Standard dated March 2brd, light by-law is coming. Clooil Ilea-I Mr. A. Howe Js having a new
1908, I notice a letter by Parker vonsl how muny moro ol" them aro butcher store built on Bdliorts street
Williams, M.'P.P., in which he makes coining? Mr. 0. Wilson, 1 see, hus'on the site of the Docile bakery Tlio
a personal reference to myself, and presented another petition, mul he!building is boing rushed ahead mul
makes tho unwarranted statoment says ton per cent, of the property will soon be ready for business,
that I was the auditor for the co-owners in town has signed l liis soc-
operatlvo store in Nanaimo previous ond one.   Well, what about tho other
Will    Uo
to its becoming bankrupt and that
everything was reported by me as
boing safe and sound.
In roplv I doslre to say that I was
not a mombor of the 'co-oporatlvo
store in Nanaimo when lt wont bankrupt. I had nothing to do with It
in any connection whatevor at that
period, and, In fact was not in this
at tho porlod of which ho speaks.
The statement is Just as untrue as
it is possible for any; statoment to
be, and is simply anothor instance
that the Socialist leaders aro prepared to make public statements
without any knowledge of their being correct. When I becamo interested ln tho co-operative store in Nanaimo, some yoars after it had become bankrupt at tho request of a
fow gentlemen who wero at that timo
trying to restore the institution, and
on account of my experience in' cooperative movements in England, requested me to Join tho bankrupt Society which wns thon in tho hands of
the 'Courts of the Province, ami was
beine- administered by tho County
Court Judge at Nanaimo. I agreed,
ovon undor those conditions to purchase tho stock of James Wallace, an
old Nanaimo miner, who is now llv-
90 per cent, ol' tho property owners?
If they have not signed tills second
potitlon, it looks plainly Unit this
electric light is not -wanted when 90
por cent, won't vote for it.
Mr. G. Wilson says lie 1ms beon
urou.iiil among the business men, and
thoy have signed it t* a man. Does
that mean to suy that tlio business
man is tho one that shall have all
the say ln this city? 1 think thoy
have had too much suy in this town
already, aud 1 think they have run
it quite enough. Tliey manage to
•get nearly all tho money the miners
got now, as his pay is small onough
as the mines urc running now, and 1
guarantee If thore is un electric light
plant put in tho town, tlie business
men will see that tliey will got all
tho lights they want on thoir streets
and on their corners of tho streets,
and tho miners on top of tho hill
will got lights few und far between,
but all tho somo ho will have to
foot the bill for the business   man.
I think if wo let tho electric light
wait, and were to put in a sewerage
system, we would bo doing a lot of
good for tho town, and overyono
would got tho bonellt of li. We nre
paying for scavenging every   month
Ing in Pernio, and can bear test!- Why not put in a system to carry
mony to what I say, for tho pur- all this soworago away? Thon wo
pose of helping, as I said, to ro- would be getting somothing buck for
triovo the Institution. our money.    As it is now, tho town
By this time the buslnoss was ad- is lull of sickness, and if wo had tho
ministered by the Courts and Gil- sewerage in, tho chances are wo
bert McKinnell acting as mnnagtng would not have so much sickness
director.    It was    after    this that about.
William Neavo and myself wero ap-1 Now, If Mr. G. Wilson was" to go
pointed auditors and to mako a ro- and SIT DOWN with his electric light
port of tho financial condition of tho plant, and boost up a soworaao svs-
?L0m,0i!Tt„,l'N'DER ™'E THBN BX" tem. »° wo"'" bo doing some real
ISTING CIRCUMSTANCES, but it good for tho city. I cannot see why
hod absolutely nothing to do with.ho wants to bo running ami catering
the original bankrupt condition of around tho buslnoss nion so much
that socioty. for| U|llc88 thoro ,8 S01ueUll      in  lt
It is not usual for me to reply to But look moro to tho minor-the man
references made to mysolf by Social- behind tho pick, uud the one who
st loaders, especially Parker Wll- has to foot tho bill. I might say
Mams, who takes every public oppor- I havo not seon any of theso poti-
tunlty in my absonce to make state- tions that havo boon around, and ailments absolutely unreliable, but In other thing, about borrowing tho
this caso, and In connection with money. I would suggest to. Mr. G.
this matter, it seemed to mo Impor- Wilson to go around    tho   business
Wlv^ith. .".V h "B MettAain •»"» ■>«»"' here In Ladysmith and
Lndysmith. that I should mako this try and borrow tho monoy oil them,
penl to the peoplo of Ladysmith who town,
send this gentleman to the Legislature of the Province to look after
thoir Provincial Interests, who is
simply unable to speak with correctness and who makes statements similar to thoso in the Standard, repeatedly. I havo had to correct him
in tho presence of men whom he
slandered und boiled, whon he had
tho audacity to my face to swear
that ho nover said any thing nbout
them, and whon I had witnesses
thoro to provo thnt he had ovon
written .lottors to tho press against
such men. For this reason I nover
take notice of Parker Williams, but
I thought it just us woll to explain
this matter. So far as his publlc
utterances are concerned, I will doul
with thom if I can got Pnrkor before tho people at any timo, although that Is hard to do, as Parker's attacks oro always a long way
Yours vory sincerely.
up too
Trusting I have not taken
much space, I am,
Scenic Brldgo   to bo   eroded Across
Tho First Narrows.   Structure
Unique in Many Ways.
Two new buildings ure going up on
First avenue. One will lie put up liy
Mr. Win. Fraser uiul tlio other by
Dave JollllSOn, Mr. Fraser lius been
in the tailoring business in the town
for yeurs, anil lie has a splendid location for his new premises. Work
was begun on Thursday morning li[77 "'
clearing    tho site, mul the   building' '""
should be completed and ready    for
business by niid-sunimer.
Mr. I). Johnson who recently sold
his toaiiiing und livery business to
Messrs. Gilford & Hawley, is going
to build on the lot next to the stables. Mr. Johnson is going to put up
a pool and billiard room and expects to commence building operations in a day or two.
The two new buildings' uro on the
same side of the streot within a lot
of ouch other, nnd will fill up two
gaps on First avenuo, and greatly
improve the appearance of that section of the streot.
There is nlso tho postoffice building which it is expected will be commenced almost immediately. It is
also reported thut the contract for
the clearing of the land adjoining tho
city limits lias been let liy tho C.P.
J), company to a Victoria firm, and
that tho work will be commencocl in
a short time.
All this work means better times
for the town, and the erection of new
business premises ls sure proof that
a prosperous future is in store for
tho city.
Theso developments aro oil going
on during a period, ol depression,
when, In other towns, business Is
falling off and all speculation has
boeo arrosted. Altogether there are
abundant reasons to bo satisfied with
the present conditions of tho town,
and to bo hopeful for the future
Decided at Today's Great Mr. J. M. Morgan Scores Great Suc-
Guiiie. . cess With His Male Voice
■  Choir.
The result of the great game will 	
be known very shortly after this Is- Mr' J- M' Morgan, who is desirous
suo of the Standard leaves thu olllce. o( starting a male voice choir hero^
There is roally very little to add to has given his first concert of this
till that lias been already written a- kind in Victoria. Tbe entertainment
bout tho game. Tho players aro all was given in aid'ot the Y.M.C.A..,
in good condition and thoy!'\vlll have and, says the Times, was a triumph
tho benefit of the night's rest in Vic- for tho leader. Mr. Morgan proved
toria. Confidence in the teams abil- himself to be a conductor that ranks
ity to retain the championship is iu the first place mid Victoria is to
also very strong nnd thero will bo bo congratulated that he has settled
stacks of bills up on the result. hero and is currying on his life work
Nanaimo is no whit less confident as a musician in tlie oity. The moia-
uiul there is deep dissapointment   in   bet's of the chorus responded readily
„u store fur one of the towns.   The Free   to his baton    and showed that they
if_\Press asserts that the people    down appreciated the training the- had re-
sure of the result—that there   ceived during the many    rehearsals,
is no doubt about it at all.   That is  Every ono of the flve numbers which
all right tar i.hn Fret* ihmmb. hnt, ika  they rendered    was splendidly done,
peoplo here are not making the mis-  and all except the first were heartily
take that Nanaimo committed on the  encored by the audience.       It is   to
fateful   14th.      The way the people   be hoped that that Mr. Morgun will
hero figure the matter out is     that  be able to keep    tho choir together,
the    champions    have a chance and  aad that the music-loving public will
they    are     willing to put up  their   be given    further     opportunities to
money on it. jhear them in concert work.   The mu-
Tho Freo Press itself declares that sic-loving public will await eagerly
"there will be little doubt about the future developments of the chorus
result" favoring Nanaimo, provided ' under Mr. Morgan's leadership. Mr.
the players do certain things. These Morgan would only bo to pleased to
certain tilings need not be mentioned, 'come to Ladvsmith provided he could
There ure always "ifs" and it is in'get work enough to cover his  actual
(Spocial Correspondence.)
VANCOUVER, B~.' C, April 8. —
Plans will be presented for consideration by tho Board of Park Commissioners tonight for a scenic bridge to
be erected across tho First Narrows.
The structure will bo a uniquo one,
both from a structural standpoint, ?-Z!'Zin,,"L"m™lt "wiioT '7n"n
and from the view ol the tourist ™mpanied by T. H. Wilson also o
and pleasure-seeker, in whose    inter- L""Uon' who ls lh"i""»" ot tho c'"»
est the brldgo Is particularly design-,|)u,^' . .      ,    ,. „.-. ,„ ..   	
ed.     The Burrard Brldgo   Company l..^' J'"mli lms tmvellod '" co"ncc"
is making tho application which will      "
tonight bo discussed    by the    Park
Board.    .
The structural feature ol the bridge
English Engineor   Will Take   Churgo
of Tyco Company's Allaire.
W. II. Trowartha James, of tho
firm of .Initios Brothers, mining engineers, London, England, has arrived at Victoria. According to tho
"Times" Mr. James has como out
from England to take charge of the
Tyeo Copper Company's affairs, and
wilt succeed the late Clermont Livingstone.
The party loft btvorpdol on March
20th, taking pussago on thu Empress
of Ireland and arrived at St. John,
N.H., last Saturday night, after a
vory rough passage across tho Atlantic. From St. John the passengers woro brought on to Montreal by
a special train. .
Tho present visit is not the first
Mr. James has niaife. He was here
lust September, whon he made a
thorough inspection of the'company's
property, in which work-ho was oc-
London, who is chairman of the coin-
Is a tower 222 feet In height, to be
erected on tbe north side ol tho Narrows.   Thc top of this tower will be
NEW YORK,    April 7.-That    an ,     ,      . ,   „
. ___   .     7 •   . .. .on a level   with tho top of a much
agreement    has been reached among'sma|ler tow0Pi t0 bo erectoU 011 v,0li.
the relatives ol Madamo Anna Gould poet point.    The smaller tower   will
to Interpose no further objection toi'he only thirty foot In height and it
her engagement to the Prince De Sa-!'? ,or P»"ni>islon to erect this that
_ .1 a    t a mt,        i">e application will tonight como bo- Cagary "Albcrtiin
gan was reported    today.     This  a-|,ore the board. |follo\vhig    despatch
greement did    not    however Include    Tho distance between the tawsrs Is sources In Montreal
George Gould, who is custodian    of, 1280    feet—almost    a quarter oi a , theni ic:
with the Una's mining business
to Australia, Mexico and to othor
portions of North America, und during the lust six mouths has crossed
tho Atlantic live times.
April 8. - Tho
has received tho
from    private
said to bo    ail-
of.1280    foot—almost     a quarter oi u! theni ic:    "Tho C.P.R.  is unquostion-
Anna Gould's property,   but is sold m"e*   Cables will connect the towers ably considering the building   of   u
... .n~n.-.!_    n...ti'..u..    ii     k..ITn0 PlttUS provide for a "sag"     i'l second lino    across the province   of
to compromise    practically all    her tk. „'„,,,„. ',„„ „ „.„„,H ,,„
other relatives.
.the cables, for it  would bo ..uj-fssi-1 British Columbia, with a terminus at
this, case as big us a houso.
On form at least it should bo a
great gome, the game of a lifetime,
it is to be hoped that it will be
played clean out to the finish and
tho championship decided purely on
the merits of tho contesting teams.
Mr. Mahonoy Is said to be a good
referee, and doubtless hc will keep
tho players in hand. This is all that
is wanted. 'The Ladysmith, peoplo
are prepared to take a fair boating,
but they expect to win.
Windsor, Ont., April 8.—H. c
Payne, ol this city, will again stand
trial in Detroit, Mich., on a charge
of smuggling Chinese.
—i 1 '
WASHINGTON, D. C., April 8. -
President Roosevelt today made public his letter of April 2 to the Attornoy Gonoral, directing proceedings by injunction to certain railroads of the South to furnish equal
accommodations to white and negro
passengers. j
NJEW YORK, April 8.- The entire
junior class of New York University
was suspended from the university,
for three days by thc .acuity today,
us a penalty for the liuaing of Henry Blotch, a freshman student. The
announcement oi the faculty s action
was made .'.iter the chapel service
Bloch was on the campus and met
the suspended juniors as they were
leaving the chapel. There was another altercation between him and
some of the juniors and Bloch was
knocked down. Cooler members of
the class interfered and prevented
further trouble.
The affair had its origin in the
freshman's refusal to obey certain
rules made by the upper classes for
ths. recognition of freshmen. - As a
punishment he was dipped into the
campus fountain whereupon the faculty suspended President Young ol
1 i     '    ■ the junior class pending an invest!-
April 10— Mrs. James gatlon.    All tho freshmen went    on
40, strike lor one day, but subsequently,
and returned tu their studies pending on
Lockheed, ot Centreville, aged
slipped on a neighbor's steps
foil to the pavement, striking    ber
head, resulting in death.
♦ 1
OTTAWA, April 10- Hon. Graham has been Invited to address ths
Victorian Club at Boston on Empire Day and will accspt if parliamentary duties will allow hlm.
CALGARY, Alta., April 10.-Calgary Horticultural Society was organized last night for the purpose ot
beautifying tho city. The Society
will secure a tract of land for experimenting in tree growing, and
successful trees will bo planted by
the city.
CALGA11Y, April 10.-E. L. Richardson, general manager ol the Dominion Fair, whose name has frequently beon brought forward as City
Commissioner made a statement lost
night positively refusing to accept
tho olllce or allow his name to be
put up,
 4 ■ ■
Toronto, April 10— As a result ol
a conference between representatives
on thc branch of the Dominion    Al-
The part of the prince who recently even If they woro put up that   way.
announced that he would forego his The drop Is, of courso, most marked
ble to hold thom   absolutely   tight 'Hardy Bay, near the northern end of ]i„nce and Provincial Secretary Han-
plan to return    to Paris this week,
| in tho centre, where the floor of   the
H»»w»^»»aw*«»» *'*>*>t
• | bridge will bo 00 feot below tho lev-
and the Insistence of Madams Goul el o( „ strulght lino bctweon the
of her right to decide for herself are towers. Even then the cables aro
said to have broken down the oppo-!0™ hundred and fifty feet nbovo high
.i.i . i. th „.„„„„,„-. . »i,„. .ii water mark—well out of tho way of
lllnn, VLS" "K^TT*' 8° * . J ♦■•» 'ons of the masts of tho largest
•xcopt George Gould have consented'stenmers.
to It. Mrs. Gould, wife of the head
of the Gould family, Is credited with
having exorcised tho tact of a diplomat In effecting a reconciliation between Madamo Gould and her relatives.
Tho tower on the North side is fifty feet in diameter at its base. A
passengor elevator will bo operated
inside the towor. Apparently groat
pains havo boon takon in tho anchoring of tho high tower, for cables
connecting with those forming    tho
Vancouver Island. A large area of
Hardy Buy has recently been bonded
by unknown parties, while in addition about 250,(100 worth of water
lots have been placed under bond.
Whilo no definite information hns
been given as to who is behind this
deal, tho gotiural Idea is that the 0.
P.R. Is negotiating with thc ulti.
mate idea of running another line
ucross the province from Winnipeg,
via Saskatoon and Wetaskewiu, to
Hardy Bay.
"For somo time'lhe Cl'.Il. line to
Vancouver has been taxed to Its lit
most all the timo to
na, temperance people look for
amendment     to three-fifths ol    the
clauses in the local option law.
 4— -
Toronto, April 10— J. A. Leber,
charged with attempting to defraud
creditors liy concealing his best cl
gars and tobaccoes when assigning
Ids stock, was lined $100 and costs,
or. sixty days In Jail. As he had no
untile tho I ni- money ho went down to serve    the
When    lt   became    apparent that b.r*d«*> °™ ?n°*7> ™ ru»nl"«   '-'-,.-.».,«. f
.. .    . ., .   „    thousand   foot further to tho north,'other line    llardv Bay is one of lie
thero was to be a disagreement over Ln(1 „re t0 be n„c|lore(1 ,n tho  rock olm' •' '   •   '
the prince,    Mrs. Gould    went on ajof the high ground beyond tho Cupi-
visit to Hot Springs, Vlr., returning lano flats,
from that placo yesterday she found
Madamo Gould at the apartments of
her friends Mr. and Mrs. T. Morse,
nt the St. Regis, while her relatives
wero stll' unrecognised. Hrs. Gould
is bolioved to have undertaken the
part of mediator    with such success
The bridge will, of course, be directly in tho view, of overy person
who comes to the city by steamer.
PLYMOUTH, April 8,-Tho steam
or Majestic, which Is duo from   Now
flic nnd lt Is    understood,   that alio term.
road has been casting around for'an- fr
bost harbors on the Canadian Pacific All,aav' 'N'Y" APM 8.-Tho «■»«»•
coast, with excellent water nceoiiinio- hly todny concurred tn the.Sonato's
dutions and a good country.,buck of aulion of yosterday fixing Thursday
lt, while it ls closo to the.groiit tim- April 28 ns tho dato for final ad-
bor lands ot the north ond of Van- . ,...„.„ ... tu-.n—.A-t —.., - -,
couvcr Island. A further- advantage' Jonrnment of the presont session ol
of such a lino and terminus will lie ""> legislature.
that it affords much bettor cOmpotl- ■ ■ ♦ ' '
tlon with tho a.T.PVsinco tho  Nor-|      HORSE THIEF CAPTURED,
thorn   harbor   would   injure   almost
|York today, reports by wireless tolo- Oqual facilities with tho Prince   Ru-    LETHBRIDGE,   Alta.. April
.graph tho rescue on    April 6th,   in |pert harbor so fur as ocean naviga. Northwest mounted    police captured
—.1.1   .... U     —I    a—.     -I    11...    IX-A—.A—1.—      .)„„     |B     ,.„.,,.,,pn„,i Ul,...,     Kullf II,.,    ,-. I     tm.l ,1.  ...    n „..   ..........  !
of tho family othor than George hnve
been overcome.
Toronto, Ont., April 10.—Tht Baptist Home Mission Boards of Onta-
tankstor Hosolius, from Phlln, Mar. ] line will connect with the main
25th for Blnye.    No del ails of    the'of tho C.P.R. nt Wetaskewln."
occurrence aro glvon
PHILADELPHIA, Pa., April 8.  -
Tho Norwegian     steamer   Haselius,
which was abandoned nt son   April
5th, tho crew boing rescued   by tho
-in     a n...t... -in ..—a eon ««w» i. stoamer Majestic, cloarod from   this
rlo and Quebec will spend 130,000 in, popt ,„ B1^„ „„,.,,„ „„     sho cttr.,
advanced mission work In New Ontario this year. The work Is growing so much that Rev. Dr. Norton,
tht superintendent, cannot cops with
It and It hat been decided to recommend the appointment of an
ried a crew of 25 mon.
St. Catherines,
Tht Welland
Oat,,   April 10—
1,0 thief at Connor's   ranch nonr   hore.
lie escaped   from custody last  fall,
while boing takon to Trail.   He Jum-
m"' 'ped from a car window, though be-
FOUND DEAD AT COURTENAY.    lng    handcuffed.      The   pollco havo
'■ boon on his trail for somo time.
COURTENAY, M.C., April 8.-Mnt-i  e	
thew Lyttoll, an old ninn of (15 years ; •,,,„.„„,„, Aprll p._Tho exocutlvo
was   found   dead In his cabin   horo ,,,,,.„    ,   ,   , _     ,
about 4 o'clock .yesterday afternoon. '*"m"1lttee of Ihe Prcsliyteilan foi-
The old ninn had bcon In good elitn mission Hoard hns received re-
health of lnle, nnd It Is bolioved ports from Honnn, China, of large
heart failure wns the cause ol_ dentil. >mUm„nt ,„ ,.|„,rcl, membership dur-
An Inquest will bo hold todny.   Tho
OTTAWA, April 8.-Hon. Fisher's
bill to amend the Inspection and
Sale Act, now before parliament declares it an offence to put any foreign substance whatever into cheese,
or to incorporate any inferior curd
or cheese therein, penalties to apply
against any one who either manufactures or deals in theso inferior
This bill puts a check to cheese-
box romances which have attracted
some attention in tho old country.
It has been found that glass bottles were slipped into the centre ot
the cheese by romantic Canadian
dairy maids. This has caused complaint from purchasers in the old
LONDON, Aprll 8.-Tht latest information in well-informed circlet
points to the strong possibility ol
the retirement ol Lord Loreburn,
Lord High Chancellor, who it is understood, does not stand very high
in the estimation of Asquith, and
the appointment of R. B. lloldane,
secretary of state for war, to this
post, with a  peerage attachment.
It is known that Mr. Haldono is
ready to leavo tho war olllce. He
would have liked to have become
chancellor of the exchequer, but it is
apparent that David Lloyd-George,
president of the Board of Trade, has
the keys to that olllce in his pocket.
In the event of Mr. Haldane going
tothe upper houss, Winston Church,II, undor secretary of the colonial
olllce, will most likely get tht war
office, which would be much more
congenial to him than the board ol
Loudon, April 8.—It ls officially
announced thut King Edward will
leave Biarritz on April 15, In order
to have a, privy council in London.
The new ministers probably will have
their flrst audience on this occasion
al It Is understood that Mr. Asquith
was able to submit a Ust of his
appointments to Ids majesty
this morning.
Mr. Asquith Is expected In London
tomorrow when ho will complete his
deceased   loaves   a family of grown intt ,,w !"""■ Wf> nna Increased In
will open wxt up cWkJre,, iivjrig In B. C. nnd'Wnsh lorost In overy dopnrtment.
llngton. > word comes from Formosa.
CALGARY, April 8-Sonetor
Lougheed, who returned to Calgary
yesterday from Ottawa statod that
It looked liko an election this year
until tho report of tho civil service
commission, but, now thero is some*
doubt and It Is regarded as probnblo
thnt thero will bo anothor session. CONSULT ME
'I 'Jt
If You Require Any
Or If You Require Any
'    ■ ■      Whether.
life,   ■■;-.
Or If Yon Watt to Buy a HOUift,
er loll Oas;   or If Yds   Want
Notary Fafens, Ooereyaaear
Ladysmith   Standard
Published oa Wednesdays auu Saturdays Afternoons by ths
Hobt. H. Hindmarth,
short for them    to hope or  expect friends,.   the Surds, at Bogota.    It
Enl';toaS:,t12f*'W»*ny 0f-." N*"f""*»» Hul*d**om. th* he died af,-
ffte atfoiSw**! delegate, front4* *»"« •t*eken ■*"1**1* "'•   »<"•
Si* New'^Englan* States ioHw X*\ii Hunt's yottn"g ojhughtar, Natalie- a
I a «.»»» »a/a,«.«j»a % »«^a,a,a,»+«»««, Jl^a,a,%%«»«,»»»»»«,«,.,«,ay
publican, national convention at- Chicago,' Is as follows: ' Massachusetts,
32; Connecticut, 14; Maine, 12; Vermont,* '8r>*ew Hampshire, 8; Rhode
Island. 8.    Total, 82.
Republicans of Rhode Island have
already held their state convention,
and decided to send an uninstruated
delegation to Chicago. The Massa:
chusetts State Convention 'will be
held in this city day after to.morrow. : The- state conventions in Vermont and .Maine will meet at the end
of this month and New Hampshire
and Connecticut will hold their conventions a week later.
An unbiased canvass of the situation leads to the conclusion that
Taft'sentiment lh New England is
probably ' strongest in Connecticut
and Maine. , Massachusetts appears
to be evenly divided between Taft
and the opposition, presumably Gov;
Hughes. Various estimates are made
as to the division in the I' State.
Those friendly to Taft says he will
get 27. delegates, and the opposition
mm,   rviTiii i ht will got the other five.   Another 'os-
()HN    SlhWAKI tlmate gives Taft 20 and Hughes 12.
JV/J.AH "'"""'" However    reliable   these   estimates
may be it seems pretty certain that
tho State convention here this week
w|)l decide on an uninstructed dole-
gatjon. Tho Taft men undoubtedly
will fight for instructions, tho opposition will oppose them, and there
may be a, comoi-«"tiso under whioh
eeurctnry Taft will lyi mentioned In
a complimentary waj
In Maine the Taft sentiment has
been steadily gaining A lew weeks'
ago, there appeared not the slightest
chance that the State might instruct for Taft, or for anyone  else.
■iiuraiv-nmM prim ,»•■».since, that time the Tsft  boom
■UBBC'RIPIION PRIDE.   -      has KmmMd |arg, proportions.
One Ytar .-.',! fl.10 nator Fxye, who ,1a    president   pro
" torn of tho Senate,   and - man    of
consequence   in    New-England poll-
at* Moatl.s ;
Aun.itli.ln, Hates on Application
tics, has declared    his adherence to
the, candidacy of Secretary Taft. fix
Go'vornor    John IF. Hil„ ■■' national
committeeman    from   the Stete' of
Tha .Minn ni ih. m a. »   _H,im. . Maine   Ib another of the party   lj«.
The action of the h. & N. Railway der9 |n. tho pJn0 TrM g^^ B(U1
company in connection with tho big come out openly ror the. Secretary
game on Saturday has caused a feel- of War. All of this would make it
Ing of intense indignation and dls- '8ecm certain the.t the Maine delre*«l-
„„.i *k. .nnttn..t .t a, »_-. i. '. tion will be distinctly favorable lor
gust throughout Uie district. Most him l8 dotlbt,ul, Much' will depend
railway companies are willing to go upon the results of tho Massachu^'
out of their way to encourage and setts convention this. week.
attract trafllc. Excursions are a, ?V .BTH.abi'e Pr°mi*» •*' ""•■-
i~„.i.. .„..._    . . ,   . 7 «" Instructed delegation to the  ns'
regular feature of any sound and tlqnal convention, the majority o'
well conducted railway coinpuny. The the individual members of which will
risk of a possible financial loss does 'a*0P tho candidacy of Secretary
notdeter it ta^.a*MaX*'ffA*SS
tralna for the convenience of its pa- behind th* candidate whoso star t,
trons, and like other business enter- In ihe ascendant at Chicago,
priees,     it    is willing t*T speculate    Tne situation in Vermont appears*
where and when there appear to be ___\* "Hi"" ib° ,m"li '*" *?w ,Haj"p
,.,     , *-o un—m io   oe .hi,,.    Somo   0,    tbf) party lMder,
Itir chances of profitable returns. have declared for Taft, and others
The policy of the E. & N.rallway for Hughes, but tho great majority
company, is, and always has been nave" not. donned, their attitude,
the verv reverse of thla Nj„t nml 8a0ula ■ sudden change In cohdl-
uie very reverse of this. Not only tlon, .„„,. Massachusetts to instruct
does it never seek to attract traffic for Taft It- Is possible that the two
by meant of excursion trains, but, northern States might follow their
for special occasions., but it aba,*. •taShjIlt. Otherwise it looks like
lutely refuses to mnli7or7mnnm77 mrtMMy tiat botn States'will send
tZ L   7nV,        .       f™**™** their delegates   to Chicago without
for the handling of special traffic. If instructions     .      -
any service outside the ordinary is Things have been going Ta/t's way
tttad for, an exorbitant guarantee !n ^*?eS"c?t '«**»■»■ ■!** Mere
ia alwava rtamanrt^. t T-LT"1 th»* 8tate are not Inclined to-
" „,"^L ^n*1-?- Lady.rn.th m^ ian .Mtruem delegation. Two'
people wero refused on opportunity th!ro>. of the delegate will bt "for*
of seeing the Island-Maiuiaod game Wit, however, according ■ to-present
in Vancouver, and tha nam. rtlm mdlcatlons, and those who are not
culty is    exDeneZd 1VT aolldlyfor    Taft   will -hot be sum-
cu«y is experienced here whenever ciently opposed to him to be consld-
special services are sought. ered unfriendly even, to say nothing
As regards the game on Saturday °' n>aking a fight to keep Connect!-
the company hat had adequate no- CU! 0,,t. of the Ta,t ™iumn* """ere
tins        l*. aw   <L, ,   , are various reasons   for the  strong
«r a a    know tMat n0,d which Taff has upon Ihe  peo
If Ladysmith and Nanaimo tied in P'e'qf'Conneetiout. Not the' least
tht Island League, special and    ex-' ''alluentlal -of thttt is the fact that
traordlnary   accommodation     would if,!,^™^ "'Wari" aY»'° ^
ba ranuirarf.    v     •. .t i "* duate, and there are many alumni of
oe renuirod. Now, all that the com that college domiciled throughout
PMC is Prepared to do  It to    run the State.
what it  calls a  special train   from '   ♦
Nanaimo.       The ont irtTL    A    MYSTERIOUS CASE IS TO BE
turn one wain has    to DRTPPED
terv,    Ltdymlth   «l,o.       And the    .   . """"^D.
rotaa are the usual week-end excur- NEW YORK, ' April 7,-^Tht utyf
non rates. Considering the num- ttry surrounding tht death.of Walter
htr of people who were anxious to P. Baker, ths wealthy young Boston
tst the game, $2 from Nanaimo and man, which caused a sensation last
ti.so from hers would have been a Octobtr, will probably nover bt
reasonable rato, and netted the com- cleared up. Despite tho fact that
Pany a handsome profit. As tt is tht coroner's Jury recently found
there is a large number of persons that tht young man was poisoned,
who will now stay at homo, and " u «»*l «*»• the authorities havt
thott who will go are protesting at Practically concluded not to lay the
the price. Victoria itself will suf- matter , before tht Bergen County
ftr, a number of people are prevent- grand Jury, which met today. The
td from seeing tho gamo, and those dittrlet attorney s offlct ia of tht be-
who do go are practically held up. 'W that the evidence at hand would
The only concession granted it the nc« warrant any arrests In ths est*
return train at night. It is surely »"<1 unlets the private detectives em-
a case of boing thankful for small P'oytd by tht relatives of ths vie-
mercl*»' .tlrn bring to light some new facts on'
Tha fact seems to bt that the com-,wh,ch an srrest oould be made, it it
Pt«y ls not in a position to han- Jtxtrtmtiy likely that the world will
die thc traffic from thc places. 6f.nov*r kDOW how,young Baker came
courso. it must bo admitted that lhe l0 hls d*lln and..the. motive for hls
occasion. Is altogether extraordinary,
and thnt It Is not likely to occur a-
galn In a hurry, still tho company had lots of timo to prepare for
It. aad tho people of Ladysmith and
Nanaimo could reasonably hnvo cx-
ptctod bettor treatment.
BOSTON. Mess"~April 8. - Ths
light between ' tho Taft supporters,
and tho Opposition for delegates to
the Republican national convention,
It on In earnest throughout New Eng
land. Every Inch of ground Is being hftterlv contested. During the
past few weeks the Taft managers
have undoubtedly boon making gains
but tha timo remaining is now   too
Cwtwrifht& Barclay
murder, if a murder waa committed,
Baker died Oct. 27 laat, within tn
hour after he had bean removed to
the home of hit friends, Mr. and
Mrt. Frank Hurd, In Bogota, from'
ths Tenderloin restaurant where he
was stricken. He died shortly altar
midnight and the body wit enbatoi-
ed before daylightf When hit' Brother in Boston wss Informed of Wal-
tar't death he at ones directed that
tht body bt not tnbtbntd, but It
wit too lata, Tht brother wet not
satisfied with the report of Ule dr-
cumttsnees of the death and decided
to havt an examination madt bjf
chemists nf the organs of tht body,
oven after the enbalmlng fluid had
ban ustil. Tho chemical and microscopical examination of tht vis-
etran and Internal organs disclosed
(hi presence of large quantities of
trtenlc In tht body. Tht poleoa It
snld to hart ban found In organs (
which tht enbalmlng fluid could not
by any pottiblllty have penttrattd.
Baker left a fortune estimated at
about 1600,000.    For several  ytart|
bsfort   his doath he had been    Well|
known In thla city st s frequenter,
of fashionable restaurants tnd cafes.
little child—was the principal bene-
Uclary under Baker's will. She received 1200,000 outright from the.
estate. Tbt little girl never come
Into possession of the fortune, however. In the first place the .will
was disputed by Baker's relatives,
and that contest has not yet been
decided by the courts. The child
was stricken by scarlet fever last
January, and died on Feb. 21, after
an illness of five weeks. .
An investigation which was1 instituted by the authorities ln thit city
and in New Jersey Boon after Baker's death came to nothing and the
body was taken to Boston and burled. The dead man'tabroither, bow-
aver, believing {hat there were details in the cats that had not been
disclosed, kept steadily at the investigation. As.a result of his efforts
the New Jersey authorities were
prompted to take up the matter once
more. Another coroner's Inquest
wat ordered and aa ths result of
medical and other testimony offered,
the jury found that the young man
had come to.his death through poison administered by some person or
persons unknown. But ths entire
leek of a clue upon which to work
has led the district attorney's office
tothe conclusion that, under the circumstances, it would bs useless to
submit the matter ti, the grand Jury
wm'eh conver-Lj today. The brother of the dead man, however, announces his intention to pursue the
investigation to tho end, nnd has
employed several detectives to devote their entire .time to the esse.
i France Imports about 170 torn of
human hair every year, and about
100 tons of it comes from China.
ii| About three hundred and fifty lives
were lost on ths North Atlantic
cosst during the fall and winter.
Mr. It. P, Pettlpleco, provincial organiser for the Typographical Union,
It in the city for a couple of days.
'        ♦   ■
Sir Nicholas R. O'Connor, the ntw
British ambassador tp Turkey, died
at Constantinople yesterday,
t> -
In some cantons In Switzerland all
the dead, rich as well as poor, are
bin-led at the public expense.
A house with a roof of plate glut
over an inch thick has been built at
Canton, 0., for a millionaire.
Tbt Premier Diamond Company announces' Irom London that It will
not cut the pries of precious stones.
" '  e— ■
''Billy" Stlft,. ones a  prizefighter,
haa become ah evangelist and delivered his first sermon in Chicago.
•   ■ —♦	
' Fraudulent venders of eyeglasses
are overrunning New York and are
being driven then from other states.
The brewers and licensed victuallers of Engiahd are raising a fund
of $500,000 to fight ths Licensing
bill. '
Tht Dutch steamer Ocean reports
being nearly swamped by an aerolite
in mid-ocean,    and ths gases nearly
asphyxiated the crew.
A homesteaders'    train on the International and Great Northern railway Is reported wrecked near    San
Antonio and twelve killed.
— ■*   -
E. H. Harrlman has authorised a
contribution of 180.000 from the
Southern Pacific to aid in ths San
Francisco rat crusade.
Oh the eastern coast of Africa
there is a body of cavalry mounted
on oxen. The beasts art lean creatures and move with surprising agility.
ita ♦	
Cleveland, April 9.—The board of
dlrectort of the Lake Carriers' Association, representing the vessel owners of the gr..,,, lakes, met hero today to discuss ths outlook for tho
cominir mason, especially the labor
Situation. Tht association has
practically concluded to stand out
for tht open shop. No objection, is
to be made to paying tho same race
of wages as hist year, which is understood to be satisfactory to, the
men,, but the owners feel they should
bs left: free to nsme the working con
dltlons.and the duties of tht men
aboard the boats without the dictation of the labor, organisations.
■        ■'-',,»        ■'. !-.
sees see'e,e'»eeeeasee
**»•>%%-> *>«>«»*>* »■%*,%.«.«,a,%.-a-«>«y«,«,'%a,a.«.«|2g
us, what an
would have.
carnival opening In the Arena in this Nanaimo or any other of the British
What a splendiTTpening there is C"y t0bigbt' "V"**' "-"""Pre- Columbia teams captures the shield
for a prophet this week. If only a m"6B to ecl,PM anything of its kind this year, they will do it by fair
man knew, apart altogether from seen here in a long time, has been'and square means ae thoy have ul-
thoso certainties that are hnndod  to arranged by    the Canadian A..A.U., 'ways landed thoir prizea In the past
almighty rake-off   lie and tn9 prmKda ^n be UMd to ^^ ,t  wl„ b8   „   n0  hooK orcroo,;     MONTREAL, April 9.-At tho trial
could Just ^tTC'XSy » five8 •«* tb. expenses of the CanadiaKethods, as the Calgary News says. {_{_^%J^k_J%^Ta
o'clock Saturday evening, what a representatives of the Olympic meot It shows a poor sporting spirit in- crowded court makes a child think
smiling feature   .we could command, in London this summer. \deed    to print on   article ol    thnt himself a horo.    When a juvenile of-
Uiifortunatoly I am In no way relet-     The programme    for the carnival 'attain, especially when it came irom fen(1,0'' '" "o""1'1"*"1 ">erc should be
ed to ovon the relative of a prophet, ,       ... . ... "■"'"' —wwy wuim «, came irom ( d„tontion    »or _, _ „..„,.•■
and can hand out to my readers comprises eighteen events, apart front a few enthusiasts who happened out from the Jail. A JoiMs no? the
nothing moi-o than a personal opln- those of the Junior meot to be held this way. "Nanaimo mon do not placo for a child. So declared Sir
ion which has    not always   brought Saturday.'   Saturday afternoon Tom intend to stop at anything to attain Chas. Fltzpatrick,    chief    Justice of
Longboat, the ohamplon runner,     ls thoir end," says the News     Nanai- tho SuIlr°mo Court of Canada  in an
address at a meeting last night   of
a'- tho recently organized Children's Aid
grist to tho owner's mill.
Tho Great Question.
to be seen in a special three   mile mo will carry on their football
Of course you wilt havo guessed
that 1 urn dealing directly with the
question of all questit is just now in
the local sporting world. That wo
are all waiting to know is what is
going to bo tho final score on Saturday afternoon? Thore are other Perk. Tbe baseball fans of St.
things to attend to, othor quostlons i^uj, tmuA out m jun jom> (or
to lie faced and answored,   but   tho
St. Louis, Mo., April 0,—This was
•Von Der Ahe day" at Spor
the gome between the Browns    and
mutch, and especially its result holds
first pluco. Until we have got that the Cardinals, the entire proceeds of
settled, one way or tho other, (and which ore to be given to Chris Von
heaven forfond It is the other) thoro Dec Ahe, (he old-time baseball mag-
is absolutely nothing else doing.        i    .
Von Der Ahe, popularly known as
Two Axioms. "der boss president" ln the old days,
was the founder and owner of    tho
There is an old fighting adage that original St. Louis Browns, who won
(kit blZ beo'tor TlTalge ** "^ve Tricon Association
has several firm believers right inlpannants and one world's champion-
town and in the football club, but I 'ship.    He was for years one. of the
haven't too much use for it myself
Indeed I would prefer It If it wore
the other way and ran that the bost
way to win is always to think you
are going to be beaten. < Of course,
it depends upon the man. Ovor con-'
ililence is somo men's downfall, just
as lack of it Is the ruin of others.
Whence I am led to bolievo that tho
moan of these two axioms is the best
policy. Respect your adversary by
all means, but cherish confidence ln
yourself.   '
The Players' Fooling.
That about sums up the feeling animating the boys who on Saturday.
(1 am writing theso notos on Thursday); wilt stand up against tholr old
foemen in. the battle for tho championship. Nanaimo undoubtedly has
a line, powerful, well balanced team.
In any other previous season it
would havo secured the championship almost without an effort. It has
always'been particularly strong In
defence and it has now strengthened
both the middle nnd attacking lines.
Team's Sterling Merits.
Mitchell, the new outside right is
said to be a tip-top outside right,
and a splendid shot. Hooper Ib a
useful, bustling centre-forward, and.
the two, inside men would be difficult
to match In their respective positions. Blundell has been removed
from McKlnley's attentions, but lt
IS' doubtful if he' will got any moro
latitude in his new position. Hewitt's
absence is undoubtedly a misfortune
for the Club; but tho eleven as it
stands is one of remarkable strength
—one whoso storting mortts it would
be mere foolishness to deny or belittle.   '
Ottawa, April ».-An author •
lied    aanofincemant In comic- •
tlon with tht dismissal of Bdt- *
tor Nicholas of geology, Is that *
ht waa dltmitted in the inter- •
tat of tht public service. It it •
stated '   that . tht government *
had traced to him thi author- •
aMp of stvare criticltmi of Dr. •
Hi still called Beaton his home, but'* Speattr't   .report   on Niagara •
tbt greater i part of Mt time    wss * Fallt, but NithohW denlM that •
spent hart.   During his frequent vis- • hi la In    any  way responsible •
Its to this olty to often madt    hit • for tht publication In qnettion. •
headquarters    at tht home of    Hgtttitttttttttttttt
But; formidable as Is Nanaimo's
array, there-is no cause for dismay.
The Champions aro In great shape,
and can play great football. Moreover, they have advantages which
perhaps are greator than mere science
or skill. Thore is only ono spirit in
all the eleven players. The boys are
all on the very best of terms, and
their loyalty to the Club, and to tho
town is beyond all question. Thoir
feeling on the gamo is as keen
that of any of their supporters. Thoy
are fighting bohind old traditions under the spur ot the sharpest rivalry.
Such a feeling is a greater force in
a game than more skill or cleverness
Evenly Matched.
It must not be gathored from all
this that I regard the Nanaimoites
as the cleverer aggregation of the
two, or that I consider tholr class of
football superior to that of the locals. Not at all. Either individually
or collectively tho champions are a
match for their rivals. Two moro"
evenly matched teams it would bo
bad to find. I have been seeking for
a deciding advnntugs, and I think
you havo got It in the spirit of cam-
aradorlo oxlstlng among tho players
and In tholr Intense local feeling.
Whoso Cup?
I set out with tho assertion which,
of courso, was entirely unnecessary,
that I novor had oven a cousin who
claimed the gift of prophecy. If I
had ho , would have been right hore
on tho spot. But apart Irom prophecy I cannot see where Nunaiino
has a single advantage. , We are all
expecting the hardest kind, of a hard
gamo. Tho hardor and faster It is
tho better our chances, and taking It
all In all, 1 think Nanaimo will hard
ly get Its nuino on the Cup this son-
A Rank Quitter.
First ho said ho wouldn't. Now ho
says he may. It Is tho one and
only mighty Hack, tho terrible Ilus;
slon Lion, lam speaking of. When
whereon ho had boen slammed by
Gotch, he whimperingly handed over
his championship. Then, like tho raven, he croaked, never morel Now
ho ls considering It again. Well, he
may do so and he may again faco
Gotch, but ho can nevor removo from
tho minds of his erstwhile backers
the odium of being as rank a quitter
as over stepped tin to s mat.
most notable and picturesque personages identified with professional
baseball. He disposed of his interest in the St. Louis club some
years ago. His subsequent business
ventures proved unprofitable and recently he hat been overtaken by
Any of the local football boys who
Intend entering the football . Marathon race to be run at Vancouver on
Good Friday, should hand in their
at toon as possible to Mr. J.
D, Galloway, secretary oi the local
club. The prizes for ths race are a
150 cup, three 110 medals and a
gold locket.
Under the caption of "The People's
Shield by Hook or Crook,." the Calgary Daily News publishes the following interesting but misleading article in regard to the Nanaimo Foot-
hall Club and its efforts to capture
tha People'! Shield, This is what
tht Newt tayt:
"It il whispered around Calgary
football circles by local enthusiasts
Who have been on the coast recently
that the Nanaimo men are out for
the People's Shield and do not intend to stop at anything to attain
their end. The coast teams, who
have practically everything in their
own hands, tbt committee being com
prised entirely ol Pacific coast mon,
are arranging the competition to
suit tbeir own satisfaction.
. "Then hat been tomt talk lately
of the committee deciding to have
the shield competed for by seven or
tight British Columbia teams If no
others than tha Caledonias entered
the field, from the east. This means
that the present holders of the title
will be up against the proposition of
beating seven or tight ct British
Columbia's best ttamt to retain the
i "There has also been agitation out
there to change the length of regis-,
tration for , players on teams entering the competition from 28 to 8
days, Nothing,, however, has corns
of this, but at .the matter stands tht
Nanaimo team are said to have signed nt, the pick of the players from
ths various coast teams.
Dr. Ings was overheard to say that
II there,is any underhand and unsportsmanlike wiirk by tho British
Columbia clubs to get the shield, he
would pack It up and send It home,
regardless of anybody, and 1st them
enter a lawsuit to get it. This at
least he thinks, would have the effect of bringing matters to a head,
ami show the donatore ot the shield
what an unsatisfactory condition
matters art in.
"Whatever else may bs said, the
fact is obvious that ths footballers
out at the Pacific coast have undoubtedly been iplaying all details in
connection with thl competition Into their own hands.
"There it not even a representative of any other club oh the committee. Surely the title holders at
least should have a say in the arranging of tbt rules governing tht,
"However, at long at lt It governed In the tllp-shod, haphazard manner that it it at presont, tho bad
feeling over tht People Shield will
continue to exist.
"Ths sooner a representative body
Irom every province In Canada get
together and frame a conttltutlon
of thoroughly sound rules and regulations, the better for all club* concerned and football in. general all
over Canada." "
Calgary Is rather hatty In tiaUtr
nig of underhand mothods. It, It.
not known here how Calgary    cap-
fairs as thoy have always carried Society,
them on—in a sportsmanlike «nan-
for no underhand work has been
attempted by tho local boys. How
utterly ridiculous to say that the
locals have signed on the pick of tho
players from tho coast. Calgary
must imagine there's very few good
men down this way. They'll flnd
that the locals, Ladysmith and the
Thistles have teams that will ■ give
them the run of their lives. Coast
footballers admit that there's a flaw
in the constitution regarding registering players aud soon the
er it is remedied the better for B.C.
football, To compote for the People's Shield a player has to be a
resident of his city at least SO days.
The men who play for Nanaimo have
all been here that time, many for
many months and yeart. Those who.
came here came of their own free
will. So whore does the underhand
work come in? What is more, when
each team in British Columbia is
keen on capturing the trophy, is it
likely that any underhand methods
would be allowed by the others oven
if it were attempted? If all reports
are to be believed, Calgary is signing on men from different parts of
Alberta, and going into the Pass
football stronghold. and securing
good men. It they get them registered in time thore is no kick coming here. It was also up to the
Caledonians of Calgary, as holders
of the shield to see that they had tt
Representative en the committee.
Thoy nro boglnnlng to kick now
bout seven or eight British Columbia
teams being run against them, as a
matter of fact only four teams of
Urltish Columbia will play; but even
if seven or eight did play, have they
not a right to? If not there is
change in the ruling.
ANNISTON, Ala., April 9.-J. 0.
West, a white man who was acting
as a special deputy sheriff, was kidnapped by Wm. Sunnehyman a negro, whom he was attempting to
arrest near Lincoln, in this state.
It is said that while West was
reading the warrant to tho negro,
the latter seized the deputy's revolver and marched him toward tho
Coosa river. Posses have been organized and bloodhounds placed on
the trail of the negro.
MONTREAL, April 9.—A boy    of
some 11 or 12 yean waa fqund in a
baggage ear at Windsor station . toduy. The boy was shaking violently
and seemed to be very ill. He was
unable to comprehend^anything that
was said to him, for ho looked at
his questlonors in a dazed sort of
wny and did not reply except once-
to ejaculate .the word "papa."
Tho only cluo to his Identity was.
the word "San Francisco" written
on tho Inside of his cap. He was
taken to tho emigration headquarters and a doctor sent (or.
. ♦	
NORTH PORTAL, Saik,., April ;
—All trains arriving here from the
south are heavily I den with set
tiers and land seekers from tho principal western cities ol Illinois, Iowa,
Nebraska and North and South Dakota, bound for Saskatchewan and:
Alberta. If the rush continues st.
nt present all records will bs broken for Incoming settlers.
MONTREAL,  April 9.—Tho coron-
or's Jury today returned    a  verdict
^According to the vlow expressed by
Chlsf Justice Hunter this afternoon,
the province cannot pats regulations that Mrs. Cnhlll who died In tho hos-
fixlng a close season, at least ln P'tnl yesterday morning from a frac-
flsheries, tured skull, dlod from injuries    bus-
Thla    howai. la within th. ...in   talnod In tho fall, and recommended
,     ■   ,JT ° " C      that Richard Cahlll, husband   ■! du-
sivs jurisdiction of the Dominion," ceased, be sent boforo the magls-
sald (he Chief Justice, ln effect, trate. Evidence of witness showed
"When they said you shall not catch, that Oahili threw his wlfo down n
kill or   take or    have in possession-. ' '.
certain fish between October 1    and
January    1, they Inferentlally    loft
ths balance of the year open.    And*
when the province undertook to ex-
MONTREAL, April 9.—Mr.   Brice,.
a large mine and land owner of Brl.
Toronto, April 9.-A large field of
entries, representing the cream of
thl amateur athletics of this section
of ths Dominion, art to contest for turod the shield lost year, but it'll
la tht thru days' tporUng expected thty    did tt tquartly.     ~
  •" —•    ...,,..     i
tlsh Columbia, waited upon Sir
tend this to March 25 they exceeded Thos. Shaiiehnessy today, and urged
their Jurisdiction." rtho nocd of botto'r railway facilities
Tho constitutional point was rais- '',Zi ™S"ft  7""?'.   W,T J","1
an1 i,„ ir.  nr  r<   ». . .   .   . 'ruit ralsingf   and   mining iudustr ss
od by Mr. W. C. Brown on behalf of are rapidly developing. Ho was as-
Mr. J. H. Woollloins of the Vancou- sured that pcoplo now developing tho
ver Poultry Supply Company, of Columbia Valloy would got their
Robson street, whose recent convlo- r?"wny' tb"t that for the presont
ii.... a    t_ ,,,. '^, they must be pationt,   seeing    that
Won under the provincial act by Ma-|many branch linos were being called
glstrato Alexander for having trout 'or all over tho system. At 0. P.
In his possession beyond the pretcrlb'B'   headquarters    it   is announced
ed dates wssSoday set slide.    Ui.\o.„  „7° ,ruit  "t""1088   ,tn ,Drlt"h'
oi. .,    .....        ., Columbia is proving a valuable  os-
uiaries Wilson, K.C., appeared    for set to the Canada Pacific.
the   provinco.    The eats will likely
bt appealed.—Province.
McKenzle Bowoll, Conservative Senator Mokes a Fow Pointed  Ro-
marks on Recent Exposure. ...
OTTAWA, April 9. - Tho Sonnto
yesterday, for the lirst timo had" an
extended talk concerning tho report
of the Civil Servlco commission. Sir
McKenzle Bowell called attention of
the government to statements tolo-
gruphod from Ottawa to Western
newsi.nr.ofu n..,t n......,.,,. o-**.. muter and Gregory hud boen suspended
for criticising extravagances of tho
Sir McKenzle criticised the statoment in a spooch by Mr. Aylosworth
(Lib)., in North York, in which he
Said Justicu Cassuls would go
through the department and separate the Tory goods from tho Liberal
ship. McKenzle Bowoll thought politics should not enter into such u
In reply, Mr. Aylosworth said Owens was susponded prior to the report of Hon. Scott, civil eorvlco
commissioner, and suspension wus
not tho result of that report. - Fra-
ser and Gregory wero suspended lie-
cause minister's orders were not curried out by them.
Sonator Wm. Ross said thoro would
always be sheep ond goats on both
sides of politics and they could not
be separated until tho Judgment dny.
The report allowed to bo issued,
that Frank Nicholas, editor of the
Geological survoy publication, was
suspended because ho criticised one
of the government reports ndvorsoly
In ths Mining and Scientific Journal
In San Francisco, Is untrue. The report In question was so full of Inaccuracy thut tho editor would not
sanction' ths printing of lt until it
were Initialed by a minister. This
stand for accuracy is ssld to bo tho
cause of his dismissal, for Mr. Nich-
laa it a learned geologist. The author ol tht criticism, of which he Is
actuMd, la J, A. Richard. |
No Honing—
No Grinding
You know froi,-. ,'aily expe-
rlence.at heme ci in the barber
shop, that the question Is—
''Why doesn't-a razor hold
Its edge uniformly from heel
to head without honing and
grinding?"   Whether it Is a
safety, with the certain tax of J
new blades, or the ordinary I
opcn-bladcd  razor docs not I
slter the question,. You,«"»"»/
tne comfort and satisfaction of I
a clean, smooth shave every i
morning with the confident \
knowledge thst  your razor
will be ready for instant use
the next time needed.
The Carbo Magnetic>azorls
the only razor unoai        n-
aUy guaranteed to do this.
Thirty years of study on the
cszor situation has perfected
b new oecret process of
positively merges every par- l
tlclo of carbon (the life of steel)
into the metal—giving a diamond-like hardness uniformly ,
throughout the blade—seme- *
thing absolutely  Impossible
with fire tempered steel—used
In making all other razors.
But tcit this rssor in your
own home—or if you prefer,
have your barber use it on you,
Olve us your name.1
or call and see the "Carbo
Magnetic" razor, and we will
stale our proposition for testing these razors without
omMgoaun on your pan lo
f^wtoai, together with our
fret booklet •< Hints on Shav.
Ing." This book illustrates
the correct rssor position for
shaving every part of tbe Ikes.
Ladysmith Hardware Co, JAP9 ATTACK AN AMERICAN
.    ,. .,     na.    t     Lh..n Lionel Terry Now Confined In   Asy.
April ».- The American,       1|W ftnJ Treato, l_ ^ |)f
The Luud.
PEKIN,      „^_______
legation here has received no inform
ation regarding tho invasion of the
United States consulate at Mukden
by Japanese, and the result of tho
clash between the Japs and the native stall of tbe consulate.
The Japanese legation also was
questioned and purtial verification
was obtained, together with expressions of regret that such a "small
matter" should have been cabled to
tho United States.
A court of inquiry has been ordered by M. Kato, tlio Japanese consul general at Mukden, and a full
report will not bo submitted to either Washington or Pekin pending a
report from this court.
It Is hoped that this Investigation
will lead to an acceptable explanation and proper reparation. A detailed account of the incident Just
received here alleges that M. Kotos
conduct was insolont. Whon the
matter was brought to hls attention
it is said ho offered no apology, and
nskod Mr. Straight to prove his
statements as against tho verbal declarations of the Japanese thugs involved. This Mr. Straight declined
to do but ho permitted a Japanese officer to examine tho scene of
the onslaught and to conduct an investigation.
returned from
(Victoria Colonist).
Lionel Terry, the former   Nanaimo abusing for tljo dlflerent stores
coal miner nnd ugitator, who shot a .»■- •
Chinese ut Dunedin
protest against
tion, is being well
Chris. Spencer has	
a  purchasing trip to Europe for the w,hic,h * h."
B. Spencer Company      In the    old vil'"le,"™ ,u
l„„,i i    i,i i,   ,   , "' "■•    ow served for   muny    mortal sins:   the
lnnd he visited the great niurts, pur   --■•••■
There is one word In  our language
havo eoine to hate with   u
r greater than tlml,    ro-
word "degenerate."     First pqpulaiv
0I ized by   a half    odueuted coxcomb;
New Zealand as Ule ho"M "nd"securing the beBt    a- .Who tr'ed to Mplaln ib" "'"verse in
0^^,— for     the* summer and fall.  ^Z si^n^lXa"^
treated by    the and    a-x arranging for the Christ-  ily and crime are all lumped under
New Zealand    authorities, according mas trade. the' ono overworked lion
to advices received from the new Do- J   'n the latter connection the Leip- un exln-'m<! Instance, of
minion by the steamer Momma.        alg fair    waa visited.    There,    Mr. '"""' " """"""  "'"'
Lionol Tuny was well known hero, j Spencer suys, was gathered the    re-'
presentatives of     over 8,000 manufacturing     firms
variety of    goods.
There came a time, not so longi
ago, when a wavo of anti-opium
lulling swept over Englund, and the
British public suddenly became very
hard to pleuso.     Parliament agreed
thnt the Idea of
a  government opl-
the one overworked heading. Tbis
course.   Thu
urn monopoly in India was "morally
indefensible," even went so far oa
to send out a  royal commission    to
The Canadian Bank
Aid. John Mocmlllan's Estimate   of
Liberal Party's Character.
Vanoouver, April 9.—"The Liberal
party of today has departed from
Its principl 8," was the keynote of
Aid. McMillan's speech before the
Asiatic Excldsion League last night.
It was the regular meeting of the
original league, but the attendance
wat small.
Aid. McMillan said that God made
the Hindus, and fitted India for
them. He did not bring thom to
Canada; tho C.P.lt. did that. Ho
expressed the opinion that every
crisis brought out a man to deal
with it. So far thatmanhad not
appearedin British Columbia and
the only way to settle tho matter
was - elect men to olllce pledged to I
Asiatic exclusion. He was a Liberal, and Intemlod to vote Liberal
principles If he had a chanco, but
the Liberal party of today had .not
lived up to its principles.
J. P. McConnell said that the
people In the cast had a wrong im
presslon of the league and thought
it was opposed to white Immigration. What wns wanted was legislation, and not riots r.nd parades.
Sam Gothard attempted to speak
but was told that If ho wanted to
mako speeches ho could hire his own
und the following from the New Zealand Times, of Wellington, New Zealand, under the head of "An Expensive Lunatic" will be of interest:
"Lionol Terry is an expensive luxury, He is costing this colony almost as much as a cabinet minister.
A southern exchar . says he is located in a comfortably furnished
room with a fireplace, and has three
wardei-B to look after him, two in
tho day time and one at night, A
tloctorfiom tho Sunuyside asylum is
to visit him at regular Intervals. No
doubt he Is well supplied with nourishing literuturo, und hat plenty of
Pons and papor to write his daily
diary, and if he smokes, he. is no
doubt humored with an occasional
box of good cigars.
This pampered lunatic—if he isa
lunatic— must be costing the Dominion something like £760 a year,
there Is about £650 worth of warder in attendance, rent, fuel and fir
ing will cost another £50, and the
medical attendance, and othor etceteras half a hundred more.
Even with all this output he Is
neither as useful or interesting from
- natural history point of view es
the lion at the Newtown zoo. If
Lionel Terry had been clapped Into
the prison gang, and made to work
hard it would have improved hlm,
both mentally and physically,
"If Torry had killed a respects! lc
citizen, or oven a politician, he
would probably havo got short shrift
hut having murdered a harmless, decrepit Chinaman in a theatrical way
ho is pettod and made much
for his alleged dementia, too much
boing made of It, Terry Is no
more mad than the ordinary criminal. Tho horse thief, thc burglar and
the plckpockot are all touched with
lunacy more or less. Their hallucination is that they can commit
crime and not be found out. But
they are mostly unpicturosque lunatics, with no theatrical pretensions,
ao literary skill.   IiiatnnVi „.    boing
who breaks tho law-
—Is not Dimply     onu of  us who lias
arrived ut some
term is usurlly applied to criminal's 'nvestlgate the whole question,
—any    sort    of criminals.  Tlie man     Now thiB commission, after travel-
anil gets caught fling     28,000    miles, asking 38,000
^^^^^^^^^ i of us wllo has am.mit    nuest|0nB      and publishing
,.,   v,  ,       a.       gone wrong, liut a degenerate, a ere-  „ ' r °
with their endless aUll.Q    jjjgty     „ Mng but8|dQ 1|lE, 2000    pages     (double column,
___________ ■ ■-    - Polj pf human sympathy,   Thls'h'ahd-, Print) of    evidence,
choice was possible which under oth- mo-down moral elussiflcution Is back- remarkable conclusions,
er circumstances wuuld have reouir- odby a,   hoa'    "'■  I'nys'uil signs-1   ..Opium," says tho Royal Commissi.        ,t .u    ,, "stigmata    ol    degeneration," thev' ,       „.   .       ,,   ,       /
ed months.     At the fair were    re- an ,.„„„,,,   ,A |0,JO,OSS ,,„,. givos yi)',,sl°n, "Is harmful, hdrmli
presented one     thousand doll manu- so many points toward a I
lecturers alone.        lt is clear there- diploma of dogonorucy;. a I
fore that Mr, Spencer was able    to hoad* 8U, ™iWi   ?•;}"«* <"
,          a ....     ,     a.   .        many;    defects    of hearing,
make a choice selection In this line, loathing, insensitive skin,
With respect to the financial situa- their assigned value. On ev
tion he says that he could see lit- we aro askod to drop tlio
tie change   ln  the old land.     The i™,od not'°" tbf\"1,a"1 'f '    ---,■•
siblo creature, thut hu belongs to tho
Immense    amount   ol business done ..educabiliu," as Cuvior
there, however, gives tho occasional and    is
. E, WALKER, President.
ALEX LAIKI>, General Ma oger
A. E IRELAND Superintendent
of Urai dies.
Bra; c' es tlimugt'out G
Md-Up Capital $10 000000
Rest      5,000,000
Total Assets.. 113,000.000
iimula und in the United  States a d England
oil havo
'ory hand
amount   ol buslnesi done    „.., ,Ui    „s uuv(or wou'd   Stty
     .0   capable    of learning, oven
visitor the    impression   that  there though with stripes.   Instead wo nre
bur been little change. to"! that man is a mere test    tube
"° full of dWorse   moral    und immoral
In   coming    west,     however, Mr. chemicals, and that tho export    can
Spencer said he noticed that the con foretell the thovi table reaction hy the
ditIons Improved the farther west ho color of tho.hair ami ttt
came.       In
_ -. cut of tho
Victoria the financial Xrtffai, element of truth in all
flurry had had no appreciable effect, this. Thore are huinuii beings whoso
Business with the firm with which natures are so Warped that thoy can-
he was identified had in fact, ln- not 8° straight. But these uufortu-
At.n_A ,i.,.i.-, «... n..t *k™. ,..„„,i,„ nates, while they furnish many of
created during, the past three months our 8!,ll8utiulla,, u„.u„dorstandablo
as compared with other years. crimes, are roally only a tiny   pro-
In the old country there was    no- portion   of our criminal population.
tlced deep Interest in Canada.    The Th8 average   criminal, at the bogin-
Dominlon wss all the talk.    On the J1"* °'his career' ,|s *<"? "'uch nke,
K the average .ion-criminal.     Ho   may
steamship on which he crossed to UG( uaUalIy is, a littio moro lazy, u
New York, at least one-half the first little more impulsive, u little loss
and second    class oassenirAi-w    were ffivon t0 estimating tho remoter cori-
■ bene-
■ombroHO j ''Cial, according to thu uiuusuro   und
discretion with which it is used.
'■It is (in indinj tho universal ro-
inudy in households.
"It is extensively administered to
infants, and the practise does not
appear to any extent injurious.
"It does not appear responsible for
any di.sut.se peculiar to itself."
As to tlio trulnc with China, the
commission states, "Responsibility
mainly lies with the Chinese government."
And finally ((which seoms to bring
out the pith of tho matter), "In the
presont circninstances the revenue derived from opium is indesi>ensible to
carrying on with efficiency tho government of India."— Success   Maga-
Furmortj'   Paper   Discounted.
Deposits of SI aud upwards received, i nd iutere I all wed at
curren intes. The deposit -r is subject to no delay whatever jit
the witl dinwn! of the wlio'o or I
nu delay
■ any part of the deposit.
class passengers
John w. ubatfitN.
President ami Maimglru.j Director.
Gordon Grant said he had been
very much impressed with Aid. Mc
Miilan's romark that "when the time
comes the man comes," He was
> strongly of the opinion that the man
had not come forward In Urltish
Columbia on theAsIntlc question.
iv one of the Itrltlsh Columbia ropre-
* sentatlves ln the Dominion house fill
tho bill.
iterary skill. Instead of uu.
placed in n comfortable room with
fireplace and a fow nic-nacks on the
mantelpiece, they are fed on broken
victuals and set to making bricks or
picking oakum.
"Prison is tho proper place for
Terry, not a dainty, curtained draw
ing room with state-paid menials in
waiting. Or if this is only a picturesque preliminary to an inevitable liberation, whv carry this comedy any
further? If Terry is bound to be
{Wen his freedom sooner or later, in
the nnmo of nil that is economical,
why not now? Or, if he is to bo
continued iu liis privileges and prerogatives, Is it to bo understood
Lhat this may bo takon as a precedent, nnd that all the quasi lunatics who may run amok in Hninlng
street aro Ho have equal privileges
ond oqual exemptions? The whole
thing is preposterous.
bound for Canada,
— ■- ■■'—■■—-»
Toronto, April 0.—Application was
sequences of his acts, and that is all
Ue commite crime either from the
conjunction of impulse and opportunity or from calculation of profit.
Train him to curb tho impulse, 01
show him that crime is unprofitable,
_- — 1Vnd ho drops tho business;
made before the Master-fn-Chambers And    that is    precise];
if he can.
 ^^^^^^^      _._ — ~v .a    tuuuiauiy tho wny in
on behalf of former director* of the w,lich 0VQl'y om (,r   Us hlis won   to
nr(niJ„ u-.t, *„ /..ii. ai   i __ whatever     moral    position    ho may
Ontario bunk for further partlculore bM t0(|ny     Thot.„' ]Si „d shar|1 dl^
nl    action taken against them    by ision     botweon   tho   alicop and tho
the    curator of tho hank.    The ao- goats.    Tho mini who  can look you
bv between tho oyoa    and sny   that he
.   has never had a criminal Impulse, is
curator of the bank,
tion is to recover losses made
speculation and dividends, but
earned.    Judgment reserved.
Toronto, April 10— The Un-.
• Ited ' Empire     Loyalists   have
* passed    a  resolution   favoring
* a  union     between Canada and
• the British West Indies.
."2—        t
oithor a most accomplished liar _.
has a conveniently slippery inomoi-y
—Oeorgo L. Kniipp, in April Lippin
cott's. .
Montreal, April 9.—Bank clearings
for the week ending today totalled
?27,3SG,628, as compared with $20-
280,005 for tho same period of last
OfFiCE  HOURS ON PAY DAy   B:30 B- mi l" 12\ i.^ *" * "'
1              in.    H p.m., to S:aO p.m.
I*A'i)ySMllTJ  ItRANCH   M L. IC. DeQEX, Manager
1'LYAIOUTH, April 9.—The
weiiian    tank   steauier Nelios,
crew of which were rescued in
ocean by tho steamer Majestic,
* WASHINGTON, April O.-Presldent
Roosevelt will make n tour of tho
world, imitating General Grant, uf-
a ter the expiration of his term of office.     He will lie absent atleast one
This statement was made authori-
  tntlvely at the  Whits House  today.
Tho April American Magazine con- His    ae-iared    purpose    In    going
abroad Is to give Secetary Talt, if
he is elected president, a free hand
tains a  popular scientific article entitled    "Tho     Case Against Mars," 	
and the author    Is Harold Jacoby, ln a(imini«terlng adalrs of the g7v-
professor of astronomy In Columbia „,.„„,„„. -in...... -—'. .-» .
All Home Cured
hobuis bt. iiuicner
reporled yesterday, was abandoned
in north latitude 44, west longitude
39. she had encountered a terrilic
storm whloh lusted three days. Her I
bunkers wsro broken and the vessel
listed badly. i]er cargo of oil invaded the stoke and its overpowering fumes compollod the crow to a-
bandon the vessel.
The accident to the Nelois occur- Calyury, April 9.—At a meeting ol
red on Saturday last. There was the Alberta Fish and Gamo Protoc-
great apprehension that the oil lion Association held here last night
would reach the iiros und a disss- it was decided to introduce quail
trous explosion would result. One into the province, and a committee
hundred and sixty tons ol oil   were was upyointed to  secure birds    and
Tie Jones Bote!
Gatacre Street.
MDYvITfl B. 0.
VANCOUVER, April 9 .-At a
mass meeting of the employees of
the mechanical department of tho
C.P.H., held ln Vancouver lost night
It waa decided that ln view of the
recent developments in the industrial
world, a Joint    committee represon-
' vo of ovory department of rail-
work, should be formed,
tripped of any attempt to hide
the meaning of this decision ts the
barefaced fact that ihe omployees of
'he company In Vancouver nre determined to band themselves into a
stronger organization than the com-: iump sum 0f js for    hotol and
lumv has ever had to deal with   for
Public Accounts Committee Open Investigation into Expenses of Recent Commission.   Men
Had a Snap.
OTTAWA, April fl.—Tho Public Accounts Committee of the Commons,
today opeiunl an investigation into
oxponsoN of tho Commission
which investigated the Georgian Bay
Fisheries In 1905, 1906 and 1907.
The commission was made up ol
Prof. Princo, 'Commissioner of Fisheries, and Messrs. K. D. Birnie and
J. J, Noble.
Prof. Princo was I--'oro the committoo todny and suited that Messrs. Birnie and No hio at first received ?7 por day. but wore subse.
quently paid $10 por day, it being
stipulated, howovor, that thoy wore
to furnish details of thoir expenses.
This, they said, thoy could not do,
and accordingly an ordor-in-councll,
| passed hint May, allowed   thom   the
University. Prof. Jacoby denies
that we know enough about Mars
to warrant ovon a guess that the
planet Is Inhabited. We don't even
know that there are
eminent without any influence from
Roosevelt as far as his policies are
In   confidence he told an intimate
friend that he had no desire to dom
pumped from the bunkers but the
tusk of removing the remainder of
the oil was beyond the efforts of tho
The hurricane with the accompanying heavy    seas rendered it impossible to remove the hatches to allow
the fumos to escape    Before leaving
a    any markings ,„„,«;,""     "" u"'ra lo aom-
I, he says.     The ' admlnlst™U<>n-t°-bo,
and to
of regulating wages
to travelling   ex-
onsen in addition
and penses.
I It was brought out that those
Tha ««•.,». n.nn.ii.1,— . ,. „« counts hnd not yot beon passod by
The recent cancellation by the O.P. tno „uditor ge^,.al am, pilymon't
«. of the wage schedules of ths mo- thoreforo, woro mndo in tho nature of
f'lianiia brought to a Mad the idea 'ndvanros and according to McCarthy
of forming one huge organization of "' North simc0°. c6uld aoi b0 (l01,lt
mechanical workers. The men |», I^^Ed Olrnlo scorned to
.-..- *u..* ,. __ „„„„„«„_. _.__.,..j fc(r ,,w,o |,«ir-i,i-twu- -aupttrncu accounts
thousands of employes of all trades, 'or livory (aro, for which thoro was
ii empowered to confer with the'but a sl"B'° vo,lchcr- McCarthy
company on vital matters It ,vlii cMmaa tl"lt " lho1'0 w0™ a"y ''™-
hoJ.,. t ,™a 'V*'11 gularltios tho government would still
nave a greater weight than a dele- havo opportunitv of demanding a rogation     representing    many   single '"nd.
Several. Itoms, such as "cigars and
in   Birnlo's  ac-
it    wns claimed,
place himself beyond criti-
to get out of tho
country. He declared that the Taft
administration would stand on its
own bottom, and that ho had no desire to exert any influence over it.
VANCOUVER, April 8. -A   largo
section    of Vancouver Conservatives
exact size of Prof. Lovell'l photo- cism he Ae8inA
graphs of Mars is three-sixteenths of
an Inch In diameter, and even this
Is after the largest magnification in
the telescope. The original photographs aro the size of a pin head.
"All this photographic experimentation, therefore,' has not yet resulted in good pictures more than
the original three-sixteenths of    an
inch in diameter and produced by |)nsso(1 a „.„,„..■,,„ tonight :f'avoring
purely photographic process, though Sir Charlos Hibbert Tupper ns Van-
somewhat larger negatives may pos- couver's cnndiilnto In the next foder-
Mr h. produced in the future. All &«^*£$* ^.uTclTl
larger published pictures have   been tornte.
produced from hand drawings, and Tho meeting did not claim to rop-
am therefore simply visual observa- resent tho whole local party, and did
n„— wh. niu-.,i -u-i—»..nhi. not wish to nrouso disaffection in Its
tions.      Ths    nlleged photographic mnks  so |(. uM m anouW thogo
fWincntlons hnve been made by the favor|ng Sir Charles fail to secure
same observers who have studied his nomination at the regular con-
Mars In tho telescope—trained obser- vontion they would join in support-
-—     Thsy.    have observed    their ing .tho -*™™1"™'9 "•""""»•   A
o all    arrangements lor     their
A motion was also passed instruct
ing thu secretary tc communicate
with the Dominion government in regard to having a Hah hatchery established at Itanu*. This would
mean that half a million trout
every year     and
the vessel the sea cocks and hatches would __ liberated
wero opened to facilitate her sinking Alberta would become a  fishermen's
as she would le a menace to ship- pojajj,,,
Ping in her condition. J     4
4  ■	
P.O. Box 54
'Phone 44
Dealer in All Kinds ol
Meats Delivered free of charge on the
Shortest Notice.
.   , , ;•-,; quisitibn will bo circulated for signa-
tiny photographs: again the eye, op- turha ot ui„otois favoring tho nomin-
trades. HL____________
Thli action    Is highly Important,
^BM^mt0 mimA "" °V" tb* TO"nliaTlowod°
whiskey" appeared
count, but theso,
'But you passod an order-in-coun-
cll to make it good for »5 per'iHiy"
Bald Bennett to Brodeur.
"No," replied tho    minister, "but
tic nerve and brain wore brought Into play, and exactly the same causes as bsforo Impair tbe accuracy   of C0§,p?n'c„al.io
these   ViBnil!    nhani-voflnn-   »*   -h.t-
ntion of Sir Chiirlos ami asking him
to allow his iitiino to gu boforo tho
If the
oir     unnl-Ies
visual  observations of photo- |r|on(|9 uy lottor t
roeontly    Informed
that he was pledgod
to the Pictou N. S., Conservatives,
public knew how hut was in the hands of the   party
and Mr, Borden. Should they doom
it wiso that he, also contest Yuik'oii
ver, ho would uecopt a nomination.
.Am^h         CITY'    M°.. April 9. - " io™" Mr. Bonnott Is aftor    Blr-
"SShope provallod today   that    ail n|o. "ot tho dopartmont.    Let    him
tha\*i«k   W0 .    ,)0 kerned botweon S° "hoad;   I havo no objections."
m It*. _Ti f ,   °Po™tors* joint com- "lt'» you I'm after," retorted Bon-
mUfna.iT    . co"al,Jorlng tho wngo ™tt, "nnd thoro won't bo much loft
Molds       wlf    uma "' tho s""thwost "' y°" whon wo got through oithor"
small are the real photographs,   but
little weight should be attached   to
tl.o auppoaed  vo.JHc.tlo,.  upou    ttiolu
ol these extremely faint    geometric
"We conclude that neither hy vie- BOSTON. Mass., April 10. - Mrs.
,,„i „. 1 ,,-a. -u. ,a Catherlno C. Tucker, matron of a
ual nor by photographic evidence Dorl|no hos|,Hlll 80Uth Dofltoll| lo9t
has the existence of nn artificial not- hcr life lost night In an nccldont
work of markings boen proved, or caused by her fnvorito cat. It up-
even rendered highly probablo. With "t n lump, and In a vain attempt
to save hor pot Mrs. Tucker rocolvod
burns from which she died. Mrs.
Tucker fvns tho widow of dipt. Thos
  .v «v.if into session,
tho miners seemed to ho Just us determined as ovor not to ngrco to
anything but a 1 yoar scalo whilo
tho operators .wore holding out for n
throe years' ngroomont.     f
National President Lewis, of the
United Illne Workors of America,
who was oxpectod to como to Kansas City in an olTort to sottla    thu
ANSONIA, Conn., April 9.-A big
freight engine on the New York,
New Haven and Hartford railroad
blow up early today at Wheeler's
farm, a point about three miles be-
♦K**r<l!.00Btod"y' '"'""nod tho minors ,ov Derby*    Two niett we"> badly In-
that his presonco was needod in   tho iurod, one of them may die, and nn-i
. "thar    painfully hurt.   The locomo
tive, ono of the now mogul type, was j
completely wrecked and the roadbed
torn up for a  considerable dlstanco,
Halifax,   April   10— Empress
Britain arrived here nt 7 a.m.
•ailed for St. John at 8 a.m.
this tho    question of Martians    Is
mads superfluous.    Tho time has not   „.
yet come when we shall havo to en. Tucker,
quire whether geometric lines Indicate the presence of Intelligent Inhabitants; that time will arrive If
the lines themselves nre ever shown
to possess a real or even a highly
probable existence."
Confetlorato commander,
who wns klllod aftor the Civil War
hy tho explosion of a boat - on tho
Winnipeg, April ?.-Hugh McCowan ad States
prominent    architect and ploneor Paul Roy, who married an American
nf Winnipeg, died suddenly Inst eve- woman known as Olucla Calla,   and
PARIS, April 9— The ministry ol
Justice, to which the foreign    olllce
turned over the request of the Unlt-
for the extradition     of
ninn- aged 67.
NEW.YORK, April 10. —Ono, person is known'to have been'burned to
death nnd anothor llfo Is believed to
havo beon lost In a flro that drove
twonty families from
Pitts stroot oarly today,'
who has been accused by his wife ol
killing her brother at Nowlngton, N.
H., has decided that no law exists
in this country undor which Roy can
be given over to American authorities.
The minister of Justice declares  lt
BALTIMORE, April S.-Today Is
an Important anniversary ln the
history of tho Roman Catholic
Church in the United States. It was
just one hundred years ago, that tho
archdiocese of Baltimore was established. At tho same time four important dioceses (now archdioceses)
wero constituted, as.follows: New
York, with Bishop Concannon as
Its first bishop; Boston, with Bishop
f'hjcvorus as its first bishop; Philadelphia, with Bishop Egon as its
first bishop; nnd Bardstown, Ky.
with Bishop Flnget as its first bis
Trinr to this Important event there
wns but ono Catholic bishopric In
the United States. Bishop Carroll,
who was appointed ns the first American bishop in 1700, hod the en-
tiro country for hiB diocese. Ono hun
dred years ago thero wero not over
sixty rntliolle priests in tho United
States and not more than seventy
churches. The nowly established
metropolitan seo of Baltimore, with
Bishop Carroll nt its head, and tlio
four suffragan sees nl Boston, Now
York, Philadelphia anil narditown,
constituted tho Catholic church organization of tho United States.
Up tn tho days whon the. Irish famine of 18-17 brought thousands of
Immigrants to swoll the Catholic population of tho country, one metropolitan see, that of Baltimore, and
one blphoprio sufficed for the entire
country. But before 1850 the num-
bor of bishoprics had Increased to
ovor twenty. Today the 11,000,000
communicants of tlio Catholic church
in the United States nro looked after
by fourteen archbishops end ninety
bishops. Tho number of priests ox-
coed fifteen thousand and there aro
moro than twelve thousand churches.
Tho centennial    of the nrchdloceso
Ottawa. April 7.—Two sessions ago
the Commons Agricultural Committee passed a resolution suggesting
that Hon, Fisher should associate
himself with several provincial ministers of agriculture and proeeed to
England to interview the British
board, and induce them il possible to
remove the embargo on Canadian
cattle, but according to the return
brought down by Fisher yesterday,
ho has dono nothing for the reason
that in view ol tho repeated ropre-1
sentations made by tho Dominion
government, and the persistent refusal of the British government to
amend the existing law to admit importation of live cattle into the
United Kingdom, such action will,
in hls opinion, be both futile and
Somo important amendments to
the Yukon Placer Mining Act are
embodied in a bill which was presented to Commons by Oliver yesterday. "Creok" is defined to be
water courso less than 150 feet
wide on an average. Caveatts filed
against a claim shall lapse at tho
end of ft month unless proceedings
he taken in court to establish cave-
ntto' title. Provision is made for
mining on townsites known to con-
tola gold.,
Boundnry lines on claim of creek
or river are to be run in same direction that is parallel or at right angles to base line of creek..
In ense of two discoverers, claims
of greater sl?e than ordinary may
I.o staked. .
Hereafter full fee for removal from
claim is not to bo paid for fractional portion of year.
Union Brewing Co.
Ladysmith,  11. C.
and Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding and  Party Cakes Made to
Fruits and Cnmlics of All Kinds
Prices nre    very   reasonable.    All
Customers treated alike.
On tho Esplanads.
Ladysmith, B. C.
Of Baltimore Is to he observed    byl   PASSAIC, N. Y., April 8. - Two
nn elaborate colebratlon to be    hold Il,rothors Iost tholr llvos onrly today
here tho latter part of    this month. llrovod^TuUT0 "'i'" "'""''i *'""
Tha notnnroii.n       in u   t .a , |froyo<i tne building nnd serious y en
tne celebration    will he held Immo-ldnngercd olglit families.
__^^^t^^m__mmmmr._.  , „„„„    a houso In would    be a  violation of   France's
Wreckage, tho removal of which wlli!'s supposed to'VbblhaT' of Wlluom' ,"'lllcl'?h to deliver a citizen charg.
irobably require most ol the day, Is Ch,osn<"'. a young man, found In the M wlth * crte" ln " 'f"»lg- coun.
strewn over the tracks [.""v  An,°1',?0I  boy ,a holleved  to try, but it rulei thnt Roy can
— ..._... nave been killed. protecuted In Franca.
.... , „ „.. ~=.     Tho   tono-
diately before or after the annual n"!nt home stood noar tho Erlo rail-
meeting of tho Roman Catholic arch-l"™J '™ckf. nnd th,° flro ;*'a8 dlsc"v-
,, i.       ,    ...   .,   a   '      At .   ored by    tho   onglnocr of a passing
bishops In Wnshlngton and tho mootvJtraini who sol,ndod tho ttiarm with
ing of the trustees of tho Catholic tho locomotivo whistle. Whon thc
University In thnt city. It Is ex- flromon dnshod Into tho houso, they
rested that all of tho members of «t«»»Wed over a^body at th«» foot
,„,,.— „ ..   ,,   ,  ,      _',-..    of tho stairs.    It was thnt of   Wm-
m.[ the Roman Catholic liolrnrchy In the ,0nmpbell,  who had dlod  from   suf-
bs United States will tliorefore be able location.   Aftor thoy found tho body
to attend the celebration. .'of Alex. Campbell burned terribly.
\    Full Stock of Itinera' Tools.
Ship Repairing Work
A Specialty
All kinds of Blaeksmlthlng
Bons at Short Notice. ■uniaLii
We have bow a complete Assortment
of the Newest lines of
■ Kmmmmmm
After being closed down for three
days the local foundry-will open up'
at full strength on Monday again.
The foundry was stopped merely to
A general meeting of the Lady,
smith Tennis Club was held on last
Thursday    evening   at    the   Bank
allow of alterations being made    to aoon)s.    There was a' good attend-
cope with Its ever increasing business , . . _.    . „_  ..
In addition to the   manufacture   ot a™ ol m-*ma    and the following
stoves,   concerning    which a special  ofllcera were elected for the year:
advertisement    appears in this issue!   Hon.    President — Rev.    fi.    A.
-nil   i-miiiv  mil-   panrlArn ' u^ff,
fet^s Fufi)i8l)ii)gs ;i
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4a>a^>a>a,aya^a.a,a,a,a,a,a,a,a,a>a,a,a>^ 4 a>a/a>a,aJa>a>a>a,a>a,a a
which it will well repay our readers
to peruso. The foundry is increasing
its general Jobbing work. There aro
two large orders on lie now, and up
and down the line the work of the
foundry is establishing a reputation
which will ensure It being kept busy.
It has done extremely well all winter and promises to become a big
and flourishing concern. ,
The local painters are much in evi-
j the effect that seventy flvo conts had
many times boen paid for reserved
seats at the Opera Houso and not
nearly as good valuo received as the
peoplo who attended the concert got
for ton conts. Miss Malpass who had
charge of affairs, and who trained
tho children, clearly demonstrated
her abilities, as everything -went In
aro Porfect ordor, and it certainly renect-
andi0*1 g^nt   credit   on hor ability and
dence these days.   The Hotels
being given their Spring coats      ,
tho Portland   Hotel   has  Just been i indomitable perseverance.
painted    within   and   without right j  J    j,§
through. Tbe Europe Hotel is now
being treated and S. Roedding has
given his store on High Stroot a
gorgeous fancy covering.
NEW YORK, April 10.—A storm
of protest haa been raised by tbe inhabitants of the borough of Queens
because Mayor McClellan and the
Board of Aldermen wish to name 50
new streets ln that borough after
mythological gods and goddesses.
The clergy branded the proposal   as
absurd and ridiculous" and pointed
out the fact that many of tha old
Greek and Roman dleties were dr-
ectly helpful for educational purposes
that the names would serve aa an
inspiration to the younger generation to tbe study of tho classics.
The matter was warmly debated
until "Little Tim" Sullivan, the
Bowery leader, took a hand and
said he would not stand for the
naming    of the streets for such    a
bunch of dead ones." It was then
voted to put real live names on tha
lamp poeta.
The body of tho young sailor who
was drowned off tho T. Wharf so
long ago us February 26th was recovered yesterday. An Italian was
fishing for Cod when his hook
caught in the clothes of tho dead
mon. The body was frightfully decomposed, and was tied up waiting
the arrival of Cornor Davis and undertaker Hilbert.
 »■    .
After looking all over winnors the
Moors wore again defeated on Thursday afternoon by tho Knights. This
was the third game, und for tho
third time, the brown crescents went
down before the Whito Cross Knights
They have lost tho Cup. They lost
it on Thursday on their forward play
They had all the best of the second
half on Thursday afternoon and wece
pressed for tho greater part of the
tunej Yet they failed to score, whilo
the Knights found the net tftf.ee.
Three to one was the final rnnult.
Willie Bourne sustained rather
painful accident in the mine
Thursday. He was riding on tho
front car of an empty trip, with his
foot on tho tail ropo from tho motor
Suddenly thc pin shot out and tho
hook caught Dourno by tho loot. The
point passed right into tho foot and
it will be a few days boforo he is
round again.
Yesterday was puy dny here, and,
as the mines were idle, the streets
wore unusually lively.
President- Mr. Q. M. de Gex.
Vice-Prosldent. — Mr. O. B. Kltto.
Secretary Treasurer- Mr. N. M.
The minutes ot the previous meeting and the accounts for the year
were agreed to.
The secretary reported that the
court had been put In order and
would be ready for use as soon as
the net and tapes had been fixed up.
The club has lost ten members Bines
last season, but in their place, fourteen new members wore elected. I
An entertainment committee of
ladles was ' appointed to undertake ,
the management of teas, etc., for
tournaments,    consisting    of    Mrs. j
MONTREAL, April 8.-An Important judgement lias been rendered at
the Court of King's Bench by Justice Cross, who dismissed leave to
appeal in case of Jos. Disney, who
was aequitted by the court of sessions on a charge of infringing on
the Alien Labor Act,
Disney was accused of securing the
services of American workmen on behalf of the Dominion Car and Foundry Company. His Lordship disallowed an appeal on the ground
that although the act, generally
aiieaklng, forbade Importation of
foreign laborers, suoh Importation
was nevertheless permissible ln cases
where a suff|C|ent number of skilled
workmen could not be found here to
operate a new industry.
■ 1 4-	
EMERSON, April 8.-Esnma Goldman crossed tho International border
into the Unltod States last night
without interference from the American authorities. Miss Goldman
wnlked from Emerson across to Noy.
es, Minn., on the Soo line where she
boarded the flyer for St. Paul. The
American immigration officials did
not Interfere with hor, in fact they
appeared to be very solicltlous for
hor comfort: It Is said she was detained last night on instructions
I from Washington and that there were
[cancelled today and she was inform-
Cavin opened out his shoo ,ed that she could    proceed on   her
New York, April 10- Margaret
Carnegie, only daughter ol the steel
magnate and heiress to his millions,
is again able to romp and play a-
bout like other children. Two years
ago tho little heiress, who was then
nine years old, was playing on the
lawns of Skibo castle, her father's
summer residence in the Highlands
of Scotland, when she caught her
foot ln a small hole and fell to the
ground, spraining her ankle. Although tho accident did not seem serious at ths time it was soon found
necessary to place tho leg in a steel
bracewhich has had to be worn ever
sines. It waa feared at first that
the sprain might develop Into a permanent lameness, but New York's
leading doctors were consulted, and
after the most careful treatment during which the young heiress
obliged to give up all play for
year, she hes recovered and Is
strong and well as ever again.
Frost, Miss Ramsay, Miss Hill and
Miss McMillan.
Mr. Haverfleld was elected an honorary member for his past services
to the club, and a vote of thanks
wae accorded to Mr. Blalkle for getting up a team for rolling the
On a motion by Dr. Frost, seconded by Mr. H. Ward, the membership limit was extended from 30 to
The club look forward to a good
season and anticipate several club
and inter-club tournaments.
Tho secretary -will be glad if members will pay their subscriptions to
him at the bank on or before May 1
Lass • o>
Over 500 pairs of thesp to
choose from and one of tlu
largest assortments ever shown
ln Ladysmith in prices ranging
from 50 cts to $7.50 pair,
Cl)ii)a J])atMi)0
Gilelotajs ai)d
If you are thinking of replacing the old ones with a new
one It will be worth your while
to give us a call.
Prices from 15c to 75c.
Headquarters for House
. ♦	
Job Lot Snaps
J. E Smith,    Roberts Stree
LTelephone, 1 2-4
Nanuim i
New Store
IV ew I y Stocked
All Kinds of Wall Paper.
Picture   Framing a Specialty.
2. %ddii)g
High Street.
n c.
Dp. %& dm
All Work Guaranteed,
Mr.  O.
store yesterday.   Mr. Cavin has been Journey,
rushed,    but he   was  able to start
with a good Btock and a taking display.    He should do woll with    his
new venture.
Windsor, Ont., April 8.— Justice
Riddell, of Ontario high court, has
Jed a warning to all parties Interested In Canadian Klondike Mining Company that unless a settlement of tho dispute between the
shareholders is received before Saturday he will appoint a receiver for
the company.
OTTAWA, April 8.-A meeting of
members and senators was held this
morning to consider ways and means
of promoting Earl Grey's Quebec
battlefields scheme, but nothing definite done. Another meoting will be
held later.
OTTAWA, Ont., April 8. - Frank
was'Nichols, editor of tho Geological survey publications, has been dismissed
.from Government service on the al-
as j leged ground that he Inspired publl
(cation In Mining and Scientific Press
jof San Francisco, of the severe criticism of Dr. Spencer's work on the
falls of Niagara.
Born Before    Waterloo, She Leaves
94 Gnat-Great- Grandchildren.
Ottawa, April IO- Mrs. Elcctra
Daggett, who la dead at Lawrence-
vllle, N.Y., at 100 years ot age,
smoked her pipe to the very last.
Her husband haa been dead for
yean.    The age of her three    sur-
In Illinois by the Aid of the Larger
Cities 1014 Saloons Voted
Out of Existence.
Dr. Davis was in town yesterday
for the pupose of folding an inquiry
on the body of the snttir found in
the Box Thursday.
Mr. Southern of thi, C.P.R. wns in
town yestesdoy.
Mr. P. Williams went down ths
line on Thursday morning.
Mr. R. P. Pettlplece, of Vancouver
went down to Victoria this morning.
Mr and Mrs P. Hutchinson and
daughter are in town again.
Mr. A. J. Lindsay, business manager for the Wellington Colliery Co.,
was in town on Wednesday.
Mr. John Ballis wont down to Victoria yesterday morning.
Mr. John Colin wont down to Vli-
toria yesterday morning.
Mr. A. J. Waskett went down to
Victoria yesterday morning.
Mrs. P. Fletcher went down to her
home in Victoria yesterday morning.
Mrs. H.
on    the
Thornley was a
Victoria   train
Tho Best on tho Market,   and  the
Best is the Cheapest, |
The following prices are subject to
5 per cent, discount for Cash:—
Per Square yard 50c
Per square yard   55c -
Per square yard ,  00c
Per square yard  05c
Per square yard  .'.  70c
Per square yard   75c
Floor Oilcloth 85c
Hall Linoleum and Oilcloth from
25c to  50c
G. Peterson
Files and Tackle
For All Kinds of Fishing.
Phone 18.
First Avsnue
Washington, April 10.—A sub-corn-
jmlttee of ths Senate committee ol
Those,"who failed to attend theconl"" Watrlet of Columbia today made
cert hold In tho Finn Hall last Wed- a favorable report on ths house bill
nesday evening under the auspices of to prohibit batting at the Bam
the   Royal   Temperance  Legion will —— , Mk       n_,--_- n.- .
no doubt bo on   hand In good time T* . Mk*      CB»,r»>an Carter    of
for tho noxt ono.   Tho hall was woll *"• committee w'B report this   bill
illled and    a   vory much rarer treat to the senate Monday,
than anyone anticipated was in store !                             a
for tho audience.     Everyone presont j   WOULD-BE MURDERER DIES
acknowledged the programme as par .
excellence.   A small admission foe of     kvvc vrm&r   i .." »     — t.' -_.
wife and daughter In tholr home in
| East 24th street last night, and put
a bullet Into his own head, died in
the hospital today.    The -wife    and
CHICAGO, 111., April 8.-Tho liquor contest in Illinois has resulted in
58 a -drawn battle with the saloon winning decisively in mbSt ol tho larger
cities, but losing in scores of smaller
viving children out of twelve ag- ones. 1014 saloons being voted out
gregatea 246 years. jof existence.  The returns as collect-
Her mind waa clear up to tha day ** °? townships are evon more im-
of death, but her   sight andhearlttg
were much impaired.     Among
pressive from prohibition view point
™» 828 townships or moro than J    of
her the total number boing closed       to
descendants are 24 great-great-grand the  saloon.     Only by   winning the
children ' . , larger cities did the liquor interests
t save  themselves  from  a   complete
comments made at the closo wore to
We have in stock all our
Spring Hats In Derby's Crush
and Telescope shapes.
Shades in Grey, Fawn, Black
and Bronze.
In the newest and neatest pal-
terns just arrived.
Call and see for yourself and
we guarantee you will not be
daughter are ln a   serious condition
but It Is believed the- will recover.
Liberals Repudiate tho Famous Resolution Passed by it Condemning Governor Melon's in
Summer of 1900.
OTTAWA, April 8.—Returns are being made to the House of Commons
of resolutions which Premier Laurier ,
received, in July 1908 Irom the Yukon Torritory Liberal Association, de-'
nouncing in most unmeasured terms
Hon. W. W. B. Mclnnis at that time!
Commissioner   of    Yukon. Territory)
and demanding his dismissal by the I .
crnvornmnnt PunM       tkli,     a.aaa.ai.aij     '
PORT ARTHUR, Ont., April 8. -j
The City Council has decided to au-1
thorlze the adoption of eastern time,   TORONTO, April 8,-Never within
for regulation of city business, thus the „, of *,„, hM    , „
adding    one hour   to evening  day- „,„ WBVe  created   such dire havoc
mldnlght, Mo;- 2nd.    It is  expected ront0(    „   0CCUI.rel, last   , w     d
that Fort William will follow suit.
For Kennel Brand Hats.
William's Block
government. From this correspondence it seems that after branding j
Mclnnis in tho resolution as notor-i
lously untrustworthy, vain, self seek
ing, immoral and drunken, tho same
association In November following
passed a resolution repudiating the
othor resolution as spurious and de-l
daring that so such expression had
been authorized by the association. I
> •  ■
WINNIPEG, Man., April 8.- Two
employees of the City water Works
department met death this morning
while digging for a new artesian
well. The flow of water waa so
greet that the men had no time to
make their escape and were drowned.
WINNIPEG. Man., April 8. - The
weather la clear and warm today,
and the ground Is drying quickly.
Seeding has started at a few points
but will not ba general before tha
beginning of next week.
Cast an&Steel
TEED, and we will show
you overy part going Into the
Stovo In course of manufacture.
. . Don't buy a Stove said to be
as good as ours, but PATRONIZE HOME INDUSTRY and.
get the very best on the market
Come Direct to tho Foundry
and make your own choice.
Mclntyre foundry
Company, Limited
i [«>»%%%«««,
this morning, and for that matter Is
occurring still for the waters are
still raging. The whole shore line
for miles ou both sides of the mouth
of the Hlralco creek, west of the city
is ground to pieces and swallowed
up for twenty feet back The mouth
of Mimico Creek became a huge bay
and all flats are covered to a depth
of several feet.
Electric poles along the lake shore
between Windermere Avenue and
Humber fell over this morning,
tlrely stopping cars, and passengers
had to walk between these points.
The track is seriously threatened,
and great damage has been done on
the south shore of the Island and it
is feared that if the storm continues
much longor a channel will be worn
straight through tho Island to ths
bay.. Down at tho beaches Kew and
Balmy, tho storm has never bean equalled. Waves have forced their
way 100 yards further Inward than
ever before, and families have been
taken out of their cottages In boats.
OTTAWA, April 8.-The springlike
weather of the lost few days changed to a blizzard, Traffic ls difficult,
particularly on street cars, and the
outlook decidedly wintry.
MONTREAL, April 8.-Montreal Is
in the throes of a heavy snowstorm.
The majority of tho Ladysmith
players went down to Victoria yesterday morning.
Messrs. A. E. Hilbert, W. F. Nor-
rls and J. It. McKinnoll went down
to Victoria yesterday morning to
visit the Aorie of that city.
Messrs. Thornley snd S. Weaving
travelled to Victoria yesterday morn
ikg in response to an Invitation
from the Eagles of that city.
 „    4
Engine Strikes a Huge Boulder and
Upsets-Engineer ls Killed.
Kenora, Ont., April 10- At McMillan, a few miles east of here,
last night the engine of No. 97 west
bound, struck a large boulder that
had fallen on the track from a rock
cut, and was completely overturned.
Engineer Geo. Love waa fatally injured, dying before the hospital was
reached, The fireman, Sanborn, who
Jumped in time to save himself, sustained but a few scratches. The
mall car and passenger" coaches
matned    on the    track.    Engineer
Love leaves a wife and one    child.
FORT WORTH, Tex., April 10. -
Following an attack on a. twelve-
year-old white girl, May Morris, at
Long View, Tex., yesterday, Albert
Temple, a negro, was captured by
a possa and lynched. The negro
confessed bis crime after he had been T
identified. He was taken to the --
court houss yard, a rope placed a-
round his neck, a horas driven from
under him, and he was left hanging.
The mob- quickly, dispersed.
Whils returning home from a visit
in tha neighborhood the girl was
seized by the negro who attempted
to carry bar into a nearby thicket,
but dropped hor and ran when her
screams attracted the attention of
aa old negro,
SAN FRANCISCO, April 10-Viee-
Pratldant J. Hill and General Passenger Agent I*.. A. Millar, ol the
Chlchgo, Milwaukee aad St. Paul
railway have dosed a deal In Japan
it is aald, for a trans-Pacific    ear-
Choicest Pruts.
Cigars.  Tobaoeos.  Soft Drinks:
Trains Leave Ladyimith
Dally at 9 a. m.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday
At 9:00 and 15:58.
For Victoria.
Train /\rrive at Ladysmith
Dally at 11:67.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday,
At 11:57 and 17.85.
From Victoria.
District Passenger Agent.
103 Government St.,       -    Victoria
_„- .«,„_,'   ,   ....   „       vl«a for tha company's new overland
LOS ANOHLHS,   April 10-Yanr. r,Uroad whlch „ WBg bMlt t0 S(at
!l_!\ " a*oai*ia* **tn '•'■ tie through Montana and Waihlng-
lowed the brave act of Wong Ohung toB „,,, wiu ^v, „„„ on ttMr
Sa, Chinaman rancher, who seven way hom t0 oh,cago ^^ ^
yaars ago saved the lives of scores Their deal is with the Osaka Sho-
of passengers by closing an open chen Kalahal Company, which will
switch on the P. Railway. malle «_,  thlrd j,paBM, rt.^.p
wong dkd at   the county hospital company   plying between the Orient
today.    The chinaman had • ranch aBd American Pacific porta,
ou one of the southern branches    of ,
the Southern Pacific. Ha aamaup- Mt them. Wong fell and a step of
on an open switch that had been „„. of the coaches struck him on
opened by tramps. A passenger the back breaking his spine. At tha
train was due end Wong started to ho^iui where he waa sent a heavy
turn tho twitch In place.    Tte raila piuig,    coat waa    find to Wong'a
■ ForEaster:
' ' —^.^mm—m————. ' *
:: ;;
:: Latest in Collars ::
.▼ Hand Embroidered Llnon . ■
■ *       Collars 50c T
Tlos to match
.. Hand Embroidered Linen
and Lawn Stocks 40c X
■■   Hand-mado Ribbon Collars 80c T
" *       Lace and Chiffon Stocks       ) \
• '•      '        ' "
.. ■ ..
i: Miss Uren i I
■•      FANCY GOODS  STORE.      " *
Excellent Boarding
Special iuetii Tickets for.
the Week
Mrs. 8. Decker,
Notice is hereby given that we Intend to apply to the Liconslng Commissioners of the Olty of Ladysmith
at their next regular meeting for a
transfor of the Retail Liquor Licence
now hold by ub for the promisos
known- as tho Now Western Bar. La-
dysmith, B. 0., from ourselves to
John Puuscho and John Uunhiir.
Ladysmith, B.O., March 81, 1908,
THAN WOOD:   .   .   .
H. Thornley
A Girl to dn house.   Apply,
First 'Avsnue.
i   Toronto, Aprll 8.—The demand for £"■£*•
BOSTON, Mass., March 98. — The
annual report of tho American Sugar Refining Co., of December 20,
;1907 was Issuod to the stockholders
, today. Tho profits and loss account
shows not returns for the vear 1907,
SB,789,_91, seven por cent, dividends, Including that of January 9,
1907, IB,2l)»,l)ao. Surplus for the
yenr, *3,449,801.
*»%*«# awung into place Just aa the
good farm laborers keeps up in Ontario.
-Local agent for Liverpool 4b   Lon-
  don A Globo Ins. Oo.   (Flre).   Only
Patient— Doctor, how long    does thoso who can secure a share of bull usually take one to recover from a'"0™ "«><l apply, to
t'ata body ,hd he remained In it until ha an operation for appendicitis?     .    „ox 0aa Vancouver. "^
dtsd. ......       t,    Doctor- Physically or financially*


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