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The Ladysmith Chronicle May 19, 1909

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With Which Is Amalgamated the Ladysmith Standard.
Vol. I.
Ladysmith, B. C., Wednesday, May 19, 1909.
No. 75.
Are Now Ready
To Let the Contract
gaged to make certain changes suggested.
It wns decided to hold a special
meeting meeting next Wednesday
evening at 7 o'clock, and thc coun
cil then adjourned.
Tho city fathers were" In an amiable mood, when Mayor Nicholson
called the council to order Monday
evening, and they had every reason
to feel in good humor. Tlie sewer
by-law had just been adopted by an
overwhelming majority, and the
mayor informed the board tbat be
was in receipt of a cheque for $1800
from tha Provincial Secretary, which
was to be used in settling thc accounts against! the city in connection
with the smallpox epidemic last
There were present: Mayor Nicholson and) Aid. Dier, Brown, Matheson, Roberts and Campbell.,
After the minutes of. the last meet-
ing'had been read and approved, the
rlerk read a communication from
Hon. H. D. Young, enclosing a
cheque for 11800 to defray expenses
in connection with tbe recent epidemic.
In this connection the mayor stated that'this would make nearly $2,-
800 received from the. Provincial Government for the purpose, and he lelt
that the city had been generously
treated. The Government, he said,
had refused to pay .the claims advanced by Mr. Trembath and Mrs.
Hutcheson, and had also refused to
pay the funeral expenses and the
cost of the suit of clothes lor Dr.
Danks. A portion of the expense in
connection with the keeping of the
child at Mr. Trembath's house was
Tho communication was received
and filed and a vote of thanks tendered the Government for tbe aid
rendered in connection with the
smallpox epidemic.
Jas. L. Brown, secretary ot the
Cumberland Celebration Committee,
extended an invitation to the city
council and citizens of Ladysmith to
attend the celebration on May 22th.
The mayor felt honored at the invitation, but pointed out that tt
had been the custom of Ladysmith
people to attend the Nanaimo celebration on Victoria Day, and the
Nanaimo people reciprocated by
turning out in great numbers to attend the Ladysmith celebration on
Dominion Day. In keeping with tnis
arrangement the council could not
very well accept the CunlUcrland cole
The communication was received
and filed and the clerk was Instruct
ed- to aend a suitable reply.
Accounts aggregating' S65.C0 were
presented and referred to the finance
Road Foreman Callendar reported
that he had examined the school
ground! and that the rock that
would require to be removed (herefrom would cost about $13.
The council ordered the work attended to.
The returning officer reported to
the city clerk thatthe sewer by-law
had bun carried, 63 voting for tho
by-law, 6 against and one spoiled
Under the order ot new business,
Aid. Dier expressed his objection to
street corner fakirs. ■ These nonde
scripts paid no. taxes, and Injured the
business of permanent merchants. In
the course of a abort discussion, lt
transpired that the street fakirs were
assessed 15 tor one or two nights'
operation and peddlars had to pay
$60. The mayor said the matter was
governed by a by-law in force, but
be agreed with Aid. Dier tbat tbe
tax should be prohibitive.
The sewer contract came up for
consideration, and it was decided to
harry matters as much as possible.
The money would be available in a
short time, and there was no reason
why ths contract should not be let
at ones. With this object ln view
it was decided to wire Mr. H. McDonald, of Victoria, to come up, and
meet the council at a special meeting to be held Wednesday evening.
Mr. Brans, the engineer, will also
he Invited to be present, and the
clerk will write the B. 0. Pottery
Works to get prices on sewer pipes.
The mayor again brought up the
subject ol making some ImprtVe.
meat* tn the city ball, and this pro-
posal was endorsed by the alderinen
Tenders wilt be asked tor papering
tht hall, and a casaonter will be en-
By-law Passed but
Declared to be Defective
Ther eturning officer did not have
to work very bard handling the ballot papors while voting was taking
place on the sewer by-law. Tho vote
was inexcusably small, only 70 ratepayers as!<ng for ballot papersi
This does not mean that the citizens were not interested in the,pus-
sage of the by-law, it simply implies that the public wero so well
satisfied that tt would pass that, little interest was taken in the voting. When the ballot box was opened at 7 o'clock, p. m., Monday ev-
cving, it was disclosed that 63 had
voted for the by-law, six against
the by-law, and there was
one spoiled ballot. Returning Officer Morrison then made thc customary declaration, before M. Matheson,
3. P., and ths return was in due
form handed in to the council.
Local and General
News Notes
A syndicate of Winnipeg and "district old timers havo written to R.
M. rainier to arrange tor the "location of forty families this fall in the
Victoria district. They will have
capital of a quarter of a million.
The many friends of Mrs. Mary
Harris are congratulating that lady
on her appointment as Grand Chief
of the pythlan Sisters. Thc election
took place at tbo convention held at
Rossland last -week. Mrs. Reid was
one of the delegates from Ladysmith.
Messrs. Harry Ward and W. W
Walkem havo purchased one of thc
E. & N. Railway tracts adjoining
the city and recently cleared. Thc
plot is about three and a ,half acres
and both gentlemen will start at once
thc erection of houses on their pro
The secretary ol the Alberni Conservative association is in receipt of
the following trom Premier McBride:
"Permit me through you to express
my grateful thanks to the people of
Alberni for the expression of sympa-
Word was received at noon to-day j thy at the public meeting held ml'
that the sewer by-law as passed last der the auspices of thc Conservative
Monday is defective. The copy of association on May 4th."
the by-law as passed by the city
council and published in this paper
was the draft forwarded to the city
council by Mr. Brent's legal representatives , at Victoria. The by-law
cil and printed In the paper two, ad-
ond the proof sheet read by the city
clerk, but lt appears that alter the
by-law had been passed by the coun-
was printed from the original draft
ditional sections had been forwarded by tbe Victoria lawyer to be inserted in tho by-law. Of course it
was too late to do anything, nnd lt
is presumably the absence of 'these
two clauses that causes the complaint urged now against the by-law.
It was no fault of the city council
tbat these two clauses wero left out,
and It looks ns if Mr. Brent should
assume the responsibility of their
non-appearanco in connection \?lth
the by-law. The situation just now
is a peculiar ono, and it looks as if
some unseen forces were conspiring
to prevent Ladysmtth having a sewerage system.
uously opposed by council for thc
accused. The constable presented a
letter from lawyer Kennedy, In which
it was stated thnt ho had made application to the Chief Justice asking
for n rcscision of thc original order
(or a rehearing, and that the panic
would he heard by the Chiet Justice
at Vancouver next Friday at 10:30
n. in After further argument the
police magistrate adjourned the further hearing until Thursday,- May 27,
at  1'30  p.  m.      '*.
Ladysmith Defeats
Nanaimo 3 to 0
George Meredith, the great English
novelist, is dead. He passed away
early yesterday morning at London
Eng. The immediate cause of death
was heart failure. Mr. Meredith's
illness began on May 14th, and he
has steadily declined since then. The
funeral will be held Thursday.
Scores of literary lights will attend
the services.
Preparing for Dominion
Day Celebration
Everyone is now asking whnt is being'done with regard to the hospital.
The A. & B. Fund committeo has
done Its work, but as yet nothing
has been heard as to what the business interests of the city are prepar
cd to do in aid ot the hospital. It
looks as if the interest In this pro-
jeet had been permitted to flag, and
it is now up to the Citizens' League
to resume the agitation.
The secretary of the Now Alberni
Board of Trade has heard from the
Vancouver Board in reply to the resolution that was passed at the last
monthly meeting and forwarded to
Vancouver. The request, that tho
Vancouver .Board lend its influence
As will be seen by an advertisement in this paper, the mayor las
called n public meeting for to-night
at the' city hall to arrange for tho
celebration of Dominion Day. It is
desirable that there should bo a
largo attendance, so that commit
tees may be appointed at once, and
arrangements tor thc celebration
proceed without delay. In tho pant
there have been many really good
celebrations in Ladysmith, and there
British Columbia has had a taste
of thc quality of Sir Wilfrid Laurier when he comes to deal with tho
Ontario is now beginning to realize
will not soon forget his treatment ot
Premier McBride's demand ior Better Terms, nor the stone which he
flung at the people when they asked
tor bread, says the Victoria Tost,
subject! of Provincial Rights, and
the possibilities of thc Canadian Premier in tho direction of disregard
for such rights when opportunity offers to grant a concession to somo
corporation in which conspicuous
friends of the government are interested, i
It may be only a coincidence that
theProvincial Government of Ontario, like that of British Columbia, is
not of the same political faith as
that of the immaculate One, but the
position is tbat the Federal Government is passing a Bill which gives
parliament jurisdiction to authorize
tho expropriation of Provincial
lands, and to modify civil rights ov
er which the Province by the British
North America Act has exclusive
control. The expropriation is for a
private corporation, which is seeking
to obtain by this means what tho
Provincial Government refused.
Tho attttude ot the Ontario press
is not. unnaturally hostile to the proi
posal. The Toronto World roundly fl~t
declares that Sir Wilfrid's devotion'
to Provincial Rights Is largely "Up
service," and that he is willing to
invade Provincial jurisdiction piecemeal. There is a general concensus
af opinion that if Mr. Conmee's bill
.should ultimately become law, the
Legislature of Ontario will have to
resist Its operation. Even Mr. Ayr
lesworth, the Minister of Justice,
has publicly declared that the Federal Government has no power to
enforce its statutes, but must depend
on the Provincial Executive. That
Executive is not bound to recosa'-'c
a statute which it claims that Parliament had constitutionally no right)
to pass.
Here for thc    present the matter
In thc first game of the replay ol
thc long drawn out Isiand League
football series Nanaimo went down
ingloriously to defeat last Sunday.
Thc game will go down in thc history of football ns one of the ,rent-
cst matches ever played in British
Columbia. Nanaimo camo down
with a lull torcc of rooters, and it
seemed a real pity that they" were
not given an opportunity to indulge
in their- time-honored practise of
shouting themselves hourso. The
game was a fast one from start to
finish, but nt no stage of tho game
did tho United team manifest by
their playing that they could be regarded as serious rivals. Thc game
started about 3:15, nftcr Mr. Locks-
loy had culled the players to the
centre of tho. Hold and warned them
that any serious infringement of thc
rules would bo penalized. Adam immediately started thc ball in motion,
with thc aid ot linesmen Hart   and
Turiibull  prevented   all rough  iiluy.
t  ♦ * .
Many of his intimate friends ii.is-
took Bob Hindmarch for a pull
bearer when he boarded thc train
for Nanaimo Sunday and naturally,
As far as at present knowa, ten
Ladysmith line-up next Sunday' will
be tbe same as ployed in rne last
game, although Crozier s laid ip at
the present time with a sprained
t > t
On Monday, May 24, tho lc'rtl lennv
travel to Vancouver to meet thc Col-
tics on tho Brockton point grounds,
and undoubtedly they will oliy i"s
the  Island   Champions.
Tbe Knights of
Pythias Convention
Messrs. Joseph Sanderson and S.
K. Mottishaw returned Sunday evening from thc Knights of Pythias
convention held at Itosslnnd last
week. Both gentlemen speak in the
and for a time the Ladysmith team highest terms of thc treatment they
pressed tho visitors' goal.    After a j received during their visit to   Ross-
few minutes' play it was quite apparent that Ladysmith wore determined to win, and that they were
trained to thc minute. In midfield
Hooper and Crulckshanks collided,
the result being tbat the former lost
his wind for a fewmoments. He
received a nasty jolt, but recovered
land, nnd regnrd the recent convention as the most successful in tbe
bistoryof the order in the Province.
The convention lasted for two days.
Tbe report of Emil Pferdner, grand
keeper of records and seals, said in
part that although the year has
shown an Increase in membership the
soon enough to make it interesting increase is not such as was expected,
for the     Ladysmith defense.    Just Duringtho past year the suspension
about thla   time    McDowell put a tor non-payment ot dues was a little
couple of nice   shots into Walker's more'tban one-half of the Initiations.
hands, but tbe custodian ot the Nanaimo goal smartly saved, and was
loudly applauded by bothe Ladysmitli and Nanaimo Spectators. Tho
goal came on well near the
close ol the Erst bait, during a
splendid rush of the L.u.ly smtth for
wards right up to the mouth ot the
Nanaimo goal. During the melee Mc-
towards   an   encouragement   of   an j rosts, anil the whole episode furnish
early commencement of railway ron-Je9 an interesting study, nnd a  sing
ular    confirmation of the prevalent
t*truclion at that end ol the «
N.    extension  was   promptly acted
upon and the   railway   commission
was communicated with.
Thc Novelty Theatre was crowded
to tho sidewalk on the opening night
of the new programme. There wero
many good pictures, but thc most
interesting ono was "The Wages of
Sin." Tho following is the programme for next Thursday nightl
A Trip Through Russia, the tiypslcs'
Revenge, Manual of a Perfect Gentleman, Talo of a   Harem, Bathing,
is no reason why the approaching the Pasha'B Nightmare, Romance  ol
observance ot Canada's natal day
should not surpass all former efforts. Someone has suggested to
The Chronicle that it Is about time
a change were made in the stereotyped form of celebration. Above
all other days Dominion Day should
be made attractiveto young Canadians, and it Is only right that children should be greatly concerned iu
the festivities of the day. A chorus
ot natfonal songs by school children
is always an attractive feature ot
Dominion Day celebrations, and no
doubt tho youngsters of Ladysmith
would be pleased if the committees
recognize their rights to participate
in the day's sports in this or any
other way. Several citizens have
also commented favorably on the
suggestion offered ln a former Issue
of this paper to offer a prize tor the
moat attractive lawn, and others
have remarked that Inasmuch as
there are a great variety ot flowers
grown here it would he well to make
n beginning in tho way ot holding
an annual flower show, No doubt
the committees will carefully.consider/
the best methods of making the day
an enjoyable one for everyone concerned ln the proper celebration of
tho national holiday.
opinion of British Columbians thnt
Sir Wilfrid Laurier has a much more
tender regard for tho interests ol
certain Eastern capitalists than for
the rights ot tho Provinces.
Inonler to prevent this he said:
"Perhaps it would not sound well
to incorporate In our rituals an appeal for the payment of dues, tt
may be going from the sublime to
tho ridiculous, but necessity knows
no law, and perhaps a well-worded
admonition in tho conferring ot
ranks, relative to tho duties of the
Klein Rehearing
Postponed Eight Days
the Alps.   Songs' I am tor You, aniF
Won't You Let Mo Call You Sweet
heart.   They are all   good pictures
and should attract largo audiences,
A correspondent of The Chronicle,
writing from Now Westminster yes
terduy says: "The conference 1b
drawing to a close. The stationing
committee who appoint the ministers
to their fields are having a hard
timo and have been working away
in the early hours of ths morning.
On Sunday three young men were
ordained %jio had finished their training for the ministry. Dr. Burwaah,
who has been connected with Victoria University for 55 years, Is visiting the conference; also Dr. Graham,
secretary of education for the Methodist church, and Dr. Manning ofthe
Missionary department, all from Toronto."
The ease of L, C. Klein, who was
granted a rehearing, came up again
to-day before Police Magistrate Harrison. Mr. George A. Morphy appeared for Klein and the charge being rend a plea ot not guilty was
ontered. The constable on behalf, tion thanked
ot the prosecution applied tor a re- consideration ot
nuind for ono week, which was siren- withdrew,
It now looks as it thc matter
Sunday sport would come to nn is
sue. Yesterday u delegation from
Nanaimo waited on the Premier nnd
presented their enso against Sunday
football in that city. Tho deputation maintained that thc influences
of Sunday sport tended to discourage tho settlement ol desirable citizens, and as a result Nanaimo became a dumping ground ot disreputable characters, Tho Prcmior, in
reply, expressed the hope that tho
movement in favor of a bettor observed Sunday would continue to
grow, and that If the majority of
the people wanted the Lord's Day
Act enforced, it would be put ln operation. On account ot the configuration of the country there would
be some difficulty in enforcing its
provisions, but the flrst step had
been taken in the enso of baseball
atNorth Vancouver. The member for
Nanaimo had Informed him that he
would present a' counter petition,
and in ths meantime ho would with
hold hlr* final answer, but the matter would be presented to the Cab-
lnot, and an answer would be forth
coming in a lew days. The delegates Premier for his
the   question  and
Dowelt popped the ball into the member to his lodge, may not
goal Just previous to this Hooper
had his only chance to score, but instead of dribbling ln with the ball
shot too far out and the ball went
wide. The second halt started with
Ladysmith having the prestige of
one goal, and Nanaimo men practically disconsolate. Adam, as in
the first halt, persistently fed his
wings, although he was continually
watched by tee Nanaimo defence.
Thc second half had not progressed
far when' the home team invaded thc
visitors' territory. Walker socurcd
thc ball, nnd before ho could get rid
of it, Adam was on top ot him
forcing him   to drop  the pigskin, i
Brass came to thc rescue nnd drove local lodge had prepared an elabor-
the ball Into the corner of the net. ate picture production ol thc tnm-
Nanaimo occasionally found their ous play, "Damon and Pythias."
way towards the Ladysmitli goal, I Altogether the trip wns an enjoyable
but the sterling defence of Rogers one, ami the Knights who wore prc-
and Crozier reduced thc onsets to' sent will never forget, tho Rossland
n minimum ol danger. Grainger in'convention.
Ills   new    position    ns   centre hall »..    ■•   ■■ ■■
j stuck  like a  leech to Hooper,     and TUB DOCTORS.
I hold blm down lo perfection.   Wynne 	
! played tho NanaUuo left wing to n, To enter the medical profession ia
, standstill, mid certainly played al („ fl,,d oneself in most noblo com-
| great game. MoDowolt, being in tho pany, When Dante wns led by Virol; pink ot condition, was never seen to I E|| into thc presence ot "thc  master
amiss and mny be the means of
keeping down, to some extant, the
non-payment of dues." The contributions by subordinate lodges ot
2197.35 to tee Tranquille sanatorium,
the relief given the Fernie lodge
owing to the destruction of its property by fire, and the good condition
ol tbe widows' and orphans' fund
weregone into. In concluding bis report, Mr. Pferdner pointed with satisfaction and pride on the progress
ot tee order during the years that
he had been a member.
Tho visitors had a most enjoyable
time. Thc entertainment provided
included a trip to Trail, where   thf*
better advantage', and two ot the jot them thai know" he saw Arls-
goalu were to his credit. The third totlo surrounded by a group of tbo
and last goal was scortd by Mc- sages of antiquity. Look at them
Dowcll, after having secured the'ns (|,cy arc Introduced ono by one,
ball above centre Held, he rim right j and you will see that a fourth of
through the Nana into defence and! them bear, names illustrious in niedi-
plnccd thc ball In thc net. McGuire 'fin,.. To take noto ot but one-"
was n continual source ot annoyance Hippocrates Is there. The student
to Hurley and Mitchell, and kept j will not turn to his pages now to
them guessing Irom time "to time learn what' has to he taught, in moil/
with his tricks. McLeod and Brass cm text books or class rooms. *ict
make a good wing, and the termor's'he will do well to lay to heart tha
centering wns nlmost. period. Adam' spirit that guided "thc lather ol
played the same game that hi: has!medicine" In drawing up the oath!
for the past ton years, and while he imposed on the students ol the.Htp-
dldn't score, he contributed at least
his share to general results. Dougnn
had little to do in tee goal, but
he did that little remarkably, well!
and effectively. Poor old Paddy Hewitt got his hip hurt towards the end
ofthe game and. retired all ln. Walker, during a scrimmtga tn tee goal
month, had a finger badly jammed',
and it is hardly likely teat cither
of   thenc   men  will be seen tn the
pocratlc school. "With purity and
with holiness," the candidate was
made to swear, "I will pans my Ufa
and practice my art. Into whatever houses I enter 1 will go into
them for the benefit ol the sick,
will abstain Irom every voluntary,
act of mischief and corruption."
In tho long succession ol those
who have enlarged the bounds ol bis
science the student will meet with a
game next Sunday, although Poddy great army of men who have kept
declares that ho will be on the field I the spirit of that oath under higher
11 he hns to come In on automobile. | sanctions than wero open tn tho pi.
The score ended 3 to 0 In favor nl.oneors whom tec mediaeval poet con•
Ladysinith, and th* spectators well (signs to a place In his inferno bo-
satisflod that they had their' mon- cause, though blameless of sin, ther
ey's worth.   Roloreo Locksley   ccr-hnd not been bnptized.-Sir Alexnn-
*°lnir'""'""' -"" "•• THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
There Is Money Being Made in Lots
in   Hast'ngs   Townsite,  Vancouver
I have several for sale at ruling prices.
Rotary Public
Head Office  •  -  Toronto
CAPITAL $10,000.000: REST $6,000,000
Dank Money Orders
?.-. aud under         -         - 3 cents
liver t"> Mid not exceeding $10, O "
•'   $10      "       "           ?30, 10 "
"   $30      "       "           *50, lo "
Thess orders are payable at par at ar-y office In
CHnada of a Chartered Bank, except In the Yukon
and at the principal banking- points in the United
' They ar« negotiable at M:90 to the £ sterling- in
Great Brinln and Ireland. Ihey form an excellent method of remitting small sums of money
v ith eafetv and at email cost and may be obtained without delay at any office of the Bank.
As yet the council has not heard
from ths smelter company as to
what arrangement can be made for
the supply of current lo the city.
It may take a few days yet to prepare a statement, but in the meantime it would be well for the council to be getting ready to put in its
own plant, so that there would be
no delay in the event ol failure to
enter intQ satisfactory arrangements
with  the  Smelter company,
LADYSMITH BRAKCH   L. M. de Gex, Manager
Pusllshed by Carley & Carley at Ladysm'th, B.C.,
every Wednesday and Saturday.
$1.11 a Yaar in Advance. 25c Ptr Month
Advertising Kateson application.
POR BALE—IS ft. Rowboat, S
cashions, I carpet and one-third interest In boathouse. Apply to J. A.
Knight, Ladysmith, B, G. *
Editorial Comment.
Only six ratepayers of the City ot
Ladysmith voted against the sewer
by-law. We will not waste time in
attempting to make an inventory ot
the mental equipment of those six
individuals; but it must be admitted
that students would find much to in.
terest them in a study ol the man
who would these days cast his vote
against an adequate system of sewerage. It is to the crodit of the
councilmen that they have decided
not to wasto a moment in giving
force to the sentiment of tbe ratepayers so strongly expressed at the
polls. A telegram was despatched
at once to Mr. Brent, and the council sent word to Mr. McDonald, the contractor, to hasten to
Ladysmith, so that arrangements tor
nn early start could be completed.
Mr. McDonald has had a great deal
of experience in putting in sewerage
systems, and the council have wisely decided to get all the benefit of
this experience. There will have to
be some preliminaries settled, but
" there is no reason why work on the
sowers should not commence at once.
The    ratepayers have declared    tor
Bewers, and nothing can be gained
by further delay in beginning operations, therefore the contract should
* be signed at once, and the contract-
or     instructed     to    proceed    with
the work.
The Provincial Government has
forwarded to thc Corporation of tho
City of Ladysmith a cheque tor $1,-
800 to aid in the payment of the expenses incurred by the recent smallpox epidemic. This In the second
donation, from the flame source, the
former ono being between $600 nml
$700, making in all nearly (3,500
This donation, it must he distinctly
understood, Is not in any way to be
regarded as a precedent, and the reason why the government lelt dlspos
ed to be generous in this case arose
from the foot that the local authorities adhered atrictly to the Instruct
ions, of the Provincial Health De
pnrtment. It Is generally admitted
that tile epidemic which visited Ladysmith was properly handled, ln
fart barter than hag ever been done
pi" any other city In the Province.
At a remit ol this Intelligent management, the epidemic was soon
stamped out, and tho business interests of the city did not suiter to the
extent thnt would have been tbe result had there been a less rigorous,
enforcement ot thc health ordinance..
the first "there wero a lew skeptic*,
notably in Alberni, who suspected
the movement to have been con
eelved by the people of Victoria tor
the sole benefit of that city at the
expense of such other communities as
might blindly fall into line."
We have the choicest lots in
Hastings  Townsite
for Sale.
Come early and get first pick.
Real Estate
First Avenue, Ladysmith
Nanaimo people arc bad losers, and
the Herald wilfully misrepresents thc
true facts when it suggests that the
Ladysmith men played rough toot-
ball. Ladysmith undoubtedly, played
to win, but the rough play, what
there was of it, could be traced to
the ill-nature of several members ot
the Nanaimo team.
TO RENT—Five-roomed House,
plv ftt Telephone Afoot.
In the matter of an application for
a Duplicate Certificate of Title to
Lot 2,   Block   29 (Map   703   A)
Town of Ladysmith.
Notice Is hereby given that it   is
my Intention   at   the   expiration   ot
one month trom the date ot the first
publication hereof to issue a Duplicate Certificate ot Title to said land
issued    to   William Deverldge   and
Henry lleifel on the 3rd day ot November,  1902, and numbered 8203 C.
Registrar-General  of Titles.
Land   Registry   Office,  Victoria, B
n,. tha «th rtnv ol Anrll. 1909.
Box 173
Phone 43
For Meats
Geo. Roberts'
Meat Market
Cor. First Ave. and Roberta Street.
Light and heavy teaming.
Furniture and piano moving
a specialty.
Nicholson & Weaving
Telephone 1.
The   Alberni   Plooneer News   stilt;    We cany a   large stock ot Fancy
persists in thc belief that the bust- .St»tJtMH),
ness of   the   Vancouver Island   Development   League   is conducted  exclusively in the Interests of Victoria.   The Pioneer News says that from*
Novelty Theatre
Masonic Building, Ladysmith
New Programme
A Trip Through Russia, thc Gypsies'
Revenge, Manual of a Ferfect Gentleman, Tale of a Harem, Bathing,
the Pasha's Nightmare, Romance of
the Alps. Songs' I am for Yon, a ..!
Won't You Let Me Call You Sweetheart.
Admission: IOc and 15c
Matinee Prices Sc and ICc
John W. Coburn, President and Managing Director.
The Ladysmitli Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Fir Lumber,
Red Cellar, Shingles and Lath
If you want any Home Cured Hams
or Bacon, call around to
Ryan's Meat Market
Have Your Houses Plastered
Fot Terms apply to
C. HINE, Plasterer, etc., Ladysmith, P. 0.
Cement Sidewalks a specialty.
F. C. Fisher
Studio in Williams' Block.
Shoe Repairing
I am ready to repair Boots   and
Shoes.     Batisfaction  Guaranteed'.
Corner Third ave. and High street,
near Queen's Hotel.
Express and Teaming
Wood for Sale.
Real Estate Profits
If you lived in Vancouver you would hear every day stories of men making huge profits from a small
investment in Real Estate.
< It is simply a repetition of the history of all great Cities in their growing period. Seattle, San Francisco, Spokane, Chicago, Milwaukee, Denver and a hundred other cities in the United States as well as
our own Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and now Vancouver have made and continue to make great wealth
for those who invest in suburban property that is as sure to increase in value as it is true that to-day
followed yesterday. There is in Vancouuer to-day a good deal of suburban property that will double
and treble in value within the next two or three years.
Ths>City of Vancouver will double in population within the next five years according to the most conservative estimates, and with such rapid growth going on, it takes no prophet to foretell that a wise
investment NOW will not only be parfectly safe Dut will also yield very large profits.
If you will look at the location of
the black triangular shaped p'ecein
the accompanying map you will see
that it is favorably located as to
street car lines.
If you were on the property and
could see its beautiful location as to
view, etc., you would feel as I did
when I first visited "Cedar Cottage
Park", D. L. 393, that it was the
most favorably situated piece of land
to be had for the price or double the
price in fact, near the City of Vancouver.
"Cedar Cottage Park" cannot fail
to become very valuable property in
the near future and therefore I would
advise you to buy as many lots as you
can in this sub-division.
Lots in "Cedar Cottage Park" are
sold on very easy terms, so easy
in fact, that' any wage-earner in
Ladysmith may pay for at least
one lot from his monthly earnings.
Come to my office for a map and
learn fuller particulars as to prices,
terms, location, etc.
Baby Carts
Now Arrived
All Styles and Prices.
Within reach of everybody.
Also fine line of Mattrass-
es. Linoleum from 50c to
$1,00 per yard.
Furniture Store
Local and General
At Ladysmitli, Mny 17th, to the
wlfo of Mr. Hutllcld, Roberts Btrcct,
a  daughter. •
A tipcclnl meeting of the school
board wns held on Saturday night
at Mr. Stewart's office. The tenders
for painting thc school fyerc opened
and J. E. Smith was awarded thc
Muny tnmoiis men huvc their, names linked with Sherwood—Ktyg.Jobn,
tlie three IMwni'clfi, Richard III.,
Cardinal Wolucy and Charles I.—but
(lie hero ol the placc, the "genius
loci," is Robin Hood.
Some think that thc famous outlaw of the ballads was u myth, u
mere poetic conception and a creature of the popular mind, but Mr.
Hunter in his research into the person nnd period of Robin Hood holds
that he was born between 1285   and
A missionary meeting will beheld im< Uving through m r(jign 0, the
in  St.   John's Church on Saturday,! ^.^ ^^ ^ .^     ^ ^
yearn ot t|ie third.    He was of    a
family of some station seated   near
May 21, at 8 p. m. The Vcn.'
Archdeacon Scrlvcn will bo thc chief
speaker. All those interested in missions arc cordially, invited to attend.
Go To
J. J. Thomas
for Canvas Shoes in all sizes, for Men, Boys
and Youths, also in Ladies', Misses' and
Children's, In White and Brown.
Also a lot of very Pretty Hocks for Men
tnd Fancy Hose for Ludiei.
A few lines in Men's Hats to clear.
The Truth
It has been said lhat it takes a rich man
to draw a ebeok, Ahorse to draw acjit,
A pretty girl to draw attention, A toper to
draw a cork, A free lunch to draw a crowd
tnd Globe Suspenders to draw your trousers up.   TRY THEM.
Mr. Alex. Crawford desires to
thank the many friends who contributed so generously to the collection
taken up in his behalf on pay day.
Ha wishes especially to thank
Messrs. Fulton, Robinson and McGuire, who remained at the pay office to look after the collection. Thc
sum collected will be of great assistance to Mr. Crawford at thc present ttme.
Tin tiHiviif tuin unit) will li li Hint for
Hosiery  Bargains
This week at
Children's cashmere ribbed
hose. Reg. 35c to 45, Selling at 25c and 35c.
Boys'worsted Hose. Reg.
35c to 50c, selling at 25 and
Ladies' cashmere Ho3e.
Reg. 50c, selling at 40c.
Ladysmith Bakery
Cakes ol every description, lane
and 'plain. Candies ol all-kinds
Fruit ot all kinds. Fresh bread ever
Reasonable prices. Come and se
our lines and leave your orders? W
give careful attention.
Hop Lee, Prop.
Esplanade street,  Ladysmith.
Ice Cream
Carter's Store
lee Cream lOo a plate.
MAY 24th
Loave Nanaimo 8. lo    Leave Victoria 9.00
"         "   * 13.15       "         '
Leave Nanaimo 8. IS Leave Ladysmith 9.00
ii         <■     10i5    it         ■<
"     14.00     "          "
"          '•     13.45     "          "
14 00
• •          ii     15,5     ii          .<
•'         "     17.00    "         "
.'  -     "     20.00     "          "
i.         ■■     22.15     "          "
ii          ii
MAY 25th
Liave Nanaimo 8.15    Leave Victoria 9.00
"          "      15.15       "
This circular cancels any previous advice
regarding train service on MAY 24 and 25.
Dist. Pass. Agent.
Wakefield and supported the Earl of
Lancaster in his rebellion against
the government. When thc carl fell
anil liis followers were proscribed
Robin I loud took to the woods, and
supported himself by slaying the
wild unimals found in the torest und
by levying u species of blackmail on
passengers along thc groat road
which united London and Berwick.
This continued for about 'twenty
months, from April, 1322, to December, 1323, when he fell into the king'ti
power, wiio for some unknown reason not only pardoned liim, but gave
liim a place at court. Anyhow, a
man of the name of Robyn Hodc was
a "varlct" ot tlio king iu 1324.
Dr. Spencer T, Hall says that
Robyn was created Earl of Huntington by a London ballad writer hard
up tor a word to rhyme with Littio
John. Be this as it may, Robin
will always be the hero of romance,
and those who love romnnco will re
fuse to believe that he never existed.
Will Celebrate  Victoria   Day
With A Record Day's Sport
Record Attractions,   Itccord Programme
Record Prizes
Children's Sports,    Field Sports,   Launch Races and Regalia.
Sports Handled by Athletic Club under Sanction ol B. 0. A. A. V.
MONDAY,   MAY  24th
Two Mile Walking Race, Hindoo Wrestling, Flat, Hurdle and Obtlacle Races,
Launch Races and Water Sports.     Water Concert by Nanaimo Male  Voico Party.
Excursion  Rates On Alu Truss and Steamr.Fis
•^est   One   Day's  Sports   Ever  Held  In   Province
railway station, and spent several
of the station-master, with whom
she  drunk tea.
Princess Marie-Louise of Schlcswlg
Holstein is paying one of her period
ical visits to Ireland, and will make
a stay of some duration with her
groat friends, Lord and Lady ,Oran-
more, at Castle Macgarrett, in Mayo
The Duchess of St. Albans and Lord
and Lady Aberdeen will also entertain the royal visitor. Princess
Marie-Louise is the most democratic
member of her house, and spends
much time in the East End on behalf of the Church Army, travelling
from, place to place in omnibuses and
trams. She can also boast of having ridden on the elevated railway
houre in the friendly companionship
In New York. During her last visit
to Ireland she missed thc Wain—or
there was none—at a remote little
Apropos ut the possibility ot communicating with Mars, Sir Robert
Ball is nut himself very sanguine,
tic once humorously remarked that
if a flag of thc sllc ut Ireland were
wavci! trom a pole to match, there
was Just a ghost of a chance that an
astronomical Martian might perceive
tho ghost of a flutter on. the earth.
Sir Robert Is noted tor his wit, and
even iu bis lectures on scientific subjects he Is not averse from indulging
in a little pleasant humor. Tho famous astronomer iB, indeed, one of
thc most genial and kindheartcd ol
men, and his catholic tastes and
great experience ot men and things
make him as popular among laymen
as he is in tho world of science.
Lands for Sale
FOR SALE—Express wagon In perfect order and harness. Apply Arthur Howe, Chemainus.
FOR SALE—Four roomed house in
good locality in Extension, B.
C.   Apply Ike Storey.
Agricultural, Timber and Suburban Lands for sale.
For prices and location apply to the Land Agent at
Victoria or the District Land Agent at Duncan.
Town Lots and cleared Suburban acreage for sale
at Ladysmith. Apply Land Agent, Victoria, and
Townsite Agent, Ladysmith.
Notice is hereby given that it is
our intention to make application to
the Board of Licensing Commissioners of the City of Ladysmith for a
transfer of the retail liquor licence
now beld by us In respect to the premises known as the Columbia Hotel
situate on First avenue, Ladysmith,
from ourselves to Joseph Tuesz.
B.  L.  WOOD,
Ladysmith,  B.  C, 5th May,  1909.
Ililbert & McAdie
practical embalmers
First class Hearse supplied in Ladysmith.
open day and night
Telephone No. 262 and 180
P. O. Box 735    -      •    Nanaimo
Dr. R. B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
repair. Eighteen teet over all
Bpecd, 71 miles. J. C. Pendray
P. 0; Box 508, Victoria, B. 0,
I SlU T. J. Tripp t Crt
MitriM Whirs]
Purine the season we have sold * lane number
of wacons, implements and logging tracks.
EMrrUiIng carries • fiiaraitee.
litttr Strut
Three Specials
FINK CEYLON TEA,  3 lbs. for $1.00.
FRESH GROUND COFFEE,  3 lbs. for 81.00.
GHOIOE CREAMERY BUTTER,  3 lbs. for $1.00.
Faultless Canned Vegetables, cost a little more
than the other Brands, but we sell them at the same
9  CANS CORN    for ...$1.00
0     "      PEAS     '"  1.00
0      "      BEANS   "' ■..., 1.00
I'      '.<      TOMATOES for.  L00
Compare our goods with those you get from others.
200 New Suitings for
Men, from $10 to $20.
Newest Designs.
Derby Shoes
The best and most
stylish Shoe sold today.   Price $5.00.
New Neckwear, New
Shirts, New Hats, Men's
Fancy Sox, especially
bought for the Holiday
Walters &
Time Table No. 7
Trains leave Nanaliso 5:15 Daily
Trains arrive Nanaimo W:35 Daily
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday,
Trains leave   Nanaimo 15:15
Trains arrive Nanaimo 18:36.
Dist. Pass. Agt.
1102 Govt. st. Victoria, B. C.
U. B. C.
4      mum, b. c.      Z
9 9
Portland Hotel
E. Panpell
Meats and Vegetables
. O. Box U.
Phones 4*
Chong Kee
Washing and Ironing p. ..inntlj* attended
Scott's Building, First Avenue.
The City Market
Wholesale and Retail.
Ladysmith, B. C.
Barclay &  Conlin,
Imperial Laundry
Hugh Thornley lias secured the Agenoy
for tha above Laundry.
Laundry shipped every Monday.
Terms Cash.
Down Town Office, H. Hughes' Store.
Livery, Peed ond Sole
1.3 and S,Bastion SI.,Nanaimo
Phone 124     P. O. Box 1
Singer and Wheeler & WHsen
rtperhatigier and Art Decorator.
High Street.
Hens for Sale
One Hundred Hens for
sale. Apply D. Davies,
Rancher,  near Ladysmith.
Leave orders at Robert's
Butcher Shoo. f
Circil. Avenue.
Phone) SB.
A. Litt
Charges moderate.
All work   left at   McCallum's 2nd
avenue, near Fire Hall, will receive
prompt attention.
If you ai-e thinking of buying a sewing machine call
and see Our stccic cf rh?;:
'soiled machines at reduced
j prices to clear.
Notice if hereby given that lt ia
my intention to make application to
the Board ol Licensing Commietiion-
era ot the City ot Ladysmith (or a
transfer of the retail liquor license
now held by me on behalf of the, pre
nrisesknown as the Hotel Cecil trom
myself to Arthur CamUl Carpenter.
AU klada ot ('IflOk and WaU* B>
p5l"*J!;,    iB»i»rt«<iWofi ttiiarailVW ""
Reasonable Price**,
English Watches a Specialty.
J. R. Easton
Tract'"".! Watchmaker.
A4 «■»>* I*" r* H. H-ia-ha*1 aft#T)
jtW_rjtatfaa freaw   I e** — *■—	 THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
1 *T* **»*I*»I**j**^**^»j*»j**^»**»*j*»**»5^»>j* •***J» «5e»-*j»****jaM2»' ■«5»****5»> «5«> *J*<5********** •'***•* *** ******* ****5**** *+* ****#**•• •** •*♦
I Our $1.00 Window Is a Leader I
I Just the thing for the Men Folk. f
t x
*32 to 44      Price       $1.00 a Suit |
i 4
•:• ?
% NEGLIGEE SHIRTS-In Stripes, Plain, Fawn and 4
X White,  14 to 174, $1.60 each. %
9 ' X
9 EN' ANVA HATS- All colors, all styles an ;!:
4 sizes, $1.00 each. 4.
•!. 9
a y
* 9
| These are the extra good values |
* and the way these have been selling |
| this morning means a clean out by J
I to-night. Come early and get your f
I choice. I
V* a
t y
Men's Brown Oxford
Bluch. Reg. $3.50 for
$2.00 a pair.
Men's H>avy Grain, Dongola and Box Calf Bluch.
Reg. $3.75 to $4.25 for $2.tO
a pair.
Boys'Heavy Gi an School
Shoe. Reg. $2.50 for $1.85
a pair, sizes 1 to 5.
Youths' Heavy Urus Calf
School shoe. Reg. $2.25 .or
$1.60 a pair,  sizes 11 tu 13.
Men's Neglieree Shirts,
collar attached. Reg. $1.25
for 95c.
See Windows
Local and General
Caverhill's Barley Flakes will   relieve Indigestion.  See page 4.     *
Men's Suits
We carry one  of the
choicest selections of Men's
Suits ever shown in Ladysmith.
The goods stand in a
cla~s by themselves, the
fit and style is sure to
please the most fastidious.
The prices are very reasonable.
Inspection Invited
I Simon Leiser & Co., Ltd
Mr. W. Fordo Uncled Tuesday
morning from Dunfermline, Scotland, and will reside hero.
Caverhill's    Barley Flakes will re
lievc Constipation.  See page 4.
Mrs. Wally Bowes and daughter
of Vancouver, are visiting Mrs.. John
Michie,  of Ladysmith.
Caverhill's Barley Flakes—the new
Breakfast Food—pleasant—and so
easily digested.    See page  4.        v.
We Keep a Good Stock
Cash Books
Memo Books
Receipt Books
Shanon Files and Cases
_   -AT-
Knights Book Store
J   We have Just received another slilp-
I lent ol those
Sandy    Strang,    an old   football
player,  lias   returned from Nicola
Valley, and will renlde liure permanently.
Tea rooms tor ladies or gentle-.
men. Short order or. sandwiched
always ready at Hoopv'.f. '
Th meet your Mends and be right
ut home, while jt Nictoria, stay at
the Rainier Hotel, George Iu' -zy
proprietor. *
At Lailysniith, on May 19, to the
wife of Ernest James, a ton,
Colorings in Wail Paper
Call and see them. They are going last.
A full Una ot, Paints and Varnishes
tn stock.
Picture Framing done on shortest
notice, Bring Tour pictures and lock
over our mouldings.
Painter and Papeihanger.
W. E. Morrison
la"/. O. M. Ambrose left for Victoria yesterday to attend the annual
muetins of the Women's Ancillary to
| Finest Ice Cream in the city nt
Hooi'ur's, the most select rarlor j
on   the   Island.   Everything ot the
I bent quality  lu Cctntect.nnery.        *
At Ladysmith, on May 18, to the
wife ot William Ellis, Second avenue,   a, daughter.
f '.ill.m  Word  returned   yes
terday morning from New Westminster, where ho had been in attend.
iint.1 nt the Methodist conference.
A man looks better
and fee's better in
Sovereign Brand Clothing
Because his clothes
are becoming. He
also knows that
Sovereign Brand
Clothing will not rip,
tear, or go out of
°°vereign Brand
CfViiNG is made
ft' .he best fabrics,
«* «'ully sewn, tailored and strengthened
Call and Inspect It
Suits from
to $25.00.
<    ■" ?lMhing. FamisUnfs
r»  ««lCip, hits nf Stat
Mr. unil Mrs. Geo. A. Morphy, ol
Victoria, nre visitors to Ladysmitli
Work has commenced at clearing
of I the logs on tlie E. & N. property.
Mr. W. I). Dickson bus charge ot operations.
I > mcet your friends and be right
at home, while Jt Nictoria, stay at
the Rainier! Hotel, George Jlurtgy
proprietor. •
The regular ii.ecting oi thc Citizens' League will be held to-morrow
oveningnt the city hall. There arc
many mattofs affecting thc interests
of the citizens to be discussed, und
It is desirable that there should bo
a good attendance.
Tbe committees having charge ot
the Victoria Day celebration at Na-
n.'l'.'mo havo arranged an excellent
programme, and guarantee the greatest colebratton ever held ln that
city. The E. & N. Railway will run
excursions between here and Nanaimo at short Intervals, and no doubt
the citizens ol Ladysmith will take
advantage ot the service to visit Nanaimo in large numbers.
Public Meeting
A public meeting will be
held .in   the   city   hall
Wednesday Evening May 19th
to arrange for the Dominion
Day Celebration.
All are requested to attend.
Star Orchestra
Open tor engagements trom     Two
Pieces up.
{lives Dance Every Two Weeks.
For full particulars, apply
W. M. ALUSt.BR, Sec.
Excellent Boarding
LOST—Bunch of Keys.   Return to A
Chronicle office.
We have the largest assortment of
Spring ond
Fancy Suitings
to be fouud in the city.
D. J. Matheson
Oatacre st.,   Ladysmith, B. C.
v    The New Power Washer
ll Just attach it to your water tap!;
:: and it does the rest, while you go on: i
: • with your other work. Try one, we: j
:: sell them on approval, if not satisfac- .* j
| tory, you can return free of charge. : I
Ladysmitli Hardware Co.,
Trn I n"i"i''rHTrn-i*rn™ r n n iv
We Have Everything You Need
Just received the latest jewelery in, Brooches, Veil
Pins, Tie Pins, Etc., Etc.
Special Bargains offered in Gents'and Ladies' Watches*
A full line of Columbia Graphophone Records on hand.
Machines sold on easy terms.
T. E. Sullivan
Plumbing, Gas aid Steamfitting.
Prices Reasonable.
First Avenue, near New Weston hotel
First Class   Photos.
QaJUrv nn First Avtwna.
Vlotorla, B. C, Hi; 3, 1909,
Dear Siva.
I hive lioen nslng Cfv.rliill'j Barter Flakta* during tha pnt
eight wwks with great satisfactioni I find thsni a food pltatut lo tho taste,
and very easily digested; I mention tht latter because I hav* suff.rsd a great
deal with my stomach, and I am eompolltd to lie cartful of my dial, I have
found these Flakes agree with me perfectly and oan thsrefort heartily rteom.
mend (hem as a whulesomo, easily digested food. Yours Truly
W. M. Rikibm.
In Packages 15c.
Ask Your Grocer
The Brackman-Ker  Milling Co., Ltd.


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