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Ladysmith Standard Sep 15, 1908

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■firtiif.it nl ii I -I■■ I ■■!■ i___________J_____m- . _
and we are fully prepared to fit out all players.
We carry William Shillcocks'     famous    McGregor   Football
boots at $4.{V0 a pair.
English Football  Stockings at 75 cents a pair.
Strong Elastic [Football Belts at 25c and 40c each.
Also In a few days we Will have our Ktrlckors,  Shlnguards,
Sweaters, etc., in fact everything for FOOTBALL.
\t it-*-Amf :*■-'■■'■■'■■'■■ *-*A*iht*,hiAtAithi*iiA,ta,m,+,*,Art
H Oome and be convinced that your money will go farther at
than any other place in town. For instance
Five Pesos or Household Flour, $1.75 a Sack
and  other goods proportionately.
Mr. F. Uroaves Fatally Crushed
Falling Coal on Tuesday—Funeral on Friday Afternoon.
Alderman Haworth's  New By-Law   Laid Over Eor 0 n|
Week And Aid. Campbell Condemns Gatacre
Street Sidewalk
 44  .
Alderman     Haworth's   New    Bylaw ought to bo done with the steps us
Laid Over For One Week and Boon us poss-tl-ile. The city had 'jeen
Aid. . Campbell    Condemns fortunate that it had    not had    to
Oalucro  St.   Side- meot a heavy bill of damages',    and
walk, to prevent anything of tlio kind happening  they   ought  to  fix  the  slde-
Tho thirty-fifth meeting    of    lho Wl,ik. Ho WBS tire(| of nstcjljn(r    t0
to those who saw him carried   from ciii'    council -was hold in tlio   city complaints   continually being    nado
i-hnnait' thn Intnr nn«, nf hl« oass- hall     on.   Monday    evenii1]}, Muyor »l*out Iti  He would prefer    to    sue
caboose, tho lato   no«s of his pass hols(j||    J,^,^;  „„„ tj,0|,0 Jm his Worship undertake the job as ho
ing was no surprise. 'present Aldermen Campbell, Haworth know    more   about it than perha.pi
The uccldent of Itself was just   of and Matheson. anybody else  In  town.  If,  however
tho kind that    will happen to     the I    lJlft"s end specifications of a build- the Muyor could not attend to
The town has rarely, if ever, bean
so profoundly moved as it was on
Tuesday, first by the news of a ser-
ious accident to Mr. Fred. Greaves,
and later ' by the tidings of his
death. As in almost every cuse of
this kind, thero were the most conflicting stories as to the extent and
real nature of    Fred's injuries; but,
Two Teams Selected and Double Header Games Will
Be Played Sunday Afternoon
YOU CAN GET     ^>
Clocks, Watches, Pictures, Books,
Razors, Etc., Et?.
for White Swan Washing Powder Coupons
Send a Two-Cent Stum') for our Catalogue
B. C. Soa|> Work-, £2_2____S_£
Tea Sets and
Dinner Sets
'All going at 25 to 50 pcr cent,
Reduction. Stock must bo cleared
T'.t to make room for Fall Good*.
Foil t'llOIGE! ll 'I .
—nnd -
HAM AXl, Hi. .
 CALL A-     -
Now w the time to lay in your
stock ol winter fuol. Order J
-your wood right away.. ___»
H. Thornley
•paoNB a.
in our business sinco coming
to Lndysmith ls duo to the
satisfaction given our customers. Excellency of quality md
good value for monoy received.
Thnt Is nur motto.
Our stock is larger nnd moro
fully assorted thnn ever nml
you nro cordially Invited to
Inspect It—got our prices on
watches, rings, gold brooches,
bracelets, Indies nnd gouts
chains, etc, etc.
Watch work a specialty and
(ill work thoroughly guaranteed.
<"3 TO -ii
'    I>. ftilllilM,   ».
-..in-.ir.rt) frn.,1
ii     mlli; kit'
uid ihilfl li
"The   Jowolor   nnd   Optlcan."
most careful workmen. Fred was
working in a level, and had blasted
out the dirt between thc top and
bottom benches of coal. The top
bench of coal is only about a foot
thick, and generally is frozen on to
a conglomerate roof. l'Ted had
drilled and tamped a hole into this
coa|, and before firing was mining a
little to givo the powder a better
show to "spread." Ho was on the
bottom bench and underneath tho
top coal. All at onco this top coal
dropped down upon him, sliding over tho top of him and oil the bottom bench, on which Fred had been
The coal, it seems, hnd caught him
about thc lower portion of tho baok
i' and body und it was agony for him
to be moved or evon touched. The
shock also, acting on a naturally
weak heart, rendered his condition
all the more critical and the doctors were really never ablo to ascertain the exact nature of his injuries.
Fred was brought out of the mine
and down to Ladysmith by special
train without any loss of time. Hc
J was carried up to his residence
Roberts streot with Drs. Mullen and
Frost in attendance, but in spite of
all that could bo dono his condition
showed no improvement. Gradually
he sank lower and lower, grew
weaker and weaker, until about live
o'clock his spirit sped forth intc
the unknown.
| 1'red was only in his 40th year,
Uorjv at Wrekenton in tho county of
Durham, Kng., he spont tho curlier
part of his life in tho vicinity of
Si.ndorland and among tho big col-
. liei'ies of tho Wear valley. Fifteen
.years ago ho camo to the Islund,
sinco when ho has worked continuously for tho Wellington Colliery
j The deceased hnd ull thc clinrnc-
t'-ristlcs of u typical Northcountry-
man. Ho could novor entirely con-
eo il his tloordlo twang, and ho had
(lie sturdy frame und all the strong
native intelligence of the men uf tho
nortli. Direct In manner nnd plain
nnd straight in speech. Fred held
t-nuciouely to his opinions and
fought strenuously for what lie luul
in sight. Naturally ho gavo offence
.to some and mado enemies; but he
I bus recognized as a man of weight
nnd Influence, highly esteemed by his
I associates, and respected by hls ac-
Itjuaintunces, and Ids tragic and unit iniely end is generally and deeply
I Naturally Mr. Cl reaves took a prominent part in all public questions
Tiled ing the city, _id only last term
severed a long connection with the
' llouril of School Trustees. Ho was
%%««%^ 'also one of tlio lending members of
the local Masonic lodge, of which he
is a P.M., and he will be buried under tho auspices of tho lodgo for
wlllch he workod so faithfully.
To mourn his loss thoro ure left
Mrs. Greaves and six children, namely. Robert, Mnry, Fred, Lionel, Dorothy ami Oeorge. The deepest sympathy is folt for thom nil In their
'terrible bereavomont, and especially
for Mrs. Greaves, who Is only In In-
diueivnt houlth und is prostrated by
tho shock. Tho loss is made all
tho moro Intolerable for her by tho
painful coincidence that it wns only
two yenrs to tho day since lho death
1,1 hcr oldest hoy Thomas.
The funeral will tu'.e placo on Friday afternoon nt 2.80 p.m., under
the auspices of St. John's Lodge.
No. 21, A.F. anil A.M. Local and
visiting Masons ivill nsscmhlc in tho
Musonlc Hnll nt 1.80 and proceed to
tho family residence on Rolwrts
■"street, from whoro tho cortoge will
go to tho English church unci thence
to tho English cometory.
ing to be erected on Gatacre street himself, tlio city could put sonic jno
for Mr. Wm. Hooper by Mi'. W. H. 'olso on it. He could nt least sny
Smith were submitted to, und up-!that everybody on tlmt side of the
proved by the council. streot wns disgusted ut the wny   in
Accounts wero presented nnd rotor- which tlie improvement wns being
rod to the Financo Committee, Iput oil'.
Among tho items was one from Mr. I Muyor Nicholson promised to see
T. X. Jones for a broken window, jtho owners of the building und en-
Mnyor Nicholson remarked that no deavor to fix a (into to attend to
one appeared to know who broke the!the matter.
window, and if the counril paid that
bill ho hnd n similar ' account 'or
S'lrs.OO to present,  *
On the motion of Aid. Matheson,
und seconded liy Haworth, tho bill
wns sent back to Mr. Jones.
Aid. Campbell referred to tho steps
lending to Mr. Jonos' store. They
were nothing liut a trap, nnd wanted
fixing in the worst wny. If his Worship could not attend to tho work
tho council should put on somobody.
Aid. Mntheson snid tho mutter had
been hanging since the spring. He
understood that. His Worship was
going to lower the floor of the build
ing, or had promised to contract for
it, nnd onco the floor wns lowered
there would bo no trouble about tho
After somo further discussion Aid,
Cnmpboll  repeated thnt j   something
A]h. Haworth's bylaw for thc regulation of places of nniusement was
the next business. It was agreed ut
the last meeting thnt the council
■would tako it up ill committee of the
whole; but owing to the slack nt-
tendnnce His Worship thought it advisable to Iny it over for another
week. Aid. Haworth was agreeable
and so tbo bylaw wits laid ovor till
liie next mooting of tho Council.
Aid'. Campbell nsketl nml wns orant
ed leave to introduce a bylaw for
the botter protection of shade trees.
The chief provision of tho new bylaw
will be one imposing n penalty of
$25.00 on any one destroying or
causing damage to shnde trees in the
city's streots. Tho bylaw was road
twice and will be taken up in committoo next week.
The council then adjourned.
League Olliciuls Deeido to Adhere to
Original   Schedule.
ltichurd and Pringle Minstrels Urew
Dumper House Last .Night.
A meeting of tho executive committee of tho Pucific Const Association I ,uer8 Wtts u bumper houso, iu-
Footbnll Leuguo was held in n room -deed a record house, to soo the
of Uie Wilson Hotel on Sunduy after ljichurils „ Pringle Minstrels in thu
noon.    Tho business of the meeting    _____  , .    .     . ,
wns the appointment of referees for ul*ro llou88 lMt ttlSh-* »-*■ evor>"
tho Leuguo guiiius down to tho ond boliJ was sutislied. 'there was some
of October, und this wus completed good singing, the amusement, if
without o hitch. :      -    nols     wa„ eert^y iaU(j.ltt.bU.p  auQ
A letter wns rend from Mr. Berk- . *       °
ley, secretary of the Victoria Dis- "> Powell _ Woods tho nianagomeut
trlct Footbnli Association usking to hnvo two fun-making comedians. The
have tho date of the league matches conductor, besides looking liis part,
in Hint city postponed from the '2llth ,.... _.,_,.,,..
of this month until October 3rd or ,,U6 a s',iemtui badtone voiwj> aQd
10th. The Lndysmith delegates ruts- j tlio orchestra was also good. With
ed no objection; but in view of the the shi
fnct of the Inconvenience tlmt would]
ho cuuseil ull round nud especially to
city league schedules, it wns decided
to piny off as arranged.
Mr.  Lockiey nlso brought up    the
question of Sunduy playing. Some
objection to Sunday games Imd developed he said, nnd ono inevitable
result would be that in their uwuy
games Victoria would be poorly represented. If tho loaguo continued to
sanction Sunday playing it might
nlso lend to a split in Victoria footbnli circles.
Secretary Bills pointed out that it
wns known when tho league was
formed that there wero to bo Sunday gumes. Thoy hud the same difficulties in Vancouver ns they anticipated in Victoria, but they wero
going on with il.
Aftor further discission t .wi« un-
nnimously decided *.o .irry •■■a the
schedulo as it had been oiriingi'il
s a smart juggler, as
igood a contortionist us the writer
has e\er seen on nny stage, an extremely clover ti^ht-rapo artist, and
n fine troupe of acrobats. Altogether the show is a  great success.
TORONTO, Sept. 12.—Tbt reorganization of the provincial police system demands for better enforcement
of the liquor law, and protests
gainst tbe manner in which infractions of tbat law, punishable by imprisonment, are withdrawn or amend
ed, and    representation   condemning
thriller" acts in amusement programmes, these were subjects of
resolutions based at tbo annual moot
ing of tbe temperance nnd moral reform board of the Methodist Church
of Canada, held yesterday. Roportt
of General Secretary Cbown and
Field Secretory Magce are encouraging. They commented strongly how
ever on account of the liquor illegally sold to Indiana, and steps are
to be taken to have this brought to
tho attention of the authorities.
Tt was decided to ask for legislation to prevent race track gambling,
FORT WILLIAM, Sept. 12.— Reports from the Whitenah valley and
Silver Mountain are very discouraging. The bush tires are now almost
up to the settlement ut O'Connor
and -lilies, and only a heavy ruin
can nu\e the communities frum destruction. There are several hun-
lirod people situated in  theso     dis-
The City League, after banging in
the wind for weeks, will be opened
on Sunduy hy a double-header gams.
The Executive Committee met last
evening and selected live tennis, their
object being to keep the elevens as
even in strength us possible in order
to nmke the competition interesting.
How far they have succeeded, time
will show. Jt is to be hoped that
ail the players chosen by the Committee will turn out nud play. Ih.re
is no reason why they should not
join the Club and If tlie League [roes
ns it ought to go und is expected
to go, those who keep out will be
sorry for it.
The following five toums were   selected:
Nationals—Capt. R.  Christian.
tJeavers—Capt. C. Hewlett.
■Canucks—Capt.  Jas.  Adam.
Corinthians—Oapt. A. Morrison.
Thistles—Capt.  Jno.  Struthers.
It was decided    to play    a double-
header on Sunday, and the draw resulted In   Nationals vs. Beavers, and
Canucks vs.  Corinthians.
The games will start at 2:^0 sharp
and Mr. T. Skilling will referee the
first and T. Strang the second. The
games will be curtailed to half an
hour each way und 25 cents admission will be charged.
The lines-up are as follows j
Hacks—Christian und Parsons.
Halves—Wynne,  ilollis, Fagan.
Forwards — Provins,     Warburton,
Phillips, Haworth and Wright.
Reserve, Lauderbach,
Backs—Hewlett and .Jackson.
Halves—'Dior, Morgan, and  Scobio.
Forwards—Cosier, Graham, T.  Mc-
Millan, It. McMillan, E, Orde.
Reserve, J. Dunbar.
Goal—D. Morrison.
Backs-T. O'Connell, M. O'Connoll,
Halves—Cello,  Simpsoni Crossan.
Forwards— Cloke, J. Eno,   Adam,
Hindmarch,   Simpson.
Reserve,  Cloke.
Backs—A.A. Morrison, Hailstone.
Halves—McKinley, Leahy, ©aye.
Forwards— A. Michie, J.   Hughes,
N. Bryden, A. Eerr, M. Kerr.
Reserve, Lnrrigan.
upiuion of nur esteemed contemporary, although   thia probably    only
( lPr?\f   HUT   moaua ^"^ its *W    uI*oa ^     I*1*"
VX Ul\    VUl   mier'B door got liungiy for his lunch
  I betore the interview was ended.
Also   Humored    That No,   5    Camp
Will (Resume Operations on
October lst.
After a long and dreary spell of
idleness preparations are now under
way to start the smelter this week.
Just how many men the smelter will
employ under the new methods uud
the improvements that have beeii
made cannot be stuted oil' hand; but
everybody will be pleased to learn
that the furnace is to be lighted
Tbe Tyee Company hns sunk a
princely fortune in alterations and
improvements since work ceased; and
this very fact may be taken as a
proof that there is a busy and prosperous future in store for the smeller. All thut is wanted is a steady
supply of ore, and to this thu company is bending its whole attention.
lt is also reported that No. 5
logging camp is going to be started
again on the first of the mouth.
Certainly the demuml for lumber is
quickening again nud it is to
hoped that the rumor will prove
true. No. 5 camp is the nearest to
the city, employs quite u few bauds,
and when in operation adds consul
erably to tho business of the city.
Really our evening contemporary
ought not to go out of its way to
be silly. It compares a business
meutiug between Mr. McBride, Mr.
Hawthornthwaite and some others
to u conference between the King
und Mr. Kier Hardle. Our contemporary would avoid tlie necessity of
making such ridiculous excuses, if
it would content itself with the legitimate treatment of legitimate news.
 Four persons called upon Mr.     Me-
wtetSi Bride upon business that had no re-
John Minne, provincial land inspeo- fution to politics. This fuct has
tor, camo in from a trip over this already served our contemporary as
section last night und he says that a subject for three editorials and a
there is a sea of (lames along oth Jung local item. This is none of
sides of the road. Nothing but a'uur business, of courso, but it seems
bg rain con save tho settlements. ju P-ty that such admirable powers
Johnson,  a   settler in the vicinity*of invention should bo wasted in the
ephemeral drudgery of newspaper
work, while the world is eorupluiu-
ing that the master minds of fiction
havo oil gone to their reward. lt
is also unscientific, because it eon-
the con-
the men-
of Silver Mountain, wus burned out
losing practically everything ho pos-
««ed in the world.
Toronto,     Sept.    12.-Tho   forest
(Ires have loft tho sky shrouded in a    	
mist that gives the impression of a traverts the   doctrine   oi
dull day with rain. tsenation of energy, for a
The threatening conditions all ovor^ul and physical labor requisite for
bitario and Quebec are much tho thu production of tho urticles in
inme- ■ question, not to speak ui thc mental
Montreal, Sept. 12.-Bush fires nro WW and tear involved thorein, and
sweeping the eastern townships, andtho B_mln upon our contei
thousands    of cords   of
and other
Wlnnlpegi  sept.  12—Ohaa.  Porter,
-anadiun Northern bruKoman waa
| killed at Ouii Bluff, Man., this lnttr-
' uing.     iio had been crushed terribly
between two care.
__omton, sept. 12.—Chas. Judge,
_!_■ years old, suffering from typhoid
lever, jumped irom a window in
v ictorla hospital yesterday, sustaining injuries which caused death.
Uasablunoo, Sept. 12.— Abd-el-
the former Sultan of Morocco, who
has been vanquished by his brother,
Mulai Hafid, has written a letter to
Tougi, une of his leaders, thanking
him fur his support, but saying Uu_t
he had decided to abandon the struggle. M. Tougi replied that he will
never submit to Mulai Hafid, and it
is believed that he intends to enter
the field against the new ru,er of
the empire,
Brentford, Ont., Sept. 13.—An explosion of gas in the cellar under
Harnier and Arrowsnrith's moving
pictures theatre wrecked the theatre,
together with several adjoining build
ingB. Four persons were injurod.
Windows alonp the street were broken und the report seemed to shako
the whole city. The explosion ie
believed to have been caueod by the
ignition of natural gas which had
oozed into the cellar of the theatre
near the street where workmen were
repairing a main. Two or threo
minor explosions had occurred previously.
CHIwAGO, 111., Sept. 12.- Ail details have boeii completed for the
-00-tniir motor cycle reliability run
from Chicago to Okomo, Ind., and
return under tbe auspices of tha Chi-
cago Motorcycle Club. Tho tour
will be controlled by the Western division of the Federation of American Motorcyclists has attracted two-
scoro entries rrom tho star riders of
the west. According to tho plans of
the contest committee lho tour will
start at 7 o'clock Monday morning.
Tito route will be by way of Valparaiso, Michigan City. South Bond and
Rochester to Kokomo, a distance />f
207 miles. Tho return will be by
the snme route.
      pulp wood
property havo boon    de-
PotUvllle,    Pa.,  Sept. IS.— Bole-
__GI»_BIIWI_LIII5 1N»AH.AI_»;«,tr    ™ll"«   ^\   f*
0\ TIME. workers of Onuphln, Northumberland
  j Schuylkill    and     Columbia, counties
VIOTORIA, B.  C, Sopt.  12.-   n  „.ore pri_,nt    today nt the opening
fi^___?____.r__t_irss °; u- •"•«-•, °"'- «* «-
ty will roach tho coast on tlrao   as -InUi district of    tho United    Mino
expoctud.    E.  Jacobs, nt I Iio   b.-nl | Workers.    So far as Is known there
committoo recolvod word today from |s noth|ng of unusual Importance to
them, saying   to    Uofliiltoly imangu' _ ...
that a visit will bo mado to Nanal-1 com» UP "*■ tho «<"iventlon and    tho
ff.' H * '"'   "I   I  	
r_ itiu, tvImi-u:. "». c f -
*" c 1 'Mitrmuiini 'ui ii„  ,-
■L_________^_______, —.A^n*-o——^——^——m——,
I. itMllt -TIM, «.CH1fl!T, ».«» «», I. a I mo on Thursday, Sept, a till, ucrord , Proceedings will bo confined to rou-
.    ..,- • ' '"ft to programme tin* buslnsH.
Alx la Chappelle, Sept. lfi.— Five
men wore klllod nnd sixteen others
njured ns a result of a bollor ox-
I'li'slon this morning in tho Laura
mino, noar Hcrelon on tho Dutch border.
Tho Officers and Mombors of SI.
John's Lodge, No. 31, A.F. & A.M.,
(). H. IJ. O.i ore requested lo mo-jt
In the Lodge Room ot 1:8Q p.m. on
Friday, tho 18th Inst,, for the purpose of attending the funeral of the
lato brothor, F. W. Oreaves. F. M.
Visiting -Urotliron ore cordially invited to attend,
Ily ordor of tho W. M
liny of Fourteen Trios to Kill Himself Uecuuso Parent Would Semi
Him to School.
SIKIICANE, Sopt. 11,-llopes are
entertained today for tho recovery of
Wilfrid Thayer, 14 years old, who,
rathor than go to school, attomptod
to commit suicide Tuesday by shootr
ing himself In the abdomen after
lonvlng a noto for his mothor in
which he announced his Intention to
end his life.
Vtiung Thayer had sawod off the
stock of a riflo so that ho could uso
It In shooting himself. Mrs. Thayer
summoned     a  physician whon
Marseilles, Sept, 14.—Many countries have sent representatives to tho
International exhibition ami congress
of tlie applications of electricity,
which opened hore today for a session of one weok. The proceedings
of tho congress will be transacted In
nine sections, which will deal with
the application of oloctricity to
lighting and  domestic uses,     truns-
_2?|Portatlon, telegraphy and telophony
conscience, if it has uny, will ,..Uo-'
como mere uuthiugness, und like a
melancholy pageant ended, ie.i\ o'
not a wrack behind which words, I
we may remind our contemporary,'
are somewhat slightly altered
those used by another master _i_dJohontiBtryi hygiene nnd tnodlcine and
in liction variously supposed to havo various other branches of science,
boon in tho possession of one     Wll- • commerce and Industry.
11am Shakespeare   and Lord llacon, I  4 —
of which we shall not ondeavor to Montreal, Sept. .15.—A notable assay at present, although it would sembly of business mon representing
bo quite ns apropos "f anything in j all branches of conimorcinl activity
which tho people of this mundano 0f Canada assombled at tho Windsor
sphere are Interested, ns are tho i,ot0i |n this city today for the oi ->n
speculations of our contemporary as ing session of the annual convention
to what may or may not hnvo 00- of tho Cunndlnn Manufacturers A»-
currod at n business meeting In tho sociation. Tho delegates present
Premier's olllce, which appeal, to represented thousands of Individuals
hnve boon prolongod to n greater and firms actively interested in mnn-
— ufacturlng enterprises.
self.    I am    too   bashful to go  to ZTZuT'L^TT""',  ^T^T
-.I,-'—u    1      .         ,,      .,        _.       , , IM- wl" remain in session until Sat-
^^^^^^                            she  school.     I  would  rather got a   job „„,„„      „,.    ,     .
learned what her son had dono nnd 'and go to work." f".      Tho ,n,8ln(,!,a wil1 ,w ]*Tge-y
^^^^                            A     mo-1   '■''* "*~ •*—'-■ '■-   .-—-•-. ..- "wring of reports from the dlf-
tho bullet wns oxtrnctod
ment Inter this noto,
by Wilfrid, wns found
^^^^^^ To tho physician who attended him ,„.„, „    "    '   "'        . ' ,        ,   ",
ment Inter this noto, writton to   hor  thc  boy said:     "I did It purposely. X! ..ul   ..  ™   ' _""    d!8c""lon °*
11 do  not want to get well.'
-L30N, "Mother, I do not  want to go to'   Tho bullet entered the body    Just ,,u",    . "[ "'
Socretary.   school, so   I  am going to shoot my-, Mow the heart. .      , ?!
banquet which Is
the policy of tho nssoclntlon.
A number of eminent speakers wlll
annuo)    convontlo"
    to be held  "...
day night, 'r.'f.NrVr'-.V.'-'-V.V-V V.
. V.VV.V.V.W'-'
If You Requird Any
Or If You Require Any
Or If You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Sell One;   or If You   Want
Notary  Publlo,
Ladysmlbb   Standard
I'ubiihli-ii un Wednesdays uuu *-*tur-
ilnys Afternoons by the
Hobt. U.  Hindmarch,
Oue Year  W.50
Sia Mu'ntlia       75
Adv.rll-lu^   liatea un Application.
The "-Times" in a number of its
issues lust week gave an amazing demonstration of the kind of political
pabulum which .-'considers suited to
the taste and intelligence of its
readers. The articles in question
perhaps fell bolow even tho very
miry depths along which the Times
habitually conducts its political controversies. All the decenies and amen
ities of public life were fragrantly
violated, and reckless speculation
nnd unjustifiable insinuations usurped the place of sane and legitimate
argument. It was rather a surprise
to those who ever knew tho "Times'
for in the worst of its hysterical va
garies heretofore it had never sunk
to the unsavory vituperation of the
political virago. Certainly it is hard
ly creditable that even tho most
rabid of Liberal grits could assimilate such huge doses of political
Belleagsgate without a quiver or a
qualm. It would surely be a bad dny
for politics and political life in British Columbia if the methods of the
"Times" were copied by other journals. Of course, such a possibility is
hardly conceivable; for not all the
hired men of the press are serving
us the Tame damnee of some cabinet
Minister, and there tire many who
still prefer to play the political1 g-amo
according to the rules, cleanly and
For those of our readers who have
not seen the "Times", and are consequently a littio at sea as to the
direction of our remarks we may
say that a point of business in con
noctloli with the ITuggan land 1is-
pute called Messrs. Shepherd and
Hnwthorntluvaite to Victoria to interview the Premier. Thero was
secrecy about the visit. Tho two
Candidates for the division did not
travel down by airship and creep
into the Premier's office hy different
doors in the dead of night. Mr. .Ha'
thornthwaite has interested himself
in the Hoggan claim, and has acted
as an intermediary between his constituency and Premier McBride. Mr
Shepherd in his professional capacity
had been drawn into the case, and
some point at issue necessitated the
joint presence of theso rival candidates in tho Premier's office. The
small incident tho "Times" has endeavored by every discreditable
means to turn into political capital.
The very simple and natural reason
lor the meeting was altogether too
plain and easy for a journal which
thinks In circles and prefers the
crooked to the straight. In the mooting or tho three gentlemen the
"Times" smelt a conspiracy, and
declared that, n political deal hid
been made. Tt is not certain which
of the candidates is going to withdraw from the contest; but is inclined to believe it is ITawthornth-
■waite. Tt told nil this to its readers
in a specinl article, nnd has frothed
'One thing is 'quite certain. There
a 'deal' on." We wonder by whaii
strange process    of    reasoning    the
Times" arrived at this, certainty.
The certainty of tho "Qpimes" is only
the meanest and most contemptible
kind of suspicion, in nnynother -valk
in life; in any decent kind of society
the voicing uf such a suspicion on
such evidence would be considered as
a piece of egregious bad taste.   The
Times" has not enough of evidence
to justify even a mild suspicion and
yet arrives at a certainty. Could ono.
conceive of u nicer combination uf
moral and logical obliquity? Having
formed its certainty, the "Times'
does not hesitate to supply reason
and motive. Its knowledge was »p
patently not complete on its first
writing, for it has taken up new
ground in every successive articlo.
It commences its deductions from
the charitable premise that Mr,
Hawthornthwaite and Premier de-
Bride are "two of the meanest political charlatans thnt evor combined
their wits." How or why oithor gentlemen should deserve such an appellation tho reader is left to imagine, unless, of course, it has to be
taken as sufficient that tho "Times-1
has stated it.     Then to make    tho
'deal" as natural as possible,   tho
'Times" goes back to the time when
it alleges, Hawthornthwaite was in
the position of dictator to the Mcliride Government. Tt is strange
that if tho Socialist leader endeavors to tako any credit for labor
legislation    during that    period, tho
Times" is ready to provo it vas
Smith. Now it hns the silly effrontery to assert that the dictation on
tho part of the Socialist lender In
the matter of Government business
has not ceased. There is the same
amount of truth in this as in tht1
following asseveration that Socialist
and Conservative candidates have
mado a full canvass of the !tit
uency, or of the assertion that Shop
herd was selected as candidate because ho could be depended upon to
work in conjunction with the Social
ists, 'All this comes perilously nenr
to deliberate lying, and apparent 1:!
constitutes tho whole political stock
in trade of the "Times."
Of course, if Hawthornthwaite
drops out "he will take some kind of
a deal that will redound to his private advantage." This charge of political graft is repeated elsewhere In
other words; although why Premier
McBride should find it necessary to
"do something" for a man "who is
finally convinced of something which
has long been apparent; that he has
no chance whatever against Mr.
Ralph Smith" the "Times" forgets
to explain. Shopherd also is only
running in a forlorn hope, nnd he
is to be compensated by a Government appointment. This is simply
vile ami vicious    insinuation.     The
Times" apparently recognizes only
two classes of politicians. Thero aro
the Liberals (conjure up Smith, Mclnnes and Templeman) who are ill
men of honor and Integrity, spotless and without reproach. All the
othor brands are dirty, dishonest,
notwithstanding thore is nobody cut
of the fight yet, nor will thlere be.,
What we cannot understand is that
tho "Times", after so often declaring' Smith invincible against all
comers and all odds, should give
such an exhibition of blue funk ovor
a bogey of its own creation. If
Hawthornthwaite is such an arrant
grafter as the "Times" alleges, -nd
Shepherd such a shameless office-
seeker, surely the withdrawal of
either one of them is not going to
seriously affect tho chances of the
great and only Ralph. Wo do not
proposo to follow the example of the
the motives so freely given to Mc-
Brido nnd Hawthornthwaite, The
most probable explanation of the
wholo thing seems to be that, driven
to their last ditch, the Liberals of
British Columbia are desperato in
their terror. Such pitiablo exhibitions of kaper and spleen as this,
coming before a contest, always reveal n fighter reckless in his hopelessness. We mny expect several more
spasms of the same kind beforo the
fight Is over.
)jpop,ii)g @auserie.
Nanaimo I'nited have the honor ol
notching tho first two points In the
competition for the championship of
the1 Pncific Const. Their victims
wero the pick of Vancouver, nnd tho
victory is fully deserved still the
performance of tho champions was a
long way bolow what thoy ore capable of, On their real form, the
form they showed against Ladysmith
last season und in the last friendly
match this season, thoy ought to
havo got tho gumo easd-ly, and with
a clear margin or goals. On Sun.
duy thore was nothing to tho game,
and beforo Mitchell got thc second
and ra—tor "flukey" goal, Hobortson
had como -within an ncc of equalizing.
Of course it hns to bo remembered
thut tho season is very young   yet, i .
and    that    Scott Harley's   accident. s*iut a  'or_-dal*le front,
throw the whole team out of.whack.
Apart from that, however,, the men
novor seemed to got going   together,
nnd the forward line, usually so   effective, has never been seen to poorer advantage.    No doubt it will   611
como right; but tho game on    Sunday was    surely    disappointing   onough.    However, Nnnnimo havc two
points   and    the
flrst blood.   That,
Mr. Locksley, of Victoria, roforeed
line-up at the Inst minute.     Hooper t will be    a
did not    arrive     for the game and reckon with
Locke, the new acquisition, was put
ou the outside right on the    forward
line.     Lode's proper position is on
the half bucf division.     Ho     niaue
good,  howu.ei'  on the forward line,
He is a   valuable acquisition tu the
toam und if ull roi-orcs of him    are
true he should bo a   hustler ou    the
half back division.     Mitchell played atuj
his ilrst game here as centre forward  witn
trong combination    to
Wlulc Nanaimo     Leaf
Lheui yesterday,     u must Lo remembered that Lhe Vancouver team was
playing together     ior the lirst li-iuo,
(.nd on a   ground much stnuliei  ihu
they huve been accustomed to,   Any
loam thut can do.eat VfUicouvei'   on
its own    grounds    will come pretty
near winning the chauipionshiip, The
toam     that     was playing yesterday
particularly strong defence,
star     in Forrest in goul.
and also made good,     lie has     tho vhoiL.    lm.mn.d division wus     weak
weight    and follows up fast, boing howoVQr, ,-„,.    .wlth    tho s)uv,)0    tlll)
very dangorous in front of the goul.
With both Mitcholl and Hooper on
tlie forward line, tho team will pre-
homo dofonco was in, thoy should
have made a better showing. Iio
tortson and Saul wero both knocked
out for a short time during tho
game, the former getting a crack on
tho ankle and the latter falling with
his own weight lighting on liis head,
in the first half Nannimo did most
Scot Harley got knocked out the
first live minutes of tho game, uud
although he heroically hobbled buck
ho could not, bj> reason of his injury, put up anything like his usual of tho pressing 0_ Vancouver goal,
game, which, when ho is ln condition „jthough play shifted occasionally
is   as  good as anything in the hull' down to tho local end  whoro liogor
Island has drawn back line in llritish Columbia.     To had threo successive shots to   clear.
at least, is satis-former must be given the credit for uurnm anA    Mitchell    took several
playing the headiest game on     the .shots,     being    well fed by Blundell,
boautiful centre from Joo
tho game and there was no fault to "oId yesterday.     lu the second   half Crulckshanks     nnd Locke,     Finally
bo found with any of his decisions, he played a   most effective game.        Mitchell scored tho only goal of tho
Since he handled tho match between |    shorty Graham hud an oil day yes- half on
tho locals and Nanaimo at Victoria .    . ,      .        ,, .
he has got    a much bettor grip   of terday anU 'jut up tho ',oor08t t"inlc niundell
tho gamo.    His oflside decisions    on he has probably over played in   tho     Tho second goal wns secured from
Sunday    wore    some of thom   very city.        His partner, Paddy Hewitt, 'tt   coraet kick.     Blundell kicked   it
a™'saMsf-ctU>nOgeth0r *" ^ gen')r\'was in flM !vtiie* h0w8TOr and moro | Locke received     It, getting it into
The    Free Press    sporting   editor than heW his own-     R°fe'°rs. ploying Mitchell nnd for n   while thero was
gives the following account   of    tho in goal, made a   hit with the crowd. | a   lively mix-up in front nf the ono
Same. Tho others on the team played their
The   largest    crowd of the soason usual good game,
saw Nanaimo    United win the open- and Crulckshanks
Why have an oven
sufficient only for three
pies when "Sask-alta"
Range oven will take
four pies and other
cooking? The more
baking space you hav«
—the less fuel you use—the less work you do.
Fuel and work are just about the main items
of expense in the kitchen.    "Sask-alta"
Range saves both for you.
London, Toronto, Montreal Wlnnlpet Vancouver, St John, Hamilton, Canary
Ladysmith Hardware Co.
log game of the Pacific Coast league though Crooky mnde moro fouls than
yesterday afternoon by defeating tho is his wont. Taken all through,
Vancouver team on the home ground however, the team did not put up
2 to 0, The game, while a hard- its best game, but possibly a littio
fought one, was not particularly in- adjusting and moro practise will
teresting from the spectators' stand- round them into shape. With Locko
point, there being fewer than ordin- at half back and the old forward line
ary brilliant rushes and clover com- on with possibly Crulckshanks play-
binatiou work. It was more of a ing outside right and Graham play-
hard checking game in which the ing his old game nt hack, the team
none too good condition of the play- should bo able to go some,
ers on both sides and the hot  woa-     Vancouver hns
ther  slowed   them   up considerably, as the team that played here    yes-j clear shot, struck high
Changes    were    made on the looal terday is to be much Improved,     it ing over the bar.
my's goal in    which all the forward
Blundoll, Hurrenlflne took part, Mitcholl finally scor-
worked hard,    al- W
Thero were.soveral sensational runs
on the part of the homo forwards in
tho socond half. Mitchell innking two
long rims with Hurren assisting
Toddy Hewitt rellovod two dnn&v
ous excursions of the enemy amidst
preat cheers and took the bnll rlghlj
down to tho front rank. Boper snv.
ed what looked almost a sure goo
amidst applause. Hurren and Bin,,
dell made a  beautiful pass to     tho
|     .'. 0 -__-_.-_.
|     [Teacher of Music]
5 Studio in Williams' Bio
tffflX<«oais)Kr^f--oXf_o» w c ftig
Will bo in Ladysmith every Wednesday at the Abbotsford Hotel, Room
, 6.    Readings and treatments will be
strong team, nnd right wing and Locko,  who had     n givon.      Best of references given as
!,>i„™.> .h-t   _,—v t.i..i.   ibB i)'n]j 8a.!-'to work done in Nanaimo.
Notice Is hereby givon that we in-
j tend to apply to the   License Corar
| missioners of the City of Ladysmith'
at their next regular meeting, for' a
transfer of tho retail    liquor llcenso
now    held    by us for tho   premises
known as tho Ladysmith Hotel, Ladysmith, B. C,    from oursolves   to
J osoph Cartwright.
Lndysmith, B.C., Sept. 5, 1908.
Snn Francisco, Sopt. 12.—Driven
to despair by poverty and sickness, Washington, D. C, Sept. 12—Tho
Glacoml Brusio, 50 yoars of ago, and chance remark of a sergeant of artil-
hls wife Maria, who is 60, decidod lery at Fort Mycr during the aero-
early yesterday to give up the strug- piano flights of Orrville Wright was
gle and die together. Tho suicido tho basis for a discussion of ono of
pact was arranged after a long night tho important features of thc Gov-
of planning how they could meot ernmont's interest in aerial craft for
their troubles and was adopted ns war purposes. Tho discussion took
the only solution. |place at a dinner tendered to    Mr.
They then retired as usual and, Wright by naval officers.
closing the door and windows, turn-1 Said the Sergeant—"Airships nre
ed on the gas jot, lay down to meet t no good to launch a shell from, bo-
their death, Louis Rinaldi, who cause you cannot got tho centrifugal
livos in tne same house at 407 Green jforco thnt is necessary to hit i.n ob-
Street, reached home in the early jeet. The Idea which tho non-commis-
hours of the morning and noticed sioncd officer intended to convey was
the smell of gas. Ho knocked on the [that the whirling motion given a
old couple's door and asked thom if. shell by a modern steel horo gun
they noticed that gas was escaping, (could not bo accomplished in drop-
' That's all right, thank you,"said ping an oxplosivo shell from an air-
the voico of Maria from within. "We ship. Thc main (acts brought out in
know about it, it's all right." |tho discussion of tho aeroplane ns nn
Rinaldi did not understand the. instrument of wnr wero that a mn-
aigniflcanco     of tho woman's words chine such os thot of Wright Bros.
^ Billiards and Pool )K
Best Liquors and Cig.irs.
Tho "Nanaimo Herald" was of
course, drawn into tho "raging,
touring propaganda" originated liy
tho "Times", on the unholy alliance
of Conservatives and Socialists. Our
Nanaimo contemporary could not
escape tho toils since it is dependent
upon the "Times" for its political
editorials. Naturally it reprinted ono
of the tirades which appeared in the
'Times", for which it was taken to
task by Mr. II. H. Bcevor-Potts,
The following beautiful specimen- of
English as it Is written in the Her-,
aid editorlnl olTico is the result:
"In Inst evening's Free -Press appeared an epistle, ns ono might say,
from "one C. H. Bcovor-Potts," hut
having tho awful example of the Colonist in mind which spoke of "One
Sir Charles Tupper" a Bhort time
ago, was promptly accused of "lose
majesty" by its conservative readers nnd has beon apologizing over
since, wo wlll say from Lawyer
If Lawyer Potts, or "ono C, H.
Bcovor-Potts" got to thc inner or
oven the outer meaning of that sentence hc is more than a limb of the
law—he is a thought reader. We give
it up.
and went off to bod.    When he   got j would bo practically invulnerable as
up tho gas odor was stronger. ia target for the enemy's guns whilo
He found that the door to the old with n little target practice an ox-
couples' room was locked. When ho | plosive could ho dropped with dam-
called tho police it was brokon and .aging results and that tho aerial
the tragedy was revealed. Glacoml,war craft cnuld bo lnunchcd from the
nnd Maria wero dead in each other's dock of a battleship. Mr. Wright said
arms, their facial expressions clearly
showing they had given up tho strug
gle happily together.
Olacoml and Maria have beon married for thirty years and had lived
happily until last yoar whom Gia-
coral's health began to fail. Two
months ago his foot wns injured
and blood poisoning set in.
Investigation of tholr rooms showed that they wero facing starvation
though thoy had not told tholr neigh
Cigars and Soft Drinks.
Dissolution 01 Partnership.
Tlio partnership heretofore ex-
istiii_ between the undersigned is
thiri dny dissolved by mutual consent.   All debt"*   due to and all
debts by thu undersigned are puy-
ulile to and by Joseph Curtwrigliit
Ludysmith, B. 0, Aug 24th, 1908
nug iGtli 1 m
J. m. _I_0$GA|-,
Teachor of Voice Production and
Engagements may be left at the
Standard Office.
^^»W»«»f<%%Wfc **»*3
Telephone, 1 2-4.
Namfinii B C.
i t
At Duncans
Friday and Saturday
Sept, IH & 19, 190H
Excursion rates will be ln effect
(rom all stations. Tickets on sale
Thursday, Friday and Saturdny,
September 17th, 18th, and 19th.
Final return limit Monday, September 31at.
District Passenger Agent.
Victoria, B. 0.
T.OBONTO, Sept. U.-A man has
no right to enter a profession for
fed of money, "I am limply astounded at lawyers' fees I read a-
bout." So declared Bev, Or. G. M.
Mllligan in St. Andrew'! Presbyterian church, last evening in the courso
of a baccalureate sermon. "The
poor man," he added, "had no
chance in fighting a good can. He
cannot afford to do lt despite all
we say about liberty and Justice.
If, when boiling ham, you add (or
each gallon of water a teacup of,
vinegar and six or eight cloves the
flavor will be much improved. Al-
iways let a ham cool In the water
In which Hj ie bolted, and It will
keep deliciously moist and nice.
Mme. Jamie Marnl has Just won
Chauchard prize glvon by tho
-ocietle des Gens do Lettros of
France. This Is the first time that
It has boon awarded to a, vo-nan.,
It was glvon for the general excellence of Mmo. Marnl's work. Among
the noted recipients of the prlzo have
been Guy de Maupassant ami Camilla Lemonnlsr.
CHICAGO, Sept. 12.—Open warfare was declared Friday between
the Chicago school officials and the
high school fraternities and societies
on which the board of education has
placed ita ban.
At the Lokevlew high school three
boys were suspended (or refusing to
withdraw from the fraternity to
which they belonged. At each ol
the city high schools the board's ultimatum wns served on the boys and
girls who have not signed the anti-
fraternity pledge. As the pupils entered the close committees they were
handed a card announcing that if
the pledges are not returned Monday with the signatures of both parent and pupil, suspension for one
month will become effective autonuv
slcally in each case. Only withdrawal (rom the secret societies and
special appeal to the board of
education, the pupils were told, will
obtain reinstatement. It seems probable thai several hundred pupils
will be suspended.
Just how (ar the fraternities will
carry their fight will be decided at
a conference today. According to
present plans, arrangements will be
made to. obtain either a court injunction preventing the board from
enforcing Ita rule until a teet case
Is decided, or a writ of mandamaua
restoring those who are suspended.
It Is possible that the Injunction will
be applied for today to (orestall the
wholesale suspensions provided for
 »      ■■ -,.
that ho had made experiments with
a swinging weight to see how closet
he could hit objects over which he
wns flying.
I found that aftor a littio practice it became comparatively easy
to put the weight just whore I wanted it", said Mr. Wright.
One allowanco which must be made
of tho effect of u wind striking tho
course of tho nit-ship at right
angles." "On your present machine
how much weight could bo added in
the shnpe of a gun", Mr. Wright was
asked by Lieutenant Sweet, tho naval officer detailed to observe tho
Fort Myor aeronautical tests.
"Ono hundred nnd fifty pounds,"
ropllod Mr. Wright. Tho merits 'if
launching an explosive from n -{un,
was then discussed. Mr. Wright said
thero would not bo a sufficient
"kick" to cause the aeroplane to
diverge from Its proper courso. A
shell could ho dropped into tho funnel of a warship causing terrible
damage to the machinery nnd completing its work of destruction 'iy
bursting the boilers. It was suggested by ono of tho olllcers present that
attacks could bo made by a number
of aoroplanos as Is now done by lho
torpedo boats. It was pointed' out
that tho greater cheapness of the
aoroplano and the fnct that but ono
lifo for each ship would bo sacrificed
Hamilton, Sept, 16— G. W, Evans
a typhoid   patient In the hospital,
committed suicide yesterday by eut-'lBg tomt fr|endi awayi
ting hi* throat with a raior.
DULUTH, Sept. ll.-Although she
has a husband, Mrs. Anna Bowe has
recently received over SOO proposals
of marriage, aud moro are coming in
(rom all over the country.
Mrs. Howe's popularity as ts matrimonial partner is due to uhe fact
that she holds a good place in line
for the Fond du Lac reservation land
opening. Through tho error of a
reporter, it was stated in an article
OKLAHOMA    CITY,     Sout. 12—
Newspaper publicity as a  cure    for
drunkenness    has    been successfully
tried     iu Oklahoma Oity, and     tlie
new method     of reforming habitual
souses may  become a   worthy  rival
of the Salvation Army tactics    and
tho gold cure.
ltecently a reporter for a local
paper discovered a sad case of destitution, a worthy woman and her
children boing ill, starving, and ou
the point of boing evicted from the
hovel they called home. Investigation of tho cuso showed that the recreant husband and father, a great
big strong ox-policouian, had for
months failed to contribute to the
support of his family, spending all
his money and time carousing in luw
Appealing for aid for the mother
und little ones, the nowspaper published on its front page, under n
scare head, it scathing denunciation
of the drunden head of tho Impoverished family. Thoro was no mincing of words, and the man was held
up to public ridicule as a worthless
fellow unfit to associate with do-
cent human beings.
Instead of calling on tho editor
with a gun, the newspaper publicity
had the effect of suddenly sobering
the drunkard. He began to see a
great light. The spectnelo of his
family dependent upon public charity aroused his latent pride. Ho called on the editor with toars In his
eyes and promised to turn over a
now leaf. Then he donnod his work
Ing clothes and went out to hunt r
iotel Cecil
Bust Liquors and Cigars.
■    4
First Class Photos.
Gallery on First Avonuo
Barclay & Conlin,
WASHINGTON, Sopt. 12- An official statement issued at the navy
department shows that naval vessels now under construction numbers
country that the woman was unmnr-1 ships, five torpedo boat destroyers,
riot}, and this led to the deluge of seven submarine torpedo boats, two
proposals. colliers, and two tugboats.
Mr. Rowe takes tho incident In With the exception o( the colllors,
good part and is having the time of .and the tugboats, all tho work ls
his life reading the letters from the being done in private ship yards,
amorous swains who hope to acquire a wife and a good farm at
the same time.
Toronto,    Sept. 15.—Edward   Williams,   66 years    old, residing    on
Olinton street,
Union station
These figures soon will bs Increased by the addition of the battleship
Florida, and threo colliers, ton torpedo boat destroyers and submarines.
Ho Honing—
No Grinding
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shop, that the question is—
■'Why doesn't a razor hold
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to head without honing and
grinding?"   Whether it is a I
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new blades, er tho ordinary I
open-biaded   razor does not
alter thc question.  You want J
tha comfort and satisfaction ofl
a clean, smooth shave every ['
morning with thc confident \
knowledge that your razor
will be ready for instant use
thc next time needed,
Thc Carbo Magnetic razor Is
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Thirty yearo of study on the
razor situation has perfected
a new secret process of
positively merges every particle of carbon (the life of steel)
Into the metal—giving a diamond-like hardness uniformly!, I
throughout the blade—some- '
thing absolutely impossible
With fire tempered steel—used
In making all other razors.
But test this razor In your
own homo—or If you prefer,
havc your barber use it on you.
Olve us your name.
or call and see the "Carbo
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the correct rasor position for
shaving every part of the face.
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the time
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goods — Everything
Fresh and Glean
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Grocery Store.
St. Catharines, Ont., Sept. 15. —
dropped dead at the Charles Stewart of Merrltten     was
last night while see-] killed   by a live   wire   In Scbneck-
tady, N.Y., today.
Ladysmith Hardware Co. ETelegraph News ofthe
I World in General.
Melbourne,  Sept.  14.—The Austra- Los Angeles, Sopt. 14.—After burn
tian premier, Alfred Deakin, Is tak- ing over 20 square miles, the forest
ng steps to Induce the British gov- flies in the mountains near La Ca-
rament    to    despatch a  fleet     to nnda above    Pasadena, were finally
Australia as soon as that can     bo put out yesterday.     Watchers on tho
conveniently dono. -Mountain last night stated that the
♦ -   i least trace of Bmoke could not    be
Edmonton, Sept.  14 .—Dirt has lit- seen.     Aside from damage to     the
jrally    been    flying    on the G.T.P. forest reserve wlllch cannot be esti-
'grado west of the city during     tho mated, tho total loss from the   flre
jiast week.     By tho time the ground amounts to about $75,000.
freezes the grade will bo finished west  ♦—
rom Edmonton to within ten miles M- P. P- KILLED.
if Wnlf„ freak Quebec, Que., Sopt. 14.—Mr. L. T.
' W0"e          __fc_ Broett, M. P. P., for Lake St. John
* diod in Boborvalo this morning from
London, Sopt.  14,—lord Curzon of injuries secelved hy boing run     ovor
iveddlestone,     chancellor   of Oxford _? a train at St, Oedoon last night
[University, and ex-viceroy of India,
ffluffcred painful, though not serious
[injuries In a   collision whilo driving
motor cor noar Sunnydale today.
{He was severely shaken and rocoivod
cut on the forehead, but Is -rv
[pressing favorably.
Edmonton, Sept. 14.— Since the
| provincial bovornm'ent has taken ov-
|cr tho telephone system, every effort
[ has been made to give farming com-
nunitles speedy and effective telo-
kphono service. In Edmonton rural
Idlstrlcts sly lines have recently been
[installed from 12 to 18 miles in
I length and having an average of 12
| telephones on each line.
Chicago, Sept. 14.— Twelve per-
Isons wore injurdd, four of them so
_serio"sly that they aro expected to
'die, in a wreck, on the L. S. & M.
: S.Hallway at Chostertown, a small
town forty miles from Chicago, soon
1 after midnight. A suburban train
I from Chicago crashed Into the rear
iind of "ii evcrrsion train bound for
[ Indiana o:is, from Chicago, over tho
[ Lake Erie & Western, while the Int-
I ter wns standing at the station. The
[rear of tho excursion train was bad
tiy wrecked. The collision was due
> to a heavy mist which hid the ex-
l-cursion train from view of the . engineer of the suburban train.
Konlrew, Ont., Sept. 12.— South
^"Renfrew Conservatives have nomin-
[ated John McKay of thts place for
[the Commons.
Mr. Broett trid to jump on tho train
when it wns in motion and fell under
thowhoels. lie wns a. native of Franco
coming to Canada five years ago and
settling in Lake St. John district
whero ho engaged in oxlonsivo farm
ing interests.
Ho wns 38 yours
Edmonton, Sept. 1 (.—One of the
flrst to return to Edmonton of the
large number of gold seekers who
Inst s' rlmr rushed to F'indlny rlvor
district, 500 mllos northwest of this
city, is F. M. Anderson. Ho brought
down some excellent samples qunrts,
and leaves again In a few days to
stake off claims which he has pros-
i ectod dnrln<r the Rummer months.
Apparatus Fop Throwing Life Lioes
LONDON, Sept. 14.—The Standard S~ JOHN VV. COBURN. (.'RO. ("   PICKABD.        3
this morning prints a   long     intor-,^:     President and Managing Director. =>,„rrtn'ry-Treasursr.       ^
view witli Prince Von Iiuelow,    the fe _§
The advisory committee appointed es lhc stundard of elllcionoy to which German clianoellor
iy the British government to formu- it hus been brought. ' A projectile is deals mainly with
at Nordomey.  It;
the relations   bo-;
tween Great Britain and Germany,
anil with Prince Von Uuelow'B opinion of articles which recently up-
lioared in tlio British periodicals.
With reference to British apprehensions iu the matter of German nav-
late a  roport upon the question   of Inserted in the cannon, and the can-
British     ships compulsorily carrying nou is lired by moans of a   friction
life-line   throwing   apparatus,     con-  tube which propels tho projectile    a
ducted somo inoso important experl- certain   distance,    and from     that
ments in Liverpool recently, the re-_ point  a  rocket  is discharged   which
suits of which ure briefly described,    tarries   the   lino to its destination.
The   apparatus submitted compris- The gun is portable and easily hen-'al aggression,   the chancellor thinks
od kites,     buoys and different styles died. ; that it would be more excusable     If
of guns and ruckots.     Tho Ilrst tests     Another interesting feature is that | the Germans were apprehensive     of
wore those     of    West's drift buoys,       ■ •lit  Uie daytime the smoke  indi- being   attacked, pointing out    that
which were followod by the     much- cutes the direction in which the lino Gront Britain hns not been invaded
improved llegurk box kite.     It was is carried, while at night the flre of since the time of William the     Con-
the roeliot denotes thu direction. For queror.
shore use this giun can bo placod on| Continuing*, Prince Von Buelow
a smnll hand barrow, and as there says: "I van assure you that no
are no olaborato accessories, it can one of any sense In Germany dreams
be readily worked By any person of! of picking a   quarrel  with England,
most interesting ol    thc tests     was  ordinary   intelligence.     This gun  is much loss is there nny
made with a   balloon coostructotl of claimed to bo tho most satisfactory    f Invading England
gold-heaters' skin in two weights. It apparatus for heavy work, as,     for
carried    a   line    for 1,500   hundred  example, from the deck of large lln-
yards.     Tho principal tests, howovcr ors.
wero made with rockets, cannon and     Two  shoulder guns impressed   tho
shoulder guns, which have beon car- experts ns the most satisfactory   of
r'ed    to a  high state of perfection,  thoso   produced.     Thoy are     light.
Much interest Wns shown In the re- o'slly   handled,    and   may bo  fired
suits of these tests, both by the com from any position by a   man or boy.
mittee and the natural oxperts. The more powerful of the two guns
The    cannon    threw a  line a  dis- carried a   line 845 feot and the oth-
tanco of 810 fnthons, which indlcat- cr 842 feet.
i _- LIMITJID _2
the opinion of those who witnessed
the experiments thnt the lute is a
successful invention and will be very
serviceable when the wind is blowing un a   lee    shore.     One of     the
D * ''•!'/
Fatality In Tunnel Made Detroit Hivep
DETROIT, Mich.,  Sept.  10.— The fered because of the smoke that hin.
flrst double fatality to be charged t0 aeIea the rescuers.     The blaze   was
the construction of the Michigan Cen ™nflned to the timbers constituting
tral tunnel    under the Detroit river tho falB0 work insl<ie the ceraent wal1
and the loss will probably not     ex-
Insauo     Idea
But, for Ocr-
mnns, there are far more than double reasons  for  npprehonslons   from
our exposed geography.
So far as the idea of Germany's
'.ower being a menace to other
countries is concerned, Ciermnny ns
you well know, is the only one of
lhe gireut powers which has waged
no war during the' last 87 years."
Tho chancellor discussed a great
variety of subjects in European politics, but mainly of academic interests. First ho scouted the notion
that Germany is aiming to be the
greatest naval power in the world,
or is likely to within a couple of
years to challenge British naval superiority.
Atlantic City. N. J.,     Sept. 1.4.-      _..„_.	
Members    of   the     National Retail  occurred early today in shaft num- „ ™, T~~7 7'7.'i 77'L       n „ .*
iw„„~;..t„'   a.. t.tin.   - th. -' eeed two thousand dollars.     About
Druggists   Association aro gathering:,      . ,
here for what promises to bo     tho ioor 10ur 01
largest and most important convin-jto tho tunnel when two men
tlon ever held hy thoir organization. sulTocated to death by smoke
Tho sessions will continue     through burning timbers    and tar paper
tho entire week. The operation of the
pure drug act and a number of jtho;'
subjects of groat importance to thu
trade will be exhaustively discussed
..   .    -
Toronto,   Sept.    14.—Forest   fires
raging aroun-'   the village of Ross-
eau, Muskoka have done much  dam-
the Canadian approach lw0 hundred men were working in
were tne tunnel w|,eu the flro broke out.
from i(, wns necessary to pass the men
slowly through the air lock as they
had been working under air pressure.
All wcre reported checked out of the
shaft. Kimball and Johnson apparently lost their lives through returning into the burning Bhaft     to
tho shaft, and two others wero temporarily overcome by the sinoko ir
attempting to enter the shaft in c
rescue peribgi
The dead are Wm. Kimball, super
intendent of Shaft No. 1 and 2, and look for men    who    might possibly
Pert Johnson,  a   carpenter. havo been left behind.     Their bodies
The lire was put out about 3 a.m.  ,vore both found near the foot of the
ago to timber mills     and     lumber after    the air     „„„„„ maintalned  stairs ]ending fl0^ tQ ^ ^^
yard*' constantly up to that time had suf-  to the shaft.
Toronto, Sept. 14.—Despatches
from practically overy part of On-
tnrio sny root crops, fruit and pns-
turage aro suffering from drought.
Tn most places the ground is     too
THE CATHOLICS INSULTED French  tryanny.   Thus,   the    Pope's
  words wore distorted, first in Paris,
London, Sept.. 14,-It    is   evidont and    then in London.    Nevertheless,
that Catholics because of thc refusal tho Euchnrlstlc congress remains    a
to penmt tho host to ho carried in glorious memory    for    the Catholic
-.'.- *V%.
Toronto, Sept. 12.—Thirty police-
t men wero added to the Toronto po-
[ lice forco yesterday, bringing the to-
| tal up to 410.
Toronto, Sept. 14.—Word has been
received from Philadelphia that Rov.
Dr. Patterson, formerly of Cook's
Presbyterian church, this city, who
stricken with apoplexy a few
days ago, is recovering.
hard to plough. Dairy products havo the procession yesterday, consider world as well ns a proof of British
fallen off. No rain of any account that thoy have been badly treated. I liberty and hospitality The omission
'-- fallen for three to six weeks.       Father Sprnnkllng, administrator of of the procession will servo to show
Toronto, Sept. 14.-_taster in
chambers this morning gave Judgement, unseating* the mayor and six
councillors of Midland, on technical
grounds, directing new eloctlons.
St. Goorgo Catholic Cathedral in
this city, in nil masses yestorday referred to Premier Asqulth's action
king as one that would go down to pos-
the terity us an insult to millions of
Catholics. Cardinal Van Nuetteli, in
an interview after tho procession,
snld it had boen an admirable affirmation of faith and sympathy
which will not easily lie forgotten by
those who witnessed it.
London,  Sept.   14.—Several morning papers call for tho repeal of ob-
laws     which     caused     the
trouble and strongly depreciate    the
fanatical attitude of tho Protestant
rinlists or Radicals being considered societies.
strong enough to tnke office. |   The Daily Telegraph strongly    de-
. _ nomicos tho weakness of the Oovern-
ATTEMPTTNO RECORD ■ mont and  its    irresolution and    its
Port Hope,' Sopt'. M.-JImmio Roy- susceptibility to tho clamor of a
nolds of this place left at six o'clock '««' extremists. It congratulates the
this morning nn nn attempt to walk Catholics on tho calmness and dig-
to Toronto nnd return in 33 hours, nit*" «'lth "'Inch they bore the exile reached Rowonville twenty miles cpodlngly     bitter _    disappointment
Copennaben,  Sept.  14.—The
baa accepted the resignation of
cabinet   which was handed to     him
[Saturday by Premier Christensen in
accordance with his demand on condition that the ministers continue to
rerform    their     duties until parliament reassembles on Sept. 27.    The
situation is complicated, nolther the Bolcto
Conservatives nor the combined So
to tbo public from which i[Uorters
come directly or indirectly nil sectarian declarations against the Catholic church.
wost. of here at 10.50 and is in
collent condition.
Somo    of   tho     Government organs
[greatly     regret that    tho   Premier
, yielded to fatuities instead of bold-
ily declining to interfere.
|    The Times in all editorial soys that
the Government    blundered   conspicuously in the euchariastic affair und
(that hardly ever bas there been correspondence     in   which    the British
j Prime Minister was seen to disadvantage.   A  recurrence of these difficulties says the Times cannot safely bo
permitted   nn   the  time  hns  arrived
J for considering the advisability   for
Ottawa, Ont., Sept. 14.—Official
announcement will be made on Wednesday of Dissolution of Parliament
and retirement of Hon. W. S. Scott,
Secretary of State, who will bo succeeded by Charles I\ Murphy, K. 0.,
Ottawa. The dato of the general -tlec-
tions has not yet been agreed upon,
but it looks as though tho middle
of tho last week ot Octobor, probably tha l'7th will bo tho date selected. It is understood that the eioction of threo now commissioners and
filling of several vacant sonatorships
will also be mado at this meeting on
Ottawa, Ont., Sopt. 14.—Sir Wilfrid Laurier loft Saturday for Niagara Falls, where ho opens tho campaign in tho Province of Ontario tomorrow aftornoon. After his address
tho Premier will roturn to Ottawa
for Wednesday and will attend tho
banquet of tlio Canadian Manufacturers' Association in Montroal
Thursday, llo will return to Ontario
on Friday speaking at Strathroy ou
Saturday, Tulbury on Monday, Clinton on Wednesday,  North  Bay Fri-
British Columbia s t
Premier Fair! f
September 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26    ■
the putting of all religious bodies on day, and Jackson's Point Monday,
terms of equality.
Everything New, Modern and Up
^-=_r_>       The Minute       *<*-__—
New Gppirds New Buildings
New AtlpactinnsI
IF Horse Show Every Evening
Cash Tombola Prizes Every Day_33 ]
; 4 Days' Great Horse Racing
Trotting, Pacing, Running, Sttioplechasing.
Excursion Kates  from Everywhere.   For %
Prize Lists or information, address »
<j    J. Es SMART, Manager.    %
Homo, Sept. 14.—Tho Correspond-
ica ltoma, a Catholic organ, published tho following communication,
which ovldontly is inspired by tho
jVnlicun concerning thc currying A,
tho host in tho eucliaristic procession In London yesterday. "The procession did not occur. Although ro-
regrcttiiig this omission, wo wish to
point out that wo appreciate tho
liberty and respect which surrounded
the euchnristlc congress under tho
shadow of the British flag. It has
boon said that tho procession could
not bo ullowed as such processions
nro forbidden by a law passod in
tho 10th century. This is not a serious matter, as everybody knows
that such a law became automatically absolute through religious liberty
granted later to British subjects. A
fow Protestant societies aspiring to
archaeological fa-mo. by exhuming
past prescriptions, wore moroly tho
provorbnl fly trying to drag tho
coach. Had the fly been nlono the
antl-Euchnrlstic coach of the 10th
contury would nevor have loft tho
museum of religious persecution
What moved tho coach was the intervention of certain politicians who
dcplctod tho procession ns a muni-
fostion disagreeable to tho French
"Bloc" and thus hurtful to tho Anglo French entente, as to soo tho
French prelates participate in London In this procession, an act which
would solid them to prison in their
sweot French country, would havo
glvon umbrage to PnrlB for the samo
reason tbo words of tho Tope to tho
Fronch pilgrims on Monduy wcro
taken advantage of by tbo enemies
of tho church pretending that tho
pnnlllt had praised British liberty
for tho purposo of punishing at thc
pillory, tho small tryants of Purls;
thoso samo persons urged tho British
; Government not to lie a tool of the
I Vatican-tactics. Tho troublo Ib that
In Monday's impromptu speech the.
Pope meroly paraphrased the words
of Archbishop Alx, tho loader of the
pilgrimage who himself compared
British Liberty with what ho termed
COPENHAGEN, Sopt. 14.- The
Urltish government has seat a diplomatic consul to Frcdrlcn in Jut-
lund, whose special mission is to observe the manoeuvres of German
ships in Danish waters. Tho British
vico consuls in Denmark, most of
whom nre Danes, received instructions recently to report to tho homo
government all nmnoeuvrcs of German war ships.
It Is reported hero on good authority that tho British govornmont
proposed to send a consul to Fred-
rlca but Germany refused nn execu-
ntur on tho ground that the British
consul at Koll was a  Dane.
Montrenl, Quo., Sopt. 14.—Forest
fires nro swooping around tho entire
district of Pembroke, Ontario, north
and wost of the town, the smoke Is
very dense The village of Wickham,
Quo., is surrounded by flre on ovory
sldo nnd unloRS rain comos soon,
mny suiTor heavy damages, At J)ls-
rael, Quo., fires continue destructive
work and nro steadily advancing.
The Robert Hotol and two other
structures nt Valleyfield havo boon
destroyed and thc black lands in the
road Valleyfield are ablaze At <Cis-
dalo, Quo., tho air Is thick with
smoko. Itorondotto is in flamos und
flro is raging in tho forests.
Head Office
j Capital $10,0
ill _.S»_l-
■   •   TOnONTO
Rest $5,000,1
NEW VORK, Sept. 12.-That, the
attack on Socialism recently made
by Presidont Samuel Uotupers of the
American Federation of Labor, is to
be repeated by Wm. J. Bryan i0 tho
address to be delivered by the Nebraska— in this city next Thursday,
is a rumor that has been circulated
here, apparently with some basis of
authority. As a result the Socialists are up in arms aud may decide
if tlio report proves true, to hold an
opposition meeting.
The criticisms of Gompers in which
he intimated tbat the money to pay
for the "red special" tour of Eugone
V. Debs, was furnished by capitalist-
have aroused much indignation in
labor circles, lt is declared that
(jumpers willfully resorted to falsehood in order to help Bryan and injure the Socialist cause among work-
Socialists declare that the "red
special" is by no means the luxurious "palace train" of Mr. Gompers
imagination and that the $20,000
necessary to cover the expenses of
the 10,000-mile tour Is being raised
by small contributions of the worklngmen. All such contributions are
being made public by the national
secrttary at sta'.od intervals, and
the largest sum appearing in lhe report was $200.
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 12. -
That the boycott of tbe Gorman
schools and Gorman goods by Chinese students was probably brought
about in Japan to further her own
commercial interests is the statement made to the United Press here
today by Ng Poon Chow, editor of
the Chinese Daily, and one of the
most astute students ol Oriental affairs ln this country.
"The notion is a big surprise to
mo," said Mr. Chew, when shown the
cable from Japan. "I am ut a loss
to account for it, bucauso Gcriuiuuy
and my country havo always beon
friendly. Geramny had a Chinese
educational comnussion whoso special duty is to look after Chinese
students that go to Germany, and
to help thom. The Germans get
commercial preferment naturally
from tho Chinese when they return
to their own land.
"I cannot imagine what can bo
browing in ithe Orient with referonco
to this Oermnn situation, unless it
be another of Japan's tricks to got
coimniorclnl proferment."
A Savings Hank Department will be
found at the branches of the Hank in Canada. Depobils of Si and upwards are
received and iatcresl is allowed at current
rates, Tbe depositor L- subject to no
delay in tbe withdrawal of lhe whole or
any portion ofthe deposit. Accounts may
lio'opotiod in tlio nan:es ol t*o or more pel-
som. Withdrawals to to nu-du by inyono
or tlio number or by lho sur.Tir.        m
L. M. de GEX,   Manager
Effective June Oth.
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Daily at 9:00 and 15:58.
Trains f\rrive at Ladysinith
Daily at 11:57 ami 17TT
District Passenger Agent.
1102 Government St., Vlctoi'U,
The Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
P.O. Box 54 'Phone 44
Dealer In All Kinds of
Moats Delivered free of charge on the
Shortest Notice.
Union Brewing Co.
! .united.
Si L_n_—UK _■»__________■_ ^
Vancouver Island Trunk Road—
Sections 1.6.7 and 8.
perscribed "Tender for Section
Vancouver Island Trunk Road,"
will be rocoivod by the Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works
up to and including Monday, the 2Ut
day of September, inutt, for constructing and completing Sections 1,
0, 7 and S. each Section being two
miles, moro or less, in length, of the
Vancouver Islund Trunk Road.
Plans, prolllos, drawings, s|.ecif'n-a
tioas and forms of contract and tender may be soon by intending tenderers ou and after .Monday. the*Hst
day of August, l'JOa, at the office of
the undersigned, Lands and Works
Department, Victoria, B.C., and ut
the office of the Government Agent.
Duncan, B.C. I
Intending tenderers can obtain ono t
sot of tho location plans and profile, I
and of tho specification of each or '
any Scctiou, for the sum of five ($.")) !
dollars per set, on application to tho
Public Works Engineer,
Euch separate tender shall be for
ono Section of the road only,
In splto of tho fnrt thnt tlio rtil-
vorslty of Moscow docs not mlhiit
women studonts, it Is to navo tl e
first woman professor evor appointed
In Russln. Dr. Dnntchnknva ts tlio
woman. Sho I.t a graduate of Turich
and Is looked upon as an authority
In pathology.
Next E-mimss t i Cn*T'   Ti'';. \...o
Are Being Sent Back to
Uo_g Kong.
VANCOUVER, Sspt. 12.- Twelve
Hindus rounded up during the past
fsw days will be deported to Hongkong on the next outgoing Empress
liner by order of Dr. Munro, Dominion medical immigration otlicor. A
number of them voluntarily asked to
be shipped across the Pacilic. As
these Hindus did not come by direct pussti, i from India thsy will be
landed at Hongkongi, where there is
a  large Hindu population.
Moil of those on the list tor deportation wers out of work and dependent upon their countrymen for
support. Dr. Munro is nw_ing
careful investigation of the situation
as regards the turbaned Immigrants.
Hc expects that very large numbers
will have to be shipped to Hongleong
| within the next few months owinc
to the likelihood of a suspension of
work on the varloue projects on
which the Orientals are employed.
With the aprroaoh of fall various
other avenues that enafiled tho Hln-
dds lo guilt a. livelihood will be
_ . J   R Ii   ..J   '!   £■&
arid Pastry
must bo accompanied by an accepted
hunk cheque or certificate of deposit
on a chartered bank of Canada, made
payable to the order of the Hon. tho
Chief Commissioner, in sum of two
hundred nnd fifty (SMO) dollars,
which shall bo forfeited if the party
tendering decline or neglect to enter
into contract when called upon to do
so, or foil to complete thc work con
tractod for.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out, oa the forms supplied
sopnrutoly for each Section of tho
road as specified, signed with tho actual signatures of the tenderers, accompanied by thc above-mentioned
cheque and enclosed in the envelope
Tho Chief Commissioner is not
bound to accopt the lowest or any
F. ('. GAMBLE,
Public Works Engineer.
Bands and Works Department,
Victoria, 11. C. August, 1908.
Always Fresh on Hand.
and Wedding  nnd  Tarty  Cakes Mail.
Fruits and Candies ol All Kinf11
Prices are    very   reasonable      -VII
Customers treated alike.
On tbo Esplanade.
Ladysmith,   B.  O.
And Billiard Saloon!
Pool and English
Billiard Tables.
Daily Prize for Highest
Bowling Score.
Tt)G Best Butcher Shop
in Town is
Jno. fl. ftyan
Roberts Street
B. wauAMscm, prop.
Ladysmith, B. O.
Strathroy, Sept. 14.—Hugh J. Boa-
vltz, a farmer, Is dead Irom lockjaw, caused by a gun shot wound.
Anthony Comntock. tho Now York
I "purity" crusader, throatons to ar-
roRt and prosecute any woman t,uo-
llcly appearing in a dlroctolro or
sheath dress. BAKUAIN5
For Pay
MEN»    ,.
Boot and Shoe
Ladies' Dongola Bals, medium
heol, strong sole, sizes 3 to "■
Special price I1-.95.
A specially strong school boot
for boys, guaranteed sol ill leather. Special prico for Saturday
•and Monday $1,65.
Ladies' Box Calf Bals., medium
heel, stout solo. Special price
Men's Box Calf, Bliichcr, leath-
or lined, creased toe, military
heel, sown solo. Special prico
6 dozen ladies' folt slippers
which we nro offering nt por pair
35 cents.
Our-full stock of felt goods is
about all in and is the most
complete ever shown in town.
Mixed cokes 15c per pound
2 lbs. for 25 cents.
Smoked ham only 25 cents per
Empress Cream Sodas 20 cents
per tin.
White    Wine or   Malt Vinegar
15 cents por bottle.
Specinl prices on Glassware for
pay day.
Dry Goods
Visit our inilinery department
and seo tho latest models nt
strictly reasonable prices.
Girls' tweed dresses for 2 to 4
years, mndo of a good strong
tweed. Special 75 cents each,
Girls' and Misses Coats. Our
new stock just to hand. A vory
largo selection to choose from at
prices from 12.86 to $5.95.
11 pairs Real Ayrshire Blankets, large size, 7 lb. blankets,
good valuo for J8.0O.
Bargain Price J0.50.
'■   "W.   G.   &  R."   SHIRTS  AND
a)tn.&mi\. Comeand |
Inspect    I
y Stock of Latest Styles 1
I Wall Papers
8 tb. blanket $6.95.
boforo it is too late.
See    thom
Beautiful Dresden ribbons 3
inchos wide. Special prico 25 cts.
per yard.
Silk Taffeta Ribbons, &_ inches
wide. 2 for 25 cents.
150 Men's Felt hats in greys,
drabs, and blacks. 'Regular $3.00.
'A snap at $1.-5.
Men's raincoats ln dark    grey.
Special price $8.95.
Simon Leiser & Co.
♦'■fH-H-t -r-f.-f.-f ttHHtl t-r-f
a glim sense of humor became apparent from an examination of tho
contents of the package. On a bit
of paper he had written a message
to the governor which read:
'Phase notify us promptly of nny
change in your post ofllco address."
Another read, "You will know me
better after we are acquainted."
( | Visit "the Foundry and make
| your    own    choice     You will
J save timo and monoy, and   got
' better sntisfi itlon.
i   — ___
Mclntyre foundry
!j Company, Limited
Oome and MnJe Tour
Selection—ne-   stock
fresh > .
J. E. Sinith,    ltoberts Stree
Picture  Framing   a Specialty.
Victoria Footballers Object to Playing Football Matches ou Sundays—May Revise Schedule.
Will Continue Until
Pay Day
lie a Dozen
I    Knights
VICTORIA,     Soi.t.   12.—Wlll    the
Victoria    association  football team lst Avenue,
play gumes on Sunday?     That    is
the question now before the  ofllcials _______
of the local District Association and,
so, far no decision has been reached.
S tor -.
Ladysmith, It. 0.
Frederick William Greaves, of Roberts Street, aged -17 years, a native of County Durham, England.
Funeral Notice.
The funeral will take place fro.-it
tho family residence, Roberts Street,
on Friday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock,
thenco to tho Church of England.
Friends and acquaintances are invited to attend.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Adam returned
home on Monday alternoon.
Messrs.  Pearson and White returned from a short trip this morning.
Mr. 11. Hughes hus now opened out
his stationery store on First avenue
lie is located in the premises for-,
mcrly occupied by the Standard, and
has a good stand. He has not got
ull his stock in yet, but has enough
tu invite a call from anybody iu
need of stationery, postcards, pipes
or tobacco, or anything else in that
Blocks of land, near Ladysinith,
from 5 to 10 acres. For particulars
apply to 0. Gardner. sl5-lut
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Akenhead, re-
turnod this morning from a short
trip to Nanaimo.
Dr. Davis, tho coroner for this district, was down on business this
Mr. A. E. Hilbert was in town on
business last night.
Messrs. T. McMillan and Farquhar
have got back from their trip north.
Mr. P. Lepnss has gone to Harrison Hut Springs for a week's visit.
All the players are requested to
turn out on the field at 5.30 on
Thursday evening, when two elevens will be picked and a practise
game played.
Tho Grand Duke Cigar oha ■ •_
all brands.   It is made ln town, ind
0f that the contest** here should be Uxor.'ed for Saturdays     And on this mi-
Having received notice to
vacate the premises, I am sel
ling out my entire stock re-
igardless of cost.
For Bargains in Watches, Chains, Brooohes,
iVto c-tl torf.'" t0Wn' D0"'t "'„ IPlDS aDd R-n*B* y°U ha™ »
—4— | chance of a life time.
A local tennis tournament will be- ]     For the U6Xt  30   day.   VOU
gin tomorrow afternoon.     The   first „„„    ,    i.       ...      . ,._
game Is timed to commence at 1.80 CaD   »6t   the   b,8he8t    -"dty
MONTREAL,     Sept. 12.—OI    the    When the schedule   of    the Pacilic
many business men examined in con- Lea-"*    was drafted over a  month
nection with the marine department ago the local representatives took a
enquiry, oa to the manner of doing determined stand on the mattor, as-,
business with the department,     the sorting that ni matches could tako
first to admit that he had paid graft P1*00 hm    ""»   Sunday.    Although '
turned up this afternoon in the per-|the,'e was somo discussion, delegates
son of     Alfred Francour, a  retired '''om other points claiming that this
grocer of    Sorrel.    Francour admit- |city should not expoct to havo every-1
ted that he had keen  in the habit of thing entirely their own way in the
paying    a  commission of two    perlnri'anSe'ne'ft of dates, it was agreed I
cent, to captains and stewards
government boats who brought
den to him. jderstanding ihe scries wns prepared
Further questioned he stated that aud au*y endorsed,
this commission was not restricted' v**ia* however, did not eliminate
to government boats, but wns good the necessity of Victoria pluycrs tak-
for any marine man who brought i"- t""* ~ Sunday games al othor
business his way. He had nover in. points, lt was thought that those
formed the officers of tho department actively engaged in the paBtimo
of it as he did not consider th?y! would have no objection. Recent de-
would bo interested in It. Tho in- velopments indicate the contrary,
vcstlgation hns been adjourned un- Q">t» a numbor of tho mort valued
til Oct. 0, Judgo Oassells and coun-, members of the different locnl clubs
sel having some other mutters to'hav» announced thut thoy will not
attend to. U0 t0 Ladysmith, Nunaimo or Seat
tle for the purpose of taking    part
In such competitions.
This being the situation the problem ba* become exceedingly serious.
and it is probable that the District
* .U * Association    will     taue    Immedinto
stops    to ascertain    whether it    is
Knight's Book Store
C. Peterson's
Furniture Store
And Buy a Bali-Bearing New
Century Washing Machine,
with Wringer Attachment—tto
only Perfect Washing Machine
Exceptionally Strong and Attractivo
In Tapestry Covering   ¥16.00
In Velour Covering H  J18.00
A Few BargaiiujiT[Furniture
Combination Dressers at   $8.00
Lounges, mado up neat and substantial, for „.,„.:. ,7^.-117!..-.' $8.50...
Baby Carriages,   now   going at   10
per, cent discount.
C. Peterson
Furniture Store
'Phono 1-8, First Avenue.
' ' '»i li    —
Ladysmith Book of
Views at 1 price
Only 10c each
Don't Forget the POST CARD Sale
is now on.    15c a dozon.
Mr. Blukey is back in town again.
Sandy Strong and R. Bono pulled
out for the Nicolu Vulley on Monday.
Miss Jean Davidson, Second Avenue, Ladysinith, who has been seriously ill with Typhoid fever is progressing very favorably.
We hnvo now in stock Hardo-
man's celebrated American
Hardeman is ono of the best
hat manufacturing establishments on the American side.
Wo havo tho sole agency for
them in Lndysmith so woro In
a position to givo you tho very
latest and best In tho market.
Call and seo our now styles
in brown, ologhant black
Quince, etc.
Prices from $2.25 to $4.00.
For    Hardeman Hate.
Jewelry at your own price-
everything must go.
There Is one good thing to be got
in Victoria. That is Winch's Grand
Duko Cigar which is on sale at Wes-
terndale Railway Cigar Storo, opposito tho E. & N. station, at tho
lames'  Bay Cigar Store,    opposito
the c p. r. Hotel and at the Hub Jewelry Store.      1st Avenue
re on Govornmnnt     StrMt *
Cigar Store on Government
run by Lewis and Evans
Ladysmith, B. C.
If ever Skolton comes back to
Ladysmith (and he hns some property hero) nnd is lodged in jail again;
ho will certainly find it anything hut
an easy task to break out. Mayor everybody travelling between Na-
Nicholson hns had all tho doors naimo and Ladysmith and particular
strengthened, the locks in some cases!'J* to tho runchers and dairymen of
shifted, antl has altered thc obscrva-.tho district,
tion space by doubling the bars md I
leaving tho only opening through
which a prisoner could put his arm.
nt tho sido of the door farthest from
the lock. Thc noxt mnn who gets jut
can bo sot down as somothlng as a
Tho smoko from the bush fires has
all cleared away; but the smoke from
Winch's Orand Duke Cigars Is gain.
Ing ln volume all tho time. The more
you smoke them tho more you Ilka
them. X
Kippered Herring and smoked
but at tho Ideal Grocery Store.
Ryan on tho waggon and Sanderson nt tho counter, Jack and Joh.
mako a strong team. .Tack has now
full possession of 'What was A.
Hone's butcher shop and has Install
od Joe as manager. No ellort wlll l,o
spared to retain tho largo patronage
the shop hns always enjoyed and all
orders will receive prompt attention.
Cirpciler \m.^>
%   M. O'BRIAN    %
"Na Dru"
Toronto, Sept. 12,—T.wo
men were found guilty of carelessness In the operation of a gasoline
launch, a jury sitting under Judge
Winchester bringing in a verdict of
criminal negligence after being out
an hour, today. They will be sentenced at the conclusion of the sitting and will probably   e fined.        I
On a  Sunday afternoon in    July!
the men, Fred Schwalin and James-
Sherln, operating a  gasoline launch,
collided    wt_ a  row boat on    the
Humber, both of the occupants    of __
the row boat being precipitated into jt   t]fj_.fiVb
tho river.     They were rescued.   The. '
Beady ftp Business
All kinds of Stationery
Tobacco and Pipes
and Postcards
Come and See Us
lst A. vnuo
Judge charged strongly against the'
prisoners. It was the first case of]
its kind to come up In Toronto.
At Gear's Ideal Grocery, Alberta
Creamery butter, 8 lbs. for $1.00,
and fresh ranch eggs, 40c per dozen.
Freeh Groceries are arriving
at Gear's Ideal Store.
The now Waterloo Road of which
Mr. Carmichael has had charge is
now finished and ready for use. A
cut off onto the old road has been
made just away from Bronton's nnd
a bad and hilly piece of road cut
out. Tho now road has an easy
grade to It and once it has hardened
down a bit will be a great boon to
SEAGIRT, N.J., Sept. 12.— An
attempt to assassinate Gov, Fort, of
New Jersey has been thwarted by
the watchfulness of the post office
employees who discovered in the
mails an infernal machine addressed
to tto governor. The package wae
cleverly contrhed combination of
powder, bullets and matches, which
had been ao arranged that had thu
governor opened it in the ordinary
way there is little doubt he would
have been killed.   .
That the death-dealing package
wae interrui ted before it had reached ita destination waa due to the
vigilance of the postal ofllcials who
have Manned1 the governor's mail
with unusual care since the executive'! recent crusade against violation of the law at Atlantic. The
attitude taken by the governor when
he directed that the excise and oth-
slnrilar law! at the great seaside
resort be strictly enforced; and even
threatened to order out the militia,
if necessary, aroused resentment In
some quarters. To guard the governor ai much as possible from any
annoyance arising from that affair,
unusual watoh was put on his mall.
That the lender of the machine had Hoe,
PARIS, Sept. l-.~With the acquit
tal last night by a jury in the assize court of Louis A. Urogori, who
lired upon Major Dreyfus during the
ceremonies last June, incident to the
plaoing of the body of Emile Zola
in the Pantheon, the Dreyfus affair
which has divided France into two
parties for the lust 12 years, may
be said to have been buried beyond
all possibility of resurrection. The
government, it was evident from the
remark! of tbe advocate general ih
summing up, did not want a severe
sentence which would make a martyr of M. Gregori, but merely a correctional sentence, which would allow the matter to die out. It was
generally anticipated that the court
would condemn Gregori to six
months' Imprisonment, and his complete acquittal partook of the nature of an anti-climax.
Those present in the court rooni
gave vent to thoir feelings according to their political views, and he
court resounded with mingled hoots
and cheers. The president of the
court, however, soon quieted the dis
turbance by ordering the court clear
ad. '  '    .
An attempt was made to start a
manifestation outside the building,'
but thl! waa frustrated by the    po-
Our Winter Stock of
with Waterproof Soles
The Shoe Men.
First Avenue,
Ladysmith, B. C,
practicable co so arrange the schedule as to shut Victoria out of Sunday matches either here or abroad.
A meeting of the Pacific Coast
League is to be held at Nanaimo on
Sunday, after the opening match of
the season between Nanaimo and
Vancouver elevens. Possibly a representative will be sent from Victoria to attend the gathering and
to lay the situation before them. If
this is not done the matter will be
brought up in the form of a communication. At any rate an ellort
{will be made to have the alterations
mndo which will be satisfactory to
tho soccer conizations of this city.
Canadian    Team   to Visit England
Will Have Tryout In Toronto
Against the Indians.
Ottawa, Sept. 11.—Aid. Foran, the
manager of the Olympic team, has
accepted the offer of the Tecumeehs
for an exhibition match at Toronto
on Saturday.
j The exact line-up of the Olympic
team hus not yet beon decidod, but
Johnnie Broderick, Paddy Brennan,
and Henry Hoobln wlll be on it.
Fifteen players will be used during
the gome, and each man will get
good square show ot proving what
he can do in the lino of lacrosse. Ar-
rons and Bruce Mitchell are both
candidates for the nets, but Arrens
will be trlod out this week,
! Mr. Foran has received the replies
from nearly all the candidates     to
,__ forms sent out last week as to
Itheir.amateur standings. All the
men selected qualify and no trouble
[is expected to result. The team
sails for England on the Empress of
Britain on Oct. 2. The passages
have already boon booked, and the
trainer and possibly the coach wlll
be appointed this week.
j   It Is announced there will not
jnn Amerlcnn team n the Olympio lacrosse tourney.     The Creicent!    ol
I Brooklyn intended to enter, but ow
ing to the fact that molt of them
itre Canadians their entry would not
he accepted. There will probably be
four teams in the competition, the
Canadians, Englishmen, Australians
and South Africans. The series is
to commence on Oet. 19.
Miss Jenny C, Law Ilnndy, has
circled tho globe throo times. Sho
wns born In Australia, educatod In
Germany and Italy nnd is now married In America. She speaks four
lnngunges and comes of a prominent
For Stomach and Liver
pte-id Blood Papiflers
L-d)smth P-Siwy.
Just Arrived
A New Line of
Novelties and
Fancy Goods at
Bight   Prices.
fycKelvie Bros.
Stamping Done
• \
FANCY  GOODS  ■_-__.      ',


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