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Ladysmith Standard Aug 15, 1908

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We expect to dear all our Plain and Fancy Zephyrs, Ginghams,
Cotton Ohallles, Printed Delaines, Muslins, Grass Cloth, Etc.
These are regular 20 and 25c. goods, and us we only have  22 J
pieces, it will pav you.to come, early.   '_
.     Remember the Price:    15c. a Yard, Seo Our   Window. +
In Our Other Window, you will see—
FIVE FOR $1.00 j.
A tew lines of Children's Slippers clearing at $1 n pair.   All slses. J
i_h11'111ii111.i»■<ini■»■»11im iiin1111<t,ii
t-^rTfi-F-'-^*'»'*f-^4^^^*-'--*-r """'Tt
K L__ EB'S
Mining Sli ] :it $8.00 are $3.50 at any
|    Otli   Piiic inthaCity.   It pays
to Bny at Dickie's.
YOU CAN GET     <****9
Clocks, Watches, Pictures, Books,
Razors, Etc, Etc.
for White &w_n Washing Powder Cou|>or-
Send a Two-Cent Stamp for our Catalogue
B. C. »oa|> Worka, -S___BI_S___
j   FOR CHOICE (11.'I.E.
Wall Papers
nirvi-4-e'Oome and  Make Your
XOIIUd    Seleotion-new stook
fresh In,
J. E Smith,    Roberts Stree
allon P.l}. Noot I
II you.have delectlva Eye-alght
Glasses fitted to ault your via-
ion alter careful examination.
Wa have the Up-to-dnte Frame*
and the Best Quality Lenaes.
All kinds ol Repairs promptly attended to. Watch repairing. Our Specialty.
It your watch la troublesome
five us a try,
IP. G. NOOT j;
Watchmaker, Jeweler and  Op- ■ ■
Gatacre Street.
Proposition to Trade Market Square for Tract of
--.and on tbe Yictoria Rood.
1% is some montha ago now, at al- displayed,    would have "-rolongecl   to
most the last meeting of tho   marl- the people.    The    Spit is the   only
i«.«_i ni«-u«.'_. t «.«,,« #.i,„4. n,an,„__ P*1100 on this side of the harbor thut
bund Citizens League, that theques- «g at &n ^^ to    Mhlngi   and
tion of a public park was raised. the iag0on could easily have been
The subject whs brought up by Mr, made into a fine swimming pond. Al-
Wilson, and his proposal was to together the placo would have made
transform part of the market square an ideal marine park, and the cost
into a kind of recreation park where of the transformation, compared
children, could find enjoyment and with the boon it would have I icon to
tired adults rest and shade. There tu» people, would have been infti.it.
was an interesting discussion since esinial. Now It is no longer avail-
when, of course, the question has able, and the fact that it hus besn
dropped completely out of sight and lost ought to be an object lesson to
out of mind. \ those who are always ready to laugh
' Why this should be the inevitable and pour their scorn on any scheme
fate of all such propositions in La- for the improvement of the city.
dysmith it Ih rather difllcult, and it There is still a chance_of securing
might be dangerous, to tell. It cer-ja tract of land convenient to every-
talnly Ib not that the activities of, I body in the city for the purpose of a
nnd interests of the town are so j park. Away below where the Pro-
many and multifarious that all butjvinclal gaol stood there is a patch
vital questions are crowded out of.of wooded ground thut could easily
existence. Chiefly it seems to be and with very little cost.be convert-
due to exactly the opposite reason, ed into a public park; The matter
to the fact that no public interest is (has been talked over these last
manifested in the questions affecting
the real welfare of the cityi
The discussion to which reference
has already been made was hardly
noticed at all, and when it was talk-
eded of it was mostly as some fool
kind of a Joke. The idea of Ladysmith having a park, even a two-
acre park, wus simply preposterous.
It would really appear that there
are some people in tho town who
would feel disappointed and considerably crestfallen if ever the city gets
over tho days of
days and all the difficulties tn the
way of the scheme smoothed away,
The Market -Square, say some, is no
good to the city. Why not then
trade it to the Canadian Pacific Hy.
Company for its equivalent back on
the Victoria Road. There would bo
no difficulty in putting through the
deal, these citizens declare and the
city would have its park with ready
access to a shaded beach.
This is the latest proposition.    H
is to be hoped     that it will evoke
darkness and!more interest than did the last.    As
j on every | other occasion in which the
In the lagoon and tho Spit the "Standard" has raised a question af-
townspeoplo have an ever-present ro-'footing tho city, its columns aro open
minder of the results of the folly and j for1' correspondence. Certainly the
Stupidity of this attitude. Both, had subject is well worth consideration
thore boon   any   corporate foresight and even public discussion
Hoo pep's
Ice Cream
It Home-Mad*, Fresh Dally. Critic*
pronounce it to b*   The B**t  aver
told la Ladysmith.    Come and  try
It,   Warranted abaolutebr pun,
Sa, and 10o.F_-D.i_
Pleals aad Privet* Parti** Supplied
by th* Gallon.
'Hop. Parlors
__—I MMtt I—Ml ss TOP_>
Now Players Given a Trial   In a
Friendly Tussle.
If the attendance at the practice
football match on the Sports ground
on Thursday evening may be taken
as a criterion, the local Interest and
enthusiasm in the winter pastime is
going to be keener and stronger than
ever this season. Of course, there
wns an additional attraction in the
fact that new men were being tried
oit and after the final toot of the
rotarontlal whistlo ono might have
thought from the crowded appearand of First Avenue that a big
gr—e had Just ended. There is no
doubt about it that with a good
teum, the local club is going to have
a record season.
It is not, pf course, a lair thing to
Judge any player upon bis play ln a
gr.ine such as that of Thursday even-
in-;. Some ol the new men wero
without * togs, and Mnin hod on a
pair ol boots which crippled his leet
In a very few minutes. So far as
one was able to inter rather than to
Judge, most of the new men will
make good. Mains lor fifteen minute* kicked and tackled with smart-
end Judgment, and Dave Spence
It sot only tricky, but always knows
-hlch wing Ib, tenet covered. How
evor, .neither of thoso players was
stripped for the game, arid neither of
tlu-ni gave, more than a hint of what
thoy aro really cnpablo.
Struthers, 'Strang, Christian and
Witrburton woro in different caso.
Thoy wore In playing togH und were
n Me to get In and play- Warburton
m.ide good from tho start. He is.
very smart and tricky with the ball
.-.•■il nover falls to tako a pass and
rover In turn passes unless ho ^can
get the ball to a man who is—un-
witchsd. If tho writer Is any Judgo
of a player, Warburton will be of
great service to the .'earn. Christian
showsd himself a powerful kick and
a fearless -tackier If somothlng lack-
log ln the finer points of the game
Struthers Is a man for whose stylo
of play the writer has always felt a
partiality. There is neither rush nor
hustle to lt, but It is cool and classy
anl eventually sound. With another
game or two he should mako his
presence felt In tho team.
There remains only Strang, tho
youngest man on the tenm. Like his
brother Sandy, tho characteristics of
his play aro coolness aud headlnoss.
It ts nover spectacular and for that
reason ls all the more likely to be
discounted, But ho is particularly
good -with his hoad and at close
quarters is mighty quick and suro at
tackling.' As he In picked to play
on Sunday there will then bo a1- better opportunity of sizing ihlm up, hut
so far ho glvos every promise of inak
ing good.
It would serve no purpose to go
over the play. Iloth teams scored a
goal each and that satisfied everybody. But tho ground 'Will havo to
be watered before Sunday, ball and
players oftentimes on Thursday evon
Ing being smothered In a cloud of
New York, Aug. tt—Thl* afternoon
oa the grasa courta of tht Athletic
Club at Daybridg*, tb* eastern lawn
tennis champions, C. X Wright, ol
Rotten, and Raymond D. lit-*, ol
Ntw York, will m**t tht W**t*rn
champion*, N. Emerson, ot Cincinnati and Waldler of Chicago, to tea who!
will meet HncVslI aad >AhWand*r, th*
national' trophy ho-*n, at Newport mt wm-.
Standard Correspondence Ask For a
By-law to Protect Them.
Editor Standard :
;' Sir,—The question of giving protection to shade trees planted along
our streets has been a vexed ono,
and many fine shade trees would today have been planted along our
streets if any protection hnd been
given to prevent horses and people
Irom destroying them. A clear case
of wilful destruction was given to
tho Council in July last year, but
absolutely nothing was dono in tho
This yoaf, what trees survived the
onslaughts of lust year, have been
eaten off all summer long by drivers'
horses, and, when the matter was
brought up at the last sitting of the
Council, his worship the mayor and
Aid. Matheson both stated that they
would prosecute if their trees were
destroyed ln like manner. Thero Is
not a by-law in tho whole city's code
to prevent any driver from allowing
his horses to stand and eat tho
young shoots of a treo as long as
the horse is not fastened in any way
to the tree, or the box around It,
and the only by-law our Council has
got relative to such protection is
Sec. 11., which says: "No person
shall tie or fasten any animal to any
tree, shrub, or sapling now growing
or planted, or which -may lie hereafter grown or planted ln any street,
square, park, highway or public
placo within tho said city, or to any
caso or box around such tree, shrub
or .sapling.
Now, supposing a caso should bo
entered against anyono for permitting an animal to oat the tops off
young trees, and tho defendant employed legal counsel on the case, how
long would it take a lawyer to tear
that section to shreds and havo tho
esse dismissed? Wo would bo very
thankful if our council would givo
this matter their attention and lot
us have protection for our shade
That Association Iootball will givo
all other Winter pastimes a run for
popularity noxt senson Is evidenced
by tho fact that ovor l.oOO players'
certificates have been signed, and It
is fully expected that this number
wlll bo oxeeedod before tho opening of
tho senson. Mr. Will Bills, former
secretary of the Vancouver District
Leagtio, informed tho Sporting Editor of the Vancouver "News-Advertiser" that the officials of tho League
wlll havo their hands full in carrying
Ing the arrangements through this
year. There will lie sovon Senior
clubs In tho Vancouver District League again this year, while no less
than twenty clubs have Joined the
second division. In addition to
thoso already affiliated with the Lsague, there aro four second division
clubs at Chllliwa'ck, including three
teams composed ot Indians, two
clubs at Sardis and one olub at the,
Mission, North Vancouver, that have
applied lor affiliation with the governing body. The following clubs
will compote ln tho second division :
Celtics* Shamrocks, New Westminster, Thistles, North Vancouver, Nationals, "Westhum Island. V.A.C.Y.M.
C.'A., Columbian College, B. 0. _.
Railway, Hibernians, Grandvlew, Eb-
iirno, Mission, Maple Ridge, Mount1
Lehman, Langley, Abbotsford, Coquitlam. ,N
Great Crowd Expected to See First
Meeting of Two   Rival
Ottawa, Ont., Aug. H-' Sir Wilfrid T_aurier left this morning for
Athabascavllle. Hon. Fielding . Mt
this afternoon for for Nova Scotia. ■
There is sure to be.a big crowd at
the football match tomorrow afternoon. There is no getting away
from the rivalry between the two
towns. A meeting between the two
teams is par excellence the tit-bit of
tho football season. Of course, in
this caso it is only a friendly fixture, but BtiU there is no dangor of
tho play ever becoming slack. Doth
teams will Jj© out to win, and, while
the ploy on the whole, be something
crude and short, there will he nothing lacking in effort and intention.
After the practice game on Thursday evening tho Executive committee
met In the Standard ofllco and selected thc following toam to play on
Backs.—Christian, O'Connell.
Halvoiffj—Mains, Strang, Wynn.
Forwards.—Grainger, Graham,  Ad-
m, Warburton and Sanderson.
Nanaimo United.
The Nanaimo elevon will be as follows :
Goal.—Rogers. ,
-Full backs—Graham, Hewitt.
Half backs.—Former, MeEwen and
Forwards— Blundell, Crulckshanks,
Mitchell, Hooper, Harley.
For Ladysmith, Struthers, Spence,
and M, O'Connoll will bo in reserve,
and for Nanaimo, Snowden and Ishorwood.
The g., ne will start promptly at 3
o'clock, and Mr. H. Fulton will act
as referee. Tho admission to the
field will be 25 cents, ladies free.
For the grand stand, 25 conts will
be charged for both ladies and gen-i
The following additional subscriptions have been receive- in aid ol
the sufferers, of the Fernie disaster:
H. Wright .'.  12.00
T. WWte  1.00,
W. Houso  ;     ..-, .... 1.-00
J. Run-by  1.00
W. Marshall   ,  1.00
A. Auchlnvolo   ......  1.00
T. Wright .. ,  1.00
R. McKinley .'.  1.00
B. McClay    ,  1.00
J. McDonald   2.00
A. McKelvie   1.00
T. Oordon ,...   1.00
A. Brown  1.00
H. Gisborne  1.00
A., Howay  ,  1.00
T.: Turner    1.00
O. B. Kltto  1.00
N. Atkinson .1-00
W. F. Morris   1.00
Mr. Spalding .' 1.00
Ladysmitli is to have a High
School. The news will givo general
satisfaction; for the urgent need of
Buch an institution has long been
conceded aiid its absence genuinely
As was "pointed out in a recent issue of tlie ""Standard" the conditions have never before been such as
called for a high school. Thore has
to be at least twenty pupils before
the Education Department will step
in and sanction its formation. The
requisite number wore only available
after last examination, and that the
pup-ils ure hero now is in itself a
striking proof of the efficiency'of the
teaching staff and of thc board of
control. i
Since tho matter was mentioned in
tho Standard steady efforts have
been going on to secure tlie foundation of a High School. These cul-
'■mlnat-d 4»k.a_yisiit .to the city by In
spector Gordon who personally: cotirfno iitna ainoe ho got bae1- from Ot-
ed on the parents bf the pupils and
received their assurances that provided a high school wore.started,
their children would attend. Inspector Gordon reported to the Department and yesterday Mr. John Stewart, the Clerk of the Trustees, re-
|fCOived official notification that a high
school will be started. A properly
qualified teucher is being advertised
for, and it is hoped that the hew institution will open out simultaneous-'
ly with the to-assembling of the
schools. lil
Altogether it is a very gratifying
piece of nows, and the Trustees aro
to bo warmly .congratulated on the
energetic manner in which they have
carried the matter through.
The Ladysmith Lawn Tennis Club
.pay their roturn visit to -unaiufu
ou Suturduy, August '22ud. Thu
players woro not so successlui down
nere as they hoped to Lie. but at
least thoy enjoyed a fair share
the honors. They aro by uo means
—uunted by tho prospect of tho ordeal ,iu front ol theiu, and have lively hopes of currying, oil tho lion's
same ol lhc punus. The following'
ure the local .representatives: Men a
singles, Mr. iviuo, and Mr. Uu Hex ;
mon's double's Messrs. Kitto mid Ha-
venicld; ladies' doubles, Mrs. do Gex
uu.. .,liss i\il.lu; mi.\ed doubles, Mi's
Wat.i aud Mr. uo Hex und Mrs, Frost
an,, .ur. Uuvurlieui.
1—vr—uofu-f   ui'   fixifbr—i,i.
NEW  IOR-, Aug. li—Tb* explo-
slou ol i ,000 .allot- oi whis&y ia a
tanif in the —■ -• MocKoy Lump—iy
_u. o,ki.u„._  i.uM Duudiuii:, wfflit Fortieth street today
Mr..Caldwell  , .1.00  ^7 .   , :
W  Earl      '■■■—■ '    ••■ '"'""" joo mulcted paiuiul but not latal burns
Ohow Ping ....."" ""...... ............ 1.00 upon .'rand* i'auuuera, an employe
T. P. Mclntyre ,  1.00
J. E. Smith   ,    1.00
Oust. Hill  1.00
A Prlend  2.00
Total $80.00
' ' .    .   ♦     i	
Of the factory,
laubernu was working about the
task whan th* bum ol aa electric
light burst aad tae i_i_s ol tlie
whisky caught dn, wloding and
sotting tiro to the whisky. Tuuberna
was thrown thirty feet against the
wall. Another empluyoe opined al
valve which permitted the whisky lo
how Into the sewer aod the tire wu*
quickly extinguished.
 i 4	
CLEVELAND, O., Aug. H-Criued
With Jealot-y, Sfaipheal-trick,' 22
y*ors old, probably iu tally shot -aW
l'*trick, IS yeaxa of ag*.. his brio* oi
seven w*t_«, at tbeir home today,
and then committ-d auicid*.
Fetriolc all along had been Jealous
ol bis wife and several *erlou* quor
tals are said to have occurred. This
morning they had a dispute and ha
_ft the houae altar thn-tenlng to
kill ber. He returned later and again)
threatened her. She dropped on her
knees to plead with him when he
drew a revolver aad ahot her three
times. _• then flrad a ahot into hls
-astern     Auihoritie*    'think Fight
Will -agin i_-t W«ak in
It ho* been generally agreed that
there would be a Dominion election
this fall and all tbe signs now axe
that it will not b* *__ delayed.
According to EasU-ru advices Irom
those in the Lest position to know,
tho gnat light may bs expected a-
bout the end of October. No lea* tn
authority than Mr. Borden ha* reason
to think that the uarties' ore likely
to Join issue* about ths lost we»k in
October and if he be r i,ht in his
surmise thero is no time to be lost.
The Socialists have l-usy thl* last
few weeks and Smith has wasted no
unpleasant impression waa created
yesterday owing to an alleged pro-
-*m*_on of tb* Young Turkiih com-
mitt** declaring that ahold- tb*
power* intarvwe in Turkey'* internal affairs, a riling would oecur
whlch would imperil the :—lidence of
The proclamation, lt I* luppowd,
was due to „ report that Russia had
declared the powers must intervene 11
Turkey lolled to crush the movement
in Macedonia, but inquiry at the office* of th* Young Turk* elicited a
denial of Ita authenticity.
Another interesting report in circulation, but which haa not y*t been
confirmed, I* that th* lYoung Turk
commission is determined to insist
that th* Sultan quit the Yildlz Vlsik
in order to completely put en end to
and prevent any lios-billty ol a
coup d'etat by a Pflaco guard. Under
thi* scheme th* lYIldla Vl**k ud th*
surrounding gardens would be converted Into a public pork and the
Sultan henceforth would reside in
th* dolnvt aagtch* palace on the
shores ol the Uotphorous. According
to th* report, however, the project
I* not to be put In forco Immediately.
Enormous crowd* attended the
function and at its conclusion „ par-
cession marohed through th* town
headed by th* archbishop, priests,
and a Turkish military band playing
Up Armenian national anthem which
[had been suppressed for generations.
Two ol the palace oflu-en- under arrest have been,released on the understanding that they will restore money and lend* alleged to have heen
•Oquired Illegally during their tenure
ol office   together, totalling     some
Th* report of an .pricing at Ere-
gll, ,Asla Minor, I* declared to lie
without foundation.
 __♦ , ,
■After a brief argument on the side- [ . _
..n, f_-. inA...  n..i.i -i*.—-™.      Wheeling, W. Vn.. Aug. 14.—There
walk Mr* today, Daniel Thomr-on,   „„, a do*'M(( murAm „t Ore9cont
a young; Inan, *taWi*d and killed his! mining village In Tlolmmint County,
undo,  Daniel ltlorch.    Th*    weapon [ 15 mlles   west  o( Wheeling, at  two
entorod tho elder mon'* neck and  ho'°'e!"ck thlB   morning.      Ono.of tho
hui i..t..n,.    Thnmn.n.  ....    .o. victims nnmo Is Alex. BnrklB.* The
dlod lnstnnllf.   Thompson waa   ar- name ■„, tll0 otnc,. ,„ „„k„ow„ „„ -„
routed nnd be was quickly removed 0i|,0 the    niftnos    ot tho murderers,
to 'Jul! at Am'iury, Venn. The murder occurred during a  sal
oon row.
NORTH BAY, ONT., Aug. 14-Two
excursion trains o[ harvesters trom
th* marltim* province* wer* bald at
Chalk River yesterday lor about an
hour waiting orders and during that
time the hotel wa* looted, the proprietor carried outsld* and over a
thousand dollar* worth ol liquors
and cigar* carried on, Evon the collar was ransacked and K*gs ol boar
stolsn. On th* train riotous scene*
ensued. Water tank* were emptied
and filled with b**r. Fighting be-
oam* general and one man bad his
noss broken and sustained othor In-
Jurle*. One policeman wa* on each
train but no attention wa* paid to
At MnoKle'a Station (J)* travelling
hoodlum* amused themselves y
wrecking the furniture in the station
agent* houso and otherwise misbehaving. At North Bay the police
force and a number of citizens prepared for thslr arrival and the first
sign of disorder resulted ln nrrsste,
which put a damper on the hondlnm-
Ism. ' '
tawa. Ho has already visited Cady-
omith and, according to ths Herald,
he was at Duncan* yesterday. Mr.
Ralph 1* the last man lo put ht-n-
solf to any inconvenience unlets h-
haa the beat i: reasons for beUTtiig
that there is something In sight It
Is true he has not yet i.sen *sls-t*d
as the Liberal candidate, and it is
equally true that there are not a
few good Literal* who would 'ike
to hove some i ne else. But Smith
has a firm hold of the party wins
anil run „p trusted to get there.
The point for Conservatives is that
ho is.working as If he were already
there. It is up to thom and to Mr.
Shepherd also, to get busy. Electioneering machinery cannot be perfected in n day and tho fight in the
constituency will be os stiff and stub
born as any in tho Dominion. It is
tho side thnt works the hardest
which is going to win out and lt ls
the flrst step towards success ls to
realise this.
'     4
Program lor lie
GUD CillD -fiOOl
I -.  la-
~* Aug. 23N
Nanaimo District Rod and dun Club
l'rogriiiiiiiie for Its Big Tournament on August 23rd.
The Nanaimc. District Rod & Oun
Club have mode every preparation
for their big tournament to be held
on the Mount View Grounds on
gust 23rd. Teams irom the
rounding district are expected to be
in attendance, Thc following is the
prcgrammo of the shoot:
FIRST EVENT—10 Singles
First Prine—S7.00 cash.
Socond. 1'riBe—¥5.00 cash.
Third Prize—$4.00 cash.
Fourth Prize—Box of Cuban Blossom Cigars, S3.50.
Fifth Prise—»2.00 cash.
First Prize— §7.00 cash.      ■    ■■
Second Prize—Pair of Shoes, value 15.00.
Third Prize—Shooting Coat, value
Fourth Prizi-—53.00 cash.
Fifth Prize—$2.00 cash.
TEAM S1100T.
This ovent is for tho championship
of the District, a toam* to cuusist ot
six men.
First Prize—$30.00 cash.
A Second prize will bo given, of
$12.00 if more than throo teams
THIRD EVENT-10 Singles.
First Prize—$7.00 cash.
Socond Prise—Travelling case, (E.
Pimbury), value $5.00.
Third Prize—$4.00 cusli.
Fourth Prize — Box of Enterprleo
Cigars, valuo $3.50.
Fifth Prize—$2.00 cash.
Firsl Prize—$7.00 cash.
Second Prize — Oold locked, value
Third Prizu — Goods, (Powers _
Doylo), $5.00.
Fourth Prize—$3.00 cash.
Fifth Prizo—$2.00 cash.  ■
First Prizo—$7.00 cash.
Second Prlzo— Gold chain, val—)
$5.00. '
Third Prize—$4.00 cash.
Fourth Prize—$3.00 cash.
Fiilll Prlzo—Uicyclo lamp, (1—.Husky), value $8.00.
Highest uvui-uge scoro wlll roceivo
$5.00 cash.
Lowest avorage, a sot oi English
Briar Pipes.
The team.Shoot will come between
tho Second and Third events on ■ the
-ATAXIA, 0., Aug. 14-Oeo. Vail,
Jr., twenty year* old, charged with
tbe murder ol hla father, Geo. Vail,
•r., 01 years old, who disappeared
suddenly on June 10, 1907, hut
night confessed to having committed
the crim*. To tb* authorltta* h*r»
he (aid tbat te had quarrelled with
the elder Vail previously to killing
him and had shot him only after ht
himself had boen threatening.
•According to the confession, young
Vail, after killing hi* father, took
tho body Into a hollow Mar hla
home and burnod It. Tbe finding ol
the hones led to the arrest and th*
confession loat night.
VANCOUVER., B.C., Aug. 14. •
* —R. Warrenor, aged 98, was sul- •
located ln a small flre In an East •
* end   lodging   house   early IU* *
* morning, • __■
_<r_____^.-,^'^'"^"-:'   '      '-"••ii7_h
II You Requir* Aay
Or 11 Yeu- Requlrs Any
Or II You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Sell One;   or If You   Want
Motarjr Public, C*ans-anoer.
Ladysmith   Standard
Published oo Wednesdays and _*ur-
d«ys Afternoons by ths
Uobt. H. Hindmarch,
On* Year    11.19
-ix Uuntl.s      Tt
Advertising Kates on Application.
SAN FRANCISCO, Oei., _iig.
g. ill.
good business, tad htvar at any Urns
failed to mate a fair profit, " Th* i*
Herald, or rather it* proprietor, who *
wa* alao th* proprietor ol th* Ledger, now oaks* thi* o-nrtioa. And
now look at the sqqiMl  Oa their own'
declaration the proprietor* mad*   a
comfortable living from the oity, but I
a* soon aa .ever they close down t__*. —,Kba Attel and   Owen Moran,   last
,    , .„      ,,    „ ,    .       ,_   . I night agreed to fight 28 rounds  be-
business, no "knocking' is too bad^ Croffoth-s Club ln the Mission
for it. Why,, it was this very policy, Street arena on Labor Day, Sopt;
of theirs, founded on petty spite and 7th. Moran allowed Attel to name
puenlle prejudice that led to __!Ja<* WelMl ** retma.
starting of the Standard.   Ib* most, BALLOON RACE.
-i .Si ni»r	
^tal"i °_SPwi-n(!ld., th8' i>r*_-t'tj,|p to Nanaimo, They are much
ohaniplon Frank B. Oeer, of Boston, ■.., - ,.t, ... „,,,,,„ ,„ „.,„. ■ .__*
the former champion, and Durando takeB *lib ib* sc8hl° b6autle8 am)
Mlller of New York, winner ol the believe that if their plans carry
association singles last year at Phil through successfully the c'.ty of Na-
udelphla. 'niiluid will hnvo reason to congratu-
Another event    on the programme ,       .,   ,.        ,, ,,_„'„
that Is   attracting attention is the,1"6 '.ts0" ™ tho "ow buslne8R    a0"
NORTH ADAMS, Mas*,. Aug. 18-
Tho balloon   race   lor,the    Forbes
astounding thing ol all wa* —ie fact
that, even, at that time, the  Herald
was still doing business in the town._     .       ,„- __ -ic,v.-- o j_,  „ _- __
...     ... i1 ffi"   ,     ,     trophy will start    from this    place
and had quite a, respectable -rc_a-;tomo,i.ow and „ _,„ weathir „<,„,,...
tion, iAs we have said, it was this f_l- tions are favorable the contest pro-
la—Otis and foolish policy whloh con- bably will be one ol the most' nota-
«___ed a number or th* merchants "J" «*»•»/Wna that has ever taken
"     ,   " ™ ""*"*'*. place In America.   Arrangements for
to seek a papor to   represent    the «_ event have been concluded by the
North Adam* Aero Club.    Five bal
Tb* ''Herald" in it* issue ol Friday take* advantage of a rate—* be-
laited notice of the Ladysmith "Chronicle" to get in some rather shifty
criticism of the Standard and its
editor. The latter, it seems, ha*
been making some uncalled ior remarks wbich tha Herald with its
never-failing conceit in itself and its
wisdom seta out to be correct. Our
sin has been that we have, spoken o'
previous Journal* in Ladysmith sa
"failure*," or, at least, as having
bad "unfortunate experiences." It is
juat possible that the Herald ha*
hare misread our last issue aad is
making ua responsible for the utterance* ol the "Chronicle" which, considering tbe already too grievous
burden of our offences is hardly fair.
But supposing we had described
previous Ladysmith journals a* "fail
urn," what then? The Herald begin* with the late Mr. Graham* and
tbe "Leader". Perhaps the Herald
ia right in stating that Mr. Duns
muir furnished the entire plant and
■took, and paid Mr. Grahamc salary of $150100 a month., It may alao be true that Mr. Graham* "quit
Ladysmith financially much better
than he went there." But what haa
that got to do with the failure
success of the "Leader." That particular kind of logic, while it may
please or fool the proprietor of the
Herald, deceives no on* not affected
with the peculiar atmosphere ofthe
office of that Journal. The "Leader'
waa a brack failure. It ceased publication because it could no longer
do business in th* town. How Mr,
Crahiune left the town ha* no more
to do with tha case than tha flower*
that growi in tbe spring.
Now we come to Mr. Thompson sndj
tb* "Recorder". Thompion," says
tb* Herald' ln rather questionable
taate, "personally did well ln Ladyamlth. H* seldom paid bis printers
and other bills and finally faded
away." Thl* may be tbe Herald'*
way of describing _ Journalistic success, but the Standard prefers tbe
use of the term "failure." Furthermore, we were acquainted with Mr.
Thompson, and hi* version was not
exactly that of "fading away." HI*
•tory was that _ party whom lt ia
needless to mention, got in behind
him and gave Um the dirty push.
We are not concerned with that point
Just now end only mention It lnol-
Next come* th* "Ledger." Her*
again there Is more ground to argue
about terms than about tbe actual
facts. Nothing has ever appeared in
the Standard that could in any
shape be twisted into an insinuation
that the proprietor* of tb* Ledger
had loat money or loft the town In
debt. What I* undenlablo Is that
they saw a chonoe of doing better
business In Nanaimo and took It. No
on*, and least of sit the Editor of
the Standard ls fool enough to blame
them for that.
- Now to far from the Standard having described tbe Ledger, either in
It* daily or weekly form as a flnan-
eial failure, quite-the reverse ia thc
 1_a Ledger at on* time   (Hd
city.1 Tha Standard ws* itb* result ot*
their deliberations and since lt was
founded its editor has certainly, done
bla hum1—e best for the town and tba
community, and any reference he has
ever mad* to the Herald have certainly never been regarded a* uncalled for by any of Standard readers.
-DlijJlUA-  LU_i__NT.     ,
ln another column we have raised
iur ths second time the question oi
u puulic pari fur thu city.. .Th* subject did not, so far us wo were aolu
to discover, -rouse any great interest
or proifk—i much comment the last
time wu todched upon it. The same
surprising indilr——ics may greet its
resurrection, or 'it may b* that On
this oixasian sou— citi*—is oi light
and leading may take it up. We
sincerely hope so, lt is too lata to
wake up when you are confronted,
with a notice to trespassers, and
yet there is hardly a road to the
beach irom which we could not all
i— warned oil. Beforo it comes to
that, citi—us would ba well advised
to secure a plot of land and a section of tbs beach for their own use'
and pleasure.
That ought to be an interesting debate which ia being, arranged in N_-
between Smith and Hawthorn
thwaite. These old inveterate ono—r
ie« are to discus* eaoh the public record of the other. What a P% It is
they cannot bo sworn in to tell tho
whole truth. What spicy copy it
would make and what piquant disclosures we might anticipate. Of
course the whole business ia a piece
of humbug, and naturally it was proposed by Smith. Hawthornthwaite
may be and is, a hard, fierce bitter,
but be haa not the craft and resource of his opponent. Besides what
is there in the publio records ol the
two men tbat i* hot known. From
a beginning in absolute independence,
with the interest* of labor a* hi*
ll——if und only concern, Smith's political sympathies and tolerance have
grqwa and expanded to such an extent that hi* centre ol gravity haa
•bitted and Abe cause of Liberalism
and all its adherents have been taken
into bis sheltering care. This is not
to say that Smith is still looking
after the interests of labor whan he
can apar* th* time. How much it
all amounts to we may or may not
-am whan this great debate
loon* are entered lor the contest.
According to the conditions governing the contest each pilot ia i
quired to seloct the town outside
a thirty mile radius from North Adams where he will land. To win the
eup he must land within ten mile* of
tb* poatofRc* of the town, or II two
or more balloon* land -within thla
distance, the winner will be the one
-who landa nearest. Numerous pilot
balloon* will be sent up at Interval* before the race starts ln order
that the pilot* may Judge the direction of the wind ln the upper cur.
rente and thereby decide whloh town
or olty tbey will select aa their landing place.'
Born In Ohio forty-two year* ago.
Firet professional engagement, Can
ton, Trl-State League, 1690.
Continuing major league service,
eighteen years.
Joined Cleveland (National League)
mid-season, 1890,
Remained with Cleveland team
from 1890 to 1898.
With ---oul* (National) from
1898 to 1900.
With Boston (American) 1901 to
August S, 1904,-Shut out Philadelphia Athletics without a hit, not
a man reaching first bast.
June 24, 1893-For Cleveland, held
St. Louis Browns to sixteen Inning
tie, 8 to 8, at St. Louie, allowing
flve bite.
July, 4, 1905-Loat to Athletics,.
4 to -, In twenty-Inning oontost ag-j
association singles. Alex. Warnock,
of Springfield is the favorite, being
intermediate champion, but it is
predicted that he will havo a for-
mldible opponent In Robert H.
Young, of New Orleans, who is rated as fast enough to got into tho
championship event. This yoar he
defeated both Ferdinand Domourollo
and H. H. Shears, former champions
of tho South.
Springfield is thronged with devotees bf aquatic sports from many
parts of the United Statos and Canada, come to witness tho regatta.
This morning scores of visitors gathered at the boat houses and along
the river banks to witness the final
spins of the oarsmen and to discuss
tho chances of the different aspirants
quired as a result.
•     AND SEA.
Fraser River Fishermen Suffer
Confllctlng. Provincial and I
oral Regulations—Will Seo
Premier Mcliride.
The bitter fooling occasioned by the
repented prosecutions of fls'.,ermon for
violatintr the conllictlug provincial
and Dominion fisheries rogulatiioiis
hos culminated in the forming   of   a
NEW YORK, AuK. 14-Although it ,Th« desire to keep cool' force* the
is still straw bat time and the crowd people to adopt all kind* ot expodl1-
ls swoultering along tho Great White ents in New York but the latest has
Way, the theatrical world is begin- been invented by some young ladles
ning   to whirl again in preparation who are a Httlo more unconventional
for the autumn business,   ln fact the and daring than the majority ot thein
ilrst ol the production* intended lor sisters.   They have a name too   for
fall uttructions at the Broadway the- thia    latest cooling device, which is
atres   have   mode their appearance nothina more than going bere-foot-
and tlie   melodrama   house*   along ed,    but   they   call it "going barf
Third and Eighth avenues have  be- toes"   It is quite a lad among    a
gun to open.   To ba sure these hot certain   class of young ladies     to
nights the roof garden* are extreme- soothe their nerves then sweltering
ly popular, but there is always    tt daya by bringing their bar* feet   in
theatre-hungry crowd in New   York contact. with mother earth or    at
J. Bowser, cominiBSlonor of lish- that will endure tho heat ln ft stuffy least the cool grass.   They generally
wit,i  DFvn^iiP pnopigwriES ON'"''ea to ••*«* thom on Friday nftor- theatre if tho show itself is attroc-'go to Central Park where they seek
™               BIG SCALE.                     .noon lor the   purposo of discussing tive.   ~o*_*al of tho vaudeville housed a bench that Is oasy to turn around
the   irksome   situation and seeking ««   offering new "Salome"   dances so that their backs will b* toward
Nanaimo, Aug. 111.    'B0m8 means 0f relief.                           ano •»—> ""a •» attem__n_ to cron^ «,. —it.    ~— _.i-_ .. ,t.    glrli
lor championship honors as woll   aslcominlttoo of fishermen, who Havo roths   probabilities    of some   of    tho,1
holders retaining their
quested Premier Mcliride   nnd   lion.
some means ot relief. and each one is attempting to create *he walk,   The wisest of ths
A party ot well known capitalists j Noarly loHy nshormen havo beon Just a bit more of a sensation than'know enough to wear half hose'ajid
In-to'V ot Mr. J. M. Savage, were prosocuted this season for bronch of tho othor. Jiist how long the Saloma' pumps, so that it's no trick at all
In tho olty last night, arriving on tho proVincial rogulritlpps. -lout a eram will lost is a matter of great'to kiok off the pumps and shun* ofl
tho now tug Ni.noo»e which was char- j do2en httVe bc0„ ,„.„,(.„,(«■ umior tho speculation, but It is probably that the short stockings She does not
tered (of the trip to Nanaimo  and | Dominion   regulations.   Tho enforce^ as the days get cooler the vice nquad' even bend down to accomplish   this
the conflicting, regulations 'under the strenuous lehdership     oil unusual proceeding.   They^then wrap
Star- has resulted in a heavy loss of tlino Anthony Comstock will become more their skirts carefully about their feet
ling Kyerson of Toronto, for several anU money to tho nshermon.       Tho j vigilant and many ot the more sen-'and no one is the wiser
northern ports.   In tlio party   wore nient of
the following:   Messrs. Dr. G,
years ono of that city's members in main sockeyo run ls about ended for
this year, the catch having boon unusually small.
A large number of bush fires
throughout tho district aro keeping
the flre wardens busy. Soveral prosecutions are pending for dlsroo-nrd-
in<r ihe flre regulations. Much valuable timber is threatened.
the Ontario legislature; Dr. and Mrs,
Oho*. A. Kimball, of New York; J.
P. Looko, Now Yor!f, H. H. Mlchner,
West Branch, Iowa, Mrs. Arbuthnot,
Victoria; C. V. Vickrey, New- York;
S. H. Reynolds, Viotoria; E. Hodgson, Victoria, J. M. Savage, Victoria and C.C. Mlchener, New York,
If the present plans of the gentlemen named are carded out to a successful conclusion, it means much to
the general business of Nanaimo and
vicinity.   Nearly all of them aro in-
TOKIO, Aug. 18-Up to noon today the foreign office had received no
information regarding tha reported JoiiTo.
aeisure at Chin Cfaou by tb* Chine**
authorities of a st*on_r having on
board 10,000 rifles end 8,000,000
cartridges. Neither hss there been
received any report of th* seiiura'bf
Japanew arms elsewhere. ' Shanghai
•pedal* in tbs' Japaneee newspapers
thl* morning' report' the »eisure    of
two Japanese (ailing ves*el* loaded
with arm« 'and ammuni-on.
LONDON, "Aug. 18-A conference of
80 leading Hu_ian revolutlonut*ah_
th* greatest **cr<cy ln London lor
tb* put tw*lv* day*, according to
the Daily Mail. The meeting I* being
bald ln an obscure ball at Lotting
HUI, near th* west end of Hyde Park
and the etrloteet precaution I* adopted by th* delegate* of th* conference
to prevent th* approach of impact*.
CLEVELAND, Aug. 18-Th* head
of woman, evidently about forty-
three year* of ag*, wm found floating In Um lak* near th* breakwater
-*» night. Th* Mature* are well pre-
*d. Foul play I* expected and
tbt polio*-hav* began a rigid' lnv**-
ainst Waddall.
June 80, 1908 - Pitched no-hit
game against . New York, no New
York player reaching second base,
and made three hit*.
. BOSTON, Mass:, Aug. 18. - Today'* celebration of "Cy" Young
Day attracted the largest crowd ever
seen at a, .baseball gam* in Boston
Devotees of the national gome Irom
a large section of New England turn
ed out In full force to do honor to
the "grand old man" of baseball.
The seventh wonder ot the baseball
flmlament,'the man who ia atill a
star player at forty-two yeara of
age, waa given an ovation that waa
never equalled, not even in the daya
ol tha late "King" Kelly.
An hour betore the game waa call-
Toronto, Aug, IS—Steamer Kings-
,    ,„      ton of the Richollou _ Ontario Navi-
torested in the conipany controlling;    .       n™-« .    '-t C    An, a       ,
g •   .- ■       ,     '    ' ■ "Igutlon Company which collided   and
the Hod Fir Lumber Company of this ^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^   ^
city and all of .them are keenly   iu-|lotM| N. Y,  „„„„,. Iast n] ht_    ar.
terestod in what is known as    the;^ b___ ^^ ftn h(mr ^    ^
Pacific    Coast Coal Mines Company, morn,j        Capt.  E.   S.  Ford,
Limited, holding coal properties    in1
j Cedar District and on Malcolm Island. Tholr trip to Nanaimo was
for the purpose of visiting the property In the district. From here they
proceeded north to Malcolm Island
and other,places.
In the adjoining district tbey control the Fiddick* and Richardson
coal1 properties consisting of 600
acres as well as other neighboring
holdings, amounting in all to about
4,000 acres. In these properties they
believe they have nn unlimited  quan-
S. Ford, al
i Kingston, says either Captain Thorp
of the Titania lost his head or his
stearlng gear went wrong. Tho
lighthouse lamps wero burning and
tbe moon was shining brightly so
that Thorp could not have failed to
see the Kingston.
St. John, N. B„ Aug li—Frederick Harvey, gunner ln No. 1 battery
third regiment Canadian artillery, on
tlty of coal and it Is their present the way to camp at Petownwu, Ont.
Intent on to develop the property on ws* run over and killed by the Ocean
. . 'a large acale.   Messrs. Look*, Mich- Limited at Cedar Fall*, Quebec.
ed the crowd of   en-Iu.laatlc    fan*'-, ^ viokrey, while hore,   mode' ■ ♦      -
Ailed grandstand and bleachers   andi    ,. ~™ .  , 1\,„-     . t.    „„__
overran a large section of the field. » thorou8h '»««>«•» ol the proper-
Occupying boxes ln the grand stand'ty.   On the land now there are two!     HARVESTERS FOR WEST.
    They claim
sational dancers will either have to that it is a most refreshing pastime
modify their performances or abend- for the girl who has to stay ln town
on tha dance altogether. during the summer month*.
were a number 01 tha magnates of
major and minor leagues, some of
whom had traveled several hundred
miles to pay tribute to the veteran
pitcher. The Boston rooters' club,
and the association of old timers
were there In lull force, while the
plain, everyday fane numbered thousand*.
'Young made hie appearance on the
diamond amid a roar- of applause
that could ba heard several blocks
away. With as much embarross-
r—int as a schoolboy at commencement time, the veteran "Cy" listened
to the complimentary addresses,
which! were followed by the presentation of soveral handsome and substantial testimonials that will ssrve
to cheer the old' sgs of the veteran
pitcher when he retires from the national game in 1935 or thereabouts
and goes back to his Stock farm  in
Shorty" Graham, the cuncentrat-
led bundle of rush and kick that operates on the back division of the
Nanaimo United, haa been electeo
captain ol the teaih, hnd Frank
Oruikshanks, the man with the longj
[head nnd the tricky feet, haa been
elected Vice-Captain,
The Nanaimo United Football Ex-
..„, .    t       .  .~.t_r__rios-Uv» he* picked the fallowing team
nihilists have been proceeding   w-hRJ'iijaf. ____\S-(a, in __ «ihihifio„
* Billiard, and Pool $
Beit Liquor* and Cigars.
HALIFAX, Aug. 18-A line -trlk*
of coal ha* bean mad* on tbt north
abort of Cow ByprG. B„ belonging
to th* Dominion Coal Company and
North Atlantic Collisry Company.
to meet Ladysmith ln the exhibition
gams In that city oh Sunday next:
The team' wlll go down on tho
morning train, and the game la
scheduled to commence at 8 o'clock
Mr. Robert Swanson has declined
the position of manager offered him
by the' Nanaimo United team, and
Pete Gilmour will look after the interests of the team until the Executive meet and appoint a permanent
SPIUNOIFIBLD, Ma**., Aug. 14.-
T*» thirty-sixth annual regatta of
th*'National Association of Amateur
Oaramen,. several elimination event*,
of which were, on the programme for
tu* afternoon, promise* to be one of
the moat notable carnival*' of  aqua-
New York, Aug. 18--A murder b*tr|s*ti_n
Ing earmark* of Mat'-- mathod* wa*
committed in Flat Bush last      _..
when Ptotro Darlello, riding a bicycle
Cartwright ABarclly Hr
from him.
along tb* Ltecoln road wa* *et upon
and' ahot ud (tabbtd to death. On
hit body -when discovered war* found
three or four knife and bullet '•*_#,'
Three man are being heki on au**ple-
ion of being' concerned In th* etim*.
Another motive than robbery I*  be
t-sports aver held ln America/Tli-P^* two y**t* wlth *amond drills,
include crack rowing,..
Individual scullers from Phi!
B, Brdokli-, IVoy, W6r0
York and othsr cities of tbs
Bait, fronv Toronto and Halifax,
and, from point*-a* lar west a* St.
Paul. Ib* raca* take place ovar the
new "million, dollar race course" on
th* Connecticut River, said to be
on* of tb* finest found in any part
of-th* world.
, The final* . and tha long-looked-lor
championships trill tak* plaes tomor-
-■   ... _*row.   The event In Which the great-
* hav* prompted th* d_-*i est interest ls manifested Is the sin-
'• valuable* war* aot taken gle sculls championship raco.     This
•rent wlll bring together Harry   8
slopes, one on the Rdohardson and
one on the Fiddick, and the showing
of coal varies from 6 to 22 feet.
There ls a 900-foot slope on the
Fiddick property, and a 800-Ioot on
the Richardson. There Is apparently
very little water, and everything favorable to mining the coal, of which
the company believe they have millions of tons. Already a large a-
mount of machinery is on the ground
and new machinery, ol whloh a large
amount haa been ordered, Is being
Installed a* quickly as lt arrives.
Surveyors have beon in the field
now for somo week* preparatory to
work being started, running a railway line from tho mines to Boat
Harbor, from where all the coal will
bs shipped. It is hoped that the
railway and wharves will have been
built and shipping started by December lit.
Boat Harbor la situated five miles
from the mine* and seven miles from
It can readily be seen what a stimulating effect on business in Nanalm0
the new company wlll have If shipping extensively from this harbor,
which Is said tc he well adapted for
the purposo.
Speaking to the Free Press, Mr.
Mich*Der soys: We are here to mino
coal on an *xt__lv* Male. We have
million* of tons of It In sight and
Nanaimo will benefit materially from
our operations."
The company being interested in
[tbs Red Fir Lumber mill, have some
Interesting Information to giv* out
regarding that concern. They nave
been acquiring many timber limits
recently so that now thsy have i
amount of Umber at their dls
posal. To utilize thia timber the
mill here is to be remodelled and the
capacity greatly increased, the mill
biting extended many feet further out
into the harbor.. It is the intention
to out a large amount of timber and
go Into the export business on the
•am* principle aa th* Victoria Lumbar Company ol Chomalnu*.
At Malcolm Island th* Company
hav* 80,000 acre* of coar lands and
hay* bean prospeeting them for ths
getting good results. They are now
about to sink a new shaft, the contract for which wlll be let within a
week or ton day*. Coal can b* had
at „ depth of 162 feet fromi the a*r-
where the abaft will b* sunk,
at Suquaah, about nine mile* west
St. Johns, N. B., Aug. 12— Threo
thousand harvesters leave here tonight for Western Canada. There aro
eight trains.
OTTAWA, 0N,T., Aug. 12-Tho bulletin issued by the census and statistic*' bureau says th* heat and
drought of July lowered the condition of field crops all over the Dominion, but less in Ontario and Alberta than elsewhere, because the
ripening season in those' provinces
waa earlier. Measured on a basis of
100 ior a standard the wheat crop
fell during the month from 84 to 70.
Oat* front 90 to 81.
 — *
PROVIDENCE, R. I., Aug. 18—J.
W. Montgomery Sears, _ member of
an old Boston family, was fatally injurod, and George Saunders the chaf-
feur, wa* severely hurt in on automobile accident. on the Appcnauge
road about five miles from hero today. The car was boing driven at a
speed of «~ miles an hour. At the
point where the accident occurred is
a sharp curve, They came upon it
unexpectedly and in attempting to
round it at the high speed one of
the front wheels of the machine
broke down, the tire bursting and
the car plunged over an embank.
ment. Another automobile rushed to
tbe scene of the accident and found
Sears and Saunders unconscious
tb* ground, their automobile , in
flame*. The Injured men wore taken
to the Rhode Island hospital In this
oity where it wee found that Mr.
Sear* waa suffering from a fractured
skull and internal Injuries. An operation was Immediately performed,
but Mr. Sears died —tor, Saunders
sustained two fractures of the leg
and wilt recover.
Mr., Sears was thirty yoar* old,' Ho,
w«* a lawyer and a. member of the
Mossooussetts Demoeratto committee
: >
New York, Aup> 18—During the!
change of guards in the early morning shift today, William Sohenskl, a
.prisoner bold on the charge ot murder, committed suicide ln his tell ln
the Raymond street jail in Brooklyn
by hanging himself from the bar* by
hi* suspenders.
The man had protested his Innocence but of late he became despot—J
ent. He watched his chonoe to tn
his life and when the keeper left the
corridor for a few minutes, Schenski
swiftly hooked his suspenders to the
bar above the door leading into his
cell, climbed up on a stool,' placed
one end of his suspenders around his
neck and Jumped ofl.
Schenski had been arrested charged
with shooting Anna Kookski, who
had refused to marry him, and also
Schenski as he flod from the scene ol
tho shooting. The wounded man and
woman died a few hours later.
SOO, ONT., Aug. 18—Benny Ikey,
Alexander Scagllano and Farcin Enrico, have been committed lor trial
charged with the murder ol an Italian named 1-slon Bomo days ago as
tho result ot a row.
which -will hereafter make It necessary for all'now apprentices to be
sixteen years or over.
In New York State, a bill which
takes from the health boards of ths
first-class cities the inspection of
mercantile establishments and place*
it In the hands of the labor depart- *
ment, was psssed and it will go into
effect on October 1,
(Free Tress Spoclal Service.)
Holjrow pntntet-s and- paporhangers,
of Boston   aro     reforming thoir old
union. i
Tho San Francisco Building Trades
Council bus organized . an athletic
Tho girls employed ln an Adelaide,
Australia, clothing factory wont on
a striko to resist a reduction  of wa-
BOB. ,.      .
Steam engineers of Cleveland, O,,
uro. making strong efforts to* Introduce eight-hour shifts in packing
houses in plnco of 12-hour shifts.
While and negro longshoremen -. at
Ni-irfir'oiitiB huve signed a flve year
contract with the stevedores and
steamship agents, establishing a
A seceding organization from the
Brothorhood of Bookbinders will be
hold during the socond week lu June
1010, at Vodar Rapids, la.
Tho book and job scale of the' San
Francisco Typographical Union he-
boon Increased from 122 to 824 a
week. All employers have accepted
tho now scale under an agreoraont.   ,
The telephone servico at Sheboygan
Wis., wns tlod uf-for two hour* recontly by a striko ol the girl operator*, who demanded a week'* vacation with pay, and obtained a concession.
Twonty-llvo hundred children's jacket makers, who wont on a strike ln
New York a few weeks ago to resist
a reduction of wages, have won'their
strike in all but a' few (hop* and
hnve returned to work at their former wages.
It has been announced that tht
well known English labor leader, "J.
Keir Hardle, who Is also a member
of Parliament, Intends to attend the
convention of the Trades and Labor
Council Congress, to be held at Halifax, N.S., on September 21st, and
that he will be at a meeting of miners at Sprlnghlll.
 *     ■   . ■■
PEKIN, Aug. 18.-Tho killing in
this city early this month of Captain Kawaketea, army officer, supposed to be a spy and traitor by
Japanese soldiers, attached to tho
Pekin legation, will result ln the
presentation by China of a formal
protest against'the doing of police
duty by the legation guard outside
ol the legation precincts. Capt. Ke-
wakotea was charged with selling
Japanese military secrete to a for.
eign power and disappeared from Ja
pan in June. On August 1, he ws*
discovered disguised as a Chinaman
hiding near th* war office in Pekin.
This knowledge was communicated to
the legation guards and a detachment was sent out to capture hlm,
He resisted arrest whereupon the
guard fired. The captain was wounded and died two days later in tb*
hospital ol the legation guard.
'■■■  /Tt    t *■■    '
BERLIN, Aug. 14. - Sir Edward
Goschen, at present tho Ambassador
of Great. Britain, at Vienna, is to
succeed Sir -Frederick C. Lacelles ths,
British Ambassador at Berlin, who
retires on October 24 on account.of
age. When King Edward saw Eni-
poror William at Cronberg a lew
days ago, he asked the Emperor ill
Sir Edward would be agreeable ano)
the Emperor replied affirmatively.
Effective June 6th.
Trains Leave Ladyimith
Daily at 9;00 and 18:58.
Tr in l\r'i»*i at Ladyimith
Dally at 11:57 and l7i«,._
Diltrlct Passenger Agent.
1103 Government St.,        Victorls.
London, Aug'. 18-Th* decree srant-
•u on F*b. 5 by Sir Barter! Barns
president of th* divorce court,, to
tbe Countess of Yarmouth who was
Ml** AllcevThaw of Pittsburg, nullifying bar man-lag* tn the Enrl of
mmmm_l_m_m_I_m^^^mmwmmr_m_^ y*vmonth, has besn mad* an abso-
ol,Port McNeill. The advantage ol.bite divorce by th* court, tb* necos-1
thl. particular locality 1* that ^tary six months having elapsed. The
•baft will b* but 500 feet frotr the cat* Is described on, the records as
*•'••' , pYarmouth, otherwise Thaw, versus
Breaking generally, th* whoKpsr- Yarmouth."   This lesds to the pw'„^i„/'£„.0,_-
ty are delighted  with the pro*p*o- sumption thst. tha. countess content. te™
ol ttolr operations and with  their tffa, homing her malden
Tho railway trackmen are planning
for tho establishment of a home for
their aged and indignant members.
It Is proposod to acquire a tract ol
flvo hundred acres near Fort Scott,
Kas., upoh which to locate the Institution,
Tho Bt. Paul Typographical Union
has decided to moke a label exhibit
at the Minnesota State fair thl*
year, and will ask the Minneapolis
union to Join with It. _a*t ytar
the St. Paul union made a highly
creditable label display. I
The National Brotherhood  of  Op-
has voted to fix an
age limit for all .apprentice* entering
the trad*.' Resolutions were adopted
i ».-«*«/of Hit rnotl
Steel Is Iron free from dirt, »L
or foreign substance fused Willi
—"-■' karbon gives tout
, keeness and NIC
. rtvvc«r- study or the.,
tltudlon has shown • way to,
add the highest per cent of j
carbon to a Carbo Magnetic
razor blade tliroug • secret
proce-torCLCCT-IC TCIiPf-t.
lit- giving It a uniform dls-
mond like hardntsi-tome-
thing absolutely Impossible
Willi flre tempered'«mors,
•nd they ire Hamburg ground.V
But Test this UNCONDITION.
AUY -UJUANT-U r.tor .11
home-or have yourbsrher
Ladysmith Hardware Co, nnit'-i" f iri-i-'iiTnin--
,11 _,_,'
,, LISBON) Aug. 19 —Th* Insistent
rumor* that the revolutionary pro;
paganda i» taking a firmer grip in
thia country and needs only a master, hand to bring about a crisis, is
giv«n importance by the discovery
that recently there has been heavy
smuggling into ths country ol arms
and bomb*.
The government'* efforts to locate
the whereabout* ot the contraband|
have been largely unsuccessful although yesterday's raids brought to
light 100 revolvers and SO rifles in
a houae In the suburbs ol Lisbon.
A suspicious packing case arrived
Irom Barcelona and was opened outside ol Lisbon., It was found to be
filled with bombs.
The dec—ration Is mado that many
£ similar cases wbich reached here pre-
proviously have been successfully
brought Into the town. It transpires
that n sail boat grounded intentionally August 9th near a lonely spot
ofl Co-Umbra, 18 miles south of Lisbon. A quantity of boxes ware removed from (he stranded vessel and
were brought ashore and disappeared. Afterwards the authorities learned that tbe cargo of the sail boat
was mad* up of arm* and ammunition from Belgium.
Tha Seoula has created a sensation
by eaylng that th* anarchists who;
recently have been arrested la Portugal belong to an Important aecret
society whose headquarters ia In New
York and which has branches in tbe
leading European cities, lt la known
In Portugal aa th* ll'n-k Cross society,, and to it belongs the regicides
Buitoa and Costa, who were klllod at
th* time ot the os-i sslnatlon ot
King Carlo* and Crown Prince Phil-
lppa, and many nlher persons wbo
Had alter the I'ret! fi-r whose arrest
orders have been s-.-nt to Paris, New
York and London.
_. 4    . - ..
three Women charged with
three murders.
Tul'0*''l'0, Ont., Aug., 18. — Professor Ooldwin Smith, "one ol the
adopted sons ot whom Canada is
most proud, oelebratod hla eighty-
fifth birthday today. From England and Irom many parte ol Canada and th* United State* messages
of congratulation poured In at "The
Orange,", where the genial publicist
and historlal ha* made hia horns lor
mora than thirty-live year*.
Born in Reading, England, August
18, 1838, Mr. Smith early reached
_the high position ol regiu* professor
•of modern history at Oxford, which
ha bald from 1858 to 1806. In 1888
he went to' the United Statos, and
for three year* filled the chair of lecturer at Cornell University on English and constitutional history. In
that year he removed to Toronto,
but until a few years ago he still retained a nominal connection with
Cornell. Hia Ule ln Toronto has
been devoted to literature, Journal-
lam, philanthropy and all the higher duties ol cit-enship.
"Th* Ore-age" was built in 1817
and was then on the outskirts ofthe
little town ot York. It still has the
atmosphere of an English country
house, though the roar of traffic ot a
large city I* about It. There in its
spacious rooms Professor Ooldwin
Smith spends hit daya in pleasant
labor. The year* have brought
many change* and hav* carried away
many ol hla cherished triends, but"
the sage ol the Orange still ha* a
cheerful outlook on life and enjoys
remarkably good health tor a man of
hi* year*. i.
City ot Nanaimo Chartered to Carry
Excursionist*  h-wm Nanaimo,.
Duncans and Ladyamlth—Big
Crowd B-peeted.
Arrgngtn—Ot* are b*lng completed
fer th* big Conservative picnic to b*
told at Sldhty a weak Irom n*xt
Saturday, Tha'City ol Nanaimo hat
torn chartered to carry th* *xcur-
alonlate from Naaalmo, Ladyamltb
and Duncans. .Ths far* from Nanaimo I* 11.00 return trip lor adult*,
and 50 cent* for children; from
_*dy»mith, 75 cant* and 40 cants;
from Duncans 50 cent* and 35 tents.
Tha trip I* a beautiful on* down
among the islands and it Is expected
.that the steamer will be crowded by
the time lb* rendu* her destination.
A limited number ol ticket* ar* being plated oh eat* at tto three
places. Many woman and ohildren
wlll tak* advantage of the ch*ap
rate* oflered for tha outing.
 ..»•     '■'■■■
Mr*. Terry, a resident ot Fernie,
who passed through th* wont horror* of tto awtul conflagration which
•o lately ewept that city out ot existence, Is visiting tn tht* city at tto
hotoe of Mrs. John Robaon.
Mra. Terry lay* tha result* ot this
terrible holocaust are not yet fully
known, and tbat Um* only will reveal -what lb inhabitant* hav* -Uttered and what noble and heroic endeavors, hav* been made to alleviate
the horror* ol that dark disaster,
Stuart Smith   Hits   His Wife Threo    BUFFALO, N. Y., Aug. 12.- To
Times With Bullet and Then        day, for the first time In tho crlmin.
Commits Suicide. ul history of Buffalo,    three   womci
, -. were arraigned in the police    court
ROOHESTER,    N.Y.,    Aug. 12.— on charge of taking human   lives.
Stuart Smith went to the home    ol    The police accuse the women of bii.
his wife in North Street last   night ing responsible for the deaths of five
and    fired    threo shots at her   and human beings.    The women are Mrs.
then killed himself by sending a bui- Annlo 'Sutherland, Who is accused ol
let into his hoad.    All throe    shots having shot her husband Alexander,
struck the woman, Mrs. Mary Smith at their home on Niagara St. last
in the loft cheek, and though she is week; Mrs. Isabel Sahlon, accused of
alive this morning, her condition  is i Tangling    her throe young children
very'serious,    The shooting was the nt her homo    two weeks ago,   and
direct result of domestic difficulties, Martha' llrowski, 17 years old,   ar-
the man and woman being separated rested on a charge of boing guilty of
from each other,
Seventy-Three    Year   Old  Husband
Shot and Fatally Wounded Wile,
Injured 15 Year Old Daughter and Trlea Suicide.
LOWLAND, OHIO,  Aug, 12.-Levi
Fa—nan, 78 year* old, shot and fatally Injured hia wife, severely    injure* hla 15 year old daughter,   and
then ended hla own life at their residence ln Dallaburg yesterday.     Ths
shooting followed a |quarrel with his
. t
Berlin,' Ont., Aug. 12—Senator 8
Merner died here this morning. He
was born In Switzerland In 1825 and.
came to Canada In 1887, settling on
a farm watt of New Hamburg. He
was appointed to the Senate by Sir
John MacDonold.
ROME, Aug. 1!>.—Mgr. Farley, Archbishop ot New York, was received
in private farewell audience by the
pope today.
 ♦ '
AUCKLAND, Aug. 12.-. Ae Oov-
srnor ot New Zealand, Lord Plun-
kett, has received a message from
President Roosevelt, the contents of
the message has not been made public.
throwing a newborn baby from tho
socond storoy of the general hospl-i
tal on July lst. Warrants charging
murder in the first degree were issued for the women at the conclusion of three Inquests.        .."
SPOKANE, WASH., Aug. 12-It ia
impossible a* yet to learn the extent
of the lire at Sand Point, Idaho.
Th* telegraph wires are down, but
the operator of the Independent telephone line state* tbat Sand Point is
In no immediate danger. Tbe town
of Kootenay wa* burned but the big
mill of tto Humbird Company wal
Report* ar* conflicting recording
th* (matter at Pondera, yesterday
on* report declaring that it was
Iran—d while another states that ths
the lorest flre was near but the amel-
ter wa* atill sale. A special train
lett Spokane lost* night tor Sand
Point with a steamer and hos* cart*
and firemen trom tto Spokane flre
_ *	
Montreal, Aug. 12-A movement ia
on foot her* to make Sir Thomas
Shaughnessy, president of ths C. P.
It., sol* arbitrator between the striking machinists and the company. A
great deal ot satia'aotion ls expressed over tha new aspect of affairs.
♦ .
Owen Sound, (hit., Aug. 12—Tho*.
Hislop, a laborer, wa* killed yesterday by falling into tbe hold of the
steamer D. C. Whitney.
Toronto, Ont., Aug. 12—Several
leading insurance men in the city say
there will bs no increase in the insurance rates a* a result of tha Fernie fir* without tht sanction of the
board ol underwriters for llrittoh
Toronto, Onr, Aug. 12— Crow'*
N**t F__ Coal Company officials
•ay that according to*„ report Irom
[Fernie that company might loan Fernie money at six per cent, ln order
to tak* over public utilltie* owned
by tb* company waa news to tbem.
No suoh proposition waa received by
thtm. ^
Montreal, Aug. 12—The Dominion
liner Southwark, which ran ashore in
Straits of Belle lato In a dan** fog
Monday night, pulled off thl* morning.
Ottawa, Aug. 12—It la understood
tto government will soon announc*
th* appointment of R. O. MacPher-
son, M. P. aa postmaster of Vancouver In place of Mr. Millar who
[ha* asked for aupernnuatlon.
Ottawa, Ont., Aug. 13-Slr Thomas Taylor, formerly chief Juatlce of
Manitoba, will act aa Judg* of the
exchequer court ol Canada while Jut-
tlc* Osssells tt Inquiring Into tbs affairs, ot tha marine department during September and October.
Roeheater, N. Y„ Aug. 19-A* th*
result of ths collision betweon the
•teamen Kingston and Titania last
night one woman is missing     this
A* to tb*   cause of the fir*, evenjinornin-r and tt ts feared she was on
"the. o——alll are la doubt.   But tha tto Titania and did not escape. Shs
awlul rapidity   with which tha cruel is the wife of Captain Rotoa of the
!_roi?t*;\nW?.iJ5 __<.«■■*•-•»*■ ■«•*■*»»*$•
town and   (w*pt up th* mountain*,ma'-a frequent trip* from Charlotte
Ilka » sea ot nam*, 1* too awful to'to Buotmorvlile and return,
narrate, I ♦    •
Mr*. Tarry la enthualaatle in   her
-  pralaee ol the Conl Company   which
mad* auch beraculaan effort* tb  ret-.   _ ...
cue the women and children from the    Toronto, Aug. 12—JabM M. Pear-
•telckenclty.  ton,   »x-i ostmnster ol Weston,   yse
LOMANS, Franco, Aug. 12.— Wilbur Wright, of Dayton, Ohio, mado a
a splendid flight with his Aeroplane
here this morning, circling the field
five times and remaining in tho r.iri
six minutes and 50 2-5 seconds, Tho
flight wns undulating throughout
with tho highest level sixty foot,
Among .the spectators was M. Kap-
forer, the ongiiicor of the dirigible
balloon Villc de Paris.
CHICAGO, 111., Aug. 12. - More
than 50 autos and taxicabs were
destroyed this morning in a flre
which consumed a one story brick
building on Indiana Avenue, occupied by 0. A. Cortes _ Co., i
garage. Tho flro started with
explosion and burnod bo rapidly that
the building was almost entirely des
trbyed before the arrival of the fire'
men. The total loss was estimated
at $500,000.
AUGUSTA, Ga., Aug. 12.-At mid.
night last night, Policeman Matthews shot and killed Edwin B. Turner, of North Augusta. Tumor was,
up to a short time ago, marshal uf
North Augusta. Lnst spring Matthews arrested Tumor for intoxication. Matthews claims that since
this arrest Turner has threatened his
life. Turner was on his boat last
night and Matthews attempted to
tako him into custody on a charge
of intoxication and disorderly conduct. Turner drew his pistol! and
Matthews fired flvo times, four bullets taking effect.
, I	
motticr contract   f
VANCOUVER,. Aug. 12.-Sp_- j
<\ cial—Dixon    and Moore,    con-
, i motors, who cleared part ot j
' ' Vrinca Rupert, have been j
awarded the contract (or Luild j
_U the Alberni railway twelve J
miles from a point twelve miles f
above Wellington to the 24- ;
mile post.
•*< W99999W-9WM9M*W
the world m mw.
Eight battleships are now at Quo*
OU has been struck at Maple Creek
The Cornwall cotton mills havo resumed.
The western harvest will be twenty days earlier.
Wheat matures in Canada in from
80 to 100 days.
Southern Alberta wool growers will
hold 400,000 pounds for a rise.
Experienced farm hands are oflered
$25 to $40 por month in the west,
Tho steamer Chas. A. Street, was
burned 25 miles above Port Huron,
A road  foreman    at Montreal
charged with padding the pnv list.
Stumpage duos in Now Brunswick
are now ¥1,25 por thousand feet.
Motor farm vehicles wero a great
feature of the Winnipeg exhibition
Mrs, Samuel W, Stevenson fell dead
at hor home in London after a drive.
M.  Friedman, an expressman,    of
Winnipeg, died of apoplexy while
a rage. y
' Tho R. N. W. M. P. caught threo
alleged hor.se thieves in the last few
The Saskatchewan provincial exhibition was opened yesterday at Regina.
Joseph Beallff, of Lakefiold, was
drowned while swimming In tho ot-
John M. Cameron's house at St.
Catharines, was destroyed by lightning;
A Brantford car struck a butcher
wagon in Hamilton and injured three
Brantford council will proceed to
expropriate the Western Counties
powor plant.
The loss of discovery stakes In the
recent fires at Cobalt may mean litigation.
Lumbermen In Ontario will probably reduce their cut for the winter
by one-half..
Archbishop McEvoy laid the corner stone of the new St. Helen's
Fruit trees on the Niagara pealiv
sula were damaged by a heavy rainstorm yesterday.
There are now 87 millions of people In Canada and the United States
under prohibition.
Eugene Lepalm, aged 12, of Fort
William, was drowned while playing
on the wharf.
Fire almost destroyed Okotoks, Alberta.
M. Herbette, ono of tho French delegates to the tercentenary, said he
was very proud of tho title "our uncle" given him by nit Canadian visitors to Paris.
Wright aerupiyne suffered an accident)
this morning which will require sev-|fc-
Nanaimo, August 13
Much. Interest Being Taken in Five-
Mile Race to Be Run in the
City on Labor Bay.
oral days to repair. After two
flights, Wilbur Wright essayed a new
aad daring method ot descent. He
stopped the motor at the height ot
75 teet and tried to come down a
gradual descending glide. The calculations were not absolutely correct
and the left wing of the aeroplane
ao in contact with the ground,tearj
ing the frame of the maohine. Mr.
Wright was not injured.
Mr. Wright said he did not regard
the accident as serious and explained
that these wore only incidental experiences devoted to acquiring complete mastery of the difficulties of
aerial navigation and the execution
of new manoouvres. Mr. Wright'*
lost flight eclipsed all former ones,
He made seven complete tours of
field over the tops of trees. According to the official time he was in
the air S minutes and 68 seconds,
The aeroplane was Inconvenienced by
a 15-mile breeze, but in spite of this
he showed greater facility in manou-
evring than he did when there was a
dead oalin. Hi* landing was easy and
successful in every way,
Count Zeppelin made the following
statement to a representative of the
Associated Press today:
"I am heartily gratified at the auc-
as attained by Wilbur Wright at
1—mans, the more ao because I have
always considered the ellort* of Americans as greatly advancing the final solution ol the aerial problem.
This wa* bo even during the periods
when other* said that aerial navigation was all humbug, I' cannot see,
however, that Mr, Wright's success
will minimize ths utility of my airships. While I readily admit that
the trioklnss* of a balloon always
must be reckoned with, I think tha
motor balloon as a means of conveyance certainly is superior to the
 1 —     .
Toronto, Aug. 12—Rev. Walter E.
Pi scott, B. A., of Fort Rouge Me-
llmdist Church, Winnipeg, is to auc-
m-1 ltev.  l'lhcr Crummy, D. D.,   in
lie  pastorate of Ilathurst      Street
Methodist church here, tha latter going to draco Church, Winnipeg.    W
'Bint's, of all yuung lathers, is the
oas I most shun when he begins to
talk of his offspring's remarkable say
"Why *o?"
' Becauso Blnks' offspring happen
lo be twin*."—Baltimore American.
 ♦ -.   .
Ha* my boy bean kind to dumb
nn mala today?"
Yee, grandma, I let your canary
out of the cage, and when my cat
caught It I set Towser on her.—Pick
ajc Up.
—A— J
"PImm slr.l' faltered the office boy
1 would like to gst off to attend
the baatball game this afternoon."
"No you don't," snapped the boss.
'you can't fool me. You halve no
mor* Intention ol going to see the
game than I have. You want to gst
oft to attend th* funeral ol your
grnndmothtr.—Chicago Hew*.
MEXICO OKCY, Aug. 13. - King-
don Gould, son of George an heir
to millions will work In the mines
ol Guanajutto for the noxt month as
a common minor, learning the practical rudiments of mining and learning to set his blast so as to get tho
most out ol a charge of explosives.
All his work will be dono under tho
Instruction and supervision of Pro-
lessor Kemp, Instructor of Geology,
of th* Columbia University, whore
young Gould has been studying mining snglneerlng tor tho past two
years. Ho worked his flrst shift
(Special to Free Press).        •
MONTREAL, Aug. 14.-The   Conservatives of St. I—wronce division,
Mm. -*rry toft th* city won *tt*r \judox pi^ded guilty to having   de-
%ttm-\T*Wtt&'^?'* ^Tli" !__. £'*«__-. '«<* »**» "«-»«»
■onlrVey Clark, who haa bean vi»- morn* ot bogus postoffic* orders. Ha Mayop R A Ek<,„ os . cnnrtidato
Ming In the elty during th* *-_-—>' art r-hi-ndeit for sontence until 7th tor the Commons at next general
holloas- September , election.
, ,. , -, ,. i i _ 11.. 7:..7a_.:..' .... . ut;,-. J i M«l ., i i '  ■ >i< ■■■'■'  ""
Great interest is being taken in the
Marathon Race" to be held in the
city on Labor Day in connection
with the Athletic Club sports.
The race is a uv* *""° event starting trom the Cricket ground* around
the city and finishing up at the
grounds again.
It is many years slnoe a long distance race was bold ln the city so
that practically every man entering
the race wlll be a "dark, horso" as
lt is Impossible to get any true line
on the running athletes. In a long
distance race so many elements enter
that It is very hard to pick a winner.
Much depends on the course and
the exigencies of the moment. It is
not always th* fastest man that
wins the race, nor the strongest man
for good judgment and staying power
aro strong factors that determine tho
winner as the race develops*.
Tho course, which has been detailed
before in these columns, Is such that
will likely detor nny very good time
being made. Sevoral big hills are
encountered and tho going in some
places, especially on Comox Road, la
none of tho best, as tho runners cannot use tho sidowalk but must keep
the roud all tho way. At the start
and finish, also the runners hnve the
grass nt the crlckot grounds to encounter which will ltkewlse dotnrd
from making good time. Taken Into
consideration, also Hint there aro
few- experienced long distance run-
ers here very good time will be made
Indeed if the winning time Is' within
32 or 33 minutes.
Lost night two men did the course
nnd finished comparatively strong.
Several are ' training for the event
and nn interesting race may be expected. The five-mile race ls not a
particularly killing race, is -a more
sensible race than the longer race*,
and there should be many ontrles.
Needless to sny the event will do
much for long distance racing In
the city.
ISCHEL, Aug. 18.— The Emperor]
last night entertained King Edward
at a gain dlnnor during the courso of
which toasts wore exchanged expressive of the mutual pleasure of the
visit, tho King congratulating Emperor Francis Josoph on the celebration of his jublleo and both dwelling
with satisfaction on the friendly relations existing between the two
countries. The dinner was followed
by a sorenndo given by the Vienna
Mnnnerhaaang Verln, during which in
obedience to flash light signals, ben-
con tiros wero lighted in the two
hundred points'surrounding the moun
tains. Tho monorchs then drove to
Ischel to see tho Illuminations until
nearly midnight, when the Emperor
oscortod his Royal guest to tho Hotel.
—. »—__—__
LOS ANGELES, Cal. Aug. 18—An
unknown Insans num ran amuck,
Tempi*   -treat and Wntlak* avtmm
hero today and killed two peoplo, reported to b* hi* son and daughter,
and then cut his own throat.    The
polio*   iuccm-M In capturing     -»| „gnte_i othera.
man-who will probably die of th* In- 'sovornl of the i
Juries Inflicted upon hln_*lf. tioal.
LIJ.I ii i ;    . .i fit. t-'       A
President and Managing Director.
«,'< .rtnrj'-Tronaurar.
l! — i
VANCOUVER, Aug. 13-(Spej •
cial)—A   joint meeting of the *
Liberal executive will be   held *
this evening when it is expect- "
ed that arrangements   will   be *
made tor holding a party'con- *
volition within ten days or two *
weeks.  In view ot the probable *
immediate resignation of B. G, *
MacPherson, M. P., it is being •
considered   whether or not an *
eioction will be held to fill the •
vacancy   lor the remainder of *
tb* term.   W. W. B. Mclnnes is •
uractically certain of the uomi- *
nation, though the name* ot J. *
H. Senkler and Howard J. Dun- •
can hav* been mentioned. *
The proleanr aay* my bathing suit
ia rather exiguous.
Is that „ compliment?
I don't know. I'm going after tbe
{dictionary now.—Detroit New*.
"Wo had   mind reading at      our
bouse last night.   Johnny had a pin
and Papa tried to flnd it."
Did h* succeed?"
Yes. He iound it the moment lie
■at down."—Baltimore American.
"Can I have this dance," asked
the youth.
'Why certainly," replied tho haughty beauty. "I don't want it.—Chicago New*.
Rochester, IN, Y., Aug. 13-Harry
Jarroll, 88 years old, ot Baltimore,
his sister-in-law, Mrs. Lillian Jarrali
also about 3d years old, ol Evergreen street, this city, and Mrs. Jar.
cell's hubs—d and bar mother. Mr*.
Margaret M. Schelb, an critically ill
at th* hoapitai Irom th* effoou ol
po_oning resulting Irom eating toad,
■tool* picked iby mistake lor mushrooms, last Sunday alternoon. The
condition ol thoae at the hospital I*
such that thty may di* .at any time.
Head Office - - - Toronto
Capital $10,000,000  Rest $5,000,000
$5 and under   3 cents
Over $5 and not exceeding $10,   6   "
" $!0      " "        $30, 10   ''
" $30      '* "        $50, 15   M
These Ordera are Payable a; par nt nny office in
Canada of a Cliarter-.*- Dank, txi-irpt in tlie Yukon,
anil at the principal banking point- in the United
Tliey are negotiable at $4.00 to the £ sterling in
Great Britain and Ireland.- Thty form an excellent
method of remitting small sums of monoy witli safety
and at small cost, and may he obtained without delay at any office of the Bank. IU
L. M.
1 GEX 1 Manager
The Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
TOKIO, Aug. 12.—Count Okiruuma
in an interview published by   Hoch,
attributes the present naval   expansion polities of the United States to
the sudden rise of Japan to the   importance of a world power.  The interview says in part: (
Judging    from   tho   fragmentary
speeches of   President Roosovelt   as'
they have been transmitted here, it ■
is not dilUcul. to infer that the aug- j
mentation   of the United States navy in tho Pacific is directed at   Japan."
Count Okimuma doubts that the
views and ideas of President Roosevelt will long continue to govern
public opinion in America.
P.O. Box 51 'PhoM 44
Dsaler in All Kind* of
Moats Delivered free of charge on ths
Shortest Notice.
HONGKONG, Aug. 12. — In a report issued today from tho headqua/
tors of the government relief station
it is stated that advices from South,
en 1 China give details of appalling
conditions among the victims of tho
recYiit typhoon which laid waste un
immense territory along tho coast!
and killed thousands of natives. I
The report says that move than
1^.,600,000. refugees are at the point
of death from exposure and starvation and'that mnny thousands huve
succumbed since the disaster.
The tales of hardship and destitution are pitiful in the oxtreme.
Scores of refugees in all quarters are
without shelter of any kind, forced
to spend days nnd nights huddled to
gether like storm-bound sheep. In
some districts there is only sufficient
food to supply ono meal a day.
More torrible nre tho conditions in
other localities where thoro is absola
toly no food and tho people are piled
in heaps, no means for their burial
being possible.
Union Brewing Co.
OTHA.WA, ONT., Aug. lA-In tha
riport to th* king of th* review oi
troopa during the ("-—abac tercentenary celebration, Lord Roberts says
tha troop* looked veil and he was
-very much Impressed with th* precision, order and organization frsnar-
dlly. There ware, he says, about 12,-
O0O men under arm* and thm* wa*
Bo hitch anywhere. "Canada," he
add*, "appears to me to bo dealing
adequately with problems affecting
her militia and with care and improved organisation, to be building
UP a vary useful (ore*."
    -   ♦   	
TOULON,. Aug. 18.-IA preliminary
Investigation has (ailed, to show the
exact causo ot tho gun explosion -—n
board the achoolshlp Ouronne yes- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
terday, which- resulted ln the kllllnir j -n,aw wu today adjudged a bank
of six, men   and, ,the wounding of ^ by th§ rcfcw ,„ bankruDtcyi
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Aug. 13.
—The first trial to take place as the
result of a det~—ulned ellort to crush
out the white slave trade carried on
ty the *o-called "Protective League"
will begin today when Henry Villetto
face* the court on a charge of having brought Marguerite Fasseu,' a
young French girl, to this country
and placed her in an immoral house
at Chicago and in this city, violating tho clause of the immigration
laws prohibiting tho importation of
alien women for immoral purposes.
The minimum punishment tor the offence charged is live years Imprisonment and $5,000 fine. The girl will
appear against Villette.
Special agents of the Immigration
commission are now in this city Inaugurating an orgnnired    campaign
against the white slnvo trade.
200 Passengers Cnlmly Sit In Train
Oblivious of Pact That Engineer
Hnd Dropped off Engine.
IUTTLE CREEK, Mich. Aug. 12.
With Engineer Chas. Strnngc lying
Injured alongside the track mid tho
fireman busy at the back ol tho ton-
dor tho Grand Trunk (lyor, oast-
bound, ran four miles yesterday afternoon with no guiding hand nt tho
throttle and with the 200 pnssongors tn tho coaches calmly unzing out
of tho windows ignornnt of tho fact
that thoy wore riding on a runaway
'Finishing his wbrli on tho tender
the fireman returned to tho cab to
find tho ongtnoni-'R sont vacant. Tho
fireman brought the train to a stop
and backed it up until the onglneer
was found lying licsido tlio track
with his loft arm unil log broken, one
shoulder crushed and his skull frac-
lt Is supposed that thc engineer
lost his balanco In hanging from tho
window of the gangway to look for
a hot box. Ho was taken to Nicholas hospital whoro it won fluid thoro
wa* a chance thnt ho mjght rocovor.
Pull Stock ol Miners' Tool*.
Ship Repairing Work
A Specialty
All kind* o.' Blaekamtthing
Son* at Short NotlM.
and Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding and Party Cake* Hadii to
Fruits snd Candles of All Klnl ■
Prices are   very   reasonable.    All
Customers treated alike.      j   .	
On the Esplanade.
Uiiysmlth, B. O.
The Best Butcher Shop
in Town is
Roberts St. Butcher
t'ittahurg, iPa., Aug. 12- Harry K.
■Ladysmith. B. O.
The condition of
men   wounded Is crl-
j.    -I
| WIHDSOR, ONT., Aug. 18-_*orge
Ferguson. „ drivor lor th* Wt—*or
Bakery, I* undor arrest ohargtd with
W. P. Blair. No dot* hns been fixed bigamy. It 1* alleged he ha* tt-**
for th* tint creditor* meeting. wlv*a living.
__^__^E --  -  .-_.-»''- *-__•*• - (>_' Tmr^*^m-^mf--wmmm--mmmmmmmmK^Kmim_W-m
To-Day and Monday
The More You Buy, the More You Save
Complete Stock of Skirts at Slaughter Prices. Any Skirt up to $8.50,
BALE iPRICE   $3.50
Only 12 Summer Skirts, Blue
Duck. Regulur values up to $3.SO.
BALE PRICE  , ... 11.96
Elegant Embroidered Muslin Waists
all sizes, values up to $2.00.
BALE PRICE   $1.25
Best Quality Muslin Waists, values
up to $3.26.
BALE PRICE   $1.95
Wrappers, all sizes and choice patterns,    Your Choice for   $1.85
Special Snaps tn Small Wares.
Ladles'   Trimmed   Hats.    Regular
Prices up to $5.00.
SALE PRICE ......   ... $1.00
Choice of any Straw Shape for 25c
Children's    Straw    Sailors.    Were
$1.00.    Going at   25c and 85c,
Girls' Java Brand Sailors.    Regular $2.50.
SPECIAL SALE   ..... $1.00
Children's Silk Sonnets to clear at
50 cents.
Silk Huts In various styles.    Regular up to $3.00.
NOW .., ,    $1.00  each
One Dozen Duck Caps—
SNAPS et   _5c each
Two dozen Walking Caps.     Regular 76c and 85 cents.
Going Now at   50c. eaoh.
200 pairs Men's Pants,    all   sizes,
at a reduction of 25 Per Cont.
20 Boys'    Suits to   clear at $1.75
20 Boys' Suits, for school. Values
up to $5.00.
GOING AT   ,,. $8.50
Boys' Sweaters   96c each.
Men's Patent Hal  Shoes,   marked
down from $5.50 to ...     ...... $3.95
Boys' School   Boots,   clearing at
$1.45 a pair.
Special Pit Boots, only 20   pairs.
GOING AT    $1.96
3IH0N LEISER & CO., Limited
Striped   Flannelette   while
J lasts, only ten pieces, at
5- a yard |
f Ladles'    White   Lawn Aprons, J
_ fdll size with Sib and -Embroidery Lining.    40c to 75   conts.
August 'Sale—'
' 26o$
Unbleached Turkish  Towols —
large size, while thoy last
lfie eaoh
Children's    White und Colored
Embroidered   Bonnets,   up   to
*> $2.00.    August Sale-
White Linen Skirts for Lnd-
ieB. These were regularly sold
for $2.25 each.   August Sale—
The Dorcas Guild ot St. John's
Mission will hold an Ice Cream Social in the Mission room on Wednesday, Aug, 19th, at 8 p.m. Admission 25c.   All cordially Invited.
Th* beat Smoics in town is th*
Grand Duke Cigar. Remember, it is
made ln town and don't forget to
call (or it. X.
Ladysmith Is certainly being well1
patronized as a rendezvous by moonlight excursionists. There was another large crowd of Nanaimoltes
down on the Joan on Wednesday
night, but there was even a   larger
crowd waiting to receive them on the Z-T „ " '*"***
Provincial Wharf. | excuse, no mention waa mad* in the
laat issue of the Standard that Jos
like it ln th* SanderSon had set up a* a Boniface
There   1*   nothing .. — __
smoking lint.   Tb* Grand Duke t* a
■mo—ng hot succsss.     It is on sale
-1 over town.   Try  lt and be con-
. Hnetd. X
Tb* regular meeting of the W.C.T.
.Ui. will be bald on Monday evening
and all the member* are requested to
Tho Grand Duke Cigar is on ■shin Victoria at H'estorndale'* Railway Cigar Store, opposite the E. _
N. Station, and also at ths Jam—'
Bay Cigar Store, opposite the 0. P.
R. Hotel. Don't forget thie when In
Victoria. X
Th* local branch of ih* W.C.T.U.
haa donated $25 tor tha relief ot the
distressed, at Feral*.
Messrs. H. Thornley, Wm. Thomas, and —11 Rowland are attending
th* convention of Eagles In Seattle.
Boat and Boat House.  Apply
It I* over a month alnos Joo bought
outMr. Wm. Hsrtett's Interest in the
Cecil Hotel, but It ws* only la*t
weo't that ho entered into hi* nswi
business. One of the boys, Joe is
sure to do all right in htaew (tend
There wa* a good muster at th*
19th medal shoot ol the Tyee Gun
Club on Thursday evening and ther*
wa* soma good shooting. Ths following are the score*:,
IT. White ,....a  *.. 38
W. K**erie_ ,.. i         30
Collie Dog, 16 months old, suitable tor rancher. Apply D. Hi. Leonard, Third Avenue. 81-2t
, Mr. Ralph Smith was in town on
Thursday morning looking up his
friends under the convoy of Mossr*.
[Kay and Thomas.
All tho** players having wnlor
shirt* who ar* not playing oa Sunday are requested to turn them in to
the manager or bring them down to
the field on Sunday afternoon.
All footballers who desire to join
tbe Football Club an reminded that
now is the time to Join. Tbe aub-
Iscription fee hss been fixed at $3.00
and must be paid in advance.
By an oversight tor which the editor ha* failed to Invent an adequate
81.25 l
Those are just a few of   the
many    Specials    that   we are
iare. showing wa have to make 4*
room for our Pall .Goods.
;   akenhead!
Nortbway   Clothing  For Men
P44-4-Q4** 0-4-i «-»4-__*<-»->T
Visit the Foundry nnd mako
€ your    own   cliol.ro.    You will
save time and money, and   get
t   hotter satisfaction.
Mclntyre foundry
I Company, Limited
im %& dm
AU Work Guaranteed.
ft Afford to
Ba Without a
ONLY $8.00 EAOH.
Oil Stoves with one and two wicks,
From   76o to $1.90
Tho Old Reliable Mason Fruit Jars.
i Gal., per dozen  ... $1.26
1 quart, per dozen   $1.00
1 pint, per dozen 76
Rubbers ol Best Quality per dozen,
10c and 16c.
G. Peterson
Phone 1-8,   First Avenue.
Gome and
Inspect    I
my Stock of Latest Style* In
Wall Papers
Picture -Framing' a Specialty.
High Street. |	
Janltress for Oddfellow's Hall. Applications will be received up to
noon, Monday, August 3rd. Information as to duties can be obtained
Telephone, 1 2-4.
Nanaim), B. 0.
British Columbia's
Premier Fair I
September 22, 23,; 24, 25, and 26
. I        ■ ■—■—___■—_^_—__———^M«
Everything New, Modern and Up to
,_____>-       TheMinute       <^=^
FU. B. Dier
]M. Duitko ..„
H. WrlgM ..,
 • ™;
"i. '..1.1. ..... 18 |
A gentleman called at tb* St—ndardJ, J
Iodic* thl* weak and reported r-tberjj
an alarming state ol tiring* up tha
hill.   H* had with him a detonator
such as ar* used ln th* mln* (or the
explosion of dynamite.   TU* cap, hi
paid he had plck*d up ln the alley- •
way and ha asserted that the ohildren playing around war* finding de-is
tonator* all th* tun*.   It follows, it'2
this statement be true, that someone j
has been guilty of gross carelessne**.! X
|The cap* are extremely dangerous In J J
'tho   hands of children, and perhaps X
this mention will lead to more care 3
[b-ng taken with them.
New Bran*        New B-ildines
In Nanaimo, 50c
In Ladysmith, 35c
BrHorae Show Every Evening
Oa-h Tombola Prises Every Day^
!or i A   ^^^^^™"^^^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^™^S____I__3S_S5_S__22^^2
it 4 Days' Creat Horse Racing
" Trotting, Pacing, Bunning) 8te.p_-.h_.i_ir.
Exoursion Bates from Everywhere.   For
Prize Lists or information, address
J. E. SMART, Manager.
j. m. mo^GA].,
Teacher of Voice Production and
Engagements may be left at the
Standard Office.
.Feds and Lines
Flies and Tackle
For All Kinds of Fishing.
Boole; Store.
1st Avenue. Ladyamlth, 11,
1 Now is the time to lay in your
stock of winter fuel. Order
your wood right away..^,^
H. Thornley
f-~y*i-th Male Volo* partv
*"' **• *n probrtlHty b. ,£|Jr_' -—--T- ||
««« in two month, tlm-?      ___ NB°H0 w8BMDOWELS VETBItAN HISTOIlto pmn »**- '
w«l neewtut. coartant and con_7' POLICEMAN. «"»™I„CFIND NEAR WINNIPEG
"tlou. p^tto. by £Z£Zt'   N™   OBIT'S. Aa,. 1*_J. J.1 THB LATEST-
Ithe P^y -*~ all who Intend to tak, .•w,u' » «*«■ -mabet - th* . WINNIPEO, Man., Aug u -A o„r
I P»« In ths concsrt an raoueotad to UM tXiUm ,an** ~* *-* to death J_,0'J,rle,*» <"•<*■ St. Boniface Col-
attend the pnu-lc. ooth OT Ww, *V, a ntgro eook who w- ««_-w«rd« Fon aplS*? „th» re"""'>» of
•t-mm ud FHd.- ^^ "« UMiy *. poll*. tod_y on . ___ -2r £ Kr-nury «LX% _f
___■ —*— ,«" t-a Lt_--__ _ N«hv_l*   mil-P'»rer of the'North^t,on "a-   "ll"
Tto, ta. own «„     „, ^j^'r-Ml tn tta ftopot h_».   Tto mra __Jr ?'th? ^ »'   the Wood.,   In
•t P*vor'» BowUn. Altoy t_--_S ■" S»««w-ta_ with uotbsr n«o covsr^ .kt'."1017'.  Tl"!y ■'■»  **+
«• winter montfc, _,_, «.,,,   ._J *H ear ha wm d_-_-ow_sd.   *to ««1 nineteen skull, of n^-taS
•«*»t bowlor. will b* dl«covei_l. At ,madmtt **" ** «• tto drawing Sffi.-?1 were «*"»**»*•
«ve pin. ». j. K KtllghtVe^' "-torn ear -tor. to wu aamnaZ 2fS?&££„._* •?***?****.
'"ot. nor* of 85.  Mr, p.   0 ,
Everything to be sold dut
to make room for our Fall
I Goods.
See Bargain Counters.
I Noot with 71 and 0. Thoma* with
6..' were the other prize winner*. Mr.
O. 0. Ro« ta* tan In fin* torn at
ten pin* and curled off s prta* with
308, a scor* which be subwriM-Ny
-Improt-I by 20. T. Olark irlth 171
and W. E. Moor* with 176 war* th*
other prim man.
;ro«_ ear wtar. h. -a, .urrounded I-* ui'd-thrtteehi-* T.   * a
k„M.  cr,l fl.d a* tto.**, .ttjmpt* toatclCthhrra.„?b ?
a. ta wm running and badly wom^lJJ-^thejresont month all efforts to
II Great ^^^
$ In Ladies' & Ohil
dren's open work
Stocking and
Ladies' White
Excellent Boarding
A four-roomed house with large
[pantry on High Street, between
Third and Fourth Avenues. Newly
papered and renovated. Lot fenced
and cultivated. Easy terms. Apply
Standard Olllco.
Every Convenience,   and Everything
ot tbe Best.
Jos. Nankivell, Pop.
I Study Economy
In Small Things
The Notion Store
will help you.  A good
at Economy Piioee.
WilliM'■ BMr.
| WASHINGTON, I). 0. Aug. 14 -
, Oapt. Baldwin made a abort flight la
hi* dirigible bslloo. at Fort Myr*
tbl* morning tot g* * strong wind
•to blowing.dkl not prooMd tar *n-
ough to mak* an official fight.   If
•d anottar nsgro.
> lo hav* failed.
Tfiirv nir-/v.M »rf!IiT»l*-iNT _.&le' Pft'' A"*'' i4--11™- Denl',1
DAILY BALLOON ACCIiDENT. i/jnng^ whllo returning today from
LONDON,. AOg. le-.Tsro parson. a visit to her paronta In Erie, wns
w*f« killed tod six Injured by tto driving across the Philadelphia and
oon.rminm .1 »k> dtvuinna of tha hal. Erie Ilnllroad crossing, about a mile
t__^-L? ^._^ri_J?__rf «~« ^"-ton Station when a West-
I loon owned by Captain Lovelaos of boun(! frolKht rtruck tho r)g ip whI(.B
New York Aero Club, at th* ground* the and her four, children were rides* tto Finneo-Brlttah Expo-tlon to- Ito. Instantly killing hor son and
a. seriously    Injuring herself and    her
Bridgeport, Conn., Aug. 14.— Ons
inn wa* klllsd and   several Injured
today when an engine and three cars
of a freight train, bound Irom   New
-; — —*-••    " I Haven for Bridgeport, over tbe New
tto wsattar permits he will make anl York, Naw Haven and Hartford Rail
nflfe'nl *-_• <-*- —**   •■ -' '•"' '"" ""
official flight late this afternoon.
Boston, M***„ Aug. 14.—Th* convention of the International Typo.
graphical Union wa* continued today with.two business sessions, the
(tsraotypn* »nd eMrotyper* alto
met again. 	
  / TTTrTTTV^if-i-
six year old boy, that It Is not expected they can survive the day.
The two other children, escaped without Injury.
-- „- «»™„ mn naruani flSIl- «f    mm     1 |_flf -V
way, left the rail* at Nantook June-     .   W. Bi. AUlDiiHY
tlon and toppled into a ditch, the lo-    TRANCE MEDIUM and DIVINE
oomotlve turning on it* aid*,     Th* ' MAGNETIC HEALER '
(Mad thu, Conductor Ryan, wa* */Ul be in I_dysmlth svsry Wednes-
caught udder tho engine cab which day at tto Abbotsford Hotel, Room
Mart-ally cut hlm In two. Th*«n. «, Readlnn and trtof-ajnj* willbs
glMsr.wa* injured, but how badly I* giwrn. Best of references
[not yet known. to work don* In Nanaimo.
that you get better Shoe* for
your money when you come
here than you can elsewhere.
The reason ts that we are in
the Footwear Business only,
and do not buy Bargain Counter Stock to advertise othor
goods. We ssll Shoes only,
and we havo to sell thorn on
their merit.
See Our English Kip Pit
Boots. Compare thnn with
Lady.mith Fish Market
lalmon, per pound  10c
lod, per pound  10c
Ood, (Smoked), per pound   16o
Halibut, 2 pounds,  36c
Tne Pogorly
fiowiing Alley
*****M NEW.
Cigar* ud Soft Drink*.
Hotel Cecil
Bert Liquor, ud Cigar..
PqevorV   '
And Billiard Saloon!
Pool and English
Billiard Tablet..
[Bally Prin for Highert
Bowling Soon.
i"_ianiry sad suburb
.-Ilsforjiiailiin UntA


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