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The Ladysmith Chronicle Apr 21, 1909

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With Which Is . Amalgamated the Ladysmith Standard.
Vol, I.
Ladysmith, B. CM Wednesday, April 21, 1909.
Council Discuss
Sewer Question
Tlie present state of the sewer bylaw wa* the cause of most of the
discussion at the meeting ofthe
- council last Monday night. While it
was regretted that so much delay
hod taken place, a general' desire
was expressed that the by-law be
submitted at the earliest possible
moment to the ratepayers.
There were present: Mayor Nicholson in the chair, Aid. Dier, Brown,
McKinnell, Matheson, Haworth, Rob-,
crts and Campbell'. •
The minutes of the previous regular meeting and the special meeting
were read and approved.
Mrs. Fred. Voter, Vancouver, wrote
that she had no objection to paying
her share for thc cement sidewalk in
front .of her premises on Roberts
street providing thc city paid one-
third ol the cost, and her share of
the cost to extend over a number of
years, the same as Is done under the
Improvemcntby-law at Vancouver.
After Borne discussion, during
which it was decided to notify Mr*.
Voter as to the conditions under
which the Ladysmith Council were
building concrete sidewalks, the letter was received and filed for future
Rev. Father Nicolaye asked tor
permission to use certain portions
of We market square for children's
playground, and was willing to enter into an agreement to remove the
smaller stumps, and relinquish all
rights in tbe event of the city requiring the ground at any future
Some of the aldermen doubted
whether tbe council could graut any
special privileges, but lt waB boliev-
..ed.that ,if the.children played there
no objection could very well be taken by th* council or citizens.
Just at this juncture there were
some hot word* between Aid. Dier
and tbe mayor, the former claiming
that His Worship bad cut him short
in bis remarks.
His Worship disclaimed any lnton-
tiuri of being discourteous to Aid.
Dier, and it was finally resolved
that it committee be appointed
to arrange the matter of the play-
The mayor appointed Aid. Brown, I
McKinnell and Matheson on the
Mr. Wm. Ward asked permission to
extend the Building now occupied by
Carley ft Carley a* a printing office
21 feet further back, and the application was accompanied by a drait
of the proposed change.
Tbe plan was referred to the lire
wardens for approval.
Mr. (leot-ge Ross submitted plans
for a proposed change In his residence.
This plan was also referred to, the
fire wardens for approval.
Accounts aggregating s)60.92 wero
wcro presented, and referred to the
finance committee, to be paid if
fcund correct.
Aid. Dier reported that he and Aid.
Haworth had hot yet hod an opportunity of : Interviewing Mr, Little
with regard to a spur track to the
electric lighting plant, and the committee was glVen another week to
Mayor Nicholson' rcportotl as to his
visit to Victoria ln regard to the
sower by-law. Tho report was virtually the same as contained In the Interview with Mis - Worship In last
Saturday's Chronicle. ;.;,
The mayor stated that In a tele-
| phone  message   received  from   Mr.
Burgee*, W. Brent's representative
now ln this    province,   the council
' wa* requested to confirm the sale of
1 the debenture* to Mr. Brent.
His Worship Inclined to the belief
that lt would he quite proper to give
this aaauranc*, but several of tli* aldermen did not Ilk* to do anything
i without first consulting a solicitor.
Home believed that Mr. Brent   had
Just as    much    assurance that he
| would get thc debentures as the city
| had that he would take them, lt was
pointed out also that thero was   a
motion passed by tho council that
Mr, Brent's offer should bo accepted;
One alderman did not think It would'
be well   for the council to commit
themselves to anything until the by-
! law wa* finally adopted,   Finally lt
Was decided to leave the matter ov-
A .communication, irom John Stewart with regard to the debenture*
was laid over for future reference.
- Aid. Campbell was granted another week in which to introduce bis
sewer by-lnw.
The bill of the undertaker tor the
burial. bf Mrs. Kerr was again up
for discussion. Tho undertaker
agreed to accept (35 in payment in
full and to return that amount If at
any future time he could recover thc
money trom Kerr, ,
Several of the aldermen had
doubts as to toe responsibility of
the council and' doubted if it could
be collected.
Nothing will be done with regard
to the bil, in the meantime.
Aid. Campbell brought up tbe
question ot fruit trees. He wob
strongly in favor of planting tbe
trees as they beautified the city.
Aid. Dier reatl a letter from Mr.
George Wilson, In which it was stated that Wm. Spence would supply
the trees and plant them at the
rate of 45 cents per tree.
Aid. Haworth' emphatically objected to the planting of shade trees as
a municipal undertaking. The city
could not protect the trees. It would
take about one policeman to each
tree. H* had planted trees, and be
knew what he was talking about. He
would vote against trees being
bought by the city.
Mayor Nicholson referred to tho
tact ot the shade tree planting having been recommended by tho Citizens' League. The relation* botween
the League and tho council in thc
past had been of tho most satlslac-
tory character, and very olten thc
.council had been benefitted liy the
good work of the League. He would
like to see something done in this
Aid. Roberts believed the money
spent in planting trees could be
used to better advantage on the
Aid. Matheson would like to see
shade trees planted, but he would
prefer having good streets.
J. X. Smith Leaves
The great wave of moral rcforni'
that has been spreading over thc
Dominion from thc Atlantic to. tbo
Pacific struck Ladysmith with tre-'
mendous force last Sunday night.
The impression has prevailed fqr
some years ln certain quarters that
Ladysmith was proof against Invasion ot the moral reformers, but the!
past few days has shown that this
security wns more Imaginary than'
Fleryone who has ever visited ua-
dysmith has hoard of J. X. Sctlth
the colored gentleman who in
connection with his duties as restaurant keeper has not overlooked
an opportunity of turning a penny
by devices known to professional
gamblers. On payday particularly
Smith's place on First avenue has
teen thc meeting place of men who
believe they can beat tbe game by
playing systems, but Smith had a
system of his own tbat beat them
It was even charged that boys of
tender years, who should have been
in bed when the curfew bell rt.ng,
spent their time and their money in
Smith's gambling Joint. In brief,
this placo was a menace to the well-
being of society, and efforts lave
been made In the past to rlii«s it
up. but without avail. Some i.l the
it-oral reformer* claimed that Smith
had a pull, and the keeper himself
appeared to think that he was sate
from the interference of the authorities. But, ns was before, stated, this
security Was really Imaginary, and
thc majesty of the liyw 1ms once
more bcon vindicated.
For some time thc police commissioners have had Smith's place under
surveillance. Three private detectives trom Seattle bad been engaged
to watch the "restaurant" and report everything' going on there.
These detectives were up here on
March payday and for two or three
days following, nnd again they .visited here last week. They also visited the place conducted by a man
named L. C. Klein, on Fifth nvenue
and Roberts ntrcot, and found it to
them eo long to oaW, it" certainly
was a serious offense to make a busl-
ine«g of running a gambling house,
and % this means seeking to obtain
Ladysmith Defeats
Nanaimo 3 to 0
The Ladysmith football ■ team demonstrated their superiority over thc
Nanaimo United football team by
soundly     drubbing   tiicm by    three
money which in many cases belong- clear goals." The local team handed
ed tt| wives and children. 61t also back what they have suffered these
did hirm to thc city and very like- last two seasons and arc now fairly
lyk*pt man}* people poor and gave' started on thc way to lift thc Island!
thi* place a bad name. He said in I championship, B. C. championship,
case* of this kind fining waB not of and the People's Shield, the emblem
Aid. Dier admitted that ho bad not  , ,   .  , ....
always agreed with the council wlth!bc -^ducted on about, thc same
regard to the method ot planting l'n<!S as Smith's joint. They secured
shade trees, but as the matter now j evidence that Bcemcd to be incontro-
stood he would like to see the Bhado Uertlhlc, and    Inst Sunday   evening
supplying thc trees. I1" Bather ttp a down or so special
The mayor would favor tho   pur-1 constables and raid both places nlm-
ch se ot   the   trees   providing tho ultaneously.
League would plant them. He - fh _-.„„_.■ t v Vb„„„a„
thought they could be bought by the1 In the mMntim*'. '■ K* Kennedy,
load at n slight expense. |0' Vancouver, had been engaged   as
Aid.    Haworth  said it would   be special counsel to conduct thc prose-
cheaper buying them from tho nurs-'cution on behalf ol tho city.
Aid. Dier had heard that the
school board had bought a whole lot
of tree* for $6.
Aid.   Matheson   again    reiterated
the statement that the council would
derive more benefit from tho
up of the streets
A 11 o'clock Sunday night the
special constable* roported at thc
City hall and were sworn in by Mayor Nicholson.   They   were   divided
fixing Iinto two nart'eB an<* an hour or  *o
later visited   the   houses kept by
all Smith
I were
and Klein.    The   detectives
Aid. Campbe i sold no matter
that-had been said he was still ln;were Bircaay thero nnd when the
favor of planting the trees. It was'.. •■ * tfc „-j„.„,i .,,. ..„
thc suggestion of the Citizens' Lon- rald was mad"' they ordcred the ,re
gue and the League had helped tho quenters to submit qnlotly to nr-
council along In many ways.    Tho1 test,
council had not granted them one! In Smlth'Ft place there were twen-
single request. Ono thing about tho',„ _„ „„.», „» 4fc, .„i.i„„ ...i .11
planting of tho trees was thnt once:** meD seatcd ** thc tBM»B' and aU
they were put down they remained j were placed nndcr. arrest, lt appears
there for all time and the sooner;to have been nn oft-night tor uusl-
we Binrted beautifying the city the|ne9B at KMn>a placc nm, only tliroc
sooner we will have an attractive'
placo to live in,
Aid,  Haworth couldn't agree w th
Alt   Campbell,   The work would ui.t.
be   done.   His experience Itr.d  been
that the city would have to  do  lt
over again.
Mayor    Nicholson   reminded    the
were landed.
All wore taken to the city    hall
and three or four were permitted to
go lor tlie   night   by depositing n
cash ball of $30.
,ii.... ..        .1   Monday at 10 o'clock tho freqnen-
cjuncil that they wore all members .        ...    , , ,
of the Citizens' League.   Would   it tera °' tho ,10U9ca tam* **D -"--oro
not he better to meetthe League and
discuss the question?
Aid. Dier also thought it would be
better for the aldermen to attend a
meeting of the League. It 1* an important matter and should be settled at one*.
The tre* planting question was laid
over, and many ol the aldermen said
they would attend the next meeting
of the Gluteus' League.
Aid. Brown drew attention to the
misunderatandlng of th* people with
regard to the Installation Ot th*
8*wer*. 'It seemed to him a* If own-i
ers of corner lots would have t6 pay;
more than they should. He believed
'the citizens ahou.d be afforded all
1 possible Information with regard to
. the plan the council proposed to
Mayor Nicholson believed that the
matter could be satisfactorily arranged when the by-lnw came up for
consideration. He owned a corner
lot himself and would be one ot the
victim*, but ho was not disposed to
kick. In any event the council could
equalise the rate*.
the council adjourned, after an ox-
milch, -use, lt   being only llko a license.  He presped the charge.
Before sentence was passed Smith
addressed . the court. He' told tbe
magistrate that he felt satisfied he
would die it sent to gaol, and he
was not ready to "croak" yet. Police Magistrate Harrison, however,
was not in a sentimental mood. He
told the prsoner. that his offence
was a serious one. Many people had
found an excuse for alcohol and
there was at least something returned for the money spent, but no one
had found anything in favor of
gambling. It had no redeeming fear
tur« and must be stopped.
He sentenced Smith and Klein to
six months'   imprisonment
th* option ol a fine.
It Is hoped by many that this will
forever put an end to gambling
house* of this character in Ladysmith, and even those who do not
claim to hold strong religious views
unite heartily In this sentiment.
Liquor Men Pay
Heavy Pines
For some months- past the imprcs-
ifested itself and he had to (olio advantage of the count up to 5. Tbo
round closeii with McNamec very
dizzy and almost ready to collapse.
It looked like a speedy finish at
thc beginning of * c sixth. McNamec was crouchit; to avoid punishment, and MelgLiac was landing
on him just about as olten as he
liked. Before the round was half
over, Mclsaac lead put, and as Mc-
Namee was getting away, theform-
tbe ear and
The. referee
counted ten and McNaoee was declared out.
As was said before tho exhibition
was a fairly good one, but not tin
scientific as the former one. Arthur
McLaglen has challenged tho. winner,
anl it is quite likely a meeting will
be arranged for an early date.
of the championship of Canada. Over five hundred enthusiasts travelled
from here to witnesa the big game,! er landed just behind
and all returned home perfectly eat- j McNamee rolled over
isfled with the performance of the
local team. There was little betting
and what was going was quickly
snapped up by the local supporters.
The game started at 3:10, Ladysmith
winning tbe toss, played with the
wind, and in alew seconds narrowly
missed scoring. However, in the
next few minutes during a melee
around the Nanaimo goal mouth,
McGuire headtd a pretty one on tho
net, making th* first tally for Ladysmith. The locals kept pressing, and
without! Portly after the first goal, the referee overlooked a ffistlact and wilful
penalty on Hewett, and the Ladysmith rooters were not backward in
drawing his attention to lt, However, Harley penalized, and a penalty was awarded, McDowell doing the
trick.   This ended the scoring in the
Jeffries WHi
Meet Johnson
New York, April 20.-"I will fight
Mr. Jack Johnson. I.will defend my
title as heavyweight champion of
the world."
Before a great audience, which
first half, and for the balance of the packeii the American music hall, and
I the visitors had all the play. On|w which thero were as many women
resuming the second half Ladysmith as men, J. J. Jeffries to-night mado
again started with a vim which sur- this formal announcement.it was
prised the natives and kept thc old
United   team   guessing.   The game
was nicely under way when Shorty
Graham in making one of his famous drives made a miss kick, Brass
slon Ttas been gaining ground that taking advantage scored a nice goa,.
the law with regard to the sale of | This took what little heart waa lelt
liquor during prohibited hours   was in Nanaimo, and at thc call ot.tlmo
not. observed as scrupulously ns it
should be, and in order to test tbe
charges that havo been frequently
made to this effect, three detectives
have been looking into tho matter
for some time. These sleuths not
only discovered that the license, law
wan being violated, but that many
who had no authority to sell intoxicating drinks were doing 00 in contravention of thc statute in such cases made and provided. On Tuesday
eight hotel and saloon keepers appeared betore Magistrate Harrison to
answer to a charge of violation ot
thc license net, aud entered a pica
of guilty through their lawyer. They
were fined $25 and costs. Two others, 3. X. Smith nnd Obcttl Pet-bet
ti were charged with selling liquor
without a license and were fined (75
and costs. The latter plead guilty,
but Smith declared he was not ready. The magistrate offered to glvo
him time to engage counsel, but he
refused to avail himself of the opportunity, und thc trial was proceeded with the result stated above.
the scoro stood three goals to none
in fator of Ladysmith
signal for great joy. Excited men
leaped from their* seats, shouted and
cheered, and the many women ln the
audienco applauded. - Their shrill and
excited, cries of approval as they
stood up and waved their handkerchiefs, added picturesque scenes to
tbo occasion. . There were hundreds
ot persons who could not get Into
the theatre, though high premiums
wero offered tor seats. Early in tbe
day Jeffries had promised to give
his  decision  to-night.
Mclsaac Defeats
I   In many respects thc meeting   be-
itwcen     Mclsaac and McNamec last,wclcomc t,,c cliancc tb lnect tte ,or-
| night wns not as clever an cxliibi-! «"cr chompttm-in tho ring.
Pittsburg,: April 20.—Jack Johnsons
heavyweight champion ol the world,
said to-day that II Jeffries is In
earnest nnd will post nforfcit he wilt
cancel alt fighting engagements nnd
tion as the event of five or six weekn
ago. McNamec showed lack ot training and failed to counter Mclsaac's
dangerous loft. The Opera House
was crowded and nil appeared to be
satisfied with thc exhibition.
"I will be the proudest man in
Pittsburg," said Johnson to-day, "!(
Jeffrie:! will show tbat he menus
business by covering tlie 15,000 which
I nave posted with a Now York paper.   My   money Is   ready and tbe
Wm. K. Moore acted as director ot !«■<"»«* l,c n,nl!es iil« «*-'-°<"'<*'n«'t
Ptlicc Magistrate Harrison. Nearly
all pleaded guilty and the detectives
gave direct evidence establishing
clear case, against the other* for
playing cards ln a common
gambling house, and two were con'
vlcted ot having been present while
the game was In progress.
Those who were convicted ot hav
ing played cards In a common gaming-house were fined 125 without
coat*, and those who were present
while the playing wa* ln progress
were fined $20 without cost*.
Smith and Klein were charged with
keeping common gambling house*
and pleaded guilty. ,
Mr, Kennedy, in pressing tht
charge, said that It wa* considered
by mnny people that this crime wa*
worso than highway robbery; and
that tn a town ot this class, where
men worked bard for their wages,
and at the  tad of the   month in,' a
Stop Profanity
(to thc Kditor.)
Dear Sir:—I,ct me ask the favor ot
space In your paper to call attention
to a serious matter to a great many
cit'.zens viz,, the use of profane language on our streets. A number of
times recently when accompanied by
ladle* th* vile and vulgar word* hav*
rung tn my cars. Have we no protection in this matter? Can women
and chllden not walk through the
town without being subjected to this
annoyance? 1 remain, sincerely
The ladle* of the Junior Uultd  ol
St. John's Church .held their play
nnd Basket Social, as advertised in
Tho Chronicle, lor Tuesday eveninv
The performance began at 8-.1& and
afforded much amusement to the lain
sized audience which attended.    The
stage  fittings tn    the Mission Hall
are of the most limited oescrtptlo'.'.'
but the dramatic fervour of the actor* caused on .to lorget this,   and
I all present voted It an exceedingly
I amusing and well-acted little comedy.
I The auction of basket* which toilow-
I ad caused much laughter, Mr. Btckle
being a very competent auctioneer.
 „ a .—f ...rv.v..v «  	
Colt** and tea being then served, the ed down three times and took
ccntenta of th* basket* were discus-
ceromon<es>'and about 10 o'clock announced the first event of the evening, a six-round contest between Joe
Colli and Thos. Nicholls. Don Morrison offlciated as referee, and played no favorites. Cclli is a well-
built young fellow but what his opponent lacked in weight it was made
up In science, so that when the decision was announced as a draw, all
the spectators were satisfied. Colli
has tho longest reach, and Inflicted
some punishment on Nicholls.
When the big event ot the evening
was announced, odd* were offered on
Mclsaac, but no takers. Don Morrison was chosen referee, and his task
for the first four rounds was a difficult one.
The feature of the first round was
the steady way ui which Mcleoac
landed- his lelt on McNamee. The
latter. clinched, but succeeded in
getting in two or three blows on Mc-
Isaac's body. The round ended with
honors about oven. ,
In the first .part of thc second
Mclsaac'* left appeared to be Ineffective, but Just before time was
called he landed' on* or two hard
blows' on McNamee'* lace.
In the third round McNamee repeatedly clinched to avoid punishment,, but wound lt up by landing
several blow* on Mclsaac's ribs.
Mclsaac set a hard pace for McNamee in the fourth round. He
landed on hi* opponent whenever be
felt so disposed, and McNamee could
not protect himself.   He waa knock
11 will cancel all fighting engagements and get ready for him. Mv
match with Ketchcl and all other
matches I have arranged with the
understanding that I could cancel it
I had a chance to mcet Jeff. But
Jeffcries cannot re-claim his championship. He can only figfi't for It.
I am glad ho has made up hi* mind
to meet me, andit he means Inislnesit
he should post t ,000 with any Pittsburg paper or cover the (5,000 I hav*
posted In Now Yotk by to-morrow.
The Novelty Theatre has presented
n very attractive programme this
week, and tor the last night* beginning Thursday night will present the
following picture: "It Glues Everything," "15th Regiment," scenic;
"Cumbersome First Prize," comic;
"Mr. Softhead Has a Good Time,"
comic; "Hard To Get Arrested,"
comic; "Old Sleuth, King ot Detectives," a melodrama, and th* following con?e by Len. Ingham: "If They
Had All a Heart Like You" and
"Rambling Rose." Tlio picture ol
the Fifteenth Regiment is a remarkably attractive one and will be sure
to please everyone.
The pictures shown this change at
the Opera House are all that la
claimed for this neW service. Tonight Is the last chance to see "One
Touch of Nature" and "Following in
Mother's Footsteps," a comic plot
tare ot Interest to the ladles. Tomorrow night's programme will Include four screaming comic* and the
unclaimed prizes will be drawn again.
The' 15 gold piece on Monday -night
was. won by Miss Mary Dnnbars. No
doubt tha Opera House Is becoming
sed, altar which the audience ■> parted homeward*, much pl*a*«d with tbe
entertainment, .vOb*, proceed* ' •»««
about »30. The ladles are" bfillding
up a reputation vVMclr'i -W4M stand
them in.good stead in the more am
vantage ot the count up to five  to a popular placc ot nnytsement.
I tUft {H*«FA
restore hlnuelf. At
tound ha seamed to
'.McNamec jjfui " ,
atlve power, nnd'be came up ior tUe'
close ol the I
all la.
""« ritcuM**-!
i tu meet you at <
•v#i"*» 'fit;.
of (260, ww -■^>
l.ttlous drwnatlc D*tfOf-t*tw>4«* which ■»'" f <•'""' " ,'*"'> «<">a '"ape- Butttut8 receipt*,
JiUL. the ladysmith chronicle
There Is Money Being Made in Lots.
in  Hastings  Townsite, Vancouver
I have several for sale at ruling prices.
Notary Public       * Conveyancer
Head Office -  . Toronto
CAPITAL $10,000.000: REST $6,800,000
Am a most convenient way In which to carry
monw when travelling abroad.  They ore issued
denominations of
$10, 420, iso, tioo and MOO
and the exact amount puyahle in Austria. Belgium,
Eenmafk. France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland,
Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Swltserlaad it
iU-tedontheface ot each chenue, while in other
countries they ate payable at current rates.
The cheque and all information regardins them
may be obtained at every offtee of the Bank.
LADYSMITH BRANCH   L. M. de Gex, Manager
po klished by Carley £ Carley at Ladysmith, B.C.
every Wednesday and Saturday.
Ince haa already secured such a high
position in the marlccts ot the
world. Por this satisfactory result
not ti little credit s'iottl." be given
tn the inspectors and others connected with thc Provincial Depart-
ment'of Agriculture Ior the care they
have .bestowed on the development of
the industry on a high standard ol
excellence' in the product.--Newer
$1.50 a Year in Advance, 25c Per Month
Advertising Rateson application.
Ladysmith is now experiencing a
moral wave, nnd it is worth while
mentioning in this connection, that
at least ninety-eight per cent, ol the
citizens agree in saying that it' has
not come too soon. The city ha*
had a lot of bad advertising through
the existence of Smith's gambling
house, and the punishment meted
out to the owner ol tbat, place will
give assurance that the day of dive
gambling' houses has terminated, and
to the great and lasting benefit, ot
the citizens of Ladysmith, The people are equally as pronounced In demanding thai thc "blind pigs" must
be closed up, and* the authorities
should carry out the wiehes ol tbe
Novelty Theatre
Masonic Buildling, Ladysmith
Matinee for School Children Saturday
Programme Changed Monday and Thursday
Admission: IOc and 15c
Matinee Qrlces 5c and IOc
FOR SALE—149 acres next to Chemainus mill. Large water frontage, good land, will cut up well.
Price, $50 pcr acre. Terms, Apply E. A. Harris, Fort St., Victoria.
fOll SALE.—bedroom Suite and
extia 'bed and sundry household turn
ishingi'. Apply A, Ladysmith Chron
tele office. *
The Daily Mail oilers £1,000 as a
prize (or the first aeroplane (light ot
one mile ia tho British Isles. The
machine must be invented by? a Erl-
The Ladysmith Football club ir.
doing more to advertise the city
than anything we know ol at the «"»> «*i«et and.-be' officially British
present time. Tho two htntchoa' ;in j ma,n»facture. The acr-,pl..nlst is
which Ladysmith dcteated tlie All- j -^ei i° h« Britisn. sll''Jectl' °» c0*01*-
("alifcrnia team and then the crack
team of Nanaimo have liccrn reported
in the papers all along the coast,
and even in Eastern Canada thc peer
ies  included.
l.Ic now know Chat there is such a
place as Ladysmith on thc map, and
that the city has a football team
that is almxst invlncilile. Some may
attempt to minimize thin from an
advertising point ol view, but lt
counts greatly to iho benefit ot the
city, and, the [act should' licit lie
overlooked by tbo citizens, .
Atter a trial which ha* been In
j progress at Wiesbaden for over   six
fttoh'ths, and in which a fortune of
; some $30,000,000-- was at Stake,
! Count George of Mcrcnberg, morgan-
| atic son of the Tate Prince .Nicholas
ot Nassau,  has hail final Judgment
pronounced against him by the Ger
man courts.
FOlt SALE—White Leghorn eggs ior
setting. Buff Leghorns and Black
Minorcas. $2.50 a Eetting. Apply
Mrs. Laird.
WANTED—Quickly in every town.
Live lady or gentleman with little
cash, to sell the dustl?ss Ideal
Vacuum Cleaner. Good profits,
easy and clean work. Apply for
particulars to Frank Frank,
Guelph, Ont.
Papcrlianjjer and Art Decorator.
High Street.'
Box 173
Phone 43
'lo Let—Furmctied front, room. Ap-
ly Mrs. Harry Lee. Esplanade.
WA'NTED.-tTatle. hoarders. Apply
to Mrs. .lam.Gilchrist, Baden-Powell
street.    . "
WANTED—Two respectable young
men as boarders. Apply Mrs. A.
Wright, Methuen street.
lee  Cream
Carter's Store
Ice C'renm 10c a plu'e.
A. Litt
Charges moderate.
All work   lelt nt   McCallum'ii 2nd
avenue, near Fire Hall, will receive
prompt attention.
Civil servants from all over the
Domiblon will meet in Ottawa next
month and form .a federation.
E. Pannell
It now looks as It t'nc.BC.nfer do-
tiontui'f! matter would be settled
iil-.i-.rlly. Tho new "by'law liaD.been
dratted and forwarded to Toronto,
and should it meet with thc approval ol Mr. Brent's solicitor,' the ' information should reach horo next
Monday, so that tho , by-law
mny come up in committee nt thc
meeting ol thc' ■ council next
day night. II -finally ItittajitiiiV ait
s-ieciul     meeting til
Frhr.ee has withdrawn her objection to' .tlie proposed wireless tele-
f i nphy: service between England nnd
,, (Special     Correspondence.)
Government   Ifont   Alcedro," Capt.
Mott-.. Laird, Jiaid a visit to the Gap'.   Af-
! ter iook'ihg through the fls'.s boxes'lie
..    .....    Lofderod the destruction ct the same
the c.intrctl-on, ..   ...,„      .   ,   ., ■   ,       ■;..„,
... ■..":   •..|.and  liberated--the   imprisoned    fish,
Tuesday night, the by inw can lic.atj-j.^j-Aj '.(lca(,  :..Ayiagi   orippied   am,
vertiaod and subMiittcil t,i the "people .wounded.   But some ot jiic Japs got
ton days later," and when approved wind ot Capt. "Laird's coming   and
ef by tne ratepayers the money will took tnolr fisn ooxta a•u, suhlt them
•    ,   ,,      ,■    j.   .. ■'. ,,    In deep water.   Capt Laird was  not
be forthcoming fust,tit! nnon ns   the ... ,        , ,  "        . ,.   ...  ,,
outwitted   and be 'sounded all.the
debentures are.signed.   The contract  bottcm   ^.Amna,,.fJfj mim   fiBh
may be. let at once, so that worlijnn(1 Dolefl.    Ntiw. with ,'the'desttitc-
on:thc sewers can commence .lit May.' tion of the boxes at,the.Gap'It is"to
'■••*■•..• &-c ;■  i'.'T-i .bo'hoped    that    .the" Captain 'Will
•  ,   '.,•.•."•.."" .' .wAttlt. tliat .the otiender* will'■ not
make a nhlfk    to some   out ofthe
way bay amongst the Inlands.
lit a recent discussion in the Dominion house ol commons Dr. Black,
one of the representatives from Nova
Bcotta, said'that apple growing 'in
that province wns "as good as owning bank stock." lie advised the
frujt growers In Ontario to go to'.r{j|l •»%•*, 4 " Qfamnind
Nova Scotia or I'r'tlnh Columbia to | »■<*' «*«1 » OlOllipHlg
get sdmo lessons In intelligent lrv.lt
prowlng-nnd pricking. It Is Interesting to observe that both on the
Atlantic nn.l on-the tfn«il!.c"couiit,the
quality of the fruit Is citinl to anything that Is grown elsewhere Thc
Industry Is one of many yonrs' existence In Nova Scotia but ot comparatively recent date In British ColunT'
bin, and It speaks volumes for the
enterprise and energy-directed to it
Needlework Mate*
Costumes,   Waists,
Centre-pieces, Etc.
Meats and Vegetables
P. O. Eox 54.
rhone 44
Cheng Kee
Laundry •
Washing and Ironing promptly attended
to, .     .'  ■   '   ■
P.O. Box SI, .   i-itlrAvcniie.
I Sell T.I. Tripp l Co's
• Dutine the wnion wt have Bold t large number
of WMcmii.'impIfmentis nnd loggliur truths.
. Evtryllilnf CBTriw n ituamnte*
For Meats
Geo. Roberts'
Meat Market
Cor. First Avc. and Roberts Street.
Light and heavy teaming.
Furniture and piano moving
a specialty.
Nicholson & Weaving
Telephone 1.    .   ■
In ths Opera House on Roberts St
Short order meals at all hours.
Oysters   and   Clam   Chowder a
We .lia'c engaged a firsUlar.a bar
ber and the wants of our customer
Will be promptly, attended tn.
The only Sltcti Blacking stand   in
the city.   ,    "
Butler Street
Dissolution of Partnership.
The partnership heretofore existing
between the 'undersigned carrying^ o»
business as Ituti*ll;ccpcrs at vbo CitjJ
ol Lndysmith is this day dissolwil |-y,
mutual consent.
Jn.wph Tensz will pay all debts .ind,
r:cflve all moneys due to thc putt
jos riciif/.,
 .....  r i .worn
John W.  Coburn, Oep. C. Pic'.;ard',    -
President and Managing Director. -Sccrfctary Treasurer.
The Ladysmith Lumber Co.,
Limited.      .
• Rough and pressed Fir Lumber,
Red Cedar, Shingles and Lath
If you want a' nice young Chicken
for your Sunday Dinner, you can always find one on Sale'
.   -AT-
Ryan's Meat Market
j   mm ®
We have the largest assortment of
Spring and
Fancy Suitings
to be fouud in the city.
D. J. Matheson
Oatarro st.,   Ladysmith, B. C.
♦♦♦*H«>*)044V«>4>*«>*4>4>4>44>4>*, ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»
Ladysmith Opera House
New Programme
To-morrow Night
Including 4 Coniics
$10.00 Order
Will be Drawn Again
Two Shows 7:45 and 9:00.
.„..,. •. • •   • 10e arid 15c.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦**«♦♦♦♦« ^♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»
FoiTorms jpply lo
C HINE, Plasterer, etc., Udjsmltli, P. 0.
Cement, SU'.etvullts a sjit'cialty.
F. C. Fisher
Studio in Williams' Block.
Valuable rented property
for sale, cheap. Clear Title.
No Incumbrance. Immediate possession. Applv to
owner on premises. Next
Opera House,
W. F. McLean.
«>4>4H*>«>«>C'*»<>04C )>«««"
Excellent Boarding
Eastertide Luxuries
.otnprlsiiig thevory best and purest hi food products tti.t ttl. grocery trad,
can supply, are,to bo had' In til* utmost prolusion. Whether you have only
a little family text, or an elaborate banquet to celebrat. Easter, It will be
greatly to your interest, as well as convenience, to see our stock and examine
our goods and prices, M both are suro to interest yon.
Scott's Building, First Avenue. THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
Baby Carts
Now ftrrived
AU Styles and Prices.
Within roach of everybody.
Also fine line of Mattrass-
es. Linoleum from 50c to
$1.00 per yard.
Furniture Store
We Handle
X    '
Vancouver Real Estate
See. us before Buying Elsewhere
Lady smith t
First Avenue,
Go To
J. J. Thomas
for Canvas Shoos in all sizes, for Men, Boys
and Youths, also in Ladies', Misso*' and
Children's, in Wliitei**d Brown..
Also a lot of very Pretty Socks for Men
and Fancy Hose for Ladies.
A few lines in Men's Hats to clear.
The Truth
It has been said that it takes a rich man
to draw a ohccli, Ahorse to draw a cut,
A pretty girl to draw attention, A toper to
draw a cork, A free lunch to draw a crowd
' and Globe Suspenders to draw your trousers up.   TRY THEM.
Ladysmith Bakery
Catcs ol every description, tanc
and plain. Candies of all kinds
Fruit ol all kinds. Fresh bread ever
Reasonable prices. Come and se
our lines and leave your orders. VI
give carciul attention.
Hop Lee, Prop.
Esplanade street,   Ladysmith.
Scientist Finds
Peruvian Mines
One of thc most notable discoveries regarding the early history ol
Peru has recently been made by Hewitt Myring, an English antiquarian,
who has arrived in Now York on his
way home. He has 2,000 specimens
ol pottery and weapons of the ancient Peruvians.
Remains and relics of the early inhabitants of Pern, which art) raid by
sciential* to date from 4,000 to 7,000
B. 0., were found by, Mr. Myring under an old Inca burying ground when
he was exploring in the mountain*
about 200 miles inland from Lima.
The bodies in the burial ground were
found to be. in an excellent state of
preservation, the, hair, skin, and thc
clothing being preserved by the silicate in tlie soil.
Whon thc bodies wero exposed to
thc air the bones and skulls crumtjlcd
into dust, barely giving the explorer
time to take photographs of thc
mummies. Each grave contained the
remains ot food and glazed clay Jugs
wltii two handles and a cover with u
long tapering spout, which wcro filled with a liquid snpposcd
been a wine of nome^klnd
wero fully clothed In embroidered
garments of line texture, showing tho
people had the same belief as the In-
con ln the after lite where the good
were to have all the luxuries and the
wicked to do the work, so tho scientists contend.
All the specimens of pottery were
artistirally designed in the shape of
men or animals and the glaze was as
perfect as the day it was put on,
probably about 0,000 years ago. The
ancient Peruvians excelled in the art
of pottery making, especially in the
firing and decorating. In addition to
the pictures of men and animals,
many of the specimens ^ere decorated with Chinese dragons and weird-
looking fish resembling mermaids and
sailing cr.itt like junks.
The most valuable part of this discovery of antiquities, according to
Mr. Myring, cousisted ot the great
urns, some of them six feet long and
so heavy that It required three men
to carry them. They were found juried beside mummies, nnd thc majority ot them had the features of the
dead man or woman delicately carved cither on thc upper part of the
urn or on a solid stand beneath. Thc
faces on the urns woro all of a dark
brown color, and glazed as smooth
and hard as a billiard ball, ns if thoy
had just left tho hands ol thc potter.
The  discovery of tbe remains of a
At Easter Time
Begin at the Foot and Dress up.
You can make a good beginning by coming her
and let us fit you to a pair of our Shoes.
We have some new swell lines for Easter Trade.
We think we can fit everybody in town, if we get
a chance.
Gavin's Footwear Store
We have a big range of Ox Blood Shoes and Ox
Blood Hosiery to match the Shoes.
Just received another Shipment of our English
Kip Boots.   The best Pit Boot in Town.
Also Bunion Protectors,  Tred air cushions and
Arch Supporters.
Time Table No. 7
Trains leave KanslKO G.15 Ba'.'.y
Trains arrive Nanaimo 12:35 Daily
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday,
Trains  leave   Nanaimo  13:l!xv "'■
lraius arrive Nanaimo  18.35.
i*' '• *
1102 Govt. st.
D. CllKTllAM,
Dist. Pass. Agt.
Victoria, B. C.
1 *t* **• *S* •t»*J* *t**t* •J* •!• *J* •*• ****** •*• ••* •**•!* *** *** -C*****'
to   havo prehistoric pcoplo has created considerable interest in Peru. Mr. Myring
The coBt ol the features ol these gave several specimens of the collec-
anclent Peruvians resembled the Mon- tion to thc national museum at Ll-
golians, with a scattering of Indian | ma, and, it is understood, will don-
range of . your gung, for instance, I
and you simply double the distance-
between the fighting line*. Tbe tar- j
ther the man target I* from tne man-!
killer, the safer is the man-target.
Increase the explosive force of the
shells and torpedoes, and the strength nnd resistance of armor plate
are increased to meet them.
If you doubt .that war is less deadly to-day than in ancient times, compare some of the battles. Hannibal
slew 48,000 out'ot 60,000 vanquished
I Romans at Cannae.   At Mukden, atter many days of fighting, the Rus-
I sian dead, including those lost In the'
retreat, were barely 30,000 out of n
total number engaged ot nearly 400,-
000. The vanquished Russians tn the
greatest set fight ot modern times,
when Teigo smashed their fleet ati
Teuskima, lost only 10,000 in botl»|
killed and wounded. At Salamis the,
defeated Persians lost hundreds    ot
liy distinguished by their great wood i[ wm a&& to his private collection at
cn war clubs resting on the lett arm his home in London, which contain*
T.E. Sullivan
. Pliimbiiie^ *G*» and Stewfitting.
Prices RiK.nal.li.
First Aivcnue, ftear.NcvlWestJ'i^tilel
Wc carry a   large stock ot Fancy
or the huge copper-headed.battle axe
beaten out from the pure, metal. One
chief had a long copper needle driven through his skull.
Pottery plates with double bottoms, hidden in which were ancient
coins of gold and sliver, were found
in some of the graves. Mr. Myring
said scientists could get a good idea
ot the great ago oi these by the corrosion of the mctnln. Thc  bodies all
Livery, Peed and Sale
ThtTcity Market"
.  ;   R. WILLIAMSON!    Prop.   .'.
Wholesale aad Retail,     ,
...     .    Ladysmith, B. C.
Star Orchestra
Open for engagements from     Two
Pieces up, <
Gives Dance Every Two Weeks.
For full particulars, apply
rare objects from all parts ot the
world, collected by the owner in hi*
wrnderlngs ln strange lands.
The specimen's were sbippod from
Cnllno direct to England by tho long
sea route, via the straits ol Magellan, in fitty crates, only one crate,
containing the most voidable pieces
of pottery, engraved in gold and silver and decorated with small emeralds being brought by Mr. Myring.
The inscriptions on the urns were
till in heiroglyphics of dlflercnt colors, each representing some object!
or Idea,
The Price of Wars
o! the Future
thousands   killed    outright.     These
and negro type, according to tho ills- atc other fine specimens to tho Bri-1 are not exceptions, either,
coverer.   The warriors could be.eas-jush museum in London. Thc rest hcj    A[ter rU   u is reaUy money more
than Hie that count* nowadays In
war. rhe deadliest of modern man-
killing devices are making war more'.
Impossible than all the peace conferences combined—because thoy aro
dollar-killing. Universal peace Is the
product of the Inventor perhaps more
than of tho clergyman.
The Asphalt Lake
of Trinity
First Avenue.
Phone fill.
Shoe Repairing
I am ready to repair Boots   and
Shoe*.    Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Corner Third ave. and High street,
near Queen's Hotel.
Dr. R. B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
Any Style, quality or
price in rough or fine
straw from 25c each
In Holland and Gale-
tea made to wash and
wear well ami a large
range of Patterns to
choose from, 50c up.
Walters &
For Straw Hats
j •:**:**x**h*<*>x~k**>*x**>*H'>*h**x*<*i
U. B. C.
****j*»*j»*j*>*»>2» *>j»*j» •>X**s»***^*Cii* "C******* *i»**C* *•***• *C****
'   AT THE
I      Hotel \
9 9
A 9
Portland Hotel
OOOD   ROARniN'fl.
If you arc looking for a good concrete example ot how science is making wnr more and more costly, hero
lt is: Torpedoes themselves nre
each worth a small fortune. But
motorite will probably make it cost
$2,000 a hall hour to run a torpedo
boat. It Is only to bo used at tho
supremo moment, other fuol bclrrg
used under ordinary circumstances.
At tho crucial moment it will give
tho torpedo boat-and tho torpedo n
greater speed than un express trail*
at a trcmondotiG cost, llut, balnnco
.against the cost, large ns It sounds,
th* possible, almost absolutely cer-
tnln, less deadly wartnrc. The tension iu not tttr tu seek.    PimMe the
The asphalt lake in Trinidad, described by Charles Klngsley as one
of the wonders ot the world, 1* one
of the greatest sources of supply for
this material. The deposit occupies
ii bowi-ahapcu depression, covering
about 114 acres, allttle loss than
half a mile tn diameter, said to be
the crater of an extinct volcano.1
OnlX about halt a mile ot land in-]
Icrvcnes between the edge ot thc lake
and the shores ot the Gulf ot Pnrla,
and the lako Is about 135 leet abovo
the level ot   thc sea. _     _ __	
t*!»r«nt tn certain snots the surface'J01J"1* nrivileite to Isasy tli« foltowiw described
hiXcept in certain sputa nre "■*■•"**•. ymj,    for   „y»tPr culttii*;    suiting   Steven
of   this   remarkable  body    is    firm chains fwmD.PaaVs a. w. corner post, rimrimt
u .    .        .. , . 1    ,     _.,,. I twelve chains from* post marked J, W.Willaee's
enough to bear the weight ot a mute ,.., conwr |„ , northerly direction, thence In •
,        4 .  „„  .„   tu„ vnttiMn   U  westerly direction  eighteen chains, thence inn
and cart, SO long ns thc VClllCIO IB >Mll|w-«J, direction twelve -"--Ins, thence In an
konf m,,vim- There is a certain easterly direction elglit ion cl •:. ,<lo point of com-
kept mount,.      nun     »        "'*"'" mmwmcnl, containing twent^a
no nee
I, the undersigned, J.  W. Wallace, Intend to
apply In thirty days to the Commlslonrr of Lands
First Class   Photos.
List your property with Mr. John Stewart ot Ladysmitli,. or direct
with us, stating price and terms, and wo will get you a buyer, t r-
wttrdlng your money to your locul bunk.
ACT NOW,  Write to-day,
18 Union Bank Building,
P.uidity to the asphalt, however, and
although about 100,000 tons arc
taken out every year for commercial
purposes thero in no apparent diminution ol the supply. When asphalt
is dug (torn any particular portion
ol tho lake In thc course ol a lew
days tho hole ts filled It-mew material coming from the subterranean na-
plmll. springs. TUirlng to the depth
of several hundred Icct has not
reached the bottom ol the deposit,
and the'continuous motion.ot the ns
phalt makes deeper' boring lmposT
sible, Due "to tbe constant ebullition ol the mas* tho centre ot the
lake is about a loot higher than
the edge*. A tew islands dot the
surface, bearing trees 30 or 40 feet
high and dense undergrowth. These
Islands move about, almost imper
ceptlbly but constantly. The sice
ot the tree* attest the age ot theno
wandering bit* ot fertility amid the
smooth surface ol tho laic. Viewed
trom the shore tho lake resembles a
mud-flat, broken here and there by
stream*, The latter consists ot surface water, v-Ulch, on ace oust of the
bituminous, nature of the asphalt, is
Ladysmith. D. C, Mtirv,.
' acres.
"i Wamjicb,
Wtu Spchci'. potiiui1 WliiU' st. mid
Pottith avt"., Lndysmith,, begs lo lit-
Uriiiite Hint he is (lvcpiu'ctl to under
take all kinds of sQ-iuilenliig. Trees,
Shrubs, Plants ami ^'leiwi'i'S of all
kinds to be had. on slierrlM tiiitit'C."
Barclay   &   Conlin,
Are You Going to Build
a  Lr.cc or u house, if so constlt mo, as I.
can save you money cn lumber.   Having
purchased * low truck.   I am prepared to
move furniture and  pianos.
For any teaming consult
I, 3 md 3,Bastion SI.,Nanaimo
Phone 124     P. 0. Box 1
Expross and Teaming
Wood for Sale.
Ladysmith Music Store
Agent for Singer Sewing
Machine and Sharpies' Separators.
Por Sale
PlTtnoatli Rock and Minorca egg*, $1.00
per setting. .,
toivo order* with Gcorgo Roberts,
Butcher, Ladyimith.
AU klBda Oi Clscik and Watch ft*
p:'.-±^: c."i*'"f"*tif*«i, tiuarf**i**» ' *
Recsonablc Prices. ;
English Watches a Specialty.
J. R. Easton
Practical Tratchnjiaker.
All vrorlc left at H. Hughes' storn
mm • I
nn LAUTSWll n UHKuniifJU
Something for   1
the Boys
We are strong in this department and are gradually branching out in the lines for the boys.
Boys Blouses
BOW Chtft'.SES In extra strong Denim, Fast C'olo.s, ami w«ll made, J5o easli.
BOYS' SHIRTS Past washing materials in oat meal cloth *n.l fancy stripe
Shilling alsi UuukSa  0 a> 80o, 0.ie 7,">i bjcIi.
IlOY.-i' SWEATERS, rla'.n and Pajtcy; mado of good strong worsted.- See
otr.Illi'.e KnglUhSweaters, TjotoSLSii efcli.
BOYS' STtX'KIXtiS Heavy Rib, spliced heels and toes. Just His tliingfur
.Sjiio.';  SPECIAL 'JJuniaii'. .
"■fl^.S' CAPS Serge ami Tweed, also the Motor Cars at Mo and .10c'each.
liOYS' SHOES We are MtHstockeil 'h this line and can give ynn Fine or
SlIio.,1 Shoes at any old.pi ice. . llur Spcuial to-iluy  $1.00 a, pair.
We have a complete stock of Boys' linen and s\raw
Hats, Handkerchiefs, Ties, Suspenders,. Underwear,
Remember it is. no trouble' to show goods
Try a big Pail of Sodas 30c each
I Shoes!
s i,
• Do you want io save money.  If:
• - I- . •
: so visit Simon^ Leiser & Co., Ltd. on |
j Saturday for the biggest bargains:
• ever offered in Shoes. :
:   Look out for the bills wi' h particul- •
Soft Negligee
.    Shirts
We have a complete range
of these Shirts in Negliges
Linen Cotton Silk, striped
and fancy.
Fancy Sox
In pUin Cotton from 15c
In Silk striped and fancy
striped, from 35c to$1.0P.
In plain Cashmere, all
colors as:Green, Plum, Wine,
Fawn and Brown at £0c.a
Local and General
News Notes
Kov Garden Seeds go to the Drug
Store. •
Herring are'
plentiful; salmon are
To meet your friends and bo right
at home, while at Victoria, stay at
thc Rainier Hotel, Georse Burggy
lit opi letur.
Mian .Tohnnton and Mrs. R. S.
j Taylor paid the light-keeper a vloit
' ,ast week.
j   Try Xa Dru (luvcoal Tablets lor
Byspepsla.   At the Drug Store.   •
**f. *■»*
! Simon Leiser & Co., Ltd!
Local and
Use Na Dru Herb Tablets.
Ladysmith Phttrmacy.
At thc
The detectives who have been
working up. the gambling and liquor
cases leave on the afternoon train
for Seattle.
Miss M. II. Bird, of Spokane, who
has been visiting relatives in Ladysmith, left on the afternoon trail*.
for 1.06 AllEfleo,   Cul.
Kodaks and
' We now have a full stock
on hand.
One Week Only
4 Hole  Steel Range with High j:
Closet.   CASH $30.00.
6 Hole Steel Range with Hot::
i Water Tank.   CASH $40.00.
Ladysmith Hardware Co.,
4-iTiiV%if>.mTt.TMf**T*»T»aT..t*tT.*tT*«T.*Ta.TMT..f..f»t. *!■!■!■ T..t. tn
T'ri^iT^rnvn^i'vrH'TT'.'T ™i*i"i*»i»**>i"
iglits Book Store
We have just, received another shipment ol those
We Have Everything You Need
I        JOHN  BICKLE        f
Men's Clothing
We still have a good
assortment of sizes left.
Call and see our Clothing
before it is toi late.
W. ,.t Morrison
Hat?, Caps and Shoes,
Williams Block
To meet your friends nnd he rifiht
at home, while at Victoria, utay at
thc Rainier Heitc!, (Jcorf.o Burggy
The -Tyfe f.un Olnh will hold its
regular weekly shoot tomorrow evening, after which there will he a
mectine* of thc memhers of the club.
J. K. Kennedy, who has Icon in
the city this week- prosecuting the
gambling and liquor cases, lelt lor
his home in Vancouver on the morning  train...... .,..■ ■■■  ••;>
It jou w:nt'a food Comb or Brush
i all ct the Drug Store. •
Fitf* Kttt/iiailt I'„rk 1'i.s, Iresh mad* dally
Huo'ier'i, Uatacr* street.    Try out.  •
Finest ( hoeolales    «n:l .Collection
ery in the city at Hooper's. *
I   Mr.  James Provan, and the children of his deceased .Wife desire to rc-
: turn thanks  fcr the sympathy   ex-
i tended to them hy their triends and
neighbors     in their   recent bereavement.
Last Saturday Rev. 0. M. Am-
, bn.se enjoyed a visit trom his cons
1 in, Dr. Randall, and wile ot Truro,
: N. H. The doctor and Mrs. Randall have just been making a tour
! through . Texas, Oregon and Oall-
i li inia.
ings in Wall Paper
Call" and sec tlicm. They are going last.
A fall liiic ol, Paints and Varnishes
in sloe!;.-
Picture Framing done on shortest
notice. Bring your pictures and lock
over our mouldings.
... ,Painter anl Pcpcilunger.
The WatcLnukei niid Jtwe.cr. Special Value fcr Cecil. '.Tip r cent discount on all
Silver Plate, Case (lootls anil I.imnge China in tea sets, Chocolate S*ts,*Bnad and
butter Plates, Celery dUlies Etc, Etc, u.iift gu ts make ruotn fur new stock.
.Special values in watches and high grail* Swiss Precision watches.    Get our prices.
Full Stcwk of t.Vlu'iibiu iiraphn| hours in stock. Call and sen them. S,.Mon easy
terms, Columbia ■ Indianik'ttelilu cjlimlt'r Itcords, also 10x12 inch llutble Diss
We want your npr.ii w.oik alio (ptita.! w.tk.    Al! wcik guaranteed.
Henry's Nurseries!
SUITS . . .
We have just received
a large shipment of
these suituand will bo
pleased to have you call
and inspect then)* Prices:
From $8.50 to $28.00
Men'* Furnishings, Clothing, Hatr,
Capt, Boots and Shoes.
Harmony Lodge, No. (,, I. O. 0.1
P„ are entertnining the members ot)
. the Reheknh Lodge nnd wives nnd
families of Oddfellows on Monday!
next at 8:15 p. iti,, which is the occasion of the 90th anniversary ol the
order.   A pleasant time is expected,I
Last Sunday morning Mr. and Mrs,
Wilfred Akenheait received a very
welcome visitor In tho person of a
young son. Doth mother and child
are doing well and the proud father
is receiving the cont'TOt'iiations i\
his friends with becoming modesty.
Extension ha* organized a lacrosse
team, and a match between Ladysmith and the team ol th* formtr
place will probably take place within a tew week*. Th* local team ba*
been receiving valuable additions recently In the shape of two first-class
player* Irom the Mainland,
J. X, Smith, who lias loomed large
in the public eye for the past two
or three days, and L. C. Klein, wera
taken down tn Victoria thi* morning
to serve sentence* of six month*
each, imposed npon them by Police
Magistrate    Harrison   for.   keeping
j common gaming .house*. Smith has
not paid hi* fin* o*. (75. for selling
liquor Without a license . and may
have tn   nerve an   additional three
i month*.
Spring Trade
Tested stork, seeds for farm,
gaiilcii, lawn er conservaloiy,
from best growers ill England,
Holland, France, United States
and local growers.
......     SMALL FRUITS.
Fertilizers, Ree Supplies, Spray
. Pumps, Spraying Materials, Wire
Fencing and Uatea, Cut Flowers,
■' '137 p»ge catalog fr.e.
Oflite, UreonhousM anl Seed-
housei 3010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver B.C.
Four men who escaped   from thc
British Columbia penitentiary during
the past month were committed lor
Iriul yesterday.    James Mullen   put
•ip nnnlquo defence.    He laid   thnt
the guards were so careless that It
was a constant   temptation   to the
men to escape, He said he passed np
several chance*, and Anally tried to
get away, which he easily accom
pushed. He eros* examined togl*,
who admitted that Watch tlT«l*t*i
s-*i''W ll. i**.'*/
• •.■Mndchf :'*"m
This New Food is giving such satisfaction
wherever tried that we
want every family in
Ladysmith  to try at
least one package of
Caver hill's  Barley
We therefore tfferai follows-to anyone Ujiuga paokag* from your grocer,
giving them two trials by rooking S0mlt.ules In double boiler without stirring, and
not finding them aetl.f.ctf.ty, v.* *gr*e to pay TWO BIT8wh*n l>«i.«oeof*»M
package is returned to your grow «nd you notify us at our office VICTORIA
giving reasni.s. S
Barley Flour
The Barley from which this flour la ui»de go** through a proen* which takes
nearly three days; thla process change* about ten per cent of th* •Urea t*U|riW
sugar, tbat la what give* th* bread such» delicious flavor, and iti* so sully «•
gesUd; Recipes la every TEN pound sack for miking bread, scones, cakes, matin i, Etc   Aak Your Orocer.   We guarantee the dour.       ?
Ask Your Grocer for Package of Flakes 15c.
S f
The Brackman-Ker Mining Co., Ltd.
Several men nre now engaged In
tho survey work of tho property recently cleared by th* railway company,   It I* understood that ths ml*
111  he tii»)it  >nri» In  Mw
III the police court this afternoon
r.itlec Magistrate liar .'.«•'■ tired
Ltittld Stewart $7B an.l toH* tr.r
felling Ilqnor Without a llc*n*1.  tht
ftmi  w«n. ««l,t


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