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The Ladysmith Chronicle Mar 3, 1909

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With Which Js Aiwajgarakted the Ladysmith Standard.
Vol. I.
Ladysmith, B. C, Wednesday, March 3,1909.
Will Sfcnd Delegation
— to Victoria
At the meeting of the council Monday evening, there were present: His
Worship Miyor Nicholson, ~Ald. Ma,
tbeson, McKinnell, Drown, Haworth^
Roberts and~C'ampkcSl.
• Thc minutes of'thc previous meeting were read and approved.
Communication's were read Irom Dr.
Fagan wlllr; regard to Dr. Blombcr-
gcr's bill; also from Dr. Blombergcr
enclosing a statement with regard ,T„
thc number of days he was at the 'isolation hospital.
On motion the necessary information wilHiolorwardedHo Dr. Fagan.
Front'; Frank I. Clarie, Victor^
asking ior the names of mayor, alderman and officials of the. Municipality
ul Ladysmith. m
, The information will be! forwarded,
to Mr. Clarke, v..: ,   -
From Evans,' Coleman & Et'aits,
Vancouver, with regard to sewerage
pipe,    *■„-.
' Communication was received   and
filed. ? ■   '■
The attprney-general wrote that
Mr. V. -fl. Harrison would be gazetted police magistrate of Ladysmith
in a few days.
Communication was received from
Dr. Fagan, acknowledging receipt, of
1'lvns fot sewerage.
Communi.ation was received and
filed. *
Another, communication was received' from Dr. Fagan wit&jegard
to supplying anti-toxinc, aad asking
the council to starte the amount that
would bo required,.
The Tate was a low one arid' the
city clerlj was instructed to make inquiries as to quantities. -
From John Stewart, secretary ol
the school 'board, asking for 104 maple trees for thc school grounds, and
also garden utensils.
The, request was granted.
. E. .Stevens asked    permission   to
move tiis residence, on White street.
The request was granted.
Wells & Chappell asked permission
to raise thc sidewalk in - front of
their pla:e to street level.
^Thc matter w'11 be laid over until
the council has an opportunity' to
make investigations.
Thos. Turner asked permission to
make a change in his building on Esplanade and forwarded plans.
Permission'was granted.
Accounts aggregat'jr, W7* were
presented, and referred to tlie (hiancff,
Hospital Needed
gation should consist of ouc aTJcr-
man, the ci17 clerk, and (wo or three
from the~Citizcns' League.
Aid. Matheson was selected to act, .
on behalf of the council. |nccd ^ a -l,0B',ital r^l I&$ is ■•
Thc city will pay the traiellinpjanS' institution of   this charajotcr ncarei'
than Chemainus, and when it 'happens.
II, must he evident to any one fain liar with lhe ci'tiV.ttnns prevailing
in   Ladysmith  that  there  is   great
hotel expenses of the delegation
The council will'pay half of the cx-
penso of an approach to thc cement
sidewalk   at   the postoffice, on Esplanade.
Council then adjourned.
Local Option and
It is stated that the provincialjfjiv..
ernment has decided to SuhmVt thc
question of local option to"t1>" people in the form of a referendum. We
think this a wise conclusion. The
petition presented to, the government
was very large and representative,
but something more is needed in the
matter of this kind than a petition.
Local' option is legislation of a very
important nature. Not very much
difficulty is likely to be encountered
that a person has been seriously injured and has to be conveyed down
to that place, the journey is Very
likely to have a bad effect on the patient. This is not a case of doubt
either, tor medical men have 110 hesitation ih asserting that they have
known of many casts where ,thc journey has been attended with very serious ccnsequcnces. _Ta);c ttit case of
the young fellow, Julius Hyefbrand,
who -was injured. in the mine last
week. He is apparently lccoyeriiig
from the immediate effects oi the ac-'
cident, but it is quite possible that
there may have been a fracture of a
bone of the'sjtull, in which event the
trying journry of sevch miles over thq
roads in the present condition to the'
hospital would prove exceedingly
dangerous and load to serious developments. In this young Jellqw's case
it can bo easily seen tlhvt*ir hospital
in the majority of communities in . in Ladysmitli would have proved very,
bringing such a taw into effee 1. Peo-1 advantageous, Instead ol a two
pie,-carried forwent on a' wave of'hours' ride over a rough road, he
enthusiasm, will Vote for It, but' us- coijlif.haVc ten plated in the, hospi-
ually, when it is brought into opera- tal" immediately on liis arrival (rout
tion, these same people will not take I the minis where he would have rc-
the-steps'  necessary lo see that  the'reived the immediate attention ofthe
law is enforced.   Hence the last stage
of sonic communities brought under
tho law is worse twfti the first.
Therefore it is in the highest degree
desirahler that before any such law M
put upon the Staluto boo'.t, there
should be a strong and unmistulcablij
expression ot opinion in its favor. A
Victoria despatch to the Toronto
Globe, says: "there is every indication that local option will tc given
the slogan ot the Liberal party in the
n.'Xt provincial -elections." . We see
no reason to believe that this will nc
the .case, and il would lc an-exccci1
ingly regrettable thing if it should
prove to le so. The cause of temperance will not gain anything,by being dragged into the.mire ot party
politics.' The presentation of thc
question in thc (orm of a referendum
ought to satisfy all'parties, especially as it will give the advocates of
tha proposed measure an.opportunity
to demonstrate the full strength of
public opinion on the, subject. There
are- thousands of Conservatives who
favor tho restriction ot the liquor
traffic, but if they tound the (question
I made' a political issue by'1 the Liber
stalking horse, and hence refuse to
vote in favor of It. Let us have a
full and free expression of opinion in
this very important proposal, without any refcrcucc to thc other issues,
hlrli will necessarily arise wherever
thc provincial elections are brought
oh. If tho vote or a plebiscite is
pronouncedly in favor of local option,
any government will be bouhd to give
cttcct to It.-Victotia Colonist.        «
Tlra aceount of 920 for fumigating i, Wiim   they m|g.)t ^    g0i)((
the mails_caused some discussion, ft >ittU8C| doubt the sincerity 0t a patty
was teliercd by some that'the Do- j using a moral   issue,  as a political
minion Government should pay   this
Aid. Campbell's    road tax by-law
was confirmed.
Aid. Matheson was granted .another
. week in which lo introduce his sewer
rental by-law. ,
flic   septic   tank    question   wes
brought up hy the mayor stating, that
ho had Seen Mr. Mohun during his rci,
"cent visit' to Victoria;, and that,that
gentleman was prepared to receive »
deputation seme Saturday jilternoon.
tt was believed by some that undue Interference in the affairs ot thc
people of Ladysmitli was being ta'kcn
■ hy some one at Victoria.   Several lit.
stances were pointed out where Hits
interference was liuwn to have taken place, and there, was a disposition
manifested to resent further meddling
from the quarter suggested.
The mayor,, believed - a delegation
should go down to Victoria, and   it
'. was   simply 'a   question as to   the
composition ot   this delegation that
worried tho council.
Aid McKinnell believed 'that there
should lie three aldermen and moved
a resolution to that effect.
The. resolution was defeated on the
easting vote af the mayor,
It was then decided that the dele-
Presentation to
Local and General
News Notes
Another instance is that of thc
woman Mrs. McUinuini, who, in h
condition hovering between lite and
death, had to.be conveyed over the
Same 1 tough road to the 'hospital,
where she was to undergo an operation. While she is now practically
out of danger, it wns nothing short
of a miracle, that she ever lived tu
reach Chemainus.
Besides these two, there are six
other Ladysmith patients at present
in. the hospital at Chemainus,'
two , in the Nanaimo Hospital,
and several others Waiting to get into
the hospital for treatment, wf a more
cfless, serious character.
it will be seen that the time has
now -arrived when the citizens of Ladysmith must consider seriously thc
question cf providing hospital accommodation. It is doubtful if
there is one city in British Columbia
where the necessity for such an institution so frequently presents itsel' as
right here, and yet, strange to say,
no move has- yet been made in supply^
ing thc want. It is not a very expensive    undertaking   to equip   and
One oi thc most enjoyable event*"
feiifi has transpired in Ladysmith oc-*
curved last Friday evening wh.cn thc
members of the Presbyterian church
choir and Sabbath school superintend.1
ent and teachers. bes;«W many' others
met in the social hall at thc church
to bid Miss Mabel McMillan farewell.
Mrs. H. Pollard and Mrs. Guthrie
had taken ample precaution sonm
days previous to ensure "an entirely
successful evening and the generous
response with, which they were met
showed the very estimable character
of Miss McMillan, and the-tost of
friends she had made during her residence in Ladysmith.    ., _
Miss McMillan was appointed ,or_-
gani.st when, she first came to Ladysmith and was a faithful attendant
on her duties in that capacity having
only missed one Sabbath during hcT
residenco here5. Mot only was she
faithful in that capacity, but, being a
trained singer, and gifted with an ex{
optionally beautiful, voice, her assistance at;entertainments, and solos
in church, servlc, could not be estima*
ted and not only thc church but
many other orgnsizdNons will fc?l
keenly the absence of Miss McMillan.
After a pleasant time' with games,
etc., was spent those assembled were
culled to order and Miss McMillan
was asked to come forward, when
Mrs, Gulhrie* read a very touching
addrc:.s and little Mfc.s Norah Pollard presented Miss McMillan witli a
beautiful and VclMlled purse as a
token ol approbation of her services.
h.Miss McMillan too full ol feeling
and astonishment to reply, hoM»Hi-
er, Rev. Jas McMillan, made a
very suitahlo acknowledgement in hct
I cha'f. . !
A bountiful repast having been
prepared, all present indulged in.the
good things provided, after which
games and singing^were indulged in
till eleven o'clock wheg the old 'part-
in' hymn, "God Be With You Till
We Meet Again," and the pitting
salutations were given.
The..purse, advertised in last week's!   The    friends ot Mr.    and Mis., H.;
Chronicle as found has heem • restored
to the owner. Thc finder was Mr-
0; Peterson. """ 1
Kev. 0. M. Ambrose went down to
Duncan this morning to attend a
meeting of the Rural Deanery, which
takes plr.ee there to-day.
The delegation appointed to consult
with Mr. Mohun with regard to the
septic tank' will leave? for' Victoria oti
the morninj train Saturday.
The band will hold its fast dance
in the hall next Saturday evening.
New floors have been laid down and
nothing that will help to make the
event enjoyable Will be overlooked.
Miss Ada' Mercutt was married last
week at Sumiherland, B. C, to Rev.
A. T, Robinson, the Baptist clergyman at that place. Rev. Dr. Spencer performed thc ceremony. Miss
Mercutt is a noted lecturer, and has
been one of the principal organizers
in conncct'pn with the Local Option
The audience that attended tliccphj
cert given in the Ladysmith Opera
House by the Orpheus '-lice Chili, ol
Nanaimo, last Saturday Was not as
l.irgc as it should have been. The
choruses ,V',d glees were enjoyable
mil the solos wc.c deservedly ap
plaudcd. The" violin solo was one ol
-lbs most enjoyat'c numbers of the
levffiing. ■ '
McMillan gave that couple, a surprise
the other evening, the occasion being
the birthday of Mr. McMillan. • There
wcro a large nuinbqr. present and
games and dancing were,kept up till
early morning. Mr. and Mrs. Mc-,
Millan received, several nice presents.
The furaral "of Menelaus Ingham
was held at Nanaimo last Monday
and was largely attended, The following residents of Ladysmith sent
floral oBeiinis: Mrs. E. Mulholla&d,
wreath;^trs. T. B. Morgan, spray;
I. C. Gillespie, wreath; Mr. W. M.
Meacbem, wreath; Miss Mary Smith,
crescent; Mrs. W. A. Smith,' crescent;
Mr. and Mrs. Jacobson, Chemainuaf:
g'obfi' ; _-.    .,
The Colonist Report
There has been a fair attendance as
I the opera house'this we.i!;, and the
pictures ha'ti teen decidedly attractive. The one of the "tiirl Nihilist''
tells a dramatic story of political intrigue in Russia; and there arc several others equally as Interesting.^1
The programme for the last three-
nights of the week in addition to the
songs: "Morning, Cy," and "Hoo
lloo," will be "Love and   Hatred,"
In reply to the statement appearing"in_ to-day> Colonist it is on'y
fafr to state the Ladysmith side of
lh.3 cace. Victoria has a had habit
of'changing thc dates and have teen
accommodated up till now. Thc
Wests asked the' local management to
postpone the game but as the sched-
maintain such an institution; and thc^,e fe SQ fw ^^ m ^ y£
impossible.   On Friday Victoria tele-
Thc elocutionary contest in conncc
Hon with thc local W. C. T. U. was
hchl In the Methodist church Tuesday evening. There was, a good attendance and six contestants entered
tor. the medal. Miss Baggattin won
(Ira medal. There was only, one/point
between tlie winner and thc second.
Time was also a miscellaneous-programme in whlo'.i the lollowlng took
part. Mrs. W. Thompson, Miss E,
Hutcheson, Mr. Parfitt, Mr. Mulhol-
land, and Mr. Lett. Alt'tt the con--
test Mrs. das. Malpass, president ol
tho,W. C. T I', called thc contestants fot'ward to the platform and
complimented them. She then presented the medal to the winner and
thc hooks to thc'Others. The chair
was occupied by Rev. R,-Wilkinson.
Rev. Mr. Ambrose delivered a short
City Clerk Morrison was officially
notified to-day of the-appointment ol
Mr. V. B. Harrison as police iinrgls-
compensating advantages arc great
in proportion to thc cost. No doubt
the Provincial Government, and others, would subsidize such an institution, nnd as for .the building .itself it
would not have to be an expensive
structure.  -
Everyone is'satisfied, that it Is necessary to have a. hospital in Lady-
Miiil.h, hut the best way to go about
it is the problem. Someone has suggested that the women, Iffirc, as thcyJ
have done in other places, would tie
capable of carrying the work to a
successful issue.
I'n uny event it is a live subject and
should command Immediate attention.
Tho Citizens' League, which is doing
a good work in the way of solving
the" transportation problem, should
now take up the hospital question.*
\ meeting ot Hie fire brigade was
held .11 the eify hall last night, being, thc first meeting since the new
chict took office." Chlcl Morrison wasV
instructed " lo interview ex Chief
Smith and ascertain what material
tho depart ment actually owns. The
chief was also initructtd■ to present
an Inventory of all appliances at tho
next niect'ng 011 Friday, March Di at
7 p. m., .when thc brigade will effect
an'organization. All members mirat
tc present and report, or send in a
written report, stating what appliances: arc in their.possession.
graphed that unless thc game was
put off they would be unable to send
a team. Later in thc evening their
manager, Mr. Tail, telephoned to ttie
club saying that if thc game was not
postponed Victoria West would not
send a team. Word was sent to ManJ
agcr E110 lo tins effect nt eleven p.
ill. On Saturday morning a message
was sent stating the Victoria West
learn would be up. (Notice thc particular care taken to notify tho man-
atcinent.) All tho local players were
at work and it Is due to thc efforts
of Manager Eno lhat wc had ., gaum
at all. Victoria landed here at noon
and were going to pli-y at 0 p. in.
whether Ladysmith were on the field
or nett. Anyway they decided Hint i.)
would be better to play than lose
the points ond consented to kickrofl
al 1.1.) p. 111. Just imagine the
shapu. our players were In. 1'p at 5
p. 111. .Reached home at 4 p. tu.
Washjind rush to the field without
supper, ju:;l to accommodate a Victoria team who were trying to gain
fin points without earning them.
According to thc constitution this
team could be made forfeit the point
(hey did get. Again they say tlicy
left with a weak, team'. Pcthaps tbojl
did but they landed here with tlio
strongest team that ever played under Victoria West colors. Tho game
ended in a drs.w aud not in a win tor
Victoria as the Colonist stated.
E. W.-Musson and A. T. Campbell,
of Victoila uio registered at the Ab-
totsfurd hotel.
3 ■
Fi.'c foreigners will appear in the
provincial police court to-night to
answer to a charge of having inter-
icrrcd with several other men in the
ordinary course of their employment
on the Extension short line last.Sun-
day.' The charge is laid by You
Sing, a Chinaman, nnd there will be
a large number' called to give evidence in the rase- '
Mr. John Tcague, tor many years
te resident of Nanaimo, did in that
city at 11 late hour Monday night.
He was si.vty*me years nf age, and
a native of. Cornwall, ^England, lie
is survived hy a wife, three sons and
tour daughters—John, of Nelson,
Thomas and Frauk, ol Nanaimo,
Miiscs Nettie, Maud nnd En\iiy^oi
Nnmiimo, anil Mrs. Hairy Ward, .of
Ladysmith.  ' ._..
Mayor Nichu'soii and Dr. Dier wilt
leave for Vancouver to-night. In
company with Xlr. J. A. P.lair. who
is now in Vancouver, they will meet
Mr. Marpole and discuss an improved
passenger service between Vancouver
and Ladysmith, and also see what
cm be done iu giving Ladysmith terminal rates.' The president oi the
Vancouver Eoard of Tiade has'kind
"French President at the Hospital,'
"The Seven   Idols," "Baby Show,";1*" «f«W to accompany the dela-
| gation,
"Story of the Silk Worm," and several others. ' .
r.nl it Is worth while noting
Carey Chandler, resident manager'
of the Ladysmith Opera Houce, ha:
made arrangements for the presentation here next Monday night of "Lena
Rivers" by a stock company. This
is a. dramatization of Mary J. Holmes'.story of the same name, and it
the drama is as good as the story, ii
should be an attractive performance.
It is Mr. Chandler's intention to
bring other companies here, providing
he receives sufficient encouragement.
Ansongst others will be the San
Francisco Opera Company, about
May 1st, Lewis and Lake's Musical
Comedy Company, and many others.
Tickets will be on sale al Knight's
Bookstore en Thursday.
Mr. W. 0. Fraser, who holds the
responsible position of harbor master
at this port, has had many strange
adventures by land and sen, but It is
doubtful If anything ot so strange a
character ever happened lo him in
his career, as a fishing incident during the enrly patt ot thh week. Il
appears, Irom the best evidence obtainable that Mr. Fraser went out
duck-hunting, but the high W.'flds iu
tottered with his sport. Naturally
iic was greatly disappointed, and alter spending several hours in search
of the elusive duck, he nmde up his
mind to return home. While paddling along he happened to look out
01 ct the walet', and he observed a
great 1 commotion. AIL at once a furious gale sprang up, nnd Imagine bis
surprise when he saw a great gust
lift an lSt-lb. cod fish out. ol the water anclllaitd it'high up 011 thc rocks.
Without unnecessary delay, Mr. Fraser made for the rocks and after a
long and valiant struggle he carried
that Ladysmith has the sympathy of
y&nbouver business men in tho efiorts
teing put fcrih to seevre the chanj-
c.- desired by this c5ty..<
ths annual tali of Ladysmith
Lodge, No. 2., K. of P., will be held
on the c-cning of March ill,at thc
opera house. While in past years this
lodge has had many successful .dances
this year' the members arc determined to eclipse all former efforts. It is
thc 2.">th anniversary ot the founding
ot the lodge, formerly Wellington,
No. 2, and amalgamated with North-
field No. '.», and every effort will be
put forth to make the event a tnttnr
orablc one. Tho Pythian Sisters will
supply thu supper, which means thai
it will be worthy of tlio occasion.
The music will he provided by the
Robinson otthestra.
Mr. W. 11. J'ecvor returned front a
visit to Vancouver last night.
There has been a good attendance
every night at the Novelty Theatre.
The principal pictures were "Nero,
or the Burning ot Home," and
"Stung." The songs were well' received. Thc regular programme for
the last of the wedi will he: " A
Talc of Two Cities," "She Wiyilc'l
to lit an Actress," "Netblciiian's
Bights," and "An American Soldier
in the Philippines," aud iu addition
to this on Friday and Saturday
nlglrts and Saturday morning at M
o'clock and matinee nt it o'clock
there will be a special attraction in
the reproduction ot the Jctlrics-Fitz-
simmons Fight. The 11 o'clock performance Is given .for the eonvenicuen
ct the miners, and there, will be> three
shows on Friday andil Saturday
the cod to his boat. This seems in-'nights. Joe Sanderson wilt sing
comprehensible, and John Stewart "The ' Rollins arc Singing-Again,"
says it (Miyoiie vise had told theatorf and T. Lewis will give, "In Hie Value would be inclined-to doubt it.    I ley Where Sally Said Good-bye," THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
The Photographx Studio over the
Bank of Cornmerce.
Notary Public Conveyancer
THF     PA NAM AN     RINK     1,0 ,0,oiBn Pcwers  tu participate in
Head Office  -  - Toronto
CAPITAL $10,000,000: REST $6,800,000
Aw a most convenient way !n which to carry
money when travelling abroad. They are issued
in denominations ef
$10, $20, $50, $100 and $200
and the exact amount payable in Austria. Belgium,
Denmark, France, Germany, Great BrtUiiC Holland,
Italy, Norway, RussU, Sweden and Switzerland is
stated on the faco of each cheque, while In other.
countries they are payable at current rates.
, The cheque and all information regarding them
may be obtained at every office, of the Bank.       |S
nn .international ccmfercnrc, to deal
with this important problem, to l>e
held at The Hague in September
Buy Your Goods at Home
Novelty Theatre
Masonic Buildling, Ladysmith
... —.   _   ..-f        ...v, _  .     '■, —.— .„ ;.     ..     ......,..,;■  ,1 ;
Matinee for School Children Saturday.
Prograamme Changed Monday and Thursday
■ ,      \ . . i m	
Admission: IJ)c and 15c
IOc Matinee Saturday
John W.  Coburn,
President and Tttaha'gina Director.
deo. C; Pic'card,
"'" Secretary-treasurer.
The Ladysmith Lumber Co.,
' .-' /Limitoil.      (■„
■ . • v' ■   •       s i ' '   •■■ V>
Rough and Dressed Fir Lumber, •&
Red €edar, Shingles and Lathv *
LADYSMITH BRANCH   L. M. de Gex, Manager
Published by Carley & Carley at Ladysmith, B. C,
every Wednesday and Saturday.
$1.501 Year is Advance, 25c Per Month
Advertlilnir RatMon application.
It i:< quite.probable thc present session ot, the Legislature will termirtfttc
this wee":. There has been a vast
iimo". nt of useful- legislation enacted
during the session now "drawing, 'to :i
close.       ^
Tlie Dominion secretary of state
gives notice nt a 1)1)1 for the creation
ol a department of external affairs
which is to have control of .",11 cor-
. respondenfe relative to imperial cnl
foreign affairs.
The London Standard demands
direct le.-.rcscntation tor ovcr-sca
states ort thc committee of "Imperial
Defence, as a condition prior tc any
organization ol the Imperial navy
and military forces.
The demand ot certain Liberal
newspaners that Mr. Barnard should
rc3i|h in view ot the disclosures with,
regard to the Colonist telegram, is
to say the least, amusing. Just
fancy .a Liberr.1 resigning for a s'fci-
ilar reason if he were in Mr! Eain-
■ ard's |.la?e.
The decision of tlie city council to
sertd a delegate to Victoria to interview Mr Mohun with regard to a
septic tan'.! will be endorsed hy the
citizens generally. The itnprc: sion
seems to be that the comu il should
proceed with the work, ahlr,n.ionin(5
the septic tank pi'jppsal tor, the pre.
sent, and giving a guarantee that if
it is found necessary: it will Le built
at a later period.*
The Grand Forks Gazette has the
following with regard to buying
goods from the Eastern department
stores; ,   •
"How many people 4n ordering
goods from eastern cities ever think
to ailcl to the catalogue prices thcox-
prcss or freight on the parcels'! .Most
people compare catalogs prices with
the local rates without considering
tlie price that must be paid for
lingc. Often thev goods when laid
down here cost more than~they would
cost in a local establishment.
"The only, possible, excuse ior dealing by mail-order is the,cry of cheaper prices and even this, when true,
should be weighed against local patriotism. The mail-order man does,
nothing fcr the local community
while the local institution is part of
thc community, sturing its prosperity
and adversity and frequently carrying on credit the very people who use
their cash to get mail-order goods.
If- it le true that the express rates
do away with this alleged difference
in cost or even 'bring it to a minimum there seems ho reason why the
mail order business should thrive, except lack of knowledge ot local bargains.    -   .
'^.bls is not intended as a defense
for any overcharging on goods, any
mci" than it is fcr any person who
thinks to take the high- wages of this
district and then get tta prices ot
tlio eastern house that pays eastern
wages. N-qr. is it a defence for thoso
who, cither demand that their print'
ina; he done iii competition with the,
astern institutions that pay lower
wages and .lower costs all around, or
in competition with city plants that
ha p facilities local patronage has
failed to build up here. Nor is this
article intended to entirely condemn,
the customer who dealt with a mail,
order firm for the goods the local institution had at us advantageous ,pri-
ccj.tut failji;! to let the customer
know, while thc inail-order man told
the people his goods and prices.
"This newspaper,otters its columns
at reasonable rates to all lo;al institutions lo place in each home every
wce'.i, an announcement ot.whab they,
have to. otter. Such advantage' the
mail-order house has not gotpnor
catr he s^et from this paper at any
price, and no other medium can give
this slr\ice no matter how'willing
So long as many columns of our advertising space is not used, as at
present, the people cannot be entirely
blamed for getting the goods where
their trade 15' solicited. .»   -
"We do what wc can to induce the
community to t17.de at home, (but the
local institutions must place - their
iioods before the public or our work
will have much less effect."
A Practical Proposal
The correspondent ot the London
Times mattes the suggestion that the
Old Country should loan to Canada
Sojfte of her "retired warships" for
purposes of fishery protection, with ^
\iew to saving us the cost til- building such vessels for ourselves. We,
on the other hand, it is hoped, would
be induced to spend the money thus
saved on real nuval construction.
The proposal .is certainly practical^
and deserves consideration. If thc
Old Country is putting out ot com
mission vessels whicli arc considered too out-of-date to l;e kept-tn the
Navy l'ist, but which are nevertheless
quite fitted for the work of fishery
protection, it would certainly he a
saviilgi ot "money for es to Like them.
What we should do with the money
thus1 saved would, 0! course have to
be discussed. Some wo»ld ad'.ocatc
the building of a battleship, 'while
others would favor tho spending of
the money in perfecting the Militia.
As wo said last week, there is much
to le said trom thc Imperial point
of view tor the strengtheningtit Canada's military forces, since they
might in time of great need be used
to garrison tlie Old Country when
the British regiments were cm foivigr.l
service. Thc Old . Country can keep
her Navy up lo modern I't^uireiiiotitK.
bui the Bri.lish Army could well hear
reinirirscmcnls from the dominions
over soas. Thc'plan woitd have the
merit of releasing the Navy from
home waters, the defence of the country being largely left to these rcin-
•fercements. Thc Montreal Star devoted a leading article to .the tiurs-
tion recently, and is evidently impressed with the possibilities of the
' Box 173
For Meats
AT *      ':.    •
Geo. Roberts'
Meat Market
Cor. First Ave. and Roberts Street.
-fresh Halibut on sale every Wed-
nesday and Friday.
Ryan's Meat Market
On:o a Sputoirrf senator journey)
ing through the South was very m.uc.v
annoyed at the delay ip gcttiitg food
served in a certain cafe.- tie had given his order, and waited impatiently an unreasonable length ot- time,
when thr waiter appeared and was
evidently looking for some, one who
must have gone out without waiting
for his meal. When asked by thc
senator whom he was looking tor he
replied: "A little boy who gave his [
order."- The senator replied: "1 am
that toy."
Light and heaVy teaming.
Furniture and piano moving
a specialty. > * ■
Nicholson & Weaving
Telephone 1;
■ I Sell T. 1. Trapp I Go's
Celebrated Wagons
During the season we have nold a large number
ot wagons, implement*, aid logging trucks.
Everything carries a guarantee.
Duller Street
Hints for the Home.
tetter than a Tonic.-The woman
Who wishes to accomplish the most
work possible will , lind that ono
hour's rest, at a fixed hour everyi at
Thc principle thai If there is anything you want 511st an'; tor it, is a ^a—mmmmMmmmmm—Mmmm
pretty good one for Vancouver Ishtml r„rn!Jon, will do far more for her HiaiVj
to adopt at the present lime.    Thc stimulants.    >n order to obtain the
needs ol the people on this Island ft.r»'gicatCRt good Irom this hour's rest
, :,.   '        ,       .     ,. .   -'she must disro'ue as if St were night,
manv. and   I   they   do not ask tor h,IB t,HK-*«S"r-  .. ...   ,: , ■''
"'?■'' '     ;,.     ,.        ..  and then lie down in a.darkened room,
them, and insist on getting them, It sleep ,or ft ^jf.fout, or. even
is not likely these wants will ever bcl,e3S Sne wm arise refreshed and in-
siipplicd.' The most important one vigoivtcd. One whole day out ol
is the necessity ol making Vancouver ten spent in absolute rest Is a great
island the terminus of one of the restorer of strength and beauy, as
1 T -11 i well as cheerfulness,
transcontinental railways. Por jien(lacne _Fot headache' and
 T"~  ! drowsiness, take a cupful of .tea with
So thoroughly  imprest cd  is 'P.teM- tj,0 juice of   halt a   lemon ih it indent Roosevelt withHhc.necessity M stead of milk.   The effect is wonder-
ihp conservation of the naturrl re tnl. ;.*i»:
the con.servav.on o Circ ^   0orhs_Th(,
sources of the    world, that hi  tajl,,^    .' acctic   ttM appll(d nlghl
directed Secrttary of Stak Bacon,-rt| mol.n|ng   w|,h Sy camel's hair
the HUgjestlcn ot the North Ameri'j brush    In one weck trie "J corn, wiie-
can Cinference, in session at Wash- Upcr soft or hftrd" will have disappear
ington, to extend a formal invitation;,ed,
A certain prominent and excellent
lawyer ol Chicago, but one.of the
(|iiielest and most unobtrusive ot
men, steals around noiselessly, with
his hands nice! ly clasped on his
breast and a seraphic and perpetual
smile. A bon mot at his expense is
told ot the late Emery Storrs, »
brilliant advocate and an exquisite
wit. Ho went to the lawyer's ofllce
and inquired for him,'hut was informed that he was out. "Oh, no,
ho isn't," he replied; "J know that
he is in.", "But I a-sure you, Mr.
Storrs, he is not in." "Now," responded Mr. Storrs, "I know belter;
ho must be in, it is so still in
lathe Opera House on Roberts St.
Short order meals at all hours.
Oysters and Clam Chowder a
Wc ha'c engaged a first-class bar
ber and the wants of ouj' customer,
will ho promptly attended to.
. The only Slice Blacking stand   in
the" Jity
Papcrhanrjer and Art Decorator.
High Street.
Livery, Feed and Sale
First, Avenue.
Phone SA.
E. Pannell
eats and Vegetables
Elegant Patterns for
■j.     Summer Suitings
The Latest in
Imported Woollens
D. J. Matheson
Oatacre st.,   .^adysniith, 1. (V
♦♦••♦••«»4>0» « »«««•«€•♦•«*•♦«•«••»<>♦•,«•» f  > «*«« i
The Pure Food Questaan |
is not  ono* you   nee>'   worry  ovur if you luave your grocery order,  tvith ]
H. (J0.1i'. (loodi that arc doubtful iu quality have no plaeo in our store, as J
we take ths trouble to test personally all food products before giving them 1
our sanction.    _ i
Scott's Building,. First Avenue . j
All kinds ol- Clock and Watch Repairing. Satisfaction Ouarantcca ai
Reasonable. Prices.
English Watches a Specialty*    • ■
J. R. Easton
Practical Watchmaker,
All work left at H, Hughes' stare
will recelvo Prompt attention.
Excellent Boardirfg
/     Proprietors,
Have Your Houses Plastered
For Terms apply to :
C. HIDE, Plasterer,etc., Ladysmith, P. O.
Cement Sidewalks aspscialty,
Portland Hotel
aoop: BOAptiwa.
Barclay/*. Conlln,
Proprietors -1_
As Cheap as
1   lOqrtCookingPpts, 85o each.
1,0, 8 qrt Preserving Kettles, 40o to 65o
Pie Plate, white, 10a each. y
i   Bakers', white, 13c, 20c ann 2fic each.
Shanty Plates, white, 10c each.
Kippers, 23: sash.
Hand Mugs, 2 for tie.
Tea Sleepers, 23j each,,
Egg Boilers, 10c each,
'Furniture store
Ladysmith Bakery
Cakes ot every description, Jane
and   plain.    Candies    of all kinds.
Fruit ot all kinds.   Fresh bread ever'
Reasopabl? prices. Come and se
our lilies and lea+c your orders. *W
give, careful attention.      * -
KopJL.ee, Prop.
Esplanade street,  Ladysmith.
T. E. SUlliyan
■'■-.. ■; )
Plumbing, Gas and Steamfitting
Prices Reasonable.
First Avenue, near New West-Jim hotel
 1 ....    ■     ..:	
•*♦ ■        ■    . - -* • ■
| With every Pound of
Marigold Tea
We give a coupon for fancy glass
| ware.  Try the Tea you'll like it
jf First Avenue,
Water Treatment
Dr. C. E. Doherty,-medical super-
intenderrl of the. public hospital tor
the insane at New Westminster, has
filed the thirty-se*cntli annffal report
f that institution with ihc provin;
rial secretary, who,.in turn, lias pre
scntedit to thc legislature.
In the matter oi admissions the
past year has exceeded any previous
one in the history, of the hospital, >.
total of- S,'0 patients being admitted
and of these 17.6 werernales and M
were females. Over "O per cent, ot
the admissions, were foreign born and
somo 30 per j;cnt,had rjceh in Canada
tor a shorter jietiod tliiin t\vo years.
During thc year 122 patients were
discharged, nearly OJ pci cent, of thc
admissions. The number is the largest ever discliiirgcdi, in any year since
Ihc institutj.il was founded, heing.aa
more than in 11)07. During flic year
only, two patients escaped.
Thc system of previous years in regardto thc employment and rccrca-
icn or
therapeutic rooms have beefl irt continuous operation' for the last nine
months, and a large, number ot tho
patients have been treated, and,'as a
result, very few remedies oT'a sedative character arc now given in-this
hospital, while, together with the a,l#.
olition. of chem'pal restraint, the last
trace of mechanical restraint has also
used most advantageously iu eases ot
yV'Our continuous baths have been
motor excitement, in the restlessness
. cf general paralysis, and in neurasthenic conditions characteristic of in-
somina .and apprehensive restlessness.
In these, baths,'at a temperature of
00 tb: 112 degrees, have been .used,
and the duration has worked from
halt an hour to. nine hours. All bath'
ing has been attended to by an experienced nurse under the direct supervision and dictation of tlie medical
"So favorable have been our results in the above class Of cases;
that, iM were to-day limited to one
'incisure of treatnieiit and obliged to
'choose lietweeE ititlgs/bf nil kinds unci
the use of hydrotlicrapcutic measures, I should t;n iiieslionably select the
latter in a very large intijorVy of cases especially where the* patient is
suffering from   malnutrition and ex-
patients   lias continued.    Nu Haustioii of nctvu force
•We'carry a   large stock, ot Fancy
The City Market
'"     II. WILLIAMSON,   Prop.  . .,
Wholesale aad Retail.
'Ladysmith, B. C. "f
Sttfr Orchestra
Open for engagements from     Two
Pieces up.    t " * -     ■
t (i'iyea Danco Every Two Weeks.
For full particulars, apply     ,
Duriug llirrpasl near tlie average
mini er in the hospital was '41)0.81)
and the average cost of maintenance
per capita was SlS;t.;72, tlie total cost
ol maintenance, being $0,0,260.11'.
patient has been compelled to work
against his or her will, and, although the results of. labor ai'o of
considerable commercial Value lo thc
hospital, .yet the first consideration
is thc benefit to. accrue to the patient
from the employment.-In lljs matter of recreation the hospital orches
tra is still maintained and has given
excellent: service during- the year. '" !lis sPccc1' ber°rc Ml" Canadian
Fortnightly cunccrts and patients' jclub at Montreal, Mr. Mattin Bur-
dances and"socialirhavc ton conduct- rcl1 is reported to have made the fol-
cd during tho. .Winter months) and 'towing reference to thc Oriental ^|es-
have been groatjy appreciated by all.  'inn:
You Are Invited
To' drop in and see our spring opening of new
shoes. ,We Have just opened up 62 cases of tip to
date footwear.    Shoes from all the leading makers.
Doctor's Special and Dr. Reed's Cushion Insoles
for both Ladies and Gents.
J. and T. Bell's and Miss-Canada Shoes for Ladies.
The Celebrated'Liberty and BeresfordxShoes for
Men.        -*4       ",
8 cases of Classic Shoes fo*, Children;:" ...;,
Wehave a new Pit Boot and it is a dandy.
Come and see it.       - " *   «.
We have got a first class shoemaker employed now.
If you want your shoes, repaired properly bring them
along. ,
Sole Agent for the Celebrated English "K" Boot.
Short Stories
The Oriental Question
The Hon. Edward La»tcrbacli's first;
law' partner was the late, Colonel
Charles Spencer. The firm had successfully transacted somo business lor
a prominent railroad, and the senior
partner, asked the junior what amount
should be charged lor their services.
"Well, s.iy two hundred and flit'y dollar," wiis the reply. "You're not ao-
customed--to dealing with coipoiM-
libiis. Let me nut'e out the bill,"
proposed Spruces'. Some week* latei
Spencer showed Lauterbach the rail
What do
hf'.ciucricd. Lati-
te iiiu'li !cV cl first at- tho check,
then at his smiling partner, and
gravely remarked! ."Almost them
pcrsuadest mc to be a Christian."
road's che:k for $1,27
jciu think ot that?"
Io regard to hydrotlicrary, Dr.
Doherty, says: "While I c.ir.nol claim
an.l do not pretend to oiler any new
observations, on tho application of
water as a.therapeutic agent, the re-,
suits we have obtained here haveUcrt ^environment
most gratifying and confirm those ob.
tained by prominent authorities ii
other   hospitals.   Our  three   hydro
The Dog Tax for the year 1009 is
row due and payable to the Ciity
Clerk at the City, Hall. If not tjiiitl
forthwith the law will be enforced*-
with txard to delinquents.
City Clerk.
English Kip Leather Pit Sho.., $300 pair.
Big reduction in Ahrant. Clabrattd solid
' Loathe* Shoes,    Every (.ir 1. guaranttad
tu giv. satisfaction or will ba replaced.   In
Buy.' Youth.' and Litt.-OcntV   Also'ti
Women'., Miss..' and Children'..
Also' lots of SWEATERS for Mm and
Hoy. tu go oliup.
■ Man'. Soft Shirts at Reduced Frlce.
Also Hat..
Sol. Agent for Ahran's Shoos. Best Shoe
on th. market.
John Thomas
„      -HIGH STREET.
Notice to Contractors.
* ■
., City of Ladysmith Sewerage"'
'■■ t ■'-4
Sealed tenders, endorsed "Tender
for Sewerage," will be receded up to
J p. m., on fiionuay, Iviarcu mui,
lauiT, by tne uiiueisigned lor tlie construction of/ certain Sewerage Wor„s
tcr the Cor,-.otaticu of the City oi
Ladysmith, H. C.
1 Itttts, speelfications, usnlratl, tiond,
and ,iorms of fender may be seen on
i\v\ after the ISth liny ot February,
ItiO.i, at the pity Hall, Ladysmith,
D. C.•    .       '
Euch proposal must be accompanied by an -nccopted bank cheque jot
certificate of deposit) on a chartered
mink of Canada, made.payable to
Corporation ot the City of Laity
isiililll, Ladysmitli, tor the sulnii.1 One
\Tltotivand Dollars which shell be for
(cited if the party tendering decline
to enter' into contract when called
upon, tc do so, .or II he (all to complete the worli contracted lor. Thc
ilic'iucs or ccrtiftValcs of deposit of
unsuccessful tenderers will be return
cd to them itpun the execution of Hie
emit rucf,
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the lorins supplied,
which may be obtained at the' office,
ot the City Clerk, Ladysmith, ami
must be accompanied by a bond, In
thc sum of Six Thousand Dollars.
duly signed by the contractor liim
self and two responsible parties,, residents ol life Province, of British Col
iimblii, whose names shall 'lie subjert
to the approval ol the City Council,
Thc lowest .ot any tender not necessarily accepted.
v  " N, A. MOmtlSON
City Clerk.
Ladytmlt'h, B."c, Fchrtiarjr fc, Moil,
"There is one other question of
which you in Eastern Canada have
heard something, and are likely ' to
hear more—the Oriental question. It
is only by living in thc far western
that you can rcalifc
what it means for British Columbia
and thc. w:iole of Canada. Do net
hastily conclude that It is altogether
i local question, or entirely concem-
si with labor competition. Not
merely from British Columbia, but
."rom widely scattered portions of the
empire the cry goes up insistent and
strong that the waste snaces and resources ol our lands must he kept for
and developed l:y (hose'alih to us in
race, in .deals and traditions. That
cry will be answered by the wisdom
or unwisdom ol cur .'(wrning pow-
fi", and on Hint reply will depend
the preservation pj the industrial ami
social life of your children and children's children.
"What is bud for Vancouver cati'
not be ftmHor Montreal.; mid in a
very Iruc bciisq Canada's real
strength is simply the strength ol
her component pails: ThrTdevelop
ment along (he best Hues of civilization, ot the IV-Ule Const is just us
A reporter of the Cincinnati Enquirer—John M. McLean's newspaper
—was once sent into a small town
in southwestern Ohio to get the stow
of a woman evangelist who had b<»n
greatly talked about. The reporter
attended one ot hor meetings and occupied a front seat. When those who
wished" to te saved were asked to
afise, he kept '.Ills seat and used his
notebook. Thc woman approached,
and, taking him by the hand, said:
"Come to Jesus." "Majiam," said
the newspaper man, "ifm here solely
on business to report your work."
"Brother." said she, ''there Is no
business so important as God's."
"Well, mayl.e not," said too reporter; "but you don't know iohn McLean."
North way Clothing
For men and women.
At one lime there were two members of the House ot Commons named Montagu Matthew and' Matthew
Montagu; the former a tall, handsome man, and tlio hitter a little
man. "Duriiiic « session ol parliament, the speaker, having addressed
the latter as the former, Montagu
Matthew, observed that if was
si range'that he should make sucli a
mistake as there was as great a difference between them as there was
Iriwccn    n   fiorsc   chestnut    and a
clicsMuut hoist. I
' ag     ii        ■ ■»
K. G.&R. Collars and
Guaranteed to wash.
Christy's Nats
None better.
For Men, stylish and
Walters &
Sole Agents
During my absence Irom the city
Jicecssury to the Dominion's welfare I Hugh Thornley will hold iny power
as that of Ontario or (Jucbrc, and|ot attorney
il Is, ceir duty  to convince! )pu    by
First Class   Photos.
Gallery on First Avenue.
FOR §ALE'-.'Vt *   s"«P.   « Bowl
Stanley piano; in RoVdcomlitirii. Ap>
-jiiiir   WfSfHMii    views on    tlvif) stlhj'fct  „|v (|; |t   Thorjilcv.
calm   lUsiusslfiiinle arguimiil    that
lire sound."    (Applause.)
Ladysmith Music Store
Phonographs i
Agent for Singer. Sewing
Machine and Sharpies' Separators. s '
Dissolution of Partnership.
The parliicrslilp licrclotorc cxlsiit|g
between the iimlerslgited carrying^, on
btihiness as'llolelkcepcrs. at 'Aw t.'-.ty
of Ladysmitli is this day dMssolrtHl 1 y.
tnuttiiil conseiil.
Joseph Tens/, \vtl|,pay alt'debts imu\
receive all moneys due to the |»tt-
.10?   lEUS/,
Ladysmith, B. C, 28 Feb., H Oi'j
Dr. R. B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
•F.C. Fisher
Studio iu Williams'  lllock.
Time Table No. 7
Trains leave fJanaiiSO 5:15 Daily
Trains arrive Nanaimo Vl.'&Ti Daily
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday,
Trains  leave   Nanaimo  15:15
Trains arrive Nanaimo 1S.!15,
Dist. Pass. Agt.
1102 Govt. ,s|. • Victoria,- B- C.
John Pogorly's
Bowling Alley
A prize of $3 will begiven
to the one making the highest score in ten sheets.
Now is the time to practice iot therYukon Alaska"
andSeattle expositions, which
give a grand prize of $10,000
to the best forty team:}. It
pays to be a good bowler*
- Learn now while you havo
a first class bowling alley,
Good lights. Come in and
John Pogorly,
Ladysmith, B.C.
i y
U. B. C.
James Duncan
, Suits cleaned"and pressed.
Alterations made.
Charges moderate.
man iiikt uitiiiii
Wood to Burn
Slnve wood nnd cord wood for snle.
Kreiglil liauleil.
I'uioiuil.i IllOllid,
For anythinjjjiiUli. to.iining liu«,
See Thornley
EKjiress and Teaming
P. INKSTER. phone o..
i.i.i m ;,iii:;ji 5;.,Nji»:.n)
Phone 124^*   P. O. Boxl ' 74M«-j*.-«
Lacol and General
Mrs. McMillan and    Miss McMillan
left yesterday for. riew Westminster.
When askiftg for tho
see that you get it.
'Grand Duko'
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
We are going to sell 48 dozen pairs of
Boys' Heavy Ribbed Wool Stockings. Sizes 6 Ho 9 h I
at 25c a pair.
SEE OUR BIG WINDOW   ...   «*■-
$•     These Stockings are imported from England and
a look will convince you they are 0. K.
We have received a large $ar-t of our English
Prints and Gingham   We are showing only the1:
Newest Patterns in the best washing colors.   Only
one price, 15c a yard.
Samuel'McKane, for several years
a resident of Ladysmitr., died at his
home yesterday morning.." He was
(iO years of age, and«had tieen ailing
for some time.
When asking for the "Orand Duke"
see that you get it.       , t>?'
Fin. English Pork Pin," Ireah mad. daily
at Hooper's, Gataer. street.   Try one.     *
Tho members ot the lodge of A. 0.
F. in Ladysmitli will hold a social
and concert in the Odfellrws' Hall
next Saturday evening.
Vot Garden Seeds go to thc Drug
Store. '
Ladysmith Opera House
Monday, March S
The Celebrated .play
"Lena Rivers"
■- \    - -
By a good company of 12 people.
A play that will live for ever in the hearts of everyone.
Seats en Sale Thursday at Knight's Bookstore.
Use Na Dru Herb Tablets.
Ladysmith Pharmacy.
At the
Thc Citizens' League will meet tomorrow night. This will be an important- meeting i' and it is desirable
that there should l.c'a large attendance..
^Hot Tomnles evt ry evening at Hooper's,
15e, 2 for 25c.
| Ladysmith Opera House j
| Home of the Finest Moving Picture $
!        Plant in British Columbia        I
| v i
13,000 Feet of Films. Two Illustrated Songs
|—__, ; ^_
|Two Shows Each Night |
I _—_|
i Programme Changes Mondays and Thursdays 1
| ___ 1
|Admission:   IO and 15 Cents!
y *
Carnation Wheat Flakes
30c  per package.
Finest Creamery Butter
$4.65 per 14 pound box.
Simc n Leiser & Co.
FOR SALK -Half intoreit in tlio Well
Ingtoii Hotel. Apply lo .1. Diimont,
Wellington, D. C,
WANTED-A ■ middlc-agod woman
jto do ho.tsewqrk and ta'.'P care ol
two children.    Apply W. R.  Smith,
All members ot Unity, Encampment
No 3, I.O. O. P., arc requested to
at]end tho regular meeting, totjK»r-
rrtw JfliiiWday) March lib, "V.ifMI,
Thc (Irnnd patriarch ol R. C. Will.hu
W. STEELE,- C. P..
Card of Thanks.
To thc public of Ladysmith, w*. desire to express our sincere thanks for
the kind treatment and sympathy
slnwii by them during our husband
nnd son's illness and death. It is
nearly four jears since his misfortune
in the Extension mine. During all
this time kindness and aid to him an.';
his family by their friends never ceased right up to the time ot his death.
This has been greatly appreciated by
all out' family; We regret very much
we could not give the people of Ladysmith a better opportunity of a'
tending/his funeral, -hut circumstances over which wc had no eotiti'ajjjptfr
tenti'il the Interment teing made on
Siinday. Wo know our dear hoy had
a host ot friends in Ladysmith, who
would like to have seen hiirj and paid
their last respects to his memory before he was ronsignnl to tho grave
Elegant Designs and
[Colorings in Wall Paper
"We"have just received another shipment ol those
Call land see them. They, are "going fast. ■'    - '■• * •   ...   ' .
A full line of Paints and Varnishes
in stock.'
Picture Framing done on shortest
notice. Bring your pictures and lock
over our mouldings.
Painter and Paperhapger.
Sale of Purses
$2.00 and $2.25. for $1.50.
$1.00 and $1.25 for 75c.
Knights Book Store
Aero Roller Rinks
RecpsriS Saturday
Eugene tl.. Heincl who, tot tlie past
two mouths, has managed thc roller
rink for Mr. II. Parrot, has leased
the rink now for six months. Mr.
Heincl has closed the rink this week
for repairs and intends >o open Sat
urday evening. He is layng maple
in the centre ol the rink, and is* also
mailing jadics' nnd men's rooms,
which will "certainly to a great con;
vcnicnci. He is going to trv and in-
..i a. large orchestral oiban and
says he will run tlie rink as it ought
to be run. He also wants thc public
to notify him'of cnything they con.
sider objectionable at the rink, anil
he will give it his immediate-atlVn-
tion. It.is Mr. lleinel's Intcnti-n to
conduit the rink ro that 't i.iay be
patroni'.cd hy all without, H-ir ot offense.
Try Nn Dru Chr.cooi Tablets tor
Dyspepsia.   At the Dr'up Store.   »
»T.JM*..f..fMT»t»f».tnt..*CT.Tl»T..f..f..t..!..T.itMT..f, l
Cyphers food
for Chickens
Chick Food     |
Scratching Food
Beef Scraps
round    Oyster
A fresh Consignment of the f
I'Above Just received.
Ladysmith Hardware Co., lm.
_.--.    _Ji,
Wo at o ufti'i ing special pries in Optical Good..   Spectacle, Gold Fill.d, or Nickel,
the latest in Rimless Kyo Classes,   l!e»t Lens...   Full stookof optical material. mr
liniiU.   Broken Lenses repined.   Special price, this week.
Bel'oie buying a Grnpliophone call tnd~~see oura.   W. carry th. Columbia  Dowlt
Disc Kocords in stock, 10 inch at 85;, 12 inch SJ1.25
Columbia Indestructible Cjliiuler Records will not break.   Pike 40c sach.
Watch repairing a speciality, all   ivai'k guaranteed, best materials ua.d.
FOl'ND-A   key    ni
Owner can have same
this office
irked   Miller.
,y calling   at
The famous Picadilly
Clothing has arrived and we
can show you something that
has never been excelled in
We iiave them in two or
three piece suits with fancyv|
cuffs in the latest cuts ?.nd
Goods all marked in plain
figures.   One piece to all.  .
We have also received our
Prints and Ginghams
Shoes, Shirts, Etc.
W. E. Morrison
Williams Block
II. Ei Deailcy went i;i lo Nawilmc,
yester.lay. He says the C. P. R.
land just cleared will be placed on
the market jest as scon as the logs
jire removed.
FOR SALE-A tew household effects.
Apply R. J. Trembath.
If you want a good Comb or Brush
call at the Drug Store. *
Mrs. Gardner will open up
Hair Dressing
on the Esplanade Tuesday,
February 23rd.
Hair Restored and Scalp
Tuesdays and Thursdays,
10 a. m, to 12 a. m„ 2 p. m.
to 6 p. m.
A Store for the Men
In a few days we will open our store with
a full line of Men's Wearing apparel.
Watch for our Opening Advertisement
C. E.
B. C
We Have Everything You Need
School Attendance
The following "is the school attend,
ancc tor thc month ot February.
At. A v. At.
Div. I.      26  t,.. 23.3
IL    St  34.1
III. 41   37.9
IV. 40   3H.U
V. 52   4tt.ll
VI. St ,..,  4».#
VII. 80' 83.0
VlILttB  '..... 58.7
IX.   77 .../ (14.5
Total 440 " 404.5
As will be seen the average, actual
attendance is over 50. below thc number of those actually iu attendance
during the month. II parents would
consider what it means,,namely that
llicic is on an average over five pupil* of each division absent every
day, they would see the Injustice
done to the teacher. * The absentees
are, In every case, a drag on the
wheals ol progress tor a time alter
their teturn to school, until th.'y
have caught up with the work ol the
class. It Is sincerely hoped that lot
thc balance ot the term the cases ol
absence will show a marked decrease
as intermit tcr.'t attendance and educational progress cannot possibly go
hand in hand.
Rev. R. Wilkinson, Ladysmith, and
Rev. C. W. Webber, Wellington, will
exchange pulpits next Sunday,
i  i ■ >
In Lndysmith, Fi'li. 281 h, to the
wife of A. Michie, corner of High
street and Fifth, avenue, a daughter, j
For good wearing stockings
try at
Plain or ribbed cashmere
for Ladies..
Ribbed cashmere (double
knees) for girls.
Heavy, all wool, hose for
Little Darling hose for
Saturday's Chronicle
and you will see
when the
Roller  Rink


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