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The Ladysmith Chronicle Jan 23, 1909

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 With Which Is Amalgamated the Ladysmith Standard.
,VOL. I.
Ladysmith, B. C, Saturday, January 23, 1909.
Citizens' League Discusses
Transportation Matters
There was an interesting meeting of
the League Thursday ) night, The
principal ijiiestions discussed were the
1 Unling of shade trees, and .tlie improvement ,oi transportation arrangements between Ladysmith and Vancouver. 'The list promises to be a
burning question and a special meeting will' be called next Thursday
evening to go into it more fully.
After the reading and adoption of
the minutes ol the previous meeting,
the question of planting shade trees
was discussed.
Secretary Wilson relieved that a
start in planting shade trees should
te njane on the lower streets, so
that visitors to Ladysmith might be
tencfitted by the improved appearance of the city. The idea was to
have the; citizens plant the trees. An
v arbor day could te appointed, and* all
those who were disposed to assist in
planting thc trees could take. part.
Mr. Theodore Bryant thought that
there would not be many who would
jilaot trees, and that those who did
ji>P down thc trees would be fcejifc-
litting the others. He referred to the
seeming indifference ol those who did
not cure to beautify the town, and
there was a disposition to destroy
shade trees,      , ; U 1
Mr. J. E. Smith did not lite to
see shade trees nn the principal business streets. ...
Secretary Wilson referred   to the
fact  tllat   the .council had   pAooed     a
by-law under, which anyone who destroyed shade trees could be punished.
President Dier did not believe in
planting sh'ado trees on tho principal
Mr. Theodore Ecyant believed that
thc council should secure information
as to the variety and price ot trees.
A start could be made this year.
Mr. Stewart believed that maple
trees could Le bought atli cents
It was suggested that Secc.nd avenue, and. one 61 the cross streets cpuM
now be planted, while thc other
streets were being fixed up. The
tic?:, could lio planted.23 or 20 feet
apart, and a lew men could do a lot
of the work in one duy. —
The question of street grades played a:i important part in thc discussion. Alter this matter was thoroughly discussed; it was moved,
seconded and carried, that; lists be
prepared and left at the city clerk's
office, on which all crtans who
were disposed to plant trees provided by the council could subscribe
their names.
President Dier explained that he
was prcsont at the city council's
meeting last Monday evening, and
that body had expressed a desire to
have thc league suggest a name for
tho vacant seat on the board.        '
Mr; J, E, Smith suggested the
name of President Dier as-alderman'
tor the second ward. Mr. Smith
made a motion to that effect, which
was seeded by Mr. J,. Lewis.
The motion was put and carried,
man like Mr. Coburn in Ladysmith
could accomplish good results.
Secretary Wilson believed that
something! should be done with .regard
to direct communication with Vancouver.. '    ■ > ,-   '.   .
Mr. Thornley thought the Board ot
Trade should take the matter up.
Alt:r an ' informal discussion in
which nearly everyone present took
part, it was decided to call a special
meeting of the League next Thursday'
night to fjo more fully' into the subject of transportation and freight,
tates between Lfdysmith and Vancouver.
It was believed that by holding a
special meeting', there would -bci a
more representative gathering ot mer-
chants and business men gienorally.
One thing is certain, the citizens oi
Ladysmith tire intensely in earnest., in
the matter of improving the transportation arrangements between this
port and Vancouver.
This concluded tlie business ot the
evening and thc meeting then adjourned,
Ottawa, Jan. 21.—Spealer,
Marcil last night received tha
resignation of Wm.- Sloan, as
lncmlter for Comox-Atlin. Hon.
Mr. Tcmpleman will, run for the
seat. The election will take
place early in March.
Crook Had to Die
Official Death
"I'm not the only man who is officially dead," said Hunhiy Joe thc
other day. He was once about af
famous a confidence man as Broadway ever produced, in 1902 ho war
leported to the police as dead, and
his photograph and description were
removed Irom the rogMes' gallery. He-
was recognized on Broadway recently
by his habit of walking along the
edge ol the curb. Cold couldn't
tempt him to walk close to the wall
or to pass thc mouth of an alley,
without detour|ng into the street
—just a trick of caution inherited
from the old days.
"I have reformed," said tiio man,
who is said to have once,been known
as Hungry Joe. "But reformatio!
doesn't ;gowith the average call*
headed imbeeilo on the police force
and a crook's a crook to the end ol
the chapter with himl So when 1
made up my mind to live straight 1
went to the then head of the department. I convinced him -that J meant
business. 'Call off your men,' I begged. ; Tell them to let me alone.
I'm u criminal, I admit. But I'm tired of, it, and I want to be a man
again,    it       .. •■:.>..
"The chief said it wasn't possible.
'I might tell the men you were reformed,' said he,, 'but the; wouldn't
lellevo it. they'd pick you up all
the quicker, because they would
think you were trying to shelter
yourself in this way. The only way
out Is for you to die.' And die I
did—en the records. ' Por s'.x years
tie cops have thought that I . have
President   Dier-  thanked   theI been under the daisies all the time.
./. ...     'v«™    .1 .   k... «   Iam.11^.    -1.-..*    ...
League for the confidence reposed In
him. ' •   ■'.
President Dior drew ■ attcntloh to
the fact that thc railway commission
would meet at Victoria on thc 27th
of this month, nnd now would be the
tline to place before them certain
matters. about which there had been
frequent complaints.
Mr. Hugh Thornley strongly endorsed tho suggestion. He. believed
something should be .done with regard
to bringing the question, of freight
rates before the commission. At
Nandmo'Mr. Ce/burn was moving in
(he matter with £ood results,     A
Xow they have forgotten about me
My photo has been taken out of thc
records, and I'm think I'm safe. I
work steadily, my record is good,
and not halt a. dozen people in the
world know that the one-time Hungry Joe Is a respectable cigar salesman.   But I had to die to do it."
There has been an.io.lUnt selection of
pictures at Feevor'e plao. this week, and
the house has bean crowded every night.
This plao. of amusenunt it growing in pep.
ularity, and seems to meet a lorg kit want
in Ladysmith. Mr. Joseph Sanderson's
rendition of "In Monkeyhwd," la well re-
ojived nightly, The programme will change
twice a week, and Monday night there will
bean unusually attractive preser.ta'.ion cf
pictures ende new song.
Survey of C.P.R. Property
, Mr. R. Wilby, resident engineer of the C. P. R., and
a staff of assistants have been engaged in surveying
the area of the land recently cleared tributary to Ladysmith. They finished their work Thursday evening,
and the plans will at oncfe beiorwarded to the land department. The next work will be the surveying of the
ground into plots, presumably of one-acre and five-
acre blocks; then the blocks will be placed on the market. . It is understood that the tenders for the clearing
of more land will be called for immediately, and that
the work will be proceeded with without delay.
The land already surveyed will be suitabe for fruitgrowing, and no doubt, many will take advantage of
the sale to secure small tracts at very little outlay of
ready cash.
Opening of the     HJ
Provincial Legislature
The First Ttasanjl
"The thing that counts," said a man of
independently largo means, accumulated
by hard work, saving aud wise investments,
'is tho first thousand dollars. When
you've got that amount tngcth ryoa are
beginning to get somewhere, and with
tint start you will want to keep on. The
r jd ink interest entriee that you see put
town in your savings bank book twice a
vear will strike you very pleasantly indeed.
Al interest on your thousand dollars you'll
get 135 or $40 in a year. Your money has
liegun earning money foryou,
'You've got an income now, and you'll
»mtta«lW»"  !•      Vnj,   W,H   l„av,   th*Yt
nterest in the bank, to be added to your
lirinoipal too, and every six months you'll
(os those red figures growing bigger and
ilgger, pretty figures to contemplate, and
you'll keep right a! rig saving, But the
thing that really founts is the first thous-
in.l dollars. Oct that aud you're all right,
ind you'll always buglad you saved it.
"For there really is nothing liko financial
ihdopendauee or 1 ke having at least some
uoney laid by. Then if you want money
/ou've got it. You don't have to go to
friends to borrow and take the risk of being refused, the risk of being compelled to
{0 without what you used. If you've nut
money in the bank you can go there and
jet It. There might come a time when
you would need money for yen'' family or
for yourself very ninth. It's a grand thing
to have it. where you can get it.
"There's nettling mean about being saving and accumulating money. On the contrary, it is every mail's duty to make hiin-
liimself.- financially independent. I flout
mean at all that a man wants to set out
to accumulate great wealth. Thero is nn
{reat fun in that. But what he does want
so do Is to get together enough to live on
Tbe Ladysmith B. team are playing their
it game today at Oak- Bay, Victoria,
,'alnet Victoria West, tho p'resent holders
Irst game today at Oak- Bay, 'Victoria,
utainst Victoria West, tho p'resent holden
if the second division championship.   Man
'er ICnn has a strong team away with
htm and feels contid.nl uf gaining twopoints
for his team. The following represent tho
Lanysmitli team:
. Backs—Morrison anp Hewlett,
Halves—Dufty, Ttrang, MoKinly.
Forwards—McDowell, McOuiro, Brass,
Graham, I'rovlns.
Referee—Jerry Methane.
The B team will travel throuyh te Victoria to-morrow and meet Nahuimo in the
■ltd division league. Thla makes two
fmtt in as many days. Thla game should
be a close one aa both teams are evenly
matched. Those going on the noon train
can see the game which starts at 1.13 p.m.
and can return on the afternoon train.
Mr. Rob rt Grant, well known in Lady
smith, Mu-ned lent Monday r ,m Edmon
ton district, after an absence ot four orfive
in mllis, He will remain hero for the summer. Mr. Oraut states that thoro are an
unusually Urge number of settlors arriving already in tho North-west, and that
tht property ii being.rapidly bought up
by tha settlers coming in the country.
Tht ten townships sold by tho C. P. R, to
a syndicate are now almost sold out. Mr,
Cfiaut was in the C. P. R. train wreck last
Friday, but fortunately rscaped Immersion
(ii the cold wateri of the Frasor. From the
top of the embankment over which the
cars dropped to the river is lot) feet, and
It is a mlra-da so many cjoaped serious in.
Bums Club
Banquet and Dance
The memlors of the Bums Club have
tvary reason to congratulate themselves on
the success of their banquet, concert and
dince given last evening in the Ladysmith
opera house. Every scat at the banquet
table was ocoupied, and whon President
Coulter delivered his address of welcome
everyone prcaent was ready to get all the
enjoyment possible out of the evening'* en.
tertsinuicnt. Tho president's address wt»
short and to the poiut, and then be called
upon Mr. John Ross to deliver the address
to the haggis, vvhioh lvaa rendered in solemn tones.
The Drogrammo was a long o-.ie, but w»«
proceeded w.fi....... umiaucssury cleUj.
The first toast was "The King." Then
followed other toasts iutersptr°od with vocal selections. These toasts were "To the
Immortal Memory of Robert Burns,' ar.d
followed by a short and eloquent address
by the president; "The Land Wo Left,"
responded to iu a very touching speech by
Mr. W. G. Fraaer; "The Land Wo Live
ii," responded tu by Mr. Fred Hawse in a
thoroughly patriotic speech, and a chorus
by the audience, "J'lie Maple Leaf Forever." The Ladies," brought forth a humorous reply frahi Mr. Joseph Meek. Mr.
John Rodgore tang "Thero Wai a Lad Born
in Kyle," in excellent voice, and tbe audience supplied a good chorui. Mr. Alex
Aiicliiuvolo eang "Star of Robbie Burns"
in a manner that won for him a good round
of applause. Mrs. William Thomas sang
"The Scot'ish Emigrant's Lament" very
sweetly, and Mr. Thomas Skillmg gave
the "Lass of Balloclimile," in good voice.
Mrs. James Currie's rendition of "Rowan
Tree" was a feature of the evening, and
Mr. David Copcland'e" "Lea Rig" was
thoroughly enjoyed. Mr. HaVry Mitchell
won applause by his song, "Highland
Mary," and then little Miis Rn:s, of Es-
tension, danced the "Highland Fling" in a
style that won the admiration of everyone
present. Mr. John Barclay gave "The
Tripe'1 to an audience tlut was prepared to
enjoy it thoroughly, and Miss Isabel Duns-
muir sang "Snow Flake." This young
lady has a very sweet voice, and her contributions to the musical part of entertainments given in Ladysmith in future will be
well received. Tills brought the first part
of the programme lo the conclusion, and
then the floor was cleared for the dance
which was kept up till an early hour this
morning, excellent music being furnished by
tho Ladysmith orchestra. The decorations
of the hall were decidedly attractive, and
were designed and carried out by Mr. S.
Roedding. Altogether the Burn* Club
Banquet, ooncart and dance will long be
remembered in Ladysmith.
The funeral of the late IsascOould which
took place on Wednesday was very larfh\y
atiridcd by the friends of the deceased.
The floral tributes woie very numerous, including the following:
O'uuoi— Mr. and Mm. R. Boll, Mri. Now.
ton, Mrs. Handlin, Mr. mid Mrs. W. J.
Foster, Mr. and Mr* F. W. Hawos, Mr.
and Mrs. A, J. MvMurtrie, Mr. J. J.
Thomas and Miss Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Tha. „Wrcuthoa-Mr. nnd Mrs. J. Nicholson, Mr. and Mrs. II Thornley, Mr. nnl
Mrs. P. Inkserr mid family. Spray-Mr.
and Mr*. R. B. Dlcr.
Tho following were raiibearffi: Mssrs.
John Fostor, F. W. Hawcs, J, J. Thomas,
John Tha, R. Wilson, B. Mortimer.
Tholadiei of the  Presbyterian church
Th. Young Men'. C|ub meet, to-night In ^ ^~ ^UMlTbo
tht Methodist Church at 7.80 p. in. i given on February If1
The Provincial Legislature was formally opened Thursday afternoon
with the usual ceremony. An-over-
east slvy took away, somewhat from
the scene and prevented some who
would otherwise have turnjd out pnd
taken part in the function1.
Al! the t|me-honpiicd, observances
that have formed a part of Parliaments ever since Parliaments have
been, were carried out with spirit
und dignity. Thc seats reserved Ior
spectators on the floor of the House
were filled, while in the galleries
there was not' a vacant chair.
The sc:ns in the chamber was as
usual cno ol brilliancy. His Honor
the Lieutenant-Governor read the
speech, which was a short one. lie
was a totaled by his aide-de-camp
Capt. B. R. Tyrwhitt Drake, the na*
val and military officers and his secretaries, Messrs. MuskeHt and Bromley. The speech follows:
Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen of . the,
Legislative Assembly:
It affords nr.o much pleasure in
meeting you at the opening of another session, to be able to congratulate you upon the prosperity which
has prevailed throughout the province during tho past, year, and the indications of continual progress wh/h
are manifest on every hand.
The almost complete destruction cf
I'einie by fire, though it caused serious loss, served to awaken the indomitable   energy and enterprise  oi
•*n neople ot thc province, and resulted in the speedy rebuilding oi nic
city on a wore substantial scale. My
government took 'prompt measures foil
the relief of the municipality and Individual sufferers, and you will be
asked to approve of such action.
Messages oi sympathy were recelv-
et< from His Majesty the King and
His Excellency the Governor-Oeneral;.
i.ndfrom various parts of Canada, as
well as from' Great Britain, Austral,
ia and the United Stai.-s, came
assistance and sympathy for th: suffers.
The tercentenary celebration ofthe
founsling of Quebec, and the centenary
of Frajer'a overland journey to the
Pacific and discovery of the Fiaser
river, were two notable events oi thj
past year. At the former it was my
privilcgo to represent British Columbia and to donate, on behalf of the
rrovin c, a sul.stanti.al sum to thc
fund for thc preservation and nationalization of thc Quebec l.attle-
f elds. My government, was also called upon to Assist in the very successful celebration of the Simon Fraser centenary at New Westminster.
It is my sad duty to refer to the
death ol my esteemed and distinguished predecesor in office, Sir Henri July de l.othhinkre, whose demist! wa» regarded throughout the
Dominion as a national loss. His
amiability, courtesy and kindness in
private life, and his sterling qualities as a public man, won for him
tho love and respect ol all classes,
t,nl his memory will lcn,j be cherish-
ed by Canadians.
I have again to congratulate thc
horticulturists of the province' on the
remarkable success they have achieved with British Columbia fruit at
tho exhibition in Great Britain.
The minister ol finance and agriculture, who assisted in the work this
yenr, is also to be congratulated on
tho favot'ftblo Impression made by
him upon tho press'and juiHic, ot the
Motherland. I must also express my
gratification in tho fact that British)
Columbia frult-tgrowcrs won several
thousand dollars In prizes at he
Spokane apple show, wheret the fruit
was In competition iwith tlhe princi*
pal fruit-growing states cf tne I'nlont
The rapid development of tho provi-
in new ...districts, necessitating ther
construction of roads, trails and
bridges, tbe establishment ' of- new
schools and the surveying of large
areas of agricultural lands, have rendered extraordinary expenditure imperative during tho recess. You will,
therefore,, be asked to'confirm certain
disbursements made under tlie authority of special warrant.
• The negotiations between my government and tbe Grand Trunk Pacific
railway' company respecting the towni
site of Prince Rupert have been con-
el idccl^ and the work of surveying,
suL. ..idingand laying out the new
city is proceeding satisfactorily.
In consequence ol the rapidly it*
creasing demand for water for, irrigation and power purposes, coincides!
withthe expansion of the'lruit-grbw-
■ing industry, you will" be asked to
consider a bill for the more effectual
and) equitable distribution of water
required tc meet the new conditions.
The act passed at the last session,
providing for the creation of a department of works, has been put is
force, and a minister of works appointed. It is confidently expected
that the new arrangement will be
found effective in expediting the pub'
lie service in connection with the public worls.
Thc put lie accounts tor the past
financial year wilt 'be at once Sunmit-
ted for your consideration, as well-as
the estimates for the coming year.
-._ ...—„.. j    ^iu_—^
lions, I have every confidence that
they will result in promoting the web
fs.ro and prosperity of the province.
British Capital in
the Dominion
The British Empire issues a statement whereiu it deals lengthily wilh
Canad e.n securities.,. A warning note
is sounded concerning municipal extravagance, and the view is exuresstd
that unless greater caution is exercised in spending money which van
le easily borrowed, Canada may have,
to face a financial crisis. At tht
same time the trust 'declares toat
Canada gives as good, if not better
opportunities than any country in the?
world, provided care is exercised in
the selection cf the investments-.
- Canadian- financiers here voice the
disappointment said to be felt its the
Dominion at I tje indifferent manned
in which jimny applications from Canada were treated in 1008, As a large
number of issues are now being prepared, and as there will he no difficulty in placing them in,the United
States, it is hoped that in the in- -
tcrests of mutual relations a mere
cordial response will be extended by
British investors to the legitimate '
needs of Canada -in.-1999. .
The   Canadian   Gazette   estimates
that   over 82W,M0,0Ot)   01  British"'
money has been invested in Canada -
in 1W8, in public issues. '■ The nosey',
went for Dominion government, pro.
fiMikl-'MWl municipal issues, anln^o-,.-
idrcorporatifi loans..
Tlio proprietor of the Tunnel Hotel at
Externi-m wa* before Magistrates Ntchol-
• in and Mathewn lost Wednesday evening,
charged With selling liquor during prohibited hours. Thorn was no defence aad a-
fine of $30 and coat* was imposed.
Scrgeant-Major Behoof has been loctur- ,
ing in tho Mevhodfet (hur h, and thou
who havo heard him unite in nylng thai
he lean entertaining speaker. The lecturer
ha* been a great traveller, and he ha* a
splendid collection of owiot picked up in ' THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
To Home Seekers
Notary Public
«•♦«««>«••*«*♦♦•♦••♦••♦•**♦•*»♦ •*•• *♦•••♦♦•
FabllaM br Carley aV Carley at Ladytmltk. B. C.
trery Wednesday and Saturday.
J1.58 a Yur it Mvaiet, 2Se Pir MMth
i .
AdTsrtlsh* Ratteen application.
Head Office  ■  •  Toronto
CAPITAL $10,000,000: REST $6,000,000
Bonk Money Orders
$5 and under ...     -      3  cent*
Over $5 and not exceeding $10,   6
"   $10      " "       $30, 10
«'   $30      "- "        $50, 15
These eiders are payable it par at any office in
Canada ef a Chattered Bank, except in the Yukon,
and at the principal banking points in the United
They are negotiable at Sf.M to the £ sterling In
Great Britain and Inland. They form an excellent method of remitting small sums of money
with safety and at small eoat and may be obtain,
ad without delay at any office of the.Bank. .
The settlement of the accounts arising out ot the recent smallpox epidemic threatens to result in Irictiojt,
that should if possible be a*oided.
Like almost every other dispute
there are two sides to this question,
and it is the duty .of. thc council and
"the"Citizens to-calmly consider the
rights al' 'Joth sides to the dispute.
• e e   .
Thc first feature of tie situation, to'
be considered is the fact that epidemics ot this character almost invariably make their visitations at a
   .,..»,. uicy  are not, expected and
the authorities were called upon to
combat a situation that was new to
them. This being admitted, it would
be surprising it there were not some,
mistakes made in thc preliminary
work of quarantining and arranging
for the care of the patients. That
there were errors committed all will
.confess, - principally arising from
doubts- as to official responstbl.ity,
bit is considering this phase ol tbe
situation   the general results must
not he overlooked.
* e *
At tbe time ol the outbreak ol
smallpox in Ladysmith the' medical
health officer and the board ol health
were called upon to act decisively.
They had no precedent to follow, and
they had to take the initiative with--
out being able to consult authorities.
lTwould have been a miracle il they
had not made trivial mjstalrs, but
the preponderance ol the evidence*
goes to show that tlie gcod results
of their work more th;.n counterbalanced minor errors.
It was due to the energy of   Dr.
Frost and. the board of b;alth  tiat
, the visitation ol smallpox was effectually checked in the earlier   stages,
•nil that Instead of tbe city   being
•tiled upon,to roottjagc itse-H top.ay
00  an indebtedness   thus incurred,
that the whole expense, if properly
arranged, can be spread over a number of years, and thus   amount   to
■ very little each year.
.   ■ * • *
But tbe .difficulty is how to proportion tie ci.sts that should be
be paid by the city and those that
should property U f«ld ly private
individuals. Technically speaking,
ever* person who wai sent to the
Isolation hosplUI, it be Is In »' position; to do so can *■• tontttlkd to pay,
tho costs of detention In that Institution, but «fouid.H bs.wiss to sd-
here to the letter of the law in this
* e *
That the Provincial Government
ieels that thjs, would be a harsh interpretation of the law is demonstra/
ted by Us willingness to pay a Portion of the expense of the epidemic,
and this is to its credit. Tho council Is undoubtedly animated hy the
same generous spirit, and is disposed
to go a long distance in the direc.
tion ol assuming responsibility tor a
portion of the expense, but the great
question seems to be to determine
how  lar  this'   responsibility  should
» • »
In thc opinion ot all, everyone did
the best that could be done, to check
the epidemic, and public opinion is
equally emphatic on thc point that
ho one should be dealt harshly with
in the final settlement ol the trouble,
* • •
The council naturally leels that
they have to protect the city's interests, and perhaps would be inclined to be more economical than they
would be il it were their own private affair. This being the case,
would it not 'be wise to submit thc
whole caso to a board'of arbitration4
the' said board to be composed of
fair-minded citizens, who cculd be
depended upon to take a reasonable
view of tho whole question. Thc decision of the board should be made
binding on all parties, and then it
would be only a. matter of arranging
(or a consolidated liability, and no
doubt arrangements could be made
so that the indebtedness would extend over many years. i
* e e
Thc time may come when there
will be another visitation. It would
be unwise to have tbe impression pre
vail f.r all time to come that no
matter how many sacrifices the private individual would make to protect his fellow-citizens that he would'
he called upon to shoulder the whole
burden of the expense.
"Come, let us reason togelUii'."
Corporation of the City
of Ladysmith.
Applications for the position.Clerk,
Assessor, Etc., to tho Murticiipalltyf'jbl
Ladysmith, stating salary expected,
will be received by the undersigned
up tills p. m., on the evening ol 1st
February, 1909. Applicants must be
ireparcd to give the work their entire attention.       •■•
Tbe lowest or any application not
necessarily accepted.
Ladysmith, 19th January, 1609.,     f
Salted and
Comprising the best brands olhams,
liaen, fish, etc., when purchaiul »t
R. Clear's Ideal Grocery aro always
sure 16 ' give entire satisfaction.
These goods arc particularly, appetizing and give a delightful relish to
your lirca! fast these mornings.
Scott's Building, First Avenue.
Fruit Growers
Must Co-operate
Mr. Maxwell Smith, of Vancouver,
Dominion Fruit Inspector, delivered an
instructive lecture at Ashcroft, recently,
to a well attended meeting of tho farmers'
institute on "Tlie Commercial Aspect of
the Fruit Industry."
In his address he referred to some of the
knotty problems in fruit growing for profit
which had arisen chiefly through the efforts
which have been inuilo to develop the Industry quickly. The men who have made
this rapid advance doservo  every praise,
bnt it W" '   <•'-      -- * " ouauu
together and  grapple  with  those  problems.
Mr, Smi'h nieiithned the Hood Biver
district as an example of what can be done
by the members of the fruit industry working together for their mutual benefit. Tlio
whole business of the Hood Ilivor country
bad been built up by co-operation, It was
essental that Kootonay fruit growers should
conduct   their business in  a business-like
The speaker dealt with the question of
unfair competition from the United States
aud said that in his opinion tlio reason
that so much fruit from over tlie border
was aold in Canada was that it was better
packed and better graded. He mentioned
that it was one of the laws of the country
that every box of. apples should have the
grower*' name on it, and for their own
protection it was for tho merchants and
wholesalers of Canada to see that this re
gulation was complied with.
Dealing with the best methods of packing, Mr. Smith stated that apples always
travelled better if tightly packed. If put
in the boxes loosely they were far more
likely to arrive at their destination in a
bruised condition. The tops of boxes
should bo without splits or cracks as ventilation was unnecessary. Tho beBt way to
pack crates in cars was on their sides, as
in this manner the weight was more evenly
Grading should not commence after the
apples were picked, but in the Spring by
so thinning out the small fruit that only
one was left of es. b bunch and see that
none were left suftjciently close to touch
each other. The best time to do this thinning out was when the fruit was about tbe
size of a finger. It lias been proved that
when this was done not only was a greater
profit made each year, but tho crop would
bs more regular.
Regarding the strawberry industry, Mr.
Ladysmith Music Store
Edison Phonographs and Records,
Victor Tallting,Machines,
Musical Instruments of all kinds.
Tubular Cream Separators,
Singer Sewing Machines and all
Parts and Needles.
Call   and   see   our   four    n>'.nutc
Smith considered that the firat thing to I
done in this district was to weed ont th*
ma-iy unsuitable varieties which were now
haing grown, and select harder kinds, which
would better stand slurping. The seeond
point was to arrange lor better transportation facilities. It was necemry not only
lhat the cars should b* kept cool whll*
travelling, but that th* fruit abould itwif
go through some cooling process before
beiiig shipped
Transfer of License.
Notice is hereby giuon that I intend to
make application to the Hoard of Licensing
Commissioners of the City of Ladysmith at
their next regular meeting for a transfer of
tlio retail liquor license now held by me
on behalf of the premises known as the Col-
...-,.:.. ix-,-1, rfl.i,u...tii., x>. c, irom myself to 11. L. Wood and Joseph Teust,
Ladysmith, B. C, Jan. 7,1909.
Transfer of License.
Notice is hereby given that It is my in
teiition to apply to the Board of Licensing
Commissioners of the City of Ladysmith for
a transfer of the wholesale liquor liconse
now held by me iu respect to the premises
situate upon, lot 5, block 72, Lauvsmith,
from myself to Ctzarzo and Maleneafo.
Ladysmith, B. C, lash December, 1908.
Toilet Cases,
Crockery and
At Cost
Ladysmith Bakery
Oales ot every; description, lancy)
and    plain;    Candid    of all kinds
Fruit ot all kinds.   Fresh bread ever
Reasonable prices. Come and se
our lines and leave your orders. W
give careful attention.
A. E. PALMER i uop ^ p*.^
Eiplanade street,
John Vf. Coburn, H Geo. C-Pickard,
President and Managing Director.     .;       Secretary-Treasurer:
The ladysmitli Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Fir Lumber,
Red Cedar, Shingles and Lath
We have some of the finest Black
Minorca Chickens ever offered for sale in
the Ladysmith market. Also all kinds of
Sausages and Tripe.
Box 173
Phone 43
For Meats
Geo. Roberts'
Meat Market
Cor. First Ave, and Roberta Street.
Tinted Denims and
Lawn Cushion
Miss Uren
E. Pannetl
Meats and Vegetables
P. O.Bo*U. UlTUMl PbomM.
Dr. R. B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
First Ctaas   Photos.
Gallery on Fltst Avenue.
Livery, Teed and Sole
Flat Avenue,
Light and heavy teaming.
Furniture and piano moving
a specialty.
Nicholson ft Weaving'
Telephone 1. _
Suits to
Order $25
To make room for iny spring stock
I will sell suits made to order lor
Two Months Only for 125.
Now is your chance to secure a
suit made up in first-classstyle.
D. J. Matheson
Uatacre St.,   Ladysmith, B. C..
I Sill T.I.Tripp He's
Ciiiiritti Wains j
During th* season w* haw sold a lam numbs*
ot warms, Implsmtnta and loftini trucks.
Everything carris* a luatanU*.
Bailer Strait
James Duncan
Suits cleaned'and pressed.
Alterations made.
Charges moderate.
man nun unnm
II you require, anything! done In
this line fbr Christmas please gee out
New Moulding! and get cost ot any
lized frame made up to suit yout requirements. .
High Street.
On: and after December 20th, poison will be placed on Lot 34, South
Oyster District, occupied by tbe undersigned.     _..
Li/'unitb, r C, December. «> THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
We carry a complete line of Bedroom, Front room
and Kitchen Furni*
ture. Our prices defy
A splendid lot of
Enamelware will be
sold at^a great redaction next week.
Ladysmith Orchestra
AH. Newest and   Latest Music.
For full particulars apply,
Ladysmith, B. C.
Look at our large list of
the latest novels.
Fine Assortment of Stationeiy
A. Maxwell Muir, C. E.
1208 Government Street
VICTORIA     -     -    B,C
The City Market
Wholesale aad Retail.
ti     Ladysmith, B. C.
Star Orchestra
Open for engagements from     Two
Pieces up.
Gives Dance Every two Weeks.
For full particulars, apply
Fall Clearing
In order to clear off this
summer's stock of Wall Paper I will dispose of this season's patterns at a greatly
reduced rate.
X«<"XK4<K"X~X»X~X~X~X»»X' 'X'<~H"X«X"X"X"X"X"X"X»:*
9 .' f
Buys a Lot 33x135 ft; in South Vancouver.
Call and Investigate this Offer.
| First Avenue, Ladysmith
•X^XK^X^X^^XK^X^X^X^X**!*, ♦$«;**;.*X**XK**X**XK**X^X*X**X****
Peculiar Effects of
the Evil Eye
I. I.   SMITH,    Rabirtt Strut
I am prepared to do all kinds
Shoe Repairing on the Shortest Ni
iice.     A trail solicited.
L. Mulholland
Second Ave., near t!ie-»lre Hall.
Wood for Sole.
Splendid mill wood .for sale at
Ladysmith Lumber yard, at a low
price.   Apply to
An extraordinary tale ol the latest
instance of'the; banelul effect which
the freakish type of eye has had, not
only on the possessor thereof but also en the one'whom he held nearest
and dearest to him comes from Russia.   Count , well known in St,
Petersburg society, wajfjetrothed to
a beautiful young Russian. -The future appeared to be tinged with a
roseate hue tor the happy* couple, and
everything wefet well until the'eve ol
the day fixed for the marriage ceremony, when the lady mysteriously
vanished, leaving not a trace behind.
For weeks Count'.—- was engaged
.n a fruitlul search for his beloved;
he was beginning to despair of ever
finding her when one ot his emissaries
ascertained that she had fled abroad.
Amost simultaneously the young woman was apprized by her friends ia
St. Petersburg that the Count bad
discovered her hiding-place, ami sin
committed suicide. Before taking, h*n
own life the unhappy maiden wrote a
letter to her relatives confessing- to
a fear that while she remained, on
earth she felt that it would be. impossible for her to avoid the spell of
Count —'s eyes. While loving
him devotedly, she was frightened of
his eye.t. Their- influence over her
had tjecn gradual. At first she ha/,
not noticed It at all, but now .they
ieomed to .paralyze her with fear, and;
for ("hat reason she was compelled
hy some hidden power, to hasten her |
journey to the great beyeni
Count ——„'s. increasing troubles
had for a long time past convinced
him that' tin evil eye, which turned
everybody against him, and made;
those he loved tbe most to fear him,.
The unfortunate noble has relinquished his high position at the Russian
Court to enter a monastery and become a monk. It is said that after
serving as a nqv-ltjpte jor thft4
years, be will transfer the whole, ot
his money and estates to.the monaster;, in which he has elected to spend
the remainder ol his lite,. thus hoping to make atonement, and perhaps
to lind relief from the banelul influence ot Ms o wn eyes. He fce-
licvcs now, more firmly than ever W
fore that he has a hypnotic eye, ant,)
that there is something in bis gaze
which compels those whom be loves
to turn from .him with aversion. On
two previous occasions he had been
jilted, he says, owing directly to his
terrifying gale.
The' Strange case ot tht ..ussian
Count is by no means unique. There
have been instances when, an evil
eye, a clairvoyant eye, a hypnotic
eye, and a love eye have been blamed tor wrecking plans, careers,., and
even lives. Cne ot the most recent
is. that of a prominent minister £ol.
the Italian Cabinet. He is generally,
credited with having the evil eye he-
cause so many of his colleagues have
succumbed to. sudden death or have
been stricken by severe diseases,
Seventeen intimate political associates of the minister in question' have
either died.unexpectedly or have suddenly become invalids, due, so it U
said, to their having, come under the
spell of his evil ejie. This.iong set-,
ii's oi calamities Is making it more
and more difficult tor statesmen lo
bo induced to accept portfolios, in th*
Cabinet with tho unfortunate minister.'  .
1 and
Whenyou put your boy
in a new suit, look for the
a mark and assurance of
style and durability.
You get value in the
cloth—in make—and in
Better, stronger, or
greater wear-resisting
clothing is unknown.
All: wool fabrics, ..with
double seat and knees in
trousers, double elbows "in
s'eeves, hand moulded
shoulders, hidden parts
thoroughly attended to,
and a color selection ample
enough'to satisfy.
The new season's garments are ready to-day.
PRICES: $3.50 OP
te & Ake.il.ead
Fur Men's Hats.
to bear the imprint of prenatal inllu-
enccs. One cane ii th.it'of thc little
daughter tl a French fisherman named Le Quen, living on the Islet of
Tiidy, near' Pnmt du Finisferre. Graven on thd iris 'or her left ere, below
the pupil are tho figur. : \i.\ They,
aro clearly viiiblc . s also the
weli-.'oimed comma. It is significant
to .note that tho number carried by
the fishing bout of lhe child's father
is H...1. Several Instances have also
been Known where a perfect reflcctiort
ul a clock diul or the face cl a
watch have been noted in the eyes ol
a newly-horn baby.
Tfcre will be a special meeting oi
ihi VV. C. T. U, next Monday night
at 7 o'clock atthe Mission Room ol
the Presbyter!un Church. The 'business will be in connection with thc
W. C. T. U. home. The object of
the home is to afford, shelter Id
friendless' women, or women desiring
to forsake a life cf shame; to provide for them while in the midst of
the home .suitable employment as
well as tho administration ot the
gospel, and on leaving the home to
put tlcm in thc way ol securing, an
honest livelihood. An admission ol
10 cents will be charged, to he devoted to the home. There will, be a
programme and relivshments.
Eagles'Annual Ball
. Will take place on the ivsning of
Wednesday, February 17
In th*
Arnold'* Orchestra will provid* the Music
Covin's January
Clearance Sale
The Greatest Slaughter Sale
of Boots and Shoes that ever
took place in Ladysmith is now
going on.
Take advantage of the Bargains.
Everything Reduced
Sole Agent for the Celebrated English "K" Boot.
Hints for the Home.
Bread or c;acker crumbs will remain in good condition for a longer
time if they are kept iu a paper bag
than the.v will ii they have been left
in a glass jar. While cracker crumby
may be used acceptably in some kinds
of dishes, articles to Le fried should
be rolled in the cruints of bread, if
possible. Cracker crur.ls absorb the
grease more easily than bread
eruinls. •■'
To keep lemons fresh, hang them'
in a cool' place, in a bag made fi'om
netted string. When only thc juice
of the lemon, is used, dry the pee* by
hanging it up in a paper hag. If you
heat a lemon before peeling it you
vrl.l obtain nearly twice as mui'h
juice as you could otherwise extract
f om thc fruit. To preserve lemon
juice in good condition for a long
lime, take f. pound ol sugar to every
pint of juice, and, when you have
stirred the mixture until the sugar,
is entirely dissolved, bottle it, and,
just before corking and sealing it,
place a teaspoonful ol olive oil on
top of the juice. It \i best to use
-malt bottles for this purpose as
the contents will not keep long alter
the eork is drawn. To remove the
oil il. is only necessary lo insert a
small piece ot raw cotton in the
mouth of thc bottle and every drop
of the greasy coating will immediate!) 'lie absorbed.
Ck'.ji your cut glass by washing
thoroughly with warm, snap'suds,
then covering with sawdust. As1 soon
as tho sawdust is dry, brush carc-
Corporotion of the  City
of Ladysmith.
Applications for tho position of
File Chief will be received by the
undersigned up till 5 p. m., on Monday, 1st February, 1909.
Ladysmitli, 19th Janucry, 1909.
Boots and
John Thomas
lhe Old Reliable Shoe Store.
In the Ccunty Court: of Nanaimo
holdcn ui ladysmith, ia Chambers
before His Honour Judge Hartisor
in the matter of John Allen, deceas
ed, intestate, and in the-'Matter of
the "Official Administrators Act."
Dated the 2nd day of January, A. D.'
1909.      . •
Upon reading the affidavit olMary
Ann Harris, sworn herein the 29th
day ct December, A. D. 1908:
It is ordered, that Marshall Bray,
Esq., Official Administrator for the
County Court District of Nanaimo,
shall he the administrator of, all and
singular the goods, chattels and end'
its of John Allen, deceased, intestate, who died at the City ot Ladysmith, B. C, on the 19th day ot
August, 1908, and that a copy of
this order be published for ten days
in the "Ladysmith Chronicle,"
newspaper published in the said City
of  Ladysmit'j.
Time Table No. 7
Trains ieave NaBaimo- 6:15 Dsl'.y
Trains arrive Nanaimo 12:35 Daily
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday,
Trains leave   Nanaimo  15:15
Trains arrive Nanaimo 18:35.
Dist. Pass. Agt.
1102 Govt. st. Victoria, B. C.
|      DRINK      |
f u. b. a
$     AND BOHEMIAN    |
I       BEER
I NiNAIMO, B. C. |
|      O^LY WHITE     |
fu.'ly with a solt brush.   This method will make it clear and sparkling.
When you think that your sealskin
coat needs cleansing, heat some bran
in a pan, being careful to keep it
stilting so that it will not1 burn, and
when it is hot rub it into the fur,
trashing it the wrong way with a
piece of flannel or with a velvet
The cultivation of the voice is a
good method ot developing both tbe
chest and the lungs. The potency ol
voice culture may be observed in
those who make singing a profession^
They have beautiful nicks and threat*
without unsightly hollows. It is because they have to supply an ample
quantity of fresh air in order to vocalize, and as a result, the whole
system feels the iwielit. Elocution
lessons, too, are valuable.
Tompkins had suffered terribly and
at one time, it appeared that his illness
might have a fatal termination. But
skilful doctors and a pretty nurse
tended him most carefully, and the
crisis was successfully passed. The
pretty nurse was Tompkint' one ray
of sunshine during his weary hours,
and he fell desperately in love with
"Nurse Edith," he said one day,
"will 70U he my wife when I re-
"Certainly," r?|ifled the consoler ot
suffering humanity.
"Then my hopes arc realized. You
do really love ma?" queried the anxious ThompUns.
The pretty nurse stammered.
"Oh, no," she aai.d, "that's merely
part ot the treatment. I must keep
my patients cheerful. I promised
this morning to run away with a
man who had lost both his legs."
I Jones
i      Hotel
Portland Hotel
Barclay  &  Conlin,
.,   Proprietors
Excellent Boarding
F. C. Fisher
Studio in Williams' Block.
HHbert Undertafcn£ Parlors
I, 3 a nd 5,Bastion St.,Nanaimo
Phone 124     P. 0. Box 1
Teacher cf Voice Production and
FOR SALE-2h. p. Marine Motor. E
erything complete. Coil spark plug, shaft
float feet carborator. In fint-elaa* condition.    CHEAP.   J.  A.   Knioht, Lady-
All kinds of Clock and Watch Repairing. Satisfaction Guaranteed at
Reasonable Prices.
English Watches a Specialty.
J. R. Easton
j     Practical Watchmaker.
All wort left at II. Hughes' store
will receive Prompt attehtlea. THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE-
'fr.M'M.'"M"l"M*M'-."MM 1
TEA!    TEA!
We pay particular attention to this derjartment and '.'
after years of careful buying and blending, have ;;
succeeded in getting the very best 50c Ceylon teas |
on the market.
Dragon Tea, 50c a lb.   5-lb box, $2.25.
Deckjulie Tea, in silver packets, 50c lb.
Rakwana Tea, choice blend, 50c lb.
Ragal Tea, very special, 50c lb.
B. & A. Ceylon Tea in bulk, 50c lb. 5 lb for $2.25.
Our Special Ceylon Tea, 35c lb, 3 lb for $1.00.
The above lines are sold only by us and we will be
pleased to give you a sample of any of these Teas.
Ridgways Old Country Tea in 3-lb tins at $1.25.
Ridgways 5 o'clock Tea in the Romenay vase at 75c.
Sadger's Famous Green Tea at 50c lb.
:'I"M"I't*M"H"M"M I'M I'l'I"! I lVI"M'i-I"I"I»M-l»M"!"M-I"M»t"M"t-
Meals 20 Cents and Up.
Best 25 Cent Meal in Victoria for 20 Cents. Patronize
White Labor by eating here. Special atteniion giv en to
tourists and visitors, who are cordially welcome. We
keep the Celebrated Grand Duke Cigar.
Local and General.
Mrs. Fred Bland, of Victoria, was a visitor to Ladysmitli this week.
At   Ladysmith,  January 21st, to Mrs.
Arthur Smith, Heooud Avenue, a son.
Mr. William Marchaut, inspector of customs, was in the city yesterday morning.
The funeral of the late 1 .aae Gould took
place last Saturday, and was largely attended.
The Nanaimo delegation to the Conservative convention went down to Victoria yesterday morning. ,
Those who havo bills against the committee of the Burns banquet and dance are requested to hand iu the same as soon as
Mr. Robert Sanderson lias just returned
from a visit lo friends in Iowa. He had
an enjoyable visit, the weather up till the
n w year beiig simply ideal.
The Eagles' annual bull will take place on
the evening of February 17th ct the opera
hmse, There will be good imijic, and no
d.mbt a good lime is in store fur those who
w.ll attend,
The Weather
Has Broken
Now is the time to renovate those rooms. Do not
leave it off till the rush
comes on, or you may n ot
with a little delay.
Call and see our elegant
designs and colorings for,
Mr. E. Quennoll holds the record for
N .naimo for tho number of years he-has
s rved on tlie school board. Ho is now
serving his twenty-sixth term, nnd for sixteen years l.e has been chairman of the
The Leading Stationary Store Offers
Books of Ladysmitli Views
at loc. each
Until February I
Knight's Book Store
Cord of Thanks.
Mrs. Gould wishe* to convey hei thank*
to tho** who sent wraatlies and ut*nd*d
th*ir sympathy In bar bereavement.
FORSALE-Ltght Driving man, buggy
and harness. Speedy and «aiy to handle.
$100.   Apply at The Cluoni.le office.
FOR SALE-Helf interest in the Wellington Hotel. Apply to J. Dumont,
Wellington, B. C,
Chines* New Year was celebrated by
the resident Chinese population, and also
by a number of white people who are not
friendly to John Chinaman or his festival),
by the discharge of fireworks.
Ladysmith will Lava another picture
show, a Nanaimo firm having made arrangement* with Mr. Haworth to install a
picture machine in the opera hou*i, and t
11 expected to be ready for opening the frst
weak in February.
At the home of Mr. aud Mrs. A. L. IIus-
k'ns, Thursday evening, their daughter,
Elith May, was united in marriage to Mr.
Griffith Timothy. Tlio ceremony was performed by Rov. R. Wilkinson, after which
t'i« company sat down to supper. Tie
t ibles were beautifully decorated and an
a'ltindatit supply of good things wero provided, to which tin company did ample
justice. The bride and bridesmaid wore
becomingly dressed and looked well, Miss
Florouco Timothy war bridesmaid and the
bridegroom was supported by Mr. Theodore Anderson. A pleasant evening was
spent by the company.
Cravenette Coats
At Big Reduction
GOATS, regular S13.5Q and $12.50
For $10.00
COATS, regular $18.50 and $17.50
For $15.00
W. E. Morrison
Lots in South
Vancouver at $50 each
ft* ■    i   . •■ ' " ■
$ l Down and $ I per Month
Size, 33x 135 feet
Cleored, ready for housekeepers and
speculators. Seven minutes' walk from
eject.io car line. Free from lai.is'for five
years, al o no interest on investment.
Only 2(10 f r sa'o, como early and secure
tlie preferred lots.
For particula.s seo Mr. C, Lewis,
The Land Man
British Trust and
i' or a fine chop or steak, try Hoop-,
cr's, Oatacre street. *
A special sermon for young mei will ba
.rid in the Methodist Church next Sunday
ita*t..?*.f.*Tf ■ fan.Taaf-Tsa.Tai
Finds us getting the store in shape for stock-taking, |
and while doing so; we always find a number of lines
that we want to clear out before getting in our new $
spring goods, and as it has been our custom for the
past two years to hold an
: I Sale during the month of January, we are nowget-
;; ting these lines sorted biit. They will include China-
<• ware, .Toilet ware, odd Cups and Saucers, Plates,
;; Salad Bowls, Bread Plates, Cutlery, and other lines
■ I too numerous to mention.
Early Buyers Get the Best Values.
Ladysmith Hardware Co., ud.
•H"M»M'H"1"I"M"H"M-M"M"M' •I>H»M>H«!"I"H»I"M-M"H"1"1-W'
Before going to bed call at Hooper's and have a :up ot u iilee atd a
audwich. •
The programme tonight at Psevor's
moving picture show in the Masonic building will include "The Story tbe Boot*
Told," "A Complicated Duel," and the illustrated song, "In Monkoyland."
Ri.nday services: At 8 a. m., law
mass. At 10:30 a. in., high mass.
It 2 p. m., Sunday school. At 7
p m., evening service and Benediction.
Sunday Services at 11 a. m. and (I
p. m.     Bible   Class   and   Sunday
School at 2 p. m.   Prayet   meeting
Wednesday at 7 p. m
J. McMILLAN, Pastor.
Morning, 11a. m.; evening, 7 p. ra.;
Sabbath school, 2i30 p. m. Everybody welcome,   All seats free.
Epworth league meets Tuesday
evening at 7 p. m.
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
at 7 p. m.
Start the new year right and have your watoli overhauled. Just think of it, the
balance of your watch makes about 18,000 vibration* per hour, for ovary hour of the
year; that it rotate* on pivot* only 06 millimeter* in diameter, or about the equal of a
good sized human,hair, also that all th* oil it can retain for running purposes is about
the one one-thousandth of a drop,
Give the watch * chance and have It thoroughly overhauled. Alwuya go to the
bnt man, a* cheap work on such delicate mechanism a* that if a watch ia always deur
in the long run, and usually causes ruin. We do all kinds of repairs, from the converting of the key winder into a setm winder to the ordinary work of cleaning, Etc. None
but the beat material* used. We have not only served the usual apprenticeship at our
trade, but have also had th* advantage of a thorough study of the watch and scientific
mechanic*, at tbe Canadian Hqrological Institute, acknowledged the best on tbe American Continent, a plao* where every part of a watch ia made by hand under the direction
of expert*. Now; la not one who has had this training, moreoapable of thoroughly ref
pairing your watoli than one who knows little or nothing about the principles imo'ved,
who just picked his trade up, as so many have. All we ask is a fair trial. Our price*
are correct, and the Work fully guaranteed. We cau make aud repair any part of a
watch from barrel to balance.
a^— i
We Have Everything You Need
Simon Leiser & Company
for Particulars See Handbills
Great Annual Stock
Beginning Friday, January 15th, and Continuing for One Week
Our January Stock-taking Sale presents one of the grandest money saving opportunities ever presented to you. Underneath
are a few of our leaders, but if you do not see just what you want on this bill give us a call, as we have a very large stock
——-i—^»——ap.m&mmtifrmmjLm———ia*—   i ■ ^»— i^M-»™»fMsiMMs«»i«s»sfi»»MM»»M».»s>»_»^M»»^-.»,»MMMM
specially reduced for this sale, which is not marked on this bill.   TERMS CASH.


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