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The Ladysmith Chronicle Jun 2, 1909

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With Wljich Is Amalgamate the Ladysmith Standard.
Vol. I.
Ladysmith, ft. C, Wednesday, June 2, 1900.
Will Move Rapidly
in Providing Light
Electric light matters occupied
occupied most of the time of the
Council last Monday night. The
Mayor and Aldermen felt thnt the
time had now arrived when a start
should be made in Installing the
plant. The money will be at the dio)
posal of the Council within the next
few days, and there is nothing to
prevent that body from proceeding
with the work at once.
There were present: Mayor Nicholson, Aid. Matheson, Koberts,. McKin-
nel; Campbell, Dier and Brown.
The minutes of the.previous meeting were read and approved.
Mr. V. B. Harrison, police magistrate, wrote the Council for a key
to the City Hall, and suggesting
the advisability of getting a cabinet
for law forms, etc.
The request was granted.
Accounts aggregating $1,477.29 were
presented and referred to the finance)
Aid. Brown drew tbe attention oi
the Council to a place oh Second Avenue where running water was a
great nuisance.
Aid. Dier, on tiehalf ot thc Committee appointed to select a site for the
electric light plant, reported that
nothing had been done since last meet
lug.. H..- expressed the belief that the
si* chosen would be an advantageous
one ln many ways. At tho junction
of the Esplanade and Methuen Street
there was g triangular strip of
ground that was equally as advantageous. It was on tho 13. & N. property and there was room cough for
the electric light plant. If the E. &
N. would sell this little strip he believed it would be well to buy lt, or
lease lt. Something should be done
at once in the way of Interviewing
Mr. Beasley with regard to tbe lot.
Mayor Nicholson said nothing had
yet been heard from the Bmeltcr people, and - he thought that in uny
event it would be well for the Council to go ahead on lines that would
not Interfere with any arrangements
that might be mado with the smelter
within a few days. There was no use
of further delay. The money for thc
debentures left Toronto on May 28.
Aid. Campbell was strongly in favor of calling for tenders and making"
a start of Some kind. Tho citizens
were becoming weary of thc long delays.
•Aid. Matheson could see no real objection to fulling for tenders for the
poles and wiring. He believed they
should be in one tender and in conformity with the plans.
Aid. Dier believed it would be best
to give the contract to one firm, so
that the Council could deal with a
responsible head.
Aid. Roberts also favored dealing
with one firm; then someone would be
responsible to tho Council.
Aid. Campbell said he would like
to see local men havo a chanco to
supply the poles.
Mayor   Nicholson    waa   convinced
that the best course would   be   first
to get an engineer, then that, official
could advise the Council   ns to, the
) best method of calling for tenders.
Aid. Dier agreed with the Mayor.
Aid. Matheson said that so far as
.'the smelter people were concerned
they bad had three weeks to submit
, a proposal to the Council. He be-
[ lieved we should now select nn ra-
■ gincer and perhaps the smelter company will be able to da something in
the meantime.
Aid. Dier could see no objection.to
engaging an engineer, even If the
Council afterwards entered Into, an
arrangement with tho smelter.
Applications were then read tor the
position of engineer:
From Hutcheson Bros., Victoria; Roll.1    C. Wilson, Cumberland; H.   B.
.Burnham, Vancouver; and Richard G
Nichols, Victoria.
Aid. Dier believed that it would be
well    to   consult    wltti Hutchinson
Bros., of Victoria, as to the plans
Aid. McKinnell thought lt would
|be beet to advertise for an engineer
tnd let blm select his own plans.
Aid. Matheson   -did  not like    the
dea of submitting the plans   before
he Council to a    Arm that  might
ilso put   in a tender.  He did   not
:hlnk It would be altogether fair.
Aid. Dier said the firm that   had
iiihmltted the plans now in  posses-
Ion of  the City Council   had    tho
inmo privilege.
Mayor. Nicholson could see no great
vnntago in calling for lenders   for
poles at thc present time. Only 300
poles would be required altogether.
It might save thc City a few dollars
if the contract was given to ono man.
At this juncture the motion to cull
for tenders for an engineer was put
and carried, and tho advertisement
will appear in the Victoria Times,
thc Vancouver Province und the Ladysmith Chronicle.
Aid. Dier again expressed tho belief that the plans should be submitted to Hutchinson Bros., Victoria.
Aid. Matheson - contended tbat thc
people who had sent in the plans
wero going to tender, and he believed
lt would bo better if Hutchinson
Bros, would send in another plan.
Aid. McKinnell thought there might
be some danger if tho plans wcro sent
down to Hutchinson Bros., that they
might change them to suit themselves.
Mayor Nicholson said he was going
down to Victoria and he could ask
the Hutchinsons to express their
opinion of thc plans. In.the plan before the Souncil there was no restriction as to where the plant should be
purchased. Hutchinson Bros, would
have the same opportunity of buying
plant as the firm that submitted the
It was eventually decided to submit the plans to Hutchinson Bros., oj
Some explanations were made as
to how the E. & N. secured a portion of the Esplanade for their track,
The City Clerk was instructed " to
give orders for material for repairs
to tho City Hall.
, Mr. J. E. Smith,' collector for the
eelebration, asked permission to address the City Council, which was
Mr. Smith said he had been soliciting subscriptions for the celebration,
and had met with gratifying success.
The merchants had been very generous, and he asked tho Council for a
On motion it was-resolved to donate $50 to tbe celebration.
Mayor Nicholson said the time had
now arrived when the streets should
be improved. In his position as
Mayor he could not favor any particular section.
Tho various aldermen put forth
claims for their respective wards, and
it wns evontually decided that the
Mayor and Aldermen should make a
tour jof Inspection Wednesday evening..
Aid. Matheson complained that tho
East Ward had been neglected.
Aid.. Brown said the streets in the
West Ward wero a disgraco to the
Aid. Roberts would like to soo tho
street Improvements start when tbey
had been loft oft in previous yonr:i.
Mr. Thos, Provis was appointed
rond foreman.
Tho Council adjourned just as T.
O'Connoii rung thc curfew bell.
Latest Local and
General News Notes
The Citizens League will meet tomorrow evening at the City hall.
After tho regular meeting tonight
tho Eagles will hold a smoker, to
which visiting brethren are invited.
Mrs. DuVal, wife of the moderator
of the Presbyterian general assembly
Dr. DuGal, died last night at Winnipeg.
The Coburn postoffice was closed
on May    31st.   The mail in future
will be delivered through the  Ladysmith postoflice.
W. S. Barton will leave tomorrow
morning for a two weeks' vacation.
He will return here for a few weeks,
after which he will leave for Prince
It is expected that Mackenzie Kiogr
M. P., will be called to tho cabinet
as minister of labor within a few
Jays prior to tho departure of Earl
Grey for England next week.
Superintendent Hussey has received a wire from C. Phnlr, government
agent ut Lillnoct, stating a mgn
named Thivnrge had been shot and
killed by a man named Blakely, who
according to the message was also
Injured with a shotgun. Superintendent Hussey has ordered an investigation.
Subscriptions for the
Big Celebration
The following is a list ot the subscribers to the celebration fund up
to date.
City of Ladysmith $40.00
O. Hepple, Grand Hotel  15.00
P. Winch, Grand Duke, cash ....   3.00
G.  Cavin, pair boots     5.00
McKelvie Bros    1.00
T. Lewis, barber    2.00
Mrs. T. X. Jones, cigars     2.50
D. Matheson,   tailor,    pants
length, valuo       3.00
Percy Noot,  watch,  value  1C.00
Dr. Dier, value     6.00
S. Leiser & Co., value  10.00
C. E. Jeffs, value     5.00
Walters ft Akenhead,   value ... 10.00
A. B. Palmer, valuo     5.00
W. L. Carter, cigars     8.00
J. A. Knight, value     1.50
Ladysmith Hdwrc. Co. prize ...   5.00
G.  Jessup valuo     3.60
Mrs.  Uren, Temperance House,   2.00
J.  Dickie,  valuo     2.60
B. B. Weils     2.00
Mrs. Jarvennn     2.00
J.  Teuz,,   Columbia hotel  20.00
Barclay & Conlin 25.00
W. Siler    2.00
H. Wright,   smelter boss    2.00
Al. Mahle,   New Western  15.00
J. A. Ryan       8.00
Blair & Adam, valuo    5.00
A. C. Frost     5.00
W. E. Morrison, value     5.00
A. C. Carpenter, Hotel Cecil, ... 10.00
Novelty Opera House     5.00
O. Peterson     5.00
Hop Lee    6.00
Miss Bardazona     4.0u
Wright, blacksmith     5.00
Sid Oiflbrd     2.00
G. Ross, tailor, valuo     4.00
Ben Wood , tailor, value     4.00
E. Pannoll     5.00
Jones Hotel 10.00
Extension Hotel      3.00
Year's subscription Colonist    5.00
Prank Hotjl     5.00
Geo. Robot's, value .-.    2.50
Jos'.  Gartwrlght    1F»00
H. Hughes vuluc  .7  1.60
J. Stewart, value ,    5.00
D. J;   Johnson     2.60
W.  Snoddon  y    2.00
Canadian   Bank of Commerce... 10.0(1
D. Conway, customB   5,00
H. Thornley             2,50
John Tha  10.00
Mr. Wm. Rolston returned today
from a three months' visit to friends
and relatives in Ireland. After an
absence of nineteen years, naturnll]
Mr. Rolston. found. many changes! but
his visit was a most enjoyable one
Everywhere ho went he wns met
with enquiries with regard to British
Coluinbiu. He crossed the Atlantic
on the Manitoba, und there wcro u
large number ol immigrants for tln>
West aboard. He Is pleased to got
back to British Columbia,
Thc launch recently purchased by
Mr. Robert Rolston and Dr. Dier ar
rived bore last Saturday, and Is a
decided acquisition to the local fleet
of motor boats. The launch is furnished in the latest style; in fact it
was '.iscd for exhibition purposes for
several months. It is natural finish
in oak nnd mahogany, 22 feet long,
with a 5 to 7 horse-power engine,
which sends her along at about 12
miles an hour. Dr. Dier is chief engineer and has arranged a code of
signals With Mr. Rolston Including
all the latest nautical phrases.
A. Brooksbank will leave shortly
(or Port Bssington where he will reside permanently.
Quite u number ol Lndysmith people will attend the ball to be given
at Cncmuimis this evening under the
auspices of the baseball club of tbat
Whon Steve Decker returned from
his work at the Smelter last evening at 11 o'clock lie discovered a
baby boy on a couch adjoining his
bedroom. He called his wife, who
was quite as much surprised as hor
husband nt tho presonce of the' unexpected visitor. The baby is'about
a week old und weighs 10 pounds.
He is 11 well-formed little child nnd
healthy in every way. Thero is no
clue ns to the idcrjlty of the parents
and it is not likely that Mrs. Decker
will make any particular effort to
discover the person who silently passed through her room and deposited
the baby on the couch.
Definite    announcement   has   been
mado for a season of 30 days racing,
commencing on August 20, on the new
track to   be built on the Brlghouse
property, Lulu Island.   One   hundred
acres of level lands, with a frontage
of halt a mile on tho tram lino   at
Brlghouse station, has   been secured
and    the work of building the track
-and putting up stables, club houses,
fttintls. etc., will  be commenced    at
once.   The   entrance to the     grand
i stand will bo within a few feet of tho
tram lino  and a     magnificent club
house, to cost $12,000, will be one ot
j the features.  Tho track will be built
under the supervisions of George*  T.
, Cotton,   who    built    the   Meadows
track at Seattle, >
McKelvie , Bros." have secured the
agency tor Elkins Bros., the prominent real estate dealers of Vancouver
They have been appointed local agents for Mr. A. E. Planta of Nanaimo and will in the future look after
his business here.
Tickets are now on sale for a bene-
fiit concert to be given in the Ladysmith Opera House on Saturday,
Juno p, for' tbe benefit ot Michael
Campbell, who is now in the Nanaimo Hospital, suffering from an accident . which happened to him two
years ago.
Reports received at Winnipeg last
Monday from many parts of the Ca
nadian prairie west toll of wonderful good done the spring wheat by
good rains nnd warm weather. It Is
estimated that the crop has caught
up so much In thc last ten days that
lt Is now well ahead of the average,
while lt never looked better at this
C. Mffltrose Wright, -fence of Florence* rlmrade- arrived at Hamilton,
Ont., Monday morning, leaving Florence and her mother in Boston. Ho
would say little about the murder,,
beyond reiterating his contention
that the police had blundered. He
laughed heartily at the stories about
being married to Mir,3 Kinrade. Ho
uniil he had no immediate intention
of getting married, and when ho diu
marry all proper formalities would
be observed, if he ever did marry.
Thcnttendanco at the Novelty has
boon unusually large this week. Tho
automobile race is the best picture
and was indeed interesting to tinse
who- were .present at this house of
amusement. For the last thrco
nights of the week, there will be an
interesting program, the principal
one being tho "Messina Earthquake." Tho following iu tho complete prograni,i>c: "Richi'rd III."
"Two Broken Hearts,' "Messina
Earthquako," "How Sumpklns Discovered thc North Pole," "Hapless
Hubby," Songs by Joo Sanderson,
"Grandma," "Tho Message ot thc
Dying Engineer."
Word was received Inst Monday
from Pender Island by David Johnson that his father, James Johnson,
wns seriously 111. The old man with
a party ot friends while out In a
launch ran into a reef, and was
compelled to sleep on the beach all
night. Mr. Johnson took a chill and
has been seriously 111 ever since. He
is stopping with bis son-in-law, and
ut his age lt Is not likely that he Will
recover. Mr. Johnson is well known
ln Ladysmith, whero he resided for
somo timo. Last November he left
on a visit to friends at Elkhorn,
Manitoba, but returned to the coast
about a month ago.
Installation of Electric
Light Plant
With the money here for the electric light debentures, the question
naturally arises as to thc best and
quickest method ot supplying tho
citizens with v ' • flrst   this**
to be considered is the eltiicacy of
tho plant, and thc second consideration is getting it i(to operation at
once. There has been u great deal ol
money wasted in thc installation ol
electric light plants in thc West
through ignorance. Thc Ladysmith
Council is determined to avoid tin
errors of other cities and rightly,
the Chronicle believes, will first mm-
gage a capable engineer who will assume tbe responsibility of getting
for the city exactly what the Council
is going to pay for in the way of
modern machinery and appliances.
The second consideration is h.v.te in
installing the plant. Last year a
number of store-keepers installed
gasoline' plants, and it may be that
many of them will hesitate in substituting electirc light. It may be
tbat others will also put in gasoline
lights il they cannot get electric
light early in tho autumn. This is
one thing the Council should provide against, as far as possible. The
Council has been dealing with ihe
smelter company for some time in
thehope ol being able to secure cur-
tbe licpcof being able to secure cur-
many things to recommend the smelter proposal; that company has already iTjilant, aud no doubt would
be able to supply light at an earlier
dato than could be done by tbe City.
Then there would be the additional
incentive of curtailment in the cost
of oporatlon, and another advantage
would be found ln the fact that the
city would be able to supply current
for small motors, and there would
not be the loss that almost Invariably accompanies a new experiment.
Of course the whole .question resolves
Itself Into the cost of production and
whether or not the smelter will be
able to supply current at a rate thati
will leave a fair margin of profit for
tbe city. In any event, the Council
is doing the wise thing, by proceed,
ing independent of the understanding
with thc smelter company, so that if
arrangements cannot be made with
Mr. Watson no time will have been
Sporting Matters
in Ladysmith
Tonight the Seniors and 2nd Division rlnycrs will line up against each
other to test their calibre. It is expected the Seniors will bo seen in action next Sunday nnd thc 2nd Division team meet thc Thistles on Saturday in Vancouver for thc B. C.
championship. The Seniors will be
out in full strength and arc requested by thc management to try their
mettle and hand the 2nd Division
team a lemon. Again the management request thc B tenm not to let
thc 'Seniors score. So at 6.10 this
eveuing we will see, what is doing in
the football world. Mr. Turnbull
will handle thc whistle and no charge
is being made for admission to the
game. The following members ofthe
2nd Division team will turn out:
Delcourt, Fordo, Ross, Jackson, San
ders, Celle, Simpson, Kerr, Baxter,
Morgan and any other likely players
who have not taken part In the Sen'
lor series.
Hung by Thread at
The thin strand of an inch rope
wns nil that stood between Douglas
Duvcy and his helper, who aro repairing thc damago dono by lightning to the Toronto city hall tower,
and an 'awful death last week.
They had. swung a plank above the
main scaffold for the purpose uf
reaching tho highest point of the
tower.   Tin's plank   was   held by   an
Inch rope bound to the   apex of the
tower roof.   Absorbed In their peril- i closer together and thc visitors   try
The Lacrosse Match
Last Sunday
On Sunday last, the Nanaimo la-
crosso team defeated thc home players on the local grounds by a score
of four goals tt) one. This Is not at
all bad considering tbat the game is
new here and that the Nanaimo
players have all played the game /before. Tbe team from up 'the line did
not expect to meet with as sturdy a
team and counted on me'.-lng the
score fifteen goals to nil.
The game started at 3 o'clock and
in thc absence of Referee Smith, Mr.
H. Wardop handled the whistle and
conducted the game to thc satisfaction of both teams.
Nanaimo secured thc ball from the
face-off and after several minutes'
play secured thc first goal of tbe
game. Our boys wcro nervous at
first hut soon steadied down to play
thc game. Tho defense played a
grout game and time alter time sent
the ball up the. Mold to the homes,
who, however, were unable lo make
any Impression upon the brilliant dc-
lenso of the Nanaimo team. At quarter time the score was one to nil ln
Nanaimo's favor nnd remained the
same during thc next time of play
when the gnmo wos pretty evenly
contested, the ball passing up and
down the length of the field but no
score being made lor cither side, the.
Lndysmith goal keeper saving some
shots that  looked dangerous.
Tbo third quarter started fast und
the pnee was kept up during the
whole period. The Nanaimo homes
placed two in lhe net and Lndysmith secured their only tally soon
after by a nice bit of combination.
Thc last quarter was also last, tbe
home boys trying to draw the score
ous task the men took no heed of tho
danger which was becoming greater
hour by hour. It was a new rope
and no fear was entertained in regard to its strength.
The men   were seated on a plank  and   cheered the boys lustily when
The death occurred at Nanaimo on
Monday of William Hall at the age
of 86 years. The deceased, who bad
been a resident of the city for the
past IC years, was a "forty-niner''
being among the ta.A to cress tho
continent at the beginning, oi thc California gold excitement'. He nltcr-
wards trekked from San Francisco
to the Cariboo country, where he
was more than usual,y successful.
An intrepid pioneer ln the gold rushes, he was also ln the Auatralian excitement, a large, powerful man
when ln Els prime, weighing some
two hundred and forty pounds, Mr.
Hall waB a conspicuous figure ln the
goldflelds of the two continents.
which swung 310 feet above the pavement below. Tbe friction of the
board gradually wore away the rope
and lt was not until the day's work
was done and the men had descended
to the platform below, which is fixed firmly on the' scantlings projecting
from tho tower top, that they nn-
ticed the dangerous condition under
which tbey were working.
Tbe rope nt one end bud been reduced to a thread. Kvon Doug Dnvey
—with his nerves of iron and inured
to danger turned pale. A few inlu-
utes more and the rope would have
given way and the men would have
been hurled to doath.
The scare, however, had no effect
on their nerves, and they resumed
their work as cheerfully as ever the
following morning.
ing to enlarge it.   This they succeeded in doing from a scuffle ln   front
of goal.  This practically ended   the
game as time was now up.
A large crowd attended tbe    game
ever Ihey succeeded in gaining possession of tbe ball.
If the football final does not take
place next Sunday the boys will no
doubt journey to Nanaimo and try
to deleat Nnn.i'mo on their own
grounds, so the players had better
practice to tbat end.
Mr. Alex. Young, formerly with the
Canadian Bank of Commerce at Ladysmith, but now with the branch at
Portland, Ore., Is visiting friends ln
tbe City. Mr. Young haa many
friends here, all of whom are pleased to see htm.
BouRDprjoaa to use
Old days in tbe north will be recalled this spring by the number ot
sourdoughs who will go down the
groat Yukon in small boats, In ear-
i. days before the steamers ascended
above Forty-mile, nnd during tho
ffllondlke rush, the rowboats and
small scows Were the means by which
all the stampeders entered the country. This spring many of the men
who were in the Nome and Klondike
stampede, and who subsequently
went to Nevada so as to be ln a new
camp, will go north, quite a tew ot
them leaving after the exposition
There Is Money Being Made in Lots
in   Hastings   Townsite, Vancouver
I have several for sale at ruling prices.
Notary Public Conveyancer
i i
|       We have the choicest lots in       I
X * Y
j Hastings  Townsite I
Head Office  ■  > Toronto
CAPITAL $10,000,000: REST $6,800,000
Bank Money Orders
»5 and under         - 3 osnts
Over IS and not aiceeding f 10, 6 "
"   910      "      "          *30, 10 "
'■   |30      "      "          ISO, 15 "
Thtaa ordtrs an raysUs st psi st any office in
Cauda af a Charmed Bank, cxcapt in tha Yukon
and at tha principal banktna- points In tha United
States. „     ,
Thajr an negotiable at t<:90 to tha £ sterllnt In
Great Britain and Ireland. They form an excellent method of remitting small sums of money
% ith safer* and at small coat and may ba obtained without delay at any office of the Bank.
LADYSMITH BRANCH  L. U. de Gex. Manner
Fublished by Carley a Carley atLadytmttKB.C
•vary Wednesday and Saturday.
HJIiYiiriuMviici, 25c Pir Mir-th
Dr. R. B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
Singer and Wheeler & Wilson
If you are thinking of buying a sewmg machine cal)
and see uiu stock cf she;
soiled machines at reduced
prices to clear.
Advertising lUtesan application.
Beginning next Saturday* the
Chronicle will issue six pages twice
a week. This has been found necessary on account of the increasing demand for advertising space.
It was the intention ol the publishers to Issue an evening edition of
The Chronicle, but the revenue does
not warrant what would be a greatly Increased expenditure. However,
it win be only a lew months until
this'change takes place, and an et-
' fort will be made to extend the paper's sphere of usefulness ln other directions.
It may be that a change will shortly bo mado in the days of publication with thc object of rendering bet-
ter gervice'to the advertisers.
Nanaimo wants tramcars. Next
thing Nanaimo will be wanting people
to ride on tramcafs.
Mrs. Florence B. Maybrlck, who
served a term In n British prison for
tbe murder of her husband, and Mrs,
Emma Goldman, the woman anarchist, were Jellow guests at a recent
reception of the descendants of the
Mayflower pilgrims. .
The money for the electric light de.
Dentures wlll.be at the disposal ol
the City Council ln arfew days. The
Council seems determined to tako
timo by the forelock, and Is now advertising tor an electrical engineer in
whom will be vested authority to decide on the best plans and superintend the work of Installation. The
Council has not yet heard from tbe
Smelter Company, but will not In
the meantime sign any contracts
that would conflict with any arrangements that might be made with
that company a few days or weeks
trip to the interior, helps to allay
thoso. In his opinion, however, the
strawberry crop will not reach half
and peaches will also be scarce. He
went through the boundary country
via Seattle and Spokane and consequently passed through, the Wenat-
ohee fruit region in Washington. He
visited Midway, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Nelson, Rossland, Kamloops
and Revelstoko. Ho did not visit the
Okanagan country because he had full
reports from there before commencing his inspection trip.
"In a few caseB," he says, "eight
or ten year old apple trees have been
practically destroyed by the unusually sevore frosts of the winter. A
considerable quantity ot nursery
stock has been destroyed, and more
or less damage done to young trees ol
most varieties. This, however, ln the
majority of cases, has been due to
keeping the trees growing too late In
the fall and not having them thoroughly dormant. The damage to apple trees, however, Is so slight that
lt will not materially atfect tbe output and practically n full crop ot apples Is looked for. The same may be'
said of Italian prunes, and a num'Jer
of varieties of plums. The pear trees
are slightly damaged and the crop
will be lighter than usual.
"Peach trees have suffered most,
but the same Is true tn the Wenat-
chee valley ot Washington as well as
of B. C. The province, however, wl1|
produce enough peaches to keep ln
mind'the fact that the peach Indus:
try province is engaged in that industry. Where the peach industry
has not readied large proportions,
notably in the Southern Kootenay,
there has been no damage to the
The strawberry crop will hardly
reach half the usual out put. Some
damage to cherry blossoms has been
reported the last tew days, nvt the
extent of lt will not be known ter
some timo. Raspberries and bln-'k-
berries give ever/" Indication ot a lull
crop, unless in exceptional enfes
where a late lrost damaged the blossom.
Professor David B. Tood, head of
Amherst college, announces a plan of
picking up messages from Mars Irom
wireless instruments carried up in
balloons. He expects to receive messages from Mars that will answer
world-old questions which will astound mankind, as the Martlnians
are supposed to be infinitely further
advanced than we are. They might
be able to solve the riddle ot the universe, pierce the veil ot tho future,
and tell us exactly what becomes ol
the human soul alter lite has lelt itn.
earthly tenement. Should Professor
Todd accomplish his ambition and
communicate with the inhabitants ol
Mars the sum ol human knowledge
would doubtless be enlarged to a remarkable degree.
Notice to Contractors.
SlAUD Tendbth, superscribed  "Tender for
School-home," will be received by the Honourable
the Minister of PubUe Works up to noon of Thursday, tbeHth of June, 1»», for tha erection and com-
Station of a lane one-room frame Schoolhouse at
rechln, Nanaimo District, B. C.
for Sale.
Come early and get first pick.
| Real Estate
I First Avenue, Ladysmith |
.?. 4
Plans, specifications, contract and forms of tan.
.   a be l':::   .
May, im at tha offices of the  Government
derma? be seen on and after tha 26th day of
Fruit will remain high priced this
summer and ot that there Is no
doubt. Any housewives whose habit
lt ia to wait lor a slump tn the market before making their preserves
had better take advantage nl the
first marketing ol local fruit, for the
prolonged winter and spring have had
their evil effect in considerably reducing the Iruit crop. Some ot the
report* on the situation are of an alarmist type and Mr. Maxwell Smith,
the Dominion trult Inspector, who
hat Just returned trom an extensive
Agent at Nanaimo, and at the Department of
Public Works, Victoria, B. tV. ,  ,
Each proposal must be accompanied by an
accepted bank-cheque or certificate of deposit on
a chartered bank of Canada, made payable to the
Honourable the Minister of Public Works for a
aum equivalent to ten per cent, of the amount of
the tendtra, which shall be forfeited if the party
tendering decline to enter Into contract when
called upon to do so, or If he fall to complete the
work contracted for. The cheques or certificates
of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon theexecutton of the contract.
Tenders wUI not ba considered unless made out
on the forma supplied, signed with tbe actual
signature of the tenderer, and enclosed in the
envelopes furnished.
The lowest or  any  tender  not necessarily
Public Works Engineer.
Public T'drka Department,
Victoria, B.C., May I
ley Kit, IK*.
Novelty Theatre
Masonic Building, Ladysmith
New Programme
"Richard III." "Two Broken Hearts'
"Messina Earthquake," "How Sump-
kins Discovered the North Pole,"
"Hapless Hubby," Songs by Joe Sanderson, "Orandma", "The Message
of the Dying Engineer."
Admission; IOc and 15c
Matinee Prices Sc and IOc
John W.  Coburn,
President and Managing, Director.
The Ladysmith Lumber Co.,
_ .., s Limited.
Rough and Dressed Fir Lumber,
Red Cedar, Shingles and Lath
We have the largest assortment of
Spring and
Fancy Suitings
to be fouud in the city.
0. j. Matheson
Gatacre st.,   Ladysmith, B. C.
Portland Hotel
Barclay  &   Conlin,
AU klBdi ot Clack and Watt* »>
;.^'.lt^Z . c,"'"-;,"«*Wn CiuarantMxf
Reasonable Price*.
English Watches a Specialty.
J. R. Easton
PractKl Watchmaker.
Will a****"" **—'     *  attaMMSS.
Applications for tbe position of
Electrical Rnelneer, to superintend
tbe Installation and running of plant,
afterwards, will be teceWed up till
Monday, 7th Inst., C p. m. State
salary per month.
O. M. O.
Real Estate Profits
If you lived in Vancouver you would hear every day stories of men making huge profits from a small
investment in Real Estate.
It is simply a repetition of the history of all great Cities in their growing period. Seattle, San Francisco, Spokane, Chicago, Milwaukee, Denver and a hundred other cities in the United States as well as
our own Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and now Vancouver have made and continue to make great wealth
for those who invest in suburban property that is as sure to increase in value as it is true that to-day
followed yesterday. There is in Vancouuer to-day a good deal of suburban property that will double
and treble in value within the next two or three years.
The City of Vancouver will double in population within the next five years according to the most conservative estimatesr>and with such rapid growth going on, it takes no prophet to foretell that a wise
investment NOW will'not only be perfectly safe out will also yield very large profits.
If you will look at the location of
the black triangular shaped p'ece in
the accompanying map you will see
that it is favorably located as to
street car lines.
If you were on the property and
could see its beautiful location as to
view, etc., you would feel as I did
when I first visited "Cedar Cottage
Park". D. L. 393, that it was the
most favorably situated piece of land
to be had for the price or double the
price in fact, near the City of Vancouver.
"Cedar Cottage Park" cannot fail
to become very valuable property in
the near future and therefore I would
advise you to buy as many lots as you
can in this sub-division.
Lots in "Cedar Cottage Park" are
sold on very easy terms, so easy
in fact, that any wage-earner in
Ladysmith may pay for at least
one lot from his monthly earnings.
Come to my office for a map and
learn fuller particulars as to prices,
terms, location, etc.
Extensive advertlslnfr in large Newspapers, in
large Cities costs large Bums of money. We are
satisfied with small advertising, in a small paper,
for small money. Thia enables us to place our
roods before our customers st a price to match
moat Incomes.
Furniture Store
lhe right shape and stylo to suit your face
and height, for no one style is becoming
to every man. We have both soft and
Derbies in ST1UCHAN EATS.
Which blend in harmonions and elegant
degree the style features ot the season.
These are pre-eminently tlie HATS for
young men and are genuine good quality
New Neck Ties and Shirts.
English Kip Pit Shoes, at $3,00 a pair.
Boys'Pit Shoes, from $2.25 to (2.50,
White and Brown Canvas Shoes In tl
sizes. ,.
J. J. Thomas
Early Tragedy at Hope
"Ever read of the* mysterious mus-
der at Hope in the winter of '59?"
writes James OodviUe from Bella
Bella, one of the few surviving fifty-
elghters," whose memoirs of tho
early days in British Columbia would
1111 a volume.
Anticipating that few have heard
or read of it he continues: "Well, I
will tell you of It, for lt all goes to
make up early history. Among tlio
passengers on the steamer Panama,
from Snn Francisco to Victoria in
the summer ot '58, were two fortune
seekers from the sunny south, Ooe
and White. At Victoria thc concluded they would seek their fortunes
not in mother earth, but in ready
returns from the lumber business."
"Together they went up tho Fraser
to Hope and there built a sawmill
and a home close by It of which the
only other occupant, was a Chinaman
employed as cook, but only In the
day time, leaving Ooe and White
alone at night. As the nearest competitive mill was ten miles distant,
at Harper's opposite Yale, the new
comers were soon doing a thriving
business and making money rapidly
under the firm name of White &<£oe.
"Suddenly at the height of their
success came an announcement) that
startled the boys at thc mill. Tbe
sawmill company had dissolved
White had sold out and bad left the
"Ooe explained merely that his
partner had become despondent and
had received news that caused him
to sell out on the spot, pack hla kit
and leave in the night, aided by the
fortunate chance of a free .passage on
a boat that had called on the previa
oue night.
"As no one had any reasons to
doubt the story the same old routine
of work continued at the mill in tne
whirling saws and flying sawdust
trom the logs going ln and tbe
boards coming out, and tbe ono man
firm ever ready to take your orders
and your money.
"The fact that no notice of White's
intention to leave was given to a soul
did not cause the mountains to fall,
or prevent the Fraser from flowing
or the clouds from   rolling by as   ol
yore. But thc ways of a new civilization wero being introduced into the
camp and in '5'J thero came a call for
ice with the drinks. An Ico houso
was erected with an ample supply ol
sawdust in which to pack it.
"One morning another announcement startled tho camp, tho finding
of a man's body in tho river. But,
although there was sawdust in tbe
pockets, thoso who lound tho body
had recognized nothing, knew nothing
and cared less. There was no telegraph station and thc mails went
slowly by Billy Barrow's express
canoe and what might have been a
nine days' mystery was old ln a few
"But whero is Coe? Sold out, too,
and loft thc country. Gone, no one
knows where. Then the boys began
to put this and that together.
"John, you sabby where him, Coo,
"Heap talk, I no sabbyl" returned
the trusted celestial. "No likee Ooe.
Him no good."
"But where he go?"
"I cookee supper. Him go up
town. Come back with strange one.
Him say now boss. Coe get box all
money, muchee clothes, plaps 10,
plaps 11, him go heap quick down
liver New Westminster—tell me he
come back, plaps one week. I wait
—him no come yet."
"Of course the new boss knew no
more than did the boys of Coe's sudden disappearance, nor of his destination. - He had his bills of sale and
receipts 0. K. and the work continued at the mill while the boys continued to put this and tbat together,
all circumstantial, truo, but fitting
well until speculation was lost in the
unsolved mystery.
"But did thoy ever again hear oil
Coe? * Yes, in a tragedy in a Los
Angeles saloon. There the supposed
murderer of White was thc victim of
a barroom quarrel, shot dead. Tho
blood ot White,' Baid the boys, 'has
ceaBcd to cry for vengeance."
Mr. Codville adds to this account
ol the Hope murder mystery, that
the first white man bunged in British Columbia on thc muiuland was
Bob Wall, In 1.861. Ho came from
Whatcoml), Wash., and had murdered Dr. Filer at Yale.
George W. Bell was tho first white
man hanged on Vancouver Island in
November, 1872, tor thc murdor of a
man named Datson.
Mr. Codville adds nn interesting
incident to the recent published
count ot the exploits ot Capt. Bill
Moore in British Columbia's early
"I notice," ho says, in a letter to
the Province, "that these accounts
leave out thc Alexandra. Now. they
might as well leave out the Captain
himself for his doings with thc Alexandra would fill a book. One incident that I recall was when he escaped with his vessel right from under the official noses of the customs
officers while under seizure in Victoria. He ran over to the Sound
where he was tied up for want of
clearance papers. Here again he escaped although tbe officers had a
watch aboard with bull dogs to-help
while they had even taken the cylinder heads ashore. But Bill and the
Alexandra got away. My notes of
this iave been mislaid, but some of
the other fifty-eighters can tell you
'more about it, one of the smartest
maneuvres every played in British
Th7Pfeop,e Back of TITJL
1 5unshine/utnacj
Sunshine Furnace is the triumph of sixty-
one years' experience—growth from a small
tinsliop to 16J4 acres of floor space, from a half dozen
artisans to 1,500,from an annual wage sheet of 84,000
to one of $670,000, from a capital of energy to one of
$3)000,000, from obscurity to recognition as Largest
Makers of Furnaces in the British Empire.
Sunshine ^
was placed on the market the first furnace to be wholly and
solely designed by a Canadian Company. 0 S
We employ a consulting: staff of furnace experts, who are *
continually experimenting with new ideas in order that Sunshine a.
Furnace shall not have to travel on its past reputation for ™
We buy materials in such large quantities that its quality is
guaranteed to us. We have our own testing rooms, so lhat supervision of construction is exercised down to the finest detail.
Light and heavy teaming.
. Furniture and piano moving
a specialty.
Nicholson & Weaving
Telephone 1.
Hilbert & McAdie
Undertaking Company
First class Hearse supplied in Ladysmith.
Telephone No. 262 and 180
P.O. Box 735   •      •   Nanaimo
Corset covers stamped
on Cross-barred muslin
and 4 skeins cotton for
working,   4oc.
Crash center-pieces
with embroidery hoops
and lace for finishing
edge,   25C
Miss UreiVs
Phone 43
For Meats
Geo. Roberts'
Neat Market
Cor. First Ave. and Roberta Street.
Three Specials
FINE CEYLON ^TEA,   SJlbs. for 81.00.
FRESH GROUND COFFEE, 3 lbs. for 51.00.
CHOICE CREAMERY BUTTER, 3 lbs. for 81.00.
Faultless Canned Vegetables, cost a little more
than the other Brands, but we sell them at the same
9  CANS C0RX    for 91.00
9     " PEA8       "       . 1.00
9     " BEANS   "   m    ■ 100
V     " TOMATOES for ,....:. 1.0c
Compare our goods with those you get from others.
Scott's Building, First Avenue.
I Sill T. I. Tripp ( Co's
Cilikntid WifOK
Darin* tha ssason wa have sold a lane number
af wains, ImpUmantl and lonhv trucks.
Ererrthlnr carries a guarantee.
First Class   Photos.
Oallarv on First Avrmw.
are in a class by themselves for these reasons: Because you get the Style, Patterns and the Clothes
to keep their shape.
fiillir Stmt
E. Panned
Meats ami Vegetables
P. 0 f»»M
TO RENT—Five-roomed House.   Ap-
ply «t Telartone oBea.
T. E. Sullivan
Plumbing, Gas md Steamfitting.
Prions Rnsnniln.
First Avenue, near Now Western hotel
Livery, Peed and Sale
FirRfc Avenue. Phone St.
Ice Cream
Carter's Store
Ico Cream lOo a plate.
We t        a   large stock of Fancy
The City Market
Wholesale aad Retail.
Ladysmith, B. C.
Corn Beef
Chicken and Veal at all times
J. A.  Ryan
Lands for Sole
Agricultural, Timber and Suburban Lands for sale.
For prices and location apply to the Land Agent at
Victoria or the District Land Agent at Duncan.
Town Lots and clewed Suburban acreage for sale
at Ladysmith. Apply Land Agent, Victoria, and
Townsite Agent, Ladysmith.
6 i*
a fence or a house, If so consult me
as I can save you money on lumber
Having purchased a low truck. I
am prepared to move furniture nnd
For any teaming consult
■LADYSMITH     -     -     PHONE  6.
DRINK      I
u. B. a 1
BEER      )
Excellent Boarding
D I. lenkins successor to A. E.lilbert
Funeral Director and Embalmer
Hilbert Undertaking Parlor ^
1,3 and 3, Bastion St., Nanaimo   •
Phone 124     P.O. Box 1J
HEPPLE   &   SMITi?.      '   p»PMhll*8Br and Art Decorator.
Proprietor"*. '      J':".'. .. High Street.
In the matter of an application for
a Duplicate Certificate of Title to
Lot 2,   Block   29 (Map   T03   A)
Town ot Itadysmrth.
Notice le hereby given that It   la
my intention  at   tho   expiration  of
one month from the date ot tho r"rnt.
publication hereof to issue a Duplicate Certificate ot Title to said land
Issued    to   William  BeVeridge   and
Henry Welfel on the 3rd day ai November, 1902, and numbered 8203 0.
WKtiutiai General  of Titles.
Land   Regtatry   ORIce, Victoria, B
. u, m »u. -Uf ■/ aj-iu, .m.
Notice is hereby given that lt is
our intention to make application to
tho Board of Licensing Commissioners of the City ot Ladysmith for a
transfer of thc retail liquor licence
now held by us in respect to the premises known as the Columbia Hotel
situate on First avenue, Ladysmith,
from ourselves to Joseph Tuesz.
Ladysmith, B. 0., 5th May, 1909,
Wotlce Is hereby given that it ia
my Intention to make application to
the Board of Licensing Commission-'
era ot the City ot Ladysmith tor a,
transter of the retail liquor license
now held by me on behalf of the, pre-
mlsetknown as the Hotel Cecil trom
myself to Arthur CamlU Carpenter.
Ladysmith, 19th April, 1909. THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
Summer Headwear
Men, Boys, Gents and Children
Hots for Men
Our stock this year is Bigger, Brighter and Better than ever and have a great
line of Straw, Camas, and liair Hats. New Shapes, New Colon and popular prices.
B, & A, Special Canvas Hats for Men 35e.
Hots for Boys
The Cauvas Hats this Season are being worn more than ever and wa havo had
a great run of these.   B. * A. Special Canvas Hats for Boys 25a.
Hots for  Girls
Wo are showing a big range of English Sailors, at Knglish prices.   Our
special English Sailor in Light and Dark Blus Trimmings at COo.
Hots for the Children
It is hard to beat us for a 25c Sailo'r and this Hue is our leader.    We  have
a nice line of Children's Cauvas Hats at 25c.      SEE THEM.
Our New Cape diraet from GLASGOW, are the new creations for Nobby
Dressers. Tbese Cape are Silk lined, Ugh: weight and a big stock to ohoose
from.   Prion at 50c and 75c each.
Straw Hats
Straw Hats
A Full Range op Them
Boaters of all kinds.
Portician Panamas.
Linen Crush Hats, all colors, such as: Brown, Grey,
Green and Fancy  colored.
Hair Hats, all colors and
Pries from ISc up
I Local and General
2 Piece Summer Suits
Call in and get one of our
suits before they are all
picked over.
The best shape keeping
garments made.
Tit Guaranteed
W. E. Morrison
Gents Furnisher
Mayor   Nicholson   returned
Victoria on the noon train..
Caverhill's Barley Flakes will   relieve Indigestion. See page 4.    *
Mr. K. II. Fletcher, postoffice ln-
spector, is in tho City on official
Caverhill's Barley Flakes will re
llevo Constipation, See page 4.
There will .be a special meeting of
the Pythian Sisters'at the home of
Mrs. Reid. this evening.
Caverhill's Barley Flakes—the new
Breakfast Food—pleasant—and so
easily digested.   See page 4.
I   Something        !
• v •
I    You Do Require j
Ladies' Llama Hose, special Quality 50c a pair.
Ladies' Underskirts, striped effects, only 75c each. !
New Muslins, a choice selection from 12ic a yard. •
Ladies' Print  Blouses, good washing material !
75c each. S
Ribbons, very wide in good shades, only 25c for •
2 yards. !
Ladies' Muslin Suits from $3.50 up to $7.50 each. •
Ladies' Corsets.  We expect a shipment in a few •
days of all the leading styles in CR3MPT0N CORSETS.       |
Shoes at prices that can't be beaten for good •
reliable quality.
Simon Leiser&Co.,Ltdi
The baseball match between the*
Moonshiners and K. of P's. Is called
for 5.30 p. m. tomorrow evening.
Tea rooms for ladles or gentlemen. Short order or, sandwiches
always ready at Hoop:.*'.*. *
A. E. Palmer went up to Nanaimo
today. He will take over the district
of Nanaimo-Cumberland for the
Singer Sewing Machine Co.
T.i meet your friends and be right
at home, while in Victoria, stay at
the Rainier Hotel, George .lir-gy
proprietor. •
A. J. McKelvie has been travelling
between here and Duncan this week
in the Interest of several insurance
I) meet your friends and be right
at home, while ln Victoria, stay at
tho Rainier Hotel, George 3urr*gy
proprietor. *
Mr. 15. Panfiell has for sale a largo
quantity of fresh vegetables' grown
by white labor. Included nre green
onions, spinach, lettuce and rhubarb.
Finest Ic* Oream ln the city at
Hooper's, the most select rnrlor
on the Island. Everything of the
best quality lu Confectionery.       *
Mr. Ralph Smith, M.P., io confined
to his home ut Nanaimo suflerlhg
from la grippe, the result of a cold
contracted while coming from Ottawa.
Messrs. Colo & Kllllck, lessees of
the. Nanaimo Opera House, have dissolved partnership. Mr. Cole will
continue sole manager of thc Opera
British Columbia has carried ofl
the highest honors ln the graduating
class of McGlil Medical School. K.
H. Funk, of Rosslgnd, won the
Holmes medal.
For Mon and
Young Men
With style, fabrics and making lhat
satisfy tha beat dressed men. The prices are reasonable, ranging from
$8.00 to $28.00
Our aim it to pleats yon. A satisfied
customer ia tht belt advertisement wt
cau have.
Straw and Linen Hats
We ire showing New Styles in Boaters and Soft straws, from
75c up
tataNififtlrtPitlut  T^HHtWiirStwt   IWiMtMipit
aa-asa—s—     i )SJ ll * .1 i    ■      i
Mrs. Hickabrand was taken to the
Chemainus Hospital last evening and
may have to remain there for some
time under the attention of her medical attendant.
There   Will   bo a    meeting ot   the
Amalggmated     Choirs     at     Harry
Hughes' store tomorrow evening   at
8.30, when a committee will be   ap-
' pointed to make selections of music.
j There is a continued demand for
the property recently cleared by the
E. ft N. It is understood thnt several of thc purchasers will shortly
begin the erection of houses on tbeir
Tomorrow evening the silver medal contest will be held in the Methodist Church. The affair Is under the
patronage of the W. C. T. U. and a
splendid progrinmo has been arranged. There will be an admission fee of
25 cents for adults and 10 cents lor
children, .
Made to Order
I sell the
Every piece is guaranteed
to fit, and the price no
higher than ready made
First Avenue
We hare Just received another shlp-
icnt of those
ingsinWall Paper
Call and see them. They are going fast.
A full line of, Paints and Varnishes
in stook.
Picture Framing done on shortest
notice. Bring your pictures and lock
over our mouldings.
Painter and Pnpeihanger.
Now is the time to enjoy
yourself with one.
Knight's Book Store
Mr. John Hepburn, contiactor, ol
Victpria, was In the city last night.
Ho has thc contract for building a
number of section houses and other
railway buildings along the rc. & N.
Tonight at the Portland Hotel
'there will be a quolting match between J. Conlln nnd W. Andorson
for a prize, and on Saturday next R.
Barclay and H. Ellis will again
mcet in n match for ti a side.
M. K. Beaslcy passed through the
city today. Mayor Nicholson interviewed him with regard to tho electric light site and the spur track and
it is not likely there will bo much
difficulty in reaching a satisfactory
Tho money for the electric light
debentures reached Ladysmith today,
and is now lying to the credit ot
the City nt the bank. The debentures sold at .94, and the amount
received by tho City is 323,503.52.
There is nothing now In the way of
hurrying the work to completion.
The Sports Committee met Monday night and outlined a programme
for presentation to the General Committee at the meeting neit Friday
evening. On that evening the varl-
01 :i Committees are expected to report • profircsB, and it is desirable
that the work assigned to each
committee should, be as far ahead as
possible. It Is always best to have
the most Important part of tht work
completed before the days Immediately preceding the celebration.
The New Power Washer
Just attach it to your water tap::
:: and it does the rest, while you go on ■j
]l with your other work. Try one, we il
:: sell them on approval, if not satisfac- j \
: J tory, you can return free of charge. : i
Ladysmith Hardware Co.,
.Tnt..f,i*iif.,*r>,>..!..T..t»,..,..T»T..T.^.?M*..f«.f..T»t. .!..T..T..T..t.it.
* i I V% *Tl H rrn . 1* i rWW a lrlmlmlmr
I We Have Everything You Need
j        JOHN  BICKLE
Superior Hard Enamel
Souvenir 1 Goods: I have a large
assortment of Hemsley's extra fine
Hard Enamel Goods. These goods
are only sold to the Jewelery Trade
a lower grade being provided for the
general  trade.
Call and inspect these Souvenir
Goods. They are a work of art.
Souvenir Spoons, Belt Pins, Maple
Leaves,  Etc.,  Etc.
Our Watch repair work is ever Increasing, why? because when we repair a watch lt la done thoroughly,
you get satisfaction. Estimates given
cn all work.
* »»♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ^♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦eHa)
IVuf. w. J. Sllppnll Principe
Columbian CoUsta spsaks plainly.
New Westminster, B. C. May.
The Brackman-Ker Mllllnr Co,, Ld.
Dear Sir*, -'
I lake pleasure In statins that 1 have used Caverhill's
Barley Flakes and also Barley
Bread manufactured from Caver,
hill's Barley Flour and have been
more than delighted with tha result.
The Barley Flakes make a break-
fnr.t food superior to any other on
tho market; they are moat pleas.
Ins lo the palate, while containing; as they do, such a lane percentage of pooteln, 1 would consider
ham to he of the greatest valuo ta the development of bone and muicte. while their other
properties aialstfcreatly In maintaining a proper tone and regularity to the aystam.
1 nnd Barley Bread to be sweet and nutrlclous andl believe It will maintain Its fresh-
neni longer than any other form of bread; I recommend both With perfect assurance that a
trial will prove satisfactory In every case. Yours Truly,
W.J. Sllpprell.
We guarantee theso Flakes.
Ask Your;.Grocer for Package 15c.
The Brackman-Ker  Milling Co., Ltd.
Mr<s. Noyc and family desire to
thank their friends and neighbors
who extended sympathy and assistance during their recent bereavement,
by the death of William Noye.
Notice is hereby given that It la
my Intention, to i«xkt application to
the Board of Commissioners of the
City of Ladysmith at their nexV regular meeting for a transfer of tha
retail liquor license new held by ma
ln respect 'to the premlesa Mom aa
the Pilot Hotel, situate on Lot 9,
Block 12C, In the City of Ladysmith,
from myself to Alexander Thomas,
Ladysmith, 26th May, WOS*.
FOUND-Lockot   with   Masonic  Em-'	
blem, and engraved on reverse side: iHOUSE TO RENT—Five Rooms and
"John Patterson,, from J. W. Pat- Pantry. Apply W. Hooper, Oat-
teraon,"   Apply at this office. 1   acre Street,
WANTED — A Girl to do general
housework. Good Wages. Apply J
Chronicle Olllcc. SUPPLEMENT TO
The Ladysmith Chronicle
Ladysmith, B. C, June 2, 1909
The Struggle
For the Air
fore us nothing less than to gain in this sense locate it in and near the
the air the same great position forehead and say that the sensation
which we have held heretofore at sea. | is vague and somewhat resembles a
The times in which we live are'light touch. From the experiments
times of bewildering change. A de-]of Run-*, Woclfflln and others, it ap-
cade ago men would have scoffed at I pearsvery prohaiilc that the distance
The Value of Slang
Dr. Furnivall, for many years cilit-
the idea of command of the air.   The] sense is  a  function   of the   sensory or   of thc English (now the Oxford)
Thc world stands on the threshold
of a new era in war, says the Overseas Mail, aud Britain cannot afford
to lag behind her rivals. She must
be up and doing if shc if to recover
the ground already lost. Tho Government has made a wise and salutary departure by instituting a new
scientific department to study the
numerous abstruse problems of aeronautics, and thus give the Army
and Navy and private inventors the
guidance which they imperatively require.
Thc new department will be a
branch of the National Physical Laboratory, and will be supervised by a
strong committee upon which are
several distinguished names. Lord
Raleigh will act as its president, and
there is no British man of science
better qualified ' for the ta8k. The
organization of the new department
should eventually place our scientific
equipment ahead of every foreign
country and prepare tbe way for
..treat achievements. Especially welcome is the Intimation made by Mr.'
Asquith recently that adequate
funds will be provided by the Gov- j
ernment to enable thc Army and
Navy ond thc new department effec-
tively to prosecute their work. The
Army aeronautical department is being reorganized, and will henceforth
construct aeroplanes and dirigibles
and experiment as to the best means
ot meeting their attack. The Navy
will construct dirigibles alone. The
efforts of thc two services will be coordinated and systematized with, we
may reasonably hope, the happiest
As yet Inventors have worked much
nt haphazard. In thts country thoy
have, had no machinery at their disposal for the investigation of doubtful points. The naval constructor
would be almost helpless without tho
experimental tank, in which th» best i
shape of hull can be practically ascertained with models. The scientific
department will provide the exact analogue of the experimental tank in
aerial war, Its effect will be felt in
every direction and the ground lost
in the past should slowly be regained. But let no one suppose tbat tho
task before the nation is a simple
one. We have to recognise the fact
that our rivals have obtained a long
start towards securing the command
of the air. We have first to overtako
them, and then to win a decided advantage, If we are to possess our
own In peace. The day has passed
when the "blue streak" gave protection. Our insularity vanished with
the uineteonth century.   We have  be
airship was then a mere dream. Thejfibros of the first branch of the ner- Dictionary, expressed   an opinion on
heavierrthan-air flying machine    wai'voun    trigeminus,     which     ramifies the statement made   by an    aath-r
a scientific curiosity and uo mare.
But the progress of foreign airships
and aeroplanes in thc last three
years has been such that it were criminal to delay longer. We may, indeed, already have waited too long.
The German airships of today are at
least as manageable as thc sailing
ship when the wind is against them,
and with thc wind they can run   at
through the face. It is still un- that the F,nsiisli*'language is in "j.nr
known whether the distance sense is of new blood—new or renew, wjrds.
served by special nerves or by fibres Thc discussion has arisen through
which also sorvc the pressure and!the production recently in I.ridon of
other senses. An investigation of plays containing i> large so* junt of
the conditions which favor this sense I American slang. a
would be very valuable, practically Dr. Furnivall declared ' msolf on
us well an theoretically, for thorough the side of slang, as a mans ol on-
devclopment    of the distance    sense riching     tho   languarc.       American
would make the lives of the blind slang is objected to some* imes, but
high speed. In gales only are they I far safer and more independent than I find it very expressive, r d I glory
exposed     to danger.   Their capacity I they are at present. I in tho slang   of    tho Ent :0u public
for lifting weight, their radius ol ac- j
tion, and their manoeuvring 'qualities
make of them formidable englnos of
war. A hostile airship, hovering over London, would be unassailable,'
and could inflict enormous damage,
had we no British Dreadnought of
the air to send airainst it. It is then
a real mark of prrgress that tlie
government is "thinking aerially,",
and that the nation has awakened i
from its slumber to a realization of
thc new perils and requirements of
twentieth century war.
It has long been known that some,
blind persons can move about in
place.i that are entirely strange to
them with a remarkable degree of
certainty and without coming    Into
The status of thc cat has suddenly
risen in Japan, and thc  few Inmllics
In that country which are   without
these    pets   arc on     the    alert to
secure one or more of them wherever
they nre  to be found.   The cause   of
this increased demand   for felines   is
due to thc statement recently   made
I hy Dr. Koch, who advised the   keep-
I ing of cats  as  tho best means     of
I avoiding the   plague.   The   Japanese
| Authorities, have taken a   census   ol
1 the cats in several of tiic larger    cities, nnd    in Osaka,   whose population is 1,500,000,  it was learned that.
: 18,222 families keep cats to the number of 54..189.   In addition ta    these
it is estimated that there arc   6,696
collision with any large object. Half homeless felines, and, remarkable
a century ago Spallanzani discovered' enough, those sections of the city
that bats can steer clear of obstacles* Which ure frequently visited by the
in total darkness. In order to make plague were free from cats. The num-
sure that the sense of sight was not her of animals without a homo is
employed he blinded some bats and rapidly diminishing, because their
found that  they flew about as   con-j value a. a plague preventative    does
fidently and safely as before. ' not depend upon tho quality of    tho    _ , ,__B     , ,..._,.,.
This experiment proved that warn- j breed, so that thc   common or gar
Ing of thc presence of objects is   re- den variety is equally as efficient   a!
ceived through  some part of tbe sur- the thoroughbred,
face of the body other than the eyes.' —    .
In thc case of blind persons it was
thought that at one time this warning was given by sound waves reflected by the objects, hut this thocry
is disproved by a simple experiment.
When a blind man's cars are stopped
completely the sense of distance is
not identical with the sense of hearing, and that a distinction must be
made between the sense of distance
and the directional powers of the
blind This power depends chiefly
on the sense of distance, but involves also hearing,
Tyee Gun Club Shoot.
j school boy," he said, "i.>••no, of the
phrases used by the school boy are
among thc raciest in the English
language. Look at some oi Kip-
linh's words- -how vivid and virile
thoy arc. Thr lau^uugc Is enriched
by them, and one often finds the old
Etonian or other public school hoy
Introducing some strange but always
expressive word into his writings later in life.
Thc complaint is that sucb words
as brilliant, bcautllul, magnificent,
etc., are used too frequently, but
brilliant and beautiful things arc increasing in number and these adjectives aro necessarily used more . frequently,'
Professor Skeat. of Cambridge university, said: "Undoubtedly many
words in thc course of constant use
hecome vulgarized, but so ;ong as
the nation possesses good writers no
danger need be apprehended, for it is
they who ijkke the language."
A, C. Benson, follow of Magdalene
college, Cambridge, remarked: "The
deterioration in the force of many
words may be attributed to b con-
an increasing volume of writing. The
language, however, is undoubtedly
richer in words than it was twenty
years ago, and although some words
become debased in use there is a
compensating process going on."
Tho formal opening of the new Bap
tlst   Church    at Chemainus     took
placc     Thursday evening last.     The
building has just, been completed, and
• ls wns designed to moet all modern re-
•■ 1" uulromcnts.   The    opening took   the
"   7 form of asocial and the Church was
M. Hopkinson    IT crowded by thc residents of Chcma,in-
W. Keserich   22 ,„'„ „nd people from the South   Oys-
The third shoot for the  Amherlte ter district.   Tlie programme consist-
smell, tbe tempera- Cup was as follows: jed of    speeches by Rev. Mr. Barton,
Tho following Is the result of
second shoot for tho Grand Cup:
T. White  	
Dr. Dier	
V. Harrison 	
tive sense,    and perhaps still  other G. Hepple   18, Rev. Mr.   Alien   and Mr.   Hurt.   Tbe
> number of good recl-
Hill, the chairman, wel-
vlsltop, and   Mr. Elliot
It Is a noteworthy fact, that    the
sense of distance is not possessed by
all blind persons, but is found   only
in a tow and to very 'different degrees
' In these.   Thc blind    possessors     of
T.  White 20 latter gave ;
T. McGarrlglc  17 tatlons. Mr.
Dr. Dier  20 corned    the
W. Kosorlch   22 delivered a short address.       *cr   the
M. Hopkinson  16 close of   thc   services   refreshments
V. Harrison     9  Aere servod. •I
lune 2nd, 1909
tickets—Gentlemen $1.50,
Ladies $1.00.
On sale at
Blair & Adam's,
J. A. Knight's,
Cow for Sale
Fresh   Cow   for   sale.
Apply at D. Davies' ranch.
Have Your Houses Plastered"
Por Terms apply to
C. HlXK, rUatorar.ete., Ladyiiuith, P. 0.
Cement Sidewalks a specialty.
F. C. Fisher
Studio in Williams' Block.
The Famous Tyburn Tree
Thousands of English malefactors, thoughtful men who believed that
and thousands who were not male- the deterrent effect of tho extreme
factors acct.ding to modern Ideas [ penalty of the law was heightened
met their death at the hands of tbe, by the publicity of Its Infliction,
hangman on a spot tn one of the bu- Among the latter was Dr. Johnson,
slest centres of London which has just | who wrote 'Tyburn itself is now not
been marked by the London county .free from the fury of Innovation,"
council. [ and who said to someone who advo-
Thc spot is the site of tbe famous cated private execution: "Execu-
Tyburn treo, the gallows on which tions are meant to be public, sir."
London's criminals were hanged for It is believed that the grim history
more than six hundred : . s. It is I of Tyburn tree runs back much
situated at the junction ot Oxford farther than 1196 and that It was tbe
street, Edgeware road at Bagswater: private gallows of the lord of the j
road, opposite the Marble arch, manor ln Saxon times. In those/ days
which marks the principal entrance | the lords of the manor possessed j
to Hyde park. Shops and mansions the power of "sac and soc," which
look out on the spot which was once was equivalent to the "high Justice
avoided by the superstitious—and i 0f the law" of the Normans and
who was not superstitious in those! French, and practically meant the
days?—aB a haunt of the Evil One.   I powerof life and death within    their
The London    county   council   has domains,
marked the    exact   spot   where  the! ______
permanent gallows stood by letting a GENERAL ASSEMBLY.
tablet  Into tho  roadway.   It  bears 	
an excellent, representation of thc old Th6 General Assembly of the Church I
gallows surrounded by a triangle, 0, christ tbe Uvlns GoA met on;
with the following inscription: Sunday, May 30, 1909, at Ladysmith, i
"Here stood Tyburn Tree.   Remov-[B   0    at   260 p   m      Rev.  J. B. I
cd 1759,
The exact site was only fixed after
much research and poring over old
maps by tbe county council's archaeological experts. The reason for
tho difficulty wos that different authorities—equa'.lv trustworthy—gave
two sites for Tyburn tree, and lt
was not until It was discovered that
there were really two of them, that
the mystery was solved. The spot
now marked is the site of the old permanent gallows, which it is known
was in use in 1196, which was probably standing for many years betore
that, and which was removed ln
1759. It was replaced by a movable
ge'Jows which was situated a few
hundred yards away and was finally
removed In 1783, when lt was decided
that public executions were barbarous spectacles, and that mon and wo.
men should be hanged in future within the *wallB of Newgate prison.
At the timo when Tyburn tree was
hearing its d""",f"' •*'••"■ ''s site was
far   out   in the   country.      Oxford
Barbour ln the chair. The services
opened by Hon" 458. "Blessed Assurance Jesus is Mine." > i
Prayer by Evangelist L. M.
Hughes; reading of Scripture, Mark'
Ik—16 to 20. "Go ye into all the
world and preach the Gospel to evory creature."
Prayer by Rev. J. B. Barbour; opening address hy Rev. J. B. Barbour
stating the object of the meeting
of Assembly. "\,
The next ln order was ordaining
Evangelist L. M. Hughes, by Rev. J.
B. Barbour.
Joy was scattered abroad in the;
house when Bro. L. M. Hughes was
brought before tho rostrum by Bro.
Charles Williams and Sister J. X.
Next on the programme was the
reading of the rules and regulations
governing the Church of Christ the
LivingGod, after which the address
by Rev. J. B. Barbour with regard
to the duties ot the Assembly an!
members.   He stated   this shall    he
Time Table No. 7
Trains leave Nanaimo 5:15 Da'.'.;
Trains arrive Nanaimo 14:35 Daily
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday,
Trains leave   Nanaimo 15:15
Trains arrive Nanaimo 18:'!5.
Dist. Pass. Agt.
1102 Govt. st.
Victoria, B. C.
Ladysmith Bakery
Cakes of every description, fane
and plain. Candies of all kinds
Fruit of all kinds. Fresh bread ever
Reasonable prices. Come and se
our lines and leave your orders. W
give careful attention.
Express and Teaming
Wood tor Sale.
P. INKSTER, phone r,6
Shoe Repairing
I am  ready to repair Boot*   and
Shoes.     Satisfaction  Guaranteed.
CVrner Third ave. and High street,
near Queen's Hotel.
FOR BALE-Brown and White Rabbits. Fifty cents each. (Apply Mrsl
John  Stewart.
FOR SALE—White Leghorn eggs for,
setting. Bull Leghorns and Black:
Minorca*. (2.50 a setting. Apply!
Mrs.  Laird,
Chong Kee
motly attended
Washing and Ironing p,
Hens for Sole
One  Hundred Hens for
sale.    Apply   D.   Davies,
Rancher,  near Ladysmith.
Leave- orders at Robert's
| Butcher Shop.
street, now London's greatest shop/ known as the General Assembly and I
ping thoroughfare, was a country' shall meet once each year, and that ',
road, and was known as Tyburn road. „ii evangelists, and apostles, proph-
It ia the direct route from Newgate cts, nastors, teachers of the Church
prison, in the old city of London, to 0f Christ the Living Ood shall meet
Tyburn, and It was the last road this Assembly once oach year,
over which the condemned men trav- There being no further business tho
elled, sitting in an open cart with a Assembly adjourned to meet on the
priest or clergyman standing beside |ast Sundav In May, 1910, of wbleh!
them, and a mob of curious specta- notice shall be given by the presld-i
tors following. Half way to Ty- |ng apostle,, ,T, R. Barbour, and'
burn tree there was a liquor shop, Evangelist L. M. Hughes, secretary,
known ns "Last Drink House,"    at ! i
which the condemned man was always servod with a quart of ale.
That has long since been destroyed
and a great business building stands
on its site.
Many famous criminals were hanged on Tyburn tree and it is estimated that at least 50,000 persons met
their death there. Claude Duval, the
famous highwayman, was hanged
there, and John Price, the original
"Jack Ketch," the hangman, was FOR SALE-Hxpress
hanged lor murder ln 1718 on the
very gallows on which he had hang,
ed so many other, men.
A famous victim of   Tyburn   tree
was William Fltz Osbert, a   learned
j lawyer and citizen of London,    who
was known as Longbeard.     He   waa
I executed in 1196 because he bad the
1 temerity to protest against a special
tax to raise money to ransom  King
Richard I., who had been taken prisoner by the   Emcrpor   of Austria. i
.Tack   Sheopnrd,   the    highwayman,
was hanged there ln 1724.
One of the last men to be hanged
on the permanent gallows was John
Kelley, who had committed the terrible crime of stealing twelve and a
half cents because he was hungrv.      I
When lt was Anally decided   tore-	
move the gallows and to hold tho ex- FOR SALE—First-class
editions ln private thero was a great ,ooA _.tt of tat clt_
public outcry not   only among   the    g "   p" ,     ' y'
lower classes who enjoyed the oxecu-i   Bnd aU conveniences.
tions as a     spectacle,     but   among    Apply John Stewart.
wagon ln perfect order and harness. Apply Arthur Howe, Chemainus.
FOR SALE—Four roomed houBe In
good locality ln Extension, B.
O.   Apply Ike Storey.
PIANO FOR SALB.-Uprlght Grand
Dominion Piano in first class condition. In use only a short time.
Apply Mrs. Bernard, Union Brewery, Ladysmith.
POUND-A aed Cdlie Dog. Owner
can have same hy applying to
Frank .orest, Gatacre street, and
paying tor thla advertlsem***
House   In
Water laid
Price 1450.
Hop Lee, Pro p.
Esplanade street,   Ladysmith.
Pure Ice Cream
On Hand
Tobaccos, Cigars, Etc.
Bestquality of Confectionery
Miss Bordozona
Get Ready for the Summer by
Having Your House Painted
Best materials only used.
Bie stock of wall paper on
J. e.~Smitlv
Roberts St. Ladysmitli, B. C.
A. Litt
Charges moderate.
AU work   left at   McCallum's 2nd
avenue, near Fire Hall, will receive
prompt ateentlon.


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