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The Ladysmith Chronicle Dec 5, 1908

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°^ 8.1908
Vol. I.
I adysmith, B. C, Saturday, December 5, 1905.
No. 3?.
Citizens' League
Holds a Meeting
The Citizens' League held its regn-
lir monthly meeting in thc city hall
last Thursday evening, President Dier
in the chair. The attendance was
not so Igrge as it should have been,
which was no doubt duo to the fact
that the meeting had not teen advertised.
Secretary Wilson read the minutes
of the last meeting, which were adopted.     '
The president addressed tho league
at some length.   He drew attention
to the signs of   progress that were
manifest everywhere.   He spoke high'
ly of the work that had been done
by the council during the year, and
referred to the fact that every promise    that   had    been made to  the
league with regard to street improvements had been faithfully adherjed
to.   The passage of the two, by-laws
ior electric light and sewerage was
commendable,., and    proved conclusively   thct the council was composed
of men who    were animated    with
the progressive spirit of the west, It
was only now a case ot disposing ot
the debentures, and then the-finget ol
scorn   could no    longer be   pointed ut Ladysmith. ' The year had been)
one of gratifying progress, and now
that the fcitizens had  been leading
the way, those who were heavily interested in real estate in the neighborhood of    the city    were helping
along the good work.   The clearing
tf the lend tributary to the city by
the C. ,P- R- was an Instance, of this'.
The O.'P. R. company was not Hkejy
to spend all this money if they had
not some plans for the settlement of
these lands.   President Dier had not
the slightest   doubt that within a
year or so these lands wou.d be surveyed and sold to those who intended to take up their residence here.
They were   beautifully   located and
would make ideal homes.   There were
also many reasons for believing that
in the.near future there would be established here many small manufacturing industries, so that the time
was not tar distant when Ladysmith
would become an important industrial
centre.   It was incumbent on tho city
izens themselves to aid and assist in
every possiblo way the development
of the resources at their dooe .With
a true progressive spirit abroad there
need be no   rear   &y to the future.
to co-operate with them ,by. having a
representative appointed by the residents of your district. This course
appears to be imperative If the fullest strength ot the association is to
be exercised, and there is no doubt
that occasional meetings of business
men so appointed can be made a vers
powerful factor in the'.'development of
Vancouver Island generally.
The scope of the proposed organization will have to bo defined at a
meeting of the delegates as no plan
has so far been defined, and the
question at the present time is an
open one. There are many points
upon which unanimous support may
be expected; such, for instance, as:
Mail Service, freight and passenger
rates and services, construction of
roads and trails, surveys of Crown
lands, development of the natural resources of each individual district,
and all such non-contentious subjects,
A matter which should receive immediate attention is the collection
and publication, in pamphlet form,
ol concise and accurate information
in regard to the resources of Vancouver Island, for distribution at the
Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, at
Seattle, next year. This, too, is
common ground on which all can
unite with advantage and may serve
as an initial proceeding of the proposed organization.
The committee will therefore te
much obliged if you wil igive the
matter your immediate attention,
and await the favor of a reply, before the 10th proximo if possible; in
which we hope you will give us the
name of the gentleman who nas beenl
appointed, so that we can correspond!
with him at once.
Yaurs faithfully,
E. 0. PRIOR,
Chairman Special Committee.
F. ELWORTHY, Secretary.
In the course of the discussion fcl-
lowing the reading of tbe letter   t
was pointed out that such an association would have a marked influence
in the development ot the island resources, regret being expressed that
the time was so short that it would
be impossible for the league to select a delegate.
Other matters were discussed and
it was decided to bold the next
meeting on tbe evening of December
Miss E. Weismillcr went down
Duncan this morning.
to Miss Bevcridge and Miss Mcbius
went up to Nanaimo on the noon
The steamship' Wellington, for San
Francisco, has been taking on coal
at Ladysmith.
Dominion Steamer Quadra was in
port yesterday morning, and left at
noon for Victoria.
James Frew, late citizen of the
United States, has made application
for naturalization.
A branch of the Bank of Hamilton
may be opened at Penticton next
j The children of ,he Methodist
church are practising for tcieir Christ,
mas entertainment.
A meeting will be held at Duncan
next Monday, with the object of organizing a Board of Trade.
The Vancouver Rugby team came
over- on the   transfer this mornjng
and! left for Victoria by the train at
It is thought likely that the smelter will resume operations on or
about December 10.
With increased storeroom S. A.
Knight finds that he is better able
to attend to the wants of his customers.
The Good Templars will attend the
services in the Methodist Church tomorrow in a body. There will be ,a
special service for, the occasion.^
It is understood that Rev. Dr.
Spencer, pastor of the First Baptist
church, Victoria, will resign and organize the Local Option campaign for
the Province.
.7. II. Hawthornthwaite was a passenger from V.ctoria to Nanaimo. today. He had nothing to say with
regard to the political situation in
his district.
Thc firemen held a meeting on
Thursday night and decided to hold
their annual ball on New Years
night. Supper will be provided by
Mrs. Decker, of, thc Ladysmith hotel.
A five-piece orchestra will be engaged.
Harry Kay and Bruce McKelvie at
the peril of their lives stopped
runaway horse on First avenue last
Friday. It is understood that the
Royal Humane Society will be asked
to mark' this iftstance of courage
with a special medal.
Next year wlnuld te an important one
in the history of the city, and It
would te thc duty of every man who
had the future of the city at heard
to assume his share of the responsibility in laying firm' the foundation
on which the future must rest.
[President Dicr's address was listened to with marked attention.
Secretary Wilson directed attention
to the article in the last Issue of
The Ladysmith Chronicle, which advocated the insertion of a clause in
all contracts let by the city for tbe
building of the sewers to the effect
that home manufactured material be
used whenever possible. This was
especially desirable in the matter of
castings, etc. The men who worked
in tho local foundry^ment their money in the city, and everything that
helped the foundry helped the city.
The principle was a good one, and
should be generally adopted,
Other jnembers spoke in the same
Thc following letter U>
citizen was read by tbe secretary;
Victoria, B. C, Nov. aoth,  1908.
Dear Sir:—The   members    ol this
Board of Trade   consider    that the
time has arrived for organizing an i.s-
siiciiilion which shall   represent all
the comnicrc'al interests of Vanou-
ver Island, and at thc lust nijiithly
general meeting appointed a special
committee for that purpose.
The special committee have met and
given instructions that you te asked
A peculiar occurrence took) place at
the mill of the Bowman Lumber
company, Rovelstoke, last week. It
appears that the governor on the engine failed to work, causing the engine to speed up rapidly beyond thc
normal amount of revolutions per
minute. This caused the big flywheel and other heavy pulleys to
burst, cafising/ considerable diamage
to the machinery and completely
shutting down the plant.
Mr.R. Gear was a visitor to Vancouver this week. He went over and
returned oh thc transfer, and speaks
highly o; tne accommodations now
provided for the travelling public between hero and Vancouver.
Mr. John J. Bland was united in
marriage to Mrs. Linda Tyncr of
Seattle, at tho Presbyterian manse,
ty the Rev. Jas. McMillan, last
Thursday evening. The Ci.ronh.le extends its heartiest congratulations to
Mr. and Mrs. Bland.
Mr. Harry Davey, who has charge
of the wireless instrument on the
steamer Quadra, was in Ladysmith
Friday morning. Mr. Davey was for
twenty-one years in the C. P. R
Telegraphs service, and is held in
high esteem by a large circle oi
Hon. Dr. Young
Visits Ladysmith
Hon. Mr. Young passed through
the city this morning from Nanaimo
to Victoria. Dr. Young has been investigating the recent cases ol smallpox on the Island, with the object
of taking qvcry precaution sugaini^
the spread of the disease. While in
Ladysmith: he mot Dr. Frost ejid
several other citizens, and from what
he learned he was convinced that the
few cases in Ladysmith had been
properly attended to. In fact it was
on account of the strictness in en.
forcing the health regulations that
has left the city without one new
case in over three wecfe, which practically means that all danger is
over. There arc two cases at South
Wellington, a young man named Mc-
Fadden and another person who con
tractcd the disease from him. These
cases are understood to be receiving
proper attention. There is one case
at Yellow Point, and care has also
been taken in this case to prevent
further Ejtyeadl j Dr., Yon'mc] stafed
that Dr. Fagan would make a tour
of the Island at once, and give further instructions with regard to
dealing with the various cases.
Victoria and Nanaimo
Looks Like a
"Cinch" for Borden
What Will the Census Show?
Lovers ot the game bird will be
pleased to hear that it is the intention ol the B. C. Game Protective
Association to further improve the
pheasants ol this province by an importation of 26 Mongolian pheasants.
These birds are now on the way out
to this province and are expected to
be here before many days. They are
to be kept in confinement, while the
eggs obtained from- them are to be
hatched out In due course.
The tug Georgian was in this
morning en route to Prince Rupert
with a barge on .which were three lo»
comotlves, « itcam shovel anh other
railroad supplies for the G. T. P.
The locomotives are mounted' on
a prlvatejlreight can, the steam shovels are
on their own trucks, and these, together with the seven cars ol miscel-
laneoui plant, were loaded directly
on the Urge tracks. The eleven can
will be put ashore at Prince Rupert,
and the barge will then return to
Now Westminster tor another load.
The Georgian Is being towed by the
Escort No. 2 ol' McKenzie Bros,"
fleet. All the equipment will be used
on the building of railway yards at
rrinoe Rupert.
Two of the most important events of the new Parliament will be the taking of the census for 1911 and the
redistribution of the constituencies according to the census.
For the first time the large increase of population due to
the immigration of the last decade will be shown in the
census and in the division of political power. The census
of 1901 gave the West, between Ontario and the Rocky
Mountains a population of 419,512. The special census
of 1905 showed a population of 808,863. We may estimate the population of to-day at a million and a quarter.
This, taking the unit of representation at 25,000, would
give the Prairie Province a representation of fifty, instead
of the present representation of twenty-seven, British
Columbia will have ten or twelve instead of seven, and
there may be an even larger increase in the Pacific Provinces, the development of which has only been begun.
When the stream of immigration once sets in, it will be
difficult to set bounds to the growth of British Columbia.
We may look forward, therefore, to the Parliament
elected four or five years hence containing sixty or seventy members from the West, between the Red River and
Pacific Ocean. The election will mark an epoch in the
history of the country, for the House of Commons will
for the first time contain a Western contingent numerous
enough to convey some idea of the immense extent and
resources of the country-not an adequate idea, but only
a promise of what is coming. In the not very distant
future the country west of the Great Lakes will
elect as many representatives as the country to the
Discussing the probability of the
retirement of Mr. R. L. Borden as
leader of the Opposition, the Okan-
agan, of Vernon, has the following
interesting comment:
'.There' is an element of permanence
in the unique position of a salaried
leader of the opposition.   From thai
position the only    authority laving
power to depose him is the govern,
ineiil, and the premier would scarcely be inclined to interfere.   Once es
tablished in thc position, there seems
no constitutional means of removal
He might be defeated in his constituency, but it is by no means certain
that he has not the   right to held
office without a seat in the house.
His followers in the house might de
sert him, but he is under no obligation to retain any proportionate support.    Another aspirant might clain
the emoluments of the position, but
there would te no authority,   othei
thau the government, to decide (between   rivals.   Technically thc government seems to tc responsible for
the proper performance of the duties
of a salaried opposition leader,   foi
he is in a sense an official, though
holding, a scat.    While the ministers
arc required to act as a unit   and
agree on lines of policy, a salaried
opposition leader is under no correlated obligation to oppose the gov-
ernment   in   all   things.     It is ni.
doul.t understood that an opposition
leader would forfeit his position by
succeeding to   office as premier, but
without such a change It is by no
means apparent how he could be deposed or reduced to the rants.    II
is not contended that Mr. Borden depends on the unending nature of his
portfolio in thc Conservative party.
His qualities raise   him politically
above his colleagues.   But it is evident     that    serious   complications
would arise if thc position were held
by a man who had ceased to be acceptable to the opponents of thc government."
The Colonist of this ning states:
"The almost invariai ftermath of
a closely contested i m made its
appearance yesterda; the shape of
a protest a-uinst 1 3arnard's election. The petitioi signed by one
Peter Mincklc and filed by Col.
Gregory who put the necessary
thousand dollar deposit with the registrar of the supreme court. The
petition is of the stereotyped kind'
following the wording oi' the Controverted Elections act, but does not
indicate the specific acts relied upon
to invalidate the election. Mr. Barnard is not attacked personally and
his disqualification is not demanded,
the allegation being that all the
dreadful things hinted at in tbe petition were done by agents. In {he
meantime Mr. Barnard is not in the
'east worried. He knows that he
and his friends conducted as fair and
square an election as ever was (ought
in Victoria, and while some such
move was expected as a last, desperate resort, the Conservative candidate is not losing any sleep over
the matter. It is possible that countercharges may be made. It is known
that the Liberal organization made
jl free and corrupt use of money during the. campaign, and there is a
great deal of interesting evidence in
tho hands of the Conservative executive. This matter is now receiving
the attention of Mr. Barnard and his
"A protest against the election ol
Ralph Smith has also been made,
.md in this case, too, the petition
was filed yesterday. Like the Liberal petition it follows the general
wording of the act, and does not go
into specific details. What evidence
nay be in the hands of those who
ire protesting Ralph Smith's election is not known, but it is a mater of common knowledge that personation was rife at Esquimalt. Altogether it is cxcediiigly possible that
by the time all this litigation is
oncli/ded the Ulierali majority kl
Ottawa will he reduced by one, and
that a number of prominent Literals
.vill be exceedingly sorry that they
spoke." ,    f
Proposed Colony of
Army Officers
A gentleman who claims to be an
authority says that it is the intention of the C. P. R. company to sell
the lands which they are now clearing to a company composed of retir-
eilHritish Army officers. The object
is to allot the land in such a way
that these officers can secure one or
live-arm blocks convenient to each'
other. In other words these officers
have not enough income to live in
Isngiand, and a home on Vancouver
Island could be maintained at less
The Merchants Employees' Association beg to announce to thc public
that the stores will be open all day
Thursdays during December. They
also take this opportunity to thank,
the employers and public tor the benefit they have derived from the hall
holiday during the present year, and
will very much appreciate a continuance of thc same during 1909,
Mr. Robert Smith met with a painful accident last Thursday while engaged in work at the Extension
mines. Some coal fell down on top
of him bruising him all over and
crushing one foot. Mr. Smith is
now at his home on Second avenue,
and hopes to be ftblc to go to work
1 in a few days. i
Manager Ward of the Telephone
Company, yesterday completed
stringing the wires tor the farmers'
line, ami to-dny he Is putting in the
telephones. This will be a great
convenience to the farmers in tho
district, as they can now communicate, with any place using a phone in
thc city or over the long distant*
phone to any of the cities on the
Do You Want a Home?
ouses For Sale, c!co farm Land
Fire, Life, Accident,
Marine and Plate Glass
Wills, Mortgages,
Leases and Agreements
of every kind prepared.
Notary Public Conveyancer
Published hy Catley & Cm-ley at Ladyamith, B. C, every Wednesday and Saturday.
AdrertiBtaB Rates on application.
The action taken by the Victoria Board of Trade, to
hold a meeting at Victoria to discuss matters relating
particularly to the commercial development of the island
will be fully endorsed.   The cities on Vancouver Island
have been a little slow in this regard, and no doubt much
good will be accomplished by an aggressive policy on the
part of the Victoria Board of Trade.   If it is not yet too
late a delegate should be appointed from Ladysmith, for
this city is deeply interested in the questions which the
Board of Trade proposes to deal with.   It is proposed to
organize all the business interests throughout the Island,
along the lines of the Associated Boards of Trade of
Kootenay.   In taking concerted action, it is believed
that greater benefits may be accomplished that by one
board acting independently.
I have the honor to introduce myself to the citizens of Ladysmith, Chemainus and Duncans as the Solo Agent for Moore's
'Gasoline Light Plant, which has the distinction of being the
cheapest ami most brilliant light on the faco of the mighty Universe. This is rather a sweeping statement to make, but it is
capable of proof right here in Ladysmith. Should our lights be
installed in any store, shop of ony kind, or private dwelling house,
and proven not to roach the guaranteed standard, the money shall
bo returned to the customer,
Ladies and Gentlemen,—I am here to stay with you and lee
that my light gives satisfaction.   Now is the time to install.
Call around to J. E. Smith's shop on Roborts street and look In
the window, whore the world's most famous lights are installed.
Yours respectfully,
Drop in Lumber!
Before placing your orders write or phone the. Shawnigan Lake Lumber Co,,  Ltd.,  Shawnigan Lake, B. C.
Rough, $11.0(1—otner grades in proportion. Subject to change without)
The Shawnigan Lake Lumber Co.,
B. C.
Order Your Christmas Turkey
J. A. Ryan, Butcher
G. 0. ROSS
Merchant Tailor
Always in stock a full line of Woollens and Worsteds.
Fit and Workmanship guaranteed.
first Avenue Ladysmith
Stop to think—what sort of a Mattress arc you sleeping on,
Plenty of them ai'e made to look well and wear out quick,
Ta make double sure of a good night's slceu
See that your Mattress is made of rlean, wholesome material.
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G. Peterson, Furniture Store
Box 173
Phone 43
For Meats
AT   '•
Geo. Roberts'
Meat Market
Cor. First Ave. and Roberts Street.
The last issue of the Empire, John Houston's paper, has
the following brief temperance sermon: "Prince Rupert
is not a lawless town; few towns in British Columbia are.
It. is not lawless for its people are busy working at
making a railway, at surveying a townsite, and in carrying on legitimate business enterprises. When not working they do not frequent bar-rooms, for no hotel, or restaurant, or lodging-house in Prince Rupert has a bar-room,
and in none of them is 'cider,' 'Weiss Beer,' or 'Koop's
Stout,' or other alcoholic soft drinks sold. The owners
observe not only the letter, but the spirit of the law. Is
it because of this observance of the law on the part of
the owners of hotels, restaurants, and lodging-houses
that Prince Rupert is so exceptionally free from disorder?
This statement is one for thinking people to ponder over,
The Prince Rupert of the future must be governed by
people who think for themselves if it is to be a model
Plan to Reform the
House of Lords
The Kingston Standard, discussing the possible retirement of Mr. R. L. Borden as leader of the Conservative
party, says it knows of no men better qualified for leadership and for the formulation of a satisfactory Conservative policy than Whitney and McBride; Whitney as a
leader, McBride as an associate. It says of them: "They
are doers of things. They are Conservatives. They have
each redeemed their provinces; they are men of Canada."
It concludes with the statement that it does not think the
Conservative party could do better than to turn to these
men and put its faith and Jits trusts, its aspirations and
its hopes, its future in their hands. "With them the
party would have a leadership and we venture it a policy
which four or five years hence would spell victory to the
Conservative cause."
Judging by the amount of space devoted to advertising
n the British Columbia papers, the merchants of this Province anticipate a prosperous business season. In some
places the papers have been forced to increase their
space by many pages to accommodate the advertisers.
London, Dec. 3. —The report of the select committee
of the House of Lords appointed to suggest a plan for
the reform of the upper house was issued today. The
committee finds it undesirable that the possession of a
peerage should of itself give the right to sit and vote in
the House of Lords, and it recommends that qualifications
should be the main test of admission to the reformed
It then sets forth that all hereditary peers should be
formed into an electoral body for the purpose of electing
two hundred of their number to sit and vote as the Lords
of Parliament, not for life but for a single parliament;
that the spiritual lords of parliament be reduced to ten,
to be elected by the bishops, the two archbishops sitting
during the tenure of their sees, and the other eight for
the duration of Parliament; that Canada, Australia New
Zealand and South Africa have official representation
in the House of Lords; that a number of hereditary peers,
estimated at 130, possessing certain qualifications, should
sit without the necessity of election, these to include men
who have held the post of cabinet minister, viceroy,
governor-general of any of the larger colonies, and naval
and military officers of high rank, and that twenty years'
service in the House of Commons shall entitle one to a
seat among the peers.
This plan will give the reformed House of Lords about
350 members, namely three peers of the royal blood, 200
peers to be elected, about 130 qualified hereditary peers,
10 spiritual lords and 5 judges.
Complete Commercial Course—Isaao
Pitman Shorthand, Bookkeeping
Touch Typewriiing, Commercial Correspondence, Penmanship.
Six Months Course, $00—$10 per
High School and Matriculation subjects also by correspondence.
For further particulars write Mr.
W. W. Suttil, Certificated Shorthand
Teacher, Government Certificate, etc.
Arrangements made tot boarders
with supervision of Home Lessons.
Light and heavy teaming.
Furniture and piano moving
a specialty.
Nicholson & Weaving
Telephone 1.
We have received our Fall
Woollens andean make you
up a Suit on shortest notice.
The subject of properly maintained once taken away, from home, there
Isolation houses is one that affect* shoultf bo as 8ood » Plftce ■» »'#*
all, for who can tell what day one
oj our friends or a; member of ou»
own family, may be by force of r.ir'-
cumstances   compelled   to    take up
slble prepared to receive such patterns. This we have not got in or
about N'anaima. It Is a place much
as we may dislike thc idea we may
have soon to call in use. Would 11
not, therefore, be a wise precaution
their   residence    there.     Smallpox,.for our city couocll to. look Into thc
diphtheria, scarlet fever ami kindred
diseases arc had enough to lie stricken down with under the most favorable conditions, but when one must
be by order of a health officer,   nt
matter, and if conditions are as reported, bring about at an early day
a radical chgnge, so, that should the
day of need come, we mny have a
clean and wholesome home ready lor
the urtfprtukates.y-Nanaimo HerWd,
Hilbert Undertaking
Fnneral Directors and
Ladysmith    Phone 142
E. Pannell
Meats and Vegetables
D. 1. Matheson
I Sell T. I. Trapp & Go's
Celebrated Wagons
During the treason we have «old a Urate number
of wagons, implements and logging truchi.
Everything carries a guarantee.
Duller Street
P. O. Box M.
Phone 44.
Livery, reed and Sale
First Avenue.
Phone 56.
Easy terms to suit all.
Machines repaired and Cleaned.
Needles, Oils and parts can be had
by sending a post card to    '.
A. E. PALMER, Agent.
Hughes' late stand on First Ave.
James Duncan
Suits cleaned" and pressed.
Alterations made.
Charges moderate.
Going at Half Price
yet not a single roll that is ugly or inartistic. No matter how modest your pooket-
book is these prices will suit.
Just arrived a lull line of 1909 paper also
a full assortment of picture moulding, at
the Star Paint shop
High Street.
A. Maxwell Muir, C. E.
1208 Government Street
A Funeral at Rawhide
Like the events which propelled the
pen of Brctc Hartc, was one which
occurred recently at Uawhide, Nevada—the death and funeral of Riley
Oiannan, raco track plunger and rtrjta*
ing town saloon keeper. No stranger scene was described ,by the chronicler of the Argonauts than this funeral in the new town which is at the
doors of civilization.
Shielded by an, oilcloth blanket the
coffin of Grannan was . bome in a
common express wagon down Rawhide avenue from the tent of the
camp's undertaker. The; setvic|es
were held in a variety theatre in
thc rear of a saloon. Here gathered
women in silks, men in corduroys,
miners in grimy overalls, prospectors, merchants, brokers, bartenders
and gamblers.
There was no regular ministei' to
preach thc funeral sermon. Friends
of Grannan drafted Herman W
Knickerbocker, formerly a Methodist
preacher, who had been cast out of
the fold for heresy. He had berime
a mine operator at Goldfleld, and recently had been prospecting throughout Nevada and became a pioneer oi
the Rawhide district. He appeared
beside the coffin, which was covered
with lillies, in the rough and stained clothes of a miner, with high
boots completing thc costume. With
his voice often breaking he delivered
a strange discourse that brought
tears to the eyes of many, hardened
ones among his hearers.
"I feel that it is inrumbent upon
me now to, state that i.i standing
here I occupy no ministerial or prelate position," he said. "I am simply a prospector. I make no claim
whatever to moral merit or religton,
except the religion of humanity, the
brotherhood of man. I stand among
you to-day simply as a man among
men, feeling that I can shako hands
and say 'brother' to the vilest man
or woman who ever lived.
"Riley Grannan accepted the clr-
.cumijlanocs sujrotfindrng him. He-
was a man whose exterior was as
placid and gentle as 1 have ever seen,
and yet when you look back over his
meteoric past, we can readily under-
stand, if this statement be true, that*
he was absolutely invincible in spirit. It you will allow me, 1 will use
a phrase most of you are acquainted
with. He was a 'dead game sport."
1 say it not Irreverently, but fill the
phrase as full of practical human
philosophy as it will hold, and 1 believe that .when you can say one is a
'dead game sport' you have reached
thc climax of human philosophy.
"1 know that there are those who
will condemn him. There are those
who believe to-day that he Is reaping the reward of a misspent life
There are those who are dominated
by mediaeval creeds. To those I have
no word to say in regard to him.
They arc ruled by the skeleton hand
of a character who lived outside
their puritanical ideas.
"His, goodness was not of the type
that reached its highest manifestations in any ceremonial piety. It
was of thc type that finds expression
in the hand clasp, in a word of cheer
to a discouraged brother, in quiet
deeds of character, in friendship, the
sweetest flower that blooms along
the dusty highway of life; the type
that finds expression in manhood.
"He lived In the world ot sport. I
do not mince my words. In the
world lof sport—hilarity sometimes,
and maybe worse. He left the impress of his character on the world,
and" through the medium ol his financial power he was able with his money
to brighten the lives ot its inhabitants. He wasted it, the world
"A little    happiness brought into
their lives means as much to them
as happiness brought into the lives
of the straight and good. If you
can take one ray of sunlight into
the night life and thereby bring
them one single hour of happiness, 1
believe' you are a benefactor. He
may have wasted some of his money
this way.
"Did you ever stop, to think how
God does not put all his sunbeams
into corn, potatoes and flour? Did
you ever notice the prodigality with
which He scatters these sunbeams
over thc universe? Contemplate. God'
flings the auroral beauties! around the
cold shoulders of the earth, hangs
the quivering picture above the palpitating heart of the desert. Wasteu
sunbeams are these?
"This may be infidelity,' but if it
is, I would like to know what faith
means. I came into this universe
without my volition—camq and found,
a; loving mother's arms to receive
me. I had nothing to do with the
preparation for. my reception, here., 1
have no power to changp the environment of the future, but the same
power which prepared the arms ol
the loving mother to receive me here
will make the proper reception foi
me there. God knows better than 1
what is good for me, and I leave it
with God." .
After the sermon there was a
touch of civilization, for the bodly.
was taken on a motor to be shipped
back to Kentucky. Knickerbocker,
who had been little known .before, became the hero of the little camp.
Wc have just received a fine, consignment of Post Card Albums and
a new stock of Christmas Stationery.
Come and see us.
Notice is hereby given that the
Court of Revision on the Voters'
List will he held in the Council
Chamber, Ladysmith, on Monday,
21st December, 1908, at 2 p. m.
Ladysmith, B. C, 21th Nov., 1908.
Fall Clearing
In order to clear off this
summer's stock of Wall Paper I will dispose of this sea-
3on's patterns at a greatly
reduced rate.
1.   E.   SMITH,    Roberts Street
Hints for the Home.
Leaks in Gos Pipes.—A leak in a
gas pipe may be located without the
use of a light by painting the pipe
with soap and water. Bubbles will
indicate where the leak is.
To Remove Insect Specks.—Insect
specks may be removed from gilded
picture frames by dipping a soft cam-
el's-hair brush in alcohol and applying it to the spots.
To Heat Plates—To make dinner
plates and dishes hot before sending
to the table, dip them in vci'y hot
water instead of putting them in the
oven. This takes only a little more
time than putting them in the oven.
Polishing Wood.—Take a piece oi
pumice stone and water and pass it
regularly oven the wood until the
rising of the grain is cut down; then
take powdered tripoli and toiled linseed oil and polish to a bright surface.
To Keep a Coal Fire Over Night.—
Lift the lid on the top ol the stove
or open tbe little draft at the top of
the fire-box; this will allow cold air
to enter, pass over the upper surface
ol the coa|, chill It and prevent rapid burning. As this is imperfect
combustion great care must ibe taken
to have the chimney flue open, that
the products ot combustion may not
come out into the room.
To, Mend Kitchen Utensils.—To
mendleaks in kitchen utensils, use
fresh putty and work it until soft.
Scrape the tin around the leak until
it is perfectly clean, then take a 11-
tle of the putty, press over the leak
hard enough to force a portion of it
through on the opposite side of the
vessel, smooth both sides down nicely, set aside two or three days until it becomes perfectly hard.. Leaks,
In the wash boiler can be effectually
stopped in this way.
To Wash Stockings.—All kinds of
stockings require carelul washing. No
soda should be used, and thc water,
should'be only be moderately warm
for both washing and rinsing. After
thc riming, which should be done in
water containing a tew drops of It
qiud ammonia, dry them quickly out
of doors in a good current of air, and
press them with a warm iron when
dry. Silki stockings require several*
rinsings, and after pressing (not
ringiog) the water out of them; and
pulling them in shape, they should be
shaken out and well rolled in a dry
cloth to dry.
Stair Carpets.—When buying stair
carpets always allow threMjuartersi
to a yard over for each flight of
stairs, and then when thc • carpet is
ufted the same parts do not come on
the edge of the stairs. By remembering this plan and allowing thc ex
tra piece the carpets will last half as
long again.
ToClevirt M!other-oif,Pelarl,—Mot!het--
of-pearl may be cleaned by being
washed with whiting and cold water.
Use neither soap nor soda.
To Keep Silver Bright.—A few
drops of ammonia in the water in
which silver" is washed will keep it
bright. This should always be done
with plated ware, as frequent rubbings wear oft the plate.
It seems that only yesterday we
were reading about hundreds of
freight cars standing idle on sidings
all over the continent owing to the
depression in business, and now a
great clamor is raised in western
Canada agfuiist tho shortage of ithese
necessary facilities for transportation. At some points in the wheat-
growing provinces the situation, for
this reason, is said to be very grave.
r-Victorin Colonist.
For the
PIPES of all descriptions,
SETS in Ebony and Sterling ySilvcr.
Also the largest assortment of SiU
venvare in plate and sterling, Cut
Glass, etc.,  in town.
We have no prizes to give hut wc
can certainly give you your money's
worth on every article that is purchased at our store.
There are but few things more acceptable or more appreciated as a gift than something in the Jewellery line.   It need not be. expensive to be good and artistic.    You can get   Christinas   presents   in our
store from   $1 up,, and   whether you spend $1 or $100 you will be treated as fairly and as cheerfully.
Here arc a few suggestions: ■
Ladies' and Gentlemen's In a nice
plush case. We have them in filled
oi' Hk solid.
Wc have a large assortment, lleau-,
tiful designs in gold filled at from
$1.00 to dS.00, or in Hk solid, from
$.150, $5.00, $7.00, $9.00 up to
Wo have got in a special line for
Christmas, ranging from $2.50 right
up to expensive ones at $250.00. •
A gift always appreciated by the
Ladies. We can supply them in Expansion, Ncthcrsolc, Woven or Bead,
in gold filled or gold. Some beau-
lies in Ilk solid, set with pearls,
from $18.00 to $30.00.
Manicure Sets
Wc have a nice line of Manicure
Sels in ebony or pearl. Ladies' and
Gentlemen's 3-piece sets, brush, comb
and mirror, in handsome cases, individual mirrors, brushes, etc., in best
French ebony:
Limoges China,  Cut    Glass, Silverware, Clocks, etc. i
Every dollar spent with us gives you a chance to draw the    Diamond
Ring.   Also a guess at the Beans, to win the Cold Watch.
Jeweller and
Almost the toughest thing  in tho whole of creation is a "pinto" Broncho when he is in fighting humor
Now his hide is just as tough as ho is, and the part above his hips  is the very toughest and most pliable
-it is the "shell."
That is the part used to make the famous "Pinto" Shell Cordovicn Mitts and Gloves.
Wind, rain, tear, rip, scorch and boil-proof—almost wear proof. j \ ■".     '■[ ' j j
Made op'y by'
n s i.ij
Christmas Is Coming. Are You Prepared for It?
We have just received our advance stoc): of Christmas Toys, Novelties, Christmas Cards, Etc.   Deal where you get the best value and that's
""^— .. ~ AT-  •      . ==
McKELVIE BROS.,   W A**"* Ladysmith
Job Printing
Letterheads, Billheads,
Noteheads, Statements,
Menu Cards,
Business Cards,
Menus, Programmes,
Visiting Cards,
Dodgers, Posters,
Circulars, Shipping Tags,
Receipt Books, Etc., Etc
Ladysmith Chronicle THE UDYsMlTH CHRONICLE
We are showing our new CHRISTMAS CHINA AND
NOVELTIES and we have a sbck this year which is
larger, better and cheaper than ever before come in and
look around our store.
3—Bid Specials-3
1. Men's Fancy Dress  Shirts.     Regular
$1.50and 1.75   TONIGHT....*   95
2. Men's allwool Flannel Shirt with
reversible collars. Regular $1.50
TONIGHT     05
3. Men's Lnrabs wool underwear in
Soft Stripes Regular $2.50
Meals 20 Cents and Up.
Best 25 Cent Meal in Victoria for 20 Cents. Patronize
White Labor by eating here. Special atteniion given to
tourists and visitors, who are cordially welcome. We
keep the Celebrated Grand Duke Cigar.
Local and General.
Mr. Frank Shepherd went down to
Victoria yesterday morning.
The congregation ot the Methodist
Church expect to have a social on
Jan. 1st, 11)09.
Rev, Mr. Fawcolt, of Nanaimo
will conduct services in St. John's
Mission Church to-morrow.
Mrs. W. R. Smith and Mrs. John
J. Bland went down to Victoria yes^
terday morning en route to Seattle
Electric limits have been placed on
the Wellington Colliery Co.'s wharf,
which will be a Klcat aid to navigation.
We want to clean out our stock
of Chinaware and glassware this
Many lines we will sell for cost,
and some lines below cost.
ladysmith Hardware Company
Sec our stock of Christmas Cards,
Over 2,1100 to choose, from. Sample
cards. No two alike. Ladysmith
Hardware Company.
Chillhvack is to have the next British Columbia. School Teachers' convention. The meeting will be held
early next September.
King, tho photographer, wild has
been doing business in Nanaimo for
the past three years has opened a
studio in padysmith, in the wichol-
son block.
Mr. William Jack, of Nanopse Bay,
died in the hospital at Nanaimo
Thursday. He was 0!) years of age
and had resided uii thc Island for
forty years.
The government has decided to o.n-
struct a wharf at Prince Rupert. It
Will be 'built opposite Market Square,
the central piece of waterfront belonging to the province.
The new. court house at Nelson is
now ready ior occupancy. It cost
about ?80,'000, an'1 is better in many
respects than many buildings in the
Province that cost twice that am-
Small ranch, 10 acres of
good fruit land midway between Ladysmith and Chemainus.   Apply at
C. Gardner's Grocery
Esplanade '
Wood for Sale.
Splendid mill wood for sale at
Ladysmith Lumber yard, at a low
price.   Apply to i| | |«J-||J|
Veu can lift a plate froma red hot stove
without burning your hands.
The greatest housohold device ever
Agent for Ladysmith, Esplanade.
FOR SALE-3 Lights Vapor Gasoline Lighting System. Perfect condition.    Hooper, Ladysmith.
We have the best line in the city
ot pipes, cigar-ho'ders, cignrctle-
holdcrs, cigar cases, smoking sets,
and evei'j tAiiut ||he smoker needs.
Just the thing for Christmas presents.   Ladysmith Hardware Company.
Miss Liz/.'ic Wilkinson, daughter ot
Rev. Mr. Wilkinson, has ber.n in the
hospital fori several weeks j»t Vernon.
Word was received this morning that
she is now convalescent, and will be
able I" resume her duties as trained
nurso in a few weeks.
We Have a Large Stock of
Knight's Book Store
1st Ave.     Ladysmith
New Stock of
Wall Paper
Dr. R. B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
FOR    SALE—Smart's second-hand
range.    Good as now.
Applications for the position of
City Auditor, stating remuneration,
will be received by the undersigned
up till Monday evening, 7th Dec,
made by a first-class artist will
make a very suitable Christmas re-
King, the phatographer, has opened
ii new up-to-date photo studio in the
Nicholson block. Wu guarantee to
please you. Bring in your coupons
and leave your order for your photo
Morning, 11 a. m.; evening, 7 p. m.;
Sabbath school, 2:30 p. m. Evening
Good singing. Brirht service. AH
subject: "The True. Value of a Man."
lars cordially invited to attend.
The Young   Men's Club meets tonight in the Methodist Church at 7
p. m.
R. WILKINSON, President.
Mr. Maxwell Stnith, of the agricultural dep.ilinenl complains that
some of the Nanaimo apple growers
are not complying with the reflations with regard to packing, and unless they change their methods there
may he some prosecutions.
Sunday Services at 11 a. m. and (I
p. in. Bible Class and Sunday
School at 2 p. m. Prayer meeting
Wednesday at 7 p. m. Subject for
Sunday evening service: "Local Option."
J. McMILLAN, Pastor.   .
UII ft n' C  American made
The Best Made
Geo. H. Cavin
Agent for the Celebrated English "K" Boot.
Have you seen those two pumpkins in our window?
Do you think you can guess how
many seeds there are in each?
We are going to give a prize of $10
worth of groceries to the one guessing the nearest number of seeds in
the large one, and $5 to the one
guessing the nearest number in the
small one.
Every, dollar spent with us from
Saturday, November 21, on until
New Year's Eve entitles you to a
You might win both prizes if you
are a good guesser.
Scott's Building, First Avenue.
The Big Store
Cooked Hani a Specialty
Simon Leiser & Co., Ltd.
The Big Store


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