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Ladysmith Standard Dec 23, 1908

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Oil iz:ei)s     League —
q.a.-o    it    properly    fumigat-
I>x"Oi3_?r'lj*"    cli'ieil   out,   and
l1     was    le-Ct   moved        over
>tn llin.g-    $220    were     pi*o-
i-tsfen-oU     i o    Lil*.    finance
>     lj*e    _»aitl    if   found     cor-
t,lio    al
I j ac U s
ti ohh
-ov©    total
of    i»ltxy ing
t.o    sev"',' a-l
r_o% s-
The   HuruM   on  Tuesday,   published     The    schools were cloted for    the'
the following-  despatch from Vfcrhcou- Christmus     holidays     last   Friday. Good Came Fixed for the. Afternoon
ver,   dated  Dec.   21.                                    j There ure,      however,  no  promotion 0f Christinas Day.
"Announcement      was   made     last lists io     he published.     Of     course ——
night   at      the headquarters oi"     the there will be promotions, but under jn Jocal football, the one real gen-
V*ancouver  District League that three' the    circumstances   in    which     tho uine holiday engagement belongs   to
former   Winnipeg   players,   who      are schools closed this work will not lie the Juniors.     Tlio youngsters   have
now   members  of the Ladysmith Club completed  until  the schools have ro- got together'a   strong team and are
have   1 een  signed   by the Celtics     of assembled, going to make a   hard fight for the
l3.yor >» icholK.-n plainly
I i*I not think the city
11_ fco 11 ay ttn'so trills. lie
ixl b tiic pa I >er.s he read,
ist reuioinber t hey pad-d
ci nurses   good    salaries,
ai^d    pressed   to   find   mon-
oxiprlit    only   to   pay such
tlix~ect I5-    upon   them.
l>;er    was in   a/ttoncUince .
the    Citizens*   J .oafjue.   Sel
-fche-r-o    to    i>u t    . ef< re   theni
j^LSis&A    txt   the   last rneet (
litizens'     League which |
■\vt>_-?c    of    the   Council, '
lexvi    to    o.g-a.in   tahe   office. ■
tx cfcftGC]     a      warm    personal
of tlie   work   of       "tlie
expressed the hope that
ac^exle to the request of
ind finisvh t/heif" work,
holson reniarKod that it
fl ot "tor in ^ report. and
_» £Jbuex__i more credit than
-o<l - They   v* .to  all   con
st fckey    hud    1 eft   t h tngfs   tm-
e>-    had    done-   _.heir     be?*t
udbe    mistakes   admittedly,
re    not    singular   in     that.
ed f - he    had    decided   to
i f    *fch ©   m a.i ori ty,   or      a s
Council    as   could,   would
It    meant   some   little
him.    l*\»"t    he    would        like
or     the   electric   lig-lvt        or
or   hoth,   installed while
>l>ell     said    that    he, for
lincj    to    "take   office   again,
eson said    that   he   had
r~<_>r> £>***£*■   out   of   the Coun-
rever,     there    was   no   man
who waited the position
fke another year of office.
0l_\ss done his best and
i gZ-BL i n.
thought that, with the
ivcl thorn, they ought to
£_cci i n..
► i-th snid    he   would   not
sstand    again,    hut       Aid.
tred    himself   willing-        to
to     majori t y. Tie   would
Vioir   work    fin ished.
ssik-ed     A Id.    Matheson     for
answer,     nnd    tho        "F^ast
ntativc    said    then        that
wit b     tho   -majority.
t Via ; : 1   <*     w.-' s    th>n    pa s-se 1
>r_s;'     I  eogne   for   the work
an*l     tho    support   it   had
• iincil.
o.sc>n expressed the hope
n tyne would continue its
It was a. pity the
i.___Lgps  wei\-    not    Better   at-
i f s; wor!. more gvnorally
t c>n Iv cost 2."> cents a
«r.<I if t lie- citizens took
t«*r«.-!-t in th ir own wel-
**\xltl all join it.
t-K 1 >eiTig i ii order. May-
l>ai<l a warn* tribute
_> rt accorded the Counci 1
now-^pii |w^rs. nnd tho'g-ocxt
«<i done for the city.
.1      then    adjourned.
this city. Tho players are McDowell, Brass and Crawford. Two others,
McGuire and Wurburton, also members of the Island clubs have signed
registration forms with tho Weet-
iTiun   Island team.
■'It is olso reported that Paddy
J I c wit l of N'onaiino will (day with
the Thistles in future matches. It is
rumored that these players will continue to remain on the Island, coming- to Vancouver when their services
are   required."
It.  is difficult to say just how much
of  this   is  true and how much   fnlse.
There   is   nothing  to   prevent a mainland   team   from    gotting help      from that time
Island   clubs   in   the   District  League,  elded on
The attendance at the schools dur- cup. Tliey have received gratifying
ing lhe year has, as everybody is encouragement from the public and
aware, been badly broken up. There are no* rowdy far tie season's bat-
was n long brSak owing to a serf-, tie, On Saturday tlu>y go to V_o
pus outbreak of measles, 0nd recent- toria, whoro they meet the formidn-
ly weeks of idleness owing to the hio North Ward aggregation. The
smallpox epidemic. Even after the team is as follows:
schools were opened again there waa j Goal— Delcourt.
a vacalion order in force which kept
perhaps about one-fifth of the children out of school.
In all probability when the schools
re-open a certificate of vaccination
will not he an accessory condition of
attendance. The lower rooms will
inevitably ho crowded nnd there wiU
hav i
Backs— Fagan and Batic.
Halves— Korr,  Wright, Metro.
Forwards — Ashmore,    Hobertson,
Butie, Alickeson,  Simpson.
Reserves—Korr and Morgan.
For the     Senior eleven, the Executive Committee is trying to get   on
io he some, moving up.     Tntilja   good match for Sunday, but    so
when the iiromotions   do- j far     can     make     no announcement,
will have to be increased. [There is     the strongest probability,
But  the  work  that went on hist year
will   not  he permitted this season.   A
o final lift can be given out.
It is, of course, unfortunate
go,     and
staff are
Principal Hunter and his
only too anxious to     do
player will only bo allowed to play the work of the principal and his
for one- team in the B.C. cup compe- sin(T should hnve been so greatly in-
titiun. Unless  this step is taken,  terfereh with.     It requires full t me
and taken promptly, there is no tell- and regular attendance to get the
ing what confusion may ensue, pad- best results from n mixed nnd open
dy Itewitt may play for the Thistles school, and the teachers have been
on the Mainland nnd for Nanaimo on badly handicapped this year. How-
the"rIsl<a_yl. Adam and Hartley mav over, there is still a long term to
help out the Shamrocks in Vancouver, and Tadysmith on the Island
McDowell, Brass and Crawford may' their part If the parents of the chil-
play t'or the Celtics in the Terminal (iron will do theirs. Every child
Olty and help Ladysmith against Is-'should be rogular in attendance dur-
,1a lid   elevens. It does not matter  ing the coming term, and something
for a city or district, championship, of what has been lost may be re-
nut it will not bo allowed in the gained, some of the leeway recover-
11.C. cup competition, hast year od. The teachers cannot do every-
Xanaimo feM against the Thistles for thing, and they can do nothing un-
the final game in tlie championship, less the children are sent to school.
and Nanaimo had the strongest This- If the most, in the way of attend-
t le team. This year the samo thing nncc is mndo of the next term Prin-
or worse may happen again unless cipal Hunter has no doubt that sat-
sftops ai*e immediately taken to stop dsFaotory results in the year's work
the swopping: of players m the pro- ran still be obtaioed.
vincial   comj>ctition. \ " *
Of course there i.s nothing in the
telegram %ns it reads. There
is nothing to stop any of our
players   from going to the assistance
of   a   cluh   in tho Vancouver District!	
League,   although  it may raise     rather  a    row  over thero.     It at least     jjr.  p. xidiolson's    reign at    the
shows  in   what estimation the Lady-' opem |,,,,lse w«j cn(\ m February of
Kimith   players are held,  when, to the „ext   , .ir-     jt js rather strange to
.\ v [tiers'   k now ledge,   ele\ en men have
heen  asked to  assist ono or the other   of  the Mainland teams.
liowever that a strong visiting team
will be hero.
For Christmas    Bay a   Second Division game is     scheduled to     take
place.        Ladysmith has two second
division    teams, A and B, and these
two elevens     were expected to play
Friday. However    the _o":_i_\_______ea
wore unable     to get
signed on in time
league game     Je_^^^^^m1^* ^_ha
played.        Two strong teams     have
been picked and there should be     a
really good game.     Tho teams   are
as follows:
Goal— Hartley.
Backs— Rogers and Morrison.    *
Haives— Smith, Strang, Main.
Forwards  —   Grainger,    McGuire,
Graham, Warburton, Provins.
Backs— Crawford, McDowell.
Halves— O'Connell,   Simpson,   and
Forwards— McMillan, Cloke, Cosier
O'Connell, McLeod.
The game will start at 2.30 p.m.
L  t
business   is      being
ofi i ie\v laws anil t hoi r
rtniLMit the liquor t ra die,
11 . will «li< >w a material
i X'ij-^rinio. for tho year
•\i'!i grea tor i mrease is
for*        the coming-   year.
l rv<l wo^-ori. 1 other large
ecently voted out the sale number of ' 'dry' * eit-
» -will probably J>o In-
the i-osult of locct] op-
to    I>o   held   in   the near
New   Parrott Skating Kink Will Open
With   Star   Orchestra  in
I The skating rink will be ready for
business on Christmas Eve, That
nt least is tho present intention of
Mr. Parrott. lie and his staff of
carpenters are bending every effort
to that ond, and the Star orchestra
has been engaged for the opening.
Thus in addition to tho skating,
there will be bright and enjoyable
| Thero may be some little roughness on tho floor the first night.
That is unavoidable in a now rink.
It   will   disappear  with  use and Mr.
I Parrott      can be depended  on to do
( his very utmost for his patrons. Tho
Pink, as a pleasant and harmless
place ot amuHomont, will be vastly
appreciated in town and generally
The opening night will he Christ*
mas Eve, with the Star Orchestra to
to:n .   t>.
i | »?-;e      t <»
-><>J-* tal-
O. . 1 H-c. 23. —
k? re c o ixlerl f o r
'k. plnec    today,
xible    in     North
central eclipse of
T.r»tJl«t* at the beginning
<I total in the michlle.
t Ho e"lipse crosses the
-t. of 5-sonth America, "the
itic. South    Africa     and
portion    of   the
NEW YOKK, Dec. 22.— Fire which
started iu the G-ilsey House, one of
the famous hotels on Broadway today, threatened at first to destroy
the building. Spreading to the fifth
floor tho flames soon were leaping
out of tho windows and a great
crowd was attracted, which, for
time, completely blocked trafUo
Broa-dway  at  that  point.
Thc firemen were ablo to confine
the flames to the fifth floor and the
iire was quickly controlled. Thero
were not many guosts in the hotel
at tho time and it is bolioved there
was  no   loss of life.
NEW YORK, Dec. 22.—A Milwaukee despatch to the Tribune says
that a §1,000,000 town on the order of the United States Steol Corporation's model city, hus been planned at tho head nf Lake Superior,
about six miles from the Superior
and Duluth railway. The town will
be on the Wisconsin side of the line.
think oi any other than His Worship handling the business of the,
opera house; but so it is. The Oddfellows' Lodge, which owns tho entire building, .called  for tenders   for
the rent of the opera house, and, as -Jhe trust originally announced the
a result, Mr. Geo. Haworth is now investment of 85,000,000, oad it has
thc prospective lessee. In the next j since developed that a model town
issue of tho Standard, some announcement of Mr, Haworth's intentions
I be made, and possibly there
mny be other interesting developments.      At  any  rate the town  will
n the near future have some evening nmusmnrnts which this question
of the rental of the opera house has
kopt back.
will be built around the mills and a
railway system constructed to connect with the Corporation's Minnesota range mines and with the railway
lines to Chicago and Milwaukee.
Under the auspices of Harmony
Lodge, Xo. b\ I.O.O.F., the remains
of the late .John Muir were laid to
rest on Sunday afternoon in tho local cemetery. The momliers of tho
local Oddfellows met in tho lodgo
room, whonco they marched to the
Muir residence on White street. Tho
Uebokahs also attended tho funeral
iu a body, and n large number of
friends and acquaintances of the family followed the remains to the grave
side. The Hev. .las. McMillan, pus-
tor of the Presbyterian church, conducted; tho services, ami tho following gentlemen acted
Ottawa, Ont., Dec. 22.—A unitpie
event is being planned to take place
on Saturday preceding election day,
when thc school children of the capital, numbering upwards of ten thousand, will participate in a monster
jparade to arouse support on behalf
of the by-law which goes before the
ratepayers to expend $60,000 on the
purchase and fitting up of playgrounds.
Hamilton, Ont., Dec. 22.— Aid.
Jl. Ford is doad from illness contracted during the celebration at
Quebec. He ■ as rominent in municipal and sociul circles of the city.
Salt on    the lingers .when cleaning
fowl or meat wall prevent slipping.
■John Ollleapfe, H!. Coulthord, II.
Comley, H. Hughes, J. MoMurtrie,
and W. Sanderson.
WASHINGTON,   I). C,  Dec.  123. -
For the    purpose    of forming a national organization for lhe study of
home  economics    a convention    has
as pullhearers:  been called to meet in this city next
week. For ten yours a group of devoted workers has been meeting for
■n week's conference each summer on
problems related to tho home, under tho name of tho Lake placid
Conference on Home Economics. Last
summer by Invitation tho conference
met at Chutuuipui and at that timo
the conference voted thut the   timo
To remove fruit stains put two
ounces of alcohol into a bottle with
two tublesi oonl'uls of gum camphor.
Shako woll t of oro using. Apply freely had como for a country-wide organl
to tho stained part. i zation.    It    is    to take the Initial
  stop*toward forming this orgauiza-
To make English broad sauce    for \}tonJha} tho, conference will meet in
.   .        . , .   „   , .    „ , Washington during tho coming week.
turkey, tako ono half pint of bread ThQ propo80ti organization will in-
crumbs, ono pint of milk, butter slzo elude primarily those engaged in ed-
of nn egg, salt, pepper and a   littio ucational    subjects    connected   with
mace,    one onion; simmer for     two ***•.   whetho1, . 'n 1°™ ?!* "^
schools or pollofflnto Institutions and
hours.     Remove onion whon serving. „i90 those ongnged in household and
f                           i Institutional management nnd in soil korosono is    sptllod on carpets, cial and    municipal work for  home
boota or nwmiwripts, try removing ^""organization   Will    aim   to
it hy   sprinkling    corn meal thickly arouse public Interest In the impor-
Caaa   Oram!*     near Florence,  Arls^'over the article imimodiatcly. Kenew tance of such subjocts as fwoil    and
ha. „c«n conduct*, by Br. J. Walter' fluently unlI, the oil Hns heon comr -»tHt.on.     *jf "^ £££
Fawke*.                                                     i l',ctolv nbsorbod. lightened care of children, tho intolll-
* ■ *              I » gent financing ol tho homo   through
i      small    wnste   t>nakct       0no  ounce 0f     butter and one-half     To hring the white of an egg to a attention to standards, budgets, and
earn,    nrrrt   notice  Viow  much   ounco of     floUr    aro used to thi-.ken froth quickly add two or three drops !)!_?"_.'.^^J^j1 ^"Sln:^
ooms   will   stay clean.          ono cup ot _qlltd in making a Bauce.  'of lemon Juice.
Ont., Dec. 22.—A coro-
s*+ niprlit returned a ver-
Knixinwr "N"i\£Tlo reapon-
. collision noar horo on
»."K oausetl ttio death of
■ ws    of    Ottnwn.
Washington. Dec. 21.—An American Pompeii la gradually being
Tnrtian ' brought to light, according to tho
annual report of Chnrles B. Walcott,
secretary of tho Smithsonian institute. Under a special congressional appropriation the work of excavating  a   pre-hlstoric buried city at
pics as clean streets and markets. .UflOUlA' MJi
K You Re<t'iii« Anji
Or If You  Require Any
unnstion ana Heathendom was driven out of Europe. Except for the
one small patch of Mahqininedanism
in Turkey the whole of Europe professes to be Christian in institution,
and in government. And what after all these centuries of growth, ol'
Christina civilization, is their suite
today? is there peace? Doos goodwill exist between men?    it has   be-
laqdapct Sporthig (&use_k  k_
Kim&WOr^^^ WSOo13^
river took it out of that Indian morn
thun he'll get back in a month,"
continued u'Uourke.     If it had been
The gamo in Nanaimo on   Sunday, NEW YOKK,  Dec.   1.8.—Tom Long-
whieh was played for the boneflt   of bout, tho fleot-f_oted Indian, who re-
Mr. E. Rogers,  Unitod'a clovoi*   ous- contly defeated Dorando Pietri,   tho
come   a   state axiom   that the only  todian-,    ended   in a draw of   three Italian runner,  was matched  to-day
goals each.   Since the opening game to race   Alfred Shrubb, the English one 20-mile race Jt would not    have
in  the  Island    League  last   season, champion, nt    Madison  Square Gar-  leQn Bo bad   but to Jet ft  man cool
that  is the biggest number of goals den on the ntgh'fc of .January f.th or
ever scored in     one    game between'""
theso two teams.     As on that pain-
way to preserve peace is to be prepared for war. Great Britain, Germany, Franoe, Austria, Russia, Italy— all of them are sliding to national bankruptcy in their effort to
increase their armaments. Two thou-
sand    iears aftor the announcement
out nnd stiffen up, and take him 20
ful occasion a yenr     ago,  the score
on Sunday far from, represented    the
merits of the play.
Whether it is more blind    luck, or
9th.    Shrubb  was  persuaded  to   __
consider    his    determination not to 'miles on a  street car and chaso him
run a dlstanco    exceeding 15 miles, into another   race,     was    an awful
If  You Want to Ruy
or Sell Ono;   or If You   Want
l-'AIUl  or  FRUIT fcANDS.
Ladysinith   Standard
lillillHliud on Wednesdays nnu _alur-
days Ai't.-'riiooiiB by  lho
liulil.  H.  Hindmarch,
|)tii! \eur   11.50
.... mis       76
■ iL..Mii^i  tinted <»n Application.
of the Christ message of peace on the ability to make the most of an
earth the sums of money sunk in the opponent's mistake, Nanaimo for-
maintenance    of   armies'and navies/ ™"ls bf0 infinitely less trouble in
(hiding the net than havo our   own.
and   the building    up of armaments (Tnk_ the gam0     herc on tho  lr,th/
ure     actually unthinkable.     Clearly, when for 20 minutes tho home boys
and will raco Long:.out tno London
Olympic Marathon distance of '28
miles 385 yards. This will be the
first time he has evor run the dlstanco in a professional contest.
there is something wrong or the message was a hoax, a kind of advertising puff.
The second part of the message has
liee-n no.more realized than the first.
Thore is nothing to suggest that its
application was meant for only one
weok out of tho fifty-two, or for one
day out of thc three hundred and
sixty-five. Instead of good will and
the self sacrifice which must always
stand aback of it, we have grab and
get-there, and selfishness, as tho
great and only spur of individual effort, aspiration, nnd progress, Life
is one hard and strenuous struggle
in which only the fittest survive.
Eaoh must look after himself and
down the other fellow before he
downs you. All the good will you
can practice is to express a little
conventional regret from the man
To all its jiatrons and subscribers ] vou have downed and on to tlie next
one.     It is the gnmie, and we    must
|the "Standard" extends its heartiest
Christmas greetings. The editor
fcounts thom all as Mends, und     he
■wishes thein all a  hapjiy and  merry
The ctomMMMBMUs now
order. By urticler^^in referring
to that symposium of editorial wisdom which forms the chief ornament
and distinction of your modern news-
jiuper. The Standard, of course, is
nothing if not modern, and its editor subscribes to nil the customs of
his profession. The oditoriul writer
is expected to grind out something
about Christmas, its message, its
lessons, its spirit. It has become a
general press custom. Newspaper
renders look for it, or the editorial
writer imagines they do, and he is a
veritable slave of the public.   So in
It is the gnmie, and we
all play it. It is a fortunate thing
for the world and for mankind that
some happy intellects nre still able
to account for all thesa anomalies,
and incongruities) and to reconcile
every conflicting principle. It is
more fortunate still that thero comes
even a week in the year during
which we get a glimpse of what tho
world could be.       Let us hope that
wore all over Rogers' goal, and yet
were unable to score. Then came a
break-away and a gonl. Practically
the same thing occurred on Sunday.
The home boys were nil over the
Nannimo defence, but failed to score.
Thore was a suddon break-away anil
again Mitchell put his side ahead,
The shot, it should bo said, ought
never to havc counted. !t wis a
grounder from a twenty-yard rango,
and Dougan was right in its lino.
Indeed, the ball passed through his
hands and between his fleet. Still
the boys, as the result of this one
get-away, were a point behind. They
were still ono behind at half-time,
but that did,not bother tliotn nt all.
It did not take them long to equalise, the point coming from tho
left wing, and Jimmy putting tho
finish to it. Again tho boys wont
at it, ami, by the wny, no one
would have dreamed it was a friendly encounter. The two teams simply
cannot piny easy against each other,
nnd on Sunday it was a ding-dong
strugglo from beginning to end.
Jock got tho next point and tho
red antl whites were in the lead'. The
Nanaimo boys clearly could not
stand for that and they started in
to even up tho score. Ladysmith
had no earthly inclination to allow
them to do it and at it they went,
the stripes generally having the best
of it. However, Hurren got in a
shot from the left of tho penalty
area which Dougan somehow misjudged and entirely failed to stop.
Tho game, was now two goals each
—honors easy. The boys on cither
side were far from   easy,    however,
in time the week- will lengthen   into j and at it they went^agaln. McTtow
two, tho two into a  month, and the
month into    tlie whole year and the
message    of pence and goodwill     he
PEKIN, Dec. 21.—The Dalai Llama
of Thibet, left    Pekin this moraine
for L'Hasa, his capital, and his
[parture marks the beginning of
the next fow days thousands of writ-'end of his four    years of wandering
crs will bo    endeavoring    to extract [over     northern China.     The Llama
light and    cheer for     their readers started out from L'Hasa shortly af-
froni a  subject which has lost     all ter the     arrival there of a  British tutors
freshness to them.     Hero and there column under the    command of   Col.
an uttemiit will ho made to     break ] Sir Francis Younghusband.     Ho folt
through the crust of tradition    and l that   his  holy   city   hod been dese-
ennt that has grown over the treat-1 orated by the presence of the English
mont of the subject and oven the ob- j men and at the head of a   large  reservation of tho festival.     For
ell scored again with a shot taken
a yard from thc goal line and Nanaimo woro one down. ' Now it was
hammer and tongs and the game wus
ns fast as any ono could wish to
see. Then almost at thc end came
the tally. Crawford, in attempting
to head out, got low on tho ball,
and it glanced away toward the
goal. Dougan managed to bont it
down, but Blundell wns on it liko
a shot and the game was drawn
The match in Nanaimo on the 10th
de- of noxt month will lie the fastest
the nnd fiercest exhibition of tho game
ever seen on the island.
There wns a good crowd on the
field, and Lndysmith certainly con
tributed its fair proportion of spec
The recent defeat on Dec. 5 of Tom
Longboat by Smallwood, an English
runner, in a ten-mile race, was considerable of a  surprise to the   sup-
grind. He was the sickest Indian
you ever saw after tbo second race.
lie knotted up from his toos to his
shoulders. A doctor gave him two
morphine tablets to relieve the pain,
so you can figure out how„..bad he
was. I wired Flanagan to call the
Philadelphia raco off, but they held
him to it and the result you see.
Tom Eck is a good trainer and did
bis best, but the Indian needs a long
courso of thorough training to mako
porters of the Indian runner,     who l,im "t.     The numerous boils he hos
boon troubled   with, nlthough    thoy
were not awure of his condition 	
thc time. l''avo weakened hlm, have cleaned his
That the Indian was really out of system out, and I think helped   him
condition / and in fact, was a vory
sick man at the. time, is now goner-
ally admitted. ' He is probnbly not
back Into really good form yet or he
would likely have made a better
showing against thc Italian runner,
Dornndo, last Tuesday in New Yorli
win his rnce with Dorando."
Cables from Melbourne state   that
Jack Johnson- will have to devolo i
his hitting powors if he expects    to
Toronto Stnr, "commenting on Win from Tommy Burns on Dec. 20.
the Longlibat-Smnllwood race   days: Australian sporting men who     havo
"Tommy Longboat 'got his' Satur- sized up the pair carefully, have puty
day at Philadelphia! '!0,y ""Pressed tho opinion that John
"Tho redskin's dofeut  was expect- son is the cleverest boxer of the pair
e(j but that Burns ls tho hardost hitter.
"Longboat nover should have start As they base their hel'lef on the fact
od in that race," said Mr. O'Rourke, that Johnson now. has Joo Grim ns
a prominent bncker of tlie Indian, a sparring partner, it. is thought
when ho heard tho news. "Tom Eck> they may bo deceived. Johnson
his trainer, and Tom Flanagan both K*vea Ma P«bHc exhibition with'Joe
knew he wns a sick Indian, and tri- Crta. who fills the role of punching
ed to wiggle out of the race. The l"1?' T'>o Australians do not yot
Philadelphia man wouldn't hear of realize the powor of absorbing pun-
it, however, and threatened suit if lahmcnt the Iron Man possesses,
thoy did not appear, so they    wcre *
compelled     to    let the  Indian run. j BIG IND00B MBET_
While I   wns there I   neard this Phil-         „
adelphia man assuring Tom Flana- New York, Pec. II).—The cream of
gan that Smallwood was an indif- tl.e amateur athletes ol the metro-
fcrent runner, therefore it would be 1)0jitnn district, together with a num
easy for Longboat. When I was bor of star performers from Boston,
down nt    """" ""     '"•'""
Fall River they told
this Smallwood was as good a
as Shrubb today."
"Smallwood is a  good 'un,"
in Tom S.  Sinnot, ox-Secretory
me Philadelphia und -otbet points,    will
man comjete for    honors     in tho annual
meet under the auspices of the    col-
put ic6o of the city of New York, which
of takes placo    tonight in the Twenty
tlio South London Harriers, who was Second Regiment "armory
1're8fat" ture of tho meet will bo a
•A grand boy!" ejeculnted Alfred 80rutch event
the'tinuo, he started on wanderings that
most part, however, the preacher ami carried him over many thousands of
the writer will follow the well beuton' miles of Manchuria and China, el-
Piith of custom, trying only to dis-'ways greatly to the annoyance of
guise the repetition of conventional the Chinese authorities, for he was
platitudes liy some smart or original an unwelcome and expensive visitor,
turn of siieech or phrase. , He camo to Pekin last September at
lit    is   a  good many    years now \ the request of tho    Chinese govern-
sinco tho Xmas festival first     came'
The   foa-
^^^^^^^^     which tho contcot-
.,,.,. nls will include Harry Hilman,    of
"hy! bow in blazes can a  man so the New York Athletic club; Harry
sick as Longboat was 10 days   ago clsslng, the great mid-distance run
at Fall River get up and run    heats „er; Cl,   ll ., her0 of    the
me!     That he wns oven within     a  ,100-mol r hrrlta event in th. Lon
lap and a  half of such a  man     as don Olynyiic games last summot, and
Smallwood, in SB.10 2-5 is    wonder- .Tlm McEntee,    the     mercury-footed,
,',„„ w'ho recently   surprised the    expert!
Ihoso two 10-mlle races at Fall with his wonderful speed.    -
Why have an oven _
sufficient only for three
pies when "Sask-alta"
Range oven will take
four pies and other
^^^^^^^^^^     cooking?   The more
baking space you have
—the less fuel you use—the less work you do.
Fuel and work are just about the main items
of expense in the kitchen:   ""Sask-alta"
Range saves both for you.
London, Toronto, Montreal Wlnnlptfc Vancouver, St. John, Hamilton, Calgary
Ladysmith Hardware Co§
Order Your Christ r as Turkey
Como in, or Thon. in and lot ua pick
key you want, for Christmns. Wo also
Chicken, and Sucking Pigs. Fresh Moats of
Rendered Lard.    Givo us a Trial.
you nny size Tur-
ha.ye Geese, Ducks,
all kinds, ami Home
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'■"■* '■   " ___________a___g___s
«s ____:£«#«S>**#*'««A««**#«£«**ft _<*£ ft V
Studio t
to us in the ordinary way of a leading article, lt is n year since we
last dealt with it in thc Standard, I
and candor to our readers compels
us to confess that we have not got
a single fresh thought or a new
idea on thu subject in all the long
twelve months. We coultl take you
over the same old course in pretty
near the .same old words. We could
expatiate on tho gladsome spirit of
good cheer thut makes the festival,
and the good will and good humor
that for a space reign in the minds
and hearts of tho sons of man. But
all this we have .said hefore as well
as wc know how, und there is nothing much to he gained by its repetition. Rather we would prefer to
me.k<e a few observations upon the
anomalies and incongruities which
the season suggests to every thinking mind.
The distinctive messages of the
festival Is one of peace. This alono
has been the theme of countless sermons, of Innumerable articles.
'■'Peace on Earth und flood Will to
Men" was the messuge thnt heralded
the birth of Christ. That vns over
1P00 years ago. During that time
the church of Christ has sprend its
branches ovor almost overy part of
thc world, and has gained Immensely
In wealth and power. Somo of its
rulers havo vied with the rulers of
tho earth in temporal power, nnd
hove enjoyed .wealth beyond the
dreams of avarice. Indeed lt could
lie argued that for somo timo the
church ruled all the world thot at
that time counted. Gradually, too,
the   nations   of    tho world became
  and I1"* of proper food and tho oth-
, er thrco men could not long have sus
MIDWAY ISLAND, Pacific Ocean,' v,v°d. Tho three men who were tn-
Dec. IU.—Stress of weathor, which k™ off by tho Florence Ward aro be-
comjjelled the Commercial Pacilic Ca- lnS corei1 for at tho cablo station
ble Co.'s schooner Flourenco Ward to 1,c,'c nml in n fow days wlll be tak-
ue.lnte from hcr course from Mono- cn to Honolulu by the schooner,
lulu to the cable station herc,     and | *"' ♦	
mont,' who wnntod him to roturn to run for the lee of Harm's Island for'
his capital in order to make possi- shelter, was the means of bringing I
ble tho carrying out of certain re- about the rescue ot three Japanese'
forms, plumage hunters     ffom further tor-'
l'Okin, Dec. 21.—The ruler of Tim- ture and probably from death from
Let returned to L'llassa shorn of his disease or starvation.     Thero   wore!
temporal authority and in the future originally four men of the party but I
ho wiil   be    regarded as a  mere oc- < ne of them died. j
cleslnstic, pledged to support what-' The echoonor which landed tho men
ever reforms China desires to carry on the island and waa to have re-
out whatever reforms China desires turned for thorn, is supposed to havs
in his country. , \-een lust.
There was a notable absence of The Florence Ward, commanded by
ceremony in bis departure. There Capt. Piltz, waa bringing supplies
wcro but two small honorary pavil- hero from Honolulu when a heavy
ions at the railroad station, as com- gale broke and she waa comi»lled to
Nanaimo. Dec. 19.
lightly Corked llottle With Message
ICncloaed, Picked up on    Cabriole Beach.
Romance still will have its day.
The eon of Mr. J, Peterson, of Ua-
briola Ialand, wae hunting for drift
wood on the beach below their place
several days ago, when he espied   a
bottle caet    up on tho sandy chore.
In his ruminations, he was about to
kick* the bottle to one tide wh:m   ho
noticed that it wae tightly ooil.cd,
pared to the many evidences of   the'seek shelter    near the lee of Hermes **"' » *£ •*ttmJn»*ion di,c"7;
desire of tho    government to  honor! Island, eighty    miles    southeast of «• «"* ""«"" the bMle wns V«M
LONDON, Doc. l'.l.-Tho Dally
Mail's Cottiujo correspondent telegraphs an interview with Prince Nicholas, tlio ruler of Montenegro, who
is described as picturesque in native
dress and with a pistol in his belt,
looting like a warrior and talking
like a statesman or poet. Prince
Nicholas spoke bitterly of tho dashing of tho Montonegrans' hopes, and
said some day tho Slavs' ambition
would bo realised and the provinces
they-had conrpiorcd would be restored to them.
He declared that only the concession of this territory would satisfy
his people's needs. Hc had undertaken to restrain his people until tho
| International Congress declared their
fate, "Hut this last hope had foll-
e:l," he said, "I must resign myself
to thcir wls'ies. I know the expense we have In war, but wo would
Will open for busitiBss in the new Premises
on Gatacre Street, on Sundny morning, 10
o'clock, with one ofthe latest and most up-
to date photo features just imported from'
the old world.
I Pioneer Photo Gallery I
^^^_-     . u'OM.  nn  ihi.w ill  "in,   uu,  we  wouiu
Mm when    he came to PeWn.     The Midway.     Distress signals wero ob- tt  note oyer which was written the rathor m(, ml 3(K)        ( of A, rl0TO
t.,.,.1 T,  ,_  . _.l , „i i /._..*   r,j.,_ ..... name of Alaska, with th« .t«.*j» i.™   .  .
Dalai Llama caravan is composed opened on shore and Capt. Piltz sent Bam0 °' Alaeka, with the date iicc,
Canadian   Pacific   r?a.lway
414 persons, 290 horses, 580 camels
and 80 tents. An imperial edict
'given out today commands all Chinese ofllcials In tho country through
which the Llama is to pass to pay
hlm full respect and givo him all aid
The position of thc Dalai Llama
has been very much weakened by his
coming to Pekin whoro he has been
received as a barbarian and humiliated accordingly. His religious
practices have beon a revelation of
the debased nature of the famous
"yellow sect",.and the practises of
the Llama and his followers have in
vited the contempt of both Chinese
and foreigners. The throne has
conferred the title of "sincere and
loyal spreader of civilization" upon
the Dalai Llama and this title Is an
Intimation of tho courso China will
want him to inirsue In the futuro.
considering tho raising of funds   for
The Chinese government is today
tho establishment of banks nnd day
schools in Thibet, and nlso for the
defence, the eubdlvlsion and the pol
Itlcal organization of the country.
% Billiards and Pool %
Best Liquors and Cigars.
a  small boat to investigate.
•Japanese sailors were found,
of thom  were suffering from scurvy,
'i'he other man also was in I ed condition.     The Japanese were immediately taken     aboard    the    Florence
Ward where    they     were given food
and fresh clothing.
Ono of    tho Japs told a   pathetic
Three 6' 1IJ08-     lhe contents of the.note,
Two however, was as decipherable to -ho
inhabitants of Gabriola as the hlcio-
glyphics of Ancient Egypt,
Mr. Geo. Bertram brought the hot-'
tie to this city today nad it wae an
object of interest to many llnguii-ts
who unitod In pronouncing It a note
'thrown   out by aome pnsslrg vos e I
miserable lingering doath.'
Between nil Stations on Canadian Pacific Railway and on Steamers
Vancouvor-Victoritt and Seattle.
On Salo December  21st to 25th.
On Salo lVuHmber 28th to January lBt, 1009.
All tickets good to roturn up to and including January Sth, 1000
For particulars of train service and tickets, call on _. HIL-
L1131I, Tlckor Agent, Ladysmith, or write to C. H. FOSTER, A.G.
P.A.,  Vancouver, 11. C.
,     .«■________■_____■<        •_  t -m---mmm------. ,   TKENTON, N.J., Dec. lO.-County
tale of their trials on \he Island. He Perhaps named "AIeal._," as they a- Physioian Frank G, Scannuell le still
said that for three months they had v«r it is improbable that the oottlo of the opinion that he will be able
been without    food except fish    and could havo been carried down    lr..m to sot at rest the    dispute that    a
the flesh of seabirds.     No fresh wa-] Alaskan   waters    In   such      short raan who hea    died in    tho electric I   I
ter was obtainable and they     wero "Pace of time. .   I _„_r doog    _ot d,0 thero  b . ! |
compelled to    drink crudely distilled    The not. which appear, to bo wrlt->e knife of tho eurgoon _t the  sub-   IsTtl^hlgh "udo^"tta'VriS
aea water.    When a  flre was needed ten in low German or Dutch, is    as sequent autopay.    Dut, according to ma!.prepare! Ion    season Just   now,1
the authorities the physioian ia  not''""' tncre ls n°t> one can bo   quito
likely to have a ehanee to test «.,'& ^'"S.' S?U&__.
Alaeka, 6th 12, 1003.
Paa vien sit Seattle alt -ol.
M. Oei,
J. Wick.
Bin Glodlllg, Jut
Agtt Got My'e Aar."
Various linguists translate lt par
Ihey were compelled to light it    by follows:
concentrating    the rays of    the sun
upon small pieces    of tinder through
the crystal of their watch.
According to their story the schooner     Kioho Maru,     of Hhinungawa,
Toklo, Capt.  Sugeea, put into Hermes about July 1 and landed    four
men,     From what could  bo learned tlally thus,
the tack of the men presumably was'   "On   our way to Soattlo:
to collect the plumage of sea birds.'well,
The    Kioho    Maru departed a  few
days later leaving one month's provisions for the men on the Island intending shortly to return and take
them off.       She never did. Shortly
after    the departure of the echoonor
terrific storm broke and huge seas In this city,
theory noxt Monday, aa he hod plan- packed with holiday shoppers and j
ned to do, in the eBHol John Man- from tho Battory to tho llronx out-|
taeanna,    who I. to be electrocuted' l.* in*™ , -r° ^Unda.?AJthat    th°
paring to distribute wagon loads of
toys and candles to tho children of
tho tenements. In the general rouud
of good things tho nowsboys wlll not
bo overlooked and, of course, tho
"Stage Children" will be treated to
their customary Christmas festival.
i Yuletldo      is      ut
in the state prison on that date.      | merchants, as a clnss,
Tho prison ofllcials have decided to plaint to offer   ovor
be guided by the opinion of the eml- tho holiday trade.    In Virtually   all
a ,    ",      ..    ,.,       ,    .        . i,  Hues business is roported as cons d-
nent legal authorities who havo told 01.a|,,y 1)0ttor thtt[) ,'ttst y0|U. ,
is them If thoy lent themselvee to   the    n _ to bo a cliarltablo Christmas,
| proposed     experiment of Dr, Scam" too, for institutions und individuals
hand Tho'   Kew We8tlmlnstor,    Dec. 10.— Yes-
hiivo no com- torday throo   brothors, Fred, Arthur
tlio volumo   of  and Gerald Seatoii, acquired   Cruno's
ways on Lulu island, and also    the
lOinoison dry dock, of which they will
take possession on Jan. 1.
    ^_^^^^_^^_^^^^_______—_—__J Thoy nro experienced boat builders,
Translations aro now In order.'mell they would bo liable to indict- a™ soing doop down Into tholr poc- Bnd havo ,lad cons|(|01.a))ie experience
the bottled message may oe soan in ment and impeachment for malfeas- _jfho° 10l3nnd tho himgry a™d the ^"t" ln *un Francisco and Vancou-
the Free Pwes office.' ;a«oe In office.    Head Keeper Oeborno 111 providod wilh ovon a moro lavish  vor.    It Is    tholr intention to    en-
 ' *  of the state prison declares that ho hand than hns bcon soon in   formor KOg0 largely In the boat building bu-
t,mmTA? C'].]}.VBi RE\ENGE.      Aoet not proma t0 got hlraa0|, ,nt0 yoars. .   ' slnoss ill this city, paying spoclal at-
ROME, Dec. 22.—A terrible trage-   ... .„„,.,      _.._„_. ,       ,        Tho Salvation Army Is making   its "'"" '  ',      '
dy hns boon   enacted   in a hospital a y trouble    with ,u<* experiments.  „„„„, (jmijomto preparations to give tontion to tlio construction of yachts.
whoro nn author named He has therefore    decided that    Dr.  tho hungry a Christmas tlinnor. Tho, and launches.       Tho plant will    be
Scammell will not bo Invited to the Volunteers pf Amorlca, tho Assoola* thoroughly overhauled  and   brought
of Mantaeanna.      Tho *[0.n„f?r_Impro,vin?ih-° £°B_?i__n °!
up to date
ST. PETERSmino, Dec. 10.—Emperor Nicholas today pardoned   ton, , -
of tho participants In tho Bialystok swept over the island, carrying away. Carbut, was boing treated.   Carbut,         ...
massacro of 10OS whoso ponal    son-'with them moet of the eupplies  and 5; ^""l"'} man, hnd abandoned >Vna ,,lecll.o0llUon     ««..__ -   a      ,h      h    hn
tences were not exnirod     Ho   denied   -   .        ... a iPnncolllnl;   a   sixteen yenr old girl,   .   ,.  .. ,„,.,.      .„  tho Toor,    and    othor churches and
the potitlon of the loaguo ™Bu!_lan ,elIe<:ts    <>' the marooned men.      On ^tor winning   her   hltectlnne.    The electrocution    will be deferred until charitable    organisations    will alee
people to commute tho scntencos   of w"at wae left they suhelsted as long girl sought him In tho hospital, and evening and the keeper will not turn provldo froo dinners.   For thoso who
two who    were   convicted of actual'as lt lasted, and then were compel!-'plunged a dagger   In his loft shoul- the body over to the phyeloian until cnn't got to tho feasts that uro   to
murdor.    Eleven   Ohristland and 78to live on fish end sea blrde 'U'r-    IU nnA "f^1""1 ns n0 was, the th        ,  ,„,,.„;-.   wh     tho ...  bo spread Christmas chnor will    be
Jews woro killed and ovor a hundred ,. I mnn removed tho dngger from    the .      "       _   „7     " '*'     wl"  distUbutod in the shapo of   baskets   „.,     ;..    •*.       ,    .,„....      ..
peoplo   wounded    In    the Bialystok Fukuranta" SuJIyama, one of tho men w0„m, nnd pi„ngod It sovoral times be no possibility of his resuscitating  nilw, w,th good things to cat nnd to  lllrty' ««* '"ay be boiled; thon pin
massacro. 'succumbed as the result of exposure Into tho girl's body. the victim of the death chair. wear.   Othor organizations aro   pre-   down on en Ironing board to dry.
«' ij-rj i ri'rn
White cotton laces should be wnsh-
od in a  warm    lather, or, If    very Telegraph News ofthe
World in General.
LONDON, Dec.    19,—The bill   pro- 4)
-f •*-
NEWCASTLE, N. B., Dec. 19.—
Mrs. Jno.MoDcrinid, of Nolson hanged herself to the lies! post while temporary Insane from the effects of
chronic rhoumutismi She vas 00
yeare old and leaves a husband and
VANCOUVER, Dec. 21. — Christopher Brown, a wealthy farmer of
Mud Bay, near the International
boundury, wns killed today in a
runaway accident near his home.
Lisbon, Doc. 21.—The newly elect-,
ed municipal council has unearthed a i
big scandal ln the city accounts. Over seven million dollars has disappeared. The former monarchal;
councillors udmlt tho irregularity, \
but lay tho blume upon the government which they say illegally took
tho city's money.
MOSCOW, Dec. 19.—A boycott against the Circassian guard was formally organized here today by the
Czechs and pan-Slavlsts as protest
against the annexation of Bosnia
and Herzgovnia and tho disorder, at
Prague three weeks ago.
NEW YORK, Dec. 19.-Buffoted ly
wintry storms the stoamer Teutonic
arrived from Southampton to-day,
nearly three days behind hor usual
timo. Tho captain reports that extremely rough weather retarded the
ship's speed. )'
e        —
OAKLAND, Sac. 19— At a benefit
dance tendered him lut night in
this city 113-year-old Capt. God-
durd Diamond led the grand match
with Miss Marie Montleth, who is
one hundred years his junior, Capt.
Diamond was born In Plymouth,
Mass., nnd in his youth wns connected with the building of the flrst railway in the country. He is a vegetarian and has written a boon on
the subject of longevity.
NEW YOBK, Dec. 10.-H. B. Suy-
dam, a curb market broker, has
been shot and probably mortally injured on Broad street. It is said
that tho ahot waa flnd by A. L.
I .unison, after the two men had neen
engaged in a heated nrg went
I,unison claims tho shot was fired in
eelf defence. -
—Gen. Simon, the newly elect
ed president of Hayti, today
announced hia new cabinet as
Minister ot the Interior—Gen.
Forolgn Mlnlater — M. Claude.
financo Minieter— M. Here-
Minister of War— Gen. Msr-
Minieter of Public Worka- M.
Minieter of Justice—H. Matjny.
took up the case with thc rosult
that a week ago it loturnod indictments against Mrs. Erb nnd Mrs.
Beisel, charging them with jointly
and separately with alleged murder,
voluntary and involuntary manslaughter.
Revelations following the killing of
Captain Erb showod that his relations with bis wife and sistur-in-law
had been strained for some time. Bofore hor marriage to Captain Erb,
Mrs. Erb,was Mrs W. G. Rotliormel;
a divorced woman. Their marriage
occurred about two yenrs ago. For
a timo thereafter everything wont
along smoothly, but for somo timo
prior to tho killing of Captain Erb,
there had beon a succession of violent family quarrels. On . August. 24
last, Mrs. Erb caused tho arrest of
Eugene Poulson, Captain Erb's colored coachman, on a charge of
threatening hor lifo.
At the hearing of the caso sho said
that she had bocn informed that
Poulson was acting as a spy for
Captain Erb, who stood by tho
coachman at tho hearing, as against
his wife, no subsequently explained
that he did so because he expected
to institute proceedings against Mrs.
Erb and expected Poulson to bo an
important witness ln tho case, in
which Mrs. Beisel, Mrs. Erb's sister,
also waB to bo involved.
Captain Erb declared at tho hearing that he had been duped when he
married Mrs. Bothermol, nnd that
her conduct during hie absence from
home last summer had bcon improper. Several weeks later Mrs. Erb
caused the arrest of her husband on
a charge ofl aesault and battery, and
he was held for trial. The charges
were to have been heard September
80, a weok before tho date of tho alleged murder, but wero postponod.
tiding for an eight hour day in coal
mines, which is in process of amendment became actually a measure, for
a day of nine hours was finally a-
dopted by tho House of Lords this
morning. It goes into eflect next
July. The bill originally ontem-
plated eight hours from surface to
surface, but its opponents eliminated
the time occupied in descending to
and ascending from the workings,
and calculatod half an hour's time
each way. The rosult is that eight
full hours must be spent in actual
labor below ground.
«S«A*£6S* '_.11Mttii|
President and Managing Director.
NEW HAVEN, Conn., Doc. 19,-It
is explained hore by officers of tho
New York, Now lluven & Hartford
Railroad Co., that the trunk lino
troublo in connection with the C. P.
R. lino da.es beck several months,
when by agreement with tho Canadian Pacific tho diminished differential freight rates lo and from the
West were extended from Northern
Massachusetts and Northern Now
England to tho whole of thc Now
Havon system in Southern New England and _> extending to New York
Tho ejlcct of this wns to givo tho
new Canadian Pacific route to and
from tho wost a lower rate based on
the increased longer time and some
othor inconveniences.
The result has been that thc C. P.
R. has developed business in Southern Now England, not merely by tho
lower rato but by so diminishing
timo and by supplying new facilities
aa to outbid other trunk lines for
the business, lt is stated in railroad circles hero, howevor, thut Now
York business Is not much affected
as tho importnnt freighting points
in Southern New England which formerly took business from and sent
It to regular trunk lines.
CHICAGO, 111., Dec. 10,-Whlle a
bevy of hor school children, whom
sho has Just dismissed for the Christmas vacation waved loving farj,vells
to Miss Mabel Crandal. a teacher at
Meyers road, the young vonian stepped in front of an express train on
on electric line and was instantly
killed. Ono arm held a bundle ot
Xmas gifts mode by her charges.
The other was upraised In a gesture
of affection to the little group and a
laughing admonition to them to
"be good" was on her lips ae tha
car struck her. The happy tnrowell
was never finished and the young
woman died without a cry.
What promises to be ono of the most
notable criminal trials that has taken place in this section in a long
time ls scheduled to begin in Media
next Monday, when Mrs. M. Florence Erb and her sister, Mrs. Catherine B, Beisel, will be tried for the
alleged murder of Captain J, Clayton Erb, husband of tho former. Cap
tain Erb was a well-known politician, Pennsylvania national guardsman and secretary to Israel W. Durham, thn Republican leader tn Philadelphia.
The alleged murdor occurred at the
Erb country home, Bed Gablee, ln
Delaware county, on Octobor Oth
last, Shortly beforo midnight on
that date a coachman from Rod Gables hurried to the Mountain House,
at Lennl, and notified the proprietor
of tho placo that Captain Erb had
boen shot and that Mrs. Erb wanted holp. Constable Simpson ot Rockdale, wont to the house and on the
strength of statements mnde by Mrs.
Erb nnd hor sister, Mrs, Dolsol, ho
placed the latter undor arrest, charged with murdor. The revolver with
which Captain Erb was shot, wee
found in Mrs, Belsel's dressing room.
Thero had boon a bitter quarrel, and
It was said that Mrs. Beisel had fired tho shot to protect her sister.
Captain Erb wan found lying In tho
hallway on the second floor ot the
house with a bullet wound ln the
The Delaware county   grand  Jury
PARIS, Doc 10.—There was nn animated incident in tho Senate this
morning during tho session ot tho
Colonial Budget, regarding the recent rioting by the people of St.
Pierre Miquelon, over the question 0i
free schools. St. Pierre Mitruolon is
a French ieland oil the coast of
Newfoundland and one feature of the
demonstration war tho raising of tlio
raising of the American Hag.
M. Slilles Le Croix, ministor of tho
colonies, explained that owing to the
clearly defined separatist movement
at St. Pierre he had given tho local
governor instructions to bo firm, but
at the same time conciliatory. Senator Delahaye protested with energy
against the aspersion thus cast upon
the patriotism of the inhabitants ot
the Island and charged that tho manifestations wcre an outgrowth of the
prosecution of tho Free School.
M, Delahaye was interrupted by
eonutor who called attention to the
fact that thc i onl le ol St. Pierre
had raised the American flag, to
which he replied that this had heen
done because the American flag was
symbol of liberty.
"No auch incident has ever occurred In the older colonies," declared
Senator Clceron of Guadeloupe.
"The reason is," Delahaye answer
ed, "that these colonies are inhabit
ed by negroes."
Amid a storm of protests Senator
Untelhuc ahouted, "We should think
of tho color of the flag and not of
the colonlet."
Senator Rtottratu then domandod
the recall of the French warship sent
out to St. Pierre, but tho colonial
ministor replied that In view of the
disturbances her presc oo waB necessary for tho maintenance of the prestige of the ling. A motion tn Increase the St. Pierre Mlquolon appropriation by 14,000 waB finally a-
dopted by tho senate.
NEW YIOBK, Dec. 21,- A London
despatch to tho. Times says:
The vermiform appendix, which has
been looked upon hitherto as useless
and even a dangerous organ, has at
last justified its existence according
to a statomont made by the. ' sur-.
geon of a London hospital, where
the appendix has been shown to bo a
groat help in treating diseases if tho
lower Intestines.
"One of the greatest difficulties of
medicine," said the surgeon, "is to
apply medicines to the lower intestines'. The appendix has now boon
made uso of as a short cut by which
we can readier gain nccess to this
[art of tho digestive tract.
"The new operation is to cut down
to the appendix just as in nn i rdin-
aryappendix operation, but instead
of cutting out t^hls organ it is threaded through the various layers of
muscle's in the n.bdominnl wall and
■ ttached to the skin. It is then opened and by a tube passed through
its lumen passage, and necessary medicine may bo applied directly to the
mucus membrane of the lower intestine. The appondix may with safety remain open ln this position of
tho muscles of the abdominal wall
act as an efficient guard."
To Quickly Introduce Our Work
1 Will havo
to tho   People of Ladysmith,
on Thursday, Friday and Saturday next. On these days I will
piatto PhoLoa ol any Baby under 2_ years, and give ono copy
freo, Jf you should like the Phota, nnd want more, you can
have theni at tlie Special Hates wo will make for those days.
Bring in the babies. You pay no risk, nothing to test our work
Ladysmith Studio
Opp. Blair & Adam.
KING, Photographer.
ZEIGLER, 111., Deo. 21.— With a
stubborn fire slowly fighting back
hundreds of men who have been cease
lessly at work for days, seeking to
save the coal supply of the Zeigler
mine, -loo Letter, a Chicago millionaire, and hie beautiful young wife
have joined forces with the workmen
nnd aro personnlly combatting the
Eurjy today Loiter nnd his wife,
formerly Miss Julltto Williams, of
Washington, were ut tho scene of tho
conflict. Loiter was leading tho
workmen with an inspiring energy,
whilo on the fighting line, tired but
determined, wns his wlfo serving thc
almost exhausted men with coffee
and sandwiches, and encouraging the
men by her presence.  _
Mr. and Mrs. Lcltor arrived at Zei-
gler on a  special train.
SAN FRANCISCO. Dec. 21.- 0.
A. Tvcitmoo of tho Asiatic Exclusion
League, at a mooting yosterday of
that body, called attention lo the
figures on Japanese immigration furnished by Secretary of Commerce and
Labor Strauss in tho tatter's annual
report, declaring that they were
wrong and misleading. Tho report
states thnt arrivals in 1U08 amounted to 11,511, departures, o,718. Tvcitmoo offered Urines compiled from tho
monthly revenue reports which showed arrivals to havo boon 15.803.
It wub decided lo call 4 mass meet
ing of all poisons In the state who
are interested, to proteet against the
Japanese invasion.
AUCKLAND, N.Z., Dec. 21.- Certain chiefs of tho native tribos in
German Snmon, nre threatening
trouble. They ate preparing to hoist
an independent Sninonn flag whon
tho parliaments of tho islands aro
assembled and contemplate appealing to Groat Britain und the Unltod
Statos to decide whether this action
Is justified.
Tho chiefs consider that they lost
both powor and dignity whon tho
old Snnionu parliament was dispersed and maintain that whon Germany took ovor tho islands sho bo-
enmo   hor    protect' !   nothing
moro. Violonco is anticipated, but
the chiefs will probably nITor pas
slvo roslslonco to lho (lorinnn authorities.
The largest friction saws in the
world nre used in one ol Chicago's
huge construction plants, says tho
January Popular Mechanics. Thoy
cut through a 10-ln, steel I-beam ln
14 seconds. These saws, or disks,
nre so mndo that they gonornte enough hent at tho point of contact to
literally melt tholr way through tho
metal being cut. Tho cutting edge
of the disks In roughened by simply
hacking with a fish-tall chisel. A
picture of one of these sews In operation accompanies the article.
Qrarad CpenSng This Week
ofthe Grn Store
Best Line ef Gonfeotiortery
Ever Shown  in  Lad. smith
Get your Xmas Candies at
the Gem Store
Wm. Hooper,      Gatacre St.
\    TIME TABLE NO. i.
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Daily at 0 a. rn.
Wednesday, Saturday and Sunt: 1
at 9:00, and 15:58.
For Victoria.
Trains /\rrive at Ladysmith
Daily at 11:57.
Wednesday,  Saturday and Sund 1
At 11:57 and 17:55
From Victoria.
P.O. Box 54 'Phone 44
Dealer in All Kinds of
; Meats Delivered free of charge on the
Shurteet Notice.
VANCOUVER, Dec. 21. — T. C.
Crawford, u ciipiiulisl ui 1'u.sedcua,
Cal., is horo conferring with Tejah
Singh, Hindu loader, to bring ten
thousand Sikh laborers to work on
cotton Plantations in Louisana.
Crawford intends to commence his
invasion of the Inited States with
Hindus about next May.
Tejah Singh also announced today
thut he will leavo shortly i'or Lon.
don, to personally lay beforo King
Edward nnd Premier Asquith the alleged wrong done to tho Hindus in
India and demand redress.
LONDON, Dec. 21.-0?, W. Hearst,
editor of tlie Economist, who ha.
just returned from Canada, on boing
interviewed, said:
"I gathered from the members of
the Canadian government that pressure of protectionist's interests during th»"MectionB was weaker and
that revolt of the consumer much
stronger. Therefore there is not
much four of ony rise in the lariiY.
On tho contrary if reduction could bo
made with advantage pr without a
loss of revonue thero probably would
lie a reduction. Lord Milner himself warned Canadians against becoming too fivo tradiah, end seemed
to be quite alarmed at the proBpecls
of the Canadian tarirf boinr reduced.
Personally I thought the motive underlying this n sc : lion more obvious than pntnVttc.
"As regards preference, no one I
met seemed to think it reasonable to
rtonmnd from the mother country
more thnn Canada hns already got
a free markot and a freo navy, and
what thoy nre for the moment more
especially interested in nro facilities
for borrowing large sums at reason
able rates of interest.
Apart from all this what is perhaps most important for Canada is
a commercial understanding with
the United States which would lend
to a reciprocity agreement of great
mutual advantages. So far as the
mother country is concerned, we may
1)6 sure than anything which makes
Canada more prosperous will Indi-
directly benefit us." j
Ladysmith Orchestra
From Two Pieces up.
All Newest and Brightest Music.
D. L. Ohetham        ;
District Passenger Agent.
1102 Government St. Victoria
j. m. moRGAfl
1 ______
Teacher of Voice Production and
Engagements may be left at the
Standard Office.
Excellent Boarding
Union Brewing Co.
For full particulars, npply
P. 0 FISHER      cj
[Teacher of Music]     |
Studio in Williams' Block §
Hotel Gecil
Best Liquors and Clgar«.
dt* %% DI*%% PORTLAND
All Work Guarantnil.
No Homing—
No GrBnsSin
PARIS, Dec. 10.- Hon. FlolUin_,
Canudiua minister of linanco, who
hus I cen lu this city for several days
on bueinose connected with the Canadian commercial Ircaty, is not particularly encouraged regarding thc
outlook for the ratllloiition by tin
French sonate. In viow of tho approaching general tariff revision in
Franco, French protectionists nro
manifesting oxtt_ne hostility to tho
treaty williTnnuda, and Canada is
not ready to offer nny furthor concessions
Owing to the early re-assembling
of tho Canadian parliament, Mr.
Fielding doos not expect to go to
Germany before his return homo and
tho question of aliening negotiations
for a now Cnnndlnn-German treaty
will coneeqiiently bo postponed for
tho present.
NEW VORK, Doc. 22,-Aftor forty
yoars of railroad sorvlco, eight of
which was spont ns head of the
Great Now York Contrnl system, W.
H. Newman today tendorod his resignation ns president of tho Now
York Central & Hudson Rlvor Co.
The directors - accepted tho resignation to take effect February lst.
You know from daily cxpe-
rltnce.athomc or in thc barber
shoo, that the question is—
MWhy doesn't a razor hold
its edge uniformly from heel
to head without honing and
grinding?" Whether it is a
safety, with thc certain tux of
ntw blades, ot tbe ordinary
optn-bladcd razor dors not
alter thc question. You want
the comfort and satisfaction of
ft clean, smooth shave every
morning with the confident
knowledge that your raior
will be ready for instant use
thc next time needed.
Thc Carbo Magnetic razor Is
the only razor uiinontlltlon.
ally guaranteed to do this.
J^TIttrty years of study on the
| razor situation has perfected
a new secret process of
positively merges every particle of carbon (the life of r.tccl)
Into the metal—giving a diamond-like hardness uniformly
throughout thc blade—something absolutely Impossible
with fire tempered steel-used
In making all other razors.
But tent this razor In your
own home—or If you prefer,
have your barber uso it on you.
Give us your name,	
er call and see the "Carbo
Magnetic" razor, and we will
Msle our proposition for testing these razors without
obUgatlon on your part to
^ptpnalw, together with our
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the correct razor position for
shaving every pert of the face,
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Selection—new stock
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On the Tsplnnads.
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i. ^o«ddii)g
<8»xi«Crft^«««e»i^ctao.actc. o
JL .lam w
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ai L : :	
I hereby give notice thut. I intend
to make application to tho Board
of Licensing Commissioners of the
City of Ladysmith, at tholr noxt
regular meeting, for a transfer of
tho retail liquor license now hold by
me In respect tho Kings Hotel,
Lndysmith, from myself to Joseph
Ladysmith, B.C., Nov. 28, 1908.
I botogi apher
First Class Fhotcs.
Gallery on  First Avonuo
Will bs in Ladysmith every Wednesday et the Abbotsford Hotol. Room
t. Readings tnd treatments wlll bs
given. Best of references given ns
te werk does In Nanalnio.
Ladysmith. B. 0. -BE
■ _M__MB_|0*I
Christmas Suggestions
Dry Goods Section
Christmas Umbrellas
We specialize on Umbrellas
for Xmas Gifts; the best make
that Is made; Strong Silk
Gloria Covers, and Protty Han
dles$2.75,  $3.50,  $4.75, $6.50.
Ohiistmas Combs
Special showing of Sets of
Bnck and Side Combs; some
with Gold Inlaid Designs, some
Mounted. Others set with Fancy stones and jewels. Admir-
nhlo Gifts for it lady; New and
Pretty Patterns.
Obristmas Sale of
Silk and Net Waists
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E. 6V N. Station, at the James' Bay
Cigar Store, opposite the C. P. R.
Hotel, and at the Hub Cigar Store
on Government Street, run by Dave
Lewis and .Teese Evans. XX
Jesse Sage Is reported to have celebrated his 87th birthday. Jesse Is
a Nanaimo character, well known
down hero, but the renl dato of his
birth, liko Homer's birthpjace, or P.
G. Noot's beans, is a matter of
Have you seon Percy Noot's stock?
If you haven't, take a peep at it.
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look la.
Tho names of 150 new voters wero
added to tho Municipal List at Nanaimo on Monday. At 'Ladysmith
the samo day the list was increased
by two names.
Thero were over 150 Uadysmitlt
football enthusiasts at tho benefit
game in Nnnalmo on Sunday. Rogers should certainly keep a warm
plnco in his heart for Ladysmith.
The City Orchestra gave a dance
in tho Opera House on Saturduy evening.
A splendid entertainment will bo
given ln the Presbyterian piiurch in
the PresbyteHtin Church on Christmas night by the children of the
Sunday school. The Church will be
handsomely decorated for tho occasion, and there will be a Uhvistmai
tree for the little ones. Thu programme will consist of songs, recitations and drill exercises, and the con
cert itself will be thoroughly enjoyable. The charge i'or admission will
be adults 25 cents, children from
other schools, 35 cents; children of
the Presbyterian school free.
For every variety of toy,   call
tho Ladysmith Hardware Storo.
Owint to tbe prase ot businses, we
have decided   to    keep open    every
Mr.  A. Hailstones left this mom-
route for Seattle "to**-      Waltere _ Akaahead,     the
ing for Victoria en ..        ...   .
where ho will spend tho holiday
Miss Geraldine Hirst left town on
Friday to spend the holidays with
friends in Vancouver.
Gift ston.
Joseph Evans, residing at Elk
Vake, South Saanich, accidentally
shot himself on Sunday afternoon.
For Genuine Ashcrott Potatoes ask
Blair & Adam to send you a sack. X
Sidney Inlet during the past week
has shipped about 800 tons of ore
to tho local smelter.
Splendid display or Xmas Goods-
Suitable and Serviceable Gifts, at
Walters _ Akenhead'a.—Storo open
every night.
Mr. Frank Little, supertendent   of      T_,_m h..    .no    —     _.    ... .
the Dunemuir mines, left for home g^ ^a^Sar.'Ti^S^.
J *'   | Remember     these    goods are   being
Mr. A. Dyer was on board the Vic- J^' "".* ?' le,ss tthon ™»t price
toria train this morning, j*** ™ «* last opportunity of
Mr. Oscar Dayo was a passenger
on the Victoria train this morning.
Mr. H. Drew, of Cumberland, who
has.been superintending the installation of thc steam boilers at the new
Dunsmuir mine, left for home yes-
terdny. .
Mr. Stent, of Cumberland, is visiting his two daughters, Mrs. J. J).
McKay, and Miss Slant.
Mr. Al. Dnvis was in town on business on Monday.
Mr. Vantnssoll, the Colonist representative, came into town on Monday.
Mr. J. Booth, of Nanaimo, was In
town on Monday.
Jack Struthers left town todny
for Nanaimo where be will probablj
take up his residence.-
Stamp Photos. 2 cents each. Smith
Pioneer Photo Studio.
Christmas Stockings and Bon-Bons
nt Blair _ Adam's. X
David Cook, the man who died in
Nanaimo hospital as tho rosult of injuries received in tho mines, was buried on Sunday.
The Gift Store—Will be open every
night from now until Xmas. Unique
display ot Xmas Goods—Waiters &
Nanaimo fishermen are taking
steps to prevent .TapR fishing in local waters nnd to stop seine fishing
In the harbor.
Jack's coal mine at Nanoose Bay
has been opened up again. The wharf
has now been carriod out into deep
I ii'M-
I L\ i _J
We now have a large Stock
of Goode suitable for Presents,
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GLOVES — Mocha, lined or
TIES, of all Kinds.
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W. E.
Fresh    Muffins
Blaid * Adam's.
nnd Crumpets at
Mrs. Ross, an old-time resident of
Northfleld nnd district, wns burled
in the Wellington cometory on Sunday.
Have you seen tho Teddy Bear that
squeaks? You will flnd IT and
whole lot more at tho Hardware
The Ladysmith Orchestra is giving
a dance in the Opera House tonight. Gentlemen 715 cents; ladles
Fresh Crumpets and Muffins, made
by our own bakers. Nice and fresh
At Blair „ Adam's. X
Smallpox has now boen thoroughly
stamped out of the district. The
quarantine has licen lifted nt South
Wellington, nnd everything In going
on nil right at Piddicks.
Nothing handsomer can be found
on the Island in the cutlery line than
the Carving Sete displayed in the
Hardware Store. Tliey make awell
Xmas presents.
Miss Mary Bordazone has opened
out a candy storo In the stand previously occupied by Miss Mary Gag-
'attln. Miss Nordazone Is not strange
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a fairly large stock snd hopes to
draw a good trade.
Harry Hughes has laid in some
Xmae Cigars—The Beresford, and he
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A Grand Duke Is fellow to a prince
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Gear's pumpkins will shortly bo
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$5 each for the person who gets
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goods purchased entitles the purchaser to one guess, and Gear ls expecting some tall guessing on New
Years Eve.
Our lino of Ladies' Fancy Collars
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It was stated in the last issue of
the Standard that the drawing for a
turkey at Ryan's butcher shop would
take place on Christmas eve. This
was a mistake. The drawing will
take place on New Years' eve. Re-
iffembor that you can get a coupon
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ticket and stand on your luck.
'Anything in the Fancy Goods line
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Genuine Ashcroft    Potatoes,
and mealy at Blair _ Adam's,
It la understood by the merchants
that the embargo against the women of Extension using the local
train has now been withdrawn. Hie
ladles from up above will now be
able to get down again to do their
The holiday traffic has been unusually heavy all the week. The trains
have been well loaded both goinf;
down and coming up the line.
Just in by Express; Now Felt Ha;s
for men.   Walters & Akenhead.
There is to be an open live pigeon
sweep here on Sunday, tho 2ith. Several Nanaimo gunmen are expected,
and there is sure to be a good day's
shooting. For full particulars, see
Goo. Hopple, at the Grand Hotel
Headquarters for Xmas presents.—
Walters & Akenhead.
There Is a tremendous rush at tho
Hardware Store these days; but thero
ie still a choice assortment of Xmas
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The Parrott Skating Rink will open on Christmns Eve.
A smoker cannot be happy at
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eale In boxes suitable for Christmas
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The skating rink opens on Xmas
Ralph Smith has got back from
his trip to Ottawa and has no light
to throw upon the quostion of the
B. C. Portfolio. Why this rTticence
after all the voluntary anti-effection
There is now only one clear day
left to finish your Xmas shopping
All the stores have increased thoir
staffs to deal with the rush, but the
part of wisdom will be still to shop
early. Don't put off until the last
minute, for then you don't give the
merohants a chance to satisfy hin».
self or please you. Just scan the
Standard advertisements to-night,
Make up your mind what you want,
and go right after it. Certainly
there Is choice enough and thc person who goes out of town Is certainly getting the worst of the deal.
Mr. C. H. Barker, the well known
barrister, hoe been named ny Nnnai
mo Liberals as tholr candidate for
the bye-election. The Conservatives
to the unmitigated sorrow of tho
Liberals, are not running a candidate, so that Mr. Barker will handle
Hawthornthwaite single handed. It
ought to moke a good clean fight.
The Burns' Club had a kind of preliminary social on Saturday evening
to get into condition for the annual
duet up at the end of the year.
Needless to say the social was well
attended and everybody had a good
The local Knights of Pythias tried
out their team for the first time in
years on Saturday night when a candidate Was put through the third degree IA ihe amplified form. To mark
(he occasion, a social was givon and
a very pleasant time was spent by
a numerous company. i
It le fairly obvious that the. Free
Press sporting writer had been seeing things on Sunday; but it is certain that the football match vos
not- one ol them. In hie report of
the game he says that "three offside
goals which Nanaimo scored in the
first halt wsre disallowed"; although
one of them, put in by Mitchell, especially appeared to he fair." Tut!
tut!. Mitchell did put the ball
.through once, seconds after the whistle had Mown and after everybody
but himself, had stopped playing. The
Free Press man Is further offside
than,ever Mitchell waa,
BERLIN, Dec. 22,-To Justify the
incarceration of King Ludwig II. of
Bavaria as a madman in 1880, a
few days bofore hc drowned himself
in the lake of Sternberg, publication
haB begun in Munich of a remarkable report made by the Bavarian
cabinet to a secret session of the.
Diet. This report gives new details-
of the eccentricities which led to hisj
majesty's dethronement.
From Ms earliest childhood King'
Eudwig evinced signs of Insanity, as I
did his brother, tho still living and]
insano King Otto. Ludwig began
to arouse comment in 1864 through
his disinclination to receive foreign
rulers or diplomats. Later he developed a dislike of meeting people,
declined to attend ohurch, and built
himself a magnificent private chup-
VI. King Ludwig, the report goes
on to state, desired to exchange'his
kingdom of Bavaria for tho island
of Cyprus, He had given ordors to
find a country whero absolutist government was possible. The orders
were carried out, and tho king caused a letter to be writton to the
Turkish sultan ottering to exchange
Bavaria for Cyprus.
It was his majesty's unparalleled
extravagance which finally caused his
dethronement. Ho spent millions of
dollars in building gorgeous castles,
and embellishing them in the most
costly style. He constantly demand
ed increases in the civil list nnd dismissed or ordered the arrest of ministers who neclinod to carry out his
LOS ANGELES, Cal., Dec. 22. -
In a little cottage in Pasadena, two
rooms of which are bare of furniture
but heaped with books and typewritten manuscript, one child is doad and
h'ysicidns are fighting for the lives
of two others who are critically ill
from starvation.
The father of the unites, Warren E.
Brokaw, admits that while he and
his wife busied themselves in writing books, the children went hungry.
Tho dead child, it is said, had tasted no food for three days, and for
weeks before had had little nourishment. Brokaw, was onco editor of
tlie Single Tax Courier of St. Ixmis,
and was an intimate nssociate of
Henry George. He says that ho got
down to bis Inst dregs of poverty in
on attempt to work out a theory of
balanced land tenure.
PITTSBURG, Dec. 22..-F611owihg
the arrest of seven of the most prominent members of the Pittsburg
city council charged with bribery
and othor crimes in connection with
establishing a city depository came
the apprehension lute last night of
W. W. Ramsey, president, aud A. A.
Vllsack, cashier of the German National bank, on the samo charge.
They immediately gave bail and were
released. }
Chas. A. Fagan, vice president of
tho bank, in a statoment issued today, announced thut the directors,
immediately on hearing of the arrests of tbe officials mentioned, had
ordered Ihoir dischhrgo from: the institution. Tho bank, the statement
ndded, was in no tt-ay alTectod.
--Following the sensational arrest
here lust night of seven councilmon
and two bankers, it is intimated today that even more startling ovents
will transpire today or tomorrow. In
tho meantime tho people of Pittsburg
are surprised almost beyond description at the suddenness of the arrest
of the nine men, who are well known,,
During the night the nine defendants
nnd their attorneys nnd friends held
a number of conferences, while the'
ofllcials of tho Voters' League, who
workod up the charges against tho
defendants, together with tho attorneys and municipal officials, also
held a meeting at which it is Bald
plans wero perfected for tho arrest of
other men alleged to bo implicated
in the bribery scandal.
Attorney A. L. Weil, president o?
tho Voters' Lsague, stated todny:
"This Is the beginning. The end Is
not yet."
The following are the men accused;.
Councltaen W. Brands, J. F. Klein,
J. C. Wosson, T. O. Atkinson, J.
Soffel,, W. H. Menney, Hugh Ferguson. Former Prcs dont W. W. Ram-
soy, and formor Cashier A. A. Vllsack, of tho German National Bank,
are also accused.
Information against all the seven
members of the council charges thein
with conspiracy, corrupt solicitation
and bribery..
From Brand, Wesson and Kloici ej_.il
in the sum of $30,000 each was demanded. Tho ball of tho other four
members of the council was fixed nt
815,000 each.
The information against Ramsay
and Vllsack charges them with giv
Ing Klein $17,500 as a bribe. Bail
demanded from each Is $14,000.
While all the defendants wero taken by surprise when arrested, each
secured tho necessary bail which ln
the aggregate amounted to $178,000.
Almond meal Is preferred by somo
women to soap and acts as a pleasing alternative to soap at any time.
Thla eoftene, cleanses and whitens
the skin.
TOKIO, Dec. 22.— Tho Japanese
Diet convened today ond wns opened
with tho customary, formnlities
Prospective measures relating to tht
nntlon's flnnnces, tho army and navy, foreign relations and existing
conditions in China and Korea combine to givo promise of nn interesting and important session.
To keep apples, wrap each one In
a pieco of newspaper, pack them in
a box and Put in a cool placo.
They will keep for three or four
Great Slaughter Sale of]
Christmas Gifts
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CAPITAL $10,000,000   :   REST $6,000,000
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Outfit of a chartcreil Bank, except In tne Yukon,
and at the principal Inning points In the United
Th".v are negotiable at $1.00 to tho & sterling in
Ureal Britain and Ireland. Tbey form an excellent
metho'l of rimlli Ing email num of in no j with safety
and at until coit and » ny be obtained without delay
at any office of thc B ink
L.DYSMITH BRANCH   I!   L. M. DiUsx, Manager
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cigar iiolders,
Complete Smokers' Outfit.
Telephone, 4,      P.O. Box 805
—Tho Missouri association of prosecuting attorneys mot for a,two days'
conference In this city today with
nearly overy county in tho stato represented. The chief purposo of the
conference ls to discuss legislative
measures' affecting the work of the
prosecuting attorneys that wlll be
brought before the legislature at its
coming session.


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