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Ladysmith Standard Jul 22, 1908

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•M-H-H-**    T
This "Hot Weather" makes one think what thoy can
< ■ a nice Cold Lunch.    Let us tic, the thinking for you.
J' Chicken, (Boneless), per   in	
, \ Turkey, (Boneless), per tin ...; „	
i, Hum, Veal, Beef, Chicken, per tin	
i • Melrose Pate, por tin     	
i> Rabbit, (Boiled). Sib. tin .., ,	
j ! Roast Boef nnd Mutton, per tin, ...,	
\ , Lunch Beef, per tin ......y.'..	
ii Libboy's Devilled Ham, per tin	
- i Van Camp's Pork and Beans   .....
' ] Davis' Baked Bean, per tin  „ ",	
' ' Lunch Tonguo, per tin 	
\ J Lazenby's Chef Sauce, per bottle,   .'.	
] , Glllard's Piquant Sauce per bottle	
, i Lea _' Porrln's Worcester Sauco, per bottlo	
, i Davies'  Swoet Pickle -Relish per bottlo 	
- ' Bar Harbor Ketchup, per bottlo, ,.	
' ' French Mustard, por bottle	
' [ All kinds of Pjckles, including  Sweet, Mustnrd, Walnut,
,        Cauliflower, Etc  85c
-  Mc
. .. .  20c
.  ...    80   •
a Bottlo.
&_________________.______________a*--.A.-.-.-.-.-i_(l.^ f |t|t
Whatever You May Need
Is a Pay Day
Special at "^>
,p,p,p,p,p,p,iy,pip,^ip,pipTipipi4 ipipKfif-j^^m
a"11-1   '        ' ' »■■ "   **<**.».   '*i ' p—WimaPmPm
YOU CAN GET      ••*%•
Clocks, Watches, Pictures, Books,
Razors, Etc., Et..
for White Swan Washing Powder Coubon.
Senil a Two-Cent Stamp for our Catnlogiie
B. C. Soajj Works, ^cromA, **_.
♦%♦%** %«*»>ay«%aj,<*%«^%ay»a»A
ll Home Made,  Froah Dally.  Critic*
pronounce it "to to*   Th* Beat   over
•old in Ladyamlth.    Oome and   try
It.   Warrant-! absolutely puro.
So, and 10c. Per Dlah.
Picnic and Private Parties Supplied
by th* Gallon.
Matt Mart r_rt*r» I* Tow*.
Oome and  make Tour
Selection—new stock
fresh iu.
J. E. Smith',    Roberts Street
; •♦♦•mT+Hm-f--H-H+-f> :
;; For Pay Week OnJy '■ [
A Cosh Discount ol 20   per • -
cent, on anything In  Stock. - -
Juat   recelvod—a larger   As- ' '
sortment   of   Watches, Clacks, [ '
Chains, Bracelets, Blouie Sets, ,.
etc.,- Rings,, ludies'  or gents'. • ■
from   tho flom Set Ringa   at - -
$1.25, to tho better ones, 'in- - '
eluding Diamonds, Rubles, Sap ' '
phlres, Poarls, etc., etc., Irom
ur, to uso. .      ;;
Wutches regulated Free of ,,
Charge. Your Work Solicited, . ■
and Satisfaction Guaranteed.   • -
Watchmaker, Jeweler and
Oatacre Street.
Mr. P. BurUe Asks Fur un Am.ly_i~.
IIP. Fugnn  is tu Investiguio
Thu Mutter.
The _went,,-„igl.Hi nicotine pt tho
City Council was hoi- in tho City
Hid I oil Monthly ovon ing. 'Mayor Nicholson prosidoii, mul thoro wore jiro-
sent Aid. Campbell, lluwurth, McKinnell, Drown uud Mnihcson.
A report of the liiirninjj; of the I'ro-
viuci.il gaol, together wjth,.u Ifnio
liill for tho flremuu, wns laid ovcr
for ono wook, the Council being of
tho opinion thut tho city was not
UtiMp for tho expenses incurrotl.
A oonimiinication wus rend from
Fire Chiof Smith. u.sking that tho
Council should semi him down to the
Convention of Pirn Chiefs to ho held
in Victoria. Mr* Smith pointed out
tho importance of u fire chief attending theso conventions,, as new methods of fighting fires were discussed
and demonstrations of now* equipment nnd apparatus, were given.
Fire Chief Smith asked only- for a,
grunt of §25 towards his expenses
Aid. Haworth asked if Flro Chiel*
Smith did seo anything now in the
fire-fighting appliances, <wus the oity
in n position to get it ?
Mayor Nicholson : No.
Aid. Haworth: Then it would he a
waste of money.
Aid. Matheson remnrkod i that so
fur from learning anything from tho
way in which fires were fought in
Victoria, ho wns of tho opinion that
Victoria could take lessons from1 1>-
(lysinlth. He hud soon fires in both
places ond the methods hore wero
hotter I '.".'turiu.
Tho matter was laid over for a
week for tho Fire Wardens to roport
on. after talking it ovor with Flro
Chief Smith.
An application for the position of
engineer in connection with the electric lighting or tho city wus ordered
filed for future reference.
A copy of the constitution of tho
Union of Munio.polities of II. C. ns
nmendeti at tho recent .convention
held in Nnnnimo, wus received and
read hy City Clork Stewart. A letter
nccompnniofi it, and tho city was requested to forward its annual subscription if it hud not done so.
The communication wus ordered filed, and the City Cleric instructed to
forward tlie amount of tho subscription.
Accounts to .the amount, of SIS).85
wero roforred to tlio Finance Commltteo to he paid if found correct.
Mayor Nicholson snid that as decided ut the lust meeting of tho
Council, he hnd gono to Victoria for
the purposo of interesting capitalist
in the snle of the City Debentures.
The gentleman had asked him for
two days to iool^into the Inyjjno^s,
und expressed the opinion thnt he
would he able to get some clionts to
tako them up. He (Mayor Nlchol-
son) left the business ut that but
hud never hoard from Victoria since.
The wholo business after a short
Informal discussion wns left in the
hands of Muyor Nicholson, on the
understanding that he would call u
meoting nt his own discretion.
Plans and specifications for the
now premises being erected by tho
Lndysmith Bakery fo.. wt.ro ordered
received for tho use of thc Flro
Wardens, t i
A protest from Mr. Feovor In re-1
gard to tho license he is pitying for,
tho howling alley was laid over for
n week so that tho matter may bo
looked into.
Mayor Nicholson brought up the
question of sidewalks. He said that
somo of tho roads around the Colliery offices needed fixing up. Thoy
could uro . up the old lumber tbuy
had taken up from tho old sidewalks
Thoy could fix a sidowalk either
down Kltchonor or Buller Streot.
From Mr. Kussell's residence down
past tho pay ofllco, Thoro wns a sum!
pit and tho roud was not only bud
but, dangerous.
Aid. McKinnell moved and Aid. Matheson socondod thnt u sidewalk he
laid down Kitchener Street nnd thut
that portion of the Hsplnnade round
the colliory ofllco be fixed. Tho motion carried.
Mr. P. Burko whs given pel-mission
to no\lrass the Council. He snld
that ho hnd been given lo under.
stand thnt they must all closo their
wolls. He would liko to comply with
tho order thnt had heen issued, and
ho wns willing onough to take tho
city water . But ho wanted to sny
for himself nnd some of his neighbors on the hill that they hnd somo
of tho finost -wells to be found in tho
country and it would he n shame to
closo thom down. The wnter In his
woll wns used by fiftyor sixly peoplo for drinking nnd hero thoir doctor had como in nnd ordered the
wells to ho closod. And these people
who came to his well for wnler ell,
or very nearly nil, had tho city water In their houses, but only used it
for cooking nnd washing and watering the gardens*.
,Ho hnd trout swimming round In
his well for two yenrs now, und If
tho wnter hnd not been free from all
linpuritlps thoso fish would novor
havo dono ns woll ns they had dono.
Yot tho ordor to close down hurt
boon Issued without respect to any
difference thoro might bo In tho wells.
Thero were wolls down tho hill tho
Wfltor fn which he would never drink
hut that did not mako tt right, thnt
his well nlsft should.bo closod. j Ho
would Hko to know what kind of
wator the city wns being supplied
with. Tt enmo from a 'rog pond nnd
It was worse.thon uny pond ho had.
ovor seen. He could assure tho Cont)
ell thnt If thoy only saw, tht? reservoir nnd the stnto it wna In they
would certnit''- nover drink tho'water.-
However, his main object In addressing tho Council was to nscor-
tnln whether hn could got an analysis taken of tho water in the vqlls
on tho hl|l. Thpn according to tho
results of tho    test, the   had wells
could bo shut down and the good,
ones left open. Ho was not blaming
thc Council. They wmv. only carrying out their instructions, hut here
they had a yuunj« "octor, just graduated, ordering ai wells to bo closed, without any investigation at
nil, or uny t*,naly_'- being made of
the water. .   ,
Muyor Nicholson remarked thut
the Council hud uo desire to be
hard upon any of tho citizens. How-
ovex; Ur, Fagan was coming up during the week, unci he would take the
mnttor up. Iio did not hco himself
thnt ajiy citizen could be compelled
to closo u well the Wator of which
had been proved by ipinlysis to he
Aid. Matheson coiicuireil in this
opinion.' However- iho Council wus
not prepared to tako any of tho responsibility that properly should i *.>
shouldered by the Mudicut fraternity,
Tho doctors were supposed to know
ull about thoso Ibtyw. Dr. Fagan'
wus, ho undorKtu tr Mug to loo-?
into the whole question, nnd exam-
hio the condition of the reservoir as
woll ns tlio stuto of tlie wells. Thoy
would of course ho bound to act in
accordance with his fbjdings, but ho
; folt* confident thnt no mini would bo
'ordered to close a well-the water
which had been tested and found to
be good.
Mr. Burke expressed himself as satisfied nnd wound up his remarks
with the prediction that the water
in tho reservoir would he found to
he rotten fnun the word po.
The Council then adjourned.
KANSAS CITY, July 20.- Mrs.
Susan Turner, wife of Louis C. Turner of Argentine, Kas., yesterday
gave birth to quadruplets, three
hoys and a - girl. The girl died
short time after birth, but the boys
are alive and apparently healthy;
San Jolo Citizen Hue Uncovered tour
Matrimonial  Venture*   and
Could Find More.
SAN FttANCISCO, July 20.— J.
Carbone, a well-known sporting
man of San Joee, alleges that hie
wife hus been married no lees than
seventeen times, and that on none
of the succeeding occasions has she
gone to the trouble of obtaining re-
lenee from hor matrimonial ventures.
iio aels for a divorce ou thla
showing. The woman, who is only
15 yean of age, has dlMppearsd.
Ho says that a brief and very successful examination of her affairs
previous to his marriage with her,
discloses that shs hnd at least four
husbands living, and he thinks that
with more detailed examination, tho
correct number will be found to be
*.  4	
NEW YOHK, July 20.-Tho Arctic
bound steamer Roosevelt had crossed the Cull' of St. 1-awrence and was
about to enter the Straits oi Belle
Isle at six o'clock last night.' This
report was contained in a message
from Commander Peary, which read
Point Amour via Cape Ray, Nlld..
July li).—Arrived at Point Amour,
light at 6 Sunday night. Flue weather. Good run across the gulf.
Prospects of a clear nlghl through
tho Straits.    All well.
■Constable Cassidy. is 'without a
prison for any unfortunate he mny
urrest, without an office in which to
transact his business, and the city
is without u County Court. All
these deprivations, ure the result of
a fire which broke out on Sunday
ubout noon.
How tho firo originated, is not
known with cortninty, but it is
supposed to have., boon started by n
spark from tlie fires that, ure burning on the land that is being cleared
However, the foreman of thc clearing gang talks of incendiarism, und,
until tlie mutter is determined, no
statoment can be made.
Constable O'ConneH was the first
to roach the,: burning building, Hf*
ul once turned iris utlention to the
ftirniturc. fittings', and books, and
succooded in getting dVbiythtng out.
Meantime he hnd turned thealarm
In; .but before tho-(ire brigade boys
could get hus£ the .building was
clearly und manifestly doomed. An
Ineffectual attcnipt wns mode to
smotlier the flumes, lnU tho flre hnd
got too, groa.1. a hold, and tlno whole
building, together with the adjoining
outhouses,  were utterly consumed; '
INDIANAPOLTS. Ind., July 90, -
From every port of the country 'Ungates ore arriving in In>lian,.pol;*»
for the hlonnlal convention of tho
Ancient Ordor of Hibernians. Tho
delegates will attend high mass tomorrow morning ln tho cathodral aftor which they will nssembto In
Tomlinson Hnll, whoro thoy will ho
wolcomod by Mnyor Bookwnlter and
other speakers. At this session National President Mntthew Cummings
of Boston, will appoint the working
committees. In the evening thoro
will bo fl grand ball and reception In
honor of the. national nfflrers nnd
tho officers of the Indies' auxiliary,
The business sessions will continue
through the gronter pari of the week
nnd will be interspersed with mnny
features of entertainment.
Throe'Young   Townsmen Havc Narrow Escape From'Falling Trees
Three young townsmen got a -rare
fright anil, indeed, narrowly escaped
death or serious injury while out
walking on Sunday evening. The
gentlemen were Messrs. Brooksbanks,
Burton and Walkom and they wore-
making towards- home about six
o'clock in the afternoon.|
Thev were coming through tho railway cut 'which comes* but at the
bunkers. The sides, of tho cut have
rather a iiiinutory appearance at any
time, und anyone not acquainted
with tho nature of tlie ground would
naturally wonder that the sides • do
not slide in, Tlio three pedestrians
were just remarking upon the peculiarity of the cutting, und speculat
ing what would happen to (hem if
there wore n slide "It would be
cheap buriah" said one, and at that
very moment some gravel slid uwuy
from tho side of the cut. This was
followed by the sound of n sudden
snap und the swish of some heavy
object hurtling through the air.
\ startled glance upwards, showed
them a tree falling over the cut right
over their' heads. For u moment
they didn't know whut to do, - but
Instinctively the'* mudo n bolt for it.
And it was well for them thnt they
Tlio tree wlW^t^rruslu'd^to the
ground nt the f-^tl/r sidg#f tho cut.
snapped nnd the inTtf-^rit fell Into
the cut. Even with the rush the
walkers had made, they were grazed
by some of the branches, and Mr.
Walkom'fl glasses were found right
under the main body of the fallen
tree. Mr. W... r ■>-so .dropped his
coat nnd there wus wind enough
from the. concussion to scatter the
contents of the pockets ull over tho
It was u dust-hegrinod und rather
dishevelled group of pedestrians thnt
OVOIltuiil^ V  their    wny   out of
tho cut for homo, "but thoy were ull
thankful to huve got out of the incident with wholo skins.
Tt seems thut tho tree had been
burning, nnd It would be well fn
enses like this, whore there is always
a danger of a tree tojipling over on
to a road usod by tho public oithor
to hnvo it watched or felled.
Maglsthftea Jlutliusou ami Nicholson
Dispose ol'   Four   fJtisos on
Monday _vauliig,
•   *
Magistrates Jlniheson unci Nicholson had. four charges before tlu?pi ou
Monduy evening, ull oi which they
managed to dispose ol iu the singlo
single sitting.
The lirst cuse wits one of assault,
which wus preferred against M. l.'hur-
lior, by a Belgian, who recently ur-
rived iu thc town. From the evidence it appeared thut Mr. and Mrs.
Churlier wcre coining along Fourth
Avonue on .Suluriluy evening. Tho
plaintill, who, according to one witness, w-us neither drunk nor sohur,
wus talking to u compatriot, .lust
us Mrs. OJuu-Uer got up tn where
thoy were talking, the conipluinuut
gave utterance to some vory dirty
language, Mr. Cluu-lier ut once told
him he should have more sense than
to use such language when there
were women around, whereupon complainant begun-to ubuse him. The
result wus thut Churlier stopped his
swearing hy smashing him in the
The magistrates yoi-j wisely dismissed the cuse.
Tlio complainant now- found himself defendant on a charge laid against him by Cojistable (.'ullunder of
creating a dijJtuibuiu-n and using hud
language on the street. The defendant denied ho -was drunk or that he
caused any disturbance. All the wit
ncsses in the "previous rase hnd]
sworn tlmt ut least' he was using
foul language und ho was fined   ton of the club devolved on one or two
son'-suy'ia^thc oT'iirij-itK thrb th*r divheir be9tthey
gunge on the streets hud got to be I ,mtura">' cam0 far *hort of satisfy-
stopped.       Certainly  it  wns  not at
Oil pleasant for any man when   out
Meeting to bo Hold Next Week    to
Organizo for the Season.
A meeting of the committee of the
Football Club was held in the Standard olllce yesterday evening. Messrs. Jas. Adam and E. R. Hind-
marob -vere appointed the club's delegates t„ attend tho meeting nt Victoria on Saturday to take up the
subject of the formation of n Pacific Coast Football league. The committee aro nil unequivocally in la-
vor of the scheme, and have little
fault to find with the constitution
which will lie submitted on Saturday
evening. Tho league ha* been put
forward at the psychological hour,
nnd should still further popularize
the game and secure for the clubs
greoter financial support.
Next Wednesday evening there will
be a meeting cullotl to hear the report of the delegates and to organize again for the coming season. The
class of football this year will b*
better than ever, and Ladyamlth
must improve with the times. Two
seconds is not too had for the town,
but nothing less thnn thc ohamplon-
rhip Is (he aim of Ihe club this season.
To carry on- the work properly a
strong committee is necessary, composed necessarily of mon who know
tlie game.       Last year the conduct
AMF.UICANS      DO     1'OOllLY
Franklorton-the-Maln, July 31. —
A number of American* competed In
th* Held sports hore today in    connection with the international gymnastic tournament.     The events   included th* high ond broad Jump, the
long throw nnd running and free exercises.       The scoring was on    tho
point   syatom   with 110 the highest mul
possible.        The   highest score, 108 court
wa* made hy    Wagner, Switzerland. '
None of the Americans got over s
— *	
OPHIM HILL.    .     ,
OTTAWA, July IR. -The Scnolo
InBt night gavo n third reading to
tho Ahtl-Orilum bill.
Tom—It ws* * caae ol lov* at
flrat light with me.
Jack—Than why didn't you marry tar?
Tom—Oh, I law Mr again on **v-
oral occasions,
"l'ou    don't worn to have   much
—all for hummock* a* you used    to
do." mid the r*g(ular boar-Mr.
"No," answered Fnrmar Corntonol
'I guess   time* haa' been too bard
lor silk stocking* this yenr." .
A W01_> TO TH_ WISE,
"That lady told me that aha wu
very much Interested In my work,"
"What, that widow?"
"You   might Juat    as   well order
your wedding clothe*."
with his wife to hetir such language.
The Belgian wus understood to express n very poor'opinion of Lndysmith nnd Its Justice, but ho paid
his fine and rim leave as soon'as he
wishes. '
A colored lail.y wns (bo sole figure
fn tho next case. She was charged
with creating a disturbance on the
street on . Stmdu.v' evening nnd at
onco admitted tho hard impeachment
Shc hnd It seems, been moro thun
usually violent and Constable Callander -was compelled to tako charge
of her. However, she evinced no liking for his company and refused to
take a walk with him. Whereupon
the gallant .Mm wus driven to take
her upon his buck, for which . kindness ho , olso received more abuse
thun thntiks. When opposite the
Presbyterian Church the ludy's apparel, began to shed it parts and
there was a hall tor repairs during
which the voluble one heaped gross
abuse upon thu head of the bashful
policemen to the horror of the peoplo coming out of the church.
The Indy wus fined ten dollars and
costs and told to get out of tho
The fourth cuse wns n cutting uf-
fray which took place in Uie kitchen
of the Abbotsford Hotel on -Sunday
morning. From tho evidenco It
seemed thnt Mr. McMurtrie had instructed Joe, the general utility man
to tell the dishwasher that ho wns
not doing his work properly. Joe
told his countrymen this while eating his breakfast on Sunduy morning nnd also indulged in somo joking und chaff. The result wus thut
the dishwusher got mad und shied a
tnble knife nt Joe. The latter jumped up to chastise the dishwasher for
this, and did slop hlm, hut got n
cruck on the bead from a potato-
squeczur in return. Then tbey fell
to scufding, and while thus engaged
tho dishwasher caught up a carving
knife and slashed Joe three times
ovcr lho ai—s. What olse be would
hnve done there is no telling, but
loe-ninnnged to pin the arm thnt
held tbe knife until tbey w-ero sep-
Mr. Stewart who appeared for lho
dishwasher, endeavored to show thnt
the provocation hud come from .l«e,
and that 11io littler bud in fact,
started the quarrel, lie ulso objected to tho form of the Information,
and pointed out thai none of lhe
witnesses bad seen the actual cutting.
The Chinaman was    iln.-d    $L'0 i-O
costs,    which    wus paid into
—-r alt the club's Bupporters. It is
hoped that this year a strong working committee will be available,
There is no doubt that tho events of
the season will call for it, and no
one with interest In the game or
pride in the club will refuse his services.
ST. PETERSBURG, July 21.-Tha
pujiers ol St. Peteraburg comment
TOlvlo, July 31.—Th* Japuncaead uncharitably on tho doath two days
miralty ho* decided upon a large ago of Vice-Admiral ltojesvenaky at
scheme tor re-armament. Inat—id of Uadaugheim, ' Germany. lho Hclch
building now ships the armament* of says that although acquitted by the
the old ships will be altered ao a* to court martial he was condemned by
bring thom In Un* with the most public opinion aa one of tho guilty
modern Idea* and with tho require- naval olllcers who personally contrl-
monts    Indicated  by the
Ho— I  told your lathir I
oiler you an honored nam*.
She (•ugerly)—Y*s, and what   did
war with bated to the Russian naval dlsnster he say?
Mr. Leo Willard Scares Another Success in the Opera House.
Tlio attendance at the opera house
lust night was a greet improvement
on that uf a week ago; but it wa*
certainly not us good a* Mr. Lee
Willitrd and hia company deserve to
have. "My Partner" is not a very
strong play. Tlie motif is very weak
and the linal denouement falls tamo
and flat. Still there are some very
strong scenes with sevoral golden opportunities for the display of the
mnmmor'e art which Mr. Willard
turns to very good ndvnntoge. .The
play ulso is clean and wholesome,
nnd the vein of comedy so aptly exploited by Mr. Dave Williams, as
"Major Britt," and Miss Leslie Marion as "Posle Peutland," keeps the
andienco in good humor. Th* show
wns very enjoyable and If ever Mr.
Willard and his company pay I_dy-
smith a visit in thc theatrical sea-
ron proper they will certainly hav*
crowded houses.
LIVERPJDOL, July 21.- I** Str.
I.iiaitunia whloh arrived here today,
has broken her eastward record to
Qtteonstown over the long course.
She left Sandy Hook lightship on
July IB at 5.fill p.m.. nnd arrived
off Daunt'* Hook July 20 at 11.88
p.m. Hor time in transit, five day*
and 23 minutes, and hor overage rate
of speed (or the entire distance.
24.S3 knots an hour. Hcr heat previous run, fi days 8 hrs. 21 mln*.,
was made at an average speed of
lhe Lusltanln Is still 83 minutes
behind (he record mndo by the Mnur-
etonia made on this course, namely
r> dnys nnd i mtnntea, nt an average
spei'd of 31.42.
Runla.  .'■■..' in tho Sea ".' Jnp.iO yeara before.
When the programme Is carried out Later— Berlin, Jnly 31.—Th* an-
It will have th* advantage of Croat- nouncomont mndo yestorday from
Ing a thoroughly homogenious fight- Badholsm, Germany, that Vlce-Ad-
Ing fore*.
He—1 lo wanted to know what bank
It would be honored at and lor how
Ho—It wn*   dweadful.
ntlral Rotjcsvensky. who commanded
lh* Russian fleet thnt wns nnnlhllnt-
• ed bv the .Tajinncse in tho battle  of the motoh Into * twee, and I waa
the Sen of. Jnpan, bnd died hore the pitched' ovuh, landing on my h**d.
—— night ol July If,    is Incorrect.     A ]   She-How luckyi
"Yea,    I  Ilk* th* hat immensely, Russian named Rojestvcnsky did tlio     He—Luoky?
bgt I'm afraid   my husband    won't at Badholsm,    but It was not    tho    Sho-Ye«, thnt you tended on aome
car* Ior It," vice-admiral. thing aoft.
, "Rut *uch a  lov* ol » hat, ma-
"Yes, I know. Oh, win yon put
It odd* until tomorrow aad I'll
bring my husband In?"
"Impo**ibl*, madam; you had hatter, tak* lt now. It I* much enelor
to g*t another husband than another hat Hk* thl* OMI"    .
"a"'a-a"ra''an,_a-,-.-a-i,--a-r'a"a'"a"a»"*ft'"»'"t"» a*t t"e*Ve a •"*"** tae
• KIEL, July 31 .-Th* Emperor    recently    eommlnlOMd     Hu *
• Oertz, of Hamburg, to design a lnrge racing    schooner to r*pla*» *
• tho Amorloan built Meteor, now six y»nr* old,    II    th* Emperor'* •
• now yacht eomes up to expectation* noxt Jane lt la not unllkoly th* *
• Emperor will send to th* Niw York Yacht Club a otatlleng* for lb* •
• America* cup. * l. i ,   : ■■--,„     ■■—-;
II You Require Any
Or; If Yea Require Aay
LIFE,      '
«r II You Want to Buy a ■OU--,
or Ml Oh;   »r II Y*«   **_»
1'ARM or -RUIT _A«D_.
M*U~r rahlla. Ooarejraaeer
SHAH'S   ACTagftlTY   IS   VERY American A. C., wm a good second, warmer than, at any tUne iihce-tlu TA_-I__ NOW IN -_E i_AN_S OF>**--• »t Winhipig, (3.days),
Ladysmith   Standard
SB__-W__I1_,Y. I,-,
t-ybllahed ou Weduesdayi auu _*»ur-
daj.il Afternoons by tl)*
Hobl. 11. Hlnamareh,
o    i: I——agar.    -
1        SU-8C-R1PTION P1UO-.
Una Year , »M*
Sl.f   —OUU.B     .     lh
Ad.viUiuo, l_u»> ou Appllcatlaii
Th* question of the closing of the
wells within the city limits was a-
gain before the Council on Monday-
even—g. The matter was raised by
Mr. Burke, and in ihe remarks he
mad* before the 'council, a report ol
which will be found on tha Iront
page, ha* voiced the sehtiments of
quite a number of citizens. Incidentally also he extended the scope and
ana of the question, and the Council found itself confronted with tho
larger subject of th* quality of the
water supplied to the city.
With Mr. Burke's main contention
there is nothing to be objected. He
claim* to have a well in which the
water I* absolutely pur*. He is
.willing to have It tested by analysis
sad I* ready to abid* by the result
ol th* teat. There are othera ia ex7
actly the lame position, and he aaked th* Council to have thi* done ber
lore proceeding to enforce the instructions, they hav* issued. This
i* only t what. Mayor Nicholson wonted done all along, und it certainly ia
one sale and easy way in whloh trou-
bh> may be avoid*d.
However, Mr, Burke went a atop
further. . He wa* willing to have the
water in hi* well tested, and he
thought the water supplied to the
city should also be analyzed. II*
mad* certain statements about the
condition of the reaervoir which,
although Ihey were not new, certainly ought to be investigated. Th*
health of the town at this time of
the year, especially a town with
the sanitary conditions ol Ladyamlth, depend* to a vary gnat extent on the purity of the water and
ol the milk with which it is supplied.,
Whether either, one or tho other hos
been, or is I sing looked alter properly ia open to serious question,
and it is as well that the subject
has bean raised in, the manner it
haa. Dr. Fagan, it seems, is expected in the city, and he is  to look
and Jarvina, Finland, who held  th* opening of tha   games.    .This   was
Olympic record, was H_jB. P     .welcomed -by   the visiting lompeti-
iln the. final    of the'6,(300'    meter tors, particularly the Americans and
cycling race,' Schijles protested    ag- Canadians,
ainst the victory of Jones, alleging
foul,'the protest was hot allowed,
London Wins Tug of War.
In the final of the tug of   war, the
City' of London police,    was   first,
while tho   team    made up from the
Liverpool Policemen was second.
third. Kingdom won 76 points and qunllfl
The final In the fancy diving was cd for tho semi-finals.
won by Zurner. Germany, with 85.5 The first boat of tho 800 meters
points. Berhens, Germany, waB sec- flat race was won by Roxor, ol Hun-
ond with 88.8- Geo. W. Gaidilk, ol gary, time I minute 58 8-5 soconils.
Chicago, tied with Wnlz, Germany, Second heat was won by Kelvin,
for third with 80.8. with Sheppard, Irish American A.C.
*     American Going Home. second.; Time 1 minuto 58 seconds.
D. R. Robins, Yale, one of the Am- Third heat was won by B. Bal-
erican hurdlers, will have to return stead, of New York A.C. in 3 min-
home oh account of the death of his tiles 1 3-5 seconds,
father. He leaves on the Lucania. Fourth heat Was won by Lunghi.
The final of the ladies' archery con- Italy. Timo 1 minute 58 3-5 sec-
test was won by Miss Newell, Unit- onds. |0, L. Coe, University of Bled Kingdom, with Miss Dodd, United chignn, was second.
Kingdom, second, and MIsb Hillowe,     The Ilrst    boat of    tho
United Kingdom, third
In tho final for the Gentlemen's nr- Africa; Timo 11 8-5 seconds.
iXJNDfiN, Jfjjjy 18.^rA; epcial despatch to to* limes froin Tabirr-
lay*: A sudden and unexpected
chaag* took place la the barometer
last night. Th* elder* In all quarter* of th* town except one, wbich
1* devoted to th* Shah's cause, a-
greed on concerted action sgalnat
the government forces and amid th*
greatest excitement a great crowd
surged towards Rachln Khans head-
quart—r* without waiting Ior parley,
the Khan withdrew hls forcea to th*
suburban plantations which he occupied prior to entering the town five
days ago. The crowd Immediately
rushed for tb* houses of the Shah's
richest supporters and completely
looted them, Including the residence
ot the ministor of llnnncc. Many of
Rachln Kbi-a's horsemen were Isolated in the lov 11 und killed, and the
majority or tin Shell's infantry melted into civilian*. Unless Rachln
Kban'a move has aome ulterior motive, it would apiear that th* authority of tbe Shah I* completely at
a discount and the future a riddle.
 _* 1	
City.of Mexico, July 18.—The Federal government took extraordinary
precautions to prevent disturbances
In th* disaffected dlstilcts of the
north today on the occasion of th*
customary annual celebration of th*
anniversary ot the death of Benito
Juarez, the Mexican patriot. In the
capital today it wae observed in the
usual manner. Elaborate program*   were    carried out by Juarez
•ocleWes, and a procession marched j ~™ ^Vo trips to tho Gilbert
to.th* cemetery ol San Fer-llnar-o, ^Atf m ..btachhlrdtng" KVpi\.
whir* memorial ex*rcises were held. tloJu     ^  D  0   BlBokblinii who
went    down   with   the Montoerrat*
which wa* lost with all—and*, came
. .    .-      —t   troxn Nov* Scotia to   the Columbia
■Tulv IS — Th*
1      ' river ond engaged a* a Hibernian a-
M.anaa VawaaAA-   ' "*
In the flqal of the 100 meters swim
was won by 0. M. Daniels, Now York
A.C, in 1.05 8.5. Itehalmy. Hungary; was second and Julln. Sweden,
third, Tho first heat of tho high LONDON, July 20.-A lato das-
diving competition, was 1 won by pp^ ^ ih* xkaa* Irom Tabriz dat-
Geo. Oaidulx; Chicago *U...,_ with i^ ^ ^ ^    ^ ^ ^
'entirely in th*    faai_« ol the rtvoiu-
REEBLS. "   I ' ' Saturday.
": *- |.,T I .Western-tennis    championships   at
All but   On*    Section ot, th* Town     Annual    regatta of the St.   Louis
Commanded, by th* Revolution-     'Power Boat Association.
1st* —- Roy*—Iti Foil. Continuation of the Olympic games
mmmm I in London.
.     ■.    PLE KIL-INO:
Kills Woman and Companion     and
Mukes His -scape, Aftorwa-d*
Blowing His Braihs Out.
FORTLAND,  Ore., July 30- b&-
vld Cohnelll,     chef at the Arlington
The Metropolitan police tenm was" 81.8    points.      Goudwbrth;   United ,•* Ju*» l • .**>*'
The twin screw steamer   Princess ***»> in thl" city- '"*■ Bl*ht *** *?
         Charlotte, which tlio Fairfield ' Ship-, o_-h Mrs. Dolly Sharp and a  man
tionists with th* exception of only building $, *£lugineerlng Co., (Ltd.), whose name haa not yet heen learn-
ou* quart*.       Th. wiibdrawal    df _£»-■ '»»*? $*bilyA 'orAixeaa- „.
nadiau 'Pacific Railway Company's
Ra-Uh Kuhmaa's horaeaw- from the service, is 813 feet in length, 46 leet
Occupation ol    th* town is heralded 6 inches in breadth, 36 feet in depth
a* the ___■* 01    tha Shah'* endea- .° aholtor do**! T1,0* "bout 8,600
. "        „ _, m tons gross,    She is divided into aev-
vor    to assart roy_l_t_  «upr«i_-y. en watertight compartmonts, and tbo
The infantry lag——mt Matt {rum Te- orlop deck Ib also made watertight,
heron to this plao* to restore order adding greatly to the safety of   the
left their   ri__ aud uniform,    h*. **• J^le^r-mta!? *
heat 01'    tho 100 motor
(Ini race, was won by Dufty,   South
chery, Dodd, United Kingdom, waB
first with 185. Brooks, United Kingdom, second.
Sp-t--g of th* lato Capt. Black-
hum, well known locally, mention
of whom    wa* mod* in y*eterday'»
Second heat won by aeorgo, United Kingdom.    Timo 11 8-5 seconds
Third heat won by M. J. Catwoll,
University of Pennsylvania. Time,
IJ  seconds.
Fourth heat was won by Walker,
South Africa. Time 11 seconds. E.
G. Kirali'y, of London, wild is on the
American team, was second.
Fifth heat waa won l>y F. Clughen,
American.   Time 11 soconds.
Sixth heat was won by W. W. May
Free Pr*a* in connection with     the University of Illinois.    Time 11 3-5
toward Journey ol tb* Gilbert Island-*, kidnapped 18 year* ago by
the captain, to* Colonlat aaya:
Thi ateemer Monteerrat, which,
with th* eteamer Keweenah, a alitor
vnsel.t engaged in the coal trade be-
tween Nanaimo and- San Franci»oo
year* ago, both foundered off thc
entramc* to thl itrolti ol Juan de
Fuc* wfa*n carrying a very heavy
cargo ol coal to San Francisco    in
Worcester,    Ma**,
Association de la Juenesse   Franco-
Americaine will hold it* flrit    con-
bout thirty yean ago, and soon afterwards took charge ol the ateam-
greae In thla city tomorrow,    with m Am  wiuj-ngto,, Umatilla, Wll-
dtlegatea   pr__nt    from Baltimore, 1(uMtt. ^ other ^^
New Bedford, Salem, Lynn and other Whm th§ ^^ MoBtwrrat   wa,
clt-s.     Th*    aaaoclation 1. a new puwhaiad for y,,   „„„, trado ulack.
society to which young American, of bun teeun)d m iaWMt jn ^  ^
French descent    ond Catholic   faith,
whether   French, Canadians or Bel-
alana, are entitled to belong.
♦ ,	
■el and    took command.    H* made
two trip* to th* Gilbert island*    in
1889 and     1890 on "blackbirdlng"
expedition*, managing to recruit a
large numbar ot Gilbert islanders for
alackea eoffu plantations and other business-
Thii venture proved no proflta-
interest in the Montier-
Seventh heat was won by A. Duncan, United Kingdom. Time 11 2-5
Eighth heat waa won by L. B.
Stevens, of Ynle, Time 11 1-5 seconds.
Ninth hent . was won by Morton,
Time 11 1-6 seconds.
Tenth hont was won by Kerr, Canada. Time 11 seconds. He beat
Chapman, United Kingdom, hy a
Eleventh heat was won by Wm. "F.
Hamilton, Chicago A. A- Time 11
1-5 seconds.        .,
Twelfth heat was won by J. J,
Hull, Chicago A. A. Time 11 2-5
Thirteenth heat wns won by D. R
Sherman, Dartmouth University, iu
11 - .1 -fi soconds.
Fifteenth heat was won by   J. A
Rector,1 University of Virginia.    His
timo was 10 -1-5 seconds, which
uals the record made by Jarvls   at
Sixteenth heat was won by Stork.
United Kingdom. Time 11 4-5 seconds.
-Seventeenth heat waa won by
Roche. Unltod Kingdom. Timo 13 8-&
The flrst trial of the 400 meters
hurdle race was worn by Konps, Holland: who ran alone. Joseph Brom-
How, Jr., Irish American A. C, and
the others being scratched.
The second heat was won by H. L.
Coe, University of Michigan, in 58-
4-5 seconds. Ho boat Densham, the
United Kingdom champion. This
was Coe's flrst attempt at the hurdle and he only won it after a hard
The third boat was won by C. J.
Bacon, Irish American A. C, who
beat his only competitor, Ducker, ol
Africa, by 25 yards, timo 57    scc-
today and departed en masse to their shade   decks.      The entrance to the
NUM. passengor    accomodation is through
__-__. th* -haa'* chief *_fctttlon- water-tight doors on the ship's  side
a       a    .   ti    —1    •      , oa tiie   sholtor    deck forward.    It
er, wi* don* to death y**t_-_«y   in l0ftds t0 a apttCious    ontrance   hall,
the public *tr**t_ tastefully pannelled In teak, tho floor
Tha 1*——r* ol th* p*opl* on Sat- being laid with terra cotta and white
unlay usM-bled in the B_*qu» and rubbor ,tlle8',   Aft ot. th,\mnln «..ett;
ufu«y _"--> 'ff *f_ fffuaH"' •«» trance |s a jarg0 centeal hall,  fitted
'to attack the mjjl*__ up wlth lounge soats upholstered In
and royaUat quart*r und dtiie   out crimson plush.    In the shelter  dock
th* clerical Influence by force mi tho thw0 is accomodation for 176   flrst-
„     ,              , , a          a     a class passongers    in two and   three
Russia- eo-uu intorve-Ki and prom-1 borth Vooms, fitted up in the  latest
—*d to t—igraph th* Shah and  ob- stylo.    On oithor side of tho forward
tuia a—incity aid order to diverse central hall are 13 large three berth
'rooms and also four rooms fitted as
London, July 18.—Water
the tracks and turfs aa the result of
a tremenduous downpour of rain dur yl i_ u„, ygpg _y aooo ggau^
ing the night, and a dull and   aun-  .„_,_„... _
less sky, threatening    another    wet "wrouing
day, are what the oiHcials and com- r**-
petltors found on their arrival at Copt. Blackburn waa known a*
tho stadium this morning ior the ,.Luck Blackburn" on account of a
continuation ol the Olympic games. „_._   ,         , ,   .,., „. . .   ...;
A, varied programme had bJen ar- **n~ ot *ucce*-ul Mlvage Jobs that
ranged to bring tho people out   for -U to hi* lot.       Hi •erned nveral onds.
the first Saturday of the meet. Tho large salvage fees by towing "lame < The fourth heat was won Iur Harm-
morning was again given over to duckl,., ^ rt „ ^ h,h] er United Kingdom, who ran alone,
archery and fencing,    For-the alter- v    v I   The fifth heat was-Won b-Burton,
noon the most attractive eventB are «"--*Jn'l career until 18»4, wh*n h* junitod Kingdom, who ran alone,
scheduled in tho hope of drawing   a went down with his ship during    a I   Tlio sixth hont was won by Harry
crowd.       Theso includo the final in Decembar itorm, which otao Bank the Ij- Hlllmnn. Now. York A. C.   Time
the 8,300 meter steeplechase, thefin-' *_._,-, Kaoanah I59 '*s seconds.     His only compoti-
al in   the 200    moter breast-stroke., ■»■»-—--• I tor,    Holbart,   dropped   out of the
swimming match, tho throwing of tho I   ,n ">m*   ROertors it la considered raco nftor running 350 meters,
discus as at Athens) and the finals iu that th* Gilbert Islander* ar* loin* •   The    seventh \ hent    was won by
fancy driving, the 6,000 meter cysle of the natlv**     who wero kept    fo .Greenings. United Kingdom, who ran
race, tho tug-ol-war, the 100    kilo- _,,-, .,.. ,._,«„„„-, .„ .,«__. „_ alono.
meter cycle race and five mile   flat „"*_*"_ U^tftt,ounttw,lttv"?..0,i   Ray.O. Ewory,   New York A.   0.
th* aiaiet—id assembly. No answer
being Mc*iv*d th* feeling ran high.
Th* consul was accused ol duplicity,
and proclamation* war* po*t>-l calling on the peopl* to act on thair
owa Inltlo-v*.
Later in th* day lt wo* reported
that th* Shah hod replied to th*
Russian comul, and It may ba that
order can ba established out of the
present chaos. Looting and street
lighting, however, still continues and
Individual royalists ar* murdered
wherever they ere discovered.
Th* Tlmea oorreapondent at Teheran lays that the Shah Is still reinforcing his camp at Bagh Shah In
the luhurbi. It la reported her*
that the Nationalists hav* been vlc-
torioue In Tabriz and that Rachln
Khan ba* fled from that oity. The
Shah la hurrying relnforeementa who
have ordera to dwtroy th* 'National-
fat* at all costs.
Arthur Burn, ol Calgary, the well
known distance ruuner who will represent Western Canada in the Olympic Marathon race at London, passed through Ottawa last Saturday on
bis way to England,
Ottawa Ib Burn's former home and
his friends there gave him a hearty
reception. The Ottawa Citizen has
the following anent the Calgary ruuner :
'Burn, who learned the running
game lu Ottawa, went west threo
years ago, and has since cleaned up
everything from Winnipeg to Vancouver. Burn also took a fow Jaunts
into the States beforo tho present
trouble between     the C.A.A.U. and
race. .Galapagos     Island, whose condition ' won tho somi-flunls of the standing
Tho Saturday   afternoon    crowds, the Shaarwnter want to lnv*atlg*t* lirnnrt i"ml' «''th 10 feet 11 inches.
filling    the    lowor-priced sections ol'.  v..r ._,.   „„,,_ fnatruetione from'   Ti"lclitiriK- of Greoce was   socond,
the grand stand of'tho stadium, had ^JZaT-^t^t.m-l.'^im _!_! VJSL" '-^ "I^ISbI
a year ago, under Inetructiona from
on opportunity of venting their   en- |tha Drlttah »««miralty. following th* Irish American    A
thUBinsm ovcr tho outcome ovcr the «a** of th* South So* native* being 10 feet 7 Inches. - _
three final   events   with which    the taken up In th* Brltllh Houae     of] •
d_f"Jpor.!? !_! OI?J>plc game" wa" ' Common*.     Commander Allgood of
opened.    All theso three races were
won by the United Kingdom.    Rua-
H.M.S.  Shearwator   mod* a report
sell, United Kingdom, took the 8300, to the Admiralty concerning th* na-j
steeplorhaso with his team mate Ro
'bertson, United Kingdom, second.
Somewhat to the surprise of the
experts, the United Kingdom alao
took first und socond placo in the
final of the 300 meter breast stroke
swimming.    In this   ovent   Holman
tlroly new set of uthletos takes pos- g*r* wa*   the first    taken to    th*
session today of the dressing rooms ch-f-     „. wa, Mecutrt a| 8iM ,_
tu u .. . ..   of the   stadium    for   'the Olympian ,.. , , ,   ,.   7   .      "
,,_._   ,._   ,        ,, . -•     Holdaway,    Hungary,  woud   .walk mm..      The aoiuht ,hrow»r«    elv. m- without special Incident. In th*
hut  ZnZ *"*!„ T^T \*™*""b tbi" ™| bUt he m a0i ST7»- .Ill ance "ruUr Tho' have c*»    ol   Uu7.ro. a  bright ■__»
but    the latter    is enough   for Uie even get a placo.    Hanson beat hlm gone through their part of the
into the whole subject.     His invee-.waa the winner with Robinson   sec-
flgatlons may very possibly go fur-\°P.\      U h?.d    been expected that
tive* and It wa* stated that
would lie token to repatriate them.
LONDON, July SO.—An almost cn-
OSSt.NGE, N.Y., July 20.-C. H
Rogers and Angelo Laudlaro ware
electrocuted in Sing Sing prison today. Two contact* were given In
each cast before death resulted. Ro-
ls enough   for the 'even get a place,
tlm* King.     It will he bettor    for!'01* thiri1-
all concerned to. have a dedaratioB1 ■ J^ll!,ni,t„d ^".""H**
,        . .       . ,       . , , ,er point to    its   total of wina and
Irom such a* eminent and Impartial nin?'points to its Bcore In its   field
authority as to the quality of   the.event with the tug-of-war.
wafer supplied to .th* city, and    it) LThe °"al ln ths I,8*0 meter steeple
withm,, _,,inn ,h.t ki. a—i lch|,"e waa won     thia   afternoon by
without saying that hia dee,- (RuMe„   VaiM Klngdoil>| ,n IOml*
slon in regard to thu well* will
accepted without cavil.
be utes, 47 4-5 seconds.   Robertson, of
United Kingdom, was second and J-
|L. Elsele, New York A.C,, was third.
FINISHES ■'■'—~— 'ell at the Arst Jump and loat
.six yards which took him some timo
-Aiaaka_fi_> fi-.. eiA...*-. •• »k '*" nxoke.    Ho succeeded, however, to
Ala-ca-Th. Great Country,    th* g-t thlrd p|aco it tho end „f tho Mc
book by Ella Higglnaoa,    ol ond lap.    At thia time Russell was
thl* city, it now in tb* hand* of it* hm-llng, and Meadows, Canada, sec-
ptiblW-ra, th* Maemillan Company, ?"d'   n,*,ber.t?°" t*on   canl« UP  *■*»
mt xtmm vn..   .-a    .., "m*nu'* ,for a time there was a light for aec-
0! New York, and will appear early ond place.    Elsele led Robertson for
<k_ foil.    Th*    story la partly his-, a time,'but he loat hia place in ths
toefcal and partly fiction, on*    I**-,*™1 •*.*•■ . ' '
,_, t-.-_, .I.   _,   a   , ,  ,—   , .. The final in the 300 meter   breast
ten bring the wonderful deacrlptlon* ',troke jSL,^ match was woTby
of AlKken mr-rjr. iHolmari; United Kingdom.    "
Two hundred thousand word* ill The 5,000 meter cycling event wa*
thi) *_* of th* book. Much interest won by 'Jone». United Kingdom, ln
haa - ■ ■ ■ - ■ ■ -,_— M— „,_. 8 minutes 35 1-5 seconds. Achlllos,
ha* he* n__lf«stod since Mra. Big- Francei  wi, McoaA   an() Ae(       „,
gh-on flrat announced that ah*  ln- France was third. '
tended to write *omethlng new, and Final, Five-Mile*.
■tae* her trip to Alaaka her friend*'.-JJ1-8"*! •a.>be.?v6-.m,le *•*_»««•
h*v* been eagerly awaiting the publication of her experln
was won by Volght, United Kingdom. Owen, United Kingdom, second, and Svanberg, Sweden, third,
.Timo 35 mine. 11 1-5 seconds. -I
Final 150 Kilometer Cycle Race.
I The final of the 150 kilometer cy-
(cle race was won bt llartlett, United Kingdom. Konnedy, United King-
dom wa* second, and Lasplz, Francs
;was third. Time 3 hours 45 mln-
. utea, 48 4-5 seconds.
I   The United   Kingdom got another'
  start In It* lead with th* total nutn-
» ber of win*, making the score up to
-     •  <        . . date 36, to United States 9.   . Oer-
_f Billi_-__ _nd Pool _r "•*•••' I"" one •"» t" '«» e^tt. The
-jR wufwueeuuswi ^ Urilted Kingdom'alao overtook the
I       ' American acore for field eventi, the
days results bringing, (his up to 54,
while the United Statos increased
her score to 40. Martin J. Sheridan
Irish American A. C, thla alternoon
beat all previous record! in throwing the discus, Greek style, or "Ae
at Athene," with a throw of IM
feet 8 Inch**.     M. JT, Horr,    Irish
Beat Liquors and Cigart.
Cartwright ABarclty
pro- -from the electros at hla head    waa
gramme Inst week have either taken .,_*ia,-j   _«M »i,_ «_»» „-».*4    _-*•
their departure or,    with the excel.- not"T' "ter the &nt c0,,,tact   "__\
tlon of those entered lor the  Mara- •» od<"'    of   burning hair pervaded
thon race,- have fallen to the plane the room 'Immediately after,
of mere spectators.    Botter weather    Rogera'    •plrltual comforter    wa*
was promised by tho forecasters   for „.    ,.,_._      .     .,
thla week's    prediction   which  thia tfc»P'»>» -1"""-     Lsudlero wa* ac-
morning, however,     seemed uhllkoly compnnled by Fathers Mahoney and
of fulfillment as showers were -alrea- Benedlcto.     Luuderios waB executed
dy falling when tho archery contest, at 6 30 em
continental style, and the wrestling     —.'—,'.       t. _ _
bouts commenced. "" erlra* '<* whl0B Boger* today
During the morning the semi-finals Paid the ftcnalt.v was th* killing ot
ot the 100 meters swimming and the Willi* and Frederick Ollney, two
flrst heat ol the high diving wero k,».,|—— .» ,h.i_ ,„__ u_„— _„.
carried out. Tho final of the 100 '__*?• at ?"lt ,nrra hou" ""'
meters awlm, will bo pulled off thla "Wdletown, N.Y., on Oct. fl, 1906.
afternoon. This event with the end soon aftor the murder ol Allc*
atanding broad Jump being the only liberie'. daughter ol Mr*. Oconrl*
final on tho programme, but the i._JrL,t a_ hn-_i,——~ -
heatk of the 100 meter* flat, ol ,_-_*1'' *** ho,**»**'. »■»«
which there aro seventeen, and thoso ***** a«*aultod and left apparently
of the SOO motors hurdles, will keep dead,    Hi* object wss robbery.
^t^m^^orn^&ji jfr -2* -r \"» «-
were- fe* the cheapening of the seats "• "*■ atnmed 'n _o» AngM**.
have alreaily home.fruit, and if the. I-udlero wu electrocuted for tha
weather lmprpvea .there will probab- murder of Michael de Ombro, ol New
ly be better attendance Irom now on. yori,   __,i_—im- .- -ia __._»
The Ilrst of the semi-final ol    the      re' -0B-»-"»g on *M m*-*.
100 meter swimming in the Olympic •
games was won by Oehalntay, Hun- \f____
gary.    Julln, Swedon, second,    and CHINA'S ORATnTTB-
Henber. third.  Time 1.10 2-5. I ——
The' sebAnd heat ol the semi-finals    pekin, July 30.—Tht Chlaae* ear*
w*s won by Daniols, American,    tx ___tL k_. _—,,*-* a      ._, Aliu
O. Blch, Brookllno Swimming Club, •»">■*»«■ *«"««l to *npo-* I-**
waa aecond.  Time 1.10 1.5, ■»»• Yl. garptpor of Mttkdei    	
The Olympic Exhibition Committee former president of th* board nffor-
__. ^ ifLa tss rit te: h,5* "r^Z
of mo*t of the seat* for the Olympic v,,tt ?»-il»gto*a for tin PWpOaf <*
games in the stadium beginning to- thanking the United State* govarn-
day. Other prephratlpna were mod* m-A tor r*rmttt_r a portion of
\Z&% t0.  UMCtlng th6 PUb"C "-at i7-tmZTLt^Wgm
In the cateh as catch can wrestling Indmnlty.
Oeo. U. Nelmer, National Turvere In ,      ♦
New York, after 'drawing a by* in
the first'round, defeated Springer,
Unltod Kingdom in th* aecond.
The finals In tho archery   contest,
continental stylo nt fifty tnetert, wu
Ouelph, Oat., July 20,-fi_l    An-
n( driver of   a tally*o,
bridal chambers, two in fine figured
mahogany and two In St. Domingo
satin wood. At tho after end of the
shelter dock iB a central hall similar
to that forward, and also a ladies'
tea-room in light Austrian oak with
tulip wood inlaid in panels, and blue
and cream furnishings. On the pro
menade deck there aro two spaceous
halls in a largo deckhouse, and also
accomodation for 101 first class passengers in two-berth rooms. At the
aftor end is tho smoking-room, in
fumed oak uiul with domed windows.
The dining saloon, on the main deck
aft, extends from side to aide of the
ship, and is eopublc of seating 1.811
persons. It is framed In mahogany
white enamelled, and tastefully relieved with gold gilt. Thoro is accomodation forward for 48 second-
class passengers, with bar and lining accomodation. Tho vessel which
is fore and aft rigged, and has throe
funnels, will bo propelled' with two
Bets of triple-expansion engines, balanced on the Yarrow, Schlick and
Tweedy systems, and specially designed so as to reduce vibration at
high speed to a minimum.
Ridiculing of Frealdent Cabrera WiU
Colt P__tto Mall Liner «50,
Connrii wa* pursued to hi* own
room, »omo fifteen or twenty •tjuares
distant, by a howling mob ot *ey;
era! hundred men end boys. Once in
hla room Oonnelli turned th* key in
lhe face of hi* pursuers and before
they could force their way in he
blew his brains out.
The cause of the tragedy ha* not
been ascertained, but lt la understood Connelll had ban paying attention to the woman and he became maddened with Jealousy upon
discovering her In company with t_*
other men.
 '    ♦
Naaalmo Boy Shoot* Only BuU**y*s
. at tbe Provincial Rifi* Shoot at
Victoria Thi* Morning.
VICTORIA, July 20.—In th* Nursery match of th* provincial rifl*
meet here today, E. H. dough shot
only bullseycs, winning the matin.
Chlpn—_, of Vancouver in an extra.
did _milarly good, ahootlng
only bullseye*. . Capt. Boult, of
Vancouver, won the Westminster cup.
a  e  •  *  e
Mr. Oough is a comparatively new-
ahot, and hla great score reflect*
much credit on his skill.
 4    .    	
TORONTO, Ont., July 18. — Th*
resignation of Rev. Dr. Hossack.-Sof
the pastorate of Deer Park Presbyterian Church, has beon accepted.
Dr. Hossack contested North Toronto In the last Provincial election*,
and was defeated.
——a a __
HAMILTON, Ont., July 18.— Mrs
Wm. Ross, whose home Is near ^ln-
caster, wm struck and Instantly
klllod by a freight car- on the Brentford and Hamilton Electric railway
last night.
SAN FBANCISqa, July 18.-Th*
Paclflo Mail liner Para, from Panama, which arrived him o_ July Ui
wa* fined thn* time* at souther-
port* on her trip up,
At Champerleo   eomeons on    tb*
v****l laughed whan a custom* offi-
cer designated President Cabrera of
Guatemala u th*    "eupr-ue bring'
the A.A.A.A.    and    won honors at and the -dp wu fined $50 in gold
Boston, Seattle    and other   points. for the discourtesy.
Thu   l'ara failed to *top at Oeo*.
Burn defeated Chandler of British
Columbia In two races last fall and
has beon doing fine work in exhibition races.
Burn looks tho picture of health,
and is confident that ho will mako u
good showing in tho grout raco. Ho
was unuble to como down east to
the Olympic finals »u account of a
spruiticd tinkle and therefore was not
selected ly lite Canadian Olympic
committee to go. Hum's expenses
nre boing borne by the Alborta government uiul by public subscription.
The appeal for financial aid to send
the great runner to London mot
with a liberal response.   Burn inter-
Mwr., sending freight aahore for that
Port at Aoapulco, and wa* fined b-,
th* Mexican government.
At Sua Benito another harbor re-
jguhttloa wu violated «_d a third
fln* impoMd.
Bob Fittrimmon*   Teaches Insulting
Ruffian a  Sharp Lesson.
viewed Mr. McCarthy, M.P.. .Alberta's _ ^^ July1 »^*o_A«jl_-   In
representative on tho Olympic  oni-1 p0 aMe" rooml'W I""'"* '■*» a toul
representative on tho Olympic om-1
mitten, yestorday, and took occas-! mouthed loafer, nursing a battered
Ion to thank the Olympic committee ijaw and a bruised head, still won-
for the interest thoy hnvo takon in ,u,i„„ _,h., _*-„,_ ,,,_ ,.*-..
him. Burn was given a rousing i* - * •*""* him whc»
send-off when he left Calgary on
Monday, and was made the recipient
of many useful gifts by hls Western
". 'I can't say I am going over to
win the Marathon, but I nm going
to do my best," said Burn to « C i-
«m reporter. 'There aro many wiiitil-
erful runnera lu England now, and
I cannot hope to oc in the best   if
spoke „n Insulting word to Mr*. Robert Fl_»iminons. formerly a Mln-
neapolls girl and wife of Champion
Bob, whll* th* pair were en route to
Pantag**' Theatr* last night for
their dally performance.
While    eroding   Main avenue,    a
burly timber cruiser stopped up    to
Notice la hereby given that at the
next rogular Bitting ol the Board of
Licensing ConunlSBionera Ior the City
of LadyBmlth, B.C., we intend to apply for a transfer of the Retail Liquor License held by us for th* (ale
of- apirltuous and fermented liquors
on the premises known u the Near
Western Hotel, altuate on Lota 4 _
6, Block 28, Ladysmith, B.C., from.
ourselves to Alfred Mahle.
Notice Is hereby given that I Intend to make application to the
Board of Licensing Commissioner* of
the City of Ladysmith at their next
regular meeting lor a transfer of the
Wholesale liquor license now issued
to me In respect to the premises situate upon Lot 0, Block 91, in the
City ol Ladysmith,' from myself to.
Napoleon Manca.
Ladysmith. B.C., Oth June, 1008.
shape aa I will have only sii dnvatoj*** "*"• wom»n. who wo* hanging
train after arriving in tho old coun- on the arm of her husband, and ut-
try.   However, I may say that I om tcred his foul word*.
running meter    and stronger   than     nm. ,„1—.,,„„     ..-.     .      '
ever before.' ra* 'ouetobout    did not *ea    the
"Burn is a modest, unusxmnlng,w<m- "world'* champion" on Bob'*
chap, and many of his Ottawa watch charm and a street car gong
frionds were at the Central station sounded „i,n„* th. ,i„. .„„„,ui„„
when the train lelt tor Montreal; '_St_L> Tx Un."meth,nK
Burn believes that Longboat will;lwt l"*v"y o» th* Jaw of the lntru-
certalnly run in the Marathon ru.-e. der. Mr. and Mr*. Flt-Hmrnona left
and seems to think thnt the Ir.diut. th* mm* hurriedly before th* crowd
will beat them .n .,_, „„«," j^,,^ th,t ^ ^^ had ^
In action for a brief moment,
Bob makes light of the affair  and
inilri* that he only tapped the fellow to (how him hi* plac*.
Monday.—Beginning of the aecond
week of the Olympic games in London. .
Central .States Rowing- Association regatta at Burlington, Iowa,
South Atlantic States tennis championship begins at Auguata, Ga.
Annual tournament of Central Illinois Ooll Association begins at
New York State tennis championship begins at Travers Island.     ,
Philadelphia cricketers va. Middle- .*'.* *.*.,**' • eeee
sex, at Lord's, London.
Annual meet of the Interlake
Yachting Aaaoclation at Putin-Bay,
Columbus, 0., July 18.—Mn. 0.
F, Ought, aged 85 and Earl Vigor,
aged 19 wen killed by a (took* of
lightning lato last night while In
camp along Big Walnut or**k,
mil** south of Columbu*.
Tuesday, ,*
Continuation of the Olympic gamos •
lu London. ,
First ol. the   Mlnto Cup competitions at Montreal.
Opening, of annual horse   show   at *
Atlantic Olty, N. J. •
Central Statos Rowing Association ,
regatta at Burlington, Iowa. " >,
Wednesday. i
Continuation ol the Olympic games
In London. |
Opening of annual hone enow   at
Orange, Va.
!_■ Thursday,
Birmingham, Ala., July 18,— •
Reports from tin district where •
the union miner* ar* conduct- *
lag a •_-*, ii that    oil    la •
guk*.    Th* three military com •
panlM unt into tha region will •
be kept at Blonhurg a day or *
two according    to present ar- •
i-Bgri-nt*. - *
-       TIME TABLE NO. 6.
, Effective Jun* 6th.
Train* lean Udiamilh
Dally at 9;00 and 18:68.
Trains Arrive at Ladyimith
Dally at 11:57 end I,*.',
District Passenger Agent.   .
♦102 Government St.,       . Victoria.
.   j   St. Petersburg, July lS.-Th* No-
0ontii„atlon"o7tne'blymplcge_iea v<*V|_««y»   «hl» forenoon pubHehe*
In London.
a iWiiirikh from Tabrlt, panrl*. d«-
clnrlng that th* revolutionist* than
SI eel la Iron free from dirt, 1.
or foreign substance fused win
carton. tCirbon fives toughi
slcnolh, keeness and Hie,    •
Thrrty veer's study of the rai
slruailon has shown a way tor
add the highest per cent ofh
carton to a Carbo Hagnetlc
won by   Orliet.   with"; 268 point*. ,-—_~,~'mZ__ ".."'   "■_"?'"'"''   TIT'' Olympic lf*r|thon race, from Wind ,,«,_ t_— -——.—__ h- a.. —,.,_
VernanwoTsocond with, 256 nototoJ"1*--r*»»    »».*»»* Sifufdlw fell- ior to th* Stadium. hat-* l_*a overcom* by th* go-f-jrn.
asToaWret ^hlrd,   with M5T   All »^ «nd_-    th. whari* #*!<* tamfi   .PWI*d.Tphla crlcketora v».    Royal meat troopaaad that th* horeanen
three contestants are Frenchmen.        over    hi* body,   roitiltlng la daoth
Tha weather cleared up and it ws* shortly afterword*, '
Artillery at Woolwich (2 day*),   '     of Rachln    Khan or* now nllaging
Western Canada   Rowing   regatta the town with murder and violene*.
III! j.l.l ! -, '. 1 •
throng « iccreI
processof electric temper.
IN, giving it* uniform diamond Hke h*nlness-*ome>
"5_0_**°Ju,t|V l"i|»*»r»le
wlth flre temaered-raiora.
•nd ihey are H*mhuraground>
home-or have yourbarber use I
Pt)RCHIl__ J-
Ladysmith Hard ware Co. F0R--0NER3   POACH IN THESE
Mr. H. McDonald    Drawl Attention
to liter Boat Poaching in Water* Round th* Idand.
Th* following letter irom,Mr. H.
McDonald of Nanaimo, and tht remark* of the paper attached appear
„ in yesterday's Colonist, and an sail-
explanatory, drawing attention to
a condition of affair* mentioned in
these columns on previous occasions:
Editor Colonist:
Allow ma, through tha medium of
your paper, to draw the attention
ol aporta—en and our provincial authorities to th* drain on our game
preasrvM by American turist* during the summer month*. In an edition of th* "Motor Boat," published in Now York, I flnd a description of a trip in a gssoline launch
through British Columbia waters by
on* H. K. Todd. The party consisted of Mr. aad Mr*. W. B. ail** and
H. K. Todd and hi* spouie. These
leople openly boast of th* hunting
tbey enjoyed during the month
July, and even described tbe killing
of deer without apparent fear or remorse. That thla sort of thing goes
<>n to a iu*_Mst»_- extent, resident* of Nanaimo or* well aware, as
thla la a favorite plac* for theso
tourist* to obtain their luppliei, and
other fishermen and woodsman besides myself constantly meat these
unscrup—oua destroyers of game, in
tl.* outlying district*, armed with
gun or rifle In pursuit of feathered
or other gam*. Cannot the Island
•portsmen and game club* bring
pressure to bear upon th* govern
ment to equip and operate a last
boat from a central point, auch as
thla, to run down a few of theso
marauder* and bring them to
count? With our rapidly lne-eaalng
population It will be difficult enough to preserve our game without
allowing auch unwarrantable destruc
h. Mcdonald.
Nanaimo, July 4, 1908.
*  *  * o *
A moro shameless conf*a*ion of the
breach o' the law* of hospitality,
humanity and eport, not to mention
the laws of th* country of which
thay war* tha temporary guaOidur
ing their poaching expedition, thai.
that contained la th* article referred
to by our correspondent in the lore
going -tier It he* n*v*r been our
lot to read.
Uefortuaatoty we have nut euffl
chat spool lo thla peg* to reproduc
tb* whole article, but, u the sub
ject la one that la our opinion, a
molt important on*, w* tak* the
liberty of eupplementing Mr. McDonald'* most timely crlticiami aad *ug-
The etory ol the trip referred to In
hia letter ia om of (to quoto the
article) "a six week*' trip to the
head of Vancouver. Island snd thc
Britlah Columbia inteto, She trip
belag planned for month* ahead."
Th* party "Wt the dock on liunda)
morning, July 8,1908." On July
16 thin party of "*porto" "ooaatod
along Utt island (Texada) for thirty
miles, acarlng up an *v*n down of
dear." That tvalag tbey "had
venison steak for olnaer." Further
oa la the story thty trolled for aal-
riieu, and mark th* solicitude ol the
party hut tbey *hould kill "*uch
_M i-h uin-*asarllyl'' They each
' of them caught'Juat oa*. A* there
were only four in thl party, und aa
they aay ths largest flah must have
weighed thirty pounds, It cortulnlj
looks a* U the British air hnd given
them good appetite*. On July 18
Ihey "had th* fun ol getting some
grot-*." Shortly after thi* they
mat another party of poachers from
Seattle on board tha fllty-Ioot
launch . Totom, who gavo them a
quarter of venison and told them
where to get deer If they wanted
anon meat. Their next atop wa*
at Nelson -land, wh*r* they lecount
the bagging of yet Mother unseasonable dear.
Thaa* lew oxtraeta from ibapar-
ty'a own account ol their trip apeak
for themselves, and comment may
appear unnecessary; but for thi benefit of aay of their friend* who may
bo Ignorant or a* carele** as them-
■elve* of th* law* of common decency, we would like Just to point
out th* entin abaene* of elty ex-
cue* for th* taklag of game out of
season that they were guilty of on
thla "Honeymoon Trip" tu other
people'*, I.*., tbe Canadian nation's
At tb* season when tbey took thl*
trip, the deer era quit* out ot eaa-
aon and condition, th* doe* have
little fawn* at their eldn, the bucks
are In th* velvet, the groue* have
brood* of young on**, too small to
toko oan of tbemeolvco, and th* hid*
of tha bean, tto only sort ol game
thsy would bs likely to oome aeroaa
that waa not oat of aeaaoa, would
to worthlaa*. Tto party -Which
could afford to buy and equip ' en
expeadv* motor boot, eould wall
afford to tak* with thein an ample
■apply el provision*, whll* by th*lr
.own showing thsy could get all the
legitimate sport that any real
aportemaa eould their* by df-otinf
their attention tb trout and Sal-
How long la tale tort of thing to
be allowed? They dare not dn It
la their own country. Ttoy hav*
to com* to oar country, wher* w*
trust mon to a man'a honor,  and
" "1      \        I        '      '-?
then they go horn* and brag about
tlu lba_*lesi way that they have
broken not only the lawn of the
country they hare visited, but also
ill the canoni of sport and fair-play
to game. Thla la not an Isolated
instance, aa others can testily, as
well a* Mr. McDonald. How long
are the author!-** going to keep
their ayea abut to thla aort ot thing
ia a queatlon that moro than-- one
sportsman and lover of lair-play ia
olklng? It I* regrettable that the
account of thla marauder'e expedition waa not brought to our notice'
sooner, but it ia uaolcas to argue
that the earn* port of thing Is itill
going on, as there la abundant evidence to tbe contrary,
Ottawa, Out., July 18.— The
ports of the standing committoo of
the House of commons on agriculture, notes that tho superintendent
of railwuy lands Young, who has
spent twonty years in wostorn Canada, pointed out that wheat Is sue.
cossfully raised ut Port Simpson. Dr
Thompson, M.P., for Yukon, prosent
ed to tho commltteo a sample of
whito oats grown on a farm in 03
degrees north latitude. This sample
analyzed by need commissioner Clurk
was found to run 4(1 pounds to tho
bushel and to bo an, exceptionally
flno snmplo of whito oats of superior
milling qualities.
"Dear Mother:    I am sorry to loll, ___-
you I uln deud.   The butcher   wouht Paaaant Charged With Having Mur-
not trust me, or the grocery   kI.u-o,
unci-I am very sorry mamiuu, ir,
1 know you -would scold me. I out
a bad girl and hope you will forgive
me;- 1 know dear tlud will fui-f-'ivo
me. I wont to church and stilt! hoiiio
prayers for ull and I send a :l*s to
all.   Your loving tlauglttur,
"Louise Jensen.
dered His Wife and Sold   tbe
Flesh to Neighbor*.
NEW YORK, July 18.— Tho Associated Pross hns rocoivod tho following despatch from General Davlla,
president of Honduras: "Tegicumal-
,-ia, Honduras, July 17.— Tho Government has put an ond tn tho revolutionary movement in ten days,
The decisive battle wan fought at
.Vacaome. Tho enemy was defeated
and escaped into Salvador. Signed,
"Where are you goln', ma?" aaked
the youngeat ol live children.
"I'm going to a lurpriae    party,
my dear," answered the mother,
"An w* all goln', too?"
"No, dear.    You war—I't invited.
Alter a few moment* ol deep
Say, ma, then don't you think
they'd be lot* more surpriaed if you
did tak* ua all?"    '
"Wow!" growled the old man, returning to tbo bedroom, "I (tubbed
my toe."
Well," replied hi* wife, "that ia
what you get for going down stairs
in your stocking feat."
"That'* bo; il I hadn't gone down
In my stocking teet that young man
of Edith'a might have heard me and
got away before I  reached him."
I tell you, then'* nothing Ilk*
early training. Jim Canby'* dad
used to chase him clean down to the
corners evory dny with a big hickory gad."
And now Jim's tha champion mile
runner of the country."
Mra. Dewtell—I do-think Mr. Han-
klneon ia the meanest man 1 ever
heard of, without exception.
Mrs. Jenkins — Why, what'a he
been doing?" ■'
Mr*. Dewtell—Sued a  man for the
alienation   of    hla wife's affections,
nnd set the damages at only 110.
"Can't you help me, sir?" aaked
I hi beggar on the atreet to the passer by,— "I don't know where my
next meal is coming from."
Neither do I," said ths man nd-
dresscd, pulsing on. "Our girl left
ibis morning, too."
"You'll havo to_pn.\ your suliacrip-
tloa to th* paper In advance, hereafter," laid the country editor to
the caller.
But I ain't got no vegetables up
ylt!" replied the bearded farmer.
NEW YORK, July 18.—A speolol
cable to the Journal ooya:
Dispatches received here today say
that conditions in Yakutsk provinco,
Siberia, are daily growing worse.
The famine has spread to such so
extent that peasants have been compelled to resort to cannibalism'.
Thousands are dying, and the government have been asked to rush
more supplies to the stricken city.
A peasant named Komoff, and his
tho   front of tho -note alio'son are     waiting at Yakutsk,     the
Sun Francisco, July 17.—I.oui-ning
that het* mothor will hc cnrotl *or,'
pretty little-il-ypar-old Joulso Jan-
son today ttocidetl she wants to live,
although sho tried to commit suicide
yestot'duy after boing refused credit
nt a butcher unci baker shop.
Leaving a pathetic noto for hot-
mother tho little miss drunk a bottle of poisonous ink und her life was
saved liy prompt medical attention
"Please give this to my mothor."
Louise's fathor was killed by the
eurthquako. Tier mothor sought employment as a seamstress and hy
hard work managed to keep the wolf
awuy from the door. But her work
required long hours and tho caro of
tho throe smaller childron devolved
on 11-year-old Louise. Sho was a
faithful "little mother" and her little brother nnd sisters had tho bost
of care.
Troubles of shopping also fell to
tho little girl, but she nover complained and was proud of-being able
to help mamma. Yesterday on hor
way home from school. Louise stopped at the butcher shop. Her childish pride was wounded to tho quick
when the proprietor told her that ho
could not charge any moro on her
mother's bill and when she heard the
samo thing from tho grocor's clork
her cup of sorrow was filled to the
Asking for a scrap of paper, tho
little miss hastily wroto a noto, carefully folded it anil tuckod it away in
hor satchel, thon drew back into a
dark cornor of tho grocot-y store,
whoro sho wou.tl ho out of the way.
Hor lips quivered, but she was determined to ond her short life, and
with a steady hand she uncorked nn
Ink bottlo which sho was carrying
with hor school books and quickly
drank the contents, falling to tho
floor in a faint..
At tho central emergency hospital,
tho note she had written beforo try
ing to kill hor self, was found in
Louise's satchel.
WINNIPEG, Man., July 18.- As
tho result of an altercation on Selkirk Avenue last night between an
expressman named Moses Friedman
and W. A. Mordon, a real estate agent, tho former Is dead at the general hospital, and his assailant is
hold by the police on a serious
charge The matter over which the
trouble took' placo, was very trivial,
and blows wore only struck with naked fists, so thnt the tragic ending
of the affair camo as a groat surprise. Tho deceased did not appear
to be vory badly Injured whon plck-
od up by tho police, nnd afterwards
seemed to recover, hut ho had evidently received Injuries moro serious
thnn nt first supposed, and ho died
about four hours aftor being removed to the hospital.
WINNIPEG, July 18.-Wm. Whyte,
second vice president, G. J,. Bury,
general manager ol the weatcrn lines
of thl C.P.R,, Lt.-Gov. McMillun, W.
A. Black, manager of tha Ogllvle
Milling Co., G. V. Hastings of the
Uile of tho Wooda Mililnb Co., A.
Kelly, president of the Western Canada l-'lour Compuny, gnd members
of the Winnipeg Frco Press, Telegram
and Tribune, returned laat night
from an extended trip through the
wheat fields of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The parties on enthusiastic over th* glowing crop prospect* and estimate the yield will be
about 130,000,000 buthels of wheat.
'How many boarders hav* you
now?" asked the friend.
'I have only *lx," replied the ead-
foced woman who kept the boarding
houn; "but tbey eat like elxty."
On' Sunday morning he eat In church
The strictest illenco keeping:
But now and then a little lurch
Betrayed that he wal steeping.
Don't eat stale    Qcumben.    They
will W up.
RAKER OITY. Ore., July 18.- .1.
Muller, wholesale liquor dealer ol
Raker City, was klllod nnd his wife
seriously Injured yostorday at Unl-
da, a fow miles from linker- City hy
th* overturning of an auto, In which
they were making the trip from Raker Olty to TIoIko. Muller hnd let
the machine const down a hill antl at
the bottom struck a culvert that hail
been washed out. Hio machine turned over twice.
CLEVELAND, 0„ July 18.- Th*
silver-luted incasage from Mayor Mc
Lellan ol New York, to Mayor Bues
ol Chicago, which I* being relayed
over the 1,000 mile trip by Y.M.C.
A. boye on foot, arrived, at the Central Y.M.C.A. in Cleveland at 12.13
p.m., nine hours and ilfty-eeven min-
titea ahead ol the pre-arranged schedule. Tho laat two miles ol the run
to the city wa* made through
heavy rain. No stop wa* made here
and the message was hustled on to
the boys ol Loralne.
SALONICA, European Turk*), July 18.—Gen. oetnan Paine, commander of th* Turklah forcos at the Mon
satis, was aMaaalnatod In the barrack* today by an officer connect*!
with the Young Turkey movement,
Tto general eent out a notice only
yesterday that amnesty Would be
granted ta all Turkish officers who
were compromleed In the recent murderous rilurden In Macedonia.
,     '-4	
Capacity of Power Plant Muet
Doubted Nut Year.
provincial capital, to be tried on a
charge of having devoured Komoff'e
wife und two daughters, a younger
son and a servant. The prisoners
are charged with having killed the
members of the family and then o.it-
en them piece by piece.
The neighbora claim that the Ko-
moll sold aome of the fit-alt at starvation price! lo them, It wus owing to the confessions of several
'neighbors thgt the Komoffs wen
arrested. After the authorltiea had
found the skeletons in Komoff'i hovel, the father and son fled, but were
captured near by.
According to reports received here
there ia absolutely no food In the
province. The peasants pay a kopeck a pound for grass, of which a
flour Is made, and use thla for bread.
    ♦ :■■
MEXICO CITY, July 18.- The donees. I waa at the Kilties' concert,
I was there for the money. I got
tails of the killing of the famous
bandit Rodriguez El Jorabo and bla
two companion*. Antonio ond Poll-
cape Roels, have juat reached here.
The bandits, charged with killing H.
S. Jones, an American, and with
many other crimes, were shot while
a___aa    '       I     ___ss;
LONDON, July 17.-In Sherrlng'a'
opinion, Simpson and Lawaon are C
Canada's best In the Marathon, gj
Sherrlng doesn't figure on Longboat tm^
at all. He fears three Englishmen, £:
A. Duncan, J. .0. Beale and F. Lord. £
Duncan, it witl be remombered, won £
the English trial Marathon, running fc;
a wonderful race over muddy roads, w.
and covering thc 23 miles In 2.16.4.r> JE
and Beale, who by the way, is - fc
married man with a lainily, also •£
made a fine performance in this race \_ti
running the flrst 20 miles ta 1.59.12. jg-
Sherring'a opinion la somewhat
borne out by Simpson's perforn—oeo
In a final 20 mile run over the
Marathon course, the Pe|~rboro man,
who is- an Indian, made the splendid
performance of 1 hour and 57 minutes. Cotter wos second in 2 hours
nnd 2 minutes, while Goldeboro,
Ijftvann and CalTery were next In order. - There wos a strong rain and
wind storm while the runners were
going over the course. Sevoral of
them are complaining that the hardness of the roads are affecting their
feet. Crocker and Sherrlng were
delighted with Simpson's performance. Sherrlng says he will beat
President and Managing Director.
*|pi [ft-iry-Troaaurer.
Many Hills and    Turns— Army
Coi* Will Keep Course Clear.
Speaking of the Marathon race
course, Representatives of the Canadian Associated Press writes as follow!:
It is a narrow road which leads
from Windsor castle to the Stadium
but not presenting, as viewed from a
motor car, the difficulties claimed by
the Canadian Marathonere.
Starting from beneath the windows of the Klng'a private apartments ln the castle, expressly by the
wish ol the King, thl Marathonera
will make their first public appearance as they make the exit from the
Head Office - - • Toronto       i
Capital $10,000,000 Rest $5,000,000
$5 and inider   3 cents
Over $5 and not exceeding $10,   6   "
" $'-0       " " $30, 10   "
"$30      « " $50,15   *
Theso OrdtrtMHpayable at Par at anv office in
Canada of a Chartered -tank, _„_ept in the Yukon,
and at tlie principal bank..-? points, in the United
Theyare negotiable at $4.00 to the £ stcrlinL' in
Ureal Britain and Ireland. Thev form an excellent
method of reHuHmgimall sums of money with safely
Uld at .mall coM, and may 1» obtained without i_>
Uv at any office ofthe Bitnk. Ui
lhe Jones Hotel
Qatacio Street.
L. M. de QEX  Manager
tbe secretary and general uiamager of
life London County Cricket Club.
they alept. ,
Three   rural    policemen were ^'ff*'e grounde into Hig* street, and
sliatti attack on a hyacinda near
where the robbers were encamped,
out to capture tha trio, and    made
The robbere took the suppond re lp« throu»h sloU* » ^P100' hll»
cruits into their band and the police wl" be ,olu,d' "ter vhieb comea B
travelled with the bandits for five ^""""'y *™<x»«l »*«->teh °' »»«"
daya awaiting their chance to catch ',Ie °' mlles' tt,eB the Uxbrldge road
the real ro!*ere off guard aad exo- ,u" of Wi"ts and 8harp tuPM- "'""
cute orders of    the government    ol "f6 0!ma """itTy-
Duraago to take tho men dead    or  ' At tb* n)n8-m,,o P""4 «><*■ '»    «(contributed    a delegation of nearly
alive.    Finally'   the landlts relaxed **rp.,.turn„an<^.  i^]ea_i_W_ T"1  flndlone thousand.       Ccrmany, France,
Italy,   England and Austro-Hungary
thence   through    the Windsor road,
which is fairly level but like the en-
Fran—urt-un-the-Main, July 18. —
While the Olympic gamee are being
held in London during tbe coming
week this city -will be tbe scene of
international contests that will be
of greater scope and larger in tbe
number of participants than the Olympic meet, though perhaps not of
equal interest auu importance to tlie
world at large. The Frankfort
meet is an international turniest,
Which waa formally opened today,
and which promises to ba the most
extensive diaplay of physical training ever held.
Between twenty and twenty-five
j thousand turners are entered for tlio
itarioui events.     America alone has
P.O. Box 54 'Phone 44
Dealer in All Kinds ol
•teats Delivered freo of charge on the
Shortest Notice.
Union Brewing Co.
their vlliK,,nce and went to sleep to- l*mse" in Park ™ad "here he    and
sether.     The police promptly    shot iboM »ho follow, will find three hills
them to death.
Capt. Sorensen Will Go to
To Organize an Expedition
To Seek Buried Gold.
not over steep with the London etde-
______ hill the longest and steepest.
When Black Lane haa been covered
ON TREASURE tbe eleven mile poet haa been passed
from    whence in the next few miles
some    portion ol the road will    be
Duned'n '0UI'<' not wi<1' enou-n to permit 10
runners to pais abreast but the road
broadens at ltuislip and there thirteen    miles have been accomplb—ed.
Alter the    road   from > 1——Up    the
—— route present!   more straight away,
Captain Nels Peter Sorensen of the and until a Mwrp turn in Pinner
United Statei and the whole wide town und away on a nightly un-
world believes that he has Robert dulatlng road those still' in the run-
Louis Stevenson's Treasurer Islund nlng make for the 18-mile poet on
beaton to death, and ia planning a Harrow Hill thence down along
remarkable expedition from San Sheepcote road and a abort run to
Francisco to provo it. Wimbly   to und    ths course narrow
He clainu to know whero $20,- and crooke*.
UOO.UOO in gold bullion lies burled at Unless there be provision made to
lhe bottom of the ocean Just where clear the way lor Ure runners, dodg-
he can get at it, and shows docu- ing traffic may become part of the
meats to prove the existence of the race from Wembly to the Stadium,
wreck laden with gold, tallow and but those who hold out until Har-
wool, just whore it has been lying row road is reached, may begin to
for forty-two yeara. He la now in congratulate thomselvcs aa% they may-
New York, whore he resides at 143 read os they run that they have 22
East Twonty-first street, but hi miles to their credit. Another cou-
apent a great deal of his life In San pie of miles and they will have to
Francisco. He waa formerly ln tho speed nlong Old Oak common lead-
navy, ami has voyaged all over the Ing to Old Oak Lnnc, at the flniah of
world. which tho loader    will be within    a
Captain Sorensen hoe organised an mile of home and lame for the St—-
expedition  to   go    after the burled dlum is in sight,
gold and   haa  given himaelt Just 18 Track to be Kept Clear,
months to return „ rich mon. He lord Deal—rough informs the Calms made capitalists believe in the nadlan Asancintod Press that tho
foe—Utility of his scheme. Marathon route will bo kept entirely
The captain'* story of the hidden clear «f trafilc, 2,000 police being en-
sai'lra ns   related to an Ehaminer gaged sfieclally for the race,
correspondent ia thli: %
"May lllth, 180S, thl American GRAND OLD MAN OF CRICKET,
clipper   ship   General   Grant    was ——
wrecked on the west coast of the London, July 18.—It haa fallen to
Auckland Islands in Inhospitable Bay the lot of few men to receive more
twenty mllea long, 160 miles from teetlmonlala of public esteem than
the louth-moBt land of New Zealand, poured In today upon   Dr.   W.    G.
"The General Grant had aboard -race on the occasion of hi! 00th
it.oon.ooo pounds of gold bullion, birthday. Dr. Grace la the "Grand
-ripped by the banks, and a million Old Man" ol cricket. In America,
pound! In gold whloh ISO returning when cricket haa never become a
minors were taking back home with popular pastime, It may not be eaey
them. to comprehend the distinction    con-
"The cave Into which the General terred by this title. To make lt
Grant waa thrown is 25 fathoms clear, however, It ll only necessary
deep and 250 yards long, and thl to lay that cricket Is as popular In
meat! Juat reached the top. The cap- England aa baaeball ll In the Unit-
lain and 168 men perished. ed States.
"For forty-two yeara all that gold The name of Dr. Grace la familiar
haa lain there. I have not aeon the In every part ol the world where a
wreck for thirty yean, bnt ihe etlU itimclent number of Brltlihere can
lice thore ns iound aa the day' ihi be brought together to form a crl-
went down. cket team.      He practiced medicine
"I have arranged (or a concession and surgery (or a number of years,
permitting   mo to land a crew    on but Anally abandoned the profession
have sent large parties, and even
far-oil Japan and China trill bo.represented in some of the events. Several fields of many acres each havo
bean set aside for the gymnastic ex
orciece. The greatest spectacle -will
com when the 25,000 participants
meet on ono field and perform tho
same gymnastic exercises at one
time upon one signal.
4 —
WASHINGTON, July 18.- Abroad
there will be the Olympic games in
London and the international turniest at Frankfort, in both ot which
America li well represented; The
Marathon raco, the stellar event of
the Olympic meet, and In which both
Canada and the United States entertain hopee ol being victorious, Is
to be run next Friday.
The American battleship neat la
to remain at Honolulu until Thursday, whan the ships will wolgh anchor and etart fur Ainkhuid, N.Z.
The only large convention scheduled for tho week is the national gathering of the Ancient Order of Hibernians. The convention will meot
nt tndlnnapolli and will be attended
by delegates from Ivory section ol
the country.
The week will see the opening of
tho great Tercentenary colobratlon
at Queliec, for whloh preparations
have been going forward for more
thun a year. Tlio hlatorical pageants In connection with the eelolira
tlon will be the mult magnificent ever given In America and will attract thouaamla of vlsltora front all
parte of the United States and Can-
The Prince ol Walea Is due to ar-,
rive at Quebec Wednesday and will
be glvon a magnificent reception.
Vice-President Fairbanks, Lord Roberts, Karl Dudley and many other
notables will attend the celebration.
Warihlpi repreamtlng three powers
will lie in thl harbor o* Quebec and
troop* to the number o( thirty thousand will participate In the military
feoturea of Uie celebration program.
Full Stock ol Miners' Tools.
Ship Repairing Work
A Specialtjr
All kind! o* Bla—tamithlng
Bone at Short Notice.
*-%%*. tv^^^a.
aqd Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding and Party  Cakes Made to
Fruits and Candies ttf All Kinda
Prices are    vory   reasonable.    All
Customers treated alike.
On the tsplunade.
Ladysmith, B. O.
Nelson, July 20.—The municipal
power plant at Bennington Falls, 9
miles west ol Netaon, on the Knote-
'nay river, of 1,500 hone-power, iup-
plylng the elty with light and power the Island. The gold Is packed in entirely to devote Ml time to Ml fetor tramway and Industries, will be com, eaoh valued at »6,O00. vorlte eport. He ll regarded a! the
finally taken over on Tuesday next. "I ahall start In a few days. The greatest authority on cTreVet „' the
The need! ol    the city ore growing ] expedition will start (rom San Fran- world, ai well al one o( the    fore-
so fast thnt    a second unit haibe-'ciico in one o( the Spnckles vessels most player! of the game.
Washington, July 18.—The official
career of a gallant and efficient navel officer conies to a does today
with the retirement on account ot
age* of Rear Admiral Wm. T. Bur-
well, wbo (or two years post has
been Jn command of tho Puget Sound
navy yard, where he la succeeded by
Capt. John A. Rogera.
Tt)e Best Butcher Shop
in Town is
Robe its St, Butcher
NEW YORK, July 1R.--A doipateh
For HO ! to the Press from Chicago aayi:
come necessary, nnd the bydaw will (or New,,Zealand. We shall fit the yean he played (or Gloucestershire, | "When Joe Tinker* amaehed out
he submitted next month. The ea- exiieditlon In Dunedln, In the south and lor many yean he appeared re- home run yestorday winning <.
paclty ol the plnnt will he doubled of New Zealand, and eall (or the gularly In the Englind-Auitralla game (rom the Glonti, Wm. Hudion,
next year. Aueklande ln a chartered schooner." matohss. Since 1899 he hai besn of W-o'i Madison, who wal wltness-
  -     - ,- •.,■■>,,,«... i.U'fcUJ            J !._ .-JJii'j l\l L,_.__.H-i«l*1
Ladyrailth,  B. O.
Ing the game from tin top ol a (our
atory flat iuit outside the park, became io enthusiastic that hi fell oil
the building and hla neck wee brok- fi»«WC*<«O».S:0^i»^
PERSONALS ,yH»«wHw»wr»
Tapestry, Brussels and Velvet Pile
Carpet Ends.
We have been fortunate in serin in,; about
ono hundred of these, and will j_tt.it ilicni on
Sale at Greatly Reduced "rices.
t who contributed to his assistance on
T (\ C\ A I "WVPiWTK Saturdtty und his doop appreciation
jjU VA!-   Xi XJ T T  kJ   uf the kindness of tho gentlemen who
took tho matter in hand.
The   New     Westminster     Lacrosse •
team won thoir first gamo against
the Shamrocks of Montreal, tho present holders of the Minto Cup, and
the championship of thc Dominion.
Thore is another game yot to be
plnyed, and if the Royal City mon
can hold the Shamrocks oven, tho
:Cup comes to tho Const.
Tho Grand Duko Cigar is on sale
in Victoria ot Western dale's Railway Cigar Store, opposito the B. &
N. Station, nnd also at the Jamas'
(Bay Cigar Store, opposite the C. 1\
E. Hotel. Don't forgot this when In
[Victoria. X
Mr. John Ryan has returned from
tho Yakima Valley. Jack is not
saying anything very vile about tho
Valley. It has its good points, it
Booms, but it is by no moans a Garden of Eden, and life is anything but
a paradise in its sandy, sun-stricken
vales. Jack at nny rate now declares that Lndysmith is good enough for him and he is busily en- i
gaged this week in renewing old i
The best SmoKe in town is the
Grand Duke Cigar. Remember, it is)
xnade in town and don't forget to
call for   it. X.
Mrs. Wm. Hooper, wife)' of tho
[First Avonuo Cqnfoctlonor and jeweler, has boon seized with an ntlllc-
tion of the eyes. Sho is now in
[Vancouver for treatment by Dr.
Campbell, the eyo specialist.
Thore is nothing like it in the
smoking lino. Tho Grand Duke is a
smoking hot success. It is on sale
all over town. Try it and be convinced. X
Tho picnic and field dny which the
Burns Club proposed to hold at Duncan on Saturday has been called off
owing to tho fact that tho E. _d N,
ICompany refused to grant excursion
rates. There will be a meeting of
the Club on Friday evening to consider the question.
Mr. Peevor lias put in new gasoline lumps in his Howling Alloy and
(Billiard Saloon and there is now a
fine light for (bowlers nnd cue men.
(This afternoon is lady's day on the
Mr. JohV Pogorly hns started a
tournament at his bowling nlley.
The highest aggregate in ten gamos
gets for the bowler n box of cigars,
or a three dollar prize, whilo a dollar pays for the whole ton gomes.
Names can still  be given.
Mr.   A,  Hutchison  desires to     ox-
press his sincere thanks to aU those
We havo just received a large
range of Knitted Ties in the very
latest designs and shades.
The very Newest and Latest in
tho Tie Line in Neat Nifty Patterns,
Call early and see us, and wa
guarantee' to give you satisfaction ln tho Tie Line.
For Knitted Tlea.
William's Block
Thore was quile a crowd in the
Methodist Church yesterday afternoon to witness tho wedding of Mr.
A. E. James and Mrs. M. Haddow,
the daughter of Mr. und Mra. Jas.
McKinley. Rev. Mr. Wilkinson performed the ceremony, Mr. und Mrs.
Jones acting as best man and brides
maid respectively, while Mr. John
McKinley gave the bride away.
After the ceremony the bridal party drovo to the depot to take the
afternoon train to Victoria where
the honeymoon will be spent. There
wus a large gathering of frionds to
see them off and old shoos and rice,
and the other signs and symbols of
good luck und kind wishes were
much in evidence.
Ubeertulneaa la sometimes palnlully
aeqalnd. It's frequently like the
man at toe photographer'!. Thle
man, sitting tor hia portrait, aald
impatiently to the artilt:
"Will, have I got now the pleoe-
unt expreaelon you deeke?"
"Yea, thank you," aald the photographer, "tbat will do nicely."
"Then hurry up," growled the man
"it hurt! my leee."
—: 4—,	
Hungry Higgins- Wouldn't you
like Ur belong ter dat awell Iqo-
quoli Club?
Weuiy Walker—Naw; Indian elube
nt—W nil t'ink of gymnneliun ex-
Feerl-iYei our college nee a female baseball team.
Ruby— Did you have any good
Pearl— I  ihould ley so.     Five of
thom caught huebanda the flrit   ee_
aon and broke up the team.
Mr. Blzneaa—Why don't you work?
Why do you waite your time beg
Tramp—Did you ever birr
Mr. Blzneaa—No, of courae not.
Tramp — Then you don't know
[what work le.
London, July 18.—Word waa
celved here today from Alx-la-Chap-
pclle that physicians attending Oeo.
Huckenschmidt, the Rusilan Lion,
former champion wrestler of the
world, have declared that he will
nover be able to wrestle again. The
oxnet trouble ia not given, but it I*
understood that the wrestler la very
weak. Two of hia flngiri are partially paralyzed and one of hli kneel
la woak.
Trainer Billy Sherrlng, of the Canadian Olympic teem, hal changed
his mind and haa an article In the
Dully Mall ln whloh he f-cki Tom
Longboat to win the Marathon on
! Friday,
'   ■ ♦	
_—a—   "
SAN FRAN0IS0O, July 16.— Refusal of railway magnates to agree
to run excursions to Ely on Labor
Cay, it is believed today probably
will result ln cancelling the Oans-
Nolson fight. If that contest la de
dared off Packy' McFarland hopes to
arrange a battle with Nelson to be
fought hore September' ?.
Another reason that the Guns-Nelson fight may riot be pulled off at
Ely Is that' a rival bout ia being
planned for Goldfteld on the
Mr. A. E. Hilbert, of Nanaimo was
in town Monduy morning, il
Mr. Marshal Bray passed through
town Monday on the morning train, j
Mr. Parker Wliliems, M.P.P., went
down to Victoria ori Monday.
Mr. J. M. Morgan, of Victoria returned home on Monday.
Miss Hillier is taking Miss Belfry's place at the telegraph office.
while the latter is taking her holidays.
.,   ♦
Quite a crowd of members of   the. —
local Oddfellows Lodge went   down I +
to Victoria on Saturday evening.
i e
Everybody was seeking   shade  .on ' X
Sunday.    Launches were running all X
day across the bay, and tho biggest | *f
crowd of the   season    was seen  on
Shell beach.
Mr. Jumes and William Willard of
Wilkeson, Wash., paid a visit to the
Misses Bagattin during tho weekend.
Mr. Jarvlnenl came down from Nanaimo this morning. J
Mr. H. Baxter returned home this
Mr. Frank Reynolds, of the   Herald was in town this morning.
Mrs. McMillan wus a passenger on
the train this morning.
Mrs. A. Gatz returned from a trip
to Cumberland on Saturday.
Mr. Geo. Fletcher was in town   on
, Mrs. G. Johnson got back from a
short trip to Cumberland on Suturduy. .,
To ty Foui)d
Mr ton) |
Mon's Bulbriggan Underwear,
    50c each.
Invisible Suspenders for Summer Weur, worn under the
Whito Cunvus Shoos for Men,
Women und Children. We
have them in all sizes.
Mon's Two-Ploco Suits.    Just J
a few of them loft at  prices
marked   to    sell   them from
JO.50 u Suit up.
♦        FOR SUMMER WEAR.        Jf
MII4LION DOLLAR COMBINE WILL | gbogos.     In the evening his    royal
CHICAGO, July 16.-A battle royal between a billion dollar combine
of manufacturers and shippers, against the railroads, of. the United
States, is said to havo been declared
today. The railroads have determined to advance rates at least 10
per cent, all over the States.
The big shippers from all parts of
the nation are said to have leagued
together to fight the advance and a
meeting has been called in Chicago,
July 24, to open the battle. The
struggle will be carried into th
courts if necessary, and if not ended
before next winter, may be continued in the legislatures of a score of
All hope on the part of the shippers that the railroads would recede
from their position with reference to
-ov^Tduy 'lgentit,wusTarn'S''-l'ito' Stat™' -*'*d "' tho ai*m°o"
t»» _*.i   «,—,    4a..t<r-   \o_oa ».™ ~.-An   the Plains of Abraham.    In the   ev-
■ztw^heirwus^rwvrtt1-^, • **** "oSe-r^
t«*-.i._+_*«» „-.«™„..™ *„«.».i«,in»    ».„ Citadel    to    the representatives   oi
Ina^wi-S^ SS^f.- „*£ Australia South Africa, Now    Ztoa-
Wnn ..d^-2. _l_S-_ _^-_J ton". a"» Newfoundland, ut which
tion und    becomea   effective August   he ^^ Q, VaM .„„, spoak.
It shows a general advance in joint'   ™° ™™ ""J f"0"'1, thn° ""'^
*..„!.!,, ..I    i . n. - .    ,      -,      at tho English Cathedral on Sunday.
freight rates for Texas, of approxlm- 5* ;V„«7i„v h„ will narMslnata In
atoly 8 por cont. and it is expected,0" ,Mm".y , .V'", ,L"„„winn
to bo followed by others, providing varlo,,s    '""''T,    ,U   ,,™„J   im
count"'"' wlr^W^S SSaTr"-. nav^revC andt
countiy When informed of this lum|„at|onBof tho ncot. Tuesday he
move John McGlenn secretary of i™Sv%t victoria Park and will
-on   Mirf-    ManufacWs   As8oda "plant a tree    In commemoration   of
Highness will moot other distinguished visitors to the celebration, among them Vice-President Fairbanks,
of the United States and the official
representatives of tho French government.
Thursday tho Prince of Wales will
be presented with tho civic address
of welcome and will take part in the
official ceremonies commemorative of
Champlain and or thu founding of
Quebec, and will review the historic
procession in front of the Champlain
His Roval Highness will be present
oh Friday at a review on the Plains
of Abraham, after which he will
hand to the Governor General the titlo deeds of the Plains of Abraham
and the fort.
On Saturday the Prince will embark at tho King's Wharf and pass
down the lines of the assembled ships
of Great Britain,    Franco und   the
"It means thut the fight is on und , ny,™laje8ty.8   „„,„
t"110 with   tho    Prince of Wules nnd his
we ure not going to lose nny
getting rendy for It."
! party will depart   from   Quebec   ut
'daybreak Wednesday.
,   The Quebec authorities, as a mat
QUEBEC CELEBRATION IN PULL tor of    precaution,   will   provide a
body-guard for tho   Prlnco ot Walea
SWING. ' during his presOnco In the city. This
,   in. will be furnished lv n detachment of
QUEBEC, July 21.-Tons of thou- the Northwest Mounted Pollco. Tho
sands of persons this afternoon wit- local police and tho soldlory ulso
nossed the first performance of tho will furnish an escort to tho Prince
great pageant on tho Plains of Abra- on various occasions whon he will
ham, marking the real beginning of nppcur In public during the week of
the Quebec Tercentenary celebration, his visit
The pugeunt wus of an historicnl
chuructor and comurised half a doz- —-
en scenes and numerous tableaux.     I
The pageant begun with the coming of Curtlor, 400 yeurs ugo, und
ended with the armies of two nations standini side by side, headed
by Montcalm and Wolfe, Levis and
Murray- Tho herons ol the battle
of the Plains pf Abraham stood the
centre of an Impressive historical
picture, surrounded by all of the other participants in the pageant, whilo
below' in the river the battleships of
throo nations boomed out a great
salute to the "country with a noble
past and a glorious futuro." I
Other groups in the pageant dealt
with tho gorgeous court of Franco,'
tho gardens of Fontainbleu, while
Francis I. on a white charger, sur- ■
rounded by   hundreds of velvet-clud'
courtiers talked with Oartier on the 	
wonders of tho now world. Another n.ii— IJ. l-„ _*•> Uiotnaor
court scene showed the King of Dally Pi 1-6 -0- _llg_e_t
Franco on his throne and- the state,
ly puvunno danced by famous beauties of the 17th century, and the
granting of a commission to Champlain to sail for America on a voy-
of discovery und exploration.
Following these were scenes connect,
ed with the latter history of Quebec, one of the moat beautiful and
impressive showing tho citizens    go-
And Billiard Saloon!
Pool and English
Billiard Tables.
Bowling Score.
ing down to the rlverbank to   meat Salmon, per pound  ...... .... 10c
the saintly Mother Maria and Ureul- Cod, per pound,  10c
lnes and Jesuits, who knelt und kiss- Cod, (Smoked), per pound ....... 18c
od the ground ot New France, taking Halibut, 2 pounds, ,  25c
it in the name ol charity. I
The number ol vlaltora In Quebec
Ib steadily increasing and the acco-1
modatione of the city are being put
to a aevere test. The number ol sol-1
dlera alone is estimated to reach a
total ol nearly 35,000. Hundreds ot'
new visitors arrived today Irom
many parts ol Canada, come to wlt-
ness tomorrow's reception ot the
Prince of Walos and hla party, Thle-
of course, will be one ol the biggest
events of the entire celebration programme. The arrangements for the
reception of his royal Highness and
hla staff are of the moat perfect
character. I
The official landing ol the royal
party la to take place at four o'clock
ln the afternoon at the King'a
Wharl. Prior to thia Sir Wilfrid
Laurier and an official party will
board the Indomitable and will present to the royal visitor an address
ol welcoine. This address will be
in French, and English,' and will be
replied to by the Prince in both len-
ink ltNlrlo_.tr nut
Mitt liMHiul-turn
cirxiier w«ri._^
[Teaoher of Music]
Studio in Williams' Blook i
_    Visit the Foundry and make
i your    own   choice.    You will
save time and money, and  get
better satisfaction.
; Mclntyre foundry
Company, Limited
Clearance Prio s
My Store is   none too   large,
and my Full    Btock is all   on
the -way, so have   decided   to
clear out the balance   of   my
Chocolate,    Tan    and    White
Shoes at
Greatly Reduced Prices.
Men's Chocolute Bluchers, regular price $4.50 and $5.00,
Now,   $8.76
Men's Chocolate Oxfords, regular price $4.00 and $4.50.
Now ,..._.   $8.25
Ladies' Chocolate Bale, regular
price $3.50 and $8.75. Now
Ladles Chocolate Oxfords, regular price $2.50 and $8.00.
Now   $1.75 and $2.25
Ladles' Whito Cunvus Oxfords,
' $1.25 por pair.
Children's und Misses' Whito
Oxf&rds, 75c, 90c and $1.15
Boys' and Youths' Tun Cult
Bals, regular Price, $2.00
nnd $2.25. Now $1.75 and
Children's Chocolate Sandals,
75c and $1.00.
S  Tho ho an.
Cigara and Soft Drinks.
One hundred acres of flrat class
land a mile and a hall from Chemainus Station. For lull particul
ars, apply to Geo. Tranfleld, Rlan
ey'a Croaaing. J19-4t
Launch fo? Hire
Fastest Boat ln Harbor.
Runs from the Dominion Wharl  to
Shall Beach every hour.
Thursdays, Irom 1 p. m.
Sundays, Irom 10 a. m.
Return Fare, SHI Cents.
i I
1 In White, Black, Tan.  > ',',
*    Prices from 50- *• P»'r''
.   ....at.... ;|
J .   FANCY GOOD-  ■TOR-.     • I
. i;| dm
All Work Guaranteed.
. A
■ail Afford to
Be Without a
.ONLY $8.00 BACH.
Oil Stovos with one and two wicks,
.   From   75o to $1.90
[The Old Reliable Mason Fruit Jurs.
i Gal., por dozen   $1.25
1 quart, por dozen   $1.00
1 pint, per dozon   .' 75
Rubbers of Best Quality por dozen,
10c and 15c.
<_. Peterson
Phone 1-3,    First Avenuo.
The City
For th. Best Bread
Finest Cakes and
Pastry in Town
Orders Promptly Attended to
A _   HILBERT   .
i •  (
)    Telephone, 1 2-4
< Nanailii i 110.    -.
* o^**mmm*^-mi.m*^mo.m.m^^m*
j. m. mo-?GA|s.,
Teacher of Voico Production and
Engagements may be left nt the
Standard Office.
Laooch for Sa!e
WiU carry 15 persons.   Just fitted
with new 10 h.p. engine.
For particulars, apply
I hotogi apher
First Class Photos.
my Stock of Latest Styles in  jf
Wall Papers
Picture  Framing   a Specialty.
High Street,
Rods a-d lines
Flies and Tackle
For All Kinds of Fishing.
Excellent Boarding
-    Propriatora.
THAN WOOD.   .   .
H, Thornley
'PHONE fl.
Every Convenience,   and Everything,
of the Best.
Jos. Nankivfcll Prop.
The Notion Store I
Hand Bags Greatly Reduced.  .
-W 50c Wr
A New and Unique Line of Up-to-
Duto Post Cards.
Everything in the Small Ware Line
ut Pay Duy Prices.
Hotel Cecil
Beat Liquors and Cigars.
Post Cards I
Largest and Best
[Assortment in.
town at
_3ool_: Store..
1st Avenue, Ladyamlth, II, q;
, Four-roomed houae ■ with kitchen,
on High Street, Lot lanced and
cultivated.  Apply 0. Thompson.
A yacht, 39 teat over all.    Can be
seen at Harrup'a Boat Houae.    Apply W. George, Bos 881,
J ****), PUNNING. TO IllliLC
__.|M Bwi't livit "<\ -I.iintiy. ""<'
'■"■". '7'^'W "iiWv"<"! t-'i','• 11". .ii"'
f ■ ': ''i' i' .:. ,■ !.. ht).l>   -li-ril -i  ,i   I
I '  w-* '       j


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