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The Ladysmith Chronicle May 12, 1909

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With Which Is Amalgamated the Ladysmith Standard.
Vol. I.
Ladysmith, B. C, Wednesday, May 12, 1909.
City Fathers Discuss
Electric Light
The last regular meeting ot the
eft;' council was a decid • '■ y interesting one, on account of the instructive address delivered betore
that body by Mr. Hartley Gisborne,
who was Invited to be present, to
see if some arrangement could not
be made with the smelter to supply
the necessary current to light tbe
city. The information Imparted by
Mr. Gisborne will oSBlst the council
"board very materially ln the Installation of its own plant, if the present negotiations with the Tyee
smelter cannot be carried to a successful issue.
There were present at the meeting:
Mayor Nicholson, Aid Matheson, McKinnell,  Brown, Dier and RobertB.
The minutes ot the previous meeting were read and approved.
Mr. W. J. Watson, manager of the
Tyee Smelter Company, wrote the
council that Mr. Gisborne would be
prepared to discuss the matter of
supplying current to the city, and
asking for an appointment with the
Tho mayor stated that he had arranged with Mr. Gisborne to be .present at the council meeting and*thc
communication was received and
A communication was received from
William 0. Brent, through Mr.
Stewart, asking for the cuts for the
new debentures, so that they could
start printing them immediately on
receipt of the Information that thc
by-law had been carried.
Mayor Nicholson stated that he
had already attended to that matter, and that the cuts, etc., would
be in the handB of Mr. Brent this
Tho communication was therefore
received and filed and a suitable reply will be sent to.Mr. Brent.  .
From the deputy provincial secretary, with regard to repeal of Bylaw No. 25, and asking for certified
copy of by-lnw affecting,tho one to
lie repealed, a copy of the resolution
ot the council asking for the repeal,
and a declaration of the mayor and
city clerk that no action had been
taken on tho by-law sought to be
Thc communication was received
and filed, and thc clerk" win* Instructed to forward thc.deslrod information.
Accounts aggregating $94.93 were
presented and ordered paid
Aid. Dier reported that he had
Interviewed Mr. Bcasley with regard
to the proposed electric light plant
on the Esplanade. In tho course of
the conversation Mr. Bcasley had
stated that there would not be much
difficulty in arranging for a site,
and Instructed 'the committee as to
tho best method ot proceeding in
the matter. He asked tho committee
to write to Mr. Littio to securo thc
permit for the spur track and tor-
ward the same to bim,
This the clerk was Instructed to
attend to at once.
Aid. Dier also reported tho result
ot his'Interview with Mr. Watson,
of the smelter.
The city clerk was instructed to
get a loan of (600 trom the Canadian Bank ot Commerce lor one
At this juncture the mayor expressed the opinion that the city
hall was badly ln need ot repairs.
In this opinion the aldermen without exception concurred, and that
building may be repaired later on,
Mr. John Stewart asked " permission to address the council', which
was granted.
Mr. Stewart asked the council 11
anything had been done with regard
to Mrs. Hutcheson'B claim against
the city.
Mnyor Nicholson replied that the
matter was now ln the hands ol the
court, and that the council had not
been notified that the action had
been Withdrawn.
Mr: Stewart said that Mrs. Hutcheson had no desire to take the
matter Into the courts. She would
prefer a settlement; outside ot the
courts, and wanted to know
the council intended to, dq.
Aid, Dior said he would prefer a
settlement ot some kind,
some ono clso to pay tho bills. II
tho bill could havo been collected In
the courts it would havo been set
tied before now. It seemed to him
unfortunato that Mr. Trembath
should not have paid this bill.
Mayor Nicholson said if thc council could not get assistance there
would bo many bills that could not
be paid.
...Mr. Stewart asked tho mayor If
the council Intended to turn thc bill
Mayor Nicholson believed that was
the intention of the council.
Aid. Dier wanted to know If Mrs.
Hutcheson was prepared to compromise the bill.
Mr. Stewart remarked that if thc
council did not intend to take any
action there would be no use offering to compromise.
Aid. Roberts said if the council
owed Mrs. Hutcheson anything they
owed her the full amount of the
Aid. Matheson agreed with the
mayor. If the city had employed
Mrs. Hutcheson they should pay her.
He would be willing to put his hand
in his own pocket and help pay the
bill, but thc council had no right
to do so.
Mayor Nicholson said it the council could get assistance they might
he able to do something.
Aid. Matheson did not think the
council was a charitable institution
and objected to paying the bill on
this account.
Aid. Dior thought the remark ill-
timed inasmuch as the council was
asking charity from tho Government.
He had heard- that Mr. Trembath's
placo had boon used as a pesthouse.
Mayor Nicholson said that the
Govcrament had placed a patient
there, but refused to pay the bill.
Mr. Stewart asked if he would convey the message to Mrs. Hutcheson
that the council ignored tho bill.
The course Bhe would pursue would
depend upon the message from the
Aid. Matheson stated that tho
council had ."already passed a motion
to that effect.
Mayor Nicholson repeated thc
statement thnt if the council got
Borne assistance thoy might be able
to do something.
Mr. Stewart- presumed that
was the feeling of the meeting,
that the council did not feel
posed to go any further, and
Mr. Gisborne then addressed tho
meeting. After entering into his
subject very fully, and explaining
many interacting points with regard
to electric lighting, ho asked the
council to give him some idea ot
what they wanted from tho smelter.
Betoro he could glvo them an answer
he would havo to know tho maximum
and minimum amount of. currant thc
council would agree upon.
This was a difficult 'question to answer, and puzzled even the mathematical ingenuity of tho mayor, Tho
aldermen admitted thoy were not
practical electricians and had to depend upon experts for Information.
However, it whs eventually decided
to let Mr, Glsliorno figure on a,minimum ot 2,000 candle power nnd u
maximum ot 2,500 candle power, the
rating to bo taken from the switch
board at the smelter. It Isundcr-
stood that the city will du all the
Ladysmith Protests
Not Allowed
The Victoria Day celebration at
Nanaimo this year will be the bost
In tlie history of celebrations ln that
city. The committee are preparing
a programme that should attract n
great many from the neighboring
towns. All entries for events must
be by amateurs and no later than
May 18. Communications addressed
to Albert Sampson, Nanaimo, will
be attended to.
When James McCulloch left here a
lew months ago lor Morenct, Arts.,
It wan. hotted that a tew months In
that climate would completely restore'him'to health, He had been
ailing for somo mooths, and thc medical men ordered him south. Last
Tuesday word was received by the
local Odd Fellows Lodge that Mr.
what' McCulloch had died at the place
named on the 1st ot May, and that
bis body    had been Bhlppcd to his
old home In Nova Scotia. Deceased
Matheson expressed the opln-'wns about 32 yean ot age, and was
ion that} this was a case, of somel held In high esteem by a large drone employing a person and wanting cle ot friends In Lndysmith,
* I: " ' ",•■■"•-■■• *
At the special meeting of the V.
I F. A. held ln Nanaimo Saturday
night to contidcr tho protests of thc
Ladysmith club against Brown and
Haoper and Hurrcn, thc home club
lost out. Nanaimo were represented by Messrs. Hindmarch and Ora-
ham, Esquimalt by Locksley, and
Ladysmith by Eno and Thornley
Jas. Adam, as vicc-presidoht, occupied the chnlr, Mr. Hooton Hill of
Victoria, secretary.
Beforo tho meeting opened the Nanaimo delegation asked for. a ruling
in the Victoria United case and
wantedto know why this team was
dropped from the league
For Information these gentlemen
were retorrod to the minutes of the
last meeting held in Victoria.
This caused considerable discussion
and as the meeting was called to
cansider the protest, the chairman
declared the discussion out of order.
The first business was the registration of Brown.
The secretary received the registration from Brown on the 27th ot April and gave Nanaimo permission to
play this man on the 30th it necessary. Rule 7, cup competition rules
"Players shall be a regular member in good stunding of tbe club they
represent' at least seven (7) days
prior to playing."
Yet the secretary receives this registration on the 27th and allowed
the player to take part in a league
competition on the 30tb. We talk
of living up to the constitution and
a thing like this to happen.
The secretary's excuso for this Is:
The form he received had the man's
signature of tho 24th, and claims
this makes thc player eligible. His
wny of figuring is thnt when a-player signs a form lie is registered.
Such a piece ot absurdity no one
has ever heard. Tho date of a player's registration Is trom the date ol
the postmark or when thc secretary
receives the torm.
Again, Recording to. hts way ot figuring a club can get a good player,
say Friday night, date the form last
week or any old time two days previous to tho game, and can be quite
rl'gililc to play Buy thc next dny
(Saturday). Who over hoard ot such
a thing, nnd because of this Injustice  Lndysmith has to suffer.
In tho case ot Hooper nnd Hurrcn,
the ruling il tho association was
that tho V. I. F. A. wns in no way
connected witli tho U. C. F. A., and
as the V. I. F. A. rules had nothing
concerning this question tho local
club lost out. Vet again, according
to Itulc I cup competition rules ol
the V. I. F. A.% It, reads:
"No player can represent (wo
clubs in one season."
Rule 9 of     thc B. C. F. A. roads:
"Thc clubs govcrnod by thc Vancouver district league entering lor
competitions will play under tho cup
competition rules adopted by this
league The clubs governed by the
Vancouver island Association will
play under the league system adopt
cb by that association. A player
playing In a gnmo for thc Vancouver Island Leaguo shall be held to
have played for thc B. C. cup and
a player having played in E. C,
cup game in the Vancouver district league shall not bo eligible to
play In the Vancouver Island League."
And these men nro still allowed
to play. Consider the Injustice to
Ladysmith team. Not that tho club
management have a kick against
the men themselves—hut In tho face
ot this rule the Nanaimo club dure
play them. This mutter will ho
thoroughly thrashed out at a mooting of the II. 0. F. A., and in the
meantime we have just to wait results.
Tho association have declared these,
men eligible to play and they will
be seen on the line-up ot thc Nanaimo United here next Sunday.
Tho whole question was nettled by
dolegato Locksley of Esquimau who
was the only noutral representative
at the meeting, and his verdict was
as follows:
"In the caso of Brown I find that
thero has been a misunderstanding na
regards the time or date from whence
u registration commences, and taking tills Into consideration, along
with the notification received by the
Nanaimo Footbull Club from the
V. I. League Secretary tbat Brown
was eligible to play on Sunday, 2nd
May, I come to thc conclusion that
Nanaimo played. Brown under thcta-
pness'ion that he was a tq'tj" qualified
and eligible man. In the caso ot
Hooper i.hd Hurrcn B (ind that we
playing under & different constitution
than the !.. ..land teams, have psac-
tically no jurisdiction ovor two con
utitutions and find also that there la
nothing mentioned in our Island
constitutions to debar any player,
that has been registered .a clear seven dnyB, taking part in n Vancouver
Island League game. But according
to thc constitutions of thc Mainland
teams I find that auy League
team securing tho services of any
player who has previously taken part
in Mainland championship games
leaves themselves open to disqualification when they come to compete
for the championship.
"Under thc above circumstances I
declare Ladysmith and Nanaimo United a tie for first place in the Vancouver Island League and ask them
to play oil with homo und home
games, date to be fixed and officials
appointed by one delegate from each
of thc said teams along with myself.
Messrs. Eno and Thornley thrashed out their case well and fought
every Inch of the way, while Messrs.
Hindmarch and Graham were there
with a great defence, but as the
matter was left to one man it was
rettlcd as stated in the above report.
The meeting was lengthy and at
times stormy and violent and lasted till tho wee sma hours. The
chairman was in an awkward position being a player ot tho protesting team and had,to try and remain
neutral but it was  hard—awful hard/
Tho annual meeting of the V. I. F.
A. will be held immediately after tho
final games between Nanatmo and
The first, game takos place here on
Sunday next, the 16th Inst, and the
nert in Nanaimo on the 23rd inst.
Local and General
News Notes
Marshall     Bray
ot  Nanaimo.
is   serious,y    ill
Ralph Smith, M. P., is amongst
those, in attendance at the Methodist)
conference now In session at Now
Thc new summer time enrd ot thc
C. P. R. goes Into effect on June 6th.
There is little change In thc running
time of tho continent traius.
Lacrosse Club
Gets a Present
Mr. Theodore Bryant is building
n row boat that will be a credit to
tho builder when completed. Boatbuilding is becoming an important
industry in Ladysmith.
In the assize court Monday night
t(t (Vancouver, Mirh«t Drrgcrvltclt^
charged with tho murder ot his,brother at Prince Rupert, was acquitted by the jury, who decided that
the killing was accidental.
A number of street cars came in
on the transfer Monday en route to
Victoria. Eli Rowlands says it will
be only a matter of a sliort time
until:the cars will be running on
thc streets ol Ladysmith.
Owing to the business increase
work will be commenced nest week
upon a large addition to tha E.
N. railway depot at Duncan The
present station building is now entirely too small and will be almost
doubled in size.
After being conceded to have been,
practically workeH out by the form
er owners, the Canadian Oonsolldat
od Company has uncovered an ore
body in the War Eagle that .contains]
a million dollars. It .is on the nintn
level and Is .the most important discovery in the history of Rossland.
Within ten days the E. ft N. railway company will place on the market the first Vancouver Island acreage cleared for settlement. That
which will be sold Is a block ot one
hundred and twenty acres, situated
next to Ladysmith townsite. It is
to be disposed of in five-acre plots
and there should be a good demand
for this property.
Mr. Robert Rolston has kindly do
noted to the lacrosse club a set of
goal nets. The boys are much encouraged by this unlooked for kind
ncss and will do thrlr best to prov
themselves worthy ol the gift.
Tho lacrosse club is fortunate in
securing the services of Mr. John
Bcauchamp, who is noted tor bis
speed' and staying powers, and al
though young in the game, shows al
tho signs ot becoming a "star."'
.Several of thc members ot thc sen
ior footbull team arc taking an in
torcst in lacrosse and will doubtles
soon be seen figuring in tho line up
ot  tho national  game.
Tho boys were unable to secure v
game in Nnnnitno on the 24th,   th
North Ward ot Victoria having mini
arrangements    to   play in Nanaiii »
on thnt date.    A game will doubt'I ■
less be played     hero   on or  befoul     On •Mjonduy,  May  24th,  the  K.  &
July 1st and nil players aro to tako* N. Railway will put on special   cx-
n'c'tice  and) got  out  to; practice as
often aSjPosslblc so as to. bo In shape
when the" game docs come off.
A special practice will bo held to
That • Armour, & Co., thc great
meat packers, with hcadqUartcrs at
Chicago, intend investing and establishing offices in British Columbia,
is Indicated b'y thc tact that their
representative Is tn this province. W
A. Cutler has just completed a tour
through the interior, and has pro
pared a report on thc conditions prct
vailing which he will sond to his em
night.when    a team   will be picked
tor thc Extension match,
The Skccna Land Co. has sold tbe
Copper City townsite to tha Prince
Rupert Real Estate Syndicate lor
(45,000. Tho urea ol thc townsite
Is 100 acres, It is located nt tho
mouth of Copper river, and is within
700 yards ot the survey lino ol the
Grand Trunk Pnclllc railway.
cursion rates between Victoria and
Nanaimo and will also run spoclal
trains. Trains will leave Victoria
on May iith at 9 a. m. Md, 8 p. m.
and on Tuesday at 9 a. m. and 8 p.
in. and returning from Nanalnfen
trains will leave thc Coal City aft
8:15 a., m. and 3:15 p. m. on Monday
nnd Tuesday, the 24th and 25th
to apprehend Clark on thc charge of
forgery. The latter objected to being arrested, and insisted that tho
whole thing was a case ot mistaken
identity. Later on he became troublesome and threatened to put tho
police officer out of business, but ho
knew not Callender. In thc twinkling of an eye ho was on his back
with a pair of handcuffs on his
wrists. From his language one
would conclude Clark was a product of
thc London slums. The Colonist ol
this morning states that ou April
27 Clark, it is alleged, cashed a
worthless cheque for (2.75 at the local branch ot thc Canadiau Bank ol
Commerce. Thc cheque, which pur.
ported to bo signed by the Seattle
Times Company, pcr J, W. McDonald, was payable to James E.
Wynne and endorsed by the latter to
Clark. On April 28 another cheque
similar to thc first, was cashed on
the Windsor Grocery. Thc cheques
in due courso went to Seattle, were
quickly shown to be torgcrios, and
were returned hero when thc police
were notified und thc hunt for Clark
commenced. In thc meantime he
had left thc city but bis trail was
followed through Duncans to Ladysmith. Clark claims to have travelled across the continent on foot
with a partner^ whose name is Wynne.
Tho "N" in his name, he states,
stand;, for the historical name, Nebuchadnezzar. ,
Thc programme lor thc first thrco
nights ol tho week at thc Novelty
has been one of tho best yet presented at that house. Tho "Cattle
Rustlers" is oue ol the most reads
tic pictures yet seen In Lndysmith,
and the songs of Lcn Ingham were
deservedly applauded. A slight
change has boon mado lu tho programme advertised on another page.
and tor tho last three nights tho
programme will be: Samson and De
lilah, The Devil, Music Hath Charms
Cabby's Wife,' and two songs, Homo1 Ho called on several business mon
In the West and OB-ka I.o so Loo. 1 on Monday and claimed that he was
The Devil Is a reproduction ot tho representing Pearson's Magazine,
celebrated play of that name, and That morning Chief Constable Cal-
will be well worth seeing. ' lender received a wire trom Vlctqrla
Rev. Dr. Sponccr's address nt tho
Opera House lust Sunday evening
attracted a very largo audience. Tho
rev. gentleman advanced his reus
oils tor local option In a manner
that was at once convincing and Interesting, and nt tho close ot tho
mooting the first step ln th* direction ot forming a local option club
in Ladysmith was taken. Th* United Choirs ol tho cltj provided an attractive musical programme.
Last Saturday a young Englishman
giving the name of Edward N. Clark
registered at the Abbotsford Hotel,
Another Big Match
for Sunday
The local seniors again meet Nanaimo United in the Island championship. The match takes place oa
the home grounds next Sunday, ths
16th last. There has beea coneider-
able discussion over the games this
season, and Nanaimo already had the
championship cinched since Victoria
nwde the 'handsome gift ot four
points. Again Ladysmith had a sure
thing ln the protest, but according
to the rulings of the last two meetings both teams must again meet to
decide the championship. According
to replay rules the teams must play
on neutral grounds. The association
will take all gate receipts and the
teams will p*ny their own expenses.
The meeting at Nanaimo decided
that there was no replay, and that
the teams play home and home
games to' decide. The game will
start at 3 p. m. sharp, and Mr.
A. Locksley, Esquimau, will referee.
It is to be hoped tbat this gentleman will hold the gnmc better In
chock and cut out all unnecessary
rough piny. Mr. Hart, ol Nanaimo,
and Mr. Turnbull, of Liulysiuit'.:,
will act as linesmen.
Arrangements arc being made with
tho E. ft N. to run a special train
trom Nanaimo, leaving there at 1:30
p. m. and returning nt 6 p. m. This
should bring u good crowd, and na
for tho game itself it promises to
go down in history.
Some of the would-bo sports who
do all thc talking on tho street corners are accusing several ot tho local players of selling thc last gamo
•gaiii.'t Nanaimo. It can bo taken
for gruntod that the mon who make
such accusations arc thc ones who
usually climb tho fence or watt till
half-time to get in free. No genuine
sport would mako such a statement.
Every timo the tonm goes on tho
field It goes to win. These players
have thc town and populace at
stake, and nro after higher honors
Mum the It. C. championship, viz.,
tho Canadian championship, and
these chaps with their little haml
titers should do Icsb knocking and1
more boosting, which would be productive of more harmony in tho
Ed. Wynne lelt town at midnight
and forgot to say that ho was going, lt Is strnngo that Wynne should! '
turn his town down ltko that." especially on the eve ol such an Important game. His action will be
remembered nnd his place quietly 111;
The team on Sunday will bo without thc sorviccs ol Main and Wynne
In the halves, but the management
hope to have the positions filled
with good reliable men who will do
their duty.
Arrangements are being mado for
a match between the local team and
tjlxa Celtics at Vancouver on May 24, THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
There Is Money Being Made in Lots
in   Hastings   Townsite,  Vancouver
I have several for sale at ruling prices.
Notary Public Conveyancer
Head Office  •  • Toronto
CAPITAL $10,000,000: REST $6,900,000
Bank Money Orders
S.i and undar        -         • 3 cents
Ovsr to and not exceeding (10, 6 "
"   tlO      "      "           $30, 10 "
'•   S30      "      "           $BO, 15 "
Those orders are payable at par at any office in
Canada of a Chartered Bank, except in the Yukon
and at the principal banking- points in the United
They ar» negotiable at 14:90 to the £ sterling- in
Great Britiin and Ireland. They form an excellent method of remitting small sums of money
with safetv and at small cost and may be obtained without delay at any office of the Bank.
LADYSMITH BRANCH   L. M. de Gex, Manager
PuMUhed by Carley * Carley at Ladysmith, B. C.
•very Wednesday and Saturday,
$1.50 i Year ii Advance, 25c Fir Month
Advertlilnft Rateaon application.
The citizens ol Alberni are up In
arms: against the Vancouver Island
Development League, and there
seems to be good reason Ior their
warlike attitude at this time.   Borne
Dr. R. B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
Livery, Peed ond Sole
First AvMitifi.
Phnnn Sit.
weeks ago the   Island   League scut'
out circulars statins that lt was pre-1
pared to supply subordinate leagues
with stationery.   The price was on Jl
about three or tour times' as  much
as the same stationery could be supplied   by the   local   printing offices,
but the Alberni league sent for sam
pies of the letterheads and envelopes.    When the samples arrived,   the
league inspected them, and here, according to the Alberni Pioneer News,
is what they tound:
"The general appearance ol th
goods was quite pleasing, but there
are some members of tbo Alberni
Board of Trade whose eye» are like
thoso of an eagle, and enable them
to seo beyond all possible surlaio
deceptions, especially when lt comes
to Inspecting certain wares that are
sent from Victoria. At the head ot
*hc beautifully lithographed letter
paper there was a small map ot Van1'
couver Island, and on the centre ot
this, the place where Alberni should
te printed In large letters, several
pairs cf stimulated optics were Immediately trained.
"As far as could he told trom any
lettering on tbat pretty little map
the site ot this (uturo metropolis
was nothing more than nn unnamed
wilderness. Along the oast coast
line thero was much lettering, the;
names ol Cumberland. Comox, Coury
enay, Duncans, Nanaimo, and Victoria appearing ln plain gothlc type of
size that should never he responsible
for the use of spectacles. There wa
room enough lelt tor the names , ot
Alberni and other places on the
WestCoast where branches ot the
Island Development League: have
healthy existence, but tho space wus
not occupied,"
The   sheet   nt   letter    paper was
turned over,   and on Its back   was
' found another map of Vancouver Island, a larger one.   This was spot-
Home peoplo are continually calling attention to their own importance.    No doubt it is necessa"y.
Don't look for your neighbor's
faults with a magnifying glass. iU-
member tl.at ho cun seo yourj with
the naked eye.
Trust no  man blindly;  tnyselt   may
he a rogue some day.
When some men.attempt a joke it
is like breaking a pane of glass with
a sledge hammer,
Don't <*{ke your pleasure like oysters, oh the half shell. When you
>njoy yourself do lt thoroughly.
A woman likes to see her lover
well dressod. That is why the wooer
is most successtul who presses his
Many a man who plays at work
is ready to work nt play.
Every man oweB something to his
country; most of us are heavily in
the national debt.
Luck is what the other man has
when he beats you in the game.
The nearer the bono, me sweeter
tho meat.
A company promoter's room is always better than bis company.
Never mind what you used to do.
What can you do now?
A good general always' has plenty
of followers. Any housewife will tell
you that.
Solomon advised tbe sluggard to
go to the ant and consider her ways.
But the sluggard usually,goes to his
uncle and considers his means.
flood breeding is like salt—you no-
tics it men when it Isn't there.
Jnwhi no is often ■■ mistaken lor
Every mat), has his price. Make
yours prohibitive.
Mr. S. Zulck ot Ladysmith is
hereby authorised to collect any
debts due me. He will also pay any
debts due by me.
Ladysmith, 28th April, 1909.
Notice is hereby given that lt Is
my Intention to make application to
the Board of Licensing Commissioners of the City of Ladysmith tor a
transfer of the retail liquor license
now held by me on behalf of the, pre-
mlBesknown as the Hotel Cecil trom
myself to Arthur Caniill Carpenter.
Ladysmith, 19th April, 1909.
We have the choicest lots in
for Sale.
Come early and get first pick.
Real Estate
First Avenue, Ladysmith
J   ~^mlf^mt'mt fg.
ted with names of places, and Alberni was permitted to, he one spot.
There were many red lines drawn o
the ocean scone to the west, and
. they were all drawn, with the shortest possible curves, ln the direction
ofVlctoTla, showing how all steamships that ply the Pacific could go
nu> el their natural run to get to
tbat port.   ,
This caused the Alberni men to
murmur, "Victoria «» HBoal," and
W. H. Marcon, who wns at one time (
n rrtld«nt of Victoria and knew the
peoflft there,' expressed himself very|
plnX-ly about the matter. The re-'
suit l» that the citizens of Alhernl
have «ntere4 a" strong protest
against tbe Vancouver Island Development iMgm circulating the misleading stationery. .   . <
Tenders will be received by the undersigned up till 12 o'clock noon, on
Saturday, ISth May, 1909, for painting the outside of the Ladysmith
School Buildings, two coats ol paint.
Specifications can be seen at my office. The lowest or any tender not
necessarily accepted.
Secretary Board of School Trustees.
Ladysmith, 80th April, 1909.
In the matter of an application for
a Duplicate Certificate ot Title' to
Lot   4,   Block  29   (Map   7»3 A)
Town of Ladysmith.        ::■■'
Notice is hereby given that it Is
my   Intention at   the expiration ot
one month from the date ot the first
publication hereof to issue a Duplicate Certificate of Title to said land
Issued   to   William   Beverldge   and
Henry Relfel on the 3rd day of November,. 1902,- and numbered 8203 O.
Registrar-General  of Titles.
Land   Registry   Office,  Victoria, B
0., Uu mil daVj u» AnrU, MOS*.
A UY-LAW to authorize tlio borrowing
of a sum of Sr.n.noiU.o upon iho spcm--
ity, of Sewer Jtnt.es, nnd Hentulu, with
the (liifirnntee of the City of LudysmiUi,
for   Sewer   Construction   purposes.
WUEREAS it is intended to borrow
tbe sum of S'.O.OOO.oir upon tlio security
uf the sewer rates nnd sewer rentals imposed, levied and collectible in the City
oi Ladysmith:
AND WHTMJEAS it is proposed to givj
the guarantee of tbo Corporation of the
said City for securing the moneys borrowed:
AND WHKUKAS a petition under tho
provisions of the Municipal Clauses Act,
signed by tbe owners of more tlinn one-
tenth of tlie value of .real property in
the City of Ladysmith as shown by the
last revised Assessment roll lias been
presented to the Municipal Council requesting the Council to introduce this1
AND WHEREAS the said Sewer rates
and .Sow^r rentals are estimated-to produce S-1800.00 annually:
AND WHEHEAS tho Baid amount of
money intended to be borrowed pursuant
to this By-law, will bo primarily charged and secured upon the Sower rentals
nnd Sewer rates to be assessed nnd levied, collectible annually in the City of
AND WHEREAS the computed amount required to be collected annually
by Sewer itntnls and Sower rntes, or
otherwise to be raised annually, to pay
tho Interest nt (1 per centum pur nnnum
upon the said sum of §50,000.00, is S.i,-
OOO.OO, and the ninonnt required annually to discharge tbe debt when payable, viz: the said sum of §50,000.00, in
25 years is 81.(71.40, and It is estimated that tlmre will not be any deficiency;
AND WHEREAS tho amount of tho
whole ratable land or Improvements or
real property of the Municipality amounting 'to tho last rnviscd Assossmeut
Roll   Is $457,21)5.00.
AND WHEREAS it is proponed to borrow the said sum of §50,000.00 upon
debentures ns hereinafter appearing:
THEREFORE tho Municipal Council of
the Corporation of thc City of Ladysmith enacts as follows;
1. THE MONEYS raised under* this
By-law shall bo forthwith expended in
Iho construction of Sewers nnd for tho
l>urposes generally mentioned jn this Bylaw, nnd for no other purposes;
2. IT, SHALL, bo lawful for tho Mayor of the Corporation of the City of Ladysmith lo borrow on tho security of
sower rates ami sower rentals imposed,
levied nnd collectible, in tho City of Ladysmith, and by way of guarantee upon
the' credit of tho said Corporation by
way of tho debentures hereinafter mentioned, from any person or persons, or
body or bodies corporate, who mny bo
willing to advance tbe same as a loan,
a sum of money not exceeding in the
whole the sum of $50,000.00 currency,
nnd to cause all such sums so raised or
received to be paid into thc hands of
tho trensurer for person noting as such
for tho Corporation for the purposc^uim
with the object hereinbefore referred to, Th
Corporation for the purposo and with
the object herinbofore referred to, Tho
said Debentures shall contain tho guarantee of thc suid City of Lndysmith, in
the following tonne, or as near thereto
us can be:
"The payment of tbo principal mon-
" eys and interest thereon u.ider this
" debenture nt the respective dates when
" tlio same fall due under the terms of
" this debenture is hereby guaranteed
" by the Corporation of the City of La-
" dysmith." y
3. IT SHALL BE lawful for the said
Mayor to cause any number of debentures to bo made, executed and issued
for such sums ns may be required,    not
xceeding however, the sum of 850,000.00
currency, ench of the said Debentures being of the amount of not less than 51,.
000.00 currency and all such debentures
shall be sealed with tbe seal of the said
Corporation hud signed by tbe Mayor
thereof and counter-signed by tho City
J. THE DEBENTURES shall boar
date of the dny after the final passing
of this by-law, and shall be payable In
25 yours from tho said date ot the ofilco
of the Corporation of thc said City ol
Ladysmith, (or at such other place as
may be designated thereon) nnd shall
have attached to them coupons for tho
payment of Interest from the time of
the delivery thereof, and tho signatures
to the interest coupons may be either
written, stamped, printed or llthograhp.
bear interest aj the rate of o per cent.
per nnnum from thc date thereof, pay-
ablo half yearly on the Inst day nf June
and December, in each nnd every year
until the redemption of the said Debentures at the office of the ciork of the
Municipal Corporation of the City -of
Ladysinith, or nt such other place us
may he expressed In tho dubenturo or
0. IT SHALL BE lawful for tho Mayor'of tho snld Corporation to dispose of
the said Debentures at a rate hi-low.pnr,
ami to the treasurer to oav^ut of the
John   \V.   Coburn,
President; and Managing Director.
ith Lumber Co.,
Limited. '
Rough and Dressed Fir Lumber,
Red Cedar, Shingles and Lath
minis so raised by tho sale of tho said
Debentures, nil expenses connected with
the preparation und lithographing of tho
debentures nnd coupons, or any discount
or commission or other chages incidental
to  the sale of tho said debentures.
7. In the event of tho amounts raised
in any y.iu* from Sower rates and rentals proving hisuJllclont to pay the said
two sums of §8,000 and S1M71.-10 respectively, then ami in that event thero
shall be levied and raised upon the ratable, laud and improvements or real property in the jMiinicipnliiy uu amount sui-
licient to remit such deficiency and discharge, the guarantee of tho City pro
H,   SO  MUCH  of the moneys collected
for and  received  by  the  City Treasurer j
under tin: provisions of tho   By-law   or,
lly-biws  to  bo passed after  the pussngo
of  this   By-law  as aforementioned   shall I
be  -su Hid hi I   to   provide  tbo  annual   interest  on   lhe moneys  borrowed  on     Iho
security  of  the  .said   Dobontures  and   the!
annual  sinking" fund for thn payment ol I
lhe principal  moneys due upon   tho suid I
debentures shall,  immediatojy  on  receipt I
thereof, be set aside hy  tlio City Treasurer and placed by him  tu a separate account  with tho bankers uf the Corpora-1
lion   uf     the    City   ol'     Ladysmltlii     and j
thereout  shall he paid  the coupons    ov
interest upon the sniil debentures or borrowed moneys    ns tlio same shall   from
time  to  time  fall  due,  nnd  the moneys
tu provide the said annual sinking fund
.shall  be placed  on deposit  nnd  with  the
interest- thereon shall be allowed  to accumulate, und thereout shall be paid the
principal  monoys  borrowed,  as  tho said
debentures sliail  from time It) time    become  due.
1). THIS BY-LAW shall, before tho final passing thereof, receive the assent of
the electors of the said Corporation, In
the manner provided for In tbe Municipal
Clauses Act, and shall take effect on-the
day after tilic final passing thereof.
10. THIS BY-LAW may not he altered m* repealed save with the consent of
the 4,ieulenunt-(.lovernoi'-in-Couucil.
11. 11V AND WITH the consent of the
Lieu tenant tiov^nior-in-Couneil, of the
Province of British Columbia, the Sewers By-law 11)08, No. 2~>, is hereby repealed,
IU. THIS BY-LAW shall be cited as
"Tho   Sewers  By-law,   1000."
PASSED the Municipal Council the 	
  day     uf       1000.
RECONSIDERED,  adopted  and  finally|
passed  by tho Council,  tho  	
day of  MOO.
C.  M.  C. Mayor.
Toko notice that the above Is it true
copy of the proposed By-law upon which
tho \ote of the Municipality will be token nt Ladysmith, City Hall, Monday,
17th May, 1000, from 0 a. m, to 7 p.m.
if you want any Home Cured Hams
or Bacon, call around to
Ryan's Meat Market
', '
!    ' £$*
'***!*'>>« 1.,
t'Pi. ,:i\
$?. -.
.".■■■;.%• * :u
'■ ■'.-. ?■'.'    ..   . '£ ',
.'"';,'.'.-''' •,'*■ '.'*. 'v *■
■ 'l* *,4
*. ■ j. £ '-,r''
'■*SS*i ■
* '■          ■"* $Y*Z^ ''
■"'■';' -V;;.. \
\ J
•'<*     *i. ' -
1 ■-/.]
v.ir: '•■
' .''*| ■ •■&-W;i—/'
1 'K* ■      •   :'-'.
''■:' ;v
1 .  ..... .-j..„Li
,     ,..   •'.'
We have the largest assortment of
Spring and
Fancy Suitings
to be fouud in the city.
D. J. Matheson
Oatacre st.,   Ladysmith, B. C.
Box 173
Phono 43
For Meats
Geo. Roberts'
Meat Market
Por. First Avc. and Roberts Street.
In the Opera House on Roberts St
Short order meals at all hours.
Oysters   and   Clam    Chowder  a
Wc liave-enpsaRcd a lirst-ilass liar
ber nml the wants of our customer
will he promptly attended to.
Thc only Shoe Blacliing stand in
the city.
Paperhangicr and Art Decorator.
High Street.
Novelty Theatre
Masonic Building, Ladysmith
New Programme
Samson and Dolilah, Cattle Rustlers,
Mueio Hath Charms, Cabby's Wile and
two Illustrated Songs.
Admission: IOc and 15c
Matinee Prices Sc ond 10c
Have Your Houses Plastered
For Terms apply to
C. HINE, Plasterer, etc., Ud)smith, P. 0.
Cement Sidewalks a spcciulty.
F. C. Fisher
Studio in William-*' Block.
*«*>«« ««««•>♦♦•« &«*«»««♦♦♦*««>«*>«*•♦♦♦♦«>♦♦♦ •««+*!
Making   Profit
We csitainly ospeot to make a> reasonable profit on sv.rything wai.ll.
If wo did not, we would eloso up shop. But mind you, Wa said naaonaUa.
Somo grocers want big prollts, but then th.y are satisfied with law aalaa.
We run our business on a different bails I small profits .(tin repeated. Wt
ore satisfied, our customers are satisfied to. save money on good quality
grocerios- so everybody's satisfied.
.' m
Scott's Building, First ifvenue.
9»«»««««>«»»**t>«<>»4>»«> «»««« THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
ftaby Carts
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All Styles and Prices.
Within reach of everybody.
Also fine line of Mattrass-
es. Linoleum from 50c to
$1.00 per yard.
Furniture Store
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J. J. Thomas
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and Vouths, also in Ladies', Misses' and
Children's, in White and Brown.
Alio a lot of very Pretty Socks for Men
and Faney Hose for Ladies.
A few lines in Men's Hats to clear.
The Truth
It has been said that it takes a rich man
to draw a cheok, Ahorse to draw a cut,
A pretty girl to draw attention, A toper to
draw a cork, A free lunch to draw a crowd
and Globe Suspenders to draw your trousers up.   TRY THEM.
1,1,  , i- i    1
Ladysmith Bakery
Cakes ol every* description, lane
tnd plain. Candies ot all kinds
Fruit ot all kinds. Fresh bread ever
Reasonable prices. Come and se
out lines and leave your orders. VV
give careful attention.
Hop Lee, Prop.
Esplanade street,  Ladysmith.
T. E. Sullivan
NliMif, CisaiSteiifittiBi
Prion IiuniMi.
First Avenue, near New Weston hotel
We carry a   large stock of Fancy
The City Market
. R. WILLIAMSON,   Prop.
Wholesale aad Retail.
Ladysmith, B. 0.
Star Orchestra
Open lot engagements trom     Two
Pieces up.
Gives Dance Every Two Weeks.
For lull particulars, apply
First Class   Photos.
an   First   AtfAnii*
Hell Gwynn's Home Doomed
Mansion of Nell Gynne is doomed.
Brent house, another of London's
historic mansions connected, with
Nell Gwynn, is soon to fall into the
hands of the houtobreakers. i This old
building stands in Brentford, whicn
In the days .when Nell Gwynn lived
there, was practically a country seat
but to-day is a somewhat malodorous suburb ol western London; mainly noted for its breweries, gas
works, and other institutions of
like character which make their presence  known by their smell.,
In the early days' of its association
with blythe Nell the big mansion
about to.be demolished stood in extensive grounds. Nell Gwynn wail installed in Brent house in almost regal state, and it was here that
Charles II and she bad some of their
worst quarrels. It is recorded that
after one of these tiffs the lovers
parted on one occasion, supposedly
forever, but that night Charles came
back to Brent house and was so anxious to see his lady love that he
rode hiB horse up the stairs to,the
second storey.
Brent house figures largely in most
ot the episodes connected with the
infatuation of King Charles' tor pretty, witty Nelly as the Londoners
wero wopt to call her. Here occurred
the famous incident when Charles
created the dukedom ot St, Albans,
driven to do so by. a desperate act
of his sweetheart. Nell Gwynn bad
been complaining that her son by
Charles had no title, and his future
was too Insecure. In a fit of stimulated rage she soized the infant by
the feet, and acted as if she were
about to throw it through the window. And Charles, ln bis alarm,
cried out to Nell Gwynn: "Save the
Duke of St. Albans," thereby creating a title which brought with it an
ample "state. Tbe window from
which Noll Gwynn is said to have
made this attempt is pointed out today by the good people of Brentford,
who believe implicitly ln thc tale.
For good sterling in-
vestment secure a
few lots in
Colliipood   Gardens
Elkins Bros.
Prices $250 and $350, easy
: Henry's Nurseries
Spring Trade
Tested stuck, seeds for farm,
garden, lawn or eonservatoiy,
from best growers in England,
Holland, Franco, United States
and local growers.
Fertilisers, I'cc Supplies, Spray
Pumps,Spraying Materials, Wire
Feneing and Gates, Cut Flowers,
1S7 page catalog free.
Office, Greenhouses and Seed-
house: 3010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver B.C.
Ice Cream
•      —AT	
Carter's Store
Ice Cream 10c a plate.
FOR SALE—Cow newly eulved. Ap
ply Peter \Vllliumron, Intension
B. C.
Greaves, next Fire Hall. Mrs
A great city is springing into being in British
Columbia. It is Prince Rupert—the city of
Prince Rupert is the terminus of the Grand
Trunk Pacific—the emporium of Northern British Columbia, Alaska and the Yukon—the centre
ofthe great fishing industry of the north—and
destined to be one of the great commercial and
industrial centres of population on the continent,
Between 2,000 and 2,400 lots will be offered for
sale by public auction in Vancouver, B. C., May
25thlto 29th. Terms:-one-quarter cash; balance one, two and three years at six per cent,
interest. Titles are absolutely indefeasible,
which means that all titles are guaranteed by
the British Columbia Government.
No city in the making ever presented to the
world greater possibilties than Prince Rupert.
What San Francisco is to California—what Portland is to Oregon— what Seattle is to Washington
—rand what Vancouver is to Southern. B. C,
Prince Rupert will be to the great developing
region of the North.
For maps and further particulars, write
Agent for Government and Railway,
Vancouver, B. C.
The house stands quite close to a
tiny stream called the Btent. In the:
timo of Charles II this rivulet was'
artificially widened and deepened so
as to accomodate the royal barge
which could come up to the house
without attracting an undue amount
of attention. It was doubtless this
feature of the place which possessed
a certain amount of attraction lor
the royal lover. At this mahiilon
Charles held somo ot his greatest
banquets, or rather, orgies; and
Brent house has the dubious distinction of having witnessed many of the
monarch's maddest doings. Nell was
much loved by tiic people, however,
and it was ber influence which olten
turned popular hatred In her favor,
There is little doubt that the king
entertained a genuine affection tor
her, for his last words were: "Let
not poor Nelly starve."
Many places in London, besides this
house were associated with Nell
Gwynn. The church pj §t, Martins-,
in the Fields, in Trafalgar,aquare, received its bells from Nell Gwynn..,
With tho disappearance ot Bront
house, London will lose the, building
most closely associated with Nell
Gwynn. and her lover. There has been
some talk ot putting up a. tablet on
th$ house which Will take the place
ol the mansion now being pulled
It is said oflh'lnlly tbat locomotives do not sot 90 or even 75 pcr
cent of thc foiCBt lircs, but they do
net about sixty pci cent of them, an'}
the Forestry Commission in New
York has notified the railroads that
traverse thc Adirondasks that
from April to November they
must use oil-burning locomotives. It was tound that the
expense of electricity would be prohibitory, and the use of oil will add
about f50,000 a year to the expense
of  the  railroads.
Tho Province of British Columbia
ha6 more timber in it than any other in the Dominion, and tbe annual
loss from destroyed timber caused
by fires from passing locomotives is
very much greater than it should
be, says the Rossland Miner. It is
absolutely necessary tbat the destruction of one ot the chief sources
of wealth be reduced to a minimum.
It is a matter which deserves the
special attention of the Provincial
Government, and a commission
should be appointed at once to look
into it and report on some elfective
means of reducing the loss to the-
lowest possible poine, Unless the1
destruction ot timber from'this1
source can be reduced by radical
means it will grow and increase with
the augmentation in the miles ot
railway built. Now is the time Ior
the government to move energetically in this matter, and prompt action
is necessary, at it Is admitted by
al) who have studied the question
that the present safeguards are totally Inadequate.
Time Table No. 7
Trains leave Nanaimo 5:15 Daily
Trains arrive Nanaimo 12:35 Daily
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday,
Trains leave   Nanaimo 15:15
Trains aniv» Nanaimo 18:35.
Dist. Pass. Agt.
1102 Govt, st..
Victoria, B. C.
, V*^^r>^r*^^^^^^^^^^»t^^«>«s^^i>«>«>v>»VM»»>/VVVs>¥»<A
Lands for Sale
Agricultural, Timber and Suburban Lands for sale.
For prices and location apply to the Land Agent at
Victoria or the District Land Agent at Duncan*.
Town Lots and cleared Suburban acreage for sale
at Ladysmith. Apply Land Agent, Victoria, and
Townsite Agent, Ladysmith.
Hilbert & McAdie
First class Hearse supplied in Ladysmith.
Telephone No. 262 and 180
P.O. Box 735 '.      .   Nanaimo
FOR HALE—Express wagon In perfect order aid harness. Apply Arthur Howe, Chemainus. •
FOR SALE—Four roomed hcuso In
good locality ln Extension, - 6.
C.   Apply Ike Storey.
FOR 8ALE-Whit;e Leghorn eggs for
setting. Bull Leghorns and Black
Mlnorcas. (2.50 a setting. Apply
Mrs, Laird.
TO RENT—Five-roomed House.   Ap-
Stables ".
Light and heavy teaming.
Furniture and piano moving
a specialty.
Nicholson & Weaving
Hosiery  Bargains
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Children's cashmere ribbed
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Ladies' White Blouses, all nicely
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Boys' School B.iots. Si:e» 11 tu 5
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Ladies' Vici Kid Shoes, all sizes.
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16 doz. Men's Negligee and Outing Shrts. Reg. $1.00, 81.25 and
$1.50, Special 65c.
Boys' Pants, the good and strong
kind 60c each.
Walters &
U. B. C.
| NANAIMO. B. C. %
9 9
E. Pannell
Meats and Vegetables
P. O. Bo* M.
Phone 44
Excellent Boarding
Shoe Repairing
I am ready to repair Boots   and
Shoes.     Satisfaction  Guaranteed.
Corner Third ave. and High street,
near Queen's Hotel.
Express and Teaming
Wood for Sole.
A. Litt
Charges moderate..
All work   lelt at  McCallum'a Ind
•venue, near Fire Hall, will receive
prompt ateention.
Portland Hotel
Barclay  &  Conlin,
Imperial Laundry
Hugh Thornley has secured the Agency
for the above Laundry.
Laundry shipped every Monday.
Terms Cash.
Down Town Office, H. Hughes' Store.
1.3 and S, Bastion Sl.,Nanalnu
Phone 124     P. O. Box 1
Singer and Wheeler j Wilson
If you ave thinking of buying a sewing machine call
ana see our stock cf she?
soiled machines at reduced
prices to clear.
Washing and Ironing p.-mptly attended
AU loads oi Clock and Watch Be>
Iz'.T^rz. Hm^'i'ttioH uuaranteea ry
Reasonable Prices.
English Watches a Specialty.
J. R, Easton
Practt-al Watchmaker. p
We have just received another consignment of
Walk-over Shoes and included  are some New ±
Shapes for the Ladies.
We are only to pleased to show our stock and in £
the above lines have some comfortable lasts.   .
I Only One Quality
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Sole Agents
Men's Clothing
We still have a few seal
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Call in and see our two
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Our Clothing is unsurpassed for fit, wear and anape
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W. E. Morrison
Williams lock
Local and General
For Garden Seeds go to ths Drug
Store. •
Caverhill's Barley Flakes will   relieve Indigestion.  See page 4.     •
The band will give another popular dance on Saturday evening.
II you want a good Comb or Brush
nail at the Drug Store. *
In Ladysmith, May 11, to the wile
ol William Beattie, a daughter.
Use Na Dru Herb Tablets.
Ladysmith Pharmacy.
At the
The senior football p.aycrs arc
earnestly requested to attend to
practices every night this week,
Pishing Rods at cost to clear out.
Ladysmith Pharmacy. *
Ladies' Realty To Wear
New Wash Suits
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New Waists, a very choice selection.
New Duck and Muslin Skirts.
New Panama Skirts.
New Moreen Underskirts.
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Garden Hose
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:: ■ ■
«; York.   Every length guaranteed for one season.;;.
■ *
;; Inspection invited.   Pieces guaranteed.
Ladysmith Hardware Co., u.. li
Caverhill's    Barley Flakes will relieve Constipation.  See page 4.
Tea rooms Ior Indies or gentlemen. Short order or, sandwiches
always ready at Hbopi.''*. *
Caverhill's Barley Flakes—the new
Breaktast Food—pleasant—and so
easily digested.  See page 4.
Mr. Eugene Sullivan, representing
one ol the largest mortgage corporations in the west, with headquarters at Winnipeg, is in the city today.
Rev. R. Wilkinson, accompanied by
his wile, lelt Monday to attend the
Methodist conference, which is now
in session at New Westminster. Mr.
William Ward is thc lay delegate
irom Ladysmith.
When You Want
Come To
Knights Book Store
See our New Tablets
Mr. John Stewart specially re
quests the public to look out for bl
advertisement in the next issue ot
The Chronicle.
FiuHit Ice Cream in tbe city at
Hooper's, the most oeleit pirlor
on the Island. Everything ot the
best quality In OontectiMei'y,       «
repair. Eighteen leet over all
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Sovereign Brand
Clothing will not rip,
tear, or go out of
vereign Brand
Cl 'ung is made
fi ,he best fabrics,
c* "fully sewn, tailored and strengthened
Call and Inspect It
Suits from
to $25.00.
' .Mini, ftniskiits
fa   <cidpt, tMtSlltfSllNS
Police Magistrate Harrison his
been directed to rehear the ca e
against Klein, charged with keepi. g
a common gaming house, within tin
days of the service of the order., Fo
far tho date has not been fixed,
A collection will be taken up at
the pay office on Saturday in aid :l
Mr. W. Crawford, who met with nn
accident ubout two months ago. h.r:
Crawford Is a well-known 'ont'iali
player and member ot the Ion! s«n-'
ior team.
Mr. Robert Watson has purchased
an extensive ranch at Blaney's,
where he will engage s'.iorrly in
stock-raising. He is now aealit.g
with the management of tbe Novelty
Theatre for thc incubator recently
shown in thc plctires at that lijis'i
We have just received another shipment ot those
Elegant Designs and
Colorings in Will Paper
Call and see them. They are going tut.
A full Una of, Paints tad Varnishes
Ia stook.
Picture Framing dose on shortest
aotlce. Brine your pictures and lock
over our mouldings.
Painter and Paperhanger.
Hammocks! Hammocks!;;
Our Stock is now complete
'a»tMT—t«a.tas.t»TfTa-fasTtsta.TssTt ttwTaalTi.Twts.lJ
I We Have Everything Yon Need"
j        JOHN  BICKLE
The Watchmaker and Jeweler. Special Value for Cash. 2"> pcr cent discount on all
Silver Plate, Cms Goods and Limoge China in tea sets, Chocolate Sets, Bread and
butter Platss, Celery dishes Etc., Etc., must go to make room for new stock.
Special values in watches and high grade Swiss Precision watches.    Got our priees.
Full Stock of Colembia Graphophnnes in stock. Call and see them. Sold on easy
terras. Columbia Indistructable cylinder Records, also 10x12 inch Double Diso
Wt want your repair work also oplical work.    Allwoik guaranteed.
To-day nt 1 o'clock thc marriage
of Miss Wlnnitred M. Davie and the
Hon, F. J. Fulton, minister ol
lands in the British Columbia government was solemnized at Victoria.
The wedding took place at thc residence of Mr. A. K. McPhtllips, K.
0., M. P. P., Mrs. McPhllllps being
a sister ol the bride.
I Sill T. I. Tripp I Co's
Cile.r.terf Wains]
During the ff Mon wt have sold a Urge numb*
of wtgoni, Impltmtnts nnd logging truck*,
Everything carries a gutrantM-
BuHar SUnt
Will Celebrate Victoria   Day
With A Record Day's Sport
Record Attractions,   Record Programme
Record Prizes
$1200 Hi PRIZES
Qhildren'a Sports,   Field Sports,  Launch Rftcs and Regatta.
Sports Handled by Athletic Club under Sanction ol B. O. A. A. U.
MONDAY,   MAY  24th
Two Mile Walking Raoo, Hindoo Wrestling, Flat, Hurdle and Obstacle Races,
Launch Races and Water Sports.    Water Concert by Nanaimo Male Voice Party.
F.xouRHioN Hates On All Trains and Steamers
2«jest   One   Day's  Sports   Ever  Held   In  Province
l'«  '     MAOJ, BY     ''*^|l!
1 ri.M.ni'inK. Cl B8miiii'«ij(jOO!,M]lK/'
Tki Braekan Ker Millint Ce., LU.
Four Packages ol CAVERHILL'S BARLEY FLAKES have done me more
Rood than all the medicine I had taken (ur many years, which cost me many
undreds ol dollars. 1 have bsen using them regularly for sometime. I am
cured of Indigestion and Constipation and can now work 12 to 14 hours per
day. These FLAKES have proved both food and medicine to me. I feel
that living is now a pleasure.
Yours Truly,
M. Dotlgscn,
The 3 DA 18 PROCESS through which tho buley passes changes 10 per
cent of the starch into grape sugar, in other' words prcdlgeats that part, this
accounts for the essy digestibility of tha FLAKES.
The Barley from which this flour is made goes through a process. That is
what makes the bread so delicious In flavour. Recipes for bread, scones,
cakes, Etc., in every 10 lb, SACK   We guarantee this flour.
Ask your Orosor tor sack,
Also for package of Barley Flakes, 15c,
Cook Flakes SO minutes without stirring.
The Brockmon-Ker  Milling Co., ltd.
Hens for Sale
PIANO FOR SAUB.-Cprlght Grand
Dominion Piano in flrst class condition. In use only a short time,
Apply Mrs. Bernard, Union Brewery, Ladysmith.
One Hundred Hens for
sale. Apply D. Davies,
Rancher,  near Ladysmith.) for salb-ib it. Rowboat, s
T «»..«  AUi._ „j. n-Ufl-f>a cushions, I carpet and one-third In-
Leave orders at Koberts\wmi ln bo,tnoua». Apply to j. a.
Butcher Shop. ' Knight, Ladysmith, B. O. •


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