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Ladysmith Standard Mar 25, 1908

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)ui- Spring Shipment
has nrrlvod .today, nnd
wo oll'oi* you somo ex-
■ ti-n good values in
Pinto Shell, " S c a It
Welt, Pocary Hog, etc.
Only the H.B.K. Bost
ms*fmm.*fc} gJ*-%»**»*»»»»»»**«-****ft
City Council Dctarmiutid to Butter Sanitary Conditions
Of the Town by Enforcing the By-Laws.
The tenth regular mooting   of    the Kitchener Street would cost only fivo
City Council wus held lu tht City
Hull on Mondny evening, Mayor Nicholson presided, unil llioi-o wore present, Aids. Ciuupljoll, Itoborts, Haworth, Ill-own and Mnthoson.
A letter wus read from Mr. Parker,
of Duncun, who stated that ho laid
noticed thnt tire city was contomplu-
or six dollars.    All tlml was nccos-
surv  wns a ditch or two cut.
Aid. -Roberts   said    that cortuinly
something should bo done to   drain
these vacant lots.
Mayor   Nicholson   observo.d    thut
some loultl ulso ho made to
Mug an olocti-ic light schema, ijhoy | do something. The dltchos could he
hnd boon considering the snnio sub- cut right uwuy; but that was as far
Ject nt Duncan, and through his son, 'us they could go nt present,
who wus an electrical engineer, ho | Aid., Campholl . then moved thut
hud gathel-od together a lot of uso- theso ditches on Kitchener Street be
ful information on -the subject. If cut. They could-attcnd to the road
tho Council would furnish him with |on Socond Avenue later, he said. Tho
tho particulars of thoir scheme, he motion -was seconded and carried,
would send them all the information | Aid. Brown, for tha Sanitary Combo could, mlttoe, said thut ho, In company thoh- oyes upon u ploco'of'iand up
On tho motion of Aid. Brown, sec-!with Aid. Campbell, had takon a ubovo tho Sports ground over to-
onded by Aid. Roberts, tno lottor look round tho tofn. lt was tliiiuk- wards the Cometory Road. A Com-
was ordered ftlcd, and tho City Clerk less work, mul in! many cases tholr mitteo hns been appointed to intor-
instructod to thank Mr. Parker for interference hud Icon vigorously re-,view Mr. John Bland, tlio local rep-
his kind oner of assistance. Isontod. However, they had prepared 'resontntlvo of the C, P. R. Co. on
| Accounts totalling SKiO.90, or a list of the must olfonslve places, the subject, nnd it is not unliiiput-
whlch $124 ligui-od ns refunds for re- and he would suggest that it be ed thut the company will throw any
 -   tuxes,    woro referred to tho handed over to Constable .Callander, Jobstaclos in tlie way of the club nc-
Tyee Gun Club    Elects OiHcers   and
Appoints Committee tu Seek
Now Grounds;
The Tyoe Gun Club is once mure
'ready for the new season which bp-
'ens the beginning of next month.
The Club Imd a niu.se successful sou-
son Inst year, The membership Increased, Some promising shooters
wore unearthed, and Uip yeur wus
turned with u balance of over eighty
dollars. Liko ull other Institutions,
tho Club is anxious to improve upon
its post records, ami u strong set of
ullieers, with uu Active executive
committee, has been appointed.
These officers have all past experience to profit from, ami the competitions this year will not only be
moro attractive, but will avoid all
causes of-1 dissatisfaction.
The club is unxiuus to secure a
new grounds. Thoir present target
ground is not only out of tho way,
ami difficult uf access, but it is anything but favorable tp good shooting.    Tho ullieers of tho dub    have
Favors the City Having a Plant But is Not Prepared to
Take Any Stook.
Muyor Nicholson made a report of reduced rule,
considerable   public   importance at , The ;Eiout,-Govornpr   replied that
lho Council    meoting   on    Munduy
FreeGolden WestSoap
and Washing Powder
50e Worth of Silverware Fiee
with every 50 osnt Purchase of
Golden West Soap and Golden
West Washing Powder.
To obtain this Silverware all you have to do is to
purchase 50 cents worth of Golden West Soap, 12 bars,
or Washing Powder, or 25 cents worth of each, and
/or it:-ri.verPr.lol TV^poon (which is worth at least
25 cum*) i luii cut uut tho Coupon off the two Cartoons
and send them to the Manufacturers and obtain another Silver Plated Teaspoon FREE.   In this way your
Golden West Soap and Golden
West Washing Powder
Costs You Nothing.
Finance Committee.
|   I toad Foreman Callunder
that all the work done on the streot
during thu week had beon tho cleaning out of tho drain holo at Bick-;
lo's corner. ■ i
Aid, Brown, as a member of the
Street Committee, reported that he
had made a tour of the streets on
Saturday. He had been struck with
tho fact that all the streets in town
were in a hotter stnto than those in
tho West Ward. Second Avenuo, Kitchener and Warren Streets were all
in a doplorablo condition. Evory resident they met on that section was
asking when anything was goinp to
bo done. Around John Tim's placo
and lip past Fagan's wanted attending to In tho worst way, and ho
would liko tho Council to start at
onco and got something done. Thoro
were somo lots belonging, to Mr. Kitchen, of Nnnalmo, along First Avenue, which wero eyesores. If ever
there was a filthy hole in this world
thore was ono there. Tt should be
drained ut onco, and ho moved that
tho Council should undertake to do
the work ho had outlined at onco.
Mayor Nicholson pointed out that
thoro wns not money enough to commence tho whole of this week. They
could borrow tho money, and ho hud
Btigircstcd that it be dono, so thnt
thoy cpuld make a sturt with tho
wholo of their street improvements
by -April.
Aid Haworth remarked thnt to fix
(who could give th-j people fnirwt.ru-
reportod ing.
Mayor Nicholson thought this the
bost thing to do. Constable Callander could givo thmu all fair.warning.
Aid. Matheson said that thc majority of;tho people had the idea
that they could turn thoir sewerage
on to tho streets, und talking to
thom was no good. They would nevor remedy tho evil until they mode
an example. They would nover chock
the abuse until they fined some offender. So soon us the peoplo woro
shown that tho Council was in earnest the conditions would bo altered.
Mention was then' mude of the com
plaint preferred to.tho Council some
time ago by Mr. McMurtrie as to
dirty wator from Capt. Collister's
houses on Ontucre at root running over his property. Aid. Matheson said
ho Imd beon along that way and had
pot seen It.1
Mayor Nicholson said he had, and
ho thought tho matter should .>o at*
tended to. 'Thoy had given t1 people reasonable notice und the lust
Counctt had been troubled with tho
sumo thing. Hc thought tho people
should bo hauled up for it.
Aid. Campbell suid ho hud met Mr.
Miles, Onpt. Collator's agent, as ho
was going to Victoria, and had mentioned tho matter to him. Mr. Milos
replied that he would be up shortly
and would attend to it.
On tho motion of Aid. Matheson,
tho Council iicJ.ourned.
WILL soon be here.
Good Tackle
Biq Bargains f
run cent.
p. g. noot;;
Sso Our Window.
mon, some staggering   nlono, others
being hcljiocl by n friond almost   ns
A/M-f ivprt'nAnrv'iiii'/m ,lnl"k "" l™»»»olvon,    ""'I one   too
OORKLSPOlNDENCK «&?&» botwee other
™ —— lot of   drunken   men.   The language
used -wus disgusting, and n passer-by
Editor Lndysmith Standard: hnd to tnko tho middle of the roud,
Doar Sir,—I bog permission to cor- as the sidowufk was monopolized by
rect whnt purports to bo a stuto- these drunken men. Although n per-
mont of fuel in your Issue of a wook s0" could escapes thoso men, thoy
ngo. ltov. Mr. McMillan snys thnt could not escupo tho filthy outlis
ho hus bcon Informed   by a promin- thnt poured from tholr mouths.
A Hue sight for Indies to see, nnd
language to hear, und on onoof our
muin streets. I would liko to know
who is responsible for this state of
affairs, nnd how long it Is to continue? For it is not thc first timo
thnt I hnve. seen nion drunk on Sunday in Lndysmith.
I venture to sny thnt thero is moro
drunkenness In this town on n Sunday than any othor dny of the week.
Whero nre our police? Do wo keep
thom for ornaments or for uso? If
fur uso, why nre thoy not doing
thoir duly?
1 believe thnt It is against the law
lo soil liquor on Sunday, yet in passing n saloon, you ran hour tho glasses rattling nnd loud drunken tulk
and nftor dark you will seo those
places lighted. I think that It is
time thnt tho" people of Ladysnilth
put a stop In this business of Sunday trading. Thoso places should bo
mado to close on Sunday tho snme
ns nny-other business.
Trusting thnt    mi abler pen   than
mine will take this matter up, T nm,
Ypurs, &c ,
Job Lot Snaps
J, E. Smith,    Roberts Stree
BOSTON, Mass., Mnrch 23. — Tho
annual report of tho American Sugar Refining Co., of December 20,
1907 was .armor! to tho stockholder*,
today. Tho profits nnd loss account
shown net returns for the vear 1007,
$8,780,291, seven per cent, dividends, Including thnt of January 2,
1007, fA,20O,O8O. Surplus for tbe
ytar, $3,440,801.
ont Socialist thut three attempts to
carry on u co-operntivo store in Nu-
iminio had been falluros owing to the
untrustworthlness of the Socialists
In churge of tho business. It is true
there has been three attempts to carry on such a store In Nanaimo, hut
as to the political opinions of the
various parties having churge of the
business, Mr. McMillan is singularly
Tho first Nanaimo Co-oporatlvo
store, after running with scenting
grout success for several years, toppled over liko a houso of cards,
swallowing in tho wreck overy dollar
of the savings of muny workingmon.
Some of these men, who lost us high
ns $800 In the smash, are todny useful members of tho Sociulist Party.
For Mr, McMillan's lnforiuntion, I
may add thut just before this institution broko, the books hurl bcon auditor! and everything reported sound
und safe. Mr. Itulpli Smith was one
of tho auditors. This store wns out
of existence some yours before there
were any Socialists in British Columbia.
Tho second store came to ils finish
under the lnnnagemont of Mr. Hugh
Aitken. At no time hud uny member of tho Sociulist Pnrty tho remotest connection therewith.
Tbo last store wus from start to
finish under the munugement of Messrs. W. Nenvo und W, II. Kelly. Both
of these gentlemen wero, und are active members of thu Liboral party.
Such is tho brief history of the cooperative store movement lit Nunuimo, Prom start to finish it hus
boon in tho bunds of mon who were
Liberals, and, in the majority of
cases, church members, also.
Believing that the vo -operative
store movement under prosout conditions docs not necessarily benefit tho
working class, and, further, that the
abolition of tho wago system cannot
be reached by any extension, or evo-
lutlon of this movement, I have never paid any particular study to those
Nanaimo failures.
In conclusion, lot mc say that I
fail to understand how Mr, McMlr*
lun's informnnt can claim to bo a
Socialist. Tho Party spirit Is sufficiently vigorous in most of us , to
cause us to forgot, to miulmiw, the
actual failing uf our party.   In  this
quiring a provisional lease of tho
land in question, li" they secure the
uso of this land, the Club will erect
u proper building and put inono of
tho finest nnd most up-to-ilate traps.
Tbe annual organizing meeting wns
held in the Orand iiotel last week,
Mr. W. 0. Fraser presiding. The first
business was tbe election of officers,
ami the following appoints wore
W. O. Watson,'Hon, President.
A. Bryden, Hon, Vice President
W. G. Fraser, President.
G. Hopple,  Sec.-Treasurer.
W. T. White und Chas. Allan, field
To interview Mr, J. Bland with
respect to a new shooting ground,
Messrs. C. Allan, il, Hepple uud H,
Wright were appointed*
It was agreed that tbe traps |,o 30
yards distant for oil competitions,
that tlio elevation remain the same
nil the eason und that all birds be
paid f* i- on the ground
TheNo »t 6up which lust year was
won bv Oo. Hepple, will again bo
competed fur. The conditions are*
that evory winner has Ids name engraved on the cup, nnd that it becomes the property of tho shooter
who wins it three times in succession. The competition will be continued once a month on the fi,rst Sun
day of '. "h month, at 10 o'cloc
in the niorning, beginning with tho
first SVnd;i\ in April, and closing
August. The competitors will bo
handicapped from their Inst season's
scores, and Moasrs, Fraser, Allan,
Wright, Hepple nnd Wargo wore af
pointed a handicapping committee.
As an additional inducement to
gunmen, the clu'j decided to obtain
three bold -^ouyenir badges whim
w il be awarded to tho best mon in
the three clnss-;, A. R. nnd C. Th'
lumilir:u]'ivi]g eom.'t.ittee will obtain
tho hmiiMs t nd classify tho members
under thesis   '.rep heads,
Tho firs'-, iwi'idl shoot will bo held
on Thuridti;. April Oth, and .'ill bo
continued u, y the last Thursday
in August.
The MQYi mooting of the dub will
bo hold on Thursday evening, April
ho could not now make Lhe sumo oiler. All hu could do woultl be to
nlglU, He -suid that lie had Imd un givo thu ci,„ Uu) or(JIliary wholeaale
interview with Lieut.-Guve.nior Duns- rates of 1?3 a ton for wuslied coal,
imiir during the week. In which he He had, lie suid, granted an advance
bad brought up ull the questions at in wages to ull bis employees, He
present before tho City and the couldn't now reduce the price of coal
Council. without also    making a correspond-
Tho first question be bud discussed ing reduction in wages, and he did
with the Lieut,(-Governor wus the el- not wish to touch his employees'
octric    lighting   of   the   City,    Mr. earnings.
Dunsmuir expressed tlie op nion that Mayor Nicholson then brought up
the city should have n plant of its the question of a sewer system, and
own. There wus a big enough pop- asked the Lieut.-Governor if he had
ulutiun to ensure it being a profit- any objections to the city luying a
able enterprise. sewer under his tracks.
Asked if he would take up uny of Mr. Dunsmuir replied that he had
the debentures the city might Issue, uo objections ut ull so long as the
tbe Lieut.-Governor replied in tho Bewer wus carried underneath the
negative. He wus hot, he said, pre- tracks. They should, he said, carry
parerl to take up any stock himself, tho pipe out into salt water to a
He thought; however, if tho C. P. R. point below, low water murk. They
Company wore approached they were at liberty to find ah outlet any-
would'bo willing to assist the city whore on his property,
in such an enterprise. '     t   Mayor Nicholson concluded his re-
liayor Nicholson next raised the port by saying that they now had
coal questipn, reminding Mr. Duns- the consent of both companies to
muir that, on a former occusion the put in a sewer, und make an outlet
Wellington Colliery Company had of- into the Bay, so that that difficulty
fared coul for light purposes   at    a was now removed.
Champion   Seattle   Team Will Play
Local Eleven on Sports
According to Wednesday's Herald,
the Thistles, of Scuttle are expected
to pluy in Nunuimo on Saturday
afternoon. Mr. Simpson has been
expected to hear from the Thistle
Secretary for some time but had had
no word from Seattle up to last
night. However, it can bo tnken for
grunted thnt if tho Thistles are in
Nanaimo on Saturday, they will be
here on Sunday afternoon.
Their visit over here is tho result
of the game the locnls played them
in Seattle Inst month. It was understood thon that the Thistles
would pay a return .visit und Mr.
Simpson wrote suggesting Saturday
us a vacant date for Nanaimo. Evidently that dato has been accepted,
nnd there will ulso bo a game here
ou the  Sunday.
The Thistles are good sports, and
are chumpions of Seattle, Unless they
are out of training and practice tbey
may be expected to put up a good
gume, uud local enthusiasts will be
given an opportunity of seeing bow
they piny ball on the other side.
Further particulars of the gome,
will appear in Saturday's issue.
Tho disorderly way in which somo
ol tho hotols in town urc conducted
on .Similuy.s is causing a good deu!
of comment. Thoro hus, so tar, nevor uoon any disposition to 'ore
with tho iMisinoss 6t the sulu.-ns so
long ns they woro muiuigod with
roino rogurd to decency and propriety. Of Into, howovor, thoro hns boon
no nttempt on tho pnrt of somo of
tho saloon.keepers to disguise tho
fact thnt thoy woro doing business.
Of courso, It is not always tho
fault of tho proprietor. This Sunday
trado hns boon pormlttod ovor sinco
thc town begun. It hns booh known
to nil tho different authorities and
no attempt has boon mado to stop
It. Tho saloon-keeper hns, thorotoro
tho sanction ot custom In running
his plnce on tho Sundays.    Some  of
tho  llOUKl-S,
VANCOUVER, Mar. ::-l- Ono hundred ami forty-six Hindus will be
set five in Vancouvor Ll Is aftornoon
following ur order fov hflieus corpua
at noon, gl--en by Justice moment,
of thu Su|uj.u.i i*ourt.
Olomont s.iid: "The r ernor
(lenornl-ln-'Iomicil cani.o* egato
his poweis In immicr. .. flLors
to my olliclal even then gh that olli-
clnl, ns in this ta'iv, he tl-.o minister
of tho Interior. Tho direction" as
to whnt ImmicrantR slial' bo admitted r rc.'-ved admi .sioii must he
oxerulead soloiy by Lhe governor gou-
erul-'n-counel.' as I   read tho act."
U. G. llui-Douu'.d, ICC, tor tho
Dominion gfjverunieut, could aot get
beyond the Hist point iu the co-so,
validity ot ordor. it was therefore
unnecessary to hear counsel who appeared for the Hindus. Alacllonald
is now in communication with tbe
minister ot the Interior whether
not there shall be an appeal.
Immediate!) tie decision ot the
court was announced Immigration
Omcer Dr. Munroe, hurried to the
corridor and instructed his waiting
subordinate to at onco release all
detained Hindus.
Tho doctor Is in fact put back to
his former olllclul limits, tho boundaries boforo this ordor was issued,
which havo to do merely with the
physical and llnanoinl lltnoas of anxious Immigrants,
8....« „uuoua,     nlso,    mako efforts to
cnso a Socialist Is uuotad as tho au- \kef,tMr <*llo»te!s  within
•—f...   —  and to run    tho business ns orderly
thor of as vllllnuous a misstatement
as hns ovor' boon made against tho
Sociulist party.
Itespoctfully yours,
March, 28, 1008.
os possible.    Ilut It Is not always
posslhlo to do   this nnd vory   of ton I S(°.,h°
(lltn   Itl'mriri. I-,    in   hlu   ........   tn   .....It..!..... ' ""' ' '"
Fhons T-O.
Lndysmith, March 2Srd.
Editor Stundard :
Door Sir,—Would you kindly grnnt
mo space in your valuable paper to
describe a scono I tvltnosscd on First
'Avenue Inst Sunday. Such a scono,
if onnctod In any othor town, would
not bo tolorated for a moment.
II Within a distance of throo hundred
yards I saw no less than six drunken
ono brnggnrt in his cups Is sufllclont
to turn ordor Into pnnriemonlum. |
Residents on First Avenue are complaining of nolsos nnd rackets, of
lighting, und in short, of a small-
slzod riot on Sunday afternoon. Of
courso, such a slnlo 6f things Is not
to bo tolorntod, nnd tho snloon-keop-
ors, in thoir own interests, will ho
woll advised to put n stop to It.
Thoro is   to   bo n grout gnmo   ol
footbull tomorrow nftornoon. Mr. W,
E. Monro,    nnd   Mr.   G. A. Knight
I hnve put up a vnlunblo hronzo  pot,
„j.1*' nnd hnvo  got ' two elevens logethot
'" to compete for It? Tho first gamo in
tho   series   will bo played tomorrow
,oon ut 2 o'clock, whon tho op-
in the spring, sung the pout, thu
jouug man lightly turns to thoughts
of love. The bard vory wisely suid
nothing about the young lady, iler
thuughls turn not lightly to Love,
net, at auy rate, until sho hus lirst
of alt bedecked hor head with a now
spring hut. The proper adornment
her head is Lor lirst spring
thouyhl, awl so il lias como that
l'ushiuu has decreed u great millinery opening with the dawning of tlio
spring time.
The Dig 'Store lias opened out, und
>r a wee'f or two tho ladles may
hnvo a lovely time if they don't
possess thomselvos of a lovelier
hat. The Standard man hns hud u
look ut the creations in nil then
dnK/litifr glory, but ho hastens to
disclaim any ability to pass an opinion, lt is not for him, a more
ninn, to sny whero one stur difforeth
from anothor star In glory, moro
particularly whero tlie stars aro fe
mnlc crentions to enhance fouiulu
Ilowefer. It w.is In order to ask
what were tin-, distinctive fontures in
tho now styles nnd ho was told thnt
tho most noticeable feature of tl
now lints Is the hluh trimmings .nt
tort front nnd side. Evory hat,
from tho smallest to the Inrp/ost has
hoight of some sort, in either flowers, osproys, feathers or ribbon. A-
gnln ho wns told that flowers of every style nnd color nre to be soon
in erent profusion.
Tlio styles nro so varied thnt everyone mny find something to stilt
hor, no mnttor how largo or how
stnnll the hat sho requires.
UAAAilib, jiiur. 24.—-Spsucur  LufU-
,'i.UU   LU.yUUIsU,      Ul^ifUf  fJUJtU  Uf   JJO-
voff-furo, utua ffet'v Ui,, Luurufiig Of
noon ifUluiu. flu uus uuru only
**o, isiitt, tuiU     wus a  sou of     ttlu
aOVUUlU   UUhO,   —Ul   liitUH-ilU,   UuUgUWf
ui Uo fuu-l oi L'af'ffSls.
i*uuduu, Alar, ■'-f.—itfo uews ol tha
ueuin of Urn Dua.o ul Devonshire at
Cannes caiae unexpectedly to hiug-
iuiiu und futs caused widespread ra-
Aithuugh the Duke had been ailing siuce he Minorca a sudden at-
luck oi heart .weakness while visiting king Edward at Windsor last
June, und in spite of soma alarming reports that reached the city
during his sojourn in the early pan
ul tne winter, the recent report* oft
lus health had been more assuring,
and tho news of his death haa come
almost as a surprise. Y. eslorduy,
however, tho family of the Duke were
advised ol a relapse and Victor 0.
Cavendish, his nephew, and Lord
Montague went to Cannes and were
present when the end came.
The death of the Duke leaves a
gap in the public Ule of Great Britain, for, despite his withdrawal
from the Balfour ministry when Jo*.
Chamberlain launched his fiscal policy,, he still had a large following
In tho country and was president of
the Unionist Freo Trade League. Be
took on active part in the campaign
against tarill reform. He led ths
Liberals during the temporary retirement ot Gladstone In 1877, end
was offered hut refused the premiership after tho Midlothian campaign
of 1880. He was again oflered the
honor upon the defeat of home rule,
but aguin refused. _
The duke has no family, and tho
dukedom passes to his nephew Ur.
Cavendish, who married a daughter
uf Lord l.ansdowne.
The death of tho duke pluces a
bndge of tho Garter at tlie disposal
of King Edward, and this, in accordance with tho custom will be
returned to his majesty by the Successor to the title,
A number of public olhces ore also
made vacant by the death of the
Duke, notably the chancellorship of
Cambridge University, the lord-lieutenant of Derbyshire and ths provost
godrdmnstership cf thc Derbyshire
Masons, tho latter of which the duke
held for half n century. Tho duke
ownod about 185,000 ncres.
A mooting of tho mombers of tho
Ladysmith Tennis Club is called for
Thursday ovonlng at 8 o'clock, In tho
Hack rooms. All aro requested to
posing sides will bo us follows
llncks—llrookbnnk, ,1. Tousz.
Hulvoo-W. 11. Mooro, A. C.   Wnl-
tors, G. Thomas.
-Forwards — F.   Irwin,    1*. Noot,
Moore, McKuy, Wright.
Rosorve—.1. A. Illnlr.
Goal—S. Jonos.
Backs—Dior nnd Ward
Hnlvos-Hnrrup. Gillespie, Hewlett. ... „„„„ treaty with Russia,
that it affects the entire future
velopment of Manchuria.
Forwards—Mulr, Akenhond, Knight
A. Jones, H. Tetiss.
RcBcrvo—J. Glllman,
BERLIN, March 21,-Spoaking ln
thu Reichstag toduy, Chancollor Von
liuelow deniud ho regroltod his * inability to givo out tho contents ot
Emperor William's lottor to Lord
Tweedmouth, flrat Lord of the ilrit-
isli Admiralty, which had cri-uto-l
such a stir in England. Ho aid
this this communication was purely
private and thu assertion that lt w-is
an attempt to influence the naval
policy of Grout Britain was absolutely without foundation. The purely defensive character of our naval
programme, in the face ot tho lit-,
tempts to impute to us aggressive
intentions and plans towards Grout
Britain, cuunot bo repented -oo often or too sharply. Tho Prince ue-
PEKIN,    Mnr.     21.-The   British clared:   "Wo desire to llvo at  Jeaco
merchants of Tientsin and Nuchwung' and in qulot with Great Britain ond
.... .. »i,. nn. wo thoreforo fool that somo   of   ino
have forwarded protests to tho Bri   w^ fm_    ^ COMimeA   io
tlsh    government    concerning    the ta^ oI luo oorman danger, ospoci-tl-
methods porsuod by Japan with   re- ly whon Grout Britain has   always
gnrd    to the Tsln Mlntun Fnkumen shown she had a Beet several .iii-ns
..      .        ...   t ,a tt i  ,    ._•= strongor that ours, whilo -ith-r ra-
rnllroad.       It Is held that Japan s Uom a,ao b_w mon power(ui   MV.
obstruction to the continuation of jos than wo.    It would tend to tbo
this lino Is not only ln violation of poaco of   both    countries and   'he
,  i .. _i„.„ .. nnriamMifii In world If th s controversy camo to nn
the pledgos given nt Portsmouth in ^    ^ {_ nm_xtorr tnat tfce  ,u-
bu   tompts mado lu England to oronto a
do- (also Impression regarding this communication havo fallen through.' CONBtJLT ME
It You Require Any
Or if You Require Any
Or If You Wait to Buy a HOUSB,
or sell Ons;   or If Yo«   Want
FeMee, OasTejreaser
atADVWIfTM, B.0.
> CHICAGO, Mar. 21.—A deeputch tu the Tribune irom Cheyenne, •
' Wyo., says. Attacked by a large pack of timber wolves, ths driv- *
'ers of the Italian car in the New York to Paris auto race,    were *
> forced to use rifles and pistols Thursday night near Spring Valley, <
to drive the hungry animals away. The car was creeping along *
over a muddy road when the cry of the wolves was heard behind *
thom,.and the animals, growing bolder all the time, surrounded *
the car, not being frightened by the tuoting horn ol the machine, "
nor did they fear the lights that were flashed on them. They snap- *
ped at the rubber tires and mudguards, and then the revolvers were *
brought Into use. Cowboys yesterday picked up pelts of 20 wolves *
slain by the Italians. *
NANAIMO LEADING | earmarks of making a runaway race
  ,ot it, and had the ball continually |n
Nanaimo United are once again the the territory of the defeated team
leaders in tho Island 'League. A mis- The visitors faded, however, badly
take by Ladysmith In their game 'rom this time on, end not at am-
■with Esquimalt noxt week and tho stttS8 °' the game did thoy have any-
Chumpionshlp ls theirs. Judging by thing on the Esquimalt team, who'™"""""""-""1
loarnod   of Saturday's Played consistent and clover football ;lfto,Im8- Buxton
Ladysmith   Standard
PubUseed on Wednesdays ana »u»«r-
dsys Afternoons by ths
Mobi. M. Hindmarch,
Oue Veer  »I-»°
but 4fvuu.fi  .,..     fe
.tu,u't>i>ufa 1,-u. uu Application.
The Question of tho sewerage     ul
the    city and    its general sanitary
condition was. again raised at     tho
Council mooting on Monday evening,
The    subject is   getting rather old,
not to say stale,     lt has been more
ur loss before ull the successive councils, and comes up in precisely     the!
sums    shape    and form every time.
The whole point is that no attempt
has    bean made to enforce the sanitary by-laws of the city.     Unless s
warning or    a  notice,   is    forcibly
backed up it is always wasted. This
was tlie    point that   was taken by
Ald.Mattheson     on Monday evening,'
and the present temper of the council augurs the strict enforcement   ot
the by-laws,       Constable Callander
has a  list of the worst offenders and
most offensive places in town, and he
is instructed tc, give tbs persons   on
this list fair warning.     Should   his
notice    produce    no effect then the
council    will    take ateps to enforce
their bylaws through the medium of
a court of law.     lt is to be hoped
that an    example will not be necessary.        It should be clearly Understood that the whole object of    the
council is to preserve the health' bt
the city.     Every sane citizen     will
help the    council out ln this.      The'
'        ST. PETERSBURG, Mar. 21.-Lt.-Gen. Stoessol, whom a court-
' martial secently sentenced to death on charges ol cowardice and
treason in surrendering Port Arthur to the Japanese, but whose
sentence was commuted by Emperor Nicholas to ten years imprisonment, yesterday began serving his term ln the St. Fetors and
St. Paul fortress.
Gen. Stoessol occupies a room in the fortress    adjoining  that  -, ..-.i-'i.n «»™> oi oaiuruuy s n
oi Roar Admiral Nebogotoff who Is serving a  like sentence tor sur- *!. Ths gamo was an interesting    ono
..     , ....-   L       , , ,_. , ,  • ,     A. throughout, and it was the   impres-
rendering to the Japanese at tho Sea of Japan.     The room is about •)„,„„ of tho hlg crowd that attondod
twenty feet square and overlooks  a garden     where the officers are * tthat    had tho    Esquimalt team had
permitted to promenade.     Stoesssl's family    have received permission to refurnish the cell,     The officers    ln the fortress run a private mess of their own, and to this Gen. Stoessol has been admitted.
what can be .      __   „ „
gnmo,  howovor,    tho locals     should, throughout,
boat Esquimalt, and then the   Issue     Whnt proved to ho tho big    thorn
Bncks—Provost, Dunne.
Hnlvos—Sulllvun,  Dufty,   Telford.
Forwards—Williams, O'Koll, Adams
■' »*»»»*»^»»»»«y»%»-
League Table.
will lio between'the two rivals   once|'n the side of tho Esquimalt    team"', p1"1 'fa™   'rulll° n°w stands
more. All tho sports ou the Island
are hoping so. A game between tho
two elevens nt their present strength
on neutral grounds, should furnish
the best exhibition of football ever
seen on tho Island.
Tho Colonist, In part, gives tho following uccount of Saturduy's match:
ST. THOMAS, D.W.I., March 24.-
Tho French cruiser D'Estres arrlyed
here today from Hayti with a number of refugees oil board. They Include Gen. Antler Firmin, leader of
the recent insurrection and othor
insurgents who have been Iii iho asylum in the French consulate.
London, Ont., Mar. 20.—Woodmen
of the World have elected G. Hodg-
Ing, M.P.P., of Lucan as head council commander.
Lisbon, Mar. 20— An official despatch has been received here to the
effect that the Portuguese troops
have made an attack upon the re
volting natives at Jaftueno and
Egfne in Portugese Guenea, and destroyed the town of Varella.
♦  '...-
BROOKLYN, Mar. 21- In one of
ths public schools of Brooklyn there
is a little girl of ten years who has
been in this country but three
months, aad now reads and speaks
English with almost as much ease
as some ol her classmates who were
born tn America.
Minna Weiabeiu la a  Russian    by
birth, and besides speaking. English,
which    she has   picked up in a few came down flvo
weeks,    elm nas six other languages|bled^the ball ina
• their strongest    lineup in the   Held.
a1 or had they ovon boon fortunate  en-
!ough to havo    had a little luck   In
* some of tholr    attacks, the    result
" would have beon different.
The naval city team hold the fast
up-islanders at nearly all stages of
the gamo, and in the socond half of
tho match prevented 'them from locating the not at all and had, if
anything, the bettor of the play and
moro of tho ball than thoir opponents.
It -was in tho onrly part of the
flrst half that the Esquimalt team
wero beuten, as tho visitors scored
thoir only goals before tho locals
had really found thoir bearings. The
visitors' forward lino walked right
through tho Esquimult defence at tho
kick-off in whnt was ono of tho finest bits of combination piny of tho
day. Tho yellow nnd black shirts
abreast and drib-
dashing manner
. 7
some great football. The visitors
found the net shortly nftor tho beginning of tho play and again in
fll'toou minutes, Jimmy Hughes scoring both of the goals. The Y.M.C.
A. scored only one iu this half and
tho whistle blew with tho game a
Following is tho standing   of
D.   P. . teams in tho Longuo ;,
0-14 I ■- W,
0-12  V. W. A. A  3
0— ft fj'idysmith   3
0— 2 Nanaimo          '" 2
0- 0 Y- M- C. A. ......"'...'.'.' 0
D. P.
1- 8
1- 7
1- 5
1- 1
was tho impenetrable defense of    the
visitors, especially on the back dlvi- Nnnalmo
slon, whore Howltt and Graham took Lndysmith"
care of anything that looked liko    a Esquimalt
goal and beat back the rushes ot tho ,j,{] a A
Esquimalt attacking    division with y' _{'(•' /_'
aggravating monotony. I   ' m	
Probably tho big weakness in   tho                 Intermediates Out. I  ' Thistles Champions,
play ol    tho    Esquimalt team was1    ,              ,.    , __ „„   , ,   ..      ., ' ,       ,.
their Inability to got* a combination' As» ™ul*; of the game on Satur-' J' dofouting the Shamrocks tho
started on tho forward lino and day thl! loc"11 Intermediates hnvo for- Thistles havo won the Mainland
tholr work In this rosooct was on ,eltod "" chances of tho champion- championship. Thoy had. according
manv occasion^ looTand ragged 8hiP' Thoy have boon playing off *" reports, nil tho bettor of tho
The7h»da'bad haUt°of Wcklng^o ttnd »» f- "» "•»« '"„" S" Sat'"- Thev' 38? bl Tffy.'W T'
ball far ahead into tho torritocy of d«v t»oy *™ro ""'ther off than ever J «y »l I have to wait at least a
"•-opposing    backs, whore It   was, ^ have boon,    -1.1.1. '--
most an eutir
at   her
command—Russian, Polish,'
right into the goal mouth   without
an Esquimalt man oven touching it,
Spanish and Italian,   Whon and drew flrst    blood in SO seconds
is a  baby ber father    wus by a pretty shot from close in, which
In favor with tha Czar   but trouble completely boat Locksloy.
in invor with tie car, but trouble!   The visjtor(i, mcoml       , wasscor.
came and he waa obliged to flee tor „_ iKtora ton m|nut08 of tho Initial
his life.    'The family then wandered playing period had expired, and   up
Rome, Mor. 21.—A most daring
theft has been committed at Pras-
catl, Thieves broke Into a magnificent villa at Dobralni, which dates
from the sixteenth century, yesterday
and carried off a valuable bust of
Plus Clamant VI., whloh weighed live
hundred pounds. The robbers entered through a  window.
LOWELL, Mass., March 19.- Miss
Wllhelminn Crawford, 20 yoars old,
adopted yesterday In the Superior
Court as her son, 'James Butler, who
is 40. Miss Crawford, who is well
tb do, says that Butler's parents
dlod whon ho was a boy. Ho was.
brought up in her father's family, I
and. she got to entertain such a mo-1
ln    different eountrl.es, and    bator* till this tinlQ tb"y
they   had been   there many months —u—uj—11
Minna    was able to converse    with q-i{A01C
any   ot    the natives,    In Lecember
last    they came as steerage passengers to America and attention    was
attracted to tho family because    of
tiny Minna's ability
several languages.       	
Robert Watchorn, commissioner of
immlbration declares that Minna Is
the most remarkable child that has
ever come to America.
the   opposing    backs,
kicked out of    danger   by this dlvi.
slon boforo tho forwards could    follow up fast enough to capture It.
Tho conditions for the match were
well nigh porfoct, the weather was
just cold enough to give the players
a propor spirit to play tho gamo
with a vim, and tho ground was
Just soft and spongy enough to give
an elasticity to tho runnors. Nolther
wns favored with tho cold raw wind
that blew across tho Hold and only
the spectators felt the inconvenience
of this.
Tho work of Roferoo Thompson was
fair nnd impartial, and although ho
may have mado a few mistakes ln
his offside rulings, his decisions were
not actuated by any purtizan feeling
and his Judgment in calling fouls
and penalizing for rule breaking was
This is tho way tho tennis lined up-i
Goal—Bradshaw. i
Backs—Graham, Howitt.
Hnlvos—Snowdon, Sawyer, Hurley.
-Forwards—, Manson, Cruickshunks,
-,„ ,,,,-iuor 011 tnnn   ever "lay   will   have to wait at   loost a
jon,     which is saying    a '*'?'* boture tho5' can know who tholr
The Y.M.C.A. had    al- I*""'"! opponents will bo for tho  B.
Irely now line-up; but it £■ ,cJmmpionshlp, and, as all Ladv-
wns not strong enough to koop out smlth sports fondly ho'no
tho boys had thoy pluyed thoir gamo. j Perhaps a wook or two 1,
The championship now will
.   —    go    to
Victoria West unless tho homo boys
can turn tho tables on them in Victoria. It is tho unoxpectod that
happens, ovon in footbull,   but    the
illl Lttdy-
and believe
Sundny's Friondly.
i„,„„0   'rimdlJr, S'lmo betwoon   tho
lames Bays and   tho local   Seniors
...   _ , ,         J*""'    *"V .  ."'"'on Sunilav afternoon was not so woll
West boys    have   made no mistakes ■ ntton„ei| -vns      -- °      ^_=>
this season and they ure perhaps tho w„o woro   "■	
strongest eleven in Victoria. '
was    .. _—HI_,-—
thore saw    an interesting
n-u.   r, ,    , 4.   r      ;C""*~~.'    t 1 game.    Tho idea in asking tho   Vic-
The Colonist, gives tho following.ac toria chftmpions to come up was  to
count of   Saturday s    match:   "lhe'  ,vo the homo ,   ys a strotdlt    Noxfc
gamo that wus played beside the bigiglltn,v|t,v |lin ,„**„.. -
senior ono   was hotwoon tho   L'ady-
showod all   the Blundell. Hurron, Peters.
smith and Y. M. C. A. intermediate's
and this match udorded some of the
bost footbull of the afternoon (or tho
spectators who nover stopped in their
efforts to havo tho Y.M.C.'A. aggregation come out on top and break
the "hoodoo" that has been pursuing the team all season. The
ended in a tie, both teams
ing two goals. The Y.M.C.A. woro
the only goal getters in the lirst half
scoring their lirst after about ten
minutes' play. In tho second period
tho play got moro exciting  uud   the
Saturday tho latter havo to meot Esquimalt, and, as far as possible, alt
probability of a mistake must be
guarded against. Nanaimo are welcome to the championship if. it is
given to the homo boys to meet
them again and sustain a reverse.
The immediate business is to tako
tho team down to IQsquimalt in the
very bost possible condition. Tho
gamo on Sunday was arranged as a
step in that direction. Tho boys
were not unduly oxtended; Hartley
fielded only one ball, aud tho gamo
was rather oasy.  Still tho boys were
Pb«Uoth o, the teu^'pluye'd^r 5 fhreo K'wnst """    ""
MORDERBR. j   Valdez, AlaskaTM^r. Ul-The SS.
CHICAGO, Mar. 21- Plunging In- S^'oga    went aground oft Busbee
7 oTTTZ    Z t« Stoney Creek at Clue Island yes- ,"a»(1 durt«W ' B»»dl"« »»owstorm
to converse    in ^ ^^ ^^ yesterday anA now ,,«, tt^A uam.
after ho had stabbed and fatally in- «hl'» cm tho "a*1 in ,uch • Injured a girl who had Jilted him  to!ol,• P°8ltlon' '*• » ,wrod ■h*>    wl»
man or  „|UI,V u-vtiug ior nun mat sne    (
persuaded to look after his or hor|termined to hove him as her son.
own health, or to show any concern
tor that ot their neighbors, deserves
to be made au example of. That is
ell there is to it, and the council
will most assuredly have the support
ol all intelligent citizens in theli
euortsto ensure the health and physical well being of the community,
OTTawa, Mar. SI— Io the Commons yesterday MacPheraon drew
Hon. Oliver's attention to a despatch that out of 188 Hindus that
were brought over on the Mont Eagle, to Vancouver, and ordered to be
deported, 143 remained behind when
the Empress of Japan sailed. Mac
Pherson asked what the government
intended to do in regard to what he
termed high-handed proceedings    ot
Korean Who
ese Adviser, Tells
He Did It.
the woman who cannot be Sf feoCforS',thaT,sli,oa iK ««     °»™ •*-'-• the matter
1 s report ot    his
Dunamuir, which appear. >n tHe news
column, of this issue of the Stand!
«* will be read with keen disap.
pototoumt by not a few people fa
the to*,, m.^ce.thefoun.
** of our city thinks that the town
+m have a lighting J^
M.VO, H would be a good paying
l»v«tm.nt, but tahliuto'S
prepared to take any stock which it
would be nec««ry to iat-i. Th.
Untenant Governor cannot .fen re-
P«t his offer of a few years ago of
-foal at reduced rates. Generally he
ratera the city to tho Canadian I'aci-
flc Railway Company. Of course,!
as everybody very well knows,   Mr I
ZtTu awrtsfee r,:hp.,.H1'—*
have    boon glad of such
PITTSBURG. Pa., March SO.-The
crest of the flood in this oity was
reached early today, when 27.3 leet
«yas registered. The rivers remained
stationary tor tour hours, and at
10 o'clock the water began to rise
The cold weather last night, which
has frozen up many of tho small
streams, prevented a flood of great,
or proportions. Tho damage here
and throughput Western Pennsylvania is widespread and heavior.
' ! __*_	
Alliance, 0'., Map 20— Ex-Patrolman G. Miller last night went    to
the home of Mrs. Tillie Hartonstino,
his former housekeeper, shot hsr   in
the breast,' then rushed out ol    the
house and tired two shots into
head.    It Is said ths shooting
lowed the refusal of the woman
marry Miller.
Norfolk, Va„ Mar, 30— John    B.
Blailler, a contractor of Lambert's
 ^^^ splendid
opportunity to forward tho city's development. Of course there are
moral   obligations    In business
or' St. Thomas, Mar. 21.-Tke Brl.
commerce, hut lt ls to be regretted tl*h cruiser Sylla has picked up, SO
that the Lieutenant Governor should miles west ot hers, ths small boat in
havs taken up such a blankly neu- "Well the warship's captain put out
tral attitude on a nuestlon of such to his ship while that vessel wsa
vital concern to the future of the stationed at Grenada, Mar. 18. The
city, whose Interests he, more than captain was In nn exhausted condl-
anybody else, should havo nt heart, tlon whsn found and the boat    waa
Pittsburg, Mar. ai.-Two men were
terribly burned aad may die, lour
others were seriously burned and
elds of the New Eagle hotel, the
largest hostelry In MeKeos, a , suburb, was destroyed by are, resulting from a gns explosion early today.
MONTREAL, »ar.  al.-Jas   rtaf-
ajaajBaaajBasaajBBBBBaBBBaaan . forty, s   waiter, -18 years old, who
. '  " '  J hoarded    on   St. Charles Boromeo
* .street, committed suicide laat night
by talcing   carbolic add.    He   had
Cartwright & Barclay ssj^* °'wortt- •M WM *****
had been the, subject of communication with Dr. Munroe at Vancouver.
Instructions had been given to hold
these people until legal proceedings
were decided upon. The department
ol Justice were looking, into the matter.
R. L. Borden asked whether negotiations were being carried on regarding passing American warships
through ths Great Lakes. Laurier
said no negotiations were pendlag.
Occasionally permission waa gives,
not for warships, but training ships,
to pass up the Canadian canals Into
Tho third reading was given to the
bills respecting the Northern Empire
railway and ths Trans-Canadian
According to officials of tho labor
department there were ISO men killed and 48 injured aa a result of
dynamite explosions on railway construction In Canada last year, la
the previous year 08 men were killed and 41 injured. The great bulk
of these accidents occurred ln northern Ontario und mostly ln the neigh
borhood of Keaora.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Hon. Sydney Flsbor yesterday received a deputation from the Canadian Society
for prevention ot tuberculosis, members of which urged that various
branches wbich deal with the public
health be re-organized aad placed under one head.
Ur. LaOerty of Calgary who wae
chief apukesmaa for tbe delegation,
made a plea for the establishment
in Alberta of a I'oinlnloa sanitarium. Owini; ',0 climatic conditions,
he said, consumptives from all over
Canada go to that province In large
numbers and it waa unfair to expect [ First Rural
provincial institutions to look after'
tbem all. Tha premier promised serious consideration to both requests.
Sir Richard Cartwelght has fixed
Mar. 81 to hear ell deputations who
desire to prevent views with respect
to grain commissioners' report.
The Canada Gazette contains a
notice that th* King Edward medal
had been granted Miss Margaret
Jane Lamb, ol Newcastle on Tyne,
lh recognition of the gallant action
of her brother, the late George Hud-
dleetone Lamb, who lost his life In
wed another, Nicholas Fortune, 26
years old, was seized with cramps,
and drowned. The wounded bride
is Mrs. Donoto De Dlazees.
Her neice, a six months' old baby
whom the young woman was carrying nt the timo she was attacked,
was also seriously injured. Fortuno
had been engaged to Rosa Orsena for
several years. He received a letter
from her yesterday announcing she
had chunged her ndnd and married
his rival. Immediately Fortune
went to the Orsena homo, summoned
the bride to the door and stabbed
her five times.- Tho cries of the family attracted tho police who went in
pursuit of Fortune. Hs ran aoross
a footbridge, but finding himself
surroundod ho leaped Into the river
In a vain effort to escape,
On Account of the Nowspapsr    Reporters' Strike ln Berlin, Members ol Reichstag Refrain
from Speaking.
BERLIN, Mar. 21.-The newapa-
|iers ot Berlin and the province have
unanimously decided not to print a
word of the Reichstag debates until
ndequato retraction Is offered for the
insulting oxpresBlon of "swine" addressed to the reporters' galleries on
Thursday by llerr Grooher leader of
the Centre party, because Jeers had
come from this division at a statement used by a member to the effect that negroes also bad Immortal
The official newe agency aro .
polled, according to their agreements
to tako down the declarations of tho
ministers stonographtcally. These,
however, are moroly supplied to the
various ministers and officers. The
parliamentary reporters of ths newspapers ehstalnod altogether from attending tho Reichstag yesterday, and
as a result no fowor than twelve deputies who had intended to speak on
the colonlul budget withdrew their
names from the president's list snd
refused to sddress the house at a
timo when thoir remarks would not
bs given publicity.
break; in two with the falling of the
All her passengers, including Capt.
Mikklcsen, an arctic explorer, were
taken to Valdez by a passenger
steamer. The Saratoga wae one
of the Northwestern Steamship Company's vessels takon ovcr by the
Alaska Steamship Company the first
of tho year.
 «,,.„,      ,
PHILADELPHIA, Mar. 21.- Fifteen members of tho crew of the British steamer Klora, loading d0k-
mite at Thompson's point, N.J., for
the construction department of the
Panama canal, left tho vessel yesterday and uo amount ol persuasion
could Induce them to return tp duty,
They claimed the Klora ls a floating mine and that In the Georgian
sea, with such dangerous cargo was
sure death. If any accident should
occur to the craft. Capt. Jonea the
master of the Klora, could not make
the authorities prosecute the men for
deserting. Fifteen new men were
shipped In their places.
— ♦ ■■   ■
New -Orleans, La., Mar. 20—In tlie
midst of a banquet tendered last
night by Italian residents of New
Orleans, the officers ot the Italian
cruiser Eterula were Interrupted by
a- message from their government
ordering the warship to proceed at
once to Port Au Prince to protect
Italian citizens there In tho event
that disorders should become more
serious. Tbo Eterula haa, boen here
for several weeks. Officers of the
warship said that the vessel would
leave for Hayti as soon as they
could obtain a full supply of cost,
> nil wns satisfactory
Shot Stevens, Japan- Caso of tho llornolon and tho   Tug
„p  T.11.    uu... I       Spray iu Admiralty Court at
Victoria Yesterday.
VICTORIA, Murch 24,-Lights or
no lights, was tho knotty question
which Mr, Justice Martin was askod
to solve yestordny, sitting us Judgo
in Admiralty in the collision case
botweon tho tug Spray and tho Norwegian steamer llornolon. The facts
briefly arc thut on Docomqor 27 tho
llornolon was tied up at the bunker*; of tho Western Fuol company at
Nanaimo.' when before daybreak, on
a windy, cloudy morning the tug
Spray, which wns going out of tbo
harbor with two heavily lndou scows
brushed into her, damaging tho propeller, tho result being that a suit
fur *4,S0U damages was brought.
The evidence on tho Hornolon's
side wns heard somo timo ago to enable tho ship to proceed about 'ur
business, tho trial propor coming on
yosterduy.    Tho Hornolon's evidence
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Mar. 24.
Iw Chung, the Korean who yesterday shot Stevens, diplomatic at-
tachee of tho government, last night
mode a written statement from
which the following extracts are
"This day I shot Stevens. I shot
htm because he wus the main factor in the Japanese reign of bloodshed and opposition in Korea, and
because ho ls tho head and advisor
uf the regime which was responsible
for the deaths of our fathers, mothers and brothers tn Korea."    ,
Stevens ls tho adviser of tho Ko
.«..» „n.n—n,nnl     h„f    -t,.   l_    _,n-_    ' W"S   t0   t'10   °lt0t:t   that   SllO   had tt   pHl-
rean    government, but who Is work- pw hBrbor llght ami(|BnlpB| „„/„,,,.
Ing for the Interests of Japan,    and watchman ..-■•-
against those of the nation
looked to him as an American
Justice and good rule.
He has endeavored to make
Telephone System    in
Saskatchewan Waa Installed
This Week.
Regina, Sask., Mar. 31,-Tae flrat
rural phone eystem In the province
waa installed this week at Pilot'
Butte, when farmers of the district'
formed the Canadian-American Rural
Phone Co. There are already 80
farmers on ths list and plans have
been laid for the building of fifty
miles of line with the opening of ,
spring,    Ths phons will bo connect-
Port Au Prince, Mar. 21.—Tho city
Is tranquil, but the natives are still
greatly excltod, and the situation remains tense. The German cruiser
Bremen will sail today to taks on
board ths refugees In ths consulates
at Port ds Palx. and St. Marls and
convoy them to Kingston.
Septimus Merlus, Judgs of the supreme court, who is a refugee at
the French legation here, says ths
combined Intervention of the powers
Is absolutely necessary to prevent
        ♦ .
sworo    that   ho lit tho
which light und   that   it burnod all night.
, r 1 Yesterday     Capt.    Mcpherson    and.
Mute J nines McConnell, of tho    tug
|Spruy, gave ovtdence.    Thoy   swore
the positively    that there was 110  light
people of    the United States believe ssnywlaore on tho   steamer, and thut
'.  '      , .    ',       . _.        tho night was so dark that they s-uv
that Japanese protection of Korea notnlng of tho big ship tin ,hey.
was tho bost thing for that nation wore right on her. They hail seen
in tho presont and would bo In tho the Hornelon at tho wharf tho night.
. . boforo,    and said   she had no   liirht
'"tare. theni tn0 mato 8tftt|ng that ,13   |,al
"Ho Hod when he said ths Korean c„||(!d the captain's attention .0 lho
peoplo woro happier under Japanese fact. Onpt. McPhorson yesterday re-
rule.     So, for his falsehoods I shot «««<■,. tj™  movements   ot his tug,
and said that as far as ho could see-
Stevens. fjle channel soemoii cloar till thoy
"If I kill him and I die, It will struck tho boat. It was too dark
bo a warning to others who take to soo any distance.
i.i -, — 1 a. 1 1....i.. —i.i. ih. n.n " being a case of straight con-
hls place to deal Justly -with the peo m(,t of ovl(JonM( „,„ lord8hfp mld h„,
pie tn his care. would reserve judgment so that   ho
"I will make no complaint to the might read carefully the evidence
punishment that w... I* meted out g-nV0„.8thofllflcre8rs. JT-!*y£JS-
and should my act aid my country mA j M Lawson, jr., appoared tor
In struggles for freedom, I shall die tho Hornelon, and H. G. Barnard for
nobly and well, I shot Stevens and tho dofoncc.
I wish to dlo.'
No Honing—
No Grinding
Toronto, Mar. 34.—Aa a result of several bichloride tablets used by his wile for sntl-
llquor," Louis Frlode, twenty-
four years old, la dead at the
Michael hospital,    He had bean
Toklo,    Mar. 34,—The newspapers
are all issuing extras with accounts
of the attempt to assassinate     Dr. 	
Stevens. I    Yeu know fron t'ally expe-
Msrquis Ho waa deeply affectod by  rlonce.athcnisorlntheborber
the receipt of    the new., and said,   {tftft&.m*™ fo 1/
through his secretary:     I oun't  ex-  hi edge uniformly from heel I''
press my sorrow."    Marquis Uo   is  to head without honing snd IL
in feeble health . grinding?"   Whether it Is a Mi
in feeble health. | ufay w„h ,h<( enuln Ux of   ,
Baron Ishi said to the Assoclatod. new blades, or thc ordinary I fi
Press: "Mr. Stevens is the ninn epcn-bladcd rasor docs not I V
who 1 shou,d expect to be assassin- j J&j-^^*^
ated at the hands of Koreans, whom | t ciotl1| smooth shave every
ho hss consistently bofrionded. Tho morning with the confident
fact that Mr. Stofens' life waa safs' i!!?,wJ*,d*eJ,h;, ?"*u.r f"or
,    „ _ _ ,   .   _    ., 1 will be ready for Instant use
In Korea and Japan, and that    his  thc next lime needed.
assassination was attempted In America, has brought universal comment that tho deed was tho result
of the propaganda in Amorlca against Japan,"
an endeavor to savo tho lives of fiw.ihiqihoM    Co., at Balgonle.     ins
In the Minos    »t'Wvariiinoit'o( Saskatehowen la    at
present investigating the phone ques-
men   at    the Are „_»..».«.    »vgovern|M)
Strathcona on June 8, 1907. present I
lie Gazette contains ths appoint-' tion
mont of MacKenzle King aa cprnmls- «or
sloner to Vancouver to enquire Into
drinking and    domestic affair*    ,,_>ss>_aHssa*snn«jsn>>naajBjBajBjBjajBj|
are aald to havo preyed on hi. • m'nU 00,no ln for aluam>- •nd
 .-     .... ,...„..» n„. no cuunoct- ,  m^ a this regard It Is said that there
od with the Regina lines of the Bell * »,.'. *•"■-y much Interesting reading,
--   -  »
OTTAWA, Mar. 24.-'lhe Civic
Service Commission's report ie ready
for parliament. It lays stress
tlio Increased cost of living,In Ottawa which practically means a recommendation for Increased salaries.
Tho commissioners have extended
,'very much further the scop* of ln-
,'q"lry than a financial position' of
,'civil servants. The management
,'and administration of some depart-
 ,   Toronto, Mar. 24.—A statement of
ST. POTBRSBtrRO, Mar. 21.— A affairs of ths Borlln shirt and collar
and may Introduce a  measure  , —,
and for -^STlLe.*?* pXn.N^'^dn^ToUrJwho'0;: \3^V\\^-'T_i' """"A".'
the So,. W.ta..ed-by Ch.nam-    In W. .fl-- Tlt-^-JT <«** «ei»s, ha. suffered a  ro- MUM*, of M3.459, and an apparent
Tiiaid rto*» 1»H September,
pony's lines at the coming session,    lap**,
m\ i.-*,**-—~IA t-AJ UmJ o-M  ' o4
-ot'i—'——'&*..,._*.., aa—
surplus of 171,477.
The Carbo Magnetic rsrorIs
Ihe only rasor unoonolthm*
uBy guarantood to do this.
Thirty years of study on the
tssor situation has perfected
a new secret process of
positively merges every par-
title of carbon (the life of steel)
Into the metal—giving a diamond-like hardness uniformly   1
throughout the blade—some- * |
thing absolutely   Impossible
with fire tempered stcel-uted
in making all ether razors,
But test this razor in your
own home—or If you prefer,
have your bsrbcr use It on you.
Olve ue your name.-
or call and see the "Carbo
Magnetic" razor, and we will
stale our proposition for test-
ing these razors without' |
fftpaUoo on your pan to
mrohaao, together with our
free booklet " Hinte on Shav. ,
Ing."   This book illustrates
the correct rasor position for '
•having every part of ths face,
Ladysmith Hardware Co,
VANCOUVER, Mar. 28.—Vancouver Hindus, friends of the men whose
entrance to British Columbia is being opposed by the federal government, havo threatened tho British
government^ that a continued policy
of this kind may be disastrous for
British rule ln India.
Two mass meetings of Hindus were
held last night in the Sikh temple,
when flory speeches wore delivered.
The following cable was ordered to
he sent to Hon. John Morley, secretary of state for India, London, Eng
"At a mass meeting of. natives of
India to protest against deportation
and exclusion from Canada of Hindus, as British subjects wo claim government protection throughout tho
empire. II our interests nre over*
looked our brothers in India must
necossnrily resent your government's
Tho cablo was signed by Udayrnin,
tho loading Hindu storokeepor of
Mlllslde, near Now Westminster.
Hindus todny In Vancouvor declare that news of attempted deportation from Canada of Hindus will
greatly incrouso tlio unrest minings!
the natives whon loomed In the
known    stsumer went ashore    early cording to the.d«lsiou of Chief Jus-
today on    Hattras beach noa- 'Dm- !ic!„M!r^"th' ,lhe -c;lty. Council over,
.,    ,,. stepped its authority in recently re-
rants hle-stiving stntion      -no ves- Uucing the liquor licenses in the city
sol struck during a  hi   .y fog.      A frpm ¥144 to 8110,
United    States    sea coast telegraph. 4
message from Hattras says tho Dur-    vn™,,,'1™1™' ' .   „_
„„„t     ...      ,       , ,. ,,        MONTREAL, lino., Murch 2!)
rnnt    life-inters have gotten a  llnestoamei- Montrose   hooked at
to tlio steamer but tl.o crow havo ro-
fused to leave her. The vessel appears to be in good condition and
can probably he Hunted If imtnoilinte
assistance is had.
Wrecking tugs hnve left hero for
tho scone. . The steamer lies on tho
beach about six miles south of tho
cape. Tho weather is stilt thick
with rain falling and a light southwest wind.
W. Slovens diplomatic advisor tu the
Kui'uau council of statu, who iii-riv-
Wesfijcd ou Friday from if oreu,(. w
St. John yosicriluy.    Thc    steamer j tucked uud knocked down by a coin-
Lake Erie (locked ut West St.  John Llitt(J0 0[ toul. ^gj-y  k0rcuus    -lust
ut fi:50 p.ni. yesterday. \     tt ,   ,,    ...      . .,    ,	
■ 'night iu the lobby oi thu hotel. Only
Paris,     Mar. 23.—Tho Temps
publishes a  long Interview that
its     foreign editor Andre Tur-
dieu had     with the representative, Julius Kahn ol San Fran
' cisco    in which   the American
'  congressman    declares that tho
Japanese ijue ';on can be definitely settled only by the    passage of    a  Japanese exclusion
TOKIO, Mar. 23— Ths Mursumuru
au 800 ton coasting steamer belong
ing to the Nippon Yuson Kaishi line
was sunk in collision with tho Hldo-
yoshi at 2.30     this morning,     two
miles from Todehoko.     The captain
of tho    Matsumaru, a majority    of
her passengers    and 43 of the crow,
perishod.     Tho Hluyojlniuru and an
other steamer rescued the survivors.
* Rock Island,    III., Mar. 23.- '
* The Daily News was dynamited
* early this morning.    The press
* irom was badly damaged. The
* paper has been attucking    the
* gamblers and advocating local
* license.     No one was Injured.
OTTAWA, Out., March 23.- W. 11,
Rogers,    hus been     appointed   post-
masler of Toronto in succession    to
tho Into T. C. PuUison,
Copenhagen, Mar. 23.—Tho Bonk of
Commerce which on Feb. 11 took, ovor the affairs of tbo Retail Handlers!
Bank, has come to tho conclusion
that tho institution is insolvent and
hns decided in favor of liquidation.
Pittsburg District Will Deport Thousands of Undesirable Foreigners
Within tho Noxt Few Weeks.
PITTSBURG, Pa., Mar. 28.- An
investigation Is In progress which
will, lt is said result lu the deportu-
tion of thousands of undesirable for-
elgncrs from Pittsburg district within tho next few months.
John T. Harper, agont nt large for,
thu immigration luu-oau of tho department of cominorco nnd labor, is
iu Pittsburg now guthoring statistics incidentally to commencing deportation,
Whilo ho could not givo nn estimate ns to tho nunilier of foreigners
who would be taken out ot Pittsburg district, ho suid It would run
into the thousands. The crusade Is
tho carrying out ot the recent order of tho federal authorities to use
the growth of nnarchlstic sentiment
deportation as a roans of checklni
and tho ridding of tho country of the
burden of taking care of Indigent foreigners.
Reno, Nov. 211.—Three bandits, all
heavily armed, overcame Edward
Uuu'uiun and a companion on tho
road two miles from Rawhide late
yesterday, threw them to the ground
und made oil with the victims' two-
horse rin, taking! gold and bank
notes amounting to $47,000.
ST. PETERSBURG, War. 23.-The
invitution extended to the American
fleet by Japan is applauded as a
shrewd move in diplomacy. The
Bourse Gazette, speaking of this,
"America naturally could not refuse to accept the Invitation, yet its
acceptance will serve as n public
attestation of peaceful intentions ol
Japun of which she is especially ini
nood in view of hor tottering linancosj
and low credit."
Tho American torpedo flotilla will
sail from Panama tills week on their
.onrnoy north to Join tho battleship
fleet nt Magttalena Bay.
Nova Sootian Presbyter* ns   .sk Lt.
Gov. to Inter.       .a Keference
to Catholic Ruling.
HALIFAX, N.S., Mar. 23- The
Presbytery of Halifax haa uppcalod
I.t.-Gov. Fraser, protesting against
recent pronouncement ot Arch-
Bishop McCarthy with reference to
mixed marriages in which it wus de-
dared that such marriages not cele-
...rated by Catholic priests shall be
mil aud void according to decree ol
he Council of Trent.
Tho Presbytery says this law was
.pplicnblo nearly 350 yon;., ago when
Catholicism held sway, but today It
otherwise. This Is not the Catholic theory and the lloutennnt-gover-
nor Is asked to decide whether' the
raw of the Council of Trent or the
presont laws of Nova Scotia are to
London, Out., Mar. 28.—Night
Agent Gillean, of the Grand Trunk,
was terribly beaten by a gang of
toughs ln the local yards of tho company. Thoy were lighting among
themselves and Gllloun endeavored
to stop them when tbey turned on
Stratford, Ont., Mar. 28.— Fred
Bryant has confessed to setting flro
to tho Salvation Army barracks. Hsj
had turned on tho gas nnd set lire
to the building ln several place* but
tho Pro was discovered before much
damage was done, Bryant attracted attention by publicly denouncing.
the army for real or fancied personal
■- 4
Port Au Prince, Mar, 23.—President Alexis, iu au interview, today,
declared that conditions in the republic wore absolutely tranquil, lie
suid that he did not uuestiou his
ability to preserve order and protect foreign interests, should the
powers, however, decide to keep the
worships is thi* harbor, he wouldn't
object, but he added tht i it wus not
necessary lor such a thing. Thore
wus no possibility uf a popular oui.-
brouk against the foreign residents,
Bakerslield,     Col., Mar. 23.— The
American cor In the New York    to
Paris race arrived at this city at
1.40 a.iu. toduy from Balurd. The
run was 180 miles.     The oar will
leavo Ior Son Francisco tuuuy.
UNION BAY, March 23.—Tlio S.S.
Inverico took vory speedy despatch,
coaling nt this dock yesterday, taking ovor twolvo hundred tons in sovon hours. Capt. J. Boyd stated
that this was tho quickest and best
despatch ho ovor received at any
cuiiling station. This hus gone
down in tho company's books as one
oi tho standing records. Tho vessel sailed for Port Townsond to load
a cargo for the oast.
,    TERDAY.
WASHINGTON, D.C., Mar. 28. -
Senator Wm. J. Bryan, ol Florida,
died at the Providence hospital early
today 'from typhoid fever. It was
only 78 days since he took bis seal
as the successor of the into Sonator
Mullory, who died Dec. 23, and 83
days of that time was spent la his
tight against disease. Several times
during Mr. Bryan's illness his many
friend* despaired of his recovery but
last .night it was reported that his
erudition had taken u turn for the
bettor, and hi* death today therefore camo as a surprise and a distinct shock.
He cams to Washington early In
January from Florida, and front tho
day of his arrival was tar from well.
Finally he was compelled to give up
and was taken ts Providence hospital.
In Mr. Bryan tho sonnto loses tho
seventh member by death since the
adjournment of the congress ln March
a year ago.
Madrid,    Mar. 28.—El Mundo says
that    It learned on good authority'
that tho wound Prlnco Manuel, now,
King of Portugal, received ln     tho
arm   on Fob, 1,     when King Carlos
and the Crown Prlnco woro assassin
ated, has not   healed    and recontl
hns   becomo very much worse.     The
attending physicians say ths papers
tlve. j	
NEW ORLEANS, La.,.Mar. 23. -
Papers today announced the beginning of a campaign to abolish horse-
racing ln tills state. The names of
many well known men of this city
woro printed as signers of a petition now being circulated for presenting to the legislature which will
moot in May to aboliah betting at
the Louisiana trucks. The question
of the betting feature ls admitted to
curry with It the existence of racing.
FALL RIVER, Mass., Mar. 28.-
With a crucifix clasped ln her hand
and a rosary hanging from her arm,
Mrs. Tcrrlen, aged 25 years, and her
four-year-old daughter Mary, and her
2 months old baby boy Joseph, woro
fdund dead In the kitchen of her
home today by her husband. Tho
coroner said, after an examination
that tho woman had killed herself,
and the two children with illuminating gas. Two gas Jots and the gas
stove cocks in tho room wore turned on.
MADTSONVILLE, Ky., March 28.
—It iB rumored that several hundred
minors will nrrivo ln Hopkins codni-
tonight from Indiana for the purpose ot organizing tho coal minors.
The strike in thnt soction hns boen
on sinco tho first of tho your. Tho
mine operators nro preparing for
trouble. A number of mon are build
Ing a stockade around the largest
mlno In tho country.
Toronto, Mar. 23.—No squatters'
rights will bs recognized on the lino
of the Touilskemlng nnd Northern
Ontario railway.
^^^^^^^^^^^     'LUOAN, Out., Mnr. 28.-0. 0. Wll-
thnt nmputatlon Is lmpora- "°" aaa hean    nominated by. North
Ontario Conservatives for tho legislature,
WOBFOLK, Va„ Mar. 38- An un-
Tuxedo Park, T-..Y., Mar. 23.-Jay
Gould, anmte-.- tennis champion of
the United States and England d,
feateti Pi-ter Latham, protosslonal
champion of the world on the Tuxedo tennis court today by thrco sets
to onr in an exhibition match, The
victor/ was a brilliant one for
Goulu because of the tact thai Latham so easily defeated E. H. Miles,
former amateur champion of England by three straight sots yesterday. Latham wns the favorite in
tod    's match.
Bo.-.ton, Mar. 23— The following
bulletin on ■ the condition of Gov.
Guild as issued by Dr. WinstoW at
0 a.m. today' "Ths goveenor has
failed somewhat during tho night.
His condition Is not so good this
the prompt arrival of guests und employees ui the hotel, iu response, lo
his loud cries fur help saved liis life,
for the ix-ureuns declared later that
they would have killed liim. Stevens was severely bruised, but uut
dangerously iujured.
Tbe ivureaus took olleuse ut un interview by Stevens upou his arrival j
hero la which ho said the Ixoreun peuple have been greatly benefitted by
Japanese protection.
Stevens bad his injuries attended
to aud refused to be seeu as hu wus
iu no condition to discuss the attack
which he believed was murderous in
its intent.
SAN FRANCISCO, Mur. 28.— 2
p.m.) Following an attack upouhiiu
by fuur Koreans at the Fairuiuuut
hotel last night U. W. Slovens, advisor for the Japauese council at
Seoul, waa shot and perhaps fatally
injured thi* morning at the Ferris
depot, as he was about tu leave fur
Washington. H^^_
Thu shooting was dons by N. Chung
; Korean. Stephens was shot
twice, one bullet penetrating his
right lung and tho second the groin.
A third bullet struck a companion
of the shooter, A. W. Ching. A mob
of 500 men pursued Stephens' assailant, and 11, S. Sposse and a deputy
officer Unally captured him. iff.
Stephens and the wounded Korean
were taken to the Central emergency
hospital. The diplomat, accompanied by tbe Japanese consul had just
stepped out of the hotel omnibus,
when several Koreans approached
them. One of the party said a few
words of Stevens and struck him in
the face, lie then drew a revolver
covered with a handkerchief and b
gun shooting at Stevens. At the
hospital Dr. Hill extracted, a bullet
from the Korean, who had beon shot
throo :. tho lungs. Stevens is a
mun of struny vitality. He Is ln
splendid health and may recover.
NEW YORK, Mar. 21.—A regular
course dinner for seven cents is ths
latest thing that charity workers
hnvo devised fur the poor ol New
York's Ghetto, 'lhe scheme is unique in that all the food served is lu
uccordunce with the "kosher" standard; that is, according lo the religious requirements of tho orthodox
Jews, lt was found that hundreds
of the unemployed could not avail
themselves of the "bread linos" scattered throughout the city because
they did not serve kosher food. The
new seven-cent dinnor will not only
be prepared with due regard for tho
religious demands of the Jewish people, but will also assure them of a
good square meal of soup, meat and
vegetables at a   very low figure.
Jowish girls from well-to-do families in the neighborhood have    con
sonled to serve us waitresses.     The
signs    thut decorate tho walls    are fi
unique.       Among thom are:  "Don't'^
wustc     time oating, lor thero     are ! 2.1
'hungry onos waiting."    "Don't push
or crowd; for everyone will be waited on in turn."     "Don't shout    at
ths waiters, for they nre not deaf
The Canadian Bank
Of Commerce
B. E. WALKER, President
ALEX LAIRO, General Ma nger
A. E IRELAND. Superintendent
"    of Brtii elies.
paid-up capital $10 000,000
Rest     5,000,000
Total Assets.. 113,000,000
Brarc' bs throughout Canada und in the United States a d England
Farmers'  Paper  Oia-.-cuntcd.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received, and iutere t nil wed at
(linen rates. The depositor is sudjett to mi delay whatever iu
the witl dtiiwul of lhe who'e or uny part of thc deposit
OFFCE   HOURS ON PAV DA*   9:M «;.«? ^12't0«Jg*£ ' "'
IJl'm'SMll'II BRANCH  L. II. DsQBX, Manager
CANTON, Mar.    22.-Th« gwtea
Nbw York, Mar. 21— A daring
burglar broke tbo plate glass show
window of a Harlem store oftrly tbe
other morning and flashed iu liis
lantern; but there hit daring stopped. Tho rays fell upon two staring eyes. The whites showed for a
j considerable apace about the pupils,
which gazed steadily ahend. They
wero two hard, relentless orbs staring out of nothing. Just one look,
the luntern dropped iind the burglar
fled. Everything in the store window, which was that of an optical
company, was'left intact, although
thoro woro several thousand dollars
worth of things within the burglar's
reach. Everything was safe, however, including the two lonely glass
eyes, staring straight ahead from
the black velvet of the window base.
.JOHN   \V.   (-OltmiN.
President and Managltig Director..
•t iry Trensnror.
Meals Served at all 'lours.
Mrs. Spufford, uf Victoria, uud Miss
Murcutt will Conduct Work
To This End.
VICTORIA, Mur.  HO.-A dotoi-niiu-
ed cunipuign    Ims    been inaugurated
throughout tho Province to work up
public sentlmout in fuvor of obtaiu-
ind.giiation prevails hero against to lug a local option law for control of
government lor yielding to the   J a the liquor trutilc.    Thc work is to bo
jiuness     demands'in the .Tuteumar d°nethrough the agency of tho    W.
r       ... ...... C. T.  IJ., and Mrs. Spoflord is   be-
case, it being considered that ihe uc jng MIlt 0„ a toul. througb tho pro.
tlon has brought disgrace upon thi viuce to perfect the organization und
province.        The self-governing    so t0 work up sentiment iu this direc-
i a      .',,    .      t a     - -iaaa —..a. i-lon.    Miss Murcutt, who is still on
ciety »f Canton has organized sever tour_ g0M ovw th(, gl.oum| flrst imd
al monstor meetings at which reso- stirs the soil ns it were. Then will
lotions    were    adopted that on the como Mrs. Spofford, who will   work
day of the release of the Tarsumaru out «"* <"rtu"s.  ""i1 »>f° th° «""*
' , ,        :        ,.   on a solid basis.   On Wednesday ov-
b« observed as a day of public ming „ meoUllg o[ tho Council of
mourning. The resolutions also de- Women wus held ut the home of tho
dared    a  boycott against Japanese presidont, Mrs. R. S. Duy, whon Mrs,
Spollord wus presented with un   ud-
K00tis' dress on hor resigning   the position
than fifty thousand persons 0( secretary to thut organization in
attended the mass meetings hold yes- ordor to tako up tlie othor work.
terday,     building, wsre draped    in g» g» ^^gjgg™ is "*"
First Class
Ace mmodation
pi ivate Rooms
For Ladies
Clam Chowder and Oysters
w.l. MOOEt   -    proprietor.
Moscow, Mar. 28.—Reports -received hero today from Yasnaya Polta-
na say that tho health of Count Leo
Tolstoi who has beon ill with tho
grip far several days, has been restored again, and that he Is at
work again and taking dally oxei'-
St. Petersburg, Mar. 23— The wed-'
ding ot Prince Wilholra of Sweden to
Grand Duchess Marie l'avllonn has
been fixed tor May D. Prince Wll-
helm is tho second son of King Ous-
tine of Sweden, lie visited America Inst summer. Tho grand duchess
whom he Is to marry, is a daughter ol Grand Duke Paul Aloxnndero-
San Juan, Porto Rico, Mar. 21.-
I'he Federal Grand Jury yesterday
returned an Indictment ol manslaughter against Alexander Dickson ths
carpenter of the United States collier wbo on Feb. 22 killed Chief
Welchor ot a vessel in this port.
Other arrests may follow tor several
ot the crew of the collier ars said to
be implicated.
Ottawa, Mar. 28.—Andrew McCor-
mlck, a  pioneer lumber man died to-
TORONTO, Ont, March 28. - A(y'nI.Tor7"of'■rJ■a;adtan"ml^«,;,;
OTTAWA, Out., March 28.-Drlga»
dler general Otter, chief of the staff,
will command nn army corps of betwoon twonty nnd twenty flvo thousand which will assemble at Quohoc tn
July noxt in connection with the Inter.centenary celebration. Thero will
bo in all four divisions with tho following division commanders, Brigadier General Cotton, Western Ont.(
Col. W. D. Gordon, Eastern Ont.;
Brigadier General Buchana, Quebec ;
and Brigadier General Drury, Maritime provinces, It Is hoped that
funds available will permit of Western militia taking part In the celebration. The proposod review will
be the largest force thnt has ever
boen assembled  st one   time In the
mourning and    twenty or more orators delivered denunciatory speeches.
A great number among1 those who
assembled thereupon divested themselves of Jap garments,' including
caps and handkerchiefs and mads
huge bonfire of them. One dealer In
Japanese^ goods offered to sacrifice
his stock.
The meeting recommended the    Impeachment ol Yuan Sht Kat ol    the
board of foreign affairs for weakness
in yielding to the Japs.
EDMONTON, Mar. 21,—One of tho
most unique seizures over made by a
sheriff, even in tho west, was mads
last week hy some of Robertson's
assistants, acting under his instructions.   .    Execution was served upon
passenger engine of the C.N.R.
and for two duys the locomotive was
tied up by a legal process at tho
depot horo. It was an unpaid claim
ut gl.luu thut caused the seizure of
the Important CN.lt. property, and
for two days prevented tlie steaming
di.wn to lluttleford.
The claim arose from a case thut
was brought by Mrs. A. McDonald of
St. Albert to recover $5,1)00 damag,
os from tho C.N.R. Company for injuries received on a C.N.R. train at
St. Albert on July 14, 1007. Mr.
Justice llnrvoy gave Judgment for
{1,400 ln favor of tho plaintiff and
certain period wns given in whlc
the claim must lie pnld.
Mrs. Spofford, who is eminently-
won fitted for work of this kind,
commences hcr new duties ut onco,
and will louvo on Wednesday next
for a tour of Vancouvor Island, ufter
which sho will visit every town uiT.l
village on the Maiulund,
CHICAGO, Mar. 2i).-More    than
25 persons    wsre injured In a rear-
end collision   botween a Northwest-1    __        „►■„„. „„.,,   ,      .        ,,
.       „ ,   „   ,    ,     menco operations first of next month.
era    elevated and an Oak Park ele-l ,_____, .__  ...
vated train at State and Van Huron
UNION BAY, Mar. 21- Shipping
at the docks for the past few days
has been very busy. The Str. Gym-
eric, from San Francisco, bunkered
yesterday and sailed lor Seattle. SS.
Sheila arrived from Ponana and is
awaiting orders. The Australian
liner ilaouu bunkered here last week.
The Dola and scows are loading
il baseball team has been organized and Union Buy possesses a lew
good players. Nick Dulo, an old
Nanaiiuolte will do the twirling, and
Gso. Booth, late of Victoria, will be
behind the but. With good support
tbey will no doubt givo u guod account of themselves.
One of Cumberland's most popular
young couples, Miss M. Greaves and
Mr. Alex. McNeil, wero united lu
marriage on Mar. 11, at Courtenay,
by liev. Alenzies. Miss B, Raj, uf
Union Boy, acted as brldosuiuid und
Mr. Whito, of Cumberland, groomsman. The com-lo are very popular
throughout the district and all Join
ln wishing Mr. and Mrs. McNeil happiness and prosperity.
The Coinus Club of Cumberland,
ore giving one of their popular dances tonight, and quite a fow of the
young people Journeyed up on this
afternoon's train to attend.
Capt. and Mrs, Cutler entertained
tbe Whtst Club at tli* Nelson hotel
last Tuesday evening! an which an
enjoyable evening was spent by all.
Anderson's logging camp will com
streets early toduy. The trains consisted ol three coaches each all of
whloh were crowded.
A panic followed the collision nnd
many of those who escaped Injuries
when the trains como together suffered bruises In the scramble for the
The Oak Fork train was standing!
at ths State streot station whon tho
Northwestern train turning into Van
Buron street, crashed liito.lt.
Failure of the brakes to work properly Is assigned as the cause ol ths charge,
collision. tlvs|y-
The mlnstrol troupe Intend putting
on their first show in two weeks'
tune. Behi-nrsuls have been goingi
on for tho last month and n treat
is in store for the residents and all
who attend.
CORNWALL, Ont., Mar. 21.—Phy-
llp K. Loo, of Finch, ploadod guilty
yesterday to two charges ot arson tu
connection with tho conflagration
which, on May 18 and 1-1, 1907, almost wiped out tho viltago of Finch,
nnd was soqtoncod to three yoars In
the Kingston penitontlnry on each
sentences    to run  consecu-
Stove Wood
Cut by White Labor Only.
Expressly an
All Home Cured
A. JlOttlE'S
Kobtrts St. Butcher
NEW YORK, Mar. 31.—It is no
bed of rosss that is handed out in
these days to the army ol unemployed who apply lor a square meal and
lodging to the Charity organization Society. Just by way ol testing an applicant's sincerity, be Is
made to saw and split one-eighth oi
cord bl wood and after he accomplishes this the society is convinced
that he really wanted a meal and a
place to sleep, lie gets both. If
hc ls a married man and lives at
home, hs gets fifty cents for his
work, but il he has no home he gets
tieket that entitles him to a
lodging and u meal. This distinction is mads because tho man without a home would in all probability
spend his monoy In a  saloon.
The soctsty conducts a big wood-
yard which permits of about 250
applicants getting work dally. Bow-
ever, owing to the business depression fully seven hundred apply every
day. The wood is sold at the same
prices charged by tho local companies,
Emigration    Man    Who Carried Out
Extensive Propaganda in Germany is Arrested.
TORONTP1 March 19.-A man has
boon ifri-osU.li at Moots near Dusset-
dorf on tho Rhine, who was ongagod
in carrying on a propaganda among
minors for emigration to Canada. A
careful examination showed that
qulto an oxtonslvo pt-opngandu was
being carried on among tho coul mining population. Sixty Halifax tickets have bcon confiscated.
The Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
P.O. Box 54 'Phons 44
Dealer ln All Kinds ol
*feats Delivered free of charge on tbt
Shortest Notice.
Union Brewing Co.
Urn i tod.
Ladysmith, B. C.
CARLISLE, Ky., Mar. 21.—A band
of "night rldors" early today shot
and killed Mariano Hodges, an Independent tobneco former sovon miles
north ivost of Cnrllslo. This Is tho
first murdor hy the "Hlght rldors"
In tho Blue Grnss region of Kentucky. The masked mon rode away after killing Hodges.
. .  i ItJ I
and Pas* ry
Ahvnys Fresh on Hand.
Wedding nnd Party Cakes Made to
Fruits and Candles of All Kinds
Prices nro    very   reasonable.    All
Customors treated alike.
On the Esplanade.
Ladysmith, B. O.
l»»»«»%a>»»%%a»s>»>«>»«>o%%»%a> ui'am-mama-m9K-mmumtppaaw^am^^h__^^^
tHI BBti IM-
Millinery Department
A Choice Assortment ot
Trimmed Hats
fca. A TTT
Children's Bonnets
rr-—. ■  ,.,,.,. ,      ■■■_■■; i..n.Uj.i\U.. 	
tlon say    thst ths emperor's i»srgy|t»ull; mcvsd   a resolution eoaeema. M*Gfi***0p+*Pf*A****f*i) |
wore on their nervea. ssvsrsly during lng .kpanditure. "on works which are
the rehearsals. .,  lf)r ^ b<meflt    of ,avorlte 00rpora.
tions and private Individuals,     and
Or&ttau did not always adhere to
the' details of the simple life  which
Jie first outlined.     He multiplied his
minimum,    needs.     So did Napoleon
when,     in reviewing    the pest, fie
thought what he would do were    he
again nt the outset of Hie. In those
moods thoughts of empire were farthest from his mind.    Twelve finpcs
a day would have sufficed.     Dinner
lor thirty sous a  day, and lodgings
for a louis    a month    would have
been tho order.    Then he would have
been free to frequent the haunts    of
literary men, the libraries and    the
parquet of the theatre.    "Oh, but I
must have a  servant," he would reflect, "I have been too much accustomed to one; I   could not dress my
which is a  little helpless    for
the man with but 12 franca a day.
iVnd though he swore that the poor
man was happier than himself    and
onjoyed his dinner better, yet     the
dream would pass Into another phase
in which he would be tbe benovolent
patron ol    art and literature,    to
whom all men should go for approval and reward.     They would    not
talk    of arms    and empires, but ol
tilings apart from the court and tho
camp, and he would entertain    and
enrich them, which could not be done
on    half   ^r-touls   a dey,-4jondon
Mr. John Dunbar has bought out
Mr. Joseph Tensy's interest in the
New Western bar, and the partnership is now Panche and Dunbar.
Jack is well known and should do
well in his new business.
In all probability work on the new
post office buildings will begin in the
first weok in April. Mr. Eli Rowland has been appointed clerk of the
works and is in connection with the
Victoria firm, who secured the contract. The contractors are just
finishing some large buildings in Victoria, but expect to be here to commence operations by tho first week
in April at the latest. The contract price for tho new building ii
in the- neighborhood of $30,000.
not for the public benefit." ThiB motion he supported by citing a long
list    of expensive works, some    of
t-'-kf. "■-■ -
purely private advantage, and some
of no benefit at all. H* showed
that the public works expenditure
had been increased six-fold in twelve
years, end that wharves, buildings,
and other constructions were provided on no regular plan, but largely
as government patronage, to persons an* Places with a pull. Mr.
Pugsley, who, in the recent New
Brunswick campaign, promised more
Federal works than the Laurier government In Its most extravagant humor oouM provide In many years,
■put up the usual defence that this
is a growing country, that peoplo
ask for these things and should not
be refused.
In the course of the day's debate
Messrs. Osier, Reid, Crocket snd
other members gave some picturesque descriptions of operations within tholr knowledge. Mr. Perley's
motion was, of course, rejected by
the usual party vote.
A benefit concert and dance ls being organized for the evening of
Easter Monday, April 20th. Tho
proceeds will he handed over to the
family of a miner who was hurt at
Extension some years ago and has
never been able to work since. Tho
arrangements aro ln the hands of a
strong committee of ladles, and
nothing will he loft undone to mako
the entertainment a great financial
success. Further and fuller particulars will appear Inter.
PARIS, Mar. 34.-A court order
was issued today closing all th*
branches throughout Francs ol th*
Credit Minie, a financial institution,
organized and conducted by lisori
Rocliette, the French promoter, who
was yesterday taken into custody on
charges ot fraud and swindling.
I The Autorlte charges in its issue
of this morning that M. Cruppe, min-
of commerce, and IL Kabisr,
vie* president of tb* Clamber ol
Deputies, were associated aa lawyers
with Rochette in several of his enterprises. This statement was followed toll afternoon by unequivocal
denials from both M. Cruppa and
M. Rabier.
Madrid, Mar. a-i.-Th* Franco-
Spanish bank, founded by Henri
Rochette, who i* under arrest in
Pari* on charges of swindling, opened its doors as usual today. Tee directors announced th* Institution as
prosperous and would not go under.
Rochette's arrest has caused uneasiness among tb* directors.
HONGKONG, Mar. 24- Th* boycott against th* Japanese I* growing, placards are stuck on all th*
walls reading, "Th* Japanese are a
barbarous humbug. The Chinese government does not love the people
who are now weeping. The Chinees
will cause a bloody boyeott of the
Japanese immediately and can set
humiliation which is expected within a  few years."
The tonm picked to play Esquimalt
on Saturdat first will bo the snme
throughout us defented Nnnnimo on
tho 14th. The boys are out training for thoy nro taking no chances
on Saturday. They aro giving tho
naval boys full crodit for tho strong
team tho.- aro, uud will go down on
Saturday proparcd to go the wholo
dlstnnco.    Tho tonm Is as follows:
Backs—Morrison nnd O'Connell.
Halves—Wynne, Clegg, McKlnloj
Forw-nrds — Grainger; Sanderson,
•Adam, Grnlinin, Provins.
Reserve—A. Strang.
VANCOUVER, Mar. 34.-The provincial government has decided to
allow the export to l'ugot Sound of
from sixty to eighty million feet of
timber which will relievo the glutted
market In British Columbia.
OTTAWA, Mar. 24.-A warrant
was issued for the arrest ol Albert
Miers, an Ottawa man, on the charge
of attempting to kidnap a fourteen
year old Hull girl. Miers attempted to abduct the girl as she was
boarding a car co Saturday night,
and waa later arrested but be was
granted bail and haa not been seen
Replying to a question by Hon.
Mr. Borden, Hon. Fielding said th*
report of the Civil Service Commission was received but it was incomplete. No doubt it would be completed shortly, when It would bs presented to tbe houss,
Forty-three petitions were read In
the house yesterday from the province of Quebec praying for the distribution of anti-alcoholic literature
among tbe people.
Premier Scott, accompanied by
Mrs. Scott and daughter, left yesterday for Regina. He had an Interview with Premier Laurier before
leaving. Asked to correct a report
that he contemplated returning to
the arena of federal politics, Mr,
Scott replied; "I have not seen
newspapers since I went away, but
I can say there ts nothing In tha
rumor as far as I am concerned,
am quite content to devote my
orgies to ths province of Saskatchewan where there Is plenty of room
for work and where the prospects of
ths Liberal party are still bright.
The Canadian Forestry Association
ia a national body having for it*
general object the promotion ol forestry in Canada. It now numbers
about 1,200 members, and all the
provinces and districts ot ths Dominion, as well as Newfoundland,
the United States, Great Britain and
several European countries being represented.
The association holds meetings annually in March, when topics bearing on the application of forestry under Canadian conditions are discussed, The most ambitious effort of
the Association so far has been' the
holding in January, 1908, of a large
and representative forestry conven
tlon at Ottawa.
The association is but eight years
old, having been organized in March,
1900, but has been remarkably successful, especially In securing the co-
operation of Canadian lumbermen,
several of whom have held the presidency of the association. Mr. E.
Stewart, late superintendent of forestry for the Dominion, is the founder of the association. The objects
of the association, as set forth In
Its constitution, Include tho advocat
Ing of Judicious methods of dealing
with Canada's forests and woodlands, the awakening! of public interest ln the consequences of reckless deforestation, tbs exploration of
tbe public domain and Its division
Into agricultural and non-agricultural land with the view of having the
latter set aside for permanent forest reserves, ths encouragement of
tree pleating and the spread of information on forests and forestry.
To aid In the last-named object,
the Association has established the
Canadian Forestry Journal, which
Is Issued quarterly and sent to all
members of ths association.
Our Stock in now complete In
thoso linos. Wo aro showing
awny from tho ordinary and
In stylo they are tho vory latest, liko all Northway Goods,
—notod for tholr Stylo and Fit,
and lasting Qualities.
Toronto, Mnri 24.—Counsel for
Mrs. 'Minnie Turner acquitted Saturday on a charge of performing a
criminal 'operation on -Miss Winters,
and who ia In jail pending trial on
a charge of causing the death of
the girl, Is socking a release, as It
is taken for granted that trial on
ths luttor charge will nover tak*
P*A**+i/i****iA**+****oSjl_ S)
New Store
Newly Stocked
,f bu-
Local agent for Liverpool &l
don ft'Olobo Ins. Co.   (Fire),
thoso who can socuro a share
sineBS need apply, to
JAMES S. RANKIN, Inspector
Box 022, Vancouver.
All Kinds of Wall Paper.
Picture   Framing a Specialty.
Telephone, 1 2 4
Headquarters for Ladies'
Mr. John Jones    wns in town on
Saturday ronowlng old friendships,
Mossrs. J. Wilson, W. Easton, and
J. Cartwright left on tho ovonlng
train on Sunday   for   the Araorlcan
Mr. J.
W. Coburn was in town
M.P.P., was    in
The people ol Canada pay 8900,-
000 a year for immigration, while
the cost In 1896 was 8120,000. We
pay about three hundred thousand
dollars a year for Immigration print
ing alone, a large pert ol tbe money going to subsidize ths party
press. A vast army of party campaigners are discredited politicians
in the pay of the immigration department. How some of them earn
their money is shown by a return
which Mr. Clement, of West Kent,
has secured from tbe government.
Some time sgo Mr. Clement referred to James S. Wuugh, an active
party worker, who, in oil times. Is
paid 12 per head for locating Immigrant farm laborers with ths Kent
farmers. Mr. Clement charged that
this agent received bonuses on numerous Immigrants who did not remain with the man who hired them,
and on many who never went to
work at all. This charge was contradicted by Liberal members, tbe
department defending this agent and
others receiving like commissions for
like alleged services.
Official returns now produced support Mr. Clement's charge.       They
show that Mr. Waugh was paid 11,-1 Mr. W. Akonhoari returned to bu-
280 for placing 638 farm laboiers slncss on Monday morning after
on th. land In. West Kent. Many of -"><"""nK tho WMk^*1 ln Nantt,ra0'
these were married men with families, sad the agent got 83 each for
WJcliityre Foundry &
Stove Conipany, Ltd.
Ladysmith, B. 0.
Parker Williams,
town on Saturday.
Mr. Cairns,
Sr.,    was in town
Mrs; H. Ward returned homo Monday morning from a short visit to
Mr. Chas. Mains enmo down
Nanaimo on Monduy morning.
Mr. A. J. Waskott returned to
town on Monduy from a slibrt visit
up the line.
Rods and Lines
Files and Tackle
For All Kinds ot Fishing,
df*. U-
All Work Guaranteed
Mrs. T. D. Conway wont down
Victoria this morning.
Mr. Bainlirldge left town on
morning train today,
Mr. J. Bland wont down to
toria today.
Mr. R. Gibson -was In town
1 morning.
We aro showing a large range
of American Shoos in Buttoned
Oxfords and Bluchers.
Theso Shoos havo novor boon'
stocked in tho town by nnybody,
so we aro In a position to show
you Shoes that excel anything
In town.
Call in and see them, end we
guarantee you will be satisfied.
Grocer and Furnisher.
Williast's Block
BERLIN, Mar. fl4.-The emperor
has been spending two or three hours
dally for the past flv* days conduct-
log rehearsals of "The Hugeoota"
for the last society evening of th*
season at tbe royal opera I
which wss held last aright In ths
presence of a brilliant and dlstin
gulehed audience.
During th* rehearsal the emperor
himself handled tb* baton and gave
singers directions ss to how they
must Impersonate tbs roles. He followed hla own Ideas In tbs Interpretation of tho music, allowing no interference from the professional conductors, "■':'!
The   performance last night
(Special Correspondence.)
OTTAWA, Mar. 14.
Parliament made alight progress
this week with routine government
legislation and supply. Interesting
discoveries were made in the Public
Accounts Committee, and two resolutions in favor of financial reform
wcre voted down in the House by
the govemnient majority. Ministers
-especially Mr. Pugsley— are still
depressed over the New Brunswick
election. Mr. Pugsley's colleagues
seek comfort in tbe late and vain
pretense tbat tbe defeat is not Federal, but condemns the late provincial administration, Mr. Pugsley
has Just retired from tbe provincial
premiership, and this hits him both
Alter ths revelation* of fraud In
timber limit and dredging tenders, It
was natural tbat action should bs
taken to provide a remedy. On
Tuesday Dr. Raid moved a resolution declaring tbat tenders received
in any department should be kept
carefully under seal until tha time
of opening, aad then bs opened publicly, with two or three officials pro-
sent, as well ss the tenderers, II
they wished to be there. Tbs motion was voted down, but not until
ths prime minister and ths minister
of finance bad declared that tbe Interior department was tb* only on*
in which tenders had been opened ln
secret by a solitary officer. Tbey
promised a nsw system in disposing
of timber limits, confessing that
ther* was no excuse for tb* course
heretofore pursued. That courso
has enabled members aad their as-
'soeiatea to obtain at trifling cost
many million dollars' worth of the
!public domain, which ought now to
*M be restored to ths people, sines    U
the lot. He put In 265 claims for
families or single persons, representing the 628 individuals.
Alter Mr. Clement's charges were
made the superintendent ol immigration undertook to prove that thoy
were unfounded, by writing to thc
persons represented by Mr. Waugh as
having employed these 265 farm
hands. Down to the time the return was made up he had received
117 answers.
Following is a summary ol    th*
statements    made concerning    these
farm workers:
Number engaged and found more
or less   satisfactory ,  30    Mr. II. Roiflu, of Nnnnimo, passed
Number not found satisfactory... 28 through town on lho morning train
Number'not farm laborers,    but      J™"-*""}-. t
employed as mechanics  17   Mr   Jonn ,„„,,. 1)olirden- tho
Number who went to work    and      toria train yostcrdn-- morning.
quit with a day or two   10 ——*—
Number engaged, but refused to Mr. H. Murboouf, Plthor * Lelsor's
go to work .'.     8 fePresontntive,
Mayor Nicholson     wont down   to
Victoria yesterday morning.
Mr. Weslwood, of Extension, wns a
' passenger on tho Victoria train yesterday morning.
Assortment of Bemboo Goods.
Largs Assortment of Fancy   China-
war* and Glassware, Etc.
In the matter of an application for
a duplicate ccrtiScate of Title to
lots three snd four (8 and 4) Block
twenty nine (29) Map 708a. Townsite
of Ladysmith.
Notice Is hereby given that it is
my intention at the expiration of one
month from the first publication here
of to Issue a Duplicate Certificate of
Title to the above land Issued tn
Mary Davies on ths 28th dav of July
1902, and numbered 7945c.
Registrar General.
Land Registry Office, Victoria, B. O.
tbo 11 day of February, 1908.
Phone 18,
First Avenue
Notice Is hereby given that at the
next meeting of the Licensing Commissioners of the Oity of Lndysmith,
application will bo made for a transfer of the interests of Edward Mul-
hollland, now deceased, in the retuil
liquor license issued in respect to the
premises known as tlie lndysmith
Hotel, to Robsrt Barclay.
Executrix of the estate of E. Mulholland, deceased.
Ladysmith, B.C., Feb. 25,'. 1908.
wus in  town yestor-
.   " day.
Number who wer* never engagsd |
and never heard of by tbe man I h,, Fi Qi Ashton hns beon engaged
reported a* having hired as piano accompnniso for a concert at
^bam   44 Duncan on Friday evening.
Here are some snmples of the re-
... The locnl Unity Camp of tho I. 0.
p                                      . . -    _ 0. F. had a visit onSntunlny  cvon-
A. returned as engaged by James lng from CB|np No   4   ()| N„n„lmo.
ComhIII, who engaged no such man. Some degree    work was in progress,
Agent    got    six dollars    for man, and tho visitors woro Interested nnd
n    -a   uiia '' critical spectators,   Aftor tho   bust
wife au chin. nMN of tho cwnlm wm concluded, «
B. reported engaged to Charles 8ocloi tlm0 „.„„ mnU
Storn, who did not get him. Six ' » ■
dollars for hla family.
C. engaged to J. Jenks, who nsv- 4*
er bad him.     Commission 16.
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Daily at 9 n. m.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday
At 9:00 and 16:68.
For Victoria.
Commission of $8 for a family of 4-
lour plaeed with J. Longmore,   who
never knew him,
Same report made by another far- ♦
mor as to a family of four, by an- .
other as to a family of seven,
third ae to a  family of six, a fourth t All Prices and qualities, somo '. '.
as to a family    ol live, and others - '    nttdy ,Qt ,,,„„„,  at       m
as to families of four. _,,...,
__   .        , . ,,.   . - • Nico Assortment of
Ons farm laborer quit at one* be- < -
cause hs was to„ far from th* city * ' VALENCIENNES,   LACE and I
(88 commission), another worked   a % EMBROIDERY
week ln   a  lumber yard and
(88 commission.
The result of Mr. Clement's charge ' ' UTja-io
and the    investigation ls that    the ! '. lTlliJiJ
agent has been -asked to refund   the -'
pay received for 879 of bis so-called '.'.
form laborers.
quit ; ;
Uren ii
Choicest Fruits
Cigars   Tobaccos,   Soft Drinks
-__iy^tt'!nWitA h0U*' "d "** •wms'.lssr tW^'UtrnVcloxted
received with uncommon enthusiasm, by ttani.
the audience little suspecting    who    prjBU0 WoHK8 ,„ ^j,
had drilled the performer*. I ,       pr/BLIO'S nnmBST
Tbo*. who appeared In tbs produe-    0n Thursday Mr. P*rl.y, o(.,Arg*n-
_-__---_-__\t _t <' ^4___ht-a__m-^-*_*-t_-----_
100 |>r. sold already
Just 150 Pair of LECKIE'S FAMOUS
MINING SHOES remaining to be
sold at per pair ,. .$8,00
fit} ,ls^»,,!,i.■»,»,.iTllllPiye-s-si^ls*^^
Trains *\rrive at Ladyimith
Daily at 11:87.
Wednesday,   Saturday  and   Sunday,
At 11:67 and 17.86.
From Victoria.
District Passenger Agent.
10S Government St., Victoria
Excellent Boarding
■   ♦ ' ■
Speoial Meal Tioketa for
the Week
Mre. 8. Decker,
Public notice is hereby given to the
A*Arv*AA«Ms*<*«*a*frVta«*>«a»*)F*«*»*i Electors of the Municipality of Lady-
  smith, that I require the presence of
1 '    tho said electors   at the City  Hall,
Lndysmith, on the 80th day of
March, 1908, at tho hour of 12
o'clock, noon, for tbe purpose of electing one person to represent bom
on tho Board of School if J .tees
I The niodo of nomination shall be
as follows:
Tho candldato shall be nonilnatt-d
in writing and the writing shall he
subscribed by two votoi-s ol the Municipality ns proposer and seconder,
and shall bo delivered to the Returning Officer at any time between the
dnto of this notlco and 3 p.m. ol the
day of nomination, and, if a poll be
necessary, such poll will be opened
on the 3rd dny of April, 1908, of
which every porson is required to
take notice and govern himself accordingly.
...        Returning Omcer.
THAI* WOOD.   .   .   .
H. Thornley


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