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The Ladysmith Chronicle Mar 24, 1909

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With Which Is Amalgamated the Ladysmith Standard.
Vol. I.
Ladysmith, B. C, Wednesday, March 24, 1909.
City Council Has
a Long Meeting
At, tho meeting ot the council Mon-
dny evening the following aldermen
wcro present, with Mayor N'ichklson
in the chair: Messrs. Matheson,
Brown, Dier, Roberts and Campbell.
Minutes of the previous meeting and
the special meeting wci*e read and ap.
A communication was received from
the Vancouver World relating to the
recent vicious attack of that paper
on Ladysmiith. Genera^ speaking
tho "apology" was considered in ado*
(■cate, and Aid. Dhi could not tec
where the "apology" rcfei'red to in
the World of March 12, took
back anything \vit:i regard .to Lady-
sir. ii.li.
On moticn thc communication was
receied and filed, and a copy ot it
ordered published in The Ladysmith
The communication appears in another column.
A letter was read from Messrs.
James & Hansuld, Vancouver, stating that they were in the market for
thc purchase of schoul debentures.
The clerk was instructed tc reply
to the effect that Ladysmith had no
tchool debentures for sale at the present time, but that the letter would
be filed for future reference.
A commun. at',™ was received from
the Provincial Board of Health requesting an annual donation lor the
U. C. Tuberculosis Society.
The communication was laid over
tor one wee'-.
The Canadian Municipal Company
wrote asking tor a subscription to
the Municipal Journal.
Received and filed.
A communication was read from
tl.o D'Olier Company, of New York,
regarding installatirn of electric
i;,.htin.i plant.
Received and filed and the city
clerk will send a reply.
W. C. Brent wrote regarding pewor
Received and filed.
Win. Hooper made application   to
move seme '.wildings and erect a new
Request granted.
James Hutcheson made application
to make certain alterations tn his
residence on First avenue nnd Methu-
cn streets.
Permission was granted.
Accounts aggregating $45.41 were
presented and referred to thc finance
M.S..Stevens presented bill tor ..the
city's proportion ot the cost ol
building cement sidewalk on First
'The bill .was' laid over for one week,
tt was 'moved, seconded and carried
that the approaches to thc sidewalk
cn cither side ot the postoffico 'Jie filled In with'-'(ravel.     •   ...
There wns a lengthy discussion
with regard to a suggestion to build
a cement sidewalk en First avenue
to connect with the sidewalk at- the
The desirability of making a perm-
rn nt sidewalk it that point was
t.eoly admitted, and Aid. Matheson,
i ni Roberts were instructed to inter-
\low thc iifircrly-hohlcrs vlilh regard to sharing hi the cost of construction.
Under tho head of deferred business
an application was received from Mr.
W. Ward, accompanied by an estimate
i,t cost, for repairs to cement sidewalk In front of Carlyle building.
It wn'.t ordered that Mr. Ward be
notified that lhc city would stand
one-third of the cost, providing that
tli,* old sidewalk were removed and
rcplmcd ly a new one down to street
lc-el. Otherwise a wood walk will ho
placed down.
Aid. Matheson's sewer rental bylaw was laid over for one week, and
■Ihfl fAiii.Pii .fliUftiirtmil
Mb Won
from Simpson
Alfred Shrubb, the peerless Utile
English runner, on Saturday evening,
decisively demonstrated his superiority over Fred Simpson, the Indian
runner, who has been tented as a rival to the famous Longboat.
Shrubb and Simpson met in a
twelve-mile race in thc Armories at
Toronto, and at lhc finish Shrubb
was over half a 'mile in the lead, tajst
ing tilings so easy that his supporters claim that he could hav.e made it
a mile had he wished. The crack
English runner mrjde very creditable
time, too, covering tho distance in H
hour 0 minutes and 33 seconds.
Following his usual course, Shrubb
jumped out and took the lead at the
Crii'k of the pistol 1 and although
Simpson put on several spurts at different times during the race, he could
not overhaul thc fleet-footed Englishman. Shrubb met every spurt of the
Indian with even a faster burst of
speed, practically beating Tom Eck's
protege at his own game.
At tho conclusion of thc l'acc it was
announced that Tom Longboat had
challenged his rival redskin runner,
Simpson, for a twelve-mile race. It
is also probable that Longboat) will
meet Shrubb in the postponed fiftecn-
milq race that has been thc cause of
so much dispute ever since the Indian
refused to keep lib} engagement with
the B'.iiglishuian.
Lawn Tennis Club
Local and General
News Notes
Tiic. Foresters will
meeting on Tuesday
hold   a special
evening, March
Mr.. S. Roedding had charge of the
decorations for thc K. of. P. ball.
They were much admired 'by all present.
An establishment for the makingfof
briquettes will shortly be erected in
Nanaimo, at an estimated cost of
Tho Provincial Government has
promised to assist the City pf Nana|
imo to the extent ot $2,000 in the
building of an isolation hospital.
To-night, in the Methodist church,
Rev. Mr. Wilkinson will deliver a leb>
Cure. There will be in addition a
musical programme. The admission
fee lias been fixed at 25 cents.
J. A. Caveiiiill, reurcsenting the
Br.ickman-Kcr Milling Co,, Ltd., ot
Victoria, is in the ,-c-ity. to-day supplying the merchants with' cooking
samples of CavcrhiU's Barley Flakes
for distribution to their customers.
Alex. Crawford, .while working at
the mine last Monday met with an
accident that, will render him unfit
tor work for some time to come.
With another" man he was pushing
some, cars down an incline, when his
car got away trom him. Vn aneffort
to stop it, the car eau.■ (st him .and
the result was a broken bone at the
shin. :..
Judge Harrison is holding County
Court this afternoon at tiic city hall.
Tlie following cases arc being, beard:
Alliuaii vs. Howe, V. 13. Harrison
for plaintiff.
Soulhih vs. West. Loss of horse and
damages. "V, B. Harrison for plain-
l'!f and Chas. Barker for defendant.
McMurlrio vs. Michie. Action on
promissory note. V. II. Harrison tot
plaintiff and Chas. Barker for defendant.    ...
Thc Chronicle is in receipt of a
beautiful china cup and saucer from
the Brackman-Ker Milling Co., which
is a .sample of thc chinawarc that
firm is scndingi out with its- Canadian.
Wheat Flakes. This Chinaware has
'been purchased in England, and is
given as a premium with every package of thc Canadian Wheat Flakes
sold. It is of beautiful design, and,
as the firm says, will grace any table. As to Canadian Wheat Flat.ts, it
is probably not necessary to say
anything. The product is made from
Canadian Wheat,, and everyone who
has used Brackman-Ker rolled oats
knows that the firm only produce tho
fi'f'hest quality of goods.
Thomas Nicholls was up before
Police Magistrate Harrison last Monday cvcn'tig on a charge of having
assaulted James Colli with a stick of
wood while working in thc mine. Tht
wound was a dangerous one, and oven yet the hearing) of Colli is considerably impaired. Dr. Williams was
present and  stated  that he had at-
, tended    Colli and   that thc wound,
The    Pcmberlon   block,    on Fort     ,,c & .££. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
•.tact, Victoria, was completely  de- ^ ^ ^^ jn ^    m
stroyed hy| fire   yesterday   iiiotiiing
The loss will figure up to iUO.QO'.i
There was very enthusiastic meeting of tha Lawn Tennis Club last evening in tho Canadian Bank of Commerce parlors. The first business before tha meeting was thc election of
officers for the ensuing year. Thc election resulted as follows:
Honorary President—Rev. G. M.
President—Theodore Bryant.
Vice-President—Wilfred Akcnhead.
Secretary-Treasurer—James Hopewell.
Ladies' Committee — Mrs. Frost,
Mrs. Ward, Miss Hillier and Miss
The committee will sec that thc
court is in good condition for an ear-,
ly practice, and will bcg'ii at once
arrangements for n club tournament
to he held in the early port of June.
oils pleaded guilty, but said that C01-
li hud  been  using  profane  language
pretty well covered by, insurance. The and that the blow was struck in the
firms affected were P. M. Ltnklatc:
tailor; Latimer &i Ncy, real' estate
P<*mborlon & Sons, real estate
Greer, Courtney & Skene, shipping
af.c'itsj Mrs. L. S. Ringland, art milliner; H. M
heat of passion. Thc magistrate imposed a fine of $23 or three months
imprisonment.   Nicholls paid ihc line
There should be a wry large. alien-
Wilson, lrTcksmith-j The •*•*»«> »l *,IC iuM u»ccUiig  at   the
Royal Dairy; C. Tile, painter*! John city hall to-morrow evening for   the
Colbert, plumber; Ambrose Mattnewsj discussion of a proposal to build
The Vancouver
World is Sorry
The c,ty ccuhcil ot Ladysmith has
requested Tho Chronicle to putj&sh
the following communication from L.
D. Taylor, the editor of tha Vancouver World:
Vancouver, B. C, March 10th,1909,
City Clerk, Lndysmith, B. C.
Dear Sir:—Yours of March 17th tu   ''\
...     n-i     . ,       .     ..ii i nnd
II Submit Another
Sower Bylaw
hand. The statements of which you
complain were made in error owing
.to a mistake :ai the name of a colliery company in a despatch. We regret very much that, reprehending
what we understood was likely to
hurt the tewn of Ladysmith, we created for the moment the impression
that it was about to sutler somewhat. We discovered tho error, however, within a day ar two and the
correction for which yo.u ask was
made of our own motion at once and
given equal prominence. You will
find it in an issue published March
12th.   Faithfully vdtirs,
L. D. TAYLOR. Editor.
A telegram wns received from W
Brent &j Co., Toronto, ycstcrJay to
the effect that tlio present by-law
was not altogether satisfactory as
regards security fur the loan, and asking ii the city would be willing to
submit another by-law which would
drafted by Mr. Brent's .solicitor,
expenses in connection there-
with would he paid by Brent & Co.
Mayor Nicholson, renlifc'fig that no
possible objection could be taken to
this course, replied that the citizens
of Ladysmith had no desire to. withhold from Mr. Brent whatever security ho deemed ample for the loan,
and that the by-law would be placed
'jefore thc people just as soon as it
was received from Toronto. This
will probably be in a couple of weaks.
Will Break All
Previous Records
A Splendid
Game of Football
barber; and 13. M. Johnson, teal c^
tate. The origin of the fire is un
Twenty-Six Men
in a
The Chicago Tribune of Monday
had the following special cable from
Berlin under the date of March 21
"Soaring like a mighty bird, Count
Zeppelin's dirigible airship, the largest in the world, yesterday created ft
wcrld's record tor weight carrying In
utilising the sky.
"The huge dirigible ascended Irom
lU/quarters at Lake Constance, hearing Count 'Zeppelin with ten aeronauts of lhc Herman army and fifteen
soldiers. Never before In the brief
history, of aeronautics has an airship
made a successful flight with a crow
of twenty-six persons. A great
(throng witnessed the ascent'.
f'lhe airship arose as majestically
as an eagle. Its flight covered 160
miles nini the dirigible was in the a:'|t
lour hours.
'•As a result of the. trip' tho Kaiser
wit in all proboV'iUty ask n largo ap-
prflpHnt-icn trom the Reichstag to
build nn aerial navy which will sur-
It is understood that thc (;uaran-
tinc cn the houses in which there lia<
been smallpox at Nanaimo will be
lifted early In tho week. Thc clJzcns
of Nanaimo are to be congratulated
on their anticipated clean bill of
health. Oneo the disease was properly takm hold of it did not take
long to get rid of It. There Is a lesson in this tor every town in British
Columbia. It ,is no secret that
scarcely one town has escaped the
visitation in a greater or less de. leer,
Much of the cause of the spread ot
the disease is due to failure on the
part of 'these who should be most interested in notifying the medical
health officer at once. It is desiraMe*
that the health-authorities should lie
notified of anything that has the
slightest suspicious resemblance to
smallpox. 'Eternal vigilance is
price ot freedom.
hospital in Ladysmith. A great
number of societies have selected delegates to attend thc meeting ;-.nd it
is to be hoped that all who arc interested in the matter will make an
effort to he present. It should be
remembecod that while rcprcscnta-<
lives of the various -societies and associations are expected to be present that the invitation is general. It
is quite liiiely the meeting will se ect
a committee to devise way* and
means to make a beginning, and report to a future meeting, but the
most important matter to be considered at the present moment is how
lo get the work started. After that
It will be an easy, enough mcttef to
Carry it to completion.
The Opera House picture show
seems to bo increasing in popularity
every day, the special films which
they have each week proving a 'big
drawing card. For the new programme tomorrow night they have
secured a pictur? that is sure to pack
the theatre.to-the limit. Almost everyone in Ladysmith is a football en',
thuslasist. The film is a reproduction of the final for the English cup
lUOfl, thc game, that was attended by
over 150,000 people (Crystal Palace
record crowd) Wolverhampton   Wan-
Athletic records in numerous events
will probably he, broken 'if the claims
made by Professor Leonard Hill, F.-
R. S., professor of physiology at the
London hospital, are verified.
The B and A teams played betore    ^^ ,.,„', y ^^ n ^
a goodnature* crowd on Sunday and m o{ cxpt,.imcats whkh entirely m,
the B team managed to win out 2 m hs thoory_namelVi that athlMiC5
goals to 1. The game should have givcn osy%m just pri01. ,„ a triai vl
finished one goal each, but during the speed or endurencc have bettered
last few minutes one of thc A team their previous best revord in every
made a miss-kick and scored against1 instance. One ct the subjects cxperi-
his own side. To A team credit mented upon was a contestant in thc
must, be given tor the plucky game quarter-mile race at the Olympic
they played, and they had the B's games; Here he made thci distance
played to a standstill. They had tlie- in 52 seconds, although, w.h the airtj
vim und energy which was lacking in* 0[ oxygen, he had run it in Sfkatj
the B team. At half time the score seconds, and had finished as fresh as
stood no goils. In the second half! tlmugli it had been a short sprint.
A scored on a free kick, Itodgers (,, „ recent test for a physiological
kicking a nice one lo tt'a.tiurton, wliri impose, Ur. Vtrnor,, of Oxford, after
did the trick. Shortly niter the B'sl breuth.ng oxygen, was able to hold
secured a penalty and Adam scored |,is breath for the remackablc time of
making thc score one each. This eight and one half minutes,
should have finished the- scoring; (nidi Professor H.ll's experiments in .the
not the mistake happened which gav?j oxygenation of athletics are very in-
Ihc B team the game. Still the B tcrcsljng, end his theory tor the
team arc not satisfied and arc out, wonderful results obtained is simple
w'ltti a challenge to play tho A tcaiii| |n explanation, lie says that in ath^
»[for a chicken or oyster supper at an Ictic games requiring great cfiort a
early dale. If the game comes oft it man 1ms difficulty in breathing l.o-
w'ill be for blood and this promises; Cilusc bis violent exertion causes him
to b3 the event of the season. to use up the    oxygen in his blood
- j and tissues while l|is body is contin-
. On Saturday next the local seniors ut-usly prodveing carbonic acid. This
tra'cl to Victoria to meet the Unit-: excess of carbonic acid gas excites
cd ire an Island League fixture. Vic- tbe breathing centre in tlie, brain, nnd
toria   this   season    are strong and] foiccs the athletic lo inhale rapidly
Should put up a good game.
B. C. Copper Co.
Closed Down
This has been another week, of big
houses at the Novelty Theatre. There
have been a number of excellent pictures, thc special one being "the
Padrone." Joe Sanderson has delighted tho audiences with his songs.
To-night will bo the last production
ok this pro-.i'ttinme, and beginning tomorrow evening the following ncWjdercrs defeating Newcastle 3 to 1. lit
programme will he presented:  "The
Poor Officer," "Stricken Blind,"
"Blue Bird," "Miss Hold's: Puppets,"
and "Head Over Heels in Politics."
Joe Sanderson will sing- "Take Me
with You In Your Dreams" and "A
Swck-r Story Still." In addition tn
this excellent programme, the mnn-
a cment Has engaged Fred Norman,
an old-limc vaudeville, artist, who
will supply a turn or so on the aerial bar. Mr. Norman is well-known
in vaudeville circles, having mado
several rounds ot tho Considlne &
Sullivnn circuit. No doubt the management will find .this special attraction a profitable ono from a ^business*
nnini1 nt v*f»*i;
addition to the, above thero will 'be
five other pictures, some special com*
edits, and two songs. To-night is
the last for the present programme
and those who have not seen it should
go this evening. The football picture 's to be shown three nightw on<yy
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and
a special show Friday morning at 11
a. m., to give the afternoon shift an
opportunity of attending. For
pleasant hour any night one could
not find a better place to go thin the
Opera House.   The   interior ij cozy
and comfortable, the music good, the| voluntary, offer to the company
pictures always interesting, etc., andl accept its net c;:.'   -oduetiuri
in older to get. sufficient oxygen to
restore n normal condition.
Pfluger, the German physiologist,
as early as 18*5, asserted that muscular tissue was capable cf storing
up osyflen, though all tissues had not
thin property developed to the same
degree. Thc brain was entirely lacking in this capacity; however, it the
muscular tissues, arc stored with oxygen, it will be exhausted v.Inn work
is done, end thc brain will be supplied with blood for a loogur period,
During exercises the followlL^ .ion-
ditions exist:    The muscles oi   the
A despatch 'fron\ Phoenix says th<
Brit it h Columbia Copper Company
will close its Mother Lode and Ore
Denoro mines anl the smelter at
Greenwood on or before April 1, The'body, by contracting are doing work,
following notice, signed by Oeneral and the enefgjy for carrying this on
Manager J. E. McAllister has   been' * s-"P|ici1 T the oxidization of the
food material in the muscle. This
oxidation is a burning at the body
temperature, through the actien ol
ihj muscle ferments. To bring this
act ion about there must exist Uireo
Sufficient    food material
Foiled: "Notice is hereby given that
owing to the   unfavorable condition
of the copper market the minec   and
smilter    ctHie    Columbia    Copper
Company, Ltd., will close on or be-1 conditions
fore April 1, 1900, for an indefinite , ,       ..
1       '        ' | must be ire-.r-n*. mid the carbon dl-
perlod."   When interviewed Mr. Mc-     fd|1 .,„,, n,h,r wasto pI.oducts must
Alllster stated that the close down *„ rraiovid.    The circulation of tho
was the   result oi the prire of cop- blood normally attends   to these dc-
per, ns the production of the metal ^"-    »V  "l,ai,li,'«"  atWctlca   in-
..     .,     „. I crease the power of the heart to cou-
was   apparently   exceeding the COU ^ ^ ^ lncr(Jnsc ^ mm?
sumpt'ion the prospects for an eat'ly|o[ cirfUiaUon, one necessity tor tn-
improvement were r.ot bright. All creascel heart action Is removed by
orders have been cancelled, and dur- our storing of oxygen in thc muscu-
ing thc next ten days thc company I"'' Mamies as v constant supply sta-
will only ' operate to the extent of'tio". b*,t "* -d.ninistralion of pure
' ' ,. , o loxvgen need not be limited beeauso
elcnning r-the smolter of suWtles on ',„„, wft„tc pr0(ludR ,„ ,,„ rcmov.
hand. The eloslng of lhe British Col-) el|, With the lessened increase In cir<
umbla Copper company, will, throw cuh.tlon corresponding chango ifi Indi-
some four hundred men out of wor'V cated in the respiration under ordiu-
The Greenwood Mi»sr ' union made ^1 ary circumstance-'.    If this diminish-
t led heart acti    and rate nf breathlag
UN ecu
the price ol admission the small««t| wages, but the company has take
no action fn the matter.
I ppti elln c'tD >\ traotlun ol a sewt 'I
will purchase a first-class lot and two-
storey building in the heart ofthe
business portion of Ladysmith.
You must decide quickly
Notary Public
Matinee for School Children Saturda
Propamine Ctagetl Monday and Thursday
I lit     lANADsftN    CANn       s(|lnres ,ind    conditions wtich have
resulted in lhe difftcultics witli which
thc company is now confronted. Mr.
Borden'would he remiss iiii bis duty
it he did not insist upon a clear and
.sufficient- exjdanatii.n .before.he consents, to this .money being voted..
Cf 'course we'all ic.rlr.c'that the
ass'sUnu* must te given. The vr.il
way must be built aud if lhe company cannot" hv-iltl it there is nothing
'[oc il bin. for lhe- country to do so.
Accordingly, it is necessary for par-
iii-.mc-nt n> sanction what-, for lac)i of
a belter term-we may call the lorn.
However, in sanctioning it - th.- actual condition ol afiuirs regarding the
I railway should le elicited,
THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE J  uut the wtou».-sdi}, *&&*, he
I disposed to ask how thc government
Head Office  -  •  Toronto
CAPITAL $10,003,000: REST $6,003,000
|S3K*'acNB .aj.1.1 .11 «*■"*«•»■»«'-■uusji
Are a most convenient way in which' to carry
mnnsy when travelling aV-oad.   They are issued
denorhrnatiohs cf
*IO, *20, S50, $100 and *200
anil the exact am-vrnt payable in Austria, Belgium,
Dc-iirark, France, Germany, Grc:U Britain, Holland,
Italy, Noway. Rus»& Sweden and Switzerland is
Btatsdontheface of.each cheque, while in other
countries they are payable at current rates.
The cheque and all information rc-„'ar.!ini; then-,
may be (ibulr.cd at every oflice of tho Bank.
LADYSMITH BRANCH   t.!.!. ad Ge>:, Manager
IOc Matinee Saturday
Box 173
ITioue 13
John W.  Coburn, Geo. V. Pic'.iard,
President and Managing Director. Secretary Treasurer.
The Ladysmitli Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Fir Lumber,
Red Cedar, Shingles and Lath
Fresh Halibut on sale every Friday
Also a full line of Fresh and Salt Meats.
Coal Mines Regulation Act.
Published by Carley & Carley at Ladysmith, B.C.,
every Wednesday and Saturday.
$1.53 a Year ia Advance, 25c Par Month
AtivertlslnR BnUson application.
Notice is hereby given that Examinations will be held tor 1st, '2nd and
ilrd Class Certificates of Competency.;
under the pi'0'isi.oi-s'uf tlie "Coal
proposes to obtain this ten million Mims i{cgulalion Act," at Nanaimo,
dollars which it will transfer to thcJFcrnic, Cunibct'land and l.'oifllee, or.
e.-edit of the Grand Trim!) Pacific. | the ''.th, 7th and Stb days oi April,
Ten Million ilellats is not a Ircii'ien- i "m> commencing at nine o'clock |i
,.,'..   the forenoon.
dons lean even lor K countiy less lor*-   ,-■• .,, , ,,
TOe (subjects will be as toUows
tji-.altly    situated than Canada,   it*'
but it is a sum which Minister' Field;
First Class Second,
i'lg may find it somewhat ombarras-'Candidates. Clai/s
sing to liiy his haiids on at the prcs-j, Candidates,
(nt lime. The financial ok'bumstan- Mining Act Mining Act
ces ol lhc government at the presentIr-iitl Special ..iu -special
the most easy;    l#R«lcs. Rules,
Mine Cases iMint Cases
V'ontlintlcn Ivouiilatieh
moment are
ba« little cash in the treasury and fig.
ctcdltju tli? mtney market is not a aeVral Wurf.auiernl.Wprl
matter oi extreme gratif.tati. n to  a Mine
Much jury
urn that the'Sun eying.
Rev. Father Caine and Mv. Cilbert
M.  Si.i'.iat arc engagedinagooil-im-
tamd ;.* hti'cveisy. in.lho.Vietoria t'o»-1.ptitriotl-j Canadian,
on'sl as to the national colored lre-j   . t ;fi |)U( a *cw, WCr.i,
insists thai bl.e was the original na-| adian  Pacific Rfilwuy company
liona'l color of the Irish race.   Wc rather fancy tlio great majority of the Wfty regarded the governmenl's bonds j
'Third Class
Mining Act
and Special
IMiiic Cases
and General
Meat Market '
First Ave. and Roberts Street
nil.'.Faihdr Caine adheres   to   tta[B0.-p™mtnl fomidit dcs'irablo to bor-l   Application' iiiiist   be made to tie  NIGIIQISQ!!   K   W68V.8S
adil.icn.tl   given while Air.   Sprnati row f,vp. million dollars, from the C'an: imde'isigned not later tliiin'.Saturday, **
Ot March iiilli,    ll'lll),   aceompaliKd liy
lii h people will endorse tne
tion of Father Caine.
emite'.i- cs a p.m.,i inveslmrnt and ptirchased
j live million dc liars' worth.  That was
a euphuism.    Knplu.'isms    are often!
There appears to he eonsidcvablaac;
ti'.ily in tho r.ewspapcr business at
Utc pie eat time.   The Cdldiist Pub-
lishji- Co. will start an evening pa-j government has found it ilcsirn'bl
per to Le known r.« lhe Evening Post
a da'.l
lly an applicant ior First
Class    Kxumination >llltlil
By an applicant ior Second
Class   Kxamination     Ill 00
liy an applicant for Third
Class     Kxaminalion   ti tin
einplojod by 11.e. negotiators oi busi
urn transactions, I   T1"' ■■I'h'icalioa:-. hii'.sl be aeconipefi-
,..',,,,.  I led by: testimonials and cvldei.ee stat-
int  t is not only   he fact   hat lhe ,   ,
mg that—
,1   ii.)   If a candidal*) ior First Class,
borrow a    w millions f,i ready tt*^ ^ ,s     ^^ ^  ^
eal'.ed t'.e Bulletin, hag bee,,'1'""' lhc ( ' p* K" ,llal If «^»» ts Ud at least five yeMn' experience in
I temporary    eml.arrasment.    Minister y ^ ^ m^m ^-^ Q, ,(
coal mill", and is at least twiiily-
livc years of age:
ib.l If a candidate tot Second
Class that lie has had at least, live
years' experience In or a'bout lhe
practical working i f a coal lulnc:
ic.i  If.a    oaiiilidato   tot   Third
issued at Prince Hupert, and Duncan  p-t^nHi'.E's last loa:
Ross will start another daily paper
at Vancouver. Undoubtedly the great
fo'.tmcs amosstd in the newspaper
bus'.n'ss in this province in the nasi.
has induced the promotion of lhe new
n is si ill hanging
fuc in Great Britain, it has noU
loin fully subscribed by a very considerable amount and the British pub-1
lie d'-rs not seem over enthusiastic
about it.
Ot course, we know that the  gov.
^tV^lt^h:t^CUss:lhal k<"l»s""«a1' >Ti«h„,.!ARE YOU READY
credit oi t.'..c coiniry.  How else could,
it   obtain   it'.'     And
secuiify will be gcod
August kth, liiil), will bo the simi-
ccilmnial of petroleum.1 Cn that
day, fifty years ago, Colonel Edwin
L. Urate "str'uc'rf oil'' In Ms well
near Tilusville, Crayviord Co., 1'a.
Probably in all the C-.'.e nf time there
lias 'ia-cu no other siicli sm'.-t'en and l'c-
niai-ka'ilc outgrowth of any special in
difsiry as that set. in r.ictlcn by the
Kr.tl-.o ilik'overy. .It is h.irdiy a
stretcli of fancy lo
iiirfh has fiiiee Iren ill'ililnril by the
oil an I Basses drawn Irom its depths
Thc United Slabs are Mill ihc largest producers nf petmlcunj, the output ranting fourth
its commercial i ro
,   ,      ,      , ,, ,,       , . ., .'re ei;:ls 87">,5P 1,922, leaving „ deficit
dnsli'v has been    gradually extended       •'       ..,,„, ■
', ii,l ?;;0,R02,;1211.    lhe leveuue at pros-
to other discoveied relds in Europe   ,.,,  |fi  aU-|.!onal.y ,m,  lll(, ^^
Asia and    other    pans nt Amcflca.j j(i{a .in, tlidt at t'..c end pf March the
I.nst year    the production of oil in delifclt will have reached p. total   ol
the United Slates wtis o'er infl.tnlrij-'. thlttj'rflvo millions.   The cxprnliturn
.WP) barrels.
years'   experience   in or iv'.i.uit. the ,
no doubt    llwjpfucticnl working of a coal mine:
But il docs    ((1 ,   A caiididntc for a Certificate
seem an rndertaUng for a government of Com'petonoy as manager, (i ermaii,'
to loan ten rfTlltion dollars when   it ghntboss,    Firelmss, or ShptUghleV,
has in borrow live million dollars tol'jsua|| produce ., ceillllcate trom c. dulls ovin immediate wants and seems ly rjualiflod.modloal Bractltioner showe|
unable to obtain a loan, which,-for a, |ng lhill 1)0 has.talu-ii e, course in am-
country like Canada, is anything but',,.^,,,(, „„,.(.  nm'llg |gnl)  lll0   jftQ.
ee.ssiv,-,. iiv thc open money market, canditlnlc, to tivt*   first   akl.to  per-
iffiiiistqr Fielding's berth just   now,,sons   -miurca ln   coal nMlin% 0pct6.
is by no ir.c'ins a sinecure.    The bal '
C, Decern-
Light and henvy teaming.
Furnilure and piano moving
a specialty.
Telephone 1
I St!! T. 1. Traps) & Co's
Celebrated Wagons
Diiritii: tho renson wo havo poIiI ii Ifttiro number
nf WiU'i'iix. iv-iJt i..ci.t:' anl l.-rnii'!; Inuks.
Evcrythinff cr.rr.cs n i;r.nvr.ntco
Duller Street
t l.ons.
ance sluet for the. first eleven months    |)at-(i n(, Nanaimo   11
Cat Hie, whol;' 'f tha eur.;cnt f.naocial year is not a'|,cr j-g-jj,- |noil.
1 gr.at.ifyji'1.1;    one.    A very larg3 addi-    ny ,„.,i'(.r of the'Hoard
lion lias been made to I lie littlimial FHANCIS II. Slll''.l.'lll',Ul'l
debt 1111 tlio federal treasury is much Secretary
v.or.e   off than it   was    ay car a".
For dial period;, that. Is the first el
l'Al'l.it'f    WHEN YOU  AKF.|
1'ICTUKi: i.'ltAMIlNU
Paperhan;.ier and Art Decorator,
.'      itigh Slrcct.
in tho valia-   ol even monllis the total disbursements!
els,' hut the in-' Uvo been *-Un,:W'l,lll.-., and the total
Inttie Opera House on Roberts SI.
Short order meals at all hours.
on capital    account fo:  the   eleven
months   amounts to SMI.ts.'j.IT-I,  on    Oysters   and   Clam
  I inililic'wor'. s, railways   and lumthw' spcclattv.
piERE TO (IKT THF. MOMI1Y.   Uiidertakingrii ml most of this goes'
        -;.—        ; to the NatioiijiT Transcontinental rail-
Mr. II. I. r-oi-.-bn has given nnti 0' ■?«>; whWl ■**■* l','(tuir('s 1cn m'1,lona
m addition,
As we ham sold the asMfctaMC prct
lo the government thai he must have
very full deiails ics/tcling the m-'t'l r;,lsf,(i vi'l have to l.e given. It is not
Icr of llu loan of ten million dollars „„ nfnorlifc ealculak'd .to emharrnss
to the (Irand Trun'.; Pacific which is, the ccimlry    but It    is m atiipunt
We nave, engaged a first-class bar
her and the wants of our 'iislomer
will be ■promplly nttended lo,
The only Slice lllaeking stand   in
the city.
Li'very, Peed and Sole
First Avoniifl.
Phone S«.
to be subniUted to parliament ior lts|*W-* '"'K1'1 rrasonnWy eiivbarrass ft __
ivivernmrnt which snems unable to sell!   Solid    Nickel Safely
ratification.    The   country will   approve this attitude of th
Ha/01.' wllh
Ils bonds and which, In th.c course t>lj Ihi'ec guaranteed l.hides. Warranted
one year.
leader o(;„„„ „„„„    nas 9|)cnt tlljl.ly mln|0n|ilo work of flvosdollar razor.   Mailed
E. Panaell
Meats and Vegetables
of our butter, cluosa and oggifia a delight to those who lovo delicious, twcot
butler, fredilald ej-,,, and oheose' mado by tin* very beat proa-ssee. Our
dairy pro-lirjli aro ahvayi fnsli from thc farm, and kopl up to tho very best
Scott's Building, First. Avenue.
i»i»»».»«€.«0'»»»*t***»-3,3****®***0*#<><»0* 0->--»*S>
tt ' r        ....»■ --., -1.
AH kinds of Clock and Wattli Ke   Ugyg   YQIJf HOUSCS   PlaSteTBll
pairing.    Satisfaction Cluaranlceii ai  """*   ,w"'  "»«>»>"»   ' '"»""•«
Ucasonablo'l'rices.    ' \ For Terms apply to
English Watches a Specially, (J. 1UNU, Vlastcror.clc, Udysniilh, P, O.,
J. R. Easton
Practical Watchmaker.
Ccmutit Sidewalks a specialty.
AH work left at II. vWghes' store        PnrflanH    Hofpl
will receive I'romnt attention. I W.UOI1M    11UICI
-.   t'WMFOUTAlll.F,
Excellent Boarding
anon hoarding.
As Cheap as
10 qrtCooking Pols, Sac oach.
4, G,*8 qft Preserving Kelllos, 40c to 05e
Pie Plates, white, lQo-cach.
Bakers', white, 10a, 20a turn 2Sc each.
Shanty Plates, white, 10c each.
Dippers, 2oc each.
11 ond Mugs, 2 for 25c.
Tea Sleepers, 25s .each.
Egg Bailors, 10c each.
, Furniture store
New Hats
Your hat is here—tlie right shape
and style "to suit your face and hoi^ii
-for no one style is becoming tc
e cry  man.
Wc have both soft and dcrbys in
Strachan Hats
which blend in harmonious and elc
gant degree t'.estylc features of tin
Ili-se arc pre-eminently the hati
for young men and arc genuinely gooc'
quality throughout.
Also new lot of Shoes ill different
styles, and new Macs of Shirts, in ill!
fcrcnt styles and shades, and they are
Join Our |
Circulating Library      I
We have a large number of books by the best Old $
Country Authors including : X
Guy Thorne, Max Pemberton, Robt. Louis Ste- j,
venson,  Quiller Couch,  Chas. Eddy,   and ethers. •}♦
700 Pairs of Sample Shoes
Goon Sale Friday Morning
Cavin's Footwear Store
First Avenue,
Indians are in
Poor Plight
Ladysmith Bakery
Company '
Cubes 61 every description, lane
and plain. L'aiul.is of all hind:
Fruit of all hinds. Fresh bread cvci
da',. •
Hensonablo prices. Come and sr
our lines and leave your orders. V
give careful attention.
Hop Lee, Prop.
Esplanade street,   Ladysmith.
T. E. Sullivan
Plumbing, Gas and Stcamfitting.
Prices Reasonable.
First Avenue, near New Westvn bote!
.We carry a   large stock of Fane;
The City Market
' R, WILLIAMSON,   Prop,
Wholesale aad Retail.
Ladysmith, Is. C.
Star Orchestra
CONSIST)Nil OK PIV12 Hi'in-lS. '
,   Open for cup-iiRCiuciits (ruin     Two
riecea up.
(lives Dance Every Two Weeks.
For full particulars, apply
First Class   Photos.
and pick over the rice, then put it
over the five in a double, boiler with
enough boiling water, salted, to cover twice. Cover closely and cooik.for
thirty minutes w'ilhfiut stirring.
Dra'n off the water, then place jthe
boiler at the back of the range and
Seventy-two Indians dead from a' cook for thirty minutes longer, odca-
sirangc disease at Kort ChiitpewavaA' skhally-stirring lightly with a silver
.md several hundreds at the other | fork. When done the grains should
.our posts on lhe Hudson's Bay. cp -i |,c soft and full yet retain, their orig-
,)any in the Macerate river district-,I Iftal form.
.s   the startling news brought irom'    ,r ,.   ■    , ,,      ,,   ,  ,  ,,       . ,    .
,    , .,   ,     . •       „ \   t   ■       raptoca Jelly—Soak hall a pint oi
the  ar ncrth by Angus Blatant, in ,    . ,-■   . ,    ,    , .   .       „..,
,. ...   .,  , , tapioca m a    quart ot water until
vector oi iradin? posis ior thc Hud-     '        „../„,        .    .
1  ,   „ .     ,    ,,   ,     ■    quite soft> sweeten to taste, turn into
on s Bay company in the .Mackenzie ,,,.,,       , ,   ., , ,
;. '    .   r   *      .    , .    „.    .1 a custard ketlle and 'boil for an hour,
titer district, who arrived in Winni-    ...        , ,,       „
./.   "    .     „., ,v .stirring    .frequently.    Flavor    with
.eg lh:s wee':.    I here are nine ottio.'i    ...   , , .
. ,   .    ,,.    ,.,,..    ...     .,,     ,! with bmnn and pour into a mould.
joints in this i'.strict .which will nat  „ .,    ...
'    ,      ,  , ,.,   '      .       - ■       Serve cold with cream.
oe heard irom until the rivers open
,n J.n:-.   The last advices irom-them    Tapioca with Apples.-P.oui;. a, pint
Sent; cf the people gain a living di- end a half of cold water over half a
,he scourge had started to get in its' tencupful 0[ tapioca and stand it ov-
;ead:v wcrk.    Hunters on the trailJ'Or the fire until it is coo'.:ed clear,
We bought the complete set of F. J. Weston and
Sons' Spring Samples. All kinds of Shoes-Men's,
Women's and ChttdWs-All sizes and all widths.
You know how we sell Samples. We buy Samples
at a discount and this ma)res our profit. We sell
them* at the Market Wholesale Price.
Cavin's  Footery
are suddenly stricken with it, and
wrappers in the bush are seized, with
fatal results within a few hours.
in a comity where some 85 per
.-cut. of thc-peopl? gain a living cli-
,-cctly from the Hudson's Hay com-
ian>' by thc furs they sell it, it is
x serious thing when the fur catch is
practically nolhingf That is the coalition Ibis year, and Mr. Brabant
says Hint less than I per ceiil of the
■eol'l.' arc engaged in I rapping. They
ia\c all turned lo lishin;', hut lhe
:sh, too, lire t"i(c;il.ional]y sure:',
.jnv are said In l:c tespoiisilil
slirriiig almo.,t n>nsla.ntly;, sweeten
to uvsle and flavor with nutmeg.
Placi) six pared and cored apples in
r, 'baking dish, cover with the tapioca,
and baf-tc until the apples are done.
A certain distinguished specialist
was called upon a week or two ago
by a well-known government official
for treatment for a nervous ailment.
"The (IrsI thing you must do,"
said ihc physician! atter aii esamiu
niion, "is to give'up huth smokiu«
for and drinking,"
Mh.TCipuii !l:e cinimnt official became quite peevish. "Look here, dpi
lor,'' lie 'hurst out, "now vou're talk-
Tie scarcity of fur, tor once eery
loven years, foe some UnaccuuiiUiMii'
.casein, they track towards the. cast,!
not in a band, but singly, coveting a
iwa-'.ll spire SCO or more miles in >"S last Hire my wife!
iVldtll, and killing of! every uiiimal
from east to west.
This   has  been  the hardest   winter
James   Payli    relates a story   ol
Dan B.tirgon's indignant refusal    lo
r district,   according   to tie oldest! christen 'a male child "Venus."   The
'ndians. For two months the thermo-l father of   the infant   urged that    ho
wished   to name   it after his
*ver experietfeed in lhe JMiid en'/ie rl'*^
■nelcr averaged 38 below   zero,   and  only
frequently dropped to to below.   In' grandfather.
Uiis weather the Indians were afraid i    ,,..
to venture from their shacks, and,, tn
n!d  to  their  troubles   the snowfall
was exceptionally deep.
Hints for the Home.
Cream Roup.—To hull' a leaeupfnl of
cream add ore pint ol boiling, wat-|
er; then' add hits of toasted bi'eatli
*ml season with salt. l
Arrowroot Hiolh.—To halt a pint
of water add a <la>-h of 'lemon juice
aid a little r'alt;, boil up, thicken with
dissolved arrowroot and cook.for five
flraham Creant Toast.—Carefully
toast slice:* of graham bread r,nj ar-
tange in n dish, bring one pint oi
rich cream to a boll, add a dusting
of salt, porr over the loasl, cover
end serve.
Delicate     Rice.—Thoroughly    wash
Ladysmith Music Store
Agent for Singer Sewing
Machine and Sharpies' Separators.
ur grandfather!" cried the
Dean, "I don't believe it. Where is
your grandfather?"
lie was produced.
"Do you menu lo (ell me, sir, that
any cbrgyman' ever christened you
'Yan'.is' as you call it.'"
"Well no, sir; I was clirislened
Sj'lvnntit*, 'hut they always ca.l me
Van .ii.".
Archbishop Magrc was once present
at a full-dress debate on the cost-
ward jr>»ition, when doubts were expressed as to thc exact meaning of
the words, "betore the table." After
a speech or two, Dr. Wngee seized a
piece of paper nnd wrote;
"As to the phrase, 'The piper that
played In fore Moses,' doubts have
arisen. Some believe ils meaning to
be that 1 ho piper played br-to-.e Mos
es—that is, af a period anterior to
his birth, Others hold that the piper played before Moses in the sense
of preocding the great law-giver when
he danced; while others teach that
I lie piper played (coram Mose), beiore
or in the presciicevof Moses, when the
son of Amrnn dined. All these arc
wrong. The phrase is to be understood as implying that thc piper
played at the north end of Moses
looking south."
The document was handed up to
ArchbiShpii Tail, who. looted grave.
A cc'tain clergyman was summoned
in basic by a woman who had been
Iaken suddenly ill. Thc reverend
gctillcihau went in some wonder, lot'
he knew that she was not of his parish, and was, moreover, said to le
devoted to her own minister, the
Reverend Mr. W—.
W'hjle he was waiting in lhe parlor,
before being shown to the sick room,
ho fell to talking wily the 'little ;jrl
of lhe house.
"It is very gratifying to know that
your mother thought ot me in her
illness," said he. "Is Dr. W—• out
of town?"
"Oh,-no," answered the child in a
matter-of-fact tone, "Dr. W— isn't
away. Only wc thought it m'ljht be
something ketchin' and we didn't
want to lake any ris'.;s."
A, 1. yountr row, fresh. Mother gave seventy
two and a half pounds milk per day and sixteen
pounda butter per week.
J. Stewart.
Tenders Wanted.
Dissolution of Partnership.
The partnership heretofore exist ing
between lhe undersigned currying, on
limbless as llntclliecpeis at '..he Cly
of I.tulysmilh is this day dissolved I y,
mutual consent,
Joseph Tens/, will pay all debts end,"
receive all moneys duo to the pint-
.  JOS   rHUr-7.,
R. i„ WOO'!.
Special Regulations for the Prevention of
Spread of Small-pox in the City
of Nanaimo.
). ltl« hri-phydiiTi-li-il lliui nil schools, clinr-
i-Ih-j', Ihunii-Qs anil public (daces of amusement in
111,. LIlBltlol onihiwi'il lo llii' Oil*' of NiinKllmi
lihnll no foillm-illi close1!, oml llo kept clr<tcU, mitll
liii-co roriulallnhs sro rostilnilwl,
2. Any prui )ii who in nu.v way having any cun-
H-i'l .j* uny BCluol, church, llioulrc, a • any public
phut* ot' -inuiccmcnl in i-ulil City ol Nntmimp,
oprn-*, or authorises, critormltstliooiioiulujol: the
mmo ivhllii lhc.'-' regcllallous sri in rorce. slinll U'
mnliy ol' i n olTcitcc oml ttepunltili^blo in the nmn-
IHT nii'm'Hli.'il hy mih-in;i.tiiiii till vt tiot'llon 117 of
Iho ''lluilth Ail."
il. livi ry iicmon who resorts lo any ocliool,
clitn-i h. theatre, or any puljlli: liltn-o ol ulliusomeilt,
in t-nlil City ot Nnnnhiio, «lillst those regulattona
urn in forop. shull ho Knilty ot'nii qft'enco ulld be
punlnhsble in the maimer ureMirlb'tl byKtih-Ht'c-
llonC'lof twctlon 97 ol'lliu "Health Act."
ClIAfl. .1.1'AUAN. M. D..     i
Spviolmy, llouvil ut Health.
Uy Commanil.
Heniw Emuon YottNtl,
Pixtvlticial Becrotary.
ri-ovlni'lnl Secretnry'fl Olhce,
Tenders will bo received 'by the un
clersiRiied up till the eveninr/ ot \Ved-.j
i.esduy, 21th March, .190(1, for the]
construction of a fence round the
school grounds. Particulars on ap
plication. The lowest or any tender
not necessarily accepted,
Secretary School Board
Ladysmith, Kith March, 1900.
PENMAN'S Underwear
for men, everyone knows
the name, but this is the
first and only chance
you will have, to buy it
50c each
See Window
10 rolls just arrived
all nice and clean Patterns to be put on sale
Thursday Morning at
30c sq. yd.
Walters &
Time Table No. 7
Trains leave NanaiffiO C-.lo Daily
Trains arrive Nanaimo 12:35 Daily
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday,
Trains leave   Nanaimo 13.35
Trains arrive Nanaimo 1.8:35;
I.. D. CllKTilAM,
Dist. Pass. Agt.,
1102 Govt. st. Victoria, R. C.
John Pogorly's
Bowling Alley
A prize of $3 will be given
to the one making the high-
; est score in ten sheets.
Now is the time to prac-
jtice for the Yukon Alaska
j andSeattle expositions, which
; give a grand prize of $10,000
i to the best forty teams. It
j pays to be a good bowler. .
-4-earn now while you have
a first class bowling alley,
Good lights. Come in and
John Pogorly,
Ladysmith, B. C.
u. i. t
Win Spence, corner While st. and
Font th nvc, Ladysmith,, begs to intimate that he is prepared to undertake all kinds of Gardening. Trees,
Shrubs, Plants and Flowers of all
kinds to be bad on shortest notice.
James Duncan
Suits cleaned'and pressed.
Alterations made.
Charges moderate.
mkits stitti
I, tho undei-simipd, J. W. Wallace, intend to
niiply in thirty tlnya tu tho tVimmiHiom-r of LrivIh
for tho priviloKo to Iobho tlio following doHcriwtl
IiiihIh for oynlor cultuic: Stwrtitiir ono and n hnlf
ohnins from 1), I'uko'm b. \v. corner pout, runniiiir
twelve olmtnK from ;i poHt marked .1, W. W dlatio's
k. u, corner in ii northerly directiun, thence In u
ttCHterly direction eighteen clminn. thence in a
Kuulherly itiifcHoii twolve chalnB, thence limn
eautcrly direction eighteen chains to point of cmn-
meneemenf. coritalitlrik twenty acres.
.1. W. WMXACti),
Laclypintth. U. C. March 1011). HMD.
Dr. R. B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
Don't forget and
come to the rink tonight, it will pro-jWootl to Burn
bably be your last
Stovt wood nnd oord wood for jnl».
Freight Imiilod,
Furniture moved.
For anything in tlio teaming line,
Express and Teamingj See Thornley
Wood lor Sale.
P. INKSTER, piiOne 06
Studio iu Williams' Dlock.
l.lj-il 1,111:;>i ;:., Narialmo
Phone 124     P. O. Box 1 THE LADYSMITH CHftOMlCLE
Golden West       }
Canned Vegetables
Included in your order you should have vegetables.
Fresh vegetables are very scarce and the next best
i3 first class canned vegetables.
9 Tins of Sugar Corn to*l C°
9 Tins of Sugar Peas for 1 03
9 Tins of Little Gem Peas for 1 CO
9 Tins of String Beans for 1 CO
9 Tins of Wax Beans '.... .for 1 CO
7 Tins of Tomatoes (Large) for 1 CO
7 Tins of Pumpkin (Large) for I 00
7 Tins of Blue Berries ..for 1 00
blair & adam ISimonLeisei
^^H»j«H»H-5-H-!>«-'ri-W«%*i' ***
JLJLmSJtmkmJm f wl-tntitu V
VWfflr~n rrr
Dressy Hats
Young and Old
The Celebrated Hardeman
Hats have arrived.
We have them in the
very latest shapes, and shades
such as Jade, Brown, Champagne, Russ, Backus, Elephant, Etc.
These hats have no equal
for wear, style and shape
Prices $1.25 to $4   Each
Headquarters for Star
Brand Shirts for Style arid
Local and General
The   roller    rink closes Saturday
night, march 27th..
Koi* Garden Seeds go to the Drug
Store. *
;    100 Pieces all silk Ribbons 4. inches wide in all
| colors.   For QUICK SALE at 2 yds. for 25c.
';    86 Pieces Silk Ribbons" in all shades, 2 inches wide.
■ Our price 10c per yard.
;    100 Pieces Silk Ribbon ,*j inch wide,  all colors,
> 6 yds for 25c or 65c per piece of 18 yards.
!    Carpets, Tapestry 3J yards by 4.   Special   Price
; $12.75.
!    Carpets, Tapestry 3 yards by 34.   Special Price
» $10.50.
!    Linoleums, 4 yards wide at $2.75 per running
[ yard.
!    Curtains, 3 yards long 60 inches wide at $1.35
! pair.
T 1 Ti.Tt. TmT.iTh tut »T«fm I-mI1.. t-T J
Just Arrived
.. i
A complete Stock of Poultry Net- ::
•I ting in all sizes from 24 in. to 72 in.:;
Also Spray Pumps, Garden Syrin-::
| ges and Tree Spray.
Our stock of Garden Tools is now 1
:: The
Ladysmith Hardware Co., i*
Not only in l.i.dysniilh, but allj
ov«r the Island* urd in the best houses in Victoria, incl'jdinir, the Empire. |
Grotto, Bismarck, W. Harrison and j
Empire, and all retail stores, is vbc.
Grand Did e sold. '    •
At   Ladysmitli, this mor
tbe wile of Thos. Doherty, a
Ant Tonu.les every evening at Hooper's
I So, 2 tor 25c.
you w;nt a food Comb or Brush
at the Drug Store. '     • *
Mrs. Ihn'y Woods oi Vancouver, is
visiting jeteKu's In Uidysmith.
Fc* lhe, illg English Cup Final
FootUll Game and Fives other Pie
turcs at the Opera House Thuioday
and Saturday.
Reynolds,    ot the Nanaimo
is in the i-ity to-day.
Not only in Lady-nUh hut all
over the Island, I'.'.u in He best iio\!&>
es iu Victoria, inel iiiing the Env.ire,
Grotto, Bismarck, W. Han'ison and
Empire, and all i Hall store:*, is tbe
Gi and Dul p sold
Edison Phonograph
Sold   on   Easy Terms
Knight's Book Store
W. E. Morrison
Williams Block
Use Na Dru Herb Tablets.
Ladysmith Pharmacy.
At the
I   Try Xa
htveoal Tablets
Uie Drug Store.
Mr. William McGregor, a well
hi.ovin liaril\varcNiiK-rcbant, of Vic*
toria, is in the city to-day. !
Fine English Voi'< l'ies.lresu made daly'
at Hooper's, Gata<-r e street.   Try ore.
FOR SALE^—Bedroom Suite and
extra 'bed and sundry household turn
isbings, Apply A, Lndysmith Citron
icle office; *
Mclsaao and McNamec will engage
in another glove contest in Ladysmitli
earlv next month.
special maliuiO Friday morning
„ m., at lhe Opera lld.se. See
••iMal football game.
Wc have just received another shipment oi those
Elegant Designs and
Mayor NV'holson will go down t
Vli loria to-morrow morning on busi
ncss connected with the city.
Ca'.l and sec them. They are going fast.
A full line ot; Paints and Varnishes
in stoc'.c.
Picture Framing di ne on shortest
notice. Bring your pictures and lock
over our mouldings.
Se: the Big English Cup Final
Fo„t'.a!i Game and Five other Pictures at the Opera House Thursday
and Saturday. '
The Canada Viavi Co. cordially invite the ladies of Ladysmith to, an
Edttcatiahal Health Talk in the Opera House on Thursday afternoon at
2:30 o'clock by Sadie Sands. Ad
mission free. *
Mrs. Gardner has opened
Hair Dressing
on the Esplanade.
Hair Restored and Scalp
Notice to Contractors.
Sraiv,i> Tenders, cupencrital "Tender IV
School-house," will be received by the Honourable!
the Milliliter of public Works up to noon of Thurs-
.liiy. the If; tli April, 1909, for the erection and completion of a larue one-room frame SchoolKousfl at
Courtenay, Comox Electoral District.
Plans, Bpecificoticr.a, contract and forms of tender may be seen on and after the 16th day ff
March, 19ui). at tiio office of the Government
Agent, Cumberland; of tt. Carter, Esq., Jr.. Secre*
Uiry of the School Hoard, Courtenay: and at the
Public Works Department, Victoria, B. C.
Each proposal must be accompanied by an
accepted bank-cheque or certificate of deposit on
a chartered bank of Canada, made payable to the
Honourable the Minister of Public Works for a
sum equivalent to t cn per cent, of tho amount of
the tender, which shall be forfeited ff thc party
tendering decline to ento r into contract when
called upon to do so, or if he fail to complete thc
work contracted for. The cheques or certifieatcti
of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon theoxecution of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unletm made out
on tho forms supplied, signed with the actual
signature of the tenderer, and enclosed fn the
en-Hopes furnished.
'.ne lowest or any tender not necessarily
Edward Mohun,
Assistant Engineer.
Public Works Deportment,
Victoria, B.C., tith March. 1909.
P. 0. NOOT
For Watches, Clocks, Jewelery and
Optical Goods. Columbia Graphophones,
Double Disc Records, 10-inch 85c, Cylinder Records 40c.
I "     	
We H ve Everything You Need
*♦♦*•*♦*♦•*♦*** *♦**♦**♦**** *♦* *♦*♦♦* ♦**♦♦**** *t* *t**t* ♦t»*J* •5,*t* ♦♦**♦**♦**•* *•* **^******#*t^#C^J^^^*^*^^*»J**5^*2»>v
Painter anl Pcpeilunser.
The meml.ers ot Laurel Rebekah
Lodge arc r<\;uestcd to attend a meeting to be held on the evcnlngi ot
March 25. Mrs. Keith, grand master
31 tiic assembly, will be present.
WANTED.-rTable hoarders.   Apply
to Mrs. Jas, Gilchrist, Baden-Powell
street. *
Spring, 1909
The Latest ideas in Men's New Spring Suits.
The Latest shapes in Spring Hats.
' >!ew Shirts, also a nice rane* of Men's fine Shoes. •
e wantyourbusinessorashareof it. •
Our Goods ar? right, pur prices are right and our .
business methods are right.
Call and inspect our stock.
Tuesdays and Thursdnys,
10 a. m. to 12 a. m., 2 p. m.
to 6 p. m.	
lo Let—Furnished front room,
ly Mrs. Harry Lee, Esplanade.
Our Latest
Haverhill's Barley Flakes
|   The most easily digested breakfast i
f: food on the Market to-day. |
«:    Ask your Grocer  for a Cooking J
i; Sample.
^Brackman-Ker Milling Co.
Ladysmith Opera House
New Programme
Thursday  Night
Special  Feature
Football Game
The Final for the English Cup.
Three Nights Only
Two Shows, 7:30 and 8:45 p. m.
For Sale
Well lired White Wyandolts and
White Leghorns ol splendid laying
strains. Eggs, %2.W per 15; two
settings, 83.50. Also a good stock
ot Black Orpingtons and Pekin Ducks
at same prices per setting. Pedigree
Irish Water Spaniel Pups, bred Irom
the ('lumploii Burrar.il Pat II. These
make splendid all-ii'ound sportftii.
dogs Ior this coun.-y. Dog pups,
125.00, hitches, S20.no. L. F. Solly,
Lakevjew Farm, Wcstholni, !E. & N.'
Railway. *
WANTED—Two respcctahle young
men as boarders. Apply Mrs. A.
Wright, Mcthuen street
Morning Shirt Waists
75c and $1.00
Dressy White Waists
75c, $1.25, $1.50 to $3.50
Corset Covers
50c, 60c, 75c to $1.50
 AT— '


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