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The Ladysmith Chronicle May 29, 1909

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Array *■  w v.
;:;;':" ' . i
Witji TOiicfe fa Amalgamated the; Xadysmitfi Standard.
I Vol. I.
J     Ladysmith, B. C, Saturday, Hay 29, 1909.
Klein Gets Six tlonths
With Hard Labor
the .00,88. of ii.^e. Kleinl    charged
with   keeping   a  common ' gaming
pcoplo rcs'ojted [to 'Klein's rcatauVi
ant for thc purpose ot placing cards
house, name up for rehearing befosei'or money. Ho submitted that, «c-
PoilcV,Maglsi«ti:,WrrlB6n'"lastJcordln8'\0 these'•authoHtles    the
- -    --..-  ,-.-• ,    -iplaylng of- ono-or two games  in
Thursday afternoon at 1:80.   Mr. 3.,^^ m no(. br,ng ,t ^,tMn   thc
,K. Kennedy, pf( Vancouver, appeared, interpretation uf-what constituted a
for the prosecution' and" Mrt" George common gaming house,' and that a
A. Morphy, of "Victoria, for the tie- common gaming houso was a placc
where a   large    number of men or
women habitually frequented for tho
Local and Provincial
News Note:!
jllr.  T.  A.  It^Martln has resign*;} teat held in thc Methodist Ohurcb on*
from Hie-teaching-staff* of tho public the evening of Juuo 3 at WO. .A--fine
. * - '.''■*)•
school,-  and, ■ it is   understood, to programme is being: prepared.-  -The
will, engage .'In .'the* real; estate bust- a?1**'*: will; be- under >th0; patppiiagc of
pujrppse'«f flaying an*j._J5amc„er{h9.*r
lawful qjf ufiiawfill for money,.    An
Jhe first .witness 081^,^1^. Special Gon'sfahie ; Cassidy)' who teBtifiea
to: having Seert Sojfeot .the.'.party | English case decided, by- Lord Rub
that visited   Klein's    bouse on the | sell of Killowen,  C.  J.,  was. cited,
early mor«injB;.«f-AprlJ.,i8th.   He'i?.-**»«&• *K was .bold-that thc-4e-
found the accused and three or four
others playing   cards.   Tbe accused
ncss at Vancouver. -. -     -•
The A. & 1). Fund have decided to
hold.* tbe **semi-annual * m'ceting- on
July 7th. _ Anyono having „ business
to come before thc meeting should
at onco notify tho secretary, Mr,. Jjtj.
Lowe.  _	
was placed under arrests
Police .-.Constable Callendar gave
evidence, to'the ■f^meeffert, a,nd stated tbat 16.50 was on 'the table,
which be seized. ?rhe cards were also
ta-lt<»f ■*e*--et*--hel6'--«-tviderrce-. —■-**•—
,J fondant "could noJ_bo convicted ot holing the keeper,ot a cp'mmcm gaming
house by tbe mere fact that an uu
'lawful game of carffirhad'been played for money at the private residence of the accused, that to constitute a gaming house it must be
shown that people frequently resorted there tor tbat purpose. He inclined to. discredit the-evidence   of
•tf«i»« PflVjTBBe, at that time   » the detective, who, he said, practi-
member of the Canadian Detective
Bureau, of Vancouver, testified that
he had jisited Klein's place on three
'. ■ f --■        _. . i     > * f S l ^   ■;■"
occasions—nrit on Match .15,  again
on March 19, and the last time on
'  v-rt... -.-*£     - .j.*..:,-.. l-i->':.«. ...V
April 19. On March. 15th he had
askeTTPttwere'Tpossibie td"ge^"int'6
35 game ot cards, as be  bad consid-*
fable time on his bands,   He bad
fr|end with him, and eventually
y went into a room behind
in's store and engaged 'n jb.
game of black Jack with one or two
Others.   The next time he called he
id not see Klein, but on the 19th
of April he and his friend with two
or three others, -among whom was
Klein, played black jack. On tbe
first occasion he lost (5.25, and on
the last time about f2.00. -For the
li «9F    '        A'^ *
information ot the crjttff" ho .explain1-
ed the intricacies of   the game
black jack.   The witness stated that
there was no special advantage   to
any player in the game, not   even
the dealer.   Ho stated that he had,
seen chl'ps^ oh^the table. ,
■-The witness^ Was _ subjected to   a
. gruelling' croBs.examlnatidn by   Mr;
Morphy, but did not, deviate   much
front his original story.
.gThis clopcij t|ie.,,,o^l4«ncei t«.f;,,thc,
prosecution.  -,,  ,., ."    ;i   •   ,-,-,,
i A formal motion for dismissal was
rpade, but dented.     .
iThe first witness for the i defence
was Mrt*.: Klein,, wife., at thc .accuse
cally admitted, being an accomplice,
and also referred to the fact that
when the police entered Klein's place
ion a search-wnrrant; they fa'led to
discover chips, an important part
;of the/j(iuiBrrjejr't..;.rf
houses with modern conveniences
an3 appointments'
.. Mr. Kennedy, \ for. tbe prosecution,
quoted the Vancouver case of Rex
vs. Petrio, which he said was on all
Jours wi]Eh this proceedings how under consideration, And that the court
held at that time that black jock
.'was "a gambling game. He reviewed
the evidence of the various witnesses, -and contended that, the- authorities cited by Mr. Morphy were not
applicable in the present case. Mr.
Kennedy read a section of the code,
in which It is stated that the finding o! any cards, dice, or ather paraphernalia on any premises, was   a
; ; John Henry Armstrong, ol Lady
■smith, held a winning ticket iu the
Derby sweep, nnd in now richer by
$704 than ho was a few days'.ago!
He bought the ticket from Mr. John
Stewart tor $1- ~
On account of the absence ot .Mayor Nicholson,- from "the "meeting *vf
the city council'last Monday night,
it was -decided to dtifer the calling-of
tenders^for improvements to .the
jcity mill one week, '    >
\ Harry Hughes' store has been
moved from the site for Mayor Nieh-
-olftM'B-'ireTiMiuiTdtng-'ttr the- -vaefcnt-
lot alongside of Eli Rowland's shop
on First avenue. During Its trip
from its old location to. the new
line, Mr.C Hughes conducted .-business
at the old stijtnd."'.
the W. C. T. U. and it is honed.the
attendance _. will .bO; „cojjiniS8auri|.tc
with the (pcvJt ot the performance
There ***1I1 be art-
25c, children 10c."
£   ■
latest News in |
I       T!n SpOftins Circles
.-.^^^ffid'te^g^oBteJi!,) ___,	
Weiff -Mr. Editor,- the? famous' :and
mucli-trwaldcd: -mass' meeting "materialized last night! and according to
tho  Herald there'   were 100 people
present, and-us, iji all' matters   of
sport, I the • Nanaimo sporting editors
ace double, thcroforc wc must tako
it at about fifty; and out of a popu-
Tho . school* "board will hold Its? latjon „, jftnn pcopie; ' Why; ~lr; u
jnretings in. future at tho city hall.fL0 culled a mass meeting on; ;foot-
WhilcMr. Stewart'acted, as sccrctaryl-i i)ltH questions just now, there to not
the board met at that  gontloman'BiL ending ;ln Ladyimiilb.Jwould hold ;cipe<jtcd,
office, but now that Mr.  Morrison is: (),c crowd. i
a 2nd division. team will take place.
Tbo. .senior s ..rACfiC^anttlfna, .probably,'
next- Sunday' and^ ; ttiir* ini '"dl'vtsiotf
team play the" Thistles in Vancouver
for the B. C. championship. Tho
following players arc requested to
turn out for the 2nd team: Dclcort,,
Fordc, noss, Baxter, Clarkson, *Jacl»>
son, Morgan, Batty, A. Simpson, R.
.aimp-idn; Fletcher! Hughes;'O'Oon.
■ncll and any other registered players. The seniors will be out iu full
[strength  and  a  good  game can   be
to llil lhat positlpu thc meeting!) will,
be held at thc city hall. Thc members ol- tho board speak in the!
highest terms of) the services rendered;
by Mr. Stewart.
The engine of tire afternoon train
from Extension on Friday ran Into'
a team and- wagon - at tbe-eroseing
near Waskett's mill. -The driver, was!
thrown* tti' the ground,-' hut-ilbt ser
iously Injured, and the wagon waa
badly shattered! Although the liar
ness was badly broken the team Was
held ia check until assistance arrived. It waB a narrow escape for th*
suggested [that ."the finding.'of;.the
deck "of caHs at Klein's house was
presumptive evidence that tho premises were*'kept lor gambling: prirpOs'
Police .Magistrate Harrison, in
summing up, agreed, with,the arguments _ of the prosecution^ in oyefy
essential particular. Ho laid particular stress on the presumptive evi
dOnct lot the finding of cards on tbo
premises, which tho defendant had
not .satisfactorily accounted for.' tin
also referred to the fact that the defence had, failed to: produce further,
evidence of the innocence of tbo accused. The only evidence lo controvert the" testimony ofj; tho detective
•was given by 'Kldln aid his wife.
Several of the launch owners are
making complaints about the loose
piles floating in the harbor. This is
a matter that should be brought to
the attention of the Dominion Government at once, -i awmething is not
done .at once soma, ot the launches
preBump.tlon.,f.atithe premises *tve, ^With-seioua dama£ „-by
M'fliMf P"TS^.?Tf ofelniln^taetl
coming i
floating logo;'
with one ot. those
There will be a silver medal cori-
• Shakespeare-8 beautiful play, Ro
meo and Juliet is faithfully portray*
ed in pantomime at thc Novelty Theatre this week. It is one ol the most
attractive pictures yet seen at thin
place of amusement. Beginning Monday night there will be another good
programme, the principal picture tiffing the Dleppo Auto Rares. The following ^Is-ithe full programm|j
Unselfish Ofteist, For the Sake of His
Old  Uniform,     Dieppe Auto HacOj,
.     .*,    fir    &1
Magic Dice,-Hired, Tired and Firod,
Songs: All Aboard for a Good Time,
That's What the Daisy. Said..
Celebration Committee
Hey,.4>vldW(^ to a .great .•xUiai;.Poliee-MevgUti*«te   feairikc^ (beta
djrectly contradicted the testimony
ai the detective. She admitted- see
the detective, once when ho
anted *to''lwy'1iq*uo*r;"*and;'' onrthe
enlng •preceding tlie * morning ot af1
St(i;iitit8d* that 'Wlter itfiow-
Mge there-Vert never poker chips
ij. the house, and that tha place of
(Bldenc*. was maintained as. .a bar-
tr shop, fruit store and restaurant.
he Indignantly, denied the suggest-
that--people resorted there -for
purpose of gambling.
In crosa-examinatton' her evidence
notl'p^ree^ttblr.'thattiewdi '*""
The aooisedi-iicQi'.Kleln. was then
illed it;!Us-ownr4efeiaCaU.;Ha..M-{
ltted his first mooting .with, the de-
Ictlve On Match 15th. The detect-
, had asked to buy a-drink, and
accused sent, out and bought a
of beer, 'tK detective asked
film tot|fb"1lo«n- to"Tir. X; Smith's
{face to;ifilaT' cards,- bnt h« waB too
By.' After.1   femalttlng (or   somo
requested Klein to stand!up, hnd ho
sentenced him to six' months' {imprisonment with liurd labor. .'.
.This cuds the second chapter in
the Klein case. It is estimated that,
further' proceedings will be taken tie
fore.a'highcV" coiil't
111   l'**>.
Otto Ogren 	
£.1 OrajftoriJ	
H.; Rudman ........
Kusl'Klemola '..'..'.
A:; Jame*;*.-.;...;.'.;
■John' denennfe ...",
line the detective and hla Irlehd dc-)B. Roberts»........,
irted.   There was not a game   ol Robt. Marshall ,
Meeting of the
There was a very large attendance At a-meeting of the school board
at the.meeting held Wodncsday oven- at Mr. Stewart's ofllcc, Thursdj^r!
ini at tjhej citjy hall to make iprcpari evening, Jhero were pjresent: MessA.j
ntlons for Uh^celobraUonoiDoBiin-Bryant,-Anderson, Rutiscll and Mf-;
jiou Day. In; the a'b^enco of Muypr Lean. Mr. McLcuii 'Occupied titers
iNlitholspn, m}. ^.^0. Noot occupied, chair. _   HI
tliiocliialf. '■    j      ;.'..: '-;,, i     T  Mr. N. A;' Morrison ;was appointSit
Alter the adoption ot tho 'mlmitos seorctury, vlctr i.Jri Jobb, Stewart, re|
' " r I       '   \
jot th< previous me^tlji^ it WaB do- signed
elded to form a general committee
Monthly Report of
A. and 6.
; Fojlpwln^faro;the benefits paid by
the A. ft B.. Eudd fr>r 1 the month
.ending. May .31:   '
■ ■»
trfds prayed At. hla..place that even- Chast Awlson 	
In. On'Apifll 19th,  aftei* ills work! John Gillespie, ar.
' 'tis done,  he- found several men   In Hugh Clarkson ..;...
tie. dining room playing card*.   He Wm.. RuBsell•>	
objected, but ' flnally^onBented .to_H.  Lowe
ft a hand In *[ tfe   game.   While K. Vanshoff
game was
lis concluded
defence an(L Mr. Morphy cited both
Bngllsh Ad* C-tnailian *ith(5rlUes as Chemainus Hospital
t-qj whaf 'constituted the keeping   ol
d jgaming bouse.   He contended that
.!...,..! 20.00
.;,....! 13.00
|t$LJ lW.03>|
j...;;.r.! 10.60;
J........: i5:*o
I Sogfissaiti aft.»e? m>^M.M I loo
nVd,t 4 arrests. [ |*Jas. X rlu|o|f..\ g fj.oo
l%e^vr»)nc# for the   -*      *•    "  »■ *"    v* —a—
of all pfesent, with* poW*r to iidd Id
their number.
. The.following were.'appointed: ' ,
: SporJts—JamcB Ade,n>,. l|. thornley,
James " tMminjr, P. 0|. Moot, II.
VVard, S, WoaWng; John Mlcok and
j; B,,Smith, '  . .    ... .J   i
Regatta-^-J. Beaiichamp, Wm. Donaldson, ;H. Ward, ;Frank Thick end
Willlaia [Haworth. \ :"' ,
Grounds—J. iDeeming,   John  Suth-
McMurtiii     sent in ftjii
uu     assistant     puMlc
which was accepted
anl W.iG. Simpson.
•Hofr shmentsl-Frank Thick,, W. ^ia-
Wflrtiii'and J. jBeaiichamp..; ■
Mr. T'  AV
resignation J
with regret!.;
A j teacher j lo'tlijte. .Mi',
placo will te advertised tor nt once,
Inspector --Gordon presented his M:
port. Afterj.reiferring |otkjo progrMi:,
of thc.pupibi.'he dpoke).highly ol\ (he
great changii that had beeii niadcjlu
the school 'ground's. He bad foujM
somo of tne' lower "rooms crowdki,
and It mfy be [ that' ^'additional
school room will '■ have td bo provided in the jioar future  j ■
,]Dant!c—H, Thornley arid A. Wright.'
: Priiitlni^-S. Weaving and , D. M.
Carltiy. ...'":
i Trarisportailon-Dr.   ,Dlor,   P. G.
Noot and i), M., dartey.*
'"Oun Club-ThoS. White,  Goo^Hep-
l)*Dle and Oharleithiiime~l -.-
It war resolved that entries must
■*b#5«tnetly\R*B«llur. |   ?jj    ',"/
' sHarry^WaVd wno'nfnrded <uc/pro-
gmmme  privilege.
.. The committees will report to   a
-general meeting to bo held on Frl
886.251 ""V
.. c»4'.on
evening, June 4, nt 7:20, at the Kerr,  St.
Lhell.   ^.U^tE'-SSd
List of vessolB coaling during pi
week: Bufrard; Rupert Otty, Stetl
ami Seow,r, C«ar,   Achates, Selkli
Ca'scafle,'* 4hkn|ock,    Queen   Cl|
WftBdefc*, &o .'Naino,  Jessie Mac,
Two, Tilotj Dominion, Eagle, OscSr,
Prinoeee-Rerjror, See. -LioB,- Ganadli
Mystery, Phoenix and Scow, Ro[
Dennis, Bermuda,  Spr
The howling-and squealing that is?
goingon in Nanaimo. just .npw.provtie
the calibre of some would-be sports:
They aroriot prepared to accept the
^verdict of the only - Impartial judge;;
who can legally decide. • -. ■ . ; .
: In to-day5i issue - t>t-* the llcralil
imention is made qt , two decisions'
■ given in favor of Nanaimo. Take
'the first, Brown's case. Locksley.
'the judge, maintained and still maintains, "that Brown was not legally
registered, but as the V. I. secretary
had made the mistake, he decided
not -to i punish .Nanaimo.: I might
say thatVUranaimo's dalegaitea ah.)
lidmltted 'it!,' but they qrialiile'd thc
acknowledgement by saying tbat
others on both teams were in the
same box. But that doesnot make
Brown's case any'Jbett'er. '-•-' -
As for Hooper and Hurren, Locks-
ley told them in his ruling, what
they^ «ould get- when they went up
against the B. C. F. A, and hla predictions have been, fulfilled. - The
Nanaimo Herald says, "the who!-}
question was thoroughly thrashed
out." Exactly, by whom; by
both parties to the question? Oh,
no, just Nanaimo. There is a side
to this question' that has never been
before the public yet and there ate
a few sports in Nanaimo who will
thinktbere are two' sides to the question when the truth is known.
The sporting editor of the Free
Press stated at the meeting that he
had always fought for the principle
.that the .first, game, in the Island'
series was Ibr thc B. C. Cup. But
some bnc^ else' had said.no; arid of
course since...he.is no longer manager of thc Ladysmith team and hns
moved to Nanaimo, - ho' has- to pander to the crowd that stood on the
sidelines and shouted to. tho. Nanaimo players to put. tbe'boots, to their
But, Mr. Editor, wc.Jinvc uotflnov-
imI to Nusaiino, wo are still doing
business at tho old .stand.
-As to thoV. I» conBtitution—Article 8, cluimc A, -snys that .mi club
shall put.a tram'on thc field for the
V. I; cliamtilonshlp, until' a fee of ten
[dollars Iiu3 been paid, ol which' sum
two-dollars and.jltty conts'shall be,
handed to the B. O, F..A. . That
seriiid to me, Mr. -Editor,. tl(at ' tlie
V. I. flssocialioii takes ,•;'• pniijs t;0,
make it knbwii that the 11. C. -F. A
.ia the ; parent! ' f*B«niiatioii. ' Bill
fiti'HiiL'ctit. thing ol'all, Nanaimo do
Hies; the B. 0. If. A;, 'the right to,
rule on V. I. matters and yet they,
appealed to tho B.' IX F. A; themselves on Tuesday last, Against the
N. I. decision in throwing Victoria
United out at the League. Now 11
the B. C. F. It. had reversed trie'V.
I." decision on. this • point would; Nanaimo have objected. In conclusion
Vet me say: NanAlmo has squealed
all along that .they did not know, ot
the riile barring Hooper and Hurrcn.
This is a deliberate falsehood. When
Nanaimo 'sent to Cumberland floopr
or'nr.d Hurten both answered'
they were not eligible, ha*
Ing. played -with Westminster.: Nanaimo. said, come anyway! and take
Cfiahci. ■ Is the"' Herald rind .Fre,c
Press. ,i» -a position - t-o. deny .this
statement?   ' H. T.
May 28, 1909.
.   - .LAfJBOSSR
On Thursday evening the" liomo
lacrosse boys defeated the Extension
team with a scoro ot nine to nil.
Thc gamo was not much from tho
I'pcctutor'** point .of viewi the play
bcltBr-irntgcdt-rnjl SiMBltttil. The vls-
itore wore unfortunate m not having
the sefvices Of'sfcM pt their best
players and had to secure two ot the
Ladysmith boys betore the game
could be started. It is useless going
into the" details of tlie' game. Tho
score-, indicates fthe *play.' Attention
is directed to the rough pfay that
la 'crcepfrig info'tlie "game. Several
ofthe; boys -trotti-the pit heaS.'.tdw'n
have the .habit of taking the msn before the ball and It must be admitted that some of the local team are
not guiltless in'this respect.- ft is
hoped that this will npt be seen
again.' It "is better to be a little
careful in a game where-nothing;but
the score Is being played . for, than
to dnjure.oii opponent, perhhps' for
life.     ..
Nanaimo will be here in force for
a game on Sunday providing the
football team have not made, other
arrangements for a gaine oil that
date. The gaine iwill be called for
3 o'clock sharp ^nnd it is to,..bf)
hoped -that a'gppfl'' crowd wiirwlt;-
neas the game as it is practically
new here and deserves every encouragement. The boys, are practicing
hard for this and,future games and
are. trying to. do as much tor the
advertisement ot tlio town as lips
football cliib, but :wilhout Bomc snti-
pprt thtjy can do nothing. '
'.'BASEBALL. '•"'
. N.er.0 Thursday afternoon the 'two
old rivals, the Mboushincrs and' the
K; P'S, Will riicet In the first' iinsc-
ball niatcli of the scuson. Judging
from the following lliic-up tlie i;amo
isliould . be'fas*.- P,'Ptolemy wilt
net on umpire.   ' ^
MOONSHINliliS " K.  p.
D.-AJi.cn    catcher ., 8.'   Kerr
Kemper .pitcher j. Sanderson
White.'., ..'let baiie.....;; M6i*rlBdu
Jlakcrp  2nd base .....,.M. .^err
Simpson ...3rd base  ....kCrossrm
Dclcort ...short stop......Haworth
-tCor'r... ...left   TleW ... .:.  Barclay.
;Hewlett.-,.right  field .F    lnghmn
Barc'Iay...!..centrf! 'flcid''...,?.J. ivey
I}yaii....,...3paj'e:ineil,;.1V.lR; rjandcrsqn
Dunbar !.... \\. Metro
These, will be a qiioltlng match, 31
points,  at  the  Portland Hotel    tonight at 6:30 between R. Barclay and
W. Ellis' tor ia' a aide. J. Brass and
Anderson will .act. as referees.' U
Ladysmith, B. C
Tytt 8w Club Shoot.
The following is the result of tbe
flitli medal shoot'.of the Tyee Gua
'M. ; Dultlo' '......'...;.',. '.....'., ' }...:„i.h
T. White .'...,........■ V ...i5
H. Wright  iTi
w. Keserich ;., ....; ;....i»
'M.^optilnson .'. 22
On Monday night/at $:JN).p; m. a. Dr,: Dier ...;.;',•..,.'.' ,.'jy..';.;;v„.o..,v;*l
...■•."....",., ....ij
gamo between the local seniors nno\y3. Wargo THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
There Is Money Being Made in Lots
in   Hastings   Townsite,  Vancouver
I have several for sale at ruling prices.
Notary Public Conveyancer
i i
Z       We have the choicest lots in       I
% , 4.
! Hastings  Townsite f
4 *-* , v
for Sale.
Come early and get first pick.
Head Office  •  - Toronto
CAPITAL $10,000,800: REST $6,800.0
PutiUhed by Carley & Carley at Ladysmith, B. C.,
•vtry Wednesday and Saturday.
$1.591 Year in Advance, 25c Pir Month
Advertising Rateton application.
Bank Money Orders
$5 and under
Over $5 and not exceeding $10,
•'   $10      "       » $30,
"   $30      "      " $50,
3   cents*
These orders are payable at par at any office in
Canada of a Chartered Bank, except In the Yukon
ind at the principal banking points in the United
They arc negotiable at $4:90 to the £ sterling in
Great Britain and Ireland. They form an excellent method of remitting small sums of money
with safetv and at small cost and may be obtained without delay at any office of the Bank.
LADYSMITH BRANCH   L. M. de Gex, Manager
Editorial Comment
The commercial interests of British Columbia will certainly be pleased to learn that the Minister of trade and
Commerce is negotiating with the Australian and New
Zealand governments for a renewal of the steamship
:«: Real Estate |
| First Avenue, Ladysmith I
X 4
Novelty Theatre
Masonic Building, Ladysmith
New Programme
UnsWisli Guest, For the Sake of His
Old Uniform, Dieppe Auto llaccs,
Mask Dice, Hired, Tired nnd Fired,
Songs:. All Aboard for a Good Time,
That's What the Daisy Said.
Admission: IOc and 15c
Matinee Prices 5c and IOc
John  W.   Coburn,
President and Managing Director.
The Ladysmith Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Fir Lumber,
Red Cedar, Shingles and Lath
If you want any  Home Cured Hams
or Bacon, call around to
Ryan's Meat Market
Have Your Houses Plastered
For Terms apply to
C. HINE, Plasterer, etc.,'Ladysmitli, P. O.
Cement Sidewalks a specialty.
F. C. Fisher
Studio in Williams' Block.
Shoe Repairing
I am ready' to repair Boots   and
Shoes.     Satisfaction  Guaranteed1.
Corner Third ave. and High street,
near Queen's Hotel,
Express anl Teaming
Wood for Sale.
P. INKSTER, pHoiseoe
Very many citizens are wondering why the new post-
office has not been opened before now. Some months
have elapsed since the building was completed, and so
far as the general public is aware nothing is now being
done to make the office ready for occupancy.
Victoria will have a new theatre, and none too soon.
The present structure is out of date, so far as accommodation for the theatre-going public is concerned. As a
matter of fact, nothing has been done in the way of decorating the interior since the summer of 1892.
The management of the Prince Rupert Empire have
issued a 20-page special number of that paper, in which
,the bu3ine33 interests of the naw city are brought to the
attention of the outside world. This special number ton-
tains a vast amount of interesting reading matter, carefully prepared,, and will1 be welcDmad by all interested in
the past, present and future of Prince Rupert.
If the city council do33 not hear from the smelter company next Monday nia:ht with regard to the proposal to
supply current for the lighting ofthe city, that body
should at once advertise for tenders for the installation, of
a plant tp be owned by the municipality. A great deal of
valuable time is being lost in responding to the sentiment
of the ratepayers as expressed by the ballot." It is now
almost midsummer, and something should be done at
once if we are to have electric light this year.
If the enthusiasm manifested at the meeting on Wed
nesday evening is to be regarded as a reflection of the
patriotic sentiment of the citizen? generally, the observance of the national holiday this year should eclipse all
former celebrations in Ladysmith. On July 1st, 1867, the
new Dominion of Canada was born, and on the first day
of July in each succeeding year Canadians have honored
the event of national existence by observances best Adopted to national festivals. In Ladysmith, the celebration
.will take the usual forms of sports and events that
contribute towards the development of a healthy patriotic sentiment. ' ■
Real Estate Profits
If you lived in Vancouver you would hear every day stories of men making huge profits from a small
investment in Real Estate.
_ It is simply a repetition of the history of all great Cities in their growing period. Seattle, San Francisco, Spokane, Chicago, Milwaukee, Denver and a hundred other cities in tne United States as well as
our own Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and now Vancouver have made and continue to make great wealth
for those who invest in suburban property that is as sure to increase in value as it is true that to-day
followed yesterday. There is in Vancouuer to-day a good deal of suburban property that will double
and treble in value within the next two or three years.
The City of Vancouver will double in population within the next five years according to the most conservative estimates, and with such rapid growth going on, it takes no prophet to foretell that a wise
investment NOW will not only be perfectly safe but will also yield very large profits.
If you will look at the location of
the black triangular shaped p'eee in
the accompanying map you will see
that it is favorably located as to
street car lines.    * ,
If you were on the property and
could see its beautiful location as to
view, etc., you would feel as I did
when I first visited "Cedar Cottage
Park". D. L. 393, that it was the
most f avnrablv situated piece of land
to be had for the price or double the
price in fact, near the City of Vancouver.
"Cedar Cottage Park" cannot f.ail
to become very valuable property in
the near future and therefore I would
advise you to buy as many lots as you
can in this sub-division.
Lots in "Cedar Cottage Park" are
sold on very easy terms, so easy
in fact, that any wage-earner in
Ladysmith may pay for at least
one lot from his monthly earnings.
Come to my office for a map and
learn fuller particulars as to prices,
terms, location, etc. *
Baby Carts
Now Arrived
All Styles and Prices.
Within  reach of. everybody.
Also fine line of Mattrass-
es. Linoleum from 50c to
fLPO per yard.
Light and heavy teaming.
Furniture and piano moving
a specialty.
Telephone 1.
Undertaking Company
First class Hearse supplied in Ladysmith.
Telephone No. 262 and 180
P.O. Box 733    -     •   Nanaimo
Ladysmith Bakery
Cakes ot every, description, tanc
'ind   plsin.    Candies    of all kinds
Fruit ol all kinds.   Fresh bread ever
Reasonable   prices.   Come and se
our lines and leave your orders.  W
'give careful attention.
Hop Lee, Prop.
Esplanade street,  Ladysmith.
Ice Cream
Ctrter's Store
lee Cream 10c a plate.
Notice ta hereby given that it Is
lour intention to make application to
[th* Board ol Licensing OoBunisaion-
Jers ol the City ot Ladysmith lor a
■transfer ot the retail liquor licence
■ now held by us in respect to the pre-
Imises known as the Columbia Hotel
■situate on First avenue, Ladysmith,
|from ourselves to Joseph Tuess,
D.  L.  WOOD,
Ladysmith, B. 0., 5th May, 1909,
A Lady's Notebook
I heard a   woman say   the   other
day to a friend, "Well I know three
—at least, two I am sure about and
one that Is doubtful." "You are
lucky, lor I only know one," replied
the friend
they were
ly despise it.    Hence  the fact    uhe
appeals to the. cynical and unsentimental side of her married friends'
character. The married spinster refrain* from showing spinsters how
I wondered idly what much she is in love with hcr bus-
discussing when another' band.   I made   a   list   out when   I
frlenl standing by asked them this reached home of the really nappy,
question: "You only know one and what the bachelor girls might
what?" "We were saylng"_sald the'call ridiculously happy, couples I
second woman with an air ol final- knew. The bachelor girl, by the
lty, "that there are very few really way, would only call thorn rldUu-
.happy marriages and tbat I only lous because it is her role to affect
know one couple. Ina says she to laugh at love. In reality she has
she knows two"—she continued an exceedingly kindly tender sympa-
doubtfully, "but I'm not sure." The thy for married lovers,
third woman laughed—"I know sev
eral" she said, "I know at least six
couples I could name at once."
"We don't believe you."
Shc named them. They were still
This conversation Bet me considering, were they spinsters or married
women? Probably spinsters)' On-
'ookt-rs in the way of spinsters, do
not always Bee most of the game. In
act, married women are often sby
ol letting spinsters see and decipher
the secret happiness they would not
oe ashamed to show a married
• • •
There arc no old maids nowadays.
There are plenty ol bachelor girls
and bachelor women—gay and independent, cynical or superior, accusing to their temperament and environment. Loving and sentimental,
they are doubtless also; but this is
not on the surface. The average—
and there are exceptions—bachelor
woman pretends to make fun of sentiment, even If she does not actual-
take the loss of a doll, or curtail
Ing cf"pleasure. But we are, alas'
not like, children in the way we take
our minor pleasures. The little ones
take the small pleasures of life with
a keen enjoyment we should do well
to copy. They live In the present
both- in joy and in sorrow. We
grown-ups only belittle our joys and
en'.arge our sorrows. I remember
condoling with a very cheery woman
ol my acquaintance on some passing
but rather serious worry, because I
always feel that if there is a way
into trouble there must bo a way
out." A wise thought this—and one
to be remembered evCn amid a possible sea of small troubles.
*   •   • v
It Is easier to see tbe way out at
And now for my list. I counted
twenty-one couples in just under five
minutes and I daresay I could
think of as many more if I were to' this time of the year than in the
look arousd and think" a'jout the peo-t cold and dreary weather. Who can
pie I know are happy. There is no worry over trifles now the almond
mistaking a happy couple if you are trees have commenced to bloom and
happily married yourself. There is the nightingale is heard at midnight
a kind of freemasonry of look and jn the copse? It must indeed be a
word that betokens mutual under-. self-centred man or woman who can-
standing that is not to he mistaken not forget all small troubles in th:
and it is only when you see and feel young of the year, and we must
this  understanding that you realize  surely all need rejoice at the thought
Another "Sunshine' Feature
This Is an entirely new idea, and will espc
daily Interest people who reside in natural
gas districts. The gas ring takes tbe place
of the lower Sunshine fire-pot, thus making
it possible to burn gas in your furnace without
inconvenience. Such is not possible in a
furnace where the ordinary gas log is inserted;
for, should the gas give out, a coal or wood
fire could not be started until the gas pipes
were disconnected.
To provide against sweating in the summer
time, Sunshine Furnace is equipped with a
nickelled steel radiator and dome. All
bolts and rivets are nickelled, all rods
copper-plated. This special treatment, besides meaning quicker and greater radiation
from the radiator and dome than cold chill
iron could possibly give, acts as protection
for the bolts, rivets and rods from inroads of
gas, When cast iron comes in contact with
our nickelled steel it is coated with our special
Anti-Rust treatment, which prevents the
slightest possibility of rust commencing
anywhere in Sunshine Furnace.
The Gas Ring
.    WCWs
wbat. the happy bachelor woman has
lost—or not yet gained.
• • •
How cheerful we all become in the
ol the coming summer and dismiss
the' little worries and fears that havo.
sometimes seemed so great, and
grow happy and hopetul.    "For lo,
spring.    How our   winter   troubles the winter is past, the rain is over
like winter garments slip off, heavy and gone; the flowers appear on the
earth; and the time of the singing of
birds is come." It is lovely to feel
that our winter is past and that
flowers are coming, and we are
growing daily nearer tbe blessed moment when the undertone will strike
the keynote of summer itself.
and useless as we turn to the joy
and warmth of spring and summer.
Even the minor troubles tbat
still come seem easier to bear. I
think sometimes we are very childish in the way we take our minor
troubles, we take them as though
they were tragedies, even as children
Thei Passion Play
If all goes well thero will be shown
ln the autumn, probably at tbe Albert Hall, London, a seies of tableaux modelled In wax and with lighting and scenic effects, Illustrating the
life ol Christ.
At first sight.it would appear tbat
waxworks r.re scarcely a proper medium tor reproducing these tremendous
incidents; the slightest error in taste
would give offence to a countless
number ot people. It may be said at
once, however, tbat these will be a
very special kind ot waxworks, and
tbe reverent treatment ot the subjects Is thoroughly well assured.
The genius and development ol the
idea is Interesting, It waB suggested sixteen years ago by tbe late Sir
Augustus Harris to Mr. Louis Tub
saud, and tbe latter Intended to carry lt out. Ever since, be told a
representative ot the Standard, he
has kept it In view, and during tbe
last ten years he has spent a considerable amount ot time in visiting
the prlnrlpal galleries abroad and
making himself familiar with every
detail ol the picture* which tt Is
proposed to represent. Last year
Mr. Tusaaud laid hit plan* betore
Rev. Father Bernard Vaugban, who
Immediately and whole-heartedly endorsed tttent.   "Ot course," said Fa-
Annunciation, Visitation, No room
in Inn, Shepherds and Gloria in Ex-
celsis, The Nativity, With Shepherds, The Crucifixion, The Burial,
The Resurrection, Magdalen and the
Garden, The Communion, Ascension
trom Mt. Olivet.
n th* matter ol an application lor
703   A)
alliance   ol her daughter with
popular Marquis ol Lome.
_. .... „ Ther* are probably  tew better ra-
. Dnnllct. MM> *.   , *„., i""' V",,fc",, "" MCC,M t"m * mm%%n alive than 1. the Duke   ot
a Duplicate Certificate ot Title to ttMgbm M wd, M ♦„,„, M artl|tlc
Duke of Argyll a
A Great Story Teller
one of them Bald, "It's a man, but
did ye ever see such a hairy man!
It canna be a Highlander—no, no
it canna be a Highlander; do ye
think it's a Lowlandcr, Donald?" "I
think not; I don't think a Lowlandcr Is quite ever, ever so hairy as
yon." "Deaar me," said the first
speaker, "I think it canna be u
Highlander; I think it canna be a
Lowlander. I'll tell you what we'll
do, we'll just go to the Castle and
see if any of the English visitors are
missing since yesterday."
We have the largest assortment of
Spring and
Fancy Suitings
to be fouud in the city.
D. J. Matheson
Gatacre st.,   Ladysmith, B. C.
Local and General
The Duke of Argyll, who stated the
other day that he ha-i tbe reputation
ot being one ot the worst-dressed
men in London, has more than atoned for his sartorial deficiencies by
bis cleverness. He is one ot the
most versatile ot noblemen, and bad
he not been a duke, he would still
be Iamous as a man of letters. Besides his two volumes of memoirs,
entitled "Passages from the Past,"
be has written the libretto ol an
opera, "Diarmld," and it is said
that after its production at Covent
Garden Theatre be told some friends
that "there are more where tbat
came from, il they should be required." He has also proved himself a
poet ol more than average merit,
and wrot* an Ode tor the opening ot
the Franco-British Exhibition, besides many other poems. Some idea
ol the' Duke's popularity ln Scotland may be gained Irom the following little story. When he married
Quean Victoria's daughter, an old Call and in them
Scotswoman remarked: "She'll be ft,Ing fait,
proud   woman the   day,"   meaning |   A lull Una ot, Paint* and Varnishes
that her Majesty was honored in the'1" >'<><*•
Tea rooms Ior ladies or gentlemen. Short order ar sandwiches
always ready at Hoop:.*'.f. •
T.i mcet your Iriends and be right
at home, wklle in Victoria, stay at
the Rainier Hotel, George .hi - -gy
proprietor. •
l j mcet your friends and be right
nt homo, while in Victoria, stay at
tho Rainier Hotel, George 3urijgy
proprietor. •
Finest Ice Cream in the city at
Hooper's, the most sele-t factor
on the Island. Everything ol the
best quality in Contecti nory.       *
W* hav* Just received another ahip-
lent ol (hot*
Elegant Designs and
Colorings in Wall Paper
They are go
ut 2,   Brock   29 (Map
Town ol Ladyimith,
Notice -l* hereby given that it  la
ny Intention  at  the  expiration  •!
in* month Irom th* date ol th* flrit
lubllcatlon hereof to Issue a Dupll-
ate Certificate of Title to said land
ssued    to   WilUam UeVerldge   and
fcnry Hellel on the 3rd day ol N6-
enber, 1902, and numbered 8203 O.
Hagletrar-UeMral ol Tltl**,
.nnd   Registry   Office, Victoria; B
C, th* Nth <l«i p« April, m.
point ot view ol th* drama will depend upon tha reverent way In
which your Idea is'carried out. II
theatrically done, it will be instructive and helpful."
Father Vaughan has drawn up a want ot lood and died by thc road-
serle* ol thirty-sit tableaux, which, ■'•■•• Two Scotch farmers came ne-
Mr. Tussaud Intends to carrv    '   I™* ■*> *nd WMe ■m*ch PUMll!0 what
Argyll, and ln . his above-mentioned
memoir* he has told some Inimitable
stories. One of the best concerns a
showman's ape which paid a visit
with it* master to Inverary. During its stay there it escaped from
it* cage, but came to griel through
Picture Framing dont on ibortest
notice. Bring your pictures and lock
over our moulding*.
Painter and Paperhanger
to make ol lt.    "Deaar   me, what
na beast's yon?" asked one,    "It's
In order to    Indicate the subjects
chosen the first balf-doxen and   tb«:po, ^^ Wa    a m8n," 80id the
last hall.doten may be   mentioned:)other.   Atter carefully examining It
D. J. JaakiRS succtsssr ta A. E. Hilb ert
Funeral Director and Emhalmcr
HUbert Undertaking Parlor:
1,3 and S, Bastion St.,N«nalmii
Phone 124     P. 0. Box 1
Three Specials
FINE CEYLON TEA,   3 lbs. for $1.00.
. FRESH GROUND COFFEE,  3 lbs. for $1.00.
CHOICE CREAMERY BUTTER,  3 lbs. for $1.00.
Faultless Canned Vegetables, coat a little more
than the other Brands, but we sell them at the same
,      9   CANS CORN    for  $ioo
»     "       PEAS       "  i.oo
9      ",    BEANS    " an       ] oq
I'      "      TOMATOES for "... 1.00
Compare our goods with those you get from others.
Scott's Building, First Avenue.
Lands for Sale
Agricultural, Timber and Suburban Lands for sale.
For prices and location apply to the Land Agent at
Victoria or the District Land Agent at Duncan.
Town Lots and e'e^red Suburban acreage for sale
at Ladysmith. Apply Land Agent, Victoria, and
Townsite Agent, Ladysmith.
a   large stock of Fancy
We i
Station?* j*.
E. Panned
Meats and Vegetables
r. o. scs m
June 2nd, 1909
tickets-Gentlemen $1.50,
Ladies $1.00.
On sale at
Blair & Adam's,
J. A. Knight's,
Time Table No. 7
Trains leave Nanaimo 5:15 Dally
Trains arrive Nanaimo 12:35 Daily
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday,
Trains leave   Nanaimo 15:15
Trains arrive Nanaimo 18:35.
Dist. Pass. Agt
1102 Govt. st.
Victoria, B. C.
Barber Shop
Nestor Doumont has
opened a barber shop on
Fifth Avenue, corner oi
Roberts Street, and has fitted
it up in good style.
U. B. C.
^•%»**s>%*I**%*I«*I»»%#*»»%*%«% ***•% *i* "I**?* •!• *«* *I**I*
All kinds o. Obck and Watcb f
rZ.'.'~*.~_     "-•••■'-™,  (•luata.M*"-
Reasonable Prices.
English Watches a Specialty.
J. R. Easton
Practi"il Watchmaker.'
m, —i- «-'■ r>, a. Hughes' sts*-
vill leaslw P>*f   t attention.
Portland Hotel
Barclay  &   Coniin,
Chong Kee
Washing and Ironing p. ..mptly attended
t* Amine
The City Market
Wholesale aad' Retail.
Ladysinith, B. C.
Dr. R. B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
Mr. Rockefeller's Reminiscences
Tho fascinatldti   al tlio millionaire f Crm,  tho future millionaire resigned I In the book is tho one on tho fi.m
everlasting, und we' arc m.ist
0( bis position. Shortly uttcrwurds ho ous Standard Oil Company. Mr.
mot a young -Englishman named Rockefeller defends its principles
Clark,who wanted to establish a [most ably, and what be has to say
business und was in search
a partner with an equal amount.      thc most   absorbing   in the annals
This  seemed   a good   opportunity of  modern business.
Mr. Rockefeller has some useful ad-
us eager to learn how tho masters
ofgrcat fortunes mado their monoy.
In bis latest book, Random Reminiscences ot men and Events (.Heine
niann), Mr. John D. Rockefeller, has
mueb to say  about thc things and Ior me (says Mr. Rockefeller). I had
of u should bo. read by all business men.
He had $2000, but wanted The story of this comr
maxims that he lias found useful to
liim in bis career, aud the volume
will well repay a reading on account
saved up $700. or $800, but where to
get the rest was a problem. I talked the matter over with ray lather,
of the numerous anecdotes which it who <-uld nic that .he had always in
contains. Mr. Roekctcllcr.s business
imsUnct began in bis nursery days,
and we learn that in his early buy-
hood ho kept a little book "containing my receipts and expenditures, us
well ns an account of small sums
that I wns taught to.give uway rcg-
larly." The millionaire began making money when ho was seven or
eight years old. He was the owner
of some turkeys, which he sold in
'business-like fashion." His receipts were all profit, und "his records were kept as carefully as he
mew how." "To this day," says
Mr. Rockefeller, "I enjoy tho sight
of a flock of turkeys, and never miss
an opportunity of studying them."
At the age of sixteen Mr. Rockefeller got his flrst job, and the remarkable thing about it, considering hia
business instinct, was that he was
engaged without a word about pay
passing between him and his employers. The name of the firm was Hewitt and Tuttle, and during his flrst
three months young Rockfeller made
fifty dollars. After learning all tbat
there was to be   learhed with this
tended to give $1000 to each of his
children when they reached twenty-
one, Ho said that if I wished to receive my share at once, instead of
waitiug, ho would advance it to mo,
and I could pay interest upon the
sum until I was twenty-ono. "Dut,
John," he added, "tho rato is ten.
. . ."• As I needed tho money for
thc partnership, I gludly accepted
my father's ofter, and so began business as tho junior partner ot tho
now firm, which wus called Clark
and Rockefeller.
It would seem from this account,
that "John D's" business instinct
is inherited.
All through his career, Mr. Rockefeller eeoms to have had a wonderful power of making people trust
him, and'he could borrow money to
aid him in his business schemes without any trouble. Shortly after entering into partnership with Mr.
Clark he borrowed another $2000
from a bank president, and, says he,
"I felt that now I was a man of
importance in the community." Pro-
vice to give the would-bo Croesus.
If you aim for a large, broad-
guaged success (he says), do not begin your business career, whether
you sell your labor or are an Independent producer, with tho idea ol
gottlng from tho world, by hook or
by crook, all yon can, In thc choice
of your profession or your business
employment, lot your first thought
be: Where can I fit. in so that I may
bo most effective in the work of tho
world? . . Enter llfo In such a
spirit, choose your vocation in lhat
way, and you havo taken the flrst
step on tho highest road to success.
Investigation will show that tho
groat fortunes which have been made
in this country, nud thc samo Ik
probably true ot other lands, have
come to men who havo performed
great and far-reaching economic services—men who, with groat faith in.
tho future of their country, have
done most for the development of
Its resources. The man will be, most
successful who confers the greatest
service' on the world.
A piece ot philosophy which, alter
all, is almost as old as the founda-
tlonsof the world, and which most
men come to learn the truth of at
the fight shape and style to suit your face
and height, for no one style' is besoming-
to every man. Wo have both soft and
Which blend in harmonions and elegant
degreo the style features of the season.
Those are pre-eminently the HATS for
young men and are genuine good quality
New Neck Ties and Shirts.
English Kip Pit Shoes, at $3.00 & pair.
Boys'Tit Shoes, from $2.25 to $2.50.
Whit*-and Drown Canvas Show In al
J. J. Thomas
bably the most Interesting chapter1. some time in their lives
An Analysis of the British Financial Situation
Henry's Nurseries
Spring Trade
Tested stock, seeds for farm,
garden, lawn or conservatory,
from best growers in England,
Holland, Fiance, United States
and local growers.
Fertilizer*,' Ilee Supplies, Spray
Tumps, Spraying Materials, Wire
Fencing and Gates, Cut Flowers,
157 page catalog fire.
Office, Greenliousos and Seed-
house: 3010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver B. C.
I Sell T. I. Trapp J Ce',
Celebrated Wafons
During tht flwson we have told a lirft numlw
ef wagoni, ImpUmenta and logging trucki.
Everything carries a guariinte*.
Hens for Sale
One Hundred Hens for
sale. Apply D. Davies,
Rancher,  near Ladysmith.
Leave orders at Robert's
Butcher Shop.
A. Litt
Charges moderate.
AU work   left at   McCallum's 2nd
avenue, near Fire Hall, will recolvc
prompt atccntion.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed Tenders, superscribed "Tender for
School-house." will be received by the Honourable
the Minister of Public Works up to noon of Thursday, the 17th of June, 1909, for the erect ion and completion of a large one-room frame Schoolhouse at
Brechin, Nanaimo District, B. C.
Plans, specifications, contract and forms of tender may be teen on and after the 25th day of
May, 1909, at the offices of the Government
Agent at Nanaimo, and at the Department of
Public Works, Victoria, B. C.
Each proposal must be accompanied by an
accepted bank-cheque or certificate of deposit on
a chartered bank of Canada, made payable to the
Honourable the Minister of Public Works for a
sum equivalent to ten per cent, of the amount of
the tenders, which shall be forfeited if the party
tendering decline to enter into contract when
called upon to do so, or if he fall to complete the
Work contracted for. The cheques or certificates
of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon the execution of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out
on the forms supplied, signed with the actual
signature of the tenderer, and enclosed in the
envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily
F. C. Gamble,
Public Works Engineer.
Public Works Department,
Victoria, B. C, May 20th, 19G9.
Cow for Sale
Fresh  Cow   for   sale.
Apply at D. Davies' ranch.
FOR SALE—Brbwh and White Hub-
bits. Pllty cents cuch. SJVpply Mrsl
John  Stewart.
POR   SALE—First-class House   in
good part of the city. Water laid
and  all conveniences. Price  $450.
Apply John Stewart.
Notice Is hereby given that it ia
my Intention to make application to
the Board of Licensing Commission-
erg of the City of Ladysmith for a
transfer Of the retail liquor license
now held by me on behalf of the, pre-
mlsesknown as the Hotel Cecil from
myself to Arthur CamlU Carpenter.
Ladysmith, 19th April, 1909.
LOST—Bunch of Keys.
Chronicle  office.
Return to A
POR SALE—White Leghorn eggs for
setting. Burl Leghorns and Black
Mlnorcas. (2.50 a setting. Apply
Mrs.  Laird.
POR SALE—Express ' wagon In. perfect order and harness. Apply Ar
thur Howe, Chemainus.
FOR SALE—Four roomed house in
good locality ln Extension, B.
O.   Apply Ike Storey.
PIANO POR SALB.-Upright Grand
Dominion Piano in first class condition. In use only a short time.
Apply Mrs. Bernard, Union Brewery, Ladysmith.
FOUND—A He-l CilHe Dog. Owner
can have same hy applying to
Frank Torest, Oatacre street, and
paying for this advertisement.
The Economist of London, England, the leading financial paper ol
the world, concludes a long editorial explanation of the British budget as follows'
"From a desire to make the financial situation absolutely clear to our
renders, wo have already run to excessive length, and in any case wc
should not lie prepared at very short
notice to express definite judgments
upon u scheme that is not only bold
and umbitious, but of necessity in
3omc of its aspects difllcuit^and complicated. That it will provoke great
resentment mid indignation on the
purl ol lliose who induced Iho house,
ol lords to throw out tho licensing
bill is cortuin, Tobacco smokers
may fume ut a perceptible addition
tc the cost ol their fuel; but the
humbler sort can reflect, us ihey
smoke, each according to his individual taste In political expenditure,
that they arc contributing cither to
the multiplication of Dreadnoughts,
or to a provision of old ago pensions. The enhanced cost ol spirits
may fairly be regarded as an excellent thing both for thc additional
revenue it produces, and, still more,
for the effect It may have in moderating indulgonco in tho most noxious and fatal of all intoxicants. It
is dram-drinking far more than beer-
drinking that fills our jails, our asylums, and our workhouses. Wo have
uo space for a minute examination
of the license duty scales, but we
are convinced that Justice and public policy alike make it deeirable
that large drinking shops should pay
in the same proportion as small
ones for thc monopoly granted to
them by the state.
"The motorists have every reason i Mr. Lloyd and Mr. Henry George as
to thank Mr. Lloyd George for letting them off so lightly and for giving them Much a har.dsome return
for their modest contribution. The
upward rovlsion of the estate duties
appears to have been conceived in a
careful nnd equitable spirit. The
provisions as regards stamps arc
certainly Ingenious, nnd in view of
thc recent demonstration ol city
men at the Guildhall, wc hardly
think that tho principle underlying
these contributions will be seriously
attacked, though criticism and examination mny suggest adjustment
and  modification.
"Tlio additions to tho Income lux
are probably less than wore expected. Wc should have thought somo
reduction In tho limit of exemption
would have bocn hotter than the In
crease from one shilling to one shilling ,f wo pence on small unearned Incomes. Tho new abatcmont In re
sped fof \ children under sixteen
years of ago will bo generally welcomed. The long expected supertax
is reasonably simple, and Is less
than     tho Socialist   hoped or   tho
one and the same person. But the
great feature of the budget, and the
feature which we hope and trust
will ultimately prove medicinal and
healing, is the fact that without any
disguise or imposture, Mr. Lloyd
George has promptly and decisively
interpreted national expenditure in
terms of national taxation. For a
long time wo have been pleading for
economy, and pointing out to more
or loss deaf cars thc perils ol public extravagance. All classes of thc
nation will now be made aware of
what has happened since tbo South
Africnn war. They will all now be
able to doclde for themselves whether the new scale ol expenditure
nndtaxutlon is what they want, II
it Is not, they will have to look for
repentance among tho brilliant and
ingenious, but not very frugal,
statcsinon who sit facing one anoth
cr on the front benches of tbe house
of commons."
Bnllir Strut
First Class   Photos.
n»11«ry nn First Avrovw.
T. E. Sullivan
Plmlinf, 6« Md Steamlittinii.
Prices Reasonable.
First, Avenue, near New WcsUrn hole!
It was qullo by accident jjiSt Sir
Norman Lockycr took up tne ttudy
]o| astronomy.  l\_   cowmen :cd hlo
contributors apprehended. The Increase Irom Is.' to is. 2d. on Incomes from £3,000 to £5,000 can
hardly be called unreasonable when
it 1b remembered that during tho
Napoleonic war tho general rato was
2s., although England thou enjoyed
a protective tariff; Is. 4d. in tho
Crimean war under a modified tariff;
and Is. 3d. ln the Boer war under
free trade.
"The land tax will excite more Interest' than alarm, though the vulgar will probably henceforth conjuse
business career us a clerk in *.ne War
Ufllcc, und ln course of time camo
to edit tho army regulations. He
happened to hear a chance lecture, at
Rugby on astronomy, and boc.tnc uo
fascinated by tbe study that he devoted his spare time to tho subject.
He had erected In hla front garden
a t>} In. equatorial, and made such
rapid headway In his hobby that
Lord Bcaconsfteld transferred tlm
from the War Office to the .Science
and Art Department. Sir Norman Is
the Director of Solar Physics Observatory, and his numerous Works testify to his) enthusiasm la the study of
the stars.
Paperhangier and Arl Decorator.
High Street.
Livery, Peed ond Sale
First, AvMiun.
I'luinn lift.
Excellent Boarding
Prehistoric Relics Discovered
Phehistorle relics of exceptional interest have lately been discovered at
Fort Frances, Ontario, proving beyond doubt that at some time prior
to tho —out of the Indian that district wa*. .uhabtted by a race of people are advanced in the arts of civil-
Expire on 31st
Antiquarians searching tho ruins of
Egyp. uavo found similar copper
weapons' , crcd aS these are, but
ns to the process of hardening, nothing is known.  It is ono ,of thc lost
nrts.   Thero is a possibility that   a before midnight on May 31
wandering band landed on the   Am-    That attention be called to this iB
erican continent and, after years of the wish of the minister   of mines,
All miners' licenses issued in Bri- ing recorder of a certificate from the
tish Columbia to be continued for department of mines that the free
another year must be roncwed on or
lisation.    For yoars paBt there ha™, wamlormg foumi their homo hero." Tho'There 1b always a chance it is
'been evidences of this discovered from
time to time in tbo mounds along thf
Rainy river and lakes of that district, and the latter has been the sub"
ject ol much research. This latest
discovery has given an added impetus to the' question.
While men engaged on the.Wg power
dam were excavating end cjearing
r.way rock and debris in the old
channel of the river, whence water
had been diverted "for the construction of,the ,dam, a treasure trove of
relics* was uncovered. In a pot hole
in the river bed a hollow worn by
the action of small stones on the
softer material of the native rock,
was found a number of weapons and
artieles of pure copper, arrowheads,
spearheads, fishhooks, rings, bands,
tomahawks and ornaments, all as
bright as when turned out by their
manufacturers. \
The.specimens ,found were fashioned
skilfully and neatly, and indicated
great taste and no small artistic
ability onvthe part of the race who
fashioned -them. The fact that some
of the articles were hardened or tempered to give a cutting edge like
steel, showed that tho long lost art
of tempering copper had been known
tg that race,
Several theories have been advanc
ed but the one which has gained most
general belief is tbat some prehistor
ic race, ante-dating tho moundbuild
crs or co-existent with that peculiar
people, must have lived in Rainy
river district. How these articles
-got Where / they were found is an
even greater mystery, the solution
of which is equally a matter of theory. Perhaps a band of warriors returning from a raid on a neighboring tribe, or a successful battle in
a race war, were bringing back n
sack of weapons captured from tbelr
enemies. Through some mischance
their canoe was swept over tho falls,
and thc sack found lodging in, a hollow at the foot, where ithas lain
since, the sack rotting away with tho
action of time and water. There the
weapons had lain bidden till tbe
white man of the twentieth century
had diverted tbe channel and uncovered the relics.
native copper wines of Lake Super-,plained, Hint some of those conccrn-
ior nro known to havo been workod cd will overlook tho provisions ol
by some race which had visited them section nine of tho Mineral act, muk-
prior to the arrival of tho Indians, ing this regulation. Such a slip mlglit
and it Is Burmisod. that tho   copper result in the total loss of valunblo
prbperty, and at the least, would ere*
ate. somo inconvenience
The Bcctlon referred to states that
"n6 person or joint stock company
shall bo recognized ns having any
right or interest iu or to any   min-
in these weapons came from   theso
-An effort will he made to gather
theso relics and havo them placed in
somo museum of nntiqultleB, where
they will not be lost or scattered.
They will make an interesting study! oral claim, or any minerals therein,
for antiquarians, furnishing as they, or to any water right, mining, ditch,
do, still another link with tho his- drain, tunnel ar flume, unless ho or
tory of the race of which nothing iB! it shall have a free miners' certlft
loft hut a few ' specimens' of their cnterunexpired, and on the expiration
handiwork. of a free miners' ccrtficate  the owner
The moundbuilders    arc known to thereof shall ojsolutely forfeit all his
havo inhabited that section of the ripbts in or to any mineral claim and
country as several of, their marvelous habitations have been found) and
Jeffries 11 Only
Battle in Nates
nil or any minerals therein."
Important sub-sections   have   been
added as follows:
'The filing in the office of the min-
from Walking
miner's certificate of such co-owner
has lapsed shall he sufficient^ evidence
of such lapse to vest tho titlo ln tho
continuing co-owners on tho record in
tbo office of such milling recorder.
And provided also that a share
holder in a joint stock company no
nicli need not bo a free miner, and,
although not u free minor, shall be
"entitled to buy, sell, hold or dispose
ol any shares therein; and provided1 ,(
also that this section shall not ap-!
ply to mineral claims for which a
crown grant luis been issued."
An expenditure of $5 is involved ln
the renewal of a licenco taken out a
year ago, whilo under the fixed schedule of fees it is pronounced that for
every free miner's certificate for a
period of loss than a year a proportionate part of the fee charged for
a certificate for u year sliallbc lev-
led. Joint stock companies having
ii, nominal capital of $100,000 shall
be charged $50 and thoso exceeding
that amount $100.
For renewal application must be
made at tho provincial lands department.
The ordinary man, who is employed indoors throughout tbe day, does
not walk enough. , Ho needs tho freajj*
air and thc sunshine of the out-
doorc, and, no matter how tired he
may be, a short timo     in thc open
Johnson Steers
Clear of Longford
air will rest him. If he has no op
portunity to walk during the even
ing ho ought to do lt In thc morning. There is no better Ionic than
a two-milo walk before going to
Some business men, who live
some distance from their offices   or
stores, walk down regularly and arc
greatly benefitted thereby. NoJ matter how sluggish they may feel on
arising the morning walk puts them
in good trim for tht day's work.
Exercise in the open air starts tho
blood circulating In overy artery and
vein in the entire system, opens up
the pores of the skin, bo that tbe
waste matter may get free, limgers
up the joints and muscles and puts
one in shape for the duties of the
He Arrested
Jas. J. Jeffries has received a letter from Hugh Mcintosh, the Aus
tralian fight promoter, who is in
England, asking him to refrain from
closing a match with Jack Johnson
for the world's championship without first giving him an opportunity
to bid for tho fight. Jeffries expressed the opinion tbat Mcintosh wanted them to fight in Australia or England. When Jeffries signs articles lto
fight the negro he figures he can
make just as much money battling
in America as he can in a foreign
clime, and asserts that the battle
must take place in this country.
Jeffries continues his strenuous training every morning. On Tuesday he
organized a team composed ol Comis-
key's utility men and played a nine: to cancci
organized by James J. Corbett. Jeffries played first base and Corbett
pltchedj'and played thc outfield. Jeff's''
toam won.
A New York dispatch of May 2G; rangements had been made to provide tables for   the    negro and bis
It is well known that if Johnson
says: Is Jack Johnson afraid to
meet Sam Longford? This was the
subject for much discussion when it
became known that the black champion did not sail for England on
the North Gorman Lloyd liner Kaiser Wllhclnu Dor Crosso when she,
cleared to-day. Though Johnson's
passage bad been booked for many
.lays, ne decided at tho last moment
the Sentry
it. The steamship company's officials denied that pressure
wns brought to boar hy other passengers, and nil  explained that   ar-
appoared in London, fight followers
Immediately would demand a meeting between him and tbe man who
so easily disposed of Ian Hague last
night And for many moons it has
been Intimated that Johnson nmz 30
stomach for such a clash.
Johnson declared to-day that his
reason for abandoning the trip lay
in, thc fact that a six-round bout
with Jim Corbott is being arranged
by l'hiladclphia promoters and thnt
ho would try to postpone the Kct-
chol match, scheduled for October 1,
In order to give him moro time to
get into proper form.
► ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<}>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»»♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦)♦♦♦♦♦
Corse*, covers stamped
on Cross-barred muslin
and 4 skeins cotton for
worlring,   4oc.
Crash center-pieces
with embroidery hoops
and lace for finishing
edge,   25c.
TO RENT—Five-roomed House,
ttlv «t TelauhoiM office.
Phone 43
For Meats
Geo. Roberts'
Meat Market
Cor. Firat Avc. and Roberta Street.'
As a safe Investment for the Investor of moderate means, nothing
can teat HASTINGS TOWNS: ,'3. HASTINGS TOWNSITE Is at present a suburb of Vancouver, soon to be incorporated, with good graded*'
roads, and in the direct line of Vancouver's growth, with a carllne in •
construction through the very properties we are selling. With the completion of this tram line the value of the property will be doubled.
Lots $275 and up on Easy Terms
< <
MCKELVIE BROS., Real Estate Agents, Brokers
/* I —■—»»—■—""""ss"mmm»■■■■"mmmmm^mmtmmmmmmmmm
►♦♦♦«>♦♦♦♦♦♦«/♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦» <
The tragic death ot Lieutenant-
colonel Thos. Turnbnll, formerly of
the Montreal Carrlson artillery, ln
Ottawa the other day, has recalled
an  incident  which    took   place in
June, 1885 when that regiment was
on its way home from the northwest
rebellion to   Montreal. The regiment
embarked at Port Arthur upon the
C. PR. steamship Manitoba,   along
with the Queen's   Own,   the -Royal
Grenadiers and the   Ottawa   Sharpshooters.   The boys had had a good
timo ln Winnipeg   for the* previous
few days, and there were a number
of sore heads among   them,  as   Is
natural when a   body    of men who
have bcon debarred trom tho teppta-
tions of city jlifc for weeks or months
nre again thrown into thc vortex of
metropolitan life.    The   consequence
wns tbat immediately upon the- embarkation of thc troops,   the   commanding   officers   detailed a   sentry
Irom cuch of the regiments to keep
i:uard upon the bar. with orders to
each not to admit, nny member   ol
his regiment without orders trom thc
officer ol the day.   Tbe sentry poBt-
cd for. the Garrison artillery was a
youni: chap who is now nn Ottawa
newspaper man and ho look his orders very literally,  for. when Major
Turnbnll, ns he was then, camo along
about midnight and wanted to   get a
drink, tho sentry told   him that he
could not bo admitted without nil order from the officer of tho day. The
major got very angry ut thit* literal
interpretation of orders, and calling
the sergeant of the guard had thc
sentry arrested for insulting an officer. A new sentry was posted and tbe
other spent the rest of the night In
the corner of the hold dignified by
the name of guard room.   Tbe next
morning there was a miniature court
martial and the sentry was exonerated oa the ground    that hit Inexperience had not taught htm that a
staff officer had the right to to anywhere he desired.
We have, put on sale
over 100 pieces of Ribbon in plain, plaid and
fancy Ribbons. Values
up to 50c a yard, all for
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25c a yard
Now is yourchance to
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about one half the regular Price.
Walters &
Singer and Wheeler & Wilson
I.J. Milt Hcnssirti IE. IHHrt
Funeral Director ind Embatmer
HMwrt UMtertakiRg Piritrs
1,3 mint S, Bastion SI.,N»nilmu
Phone 124    P. 0. Box lj
If you ar« thinking of buying a sewing machine call
ana see uui" otoct c ~-"-'r
soiled machines at reduced
prices to clear.
a fence or a house, If so consult me
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Having purchased a low truck. I
am prepared to move furniture and
For any teaming consult
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We,have always lived up to this name and.its our aim to give you the best 9
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Local, and General
; Mr.  A.  E. PI anta.of Nanaimo,  ia
in the city to-day.
In Ladysmith,. on May 27th, to the
wife pf...:Mr. Morgan Jones, pigh
street,  a sop.,. ;        .,■•,'•.
Tea' rooms for ladles or gentle^
men. Short order or. Bapdwlcbes
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Miss Hahled, of Chemainus, came
in on the noon train to-day on a
visit to Mr. and Mrs. T. Conway.
•FRUIT—Another shipment bf Fruit
to-day.. Strawberries, Cherries, Ba:
hums. Apples and Oranges at (Sear's
Ideal Grorery,  1st ave.   .  .
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the Rainier Hotel, George Juvgy
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Finest Ice Cream In .the city at
Hooper's, the moat select I ivlor
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A; Brooksbank attended.the Prince
Rupert sale of lota and invested In
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mer Suits. f
;'"V-S (j4 *'* "'.f
i .\j.    ■• *. *
C* E.
Mni -iMkiflf, --tattiip,
Mr. J. E. Smith is now making
collections for the Dominion Bay
celebration and is meeting with good
The concert in aid. of the Chemainus General Hospital held ln the Op-
era House last Saturday, evening was
oneof the most successful events of
its: kind, except' from a financial
point ol view, that has been held in
Duncan for a long time. There was
not a weak .number on. the programme, aud the audience was most
generous in. Its. appreciation. The
choice of a night'was'an unfortunate one, however, there being several lodge meetings in progress, while
a good percentage of the population
had.,left on the*,everting train to take
)n tjhc celebration at Victoria or Nanaimo. AUit^the-wncertTjthox +M1
was., cleared of1 cliatra and dancing
Was', indulged-ili utttjl the;midnight
holt}*.—Cowicli§6 Lejijjer.  SH    ;,   '_.
I 5,    *--f i |—|   !:'
Wellington Grove  .
: No. 4, ll A. 0. D.
11        i   !•'   I'
I    3 IT        ;. :,:
' I    ■'      '
Tie following oltl^srs were installed'by Bro. John flarrlos-'and Btb.
.Tas^ Christie, GriBid OBlcerH, 0n
May/ 2Cth:
N; A.—Bro.  Wm. Ixmon.j:
Fj> A.—Bro. John JH. Armstrong. ■
\ Secretary—Bro. Wm, Rafter.        L
Tfjiasurer—Bro. Kf Armstrong. '\
i Oin.—Bro.   John Andrew's.
"  G.—Bro. Jub. tihristie. j
G.—Bro.   Jas. Hutehinson.
N. A.—Bro. Jas. Parnpt.       '..
.1   "   I j
.Cash Books
 Memo Books
, Receipt Books
Shanon Files andCases
Knights Book Store
Church Services.
Sunday services: At 8 a. m., law
mass. • At 10:3(1 a. m., high -mass
H 2 p. m., Sunday school. At 1
p. m., evening service and Benediction.
—Morning, H a. m.«- evening,-.-' p. m.;
Sjibliath soh,t*ol, 2J30 p; mu Everyway'welcome.   A11; seats Ire*.
Epworth   league    meets   .Tuesday
^.'Prayer ineetmg Wednesday • evening
Sunday Services at 11 a. m. and j!
p. m.     Bible    Class   and   Suniliy
School at 2 p. m.   Prayet   meeting
Wednesday at 7 p. m.
Holyji'Jommir.iion lli a,, m.iflunday
School 2:30 p. m.; Evensong 7 p. hi
Silbjjccts: Morning^ ' VThe Pintocon
tal fllro"; cvionlngi-''Tlio' Social Unrest.'*;
The: Provincial Government have
decided not to procoed. with the construction of the.proposed dew pub'
lie school at Prince Rupert. Tenders
were called for but the figures provl
ed higher than was expeoted and so
it has Von .decided to continue with*
available facilities, augmenting the.
accommodation if necessary.
•r T-i' !■ i ■iMt,.f..Y..i.;i..t;.|.rI,.t..-i..|..I.,I;.t:..i t q-i-.t' i' i"i r.M":-^ t im 'f'f 11 ;r>r"i'
Hi M'lfMfMJSfi/'J
v .Mfcr-ii
The New Pier Washer
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i Souvenir Goods: I have a large
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general trade.     (,
Call   and Inspect   theso Souvenir
Goods. Thoy are a work of art.
Souvenir Spoops, Belt Pins, Maple
Leaves! Etc., Etc. ,
Our.Watch repair work Is ever Increasing, why? because when we re-,
pair a watch it Is done thoroughly,
you get satisfaction. Estimates given
on all work.
WATCHMAKER     * >,    <-r-    *
'    k M4
(Editor Chronicle.)
. Sir:—It in high time, our, health
officer, our sanitary committee^ br
some one got busy, and Insisted that
some of the dirty,. filthy cesspools
were cleaned up. in our city and if
it is not done the writer Intends to
make out a list,of - all such ftltuy
plnccs known (and the list will be a
long one) and have the same published. It seems peculiar that with
all the functions.ol a Modern city,
that someone or other has to keep
nagging;, nagging all the time at the
council to get them to do their plain
luty when they have paid officials
to see after these things. Our sewers are not' In yet
Colorings in Wall Papir |
Call and see them.   They are gv>
ing fast.. ♦
A full line of, Paints and Varnishqt
in stock.
Pit-turt   Framing done on short*
notice.   Bring your pictures and lo
over our moulding.
Painter and .jPaperhanier.       *;
for an epidemic to occur.   There
already several olses ol dlpbther
ti, plenty of land for the sake pi humanity (lei
they are In up. '        CITIZEN.
mi SkfK,    fcti ni Cut
Kl    11
Pure and Fresh Cereal and a Handsome White & Gold
CHINAWARE PREMIUM in every Package    *'!
(Take,home a package-you will be   delighted    with    the    beanillul
| !ITCSkKSia ol'WHlW WHJlXT-BBSlDES-tii'e premium will please you.
rrhey please everybody.   High grade CHINAWARR Imported from" England especially, tor our Canadian Flakes. -■..■_-     v
~"r Brackman-Ker Milli
,-■*(.•>•*> \j> *.«. f% * 1


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