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Ladysmith Standard Apr 29, 1908

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Array ' '
<TV h'STitv
v*' -~»a.___    n°Sg
may j
I £owai)'s Cdcbmfed Icings ai)d | j
2 packages for 25c. * •
2 packages for 2i5c. * *
2 packages for 25c   ' '
New and Fresh Stock just from tho East, consisting, of
Whito ,	
Cocoanut Cream  2 packages for 25c. J£
Almond  2 packages 'or 26c
Maple    '■'.  2 packages for t'ftc. «*
Orange  ;    2 packages for 25c. ««
'Lemon  2 packages for 25c, ' •
Eating Chocolates .....'.   2 cakes for 35c.,
Unsweetened  Chocolates ,  Per'Cake, 25c |J
Cream liars    Per Cake, 5c. *
i lb. Tin  ; ;.    10c
Cowan's Candies In Fancy boxes at  10c to 75 conts por   box. $
Leave Orders for SEVILLE  ORANGES
rivo this   week.
for Marmalade, to   ar- ] J
■ •■''  ■• • »—-—'---
Street Work to Be Commenoed—Profiles and Levels from
Fourth to Sixth Avenues Cannot tie Found.
Tho fifteenth mooting of tbe Oity levels had beon made unci profiles
Council wus hold in the City Hall prepared for the whole oi the iucoc-
. on Monday evening. Mayor Nichol- pornted portion of the city. A Mr.
son presided, anil thoro wore present Harvey, of Victoria, it wus under"
Aldermen Campbell, Koberts 'Hrown, stood, had bcon paid for doing this
Haworth, McKinnell and Matheson.   jwork hy tt previous Council.
I Accounts totalling $2H0.(I5 wore| However, Mr. Mohun, who hns boon
presontod anil reforrort to tho 'Finance engaged by thu present Council to
Committoo to bo paid If found cor-' find tho sewer levels and furnish an
root. {estimate of the cost of putting  in a
| Muyor Nicholson for tho Street complete sewerage system states that
Committee    stated    that thoy  hud the profiles ho lias rocoivod    oxtend
tio *-*-■*-■*■-■*■•*■--*-A-A--*--*i <>.<■.AlAiAlAlA.^iA.■.».«..A.d>.«
Makes a Speciality of
at Prima that suit your pocket, and A LITTLE LOWER THAN
■ ■f-M-»-fA++f-f T-M~f<M4*H '♦*)
is moro annoying than a
watch which fails—fails to glvo '
I you accurate time. Plenty of '
-. peoplo can clean a watch, but ,
•- to fully adjust and timo
• • watch is tho work of an expert •
;. If your watch is giving trou-
+ ble, let me examine it, and [
quote prices for repairing tlior- ,
oughly, and timing it accurate- .
X Prices In accordanc? with '
.. m flrst-clnss work—no botch work \
 i „	
Good Tackle | p. g. NOOT
beon ovor tho town and proposed to
start work on the streets forthwith.
Tho work thoy hud planned out was,
ho bolioved, satisfactory to all tho
aldermen. Thoy intended to engage
a foreman tor the work, so that tho
improvements might ho carried   out
■ proporly and as economically us possible.   The working day would bo ro-
jduccd from 9 to 8 hours and tho
wage scalo would bo $2.50 per day.
They did not intend to so so much
work on tho streets as had boon
dono in previous years. They proposed rather'to fix and grade tho
sidewalks in tho town so that pedestrians could get along tho streets in
tho dark 'with somo degree of ease
and snfoty._ Enough had beon dono
for teams. It was timo something
was done for tho poop.o. Tho only
actual streot work they would do
would bo on Gatucro street and on
Third Avenuo from tho Presbyterian
Church to the schools,
Ou tho motion of Aid. Mr.theson,
Aid. McKinnoll, it was
'the appointment of a
'F^MKto Mayor Nicholson.
lntter'**tated that it was under-
stooTs^that property owners and men
living ih the town would be given
tho preference Mir the' work.
Tho Council Is in somo difficulty
with respect to the levels and profiles
of the city.   They understood    that
Canadian.Ilorological Institute '
fM**H"H-+-m *+t t++♦ *4 4\
Phone 7-0.
.»%«««. 4
. "  ■- j ON MARKET.
HELENA, Ark,. Aprll 38.—Fifteon
' ,    ..   I   OTTAWA, April 28.-Accordlng to
persons lost their lives, several oth'-!   ^ hrought down „ ^   *,„„
crs sustained Sertoli* Injuries, while o( Commons    }.osterday a company
scores are suffering from exposure aa
the result of tho capsizing of the
rlvor steamer Murcen, having aboard
members of a carnival company, near
the mouth of the St. Francis, on
,1*110 steamer was caught In a wind
storm and overturned when 200
yards from shore, and with tho exception of several who were washed
into the water, those aboard clung
to the overturned boat and drifted
for several hours until rescued by a
passing launch. Fifteen of their num
ber was missing. The Mnrccn was
a 05-ton boat.
Galena, 111., April 28.—In honor of
tho memory of one of the most Illustrious of the sons of Illinois, the
people of Galena, Ms home, united
today with * grout concourse of visitors, including a large delegation
from Chicago, In celebrating the
birthday anniversary of Gen, U. S.
Grant. Great crowds from surrounding towns attended the exercises in
Grant Park, where stands the magnificent monument of the warrior.
has been Incorporated known as the
G. T. P. Town and Development Co.
lo handle the townsites ol the Grand
Trunk Pacific.
The reasons given for this courso
wero because tho railway company
found that if the management of the
town sites was in tho sumo company
as the railwuy itself, difficulty would
no furthor than Fourth Avenuo. He
Is thus-unable to proceed with the
wholo of tho work he wus engaged
for, and thero is a temporary deadlock-
Mayor Nicholson has seen Mr.. Co-
burn and the latter informed him
thnt ho never understood anything
olso but what tho work Mr, Harvey
was paid for included the wholo of
tho incorporated portion of the city.
Tho wholo question was laid over
for another week to unable Mr. Stow
art to communicate with Mr Harvey
Mr. Parrott, who is erecting a
bowling alloy on High Streot, wos
grunted n week's extension of time
for the submission of tho finished
plans of tho building. "    .
Mr. H. Thornley asked and wus
granted permission to address tho
Council. Ho- stated that ho had
beon served with a summons on the
complaint of Mr. I. Gould for $27.85
dumages alleged to have been done
to tho letter's fence. Mr. Thornley
said he had novor touched tho fenco
and Xhat be hud only done whut tho
by:Iaw instructed him' to do. Ho
wanted to know if tho council would
stnnd behind him In tho matter of
the summons.
Muyor Nicholson   stated    that, ho
could tuke it thnt tho Council meant
to enforce their by-lnw.
■Tho Council adjourned.'.
surprising if they don't, but it
would ho too much to expect anything hut an eleventh hour notice in
Meantime the club Oillciais have
been in communication with Mr. tl.
L. Courtenay, passenger ugoiit for
the . E. & N., on the quostion of
trunsportntion. Thero is. not a
spuro boat available to make the direct run, but Mr. Courtney has
made arrangements for the Joan to
cali here after leaving Nannimo on
Saturday morning. The boat will
leave Vancouver aguin at 7 o'clock,
and mako direct for Ladysmith. The
fare for tho round trip will be two
There is no fault to bo found with
this arrangement, nor with the rate,
and it is ccrtnin that a largo num.:
bor of enthusiasts will avail themselves of tho opportunity of seeing
tho final gamo for the championship
of Canada. Mr. Jas. Adum is going ovor to Vancouver tomorrow to
arrange for tho game being sturtod
early enough to allow nil the Lndysmith visitors to see it.
Shield Committee Turn Down
position to Flay Final
at Nanaimo.
Misunderstanding   Between    Mexico
and Quatamela lias Now Been
Satisfactorily Explained,
The arrangements for the "People's
Shield" came-as a great, surprise to
Ladysmith sports, and naturally put
the players and the officials ol the
club to the greatest Inconvenience.
It seems that Referee Whyte ordered
the two teams to play extra   time,
and   they   refused,   and   were after- explained Satisfactorily!
wards confirmed in their action   by
the    Shield committee.   It was,   of
CITY OF MEXICO,'Aprll 28.-No
trouble is threatened between Mexico
and Guatemala, declared minister ol
foreign affairs Murlscol, last night.
The rumors that have been current
for the past two daya had their or-
ign In a misunderstanding of conditions which, however, have     been
The misunderstanding referred    to
. ,    ,. by the foreign minister referred to
course, in accordance with all preco- ^ roported [rMlm   ^^     ^
dent that the two clubs should play 0unrnmilIim governmeIlt and th„M((X
extra time.   The date for the    final
had boen set for Tuesday, the 28th,
ond it should never havo been Inter-
ienn charge d'affairs In automata. It
bad beon rumored that many persons
had' sought refuge .in the   Mexican
final date Is once fixed, the fixtures
Apart from the inconvenience causod hero, the alteration cuts into the
dates arranged for tho B. C. championships. Some of the members on
tho cominittee are also officials on
the II
l0"" A[t-A!h°th°r ha" hJ0UrrlBht '-*11*""- •»* ">* protection had re-
have decidod tho gamo, and when a mlt_d fa an overe.Umat6 of tb_ act
,    ,       .  _    .       A despatch received last night.how-
betweon have simply got to bo _ve_  .^^ ^ ^ J^ ^
"Mexico has never entertained the
idea of   intervening in Nlcarague,"
declared the minister, "and so far as
we ore aware, no such action    has
,,   ,,   ,,  „ ,      . „      _. been    contemplated by the    United
C. Football Association. Tney at.i—    a. „ii .....
-    ■ , T* states.   At all events tho American
know of tho schedule drawn up    by „„,.._„.„, ■,„„ a.
.__:-._     .     ? government hns made no proposals
tho association, and yot they break f„ ...   „__._ „•    , ..   .      .
„ ...        .,   „     a- to '"Is government of thnt nature."
all precedent and practically   throw ■
down ''ie association: .  |
This is not the worst part of their      DIED FROM EATING HOOTS,
action.   Recreation Park is only   *c —'—
vailable for football next Saturday MONTREAL, April 28,-Thlnking
aftor a basoball game ha* been play- tbey were parsnip*. 16-year-old Alex,
cd. No ono can say when that gamo Godln* of st raul. mado a fatal
will end. Under the circumstances, mlstttke yostorday by outing roots of
tlio suggestion wns made that tho ,,oieon boinlock. Not until be was
gamo bo played off in Victoria or in ''""Wed up with agony was tho mls-
Nnna|mo. Mr. Wnyte withdrew hls tako discovered. Help come too lato
motion in favor of Victoria to sup- he-met, tor be died whilo being report Hartley, who was representing """'ed to the hospital.
Adam in moving for Nanaimo.   The ' ~~~
two Vancouver dologatoe votod   for]    ,   fhenqmeN'OL RECORD.
Recreation   Park nftor the basoball 	
gamo, and Con Jonos gavo them his
costing vote.
Thoso are the sports thnt arc running tho competition
Steamer Joan     Will Call Hero, Returning from Vancouver in
the Evening,
Says Chances of Local Team Littiu.
the  "Shield aro E.xeelU'.tir.
So far as is known at presont
final for the People's Shield will
Jn tho courso of ks rupor- nf Saturday's game between tho Oalodcm-
tlie inns and Thistles, tho "World" rays:
bo "Anyhow since seeing Culgaiy and
Play*, of, on Saturday at V*^$^B$*& S^'
ver. It may bo that altor tho soc-und lathe best of weather, with tho
odd tio botweon tho Thistles and previous Saturday's iound,, g*iian
Caledonians 0n Tuesday ovonlng, tho'?."11? ,sod'ion ?old'« loolu^flrtho
cominittee may liuvo further alterations to order.     It certainly will bo
| People's Shield is going to* Lady
smith. They have the winning typo
of a team, big und strong, with clover mombors in it us woll, and it
will bo a surprise of a lifetime if u
team from a colliery town exhibits
nerves. Calgary will sure havo to
show football If thoy want to lick
the Islanders."
All tho, sumo it is to bo feared
that tlio boys are taking things too
oasy. They have had enough uf the
bull, porhaps, but they could have
gono in for walking and rucing
stunts. There 'is only ono thing
certain In tlio competition' and that
is that tho eleven who bent either
tlie Thistles or Caledonians have got
to go some, and go the ninety minutos. Wherefore tho boys cannot b.o
too - cureful iu preparing themselves
for tho match. Their supporters, almost tlio entire town, have done everything thoy could to keep them in
the gnmc. It is now thoir turn to
do everything in tholr power to lift
tho Shield.
Imposing Services on Completion of
100 Years of Catholic Progress
in New York State.
NEW YOKE, April 28.—As oarly
us 8 o'clock this morning hundreds
■f priests and dignities, and bund-
reds of men und women were ion the
way to St. PatrioVs Cathodral to
celebrate tho imposing thauksgiving
services of the completion of the 100
years of Catholic progress in Now
While tho services did not commence until 11 o'clock, the Cathedral was filled to overflowing long
before 10, there being fully 6,000
persons gathered in the boautlful ooi-
Ilce, nnd ns many more on tho outside.
Headed by a doncon, the clergy
and priests pnrticlputing in- tho ceremony, marched in solemn procession
from tho cathedral to Madison Avo.
to tho ontrnnco of the cathedral in
Fifth avenue, thence up the long Isle
into tho spacious sanctuary. First
In thc lino wcre tho leaders of tho
church, in AmoriCu> followed by their
bend and America's solitnry representative in the sucrcd college, Cardinal Gibbons.
The mass began promptly nt 11
o'clock. Ourdlnol Gibbons preached
a long sermon in which ho reviewed
the history of tho Catholic church in
New York. A message was rocoivod
from Pope Plus congratulating Arch..
bishop Farley and tho Catholics of
New York.
Detroit, Mich, April 28,-The Cad-
llacs, a five-men bowling team headed by Thos. O'Connor, mudo tho phenomenal scoro of .'1,1(18 lust night.
I mug cue comiKutuun.
arise owing to the fact that certain     „ n Omo cnnnot |)fl nnnounCKl   fo,
hoods had been issued which are so-[lhc boglnnlns of tho Knmo thoro wlll
cured by trust mortgage covering all,10 no gnlo   mno,Wi „ ,t Ioto   ,n!
railway and personal property ol the Bt01.Ung )t wl„ b0 ,m„0'89|blo to got HARWICK, Eng., April 28.- Tho
railway company and the «»rapnny*tr)msport|ltlon ,a_ Lndv8mUh p^H,. British torpedobout destroyer, Gala,
could not therefore give their titlo j „ow ,t wU1 „„ turn out hoavcn was cut in two and sank this morn-
to the lands. jonly knm% but H ,. ov|dont thnt ing off Kentish Knock, in tho North
This reason wosjecognfced by the f noiMng wi„ ,,„ ,oIt „ndono ,_ pro. son, by tho scout Attentive. Tho
vont tho Shiold coming to tho Island. torpedoLoat destroyer Riddle wns
*        also involved in the colllssion   and
Government as valid, and the company was permitted to purchsae 18,-
048 acraa of Dominion lands for
townsite purposes.
An ordor-ln-coiincil was passed on ,'
January 22 ol this year fixing the,'
rate at 83 an acre for the land, but '
the company purchased them at tl '
an acre. ,'
The Town and Development     Co. '
was also permitted to purchase 19,- '
207 acres from -homesteaders, which '
had   not been patented, but    each '
homesteader had to pay the government tl fur evory aero that he had
surrendered to the company.
Lockwood, N. Y„ April 38,-Orov.
er Cleveland, who Is 111 at a hotel
here, was reported today to have
passed * very good night and to be
Improving dally.
„   . k IT'lll I I .-
Portsmouth, April 28.—According to a wireless despatch
received there has been a boiler
explosion on the British battleship Brlttnnln, in which several
men were Injured. The Britannia Is expected to come Into
Portsmouth this evening.
.returned to Shonrn's with two coin-
'partments full of water.
I   Tho fleet wns ongaged In night ma-
nouevrcs whon tho accident occurred
Lose Trail ol Murderer Moyer   and
Blame tho Newspapers for It.
No Trace of Moyor Anywhere.
OTTAWA, April 28. - Pt*. Moyor,
murderer of Color Sorgt. Lloyd, has
not yet been captured. Tlie police
are no longer on tbe trail. Thero
B no rumor of any sort rocoivod
ut the police stution yesterday and
not a detective wits sent out.
Chief Williams blames the nows-
pupcrs for Mo.vcr's escape. Every
morning the newspapers .published
the proiirnmmo oi tho police for tho
day nnd if Moyer saw a paper he
had a groat ohan.ee to head the other
Moyor Is bellovod to bo In tho vicinity of St. Paul, Wclscnbcrbcn, or
Little Germany.
— 1	
Victoria, B.C., April 28.—All arrangements have boen made by the
provincial government for the distribution of free books among the pupils of the different public schools,
of British Columbia. Hon. Dr. Young
minister of oducation, stated yesterday that orders had been placed with
Gage & Co., Toronto, and Morang
& Co., of tho snmo city, for the
standurd readers and arithmetics no-
cesSury. lt was the intention to
supply all material used in tho lower grades iu reading, arithmetic and
It was pointed out by tha minister that in the introduction of the1
now system there was ', a considerable
amount of detail work to bo done.
However, everything, he thought_had
beon attended, to. Forms hud been
issued to the' school superintendents
iu tho dim-rent cities and to thoso
a churge of educational institutions
o]sqwhero, asking for . Lnionmit ion
which they would be required to supply. This .related, principally, to tho
number of pupils in tho vnriqus localities, something the authorities
would require for the guidance of
thoso responsible for the distribution
Asked whether it .was the government's intention to re-imburse those
stationery establishments which had
kopt books that would bo supplied
free in stock, the minister replied
the negntivo. He explained that
this could scarcely be demanded as
tbo merchants had had upwards of
nine months notice. From what ho
could gather it wus not their custom 'to keop a heavy lino on hand,
buying from torni to term. Undor
such Circumstances 'they should bo
frco of those books, or nearly so, as
tho pronouncement of tho government's policy in this regard had been
made public in time to prevent thom
making tho mistake of laying in a
stock for the needs oi students for
tho forthcoming year.
Tho free supplies will bo distributed. Hon. Dr. Young states, at the
beginning of tbo term following the
ponding, summer holidays.
,'..l'4-<I l*!l I I III i| ! i V
To a large extent the prosperity of
Canada depends' on her agricultural
pursuits. The following press despatch from Winnipeg is thus eucour-
Crop reports received by tbe Free
Press from 56 points in Manitoba,
Saskatchewan and Alberta are most
optimistic in tone. Tbe seed beds
ui'O in axceUbUt condition, rainfall
having been must beneficial.
devonty-livo per cent, ot the wheat
in Manitoba is seeded, 'there is ua
increase of from <i,> to 4o per cent,
in the acreage in Si dkatchewan.
Hi teen per cent, ol tbe wheat   is
already up, tbe season being a month
there will be an excellent average ln
earlier thun „u>, ......   jouports say
course gruins sown.
Conditions are the most iuvorable
lor years.
TORONTO, April 28.-Alfrod Mos-
try, who is nt present In Canada arranging for a tour bf Canadian tench
ora to England, wont' to Winona last
Engineer Frank A. Fletcher, 61 tho night to nek B. N. Smith, M. P., to
Gala, who was In hls bunk at   the ] recommend a Canadian fruit Instruo
point whoro tho destroyer was struck .tor fcr the Island of St. Helena, tho
went down with the vessel.    Thero, British Government having decided
OTTAWA, April 28.-U is understood that tho anti-cigarette legislation referred to by Hon. Mr, Fielding last night ln the House will ts
in the form of an amendment to the
criminal code which will regulate the
sale of cigarettes to minors. At the
preseut time there are provincial enactments forbidding the salo of cigarettes to children, but in the majority of plucea throughout Canada
no attempt is made to enforce the
law. It is argued that an amendment of tho criminal code would
bring about tbe desired results.
» —
Burning of   Robertson   & Hnckott's
Mills—Electric Wires Suiter.
Vancouver, April 27.— Twenty flvo
thousand people turned out tonight
to watch tho biggest fire of yearn,
Whon liobcrtsoli & Huckolt's sawmill und sash nnd door factory at
the cornor of Granville street and
Boech avenue wus burned.
Tlio trolley and high power electric
wires were burnod, and many pooplo
had narrow oscapos Irom live .wires.
Tho loss is $70,000, hull insured.
.Tho telegraph wires, which cross
Eulsu creek ut tbo scene ofthe lire,
ulso suffered. Tho general news supply wus also cut oil summarily. The
reflection from the flames wae seen
ut Nanaimo.
Damplorro, France, April 18.— The
was no other loss or life.
_ 4.    -,
to build up a new ontcrpriso on the
Island by encouraging fruit growing
and tho establishment of canning factories to cm fruit and Vegetables for
Shamokin, Pa.,1 28.-Thls elty to-,for South Africa. The Imperial au-
dny was tho Mecca for Odd FollowB|ti,or|tie9   decided    that a Conndian
,from all over Central Pennsylvania, I should havo the honor of becoming
TIFLIS, April SS.-Report* of an the occasion boing tho twenty-fourth||n,tructor to the natives of tho Is-
body of Duke Ohnlnes, the young alarming nature have been brought annual session of the State Odd Pel-
French nobleman who wat married a In her*. The Kurdish population of lows Anniversary association. At
few months ago tb Miss Theodora the Armenian province* bordering on noon lt wns estimated that , fully
Shont* of New York, and who died Russia hav* become v*ry active and lO.OOO-members ofthe order wore In
suddenly In P«rl» last week, waa en- ar* Indulging In matsaere. Th* pop- the city. The convention will cover
terrod at tha OhaUau ol th* Ohatnee ulatlon la fleeing Into Ruaalan terrl- two day*, with a biff pared* as one
family bare today. tory. I 0f the bhlof features of (he tatbering.
'   ' -      •      -:     '   I.   '.     1  .  f   . .,_. .fl   latlKliial
 a —
Tangier, April 27.—Hoport* ere In
circulation horo thnt Ralsull, the
bandit, ha* been assassinated.
Cleveland, ()., April 28. -Without
price, citizens of Clovoland today are
riding on tho street cars, following
the settlement oi tho so-culled war
of sixteen yours in which the municipality has boon engaged.
President Dupont who took charge
of tho nowly organized Clovoland
Railway at midnight, announced that
free, transportation would bo granted tno pooplo as an evidence of tho
cessation of tho troubles. Incidentally President Dupont Is reported to
have stated. that upon tho snuio day
in each yoar an effort would bo mndo
to "consecruto" tho day in a similar
1'uobio, Colo., April 284 — More
than 700 delegates and as many visitors crowded the Grand opera house
in this city today when the Republican State convention was called to
order at 11 o'clock by Chairman J.
F. Vivian ol tbe State committee.
The convention will select six delegates and six alternates uf tbe national convention, lt is accepted as
a foregone conclusion that the Roosq
veit administration and the candidacy of Secretary Taft will be Indorsed,
Meiglo, Scotland, April 28. — The
body of Sir Henry Campbell-Banner-
uian, tbe late ex-premier ol Great
Britain, was buried beside that ol
his wife in tbo little village churchyard today in tbe presence ol a
great gathering of mourners.
__ f
Now York, April 28.—The historical societies of Greater New York
have set aside the present week for
various exercises to commemorate
tbe. tercentenary of tho departure of
the Dutch for this country. The village of i'latbush has made especially
ielaborate arrangements for the affair. President Roosevelt has consented to start the festivities by.
pressing a button at 10 o'clock tonight, which will light up the old
Dutch windmill and glorify appearances generally.
. ♦
Presiding over the thirty-firth annual meeting, of the London Temperance Hoapitai held recently in Great
Britain, Lord Alverstons, the Lord
Chief Justice, commented on the
notable progress of the Institution
ha* made la the treatment of diseases without the ordinary use ol
alcohol, and expressed satisfaction
ln the lact tbat alcohol waa being
more and more dispensed with aa a
medical agent in the general practise
of physicians.
The yearly records of the Temperance hoapitai, Lord Alverstono stated, continued to prevent undoubtabl*
evidence in favor of the disuse of alcohol a* a drug. The acope of th*
hospital waa yearly enlarging and
tbe progress made during the past
year had been especially noteworthy.
A splendid hall for out-patient* had
been oponed by the Duchess of Ar-
gyle, who hnd since become patron-
of the Institution; the buildings
had been renovated nnd furnished,
with every modern Improvement.
With the incrensod accommodation a
larger staff became necessary and an
especially ablo staff or physicians was
wns now In ohnrgo. The striking
statemont In the report which showed that during thirty-lour years the
inpatients hnd numbered 27,226,
nnd it hnd only been consldorcd need
fill to make trial of alcohol In 80
cases would not be without due
weight in medical circles.
From tills It wns clear that whatever thooietical valuo somo might
attach to alcohol as a drug, it
could bo almost entirely and safely
dispensed with, whilo tbo patlonts
themselves enjoyed immunity from
tihoso moral hazards which many ot
Ihem would bo exposal to by Imbibing alcohol In quantities howover
At tho conclusion of tho meeting a
resolution of congratulation uiwn
tho excellent work accomplished at
lie hospital was recorded. The resolution also stated that tho meeting
rejoiced in tho knowledge that a
large reduction In the use of alcohol was commending itself to the
judgement and onterlng into the
practise of tho medical profession.
Montreal, Aprll 28.—A party ol
French Cnnndlnns loft on the western
expivas this morning* for Weatern
Canada.   They occupied two can.
Now York hns a policeman called
Ponny.   A good name for a copper.
"Rich nnd protty American gins in
great demand In London," say* a
iicwspnper. Of course they are, and
hore, too.
Italians are snld to be a light-
hearted ,i«opte, yet we've scon many
of them ln the dump*.
..... ...... CONSULT ME
B You Require Any
■ 'Wild-1 ill*'
HORRIBLE NOCTURNAL lage.     It w«» « high hank of blue
EXECUTIONS IN HAYTI, „■„. g^ „ tf jt had.'been placed.on
wnw van-  Aim _. _,-_ ^T  rollert, > w^loa of'ten acre* 'u_%
mwxtm, Ajirii a7.-Ti**Frjooii lnf0 thi  w     ,Mml    a ^
where the ship wa* at** at the time ^ f< ^ |w hliDdwl feet
of to recent "*»». t«l revolution wW# tw, M_ Ua „ed to
to look aft*r French intoest*.   The a Mght 0, thirty or forty feet then
. —. A?,-
officere of tbe ship have many stor-
AGBEEMENTS Drawn ie* *° *•" °' t"9 ■solution, while
at Port au Prince, Haiti, the haven
. for eighty refugees, and th* officers
told yesterday of thit horror* of the
I nocturnal execution* on March IS of
a group of men accused of attempting to incite a revolution    a   .few
day* after    President   Nord Alexia
had quelled    a rising    against his
army.    There were not enough graves dug for all tb* persons who
shot    and   one prominent merchant
to ait and watch the aoldler* dig
hia future burial place.    A* the firing aquad wa* in a hurry hls grave
j wa* dug only of aufllcient size to al-
| low him to be burled with hi* arm*
and    nt/fa together.      The bullet*
failed to kill    him and he was Jumbled Into the hole which we* yet too
small.    Then the grave diggers push
ed him in with their   shovel*    and
while   they    were   covering him ha
sought    to protest by moving    his
Or If You Require Any
Or If You Want to Buy a arOUBS,
or Sell On*;   or If Yoa  Want
Meterr Paou.,
ysmlth   Standard
Published on Wednesdays ami uatur-
aaya Afternoons by the  .
Hobs., ft. Hindmaroh,
On* Year	
Six Muntlie 	
Advertlalng Ratea ou Applloatioa,
FORT WORTH, Tex., April 37.—
Gilmor Texas, a negro while intoxicated Saturday night, shot and in-
LONDON, Aprll 27- The funeral
services of the Church of England
were solemnized in Westminster Abbey at noon today over the body of
Sir Henry Campbell-Bonnerman, th*
late prime minister of Great Britain
who died April 22, In the presence of
a large gathering representing the
political life of England.
After the service* a abort prooes-
aion moved from the Abbey to Eus-
ton station, where a special train
took the coffin to Scotland. It waa
a typical gloomy London day and
a dismal rain was falling when the
simple cortege made its way along
the streets.       The Abbey and
with a ru»h the imprisoned waters
precipitated tbe whole frozen mass
right upon the village.
It came backed by a force like a
great tidal wave, breaking down all
barrier* and crushing some fourteen
pr fifteen houses, -The water stopped for a moment, then passed _.
down the stream again, flowing over
the site of the ten acres that had
slid into a new position.
/There we* no time for warning, no
possibility for escape, Occupants of
houses numbering over thirty, probably, wen Instantly killed or crushed anil smothered Into unconsciousness by the hundreds of tons of ice
end water and their remains will
be found among the wreckage of the
Work of rescue is by no means an
easy One, and In some instances dynamite may have to bs used to clear
awat huge blocks of ice and clear up
the debris.
As in all small villages, ths people
were almost as one .<,mily. Somo
connected by " j of blood, some by
marriage, and all by community of
interests, similarity of labor and
that intimacy and close association
which isolation gives.
To survivors who were not In the
path of the terrible ico jam and
flood, disaster comes with the  same
semi-final    for the
emblematic    of
pionship bf the Dominion.
The teams scored one goal each,
and will play'off on Tuesday next.
The match was witnessed by the
largest crowd that ever attendee »
football game in British Columbia.
From tho reports of the throo local
mon who witnessed the game, tha
teems appear to havo boen pretty
evenly matched. The Caledonians
play a pretty passing gamo and are
particularly good with thoir heads.
But they aro good collectively rather than Individually, und the ono noticeable thing in tho whole game was
that neither team can stay the 90
minutes. Such a- rush as Nanaimo
developed against Ludysmith in the
lust ten minutos of tho opening
game would havo carried cither the
Caledonians or tho Thistles off tho
field. While neither club is to bo
under-rated, there is ut least reason
to hope tbat tho Shiold may como
 a- - — -~—m^m-mmn_.+^oy±+*-,-m-%4.»%-»«*.««v**,»a-ay*a>%.*«{gj
DRAWN SEMI-FINAL.' lor the finale, which usually attract only.     We have lots ol things     to billiard    tournament   that   is being
. TT     mt   „ , !n *■•"> neighborhood of one hundred answer for, because we have had the 1'old at *h0,„clu.    Joh,"' £"*' „T1*°I
Vancouver, Apri   25.—Tbe Calgary- )k„„„„j „ „ J. .   ., ■ . ■" , ,        ,    Brown, P. Woodburn, J. Hilton,   .1.
.    ., I.,     thousand persons. audacity to express our opinions   in w   Graham   w   Hnrilv   J   Mulr   J
Caledonian, and the Vancouve This-    Truly lt ,     ,b tod tlmt m    £_    / THB GB£AT   ANp *$$!•§: %^'&£g& £
ties played to a  draw today in the happens in football.    Three times In ov y  tfc £_ lloUl)y   j   mkm  R, Ha,.ll(lj   oh«s.
PeoPle'e Shield, tho final and thrice beaten th is last ""-*• im ,nBn wn0 "> sn wen   ■*   fi,.,,h,,m    r  Wvlin F w   lWuo  R
the football ch.m: J''**" """"i ■,'' T \ T *? 'I'iT V™ T ^ *ta*"B, "* w ** t^Af-^i^^b-AtSp^
than over beroI.0,    Sucn has bmn tho referees,    that they are Tim,   Tom, j   Smilpy R  Swanson  H  Tuck, T
fate of Newcastle United.   What   tho Dlok and j^, to him Jacquos, j. Bonnott, J. Duncan,   jl
(leordlos are saying at homo has Tnls is tho gon|ai kjnd o( ftrg„. Bogg A B, Malnwaring, T. Bookor,
never come oyer th* wire, but If It ments whl(,h usia„    onds „,|th w  Th
s anything like what they are say- .,you.w anotiior." of courso altroa-, Throo matchos havo so far been
ing here, the reason can bo easily ders 0, this column „,,, havo uess. phiyod iu tho flrst wmd. p. Wood.
onough guessed.. „,, its ori |n       Such vitHh„„   _„-. ,.„„„	
Stnn'l      bili-j   J.                      «»««,   u.aaaLui-  cumes   WHO   me
,*nany laiiod hi* sister Jennie Marl- ehoeic as though It had carried 1 away
"ie.    A crowd of several hundred ne- m2?ber" °' their very honcehold.
IFoea gathered and was nreDarin., tn tt^tl* *?" noTW been »"rthing like
lynch him    whT ConV-nZTl thi« disaster in this pm-t of the eoun-
carryin. a IT,  Cof,ta"« Comb«>. ■*ryl.be'Pre;   TJ><»e who dwoU on river
curying a double    barrallad    shot fljanka   00k for occasional flood* and
double    barrelled     .
gun, appeared and attempted to disperse the crowd. Instead of dispersing, the crowd closed on tha officer, who clubbed his gun and started to fight his way out with the
prisoner. In the struggle that ensued both barrelsof the constable's
gun were discharged, Josephine Michigan and an unknown negro being instantly killed.
London, April 117 — A telegram
from Plymouth announce* that Jack
Johnston, th* colored heavyweight
pugilist, arrived thai* today from
New York,    with a view of
take' them as a matter bf course,
even when they do some damage.but
think of lt, hone was nearly half of
the population, practically of the
whole village, crushed to death in
an Instant by a disaster which tn its
dotails iB ono ot ' the most remarkable ever heard of. A combination
of land slide, ice jam and flood has
giyen rise to a catastrophe that waa
Meyer recalled ln the minds of the
villagers, and there Is almost no
equal to tholr sorrow.
♦ ■
The volcanic eruptions of the sport
writer of the Ladysmith Standard
have broken forth again. The great
I AM of British Columbia football
the only thing that ever happened
hath apoken. Truly he is the oracle
for does not his Infallible opinion go
for more than that of the Vancouver
News-Advertiser and the World, tho
Victoria Colonist and Times and the
Nanaimo Herald and Free Press?
It docs seem strange that the deductions of . such a brain as his
should be questioned by such small
fry aa these papers. He ls a regular
Information bureau.
Such vitriolic'  snr-  burn  (50)    boat    J. Fox,  (50)  128-
casm could only come from my fiery 150.
young frlond or t..o Free Press.    It
is quite patient that something I
havo Inadvertently said has- fillod
him up to overflowing with tho sorest kind of sore feelings. They ure
simply (these sore feelings I 11101111),
blowing out of him liko steam from
a safety-valvo of on over-hoated
boiler, Ico is tho very best possiblo
cooler for such bruin.storms.
Tho wholo socrot ol this abusive
tirade, which was vory clearly mount
to bo smart and vory liunontabty
falls, Is that I took some littio pains
tn   ohnn,    I'    ■-■-
C. Lawrence (50) boat J. Smiley,
(00).  147-150.
A. Sampson (5) beat J. Duncan,
(50).  141-150. ,,
New York,. April 28-Bllllard   admirers on both sides of the Atlantic
will follow with keen Interest the international championship tournament
 _     „„„,„ |ltt,Ils which will bogin tonight in tho con-
to show from his own remarks that cort hall of the Liederkranz Club,
our scornful friend had made consld-l   The entrants include four of    the
No one
WII4CSTBADT.    AprU    37.- Oh*
ataamer   PhiladelphU arrived    hare
yesterday with many passenger*   on
hoard.      They    brought word [that
railroad a.««n-       C'_¥a  ~~    ""I '"B "  """n with Tommy Burn* th.i*'"™     ****    two caMm <* bubjonto
or ^£^^r^.«H.°?-- c^~-^-^^fcaicw^ M *■*'•*■«•
_. Dublin               number ol people war* awaiting for
»ea of timbrel-f if, '       .  - - .
...   1, —• -• arrang-
th» ing a mutch with Tommy Burn*,jth.
■ .nm.„.        ^ —   - «owd Canadian champion.    "
theSCtt™„nWde: ^.^"tM '-St i Dublin,
London. April 25,-Tho final game'3^ hi .1. . "" ^    ~
in the contest for the English Asso-^ *Z\7aon ***_, "**
elation cup. the blu. ribbon of theC,." "Mftt"ry'l J0' h«
English football world, and the goal C!' . ? V"1 °' hlmM" ln
for which all the beat football tear^«Cs7, hi. to m "T '" d°-
in ths country have been struggling tl, u ..1 _T' ,10, ^ et""m not'
throughout the past wln^tT^ * .*?" ° "ta T *
Played at the Crystal .Palace this H? h ' . y ***' H<"™Ver'
afternoon and resulted in a victory la! ?" n0t ** '°' '* cannot be'
forth. Wolverhampton Wanderer, w^moTJ^\x, ^T. "''
over the Newcastle United; the score _\_T_^ T.x. *""    °'
atanding three to one. '   5 ^   the    Slxth ._
tJ'^r^ sr-ju ^ St m^8-- r
ornblo of an ass of himself
ovor said "It takes a wise
to1^^"f^'^'£^W'l!?._^w8tates Md °« ™p™e»:
which means,    1
are others born   naturally   for    thn '." ".'s" Btana'ng.   The Frenchman is
p.»i™ t,    a'- bn,ul*  "ld ma"
Regiment bond youts, too.
The ceremony of today held much
less    display than   when Mr. Glad-,   „„ „ .^
l"„ wJ"! ""' P"""*' *«» ha bkried/™^03^. <.«•■. April 87. -
in Wertmimrter Abbey wa. laid at Aj!!!;'bto *■■«• occurred wrly
reat, nevertheles.    th. graadau,    _t!\y'm^*'aot^xg    at Not™
the abbey was ths charaeterlitli
the assembly,    doing honor to
Henry. -   -
Today wa* the first time that the
—„ w« ..vh. final*
de la Sallett, a llttl* hamlet about
eighteen mile* northeast of hen, by
which thirty people lost thdr lives.
The hamlet la situated on Llevre, at
—      ..—ns   IM   4X»V
 *"- """ ine!th* foot of a hill    and about
funeral of a premier or an ex-pre-|odod, ln the mcrnlng, when moat
mler has occurred from the historic :of ^ vjHaj^g WOTe Jb ^i iwj,i a
resldenes of the British prime minis-'tremendous landslide occurred. An
ter in Dowing street. | enormous mass of earth and
The pallbearers were the Arebbls-!...■—.   -
\n -I t.—t-On
steamer* at Porto Cabello in
to laav* V*nacni
Th* Caracas newapapara daclan
that than ht no plague in that oity.
Praaidant Castro haa aaked th* academy ot medicine to float maa»ure»
*or    "
ST. CATHARINES, Ont.. April 25
—Robt. Thompson, an extensive
fruit grower, Niagara district,
he anver saw the fruit
look better.
That Ladysmith and Nanaimo Football Teams Play Two Games
for Benefit of Hospital.
''"* most prominent amateur players   of
    _ttn the United States and one reprcsen-
10I, some ono has said tatlve from France who is of equal-
of courso, that thoro |y high standing,   Tbe Frenchman is
,    .    ,w «     ,,  milm"y„'or   tho Lucien    De    Rolle, who for several
purt.   'Null sold.    After all a   man . ,      .   ,.       '        . ■„.    .
Is not roally to blame for what na- yaara baB bM th0 wnO'teur billiard
ture made. championship of France.   The Ameri-
I really novor wished to appro-'can contestants will bo Calvin Dcm-
prlato the honor of tho hand all to aresl ond 0. P- Conkllll „, cbicag0
mysoir.    M- misguided young   friend
is welcome to „t least hall of it. I J* F' Poggenburg, of New York end
was standing right behind hlm when Edward W. Gardner of Passaio,
tho banc! struck up, and somo small J. The tournament will mark a dairy can cover up the grontost "I ,)artUre in amotour chompionship
Arns.      Give the dovil his duo is a       .   .    ,    ,,, ,      ,    ..   A ..
salo saying.    S'ou are entitled to the  cont*!St9 in thls "o""^- ln that the
and tho biscuit   ls games will be at 18.2 balkllne     Instead ol 14.2 balkllne.      The balls
»,   .   -  „„. * __ „ .,„„„„     also will be a trifle larger than the
N. A. C. BILLIARD TOURNEY.      .       , ,     .    .    _ T.    ', •'._,__.
The following memljois of. tho Na- American standard.   Both of    these
■'"—   itt..,     q1u0    |jnva onton)d changes were agreed upon as    con-
hundiiii|i  cessions to thc French player.
naimo Athletic
and beon   matched in Hie
New Westminster,    April 27.— An
Interesting    and humorous war    be-
hop of Canterbury, the Duke of Fife, I """f1 d°Wn the "onntaln aid.
H*   Aaqulth    th.    preaent premier, I fnsUlfed     "
Jaioh r     t        -     ——• .'""fner,.,.  , "evoral houses with
Lord Loreburn, the Lord High Chan. I    eir """"P*"**-
1« 75^ alai«one. John Mor L0"'!?.10 the naott lo»Mon
&ff ^mL^: JT-sin"^^-"- *****
;£-»— Burt, member.':;
J*u *»* of Wattmlmrtar Abb«y
•«> the clergy M th, pro«»lBonto
^J-treof mo-Z'ZZZ
mm wan   pi.^ on h ^^^l
,. ^,       . n Jr*i»*ter —4 'Opening.
th* sanitation of Caracas     to »
tb* bubonic plague, U    it [
abould break out    Following    thi* j
request, tb* aeidamy hu Issued order* tot ths lnunedlat* daatructlon of
rat*,    th* daily washing of atreBta!       ^^.^
and buUdlnga and tha destruction of1
existing «p*da* of infection of every
The academy ha* alao ordered the
compulsory urn of Haflkin'* serum
hull   for hoapitai ua*, and sanitary
Uondon April 27.—The Penna four-
pleoe bonds, half of which have been
allotted to London, were placed on [Press
tbs market thla morning. Tbey .were
over-aubacribed many times and the
subscriptions man    closed one hour
good    sized crowd of citizens
farmers     Saturday on Front
Nanaimo, April, 27,'08;.'to a
Free Press:— end
Dear Sir,—Apropos tho present pre-'street. _^_^^_^_
vailing excitement in Association; ,rh„ „„n„i,„„= „„ _„,„ _„,i„™i„-
football circles permit mo to offer I rh° ooUehaus are now swimming
I through the columns of the     Free uP„.the rivOT ,n heavy schools
LONDON,    April 25,-The   United K
tween lish vendors was „n~attraction ^^ ^Experiencing remarkable
..j    ....       I wcathor.     Snow has fallen in London every     day since last-Monday,
Pa," aald little Tommy, getting,
bright Idea, "I can do something
1 can't."
What?" demanded th* father.
Grow,." replied the youngster.
catch is becoming
irress   a suggestion to the manage- day by day the ...     -
ment of the: district senior teams, larger. As a result the fish store
Ladysmith and Nanaimo United.  In counter8 loMt down with
the pursuit of manly sport and in .,_ ,-„... „.,, . ,
the gratification of the public appe- the" ^"Mte little fleh, and compe-
ttte for exhibitions of same, we are tition became keen between the deal-
tod prone to forget those unfortu- era tor the sale of their large sup-
nates who are unable through sick-pHM Thl8 hewever, merely re-
ness to share in such pleasures, and     ,.   , , „ ..  , „ ,    ..        ,
who are hemmed in week after week sultea ln * «»ght mU in the price,
by the sombre cold-blooded walls of but when a fisherman with a full
that needy of all institutions—a pub- boat load tied up at the foot of
lie hospital. ■,■,.; .     - sixth street and started to sell    to
The suggestion Ib that the teams ..„      ..,    .,        ..   . -■ ■-.
play two games, one at Ladysmith ibe aowi dlre** "oa> the b011*    at
and ono at Nanaimo, the gate    re- 'educed prices, the fun commenced,
ceipts to go to the Nanaimo hospl-    The new-comer put out
tal. These teama afonJ t-a— m the
These teams stand toda-
a shinglo
I0BJB0T IN VIEW. .„_ .   „f    -Tj-Tjr '" "!" "nnouncing oollchnns at four-bits a
»  . . ivery front rank of Canadian    foot- ...   „,„   ..    _     , „._   _,.   .
» m. 1   v~**4r-uello\   where are you go. 1M1 and arB n0 doubt flourishing ac ■"*"• whlle the BoJ"" clty pish Oct
__   ... --.*».*» us*, uo **nlt«ry iJlW(lt (w> Um) of n|ght? You   Melcording-iy-.   The public on their nart across tha *i~*h	
commission* hav. ban appoint* for ^ m      d   ,.„ wamilrt .»
«*"'■ '    In the city where alarm .    c	
each ward
Among thole wbo attended the service* ware th* Prince of Walea, who
represented King Edward, Baron
Stumm, present on behalf of Emperor William, Premier Clemenciu,
who represented th* French govern-1
rr—,t     —t   — -
eataetrophe    •"  v«y hard to g*t.
.    .aaj won.  XO g*t.
Requests hav* been sent to Buckingham for twenty-live coffin* and theae
hav. already been lent.
The new* of the terrible disaster
waa brought to Buckingham by Mr.
Brasselr, hotel keeper of Poupor, *,
nearby village. He states that, s,
considerable portion of the mountain,
whloh Is on the oppoalt* ait* of tbo-l
Llevre river to Notre Dame da
Sarvant-PIaa**, »lr, mistress aent
"~i for you, »lr.
fOBTSHOOirH.    April 88._ n^.llmproaalon   Gained by Dr. UnderhUl
on Tour of American Porta,
  a*"«",*lnnd wa* hurled down the steep aid.,
mont, and Whitela*; Held, the   Am- |crnMHa-    "--   '
eiioan ambaasador.
At the eoneluaion of th* ceremonies
tb* coffin wa* taken to Eiurton
tion, proceeding at a  walk!
through tb* densely crowded streets
walking pao*
^^^^^^^^_ j v.owdi
Tb* peopl* had waited for hour* In
a down-pour of rain to witness tb*
passage of tha cortege through tb*
(treats. Conspicuous on th* coffin
w*re th* wreaths sent by King Edward, Emperor William and th* President of France.
Flags all over London were at half
meat and the church bells tolfed a*
the coflln was horns on it* laat Jour
nay through tbe streets of London,
American liner St. Paul and th* British cruiser Gladiator hav* bam in
co-Won off th* ul. ol, Wight. A. I Vancouver, April 25.-Medical
<tr*ault tb* Gladiator had to b*!H«a'U. iMpector „, rjncerhin, vna
*«»h«l and is now aground off baa Just rethirned front „ omcial
ifarmouth.     Several membera ol th. to" ol    Impaction of Seattle    and
.«**-,  Mr*" ^L*hi en"*r. ""Wneil injur- Snn Fram,|M0, declare* it ia of the
■uudenly became detached,Jto'-    «• St. Paul, with » dam«g>-'	
urled down the steep side ,"1 ,,0■,• " •tanding by th*    Glad-
«he river, and completely. I falor'"
""" """" -•-■■•■• London. April 87.-T*. London
taeniag nswapapan ar* moatly • of
th* opinion that no Name attach**
to anyone in tb* Gladiator disaster
Tb. Daifc TAw^h. htr««r, c^ui
atttnuon to th* hut that tha world*
gfe»t*«t naval arsenal at _?ortM.
mouth within a. few miles, I*
J crossing ...—. «..„ com]
burying (sveral bouse* In the
lege with all their occupants,
mediately upon receipt of the :
at Buckingham all the doctor*
the place with a larg* force of
"'Ponded to th. call for aWl
drove to "-1	
procession of wagons
. «I,el.YOTk• ApHl as- s»"g
.  f^Tf- tba 'narehIM who at- •
.   *mpt«- 'o thiow a bomb Into
t  • group of pollceraan In Union
•  »a.7,'OVOral WMl" ««o, and
Be^evlew Ho.plthl today,   a.
. JJ^,*" • Drt»o»er in th. ho^
«ove to Notre Darned, la 3a.le,T
. —-. av.na no
were overwhelmed and all their oc.
cupanta killed.    The fan* of the
which ha* a  height ol 600 fast,
ovcr a  length      "
utmoat Importance In Vancouver and
■Victotl. to guard »g»ln»t inwajaol]
the plague during the coming ium-
»«r- No caae* hkt,8 lately appear-
ed amongat humnn belnga in th. Am
erican port., but rat. ar* bgmg da,.
y <!aptur«1 "hlch are mfeBtod with
the disease.
»r   Underbill will Insist on main,
talning rat g„aPa* o^,^ .*,„,„„
vr_-__ h. .k-      -" U,   7'" haVo a 'maigatkm ot Seat-
neTsfJh.'. th',"n^,mw cta«-(.? ,t<MUMr" ""» '««- »~«« -uring
hel M thorapioly growing coamnr-ithe hot weathor.
""' Port ol Sonthampton. Tha Sol-
publlc on their "part a"roaa the street were selling at
are willing to go on patronizing such dollar a pail.    The latter retaliat-
teams, being satisfied that they are ^ .and put oui a|B|gn, "two hits  a
pitting high value for■their .money „ „9herman came downto,
la the quality of football exhibited. r
m* will Jose nothing, we may be sure flftoen cents, and by this time th?
by pausing for a brief period in our crowd had gathered to the number of
weB-tVeiog in the cause of that' vlr- over'llfty and sacks were being pro-
tlie which   blesseth him that gives  duced {tQm _vefy vagoa __ tb_ m__
ket square.
Percy Venables came down to a
dime a bucket and those who could
not rustle a sack pulled out handkerchiefs, pieces of paper, and even
hats In which to carry away, their
purchases. The boatman again cut,
this time to a nickel and It Is possible ' that they soon would have
been giving premiums with the fish
had not tho eagerness of the pur-
chasers run both parties out of supplies,
hul •». continue the l-Agraph, proba-
Mim, i. tb. moat traqunnted waterway
o'ong thHL.0'.abOttt hsl' •■"• li...* W0H'' "* °» ««*»loPm«t~l
(the mala m^err ^^^ _?T T "^ ta "- *3tyS
"out Z    bun^yrrr^^ ^ ^ * ""-Problem.
«• of It, omeiberlZ'l^.u0^'
smothering •verytbing in
its way under yard* of *arth. Several famillea were completely wipsdl
The known dead a* far aa can bs
Mr*. La Folnte, live
learned, are:
I-ARIbV April S7.^A *olemn high
■»* Wjuton wm mhbrrted thl.
■or-lrnj at th. ahurch „f Bt*hlli|pp
do Boll lor the I.t,    Due de Chaut-
her two     JT.     ' -°t"k«",M-' with fallur. fThureday niaht m a,.   77
**" two     sona     and h-.   -—'■——• • ••""'•fiay nignt in hia    bad.
■ORB IaTPI»V*«rjflWi!B.
Cartwright & Barclay
So far
WINNIPEG. *»«, a-^at. J(^
JPh.G«m„ OathoUortwrah on
cnuron** jn ^ ^ ^ j,,^,,^
b>'flr. early thl. mornta,. Tb. ori-
(gtoalct^tfyttobulldlB, |».,75..
«». Tl-iMurwM, *, W6.000 with
Polled in tb. Phtamlx * Undon.
•«« Pbo*U of Hartford, «dW
ot th* flr* i* nnknown.
m nu strike of street railway   —.
I thaata- .        -IfTT0*.        *»•■ *"        *"'
•eventaen bodta havoljaai
 .. atreet railway employees this season.. A' proposal wa*
received by the employees last night
and at a special meeting was dla-
cuased and voted upon. The meet ing
lasted from midnight to 4 o'clock
this morning, and after th* fulileat
discussion the nronosai *< »«•- ——
■wovered .nd the .xearatlon will h.
/"""MU IB tha morning. **
™.« returnad hen the dl***t*r    .tlrrda-i-.     ^a -»~»«-».»o
Notre Bmn. d. ,8.^^  tiN»t^lm^rtn, '"0i0lK"1 *«*
followihf   aoeouat , of  m-_Tm!^lrl^^v'
J™* Promlnant member* of    th*
»^h,»*|»toeraey and ths American
embaa»y were prcaent at tha mass.
**«'body will U takn down
»"*- «,   Lntm, a,,   ,„„,     ^|um^|Bw"   «oeepted by .n il«™'t
«r*. Dr**,, .ad othw reiay^ sh#
«PP|W«« to be much bro-am* bttt
^^ WHM^.4. trying ft™*
""»**    ot   what took
■adtnnlntd th*
At four
Pi-^Z^SA r IwTw ^"'-^"
 —   —      -   a*.
end hia mho doth receive.
The TfcOltogton OolllerjaCo employ-
?*,haT*' *** «on>niendablo fairness,
decided to give fmelr annual donation
to the Chemainus Hospital this year
No doubt the Ladj-soiith boys will
the more readily gha their services
on behalf of th* To,, ,| institution.
H the management and players of
the teams decide along these or similar lines they can be assured cf the
hearty support and appreciation of
the public, besides receiving that far
greater , reward-tne Inward knowledge of having tried to help those
among us who may be unfortunate
enough to be unable to help thom-
Thanking you, Mr. Editor, for
spate, I am
Youra truly,
-■■    »      '
I After the 300 tone of Nanaimo coat
loaded.oa th* deck pi tha ataamer
Noodle* had bean sacked and trimmed and part of th* Hat of the vessel reduced, the big tramp, lnmber-
laden, from forttaad to Hankow and
Java, via MoJI, atarted across the
Pacific Saturday morning from Vic-
Th* Needle* was very cranky, when
■be came up from iVrttand lor    ber
bunker coal,    having a Hat to port
ol aboutt ten degrees.     Her coal was
placed all at on* side and when aha
waa on her way aeaward after coaling and     off Discovery island,    the
steamer suddenly careened during tha
heavy blow of Friday morning  and
fell right over from a Hit ol 10 per
eent. to port to a  Met of 30    par
eent. to »tarboard.     It was    then
decided, to ateam Into Itoyal Rood*
and trim tne coal.    Thi* wa* dona,
•nd yesterday rooming tab steamer
A well known clorgyman told
following Joke on himself:
One day he was going down town
and was greeted by one of his parishioners, who was a little the
worse for liquor. The clergyman
turned from him with a look of disgust and sighed:
"Drunk again I"
"So am I," stuttered tho Inebriated parishioner.
and the thermometer has been down
nearly to the freezing point. Heavy
falls of snow In the north have caused floods on the Scottish border and
early ln the morning, the heaviest
snow storm for many years swept
over southern Sussex amd Hampshire, the snow ln some placed being
two or three feet deep,
At Southampton business haa been
practically suspended, the street car
service is snowed up, and gangs of
men are digging the cars but from
deep drifts. All trains at Southampton are late. The seme condition prevails at Portsmouth and
there have been heavy falls of snow
nt Bath anil flurnoniouth.
The Newmarket    races, hav* been
postponed on account of tbe snow.
Pittsburg, Pa., Aprll 38.—William
McLeod,   alias     Smith, of Gosport,
was hanged here today for the
murder of his common law wifo.Mrs.
Bessie Hielop, whose throat he out
with a razor Sept. 18,1, 1907, upon
discovering that she had been receiving letters from a .man In. England.
 ;—f -.
Winnipeg, April 38—Richard Waugh
one of Winnipeg's prominent old timers whoso long connection with agricultural Journalism has mads him
widely known, died lest night from
heart failure.   He vat 78 years old.
No Honing—
No Grinding
You know from daily espe.
t.— .. f. ._..»-   -
"Laura,"    growled    the husband,
what have you taken all my clothes out of this closet for?"
"Now there'* no use in your making any fuss about it, George," said
hi* wife, with
her vole*.
note of defiance In
"I Juat had to hav.
place whese I could hang my '
•Pring hat."
tWtftS* ?"«"-KC .Teas SI. i.A imti "' th» «ettl*nwit, ir * •*.*.*
"ot tor£*\oT_taVV%X2>a> t  °- P-»- l^me-AVmu APPLY
-■.uheamsnt won,, ^d.".t£
wn» burned     to
Ottawa, April 38.-iT.. labor •
*Partment ha* received an »p- •
plication for tb* appointment of •
» board of conciliation and ln- •
^»Mlgatlon In connection with
He-MlM Kitty, I'v. heard it Mid
that a kiss without a moustache ls
like an egg    without salt.    Is that
*o7     .'
She- Well, roally, . C0B.t tol,_
in alLmy ufe 1 never •>
He-Now, now, Miss Kitty!
She - Never ate an egg without
rlence, at home or in the barber
shop, that the question Is—
•'Why doesn't a razor hold
its edge uniformly from heel 1 .
to head wit: out honing and I //
grinding r" Whether it Is a / *J|
ssfety, with the certain tax of I <j
new blades, or the ordinary I fu
open-bladed razor docs not I v*
alter thc question. You want J,
the comfort and satisfaction off
a clean, smooth shave every
morning with the confident \
knowledge that your rarer
will be ready for instant use
the next time needed.
The Carbo Magnetic razor Is
the only rasor unoonotPon.
aKy guaranteed to de Ibis.
Thirty yeara of atudy on Ihe
razor situation haa perfected
* new aecret process of
euormtj nmftmim that i
positively merges every particle of carbon (the life of steel) I
Into the metal-r-glvlni * dls. .
mond-llke hardness uniformly „
throughout the blade—some-* !
thing absolutely   impossible
wlib Are tempered sleel-uted
In making all ether razors..
, But test thl) razor in yeur
own home—or If yeu prefer,
I have yeur barber use it on you,
I Oive us your nam..——
or call and ace the "Carbo
Magnetle" rasor, and we will
stats our proposition for testing these rasore without
eitUgatton on your pari I*
MMhMst. together with our
t*. .**.<     liUir- i;.
I.**■• °"«.   April
Schalbl*. ,,«, 71> lnfm .*>,*__... .-.  -
t |dwth by prairk, «„ !/Mtonw   ^ * ** <"»»ut. brtween the macbin. •
« «ht to hunt eattl. i-TpTp  p^. 1 ^"-t .nployom „f th. 0.  •
"" *W ate and mtaaai. Wld ^". co|nPW«. , ».'o'clock thla morning,
-   ...   ...   ^ j    • «. • • • e a * . * . * , , , ,;',', , j ||l i„ iomt tUa§i
" ■ * -•*• . k
Brighton, Ont.. April 38,-H.n. Mr ^Cmry'^W,0^
Wllllotighby, minister without   port.'
folio In the Ontario government,dled
at hla realdence In Colborna at flve
H. had been
Ijup i'j-j
Ladysinith Hardware Co. TORNADO KILLS HUNDREDS   IN
ATLANTA, Ga„ April 25.- Belated reports received since last
night show thut the total deaths by
tho tornadoes in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana are about 324.
The death list was suddenly swelled
by nearly one hundred additional vie
time in PurvlB and McLaurin, Mississippi towns, not heard from up to
midnight. .
The first reports indicated that
four-fifths of tho victims wcro negroes, but later reports show an lh'
creasing number .of whites. It now
seems that the total deaths of whites will number 75. The number of
injured may rqach 900.
New Orleans, La., April 25.— The
dead, more than 100, tbe Injured no
less than 500, these wero tho grim
facts which came to light today
when word of the wreckage of yesterday's tornado had been cleared
away. . 'Tho tornado lasted altogether twelve hours, striking town atter town Irom before daylight Friday until mld-alternoon. . Many
hours after tliey struck, trains bearing nearly two hundred Injured camo
crawling cautiously out ol the tornado district, leaving bohlnd them
Pervls, Miss., utterly demolished,
five other towns practically blown
away, and 150 villages In more or
less acute stages ol ruin*. With thc
wounded came tho details ol ono of
the worst wind disasters ln tho his
tory of the gulf states.
First it became known that negroes comprised most of the dead
and badly wounded, and that 'the
cabins, noted for their happy-go-
lucky construction, had been converted by the wind into a wholesale
death trap. It was In the fall of
these cabins which went down without warning that most of the negro
deaths occurred.
The Identified white dead already
number 43. In addition it was reported that four whites had been
a killed at McCallum, Mies., which,
would bring the white death list up
to 46. The number of negroes killed wes between 150 and 175.
No estimate of the property damage has yet been made.
The destruction of Purvis, Miss,,
occurred at three o'clock Friday afternoon, and wes over in a few min
ules, and out ot two hundred dwellings only seven wore lelt standing.
The court house, laundry, and the
other buildings which withstood the
wind, were packed with dead and
Injured, and utilized as the only a-
vallable hospitals within miles.
0. W. Cromwell, of Jackson, Miss,
in attempting to describe the storm
said that all he could realize was
that the air was full of flying timbers. These timbers dealt doath to
many persons who sought safety ln
the open air, . while the falling of
missies was still greater to those
who remained indoors,
One child ls said to have been say-
It* prayers, her father was bending
over her In an attempt to shield her,
but despite his shield, a timber,
which did not touch him, killed the
little girl.
Scarcely one brick ot the school-
house was left ou the spot. School
had been dismissed only a moment
before the tornado struck,- In a
Hold near the town a farmer who
was plowing, saw the storm approaching and managed tp get    hla
caught by the tornado as she    was $40,000, to' John Hedges, who,   as
driving to her home..   A tre. . fell receiver,    represents Urbacb'slcredit- >,., '
across her horse, killing the animal, ors.    ' Eton    boys have, subscribed S50O
but she was unhurt. |   Urhnch, who has been locked    up towards the Quebec battlefields me-
STRANGE FREAK. 'slnC(s    0ct. 28, declares he is unablo mortal.'
Forty persons    were at dinner '  in to restore the Jewels because     they
the Commercial hotel when the tor- j were stolen'from beneath his pillow
mulo struck and they wero carried
awuy with the hotel; but none ol the
diners were hurt. Tbo path ol the
tornado was two and a hall miles
The greatest loss of lllo among the
negroes occurred In the vicinity    of
Natcheze, Miss.     In Concordia, La..
itcrcss tho Mississippi from Nathoze
thirteen    lives Wf J lost, all except
two ol the dead boing nogrocs.
Firty-fivo    persons were killed    in
Adams county, Miss., noar Natchozo,
La., and 35 were killed in the neighborhood    ol   Churchill, in Jefferson
county, Miss.       The tornadoes    in
this section wero one hundred miles
north of    the Amite tornado    and
struck about breakfast time.
It was ln this section that a negro baby    was caught fn the wind,
carried thrco hundred yards, and deposited in a  swamp unhurt.
Au aged negro woman was whirled
n the air and her head was almost
severed by a flying timber. She fell
'a a cotton flold ono hundred yards j
'rom where her cabin had stood.
Physicians from Vidallu, La., and
Nntlieze spent all day looking for
he wounded, those most seriously
njured were sent back to tho city
for attention. Scores of injured
•nlmnls wero killed to relievo their
Atlanta, Ga., April 25.— Reports
t-ecolved hore today say that a so-
■ ero wind storm struck Griffin, Ga.,
luring the night, wrecking part oi
the town killing flve persons aud In-
luring at least 15. The report declares that a cotton mill and othor
business houses were blown down.
From Columbus, Ga., a despatch
was received, saying two people wore
' lllod and a dozen injured by tho
storm there.
while he    was riding in a  sleeping-
car between this city and Baltimore! speed limit
In September, 1908
Lord Roseuerry's chauffeur was fined £5 at Epsom for exceeding    tbo
TORONTO, Oi~prll 21,. - Wm-
McKenzio leaves Toronto tomorrow
lor England in connection with carrying through of certain financial
propositions for the Canadian Northern Ruilway.
» _
CITY OF MEXICO, April 25.-
Twcnty-oiglit persons were klllod and
fifteen seriously injured at Gargan-
tau siding, west of Mnltratn, on the
main lino of the Mexican Central Ry,
in a collision between a freight and
a section of a special excursion
train carrying pilgrims from tho
shrine of Guudalope.* The pilgrims
eft the jCity of Mexico in tho morning.
OTTAWA, Ont., April 25.-0n account of the difficulty which the interior department has experienced in
obtaining tbe services ol a sufli-
cient number of surveyors to subdi.
ide townships enough to accommodate the* increased immigration into
tho western provinces, order in council has been Issued permitting tho
department to pay $8 a day fori
worH on ordinary surveys and 110 a
day for surveys of block outlines. In
case ol Inspectors of surveys whoso
employment continues, to pay fO a
day while In field and $5 when engaged in office work.
NEW YOBK, April 25,-Robt. T.
Inglish, who had flve stitches taken
lu his heart, died yesterday at Yon-
kers, N.Y., after a battle against
death lasting It) days and 7 hours.
For the last two daya he haa been
unconscious. When English was removed to toe hospital be weighed almost 160 pounds. When the body
was weighed thiB morning it had
wasted away, to 60 pounds, The
stitches in the heart had not healed
and setlcimia had set in.
An autopsy showed that the statements of Doctors Dully and McCor-
miok, who performed the operation
of sewing up English's heart were
correct in every detail. Tbe wound
in the heart could plainly b* seen
relieving all doubt as to the reason
for the operation, Tho organs were
all affected by the septic conditions
which followed the operation. The
knife wound severed the cartilage of
the fourth rib and waa within
sixteenth of an Inch of the Inner
chamber of the heart. The wound
bad closed after tbe operation.
It was remarked by the phy.iclans
at the autopay that lt was remark'
able that ho should have lived ao
long. Only live or six similar cases
are on record'and the length of time
the patients lived was from ten to
eighteen hours.
English was vice-president of the
Mercury Athletic Club of Yonkers,
and rejoiced when he heard that Mor-
rlssey had won the Marathon race
at Boston. He sat up ln bed on
Monday and It is said that the sudden jar caused the relapse.
Powell Forman, of East 79th street
Now York, is accused of giving Eng-.
lish the thrust with a knife that
killed him.
  ,+ .   	
Hydlu George Anslow, landlord of
an inn at Brownliills, shot his wife,
and then himself, fatally.
.     i     .RE'UNION. '
_  a
Tho Attitude oi tho Church of England In Canada Towards the
Question of Church Union.
TORONTO,.,April 27,—The attitude
oil the Church of England in Canada
towards the question of union, (particularly towards Presbyterian    and
The Canadian Bank
Of Commerce
nlng,  in a  sermon on tho occasion
I of the opening of   tho new building*
Three    year    old Florence Covely °' tho c,luroh °' st' M"ry Mn,TdaI™
was burned to doath in her lather's ns one °r tno eordlnn recognitions of
shop in the Bethnal Green road.        ,tl10 Christian" work thoy have    dono
.   . . land are doing, which hears so mani-
Mr. S. H. Nicholson, organist    ol fcstI,/ tho 80al °' 0oia bl8s"lng   on
the Carlisle cathedral, has been   ap- il: "nd a  readiness to confer     with
pointed organist of Canterbury    ca- *hom teW"*" fl  "tond upon the four
thodral. " "'      .Points which are hold essential.
f I. *'The glory predicted of Jerusalem,
An old burial ground in Duke place which the Christiun church has    not
at Aldgnte, is to be utilized as     a yet realized," suid     the archbishop,
B. E. WALKER, President.
ALEX LAI 111), General Ma oger
Methodists, wns defined by his graco A E FRPI AVn c. ■ , i ,
tho Archbishop of Toronto last eve-] p       ,     ' SuPenntend^t
„i„™  i„ „ ,. „_ „„ it         ot Branches.
paid-up capital $10000.000
m\     5,000,000
Total Assets.. 113,000,000
playground for the children of
Mr. James Oliver, 0i Bodmin, who
"Is that Jerusalem was to be a city
which is at only itself: tho beauty of
church is marred by divisions. In
considering how for tho Church     or
died recontly, aged    98, remombered England should    bo held responsible
walking to church to ho christened,   for    these divisions'* the archbishop
——♦—— held that   ao far as her system    of
The Barrow estate, on     Derwent-. doctrine was concerned, she was not
water    side,    including   the famous \ at all to blame hut ho feared    thoy
Barrow Falls, is. to ho offered     for Snust confess that in matter of Hv-
sale by auction shortly. " j Ing up to thoso doctrines to a great
• oxtent thoy wore at fault.
Tho Earl of Hardwicko has headed'   "ir Wesley, for example!" ho said,.
subscription list to buy a piano- ( "had    lived today,  I  don't beliovo
forte tor the paupers In tho Bucking- Methodist    separation  would    havo
Brarc'es throughout Canada and in the United States a A England
Farmers'   Paper   Discounted.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received, und iutere t aJluwed at
current rates. The depositor is subject to no delay whatever in
the witl.drnwal of (lie who'e or any part of the deposit
9:80 ,
., to 12.    4 r in., to 5 p,
P p.m., to 8:;.u p.m.
aftoYSMITH  IlIIANCH  L, „   pt,|EX
joiin w. eoiiuiiN.
President and Managing Director.
Si-< 1,-tti ry-Tren surer.
ham Palace road workhouse.
1     ♦   - '
The delegates of tho Oxford Local
Examinations have resolved to   add
Esperanto to the.list oi subjects for
the senior examination.
.taken place."
|   LOS ANGELES,     April 27.- No
| change in the condition ol Mrs. Buo-
e         "                     lah Hawkins is reported ot the bos-
brought from  Ireland P'tal     whor<! she-today enters upon
"the 81st'day or her strange tranco-
liko sleep. - Physicians nt tho hospital say she may not regain   consciousness tor a year or more.'
and planted In England' always developed into clover, said Br. w. E,
St. Lawrenco Fanny at Kingston.
A suspected case ol rabbioe was reported irom   Sutton Bridge,   South
Lincolnshire, recontly.     The dog,
collie, bit John Oent, a Tarm    foreman.
■     »
Fully ten per cent, of the milk sold
in this country contained the germs
ol tuberculosis, said Br. John C.
Thresh at Birmingham University recently.
OTTAWA, Ont., April 25. - Ed
niond Hoy, ol Levis, the well known
author of the French Canadian historical works and other writings,
has been appointed assistant Dominion archivist.
family out doors and behind stumps
bofOre the wind struck. Tho house
was blown away but none of the former's family was Injured.
One child who was killed, is said
to have been lifted high in the air,
and while still well above the earth,
to have been struck by a. heavy flying timber which caused Its death.
When the storm was over a special
train bearing twelve physicians and
fifteen other persons went to Purvis.
Meanwhile a second relief train lelt
for Lamberton. On* train was stop
pad. by a woman waving, a red
cloth, when tho engineer went ahead
to see what she wanted, the woman
fainted and the engineer found the
red color of the cloth wa* causod by
blood, A search revealed her home
near the railroad and three members
of her family were found doad and
four children Injured.
A man who drove Into Purvis last
night reported that he.saw the bo-
♦lies of several dead whom he took
to be negroes lying beside the road.
At nighttime what wa* left of the
town was under martial law, a militia company preserving order.
Batllesburg, Miss., where nine persona were reported killed yeaterday,
waa In communication with Now Orleans thi* morning, and reported no
damage or life lost there.
UNION BAY, April 25.-The death
of Doctor Dickson, agod 74, a retired army surgeon, who spent the
greater part of his life In India, occurred this morning on Denman Island, where he had. made his homo
or the last three years.
MONTREAL, Quo., April 25.-Fol-
lowing nominations for the legislature took place in Ontario yesterday: North Huron, J. T; Currle, Liberal: East Hastings, O. A. Archibald, Conservative; South Lanark,
Hon. A. J. Matheson, Provincial
Treasurer; East Wellington," Major
Craig, M.P.P., Conservative.
 »   ■
RIXJINA, Sask., April 25.- Two-
thirds of the wheat of the district
wus sown yesterday morning when
rain storm set in and the mols
turo, which hns fallen almost continuously since that time, is doings
world of good. The seed went into
the ground under ideal conditions,
and with warm weather at the beginning of the week it will be above
the ground before next Saturday. Old
! timers hero say they never saw seeding conditions more Ideal and they
look for a bumper yield,
 1 —
Two of the novel features of the
militant suffrage movoment as it is
practised . in England are the
'Scouts on Wheels" and the Sand-
wick Brigade." The scouts on wheels
are young women clorks w..., havo
thoir Saturday afternoons free. Thoy
line up In Sloane Square, whore thoy
receive ordors from thoir energetic
captain, who appoints them to go
anywhere within a radius of twenty
miles of London to some village
whero thore is no branch of the Woman's Social and Political Union;
Whenthey reach the village assigned
to them they introduce themselves to
the police and thon proceed to hold
a meeting in the village square.
4   —!  '
DALLAS, Texas, April 25.—Many
prominent Hebrews are arriving in
Dallas to attend the annual meeting
of the Seventh district of the Independent Order of B'nal B'rith, tho
foremost Hebrew charitable and fraternal organization in America. Tho
meeting will be attended by sevoral
hundred delegates representing all of
the States of the Southwest.
Seventeen hundred mon will ho unemployed at Barrow for at least
three' months, and probably for six
months, owing to depression in tho
iron trade.
Naples, April 27— Prince Hella de
Sagan and the children of Madamo
Anna Gould, accompanied by their
tutor, travelled in a motor;car today to Pompeii. Tho weather was
splendid and the party enjoyed a
visit to the unlau* ruins. ;
'   '.( „	
All Home Cured
Roberts St. Butcher
In Hertfordshire two wild ducks
sat on the same nest, incubating the
same batch of egga. The same has
been observed in the case of partridges,
•—♦"■      ."'
Near the Royal Exchange, George
W. Hodges," of Tulse Hill, a stockbroker, shot himself with a revolver. He died before assistance was
rendered. >,-.
Alter having bean twice ashore and
once' in collision on tho way from
Rotterdam to Glasgow, the full rigged ship Kirkcudbrightshire put Into
Plymouth for shelter.
Tbe Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
In tho Preliminary Hearing in
Case at Medicine Hat—A
Hard Proposition.
—The preliminary
the i
HulTulo, April 27.— While a number ot school ohildren wero playing
ia the yard ol public school No. 82
on Swan street this morning, a tall
Alta., April 27. 'chimnoy 0I an adjoining building was
hearing in
 the blown over by a  heavy gust ol wind
Dreamers' case    was resumed Sntur- end 'ell In the midst ol a number ol
day with John Merkell, Jr., still   in Pupils.     Wm. Pinseel, 14 yeara    ol
Lakewood, N.J., April 35.—Cheering newe of the continued Improvement in the health of former President Cleveland came from the Lake-
wood hotel today, where he la recov
orlng from an attack of rheumatic
gout and stomach trouble He passed last night in great comfort, and
is considerably Improved today.
Salem, Maes., April 25,-Henry H.
Lobaron, 17 years of age, today
shot and klllod his wife, to whom he
wa* married in February, and then
committed aulcide. A not* left by
th* couple showed that they had a-
greed to die together. Despondency
beeauae the young husband could
not secure employment, is given aa
the cauae of the tragedy.
Now York, Aprll 25.—Tha steamer,
Lord Rnylelgh is expected to receive a unanimous invitation to be
como Chancellor nt Cambridge University, in succession .to tho late
Duke' of Devonshire.
During tho construction, ol .a now
green on the golf links nt Bacon
HIU, Bindhend, wnrWfci came upon
the remains of Celtic pottery and a
number of flint Implements.
TORONTO, Ont., April 25.-Mr. U
. I'lunimer, Presldont of the Dominion
| Iron a, Steel Company is in tho city 	
innd-snys his conference at Toronto,,,,, _,.    _..,„„ „.„..„„_,.    ...imfa
Amite  La   wa* so badly damaged with Mr. Boss, President of the Doi.^canla,   whose PM"*"»»™    •■"'•"d8i
ihaf.'„« nlunLTnlWmT w <*Mon O""1 Company, regarding tho Cardinal    Loguo, Archbishop of Ar-
that It wa* put undor martial    law coal disput„ wound    up vory  much tMgK IMi    prf^te of all Ireland,
at once.    The »torm broke there at whore    It started,   still holding	
noon, killed two white persons, and the maintenance of the contract
live negroes, and Injuring many oth- interpreted by tho courts
ers, mostly negroes, bo badly    that
physicians who were rushed into the
town on    relief trains from several 	
points, said that ths total death list    NEW YOHK,    April a».-8olomon
of white* would reach at loast    25. Urbach, a diamond dealer, claiming
Rev. Fr. Felix waa probably    the to bo bankrupt, one of the few civil
flrat peraon Wiled at Amlt*.  He waa prlaonora in Ludlow streot jail,    la
*"■ Lutein* .ears =^^=^-^=
.will land her passengers today.   The
cardinal will b. present at th. cele-,om mn mi„sing| 0M boarl
oration d   the Inauguration of the(cavalrJ, ^^tions, the other are-
Diocese of New York, which will be)„„«» .._ „ T.,-u»-.-_
Husband (on overland train)—You
mustn't mind it, Maria, If I take sev
oral doses ol spirits during the day,
from now on. It's the only thing
that will cut the alkali dust that
gels into one's throat.
. Wife- You won't havo to do It today, John. I've been making some
Inquiries, and I find we don't strike
the ulkali region for SOS miles yet.
■ ♦ 	
That fellow ls a  most remarkable runner." '■
'Who?    Burought?"
*Ycs.' He's always runnini; in
debt, and he's forever running away'
from the pooplo to whom he is in
 —4t .
BERLIN, April 2,*i.-A case of espionage ie loin,; Inquired into at
Mete, and one of the great' European
Powers mny have to-explain.
A lieutenant of dragoons Rationed
at Motz recently fled with a. woman
of the undor world, known nas "La
Bella Lily." It was suspected that
the soldier hnd been ln communication with spies nnd hla rooms were
searched. Two important docu
monts that had been placed in his
the dock. ■ ^B^^^^^^^^^^
Jacob Relb denied tho existence ot
the dreamers' sect or of ever hearing
It styled as such. lie was the local
leader of the Congregation of Ood,
and became identified with tho same
through having the word of God explained to him by Jacob Merkel, sr.,
in Dakota five years ago.
The witness was tho hardest problem tho lawyers    havo yet had    to
solve, his denials and evasions being' "      ,
of a  character which made the pro-/ .
curing of evidence a  difficult and al- ..
most impossible task.
He denied *>oint blank that Jacob
Merkell was,,ovcr known as God Jacob, but when confronted with the
letters from tho latter which he had
already road, and in which tho letter so styled himself, he edges n-
round the question by claiming that
the title was God of Jacobs or God
of the iieoplo. Tho threats in the
letter were held in tho same manner
as Moses threatened t'hnronh. Several other witnesses denied tho existence of the Dreamers sect, but when
cornered admitted they hnd been
members. ,
age, was caught under the debris and
crushed to death. A number of the
other children received minor bruises
and cuts.
' 4 it.
• • a
Article    from Vancouver Island Displacing Poor Washington Material ln Seattle Market.
P.O. Box 54 'Phoa* 44
Dealer in All Kind* of
Keats Delivered free of charge on tha
Shortest Notice.
i f  PLOSION.;
Atlin Oold Houso, Largest Hotel at
Dawson, burned to tho Ground
Early Yesterday Morning.
VANCOUVER, Apl. 27.-Tho'Atlin
Clold House, the largest hotel at
Discovery, was burned to tho ground
early yesterday morning, Tlio
loss is ten thousand dollars outside
of ?2,5QQ in bank notes which could
not be saved. It was a miraclo
that no one was killed, The flro
wns caused by the explosion of an
acetylene gas plant. Guests who
hod just loft tho breakfast room
wore hurled through the windows,
but no one was seriously hurt.
SEATTLE, April iI7.-As a result
importation of British Columbia coal into the local market, a bit
ter fight is now on between the retail coal dealers and the concerns
controling the soft coal in use in
Seattle. Householders in Seattle
expect to benefit by the warfare between tho dealers and retailers, and
it is expected the fuel may be obtain
cd soon for less than it was a year
ago, when the price of coal wos advanced 50 per cent.
Early in February seven or eight
of the largest retail dealers in Seat-
tie agreed with Frank Waterhouse &
Co. to assist the latter firm to thoir
utmost to place another coal on the
market, As a result of that agreement, the Waterhouse Company imported to Seattle 1900 tons of Wellington coal from British Columbia.
The retail dealers have boon pushing
this conl at the expense of Black Dia
mond. Carbonado, Newcastle and
Hinton coals—practically the only
grades nvallable previously.   ■
Newcastle nnd Blnck Diamond hnvo
cut prices fifty cents, but further
cuts nre expected, as dealers report
the Canadian conl making deep inroads on tho Bales of Washington
Union Brewing Co.
Lndysmith, B, O.
hold this week.
 ■    ■-    Montreal, 'A*prll 28.-J. W. Watson,
In ths bell tower nf hla church hav- likely' to spend the remainder of his superintendent of O. T. P.   railway
Ing Juat finished ringing the noonday HI* behind the bars unless he decides dlnlnar ears. raMaaa ,«.iu. ••—   	
hell, and wa* crushed to death    by to comply with   the    order of    the
tho felling tower. United State* district court, direct-
Mrs. A. W. Qooden of Amite, waa Ing    th* (urrender
J. W. Watson,
^^^^^^^^^^^ P. railway
dining car*, retire* under the company'* pension lund, on Maj
will he succeeded by IS. V.
port on German quIcMrlng guns,
It is feared these papers were sold
to a foreign power through tho Instrumentality of La Belle Lily, who
was seen to hand a package to a
man,  ,
pony', pension lund. on May 1, and ^i^^—T^'h   i111/^ ^ m"'
.... .'.~-r"W *■■' •"" lion dollars to tho fund of tlio Car
ol lawai. mnoih     ml l   a  "   "*   8m,th» nogio foundatloh, to bo used to pen-
or jewela Worth with headquarter* at Toronto.       .    sion professors of stele universities.
Hongkong, April 27, —Tho
boycott by China on tho Japanese has become so e[7cciivo In
tbe southern part of China
thnt the Toyo Klshon Kaisha,
of the Orient SS, Co., hns temporarily suspended its South
American service, na tho stonm-
ers of the line are unable to
obtain pnsscngers or freight.
. Madrid,    April     27.-Tho Eporch,
rolling attention to the serious ilnan
rial and commercial crisis ln Barce-
lano states that It Is due partly to
o: anarchist torrnrlsm,. and partly    to
, [ the fart    that nt the time, of    the
, I stringency In tho United States.
t.     Cotton e-fporlors offered buyers the
almost advantageous terms for    spot
o' cotton which    offers were frequently
ai taken    up In BnrceloJin.     As s  re-
v suit of tills a  great oxodus of gold
a followed,    anil nt    the present time
.! many firms find    themsolves In dlffl-
a'eulties.     Sevoral already have   fall-
OiaWnqulI, Eenuador, April '
*T^-It la reported hore that '
the British a?teamcr Cacyque, '
from Mollendo, Mar. 4, for <
San Francisco, has been total- '
ly destroyed by flre. Part of.''
tha atenmer's    crew hos    been '
landed at Santa Elena.
. Wlnnlpog, April 88.—John Cortok,
of Whitemouth, Man., wes shot and
probably fatally injured by hold-up
men Inst night. Cortak started to
run when the robber* fired striking
him In the neck. HI* Injuries are so
serious thnt thore is no hone of his
and Pastry
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Boforo deciding on your Summer Shoes, Compare OUR Prices.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Curry and family returned to town ea Sunday, Mr.
Curry pulled out for the American
side about two years ago. He is
back to stay.
Mr. J. E. Smith, after several
.weeks confinement to bed and the
house, is out and about again. It
will be several weeks, however, before
Joo regains his customary spryness.
Mr. Jos. Rosetti left on Saturday
afternoon on a three weeks' trip to
the east. Mr. Rossetti haa some
relatives and . feionds In Ontario
■whom he has not seen for years. Ho
expects to be back the end of the
second week In May.
On Thursday evening a tie social
will be given in the Methodist church
under the ndsplces of the Young People's Society, A short program of
music and songs will be rendered and
refreshments will bo served. Admission, gentlemen 50- cent*, ladies free.
The doors will be open at 7.80 p.
ro. and all are Invited.
' <*J
The marble parlor elock which has
been on exhibition in tho Big Store
window, was captured by Mrs. All'
sopp through her purchases of White
Swan and Psndry's Pearl Soap.
Mr. D. McDonald, tho First Avenue
photographor, has taken a partner
into tho business. The new man is
Mr. A, Jarvinon, who for tho past
ten years has boen in the photographic business in Virginia, Minnesota.
His specialty Is photographs, and he
has somo fine samples of his work,
which have stood the test of a show
cnso for over twelve months. The
new firm is now ready for summer
Seven Slwashes and an Italian
names Valra were brought up last
night at the Provincial Court House
The Indians wore up on a charge of
drunkenness, tho Italian for selling
them tho drink. The former were
fined $6 and costs and the latter
was fined $50 and costs or three
months imprisonment. T. Allan had
also been summoned to appear on a
charge of causing a disturbance of
the peace, but failed to comply with
the order. A warrant was therefore
Issued for his arrest.
The Moors and Knights have united to meet an intermediate eleven
on Thursday evening. The kick-off
is timed for 5:80 and tlie following
Is Manager Moore's line-up:
Backs—Lewis and Gillespie.
Halves—Harrup, Noot, Weir.
Forwards — Haworth, Muir,
Akenhead and Irwin.
»- .
The lawn tennis craze is biting
pretty deep. Two popular young
business men managed to play six
sets the other morning before eight
o'clock. They would have played another, but a couple of ladies appeared on the scene and they gallantly
withdrew ln their favor. A little
more of this and the enthusiasts will
take to sleeping on tho court.
Constable Cassidy on Monday night.
lockad up four Siwaahe* whom be
found drunk in a shack on the beach.
There were other three who needed
the shelter of the lock-up, but they
were dead to the world and nothing
short of a steam crane could have
moved them. On Tuesday morning
Constable Cassidy apprehended an
Italian on suspicion of having supplied the Indians with the liquor.
TO LET—A front furnished bedroom
to rent. Henry Pollard, Second
Avenue. a29-8t.
A meoting was held In Mr. T.
Lewie' shaving parlors on Monday
night lor the purpose of forming a
male voice choir. Mr. J. M. Morgan, of Victoria, Ib now travelling to
Ladysmith and Nanaimo once a
week. He haa already a choir in
Victoria, and one has been started
in Nunaimo. Ladysmith will nt. .e
the third parly und the three choirs
will be trained on similar lines so
that they can lie united for concert
At the meeting on Monday night
it was agreed to start a choir and a
committee was appointed to look after the engagement of a hall and to
interview probable mombers. A second meeting will be held tonight,
when final arrangements will be made
In readiness for Mr. Morgan's visit
on Friday.
are a Specialty here. What
will you have for this Souson?
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w. [. in
William's Bloak
A school of languages for parrots
haa been established In Paris. The
birds are taught to speak English,
French, German and Italian.
• Charges of brutality and assault
have been prepared for filing bofore
the civil service commission against
three detectives in Chicago.
A whale between 40 and 45 feet
in length was killed by shells during
target practice by the battleship
fleet at Magdalene Bay, Cal.
A number of coui.terfelt silver dollars i...ro /ound in a reservoir near
Pottsville, Pa., whon the water wae
drawn off for repairs.
IVB,.?ropoMd *° v P'eture post
cards illustrative of natural and poll htatory as a mean. 0f inatruc
i Mon in doraaaa schools.
^ After 8,000 yeara a group of classical onthuslasts have started a
scheme for the erection of a statue
of Homer ln the center of Paris. -
Prof. Hauser, of Berlin, claims to
have discovered a Rembrandt underneath a picture sent hi, restoration by Humphrey Warn.
An .Infant 11 months old, whloh
weighs a* much aa tho average child
or 6 yeara, waa registered   by    the
SI 'York '""'gratlon officers.
rhe King-Pan, a daily newspaper
pub shed In Pekin, 1. JuatTteriE
S.MiJS3l,!*".ith year' h,v,n« ■*•*"•
established in the year 908
/U£°JLto" thttn 30.000,000 yen (IB.-
000 000)|. yearly ,p«t byY toial\\-
visitors in Japan- Soma estimates
put ths amount at 40,000,000 yen.
Joseph Thomas, of Plymouth, Pa
was caught on a treatling by a trolley car and run over, both lag* being, cut off.   He died In a few hour*.
Stalls for th* eale of sweets, presided over by uniformed girl*, ar*
being erected oa the Great Northern
and Oity Tub* nations, London.
Ice cream eaten at th* wedding of
Mr. and Mr*. John Wallace, at Talbot, Ind., seriously poisoned the couple, the parent* aad a dozen guests.
Four counterfeiter, wer* taken to
h* government   prieon at   Leaven-
-*-*-•■ -""*»       '        "'    '   	
wdrth, Kas.,     sentenced   lb    terms
ranging from one to eight year's.
Milton L. Bernstein, a New York
public school teacher, wae toed two
months' pay by the board of education for striking a boy pupil.
It is estimated that people in Chicago spend $300,000 a year in keeping their shoes polished. Of thla amount profits are said to be $100,000
John R. Sandburg, aged 78, a machinist of Galesburg, 111., while go~-
Ing down a'flight of steps, fell and
was strangled to death by his false
Wesleyan Methodist local preachers
in North Cornwall, Eng., have decided after an animated debate, to
recognize women as "helpers" in the
Several human skeletons, dating
from the early Iron age, haveireceht-
ly been discovered in Cairns near the
Black Rocks at Gullane, Scotland.
-A small - Dag containing $8,000
worth of diamonds was left ihasub
way train in New York by a messenger boy. Detectives are trying
to recover them.
Wild strawberries and violet*i are
in bloom at Hoadloy, Liphook,
Hants, England. At Ascott, a
thrush's nest containing four eggs
has been found.
Irish insurance business Ib entirely
tn the hands of somo 140 English,
Scottish and Canadian insurance
companies. An Irish company is
.About 8,000 acres of coal lands in
Monterey';county, 'Jallfbrnia,-" about
200 miles trom San Francisco, aro
about to be developed in an extensive manner.
A marble statue of the kaiser in
the garb of a Roman emperor with
a crown of laurels on his head is to
be placed ln the Berlin Academy of
Art.,       . —r
Their steamer   disabled, off  Portland, Ms., the captain .and the   en
glneer of the water boat Ben Hur,
swam seven miles in a storm   to
life-saving station.
In 1907, 8,925 new book* were
printed ln the United States. A
man would have to read twenty six
books a day to keep up .with the
new American literature.
A decreo has been published in all
the schools of China warning students not to take an Interest in
politics, contribute to newspapers,
or read novels,
A tract of land bought by Mrs.
Lang-try, in Nevada, some years ago,
for $40, may now sell for ten times
that amount, aa ailver haa been
found upon it.
After a shutdown', of three weeks'
duration, the plant of the National
India Rubber works at Bristol, R.I.
employing about 1,400 hands, resumed operations.
Charles Henry Parker, 92 years ol
age and the oldest Harvard alumnus, died, at his home on Chestnut
Street, Boston, He was a member
of the class of 1833,
Applicants for seed grain out west
ars not as numerous as was expected and advances may now be made
to settlers who are now putting In
their first crop.
John Warren, a coal miner of Ow-
ishdro, Ky,, Is in Kankakee search
ln,T for a kettle of gold containing
♦5a oo, of which he claims, companions planned to rob him.
Three notorious hotel thieves, who
were   dressed   ln black   silk    skin
tights, were taken as they wore collecting valuables in the bedroome of
San Remo hotel.
The Hamburg-American and North
Qennan Lloyd lines have Joined the
Whito Star line in cutting the steer-
ego rtiios between New York and Mediterranean ports.
A scow ferry loaded with steers
sank iu thn East River, N.Y., and
fifteen ol tho animals swam wildly
for safety, outstripping thu tugboats
whiih sought to catch them.
So L-rcat is the disproportion between th. numbors of men and women in Nikolsk—Ussurisk that profitable matrimonial agency is boing
carried on by ontorprlsing peasants
in tha district. Marriageable girls
are brought, from European Russia
by those agents who pay the part
of guar in ami make a largo profit on ettuli bride. '
Jan.es Shannon, of County Gavan
Ireland, swindled and evicted from
his farm In 1888, vowed that he
a. .Id never again sleep in a dwelling house till he had his own. He
has kept the vow till the present
time, in M'n'iner sleeping in the
woods, and during the winter in hay
ricks or outbuildings of klndlr neighbors.
Pari., will wash her dirty linen In
public at a washini: exhibition which
is to le hold in the gloss houses tn
th* Ci..rs la Seine on September
25. Kivary knoivn mpti"-vt of washing Till be Rhown, there will
also ue a retrof - exhibition
reaching from the tin fashing of
the flrst ulothea down to the present
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Messrs. J. McKinley, A. J. Hartley attd' wj Av Morrison returned
from a short visit to Vancouver on
Mr. T.
Mountt was in town Mon-
Mr. Charles Mains returned to business on Monday.
Mrs. Parrott returned home Monday from a short visit to Mrs. Jan.
Bateman of South Wellington.
Mr. G. HIM came back, from a
short visit to Hanaimo on Monday
Mr. L. M. De Gex, the manager of
the local branch of the Canadian
Bank 0I Commerce, was a passenger
on the Victoria' train thie morning..
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson went down to
Victoria this morning.
Mrs. Watson was a passenger on
tbe Victoria train this morning.
Messrs. W. Randle, S. Swanaon
and H. Barnes went down to Victor-
la this morning en route for ,. the
West Coast where they ere going to
work on the making of a government trail.
Mr. Rockfort, one of the staff of
the local bank, pulled out on Tuesday for Greenwood. His place has
been taken by MT. Shaw.
Rev. Mr. Wilkinson loft on the
noon train .yesterday on route for Alberni.
A vory complete selection of "Tho
Whitney" mako now in Vl-erfe,
Superior to any otiic c, (v.rl :.i
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ible TopB, 10, 12 end 14 in. Rub-
bor Tiros can be supplied.
G. Peterson
'Phone 18. First Avenue
Mr. J. W. Coburn
this morning.
wus    in town
Ex-Mayor Morley, of Victoria, pass
ed through town thiB morning.
Mr. Balagno wont down to Victor-
la this morning.
Messrs. Marpole, H. J. Combey and
E, J. Palmer, tho fruit man, were In
t'oWn this morning, presumably looking over the land that is being
cleared. .- -
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\ A BY;LAW* j &-wt<* ©leaking
A By-Eaw.of the Corporation of the
City of Ladysmith. ,
A By-law for the purpose of borrowing money to construct an elec:
trie plant to supply, electric light
slid power to the said <*tty of Ladysinith and the Inhabitants thereof
and vicinity.
Whereas a petition under Section
09 of the Municipal Clauses Act has
been presented to the Municipal
Council of tho City of Ludysmith,
signed by the owners of more than
one-tenth, of tho value ol the Real
property in the City of Ladysmith,
[ as shown by the last revised assessment Roll, requesting the said Council to raise a sum of money sufficient for the aforesaid purposes
'And whereas tho Council desire to
give effect to the said petition in the
manner hereinafter set forth
And whoreas the wholo ratable
land of the said Oity of Ladysmith
according to the last revised assessment roll is 9218,820.00
And whoreas tho whole ratable improvements of the said City of, Ladysmith according to the last assessment roll is $288,975.00
And whoreas tho total amount required to bo raised annually by rate
for paying the dobt which will be
created heroin and tho interest there-
on and for creating an annual sinking fund for tho repayment of tho
said debt within twenty flvo yoars
according to Law is $1,865.80.
And whereas it will require an annual rate of 5.55 mills on the dollar
for paying this dobt and interest
And whereas this By-law may not
be repealed except with tho consent
of the Lieutenant Governor in Council. '
.Therefore.tho Municipal Council of
the Corporation of the City of 'Ladysmith, enacts.as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor of the Corporation of the City of
Ladysmith to borrow, on the credit
of the said Corporation by way of
debentures hereinafter mentioned,
from any person or persons, body or
bodies corporate, who may be willing to advance the same as a loan,
a sum of monoy not exceeding ln tho
whole the sum of $25,000 currency
or sterling monoy at tho rate of
4,86 and 2-8rds dollars to tho one
pound sterling, and to cause all such
sums so raisod or received to be paid
into the hands of the Treasurer of
the said Corporation for the purpose and with the object hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall be lawful for the said
Mayor to cause any number of debentures to be made, executed and
issued for such sums as may be required not exceeding, however, the
sum of $25,000.00 either In currency
or sterling monoy (at the aforesaid
rate) each of said debentures being
of tho amount of $100.00 or its sterling equivalent (at' tho aforesaid
rate) and all such debentures shall be
sealed with the seal of the said Corporation and signed by tho Mayor
8, The said debentures shall bear
date of the day after the final passing of this By-law and shall he made
payable ln twenty-five years from the
said date, at such place, either in
the Dominion of Canada, Great Britain or the United States of Anurias may be designated thereon,
and shall havo attached to them
coupons for the payment of interest,
and the signatures to the Interest
coupons may bo either written,
stamped, printed or lithographed.
4. The said debentures shall bear
interest at tho rato of five per cent,
per annum from the dato thereof,
which Interest shall be payable half
yearly at such place, either in the
Dominion of Canada, Great Britain
or the -United States of America, as
may be expressed in the debenture
and coupon,
5. It shall be lawful for the said
Mayor to causo the said debentures
and Interest coupons, cither or both,
to bo made payable at such places,
either in tho Dominion of Canada,
Groat Britain or tho United Statos
ot Amorica, as may be desired.
6. It shall be lawful for the Mayor qf the said Corporation to dispose of the said debentures at
rate below par and to authorise tho
Treaauror to pay out of the said
sums so raised by the sale of tho
said debentures, all expenses connect
ed with the preparation and lithographing of the said debentures and
coupons, or any discount olcommis
slon or other charges incidental to
the sale of the said debentures.
7. For tho purpose of raising annually tho required sum for the payment of the interest on the said debentures during their currency, thoro
shall be raised annually tho sum of
$1950,00 and for the purpose of
creating the sinking fund aforesaid
for the repayment of tho said dobt
thore shall bs raised annually tho
sum of $615.80.
8. For the purpose of the payment
of tho said sums ln the next prccod,
i"g paragraph mentioned thore shall
bo raisod and lovlod in onch yoer a
rate of 5.55 mille in tho dollar on all
tho ratable land in the City of Ladysmith and on Bfty per. cont. of tho
Improvements In the said City of
Ladysmith during the continuanco of
the said debentures or any of thom.
9. It shall bo lawful for the Corporation of the City of Ladysmith
aforesaid, to redeem any or all of
the said debentures at par at any
lima after the expiration of five
yoars from the date thereof upon
giving six months' notice of their
Intention so to do, such notlco shall
sufficiently given by a publication thereof ih the British Columbia
Gasetto four times and although the
holders of the debentures mentioned
in such notice be not spoclflcally
named, after the expiration ol tho
said period of aix months all interest
on the snld debentures the numbors I
of which   hare    been published   as I
",?n™1rdk.l,h!," rC°"* '.. . I    Publlc noUco ls 1"lre,>y *■'">"- 'hat
10. This By-Law, before the final the Esquimalt and Nanaimo Hail-
Passuig. thoreof; shall rocelvo the as- way Company will on Monduy, tho
^K^atr-*; m «t Ladysmith,
in the. Municipal Clauses Act, and w lo' or ln l",Pls' tt eurlond of
shall take effect on the day aftor the hay now llt Ladysmith, shipped
final passing thereof. 'rom Okotoks, Alta., by «, o, Chilli.   This By-Law may bo cited as dron. consigned to Ordor advise La-
"Tho Ladysmith Electric Light  and dysmith Lumber Company. The car-
Power By-Law, 1908." load of hay is said to contain twen-
Poased by the Municipal Council on ** nlm> thousand two hundred pounds
the 31st day of April, 1908,   ■ "»»• <* boing sold for unpaid charges
Rods and lines
Flies and Tackle
For All Kinds of Fishing.
iii I. J1
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Dally at 9 a. m.
Wednesday,   Saturday   end   Sunday
At 9:00 and 15:58.
For Victoria.
nirnT/nvrT! y-r.\ 11 t:..i i
Trains Arrive at Ladysmith
Daily at 11:57.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday,
At 11:67 and 17.55..
From Victoria.
District Passenger Agent.
103 Government St., Victoria
' ' Shadow   Embroidered    Corset
Designs stumped for Embroid- • '
', \ Handkerchief    Corsot    Covors. ' '
\ ' Drosdon Rilibon Corset Covors. '• ,
i Miss Ureir j
J I     FANfJY GOODS  STORE.      ' '
Choicest Fpu'ts
Cigars   Tobaeoos.   Soft Drinks
Excellent Boarding
Special Jkteal Tickets for
the Week
Mrs. 8. Decker,
I   Take notice   that the above Is  a
true Copy of the proposed   By-Law FOR SALE,
upon which the vote of the Munlci- • __ (
KSILTth1 ™ *5S2* &the Bty H»"    »«* "'»<»•» end Plymouth Rock
:JTi ■*,*,w,,*m th* B<""» ot 9 a. m. All egga guaranteed.    Loavo ordera
ancj|7 p. m. „___ ' »t O. Roberto Butcher Store, Flrrt
•*' JOHN STEWART, Avenue.
0. |C. 0.
***** *i^^V»y*Vuf»Aj|-MJ»Ji.
THAN WOOD. . . ,
H. Thornley
A Qirl to dn house.   Apply,
Flrat Avenue.
'     NOTICE,
Notice la horoby given lhat we Intend to apply to tha Llconalng Commissioner* of the Olty of Ladysmith
at tholr next regular meeting for a
tranafor of tho Retail liquor Llconco
now   held  by us for the    premises
known es the Now Western Bar. Ladysmith, B. 0., from ourselves   to
John Pausche and John Dunbar
latdysmlth, B.C., March 81, 1908.
-Local agent for Liverpool h London A Globe Ina. Oo. (Fir*). Only
those who can secure a share of business need apply, to
JAMBS S. RANKIN, Inspector
Box 689, Vancouver.


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