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Ladysmith Standard Feb 22, 1908

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rtB 28 1908
Ogilvie's Wheat Granules
The "Wheat Granules" mako n delicious und nutritious porridge nnd Is
reeommonded by letidylng physicians,
Made from tho Cream of tho Wheat,
Saturday Special
Singapore Pineapples, siloed, 2 tins
for  25c.
Glycorated Oatmeal Soap, for the
complexion, (!) cuius In a ho\-),
Saturday Price, 2 boxes for ... 25c.
Watch This Space
Is Slashing Prices
t'a-itJiafilJitjasjMaMtJltj if 'tji tjlt^l | 1111/■■^(iiir^-iiiiiiijS^i^r^^s>-^
~ • •   >.   ' i-
Ladysmith Men Stake aad Lease Some Claims on Wi\ ck Bay Which
May Turn Out an Island Bonanza.
$10-1.<lu to   tlie ton, and U
SB.SU    cents   to     tho ton.    In «
therefore, a ton of tlio native mat.
ini would roprosont a cash valuo
o, tno
II   nil,
Thoi-e are many legends about un. some claims, which, if tliey' hem* out gold as worth $20.-00 thc uu
known El Dorados on Vancouver Is-'all their promises will assuredly pro- „ssuy revealed that tho lirst
,     ,        r, .-        ,     i, ..,.- i„„  duee a gu d rusl. on  tlio  Island,
land.      From   time to time articles    ^ Q*{m ^ ..^ ^ ^   m
appear In the Amorlcun journals jbeut.n on ^reck Hay, In the Cluyu-
!which spoaU of gold deposits known quot Mining Ulsrbriot. There is a
only to tho    native    Si wash.     Kven'sand bank one hundred feet high, and
with tho Indians, the existence of the according     to    the   discoverers, the yield $43.20 to tlie ton,   tho second,
gold lives only as a tradition, hand-! whole bank is booming with gold, It  tfir.n'JQ     .Nothing cudlrt odd to tho
ed     down    through the generations,  pans out at from 0 to "i~> cents   lhc  effect of these figures.
Not long -ago an American paper des-1 pan, and Mr. Myles stales that In all      There are millions of tons of    the
crlbod an cxpedit on which was    be- j hie experience of all kinds of    gold
ing fitted out under the guidance of mining, both in Colorado and in the
•Chief Oood, of Nanulmo, designed to North, he has never seen anything to
trace    back     some of the creeks to equal it.
thoir source. The precious metal | It is two or throe months since Mr
was said to bo presont in unheard of | Myles last visited the claims, ojirt he
Eespeufced Resident Passes Away with
Tragic Suddenness on Thursday   Horiiiii',.
Tiie death occurred witli startling
suddenness in the early hours of
Thursday morning of Mrs. Margaret
Jackson. The dec-eased had never
quite fCni'ie.! irom the shock of
her son's death in the Nunatino hospital some two     months ago.     Sttli
Mr. 0. A.    Sutherland,   Free   Fresal
Editor Quietly Married on
Wednesday Evening.
Nanaimo, Fob, 20.—
The strange disappearance of    Mr.
0. A. Sutherland of the Free  Press
stuff      caused   considerable      alarm
around this ollicu today.
When the stall' assembled for work
raw material in tho hank ul.ija.ly al
ludod to, und if the trial pans arc
borne out, there is wealth beyond tho
dreams of avarice right at our doors.
, ,    ,     ,     r  .a"     ow"   this morning that gentleman was no
she     nppuured    to be in her    uaual   t„hA1„ ,„  i.° ,- ..._.. ■  •-
health and was able to attend to her
house work. She was all right on
retiring to bed on Wednesday evening, but was taken sick during the
night. 'She called fur adrink of water, which one of the hoys procured
for her, and afterwards she must
Uavfl risen,     for she was discovered
seated in hor chair, quite dead.    	
Immediate cause of death was heart
where to  be found, und   a   vigilant
search conducted at all   his   known
haunts    failed to reveal   his
abouts.    ^^^^^^^^
Eventually it was learned that the
news editor, tired of gearing tho worries und responsibilities of news-
papcrdom, had taken unto himself a
The most excellent partner in the person
of Miss Mable Shook, daughter of
Mrs. A. J. Shook,
I'he deceased was well known both streot, and one ol' the tiSK
^^ .,.  here mm   ,, Nanaimo, and tho   news young ladies ol «.e cky        '  P     '
The locality,    says    Mr; Myles, is ? . °* sf*™ <J eath    caused a pain- I   Tho wedding took place last .'.ri.t
.    t,t, ,-■__._ t.   - Ideal for mining.    Tlioi-o is „ ,,lonti- '"'.sll(J^ round town.    Sho was    a at the home   of the   hrM„'. L^T
quantities   and the Andersi were,    to then brought    a sample down   with tul supply of wator, „„,1 no obstacles   "ut,vu °   Scotland and in her   doth and wai of the odstos? JtZfT
bo richer than the fabled Monte Chris him.    It certainly looked g-iiid    and to the donning out of the sold.        rvP"r "»" '<«»<•<• behind hor ono dau- fact the    announoeW ni To  J
to, or any of the character creations assayed bettor.   Mr. Myles   sent   'it     Mr. Mylos and his associates.an In *t8r'    "arbura,     and    three sons, 'rlage will comeMaak^nhZ
°'„H5;gard', lt0 a mP-tao'e- essay Company   in communication with u party of Am-P"ff' JI"nl'°- and John.      Qoorge'priso to over-one complete   inr-
Nothlng, of courso. was known   of Colorado and he hus linen in    coi-v  oi-icnn capitalists, and n deal mny bo W Mun,•|, ere both grown up,    but'   Inspector E  o' Tavlor    ti«i   «,„
the expedition locally; but tho story munication with the firm over sin.c. concluded any day.   of courso  a vis- l'lohn ,s s,n""- ""'I tbe loss  of    tho nuptial knot     Mr» p™,   rift
opened     out    interesting speculative, The results of the assay wero no   un-   It will havo     to   bo    mado    to the i""'*llur *""' '"" "lost >"*"»>' on hiin.   old   Vancouver   MhoolZ'te    ,,r     il"
"    "-les is cmlidont oil ,Jlu' fl""'ral "'ill toko pluco on"       '* '       ooimate    of     the
lt   is Just probable, prece'dented that the firm were scarce claims; but Mr. My!
however,    -that   there may be an Is- iy able to credit tlio data with which the result.   Altogether it is not too
land gold rush apart altogether from   they wore supplied. • much to hopo     that a   few months'
these  Indian legends.       Mr.    Walter!   There were throo kinds of san'l    in time will see the inauguration of   u
Myles and somo half a dozen    local the sample, namely beach sand, blaik gold boom on the western coast   of
associates have staked and registered sand, and ordinary sand.'  Reckoning the Island.
i Sun-j bride's, assisted her, while Mr.
supported      the    groom
day morning under the auspices    ofjMcMillan
the liiL-nT Pythian  Sisters.  A service! through his pleasant,
will be hold in the    family residence I   The bride was   gowued   in   cream
the Rev. Jas. Mc-  brocade silk with   velvet   and pearl
consideration than horses and    cor- «.,Tn  1T    r T.  -.
talnly it was time   a passable rond I lilt  Iff    Qlj   P
into town was made for pedestrians.
Mr. Ward thought that perhaps too i V' \[ I Vf V110 t I) V
much was made of tho grievances of Ail ii I T LIlOilH I
people living up tho hill.    It was nb-' ^^_^
solutely necessary that tho main arteries, of a town should lie    finished Successful Dance Given in the Opera
first.    He thought the suggestion given by tho Standard     .ins a   good House Last Evening.
——                           ono.    'Let the Council f-irmulnto   a ——
The regular meeting of tho Citizen' general scheme ol imprt) uments nnd
League was held to tho City Hall on ™n>>' '« <»>*■ mm « '' l»o«edlU-lltlI     ,._.,.,,,
,„.       ,        _     „   „   __.   ■ , ,.       carry it out even If it took ten years cd tho fourty-fourth  anniversary
Thursday.   Dr. R. B. Dior pros ding. t   mmme.    The result would    bo ..        .'   ,    .    ... , „
Tho-meot'ng wns only moderately at- moro sntis|„ct,„-y than doing a little the ordor last "isht by »
tended, and a report which wos   ex- hw0 on<1     ,iu,0 -th(,re nml fln|shlng supper in the opera houso.
pectod from the electric   ighting com nothi A     .ralt „lislako „„,, |lMll
mittee was not forthcoming for    the ma(|() in the fl,.st    ]im h) not hnv,
vory sufficient reason that not a sin-the |10,|S(,S   on.  lU)0   vuriolls ^.^ts
Question of Electric Lights and Sidewalks Informally Discussed.
The local K. of P. Lodge colob'rat-
ersui-y of
dance and
 ^ The hall
was prottily decorated In red, white
and blue colors, the walls and roof
gle member of tho committee was |VuTlt"on"lt flxod level HoireVrthnt being daintily draped and festooned,
.present. The fact called forth some could „ot bo attoro„ nolV| .but lhey
comment, and certainly it is of the ,„.„„]„ mbiev„ m„,v sntinfactory i-e-
;utmost importance that tho issue „ults ,.,,,,, (hc. bnp.^vemom, they
should be kept as much as possible „,„,.„ ma.{lng lr thcv m|OF,t«l „ Eon-
Iboforo-the people. It Is also neces- „ai ,,,„„ ,„„, st.|,t,,1R, ,,„. tnc wh()]o
sary that some reliable data should town,
bo obtained so that the cost   ol the
to mako or repair am- part of ■
your    Watch,   lie    it  English, ■
Swiss, American, or any other
Why?    Becauso I havo studied    tho   Watoh from both   a '
Sclcntillc and  Practical    View. '.
and   understand tlie principals .
All work guaranteed. IYices ■
in accordance with Ars-t-class ■
lights to tho consumer may -lie given
as nearly as possible to the actual
President Dier read a communication from the Hinton Electrical Company. A representative of this Arm
wont over tho city about two    years
ago for tho purpose of submitting an .^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
estimate to tho Council, so thai they Meddlor With Switch Throws lOnglne
'are In a position to    quoto for   the
The mooting then adjourned.
-        -      ♦
We are now through Stock-Taking
•nd have numerous articles which wo
muat dispose of at ridiculously Low
Prices, In order to make room for
New Hoods.
P. G. N00T
Horologicnl   Inst.,    Toronto.
H-+-H-H-+** ♦+■(-►•♦ H t ♦ *♦♦♦ i
Off the Track and Stops tho
Mines From Working.
needs of tho town. They gave an estimate for a 2000 light plant ln
| which they guaranteed all tho appliances    to    lie ot tlio newest nnd . mi. _.,„,     ... .   ,,
most up-to-date kind,     Their estlm- 'jr^S ."" VhS/   °. ««I'°<;fed'y  on
, ate places    the    cost of l,istallnti<in „UV'^°l0' „.j"*° nlKh'   /''"'>>   P«J»«1
Just ovor     S2S.000,      If arc lamps __\, "', b° ' u ' L ' W0"',,,CS""'V " g.t
were required for the streets S3.000 TL "b   *"""e,1' ,a\    th»    ****_>■
would need to be added to the total. s,XT sn i "ter e,e,   with   the
i   An informal'discussion followed up- si t   'thnt    . L   i ^, ' Wi",ith°  n'~
HAHNHSSINO     NIAtlAUA      DES-  "■> the reading of tho communication Z0wn right ™f   hnT™ !™   "'"'
TltOYlNG SCENIC UEAUTY        |tho object of tho Speakers being    to     It   "ns b, ,,,°s I tbUf tl,n
British Expert Says That to ..'tllise \»na W* «*■ "hat cost lhe lights could up to «o S and
We can All any bill of Oeneral   nnd ■     m     ^       ^          «~ -»— „„ ,up „„, to the conitllmw ln 0„|cr ;rt0~ '™ 8'h7t"'^/'" ?f' "n the
Household      Hardware     Enamelled             „             Much   Natural            » ■"»k'' the investment a  proAtablo tt Zn-s        . S?  i    K      ?"",""
Were, Sporting Goods, Xrockery and                      * ^'     "nmu           >___,_.   Of course, it was Impossible to . *oum' not i,   ?            .°"n<l. "'!!'
Olau   Ware,    etc., and,   of   course.     WASHINGTON;"    c„ Feb. X»,- «K»™ the matter satisfactorily   with oc<*mo1    " °* "J," 'o«"l*le to get   the
not necessary to mention   the Finest n,. w. j. q^ t«0 liVltisS mL- **» ""ta before the meeting, and   It "f'™," »," °V ' "im         .,          '""
Stoves and Ranges In existence.          u,t, commissioned by the^Qoological  •«<» Renerally Mt that to instnl    a no 0the. o d    f<h     '    ,'    T   T
jsurvey oLCanada, to in^estigatlS g»t capable^ only of giving o,000 ^^^^^J^Om
You may be
Sorry for it.
Niagara Fulls problem, discusMil to-,"Khts would bo a mistake
day the ellect of tlio utilization ct its '   Mr- °- Wilson pointed out that the 	
waters    by power     plants upon its Municipal Convention would lie held
sconic beauty.    At tho instance    of  ln NnnnTmo   noxt   week.    Probably Kimopv-pKiv
tho American    civic federation,    Dr. *wo   delegates    would bo nttending
Spencor    has   appeared    before  the 'ron* f'olr    Council and thoy would
house llivora and Harbors committee wehe It their object to get all    the
and presented    data concerning the I information possible on .the    subject
petition of the Ontario Power Com- 'trom the    delegates of other cities. I   ST. PETEKSBUHG
chose to meddle with n switch.
puny for a franchise.
l*o develop this power would
quire forty    thousand cubic lest
Feb. 21.
the death sentence
This Information they could givo tho  _\aa    passlmr of
League at its noxt meeting. ' • b
           „     There wos    some further informal yesterday by court martial on Gen.
wator per second, which Dr. Spencer .discussion of the subject, Mr. Ward Stoessol, who was tried on charges
contended ls from twonty to twentf- .rtating that what they should do of cowordico and treason in surrond-
Avo per cont. of tho discharge of Nia-1 was   to apply for ^(ormatlpn,.fro* ^tog Port Arthur to the Japs, was
Flags and Chinese lanterns added to
tho elfect, the work boing curried out
With tlio true artistic taste that distinguishes all that lloedding doos in
tho color line. The Aoor also was
in splendid condition, and, with tin-
best of music from tbo Lndysmith orchestra, under Mr. F. G. Asliron's
leadership, the dancers had a fine
Tho grand march was set for nine
o'clock sharp and up till two o'cUick
In the morning tho Aooi- was constantly engaged. About thirty couples were present, so that there was
no crushing.
A splendid supper wns served by
tlio Pythian Sisters. Tho latter
hnve made a reputation with their
cuisine work and certainly they made
good Inst night again. Thoro was
enough and to spore of everythitnr,
and everything wns of the best. The
dance was both u financial aad a
social success and all thore enjoyed
nn l-'uiii-tli Avenue,
All i km officiating, and then the cortege will proceed to the depot in
time to catch the noon train. From
the Nuniiinio depot tbo procession
will proceed direct to tho Nanaimo
cemetery whore the Rev. Miliar will
conduct the grave.sido services.
ice ix coal Mixi-\c.\rsi-:s des-
WILKESBARliE, Pa., Fob. 21. -
While ten miners were being lowered
into the stunton of the Lehigh nn I
Uilkosbarre Coul Co., today a largo
body of ice in the shaft fell striking
the hood of thu cago, demolishing it.
Two of tlie ton meu woro killed outright and ono died on tho way to
thu hospital. Three others it is believed wili die of their injuries.
f 'marked
Phone 7-0,
gara river and would greatly impair ', othor cities of tho same size os  —
the    characteristic of the whirlpool .dysmith that already possessed   an teaa with littio satisfaction in
rapids lower the river bed up to the eloctr c lighting system.   They   could Russian capital.
falls, break up the turfoco-rock    at loarn not only thc cost of installing I   There    lt   is fnlt   that    (iAn.,rni«
the foot of the American falls    and the plant, but tho oxponses of oper-'     *" '    " '"''   mM    "•no™'"
Goat Island, and thereby cause    a atlng    It, and everything connected ol0»»«'.    folk, u0iss and Smoinolf
moro rapid    recession of tho    horse with It.    With tho data before thom mid practically nothing toward    cs-
thoe. I thoy could not get any further ahead, tabllshlng tho real responsibility fori   DAVTOX     Ohio    Fob    "1 - Tho
As the beginning of those  t^*,^*fa™< |)rought up . «,e fall of the fortress.     Tho  court plant of the Dayton Motor "far Co..
Kestion which was made by Mr. W.  ltWeoa decided the extent     of     tlio with contents were destroyed by Uru
Jones at tho   last moetinff   of    tho.'guilt of Stoessel and tho others, but early today.     The loss is estlinat/id
it neglected to Judge tho system   of |tit $200,000, covered
by a rim    over which the
j How of water is ulready thin,  the di-
| vision of the water     would destroy
about 800 feet of flow on the east- j League. This was tho laying of two
ern side of the great horseshoe and (sidewalks right up High Street and
break up the American streams into Roberts Street, so that people
separate streams.    Tlie total length
of both    falls    would he contracted
roughly from four thousand feot   to
sixteen hundred feet.    This diversion
of the water    will produce a horseshoe,   so that   what remains will be
entirely on the Canadian  side of the
boundary line."
4 .   He argued that the lowering of the
J 'water in the basin above the upper
"  rapids would    increase the slope of
the river so that the surface if Lata
Erie will    be lowered by three feet
I which in turn would lower Lakes Huron and Michigan.    Already with   a
f 'parallel* Lake Erie has been lowered
ing up the hill could get down town
without trailing through slush and
mud. All the money tho city had
expended on Street work had been do
voted to improving the roads for
horses and teams, and It was time
the people received somo consideration.
AW. Haworth wanted to know if it
were practicable to lay sidewalks up
which thoy were thc product. Thoy
declined to admit tho testimony regarding the preparedness of tho fortress at the beginning of the war;
she roll in tho defence of a marina
stronghold, and other underlying factors in the humiliation  of Russia.
Tho newspniwrs today express sympathy with Gen. Stoessol, and that
these streets. Was there a street in j the sontenco undoubtedly would be
the town that was fit to walk on commuted. They demand also thai
when there was snow or ice? Why.; Gorii Kuropatkin,' Viceroy Eloxief and
even w-hore there were wooden   side- ■ * " "A,UI ami
even w-ncre mkjrj wo™ wuuum   o.««-.   ..
walks the peoplo took to the streets. (other officers     still moro intimately
ten inches.    Thla amount of   lower-. 	
Ing includes that of the Chicago oa- favor of wooden sidewalks. He fav-
inal which at present is'taking flve lored comont, and tho little bit in
thousand cubic feet a second. 'front of- his property was, he consid-
I   In connection   with the calculation ored the best sidewalk in the town,
for repairing the harbors and canals I   Mr. J. 10. Smith   did not consider
m.,^ it*,u.a.-a*   x- „*.       ntm    tt ..  °y the United States engineers, it la .the subject one of sufficient  Import-
niraa Hundred   March on City  Hall calculated that to Increase the depth ance to be discussed by the  League,
Mr. Ward said that though he was (responsible for tho loss of the war,
in tho lumber business ho was not in be placed on trial.
New Haven,     Conn., Feb. 21.-
>y itiBurituce.
The fire is supposed to havo boon
due to spontaneous combustion, The
iliimcs miule rapid progress and thi
entire local department buttled for
many hours before subduing thom.
Ton now unfinished autos, valued nt
three thousand dollars ench wore
A graphic story of the Mauretan-
ia's first rescue at sea is published
by the "Daily Bulletin," tin newspaper printed on board tlio Cunard
"On leaving New York," says the
Alauretuma's little newspaper, "we
little thought we should have the
happy experience of being the means
of saving three lives from a watery
grave. But so it happened. The
barge Fail itiver, in company with
two others, tho Mautangas and Grafton, loit Philadelphia in tow of the
tug Concord bound for Fall River.
Each of the barges was laden with
coal from the Pennsylvania and Virginia coalfields.
The weather was fine and promising, and a quick passage was expected to be mude. The and its hea-
y tows had arrived oil Poiut Judith
close to their home port, when a
storm suddenly arose from tlie north-
with heavy showers of thick
snow. Towards night the wind increased in force and tbe sea rose.
Thc weather became so bad that the
tug was obfiged to put back with its
charges and run for shelter in Long
Island Sound. But the snow fell
faster and thicker as night advanced,
and next morning, whon the little
ileet arrived off tho Sound, thoy were
unable to discern the land.
"Later, tho stern barge, the Graf-
sou, showed danger signals, and at
0 p.m. all the tow wus adrift. The
wind still blew hard from tho north-
northeast, with blinding squalls of
snow; but it veered gradually to tho
northward with clearing weather.
The pumps un the Fall River were
kept at work until about 11 p. m.,
when a terrific sou broke aboard and
smashed in the engine-room hatch,
putting tbe pumping gear out of com
mission. The Fall River was then
hopeless and ut the mercy of the
wind and sea and the men could do
nothing bui hand on to the sinking
vessel throughout the night. At 3
o'clock next morning a huge sea carried away tho rudder, which made
matters worse. At 7:30 tbe crew
decided to abandon their vessel and
trust to the frail dory, and it
well they did, for just after they had
jumped in the barge foundered and
disappeared beneath the waves. Then
commenced a struggle with the elements. The men pulled with all their
might towards the land, but wore repeatedly driven back, One steamer
bound for tho eastward passed them
during the morning. In tho afternoon their* hearts bounded when t
saw n large steamship coming along
liko on express trniu, and presently
thoy concluded thut she was tho famous Mnurotunin.
Thc officers of the watch on our
good ship descried thc little dory,
and Captnin rritchord imuied ately
bore down towards the boat Ropes
wore thrown to the dory, which was
thon hnuled alongside as far ns could
be done with safety. Another rope-
looped—was also thrown and two of
the poor fellows, with tlie rojie fastens! round them, jumped from their
boat, and wcro Imuied aboard by will
lug hands, while the third mado a
successful leap to the ship's ladder.
Tho rescue wns effected amid the
chctTS of hundreds of tho pii£s i'ci-s
and crew.
'It was all done in 20 minutes."
passementerie. Mrs. Clark was attired in a cream silk evlienne ever
cream taffeta trimmed with blue forget-me-nots.
Mr. and Mrs. Sutherland le't on
the Joan this morning 'or Vancouver and after a visit to Seittlo will
return to the city on Moudiy to
take up residence on Victoria Road,
in the house lately occupied by Mr.
J. A. McAloney.
The entire staff extend congratulations to Mr. Sutherland and his estimable bride and wish they many
years of prosperity and happiness,
Vhe "Standard" man most heartily chimes in.
TOUONTO, Feb. 19.-Heforrlng   to
the    threatened    withdrawal of ths
American    team     (rom tho Olympic ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
games 11   Tom Longboat eaters, De-Jnro not absolutely completed, lt
puty Chief Stark, who is a  mombir believed     that satisfactory arranot*-
of tho Olympic committee for Cana- ments will bo made.     It has    been
ff-,da, said it would bo tlms enough for {staled that the amount to be   paid
Toronto, Feb. 19— It is understood that negotiations are on lor
tlio re-insurance of policy holders in
the Mutual Reserve Life of Ken-
York with the Imperial Life Assurance Company of Canada,
While negotiations with the latter
and Ask (or Employment
ol the Chicago oanal over one "loot I He was not suro that it canto wltWn   was stated by the Yalo Athlotlo au-|protMt to bo 4^^, whon Longboat' for reinsurance would lie about two
Ladysmith, Feb. SI.
Editor Standard.
Heading the proceedings of the
City Council of last Monday evening,
it seems an impression has been cre-
ntod in the Council that I, as owner
of the Stevens Block, desire tbe city
to tear down and robulld the sidewalk around said Building.
Now, such is far from my wish
The sidewalk suits me as it Is, and
if It doos not suit the city, it is up
to the Council to do whatever they
pleasc with it. lt Is true I built it,
nnd, in the language of one of the
learned councillors, "asked nothing
from tlio Council" (there was none
1 hnt time) or anyone else. When
the city was incorporated the sidewalks ("traps" and all) were taken
over hy it, and It is now up to the
city to  do as  It sees fit with them.
Should the sidewalk be lowered, it
would necessitate the expenditure oi
a few hundred dollars, on my part,
to lower the building l'n conformity
therewith, hence it suits me better
as it is. ! have . always complied
with the requests of the Council,
when reasonable: for Instance, ln removing stops off the street in front
of the Hotel Ladysmith, when such
requests were ignored by others on
the same street. I do not stand In
tho way of Improvements. On the
contrary, I am. always willing to
do my part, but no more.
Yours truly,
LISBON, Feb. 31.- The air it
full of rumors of plots and counterplots. Some speak of increased revolutionary agitation among the
republicans, others of the revival of
Franco, others ol a palace and barracks plot to establish a military
Oporto newspapers stated posltivt-
1}- tbat the government haa discovered a Franooist plot at the palace,
and it prosecuting Counts Arnotot
gnd Taronca and Major Jose Lobo,
who are alleged to be leaders.
They declare however, that they
will support the government If it
continues Its liberal policy and official* argue that the government will
use all efforts to hold order aad en-
suro respect for the constitution.
The unsettled state of ths public
mind ls reflected in business conditions which are very bad. The exchange is showing a downward tendency.
TORONTO, Feb. 18.- Three hund.
red unemployed marched to the City
hall yesterday and asked for work.
They claimed that the labor bureau
established by the city has not work.
would cost twslvt million dollars,
Seattle, Feb. 19.-Bwaute hit
....,...„ wife threatened to secure a di
ed out properly, and lhat while rog- . Voroe „„„, h, __ A,buryihot
ular men are given steady employment, men who registered at tha labor bureau are ignored. Ther were
3,800 men registered at the bureau
waiting work. No promlao ol work
was gtvan.
Ho   thought thoritios today that there would bejjs choson, II he qualifies as a com-
rc ««n i     n»nd in      W°r t0    th° 1"" ••>lernational hock<1y 8arao    thi» petltor.     Tho Olympic Commlttoo is
mT.1\ MoLennnn, dlflered from this ymr "0*™;"-".  the Yale team,    thejrc8ponBlblo t0 the English Commit
ithelr provinco anyway,
.they could leavo tho matter to
the United States Inter
championship, and
{too for tho nmntenr standing of   11
l"0, competitors    sent and the Canadian
and killed her last night. Hs
then turned the weapon upon
himself and sent a bullet Into
hie head.
I view.    It was nil right for a person winners of
'who lived   down town to talk    like collegiate
• 'that.    It was a different matter  for s0V8n ..,,„ ,■.. iIniv„„if„ _« m...,, ' ,    '  ,.      .     .    .T.
.those    who lived   up the hill.    The __m „""" ,      •-""^""■'J' o'iTo™"*|Committce is absolutely suro of tholr
jchlldren hnd to    wade through
' |and slush to got to school  and
.down town. So also had their mothers when business called thom down
town. Sidewalks woro hadlv needed.
Mr. Wilson also thought that human beings   wore more ontltlod   to
mu£  to,    There has boon somo talk ol a'gromA __,„„ the lettino- of   Long-
got mooting betwoon those two teams t-i hoat or nnvbody „iB,
hundred nnd
There is now
government about ?2flB,000 and the
Toronto   genoral    trust corporation
hold an additional $75,000.
fifty thousand dollars
on deposit with     the •
Ottawa,    Feb. 18— The Earl     ol
Hnnfiirley, who was governor    and
doddo tho intorcolloglato champion-' stKTk „daoni w,th ,ome emphasl.)' commander in chlel in Ns (rom 1897 j
ship of North America, but Yale's tnnt Canadians were not interfering to 1904, arrivod ln Ottawa last eve-'
team has gono off training and will |„ onv w„y ^th what the United nlng nnd will be a guest of Earl
not play again thla season. j States committee wet doing. Orey for a lew days.
Toronto, Feb. 19- Ike Ontar *
io branch ol tht Dominion Al- *
llanct which meett In annual *
convention In a lew dajrt, will *
demand ol the Ontario govern- *
meat immediate enactment ot '
the law abolishing bars lad *
making the treating tylttm a *
criminal offtnet. » mt
II You Require Any
WILLS, ^._
LEASES     .
*, • i       ' ■'■    *
(.'onnfil^nrB   hlcileid
arge ninlffer uf /tj4--'
V      .vor ojrtbcin.     l/i.
^■"ini; tffid    fSi'o hos't'l ,     ....
line, nnd ln_doinji. thnt tho League
will he doing mure useful work tliuii
in piling up ilutn und heaping up
I'stiiiintcs.. Lights aro n plain uo-
llllll Army p|«p,
s und litis
~^^mxir-~-0^m^:~=-*•"*..„.i---^r'?%& ■."ijf^iHwy
DKPKATI'D   tcMSts of himself nnd otherJ'stock- SwOKS fiu*.E-$:
/"fmklors. "**:- I'' S<
alamlagd Wallers Won -vjn^x,,,,   M  the coh^iini,^   ap-,:wN,Ew^llw/
fuj-pon,.,,,| in ,.„!„.(. nlU|  iiianiisged their I,
gnmc i..       have boon an exciting one  bil| lMofal. „s lt relato(| to th(
ijhu Mainland'
the   So*uhd •»ootiibimUion,-Jahd
*t have beon an
awn I
Weilnl In-
» bill I
following from tho Province thoiisanil slum
,n- I'M \\mm 'fMuffliil']
Or if You Heciuira Any
.Im-sLi lit ,BtfiJfp4 Ji-JU  dun missii
/[I j^r/lM\ »V'W» Imd hust-lp.
nheiMuK     .
way to slice
Irh-lM   tlJinuli  -104111.
WE,  Vil«r."llJ«'«
-,1(1     lo ,onini.-lVtAK]ilS>B,h*-
Sil, ^i^uil^TO^SS'l
,I„,„**i.,t* *tCi»*ilt9a SW * '.HOUSE,"
,,iia,i-««*Bi,WJn(»*atlii.iir-*''»oui  Wlllll
■.I.:.-.'  FAJUI or -FRUIT HANDS;
iiv/oii.1   siu   IU Jff utu-iiibiuia imjiun
-   1       . .,-J...L,.-L .    l,.lllllll^
,.f!SM?f boiu .'.
, flpnyeyancer.
li.C.   ..- n    ;
*, nil.
ill tjiiJ iJf-l   lirill'''/'1
-Sen,.*- WeellrW •'
I-:UJ(.I1 frl, K,V,,iUlU*S' OBlrfBEIlK 1113121
to'.'Cjio pjO^t-l^olligenijoKiiifi'diiitiiNofth'
Way: say)))   m  h ■'■ l ""   "■'   	
* 'i'lKy-'crow^'of'tlnj little six'ltftn/ L
sloop TrcOil.' dlougjddq liu,r,., tiyliu
jWorg sJtartlflUulnsfc iiilghit ihy a feulde
liailifi'om Mi. stodPI'irolVolit dl'a'wl^r,
n|j 'i-loWly llli 'the. flgn't %lffi%i tW tyl\
IJoat'jWe'i;if! //tl\etJfqj.;wS( uf four, living
nnd ique ileadyrsuTVlvons bf tho" Aiu.-
evlohll '^tiji 1l'!nilly"l(tV(l,;i\w'oi-];ot| ofl
'ili'ii'iiiuiiLli of, .V(,'ht;l'j!|' river ,pii, ., tht*
-Nuuele.    i'    dm ■   i-''  :'    ''  '■'-     .|||
1,1 The- n.uii '|h  vhu  libat
Al ii Lc
shows if
"By a score of 3 goals to 1, tho
same as in the game here, tbo pick-!
od team of tho Vancouver District
Football League again beat tho best,
oleven iho X or th wos tern Loague could \
produce,  in    Seattle    Sunday after-
St /- (wW
About twa tthouBanfl u speCvawrsi
sdV the gumn which was played in
an open pitch at Woodland Park,
and they threatened to take a hand
) [Initio' pi'oeaodingtf'on tsflWrnflOccilS
sions in the second hnlf when thoy
took exception to decisions'1'bV^F.j
McColl, of Vancouver, who officiated
as referee.
. MoOoM1 "dlftllWfreri'tWb "gooltf * .#'
9eattlW'itt,lth6l:ttJcdriA'-half. '-'Ohfc ot
these' \vkij 'svd.'eU aHcr' ho 'had' 'blown:
hlli whistle" F6r d'1 stbpp'Wgo"6r' play,
Wrtd,'thij,'rtther iVainsQ)CurfjjH'1!jm ijjf-
pldp,',| Thfl home .^eiuii, ald^i-as/dst-;
eti by.i.tbsi spectators,, protested-• vigorously agaitiSt'tlie'Itt^rf df {h'tffeoa'fs
be. lie-
1 at*" M;iBttitr'l'S.'.','.';V.'1.
nil   .-il"  ullllw viJil Wl.,™... ,... ■
4Wvw|;tiaiugi UaWa, on  Aiiplicaltfil
wi'iuff" V in^Nl i ii' nifMiifon'«
LI10       IOIV11. ■-*"*"«•"- uii^-owrii-niiir-, ayniu-iL-ii   lino
•rown filial-:t'd;b0iyt'   ;L\VB'tliit1 ,'bili;. IjcsJ, to get.
Iiould nevefljfjacK ,,j1o,'Jliliu,^yreo)i,.Jliiitjj.be i.uiwflertow
i |,i..L,jinJ-'ijytlw/.||lj^, jfiuil.-Su,iinen     13,'
,,  .. ,.|\i'ali(,    ,A„ |Uiti,,iand .. Arthur,- tflliiir
i.i^:ir*'l>HlMf«tii,u(i .Wednesdays and1 'Sntui" Lname ■ ■iinliuu«Hn. ■■• The" dciid' ( iiiiiu
•Hil'.iuiu i-'-..dsjrs Allerajooiifbiy'tllo '"  '■  jw'iis tli^shiji's^cijol;.,, '  , "'., jJim
aMi(!|i'1'filJ^JUtSliiiN(j!'co.',,:',ji, .;„''iio .i'univprs wcro  in .11   frighti'u.
il.o'ii't'; K. tliadiiiaicli,, ■      ...;,Cfinditiou.   .,Tlieir 'tongues ilel-e   uJI
Manager,/-, ..i usrui  ■ ^swollen'rl'bm Vllli-st'so '(ha'( ii.t^'iirst.
mil buiii Buii(»'ftii*ibyi'iJHiiJiii!   '!Ij t11^"eM/^,Il^lly>'Tl^ifl^^'•''■'^^i,w'•J•i,;,l
Os^!iias^?l';l.,£|/:..1.u,i,l,l{^^^ aiiiue! last Similuy night.,
. non. water since 'tlieyibft' the wi-cck.
:'jrt.'l'!!libq Safd:1'' '""   ' J'   ';""',  "','   "■.
 '"' " -l ', ,~"     "'j'/ '^liinoal),,. the,lllliistaoit,ithei lEinilJ1'
"'"'■'''fSp jSD^S'iWtt'QlIKSl'lOUi1 --.'HotKl. strack.itlio'.hoaclf sht«-b6Aah' tu
-hi si,,; iinl'J .Kittr—sl-iuinunis-jffiil lu-enk up.' 'HI n-'t\vinliii|ig"onoil of
ij/.i 'JSiBuqUesUoBi olilelecti'lc"fights ti til)'.' life"ili'pajsilwos iSi'iiiiitheit'i'liy.'lniblg
■1 -*)d«l'ndUi'veryl^Biiiiii'entij' iJiYi'ii-u.Uiji.'iv'ajio.'anil the divlis w-ere..so/deo|) lit
• ci^j^BnsMfl(|.^)adv«miJ|»v i^iisiaut, 111,,Ibe.boiling water 'tlful 't-heru WhSpi 1
iMicpa'5SOi».a uMWryiieKciting subiecS/l^aii'f -'cliolrrcb to' 'goic. itTt whi'-iT, ^'liu.^^iitain
i..'agb"ha» sotaiewh'atlM\'lt!lll!i-c1fl''lt^i'nrst nint'liis'«il'ii ivi,th some-of ihc otlleV
"h' fl^'>^j^''^^°j|^()f,,,i tile.J'itft iHienihons'■lulUho crbW aMHe^l'irrtohkl.
'jl^liati thq.^m§8tio>ihaif..buert -previffljis- We jumped In'to'ttie remaining llfo
ly before    tho pedpW'life''lW'rss!''im  hunt   and ciff the lashings,     Uefora
' 111 I'l'lllnlfi   'J.'I      "I    .'I'1'-   'I'MMIU'i    ''
fvu. hud fC(iiii[iit'tyil thujoli ii, bJgaSnn
BfilwDfc^qiivoJip over .the, wi:tick.;nrtll ctvfrioih us
l)av« lif-en ti«ncdi'*iloiim'ithiS"vfts.l"ini.ii;lnni- of-.tho decks. ""  beJni-ni -loq
-il-pustahceiiitd'-tiHo t'tAWdf^a .Ilghtinj .   "A strong purront swottt, us,', lien
.111 r.-fiii'i'-i  /" -ml .(-.'/.ne    ,,i-Ri/   irsf   -^nvnoi  nu
system has in no degr'-tt di'uiii'slioit. ..the s.tpAV^.tflm  t,li^,i\i-iaili,.,.w.hel'ui;h'w
Bather    it has incroosed, for   evcryii.c'iu'dj seo,.Cu|lt. Kni-slil'-aml the'roslj
year that nHnriii^M,siiM.-'Jllo^.U\vii--6f"tlle -ship's ci'd^'dllifg-lllg^ f'^'ilihii
was Incorporated nas iiiui-c and mm-^TWi'nAMju(lliiho,J0Ojuijno yelled, to.
ljdaii|jasti%t^ll/Uhb' I supreme noccflsityl ^0njail>iiVlli'o'll t|Jottifllinei<fs u-em-eut.
Odf-U %itfeU-M"tight to tho    toivn.-.-'i'idari,. tlitui!terll-lftiitrIJ,sqlilllJf6ir-fiitoi
And those     whfi—have gr
hearted in the struggle she
.fWgoJiWaHitwiufHHJilios no loss tliiinif''"'oi«ll uaiawayj.
IndivJdunls, and n«/Mgh»'1i1fi IpB^'MIh,, .   "«'o     tried to hciWl:foi'i"i;illlii\'dbk:
BriOitlo» areiiliahkrt«i> eb^n_»^0V\vtj!%^$^
.niotuva v.niinoM Jsnl lo llanuoO -jJIO .Jgjf^j tMien.Jji|iii'iiJng,.ibv.(iiku, Loinninil
-.la'DhmieauA onfeioii'Wilii HniriW0?S clinJUW" U'ui-ei*tliinf)iiltti./uP"oiit'l'io''acii.'- 1
-,«B*t*i«s j*itfai. tJheJifJuesii fflj I tftii t1 '"Jn*!!" ,l!*'a',1*l'|'; ''^'.',^l-".^,J1li*fi'Jt-,lC)t,* J 'Vl F SV1'
v.afflfeu^O'teboMenl'ioH'^ ,PW',5fla"$'i>i>il;0 itli.Ji/1 "t UU, ,<>,'•
-aWRB   oSM>ilS*a«l»tinl«nnori'"ftill eWifc'll'fc a*»l<>lllHfl>'IW>J JilSitli...thisn.liopo.vl" sot
The (IrstaniWIiiitlilallpanliojtiiiiiu^ij^li. .tlill   JJoduHJe' .«n-tli\Wl-il'\iil(in¥'''llio
-ilil**t».issiao«litMildllinf1eVlfi    ^^am^i^l^^^^^a^^^^i 'L,y,-u.
hii»on,B»fiaai*il)»ssaj)^ too, dork.. u,o
unlikloili 9f.tBtaghn.flteW. irnit^Mlbiiis 'An. .vciitnro.ativ.!.! 'Hhuro wris'-wlt'iBr'"/(idil
-<<tfttsDve4s«n>ceohf (jiVibi itfiWfit.'1*11 (h'tiil-liWI",;<:*ttef-,alltlt-;- $%' suft.-ri'-il' h-'iVjTjll-
.tlndh'nif inaiilftinsilMntcH|.ri*i>y r^^lillls^i'jii'^^juriiv;'.fcl'ii^i}i>*(Itl,y.'t,1*j\^viti*<I.jOVu-
•11UP the oHiy hs ntsaiPWi'iWUi Iliid'HHpe ning' tlic.'iiouk dCt-idtdidio cduldfWWnk
iiiMjlMolfio;'a«'coiKf<Ht''W"lfim Otllin.    of,
-lUltereaoanohe/hb ilro^tesk,i|(o :M!c,-'\, '"fyfif■'i"."Vi''^f^i/.'iV'%i'$i!''
.i«WliefltpBfai#o»tTilih^rf.'J"i'''(5Utsidi-«Jy!b5n\,iiJ ilioii I.-.".. -nultl bus iii in
•■esJi otfjy dintatudintMl We'i'elJflhl>uf''1'' -'Widut.ia a^.ulcMik, tSiinilitv-'fMni-nhlv
ntSnreBtowi*iliftlilH(f» al'iffldj-'lni%!l%i'u)J*v-'lB,l.vt a"iMg^.sTeilb!Vi-.*(sl(i''stiiiii.6'd
sfhafatharo'-mtj fHo^jiilHsUccts "1*orTOf'ill-. oH^^o'/lffllil'ip'oiiii "SnWiifiifn'l1 !V"'"0
thsrj gttlwtl»iiori*icl|leu8e Hr thi b\.'>-, Mllf >ipvpil),lbiitiiliie vonsti 115118 urt-
3fr.ljltTt»itao»aSrdr<i»lrto*h'^<ltel'pc.i- :,Jul' lra*.v.ikisoin.i(rn»l-«,-H'-'iW/'Hu.'-roHk
iple««ltaBimnBj» l«tf-el-W»'ice;l,,Hn'd ;*^0UFoft?«o^^^ffii1^^^»'<r1
.itnla -(or n*oH1-i|Un'(fi1|iml'W|lili'41'iVn1'o KAu'lr**f?IV9i,0lljiu "si *«'' niumeulls
-«iOTtA*hi at theil'lietitnal4idH;"',' tlit eiv) "(V* 1lpwl.11 oriJ Jii bna    ■ , i
-itatsd BstnRtdiitlib' elW«m1>le ■ I,}' "'flUrlifi- "h"lUw«t ithniefWclW* SiiiiA«v nfci-n
leMilisino -ftnydt npiftwf hhlf-Bi,hli sl'/u ^^'^'° '$!}!-''<>}$ jW^ic&tf^oM
.andunBt mHar thc"tasMW IftiVe all-fej .WW4afflnaliiffl-il'<um»tf*rpbol*tlii
-dy slsoB->ito*it*b 'HiicosBllij",6T,j;i tf0. Jlflll* tierW''.ivolt/bu»l ihllinWttfivllrlfs
Sngitsyntehti-i'K ■tt '._ m0%g"_t>°Jmi *"'»dliv-iJw&rMbon. ;I'"(Jl(ftifi'-fif,""w-
ilitjhtsra«lere.i'*JtiiBvi»Hrcclt«l||0„l,f(tl I % |<Wi'.- ^a^erjb,^]^{%ii_lag sgoin
*ho eitlkhns'ih ^HeWihelWS:" -*fri("B'n'k ,''j.i%tti.l«'«l'*, day,, we .fcorov.oiit.■■■>".
nfohauWtofoso ojb 'exehhyfjle^ i!hWr Vil'l J*1'1 ^WftK"*1!! sWflB1 rfP'vcSsnnf'Wlffl
Wr 0lt«trloH!i"''iVeHnlTf(l iflfl cB*t '"',!, f^''n!Je*j''i?i';fil;.-filf,r?J'-''.''Vvi!'IV^'fl"ilt'lliiii'si
tsW oen«l-«idTe(ivona\'»% one7ilff'ili''l(!i'- M'l'l\/.'WIF ll'wr'V'ii'JIn' enVb ,-wou
ny the ne«»sl«yiiaf t'LJighlS liri'"1 t'l'i'ti 'tJViavo'J.vJ.ton.lf]**: ,n»ji ni.ty. .inA/it.' Wnr
of stonlj held by
.sifi'iin'i'e Co.   Tlie
a   iimtio
nul.tipn /eri
nnd Ypro/itijiij
fendunts then presented a  nmtion to
Argwiicnls,' |pop if'
C(.ntinboi(lfcqvei;aJi dn*
nnd explicit.     The decision of Judge
motion to illa-
Inemhet'oil body of a man believed
to have boeiiwa"'victim:'Of a m'ystor-
JoM'liJMIc hhpd'|iWirdi»1-|f*/npl discovered in a   duanp in the flut   IIU3H
tialegntioii Suagests TariouslAiJI
ments to Herniations for tlio
Protection of (lame.
A Tlu|ti-un| St !thi licJiW
ih Iwii mid pbrtidiis/o* tl
section of lirookiyn today
rhij(ti-unl St !thf\ liifryjliii?
1 fn-en cut
. 1 -   fi°, 9f ^s anlt
log* were .niisslhc/ \Alle "the faeo w«S
so slashed as to make the features,
almost unrecognizable. The seviiruli
portions of tbo body wero wrappeyj
in oil cloth and lied in two separate
packages, Some clothing reniaino^
on the body.    Detectives aro at work
wJ>J>li".W»l*'l*»t'hu, recopj, iiuiuliiiini,..,«(,
JI|lI,'n|ni1d»l)oi on tho
tnlss Itie Mjuhctf\in.
t .P.'^-B' t|lesc\al-gunienls the annual
raeotlngs of tlio Illinois Central rail-
rondr^-Mctl^i'nlr-fnnOTiTiftn' been con
igl Ml f4jJvatr0Ttfifl*r pk
theory thnt the public policy act uf '*
Illinififi—iM^fhlin^ipri—f,Trc|gn corpora-
!ii!W /SflV'i!":!!^ ,Mli.,T-P*']ll!!,|t,!Hfc
tyifUI&iiP 1 R'irppi.'iiJ,liii|i.s *n,»i ihwlju|i
ulloiveil bi,i statute.' "'"-i 11 uu. ;- ..l(.
t'K ir. lWl-rimnfrt-iiilh'yl''g'rtfHiii| M
■rWM'^lutiS? wVnM,pmh
ll'nIi.lillMiillloiijiw'u'chi liasurit'ouutn tlio
supcrloi. .,..«iiirf!l slnbi- InWJ.'Octobel'.1
bilt' tht. i-crbreq . wiis, flrtjj,.liirni)' sfi
i.y. bf'Si dccl.iionp, thQ.ugh ,lti looked
though , ho might have tb' make    n
ipiltk girtawny' dh: 'fliift' UtetllXtlS!'    ,,
, ..   i_      ,n[|  Ill    ;ol    'ill r        "ill
lho guii)p(,wns qqt^oa   ^irjll,fa|)l; cn-
litbitUuiii . of. fpothalli by leaff-i moans;.
but■ it u'ds a 'good.^amo frofn' ' thb
Ajtottntors      sthniilidlnt.     The   wqaV
l|ipi- >yas goo,d,an(* lhe grPllttfl. fasi.,
Tbe..forwards    did aii.Jrtt.iof .indivl-
iluhl "rlishing1 which,kojilf itie' 'play
iji'.lain.i. ... fii/W .'.1/ i.i.i ;hiii 11I-J ■,.
Ilvolpr, ,   * vii ,.   ,,,1,.     nuflj. ,„,,  ,,.,
n.jftnes/innd. IHJ.tehell, scorad flanuYau-
oiiuveri.iH.'thevflrst1 hnlf, ihnd McKitli
tisy   Bcifed for' ,atettW;'"trlip:lt'oams'
crossing over with the scoi-o 2 "to i.
In the second   half   Mitchell headei
Uu bull   through ,011 iv t]m.ssr. '(rom
llurren, and, put:Vanoiftivor t\Vo- up'.
[rhc hoiqe- team tried .desperately   t^
evad.iip.ljut/couid'u./li iionetrato the,
visitors' defence.. ll
The Vancouver team returned from1
Seafrie1 Woii'na.V 'nf3Mng!LW^lnl|
recelvoiliiiiS-'lDi iffm itiieiUiiffl guurnntou
from the Seattle-team. Will EHU
AinnagoililUul Usifejm>calbaioteDjl!nlo. '.'
(■iiia-ia7iliflii''fIJ'lb%l-'lJ'Ilwr !WJ  bo «•
" ■•'•""''  " VbA'ci&AHL.''01"0 'JllJ 0!
id ',AV  .oaiiorl   , 1 '' ni 'loil'liia  a
...Murivn.oi (*,,.r.hii3'a bii'.-Mbiill,'-1wii'.
itbatiiiiplayisii 'the gaule 'on'-ie.-,"ea,li
jIltuui-ejB Mlcui'liiti'.iSkatUfji. '^I'hiH! thii.v,
Iju.innv im- 'i.Miii'ioniii.iit.ilii-. iHiiino
aitiiyiiscypnllesiv.iiui oii-il -i.'i i')i"
ALFOXtSO., „     , „     ,'
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at-Madridtlf THS<"lving. rti*,',h.
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  .moil A«;»iililiuV
n_,i—tn.    IfflBui^T •'»'       1—i-
pinlftffllHaVii'FonrilRI-ltpiKiae t^'1
tiruth iir'tlibire|llirb"|.|ialtl.li!tog'lAlIIViii
80> hn«l.'*eon"ftesfl'i'iiiii(ifcVI!"'1 "'"  '',
!riiiVK6''Iin ;l'clilHl-od' jilM'iirclslon, t.i-
.fluy, ^Isg'iiljjiig, /the •tioinWA'ii.W,; iffj.
junctioii.igi-niiloir.Flshiliyi which' sumo1
Hhnr8» lif-iStock' .«'olle"'BnJ61|rieU"h-6rh
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lalock .muri ,nnw bo!ivotort..dt.:thdf njrr-
hua'l itlfotliljfi Wlilt-h wtirrib'1 belli'  'ill
v,i'C!Vn.Yorlii;.i*cb. SOx-..Iii.,'iHs Hnrrl-
.innii' iloclWo*.today Ito- oommdrrt' tVfi
Wmtilitiltti^ap.h' "tfMg'W,  k
,"9 ?!w"iVrtli lWfi'oi'A*flP1V.b^" alX-^fl!11*fel'
ho isaiJj. niiib ojlJ  lilm-i.-i oj oMji v.i   al
At the •iilllcelf1f|.8«yY(isitnf"'r*isl.t(
;i"WJ!is''s!.ifd'"il'r.';i.'lsli wWiliI'mnko no'
ll,   .111111.: ..'...-.if v.',ill.ill   .'fijlililH lillj.    '"
,cpiu,iiieiit li|p,,.tliei]cns,e,l,ui),tjl, Iip.i;.,had,
seeiL thtlest. of the-decision 	
liiofning.''""A' long coh'fqi'enci.     ...
io.JiHKpsn/l, butiliiues.i... on
i.i The. dopotitom. number' abdilt' fldd,
lyiW'ho^stlltcmonts' fcliAtSVc^- ciW, b.
"!ift"1R'l'i'.',V?"i'ff iftlrVftV'UI'i-i j as<!
iSMBjiDJi lUblUUesi
.'■iflhO'.' banlo iwus-: formed" 'Aboutil'elghiJ
'veli^ jf||A.Il; jJfnB'^ffl^W^liljinaft
hW,i\»hnh^t.' JwffiiwsW"'1*
i-ut'Uiiii, ,V,,.A.,.Ilratt.:tve.iS.iriiruf*>."oii.i
lrlf'Mnfl'ollldll,s'1 cdilld'llicl'IbUtl'llJtl1 ItoJ
•V ■«>>■»'■">«■■•"'»
IIV.'iiil/l    Mil//    .•WIIJoT
■'tMbA,fti^sfI'VkS1 a'1!*'.'f^ii-WrViN
«'i - bbiiii iicAWI'^tl;' ''' VV""
lli'l lrt'lh-).|    Ull   fill,i,il   -Anl,   Uv/oJ   lljlli
iSh.vck,i, lasting .jtwaiisenohds.-.bccurroil
sljo'cji" 'tliiit the.,r,9coriiina'. Pl^c%,. -
thOi'fieiauiograiihiCi station. 1 was..udis
ploced,."""'i i."1 I" uiiiaifoa lo-ioii
"'' \,hM%PbMfewJnW8!&i 's
liOTTAWA, .iiilfeb.iaOiirttJhajigeB.iii in
the' legtslatlilh'' intrbUifcod lffllip?'IS«nqj,
Maijl-nos ol piirlluni^jt aro,"jSlij*,f)|n|bj''
ffttiiriiB.'svi-uiitted tQ,,|tno■..Sonata|llIll,l
cbidiug..tlle Ul-Bt'.'sclssldn uifter.-'iiubn"-'
'"Ettirtfiv;1 i4.*,,"i-,ob''.",2c.:^l'Tho i
)! 'i'Ml't' bifhkfng'h'ou'so1 of 'tfanunoni
in,,.,1,1.11  ol.-,mil    i ' ' '
ail-t did not open
rpli*tei*r.,a„ TJaflgteT„„, ,,„
'i.lKlyn I'llll Il-J. 111..'. 4)11.11 .1..
', i-W20k4 /Alslnoiai llides
yarcb from ^>i»gfy*r states that 1
j'liqhj.-h, atean)|ij Juiiroc, from""*tJt
r states Uiul tlni'
roc, from""*tJas<
Jilanca   reports   that lien. Damadef
venturing too" far beyond Settat, bad,
^i.'^E"''^'--^^"^^''^^?^^! ^^'bVi'i*-110' 'Wsl'0«uiSiiltail*ex*tt»>,tfs/l''*u>l> BJf-'^jiHi'i**]©!^
loMioiisiiufiiiluJaiiiliauB' wMiivin great-
force routed all the outlying French
"fllosV'I'l 'l'heS'jireh«est"1a»ae(y'''1' pre-"
be our   presont wm- «hl[s wi.l    h.
nerpetuuLeil in tlVelt- success.
■ Uesertcd nn
Victoria, Feb. 19.-
thosc interested, in the game laws
tlio    province, has interviewed
WevihQiWT! s-oVftalfciBtt i^itk! i«fi«(fl
tu tuo .rocoiiiinonilations wifich* tiaiy
.adoptoil... by the. govern-
lMyJbnsttilai4»I IW'tjHW»14^ir" j
u,    «..MH    Ior all game, tbe opoji
- "    shall     not    commence Ijliyi,
vJccoiimionilations wifich tlaiy
ask to be . adoptoil... by the. government,
for all gumu
ened;   that
Oct. 1.     They ask that pigeons be
placod in tbe same category as other game, with a'^tloae'^ettboifi''1 ■
A suggestion was .alsoi'made .nboit
tho government .,|i|aes;.ialiigiyi'Aiiii-ito-
sorvo upon selected (jtrapf^ of ,/flnils,
on Vancouver Island for tho purposes of a game reserve, r' ' f" fi[^
In view of tho j-eyenue_jv.liiiili might
bo derived from the,gamo of t.bo pro
vlnce, and In tho llglittol'ltib'iicconif
meudiition contained in the annual
roport of tho provincial-'gi'i'iio 'wn'r1-'
den, thoy ask thnt'-'additlonal-' game
wardens he appointed on the Islands
in the gulf of Uiiurgia and' tiiat "a
fast patrol launclf "lie'pravlab'd'1 Wr
Uio gulf shores. "'■'-' ■ ''"' '■"■"•' '•' .'
-The question of a - gun license w-as
not pressed by tlio delegation in view
of the opposition. With which, it bib
been met trom various nua--),ec'i,|',i;be
delegation expressed their opinion,
!rMrtv'W.nnaVfrl«M1>s a-*slop!"iii-
the right direction.
Doli i Mul, a- brother... mil ..Cardinal
Merry'.Del 'Val, p,#ff«iflclat'secretary ....
'df,''s't'alt»,''nii'sJpeeiii Alijioililea fepWnish ^4fret<h>r.4a^«d*-iftYnnised''tIttt*^h* -J"tA-
'nt/. ,'iiff   . ^inii-.^-.r'fii.irjni  ugliiTI    . ..  ..        r n\
every consideration. Tho matter
|lJe)j-"('*  departaen;
A Jd.'Miliional, logj|Stht|ob for
.the^fhangC m*(!ho "open season"^ 'at
any rato,:-ls:"necessary. 'The ' latter
falls under the direction of tha chief
Commissioner of iMS anjif w'hrfia.i
and it Is probable tliat some ,: such
' action as that suggosled will be iu
■Malts, '■illi'-ts'"saiai at'-'dasi'TOaWS;
'" 8p»»ifflillrdops11arolpreiinr1«irIT to;
i j/h/ji.-Jiilio.u ,.-mo nn/.' -iji'J'.^iil'lw.'l i '
,dW ilinv)!iWbi(M6f% iW-lflrA ''«••
,poi;t,r#geivsrt,,^nd;)llsn'iJ*lBS h»r%i|eon
ll)'is"fiii-lJhcr rerfdr'eod"tiia,tun: fWnch
it (tKi.-iiiuijua -Jin,   iq     uiiiiiiyiii u.j ,T
'ltoll^rf**0.;1/; f.fl,a.' *-^*{,' ^^'fff^'''0i'i'-111/?*^--'t,1"W itieoa (Wetited) byiitheiitnihesuioJI
^■oaV,'! ^ ,'ih pre,'' ^vo.Jipcti, ,!!;T«'^eJ!Jte.
|iill?i aineodod by.iComnfpusiiandi-rHi:1'
ulW hduse bllit'.i|,«nl»liddeVi|bV|mthf
Senate. , ","0' a,
..    ,n-ni-i:pi' 'hi  ll-il1'  -.UP'-..IIII  ill'l
During the sanio period tlio liousa
has rejected 00 bills emanating ill-
tlio sffloT*) lS-lii'lo,,Cl/e),sVhate lfn»'«'--
jcctoir 118 bills originating lh   '
w3lhu|)reaitl'Iossci"aJ<"<,l<iii   -taottiin
,lBlH»n|ll1-^nen(?offl0.'nM Jte'* i*
Wa. "ftj'ilAnWI1 S'MnBj fJt ^°-
pqr.t tlwt .(r»sl)ii»»oo|isiibfijJi,Bcoi«''orJ
■(loi-o»li Mi.iijKHusWf'W tlUtoGen'.^'biw
1nanu'"ii,nd" MnWM tTi'e'fl}$$>$
fK'"'--SSfo lf1li,a\c"'iea(l,l!l/Sl.Wl''th*
y.i8n-i 8vio-h.it I'fl'ft'aruo'i't'ki'a'i'kli'E,;
Stil'J«*risl iNi.ai.'f'Peu.'i'iO.'il!-1 Souio'
,  yffflfstv.n |n,|-tho„iHj,ijlngiJd«)partf«entf-
BTowth'  W' theho'fni'JexpiBsi^S llu-vs aglbtlio.Sevon-iMiofitKs'.old baby «f'.thS|ge*ortf|iiBxplosivo t'otniiajny' in.,
streets.     Wliy this -m'ttcTt liK*'7 ben   I"*"'!*-''1 T"'bl'ii-ss:'";i
recogjfBefl'-nB ;■!%&.im Rntp.(lat,.(l,  ™™   '-'■-,-l||-'''.-f^
sleepy-lmllmi- as OTd England
""'' iH-:Vi'W'.i"i'ft'iJS'l'i!i'rsi'',\n'i'-i, Khi.;j,-'ixi.i'
irhsn villages. .„»,, t)wlr. connect^ 'J^Mffi?^ ^
'Ws     Will    Urontly .i.liucllUnW theiu,, Worlc'i'i«''JllllfdlHg Lives' iff '
IW iBBrW-aWlsH?"3re^t48J-0J
i*p,0fntiuenp of, Oun. .'Von'-Houokiilnn
tlie"goverh6r"6f Fililund, hiis ' "m-p-
atone In thlsi-j<»unty|nHiientei-prlsing
western land Ladyemlth Is left In
»»rl"W»',fliW fikuttct IdsriheMMiBIJbl
■'WifiilW'iWiPSrBsii in a-iiiiiiiii io liul
■i\- IftiBIWi^siitojrsfleafci.iHtbn.fslwlii
HVC  sai/.l .,„ ts „ti): thRiilienolits...   thin ■
'WlKidVgieii,,, JPt^awdateqostaW'l-snT iftiiPM ifffe0? *' ukctUiuiunt
e<|-uS(lfiii»liea f|litr«a«Wn8)orfiihtl.|lisHM'i"W."«>,.it-lj*!' wvuluUonlsts. .llllio.>oa>
would have on tho city's .hitlajs^oih!1^'*'^'''*^^^.''^^* Wahibbri'
ffiWlsiiif^MiUHllitf.T.itaJitienn WwiVill !"5S|3''1s?fii IfW Ir'iPr^R^oan'i
iu»fi-J»WrfBiltbatnnoififlfort'SkoSMjii*! oW"bfiMr'w'Blll gcontiy fut-IUtatj
"l.'WSrtufiiWF'Mf .the, adoption',,f. bsna*lMo«oeJ,nqlsthoiHuislahmutllehsiioil
''«<**«/mtaine.'.i jff8.aes.,t.|l otl ^('^''"''•'''"L.S1;", te°oUS0ffiiasISIW^'''
st;tlWijr"I»ofilian,.iiUielis,u|»t«ii»«tiid tw*1"""1 'h ?'•' P«««thfra. r'ruetlcully
tho cltu,,,Hfi,i wclforai:sj»ll«iev»lopi»"lVf,-l»,; »flfffl«allKIBo«4lU*OttioIA*ibtt»tl
■fUfJelM ^mp ,ttofe,,otei«nio-,ldo'/.»rtil T""- '"*vo h™n'ebnfrn'lttt'il1 by lor;
rogardiin Jl'rtf^ot}-iittoiMi.»ven'iiJ'/',''^«'™*uJfnn'"'''M'^^ fi-o,nl"Plli1'
n^'ltell«leeyoSfoanM.■lllSlI«es«hllr'ttl*«.•^l''»tf, lhn" »WS'*<11*",i-«fWttntAW' 'thii
a lJW'Hf'-.MnMei'e.nsSJ idUrtiiHmrieJi.l'F 'IttcrraWofcoBtoW "wlllcn-Hlomrtlr-T
toroihtm .,«ahn have atsn.i-»Ji».m(li«|nJ',",",/t,i •°0itf'" (WlWoksoWMlbe. "
a log!M>»«tei,illeId, tll'acWW»i».|»ntH8ua |W|»iicWMi'.lWFiWit,,.'rb,|f,lMi,"lfeV-'
•»»Hier»«fjtlfsB'tl»eii1silJoa«ui.. Mo1 si"K ""'' H|l!'"pW'rW IMvoUfllWovcrofi*1
-llmo'. ,Ml, i „i i„ij',„li(.-,    si i„„JI''i'.l'l»,'l'?iMi-fH's"or."'tiW,iWolialiW(-'
'Jo silT Jlm.1 ■/■,-,/ m„ H-.lil'» 8H0I isls' "','1 ■ca'|ltlllWI''',v.i?.4l)lVi,''ll,lm*s'.'
lUn«rtl^l■«lD>l»t.4lWll|*a.«lL^!^li.'''■', ««*,™«c«Hft'1«Wes» •'Wiiny 'r'efo-'
MW- llUUPr^ aaZ
liurclny yostor'day »hicli,Jtii«"'hppeiWs
*)o lufVii.'b :u tlni .it'cok bfi.onlarcMsts'.
Ini,uiliiii,iiiin tontbose killod/'oflouwb-
iiiian was; iiwoundnlj ..Tho.e-ii*isi<-)ii
'.iiuscd niucll difiwiicoito .ncigliliiiriii'
buildiiujs.. .ii'ii-ju plain lanl boou ,
ui.'t'lltviprqclsc .ohioctiiif thu ihutooge
Jifs noit: i.iii-i) iii.iiliv'i'loa!iJl'l.iit"is,.iiiii-
.toi-os),lpgii,i.l«ii»iDta Uiat' UwrfarWiilis }lllwl|'lhu "y"]
of Mr. und Mis.  Qeo.
T. Hays waa
iivclli-iitiWthwlile--lhi iftfstaW'lin'il1 lilp..
toys "WlJo baslil-iin in..lioiir, IiqulUii
The delegation consisted of A. E
ToH*ii h Wf&'-&° ^W i^f1
'Ztfentreal-manager; Iprrt.he.-London: &
Lancashire Life Insuruuce Co.,
Life Insurani*e.fcompanjos doing busi
nes^^Canada! baiofej^. House of
^ymjiqjij ^-Vpuiliis'J a»d'\ Qblffiftprci
Ooramitj a..lij,. cojin.oijyion^ with -»-tiie
governhi nt insurance bill. .'
Mr.  l^jL^.iaA^f^ojKqucnqueniiinl
distrUbutioh orprolits to policy ffold
ills latiSl,," oil .notnlt -iiiof.
48riW!)o*-m0SiiPJWjnW(8l,l»Mftl   J0"'
ivedttfng anuiver-
sur-y,-to- suffer tho: added ■
tfon * o^Ieurnliig' that * her luifband
has transforred ftWnWl)cth)m4- to an-
diliu waRMno*ifi H darfd} and
/t|t@ten£^ WUm o$y%tiet^urauing
tlie faith loss spouse through throj
ijates, is the story of Mary l«aird,
p)*g Lg'^^ge^l^ the
7noh site married, is"now living with
hiB second choice on a ranch .-, near
inrF^fiWi*^nnutttiUm' s'u'ewdne'ss, () do-
tectivo instinct and native pluck,
Mrs. Laird, without the assistance of
I'MiWd'i1 BW'dfequaintunce, gathered the-
levirtenco which, when plncotl before*
Turigo Frater, resulted in the promrt
untry of tho decree,
'yr'lj t\VI?nian traeoil hor husband to
Los Angeles, and then to Arizona,
wl.*ra>6hu-'lon'i<nod that ho had there
nmrl'led.Jrnw. Johnson, fostor daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Nelson,^ of
nfflletab.iw.inUG, Soattle. %
'('iKr.OHijwImn I was ill at tho |ome
^^njVjjUfjrqats in Hathdrum, Idaho,
near Spokane, he. wrote .that, h^ was-
lonespmo an^i would soon send*} for
mej £ Tje^ jvasj wen with that Johnson girl," Mrs. Laird told tho court.
' ™   3i:viriCET"^rr.——
riL^aW^U. s»... ,tL*tt*__*_tJ_.A
LONDON, Fob. 20- The Timc| is
still iii lite marVeL.fic^oft'lPg to* n
KatomOi^elb^ieMWqltoi*'engaged "lhim! litigation over the-dls-
posaFbrtho""hou-s'iHip6rl'-- Ils 'Hiro-
prietors, it is ^oid, favor its salt by
SSIjae !"orin*Sf public competitionlond
any pi-oposii) or scheme in this'i "
Section would bo submitted to \\
judge having charge of the case)
tho menntime C. W. A. Roborly
tlf© f iunnngerrfoif''1lho    ___m*W. M
,, -jl-iiniiinuiii-r 0 TJ3BTTJIQ JfaiiHi.1'1   -—
llh iliba-t. stotoil.tluttnui* was .calm.
UT/      0 V '   I 'li  ''l|-  —''  '<:"*   '"'-'li
>u'.. Hia   . imrliiiiiic.Mitai-.y.iuyrniii^ifti.iii
havo been united in a   reguosft.-'tO'itli.: [
gin i-i'iHnent~t-»-r*tlniT—the -constltu- j'
tionnl guarantees In  Barclay
.■}t>niq,i)iin«-1: iiactitt*e,iinQntRliyiiifnJ>
hiiluhilml Ithmlsghitgrletilat ifflimtasho1
llelltHbd'Hrt -!W-- t'l# 'illl'lil's'' flllalj 1^-.'
lihss'nni.rfs .ji'iiw^iiri|.|in Juns(l1nin.#nvi|ipui
l\i,l)ilo,'1j|ni|.,fiin-tors,iSiioc,i(o<lodi, in Jkav
r(,f cheiiclliW." !>'IJ (,J "I"
"-.-' laya '■' u. ■_•■ ■'•" ■•
auu J in 1
tdjffl'itti Vji',ifflbi| daAJBjBSiliitODlH
11    nl BlljuVitOOlilUSa. ovliomoool
I   o'l'JtlJ  i"-  .!l«*e—iMiiil'iolil
Wdnriai! i Ui 'iiml-Wii. - aui
'thla"'tlll«ge ltoadJrn 'WHed''ttr&iMn..
lH,d'lWSiiic'>fio?i..ini Wh,arton,j,'n,Iujl sol'"*
nvimdows lh Doveri„.';t-*o milos '««lis-'
'thn'-f?. k:,,'"Ih ''■'' ,|"'1 '•mlupoi '
nUu^ilt oi h-i'.lin .f.1 i.l.l.'iui llltiov/   '
iu MahWno0MW&MHm "i18
.■P!iAIWi«fflSMliie'litlt*ii«P|»pa»ji, nlln-.
.ivldiiUtter''iandi«.ras) Kevlertii" irork-
Ithlih?1'1"" ''''' '"•''' -'"''" I" J"" ,"1"   0
''uMmm^sX^ 0V.0
-1'HIIO    llUr   Ut    7llll-ri-.ii.,.    ,wn'     ^.
day bill goos into effect and. oiiv-ulJ
blitfBeii""fil''erf--"Mll'l. 'Tle"upposii.l
W^faJfliW""."* ("rtMUffifeflVviliMlVi jHir
intiUrui ei u t ..mas -sliinild'-bo liiait
tO'ithd^'iiisSi'iuico'-'depifttirfftil "l!o-H)b
tain full pulilicity.,,'"'fiio"Br!tish"gin
imuies' had nulWng te'sny about tl,
InSur^n^.'.djpsrtmciitrj^int, wjg 'inn,,
complinicn!iirv. In the United 3i.n'
tca-Hfief'^pi;^nV p'^af  $h«'
po- .pa^W;^^ P{i+V#Wu!|
Jtfl_lho tlnie ol foruiiiig of--»~stroiuf
oonimittci- of inntilry. In Canail.i-
iUAi (nsVAnre 'Ji5Jiiir.tiiii^£'|,"li'(jfi11 'lloiiu
(.iesv/thrtt, iu oya1 fiiiiMai.s-'i. 1 bml
brou')»«i'o>rt.      -"1    'o.ijwU
■pril'St'O T.\- irAXGEtrOF lluiSON-
t\   f?          jf^t^
"■aPAN t-SBfc^S^j.*^'' 2o4iu aa
.iftui'i icw oii' the' locul sanitarj cou-
laljalliiou awtsnigiit, W. Uujlaf n_Au.,
bovernmuut expert in bubonic phtguo
Hu-rmlnation, said: 0AAm
liie oSpoh djie!ia\ exter   "
public but for tho lieu.
ond^the efflmtryjjcBq
''"'"Sr od,*"ti,4 *^ sanltij
cuiirfwlLary. .; i,-.1
plague- iu Snn Francisco in the Inst
•18 days.    The tanner Is not ovor by
nny iiicant.     Wo    find thnt of    tho
H>'o, mmdaj |V'I-JP IM)r.,i*ie((tint»i„iiln-
Toet«Hl;--i i.ri'ho dhfoolnin ninioH^-i'tho
ruts can only bo oiilitdrVVtBrJ' l/f'tho
|in«j|.i«,ei|e,ialK,1,AvorK-.»asi'jl«i»ol.lHheii,   "— ..,,,,   ■
and tK«..n««'*eTe*i'inBwhi«U 1Ht"eos.- .."_"&Xh'b '%' HfWV/?A*i*«ft/
...t ... nil. Hie]*"
ftiWufl 'lioiiiil'tinns' y/int1 'p'revnlliid'1 at 'ii'luy.^lim Uiginlaturul hindohjaiqd -'|IN.
thnt pines,   /o
King Alfonso
*-%'-' .doll ..«'!
iTllo-'forcB1 orib'i' Vl-WsJon" '(iu's 0'fljf.
,,iw„.*u..   i.    I'i'HIl'   ol    lllllj   jIOl   7*l.,-l'».l'.'.  i!'./7   1
presont nt Ke-
lP'l0llpi}o'ltfl»nfiSa oil! oJitl
ju-tiC   11 vniioj ,.u"t llio'J BTiudao-llHI
ti'lflStH A'W-'a'ftS.i *»f.nil8iir-'llllip;,llint
*)VSr'T,i|l»y,. 'SIMWl iftiiicnH.i'wItlw 11 ire'-'
Jurn )i;v/ilj,,iofc|||-,lnfj,ihiii|f«, contillriiteii
js^uijil /lniijngi,ihp,,iioriui|i,of„:th«i -eo*
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-Mr. ftoss, of Pernio, uniondcd    tlic.'*is'4u<>1
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known as tbH",Waidminlt'l'Mii. Iliinsl)1
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lllinuls Central, nlod a  bill oMuUcA..i.l"lii>1'JI-l'- VWM'h.WKurvesnitils/'iiro'rid-
11, 10071_asJiiiig_thnt iW,aanjlinres[SyflnLtf SMlWei'iWw' dAM" "llw
of tho Illinois central slocks a^ST^nn^^
by-thei,JliiUA'l-'U)i/lo"i'alill/nljvl ilnWt*«jjflni Wflhj Wmia-As -MiilJ- bd"iW!il«W'
iuiny,  the Iliillryad. ace|i|.ltlcs   cum- l'"1;;ifilSW9.A,'f'',l«^'.'i'»t,nfi'tao,«inot'lnoel
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iC?Vlra"y,1,A(iV«',.V0';llr.|liP.-,*<)f)*«'( ItlaMaW^VyMI
Irdiii vatlng ut the ifUitUttLaltcttonJI1111'0 tecurod froin tbbiH>i)inftilii»afnvoi
olWfoMM comUSSTffifflfL*rnmc!'.t Mlthn InidlllM, « gwint or-
iii;i"lnWK? ""3 lW"     mbnT■• nWinWi/surrondor of their audits .lo..tuob,
1(1... Iho. |omatnto,-(W8i|irRken,|,cJfM-fi:,1,(.,, „..jAffln.«l'!'J'#l
Taut tons iof> fi-elglw. wtlc
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AUIANr,„N.Yifi 4>h,i30W' Cllestor
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nWiSer",,oI h1s'''''s'w'eahda«:nhri])i|
■JWlJmn* t« 4tanB-«th»-a|sfl»r' "''■air
tllirlngluthe'i'Hweek .l»!ginhingi„i,.,urow
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JK«aSf°K"'-Mlti iff™,   y'     Mr/.-r!Sf'M Wiii •ifM,,/,1'""l «ii<nt*MtJ«„,«tmH win* 'Wll iW,li!r="}ilnetadl,|f|,iIlllnoit|. tatlihna(.OHIo'sn.1'
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in- allowed asl,j^)f^Jd,Jn'iu-arl«^o.,^iUio church, .nnannn sld.i nliwn
. ,„(,.,,...,„.,"'■;.."', vfHi-.'tTrr - - - ■■■'- ■"■"■ ^'W'^kor^ed'^-weWfefJ^AiAW^
^"clt^as i/o^resflllJpi^HiuKujy), inrtn* ,,l   •.fil-|.TI'in.lnl-'lim--Wl7/''«iifim,fn-V",1-io<l""»'n ' ximmiitJ ■'-ewrgymeni mmm-'--H«mfj|(i,|piip
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"y """ V'!,r",• » "r,ow<!'1 ««-lt would luhire .the lif-l.iJio eli„,.,i.  .nn.n/n al/l.t nlnun vnld .tiuijear aKhbment'<'wflP'Wflre>ii.a''"' ""'Hfany' lufsftifHlleB V*cn •cnoAcV'*
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ships,   and   Jia'v.;    ffoai^ly ('a.nio'j
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tr';«epa"iiiJ l'i'Pfil tliAl- a iccc. »...l"'d!d
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ol theitalnie oatss eii^all/oth. >l I -f.u
.n-'Wavfes!1''" ■ l'liniJ i9"Ub!«/l'iltely:li,!J..
,   .  ;M  .,    1'iuiiL.v .c,1.. 1 , Joql DltJ,
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dtat. ' /Sbip.iw shij,iu.i,fiiivlyi><slu.j
tha suiuc dutcs uiu their eipidls'n.
glri'^b'fceK^J 'And '{MW'JJ[il|^|iey
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slUpt of tlie suiiiuifJ.iti-si; nu. fsiisgo
•.WPt havs1  anything'Hke'ih'o thlv-K-
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yet another thing: Tlif.iiolltirs an».
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.The.gtest ory.'M'aindo .that'■■>"lite
tq»t ol pur armour IsMis' ilA'l"'tiib
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'jil*! I11 JlUllSV'Ol Ull) JllllJ  i.ufiy'lH SIT
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guntitre set high, enough, placed" m
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.and"it.stfottld'bs iwtiieinlluii*l.
UnKf'lk ettci-'b*'Wi^iffips •^'"HilSB?
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wjT .muuifrsuo JllraloTriym J BrJJ <■•
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brttfir ■ protooted, .iu».l' iw. a cotis.v
teettd, Which rttAtt uT"the~iiiotim
poWer Is mucn tea's liable lo* damage]
tr*. The'tnacnWery U'MeV pro.
tt l*Attj''flJ(di-th'al ol°'llorol'g,natnIpS'
•Jn-'W #nfVle« Aniorn!18rl»''lltt,ii1ll-*hs1
In wtlf t*t1'e*f(ed'Wl«l''tli«V11 tilifttlc
shl|*'.'    \t*rthlp,"f»iilimnBl''fe'ii '■flf«-
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tfruBt'cIrt-'K'ilW dbf*rllin(lflfoill",tlilla.
Wh have tvery confidence <!f*t' "Wie"
the iiHslstiuuq 0f the. cilizoiis Ihilidtli
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mltlio, the fcilerul s-rvlcos hnve iti-
'■■ '   •"   .biiii ,,-in.    .■.11.7;    nai.1.1
preteniatlvcs* of tho Hussiun adiiilr-
41<J>- si^uu^C^dJoqM,..(;o,.tl'!i:boininls-
filoa o/-h»ltanulYj)oieiH*8*Wll-Ule Duma
tho Ileal outllno ot the much discus-
sod naval pro3tauT. The matter
was i!hieuped|W'tllr-'cii5a«1 doors Instead of in private, as had boen ex-
Atal. *hf[p^gr.Un(i'^lj'o?J)e
Jojniijotod^in. lU^r «j(id :'lnttntls!| ,'i|>t
(July -the (jonajlrpi|tloif dl a/''Jleeiti>': -f
t^Uljshli.,, I lujtlnlilu' 'hji|rj(fnj(iliic
Work' ut a-.oriil uf the ports of KuV
sin. .hil!in*.J
Tlio expenditures involved   nmq.ii.t
ir n|w
n SI,078,(100,000 mul Increase yenr-
\> r ODi^.U^^^yumMmO, «Ireaa>«i-
^•ludod fur tlio laying of lour :
jintlloships to a minimum ot
■iino.nn(fcT i'liliei»w»rrdl«»roi thon 4o-
trcasos to $8.-1,000.000 in 1810 util
the suliseqiiiiiit-'fxSitlidlturcB nro to
i inil|n^i|«vl..nt,, tills, Ugfirf..| ,
One of tho features ot tho progrdfen
ju a (lufflH'ilfe" rtih/pleYifeH of giujs
*f every sMM(,tq bq.qonitruettdi    *
'■       I 1 »'
Steel Istron free Iromdlrl, tlrl
ar rorelgn substance lilted wlllll
carbon, a wrbon give* loiiohnestl
stenotli, f.ecncs.s ind life.    1
Thirty yctip's siliWof the r
sllualion has shown a wty t
razor blade timing 0 sreret
thing ibsolulchr-tmposslble
with flre HemiMnU MaartH
nnd they art. «ainbun|«rauM.
But Teal tlilvlHUONDITK
Ofet^OiUOAnONiTO U»»)_
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ifiMT   .rcnoiiMt mn i
... -.. . , ,.f. i;      ♦»'»'»^'^>^^'»^»>'^'*»^**^'»*>-*^^
J  .Vlal«"lH31ttillgcW'4!lOU,fri,Jtfib-' "nil   ll.»   r.-.l   .■•-   I  ......    -■'•'■■<        ,..,,,.    ..:.'.-.... A ...I'.nu,.,   I
Jtl,"'l'lheil'"Mu'i'i'nt' 'Temple 'Widen" w_,.
fHWiote?' HY'.'lYoilnb'iinu1 "ismtid' on Dei.
'V. "{Savon tugs p'iiTJuil' oil t'iib siaairi-
ft- 'h'itliW'i'ti' success, '''■"A'n'iillier ellori
will''be' "itiade 'liT uYidnlgl'il!.   ''
'   'i^mi
lltrmlngham .
lllacklillrn KoAVrs
11   18   11—21 I Madge,.ui  - t-oudun, .wihIs us thougbj
B   10   8—20,™ ,People's  Shield compotUlon ' for
oiiiiniciees,     mul  which will jn-ullse"iiauiy. '
itll"'dbSllcl IP gWlhg WsKlblfl,Jii|nll!'>''gr-»mHlodi
ly.lithat ulobtlndllMOsliWilU'lhb^i'iisl-wl (Inns,,in,siitn>l-sgpooii
III - 'tlfie p'iMilio'lllililCiiiu,)
iilio. .world's
etu,   10    fed-M .■ftff.y^miic.mit.ci lluud'.S   '„.
J^tti&««HllKori''i.;«''- 3&:f4^M3  thqfgU^l   i-'evelll/lll'the huriiessi Ij
%«wWArsVn"q;l ..$.': J-Jalt-aa ""■   fwor-l'l. ■ ,J , tkl-.'iuglwuti.Hif, Ii«[,u,wuji,„«iu^ w.ai| IjIgMft'SteMR.io,') SfflV'ljIp'lglliiiiS'l^o'
Notts* County .."    8  11   7-28    ,,,,,,, "~" *       ■•- „ f.h&t,,oMmt the,.C)'mirtl^on.1|Jo§ I iho with Joo a ilourclimliuiiiiil would 'bef'
8l«onkil.;ilnHJid,..|..,,U,.,;«   10   7-=«f ( »yi^y*Pl>l':'S SHIELD ACIAI}*    aliit'Ul should i.r-i.t-ti.-i.il.v cii-|i'iiht.|,i,!il,l"likj,(,lile"'|llllj" ,lf ridTnllK 'with 'll'uiab,
Liverpool ...,„,. ■■■■■   »    «  4-p. )■; / 1 '//   '.   ' bi'«V'"(He''cniWW>-'!   Vo'iira'T'lily,? ]        lug left out. .mull ejdj   .   .
Astun Villa „.,..;.J„d I'aJbtJMweotiver, Fob. 10, -A letter jt*o 'OJJu'JOigniKl'fil.l    l.W.""l'!'lM.\lJflK,„M   Hut, \i,')i.v,,,>V.UI,. Iff iJofi'f" eYM-V s
Notts Forest  JIM.?, 'il" B   '.'—21  „', n!!S' uf    Calgary,    fi-uin Wi IVl .mnm-i i„„ , 4 „ ...m   <>■■ / ; »!>en be strips to    defend the    1,'lilo
,il -iHliOBlYil-.
rlMidii"'AV h'M cMWY   ^^^^^^
-in.-i outlining liijrtsbiphins1 i-ci'iuiUo',
01dhainlJ«.lkltltJ«ili.l-i'i:..  15     u   2i-32
W. Bromwich Alb  18     5   0-82
Fulham   14     7   II—til
Hull Oity  14    »   2-80
loAifrs  .7 11   u-aOj-WUS /"I  h? playod In the   Albental   Wnles is n'onrlng striking   ilisUnce (1|"« siiidil.lnT.|'o-|ui.-i\.A'muiwliwm uu-
-,__,    8 it  a-lj,? W! / '       L     U     til 1    S.4e«.Hiliu....|;iiplirM-wrnr*--iWti?ir ffaW 'WM&I, ff,1,!1.1,'".8?1,'!^''!1 «W    M".
_      „-.-_« Jj  flaMHS8', .14"'.'',''', ?H : W- ^'/linked   England- • at  -Bristol by StT ll'^'Wli'mil" llilbr l"«,ii,.'„lillr piety
DMlPpfliry^vislunll. *    l™5t£  ™ '^'.'S^vhu^l'c t).o points to.18. tho,Vrinclpal't.,s-.- took McParl,,nHvui;.iI -.-wun.|j'ilto tibrbb -il-l
<-*      llnrl.v   r'„r,nf«
nessqd ,by itortu .thonirnsd.j^ilt.- was cuuplo uf   twirls oi.lJic kHi'cidpsciu-i|,
the twenty-fourth time fur tho  tiso,-"nd1,,t.jW Y,7Mr,l,'fti'l,is/'ll'','1V<A  >We   nbti
_,_,,_,_,       „     ,   u—„.      ,,      ,   „       .    .     ■      ^-.countries to meet and the last'.'time ;i«lt« tho amis.    1 life !,es( that   daW
Leicester Fosse ... 10 6 i-a-^"-™."^ buitih«tr«*9oyMiiT^^n,lSC*ilV'ttw^ 'Ki'l-ii'lSlttilk MS AnA"it. has
WolverhamiitbN!\\Mi'f'1fW!r8,"7—27 ° "-'V01'8 '''"'" Mr- Madge puts - a-Un-1802,- although- -the-Scots-- boat l'rovod a stutulilhig^lijodt fiar-irougb,,
lyufvtruuuiiJVun ,i..v4...i   jy     j   .. Samoa- nit-diilui-Mii-. I'.ieo ,s„»l»il ,v,„l.  w...i„. ..:  ii..i,..,..r...u ....   .......... ..tniurh    Icrhtwn .liu   Ilk.  t, j .—1<      V.
11 'ii.'..'o-m
b .'8 7-aa1
8 11 B-21
8 10 0—21
8 11 0-21
8 11 44-20
..4lCBfcp„i.i.il...,;.  ..;.....    0 12 4'-10
fUiohMtt-rnqid. i;.;.:    3 12 s-j-14
*" ■tTrlnsibyT'Bwn ... .'.?....    0 15 4frl4
Blue liool       3 14 7^18
Linccln Ctty '.?...."■.'    5 18 1-r-ll
Stoko ....
Stockport County
Leeds City .,',...• i..
Clapton Orient ...
(*i ,*<gaj»»iiutii]fl|;h';.%' s.51..
I; BurhSley.
■•io H,Fy5rML.
Horo is an instance of tho surprises
of football: Manchester United, bond
1$ ty\b{ first ,div|3,io# S&Qthe English
League, was" defeated on Suturday by
Blackburn Uovers, ninctoonth team-
In tho league by a score of 3 to li.'
:i.i(,,inrr/t. 11/ft -fii nr THran   .,,,
CLEVliL-SttC^r Fob.  15.-A   well-
known horseman,    after asking    the
lust year, recolved a reply from  lHi
a few dnvs ugp^wlviib.jiyoks   like ■« n(l
trjJnWrarapPlflero has bW
ipiito a    controversy   us tii. wliutuor
11,0 fll'cSllJi-ilXHW|l|lte7J,1l«r¥'1 for '" W'
gury ur Tiore, unil at. times it. looked
SAmoa-liat-tdPferait; face ou'ifhe! mat-
fisjc? ahii' how* u^fuln ipt'bspects : ore
bright that the gunies1' will .be playod
in Alberta,during the D.-iainion Fair
The letter is us follows:
Georgo A. Ings, Esq.
Bear Sir^-I+retielvcd your letter,,o,[
the 10th inst., and may suy at onco
that thcl««S''niiluhif6VeiSJ!«i:lSlolii-' argument that tlio.m'isl/ici'rointltion bo
held in Calgii^.,l^|d^ai'r,I|in^.ty- \ ordinary circumstances the enuilenger
should of coVtft'dl$HorW&'ihlleng-l
ed, but .S'-Vohldi' bttttit-jio'il llti8omuori|
tJfe*>t>.fl*1,*ui<?ik>i*Ht1 lib BfeiliB'ittHI A shlOld
was to fuster I'ootJjail^^hlJwja^ioutithe
Dominion, and tliu'.t is,,best..attained
by chnn^iy'-m''Wnuo as' dfton' ,as
boMiblb.liiMutibihieii, Hlle1 rti'Mttt-e [iniri
portuncc of tbe .Val'lQUS districts
iMsV''he"''\iu1feinK-eU*'0nVi{l f»S« it
tlttii 1 V%HBofTVW' 'WduWi'iii a'muc'i
more populomij. xentre than Cnlgtiry,
Still. In view of tlie strong case y
have put before me, lt'^b/e
soon    after—«he- Scottish fot'wulrtl's.1 rrAffl 1 if   rWlW'fi •„<'l",,\il,,l>.u,,tn„!)»l)'l'c''
liHWdo ,ai g|»aitaff#l>»iwand.kJcted the "B.?riS,S{i.llil,r,, ";„!•','" ",'}?,h, H""10
J«ll))U8t,.Wiifli«ld,,eJi|l(UiiM»liIall,   u„ «*'th tl«!"'iJll)l'i'".*lllI'|.ifi!'hfH(i'o„tW
it,    Ueddcs—soawM-tfno; and thus at I th.°. waning.
Buying: "Tho crown belongs ; to ^OT'(..JUhat1cu|ied..l(ejuHviaiacil p'os-
Mat»lMSi'.i,''12liti8i^uHlidl(ie<n-l'e*ss chest-jsiHyTvaucouver wuiilirivniVuhtil the
nut mare     which,    driven by Blair
•iron by Bluir, 'year following. ... „„or,cT-  V"
stepped bee— rutiiril mile over tfll'f Whilst 1 inuko this suggeruon, I'!do'[
Clovolund Driving Pnrk truck,Al: not, of course, wish tu intel-foro iin-
aienvillo, Ohio, July 3U, 188.*i.    '- |ilnly witli-tliu diaercliun uf the U'us-
V i'lt, la rfsuo-thaf^jittai juIIj'Sj-. far i tots who, 1 understand, nre Mr. Chip
i!iat*f-Mio"\Wflfceil'ei'titteU m.0 thnt man, of the Hudson's liny Company,
■ ijiMoWlilfi^lM'. ^..Buttio eo'i'ue oi-cr Ja*r^'liouiiis<inr oi'-jtlnT Netf yifl-M'Hife
1 "dvlffitfllioit - t>i« :foat of'the chijstnut'TilJlcB, nnTSIT.-. PuhMr. J/JJt., ijjtj'kcr
I iuaB'gmoi-' w Hartilil. -' - > :" ns lb EiiildfiiriTt 'the" present moment
"Lou Dillon     pulled    a high-wheel but is just leaving for t'linuilu, and I.   -.—■•   ---.---    ,,--.-,   ,-   -,, . —-  » •-  "-.,„.,  m
— aiilli'y uim  the smmn lu.n.m In 2-.05,  havo rccomm»n<le4 my \iews to hinT.li1ins''Wsiiiricrt' Ms''jjifjIKiw' jal-ket"' audu'-ituoihiilu Ifi thiituvJi.i-tH"'-"1 bna"-j53
* 1 .v.i.bi'i-1 ban i.nbaiim'f u.vuj 111 • ,. ',    '  ,
————m v       ^ —-         _ irie^^ii  (U.V)   elf. .-Iudili.uJ._lL *
llilll"fO'"1iog'IH''6o'rtstrll''tlVfii -ot' - thi)
n'hlil' fi'iVril Vno'*nWtAliJ1oflJ*pl,'!ill!li ri-
!for bli"''Ronrgiiiif'"' IIK.V'to"'Miflitroal,
.fHtt'Uli",jf>'lit"t,o 'coi(f|iVi'to'liWil't'    lj
hns taken in -Hano"."* '''•"' J"1'"'1
nil  Jn uoJ*li*l'fl '.y-  '.'...■■' Sll'l
niliiilelli'^mt!'; 'lH'b'."ii8'i!. fjnst' ey-p
itirlg' lthe"sl<-ijr'ii,aii'tS'es"'oii''Wiiy wiioq)i
Wf''a""ii.'ii'i']"cli'r"l)r,li/ollflnld deralie'd tbe
cotlcnes" HH1 !f1Ve'1' eHsWoiln'il Overland,
tftKH/cKhtlholi'Jal"' ''exprcSS,'" 'set'ente,ei
ntaes-'wiSl Hf HfiapleaVtVf '''•""       .,
JHll     li    '.tl  "fl-n'M   yn"
"'►fttonl'h. r-eo'."l8'.,-i
flPstJt«Ts^**b#cutii¥:0lJfainTfl^^^                          HoiWii*:,ilotwi.ii-"    •'   1fflne'tirts\no(-nllng''fof"!'l(ne'\vtiidbiR,
opening and putting    Tii»W'iittl,'l\UtttlV.f^WiIohW»l«rt"Siithrt bis.gritiiil'...:  . ■■■■?■ ....
Wales at Edinburgh last year by tlv'c«pl"H6fe 1»lfW.tv(:inVtS,i1il-|,iWflMo(l..  , Xn
tries to.'fc'ifclBlfWj'-goal. ■,,,,, ''I'' J"".*" te.f™'"-.«s an opppnont
-      '■'   tlie ™ Gtf* M tnW'stl-ength'of'iirnft   W
On   this   occusion Wales was
' v' f i.'! '' / ■' '■' '! ' .'    ' \'/ M J' I Li •
llhlAll Ob/l-'lOr:, iTiilUlMO,    i * f, . if^TA'filJ.SHED 186
-B-Jfc V'ACKBH", President:
\a\MXj |.,\iilirv(!eWtyi %& agei-
'"(Wi'iiliy; K"V.,"Mi. ll8-J'i'b'e c.,111.1  A. li iHKf.AN'li .-jupenntendent
'6'f ni'iiiedli rtel-'rcca' tlfii'l'" l^iesl'iir'    N  |    i'if I'lnil i-l'ies,.   .'
paldli|iCa|»liai ftlOOOOiOOO
the'"el«hrlc iillti'r"lu'r tlie"hiui-'der   01   l!l''1' 1'' es I hMu-i] nut Oit'n'nJa anil iii,"tliel'tftrtei1'''StlM''a'riif Enijland
Jn, 'oV-s'/.i.w'ttt'.sJi'i!-: a*      •^■.;^P;;/„^:-.::' Lim^r '*J:"n"
A 0£»ERAL OANKirdQ BUSINCB8 TRAN8ACTEP   Con»m«rcl«l   anri ^
Fai-mam'   Paper   Diacounted.
'/ HavtNos1 iii!nk^MJAktii&MW. I
.l^spDjijAftitt .1! iu.u.i.l/ii|iwauls ii(jj«iiV*i]ii»uif/iiiitit*mlt) n^ivted',' at
lll'iice" flrtWin, v.r "S'butli "Ol'solifc'; j a*
Uig Mouse l.tll.c,''li|lTn,clllA(li''ion»li.ck-;
on'.l'i.ly 11, tedO.     The court,     tiff
|ii'ii"K| tli^-i.i|ii|g|ji|ieiit i)J'|:i«iiMi|C/.iiiii oi
iiiuitdei: in UHef Uttst'ldogroe', un'l     tlu- ^_^^^^__™.^ __________
sentence  •of'flittfn' rendered at     tho1   , ci'fjv,",., ",nt .i,, /I'tii- iln|i»>it.ni' is SUibjeiihltOnimil (Way.uliifjatevsil in
ixlreordlnary    terms of lho supran&      the •■ i:   .1.. «! ol',|iliu„\Vi!m!e 1 r uif-,i.|iuul;iii;,lj(i*i:«l9^iiiii.i*„,iii,      |j
!blnH,''iii-iilork'fm,fei-':'l'ililuliity lield by!  'I  \nc,;o>.     .,|.j„lll       1,
kmfmfme^'^mm^   :\   ofrXI:   HOURS ON H\  OAK   ";M °; mo^,_1\> \..?i'.__* * *'
■ililit:inii|K*ji   ')'>, \_J__ t.'.'tit't'i'J'l'i1' ■•        ' in.     o j*.in., lo o.ou ('.ui,,
ovwvuVl-'oiV.' [B^W-ltiiWfoA :i:'!A's'Mn"n .lllWf'i? I..'.'.' 'M'."!!»'.^J^
IllittCl!  '<li   " 'il If'' t" (i ill 111 (HIS   ("Vl S 'lilOt'llr JT „,„      Ll/sl^lvi^i    - iVS,rft:rti,'»i   . ,,/i/Viiir^inrM'J
ihg KtVf'lH.' Uf,-ear«ftaVa; anH ! ^M^i^W^pB^^^^^^B^^^
Oebi'giMh 'W' fftnnV f'o'lilp'an.v'uut!'. ,53 .liHINU    iiiiiiHN; "''''■    \\\\,vStfSV$$$h     ">   83
2>]    I'ruai.li-i.l in..1 Slimnyiiii'  I ii 1 iw.t. ,r.     ( p„i ,,,i,,'.y-Troa|tn-er,'   *"
rn 15=
~* '• ap
df ,tiin9"sco^and"M"jed by"5fffloliiiBrtlitf!r' WJol'   ,ill« M(insftl>i*l>las ourlj;,
'three        TSi1 -if Bta«e •vnu'''!    be is likejy, to retrfova
In the'secdn'iifatfVile'got Tho'ball  |S'Hg{t^__iXh-^iJiS ?,*,*®i#
out to     JTush* wliep tbo,, .Scotelmiiiii'
'word' rite' W WHM'%M.Aan
to t
srung""tlie"ball Hi.''to"Ualiy11 who1 raced for the-Hue hrhis greatest style
Hindi paasbduat thfe rlj/lit'muiiAUt willi'
UtntiiwfVaaertu'l' Welsh «'isll"to II' j L,
i'l'hi«iiwncludud the -scol-iuW- .a-lM
Wales; nowihasii Binljiijtoiibedbl7'l1a;i|
land next month iu order .tuiuseciii-e
tho triple cruuv,— ...   . '
"iM-iiH""".*! dfty,..,!,^ lyew^alau
. ,,t.1vw,.\jilui.*'1it-!'!'itciipi,'i(1trio
Monnioutjishice, b0lla,Jb»}„-|,,puliu'.s Id
2 (Nortbei'ii^JynJuii.) , .(,
aolaoy     iniriin'-'i 'v.^i'"" c.Rilf-
o.vj iii ..mm.'   "
tt8R<Jst.*fI»ntofe fgO°dffihaitjShoHi He
has signed to box .Ibbtny .Jfpitt. tao,
^o"wi»*iofito. fiwrtw "iiSte'oras
as big as feed bugs, f 11, view uf
Hritt's cloverness, the silurfficWs 'At
theTlibift? NsMlHI's Jt«.'«(n"'ll:ow'hess im
starting, and the dilllcyltu' iOjiiiiftllicI,-
Williams, who got tMftbin^l->i^^
the corher-WtV-unconvorted    t,ry. |W»*W ~ln^j: !.%!&
Htnme ity-iai*i'olsohi»liiHs'*ttftch'.'     on
Packy .Mcl'iirluud, the thii-d .pint-he
en liiiliieil ,h,v ,(,:aiis,„ls/ being ,exten-
vely ffiWi.a.f','l,f YEitef'/i 7xperte
Ju*'-|(»i fi't<»'ill,K'"H(s' 'wuiillbWiil tilPi
etrt latiitltHboxly-iiisr'iiihliililed'-ibn'1 all
have decidi'il thnt he is shymi^,|ju|icb-
Ilob Ritchie and Billy Lauder   \yn'll(.
fight next nuintli for tbo llghupoigati
cnanjplollslilp 'bf 'Cuii'u'iin1 at fflfeprfc
' j'6'i3ll«'X,Vs'' MHAa,,
.-Jllill-lolll   71:' -I'.jglv.   illToj   Hll|
NEW YOftrHTelT.  I.I.— .Ioo..lluilSl'
Ing force. Even if it is Bo;eTfOweVhrjJ
he-■ hfjsiana>t«f 111uf-vrK"IflfJl-S^Vtf ■ tVi*'n"lI the
|iuJH,wij(jJ(fji ,i|«,i«yilbiik 'initsMlloo.upT,
JSfSW•/iV'',')','!.,(si.iJi.<.l.'i9,   ly io»   „.
t.iiiTOs Hit1 a'pons.oi hi.s, clc'VLM-yi'ss
dusky,slfinnc'd cMi^n^n^jWWci01^!)!^]
'  fe
1f>W) Mto^bnJtilflft'ilaaJiSHi -ilviuiclj-,
Aft pulicli. it is a iiuesiipii, ...wlieliber
,TOA  YH'I'i-illKI.'l  H/A.T |.   07 t_t_tnji<I MKIT
WILL TKST    NEW   IMMKIIIA'I'ION   tioiiB'to'lliuko.    A portion 1
portion of the a^ll.tejiBCftflOAN' tmtPTi6'''i4WJl'f   '_   *,"i'-"lV'W;'l'6'R'rA"8 VflBfllfin*M   '
,bl noiinsllqqa nnjlMJaWam oil!M        SaVoSfUosTr2 ^'^""""'? '    'Xmli'5&^'07 " '
iij   •jliiT lu    nliciiiUassi-   ojiiuihliih a
''KnTCS'iW"^ rice- Sl,y   unit—-iTeneral Cl'iincso' nnii' sjS^ineiit^'ttiiTO'S^ffii, thii'^bccoVfuotljifll',' dntf csiwcially'i
;«l*''Jl«i''Jr>rt£l>'«f'L.'Mutt,Mfi!a^fj^iiivtf-. -J"'*"'1^0 '"^^'V.Vilf'" (°iJtuiLlfIiA«'^J' f.!t3oL"Infc'^^Mi■c?h wilT'fJo^iS,' ^Oss!'i;.'7r.i''fw>.o IW^'ioffow-Wi i'ilS (o'l'tunfes
r.lM.ifiiWiiUtnHi fcoit) haw"(lno^piisllMgljP''3(hi»iii.lsi'iin    no )/:iP'«    l.im.^i-iii ..J-ai.'.1,,..,!!,, „ii<,-uw, .«c'.KV'iitt«
H'Wf (HI. teutnaffiffii-vi!1 r!lfe,,J-ln
sui-ance"f'«.,:'or"N'ew'''V'or'k''.I'l''i'b'e or
de>'''is''nVce^ail,v Tor tiifei''pr:o'tection ol
Wnnu!an"',l'ilicS''lnolnefsl     '"'"'"''
11/10   97/    l..(l>     'i.^    ('no   'I 'J   il   II      '-I
titUWP r^ V'-is-^'rhe' Winter'ses-
'•fiiil'f 'bf •tlio"'SilT're'nife'"i'liurf ur'"tnn-
ity of'tli'onli'tv iict', shys'toUiiy's'f'i..-- sengers, all Japanese, of whom' T, ..(llscussldib,. .       .,        .    .
luria Colonist.    On tho arrival    pt s'if4',»'.a,S, tliejipilv-iuis luniloilTliero.:''|      "" "-"'""    "'1"' ""■' """,-
-fSTfTTCsa lit tbe uitRrTVIiufTTlio rej;- ' —4  i' '    _       Blaal .i'ouil oviJoin.t'n 1111 .oldll
Jtukeu by theloii- „. ,-, ju^'iii-hs llllill'l I.K Ilno.l!'
fiiciuls, Dr. Milne . ,S:l.r ■« V.filirl ,-":|
iiltir iirocodiif-ti,.
criil iiumlgrtftii
(i     117 lj| ojrH«'«AimiA»AV«  llanM
ulll ul  elliJ   Iniilili'itl  9'l)i'i<lo-li(i|n
Huri/)lnojn. luw-^-'Ai-wlWets
'AathJutUimin"i'eceli-efl"lt(!r*k *'£,
the neett 0I111 Awdrlcntj "imttl
hder ttea>iAdriltral"E:«sSls. it,
1'oml,  ^  .	
Ull 84 for Inspection. Alter examining their eyes.iyii'^jiMi'ses, to see If
they wero   ircu from'trachoma   andj
Mftti itm^iiM^Wff
r?"ffltcwtffifii£i ,'W r'"H...*i-'
-niiKiii'i   MVMum?*"^
.iit    (i.'-irj/ATiA     AI
New York, Feb. SO.-On the Wnn-
|ganui river, In-tdr-oH Now Zealand,
nn evont of world-wide intei-ost     ln
sporting"clrMesMsVm-ojilnco to
dny.     II Is a  j.iiijcssiiiujL sculling
match for" tho'world's championship.
Tlio cuiiti'8lnnXfl_ifrja_il'ebb nnd 'Pros-
aider, tbo lirst named being the present haliler uf the w'.fKTti i-hampldVi-
arrcst.YAJr  „
,J«2n1. I''..,'l*!pWPr.Y.|nfpr,,UtBn^iiyMt
ini,.n g^.(nwnntiuil„ u'lll.mnfiii an ap-
licutlnn' In, tlie' 1 Ibivil eourlo Ibis
morning fur aPtnui/iVkii for habeas
corpus, this ucliutt_I>oing tnlien    to
SlPlf «rte*W4-(|r,lV,s!)rl1. Sff;
force vMtnrdAv Inr tlio first time   In
this city.   Thu order being made  for
a rule nisi It wsj^^ej returnable   at
romo date   ln tbv .near future    and
als who fall to pass tho oducationnl
test Imposed l«y,/tlicj,ntf' act. All
were detained lurt night by Dr.
YUfk, I'n.l'ob. 18.- Two deaths
resulted from $lrs,-foday In tho home
frfi I|ntoilll«nnliiiit*ih|T»t,.rttj MrMho
- auK .w'.t. a- nu ublMlmfnoe snlifuo 1
tW WW'1'.IStW,. il#l<»'h*t'«j.iWt,
cjitiinllife .shortly, afteoitttsum ofelael»;
atall sl«pping.'WllWldt"'af	
!)frWn.H^Wi5.Wll.i?<h.iilvaitnlrs,ilMi- rcsciwi
n grandchild .eialbriifcifcuthcfei iloglM'
iraV''««Moh» -by sHioke'-'iiHlf's^'v,
r<,ffi,)i'.|ilM,?Ub'^*#tvttak«n out  by
lhe .fli'eitien The cliiW-wnn—also-]
The circuit, couct~af Vigo county
Inil.. hus uphold, tbo cutisiltutlun.il-
has.     W
and steam-.
Klil|*ijaftnrtHitVRf* nvhw** vfllt'-rfllBWOd y.-i
terday on a churgo of perjury, tc--
uoy cnteretl a pten or nut guilty to
«*^fc|ainajoa!»iph*JlfJ |fT.*Jnd*l ,
^IhousOJid dMjorsi'liallr"! ThApirJul-.f
liamcMient Strew •'mil>Aioi/--lc«n"' of
"-.-in,noil an,*^l>.^'|ihniiiiis cnncernlnii
which Mr.'-wPreo il-as rnlled bofor'
the Jury.nsi«s witness. _•     JV\
',' EiJIell f rflJOOQW! )rff*rfliIir/Tsi
niblet, ono/olrthn-oldjDst'|iuslnes!:in.;ii
nf tho city,' hanged himself in n barn
,«*« q(Jl\Js:c»>mo ctMe) rttlQ*rnliige"fl'Dei)-
pondency Is given as the_cjU!so,	
T.yrVi»illu,"'l''6b'.'' 18'.- tne' Tiimiska,'-.
fdhlV'SfefV'i-c'rir' eii'rnbdhbvi(:ri't:wo"hu!ilr'
di-M! Ho'llliiJs',''Jab'''Yn'r'rebio "ol 'sixtce-i,
iliou's'nW«"dbilil'-s. ''',l1' " ■'A''-"'' '
gni-iiupoa ei ii'JH^.i.ii unit btiIv  '•'
-tttfiooii:"lJ'eb.a"'!(8l-",i,t' 'is 'declare,!
hefH:1 vTl-tH-' «ini'o"si'K?V 'b't"autiibfit;.»
in August of this ycari'Rd'Stjfltri an,-
|Mv»sari'l-bf!"'telJ'f'6'liii(ii«fi' o'r1" (lu ,,
lloc'•^)y»t^e!'•Pren,lili,.'""l a,u l'n" '>"   ..
Ill   Linil   VIIII'T.UO'J f.ll '   io   -Hiui.-i   OJ   -'■
'fitukit;  -ifoti.-ig;—'.tiis'fi^1' -ftuj3,
'ttdi*e,Den1<lne'1 fixflheWtn'' SAbA" %lui
Has •'lleBn1,flVioV'8ynic..i'fme',','ilied ihi;:
nidl'nlngV'''''fIo \v'asn'jW)Vnn'in'C'oriiwn:i,
Enrf.'i'ini l;l!¥t'(l"" •'"'"" o'"*-"■"''"'
07/ .ti .noiJnoHo -rioilJ ol Jd)fi.u-i ■  "•
' BdtrtlA, Feb."IS; i9 I'.l'out" Mlo'i'
ternlHBIHftlPW'Ic'b'i'an ciW!"" 'th..
i'uiifJ(bJ'(,,f,lHe>'Vobt'est'un:t's'Vn tno"k*eWj
VlMi''W l',n-i'('aVitn1M'obiile*-"'h^''" tv„
'rtefl tliiS"cl'ty,.':' "'    ''"- "'" '
pi., urn    'i'an-1.1  UU'1....-il   ll  11   '
•W-fbWi1,' l-'t-W. lS-'fofonfo'''mnniiy
Y.U't.ii,6ls'lfvHM'^luii'nvoi- to hovo'liiu,
tlsfr!)l,M,u'Mfflpaaios e'sfhlilish |igon.,
i-i*,"1ii"th,i's"i-Hilnt:iV s'o"'tnli't!'inbne.',
  - .,    „„ linn 'llel'iilitnliied"Hn"(Joi((l''seciirlt^,|it.
l«>lonWfdlit,'VipBianiaie0Uprom^^^^ Hf '• Iri t At" tH(" *tM*n .1*' 'A i?'1 'tvif.
honor   0^ Victoria o„ tho ■fuutbuil'.'sunl!.1''' '" """ """ """ '"'"''''' "" .
!li'S,IMilll'IHil»S'..l)Fn TiriD'-BlPl'' lllU'H .
ll moil Bjl 'ml -mui'.i H-n'uii-in oil
fift fit ..mm, m
0 i.'t'J Jii yuiiiioifl  (fibnuQ uu fw
fflliuuo ue. in.'   iMftN'U'JbSACIMiHBRH  OF'  ALL KINDft OF
QjaiiJ 'o -n1 "171 ■'.!■ lao-ivi od'l     —-——    -. W3
*7i .. orij in   -ytiiJ-joiu   oil;    Jog-iul j'noff    nn
M tfflMCS»ffliL^^
HS K ■'■  """'T   '"'- ■" ■'- .'oil oil- ,'i novia ml lliv/ IM
0-1   joV'./
t rv *
.AiibONOHiM'i    ™
„,„,' Meals Sw\ad at «.H-,'.l,n.r«. '
) -j'loui 01 oiJ.iui' yii.4 nsittsolloij
,gi8-iol    first Class         „ ,
Ace mmodation ,
Bnoui-jli   a -ii.L'iuii UJ uao'i'iuq oil J ''
1     ./ livate Rooins '
, .no-,,Rot Ladles o,,,i ii»t ,,
inn iluasen lo-eg-wao  n no bo -1
Clii'iii tJhowdei'Hiid OiystCTti
oi *i"''"'>8i)eujit%."" **•'"> -■
i.'.;:   ©ill doni 01U lo tyiodmsm
•    (J ,;-i 7      ,1    iitlO        ,'H,'»f|v.   1(j /(■)■'
Gatacre Stireali.'::
uiiii .aiaom
,„ -„.il.„ 0
a .I'Jiam Ma
;        ,, 1'"'..*'   ,,„^iii  "?     j ^ttnBetf^toftww^rrtJ^I^
rWm>h Hvri-Avusrav^^ u
iiil.iiHillJ.ilalioiAiilflii-ftnl/i 4<*.™5
Ifl 11s received tlio agenQK,Apf
idonenofi 1 t.ht\..1iest' 'AinMiriCan
..'-.im,. nrti itil jJlllsilsaonieei "
.i.'„-.r ',!l,.IM.IH1tJ-SV',-V*5Hl-B"J.V*'fc-n-  "
ShortiWt' Notice
, OAJ*A'S.slVllH),,U|imi|ilA0lWlltflaU
ii-'||-y;,i|-i ut-lil/J.'l fcl :	
W'l'eHii,,"i(,a'{"h«s    si-.'1
i:(.ul'.l"l,'l..'.'L''.u|-"i"   ' la  .•),
TO!((V/or-,tho past'Wi-ee '6i-"fuiir yeal
l*^re''ll»'''MlBlvetyl,oonT.en0on Sntui-
'*.i"«"l-•^'lVl\airnb'.,"'• •,""M".>,1,I!>'.1„, ' '=i
The friends.of the local  teum     ut-'
■-'--   -  ■     *,r—       p.o>7   .11/  .1 ,„
*1b«td''llefo.lWo li;o'[ulfowL''r,cls!'I""1-''."
The floldllwW'Voli?/K- -uuiit' Io:";ia0|   n°»
t«r!' tTViiW "'telliiclliy '"''fa'i'oi-i'ng   ,tlw'
——^^-^———    rtiy iiioni  .'?'  1
1: L'HliilA<!0|ii.|.-ol)P''''-l'Sa- 0A"t1«|lHtcii'
to t.hi» i-.-.irrilKmie*"i«ii')f(ii |IMiHii«'Kfle,l
'   '   'siiysa^J -t-iiioiii   n.uii    Jaum
Chn-npo iswl!iil»lshft»io,,slirt'ikl
oiitef-osttsllujirtto- iflewnilnu ^c'k Yo'i-.
 ^^^^^       to l'nris rncora and uccomiuniy"Hn'iu
,Heav.v8't'nifVa'iiiiol,tcnm'' "'},0''"{/f" ',!'""|iirto..Uhicfaiel,iiouhil .t«enroai»,lin',th's
Over a   srofe''*or,,Li?sl''woreIOglvoif ttcllpnuilmsllmakt BAtlWisKOKP". (fo'u-
hSdinttl' fid' k,'M\.i'Wl.,m-   two <iWamu.ua   1
IM !'■! / 'ft »
,R/OI*   '•jfinillll MHO
'rliiti Vw entire, giinie.1
*ovart[i'oiMiV1MoJS'WWd SI'
■hniiW'^bira'o 'iSill^-iisdraJfy   (.n1
ri^.-iiiftnixo rii imuupiJlil Dru     .,' ■ r]
This    combinrttlnii iSoP Ibe'll'ipaii
flteh-wMie'.«;w!,7'lb;'.alaKif ,ui.
miibll'raei"1,','!,,",";,! „"..' uli'lil'mea bei.
teii'Wl'" iWrt'iV ''Tieif bVu-ie'v upim,
,^tJ,iJiui|<,iiR     lilaimhiMK  .1    '■'■
Pl*il>Yn1pW\-'ffiV,i',',..l. in t.|ie el)i). ,„.,
i^^lzJ^AHM -few
ilTfi.reN1 arnfl ii Is cqntendqi1h .con
lMn,MfVK'iiie,'(-undllloii of tlift gr.nimd
-tucpiiiPi'.l'Ji'"'' r!'<>''""', ""./Monro
nTM tile slnte of lhe wenlher.        1.
■„,tf it/ ti'ill '.'ut' ^.iii.-'' (( in'lii'.
''Kl^'VlWl' I)/1 s.M H |-\, tJI-liV
iilunill -..'l ii4,l(»fi|!iYi-''   ™   Ml'"'"
n-ivln fuill 'H* 'ITlhS "".litiiii.i'i'ifi""'.
iWifny jfllices greeted the |ioopl0,     ,
iftoii__oflJU»Bit.bi'i"'.>   '.'.p.'V'" .,ir
fTlW cnllro ufTprnoun.     Trains    fnim
■ilil'.M'''1;! Knri'vi-"- iiti'u'iit iin-iv'"'
,Cesl.6rh Juiinls,   wore from.one. .tfc
ui,lu iso;lt  inn;   1 .'-''   " -1^.0
.-/fin ?.m<'.
11 110111(8
car ln ths New York to Paris race
took the leAd'Waa^'ivi'n'g hero at
seven o'clock this morning (or, i-jnve-
followed. „ ♦—
'"fllWW -?a'\»iS SfW ifS Vf*'1"
luy.i-SiV.I.'nnit one (if'W dcWff«ni.s       ^^
liusrsetunnert'ltu Buffalo by train   to curred at il n'clnck today and,    fagot repairs for the jnachlne.  iffiff^'Tiii-roiisi'-d''' in iiitonslls-.      T|w
=: *  #nn^|l'n^iinJL^roU'niA ifoi
•rrtrrl^iRninpTl fniWiyiJIl T pjlo<l*/ij„%s.|i.-/'a iWrb'ihlirW
Uu'*.' ' flrMI'iClJlUn-1 Wlreot cars and elevated rnilwui
I Toronto. Fob. JtW (Joseph I .oaken, 'llilnllle^d-tclcrrhone'-sei'vlce' wns 'jti1
n   Hungarian, was son
h.^■■■«■■■« .'leu i-u"
Chicago, Fob. JS—,Ono of^lin^ee
\ lest siiowsto'rms ,^1,tliij .winter.. nc...
mudiiaiid..slu«h.H,l'|i*li '|Vllif«lill"isiiu,\t
haiil-s sis itestideti»n)iaifWf''he',i',1clil
itjitiiiialvi'llslttraialinlcnrli etvnllP' ''Pro
'teooddoeilR -u" "ii'iin.i-i no-iblli'-i
The Chicago ilfuliimnelii w'lll 'W*Wiu<
their Journey eastward today.
n-.n'.ni'n'A'iir'lHi's 'Wft's'Al,!1-:'.1!
.. nant.v im. '.1 ' 1
WASHINGTON*,     Fob.  10   - Uid4
tudily..f(u"llic kille' ill' nfu'vosseii.' of
sbo..|i.WfilloiV Sl-ntes'«ntHJ"tIiii('lioiilg
sgu'-iotrtli\'on tlliir1 'hsi>flfliic*s iiiiii'are
now destined for lho junk liiMii! The
•»wu'Vostli'ls ,,'iv \ic"V\\-IT tVi;r,'linnni-
till- OlauffllWils'.'-hrt*1' iff 'till'"' N"iiWiik
n.ivi'-yunl'.'nWi'l' tllP"l,llitii'."aV ' flare
-lalanii.1 ■■ 'i»H" (III'' 1 *l'.':i;'t11e"l*iiiioiUc-'ii'n
Is.cbe mil.v'Hlfe'tliiflt"wllf'ltVo"li'i"'ili"
lllstor,»iiot'l«ni'lnaVV-.'"''l'lte"li,'ln,(if" is
i.nleniwtiiVI«.'' <TWffl"iis"li''''felli-''of"i'l{e
<ild..«i'i-.i"iif 'WWA HbVore''wo'Silen
ildps had been  displaced by     irn'n-
'.Illclllii'l   vln-i'll
1.1 anni-in'/
Ths Cnnonlous hllS'iVafl 'i"!l6'me''
ivbst tHeihiuihlite Vhrcft,.''''''.*.'he'"' 'was
buiW nt"llbntifliil'lli'i1'WJ',llnll"l'li ''hi
Ud-00 ton*-iill«|.|n»»h"ent:' ''What'
tenyi isb* ibn nrtl'd'11 rf5?lfWnl!h snioo-1 li
-bores -In'her mnlh'Ti'att'er.v, nnd ' \n
her, siKoiidiny.bst.'Uirv two 12-p'oimd
est^yayitrwat l^ilhlr tt»,iyr»()iT» oi
nl.0.if.-(.in! uililldn1. riullnn. In', lhe
civil «tfr' f-he ' was 'commanded    by
;iuiuander lc. s. EarrottfiA) (Site
ns at the engagement  in thc neigh
luirlsiiaki ol Uatc^ *rrf when she ex
changed a 'lively' IfrVwIth tlio Con-
tenced to throe tfji-rupte'd badly.
l\*i^MfM!Wli'*W»\niJ? assfflfl  I        — —f     T J^ r_j
lupon a   nveyj-oarQfld yln* II,,,...   ,• *~-i..'-v..'....•.   .
' Industr
L.'-J^T.ifp'fn tduih    imilii-f   sn*T   l'"'*''v", ----c-j---. — - ,„,. i„,es     iminwfin"ny>'neniiiel"Bn 1 tnnt tne    war would be prulunge.
W$^3^M^<M» llc""-v n" a-^eWKOIIacWloshave J, „„„„„„,,„, „   ,„lra,llUcc W^'Wi-'jWd'lKe wus usslgned tu d
MtloWnWaaW iWff'-iiil<l"illi,ia.i\f«l»l»rl ,'<!.S,".!",<:'J , ."B1,0^ '       " a»......m»a«. . ~-   ...
iivor^oar^yjfl ntnl. 1 H-pM0    Vaucuuvoi"Trades nnd I.ubui-'federubJ btiteiy fttlHowlott'l uajnl
 ';,_♦ '  ' (^uni^,is^i-loVjtu*lry\jjP{%jrlnTIB ^Wlt»N^^ffftV.i5l<nlt,ir
trj«l r ijffldtliins^w **Tea^l.|||.0*l   •lll,,,,r,. „(' ebenp fi'l'   along wna fitted out whon It was thought
WifJ-lMogopoH/bdrlni'WHhVin,, Hn0B     ,„i|„wenl^.f 'HtntWe.-linV''Wiit''(lio'^''wsr would be prolonged,
,.    ..it. _trf   _^f >   ... .      '  -■  •   "■-
iT-irn-.l;   „|ll    M    ",.P-T
lias   11 il liilllli-
'   -in-ill 0.11  nl "11.1 -/.Hi "i1* n) nh     '
1     iuC'iu,a„h»„AvllHu'Wf)rn|s)!y„,  ,   .'
ifinti all ioBU-l'(,lJtlill)''llVl" nl b'n
mm )r>  too  v/nn -nn  i
Exp^ssi; an
:i:liiliT y,iii/■.'•!>
fipbirrts St.33Sw|
('    Jn  Ii-.'P-.ftrff    |",|.|Vi
feii,.i(rr7Tn.|--§p| tinmT 1-j
'..['". iililu.uj ".'Ii-i^,'.)#TjJ'i all
ILu-iJi^e', Jlnf, \l |veil.
ijJ lo awfll noiiina^
mny uniirioiu eiiiJ 'loJuuli e\,\l
itilii Uj
4 m*i\
l)i l 'jhJ lo BWflj noiiinalmmi oiijj
nu r,fv);Ti^f4j*l"¥) i*«tl .,1(li
[ijum '|"3'f_litEiJ?v(,t''1 'tilta>
ninjjii. i)i-7/ yJumi ttiit yn
1 ni,3 101 ,. VW .v.hiaau* .11
>.t RfifSolLv^nnJf^ftls t.wiJn*njiu'
.KmiilAII   'JOiit/l   o(/oiip   OB9nii»]
vji'W'./ no Iwii^in S7I yiond
limVl nil/ ni -- 'ipm'id It.nll ajj   nn'
s!\H lvAT,S.,''ii'tl,V,liUlvu'AiBLES
'f!"^"T "
11 i Twnf
1 rnriii'; :iw  .J  *
Alwaj-'t lr-rcsh!.pnfitand.
Ined her. usefulness,uu At that tln-.u
alt*'alas aplirnfs'ed at jllSjOtttl^'jiast
year the guvoniiiii.|it reiiitoil the fa-   Wedding .arid, Party -Cakes
luous old I'luft at. considerable  mea- „'   ' ' ,r)rdoVi.;iJ'
ponse. for ■   KdilMtrari pnn'oseB'   .il.t     Fruits and C'niidieiu.jf All Kind.
'.InmestBtvh. ,„. ,,'. '' .   I     F11KSI1 BREAD fWERY TXiSSi
',-:" ",--,■' **—+. r .... i'n J  .^Hocfia^^W .reatb'tahle.    ail
.,   ,    i, loi   «i nJ ul   cnstbtiAfrif tretlted altlte:
.1 AI'.W S .HIM'.IA.'I'.l', 1,    Si  '■•' I' ■
'I'OKIO,     Pob, 'l8-The ,,-opiy,,',?»/
.Inpan I" the meniorandnm from tbe
I'nitell    > stales  cviveiiunen;  of '.Tan
26 willt    he handed   to Ainbassad' i-
'flip'mns O'Bilon tomorrow. ,Fcb, .'iw. I
The document, which has'been -cal':-
fully pre(iared.- rlufllilcls plnihs for t|ie
proppssd fu'lip-e'contrpl of ^ie',|iniit'
gi'iilioii of .lajinuese to 'American ■ it
incluilos many concessions''Whlr.lr till-'
OO.nC? ot Oo.SUS    mini   eJluB
n,.„iKOn ths, Esplansdj,, ml
La'dTfliiiith,   B.  0.,      ..
-iin-i1/   nl snolidiiboi   B'd oria
 ■*"    "    -."lii-a'Cl  -a-lT
uliiH    no   ,mi'7.
iilvtii   liiinellib   lllll
HillM-ie.   .evdieil
eminent   gavo    tho officials  Instruc- „>c 0f _nt mm.
'l|M»iwili'lih». net/ icdmpelif
ntdrs til tliflrils1V''Hiid"billiip wrat-npi
nnd cold w/i'lo^whtthimnses'Vr' "li
..it aa,   »,.'
st-'-      led li),'ay,.'ii^»jfflerlunproco«eiit«il In^ho
jlisttnaehlpsj'ithi' nnnnls of ri-lniinnl history. v''""
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ,   .jOhlgh  and     Na ♦        	
.0 ranged to Increase the number     nf  ,0 ,t,     i|-|,e 9flv|nK nh-eady nmounts  hunt,     the   Cnnnnlcus wns stricken     In New York city electrical work-
.mpeli»,nhillw,.*e^ be.nha%rWor«e', arn<l MS" which „£, „„,„-,*•„ U_\ %«$£* coai„iine[ .In.iuu-,,*,!*,^,!
ZArt™$PMMm^ 'hart time have ar. aATWirffWrTO
flshnOIISOB  for      tllO  l-untrnd   tn   Inerensn   t.hn   numbnr       nf   ,.   ,*        ...l.    ..      ......t..    .       . .. „
owed-COBferencct 'between Aifil'inspv.J <*i^*^**'^*^^**r*f
lori 0'I(r(cn.' yiscqutit ',j]inehi.,;liiirKin '
Isliii, and ltr.,,1). W.i-Btephths,. •!.. "
It li lioll*vod thnt"tho'"rSl-opoS9i)
|ihte«! will Bottle nl) tliooxf.'i'iipi: 'iii,!-
'ferttc'ft..,, ... .in Mini . .'.
dStTfill :■♦"■  ■  '"'   	
ti'.ijdbii^oivt.; ■ Fci,., ts:^„j;;'; mrii
u li'k. i, .a...Ntssauri   lowiishil'   fnnlioe,'
a .nni.trtal.iclmrgoii' with' the1 'rHhrUil,l,'i'!
of his   wife.     jThe evldent^t of'".'^,.'']1 g
l'-uffl,',B/ Thqr'nd'aio',.'''/j 't'he.ior'm   oJ,l ij
a ,'iiitii'ii report,  shows that doutli' '
wiiSi.ikIiib tit"shitok"Ahd"hothotlrhnW'''.,.
n it rl- t|tli f 'ev tflpri tly '^lic' 'h nfl', lioorf', jf tl.\,- ,}''
working hours oncli wcev
to S3 a  ton.
from tho active list as having    oui
A Specialty
All kinds ot Blaekatnltblat
Dont tt Short NoUet.
receive S*i n   day for olgbt hours.' *a%%%^%%%a>%%^%^%%^a>%%%a> WVn.*.-1»v*"*-% % %4
pel-, 19, -
. ,   ,      , «uu uei iei i uroueot
.ich has been trying  .       "■_,-.
i- tho iiiW •      ,s and Property.
A complete range of Ladies
Panama Cloth Skirts, In
shades of Brown, Blue und
Black, at keenest prices.
Latest Styles, A select
range of short soml-llltlng
Tweed, Silk Cunts. A full
range uf New Raincoats.
Two dozen Muslin Waists,
Cream, with Polka Dots, in
shades of Brown. Blue, and
Black.     Special •Price,  95c.
A full assoi'tment to olmosu
from, nt. prlcos from 51.26
unil up,
A few dozen sample Muslin Dresses for
ed at Special Reductions.
CHIUlreii' to bu uffur-
•*.-* •v*.-%,«fc »%.*%.•*>*-■% > -*«.-«>.-*-«
complutod for a  wrottllng mutch (ur
  tbj> championship of tho world     ue-
___ twoen (Jotch and liaokensohmldt   tj
The Ilathb..no Sisters will moot nt fn bfi "' ™°aS0 on tho oveninS «
the Odd Fellows' Hall, (Ladysmith) ApH1 J- lne '""tch will be for i
on Sunday morning ut 10:-15 o'clock pttrss of ton thuiisnml dollnrs, sixty
to attend    the funeral of thoir   Into  per cent, to tlio winner and forty por
cent to the loser.
The wrestling will bo of tho catch-
ns-catch-can style, best two out of
three falls.
The     ^^^^^^^^^^^
Uen.  '    .cael for the surrender
Port Arthur to' the Japanese,     retired  fur deliberation  at  noon     today, ordering 'Gen. Stoessel and the
other defendant in   the courtmartlnl
I proceedings,     tlon. Rlsso,  to appear
j l-'ob. 1*0, at eleven o'clock when sen-
J tenee is expected to be pronounced.
Sentries have been stationed ■ at
the doors leading to the judges
ruuiu, which havo been pruvided with
beds, etc., indicating that the Judges
und others wuuld havo a struggle
beforo finishing.
and possessions of tho other cou-
tructlng party, and shall onjuy full
und perfect protection for their uer-
sister, Mrs. Margaret Jackson.
Don't forget the meeting in tlie
Finn Hall tonight, w-here an address
will be given by tho Rev. A. W. -McLeod, of Nanaimo.
In connection with the funeral of
Mrs. Jackson tomorrow, the Pythian
Sisters are requested to meet in   the
nl' UEVOi/P.
PHILADELPHIA,'Pa., Feb, 21.-
As a  sequel to the remarkable scene
-_-—      -i   —  ...   —    — —   --.,...,. w ,,,u iciiiuiivuoie scon
Lodge Room nt 10:30 a.m.. so as to  enacted in Uroad street late vcstei
lw   m   time  to   attend   tho  mrvon  nf.    . wu"'   "lLU  J08^!
1» in time to attend the service nt
the family residence
There is to he n Leap Year Dunce
In the Opera House on Friday even-
ing, Feb". i!Sth. A strong ,:o am tteo
has the arrangements in hand, ami ,\
swell time is assured. Tickets nro
now on sale for ladies at Sl.OO uaah.
The gentlemen are to furnish ruir^-h-
ments, and the Indies wish >t cloarly
understood that rocks nre not refreshments. Any gent makinff ti mlp-
take of this kind will he rocked t
Calgary, Feb. 21.—Mai ti ami McCarthy was unanimously nominated
last night by tho Conservatives of
the city to contest the constituency
in the next general election.
VANCOUVER, Feb. 2L-Chief Jus
tice Hunter this morning granted application for the relouse of lhe two
Japanese recently convicted at Nov
Westminster under the provisions of
the Provincial Natal Act.
He reservedly stated thai, he didn't
believe the Natal Act contravene I
the immigration laws of the Dc minion, but was positive it did undoubt
edJy run counter to the act san< tion
ing the treaty with Japan.
H. Cassidy, K.C., lor the province
argued that the Dominion sanction
treaty was ultra viers, and that it
guaranteed special privileges to j Japanese above other nations.
Appeal to the full court will ' be
taken immediately which will probably be argued on Monday expedit
ing the final appeal to the Privy
Council which is absolutely certain.
day afternoon when soveral hundr-yi
policemen gave battle to more than
a thousand unemployed foreigners
who wero mnrching to thirty hall for
the purpose of making a demonstra
lion, fourteen Hn linns wore held in
jail hero today. Five wore detained on a charge of assault and bet-
tery and inciting a riot, nnd tho
others on that of inciting to riot
During the battle,
SEATTLE, Feb. 13.-Parental neglect is declared by Chief of Police
WappenBtein to be responsible for a
great percentage of the crimes committed. It Is not unkiindness, but
carelessness and unconcern as to
the habits of tlie child, both boy and
girl, which the chief soverely censures in a letter to Rev. Geo. It.
Cairns, minister of Temple Baptist
church, read by the divine from the
pulpit last Sunday.
The letter wns written at the request of tho divine, who Is preaching
a series of sermons on "The Problems of Today," and who on Sunday
dealt with the question of the criminal young.     Tho letter follows:
Dear Sir,— I am in receipt of your
[communication enclosing a list of
problems, and calling my attention
to problem No. 10: "Why are so
I great a percentage of our criminals
(incarcerated) young men?
This has been a matter that has
| caused us a great deal of worry
and the only way that re can ac
count for the state of affairs is the
lack ot interest takon by parents —
not that thoy do not lo\i their children, but thu itidif ereru rt or ovor-
confldenco thoy have in ihera— until
something happens, and then thoy
are shocked and cannot understand
how their children could do such a
thing. If they would notice littio
vices that tho child is acquiring and
check them before they result In
something serious, a great deal of
crime among young children would
bo stopped.
"In many cases the children grow
up and the parents ure tho last o.ioi
And whereas the industrial and labor Interests of British Columbia
have been seriously affected by tho
abnormal influx of Japanese immi-
gVants tinder said section;' ami
Whereas laws enacted by. this province to regulate said immigration
have been uniformly disallowed by
the Dominion authorities; and
Whereas the existing condition cap
not continue without injuring thu
various interests referred to, and further endangering the good understanding that has existed between
the people of. Japan and the people [
of this province; |
Thorefore be it resolved, That this
house tnemornlifie tho Imperial gov-
cretary, to appoint a royal com-
ornmont, through the Colonial Se-
mission to fully inquire Into all the
circumstances in connection with
those matters.
He urged in support of this that
the whole question of Oriental immigration should be fully gono into,
and the matter settled.
The debate was adjourned on motion of Premier McBride.
Parker Williams asked—
1. What amount was spent on
roads, trails and bridges In the district of Newcastle from Jujy 1, to
Dec. .11, 1907?
il. What position did Henry Tru-
dell hold in the District of Newcastle
during last session?
.1. Whnt was the total sum paid
ns salary, wages and expenses to tho
following parties during last season:
John Cairns, Walter Michael, D. For
guson, .Toh'n Love and H. Trudoll?
Hon Mr. Fulton roplled—
1. ?6,143.81.
2. Cruising for road to Green
John Cairns' salary, $136; ex-
poiiRus, 544.
Walter Michael, salary $334.75; ex
penses nil.
I.) Ferguson, salary $256.75; expenses all.
iLmn Lovo, salary $68.25; oxpens
[es nil.
H. Trudell, salary $154;    expenses
This line weather makes one
think of something; they are
wanting- In the way of
•Lace Curtains,
Art   Draperies, Etc.
We invite you to havo n link
through Our Stock uf these
goods before buying elsewhere.
Wo alao keep a full lino of
SHEETINGS by tho yard
ready made PILLOW SLIPS,
tho same way. TOWELS in
Plain or Fancy Uhiachod ur
Unbleached Linen or Cotton,
so hnve a look In and convince
yourself that we havo tho right
(loads for Furnishing a House.
The House Furnishing  Houso.
* 4
_______t____m a. a, ■ ■ |",-,*,-ll-g-,-M-ymj|J^
»*>VsjM»M»iaiajj| | Ss^st»»s^%s»tj^s>s>t>%sj>s>>w>s*r lMt*»*»V»**r*»*r'»Ar*WrVt^a««tJ*||
Telephone, 1 2-4
Nanaim >
II c.
I¥(c!f|tyre Foundry &
Stove Conipany, ltd.
Lad j smith, B. 0.
New Store
r-ew I y Stocked
All Kindt ol Wall Paper.
Picture   Framing a Speoialijr.
High Street.
Pei> r Inkster
Ready toe nil kind"  of
Mr. W. F. Norris was in town   oa
\ Thursday.
Mr. J, Shaw went up to Nanaimo
on Thursday en route ior Alberni.
Mr. E, Mulholland was up to
naimo on Wednesday.
Mr. Chas. McMillan and the Misses
'McMillan returned from Nanaimo on
Thursday morning.
Mr, and Mrs. H. Thornley went up
to Nanaimo on Wednesday, returning
the noxt day.
Dp. H.& dm
All Work Omtrantttt-1,
Mrs. G. J). Scobt hos returned frcm
Victoria and is now able to get ont
tho police test! u^ (M|u W10 ^raj^s are tno iaBi oiuvi
(led, at an informal Inquiry today, to know of tho compBny and hablt!i
members of the mob fired several ro- 0, their chUdren; and, when tilings
volyer shots,    one of which slightly thftt are wrong ^ reported to them
thoy do not believe them and    pass
injured  an onlooker
A witness said that at thc mass
mooting preceding tho march, a woman spender had incited thc men
by declaring' "it is better to be in
,inil where you get plenty to oat,
than to be out of work onr' hungry."
Voltarlne de Oof re, the anarchist,
among  others,  nddrcsHOiI  thc     mas')
them over lightly. Wcim they ti
investigate theso maU< rs that are
brought to On***' ...tion, it would
save a Io!. trouble. I have vip-
itcd families where the child or the
young man would appear, usin;
slang, which the purentslaughed at,
thinking it was cute.     Later on tlv
  children got   to smoking cigarettes,
meeting, but disclaimed today     w and reading trashy novels
Boston, Fob. 21.-* It was uanoune-
ed today that arrangements bad been
responsibility for tlio march. She
said her speech was made in English
nnd thnt hnlf of the audlonce did
not understand her. During tho
tni.rch toward the city hall a number of red (lags were carried. The
Central Textile "Union at a meeting
last niirl.l. derided to march in por-
odo to the city hall in tho near future nnd appeal to the mayor for
aid in obtaining work for Ita unemployed members.
It is said thnt    eighteen  thousand
of the    textile workers in    the mill
district nro now out of employment
NEARLY THttEE    .H'AKTEltK  (>!•'
One Week Only
Suite from $12.00 to $14.00
00 «*'• tor  18.00
Suite from $23.50 to $25.00
for $19.50
A tao big reductions in Neckwear.
Ties, regular up to 75c in all
the different styles, on   sale
f0r  25c
Bowt, Strings, Derbys, aellinsr
,0'   Ite
William's Block
VICTORIA, Feb. 21.— Tho budget
speech was delivered by Hon. It. G.
Tutlow ue the silling ol tlie legislature yesterday, tho estimates being
brought down by special message.
I Nover has lhc financial pdsttlon ol'
the province hi-cn so satisfactory. A
uut surplus of revenue over, expenditure of $1,201,000 was rep or tod,
This was due to lhc fuel thai thc actual revenue of thu province hus
grown by leaps und bounds in the
ji;i::i. twelve months, far beyond even
I tlie expectation of ihe government.
Tin; aciual expenditure exceeded the
estimate expenditure by $220,000.
As tho finance minister recounted
the stops which had been taken in reducing ihe public debt of the pro
Vlnce, his remarks were puuetuuted
with fretjUent outbursts of uppluuso.
The estimates owing to tlio chuugu
in the fiscal year ure only for thu
nine months ending March 81, 1000.
[They provide for an expenditure Of
! $3,1-13,270.00. Tliia amounts to
within Slo0,ooo of the total expenditure of last year. Over $700,000
is to bo voted lor roads, trails und
bridges while each of tlio various departments uf government, owing to
expansion oi the lost year, requires a
I larger amount set aside for it.
I Capt. Tutlow deull at sumo length
1 with the condition of the difTuront
nduslries of the province ond his remarks in this connection were heartily applauded,
Tlio debate    upon the   budget   was
adjourned  until Monday noxt.
J. II. HawUiorathwaitc moved the
socond reading of his bill lo regulate
employment in dangerous industries.
I Ho proposes to impose an cducution-
,al lest for employment in various industries. The measure is designed
to prevent tiic employment of Asiatics in the province. Mr. Hawthom-
jthwnitc supported his measure in a
speech of somo forco and considerable length. Ho declined to fratcr.
nizo with tho Japanese, though ho
confessed himself a bollover in the
brothorhood of man, Tho only hope
ot tho western world ho averred was
tho conversion of the .lapnneto to socialism.
t In committee upon the bill to pro-
, teet factory workers, tlio member
for Nanaimo created a debate by
bringing in an nmondmont to make
the act apply to hospitals, This was
designed to shorten tho working
hours of nurses. The nmondmont was j
finally withdrawn, however. I
'The parents do nut discover theso
things 'mil it is brought to them
forcibly, and they then threaten the
children and try to put a stop to
it, but they do not. The child has
already acquired these habits to such
[an extent (hat only fear of the par
ents might check it.
"If he continues tho conipany th. ■
he acquires these habits from he wi)
commence sneaking and lying, an.'
there will be but ono result. 1' *
must, have money to satisfy thos
habits, and to keep up bis end of
| tho fast company—the finish Is in
"The nmount of crime committed
by young people Is alarming, not
only among boys, but among girls
ranging from 11 to 15 years of age.
Our investigations have convinced
us tbat there would be a great
| decrease In criminals if parents were
to study the habits and company of
thoir children and try to have more
nmiisomont for them, instead of the
children running the streets in
search of pleasure."
All in \ewcastle District.
Parker  Williams also  wanted     Inserted in the Crows* .Vest nnd North
ern Hallway Company's bill the following:
•'Provided always,  thnt no'tbor ill
rectly nor indirect./, shall any person of    Oriental birth or extraction]
be employed in the construction    of /
tho said isiiway." j   jfr. H. Marboeuf returned to
Mr. lioss would not accept this as toria yesterday morning.
he said it was simply introduced to ' -■    A
- and make lt -ip] car that he was
opposed to labor.     He was agreeit-  .
ble to a   fair wage    Uusu being   In-  YANKEES    ASSUMING   A RTflLKl-
sorted if It wns thought admissable. j T°US STBK1K.
Premier M< Ltride pointed out that I PHILADELPHIA, Pa., Feb. 21. -
'such, a BCH-Uon threatened the dls- A new departure was announced yes-
llm\,i*V ,,f tin. i.ill nt Ottawa. A terdu.v by tho American Sunday
simile.- provision had been struck School Union when it offered $2,000
out of lots of other bills. It had iu Prizes f«r religious literature.
hfii pointed cut that if the com-) 0no thousand dollars would bo
puny ramc seeking exemption from SiV(jn to tho author who presents tho
laxation the government might in-1 best orIff.na. work on "Christian
slst upon the employment of white Principles Jn our rural districts; how
fabor. |to wa^° tnem a  controlling
The   amendment of     Mr. Williams
Mr. T. Ilryant, the local p ^Huas-
(or, has been laid up for a f-nv.days
' with nn attack of lumbago.
| Miss Oillespy returned yestosduy
morning after an absence of two rr
three days.
Mr. J. Curry is in town again.
Mi-. J, Af. Morgan, of Victoria, wos
in town Thursday and Friday.
Assortment of Bnmboo Goods.
Largs Assortment of Fancy   China-
wars and Gloss wart, Etc.
Q>. Peterson
Leave Orders with Blair t> Adam.
Telephone 3-4.
Phone 18.
First Avenue
rods and Lines
Flies and Tackle
For All *K*nds of Fishing.
wns lost, only eight voting for;.it,
the three Socialists and Messrs. IQgle
son, Yorston, Jones, Henderson and
Mr.  Ross     wiH    introduce a   fair-
wuge clause into the bii
^^^^.. influ
ence;" $600 lor the best original
work, and $400 for the next best original work to be written on "The
Bible, an attractive book,"
Each writer Is asked to give an
appropriate oribinal titlo to his or
her work, and would bo allowed free
^^^^ th-j
(Krom uur own Cori-usnonriont.)
VICTORIA, Feb. 14.- In the legit;
laturo ycttorday,     J. II. Hawthorn-
thwiUte introduced tho following ro-
Wheroas a conflict ol interests Ims
nrison between tho province of British Columbia and tho Dominion of
Canada in respect to Oriontnl Immigration into British Columbia; and
iVhoroiis a treaty, known as tho
Anglo-Japanese Treaty, hns been on-
jdorsed by tho Dominion government;
Tlio society doslros books, practical, Instructive popular and evangel
ical character* I '
Philpott's Restaurant
b tbt Plata for
Tbo debate was continued on    tho'"0"1 ln th° form an<> style "'
.ill to prevent discrimination Again-1 t™tment of the topic
bt members of trades unions, Intro-
Iducetl by Mr. Mclnnos.
Tbe premier opposed tho bill as ho
thought luglfilntlon of this kind
[would tona to Interfere between employer nnd employee. He thought
it unwise to introduce general legislation to cover a particular l^i-
stnnce such as had beon alludod to
by tho introducer ns existing at
Clrnnil Forks.
Air. Hawthornthwaite pointed out
thnt a colliery owner had threatened to discharge his mon if they joined n union and tha hill would prevent such a course being allowed.
iii A. Macdonald supported the
bill. He did not believe employers
should have tho right to say em-
ployoos should not In-long to this or
thnt organization. Ho did not how-1
over believe tho bill would bs effective ns there wore too many ways In
which Its provisions could be ovad-
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Dally st 9 o. in.
j Wednesday,    Saturday   and   Sunday
At 9:00 and 16:58.
For Victoria.
Trains Arrive at Ladysmith
Dally st 11:57.
In tha matter of an application for
a duplicate certificate of Title to
lots three and four (3 and 4) Block
twenty nine (29) Map VO.'In. Townsite
of Ladysmith.
Notice is lioroby glvrn that it is
my Intention at the expiration of ono
month from the first publication hore
of to Issue a Duplicate Certificate of
Title to the above land Issued ' ta
Mary Davies on the 28th day of July
11102, ai . numbered 7945c.
Registrar Oeneral.
Land Registry Office, Victoria, B. 0,
lho 11 day uf Fol runry, 1908.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday,
At 11:67 and 17.65.
From Viotorla.
District Passenger Agent.
102 Government St., Victoria
Choicest Fruits
tho bill would "be" effec- [FINEST CHOCOLATES IX
weri, . ■- THE   T0WN
Cigars   Tobaccos.   Soft Drinks
Parker Williams sold that Mr. Mac
donald had Intimated to tho Grauby
Smelter Company thnt there woro
means of evading the act.
Mr. Macdonald    snld ho had given
Whereas the treaty contained the 'n" "* r"M'""' with the ar,utby
Allowing section: ^ j ?MA h° ente™1 »°»to'
'The subject, of each of the tJd.Z2 bsIL """V"'"" ™V
hi* contracting parties shal. hav, d ^a r„t„T„e ."ndT « 1 ™ ™"
IM liberty to enter, travel or     re-  other way any
•"'"In     any part of the dominions     The bill was doleated.
^g -. 1908 &»
Saturday, f ebr'y 22d, 7.30 |>. m.
Excellent Boarding
H. Thornley
-tolics is hereby given that an application will bs made to tht Legislative Assembly of the Province of
Britten Columbia for an Act to Incorporate a Company with power to
equip, build, maintain and operate a
Une of railway of standard er other
gauge to bt operated by steam, el-
ectrloity or oeher power for the carrying of freight, uaettngtra and express from a point situated on Section Fourteen (14) or Fifteen (15) in
Raaga Five (V.) Cranberry Dittrlet,
or Section Fourteen (14) Range Biz
(VI.), Cranberry -Dittrlet; thence
south-easterly by tht molt feasible
routs to a point situate on Oyster
Bey In Oyster District, a distance or
about twelve milet mora or lest—
with authority alto to conttruct,
equip, maintain and opeiate branches
from tints to time from any point
or points of the proposed railway;
with power alao to oonttruct and operate telegraph and telephone lines
fot tht purpose of Its business and
for the public; with power to own,
utt tnd operate water powert convenient to the road, railway and
other purposes, and with such other
powers and privilege! aa art usually
given to Railway Companies.
1       BARNARD a. RQBBBT80N,
Solicitors for Applicant.
Dated at Victoria, B.C., this 15th
day of January, 1908.
|   , IN TOWN
Special Meal Tiokete for
the Week
flirt. D. O. WHITI,
,4- . Prdprletrcm   j
JL*o* '" ,hweblr d*" °>»* ' IB-
tend to apply to the Hoard of Ll-
«an«ng oommiesionort of the Municipality of Ladyam'th at their ntzt
regular meeting for a transfer of tht
wnoletalt Liquor License now held
by mt for tho premises occupied by
me sad situate on Lot 9, Block 91.
ZJSS, l*'d.0iiy "' ^ly""*'**. from
myself to August Plna.
iflos.s,,mith'   B' c" a4th J,u,uar*
The United Guild of St, John's
Mission will hold a Musical Social In
the Church of England Mission Room
'on Tuesday, Feb, 18th. Admission
25 cents. The proceeds will bt
voted to the Sunday School.
Notice It hereby given that after
thte date I shall not be retpoaaiblt
for any debts contracted by my win
Teresa 0. Kay. -All bills tad accounts against me must bs rendered
'at once.
Ladysmith, Feb. 8th, 1908.    ' l8-4t.
At once, Flrst-clast general tailor.
Wages 10 per cent, higher than Vancouver ratet. Apply/ A. Saarlo,
Box 341, Ladyamtth, 11.0.
A marble Masonic keystons, somewhere between tho BJnk and 'Fourth
•Avenue, via High Streot. -Finder
please return to this office.
A four-roomed house Just off Fifth
a - • .■.■??*"'•  Pu" lot" doo"0" and fenced.
de- «400 cosh takes everything. For par-
tloulart apply a, Brown, Ladysmith,


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