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Ladysmith Standard Jul 8, 1908

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Array !
I For Thirsday, Frilay and Saturday  |
\\ Rogular 12.00.    Now ..„   M..OIS I
• i Rogular S2.r>n.    Now f.3.00 I
\J Rogular $».()0.    Now  si*.!iO T
. i Rogular $8.80,!  Now     *2.B8  +
\ | Rogular |4.mi.    Now  ,.; SH.2i
li Regular S4.SO.    Now    $3.75  X
; [■      THESE SPRF.ADS ARE AU. EXTRA LARflE S1ZK, and nro T
guaranteed the Best English   Make.
HI*H* »l 111IIIII1 HI I IMIHIHIIl II It | |..M-.,
Straw Hats
White Canvas Shoes, White Vests, and all Holiday Toggery,—
Spend your money where you get Bost Valuo,   and That's At—
YOU CAJPt-ET     ■■»
Clocks, Watches, Pictures, Books,
Razors, Etc, Eti
for White Swan Washing Powder Coubona>
Seud a Two-Cent Stump for our Catalogue
B. C. »oa|> Works, :g|ifeR|i
20 p3P o.nt off
Ftp Pav
A Jaw SaapB in StoveB
' and Ranges. Oome in
ami boo them. It will
pay jou.
N. B.—Tenti ami Hammocks
—complete stock.—(-ASH.
ran choice cuts.
Phone 7-0.
4 ^nni***n^**mm-na^
Ice Cream
la Home-Made, Fresh Dally. Critics
pronounce It to be   Tbs Beat  ever
sold In Ladysinith,    Come and  try
It,   Warranted absolutely pure.
Be, end 10c, Fer Dish,
Picnic snd Private Parties Supplied
by the Gallon.
4 Iloopep^s Parlors *
Most aWttt Parlors la Team.
| \  and Cloarod out Old Stock.
New Stock j
', \ Is now hore, and will bo opon- ■ '
,. od up at onco. Call and see ' '
,. us. ■      '.'.
' ■ Wo solicit your Repair Work, ,.
'' end Guarantee satisfaction. • >
.. Prices In accordance with ''
• •Flrat Class Work. , j.
^     Watchmaker and Jeweler.:     ■ ■
Qatnero Street. ..
♦mmtTTiTTT h 4 4 H4%
Oome and  -lake Tour
Selection-new .took
fresh in.
. —♦—
J. E. Smith,    Roberts Stree
G.M. H. T. Fulton ' Installs   Olllcers
and Lodge Holds Social
'' Session.
Tho olllcers uf Harmony Lodgo No.
6, I.O.O.F., wore installed on Saturday ovonlng last by Bro. Grand Mas-
tor H.. T. Fulton, this being his Urst
olllcial function sinco being oloctod
to tho highest position ol British
Columbia Oddfollowehip.
Following Is a list of tho olllcers
N.ti.— S. Jones.    ,
V.O.-A. J. Portrey.
Roc. Sec.-_W. D. dordou.
Fin. Sec.—Jas. Gourlay.
Troas.—Thos. Dohorty.
Cond.—A. Brooksbank.
Worden—Jas. Currio.
Chaplain— F. W. Hawes.
R.S.N.G.—Thos. Kerr.
L.S.N.G.-Wm. M. Allister.
R.S.V.G.-Wm, Ross.
L-S.V.G.-Wm.  Skidmore.
K.S.S.-D, J, Matheson.
L.S.S.—W. E. Morrison.
O.G.-J. Davis.
I.G.—J. Morgan.
After the installation tho momhors,
to the number of sovotfty, Including
visitors from Nanaimo und Duncans,
adjourned to tho 1'anfl.ueting room,
where tho Rebokahs .had' prepared
What was admitted hy the older
members of tho lodgo to bo tho finest spread over seen on tho premises.
Tho dishes looked tempting to . tho
most fastidious, ovon on a July ovonlng, und the table decorations wero
also much admired.
Aftor due justice had boen done lo
the eatables, tho toast list was opened by tho Grand Master proposing
the King, which was musically honored.
Bro. Job Smith thon gave nn Instrumental solectlon in linishetl style.
Bro. E. Rowlands noxt sang an old
favorite, which received hearty applause. Bro. N.G. S. Jonos proposod tho Grand Lodge which wns
replied lo by tho Grand Master, and
Bro. Fast Patriarch Thorpe, of Nanaimo, nnd needless to say, thoy
got an enthusiastic reception. Bro.
Wm. Allister added much to tho
pleasure ol tho evening by a j flno
violin solo given in polished stylo,
for which ho wns 'doservedly encored.
After this nn itom of general interest wus the prosontntioh hy Bro.
Thos. Dohorty In well chosen words,
of a beautiful ofllcinl collar to G.
M. H. T. Fulton, on which was om-
i-odiod tho different high positions ho
has hold with distinction in tho ordor. The Grand Master was so com
pletoly taken by surprise that for
onco ho wns nt a loss to find words,
but, rogaiuing his composure, ho
voiced his appreciation oloquontTy.
llro. Harry Hughea was in fine
voice, ami could not regain his seat
until he had sung" two songs. Vocal
selections by Bros. Job Smith and
A. J. Portrey woro greatly appreciated and tho few appropriate remarks of Bro. Jas. Glon on his re-
Uramcnt from tho olllco of Recording
Socrotnry woro listened to with deep
On rising to respond td the toust
to 'the, retiring presiding ollicer Bro.
P.G., W. W. Walkom received orous-
, reception. Be gave in detail the
work and progress of tho lodge during his term of office, which was gratifying aliko to himself and tho members, and ho loaves to his successor
a strong lodge, both llnancially und
numerically. Dro. Walkom was vory
happy in his choice of language and
modo of delivery, nnd had tho chairman passed on to the noxt item
when Uro. Walkom sat down, his
name would have gono down in the
annals of the lodgo as an orator.
However, boforo thu applause had
dlod away 'a brother wns on his feot
and prosontod Uro. Wnlkoiu with a
handsomo Past Grand's collar ot
helm If of Harmony Lodgo. Thla, although not a usual custom, was
doomed necessary on account af tho
much more than avorage ability of
tho recipient, and general courtesy,
and doportmont ln the position jfist
vacated. It was llro. Wulkom's turn
to bo nonplussed, being so visibly
affected that his oratorical stock
dropped several points. Howovor ho
expressed his gratitude.
Brothers Wobank nnd Skldmora
sang In thoir accustomed stylo which
la perhaps tho most fluttering comment to muko.
Tho subordinate lodges woro responded to, by Uro. S. Jonos for
Harmony, nnd Bros. Evans and Roll
of Duncans.
Coupled with tho toast of Heuekah
Lodgo woro tho names of Bros. D.J.
Matheson and John Muir and fortunate woro iho slslors In tholr champions, Bro. Matin-son waxing especially oloquont In their praise.
At midnight tho proceedings woro
brought to n cli-so by singing "Ood
Save tho   King," and "Auld   Lang
Syne,"   nnd   tho evening wns .voted
ons ol the most enjoyable ever held
Popular   Actor    Will   Piny in
Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."
Th'oatro goers *w.jll bo pleased to
Ionrn that the coming attraction nt
the Ladysinith Opora House Thurs-1
day, July 9, will bo. tho appearance
of Mr. Leo Willard .Jin R. L. Steven-(
son's greatest novel, Th'. .Jekyll and
Mr, Hyde. Mr. Willnrd is well known]
In the West for his clover characterization of tho stellar role in "The
Country Stjulro," which was considered by Nunaiino theatre goers as
the most entertaining porformurn'O
given thoro lust season. The g ,• L
difference oxistlng botweon the i\. i
plays, "J1r. Jokyll-and Mr, Hy.lo,"
nnd "The Country Squire," nnd the
groat success attained by Mr, Willard in both rolos proves beyond a
doubt that ho is one of, if not the
most, versatile actors on tho Amorlean stage today.
An exceedingly well balanced company is in support.
__ 4 . —
Aldermen Express Dissatisfaction With .New Licensing
By-Law and Criticise Action of Some First Avenue
Business Men.
Nino From Duncan Will Meet Locals
on Sports Ground.
There will bo anothor baseball
game on the Sports Ground on Sunday uftornoon. Tho boys _o far
hnvo had rather a trying experience,
and it at least says something for
thoir grit thnt thoy are still willing
to play the game. Tho fact that tlio
town hns not a stronger line i-i entirely duo tt) the little interest that
hns been taken in the game. It ls
up", to tho boys to get out and practice, nnd get themselves into \\ Inning form. So soon as over they
enn put up a respectable game they
will receive liberal support. Liko everybody else they must produce tho
goods before they can oxpoct nny
Tho gamo on Sunday should prove
interesting enough ns the teams aro
fairly evenly matched. Manager Morrison insists upon all tho boys getting out to practice. A charge of
25 cents ■will bo made at the gate,
Indies freo.
Tho annual session of the Grand
Grove of Prulds of British Columbia, wns held hero in tho I. O. O. F.
hall on Saturday, Mr. Win. Brown,
G.N.A., of Ladysmith, presided, and
tho following officers woro olocted for
the Grand Grove for the ensuing
term :
G.N.A.—Wm. Brown, Ladysmith.
D.O.A.—V.  Kubrycht, Cumberland.
G. Sec—Wm.  Rafter', Ladysmith.
G. Troas.—J. Harries, Lndysmith.
CM.—Ed. Armstrong, Ladysmith.
G.H.—Robt. Watson, Ladysmith.
G.G.—Jos. Tobbacco,  Cumberland.
The twenty-iifth meoting of the Oity
Council was held in the Council
(.handier on Monduy evening, Muyor
JS'jcholBon presided and thoro were
present Aldermen Cnmpboll, Haworth, Brown and Matheson.
A letter which was read from an
olectrical firm iu Winnipeg, quoting
prices on different appliances, was
ordered filed.
A communication, accompanied hy
a pamphlet, respecting electric lighting plants from the Canadian Morse--
Foirbanks 'Co., was ordered filed.
A letter was read from Hop Lee
stating lhat he hnd boen In ignorance that plans of new buildings had
to bo submitted to tho Council. ■ He
said further that the work wus open
to inspection and enclosed n smull
sketch plan which he hoped would
meot with the Council's approval.
On motion, Luc w a s grn n tod a
week's time to have proper plans
A lottor wns rend from the Now
York "Bondbuyer," asking thnt the
Council furnish it with thc results
of tho salo of the city's debentures
up to date. The communication wns
ordered filed.
A letter wns rend from Mr. A. G.
King, enclosing levels and profiles
for tho streets between Fourth and
Sixth 'Avenues nnd stating that the
data required by Mr. Mohun had
heen furnished him.
Mr. King also enclosed a plan
which ho had prepared at Mayor Nicholson's request, of tho sito for tho
proposed new power house noxt to
tho Ladysmith Lumber Co.'s lease.
Ho also drew attention to another
site next the Extension Hotel which
ho thought should bo considered. It
hnd soveral advantages ovor the ono
the Council had in view.
Mr. Mohun acknowledged receipt of
plans and profiles nnd both communications wore ordered filed.
Accounts totalling $333.70 were
presented and referred to the Finance Committee to bo paid if found
tlie future tliey wuuld make hotter
tortus. The bill was paid. Mr. Ink-
ster's request to address the Council, going unheeded |jy all the Aldor-
Tho new licensing by-law came up
to lie affirmed.
Mayor Nicholson said Hint in going ovor tho by-lnw he hnd found
several things omitted which ho
thought it should embody.
Aid. Muthoson suid tho clause
about which ho pared most had been
struck out. His mnin object in introducing tho by-law hail been to impose a fee on those pooplo who had
been trading in the transfer of licenses. Ho did not see that tlie
clause invalidated the by-lnw for
quite a number of the by-laws by
which the city was governed contained clauses which strictly regarded
belonged properly to revenue. Personally he did not caro now what
became of thc by-lnw.
Aid. Cnmpboll also did not see
that the by-daw was worth anything
and they might an well let it drop.
All it .did w§__ tii dose tho bors on
Aid. Haworth interjected thnt it
had been understood that an nmend-
mont wns to lie mndo to tho revenue
by-law to cover what had beon
struck oift of the by-law.
On motion the by-lnw wus affirmed;
Mayor Nicholson referred to tho
sidewalk that had ,qeen put down
on First Avenue, They hud been unfortunate, ho said, in so fur as they
had put down a sidowalk fox* the
peoplo who did not want it. Mr,
Main waring, he suid, hud beon iti
town, and requested permission to
put down a step in front of the H.
& W. butcher storo. Tho step would
not be much in the road. It had
been the intention of tho city to
help the people nffected. Mr. Muin-
wnring had been very reusonnblo
about it. They had really intended
to improve the appearance of the
main section of the town nnd to
_r     '   _t> _ » *      ._     n.     .ter to the safety and convenience of
Mnyor Nicholson,    fur   the   Street .1-,i,.c!fri«n,
Commltteo,       reported    that     Mr. /„,„:;
Lovo, the street foreman, had boon LAI<L Mutheson said it wns a pity
called away to inspect, a bridge up->l*at til(jre hlltl boon so many com-
the road. Mr. Love, however, might .P1"11^ concerning u piece of work
bo able to get back again for two which luul beon Mended to improve
or three days, which would ho suffl-i**0 city B-Btreots, The Junes and
dent to finish all the work they had Jhe Iil« st.ore P6°Pl0 had ,,w" 'mt
on hand nt present. ]£ erettt   inconvenience, on   Oatacre
Under tho head of deferred bus!- '8-^«t* 5?* had .cheerfully accepted ft
noss, a bill from Mr. Peter Inkster. s0 Put ,they mi&hL lmvc a BW side-
for hauling lumber, came up again. I w,olk' ^ wns a p,ty thnt LhQ ,K'°"
Mr. Inkster charged 81.2.5 a thous- P'e of First Avenue had not stiown
nnd feot nnd tho Council wns of the tho Hame sllint'
opinion that tho old rate of Sl.OO a I Aid. Campbell remnrked tlutt thc
thousand, wns enough. pooplo who had done the most of tho
Mnyor Nicholson said that they kicking wore men who had put down
had no agreement, nnd undor thocir- thoir property this season and know
cuinstnnces they hud no option but these improvements were coutomplat-
to pay it. od.
Aid. Matheson said the sooner thev 0» motion permission was granted
had-an agreement, tho better. Thoy to tho H. & W. pooplo to place ono
would havo to pay tho bill, but  for step on the sidewalk, I
(Free l*ress.)
After many 'months of planning and
hard Work, the pastor and congregation of St. paiHp's church will
ronch the aome of thoir efforts todny, when the new edifice, replacing
the ono which was burned down ar
bout a yenr ago, will bo formally
oponcd. The exorcises will start nt
11 a.m., nnd a large attendance of
congregation and visitors from outside Points, will he' present. This
will include nearly all the clergy of
the northern Deanery, besides mnny
others from nil parts of Vancouver
The Vcnorablo Archdeacon Scriven
M.A., wHl officiate.
Balloon Jumped Into tho Lake 'and'   VICTORIA,
Robert Foster, better known as
"Professor" or "Old Tulip," known
throughout the Pacific coast; and
particularly well known in Nanaimo
in hls connection with out-door sport
died in Victoria yesterday.
"Old Tulip" wus a character that
Victoria will never again sea, His
perpetual good humor, his enthusiasm, bis Royalty, hla marvellous
agilit>, being a man ot 67 years,
were the cause of constant
on the port of all -who knew him.
"Tulip" had a "past", nnd an a.
follower of athletic pastimes, a record In sport circles, which will ba
talked of on the7 coast for many a
* by good old Harmony.
WINNIPEG, July 7.-J. P. Graves
a well known grain denier hore, attempted to corner all the rejected
oats In the west. He held about
1,000,000 bushels. Two local ©levator companies who hnd to make
largo deliveries yesterday, put their
heads togothor nnd manufactured a
large i/unntity of rejected oats by
mixing with other grains. These
onts wero delivered yesterday and as
n ivs'iU Graves hns boon unsuccessful In his venture. It (s given out
horo thnt Graves hns lost $180,000
In the deal.
Aeriatists Had Narrow
-cape from Drowning.
was brought
by the
July 7.—News
Str. Keemun.
which arrived this morning, that tho
" jJapnnese admiralty has decided up-
CHI0AOIJ, July 7.—More thrilling 0n tho re-ormament of the Japanese
adventures with wind and water navy, tlie. scheme being drawn up
have seldom taken place than those based on experiences gained during
which met the Canadian balloon, the recent war, and ihe immediate
King Edward, in its race flight from construction of two large armoured
Chicago to establish a new long cruisers more powerful than the Bri-
distance record. tish Indomitable clnss.
The Canadian balloon, with John The program provides for the ex-
Bennett as pilot and Gerald Gregor, tensive alteration of the armament
15 yearB old, as the other member „f Japanese warships, vessels of the
ofthe crew, dro-pped into Lake Mich- Miknsa type, which have hitherto
igan twice. Like the Villa* de Diep-' carried four 12-lnch guns nnd four-
pe, the French balloon, which near- teen fl-ineh, will henceforth carry
ly cost the lives of Captain A. E. four 10-inch Jnstend' of the fourteen
Muller and Goo. Schoones, when ten 0-inch, so that their' prindpnl armn-
mlles out from the Illinois shore tho ment will be brought up to eight
King Edward sank into the water pieces of heavy calibro. nnd their
and submerged tho tw0 occupants to fighting strength will he doubled. On
tho shoulders. They were nearly in vessels like the Retivnzgn, takon dur-
mid lake when the balloon took its inff the wnr; the new armament will
first dip. 'consist of four 12-inch and four   10-
'We hnd Just lost sight of the sky |ncb pieces, the latter being substl-
rocksts nnd Fourth of July display tuted for the twelve 0-lnch which
In Chicago when we suddenly felt theso vessels originally carried,
ourselves sinking into the lake with This will Involve extensive changes
the fearful drop," said Gregor. "We'|n the Internal arrangements-of the
Immediately tossed over nearly all ahip8. but when the programme is
of our ballast, but we could not stop enrried out it will have tho great oaths car from striking the water, Thl* vnntage of : creating a thoroughly
caused a great splash and we were homogenous fighting force,
up to our waists In water. We ms>l The first-class cruisers to be built
agad to get out again, after about win have a 'displacement of 18,050
flvo or ten minutes." tons with horse-power of -14,000 and
"Then we ascended to a holght of u 8|>eed of 25 knots. They will
about 1,000 feet and went along at ),e 45(> feet long over nil, with 80
a fast pace, but suddenly we felt feet.henm and a draft of 26 feet.
ourselves dropping again. This time'Their ormour will bo seven inches,
the descent was more rapid ns we nnd their armament will consist of
hod thrown all except two bags of ten 12-lnch guns, somo fl-ineh whose
ballast overboard we were nt a Iobs number Is not yet fixed, and ten
what to do. We shot down Into the 4,Mnch. Ons Is to bo built nt Kure.
lake ns if   we   ware diving into it. | »
Conservatives   Will   Meet in   Opera
House to Nominate Candidate.
Saturday should see a Conserva-
■Mj nominated for this constituency.
No ono will deny that it is high
timo tho nomination was made. Who
ovor it is who receives tbe vote of
the convention on Saturday, he has
a stiff, up-hill fight in front oi him.
Smith has been in tho Hold for years
and is known to tho majority of the
electorate from Nofthfield to Esgul-
tnait. Tho same can be said for
Mr.  Hawthornthwaite.
The Conservative candidate in this
respect win have a greet deal of
leeway to make up, There will also
be a lot of preliminary work to do.
It Is to bo expected therefore that
the convention which will be held in
tlio opera house on Saturday will
nuike unanimous choice of a candidate who will command the united
support of every section of the party. The times certainly wear an
auspicious air for Conservatism, and
every point of difference should be
sunk in tho effort to forward the
cause. There must bo active, harmonious co-operntion, energetic and
unceasing activity in all the vnrious
branches nf electioneering.
The chances of success have never
been brighter, nnd a mnn is a traitor to his convictions who Is not
roiidy nnd willing to subordinate personal consideration to the success of
the pnrty.
It is to be hoped that a strong
candidate, representing the unanimous choice of the party, will be nominated nt tho convention on Saturday.
Tommy   Burns   Declines    Invitation
l-ruin   New     \Vest_at_jeter    to
.    Eight Jack Johnson at
the Fall Fair.
Tommy Burns, thu champion heavyweight tighter, hus declined an invitation to meet*Ja_k Johnson here
during the provincial exhibition, hia
refusal coming to hand yesterday alternoon. The ministers of the city
are taking steps to insure the morality of all tented attractions to
be shown here during the provincial
exhibition in September. Representations to Manager W. H, Keary
have been made on this matter.
Members of the Canadian anti-
opium league are stirring sentiment
in the local Chinatown, mass meetings being held to discuss the evil
twice a week. A branch of the
league will be formed at a monster
meeting to be held on Friday evening. Bushels of literature descriptive of the evils attaching to the use
oi the pipe, have been distibuted o-
mong Celestials during the past few
SELKIRK, Man., July 7.—Yostorday afternoon one of the members of
The water cams Into tha baakctand|
we wcre forced to climb Into the net-
ting above. ' We tossed out every- £ Boy7irigade of St. "Matthews'
thing we had, including provisions, Churchj which lfl now |n cnmp nt
nnd rose apr.n, going.very fast. We Lmvor Fort GnrrV| Hflmw] tToMph
went up 6<K0 feet In six minutes. !Auftormnn, was accidentally shot.
"We had no tend, and whan we Ho anfl ftnothor companion woro run-
came In light of Lake Huron early nlnff together carrying a 22 riflo, and
In the morning we decided not to from some cause tho riflo wns dls-
risk the chance of crossing It as the charged, thc bullet entering Austor-
dlstanes wss 1«6 miles,' io we Iand-1mall>fl le&-    Ho win recover*
Ottawa, June 27.
Senator Ferguson has mado tho
discovery that Sir Richard Cartwright, formor Finance Minister,
wns not told what arrangements tho
Govornmont made Inst year for spo-
cial advances to the banks. On tho
2nd of December, Sir Richard spoke
in tho Somite on the address, dealing particularly with tho financial
situation. Some newspapers .... I pro
posed that the rule requiring dollar
for dollar ia gold to be held -n the
Treasury for nil additional tuta? issued should be relaxed. Against this
doctrine. Sir Richard vehemently
protested. Ho said, among other
things :
"You can relieve the Govornmont
from the necessity of holding dollar
for dollar of thc legal tenders vhich
they hand to the banks. I do not
think it would be a polite thing."
I am in favor of retaining our
reserve ns we hnve always hnd it,
nnd thnt is foliar for dollar aftor we
have made reasonable provision 'or
our circulation."
Ho Was Not Notified.
At tho vory moment when Sir Rich
'd mndo this statement, the Government of which he is a member,
wns doing the very thing that ho declared should not bo dono, Mr. Fielding has stated thnt It wns issuing
Sf>,300,00(1 ndditionul notos and
lending them to the banks without
ndding n dollar of gold to tho reserve. Tho strange thing is that so
high a financial suthorlty as Sir
Richard Cartwright should have
known nothing about it. This is ono
of thc mnny things which show that
hnlf the ministers do not know whnt
the other half aro doing, and that
tho old-fnshinned Liberals who trust
to tho watchfulness of Sir Richard
Cartwright and mlnistors of his
type to prevent recklessness, extrn-
vagonco nnd grn ft. nro betrayed. As
a mntter of fnct, though Mr. Fielding seems to hnvo kopt this back,
tho Government hnndod out moro
gold than notos, nnd thero was not
only a reduction In tho reserve relative to the noto issue, but of the ac-
< Continued ol Page Four.)
Tho 'Ladysmith Celohration Commltteo moots Mondny ovoninK, July
Iflth, to wind up its 'afnuirs. and all
iiccuunts against it must be rendered
on or beforo Saturday, July Uth.
S. WEAVING, Soct'y
j._ .  ,       -Ti A   . CONStfL. _TE
il toll Require W
Or II You IWquira Any
«r li Vou Walt to Buy a -OUB-,
or Ball 0»;   or II You   Waal
FAttM or t'ltUIT _AM-a.
Molery FabUe, . Ooareyoaoar,
-ADi-MlTH. B.0.
well-being ui the whole to b» t-feat*' f^l T> /**
eMd b'y the action of a.rew. Half a ***>. | ' ' a
dozen woKs'sutb as are to* be fotuid- h/^ *   '
in the c|ty could easily bring   sick' r
nese and death Into score* of families and the   bare   possibility ought
not for a moment   to be-tolerated.
.Wherefore it is to be hoped that Dr.
J Frost's order will hieet with no op-
! position and that tho wolls will    be
closed up without any trouble.
. —■!■ i
Ladysmith   Standard
i*ubllaliori on Wednesdays uu »a.ar-
d«y» Afternoons bjr tha
Itbbt. H. Hindmarch,
Ou* Yaw »l.l«
Six Uuatba      Tl
Advertising llatea on Application.
It ia not only possiblo, but very
probuble that the ordor issued by
the Medical Officer on Saturday for
the closing and filling up of the wolls
.within the city limits will bo regarded by not a fow as an unnecessary
aud high-handed    act of oppression.
There arc many persons in the
town who profer well wator to that
suppllod by tho water-works company. In this hot woathor particularly, the water from tho well is always tho cooler and tastes the fresher of the two. But, granting all
that if thoso who have persisted in
the use of their wells, will give all
the circumstances fair consideration,
they cannot but admit that Pr.
Frosts' ordor is not only justifiable
but was absolutely forced upon him
by tho duties of his position. The
health of tho city imperatively demanded tho closing of the wells, and
tho medical officer had iio other
option than to issue the necessary
The wells with fow exceptions are
very shallow. There may bo spring
water in a few instances, but by far
tho bigger majority of thom simply
collect surface water, Mose important oven than this ls Its hearing
upon the action of tho medical officer Is the fact that the wells are
sunk to hard-pan. From tho surface to this hard-pan there ls nothing but a gravelly sand through
•which any kind of wator can easily
percolate. Lastly tho hard-pan follows the grade and goneral contour
ol tho surface so that the course of
the flow of water underground can
ho traced almost as easily as that
aliovo ground. Thus you have wells
sunk to hnrd-pnn collecting surface
wator which flows frooly through an
open and pervious soil composed of
sand and gravel.
On tho top of all this you have ro
Beworago system. With such facts
ns we have already stated tho lull
and vital significance ol this circumstance will suroly bo readily recog-
nixed. All the dirty houso water is
splashed on to this gravelly soil ai.d
finda its way as easily to the hard-
pan as tho water from tho heavens.
'All kinds of refuse is to be found in
tho bark-alleys of our city and every
showor carries somo of it to tho percolating stronm from which tho wells
are fed. TJio very closets i-ont 'hute
their quota, nnd no sano person can
look all these circumstances in the
face and attempt to deny tho vory
grave and imminent menace to the
health of tho community which tlioy
constitute. An outbreak of typhoid
is scarcely to be wondered nt. It is
nothing short of a miracle that tho
city has not been scourged with
something Infinitely moro dangerous
and malignant than typhoid. Dr.
Frost's ordor was inevitable. It
ought to have boon Issued sooner. It
may perhaps work aome little temporary inconvenience to tho householders whom it afreets. Howovor,
theso latter will doubtless be ablo
to arrange terms with tho wator
works company, and meantime let it
not be forgotten or overlooked that
tho health of the city absolutely demands tho closing of thoso wolls. It
mny be that horo nnd thoro a woll
Is to be found tho wator ol which is
Iroo from contamination with sur-
faco mattor. Tho fact remains thnt
tho most of them got .ill their wator
from thc surface, nnd thut Inevitably the water Is contaminated with
all kinds of impurities containing all
manner, of dlsoaso bearing germs. In
short tho wolls always hung out a
throat of a vory serious opldomlc to
which tho man with the pure wator
la equally as liable as tho mnn with
the impure water once tho epidemic
has broken out. Heroin lies the
-whole point of the matter, a sufficient Justification in itself for the
order of tho medical officer. No com
munlty will    suffer   tho health and
11IE   KINO.
Although ti- British tour of    the
Kiltiss" Ban- of -_-_v|Ua,  Usaa-
da. _—' bean open only two monU-,
(of HVsl-1 ywu-I. Tllsra li.v. hm
matches tor the mug, but thay have
not amounted to vary much. J hero
jia one serlea thnt will ba more than
interesting and that will ba whan
n | the Hoyala   Irom this provinco,     a'
San Francisco, July 4. —Battling combination that ranks with the
Nolson today won tho title of light- j beat in the world, meat th* Sham-
weight champion pugilist of the,rock* on the Mile End grounds ln
world from tho ntan who, defeated Montreal, ■ 'htotorlc epot, and the
him at Goldneid, Nov., almost two 'scene ol mora than one groat strug-
years ago. He knocked out Joo' u ,.- __i„nl— , __ , ,-_..__£
Guns In the seventeenth round, after ft U»,t """P1- • »••"» ln "*oro"*1
a fight as desperate as any- that hietory.
had been seen in yoars.
?■ T\"vT >>:v:: -;?^*-~:f rTTT
ruortti fur tvtryliody tlii hu bats', im lat'ifuctlon that no oh will W AV mwm U IwWr BV
in the habit ol  going hy train
boat.     Now, pertiapa, Walking
become popular in the direction
Nanaimo. and betore long tbe
ord may be lowered.
Bob Footer ought to get buty and
hunt up ■ trophy to be given to the
(Word bolder ol the Victoria Nanaimo trail.,
'     > ■   -
The result will bo counted as one
of tho surprises of tho prize ring.
Since that day at    Uoldfleld,   Qkns
Scotch-Canadian musician* have t""' *""*". "",* ""     _".f"*"_>.   """" . Ha' .Chaso, a former Victoriabase-
swMfuiiuiiu, iuuaif.ii.iu, "->• ha8 como to be j-DKurdod as the  one ball nlaver  ono whn has' snruns- Into
appeared before Uie King th* aecoud'and -''«     n„i..„."i..i.,   .k„ .,_.i...'_?"_?!.yerA  ."e vb0 '.,aB "n'un8'n">
time by royal cowmanfl. TU* hour
or is unprecedented, as no other i_u-
ergiu___lo_ ha* ever entertained 1—igllsli royalty twico within
ouch * brief period.
When the Kiltie* gave their flrat
concert before King I—wurd at Balmoral Cuotle on Sept. 27. Ilia Majesty declared Uut be had "never
t_or* enjoyed   a  bend concert    ao
only lightwolght, tho peerless promlnenco since leaving that city,
master of tho ring. Every man he has beon interviewed in regard to
has mot since that historic oncoun-' first-hose playing. The Interview fol-
ter, he has disposed of in the oaslost lows : '      N
and most finished stylo. Meantime, | Hal Chase ls tho greatest first
Nelson has novor mado tho showing baseman living, Tho California boy
he did before tho Goldflold battle, set the basoball world on flre whon
and by somo of the cognoscenti of ho Joined the Yankees. Ho hns it
tho ring he was already regarded as on the other first basemen so far
a stiffening "has boon." that there la no nso comparing  him
Meantime, Nelsou    never   lost   his with anyono else,
confidence In his ability to lick (Inns. I   It was Chase who showed the oth-
Ho has always sworn that he    was er fellows how to como in on  bunts.
.   _, robbed of the light at Goldfinld.   Ho Instead of moving ln a fow feet,   he
thoroughly, aad hi* uduiiratlon for has always denied that evor a foul dashed up almost to the plate, leav-
t—e Cumuiiau bund waa made evi- was committed. But lt roally ap- Ing the bag tb the care of the soc-
d*nt when upon the celebration of llenrN as If Nelson had evor received ond baseman. It was Chaso who
i,i. UHrd 'birthiiiv Nnv 9 h, — jto l"''* moud of praiso from the Am- demonstrated that it waa possible
wa -am un-wuay, nut. a, ua ■»• w„an pre9S, ms gamonoss and sta- for a flrst seeker to cover almost as
leottd th* "_iUi*»" to provide tho mlnn could nover bo denied, but the much ground a* a shortstop and who
evening's entertainment. !cleverness of a   man   who could   go uncovered     a   dozen    other fielding
Th* King and Queen wer* at San-'42 rou"dl' with such a polished scion stunts which amazed tho major  lea-
--,_ u        .       .,        _* . .-, itl9t as aa,w   Ms navat been recog- gues.
dringtauni, near th* eastern    co«*t, nised. |   "Theoretically,    a   first   baseman
during the flrat put of November, I Now Nelson has got his revenge, should be long and rangy," said tho
and th* Kiltiaa were fllling engage- He has Justified his own confidence, Yankee wonder, discussing his postmen- in tha town* ol middle and mR<'0 **°"a hlB own D0»st8 »"" cov- tlon. "He requires height and reach
moot* tat* town* M middle    ana u_ b_Mj_ __uk_ ^^   ^^ t_ g(jt tb_ h|gh ftn(J wWfl ba„s  shot
waatem -ngland. The Joum*ytro_> and COnfusion. Ho set about Gans toward him from all corners during
Derby to Hilllngton was accompli*h-1 liko a veritable tornado. Joe could tho season. Ho must be well muscled ln remarkably quick time, B_d_U)'n8vor stoP. n°r could he avoid him. ed- (or th« position requires so much
, ,i, i , , . , |The duskv master hit with all his reaching and stretching that muscle
viaiting -ueiolan. were conv*,_l In !,„ f^™ » ^T»'» "». h„0 is required to recover quickly from
clorad carriage* from the station to could not find an opening in tho dur- s°me of the positions one is drawn
beautiful Sandrlngham House, where able one's armour. Int°.
thay b*oan_ ths gu«*U of th* King. And Nelson w«» not idlo. Boring ' "A young first baseman ought to
~~* __aT _~* " ~ ~" ~f iii, rushing his dusky antagonist to ^a*" °y try'"g t0 covw as "uch
Tsa was *erved to the Canadian* - tho r-opeB* ,ftnding 40n ^d   whoro ground as possible.    Ho should play
on* of th* spacious hall*, and the lho could, tearing at Joe's arms to not only back of tho bag, but as
concert opens- at 10 o'clock In tbs find the body, ho swopt across tho tel' toward second as he can with
__-t hell onn- I'ing liko a whirlwind, and Cans was "efoty.    This helps tho.socond  bnso-
grma nan roam. \eever boforo subject to such a   rudo man an" Pl"KS up that holo botweon
At the conclusion of   the concert, 'mA pai„[ui buffeting.   The acclaimed flrst and second whero so many hard
th*   bandmasMr,    who had received mnstor never lookod a winnor.   Nol- .".'t halls get away.
son got stronger and ever fiercer, I 'Wnon a runner is on first the bo-
and not all Joe's cleverness could g'nner must try in evory way to
not prolong tho inevitable defeat. Cttt;h him- ,Ho ?an signal tho catch-
Tho champion was out, Nolson was °f *or a Q"'™ throw and the bsck-
in. Tho man who had beon proclaim ?toD ca",tlP 0|T tho Pitcher that
od without a poor, was down and [_* P_'alb}B to_?etJbe_ runner. "
out, and his victor    was tho   man
ed by fir*   hut January, baa taken wno have oot former occasions voted
action against tbs elty lor »63,»08 sgalnat labor meaeurea.
alleging that the fire department ws* j ' "• ^~~"
responalbl* because of Insufficient wa-' SON OF THE KINO'S *PA<RjAHOUR
th* Victorian medal from th* King
at -almond, -ae again congratulated by hi* majesty upon th* merit ol
th* entertainment, and presented
with a beautiful baton, decorated
with the King'* Initial* aet in diamond* and ruble*. A sumptuous repeat wa* then provided for the musician* by th* King'* servant*, and
the band departed from Sandrlngham
at two In th* morning, travelling in
apecial train across England to
Preston, where the regular tour was
resumed.    .
t        "'  ■
MONTJIEAL, July 4,-Sensational
rsvslations have come to light in
connection with the ill-fated Bunk of
St. Johns.    It   will be remembered SL„55_L'___?__.".Lch SOnt "i10
caught off first  in    this
whom the critics had already relegated to tho list of "has boons.'
The crow Is most surely with Bat.
a man
manner and the public Imagines
'pitcher doos it all.
Los Angelos, July 4.— Fttcky Mc-
Fand, of Chicago, and Frod. W
of England, demonstrated thoir respective claims to consideration as
lightweights in a drawn fight beforo
a crowd of nearly four thousand
pooplo at the Jeffries club this afternoon. If a decision had boen rendered MoFarland would have beon
given the victory because of the superior showing made in the last sovon rounds of tho bntt.e, when his
relentless pursuit of Welsh and his
,k.t i ,f.i .,.,„. ^. . liishman against tho ropos timo aftor
that in th* famoua black list whloh time, lod tho crowd to believe that
wae published a* being reported to the bout would end in a knockout,
the Finance Department a* good val-1 In the 24th round Welsh was
 T'.l  .._.•" . caught bv'rhrht swine-
Basoball as played today requires men who are active and quick
on their feot. A flrst b'asoman must
go in for bunts Just as much as the
third baseman or pitcher, Frequently it Is possiblo to hoad off a runner
Welsh, at second or third by getting the
bunt quickly and shooting the ball
to the sack guardian ,
Practice picking up ground balls,
for the man who can scoop out of
the mud a poorly thrown bnll, ls a
Valuable asset .to a toam. Many
otherwise crack-a-Jack flrst baseman
falls down when lt comes to picking
a ball out of the dirt. The fact that
the man making tho throw is responsible for tho error doos not enter
into tho calculation. Tho flrst baseman Is thero to got the ball and ho
must leavo nothing undone to mako
him as nearly perfect as possiblo.
ue*, ther* was a  larg* amount
presenting notes of Mr.  C. S. Boy,
the   president's brotbsr.       It
transpires that   ths discovery
Chance* of ths Royal City Lacrosse
Team Capturing th* Championship Discussed.
[caught by right swings that weaken-
.ed him perceptibly,   and from   that
time ou ne had all he could   do   to
now finish without showing his distress ln
l,M'too marked a degree.
Ins, i,aL< 77. ih.l 777*   _«-..    Tho decialon was on tho wholo,   a
Just besn made tbat a great   many ponll,ar one.   McFlirIand „.„„ a 'tw„
ot toes* notes wer* the president'*, to one favorite.      The match   waa
and that othera bearing tbe name of fought In the open air under a broil
. S. Roy had been substituted.      |!B?1,*un    "V,' Tl,hftv<1, ■""*«»-
Thi.   _*... Hon. Mr. Roy*, posi- H" ""'  Jlm J°grl<"' r"fore,,d'
tionwji   won. thu wm at Brat CAN WBaT_JN3T_B
T-L not nppas, to b. *J ™ MINT0 °™
hop* that tb* project to r*v!v* th*
bank will succeed. Thro* gentlemen
In St. Johns, a. Machand being ol
tbe number, have made an Offer    to
d^^ir*' .f_".n__' •__'   ^ ^ """^ * th« «"
S_d_'_r? HT . .'^ ^ ""* ** "» one Point tbat - ag Ut
Z^ i?.Ty g!VS t M,,t,, th* «o*»*iy' over, and _ about    th.
it  __T^n^f      , . •»** •■ tta Bt-B this --.on.
ing. aaklng the d^oaltor. not to .a- The .eatern   champion;have   ,re-
, celved word that their challenge haa
been accepted;    thsy bavs besn    al-
LAST AiLASKA DANCE HALL " 1,0**"1 d"to' "" ,^ter P"1* °' Jul5''
QUITS BUSINESS. ,and thsy are now busy preparing for
—— thsir Journey' eastward In guest    of
JUNEAU, July 4.-Tb* laat danos •—> CUP-
all In Alaska want out of existence' Ta» citizens of the Royal City are
on tbe stroke of midnight laat night. " m-h .excited ovsr th* forthcom
whsn tbs Louvr* saloon and concert lng matches for the championship of
ball closed It* door* In oba-kao* to ths world a* Vancouver fans are
aa order Issued by Judge Gunnison, lover, the showing of the Beavers, and
Two other danos ball* hav* torn up.th* raanK promise* to do much for
floor* a_dl cut out slectrio Ithl! Kama In this province. Thwsls
**lng. and will contlnu* bualneea aa no lotting away from th* fact that
•aloon*. I Canada's   national   gam* I* praetl-
A sensation wu caused whsn Judge) *»"» dormsnt la British Columbia
Gunnison aummoasd tbs Juneau sa- clt,e" today, because ol the failure ol
loon men before him and announced gUl*r c,t_* In th* B. 0. Association
crillce their holdings
that *v*ry .aloon la June**, except tb* hot- ban and two saloon*
muat do** tbdr Boon at midnight
and remain clond until such time a*
h* wa* *at_f_d tb* dance ball* ta-
tendod to ohaarv* bla ordors. Tb*
exoeptlons were „ bloak* In which
no due* Bill* hav* heen conducted
A storm of protest ,lii*nS-iiUly
want up, u tb* order slots- a number of ssloona nevsr coaasotad with
dance hills.
Judg* Ounnlaoa dedam tampar-
anco danos halls, will not ba allowed. /
B '      i     i
HONGKONG,  July 4.- Mailed re
* Billiardi snd Pool _£ pu*t "to*** «*• *«• m »«_-
Beit Liquors and Cig.iri.
pl* hav* been drowned and hundrad*
ars starving to. doath In th* dMtroy-
ed village*.
Th* government baa mad* a rsUaf
coatrlbutlon   of  WO.OOO aad
Cartwrifht ABarclay JES"0omp^h-«***
to put teams In tbs fls-oTsuffl-
oisnt strength to cop* with ths team
that has so often been champions ln
this proylnc*, and tb* race for thf
cup emblematic ot tht championship
of tbs province hs* developed uito
nothing mor* or less thaa a Joke.
1-i Naw Westminster toam ls away,
above crltician, and tha players who
wear tha. color* ol th* champion*
have bad a comparatively easy tlm*
forysan put ia bringing bom* the
championship 'trophy, Tb* result
hs* Man that ths public hs* lost inters*, la th* gam*. Then is nothing to hop* for, a* local club* hav*
alway* been tail-wd propositions
whsn playing with ths New rTestmln-
star contingent. However, with the
-teto cup matches oa th* topis, aad,
the famous Naw WssU-nstor tram
competing In the east for th* silver-
wars. tb* b-rosee loving psopls ol
Ua provlaos, In fart, throughout the
Do___on, will hav* sonutUng to
look forward to,
* Th* 8_vnrc*k* of Montreal  hav*
had aa easy tlm* hokUng ths   sup
Three Victorians Mads the Trip  Oa
i'oot From Viotoria to Nanal-
ms aad Return.
(Victoria Time*.}
To walk or not to walk, that wa*
tha question, and Bob footer decided they should walk, and took
ia hand through their training. Oa
Monday at 8 p.m. be started them
out on tha road,,aad by night tlmt
thay were at th* aev_uetsa-Mi_ po*W-
where tbey slept, some ol tb* tlm*,
whan not disturbed by th* wolves,
next morning thsy were at Koeoig's,
Shawnigan Lake, for breakfast, and
on Dominion Day, at 8 p__, thay
arrived in Nanaimo. Two of them
ar* now oa their way bask. The
third le already here, having returned on Wednesday night by train.
The three who decided after aa --
ucisnt training by Bob Foster, to
walk a* far round th* world aa Nanaimo, and after walking right out
to turn right round and walk right
horns egaia, are Jack Tattemall, who
accepted th* escort of th* train on
tb* homeward way, W. Feantll
W. Johnston*, thn* local men.
To Roy Uoodacr* aad to George
North is due tbe credit of the event.
Tbey ware tbe two prim* movent In
the endeavor to Mad forth thsir brethren Into the wild* of th* long high,
way wbich Hat between th* Queen
City and that of tbt coal omtt*. To
their sooouragsmtnt is due tne fact
that tbe sport ot walking received
the big boost It ho*, and to -Bob
Foster Is dus tbe splendid condition
la which the man www when tbey
started on th* loag bike. It l» understood there might hav* besn ib*
possibility of Bob Foster going
long with them to hasp than moving
and to carry tbe aponge, only Bob
wanted to get baok again In tlm* to
Bob Fltzsimmons betore he
leave* again at the ond of next week,
but what with wolves and other dangers on the road, it wa* thought to
be ont by Bob to raaasla bare aad
Ike walker* In thought, mind
and, spirit.
Fennell and Johnston*, who ar*
walUag ba*, are expected ta arrive
her* ■one tlm* thl* afternoon la tlms
to catch the car out to (a* th* flntoh
of th* Y.M.O.A. (porta at Oak Bay.
The distance ta Naaalmo aad bask
It m mils*, which, at the time occupied on the outward Journey, will,
be completed by th* walker* la four
days, ten hour*. It Is behaved tbat
over thl* partlralar trail this I*   p
or ever know-   the difference,   Tlie oua-
Mil torn ha* been So much abused of late
of that aome of   the fashionable shops
rec- no longer print' tbeir name on    the
boxea, but instead stamp It oh    every article.
Samuel Opmpera, president ol the"
American Federation of Labor, has
made an appeal to organize-   labor
Mc-ntreal,   July   a. —Arspne Leniy I throughout the country, to vote
who»e dopartmsnt store was destroy- gainst
all candldatea lor    congress
ter pressure to cop* with th* flume*.
e     .    i —
Edmonton,    July 4.—p. Clay,   14
MADRID, July 3.—The supremo
court yesterday gave Judgment *-
gainst ths son of Elena Sanaa,   tlie
ears old, and a young man named Bohemian    opera   singer, In a
chowan river last evening,
■    e—	
"To run or not to run"—that I*
the question to Longboat's critics.
Common sense has spoiled many a
pleasant party.
E. _N.
brought to recover a share of the
estate ot King Alfonso XII. from the
Dowager Queen and other legatees,
which be claimed as the natural son
of tbs king.
King Alfonso XII. wa* enamored
of Elena Sanaa who bore him two
sons. The eingsr waa banished trom
Spain after the death of the king,
and died homeless and friendloss In
Parle ln 1899. The provisions ol
Arrangements have been praotioally ji, ktogi by which he provided
completed tor the Incorporation ol a'ample annuity for her, appear to
new shipping and general freighting. '(,„.. ^n oarrled out, and the elder
towage, wharfage, coal and general Bon sought to hav. his claim agalu-
busiuees company, with Oeorge -.'rf the lato king.'a estate legally es-
Courtney, local agent ol the C.P.R.. tat-ehed,
who Is resigning his position with, Tno „„. w„ ^^ f^ ,,,,„„ th.
the railroad company to enter btt_l-'0ivil courts In Madrid aud eventual-
ness for h-uself. B. W. (Ireer, for-;,, Wa, referrwi to the suprem0 C0nrt.
merly general freight agent ot    ths' .
C.P.R. at Vancouvor, J. H. Greer,  RESULT OF HODGINS' ENQUIRY.
the well known Victoria shipping and j 	
tugboat man, handling tbe naw con-! 0TTAWA> July 6--11- •*• Hou"
earn, say* ths Victoria Colonist; ' i"1*" morning Graham said the chief
It 1* proposed io enter business at CD-ln*!r ot tlw Transcontinental rail-
Victoria, Vancouver and prince Hu- wav commission and th* assistant
pert, where wharves are being **- oU*' onglneor of the Grand Trunk
cured and arrangement* are being Pacific have made enquiry int0 the
tor tugboats, barges and ■ all«S-i overelasslficatlons of mater-
steamer for use in ths compe_y*s bu- lal ln <l"trlot F, of the Transcontl-
Ths steamer Leslanaw may n8ntaI rai,way end are now engaged
be chartered for ths sompony's ser- looking into almllar disputes on the
vice. Quebec section.     No decisions, how-
Oeo. U Courtney ie well    known, »ver have beon announced
and he has had great experience la
ihlpplng and general freighting business, as has B. W. Greer, who re- "MONTREAL. July O.-The Grand
cently resigned from the C.P.R. to Trunk railway announced today that
take over a wharf built at Vaneou- mm working in the Montreal shops
ver and aome steamship agencies. J. wiu hereafter work 45 hours per
H. Greer Is also well known. He has ww)k i,,,^ of forty, Bnd lorty-flvo
aoc^lred a large tug fleet within ths alternately, with possibly a maxl-
pa*t few year* and be* now under mum 0, 54 hours |jeing reached at
management no lees than eleven tug- nB TOrIy dat.. ThlB t, th0 ^n o(
boats. Mr. Greer waa the tounder lh. ,n<,0uraglng crop outlook all ov-
ot ths Canadian-Mexican line, hav- or the Dominion.
Ing Worked up the arrangements that .         .
resulted In O. T. Symous _ Co; taking ovsr the eervlce.
■■ «'	
ROME, July 6.—An important pon-
tlflclal document reforming th* organization and working ot the Roman congregation wa* mad* public
today. It removes Great Britain,
Holland, Canada and the United
States from the Jurisdiction ol tho
propaganda theso countries thus coos
ing   to   be   considered   missionary
NEW YORK, July a.-The Roosevelt, Commander Peary'* Arctic exploring ship, lett the pier at Esat
Twenty-Fourth street this afternoon
on a voyage a* tar into tha lot ot
th* north a* oan lately be taken,
Irom whence Peary will make hi* land*,
daeh lor the pol*. |
Commander Peary, hla crew    and "GUYOT" WON THE GRAND puix
many Invited guest*, many ol tbeml 	
member* of tbe Peary Arctic Club, I DIEPPE, July fl.—M. Quyot, drlv.
wsre oa tbs vessel, which waa can- Ing a two cylinder, 18 b.p. 7B mile-
veyed by a government tug to Olty metre bore machine today won the
Island where tlie vsssel will lay at grand prix des Volturottos. HI* time
anchor until tomorrow. From Olty was 5,4-yiO, an average speed ol
Island the ship will go to Oyster f 30.5 kilometers an hour.
Bay where President Roosevelt will Naudin, driving a mono oylindi
inspect the ship before (he starts on
her long trip to the frozen north,
—       ♦ :—
tOiVt All PRINCE, July 8.- a!
serious fire broke out here about two
o'clock yesterday in tbe vicinity oi
the Palace and Senate buildings. The
flames spread rapidly, there being a
high wind, and soon reached alarming proportions, Four hundred
buildings were burned including tbe
court house and the prison. All. ot
tho prisoners were token to other
quarters before tho building took uro.
Sparks were carried to the arsenal,
which also was destroyed. Stores ol
Powder and ammunition are all gone.
Tho firemen mere aided by a large.
section of the population in fighting
the flames, and a force from the
French cruiser Chosseloup Loubet.
Port Au Prince, July fl.—The disastrous fire which started in the vicinity of the. Palace and Senate
buildings here yesterday, and was
believed to have been controlled after four hundred buildings were burned, broke out again during the night
and caused further extensive damage, Tho renewal ot the conflagration wae caused by an explosion that
shook ths whole town, damaged numerous buildings and scattered the
blazing embers over a wide area.
The roof of the National bank wae
thrown down by the violence of the
concussion when the explosion occurred,
The second flre was believed to be
checked at midnight, but the flame*
got a third start this morning and
batons thsy were subdued forty mor*
buildings had been destroysd. Ths
city was almost in a state of panic.
The flames surged along with what
appeared to be an Irresistible sweep
and terrific explosions, which occurred at' intervals, added to the frenzy
of the population.
It was not until the Intensity of
the flre had diminished that anything Uks order waa restored. The
Chamber ot Deputies and ths large
establishment of the eongregatlon of
St. Louis wsre menaced lor a time
by the flames, but thsy wars saved
without damage.
«    *.-	
DENVER, July 8.—An Interesting
echo from Lincoln haa reached here
to th* effect that Mr. Bryan ha* received favorably th* suggestion that
the recent pronounced antagonism of
the Bryan men to Gov. Johnston of
Minnesota shall bs offset by the Intimation that In the event of MT.
Bryan's election he will Invito Mr.
Johnston to take a place In hia cabinet. One ot the many visitors to
Mr. Bryan Who I* not bent ha. point
ed out to him that the marked antagonism to Johnson might alienate
the Influential Scandinavian element
with whloh th* Minnesota governor
is Identified by birth and association.
Washington, July fl.—At a conference today lietween Secretary Of
Wur Wright, Admiral Pillsbury, the
acting head of the navy department,
and Gen. C. R. Edward, chief of the
Insular bureau of the war department, it wns decided that ths United States marines should not be
withdrawn from Panama until after
the election*, although all Information Indicates their prosonos at the
polling places will not bs necessary.
Cardinal, Ont., July e.-FIr* this
morning destroyed Knight's butcher
•hop together with furniture aad
store of R. 0. Raskin, and stable of
Dillon's hotel. Loss partly eovered
by Insurance.
DENVER, Colo., July 8. - Jamea
M. Guffy, of Pennsylvania, was today re-elected a member of the Democratic National Committee In that
state, although several delegates lett
the caucus before it was dons, declaring the proceedings Irregular.
POOR,        "
New York,   Ju|y 8,-It ha*    long
ran a icactla* among a certain
class ol New Yorkers, who desire  to
put on a bigger front than their j miners of Alabama. Only two smsll
thinly padded salary envelopes will commercial companies signed the
permit, to purchase certain gifts at'wage contract offered by the miners
a atnr. da. ~—A__..i. ___. „_. ?' n,ty-nvc conts per ton. The Ala-
a (tor* where moderate prices pre- bama District Organiser, of the
vail and enclose tbem In boxes atom- United Mine Workors ot America toped with the nam* of some fashion-,'<lav lave out an appeal, calling all
mhla oan hl_h nri__* A——t .. emu. m'n* workers In Alabama to    cease
^_T ™. mtu r^L. a  ?*<mtk and mak" "•""on- *>"ort to 0f-
mu*.     Thl* little innocent deceit ganlco the atate,
car, wo* accond, finishing in 5,53,00,
and Goux, driving a mono-cylinder
machine, was third, hi* time being
5.50.01. Guyot lod from atnrt to
e        —
Farm Wagon and Street Car Collide,
Sevoral   Killed.,
LOS ANGELES. Cal., July fl. -
Four children and tno fathor of two
of them are dead, and six persona aro
injurod aa the result of a collision
between a farm wagon and an electric car on the Santa Ana lino near
the city last night. The families of
Jos. Oiler and Petor Kuehenor were
In the wagon. Josepg Oiler was
driving and saw tho car coming and
tried to cross In front of It, but tho
car hit the wagon squarely. Somo
of tho occupants folt undor the car,
while others wore thrown clear of
tha wreckage and escaped unhurt,
BIRMINGHAM, Ala., July 0. - A
strike hae boon called by the  union
practised largely In th*'
matter of wedding gift* which tbey
would like io purchase, ll their salaries permitted, at Tiffany's. Consequently boxes bearing that firm'*
nam* are sought mors1 than any other.    Their plan of securing a box,
OTTAWA, July O.-Ths third read-
lag was given to ths Government
Annuity Bill amendment, by Ralph
Smith, Naaalmo, to provide thatde-
-v^mnu**^'   '. ""T- P"""" '» ««• ******* bank.
Mv*ly .Irnpl*.    They purchsje agltt „, „„,,»„„ ^ ^.^^ ^^ MT.
at Tiffany's, for example; which   It
Inge for   th* purohaas of annuities,
Properly    i«tod to .box Marlag ,£ ^ tnUmi   m>tMim „,
it Tltot^ A_   __t_ °'krfr "Wted to employ hotdtag. of  t-kr
^yj-lf   ^J*"*   ^^th-approvrtwide-bo-sdla   tbs
money refunded,    they do, however, m ,
keep th* box.    They than purehaa*, ,     '
a almllar arttole at a lea* fashionable and expenslv* rtors;' put it  la
Should Taft be   elected, wilt Mur-
(Speclal to Free Press.)
VANCOUVER, July 6.- Jos
Martin has written to triends
here that he will return In Sep-""
tember and run lor th* Domln-
. lon house, no mnttor wbo ia In
tho field.
Montreal, July 4.-In a collision
laat night lietween a street car and
a buggy at the corner uf Mt. Royal
avenue and Berri struct. Jos. Dan-
seroau, 80 years of age, had hls
skull fractured, and Is now In a critical condition In the hotrltal. .
, 4
St. John, N.B., July 4.v-Forty
Italians, brought from Boston ' to
work on the Grand Trunk Pacific,
were turned back at Vaneebero at
Stecl It Iron free from dirt, sir
or foreign substance fused wll
csrhoti. <C*roon gives totiglu-JB
stength, keenest and life.   * «
Thlrtf/ veer's study of Hie retor
•lluellan Imb shown a way to, —
•*d the highest per cenf ofl
carbon fo a C*rbo Hsgnetlc
reior Made throng e secret
IM giving It 0 uniform die.
mono Hke hsrdness.somc.
thing absolutely Impossible
win1 tire tempered a reiori.
end theysrc Hamburg ground
have yourt-rter
tb* TUfany box, aod send I'. oSwlth
ray Bay supersede Oyster Bay In th*
attention of tbt weeMf
Ladysmith Hardware Co, *MB_T^'tey.i«i-fe<iii1irc
 kew vons"ei«*'»»ATit *m mtmt (wi*
r_8,TH„ypi;»TK      -i '■ lptmj.FOU»m" •
Hottest ''Fbuft*. ot July" That N*W N-W YORK,    July 6.-A Chicago
York ha* over bad—Two Death* special to tho Tribune says:
From Heat Early Today. Seventy-one   deaths and 2,864   in-
|,                       '" Jured are the figures in the Chicago
NEW VORK July 4.— The Fourth Tribune   Fourth   ol July casualties
oi July opened in this city with the u9t up to 11 o'clock last night.   An
prospect dt a swolterlng day, while analyst* of tho figurea Bhow tho fol-
the official lorecaiter prophesied that |)Wlng deaths:         -
lt would be ons ol the warmest and fireworks and resulting fires  ,87
most humid Fourths ot July in ths Cannon  >  8
history ot the local weather bureau, ii-|re anna 16
In ths early morning hours the hu- Gunpowder   6
mldlty ran high giving promise that Toy pistols  ,  2
when   the   aun's rays fairly reached Runaways       s'
the aidewolke later in the day New Heort falluI.e ,|U0 to explosions ol
Yorkers would suffer. cannon crackers   2
At 10 a.m. the official temperature Those injured were:
was 81 and ths humidity was    68. Fireworks  1109
Two deaths were reported Irom hent Cannon  ,   212
this morning.    Ons being that    of Flrearma  .,  196
an aged.woman who was bathing at Gunpowder   551
Consy Island. Torpcdoe* „     00
toadon,    July   4.—Thoussntls    ol Toy pistols   211
Americans who are visiting in London, entered Into an enthusiastic
celebration today of the birth of the
republic. Many private entertainments at the town residences ol Americana,   aa well aa tha hotels    pa-
Bombs ,    50
Runaways      85
The flro loss   waa  ¥5.5,905
This breaks- ull records tor deaths
since 1889.     The number of deaths
this   year reported   up to midnight
tronlsed by visitors iromi the other j |aat B|ght is 18 more than at    the
elde, at which the stars and stripes mnte tim0 i„,t yeaI,,    In 1908 Mty.
wer* molt In evidence.
Paris, July 4.—Th* fourth of July
wa* observed in thla city today In a
mors extended degree and with more
enthusiasm than for many years
past. Paris Is crowded wllh Americans and ths streets fairly bristled
with American flags. The principal
hotels arranged special souvenir medals and had musical programmes
principally for their American guests
Puget Sound Company Promises Com
petition with C.F.R. Boats.   Old
Willapa Mentioned.
SEATTLE, July 8— That the Puget Sound Navigation Co., will be
able to get a boat on the run between Victoria and Vancouvor direct in a few days is the statement of
an official oftho company.
It will be the steamer Bollingham,
formorly the Willapa, which was
wrecked near Bella Bella In 1896,
and on which duty was once paid to
the Canadian government. Since
that time ahe waa run by the C. P,
Navigation company in British Col-
umbia coastwise and lator in American waters.
The duty on the wreck is stated to
have beon only a nominal payment,
but at the some time it will permit
of her entering Canadian waters
without the payment of duty a sec-
ond time, being legally recorded.
President Joshua Groen, of the Puget Sound Navigation Co.. refused
to either confirm or deny tho statement, but admitted that ho would
have a boat on tho run very shortly
at a tare much roducod from that of
the C.P.R.
NEW YORK, July 4,-That Mary
Manneriug brought ault tor divorce,
from J. K. lluol-ett wua learned today from Mies -aaneriiig'i counsel.
Rumors ot such a suit bavs bean
current lor some month*. Th* summon* in th* divorce suit wa* served
oa Mr. Haskett early in June, three
day* bofore he sailed lor Europe.
Miss Manneriug engaged couneel a-
bout a year ago, but the salt waa
aot begun until it wat apparent
that there wae no further hops of
recoaelliatloa. It la underetood
that tb* complainant will nam* mor*
than oaa co-respondent. Mr. Hick-
•tt aad Mist Monitoring wore married May 2, 1887, but the marriage
wes kept secret until the following
Jsnuary. Far several seasons Mr.
Hsekett nnd hie wile wer* |oiut
elan. "
I       '      ■
TOKIO, July 4. — At noon today.
the resignation ol the cabinet waa
tendered. There is reason to believe
that the Km-iorur has already Instructed Marquis Katsura to lorm s
new cabinet, but the announcement
will not be made officially beforo
July 7th, and may be delayed until the arrival of Prince Ito Irom
Seoul on July 12th,
The next cabinet will likely be
largely composed of adherents of the
Marquis Yammuguta, and will be
constructed on non partisan lines. A
well known authority aald to the Aa-
eociated Press: "All rumors that a
change Ih the cabinet means Increasing militarism, are absolutely unfounded. The new cabinet will certainly follow the lines ol peace."
CHICA-J, July 4,-Ten monitor
balloons, weather permitting, will
atert lata thla afternoon trom Aerial
para, la a "Ohioago-to-ooaan" race
under th* direction ot tea) Ohicago
Aeroplaals Olub.
Although clouds hung low In the
sky early today and showers threatened preparation* lor th* ascent progressed, tb* aeronaut* pinning their
faith to tht official forecast ot a
fair afternoon,
, Two sum are ottered, one for the
balloon remaining loosest lh the air,
snd one tor ths longest flight measured by sir Un* to th* point of de-
nine wero dead at the same hour.
The n-tmiber of Injured, howevor, ls
1,188 less than In 1TO7 and In the
smallest    number since 1901     when
818 were hurt. ThiB is regarded
as an Indication that tho agitation
for a "Bane fourth" Is having Its
LONDON, July 4,-Tbe IntemaUon
al character ot the entriea, no fewer
than 11 nation* being represented,
gave peculiar importance and interest to the Amateur Athletic Association championship meeting, which
was held in the Stadium this afternoon. A big crowd was in attend-
o. There were nearly 800 oom-
petltore, among tbem many men
who have entered for the Olympic
Ths final to the 100-yard dash was
won by Robert Kerr by ono yard.
Kerr Is a Canadian, belonging to
Hamilton, Ont. - II. E. Walker, of
South Africa waa second, and J. V,
Morton, tits holder ot tbs championship for tho past four yeara, was
third. The time wa* 10 seconds
dat. The victory waa greeted with
great cheer* by the Canadian and
American spectators.
Dennis Horgan, ol the Irish-American Athletic Association, put ths
wslgbt 44 feet 7 inches, winning *as-
The pole vaulting Wt* won liy F.
B. Archibald    ot    CanUi,  with  IV
feet.    Archibald   and Kerr are both
entered for the Olympic gamea.
LONDON, July 4,-Angllcnn blsh-
opB from all ovor tho world havo arrived In London to nttond the Lam-
barth conference, which is to begin
Its sessions Monday In tha library of
Lnmberth Valero. Today tho distinguished visitors woro entertained
at a roceptiou givon in thoir honor
ut Canterbury, luncheon boing served in St. Augustine's College. Archbishops and bishops from tho United
Statos, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Tasmania, India and othor
(tarts of tho   world woro in attend-
tifTO r'HEJttHt,
Fotit- People Killed Outright.   Indescribable' Scene in tlio -Passenger
Coach After Collision.
BOONVHiiE, N. J,, July 4.— The
North bound passengor train, No.
55 on the Watertown & Ogdon railway, collided head-on shortly aftor
5:30 o'clock this morning ono and a
half miles cast uf Booiivillo, with a
south bound freight train. Four pooplo wore killed outright and one died
in the Utica hospital, making tho total dead flve, while eight or ton-were
injurod. The dead wero taken to
Utica.    Thoy nro:
A. Rolbor, of Utica, engineer.
S. (1. O'Drion, of Utica, onginoer.
A. W. Hagonian, of Utica, brake-
J. H. Michael, of Edisona, fireman.
Geo. Dean, of Utica, passengor,
died at St. Luke's hospital, Utica.
Tho cause of tbo wreck has not
l,oun determined, Supt, Christie, of
this division being oxthliU UUU UU
this division being at tho scone to
mako an investigation. Both trains
woro rogulaiiy scheduled, and It Is
thought that- there was a misunderstanding of orders.
Tbe North bound passenger train
loft Utica nt 4:10 o'clock, drawn by
two passengor engines owing to tho
heavy grades. It was mado up' of
olght cars, flvo of which wero Pullmans, A combination smoker und
baggage car followed tho engines. It
was this car that most of tho injured woro fn.
Tho wrock occurred shortly after
tho North bound passenger train loft
Uoonville. Thoro was no time to
stop, and but littio to slacken when
tho engineers. of tho trains saw a
crash was impending. Tho passenger engines.with the weight of tho
heavy passengor train behind thein,
plunged into the freight, and thc
loading passenger and tho freight engine buckled up and went plunging
over an embankment- Inside the
cars at the scone was terrible. Passengers were thrown about in their
seats and tho injured wore jammed
against seats and against car windows. It was just after daylight
and the unhurt hastened out to tho
aid of tho woundod.
jfsLEAfiSlD NOT WiWti
VANCOUVER, July 4.- Yachts
start- Alexandria 12.15.02. Spirit
One mils out Alsxandra one length
ahead.    Light breeze trom etorn.
On the second leg the Alexandra
leading by on* mile.
Later— At the final leg the Alexandra finished a winner by two minutes.
This give* the Alexandra the series
ol races, she winning two out ol
SARATOGA, N.Y., July 4.— The
police today rigidly enforced the law
prohibiting the use and sale of fireworks, and for the flrat time In the
history of Saratoga Springs not a
fir* cracker was fired and not a torpedo exploded in the village.
The annual ten mile boat race
on Saratoga lako was watched by
thousands of apeotator*.
Tbe cynoaure of Briton nnd ot Celt,
These plains again givs back    the
tramp ol loot
Acrosa dead Hute the same    two
peoples greet;
Thoy come toduy a* mon wbo     oft
havt knelt
In holy fanes  -and   worthy feelings
Yen,   who   had visions of a  high
* emprlss,—
That, East, and West, beneath Canadian akles,
To feuda of blood   and creed  death
may have dealt)
Thoy dig the gathered moss from his
great name,    > .
Who blazed the trail throe centuries ago;
They deed to Ponce thla sacred field
of Fame,
These dizzy heights that make    our
annal* glow:
From purposes of more utility
Thl* place where heroes fell    now
ahall be free!
—A. L. Frneor, in The Canadian Ma-
l» of   International
Irenes sad Oaaada jairg
The flrat ear le ached-
July 4.-T_i coroner's
jury today decided that the death ol
Wm. T. Gtlbart, th* N*w York lawyer, who was found dsad In a bathroom of the Savoy hotel, thl* city,
last Thursday morning, waa dus to
natural causae.    Tb* body will    be
taken home July 8.
_   —.   ...
BUENOS AYHES, July 4.- Tele-
graph communication with Azumlon,
ths capital of Paraguay, where thai*.
It a revolution, la atlll Interrupted,
but word baa hen received (rom
Atuaslon at Corlsntes that tht artillery at the capital bombarded the
market place after mutinying. Many
women are aald to havs lost thslr
lives during the lighting. The foreign repntentatlves are urging tho
belligerents to abstain from bombarding the olty. Ths news wss
brought to Oorleataa by the captain
ot a steamship.
_. >
Hsrtland, .Inly 4.—Despondent  ha-
Tb* wcitern akles wero all aglow,
Wllh molten gold by angola coat;
It faded and came floating alow,
A   Moon-Ship    down' the   Sky-Sea
lligh-pruweil aho aought tho harbor
And law the fur-off lights ot home.
A million   gem*   slipped from    hor
. hold,-
A wake of stars across the foam.
—Archie P. McKlshlno, In Tho Canadian Magazine,
Brentford, Ont., July 7.— Angus
McKinnon, aged 40 yeara, with his
wife nnd flve children, were kilted by
a cave-In of a sewer on Greenwich
street laat night.
CUPAR, Snsk., July 7,-Mra
PreBton, of Brandon, who wns
lonely burned In tho flro nonr hero nn
Friday night, succumbed to hor    Injuries this morning.
pmwum PMTO0* tow
The Democratic platform at Denver
will probably declare for the following principle*:
Equal right* should be established
ST. JOHN, N.B., July 7.-.1
Rou L'Heureux nnd Beauduiii, resident general manager aitd assistant
general manager, respectively, of
Unnque St. Jean, this morning plead
ed not guilty to the charge of having made false returns to the Gov-'
ernmcut.    President 'Roy, at the op-'      . .
ening ol court, declared that ho was n-i special privileged abolished,
not being fairly dealt with.   He said    Further stuto tutU national logiulu-
ho reserved the privilege of being his tioa ls nwasBur..   maKiug it uulaw-
own lawyer, and did not want to be., . ...
condemned without having something lui lo' coluorution* to contribute to
to say in his own behalf. Roy also cuuipuigu fuuus, and requiring pub-
charged Magistrate Lanctot and tho licity beforo election, of all initiv -
mg^VlXat' Hlb6a'd' wlthb°- "^'c-Wbution* above a r_u___
' bio minimum.
The three accused mon wore committed for trial at tho court of tho
King's bench on October 22 on tho
charge of Issuing false returns to
tho Govornmont and conspiracy to
defraud tho shareholders and
Centrallzution uf power through judicial construction must be opposed,
but Federal remedies for thu pi-even-
leposl-', tion of monopolies must be added to,
but not substituted fur, state  ruiuo-
     • dies.
DYNAMITE EXPLOSION. ,    United States senators should     bo
■ elected   by the direct vote oi     t..
Hamilton,   July 7.—Jas. Sturrooki peoplo.
and W. Green were seriously injured     The   criminal laws against   trusts
by a dynamite explosion nt Wilcox aad trust magnates must bs enforc-
and   Doolittle's  .quarry    at Dutul s od,    and additional   laws must     be
yesterday afternoon. passed to prevent the formation    of
♦ '— monopolies and trust* and the    won
FATALLY SCALDED, 'taring   of   stock by large   corpora
Toronto, Ont., July 7,-Lena John- j   Tto taria mlut ^ immediately re-
stonraged 7 years, was probably fa- j viMd| a0 M to'restore it to a rev
tally scalded by pulling over a kettle
ol bolting water.
It seems to cost somo people a lot
more to live than thoy aro worth to
tho community.
Seems as II parliament ought
have a lew days' rest to get
second wind.
"f ,-
The divinity that shapea our  ends
might pay more attention to the rest
of aome people's appearance.
Some people are so busy laying up
for a sunny holiday that they forget to keep the moths out ot thoir
raincoats and their umbrellas free
from holes.
♦    ■■
It you don't believe all your   hue-
band auys, don't bother to tell him
so; he knows all right.
4   ■-
Talk ts cheap; that's why the parliamentary session can last bo long,
without plunging, the country Into
There are aome men ao lost to
nlceness ot tooling that they would
rather go to a lacrosse match than
take the twins out for an airing.
Muny a  man don't realize the advantages of youth until thore is    a
bottle of hair dye on his chiffonier.
Why wait until a  man's dead   to
spsak well of him.
To judgo by tho conflagrations in
the United States and Canada, both
cauntrlcs aro getting well ahead on
the annual July celebrations.
lint Judge n woman's refinement
until you've tried her temper,
At least F.ve had one happiness.
Adam couldn't brag about hla mo-
thcr'a cooking.
If at first you   don't succeed atop
watting timo and get a new Job.
Sometimes a  man la married   becauso tho girl who accepted him Imagined Some other girl wanted him,
The carpenters ot the City bf Mox-
Ico have organized a league for mutual protection.
With a vlow of supplying harvest
laborers to the farmers of tho west
and middle west, Secretary ot Labor
Straus haa seat out 1,025,000 double postal cards tn rural employers
all over tho country.
The thirtieth annual convention of
the New Jersey State Federation of
Lahor will he held In the Assembly
Chsmler at Tranton, N.J.. on Monday and Tuesday, Aug. 17 and IS.
Th* reddest apple doesn't
make the best sauce.
Coopertown, July 0.—Tbe proepect
of Bishop Potter's recovery from tho
CL. (attack of stomach snd liver disease,
from which he ia suffering, grows
stronger evory day, daapite the con-
tlniiou* hot weather, which la extremely trying on the patient, weak-
alway*J7ned by extreme illnoss, his condition
today ls most satisfactory.
LONDON, July 7,-Th* Houss ot Commons teat night passed
tbs second reading ot tb* bUl under which Ave yeara hence all lbs
miners ln the United Kingdom will work only eight hour* a day.
Th* House also concluded the committee stags ol ths Old Age Pea-
lion Bill which hss besn modified by th* adoption ol a eliding
■oat*, tbs pensions varying with tbs amount of ths recipient'* per-
aonal income.
enue basis, and articles competing
with trust-made goods should be put
on the free list.
A constitutional amendment authorizing a tax upon individual and
corporate incomes should be passed,
also a law for a national inheritance tax.
There should be an immediate declaration of the nation's purpose to
recognize tbe independence of the
Philippine Islands as soon as a stable government can be established.
The powers of the National and
State Railway Commissions must be
enlarged until they shall be able to
give full protection against discrimination and extortion. The issue of
watered stock or any fictitious capitalization should be prohibited and
the railroads should be forbidden to
engage in any business that will
compete with thsir shippers.
Postal savings banks should be established and laws for the better pro
taction of bank depositors passed.
The emergency currency, when needed, should be Issued and controlled
by ths Federal government, loaned
upon adequate security, and at a
rate of interest that will compel its
speedy retirement after tho emergency
is passed.
An employers' liability law should
be enacted and the eight hour day
The law relating to injunctions to
be modified so as to prevent tho issue
of the writ in industrial disputes except after notice to defendants, and
full hearing; so as to permit trial
before a Judge other than the one
who issued the writ, and, so as to
allow a Jury to bo summoned in all
cases where the alleged contempt la
committed outside the presence of
the court.
Tho ndnrlaalnn of Asiatic Immigrants should be prohibited and the
Immigration laws should be more
strictly enforced against persona who
advocate assassination.
NEW YORK, July O.-Now Yorkers
tor nearly two weeks have been sweltering in one ot the most protracted
hot weather period* in many years,
were warned by the weather bureau
today that the end is not yet In
sight, "fair and continuod warm"
was the message sent out to the Buttering millions while th* sun kept
the mercury constantly moving upwards. By 9 o'clock today the government thermometer registered 80
degrees, at 10 o'clock tho temperature had gone up to 84 and at 11
to 80 degrees. In the meantime the
humidity had fallen gradually until
at 11 lt registered 02 degrees.
Thousands last night slept on fire
escapes or in the parks, and the effect ol the excessive heat became apparent early In the day when reports
ol death*,    proatratlona and  sudden
nannlty began to pour In at police
headquarter*. Several deaths and
thirteen proatratlona from the intense boat wore reported in Brooklyn
and Manhattan up to 1 p.m. Two
Brooklyn men who are believed to
have been crazed by th* excessive
heat wore taken to the King'* county hoapitai early today, alter they
had attempted to kill their wives
with carving knives.
A mnn snd his mother-in-law
eaelly parted.
Why ahouldn't wooden-headed politicians care for the preservation of
President and Managing Director.
nroo. c pickard.
Sf^i tct.nry-Troasurer.
Head Office
Capital $10,000,000 Rest $5,000,000
$5 and under  3 cents
Over $5 and not exceeding $10,   6   "
" $10       " " $30, 10   "
.' $30       " " $50, 15   "
These Ord,i_ are payable at Par at any office in
Canada of a Chartered Bank, except in the Yukon,
and at lhc principal banking point, in the United
They are negotiable at $4.40 to the £ sterling in
Gr-at Britain und Ireland. They form an exeellent
method of remitting small sums of money with safely
and at small cost, and may Iw obtained without delay ut any office of the Bank. 1U
The Jones Hotel
Oatacre Street.
L. M. de OEX  Manager
Ductal's    Itiuuove Organ and Empty
Out an Assortment, of Hardware, Class and Money.
MARSHFIELD, Ore., July 6.- Mi-
Frank Durga is in tbe hoapitai bore
today after having disgorged irom
his stomach enough old iron and
'coin to stock a combination savings
bank and j—ikshop.
Durga went tu the hoapitai a few
days ago complaining ol pains in tho
vicinity of his waistline. The surgeons operated and upon removing
the stomach discovered the strangest
assortment ol articles tuken from
the body of a human being. Here
are the articles Durga has been carrying around in his stomach tor
Three jack knives, one brass end
ol knife handle, metal ond of Halting
rod, two lurge loaded rifle shells,
three small sheila, three door keys,
one small key, three five-cent pieces,
fifteen dimes, seventeen horseshoe
nails, one fish hook, two finishing
nails, one shingle nail, ono eight-
penny null. 175 pieces ol glass.
Durga's stomach was roplaced afu-r
the operation and his pulse Is normal today. Tho attending surgeons
announce (hut ho will recover with
in a short time.
P.O. Box 51 'Phone 44
Dealer in All Kinds ol
areata Delivered free of charge on.tha
Shortest Notice.
Union Brewing Co.
Th* wttR*» of eoal miners In
glum havs he
n- to out too** from tt* i-.ootlng* eaua. „. th, d„ln „• his wife    two
at 8.80 p.*., sal tb* oik* ■ at _i-
larval* ol t*a -!**__
 «,! J ii
II dea'tn' wer* less ciwimoa; It woul. |Bto th* Madswoika river, it* leave*
loas lt* terrors lor th* faaUoMbl*.    thrs* mall *-U_M.
....,..., ;,... "[.v.
weeks a-o a mon named llurgoln,
("""inyivl In n mill ot Edmimdston,
N.B., committal atilelrie hy lumnlna;
LONUON, July 7.—The Times this morning publishes a statement to the effect that during tho manoeuvres ol the Channel fleet
Admiral Lord Heroslord gave the signal for an evolution which, If
obeyed, would hav* brought the cruisers Argyll and Good Hope Into collision. Sir Percy Scott, however, on board ths Oood Hope,
tho statement says, doubted the accuracy of the signal, and retrained Irom obeying tt.
Tho story Is alluded to by other London newspapers, but It is
not verified, end appears to be a part, ot ths campaign against
Lord Beresford, arising out ol hls lend with Sir Percy Scott.
Tho proposition to remove the International offices of the International Brotherhood ol Bookbinders
from New York to a moro central
location wna defeated at a recent
session of the International convention ot the brotherhood.
Crazy Manitoban and Followers   io
Trouble With the Mounted 1 o-
Uoe at l'ierson, Manitoba.
PIERSON, Man., July 6.—A party
ot seven men, two women, and five
children canto into town from across
the international boundary yesterday. The men are armed with Winchester rifles and knives, while the
women have revolvers. The leader
claims to be Christ, and hia wife
calls herself tbe Virgin Mary. Thoy
ars bound for Yorkton where tho
leader expects to take the leadership
of the Doukhobor*.
nnd the air ls almost Sunday quiet.
On arriving In town It wns noticed
they were armed and a member of
lhe Manitoba mounted police approached thom and asked them to
lay down their arms which thoy positively refused to da and immediately formed a half circle and presented their arms at McForlnns. H*
eventually auccocded In getting thom
calmed down. He assured then he
wlehed to do thom no harm, If they
would lay down their arms and proceed to Melltn nnd report to the cue-
toma officer. McFnrlnne wired to
the attornoy general for inatructlona
who Immediately had two -membere
of th* N.W.M.P, proceed to Poer-
The leader, who claims to be   the
Christ, States that ha will not    die
If he is shot, but if hs dies, tbsn It
Is proof he is not Christ.
Buenos Ayros, July 7.—Despatches
received hero from Formosa, Para-
guon border stato, that the United
States and Italian logationa at Aaun
eion were badly damaged by the
bombordmont nnd thnt nn Inter—*:
dlnto employee from the legation was
killed. The Unlten Stgtos and Italian ministers hove presented claims
for compsnsntlon to the new government.
*>%%-% <-^%%«%««*-»*_r***h«**»*ia_,_i
and Pastry
Always Froah on Hand.
Wedding nnd  Party Cakes Made to
Fruits nnd Candles of All Kinds
I'rloeo nro    very   reasonable.    All
Customers treated alike.
On tho esplanade.
Ladysmith, B. O.
Tlie Best Butcher Shop
in Town is
Roberts St. Butcher
Two coses of diphtheria aro undor
qunrantlno nt Chaso Rlvor. That
troubles novor como singly Is ovidond
od in one caso which is in the unfor-
tunnto Floldlng family, In which
Ladysmith, B. 0.
til a prlvnto subscription waa taken
up for them by tho provincial polios
while   tho    Govornmont  waa being
When there's n wilt there's strlto-'child dlod recontly.   Tho'family "wero 'communicated  with   to lond  asslst-
If anything willed la worth having.     i» qulto doatltuto circumstances   un- ance.
U "'■"■ .1 IIMHIIII
S1010H LEISEB £ GIL. Ll_. i
A few dnys ago an
vtince shipment by express
of tho smartest and most
■Up-tu-Duto Skirts wo have
evor shown, in Voiles and
Panamas. Cull and ask to
nee them. Any size not
in stock, procured at short
Thy Athletic Club in Nanaimo, ia
organizing another big field moot
for Labor Day.
The local baseball boys sulTered
furthor disaster at the hands of Cho-
iiiainus on Sunday afternoon. It was
tho third pieoting of the two clubs,
and counted tho third beating for the
home nine. There is some dispute as
to tho o.\uct score; but on its most
favorable snowing, it was bad for
the locals.
Tho best Smoke In town is tho
Grand Duko Cignr. Remember, it is
made in town and don't forget to
call for   it. X.
"Contractor Parfitt," says tho Nanaimo Herald, "is making rapid
strides on thc construction of the
Ladysmith postofllce." Tho contractor may indeed be making rapid
strides, but it would require a Rip
Van Winkle to detect tho signs of
progress iu the actual work of Construction. There is really no _eed to
hurry. The postoi_.ee is infinitely
mure convenient where it is.
There wus quite a largo numbor of
members of the Duncan Lodge at the
special session of the local Oddfellows oif Saturday. The visitors intend to instai their officers on the
18th, when tho lodgo hero will return their visit.      ■..
There Ib nothing like It in the
smoking Une. The Grand Duke is a
smoking hot success, It is on sale
all over town. Try it nnd bo convinced. X
A largo amount of work has beon
done at the Vancouvor-Nnnnimo coal
company's property, which consists
of 200 acres of extremely rich coal
land, situated about one and a quarter miles from tho city. Tho property has reached a stage in the development whero it is necessary to
install more adequate machinery and
improved methods of handling, and
this is being done ns rupidly as possible under the superintendoncy of
Mr. J. Grant, who is interested in
the company. The company has a
Provincial charter with an authorized capital of £250,000, divided into
250,000 shares, which are now selling rapidly, many largo blocks hav
ing been recontly purchased. Mr. R.
C. Campbell-Johnston, M. &| M. E.,
made a. most favoruble roport on tho
mine recently which has, of courso,
only substantiated tho faith the promoters have in their venture.— Freo
party colors In the npproaching but-
| tie. Aftor considerable informal discussion, on which sevcrTU probable
candidates wero considered, tho following delegates were appointed. D.
McLean, S. Thompson, I). Vicholaon,
\C. E. Gisborne, H. Leo, J.S. Cairns
W. Myles, C. Thompson, R-, R
march, and \V. Michael.
Thc Grand Duke Cigar is on
in Victoria nt    Wosterndale's   Rail
way Cigar Store, opposite the E. „
N.  Station, and also at the Jam.-
Day Cigar Store, opposite the C. V
i.u.v viigar more, opposite the C. P.  "'"?"",    fn?y --;- -""-"-"'" '"
R. Hotel.    Don't forget this when in juth°r feed by  Sir John Thompson.
Victoria. X l as}a_d them,
Members of the Ladysmith Mai
Voico Party will not forgot that
thero is nn important business meeting tonight.
The Celebration Committoo mot on
Monday evening to wind    up its   af-
Men's Light Grey, reg. 916.
NOW 112.90.
Hen's Oroy Check, reg. $22.50.
FOR 118.00.
Hen's Cheap Summer Suite, reg.
110 and 112.50.      FOR 18.60
Suits, rog. $18 and $18.50.
FOR $10.00.
Kennol Brand Bata,    ln   Bronze,
Oroy and Brown, reg, $8.00.
8EI_JNQ PRICE) $2.60.
William's Bloak
fairs. Howovor, as all the accounts
wore not in it wns impossible to
complete tho business, and another
mooting is callod for Monday evening nt S o'clock.
Thero has been nothing special nt
tho Parrott Bowling alloy during tho
week. Thc much talked-of tournament has not materialised yet, but
the principals, it is understood, aro
now busy with the arrangements.
The Pogorly Bowling Alloy is now
in full swing. Tho rates for a gamo
uro 15 conts for two mon, or 25
cents in which case tho winnor takes
a cigar or some other 10 cent treat.
Mr Pogorly is also arranging a tournament for which ho will offer a box
of cigars or some other suitable
prizes. Tho highest aggregate in 10
IgameB takes the prize, and one dollar covers tho entrance and the cost
of the ton games.
Mayor Nicholson is busy again at
tho Qovernment wharf. Tho work of
repairing the structure last fall was
not quite completed and Mr. Nicholson, with a gang of mon, Is now attending to it.
Mr. Jas. Block has moved from
Third Avenue to Roberts Street. Mr.
Black bought the Rosattl residence.
Mr. Isaac Nash has moved Into the
house vacated by Mr. Black, and Mr,
A. Smith into the house vacated by
tho Nash family.
^, Tho prices almost cut ln
hnlf. Soo tho window for
Prices'and Display.    Only one
J of each in stock; no two alike,
and Just the thing for Sum-
All good Wn8hors.
(Continued Irom "age Ona.) J
tual gold In the Treasury.
Government No- Longer Responsible.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier used to say
that under Liberal rule It was not
necessary to argiie that the country
•was prosperous, as the people knew
lt. But the Premier usually went on
to tell of increasing revenue, of industries working night and day, of
I abundant; onpital for Canadian Investment, low .Interest on the Canadian securities, the increasing number of Canadian banks and decreasing record of failures. Ministers are
now explaining that falling revenues,
decreased transportation earnings
paralysis of tho woollen Industry,
closing of Iron and steel plants,
scarce money and bank failures, are
all due to causes beyond Government control.
But the Govornmont Is responsible
for adversity moro than it was for
prosperity, since its prodigious extravagance, its withdrawal of monoy
from productive Industries hy increased taxation, and its protection
of publlc dlshonosty, havo assisted
to undermine tlio prosperous conditions.
Whon tho Premier next talks about X
banks ho will haVo to say that with- I mor wour
in a few years flvo have boon wreck-
ed. These are tho Bank ot Yarmouth, Ontorlo Bank, Sovereign
Bank, Bnnque de St. Joan, Dnnquo
de St. Hyaclntho. .-     '
The Enquiry Choked Off.
As oxpected, tho Government   majority In tho Hodgins' commltteo report In favor of quitting tho enquiry.    Thoy: say thnt Major Hodgins
has withdrawn tho charges of Impro-	
per conduct on the part of tho Com- Yot tho totul profits In tho transac-
Imlsslonors, and that questions of tion involved In tho McGcovy inqul-
clasBincntion can bo tried by orbit- ry, including tho salotflos of the part-
ration lietween tho govornmont and ners, political contributions and all
[the Grand Trunk Company. doubtful expenses, wore loss than 30
Mr. Barker and Mr. Lennox, the Per cont. of tho cost of the work,
Conservative minority, do not think while the Marino Doportmont, In
that charges involving millions of 1900, gnvo profits of 18,7 per cont.
I »v*r-P*j_-eat should bo treated so to .Mern-in for purchasing artlclos
lightly. common to tho trade, 900 per cont..   un
Thoy   show   that strongor charges profit was pnid to the Canadian Fog j j—,,.     —,. d
in respect to over-payments and Signal Company, atid porhaps equal ,-.■„,!.'h.»,i„„
falso classification have been mado profits to the International Slgnnl'um,uu" «»--"•
against the commission by tho G.T. Company on nearly a million dol-
P. cnglnoors than woro mode by Ma- lars. If tho statement of tho Grand
jor Hodgins, and thnt theso ovor- Trunk Pacific engineers is true, the
j payments nro of serious concern to ovor-pnymonts on tho Trnnscontlnon-
tho Dominion. .tal contracts, aro many times groat-
Thorefore tho minority "recom- <"" thnn the total gain's of tho Lar-
raond that the uubjcct-niattor of  tho kin-Connolly firm.
Investigation    bo     remitted   to the' * —*-'
commltteo with instructions to pro-
|coed thoroln until completion."
The request was tho more reason-
WALTERS &       |
For. Fancy Notions.        , Y
)s»»^i_*j_a>s«*>>>>W**.i>a)*ja''-A J.
rGOOD "^
Visit the Foundry and make
your   own   choice.    You will
,, save time and money, and  get
11 - better satisfaction,
Mclntyre foundry
Company, Limited
A lew on hand yet whloh are
going at
Iron Bod, full size eloc'.rlcul
Woollen topa and Bottom Mattresses at    $18.60
Throe-Quarter size at .... 12.50
One Half size, at  ,... 11.60
The Snow Flake Mattress,—
the Mattress for Comfort.
Samples on hand tor  Inspection,
6. Peterson
'Phone 18.
First Avenue
. --.  ..— .—   .w«4u..-|   Four-roomed house   with  kitchen,
able as the committee   had brought on   High    Street.      Lot fenced and
at great expenso from all parts   of cultivated.   Apply 0. Thompson,
tho line a dozen    resident engineers
to testify   about     classification   in
their respective districts. H -^^^^^^^^^bbbh^m^^bibib******!
Ilut theso witnesses have all|  been |   A M   mMti        of   H„mony
[sent away without giving evidence i^a.^, ISo. 6, I.O.O.F., will be held
v ... ..1 _•_",' .' . . on Saturday evening at 7 o'clock In
Now that the Hodgins- inquiry tho oddfellowe' Hell for the purpose
has lieon knocked on the head, the ol lnfltB,u„g tn0 how offlcor.8. Every
•Cassols' inquiry suppressed lor the meml)OT is requested to attend,
summer, and the record of Government obstruction In tho'committees
has been examined, it ls interesting
to recall the course of another Gov- «■
'eminent  of   Canada in dealing with « There are SymptO_18
charges of a somewhat similar char- <)
A meeting    of local Conservatives
was held last night in the   Banquet
hall ol the Opera Houae,- Mayor Nl- -r7r_,ThoVd^ro?eWed thTchargcs
cholson presiding.    The jurpow ^ot an„ p'ro8ecuted ^ be(ore th0 Oo^.
acter against one of its departments.
At the close of a long enquiry into
the McGeev-y scandal in  1891,     Mr.
., — «*» vtiH. uuu piui-iruu me cnnrgei
4t__    -«-„."«_'_"'   ♦   11J7!?_?«,«■and Prosecuted them before tho Com
the meeting was    to c eet debates     ^       de th(fl RtlltillllMlt itt   „,,
to attend the Convention here    on
Saturday the  11th.,    when u candi.
dato will he   selected    to carry the
mittee, made this statement in the
House of Commons, (Hansard. 1891
j page 5800).
A Minister Who Stood by His Duty
"I must say this much to the credit of the Minister of Justice (Sir
I John Thompson). From the moment thnt tho Minister of Justice perceived that I-.fuul a case he sent )to
 ___ me the two counsel for his adminis-
Hind- tration,   Messrs,   Henry and   Osier.
They came to me and to my lawyer
and they said:   'It is better  not  to
Bale toy publicly that we will work toge^
* jl_  ther as much as we can, but we have
£  been authorized to come to you.'    I
■ asked them 'by whom are you authorized?'   They told me they hnd been
Mr. T. Booth, of tho Nanaimo Herald, was ln town nil day on Monday
Miss McGuire was in town on Monday.
Miss K- Dunbar is spending a fow
days with friends.
Mr. J, W. Coburn, president nf the
Ladysmith Lumber Co., was in town
| to-day.
Mr. Jos. E. Smith has been over
to Vancouvor on a business trip.
Mr. W. Myles left for a short trip
to Seattle yesterday morning.
Mayor Planta, of Nanaimo, was in
i town yesterday.
Mr. Malnwarlng, of Nanaimo, paid
a visit to Ladysmith on Monday,
Mr. W. E.
Moore visited Nanaimo
Mr, Jas. Adam returned homo this
morning from Nanaimo.
Mr. Jas. Dunbar came down today on the morning train.
Mr. J. M. Morgan, of Victoria, returned home on Monday morning,
Mr. and Mrs. A. Dutler, of Victoria, left for home on Monday afternoon, atter spending a wook with
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Brown, of Second
Father Nlcolayo boarded the Victoria train on Monday morning.
LONDON, July 7.—Tb* sfforts of
tb* Daily Mail directed towards ths
raising of a lund for the entertainment of visiting athletes who are to
take part In the Olympic game* nave
mat with a large mea»ure of success, 187,500 already having been
subnrlb*- Thla dim Include* a
donation of 13,500 from A. O. Van-
derblH. Tha government has undertaken to giv* * banquet to th* official reprssentatlvas ef cash foreign
group to which the ambassadors of
the rsapectlv* oountrlss will also be
Invltad.    '
. 'are you going to take
your orders from the Ministor of
Justice or from Sir Hector Langevin?' Osier and Henry snld, "wo
are taking our ordors from tho Minister of Justice and wo are prepared
to work with you and find out the
truth as much as we can.' I say
that they have helped me, and my
lo-wyor, Mr. Geoffrlon, will tell you
the samo thing. They have heloed
me as much as their delicate position and the delicate position ot tho
Minister of Justice allowed thom to
do. I think, sir, it is woll that wo
should know, and that tho world ,
should know, that whon a grave and 1
I momentous question liko this is
thrown upon parliament, the repre-|
sentative of Justice Is prepared to
stand by his duty, however delicate'
and difficult may tio the position ln
'which he Is placed.' "
■A Comparison
According to presont appearances,
and tho rocord of two Sessions, It
will be a long timo before Mr. -Aylesworth will earn such a tribute as
I this.
Tho Govornmont pair Mr. Terto's
own' counsol 11s well us tho counsel
who helped him. It followed up tho
finding by criminal proceedings against the offenders and by civil action .to recover tho   ovor payments,
One hundred   acres of   first class
a. half from   Ohe-
       For full particulars, apply to Geo, Tranfleld,   Blan-
ey's Crossing. J19-4t
Launch for Hire
Faatest Boat ln Harbor.
Runa from tho Dominion Wharf
Shell Beach every hour.
Thursdays, from 1 p. m.
Sundays, from 10 a. m.
Return Fare, 20 Cents.
NOTICE.        v
Notice Is hereiry given that at the
next regular sitting of the Board of
Licensing Commissioners for the City
of Ladyamlth, B.C., we intend to apply for a transfer of the Retail Liquor License held by us for the sale
jof spirituous and fermented liquors
on the promises known as the New
Western Hotel, situate on Lots 4 _
5, Block 28, 'Ladysmith, B.C., from'
ourselves to Alfred Mahle, \
(The City
Fop thu Best Bread
Cakes and
in Town
Orders Promptly Attended to
Be aure you are ready tor lt,
before It devolops into a full-
fledged reality.
We can fit you with Cool
Footwear of every description. J
Begin at your feet. Dress
See  our   White Canvas   Ox- $
fords for 1st ot July.
Tie Sb-ie ta.
PUNNING 10 tl J l
Kt'llll   tWll  71-. «Mt|||M. IMI-
flffc, lorn I'liiiv-if •..)•-"mi
(frilly i |||.,,,4-,x,,iin.klfi
.'•■'oinnry bii«I tlultliili •)
llllllR'-,"   ftlii   III   III Iff,),
hiK, VriliiM..!i! mul p 11 M
Ull] Jllfiirilirtliflll  Ini   il'l..<
*  Ladysmith Opera House
Gq<? I)i# ©i)lu!
jpj^ii, alii 941903
I aii eh fur Sale
Will carry 16 persons,
with new 10 h.p. engine.
For particulars, apply
Telephone, 1 2-4
Nanaitin li 0.
j. m. mo-?GA|_,
o _______
Teachor of Voice Production and
Engagomonts may be left at the-
Standard Ofllco.
Notice is hereby given that I in-
Itond to make application to the
[Board ot Licensing Commissioners of
I the Oity of Ladysmith at their next
regular meeting for a transfer of the
Wholesale liquor license now Issued
to me in respect to the premises sit
uate upon Lot 9, Block 91, in the
Oity of Ladysmith, from myself to
Hapoleon Manca.
Ladysmith, B.C., 9th June, 1908.
my Stock of Latest Styles In
Wall Papers
Picture  Framing   a Specialty.
High Street.
Rods and Lines
Flies and Tackle
For All Ktoda of Fishing.
Excellent Boarding
,-___**>-« AND HIS COMPANY <_^___.
In Robert Louis Stevenson's Master-Piece
"Dr. Jekyll _and_ Mr Hyde"
Mr. Willard will be pleasantly remembered
as the "Country Squire," which played in Nanaimo last Season.
Prioeii-U5o, 50o, 75o, $1,00- ,
iThis Week
I Dainty Hand-Made
Bureau and
Stand Covers
"    TIME TABLE NO. 6.
Effective Juue Oth.
Traina Leave Ladysmith
Dally at 9:00 and 15:58.
i_i-f -T
-   __
Trains Arrive at Ladyimith
Dally at 11:67 and 17ll<_
li.l- I
*HAN WOOD. . .
H* Thornley
, 'PHONE a,
Every Convenience,   and Everything
of tho Beat.
JoS. Nankiva 1, Prop.
If You Want
to see something   nice  and  pretty,
Juat come and look ln my   window
, District Passenger Agent.
''$103 Government St.,      - Victoria.
'A New Line of Plain and Fancy
Crepe Paper- The beet for Decorating and practical purposes,
10 Cents per Roll.
Hotel Cecil
Best Liquors and Cigars.
No need   telling   you;   just   oome
snd look.
....     .,.
Knight's   ;
Boole Store.
1st Avenuo. Ladysmith, II, C,
Opened Out!
Tne Pogorly
i      -      -■■*_*■   ■■„ *w-u H-,f_sirr_p a uom
MeXBLVIB BROS.    *" w' °*°'"*' *" m
FOR SALE ____________S_H___________-B
A yaoht, 39 fc*t over all.   Oan be *"-__ OUTFIT AND BVBRYTHINO
seen at.Han-op's Boat Bouse,    Ap- ' .     "    J-W',
^^^^^ WM Cigars and Sott Drinks,


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