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The Ladysmith Chronicle Mar 17, 1909

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 With Which Is Amalgamated the Ladysmith Standard.
Vol. I.
Ladysmith, 5. C, Wednesday, March 17, 1909.
Sewer Construction
Under Consideration
Thero was rati'.cr an interesting
meeting of thc city council last evening. Tbe principal questions before
the city fathers was thc best methods of preventing another visitatioii
cf smallpox, nnd thc construction of
sowers. It has been decided tc take
early precautions against another vis*
Ration of smallpox, and thc consider''
alion of the sewer tender was left,
ever till a special meeting called! for
last night.
There wero present at trie meeting:
Mayor Nicholson, in the thair, and
Aid. Matheson, Brown, Haworth,
Campbell, Dier and Roberts.
After the minutes of the last meeti
4n,; had teen read and approved, com^
munt:ations were received from, the
From F. A. Dcvercaux,. Victoria;
declining to submit tender for sewer,
and offering certain suggestions as
to the conditions under which thc
sewers should be constructed.
• From \V|lis Chapman, making application for the position of engineer.
From the Buckeye Traction Nand
Ditch Company asking for the name
of the successful tenderer.
From H. K; Duetchcr, asking foi'
th; position of consulting en^nccr;
From Alex. D. Evans, asking for
the position of consulting cng'/aeer on
sewer construction.
These communications wave laid
over to be dealt with-later on.,
From Wm. Ward,»with regard to es#
timates for improving the cement
walk around Blair & Adam's store, i
| Cn ae'ount of certain difficulties
with regard to grade, this communication was laid over for a time.
The Northern Oas and Power Company as!;ed for a charter to supply
Ladysmith with gas.
The commi nication was received
and filed and a suitable reply will he
forwarded by the city clerk.
Dr. Williams, city medical health
officer, wrote complaining of a well
belonging to A. Smith, and stating'
that the water was totally unfit for
domestic purposes.
A copy of thc report will Ia sent
to4the waterworks office With the re.'
,quest that water be supplied as early
as convenient.
The B. C. Pottery Copany wrote
with regard lo .supplying pipe for the.
Thc communication was laid over
Ior future reference.
There was'a communication from
tho department of Agriculture, recommending that the result nf thc in'
testigations of thc dairy, inspector If
sent to tlw municipal council so lhat
the latter body would Lc able lo enforce the regulations.
The communication was received
and filed, and thc city will notify th*)
department ti'.iat they will give tt
every possible aid in cwying out tbcv
Accounts aggreagting (19.15 were
presented and referred to tho finance
committee. '.
The city medical health officer rc-
commcnJcd thc purchase of antl-tox-
ino to the value of $80.60.
Under the head of new business tho
aldermen discussed the snuHpox situation nt Nanaimo.
• It wns believed by every member of
thc board that tho greatest care
rhould be taken to prevent another
visitation. The opinion was generally expressed that at tho present tlmf
there was grave danger that thc men
working at Extension mine and living
ct Nanaimo would communicate tho
disease to thc Ladysmith men working nt tho same plarc. Some
thought thero was gross carelessness
on tho part of the Ladysmith people
who visited Nanaimo knowing that!
smallpox   was so    prevalent in that
city. Tbe latter were blamed more
than the Nanaimo people who came
here. One case was mentioned of, a
young man who visited at a house
in Nanaimo, and knew that there was
a caso of smallpox In the house. It
was staled by more than ono alderman that where it was discovered
llhat nay one had contracted the tfis»-
case through negligence, he wouldi be
compelled to pay fos the cost of his
Aid.    Campbell spoke particularly ■ ^.^ ^ j^^ ^^ pdin.
strong on this point of going after
the disease, which provoked the remark from Aid. Watheson that if
Aid. Campbell had a sweetheart at
Nanaimo, be might hold modified
To this Aid. Campbell replied: "II
I had a gjirl in Nanaimo I would g*iv«j
heri a wide berth justnow."
Even thc mayor could not suppress
tho laughter lhat this retort, provoked. •
After further, discussion it was decided to take ovcry precaution
against a visitaticn of thc loathsome disease, and thc proper officials
will be communicated with, and an
effort will be made to have rjl mail
matter from Nanaimo fumigated.
Then thc opening of the tenders,
for tho sewers came up. There was
only one tender, that of Mr. Hugh
Mr. McDonald was present, and
gave the council considerable useful
infoi'ination with regard to sewer
It was decided to liobl a special
meeting Tuesday evening and finally
dispose of the matter.
A4d. Dier brought up the question
of the libellous article nn Ladysmith
in the Vancouver World. The statement was a misleading one, and
would, result in untold injury to the
Mayor - Nicholson , also spoke in
strong terms with regard to the ar-
tklo. The offence was even aggravated, by thc so-called retraction of thc
World. Tho mayor referred to thc
tact that Mr. John Stc/wart, white at
Vancouver, had telephoned the editor
ot the World, but tho latter, possibly
to shield himself from the wrath of
the management ot thc paper, had
not made any statement that could
be regarded in the light of a retraction in so far as thc business interests of Ladysmith were concerned.
Every alderman at the board spoke
in the same tone, and finally it was
decided, cn motion ot Aid. Dier, seconded,by Aid. Haworth, that the city
clerk demand from the World a full
retraction of its misleading statements, thc same to oreupy the same
prominent position in the paper in
which the defamatory stutcmcnls
were published.
This motion was carried unanimously, and it is not exaggerating the
situation auy when it is stated that
the city council is intensely in earnest with regard -to the enormity ol
the offence.
After some questions with regard
to thc electric light debentures, the
council adjourned.
There was a special meeting of the
council last night, those present being Mayor Nicholson and Aid. Matheson, Dier, Campbell and Roberts. The
business before thc meeting was the
consideration of the sewer plans, and
tenders. Mr. Hugh McDonald was
present anil gave the council the benefit ol his experience. After a long
discussion in which all present too'.!
part,, it was decided to engage the
services of an experienced engineer,
who, in company with Mr. McDonald,
Will go over the plans and divide if
any economy can.be effected in carrying out the work, The. contract will
I not be awarded until thc matter ot
'lowest possible cost'.can bo settled.
Oriental Question I
in Canada
Mr. Martin Burrell, the member for
Yale-Cariboo, in an address before
the Canadian club at Toronto, a, tew
days ago, placed thc Oriental immigration Question, as it affects British
Coluinbft, in a light which must
havo carried conviction to cur..Eastern fcllowcountrymcn who arc so, indisposed to regard the Asiatic as a
dangerous settler in Canada, sayis the
Vancouver Province.    Mr. Burrell in
ted out that he considered it a fallacy to believe tnat the Japanese
trade wan so valuable to Canada as
to warrant sacrifice on, she. part ot
British Columbia or any other part
ot the Dominion to ma'^itain good ii1
lation's. "If," said Mr. Burrell^
"such a man as Lord Roberts thinks
that the presence of. 50,000 Germans
in England is a menace to that country, surely 15,090 Japanese wc now
have, and the many more who. may
come lo us, may be considered .»i ra
menace to Canada. Thc race that
developed Ontario, that pioneered its
wilderness, should do the Work in
British Columbia."
Thai Is the feature of the case
which at once strikes one living in
tliis province who realizes the rapidity ol increase of Oriental seltlenicnl
during thc past few years. II isfbc-
cause the country has so few white
settlers that these Oriental immigrants become such a serious meni*-.
It was asserted by some of, the East)
em American papers a, few months
ago, that, thc objcct'fcns to Japanese
immigration to this continent «as
more pronounced and intense in British Columbia than in any nt thc Pa.
cific States of the Union. Wc do not
l.now that this is exactly the, ease,
but there is renson why it. should be
he case. For every white citizen
which British Columbia has, the stal|
of Washington has at least two, the
state of Oregon perhaps four and California considerably more then that.
Then, too, these states arc members
of a nation of eighty millions of people, and there is a constant and an
immense pressure of population fronj
the 'East westward. Even were thc
United States laws against Asiatic
immigration much less severe than
they are there could be no likelihood
of the influx from As'» orientalizing
thoso states. It is different in Brit-
t.,h Columbia, however. In thisvpro-
vincc tho white population is sparse.
And behind us, in Canada, we have
at best but six million. It must be
remembered, too, what an enormous
country it Is that wc possess; what
a vast area of It has been untouched
and what a vast area,, too, is appeal*
ing as much, or almost as much, to
intelligent and industrious while settlement as British Columbia is.
It took lhe United Slates cpnsldcr-
a'bly' over a century to secure ils
population of eighty millions, and if
wc admit, and wc think, ts'erybody
will admit, that the 20th century, is
to be Canada's century, still It will
r*(uiro all and more than thc hundred
years, to givo us a population equal
to that cf the United Statcy—a population, that is, sufficient to assurai
us against any danger of the orien-
talization af our Pacific seaboard.
When our prairie provinces arc reasonably well settled, and when, our
fertile valleys in British Columbia
are occupied ..by people of cur own
ra*e, when our cities and towns aro
distinctly white in character, and the
great enterprises which aro bound to
exist on this coast, are in the hands
of Canadians, wc will be safe fi'om
any dnn-cr of being'demoralized by
Asiatic settlement: but, until that
time there is real danger to the province and to the people of Canada,
One of thc best glovo contests ever
soon in the city of Ladysmith was
the general verdict with regard to. the
exhibition given by M. Mclsaao and
George McNamee at thc Opera House
lafit night. While neither one, had
tndergonc thc necessary amount ot
training for a big event, they proved
conclusively "that under more favorable conditions they were well able
to' take care Of themselves.
For tho first three or four rounds
it seemed as if Mclsaac bad a shade
thc best of it, but McNamec came
up fresh for every round, and in the
seventh had more, than an even
break. It cannot bo say that it was
altogether a^flght, for a, decision, and
the majority ef those present rather
regarded it in the light of a clever
exhibition- of the manly art of self-
defense. Both men .wero good-natured throughout the ten rounds, anil
when the time came for a decision it
was felt that the referee would have
some difficulty in reaching. a conclusion that would correctly meet the requirements of the situation, v When
Bouncer Brown declared it a draw
no fault was found with thc decision,
although it was felt tbat throughout
the most effective blows had been de,
livcred by Mclsaa.?.
As evidence of thc decision, it
might, Lc said that.Mclsaac himself
admits that the referee gave illic only
decision that could Jiave been given
under the circumstances, McNamee
is a heavier man that Mclsaac, and
last light he showed Dial even with,
out the necessary training he is capable ol Standing a lot of punishment,
and he can deliver a heavy blow now
and .again -when the opportunity offer? itself. If Mclsaac adheres strictly to his present abste ious way) of
living, it Is more than likely that lie
will be beard from later in another
class. Ho has physique, is quick both
with his hands and on, his feet, and
never loses his head.
The first event ol tho evening was
a three-round contest between Bouncer
Browp and J. Nicol. Either man
had inailc preparations, but it was an
interesting pielinilnary. Bouncer
showed that he had somo of, the old
vim left, and Nichol prcved that he
was a very clever amateur.
When the time came for thc star
event the house was well crowded,
and as was said before everyone was
perfectly satisfied with tho contest.
At the close McNamec challenged Mclsaac for a twenty round contest ani5
tho latter accepted, and offered to
make it a finish. Thc date for thc
next meeting has not been decided
upon yet.
The K. of P. dance in the Opera
House Frinsay evening will be iu
keeping with thc dances held by,, that
society in the past. The house will
be tastefully decorated for the occasion, and the music will be all that.
couldbe desired.
To-day, March 17, is St. Patrick's
Day, and many residents ef Ladysmith are observing the event by
wearing ^he colors,ot Old Ireland. In
nearly every city, in the.Province the
anniversary is being celebrated by
concerts, banquets, etc.*
Hugh McDonald, thc well-known
contractor of Victoria, left for home
this morning, after spending several
days in this city in connection with
the sewer contract. Mr. McDonald
has built more sewers than any, man
in British Columbia, and his work
has always; been found most satistac-
There will be a joint meeting of thc
Citizens' League and all other societies in tho city on Thursday evening, March 25, for the purpose of
considering tho proposal lo br.ild a
hospital. The secretary of lhe Lea
guc has notified tho various societies
ot whose existence he has information, and many of thc citizens who
would be likely to take an interest) in
the undertaking, but he realizes that
he may have overlooked some, and ty
these ho extends a'general invitation.
Particularly is it desirable that thc
women of thc city should interest
themselves in providing a hospital,
anh a special invitation is Issue! to
all women to be present.       ...
Ladysmith Won the
Came and Tied Nanaimo
Ladysmith again showed their su-
pcriotity over the Esquimau team
by defeating than, 5 goals to 1< Tho
game was a littio too one-sided to bo
interesting but thc large number ol
-.spectators that turned out enjoyed
tho match thoroughly. Tho day was
an ideal one and the good sprinkling
of the fair sex made the turnout so
much brighter. There is no need o
going' into details, the local team
won anu hut was the main thing
Brass ana McGuire each scored iu the
first half. Sanderson, McMillan and
Morrison got one each in the second
while Esquimau added their ouly
goat near the cud. This win iuakes
Ladysmith tic with Nanaimo, with
four points each with two games.
Esquimau, with five games played,
have onl)*"two points and Victoria
United at) thc bottom with a duck
egg, Thc standing of thc clubs is as
Ladysmith      2     2    0    4
Nanaimo    2    2    0    4
Esquimalt ,. 5     10    2
Victoria   l    o    1    0
Local and General
News Notes
civil \va,r. In addition to the picture,
rogrammc Mr. Alex. Aucliinvolo
sang two songs, which wero dcscrvsdj^
ly, applauded. For the. last three.,
nights of the week a, specially good
programme will be presented. The
first will, be a picture of "Nature
Life in tho Soudan," and then a
"Visit to the Public Nursery," "The
Road to Ruin," "The Face, on the
Bar-room Floor," the latter two being particularly interesting, and a
comic one entitled "Fly Paper:" In
addition to these pictures Alex. Au-
chinvole will- sing "You Own My
Heart Forever, Madeline." Altoge-1
ther tho programme , is in, keeping
with thc excellent pictures that, have
been shown at this house since it first,
opened, and the audiences should he
equally as large as in ?he past.
Mr. R. Marpole is now out tin tho
E. & tt. line, and in a day or two
will be in Ladysmith. Mr. Marpolo
will haw many matters to look into
uring his visit here, the principal
one being the arrangements tor dis.
posing of thc lately cleared land*.   A
c*w days ago. a deputation from Lr-
dysirith waited upon Mr. Mrrpolp. at
Vancouver to impress i.oon him "lie
desirability of improved Ini- vorta-
tion arrangements between hi le and
Vancouver, ami be prcm ie,| thai depi
utatioii that be wou!:l gist) the matter his considcrati in and uivc an an*
swer on the occasion of l."s f.r-; vi.-ifc
to Ladysmilh.   ~ As tlie   dcim',.itior.
till retains its powers in this mab-
ter, it will bo their duty to sec Mr.
Marpole when ho reaches hero and gesj
is answer. If l.c has not fully made
up his mind, il would be well to c*>v
lain to him that the opinion of tho
citizens as to tlio desirability of better transportation facilities and let-,
initial rales has not undergone any
change since their visit to Vancouver,
and ttiat an early solution of the
prcblem is essential to thc future
welfare of the city.
On Monday night the Opera House
was crowded to the limit the first
show,.and a good-sized crowd wee in
for the second, the attraction being
the Clans and Nelson prize fight picture which is a very fine reproduction,
and greatly, pleased the audience. The.
film Is shown to-night for the last
time. To-morrow night a new programme will be given, the "feature* being a series ot pictures taken during
oncof the national "Spanish Bull
Fi,.b:s" and correctly reproducing
the event from beginning to end. Ah-
cne of th> national "Spanish Bull
he "Held by Bandits," a story that
is sure to arouse thc interest ol thc
spectator. Thc comical end will be
filled by "A Bloodless Duel" and
and "Dreams and Realities." The
managers state that this program is
sure to ma'.c a hit and it will be
shown two nights only, Thursday and
Saturday, as the Knights ot Pythias
hold their ball in the Opera House on
Friday night.
There will lc a very important
meeting of those interested in the development ol thc Mclntyre Foundry
Co., at Russell'? hall, over the feed
store, next Friday evening. It should
be borne in mind that iu building up
this industry the cil Vcns of Ladysmith are helping to build up the
city. There will' be a great demand
for the product of this company during the next few years onthis island,
and it is with thc object ofbcinj aid'
to supply this demand tbat the company Is now selling stock. E\x>ry
man who has looked into the affairs
of the company is perfectly satisfied
with what has been done, mil II is
satisfactory to learn that the shares
art-being taken up by local men, and.
that a great deal of the stock has already been sold, Every dollar Invested in the stock of tho Mclntyre Foundry Company means that the money
will be spent at home, and local industries will be developed.
The Novelty theatre has been
crowded every night this week and
the pictures presented have all been
ot the usual Interesting character.
The two best pictures are "Conway
to Dublin" and the "Blue and tho
Gray." The latter tells a very pretty story ot ths recent United States
Canadian Sovereigns
are Scarce
While a comparatively small number of Canadian sovereigns were
coined a few months ago in Ottawa,
it appears that none, or at least very;
few, have been so far receVci in this;
city. It is said, upon one hand, that'
only a couple of hundred of them
were coined, and that all these were
incontinently gobbled up by members
of parliament, being cither kept as
mementoes or as watch-chain souven.
irs, and if for sale at all, being held
at a pretty high price, f-25 or more.
Tbe assistant receiver general has
however, received a few silver coins
of the Canadian mintage, and in due
course distributed them among the
local benking institutions But these
cannot in any way be distinguished
from those which have come from the
London mint, except in this rather
minute particular, that tbey bear tha
years either 1908 or 1909 imprinted
upon their face
As thc coin value of twp half dollar**
or one full dollar in Canadian silver
Affords a net profit to the country ot
about fSJ per cent., a dcti-rmincir
effort may bo made to replace, tho
.•.■juwlunce of American coin here wltH
the native article. Indeed, much morel
intrinsic value could he given by tho
illegitimate corner than is furnished
by tlie government, and still a very
rrspwtablo profit could be realized.
Some, years agoy when silver bullion]
wns at ii lowest ebb, American all.
vcf coins wore fraudulently minted
upon a Wy large scale iu China, audi
brought over to the United States,
where without difficulty they, werc'inf
traduced into circulation. And these*
coiners, moreover, gave much better
metallic Value in their production
than was supplied by the federal gov-*
eminent of the United St8.tes.-VI*>
will purchase a first-class lot and two-
storey building in the heart ofthe
business portion of Ladysmith.
You must decide quickly
Notary Public Conveyancer
Head Office -  • Toronto
CAPITAL $10,000,000: REST $6,900,000
Ate a mart convenient way tn which to carry
mosey when travelling abroad.  They are Issued
denominations ef
»IO, $20, $50, 4IOO and $200
and the exact amount payable In Austrla,£eHtlum,
Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland,
Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Swittcrland U
stated on the face of each cheque, while in other
countries they are payable at current rates.
The cheque and all information regarding them
may be obtained at every office of the Bank.
LADYSMITH BRANCH   L. M. de Gex, Manager
hceo tar-reaching,- and it thc World
would lie well advised it will take
the earliest opportunity ot making
ample retraction tor its irresponsible
utterance; on a subject that it new
prac'ti ally admits it knew nothing
Published by Carley tt Carley at Ladysmith, B.C.,
every Wednesday and Saturday.
$1.50 a Yiar in Advance, 25c Par Meittli
Advertising Bateson application.
Editorial Comment.
Reference was   made in these col
unins last week to a libelous article
According to a despatch from London, at the annual meeting of thc rational Association for the Pre'.Kntion
of Pnmature Burials, A. F. Jennings, of Baltimore, JId., stated that
a day or two bclarc he left America
lie, learned of a case in which a loud
shriek was heard from a coffin that
had teen placed in at r»llcy to be
carried into a crematorium. Nothing
could be done as the trolley already
had started and its progress into thc
(lamer could not be wrested. Tho
speaker declared he had come across
131 cases of persons who, according
to medical testimony had been interred alive, and more than 200 cascii
of persons saved from that fate on
the very brink of the grave. It is rather strange that in view of thc lact
that many cases of premature burial
era known to ta'.:c place that there,
has been no legislation to make such
a thing absolutely impossible. In
amending the Medical Bill, some of
the local legislators should have proposed a clause providing tor
Novelty Theatre
Masonic Buildling, Ladysmith
Matinee for School Children Saturday
Propamine Changed Monday and Thursday
Admission: IOc and 15c
IOc Matinee Saturday
Coal Mines Regulation Act.
Notice is hereby given that Examinations will bo held for 1st, 2nd and
3rd Class Certificates nf Competency;
under thc »rovisioiss?bf thc "Coal
Mines Regulation Act," at Nanaimo,
Fernie, Cumberland and Couil.ee, on
the tjth, 7th and 8th days of April,
15109, commencing at nine o'clock ijn
the forenoon.
TCic subjects will be as follows:
First Class
Mining Act
and Special
Mine Rases
certain1 Ventilation
sure tests" of death and a certificate
in thc Vancouver World with re-»rd stating that these tests had been
to Ladysmith. The World, after cr- madq, before burial were*permitted to
toilcously staling that the WcllingtoJ  uJ.c place.   11 certainly is a subject
Coal Company would translct its
shipping port to Boat Harbor, weut
on to show that Ladysmith was
"doomed," its "disadvantages"   as a
in whi h all arc interested.
A monster, temperance deputation
waited upon thc Ontario government
rort were lnov,n,.,and, in the opinion ,Mt   wcck nnd    ^^ for a law to
cbolish the barroom,    to repeal the
three-fifth .clause in local option and
treating system.
An o\peit study of the nitrr,te
f.elds of Chile has been made lately,
and as a result an estimate is made
public that there is sufficient of this
commodity in sight for 1*0 years at
the present rate of consumption.
fercnt nanus
fcrenin atnes,
has been arrested   In
The Moscow newspaper "Zhign"
has been fined Sl.OiiO for printing
Count Tolstoi's latest article against
thc inflicting ot thc death penalty,
entitled "No evil without good."
of thc World, it was not surprising
that another port had been named
At first the people of Ladysmithf aV„nion ot club licence
simply deplored the ignorance ot tho
World editor, and believed that he
would, when his error was pointed
out to him, make ample retraction.
But he has not done this. In a sub-
stY|uent issue, under, the head cl "de.
liberate falsification," 'the World ad.
mits that it made an error in stating!
the Wellington Colliery Company
were going to make Boat Harbor
their shipping port, and that it was1
tho South Wellington. Coal Company
that were engaged in' coal development In that neighborhood.
No attempt was made to correct
the statements that Ladysmith w.as
"doomed," that the announcement
''cannot but Vic disquieting to the
business men and property-holders,''
nor yet, even after the attention of
the editor wns directed to thc "tic*
liberate falsification" l.y Mr. John
Stewart, was one word said to correct the misstatement with regard to
the "disadvantages" oi the port ol
It Is quite true that tie editor of
the World may plead ignorance with
regard to the port of Ladyftmlth, and
he maylater on advance the arg«mcn<
that he was not aRarc of thc fat t
. that Ladysmith was one of the safest harbors on the Pacif.c, but that
will not now unlo thc great injury
that has been done this city.
'Indeed, the Worl.1, in making its retraction with regard to the Welling-
tan Colliery Compr'ny, does not majke
a single reference to its exceedingly
libellous remarks with regard to Ladysmith. and fcr this reasrn the city
council has tknuuided ample retraction of the defamatory statements of
the irresponsible editer of the Vancouver World.
Just how muih damage this city
has suffered by the circulation of the
fabrications of the World may never
be known, but there arc the best rca.
sens for believing that the injury has
Robert C.  Wat.;on, who thc American police say has made Sll,00O,(IOO
by forgeries in the past 25 years, and j (-iasS| lnat |..(r nas nau at, least three
has been   arrested   in years'    experience   iu or a'bout
Third Class
Mining Act
and special
Mined uses
Box 1*3
Phone 43
For MeatsRyan'sMeatMarket
Geo. Roberts'
Meat Market
Cor. First Ave. ami Roberts Street.
General WorKimeral Worl
Sun eying.
Mining Act
aud Special
Mine Oases
and Oeneral
Application must be made lo the
undcisigned not later than .Saturday,
Mauh 27th, 1909, accompanied by
the statutory fee, as follows.—
Uy   an   applicant   for   First
Class   Examination , $10 00
Dy an   applicant for   Second
Class   Examination ,,  10 00
Hy an   applicant   for    Third
Class     Examination   5 00
Thc applications must be accompanied Ly testimon',als aud evidence stating that:—
(a.) If a candidate for First Class,
that he is a British subject and has
had al least live years' experience in
or about the practical working of a
coal mine, aud is at least twenty,!
live years of age:
th.) If a candidate tor Second
Class that he has had at least, five
years' experience in or a'bout the
practical working of a coal mine:
(c.)   If   a     candidate    tor    Third
Spteiil RefHlatieas far tht PrmitiH if
Sariaf it SmH-iu in tn City
1. His hereby directed that all schools, diur-
chen. theatre* and public places of amusement In
the District embraced In the City of Nanaimo
shall be forthwith closed, and be kept closed, until
these reg.latione are rescinded.
2. Any pereoa who In any way h>r:n» any control if any school, church, theatre, o* any public
place of amusement In Mid City of Nanaimo,
opens, or authorises, or permits the openlns of the
■aim while these netuletiona an In force, that) be
guilty of an offence and be punishable In the manner prescribed by sub-section (2) of section 97 of
the "Health Act."
i. Every person who resorts to any school,
church, theatre, or any public place of amusement,
in said City of Nanaimo, whilst these refutations
are In force, shall ba guilty of on offence and be
punishable in the manner prescribed by aub-sec-
tlon t!) of section 91 of the "Health Act."
Chah. J. Faoan, M.D.,
Secretary. Board of Health.
By Command.
Hicmnr Eaton Youno.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office.
Victoria, Uth March, 19Cfl.
practical working ot a coal mine:
(d.) A candidate for a Certificate
of Competency as manager, Overman*
Shifthoss, Fircboss, or Shotligbtci',
shall produce n certificate' from a, duly qualified medical practitioner showing that lie has taken a, course in am-
liulancc work fitting him, thc said
candidate, to give first aid to persons Injured in cool mining operations. *
Dated at Nanaimo, B. C, December 18th, 1900.
By order of thc Board. j
Light and heavy teaming.
Furniture and piano moving
a specialty.
Nicholson & Weaving
Telephone 1.
I Sell T. I. Tripp ft Co's
Celebrated Wagons
Dming the season we have Hold a large number
of wagons, Iniplcnitnita and togging trucks.
Everything carries a guarantee
John W.  Coburn,    . _     '   Geo. C. PicUard,
President and Managing Director. Secretary-Treasurer.
the Ladysmith lumber Co.,
Limited. )
Rough and Dressed Fir Lumber,
Red Cedar, Shingtes and Lath
Fresh Halibut on sale every Wed-
nesday and Friday.
Elegant Patterns for
Summer Suitings
The Latest in
Imported Woollens
D. J. Matheson
Gatacre st.,   Ladysmith, B. C.
Duller Street
Papcrhangicr and Art Decorator.
High Street.
litti Opera House on Roberts SL
Short order meals al all hours.
Oysters and Clam Chowder a
We have engaged a first-class bar
her ami the wants ol our customer,
will be promptly attended to.
Tlie only Shoe Blacking stand
the city.
FOR SALE-Half interest in the Well
ington Hotel. Apply to J. Dumont,
Wellington, B. C„
Livery, Feed and Sale
First, Avenue.
Phone SA.
E. Panned
tXKfO««««»»»•« »««««>«e>««««««««t>f><><>««««>«*>«*>
A Careful Inspection
of our but tor, chcosi and eggs is a delight to thole who love delicious, swtet
butter, fresh laid eggs, and cheese made by the very best processes. Our
dairy products are ahviyj frosh from tho farm, and kept up to the very licit
Scott's Building, First Avenue.
Meats and Vegetables
P.O. BmM.
rhone 44
All kinds of Clock and Watch Repairing. Satisfaction Guaranteed at
Reasonable Prices.
English Watches a Specialty.
-J. R. Easton
Practical Watchmaker.
All- wort left at II. Hughes* store
will receive Prompt attention.
Excellent Boarding
Your Houses Plastered
For Terms spply to
C. RING, Plasterer, etc., Ladysmith, P. O.
Cement Sir.ewalke a specialty.
Portland Hotel
Barclay & Conlin,
Proprietors The lAeiVsMiYh 6HR6NicLe
As Cheap as
10 qrt Cooking Pots, 83c each.
4, 6, 8 qrt Preserving Kettles, 40c to 65o
Pie Plates, white, lOo each.
Bakers', white, 10c, 20c ann 25c each.
Shanty Plates, white, 10c each.
Dippers, 25c eash.
Hand Mugs, 2 for 25c.
Tea Steepen, 25c each.
Egg Boilers, 10c each.
Furniture store
Ladysmith Bakery
Cakes of every description, lane
and plain. CaniUcB of all kinds
Fruit of all kinds.   Fresh bread ever
Reasonable prices. Come ..and se
our lines and leave your orders. W
give careful attention.
Hop Lee, Prop.
Esplanade street,   Ladysmith.
T. E. Sullivan
Plumbing, Gas and Steamfittint
Prices Reasonable.
First Avenue, near New VVcstim 1ml el
Wc carry a   large stuck of Fancy
The City Market
Wholesale aad Retail.
Ladysmith, B. C.
Star Orchestra
Open for engagements from     Two
Pieces up.
Olvcs Banco Every Two Wpeks.
For full particulars, apply
W. M. ALL1STER, Sec.
Join Our
Circulating Library
We have a large number cf books by the best Old $
Country Authors including: X
Guy Thorne, Max Pemberton, Robt. Louis Ste- ;!:
venson, Quiller Couch,  Chas. Eddy,   and cthars. *
First Avenue,
Ladysmith |
How Labor Can
Be Insured
orderly conduct, or auy other fault
of his own, and that ho has not refused work that has Jjccii ctfered lo
him under reasonable conditions.
For thc first thirty days in which
ttn insured man is out of, work he receives a franc and a half a day, it he
is "alone standing," that is to^ say,
If the   report of   the Royal Com- if hc llas no utllers Spending   upon
mission that   has   investigated   the **',Iu thc 1>*««1**'. "« receives
•,;•■:■       • ....       two francs.   For  the   second thirty
poor laws and the social commons days' m affiount „e is pai(1 depcnds
in England .is crystallized into law upoIl the resources oi tiio bureau, and
the effect will be most drastic, It varies from 80 centimes to a franc
has been realized for years that the and a ''alf. Should the directors of
present svstems, or lack of systems, tlie bureau' reduce a man's allowance
tu it, ...    ..      4 j 4 -iu teyond   what    he considers a   fair
that have attempted to co;.e witU    '    -. .    .        ..,„ . ■. ,   .
, '   y       amount he is   entitled to appeal  to
unemployment, and unfitness are most m Court oI Tradc,   The uncmpioyetJ
unscientific; and that some improve- elect two of their own members to
ments arc certain to be made can be watch over their interests and see
taken lor granted. Generally speak- lnati **<& Eet wnat no is entitled to.
Lig, .ths faults ol the present system- f"*«' ot course' *»4 ™\°°™. *>»-
arc on the fight side, that is to say, d3: ,he f°vis-°ns °(the Llabot ln-
the-British people err in the diree- f"rance, Ac ' no mil«cr/vho » to
tion ot kindness, instead of being ■"«■»-» «f I11""1- '» th°s° ••*-
unduly harsh.    Without   ceasing  to|t«rup ions to employment the   men
■ H —       ,|rm iFnm     flirt In     nf     rhnl*     ii.intinl
have sympathy and  aid  for the  de
serving men who are workJcss, they
must deal with thc problem cn tetter business lines, and copy to some
extent the methods that prevail in
other European countries.
Switzerland has an effective system!
for handling its problem of the unemployed, and, by thc 'way this; remarkable how few eminent Swiss individuals wo have ever heard of, yet
how high appears to to the average
intelligence of the people, and how
wise their institutions. How the
Swiss unemployed remedy works in
Berne Is told by Edith Sellers in the
draw from tho funds of their unions',
as Jn other countries. Nor can a
man rush into the bureau about October and insure against probable
loss of employment in Do-cmber., He
must have been a member for at
least eight months, and have his lees
fully paid.
A centime being one-hundredth oi
a fcanc, the Swiss workman pays in
a little more than a dollar and a
half in e ight months, sn that ^lfhe
is out of work tor throe or four days
ho gets 1>acli as, much as ha pays in.
Lo;s than mest countries Switzerland is susceptible tc waves of pros-
The Bog Tax for" the year 1009 is
•how due nnd payable to, the C'hty
Clerk nt the City Hall. II not paid
forthwith thc law will bo enforced
with re'ard to delinquents.
City Clerk.
NeW Hats
Your hat is here—the right shape
and stylo to suit your face and hel^t
—for no one stylo is becoming to
e-ery man.
We have both soft and derbys in
Straciian Hats
which blend in harmonious and elegant degree thestyle feature; of the
Those are pre-eminently the hats
for young men and are genuinely good
(|iii'lity throughout,
Also new lot pi Shoes In rtifti-leul.
styles, and now lines of Shirts iu dit-
forent styles and shades, and they ttre
J. J. Thomas
Nineteenth Century and After; and ^ntJ •* troufhs "depression;, H
what is true of Berne, applies to the l'° 'TT f'? ■ , *T L "
other Swiss municipalities. The basis f' sotiS °& *W*f. wpat'"' Whc»
ol ihc system is insurance. Any «"» ',re ■"*< tk'-v lt,s(!' ot "m*<
man, whettier s Swiss subject or but always there are many more mc;
not, is permitted to insure himself .W'"**,1"1" «'e fund than drawmg
against loss of work. ,AK is only no- Wm\ '• EJ'\t «lu-n uncmployma.
ccssary that he bo able to work,, and' » ^cspreajl the Sw.ss figure that
not more than sixty years old. Ue"K* lose less through paying out n-
applies to the   municipal bureau   for!smal,CB «WS;.'W* «•** ™M ol1'
an insurance book, aud fastens into
it every month an insurance stamp
cf thc value ol 70 centimes. .In return for this TO centimes ti month
he secures the right tu a money allowance for every day up to sixty
days that ho is out of work in Do-
cumber, January and February; provided that he has been iu work for at
least six months in the course of the ""
year, and provided also that he has |   •» a Southern town a lady was ap-
not lost work through laziness, dis- pfoached by her colored maid. "Well,
trwi.se be culled upon to supply
through relief works and indiscriminate charities. They have the added
satisfaction of knowing, that whatever loss is sustained tlmuiuli the in
suiiui'-o bureau is gained lo hardworking, deserving men who hav
privcd their right to syuipathetV
Ladysmith Music Store
Agent for Singer Sewing
Machine and Sharpies' Separators.
ion of
Jenny," she asked, seeing that something was in thc air.
Please, Mis' Blary, might 1 have
the aft'.rnooii off three wco»s from
Wednesday?" Then, noticing an undecided look in her m stress's face,
she added, hastily: "1 won't to go to
my finance's fun'ral."
"Goodness mil' answered the lady.
Your fiance's funeral! Why, you
don't know that he's even going, to
die, let alone the date of liis funeral.
That is something wc can't any of
ns be sure about—when we are going
to die."
Yes'm," said the girl doubtfully;
then, with a triumphant note in her
voice, "l'se sure about him, Mis', 'cos;
lie's goirt' to be bung!"
Thc partnership heretofore exiting
between the undersigned cari-frttgv on
business as Hotclkcepcrs at vbo City
.ol Ladysmith is this day dissolved ly.
mutual consent,
Joseph Teusz will pay all debts oms,
receive all moneys due to thc pait-
JOS  lEUS/.,
R. ii. WOOD,
Ladysmith, B. C.,'23 Feb., HO*.
t Ourlug my absence from the city
Hugh Thornley will hold my power
of attorney.
FOR SALE—At a snap, a good
Stanley pluno,. iu good condition. Apply to H, Thornley.
700 Pairs of Sample Shoes
Goon Sale Friday Morning
Cavin's Footwear Store
We bought the complete set of F. J. Weston and
Sons' Spring Samples. All kinds of Shoes-Men's,
Women's and Children's—AH sis.es and all widths.   *
You know how we sell Samples. We buy Samples
at a discbunt and this mates our profit. We sell
them at the Market Wholesale Price.
Cavin's footery
Hints for the Home.
Tomatoes and Fish.—Divido one
pound of cooked white fish (like cod
or halibut) into pieces suitable) tor
serving, and pour over them one tablespoonful of vinegar, one. slice ot
onion, one tablespoonful of oil and; ai
sprinkling of salt and pepper. Melt
three tahlespoonfuls ol butter and
add three tablcspoonfuls of tomato
catsup and the same amount of
sherry wine. Lay in the pieces of
fish, and baste with' the mixture until
it Is thoroughly heated. Serve at
Banana Salad.—Yolks ol twelvq
eggs, one pint of .vinegar, one cupful
of water, oho pint of sugar, two tablcspoonfuls of flour, two teaspoon-
fuls of mustard, butter the size cf
two eggs. Boil mixture until it is
the consistency of mayonnaise dressing. When cold add cupful of whipped cream. Peel small bananas, roll
in dressing and then in finoly| chop-
lied'walnut meats. Serve on lettuce
leaves. Tour whipped cream over
renter,   Serves, twcntyflvc people.
Birthday Cake.—Take two cupfuls
of tutter, add four cupfuls of fine
granulated sugar and cream;smooth.
Heat thc yolks of ten eggs until
thick, add tu butler and sugar, and
stir in two cupfuls of imilk, four cupfuls of flour and tw0 cupfuls of torn-
starch, which has been sifted four
times, with five, level tcaspooufuls of
baking powder. When mixed add two
tcaspoonluls of Vanilla and thc whites
ot ten eggs beaten stilt nnd dry.
Bake in a round pan. When cold
cover with icing and decorate.
Public schools of Vancouver arc t0
bo provided with telephones.
Dr. R. B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
First Class   Photos.
Gallery on First Avenue.
The Diary of a Queen
Lord Eslier, deputy [pycitoot ot
Windsor Castle, whoso "Letters ol
Queen Victoria"- were published in
WW, recently gave an interesting lecture at the Royal Institution on
Queen Victoria, The lecture was
6iven with thc permission of the King,
and contained much new information
concerning thc late Queen. From tlie
ago of 13, and until within a lew
days of her death, Lord Esher said,
Queen Victoria kept a daily privoto
journal which would never be published in its entirety, These, works,
recording the daily life events pi the
Queen, would fill a hundred volumes.
All were -Written in her small running
hand. Hor entire correspondence and
papers, when arranged and complete,
would fill 1,250 volumes.   *
Lord Esher said that the Journal
showed that, trom her childhood,
Queen Victoria took herself most
seriously, and that, as Queen, -she always had the courage to act alone
and "with confidence In my country,"
Her influence was uniformly thrown
cn the side ot peace, the speaker declared, and there was no single instance IA her whele reign where
Queen Victoria could be shown to
have favored war or to have encouraged those anxious for war.
"We ewe to Queen Victoria," said
Lord Esher, "thc reinstatement of
tlio monorchia! princililo in the ryes
of all grave and curnrst men. I have
bud exceptional opportunity lor examining at first, hand the llll't'i* history of her reign,,hut I find no trice
of any gravo mistake cn.imiiiteil 'iiy
.Queen Victoria in her iM|>iK';ty US
We are putting these
goods on sale Thursday
morning at prices that
it will be worth your
while to call in and look
them over.
Walters &
Time Table No. 7
Trains leave Nanaimo 5:15 Dai.7
Trains arrive Nanaimo 12:33 Daily.
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday,
Trains leave   Nanaimo  15:15   .
Trains arrive Nanaimo 18:35.
1102 Govt. st.
Dist. Pass. Agt.
Victoria, B. C.
John Pogorly's
Bowling Alley
A prize of $3 will be given
to the one making the highest score in ten sheets.
Now is the time to prac-.
tice for the Yukon Alaska
and Seattle expositions, which
give a grand prize of $10,000
to the best forty team-?: It
pays to be a good bowler.
Learn nowwhile you have
a first class bowling alley,
Good lights. Come in and
John Pogorly,
Ladysmith, B. C.
I      DRINK      !
1 0. B c. i
*     AND BOHEMIAN     X
Aero Roller Rink
If You Cant Skate
W« Can Teach  You.
Momin; ttlltitll Irom 10 until 12.
Afternoon scsslor, Trow 2.M0 until 0>
Evening session from 7J.3U until 10.
Every Tuesday morning skating
free to ladies, and on Saturday
morning skating to school children
15 cents.
Manager ami hajiMtir
' •J**»J*»'»J**e>* C^*>*****I***,************%**4t* *•* 'fj4***************
4 f
:»: AT THE X
4 t
1 Jones I
Hotel *
James Duncan
Suits cleaned'and pressed.
Alterations made.
Charges moderate.
mm. treat uitiimi
Express ami Teaming
F. C. Fisher
Studio lu Williams' block.
Wood to Burn
Stove wood and eord wood for sals.
Freight hauled.
Furniture moved.
For anything in th* teaming lino,
See Thornley
Hllbsrt Undertaking Parlo:
1,3ml j,iii!in ")!., Nanaimo
Phone 124     P. O. Box 1 pp-
A Reminder
We Have Always Fresh
Kippers, 2 pounds 25c.
Bloaters, 2 pounds 25c.
Finnon Haddies, 2 pounds 25c.
Smoked Salmon, per pound 20c.
Lettuce, per bunch 5c;
Cabbage, per pound 4Jc.
Celery, 2 bunches 25c.
Ashcroft Potatoes, per sack $2.00.
Hard Onions, per pound 5c.
Fancy Apples, per box, $2.00 and $1.75.
Stewing Pears, per box $1.50.
Oranges, per doz. 35c and 25c.
Choice Lemons, per doz. 30c.
A Few St. Patrick Ties Left   »
35 c Each.
^^•■t"H"I"M*-I»H-44--H--H-»'r>l< *
Star Brand
Ths largest range of Negligee Shirts with oi" without
collars, we have eter -shown
including the very latest
corn shades. Prices from
$1.00 to $1.75   each.
Some of the nicest ties
you have ever seen, in stock
Something real dressy for
dressy young men.
W. L Morrison
Williams Block
Wc have just received another shipment of those
Colorings in Wall Paper 1
Call and see them. They arc going fast.
A full line of. Paints and Varnishes
in stock.
Picture Framing; done on shortest
notice. Bring your pictures and lock
over our mouldings.
Local and General
See the "Dull Fight" at the Opera
House Thursday and Saturday night
We have just received a large shipment of the
celebrated Nairns Linoleums, including the most
beautiful designs and patterns. Now is the time to
make your choice while our stock is complete. The
prices are right.
Y.'e are offering the biggest bargain in Ladies'
Shirt Waists ever shown in town. Having secured
a large quantity of a special line we now offer them
to clear.   Don't miss this bargain.
Simon Leiser & Co., Ltd
For Boots and Shoes
Mrs. 11. S. McPhce, of Courtney, is
visiting with Mrs. Akenhnad.
When asking (or the "Grand Duke"
see that you get it. *
Pete Morrison left for Seattle Monday morning, where he will remain
for some time.
P. K. Winch Will make a business
trip to Victoria this evening.
The concert ta he given in the Y.
M. I. hall to-nigjlit should lie well attended. There . will tic Irish music
and recitations, and lovers of Irish
music should not fail to be present.
To Ix't^-Furnished front room. Ap-
ly Mrs. Harry Lee, Esplanade.
ITse Na Dru Herb Tablets.
Ladysmitli Pharmacy.
At the
For Garden Seeds go to the Drug
Store. •
Hut Tumale8 every evening at Huopcr's
I So, 2 for 25c.
Mrs. Ptolnmy, wife of tlie new manager of S. Leiser & Co., hos now fully recovered her health, and Mr. and
Mrs. Ptolemy will take up their rcsi-
dtnee in the company's house in a
day or so.
Thc Ladysmith Tennis Club will
met in.the Canadian Bank t)f Conn
mercc building next Tuesday evening
at 8 30 to reorganize for the season.
Sec thc "Bull Fight" at the Opera
House Thursday and Saturday nights'
Mr. W. J. Coepcl, inspector of goV«
eminent agencies, passed through the
(il.y to-rlay in his way to Alberni,
where he will audit tho 'books ofthe
Government office. He will be in Ladysmith on Friday, March 23;
Solid Nickel Safety Razor with
three guaranteed blades. Warranted
.lo work of five dollar razor. Mailed
tor fifty cents. P. O. Box 404,' Nanaimo, B. C..
If you want a good Comb or Brush
all at the Drug Store. *
Try Na Dru Chavcoal Tablets for
Dyspepsia.   At thc Drug Store.   »
Wallace D. Stewart, son of the late*
Chief Stewart, of Nanaimo, died   at
Lethhridge, Alta., last Monday.  His
i remains will be brought to Nanaimo
lor interment. — -.
Fine English Pork Piea, lresh made daily*
at Hooper's, Gatacre street   Try one.    "
When asking for the "Grand Duke"
see that you get it. •
Painter anl Papcihinger.
FOUND— A key marked Miller.
Owner can have same hy calling at
this office.
sMrs. Eva Miller, wife of Mr. Roy
Miller, ot Tecoma, died at Nanaimo
yesterday, after an illness extending
over twelve months. Deceased was A
daughter of Mrs. J. Clarke, Nanaimo',
WANTED—Two respectable young
men as boarders. Apply Mrs. A.
Wright, Methuen street.
I See Our Window!
:   For good values in Working Shirts.:
5 Prices from 65c to $1.25.
Invest  In Mclntyre
Foundry Co. Shares
Green fields are found right at home.
Place your investments where you
can watch them grew. No outside
company will give you the whole information about their ■concern. We
will. Keep your money ah home {aml
tuild up your own city. How many
people Irom outside places send their
money away? None. They havo
learned that it is better to put their
savings where they can see and know
something about them, and also increase the value ol real estato or
other investments made. Come,to
our meeting Friday night at 7.30 in
Russell's hall, over feed stoic, High
street. All are welcome. We yivitc
your_ criticisms. We know wc can
answer all Inquiries to thc satisfaction of the most conservative. Help
make this n big thing and keep thc
profits in Ladysmith. Come one,
come ladies and all, and hear about
the possibilities of your own town.
Clearance Sale
of nlain and ruled exercise
books and scribblers.
3 for IOc
35c a dozen.
to March 20th.
Knighft Book Store
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed Tenders, superscribed "Tender for
SchooUhouse," will be received by the Honourable
the Minister of Public Works up to noon of Thursday, the 15th April, 1909, for the erection and completion of a large one-room frame Schoolhouse at
Courtenay. Comox Electoral District.
Pinna, sueciticationt., contract and forms of tender may be seen on and after the lfith day ff
Mnrch, 1909, at the office of the Government
Agent,Cumberland; of It.Carter, Esq., Jr., Secretary of the School Board, Courtenay: and at thc
Public Works Department, Victoria, B. C.
Each proposal must be accompanied by an
accepted bank-cheque or certificate of deposit on
a chartered bank of Canada, made payable to the
Honourable the Minister of Public Works for a
sum equivalent to t en per cent, of the amount of
the tender, which shall be forfeited if the party
tendering decline to ente r Into contract when
called upon to do so, or If he fail to complete the
work contracted for. The cheques or certificates
of d-posit of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon theexecution of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out
on tho forms supplied, signed with the actual
signature of the tenderer, and enclosed in the
envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily
Edward Mohun,
'■   '     <■        i Assistant Engineer.
Public Works Department,
Victoria, li. C. 6th March, 1909.
no rice
Mrs. Gardner has opened
Hair Dressing
on the Esplanade.
Hair Restored and Scalp
Tuesdays and Thursdnys,
10 a. m. to 12 a. m., 2 p. m.
to 6 p. m.
I, the uilderelBTiMl, J. W. Wallace, Intend to
apply in thirty days to the Commisloner of Lands
for the privilege to lease the following described
IbikIb for oyster culture: Starting one and a half
chains from D. Page's s. w. corner post, running
twelve chains from a post marked J, W. Wallace's
a. e. corner in a northerly direction, llience In a
westerly direction eighteen chains, thence in a
southerly direction twelve chains, thence in an
easterly direction eighteen chains to point of commencement, containing twenty acres.  .
J. W. Wallace,
Ladysmith, B. C. March 15th. 1009.
IVOR SALE^-Bedroom Suite and
extra 'bed and sundry household lurn-
ishings.. Apply A, Ladysmitli Clnon,
ielc office.
Tenders Wanted.
Tenders wllj 'b« received toy the undersigned up till thc evening ol! Wednesday, 24th March, 1903, tor the
construction ot a fence round the
school grounds. Particulars on application. The lowest or any tender
not necessarily accepted.
Secretary School Board
Ladysmith, Kith March, 1909.
Cyphers Food
For Chickens
Chick Food
Scratching Food
BlooH Meal
Beef Scraps
Ground    Oyster
ATresh Consignment of the |
I Above Just received.
Ladysmith Hardware Co., m
For Watches, Clocks, Jewelery and
Optical Goods. Columbia Graphophones,
Double Disc Records, 10-inch 85c, Cylinder Records 40c.
I  •   Via      mUU I )    GATACRE ST.
We Have Everything YouNeed
I        JOHN  BICKLE        1
Ladysmith Opera House
New Programme
Thursday  Night
Special  Feature
The Great Spanish Bull Fight
Thursday and Saturday Night    I
I Two Shows, 7:30 and 8:45 p.m. i
♦!• • A
•X"X"X"X**X"X*C"X"X"3>«X',X*, <~X^,X"X~?,X"X,,X"X"X,*X,,8,\
Notice to Tennis Players
There will be a meeting
of the member^ of the Ladysmith Tennis Club at the
Canadian Bank of Commerce
building, on the evening of
Tuesday, March 23, at 8:40.
All members are requested
to be present.
A. 1, young cow, fresh. Mother gave seventy
two anl a half iiouiuln milk per day and sixteen
tioundn butter per week.
3. Stewart.
Some Dainty
White Waists and
New embroideries
Edging Insertions
and all over


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