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Ladysmith Standard Mar 11, 1908

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For tho Lenten Season wo havo mado    special effort to   secure
a stock of needful goods, nnd are carrying this season more than
over in tho Fish Line.
We carry a good choice of Canned Goods, which wc are soiling
Laliumaro Sardines,
Fresh Herrings.
Herrings in Tomato Snuce.
Covo Oysters.
Icicle Salmon.
Golden Hadders.
Kippered Herrings.
Saanlch Clams.
Then we have Lobsters, Shrimps, Mackerel,
tore, Etc., Etc.;
"lain Chowder, Bloa-
Cream of Colory, Chicken, Mock   Turtle,
Broth, Tomato, Etc.    2 Tins for 25 cents.
Greon    Pen, Mutton
Try   Our Ashcrott Potntoos.
tlAdjIatpit-■*■-*■-■*- AA--^-ais>lstls>iArs1llAls\li«a«ette»»ese^a«a*M«m««l
IOO |>r. sold already
Just 150 Pair of LECKIE'S FAMOUS
'-MINING  SHOES   remaining  to-be
sold at per pair 83.00
«yi»7ieji»ie)ie;iTiT'T'»'«>'»■» ■■'ll i »■»■»■ eaitjnt»t»itjn»n/l4
Good Tackle
Big Bargains !
^ £qij Our Window.
T++-M~m-M- -f+-M H * 4 H 4 f
NEW YORK, Mar. O.-Amerlca ls
soon ta receive a notable visitor ln
the person ol Prof. Robt. Koch, tho
world-renowned discovered uf thu
bacillus ol tuberculosis. Professor
Koch will urrive Utiro within two or
three weeks and according to lus
plans ho will remain on this sidu
ui the water lor six months and possibly longer, during which time he
will travel extensively in the United
-States and Canada. While here he
will also confer with Andrew Carnegie, who recently donated *1U0,00U
towards a fund that will bo used by
Prol. Koch in hit experiinents to
Uud a cure lor the "sleeping sickness" in Africa, that curious and
frightfully fatal affection which the
professor went to Africa to study.
1'rol. Koch is considered the leading authority ol the world on the
treatment and tht cure ol Uu bubonic plague and similar diseases. For
more than lorty years, ever since he
gained hit degree ot M.D., the cole-
jbrated Uorutun phytician haa been
{studying genus, and about 1880 ho
succeeded ln identifying the germ of
cattle diseuses and of consumption.
His remarkable discoveries led to
his being placed at the head ot the
Herman cholera commission, which
visited Egypt and India, und while
on this investigation he discovered
tho coma bacillus ol cholera, receiving a roward ol 100,000 marks trom
the government. Further researches
In bacteriology established hit reputation as the leader In. this branch
ol medicine, and led to hit appointment as prolessor ofhygleno at tho
University of .Berlin.
Prof. Koch Is not yet 05 years  of
age, but hla discoveries have    been
such as to have secured him recog-
- 'nitron as    one ol the greatest beno-
•     Toronto,    Mar.     10. —Edward factors of humanity.
Hi-own, lt.P.r., leader ot the opposl- •
tlon In Manitoba legislature, In    nn •*•••••••••••••••••
interview    hero expressed ths belie! * , Vancouver,  March lO.-Magit- •
at... ii ..n,,™-..-^ n—.,i. _• w..i.        ""te Williams Mill afternoon An •
that If temperance people 0t Manito- . „, tlgblom r,|n,,11S| who arrlTOd .
ba tak* tlmi to get will organized, o intt lli(,nl on tm,   Empress, five •
they ou carry local option all nvor * !u"l,<|rod dollars each, or a year •
the    province,
Brandon and Portage la I'mlrle.
except ln Wl-nlptg. . {^ ^contravention to the Na- •
Disposes of All Its Work in Twenty Minutes
Licensing and Police Commissioners.
Tho eighth regular meeting of the tc. ho bud smells, und ho wanted to
City bounoil wus hold in the City know il ■ tlie uy-luw un the matter
Hull on Monday evening. Mayor Ni- wus to be ouioreeU. When no luui
eholson presided, nnd there wero pre- spouen to tae occupunis oi Uieso
aont, Aldermen Huberts, Ha worth, houses uuout it tliey Imd told him
brown, McKinley and Matheson. tnut when tne city cut u ditcii they
A communication was read from would run tne wator into it.
Messrs. Hutchinson, of Victoria, in Alu. jiluihesuu sum uie by-law
which they slated thut they had ob- wiouid be enforced. Tuc dirty wa-
sorved thut the Council was again Lor cuuiu bo uittpuBtid ot witnout m-
considerlng an electric lighting scheme Uicting a nuisunce on other people,
They hod interested themselves be-, or turning it on to tne streets,
Tore on tlie question from a prev- Muyor iwoiiolson aaid that some
ious Council, ami oflered their ser- people run uwuy witn tno idea Una,
vices us electrical engineers. Thoy h tnoy iurned(^iUiW^iirly water on
would he pleased to furnish any da- tci We sireeLB, -it was up to tnocuy
ta or information the Council might tu tune it uwuy. This wus a mis-
requite. take.       liut    tlie liovermnent uouia
On motion the communi action wns slep'in and force liie city tu provide
ordered filed, and tho City Clerk in- a system uf sewerage to take away
structed to make a suitoble acknuw- tlio water. 'A'nis mig'i.t cuuceivubiy
hMtgemont. bo dune unless tliey eniurco their by-
■A communication    was    mail from laws.
Provincial  Secretary  Young, stating ■    On the motion of Aid. Brown,   see-
that tho following uppointments had  ended by Aid.  Huberts;    tho   report
Im mado' Iwus orueioii filed uud tne lieuitn   in-.
Licensing Commissioners speotur    inslrucioU    lu soe tnut tho
■Mayor Nicholson, Aklorman Mathe- ^Ju^*'?'.!
son, and Mr. W. (J.  Simpson.
Police Commissioners.    >
Mayor Nicholson,  Alderman Brown
und H. T. Fulton.
The letter was ordered filed.
A letter wus road from Hep   Lee,
calling the attention of tho    Mayor
Vor tho Street Committee, Muyor
iNienolsou suited Unit no mid been so
busy Lhat lie hud been unable to attend to tho ditcB, on Third Avenue.
Ho oxpeclou, hm> 'Ayr, thut he would
get to it this wcuk.
As regurued the crossing which I
Uoad J'orcimiii     wus    instruuted
and Aldermen to an annoyance he'^aite on High Street ut tlie lust
was being subjected to by some ma- meeting of the Council, he was
lioious person or persons throwing afraid it wouiu prove a very oxpen-
rucks through    tho window   of    his'slve job.    They could not suy wnicn
store. Tho first time it was done ho
•aid nothing; but the other night,
about 8:30 o'clock, a large roek had
Ijoen hurled right through the window. A iurge pane'' of glusa wus
shattered into fragments and strewn
all ovor the shop. Tho cakes und
confectionery displuycd in thc window had been spoiled and rendered
unfit for sale, and other damugc
done. Ho hud gone to the houso uf
the City constable, and not finding
him at home, hud loft word for him
tu call and seo. tho condition the
store was in. He was now making
application tu the Council to have
the matter stopped. He tried to
conduct his business properly,^ puid
his taxes promptly, und thought he
was entitled to protection.
Muyor Nicholson said ho hud spoken to. tho Constable about the matter, und he believed it wus being
looked into; but he could not suy
whether or uut any truce of tho guilty parties had been found.
On motion tlie letter was urdered
filled, und the city police instructed
tu look ufter it.
Under the heud of uccounts a bill
was received from the School Trustees for some repairs that hud been
done to the schools by Mr. Koobelee.
Thore wus a disputed item in the
bill, a luborer's wages having been
entered ut 3ft dollars u duy. Somo
of tho trustees were of the opinion
that $2.75 ti duy wos alt the work
called for; but tho item had not been
Aid. McKinnell said it looked to.
him us if the trustees had not know
what was going on. It wns only
fair for the trustees'tu lrok into tho
mutter themselves and lie moved
that tho bill bo referred back to
them. >Ald. Matheson seconded, and
tbo motion curried.
Jtoud Foreman Callander reported
that no street work hud been done
during the weok. Mr. Gardner had
complained nbout dirty water running under his store on the Esplanade. Thero wero also some houses
on Fourth and Fifth Avenues which
were running thoir dirty wator on
to tho streets. With the summer
weather coming on there were   suro
way tho water would run, and it
would do It no guod tu turn it oil
High Streot unit run it on to other
peoples jiroj.eity. -To cut a drain
the whole distance from where it wus
proposed to iuuko the cut-oil would
be a very expensive mutter, iio did
not tluiiK they would have much
inure heavy rain this spring, and it
might bo us well Co leave 'tne matter;
uluno until they stnited in with their
street work proper.. They would
most likely be doing some work in
thut vicinity and that job could be
fixed at the sumo time.
Aid. Matheson explained that ho
had understood thut. thore-was a
prolHir channel for tho water ulroud-
cut or he would never have supported tho motion. It would never do
tu turn the water on tci private property.
The rouuest for-, an ndvunce of sul-
ary of five dollars a month which
was preferred by- Nightwatchman T.-
O'Connell at tho lust meeting of the
Council, • and laid over for u 'week,
wus brought up. Aid. Matheson suid
the request was addressed to thc
wrong placed It should havo been
made to thc Police Commissioners,
und not tu the Cuuncil at all. Tlio
mutter lay within the- province of tho
Uummissioners and should bo loft tu
them to deal with. Ho moved that
it bo referred to the'Police Commissioners, nnd Aid. Haworth seconded
thc motion.
Aid. McKinnell askod whether the
Police Commissioners had the power
to grunt an Jncrouso of salary over
tho head  of the Council.
Muyor Xiclu-ilsoit replied thut thoy
Aid. McKinnell.— Does Mr, O'Connell rank ns a policeman ?
Mayor Nicholson replied that he did
ns he had been sworn in as an officer. Tho only unfortunate thing he
saw about tho request wus that it
had been made after the estimates
had been drawn up. If the advance
wus granted now tho money would
havo to como out of the funds they
had sot opart for street work, and
thoy were smalt enough already.
There being no further business the
Council adjourned.
CHICAGO, Mar. 10— Twenty-eight medical students of the University of Chicago are facing suspension because one of their number threw a piece of a human leg from the dissecting room at a
divinity professor. The professor complained to President Judson
who asked lor an explanation.
Urs.-Wilson and Harvey, wbo are ia charge of a section in anatomy, uuestiuned the class of 28 students yesterday, but they
were unable to obtain a confession from anyone. The professors
then informed thom that they were ail liable to suspension. Tbe
class examinations begin today a d the 28 students will not be allowed to take them. No credit wll. be given them for ths three
months' course in anatomy.
The guilty student is declared to have been willing to confess
and tako tne consequences, but ths othor members of the class refused to let him do so.
OMAHA, Neb., Mar. 10— An unknown anarchist today entered the
Merchants' Bank and demanded a
large sum of money. He displayed
bottle bellovsd to contain nitroglycerine, and threatened to blow up
the bank if hia request was not complied with.
Dy a ruse on the part of the tank
officials, the anarchist was arrested
by dstectlves who slipped up behind
the stranger, pinioned his arms and
relieved him of his bottle before he
know what was happening. He was
then removed to the police station.
There he refused to talk. The bottle
was sent to a chemist for analysis.
"Hy motto/' said the new arrival
"1b, 'Pay at you go'." -,
"?t wouldn't do in my business,"
rejoined the landlady. "My terms
are cash In advance."
-      . .....A
London, Mar, 10.—Owing to tho
absence of King .Edward and Queen
Alexandra from London, there was
no celebration today of their majesties' forty-fourth wedding anniversary. Numerous messages of congratulation were conveyed to theni,
however, by mail and telegraph.
Albert Edward, Prince of Wales
(Bow King Edward VII.) married
Alexandra, the eldest daughter of
the late King Christian IX., of Denmark, in St, George's Chapel, Windsor, Mur. 10, 1808. He was thon
23 yoars old, and she was 10. Now
he Is 07 and she Is 05.
| Queen Alexandra's wedding dress
of lilac poplin Is still very carefully
preserved hy Her Majesty.- This
dress wns chosen ln compliment to
Queen Victoria, who always hnd a
lovo for lilac.
Large shipment of Al Highland
.Potntow, Just delivered at the Big
'Store. X
Kelowna Boys Put up a  Uood Camo
Against Home Boys.
It wub a pretty game that the
boys from Kelowna put up against
the homo boys on the sports ground.
Clearly the men from the distant
Okanagan Volley know the game,
and, with training ami practise, they
should Ue able to put up a due exhibition of succor. It has to re re-
inenibered that their game at Victoria on tiuturduy wus their lirst of
tho season. Kelowna is still held in
the grip oi icy winter, and practically they ure ouly ablo to get out and
play at about the time the season
here is ending. .Naturally on Saturday they were out of condition and
ull thoir game. Then they played
on Sunday and again on Monday, so
that they could not bo expected to
shuw their best form last night.
Tlio wonder is, under all tho circumstances, that tho boys performed
as well us they did. They put up
a respectuble exhibition and played
a very clean, gentlemanly game. At
their best they would never be a
mutch for tho champions, but it is
easily conceivable that thoy could
mako either the home or the Nanaimo  tenuis travel.
The score lust night wus ii to I,
tiie same us in Nunuimo. In an
extra flve minutes which was played
to give tho home boys practise, A-
dums scored again, but tho goal was
in the nature uf a nuke, und due
more to a fault in tho ground, than
to deadly   shooting.
Tho local champions played with
the wind in the lirst hull' und put up
a very indifferent porforiuuuee. Sanderson scored in tho first few minutes, and for some time aftor tho
gamo was' as dead as stule beer.
However, lt quickened up, and in
tho second half was vigorously cot,
tested. The visitors defended stoutly and they have u wuudorful cus-
tudinn In Davis, and a powerful
''ight back in Hudson. Tholr center and1' left halves are also goad
mon; but their wingers ore rather ineffective.
Altogether, it was a pleasant contest and the two champion , teams
will cherish agreeable memories of
their meeting.
Excitement liising ltegarding the Championship Match
Between the Locals and Nanaimo on Saturday
-♦ -f-
Beforc the next Isbuo of lhe   Stan- a low minutes.    In the local  ground
(lord leaves this otflce the great loot- tasrs is    a (ence,    hut it serves   ao
bull gains will    be a thing   ol    thu better, thun aid lho '°» '■* Nanaimo
, ... ,   *     . fOt the game cuu bt seen equally as
past.     Interest in the    contest    hus wll ,rom ^ ouUilto M ^ \bf>
grown with tlie iiussugo ot every inside oi the ieucu. Somo oi the
week since thut lutal Saturday ut worst olleuders in the .post have been
Nauuimu, uud now thore is a ripple ciuu members. They are flow warn-
ol excitement which- will mouut to „u ._ keep out and do their best to
the explosive point ere the iatelul keep others out.
day duwns. In all their encounters, As to tlie gamo itsell thero is lit-
the two rival teams have never iae- n0 to be said. Nanaimo brought
ed each other with seen issues nt over the Thistle contre-hali on Sat-
stukc, with feeling so tense, with ex- urduy—a kind of special tribute to
citemeut so general and so high. the game    Jim put up uguinat   tht
Auw, it is rarely that mutches iutu pick of the Aluhilaud. With thit ad-
which local feeling and rivalry enter dition, the eleven will be as wt
so hotly provide good exhibitions of know it, but us wo have nover play-
lootbttll. It is up to the spectators od it. The one thing sure is thai
ui both towns to remember this. The Nanaimo aro playing a particularly
pluyers have enoagh of responsibility hard and brainy kind of game. Moro
enough of tense, nervous strain, over, thoy uro performing consistent-
without being bothered uud rattled ly, and they will come down here
by supporters or opponents. Leave' on Saturday prepared lo excel all
the game lo tho playors. lot thom'their previous exliibitione.
make their own play, and in no I The home boys aro up against a
ease lot an appeal bo mado to their [ particularly tough proposition, but
temper. The majority of rough'they have the raw material to deal
games are made rough by the tpecta- with it. lt is a pull altogether
tors. It is thoy who first of oil in-, that is going 10 do the trick. Thero
lluuie the tempers of the players and' is neither room nor placo for indivi-
theu incite them to violent conduct, 'dualism.     There    is no defence   can
it is sincerely to be hoped that' keep Adam and partners out if they
there will be no untoward incidents' get down to business, and on Satin tho game on Saturday, it is the j urday every muu will huvo to go
duty of the home supporters to do'from the jump to the call of time.
their part in- preventing thom. A The halves are able to attend to the
clean, fast game is ull to the advan- visiting vanguard, and tlie last Una
tuge of the home eleven. To win (of defence is us good as anything In
they havo got to get down and' the province. There is no reason
pluy their host brond of ball. If'why victory should not lie with La- .
tliey do this,   theit is nothing   can [dysmith:    The balance of advantage
stop them; but they can ouly   do it'
so long as there aro no ructions and
While dealing with    this point,
iB in their favor, but the players
will have to play us une man. their
only aim, that of winning the game,
lt ia not   known yet who will rti-
word or two might at well be said.oree ths game, but a great deal will
about keeping thc touch line clear. I depend upon him. For the rest, til
The rope which was put up by the' that truo and honest sports of eith-
Niinuinio Club was pushed down nf-Jcr town desire is a line day, a square
ter tht game had been started   only shake, and the best team win.
The Oity Hand arc giving a concert in tho Opera Houso on Sntur-
duy evening lirst for tho benefit of
1. McMillan, who hus beon unable to
do uny work for quite a number of
months. The concert will be followed by a dunce, uud tho admission to both is only DO cents. A
splendid" program hus been arranged
which, besides vccul and instrumental music by the bust talent ln the
town, will include a dug dunce by
Mr. A. iOnstun, who, boforo ho loft
the Old Country, won the championship of tho Northern counties. The
dancing will start in good time, and
with such good lure, and at such
cheap rates, and iu such a good
cause, there will doubtless be a lurge
uud Lord Tweedmouth.
It has bean charged that the emperor in his letter attempted to in-
uueuce British legislation iu the lnul-
tor of naval appropriations. According, to this agency, King Ldwurd ii:
his letter takes tho viewpoint that
the British parliament and the public as well as an immense majority
of tho press of England, sharply disapprove of the action of the Times.
Continuing thus, it says that the
attempt of the Times to exploit a
private and non-political exchange of
correspondence in a sensational way
caused the British king to write tu
Emperor William. The King's action, it ls added will create the beet
impression both in Germany and in
The ljulysmitli boarders nro nfter
tlio house championship of the city.
lUtoy have defeated tho New Western
men and hereby challenge any nthor
house in town. Tliey. however, would
prefor the Temperance men. Thev are
willing to moot the hitter uny time,
and they ask for n reply. The Temperance men cuiinot claim tho championship until thoy have beaten all
comers, uud tlio} ure regarded by tho
Ladysmith men ns the softest uf suit
WASHINGTON, Mar. ».-Scoros of
delegates, including a number from
foreign countries, havo arrived in
Washington to attend tho first in-
ternailonal congress for tho Welfare
of tho child, to bo hold under tho
auspices of tho National Congress of
The gathering, which opens today
and will remain In session during tho
week, promises to be tho most important of tho kind ovor hold, and
many questions bonrlng upon the life
and training of children will bo "discussed. -. ""j
The congress will ho' opened by
Presldont noosevclt nt the White
Mouse, with nn oddross. Tho United Stntes will bo ofllclnlly represented by F.lmor Ellsworth Drown, appointed by Presldont Roosevelt, and
each stato will bo represented Ly «
delegate appointed by Its govornor.
During the congress Ambassadoi
Bryco will speak on "Tho Condition
of Children." Commissioner of Labor Noill will spook on "Child Labor."
OltliAT BltlTAIN
BEltLLN, Mar. lu.-A local news
agency today declares it has learned
irom un unimpeachuble authority,
that King Edward hot seat a letter
to Emperor IViliiam couched ia tlio
most cordial und friendly terms, con-,
corning the revolution by tho Loudon
I'imes of the oxisttne. of private Cor- |,V,,a "' a   reluSttl "J CUtM to     "*
respondence    f-etweou     Liu urn
TOKIu, Mar, 10— According to a
well authenticated report, tht centre
of interest in the Tutasuniaru affair
has moved to London. When tht
British government was informed of
Japan's announcement that ia    tht
VIENNA, Mar. 10.—A cloud hus
come between Austria aud Moutene-
gru which is supposed to accuuut for
the sudduu termination of the visit
of Prince Nicholas uud the Princess
of Montenegro at tno Austrian court hol. alnuaMUQOl.
ufter a four days' stay, ou the very
day, Feb. 27, thoy had on engage
ment to dine with Emperor prunes
Joseph, the pretext beiug that they
were obliged to go to Canes to visit a  sick relative, Prince Stephen.
it is now learned that Princo Nicholas, as presumably under Hussion
influence, opposes Austria's projoclod
Novipizar railway in any way traversing Montenegro. lt is understood that when Baron Von Aerono-
thal, tho Austrian foreign minister,
advanced those projects ho fully expected that Montenegro would not
niter any objectiont.
HAMILTON, Ont., Mar. 10- Dr.
Whito ia dying at tht    city hospital
ter tain the demands, Japan propot-
ed to take "independent action," tht
British foreign olllce asked Count
Ivoururu, tht Japanese ambassador
in London, what steps Japan proposed to take, calling hit attention
to tha clause in the treaty with
Great Britain covering the question
of war between Japan and any other
Ambassador Komura, being unable
to give a definite answer, asktd the
foreign officer iu Toklo for information, which found the attitude of tht
British government an unexpected
phase la thc situatloa. It is stated here thut the British government
is advising arbitration on the question of the restoration of tho arms
seized, and has pointed out the advisability of Japan admitting (he
moral side of the question, while
doubtless correct.
This new turn of events hat created a deadlock here and tht foreign
ofllco is now awaiting advices from
Ambassador Komura,
Loudon, Mor. 10— Tht report coming from Toklo tbat the Britith government hud aaked Japan, through
hare, what    steps
sho proposed taking in tht Tuttu-
tuuru case aad that Great Britain
had advised arbitration, waa denied
The British foreign olllce suyt it
has taken no action whatever in the
matter. An olheial of ths foreign
olllce tayt it had pointed out today
that Great Britain could not intor-
lere la this mutter, the incident not
having reached tho stage at which
Japan, under articles of the Anglo-
Japanese treaty, must couunuaicatt
with her ally.
Ntw York, Mar. 10— A despatch
Irom London tayt that Euttact
Miles, the famous English tennis expert, will leave thore today for thit
as" the result of blood poisoning. Uo city, where he is soon to makt an
was watching a patient being opor- attempt lo win the American nma-
oted on some days ago when the tour tennis championship honors, aa
surgeon performing the opera tion wall aa to regain tho British tham-
dropped the Instrument. Dr. White plonthlp which Jay Gould won (rom
picked lt up and not having rubber blm last summer. Mr. Miles is said
gloves on, tho potion off tht inttru- to bt tn t.vcelleut form st tht result
ment touched a scratch on his of several months of steady prae-
hond. list.      .	
"Who wnr. dls Hip Van Winkle"''
"An old-time guy who slept In de
mountings." |
THdn't have no public libraries, I
suppose In hit day?"
CHBISTIANIA, Mar. 10.— A Swede, apparently insane, Brad
on the royal custlc horo with a Remington rifle at noon today. A
dozen bullets wore discharged, several of which crashed through nnd
embedded themselves in tht Interior walls of tht cattle.
The man was promptly seized by the police and disarmed. At tht
pollct station he declared It wns his Intention to kill King Haakon. Ht lllll had forty or llfty cartridge! In hit poekeU. King
Haakon and Queen Maude wero absent from tbt ctttlo, CONSULT me;
If Yot) Require Any
Or If You Require Any
■I* ... I. m wmaaaaaaaaufa
1 Jjn«tlHei"1ist'f>f<!i
: ]tl|iiij'title tfc fie?
Iclusivt -manned the
once again   earned
I     : ltlfiic'tit* tfo (liej   JunJ|)rlchtnfpi,o»-
'ship of the Island.   The boys played
a great   game,    and gave a finished
eXhliliiok of fa|t,SsJJch|iftc footbu
I gNsAlfcolplayedJa|)l|okl game,   and
lev* ■--»'-- t— 0. M. a   .1
■ ■ -MALilNE,,
r U You Want to Buy a HOUSE.
tr Itil Oat;   or If You   Want
lead of
t« tl*y.    With
goals against them,
gone and the point did not count. appearance together, If there was
. I North Ward .       T    "*""    P'^d to win. it should
! Nanaimo        'f'' I 'l"t t ! <nve •*» tb* Mainland.  >TM Islta,
bherT'T "iiV*i:""  •;'"■•" i  a ITyen, gawally «Htl n'ot pufJpih,
UouTbhe? •«» . ."nT t°,be SaW ^me ""* haV0 been *"*n' *> «■'
plaver on'thW.L1 JheJonly weak °1 "ever'" •""""■Ions, and the   backs
the right back. Allthe others wero the • Mklnlsiid haoltsl ' frho leei flusters and played a star game. For tefest sK-Io fflessR lOri y
Ninaimo little Shepherd proved him- b^fiolF ioldliXlHuIlffis
passing     movements,,
...... - „.   _ _,, jeM a wonderful custjodian;. and,    if ofl work and
they began the second half in   great «*, keeps his form Nanaimb will nev- hed the large Mowdlixe'fed'i^uSi
style and it looked as if the   chain- er want a custodian. nl     »or   d«f»n™    SSI*,M.
pion.   wer.T going to    pieces. * The,    i   SewittXktuTpalni~   ™'
pt atp iot AccJp'ay *n *°*s na^ was very Dven hut
. rJj.1>lJ!,  UijAOS*|'the ,boys' from' Nanaimo never'show
ed the pace, the combination and tho
'The.1 Maln*-
land people on the side lines endeavored   to    rattle their former   full-
j „ .     back,   but    strong    as ever Hewitt
In the City * League gamo - on   Sun- Mm«
statin/ ^SaSkir
.--.:   UADYWHTH,
"ofttfV. 'ptyXTinalmo1^ J«^lB^dStrtta   conl £"    "*" « top -HI**   dashing
championship form"  (,„„„  „„„   j   .lm V»
a dash and a   rush' *SSL a...raB^d desoripb on and    both
the Thistles   bv    two „» r—,_ ■ ,'■—-. :c>.-- B^-.,t~..
Tho game was of ra- °[,Lorimer»   Work throughout    the
__,     Jescription and    bo Si j£tenSon1'   My'■doWbts os t0    wb*-
sldes scored once in the first    half ♦**" Hfl,r'?y. waa eliffiblo for tho, loft
little in it, and    tho i ?,?P Jqn of the amJor^ttr. the best
Ladysmith   SUmd&rd
7',.' ^SEJfl-lA^IiXYv,;.,'.'    J  ■
PvUWMd os Wednwdayi ana biMr-
•»iaj»"AfUrnoonj b/ the   ".  ''
i   »«bi. n..Hindmarch,
■•■.■■"■   ■-■'   Manafer. '
' ' WBICfllPTtON PRIOfi,
*-» im .:;r;.:..:,...;;;:.;;...:»,.!.1;. «,«>
■ta Hoiitbt,,..,....,, .„;    ,T»
AdrartiaiRf itatw on Application.
I       '■ ■     m-i ft.     ilt»ii.t..t—s,^s*ttlnjn»s>n.
J WH^H, l\ IT TO BK V / .-
The Jixyciitive. UonimitUv m'»'the
Citizens', League: are arrangiTig for! a
flysteiuititic cuiivasti oi thu city with
.the object ojJ.j. uscerUiining how-the
people etuml in mgurd to iho ow-nyr*-
ship and oitumttmi- ol thu proposed
electr^itiight, plantv '--Tfae vie\v-ex-
presffud. in the Suauard with regard
to (JopstabJu Ua>llauder's> ruport nan
been .generally uikIi>i'm.hj. llhei-e can
be no.fdoubt that the Council would
be justified, in a-cuupting it «s ecuii
vulent, to. a. .lUiomlube Lo go■■ aheani
witli ..the -introduction i of a- lighting
by-law.. 'iiio Council are themselves
preijaied .to take ■ inuueuiute wet ion,
for ckeiy. meiubert'lfi pledged to support u, Jighting ay»teiit. t- liut ' there
is souw little iutrodtK-tur.v -work -yet
to ue i(lone;..ami -ow .grave and mx-
portattt .issuo-. jweds to*-be decided
one .way, t-ror .".the other before- the
Council,,   takes
, ., . -were at {.heir very ba/L 'oLfiK*
and showod'true 'championship' iVrriii."** w anB
jlhaybegan with a dash and d   rush
which.thoir opponents showed no ab-ijf „„,,,hY~~ti'"n.A:' "'".'"'''■ """•'"half Dosition wo™
lllty to cope with, and Shepherd LaSl"g0(bhe<•™'sf1" b*_ « "ttle iaturdaT°S'r' ""^
alone, averted a, big pile of   goals. lS! .f™ Se, pIay in thls halr* iho opinion nf
%&* were tbo.Uth ^.tfcittg^^'g* iasH aX, * haUrct^TnTrfieYd.    Adam
wat nojonderjhatthe -\.aa-il,uo.de-1 thJu h J    "old hJ^pSn T  .."J' to,Ttlle ls'-*"*'''>:    The right    —
fence got, rattled.    Older   and more ^^     ,° n ™,   '"5. iwt't'™! ho   «•»'■      -i ■ ■    »
experienced,players than..thoy..,wr.i'!d.;»ij/    '-/'J;"
have been,   found wanting, and   * 	
junior . defences    could, have coped t/jt7„ ',_"'; Z'.tZ,","'" *"',' 1!!',n- prohch
S^l*^^a^.^^ c„'n: l± %„r?^;idivisio1i was
fstajitly on the    aggressive       Poor SMl. .""?. al!!!?st>11 •»owed;   MP
*KIi\ jBir.
Broughton Rangers
Waltefleld Trinity
w ,;>; r¥>
tJBflens ..
turn ln thajjeaee oithe
Tattiunaru? recently sef
Chinese, was presented „__.
of the. Chinese foreign board yester
,day, and today the board has •• the
matter under consideration, The
minimum of the Japanese claims is
-he restoring- of the steamer as well
etj sleeveless, or with    short,
ide slaves.
Silk Aists padded with roses up-
j the fj-ont,    very elaborate    lace
™ «j-     fue y^^ &nd v      lilgh* stocks are worn
to the head ml.t , ......   ..
with jumper effects; the sleeves    are
long and embroidered beautifully;
"t'lii'il'on' iesse, French organdie and
bordered monotone voile are new ma-
toriajs that will be seen much in the...
WfffffO   fl tn
AarVow'    J LO'I '> I ll"!"
Oldham     7
Runcorn     0
Dewsbury & Batley.... 18
Swint6n ..; I....'..'., ll
Rochdale Hornets ...... 19
Bradford'  1...'..      i," '2
Halifax     4
Yorkshire ...        ... 28
Warrington ,.., \.t.J7
Hunslet  .,.......  li
Snlford „w„ „,    a,,
Wales,,...,,,.,- ,„     s.
1 a
j,..8 -.
,a ■
of,the {forth,Ward forward line ,_..,.„ „„ ,.
The    dy. ^flne^ahd bright ud jS^a?^ ^H^Hindma^ ^W ^'"^^SiSTl£' wa^ I
t^e field .dry,_a.nd (fttt^the,vpry,beet1l.let,pth1G bZLuLPl.....„„,1?TmarclJ notf  able to    do much twainBt Ate!
ppssible.cofldl^ipp^.Jor..^rtyle.   of \^^^T^Ltorwa^ in
Pl^y ^ItoQtpd ;f>y the champions., AnA'^L-E-S^.™.1111"?'
they, took full;,adMAntfnge..of,;1 their op-,
pprtunitles. They,,xaced away, ,from
their, oppooents.anq their shooting
was beyqnd all..praise. Kanawn.o were
beaten and 'well J^atjen, .but./frhehoys
may take this (jonsplatlon "itq thom^,
sciyeefl. -thejt they, .jveri) defeat by a
fejim , of extraordinary merijt. , Rer-.
jtajnly. the, locals ifpre not .disgraced,
'arujl thovghJoMtclftssed,, th^y, slVWPfld
rpa,l gfH antl a. most conimen^able
P-Lupk-.f.^hey. I>layed a. losing game,
wjjih.. true man)y courage and, -no,
jijglier praise, co.uldj.^e given, them!-,
,Mr. A. Hailstp.ncs , refei'eod ,,^-he
game., 1 and,, althoughjt'tere .wap.some
dispute,abpMt one of the gpajs sepp-
Pi\„by. the Jforth Ward,,,his,;,deci»ipna
JVeife,strictly, jinnnr-iiq).,and \yerp sa-i
ifliBfftOtoe,y tp,.b.oth,J(>^m"s.. It ., wrap
ab^ut ten Winkles,',to .^hreo. .ythyn, y»B
ball was set in motion, Nanaii^q,
kicking towards the town goal. i;Tfie.
jjatwrfigot..(jow-niton the.Jftlt twin,g; but j
jfieichanjpioi}s1brpke.1nway.i,t).eir right
wjijger .'. gunning A alraosj tbjft.^pk),
JTOgt^of the flej^.^thgisr' wfls.ani,!^
hut ?tring IsIuml     back    line-      Hurren
Hartley cleared ■everythinTTn   this   °^T no,   Mme    w*!Bn advanping on
link    It. looked as if the game was Bmi m<i lho «**»*»* «' Jorifie was
gi^igto end In a draw, when a pass S°T
trot t Michie     was     turned into the
goa   Hartley only managed td toubh     TllE RUaBY INVESTKJATION.
'tte    > * Kerr tippod H int0
andS Cen^Lnow' *!LKS5 . 21th8 «u^ instigation at Vic
Tlere    is no doubt that    Hartley »J.iat th° British Colum!'la   RuKl>y
favid tho day for the Thistles.
haKfback line
was good, all   th™ ^'Sl^i™^ "^..1*W*»
men) playing n good gamo. With only r?it,
fcur men on the fpr'w-jd line in the tots I of
plodl and Oriev
to stop.
Mr tho Centra-lias,
Sojr were the pick of   the forwards,
liut jMichic pla.vctl a hard gamo. Mc
Mill^n fed  ^--par^jSISu^ 7tg&T__V&S^M^rf^
.     .,. .^*..-.h mho 111 tin; uuuk; ana tnira gttVe hia forwards qome splejuid <.p>
givnt on n rush. 0f threats used towards him by  the jWturiities to .scow        ■ j    <-
good,  nnd Wynne,  spectators aftor the game.' ••• «,,... r:.-■-.. ~
We refer, of cJur^^K^^S %#K®
of ownership. Shall tho citv "|cI«a™d-.. Najnalmo s..teft back was
and operate the plant or ahull "|pathor shaky Just at this juncture,
franchise be granted to a Di-iwiti.lftlHl tno chamr>ions took 'ul! e<tvan-
company?    This question slwuld    1*1™%* ot ll'     Tholr ,orwards conWn"
'decided at once, and the Citizen's
.League is instituting a canvass ol
tbe city in .order tu ascertain,the
will and wishes of the people on the
matter;   *"
Tbe great bogey h tlie way of Municipal enterprise is the necessity of
borrowing money. There, are people
ia the town who roundly declare
that tbey will never vbCe for a dollar loan. -This is merely idle and
foolish . talk. _. If it, can bo shown
that ths city can operate a profitable enterprise then the' people who
vote against lt are taking 'money
out of their own pockets. This is
the duy of Municipal enterprise.. The
[world over, big cities'have been buying out private companies' and ' corporate monopolies- ami acquiring' the
ownership of public utilities. Almost
(without exception the change in ownership has worked out to the advantage of tlie rate payer and it
stands to reason that the benefits
.will be greater where thero is no
buying out to tio. Muyor Nicholson
at the last meeting of the Citizen's
{League, reported what the people of
Kamloops were doing. . We beljeve
that in New Westminster also they
have a municipal plant' which is equally as satisfactory. The figures
and data from these and other cities
are all available, and will be
tied to surge round the Nanaimo
goal and Shepherd saved thrice in
quick succession.
A-ga-n the North Wards came away
and Devlin again missinc, Shepherd
cleared from a rush. He slammed tho
ball tip against
and Callander    is
The halves  wer"
fetftK'SSlS'S 8^°^r.^S<of the ^^^^l^K^^
both  Jackson and Siblmld wcro   cf
fecll -e and reliable,
ing |i fine gome.
. .        ... ..   ,'p™>--tho Oxford-Cainbrldgo colors-
was five minutes from the light and dark blut., iThe-looablinT
start and the champions played fas-'ed up with Dick Sawyers! lateTofvT
•ter than ever from the restart. Tho couye|\ at centre half, and
in    Nanaimo     territory,   but
prom sing openings, woro spoiled   „_ „„„„.
infrin|;tnient.s    of   tho    offside rule, union! the best on the Held.
Thon |eamt a brook away bv the Na-     TheTball    hadn't
liaimo van    and    mistakes by Both 'more ''
backs! threatened a gool.     Indeed   a j team
goal should have   ,-been scored,
the   fhance   'was missed, and again |clear,
Not to be    doniod
came away again and there was
prettj  and as thrilling a   piece    of
Conceited  play     as    any  enthusiast
.could ever wjsh'.      The whole    for*-
.-   . — --.— «»   given .ward line came down'in a combined
to. the people hore   before tho uues-'rush, svory plaver playing the   ball,
uon is many n-cokt older.   What can'and a though the centre was ohocked
Ut    dono In    New Westminster   and in the goal area, tho ball passed out
Hint- ».- ,ti   right    wing, who promptly
« tepi°nSJt0?H. up'ithe fu,"v'n'!- ■*• b .11 through his own goal, giv,
Sheptjord saved with di.viculty, -and ing tie cUodian po chance. It was
Hie gtmo opened out a little. '■ "--•' ■«-Jl-''''-- ~'- >---•■
-, _    New
Kamloops,    where
^ than itT.hereTcU'X'tlft ttt it
done in Ladysmith.    what ■SoJWrtK: 	
Pit have   really got    to h«h.    i.1 .The Sttmo ,va8 *•»" twenty minutes
lowest posslbio rates,    and also   n. c!,^v*,  m lbe leathl!l' to eoit It under >PPlaub: by
Ughting (heir streets without havi*. .th5 cr?™bttr'.and sh°Pliem was baa- lattackp
._        m-      "illlUlll     It
to draw .upon the city revenue,
Nanaimo, ..for
ra&'jj ««'hE-
Tho right   wing
,,,-'-,' -Jd«	
projved speedy oh the loft. Tho work-
Ho retired' at half! ^l.JS i°.^.^l *'?rK S^'1!1'**™
JS^P^lrSS; th0'f 0f» «™-W-s'ai>oW
Z V?±a ro«rett<"1 th° induct Wso'mo Fr0m tuT^xT^'
rho of oW Ntaftimo- ruirbV ulaverfl -rt.ir- v..^'*6. Sld(!. ""*»."'
on February 1,    was the' sum   *wr„ 'i i    j'- ' ■ '    '"    "'" * ''"'
,   *>» sum    rhe.Waiuj.ifutnuworo teavitit. than
t„V    .E^IUUU
four hours' investigation' their rivals,    but
Drlard Hotel. " - " -' "" ■
'l'nit, who    referood
game, preferred throo charges.'
Simpson   and disorderly conduct on tho field,   _
wio   continual disputing of his decisions
.. ... „ ..     -,      ths Mainlundors.
thii wore W***.<i>m \\t~\t teet.    ,\£.oV
s^5!*™j'«»- °-*<-*™7««i^&a» ;&utt!S
aaa reputation. ,       . » ■,
presldont of tho  rug  full back",pn t|je,Ialftrid teain,    wns
occupied the Chair,, and etoaily    and rejiablq,, but VJPaddy'
, ,       thord were also presont Ooorge  Jay, liovvitt, tho" right fujl-bnok. i,,ali-.'iigh
the former play- t. Uootb, 0. Killeen, W. C. Moros-ho'pii Up a har
by, ■»,. Woodward, W. CHurton,' W.H. far ui''the field,
P. Sjwoeney. J. McKinnon «nn ir   b i i r,£fi-      .-.
fTv'J- M^M^^:^^^::^^y
Th, proceedings consisted-of alle- Z'o'li'.",*"!'™',*■,*■■ •ft,*,w"   t"*n»*!*v
Sols Monday, «» Pr^:_ gg? ^'^1^ \4^Pw%^ ""^Z^Tl
Thi exhibition match yost«-d«v af- doT™ tt°   To tie ev^In^ ^rV   WH^ l*» '*-*"*   IXffe- Ut
BaiVftB the taringKelow- -aTOa^lSiiSfffi,^ MfeF '
nas   ind the loea
dono .
football loam
jnnd C. C. Klllani *hai-the Na-
wurdb tho referee,
m^imE7tt& sat &rt.r»^;34^
forwards ~ d        |™^|»^*JKS. tt^S ^^-^~^F&^^ M
IZTetl ^led^o^vofe &t-^*Z&S X' "S^S- that the .vld-»1 S^^ot fa lift
from a free kick, tho North Ward IthtaT tason with WTxmntSn,\\T T^t » •Wctly--eonflntd to the con-'-S? a ow for lo^S.'®Jf*• A '""»
centre forward got tho ball and shot da? Hhe SuMitai taiSUln it % "'"y0r8" an« that the •*"*3t' iverMtlnfes" '" ' '""»"' "**
on tho fly.    The ball kept low.   andlthe *|ay. last month    Tta  k£S£ S^'!!^S5i!l^!a&:,J!K «Sf WbWnSn of' tho'%
w butj*)o.v
posse.. Just-inside tho post. Shepherd rf'coui'',Udlnichv"^ SS&£, °' Hf <-u™tlo*V«*- •«« 'i^V<J?wl?S!ttfla 'ittaia-'1^^^
making an heroic but futile effort te,KdItES"Tod77 -lrynWnt L,?°9iH0*1.'on _*_». **« <rf."<Wle Wood- <Td "nt? "SSf iS ""f"
wardj who claimed i that the
club Was responsible, for the conduct
of tht spectators,,    Mils was, agreed
an to.    I i     ,   ..,    ,.         ,„ .
game! was co,,t«»tcd almost entirely, back Jn hi^ BlpceTagarn-b^thrwayl 'kick''™' Proc<!od*,d ?? •J,!«I'lbti the
,.,,-r. ™—--  ~j ~.» "»*. «ick iiven liim bn a Nanaimo  play-
somo Harlem's play against tho   Mainland er, hi t did not press,this, as he. achy team at Vancouver on Saturday was coptoi   Secretary McKlnnoll'o   stute-
'-      ' tho best on the Hold. Iment that tho affair waa nn accident,
_______________ ball   hadn't    been In motion Und a tor, thla had beon disposed, of
mistakes by Both'more than a minute. w'icn the   local.!»lr. qopth entered a vigorous denial
worked down inside the penal..! of evetythlng
and there, in attempting.to.1 "'■  -
one   of the lull-liacks drove,
whetlier they will hand a prontahh °i ' aJ^ mother l"*lnt «">s secured would have resulted. Ton minutos
investment over to a private com !,mm" lmmodil'*«|y from tho kick- after the second gbai, "Crookr"
Pfay, or keop it In their own hands .'   8   r,ght- wln« man- tackled i drove In another of tho tame   kind,
With a city-owned plant    thev   n™ ?.ear '!" cornor toS' triod t0   centre at hit flrst ooe.   ,   , -.    ■<•   -
•nn ot   getting    the lights at    the T' thcre ,-'a8 iust <mouffh    °'     Th<1 pllown" then, brought1-Jortll
..  . —..... v^w i^»«mt,joi everyming    alleged "by Mr. llalt,
hut|ty ar^d, and there, in attempting, to. and >c noted extensively Iron an   ar-
full-haok« Hrn™ t^.^. ,n|ci, ne admitted having writ-
ten fi r a Nanaimo paper,    in which
he de crlbod Mr. Tuit's decisions aa
"rank robbery."    ...,i.,,. .,.., „ ....   i,
Pros dent J, 10. Miller and Secretary 1 tcKinncli, who were present at
the -fi mc, declared, that- tho-'-.had no
fault- ,o find with tht referee's rulings- «(copt, the disallowance, of what
looket like, a try, for Nanaimo shortly, aft r the start of the. game  .
The itpry of how Mr. Talt came to
referee was also thrashed out, audit
wat d (finitely established, that the
captai is of the respective ;
agreed upon him. although the Nanaimo delegates repudiated tht
tlon o   thoir captain.
Afto a series of hos exchanges between, ltoggle Woodward and Mr.
Ood'thJ Mr. Jay moved the following
resiiluqlon -
a veri hard'piece of luck.  .
the champions |   Nanaimo    reglstorud   their socond
 as goal after 24 'falnu'tos' of fast,play
by both elevens, 'Crulckshanks putting i n the finishing touches of u
piece bf patsing by beating the
blues' goal keeper^ with a low shot.]
Howe er, previous to this score the
Kelow its' attacking line broke past
Hewitt and Graham four, times, and
twice deserved tb score.,' One shot
clots (n struck Graham on the back,
or it's; a   hundred    to one a score
.  some good defense"Und
was bta-',attack!.ploy and,after 48 minutes  of
Just before this the ole. the garot had olapsed, Willis centred
corner at-' the
-._..—, . ,u,  instance,.the Hg'htinS -™r,.Na!"l,lmo ,<*u'>to<llu>i had stopped ,from near   the   left,
ol its streets alono rewires an    «,,'*,   1,8'?,nin8 dl*lve    from    tho some «oal Use., Howitt let.the ball' go,
„    . ..     , -.-.     - -■    •■!'- fduyerl butthls high'curling, droop-.»>"» bilker, did.the aajmt, th nklng it
-%.,i.\i''-Jr0ta, lb4 oHy <w,!m"> if shit was too much for'nls wa*. *oiM W»t out, the .other tide. "It
•BUal td the entire amount expended The locond half saw the plnv tx- WittOBlis, the,othor.tide, that Was
mJ-^i <»™ Council for all purposes, aotlo i.versed. Tho Chomplons had lM- ' '■,,""'' ' ,
•xetpting tho schools. Yot there ls lMt tl efr gait and could not got ne gamo during tho socond half
•very reason or believing that the ilrto tio gome.' Neinalmo assumed »« f*««l «**, »* "nw" I"1*" __*
olty can install and operate a plant the agi-raslva. end their centre for- ^ffiJT*' TJle ~i^l1£_t_**$'
srhlch would giv» oheaiwr-rates to wnrd ,,„, pro«nto<l with a lovoly WW i n every occasion to Ponotrato
2m? ""? "."" p^ for ""'wnt opportmlty which ho badly mulled. I-heir epponent's defence. -The Kel
ing of tho streets. Tho people will Bradbe-y nokt put over, and the ?wnaJ*ck', ,«h?*ad ,VP SL0W Bn,d
?Vi^,.V° I'our, ""• l"""t ? "''"''• outsldt right alio sent past. Still ,blo<-l**< »nd kicked woll; the goal-
Ijdytmlth has long enough lagged the lot» boys conttaued to press, \k«>»er, Davis, made numerous fliie
baWnd all its contf.-mporarlet, ltis^dth-, centre forward was given ■av«* .T'",,«,,a wh,?t'0 fou°d tl,1°
HST *E_ff* _$? #&> "SB '* cann,*t anotboi pretty pass. Ho'kicked and *01? < hal' i\T~^1l m.bari«^
begin bettor than by putting In and miM0d, m |„ kicking ho fouled the *•:?« "»» *al' strict and impar
operating its own lighting syst-iui.     „,„„ who lTOS. attopdlng to him.   He *'»'•* j"* l>oth t<»'DS-   w th» . »r'
 •  promptly tried again, and this timo,*?™' B»vl,8 in «oal/.ls a very active
OTTAWA M« 7 T*. „™.„m. he nett >d the hall, HereaboutsI Prln- playtrjnd1 covenihlt citadel In goal
OTTAWA, Msr. 7.-TBt committee c| , ll|t b ',„ show the fl t in goo, thapo. Qulnn and Hudson
on retolutions of the Canadian Press ,|gna „ f uneasiness: but in spite ot «• b",. g__ H01* '"'T maa. "__\
Attoclation yesterday proposed are- his a< monitions - -awl -exhortation.,- »-*»« "*J»* TftitS. nnker.
tx.lut.on to the effect that the Cana- %*">* "0yS ** aP !*» ^iftS^iTw and wh» ItaZ
dttn Pretn Association tender td the when;tho champions did get going"
publishers In tho Northwest, as'sur-' thoy punted tho ball too far ahead,
action they may take to remedy tho „,, „,,,, end to end play followed, '?/• »"«ral , occasions, and at all
irtlght 'rati gritvancts bMort* the Nanaimo again settling down in the tlm" tfe,^ a vigll-jit worker. Tho
Dominion railway commission. ' North Ward territory.     The   »;^S'LSllf't1Ztff
. loft.wos presented with the chanoeof w    \ 5 ,?f?i   -J. _tlMSUffl
— tlie game,, liut fajled inlseral,ly„ and Iff. "<• B* •>"• »<"nc K""d «'>>*■'«"«"-*-
ing on [goal, come all togother with
a rush, I Qulnn. tho outside right tho
lightest man on tho team, broke past
New Partnepsbip
i ■
.   ..      ... ,.., .-,..„. ..liserahly,, and
as a sort of nemesis   the ohamplo'nt
-rarod Sway hnd flcorell.    TKo controf
forward got   through   between -tht
hacus. and.   sprinted . up (told iwihh;
tthe'-eou'ldn-t ^„ * ^'«™'«irErP5 ^ff
reached out fo!-of*™ WT'i-l- ™SJ!?_!» .a?*«rt«»   .'«*• **>•$
good centreing,
The great Island-Mainland Asaocia-
thejrs, t,m„,W bVought^s^ n?»y ^^^Tart,,*!
Of goal opleco.    It   was fully oxiwctod
.down.at   the    socond attempt,
jour^ n -ntna.lty, «-«t glvtn.and
In this'    city'  for one, says tho'Nanaimo Free- -Pressi-
fourth goal scored. ,    —-—■»  ^
Pldy *at flretty evoh for tho    re- land team would not prove equal to
malader of tho game:-   Nanaimo- onco the Winders.      It turned out   flat
got dangerous^end .tho North,.Ward ths MaWamlcrs    had somewhat tl-j
gonlkooper stopped a hot drive front better of the game.    Of course,
♦,1m "mrfriM» i-« ' *f—-   just ns  tho had tht advantogt of homo
the'onfefdo loft.' Then,
-.  tlw.V
-Whistle     blewwhlfdie-htnof*    »   lu.^i.   —a  —'•« *'—"" ***  ""*"«   grouna, ■    ujiponi
ffsrd forwarTran rouad^l^ta ^J"^.^.? !*•.!*!»- ^ISwW
scored.     However, (;he wMstlo    had
fJff'W*,.,.,.,!-,,?.,,.! Um„,,,„
Hull Kingston-Bovacs    8-. ,i a,... s ,4im«.i.{       ...-       ;  ■»""■     """sizes
-;9 ;.ai, ta,VrJa  anther different complexion. I   „'
.Emgjnnd <  16..,.,i,..,IB.
Lancashire, ,.„„. ,,.., „:„  ,4,,,    ,,ao>.
Northern Union  8,n.   0/il4i.
York,,,.,,, ..;,„....* „^., a,.,   .,., i,Sit
Ipbbjr ,Vaio i„„„ ,a, ,' ,j8, ,i,i    i. .2 -
Northern l*nlqn„.,.J..i.„,18,     i ,-.6
Northern ijpifln ,_. .8,    .-,...  £
played, 3i;,won.l3; Uut W^ dr*w,
a.'   ,'.      ..,,,„,a,   , ,..i.   ,   ,
A hasty glance at this.lilt, shows
that the 'visitors' biggest score was
37 points against Merthyr, and that.
Cumberland's .,.#1, iiplnts waa.- the,
! highest put;, up against theni, .-Smith
-;has greatly enhanced his reputation,,
do much against tho ;by his -work in the three-quarter,,line
and uthe flew, njen w|iOjhaysi«nad«
names for thomseiyes are. Messenger
Wriglc'y, ' Turtlll, Todd, and, ,the
Wjjnyards, All things considered,
tiho visitors may be said t^o have
done very well, for they were playing under unfamiliar rules against
trained and vigorous footballers.'
Isjhef cargo and payment of full'ln- C0,"inS season. Embroidered and
|domnlty Action is doinanded with- St' °a" Swlss aTe eapooially: lovely,
in a J"AasoAble|tlme."'' Jn caselof ',abot^0, "P° "f1'*6 no* "cjged wllh
doaujt tr postponement,. Japan Jc-,laC', aro! ^r"""^ ,chlc; a|so tofrs
cordikg to tho terms of her ultima- mad° VOry '"" and rouIld' that are
tuhi,(will "take immediate aftionf i 'astone4 on bJj a o'amond horsoshoo
Japa» expects a reply toni,rrol.l,0r„CrTt' I
Shs ,,will not tolerate China's  offer1 S ™    used 'or flmmlngs
to investigate    the case      She    in   '""> ombrolll,,rao ln ""ull reds, greens,
sisis {upon"an V'apolog'y''for'haulinl''blUea'',1'ld' oW'SoWW-'BgypWah kmd
dof-n-the flag of Japan on the veJ-1 Mo°rish deslBns-"M ' "-'"    ;  '" "
sell a. d   ^11 not    accept mediation r FoulartI ls one ot the leading    fa-
afflrirjng that China, is in error and. bri°S °' *"" SOason and comes in un-
arslncontrovert^hir1 'llm,te,1-'dbs,S»sJ but with a I predom-
■ A dispatch from .Toklo gives    the „,ze|j
ClilJTfjn apil' "ijltiprty scarfs In doli-
citte colors',showing a  wide flowered',
or Persian -.border'  are worn    with.
„   ! ISLANDERS, , i .',.
The    NewBrAdyertisor. ,in. "Notes
■ on, the rablgi
cehtrp forward, was, always
dtd"nyt   play auch
the ""*"
"alwulyi com!
home :gam» jns the'  Is'landers,""; who"^!-.
"Thijt this mooting* regrets that at
the gamo at Nanaimo on February 1
between the Hornets and Vancouver
some ol the members of the Hornets
team "noddy questioned the declsionr
of the1 (referee, snd that some of the
hieiiihbrt of tht same team, used to-
wa'fd tho referee offensive and unwarrantable language. ' And further
that tho union strongly urges that
tho Nanaimo club take..such action
as will effectively prevent,any repe-j
tition bf such unseemly conduct on
the pnit of the Nanaimo players and
tho cn wding of spectators on tho
field ol play.."
This a-as carried, but a resolution
of Mr. Mouth's asking for tho sus-
per.tlon of Roforoo Talt for ton years
was dl ulloived by President Miller
al ridiculous.
Mi* i.fapte
,It |sa<|s:.  ___—_^_^_^_m
„.T.OI«IO, Mar.' 7.—Japan will
'•resprtlto force in connection     wfi.ii , ...   iwuuut.i.Jli-'Ul -ai—b   ii—i«**
,._]  v ilow-neOR gowns at dinners, theatres,
tha   dhtzure of tho    Str. Tatsumaru I _ •-:■-■■},' J_M£ '
' ,L  ' „ a ,   a        .    ...        ior aF ?ne s home, „
Wlessjjcompolled to do so by tho ao    mt buckles of oxidized metal are
tloi oj China. "mtMto in the shape of dog's or owl's    .
rAisjstatsmont was given to    tho ^   wita Je„oied-eyes*br'lllant    {
Aqsocfated Press correspondent     to-     ^      BroH, j
day| b$ a,^hlgh authority in,the for,,, BluUifa| ^ o{ -^^ UIi^mI j
,,, Who, continuing, said: 1^ -^ ^ -^^ ^ j
, K, (ejproposo to exercise the ut- 0,'^cW'Sa oi-iuull'are" inuch {
moit {patience and fully understand SaymM ^ wear ^ coat Mdskirt i J
the difficulty the central govornment suj. ;
bf.c Jhlka havo in doal^ with; -Jlcej. ^^ y^ j^t,,,^ wlth \
OVP). |ho possess extensive, consbitu-1^.^ ^^-^^ ^ dolkttto tints \
tiorjal *powers. oJ ^^(.^yj Uned with ij^™ Baliu    ,.'.
"t ts guito apparent that the vice- or VtwaAo ^ trimul6d with'   ouir
roy ot Canton acted hastily, in f^&mj braKoord iuii Z: '.'Jl 7_
ljin t upon Information'which stated n      butt
■-,   I"','" ..                """ ——"••""> will be fashlonablo for skirt    waist
therJ3fo|e    that he had a right    to ,,  _„ .
_ . . ._i ,   "". .." "'  ""ls"" , "" dresses and ore attractive in    	
Seize the vessel, but the factB    show   ,.„ ,    , ... ,.     „ . ,_-:__.
thit tl vessel's papers, including•'*»** *** *»"*(<>*•
""",, fi   . ,     a , checks and stripes.     The colors  aro
■manifest of arms consigned in regu- ,.,__,,
,     [   __ _        -     ,   ;, charming in light blues, greens, vlo-
lanforjji to a  Arm in Maco,   , were ., v •>,-•■? -      '  -'   >•
legitimate.      A ropreseuta-
lets and. even rods.
,. ■■:   -!.    ..       , „•     .    :.. •  ;.   I   llelts df silver braid'three' inches
tlvo of ahe firm at Maco boarded the    ,, ,     , , ,
I. ilL , a..,.a-.^   t.   .     wWo "• bordered with a  wide fold
.vessel .'accompanied* <ibjP«he Portu- .,   ■    ■ "" ,
ttl   «i .i.   iu " . J      -^      i        o' old SoW velvet; those of silver or
gaesi   ^authorities before tho seizure      ,,   , ,
,-"'"i  ,.ii, ,      o. ,    gold show ilgure designs and ilowor-
by. a\ Omnoso vossol.   ..Sho .was.  ab-„  .-„ u .,.,„.,,„      ,   "7       ..     ,
*  ,1 , :il.t.Jr'i*   ,. ""firi j   U   (LE iod*o|tsrordiiaon olastio are lovely,
soluuelj   then Ifi Portugdesm wpgts.-*   MjT"s -.;    , '
..-rL'l ,i.',-»'f» i«.,;JVi,.7iiZ™i 1   TulB'anil - violeU    worn at    the
- Ihe-claini of Japan that this   -is ,,
a"'4r7*ase of violation of Interna- thr.oat " a "»■* fad "^ * »#*
t» rights and an insult to     tho bK0'~aS-    »»"»«*• pink or creamy,
flagilvas proved by the Chinese then, whita boW8 cau«ht wittt M *inamol,,d
IsdVesdn offering to restore the ship vioic,V wilh vil,iat8 "f"" «» iW
K'ogo'thi- with a  further promise   re- "a*f r*"*1 on *»* nat »»*il|iolf*Stov|
cefved foday to reprimand the    olfl-.M
'fjla-fs jvilio lonorod tho Japanese flag.. or"
NotyJtiistoadjM(,tl||lB, .Vihllf, wot^f||
doterjuLied-not to concede that    wo '
l.bellovjc'lt Is proper, but to ultimate- m'
remarkably pretty ''a
,e spring toilette,
bolts foldeoj, oncttthrouglj )ht a
;ly'*ji|otco our demands, shoul7ohl|do|'^_f^r88* ^ ae,iKn-
* lurd^ru-tjjWig'
The How /ealaiitlers, about whom
ln thoit period of ailvei'sity 'many
nasty tilings* were said, havo, after
all, woi two out of. throe matches
agnlnstitho full strength of tho Northern -union; Their gamo tit Cheltenham was for them a very happy
tormina Ion to a. profitable and enjoyable tour, and they may lie said
to havi vindicated themselves and
their  '< ountry's - footbatt In' untnis-
takablo manner  .< •-
The, t lurists have been a team of
moods. At their best thoy havt
been ve y good; at "thoir worst very
bad, 1 hey had tho bad luck to I bo
beaten i somo of tholr big..matches
by trnal I margins, though Cumberland anl Lancathlro thrashed them
unmercifully. '    '
Though thoro   Is ono mat*—with
St. Heltnl next    Saturdoy-ttlll, to
that -the   Moln-fplay, l( It' nbt   included In tho offl-
  clal totr. - It will, tlieroforo, be hot
Inappropriate to now give tho result
of the tjiur in detail.
Bocord of Tht Tour
Oppontnlt. For.
ClUJAOO, Mar. 6*-Tht culmination 11 tin "beauty contests"- stah-
td In Chicago which. finally threw,
the not light upon Miss Marguerite
Frty, if Denver, at tha molt beautiful *< man In tht United atatesl lias
led,'to a shniiar contest.in Sweden,)
wfth lhe result that Miss JtBi Lund
■trom, of Stockholm;'lias;beta
looted. ' She It 20 years,ol-l'.'and ,a
blondl with blulth tyts, rosy cheeks
and •! luperb" flgurt, and, df course,
ft a i tscendaat of the ancient    VI-
Thf Iconttst aroused I tht greatest'
inttrts, throughout the lihgdoraan'd.
picture i'were forwarded to tht Judges., (ron all tht mort imporlaat -cities, and from a large number of
tht small townt and village* of the
country, dlitrlota.     . .     , 4 .
Tht lieuuty contests, started in
Chicago, havt ipread to ths nations
of the world; and evory where In' the
civllljed countries newspaper! are
endeavoring - to Ideate the "fairest
woman ot tho realm." Tht wave of
Interest In these contests hat brought
out strikingly - national conceptions
of beauty, the effect of geographical
position on popular- opinion- being
shown aa It hat bean In no ' other
way, Sweden hst Jutt selected
blonds. Miss Froy, the ■' American j
beauty, hat as one of her grtatestf
attract ions - beautiful copiwr-colored
hair, while the central and southern
European countries-almost Invariably have pronounced for decided brunettes.
»ft;rdiitso to liston to reason, tho' vff,t drawes are much favoref,
.world! Uy rest assured that Japan n*1 *f<> jf1^^***?!**** »^Nr
«H11 ilcjt net hastily, but will wolgh trlii^iod are liked better tor they
hpr^arlher-'de-Moils''with thVutiilbst •hoijofl the material to a better
iJOlibc-aitlon." ailv6jnt-ago.    The street gowns  havo
■Thli tritorvlew was glvon nftor     a veryjiihort    skirta,.rwlth deep hems,
ledbimMmootlng and conference. ««l?l eg^UrJ^jjtj^pU^f w(th
.Forilin Minister Haysahi said lat- iim eifcoptlon'of fancy vests.
ento t*o'i|irncsD*c,Bitt,,lthat heiihad' |Se^i-long sleeves will be worn this
'reasoi I to'bolliJvo' tHuft It wtfi'then wring, the top part reaehlnrf 'half
dt'terji ihed not to immediately rein- waytbilow the elbow and from there
force, lip    cruiser Idsumn, now    at t0 *H back of the hand lsla tl
Canto if   but    that tho Ideseuma, lacetsleove with a place cut ior 'the
which rfasjusedas a  training: IVcs-l'hMnfb      Throe quarter sleeves   will ■
sel!„»)uld "remain    there for a  few be fav jrltes,OjWiagjte.jitha efier-toaui '. i
dayt-l Dngar. lar lota wrlntilWl IrWU ■■ ** M -*»«    «
Todiy's advices
lar long wrinkled gloves.
from Pekin con-     1'order designs seen    on tht    ntw
t<tIn s pin offer to punish the officials chiffon cloths, voiles and silk mous-
connected with the seizure, and also selines are   in   self colors woven in
statement     from Yuan  Shi Kai, the material Instead of being print-
thpt hb desired further time for con- ed.     Thoro nre groupings of-stripes',
sideratjlon of tho Japanese demands, large dots and zig zag lines all ' of
This 11111 bs granted by the Japan- satis finish, and graduated' dots'   -.
ese'ittj-ernment and it Is confidently large ones In self-color encircled by a
be'leycfl that an agreement will   An- rather
ally,be reached between tho viceroy,
fdl Cation and  Hht Central govern-!   ^Otaa*. B.0
malt' ! .    . -. Houso^
The Chinese minister at Toklo held 2:80.
lengthy    conference    with' Mnron to.
Chindaj vice minister of foreign   affaire, today.
Durlnlg tht session of the cabinet
the Chjnoso minister at flrst insisted
that because Portugal held Mac? waters under treaty, therefore the waters remained,   under Chinese -ter-, ..  .„../..j™.
yity.     Later the minister withdrew -rtw^t home or In the barber
thit co(itontlan as    instances
quoted of other losses.
The ffireign
wide ring of white.
DRAFT ON  MAIL   IS »70,000,000.
WASIIINOTON, Mar. 6.-A Hurtling charge that tht railroads of tht
country carrying mails had robbed
tht people of •JO.OOO.OOO wat madt
IB tht Houtt yesterday by Represon-
tativt Lloyd of Mlttourl.
Ht declared tkt ntw system ' of
weighing malls wat an admission of
tht' postmttttr general that tha
weighing In tht put 87 yatri had
been fraudulent.
Lloyd called for an 'Investigation
of tht pott office depai-tmtnt and lU-\
prestntatlvt Wagner, of Ptnntylva-
nln, chairman Uf tht committee to
control tht exptniM of that department, promised an inquiry would be
-in.. An— ... n.n—t' te heail without 'honing snd-1 //
offlct dott not expect  grlndlB'l1„   whelhcr It It a Mi
an ans+sr for several days. • • | tsfety, fvlth the certain ttx of I ty
ntw bltdes, er the ordinary I |u
.opcn-bktded  razor doet not I vt
"alter theauettion. You went I
the comfoj-t and satisfaction of I
t clean, Jmooth shave every f
morning {with the confident \
NEW YORK, Mur. 7,-One of    tho
ntw, fai oidns shown for ajniug is tho  knowled
against ono another   thisllluddorsfioki
at against the Island's   first'WWiiol	
.1,    lliql
Fortcastt for 88 hours ending 5 p.
Victoria   and   vicinity- Moderate]  	
windt,   gtntrally   fair.   ;W«W iem: grayriteifl We"Btllotrdpt'o?
Mar. 7. - The
[prorogued this afternoon at
All bills passed woro assented
shop, that tht question It-
were  « Whyi doesn't s rtsor hold
-1 Hi adfi uniformly from httl
white abort waist of llnd'n" or'iawn,'
with v hlto" pluiu blue * collar and
cuffs en broiddrod In white Fr'iinch
Heavy! raited work and padded embroider! S dono ln flowers Is tho newest sty'l i in trlinriring: ^^^^^^^
Waist coats are prominent on niany
coat anl tkirt lults and are' made
vory oli borate and gay.
High' standing feathers, flowers,
ribbons and gauze of silver or"gilt
are -ihe fashlonablo ornainents for
the aOtt Ing' head droit,
Elastl, beltt in dark colors art
studded with Jet or steel with buckles to a ttch,        	
Tan shoes will cbhtlnuo in popu'lar-
"tdep that your rtsor
will he risdy for instant utt
the next time needed.
I .Thtfsjbo Magnetic razor la
tht onl; lasor unoomPtlon.
*fy 9* ttaniaad to do this.
Thirty ,i_,_ ot study on the
nsor t ttttlon hat perfected
positivelj merges ei
into tht! fcetal-jlvli
mond-llkl hardness ul
throughout tht bladd
thing soiolutely imptsslble
Kith ore tampered steel-uted
maklnJ all other mors.
Butte* thit rtsor in your
own home—or if you prefer,
have your barber use It on you.
Olve fit your name.——
or call and see the "Carbo
Magnttie" rtsor, snd we will
slate our proposition for test.
lag thtle retort without
, ,.i-i
Ity throughout the summer and  the .... , ,
pumpt vjdll bt wort fully as   much   _f&*pm on your part !p
at laat iear. tThtVli*,oge,her with our
Linen jjoHart of tho smartest make' Ing!" TOs'toMlhtSsut
art embroidered in colored linen and the correct-rtsor foslrlon for
littio bows HmWoldsrdd td' nlat^'a'fo'i^^w^IWJoftl>tft«*t..
.'  Jilt    lti*„    lijl       Olir.   rTM    H-aHj    !.g   ''l.l
wffrn with fttm.,,, „„„    .,,,„,,   ...„L
Nt^.,boltroi,iJtUtd,in 'black, ■ tllver-v-
art very ntw, and are madt of  lint. as
• aeeaeeeee
, t t a  a a ,
Chicago, Mar. D.T-Theo. -Em-
)"•  Heiiereck, 70 years old, and hla
( wife   Anna,    75 years  of age,
ere found dead In bed ut the
onie of their     daughter, Mrs.
na Bostruni, on Racine ave-
iue today.        Death had been
iaused by    asphyxiation by illuminating gas.    The -police ure
*f the opinion that the couple,
$  discouraged by the loss ot their
home last Saturday, committed
' i   1 , _
.jS. ARMADA AHEAD OF   t'I.u>*.
On board U.S.SUoorgiia, Mar. 8,
ifla wireless.—The fleet's position at
his hour it latitude al-4.37 n, long.
.102.01 w. The weathlr is final and1
ht .hips! fire! &bvm!J along al Ha
Lipeed of 10J knots per hour.
J The fleet probably will reach Mag-
Jiallna bay, Mar. 22, two days jihcad
tat their schedule. 11 (H Iff K-4
k>>         ♦ —
I   nr.-ts    in -,.-,       •-,
Boston, Mar, 7.—A record for speed
in ,the ■ consteuetlon -of vessels ■ for'
the United States navy will likely bo, J NICE JOB FOR DRURY.
|est|ibllshed in tlio case of the 20,000| ICTOItlA. Marl U.j-jB.,J2 prury
!ton battleship North .Dakota, whlchi of Victoria, .IhU^lleon 'appointed Do-
s (low building} in tho Fore River'mi ion government agent, to proceed
ship yards at Quincy. Though it is to Japan to.-aupsrviss thejogreemont
bnly four months shice the keel .fas'mi lerby'ltea.iMr.'^mea-ux with Ja-
lald, the ship Is now near' twenty pa on tho Immigration question,
per cent,Minishcii,"and 'it •iH'a*.Wteii'|i • » will act under Sir Claude Mac-
the hull will ho ready for launching dojald, British .embassador.' He will
nhoutjthe ilrat.of. ...Qctober.     Ccihsld-1 loate at once and may be away   alx
as Life   Was
Vancouver, Mar. 0.—Robert Wnont-
iy, whoso wife lives on Hornby St.,
Vancouver, committed suicide this
morning In Seattle. He left a card
saying: "I am afraid to meet my
Mends; my life is a, failure.1'
 ♦ !' H WW
j import   of
iiWjiun   will
ijhe \WkU W>
this Wrhoon. 'II Is possible the
_ lominion government will compioni-
,se with the Phoenix Bridge Loni-
ony, buildert of the bridge, in tho
ittlatnent of the financial loss    in-
$lvmX' . i   t L„ 3
Lt. E. babrnlb. df the' fifth regiment, Montreal, and MaJ, w. D.
Ing, of the 40th regiment, Bowman
Iijfcview of the present status bf th«
ne ;otiatiuus final action will be de-'
(e-fed for two- dajygj jjiy] Japani^ i j   i
nnai action
*-     - LABOR'SOTE'S ."*.'   'j..;
The Montanit, ItHmur law '.for. railroad empWyees 'in- the-train'-service
hat b'eeh'.'rfeclalred botherstate"' sji-
I ranjejjqiirjji to,:be yYalhl; and .consthi
t)utlonal.i •-. ';•• ■>■ •'- ■ ■■•»''- "
»ui:    ■-■:■ ' t^iil,-.   ■.-   ;■ '-
ing tho size of the ship and the dif
ficult problems Involved the progress
hiado ln her construction Is considered remarkable' by 'the naval experts.
'-  ♦	
Wife Deserter's    Defence ls That   I
| Was a  Caso of Too Much Lpy-
| i eypovpjf Euslntsjj )"|
CHICAGO, Mar. 0,-Slx kisses a
day #e[ flip limftlfor A. M. Leadom.
[He promised Detectives Stark and
•Johnson who arrested him for de
serting his affectionate wife, that ho
would stay with "her on that basis,
TleJ> |foui)d| kiik in ptaiigflhd, Illjj
wliare'ho-wtnt several Weeks ago.
It's   a case of   too much lovey-
dovey business," said Leadom,     or
way back from Springfield.    '-My
, she was mar .jtl once of twice
bol ore, is a good woman and a fine
ho isokceper but she Is too strong on
th4 love business to suit me.
Now I'm   not a   chilly guy
liko to sit down and
I tho papers. My wlfo would
wa it mo to hold hands with hor and
soy) foolish things. . ,>,■.
ftw days before I jumped the
towln, somo actress made a,hit, wjjth.
kiss that lasted -IB, seconds.,,Vfijen.;
iny wlfo read about; that in.the.pn-
peri she said she could beat, it with
one hand tied behind hor back. , Tho
mil; fault I had..to find with-Annit
was] hor loving    nature     I'll   agree
,ile,    have beon   respectively    up, to \*° bt*k'°V9J^RSfc nM' %**?
pointed commandant and adjutant of
«.his year's Btsloy touin.
' tr-.	
Osaga, Sask., Mar. O.-Wm. (Ini
farmer,. I atar'bere,' tiled' sbddeniy
irday while on his way to visit
me friends clots by.
only cut' out the klssbusinoss.
mind a  littio kiss now     and
but I  draw tho lino at    more
six a day." .
a,a.JV2™2--. ...,.«..
LttNDON, Mar. O.-The hope   that
otter sent by   Emperor William
lorinuny to Lord    Tweedmouth,
Lord of the Admiralty, fn which
been charged that his majesty
pted to Influence Great Britain
.vol     legislation, arid   ftioj British
arge'carries about 3,000 tons    of minister's reply thereto,  would '   bo
oal. madl public   for the edification    ol
'It it reported that logging camps tho toople, was quickly dispelled by
■ill soon resume work and that an- Iloiiiert Asqulth, chancellor of the
i)her big camp will lie opened about, oxchiquer in tho House of Commons
wo miles north of here.       .. , ,   this jaftornoon.
Mr. Jlp|nsop, prpprlotor of, -liotel' 'W'a couplo of curt sentences Mr.
"ouj-tenoy, is opening his new hotel Atqulth, who wat acting'premier,
hlch hat Just been completed' about told "Mr. Iiulfour and hie other ques-
Ix miles'' tlfdin hi-rel ou, Wednesday, tioncj-s that he had nothing to add
•**• r... !,„n*"-!i -«1 -fill •■■' , •'-"■   -tb 'llii statement ol Friday and that
,.i      n-iji'- ♦,J" " ' " '" jj( 'Jstjo fdr as   he    know,    Lord Twetd-
ALFONSO'-llIS^lNgl^ifl!;;   ._■   rn'outji had nothing to add to hla do-
TIT-     v   ir- clurution beyond the fact that iiiiuie-
MADRID, JUii ,&>rlt developed to- dlate y on the rocelp* of-Hmvoror
ay that ^a; switlon df the Spanith .WillWm's lctter the first lord of the
ulnistry it bitterly opposed io King Admiralty showed it to Edward Grey
ilfonso going to Barcelona which tho fhreign secretary, who agreed
I detcribtd-as-r •"WBIpr'nes.J,^"but"with -tho reolpiont that the'letter hod
.ho king, with a" tUsplay ol the old no olhelal character and should bs
lourbon courage, hus refused to bt treated as a private communlca-
ltsuadtd.,   Ha.conaldei-a. it his duty tion.
» go and is-confidolit tH^t'hlll ;\isVt''';-'-It Is clearly out of tht quettion"
,o Barteldiu.' will appeal Jo ,tho ctiy-^.contli ued Mr. Asqulth, "to lay prl-
ilrout JtjtritjOa Ut» Spanish peopteV1 vote ind personal correspondence on
nd have-a «ood''tfftet. ■"' "_'•*'"'"th'e,"f ible."
, A dtaj^b^^l^^fit^yel hjreJ |jf uestlon from A, R. Lockwooil,
Irom t^.JpWlB^mliiiatcr tOiawlt-.a-Cbisorvatlve member of the house
[orlandaaylng, that tho-anarchists of ns to whethor It was possible for,,a
[Jeneva-have'dedroeji. tjuj 'deatlj :i[ot oouim intention pn such an Important
|rClng Ailjj'iisp ^nd i'temisr Maura., * jnintte ■ to bo-ro-rnnloil in- any-- way.
hs"*J|l- veto, drew still carter     quos-
..tt ns from Mr. As-|tilth and whon ho
t t tj«,a..tua'-«- C t'*'-4" • §'«"•"»
JSSl™ r»5'*.iS;iTA,tn''ti
Niigatik which sturteoVat « pi
yesterday was extlhghlshed
at 3 o'clock thts morning, In
all l.OOp,houses,wen destroyed.
Thoro was-some1--loss of lives,
but tht* nuhitir It not known.
[eat rtr-iVf' a jt-Jt-tIt*a • ■
M tNA:
Nnnalmo, March 0..~
e rumors about tho sale of Chi-
,wn recently was a case of corn-
events casting their shadows for
thOLsalc of tho land on which Nana-
imirs Chinatown is situated, was
a today.
mo thirty acres in nil are invoiced, about 13 acres where China-
toivli is situated, and some 17 acres
bac| of It. The sale was effected
thraugh Mr. Beevor-Potts, barrister
of- tills city. Tho prico Is reported
to to a big figure. .
Tie buyers are Chinese merchants
of Nanaimo and it is understood
that Chinamen from other places.ore
|n orested in the deal. It is pre-
suntd that they bought with tho
Id si of spoculatlng among the , China xbn. ..f jHI'ijT I I -FA
-T     _^_	
i 11 /, SWI*E;jIiSls/.
SyUnoy, N.S., Mar. 0,—A cats ol
blicj leprosy wat discovered in. a
faiity named Campbell, at Campor-
rei o» Richmond county, today.
, .■*■>-.. -,,,♦, '  . >;--a - --t.
\ elland, Ont., Mar. 0.—Ths cast
ft ,k ofjhe|Wtllaad1c*nal.ali linlin't
Hu ie miles south of here, slid into
tin water Saturday.'™"lt will not
ilk, ly impede navigation.'
Ottawa, Mar. O.-^It is • practically
iim erstood that Justice Mabee of
On ario lligh .Court, will succeed the
iat i Justice Klllom as chairman of
the railway commission.
■ 'It f  '  ■'--'"' *
Dallas, Tex,, Mar^KiCharlet   A.
Dusen, the once tomnus. jockey,
occ slons ho rode tor the Kaiser. He
was] winner ln sevoral-famous races.
189 .
here yesterday. ..His last riding
In    Germany   where on several
T ronto, Mar. 9.—It Is said that
'J'hjl supreme court, LO.E., at tholr
mee ing- in June, will Inereaso'-rates
The employees of all the'.j-a.iiroads
I., Uruguay, .have gone-on strike.
ri|here ore "about 1,200'mlles'Of road
Uruguay, which, are coutroileil by
Itish capitaliatt.,-, i. -,. .... -
♦J i      ""'  '"    '
__' big camilhlgn' has' b'eohj Instltiit-
'/pr ''i^8"]'',flrga^za'lion .of, uulltr-,
ktrt    and    iron shipbuilders" at
iffalo, N.Y, ' "lh*   '
* f^-: •": :;:;Z.',
rhjs Amalgamated Association oi
i ony Steel- end -Tin Workers, ode of
i B 'strongest lah'br drgahizatioiis iii
ierIca,."willhoid its,annu«i cun-
reWtion- at Youngston, 0/,! the   first
ok ol May.
n Norway and Denmark laws have
tbn enacted graaUog government
u isldies to trade unions which pay
r. Knploysd. beneUts to their- -lueui-
II. ,:.',. - V.;i   -..;- Hi*  '      I
■ —^'-'
i, i Japanese imperial ordinance pro-
i Igated In 1898, forbids the -  em
NiVNAriio soerAiiiST at-tbTs lib'
': "     EHAL UUOI.P.   :'      '   *
leader ,of lOpliJisition -iwid-, J.- H-. Haw
..thL-J-nthwujto ijojvt; Jis,.. W.oru*..-.-..
; on' Floor of the ii'ouse
,   ■    •-'.--  -Vesterdajr;   J'
, .(Froni Our Uwti Cnrreaijiindencc).,..
i VICTOHIA, ii.C'l Mur. .".-The U.
T. iJ. tilll* wfls bol'orev'the''Ilbu8oyes.
terduy uiternoon $6i eoiwideration hi
uoiumittee.; The. only, .aiueiiduieiits
admitted were thuso offered hy .the
Govei-uhient "iii wlu'eh Uie' aiji-eeuieat
entered into iii 1905-by--which the
10,000 acr.es .thoy. conveyed to -the
.G.T.P. was ratified. Tho Opposition
ieader took' the-ground that this was
an adniitsi-jn that the cMiteutlun of
,tiie Op-iositiou at that time wftt correct, that the government. haxl.,.no
right to convoy the lujiiUs as thoy
did by order-ili-Coiincll and that the
.G.T.P. imd. delayed --work beeause -of
.the fact, that they.dji<l..iu<t eonsidor
the title good.
The l*romiei- deuiod Ibis,' eohteiid-
ipg that tlio G.T.P.-' itaoii had askeii
for.this.   The title.was gc-od.     ..    .',
The Government refused, any uiu-
euclments''ollered on tlio ground that
it would Interfere 'with the' "ogres'
mont entered J-itii with tho.euuipany
and would result in further aegptia-
The bill passed cbmitnttee'ili the'
afternoon and at night passed its
third readings—  - ■  — - —   —
"'uring the discussion, oujitho bill,
unbtnei-~pussage occurred bobweon tho
leakier of tho Opposition and Mr.
Hiwtyhoi;--t;ji\vafte..4il-e .SpciaJtefc Jeati>'
ftlymenf of,foreign-laho, in-Japan, g^^'A'SfflE^^ '
t ipt uddtrilmlted.coaditlons, that st(i-uj^g-4pst„thej co-,vcyB»co of the,
utrict  -such-employment only    te'.-1*-«B>-lcr8Bi|,o.' (jw4»'tOjltjte G.T.iJii.
,   Old    tmtyporte where foreign-'^
*< congregate. '-eoe 4gjL rjitij'-;)-*   ,th.e'40,«UO-,.acre
:,„    iii-itt. isien .I't.   -    • ■    -•■ deil,.., Titg action,  yvlas ,ine«nsiatout„
. a effort Jthtlngi made^to have all- -»• W-Wrt. jR.f*«, ext-remes.., * *-ory-
, ,i       a     .^    ,      aniuated discussiou:, |o o»wU,iduriuij,
eti lint »orkert unite under tho Jur---^ ^^s^plj^^miutS
isc ction of the .American Brother- stu .eiifout that.the Socialist,leader
ho d ol Cement Workers. v.jhu .sbme tp...ji cmiclusic-i,,,on. ,,,(&!»
4 -,   .pro aiseB,„-vhicl». he used deiihataiielji.
, "I   N-|pbJi|cUon.w.as,lm4dei..U)iAho-ex-.
£ Inco the strong, campaign against pre, s'or^at .the. lliiicj-jii, u. lew.mtfb
chid labor was-etarted in 1908-ie-'"40 J»&r Mr,r,Ilo,w,tta)-ii(,h-vait».. oe-,
'git ation- for ^protection of.-chiPj IM^^'
dn l or.for     coppulsory education, fulsp aud doliberatofj- ^utrue.
ho4 been passed in seventeen   states'
B. 4 WALKER, President.    '      I PalO-lip Cap|l4l $10-00*10001
'ALBX LA^|l(fen^«feM*3afeti.i\^'>W>  V'WMWnnnl
A. E} IRELAND, Superintendent I""1,' "-^ %. 0.UUO-OUU
jot' Branehea      31 V\ (' ® ff«l \$M\ 0 '113.000.000 ■
ujcbejiItlir(JUgliQu.t Cunada/.and io
Parmera'   Pi
apei- PI
it~Unitod' States did England i
N8ACTED—Coirmorclal anal .
'  J-)epOKit!*''oi: $1'a'ritVjtlifivraKiCiecjsived, und interest allowed at
ijrerif rates.i1 The iftptsite. is sul; eilHa. no ifekj:i}«;}iat^'i'li,n
' of ihe whole or any bari; oF'the deposit.
... .  ■ , 11    ..,-'. > - ? i
., 'tht witlidiuwal
M.'DlSMI'i,H"niiANC'H '.......
,    a     ,.;i>   ■,*,.'.        i-      w '
p',m.,'t9„i> p.
30 p.m, .
DaQEX, afanagsf
»-.vte W-'  *
P p.m., to
 L. M.
•Ws? T.T-M-T-T-wn
IrfD« or
he union.
'1 io motor omnibus strike in Lon-
doi .ended' recently. --The collapse
wag due to the- fact that the -strike-
payj,  which the'-men -declared     was'Mr
pro nisod, did not amount to nearly
nuch at theywereled - to   -bo-
'   *i,iMao4ou^^,nt.,.uiics,ciaiod upon.
thej ^/fjairjpajij,., Mr.jIvyss,.,to,,take-
dp^+n^J^lyj words uj,hicJ,,ho conWsded
w'tifc ,uji>iy-4aii>(eiitari',,.a,ud,dijtnanded
i' MiH).'J'-''ttvaiJu! ,toujd«.,i,.- ue: b~ .
,    Tf'l(.,W..,itew,thj«nthwoit9,U'ef«sBd,
JUttt|y„t,u dolClui)Jess tho limguisige urns
' withdrawn AVlli^J* hauVi.iieaujjised ..Jiy
re-arrange assossihoht's of'. those
Joined    the   order previous to
Ki no, Ont., Mar. 8.—Kev. Father
Herman, resident priest here, died
tn tie hospital today1 after1 several
mchm' Illness- from rheumatic fover.
Father llcrtmsn came here from Duluth eighteen   months ago, and-"was
Wi nlpeg. Mar." 9.—Albert   Evaii's
if Winnipeg's best known" inusl-
died ' yesterday.    Mr.' BVans
>een manager hers for the Nor-
35 years of1 agt.
dheii ior Piano Company for tho past
twon y soars and was jorgdhiat for
at. 1 ary's *^oman Cjijflliollo.vhur.'jh.
Catherines, Ont., Mor. 9.-
named Tamburn, employed
tht IfInlerth"paper iMllhT,*dlM'''fr6m
received by being struck by
Ott iwa, Ont., Mar^o-^Tha Do-
mlnloi government| hat agreed with
Unite! States to appoint a Joint
commission    which will lie entrusted
the enactrfient bf International
* ..wi'S ti ikoi] to givo tho house of Com-
*'findrfs' an opportunity to discuss Lord
* t 'l!>'|C0- month'f 'frcftonf \ j lho jf|sct!A|
* hcid    <^ tjrieJgif-or|mi|i(t' Jiiajftitnlne''
* a chl ly silence.
•I 1 __
•v^bfoifiniiD action two days.
•""i'lSl IN, Mar. ».- Tht inoldont of
the Titsu Mard, tl*. Japanese stea-
BAVIDSON WILL BE- — 'mor «hlch was held up by the    Ohi-
& H^l»^*»rf»»l uthoritits on Fob. 14, 00 Mrt-
ii>' /... -,."i—' > i    \ '■-''    safVi'l it not yet been'fully settled.
Nelson, Mar. 7.—William..Davidson- _\n.,n Bayasnl the Japanese mln-
of tht Blocan, fBrmer||t*Wm*(tr ^ fof istep,, 0 Chine, had a conference to-
that.dilj^lct'lg^l"p4i{'iV!i4'W0W* day-ullh Yuan Shlkai, grand chan-
bly, hat,boen.chosen .by to* Social- cellor of the empire, but they failed
ists hortto'tonteet thisconttitucttcy '-to,'reii :h an undtr*tanding. on'" the
' rat tho"d»iniiig' feajifj^'eleiitlbni^ 'IftiiquesU m of tht release bi'lhe iteam-
tht last otac.tionJIVil.lam i Baker ,-»< eri^wUch it still hsld by China, and
Slocan,.*! mombtr ■«'tho-Denver trxel- ^gtly; jgard to tho Indemnity.
tua"* $£$, w^fe.Fedl8^l% '••?'>■ '.Ohln i has, howsvtr, given satlsfac-
MlnersPlIi«ofl{jijst(i4. tho„dJitrt.i!t agalnr, tlto-rLardiifglithe.haulliig.Awli' of
st W. OalUher and- ek-OoWMackln- thi idpaieWnajUthe*Mfnfer by
. V _-   l-    ——t/JliMii.    -.f-lflb'n      .'..',', '     . .     _ _
bourn try waters in.question,,,to include thoso between Vancouver and
the si nto of Washington.
FEftNIE,,hMar.,48i.-Thti bpdy4of AH
unkno ivn man was found on the C.P.
It. tr cks at Ilotmer, tight miles
west if here yesterday morning. He
had e -Meotly been making hit way
along the tracks during tht night,
dht \\ as knocj
trfn. 'Thi
ated.    *
llev i,
acq Ire a tract of 500 acres - near
For Scott, Kas., as the location for
the   nttltutlos,
bt,,| Iven    tht;   unemployed ol -New "fc-'Pa. S&SSmoiWaW■ Vhe„sftfaty, iOf,
" ~''"~'*n,f';oU4,sc,hoo',iiioiJB«|1ia,
•for '
city and states, prodded^„ casojoTIU;-,,;!,,' -^.otith^leyitand^
bill now. before, the New ..York dlsadtfr,;, kl,    ,,: ,.   .,„ . ,,,j,,    ,„i,i,
An jfll-the-year-round ■ Th? '^rjnUcj^iirguei.AhaiJhjs ''.was
colo*y is planned under; state    con- ^i^iplVKtWf ,HH)WSE.. anU,^tlifi^ <sQy-
"• I W.W• ... I.;  1   -,\.    ai^.uvs  will
. Mi. |-Mac(lsBa(d cpwula-juei) .JAat.Uie
rotrtayouJMd ^ujio gjacs, ,awl Mrw
,raMW!»SlllW«s,"» i-Qtntun,-,
britilce.pf uBinji,uinifloliamef-taK-.i loft-,
e*uf«lv.v...i.-   .un ...'.-.-   iiiciu , ., m ,
National..nallwav •Trseksien    ^•#"r**41Slu,™aite fotuted iw,wP.
National   n^lway TraeBMtn ^ |.    aoSfogla Jun.lesR„|Mr, ;OUvec
plnnnlng-for the estal)HetmKmvdid Bq.vpohiting;iHUJt,,tlie.Jjnfil,,whie'i,
home for their aged and ind!- he -pursued' ,i\asvpp'y,^-, io, soek,',the;
.members., It^ll proposed   -to\v*nu-fW.«,'' Bt.?KAS»fcWuinsultJ.ng
langhage.vwas uasd. .tijwarda uhim jhe,
tookl occasion ,t.u„ioturs it, , -,j;..,,i *.
Thp„l^usinessi haij. to„proceoct.,wJih.-7.
out ii) >po/,9sy. „,,', ,;„ ,| ,,„„,„.    1(,
On] tho opoiiiui;,,!)!! J,he 4iesi*laturft.
the. leader of the.,.opp'os;t4uu.iisl«d.iif
"""*    overniueiit.jutomjeil.to tuUeany
ahor colony at which work may
Where .the   .colonists will  I be ^nti in
'S&J'IV1'1 ■»*<>.> Jli«eoiate.a,t.
trol.        |	
tblt lor ont thing to'-ralse ' enough'- Th, "l«iMtJ1|fct'l'w|OJl cousidojsii,   i»
egrli iBural products to feed tht 25- "P""1 ■'_.&■ ln,A!jS,s.>'WlW. /Thc^hiel
T Conu lissioner .igSWanorft   ent-.^hn,
hand loggers''    iijionse dpw-a.-.to,. $26-.
,1   nf      t-tfM     ,,,,,1   ....   .1...   .,...,,......_
nmates of state Institutions.!
■inste .d' of.! M,;,and m & sugges- j ,_j_
_m__W\■ P#' i nibmd. *!ws -—tr
NIJV BKA IN (U-'nMAN JlyVyY, __      ,.. ..,....„„. r   „,. ,
— .... on, tl e*'VVest,'Co"jiisJ.iias',woilv^%llpart, ,i,
8nt' (mammoth warship of the  Oer-J ~Ttl
•man [navy wat successfully launched;'op,^ T1JAT ''TiMES" itllSED
here today and. Christened .Nasau l^yi   .   ,   |...A"MAMES NEST,
tile qrand Duch'els. of Baden.      j •, luLO TDON, Mar,'7.—As
iWbr William, the Grand   M» the < ^iai.eisplanations that ore giv-
isjdenrjjPrlnce Henry of P*'''"*?,'eu-h< re;aad-at -UerUa o'f'Jhe'Emi
Prince'   Henrj;, of the Nether- l'6r--l'fltiij|afrweot|feiu'ou4"'1^
donee ,,,, the,, opinion hx expressed, i by
the a: wjorityoi- the morning ■ itews-
pajier i'"'thaf: the TimeS1 iffl dfe'eifv;i
•da. 'Imijr^t-nesC'''„or u,t leotjohus
unnociasauily.,, maguiued the impoW-
anco if'the'alSair.' .      {
Pen Ung'tord Tweodlf))loii(h,''s( ;pj»-
mlsed statement on Monday-' -next
howei er,"docided tomiiieutil aro 'Withheld.
as woll as a  brilliant assom-
of proVhinent pfllcors were pre;,
Wll efm.. "von Hongstenberg, Lord,
Hesse Nasnu made a .speech,
in wl IcKho greeted tho new vessel as
we come addition to Germany's
*a"p)wor and a defender of the interest i of the empire., "    ;.    ( . ■_■'■
The launching of the great battleship <asau inaugurates a new era
■ini ft , German navy,.( She,:is,, the
lirst f the mammoth vessels o[
which the active squadrons are in
ftiturejl0 ho composed, and, is, injSizo
locked doij^.tw.a,, ftplght mlt
. score of flre-
armar lent and speed and installation
super! »r to any warship, hitherto
> Germany. The Naaau. .dls-
1,7:700.tons and Is built .of
hnrderfcd steel. . Her dimensions ond,
tlio tt ick'ness of. hor armour are not
caxctl; known, os everything con-
dotted with her    construction    has
Chic tgo,   Mar.
men v oro injured, three perhaps  . fa.
tally, hy^n-nrefwhlth dWreytd ltn»;,;ee„ kLpt sa.nt by ord0r 0f tho ma-
Apollc Hall, a three ttory structure rlna n|„lstcr. rt ., known, how
on Is! ind avtnut today. . The cause m,or , lmt sho lB to hTa^ wtth
of the nwl»-«i*nown.-'-nie1o»ilsYh''rM^oto      triple »it|.«is1o'n; ;' r'ofct-'
Irie's'and Is'to,ipe \.Pfp--,,
#n- "tixrlie,: 'iimwoilcra.v, Thoi
ui.Spceil-she is eipeoted to lit-'
WkhoVi.,."'11*? cVew'^nuniVior^
lijciuillng 27 oliiftrs.
of the flre-Is unknown."
about 1*85,000.
vlded_ ;
1 tain in
Denvir, -Marr 9-.-'Anttctpatlng  ' tho
presenile of a large crowd    nt
opening   of the   trial today of Gui- ngn
soppe, pi Strllinf Fl<'||n(cM* ,'loilrt If
murdeijadlFalhei- Leo"ItdndAcks1  'of'
St. Ktlzabeth church as he was glv-
Ing thd   sacrament on Sunday, Fab.    j)t01t lB|ai gnsk., Mar. 8.—W. I'ot-
nsl   IbLui«   Skt_——A.—   ITU.^ f.aV  .. .....
Alexander Nlsbet     hss t|cal.ic
age and
,,....    ,   ,   statlonbd depptlos along the#l>\f*,,JianBln   himself In hlsijpdroom
tosh, comtng in drthtrjool of0>1JM chlnote officers, and Boron Hayathl and   is two" entrance woyi lending tht ho}tI     *    '     ^m
P0"- e**J_\\ih&.no'jpnnenii» UDp*.tlw, togttj, ( nMul.0a   china    that Japan |from
regular jstrty ™ts.- w ■■"J^ ■--■   J'"^wjill0;     meet    her ....dtslrts    re- self,    kit ^nreca^lon was,taHim Vi^j,!,
"..l^inntt^aK^ra nr''"B^n^ ■uP»rvl»,on °' th0 tra,n°   ol'fruitrolo any attempt at mob    vlo-
00      -o.*l MWtm    -S ™-rwn-'nnhs-teiChlnss6i,tau*tqry,  ,iHa  ..a-jHsncs, Jlthough   t,ho authoHtlcs    do
BH)Rim'Ma#'ty^.''Co^ *° lh*l''-chh,!,M"pr?(,,<ti*,.'fe!l*^nk ,or my m* OMt,'r«n,t     "'
(mander at-Un'Ottard eorpt, ami   -W ■*»f«»*0i[S« ?&» M|iru' *ftor,«hlch i«t
1  -•■ "■< -hB"Bghln.sct   forth-the-rull'dtiriandti     'INSTANTLY KILIiBD.
  '     "' '*>'" ' ' 	
,Uam, hat bttn t»tWed;!by,a[,r«i'l, 9lm«™<*m*-,     'J ' "" I*"- „   „ „  ^ ..  «
'tary court of IsMbriW-liitdirHve*--1 lInm,l>nc<l haa to bo;,axercl»s4.- onJ i,Torento,-»far..T.-G.'H.'8cott, 6
'of hit rank li,ti<t'fti1my''(bio «i tur Vmn Shlhkal to got hlm'tto"act' In-'.Veil* old, agent for,'Falrfea'p'kaja'orte
rondtr a« 'hltW'orlort, jteoravlont, !(!!,.imRtto1'- I*8 'orelgn board ro-,MlS^ Co., wnt tlruck and Inttnntly
etc. that havt l-oen oorelerrtd-'.pen- ttssraian lts.nravjp.«a stntoments thnt (killed on a strsot ^railway trot
him' because of his connection   ulth t1" <*»«<> cannot bo soHred-wlthrjut a Inst night. * '   , '    .,
the sMalled "Court Camarilla," re- thorough Investigation.  *- ™~
Tho viceroy of Canton la opposing
cently oxnp.ttd , by MwtnjIMan.llar.,. ™ vcoroy of cant.
dm.    So     -o' nJ .i. „.   . -A° W.s!!.*naati*><.w.
(Snoclal.lo Free -Preee.)
ht„C,Mnstt, WWr-VANCOUVER,  n.C„ March 7.-A.
Tho sentanct hat bttn couuWea -ht *^'™*n,',,<l »»no hoatded'tht Tnttu -».'J«nik, tho   well   knoum broker,
Emperor William,
MtWinnd lowored tho -Japanose (lag, |J|»<1 shddonly today.   Blood poisoning wat the cnuso of death.
Dally. Jalegroph,,
claimiBg to-'be a
in,-a' stat,
-true* expranf
.action iweuhl bo;wn* insiiH'to
suicided    hore yesterday
I'VfeftrTP. oMr.^a
.VAN( mi'
tx\e Chinese interpreter, had a
escape     from    what might
caused    him    grievous bodily
luj- ujtfning, ly   tho
dM>«sfy-( 3f«on oll*ionkod
his door surrotmdod by pow-
Furthor Investigation shows
harm ojn
milt at
that ol
\,\,      i ...,:,M^NUFAC;);UBBRB„aF
' '„,'„      i o,   v-i„.   i,  u n. .-ni   ..-i:i'jv-.
ij»ojw«ff mjM LupEa
, i,,.,   -..),.   -, i    ■"•■••   ■' -i' *t\.saai „. ,,.     ,,. , „,,
- -    COUNTER
Meals Served at all 'lours.
First Class   „,
Private Rooms
'', For Ladles."... v... .
C!iim Cfiowdv-r fjilii Oysters.. ,
«... SiJficiftljty.,-:i-' -. ■-■■
Si't NOOBt    -^   "fMrTlflW.
BEST »R¥ -
Tie Jones Hotel.
rSat'atJM', Sireet."'.' T',
''I^Ei^^AL^.'sfepATiQiir;,.'. ";!.!
!6«K]PWENT,,,FOB .TOAINS,: ,i s
i,j>„,i»'.     ,,;. ,t-i "i    -'■ '-'A j-
Cut by White Labor Only.       j_
..     8UPPLJBD.BY--'*-'■* -"■'■
obtrts~StT Butcher
'      .iiqait.   '    '
NEW'YORK, MarA, i.^A w.ayt, «|f
crime is_stlu swooping over Oothoau,
In'Spite of. all the ';fads aud ;»ncies'
't,J*a|I have beea;added tp -Now,XfmVf
I'ulice   force.    Recently the %-ealttj)-
df'tho "affair,: de'sefl^s tno'^ *<*$!a ol FUth avenue.has-jDean-,the.
tSO-kSt. w isiocltTSI6* -9»o?«»*l>.«t M-JVita-oT ■«*
'Penned after -dinner-note -of
colloqml1" character,* unsuilWi "'for
...     ji_„i     t   [.I    '1-1.1 ^-:    -''-• •-*   ■
Ira. precautions thefts havo been com
mitted right, under jtlio npijos of-, the
public a^tfntVon"., jjo-.y „. :■...
Whili, all the. aowspaiiors agree
to tht advisa-biltt'y of "i-iublishiiig tlio1
correa londence, /y(ithe,f*nviloi-org,,C9n;.
seht ii obtained,.in under to.jclear-up-
all' su plclons.-'-it- ls:*n*ld*fed "■'fin-'1
posslb o'ttatrfj^af^jjhoujojgj,..' i>or
lia-moi Ccpul'ij qil fiiir ita„publication.iiaeman ,iaid Italian.;    So -far-there
Uiht recant innovations 'in ths .system-have been .the placing-'of polio*
dgo^lniaomt. of- the' outlying 'at*1
tionsi of. .llrooklyn - and the estabtiBh-
hyi''tit iti languago .school for dotec-
that they might learn French;
P.U"Box ii   '"*'"    * '* /Fhoat'-M,
-'•'DtaWr'lhiinisiidt ftf '" ] J"
•tests'Dellvhred freS'of chaCge on tat'"'
Sj,-,   -"'"-Shorteat'NotleB,"   " ,
, a-
t-ittn    '"i.lmltod.'"''    '"'"
'"'M^MMbScr' ■;
R. WILT.IAMSpN,pilOP.;., .,
t ^HOl^W^jfJ^fVtiyjiH.*.     lu I
Ladysmith, D. 0.
ItaVe'^been ten <'biunteeiis who-^ at-
ed up i o oS to    IcoVo the Intendod . tensive
)vy)iaf I'^.ir'li'-iijwoQ'ilpfBputihJ, are,
gtnityi ofi.n serious iudesoreiioii'1' ift'
«lo';gei8rdl optnltltti dnd^-oii^rte'JVs-':
(ijpoiji ^'M'on.4laf,.t(i,i'i.hc gawnuient
rum(iuii Lord Tweedlomouth','tAiat ' it
munici Liiin'" tlo.'fljic'.co.bijijj.", L^ijl
Xweedl jinojith Ja-.seriousli;..taken to
eask> f< pi'ttHowlnii; tWcontisHls 'of tJitS"
letter d'beco|mV;kri.oWn{i'', ''.", toil
Tho.: )<iiijJ'."iChgBnl'!^,,s(i.vsiit. is.-olilo
tojdsji o,i, that
^om§u itch'tod the"
tho kiigand tho foreign offl^,brfcrB«gnhist" tho( 'plain jordtjjia^burgljfr.
sondinj a replete ;i«ii" Th*i'CiV»o«'%hq opeiis the' badj wln^ty^trllh^a;
tela ad Wn«,'hae''^oi>Ern^^rVii-.tt^'^ hoips "himself, 'and ,gets,; away
bosldel   [js^ffSJlfg TJraTB&J'ln'TillaWOltsted.   ., __.$._,:.       „,-i:     ;a
cbinmo t»,,oni.iha,iiririn«itiav«*o'4it)Ui!U'.' 'J,'-; ..   , j   .    "    ~,.„
Icy, anl mtrttloned" *htfv'«er*mny*s,''''»«W DKAT1T .\H' 1-N'lpK JiVY
,Jcct was.lo.siibstltufe, ,paj/_, ,t Uiw . .,■*_■._.   , in-. ... ^ - J
&. qld-'S and-.tolproteXf.JIWN tAA\';U:,Ar   7 -Fred.
"" "'""i"""" "* -J-' . ...LareefH a Norwegian," a'boht 27iycdi'!i
rly-.loversoiv-ecimdjtet^;   -j lwSasfa "■'<! employed on the   S.-8-,
a.     "' u\3       oicn    Wll'   li/'W'""-'*^ «hU«t. vm. wins
Tho (tfu-ichaj tcnller itatos It   is gomfttifrlonps aboard the   Norwogi,
.'.» ... _-nn„ ,.. AmQmc&,Mi£ ox- steamer MiHSilidlf a't ■mfdiifght" in
the en ileror.';'' Ttieit h'6(!K[' Eirij)cr'or||cr;tf'j,ho.langiiage school for nnhour,
UW»Jl---#_-..'"lkjTj,,fc.*ij:'.'.'. ..:;.. — ^jjiiia,!times    ».:weok.  'iWhen    thoy
lrave^loaraod ..thclr language - they' Ciistoi
w1l|")ielp' out In interpretiiig and
vfflffeipn cases involvlng-forclgnors.-
llhe istiggcstion of police dogs camo
Mm-' Belgium, whilo-tho lwigutg''
'i%9Vi wns an Idea'that*has ■'■ beon
walked out In'Farfl.   "  '"'~~
Itf'Wio meantime dolihaliltes11 oro
IfilsSmF "P tholr s"vor and ".-aluablcs
eyaoy.mlght, for nolthorutho language
j..Bdrd' W-eWlemodth sehVjOlB or the policy dogs0seamst t,o
iWfepaVj^'iflM^o^^JjM}^ sufflciont' pro.tfiSt-rpn ka-
lo room for cscopo.
,.-- -, rn'rVSr*
fin at pisTtlim t"o annQ1
.stenmcl' Mathilda'" at 'mfdiitglit "last
..*?..!. I        t. An lrtAnt-n.lt*>     l.iisf     lild       foilt 111 tl
fefiftirs'1 vfflrafInxMeiflvior0 ■"j8tTl'i»«ineclffftntn-Hjr -lost his
 ,. ----. ,E. A Nl, "l-Tlls 'sliiiinieV'ilirit wiKjftyo tuif|„fsU qi-erboard;,lio.tv»3on tho .big,
Tho dlscvfify wns xmbifitfJa fel- work t, Hdnilfofts' or'niSn..."'u4j,,HlV.'Is*1**)' and ,tho dock. It is thought
low countryman on the floor bolow, I»tool br <?A! wlir'tio'^ii'itit'ocmss,'fcjio.tjw.i^atie ilocfcnsocf-'might have ' Tilt
who had beon awakened by a noise, Cowlchi n' lZWM>'An\\qji?.tcksMc,,CKe-'tlia,.fqwlcra'*'1on8si<,e the dock. The
and oil! trickling through* Into his mainus{rive* anfl,WiOerf^iWNijr crew ,-/_t .tho. S.S. JTolllngion are,
room, "■' u    -'-   "      'malmo twit.     IfeSllles''two   smaller drngeine; for iho body today, butno
No authenticated motive hat beon ones liotwoen Duncnn' nnd Shawnigan trace of him hns been found so for,
advanced for thc attempted plot as Lake, and ono by Raymond's Cross-,The young man's home Is In Bergen,
yot. Ing. Norway.
qd Pastry
Iwa*yrftothf-bn-*Hs*nd.' H***.
and Party Cakes Made to
Order. ,_
and-Kndtn Vf -Air*fflni« '
are    very   reasonable.    All
is treated alike.
»%»»«. %«v»ye>»%%%»»«vey»^ey«ye> H@r© -\m a Few ©IT tftoe
Mfflimy -Sipecnffllls aatt HDne
SKIRTS. Ladles Crash Skirts
very full, with strappings,
Special Price   95c.
SKIRTS.    White Drill
with deep   tlouncol
.. I1.7-5
-UNDERSKIRTS. 2 doz. Black
Sateen Underskirts, splendid
quality.  Price  Sl.OO cash
Black stripe, very full, splendid washing Skirts. Our
Price 86c.
SKIRTS. A vory fine selection to choree from.
MUSLIN S. 30 pieces, Cream
and White grounds, with all
colors of poker dots. Special Price per yard   12Jc
Hose Supporters large fronts
4 elastic supports, don't tear
holders.   Special Price ... 25c
HOSE. Try our 50c. Ladies'
Llama Hose; onco used, always used.
SHEETS. 1.00 pairs, full size
for double bed. Specially
madt for us. Our Price, $2
a pair.
U'h i-l 'I    I
'tht delegate! and told" them of the easily have been followed. But Mr.
,i^7nZ.„^i in*——., a. ..u i» H,'. Brodeur Insisted that hit oWn votes
dtsp ptrional Interest ht fill ln the ghould be paMed    CoMervatlve mem
work. bers stood by their declaration,   to
The International ceugreis is     to which the Minister bad himself asssn-
remaln in staslon for one weak Ths tei- that the information should be
remain in session tor one wow. tns   |M m,st aud ()w yotc aIteI,ffard,,
welfare of the child it the subject to and ti,Bt if| through any misfortune
receive    general   attention,  .- Under Mr. Brodeur had failed,   to get   his
'this head maay    topics will be die- 1»P«" ""•y- .""J™    oth«   Minister
I , , . ,        who had. not failed should -take   up
| cussed,     such as compulsory educa- hie estimates.
tion, the place of physical exercise in    Mr. Brodeur refused to allow other
the school     curriculum,     household work to lie done.    He was thus him-.
, .....     L    , ,  jself the obstructor, and is responsi-
economies, industrial schools, provi- »e ^.^ ]oss 0, tlm0
' sion for the epileptic and insane, the it was found that not only was
causes of delinquency, truancy,   va- the   money    to the imported book-
|grancy. theft and immorality, the *g» "£ *^SSZ>&
probation     system and reformatory ^ certified    to thc corrections   of
| work, the work of the Juvenile court, mott of tin    850,000 paid for    the
the relations of the homo and school accounting. .,„„„,„
A largo part was paid on the more
and other subjects.
I The regular programme opens tonight with an address on "Shildren
| of the United States," by Elmer E.
Brown, commissioner of education.
J Many other well known speakers
will be heard during the congress.
Judge Ben B. Lindsay, of Denver,
will, speak on "The Treatment of
Erring and Dependent Children;" Edward Allen, of Boston, on "The Edu
cation of the Blind."
&-%»»»« %»%%«. Q,
certilicate of tho mon to .whom the
■monev'Vent. It would havo suited
the Minister to have his money
voted before these and other facts
wore known, as it suits other Ministers to shut out onquiry Into all
doubtful matters of public expenditure, But thore must he a limit to
these suppressions.
OTTAWA, Fob. 29.- The flrat   all
night sitting this Session  began on
Thursday of this week, and continued
through'   Thureday   night, all   day
Messrs.    Wm. 'Friday,  through Friday night    and
Copelnnd have, it Saturday.     The Minister of  Marine
, seems, met in
——" ■  'neithor is sat „   ,	
....      ,     ,       ,       „b- , To settle tho quostion Mr. Dumvoo- meats explaining expenditure of last
t      nL    , h,„ 1 ZivTaiu? *"<" °<«>"> *■»    ff'v« Oonelann 5 birds year.    Mr. Brodeur's Department   is
-ts, costs    little, is easily made.  .    „.     -,     .,» -     . '   .    .    .   ..._ _ h.nov vunt|nir -round for    many
and G.  _..	
seems, mot in a friendly bout,    and insisted on having his estimates vo-
neithor is satisfied    with the result, ted before ho brought   down   state-
in 25 and    is    ready    to back his a happy hunting ground for    many
for the dinner pail.
at Simon Leiser & Co.'s.
Something new. and just the   thing cbma!a~  to $100. ' The" Standard dlflerent kinds of grafters. The Mln-
*inL'   SL'lmu'-J1 man has seen no forfeit money;   but' ,tter    himself   tote a bad examplo.
. he it given to understand that    tho For hit trip to England and    Paris
■ monoy is there so soon as it is want- last summer hs took an amount var-
Johnuy and    Leonard    Ryan wero ed.    The word    is    now with Cope- lously estimated from 84,000 up; no
surprised by a large number of their land. lone con find out exactly how  much.
friends on Friday evening last,   Tho + A part of this money he drew   from
youngsters had a high old time of it     ...        ,     .     . _      'money voted for Ice breaking steam,
Ottawa, Ont., Mar. 10-Hon. Tern- ers.  Travelling exponses of his  foni-
plenian gives   notice of motion    de- Hy he got mixed up with his official
',.in,.in„ ii »»n«,n„„f tn h.i.„ i. . ,j„ expenditure.     Notwithstanding    his
elarlng it expedient to bring in a Mil b^_ m> he    w„, a guMt o(    „,„
and there was rare fun and frolic.
Refreshments and cakes galore kupt
the party merry and all present
thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Don't forget tho Concert in tho
Presbyterian church Monday night, lent medicines.
March 16th. A flno array of local
talent has been engaged and there is
no doubt that the concert will be up
to the high standard which this
church has set in its entertoinmonts.
The price for admission is 25 cents.
The lectures which Miss Murcutt is
delivering in tho Opera House are,
as was anticipated, proving very
popular. Sunday and Monday nights
the hall was well filled, and the attendance -was greater than ever last
night when the subject was Now Zealand. Miss Murcutt's description of
the people and government of the
Island colony was followed with tlie
keenest interest.
The final gamo of the billiard tour-
nuinent which has been in progress
these last fow weeks at the Pretoria
Hotel, was played out on Saturday
night. A Strang and J. Howell,
wore the finalists, the former playing from scratch and the latter   re-
providing for inspection and rogula- British nation whilo ho wos in Eng-
tion of sale of proprietary and   pa- land.   Under a Minister so extrava-
I gant and so cureless the staff It easy
game and the department is pluniler-
'ed right and left. The Arctic ooan-
j rial, the Montcalm scandal, the
iStrubbo scandals, tho Merwin rape-
oils, have been followed by cithers in
'every branch of tho department. After it was proved that middleman
Merwin had been buying staple articles in tho open Canadian   market
LOUISVILLE, Ky., Mar. 10- Ca
leb Powers, more confident than ever
that he will soon regain his freedom, nnif soiling them to the Department-
today completed eight years of con- at 50 to 187 per cent, profit.
flnenient in Kentucky Jat.., as there- ££» promised refonn.^
His per-
suit of his alleged complicity in tho iegeT'experrboo^^^ New
murder of Vim. Uoetiel. York, at a cost of $50,000 to start
Under the direction of Col. S.   C. «■ new system of accounting,   while
„, . ,    ..  •....,.., . he continued   to buy goods on    thu
fapp. a prominent Atlanta lawyer, ^ M tQrmS| (rom the ^^ oW
a monster petition is boing proper- grafters, certified by the same ofll-
ed asking for the pardon of Powers, cltila at all kinds ot prices.
It It expected to present t*ls tppli ^ g^ w^JfT.^anai
cation for pardon to Gov. Wilson at one ot bookkeeping, but a moral ono
Frankfort within the next two of boodling. Mr. Brodeur's remedy
„-__ has simply added one -to tho number
of grafting operations.  Thero should
If the petition it not granted Pow- be in the service     accountants who
nier for the flfth time.
ooiving throe strings in six. The ,ort will be placed on trial next sum- could re-arrange the system. If out-
scratch men have all played fine
games, but Howell wns let ln too
ensily. In the semi.finul, Dunwoodle
did |ierhaps have a show to run out;
but on Saturday night Stranf neyer
got on tonus, ami Howell run out
the winner and takes the prize.
Tho f-jurth ailie help was needed there ls plenty
. . , , , , „ . , . , ln this country. But a deal was
triul ended at Georgetown last Jan- mado ntu.Khy B Un|toa statcs  con-
uary in a disagreement of the jury, corn supplied    alleged experts,    and
At hit first trial Powers was    con- ral1 »P this $60,000 in bills, all  'or
starting   a   new set of books lo
There are different ways of forcing
the temperance ticket upon the unbelieving. Mrs. Nation favors the
hatchet policy, and there are peoplo
in Ladysmith who avail themselves
of the open door. Thoy are downright free traders. In fact tho party
who went Into tt cellar on- Third
Avenuo last week and walked off
with two dozen bottles of stout, is
altoirether too free, and leaves some
doubt as to the disinterestedness of
his motives. The least ho can do is
to return the sack and the empty
bottles so that they may bo filled
again. Ho may then have another
chance of a freo drink, although not
from that particular collar. Tho
owner has quit the o|»n door policy
in favor of a lock tariff. Other people will be well advised to do the
same esiieclally now that the dry I
weather is coming.
victed and bis punishment fried    at
single one of the sixteen departments
life imprisonment.    This wat in Au- 0f the public service.   Here are sumo
gust,    1900.    At   the second trial, of the paymentsj   (Hansard, Decem-
which waa granted    by the supreme ^.."u""!
p. 510.     Auditor-Gen-
.     ,.         ,. _             „      eral's Report, 1900-07, p. 77.)
court, again the verdict was guifcy, Kenneth falconer, 840 por
and tht    punishment fixed tbe tame    da."  _ $7,032.01
as    before.       Then came tha third £ »• 8«™i I™ V".***™    182.12
. , , ,    .        .   ,„_„     .      ,. W. B. Richards,    $75   per
trlal ia August, 1908, when the ver-    aay                 ,|_    2,277.01
diet was guilty and tha death pen- w. F. RuiseiX $50 per day L\310.8!>
oity affixed, The fourth trial begaa <»■ E. Fawcett, $50 a day. 504.44
i„ w„,..„i„ ioo» —a ™i~i t=_ L- R- Aotnn, $80 per day. 1,180.04
in November, 19W, and ended Jan. F H   ultaii g30 ^ aay.„ 5|801.05
4, 1908, in a disagreement of    the g. pare, $25 per day   1,878.28
jury. If. L. Cooley. $25 per day 2,231.28
t   . H. A. Man-en, $20 a day... 5,282.05
NEBRASKA    REPUBLICANS   FOR J; ™£y, % "iiTd'ay JmLI!
F. B. Wittet, $15 per day. 1,524.95
H. H. Petzc, $15 per day.. 1,044.48
OMAHA, Neb., Mar. 10- Tht   ad- jj. Klpwoll, $15 per day.... 2,275.15
vance guard of delegates has put  in Expanded Board Bills.
So far as is known all these   but
There are some new shooters in the
town and already challenges are be
an appearance in readiness for    the ,       „,..,,.,..
,„     ,„ . ono come fram the United States and
Republican state convention     which MVeral of them aro young mon said
JUST arrived!
&Cew Spring and
Summer Goods
We can now dress you up in
tip-top Fashion in ail tho Now-
ost Styles and Shades,
Also     the
Spring Hats.
Come Early-
show Goods.
vory    latest    ln
No trouble  to
Grocer and Furnisher.
William's Biota-
is to assemble    hero tomorrow    to to be    receiving   $500 to $1,000
chooee delegates    to the Republican yj8' "Ola"* '">» the American flrin.
_„.,     . .     _., The Government paid    their trovell-
natlonal convention. lng OTp8nsal   jtom Now Yorkl    ,„„,
A small-sized boom started some paid thoir board in Ottawa. The
time ago in the Interest of La Fol- allowance for board was $8 por day
i„,,„ .„_, « i._. „n„„ „j i . eaeh for four mon; $4 per day each
lette seems to have collapsed, leav- tm flv„ mcai and g3 ^ Aay f*rn|no
ing Secretary Taft virluolly tho un- others. This is a pretty high tran-
anlmous choice of Nebraska Republi- sient rato for clerks, contidcring
cans for the predentin, nomination. ££ -» - £» -« "J ^
Since then the majority of the coun- ware 140, 857, and 284 days. Moro-
try primaries have resulted In the over, two or three members of par-
passing of similar resolutions, while "J™"1-1 who met -r1**0 •xperts at
,., :_,_.. _t_A a . . . .t Ottawa, and boarded at the samo
tho unlnstructed delegates to tho house ^th some of them, positively
state convention are popularly sup- assured the Minister that while the
posed to lean toward Taft. . The country wot paying $4 and $5 por
m,,«f nnt.,i,i. _——nHn^, -~.fi. a .A <W for their board, tho boarders
molt notable exceptions are tho dole- thtms,,VM wero p,lyinK less Umn H
gatet from   Lancaster county,     tho per day.    Mr. Brodeur solemnly Bta-
home of Wm. J. Bryan, who    have ted that tho exports furnished vou-
bcen Instructed for Boosovtlt.   This «*S? '<» a" IW»«>ti, but was  ob-
,      . , . .    , .   .      . llged to correct his stotoinont   when
Is not expected to Interfere, however, ahoen that certain accounts produc-
wfth the plan of the party leaders to ed had no    vouchor with thom.    It
have the state convention    pats    a looks as if    this whole bookkeeping
,.       _— , .,        a    >     n, ..        scheme    professedly    undertaken to
strong resolution endorsing Taft.       wotw)t,. tne Government from bond-
♦ lers, waa a    grand   boodling opera-
INTERNATIONAL   CONGRESS OF Mon.    Mr. Brodeur found that  with
MOTHERS. * thla matter and his traveling bills
; ■■ unexplained he could, not got hisos-
WASHINGTON, Mar. 10- It wot «»»«« voted and though ht fought
. a, t,     , .. T ■    *w° nights and three days he got no
most distinguished gathering     of fafther ahead and finds hlmsolf    ob-
women that President Roosevelt  re- llged to clear up the matter  before
colved and    addressed at tht White he S8** M» v«*t-    Al   '_    .
rr„..     .ti-      .. —        .t. _, Mr. Brodtur, Obatructor.
House this    afternoon, the occasion    ^^ immelllate mu„ 0, tho   iong
marking the formal opening of tbs sitting may be briefly explained. Mr-
first International congress of mo- Brodaur's estimates had been partial-
ther., for which preparations have t^JUt Kgo?n°g Z1--
been in progress for nearly a -tear, ther to produce certain information,
The delegates present represented al- whl«b the Houso had ordered and
most every state of th. Union and £ S^r'^riar:
several foreign countries. He failed to have tho papers   ready
Tho visitors were formally present- at the   time   promised, though   he
ed to the President and Mrs. Roots- ?'B,m^ tlkt ■*•* 'f"l|r«, wa*
.. ..- .. - a _, , ~t. . through no personal foult of his own
vtlt by Mrs. Frederick Schoff of but wai due to tho absence of hli
Philadelphia, president of tht Nay deputy. Under these circumstances,
tlonsl Congress of Mothers, under Oppoiitlon members asked that the
. ,      .t   . .      .,     . Marine estimates bo postponed   and
whose auspices the International con- ^^._, mm other ^^mo,,.. tok.
great hat attembled. President en up. As all the Minister! have
Roosevelt gave a cordial greeting to monty to vote that   eourae   might
Ex-Resident    of Alberni it the Subject of Newapaper Maa'a Attention— Heroism in North.
Down from the North comet another of tht fine stories of love and endurance that land to the silent northern placet such warm human Interest, says a Winnipeg correspondent.
The story it ont of an ex-resident
of Alberni, Jesse P. Galbratth, who
will bs remembered by old timers of
this community, says the Alberni
Pioneer-News. He brought hit sick
wife into Dawson City from the Dundee district In a dog sled—a distance of nearly 200 miles.
Mrs, Galbratth become seriously ill
and medical attention was urgent,
but there waa no doctor in the remote camp. Galbratth was not the
man tp bo overcome by a few obstacles, and securing the best team
of dogs tn the camp, placed his wife
In a basket sled and with a crack
of tho whip was off on his long journey before daylight. The flrst day
out they mods sixty miles. It was
fairly good trail but nothing com
fortoble or enjoyable for a woman
suffering the pangs of illness. The
dogs did nobly and trotted along for
most of tho dlstanco. The streams
they came to were running water. At
Clear Creek the water waa a foot
and a half deep nnd two hundred
feet wide and thero was no way to
make the crossing but swim tho
The intrepid mustier wrapped his
wife carefully ln canvas and mado
the binding io that the virtually wos
la a large canvas bog. Then at
govt the dogs the lath and they
started for the opposite shore while
Galbratth waded behind. Tho team
did its work faithfully and came out
on the other bank panting and almost exhausted but soon had their
breath and were again hot-footing it
down the trail.
Between MeUuenten and lllghet the
government trail waa used and had
it not been for the cutting of this
trail there would havt been no way
of getting to Dawson, and a doath
would havt to be recorded because of
ths Isolation of the Dundee district
at that particular season. Through
the heart of a deep forest this new
government trail pastes, winding
long tht foothills und among tht
gulches and creeks, and It wat while
Passing through this remote wilder-
that Mr. and Mrs. Galbratth
heard tht baying of Umber wolves.
The dogs were not allowed to tarry
then and scarcely . needed the warning of the drlvor and the sufferer to
urge them on.
Tht second day another 80 miles
wero made and Dominion Creok was
reached. From thore to Dawson the
road was good and the sufferer reach
od medical aid In time to save her
life, aftor several weeks In the hos-
pltnt of thot city.
Such Instances are of frequent oc
purrsneo but few particulars of the
many deeds of heroism of the north
country reach tho ears of tho outside
Soft Hats are ln high favor
again this Spring. Some of
tho ntw shades are in Grey,
Mouse, Fawn and Brown. Tho
Styles are too numerous to
mention you will have to come
ond see them for yourself; we
can't tell whether you would
choose a Soft H«t or a Derby,
so we have both kinds, - and
we don't know- what shape
you'll prefer, so wo have thom
in all Shapes.
j    A.B. HILBERT     !■'
rTelephone, 1 2-4
Nanaim, li 0
IV|clntyre Foundry &
Stove Conipany, Ltd.
Lad j smith, 6. 0.
New 8tore
Newly Stocked
All Kinds of Wall Paper.
Picture   Framing a Specialty.
!, fyeddlijg
High Strtwt,
Mr. Fisher returned to town yesterday morning.
Mr. Ii. Leo boarded tho Xiutorin
train yesterday morning.
Mr. M. Bate passed through town
on tho morning train yesterday.
Miss Bickerton was a passenger un
the Victoria train Monday morning.
Mr. D. Stephenson, ot Nanaimo,
was in town on Monday.
Mr. Chas. Mains returned to business on Monday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Adam and family camo down from Namilmo (in
Monday morning.
Mr. and, Mrs. Wm. Brown and
daughter returned from a short visit
to Victoria  Sunday evening.
jm.& dm
All Work Guaranteed,
Dallas, Tex., Mar. 10— The southwestern dittrlet of the anti-saloon
league convened In annual session
here today to formulate plans tor
waging the .prohibition fight with renewed vigor in this section of the
country. At the opening of the convention delegates woro present from
Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas and a number of other
Assortment of Bamboo Goods.
Large Assortment of Fancy   China-
ware and Glassware, Etc.
6. Peterson
Pefcr Inkster
Ready for all kind of
Leave Orders with Blair * Adam.
Telephone 2-4,
Phone 18.
Flrit Avtnut
A full   set of    High School   text
books.      Apply ,T. Ryan,   , Stevens
Job Lot Snaps
J. E. Smith,    Roberts Street
Pods and lines
FJies and tackle
For All Kinds of Fishing.
Philpott's Restaurant
b Ike Flaw ler
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Dally at 0 a. m.
Wtdnetday,    Saturday   and   Sunday
At 9:00 and 15:88.
For Victoria.
Traim J\rrive at ladysmith
Dally at 11:57.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday,
■ At 11:57 and 17.65. ' '
From Victoria.
District Paesonger Agent.
108 Government St., Victoria
In tht matter of an application for
a duplicate certificate of Title to
lots three and four (8 and 4) Block
twenty nine (29) Map 708a. Townsits
of Ladysmith.
Notice ts hereby given that it is
my Intention at the expiration of one
month from ths first publication here
of to Issus a Duplicate Oortiaoato of
litis to the above land issued to
Mary Davies on the 28th dav of July
i ono  and numbered 7946c.'
,     , „   . Registrar General.
Land Htglstry Office, Victoria, B. 0
tho 11 day of February, 1908.
Notlco is hereby glvon thot ot the
next meeting of tlio Licensing Commissioners of tho City of Ladysmith,
application will lie mado for a transfer of the Interests of Edward Mul-
hollland, now deceased, In the retail
liquor license Issuod In rogpoct to tho
promises known as tlio Ladysmith
Hotel, to Robert Ban-lay.
Executrix of the estate of E. Mulholland, deceased,
Ladysmith, B.C., Feb. 25, 1908.
For Sale
Househrld Effects
Mr. J. Ryan
Corner of Stevens'
ArtltlM can bs Impacted
at any time,
Choicest Fruits
Cigars.  Tobaccos.   Soft Drinks
Excellent Boarding
Proposals for Clearing Land For
Agriculture, Vancouver Island, B.0
Sealed proposals wilt be received
by the Chief Enginoer at his office In
Vancouver, B.C., up to noon of Tuet
day, March 81st, 1908 for the clearing, grubbing, etc., required In opening up for settlement the flrit selection of E. * N. Land Grant Lands.
Consisting of an area of approximately one hundred and twenty-Ova
acres adjacent to the town of Lady-
am th and approximately one thousand ont hundred and forty acres situated between French Creek and Little Qualicum in District of Nanoott.
Plans showing location and specifications can bt obtained by application to above office.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Chief Engineer.
Vancouver,   R. 0.,   February 19th,
1908. fS2-to mlS
Speoial Meal Tloktts for
th* Week
Mr*. D. O. WHITE,
Notice Is hereby given that an application will be made to the Legislative Assembly of tho Province of
British Columbia for an Act to Incorporate a Company with power te
equip, build, maintain and operate a
lino of railway of standard or other
gauge to be operated by steam, electricity or other power for the carrying of freight, uataengers and express from a point situated on flection Fourteen (It) or Fifteen (IS) in
Range Five (V.) Cranberry Dlstrist,
or Station Fourteen (14) Range Six
(VI.), Cranberry District; thence
south-easterly by ths mott feasible
route to a point situate on Oyster
Bsy In Oyiter District, a distinct of
about twelve milet mora or ins—
with authority also to construct,
equip, maintain and operate branches
from lime to turn from any point
or polntt of tht proposed railway;
Notice is hereby given thai I in- w'** P.°"» »■»<> to eonstruct and op-
tend to apply to tht Hoard of Ut-|"»»? ttltgfnnh and telephone lints
canting oommissionert of the Muni- JW £• ?«««*• •>''■• ""•'"•si and
clpslity of Ladysmith at their next,'0' tht publlt,' with power to own,
rtgular meeting for a transfer of the !"•.•»• 0P**«*» *t*ltr powere oo«-
wholesalt Liquor Ltconst now held ♦«»*■« '• "• road, railway and
by ut for tht prtmlsnt occupied by oUl** vm«m, and with tuch other
mt tnd situate on Lot 9, Block 91, _>mn_ »™ Privilege! at art usually
iu tbt aald City of Ladyemlth, from •*v*,^1f2,1?fUSC*I SSSgiJ'"
THAN WOOD. , . ,
H. Thornley
myself to AufUiH Pine.
Ladyimith,    B. 0., 94th January,
■oltsltors for Applicant.
Dated at Victoria, B.C., this 15th
day of January, 1908.
At tlio Hotel Cecil, a woman cook,
A four-roomed houso Just off Fifth
'Avenue.  Full lot, clearod and fenced.
1400 cash taket everything, For par- full charge.   Apply Jat,
titular* apply A, Brown, Ladyimith, Cecil, Ladyimith.
—""■"ill .LIS i iji l i i
to insist In the kitchen, or to  take
Hill,  Hotel


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