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Ladysmith Standard Sep 12, 1908

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We have a iboaiitKuI range of English Rugs,
terns to choose from.
Prices Range From $1.50 to    ,	
Nice,   Nifty . Pat-
Door Mats,
to match, from 10 cents to  tl'M *
Alterations Made in The Management And City Loague
To Be Started Monday Week
Another attempt waa made on
Thursday evening to got tho Football Club moving for thu season- A
variety of causes have contributed tu
produce tho inaction and lndil_orouco
oi Liie last low weeks, and sumo of
thein havo already been dealt with
in Tho Standard.  It would not
Solicits Yoiir Patranage, Because it is
YOU CAN GET      "»
Clocks, Watches, Pictures, Books,
Razors, Etc., Etc.
for White ftwan Washing Powder CouJjod*
Send a -Two-Cent St imp for our Catalogue
B. C. _ioa|> Works, ™*S*_&£
politic to say anything more
corning thein, At the genernl
ing last Tuesday tlio urustie
was   taken   of  UlSclUU'gtng ^^^^^^^^^^^
committee. The meeting on Thursday J committoo a
night was tilled for tho specific purpose of reconstructing antl amending
Uio club management.
Thoro wus a gooil attendance ol
players and members and the meeting was characterized by a lino ind
cheerful spirit of harmony. The management of the club was placod on
an entirely now looting, and a iV-OK
at most should set things going and
witness a revival of tho old-time enthusiasm and zeal.
The first business was the appoint,
ment of a secretary-treasurer aud
Air. W. U. Simpson was once again
unanimously elected to that olfico.
Then came tho executive eoiiunittee
and Manager Hindmarch suggested
a committee of five to select tho
team, aided by anothor cauuaitteo to
look after tho* grounds. After some
discussion tho suggestion wus adopted, and the working uud executive
personnel of the club is as follows:
Vice-President—W.  U. Eraser.
Manager—It. R. Hindmarch.
Selection Committee, (with whom
secretary and manager will act)—
Messrs. J. ,Eno; Jno. O'Connoll, aud
A. Walker.
. Grounds Committee—Messrs. D.
Irving, A. Orr, J. E. Smith, and A.
Tho first thing to bo aimed at aud
worked    for is   tho   formation and
Get Ready for
We havethe best
atock of
Bibs, Guds,
+«.-%* *■■»■ «-,*^%^*-'%%^ *%•%/%». *._t.
Ever Shown in Town.
Now u the time to lay in your
stock of winter fuel. Order
your wood right away..__>
H. Thornley
aro cordlnlly invited to Inspect our lino of Jewelry. Wo
handle nothing hut the Jowel-
ry line. Our Uoods are UP-
TO-DATE and tho Best Quality.
Years of oxporienco in some
of the largest stores in Eastern and Western Canada, hnve
enablod us to buy at an advantage, besides giving us a
thorough knowledge of Grades
and workmanship.
Tho man handling a hundred
dollar sldo lino of Jewelry,
knows nothing about its quality or workmanship. It cost
no moro to como to tho one
whose Business it is to Know.
It costs no moro to pay a legitimate price for Good Goods
than to' pny a big prico for
Flro Gilt Goods, which will
not wonr a yoar.
The  Jowolor.
Mr. and Mrs. Robt.  Gordon dosiro
to   place on rocord their deep    and
lasting     appreciation of tho     moro
than: kind and skillful attention paid
FOR BAUD. to the latter in hor recent illness by
Ahouie on the corner of Methuen Dr  Frort     jA1     th       , h U) thmk
Streot and Third Avenue. Six rooms rt  . . ;
and pantry, half a lot,   cultivated 'Dr- WUHmm    and Nurso Thompson
with fruit trees.  Apply on premises.' for their service* in the cast.
starting of the  City   Ltiftgue.     Tho
Selection committee hav.  taken this
in hand, and a gamo may be uxpo.t-
ed  for    tliu aULii.    It v mils   tu  he
plainly understood that only players
whoso names are on the run    ol Uie
club will Uo allowed tu play.     Tho
rato is easy enough, and mere is no
be' excuse for anyone nut joining      the
eon-j club. All who intend to liocomo -nominee t-   bors should give in  thoiV names    at |
action'once either to tlie secretary or     the
tho   old  munager, so as tu give the Election
wide u Held as possible
lor the choosing of th-! 'yams.
It was also agreed last night to
put up something m addition to tho
Wusson Cup lor tno winning toam.
What form the prizos will take,
whether medals, badges, sweaters or
valises has yet tu be settled. Messrs,
J. 1_, Sinitn and J. O'Connell woro
also appointed to push tho sale ol
membership cards through tho town,
and it was also decided that the
Executive Committoo should appoi'it
a captain for tho senior team at
their noxt meeting on Tuesday evening, An official trainer for the club,
who shall travel with tho team at
tho club's expense, is also to bo appointed.
There is every hope of the ;lub
going ahead. It is time a move was
made, and some degree of enthusiasm
worked up. There is suro to bo some
criticism aud a certain amount oi
dissatisfaction. The man who takes
office in any organization has to bo
prepared for thoso little amo*uties;
but ho can also always expect to
have his work appreciated by tho big
majority of thu club's supporters.
The motto of tho club should be tne
good of the club, und if this is faith
fully lived up to, tho red ami white
colors will occupy no discreditable
plnco in thc football world ut tho
end of the season.
Ottawa, Sept. 5. throe of whom ho took into his iniu-
With the prospect of on election at isti'y. lie has thrown tho whole
the end of October or tho begin—ing Federal inlluencu into every provin-
of Novomber, the Conservatives have cial contest, since he became pr
begun a vigorous and aggressive mier, declaring that the late Ontario
campaign, Mr. Dorden took a short government was the right arm, and
rest, after which he returned to Ot- 1'remier Parent's administration the
tawa and attended to various mat- left arm of his own ministry. Sir
ters of organization and is now ad- Wilfrid's right arm was neatly undressing meetings in Nova Scotia, putated three years ago by lhe (.ou
From there ho will move westward,' pie of Ontario. He lost his left by
speo-ing in all the provinces cast of a revolt among his own Quebec
Manitoba.       Air. Monk and    other; friends.      But    ovary Conservative
Quebec leaders have addressed tr votings in tholr own province and
throughout the country. Other Con
servativo leaders and members nre
nt work in their own districts. Mr.
Foster has held eleven remarkably
successful meetings in the three oast-
ern provinces, nnd is to speak during the noxt two or throo weeks in
Ontario. Mr. Ames has gone all
through tho west with his campaign
against the spoilers and plunderers
of the public domain in that country, thus accepting the challenge to
make his charges In tho places whore
the transactions occurred and whero
tbe land and timber grafters oro
1'rovincial Leaders.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier con thank himself for the appearance of provincial
'.romiers and ministers with Mr.
Burden at his future meetings. A-
mong these will be Sir James Whitney, when ho returns from England,
und some of his ministers in tho
meantime; Mr, ltobliu, premier of
Manitoba; Mr. llu/en, premier of
Now Brunswick, and Mr. McBrldo,
premier of British Columbia. Sir
John Macdonald was not disposed
to    mix federal ond provincial poll
provincial victory has been obtained
against all the power that tho federal administration could exert.
Things are UiUerent.
When Sir Wilfrid took ofllco ho
had at his back the solid support of
ull the provincial governments from
lhe Atlantic to the prairies. First
he lost Manitoba, then Ontario, then
New Brunswick. A straight Conservative government has taken the
place of a mixed organization in
British Columbia. Today more
than half of the people ot Canada
are under Conservative provincial
governments. Those of Ontario,
British Columbia and New Brunswick have been established since Sir
Wilfrid last appealed to the peoplo.
llo has made it impossible for these
administrations to be neutral in the
coming fight. Moreover, the premier will find that the various machines which in times past manipulated ballots antl stole elections will
no longer have the protection ot the
department of justice in the provinco where they have carried on the
most successful operations. Twice
since 1001 the peoplo of Ontarii
have condemned and sontenced this
| machine and the party to which    It
tics. Mr. Mackenzie and Mr. Uluke belonged. Whon Sir Wilfrid starts
look tlie same view. But Sir Wll- out this month on his Ontario tour
frill Laurier came into olllce by an he will find somo vacant chnlrs
alliance   with     provincial premiers, where mon high in    provincial posi-
When you buy soap, shoes, gloves,
hats, firearms, or other merchandise,
you naturally demand that they
have the trude mark and merit of
age and excellence,
Why do you not buy your amusement in ths same way?
Many minstrel companies, goo I.
bad and Indifferent, may visit yoir
city this season; but why expert
ment?    Why take chances?
Why not attend the ono that has
tho merit of boing the oldest in existence, and the reputation ot being
tho best. That one is 'Richards ii
1'rlngle's Famous Minstrels, an organization that has beon beforo the
public continuously, season after
season, for thirty years. The "survival of tho fittest" wns never more
aptly applied than to this company.
The proof of the pudding ls the
eating, and the proof ot this company's excellence ls Its longevity.
They offer a .brand new program
this season
is conceded to be the most stupendous and gorgeous ever carried by n
minstrel organization.
Clarence Powell leads a band of
one dozen fun makers, and the sing
Ing contingent Is under the able di
rcctlon of Sidney Klrkpatrlck, tho
famous baritone. Fred Simpson's
challenge band of twenty accompanies the company and will be heard
'upon the principal streets at noon
and In front of the theatre at 7.80
The dote of the company's appearance nt thc opera houso Is Tuesday
Sept. 15.
Tf Tn Trouble,  Consult Mo.   To-Day.
Aro you in the Firflt Stage?
Woll, you nre fast approaching the
I cover tho ontlro Held of Nervous,
Chronic, Tleop Seated, nnd Complicated Diseases.
_....,.,      .t, rm. Phaser
The beautiful new flrstlom(.0> noom 4i Vondomo Hotol
< part, "The meeting ol the Alumni,"
Nanaimo, B. C,
lions i—ed to sit around ifiui. ll is
u'ue thai hu hus lut__ ihe discruui
ed premier into Uie senulc, uud one
meuiuer ui the condemned government into his uauifful, Uial hc hus
made another a judge and une a
_uvci_or, und still another a royal
cu__iu-io_er. 'Ihut does not onset what the people huve dono. It
only shows thut Sir Wilfrid is not
on iho side of the people,
A Load to Carry.
Sir Wilfrid is further embarrassed
with tho presence in his cabinet uf
the chief personage of the iale i\ew
Brunswick government, .which last
March weut down In disgrace, be-
l'ure an indignant population, and
has been still further discredited by
disclosures made since in the examination of the public accounts. Probably there was never in an orgau-
i/.ed community outside of South
tfuieriea, Turkey or higypt, such a
record of private dealings with public funds. Ministers used the public treasury as a private bank, draw
ing money when they needed it, paying part of it book when Ihey were
in funds, und then drawing more at
electiontinies. These transactions
never appeared in tho public accounts, and it was not until the
government was overthrown and auditors appointed that tho public understood what a "suspense go-
count" meant in New lir__wi_~ finance. Mr. Pugsley is busy explain
ing that he gave value in extra services for all the overdrafts which
he has returned to the treasury
sinco the change of government.
Some of these services were rendered
eight or ton years ago and wero
supposed to be settled for. Most
people thought they were excessively
rewarded at the time, seeing that
Mr. Pugsley with
of $2,100, was in the habit of draw
ing six to ten thousand dollars a
year from the treasury tor legal services.
Bather Cowardly.
Just beforo parliament met last
November Mr. Pugsley, speaking in
New Brunswick, made certain charges against Mr. Borden in regard to
campaign funds. When the houso
met ho was challenged to make his
charges there lo Mr. Borden's face.
Among others who made this challenge was Mr. A. E. Kemp, of Toronto. It camo naturally from him
becauso Mr. Pugsley's attack on Mr.
Borden was in the form of a reply
made in Toronto by Mr. Kemp.
Whon Mr. Kemp faced Mr. Pugsley
in tho houso he said among ...othor
"The Hon. Gentleman (Mr. Pugsley) has resorted to the lowest sort
of a campaign in this mattor. He
hus gone beforo public meetings of
his partisan supporters and ho has
made statements which I challenge
hlm to make in this house face to
face with us. Now I hope
thatthe minister of public works will
deem it his duty to make good what
he has stated outside thc houso.
. . if the Hon. Gentleman refuses
to go further, if he is satislied to
make statements and insinuations in
a way he has done outside of this
house without taking stops to make
his position good, I cannot but feel
that he Is condemned boforo tho
country for making statements that
lie know were untrue. Sir, he has
talked of these things on the hustings, but he hns sat in this house
liko a whipped spaniel not dnring to
npen hls mouth. He is now at the
bar of public opinion and let him
choose his course."
Mr. Pugsley continued to sit like a
whipped spaniel during tho seven
months of the session, and though
repeatedly challenged, made no attempt to substantiate in Mr. Borden's presence what he said about
him when Mr. Borden was thousands
of miles awny. But, strange to say
nn the second political meeting when
the minister nddrcssed tn his own
province nftor the session wns ovor,
ho returned to the old slanders, nail
inly explained bis silence in tlio
house by easing thnt Mr. Komp was
unworthy nf his nttontlon, though it
wns the same Mr. Komp whoso remarks called forth Mr. Pugsley's original statements.
Libel Suits That Failed.
It may be further remembered thut
when Mr. Pugsley .made his first
charge a Toronto newspaper pointed out that Mr. Pugsley himself hud
been accused of conspiring a m
years before for the overthrow of
the Laurier govornmoul, whloh he
wos then pretending to support. Mr.
Pugsley ut once gave notice of a
libel suit, which tho paper welcomed
as likely to throw somo light on a
mysterious chnpter of Cnnudlnn political history. Mr. Pugsley never
proceeded with this suit, nor with
noy others thnt he threatened. It
was Mr. Pugsley, who as Mr. Em-
merson's adviser, instituted proceedings for criminal libel In tho
wine, women and graft" . affair.
Thnt suit also collapsed, together
with three civil libel suits instituted
in th© samo matter, Mr. Pugsley and
denly    appearing afterwards as  Mr.
Nanaimo  United Meet  \ aneouvor   in
uponmg fJunio tm urioivot
ti rounds.
The Pacific Uoust Association
ji'uuilmU League opens on Sunday alternoon . To _> uuuiwu L nilod, Lhc
cnauipiuns oi tlie island nnu Province nas Ueon accorded the honor oi
sotting Lhe ball u rolling. Their visitors win bo Vancouver or rathor thu
[jack oi Lhc players in \ aneouvor ano
uisLriot in which is included New
Westminster aud Westhum island.
Hie meeting on Sunday suouni furnish a grout and exciting exhibition
oi iooiuu.il. There is no reason iu
houij. that tho Vancouver eleven wil»
ue a ioriuH.hu.tie organization. /.'ne
uiiicmls havo a wiuer iielu to chouso
irom Lhaii any other my n Lhu
L.aguo, antl Una ihey nave some ex-
coplioualij good men no une i au
iiotiy. un tne other nand the champions are stronger  liuiii  Lnuj     mivu
iV  been,  and  lho olub uiunug-hi-ui
sparing no ouorl lo improve the
tenm, .1 ue game ou buuuay, curly u_
s, snouai lurni.su a reuauio ,ine
tno chances 01 island anu Alain-
lund ior premier loutbuil honors. Un
thoir own pi ten tne champions
..huuId prove invincible, and al iou_t
tnoy have tho best w isuos uf all tho
other  Isuum   .
At  Lhc  tunc oi  writing tho     teams
Lo reprcsoni     either    city nave uut
ueon published. However, Lho line-up
will probauiy be as luliuws:
tioui—i o-.o,
Backs—Graham and HewiLl.
Halves—Sawyer, McJi/wau or Farmer, and Harley.
Forwards—niundell, Mitchell, lluup
or, Hurren und CriliclcshauRs,
Goal.—H. Forrest,
Hacks—Strang and McPherson.
Halves—Knowlos, Mc-lvonzie uud'
Ii1 orwurds—J ones,  -Nunsun,  ltobort-
son, Uamorou uud Shaw-ross*.
'Sid. Thompson,   ui    \ ictorla,   vill
-aUysimth Male \ oico Party yetting
Meatlj iur Uctohoi' 21flt,
lhe Ludysmith Alule Voico Party
ia tu give u concert on Wednesday
evening, Uct. 21,
un,-, decision wu_ arrived at lust
evening by uud with the advice of
the couductur, Mr. J. M. Morgan,
ui course it will mean regular at-
lAudanoo at all practices by all the
members, and very probably special
meetings uill have to be held. Some
of the members are not as regular in
their attendance as they might le,
and the.' are asked to take notice
that only thuse who attend will be
allowed to take purt In tho concert.
do the vory best that is iu him both.
lt is the duty of every member to
for tliecredit 01 thu party and the
honor of his leader. The concert
ought to be a howling success, and
t will be if the members will get
down to work,
uct as     roferei
limed for 3.3U.
and   the kick-oil  is
Mi MKVil___
Mr. VV, Li. Simpson Presented    Wuu
LocKei  uy FouUiuii Cluo.
i_ pleasing little function to*v
place at the general meeting if Uio
rooluail ciub on Thursday. On be-
ualf oi the members anu players i.i
the ciub Mv. ii. it. Hindmarch presented lo Mr. \V. u. Simps jn u
lUuuisomo gold locket, .vlltaoiy inscribed, wnn his Initials engraved in
raised relief. Mr. Simpson, u^ everyone Knows, was secretary .j til. cluh
last year, but his activities uud services by no moans endeu witn tue
discharge 01 his secretarial unties.
Ho worked right through the lous.
with an nuiluggmg an luidivid
zeal ior the best interests ■ i the
ciub, und the small present ho c
celved on Thursday night u*. i-tist
shows that those most jiiiLnulei;,
associated with him fully appruoial
od the truo value of his S-tvioa.
ihey woro not iu a position to makt
a costly presentation, but Mr. Simp
son will treasure the haadsoino uuk
souvenir for the true spirit of com
rudeship and gratitude r.; which r.
was  given.
Air. Simpson in a few brief tua
manly remarks thanked most heart
ily the gentlemen responsible foi
making mm Uie presentation-. Hi.-
services hud been given freely uu
he never expected to receive uy-
thiug ui the sort. However, it show
ed that what he had done had ftt
leusl been appreciated, in all he hau
done he had boen actuated ny mo
single motive oi furthering tho O'jst
interests oi tho club, tie might on
occasion spoken rather hastily and
have appeared to take more authority to hnnsolf than he had any right
to do. liut thero again ho hud had
the good of the club ut heart, nnd
they would find that some one had
to take this much upon himself to
keep tilings going right, lie again
thanked the club u>v the generous
1-himersou's successor in the     n__n-
A Bad Place for Him.
in lhe 11resent state of the Dominion nuances, and in view of tho grotesque financial methods of tho Pugsley administratiun in New liruna*
wick, it is uniurtuuatc that Air.
i'ugsbey should have charge of one
of the great spending departments of
the Canadian government. F.nough
was discovered last session iu dredging contracts alono to show that
this minister is an easy mark for
contractors. That was illustrated
in the new contracts given on tho
lakes. It wus also found that one
dredging company, working in the
St. John harbor, in ten months received $375,000, and it is stated on
good authority that $100,000 of
this covered nil operating expenses,
$150,000 purchased and repaired the
dredge, leaving the company $125,-
000 i roiit and the dredge to the
good. The chief member of this
company is tho son of a member of
parliament and obtained tho contract without tender. Just now
Mr. Pugsley finds It necessary to
uOquiro for his party a newspaper in
St. John, and it is a significant
fact that tho chief movers in that
onterprlso are mon with dredging
contracts. Tho snd result of Mr.
Pligsloy's interference with the last
provincial election makes him anxious to gather In help from every
source for another sectional appeal.
Finals for _nooi Cup and Medals Wlll
bo shot oh Toinorro.w.
The Tyee     Cuu    uiub has almost
completed its seusun.     un the whole
ihe ciub has been    fairly successful,
although ils records  for the     year
disciuse no     brilliant   achievements.
Twice they succumbed to Nunaiino in
team shoots,  but on the lirst   ooca-
siou it was due to   the manner     in
which the men were selected and in
the second to one of those strange
but common drops of lorin on     the
part of a   fairly consistent shooter.
1-veu thon there was only ono point
between them and Aangiuio.
On its lust visit tne club    covered
itself with glory uud recovered some
of its lost laurels.   In ihe first place
Ceo. Hepple tied     with lus old-time
rival Hodgson     in   the open sweep,
and, bettor still,   H.  Wright secureci
tho individual championship of     tae
district.     The title carries with     it
a   massive silver cup, which romuius
in the possession of the winner   for
one year.     The cup is on exhibition
in the Crand Hotel and is certainly,
a  handsome piece of silverware. The
winner also received I a*4J21 gg$l me--— »
dal to commemorutevhi*, proQ9 ach-£-' 7
ievemant.     Hurry got\ -U.i birds   ou<^   /
of 50, his nearest    coa^etilor L*uOff J
Dr. Brown, with 84-,    The Tyee Clu/b
thus holds     the blue ribbon of    the
In the purely club competitions T.
White hus clinched his title to the
Craud Cup and also carried oil' the
modal shoots. Tom has been in
line form all the season, yet, strange
to say, his perfurmances lu team
shoots, have sometimes boen very,
The finale for the Noot Cup have
yet to be shot off, and Mr. Arthur
K. Howay is also putting up a locket. This shoot will take place tomorrow at the club's traps and the
seusun's work completed.
The following vessels have called
at the local wharves during the
week: Lome and Eagle, for lum-
ber; Stetson and scows for cargo;
We Two, bunkers; Uola and scows,
cargo; lvauho, bunkers; i_urrar_i,
Princess May, Celtic, Belfast, Lapwing, all for bunkers; Marlon and
scows, Flyer and scow, \ atl so, cargo. The Titania also left during
lhe week with a lull cargo for San
l-Yancisco, and the Victoria, from
Seattle to Nomo, called for a cargo
o; sacked coal.
The William Jollifl'e, the powerful
tug which was chartered to the government, was in and loft for Viotoria to be inspected by the Canadian admiral.
From Bunneld comes the news that
coal haa heen discovered vory close
to the cable station. It has boen
found on thc surface, and is creating
a groat deal of oxcitement, in the
district. There has in fact been
what might be called a "big rush''
to tho location, and staking is In
progress. Jf tho find proves to be
well founded Ban field is destined to
bocomo quite a centro as the point
from which the mines nro reached.
Vancouver, B. C, Sopt. 8.—Special—Rovelsoko telephone headquarters was burned out early Saturday
morning. Tho nipht operator inadi
vertently started tho fire and when
the room wus in flames fled across
tho streot for holp. Miss Edith Cook
assistant operator, also escaped but
Miss Tlrenton who returned for her
clothes closed her bedroom door so
tightly thnt sho was unable to re-
opon It. Sho became unconscious
from smoke and it was only after
tho hardest work 'that she was rescued. Tho entire building waa consumed. CONSUL- ME
If You Require Any
WILLS,   '
Or II You Require Auy
Or II You Willi* to Buy a HOUSE,
or Bell One;   or II You  Want
ifjftM Idling (fousefk
Setary Publlo,
Ladysmith   Standard
Published uu Wednesdays una -*tur-
rinys Afternoons by lhe
Itubt, 11.  Hindmarch,
-U11S01U1T10N  l'HICG.
"One Yoar  $1.SQ
..,., _otiu.H       76
iiuv— "Lluluy  l.i.lct,  un Applieallwu.
The question ol the grade ol that
section of the sidewalk on Pin_
avenue which ilea between Blair _
Adam's corner und High street will
ugain cuuio up before the Council at
its uoxt mooting on Monday evening. Mayor Nlchulsun describes it
us a dilllcult problem, and there Is
little room for doubt that whatever
course of action tho Council takes,
will be bitterly and severely critici--
ed. l-erjiape it is all the better
that opinion on tho subject is
ovenly divided, for it at toast places
the aldermen in au easy position.
And really we aro unablo to see any
cause for hesitation. As-the matter stands tho city cannot interfere
any further with tho sidewalk, nor
will it be in a position to assume
the obligations of lowering it for;
yenrs to come. This fact alone
should bo justificution for the alteration ol the original grade to tlml
at which the sidewalk is now laid.
The profile prepared by Mr. King
and exhibited at the Council meeting
on Monday evening, shows that tho
sidewalk requires to bo lowered a-
bout two feet at tho curncr of Blair
and Adam's store, over three feet in
front of the Europe hotel, and over
four feet at the corner of High
street. Now, supposing the sidewalk was lowered to this level, tho
tho obligation would legally full upon the city either of compensating
tho property-owners affected, or of
putting down the houses and business premises to the same grade. It
needs no expert nt figures to see
that in its presont state the city
could never undertake such an enterprise. That being so thero is really
nothing to be said against the proposal to establish tho grado of the
present sidewalk as the official city
level. If in thc future the city should
grow in extent and in wealth then
it will be Just ns easy for the council of thot day to again altor the
grade and restore it to its original
level. Howovor, for the present thero
is renlly no grounds for argument,
and the only possible solution consistent with n propor encouragement
to building, is to fix tho official
grade of the street ns that at which
the present sidowalk is laid.
chell, the hitherto unbeaten middle'
weight champion of tho world, went
down and out to Billy, 'Papke, t\
fighter from Milwaukee whom Stanley had already onco defeated.
Tho first result is that Stanley's
hard won fame and ruddy glory have
departod from him. Up to tiaibor Day
his career had been almost meteoric
_ its rapid brilliance ol conquest.
Almost unknown up to tho time of
his first meeting with Joe-Thomas,
ho has sinco then been tho shining
figure in tho world of pugilism. Ho
has never refused a fight and perhaps
he has beon sponding his strength
and energy too freely. Three times
ho has fought and boaten Joe Thomas; ho easily accounted for tho Sullivan brothers, and ho out-fought
I'npko back onst in the letter's own
cyclono style of fighting.
Now his term of obscurity has
come nnd ho has tasted tho bittors
of defeat just nftor climbing to-tho
dizziest hoights of success.  Just ox-
tly how it happened wo havo not
yet been ablo to loam. Tho surprisingly  inadequate manner ln    which
The ring claims first notice in any the master of the ring and
:hat on matters sporting this week, craft.
Sinco my last letter, wo lave had no' Nelson had hammered his way up
fewer than three world's champion- to Gans. A slugger, wo are told,
ships at issue, and at least tho ■ has no earthly chance in a roped
sporting publlc was furnished .with'ring with-.a scientist. Yet according
ono moving   surprise.    Stanley Kot-jto the American press on the coast,
of its that the new born zeal for higher
things might have struck at something more deserving uf remedy than
the Athletic Club.
Nelson's sole fighting assets are a
pair of flailing arms and ironbound
ribs.and jaw.-This natural but untutored hitter, goes up against the
master of them all ln tho very zenith
of his career, and chases him round
and round tho. ring for 42 rounds.
Tho master with all his science, his
his armoury of blows, and jabs und
jolts and hooks, with all his mastery of ring craft and the art of pummelling, can novor take a load on
Battling Nelson. In tho ond Qans
is glad and fain to take tho decision
on n foul.
Now it has always appeared to me
that if Uans was abnormally clover
(and thore is no doubt that ho was)
a man that could stand up to him
for forty rounds must havo had
somothlng else than a hard jaw and
iron ribs. Nolson novor got any crod-
it for his achievement. Gans was declared to bo only a black shadow,
a skeleton of himself, but the fact
was that it was as hard for Nelson
to make tho weight as it wus for
Gans. And now subsequent ovents
rather tend to justify Nelson's    oft
Yesterday's fight again demonstrated how ovenly matched both Gans
and Nelson are. In physique, as woll
as in battlo these two lightweights
are also well mated. The following
uro their measurements :
Height—Nolson, 5 feet 7J. Gans,
5 feet 6i inchos.
Weight—Nelson, 185 pounds. Gans,
135 pounds.
Reach—Nelson 5 feet 7J. Gans, f>
feot IO} inches.
Neck—Nelson, 14J inches. Gans 14J
Waist — Nelson, 30 inchos. Gans,
2i)J inches.
Thigh— Nolson, 20J inchos. Gans,
20J inches.
Calf—Nelson, lit inches. Gans 131
Biceps—Nolson, 128. Guns, 13{ inches.
Forearm—Nelson, 10' inches. Gans
11J inches.
Wrist—Nolson, 7J.   Gans US inchos.
tho sporting pages of tho local press ropoated charges that he was choatod
is handled is again demonstrated by  out of.   tho fight.     Ho has always
tho tantalisingly scrappy reports   of maintained that ho nad Gans beaten
' J      '^'and that ho would prove it if over
thoy mot again. At least ho has de
the fight which havo appeared. It
would soem that Papko almost did
to Stanley what Stanley himself-had
dono to tho younger Sullivan. Kot-
chel nover appears to havo recovered
from a blow received in tho " first
round and only his nativo gumeness
nnd extraordinary stamina kept aim
on his foot to tho 12th round.
It is hardly likely that the fight
will decido tho count botweon the
two mon. Tho count stands uno each
and Papko seems to havo enough ,\t
tho Kotchol temperament to glvo a
roturn mntch os soon as it is asked
for. Tho noxt meoting will decide
who is to go after tho scalp of
Tom. Burns. Ketchcl had tho ditch,
but whether duo to a chance blow
or to Papko's superiority, ho is now
out of the hunt. It is certain, however, that ho will not bo content to
remain down and out, and it will
bo Interesting to see how this disastrous and painful experience of defeat will affect his fighting   powers.
If tho rosult of tho Ketchol-'Papko
bout was a surprise, tho decision In
the Mornn-Attell meeting was exactly what 'was expdeted. All tho experts appeared satisfied that, oar-
ring accidents, neither man could
win out in twenty-five rounds. Moran, it scorns, is tho stronger arid
sturdier of the two and In a finish
fight would start a strong favorite
In a limited number of rounds, however, Attoll is Invincible. Once his
aggressive tactics have failed him-,
Abe adopts tho defensive and his
supreme skill, quickness, and ring
generalship carry him safely out of
tho roach of tho most determined attacks.
Attoll seems to know that a finish
fight would spell disaster to .his
career ns champion. His first meoting with Moran was strenuous
enough to make him fight very riiy
ot another bout. Whon at length tho
match was agreed to Attell carried
all his own conditions. Moran wanted thc fight scheduled lor 4>5 rounds,
but Attoll would go no moro thnn
25, and tho question of superiority
is still unsettled. Of course, Abe will
retain thc title, but ho cannot boat,
tho English aspirant in a limited
contest, and ho refuses to fight to a
finish. Who then is most entitled to
the titlo, or have both men a claim
to It? Let some one who is neither
an Englishman nor an American decide the point.
The third fight was in a way, the
tit-bit of tho thrco. Battling Nelson
and Joo Gans are names to conjure
with in tho ring world. Of Gans it
may bo true thot he has fought too
long; but It Is just as1 truo that he
came to his pugilistic end at the
hands of the hardest man he was
over up against. Tako tho first meoting of the two and run over Nelson's
subsequent career. Gans was admittedly tho clovorest fightor, not only
of his class, but to bo found in the
ring. Ho was hailed as the master—
LONDON, Sept. 8— Saturday saw
tho opening of tho season in roal
oarnost and every gamo attracted
big crowds of enthusiasts eager to
find tho cricketing soason replaced by
football. Tho results in tho different leaguos wore as follows:
Notts County 2, Woolwich   Arson-
al, 1.
Newcastle United 2, Leicester F, 0.
Bristol City 0, Everton 2.
Preston N.E. 0, Manchester U. 3.
Middlosboro 1, Bradford City 0.
Manchester City 3, Blackburn Rovers, 3.
Liverpool 2, Chelsea 1.
Bury 4, Sunderland 2.
Sheffield United  1, Nottingham F.
Astonvilla 1, Sheffield  I.
Barnslcy 0, Bolton W. 1.
Bradford 5, Chesterfield 0.
■Fullham 5, Stockport County t.
Gninsbro T. 1, Birmingham, 3,
Grimsby Town,  1, West Brampton
A. 1.
Hull City 3, Clapton Oriont 8.
Leeds City 1, Tottenhnm H. 1.
Oldham A. 3, Derby Countyi 1.
Wolverhampton 3, Blackpool 2.
Crystal 5, Loyton 1.
Brentford 2, Southampton 3.
Luton 2, Rending 2.
Swindom 9, Norwich 2.
Exeter 3, Bristol Rovers 3.
Northampton 3, Coventry I.
New Brompton 1, South End 0.
Millwall 0, Plymouth 1.
Proston N.E. 6, Chelsea 0.
Everton 0, Woolwich Arsenal 3.
Manchester Unitod 2, Bury 1.
Birmingham 3, Bradford 1.
Burnley 2, Derby County 0.
LeodB City 0, Clapton Oriont 0.
West Bromwich A. 0, Wolvorton 2.
Postponed from   5th:     Burnley   3,
G-lossop 0.
Queon's Park 2, Watford 0.
Southampton 4, Brighton Andhovo
Bristol Rovors 3, Portsmouth 2.
Postponed from 5th:     Portsmouth
2, Watford 0,
Sholbourno 3, Belfast Celtics 0
Linfleld 2, Derry Coltlcs 0.
Cllftonville 1, Ulontornn 1.
MUNICH,  Sopt. lO.-Pluy for   tho
cisivoly provod tho latter part of his
Aftor tho big fight Nolson was
down and out. Men he had defoated
reversed, the former decision; now
men came along and slogged him
round tho ring, and ovon Abe Attell
gave him a good ten-round buffeting. Meantime dans improved with
He polished olT all coiners with
most improviso art and tho most
ridiculous easo. In the very last fight
beforo ho met* Nelson the critics wero
agreed that, if his blows wero not
as forceful,as of old, ho had develop
cd an added skill of planting them
on vulnerable points. Then camo Nelson and annihilation. Thinking thero
.might have beon some mistake in-
other meeting is arranged, and Joo
receives tho severest and most painful hammering of his long career
The '-flaller" is top. Hc has dono
what no othor lightweight in the
ring can begin to do, mid it is more
than probablo that he could have
dono It any timo theso last two
years. Long mny he enjoy his
It would rather appear that Nanaimo Is In for somo kind of reform
Thore has been' qu|ite a lot
of criticism in the columns of thc
city press lately about tho very las
manner In which the city isi conducted. There is, according' to theso advocates of the higher life or tho life
beautiful, a lack of moral sensibility
and no appreciation of tho nobler
things' of lite on the part of the Na-
naimoites, and quite a! lot of blame
has boon put upon the portly shoulders of Chief Crossan. Clearly the
criticism has taken effect, and Chiof
Crossan has determined to show
that he has the moral welfare of tho
town as much at heart as any Nti-
naimoitcs of them all.
Ho began by stopping as clean a
boxing contest as was ever seen in a
ring. The work has licen continued
by tho refusal of a permit for the
Jones-Smith bout. Hore is reforming
zeal for you. Father Vaughan, the
colobrated Catholic leader, can My
his hand upon tho sturdy shoulder of
Tommy Burns, and give hlm his
blessing (and mind you, Tommy is
credited -with carrying - something oi
a wallop), but our worthy officials
in Nanaimo, seeking ground for somo
sacrifice with which to appease their
aesthetic     critics,    seizes upon tho
Athletic Club. Brave-hearted relorm- ..,—- „•,„„,„;•, .„    ...    -     ,,   ~-
ers. Wrestling also will bo put under *5.mcdTa's?5__t?&__"*__£
the ban, and purely out of consider- .vnH n;itnil£3 "«":\      _V1„   B
ation for the skins of the soccer men, S™SJ I? fXS       if   t T0,
football will be stopped. Cycling and gfP C™ Jh     Zi    n f .
basebail should also bo JLJ to ^th^eTiy" i°ZS ^
X^Wi^L™^ Playing,  followed until   dWlcult
nr ^IhL oL if ■ in ft_* mi,° Portions ensued for both in turn.
or anywhere else   It is a most    as- The vaHed    consldorab, d
Inv■SJm "Si "ft?h t ^ ^ towards thQ do* **** «£*£d
many shoud allow their pleasures to in hemming his opponent. The ad-
be controlled by^ho whim or caprice journment left Tarrasch in an untuv-
of tho few. It is also just possiblo 0rablo position.
Much Agitation by Victoria Citizens
for Daily  Service on E.  & N.
Does not Move OlMcinls.
The announcement that the oillciais
nl' the LO. & N, railroad had decided
to discontinue the ilotiMo daily sor-
vieo, which hus boon ir. vo.iie during the summer, for the wild or season, has been rocui.ed by many
citizens with signs of bitter disappointment.
It was loarnod yesterday that an
agitation has 1 oen in progress, in
which a nunr.er of prominent merchants nnd men in general business
were the prime movers, to endeavor
lo induce the Dominion government
through Hon. Wm. Templemun, minister of inland revenue, to award the
E. & N. Company a bonus of §•_■,-
000 annually fer the maintenance of
such a service for the entire year
on condition that mail bo carried
both morning and afternoon to and
from Victoria and other Island centres.
When    tho   new railway     schedulo
as printed and published they concluded thut their plans had gone
astray, hut evon then they did not
despair of carrying through tlie proposal. Hun. Mr, Templeman and
Ralph Smith, tho member for thc
Nanaimo constituency, wero interviewed. Thoy listened to the arguments in favor of the double mail
service attentively, but whito thoy
would not express any opinion as
to the tjossibility of tho federal authorities taking action on thoir recommendation, they po'ntod out
th t nothing could bo done without
tho assurance of tho railway ofllcials
lhat they would ncceik' to it.
This course was pursued. A wire
was des.-utchod to It. M.-ilarpoIo
jutlining (he s'tuntion, and askin*
whether the double dolly trains c- r-
rying mail would be continued providing government aid, to the extent referred to, was received.
Ycstei'day a negative reply wus
forthcoming, and consequently the
scheme has fallen through, nnd tho
aforementioned citizons havo philosophically accepted Mr. Murpolo's decisive reply and nro looking forward
to pressing the claims of Victoria
nnd adjacent cities next yonr.—Victoria Colonist.
k> ask-alt a]
Range §|
How a Sask-alta
earns its money:
By indicating when oven is ready for
bakirj. By cutting out the "peeping"
into oven. By showing on its face what
is going on in the oven. By saving
"door-opening" heat. By substituting
certainty for chance
in baking  res-libs.
"Sask-alta" range
thermometer was
/ | tested for six months
before one range was
sold. "Sask-alta"
thermometer is to
the housewife what
•!/*' the compass is to the
ship captain.
London Toronto, Montre_,Wlnnlpei, Vancouver, St. Joha Hamilton, Calgary M
LOCAL   4GENTS      %
Ladysmith Hardware Co
BAY CITY,   Midi, Sept. 10— Bo-    CHICAGO,  Sept.  10—Aa the    ro-
porta from tbe northern portion   ol ,ult °' > savage tttta<!k. >»   which
the lower peninaula are to the effect *be    sustained    more    than    lorty
that the Area which have been Bweep "Oimda, Miaa Anna Doherty, a mem-
that auction were fanned bor of one of   the old-timo families
ing over
LONDON, Sopt. 11.—Alter tho co
lebrntion this morning of Pontlnciil
High Mass in Westminster Cathedral
by the Archbishop of Utrocht, vho
waa assisted by a number of othor
prelates, the delegates to tho international Eucliaristic Congress which
is holding its nineteenth annual „-
sion in this city separated to nttond
tho various sectional meetings scheduled for the morning hours. Cardinal Loguc presided nt one of the
English meetings at which papers
wore road on the Eucharistlc Loaguo
and tho Sacramental Leaguo, for tho
promotion of daily Communion.  '
Tho Protestant Alliance announced
todny that contrary to report it had
not applied for an injunction against
tho procession of Sunday having lism
udvised that lt was too late to re»
sort to this course.
Some   snnsntlon    haa   been caused \i
horo by tho vublication of a   totter,        Q       the Detroit and Macklnao
received bv tho   secretary   and    n- w   "™ *—*•**
nounced by a man claiming to bo railroad baa a apoclal' train run-
socrotary of the "Catholic anti-Mlg- nlng between that town and Pine
otry Society," in which tho loading „ ^y^g watBr in barrels t0
members of the   nlllanco aro *hreat- „ .. ..     " _«.   „, ..   „ ,,,,,
ened with doath i< »ho procession Is fl-ht tto flan>^' ?** »chlSnn ' fcl
Interfered with.    The wrltor la  sup- tral road haa.apoclal trains ready ln
into renewed fury by strong
veal winda late yestorday.
For a time yesterday Standiah,
in Reno county, was in dangor f
destruction, . with every available
man.fighting fire, whilo from Augrea
ond lioaa City coma reports of aari-
ous Timuge and danger.
lietween l_»conning and Roaecom-
inon everything ia ablaio. Koeecom-
mon waa pot in danger laat night,
'but Urea were burning on all sidea
of tha    town and advancing toward
of Kenoaha, Wis., ia ln a critical
condition at tho Konoshoa hospital.
Henry Bushman, hor confessed aasail-
ant, was hurriod to Kacino last evening   ln     a   closed    automobile   to
posed to be a crank.
.the yards horo at Bay City to send
out aa aoon aa any call for aid la
.— »—	
Charles Dynes, of Sapperton,    waa
LOS ANGELES, Sept. 10—At tho
race meet of the Los Angeles Motor
Cycle Club yesterday morning un-
I arallelod ovonts in tho history of
dicing occurred, boing the breaking
of thirty-one world's records and tho
establishment of eight now ro'ords.
In the last event, a  ono hour raco,
  two local   amateurs botween    thein
evada t .o cro ,vils which thronged the accompllahed    tho   feat.     Raymond
sUteta. .       Seymour broke the twn, twenty nnd
Hie attack occurred yestorday. twenty-one and twenty-two milo re-
Miss Doherty waa on her way homo cords In the same raco. J. I low-
when Buahman, who waa intoxicated ard, chafeur, pasaed him at thla
accosted her. She started to run point, and broke every world tecord
but he caught her, gagged hor with from 28 mllea to 48 miles, _tal>-
hia free hanJ, and dragged her near- lishlng now records from 49 and 56
ly a quarter of a, mile to a de- mllea and broko the world's ono
sertod place whore ho beat her into hour rocord by nearly eight miles
lnaanatblUty. l'h addition to this Paul J. 0. Der-
Misa Doherty upon recovering con- kum rode a  quarter of a  mile    In
aoiouanass, crawled    to the home' of  13 seconds,     a  feat   never    beforo
John   Dalwig soveral   blocka away, achieved,    but one   which has    no
and from thero was taken to the hos Place in record books.     While   Der-
piUl.      Buahman,    who ia a plum-  kum waa riding this race, his   bro-
bor's   helper, wna found faat asleep  ther, who waa thrown from his main bed with a  double-barreled   ahot chino earlier    in lho day, lay dying
gun beside him.    When he waa taken . In a  hospital,
bofore    Miaa   Doherty ahe identified
him without tha laaat heaita-on.
% Billiards and Pool % ""t(Ultly kWed yMterday 'T^
"* /Pl,I.olng crushed beneath th* wheels  ol
Best Liquors and Cigars
Cartwright & Barclay
a  street car off whloh he fell.
Only p tew houra provioua to the
tragedy tho houae and grocery storo
nf Dynes had been destroyed' by flre,
the ■ family basely escaping suffocation. A widow and flvo ohildren
survive the victim of the aoeldent.
.... , .-...a j.(.., . ._,ri i;t I
* ____
* St. Petersburg, Sopt. 10—Tho
* newspapers    of   Russia appear
* today almost without exception
* aa Tolstoi jubilee numbers and
* publish papora devoted to   hla
* life,   critlciama   of hia literary
* work, and anecdotes of hia ca-
AMSTERDAM, Sopt. lO.-Tclogm-
phlc despatches rocoivod horo from
Apoldoorn whoro tho Royal Casth
Hotloo is situated confirm tho report
of Queen Wilholmlna's mlscnmlago,
which occurred last Saturday ovonlng. Tho gonoral health of Hor Majesty la satisfactory. Hor Majesty
had a premature delivery two years
—What, on paper at least, is tho
most powerful warship ever built
for uny navy was launched hero today for Brazil. Tho latest war machine wus christened Minus GoracBjbjyl
Madame Re_is de Odveru. wife of
tho Brazilian ministor to Croat Britain.
Whon comtieted this vessel will
ha\e a displacement approaching
twenty thousand tons and sho will
carry a main armament of twelve
Ill-inch guns arranged us are the
guns on the battleship now being
built for Japan; in other words, in
such manner that ton of them can
be fired aimultuncouslv on citi.or
broadside, eight in a, line with the
keel ahead, and eight in line with the
keel astern.
The Minus Oeraes and the othor
warships being built for Brazil are
being constructed under the supervision of Brazilian olllcers.
Another vessel like the Minos Uer-
eas is to be launched Nov. 7, and a
third  will ba built on tho slip  vacated by tho vessel launched toduy.
PORTSMOUTH, Sept. 10-Tho St
Vincent, the largest and heaviest
battleship over built for the Biitish
navy, wus launched successfully ber
today. The weather was fine an
tho son smooth and a groat crowd
saw the vessel take the water. A
the warship slipped from her block
she was christened by tho Countos
Counting the throo cruising battlo
ships of tho Invincible class, tho St
Vincent is tho eighth vessel of th
Dre-Unuu_ht typo to bo luunchod in
this country. Tho admiralty has
observed its usuul reticonco with regard to tho details of the design nnd
construction of the St. Vincent, but
from certain figures that were givon
out, it is manifest that oxporionco
gained from the construction of tho
Dreadnaught has boon utilized in
tho vcssol. It ls L-Hovod that somo
additional weight of tha St. Vincent la to be accounted for by the
heavier armament for protection a-
gainst tori edos and by improvements giving greater security thoso
controlling the movements of the
ship while in action.
A number of foreign naval at-
tachcos attended tho launching of
tho vessel on the Invitation of the
admiralty. H^^
The St. Vincent was laid down on
December of laat yoar. Sho Is supposed to bo about 19,250 tons, and
her coat haa beon given at $U,S0O,-
Provincial       j
Exhibit'on _
British Columbia's j
Premier Fair I
September 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26.
———~— -=-§
Everything New, Modern and Up to
^-=___>-       The Minute       <______    i
New Grounds   .     New Buildings -
t New AtlractionsI
«j e_? Horse Show Every Evening l   ||
t Cash Tombola Prizes Every Dayfai Zr
« ________=_________£=S=__5_______5________    ~
| 4 Days' Great Horse Racing
«j Trotting, Pacing, Running, Eteeplechasing.   *
Excursion Kates  from Everywhere.   For
Prize Lists or information, address
J. E; SMART, Manager.
A   DABING    ATTEMPT    TO   11011
OHILFOUJD, Eng., Sopt. 10—A
daring attempt was made last night
to steal a number of valuable Jewels belonging to Mrs. John Ward,
who was Miss Joan Held, daughter
of Whitolaw Reid, the Unitod btatos
unihiiaxiidor in London, and whoso
marriage at St. James palace, June
28 of this year, was one of tho social events of the London season.
Tho attempt wns only partially sue
wssful. Mrs. Ward was visiting at
Worpleadop, a place near here. Upon going up to her room to retire
sho found hcr door locliod on tho Inside, and summoning holp, forced tho
door. Iter jewels wore found laid
out all ready to be takon away.
Tho only piece missing, howovor was
a gold purse valued at 1500. Tho
burglars apparently escaped through
a window. No clue to thom has
been found.
NEW YOHK, Sopt. 10.— Alon
Pnrker and Morgan K. O'Drlon, foi.
mor justices of the Now York State
supromo court, woro notified t<»
Chairman Connors, of tho Democram
tic Stato Committee today thaj
thoy hnvo bcon selected to preside aa
chairman of tho stato convention!
next week. 1
BERLTN, Sopt. 10. - Cnpt.   Rich-
ards Von -Kohlor, chiof constructor of
Itho Airship Study Co., hns sent a
tologram to tho Associated Tross ro-
quostlng It to convey to Orvillo
IJU___U, Hopt. 10. —Anna Uobec- ■ Wright his congratulations on tho
ca Tromuln la dond from Injuries ro- gront success obtainod by tho Amorl-
ceivod by being knocked down and can neroplanlst at Port Moyer yes-
run ovor by n Victoria car while torday. Ho aald: "I novor doubted
alighting (rom lt, the success of the Wright Bros."
SEAGIRT, N-J-. Sopt. 10.-A new
world's rocord waB mado ln tho ro-
volvor toam match at tho shooting
tournament today whon tho Manhattan Rifle and Revolver Association
won tho contest with a score of
or foreign substance
carton. .Carbon gives
.length, keeness and III
Thirty year's study ot, the rfc
sltuallon has shown a way tat
add the highest per cent Wfj
carbon to a Carbo Magnetic,
razor blade throng a secret
yroccssofCLCCTRIC TEr1Pxi.|
NO giving It a uniform «!_«
mond like hardness-some.
thing absolutely Impossible
with flre tempered 4 razors,
and they are Hamburg gro
Dut Test this UNC-NDI . „
home-or have your barber use,
It on you.for thlrtvdaya WITH. I
OUrODLiaATtONTO       ^
LadysmithHardware Cn telegraph wewsoethe
World in General
NEW YORK, Sept.  9.—The widow
of the late Uol. Robert G.  lngersoll
EDMONTON,  Alta.,   Sept.  9.— As
today admitted that she hopes     to tho result     of lhe death last Satur
Assembly man   Edmund   J. Peckctt.
died ut his home in Saranac   today
aged 64 years.
Tabriz,   Sept.
Former | Halifax, Sept. n.-ijuuum _f*,ui- j
bald, sheria of Halifax county since
1882, died this     morning aged    08,
  I Rev. Adam Archibald of Alberta, is
10— Negotiations a  son of Uie deceased.
looking to   the restoration ot pence
have    been   re-opened between    tlie'   Toronto,     Sept. a.—Mrs. Shorwen,
royalista and the revolutionist-   by who was badly bitten by a  mad dog
the efforts of the British conaul. some time ago and was sent to tlio
t Pasteur institute   Now   *t ork,    hus
Detroit, Mich., Sept. 10—One man returned to the c.ty and is now out
Is reported killed and a  number in- of all danger of rabbles.
Jurod ln an explosion at the plant of
the Detroit    Shipbuilding Company,
at the foot of Orleans street.
hear from liis spirit and that she is
making efforts to communicate with
the departed agnostic through spiritualistic mediums.
"..-Donald Arclii-I Mra' In&e''<>ol> denies that she has
beon converted to spiritualism, or
that she believes in spiritualism, but
says that if any spirit exists, her
husband's exists, and wants lo find
out what she is doing. She says
thut she is going to aid the spirit
all sho can.
London,  Sept. 10—The Archbishop
of Montreal announced ait ono ot tho
Los Angeles, Sept. 9.—A case of
bubonic plague has been discovered.
The patient is a boy named Mulholland and is convalescent. Threo
weeks    ago     the boy found a   sick
meetings of the Eucliaristic Congress squirrel in the park and picked     it
The suuirrol bit the boy in the
today thot tho next, congress would  up.
be hold in Montreal.
Rochester, Sept. 10—Judgo Benton
In the supromo court today sustained the Injunction restraining tho Independent Order of Foresters from
raising the assessmont rates.
Philadelphia, Sopt. 10—The commodities clause of the Hepburn railroad act was today declorod to oo
unconstitutional by tho United States circuit court for tho eastern district of Pennsylvania.
Saul/to Ste. Marie, Sept. 10— The
directors of tho La1 o Superior Consolidated have derided to ro-opon the
atoel plant on So,.t. 15 instead of
Oct. 1, ns nn minced n few days
•go- ,
Amstordom, Sopt. 10—It ia reported hero that Queen Wilhelm, who
was oxie-ting the birth of a child,
I,an hud a miscarriage The report has not yet been officially confirmed.
hand. Sickness followed and the attending (physician declared it to bo
bubonic plague. Other physicians
were called into consultation and
discovered that the squirrels in the
park are etfected with the disease
No other cases have been discovered, and it Is believed that there will
bo no spread of the plague.
Albany, West Australia, Sept. 10—
The British protected cruiser Gibraltar, with a crew of 600 officers and
men, has arrived here to participate
ln the rooo|itlon to the American
battleship fleet which is expected to
arrive here tomorrow, and will remain here until the Americans sail.
_ laat, Sopt. 10—Tho Str. Laur-
entlc, tho new White Star Dominion
liner for the ifritiali Canadian, was
successfully launched here today.
This vessel is the flrat liner to be
fitted with n combination ot hig
pressure piston and low pressure tur
bine machinery.
NEW YOR1C, Sopt. 9.—The Times
today says: Kier Hardle, the English labor member of parliament,
who on Monday reviewed the Labor
Day parado on Fifth avonue, Just
missed killing ten year old Andrew
Poff of Yonjors. Yesterday Mr.
Hardle with some friends were in an
automobile en route from New York
to Toledo and was running the machine through Hivordalo avenue. The
lad who was playing In front of his
homo got in the way and lt was
impossible to stop the auto before
the wheels passed over him. He was
taken to his home and it was discovered that no bones were broken,
but that he was suffering from nu-
merous bruises and from shock.
PARIS, Sopt. 9.—M. Bieriot made
three flights   in   his motorplano   al
lssy today.     He did not meot with
an accident and covered 300 yards,
Regina, 8ask., Sept. 10— Suits for
(8,000 commission are to be commenced against the city council for
failure to accept any one of tho
plana submitted for the new munici
pal hoapitai, each one of the architects who entered the competition
asking one per cent, commission.
Los Angelas, Sept. 10-Cnpt. Walker H, Auble, ot the Loa Angelea
police force, waa shot and killed by
Carl Sutherland, a burglar, yesterday. Auble attempted to arrest
Sutherland, who suddenly drew a revolver and fired. Sutherland
caped, but waa captured laat night
and committed suicide by taking carbolic add.
Los Angeles, Sopt. 10— Stanley
Ketchel, the former middle weight
champion pugilist, who waa ao badly
beaten about the face in the fight
Monday, la rapidly recovering. Reports that Ketchell is in a serious
condition aa a result of his beating
are untrue. He waa able to leave
the house today tn an auto and go
to the bathe. He ia suffering from
no serious injuries.
Parts, Sept. 10—The trial of Louis
Gregori, who ln Juno fired two
shots at Major Dreyfus ln the Pnn-
thon at Parts during the canonization ceremonies of Emil Zola, wns
begun in the assize court hero today
One ot Gregorl's bullets wounded
Dreyfus ln tho wrist whilo tho othor
went wild,    Tbe accused man    hns
-summoned sixty witnesses, chiefly
persons connected    with the Dreyfus
: affair.
PLYMOUTH, Sept. 10.—The Str.
Teutonic, having on board the first
contingent of Canadian and American school teachers who aro to
study the school system in England,
hus arrived here.
The teachers were received by one
of the reception committees and Alfred Moseley, the English educator,
who arranged for the transportation
of the teachers. He stated that ho
would havo other committees meet
tlie successive contingents arriving
hore and at Queenstown, Liverpool,
and Southampton.
Toulon, Sept. 11.—Justin Cleric,
tho composer, is dead hero. He w-s
born in Bonsoras in 1868 and camo
to Pnris in 1882. Ho composed sev
eral comic operas.
SAN FRANCISCO, Sopt. 10.— P.
Liliontlml, manager of the Anglo
California Bank of this city, was
killed last night in an auto accident near here. In company with
Gregory Wilenkin and Ignace War-
schansky, both of Wushington, D.C.,
he was returning to town, when on
tho Mission rood they encountered a
horse and buggy. Thp horse became frightened and a collision followed. Mr. Lilienthal Jumped out
of tho automobile and was killed.
His companions escaped injury.
Rome, Sopt. 11.—Prof. Ludovice
Seitz, director of tho Vatican pic
ture gallery, died suddenly nt Al-
bano this morning. The Pope has
expressed his deep sorrow.
Brondstnirs, Eng., Sept. 11— The
British Str. Lake Michigan, from
Montronl, Aug. 29, with passengers
for London,   which strnnded yestor- Jdlgnnnlly declared that as thoy wore
OYSTER BAY, L.I., Sept. 9. -
President Roosovolt expressed indignation today whon he waa told thot
the sailors of his yacht, the Sylph,
had been barred from a dance bold
in a pavilion not far from tho President's summer homo.
When the snilors, nttired in uniforms, asked for admission to tho
floor, the man at the door refused
-o lot them pass.     Tho sailors    in-
day near Margate, wos floated to
day. Tugs will dock hor at Mill
Ottawa, Sept. 11— Post Mastei
General Liemaux and Dr. Coulter os
deputy, now engaged in making n
study of the system of rural mull
delivery in the Unitod States, with
a view to informing themselves as
to Che feasibility of its introduction
into Canada.
New York-, Sept. 11.—"Mrs. Chas.
Hitchcock, who killed hcr husband
last November, was insano then, and
is still insane," was the opinion expressed today by the expert commission of three alienists, who had been
appointed by the court to examine
into the woman's mental condition,
Algiers, Sept. 11.—The Inhabitants
of Bovlgo district to the number -of
throe thousand demonstrated in Hie
front of tha publlo building at Bo ,
go yesterday in the belief that thoy
wero to be drafted for a war with
Morocco. The disturbance ciintinu-
od in siiito ol tlio oltorts of tho authorities to renssure the natives.
______ i
10.—Tho British stoamer Lake
Michigan, Montronl for London, '
with passengers, is stranded near
Margate A life boat has [.ono '
out to hor assistance Tho sea '
is smooth. '
PITTSBURG, Pa., Sept. 10.-
' In one ol the flrst football gamoa •
of the season, played near Ln- *
trobe last evening, tho following *
persons were Injured; William *
Cadman, Jos. Caldwell, Charles *
Shamfolt and William Stlffey.      *
the uniform of Undo Sam, thoy
should not be turnod away, but tho
ittondnnt paid no nttentlon to what
thoy said,
WASHINGTON, Sopt. D.-Secrc-
tnry Wilson, of the department of
agriculture, today announced that
lit. Galloway, tho agent ho sont to
Juanitn, Ida., to investigate the reports of the supposedly wonderful
new wheat cloimed to have boon discovered in Alaska and introduced in
Idaho with great success, has reported that tho wheat is a fake
The roport mnde to Secretary Wilson reads:
"The Alaska wheat yields 25 bus-
hols to tho acre Tho grain Is bad-
1,* mixed and of an inferior quality.
Softwhite wheat yiolds fully as
much, nnd tho best variety moro.
"An analysis recently made under
my supervision shows that tho so-
called Alaska wheat contains only a
littio moro than nlno per cent, of
I ortoin, while soft, white winter
wheal contains nn average of ton
por cont. Hard winter wheat con-
tnlns twolvo per cont of glutln.
is alleged that her death is duo   to
vaccination on that occasion.
It is known that soveral spiritual- post mortem    examination is   boing
istic mediums havo importuned Mrs.  mado by Dr. Gunn.
lngersoll to allow them to commun-     On Aug. 20 last tho child was vac-
icate with the spirit of her doparted oi-uted by Sydney Main at tho   of-
husband, and that several have pro- lice of tho doalih department, and it
led to   have received communications from the dead man.
Mrs. lngersoll brands theso mediums as fakes, but says that her
mind is open to conviction as to tho
existence of spirits. She says thnt
If she wore sure that her husband's
spirit Is waiting for hor nn tho other side, she would not care to live
day of Vivian Victoria, the eight-
year-old daughter of IV. A. Foley,
provincial poultry superintendent* a
gro_t deal of discussion has arisen
among thoso who have boen Interested in the case The matter has
reached such a stage that Medical
Health Officer Dr. Whitelaw yesterday demanded an inquest and one
will be held tomorrow.
The remains of the child are   now
ut'Stundrew's undertaking rooms, a
NEW YORM, Sept. 10—Notice for
the offer of one thousand crowns for
the discovery and return of a Van
Dyke picture thut was stolon recently from a gallery in Vienna are
being eent out to all customs inspectors and art dealers from the
Austro Hungarian consulate general
in this c.ty.
Tho painting, "Head of a Child,"
was cut out of its framo in tbe gallery of Count Marrach in Vienna on
Aug. 24. The painting is valued at
many thousand pounds. Tho paint
ing measures about 20x14 inches. In
the lower right hand corner is the
signature "C. F. 229."
gf JOHN   VV,  COBURN. HBO   f   PICKARD.       =2
^E     President and Managing Director. p,„ -„tnry-Treasurer.      *3j
S=  THE  _5
MONTREAL, Sopt. 9.-Interest in
tho evidence iu the marine enquiry,
which was enlivened yesterday afternoon by Mr. Merwin's testimony was
maintained this morning by Mr. U.
Boucher, who told the court that
whilo acting as, chief agent of the
marine chjuantmont at Montreal, all
cheques received by him from the
lepartment for pay lists, etc., wero
puid by him into his own personal
bunking account which ho then drew
upon to meet tho purposes for which
tho advances were mnde. His banking nccount also included nmounts
concerned in transactions he had
made from time to timo on tho
stock market. Ho did not keep
books of account, but he said ho
couhl separate inonbys and had certainly accounted for and paid out
every cent of advances he received
from the dopartinent.
Ml*. Merwin was recalled and he
produced hls cheque book and bank
puss book. Messrs. T. L. Lnfleur,
nnd E. Covanah gave evidence in
turn that thoy had supplied hardware, paints and oils to tho department nt fair prices and reasonable
profits. They knew nothing of commission or discount being paid lo
doportmont agents,
DONOASTER, Sept. 9. — Tho St.
Legor stakes of 6,500 sovereigns,
,$32,000), of one mile and six furlongs nnd 182 yards, was won today by Your Majesty, owned by J.
B. Joel. Whito Eagle was second,
and Santo Strato third. August
Belmont's Norman lit. was among
tho ten starters, but failed to got
the place.
ST. PETERSBURG, (Sept. 11. -
St. Petersburg has Jumped to first i
place among the cholera Infected cm |
tro In Russia. Tho disease has already gained a foothold in nil qunr-j
tors of tho city. There has been six I
teen now cases and throo deaths up,
to noon today.
BERLIN, Sopt. 10—Prlnco Philip
Eulenburg, whose trial on tho
charge of perjury in connection with
Tills"gives- total' court scandals of Inst year, wns in-
of 08 ensos for thrco days. Tho mu- definitely suspended on June 27 lost,
niclpnllty hns elncnl Iho sum .if'ta suffering (rom repoatcd attacks of
*2],500 nt the Immediate disposal      ,.,_.. , .   ,_.„ „ „   . „.,„,,,„„
tho   sanitary   commltteo   which to f,untini>   witl1 intens0 mA "-<">Wl-
flght tho dlsonso. nervous syni| toms.     The physicians
4 ,iu attendance on the prince aro ob-
Toronto, Sept, 11.—The bonthouse llged to administer morphine to him
belonging to E. Housle, at the foot continually, and  his condition   now
of Bnthurat streot, waa destroyed by Is ono of almost complete collapse.
flre early this morning togothor wllh'   The   prince since the abrupt    nd-
nearly    seventy boats, canoos    and Journmcnt of his trial on account of'to the shore, the Intense hent
VANCOUVER. Sopt. lO.-Joo M.U'-
tln aald today ho would run oithor
ln Vancouvor or Victoria. He did
not know which, but certainly I.i ono
-or the other.
launches. Job. Passome was tn the his 111 health, has boen confined to
building at the time and wns drown- the polico ward of Charagi hospital,
ed in making his escape. Mystery whoro ho Is undor strict survcllience.
surrounds the whole nlTalr and an It is Impossible to forecast whon tbo
inquest will be hold. The lout- trial will be resumed,
house wns a  fine structure, and con- ♦
tained thousands of dollars worth of QUAKE IN HAWAII,
machinery for boat building. HONOLULU, Sopt. O.-Followlng a
4 slight enrthquake which occurred on
FortWUIIara,   Sept. 11- Although  -">    Island of   Hawaii last Friday
Trehorn, Sept. 9.—The British and
Hessian representatives here have
presented an identical note to the
Shah calling his nttentlon to the dis
Iur buncos in tho provinces and the
danger entailed to tho lives and property in Tabriz. The note urgently
recommends that tho Shah issue his
promised proclamation ordering t'.o
elections so that the nssembly may
meet In November.
DULUTH, Minn., Sept. 9—It was
a night of terror on the range and
one of deep anxiety in Duluth, but
today conditions appear to havo
changed for the botter. All yesterday afternoon und last night tires
threatened half a dozen towns on
the range. At four o'clock yesterday afternoon nibbing, the largest
of thom all, asked Duluth for assistance, and a lire engine was mado
ready for shipment ty a special
train. A phone message later held
it in Duluth ready for shipment ut
any time, stating that tho crisis appeared to be past.
More than 10,000 residents of Hib
ben fought back the flames all night
long stamping out bush firos and
wotting down the fields about the
town to keep the firo from spreading.,
This morning the town is reported
Similar experiences are leported
from a dozen other range towns,
but so far as is known thero have
been none destroyed. Bevy had as
sharp a fight as Hibben and the
residents of Colornlne, two miles
away, had to go to their assistance. All business wns suspended,
the schools closed and citizens, after
packing a few valuables ready to
llec at a moment's notice, fought
the Hemes all night.
At Aururn, Bonn, Naskwauk, and
several smaller towns and villages,
the samo story is reported.
The most dramatic incidents of
tho flre promise to develop around
Grand Maris. The stoamer Gopher
and n United Stntes gunboat carrying fifty members of tho naval
milltin, loft last night for Grand
Maris to rescue the settlors.
Along tho north shore the littio
village is ontiroly shut off from com
mimlcation by moans of tolephono or
telegraph, and it will be twonty-four
hours at least bofore anything is
heard of its fnte. The passengers
on the last boat reported that thc
flames woro rushing toward the lako
and gradually hemming ln the Inhabitants of the little village, com-
■irlsing about six hundred people,
mostly fishermen and Indians. There
hro also many Bottlers along tho lake
shore. If the fires sweep right up
OYSTER BAY, Sept. 8.—The sensational report that an attempt had
boon made to shoot President Roosevelt apparently had its origin in the
fuct that the hunting season has
oponod on Long Island, and there is
cunsidorablo shooting daily in tho
outlying districts,
Close investigation fails to show
that there has been any covert act
directed against the president. It
is his custom to ride out ovory day,
try, and it is not unusual ior him
to encounter parties of hunters. Also thoro is a shooting club which
engages in target practise not fur
from Sagamore Hill.
Secretary Loob said today it wus
not believed for a moment that any
une had tried to harm the president.
No attention whatever was being
Paid to tho matter officially.
Mineola, L.I., Sept. 8.—J. Cough-
Ian, the armed man who was arrested while atteniipting to reach the
president at Sagamore Hill yostorday, waa examined by two phys
cians today and pronounced insane.
He will be sent to an asylum at
King's Park, L.I.
_,T     fJ-ISIitJl
Head Office - - -
Capital $10,000,009   Rest $5,000,000
A Savings Hank Department will be
found at the branches ofthe Hank in Can-
uia. Deposits of Si and upwards are
ecetved and interest is allowe 1 at current
rates. The depositor is subject to no
delay in the withdrawal of the whole or
any portion of the deposit. Accounts may
he'opened in tlio names ol t-vo or more persons. Wiihdrawjis to Iio medj by iny ono
of Iho number or by His BUrvivor.        1"
L. M. do GEX,   Manager
tho smoke might cause the losses of
mnny lives, although the people
Could snvo themsolves from actual
cremation by taking refuge on the
LONDON, Sept. 9.--N0 event in
the histury of the Romgn Catholic
church is England has ever brought
together such 11 gathering of eminent dignitaries of the church as the
nineteenth annual Eucliaristic Congress, which wus opened this evening with a solemn pontifical mass
in tho great Westminster cathedral.'
The congress wiil continue for four
The Pope, by a special letter, has
commended the spirit of the congress
and tho message will be delivered to
thc delegates, consisting of over one
thousand priests, a score of archbishops, more than one hundred bishops, eight cardinals and numerous
monseignors and others of higher
orders, by Cardinal Vincent Vannu-
lelli, a cardinal bishop of the papal
curia in Rome and the personal representative of the Pontiff.
The Eucharistic Congress ie one of
the most important societies of tho
Catholic church. Tho central idea
of the church is the eucharist— the
living presence of Christ in the
bread and wino 011 tho altar. The
eucharist is one of the seven sacraments of the church and the most
important. Out of it havo grown
tho ritual, music, architecture of tlie
church, and many peculiarities of
Christian social life among Catho-
The Eucliaristic Congress was organized nineteen years ago for the
purpose of spreading devotion to
tlie Blessed Dacrnment. The delegates to the present congress come
from the United States, Canada,
Prance, Belgium, Holland, Germany,
Spain, Italy, Austria, Australia,
Now Zealand and various countries
of Aain, Africa and South Amer-
Ceremonies of the most brilliant
and interesting diameter attondod
the celebration of tho opening mass
today. Hundreds of waxen tupors
illuminated tlie great marble altar.
I'o tho right a throne and ennopy
of rich purple silk was erected for
the apostolic dologato. Ranged about
the altar aud within the chancel
rails wero tho cardinals, conspicuous
among whom was his eminonco Cardinal Gibbons, of Baltimore. Tbo
othor members of tho Sucred College wore also present. In addition
to Cardinal Gibbons tho American
prelates who attracted attention included Archbishop Farley of New
York and Archbishop Bruchosi of
Tho archbishops nnd bishops woro
their    dark purple robes and borrot-
Effective June 6th.
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Daily at 9:00 and 13:58.
Tr-ins t\rrive at Ladysmith
Daily at 11:57 and  l'it",
CEfl.L T0U1V.W
District Passenger Agent.
$102 Govornmont St., Victc
The Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
P.O. Box 54 'Phone 44
Dealer ln Ail Kinds of
VIents Delivered free of charge on tbt
Shortest Notice.
Union Brewing Co.
Vancouvor Island Trunk Road— .
Sections 1, 6, 7 and 8.
persorlbed "Tender for Soctlon
Vancouver   Island    Trunk Hoad,"
will be received by the Hon.     Chiof
Commissioner    of Lands and   Works
up to and Including Monday, tho 21st
day of September, ISioS,  for     constructing and completing Sections 1,
ami 8, eueli Seetioli being    two
miles, more or less, in length, of Uie
Vancouver Island Trunk Road.
Plans, proiiles, drawings, specifications and forms of contract and ton-
dor may bo seen by intending tenderers on and aftor Monday, tlio Hist
day of August, IMS, at the ofllco of
tlie undersigned, Lands und Works
Department, Victoria, B.C., and at
the olllco of tlio Government Agont,
Duncan, B.C.
Intending tenderers can obtain ono
set of the location plans nnd profile,
and of the specification of oncb or
any Section, for the sum of five (So)
dollurs per set, on application to the
Public Works Engineer.
Each separate lender sluill bo for
ono Section of tho road only, tad
must bo accompanied by an accepted
hank cheque or certificate of deposit
on a chnrtorod bunk of Cunndn, made
payablo to tlio order of tho Hon. tho
Chief Commissioner, in sum of two
hundred and fifty ($260) dollars,
which shall bo forfeited If tho party
tendering decline or neglect to enter
into contract when enlloil upon to do
so, or fail to comploto ihe work con
truclod for.
Tenders will not bo considered unless mnde out, on tho forms suppllod
separately fot each Section of tho
road as specified, signed with tlio actual signatures of the tenderers, ac-
compnnied by tho above-mentioned
choqiio nnd enclosed in tho cnvolopo
Tho Chief Commissioner Is not
bound to aecopt tho lowest or nny
F,  ('. GAMBLE,
Publlo Works Engineer,
Lands and Works Department,
Vielorlu, B. C. August. IHIIR.
rull Stock of Miners' Tools.
Ship Repairing Work
A Specialty
All kinds o.' Blacksmithlng
Sons at Short Notice.
•m'*m'm'+   T_-_^. %,%.-*«».-*.** %.».'_.'*^%^»V%
aqd Pas-ry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding nnd  Party  Cokes Made to
Fruits and t'oiulies of All KIni.1
Prices nre    very   reasonable     All
Customers treated alike.
On tlio Isplannde.
Ladysmith,  B. O.
tan, which,     with the crimson robos
The Oophor carried provisions and|0, tho c„(lin,lls „ml tho „,lrker ,)Ur.
cl,thine, and will pick up any    set-!,,,,, o( lhe pil|,al llolegutos surround-
'ings, made a  most impressive spec-
the city during the day wns covered the molton lava In tho crater of vol
with a  pall of smoke from the   for- "n™ Kllauea foil from Its usual lovol
est fires,    thoro Is no danger    hero. a  diatnnce   of     700 feet ln a  fow
The fire which yesterday raged     on hours.     A second shock occurred on,
tho south side of the rlvor close   to Snturday and following it tho   lava
the Indian    resorvo   has practically began to rise again.    At tho present
dlod out and Ihe smoko today camo time It has risen 400 feet ortowlth-
from the heavy timber some    three "*> 800 feet of Its original level, nnd
or four mllea away. laatlll rising.
itiers found homeless.
j   The   Duluth relief fund has    ««" |tll0lo
^passed tho $30,000 mark, and Is ra-     ^ Amor.cnn co|ony in London is
Pldly growing.      All tho Immediate  much ,ntorcstoll in tll0 „nnm,ncoment
wnnts    of the   sufferers   have beon'
cared for. (
that     Cardinal Gibbons    is to cole,
brute mass    In tho cathedral    noxt
FBtB-BMCKSHAVM, Sept. i- ■ jS,mday' Th* P^l^lty of tho Bui
Count TToppolln linn comploted or- 'timore prelate ls expected to wave
rnngomonts for the ootislruction of much Influence in gnintng for tho
nn Immense airship factory at ti&ko-,*-,. fa flt ^ tfc       rf        ti of
Constanco nml hns lensod a tr..ct of.1 , «_,___
land for fifty years. '«_   Euoharlet    Congress.    Though
 ;.,.:   '..'. ,,ir i-f '-■
tho body lias been In existence now
for nearly a scoro of yoars lt has
never mot in America. Of lho previous eighteen congresses nine vvcro
hold In France, flvo in Belgium, one
In Jerusalom, ono In Rome and the
last one In Motz. Tho proposal lo
meet in America next year seoms to
lie regarded with favor by many of
the prominent dologates hero.
OONSTGNBES-.T. B. Bright. C.
Rawlinson. .1. Sharp, W. M. Long-
ton, W. F. Co., G. BovolneWay, J
Hirst. <L R. Penrson, Nanaimo Electric Co., Porteous „ IVndolT, W. 11.
Morton. ,1. Young. _. (Juonnoll, Dr.
Langln, C. Dickinson, Dixon nml
Mooro, J, 11. Cnrber.
The Best Butcher Shop
in Town is
Roberts St. Butcher
Wllcil K-AI.K ANO Itl'TAII,
Ladysmith, B. 0.
VANCOUVER, Sept. 8.—Sir Chas,
million Tupper today announced
that ho wns out of politics i Vnn-
■ couver ns woll ns In Plrtoti, In the
coming cnmpnlgn. SILK WAISTS
A very special lino in Jap-Taffeta Silk Waists, In Shades of
Navy, Palo Blue,  Pink  and White.    Special Price   $2.05
The greatest values in Ribbons, at the Smallest (Prices. Ask
to see Our Special Iloavy Taffeta Silk Ribbon, a_ inches
wide, nt 2 yards for 25 cents, in all colors. Just the most
suitable Ribbon to be had for girl's hair ribbons.
A larger selection than ever, at Popular -Prices.
All sizes.   A groat snap, at por pair  35c
The kind we have always kept; those you have bought for so
many years; the Shoe that gives satisfaction. Ask jur
Special Prices on those.
The ■''Williams" Shoe is hard to beat. Special lino of those
nt, per pair  ,  $1.65
All Our Fall Goods aro coming in quick. See the stock of
■Furs,  Coats,  Skirts, Waists,  'Underwear,   Hoots  and    Shoas.
Mnyor Nicolson went down to
toria yesterday morning.
Mayor Planta of Nanaimo, was in
town   on Thursday.
Mr. A. E. Hilbort of Nanaimo was
in town this morning.
Mr.  West Earl  came up from   V
toria on Thursday.
Mrs. Jas. Nickenncll returned from
a trip to Cedar district Thursday
Mr. James Barron got back Yesterday from a trip up the Wost
local    black-
i trip to Vic-
Mr. R. Wright, tho
smith, returned from
toria on Thursday.
Messrs. W. W. Walker and A.
Brooksbank, hnve returned from
their holidays.
Rev. R. A. ITenth returned Thursday morning from attending the
RuridecannI   Conference  iu  Nannimo.
Mr. Victor Harrison went down to
Victoria Thursday morning.
Pavy Spence left town this morning. Davy has never been ablo to
turn out for the club and sinco tho
game at Extension his leg has gone
from bad to worse. He himself thinks
nn operation may be necessary, and
he has gone to Vancouver to see.
Mr.  Russell  Simpson was in
this morning.
Judge   Harrison    passed     through
town on the morning train to-day,
Mr. T.  Clark came down from    [
naimo this morning.
Skelton is not through with his
troubles. Two yenrs Is not in any
sense a severe sentence for a .nan
who was first caught burglarising
store, second broke gaol, nnd third
grabbed for n gun on being recaptured. However, the Vancouver police wont him im suspicion of .aving
stolon a yacht nt Soeholt. His socond fato may bo worse than Ills first
only a week ago that ho   was
and killed a deer after his   partner!
, .,— ff '
(111. May good luck attend hlm 1_ the
Nicola camp.
Loo!; out for the band parade on
the streets on Tuesday evening. The
Richards _ Pringle Minstrels are
reported to have a first class band
with them and a parade of the
streets will be mado prior to the
commencement of the entertainment
in the Opera House.
•Don't forget that tho Richard _
Pringle Minstrels are booked at tho
Opera House on Tuesday night,
September IB.
Mr. Jarvlnon, the photographer,
is making rapid progress with his
now studio on First Avenue -botween
the Pretoria and Columbia Hotels
Ho expects that ho. -will be ablo to
resume business soma, time next
week when ho again hopes, to bo
favored with the patronage of his
former customers.
Captain Adam Is having a groat
time. His disappearance -was something of tho suddenest and entirely
unexpected; but a flood of 'postcards
within tho last fow days at least
shows that he is not afraid to dis
close his whereabouts. Onco that I.t
gets 'back ho wlll find thnt his
friends have not been ldlo and ■ that
something has boon provided for
him woll calculated to keep him
busily engaged.
Thore will tie «' mooting of tho
Executive Committee of the Pacific
Const Football Association iJongtio
In Nannimo nt 10.80 a.m. on Sun
day morning for the purpose of p-
■pointing referees for tho league
j games.
i i t iMtminitififfi
 -.   There have been further deals   in
had no more than shot a leg off it. ,'roni estate during the week. •**.
He is out again this week, and an Wm. Spotico hns disposed of ills
Irish boarder in tho house has opon-.houso and lot on Fourth Aveonuo to
ed a book that his compatriot, Mr. ,T. Sutherland and Mr. Tas.
shoots ull tho deer cripples ho gets Weir has sold his house on Third
ithin thirty yards of.      Poor   Hill''Avonuo to Mr. Proudfoot. Mr. Weir
has found that many takers that it
is either sudden affluence or a moonlight flit for him. He is praying for
The Grand Duke Cigar cha * -is
all brands. It is made In town, tnd
is the best smoke in town. Don't forget to call for it. X
will build anothor residence on
adjoining lot.   .
Mr. A. J. Hartloy landed back in
town Friday morning. His coming
was rather unexpected, but an accident to McSorrnn caused hlm to
break camp beforo he had intended.
McSerran, who Is an ex _mnderland
♦ jback,, although ho has signed a form
Quito a few of tho boys in town 'or the club, is not certain to j;et
are nursing bad hands and arms. I down to tho coast. Hartley himsslf
Willie Bourne hnd a loaded car over. is in fine shapo and is glad to striko
his arm, sinco whon he has carried (the coast and tho town in which
it in a sling.   Mnrtin Woodburn has last season ho mado so many friends.
Every dny sees us adding ■
new ones to our largo Stock
of Coats so that at the present time wo can suit you in ■
any stylo of a Cravonotto or
Tweed Coat. We have something oxtra special in a Ladies' Oravenotto Coat that we
bought a {pinntitu of to soil
at tho low sum of $fr.00 euch.
So wo invito .you- one nn.l ull
to call in and look through
our largo Stock of Coats while .
it is comploto.
:   Inspect    |
;: —
Visit the Foundry and malto
your    own    choice.     You will
i        AKENHEAD;
save time and monoy;
botter sntisft :tion.
and   got
Mclntyre foundry
Company, Limited
All Work Guaranteed.
Wall Papers
Oome and _  ?*o Your
Selection—riuv stock
fresh xl.
J. E. Smith,    Roberts Stree
' V-»_-_%_*f.%
Telephone, 1 2-4
Nanaim I
n c.
my Stock of Latest Styles ln
Wall Papers
Picture  Framing   a Specialty.
High Street.
his many frionds Tho Standnrd man
is not
the least    glad to seo him
broken wrist and
has a split hnnd.
Tom O'Connell
There is one good thing to be got
in Viotoria. That is Winch's Grand
Duko Cigar which is on sale at Wes-
terndalo Railway Cigar Storo, opposito tho E. & N. station, at the
fames' Bay Cigar Store, opposite
the C. P. R. Hotel and at the Hub
Cigar Store on Government Street
run by Lewis snd Evans. _
Mr. H. Peovor will noxt week run
his bowling alley on a different plan
so far as the distribution of prizes
is concerned. Instead of a daily prlzo
of a dollar, ho will give a three dot
,ar prlzo to the bowler who makes
tho most scores of 150 or over in
wook. Ho will also give a similar
prize to the bowler at flvo pins who,
during the week, makes the most
scores of 40 or over.
The smoke from the bush fires has
all cleared away; but the smoke from
Winch's Grand Duke Cigars is gain,
ing in volume all tlie time. The more
you smoke them the moro you like
them. X
Unless the Beavers strike a hod
streak they have a cinch on tho pennant of the Northwestern Baseball
League. Thoy have such a lead
now that it is hardly possible for
any of tho othor clubs to overhaul
them. Tho table is as follows;
Vancouvor   6*J
Spokane    68
Aberdeen   01
Tacoma   ... 59
llutto    51
Seattle     .   57
He is as keen as ovor oh the game,
ORLEANS, France, Sept. 9.— The
police have arrested a German spy
while attempting to bribe a French
soldier to abstract important facts
about a field gun.
An individual describing himself as  J |
an agent of a German brewery, recently got into communication with
on artillery man, who, however,   in-
*-!^-H*-i-H-*H"l-iH"; 1; H-I-H-
• 1
:;Pull Lino of Ladies:
ami Chiliien'8
and his arrival could not havo  ieon|,        . -..    .-__«-j«.t „« «,„ n...
more opportune nor timely.   Among formod the commandant of the Ger-
Tho bonrders in the Temperance
House arc In n groat stato of suspense this week ond. It scorns thoy
have a mighty Nimrod In their
midst whose fonts with the riflo out
in the awesome wilds of bush .ni
forest enp anything ever heard. It ls
Prices to FitJEvery Man's
1F. Mil
William's Block
man's proposition with the result
that a trap was set and the Gorman was caught red handed.
The police, who attach much importance to the capture, are maintaining the greatest secrecy.
Tho entrance for the billiard tour-)
nament on the tublo at the 'Ladysmith bar, is now open, and tho
promoter. Jno. Cartwright, will be
pleased to havo any numos. The handicap will ba started as soon as possible aftor pay-<lay and tho table will
bo in first class condition. Newly-
turned ivory balls will bo provided,
and special handicappers and umpires
will soo that tho competition Is properly conducted.
At Gear's Ideal Grocery, Alberta
Creamery butter, 3 los. for $1.00,
aod fresh ranch eggs, 40c per dozen.
Having received notice to
vacate the premises, I am selling ont my entire stock regardless of cost.
For Bargains in Wat
ohes, Chains, Brooches,
Pins and Rings, you have a
ohance of a life time.
For the next 30 days you
can get the highest quality
Jewelry at your own price—as
[everything must go.
Tho usual services will be hold In
the Methodist Church tomorrow. At
tho evening service which commences
at 7 o'clock, tho pastor, tho Rev.
R. Wilkinson, will dolivor tho opening address of a series which he has
specially prepared for young -non
addrossoB will be based upon lessons
from tho lifo Absalom, and all those
who do not worship nt another
Church are cordially Invited.
Pre* Groceries are arriving
at Gear's Ideal Store.
The Young Mon's Mutual Improvement Club meets in tho Methodist
Church tonight at 7 o'clock for the
purpose of electing officers and arranging a program-no of winter,
work Th0 president, Rev. Robt,
Wilkinson, urges all members to attend.
Mr. Charles Walters has received
tho sad nows of the death of his
brothor, B. Walters, which took place
at Gronfoll in Saskatchewan. (Tie do-
coasod was only in his 24th yoar,
and his untimely death after a very
briof illnoss, came as a painful shock
to his brother.
Sandy Strang ls leaving town for
tho Nicola Valley, and It is doubtful If he will be seen out In the red
nnd white colors this season. But
for tho broken leg he sustained In
the mine Sandy would have been
boen among the bost of the coait
players. As It was his coolness, his
knowlodgo of tho game, and , ids
brainy play still made him a vnlua-
able man on the team, and he was
always willing to do whatever    he
Jewelry Store      lst Avenue
Ladysmith, B. C.
G. Peterson's
$      rURNITUHE STOHE      *
Save Time and Labor
and buy a hull-bent inn New Cen •
tiny Washing Machine with
Wringer Attachment — the
only Perfect Washing
Does it pay to buy a Cheap
Wringer when you c*n buy a ball
bearing wringer, guaranteed for 3
years at ordinary house use for
only a trifle more?
|3P A fow Bargains iu  Furniture
Carved Dre sers at $8.00;
Lounges made up neat and
substantial fcr $6.50
Baby Carriages now goi g at
10 pit* out -Hcouit.
6. Peterson
Phone 1-8,    First Avenue.
Tuesday, Sept. 15,1905
Best by Aotual Test,
SO Edition of ths  Black
Bon Tons.
Ths Whole   World   Has Laughed at
the Antics ol
Olarence Powell Pets Woods
Happy Heaureguard, Willis Shepherd
■hues Olay Lonny Boson
Street Parade at 12-80
P. m,   Concert in front
of Theatre at 7-30
Bessr-ed -eats, $1.00.    Haa   at'
Knight's Book fltors.
Talks all
the time
Give you the
Best there is
We guarantee all our
goods — Everything
Fresh and Clean
£   Ideal   *
Grocery Store.
Por Fall and |
Winter Wear J
....at.... £
'.C      FANCY  GOODS   STORE,      j£
i t
FOR SALE—21 foot Launch—
7 h   p.   Truscott engine; canva
cover end everything in fine shapo
—prico, 8350.    Hy the Nannimo
I'evelopment Co., Nanaimo.     u?C
j. m. a_0-?GA]_,
Teachor of Voice Production and
Singing.   '
Engagements may be left at the
Standard Office.
i km i4'1 _:■-•; wm im •
"Na Dru"
For Stomach and Liver
Pods and Lines
' gf
Flies and Tackle
For All Kinds of Fishing.
Excellent Boarding
Will Continue Until
Pay Day
15c a Dozen
1st Avenuo.
Ladysmith, II,
First Class Photos.
Onllory on First Avenuo
Notice 'is horoby glvon that we in-
tond to apply to tho License Commissioners of tlio City of Ladysmith
nt their noxt regular meoting, for it
transfer of tho retail liquor license
now hold liy us for tho promises
known as tho Ladysmith Hotol, Ladysmith, B. O., from ourselves to
Joseph Cartwright.
Lndysmith, B.C., Sopt. 6, 1908.
Our Winter Stook o*
with Waterproof Soles
The Shoe Men.
First Avenue,
LadyiBBtitJ), B. C.
[Teacher of Music]
Studio in Williams' Block
Will bo In Ladysmith every Wednesday at the Abbotsford Hotel, Room
6. Readings and treatments will be
given. Best of references given ae
to work done in Nanaimo.
Mssrtillti 01 ririicrsllp.
The partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned is
j this day dissolved by mutual con-
Kent. All debts duo to and all
debts by thu undersigned are pay-
' able to and by Joseph Cartwright.
Ladysmith, B. C, Aug. 24th, 1908
! nug. -6th 1 m
Hotel Gecli
Best Liquors and Cigars.
Barclay & Conlin,
20o per 100  *
-^AT THE-      ;:
T_e Pogorly
fiowiing Alley
Cigars aad Soft Drinks.
And Billiard SaloonI
Pool and English
Billiard Tablet,
Daily Prize for Higheit
Bowling Score.
Sentl two Ho.Minniif. I»n_t-
Hgo. for It roiivnt tilt- liTill-
lliiillvl lii«l'«ii-lln..kli!l,
"Ooumry nml aiil'iiili-n
HninuH," fill 1 nl ihili'-un!-
Ins, VHlimlilr nml i> 11 tl-
cil hifiirinntlini iur tin ■..*
t. rutin -mo., mmitt, v»»m vn,'-.«,


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