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Ladysmith Standard Jan 15, 1908

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The preservation In the vaults of
the Pari* Opera House of the voices
of.Caruso, Scottl, Pattl, Melba, and
other contemporary singers will
make comparisons Interesting in the
centuries to come. The voices ot
Oriai, Mario, Mallbran and Jenny
Llnd so preserved would be ran
treasures. Tamagno's notes are
firmly fixed In wax, surviving his
death, and Pope Peo XIH'a voles
still lives. Tho Kaiser's Is ln stop
age at Harvard University and in
tho Library of Congrsss.
Tho phonographic preservation of
languages will bo valuable to philologists. Humboldt found a parot
in Brazil which was the solitary
speaker of an otherwise extinct dialect. A phonograph may do as
much for Welsh a century hence,
Posterity ahould feel grateful for
thia foresight on ths part of the pre
sent ago, But it Is to be questioned whether wo are not preparing for
ilia generations unborn a heritage
uf printed and written matter which
will overwhelm them with an embarrassment of riches. The millions of
books, the vase accumulations of the
libraries, the wealth of new discoveries In sclenco, will make a staggering mass of knowledge for trass-
mission. What mind can master a
hundredth part of It?
The ": .peclalista' " field will be restricted to the narrowest limit*, and
a Bacon or Newton of the thirtieth
century will bo a- prodgy Indeed
Nullifying the destructive Influences
of time on human records may not
prove an unmixed blessing for the
sges yot to be.—Now .York Herald.
 * _L^_   '
The fifty-third mooting of tho City
Council was hold in tho city hall
on Monday evening. Mayor Malum)
presided, and thore wore present Aid.
I'ulcrsou, Aid. Robertson, Aid. Niul-
mo, Aid. Uron, Aid. Brydon, anil
Aid. Bickle.
A letter was read from Mr. G. R.
Wilson, secretary of tho Citizens'
League, thanking tho Council for the
uso of tho city hall to hold thoir
meetings. Tho letter was ordered"
Accounts totalling $107.40 were
received and referred to tho Finance
Coinmitteo to bo paid if found correct.
Aid. Paterson, as cluiiruian of the
Street Committee, reported that ho
and Aid. Robertson had inspected
High street, and had instructed
Road Foreman Callandar to put in
tho box culverts. He understood
that the road foreman had ordered
the lumber.
Aid. Bickle did not understand the
report. The Council had ordered
certain work to be done, and the
road foreman had been instructed to
carry it out at once. He thought
that both Aids Paterson and Robertson had overstepped thoir duties.
The Street Commltteo took thoir instructions from the Council.
Aid. Brydan thought tbo question
might be allowed to drop. Probably the road foreman had asked the
members of the Strict Committee to
look ovcr the work.
Aid. Robertson said that this was
foreman had asked them to go over
exactly what had happened. The road)
the ground, and had outlined what
ho proposed doing1. They had concurred in his proposals and he under
stood that the road foreman was going ahead with lt. -
Aid. Bickle accepted thi* explanation.
Mayor Malone, as chairman of the
committee appointed by the council
to interview Mr. Walter Gibbons,
stated that they had tried to coiuo
to an amicable settlement with him,
but had failed to do* so. He demanded the $200 he had asked for,
or he,would tako nothing. Tho caso
therefore remained as it was. They
had asked him if he would be satisfied if they recommended to tho couu
cil that ho be given an amount equal to tho expenses in which the accident hud involved him, and ho had
replied no; he would have more or
Aid. Robertson said he suggested
to Mr. Gibbons that he make an
itemized statement of his expenses.
He made that suggestion because Mr.
Gibbons had sold that $100 would
not cover his expenses. He (Aid.
Robertson) pointed out that tho
Council would not regard tho time
ho had hist as part of the oxpenscs
he hud incurred. But thoy failed to
come to terms. He considered thnt
the Council had gone out of their
way and met Mr. Gibbons, whilo he
had not como within shooting dlstanco of half way.
Aid. -'Pntorson moved and Aid.
Uron seconded, that the report be
received and tho committoo discharged. '
Aid. Bickle said he was sorry tho
Council were going out of ofllco with
out having this littio matter settled.
But ho concurred with Aid. Robertson in whnt ho hnd snld. The Council had done their host, and he did
not think that it was their fault
that tho question had not beon sot-
Aid-, Robertson said there was ono
thing he had forgotten. When thoy
suggested $100 Mr. Gibbons had
said that he would go round with a
petition from door to door to seo if
ho could not got moro.
Regarding tho Question of loss of
time, Aid. Brydon said that possibly
had a statomont been put in by Ml'.
Gibbons it mighti have boon mot.
The question of the audit of tho
city books was raised by Aid. Brydon. The City Clerk said that the
statement wns not ready. Thon the
question arose as to whether a special meeting should bo called,
Ald.Nimmo thought they ought to
have a meeting and finish their own
business up. .
Aid. Brydon concurred. It would
be rather ridiculous for tho auditor's
report of their year's work to be
referred to tho next Council. They
wouldn't know anything about it,
while tho p'resont comfell eould cheek
tho various items.
On motion It was agreed to hold
a special meeting of the Council on
Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock to
consider the auditor's report.
The Council, after henring and approving the minutes of the meeting,
Intermediates and  Juniors
Will Meet Two Elevens
From Victoria.
There will be two league guinea
played on tbe Sports ground Saturday afternoon. The North Word
Juniors, who last your won tho
championship, meet,the locals. Tho
game should give n fair lino as to
whore the    honor is going this sea-
•<">■ < i.LJiki
The match at Nanaimo on Saturday lust showed the two local aggregations to be pretty evenly mutch
od, and, on thu day's play, tho    de-
. cision should bu reversed down here.
■Next Saturday should show the
youngsters how they stund with tho
champions. It is up to them -to
secure the two points. Even a
draw would reduco thoir chances of
gaining tho championship to almost
a vanishing point. On thoir own
ground thoy should easily hold their
After tho Junior gains the local
Intermediates will mix lt with '..-.:
Y.M.C.A. oleven from! Victoria.
Theso are tho boys who defeated tho
locals six goals to four in tho Inst
match of the season at Victoria last
year. In the corresponding gamo
hero thoy were defeated by the only
goal of the match.    Tho homo boys
Contest for Mayoralty and Elections in Middle and Wett
Wards of tbe City.
Monday was nomination day for
dfljee on the new City Council. The
day was not marked by any great
or untoward excitement, but, all the
same, tho result has created rather
un unmual condition uf things for
Ladysmith. There is for the flrst
time in the municipal history ot the
city to be an election. There are
three candidates for the mayoralty,
and in tho Middle and West Wards
thore will bs a contest for the office
of alderman. For the East Ward,
only Mr. M. Mattheson was nominated, 'and, of course, be was elected
by a'cc'laniation.
Tbo old Council was as follows:
Mayor—P. Mulone.
Middle Ward-
John Bickle,
A. Uren,
A. Robertson.
West Ward-
Jas. Nimmo,
..lex. Bryden.
East Werd-
D, Paterson,
Jas. Hutchinson.
The nominations received on Monday by Returning Officer Mr. John
Stewart, woro as follows:
senlS%p^of« %°&Ldft^ ^M»^.£
for theso measures and the League solicits on their behalf iho support of the Taxp™o™
fORMW-D Nicholson
MIDDLE WARD—Colin Campbell, G, Haworth, Gust, Klemola
WEST MM-Wm Brown, and David McKinnell
THE THAW DEFENSE OPEN ITS jshould   tbereforo   open    the soaaou
' i I with    a  cou|do of    points to their
NEW YORK, Jan. 14.-The defense!cl<Klit- *W "r0 a" working hard
began tho presentation of its cause ( to get into condition, aud may be
in the trial of Horry K. Thaw    to- depended on to put up a good gaino
Tho tennis will  lino up as follows:
To the Electors of the City of Ladysmitli: Ladies and Gentlemen—
At the request of a large number
of Citizens. I havo decided to offer
myself as a Candidute for tlio ofllco
of Mayor.
. In soliciting your support, I may
state thut my candidature lies been
endorsed by the Citizen's League and
that I am pledged to a piotform of
reform, including the Installation of
a lighting and sewerage system.
Moreover, 1 lmvo served you before
In the cupnclty of Mayor. During
my term of power t worked zealously to discharge the duties of tho office with credit to myself and honor
to the city, and nlinod only ot promoting the moral and material well-
being of tho town and tho community, If you will again honor mo
Just sixty years ago tonight that bafwlth your confidence, t will do my
first   appear* In the oratorio    ■»'Entire .TtSTn  PMBCS' """
Montclnlr, N.J., Jan, If),— Tho*.
Ball, tho woll known sculptor, now
ln his 8.1th year, I* to sing In the
oratorio, "Elijah" here tonight, Mr
Ball wa* the flrat to sing the part
of "Elijah" In Amm-lon.   It will   be
day. Physicians who had attended
insane members of defense's family first woro placed on the stand,
but by Invoking tho rule of confidential .relations between doctor and patient, District Attorney Jerome sue-
ceding in blocking somo of the intended testimony. An interesting' ."
witness fvas a former teacher of s'_
Thaw's at Wooster, Ohio University,
who declared tho boy's conduct so
lung ago as 1886, was irritntional,
Cileries Kochlor, of Winiiiii. Minn.,
who was a teacher at VVoosley University, Woostor, Ohio, in 1880,
whon Harry Thaw was a student
thore, took tho stand and was asked
to tell his impressions of Thaw as a
boy of 16 or 17 years of age.
Harry Thaw always had a nervous
gait and walked Jerkily, he said.
"His eyes wero striking, his complexion aenimic. His manner in tho
class wns abstracted and imliiTeront.
Cross-examined by District Attorney Jerome, Mr. Koehior said two
hundred boys came under his care at
Wooster end sinco that time, na a
teacher, he had been thrown in contact with 1500 boys or more.
Whon Jerome asked if the witness
had carried Thaw along in his mind
aa a "horrible examplo," Mr. Littleton objected and was sustained.
Mr. Koehior said ho had often used
Thaw's case as an illustration.
He was asked where and when and
to whom?
"To a boy named Bingham," began
tho witness.,
What Bingham? demanded Jerome.
"The Police Commissioner."
i   Thaw himself Joined in the gtnornl
Goal— Delcourt.
Backs— Fagiin and Buttle.
Halves— Kerr, Wright and Lipzan-
Forwards — Aslunoro, Lnudorback,
llontllo, Wilkinson nnd Metro.
Reserves — Lawson und Laudor-
Goal— R. Greaves.
Backs— Jnckson and Campbell.,
Halves— Sf. O'Connell, J. Mlchok,
and Saunders.
Forwards — Ordo, Hughes, Callandar, Simpson and Roeee.
Reserves — E, Morgan, Haworth,
and Williams.   •
Mr. W. G. Simpson will roforeo tho
games and tho Juniors will kick off
at 1.30, tho Intermediates starting
ns soon ns tlio flrst gamo in finished.
P. Malon*,
D. Nicholson,
I. Gould.
Middle Ward-
D. T. Johnson.
Colin Campbell,
Gust. Klomola,
G. Haworth.
West Ward-
Wm. Brown,
(!. Johnson,
D. McKinnell,
East Ward-
M. Matheson.
These are thc nomination's, and tha
elections will take place on Thursday. Polling will open iu the City
Hall at 9 a.m. and continue to 7 p.
m. This will give ample opportunity to every taxpayer to record his
vote, and there should certainly be a
large poll.
Of the candidates, D. Nicholson,
for the mayoralty, Colin Campbell,
G. Haworth and Gust. Klemola, for
aldermen of the Middle Ward, and
Wm. Brown and David McKlnn*ll,
nldormon for the West Ward- all
these are running on the ticket of
tho Citizens' League. They have declared themselves In favor of a light
Ing system, of a 'sewerage system,
and of a reduction ln the property
qualifications for municipal office.
Tho taxpayers have therefore a definite platform of reform presented to
them, and in registering their votes,
will govern themselves accordingly.
 ♦   '
Haa Taught World,  Say* President
McKenzle, that Canada I*
More Independent Than
TORONTO, ONT., Jan U.-Pr**|.
dsnt McKenzle of Canadian Northern
and Toronto Street Railway* ha*
returned from England. Regarding
the bond issue of ten to sixteen millions which it was reported bs had
arranged for fa England Mr. McKenzle said ho did not bring the money
back with htm, that he had sent tt
beroro. Ho added, however, that hla
business had been carried out eati*-
fnetorlly. (
Regarding the effect of th* Financial panio In United State* on money markets of Great Britain McKenzle said "When    there I found that
the general expectation wa* that the
whole financial situation of Canada
would be very similar to what     1*
was In the States.   The advantages
of our banking system were not universally known as they might    b*
nnd thero appeared for a long while
thnt conditions which prevailed tn V
articles ln    newspapers]   predicting
S. would be felt to the full extent
In Canada.   It   was    not until   tae
last three weeks or month of my via
Blnghamton, N.Y„,Jan. 14,-Mr*.  it thnt It became generally recognlr.-
Anginette Phillips and Mr*. Antoin- cd that    tho situation    was utterly
otto Gillette,   said to be the oldest different and thnt far from having a
twin sisters in this part of the couu- collapse In Canada the offset      wa*
try, celebrated the 77th anniversary practically thc same to that In Eu-
of their birthday today at the home rope, that Is    to say there was   a
of Mr*. Phillip* ln this city.    M(*. cortaln nmount of nervousness."
.iiiotte come from her home in Bos-    Tho effect    on Canadian securities
ten to attend the re-union and    a 1ms bcon good because It has    been
third    sister waa present from UU-  shown    that Canada Is much   more
nois.     Tbe twin    sisters were born Independent thnn any body previous
in fcoston, daughters of Gerry  Ter- ly belloved.   I think It really strlk-
rell,    who   died at   the ago of 80, Ing the way  the  economic Indepen-
-* .- —
To tho Electors of tho City of ladysmith:    Ladies and Gentlemen-
leaving thirteen children, ten ot
whom are living. His father lived
to be 104. His widow, mother of
his thirteen children, lived to be 80.
Indictment   Quashed by New Brunswick Court for Leek of
Frederlctoa, N.B., Jan. 14.—The
last move In tho Emmerson libel was
made this morning, when J. D. Hn-
zen, for Editor Crockett, moved that
the indictment against the Fredoilc-
lon Gleaner be quashed. He pointed
out that tho caso stood over ■ from
tost year,   nnd the   accused entered
donee of Canada ha* been demonstrated. Mr. McKenzle was In Europe for about three weeks.
Having sorved a term as Mayor
.. -.nyi— ■ ■-. of this city, I ho.vo decided to  seek    .
PARIS, Jan. 14.— Thirty  young re-election for    that office.    I   hnvo,,,ls ""'" recognisance- to appoar     In
pcoplo   wore   skating   on    tho   loko sought always to further tho    host tho January term and wns now pro
in the Boise de Bollogno this after- Interests of tlio city nnd of tho rntc-'Hent in   court.       On bolng assureil
noon, whon they broke through   tho Payers and to dischnrgo tho   duties'. „ii.i,„, „..„„.„, (,„,, „„ ,„
shin Ice and were precipitated    Into of the ofllcu In n, fit and proper man-,that tho «>"°"<" S»»eral hnd no In
tho   water.     Evory offort to rescue ner.    In ngnin asking you to  honor strrjctlons to    go on with the case,
thorn was at onco made, ond    six- mo witli vour conflilonoo, I pledge my the Judge quashed the Indictment and
toon of tho young people aro account "'^'o.^lo ovor.ythlnR _ i^my^powor (||scnnpgc(1 Mr,  rjrookett.     jion, H.
R. Emmerson, complainant In     tho
ease, waa not represented In court.
 _ „ Xii'ji.-cidEB
To the Electors of the City of  Ladysmith;   Ladles and Gentleman:
Having been requested by a committee representing a large number of
taxpayers, to become a candidate for
the ofllco of Mayor, and having to
give a promise that I would not
withdraw, I hereby respectfully motor your influence and support.
If elected, here Is my platform,
whnt I will and will not do:—I will
not havo ns many law suite against
the taxpayers as tlio late Council haa
had, nnd Jf thore are 9 cent* to
sikiiiiI, I will see that each ward got*
Ihroo—whnt thk lato Council did not
ed for, nnd fourteen nro still missing to sorve your Interests and to
land it is feared that they hav* boen charge tho duties of the office.
New York, Jan. M.—The following
cable has been received from Sir
Thos, Upton: "Have not challenged. Too early. Size of boat no
object,     (Signed) Upton." uu., j.uua.
If You Require Any
Or if You Require Any
A'cuiE i
Or II You Want to Buy a HOI SK.
or Sell Cut;   or If You   Want
Hotarx Public, Conveyancer.
alderman.    One thousand, nnd    flvoj HONOrlOLY ENDED.
hundred    dollars, ' respect voly. is a 	
high figure for such a city as Lady- Caracas, Jan. 10, via port of
smith, and there is no doubt that it' Spain, Trinidad, Jan 18.— An ox-
1 renders ineligible for office, mon who cess'- ii ..ee Issued today annuls
'could do good -work for the town. -' ...mating monopoly and puts an
I It has also to be remembered Uint in end to the concession of the Nation-
tho past it hns always beon difficult ttl Match Company. Thle "company
to flnd citizens willing to tako ofllco.  waa capitalized at 11,700,000    and
Ladysmith  Standard'
Semi- Weekly.
Published on Wednesdays and Saturdays Afternoons by tho
Robt. It. Hindmarch,
One Year $1.50
Six Months  75
Advertising Rates on Application.
Tomorrow there will bo a municipal election in Ladysmith for the
flrst time since the city was incorporated. For the office of mayor
t-here are no fewor than three candidates in tho field. In addition to
the contest for tho Mayorilty, thero
will also be an election in both tho
Middle and West Words. This
how it should bo in Municipal affairs
end matterlcss what tlio cause of it
may be, or who umy lie responsible
for it, it is a lung needed step ir
the right direction. Tlio contest tomorrow is a sure sign of an awakening interest in civic affairs. Probably also it may do something to
fasten public attention upon tho
Council and its actions. Tho candi
dates endorsed by tho Citizen's League are all pledged directly to a radical and comprehensive platform o.
reform. It Is tho duty of tlio electorate to keep thoir represontativea
up to the letter of their pledges and
to see that the'/ transform thoir pro-
mi*s* with concrete action. It if
something to tho good that tho can-
didates have to seek the suirrages of
the citizens. It presupposes obligation* on o*ch side and acknowledges
certain definite responsibilities. All
this may help to keep burning tho
light of public interest, and onsuro a
live and up to dato city government,
Th* retiring Council has bequeathed a legacy oi work which it will "be
the flrst duty of their successors in
office to taClsf,. In presenting their
annual report, the Sanitary Committee drew attention to tho pressing
"•ed ol the' city for a sewerage system, and put it on record that this
wa* one ot the first questions which
the new council ought to consider,
There is ehebfutely no shadow of
doubt that the subject should have
been taken up in a practical manner
»ome time ago, and tho now Council will assuredly have to do something with it. Then there is a common agreement that some system
of lighting 1* absolutely essential to
th* progress pt the city. Thoro may
bs differences of opinion as to de.
tell, and as to whether it shall be
* private qr Municipal enterprise
But with the. necessity of lights generally *«lii»wlejfeeit.JAa»»._-rt»OTid
not be any difficulty in arranging de-
t*il*. Another question that requites to be dealt with is the pro-
pasts* qualifications for Mayor    and
This makes it all the more imperative, that tho property qualification
should bo reduced, and so increase
tlie number of citizens eligible for
These are three questions which are
all of thc utmost importance to tlie
city and its future. Tho new Council will have to deal with them, and
they will require able and thoughtful treutment. It is tho duty ofthe
taxpayers to cast an intelligent vote.
It should not be forgotten that to
the now Council is entrusted the
well-being of tho city for the noxt
twelve months. Tho old Council,
which ondod its official life on Monday evening has come in for not a
little ill-advised criticism and much
ill-grounded censure. That Council
, went into office almost unmarked by
tho people ot tho town. No pledges
were asked or required of tho Councillors. Thero was, indeed, somo kind
of a meeting; but we aro speaking
only in general torms.
far as tho main body of tho
electorate was concerned the Council
issued no pledges and undertook no
obligations. It was not to bo expected, therefore, that they would
introduce any Important or far-
reaching measures of reform: Thoy
discharged the ordinary administrative duties of tho city, and directed
the greater part of thoir attention to
tho improvement oi tho streets. In
tho only important question that
wns submitted to them tliey took up
non possumus attitude on the
ground thut they had no mandate
from the people. Under all the circumstances, aad especially in view of
tho conditions under which they took
ofllco they wero, porliaps, justified in
their action.
The case will bo different with tho
1908 Council. The Mayor and flvo
of the Aldermen will tnke thoir seats
as the result of an election. Tlioy
will havo to issue some address to
thoir constituents, nnd submit a certain platform of reforms. It is understood, generally, that groat questions will be handled, uiul, of course,
tho Council, once it takes office, will
bo expected to Introduce progressive
measures. For theso reasons it is
tho more necessary that thc electorate should cast an intelligent voto.
Character and nhility alone should
influence the taxpa.or in choosing
his ropreer-'*"'' Moro than anything els.- l i« i.incoroly to be hoped that, now that an election has
come, the poll will at least approximate to the number of voters. The
taxpayer who neglects to record his
vote is indifferent to his own nearest
interests and dead to his responsibil-
ties of citizenship. It is for every
ono to do his lies! for the city, ai..l
If simple axiom is accepted and act-
i, tho future of Ladysmith will
show a marked improvement ovc
its part.
Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 13.—A fire
early today in the Union depot in
which are located the government's
mail transfer station and all express
companies, caused a heavy loss ot
mall matter and express which was
stored there.    At 5.15 a.m. the fire
the shares were held mostly In Eng- was believed   to be    under control
land, Thoy were quoted recently   at The transfer station la thought to be mortality.       The
City Bakery
Is Doing Business.
All   Kind*   of   Bread.
First Class.
First Avtmie.
M*thlrtff But th* 0«st
Miil.-rsburg, O., Jan. 14.— The
case of Don Dickerson, who was an
inmate of the death house in the
state prison at Columbus for many
months, was called for trial here today. The case was brought here
-age of venue from Coshocton
county, where Dickerson was foun
guilty In April, 1906, of the murder
of Kate Hughes by strangulation.
Uo was sentenced to death in September, 1906, but after being in the
Bhadpw of death chair for months he
was granted a now trial by the Supreme Court on legal technicalities.
Portland, Ore., Jan. 13.-* Alter
months of delay thero now appc is
every prospect that the celebra od
igon land fraud eases will le
brought to trial In the United St..
tes District Court here this week
Theso are the cases In which Fresld
ont RoobovoH has displayed a keen
personal interest and in -which several government officials have been
severely criticized for the!* alleged
dilatory methods in bringing the
accused to trial. Francis J. Heney,
a special representative of the Department of Justice, is here to conduct the government's cases.
Nanaimo, Jan, 13.—
Criticises    Attitude    of    Provincial
Government with Reference to
Various Matters.
At the outset of Mr. McLeod's sermon on the question, "Is The Policy
of Our Provincial Government in the
Host Interests of the People?" he announced that he was not at present
a member of any political party and
considered himself to be in a position
to discuss, the question without partisan bias. He was quite willing to
admit that tho present Liberal Government at Ottawa had given us. in
many respects, tho best administration of public affairs in tho history
of Dominion Governments. As one
who had opposed the advent of tho
HcRride Government to power, candor compelled him to admit that
Mr. McBride and his colleagues had
made a brave aud successful attempt
to redeem their promises, and in the
face of public clamor hard to resist,
bail rescued tho Province from fln-
.n iu.1 shipwruc't and in muny res-
putts had given us a businesslike
aim capable administration uf public
affairs. Much legislation, benelicial
to the working man especially had
I ■■sen put upon tho statute books uud
in this respect tho groat services of
."■ir. Hav tl.oriit hwiiiU' should not bo
Tho speak.;, hero uniiouiiced that ho
hud thrown nil lhe boquets in his
possession ami would now indulge In
some friendly criticism. He thought
it was due to the people of UritibU
Columbia lhat M.. M.'lirj.ie should
inform them why he informed tho
Secretary ut State for Cunivia, that
•Oie Bowser Act, re oriental Immigration vvould bo disallowed. In
farenu) to this matter, compared to
tho brave light put up by tiro Mani.
tpba Government, when thoir Provincial Ait's wire Uliullowed by tho
Ottawa Government our provincial
legislators hnd beon "an rmsy mark''
The presiint Provincial Goverimifi,f
had follow the bad example of
their predecessors, and in defiance of
Biblical irecept and the best interests of the people, had worked overtime alienating the public lands.
Hore in British Columbia," said
th'i spool p.r, "we are movin** with
J .emendous rapidity toward vhe dan-
Jer line. Persia perished Uhen ono
gar line. Persic perished when one
land: Egypt wont down when two
pcr tent, owned 97-100ths of all tho
woaUh, Babylon diorl whon two per
NEW .YORK, Jan. 11.-It is estimated that fully 22,000 horses suc-
combed to accident, debility, disease
ill-treatment and old age in New
York in 1907, Slippery pavements
In winter and extreme heat in summer are two of the chief causes of
city has a contract with a private corporation to
remove all dead horses, and whether
the animal foe a former prize winner at the Horse Shoe or a worn-
out nag belonging to a rag peddlnr
lt makes no difference; they are both
curried to Barren Island. There is
a use found for every part of a doad
horse, from   making leather bolting
NEW YORK, Jan.  11.—Pythagor- from   his   hide to glue   from     his
3, tho toad Methuselah, has    been hoofs.
The Canadian Bank
Of Commerce
total loss.
Pythagoras,    the Toad Methuselah
is Creating Much Interest
ln New York.
B. E. WALKER, President.
ALEX. LA'IW), General Ma Birei-
A. E IRELAND Superintendent
of lji-'i ches.
PaM-uj) capita! 810 000 000
■W •    5,000,000
Total Assets. 113000,000
Indianapolis, Jan. 14.—Tho Repub
licans of the thirteen congressional
districts ol Indiana met today to
duct their mombors of tho state con-
tral committee. Tho near members
will meet ln thi* city Thursday to
organise and te select a campaign
chairman. James P. Goodrich,
chairman Is the last three earn-
palgns, will be chosen without opposition. He is the choice of Vice-
President Fairbanks, and the committee will be reorganized In the
Interest of Mr. Fairbanks' candidacy
for the presidency.
'■■ t   '
Beaumont, Tex., Jan. 14.—A convention of the Gulf States Draliage
Association began Its sessions ln
Beaumont today with delegates present representing the entire gulf
coast region of Texas and Louisiana
Tho chief work of Iho convontlen,
which will he ln session two day*,
is to discuss arrangement* for the
formation of drainage districts sad
the issuing of bonds to defray die
cost of thc necessary Itaproveimuit*
to keep the surplus water off tn*
coast country.
TOKIO, Jan. 14,-Toshtro S*.
luilnni, Minister of Finance, and *
• Isaiburl   Yamagata,   Minister qf •
Communication,    haVe    resigned •
• from the cabinet.   Their resignations have beon   accoplcd.    The •
resignation of   Marquis Sayonl, •
• the Prime Minister, has been re- <
11 Mulholland & J. Cartwright'.ir. I
attracting crowds at the Bronx Zoo,
where ho is now on exhibition.
is a relic ol the middle ages, and
bas beon buried In limestone rock
500 foot down ln a silver intno at
Butte, Mont., for centuries. Scientists have taken a great deal ol
intorest in this ancient toad, and
they are agreed that he Is at least
1000 years old.
Last week Pythagoras was given
his lirst meal In ten eenturie*. Tho
bill of faro was not as elaborate as
might have boon expected would
have been offered to one who bad
hasted so long. It consisted of four
flies and an earthworm.
Pythagoras, however, had difficulty
In getting hold of the insects, because his eyes have been so long out
of use that he can scarcely see. When
he did manage to connect with a fly
he swallowed lt as though his throat
was rusty from lack .of practise. The
ancient toad is slowly recovering his
eyesight and the use ot his limbs,
and Is gradually turning green,    as
ho was a  thousand years ago.
Vancouver Thursday was ln the
throes of one of the hottest elections that has over stirred tha city
on the'inlol. Asiatic exclusion was
a t cket strongly set before tho rate
payers, and tlie candidates put forward by the Exclusion League were
well ln evidence among the winners
in the light.
Out of eight mon put forward ■ for
election no less than six find a seat
on tha aldcrmanlc board.
The /Electoral 'Union ticket, hnslng
it. claims on the principle of old
men for civic positions, put Into tile
Hold eleven mon to contest tlio six
wards; of these six were elected, two
also being supported by the Exclusion T.oagiio, these being the winner*
in ward two.
MONTREAL, Jan. 11.—As a result of arbitration tho Grand Trunk
telographers, who aro now receiving
the minimum wage, will get an Increase of ten per cent. Those receiving the maximum wage will have
distributed among them annually
$10,000, Abnormal Sunday work
will be paid for at oxtra rates.
MONTREAL, Jan. ll.-The striking employees of the Thomas Davidson Manufacturing Company will go
back to work on Monday on the understanding that the old rates of
wages will be restored whon the financial depression is over.
senseless   stampfde kills
The senseless ctanpede of a crowd in
a theatre in thla city resulted today
In a shocking accident. Sixteen persons inoliuling a cumber of ohlldren
in arm* vera, crushed to death by
frantic efforts o{ the crowd to get
clear of the building and many others wer* injured aud all for no reason. Thais waa no danger, no firs,
only the unaccountable excitement
of the crowd which endeavored to
rush from the building.
Bra c' ei tin- uchoiit Canada7itvl in t >« United States u d Enuland
A a ne'rai. bank-no suenaes* TR*NS>cTIR-corrm*rclai are;
Farnere* Papor  PIvOMntod.
S  VI   G    B  Nk     h AR MENT
I >einx<b- •!' SI uud upwmds received, uud i iteie t all -wed al
wren   rut-.-.   The ili-p».-it i-is Mil j tt to no delay whatever ia.
tin* wit di wni nt'  he win, e  r iinv pnrt of the deposit
office hours m m my '!Mi*iDVav„t.6r»,t0,i*-
m.    o I'.tn., io o.ou p.nia
S3 John w. ooiiurn.
pjj   President and Managing Director.
r: no. a piokard.
. SniTntnry-Troasurcr.
NEW YORK, Jan. ll.-EvoVy girl
to her own policeman la becoming
the fad in New York, in tho hop*
that all girls can go about the street
and be unmolested by men who
owned everything and tho Rom- j would si-rape acquaintance. A pret-
on Empire was swept by barbarians ty stenographer, who comes from
when 1800 mon possessed the known j tho South, nnd has not boon long in
world. The land monopoly la the Manhattan, was approached by a
fundamental monopoly. It hnd beon | man, while walking down Broadway
said It was not an Issuo in B.C., tho othor evening shortly after dark,
where we had yet 280,000,000 acres | "Fine evening, Isn't lt?" snld tho
of public landi and the largest area stranger, but ho got no further, for,
of inercliantablc timber on tho Am-' quick as a flash, tho young woman
crlcan continent.    It should re-. whipped hor hand from tho muff sho
meinlwred that nearly all the access- carried and struck him full in tho
ibl* timber hinds of thu Province face. The fellow's hut had fallen,
had boen taken up, und that of iho but, leaving it, ho ran like a deer.
15,000,000 neves of agricultural | A policeman rushed to tho young
lands which we are said to possess, lady's assistance, and to his sur-
much of it is in tho hands of spec- j prise found thnt on her right hand
ultutori. 'Die announced policy of she woro a very thinly padded box-
reserve on timber lands might or I Ing glove, tho sort of glovo that
might not be conceived in tho Inter- saves tho knuckles from being broken
ests of tho people. If tho reserve
stands, the first result will bo a
great enhancement of tho valuo to
present holders. Increased value
should be met by largely Increased
taxation in the interests of the people.
Mr. McLeod was of the opinion
that the hand loggers had received
scant Justice and that the appointment of a Timber Inspector whose
most notable performance was the
"skinning" of worklngmcn out of
their wages was, to say thu least,
in "bad form."
The attitude of the Provincial administration with reference to the
Dominion Lord's Duy Act, was, in
th* opinion of Mr. McLeod, indefensible from any standpoint. This act
had already given 00,000 workman
in Canada, a rest day onco u week.
It had been approved by bodies of
labor mon all over tho country. It
waa not ecclesiastical legislation,
but conceived in a broad spirit of
reasonableness and patriotism. The
principle of the uct was vital to free
institutions. It did not encroach
upon the liberties of the people und
he trusted the Attorney General
would recommend a change of front
in thla matter.-
In dosing, Mr. McLoud said no
one would opposo more strongly than
he did any legislation in favor of any
or all Churches, but God hud some
reserved rights, oven in the pcoplo of
British Columbia and had written his
law in reference to tho Sevonth Day
upon man's physical and normal
constitution before it was embodied
in any legal code. In this connection ho wgs pleased to commend the
action of our Dominion representative, Mr. Ralph Smith, whose services In connection with tho passage
of the Dominion Lord's Day Act,
were Invaluable and whoso stand la
matter against the strong pub-
He opinion-in his constituency did
him much credit.'
Thesaalon, Ont., Jan. 14,— James
Dyson, aged 21 years was drowned,
and Lulu Kennedy, aged 10, perished Irom exposure, ln a skating accident Saturday night. News ol
the tragedy reach*! here Sunday,
wheat ths body of the girl was  dls-
when a hard blow is delivered. Tho
girl explained that she was obliged
to adopt tho boxing glovo thnt sho
might be prepared to defend' herself
against tho numerous insults she received whenever sho walked out at
night unchnperonod. Sho expressed
tho hope that othor girls would follow her example of wearing a boxing glovo on tho right hand. A few
days later another woman met with
a slmillar insult, but chose as hor
woapon of defence a heaby shopping
bag, with which she swung vigorously at the offending stranger, He, ton
manngod to make hla escape, but It
la thought that In the future tha
street mashors will avoid offering Insults to young ladles who hear evidence of having any athletic ability.
TORONTO, Jan. ll.-The provisions of tho new Insuranco bill In the
opinion of tho oxocullve committee
of tho Policy Holders' Association of
Canada aro not in the best Interests
of policy holders, and the executive
passed a resolution last night condemning tho new regulations and appointed a committee to wait upon
the honking nnd finance committee
at Ottawa.
VANCOUVER, Jan. IS.- George
Black a young business man who
wa* found dead In a sporting house
New Years' morning, wa* murdered,
today. At the autopsy th* doctor*
according to tha **rdict of th* Jury
found morphine In the stomach. The
condition of the man before death
indicated that a dru*; had bean administered by porsons other than
himself, Robbery la supposed to bay*
been tho motive of the crime, Eva
McDnniels, Black's companion, la under arrest.
  .. i.:t. .-. i.', ii■•*: I Pfii ...
-kusatlonjfl Escape of Firemen During Burning of a Thirteen
Story Building.
NEW YORK, Jan. 11— With the
flrat streak of dawn thla inorulng,
■core* of firemen wars searching for
the bodies of three firemen -a/ho are
reported missing, after the calling of
tho roll of tho company, at ths fire
tbat destroyed a thirteen story
building last evening, causing a loss
of million* of dollars.
Tn* gnat building burned almost
Ilk* tinder.
A sensational rescue ws* mad* at
tha fire. Fifteen men who were at
work on the building, were out off
from rescue below. They crouched
away from the flames which had become almost unbearable. A line
was shot from a mortar to the men
which they fastened to a chimney,
and slid down until they reached the
sixth story where they wen again
caught by the flames. From'below
it seemed that rescue was impossible
until several firemen, seizing Bailing ladders began to awtng themselves up ths face of the tottering
wall. They climbed to a window
ledge and the ladder with its groat
hook was thrown and swung on to
the window ledge from which their
comrades were reached. The men
came slowly down until they wore
near enough to the ground to drop
Into the net*.
So narrow was tho escape for the
rescuers as wall as the rescued that
the ladders   themselves were burned
before they could be removed.
New York, Jan. IS.—A block of
Ave story tenement building*, extending from Third to Fifty-Fourth
•treat on Flrat avenue, and which
had been remodelled for factory pur.
poses and waa occupied by half a
dozen enterprises, wa* burned yesterday with a loss of about 1500,.
000. Adjacent tenement* were
threatened, and so aerlou* wa* the
•Ituatlon at one time that four alarms wcre sounded.
Paris, Jan. 18.— A brief wireless
despatch wns received here last night
at the Eiffel tower station from the
warship Klobera which I* lying at
Caaa Blanca, a distance of 1,900
kilometers. Thla Is the flrat timo a
message has bean sent ao long a dls
tanco under similar conditions.
Paris, Jan. 18— A special despatch!
from Tangier to tha Petit Parisian
•taUs that the news from Fas has
produced such a tremendous aensa
tlon among th* native public that
government officials fear that the
deposition of Abdel aa 81s may alio
b» proclaimed at Tangier Boon.
Paris, Jan. 18.-Despatch.es re-
orived by the government from Rabat* announce that the army of
0*n. Bagdln of the Sultan's army,
Which waa camped outside the city,
h** boen called within th* walls.
Ilili Is causing tha Europeans great
Portland, Mo., Jan. 10— Goo. F.
Evans, vice-president and gatieral
manager of th* Maine Central railway, died today at Vanctlioro while
on a tour ol Inspection.
Mouls Served at all 'Jours.
First Class,
AccmuM-uatiun, .
Private Rooms
For Ladles
Clam. Chowder a ud Oysters
W.E. MOORE    -    Predictor.
of Victoria
Will Give Lessons on
At R. McMillan's Residence,
First    Avenue.
Painter & Psjerfapr
Has received the agency ol
one of the best American
Picture Enlarging Firms.
Cull in nnd see Spicin ens,
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Union Brewing Co.
hk out mm
Ladysmith, II. O.
All Home Cured
Roberts St, Butcher
Rome, Jan. 18.— The Italia*, officially announcing the departure from
Rome of Baron Takaharl, the newly
appointed ambassador to the Halted
States,- says that although Japan
and America are animated by the
best and most paclfre intention* In
their relations vrhteh are passing
through a great crlri*-, It 1* a
good omen that the negotiation* between tho two countries hav* been
entrusted to a, triad and experienced
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding and Party Cake* Made to
Fruits and Candles of All Kinds
Prloes are   very   reasonable.    All
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On the Esplanad*.
Ladysmith, B. O.
Full Stock of Ulnar*' Tool*.
Ship Repairing Work
A Specialty
All kind* of Blaekamithlng
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»»»«>»»«>%»<»«>«<)««%,*)«>»*»>*>* l:.Lt.~MJ.mil ^t....u.i.;ij,   WA!:uj*Bbi>.ki., ^A-^Ai;; iWl„, j,juh.        t&
■^fcm-t. w-..*
a* ■a^a^a#ajajMSjl'**s^*Vaa*»JVNa**^a*^jaaaiaa^Bf|*aa*wajasa
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wnm new
, ■«>»♦«>«>«>»%»»«>»««'»»>'»»«'« ♦'
The great gamo Is a thing of the
past. Tho champions woro fairly
and squarely defeated by their nearest and most dangerous rivals. They
crow after all, ami once more, is wit
Nanaimo, Cut it is hardly likely
that It will be heard in such Jubilant defiant tones aa heretofore.
The homo boys and thoir supporters have got to acknowledge defeat.
Excuses thore may lie and nre for the
reverse. But the dominant feeling
among both players and followers
alike Is not so much one of disappointment aa of anger and "chagrin.
To hold the game oven for 70 minutes, to have the only goal scored
to their credit, ond then In tho noxt
fifteen minutes to havo four goals
registered against them—that la the
annoying part of it; and to many
the inexplicable part of lt. Hope and
confidence wcro turned into dismay
and disappointment during that fatal and disastrous quarter of an hour.
There hnd Iwon nothing in the play
to prepare'any ono for It. The gome
had beon of tho openest and cvonest
character, the balance of advantage
awaylng first to ono side and then
to the othor. Still the home boys
hnd got the only goal of tho match
and the faces of tho Nanaimo rooters woro as long and as glum ns
thoso of the visitors were round and
smiling. Dut they laugh lust who
laugh Inst. Whnt looked like a gamo
ln hand to the champions and thoir
frlonda, become almost in a breathing space a gamo hopelessly lost.
Hence It was that chagrin more than
disappointment wns felt by tho large
crowd of enthusiasts who returned
home hy the 9 o'clock train.
Now there is one thing tliat needs
to In stated at tho outset of a ro-
vlow of the game on Saturday, and
thnt I* that the champions played a
roally good game. Truo, thoy wero
defoattd and they did not porhaps
perform qulto aa well, ns thoso who
best know their capabilities, exported. But thoy surprised Nnnalmo.
Tbey did moro than that. They held
Nanaimo on tbeir own ground—and
such a ground, too. It is no good
Quarrelling with the result or tn any
way attempting to minimise the victory of Nanaimo. lint on tho day's
play, counting all opportunities on
each side, only a prejudiced partisan
would deny that a draw would best
haw reflected thc nature of tho gamo
The champions took tho train on
Saturday Mlrly confidant of at least
securing one of tho points nt issue
They did not make th* mistake of
undervaluing their opiwncnts. Thoy
gave them ctedlt for tho team they
are, and thoy spared no efforts to
prepare themselves for what thoy expect**! would be a great atruggle.
Futhtrmore, ovcrybody recognized
that a dangerous oxiwrlment waa bo,
Ing MM with the team. It ha*
boon tmposslhle to (III Arohlo Olegg's
position nt centre half. In the game
again** Esquimalt United. T. O'Con-
•>*********«>*»v»a a««««.««««««ya>««««%%ns
ahead and the backs cleared, the Nanaimo forwards going down, ' Don
failed to clear on easy shot and had
two Indians right on top of liim.
Tho ball wont out to Bliindell, who
shot wildly over. It wus a near
squeak. Still tlie Nauulmo boys
hold thoir ground, and Illunilull again
sent over. Then Jimmy und Joo
went awny, hut Sandy missed with
. tho finishing    shut.    The homesters
noil was trlod horo ond A. Morrison stituted studs for bars, but still wero was more play In nildflold, und thon again took up the running, and  Don
played     right   back'.      Arthur was unable to keep their foot.    It    was T  i„___.tk       .    , ,   saved nn easy shot from Blundoll. A
scarcely a auccoss and on Saturday noticeable that they suffered a great _T, ys°J „, g ,.,.dT "g^n 'Irad- minuto later ho was slow in gottlng
ho was drafted In tho centre half po- deal moro from this than tho Nitnnl- L\T„, ??r'"? ***itl? Ad°™ °,n hi!"' out and Sandy Strang ran in and
sltlon. . mo players and thoir plays through- , B ,, faml"olls continued to k|ckeu outi oilmour llnnllv sending
It was a risky experiment to try out waa more affected by It. Mr. '.",' ,'?,J! n °1? ov"„rr"m a over. "Pressed nt tlio other end, Gra
against auch a forward combination McDougall, of Viotorln, reforcod tho v™, "ot*vcc" ™.w'tt ,luld Oroingjr. ham missod. bllt Hcwltt rushed in
as Nanaimo, and, If It broko down game, and gave entire satisfaction. „""" '"° !Th" !'in FT ,"i'om an(l -"1<rare**' *'°° *™s »«" I,ull«1
nt tho crucial momoirt of test,' tho On tho whole it may bo said that, ' f? , u,r0»-1"s> ""I then Adam „,, ,or on..sMo „„,, ArU,ur „„„„, up
playor is offeusablc. For tho first considering tho Importance of tho "„„,,,,'',n,'r„s,<;" S?. "?"'"' ■■"•'■"Il''1 Crulckshiinks as ho was mnMiig away
■         *'-           t »i»k.,. „mi    ,„„ saving thc situation.   A foul uunlnsU from the fr
half at least, Arthur held hia    man game, the points nt stake, and    tho
and played a good gamo.    It 'was In
the second portion of the second half the match
rivalry between the two   towns *-£™ Cmhef—& 'M '" *'""	
■eo kick.     Play continued
that he failed. He was unable to
hold Johnnie os well as ho had held
Crulckshanks. Tho ground was partly to blamo for this, but the result
waa that Johnnio and Crulckshanke
were enabled to get thoir wings going, and, on a rush, tho Indiana are
the most dangerous forwards In tho
province. Here was ono weakness
that led to some of the trouble and
paved tho way to disaster.
Apart from this there was an element of luck In two of the goals
that went to Nnnnlmo'a credit. Indeed tho first goal waa given to
them and was distinctly a Auks. Again, If Don Morrison, whon pressed,
would throw behind, Instead of out
into the Held, It would be hotter, for
tbe side. The second goal came from
_ mlatake of this kind. The ball
waa thrown right to Manson and no
goalkeeper could have stopped hia
shot. Still, all thla la into the game.
Only lt is a mistake to attribute tn
inferior play tho results of a single
mistake. For example C. Howlett
played tho host game of hla life, yet
lie missed ono kick and had tbe mortification of seeing a goal scored
from It.
To close an already too lengthy Introduction it may be stated that th*
forward lino waa not nearly so effective as it might have been and aa
it was expected to bo. It was to
preserve this lino that experiments
were mado ln tho last two linos.
More surprising still wa* It tbat Jo*
Sanderson should have been the failure. He has beon in remarWitbly
good form this season, but Saturday
was certainly an off day. Had Joe
boen up to form It I* mora than possible that 4 goals would not have
taken two points.
Nanaimo must have gathered In th*
proceed* (rom pretty near a record
gate on Saturday.    A* soon a*    It
'was     cleanly contested.
There were, of    course, a few fouls,
but cases of dollnorato tripping,   or    ,   ,     .
violent    and     unnecessary charging "°'"'""Ji1*
woro    unusually   and   happily rare   ,v "'"'"" "'"" f
The team* lined up as follows:
Goal—A. Bradshaw.
Backa—Graham and Hewitt.
Halves—Snowdon, Gilmour, Farmer
Forwards—Blundoll, Peters, Orulck-
chanka, Johnnie and Manson.
Gial—D. Morrison.
Baeks-T. O'Connell, C. Howlott.
Halves—Simpson, A. Morrison, J-
Forwurds—Grainger, Strang, Adam
Graham and Sanderson.
From the whistle Nanaimo started
with their usual rush. McKiule- slipped and the ball wa* sent in.    Don
...     »....•.     territory and from    ..
up tno    llem, „,„tn    from     0rn|nff<,r    .Sanderson
*!!?.. Si. J?!!', y..*„?,9 hondod °n' (!rnl"*m cta<rl"K 1,|most
beneath the crossbar. Tho ball was
returned, and Jimmy nipped and opened tho scoring. Play had bocn In
progress 15 minutes and Lndysmith
(One up.)
Ploy wns faster than ever from the
tho    ball
next ponalised for hands mil John-
Tho ball v.as nicely placed from the free kick end Sanderson headed to Adam. The latter
wus nicely pluced and at once drove
in. Tho ubiquitous Howltt was
again in the rond nnd lie had thus
tbe credit of stopping two    danger.
ous drives. The bull was lost uvor kick-off and tho Ijidysmlth forwards
but still pressing, tho hoys woro unco showed some of tho prettiest work
more In a good position whon (Ira- of the match. Grainger spoiled n flue
ham stumbled and his hand coming forward movement by passing be-
in contact with the ball a free kick hind, and Hewitt charged down
wns awarded against him. shot of Graham's.    There was
Again tho champions camo    away, other rush, the ball travelling right
and Adam got down within tho  pen- across the field. Grainger ultimately
alty   area.       Horo he was brought sending over.    A corner was all that
down by   Snowdon but he recovored accrued and then thc Nanaimo
tho ball and banged for goal.     For wards got busy     From a  combined
the third time Howltt mot tho ball, rush    Don saved with the greatest
which glanced off his body over    tho difficulty.     Again Ladysmitli     camo
,,,,,,.                                       line.       Thc corner wns well    taken, up and Joe sent over when tackled
fumbled In his olearance and conced- nn(1 riowltt nnd Qralngor had anoth. hy   Graham.      Thc Nanaimo   boy
ja.S?'?!r.*.    NothlnK came   ol    "• or tussle on the goal line, tho    bnll went down from the kick-off ami tho
Xm 1?     J   ***          OVor tbe "n0, eventually going ovcr.    The Nanaimo ball wns sent in from tho right wing
Still the   home   boye continued    toboys thon br0|(0 „„.„y „„„ travelled It was nn ordinary ground shot and
press and Howlett lnlorcoptcd a dan- strnls.h|. up tm) n^id.    a couple    of Don could  have    stopped It eaWly.
gerous centre from tho loft wing. Gil-1 ln|s9 klck)1 i„t in Johnnio who  drove But   oltbcr   O'Connell   or   Simpson
mour put ovcr the lino und Blundoll Straight and true for goal, Don clear- trlod to kick It and placed It In tho
got In a fine centre which Don clear-1lng tJ 8mart stylo. not out of Dons reach.    This    was
ed.   Arthur Morrison ovontually   re-    T„„ loc„| noV8 rctalintod In kind, 10 minutes alter Lndysmith's   goal,
JMVM With a strong kick and    San-|nn,i there followed thc most oxcltlng nnd tho
derson ran tno ball down, losing   it «p|aodo of tho match.    Tho forwards Score was oven
over the lino.    A foul against  Man- got Hiiotl   up in front of goal,   end The ball wns kicked off ngaln and
•on for shouldering Simpson,    gave J|mniy, Joe nnd Grainger nil had a wa* played round in mldflold.   Jolin-
a further    advantage lo tho    chant- rny w|th their heads.    A corner was nlo had now gone contre, nnd ho got
pion* and    they     maintained   thoir.won but Arthur kicked ovcr.   At tho more    rope thnn Crulckshanks   had
place in their opponent's halt.            I other    ond    Crulckshanks sent over, had.    Five minutes had gone   only,
Adam secured and sending out    to and thon Snowdon easily bent   San- when    again   Manson    and Crnlck.
Grainger The latter sent over.   Adam j derson.   Shorty <3raham handled but shanks got down.   Don got tho  ball
twice ln succession had a bang  him- tho reforeo   fnlled to see It or thore but throw    out over his backs.    It
self, and again Grainger got    busy, might havo been a penalty.  Tho Na- fell right at tho foot of Farmer who
This timo he caused    Bradshaw    to nnlmo vanguard rushed straight   vp 'shot straight In.    Thc bnll   hit   tho
como out, but he only partly cleared. I the field and Blundell got .In a    flno under sldo of thu crossbar and bounc-
Adam got to the ball, but   Hewitt ,-ontre    Don fisted out ond there on- od Into tho net.   Nnnalmo was now
charged the shot down, rather luck- sued a fierce scrlmmago In front    of One up.
Hy, and    lt   countod tho first   near goal and it looked odds on Nanaimo and the rooters    began to cheer up,
squeak of the match.    Tho Nanaimo scoring.    Thc    danger   was cleared, and show whnt they could do.
-      ,                   -.      ,,        ,             !in*n got moving from    the kick-off, and Strang and Grainger got   down Fri*m the kick-off Lndysmith   took
was known horo that the mine  ww and Hewlett cleared smartly from   a on tho right wing.    The latter cvad- up Hio running nnd Joe nnd  Jimmy
to be idle on the s»tu™"y. "r.   U. dangerous rush by Johnnio and Man- od Farmer and boat Hewitt,   Shorty got right in front of goal.    Just   a
L, Courtney was telephonedI regard- „,„       ^^ Lwjynnith halve*    horc. Graham coining to the rescuo ntthe touch     was    needed, but neither of
ing a   *pecial   train.  Mr uourtnoy .bouts gave the homo forwards   too expense of a corner.    From tho Hck them   could   make It and   Graham
waeunablo to give a decativ*M»jr*r .mueh rope.    They all fell back In   a,Graham    got   possession and   shot cleared.   Grainger was next consplc-
right away, but ho did not see  ""llmo with    thc result that   Johnnio!right across, another corner    being uous, but Hewitt stoppod liim when
the    nlglit   train   sipito """"C0" I and Crulckshanks were within shoot-given.    Half timo oame Immediately finely   placed.     Tho Nanaimo boya
tot return to LadysmlUi. This llur d|»unce before thev were taekl.iSrw
kick-off again, but again thc Nnnal-
mo left wing rushed down tho Hold, I
Don got the ball but threw out instead of over tho bar and it was
driven in for tho fourth timo. Thus
the homesters scored fuur guals iu.
fifteen minutes.
With a lead of three goals, and live;
minutes to go, the game wus stii'c.
But still the champions playod upj
to the last. Within two minutes of
time, Hewitt blundered, and boforo
he could recover himself, Jimmy had
netted the ball. That ended tlie
Final Score:
Nanaimo   -I
Lahysmlth   2
.It is not necessary to make any
extensive comment on tho gamo. lt
has to bo admitted that the Peters,
Johnnie and Manson. aro dangerous
forwards. A mistake with them is
nearly always fatal, and they have
the advantage of pace. This will
not avail them so much on a dry
ground and they can bo covered better than they were on Saturday.
Crulckshanks also Is a grout acquisition to the team, as also is Hewitt.
Both played a good serviceable game
on Saturday, and Crulckshanks will
do bettor on a dry ground. Farmer
also is it fine, hardworking hnlf, and
he saved his sldo more than once
on Saturday. Gilmour workod linril
on Saturday, but he is getting slow.
Snowdon had an oasy time uf it as
It happened, but the half-back line
Is the weakest part of tho Nuuaiuiu
team. Graham playod a spluudid
game but had not ao much to do
us Hewitt who found a tough nut
to crudi iu Grainger.
Aa for tho homo team enuugli lias
been said. McKinley shut Blundell
out of the gamo aud Siuipsou wasu'i
altogether to blame for thu rushes
uu his wing. They wile ull engineered by Johnnio, and, of course,
Manson and his fellows always hud
the heels of Bob onco they got past
him. Tom O'Connell played u good
game and Hewlett pluyoil the game
of his life, lie is improving every
time out; his kicking is cleaner anil
atraightcr, and he promises to be
ono of the best backs in the League.
The forwards, with the exception ol
Joe, wero ull ln fine working shape.
and the nature of the game tbey
played can be gathered from tho nuui
ber of corners they forced from such
a strong defence aa Hewitt nud Gru-
could not
arrangement Mr. Courtney confirmed
and there was a large crowd boarded
tho noon train, With tho Ladysmith
contingent, and tha home rooter* the
Ing distance before they were tackl-|aftor, neither side having scrred.
ad.  Fortunately the latter shot wide. Half Time Score:
and high when he did tako a ahot.   I      Ladysmith   ;,. 0
I«dy*mlth next took up tho   run-       Nnnalmo  0
nlng, but Bradshaw was not  called:   it was about twenty    minutes
then wont nwny ngnln, and again
the left wing rush brought further
disaster. Tom O'Connell misses his
kick and Hewlett ran over to check
to ('live also missed his kick, his first
Nanaimo olub and the Ialai»*Uu»»ool» upon| ,nj itnere followed qulto a'tour when tho second hnlf was com- break of tho match and heforo ho
tion must havo materuiiiyis»eiiten. ^ „, nwiieiA pigy. Arthur ,,rou., menccd. Tho Nnnalmo boye woro tho could recover himself, Manson had
i ,..T *?* ,, . ,?^T.y P .k. a*t UP Hanson and returned tho ball first to got down, owing to O'Con- centered. Don partly stopped tho
tual toi time Immediately upon tne t0 nla own forWards. Sanderson nelt slipping down on tho trencher- hall, but could not clonr and Crulck-
concluslon of tho Junior game lho ohased it up and Howltt missed his ous ground. Gilmour sent over and shank* tipped lt through for tho
ground wa* thon in a deplorable con- .kloV, but Bradshaw cleared boforo. then Lndysmith wont up on the third time,
drtlon.    All th* home boy* had (ub-'jo* could   gat  to th* ball.    Thero)right wing.   Gralngor put too    far    Ladysmith hod a look-In from  tho
Before the big gamo the Juniors
played a League game. Tho match
was keenly and evenly contested, but
again tbe local colors went down
In the mud. The Nnnnimo boys got
three goals against Lndysmith's two.
Hero, aa In the big gamo the day
waa lost through faulty back play.
Battle was responsible for the first
goal scored against his sale, and Fa*
gan, usually tho most reliable of
backs, was directly to blamo for tlie
othor two. Morgan .scored for Nnnalmo after ten minutes' play, und
\Cith tha game twenty minutes' old
Hillier secured another. ' Two minutes lates Battle got through nnd
the score at half time rood:
Nanaimo   a
Lndysmith   1
Play hnd not boon In progress very
long in the second half, when Buttle
oquallted and lt looked, aftor that,
as if tho result would bs a draw.
Four minutes from time, however,
the Nanaimo boys got through again
aud Morgan again scored. The game
thus ended with the score of 3 to 3
iu favor of Nanaimo.
Final 'Score:
Nanaimo    8
Ladysmith     ,. a
 -♦ .
Chicago, Jan. 111.—Chicago's ule-
grapgic communication with tha
world, which was practically para
li/eil by yesterday's sleet storm, wo*
slowly restored to normal condition*
today. The construction departments wero busy all last night ln th*
work of repairing polo* and b*ok*n
wires. Emergency cable* were *ent
out by tho Tologrnph Companies and
strung ulong fences In the rural district. Tho telographlc service on all
railroads was more or less affected,
and many long distance telephone
service wins were blown down. With
tiro alarm and police telephone *er-
vice practically out ot commission,
tho old watch town aystcm, used on
extreme occasions only, was resorted to.
Paris, Jnn. IU.—A special despatch to the Mntine from Tangier
says that    RnisuH tho bandit    ha*
Incd MUlal Haflg and thnt he srtlll
persists ln his refusal to giv* up
Inrr.v MncLonn. except by order of
the new lender. Advices from Rabat), to the Matino state that Abdel
Asloz's court is terror stricken by
the news that Mullal Hafld ha* barn
proclaimed Sultan. The Matins understands thnt tho recant conferences between Promlor Clcmcnceu and
the French represontntlvoa nt Berlin
and Tangier make It practically cor-
tnin that It will be absolutely unnecessary to modify tho French policy at Morrocco.
Lafayette, Ind., Jan. 18,— More
than 1,000 farmers from all parte ol
Indiana are enrolled for the annual
short courso ln agricultural which
openod at Purdue University today.
Tlio rnurso of instruction this year
Is to bo more cnmprohonslve than
ever before, embracing a series of
loctures by noted experts on corn
dairying nnd household economic*. In
growing, stock raising, fruit growing
connection wllh tho agricultural
course a corn show Is being held under tho niispln* of thc Indiana Corn
Growers' Association. :\L. Jj.w,
150    KILLEH   IN   PANIS   IN
a  "uit
lens P
I BOYBRTOWN, Pa., Jan. 14.-
When daylight dawned today the full
j | extent of last nlght'a horror, when
Rhodes opera house wes burned, owing to the explosion of a tank in
the moving picture machine, was apparent.     The list of dead is placed
• ,„ s
• OTTAWA, Jan. 14.-Mr. Lewis •
* will submit a resolution to the <
• house declaring lt advisable that *
• the following   questions be sub- •
• mltted to the people of Canada *
* at tlio next general elections:      •
* "Shall the Senate of   Canada •
* be abolished?" •
* "Shall the method of the Sen- •
* ate be altered 1" •
PITTSBURG, Pa., Jan. 14.- The
crime for which John Scott, colorod,
at 150 and the injured at 75.    How a former city employee of Pittsburg,
..  s
mem, Neckties
Mens Umbrellas
Z+x %^.-^-.-~—--^-^m.-~t-m*%tf*.m.m^m.+.**^*-*tt.a va-%v-ay^aya-*.
ma»y     were   killed   may   never be and aI*re»ted    In London, Ont., was
, ,     .    .. .       ,   , the most sensational in tho criminal
known, owing to the number of vis- hiBtory of rltt8burg.    About Tuos-
ltors and strangers present. day, Jan.    7,     Scott kllles; Foster,
It I* estimated that there were 400 stepfather and husband of- the   wo-
noonle   In  tho  nlnrn  whon  fho ojmlo-   man  who  iook Soott 'rom tho   P00r
people in tne place when tno expio houm Md ra)s|)d Wm decently Th„
slon occurred. An amateur perform namo of the murdered man was Gran
ance for tho benefit of a Lutheran vlll Davis, aged 48 years, who was
Sunday school, waa being produced c°n9ldw<>d the best dressed colored
.      ,_ ', _,     a        man ln    Pennsylvania,    and he and
when tho explosion occurred.    Somo Foster's stepson frequently quarreled
one yelled lire,, and   rushed towards over dress.
the stage.       This action caused    a |   ,„...„,„__     "        T
,,_.,, , WINNIPEG, Man., Jan. 14.—  Im-
panic in the audience, and many poo- portant ^^ are' on tb_ tBpU ,B
pie, thinking the building was fall- Canadian Paclflo Railway circles and
Ing at the rear, rushed toward the will be put into effect as soon as pos-
stage. The throng of people who ftnSe." will' *?£*gl"&
were taWng part in the play, mo-1 position as that of Vice President
tioned to them to go back and re- Bosworth and will take charge of all
sumo their seats, but the frightened •*<> western freight traffic and passenger traffic with headquarters at
Winnipeg.    This is a new   position.
Rev. S. J. Thompson will lecture
in the Methodist Church on Friday
evening, Jan. 17th. Subject, "Love
Courtship, and Marriage." .Doors open at i:5o. Admission 1*5 cents. Refreshments will be served.
See Simon Leiser &. Co.'s big ad,
on Page Three.
courtnuirshal has sentenced five persons to death and two to the mines
for the robbery, during last April,
Th* Merchants' Employees Associa-'of tlie estate belonging to the Alex-
uion will give their annual null ami andcr Newski Monastery. The rob-
supper tomorrow night in uho Opera bers ted      bi   haul but    0Bly
House.     Dancing  will  commence   at. I ' .       ,
8:30 o'clock and thc music is iu tlie Sot a  lut of rubbish.
of the LudysiuiUi Orchestra. The governor general of Kiffe has
,". confirmed six deaths for theft and
at Warsaw the thieves were hanged
yesterday. 'At Odessa, Vilna and
Moscow two death sentences each
were confirmed, and at Riga and
Teherengo one each, all for theft.
spectators climbed on tho stage to
escape the fire of the explosion of
the moving picture machine.
In an instant tho stage was ablaze
and the frightened people surged toward tho rear again.     The crowd in
Tickets are on sale at $1.50 and
good time is assured tu all who
Don't forgot that the doctor's office is now only open in the morning
on Sundays. Of course, Dr. Frost,
or his assistant, Dr. McNeill, will always be there to answer an emergency call, but thero are now no office hour* on Sunday evenings.
The old slope in No. 2 Extension,
bs* been idio all week owing to
trouble with the boiler of the hauling engine. It is expected that work
will be resumed in a day or two.
The funeral of the late A. Jackson
took place in Nunuiuio on Sunday afternoon and was largely attended by
friends from here and Nanaimo. The
Rev. Mr. Millar conducted the funeral services.
At last night's meeting of Lody-
amlth Temple, No, 5, Pythian Sis-
tars, of this city. The Grand Chief,
U. A. Neave had beon invited to be
present, and had granted the retojuest,
which gave groat pleasure to seo her
present. The Grand Chief had deputise, Mrs. Treheurno to iiistul the
following officers.
P.O.—Mr*. B. Black.
M.E.C.-Mrs. M. Lee.
E. S.—Mrs, E. Johnson.
E.J.—Mrs. J. Morgan.
Manager—Mrs. M. Rosatti.
IL of F.-Mrs. M, A. Reid.
M. of H. and C.-Mrs. M. Harries.
F. of T.-Mrs. E. Vere.
0. of O.T.—Mrs. H. Jones.
During th* evening refreshments
war*" served, and a very pleasant
time waa spent. The Temple is in a
good flourishing condition.
W. B. Lunignn, general freight agent will succeed Peters. A large
number of other changes will be necessary, but are not yet announced.
OTTAWA, Ont.,    Jan. 14. - Thlr-
■■■   '
i jth, 1D08,
the front of tho audience fled to the teen amateur companies have so far
"     „ T* entered for   tho   govornor generals
rear    as tho flames from the stage musical and
dramatic competition,
wero which is to be held In Ottawa    the
week commencing Feb. 24.    A lively
contest is already assured.
edged toward them, and they
very badly crowded from the rear.
They became panic stricken,     and
strong men began    throwing women     LONDON,  Ont.,  Jan.  14. — John
and children aside. Soott' a negro, arrested on strength
Tho flames spread rapidly and J^g™ "™» K^gj
many of tho audience wero caught another negro by shooting him, end
and overcome before they could ar- made his escape.    Ho admits  tie
"Oh, my!" exclaimed the excited
woman who had mislaid her husband
"I'm looking for a small man with
one ey*.'! ! I kfull
"Well, ma'am," replied the polite
door walker, "If he'* a very small
man, maybe you'd better use    both
eyes." '■
♦ ■
"I'm always glad when Christmas
is over."
"I'm not."
"Why not?"
Because I do   anything I please
for a month before Christmas    and
my wife doesn't dare to scold me."
The Clergyman (at an apartment
house door)— My good man, I come
to bring you good tidings ef the
gladsome new year, and	
The Janitor— Take 'em round to
the rear entrance.
 «_-1 „
See Simon Leiser 4 Co.'* big ad.
on Page Three.
rive at tho door. In a short time
tlio entire house was blazing. Evon
the meu seemed to lose control of
themselves end fought with the women and children in their efforts to
reach tbe street. In this manner
many women and children who might
otherwise have escaped tho flumes,
were forced buck aud trampled tu
death.     Particularly was this    the
case with thoso who were caught nn Court of Nova Scotia today dpheld
the stairway.    Pandemonium reignod Judge   Longoley'a    decision In the
A. B. HILBBBT'....
' Telephone, 1 2-4.
Naniiiin 1
II 0
One of the Finest Assortments of Linoleums ever shown
ln tlie city—over forty different patterns to choose from —
direct from Glusgow, from tho
celebrated Miohael Nairns; Just
oponod today, and opon for
your Inspection; in prices ranging from 25c to 75c a sq. yd.
IVjclrityre Foundry &
Stove ToiTiprny, ltd.
Ladysmith, B. 0
. Tfoeddir-g |
High Street.
! Dp. %& «
All Work Guaranteed.
Rov. Jas. Turner, superintendent of
Methodist Chinese Missions, is visiting Ladysmith.
Miss itmnsuy returned to town on
Monday to resume her duties at tho
tho man   wanted,    but says it was
done in self-defense.
Winnipeg, Jan. 14— On and after
tomorrow, the Bell Telephone system will bo transferred to tbe provincial government to bo operated
by a commission which will be named later.
Halifax,     Juu. 14. —The supreme
Mr. Russell Simpson
town Monday morning.
returned   to
Nanaimo, Jon. 11.-
and in the mad scramble for the
exits the weaker ones wore brushed
aside and in many instances killed.
Scores of persons on the second floor
seeing the awful jam on tho.- stage,
risked their lives hy jumping from
the windows. Several of theso wero
so badly Injured that they died.
Boyertown is a little village n-
botit 2,501) population and there is
scarcely   a homo in the little town
coal1 and stcol
case, dismissing the
Mr. 0. Mains returned from Nanaimo on Monday morning.
Mr. T. P. Mclntyre wont down to
Victoria this morning.
Mr. llawthorntliwiiito, M. P. P.,
passed through town this morning
on his way to Victoria for the opening of the Provincial -Legislature.
Mrs. T. Jackson returned homo
from a short trip yesterday 'morning.
COLOMBO, Jan. lS.-Slr Thomas
Lipton ln an interview today said
he had definitely decided to send
another challenge for the America
Cup In September this year. lie
hopes to receive an intimation that
thla challenge will be accepted whereupon he will at once begin building
but,had been allllctod by last night's the yachts with which to compete.
fire. , S'r Thos. Lipton's secretary,   who
Reuben   W. Stover,    one of those
is In London aald    today regarding
The proprietor of the Palace hotel
wa* fined 120 and coats yesterday
by Police Magistrate Yarwood for
aelling liquor on Sunday. He pleaded guilty to the charge. The Information waa laid by * a private oitl-
aen, who had two witnesses to give
testimony on hi* behalf,
Suits-Reg. 127.50, now 125.00
Suits-Reg. 122.50, now, 120.00
Suits—Reg.   117.50    and
116.00, now  »lfl.«0
Suits-Reg. $12.50, now, J 7.50
Sweaters, In all sizes, and
colors, from SI .50 to $2
clearing out at  $ 1.00
William's Block
"Everything ho* Its comp*eaa-
tions," said the man who smells of
"How so?" asked hh» friend.
"Well, I'm not much stuck on the
odor of tills, but it save* me eating
an awful lot ef cloves."
Crawford — How'a that toy bank
getting along you gave your youngster?
Crabshaw— Pine, I never find myself out of car fare now.
Mr. Stubb (with illustrated weekly)— Martha, here is a picture en-
titled "Docking an ocean greyhound."
Mr*. Smith (flaring up)— I just de
not want to so* It. I think, than)
should be a law against clipping off
poor dog'a tails.
The bouse I* bright,
And life's a Jok*,
For Willie's Christmas
Drum la broke.
See Simon Leiser &
on Page Three.
Co.'s big ad.
the report from Colombo that Sir
who escaped tho flames, said today: Thomas had decided to send anothor
"When tho explosion occurred thero challenge for tho America Cup that
were at least thirty boya and girls I'?,,"0"*"''*"," V™*?™* tl,at wv0.ral
■   ., ... '«") had boon omitted   from    tha
on tho stage whilo many moro  were Colombo     cablegram.      Ho polntod
behind the scones.     Without a warn- out that while Sir Thomas'   desire
Ing   there was    a terrific explosion 'or a race'ho had   admitted nothing
° . ,     ,     .   ,    v.        „     since last fall     with regard to   tho
which   seemed    to shake the entire racimr ru|M t0 „,„„,. away obj(!Ctlo„
building.    Immediately thero was a which were thon raised.
wild rush for tho exits.    The people -    — ■  * 	
on the Btage Jumped over the   foot- MANY INJURED IN THE BERLIN
lights Into    the audience, everybody    „_„_'       .     "„ '
...        ,   _      t   i' -t\L BERLIN, Jnn. 13.—There are few
seemed to have lost control of them- s|gn9 to „■, not|cod th|s J^."^ °*
salves. the scenes of yesterday whon the ile-
The flames first consumed tho monstratlona for a general suffrngo
flimsy .eery and .then swept to- *£££ ~ X, »c?pt.„0g
ward the crowd like a great wave. a certain effervescence in tho dla-
Tlio heat    drove men. women    and tricis of the city where tho working
class live.    There is, here and them
Thinks Leader of Opposition Should
Deal  With  Question.     Failing
Prompt Action Will Take
It Up Himself.
J. H. Hawthornthwaite, the Socialist leader, interview*! today on
the dispatch from Vancouver in
which it wus stated that Socialists
there had intimated that he was to
bring in a bill at tho next sitting of
thu local lugislature. to impeach Lt.-
(.Jov, Dunsmuir, stutod thut it wan
essential that in view of Duns-
niulr's stand on the Japanese question, something should be done. He
rather thought that it was up to the
leader of the Liberal opposition, if
ho desired responsible- government to
tako up the matter on the floor of
the house, but, failing prompt action on his part, ho (Mr. Hawthornthwaite) would deal with it.
Assortment ol Bamboo Qoods.
Largo Assortment of Fancy   China-
ware and Glassware, Etc,
GL Peterson
P* Best Corner
in Town    Im
Dent go by it,
And You will
Save MonGyf
'Phone 18.
First Avenue
Mrs. William Jackson, of Ladysinith, takes this method of returning thanks to tho stall of the Nanaimo Hospital as well as others In
Ladysmith and Nanaimo. who expressed their sympathy for her In
hor recent boreavomont by the death
of hor son.
To tho Electors of tho West Wurd.
Ladies nnd Gentlemen: — I beg to
announce myself a candidate for Alderman for the West Ward, and respectfully ask for your voio and in-
Three milking cows, ono ready to
calve, and the other two fresh in
Bfarch. Apply Root. Laird, Waterloo, Coburn Post Office B.C.
a workman with a bandaged   head.
children In its path.
•Ono part of the crowd began to or ft woman Umoiag _a a ~cgult _, ^
lit Its way toward th* doors. No blow from a sabro and trampled
power on earth could save nil tho upon by the horses of tho charging
live*, hut I heiievo that If the men g^ „ ™'* ^SSlfUmmT
had not lost control of themselves of theso, twenty-sight porsons, in-
the loss of life would have been very eluding three policemen wero scr-
small .. lously injured.    It is estimated that
_ ' .     ,._ ..___. .. j_„ hundreds of others proceeded to their
The fire   was not    brought under hom08 wnon) thoy  ^^ tM_ owa
aoatrol until early this morning, af- injuries.
tor assistance had arrived from Read The police yesterday had a dlfll-
lug and Pottatown. Wans and TtnTtt^ZTotS ££ft
nurses from Reading helped in look- demonstrants, who clung to ihe po.
Ing- after tho sufferings of the injur- ficemon's bridles of horses In ordor
^j to Btdp tho    affair.    It waB learned
'    ,    .   , .    , ,,, . ___ today that the entire garrison of the
Early today about fifty members „,,„(„, WM confln(!ll tJ| bwracka
of tho state constubulury arrived dor arms throughout Sunday In
rom    Reading on    a apoclal train. °ur to bo prepared to assist in   the
The    work    of removing the bodies Jhe'ev™,*^,*!?,1^   n" dl^rd,°J1. '5
tho event that tho police should find
from tho debris will be under way themsolves unable to copo with the
today. situation.    The   assistance    of    the
When tho    crush was at Its height J?"",1' P'0™1 UBno«»aary owing to
"       . ...   "     tho thoroughness with which tho po
th*   door   gave    way precipitating ||c0 ha.n_lal tll0 situation.
many persons to a  basement and    Despatches received here from   the
the bodies of   these are burled be- provinces    doclnre that the   demon-
...it. »i— „>.,.— i ti ,i „-„    n,i i..«. strations yesterday, all in favor    of
neath the charred timbers and tons t|)e ^.^ wore'most 0„lhusiast|0,
of brick, and ruined walls. 'Largely attonded mooting* passed re
in addition to tho opera house the solutions in favor bf manhood   suf-
Ffrmer*' National Bunk, Italian's "»«5;„an,d c°"'os °' thcJ!6 wcre 1e-
,     , ...,,., , graphod to Prince Von Buolow,    tho
hardware store and tho dwellings of pr|m0 minister of Prussia,
Mr. Graham, Harry Penny and   Alf,
Reese were burned.
The monetary loss will amount to
about 175,000.
Thousands ol people paraded tho
streets singing the Marseilles.
The police mado Ineffectual attempts to bar tho throngs of the agitators.
Maloney— I thot yez was goln' Into th' fruit bl-uiess, Murphy.
Murphy— I would, only tor wan
Maloney— Phat'* thot.
Mutphy— Me wolfe wa* afeard tha
Hlnnessys 'ud be aayln' thot Ol'm
an Orangeman,
Mistress- No, Bridget, I am willing to extend you almost any other
privilege, but I really must draw
the line at allowing you to use my
automobile on your day out.
Bridget— But why, mum?
Mistress- It's too great a risk.
MANCHESTER, Jan. 14.—All efforts at Intervening to bring
about a settlement of the dlsputo between the cotton millers and
their employees threatens to result ln the looking out of 150,000
has como to naught. The operatives at a mooting last night decided to break off further negotiation* with the master *plnnors,
and a lockout now appear* to be inevitable.
PARIS, Jan. 14,—Mgell,. th* owner of ono of th* finest art collections In tho world, died last night. The pictures ln hi* gallery
whleh are valued at four million dollars, Include masterpieces lay
Turner, Constable! and Oalnaborough, and almost priceless examples of the French painters of the 18th century, such aa Watte*.
There I* much speculation aa to the fate of the collection, but It
Is stated that, tae bulk of lt haa been bequeathed to th* Lauvro,
Municipal Mice
To tho Electors of the West Ward:
Ladies and Gentlomen,—Having decided to run for alderman for tho
West Wurd, 1 take this means of respectfully solicitng your Influence and
To the Elector,! „f tlio West Ward:
Ladles anil Gentlomen;—I bog to
uiinounco myself a candidate for Alderman for the West Ward of the
city and I would respectfully usk
your influence und support.
Pet r Inkster
Ready for ull kind of
Leave Orders witli llliilr A Adam.
. Telephone 3-4.
Notice Is hereby given that I Intend to apply to the License Commissioners of the City of Ladysmith,
at their next regular meeting, for a
transfer of the Retail Liquor .Unease
now held by me for th* premise*
known ae tho Extension Hotel, LadyBmlth, B.C., from myself to John
Lucca Domenlco Giovando.
Ladysmith, B.C., Nov. 19, 1907.
In the municipality of Ladysmith,
to wit:
Public notice Is hereby given to
the electors of ths municipality aforesaid that a poll has become necessary at the election now pending for
the same, and that I have granted
such poll, and further, that the persons duly nominated as candidates
at the aald election, and for whom1
only votes can be received, are:
Isaac Gould, Ladysmith, merchant.
Patrick) Malone, Ladyimith, minor.
Donald Nicholson, Ladysmith, contractor.
Middle Ward.
David T„ Johnson, Ladysmith,
Oust. Klemola, Ladysmith, miner
Colin J. Campbell, Ladysmith
Oeo. Haworth, Ladysmith, miner.
West Ward,
Goo. H. Johnson, Ladysmith, miner.
David MeKinnell, Ladysmith, mln-j
William S. Brown, Ladysmith miner.
The polling will take place at the
City ol Ladysmith on Thursday,
Jan. 16th, 1908, between the hours
of 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. *      I
01 which all person* are hereby required to take notice and to govern
themselves accordingly.
Given under my hand at Lany-
imlth, thla thirteenth day ot January In th* year 1908.
Returning Officer.
To the Electors of tho Middlo Ward:
Ladles and Gentlemen, — I beg to
announce myself as a candidate for
Alderman for tlio Middle Ward, and
tako this means qf soliciting your in-
fluonco and support.
To the Elector* of tho Middlo Wurd:
Ladles and Gentlemen,— I beg to
announce mysolf us a candidate for
Aldormun for tho Middlo Ward, nnd
would respectfully ask,for -.-our vote
und influence in my behalf. '
To tho Electors of the Middlo Ward:
Ladles and Gentlemen,—Having de-
ciilod to offer myself as a candidate
for Alderman for the Middle Ward,
I take this means of soliciting your
To tho l-.'lrctrra of tho Middlo Ward
Ladies u:..l Gentlemen,—I bog ieavo
to announce    myself ns a candidate
:. for Alderman in tho Middlo Ward   of
tho city,    and respectfully  ask    for
your voto and influence in my bohalf.
A few gontlunion in for meals. Prl-
vato Boarding House.    Good Tabic.
Modoroto -terms.
Baden Powell St., 1st Avenue.
A reliable men to act as agent for
Gentlemen's Mado-to-Order Suit*. A
good opening for a hustlor. Apply,
giving references to The Wido Awake
Tailoring Co., 548 Johnson Street,
Victoria, B. 0. 8t.
Steel Is Iron free from dirt, air
or foreign substance fused with
carbon. .Carbon gives toughness
stength, kecness and life.   , .
Thirty year's study of thc razor
situation has shown a way to —
add the highest per cent of
carbon to a Carbo Magnetic
razor blade throug a secret
processor el:xi cic temper.
ING giving It a uniform diamond like hardness-something absolutely impossible
with fire tempered razors,
and they are Hamburg ground.
home-or have yourbarber use
It on you-for thirty days WITH.
Instructions given in all the luutt
Fancy Work at
Miss F. Uren
Robert* Street, Ludysmlth.
Our Specialty la—
Cut Glass
and Silverware'
From the Beet Canadian Maker*.
Philpott's Restaurant
b th* Place lor


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