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Ladysmith Standard Dec 16, 1908

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W'! :-M-J^M-M«M+M+M»l4 '*H"Hl~i--H'*MrH*H*Hm*HH4r+' W
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Chicngo Finn Will Put in tho Sewer aiid take Debentures
as Payment for Their Contract
The fifty-sixth meeting of the City debentures.     They asked for inform-
Council was hold in tho City Hull un lUion oonc__ing t|10 0ity, Us standing, shipping facijltles, and so forth,
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If you want the full wo.th of your
money either in QrocerieBor Dry Goods
..dnnday ovening. Mayor Nicholson
presided, and there were present Aldermen Campbell, Roberts, Haworth,
Brown, McKinnell and Matheson.
A letter was read from Mr. James
Korr, slating that on the night of
Nov. 9th, two blankets woro taken
from his homo to the Isolation Hospital, and asking either Lo have theni
returned or their -money equivalent.
Mayor Nicholson stated that it
was a matter of which he himself
knew nothing, and it would have to
ie investigated. If tho blankets had
been needed at tho hospital, it was
only right that they should be paid
It was finally decided that tho letter should 1:0 laid over for a weok
until inquiries could be made.
A letter was received from a Arm
In Chicngo in which they stated that
they were specialists in the work of
installing sowers. They had done
ail kinds of this work and were able
to handle tho largest contracts. They
had seen that tbo city contemplated
putting in a complete system, and
ihey suggested that they might do
the work and take up tho debentures
us payment. Of course thoy would
hnve to prepare estimates and employ thoir own enginoors; but if thoir
contract was accejited, only moderate charges would be put upon thoso
Mayor Nicholson remarked that it
wos the best proposition that hud
coino boforo thom yet. Supposing a
satisfactory contract could be agreed
upon it rid them of the trouble of
selling thoir debentures-, Ho thought
that if a firm from Chicago were
content to take tho city debentures
as payment for such a contract, it
was the host advertisement the town
could got, and ought even to further
the sole of the electric light doljen-
tures. Of course their hands were
tied until the end of tho month, but,
If by that time thoy had received no
tendors for their debentures, he
thought thoy might go further with
this proposition.
A letter was received from Mr. T.
M. DeGex, manager of the local
branch of the Canadian Hank of Com
merce, enclosing a communication
from the firm of Messrs. Simpson &
Co. Tho latter aro a firm of brokers, and they stated thnt they had a
and ulsu requested for definite figure to bo put upon the debentures. If
the figure was ut all rousonoule.
they thought they could disposo of
the debentures.
On motion the letter wus filed ind
the City Clork instructed to send a
suitable reply.
A letter was read from Mr. W. C.
Brent, of Toronto, asking for information regarding the sewerage ' and
electric light Ijonds. City Clerk
Stewart stated that ho had replied
to the letter, and it was accordingly
ordered to be filed.
A Missouri firm wrote recommending their work in tho printing of debenture forms. The letter was ordered filed.
Dr, A. T. Deaks, who was engaged
ut the Isolation Hospital, wrote asking for immediate payment for his
services whilo there.
On motion it was decided to forward tho communication to the Provincial Secretary with nn explanatory note.
A long communication wns sent in
by Mr. W. Thomas, of Vancouver,
strongly recommending gns in preference to electricity ns a light and
heat medium. Tho letter was ordered filed.   '
Accounts totalling 870.25 woro presented nnd referrod to the Finance
Committee to be paid if found correct.
Aid. Campbell reported that he
hnd looked over the new laundry on
First nvonuo. He found the laundry
about ready to start up, but had
told tho proprietors not to do anything moro until the matter was investigated, This the proprietor had
promised. So for ns the placo went
Aid. Campbell said thoro was no
way of getting the waste water n-
way. Thore was u well, but there
was no drain. The proprietor hnd
staled that he would connect with
tho sowor so soon us it wns put in.
All the pooplo around were protesting against the laundry being established there.
Mayor Nicholson quoted tho by-law
to show that thnt tho laundry could
not be started up on the avonue with
such i>rctuises as these in question.
Hls Worship     thought tho residents
and the laundry complied with none
of their by-laws.
It was decided that the ])roprietor
be notified that 'f he went abend with
tbe laundry he would be prosecuted
Moyor Nicholson brought on the
matter of the city's finances. As thoy
knew they had not paid the school
salaries for the last month, he hod
seen the bank managers about a loan
until the school grant came to band
early next year. Tho bank manager had said that he could arrange
the matter on a resolution of the
Council. The loan would only ho
for a month in nny case, and theso
salaries and other small bills night
to bo liald.
On motion, it was decided to a-
do|>t. the course suggested by His
Aid. .Matheson drew attention to
the fact that over S200 were due to
tho city for trade licenses. It was
altogether too bad. The money had
l.een due for six months, and should,
havo been paid. it was not the
duty of the City Clerk lo run around
the town coiled ing this money. Tho
men who took out these licenses
knew thoy had to be paid for, and
it was anything but right that the
money should be so long overdue.
Tho meeting thon adjourned.
The Ladysmith seniors will travel
ii|i to Nanaimo on Sunday where
they will meet the United eleven of
thut city in a benefit game for E.
Ilogors, the clever custodian, who
sustained a serious ace dent a
week ago. A letter from Mr. Chas.
Graham was read at the executive
meeting of the club Inst night asking
for a game, Nanaimo agreeing to
play a- return match at the local
club's convenience. Mr. Graham also suggested that a tonm composed
of Lndysmith's new men would make
a good drawing card and the committee adopted his suggestion.
The follow ng team will therefore
don tho red and white stripes on
Sunday afternoon:
Goal— Dougan.
Bucks— Hogers and Crnwford.
Halves— Sinith, Strang and Fletcher.
Forwards— Mo'Dowcll, McGuire, .1.
Adam, Warburton nnd Mcl-eod.
'i'he players will go up on tho noon
train and return on tho 3.15.
possible client for     tho electric light around wero Justified in complaining,
Don't put ofl your Buying until the lost moment. Our holiday Stock ls at Its best and you can make much bettor selections now than by waiting.  We nevor had better values to offer
Tho Goods speak for themselves, and show at a glance that
we mean business. Thoso who postpone their shopping till the
Inst day, must expect poor •elections, Anything wonted now,
wo con got without troublo and without delay. Give us a chanco
to figure on anything Spoclal that may bo required.
Ladysmith Hardware
Company, Limited
Under the Auspices of the Football Club *
The announcement made by the
Standard in its last Issue that
skating rink would bo opened In the
town bofore Christmas is ln a fair
wny to be bourne out. Mr. Farrott
mado a successful visit to Vancou
vet, and started tho work of alteration on Monday. He is putting in
a warming stove and is tearing out
the floors. If the lumber comes to
hand, lho work will be rushed to
finish, and tho skating will be in
full swing beforo Christmas. An ap
proprl„to announcement will be mado
In Snturday's Issue of the Stnndard,
Sale of Furniture
Mrs. Uuy Langton, of Bndon-Pow-
ell Street, is selling oil' her household effects. Xo reasonable olTor ro;
Tennessee Jubilee Singers Will G
ix Splendid Entertainment.
The football club has been rathor
unfortunate with the date tor the
concert which the Tennessee Jubilee
Singers are to give in the opera
houso on Thursday night. However
it hub the only date available, the
singers appearing ill Nanaimo on tho
Wednesday evening, Duncans on the
Friday, and thenco going on to Victoria. Also at the time there was
some hope of the 12th being payday. Thero is still no reason why
the concert should not be a great
success financial ly, The Jubilee
Singers huve earneil a great reputation as musicians, tind are eagerly
welcomed In even thc biggest cities.
The concert will roally be worth
hearing, nnd 50 conts is not an exorbitant jtrice.
There are eight artists ■ in the
troupe, and one of them was actually connected with the original Fiske
and Dixie Minstrels.
In Tacoma, Wash., where tho sing-
8 receutly apjjeured, the newsiw.-
pers sj.eak lu Che highest terms of
their concert, esjjecially the male
quartette and their imitation of the
"Steam Calliope," ' "Schneider's
Band", -'Colored Jubilee" und "Koll
on and Load Dot Cotton." The jiro-
granmic is good, the performance excellent, and tho pathetio will jostle
on the humorous os it only does in
tliese quaint negro melodies.
After tbe concert the floor will be
cleared and the Star Orchestra will
give a dance, for which they will
charire 50 cents extra.
The concert will begin at 7.45 and
the doors will be opened at     seven
cl e'.i. deneVnl admission tickets
are now on sale at 50 coats, and reserved seats at 75 conts, are now on
sale at Knight's Hook Store. There
ought to be a   full houso.
mm mm
The meeting uf tho Citizens' League will be held on Friday evening
on account of the Jubilee Singers being here on Thursday eveniug. ln
view of the approaching Municipal
elections the meoting is of great Importance ami every member who can
lOult! be in attendance.
Sl.\ II, Ward and three or four
Um.Miien have been busy all weok renewing sections of the telephone
wires. Needless to say Harry had
nothing to do with the ordering of
the weather.
Don't lot the baby cry for a toy
whon thore is ull tnvlund to pick
from at tho Hardware Store.
Mr. V. U. Xont is nil prepared for
the big Xmas rush. Mr. Xoot has
got a realty' swell stock of handsome jewelry and he has some lovely
Samples of Limoges China and cut
glassware. This yenr he is offering n beautiful diamond ring to tho
holder of tho lucky number. Every
dollar spont in the store entitles tho
buyer to a ticket, and to a chance
Ior the ring. Young fellows who
want to please their best girl will
find all miiuner of potent charms
Noot's show cases.
The boxing match iu Nniinhnu
Monday evening between) Vinson and
Collie Hill, resulted in a draw. Vinson went the full fifteen rounds, but
wns up against a cleverer mnn and
juat escuped being knocked out.
The tumor footballers have a Journoy to Victoria on Saturday, Dec,
2(1. 'i'he youngsters have no funds,
and are trying to raise the wind.
They were advised to take up a subscription, and tbeir secretary Hughlo
Pagan, is perfectly reliable. . Any
money contributed will be duly turned in and devoted to the proper object.
To further help theni out, the committee have turned tho Hold over to
I hem on Sunday Ilrst. Tho Juniors
will find an Intermediate eleven to
play them nnd a good game will be
played. Tho juniors will take half
the gate receipts, and they should
then i,e ready to travel on the 20th.
They expect to have a good team,
and thev deserve the best support
and encouragement.
Reserved Seats, 7f< cents on sale at %
£ Knight's Book Store >
#**##»#*##*#**#*#**»***v «»»»»*v vyvi-vrv « r4***i
' ***#*!**(»«>*/#*##♦♦##»#*******_»#_#_#__
Now i.s the lime to lay in your
stock of winter fuel. Order
your wood right away.. __>•
H. Thornley
To Quickly Introduco Our
I Will hnvo
Work   to tho   l'coplo of Ludysmith,
on Thursday, Friday and Saturday next. On those days I will
imiku Photos of uny llaby undor 2{ years, and givo ono copy
frco. If you should like tho Photo, and Want moro, you can
have thom nt tho Special Hates we will mako for thoso days.
Bring in the babies. You pay no risk, nothing to tost our vork
Ladysmith Studio
THE HAGUE, Hec. 12.—It was
stated lu officio) quarters today that
Iho seizure on the high sous of Venezuelan merchant ships, or tho stopping of other vessels trading betweon
Venezuelan ports, is not contemplated In the present Instructions tn tho
Hutch worships now on duty In Venezuelan waters. Action is to be taken only ngnlnst vessels connected
with tho Venezuelan navy, ond the
marine poUee service.
The Olympic roce in New York last
night was a big triumph for Long-
bout. Despite the fuct that his body:
was covered with boils, with which
he has lately been afflicted, the manner in which he forced Dorando all
through the race and Anally lod off
and away at tho finish, makes bis
titlo clear to a first rank among
the long-distance runners of the
world, nnd a place in sporting history allied tn that of Pheidippedt in
Grecian history and art.
The raco     started In the Madison
Sijuaro Garden at 9,11 o'clock last
night. The Indian won the toss,
and took the polo jiosltion. At tho
pistol shot. Dorando jumped in tho
lead and Longboat taking his pace,
followed uj), both running easily* but
at a  good clip.
Early in the third mite Longboat
took the lead, but the plucky little
talian forged up and overtook hlm
In three laps, putting up steam and
running away from the steady unswerving gait of Lnngbont. Doron-
lo continued In the lead and at the
finish of tho tenth mile wns still setting the pace to Longboat at o good
clip, two yards ahead of bis opponent. Time for tbo ten miles, 58
minutes 57 seconds—1 minute 9 2-5
seconds faster than the timo made in
the Hayes-Dorando race over tbo
same distance.
There was prnctically no change
between the 10th and 15th miles, Do-
rando still leading at the lottor distance by three yards. Time 1 hour
80 minutes 2 2-5 seconds—1 minute
15 1-5 seconds botter than in the
llayes-Dornndo race.
At 25 miles Dorando led by two
yards. A moment beforo Longboat
had made a remarkable sprint and
put himself nn an ovon footing with
Dorando. This scared the little
Italian, ond he forged ahead again,
but Longboat's forcing abilities wero
beginning to tell, and with difficulty
Dorando struggled to keep his lead.
At the 20th mile ho was visible
weakening whilo Longboat wos still
dashing ahead at his invincible and
seemingly tireless Jog.
In tho second ond third lops Longboat's chances appeared to improve.
In tho fourth, while the crowd wos
yelling itself hoarse, both men slackened perceptibly, Longboat keeping
even with Dorando.     Suddenly   tho
Italian staggored and dropiied,   tho
Indian having run him clean ofl his
foot.    Bo then spurted ln alone.
Time for the 28 mlles 385 yards—
2.21.05 2-5.
, , I u
PARIS, Dec. 12.— Tho exchange oi
signatures to thc new Franco-American treaty of extradition will tako
place In Tarls In a few days. Ambassador White hns boon authorized
to sign for the I'nltod Statos. This
treaty Is substantially Identical with
tho ono negotiated In 1892, the modifications by tho American senate,
Franco thon declined to accept. The
existing differences now havo beon
Phons 7-C.
E      Opp. lllalr & Adorn. KING, Photogropbor.
Gives Danco Every Two Wooks.
Opon for Engagements From Two
Pieces Up.
For full particulars, apply
LONDON, Doc. 14- King Edward
arrived today in London greatly improved in health. He bold an tnvee-
ture ut Buckingham Palace during
which he walked briskly about the
ro, uns and conversed freely and animatedly with those present.
Upon tho advice of his physicians,
tho king has given up hi* visit to
Lord Burton of Derbyshire, becauie
of Inclement weather, and returns to
Brighton tomorrow.
NEW YORill, Dec. 12.—Because nf
the Now York Central marine supor-
intendsnt refused to reinstate a tug
boat erew he hod discharged when
they they refused to work half an
hour overttmo without pay lost evening, the 22 tug* of tho company did
not move today. The crows of all
tbe*o craft noodle th* company'*
floats and all refused to begin work
thl* morning, aud added ■ further
demand that they lie paid twice a
month Instead of monthly «s heretofore. Two hundred men took part
ln th**trik*. WILLS,
Or If You Require Any
«>i  If You Wont to Buy a HOUSE,
.or Sell One;   or If You   Want
Notary Public,
paper   production,    which has never I   8   *-*,*Tw\k
been surpassed anywhere. Congratulations are due to the Colonist andl
it* staff. To live fifty years is in
itself a notable achievement, but
the    Colonist     has done more than
merely   survive.     It is today     well j a much rosier hue as the
abreast   of the
/uaru ^wmjy ^auscm
result   of
Ladysmith   Standard
I'uhlislmil ou Wednesdays anu _«tur-
dnys Afternoons by tho
Hobt. II. Hindmarch,
SUBSCRIPTION PRICE. .   . ... ..-■-.	
0¥, yenr I1.M1       Predatory expeditions. There
six lluiitns ,'.'      7slstIU love. not td say luet, of coun-
hopes for the future, and its post is
ono honorable achievement. -A clean
healthy news sheet, fair and impartial in its publication of news, bearing every sign of careful sub-editing,
it is yet more carefully and ably edited, and its editorials ore not only
well written, but are invariably high
ln tone, decorous, and fair-minded.
The Colonist, Irrespective of party
tics, is u journal of which the Island may well be proud, and we hope
its centennry moy find it Just as progressive and even more popular ond
times, with bright ithe victory over Seattle on Sunday
There was a happier expression
faces of    the   fans, and the playors
pretty piece of work
tinted by McGuire. Seattle got up,
and from a corner conceded by Dougan, ono ot the forwards tipped into
tho net from  tho scrimmage.     Now
themselves are now content that tho led !M$_K b^hadV^
hoodoo    hos   been    taken off them,   on bund.     '        ■-    ™ •*   UlSlv
.   . and
Mulligan doing tho needful.
Petticrew played a good gome
throughout, but Talt fell oil' in form
during tbo last half and Sberritt
did not show to advantage excejrt
in spots. The defenco showed ability
to kick but could not cope with tbo
sjieod of tbe Seattle forwards, de-
woight.   AleDougiill, Adams, Poarson
TJie cult of patriotism is dying out
beforo that of imperialism. And nowadays you cannot hear anything m-
bout imperialism without It ls highly spread with preference. Patriot-
Ism was once regarded as love of
country in its highest form. It cannot be denied that ot tlmos the
meaning of tho word ha* been stretched ond perverted to cover all kinds
lomo boys had a
 _„    .—... ww _._u.   un uuuu.    A couple of corners   were
They can see other glorious victories  forced but -Archer managed to   keop
ahead, and some of thom hod visions the ball out. Alter a strenuous of-j and Cornthwnlte showed a protty
of Con Jones' Cup boing borne into fort the equaliser cumo. McDowell, j combination, their accurate passing
Ladysmath with the bond leading after a pretty pieco of combination, I ond neat footwork being a feature o!
the procession. ijassing to Adam who jiut into the
But it wos an awful near thing, not.
Once for a space we faced on ad- Tho winning point was now want-
verse scoro and then struggled along ed, but it was some timo beforo it
for another space on even terms.| como. McGuire received In a nlco
None too soon came the winning.position in contrir'flold. Ho ran to
point, ond the flnnl toot of Brad-1 his check and then slipped the boll
show's whistle came none too soon J out to McDowell. Tho latter cross-
either for some of    us.    The result,ed it right back and McGuire   took
flre-box controls
the oven heat,
and the grates
hold the coal or
wood that produces the heat, so
are important.
•ous l-tuttu ou Application.
The political and ministerial fate
of Hon. Wm. Templeman .seems to be
provoking no end     of comment and
not a  little sympathy.     His friends
in the press and not a  few of    his
opponents are all supremely concerned as to the outcome of the present
situation.     It is noticeable that nobody    ha* anything to say against
tbe character of the ex-minister, and
it is generally conceded that his  department was well administered, and
that   he conscientiously     discharged
the duties of his olllce.     All this is
as it should be.     Still, when    Mr.
Templeman left    the Senate to take
up a  portfolio in the Laurier cabinet he
try, but it was no longer the fatherland, but the land of somebody else.
That way come Imper aliam.      And
now the political doctors who invariably arrogate to themselves    every
virtue of patriotism are seeking
now cement for Empire.     The   bond
of sentiment is no longer strong enough for   the    modern Imperialist.
What is needed now is a  business arrangement iwhlch will maJ>*t it profitable for the patriot to remain a patriot.    Without the, aid of the gilded cement the    Empire founded
Old England's sons is going to
ble    to   pieces
This   kind of a
illogical jargon ha* always
the preference with your voluble Im-
_.. Politics would be in a   peculiarly rotten
slate if the bore    fact of a  cabinet
minister offering   himself for re-election were to be regarded as sufficient
to disfranchise perhaps the majority
of the    voters in that constituency,
All the     same,     from all that the
Times and other organs of the
type have to aay, Air. Templeman'e.
cabinet position should have weigh-]
ed more with tho electorate than the
great political issues ot the day, or
even a  man'*   political convictions.
Is it British Columbia or Mr.   Tem-
plumun that call* for representation
in the cabinet?       Was the portfolio
given to    Mr.    Templeman as a  reword for political services, or to Bri-
ttoh Columbia because of its import-!
ance in the Dominion,
to such representation?     It is possl
bt* that the province and even   Vic-
may survive- live years    with-
voice in the ministry, and, in
any cose, there arc survivors of  the
Liberal wreck.     Smith publicly    declared that fa the event of Mr. Templeman'a defeat,  thc portfolio would
revert to him.      Is It because    the
Liberals on the Islund are mortally
afraid they   will lose    lialph Smith
that they are   moving heaven    and
earth to again hoist Tomplemaa into
«l_ »~u:—...
voluntarily submitted himself _-_
to all the risks and vicissitudes of WILEMSTAD, Dee. 14.—The fol
political life. He has come by dis- lowing detailed (tory of the capture
aster, and there is on end of it. Pol-   Saturday    lost of    the    Venezuelan
coast-guard »hip Allx, by the Dutch
i miser lloldcrlund, was obtained this
morning from an officer of the crui-
At six o'clock Saturday morning
the Gelderland wa* steaming slowly
a short distance off th* fort at Puerto Cabello. She noticed the Allx
coming in, and after taking up a position that prevented th* passage of
tho smaller boat, she ordered her o
atop and sent a boat to search the
Venezuelan vessel. It waa discovered that the Captain of the Allx had
'hidden his Venezuelan pennant in his
pocket, and hs pretended that
vessel was a merchant steamer,
passenger on board tho Allx,
ever, declared to the Dutch
out o
the cabinet?
The Colonist on Sunday celebrated
ita jubilee, and to mark the occasion, published a monster edition of
one hundred and thirty-six pages. A
reprint of the original number of the
"British Colonist" accompanied this,
huge jubilee edition, and perhaps the]
two publications afford the very best
object lesson possible of tbe development and expansion of Victoria during the laat Itfty years. Tho difference between the small four-page
news sheet and this bulky Jubilee
number strikingly exemplifies the remarkable development that has token place. The small and risky o-
ginnlngs of tlio days of thc pioneer
have grown Into,a large and settled
Kospcrity. Perhaps it was with
this idea in view that the Jubilee
number took thc form It did. Such
a publication ls surely a triumph
in the mechanical art ot newspaper
printing; but lt is bulky and cumbersome, awkward for the reader and
111 adapted for oversea mailing. We
choose to regard It, however, as first
^^^^^^ officer
and the right • tbnt the Allx waa a  coastguard ves-
>- - 'sel.     A search was then made.   The
flag was found ln the captain's pocket and six rifles am) a small quantity of ammunition also were discovered. The rifles were In bad condition,
Ths crew of the Allx wer* given
thslr choice of coming to Curacoo or
going ashore at Puerto Cabello. They
preferred the latter course, embarked in on* of thsir own boats, aod
puilsd into tbe harbor.
The Venezuelan gunboat Heetaura-
dor, wa* at Puerto Cabello, and the
officers of tha Gelderland could
her getting up steam, smoke was
pouring from her tunnels. Tb* Gelderland stayed outside Puerto Babollo
for several hours waiting to see If
the Hestuuroidor would coma out but
she did not venture forth. The Gelderland manned tha Allx with an officer and several marines snd towed
her into Curaco arriving yesterday.
Tb* Allx l* now anchored In th* Inner bay.
Caracas, Venezuela, Sunday, Dec.
13, via Port of Spain, Dec. 14. —
The news of the capture of th* Venezuela coast guard ship Alexis, by the
Dutch cruiser GIMerlsnd last Saturday became known In Caracas this
morning. A big crowd at one* assembled ln the Plaza Bolivar and
demonstrated in support of the gov-
 *     A decree Issued by Acting
President Gomez places the republic
'" -  state of defence.
for some of ....
was threo goals to two in our favor, and we have still a chance for
the championship. That is the first
and thejjost point of tho match.
There are. however, a few other re-..
flections which it may bo as well to J
oxpresB.   No ono,    In tho first    teni
minutes' play    of    the match   could
evor havo dreamt it would toko   the
courso It did.     Time was when tho
home boys wore notorious for their
slow starting and whirlwind finishes.
They are apparently changing   thoir
methods now, for on Sunday, os in
the gamo -with Nanaimo, they   were
all over their opponents in the opening stages of tho gome. Dougan was
for    twenty   minutes    and more
much a   spectator    of the game as
anyone on the field.
But then, as was the caso on November 15, there was no scoring. Of
course, - it' does not always follow
thot because a team is pressing, it
ougnt to scoro. Good defence work
on the port of the backs, sometimes
smothers every opportunity of scoring, and there- is still tho goal-keeper loft. But that was hardly tho
cnso on Sunday. Thore wcre opportunities; but sometimes there wero
not taken, and as will happen some,
times, whon they were taken they
were mulled.
Many reasons aro advanced for the
inability of the    forwards to   scoro, i
aiid some of thom concern individual
line of criticism, and   rather   imag-
players.   I do not agree   with   thot
ine it is a   weakness   of the   wholo
forward combination.   Ono criticism
I heard advanced seemed to me to lie
well worth oonslderinr    Thot is thot
the forwards do not shoot   often onough.    It is.well to try and mako a
certain opening; but the tenm that
falls into the habit of finessing    inside the ponalty line is never   noted
for toll scoring.    A good shot from
tho 18 or 25-yard mark, especially
if it is angled, is as dangerous as a
close range drive.   Perhaps some improvement enn be mode in the   for
word work in this rospect.
To return to the game, the opening fifteen minutes play promnsed urc
easy win for Lndysmith. A goal
did oome at Inst, and thero wns less
reason thn ever to expect the
shocks and surprises, and sensations
to which wo -were later treated. Even
when Seattle registered a tie, no
groat uneasiness was felt. It wass
not so when the second game ond
tho home boys were ono bohiinl ond
needed two to win.
it straight through and placed it
nicely out ol Archer's rench. It was
a pretty pieco of play and deservedly cheered. There were a few more
bursts, but no more scoring.
Pinal Score:
Lndysmith   g
Soattlo  ...   '.......'. 2
Loaguo Tablo.
AsJho result of the gamos the Lea-
the gome, llonney in goal for Victoria! played a remarkable gome
during tho last half anil his ability
may bo ascribed the fact that Seattle was not a winner. J. Strong, of
Nanaimo officiated as referee. His
work was satisfactory.
guo Tablo hos now
a different   lo
Hero it is:
P. W. _, D.
Nanaimo     ...
... 5   3   2   0
Ladysmith   ...
It was T. Strang, and not ,1.
Strang thot refereed tho gamo, and,
of course, he belongs to Ludysmith
Possibly it was tho wish boing fathor to the thought thut mndo tho
Freo Press calmly accept the XJolon-
ist's gift. Howevor, Jimmy is still
figuring at contro half for tho rods
and whites.
,,..,.,-        ,    ., ((lust ten minutes
Certainly it made tho gome   morel! jfu_B|ino
Interesting;    but one   feels easier in"
the stomach ami     one's heart beats
more freely with tho score   standing
the othor   wny.      -After a. desperate
strugglo como tho tolly, but a draw
was doing us no   good.   Everybody
knew that   nnd overybody was now
in a great totato of excitement. Ther
wore fierce    yells af encouragement,
ond    strident   voices thundered   out
advice ond admonition to tho players. Finally came McGuiro's clever
run and scoro, which was greeted by
exultant cries. There mere still moro
thrills. Seattle camo within an ace.
or equalizing, put the peril passed,
and the game was won.
• • •
The match was started earlier to
oblige tho Seattle boys . who woro
bound to go back on the afternoon
train. It wus barely a quarter otter
two when referee Bradshaw sent tho
boys off. At that time the gate was
on .the small side; but before the
Thoro was u meeting of tho Exocu
tive Committee of the P. C. Loaguo
in thu parlor of tho Abbotsford Hotel on Sunday afternoon. In the absence of the President, Mr. Con
J ones, Vice-President Hindmarch presided. -A. Alton was present from
Vancouver, Messrs. Graham aad
Bradshaw from Nunaimo, whilo Messrs. Eno and Hailstone represented
Ladysmith, Victoria, as usual wus
without a representative.
The chief business was the appoint
ment of refercos for tho concluding
games of tho league und the following gentlemen were chosen:
Dec. 26.—Nanaimo vs. Victoria, T.
Jan. 1.—Seattle vs. Victoria, A.
Jan, 16.—Nanaimo vs. Ladysinith,
Mri Viney, with Mr. 'Cavers as alternative.
Jon. 17.— Liiuysnuith vs. Vancouver, A. E. Bradshaw.
Jan. 23.—Vancouver vs. Nanaimo,
IS. Thompson, with F. Richardson
na reserve.
Mr. C. Graham reported that Victoria had asked for an alternative
in the dato of their schedulo game
in Nanaimo. There were no .trains
-on the 25th and the players could
not afford to siicnd three days on
■the gumo. Mr. Graham thought tho
Victoria boys wore justified in asking for an alteration aiid ho suggested that the game bo played ou
•tho 26th. It wus accordingly decided thut the secretary should order
Victoria to piny their gumo with Nanaimo on tho 26th,
The case of Scott Harley and Win.
McDowell was taken up. Those pluy-
—   wero    ruled oil' thu~ field in tbo
of the Lndysmith-
game by referee Whyte, Tho
Executive decided that in view of the
very light nature of tttb offence, and
of the foot that neither player    had
previously  been  cautioned  the players wero sufficiently, punished by   boing ordered off the field for tho per
lod   of the gome   remaining to
The meeting then adjourned.
Two moro ring surprises have been
added to the long list of unlooked-
for happenings in the boxing world
that have occurred during the present year, wr tes J. J, Jeffries, former world's heavywoight champion.
A man more clover than Abe Attell
has teen found, and Stanley Ketchcl
has dono what but one champion before him has ever done— retaken his
lost title.
Tho Attell-Weleh bout wa» one   of
the cleanest battles ever fought
the Southland.      The matching    of
two men was a  credit to both
the winner and tho loser.
If there is o boxer in the world
more "clever than Freddie Welsh I
have not seen him yet. Tho Englishman's work wos a revelation to
every mnn who sow him In action a-
jainst Attell. A testimonial to
Welsh's cleverness was Uie woy
which Attell accepted defeat.' Abe
congratulated Welsh and sinco that
time hos nover In any manner tried
to dotract from Welsh's victory,
Attell lost no prestige by this defeat except tliat he will now run socond In the matter of boing considered the cleverest man in the world.
Attell went out of his class, and was
beaten by a man who Is to figure
most conspicuously in the lightweight championship affairs hereafter. It is no difigraco [or Abe that
lie lost a decision to the heavier
How about Welsh as a world's
championship contender now? Tho
Englishman is showing improvement
with every additional fight that he
ma'iea    in Southern California.    By
\ Double
"Sask-alta" Double Duples G-ratas aro made
in four pieces, each grate shaken separately.
A.shos over one grate can be shaken without
vasbiag good fuel ovar other grate. No poking
lecessary, thereby saving fuel. Dampers at both
mds of fire-box secure perfect drafts. When
jrates are inverted for wood a paten fa clamp
stains them in position. The easiest-working
vay is the surest-serving
'Saak-alta" way.
way —and   that's
Ladysmith Hardware Co
BATTLESHIP FLEET AT CEYLON  from the mines in this district would
doubtless Injure    the operators     ol'
COLOMBO, Ceylon, Dec. 14.-Roar
Admirol Sperry landed from tho battleship Connecticut this morning to
puy his official visit to Sir Henry
E. McCallutn, the governor of Ceylon. A guard of honor had been
assembled and there was a big
crowd on the wnte front composed
of natives ond Eur . enns. Tho admiral was cheered i s he stepped on
shore. He at once inspected tho
guard of honor from the 98th infantry regiment which wns drawn
on tho pier.
Aftor tho ceremony the admiral accompanied by members of his staff,
drove to tho govornor's residence.
Later in tho dny thc governor return
od the cull,     and wos    received on
thot state. If, howover, such action
were taken, the coal market of Nanaimo would be considerably improv-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     ^      oard the Connecticut with tho usual
his recent showing Welsh demonstra-'s l,utes
I'lE ■J-AMB.
Tho Colonist     thus described
Victorio-Seuttlo game:
(Lack of generalship ot a timo when
the gamo was procticully won had
tho home team been content to   act
CARACAS,    Vene.,     via    Port of
Spain, Trinidad,     Dec. 14,—Foreign
-Minister Paul today sent a  note to
the members of the diplomatic corps
here    protesting vigorously against
—* i •_.'!_-    tne "reP*a'8a' violation of terrltor-
I . Q ft XTQ ITI llfl       D"tch warsnlPs that have been cru
********* J *Ja\AM _ l/i._       ,a, righto of Venezuela" by the three
_ Ing In Venezuelan waters since   De-
KQTl comber 2.    No blockade has beenda-
in* ***•*■ j dared, he set forth, and th* contln-
-    | Inal Interference    with th* cosstwls*
[ shipping Is having a detrimental ef-
BllliardS and POOl   % ,oct ur>on *"•    commerce of neutral
1 poweia.
Ia conclusion the foreign minister
"Venezuela protests with energy a-
gninst   then aggressions upon    the
territorial sovereignty of the republic, aad she holds Holland reapoasl-
1 ble for all the ci
Best Liquors and Cigurs,
Lil ill'
was over there was what can
only hr described under oil circumstances as a big crowd present.
Seattle was defending tho town
goal and It was round there that all
tho play first oi all tooK place. Tho
left back was driven to kick to stave
oil McDowell and then gave a corner.
The kick was well taken and both
McGuire and Adam got to the ball
but failed to get it in. It passed out
to Strang who banged it hard over
tho crossbar. Jock and Jimmy wore
next conspicuous and tho first named
had hard luck with hia shot. Tho
homo boys still maintained the pressure and both McOuirc and Strnnb
sont over. Then after 15 minutes
play McDowell slipped through, to
McGuire who doftly transferred to
Adorn. Jimmy wos forced protty
close to tho goal line but managed
to find the net.
. The homo boys still continued to
ihovo all the play. McDowell shot
ovor twice and Seattle's outside
right became very sore hocsjasc Bradshaw onforcod tho ofl-sido rule against him. Just to show how he felt
ho grassed McGuire when tho latter
had hls back to him; Strang lifted
ovcr from a cornor, and from a free
I kick Arthur placed well, Jimmy tried desperately to roach the goalkeeper but could not make ft and
McGuire put ovor. Jimmy noxt hod
a lovely chance, but lost it trying
to get past the back, and McDowell
again put over.
McGuire and Graham were most
conspicious with some pretty work
and Jimmy again got Jn front, this
time to have his shot blocked, McGuiro's check got rathor mean and
Billy retaliated but Bradshaw sawi
it and a foul was given. It camo to
nothing and then Christian, clean
missing the ball, the outside right
was given a clear run. Luckily ho
mulled his shot nnd Dougan had
still his first shot to handle. Unluckily for us he was not given «
show to handle, lor Arthur misklck-
Ing, the visiting outside left ran in
nnd banged the ball into the net.
fThat was 25 minutos after the game
There was no score In this half although the homo boys wore again
swarming round Archer's charge and
both Jimmy and McGuire missed.
■The aecond half opened out In tho
same style.  Jimmy onco was through
•on tho dofonsivu, lost to the Victoria aggregation Saturday's soccer
gome in the Pacilic Coast League.
With three goats in thoir fnvor to
their opponents' nil tho Victorio
team lost a glorious opportunity of
notching a victory. Tho game ended
In a draw, the visitors from Seattle
-showed a remarkable Improvement
ln form duaing the second haJf was a
nt the call of timo tho score was a
tie, threo all.
Until nourly the middle of tho socond half the gome was atl Victoria.
Tho Seattle forwards could mako no
Impression against tho heavy Victoria defence whilo tho homo forwards,
playing in the best part of tho field
showed form throughout.   Ttiey were
aggressive all Uie time, followed up
woll and wero    always    at the ball
The    halfbacks     supported    the forwards woll, fed the ball into tho goal
in masterly stylo    ond whiut rushes
were mado by tho visitors througli
the    flrst lino    of dofonco woro effectively disposed of by tho backs, the
stalwart LormSor     and Dunn taking
tears of anything thot looked ul all
j dangorous.   ln fact with i nu or two
exceptions Beonoy in g.nl hod     an
easy timo of It.   Toit, who replaced
O'Koll, ployed o good gamo    during
the first balf and reglst*oi two   of
tho    goals,    tho    Urst brine thoved
through    fn    a concerto 1 ru6h i pun
the Soattlo gool In which a    lively
! scrimmage ended in tho ball     being
heeled out to '/ait, who was ou tho
spot and scored,   '"en i.iinut** later
a pretty rush uy llu\ton and Thon
ns, the Esnulmnit pair, who v.rk-rl
like Trogwns   throughout    tho game
carried the 'jail down tlio field past
the Seattle defenco and n n-eit pats
to centre by the former aguin found
Talt      in   placo.    Tho  third   gome,
scored just   after   tho start <>(    the
Socond holf was scored Ly Tlir.mns.
Thore was little to indi:ot!, from
the form displayed by Soattle thot
they    would   stand   a     ghost of a
chance    ln    tho second half.   Whilo
their forwards wore speedy and had
a    better     combination    than    the
Victoria    tonm   tholr efforts against'
heavy dofonce of the Victoria aggregation proved unavailing.
It required but Hie tally Made by
Henry, of Sonllt'e, to infuso fresh
spirit in tho visitors. In a minute
they soomod to iwake up and for the
balance of the half ond until tlio call
of timo, lt was Soattlo the naost of
the woy. Tho rod shlrtcd visitors
showed romarlcablo Improvement
both in speed, Bhoot and especially
In team work.   At times thoy ployed,
rag with the Victorio dofonco    and!	
two   moro gools,   tho result of con-f t0 iome f„S(
ted thot it was no fluke when ne out-
boxed PaCky McFariand for nine-
icon rounds.
Considering tho dovoiopments of
tho post few weeks Welsh now has
ns great or even greater claims upon
tlio champion, Buttling Nelson's ro-
■s] oet and attention than has McPar
lu spooking of Nelson tho English
boy showed that ho meant business
when he said:
"Nolson always insists on a long
route, for as he Boys, he don't like
the parlor allairs, meaning by the
latter, anything under forty rounds,
Now, I'll fight Bat 45 rounds and
I'll s gn any minuto that tho champion sees fit to give me o  chance,"
This talk has tho light ring to it.
Welsh has made a big hit hore, both
by his sensut'*nal cleverness and by
his gentlemanly conduct outside the
ring. The south is full of men who
would back him against Nelson.
During the stay of the sixteen battleships at Colombo, where they arrived yesterday from Manila, Admiral Sperry will be entertained by
(leneral Lawrence. The first botch
of sailors, consisting of 28 bluejackets an,I two olllcers from each ship,
camo ashore in tho morning ond took
n train for Knndy, tho capital of
Ceylon, whero they will spend tho
day as guests of the government.
There will ho similar excursions encli
day during tho stay of tho fleet until all tho men hove thus been cntei^
14.— Throe unknown men entered tho
post odlce hero last night while tho
postmaster, Frank Higgins, was mak
Ing out a payroll, knocked him
senseless wilh a sandbag ond then
escaped with 82,500; They are sup-
posod to havo gono to Canada. Higgins recovered consciousness early
today and crawled out of tho building and gave the alarm.
Victoria, Doc. 14.—A third victory
carrying with lt a Thomson cup and
a British Columbia championship,
went to the Vancouvor High School
students In Saturday night's basket
ball match against the Victoria College representatives at Assembly
Hall. The triumph was achieved by
the narrow margin of one point, tho
score boing 15 to 14 at tho finish.
MONTREAL, Deo. 12.-lhe announcement was made yesterday of
the gift of fifty thousand dollars by
Robert Bedford, the shipping man,
io Mctiill University. The money
is to be added to tbe endowment
fund and utilized for increase of salary of professors. Tho salary now
paid the professors is very small,
taking into consideration the social
position thoy are expected to maintain aod the cost of living. Years
ago they might have been adequate,
but they are not now and as a result many good mon have been t-
tractod to other fields. Prof. Cor
is the latest to announce that he
will sever his connection with Mc-
0111. Iio Intends to retire and reside in England.
PEKIN, Dec. 14.—An edict was issued yosterday conferring upon the
late Dowager Empress Tszu Hzl An
the post-humous title of "Filial and
Admirable Empress of the heavens,
Equitable ond bright In practicing
holiness." The edict orders that
special ceremonies bo carried out in
connection with the conferring of the
Further despatches say that statutes fixing the official status of
Prince Chun, the regent, woro published today. The princo is givon
on annual salary of 150,000 tads, a-
bout §105,000, and is made commander in chief of both land and sea
forces of the empire. The edict provides also that a palace be built for
him near the site of the dowager's
winter residence.
No Honing—
No Grinding
u. s.
Two victories wero achieved by the
victories were achieved by the Vancouver High School students Saturday from Victoria. They won from
the Victoria rugby team by o score
of six points to nil, while tho Victoria girls hockey eloven were beaten by the visitors by a margin of
one point, the score being 8 goals to
Both contests were well and ovenly fought, but It was Impossible for
the playors to do their best because, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
of tho Inclement weather and the wards stated that on the present
mushy condition of the turf, De- showing thu tariff ln this commodity
spite that difficulty, however, they would probably be removed,
made things interesting and the few Although opposition Is expected
adherents who had braved tho ole-, from the Pacific coast states, no ob-
ments to witness the fight for the jectlon has as- yet been made, ol-
Thomson oups, emblematic of the though representative .Tonee of Waeh-
Brltish Columbia championships in Ington, It 1* expeetsd, will oppoae
the scholastic leagues, were treated the removal of tbe duty a* the sound exciting work. ver* competition which would result
A matter which might prove of con
siderable Import to Nanaimo ls contained ln several despatches from
Washington which report as to the
progress In the hearing before the
Ways and Means Committee at Washington of the coal operators' case
in regard to the fixing of the tariff
as affecting coal.
The eastern operators declare ln
favor of removing the tariff restrictions on cool shipments from Canada If a reciprocal relation could be
established with this country.
Following these representations to
ths    committee one member    oftor-
You know from dolly expe-
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World in General,
Berlin, Dec. 14.—The Gorman
government is awaiting the result of the debato In tho Frenoh
sennte In regard in the proposed
Franco-CniiMilinn commercial
treaty. Should.the senate ratify tho treaty then there Is little doubt Germany will try and
come to similar arrangements.
It ls believed that If supported
by Laurier, the present Canadian cabinet, will find a laodus
vivondl, which would be acceptable to the commercial Interests of Germany.
Montreal, Doc. 12.—.Tames Williamson, founder and president of tho
.lames Williamson Warehousing Co.,
is dead. He had hem in business In
Montreal for the past 00 years.
BOSTON, Mass., Dec. 14.—Reports
that Mrs. Baker Eddy, head of the
Christian Science Church, Is ill, were
denied by Mrs. Eddy's attendants today, who said that their leader wos
in hor usual health. Mrs. Eddy wns
said to be attend ng to her writing,
and other engagements, today as usual. She took hor daily drive on
Saturday in spite of tho stormy weather, ond was planning to do the
samo this afternoon.
• - •
• Ottawa, Dec. 14.— Mr. Ralph  •
• Smith, M.P.-eloct for Nanaimo,  *
• arrived    in the city on Satur- *
• day and    last night had an ln- •
• tervlew with Sir Wilfrid    Leu- •
• rler.    Mr. Smith's visit at this •
• juncture naturally suggests bu- *
• siness of cabinet Import, though *
• he has nothing to say on   the '
• subject. •
Stockholm, Dec. 14.—Dr. Lefllo, a
well known mathematician, gave
luncheon Saturday In honor of Prof.
Lippman of Paris aiid Rutherford, of
Manchester (the latter formerly of
McGill University, Montreal) two of
Nobel prizo winners. Covers were
laid for 120 guests representing the
scientific world.
Uxbrldge, Dec. 14.—The private
lan'dng business of Isaac T. Gould
and Brothers, of this town has been
to!, on over by the Sterling Bank of
London, Dec. 14.—The Scotsman
understands the Japanese are about
to commence a rale cutting war a-
galnst tho C.P.R. on the Pacific with
tho object of driving them off thc
oceon as thoy have American lines. *
Madrid, Dec. 14.—Vice Admiral
Cervcru, who commanded the Spanish fleet ln the buttle ot Santiago,
was retired from the active list of
tho Spanish navy today at his own
Berlin, Dec. 14.—The Lisbon correspondent of the Cologne Gazette
says In a despatch thot he Is authorized to deny the story from Paris,
that Germany is about to acquire the
Berlinga Islands, od the coast of
Portugal, with the idea of establishing a fortified coaling station there.
Mexico City, Dec. 14.—Rodolfo Ga-
ono, the famous Mexican bullfighter,
was fatally injured tn a fight ln
Puebla yesterday. He was caught
by the flfth bull, tho horns of the
animal penetrating the abdomen.
Montreal, Dec. 14.—A flre caused
either by a defective wire or spontaneous combustion ln coal, damaged three class rooms ln the Dufforin
Protestant school Sunday morning,
Montreal1, Dec. 14.—At the annual
meeting of the Dominion Commercial
Travellers' Assoclutlon Saturday, a
motion to admit women to membership was rejected.
Woodstock, Ont., Dec. 12.—David
Malcolm, o young fanner from West
Oxford, wos committed for trial
a charge of having forged his father's nnmo to notos for over (8000.
Ball wrs fixed nt $4000.
Kingston, Dec. 12.—In an address
before the Queen's Political Scionco
Club yestorday on "Waterways and
Water Power," G. C. Gibbons, K.C.,
chairman of the Internntional Waterways Commission, made a plea for
Canadian independence. "Wo should
be g daughter in our mother houBo"
he said, "but mistress in our own."
Ottawa, Dec. 12.—Lord Strathcona
has communicated to Ottawa Information that the Imperial authorities
nre well sntlslled with the measures
which hnvo Ven taken to prevent the
spread of the foot and mouth disease
In tho Dominion from' the United
Ottawa, Dec. 12.—0. P. Watford a
prominent local man, has heen acquitted on the chargq of stealing from
Uie Sanitary Laundry Conipany, of
which he was treasurer.
London, Pec. 12.«-"'lic House of
Commons has approved tho contract
with the C.P.R. for conveyance of
moils between Liverpool and Hong
Kang. ...
Son Francisco, Dec. 12.—Tho pronouncing of the sentence upon Abraham Ruef, convicted of bribery, was
postponed by Judge Lawler, in tho
superior court today until next Saturday, Dec. 19.
Fredorlcton, N.B., Dec. 12.— Seth
H. Berry, well known court stenographer of St. John, died horo lost
night from the effects of morphine
The annual association football
Su|)Udsejdoa sumo:}  ueo.wie i     tpvmi
Oxford and Cambridge un versities
wos ployed at Queen's Club today
and resulted ln a tie. Each sldo
scored one goal.
London, Dec. 12.—A man claiming
ho hnd authority, placed on ordor
for nn elght-oored boat for tho Winning Rowing Club to cost £80 with
Sims the boat builder. He Induced
several persons to cash checks on a
Tondon bank for small amounts and
the checks wcre all returned marked
"no nccount."
Toronto, Dec. 12.—A fine of $200
each was Imposed on the Crown
Towel Co. nnd tho Griffin Extension
Co., mining concerns, for the violation of the Ontaro Mining Act, by
omitting from their prosuectus certain Information which ls required to
lie placed In them.
MONTREAL, Dec. 12.—In the very
shadow of the city hall, not a stone
throw from the Central Police Sta
tlon, an unknown man smashed n
window in a jewelry store of G.A
Turcot, Notre Damo streot east last
night and with a revolver in ono
hand, pointing at Mr. Turcut, romov
ed $2,100 worth of diamonds from n
tray and made hla escape.
Rogina, Sask., Dec. 1-1 .--Provincial
Government has issued orders to all
secretary-treasurers of local impro
vement districts that arrears of tax
os aro not to bo collected nftor Ifith
if December. ' On that dutc forfeiture proceedings to bo taken against
ill land under arroirs and farmers
desiring to reiia in ■ |t| havo to puy
charges in that connection.
Famhnm, Dec. 12.—Alfred Doumoy
and Eugene. Ilnchand found a Winchester rifle at tho homo of tho formor yesterday and not know It wns
Inadod, Doumoy discharged lt In the
face of his companion. Tho bullet
entered tho throat and Is lodged In
tho spinal column. Bochond Is 8
years old and Daumoy Is about the
same ag*.
BUTTE, Mont., Dec. 13.-The sudden death ot Manhattan of "Sammy'
Jones, aged 80, disclosed the fact
that instead of beng a man, as everyone in the v clnity of Manhattan
for the past eighteen ycirs hod believed, Jones was a woman, This
discovery resulted when Undertaker
Safely, of Boseman, took charge of
the body, ihe deceased chewed tobacco and drank and associated
freely with men as a  cook.
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Deo. 12.-J,
Sharp and threo of his followers including his wife, will be given a formal hearing this afternoon hefore
Justice Remloy, charged with murder In the flrst degree for the killing of Policeman A. O. Dalbow In a
revolver fight last Tuesday, late
yestorday when they wcre arraigned
before Justice Roinley, each entered
a plea of not guilty.
FLUSHING, N.Y,, Dec. 14.— Confident of hls acquittal, Thornton J.j
lluines, short story writer, was'
brought to trial Lefoi-o Justice Crane
in tho supreme court this afternoon,
on o charge of • being on accessary
n tho murder of Win, E, Aunls, editor, who wos shot nud killed by Captain Peter Haines, jr., at the Buy-
side Yacht Club last summer,
Hunucled to a doputy sheriff and
guarded by two jailors, Haines was
brought from Long Islund jail on a
trolley car and total immediately to
court, where lie eagerly awaited the
opening of tlie proceedings. Hulnes
was all smiles and told tho newspaper men thut he hud every reason to
believe bo woi.ld ho acijuitted. Seated near the defendant were bis counsel. - lluines showed none of the effects of his incarceration, H's rounded fuco Hi.shed with a healthy color
us ho conferred with his lawyers. .Attorney .1. F. Mclntyre, chief of counsel for tho defence, said that he
would oppose long daily sessiuns of
Ihe court.
The length of the trial and the
selection of a jury will depend upon
Ihe extent that convictions have been
formed by reading of newspapers,"
sold Mr. Mclntyre.
Shortly before Judge Crane called
the court to order, old Gen, Peter.,
Haines, U.S.A., retired, accompanied
by MaJ. John Haines and Robert P.
Haines of Boston, came Into the
room and took seuts near tho defendant. Mrs. Haines, the mothor
of Thornton, camo from Flushing
with the family, but did not feel
strong enough to attend tho trial.
Robert Haines is an uncle of Thornton. An interesting figure in court
was Dr. Austin Flint tho alienist,
who testified in both triols of Harry
K. Thaw. Dr. Flint camo into the
trial chamber with District Attorney
Barring, and will mako observations
of Thornton Haines while the proceedings ore in progress.
Shortly nftor one o'clock Justice
Crane took his sent and the trial
commenced, both sides stating that
thoy wore ready. David Hlrsch, an
associate counsel for the defence,
mado a formal motion to set aside
tho indictment against Haines on
tho grounds thnt ho was denied tho
right to chollongo the individual
members of the grand jury. He submitted a long argument in support
of his motion.
Eloven talesmen hnd been examined
in the caso up to 2 o'clock, but all
wero excused loi various causes.
FLUSHING, N.Y., Dec. 14.- Justice Crane convened court at 10 a.m.
ln order that tho roll of Talismen
might bo called. The 100 talismen
drawn on the first panel, which has
boon protested by tho defence on tbe
ground thot it was Improperly drawn
were sent to a room below tho court
chamber while tho roll of 190 tails-
men drawn on two subsequent panels
woro coiled.
District Attorney Pnnin announced
that the prosecution of Haines would
ne conducted by himself assisted by
special prosecutor, Elinor I. White,
and J. A. Dayton, together with Assistant District Attorneys Fish and
McKenzle. Precinct Detective John
Boiler, of the Flushing pollco station, had charge of the witnesses and
After the roll call Justice Crone
ndloiirnod court until ono o'clock,
wdion Thornton HnlnoB will be brought Into court.
eum nor the ,al! ivn„n reforme
have attacked \,'.r'iu\'v for years tut
against Francis Mcllign, a junk
dealer wbo bus a contract for the
decorations which are discarded after each bail,      lie. for rly hail    a
room adjoining the store room   und
expressed tin;   iplnion that the bomb
was directed at Ivm oy business r
ids ns wero two ili'iM was in former
times in his pluco.
UNION CITY, Tenn., Dec. 14.-
Lato today ten men, alleged leaders
of tho night-riders I and of Rcolfoot
loko, will be placod on trial tor tlrir
lives charged with putting to denth
of Copt. Quinten Buskin, a prominent attorney of Trenton, Tenn., tho
culmlnutlon of acts of a series of
outluwery so high-handed os to coll
for tho mustering of tho soldiery of
the state to aid tlie civil authorities
in tho hounding down and prosecuting of the members of the clan.
When the court meets today, Judgo
Josoph Jonos wlll preside nt tho
trials and- will announce his decision
in regard to tho contention of tho
lefenco that the plan suggested by
the stuto for selecting n jury venire
not by tho usual method nt random
from among those eliglblo for serving
but personally by Judgo Jones. Is
irregular. Thon will begin tho summons of jury veniremen. Both state
and defence will ho allowed 24 peremptory chullen-es.
The Investigation of tho deflredn-
tlons of the night-riders clan began
within two days of tho killing of
Cnpt. Rankin, on tho night nf Oct.
19. Since thot time undor tho personal direction of Gov. Patterson, nn
unrelenting cms ule has been waged
and rosultod in the nrrest of severul
hundred men. The circuit court was
convened In specinl session as ns fast
as secured tlio evidence wos presented and more than 150 Indictments
hnvo been found charging vnrylng do-
irroos of outlnwery. Tho present Is
tho second term of tho court: the
'rst term, Iho legality of which wns
questioned, ending a   wool- ago.
NEW YOHK, 'Dec. 12.—With • the
end of their long journey only half a
day distant, eight weary, but determined riders wero wll rling oruund
the saucer-shaped track at Madison
Square Garden. Fight men e.iunlly
as wi.rn by thu strain of almost
ceaseless grind in the bicycle race,
wero snatching a brief rest before
they were to be called upon to take
up the strain.
Tlio night had been a trying one
for all of the men, one sprint following nnother with scarcely a breathing space, ond by morning every
record for tho clistanco had boen left
far in the rear.
For a time yesterday the riders
were many miles behind tlie mark
set by Miller and Waller in the fa
mous race of 1890, but this loss was
gradually cut down, and during the
night new records were mndo hour
after hour and ut eight o'clock this
morning the threo leading teams
were ten miles ahead of tho mar
established nine yoars ago.
Tho fast pace of tho night was
steadily maintained during the early
hours of the forenoon and the old
record was constantly falling farther
and farther behind.
At 10 o'clock tho threo leading
loams with Hutt and Stol in the van
were more thon fourteen miles ahead
nf tho record. They had covered 2,-
"i0S miles 9 laps, against the old
record of 2,494 miles .S laps, for 138
hours. There hnd been no change
in tho relative positions of tho riders at thnt hour.
NEW YORK, Dec. 12.-Wlth all
records for the distance behind them
and tho ond of their long strugglo
lor money and fame • only a few
hours away, tho eight surviving
teams in the six-day bicycle race
were whirling around the truck this
afternoon at a never slackening
pace. Every hour through tho night
and up to tiiis afternoon had the
long-standing record been left in tho
Despite tho hard pace all but two
of the sixteen left in the race appoaT-
od to bo In fairly good condition ns
the closo of tho gruelling contest approached. Palmer, the Australian,
has beon In hod shape for days, but
he kopt to his tusk, trailing doggedly along at tho toll of the procession. Bobbv Hnlthour also appeared to bo badly spent, but be nnd his
partner Root nre holding on, only
ono lap behind tho leaders.
At 2 o'clock the threo leading
teams had rolled off 2,58fl m les 1.
PARIS, Dec. 12.—President Castro
of Venezuela, who arrived in this
city yesterday from Bordeaux, had
mnde no ollicial advances to the government up to noon lodny. He is
reported us furiously angry at tho
manner ln which thc government is
receiving him in France.
Since his arrival In Purls ho hns
remained shut-up in his apartments
in the hotel ns closely as though he
wero a prisoner, nnd barring a fow
members of the Venezuelan colony,
hns seen nobody.
The ofllcials of the foreign olllce
havo received orders to give no ox-
plunntion of the government's attitude towards the president of Venezuela.
"Wo ignore his presence," nn ofll-
cinl suid Ihis morning. "The conditions upon which the government is
willing to open up negotiations have
1 eon communicated to hlm."
Whnt theso conditions are, beyond
prohibiting President Castro from
making any political declaration, is
not known, but it is believed thoy
involve n   formal apology.
A reporter culled to see the president this morning. The only member
uf Cnstro's entourage visible said
nothing hnd been decidod, but tlie
pnrty possibly would leave for Germany tomorrow.
A block maid in the service of Mrs.
Castro was sitting In the hnll 'outside hor mistress' door trying to get
her foot into a newly purchased
pointed French shoo.
NEW YORK, Dec. 12.—With only
the bloody linger prints of a mur-
durer to assist thom the pollco today are scoring the city for some
trace of tlio man who committed
what now appears to be one of tho
most ballling crimes in the city's
criminal history. His victim, who
wos a young woman, whose body
was found in a padlocked and bar-
licuded apartment ot 3137 East 11th
street last night, has not yet been
identified, und a most vigorous
search of the i-noms has revealed no-
thing thut will aid the polico In
their tnslc. Every distinguishing
murk bus heen removed from the woman's clothing and pictures had [
l-oen cut from their frames and burn-!
oil, tugother with several pieces of
paper which may hove borue addresses. On every hand there wus
to bo found evidences of crafty care
used by tho murderer to baffle pursuit.
Tho discovery of the crime come u-
bout by the anxiety of tbe junitiess
of the ilut house to collect rent for
tho apartment, which was nearly twq
weeks overdue. Lust night tlie jani-
tress decided to enter the apartment
to moke sure the tenants had not
removed their trunks without her
knowledge and the police woro called
to assist lier in ojiening the pod- i
locked door. When an entrance was
forced, tho woman's body, with the
head uluiost severed wus lying on
the blood-soaked bed. The condition of the body indicated that she
had been dead about two weeks.
HA1UUSUUUG, Dec. 12.—A m
trial wus refused to four of the defendants in tho cupitol conspiracy
cases todoy by Judge Kuakle ot the
county court before which the men
hod been tried. The defendants are
John H. Sanderson, Philadelphia,
contractor for tho furnishings, and
dororotions in the thirteen million
dollar capitol. Jas. 11. Shumoker,
Johustowu, who wus superintendent
of the board of public grounds and
buildin during thq period of fur-
uishlng the building; Wm. P. Snyder,
Spring City, former auditor general
of the state, ond Wm. Motsus, former stato treasurer.
The men, with S. J. M. Hueston,
liillaiielidiia, the architect of the
building, wore cli_rged with conspiracy to cheat and defraud the state
in connection witli furnishing and
decorating the cupitol, but Huston
secured a severance, and his trial
has not come uji yot.
The four defendants were tried last
spring ond were convicted as charged. Several othor defendants, of
whom thero were fourteen in all, ro-
muin to bo tried.
in in in in in ii
P*w_.d_nt and Managing Director.
ii in i rin iii in in in mill III ill ill |l !![_*
'.A -,rv-Treasurer.
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Daily at 9 a. in.
Wednesday,  Saturday and Sunc iy.
at 9:00, and 10:58.
For Victoria.
Trains /\rrive at Ladysmith
Daily at 11:57.
Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
At 11:57 and 17:55
From Victoria.
B. L. Ohetham
District Passenger Agent.
1102 Government St. Victorio
P.O. Box 54 'Phone 44
Dealer ln All Kinds of
Weats Delivered free of charge on thi
Shortest Notice.
j. m. mo^GAH
Teacher ol Voice Production ond
Engagements may he left at the
Standard Office.
VICTORIA, Dec. 12.—Lying in a
ditch on Foul Bay road, but a few
feet from the sea, with his throat
cut in .four places and his clothing
drenched with his own blood, and the
wator in which he was lying, a man
was found yesterday afternoon a-
l?out three o'clock, hy a young lad
named McCallum. Though still living, he wns very wealc from loss of
blood and from exposure. It would
appear that lie had been lying in the
cold and wet for,, at least an hour,
after having made a most dctormin-
i'il attempt to take his own life. He
i.: now lying at Lite Royal Jubilee
hospital whither ho was conveyed in
the police patrol wngon. It is expected that he will recover.
It wns about three o'clock that
young McCallum, who lives neor hy,
discovered a mnn lying in the ditch.
The boy nt lirst did not notice him
until his attention wns attracted by j
groans. Tho unknown was stretch-J
ed at full length in the soaking mud
dyed with carmine hue. McCallum]
ran homo and to Mr. Rhotbolt's re-'
sidence,    whence a   telophonc     mes-
ge was sent to the police station. I
The police notified Dr. Hart,    and}
the pnirol wagon wns hurried to the;
spot.     Hy the timo it arrived     the
unfortunate had been taken into     a]
nearby houso nnd after being exnmin-j
od by Dr.  Hart, was rushed to   tho j
hospital.      Then-  it  was ascertained
thut tho    would-be   suicide hnd not
succeeded in severing nny orieries although ho had lost n   gront amount
of blood nnd appeared to be sufTering
from effhosdre.
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All  kinds o:  Hlacksmlthing
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Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding nnd  Party   Cakes Mad.   to
Fruits and Candies ut All KinU
Prices are    very   reasonable     All
CuBtomora treatod alike.
CHICAGO. Ills., iiec M.-Thlit lip
one wns killed lntt night hy tho explosion in tho M"ts room of Calif*
oum in which the drst ward Pemn-
cratlc ball will ho hold/ to-night,was
asserted liy tho pjllrn to-day fjllmv-
Ing a thorou/n oxivnl mtlon. They
also assertod thnt evldonoo discover-
PARIS, Dec. 12.—Philippe Bumoau
Varllla, former Panama minister to
the United States, and once an engineer engaged in tho construction of
the Panama canal, takes the gloomiest of viows concerning tho pros
peels of the canal. He says the
cost will bo $280,000,000, double the
estimate made by tho United States.
Ho says:
"The plan that is now being carried out will result almost surely in
tho greatest disaster in the history
of public undertaking. Tho existence of tlio oanul depends upon the
Gnt'iin iliuii. 1 nnd all the French
engineers who studied tho quostion
nro nbsolutcly convinced thnt the
nnttiro of the ground makes certain
the destruction of tho dam thnt is
being erocted. The only remedy is
to remove tho Gntun dam fifteen
kliomotetres to Mlrnfoloes."
TORONTO,  Dec.   12,—There Is
obstacle in tho wny of church union, i '"  "
This decision was reached lost nght Will be In Ladysmith every Wednns-
by the committee representing Pres-j day at the Abbotsford Hotol, Room
byteriam Methodist and Congrcga- «• Readings and treatments will be
tlonnl     churches    In Canada,  which' «iv«n-      Bost "' references given as
has been in annual session horo sincej*» »orl1 df""1 ln Nanaimo.	
Tuesday. j
Tho finding of tho committee is interpret "historic episcopal" in a
now to be submitted to tho supreme ub8rai spirit nad to meot tho joint
courts of tho churches concerned and coramtttee 0n freo nnd equal basis to
from thom to Individual congregcir oxl,i„in its interpretation, the con-
tlons who will bo nskod to vote up-' ferenc0 on church union will be glad
on it. Tho hope is expressed that to ra(Mt wlth proper represonta-
by the    close of 1010 or the begin-' tires."
nlng of 1011 this process would   be (        	
completed and organic union of the ftlt, ««#«««»•«««•««•
threo churches an accomplished fact.
The commjitteo has replied in the
following terms to tho auestion of
"Historic Episcopate," as embodied
in n communication from tho Anglican church:
"The committee regrets that It Is
unable to accede, to this condition,
but If tho Church of England ln
Canada Aows thnt lt le willing   to
On the Esplanade.
Ladysmith,  B. 0.
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Ryan's Butcher Shop
Victoria,     Dec.
rains resulted In
Goldstrenm    on
Passengers    and
i  wnshout at
the E. & N.
mall louth-
>  bound had to trnnifer around.
• tt.     Other trains are cancelled
• for tho day.
 4  .
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The engine on the morning passenger train broke   down    on Mondayj
just before    reaching South Welling- ■
ton.     The locomotive employed     in  \
hauling    the grnvol train- had to be j
requisitioned, nnd it was after 10.S0
when Ladysinith passengei-B  arrived.
O. Willis, who is well known ln
town, was hurt by a fall of roek
in Jack's mine last Saturday. An.
other man working along with Willis
wus also caught, but neither of
thom was seriously injured.
Members of tho locul lodgo of Pythian Sisters will pleuse take noto
that thoy aro invited as a body to
attend tho social to be givon by tho
K. of P.-s on Saturday evening. Mrs
Jno. Harries is in receipt of a formal invitation, nnd hikes this moans
of notifying tho Sisters. Tbo Knights
expect nil who can to nttond tho social, and only rogret tlmt the invitation could not have been road to
the assembled lodgo. Tho Social is
expected to bo a great success, and
tho committoo nro working hard to
that ond and count upon tho Sisters
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Wnlters & Akenhoad's.—Store open
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Simon Leiser Sc Co.
Mr. Win. Manson. ex.Mnyor of Nannimo. ond at one timo member for
Alberni, wont down to Victurin. Mv.
iManso'n is now stationed nt Princo
Rupert where, ho suys. tiling nro
going nlong nicely. Thoro nro no
permanent iroildingH ns vet for tlio
reason thut no lots have boon sold.
The snlo of land is expected to begin in Mny. when tho town will lit-
ernlly spring into boing.
Mr. Wm. Hooper baa still some of
tho jewelry stock lelt with whieh ho
started up in business in Ladysmith
The jowolry is all first class in quality, and Mr. Hooper only wishes to
dispose of it. From now until
Christmas no reasonable offer wdll
bo refused nnd before purchasing
their Christmns presents buyers uro
invited ts*iook at his stock.
Dr. E. Hnll, who, besides being o
noted surgeon, is Mayor of Victoria,
lectured Inst night in Nanaiuio to
a good audience on the effects on
the human system of over-indulgence
in alcohol.
Mr. John Tha was a passenger on
the Victoria train Monday morning.
Mrs. Jos. Cartwright and Mrs. R.
lt. Hindmarch went down to Chemainus yesterday morning.
Mr. P. Fagan went down the lino
this morning.
Mr. F. Little, superintendent of the
Dunsmuir mines, loft for Cumberland
this morning.
Mrs. P. Burke was a passenger on
the Victoria train yesterday morning.
Mrs. J. Lewis went down the line
on the morning train yestorday.
Mr. Wellington Brown came    down
from Nanaimo yesterday morning.
Mr. Jns. Hlnck boarded the Victor-
is train yesterday morning.
Mr. F. C. Fisher returned from Nanaimo yesterdny morning.
Mr. J. W. Coburn was in town on
business on Monday.
Miss Douglas, of the Big Store, returned from a business trip to Victoria on Monday.
Mr. 0. G. Duncan, the well known
Victoria traveller, wns in town yesterday morning.
Mr. J. Blair, arrived yesterday
from the East. Mr. Blair, who is a
brother of Mr. Jno. Blair, of Blair
& Adam, was here in the summer,
and bought a ranch down around
Chemainus. He went back east to
dispose of his farm, and came
through on Tuesday with a carload
of stock and household effects, going
dowh to his now home at Chemainus at night.
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Mr. A. .1. Wnskett has gone off on
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Sound cities.
Mr. P. K. Winch,
line this morning.
went down   the
Mrs. and Miss Lewis were passongers on tho Victoria train this
Miss Malone arrived on this morning's trnln on n visit to hor brother
Mr. P. Malone.
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seven o'clock,
The Gift Storo—Will be open every
night from now until Xmas. Unique
display of Xmas Goods.—Walters *
Don't forget the concert tomorrow
night. The musical treat of the season.
Messrs. Hilbert and Wilkinaon, after a long delay, have now installed the r bowling alleys. They wer*
opened this afternoon, sad an said
to be the best on the coast.
Don't forget the Jubilee Singers
tomorrow night.
Mr. E. Quennell will very probably
be a candidate for the mayoralty of
Messrs. John O'Connell and John
Eno have been appointed managers
of the Second Division A aad B
teams respectively.
Owint to the press of business, we
have decided to keep open ovary
night.      Walters „ Akenhead,    the
Gift Stol*.
The sporting editor of the Colonist has given up all hopes of Victoria ln the Pacific Coast Leigue.
But where was he over the week-end
not to know that Saturday's game
was played at Victoria and not at
There will be a meeting of the 01-
tr/en's Lsague in the City Ball on
Thursday evening at 7.80 o'clock,
The approaching municipal elections
will be considered and all the mem-
ben who can should attend.      . ,
Silverware, Cut Glass Ware, Bizarre
Sets and Bric-a-Brac
To get rid of Them we an- offering   thom    nt  Cost and  Loss
than Cost Price.    Call in and see for yourselves.
The Choicest and Cheapest Xmas Gifts ovor offered In Ladysmith.
Ladysmith   Pharmacy |
AChristmas Matinee
At Home by Buying an Edison Phonograph
On Easy Terms   Sole Agents in Ladysmith:
Knights Book Store
All kinda of Clock aud WatcB Re- mWWm&CP^^
pairing.       Satisfaction Guarantee ;
at Reasonable Prices.
English Watches a Specialty.
Practical Watchmaker.
All work left at H. Hughes   Store,
will receive Prompt Attention.
Ladysmith Orchestra
Prom Two Pieces up.
All Newest and Brightest Music.
Por full particulars, apply
Ladysmith, B.C.
2 dozen Ladies' Net and Silk
Wulsts'vulucs up to S5.00.
Ladies' Golf Waists, 1.4 doz.
of thoso on snlo. Regular val'
ues up to 18.flu.
SPECIAL, $1.85
If you nro wanting anything
in theso    linos, you know   tho
nlni'O  to    net     thom.     Prices
from S10 up.
We hnvo just oponod up a
large range of Leather Goods,
suitable for n Lady's or Gentleman's Present. Call in and
look thom over.
Come and
ck of Latest St;
Wall Papers
Picture  Framing   a Specialty,
my Stock of Latest Styles in
I, l^ocddtyg
I horoby give notico that I intond
to make application to tho Board
of Licensing Commissioners of the
City of Ladysmitli, (it their next
regular mooting, for a transfer of
tho retail liquor license now held by
mo in respect tho Kings Hotol,
Lndysmith, from niysoll' to .Joseph
Ladysmith. B.C., Nov. 2S, 1908.
Notice is horoby givon that tho
Court of Revision on tho Voters'
List will bo held in tho Council
Chambers. Ladysmith, on Monday,
21st December, 1908, at 2 p.m.
Ladysmith, B.C., Nov. 24, 1908.
I>p. % 8. dm
All Work Guarantied.
Wall Papers
Oome and Make Tour
Selection—new stook
fresh in.
J. E. Smith,    Roberts Street
Head office ■ - Toronto
CAPITAL $10,000,000   :   REST $5,000,000
Bank Money Orders
(5 and undor     •     -      -     3 ce its
Ovor )5 and not exceeding (10,   6    '
"  «10      "        " 180, 10   "
" $30      " " »60, 16   "
Then© «rilcrn .ire payable nt pM nt anv olllco In
Cana'la ol a Chartered Hank, except in the Yukon,
and at Iho principal Imik mr points in the Uriltcil
Th^v art negotiable nt 8i.HO to the e Rlerllnir. In
Great Britain Mid Ireland. *Tliey toriu nn excellent
method ol remitting email uiiih of nunc.' with eafctv
and at email com and nay he obtni .ed without delay
ac any olllce of the li ink
I.AIiVSMIIII HIUNOII   ::  kM. Ul 0kx, Manager
[Teacher of Music]
Studio in Williams' Block
and Oilcloth
16 Is Time To Buy
Xmas  Cards
Call in and look over our stock
H. HUGHE \ lst Avenue
There are Special
Bargains to be got in
Gent's Furnishings
Children's Clothing
Fancy Goods and
Jewellery at
John Thomas
The Old Reliable Hioe Store
The Spirit of
Christmas Is
In the Giving
Why jiti/zle ond rack your
brains thinking over dills for
tho dilTorcnt mombors of your
Horo's our Answer to tho
Gift Question: What can I
glvo thom ?
A nice pair of Shoes or a
pair of Nlco Felt or Flooco
lined Slippers.
Gum Boots (Flcoco Lined),
Logglnga or a nlco pair of
Boots mako good useful Pros-
onts for Boys' and Girls.
We   havo a nlco assortment.
nil fon „ hi suk
Lunch Counter
Pickled Pigs'Feet
Clam Chowder
Mulligan Stew
On Tap for Pay Dny and aftor
Pay Day
W. E. MOORE, Proprietor
.Iust Ijook Ovor Our—
Comploto Smokers' Outfit.
Telephone, 4.       P.O. Box 80S
How can we afford to be
without one of those large
roomy Chester Drawers
or Chiffoniers when we
can get theni right here
in our oity for $12.00,
$16.50 and $20.00, with
or without Mirror at
C. Peterson's
l'urniture Store
'Phono 1-8,       - First Avenue.
Four    gasoline    lamps, tank   and
wires.   Everything complete.    Apply
Wm. Hoopcrf ' ni!5
Boost Repairing or HOist
House BuildlDg and Geicril
Cirptiier w«rk.___>
)K   M. O'BRIAN   %
IV(cKelvie Bros.
iMiss Uren:!
+ .1111141II11 III M H-H>
Mr. Arthur F. Owen Is In town for
a few days. Mr. Owen is a piano
tunor of thirty-years' experience and
below aro two testimonials which he
brought with him from England
yoars and years ngo. Ho haa worked now on tho Island for a numbor
of years and anyone who has engaged him will vouch for the ulliclency
of his work:
Warwick Mansion
Klaga Rood,
Brighton,  Sussex, Eng.
Mr, Arthur F. Owon was in our era
ployment from 188-1 to 1888 as pianoforte   tunor, and   wc hnve much
pleasure ln stating that the work entrusted to his charge   was dono   in
tho most efficient manner.
. E, P. HAMj,
| (For Mossrs. Lyon & Hall.),
I 05 Now Bond St.,
i liondon, Eng.
1 October 20th, 1884.
Messrs. J, I.-, ,1. Hopkinson havo
much pleasure In stating that MT.
Arthur F. Owen was In tholr employ
ns pianoforte tunor, and thoy considered him most competent to un-
dortltko tho caro of (Irnnd'iind Up-
wrlght Pianofortes,
(For ,1, .1 .1. Hopkinson),


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