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The Ladysmith Chronicle May 1, 1909

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With Which Is Amalgamated the Ladysmith Standard.
Vol. I.
Ladysmith, B. C,Saturday, May I, 1909.
Stimson & Co.
Will Take Debentures
Qeorge Stimson & Co. have notified Mr. L. M. de Gex, their representative here, that.their firm are
prepared to accofit the electric light
debentures provided a certain clause
is inserted ln the preamble of the bjy
law. The aldermen have agreed to
this .change, and thc alteration will
be made at the regular meeting of
the   council   next   Monday evening.
This will dispose of the electric
light difficulty, and the tenders will
be called for at once for the supply of the necessary machinery and
equipment. As yet the site has not
been finally decided upon, and that
is a matter that should be arranged at once. With the putting in ol
the sewers and the installation ol
an electric light plant Cadysmith
should be a busy city thts summer.
Bids Adieu to
Duncan Congregation
On Tuesday   evening   at   Duncan,
/;js<Rev. Wm.     Forbes   HobertBon,  for
nearly    two years   minister ol the
•   Presbyterian Church   at that place,
was presented with an address   and
Mrs, Robertson with a purse.    Mr.
Robertson, who will have charge ot
'    the. Presbyterian    Cuurch ln  Ladysmith, preached his farewell sermon
on Sunday.   In replying to the address Mr. Robertson spoke feelingly
of the friendships he had'formed  in
Duncan and thc klndnesB he and Mrs.
Robertson    had   received, not only
from the memf.ers of his own congregation but   also    from   the   other
churches.   During the two years ol
his ministry   In Duncan the church
has prospered.   The congregation has
i        increased and a new, church has been
erected which ia. almost tree   Irom
debt,    Mr.   Koliertson  loaves    Duns
'        can with  the' very" beef wishes .,qt
everyone Ior his future success!   His
successor has not yet bceb appointed.
himself, "and I'd like to have you
insert this ad. for me: 'Fifty dollars
reward tor the return of a pointer
dog answering to the name oi Rex.
Disappeared from the yard of the
Mansion House Monday night.' ",
"Why, we wero just going to
presB, sir," the editor said, "hut
we'd be only too glad to hold the
edition tor your ad."
Mr. Tarklngton returned to the
hotel. After a few minutes he decided, however, that lt might be
well to add: "No questions asked"
to his advertisement, and returned
to the Daily News office.
The place was deserted save tor
the skinny little treckle-taced devil,
who sat perched on a high stool,
gazing wistfully out ot the window.
"Where is everybody?" Tarklngton
"Gawn to hunt th' dawg," replied
the boy without removing his gaze
from the distant fields.
Wm. Brent Accepts
Amended By-law
Late Thursday afternoon a telegram was received from
William Brent, of Toronto, to the effect that the by-law
as amended would be acceptable to bis firm. The aldermen were immediately notified and a special meeting of
the council was called for that evening. It was decided
at this meeting to give the by-law the first and second
reading, and consider it in committee of the whole at the
regular meeting of the council next Monday night. It
will then be finally adopted and submitted at the earliest
possible minute to the ratepayer^ for their approval. The
result will be wired to Mr. Brent, and if adopted, he will
order the preparation of the debentures and forward them
to Ladysmith for the signatures of the Mayor and City
Clerk. Then the money will be available for the commencement of work on the sowers. There is no good
reason why this work should not begin the first part of
the next month. It will be a relief to the citizens to
know that the sewer problem has been finally solved, and
it is not likely that anything further will arise to interfere with the early completion of the work.
Great Future for
Prince Rupert
Mr. Qeo. B. McMillan, ot Prince
Rupert, was a visitor to Ladysmith
this week. • Mr. McMillan is visiting
the coast ln connection with an Important enterprise he is about to
float at lhe newclty.. He says there
is going to be lively times ln Prlnco
Rupert the coming summer, i A great
portion ot the townsite has already
been cleared ond there are graded
streets, sewers and other public utlW
ities now in use established. There
Is not likely to bo many down from
Prince Rupert, to the land sale at
Vancouver,' and there is somo speculation as to the way In which thoso
who aro already on the Grand Turk
Mineral claim will be dealt with,
hut he believes that the whole matter will he adjusted later on. Mr.
McMillan has lead an adventurous
life. He has been in nil the new
mining camps ln Australia and on
thePaclflc coast during the past 20
years. He was one of tbe Brat to
reach the Klondykc, ana last year
ho started one tor the Ingenlca by
the Ashcrott route. He succeeded
where others failed, but admit, tbat
it was tbe most difficult route he
ever travelled over.
Tyee Gun Club Shoot.
T'\ allowing is the result ot thc
first shoot tor tho grand cup by the
Tyee Gun Club last Sunday.
J. Wargo 21
T. White  „ ' 19
Dr. Dier  18
W. Keserich  15
T. McGargle  19
H. Haydcn  8
M. Hopkinson  ;.   , 16
H. Peevor 8
The first shoot for the Amber itc
cup resulted as follows:
Matt Hopkinson   ....18
T. White  17
H. Peavor it
W. Keserich  14
M. Duito   , 9
0. Hepple  <-, , 17
A. Allan  6
H. Hayden ,... f)
J. Wargo  -.-.   85
J. Meek  12
Dr. Dier   , u
T. McGargle ..„.;   17
The Tyee Gun Club has changed Its
night of shooting to Wednesday.
Journalistic Enterprise.
Booth Tarklngton says that ln no
state have tbe newspapers mure, Journalistic enterprise than ln his native
Indiana. While stopping at a little
Hoosler hotel in the course of a
hunting trip, Mr. Tarklngton lost
one ot hie dog's,
"Hate you a newspaper In town?"
he asked ol tho landlord.
"Right across tlie way there, back
nf tho shoemaker's," the landlord
told him. "Tho Daily News, the
best, little paper'of its nlse In the
. Thc I editor, thc printer and the
printer's devil were all doing Justice
to Mr. Tarklngton with an "In our
. midst", paragraph when the novelist
"Ifo Just lost t dog," Tarklngton
The Needle's Eye.
Ellas Howe almost beggared himself before he discovered where the
eye of the needle ot a sewing machine should be located. His original Idea was to follow the model of
the ordinary needle and have the eye
at the heel. It never occurred to
him that it should he placed near
the point, and he might have tailed
altogether if he had not dreamed
that he was building a sewing ma
chine .for a savage king in a strange
country. Just as in his actual waking experience he was rather perplex
ed about; the needle's eye. He
thought the king gave htm twenty
tour hours to complete the machine
and make lt sew. II not finished in
that time, death was to bo the pun-
Howe worked and worked and put-
sled and pnstled and finally gave It
up. Then ho thought he wns taken
out to be executed. He notleed that
the warriors carried spears {hat were
pierced near the head, Instant]
came the solution of the ulfllculty,
Local and General
News Notes
Bruce McKelvIe is painting an Attractive Bign for Walters & Akcn-
head. It will occupy tbe upper hall
of the Gatacre side of the building.
Good attendance is reported from
the Opera House manager this week,
and no doubt the present programme
includes some of the funniest pictures ever shown fn the city. "Hired, Tired and Fired" is an.especially good one. It shows how Weary
Willie tried to hold a Job. To-night
is the last night ot this comic programme and the special prizes aro
for ladies, two sacks of Robin Hood
Flour, and tor gentlemen, $5 in cnslw
One of thc greatest advgntages of
the flower show is tbe fact tbat it
tends to make people from all parts
ofCowichan feel that they belong to
one united whole.-Cowlchau Loader.
Great Interest in
To-morrow's Match
A gentleman in Vancouver has received a letter Irom a triend in thc
Ingenica country, J. Pcttry, who
went in last year. It Is dated Fefi-
ruary 11, and was brought out by
way of Haselton. The letter states:
"There has been nothing good found
here yet. Only two have taken out
enough to pay their year's supplies,
one about 3 ounces and the other
about 7 oubcen. i Several oCuje*
claims took out a tew ounces, but
nothing to indicate anything rich
or permanent." Mr. Pcttry has tor
some time been operating on thc
Slough creeE, Cariboo. He has by
no means abandoned hope ot strik.
Ing it rich in thc Ingenica country,
and expects to remain tor another
year. '
and while the inventor was begging
for time he awoke. It was tour
o'clock In the morning. He Jumped
out ot bed, ran to his workshop,
and hy 9 a needle with an eye at the
I point had been rudely modeled, alter,
that It was easy. This Is the true
story ot an Important Incident In .the
Invention ot the sewing machine.
1 ^ho band
1s preparing special mu<
Tho W. C. T. U. will hold n social
evening on Monday, May 3rd, in thc
Mission Room of . the Presbyterian
Church nt.7:30 p. m. sharp. There
will he songs, recitations and games
prepared nnd refreshments will be
served. All active and subscribing
members and their triends are re-'
quested to attend, to make arrangements for tho coming ot Rev. Dr.
Spencer to this city on May 9th,
when It Is expected he will preach at
different churches and will speak afternoon and evening at Borne central
place which will be announced later.
The yearly meeting of the board
of management ot the Methodist
Church was held on Wednesday evening. Reports trom the different
departments of the work wore
brought under review. It was found,
that evory department showed signs
of progress. It was considered by
the members of the board that tbe
financial returns wero oxcellcnt especially considering that the services had been Interrupted during the
yoar. Mr. John Allsopp was elected
delegate to attend the district meet-
in Nonolmo next wook. Tho board
have requested tho conference to return tbe pnstor tor another year.
The King's Daughters' Third Annual Flowoi* Show was a success artistically, financially and socially
This annual event does a great deal
to bring together old and young
parents and teachers from all parts
of Cowlchan. Many ol our visitors
thought the wild flower, prcBscd.fiow-
1 and children's exhibits thc bCBt
that they had seen. The keenest interest was taken particularly by the
young people and 'exhibits from almost    all parts of Cowlchan, from
On the Sports Grounds to-morrow
the old-timers come together again
in what may be the final game in
the senior Island series. From all
accounts the Nanaimo United team
will be the strongest ever put on
the football field and when such plays
ers as Walker, Hurren Hewitt,
Thackeray, Mitchell, Harley, Blun-
dell, Mossey, hooper, Cruickshanks
anil Brown are mentioned, it is a
sure thing we can ' expect a good
game. It is also rumored that Calgary, Fernie and u.amloops have
been scoured for first class man and
if this is true, it can be seen our
neighbors are after a team to beat
us. Of course, it is unlawful, according to the constitution,, to play
players who have taken part in the
B. C. circle on thc Mainland and as
some oi the above named players are
Mainlanders there Is likely to he
something doin'g when they appear
on the field. This team Is the latest rumor from Nanaimo and as can
be seen six of the players are out of
town. The Nanaimo management
will be under a great expense to get
the players together.
The Ladysmith team has been undergoing steady training this week
and Jimmy lias had a special course,
with thc lawn-mower. Anyway thc
boys arc going in to win and a
draw or a victory means tho senior
Island championship here gnain. The
team will line up as follows:
Backs—Rogers and McDowell.
Halves—Muin, A'uiim, Wynne
Forwards — .Grnurgcr, . lAcUuirc,
Brass,  Wnrburton,  McLocd.
Rcforcc—Mr. Lockslcy, of Esquimau.
Kick-oil at 2:25 p. m. General admission, 25c.
Any fence rooster a* to-morrow's
game will be looked after and those
cnught will bo saying    on Monday
"Good Morning, Judge."
A special train has been arranged
by the   Ladysmith    Football Clur
manaEeuieuC to bring the crowd
from Nanaimo for the big game. Tbe
team leaves Nanaimo depot at 1:30
p. m. sharp and returning leaves
here at 5:55 p.. ra.
The Ladysmith band are obliging
the hoys by turning out to the
championship game to-morrow and
their music is certainly appreciated.
A part of the big grand stand bias
been reserves for the musicians, and
it is to be hoped the popular air,
"See the Conquering Heroes Come,"
will be the wind up.
Manager Eno requests all athletes
taking part in the 24th ot May celebration to sign the B. C, A. t. papers. They can be obtained from
Mr. Eno at the small sum ot 25c.
Remember all runners must be registered. ,
At half time spectators will please
remember that the dressing, rooms
are for players only.
Frank Locke, the New Westminster
player, and at one time, a member
of the Nanaimo United, has almost
precipitated an International crlslx
in Vancouver soccer circles. Frank
lt seems was picked to play with the
Englishmen at Recreation Park tomorrow. But' it appears that last
year he played for thc Scots and
hence the ructions. Frank is like
Jimmy Adums, apparently. He cannot get away from the fact ol Scottish birth and parontngc, although
he Is English In training and education. Simpson, of Falkirk, was boru
nt Liverpool, and for three weeks
breathed the air ol England. Since
I that time ho lias never been awn/
j from Falkirk. Vut still he. cannot
I play for Scotland. Locke has sot-
tied thc quarrel in Vancouver by
stating that lie never claimed to be
English by birth and that his selection was due to a misapprehension.
Now let the match proceed.—Nanaimo Free Press.
M Practise Match
of Lacrosse
Mr. George W. Nash and Miss Elizabeth Hall Pntorson were united in
marriage last night at the home ot
the. bride's mother, Mrs. Paterson,
by the Rev. R. Wilkinson. A large
number of the* young couples' triends
were present, a number having come
down trom Nnnnimo to be present
at the ceremony. The bride looked
charming In her bridal attire. Miss
S. Paterson was bridesmaid and
thc bridegroom was supported hy
Mr. R. Belyea. A large number of
useful and bcautiiui presents were
sent In .by the friends of the young
couple. Both parties have many
friends here, having fived nearly their
whole life * on Vancouver Island.
Their many friends wish them every
joy ln their married life.
Much' interest Is evidenced in the
appearance here of Lena Duthie, on
Monday evening next. Lena Duthie.
a native of Aberdeen, Scotland, is
acknowledged throughout the civth
lied world, thc greatest living exponent ot Irish and Scottish song.
In her celebrated performance, "An
Evening in Scotland and Ireland,"
this charming artist- presents a mem,
orablo evening's delight. Music,
laughter and song are combined in
pleasing variety nnd Margaret Daniel, a noted pinuistc, Is also another
feature. Possessing a beautiful lyric
soprano voice, of unusual sweetness
and power as well as a most magnetic stage' presence, Lena Duthie al'
ways leaves a profound impression by
her matchless renditions ot the ' undying songs ol Scotland and - Ireland. It haa been a long time since
we have been visited by a really
first-class attraction and Lena Duthie and her' party will doubtless
draw a large and select audience.
The prices nave been arranged at
78, 60 and 15 cents. Tickets are now
on sale at Knight's Bookstore, and
it might be well (or patrons to se-
A large crowd attended the firot
lacrosse match in Ladyomlth Thurc-
day afternoon when lhe local team
played a practise game with a team
from Extension.
Both teams had several old players on their lineup and although the
brand 01 lacrosse was not exactly tho
same as seen at Westminster, nevertheless the game was interesting an.)
exciting from start to finish, and
With a little more team practise on
both sides the matches will be Well
worth watching.
The Extension team had considerable the best ot lt ln weight, but
the home team iiul a more pertect
system and the result of 4 to 1 in
favor of Ladysmith speaks for itself.
Harry Provlna officiated as referee
and no one disputed his decisions.  .
Ladysmith secured its first goal
in about two minutes after play
started and tho next one ten minutes later after wuich Extension
scored (heir only goal ol the match.
The home team secured another goal
after half time and one Just before
the filial whistle blew. I
It would not be lair to select any
ono player as being belter than another. They all did their best, each
side determined to win nnd more
than that to popularise the game ln
Several more pTayers have been
added, to the team since Thursday,
many ot whom are football players
and it looks as if there will be a
boom in lacrosse this summer, hut
there Is one thing to remember and
that Is to have a pertect team the
boys must, practise find nights have
been arranged When all players
should turn out to get ln condition.
In Grand Forts tour large  brick
business blocks are being meted with
I Wlftf*   tA  fOllOW.
Si.aday services: At 8 a. m, low
nans At iu 30 a. in,, high mass.
it 2 p. a . Sunday school. Al *
p m . evening service tmd Benediction.
Morning service 11 a. m., Sunday
school 3:90 p. m , evening service 7
Rov. O. M. Ambrose, M. A. rector.
Morning Bervlce: , "A Divided
Heart;" evening, "Blindness ot
Morning, 11 a. m.; evening, 7 p. tn.;
Sabbath school, 2<30 p.   tn.   Every*
body welcome.   AU seats tree.
Epworth   league   meets    Tuesday
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
Sunday Services at 11 «. m. and 9
p. m. Bible Class and SuniUy
School at 2 p. m. Prayci meeting
Wednesday at 7 p. n\.
There has been a good attendance
at the Novelty Theatre every night
this week, and tbe programme has
been an attractive one., "The Maid
ol the Mill," a pantomime representation of the drama "Haiel Klrke."
was Very pretty. Beginning Monday night ■ the following picture*
will he presented and he attraetlve.
"The Hindoo's Ring," "Tho Lion's
Bride," comics, "8uve the Pieces,"
"Inconvenience of Taking Moving
Pictures," "The Dog and the Pipe."
Feature, "A Gilded Fool." Jos
Sanderson sings lhe following songs'.
"My Moving Picture Babe," "Good
Cventng Caroline." There U said
to be a gteat- lesson learned from"
the Mature. "A Qtldtd Fool, THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
There Is Money Being Made in Lots
in   Hastings  Townsite, Vancouver
I have several for sale at ruling prices.
Notary Public Conveyancer
Head Office  •  •  Toronto
CAPITJU. $10.000,000: REST $6,800,0004
Ar« a moBt convenient way in which to carry
money when travelling abroad.   They are issued
(^nominations of
410, $20, $50, $100 and $200
and the exact amount payable in Austria. Belgium
Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland,
Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland Is
stated on the face of each cheque, while in other
countrlaa they are payable at currentrated.
The cheque and ill information regarding them
may be obtained at every office of the Bank.
LADYSMITH BRANCH   L. M. de Gex, Manager
PublUhed by Carley & Carley at Udysmith, B. C.
•vary Wednesday and Saturday.
$L50 a Year fa AAaaee, 25c Per Meatk
Advertising- RatMon application.
Editorial Comment.
The boiler of the old Beaver, the
first steam propelled vessel to operate on the Pacific coast, will be
deposited ln the museum ol the
Washington State Society at Tacoma. As a relic ot the early navigation of the Pacific It will remain
thers tor all time to come.
Dr. R. B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
sistent with safety. These days
councils are expected to move more
rapidly than in former years, and it
is not likely that the Ladysmith city
fathers desire to be regarded as, exceptions to tbe general rule. There
is uo reason why Ladysmith should
not be lighted by its own plant in
three or four months. If the plant
is not completed early in the autumn
chances are that many more stores
will install other lights, and once
the latter are in it will be some
time before they are thrown out, and
the city will thus be the loser.
Novelty Theatre
Masgnic Building, Ladysmith
New Programme
"The Hindoo's Kin?;," "Tbo Lion'B
Bride," comics, "Save the Pieces,"
"Inconvenience of Talcing Moving
Pictures," "Tho Dog and tho Pipe."
Feature, "A (JilUed Pool."
Songs by Joe Sanderson: " My
Moving Picture Bu.bc," "Good Evening Caroline." ■■     .    .
Admission: IOc and 15c
Matinee Prices Sc and IOc
Historical Street
Names of London
Mr. Joseph Martin's candidature is
England is objected to on the
grounds that he Is a "foreigner."
It will surprise many to learn that
(Canadians in England are regarded
as "foreigners," but thc fact that
Joe always held Ideas that were
"foreign" to anyone else's may have
created the strange ruling.
The fact that Mr. Brent has accepted the amended By-law Is very
satisfactory to the citizens generally. The city council seems determined to, waste no Urns in getting the
by-law betore the people. Last
night the first and second reading
took place, and it will be considered in committee ot the whole next
Monday evening. The by-law should
be submitted to the' ratepayers in
two week's time.
M. Camille Flnmmarion, tbe
French astronomer, believes Mars Is
Inhabited and that thc Martians
were probably trying to communicate with the earth millions ol years
ago, before our mammoth and cave
men period. Never having received
a reply, they possibly concluded that
tbe earth was not Inhabited by creatures ot intelligence. In his opinion
communication' will not lie established ln our tinie, but perhaps will be
at a far distant.date.
Gold mining now seems to he   on
the vorgc ot   a   revival in all   the
mining districts in    thc northwest,
says the Northwest Mining Review.
Sheep creek, British Columbia;   Orient,   Washington;    Eastern  Oregon
districts; Central Idaho camps; Kendall and other Montana gold camps,
all show signs of unusual activity.
Questions  of metallurgy am', transportation are    being solved  mildly
and  it may  be expected  u.at evuu |
the most remote sections will,  soon
be   within ■  rca'snnaiy.e    (tstanco   ol
railroads.    Tbe proper Bc'.ctloii   of
the process and the plant'usually (Ik* I
termlnes    the success   o,  the' mine.
Thc constant and general search tor
a process hy  wfiich low grade o veal
may become   profitable   has re   ilu-j
tionized the mining industry, sc 1.1ii>
to-day few ordinary ores of the cr-m-j
monly mined metals are beyond suc-|
cesslul   reduction   unless ot i idieu-!
lously low grade.   If a tonnage   is
created, of course cheap transporta-j
tion must bo at   Hand, but in the!
case of ores having a gold content
only they may usually be reduced aud
the value covered at the mine.   The
Wltwatersrand is an example v here
long years of   milling   and cyanide
practice would finally have mot wit'..
commercial defeat, owing to the increasing expense ot deep mining, etc.,
had not the tube' mill b* 11  introduced  by  which means the capacity
of  the mills  has  been Increased i.t
comparatively little additional cq.it!
The  Merrill slime  process,  as    employed at the Homestake, has likewise   increased   the profits at   this
mine.     Ordinarily   speaking,    gold
ore having a value ol $3.00 or better per ton, should be commercially
valuable if the quantity is sufficient
to permit mining on a large scale.
Ot   course   ...... would    presuppose
cheap power and cheap mining.
1    ' ii^-^-aw-~WM5*a**-Beg
Chong Kee
Washine- and Ironing promptly attended
> George Stimson ft Co., have signified their willingness to accept the
.electric light by-law with some slight
. alteration in the preamble. This
change will he mado by the resolution of tbe council next Monday evening. Tha money ior thc plant will
be available within n few weeks, and
no t<D><* should now be wasted It
making preparations ior tbe Instil
lation ol tha necessary machinery,
etc. There has been considerable
time lost already, and the council,
If lt consults tbe wishes ot the people will move with, all tlio spaed con-
P. O. Box 81.
rail Avenue.
CKibrattl Wajtu
Curiae* the season we have sold a lane number
f wafoni, Implements and luteins trucks.
Evsrythlni carries a guarantee
Mm itritt
To thc observant eye London
street names are the history ot the
expansion of tbe city in a highly
condensed form. They give one at a
glance a very fair idea ot the date
at which a district was built over.
This is especially the case with
streets named alter British victories
and British generals, Ot course proper names which continually recur,
such as Wellington and Nelson, are
of little use for this purpose, as
thoy are repeated in every newly
built suburb, but an unusual name,
or, better still, two such names for
adjoining streets, will generally date
the bouses nearly as accurately as'it
the year of erection was cut on. tbe
Perhaps the earliest names ot this
class are Ureat Marlborough street
and Ramallles street, which parry
back the building of Hobo, thc Georgian Belgravia, to the early years
of the eighteenth century. Quebec
Chapel aud Quebec Mews, Portman
Hquaro, are names that tell us that
tho tentacles ol the builder had already crept well noilu of Oxlord
street, or the O'xlbni rood, as it wan
then called, at a time when Wolfe's
conquest ol Canada was still a ro-
*»»! memory. Still there cannot have
uui'ii much building north of the line
of Holborn, for Gruy, the poet, when
living in Southampton Row, In 1760;
managed to keep a pig ln his garden
and could sec Hampstead from his
Roil ey Road, Walworth, commemorates the great udmlrnl who relieved the gloom of the close, of the Am-
i>i lean war by the destruction ol Xle
Grassed fleet in tbe West Indies.' It
also marks the beginning of the great
oxpen'tnn of London south of the
river. Vhc British cot^uest i.J l'lg/pt
and tbe hero'" death of Sir Ri.lph
Ahsrcrnmhy have left 110 traces ln
London ' t names. Madia Vale
lecal1 otherwise forgotten   vic
tory ot Sir John Stewart in Calabria in tho great French wm, but it
loomod lar^'e in the eyes of ourtore-
fat'jors.for lt was The first battle In J
whidi British infantry showed they
could defeat the armies oi Napoleon, I
and !>repaml the way: for the. tri-,
umjihs of the peninsula. In a recent
discussion ln a contemporary it was
stoutly maintained that the name'
wns taken trom Sir Walter Scott's
favorite deerhound Maida. But in]
180C no oue in London bad ever
heard of the dog, and the sign of an|
Inn which still stands in Maida Valei
is "The Hero of Maida," aad it-
rules out the canine hypothesis. .  .. I
Sir Hyde Parker's seizure of the'
Danish Beet, to -prevent its falling
Into the hands of Napoleon, is preserved ln the namo of Copenhagen
street, Islington, while Victoria
street, ln the Same district, In the
only name In' London taken from the
Peninsular campaign.
However builders may have neglected the Duke's, earlier victories
they made ample amends over Waterloo, for there are no fewer than
twenty-, .ne Wellington streets and
places and eight named from Waterloo, while Picton etreet, Camberwell,
recalls one ol Wellington's most
trusted lieutenants, who fell In tbe
great battle. The, long peace furnishes only. _'$wo. names—Bxmouth
Street, Clerkenwell, named after the
admiral who bombarded Algiers, and
Codrlngton Hill, Dorest Hill, which
commemorates the "unfortunate Incident" of Navarlno, as tho ministry'
of the day characterised it, when
Sir B. Codrlngton sank .tbe Turkish
fleet in harbor, and- Incidentally freed,
Greece from the Ottoman rule. The
Crimean War has left' Its truces di-
Paperlianjrer and Art Decorator.
High Street.
John W.  Coburn,
President and Managing Director.
The Ladysmith Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Fir Lumber,
Red Cedar, Shingles and Lath
If you want a nice young Chicken
for your Sunday Dinner, you can always find one on Sale
Ryan's Meat Market
Box 173
Phone 43
For Meats
Geo. Roberts'
Meat Market
Cor. First Ave. and Roberts Street.
rcctly In Balaclava street, Bcrmond-
sey, and Indirectly In Marmora, Scutari nnd Thernpia roads, Forest Hill,
while thc Indian Mutiny has left, its
mark in Havclock and Outrun* roads
behind King Cross station.
The Afghan War brought about
by the murder of the British resident in Cabul is commemorated by
All Muejld Road and Khyber Rr.nd,
Battersea, a district vl-lch in the
prc-Burns epoch was particularly fund
of such names, while the Zulu war
has its monument in Malwand Road,
Hackney. Arnbi's ^rebellion nnd the
occupation of Egypt are kept green
by Khedive, Ismallla and Wolseley
roads, West Ham, where also tho
downfall of Khalifa's power is recorded in Kitchener and Sirdar
roads. In Bloemtonteln road, Shop
herd's Bush, 1b thc solitary echo ot
our latest  wnr,
In spite ol the straits to which local authorities would seem .to be reduced to And names tor our ever
spreading street's, it.Is curious how
strong a prejudice seems to exist
against names taken from events ln
foreign countries. Areola street,
Hackney, is the only thoroughfare
that preserves the memory of any of
Napoleon's victories, though many
of them could hardly have touched
the national amour propre, while tbe
American Civil War Is entirely unrepresented among London streets.
There is an odd exception to this
general rule in Balham, where Sls-
tova and Shlpka roads recall the
relatively obscure Russo-Turkish war
of 1877. The .ban has been extended
to foreign names of literary origin,
though one . or two extraordinary
choices diversify the drab commonplace In Suburbia. It would be Interesting to learn how many ot the
dwellers in Corlnne road, Holloway,
have heard of Mme. de Stael's romance and assuredly T.,e godfather
of Voltaire road, Brtxtan must have
been a man ot independent views,
when one considers the popular English estimate ot that wittiest of lr-
We have the largest assortment, of
Spring and
Fancy Suitings
•  to be fquud in the city.
D. J. Matheson
Oatacre st.,   Ladysmith, B. C.
Ladysmith Opera House
Funniest of all Funny Pictures
2    PRIZES   2
LADIES-2 sacks Robin Hood Flour.
■ .   GENTS-$5.00 cash.
.... . /
~f- ~~~ ~ ~~n—  . • '"
Two Shows 7:45 and 9:00.
ADMISSION  10c and 15c.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦««♦■>♦♦«<
Have Your Houses Plastered
For Tortus apply to
C. HINE, Plasterer,etc., Ladysmith, V. 0.
Cement Sidewalks a specialty.
F...C Fisher
Studio in Williams' Block.
For Garden Seeds go to the Drug
Store. V
To meet your friends nnd be right
at home, while at Victoria, stay at
the Rainier Hotel, George Burggy
Finest .Chocolates   nnd Confectionery In the city at Hooper's,       ,,'
««««««>««<>•««€ »••♦♦**♦**•*•♦€.♦•■><>«•*♦*>♦♦♦♦» I
We csrtainlj expeot to make a reasonable profit on everything we sell.
If we did not, we would close up shop. - Bnt mind you, we said reasonable
Some grocers want big profits, but then they are satisfied with few sales.
We run our business on a different basis: small profits often repeated. We
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grocorles-so everybody's satisfied.
. Scott's Building, First Avenue. THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
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es. Linoleum from 50c to
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Children's, in White and Brown.
Also a lot of vory Pretty Socks for Men
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A tew lines in Men's Hats to clear.
The Truth
It lias been said that it takes a rich man
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A pretty girl to draw attention, A toper to
draw a cork, A free lunch to draw t, crowd
and Globe Suspenders to draw your trousers up.   TRY THEM.
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Fruit of all kinds. Fresh bread ever
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our lines and leave, your orders. W
give careful attention.
Hop Lee, Prop.
Esplanade street,   Ladysmith.
T. E. Sullivan
PluRbing,. Gu'iMl Steaifittiii.
Prices Reasonallt.
First Avenue, near New Vest sen hotel
We carry a   large slock ol Fancy
$.:..XKK,{K»K»KK"K»x»tt,<^ '•k«><«**<»>4<,<"K,*<"KK,,H".^> |
Ice  Cream
We have the choicest lots in
Hastings   Townsite
for Sale.
Carter's Store
Ice Cream 10c n plate.
Come early and get first pick.
Real Estate
First Avenue,
Cultivation of
the Memory
.Tohn Stewart Blackle, for many
years professor of Greek at. thc university of Edinburgh, was born in
.Glasgow in July, 1809. Ho translated the Iliad in ballad measure and
wrote the article on Homer in thc
Encyclopedia Britannica. Among his
best known works are "The Wisdom
of Goethe," "The Natural History of
AthciBm," "The Wise Hen of Greece,"
"The Language and Literature of the
Highlands of Scotland," and "What
History Teaches." His little book on
"Self Culture" still enjoys a wide
sale on both sides ot the Atlantic, although first published 40 years ago.
Regarding cultivation ot the memory Frof. Blackle says: "It is of no
use. gathering treasures if we cannot
store them, tt Is equally useless to
learn what we cannot retain in the
memory. Happily, of all mental faculties this is that one which Is most
certainly improved by exercise; besides, there aro helps to a weak memory such as do not exiBt for a weak
Imagination or a weak reasoning
power. The most Important points to
be attended to in securing the retention of facts once impressed on tbo
imagination nre:
1. Thc distinctness, vividness and
intensity ot tho original impression.
Let no mun hope to remember Unit
he only vaguely and indistinctly comprehends. A multitude of dim and
weak Impressions, flowing in upon
the mind in a hurried way, soon van
Ish In a haze, which veils all things
and shows nothing. It Is better for
the memory to have one distinct
idea ot one tact of n great" subject
than to have contused ideas of thc
2. Nothing helps the memory so
much as order and classification.
Classes are always few, individuals
many; to know tbe class well is to
know what Is essential In thc character of the    Individual,    and what
The City Market
Wholesale aad Retail.
meats and Vegetables
Ladysinith, B. C.
Star Orchestra
Open tor engagements from    Two
Pieces up. „: •   \
Gives Dance Every Two Weeks.
For full particulars, apply ;
W.; M...ALLISTER, Sec.
Needlework Material anl Stamping
Costumes, Waists,
Centre-pieces, Etc.
'First Cflnss   Photos.
.:i   " , ..   .
Notice Is hereby given thnt It' Is
my Intention to make application to
the-Board of Licensing Commissioners ot tbe City of Ladysmith for a
transfer of the retail liquor license
now held by mo on behalf of the, pre-
misesknown as the Hotel' Cecil from
mysolf to Arthur Cnmlll Carpenter.
' Udynmlth, l»th April, 1901 ■   -
least burdens the, memory to retain.
3. The next important matter is
repetition; if trie nail will not go in
at one stroke, let it have another
and another. In this domain/nothing
is denied to a dogged pertinacity. A
man who finds it difficult to remenv
ber that Deva is thc Sanscrit for a
God, has only to repeat it seven times a day, or seven times a week to
enable' hinv.to remember it. The less
tenacious a man's memory naturally
is, the more determined ought he to
be to complement it by frequent inculcation. Our faculties, like a slow
beast, require flogging occasionally,
or they make no way.
4. Again, if memory be weak, causality is perhaps strong; and this
point of strength, if wisely used, may
readily be made to turn an apparent
loss into real gain. Persons of very
quick, memory may be apt to rest
content with the faculty, and exhibit
with much applause the dexterity only of an intellectual parrot; but the
man who is slow to remember without n reason, searches alter the causal connection of the facts, and when
he has found it, Kinds together by
tho bond of rational sequences
what the constitultion of his mind
disinclined him to receive as an arbitrary and. unexplained succession.
5. Artificial bonds ol association
may sometimes be tound useful, as
when a schoolboy remembers that
Aibydos is on thc Asiatic const of thc
Hellespont, because both Asia and
Ahydotj commence with thc letter. A,
but such tricks suit rather thc necessities of an ill-trained governess than
the uses of n manly mind. I have no
faith in thc systematic use of what
arc culled artificial memory systemH;
they fill the fancy with a set ol
urbitriiry nnd ridiculous symbols interfering with the natural play of the
faculties, Dates in history, to which
this sort of machinery has generally
been applied, are better recollected
by the accidental contiguity ot great
names, and when I recollect that Yfa.
to was 20 years o,d when Socrates
drank the hemlock; and that Aristotle, the pupil of this Plato, was'
himself the tutor of the famous
Philip of Macedon, who with his con;
querlng hosts caused the language of
Socrates to shake hands with the
sacred dialect of the Brabmanic
hymns on the banks of the Indus.
G. Lastly, whatever facilities of
memory a man may possess, let him
not despise the sure aids to amply
provided by written record. To speak
from a paper certainly does not
strengthen but has rather a tendency
to enfeeble thc memory; but to retain stores ol readily available matter ln the shape ol written or printed record, enables a man to command
a vast amount of accumulated materials, at whatever moment he may
require them. In this view thc young
student cannot begin too early the
practice ot interleaving certain .books
nnd making a good index of others,
or in somo such fashion tabulate
bis knowledge for. apt and easy reference."
Try Na Dru Chovcoal Tablets lor
Dyspepsia.   At the Drug Store.   *
E. Pannell
Meats and Vegetables
P.O. Box64.
Thonc 44
Excellent Boarding
For Sale
Valuable rented proi , .„
for sale, cheap. Clear Title,
No Incumbrance. Immediate possession. Applv to
owner on premises. Next
Opera House,
W. F. McLean.
Henry's Nurseries
Spring Trade
Tested, stock, seeds  for farm,
garden, lawn   or  conservatory,
I from best growers   in England,
Holland, France, United States
and local growers.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spraying Materials, Wire
Poncing aud Gates, Cut Flowers,
167 page catalog free.
Ofticc, Grconhouscs and Seed-
house: 3010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver B. C.
Time Table No. 7
Trains leave Nanaimo 6:15 Daily
Trains arrive Nanaliiio l-:3j Daily.
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday,
Trains leave   Nanaimo 15:15
Trains arrive Nanaimo 18:35..
1102 Govt. st.
Dist. Pass.  Agt.
Victoria, B. C.
Livery, feed and Sale \2       ? T ■' ♦
i y
First A venule.    • Phone 56. | X
u. b. c.
Light and heavy teaming.
Furniture and piano moving
a specialty.
Nicholson & Weaving
Telephone 1.
lithe Optra HoustmRoberts St
Short order meals at all hours.
Oysters  and   Clam   Chowder a
We ha*.e engaged a first-class bar
ber and the wants of our customer
will be promptly attended to.
The only Shoe marking stand   in
the city.
■\ 1
i. All accounts due me wilt' be handed
oter to Mr. Joseph Oarponttr, .at
tlfs Cecil Hotel; also any bill against
me must bo presented to the same
Ladysmith, April *Mrd, 1909.
mailers* on
Flr8t AVCnUe
FURNISHED ROOMS to let at Mrs.
Greaves, next Fire . Hall. Mrs
FOUND—A Gold Brooch. Owner can
have same by applying at Gardner's Grocery.
FOUND—A Watch. Owner can have
same by proving property and applying nt Cecil Hotel and paying
for advertisement.
A. Litt
Charges moderate.
All work   lelt nt   McCnlluin's 2nd
avenue, near Fire Hall, will receive
prompt attention.
FOUND—Lady's fur boa last Sunday. Owner can get same by applying to Officer Callendar and
paying for this advertisement.
FOR SALE—Tour roomed house in
good locality in Extension, 13.
C.   Apply Ike Storey.
FOR SALE—149 acres next to Chemainus mill. Large water frontage, good land, will cut up well.
Price, 160 per acre. Terms. Apply B. A. Harris, Fort St., Victoria.
FOR SALR-Bedroom Suite and
•xtra, "bed and sundry household lurn
|shin(r.«.' Apply A, Ladysmith Chron
wlc office. , '
, Mr. S. Zulck of Ladysmith is
hereby .authorised to collect- any
debts due me. He will also pay any
debts due by the.
Ladysmith, 28th April. 1909
In the matter of an application for
a Duplicate Certificate of Title1 to
Lot   4,   Block   29   (Map   703 A)
Town ot Ladysmith.
Notice is hereby given tbat it is
my   intention at   the expiration of
one month from, the 'date of the first
publication hereof to issue a Duplicate Certificate of Title to said land
Issued   to   William   Beverldge   and
Henry Relfel on the 3rd day of November, 1902,: and numbered 8203 0.
•*      8. Y. WOOTTON,
s Registrar-General of Titles.
band   Registry,   OTftco,  Victoria, B
0„ the 28th day ol April, 1909.
FOR SALE-White Leghorn eggs lor
setting. Bud Leghorns and Black
Minorcas. 12.60 a setting. Apply
Mrs. Laird.    -
WANTED.-Table t*oarders. Apply
to Mrs. Jas. Gilchrist, Baden-Powell
street; '
Hand Bags
Gladstone Bags
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Trunk Straps
Grip Straps
Label Tags
A large shipment of
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:>:        NANAIMO, I. c.        I
•:♦ 9
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Jones     i
Hotel |
Portland Hotel
Walters &
Barclay  &  Conlin,
Imperial Laundry
'    NANAIMO . I
no rice
I, ths undersijr.el, J. W. Wallace, intend to
apply in thirty day s to tht Commisioner of Lands
for ths privilege to lease the following described
lands for oyster culture: Starting eleven
chains from D. Page's s. w. corner post, Tunning
twelve chains from ajnst marked 3, W. Wilkes's
from a peal
na nertha
herly i
, tssnafinavl
Hugh Thornley has secured tho Agency
for the above Laundry.
Laundry shipped evory Monday.
Terms Cash.
Down Town Office, B. Hughes' Start.
westerly direction eightee* chains,' thaneain J
southerly direction twelve r*"inc thenea In an
easterly direction ebjhtstn cl • a i to pd.it of commencement, ronUinTi s twattty acn>j.
t yt. WALLiOf,
Ladysmith, B. c. Man...:".., -'CC.
Shoe Repairing
I am ready to ropnlr Boots   And
ShooB.    Satisfaction llunrantced.
Corner Third nvc. and High street,
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I, 3 and 3,Bastion St.,Nanalim
Phone 124 .   P.O.Box!
Express and Teaming
Wood for Sale.
ladysmith Music Store
Agent for Singer Sewing
Machine and Sharpies' Separators.
WANTED—Quickly in every town.
Lira lady or gentleman with little
cash, to sell the dtwtlTss Ideal
Vacuum Cleaner. Good profits,
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particulate to Frank Frank,
Guelph, Ont.
H   IhlKCTDh A" H** •»' ota!j* tui WaU* *** ■
K. inns I CKt PHONE 06 p-'J^,    RoM-fc.'-tioii (juarajiMBft f"
To Let—Furnished front room. Ap-
ly Mrs, Harry Lee, Bipfanatte.
For Sale
I'lymouth Rook aud Minorca eggs, 81.00
pet setting.
I Kcusonalili! Prices.     ____
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J. R. Easton
Practice) Watchmaker.
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tolorsas:Green, Plum, Wine,
Fawn and Brown at 50c a
The band will give n May-day
dunce in their hall this evening. Pit,
Munitions are heing made for a large
Use Na Dru Herb Tablet!.
Ladysmith Pharmacy.
At tbe
FOrt SALE-15 II. Rowbont, 5
cushions, I carpet and one-tblrd interest in boathuusc. Apply to J. A.
Knlglii, Ladysmith, D.  0. »
Men's Clothing
We still have a good
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Call and see our Clothing
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W. E. Morrison
Hats, Caps and Shoes
Williams Block
Mr. George A. Morphy, the well-
known Victoria barrister, is in tlie
city to-day on professional business.
POR SALK-15 ft. llowboat, 5
casblons, I carpet and one-tblrd Interest in bnnthouse. Apply to J. A,
Knight, Lndysmith,  B.  C. •
In Ladysmith, May l, to thc wile
of Mr. Robert White, a son.
The appealing tenderness of "Annie Laurie" as Interpreted by Lena
Duthie, has moved thousands to
tears, while "Locli Lomond," thnt
song unsurpassed In beauty among
the songs of love and longing and
the sadness of farewell, has helS
vast audiences enraptured, as sung
by Lena Duthie. *
II you want a, good Comb or Brush
call at the Drug Store. *
Fine English Pork Pies, Iresh wade daily
I Hooper's, Oatacre itraet.   Try one.   '
"An Evening in Scotland and Iro<
lund" Is a performance devoid ol a
dull minute. Music, laughter and
song reign supreme in this programme of unsurpassed excellence.
Opera House, LmlysmiUi, Monday,
May 8. •  •
Rev. Wm. P. Robortson will occu-
ipy thc pulpit of the . Presbyterian
church to-morrow at tlio morning
and,evening services. Mr. Roucrtsou
will  now  remain  here  permanently.
Por those who appreciate the talent tit one oi tho world's foremost
cnt of one of thc world's torcmost
treat Is in store, when Lena Duthie,
the famous exponent ol Scottish aud
Irish song appears here on Monday
evening next. •
When You Want
Come To
Knights Book Store
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We  have just  received a very
I large consignment of
Garden Hose
::    Manufactured by the Gorham Rubber Co., New!!
•. • >
;; York.   Every length guaranteed for one season.;;
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Ladysmith Hardware Co., ud.
Hammocks!  Hammocks!!
Our Stock is now complete
WtauTMtaaTasiT-Ti.Ta-Jas.ti tTit ■*«!■»?.■!»■!■?■?..?■
The Rev. Dr. Spencer is expected
In Lndysmith on Sunday, May 9th,
to speak on behalf of Local Option.
| Mr. Spencer Is provincial organizer
| of the campaign. Ho Is an able
speaker and has been well received
in many cities and towns jn the province.
See our
for New Spring
They are
and  are
to   you.
Mhnkm     CWWui       Hats Mrf Caps     HitsiHSbm
The costumes lor tho different characters presented by Lena Duthie, in
her great performance, are very costly and elaborate In their variety, us
woil as udillng much to the local
color ol tlio performance. Don't fall
to hear this worthy progratitmo.
Opera House,  Monday, May 3.     •
We have just received another shipment ol those
Elegant Designsand
Colorings in Wail Paper
Call and sec them. They are going .fast.
A full line ol, Painls and Varnishes
Picture Framing done on shortest
notice. Bring your pictures and lock
over our mouldings.
Painter and Papcihanger.
We Have Everything You Need
There Is u movoment In thc city
to get tho momhcrB ol the church
choirs to unite In the endeavor to
form a choral union. This is a move
in tho right amotion, Kvrry good
citizen, of tho place will wish the
workers in thin cause every success
and the people should give them every encouragement.
FOFI HAI.IO-NnprcsB wagon in per
feet order aiid hurncss. Apply Ar
thur  Howe,  i iiomalmin,
FOUND-I'ulr of Uools aud other ar,
tides. Owner can have name by
proving property and paying for
this advertisement,
TO HUNT-Five roomed  House,
ply lit Telephone olllee.
Tenders will be received by thc un-
dorstcned up till 12 o'clock noon, on
Saturday, 15th May, 1909, for painting the outside of the Ladysmith
School Buildings,, two coats of paint:
.Specifications can be seen at my olllee. The lowest or any tender not
necessarily accepted.
Hccrctary Board of School Trustees.
Lndysmith, 30th April, 1909.
Tho Watchmaker and Jeweler. Special Value for Cash. 2.1 ptr cent discount on all
Silver Plate, Cass .(looda and Liinoge China in tea acta, Chocolate Seta, Bread and
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cushions, I carpet and one-third interest In hoathouse. Apply to J. A.
Knight, Lndysmith,  B.  C. *
Lord Hamswortn, a brother of
Lord Norfncliffe, and ono ot the family quartette who form the world's
wealthiest newspaper syndicate, will
visit Vancouver about July 1.
Opera House
Special engagement of the celebrated Scottish Soprano
Lena Duthie
Acknowledged by the Worlds' critics   Queen of Scottish
Song.   Presenting her renowned performance
"An Evening in Scotland and Ireland."
Character sketches of the National life.
Costumes for Each Character
A remarkable evening of
Music!      Laughter!     Song I
Tickets now selling at bargain prices, 75c, 50c, 25c.
Reserved Seats on Sale at Knight's Book Store.
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Canadian Wheat Flakes
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\\ ARK—the well known CLOVER LEAF PATTERN, imported especially
Irom England for these goods, Our assortment includes Cup and Saucer, Fruit
Dish, large and small   Plate, Porridge Bowl, Egg Cup, Cream and Sugar.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.


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