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Ladysmith Standard Feb 26, 1908

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Array VOLUME I.      NUMBER 42
Our New Spring GoodB nro arriving dally.    Just to hand—
a nice range of English Hoods in tho following:
Ask to 80o our Now Fancy Ncgligco
Shirts In  Silk  Stripes,  at HO cents
nnd Sl.OO.
OUR 25c. TOWBL-Tho Best Valuo in Town.
a. *-.-++-^-^-.*, i «^«\i«fi«\iAi«V ,»i«\ia\i«ti«ii SflitlAiJ
Watch This Space
Is Slashing Prices
Ws sre now through Stock-Taking
and have numerous articles which we
mutt dltpose ot nt ridiculously Low
Prices, in ordor to make room for
New Goods.
Ws can fill any bill of General and
Household Hardware, Enamelled
Ware, Sporting Goods, Crockery and
Ulass Woro, otc, and, of courso,
not necessary to mention, tho Finest
Stovss and Ranges in oxistonco.
You may be
Sorry for it.
to mako or repair
your Watch, bo
am* part ol
it English,
or any othor '
Why?     Because I havo stud-
led     tho   Wntoh from both   a ]
Scientific nnd Practical   Viow. .
nnil   understand tho principals -
All work guaranteed. Prices ■
iii accordance -with first-class ■
 *$—  '
.Revenue Tax By-Law Finally'Adopted and Aid. Haworth Declarer that School Expenses Should, be Met
by Direct Taxation.
r        .4	
The sixth regular mooting ot tlio was not asking to havo tho street
■.Ladysmith Oity Council was hold in Qxod. All he was nftor wus that
the Council OhainTjor on Monday ev- lhesQ g ghou,u |jo R,movoa' Hu
oning.   Mayor Nicholson pa*sldoa and ■-.   ,    . _.,,■,, „
there wero present, Aids. Campbell, that, iu caso they did street grading
Haworth, Koberts, Brown. McKin- on the street, there would bo no ne-
neli and Matheson. cessity to stop tho work.
Thero wero no communications, but Mayor Nicholson said there would
Mayor Nicholson mentioned thut ho bo no need for tho work Lo bo stop-
had received a lottor from Hutchin- ped-us they could at any timo ro-
aon Bros., Victoria. Ho hod forgot- move the steps. There bad been
ton the communication, but it more- plenty of notice given, lor the owner
ly stated that thoy would like to had been, notified at the same timo
tender for the installation of the as tho people pi the Ladysmith Ho-
eloctric plant the city was ut present tel.
considering. The matter was then dropped,   and
Accounts totalling $30 were pro- Muyor Nicholson suggested that the
sented and referred to the [Finance Sanitary Committee go round the
Committee to be paid if found cor- town and seo what most required to
reel. be done.   -Thero was seworago   run-
Mayor Nicholson, for the Street ni-ng on the streets at pluces, and
Committee, mentioned that somo the whole question needed looking
work had been done on First Avenue into.
below Blckle's store during the week. Aid, Brown said the first day the
Aid. Haworth had brought the mat- mine was idle they could go ' round,
tor up at the last meeting of the He had noticed some places himself
Council. Hocks had been gathered that required something to bo done,
from Koberts Street, and used to Mayor Nicholson said thore were
fill in tho ditch cut on first Avenue lots of thom. The people concerned
by the recent rains. might take it as a hardship at flrst,
■Itoud Foreman Callandar in his re- but their health and that of tho
port stated in regard to his canvass town required some sanitary work
,pf the town in connection with tho being done.
lighting schome that he found it a The Kevanuo Tax by-law was then
very slow job. So far the number reconsidered and finally adopted.
of lights totalled 1321, ond ho asked Mayor Nicholson said thut in rotor another week in which to com- gard to the sidewalk on the Stevens'
plote his canvass. Block ho had beon so busy    during
On tho motion of Aid. Haworth tho the week that ho bad nover found
request wos granted. the time to see them.   However,   ho
Aid Campbell mentioned that thev did not approtond thero would ho
were short of a poundkceiwr, and he nn.v troublo about it. The job would
had heard many complaints about not amount to more than five dol-
cattlo going ot largo on th streets, lars, and there need not be any quar-
Ho thought it would lie a good idea rel about that.
to get a poundkeepor. ,   His Worship     thon    reminded   the
■Mayor Nicholson said he did not the Council that the Municipal Con-
think that just at this time of t'ho.vention met in Nanaimo this week,
year there was much damage being and asked if any of tho Councillors
dono in tho town. hnd any suggestions to make.
Aid. Matheson said the ofilv dom-l Aid. Haworth referred to the re-
age ho know of so far was that a ; venue for school purposes. Tbe taxes
man had been unablo to get out of they raised did not nearly cover the
thc houso Iwcausc of a cow that was school oxponses, and tho money relying up against the door. | quired was drawn from the general
Aid. Haworth drew tho attention city funds. It wns a most unsatis-
of the Council to the steps in front factory arrangement, and it would bo
of Mr. Kussell Simpson's ofllco; and much bettor if the whole of the ox-
asked whnt they ware going to do'lenses were mot by direct taxation.
about it, Were they going to run | Road Foreman Callandar, by the
the streets, or what were they going permission of tho Council, stated
to do? It was time these steps were that there was a small mutter ho
removed anyway, more particularly had omitted from his report. Mr.
if they intended fixing the streets. Alton on Kitchener Street, had corn-
He moved that Mr. Simpson bo ask- mencod to Iny down the sidewalk for
ed to remove tho stops. • which tho City hnd furnished tho ma-
Mayor Nicholson snid that some- terial. To finish the job from where
thing ought to be done with it, and Mr. Fagan had loft off, moro nails
they had contemplated doing somo- and lumber would bo required, nnd
thing to the street just there. But Mr. Alton bad asked him to put tlie
they would have to go slow os yet. matter boforo the Council.
School bills wore obout due, and j The reipicst wns granted nnd there
there was not much money coming,being no furbher business tho Coun-
in. cil adjourned, after a sitting of only
Aid. Haworth   explained that    he about half an hour's duration.
Two Ludysniitli teams will be cut
fur blood and glory on Saturday.
Tho lnteruiediutes meet tbo Nunaitno
Wanderers ut home and thu Seniors
travel to Victoria to play tho Y. M.
0. A. eleven.
It goes without suyiug that the
Ihteraufdiute mutch will bo ol a
fierce and fui-ious description. Nu-
naiino, to wnoui the 1- roe Press cou-
leuce, by providing for thc sick und
distressed, the widow uud tlie orphan, und the Interment of its decousod
On tlio ovoning of Saturduy   next Annual Report Shows Slight Deficit,
the members of Wellington Grovo;No| Won; of the Institution
4, und of Ample Loaf Circle,   United (Jreutly Increased.
Ancient Order of Uruids,  will enter. 	
tuin their friends ut u buniuiot to be |   Tno members     ol    the Oheuiainus
given by the Indies of the ordor    ln General Hospital    Associution    held
the hall of tlie Opera House. 'their anauul meeting iu the  (Jhemui-
Tlie objects und principles of    the nus Hall on Friday evening, Febru-
Unitod Ancient Order of Uruids urc— ury iHst,
the promotion oi suciul arid intelloc-     Tno Secretary's report showed that Veiled the" championship a week" ago
tual intercourse among its members, during Ml)., amongst    othor expeu- „„ uow urocttailfy out   of  the run-
arid the establishment oi u    system ditures, u new steam heating   plant _Aag unu lulvo already been defeated
of general philanthropy and benovo- mid uoen installed ln tne    Hospital [„,,"<, hy tlie )ocul b0J.s,    Ti„,y  M0
ut u cost of ¥-i,3UU uud this heavy stunding with 0 points to thoir cre-
outluy in tno luce of the unexpected Uit for o gumes while the home team
closing down of the Victoria Lumber jmVI) _ points for 8 gumes. The lo-
& Manufacturing Company's logging Cll| uovs have therefore, still tt chance
lho laws of our Order urc reason cam,)a alw UM uritannia Smelter at ,ur toe championship and may be de-
and equity; its cardinal doctrines In- croitou, with tho resultant decrease p(.nded upon to do their utmost   on
spire purity of thought nnd lito; its ,„ the Hospital's revenue, leaves    a Saturday.   Unfortunately they  have
mission is pence on oarth uud   good uelicit of S744.00. |httd hard luck with their players and
will toward mon.   But whence conies    The report of Ur. H. 11. Rogers, ro-1 ^ wuni i8 8tm |urtnw wakened on
those principles?   -Through the   mid- BiU0Ilt physician, showed thut during I BatuI.UOy by Ul0 unavoidable absence
night gloom of fulling empires, like the   your     1UU7,    ono hundred aud 0< 'ip'ug" Jackson   The line-up will
a meteor in tlio inky blackness thoro. eighty-two patients had been treated
shines   ovor   and   unon a   brilliant wnlie tho number fur lliuo wus   one
churucter whose radiunt splendor dis- hundred and thirty-two, making    an
Iiels in part the Shades of adversity increase tor luU'i* of fifty over    the
and obscurity and whose memory "is previous yeur, and of this total   of
hernldod down tho ages. 'one'hundred   and   eighty-two about
Away back in tho grey dawn of ci-'hul(    were    from points outside   of
vlllzation of centuries ago, we    find -uhemainus.
the Druids with their Alturs on  the I   The number of hospitul days   dur-
hill   side   in tho valley and on    tho ing tho year totul a,7-58, which is on
plains.    Thoy had thoir peculiar rites increase    of    10118   over 11)06, and
and ceremonies. I which   exceeds     by »38 the highest
Tho aims and objects   nro not to'iigure reached heretofore in tho   hle-
cause discord,  but to inculcate   tho tory of the hospital.    The daily av-
motto cngrnvod on their Escutcheon ' erugo of patients   for the year was
of Unity, Pence and Concord. llO.-iU as    compared     with 7.26 in
For information regarding the Or-liyo6.
der, apply to N.fl.A. Uro. W. Brownj   Dr. Itogers also pointed out in his
of Ladysmith, B.C., or David Moffiit 'report the urgent need ol nddatj
bo as follows :
Goal—lt. Greaves.
Ducks—O'Connell and Kerr.
HuLus—Williams, Saunders, Wright
Forwards—Orde,  Hughes,  Callander, Cloke, Simpson.
Senior Hatch.
orologicnl  Inst.,   Toronto.
+♦+♦♦♦♦+• -H+t444 *+H
FOH choice cCts.
Phono 7-0.
HARTFORD, Conn., Feb. 21.-B0-
cause of her regrot over tho convlc-
tloa of Gen. Stoessol at St. Petersburg, Amorin Harris killed herself
hen yesterday by Inhaling gat.
Ths girl waa a Russian and formerly had been employed ln Oeneral
Stoaawl's family. Sho wot work-
ing In tlie homo of Jos. Silver, and
when she- wns Informed of Oenoral
Slotstel's conviction she Went to
her room and no moro was hoard
from her.
A case In which two Wost End ladles wore mainly Instrumental in ef-
ferting the capture of the culprit
came up in the police court this mi r
nlng, whon II. P. Clay appeared in
answer to no fewor than six chargos
of theft, to all of -which ho pleaded
guilty, says the Vancouver World.
Clay said hs came from Brandon,
Man., to spend the winter hore. He
was very sorry ho had done so. He
haa been in Brandon two years anl
has done well. He hod nevor been
In trouble before.
The cases for which Clay was trlod
oovered the entire west end' of tho
cite-. In one ease he had entered a
dwelling house, when the lady was
absent. It began to rain, and the
lady, going back for her umbrella,
found tho man in the house. Sho
grabbed blm, and with the assistance ol another lady went through
his pockots, tho two boing rewarded
for their pains by discovering quit.)
a quantity of stolon property. Although he seemed to be mero clay
ln their hands, ho succcoded In getting away from them. They colle-i
in tho assistance of a gontloman
friend, who shadowed the thiol to
tho houso where hu was staying, and
thon Informed tho police. Tho most
valuable of tlio stolon articles rcco'-
ered was a  handsome mink fur.
Magistrate Williams In passing son
tonco, snld the prisoner was liable to
Imprisonment lor 14 yoars, on tho
chnrgo of entering a dwelling houso.
He howovor, Imposed a modified pen
nlty of five yonrs' Imprisonment.
ST.RATHROY, Ont., Feb. Sl.-W.
Bryant, a well to do farmer aged a
bout tlxty years, committed suicide
by shooting himself yostordny. He
had beon tufforlng for tome yeara
from aathma nnd had become melancholy, ne leaves a widow and
grown up family.
which wss down, not only for    pro-
venting existing abuses, but also for
OTTAWA, Feb. 26.—The Commons
banking and .eonanerce committee to- the *'-,moTnl °' """V <" *h8 re8trlc-
day resumed   discussion of the gov- tlvo features of the existing law,   so
eminent insurance bill. that In future thoy might carry their
An open letter was read from   J. al)UMs to R raltlMr fmBt
ti. ODonaghuo, representative of tho    Ltttor ho declared thov had covered
Trades nnd Labor Congress of    tho tho „„„,„ mbja.t wlth as „,„„„ 00n.
Dominion,   to    favor of government fllllon aml my,^ „, possible,
industrial life Insurance. |  'J4	
J. J. Harpell,    representing    tho
Folios     Holders'    Association,  was'      THE RESPECTABLE KIND,
heard in reply to the argument    of j ——
He    said     l.ittlo WIHIe-Say, pa, what It    a
Famous Lady    Traveller to Lecture
Here Under tho Auspices
of W. C. T. U.
The local branch of tho W.C.T.U.
is arranging for a courso of lectures
by Miss Ada L. Murcutt. Miss Mur-
cutt bears a great reputation as a
lecturer, and her recent work in Vic
tui'ia received the highest praise from
the' local proas.
Miss Murcutt, who is an Australian lady by birth, Is a fellow of
tbe Royal Scottish Geographical Society, and has lectured not only before tho Geographical societies of
London, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, nnd Dundee, but has travelled
all ovor tho civilized world, and in
all theso journoys has met with groat
success. Shs addressed largo
diences In New Zealand, Japan and
Russia and tho wild lands adjacent
to this vast country. Sho is said
to bo tho only white woman who
visited the Russian convict settlement prison at Saghaslien Island,
The Dundoti Advertiser glvos tho
following pen picture of her:
"She ls indeed, a remarkable woman, having come through experiences quite uniquo In their way, and un
derirone hardships which very fow
women have evor had the temerity
to face. She has travelled four
times around the world, and has left
the beaten track and explored regions wboro no othor white woman
hns beon, facing Innumerable perils
and dangers. As a result of ovcr
ten years ol travel and observation
in almost evory country In tho world
Miss Murcutt has collected a fund
of Information and experience which
provokes the closest interest, nnd
awakens the public conscience to the
existing! evils of tho day. She has
style peculiarly her own. Possessed of a clonr, penetrating voice,
the large audionces which she addresses have no difficulty ln following her story, while her great fluency nnd descriptive powers at onco
captivate her hoorcrs, holding thom
spellbound from the time sho rises
to speak until sho resumes hor scat.
Ono nevor tires of listening to her,
which Is partly accounted for the
fact that sho has tho saving grace of
being able to see tho humorous slds
ol things."
Turks  Raid,   Capture  and Sontonce
Armenians— Population
Will Rise.
T1FLIB, Feb. 22.—News was received horo yesterday that tho Turks
recently raided tho frontier village of
Carina in tho provinco of Van Adr'n
tic, Turkey, and captured flfliy-oni
Armenians whom thoy accused of lining moml'ers of a revolutionary sn-
cloty. A courtmartiul was formed
on tho spot und after a speedy trial
eight of tho mon wero sentenced to
doath and -IS to life imprisonment.
The despatch saj-s that grout   c
citement prevails In the village    of
Carina and lhat it Is fonred     that
tho   population will rlso nnd inter
nuiteriiity ward to tile hospital,
wbich suggestion it is the intention of tho Board to follow as soon
as circumstances will permit.
A vote of thanks was passed to
His Honor, tho lieutenant Governor
for his kind oiler to supply free of
charge coul for the use of the Hospital.
Also votes of thunks to the Ladysmith Football teum for their kind
donation ol $40, Dr. Frost, the Ladies' Auxiliary and Mr. Lewis G
Hill for their assistance to tho Hospital in many ways,
Editor Standard:
Dear Sir,—Would you please allow
mo space in your paper in referenco
to the challenge inserted by tho Ladysmith Hotel. Tho mon of the New
Western Hotel are guite agreeable to
play them a friendly game of footbull on Sunday, tho 2u*th Inst. Kick
off 2:30 sharp. A collection to be
taken to be given to a pluyer who
was injured and has been unablo to
follow his occupation for the past
three months.   Tho line-up will be:
Backs—A. Hailstone, Dcrse.
Halves—Davis, Wilson, llablis.
Forwards—Clegg, (centre); Woods,
Gilson, Sharp, Thomas.
Reserve—Malpuss, Burke.
(Signed), J. DAVIS.
Tbo Seniors are down for a return
fixture with tho Y. M. C. A. boys,
lt is ulso a mistake to underestimate an opponent. It is always safer
to givo them a little more credit
than they deserve. This is the policy tho home boys have adopted.
From the very beginning of tbe season the Y.M.C.A. have always been
going to do things. Defeats have never discouraged them and they have
always managed to create the impression that something would be
doing. It has never come oil solar,
and every care is being taken that it
'does not come off ou Saturday. Tho
home boys liuve never been seen to
such disadvantage this season as in
the game here with the Y. M. C. A.
boys. The Victorians got an impression of their play which must be
sharply corrected, und the team will
take the field determined to go from
start to finish. The team will be as
Goal—D. Morrison,
Backs—Morrison uud Hewlett.
Halves—Wynn, Clegg, McKinley.
Forwards — Grainger, Sanderson,
Aduni, Graham, and i'roviu.
Reserves— Simpson, Hartley, and
NEW YORK, Feb. 20,-At a meeting here tonight p»ans will be outlined and uu attempt made t arouse
public interest in the proposed Chinese Young Men's Christian association, which is expected to play 'an
important purt in the movement for
converting tho Celestials of the metropolis to Christianity. The Asiatic colony in Doyers, Mott and Pell
streets ls doily growing in population, owing to the Influx from ths
Pacific Coast, and the missionaries
are redoubling their efforts to leaven
the yellow mass with the religion of
the white devils.
The loaders in tlie movement /or a
Chinese Young Men's Christian atso-
ciation   believe   that   by ''catching
from the religious observan-
cll last night ordered the drafting ol cos of their   forefathers and become
by-law, especially protecting pro.'devout Chrlttians.
* * ^^ I   Tho founders    of the now assocla-
Iierty in suck cases.     City. Solicitor tion, the first of ita kind in the Un-
Cowan advised there was no     legal Red States, will be the Rev.    Huto
method preventing the parade. |Ki'>. for many years a Chinese  mis-
,,j  ,;   t      a   .    Tt_ t ,t        'slonary in this city, and Miss 0. 0.
Aid. Hepburn declared that lt was|Hall_ who ,ounded the ^  chineM
not diilicdlt    to    anticipate    what mission, in connection with the Fifth
VANCOUVER, Feb. as.-Fearing
another riot if the proposed antl-
Asiatic parade i, held, th. city conn- «^J-"*"   «****?•,.£!,
A special mooting of tho Cltlam's,       .
Ijenguo will bo hold tomorrow night tbt lnturanco managers,
tn the City Hull for the purpose   of the policy holder! were not dltposed respectable fortune?
chances ln their    Fa— One that Is large enough
Avenue Prosbytrian church, thirty
years ago, and who has for a number of years been associate superintendent of tho Chinese school at No.
14 East Fifty-ninth street.
It Is tho aim of the originaton of
the idea to provide a building, to
rent one for the present and eventually erect one for tbe express purpose of providing a Christian home
for both Chinese men and women,
with all the educational and athletic
equipment which characterises the
other associations in thit city.
Frederick* Billings hot been madt
treasurer of the Chinese Building
Fund, and already a large sum of
money has been subscribed to advance the work. It ia desired to
raise at least $50,000 at present.
Associated with Mr. Billings on
this committee are Dr. A. Eugene
Austin on enthusiastic supporter of
Ohinoso missionary work in the city;
Charles Darlington, brother ofHtslh
Commissioner Darlington; William
Lawronro Meyers and many others,
lt is said that us soon as this new
enterprise is sturtod Andrew Carnegie has promised to present the association with a library of both
English and Chinese books suitable
for the needs of the Anglo.Chinese
student in this country.
When the association building is
opened tho Rev. Hute Kin and Ms
American wifo will be installed as
house father and mother. In tht
old brick house in West Ninth street,
fere with tho carrying out ol tho sen-1   Chicago, Feb. 21,—Mist Emily
Tho Turks havo takon advantage
of tho situation to rush their rein
forcemonts nearer tlio frontier.
would happen in the parade if Hawthornthwaite came to Vancouver, as
he had been preaching sedition and
anarchy hero already. The alderman
declared that if the police commissioners could not control tha situation lt was up to them to resign.
Tho free use of the city hall to the
cxcliiBionistswai refused.
Aid. Morton declared that If Joo
Martin and Hawthornthwaite were
to speak that was good ground for
cancelling the parade.
The following letter from Mr. Ed.
Whyto, tho secretary of tho V. I. F.
A., to tho local secretary, Mr. W. G.
Simpson, speaks for itself. Tbo letter reads :
1 have lieen instructed by tho President of the Association, on behalf
of tho executive, to thank the Ladysmith F, C. yourself, ond all the
others who so ably assisted in car.
i-ylng out tho arrangements in connection with the trial gamo. which
was plnyed In Ladysmith on Saturday, the 8th Inst.
"I can assure you, sir, thnt they
thoroughly appreciate thc work
which you did for that gome,    and
wo would also like for vou to extend - ■
to the peoplo of Lady-smith on our formerly occupied by the Imperial
liohnlf our heartiest thanks lor tho Chinese Consulate, tho Rev. and Mrs
largo number of people who patron- Kin havo conducted both secular and
izeil tjje gomo, thus ensuring a fin- religious schools for many years for
nni-lnl success, In splto of the wet many years, betide making it the
dny. centre of the social lito of the  Chi.
'Wo npprecioto vory much tho live- nose in the city,
ly Interest thnt Lndysmith has    al-     While this work   of Chrlstlantalng
ways tnkon In    tho   advancement of tho Chinamen of New York is   car-
tho good old gnino of football." ried on as  a local   mission by tbe
A statement of receipts and exptn- tevtrel churches which have entered
dltui-c was appended, whloh showed the Held, Its real object is tbe mak-
thut nftor paying nil expenses there Ing of a Christian nation out ol
was a bnluncc of SS.80 for tho As- China, with IM 482,000,000 people.
soclnWon. '   According to Mr. Kin, the work   ta
 1 Now York ls   having a wide effect In
the Far East.       The one thousand
TEACHER MAKES students in the Sunday school!   are
GREAT RECORD, for the most    part Chinamen    who
U   have come to this country to    make
money, expecting tbem to return to
Miss Oaddlo—Sho says she's
dost when sho sings" and —
Miss Knox— That can't be.
devising monns to further the sohomo t0 agree    to   any 1
a'tLndancohotn members ^requested! '""tbods ol business.    Thsy had ask- make the possessor's opinion on any may bt taddor whon sho tings,
I G. WILSON, Boo.    ed   for    a removal of avtry daunt subject respected, my son. It's hsr ttidltnce tliat'l taddetti
Currier, for forty-three years a tea- 0Mna to Un A, lt, l8 now> nny
chor In tht public schools of Chicago one who can tench English In China
died suddenly yetterday, at her homo It nt a premium there, and baa no
in Oak Park. Fo, th. l.st forty- — ."JSSf .?&.? m-
one years the htt been connected nftman who simply knows Mia Eng-
wlth the Tlldon school and In that lish A B C's will be I kcly to be re-
time she never related a day from ^«°taflnI»d» ^Jf JJ. To
her duties. Miss Currlsr, who wnt ^.^ c(m tpeaIt ^ ^j, the ^
but 111 yoars old, was born In New Ham- nth language an In demand at
'pahlra, ttachera In tht   government schools,
If You Require Any
Or If You Kuqulre Any
. Whetlier.
Or II You Want to Buy n HOUSE,
or Sell One;   or If You   Want
.use ot lines, and the work of ajiplj
Ing u'storatlves was commenced.
Notttrf PtfhUc,
Lddiy smith   Standard'
Haiui- Weekly.
Published on Wednoadoya and aatur-
daya'.Aftoi'noons hy Lhe
Robt. K, Hindmarch',
One Year	
Six Mi'1-.Li'S 	
AdYoJ'tJsU)^ itutus on Application.
I OTTAWA, Feb. 22.—AU. Uuaui', ui
i V audi'iulfU, will uubmil u rosolutlod
f duciui'iiiy il expedient to auioud thu
!pust uiiico Act by providing thut thu
cost of coi'riuge ui mails in cuuntr.v
districts by Stage drivel's be paid iu
jti'uporLiuu tu Lho numljor oi uiili-s1?
lu be gone ovur by tlauw. ThuL uu
Luudur be accoptud ior such carriage
ut u Ligui'o luwur than formai'ly,
that thu scale be calculated with
cuusideratiun ior different uuudiLiuiib
ui ruads, etatablishiiig a diliuruncu
butwuuu roads running uvur mountains und duiw across the level uouu
try, uud ulsu in puses whero Lho tuali
carrier duos not carry passengers.
Messrs. Aldridge uf Trail, and iTu
lev oi Nelson, ii.C, mining expert;
who visited the royal mint hero iliis
wouk expressed high opinion of Un
ecjuipment, but urged thut thu mini
be not completed until provision <■
made fur parting uud rehnlug Canadian crude guld.
A \>JJUc7
Tbe Free
y. m. c.
m ball.
Major Warden referoed tho gome,
nnd there was no reason to object
to his work as a whole. 'Like other
Victoria    refel'ues    ho   has peculiar
■    i
dead halt nnd begun lo look for a
way out. He would try it tack to
tlie rig'Iit, then ,to tlio loft, und finally givo It    up nnd    wado straight
The United States revenue cutter
Thetis has lauded the survivors oi
the stlp Emily Rood, who reached
Neah bay in an open boat, at Port
Townsend, and whore, ail suffering
severely, thoy wore oonveyed to the
marine hospital, says tho Colonist.
Tho survivors say the cook, whose
body was also landed at Tort Towu-
send, wus one of the brightest of
tho four men that left the ship going to pieces off tho mouth of tho
Nehalcm river, lust Friday morning.
Evory word to his companions wiw
ono of hope and assurance that rescue would be affected. lie proclaim
ed with positivonoss thnt ho could
withstand the absence from fond and
wator for at least live days; that ho
would be the last to succumb, and
thnt if any wero saver! he would be
included. j
The confidence of ihc man aided
not a little in encouraging his companions fighting for their lives. AL
tho end of the second day the cook
showed evidence of weakness.
Against the protests and orders of
Mate     Zulio ho prayed Ior a   drink
and In distress stealthily sucked   nt
a  frayed     end of o   bit
from which was drippii
The eflect wns suicid,
canvas carried
sea salt from
Six hours later the
mind gave way
The minister of railways hus
notice ui resolution providing for uu
ncrouHo in thu railway comihlssio.i
board from three members to six.
The new appointees will assist Liie
commissioner. This will enable tlio
board tu hold simultaneous nicbtings
in diilcront parts of the country so
thut whon it is necessary to visit,
for iustunce, the Pacific coast on business of thu commission, it will not
have to be suspended at Ottawa.
lhe report Of the council of
Dominion Rifle Association to the
innunl meeting of thut association
next week will recommend installing
twenty-five additional targets ou
Hock LilTor. The idea is to have
these targets on a separate range.
Recommendations, it is understood,
hns been approved In* the minister
militia nnd there is little doubt will
be accepted by tho association.
dng rail water,
for the moist
a great nmount O1'
spray and breakers,
stricken man's
I le prayed and
cursed, protested demonically again
st attempts to control him. and up-
on the s/ghting of (he smoke of pas-
sengcr steamers pussing several miles away he could not
buck to moderation, ^^^^^^^^m
The end came at three o'clock Sunday morning, twenty hours before _i
refuge was reached, und us tho disappearing lamps or a passing steamer disclosed thut hope of aid from
that directi'
be brought
on was gone.
The steamer was in sight only during the dork hours following mid
night. The men had no light or
other effective signal to tell of their
existence, and could only hope thut
their screams und cries for aid could
ha hoard.
PHILADELPHIA,    Fob. 22.r-Fro>
en fast iu the ico fields of the north,
tho bark Alkaline lies  i.oyond  roaco
of mails uud telegraphs, while     anxious friends and  relatives  of     the
crew wait for spring to bring them,
nous  of loved ones.     Tho  Alkaline
was cuught    in tho ice lust Octoboi
■ while working    from tho west coast
of Greeni'and    bound for Copenhagri
and    Philadelphia.     She ^carries    a,
curgo of cryolite which, sho loaded at
Ivigtut, Greenland, and is commanded by Capt, Jensen of this city. His
crew of twelve    men were also shipped    from this port.       They sailed
from Philadelphia last summer     fot
the north.     The ship left Ivlgtut mi
the   Ith but owing to the ice
into a   harbor further south «
7, since    which     timo she hi
teen    heard from.        It  Is  hi
hat Capt. Jensen found thc lc
riov impregnable and'decided i
hack to Ivigtiit,
The  Danish author
trol the cryolite min
will send tho ste
tut to the nort
tain  whnt ha?
li'.-'.      Pfothin, 	
them until tho steamers
lhe AP-allne
. pm
Inn i
mines In tin
itinera Fox niid t\
li in April hi use-
become of  the    A IK
--WltM'O.. known
return     t
Iho playing of tho Y.M.C.A. football team of Victoria full much ue-
eviuus week tho Y.M.C.A. teum
(nit up a creditable fight against
low expectations' on Saturday. Tlie
Lhe Nunaimo United at Victoria, und
it wns fully expectotl tliey would play
the local team close here Saturday,
Especially was it thought so when
It was rumored that both (Howard
mid Sohwengers would bo among
the eleven. j
Their pluy appourod disorganized
und spasmodic. The defence put up
steady gamo but tho front ran':,
was very weak. individually they
made dashes but as a combination
they wcre a compIoLu failure and
Nanaimo had littio diillcully iu scoring five goals. However} it must! e.
mentioned in all fairness to the Y.
lal.C.A. team that they wcro shy at
hast four of their regular men. To
begin at tho goal—Ed. White wus
not there and O'Hurn, who replaced
him, lot down his side for two easy
goals. Whyto, tho regular I ack, wan
absent and though Brown took his
place and plgiyeil well. Whyto is a far
hotter man. In' the front rank the
two sreedy f.hprrlt brothers wore
missed. The manncement of the
Loam says it was the weakest dial-lay the Y.iU'.C.As havo given this
season. Certain it is that the men
did not play as they did in Victoria
n wer>k afito, and the game was not
neat as exciting ns some of th.'
league games played here this sea-
The locals played only ton men
in the second half, and their ootnbl- i
nation was seriously interfered with
hy the loss of this one man— Rlun-
Tlie visitors kicked off at 2.110 and
tho way thoy dodged in among) thc
local bucks for the ensuing live min-
«tes gave every appearance of a
close match. Sparks secured at
once and made right for the gout,
ami only Graham.a exertions save I
tiradshaw from being at tho mercy
of tho ,Y. M. centre forward; Ten
minutes of very evenly contested play
ensued durind which time almost ev-
•ry man was cheeking closely. The
-round wns greasy and tho playeis
lipped nt.
ahead for dry land
Everybody wus waiting of Jimmy.
Somo had an idea that the - "dug-
u • nu uu.ii   ano is ou'ts" ho uses for boots might carry
.-» au y , ^.Jn over>     xtut oven their    surface
perhaps too guick to blow for  triv- avm WftfJ mt onmgh    Jlniiny   mma
iul ami    unintentional infringements on with his   usual nonchalant swag*-
oi the rules.    Rut, in thu main, hiSjger, and took his first baptism as a
J -i    ia     reforeoing was sharp ami intelligent, |i«k«-    IJ«t as Im w ■■■<■   •-   '
to Steele near centre and the latto1'  ■ -v.   >■    ■
i r.ss '.-lives the I'allowing Account of the Game ?™B„ aB „t0 b<™ ° p1"^1' "houi.i
-■en Nanaimo and Y.M.C.A on Saturday.
- _r ,.™ intelligent,
„..~ »»vU. tUHj lWua Wh0-Hy impartial. H'is task
whipped tho sphere through easily, .i wus lightened by. tho clean manner
fow    minutes later    Uiundell     came!"     whiuht   the ganio was contested
throughout, liightly speaking there
down again with the ball. Struthers wus not a foul m tho whole match
unable to check him, deliberately thut ,caI.ltjd t\ov th<i whistlu' ul>th
, , ,   , _ ,, skies playing the game,
kicked out at his opponent In pass- As to the mixioh ityulf u js ,mt
ing. Tho Nunaimo man name back necessary to soy too much. It was
near tho lino, grasped Struthors •■- won by u score of five goals to two
bout    the nock and hold on.     Whon but *'- «» ,lrst 1.1'!if; lf Uie the play
alone,  there ought to have been
tho two mon separated Blundoll was ,.,.,.,,.. „,„  ■  ■ >    	
ruled ulff     it wns a   hasty act
clear six goal lead,   The heme boys
 ^^^^^^^^^    wore always on the goal and strong
Joe's part though he was provoked ly aa lUnvaun,    Uoritnor and   liodun
.t it.   ,   a. ii.      ..u     i.„,r« <lefended, only poor shooting and    a
into doing    it, but lt would    hafa Mm (,f    ^ ^ kup. ^ amm
Iisud more prudent to havo oppoale.l don-ii.      Jimmy     onco    got    right
and not takon tho law In hla   owu through and then fell over tho   bull
hands.     Y.M.O.A. gained nothing oi. Uikw yards from tho goal.    Sanuur-
,, , „.   ,        . ,   .       , son hit the bar and shook tho posts
a  ii-eo kick on Steele and Just    at uml grazod tb_ ,ha_ ^ akinne(|' tho
half timo Hewitt and Young collided |„,Bts before ho succeedo.1 in   isotting
whon    making for tho ball and tho ono through.    And so it wont on.
latter was down and out lor    a few'„ ™ J*   ,was.*ho ,VayB vho  ,dlw
.first blood.    After being i>onnod   up
minutes. hn their own ground for fifteen   min-
I-lall Unit score- utf • ,itMy sudd™'y b'okf «*", '«>oy
-gpt down on tho left wing, and
Nanaimo  , •' '""" '
With the score
Ilut os ha pi-oceodod, ho lost
his smile ond If it hadn't Ixion for a
pair of no-tv Iocl-s would huvo ' lost
his boots as woll,
Of course, serious football wns out
of the question. There wore tlmus
when it took a couple of kicks to
loosen tho ball out of tho mud. Uy
that time another man had waded
out and «^-■••*--, -—  •"
id started tunnolllnir fr
to shlo.  -.M„„„v .......
opiiositu shlo.
• • '' •*"" «as sent ovor to centre.    How-
 0 tott, Instead ol kicking, trlod to stop
behind    thom    the tho t,"11' missed it, and Dop,   taken
visitors' forwards attacked after tho _Zf     Jw ^ „ ^TiZ^,' /ailod   t0
interval, and Sparks shot wide from ao™n.   %_%£_*»^™ ^olf^
fur out.    Farmer and Harley    were aar»« f*>rm as before from the   kick-
to good   effect and Cruick-J?-1-; and only  a '°w minutes elapsed
before Sanderson     egualisod.     Then
cryolite vessel
traded    hetwe
is one nf the   fla-t  ol
year lu
^^^^      amid
would bo fatal.
After leaving the wreck it was decided that to attempt to land
the heavy breakers
The shore was obscure, and without
compass or    other means of naviga-
waa reached.
Daylight on Sunday morning foumi
them in sight of Cape Flattery lighi
at Tatoosh island.    Throughout the
Jong hours of the day the skiH, stm*; j
gling     against    tho ride ond  wind, I
made   frantic     efforts to roanli  the!
land or attract attention of persons
on shore-
At the close of day favorable win I
drove tho craft into Neuh bay, five
miles from tho lighthouse. Too wean
to attempt a landing in tlie running
surf the castaways nonred tho fishing
schooner Teokla, riding at anchor, A
call for permission to board brought
tho responso that tho schooner wns
making ready to proceed to son and
could spare no time for boarders.
"For God sake help us," called
Mate Ztibe; "we are shipwrecked und
near death."
In an Instnnt tho survivors wore
horne over the schooner's rail by tlie
•reeniand bringing cargoes
'to for the Pennsylvania s
Pony of this city.
Tho North    Ward    Junio
pious i
ors, chum-
f British Columbia, on Satur-
defeatod Ladysmith juniors     at
Victoria by 7 goals to 2.    Tho     re-
suit of the match bus put tho North
Ward end Nanaimo teams t\«    oven
terms, and Ladysmith winds up the
series without a   win,  . The ' Lady-
smith boys have had unusually hard
tied in their longuc fixtures.     Thoy
losorvod  to win nt least two of the
iour matches played.     They, have always put up a  stiff light, nnd     nl
though they wore qulto nwnre of the
a I must  Insurmountable obstacle   before them last Saturday, thoy shoW"
■ed iin- spirit of truo
.by filllnir t"('i
. I  when tho il  ^^^^^
I went, meant nothing for (hem In the
I league standing.     The North
I l.„o
(liny wor<\ to ho In the final nnd with
cvorvthina in .their favor had not
much difficulty in piling up a score,
.the visiting Irnm could never rench.
to  tho
spur! mid pluck
ongngement, ospoclal-
sue, whlchevor way It
Imost every turn. Aftor
leu minutes tho Nanaimo forwards
went in wilh n rapid dash, the
riaht wing being Instrumental in
bringing the ball past thc Y-.AT.0.A,
bucks, and transferring* to Johrino
who scored on a   swift shot.
Tho V..H. van came back and
Urndsliaw wus called upon to save
Then ensued a pretty piece of combination by tlie local forwards,
Cruickshnnks drew two men ■<
him thon passed to Illuudcll.
ran in and eluded Struthers
had a clear run of 5 yards
goal, iMii though ho bad no one
near him, be let go and sent away
across the goal front. Shortly lifter Blundell had u spleudid chance
again but missod by o narrow moH
gin on goal. The Y.M. backs ro
lieved and Wormnld, from Just past
contre and near the touch lino drop-
pod tho ball by a long kick Into
liradshnw's hands. The local front
rank got going again, the outside,
riflht speeded past Struthers nn i
shot finely, Struthors soqii
to try (ho one-back game and
local num opposed to him wns put
offside mure than onco. Nanaimo
continued to press and after 20 minutes, rotors gnlniMl possession nn I
centered with beautiful accuracy nnd
Jolinttfo scored a second goal clos;
•Vanaiuio shortly after nnd a cloSO
coil ns u free kick for a foul on
Hewitt was cleverly headed in     eul
working  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
shanks securing from them made   u-
way with tho ball and Rut in   some
nice passing with Johnnie and Steele.
Struthers was now able   to   attend
himself   more to the contre attacks,
and was always relieving clear   andj
sure.     Johnston at centre was noticeable always for his steady play,
and long low kicks, while on the left
side Thackerry was doing the work;
of threo and was here there and o**-
erywhoro   breaking   up combination
Xanuimo missed   iUundell, but   even
with    tha weakened side, more than
hold their own.     Tho locals swarmed in and forced a  corner off Str i-
thers. A freo     kick and     corner occurred and tho Y.M. hnd a  narrow
L'apo.     Nanaimo soon got     under
way again and a   splendid piece    of,
passing that bewildered the visitors'
backs resulted, the ball going   from
Crook" to Peters,  who beat Struthers, to Johnnie, and to Stoelo who
missed by an ace from a  bad position.     Sparks   made soveral dashes
up field, after long kicks but his   et
forts wero not    supported and    all
proped futile.     Thackerry saved
dangerous rush of tho whole    front
rank, that looked like piercing    the
goal.        Again Nauuimo dashod     la
and Johnnio shot.     Steele flying Into the net in his endeavor to score.
Peters was now placed on the right
wing and put in a  beautiful centre.
Mmmy onco stopped
a ball In his usual stylo by putting
his foot on top, und the only thing
in sight when ho wanted the bnll
was the lace. Thoro was moro fun
to the minute of thut game than in
hours of old iii ury pluy. Hailstones
once hud to bo dug out and looked
moro comical than a circus
when he was stood up on hi
The score was two goals ouch, but
the homo     boys had throo   through,
and Jimmy, on the dry ond, missed
a ponalty.    So that everything   was
,,...„      But     the  boys who
played on that Held ■will nevot for
it, and no more than will
saw it.     Tho worst over,
the' Players;   the funniest ever
Altogether it was a fine trip, and
a 'Imtter bunch of boys to travel with
the manager has never known. *
Of course, it is impossible to travel without incident, grave or amusing, occurring. A supporter of thi
team will    not   forget
another    and the match
Just before thc conclusion of thc
first half Tom O'Connell got his hi)
hurt. Tho game was stopped . and
Tom left the field. He como back alter the interval, but was unable to
do very much. During this half
■the locals played practically only
four forwards, Arthur having gone
back to (V't'onneH's place. Still,
they moro than held the Kays, and
won out 5 goals to 2.
The only time tho Bays ever got
any hold of tho ball was about tho*i
middle of the second half. For quite
a spoil thoy got the boys fastened
up in their own half and forced soveral comers. But gradually, they
wero forced back, and time came
with the boys doing their utmost to
satisfy a leather-lunged supporters'
clamor for six goals.
Reviewing the game it must bo said
that the boys playod in fine form.
Not since the'opening game of tho |
season have the forwards put in such
forceful effective work, Joe was at
his best, and the Bays woro helpless
against their effective combination,
Jimmy ployed a great game, pnss-
ing most unselfishly to his colleagues
and again and again clearing the
way for a forward movement, He was
ably assisted by Jock and Arthur,
and the sume ploy next week will
settle Y. M. C. A. aspirations.
The half back line wus also good.
Clegg is a great Improvement to the
team.     He never tires, is a   fearless
those who
say    the
say   the
minutes from Broadway" insa hurry.
[carrying the ball into the enemy's
; goal mouth, the centre man always
thero to receive the ball when centered, were features of the game.
Tbo team aro vory fast in following up, kick well with either foot,
nnd most of tho forwards are dangerous shots. Tho backs and halves ure sure and steady, use their
bodies to advantage and in relieving
display great judgement' in placing
the pigskin, and as a result it is
usually deposited where ono of their
attacking division secures it.
All of tho players stood tho fast
pace that was set from the toot of
the whistle till the call ot timo, anil
at the expiration of the playing
time wero as fresh as when they
stepped on the field. The fine form
that this team haa shown throughout the season is due to the proficient coaching of Mr. Leonard Tall,
who has the boys in charge, and
this gentleman has been untiring in
his efforts to get tho team Into winning condition.
The Nanaimo    team    played good
football all through the two periods
and gave many instances of tho fact
that they are no mean exponents of
the game, but they wero up against
better team and seemed to     feel
feet I that their chances of winning     out
1 were very slim, for they did not display tho same ginger that did    the
Victoria aggregation.    Their    gout*
keeper was the star of tho game, and
the defence was called upon to" do
the bulk of the work during the af'
ternoon.     In fact, at times it    was
not unusual to seo tho whole     forward lino assisting the defence     in
keeping out the fierce onslaughts of
the locals, who would not be dented
and kept boring in on the goal.and
the goal.keeper until they felt that
their lend was certain and their victory assured.
At other times, however, the    No
un   the
The gentleman had disappeared
was discovered with n friend in   the I   V" ~1 "' »—, «■«
jar side     of the balcony.    -Fourteen I 'orwards would really do very
andm!!^!0!!.1^ discovory nl' at once. I d-wer work in and around the goal,
waving   of 14 p,0gramslroefIed m ^.^ w,tMn ^^ ^
The room
tackier, and places with more judgment than he used to do. He will
lie up against men whoso play ho is
familiar with next Saturday so that
he should provo more effective than
*_ a n««   'ever.   McKinley was ns good as over
The Y.M. backs were busy and nna.-,)m<, workod hard and effectively * against a clever    ■wing.   Simpson also
put up a good    game, and satisfactory accounted for his men
has boen seen to
this season,
_    _. programs
tho unfortunate ono looked
round and his painful smile of recognition and acknowledgment, wns
worse thnn the lamentations of Mrs.
Most af the players, after their
mud-bath in pugda'lo Park, concluded
to go in for a Turkish bath also.
Some of them woro new to the experience, and, ns it happened, woro
,n°* — turn for the rubbing slab,
wns at 174 degrees and
of thom sat it out until they I
wero nothing but wet patches. They
wero waiting for tho word to come
out when the captain discovered
them. "Och, ma -Godl Ah'm sweated
too doeth," exclaimed one. ' Not for
fifty dollars, never again for me, no,
indeed to God, no! " cried the other.
And both together agreed that it wan
the hottest place thoy were ever in.
Nanaimo Wanderers, after n hot
and stubbornly contested gamo. wcro
defeated by four goals to two by
Victoria West nt Victoria on Saturday.
Tho local juniors were hoaten
tho North Ward Juniors by
of six goals to two.
tance of the goal was the kind that
tel-B. Usually, however, the attacks of the visitors was very spasmodic and It was either a one or
two mon attempt Instead of +V entire line that swept down toward
the goal. The harassing attack of
thev Victoria West forward division
nnd the great support It received
from the halves and back division*,
was the secret that scored tho goals
and told the tale of victory and of
defeat. The visitors stuck plucklly
at it until the very end and were
rewarded In getting a goal near tha
close, and they played clean, hard
football throughout, but thoir best
attempts to equalize the score were
in vain.
ly got Sparks nwoy for a
goal that lacked steam.
After 82 minutes play tho local
halves sent up to Steele.. Brown
mul|ed, and Steele following up well
forced the goal, Crulckshanks eventually scoring. Tho visitors camo
back and. forced a corner nnd Wormnld redeemed himself in the eyes of
tbo Y.M.C.A. by planting tho ball
with precision In front of tho goal,
whero Sparks secured and scores,
minutes from time.
Full timo score—
Nanaimo  3
s'rurk il... >.nDi       u .       .        .    .   '  " t.nroUffl' bore, und thoy can bo
""  K.        ' °lH limi ,llul a **""** oI iX hmn>' welcome   and   a
splendid     opportunity    but    slipped «"'*- Ul»°-
Sparks aud
greater advantage
but still ho playod    a
good game.    Tom up to tho   timo of
his accident, was also in good   form
nnd Bon was not to blame for    the
two goals scored against him.
Game nt Seattlo.
It was a merry crowd that   sailed
for the    land     of Stars and Stripes
aboard tho Itosulic.   And thoro   was
nothing spirituous, not a breath    of
It, In tho high spirits dominating all
tho boys.  The boat was crowded and
every soul on board, except tho Captain and     tho   captain's mate,   was
wafted to sleep liy the sweet singing
of the boys    who hud settled down
for a musical ovening.    The   strains
floating over tho dark waters of  the
gulf must have stirred tho mermaids,
in their caves, but none came aboard
and tho party onrly retired to rest.
Tho Ttosnlio is cheap rather    than
eody.       It   was fl:80, some   say,
when    she     tied up   at the Seattle
dock.    They say also thnt she   had
called nt    Port Townsend and   West
Seattlo,    and other   places.     These
statements     may    bo hard facts or
merely dreamland fancies, but it was
after seven o'clock when the bulk ol
tho party left the boot.   The   morning was    spent In    sight-seeing and
then came tho match.
Tho gamo itself wns a force;
jscrcaming fnrco, This statement is
not made in any way as a reflection
upon tho '.Seattle boys. Thoy were
the ones to suffer most, and thoy felt
,It very keonly. But the ground was
n tpilte a spell of weeks totally unfit for football. Players-
"■ - rt""  '      The wea-iand spectators alike recognized this,
The Seattle trip was a great
cess. A win uud u draw, both
icgan foreign fields should satisfy most speedy,
the poppto, particularly when the win
counts two points in a League competition, ami the draw establishes a
good sporting fooling between two
cities. It hud bettor bo said right
here thnt the Thistles are good
sports. Tliey hud not boon ublo to
mako all the arrangements they
could have wished, and they were
fooled in (he matter of a ground.
Still they did all they could under
thc circumstances, and treated the
boys while.    They are anxious    to
WA'LKFIELD, Mass., Feb. 24.-
That tho slayer of Father Leo Heln-
orichs, a priest at Denver yesterday,
is bearing an assumed name, was
made evident today when QulsopH
Garnncco, an Itallan^who has been a
respected citizen of this town for
more than five years was seen by an
Associated Press correspondent.
Garnncco lives on Senbrook avenue
with his wife nnd seven children an 1
is employed In a responsible position at the shoo factory of the L. 11.
Evans Co. He haa sevoral Italian*
working under him In his department
and it Is believed that the man under arrest at Denver may have once
worked in Evans' shoe factory and
assumed  Gnrnncco's name.
Neither Garnncco, tho superintendent of tho Evans' factory nor any rl
tho Italian residents of Wakefield
who wcro seen today, could remember any Italian named Allc Gulspea.
the name at first glvon by Father
Loo's assassin.
.ffl&Wt. i
flew Partnerekip
i of t:
Cartwright & Barclay
EVEimjittfo or the best.
Fnmrp-.n new   .tehsey
j NEW yomc, Fab. 21.-Counsel foi
P. W. Vonrliecs. former Rovornor ot
N*o\v Jersey, nnd Frank Cooml'9, whn
were Indicted on ''Inn-Res of perjui-.i.
pleaded guilty i efuro Justice Bowling today. The right to withdraw
the plea or (|ennii-o to tho Indictments within a week wns reserved.
The charges aro hnsed on roportr,
to the stats Imursnco depnrtraent,
made by the accusod Hevernl yeni-H
Offo while acting ns officers of the
Hnnkors' Life Insurance Co.
. .^wwwuia mine recogmzofl thiB,
wns ideal for footbull, und   its 'nnd tho lnttor gnvo   thomsolvos    up
and by goo J Influence was soon ln the high   spir-'to the enjoyment of tho farcical side
heading, returned and kept the play l|s ,""", "lm,'-f , 1'""""' °r, % ,,",1,.c,h. "f «■" K0"'0',    .. . ,    ,_  , ,
,„ v  I,    ..      ,    ,  ,    . _    ,," that    travelled    down   to Victoria. I   The ground whloh wns dignified by
in *.. M, ground, Johnnie eventually Thoy took tho field in fine shnpo and tho namo of Dugdnlo Park, had np-
shootlng high with plenty of time with lots of confidence und wore win-' parontly sagged somo In tho middle.
to spare. J fir] was nroinlntnt for m'rs f,ulu the firsl tuul °' th0 whls_ To remedy this, load nftor load of
eood work nt left hnlf   nml i„,   i,n,i tl0' ' 80"   •a1"1 ni"l 'x""1 'tea oat    round
tow worn nt left half and he had „ut tnti „ word nllmlt tho nold. .the sides of tho ground" nnd dumped
n   tricky wing to nttonrl to In bteolo It. ,'» ,t strnngo reflection upon n city on to tho nlnvlnfr nlfcnh     >_*„,  mud
and     I'otors.
«.       Thirty-two minutes the slZe ol Victoria/suppose,   to   be w^^ ",ltc,i
whon Nanaimo closed In K»J,l«l'l» English In Us institutions Jr?d i.™ £?   S,"
3.0   V..M.    backs worked M£    ««■«    «-■ hotter #£ To^Ttt
had elapsed
cigala,       Tno   Y.M.    backs worked
nobly and nt ono time cleared par-
ground for    the great wlntor    pas-
flattened out,
condition looked nil
To mako It totter, a    roller
 - 0.™- „,..">,    i>us- hnd boon    put   on,    and naturally,
     timo.    Two games aro playod atone broilgho all tho molsturo to tho sur-
tlnlly, but tho front ranks of tho and tho same time, tho touch lines fnce. Too 'late tho Thistle boys dls-
loculs was on tho soot and qtaeln hoi"s s"l,al'"tljd ''.v not more thnn covered thnt tholr gamo was spoiled,
locals   wan on the    spot and Steele fiv() or _lx ynrtg     Th|(( ,„ UmU  „     ____ nco J m MA  ,,„,,.„„
scoied an ensy goal cioso to tho linn. not 0„iy conffialnir lo tho playors, It was, wns nothing to what It was
Eight minutes later tho bnll wont but Is sufficient to keep spectators nctunlly. A plnyor came on trond-
over tho Nana lino goal lino and nw"''- Tlum again, tho grounds aro Ing a firm piece of tho field. Suddcn-
llrndshnw had his firsl mini kick i.i "Sl.!d ,or uthor l'-"'l'080s l'ha" ,'oot" 'V ho put his foot In a hole (on ho
Mrndshai Had His fit si gonl kick In hnI1| nn<1 tll0 „„„„ aTO mimd up> thou-ht) and Jl)mpw, to ^ out o(
■10 minutes, 'lho spirit of the vol- Tho goal posts also nro both shaky It nnd landed ovor the boot tops.
Itor's     forwards sooinwl all broken, and dlscroplt.   Tlio posts nro out   of ifh. wholo centre of tho field was nil
and tho gamo slnckonod up. Tho de- ""    Porpondloular and tho cross-bar hole.    It 	
, , „    , '      ,      „ nt ono end has slipped Its cubic. Had cal sights
fenco wns vigilant und rollovod woll lt hl!(,n    in     DnB|tinn ™, h.*„-i...   ..."!'""'
  ..—,-— —■    •«-"-- iy ho put his foot In a hole (as
ball, nnd    tlio.llncH    nre inlxod up. thought) nnd Jumped to got out
vol- 'phe goal posts nlso aro both Bhaky It nnd    landed   ovor tho bo
nnd discropit.   Tho posts nro out   of The whole centre of tho field
the    pei-pondicular and the r.rntm-i,ar .....     — 	
__m________moauomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoi     I',u s,g|Ufl ever    seen     on a football
Kingston, Ont., Feb. 21.— Justice " "" '»"»*■"■ """ It been    In    position on Saturday, fiold to    see   the    players   wading
Vrlco this morning sentenced Alex- '"'I co"ld not prevent another scorn Sanderson would havo scored In the throujh thnt mini pntch which cov-
nnder llahcock to one year In tho beforo tho chnngo. After 42 ralnutos first minute of piny. For tho rest 0rod moro than two-thirds of tho
Control Prison for bigamy nnd sus-  „jav mlln(|all    mnde n  splendid run tllc "c'd w"s "" r'B,lt'    Inc"11011   to field.    A man. after ho had mado
' sentence on charge nf cruelly  '   '    ..    ,, , '   ' _ lio hoavy In    parts.     It vol »«™ «  •-    *
in breaking    tho   arm of   Ms four ""w" tho «»■'■ ""■•'"'* "'-'•""--	
months' old hs'     wlilla In a -.esslon  two oth.
Tha Colonist, spooking of tho Wan
derors' defeat on Saturday, says'
In a gamo of cracking good fool-
ball almost every minute of tho plaj -
ing time tho Victoria West football
team yosterday    afternoon at    Oak
Bay   grounds    doubled the score ou
tho intermediate toaui from iNuaaiiuo
and   practically   cinched the honor i
for tho championship in that scries
The match was playod under ideal
conditions,     the Held was In perfect
shape,     tho   weather   was all that
could bo desired, and thero was not
a  breath of wind to favor either of
the teams.     Both of the contestlug
teams    wore trained to the minute,
each was out to win, and ths football that wos served up to the spectators was of   the stamp that calls
fur much praise and but little criticism.
Tlie   winning teain     demonstrated
their superiority over tho visitors ot
an early stago of the game, and this
superiority became mora marked   as
the play progresses',     In overy    department of tho game thu locals had
It on tlie visitors, with tho possible
oxceptlon of the goal keeper, Walker,
and tho    comparison in this department would bo unfair, as tho    Victoria West gonl-guardian had     but
littio to do and that littio ho    did
well.     Tho stopping and clearing of
tbo    visitor's custodian   of the nots
could not bo improved upon and no
stood nut from his team mutes with
startling distinctness.     His play all
through tho match was most    consistent and ho was vary cool In close
quarters    and    displayed   excellent
Judgment at all times.     The Nnnalmo team have to thank thoir   goat-
keeper for keeping tho score ns low
ns it was, and tho spectators    were
not slow In their applause of    his
fine work. <
Tho play of tho Victoria West team
almost throughout tho entire mstch
was of tho championship calibre,, tho
only exception to this being <n tho
onrly stages of tho flrst half    when
tho players did not appear to havoi baveyourbarberusVlton'you.'
got tholr bearings, and the second I 0 ivo us your name.——
half when tho score was 4 to 1 <■ 2,r."1.',*"'f."'*' •h«"c"l>.8
.. ,   ,        ,.      „   ,     . »„i„   Magnetic' razor, and we will.
their favor thoy dlsplnyod n cortal'i state our proposition for test-
llstlessness that resulted In the vis- Ing these razors without
I tors scoring on a  corner kick. tofugaHon on your pari if
Thoro does not seem to ba a wea*  ff***J*« *°g|h" wl,h »«
point In tho entire eleven mon from' j*',!*0<!»« "Sfrgjg;
Ho Honing—
No Grinding
You know Irom daily experience, at heme orin the barber
shop, that the question Is—
<i Why doesn't a razor hold
Its edge uniformly from heel
to head without honing and   /,
grinding?"   Whether it Is a   "t
safety, with thc certain tax of   i
new blades, or the ordinary   h
opcn-bladcd  razor docs not   "
slier the question.  You want
thc comfort and satisfacl ion of
t elenn, smooth chavo every
morning  with the confident
knowledge  that  your razor
will bo ready for instant use
the next time needed.
The Carbo Magnetic razorl)
the only razor uncotuNtlon-
ally guarantaad to do this.
Thirty years of study on tht
razor situation has perfected
s- new secret procent of
EiEoTtttQ im-amm that
positively merges every particle of carbon (the life of Heel)
Into the metal—giving s diamond-like hordness uniformly.
throughout the blade—some**
thing absolutely Impossible
with Are tempered steel-used
In making nil other razors.
But test this razor In your
own home—or if you prefer,
,     „,„,,„ „„   ,, .- - ■■■"•     " .vi K«ve a couple of    Jumps, nnd found   ttintl^ combination
ie une, passing Struthors nnd KOr,rt footi„K „„„- „„„,,,,,,, th0   plBV. frmn a_ boot top> ^ h(|(. _mk  to  two forwards 01
crs onrouto.    Tie transferred ers to got a perfect command of tho tho calves of Ms legs, come  to    a I ually noticed ln
tho ontlro oloven mon from'
the gonl tender to tho forward lino, j thi eomc.'f^r'J!'^"*5"
The   defence I.   strong and aggre,. llta»ingm1?^f,t1hH,0Jig'
slvt, tho forwards fast and each man
plays his position to a  nicety. Prat- [ SOLE AOENTSt
ty combination rushes. In which ths
on elthor win-- nro us-
successful efforts In
Ladysmith Hardware Co. I
ACTOR ON    llanco ha* 0-notified the police,   who aud one of thom pinched out the fuse RESCUE     PARTIES    OVERCOME
NEW YORK, Fob. 24.—Tho case ol
Raymond .Hitchcock, the comedian,
who is charged with lolouous assault
on young girls, was culled in Justice
Dowling's court today. John
Mclntyre appeared as counsel
the accused, and Assistant District!
Attorney Oarvan, who assisted District Attorney Jeromo ln tho Thaw I
cast, represented tho state. j
Though tho dofence is desirous ni
a further postponement an aecoii'.t
of Ur. Hitchcock's theatrical engagti-
ments, It Is quite probable that tho
trial will be proceeded with this
"~ Frionds of Hitchcock ars firm ia
tholr belief that the charges against
him will flnde out into thin air. Pun
lie sentiment in regard to tho caso
has undoubtedly undergone a decid.
ed chunge sinco tho arrest of tho p.i-
pulur young comedian last fall.
When Hitchcock wont into hiding
following his arrest on charges work
od up by tlio (lorry society, it looked for lho timo liolugi us though the
young actor's future was bllghtj-l
forever. Ilut many people aro now
inclined to tin. ballot that Hitchcock,
though probably guilty of serious In
discretions, wot at the same time
the Intended victim of a blackmailing plot, as ho himself doclarod.
Developments have come to light
sluce the caso lirst attracted attention, tend to show that one of the
actor's alleged girl victims wns older than wot at first stated, and that
moreover, her escapades had sevoral
times brought hor into the limelight
of publicity. Thon, too, the bro
ther ot one of tho girls, tho same
young follow whom Hitchcock ns
sorted tried to blackmail him, has
pleaded guilty to ths charge, ani
this hat helped to tnrn the balance
of public sentiment In favor ot th'
♦ :
Nanaimo, Feb. 24.—
John Nord, an Old Nanaimo-Resident Hanged Himself nt Cumber
land Yesterday.
• —— •
A telegram received by Chief of
Police Csossan from Cumberland to
day, states that John Nord, former
ly of thit city, hanged himself thero
No further particulars are to hand.
will stop tbe desecration of alliance ns he thought   and    then kept
principles. working.     One of thom was on tho
 ♦ —■ top of    the    stump when the blast
FIENDISH   MURDER   OF CATHO- went off.    Mr. Shnrp had gone away
LIC PRIEST. having said that    he thought   there
was danger, but the other two hud
F. Father Loo Helndrich Brutally Mur- gulshed ^   lnohed
tor, deced While Administer
ing Sacrament.
George Houston, who was killed
the idea that tbe fuse was oxtiu-
outrlght, and Peter Ramsay, who
died this morning, were both single
men, natives of- Scotland, and both
minors by trade. They came here
recently from Nanaimo.
DENVER, Col., Feb. 2'1.-In tile
twenty centuries of history ol the
Catholic church, members of its
priesthood in this city declare there
is no record of a tragedy to parallel that of ths killing ot Father Lso
Heinrlchs, while he was administering tho sacrament to Ouispie Guai-
occo at the altar ot St. Elizabeth
Church yesterday morning.
This crime they say will stand out
aa one   of    the most fearful in tho
crlminnl records, and its preparation OTTAWA, Feb. 24.—Joseph Bos-
may result in tho canonization of cowitz of Victoria, B.C., as repro-
Futher Leo as a martyr ol tho tentative of the B.C. sealers, has
church, In whose service he fell while had several interviews with Auibas
performing his duties, jsador llryce and Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Father Eusoblus as pastor of   St. to urge that some International    a -
Elizabeth's,     received     a telegram greemont     be made botween Japan,
Representative of B.C. Sealers Interviews Ambassador Bryce re
Destruction of Seals.
New York, Feb. 34.— Both t'<-
American and National baseball Ion-
gait directors will meet ln Now Yo:'.<
thts week. Tho principal business
before the leagues will be the adoption of the playing schedules for the
At the National League moetlngi, 11
la said President Pulllam will mnko
a stand on tho black list resolution
adopted last fall at the meeting ol
the Natlonnl Association. He Is
snld to havo announced thnt unless
the other league members back up
his stand ho will resign his position.
OTTAWA, Ont., Feb. 21.—Tho bank
ing and commorco committee this
morning resumed the discuss on regarding tho government Insurance
bill. C. Nadel, of Now York, representing tho Cunad nn, British & American Insuraiiee companies was
heard in opposition to tho clnuse ol
tbo insurance bill which limits them
to thrco lines of policies. Accident
companies in hiB opinion should he
permitted to carry on tho same lines
of Insurance ln Canada as in Groat
Britain and United States.
E. Williams on behalf of Canadian
accident companies, also askod that
acctdont companies be glvon a wider
T. B. Murnulny, of tho Sun Life,
followed with tho resumption of his
discussion of tho bill. Ho opened
with forco on the restrictions which
tho bill Imposed on companies' contingency reserves.
Uo condemned the proposals In this
regard ns worse than the Armstrong
hill in Now York state, as tho most
pernicious principle that could possibly be established. Hc could seo no
reason why tho Insurance Company
should not he allowed to strengthen
Itself hy tho establishing df a reserve In exactly the same was as a
bank. Regarding distribution of policy-holder's profits trlcnnlcnll.v, Ha-
eaulay said thore was not a precedent In any pint of the world for such
a position.
last night from tho father provincial
In Patterson, N.J., Instructing him
to forward the body of Fathor Loo
to that city. Fathor O'Ryan, pastor of St. Loos, will deliver on eulogy on Father Leo and a sermon
against anarchy and socialism.
Tho services will be attended by
600 members of the KniglhtB of Columbus and the entire body of the
Knights of St. John and other Ca
thollc associations.
Tho murderer talked freely in jail
concerning his fiendish act. For his
crime, ho declared, ho had no regret.
He Bald ho was a native of Slcillv,
is a shoomakor, and is 56 years of
age. He became a socialist and an
anarchist twenty years ago. and ar
rivod In America two years ago and
has sinco been tencbing anarchy
working but littio at his trade,
DENVER, Feb. 24.-After exam,
inntlon of letters found ln ths room
whlrh tho slayer of Father Leo had
occupied In this city, tho polios oltl-
clals concluded that he was Angolo
Gabrlele, a Slcllllnn anarchist.
NEW YORK, Feb. 24.— Domiuicn
Cells, brother of Glrolamo Cella, ths
wealthy importer, who was found
dying In hit office In west Broadway
early yesterday, and Olrolomo's step-
ion Caesar Byanchi, were held today
without bail to await an investigation into the cause ot the old man's
Cella was found yesterday inoruing
unconscious and near deuthjhy a po
liceman who had boen called by Do
monico. Hit skull had been true
tured by several blows from u hammer, and thero wort stains of acid
on his lips, -n tht office tho polios
found a letter signed by Cella which
said it was impossible for htm to
live longer with the life that 1 lead
in my home."
Doutinlco laid he was passing thj
offlct early yesterday when he noticed that the padlock which usually
secures the door was not in its place
and he entered and found his brother-! body and at once notified the
police. Cella lived only a few minutes after the police arrived.
At first it was believed thnt h -.
committed lulcide, but tho coroner
decidod that tho wounda could not
In tatf-infllcted, and ordered an investigation. Shortly afterwards he
ordered that Dominion and Byanchi
bt detained. Cella Is said to ha -e
bad a fortune of half a million rijo'l
 , 1	
VANCOUVER, Feb. 21.- The second victim of the oxplosion accident
on Qrundvlcw on Wednesday, died
at tbe general hospital this morning
shortly after iivo o'clock.
It appears that the story ot tho
Bad alluir, as glvon yesterday, wns
Incorrect ln somo details. Mr. A.
W, Sharp, who employed ths man to
blow up tbe stump, was seen shortly after tlie accident, but he absolutely declined to give any Information, Ho waa very busy at the timo
sitting on a section of ths fallen
stump eating his lunch. He went
so far as to say that having spoven
to tho police ho did not feel called
upon to volunteer any more information.
Ur. J. Snow, who was working on
houso nearby, had Just knocked off
for tho noon hour. It was a ftw
mlnutct after twelve when he heard
the explosion, and looking out, saw
a man's body hurtling through the
'air. He ran out and m'de hit way
to whore ths man's'body had fallen.
CINCINNATI, O., Feb. 24.- Don.
Mogo, commander ol the Japanese
forest that captured Port Arthur, expressed sympathy for his defeated
enemy In a brief cablegram received
hire today, on tho reroipt ot tho
ntwt that Otn. Stotttsl had been
convicted and sentenced to death tor
bit conduct in tht detenu of Fort
Hit Tlmos-Star sent a cablegram'H< ,omi t1"1* h» w0» dua*
to Otn. Nogl stating the fact, nnd h» *«"t to tha other man, Pater
asking for a statement of his views. ;*-amsoy, who died this morning, and
en tht reply received todny the Jap,'0*""1 ■*•* »■■ nel,rt **■ beating,
leader laid.' j'*e ""d another mon tore open   the
"At a soldier, I  deeply sympath-' Itlured man't clothing ovor tht cheat
lt* with Otn, Stoettel.     I    cannot om* administered first aid at far as
bear to state my views." th°7 know-    H* thinks that It was
, about an hour atter that that    tht
Toronto, Ont., Feb. 24.—   During man gave a  long sighing breath.
tht put week the Orand Trunk rail-    Thit tncouragod them to continue,
Z? \ZuitSZ X^CTt aUh0"gh «■•»—■«•• «- »••*.
them w?rt dismissed for swearing to " Mood wa> pouring from ths manjs
pattengers on trains, and- two othors mouth la great gulps,
,or drunkenness. Th,   anibulttncd    „r|ved sn houT
A and twenty minutes after the explo-
Some of the    competitors in    tht ,lon and the man was taken to  the
Russia, United States and Canada
to prevent complete destruction ol
herds of seals in Bearing tea. Paris
award of 1893 does not include Japan, and tho Japanese at present ore
free to do as they like in catching
 * —
OTTAWA, Feb. 24. -J. S. Larke,
Canadian trade commissioner In
Sydney, in a report to tho Trade &
Commerce Department says the prosperity of the past four seasons has
put the finances of Australia, both
private and public in fine condition.
Mr. Fielding may deliver the budget speech this week, following the
Passage of the French treaty.
D. H. Ross, Canadian trade commissioner in Melbourne, Australia,
has been granted permission to return to Canada for the purpose of
conferring with Canadian manufacturers, and exporters, regarding extension of trade relations with Australia,
TOLEDO, O., Feb. 21,-Reeling
with fatigue and after lacing death a
score of times on the treacherous ice
of Mauniee Buy, the rescue party ot
live men arrived in the city today
from the light house bearing the body of Capt. Dolos Hayden, who died
Wednesday of last week. Tho rescuers trailed 14 mites over thin ice
and narrowly escaped drowning in
numerous open places.
OTTAWA, Feb. 24 .--For tho past
ten months of the current fiscal your
ending with January, the total Immigration to Canada was 240,855,
an increase of 20 per cent, as compared with tho corresponding period
of a  year ago.
the all   1mihmitaxt asiatic
(London Times. )
The whole problem of Asiatic Immigration is so dllllcult, und of sucb
pressing importance, that it shouli
not be complicated by questions of
what virtually comes to be tho treat
moat of Individuals. But bosidjs
tho feeling of honor Involved ut
home, in India there is a very serious movement of public opinion to
be reckoned with. One of tho most
surprising features in the Blue-Book
on the subject is the curiously halting protest of the Indian government, and it is evident from news
wbich we have recently published
that' Mr. Moreley's more emphatic
language was much'more representa
tlve of opinion in the dependency.
Sevoral meetings of protest have
-..(ly been held in India, but that
held in Bombay last Wednesday iB
particular significance. It is not
often that Indians of ths Hindu,
Partee and Mahomedan communities
meet for a common object as they
did on this occasion, under tho auspices, too, of some of their most pro
minent leaders. The Agha Khan
who recently headed a most mport-
ant Mahomedan deputation to Lord
Minto and is the acknowledged loader of the Indian Musulmans, presided, while among the speakers was
Sir Pherozeshah Mehta, one of tho
most influential leaders ot the Hindu
National Congress party.
All the seven thousand persons assembled condemned in no uncertain
tone the treatment of their compatriots in the Transvaal, and appealed to the British government and
parliament for redress.
A recent writer has suggested that
nothing is so likely to unite the east
as this question of color; thts is one
reason why parliament and the empire Bhould look into the matter n
a l-road spirit.
Another reason lies in our groat
responsibilities to India and the
credit and privileges ■ which wo attach to membership of the empire.
lajanaiiairii inn
OTTAWA, Fob. 24.—Three children o. Mr. and Mrs. Jos. .Stanley, of
Madawuslia were burned to death as
ttio result of an oil lamp being over
turned. Tbo victims are aged five
and three years, and 11 months obi.
The parents left tbe house and locked the children in nnd nothing was
known until the house was In flames. Tho neighbors tried to rescue
tho little ones, but it was too late.
The Canadian Bank
Of Commerce
B. E. WALKER, President.
ALEX. LAIKD, General Ma- ager
A. E IRELAND, Superintendent
of Brai olios.
P.ld.ijBUNia-1 $10,000,000
Rest     5,000,000
Tom Assets. 113,000,000
NEW YORK, Fob. 31.—Tht itlilu-
iooking young man who described
liiiusoU as Jus. A. Baker, of Columbus, i0„ when arrested here lasl evening atter a seven thousand mile
chase, charged with mui-der aud a
long series of post office and rail
road station robberies is now said.
to have been one of the liutiicld-Mc-'
Coy fuedists of Kentucky. His reel
name is supposed to.be Dickson,        I
Baker, or Dickson, has told     the'
police that he has a  wifo in   Pitts
burg whom he married live years ago
under the name ot Baker.
The prisoner was arraigned betoi
the United States commissioner
day and bold    on live thousand dot-. ~|
lars   for further    examination    on
March 2.
Branches throughout Canada und in the United States and England
Farmers' Paper Discounted.
Deposits of SI und upwards received, snd interest allowed at
current rates. Tlie depositor is subject to no delay whatever in
tbe witldiawnl of lhe who'e or any part of tho deposit
8FH«   HOURS ON MY D»V   Biao ^ p^0Uft.m* '>
LafilYBlHTB  BRANCH  L. II. DtGEX, Malaga.
President nnd Managing Director.
Hctrettiry -Treasurer,
1,0-   i^* ivr-M-TO-win
As a recult of the recent Arnaud-
Courtler expedition into the South
ern Soudan the strange theory has
been launched in Paris that the Tua-
regs, the wild nomads of tho Saha
ra, are of Frenoh origin. The assumption is that they are the descendants of survivors uf the crusading army which King Louis IX.
landed at Tunnis in 1370.
The king himself died there, and
only a few strggglers of ths many
thousands who accompanied him ever made their way home. The oeneral statement of history has always
been that tbo rest died of pestilence
else wore slaughtered or enslaved
by the Mohammedans of tho coast.
Now it is suggested that a strong
band, well armed and mounted, may
have successfully resisted attack and
mado their way into the interior, incidentally'securing wives by attacks
on tho Nomad Arabs.
Many facts about the Tuaregs lend
a color of posslbllltv to this proposition. They clearly are not of
tbo same race as the peoples surrounding them. They themselves believe that they do not belong to Africa, They have a tradition of migrating thither somo centuries ngo,
but their story is that they are descended from the Turks, and roached
tho Sahara via Egypt. Their status as intruders is further illustrated iu the fact that they are irreconcilably at odds wllh all thoir neighbors. Whether among the Berbers
of the north or the blacks ot tho
south, they have no friends.
They aro t remarkably whito race
and those ot the north, who have intermarried little with Sudaneso women, are known as the "White Tuaregs," In face and stature they
suggest rather tho European thai
the Turk. Their strange habit nl
veiling their faces—the mon, for tbe
women go unveiled, though they art
Mohammedans—It explained by themselves at due to their dignity: lt Is
not worthy of a truo man to allow
himself to be looked at. But lt Is
goiierally believed that it is a survival of the need which strungers experienced to protect their tender skin
from the flying sand and dust. ol
the desert. Now lt Is suggested the
veil ls really a survival ol the visor
of the Crusader's helmet.
In oxploitlug this theory a Pans
newspaper published a portrait of a
Taureg chief who bears the very
French sounding name of Amador.
This name, he said, was an Inherlt-
It cams from the earliest
daya of hit tribe. Here ls anothor
item ol proof that the Tauregs ars
of Gallic origin, writes the paper.
And sure enough it lt an odd lit
of evidence, for now the Courts Amo-
dor de Mollans, head of a very ancient family of Frnnche Comte, com-
to tho front with tlie uninterrupted genealogy from the year 1330.
Ths name Amedor ls the translation
of the old family motto thus: "Ame
d'or," soul ot gold.
It is a family tradition that mem
bers of the family accompanied Ling
Louis on both ol hit crusading expeditions, tho earlior of which  camo
tp grief In Egypt as the lattor  one AT LOW TIDE
did at Tunis. Wilfrid was getting upon his    fa-
It is a  family tradition also,   the|thor's knee watohlng his mother gr-
Comte Amedor layt, that on    eaoh ranging her hair.
The Actress— In this now play I'm
supposed to die from a broken
heart. Now, how am I to know
how a person with a broken hoart
The Manager— I'll tell you what
to do. You study the author ol
this play after ho sees tho first ro-
The secrets of her yearning soul
She wove Into a  passion poem:
But the verses tound a pigeon hole,
And    the   world will never know
Aftor having been guarded night
and day for eleven weeks by officers
of tho Criminal Investigation Depart
ment, the famous Culliman diamond,
which was lodged at New Scotland
Yard on Nov. i) last, after having
been presented to the King at Sun
drlngham, hat now been removed
from the custody of the police.
Although statements have been pub
lished that ths diamond had been
transferred to tho Continent in a.i
unregistered parcel, it has remained
all this time wrapped in tlssuo paper in a leather bog ln a safe at
New Scotland Yard, and ovor this
sufe, sealed with tape, a constant
watch during every hour of tho 31
haa been kopt.
In ths presence of Sir Molbourue.
Macnaughton, the chiet or tho Criminal Investigation Department: Sir
Edward Henry, tho chiet commission
er ol pollcej Sir Francis Uopwood,
permanent under secretary of the
colonies, and Sir Richard Solomon,
the Transvaal agent, Lady Uopwood
cut the tapes surrounding! this safo
and the diamond waa produced and
admired.        e
It was then replaced in a brown
leather bag and handed to detective,
who loft Scotland Yard in a motor
tor a destination which at present
Is a close secret.— London Chronicle.
 .—♦ 1
Earl drey dramatic competitions be- hospital.    Mrf Snow sayt that  the
gan reheartlng on Sunday at tho lo-
expedition the   representative of hi.
family failed to return.     Be writes
jas If he wore quite ready to embrace
n the Tuareg chief a long lost ev-
CM theatres, and tht Lord t Day Al- „t „„     rbt Migt hBd not goa, „„   York ^
"Papa hasn't any Marcel wave,
like that," snld the lather laughingly,
Wilfrid, looking up at his father's
bald pate, replied,
"Nope: no waves: tt't all
' _. a
Dr. Wm. Popper, in a most interesting paper presented at a recent
meeting of the Philadelphia County
Medical Society, discussed tbe causes
of death of eminent physicians. Ue
stated that Laennec fell a victim ,
a disease the nuture of which hu
had taken pains to describe. Lan-
cisl and Corvisart died of diseased
heart, and Boyle sank under the ravages of the disease of which he ha-1
been the most successful Illustrator.
Sir Benjamin Brorlie, tho great Burgeon, died or w*— of his right
shoulder Joint. Dupuytren, the moBt
famous Burgeon of tho lest century,
died of an empyema. -Refusing to
submit to an operation, ho said he
would rather end Hi life through
Cod's hand than that of a surgeon.
In more recent times Mllkullcz. who
wrote on cancer of the stomach, himself fell a victim to this disease
Fowler of Brooklyn, having written
ot appendicitis, died of this disease.
On the memorial tablet of Dr., J. W.
Lazear, who died of yellow fever, are
the words, "With more than tho devotion and courage ol a soldier, he
risked and lost his life to show how
tearful pestilence is communicated
and how its ravages may be prevented." Dr. Ouillotin, the inventor ol
the guillotin, had his own bead chop
ped ofl. A number of distinguished
physicians havc been great sufferer
from the gout, Sydenham said:
Moro wiso meu than fools aro victims of this affection." Angina pec
torls has claimed its shore of the me
dical profession, and in this group
may he montioned tbe names of Sir
James Y. Simpson, Sir Chas. Bell,
nnd John Hunter.
Instances aro cited illustrative of
Osier's statement thnt tho profession
oilers many examples of good wotk
thoroughly and conscientiously carried out by mon with anourlam OI
the aorta.
Robert Llston dlod of an aneurism
of tho aortic valves ol tho heart, the
exit for blood being reduced to a
more chink.
Another group    Is given, including
those having suffered from apoplexy,
and still another nnd larger group I
classified under the heading of mis
collanoous.—Americnn Medicine.
WOODSTOCK, Feb. 33.—Alter forty years of service John Cameron,
governor ol Oxford county Jail, and
father of Judge Cameron of tho supreme court ol Manitoba, hns re
Tom— You say    her tnthor kioked
at your calling?
Jack— Yes, but he didn't land.
-» ♦
"You don't moan to say," remarked Wise, "that you mado a present of thot flve dollars to Borrow-
Yes," replied Markley, "I had to
to save my self-respect."
I don't understand, I thought you
loaned it to htm."
So I did, not knowing any better. But now I don't want any
body to think I wns ever foolish enough to expect it back."
Ilealt Served at all 'lours.
First Class
Private Rooms
For Ladies
Clam Chowder and Oysters
W.E.M0ME   -   Proprietor.
Fainter k
The Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
Has received the agency of
one of the best American
Picture Enlarging Firms.
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Roberts St. Butcher
P.O. Box 51 'Phot* 44
Dealer in All Kindt of
Heats Delivered free ol chars* em tht)
Shortest Notice.
Union Brewing Co.
Ladyimith, B. O.
Saved from Drowning; In the Mono-
gakuia River, Then Hun
Over by Train.
PITTSBURG, Fab. 33. -Saval
from drowning aftor a terrible strtig
gle In tbe ley waters ol the Monoa-
galielu rlvor at Elisabeth, Pa., near
here, only to bo run down nnd kill
ed by a train on reaching thore was
tha fate ot J. W. Draper' and F. O
Oarett, two govornntent employee,!,
at look No. 8. 0. E. Stone, n companion, who saved thiem from tht
water, wet also hit by the .train and
prnliably fatally Inlured.
Tht men had quit work: for    tho
<&     ...
day whan Draper slipped from tlu
lock Into the river. Oarett plunged
into the river after him, knowing
Draper was unable to swim, evontu-
ully, Stone rescued both men by aid
of a boat hook, All throe started
to walk along the l'lttsburg ani
Charleston railway traoka to Elizabeth to get dry clotbos, and wort
■truck by a  fast train.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 32. —Right
ilov. Hey Yetee Satterleo, D.D., lor
the past 31 years Proteatent Episcopal bithop ot Washington, died ut
his residence hare today at tha age
ol 05. Although threatened with
grippe Bishop Batteries officiated at
ths ton-ice last Sunday morning,
shortly atterwardt hla condition became aoute and a physician was call
During tht early part ol tbt week
he Improved somewhat and it Wat
thought that ha would speedily recover, but pneumonia developed and
tor tht last several days his condition hu been critical. He died
shortly betore eight o'clock this
lllthop Satterleo was formerly rector of Calvary church In Now Yorf.
He waa a rellglout writer ol tome
note and had been eloeted but declined to accept the bishopric ol
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Arrangements for the funeral have j
AU tiada ol
Bon* at Snort MoUet.
not yet been made. ,
mt^o_auova^o_a_io^a_u»m^moMarm*mtam% &-^J*^«>^**4'Mv-*"■-■*.■» ■*-•"-**•**
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Royal Blue, Brown ami Cardinal, us well as n full showing
of Now Tweed effects.
+«*.-««*>*->'->- r.
i1*J* ■%■ \ ■ ■* -*. <v*. ■■•*■ v
SAX 1'RANUISCO, Feb. 22.— H.
McQIU, accused of uttering a ilotl-
Liuns chock, lU'tor a pruliminary «-
ainination before l'olico Judge \Wi-
lor, was idontiliod by tlie police as a
former chief of jiolico uf .Saratoga.
!N.Y,. having tilled that position for
ton yoai'fl. Mo nearly eo]lapsed iu
court whon his former position was
McLlill is said to     havo advertised
ift u  paper about a   week ago tor a
rehned  woman     to accompany    ala
"wife"     and   infant    ou an enstorn
tour.     Mrs, Margaret Page answered
the advertisement,.    Ho advised her,
it is said, that she must be equipped
with an elaborate wardrobe and accompanied hoi' to a  drygoods store,
■) j whero ho bought her a  great deal   1
\   wearing apparel and is alleged     to
(i   havo paid for it with a  check after
j! ; tho purchases had been mado.     M>
•■   Gill is said to have borrowed $100
j I from    Miss Page,     saving thnt    h<j
(t   could get no more ready money un-
{   til tho banks opened on thc follow-
{)   ing day.     Aftor receiving the $100
\ 'In cash McOill Is said to have conn-
a ;
iltermandod tho order for the goods,
and Miss Page saw him no moro until after tho officers nr. estod him at
the Emeryville rnco track.
Pllaee Orders Early
Phone 22
—Tho Royal Motel here was destroyed by flro this morning. The loss
if $75,000; some insurance.
The first round of the billiard tour
nament now in progress at the Pretoria hotel has been played out.
There have been some close games
and thoso in the second round should
The funeral of the late Mrs.    Mn    ,
garot Jackson took   place on    Sun- ltiso furnish some   exciting contests.
A service was conducted in the
family residence by thc Rev, Jas.
McMillan aftor which tho remains
wore borne down tlie hill in time for
the noon train for Nanaimo whero
the interment was to tako place. Tlio
Pythian Sisters turned out in
strength, und the funeral was also
attended by a host of sympathizing
From the Nanaimo depot the cortege proceeded to the cemetery whore
the grave side services were conducted by the Rev. Mr. Millar.
Tho deceased was greatly respected
and tit. deepest sympathy is felt for
the family in their grievous and irreparable loss.
Mr. F. F. .Johnson, 61 Redvori
been visiting his sister, Mrs. G. Wilson, of Fourth avenue. Mr. Johnson was looking round for a prospective settlement, and expressed
himself as charmed with tho const,
and particularly the Island.
The draw is as follows: Smith vs.
Jones.     Strapg vs. Ford or O'Brien.
Howell vs.  Foriunnn.sco. Uunwondy
vs.  Sihbald.
BOSTON, Fob. 22.—The final match
in the national amateur racquet
championship tournament', which wns
played todny on the courts of the
tennis and racquet club, whore the
tournumorit has been in progress dining tho past week, found two former
champions, P. 11. Haughton and Q.
A. Shaw, club mates nnd Boston
men, contending' for the title. Shaw,
throe times champion, won his way
to tho final stage by victories in the
severest of clemiiintloi) matches. Each
man wns looked upon ns playing n
game c |Ual to any of his career.
Mrs. T.  Woblo,
iu town today.
of Northfiold,  was
There will he a meeting of .the
Citizens' League tomorrow night in
the City Hall. The object of the
mooting is to determine on some plan
whereby the proposition to light tho
city with electricity run bo pushed
ahead. If the members of thc Loa-
has'.guo are in enrncst on this lighting
question they will attend the meeting in full force.
Mr. and Mrs. 0, Stevens paid a
visit to Sonttlo on Saturday, return
ing on Tuesday.
Arnold was In town on Tues-
Mrs. TI. Hughes boarded tho south
bound train this morning.     —
Among the Ladysmith peoplo who
went down to Victoria on Saturday
were Mrs. C, White and Mr. Stove
Decker. T,hese twain returned A.S
one on the noon train Sunday. They
were mnrrhjd in tho Capital City ou
Saturday afternoon nnd the Lady
smith hotel hns resounded with rejoicings nnd chlvararls over since.
Both Mr, and Mrs.  Decker aro wide
A concert will he given in the Pros
bylorlan church on Monday evening,
March 16. The Presbyterians liavo
ostnbflsHed n reputation with their
concerts, nnd no effort is being spared to scpro another success.
T.OULoN. Fob. 22.—Charles It.
Ullmu, an ensign in the Fieuch imr.v
has been found guilty by a court-
martial of attempting tu sell naval
secrets tu a foreign power, and sentenced tu life imprisonment iii u
fortress, and to bo degraded from
his rank.
Ensign Ullmu was arrested at Toulon on a   charge of being a   spy, on
Jan. 25.     on examination of his affects he was shown to bo in possiw-'titm~s
sion of many valuable documents and
ly known     and very popular,     and afterwards manifested to having al
heaps     of good    wishes accompany
them into their new life.
cr:ni&T!Tr:7*c*: 'ti-jsamx inBBMH
Victoria, Fob. 22.—The debate en
tho resolution of J, II, llawthorn-
thwaite, looking to tho appointment
of an imperial commission to enquire
into all the circumstances connected
with the Question of .Inpnneso immigration into Urltish Columbia,was
resumed In the legislature yesterday
by Hon. Richard MuBrlde.
After briefly reviewing the situation the premier declared himself in
favor of the proposal put forward hy
the member from Nanaimo, iio ni-
l'ero.1 nn amendment to tbe wording
of tbo resolution, which, however, in
no way changes its effect.
The premier thought time if an
Imperial Commission came to 11. C.
to investigate it would be found that
thero was absolutely no desire on the
part of tho province to involve the
Empire in any International conflict.
It would ho shown that it wns advisable to prohibit the immigration
of Orientals, lt was useless to appeal to Ottawa on the subject. In
order tu better facilitate the matter
ho proposed to amend the resolution
so as to road ns follows:
"That jin. humble address bo presented to His Honor the Lieut-Governor praying him to request the
governor-general to ask the Imperial
government through the colonial sec-
rotary lo appoint n royal commission to fully enquire into all the clr,
eumstances in connection with theso
J. A, Macdonald moved the adjournment of the debate.
On tho second rending of tho Elcc-
IJIll Mr. Naden proposed ', >
make suiferugc apply to women as
well ns men.
Tho Attorney General asked that
this stand over.
Mr. Hawthornthwaito took exception aud contended thot the Government was now trying to put it off
"until the end of the session and then
rush It through.
structed a  secret signal book    and ■
in al cipner, I
An army officer named Burton wus j
arrested iater on similar chargos.nud'
in Toulon ilvo rlngloaders of an Im*'
portaut association of into mat ion I
spies were taken into custody.      it'
is believed that all theso men wore!   TnIs WM     deniod b    thfl rromler
mjomo way connected with UHmo's dnd tho Attorney Gonwnl who saici
. 1 hoy wore propnrod to allow it    to
o debated If they wished.
Cnll and seo our New Linos
of Spring Goods arriving ov-
ory dny.
We nre also handling a full
range of Ginghams nnd Prints
—in Checks, Spots. Stripes,
The authorities found evidence that
Ullmo had offered to soli information
concerning tho defences of France to
a German agent. Ullmo made a
partial confession to the charges and
as n result tho French authorities
decided to order tho reconstruction
of the French naval luetics.
The Premier further contended that
Mr. Hawthornthwnife had allowed
weeks to pass without bringing th's
up and now introduced tbe discussion only in tho hope of making political trouble, tie said the Government party wns not making the
question a party one. Ho personal-
NOTED OFFICIAL '-v 'mr' vntotl "gainst woman suffer-
ngo but he might yet change his
mind {in tho subject.
Tho amendment was allowed t-
stand over after some discussion.
William's Block
MESSINA, Stctli, Feb. 22.—Ther*
is groat excitement horo over the expected sentence of Nuncio Nasi,   the
jformor minister of public instruction
I whoso trial on tho charge of fraudu-
; lently securing flve hundred thousand
(dollars from the state treasury   haa
■been in progress nt Rome for
time. "**
j   Tho forco of troops stationed bora
as well as the local police have bcoi
largely   strengthened in anticipation
of violent demonstrations as Sonorj   The   steamer   Alexanderia    ofthe
Nazi Is vory popular throughout tho Kosmos lino which arrived on    the
island.        At     Trapanl     especially Soimd yesterday from Hamburg vi.
Newcastle On T Feb. 22.—Sov-
ornl conferences were held yesterday
with a view to arranging a compromise In the strike nf the shipyards'
employees. AH proved futile, but
the employers decided that thoy
some .would not enforce a lock out, which
j would have offoctod 80,000 men.
ists were shot dead aud as many
mora wounded in a bloody buttle
with federal troops on the streets in
Iquique on Friday, December 20th
An incipeut rebellion among the Industrial classes in tho South Amur I-
in republic was thus suddenly ended through tho Arm action of President Pedro Montt.
Tho recent trouble ln Chili was
precipitated through intense dissatisfaction against the administration
of President Montt, generated
among tho mine -workers, who believed tbat in disputes between the
laborers and employers tho President
showed a' disposition to favor tho
employers. Several strikes on the
part of the minors ended dlsasterous
ly for the laborers, and the president was blamed for sympathizing
with the mine owners and lending
them his moral support.
The trouble came to a head flrst
In November, when there was a
sharp engagement between tho striking miners and the troops Bent by
President Montt to preserve order
Seven men wore killed and mnnv
wounded in that encounter. The
strikers at thnt time' showed such
strength as to make thom a menace
to thc safety of the government.
Fully 1)0,000 men had walked out at
Autofagnsta, Mejillcnes and at Cal-
leta Dura, and work in the mines
had boen completely tied up.
This lirst severe check of the unlawful methods of the strikers, although depressing did not have the
effect of thoroughly stamping out
their rebellion against law and order
nnd they set about organizing
more thorough and systematic opposition to the government. Accord
ing to the story told by Schwonger
thoy fomented a revolution throughout tho whole country and more especially in tlie coast towns, where
their influence was immense.
The strikers all armed, came into
violent conflict with the president's
forces at Iquiipio in tho beginning of
December, Tho result of another
bloody encounter, wus a loss to the
revolutionists uf 210 men killed and
0 wounded.
That tho rebellion was not stopped
by this Napoleonic action of President Montt is certain from tho • accounts of tlie Alexandria's olHccra
und others on tho steamer.
Toward the end of December 15,
000 armed strikers came down from
tho mines and camped outside Iquique threatening to burn the town If
their demands were not conceded.
President Montt on recoipt of this
news, issued orderd to the commanders of 'iho Chilean war ship
Ulnnoa Escalada and Mlnistro, Zen-
teno to proceed to Iquique and lan'l
murines, with machine guns, to corporate with the land forces in the
The Hlanca Escalgda and Ministro
Zonteno arrived at Iquique on Friday, December 20th and at once
landed 500 marines and several machine guns. With tho regular land
forces under the direction of President Montt, thoy marched to meet
tho revolutionists, who by this timo
had made their way into the town.
Tho two forces met near tho outskirts of Iquique, and President
Montt sent a message to the reboi
commander, that lu order to avoid
bloodshed, he would glvo him
hour to disperse his men. ThiB offer
wns refused.
When the time was up the president gave them another hour to quit,
This they again refused to do, and
as a final act of consideration. President Montt allowed the revolutionists another quarter of an* hour in
which to lay down thoir arms. All
this time hurried preparations were
being made by the revolutionists tj
strengthen their position for resisting the forces of tbe Chilean government-
At thu expiration of the last quarter of an hour allowed by the president for tho revolutionists to surrender the government troops were ordered to flre. Instantly a tremend
ous fuislude began on both sides,but
the untrained forces of the rebels
wero no match for the government
troops with their machine guns. In
less than half an hour thoy wero
driven out of the town with a loss
of 500 killed and many wounded.
President Montt ordered the strikers hack to work, on pain of being
shot, and within uweek the mines
and all othor industries along tha
coast wore in full swing again.
When the Alexandria loft Iquiquu '
everything seemed perfectly tranquill!
and hor officers say that the strike
and trouble are over. President
Montt's firm action having thorough
ly disheartened the strikers, who
aro not talking revolution any more.
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All Kinds ol Wall Paptr.
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SEDALIA, Mo., Feb. 22.—An attempt to derail an eastbound fast
pussenger train on the Missouri l'a-
cilic, evidently lor - tbs purpose »
robbery, was made at Otterville, 20
miles east of here at midnight lust
night, a rail having been removed.
The bad place In the track h-us
struck by an extra freight train
from St. Louis. The freight was
wrecked, the engineer and tlremen,
and a brakeinan being seriously iu
Tho wreckers evidently sought to
catch the train that lelt Kansas
City at nine o'clock last night from
St. Louis. It was supposed to carry considerable money. The wreckers had removed a rail on Ottor-
vllle Hill, a mile and a half oust
of Otterville, and built a flre bo
twecn tho tracks to bring tho pus
senger train to a stop. Tho freight
crow did not notice tho ilro until too
lato to stop and tho engine and several curs were derailed and bndly
The injured men were brought
tho hospital at Sodalia. There
no clue to the would-bs robbers.
Dp. 1U dm
All Work Guaranteed.
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'Phone 18. First Avsnus
Toronto, Ont., Feb. 24.-Fred C.
Miller, M.P., a well known florist,
and for many years a prominent fit«—
ure in municipal and business life
of York township, died today nt Ills
home In Bruce.
Notice is hereby given thnt nt the
next meeting of tlie Lioensing Commissioners of tho City of Ladysmitli,
applicntion will be mndc for u tnins-
fcr of the interests of Edwnrd Mill-
holllnnd, now deceased, in tbo rotuil
liquor license issuod in resltect to the
promises known as the 'Lndysmith
Hotel, to Robert Bnrdny.
Executrix of the estnte of E. Mulhol-
lnnd, deceased.
Ladysmith. B.C., Feb. 25, 11)08.
Philpott's Restaurant
b tht Place (or
Trains leave ladysmith
Daily at 9a. in.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday
At 9:00 and 16:88.
For Victoria.
Trains Arrive at Ladysmith
Daily at 11:57.
Wednesdny,   Saturday   and   Sunday,
At 11:57 and 17.55.
From Victoria.
GEO. l.'cbliWIlAY
District Passenger Agent.
103-Government St., Victoria
Choicest FrU'ts
Cigars   Tobaccos.   Soft Drinks
At tho Hotel Cecil, a womnn cook,
to nssist in the kitchen, or to tako
full churgo. Apply Jus. pill, Hotel
Cecil, Lndysmith.
Excellent Boarding
In tho matter ol an application for-
a Duplicate Oertificata of Titlo to
Lots 2-1 and 82, part ol Section
(19, Victoria District, (map 249)'
.      myNTten8tir% «$u£ ,'f BE^T BOARDING HOUSE
strong measures of precaution   hava South Amorlcnn ports and San Frn-.i one month from the first publication TM TOWN
bctn token to    suppress any demon- cisco brought   dotolls rogardlng tho n0™0'to   Issira a   Duplicate Cortia- ,..        -
strntlons. rebellion nf fnulnno „■ . ™«„if    „r °"t0 of Tltl° t0 ab(""> land ,9med '° "    ♦ ""
The nmnllshmen    Snar, nrrlvtd In ^TTn.T^ZalnZr" wos &f'   l^V  ntntlZ ft***! M<-*1 Tickets «W
1'ortu     loday.     It Is believed heO ordered  '!om Esquimalt recently to  11047a.
thnt she wont to ensure public ponce tho southern port says tho Colonist. J-and Registry Office, Victoria, .B.C.,
ond security against on.v attempt to ofllrers of thc Oof-man steamer state th° 21st dtty °S   Y^WOOTTON,
provoko a  serious outbreak. that five hundred Chlloan revolution-      f24-lm Registrar General.
the Week
THAN WOOD. . . ,
H. Thornley
Pods and Lines
Flies and Tackle
For All Kinds ol Fishing.
In the matter of an application lor
duplicate    certificate   of Titlo   to
lots three and four (3 and 4) Block
twenty nine (29) Map 708a. Townsite
of Ladysmith.
Notice Is heroby given that it is
my Intention at the expiration of one
month from the first publication hem
of to Issue a Duplicate Certificate of
Titlo to tho above lund Issuod to
Mary Davies on tho 28th day of July
1902, and numbered 7945c.
S. Y. WOOTTON,    '
Roglstrar General.
Land Registry Ofllco, Vlctorln, B. 0.
Ihe 11 duy of February, 1008.
Notlco is hereby given that tn application will be made to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of
British Columbia for an Act to Incorporate a Company with power to
tqttp, build, maintain and operate a
line of railway of standard er other
gauge to be operated by steam, electricity or oohor power for the carrying ot freight, uassengers and express from a point situated on Section Fourteen (14) or Fifteen (15) in
Range Five (V.) Cranberry District,
or Seotion Fourteen (14) Range Six
(VI.), Cranberry District; thence
south-easterly by the most feasible
routs to a point situate on - Oyster
Bay in Oyster District, a distance of
about twelve miles more or lets—
with authority alto to construct,
equip, maintain and opeiete branches
from Urns to time Irom any point
or polnta ol tht proposed railway;
with power alto to construct and operate telegraph and telephone line*
tot tht purport of ltt business and
for ths public; with power to own,
utt and operate water powers convenient to the rosd, railway and
other purposes, and with inch othtr
powers and privileges aa art usually
liven to Railway Companies.
Solicitor! for Applicant.
Dated at Victoria, B.C., thit 16th
day of January, 1908.
Proposals for Clearing Land For
Agrloulture, Vancouver Island, B.O
Sealed proposals will be received
by the Chief Engineer at Mb office In
Vancouver, B.C., up to noon of Tuts
day, March 81st, 1908 for ths clear-
|ing, grubbing, etc., required In opening up for settlement the, first selection of E. & N. Land Grant Lands.
Consisting of an area of approxlma-
one     hundred and twenty-five
Notice is hereby given that I In- tely
tsnd to apply to ths Board of Ll- acres adjacent to the town of Lady-
censing commissioners ol the Munt- tm th and approximately one thous-
cipality of Ladysmith at their next and one hundred and forty acres tit-
regular meeting for a transfer of tht uated between French Greek and Lit-
wholesalt Liquor License now hold tit Qualicum In District of Nanoose.
by me for tho promises occupied by Plans stowing location and ipeclfl-
ms and situate on Lot 9, Block 91, cations can be obtained by appllca-
In the tald City of Ladysmith, from tlon to above office,
myself to August Pina. The lowest or any tender not noo-
Ladysmith,    B. C„ 24th January, tstarlly accepted.
FRANK BARBERO. chief Engineer.
-^—~———————— Vancouver,   B. 0.,   February 19th,
1908. na-to mia
A four-roomed house Just off Fifth A marble Masonic keystone, some.
Avenuo.  Full lot, cleared and fenced, where between the Bank and 'Fourth
1400 cash takes everything. For par- Avenuo,     via   High Streot.    Finder
ticulars apply A. Brown, Ladysmith. please return to this office.


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