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The Ladysmith Chronicle Feb 3, 1909

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With Which Is Amalgamated the Ladysmith Standard.
Vol. I.
Ladysmith, B.C., Wednesday,February 3, 1909.
Ladysmith Will
Receive $17,000
Ottawa, Feb, 2.—The Miin Estimate!
for the lisoiil year ending on March IIIsf,
1910, were tabled in tbe House this afternoon. They tall for a total of $110,487,774
as against* total of $129,788,173 voted for
th* eurrent fiscal year. This paring down
of $19,300,399 is to ba reduced by mbse-
qieut Supplementary Estimates. The re
dictions include $3,000,000 in public works
a.id $602,150 ju light-house and coast service.
The sura of $150,000 is asked for the
' plans of Quebec Bridge.
Salaries in postofffcos are increased $11,-
40S in Vancouver.
For public building! in British Columbia
the following are included:
Dominion public buildings, renewals, improvements, repairs, otc, $3,000.
Fernie public building, $60,000.
Ladysmith public building, $17,500.
Princo Rupert Quarantine Station, $25,-
Vsnconver public building, $60,000.
Victoria immigration building, $43,-
Victoria post office, alterations and add:-
t'.ons, $3,000.
Williams Head Quarantine Station, im
provements and repairs to buildings, and
fittings, furniture, etc., $5,000.
Under the head of harbor* and river* are
the following/:
Columbia/River improvement!, $20,000.-.
Ccquitlam, -removal of obstructions $1,.
Fraser River improvement! of ihip channel and protection worka, $25,000.
Harbors, riven and bridges, general repairs and improvements, $8,000.
Okanagan River improvement! of navigable channel between Okanagan Lake and
Dog Lake, $10,000.
Skeena River improvement*, $6,000.
Spalluniohcen River, repairs to the bank,
protection works at Enderby, $1,000.
The grant to the Council of the Yukon
for roads is reduced from $75,000 to $60,^
000.        •
Tbe Judiciary estimate* provide 84,666
each for two new judges in British Columbia.
The principal decrease on Capital Account
is 813,870,000 for railways and canals.
To pay the interest on the Public Debt
$14,104,000 is required, as compared with
$12,303,000 for the present year.
The Militia decrease is largely made up
of $340,000 for annual drill and $131,812 for
e ifhi er services.
Ladysmith Still in     ~
Line for Honors
The following dispatch appears in tlie Victoria and
Vancouver papers and describes the football situation exactly :
Ladysmith, Feb. 1.-The Ladysmith sport-loving
public, and that includes nearly every one in the
city, does not see the force of the argument advanced in the Vancouver and Victoria papers that by
their recent win against Vancouver the Nanaimo
United Football club practically cinched the" Pacific
Coast League championship. Ladysmih people believe that Nanaimo has yet to go some before winning the cup. -True, in order to be dn an equal footing with the leaders Ladysmith team has to defeat
first Vancouver and then Nanaimo. With these twp
victories Nanaimo and Ladysmith would then be on
an equal footing, and the deciding game would have
to be played off on a neutral ground.
In the game wiih Vancouver the home team plays
on their own ground, and it is almost a foregone
conclusion that they wilLwin it. Nanaimo, however,
is a more serious proposition. Both the Nanaime
and Ladysmith teams are about as evenly balanced
as any two teams could well be. When they meet it
is about a toss up as to who will win. In the coming game, however, the advantage, if there :'s any,
lies with Nanaimo, in that they will be playing on
their own grounds, and any one knowing the condition of the Nanaimo grounds knows that if there is
anything to be gained by playing on home grounds
the Nanaimo team should have the advantage. Notwithstanding this hard fact the local team are full of
optimism. The Ladysmith team is never better than
when playing an uphill game. In t'mes past many
a game has Ladysmith saved by desperately playing
in the last few minutes. There is no team in the
league that Ladysmith would rather defeat than
Nanaimo, and Nanaimo vice versa, not that there is
any particular feeling between the two teams, but
each recognizes the prowess of the other, and a victory reflects all the more glory on them. In the
meantime the team is decided to give a good account
of themselves in the Nanaimo game, and if they do
hot win the Nanaimo team will know at least that
they have been playing football."
Received by King Edward
London, Feb. 2.-Mr. Fielding was, received in private
audience by the King at Buckingham Palace. The Minister of Finance expects to sail on the Allan'liner Tunis-
ian for Canada on Friday.
Aid. Dier Takes His Seat as Representative of the Middle Ward, and
Arthur Morrison Selected City Clerk—R. J. Trembath
Threatens City With Legal
At the meeting of the council Monday
evening all the members wcro present.
The minutes of the previous meeting were
read and approved.
A communication was read from George
R. Wilson, . secretary of the Citiwna'
League* . stating that the' League recom'-'
mended Dr. Dier for the vaoancy on the
council board.
The mayor explained that the matter had
been referred to the League, and in accordance with the suggestion' the recommendation Was now before the council. «
It was .moved, seconded and carried that
the commnnication be received and filed,
an I Dr. Dier appointed to the vacancy.    .
The clerk then administered the oath of
office aud Dr. Dier took his scat as alderman
for the Middle Ward.
The mayor stated that committees for the
year had been appointed, but that there
would be a slight readjustment and the new
ilderman would be" considered in the re-
There waf a communication* from tli* Vic
tori* and Vancouver Island Publicity Co.
relating to an illustrated book about to be
printed dealing with the resources of thc
Island and asking for support in the enterprise.
The communication was received ami filed.
Arch. F. Gibson wrote concerning the
bill of his daughter for nursing, amounting
to $344.
The mayor explained that the salaries to
be paid nurses had not yet been agreed
upon. The council had received a communication from Victoria to the effect that the
salary paid nurses for smallpox patients was
$25 per week.
Aid, Brown inquired if any arrangement
had been mtde with nurses with regard to
His Worchip wai not aw-iro of any arrangement.
Aid, Matheson referred to a conversation
that th. mayor, Aid. Campbell and he
had with the doctor with regard to tho
engagement of nurses. His recollection of
that conversation was that the doctor had
said the mines would recoive $25 per week
and the doctor $50 per week. We told the
doctor to do the host he could.
Aid. Campbell thought it would bo best
to wait until tho return of the doctor. In
the meantime he would suggest the amount
of $25 per week be paid.
■ It was moved, seconded and carried, that
the nurses be paid $25 per week in the
meantime, and that Miss Gibson's railroad
fare be paid iu addition.
I A letter was read from John Sutherland,
complaining of trees falling on his premises.
The matter was referred to the road foreman to report.       *
A communication was read froth Messrs.
Bowser, Reid ft Walbridge, barristers, of
Vancouver, demanding payment on behalf
of Mrs. Hutcheson and Mr. R. J. Trembath the slims of $280 and $182.60 respectively.- "'-i.-
'The mayor observed that the bill bad increased 100 per cent, since it was presented
to the council. After the last meeting he
had discussed the matter with Mr. Trembath suggesting that the bills be modified
somewhat with the belief that tho council
was disposed to compromise. Instead of
Adopting this suggestion Mr. Trembath
seemed disposed to go to the courts.
Aid. Campbell reminded the council that
ho hail suggested that the bills be held in
abeyance until the return of the doctor.
Aid. Dier reminded the council that there
were very many who would like to see Mrs.
Hutchesnn's account settled.
The mayor said that the suggestion had
been made that the matter b* referred to a
hoard of arbitration. No overtures bad
been made to tho council, and it was not
up to the council to proceed further in that
Aid. Matheson could not see that Mr.
Trembath was entitled to any more consideration than I bo others who wen similarity
sfBicted. Unfortunately he had been quarantined for along timo, and the citizens
sympathized with him. Yet thc council
must be fair in this matter. Mr. Trembath
was now trying to raise tho bill.
Aid. Roberts thought that something
should be done in the matter of Mrs. Hutchison. He would like to know if she was
at Mr. Trembath'* house as a nurse and if
she had been promised to be paid.
Aid. Campbell also waned ti know if
there had been a promise to pay.
After some further discussion, it was decided to tile the letter and send a reply to
tbe effect that the city did not acknowledge
itself indebted to Mr. Trembath and Mrs.
Accounts aggregating $250.57 were presented and referred to the finance committee,
The school board presented its estimate
for the year, amounting to $11,115.
- The follow inn applications were received
for the position! of city clerk and fire chief:
From Peter Sinclair, application aud testimonials, offering to fulfill the duties oi
city clerk for $70 per month.
From J. A. Esston, for $75 por month.
From  Patrick  8.  Fagan, for $35 per
From Robert Jones, enclosing jtestimon-
iali, for $75 per month.
From Gavin Martin, for $75 per month.
From James Ingham, for $70 per month.
From Arthur Morrison, for $75 per mouth
From James Crossan, for $30 per month.
From Arthur Brnoksbanki, enclosing testimonial!, for $35 per month.
There were two applications for fire chief:
From Josoph E. Smith, for $25 per
From Frank Forrest, for $15 per month.
On motion tho council adjourned' for Alteon minutes to consider the application!.
On coming to order, a ballot was tukon,
resulting as follows on the lirst ballot:
Morrison.: 4
Brooksbank 3
Martin 1
On the second ballot tbe vote stood:
Morrison ;..u
Brooksbank        3.
f Arthur Morrison was then declared city
clerk and tire chief at $75 per month.
Aid. Motheion explained that the estimates were not yet iu. His revenue bylaw
was read a first and second lime, and will In
considered.in committee of then hole uex:
Monday night.
Aid. Roberts stated he would like ti sei
all the smallpox accounts presented at once
so that the council ceiild deal with ihem as
a whole.
The council then adjourned.
Joint Meeting Next
Thursday Evening
There will be a joint meeting of the Ladysmith
Board of Trade and Citizens' League next Thursday
evening, in; the City Hall to appoint a delegation to
communicate with the officials of the Canadian Pa-
-dfic Railway Company with reference to improved
transportation facilities and freight rates between
Ladysmith and Vancouver.
Local and Provincial
To-night the F.iglei will  have a social
evening in their lodge rooms.
The Agreement
Not Concluded
St. Johns, Nfd., Feb. 2-The final agreement has not
been reached in the fisheries negotiations between Great
Britain and the United States. The colonial cabinet was
in session to-night considering the latest developments
from Washington. Atcorney-General Kent, who remains
at Washington, has forwarded an important'dispatch to
Premier Bond. The Government will not make a public
statement during the negotiations;
Quite a.number of Pythian Sisters will
journey to Nanaimo on this evening's train
in response to an invitation from Silver
Leaf temple of that city. There will be
about ten candidates put through the mysteries of the order. Grand Chancellor H.
C. Brown, of Sicamous, with his wife, who
is supreme representative of tlie Pythian
Sisters ot British Columbia, will be present
and a good time is expected. Silver Leaf
Temple, No. 2. is the Banner temple o!
British Columbia.
A fire at Toronto last night, did damage of $50,000 to
the premises occupied by McKendry & Co, milliners and
shoe deal
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Decker, ofthe Lady-
smith Hotel, are receiving th* congratulations of their many friends ov.r the recent
arrival at their home of* three and one-
half pound boy. Some say the baby looks
like Steve and others are aqnally a* positive
that tho youngster' is tin image of Mrs.
Decker. Inasmuch as the child hid other
parents, it may be that suggestion hoi had
aome influence in determining the degree ol
resemblance it bears to iti loiter parents.
The baby will carry through life the nam*
of Steve Decker.
Tho Norwegian steamer Titania which
reached San Francisco on Sunday from Na.
nairao with a full eargo of coal had an extremely rough passage down the coast
during which four lifeboats wcro crushed
like egg shells by the heavy seas that came
aboard at Cape Flattery. Tho vessel was
swept from stem to stern repeatedly and
her cargo shifted giving her a slight list
Some damage was dune to dock fittings by
hy the seas. The Titania is a large turret
steamer which has been enpged for yean
in tho [coal trade between the B. C.
mines and San Francisco. She is one of thc
big fleet of W. Wilhelmnn ft Sum of Tom-
Big Football Event
Next Sunday
The old rivals, Nanaimo aud Ladysmitli,
meet on the cricket grounds on the 7th inst.
to play their Pacific Coast League football
fixture. This game goes a long way toward
the championship. If Nanaimo manages to
make* draw the championship is theirs.
T j will Ladysmith must win this game, beat
Vancouver on the 21st, aud beat Nanaimo
iu the final. We must admit our team has
an uphill light and are determined to g t
these next thro* games, and if it turn* out
this way th* Pacific Coast Football championship comes to Ladysmith. Mr. Vine--,
of Vancouver, will handle the whistle. Tl e
following team, chosen by the selecti n
committee, will represent Ladysmithi
Backs-Rogers, Morrison.
Halve*—Smith, Strang, Wynn.
Forwards—McDowell, McGuire, Adam,
Graham and Provini.
Reserves—Christiau, McKinley, Bra**.
Our Ladysmitli A team suffered iti second
defeat on Sunday at the hands, or rather,
at the feet of Nanaimo second £ f i ion team.
The ground was in a deplorable state and
the game was played in a continual downpour of rain. Andy Hailstones rtfereed th.
game and by mutual consent the time cf
play was cut down to 35 minutos. Then is
no use going into the details of tbe game,
but from a spectator's standpoint it wa*
dearly seen that the majority of the players on the local team wore sadly out of condition. The forwards were ineffective, tha
combination and shooting poor. Crosier
and McLeod were the pick of the forwards.
Wynn played well iu the halves as did Rogers in the backs. Nanaimo scored both
goals in the second half. Th* A team travel to Victoria on Saturday to meet th*
Victoria Wests, aud Manager O'Connell is
looking for the best tateut only, to meet lb.
champions. The peraonclof hit team Will
be published on Saturday,
Manager Euo is anxious for all players
to be out for training this week. He wants
ill in good oonrtitlpn, Trainer Watterson
w.II bo on hand to look after th* men, and
like Mauager Eno is anxious to see a good
turnout. The next training night, are
Thursday and Friday.
The Vi itor'a Times has the following report of lost Saturday's match : "A fast finish on the part of Ladysmith at th.Cau-
tecn ground on Saturday afternoon in th.
first senior division Island match proved
the undoing of Esquimatt soccer men, who,
with two goals to nothing at half time,
were eventually beaten three-two by th.
"The game was one in which inducrim-
lute plan ruled from the couimencemirit
to the finish. Both teams lacksd coml in»-
tloi, in iti place thero being haphazard
kicking and individual pUy.
"Ksquimalt kept up an onslaught in th*
flrit half, pegging at thc other goal eontiuu-
a'ly, where Hartley was kept busy, but
f lilod to save two shots from the brothers
Young. Esquimau had tho advantage of
tlu game during tlie first half through
Jimmy Adams, who was again in the lin.
up, having to leave the field owing to hi.
two giving out.. With the odds against
them, however, Adams insisted on taking
his place during the second half and played
the game of tbe tide. He tout the ball
post Costello, in goal, twice during th.
term. Provina, who last week wa* a second
division player against Victoria Wast,
again played in Victoria and scored th*
('.ilrdgoal for Ladyimith.
"The Keond half proved a hard struggle.
Ladyimith, with two goals to make np,
went into the work in a determined manner
that aitoniahcd the spectator*and took th*
breath away from th* Esquimalt men.
Attack after attack wa* repelled by the
Ksquimelt back lines, but the onslaught
continued, with the result that three goali
were secured. Adam* played right up till
he touched lbs winning goal through with
his boot .hortly before the eall of timet
when h. again left the Held to rest hi* twis"
ted knee. Adami hurt hii knee early this
year in P.C.L. game, and was laid up for
two month* Saturday's game was his first
appearancetinco thc accident."
Herbert Grant, a reccrt arrival from Calgary, who claims he can play ten muiioul
instrumenti, Was before Magistrates Nicholson and Matheson Monday night, charged
with stealing a eoat from one of the boarder*
at tho Cecil Hotel. The exhibit* in th*
way of coats conveyed tlie impression that
the mistake was one that might give rid to
a suggestion of theft, but tha evidence was
not altogether conclusive oir the point, and
the charge waa diimiuod. However, Magistrate Matheson suggested the departure of Mr Grant from Ladysmith' at
•ncc: Iti* understood he will proceed to
Vancouver incompliance with the general
invitation from the -100,400 olub ot that THE LADYSMITH-CHRONICLE
To Home Seekers
Notary Public Conveyancer
«««««>««««««« 0>»»«« t>«««*>«>«*>*>4>«V««>«««>«>«««>»««
• /
Published by Carley & Carley at Ladysmith, B.C.,
every Wednesday and Saturday.
$1.50 a Year in Advance, 25c Per Month
Advertiiinn Ratesen application.
Head Office  •  -  Toronto ,
CAPITAL $10,000,000: REST $6,000,000
Bank Money Orders
$5 and under      ...     - 3 cents
Over 95 aud not exceeding $10, (I     "
•'   $10      "             "        $30, 10     "
«   $30      "             "        $50, '5     "
Jrima orders nro payable it par at any offlco in
Canada of a Chartered Bank, except in the Yukon,
and at the principal banliiiitr pototB in the United
They ore negotiable at $1.90 to tho £ sterling in
Great Britain and Ireland. They form nn excellent method of remitting small Bums of money
with safety and at small coat and may be obtained without delay at any office of Uie.Bank.
Editorial Comment.
It is quite certain that any children who may
visit the exhibition of British Columbia fruit now on
view at the Imperial Institute will be converted-into
enthusiastic emigrants on the spot, says the London
Chronicle of a recent date. Such wonderful masses
of rosy apples, so perfect in shape, so rich in color,
so gigantic in size, have rarely, if ever, been seen in
this conntry before. Lord Strathcona, who opened
the exhibition, remarked that everyone could see for
himself what a wonderful country for fruit-growing
British Columbia was. In the southern parts tender
fruits, such as peaches, flourished. The-country was
extremely healthy, chiefly owing to the dryness of
the air. The fruit-growing experiments initiated by
Lord Aberdeen had proved very successful and profitable, and had been of great advantage to the Dominion.
The debate on the Spsech from the Throne wa3 not
particularly noteworthy from any noint of view.
Mr. McBride's speech was a calm and lucid review of
what the Government had done in the past and intended to do in the future; the speeches of Messrs.
Macdonald and Oliver were weak attacks on the
Government, and Mr. Bowser made a speech in his
0wn defense. The other speeches were of the usual
character. • The supporters of the Government endorsed Mr. Mc3ride and his administration ; and the
members on the Opposition side posed as critics and
fault-finders. Summed up, the Government had decidedly the best of the debate.
The joint meeting of the Ladysmith Board of
Trade and Citizens' League at the City Hall to-morrow evening'should be well attended not only by the
members of those two organizations, but by the citizens generally. In addition to the question of transportation and freight rates between Ladysmith and
Vancouver, it is quice probable the proposal to increase the ass3.-53rn3nt rate of the city will come up
for discussion, and thi3 should interest every man
man who owns *>. dollar's worth of property in Ladysmith.
The Greenwood Ledge utters the following timely
warning: "The habitual use of tea, coffee and tobacco does almost as much injury to the human race
as alcohol. The three contain slow poison that gradually uudermine the constitution without the victims
t iking any chances about being arrested for being
drunk and disorderly. As local option seems to be a
popular cry just now, why not have its powers extended so that we can exclude by the ballot all
things that injure us, including corned beef cabbage
and mince pies."
The discussion over the distribution of the Fernie
relief fund is decidedly unpleasant reading for those
who made the donations. It will occur to many that
the citizens of Fernie should have kept their troubles
to themselves.
Sa Ited end
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li,ten, fish, etc., when ptircha-ul »t
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sure to ' give entire satisfaction.
These goods are particularly, appetizing end give a delightful relish to
your breakfast, these mornings.
Scott's Building, First Avenue.   .
John W.  Oolmrn, Geo. C. PirAard,
President and Managing Director. Secretary-Treasurer.
The ladysmith Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed frr Lumber,
Red Cedar, Shingles and i Lath '
If you want Home-rendered Lord
and Home-cured Hams Go to
Ryan's Meat Market
Box 173
Phone 43
In the debate on the consideration of the Speech
from the Throne, last Monday, Mr. Parker Williams,
speaking of the rights of municipalities as opposed to those of the Province, remarked that
the Province should look after the improvements in
the municipalities. He referred to the recent outbreak of smallpox in Ladysmith, and said that the
Government should pay the entire bill for that. This
brought forth from Dr. Young the question, whether
Ladysmith would carry out the board of health regulations in that case, sewerage and vaccination. Mr.
Williams replied that the sewerage was being attended to, but that it had not been decided yet whether vaccination was efficient. There is something
suggested in the remark of Dr. Young that the city
ouncil of Ladysmith should consider carefully. If
work on the sewers is commenced at once, no doubt
the Government will go further in the matter of assistance than it has already promised.
For Meats
Geo, Roberts'
Meat Market
Cor. First Ave. and Roberta Street.
Canadians of English, Irish or Scotch origin have
derived more pleasure from a recital of the scenes
that accompanied the first payment of old-age pensions in the old land than from any other recent event
in British history, says .the Toronto Telegram. Tears
came to the eyes of the Canadians who can remember the old country mothers with their grim memories of the burial clubs. These organizations took a
sixpence or less each week from the members who
began early in life to subscribe against the awful
possibility of being "buried by the parish." Upper
Canada was largely filled up with English, Irish and
Scotch people who fled from the overshadowing fear
of conditions that offered them nothing but a life of
uncertain employment, with the inevitable workhouse as the place of its earthly ending. The story
of how worthy and venerable English, Irish and
Scotch men and women, the veteran's of a nation's
peace, are now cared for by old-age pensions, brings
gladness to many a Canadian heart.
Aid. John Turner is stirring up the Victoria City
Council. At the council meeting the other night he
stated that the councils had practically done nothing for the past ten years. "What we want," said
Mr. Turner, "is to get busy and make this city a
city; One man, the most chronic kicker, told me
that he would gladly pay double what he is paying
provided he got value for his money." Mr. Turner's
arguments will apply to several other cities on the
Pacific Coast.
Light and heavy teaming.
Furniture and piano moving
a specialty.
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Just about election times Ralph Smith was strongly in favor of extending the franchise to women.
Now he is quietly occupying his seat in the House of
Commons, and he implores the ladies to possess their
souls in patience—that the time is not ripe to move
on their behalf. Alas, another case of misplaced
Of the new smelting combine authorized $50,000,-
000 capital stock, it is- understood that $20,000,000
will be issued in the near future, and has been un-
d 3i written.
E. Pannell
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Phon* 44.
Dr. R. B. Dier
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I First Avenue, ^Ladysmith I
% I
.X«X**X"X,,X~X"X,,X"H"X"X* •XK"H,'X,,X,,X,,XWX*,X*,X<,X',,>
Local and General.
Nel. on wsnti a railroad built from Proctor toKootin iy landing.
Mrs. D. Irvine  viaited relative! at Na-
mimo *arly in the week.
Mrs. Jas. Cartwright  wa* a visitor to
Nanaimo, Sunday and Monday.
FrjiI Stirkey has been elected president
o' th* board of trad* for tbe fourth time
in Nekton. ;•
For a alio, t tin* thia month th* frost put
out the (leetrio lights in Kulo, Vernon and
Mr. William Rolston left yesterday tor
A-math, Ireland, and will be away three
months. Mr. Rolston arrived in Canada'
19 yean ago, and tbi4.i1 hi* flrit visit to the
1 ind of hi* birth.
It Makes
Harry Hughes is lioadquaJtcra for Valentines.
in and See Them
A. Maxwell Muir, C. E.
1208 Government Street
VICTORIA    ■     ■    BX
The City Market
Wholesale aad Retail.
Ladysmith, B. C.
Remark* in English journal* liko the
following from the Standard of, Kmpir-
make trouble later for innocent souls misled
thereby:—"A lady who has had very ex-
t nsive and varied experience in Canada
uruiihea some very interesting comments
11 the position of the woman-worker in the
Dominion. Perhaps, uyi the writer, the
first deman.l of th* people of Canada in the
female labor market i* for. lady helps and
domestic servants. Th* Canadian housewife la crying out for a capable woman to
come and be a companion to her during the
Uours that her husband is away about Ilia
ilaily buiineai, ind to fhure with ber the
work of the house, and, be it added, the
social lit* of her ei/cle. The Canadian lady
loea not lit iu a cushioned apartment and
Wsue her orders through a spoaking-tube to
her domestic servant. She more often dons
th* holland apron and turns up her ileeve,
and tackl.s th* work of the household by
her side; and lb* fuel* herself,  anil every-
—OF—   '
Silverware,    s ■
Toilet Cases,
Crockery and
At Cost
Star Orchestra
Open for engagements from     Tw.o
Pieces up.
(lives Dance Every Two Weeks.
For full particulars, apply
1 am prepared to do all kinds
Shoe Repairing on the Shortest Nt
lice.     A trail solicited.
Kngliih Kip Leather Pit Shoes, (300 pair.
Big reilucli.ii in Ahren'e Celebrated,solid
Lenthea Shoe*. Every pair 1* guaranteed
to give satisfaction or will be if (placed. In
Boys' Youth*' and Litt* GentV Also in
Women'*, Minn' and Children'*. " '
Also lot* of SWEATERS for Man and
Boy* to go cheap.
Men's Soft Shirts at Reduced Price."'
Also Hat*.
Sola Agent for Ahren'e Shoes. Beit Shoe
on th* market.
John Thomas
Cavin's January
Clearance Sale
The Greatest Slaughter Sale
of Boots and Shoes that ever
took place in Ladysmith is now
going on.
Take advantage of the Bargains.
Everything Reduced
Sole Apt for th; Urate* English "K" Bool
Por Boys
iSccond Ave.,, near the Fire Hall.
Wood for Sale.
Splendid mill wood lor sale at
Ladysmith Lumber yard, at a low
price.   Apply to
Ladysmith Music Store
Edison Phonographs and Records,
Victor' Talking Machines,
Musical Instruments of all hinds.
Tubular Cream Separators,
Singer Sewing Machines and all.
Parts and Needles.
Call   and   seo   our   fput    nuiutc
body acknowledges her to bo, no less a lw'y
on that account." »
It is to bo greatly feared that (lie "lady"
who is responsible for tlie foregoing lias a
brain that is much smaller than her heart.
Either that or we are blind in one eye anil
oin't see out of tho o'her. Wo may not
know the old land. Indeed we do not pretend to know much about it. Bat we do
t'liuk we know something about Canadian
methods, manaers, customs and conceits,
swing that we have grown up among tlio-n;
a id if we know anything at all the Stan-
ard's correspondent is at least a thousand
m'his out of h*r reckoning and dismantled
a id watcr-h gjod at that, when she holds
that "the Canadian housewife is crying
out for a capablo woman to come and he n
c nipanioii to her during tlie hours that hoi
husband is away about bis daily business,
aid to share with her tlio work of the house,
and be it added, the social life cf h r
Such a statement may not be malicious in
its intent but it. certainly is in its effect*.
The innocent English girl behoves it and
(lacks her grip for Cnna la. The prospect of
being a "lady help," a dear companion, and
possibly the "guide, philosopher and friend"
to her leu fortunately located colonial sister, is ever so much brighter than being just
plain Jane or Susan at home. It is in osist-
ible." In thegiodness of her heart sho do.
tirminc* to bo faithful and truo as a domestic missionary to the benighted, vrlrre-
soevcr her lot may ho cost, and so sets sail
for a world of which sho knows about as
much as we do of the planet Mars.
Ala*, what a disillusionment awaits her
when she comes up against that capable,
clear-brained Canadian housekeeper who'entertain* n Governor, cxeoutes Wagnerian
opera* and makes pies with equal facility
and finish. Her well mulled intentions to
be a companion and a friend, don't get even
•0 far as an expression.' There ii something
about that lady's tone, eya and manner
which somehow doesn't invite to tend*
confidences. She finds she is not expected
to lay an extra plate for' herself at the
family table) is not invited to join the musical cirole around the piano and is not introduced to the Governor and his party at the
luncheon.   In fact her sphere a* it speedily
In the County Court ol Nanaimo
holdcn hi  Ladysmith,  in Chamber?
before His Honour judge Harrison
in the matter of John Allen, deceas
cd, intestite, and in thc Matter ol
the "Official Administrators Act."
Dated tho 2nd day of January, A. D.
Upon reading the affidavit of Mary
Ann Harris, sworn herein tue 29th
day cf December, A. D. 1908:
It is ordered, that Marshall Bray,
Esq., Official Administrator for thc
County Court District of Nanaimc,
shall he the administrator of all and
singular the goods, chattels and trod-
its of John Allen, deceased, intestate, who died at the City of Lndy-
smitli, B. C, on the 19th day ol
August," 1908, and that a copy of
this order he published for ten days
.n lhe "Ladysmith Chronicle,"
newspaper published in thc said City
of Ladysmitli.
Eagles' Annual Ball
Will take place on lhe evening of
Wednesday, February 17
In the
Arnold'i Orchestra will provide the Music
Best to Buy
Best to Wear
They hnvo double scats, doublo knees,
double stitched soaini, double stitched
lfyuurboyis oaiy on his suits yon do
not want, this brand. Tiny are made
specially for strong boys. Our best advur-
ti eis a»o tho buys thou 9 v '. They c 111
in and ask for them.   Nufsod.
Walters & Akenhead
The Clothing House
Time Table No. 7
Trains leave Kanaiino G:15 Daily
Trains arrive Nanaimo 13:35 Daily
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday,
Trains leave   Nanaimo 15:15
Trains arrive Nanaimo 18:35.
Dist. Pass. Agt.
1102 Govt.-st. Victoria, B. C.
{• 9
U. B. C.
| NMMim, I. c.        I
|      ONLY WHITE      |
♦ y
Transfer of License.
Notice is hereby giueu that I intend ti
make application to tlie Board of Licensing
Commissioners of the City of Lidysmith at
their next regular inutting for a transfer o'
tho retail liquor license now held by un
on behalf of the premises known as the Col
unihia Hotel, Lsiiysmiih, 11C. from my-
self to B. L. Wood and Joseph Teu«z.
Ladysmith, B. C, Jan. 7, 1909.
Poland Hotel
Tr.nsfercf License.
Notice is hereby given that it is my intention to apply to the Board of Licensing
Commissioners of tbe City of Ladysmith fci
a transfer of tho wholesale liquor license
now held by mo in ronpect to the premises
situate upon lot 5, block 72, Ladysmith,
from invsclf to C»*arzn and Maleneiio.
Ladysmith, B. C, ISsli December, 1908.
develops, is to be bounded by the kitchen,
and "upstairs" with regular excursions in
to the dining and drawing rooms in which
she is supposed strictly to bo like good little
children, seeipbnt not heard.
So she sits down amid the ruins of lhe
castles of her dreams, bitterly disappointed, sullen, disheartened and not earing a picayune whether her new mistress is pleased
with hnr work or not, and rather spitefully
hoping sho may not bo.
And sho is not, as may be readily guessed,
and Jane is soon hunting another "placo"
and her mistress is registering another vow
that sho will work her fingers to the bones
or employ any other kind of girl tinder
heaven, lint never, no never again will she
have anything to do with one of these insufferable, English incapables.
Domestic help is needed sadly, badly;
and If the English girl will come as such,
respecting herself hy keeping the dignity
of her own personality, doing the work
asslgnod to her and doing it cheerfully and
well: doing it as her mispress wants it done,
FOR RENT-Four rooms.
Lewis, barber, First avenue.
Apply T.
Transfer of License.
Notice is hereby given that it ia our intention to npply to tho Licensing Commissioners of lhe City of Ladysmith al theii
n xt regular meeting for a transfer of the
retail liquor license held by us inreiprtt
to the premises known as the Extension
Hotel, situated upon Lot 1, Block 1,1,
Lidysmith, B. C, from ourselves to James
Ladysmitli, January 27th, 190)1.
the members of Harmony Lodge I.O.O.F.,
Ladysmitli, will meet at the lodge room at
11 a.m., Sunday, for tbe purpose of attending tlie funeral of our deceased brother,
William Cope. Visiting brethren are cordially invited to attend.
A. J. Pohtrey, Wm. D. Goroon,
Noble Grand. Secretary.
Barclay  &  Conlin,
Excellent Boarding
F.C. Fisher
Studio in Williams' Block.
Tickets may bo had from the following
committee ■■    '
II. Thornley, R. McOuire,
-E. Rolands, J. Cbnlan,
J. Mullyneaux,      J. Gillespie,
A. Brooksbank.
FORSALB-2h.p. Marine Motor.   E
erything eomplete.   Coil spark plug, shaft,
float foet carborntor.   In first-class condition."  CHEAP.   J.  A. •Kskuit,  Lady,
smith. B C. *
FOR SALE—Light Driving mnro, buggy
and harness. Speedy and easy tn handle
#100.   Apply 4t The'Chroniole office.
FOR SALE-Half intercat in tho Wellington Hotel. Apply to J. Dumont,
Wellington, B. C,
whatever her own notions may be, and regarding it as thc plumber, the mason and
the carponter regard theirs, as the honest
an I honorable share of the world's work
and happiness appointed unto them—if the
English girl will come out and so mind her
own business, she will find a welcome and
win from her employer in due time that respect which it Is impossible to withhold.
And others will respeot her too, as they
hear that she has made n success in her
own sphere as her mistress has in hers.
The Standard has made a bad mi .take.
Dumosti j help is wanted in Canada, beyond
question; but till our virile Canadian type
of eivili* itioii has ripened to the woakneas
of senility and decoy, the other variety, the
"lady help" and "lady companion" is
likely to remain a paruite upon our social
order. At the present moment unless our
knowledge of Canadian woman is most
grievously at fault, the heartfelt prayer
of every one of them it "From auch, O
Lord, deliver u*,"—Summerland Review.
il>* \
l,lnl J,lr,::>i 5! ., Nanaimo
Phone 124     P. O. Borl
Teacher of Voice Production and
Al! kinds of Clock and Watch Repairing. Satisfaction Guaranteed at
Reasonable Prices.
English Watches a Specialty.
J. R. Easton
Practical Watchmaker.
All work left at II. Hughes' itort
»X»t"l-!-:-I-l-H":-l"l-:"l"H-l-i-H"i1 frM"M"M"l»M"^H',W"M,,H"M,'l'j
,       This is an important necessity in every home, and good bnMer at this time of
T   the year is very scarce.   We can safely say our butter is as good the best, and
as we have soveral kinds and brands to choose from, we can surely suit you.
A 1 Dairy Butter, tub, per lb, 30o.
Clovor Loaf Creamery Butter, in priuts, 3 lbs $1.
Island Creamery Butter, in prints, per lb, 40o.
Chiliiwack Creamery Butter, in prints, per lb, 45c.
Cowit-han Creamery Buater. in prints, per lb, 45c.
10 lb Crocks, Creamery Butter, $3.50.
141b boxes, Creamery, Manitoba, 84.75.
2S-lb boxes, Creamery, Manitoba, $0.25.
22 to30-lb tubs, Dairy Butter, at per lb 30c.
Fresh tasty Canadian Cheese, 20o per lb.
Try Our Potatoes
Meals 20 Cents and Up.
Best 25 Cent Meal in Victoria for 20 Cents. Patronize
White Labor by eating here. Special atteniion giv en to
tourists and visitors, who are cordially "welcome. We
keep the Celebrated Grand Duke Cigar.
Our stock of Fancy Post Cards and Comic Valentines
has arrived and is now on sale. „;     ;,
Knight's Book Store
The Leading Stationary Store
Dissolution of Partnership.
The partnership heretore existing between the' undersigned, carrying on bnsi-
ness in tho city of Ladysmith as hotel-
keepers under tbe firm name of Senini &
Berto, i* tlii* day dissolved by mutual content.. James Senini will pay all debts ol
tho partnership aud receive all monies due
the same.
Ladyimith, B. C, January 27th, 1909.
Rev. Mr. Ambrose, th* new pastor for
St. John's Mission Church, is auppos.d to
have left Halifax on January 27, ill which
event he should be in Vancouver to-day,
and be over here to-morrow. He will take
services in St. John's Mission next Sunday
Kid Foley dif ated Driver Miller it Victoria last night in the eighth round of the
15-round scheduled contest. The police
stopped the fight, and the referee awarded
Foley the victory.
Local and General.
Hot Toma'.cs every evening .at Hooper's.
IV, 2for25o. *
In this city, on January 30, to the wife of
Mr. C. Peterson, a daughter.
The book and stationery stores are making striking displays of valcntiues.
Mr- and Mrs. William Bcvcridgo, of Vancouver, are visiting in Ladysmith to-day,
Fin* English Pork Pies, fresh made daily
at Hooper's, Gatacre street.   Try one,     *
Mr. J. A. Knight went down to Viotorii
on a buaiuess trip to-day and will return to
EvoryJ^mau in business in Ladysmith
thould alteud the meeting at the eitj
hall Thursday evening.
The young people of the Methodist Churcl
Intend having a box social iu the Finn Hal
on Monday, the 15th of thi* month!
The Orpheus Gles Club, of Nanaimo, havi
arranged for a special train to run to Lady
smith on the evening of February 27, tin
date of their concert here.
Bowling Alley
Will be open every night.
Warm, comfortable, and
good lights.
The contest for the Challenge cup will begin Jan. 27,
tnd continue until Feb. 15,
cor tournament or teams.
Mr. W. D. Gordon leaves to-day for Kam
loops, where he will take charge of tin
steam plant of the lion Mask mines. Mr.
Gordon ipent two years at Kamhwps, 190,'
and 1900.
W. E. Moore expeots to op*n his new
barber shop aud reitaurant in the open
house next Monday. Mr, Moore will havi
the place fitted up in attractive style, and
no doubt hi* venture will prove successful.
Mr. M. Manson, who will contest Comox-
Atliu against Hon. William Templeman,
w.nt down to Victoria yesterday morning.
He will proceed at once to Prince Rupert,
where th* nomination take* place on tie
8th. The election will be held on Febru
ary20. '*!    •
Big Shoe
See Our Window
Men's Dongola Box Calf, etc., leather lined.    Regular $> and 5.50 for $.'195 a dair.
Meil's  Dung. Vici Kid,   etc.   Regular
{4.75 and 4.50 for $£.45 a pair.
Men's Dongola Bench.    Reg. $3.75 for
$2.75 a puir.
Woman's Dongola and Vici Bench, Pat.
Toe.   Reg. $3.00 and 3.50 {or $2.25 a pair.
Boys' Hesvy Grain Wateeproof School
Shoe. Reg' $2'7» a pair for $2.00 a pair.
W. E. Morrison
Williams Block
The Weather
Has Broken
Now is the time to renovate those rooms. Do not
leave it off till the'rush
comes on, or you may r. eit
with a little delay.
Call and see. our elegant
designs and colorings for,
lathe Opera House on Roberts St.
Short order meals at all hours.
Oysters  and   Clam   Chowder a
Mrs. Edward Jones and children went
do.vn to Victoria thii morning.
Mr. D. J. Thomurt turned to Soith Wellington last Saturday from a five months'
trip to th* Old Country.
Mis* L Miohie ha* returned from a visit
extendiugover* month to her slater, Mr*.
VV. Bowei, of Vanco.ivcr.
i And then we intend to reduce lines in
which there is a surplus.
Stocktaking Will be
j:   These goods will be placed onaf
f bargain counter.
The date will be Saturday, Feb. 6. |
Watch out for Bargains.   Terms, f
| Strictly Cash.
Ladysmith Hardware Co., i&
il The
■M-W'M-ri-M-M-M-H-H-1-H-t', •I-M-I"H-H-M»H"M-M"M-H-M
. There will b* a $3 prize at Pogorley'a
Howling'Alley for the one getting th* highest scire on 10 scoring sheets.
It ia quite probable that a number of La-
lytiiiith people will attend the Nanaimo
Hospital Ball on th* evening of February
Th* local option people wen a victory today, A barrel of beer that was being taken from the platform of th* E. & N. depot
fell on the track and the content* ran down
Peevor & Co.'* moving picture show has
been crowded every night this week. The
pictures are decidedly interesting andctm-
inand th* undivided attention of th* audience j and Joo Sanderson sings new songs.
Beginning to-morrow night there will be a
allonge of programme.
The W. C. T. U. held it* regular meeting
ab Monday evening last, which wa* on* of
the beat meetings the union ever held spiritually and materially. They decided to hold
Francis Willard's Memorial Day on the 17th
of February, at th* horn* of Mr. and Mr*.
Gilohriat, Baden-Powell stmt. Full particular* will be given later on.
Start th* new year right and have your watoh overhauled.. Just think of it, the
balance of your watch make* about 18,000 vibration* per hour, for every hour of the
year; that it rotate* on pivots only -05 millimeters in diameter, or about the equal of a
good siied human hair, alto that all th* oil it can retain for running purposes is about
the one one-thousandth of a drop.
Give the watoh a chance and have it thoroughly overhauled. Alway* go to the
belt man, a* cheap work on such delicate mechanism a* that if a watch is always dear
in theefeng run, and usually causes ruin. We do all kind* of repair*, from the converting of the key winder into a ictm winder to the ordinary work of cleaning, Etc, None
but the beat material* used. We have not only served the usual apprenticeship at onr
trade, but have also had the advantage of a thorough study of the watch and scientific
mechanics, at the Canadian Horological Institute, acknowledged the beet on the American Continent, a place where every part of a watch is made by hand under thedirectinn
of expert*.   Now, is not one who has bad this training, more capable of t"
pairing your watoh than one who know* little or nothing about the prineiples involved,
who just picked hie trade up, as so nutoy have. All we ask is a fair trial. Our prices
are, correct, and the work fully guaranteed. We can make and repair any part of a
watch from barrel to balance. '■""--;
P. 0. NOOT,
We Have Everything You Need
Magnetic Massage
All diseases successfully treated
Without Drugs or Knife
Chronic cases given speoiut attention.
Rheumatism, Paralyaia and Nervous
Diseases yield readily to our method.
New liickle Building, second door to
right at top of stairs.
Come in and talk it over,
Km Your Houses Plastered
For Term* spply to
C. HINE,rPlak'.erer, etc, Ladysmitli, P. O.
Cement Sidewalks a special y.
Mr. and Mr*, William Cop* desire to
thank the publip .for the *ymnathy extended to them in their recent ben»ve-
No. I
3 1-2 yards long,
50 in. wide,beautiful
flower effect, jtood
wearing net. Only
35c yard.
Simon Leiser & Co.
We have been fortunate in securing two very
epecial lines in Lace Curtains and offer you the advantage in prices.   C
S. Leiser #s Go.
No. 2
One of the newest
Curtains, -length 3
yards, width 60 in.
Two patterns , to
choose from. Very
pretty designs, and
the price $1.35 per
puir. Be in time as
they are quick sellers.


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