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Ladysmith Standard Nov 4, 1908

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*+.4-H-i-H-H-H-'M'+'M''S-i Hi
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Climax Onlfo cuintl tins	
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Rajah CulTeo, 10 pound tins,    1
■Mocha and Java Coffee, 8Bc and 50 cents;   fresh ground while
Vnnhouton'R Cocoa, t pound tins '..... ,	
Vanhouten's Cocoa,   _  pound  tins 	
Fry's Cocoa, 3 packages for    ...
Percy's Cocoa, 8 packages for .,*,..	
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Downey's Cocoa, por tin  , 	
Cowan's Cocoa, por tin    ...,
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>._.*._. A. Alii. -.-■_._._■<
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6 package! ol Force  ,.., „  „ 85 cents
3 pounds of extra good Creamery Butter ..j 9100
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Now is the time to lay in your
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H. Thornley
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at Watches, Clocks, Jewelry of
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values in Diamonds, ranging in
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Have just received a full assortment of Compasses at the
following prices: 50c, "5c, $1,
$1.36', $1.50, $2.50, $3.50,
$8.00, $9.50 and $12.00.
If you require a Compass,
give us a call.
Watch Repairing given Special attention.
Spend the Night in the Gulf and Get Leached in
the Harbor After a Dirty Passage
box cjir uf a freight torestocl in things outside but, judg
thu port boat ol the iuS from tholr rotnnnks tho wild beuu
IP. G. noot!
Out in    the
train mul in  i.
transfer tug—hero was n fll/thig finish
to Uio most unfortunatu trip tho
football boys ovor mado.    Tho story
too long ami altogether too woeful
to ho fold in its ontlroty. Tho closing incidents woro qulto too   painful,
und harrowing to be imposed   upon:
a suffering despondont people;   Whnt
tale of tho gulf, its imminent |
deadly perils; Ms cold and biting
hardships, tho racking aching words
it created, I could unfold if only I
hadn't bcon thoro. But I was thore,
and nt present nm hardly able to
tnlio the humorous or tho picturesque view of it.
How it all began has all bocn told
in tho Stundard. Par Fletcher, who
may bo described almost as a native
of tho town, turned the boys down
cold, Tho box-cur must hnvo boon
the hoodoo. Tho rain just began to
fall ns ,tho Joan pulled into Vancouver, and it never afterwards lot up.
When it wasn't raining it was pouring and it was undor louden skies
and drenching ruins that tho boys
slipped und slithered from bad to
worse, from misfortune to disaster.
Tho wuy back was via the Joan
if tho Transfer was not available.
At the last moment it was found
that the Czar was leaving at one
o'clock and although the possible
discomforts of such a*trip woro nover blinked, the boys decided thoy
would tako tho chances to got direct
home. They got all the chances that
were coming to thom and there were
times during Monday night when
home seemed as distant us heaven or
even remoter.
Still the' boys omibarked—thirteen
of them nnd they had ull the luck
associated wi. h i hal notorious number. Thore wns firsl of all, a mistake with the barge which occasioned almost an hour's delay. Then wu
cast off und the boys bogan figuring
out where thoy would spend tho evening. If only thoy had known, or
tho manager had ha'       ' :'it!
The first thing \Vo noticed was that
tho barge was behaving In a very
strange fashion. In the first mile
she did moro tacking than any racing smack soillcl hope to accomplish.
It seems she has independent steering
gear, and she knows it, nnd nets independent accordingly. Sho swung
all over tho nnrrows'nnd it looked
ns If sho was going by tho ovorland
route just ns we got out. She was
tho full length of tho cable out of
hor courso and hoadod straight for
shore. If only it had boon a decent
place it would hnve beon bettor i;
sho had; for tt is always better to
do a thing sooner than later, and
look at tho time tho boys would
hnvo boen spared.
Well, to be brief, after heading for
overy angle of tho gulf, the tug cup-
tain decided to givo it up. If he
couldn't tow tho blamed thing in tho
gulf he didn't see how lie was' going to get it through the flap. Accordingly, he backed water, anchored
tho barge in English Hay, nnd landed us bright and spry ou the Vancouver wharf about 4:80.
The rain was simply pouring down
nnd what lo do was the question.
Of courso that depended upon what
the C.P.R. officials no i V.I to do
and manager and Cnplnin Morrison
went off to tho office to find out
from tlie officials.
Tho manager alono boarded those
beardless lions in. thoir den. A civilly usked question got him referred to
one of theso youngsters with iho supercilious air who ore to ho found;
in overy office. These freaks always
hnvo a curt incisive speech and n
freezing manner. If ho had boon asked for a dime (thnt would he the
limit), ho couldn't have been shorter. The manager was referral to tho
tug. Of course thc captain gets his
orders from the office, and we had
walked a quarter of a mile through
a downpour for rain to find out ox-
octly what wo were to do. Well, you
cannot get anything out of nothing.
It is the youth's misfortune thnt his
manners were no botter than his intelligence,    Wo walked b ck.
A fow minutos nftor six we cast
off for tho second time. A few minutes after seven we were fast onco
again to the bnrge nnd she was at
hor old tricks—"playing nroond ns,"
as the Scottish junior remarked.
Still, If the tug could stand it we
coidd anil we began to mako merry.
However, when the Chinaman was or
dered to tako tho dishes off the moss
tabic lest thoy got broken thero wns
somo little guessing, none of which
came nnywny near <'■ u»l truth.
Tho night was simply beastly. The
tug's crew colled it "dirty," but,
while thot mny be nil right for snl-
lortnon it doos not convoy hnlf tho
truth to landsmen. A strong wind
was blowing almost in tho tooth of
tho tug; thero was a nasty, choppy
sea, and a cold, driving rain added
to tho discomforts and terrors of
tho night. Tt wns too "dirty" io
venture out. and yet as time wore
on no ono could remain In.
Tho Irish wero the first to got   in
ties of the storm-tossed sea hud uo
churms for thom. "I'm proud of ovory drop of blood that's in mo,"
thoy had beon singing, and they hd
liko to be. It was tbo only thing
thoy kopt in thom. Tom got to tho
wrong side of the boat, and a breaking wavo (lopped hiiu on to his back
The othor Tom camo next and before
thom both Willie McDowell had felt
strange qualms.
Tlio mnnagor und trainer then began to arrange a pool, but tho
former hadn't time to stay lo the
finish. Uo found lho night hud wild
beauties of its own and the movements of the barge woro always interesting. Meantime the Scottish
junior, who had laughed at him as
ho loft the cabin, joined tho 'rowd
at tho loo side. It seems that
O'Connoll, .Jimmy and Dougan ail
started at once from tho door, whilo
[Don, held tho window. Everybody
was as still and perky us could be ;
but tho manager deep down in his
stomach wus fooling awful queer.
Tlie trainer nlso appeared on the
Ice side and the manager again offered to gamble ou gonoral results. Thc
fonner, however, was taking no
chances, nud Jimmy wus heard declaring "Ma Heevens, but Ah'm awfu' seek," "and so am Oi," chirped
Tom Leahy the whilo they hold each
other up in the pantry door.
However, us the flap was neared,
tho sea begun to abate and wo made
it all right; but nover before has a
barge careened through theso 'sac-
rows as No. 1 did on Monday nigut.
Still wo wero out of the gulf,
through the Narrows and tho boys
begun to get braver. It was as
well. Tho tug cast oil' iu the harbor ami tho blamed old barge at
onco took one of its fancy swings.
The Czar was unable to connect and
now  tho barge was adrift.
Try as ho would the captain could
not rango alongside and the barge
drifted buck towards the crook. Asked how much Wator he had, tho reply came from the barge, six fathoms, aad two minutos later both
bnrge and tug wero benched hard
und fast, Then tho boys begun to
smile. They hud all known that
something else was still coming to
thom, and a nice easy grounding,
within jumping distance of the shoro
and in sight of the town, was all
right. Whnt thoy all wanted was to
get olT. It was aftor li o'clock and
this alono will demonstrate what
kind of a night it wus and just h nv
tho barge hud behaved. If lho cargo can ho salved it would 'be a
real blessing if No. 1 rots whero she
Thoro was nothing but the boat
for tho boys. The manager was in
tho first load and hc didn't stay for
the socond. Ue has had enough of
transfers for this one lifo und hero-
after ho goes round nbout for tho
short cut home. The boys can please
themselves but, they won't catch the
manager on that trip again. Tho
horo was little Wullie, but all behaved well under the most discouraging
circumstances. The 190S Seuttlo
trip will 'never bo forgotten, and
years after this tho boys will be ablo
to quoto thoir experiences against
the worst over. Mer.inhnc everybody is enquiring for* tho hoodoo,
nnd for his own skin's sake it is to
be hoped that his Idontity will always romain a mystery.
(Nunaimo Free Press)
At a mooting of tho Nannimo Socialists lust night, called for tho purposo of selecting a candidate to run
in the provincial bye-olcction, brought|
about by the resignation of J. H.
Hawthornthwaite, to contest the federal seat, J. II. Hawthornthwaite,
was nominated by tho meeting to a-
gain represent tho Sociulist interests
in the campaign.
CHATHAM, Out., Nov. 8.-fiidney
Burke, of Blenheim, was drowned ut
Erienu yesterdny by tho upsetting of
his boat whilo duck hunting. Tho
body Is not yet found.
Washington, Nov. 3.—Early today
a collision occurred between the
Norfolk and Washington stoamer tho
City of Washington, bound from* Norfolk for this city, and the Washington and Alexandria ferry boat I-ack-
awnnnn, bound front*Washington to
Alexandria in tho Potomac "River,
throe miles below Washington. Samuel BInnken of Alexandria wns kill
ed. The collision Is snld to be duo
to a  confusion of signals.	
J   Eyes Tested Free of Charg*.   -
In 1898 there wero only 87 labor
anions tn New Zealand, now there
are 810 with a total membership of
Public Notice.
I have boen requested by the City Medical Officer of
Health, Dr. Frost, to forbid all public gatherings of
any kind, such as Public Meetings, Church Services,
Dances, etc., until further notice. Parents are requested to keep their ohildren in their own lots.
Ladysmith, Ootober 7th, 1908.
Lonisinrm  ,... ,	
Mflssippi ,  10
'Missouri  ,   10
Montana  8
Nevada  3
Nebraska .
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      North Car
NEW YORK, Nov. 4.-William   H.' 0'dalio.ma 	
Tail, of Ohio, Republican, will     be  South Carolina .
inaugurated on March 4 next, as tho Tennossee	
twenty-fifth president of the   United Virginia
States, succeeding Theodore Roosevelt. James S. Sherman, of Now
York, will succeed Charles W. Fairbanks, of Indiana, ns vico-prerident.
This is tho most important tiling
decided by the people nt the ballot
box yesterday as tho culmination of
one of tho most remarkable political
campaigns in tho history of the republic.
William J. Bryan, of Nebraska, tho
Democratic candidate, wont down
before a storm of ballots in a third
defeat of his life's ambition to occupy tho Whito House. With him in
his ill fortune, went down John W.
Kern, of Indiana, candidate for tho
Returns received nt 8 a.m. today
Indicate that Tuft would have at
least 298 electoral votes, and as the
details came in increasing fullness
from tho west, it bogan to look Of
f ho might have considerable more,
and might reach tho 325 claimed as
assured to him in the ante-election
forecasts of Chairman Hitohcock, of
tlie Republican National Committee,
or possibly even approximate the
330 achieved in the last eioction by
Mr. Roosevelt, The number necessary for a  choice id 242.
Ono of the results surprising tbe
most sanguine hopes of most Republicans was Mr. Toft's carrying Now
York city by a pluralty of 15,645,
Furthermore bis pluralty in New
York state will exceed nearly fourteen thousand Roosevelt's pluralty
in 5904.
Only second in point of interest
was the victory of Governor Hughes
who is re-elected by a pluralty estimated early j today os woll above
soventy thousand over tho vote cast
for his Democratic opponent Lt.-Gov.
L. S. Chanler.
With thirty-one United States senators to be elected by legislatures
chosen yesterday or earlier in tho
fall, and in tho light ot the results
in tlie several states so far as known
early today, the Republicans will ro-
tuin their control of both houses of
Congress, the precise figures boing
subject to change as tho news of the
west pours in during the day.
Bryan's chief strength seems to
huve been in the middle west. There
is a degree of truth in the saying
in voguo hero lust night, "tho east
has elected a president." South
.New _n_lund, Now York, New Jersey and I'ennsylvauiu rallied to Taft
with notable majorities. Tho only
eastern state about which thero appeared doubt at the opening of today's tidings was Maryland, returns
from which at 8 o'clock this morning hud dwindled Taft's pluralty us
claimed last night, from 50U0 .to
800. West Virginia wus also in
doubt with the probability of favoring Taft. If Maryluud and West
Virblnla should not both turn Ury-
au states, Tuft would still have 291
electoral votes. On the other hand,
tho statos which at tho outset of the
duy were generally placed iu Bryan
column, several wero still tho subject ' counter claims. Meagre despatches leave doubt as to Colorado,
Nevada and Nebrasku. The trend
of the news up to 8 a.m. indicate,
however, that all of theso stutcB, s-
pociully Nebraska, would turn out
to declare themselves for Bryan.
Ou the basis of facts known at 8
a.m. the table od states is as follows:
California    10
Conncctucut       7
Delaware   , ,      3
Idaho     3
Illinois        2
Indiana „..   15
lown      . _ ,    13
Kansas    10
Massachusetts      16
Michigan  ., ,    14
Minnesota    11
Now Hampshire  »      4
New Jersey ,   13
N«|w York ,    39
North Dakota .........     4
Ohio    23
Oregon    ,.     4
Pennsylvania ..;     34
Rhode Island  ,     4
South Dakota ,     8
Utah       8
Vermont — ...,.*.. a ,.„■.., ...    4
Washington ..,       5
Wisconsin  , .......    18
Wyoming  •      8
Total 391
Alabama ,   11
Arkansas     5
Colorado ........ ......... .........  ■   5
Florida ....  ,  ..........    6
.   12
.   12
.   18
Maryland      .'
West Virginia       '
Total    If
New Yorv, Nov. 4,—Whilo the election of William II. Taft. as Prosldoht
by a large 'majority ol the electoral
qote, was an absolute certainty, to.
day, the result was so close iu Mury
land and West Virginia, as to cen-
0X1,1, 'se^eqs osoi^ uodii uopuo);u joj
-ui uoouoaoj oij| tfm.inp siutipa iso;it[
dieuted that Bryan had curried West
Virginia and Maryland by a small
plurity. Today's returns showed also that Bryan had won over his own
state of Nebraska, ami that state
has elected a Democratic governor.
Although Taft carried Indiana,
Ohio and probably Montana; all of
these three states appear to have
elected Democratic governors. Judgo
Harmon apparently winning in Ohio,
and Thomas R. Marshall in Indiana,
On the other hand, while Bryan
carried Missouri by a safe margin
the election of Herbert Hadley, tho
Republican candidate ior Governor,
was indicated. At 31 o'clock it was
certain that the Republicans will
control the next house of representatives.
Baltimore. Md., Nov. 4. — Fuller
returns received up to 10:80, Indicate
that the slight Taft pluralty has
been wiped out and that Maryland
has gone for Bryan.
The    following    nro    tins
ments of. tho A. Sa It Fund
'   for  tho
month of Octobor :
M. Alton 	
A.  Barsch 	
AT.  Simpson 	
...    7.00
Thos. Richards          	
Geo,  Smi;h 	
Gus Klemola  	
,  ...    7.00
W.   Machin  	
John Allsopp	
Ijntlysmith  Chronicle •	
....     5.00
5 25
C.  Matson	
.... 39.00
.. J267.26
Tho (Uiicktmiug in tho ltmil.ee industry haa at loiujth reuched Ladj-
suiith. Thu town has fel't severely
tho closing down of the logging
cumps, and it was never anticipated
that the suspension would last su
long. Howovor, the ordor has come
to open up. A gang of tweuty-iiv«
mon left towa on Sunday for No. o
camp for the purposo of fixing up
tho roads and general ty preparing
things for the active logging of timber. In a few weeks the camp wiil
once more he running at fuli force.
Charluttctown, T.E.I., Nov. 3.
—The Island election campaign is
now on; elections in lu days
hence. Premier Hazard's Liberal platform includes: Pressing
further claims against Dominion
restitution of federal representation in Commons.
Owen Sound, Nov. 3.—Tho Dominion Transportation Compuny's Str.
Telegram, valued at twonty thousand dollars, was destroyed by fire
Sunday night while approaching Rattlesnake Harbor on Fitzwilliam Island. A crow of ten, including two
women, escaped to shore. The stea
mor had a large cargo of merchandise.
Ureat Game of Football to be Played Tomorrow. Afternoon*
Thero 'will be a great game of
loutball tomorrow afternoon If tho
weather ia at all decent. The ranchers down the road have got into
their heads that thoy know and con
play tho game, and havo challenged
.Uooru and his clerks. Of course
Willie was right thore and ho has a
big stake—up in the store for the
farmers. Hay-seeds, he contJends,
aren't in it with clam-chowders, and
this ho is going to demonstrate.
The kick-oil is timed for 3 o'clock,
and the following is Moore's team:
Gual— Dalcourt.
Backs— Hindmarch and Lewis.
Halves — Harrop, O'Connell, ate-
Forwards — Haworth, Knight,
Hughes, Moore and Greaves.
Canadian Pacilic Railway   Company
Decline to Take up City.
Tho furty-lirst meeting uf the City
Council wus held m tno City Haii
uu Jionday evening. Muyur Nicholson presided ami mere were present
■tUUerinen _J.aihe_un, jicKmiieu, tla-
wuiih, liiowu, Roberts aud Campbell.
A cunmiuuication was read from
Mr. li. Marpole, the head of tho Western section oi the C.P.R. Company,
sluuiig thai he regretted that tne
management coulu not see thou- way
to taiio up thu bonds of the city of
J-iadysmitu ior the amount necessary
io provide an electric light plant ior
the city.
Un niutiun the letter was ordered
Mr. John Russell's request tor permission to put up a duuule storey
uuildiug uu High Street was granted
Accounts amounting to *U58.30
were referred to the Finance committee to be paid if iound correct.
Mr. W. li. bmith's request to car-
rj overhead electric wires across Gat
aero Street without pules, was ro-
Aiu. Matheson then introduced his
now sower by-law, which was road a
second time. The by-law will be
taken up m Cummittee ut the next
meeting of tho Council aud will then
be referred to the tax-payer for rati-
Aid. Haworth asked why the Port-
laud Hotel hud not been quarantined, and wus iniormed that theso matters were in the control uf tho Medi-
cul Ollicer of Houlthf
Los Angeles, Nov. 3.—Articles for
a fifteen round light before the Jeffries Athlotic Club on Thanksgiving
day ha\o been signed by Abe Attell
and Freddie Weeks. The men must
weigh 133 pounds at 2 o'clock on
the day of the contest. Attell gets
the big end of the purse, win, lose
or draw.
TOKIO, Nov. 3.—The birthday of
tho Emperor wus celebrated with enthusiasm throughout tho empire today. The customary review of tho
troops on tho Aoyanm palace
grounds took place this morning.
Thousands of people Surrounded the
palace to obtain a glimpse of tho
Emperor and his s. ■a* and to see
the troops marching past the imi>er-
ial stand In review. A banquet ami
reception in honor of the foreign
diplomats takes place this evening.
OTTAWA, Ont., Nov. 3. — As tho
result of a lengthy discussion lasting
ull day, tho Baptist convention yesterday afternoon decided to refer tho
question of Dominion Union to tho
Dominion conference which opens tomorrow.
San Francisco, Nov. 3.—Mrs. Katherine Lent Stevenson, president of
the Massachusetts W.C.T.U., sailed
from this city today for a tour of
the world in the interest of the far
mous temperance organization, of
which she has for many yoars fceon
one of the national loaders. Her first
stopping place will bo Honolulu. She
will reach China, the first of the
year and will participate in tho antl
opium congross thnt will meet In
Shanghai. Japan and India will
also be visited.
$100,000 FTRE.
SAVANNAH, N.Y., Nov. 3.- The
t>   _.   vi■•   •» buslnoss section    of this   piece was
l.eorgla u..w... j .,....,  13 destroyed by fir6 today with a  loss
Keatucky „„ _t<l_titt_ __^ti -_^ ia 0f upwards ot $100,000.
PINE BLUIV, Ark., Nov. 3.— A
large brick cotton warehouse tumbled into the Arkansas river yesterday following the continuous cavin"
iu of tho banks of the Arkansas river. The hotol Jefforson and the
.Jefferson county court house are in
danger of falling Into the river within the next 48 hours. The river
continues to eat its way into the
rear of the business district and
thousands of dollars' worth of property aro in danger.
Several small cottages havo been
carried down tho stronm and a big
plantation on tho north of the river
Is gradually disappearing. '
FAIRBANKS, Alaska, Nov. 3.—A.
L. Miller, chief of police of Fairbanks, was shot by Blanche Duval
at the Pioneer Hotel today and later died from his wounds.
Chief Miller was breaking down
the door of the woman's room hi
order to arrest her on a charge of
insanity, sworn to by the proprietor
of the hotel. The Duval woman Is
now tn the fedoral jail. She Is Said
to have no recollection of the shooting. Three shots were fired at Miller only one of which wat effective.
The dead man's father ie H. B. Hitler of Urban, IU. I..MP iiMniim »  ,'■»    nn mammae
It You Require Any
Or If Yeu Require Any
Wheel.. ,
Or _ You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Sell One;   or If You   Waat
ii)Wi J>£op% Causem
Notary Fa»lie,
Ladysmith   Standard
PuMiehed on Wednesday, ana water-
days Afternoon* by the
Robt. R. Hindmarch,
Une Veer fi.SO
■u Mouths       It
Adveiusing Rate uu Appiloatleu.
There are all kinda of cabinet-inok
ing going    on around us.     Temple*
man is out aud the auestion ia   who
ie going in.     On the word of Smith
himself, tbat was all settled     before
the election took place.     Of   course,
it may    be   that  the   result oi the
fight in this constituency may   have
altered  whatever understanding     at
that time existed.     Ralph     himself,
three or four days before the    election, announced that, if Templeman
were defeated, he would be the next]
cabinet minister    for British Columbia.     So far as    thnt goes he    certainly deserves the honor.     But as
things now are, the real question is,
dare he take it?    If he were offered
and accepted the portfolio he would
have to again contest his seat.     It
is hardly probable that he would be
favored again     by a  three-cornered
fight, and certain defeat stares him
in the face should Shepherd be    hie
only opponent.     11 is an interesting
situation.     Ralph has worked   long
and     faithfully for Laurieriem    for
his reward, and now, just when    it
comes     within his grasp, dare    he,
stretch    out his   hand and take it?
Smith is no coward, and he' can   be
dei>ended on to take long odds    to
secure cabinet rank,  and there may
lie     another   fight   on.     The main
point     to remember is that     Ralph
himself apparently hns the choice in
his own hands.     If the portfolio is
not taken by him it wlll be a  virtual acknowledgment of defeat In the
constituency he has held for eo long.
If he does accept it, then we are In
for a  really   stirring election, with
Ralph as the central figure, fighting
hie political Waterloo against overwhelming odds.
Disastrous is the only word that
at all adequately describes the tour
of the football 'boys. Things ment
wrong right from the beginning.
The box car put the hoodoo on the
trip, and it was impossible for anything to go right. The boys were
pursued by the vilest of vile luck,
and instead of occupying one of the
best positions in the league, they
are left with a bare fighting chance
for premier honors.
Of course it is always taken
grunted that a beaten sldo oan produce all kinds of excuses to account
for its defeat. However, I hardly
think that anyone will deny that the
experiences of the boys on this trip
were in a specially reserved class
of their awn. We have to resign
ourselves to the loss of four points,
but we did not lose them on a clean
even deal. We lost them on the result ol accident, the bad chances of
the game.
Mind you,  I  don't say that    the
boys would have beaten Vancouver.
I don't say that a  draw was a certainty.        IWihat I   say ia that    our
chances were certainly good for   either one or    the other.    Vancouver
wna assuredly strong in defence, and
the city sporting writers who wrote
of the forwards being unable to flnd
the net must surely have never seen
them out.     The vanguard was much
stronger and worked together in
bettor combination than 1   was prepared  for.      In short the team was
better balanced end stronger through
out than I   counted on.
But oven then the boys had a look-
The first goal was a  fluke and
never affected the play.     The News-
Advertiser says Christian was     the
best back in the field, and if that be
Arthur surely had    it all over
second half in grand shape, and it
looked promising for a big scoro.
However, they failed to score, gradually the attack was forced back,
and Seattle took up the running
with the result that they turned the
tide, tallied the score and took and
kept the lead.
There wero a damp, drooping,
cheerless lot of sports that left Dug-
dale park. We will just suppose it
had to be. There is no doubt that
the boys had hard luck; but thoir
shooting was wretched and the centre and inaide men never got up for
a wing centre. That, together with
j tho awful marksmanship was tho rea
jor son of tho game being lost. Seattle
' also are improving, and, so ,30011 as
they saw a chance of winning, they
piled in to do it. Still, without iu
any way wishing to detract from the
merit of their performance, the points
should easily have been annexed had
our full team been available.
Just a few words more to conclude this rather lengthy introduction. We have lost four points and
gravely imperilled our chances of
capturing the championship. Don't
forget, however, that in tho firet
place the losses are attributable to
unforeseen accidents which are all in
the game and which no team can
guard against. Everything from
start to finish went against us. It
was a disastrous trip most assuredly, ono which all of us who wero in
it, will never forget.
Still, let it go at that. The boye
ate all feeling sore enough and are
sufficiently humiliated. Neither "are
we out of the league yet. Accidents
may happen to some other team,
and Vancouver is hardly going to be
beaten at home. Seattle and Victoria and Ladysmith have lost two
gomes each and Vancouver has lost
one. Nanaimo is the only club with
a clean sheet; but Nanuimo has to
play Vancouver and Ladysmith away'
The League, is     --*--   * --
Vancouver ... 3. \
Ludysmith ... ".".'..".'.'. 4   2
Seuttle .' ,"    " 4   3
Victoria  ",   " 2   2
i) »ia
Ginger McLean.     Our half-back line
Spokane, Wash., Nov. 8.— Crack
players identified with the champion
hockey team of Kenora, Ont., are
coining west to Nelson. B.C., this
winter, when the club, backed by
the Patrick Bros., millionaire lumbermen, will make an effort to bring
tlie Stanley trophy cup to the little
city on Kootenai lake.
Q. H. Nelson, who wos cover on
the Nelson team last year, made the
foregoing announcement during his
present stay in Spokane.
The four men coming from the Kenora team are Toui Phillips, generally admitted to be- the fastest and
greatest forward in tho hockey world
and Si Griffiths, Bordreaux and Kennedy, all fast and experienced players. This quartette was the backbone of the Kenora team which
brought the Stanley cup west of
Montreal last year for the first timo
since its origin. Then there will be
Frank Patrick, brother of Lester Patrick, the sensational point of the
Nelson team. Young Patrick was
last year captain of the Montreal
Victorias. These two crack players
are sons of one of the Patricks who
operate the big lumber plant
contested, and Ladysmith is still in
Thore are some who may be expected to round on the boys and thc
club management. The boys did
their best and so did the executive.
Tho whole long tale of woe begins
and has its origin in a couple of
accidents and none of us can guard
against that.    Givo the boys a show.
(Thnt     is all    they want and surely
they are entitled to that.
and it is the Patricks   who
goinrto'te""!©^^"™ behind tba P|an-     Thoy are put-
SEATTLE, Oct. 31.-Extreme disappointment will be caused ln Pacific coast shipping circles by the decision of the Carnegie hero fund commission In refusing a medal to Mrs.
Minnie A. Paterson, whose brave
act saved the lives of the crew of
the bark Coloma, wrecked off Vancouver Island in December, 0906.
Marine men familiar with the details of the case believe that no
more heroic act was ever performed
on this coast. Mrs. Patterson's
deed was exploited fnr and wide at
the time, nnd il wns believed f it
the Carnegie commission would recognize her.
Mrs.     Paters,
I nothing short. Matty Robertson
played the game of his life, but then
we lost Adam in three minutes and
Urass fifteen minutes from half time.
Vancouver beat nine men, and of
course they bee- them badly. They
were the strongest team that the
larminal City hus ever placed in the
field, aud they never eased up. They
played right up to the last toot of
the whistle and if tbey could have
have scored ten goals tbey would
have done it. Allowing lor the rather "flukey" goal with which tbey
started, and the fact that the others
were put through against nine men,
there was nothing much to boast
about. Even against) the three best
halvos in the province, the forwards,
without Adam, got through, and
even when reduced to Provins, McGuire und McDowell, they pierced
through to Home.
At times the boys not only held
Vancouver, but put them on the defensive. Time and time again they
showed some of the prettiest combined work of the match, and it set
one guessing us to what might have
happened had Bran and Adam been
The Vancouver boys themselves acknowledge that had there been
no accidents they would have had to
bustle for the points.    I believe they
would,  ^^^^^^
There ia one other point. The day
was of the kind that Con Jones sjie-
cially orders for our visits. If anything, it was a little wetter than
usual The field was wet, sloppy,
and heavy, and our boys, especially
the forwards do not show their best
greasy, slippery ball.
not do at oil badly,
and no one was dissatisfied with ths
performance oa Saturday. Fate was
•—•—■   us and   these things    will
work    with
Still thsy did
"' tho
The Colo-
husband at the
time of the wreck wns keeper
lighthouse at Caps Beale.
ma was driven ashore in a terrific
storm on Dec. 7, 1006, and the 'unfortunate crew took to the rlggta".
Seeing tholr desperate plight, Mrs.
Peterson bravely made her way over
a rough road for mlles through a
blinding storm to give the alarm.
Word ronched the Canadian government steamer Quadra which rescued
the men In the nick of time. But
•for Mm. Paterson's heroic act every
man would have been lost as ths
vessel soon pounded to pisses.
happen ^^^^^^
The Seattle game is another
position. Of course, without
accidents on Saturday, the game
would have been easy enough. But
there it is. Both Nanaimo and Ladysmith are taking great risks, and
that we now know. It is too much
to ask of any team to play two
ie games on succeeding days. No
team can do it. On Sunday, nan
who had played through Saturday's
game without a fault were constant
ly in error, and none of them had
the nip and   ginger   of the day
It was five minutes after three
when tho game commenced. Thu Vancouver right wing got up and forced
a corner. Jim Strang headed tbo
ball out, but it came back into a
crowd of players und wus scraped
out of the scrimmage. It rolled slowly up to tho post and Just curled inside boforo Dougan could reach it. I
Tlio game waa not a minute, old
The boys wore tho first away tho
next time and Ginger McLean showed his class by dirtily tripping Adam aftor tbe latter hud beaten him
Half a minute later .1 iinmy wus circling aWay from Strang and the
latter caught Jim on the outside of
the knee. It wus Jim's block and
no fault of Strang's; but Jim wus
down and  out.
Still the boys more than held thcir
own. McDowell put in some pretty
work, and Provins forced two corners, hut did not place them well.
Vancouver finally got up again and
from a corner Robertson secured and
shot into-thc net, 33 minutes after
the start ot tho game.
Still'the boys kept the gome going and Provins raced clean through.
McLean, seeing hc was beaten, grabbed Provins by tho sleevo nnd spun
him clean round. This- was in the
penalty urea and the only man on
tho grounds or in tho field who did
not soo It' wns referee Bradshaw,
Then, while still attacking came
Brass' misfortune and wc were left
with three men. A few minutes later Robertson shot thc third goal, |
which ended the scoring in that half.
Adam came out in the second half
but it was a mistake.. Ho could do
nothing himself and spoiled the others. One rush he did make, and
Horn can thank his stars that Jimmy hud a game leg. Robertson
scored the fourth goal wit., a magnificent shot, nnd the fifth camo out
of a scrimmage on tmic. ' Tho gamo
was over and wo were routed.
Final Scoro:
Ladysmith  „„ 0
5K Billiards and Pool ^
Best Liquor*, and Cigsri.  ,
These double-headers are a mistake, and so far aa we ore concerned will Im cut out. Again, Sunday's
■ weather differed from Saturday's only in that It was "worsor." For
[time lt poured and tho boys -...
again handicapped by a slimy, sHp-
liery surface. The team also had
to be reconstructed. T, O'Connell
took Wynne's ploos at left half, the
latter going to outside left. Warburton came In as inside right. McGuire played centre, and Provins Inside Mt.
The change did -not, of course, improve the team, but at that they
more than held their own. But lock
was still against them. They could
do everything but score. Again and - - ■-— —
again tho ball was   shot over, and, keeper's hands,
again and again the forwards surjt-        Seattle  1.	
ed up   to the   goal.      The Sonttls|      -Ladysmith  ,..
boys defended stoutly, howover, and|                        ——
aided by fortune kept out ths    In- .                 League Table,
vadera.                                                  . -   I   A
StRl the boys got the  only  goal _.'&<.«
of the flrst halt   They started th* Natfnlmo    • 0 0
The Seattle game commenced at
2:45 and opened evenly enough. McDowell .shot past threo or four tlmos
and the Seattle Inside left smashed
the ball up against tho crossbar. After McDowell had put pnst, Wynno,
after sparring for aii opening out in;
but tho goalkeeper saved smartly.
Wynne next missed an opening and
McDowell out ovcr tho bar. Thon
camo a great scrimmage in front of
goal, McGuire ultimately kicking the
ball up against tho goalkeeper.
Seattle then broke away, but the
boys again got down. Boylo milssod
his kick, and McGuire tipped to Provins who banged the bnll into the
not. A fow minutes later McGuire j
scored again but was given offside,
and the goalkeeper stopped Provins'
shot. From a foul against Christian
Seattle almost scored, O'Connoll
kicking out while standing under the
crossbar. Again Main kicked ahead
to 'save, and Donnun was protty
smart to save. .Iust on time McGuire seemed to scoro, but it was a
false alarm,
For the first ten minutes of the
second half Ladysmith hnd all the
play. Thoy forced cornor after corner but could not find the net, and
gradually the Soattlo boys found
thoir feet. After hnlf an hour's play
there came a mix-up tn front of goal
and Seattle scored. Two minutes later McGuire ln tackling a man tipped the ball to an opponent and n
second -goal resulted. The boys
tried desperately to null the gamo
out of the flro but they either missed the goal or shot Into the    goal-
ting up 82,500 for the expenses of
the team to go east, and are furnishing the lumber for a fine big now
ice rink, the largest west of Winnipeg, to tie constructed at Nelson.
This rink will be regulation size,
with a sheet of ice 180x90 feet. The
plant will have an estimated cost
of 813,000.
It is the plan of the promoters to
start the Nelson team back toward
Montreal about Jon. 15, and to have
the team play exhibition games at
Edmonton, Calgary. Regina, Brandon and Winnipeg, and possibly Ottawa and Toronto on tho way.
Mr. Wilson says that in Nelson
there is keen regret that Spokane
docs not put in a big ico rink and
support a crack hockey team. All
Uritish Columbia was delighted when
Spokane sont a hooley toam to
Rossland two yenrs ago and repeated it last year, but was much distressed when the chances of Spokane
besoming a big centre of interest
were practically killed by the abandonment of the big artificial ice rink
in Cannon street a  year ago.
In this connection it may be mentioned there is a plan on foot now
to organire a hockoy team to play
in a Northwest Lenguo to bo formed with Calgary, Nelson and sevoral
other Canadian nnd American cities.
Thore are several former faat play-
in the Spokane country and they
are keenly interested.
If Nelson succeeds In bringing the
Stanley cup, emblematic of tho Canadian hockey championship, it will
not be the first time that a team In
the Northwest captured an athlotic
championship of Canada. The la
crosse honors came to the great team
at New Westminster, and the association football championship of
Canada being held by Calgary for
the past two years.
The Nanaimo bowling team piled
up a remarkable total of 2,860
points in their third league match
at the Owl parlors lost night, and it
is pretty safe to state that that
score will take a lot of beating.
Plie locals feel justly proud of thcir
ichievement for they have only been
lowling two weeks and the Vancouver, Victoria and Westminster men
have beon in the gamo for many
months. The scores from tliese cities have not boen heard yet, but
the Nanaimo team feci that they
have any of these clubs beaten this
For a new team, such as Nanaimo ls, the bowling was splendid, and
all the more glory is due to the locals because two of the top men,
Richards and Herdman wore not present.
Up to last night 187 was the highest reached by any bowler on the
Owl alley, but that score was beaten over and over again last night,
in fact, only five games out of tie
fifteen totalled below that score.
Black was high man with 048, his
best scoro being 242, a fine performance. This score included 8 strikes
ond three spares, Pike piled up 596
and Campbell 589, both good bowling. Arnold 544, and McGlll 488,
also both outdid previous performances. The following ls the score
of the team:
lst   2nd   3rd   Tl.
Black       202   24-2   199—648
Pike   200   195   201-596
Campbell   189   200   199—588
Arnold   185   169   190—344
McGill   109   178   166—498
Grand total   ,.  2860
Up to going to press the scores of
the other teams in the league had
not been hoard from.
Steel        Range
One way produces evenly broiled meat and
evenly toasted bread without taxing the
patience of the housewife. This way is represented by "Sask-alta" Range. The reason:
"Sask-alta" Range has an Automatic Lift Top
(Patented) in addition to regular
Broiler Door; and this team works
for the operator instead of making
her work.
LONDON, Nov. 3.— Much dissatisfaction is expressed in the newspapers and in sporting circles here
wh«K (he fight ls discussed at the
referee having pronounced Jimmy
Britt the victor ovor Johnny Summers, in lost night's bout. According to the Sporting Life, although
it was a splendid exhibition on both
•ides and Summers showed remark
able speed and cleverness at long
range fighting, the referee gave Britt
credit for an immense nmount of infighting, the value of which ths referee waa ln a far better position
to Judge of than the majority of the
Toronto, Oct. 31.-Tho British
Canadian Departmental stores Ltd
with capital of three million dollars
tnost of which is British, has purchased Knox College for a Mg departmental store. The sale price is
Mid to bs 1186,000.
Father, dsai- father come horns with
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 80-A few
thousand Democrats in San Francisco today are firmly convinced that
Japan is eagerly seeking war with
the Unitod States at an early date,
and that only the presence of a big
fleet in the Pacific will prevent conflict, after having listened last night
to Congressman Richmond P. Hob-
son of Alabama.
Hobson was sailing along smoothly, discussing the campaign issues,
when a voice in the audience asked
him to enlighten his hearers ;n naval affairs.
The congressman, who ls a member of the House Committee on naval affairs, readily compiled. He assorted that Japan hod borrowed
more than a billion dollars tu be
used in a war with the United Sta-
Tho overtures of peace on the
part of Japan, said the speaker,
were to delude this nation into returning the battleship fleot to the
Atlantic so that Japan could seize
strategic points in the Pacific on tho
western coast of America and by
commanding ths mountain passes,
could prevent relief from the east.
He told his hearers that there are
now in the Unitod States 1.5.000 Japanese soldiers and that thc Japanese are continually inciting the Filipinos to Insurrection.
He also discussed tho Japanese
school question, and concluded with
ths assertion that only a fleet on
the Pacific will Insure peace.
Ths early part of Capt. Hobson'a
speech was a plea for the election
of W. J. Bryan to tho presidency, no
declared that Bryan was the only logical choice of the people on issues
that vitally affected their interests,
and grilled the Republican leaders
for their conduct of the nation
 4 .
NEW YORK, Nov. 1.—Magistrate
Crane, sitting in tbe Yorkviile police
court, created a sensation yesterday
by charging! that a prominent politician had been guilty of trafficking
in "white slaves." Magistrate made
tho startling accusation aftor he had
heard tbe testimony ot two girls who
had been the victims of women captured by the Children's socioty a-
gerts. It was alleged that the women conducted a "clearing house'
System by which Illegal resorts were
filled with women.
.Magistrate Crane said: "Thero Is
man high ln tho politics of this
town, a man who wields great power here, and who, from the evidence
I  have heard here and elsewhere,
The "Sask-alta" Way
Another way produces
unevenly "< --roiled meat and
unevenly toasted bread
and taxes the patience of
the housewife. This way
is represented by most
Ranges. The reason:
Some Ranges have "only"
a Broiler Door, others have
a contrivance like that
illustrated in top small
drawing; both of which enjoy the distinction
of tiring the arm that holds the broiler and
tiring the eye that directs the arm.
Lsndon,Tsronts, Montreal, Wlnnlpef,Vancouver, SUohn, Hamilton, Cahjary
Ladysmith Hardware Co.
Another IVegi
"Whut's tho matter, Tlm?" asked
Mrs. Moguiro. "Why aro you shed-
din' them tears?"
'There was a fight around the
corner a minute ago between the
McMunuscs and the O'Rotirkcs."
"But ye haven't any cuts or bruis
es on yer, Tim."
'I know it. They quit boforo I'd a
chanco to get In it."
j. m. mof?GAN
Tenchor of Voice Production and
Engagements may be left at tho
Standard Office.
[Teacher of Music]
Stiulio in Williams' Block
rests, I _, ■
Excellent Boarding
am convinced is ln some way connected with this traffic In young-
girls. I won't tell who this man
is. I would not even breathe his
name.. It would he wrong If I
to do so now.
- pte'
Ths clock on ths dashboard strikes
Don't fuss with ths car any longer,
You can't get ths old tub to run.
Ths Sylinder's cracked .and the timer
won't work,
Aad mother's    been waiting   sines
So tether the ear to a post, fathor
And coma home on the trolley with
eome home, ete.
^^^^^^ All that I will say
is that we are looking for him. He
has not beon caught as yet. I hope
we will get him. This ts the greatest scandal that has ever corns before me. I only hops the case will
be run down."
SEALED TENDERS afldrossod to
tho underslgnoil nnd endorsed "Tender for Dredging Coal Harbor," will
bo received until Friday, 30th Octobor, 11)08, at 4.80 p.m., for dredging
required at Coal Harbor, Vancouver,
Provinco of Uritish Columbia:—
Tenders will not bo considorod 1111-
loss mndo on the form supplied, and
signed with tho actual signatures of
Specification and
can be obtnlnod on
O. A. Koefor,
Transfer Notices
1 hereby givo notico thut I iuteud
to mako application to tho Board
of Liconslng Commissioners of the
City of Lndysmith, at thoir next
regular meoting, for a transfer of
the retail liquor license now hold by
me In respect tho Queen's Hotel,
Ladysmith, from mysolf to Bernard
Ladysmith, B. C, Oct, 1, 1908.
I horoby give notice that I intend
to mako application to the Board of
Licensing Commissioners of tho City
of Ladysmith at their noxt rogular
meeting, for a transfer of tho retail
liquor license held by mo in respect
to tho promisos known as the Extension Hotol, Ladysmith, B. 0.,
from myself to James Senlul and
I'asln Horto.
Ladysmith, B. G, Octobor 7., 1908
form   of tondor
application   to
Esq,    Resident Engl-
Now Westminster, and    at the
Department of Public  Works,  Otto-
wo.   renders must Included tho towing of   tho   plant to and from   tho
works. Only dredges enn bo employed
Which    nro   registered ln Canada at
the timo of filing of tenders.     Contractors   must   bo ready    to begin
work   within    twonty days nftor tho
duto thoy have b)en notlflod   of tho
ucceptnnco of tholr tender.
An ncccptod choquo on a chartered
bank, pnyablo to the order of tho
Honourable the Minister  of   Public
London, Nov. 3.-The Colonial • ity- Tho cl""l»o wlll bo roturnod   In'
office, It was learned today, re e,00- °' """-nocoptnnco of tondor.      !
vent the freedom of the govern- e dor. *
By Order,
_      , Secretary.
Dopartment of Puhllc Works,
Ottawa, Octobor 7, 1908.        I
Nowspapors will not bo paid    for
this advertisement If they Insert   it
without authority from tho Dopartment. I
mont shooting preserves ln Africa, Mr. Roosevelt replied
that hs    wished to be treated
* only as a  private citizen,   and
* that hs    did not desire special
* privileges.
No Honing—
No Grinding
You know from dally experience, at home or in the barber
shop, that the question is—
" Why doesn't a razor hold
Its edge uniformly Irom heel
to head without honing and
grinding?" Whether it is a
safety, with the certain tax of
new blades, or thc ordinary
opcn-blodcd razor docs not
alter tho question. Vou wont
tho comfort and satisfaction of
a clean, smooth shave every
morning with the confident
knowledge that your rasor
will be ready for instant use
thc noxt time needed.
Tho Carbo Magnetic rnzorls
tho only raior unoonptllon-
ally guarantaod to do this.
Thirty years of study on the
rssor situation has perfected
a now secret process of
tltOTMQ TtMPBtlHa that
positively merges every particle of carbon (the life of steel)
Into the motai—giving a dia-   -
mend-like hardness uniformly,, I
throughout the blade—some. * I
thing absolutely   Impossible
with firo tempered steel—used
In making all other razoro,
But tost this razor In your
own homo—or if you prefer,
havo your berber use It on you.
Oive us your name.
•r call and see the "Carbo
Magnetic" razor, and we will.
Mate our proposition for test.
lag thoso razors without  .
pMmPfjn on your partp,   I
jSMSfrilli, togethor with our J
free booklet " Hints on Shsv'
tag."   This bock; illustrates
tho cornet razor mosltlon for
ahsvlag every part of ths face.
Lady smith Hardware Co. World in General.
Toronto, Nov. 2.—The Argonauts
wjre swamped again by the Hamilton Tigers, the score being 26 to 9.
to trinity
cemetery for the' inter
Kingston, Ont., Nov. 2.—Quite
Toronto, Nov. 2.—On her way from
church last night Mrs. Susan   Jackson, sixty years   old,    residing     on number of now  smallpox cases    have
Homewood avenue, died suddenly of deve,°P«l «'Hh the Inst lew days.
heart failure,
SEOUL,  Nov.  2.-Tho 18th divis-
& ^__-W_S^_£**:S nlLEHVE^rRe)pubS, iTlldZ
ing been hore since the outbreak of
hostilities with the Koreans, is embarking for Japan. This action is
taken as significant of tho termination of the trouble.
Ottawa, Nov. 2.—Toronto University defeated last year's champions,
(Ottawa College, yestorday by fourteen points to nine. Lawson and
McDonell each scored a try for Var-
sety and Dean for Ottawa.
lngersoll, Ont., Nov, 2.—A quarrel
between two Italian navvies in the
employ of tbe C.P.R., led to murder yesterday . afternoon. The victim is Perdy Constantino, and the
alleged murderer Fonzi Waah.
Media, Pa., Nov. 2.—Counsel tor
Mrs. J. Clayton Erb, who is charged, with being accessory to the murder of her husband, Capt. J. Clayton Erb was granted ball by Judge
Ilromall on Saturday, and she was
released from custody.
Chorlottotown, I'.E.l., Nov. 2.—
The staroh factory at Hunter River,
was destroyed by flre yesterday morning. A fierce gale was blowing at
the time. Had it been in a contrary    direction    the   whole village
would have been destroyed.
. ._«	
Winnipeg, Nov. 2.—Bon. J. H. Ag-
new, provincial treasurer of Monito
ba, was operated on for appendicitis
at the general hospital this morning,
His condition is satisfactory. Mr.
Agnow was in good health up to Saturday when he took 111.
The Hague,    Nov. 2.—No blockade
for President of the United States,
began the last day ofhis campaign
hore thin afternoon, where he addressed a largo audienco. Great enthusiasm marked the meeting. Members of the local Republican dubs
turning out in full force nnd enlivening tho occasion in genuine old-fas-
hionod campaign stylo. From Clove-
land Mr. Taft goes to Youngstown
to make his final speech of tho campaign tonight and from Youngstown
he will proceed direct to Cincinnati
to cast his ballot and await the result of the election.
•' • • •
Ottawa, Nov. 2.—A distinct
earthquake shock waB reported
by the Dominion seismograph
ot 1-2.87. It was probably 4,-
000 miles away. Tho shock
lasted till 2.30 a.m.
Friedcriciishnfen, Nov. 2.— Count
'Zeppelin made a most successful
trip In his new airship today around
Lake Constance He -was accompanied by several women, including the
Duchess or Wurcteinburg and daughter. Tho airship wns aloft for me
Chatha , Nov. 2.— Just as sho
was entering the house of death to
attend the funeral services, Mrs. J.
N. McKenzle, a life-long friend of
Mrs. Glllis, of Logglevllle, fell dead
Saturday night. She had grieved
over Mrs. McKsnzls's death until her
of the porta of Venezuela by the Ne-'h""rl wns »tralned-
therlands has yet been ordered, Nor
will any definite action be taken until the government receive the official text ot President Castro's reply
to the second Dutch note. As has
already been stated, however, Holland Is fully prepared tor any naval
demonstration including a blockade,
that the circumstances may demand.
HEW YORK, Nov. 2. — John F.
Flanagan added a half-inch to the
sixteen pound hammer throwing
mark yesterday at tho gamos of the
Alsatian Athletic Association at
Elizabeth, N.J., making a throw of
178 feot 7f inches. Tho mark will
not stand, howover, as tho throw
was made from a circle marked
with a string instead of on iron
hoop and was slightly down hill.
The record is hold by McGruth, who
made it In tho Canadian championship In 1907.
St. Petersburg, Nov. 2.—It Is un.
derstood in well informed naval circles that Admiral Wlerenus, president
of technical commission of tbs admiralty, 'will shortly retire from his
post. The commission has been under heavy flre of late for tardiness
In the designing nf warships, it s
slated also that several other admiral i are suon to lie placed on the retired list. This is the first important step. In the reform of the ministry demanded by the duma as a condition of passing an adequate appropriation for naval purposes.
Owen Sound, Ont., Nov. 2.—Alfred
Bruce, an Englishman, Is dead, and
Wm. Myers, whose life he saved at
the cost of his own escaped with
burned hands. Both men were engaged In extending and repairing the
Bell Telephone system. Myers came
In contact with a live wire, and
i Bruce attempted to go to his assistance, but a steel spur on ons of hls
hoots came In contact with the live
wire. At this time lt happened that
Bruce had a grip of ths ground
wire. Death was almost instantaneous. At the moment Brum's heel
struck the power wire, Myers
set Ires.
Gait, Ont,, Nov. 2.—ibss Carrie
Miller, aged about 58 died here In
the hospital thla morning from ths
effects of escaping coal gas In hsr
horns oa Saturday.
ST. JOHN'S, Nfid., Nov. 2,-Gen-
oral olectlons are being hold throughout the colony today, following a
bitter campaign. The government of
Sir Robert Bond is opposed bv the
People's Party, led by Str Edward
Morris, formerly a member of Premier Bond's cabinet. As ths ballots in all the polling places are not
counted where thoy aro cast, It Is
considered doubtful If tho result of
the election la known bofore tomorrow night,
New York, Nov. 3-Tne funeral of
Mra. William Astor, Nsw York's social lendor for twenty yeara, took
place today trom her late residence
on Fifth avenue. In accordance with
the wishes of Mrs. Astor, the ceremony wss of ths simplest possible
nature. At the close of the
mony the   funeral cortege proceeded
LINCOLN, Nob., Nov. 2.-Willlam
J. Bryan is winding up his strenuous campaign with a speech-making
trip across the cornor of Kansas today. Arrangements are boing made
by the local Democrats to glvo him
a rousing reception upon hls arrival
In Lincoln.
Mr. Bryan will spend olection day
at hut homo at Falrviow, with tho
exception of a visit to tho polls to
voto in tho morning, Tho telegraph
companies havo strung extra wires
and completed othor necessary arrangements for receiving the oloc-
tlon returns tomorrow night at tho
Bryan homo.
VICTOBIA, Nov. 2.-The election
recount concluded todny shows 2100
for Templeman and 2179 for Barnard, making thirteen majority for
the Conservative candidate.
St. John, Nov. 2.—There ls talk
of protesting the election of Col.
McLean ln Queen's Sunbury, of
charges of violation of the election
law by alleged use of earbon ballot
registering machines. On the other
hand Ool. McLean says the Conservatives used money. There ls also
talk of protest In King Albert a-
goinst the election of Dr. McAllister.
The trial of Liberal workers on bribery charges waa taken up at Sussex
Saturday afternoon, when a man
named Herbert McKinnon wns committed for trial and released on boll.
Aberdeen, Oot. 81,-Premlcr H. H.
Asquith waa today olocted Lord Rector ol -Aberdeen University, defeating
Sir Edward Carson ov 484 votes to
Ths shoe clerks of Toronto, bars
recently organized a union, after
several abortive efforts, and according to reports its membership is rapidly Increasing.
Pittsburg, Oct. 81— Wm, 0. Mc-
Kee, cashier of tho Fanners' National Bank, of Emlenton, Pa., who hos
boon on trial In tho courts charged
with abstracting and misappropriation, was found not guilty today.
tfAvat**ngL^s>iKsvsmstmuk^ wswwsjsw - *>.>».: *•: ■■iv-A<-=^srTS~--y*--^o
ms umm' ma vm ?»s %&,
Now that the Federal election io
over, aud so far as known at present, Templeman is out of tho running, losing his seat and portfolio at
Victoria; Conservatives may sit back
complacently and watch developments in tho Liberal ranks and thc
moves by the aspirants for the vacant portfolio. Messrs. Smith,
Sloan and Mclnnes just now seem to
loom up as the mast probable candidates. Should Duncan Ross be elect
ed, which is hardly likely, no doubt
lie will also bo reaching for the
plum. The first gun in the cabinet
hunt was lirod by Mr. Smith for
Nanaimo on tlio night of his election, then Mr. Sloan's friends got
busy and now the irrepressible W.W.
D. Mclnnes has joined the hounds.
Wouldn't it bo interesting to hear
what the wires from British Columbia are ticking to Ottawa just now,
and wouldn't it bo funny if after all,
the recount, which is taking place In
Victoria today gave Templeman back
his seat? Below Is what appeared
in the provincial pai ers on Saturday on the situation:
* •    o    *    *
(Victoria Colonist.)
William Sloan, M.P.-oloct for Comox-Atlin, was in tho city last night
and was asked by a Colonist reporter if there was any truth In tho
roport published in tho Post-Intelli-
gencer that there were negotiations
on foot between him and Vancouver
Liberals to make way for Mclnnes,
who would receive a portfolio. Mr.
Sloan said:
"Nothing of the kind has been discussed, and it would bo very premature to discuss It seeing that there
is no vacancy In the cabinet ns yot,
and thero may not be any. If the
resultof tho election ls that Mr,
Tomplemnn has to resign his omce,
t is ((Ulto possible that the new city
of Prince Rupert may havo some nmr
bitions ln the way of cabinet representation. In any event I feel confident that Sir Wilfrid Laurier will
s.ee that British Columbia is not left
without a representative In the cabinet."
Mr. Sloan, who naturally feels very
well pleased with his return by acclamation, will return to Nanaimo
this morning. It is somewhat remarkable that Mr. Stoan Is the only
Liberal member of the House of
CommoiiB who has been returned at
two consecutive elections by acclamation. He is very proud of his position as representative of what is
certain to become the most progressive and one of the most important
constituencies in Western Canada dur
ing the life of the new parliament.
• •  •  •  •
(Saturday Sunset.)    •
An Interesting outcomo of the elections iu this province is the probability thot W. W. B. Mclnnes will
bo called to the cabinet. Of courso,
Mr. Mclnnes was dofeated by a rather large majority, but Hon. Wm.
Templeman also wos loft at homo,
ond so thero Is a vacancy in the
portfolio of Mines and Inland Revenue. Ralph Smith, M.P., is said
not to be eligible for tho position bo-
cause of his superior fitness as a
minister of labor. But Sir Wilfrid
Laurier, when ho promised on Mnc-
Kenzio King's platform ln Berlin,
Ont., to create a portfolio of labor,
tacitly promised the appointment to
Mr. King, if elected, and Mr. King
is olectod. Mr. King's experience ns
Doputy Ministor of Labor peculiarly
fits hlm for the position, while his
record has popularized him with the
labor interests. His appointment,
too, would he popular In Uritish Columbia, because of his knowlcdgo of
nnd sympathy with British Columbin
on tho Aslutic question.
Mr. Sloan may come down with a
/lnlm to the vacancy, but the story
is thnt Mr. Mclnnes will go to tho
Yukon, whero ho will probably bo returned by orclnmntion, from which
ho will go to lho Department of
Mines and Inland Revenue In Ottawa.
Mr. Mclnnes would make a good
man for the position, at leost as
good or better thnn onvono who hus
beon olectod on his side of the houso
from this end of the Dominion, and
the west Is, of courso, entitled to
cabinet ropresontntlon. Mr. Mclnnes will bring moro strength to
his party than any other western
man in sight, with tho possible exception of Mr. Slonn. In nny caso,
Sir Wilfrid Laurier will probably, flnd
the appolntmont of a successor to
Mr. Templeman a difficult and doll
cote Job.
(Vancouvor Provinco.)
Mr.    W. W. B. Mclnnes may represent    a  coast   constituency   ln the
next Federal parliament, und at .tlio
same time possess tho portfolio     of
minister of mines and inland revenue
This statement may on Its face look
rathor startling, but it Is loomed today that negotiations to that    end
have boen commenced, and It is   ex-
Calgary,    Alta., Oct. 81— the  li- ported that definite decision In    tha
brnry board yesterday decided upon'matter wlll be reached In the course
The official count
of tho ballots oast in Nanaimo constituency on Oc-
tuber liftlli took pbico
Monday bofore Returning Officer Barker)  with   the
'Ollowing results!
Slnith.             Shepherd             thwaito
  iir.8                     203                     710
 ,     15                         9                       78
Cedar ,	
      9                      18                     33
       7                       27                       2-i
       7                       '_>>                       1-5
       4                       J.".                          S
Cowichan Lake ........
       5                        V,                         0
       2                       1.1                          2
       5                         8                         0
North Salt Spring ..
     26                     158                       8
South Salt Spring ..
     10                       11                       23
■                          ,                    .
1494                    1335                    131'J
            „ 29
Smith's majority
over Shepherd,  159
Smith's majority
over Hawthornthwaite   182
" LJ3_giUii-_!ftll'.liffillllV
main with British Columbia, and tho
one question to bo decided is which
Liberal member shall havo the portfolio, und what constituency will he
lt is learned that Ottawa Ib now
in communication with tho loadin"
Liberals on the coast in reference to
the matter. It is with the government that the decision in the matter
finally rests. At leost two constituencies, Nanaimo and Comox-Atlin,
are in tho running for the portfolio,
and it is thought that Mr.     Smith'uud was lowered down, with canvas
Curtis, Liberal Candidate in Koote-1 Pa'chl)S alu! hi5 I** a',^ hol° aftcl'
' ...   !hole was closed.    Tho big gangway
nay, is also after the promise of tho ports,     windows,    ports,    scuppws,
office in ordor that he may uso it  os' mooring chucks, and every aperture
lover in his campaign.      Liberals had to be blocked, a work of   under
realize that Mr. Duncan Ross is   so '*",**-.f*^„j* 1*h,it ^„not *££
out its difficulties. Tho gangway
hopelessly beaten iB Yale-Cnnboo, port i3 n0 less than oight feet wide
that ho could not ask for the port- and ten feet high, while the win-
folio even if he possessed any claim dows to be blocked aro each almost
,     .. ,, .... as  large as     those    of  an ordinary
to it on the ground of merit. !,„„_, 3wolUng]  ,Across McK patcnes
lt is in     the case of Comox-Atlin 0f wood nnd canvas were nailed fast
that Mr. W. W. B. Mclnnes looms up and    tho   companion    ways leading
from    tho    passenger   deck, only a
the plans tor thc new public library
Those offered hy McLean and Wright
of Boston were accepted. Work will
be started on the new building at
once. Much Interest Is being taken
in the approaching municipal contest. Thsre will bo six mayoralty
candidates as follows: Aid. Samis,
Aid. Hornby, Aid. Morey, Aid. Stewart, tl. n. Jamleson and 0. T.
The Colonist thus describes the
method adopted to raise the steamer Iroquois which sunk just outside
the harbor this week :
The method adopted by tho salvors
who had not the equipment of their
specially equipped salvage steamer
Salvor to draw upon, was to make
tho housework as watertight as possible, pump out tho water, and let
tho emptied house lift tho steamer.
Diver McHardy got into his armor
ministerial  possibility.     That
, ,   r „      . .      ,   ..      small portion of which was dry   at
, safely Liberal as tho election th„ bow> _„_, nls0 b,ockcd    To   al.
by acclamation by.Mr. Sloan
other day plainly demonstrated. Will
Mr. Sloan retire in order that Mr.
Mclnnes may tako the seat and the
office of minister of inland rovonuo?
This question is now boing discussed
in the councils of tho pnrty.
Mr. Sloan arrivod in Vancouver
this morning from Nanaimo. Mr. Mclnnes is suid to bo out of tho city
todny and is not likely to return until tomorrow afternoon or Sunday,
and by that timo lt is expected that
the views of Ottawa will bo definitely known. Certainly, if Mr. Sloan
retires it will bo with the consent of
his constituents, and with tho understanding that when Mr. Mclnnes represents Comox-Atlin ho will be minister of inland revenue.
How Mr. Ralph Smith, membor-
elect for Nnnnimo, will viow tho matter, is causing a groat deal of conjecture in viow of his well known
ministerial ambitions. It is howovor general belief among the Liberals of Vancouvor that Mr. Smith's
claims wero more upon the ofllco of
minister of labor thnn upon tho chief
tianship of the department of Inland
rovenuo, and thnt therefore ho will
not strenuously ob.cct to the latter
going to Mr. Mclnnes in the ovont
Hint Ottawa ond Mr. Sloan are a-
groonblo. Of courso it is conceded
that Mr. W. Mackonzlo King, member elect for North Waterloo, will
bo crcotod ministor of labor In tho
next parliament. Had Mr. King
been defeated Mr. Rnlph Smith was
in line for the portfolio,
That Mr. Mclnnes would bo returned by acclamation In a Comox-Atlin
hyo-oloctlnn thero Is ovory reason to
bellove If judgment mny bo based upon the views ol those who up to tho
presont nro aware of tho Llboral
plans. Whilo Mr. Mclnnes would reside In Vancouver, which is outside
the constituency of Comox-Atlin, ho
would not lie crontlng a precedent
in thnt pnrtlculnr, oven In this constituency becauso Mr. Slonn hns lived in Nannimo over since ho wns flrst
elected to parliament, nnd bo was
never pressed by those he represented to alter hls plnco of residence.
the low of his wreckers working it
necessury to fasten cleats on
deck, so much was the stoumer
When all was tight the steamer
Maud was brought close in and
moored alongside to allow of tho
big pumps being connected with tho
submerged vessel. Tlie work of
patching the vessel to mako tho underwater pnrt tight occupied seventeen hours. The work of raising tiio
steamer tuok littio more than an
hour. Beforo the patches were in
place wafer was pumped nt tho rato
of 1,-100 tons an hour by tho big
twelve inch pumps. When all was
tight tho water camo out so quick
that the bull practically jumped ns
it became empty raising itself rapidly with its own buoyancy. Foot by
foot the hull rose, righting itself as
it Came up, until within an hour
and a quarter from the time tho
pumps started the Iroquois was
floated and on on even keel. Sho
wus not making wnter, for tho hull
hns been littio injured, tho only apparent injuries being somo splinlor-
ing nt tho forefoot and the damage
dono to tho hull and furnishings by
tho water.
Unlucky Thirteen.
When tho Iroquois stranded, and
tho water flooded into her ovcr tho
stern, there were several hoad of
cattle on bonrd, and to the more superstitious the fact in pointed out
thnt there were thirteen passengers
nnd thirteon hogs on bonrd. Two of
tho cattle wero drowned. Ono of
thom was jnmuied under the hurricane dock, nnd the enrenss wns found
by tho divor. while tho carcass of the
ither wns tnkon from the hold nftcr
tho steamer wns raised, Whon lho
hogs were escaping from tho wreck
one of them got foul of the snfoty
Volvo and tbe steam escaping In a
cloud beforo tho water drowned out
tho fires.
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 31.—While
his companions still laughed at one
of hls pleasantries llorty llnvorloy,
onco known nil over the country as
a minstrel and comedian, and a
brother of Col. Jock Hovcrloy, turnod to loavo tho cafe nnd dropped
dead.     Tho funeral wlll be hold un
of tho next fow days
Convinced that thoro Is vory little
possibility of Hon. Wm. Tomplemnn,
the defeated minister, winning on the
recount which Is now proceeding at dor tho direction of the theatrical
Victoria, and as ho le regarded poll- mon 'of this city,
tlcnlly ns down and out, British Col-1 llnvorloy camo Into promlncnco
umbia Liberals hove already set to quarter of a century ago; he wos
work In connection with tho allot- associated with Rood and Emerson,
mont of the portfolio. Thore Is no and later appeared In Hoyt's come-
doubt but    that the office will    re-  dies.
President and Managing Director.
ROMF, Oct. 31—An airship attached to     the Italian army, circled
nd manoeuvred over Home today nt
nu altitudo of about 2,000 teet and
attracted much attention in the capital. Tho whirring eouud ol tho
profiollor could be heard all ovcr tho
city as the airship moved over the
Quirinal nnd then swung over the
Vatican. Tho balloon camo from
tho military station at ntrncennio,
20 miles from here.
Ottawa, Oct. 80.—The challenge of
tho Tccumseh lacrosse champions ol
the N. L. V. has been accepted by
the Minto Cup trustees, and also tho
challenge ot the Capitals of Regina
champions of the Western Canada
Lacrosse Association.
The Tocumseh's challenge was
flrst nnd therefore thoy will have the
flrst crack at the New Westminster
team, but tho Rogtna team must also be accommodated Just as soon oa
possible alter the games with tho
Indians. The trustees havs ordered
the New Westminstor team to be
ready to defend the cup early next
Head Office - - • Toroiito
Capital $10,0
Rest $5,1
A Savings Bank Department will bo
found at thc branches of the Bank in Can'
Ada. Deposits of $1 and upwards are
received and interest is allowed at current
rates. The depositor is subject to no
delay in lhe withdrawal of the whole ur
nny portion of the deposit, Ar counts may
fee opened in tlie names of two or more per*
wins. Withdraw.-.!., to be m«rio by city 0119
of the number or by tho survivor. llt!
L, M. do GEX „.. Manager
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Daily at 9 a. m,
Wednesday, Saturday and Sunt', iy.
at 9:00, and 15:58,
For  Victoria.
Trains J\rrive at Ladysmith
Daily at 11:57.
Wednesday,  Saturday and Sundu
At 11:57 and 17:55
From Victoria.
D. L. Chetharn
District Passenger Agent.
102 Government, St., Victo
The Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
P.O. Box 54 'Phone 44
Dealer ln All Kindt of
•feats Delivered free ol charge oa the
Shortest Notice.
Union Brewing Co.
i limited,
.   Bowling
And Billiard Saloon!
Pool and English
Billiard Tables.
Daily Prize for Highest
Bowling Score.
Ladyhmith,  B. C.
Hotel Cecil
Beat Liquors and Cignrs.
Full Stock of Mlnera' Tooli.
Ship  Repairing Work
A Specialty
All  kinda o.' Blackamlthlng
Done at Short Notice.
and Pastry
. Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding  and  Party  Cakea Mad,   fi>
Fruits and Candles .if All Kin*.i
Prices are    very   reasonable.     All
Customers treated alike.
On Iho f'apionade.
Ladysmitli,   B.  O.
aoon hoarding.
Barclay & Conlin,
Will be In Ladysmith every Wednesday at the Ahhotslord Hotol, Room
6. Readings and treatments will he
given. Best of references glvon as
to work dona In Nanaimo.
Call at
Ryan's Butcher Shop
First Clnss Photos.
Gallery on First Avenue
1 -"■-*■■**•*
A saving of One-Half and less, on finest quality;   fully   1,000
yards in all tho loading shades,   worth 25c.
Special Price, 3 yards for   25c
RAINCOATS—A specinl line at $4.50 each.
RUBBERS.—Now the Wet weathor is hore, you will require Rubbers. Our stock of those is complete and wo can suit you at
Right, Prices.
IIMRTUDULAS.—Wo hnvo tlio goods, and can supply  you with Umbrellas to suit nil at Prlcos  irom 75c up to $0.00 each..
Shoos.—Wo havo supplied you with Shoes,
faction, at reasonable prices.
We guarantee   satls-
mimbers to obtain quick divorces.
Tbe voters today are passing upon a
law submitted to them under t_e in-
iatlve and relerendum, providing
that divorces shall not be granted
to any person married outside the
State who has not resided in South
Dakota for one year. Heretofore
only six months' residence has been
01 the 553 divorces granted in
South Dakota lost year, 364 were to
non-residents, every one of whom
came hero for the purpose of a di-
vorce. Of the total number, 1341
were Issued in Sioux Falls, the chief I
divorce center. The enactment of
the proposed law is expected to reduce the numbor of divorces in
South Dakota to less than 200 a
Another change that will be made
by the now measuro, if approved, is
to require hearing of divorce enses
at regular tei-ms of court. Heretofore the Judges have been very, accomodating, listening in chambers almost any time to tho complaints of
thoso desiring a severanco of tho matrimonial ties.
If the measuro is approved by. tho
voters, it will come into effect on
December 3, on which date the State
canvassing bourd will moot to officially announce tho results of tho cl
Mr, F. Shepherd, of Nanaimo went
down to Victoria Jestorday on business.
Nurse Addie was a passenger on the
Victoria train yesterday morning.
Mr. Geo. Haworth     loft yesterday
morning on the Victoria train.
Mr. A. E. Hilbert was in
business this morning.
Mr. Robt. Bryden,     of Extension,
went down to Victoria this morning.
Mr. Parfitt
this morning.
returned    to Victoria
Miss R.  Bland returned   yesterday
morning from a trip to Seattle.
Mr. Jno. Eno got hack from Seattle via Victoria yesterday morning. Jack had moro sense or more
luck than travel hack by Vancouver.
Miss Aggie McMillan got buck yesterday morning from i short rrip to
the most to be feared but his chance
of pulling round were greatly improved when Andy left.
We cannot say who will be eleoted
on the 26th; but there ia any amount of money to bet that the
Orand Duke Cigar will beat the combined vote of all its rivals in tho
constituency. Smoke the winning
cigar even if you do bank on the
losing candidate. XX
Mr. Wm. Hooper, jeweller and confectioner, was busily engaged In removing hia stock and fittings to the
new premises which are being erected gy Mr. W. R. Smith on Gatacre
street. The heavy rains are all
gainst fast work, but the building is
to be rushed to completion as rapidly as possible.
BerMn, Nov., 2.—In spite of the
fact that the Crown Prince Frederic- William visited Chancellor Von
Buelow this morning which is an Indication that the chancellor retains
tne Imperial favor, there an many
rumors current that the chancellor
will persist ln retiring as an outcome of the publication of the now
famous Interview with the emperor
tbat appeared In the Dally Telegraph
of London. Various statesmen are
mentioned to succeed him. According to the latest report the health
of Foreign Secretary Von Sehoel has
Mr. Stewart, thc Registrar of Vo
tors, will be making up his list before many days nre ovor and anyone whose nnmo is Improperly spelt
or whose designation or address is
wrong in the existing list should sec
him nt once and have tho same rectified. Tho Registrar cannot toll
whethor you are a flre boss or a
track-layer, or you may hnvo changed your residence without his knowledge nnd hc is just as anxious as
you are to havo his list correct'.
Thore Is one good thing to be got
in Victoria. Thnt is Winch's Grand
Duke Cigar whieh is on sale at Wes-
terndale Railway Cigar Store, opposite the E. & N. Station, at the
James' Bay Cignr Store, opposito
the C. P. R. Hotol, and at the Hub
■Cigar Storo on Government Street,
run by Dave Lewis and Jesse Ev
ans. XX
Jack McKinley has roturnod from
his trip to Kansas, lie -has had
swell holiday and greatly enjoyed
himself. Ho wns in Seattle for the
game on Sundny end was ns much
dissatisfied with the result os anyone there.
An articlo undor the caption "Bow
the Iroquois was Raised Thursday,'.!
reads as if it was outside Ladysmith harbor tho Iroquois was
wrecked. Of course it was near the
Nannimo hnrbor the accident took
placo. Honors are ovon on '•
matters now and despite Nanaimo's
boasting sho hns nono the best of
it as possessing a bettor harbor
thun Ladysmith.
PANAMA, Nov. 3.-Tho fourth anniversary of the declaration of independence of the -Republic of Panama,
was observed today with festivities
nnd a general suspension of b'usi-
s. Masquerades and athletic
sports were features of the celebration, in « Americans
joined as •nthueiastically ns the natives.
GARY, Ind., Nov. 3.—This town
founded less than a year ago by tho
United States Steel Corporation, today presented the unique spectacle of
a brand new place holding its flrst
election. It was estimated thnt tho
vote cast would reach about 7,000,
which is bclioved to be a record figure for a town loss than a year
old. Practically all of tho voters ore
workmen in tho mammoth steel mills
The Suit
To do it
To cap the climax of
good-form [dressing for
Just as good as it looks
—and it looks mighty
good, too.
$5.00 buys tho smartest three-piece suit ever
shown—-D.-B , with long
lapels, in all-wool tweed
stripes and Halifax— new
shades of brown.
Other kinds at other
Good Clothes Store
the audience    makes an exclamation,
or calls out in some way beloro     I
can tell what's going on."
'Australian Critic Picks Johnson   to
Boat Canadian   Fighter Inside of Ten Rounds.
An Australian fight critic says   of
the Burns-Johnson fight:
"My opinion of Burns is that ho is
only a second rater, and if Johnson
meets hi-mi in tho magic circle it is
50 to 1 that Jack knocks him out
insldo of ton rounds. I can assure
you that Squires landed on Burns
overy round in tholr last fight', and
at the end of the fight in thothir
teenth round Squires wns leading by
28 points. It was tho American
stylo of fighting in clinches that boat
Squires—nt outfighting Burns is
mug. Thoro wore eiglvteon thousand
persons present, and tho monoy 'taken at tho gate was ovcr £14,000.
Burns was paid his monoy, £2,500,
and Squires got £850. If Johnson
and Burns meot here—nnd they nro
sure to meet—thero will lie fifty thousand presont. Johnson is a big favorite hero.
dt m dm
All Work Guaranteed.
Tho Last Week
Andy Hailstones got back from
Roslyn this wook. Ho left his brother. Boli doing as well ns could lie expected.    Thc injury to thc lung was
Mon's Rolled Edge or Plain
Rubbers, $1.00 and $1.25 a
Women's Fancy or Plain Rubbers. Children's and Misses'
In all sizes.
in Silk, Silk and Wool or Cotton, from $1.00 to $4.00.
Men's Hip and   Kneo   Rubber
Boots.    All sizes.
Men's Cravcnette Coats.
sizes and prices.
You may hare your own opinion
about the worth and value of a real
live Grand Duke; but Winch's Grand
D«ike__Cigar is class all over and
right'through. It is the best smoke
in town, Is made in town and has
flrat call in town. XX
Messrs. Walters & Akenhead will
shortly be In the throes of removal.
The new premises are now almost
ready for ouiupetion, and the new
fittings ars being installed. The new
store is much more commodious than
the old one, and special provision
has been made for the display of the
large and choice stock which Messrs,
Walters _ Akenhead always carry.
WASHINGTON, D. C, Oct 30. -
All the coal mined In the Unttwlf
States is spattered with human
blood, metaphorically speaking, and
every 145,471 tons produced lave
cost a human lifo. These fuets ure
brought to light In tho report jus*
published by tho United States geological survey for the yoar 1907.
During that year accidents h cal
mines resulted In tho death of :i ] 25
men and injury to 5,316. This Iff nn
increase of over a thousand deaths
over the preceding year, proving
that little has boon accomplished towards safeguarding the life and limb
of the miner.
The reports received indicate „
death rato por thousand einpbyes of
3.3-1 In 1906 nnd 4.86 in 1907, and
the number of tons mined for each
life lost decreased from 194,950 to
145,471. The state which has the
lowest doath rate per thousand
(0.95) in 1907 was Missouri, where
499,742 tons of coal were mined
for each life lost. Michigan was second on the roll of honor so far as
death rate por thousand employes
was concerned and Kontucky was sec
ond in the numbor of tons mined for
oach life lost.
The prominence g'ven by the press
to descriptions of mine explosions
whon such dlsastors claim a number
of victims haa led tho general public to believe that of the many per.
ils to which coal mine workers are
exposed the danger from explosions
is the greatest. Statistics do not
bear out this impression. Of the
total numbor reported for the last
calendar year, 947 deaths and 343
injuries were caused by gas and dust
explosions, 201 deaths and 416 injuries by powder explosions and windy shots, 1,122 deaths and 2,141 Injuries by falls of roof or coal, and
855 deaths and 2,416 injuries wsre
ascribed to other causes. Tlie figures for 1907 show, however, that
explosions of gas or mixtures of gas
and dust have comparatively fatal
results, the number killed tn this
way 'during the year bolnc thrse
times as great as the number injured; ln accidents from other causes
the number of non-fatal Injuries
largely exceed the fatal ones. In accidents from powder explosions aod
windy shots twice as many men wsre
injured as wero killed, and the aome
ratio holds In injuries from falls of
roof or coal. In accidents ascribed
to other causes nearly three times as
many men wore injured as were killed.
SPOKANE, Oct. ao.-TMrty thousand dollars against ten thousand is
the wager that George W. Pox offered to place on Tart's election just
before leaving for California. Uo
could find no takers.
Fox sold two vacant lots for $30,-
000 cash, and    it is this monoy   he
desired to    wagc-r    at 3 to 1 odds.
This is the highest wager that
been offered in Spokane.
Entire Stock to Go.
For bargains in watches,chains,
brooches, pins nnd rings, you
havo a choice of a life time.
For tho noxt 30 days you can
got tho highest quality Jewelry
nt your own prico—as everything
must go.
Jewelry Storo lst Avonue
Ladysmith,   B.  C.
Come and
my Stock of Latest Styles ln
Wall Papers
Picture   Framing   a Specialty.
High Street. I
SIOUX FALLS, 8. D.. Nov. 8. —
As a- result of the olection in South
Dakota today this State-will very
likely lose the iiicretlv patronage of
ths matrimonial misfits, who tor
some years have flocked bete in large
WATERTOWN, N.Y., Nov. 3.- Every prospect that the strike of poller makers employed by the International Paper Company, which has
been in force for the past three
months, will be settled today. President 0. L. Carey, of the International Brotherhood of Paper Workers today stated:
I expect that the strike with the
International Company will be settled some time this afternoon, probably about flve o'clock, although I
may get word that it has been settled earlier and possibly it may not
be settled today. At the present
time I cannot say positively."
,   ■    - f	
TORONTO, Nov. 8,-It is announced that It will be at least a year
before the Canadian policy holders
of the defunct reserve fund of the
Mutual Life of New York, need look
for any return from ths liquidators.
There are said to be 114 lawsuits
pending against ths company and the
proposed settlement of these have to
be cleared away before real work of
liquidation can be proceeded with.
 r—4 .
Takes in All the Baseball Games and
Gets Tips From the Bugs as
to Who is Winning.
OMAHA, Neb., Nov. 8.—Por four
years as blind as a bat and yet the
moat enthusiastic baseball "fan" ln
Omaha, as    well as one of the best
target riflemen iu tho city, is tho record Of Frank Johnson, who runs a
news stand in South Omaha, and
never misses a game when the Owu-
ha Western League team plays ou the
home grounds.
'-'Blind is uot near as bad as it
sounds," says .Johnson. "I can go
around town just us if I could see,
and the darkest night is to mo just
like the brightest day. I got on tlio
car and go to the ball grounds just
like any other person.
"You will roally bo surprised to
note how every little point is yelled
out by someone in the grand stand.
When I hear someone yoMingi at tho
pitcher I know that ho is getting a
little rattled, nnd I laugh with the
Johnson always  goos to tho   ball
haa [games by himself,     never taking
coach with him.
"When the pitcher throws tho ball
I know it, because the fellows try-
ing to guy thu pitcher sot up     tho j —
biggest howl.    I hear the crack    oiinQme    &__
the bat and    whon I  hoar someone
Flour and Feed which
will be sold at the lowest
market prices.
Bread Flour from $1.75
and up.
Pie Flour from $1.60
and up.
Our Groceries are all
fresh and clean and our
Prices are right.
Phone No. 4
and Oilcloth
Fn ' ; ine of
and Tobacco
Choice Selection of English
H. HUGHES, lst Avenue
A Special
Offer to the
People of
ilWall Papers
say, 'Pretty catch, ReWcn,' I know
that the right fielder caught tho fly.
If someone stia-is a little knocking I
know .the bal'l wasn't caught."
Johnson has memorized tho namos
and positions of every player in tho
Western loaguo, and from tho little
tips hc picks up with his ears from,
other people in the grandstand he
knows what is going on out in tho
diamond just as well ns nnyono doos.
"Whon a runner is on the bnses
tho suspense is terrible," says Johnson. "While you fellows can look,
on, I   must wait until someone     in
Make Your
Selection—new stock
fresh iu.
J. E. Smith,    Roberts Street
Lunch Counter
Pickled Pigs' Feet
Clam Chowder
Mulligan Stew
On Tap for Pay Day and after
Pay Day
W. E. MOORE, Proprietor
Notice 'is hereby given that the
first meoting of the annual court
of Revision on the assessment roll
as preparod by tho assessor of tho
-City of Ladysmith, will bo held in
the Council Chambers, Ladysmith on
Wednesday, 4th November, 1908, at
,7 o'clock, p.m.
City Clerk.
Woro $18.00
Now $15.00 <
Were $15.00
Now $13.50 i
How can we afford to be
without one of those large
roomy Chester Drawers
or Chiffoniers when we
can get them right here
in our oity for $12.00, :,
; $16.50 and $20.00, With
or without Mirror ai,.
G. Peterson's^
Furniture Store
Phono 1-3,
Mrst Avenue.
Bouse Repairing op noose
Boise BBMiif mi Geitral
carpenter wor_.___>
5K   M O'BRIAN   $
Mclntyre foundry i
Company, Limited]
TO-LET...A Furnished bed room. Ap
ply Mrs. Henry Pollard, Snd Ave.
Boarders, private bogrding   houso.
First Class tablo.   Dadon Powell St.
First Avenue.
Of Ladysmith, B.C.
5c. Each
Book Store
. i hU!-j_j_.Uj_j_J__I
Do you wear a 6£ or 7
shoe. If so we can give
you some fine "Beresford
Sample Shoes" at the
Wholesale Sample Price,
liner shoes than you generally run against here.
Also tbe Celebrated
" Miss Canada " Shoe for
Women in sizes 3| and 4,
B & C width. They go
the same way, that is, at
The Wholesale Sample
Foot Wear Store
Keep Dry and Save a Dootor's
Men's Raincoats frem
$10.50 to 813.00
Ladies' Raincoats
$8.00 to $15.00
Just Arrived
Call and See Them
Terms to Suit all Buyers
Ladysmitli Ptanney.
John Thomas
The Bev, B. A. Heath is leaving
town, and Is selling off his household effects. No reasonable offer
will be refused and the furniture and
goods can bo Inspected at any time,
Blocks of land,    near Ladysmith,
from 8 to 10 acres.   Por particulars
apply to 0. Gardner. sin-lm
Just Arrived
A New Line of
Novelties and
Fancy Goods at
Eight   Prices,
IV|cl(elvie Bros.
FOB SALE—A house on the, corner
of Methuon nnd Third Ave. Six
rooms and pantry, half a lot, cultivated, with fruit trees. Apply on
Putn! L\vi '.'it. NlnllipH, |>«tit.
ipo. f"i- ,i I'nm-iif iiiyfu'iiii-
(fully I In.hilled I.Juklrl.
fv iill-l Hililltl) ll
., ,     ,„,-..„, "''"'I "I rtt'iewnti
,\i     i ji'l',l< v-*ilii.tbl« nii'i p.-ut-M-
■ i.!,JJ—J--   cnl InrnnniUliiii for lion.e
t) builders.
Baby Pillow Covers
Tinted Laton Cushion
Pin Cushion Covers
Whisk Holders
Brush and Comb Cases
, etc?.
i Miss Ureni:
!. "
tfcW.S'iH'fft n i n i ni f m


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