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Ladysmith Standard Apr 25, 1908

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Brand) .^^^^. 5c per tin
Victor Brands Evaporated Cream.. 10c a tin
On tho Dry Goods Side wo hnve somo odds and ends which we  j
havo put in baskets nnd are. donning out;
Sample's Mon's   Undorwenr, from ...,  40c each.
Men's and Boys' Caps to cloivr at    25c  i
Ladles' Cashmero hoso, regular 40c, now   25c a   pair
Ladies' -Bolts, regular 50 and 75c,, now  '. 25c. each    i
Chlldron's  Sox,  (samples), clearing nt   15c a pair    \
Mon's Shirts   up to «1.50, no-w   75c. ench  ',
A Special lino of Childs' G iris nnd Misses Ton Shoos.
A..4..4*.AtA.4.A.*.4.il,a.i_„*,4.,i*,4..4.,4  *  * __________**
Makes a Speciality of
at Prices that suit your pocket, nnd A LITTLE LOWER THAN
Free Golden West Soap
and Washing Powder
60c Worth of Silverware Fiee
with every 50 cent Purchase of
Golden West Soap and Golden
West Washing Powder.
To obtaia this Silverware all you have to do is to
purchase 50 cents worth of Golden West Soap, 12 bars,
or Washing Powder, or 25 cents worth of each, and
for a Silver Plated Teaspoon (whioh is worth at least
25 cents) then cut out the Coupon off the two Cartoons
and sent! them to the Manufacturers and obtain .another Silver Plated Teaspoon FREE.   In this way your
Golden West Soap and Golden
West Washing Powder
Costs You Nothing.
Good Tackle
Some Reasons Why the   City Should Have   a
Lighting System,
Nuiuiiino, April 2-1.
Will Hawihoriitliwuito contest Nanus been already discussed from  ev- naimo for tbo l-'oderul seat? is    tho
ory point ol view in the Standard, quostion that    has been asked many
there are a low considoriitious,vh!ch %iam relX!UU    um, whlch hmi
cannot be too much emphasized. , ■      .. -
Tho first of thom is that  nothing i'ot I'08'*    answered deunutely, nega-
has prevented    the growth of    the tivoly or ullirinutively.
town more than the lack or a light-1   Today's Victoria-Colonist has the
ofthTtcTiZens?h0.nattr^d°,toSS f^    «"*    $$• «'•
point is 'not   only. Idle, but foolish. does not ^y anything now on    tho
They havo persuaded themselves that subject that has not already     beon
tho   town   is morely   a temporary sold by Mr. llatrthornthwuite:
camping place.    Thoy have no belief,   Tho socialists^! the provinco  aro
in its stability, no faith nor hope ml,, '
its futuro.      They enn see   nothing Planing to run u candidate in each
on which tho town can develop aud constituency at     tho coming federal
expand, and actually convoy the Im- elections and it is roportod that tbo
prossion that thoy are indifferent  as _xmMve ot tho party hns C01no to
to whether or not It makes any pro ,. ,   ,     ......  .. -..
gross,     They   are   the    men of a tho conclusion that J. H. Hawthorn-
Sleepy Hollow," and should never thwnite must retire from tho    pro-
hnvo loft a crofting humlot. . ,'vinciul    "arena ond contest Nnnallno
The one positive result of this fool- with lial „ Smlth   tho        nt mem.
ish content nnd spineless citizenship ,  _      ... , ,     tt    a   , ,
is that uny progress in the town is ber'     u is ''^sonod by tho Sociul-
iiupossible.    jV municipality, liko an ist" that Mr. Hawthornthwaite add-
Indlvidual, hns got to help itself bo- ed greatly    to the strength ol    his
fore It can oxpoct to be helped    by position with the vote at Nanaimo
othors.      According to the repeated .     ..      .     .    ,    ,    , ,
assertions of those in the best posi-,'* the stend ho took u',on vanous
tion to know the'e is not tho leastimatters at tho last session of the
doubt as to the town's stability, provincial legislature, and It Ib bo-
That being so, it Is the part'of all lieved that ho will have a walkover
.boaL-.° f'JIT^J.. [_..?__cly in Nanaimo.     The constituency    is
the one the Socialists count on car-
* * Is     moro   annoying   than     a
* * watch which falls—falls to glvo '
"! you uccuriite time. Plenty ol |
.. peoplo can cloan a watch, but ,'
-- to fully adjust and timo a .
■ ■ watch Is tho work ol an expert •
['. It your watch is giving trou- '
.. bio, let me oxnmine It, and [
•. quoto prices Ior repairing thor- ,
- ■ oughly, and timing it accurate- .
•: ly.  All W01IK GUARANTEED
;! Prlcos in nccordnnc? with |
.. flrst-flnss work—no botch work \
.' Cnnndinn Horologlcal Instltuto \
* W*H-H4-4-»-f-tHH^f *tU\
In anothor column will oo found a progress, and a suro sign of active
copy of tho electric light by-law, and advanced citizenship. The citiz-
which tho City Council, in response ons also can profit from it directly,
to a potitlon from tho ratepayers, und cannot escape but be lienofltod
drafted out and formally adopted. Indirectly. From every point of
Tho by-lnw will bo submitted-to the view tho lights are a necosslty to tho
pooplo on Wednesday, tho Oth oi town, und this It is nut too much to
May, whon lt -will bo docidod whoth- Jmpo, will bo the feeling of a major-
er the city is to continue In dark- Ity of tho ratepayers un the sixth of
ness or to boast a lighting system.    May.
It is difficult to find anything ori-, t
ginitl to remark on the subject. The
quostion hus beon so often before tho
city and hus boon so thoroughly canvassed on both sides, that there Is
littio to add to what has boen repeatedly said. However, this is essentially a time and an occasion
when some repetition ol argument is
excusable- und, although tho  subject
Chinaman's Actions    Excites Suspicions, and Stolen Money
is Pound.
Mr. Parker, Agent of "The People" ^Gives His
Impressions of B.  C. Football.
J.  H.  Hawthornthirulto Assorts If
Nominated He Could Curry Nuiuiiino Against Smith
Thero wns a curious and dramatic
sequel on Thursday morning to a
charge heard in the police court on
Wednestluy evening. About two
weeks ago somo 0110 entered Mr.
Hugh Fulton's room at the Temperance Hoarding House, and lifted a
gold watch and,chain, a gold locket
and about $2*i0 in cash. Suspicion
fell upon a Chinaman employed in
the house, anil lie was arrested.
is class Jin all Jimmy's movements,
in his sparring for an opening, his
hold ol the ball, his dribbling and
his speod. Of course Mr. Parker Is
not tho first to remark this, but
coming as it did just aftor    Jimmy
to further its growth and expansion
in evory possible way. All development spells a proportionate Increase
in values, and it is to everybody's
Interest to promote the progress of
the town.
Tho doubting Thomases among our
citizens should ask themselves tho
simple quostion: Why shouldn't tho
city go ahoad? With all their prejudice and pessimism they will And
three reasons "for," for every ono
"against." Take the situation of
the town, its harborage facilities, its
scenle beauties, Its climate, tho agricultural land all round it, and the
splendid locution it offers for factories and industries. The time has
gono by when all those assets could
bo dismissed with a sneer, It is the
bare truth that their potential value und development cannot bo overestimated. Most of them are la a
fair way to being realised.
Thero nre two industries, not count
ing tho shingle mill, already located
hor, and thero is no reason why
thore should not be twenty.two If the
government of tho city is at all progressive. If everything goes right
anothor railroad Is to come in on
the other side of the boy, and everything points to big mining developments around the harbor, from all ol
which Lndysmith Is bound to benefit
Again tho clearing of ono hundred
and seventy acres of land closo to
the city Is a big thing .In itself. It
marks tho beginning o( local agrlcu-
Rural development tho end of which
no 'man can see.
rying, and tholr efforts will bo largely concentrated to pull their man
through thero at the expense of
Ualph Smith,
in the other constituencies of the
province the Socialists have hopes,
but they aro mostly forlorn ones,
and their campaigns outside of Nanaimo will bs mostly what thoy
dearly love to call "educational."
A feature of the politics of . tho
Socialist party will bo a Joint convention of Alberta und British Columbia which is to ho held at Fernie
on May 33. Delegates Trom all tho
locnl executives in tlio two provinces
Will be In attendance. Following
this convention will bo the nominations of the party in the various constituencies throughout tho provinco.
In Vancouver it ls probable that
tha candidate of the party will be
E. T. Kingsley, who is looked upon
by tho Socialists as the strongest
man thoy could put in lho field. Tho
local candidate has not beon selected
but will probably bo named at a con
ventlon of the Socialists of the island, to he held In Nanaimo on the
7th of May.
J. II. Hawthornthwaite, M. P. P.,
who is at presont In the city, stated
-ta>a>%%a>*a»*»*»%*»%»>*»». ►
Phone 7-0.
0%»aaa,a^%»%%a<%%%%%»%%>>, ,
The   city   Itself Is    wakening up. .„,,„,,,   .
After three years absolute quiet there tp tho CoIonist lnBt "'""'"S thut he
is now a stir in tho building   trade. ba^ had no intimation from Voncou-
Boinombor also thot a building spurt ver that he was to resign. Tho mat-
requires littio oncouragement. Thoro tor was loft In the hands of ths lo-
is nothing more infectous thun specu „„i ....1    ......   ,.,        . ..
Intlon In real estate and the sum- Cf'"0rly ra"thorltles a,,d t-1""'™"*'-
mor mny seo a regular boom in * " '" "my' ot tba ''land constltu-
bullding. The word "may" Is used enclcs would deal with tho matter,
advisedly.     It will   all depend upon Wero such a  recommendation ns tho
"'r^^yrTga.n.delcdelor-r'r1' « >M'™ **
ilarknoss    rathor   than   light, thon Prov'nc'al    executives It would havo
thoro Is an end-to any chances    of weight with tho Island Socialists.
prosperity.    Tho    timo is moro cru-    "If I   am    selected ns candidate,"
Ulaia 1«Lh01rt m0r°f!nUgbt ,!"! ,1IJ ™n«r.od, "I am confident that I
gravo issues, tho quostion moro vital  .        ,   . „ ,_? ■'_   ,"'
to tho    city's futuro   than wns the can ,vln    0,lt n«ninst nolPh Smlth'
cuso when lost tho question wns sub- l,s tho party hns Rained ground, and
mitted   to    tho   ratepayers. Evory four or flvo locals, tho last one    nt
S **,? c?fn"ldBr"Vi",.",r th° ',?" So,lth Salt Si"-1"-*' hnve lately boen
torost and welfare of tho town pulls i„„„.„» A ,, ., , . ,
for tho pnssnge of tho light by-law. lnfltltutcd- » the pnrty doslrcs mo
All thoso who have tho slightest to "">■ ' 9nn" most corlnlnly do so,
tinge of locnl prldo and piitriotlsm, but whoever is selected will enrrv
who desire to see tholr city abrost of Nnnalmo, Ladysmitli, Northfleld. Co-
tho timos, and nro concerned for its a -        a .-.     . a, . , .
advancement und expansion will most dnr *l,d * r'1I>l'crry districts, and
assuredly use thoir votes and influen- "hould hold tholr own against Ralph
ce to secure lights.    ' 'Smith in other places.     His   stock
What is likely to prove tho blggost |s steadily going down.     The    flrst
stumbling block In tho wholo scheme ,.,,„„ ,.. .._.—,_. w ,___ _.
is the necessity ot borrowing money. 'i'"° "e contested Nanaimo he ob-
Thero nro citizen's in tho town who tnlnod 7.TO votes, last election ho,
hnvo licen always unalterably oppiis- got 886.
od to tho city raising a lonn, Why "This Is largely owing to Ilia attain/should havo adopted such an ,,,,„._ ., _, _„»,.„ ,_■...., ,
attitude it Is difficult to expluln, but ll""° nn ,al,or m"tfa""' '"'•""Wnl
certainly prejudice hns bnd mora to •*'<"'kors will novor forgot him for
do with It than reason. Tho same his stand on the Japanese linesmen will Jump nt a chance to   make tlon.
monoy when It Is presented In any
othor way. -Let n plausible real estate agent come round with n lot
which in six months time Is to increase fifty por cont. in vnluo and
thore Is a run on the bank.
Mr. Parker, the Canadian representative of tlie "People's" newspaper,
was in town on Wednesday evening
He camo through from Toronto tt
see the competition for the "Shield'
which his employers put up for rum
petition among Canadian clubs., He had wriggled out of Farmer's bottlo
saw the game on Saturday und iu it sounded good.
Ihe interval he is touring the 'Islund. Mr. Parker hus not seen Calgary
lie visited Victoria, came up to Lu- in a mntch but holms seen tlio mon
dysmith on Wednesday and loft on out to practice. His opinion is that
Thursday morning for Nnnalmo cn they are a strong, evenly-balanced
route for Vancouvor and tlio game on lot, with some exceptionally brilliant
Saturday, performers.    Moro from, he suggost-
Tho charge wns hoard agSlnsi'hlm1,,/ .',Ff kAWt is,T, "j'1 f",°"Jn!lo',' ?d' U">" rr,om what ho.aeluully said,
on Thursday week, and, although hl"!f" '""' ,s sUlLlieel">' "'tl!rest'"1 there are hard times ahead for tho
circumstantial evidence won't oSSt  "V""    TT 1,     ° S"yS ""',l ""l T ^°' ^ ,tho °'"«i'"'^'«-
o»"w!rto .tri 1 rrect rfry a^t'tTtirv;r • .z S!'enking of t,,fl projoct,j<i tour °'
In tlie uifcaiitime a thorough search
of tho premises resulted in tlio  find- \
a Canadian Club to the Olympic
round games, Mr. Parker couldn't see why
! is of a superior class. Ho is satis- B, C. itself shouldn't send a teain.
I fled that if a Ciuiadinn team of fif- If $2,000 could be raised in tho Pro-
ing of the watch, chain, and locket
among some old rubbish underneath
tho houso. No trace was found of
tho money, however, and it was given up as lost.
No further evidence was obtainod
against tho Chiimmnn, and tlio Magistrates were obliged to dismiss the
case when it came before them for
the second timo on Wednesday evening.
Now conies tho soquol as surprising as it was unexpected. The suspected Chinaman was not, of course,
allowed to re-enter thc house; but be
turnod up onrly in the morning and
wns chased out. Air. Frame, as it
happened, did not go out to work,
aud about six o'clock heard some
one come into the room. He asked
who was there, but receive'! no reply and whoever it was immediately
wont out again. Jt was the China-
He was seen to* descend the
stain- and wariud n.it to cou.o f.ack.
About 8 o'clock Mr. Frnino g\)t up
to dress and on l)okiu-,p out observed Mr, Chinaman standing; in ibo
streot In a- brown study. Ho looked
up at tho house ami down tho street
aud finally moved off in tho direction of the Post Dillcj. Ho aguin reappeared a minute later .ind when
opposite the hall door of the Temperance houso.made a clean bolt for
the stairs. Howovor, ho was seen by
tho waitress, who called < ut after
him as he raced up tho stairs, Ho
wus clearly making again for Mr.
Frame's room, and it was .leci led to
hold Mr. Chinaman until a search
had been made.
The room was thoroughly overhauled, but it began to look as if
the missing treasure was not going
to be found. Success enmo at the
very last moment. The searchers
ended with the washstand. Thero
wus nothing elso loft to investigate.
2very crack and crevice, 'every possible hiding placo had been looked
Into. Thero was only tho wash-
stand, and thoy wero down to the
floor of it, when, on turning up the
paper with which it was eovered,
they camo to the wad of billssThey
had got tho treasure-trove. The very
eagerness of the chink to regain possession of it hnd disclosed its hiding
Neodlcss to say, Mr. aud Mrs. Urea
woro elated ot tho discovery of tho
money. As for Mr. Fulton, he wns
smiling ns ho never smiled before.
It was money Hughio hnd in trust
for tho lodge and which hc had never had a chance to deposit in tho
bank. Naturally ho folt more upset
nt thc loss than if it hnd beon his
own. However, it is all well that
ends well, mul n libation to the
gods was in order.
Just how Mr. Chinaman felt be did
not say, but ho will bo given a
speedy opportunity to express himself.
teen men went back to the Olympic vince be felt sure that it would   be
gnmes in Knglaud tlml twelve    men doubled at Ottawa.    At any rato the
'would be selected from Western clubs idea is worth considering and   there
He has a great opinion of   Adam, is no reason why, if the scheme was
He is, ho says,     tlie host centre-for- taken  up and  properly managed,  a
ward he has seen in Canada.   There team should not go from the Coast.
No Arrangements Yet Mado for .   t
Steamer for Tuesday.
cussed, but, up to the time of writing, nothing has been settled.
It will Ik* too bad1 if those who
would dearly like to see tho final
game for the Shield are deprived of
lho opportunity through a failure t0
get transportation.
Tho team will leavo on Sunday
night tor Nanaimo, making the trip
across. the gulf onMondny morning.
Tbo directors of tho Vancouver Athletic Club have very generously given tho club the run of that institution nnd full advantage of the club's
facilities will he taken to glvo tho
boys a' final touch for the great
It is nxnectod that the team will
turn out in full strength nnd whoever happens to be their opponents,
will be given thc run of their lives.
It should truly bo a great game,
und nt least there Is reason to hope
fcj' the shiold coining to Tjadysmith.
Kenyon Case
Kir. A. Triinncld was H|> nt the
police court on Wednesday afternoon
in connection with the shooting of
S. Kenyon. Tlie latter, it will lie
reincinliered, hnd an attack of violent Insanity and ran aniia-k armed
with nn nxo. Mr. Tranfleld with
others camo upon Konypn nnd did
nil In their power tn .lisitr.it him
Tho milllinc, however, evaded nil
their efforts und grow so ilnngeroiis
that ho was shot in the forearm.
jVt the court on Wednesday evening two witnesses of the occurrence,
testified Hint under tho clrciiinstnn-
ces there wns nothing clue loft for
Mr. Trunfleld to do and lltnlwioy
tvoiifd have done the same thing
On the strength nf 1ho ovldonco tho
court decided Hint thort) wns nothing agulnst Mr. Tranllold.
Mr. U. Thompson mot with a serious accident in the mine on    Wed-
Tho football club have been trying iiesday    afternoon.     Mr, Thompson
all tho    week to make arrangements js u digger, and whilo working in his
lur an excursion to Vancouver     on vis"? 'vus cauSht bv a '"-"    of   top
„,.     i tv   t    .   n a.     r,   -,. „ | coal.    He was practically buried and
luesday.     First of all the   C. IMS. L,hell   flrst   oxtricated it was foared
Company was asked    to call-    here his back was broken,
with the Charmer and delay the ro-     ft was not,   however, so bad
turn journey    until    nine at night.
that, although iu addition to    cuts
,,.. .    ,, ,,    ,     ,   i and     bruises,   Thompson   is   badly
I his tho company was unable to dojwush0(| about ibe chllst     The   ^
owing to the inconvenience ^t would tors    were unuble to determino   the
cause travellers, and tho fact   that J coal extent of his injuries right away
the postal authorities might object.-1 ""I' at lbS timo of »'liUnS' '"»   "»
nn, .   ... «_,      i tt       j-     "till in a duugerous condition.
Othor arrangement*    were,then  dis-     Mr. Thon,psSn,     who   resides oa
Mr. Thompson, who
High Street, is widely known and
respected and general sympathy is
folt for him in his unfortunate accident.
Enormous Gathering ot People
Attendance »t Auto Baca ai
the New York Track,
URIACBIAF. N.Y., April 34.—An
enormous number ol people gathered
here at an early hour thla morning
to aee the big auto race which started at S.07 a.m. For mile* along
th*. 88-mlle track the apace wa*
crowded, and a conservative estimate places the number of nutohinea
at 11,000. The original entry liat
of twenty-two machines waa declared to be right, the only alteration
in the dotaile of the race being the
shortening ot tha distance. Instead
of ten laps of the course, tbe can
will travel only eight laps, making
the entire distance 256 miles.
Watson, in car 22, was the llret
man to come to grief. Hia machine
collided with a' post at Eoetview,
and waa so badly disabled that lt
was three hours alter the start before ho had made tho repaire and
finished the first round.
Strang maintained his place at the
head of tho line until after the end
ot the fourth round, when half the
distance hail been covered. At that
time hc had a lead of 21 seconds In
elapsed time over hia nearest    cont-
LOS ANdHI.ES, April 21,-In tho
arena erected Just outside tho city,
Thore Is nothing so enticing ns Mlko Sullivan ol Boston waa glvon
that about the now lighting schouio; tho aoctalon ovcr jitmLy Qnrdnor ot
but It Is all the somo a good n- , „.„ „ „ , . ,7. ,. „.
vestment. There Is not a munlci- LoB9"' M"M" Uat "'»'" «"« aR
pnllty In Canada which has Installed "n»>d* that woro nil In favor of
and operated a lighting plant which Sullivan.
had not found It a good profitable In | The verdict of Jomee J. Jofirloe,
vestment,     Five por cont ls a good lfc_ -.,.^_  _ „...,_ „ .
rato of interest where the securities ""' re,ereo' wn" a m'mr *'»•• s'"-
are sound, and, even if the debentur- "vnn hnd the science nnd coolness,
es are bought In ut the end of five hut lacked the strength to deliver a
yoars It will moan tho lessening   of knockout, although aevernl times he
'"hotl0cliy haa everything to gain h"d aftrriner at h'' morc>' »nd •"*-
from the adoption of this lighting a™ '""j/ »t nla opponent's Jaw,
scheme, A lighting systom la an In- without ' the power to bring about
valuable advertisement, a proof   of an earlier result.
A painful scnsntlon wns caused In
town yesterdny.byt the news Hint
Mrs. .1. N. Jonos hnd attemptod lo
commit suicide. Mrs. Jonos hnd been
iu n despondent stuto for tho last
two weoks; but It wus nover thought
thnt sho was so bnd.
Yosterdnv morning, nftor Mr Jonos
hnd left tho houso, sho soomB to
hnvo mnilo a dollborute attempt tn
ond her life. Mrs. Harris happened
to go upstairs on nil errnnd nnd discovered hcr lying with hor throat
Mr. Jessup, tho chemist, wns at
onco called in, nnd the doctor sent
for, and tho Injuries attonded to.
Mrs. JoncR wns then sont down to
Chemainus hospital In tho Amhul-
i ance. She Is ln a very dangerous
NEW YORK, April 21.—Social settlements and charity workers were
given a bluck eye lust weok by l-'r.
Curry, pastor ol St. James' church,
In tho lower East Side. Father Curry pitched into tho house established by Jacob Kiis, President Roosevelt's friend, with special vehemence,
and declared that it wa* pauperizing
tbo children and making graflora of
tlie    parents.    He    further declared
that charity workorB among     poor jpetitor.    Up to this timo the leader
people ol tho (J hollo did nothing but j had    averaged nearly 40 miles    an
givo it a  bud nauio, and thut  nine- hour,
tenUis ot    tho money which ls    on-! ♦
trusted to thom by contributions   la 'HANGING IS NOT   A   PAINLESS
spent ln supporting tho workers    in death
comfort and luxury.
Tho attack stirred up the bitterest
feeling throughout tho city,  because
Mr, Rl is is considered os tho father
uf scttlemont work In tho Eust Side,
and is Idolized by most of tho pooplo
In thut quarter.    For his work there
Presldont Roosevelt styled hlin     as
the most useful man ln the    United
Stntcs.    For ninny yenra, too, when
President Roosevelt wus police com-
inisslrner, he worked with Mr. Riis
in establishing settlement houses in
tho poverty stricken sections of Man-
New    York haa    one of the finest
schools for cripples in the world,   lt
Is located in the lower East    Sldo,
and In addition to having all     the
appointments of    the usual    school
building, It bus porcelain bath tubs,
showors, elevators, dining room,     a .,..,, .
i i  .   ... -_-nnm    Sim.   t woB the moat olTtc'oiit, the speed-
roof garden nnd n  workroom,   spo- *
cial lirs „„d desks have been !»,,« ***"» ■"»** "ff"' *»« **
stalled to conform to the peculiar *«v»od I. adoption.by the conimon-
deformllle. of the dlrtorent children. '««'"' »' Ponn»y'v»nln. In .vary
Flno neodle-work, book-blndlng, bas- "»° <* ^g 'he heart of the vie-
,-i , j „«„,i ,..„i„i„„ „,-,. tin contnued to beat a long timo
ket-woavlng and manual training nro . "V
..,»..      h .1 ..a ,i„.   «.n-k after the fall of thc trap, aomothnca
taught   n tho school nnd tho   worn ■-
,       ,     .,    i  .    .n.i ,i.i. i. ...l.l   ns   ong n* thirteen nilniitea, nnd ho
dono by tho hoys nnd girls Is sold. • »,_,.„.   „
-ua t   ,. n.iA in.thoir believed conaclousnesB continued, or
Tho children nre to bo paid for their .... ,	
work, tho girls receiving 88.50 each !"«lal conscience, at least from
week nf live day..    For the poore.t ™o to ono and a half m nute-. The
,,.. i   -in u. mnniA-t „„rt struggles of tho mon Indicated    et
ch dren moals will be furnished and        »» __..,.    .u«i-
frco modicnl attendnnco 1. given to ,"■*. to flnd a aupport for their
,11.    An omnlbua    goes from hotiao '«it as they awiing In the noo*. and
So Declares Ur. Spitzka, the Eminent llruiu     Specialist—Victims
Suffer Whilo Conscious.
PHILADELPHIA, Pa., April 24.-
The accepted Idea that execution by
hanging iB a painless operation woe
disputed by Dr. Spitzka, the eminent
brain Specialist, before the annual
meeting of the American Philoao-
phical society, which began In Independence Hull yostorday.
Prof. Spitukn suid ho had witness-
oil 81 electrocutions nt Sing Sing,
Auburn and Dnnncmorn, N. Y., and
nt Trnnton, N.J., and live hangings
In Philadelphia. Electrocution waa,
ho said, the most humane method ot
Inflicting the denth penalty, because
to/house collecting the children, car- d«lh In many InBtance. »«•■■««•.
rlc. then, lo .cheol and lata, them "'lent wa, purely du. to rtrangnl..
home again In tho afternoon. |H~ — ■'r~r'fJZ:o7LZi!S3 .CSS
If You Require Any
Or 11 You Require Any
Cr If You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Sell One;   or If You   Waal
M*ta*r rath*, (taavngraaeer,
LADrflMITH.  B.0.
Enter Guarded Club House, Line up
*.-.* Members Along the Wall and
-Rob Club Funds,
H0T SPRINGS, Ark., April 28.-
Four masked men with levelled revolvers entered the club house cl tbe
Indiana Club on Central avenue today, forced the occupant* to line up
alongside the wall and looted the
place of a large amount of money.
The occupants were then locked in a
room and the robbers then escaped.
No definite statement concerning the
amount taken can be secured, but it
is estimated at botween live and ten
thousand dollars.
The Indians Club is located along
PLATE GLASS the mountain sido. Houso detectives are employed to prevent any
interference with the amusement ol
the members. But notwithstanding
the vigilance of tho guard, the robbers made entrance from the mountain side through a window and
lined the occupants up against the
wall. Many of the guests of the
various hotels were In tho club house
at the time.       No individual    was
StandardJr<*bed <•' "•»»■»* «" r,obKbe™do"
,— voting themselves to the club funds.
SEMI-WEEKLY. After gathering up nil tho money in
sight tho robbers forced the occupants to enter a0 small room and
then locked the door, then fled. One
man Anally crawled ovor the transom from the locked room and thon
liberated his companions. The a-
larm wo* glvon and the police called
on to search for the robbers.
OAKLAND, April 28.-An attempt
•sua made on the life of J. L. Gallagher, one of the main witnesses
for the prosecution in the San Francisco bribery cases, last night at the
home of Wm. S. Scbeneck, his brother-in-law, at the corner of East
Twentieth street aud Nineteenth avenue, east Oakland, when a huge
bomb placed in the porch exploded
and tore away the whole front of
the house. Galagher was upstairs
with his wife at the time, and Mr.
Scheneck was in a rear room with
his wife and four'children, nnd Dr.
Guy Brown. All escaped except a
boy who woe hit in the neck by
flying splinter, and Gallagher's hand
was pierced by a missle. The residence was wrecked.
Gallagher wos a member of the
board of supervisors of San Francisco who confessed to receiving bribes.
He wns chairman ot the financo committee, and according to his testimony, acted ns an intermediate between jibe Beuf and other members
of tho board.
•%»»»% »%»»»%%«, ay»%%»^»^»aj^, Q
'«J%»a,a,%«>%aja>»a>»a>«>v4. %««j«j. ^%««
too reminiscent of the days' of mud- the time, open.    There wore    times there ho wns very strict nndon'Sat-
  Pies and   childhood   to be seriously when Nunaimo seemed to be out of jurdny   ho   was   looso  and   allowed
It Is not so many weeks ago  that discussed. the game, ns witness the first Alteon many fouls    to pass.       (Poor Tlml.
Ladysmith people in general and the But after the luck and referees, minutes of the second half. That Whnt a falling off Is hore. Very
Editor of tho .Standard in particular comes the used-up legend and the they wore right In it the Inst tori clearly you nro no pbrsona-.grata
wero told thnt they did not    know "cripples."   Paddy Hewitt was lame minutes thoro is no donying. with Nanaimo.    All tho sumo I will
how to take a beating. Thoy woro undoubtedly, but so was Hartley and I will go further. I never thought [vanturo tho remark that not only
told this by tho sporting mnn on tho Ladysmith playod a substitute. Far- the bluck and yellows had such a ' wus tho Mahoney of Oak Bay tho
Free-Press as a result of passage at mer, too, It seems, could not got up spurt In thom. They playod up des- Muhonoy of Recreation Park," but
arms between him and the Standard half speed. Had theso two beon all porately, ovon flercoly, but thoy wero thut his work wus tho sumo,
reporter as to an incidont thnt oc- right, thore would, of course have Just ns hotly repelled. On such oc- Another mud-pie story: "It np-
curred in tho game at Nnnalmo on been n different result to tho match, casions thoro is always a pack in pours there happened another gross
January 11th. All that remains for Moro oven than all this had "Don. front of gonl, ond scoring Is more Infringement of tho rules on a Lathe Standard man to do now is to nnd his backs not been fnvorod by j difficult to nccompllsh than whon dysmith pluyer in Inst Saturdny's
pass thnt   exhortation   back to  its an unusual   amount    of good luck, play Is open.    Thnt wus what hap- match, that   was  allowed to go un
published on Wednesdays aau Saturdays Afternoons by tb*
Rob*. A. Hindmaroli,
Ou* Year fl.lv
»ui Months  „,.. -.!•
Advertising Rate* on Application.
It ls to bo hoped tha*. there will
be no confounding of issues on tho
ballot -which is shortly to be taken
on the now electric light by-law.
There are many people who believe
tbat even more necessary to tho
town thun lights is u sewerage system. And we ure nut sure that
theso citizens are not right. From
many points of view it could have
been wished that thc movement for
a sewer had taken precedence over
that for a lighting system. Tho
Council itself was elected on both issues, with every member of tho
Bogrd pledged to work for and as
fur as ho could, further both projects. But, as it has happened, the
question of lights has come first, or,
to bo precise, has matured for action before the other. The Council
ure even now busy with thc subject
of a sewerage system, and shouldered tho responsibility uf engaging an
engineering expert ut a cost of 9400
to prepare levels for the main pipelines, together with an estimate of
the cost. —
Meantime a movement hud been ou
foot for the furtherance of the lighting scheme. As a result a petition
was presented to the Council, praying for the introduction of a by-law
Tho Council could only do as tbey
were requested to do, having regard
to the public pledges on which thoy
took office. The by-law, which is
now betore tho voters, was prepared
in accordance with the will and
-wishes of the petitioners who represented a large und Influential section
of the ratepayers. Alderman McKinnell, on Tuesday evening, (and he
was spooking for more than himself) wished that the presentation of
the by-law to tho property-owners
for tbeir ballot could havo been delayed. He took lho ground first
that the city stood in greater need
of a sewerage system than of electric lights, ulthough ho admitted the
necessity of tho latter and had. always beon in favor of having them.
Again he argued that if both bylaws had been introduced togethor,
and referred to the voters at tho
same time, the ono would havo carried tho other through. His tear
woe that the light by-law would not
Yea, cabby, that's my girl inside—
nuthor. thero    would    without doubt   have
Protty near tho only correct thing bocn four goals put in." So now
in tho Free Press report is the final lt appears Ladysmith won by a
scoro. ' Fortunately for Ladysmith stroke of luck, of luck on tho play
thoro was no getting ovor thnt. A es a whole. The referee also helped
column of excuses and a heap of mis- Ladysmith. Then lt was the crip-
represcntatlons nevor affected It. Na- pled state of Howitt and Farmer
naimo at loast -were beaten. Thero that accounted for tho defeat. And
is thon only the question of their finally it wns a more matter of un-
dosorts. usual good luck   thnt stopped, four
So far as this is    concerned   tho _ goals from going in.
Freo Press man has never' a shadow
of doubt. It wus only by tho greatest luck that Ladysmith won. Individually and collectively tho playors
ji     .  a „».i "77t t" ' . "Ti witn tn° "tripod shirts showed Infer-
Great Scottl But I am    soaking )or wo,.k     A|, m. comos with   tho
wot; |worst of bad graces; and proclaims a
This rented suit must needs be dried filing partisanship which is the vory
Beforo I take it back, you bet.       ro™'80 of truo sportsmanship.'
"Why don't I ride Inside?" yousoy.j Jd™ ^
PITTSBURG, April 28.-An ex-
plosion occurred early today in No.
1 mine of the Ellsworth Colliery Co,
at Ellsworth, Pa. .The extent of tho
accident has not been ascertained.
Shortly after the explosion the
cool company notified an undertaker
at Montengahela city that four bodies had been recovered from the
mine. The company official*, however volunteered no further information.
Tho cause of the accident is unknown at present. The mine was
Idle during the suspension of all the
western Pennsylvania mines pending
tbe settlement of the wage scale and
resumed operations only a few days
ago. How many men were in the
mine .then the disaster occurred is
not known, but the number ls estimated at 00, Details are slow, and
whether the balance of the miners
escaped or are Imprisoned in the
mine, which is reported to be on
fire, ha* not been learned.
No—not because we've had oepat
She love* me in the same old way,
But wear* a merry widow bat.
T      liWi-'B
That'* why I asked to    ride    with
to say In tho noxt issuo of tho Free
Press.    Tho first stntos that the defeat of tho Nannimo United tonm on
Saturday    ovldontly    (lid not   cause
As near as I can reckon all thoso much sorrow In. this city, and judg-
separatti accounts up Nanaimo mor- ing from the crowd about tho streets
ally   won tho   gamo    by 108 clonr on Saturday night when thu    band
goals.       The result could bo shown  wns playing, it would scnrcely hnvo
to bo-larger;     but,   in a cnso   liko boon known    thnt    thoy    hnd    lost
this, a score   or two of gonls  am- Woll, I wns there, nnd Heaven  suvo
ount to nothing.    They novor    ap-  us all from experiencing such   dollr-
poar on the roforoo's report.   All tho ious happiness.    Wo hnvo   all   bcon
same it is a protty nico boiling  of thoro, nnd    thore   is nothing more
Then again, and all by way of in- nonsense to be dished out ns    ser- pitiable    or more painful on   earth
this    wrltor says   that Ious comment   on such a splendidly thun your plug's attempt to conceal
poned on Saturday. Taking tho noted, for whon tho Nnnnimo mon
gamo right through, howovor, and wore attneking ono of tho rod and
counting tho chancos mlssod, the whites' backs to savo, struck tho
pluy comes out fairly oven with a bull out with his hand in tho pen-
slight ndviintngo in Ludysmith's fn- ally nron." Why such on awful
vor. ., thing should hnvo happened  on \ an
Tho same writer had a few things unoffending Ludysmith plnyor I   for
one ennnot toll.
Ail the same thero is handling in
tho game,' (this apparently is what
is meant), und sometimes tho referee
"leaving nil the superiority that the contested game us wus that on Ro- his   disappointment behind n wintry
Nanaimo eleven displayed over thoir creation Park on Saturday. and watery smile.    jV Nnnnimo des-
opponents out of the quostion,   and     It would be easy to make  an  in- patch   to   tho    "Times" speaks of
not considering tho crippled state of torosting    story out of tho contra- "bitter disappointment," which   wos
the men, tho locals Bhould nt loast dictions contained ih tho report, but somewhere near the truth.    We   had
have liad a draw."    Tho only   rea- it would sorvo no good purpose. Tho somo hero threo duys beforo.
son   advancod    for such   an   nssor- point Is that a ton minutes' steady |   Soys this wrltor:   Tho Sixth Rogl
I didn't think that tt would rain; | tion is that referee Mahonoy did not pressure, evon If It immediately pro-
Drive falter up the avenue,
I'd like to wear this shirt again.
I'll have    to    have these trousers
I shiver like a drowning rat;
And just to    think that she's    my
Who wears that merry widow hat.
The blame    thing's twenty
AcroBB    the brim,  and  ha*    two
That take up all the room inalde.
This cab her hat completely 1)11*.
There was no room in there for me.
She wa* afraid I'd crush It flat;
And so I sought your company
To save that merry widow hat.
Nanaimo, April 28.
Purchaser     0f Vessel    Was Former
Buyer of tbe Boat-Will Act
aa Cannery Tender.
The steamer Ranger, the small
steam freighter of this city, has been
purchated for $5,000 from J. Morton and associates of Nanaimo, by
the Queen Charlotte Oil Works and
Packing Co., for use in general service In connection with the company'* plant at Skidgnte.
Negotiations for the purchase of
the steamer, which have been pending for some daya, wero practically
completed yesterday morning at Victoria by Capt. J. Hnon who Is
handling the    deal for the Victoria
Excuse me, cabby, l! I  swear.
Just take a look at hor and see
How snug and warm she 1* in there.
Then take another look at me.
Why, Job would lose   hi*    patience
If on this box with you he sat
With water dripping from hla brow,
To save a merry widow hat.
ment Band of Vancouver wns out to
give a penalty for a foul -which the cedes the final whistle, doos not en-'meot tho Nunuimo tonm on Saturday
■Free -Press man alleges to haVe beon title a club to claim a moral vie- morning whon tho latter was oxpect-
conimitted. The "poorest sort of a tory no more than lt establishes an od to iirrlvc. Tho Nnnnimo toam
roforoo" ivould havc given It. Pos- individual and collective superiority. with the exception of two 'men, had
sibly. Thnt is the <jnly kind of ro- of play. In all that whirling ton gono ovor tho dny boforo, and Con
force thnt would, havo glvon It. minutes Don Morrison never handled j Jones seemed   somewhat disappoint-
Really such assertions as these, un- the ball; Thero'was no hard luck ed. What an unitizing amount of
supported by oithor reason or argu- story raised at Victoria, ovon ' blushing modesty! Thoro was un-
ment, childish, purely end utterly though for the third time in sue- ther football tonm on tho boat, and
puerile. A hard luck story -wants cession the homo boys lost tho toss. Con Jones know it wns coming. Con
something to support It. These asse- No more -was there an hullabaloo also know tlml thu NairnImo men
Inches vorations of superiority in play, of raised when their forwards failed to;were there, for thoy hnd postered his
the best tonm losing, need to be get through from quite as desperate - life out to stop The other team from
borne out by evidence and fact to a rally, although Bradshaw, as (lis-! gotting on tho bout. After nl) the
be worthy of notice. Whore did La- tlnct from Morrison, was kopt con-'bund mny have been mount for tho
dysmith's luck como in? Whero and strintly busy,' and, on one occasion (Lndysmith club. At nny rnto wo
when and how wns the horseshoe stopped four shots inside of four know it wns going to bo thoro.
needed?      Whero   did   the Nanaimo minutes. "So many times have changes been
outshine tho Lndysmith men? At After all it merely amounts to made in the past week or so in the
•what purt of tho game was it no- this, that the defence is equal to tho '-People's Shield matches, it is in-
ticoablo? Can it be argued for a attack; The fact is that Arthur deed difficult to toll whnt teams nre
moment thnt tho roforoolng of the Morrison played a great gamo, a eligible to compete and what are
gamo had anything to do with the game which I hnve never seen hot- not." Woll, thero is no difficult - In
result. torod on the Island.-   The period   of rognrd to ono team, and that is thc
I am ready   to take up an   argu- tho pressure   was only ton minutes, toam that tnkos up the wholo of the
mont, and never abdvo looking   at If it had been an hour and a, half Freo Press man's eye-space,
tho other fellow's point of view, but no more could havo bcon said of It     Rotcruo Muhonoy's work on Sntur-
thoso cock and bull stories of missed Take it all through, tho gamo    wns dny -was quito the contrary  to that
penalties, of luck and horseshoes are    fairly evon, and for a largo part of of tho 11th    when nt Onk Bay, for
sees it. At othor timos ho hns
onrthly chance of catching it. I saw
Hurley once und Cruickshunks onco
doliboratoly play the ball with their
hands; but Muhonoy didn't, and
there's nn end to it. It should nt
lenst bo remeinberod thut a roforoo
bus only two eyes and is nevor to
blame for wliut ho cannot possibly
As for this particular story—woll,
it makes two penalties, which, with
tho four goals thut luck stopped
from going In und tho two that Jimmy should never have scored makes
tho game 8 lo 0 in favor of Nnnalmo. If only tills misguurdeil writer
hud turned his ingenuity in Inference
und deduction to tho study of inathe
mattes ho would by now have hnd a
cinch on a profossorinl chuir. It's a
pure waste of genius applied to football.
In Thiirsdny's edition, undor tho
(lending of "Why Thoy Lost," this
writer says: "Eclipse of form" hns
tiitoly so ofton bTJen used by tho
Standard, ns the cause of the defeat
of tho Lndysmith football team for
the Island championship, thut it becomes quite a stale expression. The
Stundurd knows, as well as almost
everybody olso doos, thnt Lndysmith
was beaten by a better teum, nnd
thnt It wns' the powerful Nanaimo
defence that kopt them from scoring
n gonl." I huve Just beon trying to
say as much ejiout "Why They Lost"
In nny cnso tho standard mun nevor
made himself it conspicuous kind of
it fool by claiming superiority for
the home team after it was beaten,
by prating of cripplos, or inventing
hard luck stories. I would suggest
u three weeks' rest for this worried
writer, preferably in tho bottle that
Farjner had Aduni in. Jimmy is out
If I don't catch my death ol cold
And He upon a bed ot pain.
It's net my fault—aa you behold,
Confound it! Will lt nlways rain?
carry by itself,"and "thei expense   of |l!omPeny    which operates the north-
putting it betore the   property-own-Urn flahing and packing plant.
As an odd coincidence thla is the
ers would have been saved.
Aid. McKinnell may be right, but
we don't agree with him. If the citizens who signed the petition presented to the Council vote as they
at that time felt, the by-law will
carry easy enough. If they don't,
then they themselves are to blamo
for the exponse incurred on carrying
out their plainly expressed wishes.
But there is anothor point, the point
wo started out to mako, which
should be carefully considered. It is
this. Whilo a citizen may hold the
conviction that the sewer by-law
should have como first that Is no
reason in Itself why: he should vote
down the lighting proposition. The
sewerage system is no further off because tho city decides It shall have
lights. Tbe adoption ur a lighting
system dues nut mean thnt thero
shall not be a sewer. The ono dues
not affect the other, Rather we
think It will be exactly the revcrso.
Block the lighting system and the
sowor proposition will almost inevitably be rejected. Adopt the new bylaw, and the sewer will follow It in
a few weeks. The two issues should
not be confused. Deal with oach on
its own merits, nnd tho adoption of
both Is assured. Judge them, togethor and vote on any consideration
of balance and priority and wo shall
' have neither lights nor sewers.
I ing token acensus of the unomploy-'
ed, find there are 8,000 idle persons!
Bernard Shaw is said to be a can-j fn the city. . New ,York, April 21.-Thoe. O'Con-1 •
dlda.A tor rmrllament Two hundred Boers with tholr font- .,„■•«   ,».„       .   ,
dldate for padlaMt I ^ ^ ^ ^ on ^        ner and Francis O Conner, known as
The state railroads ot Italy have a t  ^       , ^ ,   BrmBn ^ A(. nna,    McLean, were found guilty
.mileage of 7800 miles. rlcs. I by » Jury in tbe United States cir-
A campaign    against  tricky oleo-     Corridor carriages for immigrants __it      - todav „_ t .       .
margarine dealers is on ln Chicago. Ipualag through Britain    are    nowi      ,C°"?,   . V.     ,      ,™ °
■ ~       provided on the North-Eastern rail- »" tadtotau»* •"MS** """*>    with
way. * using the mails to delraud.    Judge
..A Nottingham, England, miner has Holt sentenced    O'Connor to fifteen
A hot flght is going on in   Free-
I port, 111., over tho saloon quostion.
Next time you come to call for us-     « ls estimated that there are llv-
You have th. number of her tat-1"* '*- N°» *°* My 123'6B8   d,v"
forced persons.
,'   Tolstoi asks that no. fuss be made
In-in celebrating his 80th birthday an-
' nlvorsary.
) Tbe tramp menace is becoming a
, serious one In many sections of Lancaster, Fenn.
A runaway horse In Bay Oity, Michigan,   slid down a flight ol Iron
stairs and was uninjured.
A Chinese gardener of San Francis
Please bring along an omnibus,
There should he room for me
World's Holler Skating Champion
Given Great Reception In
Ontario Town.
patented a safety pit cage,-Which Is
•old to be a great advance on all
During*   flre drill   test    in a New
York school 2,600 reached the street
by eight fire escapes, in exactly two"country by mall stating that
The White
months in Clinton    prison, and suspended aentence    on Mrs. O'Connor.
The O'Connors    were charged    with
circulars throughout    the
Memphis, Tenn., April 24.—A
tornado swept ovcr Walls, Miss,
at two o'clock this morning,
and Is. reported to hnve destroyed the town. Three people are reported killed and several Injured.
Horse Inn at Munden,
Toronto, April 24.—Taking of evi-
y donee began    in   the non-jury assize
today of a suit, S. S. Sharp, otUx
Chatham, Ont.,   April 24.— Thos.
Buteman, 58 yoar. old, resident    ol
Northwood, dropped dead while   he
was grooming his horaes.
Cartwrifhtft Barclay
second time that. Capt. Hnan has
purchased the steamer Ranger. He
prevloualy paid $225 for the hull, in
wbich the starboard machine of the
engines taken from the steamer Venture a year or two ago when new
engine* were placod in that vessel,
was afterward placed. The Ranger
was then known as the schooner
Wishksh and won owned on Puget
Sound whore ahe was built for use
ua * flahing vessel.
inuring a heavy blow In tho strait
the schooner wa* abandoned, nnd
wn* picked up derelict by a party
of needier Bay Indiana who asked
salvage lor rescuing the vessel. Tho
Wlshkah was abandoned to the re-
coiver of wreck* by whom ahe was
ordered sold by public auction, being bid In for $225 by J. Hnan. She
waa sold by him afterwords, and
paaaed Into the hands of the Nanaimo men who yesterday disposed of
When the engine taken from tbe
steamer Venture was Installed tbe
Ranger waa used aa a tender to tho
salmon traps, being operated from
Victoria for several seasons. It Is
for use similarly In tending tho fishing camps of the northern oil works
that the Ranger Is to bo used.
Tlie Queon Charlotte oil worka and
cannery not only put up dog neb
oil which finds a ready sale, but
alao cana salmon, clams and beef.
The beef put up by the cannery Is
brought in from tho herds of wild
cattle owned by Mexican Tom, a
wall known northern character.
WWNIPEO, April 28.- Hundreds
of German Lutherans from Iowa,
Kan*** and Nebraska, an prepoaring
to emigrate to tb* Canadian west,
Thirty thousand acre* of land hav.
ben secured for them In the Tramping lake district. Thsy are a thrifty   class of people and    will make
Goderich, Ont., April 28.- The
greatest demonstration ever tendered
here waa given to the world'a champion roller skater, Wiggins, on
return from Guelph laat night after
having defeated Connery by nearly
three miles, In a total distance of
103 miles, covered In ten hour*. Be
is prepared to defend the title *,-
gainst all comer*.
* ■   ■
Toronto, April 28.—O. S. Lyon,
amateur golf champion, ssya he ia
perfectly willing to represent Canada at the Olympic games, but could
not afford to meet hla own oxpensos.
♦ —
Albany, April 2S.-The bill
making It a felony to. run a
bucket shop was passed today
by a party vote In the assembly. It now goes to the governor.
Guelph, Ont.,. Aprll 98.—Percy P
ty. son of Principal Perry, of ths
high school at Wutertown, committal suicide by shooting himself at
Fergua yesterday. He wa* employed ns n Aerie In the branch of ths
bank of Toronto. No reason e
bt assigned for Ms nail act.
■    »' ■ ■
co bus produced en onion absolutely
devoid of smell.
Seven men in Missouri bare   boen
fined and imprisoned tor keeping no-
groos in bondage.
Burno Bobbins, an old-time  circus
nd 1 man, born iii Union, N.Y., in 1887,
Is dead at Chicago.
Considerable damage was done by
an explosion ot powder at the University of Minnesota.
The blowing up of a building in
Center Point, Ind., is attributed to
feeling over the liquor fight.
Jit has been decidod by Salisbury,
Bag., town council to supply coffee
to policemen on night duty.
The Turkish Sultan and his entourage are panic-stricken ovor the
finding of a bomb in tho harom. -
The students of Now York university went on strike because one of
their number hnd boen suspondod.
Accident Insurance is compulsory
among tho workmen of Holland and
sickness insuranco voluntary.
The territory of New York city has
doubled its population since 1882.
It is now estimated at 4,250,000.
Princess Stephanie of Belgium has
Invented an improved apparatus for
go* stoves.    It is being patented.
An unofficial estimate places at
about 8,000,000 the number of tele-
phonos now in use In tho world
England spends $40,000,000 a year
for eggs and poultry, for one half
of which she Is dependent on foreigners.
An anchor has been dragged up at
Calais which Is believed to have   belonged to thit Spanish Armada.
Tho ontfro   poach crop of North- j
had Information    on the stock mor-
Easox.'Enfr, has" been "iii the"occupa"- ker *n<l coaId adviS8 clionts tha* the bridgei"t0~ compel W. J. White, of
tlon of one family named Docks for latter could not fall to reap big N Y k ^ hl ir„ t0 compi„t„
a century. profits.
Barbers  of  Vienna wish to Induce
their patrons to wear a beard    like
the emperor, which is known sa the
Dissatisfaction with tho quality ot
Toronto,     April    24.—Despondent
blasting powdor furnished to    them'over tho death of her child, Mrs. A.
Pf.°T-k??.   ,1'00°conl n",c,s ftt Du- H. Ridge    yesterday committed sul-
quoln, 111., to strike. | ..   ...   „
The total area of Africa is estimat-,ci<"' by 'nl"*lin8 gf-	
ed at about 11,C 0,000 square miles, I " ~~~*
of which Great Kritaln owns 2,713,-
910 square miles.
The oldest shoeblack in London
Bog., Is a man named Whitohead,
who hss stood at Wellington street;
Strand, for 40 years.
Within 84 minutes tho Glasgow flre sonlng, as tho result of a rail fall-
motor pump    reached a flre at   the ing.' 0„ hl8 foot and bruising it.
Bankier distillery, Kilsyth, 16 miles | .
away, recently.
Carolina C, Gray, ono of the last
survivor* of the Princess Alice disaster of 1879, haa Just died at Clap-
ham, Eng., aged 81.
■ f ■'     	
Brampton, Ont., April 24.—J. H.
Senrths, section foroman on the G.
T. railway, Is dead from- blood pol-
Los Angeles, April 38,— Jo*.
Shlpman, who shot and killed
Jo*. Arnold lilt Sunday, ws*
lynched at Skfdoo, 0*1., last
Grand Rapids, Mich., April 21. —
A despatch from Dig Rapids says tho
Mercy Hospital in that city is burning. Thirty patients were in the
hospital whan tbs tire broke out,
Ths hospital ia conducted by the
Sisters of Mercy.
—: '—*-	
WINNIPEG, Man., April 24. - A
nice warm rain hns beon falling all
over Western Canada since last
night. It will be excellent for seeded land. About sixty-five per cent.
of seeding is done, and tho ruin is
Just, what is wanted.
        >   '	
Lublin, Russian Poland, April 24.
—The murder of a policoman yostorday was followed by the arrest, of
three men working In local factories
where the policeman found stores of
ammunition and melonite bombs.
Washington,    April 21.—As a    result of on opinion rendered to    the
western Missouri is believed to havo 'president by Attorney General Dona-
boon killed by tho severe frost,
Boquet do la Gryo, the French savant, proposes to communicate tho
time to ships at sea by wireless.
No othor Island In the world ie con
nocted with tho main ahoro by as
many bridges as Is Manhattan.
Three people woro made seriously
111 in Newark by eating fried liver.
(Ptomaine poisoning waB tne cause.
The Turks are   manifesting groat
delight    In automobiles,   but
poor roads make it difficult to   use
parte at th* cabinet meeting today,
it ia believed the president will sign
ths Employees' Liability Bill.
 ■'        a
New York, April 21.—Tho suspension of T. A. Mclntyre & Co., brokers, and members of tho New York
Stock Exchange, and of tho New
York Cotton and Produco Exchange,
was announced on the stock) exchange today,
purchase of a million shares of Cobalt merger s ock for 8150,000. Mr,
White claims that a clause in the
agroement giving him the right to
withdraw from the agreement in Inspection of property wae unsatisfactory, was struck, out of agreement
by plaintiff after he had signed it.
JOHNSTOWN, Pa,, April 24.-Lou
Is Fleckenstein, a well-known German resident of. this city, attacked
his wlfo with a hatchet early today
fatally injuring her and then hung
himself. He Is believed to have
boen temporarily lnsane-
. 1 .
Thot Five Russian Warships Have
Boon Ordered In England.
St. Petersburg, April 24.—.A report published in England to the effect that the Russian government
had ordered five warships from a
Arm of Clydo ship builders Is untrue. Tho admiralty has adopted
tho principle that all battleships
should be constructed In Russia', and
It Is impossible thnt any vessel has
lean ordered either here or abroad
for this year, as the Duma Intends
to reject the estimates on the new
battleships. The program for 1909
will probably be small.
Washington. April 21.—The house
adopted today Speaker Canon's resolution authorising the appointment
of tKcommttteo to Investigate    ths
Washington, April 21.-The McColl
bill requiring   publicity of campaign
contributions, wa. today reported on    ottewn. April 24.-Dr. Barnes, Wa-
tneir favorably to the bouee by the com- veiling Inspector of tho meat Inepec-
mltte* on election   of the president, «„„ hureau   of   ftgr|OU|tUro doparl-
a semi-extinct volcano | vice-president - snd reprssentatlvaa to m^    hM   1)Mn promoto(1 ta.tvj_e
* near Possuoti, Italy, has opened
new crater   and    Is pouring   forth
A fire engine supplied to Whltham
parish, in Essex, Eng,, In 1829, has
been *old by the district council for
Los Angeles,    April 21.—By order
of Mayor Harper, today was a gen-
Henrietta Grossman gave her first I     , h „^   ,   ^   A     ^ ,   h   .
Mrfomance ol The Country Girl  ln,__ _, -^ ^-^ Ak_ _\,T-U .—
charge ol Inspectoral work for the
Dominion under the moat and canned food inspection Inw, In succession to Dr. S. H. Ward.
j   . ■   '  1 ..
Tho play was  written  In or °' *"• v,*'t °' the Atlantli fleet. I   Ottawa, 'April 34.—The programme
so-called "Paper trust," and U* gen and contains 14,000,000,000 tone of
oral subject of    /wood pulp and" tltt'pure salt.
manufacturing of printing paper-'   '"  «• «»«■» •' P"»ldence B. I, hvr-
  ,.ik Kl
Botrolt.     ..........
1«75. The feature of today's program was of the D.A.R. meeting thla year   ia
Tho Salar Grande salt mine       In '„„ aUto parade through the principal to bo tho same aa laat with the ad-
-^a^?-iffi.&^.ir5r ■--"-* dtmoixty offlcer. w»6 were .dltlon   of » match for cadet,    ao
entertained at th* banquet hurt eve- cording to announcement of the com-
Blnf. mlttee yesterday.
Steel Is Iron free from dirt, •afar foreign substance fused with
carbon. .Carbon gives toughness
.length, keeness ind life.   • *
Thirty year's study ot Hie raiw
sltu.llon has shown a way to
add the highest per cent of
carton to a Carbo HeartcNc
razor blade Ihroua a secret
proc essof rxeCTRIC TcMPtR-
INU giving Its uniform diamond like hardncss-somt.
thing absolutely Impossible
with flre tempered'', razors,
and they are Hamburg groundA
homc-or have your barber use!
NEW YORK, April 22,-Tbe opening campaign for the several thousands, of unchurched Protestants in
the city was inaugurated last night
ut .a mass meeting held in the Metropolitan opera- house under tho
auspices of the evangelistic committee and wub attended by flve thousand persons of all denominations.
Soverul ministers took part in the
exercises which marked -the beginning
of the fourth session of the tent and
open air evangelistic movement. The
Rev. Dr. Smith, superintendent of
the committee, outlined the plans for
the coming campaign, stating that
it was proposed to erect twelve big
tents In tho city during the summer. The tents will be put up in
various parts of tho city and ono
will bo pitched on Wall street.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 20.- As    KANSAS OITY, Mo.. April 21. —  ■  .
she     was    leaving the bath at. her For the flrst time in the. history, of Aged.2j lYenrs,, Wanders for Two and
home on Ellsworth street, Berkeley,  St. Mary's Roman Catholic   church, a Half Days Without Food.
Saturday   night, Mrs. William     H. Just across the Kansas-Missouri line, j    '• Wanders for Miles.
Walters received a  fatal shock from  women attended    services    without     , ,„„ „.,„',, „„   .,
'   MEDICINE HAT, April 22.—Mary.
2. years, -who wati-
' tiered uwuy from home ln the Cross
WILLIAMSPORT, Pa„ April 22.-
Four Italian laborers were killed,
two fatally Injured nnd eight others
less seriously injured today by the
wrecking of a runaway train on the
Lackawanna Lumber company's log
road near hero. There wore 25 Italians riding on the train when it
rnn away.
The accident was caused by tho
failure of the reverse lever on the
engine to work. The train gained
terrific speed and after running
mils, Jumped the track at a sharp
curve, The engineer end fireman escaped Injury.
un electric light and    was probably that    purl of    a  woman's apparel
instantly klllod.     She was discover- most criticized by other women.        .NoMiuay, ag00*
ed at live o'clock, yesterday morning    More than    twenty women    went
by her husband, who awakened    at through thoir devotions with baled
that hour and missed her from    his heads.       It all came about through,toumi today
s,de- !au injunction issuod a week-ago by
Walters, who Is a landscape artist the agod priest, Father Kuhls, who
and nurseryman, retired Saturday declared that "Merry Widow" hats
night when his wlfo wont to thojhoMi no place in the church ol God,
bath. Early yesterday morning he and that tliey did not go well with'
awakened and began an invcstign- the crucifix. He asked that any
tlon which ondei! in tho discovery of woman who wore a hat measuring
her lifeless body in tho bathtub. Ho more than two feet in diameter to
summoned policeman H, P. Loe from j leave it with the sexton before entering the church.
Following these instructions, a-
bout half a cord ot "Merry Widows" were stacked up in the anteroom of the church, whilo their
owners listened with bared heads to
the reading cf the Litany, No word
of complaint was heard as the wo-
his residence next door and tho body
wis removed to tho branch morgue,
whero an Inquest will be held.
According to the position in which
the woman was found she had completed the bath and was about to
leavo the tub. In reaching to grasp
tbo chain which controlled  the elec
tric light she received a fatal shock'men fllod silently into tbe little edi-
and fell lifeless in tho wator. Hore floe. Occasionally a smile went
sho lay tho rest of the night. round as some comely young woman
Walters    statos   that his  children  merged from the nnteroom after com
have    previously experienced  shocks plying, with tho admonition of    the
Heart,    Kidneys   and Other Organs
Scattered About Body in Unbelievable Ways.
BALTIMORE, Md., April 22,-Sur-
goons in John Hopkins hospital during an uutoipsy 0n tho body of Judge
McKelghan, of St. Louis, wero
tonished to discover that instead ol
tho usual sotting of the organs,
those in the body were scattered a-
bout in unbelievable ways. His
heart was turned in a position the
reverse ol normal, his kldneye wore
united by a ligament in the shape
of a horseshoe, and the liver waB
upside down with the gall bladder on
top. Many of the smaller organs
were a chaos ot entangling cords
nnd fatty substances.
How tho Judge lived with such
strange transposition in his body,
appears marvelous. Surgeons are
mlstificd at it. Whether ho wns born
with his organs In abnormal positions, or tbey -were put in this state
by some freak of nature, is not
known. Judge McKelghan lived to
lie 80 years old, and was considered
one of the ablest lawyers of the
United States. Hia brain did not
seem to suffer from the state of his
organs, and ho was able to eat
heartily until within a fow weeks
of March 1, when -he was brought to
the John Hopkins hospital in a critical condition. He bad become seriously ill in St. Louis in February,
and hfs. physicians were quite unable to fathom his symptoms. Ho
wob finally brought hore where an
operation was performed, during
which discoveries wcre made of such
a startling nature that the family
consented to the autopsy, which wus
performed shortly after death.
- .—4	
NEW YORK, April 22.-T.P. Mor-
rlssey, the winner of the Boston Marathon race, will be given a big reception when he returns to his homo
in Yonkers this evening. The Mercury Athletic Club, accompanied by
the different athletic associations in
the city, will meot hlm at the station and escort him to the Orphoum
theatre whereMayor Warren will
make an addross, congratulating the
young runner who ha. won the honor of representing the United States
In the Olympic games to be hold in
London in June.
LOS ANGELES, April 21.-Tho reports of the orilnniico officers of the
battleship fleet, just completed, show
that tho cost of tho recent tnrgot
practice at Magdalena Bay was but
Tho tnrgot    work was most   com-
prohonsivo   und .satisfactory and   at
comparatively small cost, in   viow of
- Increased   efficiency.    It is rogardod
ns a splendid investment.
from touching the chain, but as they
wero always slight ho anticipated no
Besides tho husband, Mrs. Walters
leaves throe children. She was a- reference to the absence of tho
bout 40 yoars of ago ond had lived ry widow" hats
in Berkeley with her family for Few "merry "widow" hats were
some time. Walters is the propria- „0rn by the women churchgoers of
tor of a  large nursery at Ellsworth Topeka „,„ othw K(msa, tgm.
Father Kuhls was absent from the
city yesterday.        Tho young jiriest
who conducted the service, made  noi
street and Ashby avenue.
This is due to tbe requests mode
by many ministers who, in previous
sermons, denounced this headgear,
and asked the women to remove the
Providence,    R.I., April 22.— The hats during the service,
majority of tl* cluba ot the Eastern'   Soveral Topeka ministers have spo-
League got away today in the pen- kea o( tne "merry widow" abomlna-
nant race for 1008. Rochester today opens the season in this city,
Montreal plays at Baltimore and
lluflnlo nt Newark. Toronto will
play its initial game tomorrow at
Jersey City. Tho schedule provides
for 110 games, the season to close
September 20.
tlon,' and publicly requested the women to wear another style of hat
to church, or to remove the wide
brim vaetety before entering the
WASHINGTON, April 22.- Further evidence tending to show that
John A. Benson paid attaches* of
TOR) INTO, April 21!.—According to' the general' land ofiioe to rush bis
a ruling! of Magistrate Klngsford In,claims through that department was
the police court yestorday it is alleged to be illegal for machines to
soil chewing gum on Sunday. Throe
shopkeepers were convicted, without
fines, for permitting automatic cent
machines to be left out over Sunday
in the doorwaya of their stores.
OAK RIDGE, Va„ April 22.- The
flrst anniversary of the death ' of
Theodore Estes, who was shot and
killed by Judge Wm. G. Loving, for
alleged betrayal of his daughter,
wns observed today by the unveiling
nf a handsome monument erected In
memory of the young man. The fund
for tho monument was raised by an
association formed for the purpose,
composed almost exclusively of ladles who believe that young Estes
was innocent of the offence charged
against him.
Tho killing of young Estes by the
judge occurred at Oak Ridge station
on April 22 of last year. . Judgo
Loving Was at the timo manager of
the Oak Ridge estate of Thomas F.
Ryan, tho New York millionaire. According to the testimony at the trial
Judge Loving's young daughter had
told her father that young Estes
drugged her and wronged hor while
out driving. * The father Immediately hunted up Estes and without asking for an explanation shot and instantly killed him. On the strength
of his daughter's testimony he was
acquitted of tho charge ot murder.
Mr. Haysou (to daughter)— Hang
It all, Sail}', I'd like towknow what
thot Silas Slowson's intentions isl
Why tow-day's the fourteenth anniversary of your courtship!
Sully (coyly) —Must be as how Silas don't believe in early marriages,
Mncblno   Alleged    to Havo   Crossod
Continent Carried Most of tho
Dlstanco in Box   Car.
PORTLAND. April 21.—"Lifting a
Rocord, or Two Thousand Miles In a
Box Car," should be tho titlo tugged to tho story of tho raco ol tho
French automobile car Werner which
reached Seattle . vnstorday ln what j
It's drivers claimed to bo un Indopo-.
ndont effort on tho part'ot tho owners to dofoat the regularly entered
cars In the New York to Paris contest, nccording to a story published
Tho Wornor car ls in charge ot
Maurlco Drolghe and Max Hohmnn,
correspondents of the'Paris 'Journal,
and In an Interview yestorday declared that tho Worner car was the
only machine that made the' entire
trip ncross tho continent on its' own
wheels. Rut an auto enthusiast lu
Oregon Oity declares that the car
came to that place in a box car
.from St. Louis and that it made the
trip Irom Columbus, 0., to St. Louis
ln the same easy manner.
introduced   today    at    the Benson-
Hyde land fraud trial.
William Ivalk, a clerk in the general land ofllco, swore that Benson
gave blm 10 cents per acre lor putting land claims through.
Woodford Harlan, who testified
yesterday, said today that his conscience hurt him after he realized he
had been used ae a tool by Benson,
and that is why he "peached," Attorney Campbell, for tb* defence,
made Harlan admit that be lied to
get Benson into trouble.
♦ ■    t
London, Ont., April 22.—Up to a
late hour last night, Moyer, the
slayer of Col. Sergt. Lloyd, was
still at liberty, nothing having been
heard of him since Sunday morning,
when be was seen near Thorndale.
It Is feared that he hns cheated Justice by committing suicide.
—       e   ■ 	
VANCOUVER, April 22.-Tbe gasoline schooner Clara 0, of Tacoma,
46 tons, Captain Hanson, caught
flre Sunday night at nine o'clock off
Cape Scott, and in ten minute* blew
up and aank. The crew escaped in
boats and were only fifty feet away
when the vessel went skyward. The
boat is a total loss. The crew
were rescued by the halibut steamer
Celestial Empire, which reached Van
couver thla morning..
CATHOLICS HOLD    A DUAL JU-Jche, a  dentist and well known auto
Grand Rapids, Mich., April 22. —
Special services were held In all the
Catholic churches of the Grand Rapids diocese today ln celebration of
the jubilee of tho diocese and also
the-twenty-fifth anniversary of lta
bishop, the Rt. Rev. Henry Joseph
Rlchlter. The diocese ot Grand Rapids, a .uli-divl.lon of the diocese
of Detroit, was formed May 19th,
1S82, and Bishop Rlchter was consecrated April 22 of the next year.
CUTE tao.
'Yes, Tommy," said    his mother,
"you've been a very good boy   today."
"Ail right," cried Tommy, eagerly,
'gimme a  nickol then."
"Oh no," i
"Why, ma, you told mo Willie
Nexdore was good for nothln', an'
you don't want mo to lie like him,'
do you?"
Oak River, Man., April 22.—A fatal accident occurred at E. Henry's,
near hero yestorday. Chas. Haines,
farm hand, waa killed by the
horses running away, while he was
fixing a gang plow.
"~~ 'engine, tender and   flat freight   car
Toronto, April 22.—Wm. Archibald, and a box car attached to thopus-
Kerr, member of tho Arm of Blalke. '""gor train plunged through the
A*.« C.M,dy, died suddenly yp, .jj&*ft^^1gj'£ °S
terday oi a result of an operation | dfty m0rnlng, carrying down with
fur appendicitis. Ho leaves a widow; tbem J. Goliphon, the engineer and
nnd three children. Hla widow la a J- 01flen- ,tho nroman Thoy escaped!
daughter     of D. R. WUkle.  general  from -tho wrcck< but the flrflmlla "»■
A ttecond hand clothes dealer was
soiling a suit of clothes to a very.
meek and easily satisfied customer.
'All went well until the trousers
were tried on.    Then:
"Ain't they a  bit on the big aide,
mister?" asked the customer timidly. |
•Ijln?    No    fear,    Beautiful   fit.
Let me brace 'em up.    There!   Now
j'they're lovely; and comfortable too,
I'll lay; ain't they?"
Tho customer wriggled.     ■  -
"Not bad.    mister." he said meekly,    "but a  little tight under    my,
arras."     .
. '   ' »  ,—;	
Venture district on Suturduy, waa
Mr. Cuan, living six
miles away, was working in a field
when the child wall el up, Siie had
been without food ior two und a
half days, and had wandered on tho
open prairie during thut time. Fifty
men have beon scouring tho country
since Saturday. It wns feared a
wolf had carried the little one off.
To Provide; for Eight Hour Day    o
Railway. Telegraphers—Nothing to be Done This 'Year.
OTTAWA, April 22.—Ralph Smith,
member for Nanaimo, yostorday introduced a bill to amond the Railway Act. Its object is to provide
for an eight hour day for dispatchers and all classes of telegraph men
on Cunadian railways-
A law providing for a nine-hour
day wafl enacted a yenr ago in tho
United States and came into force
last month. Mr. Smith remarked
that nothing could be done with this
legislation this session ua it had
just been put into his hands by
parliamentary representative of the
railway men at Ottawa. He strong
ly:supported tho bill and was sorry
nothing could be dono with it this
Wm. Dick,    Son of    Inspector Dick,
Wins Dawson Scholarship at
McQill University.
Nanaimo; April-22.
Another Nanaimo boy has brought
distinction to himself and to hlsi
city by taking high honors at Ms1
University. He ie William Dick,
son of Inspector Arch. Dick. 0f this
city, who has beon taking the mining engineer's course ut McG 11 University.
Mr. Dick is in his last year, and
a telegram was received today announcing that ho hod won the Dawson scholarships one of the big
plums of the scholarship list.
Young Dick is to be congratulated on his success, at Canada's biggest university, and against such a
wide field.
In reference to the above a special
despatch received from Victoria just
before going  to press says:
Victoria, April 22.—William Dick,
son of Inspector Djck, has won Daw-
. fellowship at graduation in
science at McGill. Is highest honor
in science. Provides means for
travelling among smelters und mines
for six months, and for six months'
experimental work in university at
TORONTO, April 22.-In welcoming tho Ontario Educational Association to tho city last night, Minister of Education Payne, announced
that the movement was going forward to Improve the text books of
the provinco and give them to tho
public at  reduced rates.
It was his dream to have a Canadian series of readers and that the
government wus in negotiation with
other provinces on the matter. The
attendance at the convention this
year was very large.
$125,000 FOR   E.   & N.  RAILWAY
. Victoria,. April 22. — One hundred
and twenty-five thousand dollars will
Lo spent this summer in improving
and modernizing the seventy eight
miles or roadbed ' of tho E. & N.
railway between hero and Ntinuimu,
and tliis work will start at once and
■ bo rushed to completion as fast as
'possible. This is the Important uu-
| nou'ucemqnt that was made yester-
^luy mbt'ilfng by one of tlie promin-
, ont officials of tho E. &j N. railway.
it was announced yesterday that in
tlie estimates that had been approved by the president of the company,
Sir Thomas Shaughncssy, in tho
large appropriations that had boen
brought down fur tho present year
und passed by the board of directors of tho C.P.R. was tho item
containing tho appropriation of
S125.000 for this part of the system.
Tho greater part of this outlay
will bo oxpoudod upon tho improvement of tho roadbed und particularly upon lhat part of tho line whero
wooden structures are used in crossing streams, the intention being to
replace these with permanent stool
structures. Tho larger part of this
improvement will take placo at tho
other ond of tho line and most of it
between Ludysmith aud Nanaimo although much work will be done in
building now bridges across tho Chemainus uud Cowichan rivers.
Ou this part of tho work, new
Btouo piei's will be built aud stool
bridges will supplant the present
wooilen structures. Then ubout a
utile un this side of Ladysinith tho
present obsolete crib work will i>o
torn down und replaced by a largo
urch to cross the stream that flows
into Oyster Hay at this point.
The replacing of tho old wooden
bridges by thu modern ones will
only bo made this year whero the
bridges aro found to bo most In
wunt of repair and thoso that fmio
lately boen constructed .will be tho
lust ones on tho lino to be removed.
Another important move that tho
company has decided to moke will
ho iu the building of new fences
along tho line and in this matter it
is stated that not less than forty
miles of new fencing will bo constructed during tho season. For this
improvement alono somo §20,000 has
been submitted and approved by tho
directorate, This fencing will bo
used this season whoro tho country
is most settled and whoro any stock
kept by tho settlors in the vicinity. It is understood however, that
the company will eventually fence in
tho entire length of tho road, although it will be impossible to do
all of this work during thu present
Constitutional   Lawyers wo Preparing to Havo Fling at State's
Right and Constitutional
The Canadian Bank
Of Commerce
B. E. WALKER, [■resilient
ALEX. LAIKD, General Ma ngei-
A. E IRELAND, Superintendent
of BraLches.
paid-up Capital $10000.000
Res. 5,000,000
Total Asset*.. 113,000,000
VICTORIA,    April 22.—Dr. Garea-
mobllist ol this city, baa been arrested charged with having procured
s performance of abortion on a
young girl here.
Dr. R. H. Carter, charged with
having performed the abortion, la being sought by the police.
Hamilton, Ont., April 22.—
Rwultow, of Grant avenue, waa arrested yostorday on tho charge ol
attempted assault on a seven yenr
old girl. It was for this offence a
man was beaten nnd thrown over tho
side ol the mountain laat Friday,
SI tor.
CLEVELAND, O., April 22.-At *
meeting yealorduy of the managers
and superintendents representing the
Lake. Erie port* of importance, -resolution* were adopted declaring the
open shop principle be adopted and
adhered to In the dock*. It was announced that there would be no
change made in wages or hour*.
The ore shoveller* will get 14 cts.
per ton, which is the rate that
ha* beon paid for the laat 5 year*;
and men on all tbe dock* will work
BOSSLAND, B.C., April 21.- An 'ten hour* a day.
"Your husband," he hdinrdod, "la
an Inventor?"
She tossed hor golden head.
I   "Yes," sho said,    hor red lip curl.
manager    of the Imperial Sank    ml J"*!"*1 \.•>r°^>8' and"''o?h»r" "tol*1*    "Somo of his excuses for com
Can.*. "'/i^M^whlletjie^onglneerwa* at night are ln use
ly bruised and shaken up.
Bra, c' es throughout Canada and in the United States a; d England
Farmers'   Paper   Discounted.
Deposits of $1 nnd upwards received, and interest allowed at
current rates. The dep*bi(or is subject to no delay whatever ia
the withdrawal of the who'e or uny part of the deposit
OFFICE  HOURS ON MY  D»V   9;8° £.■% *,% \$ft£ 8 *
President and Managing Director.
G130, 0   IMCKARD.
sVi t'etory-Troosurer,
;£ ihhtbd
All Home Cured
Roberis St Butcher
Mifklns— I   hoar that     Peckham's
wife has left him.
Mif kins-Does     ho   think    she will
WASHINGTON, D. C, April 22.-,
Tho constitutional   lawyers of     tho.come back?
Senate are   preparing to have thsir     Bifkins—I guess so.     Anyway,
fling.   Arguments about    tho "plans   told mo ho was going to enjoy
of tho fathers," ami state's rights
will be worked overtime whon that
body comes to tacklo tho mcasuro
from a judiciary committee intended
to destrict the t rattle in intoxicating
liquors between "wot" and "dry"
Whon tho.   various    bills   on    this
while he had the chance.
Paris. April 22.—Erail Gobhardt,
noted    professor    of literature died
subject wero boing considered by the j here yesterday.       He was born     in
committee    thero    were     almost as
many divergent  viows expressed    as
thoro wero raombers.    Tho ->ill   that
finally got out of committee was
compromise. instead of giving a
"dry" state tho right to hold up
shipments of liquor at tho state border, as desired by tho prohibition
forcos, it merely prevents a railroad
from acting as tho ugont for tho con
signer, and requires the full name
and address of both consignor and
constgneo to be inscribed on tho
St. Petersburg. April 22.—Tho situation on    tho    Persian frontier   is
considered hero to bo stoadily becoming moro   serious    despito tho chock.      ^__mm^_ms__^m_\\___________ma^_^_^_^__\
to the Persian brigands on April 20, 'shipped to all parts of the country
About eighteen miles from Carls-
bod is the small town of St. Jouch-
imstal, whero the Austrian government has ono of its tobacco factories, and about threo miles from that
town, up in the hills, at a place
which is difficult to reach, are the
imperial uranium workB, which havo
become famous during tho laat few
years on account of the radium discovered in the uranium stone. There
is also a government factory Bt St.
Joachimstal, where chemical colors
are   mado from    the uranium    and
when tho Russian forces drove thu
bandits buck with heavy losses. The
rising is gradually spreading, und
tho othor mountaineers are fleelntf
to the assistance of the Shakscten
and Boglivin tribes against whom
tho operations nro boing conducted
Col. Konovalosefl, the Russian chief
of staff of tho frontier guard, who
for years has been stationod on tho
Persian frontier believes thnt tho
strugglo will not ho, terminated until tho Persians have received a lesson liko that of years ago whon a
Russian punitive expedition killed
over a thousand tribesmen and compelled two tribes to suo for ponce.
No aid is expected from Persia, ns
the tribesmen neither acknowledge
nor foar tho government at Tohoran.
About two years ago the imperial
managers of the uranium mines made
a report to the government authorities that the water of tho mine was
found to contain radium, and medical experts have since declared that
these waters are of high medical valuo in certain diseases.
During the last fortnight most of
tho Austrian newspapers have published items according to which tho
Austrian government ls convinced of
the high value oi theso waters and
intends to tako charge thereof, construct a proper radium spring, and
build hotols, which it will control.
Tho view of tho government is that
tho beneficial effects of radium in a
number of disoasos have been ad-
SEATTLE, April 22.-Uua\varo'mjt,tcd by tho medical profession but
that a legacy of $50,000 awaited, hitherto tho application hns boon
Willis A. Chapman, penniless and j vory oxponslvo and trontmont dim-
sick, he died at the Wayside hospital cuit. Tho government believes now
yostorday. Whilo Chapman, who | that by tho discovery of radium in
was S3 years old, was slowly siuk. ^hoM WRtors ft powoi.ful nna- at the
ing to his death, friends wore search- Bame time a cheap medium hos been
ing) the city to acquaint him with found to make tho power of radium
the news which    would have spoiled accessible for bathing purposes.
*\b\\ over the country."
comfort to  a  wanderer.
Two weeks ugo Tim Chapman, a
bachelor uncle, died in Illinois, leaving farm lands valued at $100,000,
to his brother's sons, Willis A, and
Lewis Chapman.
Until my sweetheart ate with mo
I liked to think she fed on air,
Ornectur nnd nmbrosla fnro,
With now ond then a sip of ton.
Hut when nt last I   chanced to see
Mylnriy nt hor dinner, I
Watched soup and steak and (horrors!) pie,
All  dlsnppoarlng  daintily.
It wns a  shock, as you'll agree, 	
Yot to her    side I  straight     re- war existing with the United State**
And spoko tho words IM never dared
Until my sweetheart ate with me.
(April 24.)
1552— Council of Trent prorogued.
1704— First issue of the Boston
News-Letter, tho first American news
1707— Allied English, Dutch and
Portuguese forcos dofoatod by the
French and Spanish at battle of Al-
1701— Benjamin Harrison, ono of
tho signers of the American declara*
tlon of Independence, died,
1868—United Statos government
concluded a treaty of ponce with tho
Sious Indians.
1808— Spain declared a  stnto   of
Toronto, Ont.,    April 24.-<-William
Perkins yesterday was struck by
falling chimney and fatally injured,
The Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
P.O. Box 61 Thon. 44
Denier in AU Kind* of
Meats Delivered free ol charge on tha
Shortest Notice.
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the Prettiest lot o, Goods we nTvoovertl    Cr°Wd°"   Wit"
of Wimnhuirtt* I* to bs mad* by
tb* Boston jaaa*lnjj*r*' union, working la conjtuwtioa with th* . stats
branch of tbe American Federation
of Labor.
All Indication* point to th* larg-
'est convention at Boston, next August, tbat ba* aver gathered since
the institution of th* International
[Typographical Union. Many unions
that hav* heretofore failed of repro-
[sentation are arranging to send dele-
By a referendum vote th* Stove
'Mounter* and Steel Bang* Workers'
International Union has decided to
'hold a general convention this year
The convention will assemble la
Chicago the third wee* in July,
The Austrian printers and metal
[workers are nearly all working nine
hour* a day, Tha textile and food,
workers have still longer hours. The
women work, as a rule, even longer
hour* than tbe men, but this is supposed to b* made up by a longer
[noon 'time.
Nurse Addle, came down from Na-
' naimo yesterday morning.
Mr. and Mrs, A. Shaw, of Extension, boarded the Victoria train yesterday morning.
Mr. Jennings was a passenger on
[the Victoria train this morning.
Mr. J. W. Coburn was in town this
Mr. J. M. Morgan -was in town ye*
Mr. 0. Thompson, who was hurt
in -the mine on Wednesday, ls in a
vory serious condition and he may
[yot have to go to the hospital.
mm or abll  yal'in e'htb°T "1  o*P".r-
.     It liThJS  -. ?.|mrt o' the
MEDICINE HAT., Alta., April
124.—In tha trial for arson, for burn-
[ing the house of Joseph Leir, against the sect known as the Dreamers,
[Jacob Heitse, ot Irvine, an ex-Dreamer on tb* stand yesterday, stated
that dreams wer* discussed at tha
meeting*. If tha dream* could ba.
[executed th* interpretation wa* aup-f
b* carried out by the treal. Hia father, Francis England
If the one who dreamed i» atlll living at Dunham. He leave*
execute th* dream soma- a  wil° but no children.
A meoting will be bold in Mr. T. •;-** "--nance for any ono «,h~~,'" "
■Lewis' shaving parlors on Monday ; J "Sing and desires finished i„sW
evening at 8 o'clock, for the    pur ' ' M<1™an »in k« ,_ .™T
poso of forming a male voico choir.
Everybody interested in choral singing is earnestly requested to at-.
The Chinaman arrested in connection with the Tomperanco House
robbery was committed for trial on
Thursday evening,
At tho    time    of going to press,
there was    no news of tho condition
. of Mrs. J. N. Jones.
 IU> iiuiunea   instruc-
Mr. Morgan will be in town
| every Friday and can still take
charge of a low more pupils.
Mr. Carter has    made a groat improvement in his    candy   store and
ice cream   parlors.      He hns pulled
Idown a dividing wall and mado two
[rooms into one.   He has thus got   a
roomer building,  with moro counter
[room, and bettor and more comfortable accomodation for his customers.
'He has had the wholo tastefully and
[astlstically papered and painted    by
[lloedding, and    opened   out his   ice
cream business to-day.   Ho now has
Ifour alcoves and ns snug and dainty
[a place as could be wished for.
The Tyoo Gun    Club
held   thoir
weekly medal shoot on Thursday af-| The attention of Stn„rt„rH
ternoon Young Joe Tassin topped lis culled to the advortlL„ d/C,dera
the scoring with 20. Messrs. McDon-llocl foundry comn^vT t.<" thc
aki and T. White coming next with/another cplSn™ &'Wri"« '»
17 and 16 respectively. The latter Ja specialty ,™ stoves a„rt r y makes
is in great form this season, bis |Is turning out an urt?cu T,g!!S "nd
previous   ahoota Icomnara lULiT.'. "'.*■ cl0 which will
scores at the two   previous   shoots|compare""/avo"rabTv ».,»"* ""il*1
being 28 and 21.    Tassin also Is do-|the market   TL"J,hj anythl"S
ing well, having once beforo   mado
over the 20.
Mr. Eli Rowland has been very
busy these last two days moving his
shoe repairing parlor from Its old
position to a new stand alongside
Blair & Adam's store. Mr. D.
Johnson, the owner of the lot on
which it has stood, is going to erect
a pool and billiard rcotn, hence the
reason for Mr. Rowland's flitting.
Quite a number of pooplo are mak
ing a trip to the old country just
now. Only a week ngo a party of
three set off for Scotland. Another
and larger party will leave Thursday for dear old Scotia's shores.
Thoro are Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Davidson and family, Mr. and Mrs. R.
Allan and family, Mr. and Mrs. Penman and family and Messrs. J. Ford
.and A. Allan.
-,~r-.A .H.wiauiy with anything onl
i the market. A good stove makes a
'bright home and every stove sold By
tho local foundry carries with it a
guarantee. The foundry people are
'inviting inspection. They want buyers to deal with them direct, and at
present are making handsome reductions on every grado of stove. The
foundry is well worth a visit in itself and any one desiring a stove
I cannot do better than look ovcr the
foundry stock. Not only will he or
sho be supporting a local industry,
but he will get a high-class stove at
[a cheaper rate than anywhere else.
Don't forget tho presont offer is only
good for threo weoks more.
| A newspaper man Is seldom much
of a hand at figures, but It is raro-
[ly ho makes such mistakes as crept
[into the Inst issue of the Standard.
However, the total was right which
is tho main thing. ~*
[poMd to
[could not ._	
one else .wa* supposed to do it.
Mra. Schniador was told that ahe
[ahould burn the Baptlat and Lutheran ohurchea at Joaopbburg. Thl*
wa* sot tha result of a dream, out
the creed wa* to murder and born.
A Mr. Karlotto mad* the suggestion
and aald b* would do her a good
[turn if she burned the churches.
Letters were read at the meetings
from Ood by Jacom Merkell giving
instruction* to kill and murder unbeliever*.
Tbe name* of John Lohr, W. E.
Martin, J. R. Bouch and Die* had
been mentioned for destruction. After Jo*. Merkell, Jr., did a shooting
in Dakota, all the Dreamer* were
supposed to go armed. All were
| armed in Canada. Tbe kleslng of
ths Bible In court had no weight I
with tbe Dreamer* and did not bind*
Alfred Brost, an ex-Dreamer also
[gave evidence of meeting*. Emanuel
lam told or a dream ln which he
waa to shoot    his    brother Michael
after of cerebral apoplexy.
The news of hi* death will    come
as a shock to many throughout Canada.    Dr. England was born    40
years ago.    He graduated from Mc-
|Oill College with high honors.    He
served  a  term as. houso surgeon ln
the Montreal    general hospital.    In
the fall of    1000 he came to Winnipeg and was appointed superintendent of the Winnipeg hospital, .which
position he held   two year*.    Since
then he   ha*    been proctlelng modl-
|olne in Winnipeg where be haa made
great name for himself,
Hs leaves    two brother* in Mon-
Job Lot Snaps
J. E. Smith,    Roberts Stree
These Suits are in a class by
themselves. Any suit you get
with the Lion Brand L bel on
you can depend on It to
wear and keep its shapo. Dou-
blo Elbows, Knees and Soats.
Once you try Lion Brand Suits
for Boys, you will have no
wen   ,,r n-t-     ~^   m
Telephone, ] 2-4.
Nanaimv I). 0.
New Store $
Newly Stocked
All Kinds of Wall Paper.
Picture   Framing a Speolalty.
High Street. -.-
Dp. %t dl&Rl
! Don't Miss this Chance \
Tf   i'a   AhI.   *M__ J    -!»_ f
It is Only Good for
We are Making a
To the People <>f Lady- f
smith and Di* ,riot
T        Tho correct
li™!: ilS5B°: 'wm danco, 122 SO •
.       \-—,   - a.    .ivwuu.    no    Bepreeentativea of ai**mSi.h	
has already established a Male Voice ganixation. hav. i Ti °r ""
Choir there and when it is stated goH^>£.!* i"Unched ^ cw<*-
that Mr. Morgan was tho conductor,? S,Uity "»>»«*•. whloh propose
of the Resolvon Harmonic   Socioty, -"—*■--   •
Mr. J. M. Morgan, of Victoria,
was in town yesterday and left this
morning for Nanaimo. Mr. Morgan
recently decided to devote his whole
time to the teaching of music, and
has set up a studio in the Bank of
'Commerce    building,    Victoria.    Ho
j Gill through ths window of his real-
dance. Emanuel CHI1 and young
Dlaa had fought and when the story
waa told at the home it waa decided
that Dlaa wa* to be destroyed, aa
well a* Michael 0111, who had assist-
led him. The witness rode with hla
brother and the prisoner past Mich
«•! OIU's place. The prisoner showed the witness a revolver with
which he stated he would have shot
•nyona dead at Gill* if they said *
word as they passed.
 .„.. jiuiuiuiiiu   .-society,
Welsh Baptist Choral Union and the
celebrated   Resolvon Male Voico,   it
Negligee and Silk Shirts In
Fancy Colors.
Wo arc making a Special of.
Fawn Duck Shirts, regular selling prico is $1.25. On sale now
for 11.00. j
Straw Hats in Chip, Imltatlon|
Panama, etc.
Prints and Figured Lawns.        .
A largo line of Hummer Undor-I
wenr In Bulbrlggan, Silk, andl
Silk and Wool, ranging from 50|
cents a garment to $8.60
I to   diftribut* farm    product* direct
from tb* grower to the consumer.
Not until th* worklngmen of Pittsburg hav* contributed mora money
to tb* project will a labor tempi*
be obtained. At present only S25,-
000 worth of stock hu teen subscribed and lea* than half of thla
[amount baa bean paid In.
I Under the coaatttuUon a* roviaed
by President Hungerford and Secre-
tary-Treaiurer Brinkbam, of th* International Carriag* and Wagon
maker*' Union, death benefit* Will
be paid th* member* of that organization in future.
Organized labor haa two representative* ia Congresa who hold nwnv
berahip   cards In   th* Telegrapher*'
Union.    On* 1* Beprmeutat'T* Cany
of Milwaukee, a  Republican, aad th*
other Representative McDermott,  of
Chicago, a Democrat.
'   Tha officers of the Boot and Shoe
Workera' International Union report
that th* organisation'* moving picture   ahow,    advertising tha union
■tamp and showing the process    of
ahoemaklng, I*    being well received
In the sections of the country It ha*
[Madam* Gould Keeps Much to Her-
'    aelf on Voyage to Avoid Scrutiny of Curious Crowd*.
NAPLES, April 24.-Madnm» Anna
Gould arrived her*.today from Now
York on board th* steamer Fretder-
ich der Grosse, and wa* met in th*
harbor by Prince Bali* d* Ssgan..
Madame Gould wa* quite pal* bjut
smiling and apparently contented.
The entire Gould party, accompanied by the proprietor of the hotel
[where room* hav* been engaged for
Madame Gould, landed In a epedal
I launch and took an auto from tha
dock to tbe hotel. This wa* dons
to avoid coming In contact with ths
curious crowd*.     During the     voy
We desire to thank tho Committee
who hnd charge of the concort given
for us on Monday night. Also the
City <Band and all thoso who took
part in the programme and in any
way helped to mako it tho success
lit was.
Menelaus and Elizabeth' Ingham.
Nanaimo, B. C.
j. m. mof?GAf,,
Teacher of Voice .Production and
Engagements may be left at the
Standard Ofllco.
Bods and Lines
Flies and Tackle
F°' All Kand. of Flahing.
' Ate Offered at Specially '
'        Reduced Prices
'   'V ''■',"'   ■ ■  ".' «■;
' Coup Dirtotjto Foundry and
Mclntyre foundry
i Company, limited
A By-Law of the Corporation of the
.City of Ludysmith.
rate) each of said debentures boing
of the amount of f 100.00 or Its sterling ' equivalent (at the aforesaid
rate) and all such debentures shall be
[sealed with the seal of the said Corporation and signed by the Mayor
thereof.   . .
The said debentures shall bear
| date of tho day after the final pass-1
[ ing of this By-law and shall bo made
payable In twenty-five years from the
|said date, at such place, either tn
the Dominion of Canada, Great Britain or the United States of America, an may be designated thereon,
and shall have attached to them
coupons for the payment of interest,
and the signatures to the interost
[coupons may lie either written,
stamped, printed or lithographed.
4. The said debentures shall bear
interest at the rate of five per cent J
[per annum from tho date thereof,
which Interest shall be payable half
'yearly at such place, either ln the
Dominion of Canada, Great Britain
[or the United Statos of America, as
.may be expressed in the debenture
and coupon.
I 15. It shall be lawful for the said
I Mayor to cause the said debentures
and interest coupons, either or both,
to be made payable at such places,
either In the Dominion of -Canada,
Great Britain or tho United States
of America, as may bo desired.
[ 6. It shall be lawful for tho Mayor of the said Corporat'on to dispose of the said    debentures   at
A vory complete selection of "Tho
Whitney" make now in Stock.
Superior to any othor Go-Cart in
Style. Comfort and Durability. '
'Collapsible Go-Carts, with Adjustable Tops, 10, 12 and 14 In.    Rubber Tires can be supplied.
6. Peterson
'Phone 18. First Avenue
nn! r:
roti^f   w '"' th* P<"*P°se of   bor
trie DL7°?y t0 "V"*™*- « otoe-.,™ . ...u    ueoontures   at   a
and fl™' t)?.*.'"^ Sftric ■"*»' 'ate bolow par and t0 authorise the
smltTamlI tbi^ fn^J.^t"'^^ Trea,urer to P'V out of the said
■"■ui and   the   inhabitants thereof I sums so raised   by the sale of the
and vicinity,     ^	
Cn   r£,Mu.nf:?pal Cta"*» 'A<* ■•»*
CtZriiPT!lted :t0    ">• Municipal
oKSLft •*e„°»™« •«* more than
one-tenth of tho value of the Heal
Property i„ the City of Ladysmi h
ment Z.n "* tb° ""» revised's™*
'lu L r.,' ""■"•""'W fe said Coun-
•ge over Madame Gould woe    verVlc»"toTaiso^".^8 ,th9 Sald CoT
Imuch    toheraelf.    „„„,„„„ ^ktottCa'*
    — ..a..       ....     t..n   Ohio   Ul     tilt
said debentures, nil oxpenses connect
[ed with the preparation and lithographing of tho said debentures and
coupons, or any/discount, or commls-
Ision or other charges Incidental to
the sale of the said debentures.
7. For the purpose of raising annually tho required sum for the payment of the interest on the said debentures during their currency, there 1
shall be raised annually the sum of j
'11200.00    and    for the purpose   of
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Dally at 9 a. m.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday
At 9:00 and 15:68.
For Victoria.
\timwrwrTiv■<•■>'■ 11 rn
Trains r\rrira at ladysmith
Dally at 11:87.
Choicest Fruits
Cigars.   Tobacoos.   Soft Drinks
[Wadneaday,   Saturday  and   Sunday,
At 11:87 and 17.85.
From Victoria.
ceo. i.lmww
District Passonger Agent.
10S Government St., Victoria
Excellent Boarding
snrvajt i„    •.        ..   ■""" """"I   Anrt ZuZ    ■"""""''« purposes lfl-IOU.00    and    for the purpose   ol
ZTnn,h W eMn Unt" the TC»'|givo oirKfTTM1110 ?Jouncl1 dM're  tojcroatlng the   .Inking fund afZak
reached Gibraltar, aftar    „m.k   .lJ°.?_elTe?t»° "'» "aid petition in tholtw the* repayment of the said   *'
Ircoched Gibraltar, after    which  aha
dined In tha public saloon.
<   ■ * , ■'      . .
iDoes 1100,000 Worth of Damage  to
I       Bichmond, Vt.—A Doten Bu
sinesa Block* Destroyed.
'manner i,»r»in r, Petition In Jtho wr the* repayment of the said   debt
AndVheroas    .L80' ?f tbvg  "bM    "* ratad ™mMy   the
land m thl     -,ib?,   :'vhol°    ratable »»m of 8615.80.
leceortlng to tto S? °'I-d»8m't'>     *»» the Jiurposs of the payment f
ment roH Is 8218 830 00        **""*' ?   ' ° *id "n"8 in ^ ne*t Preced, T
BICUMOND, Vt., April 24,-f> Tbe
lentire business *ection of this town
\mtih    the exception of two general
.tltutlon_ p,0v,dlBg ^ a .^IValleyMllroad depot M*?"*
.,.— v. vwo general
'stores, was destroyed early today by
la flre which caused a loss estimated at 8100,000. Almost a dosen
business block* were wiped out by
I the flame* and two dwelling houses
'were also destroyed. Moat of the
I buildings destroyed were two-story
j wooden structures. No cause for
the flre I* known.
■ ♦  ■■
MEMPHIS, TennTApril 24,-Tele-
Igraph and telephone wire* are down
I between Memphis   and Walla.     The
. _   ...- .not  re,
mont roll Is 8218,820.00
And whereas the whole ratable ini-
[provemonts of tho said'Clty of (Ladysmith according to the last umi.sh-
'niont roll is 8238,978.00
And whereas tho total amount required to bo raised annually by rato
for paying the debt which will be
'created heroin and the interest thereon and for creating an annual sinking fund for tho repayment of tha
said dobt within twenty five year*
according to Law Is 81,885.80.
And whereas Ib will require, an annual rate of 5.55 mills on the dollar
for paying this dobt and interest
'And  a,hj>».n..»  it,.   -
    _.u ......  ...   .....  ,.t-Ai |nm'U'| 1
Ing paragraph mentioned there shall I
be raised and levied In each year a I
rate of fi.55 mills in the dollar on all' +■
the ratable land in the Oity of La- *■
dysmith 'and on fifty per cent, of the +
Improvements In, the said City of T
'Ladysmith during tho continuance of T
thn  aalH   Jnhnnt..™l—. «..  -—  -t .»- *
Speoial attej Tiokets for
the Week
Mrs. s. Decker,
tho said debentures' or any of thom. I  i„„i .... ._,       .
»•   It.shall be lawful for th.   ™.± Ju,t th° thing    for Trimming '
Children's Wear :
-.   ...mm  ne .awful   ior tne   uor-  . . nl.n.i       t    ... i,,"u,»i'K
poration. of,the City of Ladysmith'-■ ntn»        „     s Wmr
aforesaid, to redeem iny or all   ol .. PLAIN «nd FANCY HOSIERY
the snld debentures at par   at   any ' * —————	
■Miss Uren
. the said debentures at par   at   any
I time   after   the   expiration of  flvo J
years from    .the  date thereof upon
, giving six month*' notice   of   their
Intention ao to do, such notice shall
a Yard.
A»B   *UHK   PB0Mpl,
*«  ATTENDED to,
T nuvintr  thiu  *i«k*        j   . ««*"*i    *■••«»   m*   munin*    none
'AndI wtarea   .h?. n"".d lntoro8t'      J»teniTion ao to do, such
or the U^&SZS* ^Xr'lnxelZ^tbon'gTt f     '"" °0°™ ««■     I
«5aGfe^«i^ Council cf tthltt Tnn\TIZ^.**"***"**™******
Therefore tho Municipal Council cf
Jtho Corporation of tho City of Lady-
smith, enacts as follows:   •■
1. It shall boTawfurVor tin/Mayor of tho Corporation of the City of
Ladysmith to borrow on tho credit
of the aald Corporation by way rf
debentures hereinafter mentioned,
from any person or persons, body or
bodies corporate, who may lie ivlll-
ins* to artvn«J.« *..	
In such notlco bo not' specifically
named, alter the expiration of tho
"aid period of six months all interest
on the aald dolventuros the numbers
of which have been published as
aforesaid shall cease. ,
10.   This By-Law, before the final1
a    --..„  ».„,,„„,, nuuu receive tno ns
sent of tho Electors, of tho said Cor
™UK*"C..,n'',,° '" beT0by Riven thnt
H. Thornley      J
A Girl to do .house.    Apply,
muXmwtmWaaaa—a*. ■     j^j Avenue.
-     , ....  ..j aa—,   uauiv   tu,,   „iini       t-uonc   notll'o
£."".""? .ISSL*?11..™°lv« $*-"■ the Esquimalt   and   Nanaimo" £5,* UinST " ,h0rob'V •** that we In
way Company will o„ Mondny^ho -fi^ &&*& "Rft
,nd°^.'" -*&.•«»- that
unoy   at iho rato   of  .."•   This By-Law may bo cited as 'r°m Okotoks, Alto., by ,„, o Clill.  known «" the Now Vt7illn S"mlsn
The Lfidv^i.t. mi..f.i. r,.uj __.. Aim,,   —„, , ... J.   * »• "• l'iii'- dysmith. n   n    i.._ ™rn B"r. La-
.. .-..a. ..uu, nasleft
the some to be deducted from    hi* roao*  four mllaa ••»''— *-<-■
death benefit. '
sent or thoKloctorsof the said Cor-. way Conipnnv «i™ 7 , t tW'to apply to ih.,™,1 we '«•
poration, In the manner, provided for fourth nfM^ „ '"y' the "'»»lone?a of th'^,iJco,n8Tln>* Com-
in the Municipal 'Clauses Act, and T \ "' "°" "t ^^nxith. at their next iZ^*!!1***-**
•hall talko elfect on the day after the J"0 *vhol°' °r In parts, a carload of transfer of theTtai, iT, "V,ot »
final p»,,,|ng tewreof. -    hoy now   at   Ladvsmlth      .1,1 , now   held   bv ,,..*. ^quor ^»nce
a —«««   no   ii     Itfltn _
, tht ml? H?t.oWn« '" tho' «   !' t0;k,, 4<*** on the ttay -ter the _
...    wii'IVW.
I ■ ■ '      "   ♦	
|   At a recant meeting la New York WELL KNOWN DOCTOR IS DEAD..
th*   National    League   of BMSballl —
club*    decided that the flve mil.lon |  WIHN1MIO,    April «.-Dr. Eng-
tickets to be used during tbs present hxai, on* of th* most prominent *ur-
bassball (soson should bear tha ■— "om '" »--~ ~
ion label.
4.88 and MrdaTii.™ J"0 l^   nl,<<$L .r?j" Ti"w may bo cltod »» a       (*otoks' Alt»*, hy B. 6 .01,,T known «" the New Wt
Po^'te^^*^^^ U_m and *Sa\_-^_-l_.^i4'^^ SS?&JL«-. .4
ourselves   t«
imLt-m^mSSt t0, ™r «">-2|Pr^'»; "' """ ^'th'iumberT^mpiVXe^- John"p;u."cho7nd,rrhn0ri,VM
un- geons la WesUrn CanmaTtZ.   TJ»'  U "ha" to «••« 'or  the said' uZ -hV S0    7rnpo8e*1 B'"I*W
A- effort « .^ ^ ^ "^^^ C-Xg. f &*«a&TB&S £ ig&^&tt
'- "   """ ^^^^.-"^ ttt-SW'S »P^i"»BSrw,ft.'15:
O.M. 0.
b   tun.
^                 FOB SALE.                    |                      WANTED; '
Black Minorca and Plymouth Rock nlLf^JfFV1*" Liverpool «, Lo„.
eggs.   Pull wttlng of oggs for SLOO   _Z_*„hi0bfl ln8' Oo'   <«"•" On"y
v'j                   - ■  .     .. .. i j


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