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Ladysmith Standard Jul 29, 1908

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1.11 ii „|.| „. .,|.n„t..H "I "I "I "I... HHIII IH 11111 III I I1"H.
Not Here Yet!
But at the ond ol the week wo will    show   you   Goods   at Prices  ,{,
jj that wlll surprise   you.
Whilo In Vancouver, our Mr. Adam bought two Traveller's comploto Sot of Samplos, which will, bo sold ot nbout hall the regular
' ' Price.
Included In theso lots are : Lndios' and Mon's Knitted Undor-
wear, Girls' nnd Children's Knittod Underwear, Aprons nntl Pinafores, Children's DrossoB, Golf Waists, Knitted Scurfs, Hoys' Snllor
Suits, Caps, Carpet Ends, Tablo Covors, Curtain Ends, Sox, nnd
'Stockings. Sweaters (all kinds), Fancy Vests, Umbrellas, Shirts,
i Tios, Etc,, .Etc.
Wo expect to havo these marked Ior Satueday morning nnd ux-
pect to clear tho lot in a low dnys.
»HI 1. 111IIIIIII HI 111 I III IIWIH ♦♦' ■■» * f»I
-i4i4i^i-i Ai-i Ai Ai_i_i_-_i_i___aAa_______ta______aM
Whatever You May Need
Is a Pay Day
Speciil at "«-•>■
Clocks, Watches, Pictures, Books,
Razors, Etc., Etc.
for White Swan W_»hino Powder Cou|>oo.
Send a Two-Cent. 8tarap for our Catalogue
B. C. »oa|> Works, Jictokia, * c.
Wall Papers
Oome <and make Tour
Seleotion—new stook
fresh lu.
J. E. Smith,    Roberts Stree
lee Cream
ils Boms-Hade, Fresh Daily. Critics
.pronounce It to bs   The Best  ever
■ told In Ladjramlth.    Oome and   try
, It,    Warranted absolutely pure,
Is, snd IOc. Per Dish.
iPlcnlo tnd Private Parties Supplied
by ths Gallon.
'Hooper's ParW
Most fsslsat Psrlort ta Tows,
gallon P. I Noot
. . If you.havo defective Eye-eight '
\; Olassas fitted to suit your vls-
.. ion nftor caroful examination. '
" [ Wo havo tho Up-to-date Framoa
'.'. and the Best Quality Lenses.
■ >    All kinds of Itopalrs prompt- ]
] [ ly attondod to.    Watch repair- ■ I
,. ing Our Specialty.
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',' glvo ua a try.
jiP. G. NOOti
., Watchmaker, .loweler and   Optician.
Oatacre street.
Council  Unable to Deal With    Fire
Chief Smith's Request ami Aid.
Drown Tnkes Up "Ta'xpay-
er's"   Lottor.
The twenty-eighth meeting of   tho
city council wus hold in tlie council
chamber on Monday evening.   Mayor
Nicholson  presided and there    wero
j present Aldermen Campbell, Roberts,
1 Haworth. Ilrown and Matheson.
A communication wos read from
Mr. p. Tt. Ilrown, of Victoria, relative to tho sale of. the city debentures. His client, ho said, would not
take up tho stock at par, but if the
council would make a discount so as
to givo 7 per cent on the $23,000 ho
would tyke thom up, Tho lottor was
laid over for future reference.
Tho following letter from the Cub-
ello Cigar Manufacturing   Company,
Vancouver, was read:
The Mayor, Ladysmith, B. C.
Door Sir,—As we arc thinking of
moving our factory from Vancouver
owing to labor troubles hero, we
would like to hear from you regarding same. Wo arc un old established
linn and, would employ ono hundred
peoplo.' We would locate in your
city providing you would offer some
Inducement. Our proposition to you
is for a bonus of say $-.5,000, or a
suitable building for tho accommodation of 100 workpeople and £10,000
for ten years with interest.
We would liko to hear from vou at
onco as regards the best offer your
city could make us. Or if vou think
proper our manager could come and
interview you on the matter, as wo
want to settle in a cltv at once.
Yours truly,
Cubello Cigar Manufacturing Co.
The letter was ordered filed aud
the clerk instructed to send a suitable reply to tho company stating
that the city could, nut entertain the
granting of cash bonuses.
•Accounts amounting to $258.15
were presented and referred to: tho
finance committee to bo paid If found
Muyor Nicholson, as chairman of
the street committee, reported that
work was proceeding on tho improvements ordered last week. A path hud
boon made from Mr. Hussvl's residence past the colliery olllce to Mr.
Tlpsosky's, connecting with the Esplanade. Also a sidowalk was being
laid up Kitchener street to First
Aid. Haworth reported that It was
tho wish of the Firo Wardens for tho
whole council to deal with Fire Chief
Smith's request for $25.00 to defray
his oxponses whilo attonting the convention of tho fjro chiefs at Victoria.
Muyor Nicholson said thnt personally if their flro chief went to Victoria, ho would ho in favor of paying
tho actual oxponses, tthat was actual
travelling expenses and hotol bills.
Tho proposal was evidently not
vory favorably regarded, Aid. Camp-
boll thought thnt alt the council
could ho expected to pay for would
ho the hotel and travelling oxponses.
The council could not provide for
whiskey hills, nnd there were good
hotels ot $1.00 and 91.50 o da-y.
I Aid. Haworth—I would just like to
nsk Aid. Campbell if ho were with a
; crowd of people who were all putting up at 92 or SI' a day hotels
would ho step aside and go into     a
!'-hooper hotel?
Aid. Campbell—I don't bolleve   in
paying pic-tdc money to people    to
make a trip like that.
Fire Chief Smith explained that
out of tho money he had asked for
a fee of $7.50 would go to the convention.
i Aid. Brown thought that if thoro
were any boneflts to bo gained it
would be all right to nllow their fire
chief reasonable oxponsos. Aid. Moth-
oson, however, hnd expressed tho
opinion that thoro wos nothing to ho
learned from tho Victoria peoplo ns
to how to fight a firo.
i Aid, Matheson Raid.ho hod expressed something to thnt offect. He had
neon tho Mazes that hnd occurred in
'Viotoria in .lunc, and certoinly ho
'did not thtnk thoy hnd anything to
.learn from tho methods used on that
.occasion. However, thore might be
suggestions and discussions of somo
, value at the convention, but whether
thore would ho anything to be learned ho didn't know. So far as tho
hotol business wns concerned ho himself olwnys wont to the sumo hotol
•whether ho wns on a private visit
or on n mission for tho city.
Tho business was again lniil over
for another week.
Aid. Brown suid Hint ho would like
to sov somethjng about tho sanltnry
conditions of the town. Thero was it
ditch running awoy from the Chinoso
hnkory which wns a little bit dirty.
Tho ditch needed to bo flushed out'a
little hit ond it would bo all right.
Somebody had boon making himself
vory busy and had filled up The
Standard with n lot of rot. Tho
writer marie It nppoor thnt ho had
made one tour of inspection and no
moro. That wns hot tho truth. Tho
council should hnve heard the tonguo
lashing ho got from one woman for
tendering a little civil ndvico. Why,
he had to order hor into the houso
with a throat of bringing her into
He thought Mr. Thornley could
give thom a lot of holp. Ho could
tell them whothor or not Ihero wore
propor receptacles In lho closots, ond
whether all tho closots were cleaned
Aid. Haworth said thoro wns anothor bud place Inside Siler's livery
■tabled, and thero wns a had closet
up tho alloy wny from Siler's
wator down Into tho ravine. As it
was now, it emptied'into tho kind of
pond holow the Esplanade und he
had soon men wading through it. Leo
had declared himself to be a law-
abiding citizen and he had horo an
opportunity of proving it.
Aid. Matheson brought tho attention of the council to a nuisance between Mr. Kerr's plnco and Gardener's storo. Someone had dumped
somo earth into the ditch with   the
Five Toums    Entered and   Schedule
For Season Drawn Up.
Tho Pacific Coast Association Foot
bull Leuguo is now a fait accompli
result that tho water was running on und in very fow weeks time the
to tho streot. The ditch should ho'scheduled games will commence. The
opened out. new league will not interfere '   with
Mnyor Nicholson said the ditch uny of tho older organizations. The
could be nttended to. He hud lookou Island Loague und the li. 0. Cham-
over the streut with Mr. Love, and, pionship will be playod us in former
as they all know, the corner, wub years. But the Pacific Coast League
very wet nnd dirty in the rnlny goes one better and introduces a
weather. At tho end of the f..!l ihey higher class of football,
would put in a pipe und level it up The league In a sentence is an inter
with gravel.   In tho meantime    the city   competition, with an interna.-
ditch would be ojiencd out
The hill presented on bohnlf ol tho
firemen for the firo at thu government goal which" wns laid ovor from
Inst week, wns taken up. Tho Mayor
thought the host thing to iio would
bo to forward it to Mnrsliull lfray.
Pi'oporly thu bill should have been
addressed to Marshall Bl-ny in tho
first plnco.
On motion the bill wns referred
back to tho firo chief for him to deal
The council then adjourned.
own part ho would like to seo their
by-laws carried out. Somo pooplo
would not liko It, but thoy hnd got
to Intorco tho low nnd bring thom
up to timo. Two yoars ngo thov hnd
trlod to forco tho uooplo to got propor rocoptnrles for tho closots. hut
thoy hnd mot with much opposition
nnd tho mnttor hnd boon nllowed to
Tho ditch ot Hop Ij-o's wna      a
nulsnnco,   Ho should bo' required
New Westminster Scores Second Decisive Victory Over Shamrue: s
and Lilt the Minto Cup.
Hats oil to ths plucky New Westminster lacrosse team. Their trip
to Montreal this time has not boos
unsuccessful, for by defeating tbs
Shamrocks yesterday they oome
back with the blue ribbon of the lacrosse world—the Minto Cup, emblematic of the championship ol
Canada, and for that matter of tbs
Aftor tho showing the team made
last week against the Shamrocks,
when they defeated them by tbs
narrow margin of one goal, with
two of tbe crack shamrocks oil, tbs
wise ones-of the east-had it all
figured out that New Westminster
would go down snd out tbis game.
They had it all llgured— on paper-
that the wet weather was favorabls
to tho coast boys, nnd that with a
dry field and ths entire Shamrock
toam in the Held against them they
would lie badly defeated.
They i—ikoned without thslr guests
however. Tbey forgot that indomitable western pluck thnt was out
to win, forgot that tho Koyal City
hoys had had a hard railway trip,
that many of them were not foclimr
well and generally forgot to calculate whnt a week's rest and the
experience of ono gnmo against the
Shamrocks, would do for thoir team.
This Is borne out by the following
lst ghme-New Westminster, A,
Turnbull, 7 mlnutea.
Ind, game—New Westminster, Bry-
ssn, 15 seconds.
8rd game— New Westminster, Bry-
son, 1 minute.
4th game—Shamrocks— Honnessy.
i minutes.
Second Quarter.
Oth game— Now Westminster, Pat
Feoney, IS minutes.
Third Quarter.
Sixth game— Shamrocks, by llron-
nan, 5 minutes.
Fourth Quarter.
7th gamo — Westminstor, by Bry-
Bon, i minutes.
Sth game— Westminster, ,l>y Feoney
IS minutes.
Shamrocks  2
Now Westminster  ,,.6
Macedonia Maids
Cast Aside Veils
Jloelem Command Obeyed tor     Centuries ie Uescinded by lYioeU.
MOULIN, July DH.-L-oeptttches received here today from Monaatir
state that the women of all Macedonia are parading the etreotB unveiled, rejoicing in tht granting ot
the new constitution by tht Sultan.
The parades are tbo result ot an order issued by a Moslem priest cancelling tht command of tht Koran,
that all women must wear veils in
public, and for the lint time lacen-
ional aspect. Soattlo, it is truo, iB
tho only American city to outer a
team this season, but ir tho league
makes the progress Its promoters anticipate, thoro mny be others the following year. Meantime the competition -will be representative of the
best football on the Coast. The Vancouvor team will in all essentials be
an all-Mainland eloven, and the Victoria aggregation will represent the
pick of soccer talent in tho Cupitul
Nanaimo and Ladysmitli will always be conceding something of a
handicap. It is impossible to -got
a choice of many players and practically tho one eleven will be pitted
against, representative elevens from
Vancouvor. Victoria and Seattle. It
is up to tho two towns to take up
the business in earnest, and leave
nothing undone to bring tho pennant
to the north of the Island.
Tho ono great result of the League will be that tho home crowds
will bo treated to a series of high-
class encounters. Vancouver and Nanaimo particularly, should furnish
enough and'to spare of excitement,!
and both Victoria and Scuttle will
bo ablo to put formidable elevens in
tho field.
Tho League was born on Saturday
evening in one of the rooms of the
Uriard Hotel, Victoria. Tho mooting w.as attended by Mr. Con Jones,
and Will Ellis, of Vancouver; Messrs
G. G. Duncan and A. Lockloy, of
Victoria; It. C. Christian, of Seattle; F, McColl Vnd J. Waugh, of Nannimo, and Jas. Adam and.R. H.
Hindmarch, of Ladysmith.
Tho flrst question wns that of to
bo or not to bo, and the feeling of
the mooting was unanimously and enthusiastically in favor of the formation of the League. The Constitution of the now association was then
tnckled, and little fault can be found
with it ns it was finally adopted. A
full copy will appear in the next issue of the Standard.
The two clauses that led to most
discussion wore those dealing with J
tho entrance fees of tho teams and
the transfer of playors. In regard
to tho fonner it was eventually decided that tho ' annual subscription
for each team should be SID.00 aud
that 5 per cent, of tho not receipts
of ench gate should he paid into tho
League funds. With regard to the'
registration and transfer ot players'
evory delegate was desirous of putting an end to tho poaching of players. It Is, however, an evil the remedy for which it is difficult to find,
and for tho present the most stringent provision the meeting could devise was that a "player should only
bo transferred whon hc could prove
that ho had not boen given a place
on tho team for which he was registered for three consecutivo games.
There are objections to this, also,
but maybe it will work for this
After the adoption of the -Constitution and by-laws the election of
officers took place. Mr. Con Jonos
wns elected president; Mr. R. ,-R.
Hindmarch, vice-president; nnd Mr,
Will Ellis, secretary treasurer. That
buslnoss over there caine thc drawing up of the schedule and before
this had been fixed up to everybody's
satisfaction it had turned midnight.
Tho following is the flrst schedulo
of tho now League ;   •
Sopt. IS—Nannimo vt. Vancouver.
Sept. 20—Victoria ve. Ladysmith.
Sept. 27^-Seattle vt. Ladyamlth.
- Oct. 10—Vancouver vs. Seattle.
Oct. 11—Nanaimo vt. Seattle.
Oct. 18—l-adyamlth va. Victoria.
Oct. 81.—Vancouver vs. Ladyamlth.
Oct. 81.—Victoria vs. Nnnalmo.
Nov, 1—Seattle ve. Nnnalmo.
Thanksgiving Day —Victoria vs.
Nov. ;—Vancouver vt, Victoria.
Nov. 15,—• I.adysn.ith vs. Nnnalmo.
Dee. 12.—Victoria vs. Seattle.
Dec. 13—tadyuilth va. Seattle.
Dec. 20—Nanaimo vt. Victoria.
.Tan. 1.—Seattle vg. Voncouver.
.Tan. 10—Nanaimo va. Ladyamlth.
Jan. 10—Stnttlt vs. Victoria.
Jaa. IT"Ladyamlth va. Vancoii-
Jon. 28.—Vancouver vs. Nanaimo.
Tlio Gnbriolu, Nanaimo anil Ludysmith gun hum had a most onjoy-
abto outing Sunday on Gabtiolu Island. Tho Ladysinith und Nunuinio
men cannot aay onough about tho
royal entertainment they received at
the hands of tho Gubrlolu Island
mon. The ludies had charge of the
commissary department und the
spread they put up will long be remembered by the visitors. About
ninety peoplo all told sat down to
the dejeuner, which surpassed in its
excellence anything the gunmen huve
yet participated in.
Tlie  following  is the  result  of  tho
First Event, .Tick Babbit.—lst, C.
Trawford, .;. Jiistliuni; 2nd, C. Martin, Jos. Wutsun; 3rd, .1.   Graham,
P, Stunnurd, R. Hoggan, T. B'arret.
Second Event, .lack  Babbit.— lst,
11. Hoggan;   2nd, A. Martin; 3rd, J.
Easthom, Jus. Eusthom, C. Allen.
Third  Event,   Sweepstake.—lst,   0.
Murtin; Ulitl, A. Martin; 3rd,   Chas
Fourth Evont, Jack Rabbit.— lst,
0. Murtin;  2nd,'_0.  Trawford;   3rd,
lt. Easthom, T. White, 0. Dalton, A.
Mat-tin., T. Dognen.
Fifth Event, Jack llubl.it—1st, F.
Stunnurd, M. Uitko, Geo. Hopple, H.
Eusthom,   (_'.  Allen;  2nd,  0.  Murtin,
0.  Wargo,  McKinley,  A. Martin,   T.
Degnen, w. Peterson, J
li'd, 0. Trawford,    It. Hoggan,     J
Graham,   T.   White,   C. Dulton,   W
Sixth Event,  Sweepstake.—lst, T
White; 2nd, lt. Eusthom;   3rd,   Geo,
Iootball Enthusiasts    Will Organize
Club Tonight for Lowing
A mooting is to be held tonight in
the stundard oiuce for tho purposo
of orguniiing thu football club for
the coming season. 1'iay, it ought
to ue remembered, commences early
ihia your, and practise will very
soon huve to bs commenced. It is
certain uIbo that this year there
will be stronger teams all round,
and if tho home club is to compete
on equal terms with Its rivals, the
management will have to get busy.
Tho meeting tonight bog—« at 7.30
o'clock, and it is to be hoped there
will be a good attendance,
An advertisement once appealed n
the Tost and Found column of several daily papers.     It rani
"Found, yesterday afternoon, on
Chestnut street, near post oil!ce, a
gold watch. Loser may recover tbe
Easthom ; | suine by calling ttt office ol John C.
Smith, 287 North street, and paying
cuBt of this  advertisement. "
Woll, John C. Smith sat in hia office tho next morning, and u little
before nine    tt  rather shabby    man
that watch, air," he be-
hsd a  furtive,     anxious
Seventh Event, Juck liubbit.—lst,
It. Hoggan, T. Degnen; 2nd, R. East* entered,
horn;   3rd,  Goo.  Hepple,  T.    White,      "About
K??,tr,1!f ,, gal      Ha
Eighth Event,  i doubled.—1st,   It,
Easthom; 2nd, Jos. Wutsun, J. Gru-   y
hum; 3rd, C. Murtin. I    'he unsophisticated Smith drew   a
Scrub Shoot,—1st, ,1. Lowis. ; largo     gold wuteh   from   his desk
 4 '— drawer.
IvlLLEU BY LIGHTNING. I    ■■_,  __, itr ^ ^^
"The very thing," said the    other
_______I__UA,   July SB-Throe hlirrie(lly     u. ^ *^
lives were lost, several persons wero paved.
injured, and much damage was done     ..Th,   ft(lvertising costs are $10."
by   severe electrical storms in enst- Bll^d ^lr   y^y.
ern   Pennsylvania    nnd New Jersey     ..',■— ,i,,m,,,_ ..  ..    ■  ..     .
■ Jen dollars,    he muttered suspi-
laet night, and early today Kath-
rine Wagner, a live year old girl,
was killed by lightning while watch-
"Ten   dollurs," said Mr.     Smith,
"That nutice    has been running    a
ing the storm from a  window of her weok ,_ MVen pap8r,„
home In Camden M.J.
Charles Keaseller, 12 years old a
farmer's son, was struck dead in his
home near Yoek, l'a., and the other
members ol the family were injured,
and J amos Cunless was killed in this
city by a  bolt of lightning.
Philadelphia, Pa., July 25.— Reports from various parts of the state
show a heavy rainfall reaching proportions of a cloud burst in some
Trophy Presented.
Section XXIT. of thc By-lows; bc-
jrlns: "Tho _eagtio Cup or Trophy."
—"Oup!" "Trophy," snld a Lady'
smith delegate. "How nro wo going to provldo lor thot?"
'Won't lot thnt hothcr you," broko
nnd wlll put up n ono hundred   dollar Cup."    Thus    wns    tho Ticnguo
have! troimy provided.    Mr.  Jonos'   offer
furies the women ol   Turkey
exposed    their faces  to  ths  nuolio ".»   Kr00*.wl   with onthus|n»tlc  ap-|
r        jplnuso, and on tho   motion nf  Mr.
I™. Jns. Adnm, tho hoorty thanks of tho
The Koran commands    absolutely mooting wcro tendered to him for his
Mnyor Nicholson suid that for his that no woman of ths faith can ap-!S-ioroslty.
"" '-•" ' ' '" ,_„. „„,.,j.    v— i,„„— _ith-„.     .,   "— meeting paused off most   hnr-
poar outeldo   bar house without    • mo„lo„8,v nnd ',,., mnrkM) ,,,,,.
veil covsring her face with the    ex- 0ut hy a spirit of onthuslown nnd of
caption ol a silt lor her ayes,    the hope for the future   of  association
fact that the Moalsma have taken It football.	
upon thomsolvcs to osneel the aacred
commands    of   the Koran indicates
that ths    advocates of the "young
Turkey" Idea have thoroughly
trenched themsolves before beginning
New Bedford, July iio.—The eteam-
er Maine arrived from New York today with her bow badly damaged by
colliding with a scnoonor, the Char-
lee W'oolsey, which ahe ran into and
sunk laat night. The crew were
$50,000   STOLEN   FROM  MALLS.
KANSAS OITY, Uo., July ao.—
Chas. Savage, a negro, waa arrested here today charged with stealing
a mail pouch In ths Kansas City
Lnion- station on June 0 last, containing $50,000, Ths pouch was
sent from Los Angeles to a Now
York city bank. The post oillce inspectors assert they have positive
evidence against Savgge and declaro
lhat he has buried the money intending to recover it after his re
Isass Irom prison.
Toronto, July 25.—Mrs. Jne. Fra-
ssr MacUonald, wife of Major Moc-
Ifon.ild, aide-de-camp to the lieutenant governor, died yesterday gfter-
noon from heart' failure while being
placed under uneusthotlc in preparation for a minor operation.
BIRMINGHAM, Ala., July 33. -
Elbert E. Roberta >u, a woll known
young pharmacist, wus shot and killed last night by Albert W. Thompson. Ths trouble la said to have
arisen ovsr a young woman to
whom both men wero paying attention! Thoy had quarrelled last
night and Thompson challenged Ro-
bersson to light with pistols. Robertson rofust-d, but agred to flght
it out with lists. Tho mon wont to
Capital park and fought desporntoly
for about five minutes, Robertson
apparently having tho best of lt. It
le thought Thompson, chafing under
ths humiliation, went to his home
and got a pistol. When he met
Robertson later ho shot him.
was     gone,
put In a proper drain and carry tho  opcrstioi
il,,.;,,..        '.' »1
San Frnnclseo, July 97.—The case
of t. Chans;, charged with the assassination of Durham Stevens. Japanese adviser to Korea, was called for
trial today. Ths killing of Man-em
occurred hen Marsh 98 last.
Bo caroful not to stumble ovor your
own bluff,
Whon women arguo they liko to
argue that tbey don't.
It doesn't pay to borrow trouble
even on a  friend's account.
A talking machine Is nil right If
it does not talk muchine politics.
Horn onn a man have undying love
for a  woman who dyes her hair?
The man with some difficulty paid
the money. Then he hastened away
with a  few words of thanks.
Mr. Smith, after he
smiled to himself.
"Ah." ho said, "thia wntch-flnding
is a  mighty good business."
And In preparation for his next
visitor, he put in tho drawer another gold watoh Irom „ large pine box
of Ihom that lav under lho table.
CHICAGO. III., July 27.-Wlth a
substantial representation from noar-
ly nil ports of the United States,
Hie Independence Party, lho successor of Hearst's Independence Loaguo,
assembled in national convention in
Orchestra Hull todny for thc purpose of udopling a pintform nnd no-
minuting candidates for President
and Vice President. The initial session was given ovcr to tho opening
nddrosses qf the temporary chairman
and others, followed bv tho appointment of the usual committees. Tho
content ion probably will complote
its work tomorrow.
Present indications oro that the
convention will neither indorse the
candidacy of William J. Bryan nor
force William R. Hearst to accept
tho presldphtlaj nomination of tho
Independence Party. Thomas L.
Hlsgon, of Massachusetts is thc man
most prominently mentioned for tho
head nf thu ticket. Mr. Higsen ran
for Governor of Massachusetts two
yenrs ugo on tlio I iiilependonce League ticket mul polled u surprisingly
largo vote. He is n mnn of wealth
and for a number of yenrs ho haa
competed successfully against the
Standard Oil Company for thc oil
business of *\*cw England.
NEW YORK. July 27.-Motor boat
enthusiasts throughout the country
will follow with lho keenest Interest
tho results of the trial races for tho
selection of defenders for tho British international trophy. The trials
tako place today nnd tomorrow In
Long lslmul Sound, off Huntington,
There ure nine ontrios iu all, and
the Motor Bout Club of Amorlca can
select threo to defend the cup against a like number of foreign crnft,
there bolilg, however, but two challengers iu sight nt present.
The cup, which represents tho motor bunt speed supremacy of tho
world, wus captured lost year by
tlie Dixio in the international regatta ut Southampton, It is now up
to the Motor Bout Club ol Amorlca
to defend It. The international
races for the trophy are scheduled to
take placo next Saturday lu Huntington Bay.
Judge—Have you boon arrested before?
Prisoner—No, sir.
Judge—Are you certain?
Prisoner—I nm, sir.
Judgo-Your faco looks decldodly
lamlUar, Whoro havo I seen it before? /
Prisoner—f'm the bartender In tho
snlonn across tho way, slr.-jfHarper's
Weekly. \
Montreal, July 38.—Ths . Montreal
waterproof   works   were   fired' by
lightning this morning,
mated at 185,000.
Loss esti- CONSULT ME
|f You Require Any
Or If You Require Any
«)r  If You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Bell One:   or If You   Want
Ladtj-wiUh   Standard
I (Spgi-faJ Correspondence)
Ottawa, July 20,
! Another land deal or a startling
character was disclosed on Wednesday by Mr, Boyce, of Algoma. Thl*
[was the purchase by close1 friends of
I the Minister of ths inturior, of lands
j held by that department in trust for
the Indians. The price paid was a
little over ¥9,000, and the land was
sold for over 9100,000 as soon as
the middleman obtained it. Mr.
Boyce had of'icial documents to support every „:..turnout, and no essential part is (oiitradk-tcd.
A Ii; andon Group.
The names uf tho middlemen in the
caso aro W. F. Wilson, A, E. Philp
and U. A. iRoesor. Mr. Sifton was
Minister and Member for Brandon.
when the contract was made. Rees- i
or Is a prominent Liberal worker in
Brandon. Philp resided in Brandon,
and was formerly law partner of Mr.
Sifton. Wilson, another party worker, waB the man in whose name this
transaction was conducted.
purchaser Nuniea Valuator.
Wilson applied in Marsh, 1900, to
purchase these hardwood timber
lands, sayii'g tlml hc was anxious
to establish a saw mill and give employment there. Ue proposed to
Notary  Public, CouvftyaiiMr. little people on the good land, and
t * r»va_»i'n_i   nn I r*i r-SQiitod    that   holders of   limits
LADVBMIIU,  UU" 'were  rafting timber to  the   StateB,
whereas he would build and operate
a mill with a capacity from three to
live millions. He offered to take the
lund at a valuation, and had the
coolness    to   nominate   a valuator,
■ who is said td have acted afterward
lijibi:e<l uu Woilnusdaya anu .__.vur- I * -
TO 5 fSSSS! •"*■ - -m«wr S*^,:
July 2;,
OTTAWA^uty 25._Haye,( -i^,     WASHINGTON^
O^w-        _T Th   ~ T%. tala Th<»"«« S' B*WWln -upcee-f In
^ZmhoZri^.Ty^ __T "" °' ^ """""    °'
drove a  oah In ru77' *   _        "8° ^ government in the trial flights of
-_-___T_-_-T        Hlto™-«» «- ^Htary dirigible at Port Meyer
uuree iug figure in .porting- circle, he will receive *B,7oO, while
und noted ae horse trainer.    He woe _eppelin will
un    associate of Johnnie Kane,    at'
that tluie long distance champion of
the country. Hayes' family went
to New York many years ago, aud
not long ago a visitor to Ottawa
from New York, st—ted that one of
Hayea' boye waa making a reputation aa a  runner in New York.
Charles Hofforson, who ran second
in the Marathon race, enlisted in E.
squadron of tbe South African constabulary at Brandon, Man. He gave
hia age aa 33 years and his occupation as a far—ar.
duys Aftornoona by the
Itulil.  it. Hindmarch,
Oiw Vciir   $1.60
ftiA  _t,uU.s       76
Ativortisiug  Unit's on Application.
It is rather difficult to decide haw
to take the lettor from tho L'abello
Cigar Manufacturing Company which
was read at the Council meeting on
Monday night. It is, of course, gratifying to think that the advantages
the city offers as a location for
factories and industrial works are
I eing recognized. Howevor, there is
i nother impression convoyed in this
particular letter which tends to
spoil nny gratification wo might honestly have felt on the other count.
Over and above the honor and d's-
tinction which have been thrust upon
us, there is the question of terms. It
may be impossible to calculate the
benefits that    would accrue to
town from tlio location of a lnrgo
cigar factory hero, but there is
mistaking whnt it would cost U8 to
purchase them. A cool request for
Sir,,000 ns a bonus stares us in the
face. And this example of colossal
"gall" comes from an "old established firm." One would have Imagines that such n firm aa that could
have been able to financo Its own
business. If tbe Council found tho
money thov info-lit Just as well run
lhe fiict' rv, nml band the ,proflt8 over to the relief of taxation. We all
want to seo factories and industries
stnrterl in our city, nnd the council
can I e depended on to put nothing
In the way of anv desirable company
that eeo!,s to locate here. But a
fifteen thousand dollar bonus is a
|u-epotsteroiis request, and cheapens
both tlio party by whom it is preferred and the party to whom
lt is addressed. The Council
wore perfectly right In refusing to
give it serious consideration.
[as agent for the purchasers.
Easily Managed.
Tho Government promptly closed
tho deal, making conditions that one
settler should build a houso on each
section fit for settlement, that a
saw, ml" of three to live million capacity should be built and Indians
employed therein, and that the patent should issue in three years
when the conditions should be fulfilled. Also the Department kindly nc-
ccpted Mr. Wilson's valuator.
So the partners obtained 29,301
acres which McAulay valued at $9,-
980.75. For some reason the Gov
ornmont marked this down to $9,-
Everything Changed.
The partners made a small payment at the time and paid other
sums within the next three years.
Thoy brought no' settlers, built no
mill, but sot about selling their concession. Finding the saw mill an
impediment-thoy asked and obtained
the right to build a portable mill
instead. Then they got the saw mill
clause struck out altogether. Meanwhile1 it 'had beon made clear that
hardwood might be shipped to the
United States as logs, without restrictions.
900 Por Cent. Profits.
Tho ground   whs now clear for
sale and the property was sold    to|nrst
American    lumbermen for $101,830.
the|Not satisfied    with    this   profit tho
partners nskod for and obtained a remission of tho interest duo on deferred payments.
Tho partners got  $101,880.00
The Indians   who owned
tho lands got          9,017.50
Middleman's profit         91,812.50
A Had Business,    .
Had tho land been put up to competition 'Without the restrictions tho
Indiana should have received tho
larger sum. Even with the restrictions tho valuo of SO cents an acre
was ridiculous. Protests against the
prico were made at the, time by ono
Liberal Member of Parliament, and
ono officer of the Government."- Various applications wore made for the
land whilo the partners were holding lt for   sale.       Theso applicants
A St. Petersburg journal gives am
Interesting account of the unfortunate Generals Stoessel and Neboga-
toff, now confined ln the fortress of
St. Paul . and St. Peter, together
with the naval commanders Grlgo-
rieff sod Llschin. The generals each
havs a spacious cell, well lighted,
while the other two prisoners have a
cell equally large la common. The
cells havs large -windows with iron
bars, overlooking the Neva sad Winter Palace. The furniture of each
la a camp bed, a large aad small
table, two chairs aad a press.
The prisoners' outdoor recreation
consists of gardening, under ths direction of Lischin, who is no stranger to that art aad mystery. According to the rules of the prison
fortress, the four unfortunate war
prisoners rise at 8 a.m., take thelites end thon proceed to the garden
abutting the Neva. At noon they
dine together, Nebogatoff presiding
at the mess. What the conversation j
of these men, upon whom fortune
has not smiled, but whose bravery,
has never been impugned, ta, ena
only be Imagined.
At 6 p.m. they sup, end at 9 they
take tea. Between times they can
read what they like, newspapers,
books sad magazines. It seems that
Stoessel nnd Nebngotoff met for Uio
" * time la prison. They'only
knew one another by .photographs.
"Alas! that we should meet in
such «. place," said Stosasel to his
companion in misfortune, as "adown
hla cheek the unbidden stole."
Nebogatoff replied, "God above   la
our   Judge.    Ws    must never
receive $500,000 from
the German government if all the
requirements are fulfilled by his air
The letter's -machine Is twenty-five
times as large aa Capt. Baldwin's
dirigible. Yet Capt. Baldwin contends that In the Aeronaut, 'which ho
has built for the army ho has incorporated now ideas which will be
eventually adopted by other nations
in the' construcsion of dirigibles.
These new features are embodied in
the gas envelope of Capt. Baldwin's
machine which differs widely from
Count Zeppelin's, the Republiquo the
French dirigible, and tho Nuili So-
cundus, the British military dirigible.
By hia own process of vulcanizing
rubber, Capt. Baldwin claims to
have secured a materia', that will
stand a strain of 95-pounds to the
inch and which, la not affected by
either heat or cold. In addition
thero is practicably no elasticity to a
gas bag ninde of this material thus
making a rigid balloon without the
uso of a  frame.
If Cap? After Accidentally Shooting Himself
' .   Man Drives 16 Miles With Blood    To utt
Spurting from His Wound. .
WINNT-MUCOA, Nav„ July 25.-
Louls Cohn, a chauffeur, lies at the
point of death today in a local hospital    as   the   result   of a bullet
Any of the Big Prizes   at
— Scholes Chances for
Diamond Sculls Deprecated.
HENLEY,  July 25.-Scholes    and
■ a,    i.     i      V, t     ,, Bowler, the Argonaut   pair had
wound over tho heart.     If he   lives , '
It will because hs drove his n-chlne Vcry ,hard T °Ver tt,h° COU,fl0i *hiB
fifteen mile, from    Dun Glen yestor- J"0™^8' bU*    ,°w ttaa w°si,talton;
U 'Phaa    ,A fl.i-nHSI 11+      .I—la*,  "      _'---
The eighteenth annual tournament
for the championship of the Pacific:
Northwest will l>o held under the
auspices of the United States National Lawn Tennis^ Association, on
Monday, Aug. 3, 1908, and the
lowing dnys, on tho grounds of
Tacoma Lanvn Tennis Club, of
a ■ ooma, Wash,
 4      ..  ,.., ,
I lie  l.lOoll
Constantinople, July 27, —Demonstrations ovcr the new Turkish constitution, which was promulgated on
July 24, continue. A crowd of over
200,000 ipersons gathered outside the
Palace this morning and cheered the
Sultan. Persian subjects in Constantinople have telegraphed the
Shah informing him that the Sultan
bad granted a constitution to his
subjects aad declaring that if the
Persian constitution Is aot restored,
they all will adopt the Ottoman nationality.
-—• 4 -» ■— ••
HAMPTON, Conn., July 27.— To
keep up the price of frogs cad hel-
grumites used by fishermen in bass
Ushing, boys In this section
organized a frog catchers' -..
The members are pledged not ,co cut
tbe prices of bait.
While he Wns II
macbiue, a re nl
pocket and ex: I...
tared his 'breast
No one   else in
ufter   he was shot,
mil-tag from the in-
lig- a vnlyo on the
«* lelt from his
' The bui: tea-
si over ll.e heart.
The Argonaut eight rowed the old.
Henley distance in 7.32, the first
half hy the Professional treble, and
the last half by the professional
eight. Rowing critics hore say the
course was over thirty seconds slow.
There wae a  strdng wind and   cur
rent against   them.      It looks    as
the machine knew i,.      .. ,.    ... ,    , „.   ,
,.        ...          _          '   though it will be Impossible to row
how to rua lt, aad the cauffeur had i     .   	
to climb .'baok    Into his seat
make the run to save his life.
He arrived here Just as he fainted
from loss ol blood,
QUEBEC, July 25.-The number of
visitors ta Quebec for the Tercentenary celebration is believed.to have
reached the highest figures of the
week today. From all points within a radius of 100 miles large parties arrived this forenoon to spend
Saturday and Sunday in viewing the
In the harbor, the parades and cere-
daoorationa of the city, ths warships
monies aod, most of all, to catch i
glimpse of the Prince of Wales and
of ths other notables attending the
The Prince-of Wales this afternoon
attended lho gain performance ofthe
historical lagonnt on the Plains of
Abraham. The nu-formnnce was the
moat brilliant anil successful that
has besn given so fur.
The pageant consisted of eight
scenes and numcr. un tableaux. A-
mong the scenes presented were re-
preeentutlona of tbe village of Sta-
dacona, Juequos Cartler at the court
of Francis I., Champlain receiving
his commission from lie—7 . IV., tho
arrival of ths Hospitalleree and Ur-
sultne Nuns at Quebec, Dollard des
Ornio„ux and his companions ln arms
is battle wit- tbe Iroquois, Mgr. de
Laval receiving M. do Tracey, the
fast trial this evening, conditions
were very unfavorable.
Wright, the coach was asked 'whom
from Canada had tho bost chance of
winning and said Scholes.
Tho majority of the critics say
l.oinder ls the best crew England
hns had for years. All the Canadians are in good health and spirits.
Guy Nicholas says tbe Canadian
four this year nre not up to tho
mark of previous fours and deprecates Scholes chances. Maswoll
Lyte eays tho Argonauts row with
no life or dash.
BOMBAY, July 25.—There was fur,
ther rioting here today which again
necessitated the intervention ot
troops. A number of the mill hands
and strikers wero killed. The determination of the authorities to shoot
down the rioters seemed to have
cowed them and the situation this
oventag Is quieter.
Dauntoht de Pnlnt-T.useon taking
ision of the western country in
the name of ths King of France,
Fr tetenac receiving the messenger ol
. .ir William 1'hlp- at tbe Chateau of
jl.St'.  louis,  and a  grand finale with
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., July 24.
—Lloyd's operated a "book" on the
American presidential- election hore
and a numbor of houvy wugers have
already been lnid at odds of five to
0110 against Bryan. Tho hotting is
dono undor thc g-tilso of insurance,
and tho "long end" money is coming
out of tho pockets of tho sporting
M. A.    No'voll,    local   agent      for
Lloyd's opened Lito book for his om-
of Louin XIV. |P'0''(JeF ul)0" recoivlng cable instruc-
Be careful not to stumble over your
own bluff.
Whon women argue they liko to
argue that they don't.
It doesn't    pay to borrow trouble
even on a  friend's account.
A talking machine is all right   If
It doos not talk machine politics.
How enn a  man have undying low*
for a  woman who (lyes her hair?
Cyrus (entering a sixteenth floor
office of the Syndicate building, perspiring and panting)— By gum", thom
stairs must 1.0 several miles long!
Occupant of Offlco—Why don't you
come up on one of those elevators
Cyrus- Not much! I Jes' see one
of 'em full o.' people fall down that
hole thero!
"„„v?tlCa I" ht"'ol,y e|vo>' thnt. at thc
Licensing Commissioners for tho .It.
,l'°,r. « tr«™'w of tho Retail   L|.
^ .n, f "S0 he,d by m l°r the sale
of spirituous and fermented liquors
on the promises known as the New
Western Hotel situate „„ _ot8 4 _
.., Block 28, Ladysmith, B.C., from
ourselves to Alfred Mnhie.
IViUemstad, Island of Oursto. July'' , ....
-7.-the   Dutch   cruiser r^_.__7\\ gr0^"«    °'   a"   «» hlatorlo-l
will.*....... .. ...      ™°* .characters
PARASITOS SHIPPED HERE   TOtarrived off WUlematad at six o'clock!
SEA THE, July 22.- Four Bhlp-
nien'r- of live parasitic boos, which
It is believed, will kill tho gypsy
moths that have beon so destructive
to tho fruit trees of Ntw _ngluc 1,
have been sent from Japan to Cambridge, Mass., by Prof. Trevor Kln-
...» .t ,_.    niue.       -i-neso applicants cald   li,.,„i nt ._    .      i *•—"*
nre prevented from establishing   «.. S ,™t.°'7t,^THmmt »' «>°-
ndustry on the ground. Tho Indians I letter   L,^""V™ c™t?l,1«< i'«
I this morning. She waa ordered to
a quarantine station. The Gold-
erlsod has on board M. Dersus, tho
minister resident, in Caracas, of the
Netherlands, who was dismissed fromi
Venezuela by President Castro. M..
Dereus boarded the warship ut Porto Cabsllo.
There is really no reason to doubt
that -the     guiding principle of     the
Council     is    economy,     Twice they
havo     bad    before   them a  request
from the city Flre Chief for a  grant
of $25 to enable him to attend   thn
four-day convention of tire chiefs   to
lie held in    Oclofier.     On the     first
occasion they shelved tholr responsibility liy turning It over to tho Fire
Wardens.       On Monday night     the
Fire Wardens turned It back to tho
Counci'      and    tho   alderman again
found It impossible to return n plain
"yea ' or nny".     The matter     was
laid ovcr for another-week.     This Is
Certainly   f-oing    slow nnd handling
tho city momoy with oil due ond proper caution.    The difficulty scorns to'
be that tho a Mermen nro tinnblo   to
satisfy themselves as to whether the
convention    is to iio taken seriously
or ns only nn excuse for a  pleasant
Jaunt for tho sevoral flro chiefs.     It
la a  delicate    point nnd before     It
hos     boen resolvevl it is more thnn
likely that the convention
a lottor received by Prof. O. B.
Johnson, former hood of tho samo
dopnrtmont, who resides at 1006
North Forty-third Stroot. I
'Professor Kincnid was sent tp Ja-*'i
pat. last   March by the ngricuUmai/'^ .BSBIld'
       -     ■      Unjt0() gtntcs(su«l for divorce by
make an invcBtiga-' husband
tlon of tho means employed In
terminating the gypsy moth in uio
Nipponese empire, whore It Is prevalent. "He-has learned that the parasite that keeps tho moth In check
in Japan is a species of bee similar
to a wasp, that feeds on the larvae
of the moth.
July 25.- Mrs. Phoebe
of    Dodgs, Neb., hi belmj
her fourteenth
Aathony   Townssad,     to>
was    married last Janu-
whom she
£^___-.__*1* "y ^voHlsi-g,
who is a  wealthy far-
have lost $90,000.
No Defence,
Mr. Oliver     refused to defend   tho
transaction, professing that it   was
too lato in   the'session     to -Inquire
Into it, and complaining that    Mr.-
Boyce had not brought it bofore the
committee.    '  He was reminded' by
Mr. Borden'-" that    the' Government
had refused a reference of the   whole
land quostion    to a commltteo   and
had withheld information and block-
ed Inquiry into other transactions.
In a session    of   many exposures
there is nothing moro shameful than
this breach of trust;        ,:'-
A Printing Rake-Off.
A neat little rake-off was revealed
in the     Public   Accounts committee
this week.      The   Auditor General's
statement for 1907 shows $0,9(10.92
paid for Intercolonial printing to tho
St. John Sun Printing Company.
The proprietor of tho Sun is B. F.
Pearson, M.P.PT also proprietor' ofl
the Halifax Chronicle, and participator In the Halifax land deal, The
Sun's bookkeeper and the managing
director testified that the compuny
had no Job ofllco,,-liut handed over
the work to a local Job printer,-paying him 75 pcr cont. of the price received, and retaining the other quarter. Thla gave the company $1,-
740.28 rake-off ln the nine months,
or at the rate of $2,175.00 a year.
Son^*^ry^n&7y:  ^l™ t-Ji-_-_     th. hops that    hejv«tlo_ 1a Detroit In th. wesk    absolutely established the fact that theJwoi'd still llvs manv w-m In-lnaia- .*•-   •>      •
ths procession
newspapers, ^^^^^^^^—
1. Townsend is 62 years of ag..
She had been a wife, mother -and
widow at 13. Of her fourteen hus-
baads nine are living. Townsend,
her present husband, is the only one
-' "-- fourteen who sued for dl-
BERLIN, July 25.—In a despatch
from St. Petersburg, ths correspondent of the Tagsblatt says the erroneous report of Admiral Hojestvonsky
dyia? at «Bad Nnuhsim was widely
-—graphed and published lo Ruaala
and musses for the repose of the soul
of the admiral were celebrated In
many churches. The admiral, who
was on a holiday at an Interior village   of'   Germany, sent a telegram. ■»-
to ths official news agency of St. I '11- International Brothernood of
Petersburg ccnveylag his greeting, JTssmsters will hold its annual con-
end exprisslng    the hops that    ha'ventinn i« n_-—_
I Ard.n, Man., July 25.—The Arden-
flour mills and elevator were burned
to the ground yesterday afternoon.
About 0,000 bushels of wheat was
burned. Origin of the Are ls unknown, it wlll be a terrible loss to
the district.
1 many years.
western farmers got no benefit front-    He said that since hs heard of his
theoxtra issue of Dominion    notes djotj, h, ^ny teIt bt^tm
made laat    November and December
[ginning Aug.
the    United
8-    At the same  timo
Teamatera of America
will  Ire
of the pnst.
'<   ^^^^^^^
Copenhagen, July 25.—It Is
reported that the Danish and
Swedish governments havs a-
grocd upon on offensive and defensive military alliance.
% Billiards and Pool %
Best Liquors and Cigun.
> 1
Cartwright ft Barclay
ostensibly    to     assist' in marketing
their wheat.    He showed that 'the
banks did not ask for these   notos,
but without them were able to   finance the crop, and in fact had    not
then- Issued their own notes   to   the
full authority.   Tho Government  has
preserved a mystoriouc Secrecy about
the transaction,    but the hank   ana
treasury returns, and tho trade records   show    that tho notes   Issuod,
went back at once to the  Treasury'
in exchange for gold and that   this'
gold was immediately   exported    to
New York whero it then commanded
■ a premium.    The extra issue of notes
• was a little over $5,000,000 and the
t exports of gold In excess of the same
. month in tho previous year
out the same amount.
did bsfors.
than   he wl" nol<i tn0'r aanual convention in
waa  ab-
- LONDON, July.... 25.—Hyd* Park,
which has t__ th* scsao ol ao many
remarkable damoaatrations this year,
was Invaded again this evening by a
gigantic concourse that dsmooatrat-
sd Its support ol the governmeofs
lfcsaslng bill.
SEATTLE, July 24.-"As a result of tha purs milk agitation tnere
have been Irom a —-third to one-hab
loss —iu—_ among babies in-Seattle
this *—nmar. thun last. Last summor front seven to eight out ol every Up cases • infant s—kaess that
was used %.o attend were caused
by impure milk. This summer ths
|>roportio> duo >V> ii-istn—od milk has
been aot gr~ut<. than from three
to four out of evory tea. Tbsre is
today less siekj.H among the babies of -twtUs than .thero haa been
for any susiaaer in yeara. All this
Ids directly due to the campaign that
-sa been waged for the past few
months in bahoU of purs milk,"
This waa t—s' a——e—onl made yes
barday by Br. G-. _. McCulloch, sputa -ifaat's disposes, and on*
of the bait tafsrms- physicians ta
Seattle ia n_ai_'to akJkness among
children aid lit* causes/
-r. McCulloch lt enthusiastic over
thia ImprovansMV* In Infant health,
which means tlwtr the practlas of
phy-oiana is lieiag curtailed becauas
liable* are so healths that thslr ser-1 the matter:
viOM are not needed to anything like'
th* aome extent that'- they have been
In previous summers, when tittle attention ha* ben paid! .to ths purity
of ths milk served to Or* city's inhabitants.
' I'll     i>—
j tions from London. He charges
regular broker's commission of 78
cents on 0 wagor which involves ono
hundred dollars, inc iding both sides
and forwards tho monoy to England
like nny other insurance.
The woiv tho odds stand now
an American ran put up $15.75 nnd
with 78 'cents commission, draw
down ttixn If Bryan is oloctod.
Explaining Mr- clectloTi insurance
today, Ncwoll said that thoro aro
mnny American capitalists who
would benefit horo If tho Republican
party romoinod in powi r. These men
would lose large sums of money, he
said, if Bryan wero elected nnd to
insure theriiselvft« -iiratnst this loss,
thoy can, by pnying a premium of
$15,000 bo protected for $100,000.
Nowoll said' tho British biislnessmon
hnd a good lino on Amorlean politics nnd nre willing to bnck their
convictions with cash.
Notice ls hereby given that I intend to make application to the
Hoard of Licensing Commissioners of.
tho Olty of Ladysmith at their next
regular mooting for a transfer of the
Wholesale liquor liconse now issued
to me in respect to the promises situate upon Lot, 9, Block 91, In the
Oity of Ladysmith, from myself to
Napoleon Manca.
Ladysmith, B.C., 9th June, 1908.
Tuson, Atii... July 25.—In a desperate battle between Mexican sol
diem and I'npago Indians last Tuesday, at the Imaculada ranch, near
llarstow, Col., a mining camp in
the Altar district, nineteen Indians
and two soldiers were killed and five
soldiers mounded, according to are-
port received last night.
♦ ■-
Some controversy has arisen in
British Columbia as to who was the
first child in the province born ol
white parents.
Ths following, which has been received by the Free Press from Cumberland may throw some light     on
The estlmau. ol the crowd    vary "TZ.^ ?_" °"°" wl" *• ™>* to as-
from'thresto    four hundred thou*-1     *'" __aJ__f^»£«oplt.
-____? It "__! U" mWUy * 0w        MAY TOHT SO0IA-I8M
"•■oel-   of     temperanos   societies'  '
•rom all parts of    -ondon and    th.    "■■'•owoe, Wl*., J„|y a._-. ..,
,Ui__*' ""W of ,, maklag „ or^
TU" were 120 epaalw*. !„„_„„, ught 0n Socialism will b, or/Ttn.
Can_g_ Lib** Btoaea Int.    andl'mi,™ oUrd''0"--^-  ^ «^---n"lttW"   i,K'"« - *•
and a number
Hoiia* of Common*.
St. Louis.     An effort will be mads
to bring about ths consolidation  of
the two organizations.
■   ♦ 1 ■
Ths'aanua! report of Ernest Mills,
secretary treasurer of the    Western
Federation of Miners, which was submitted tn the convention of that or-
gantratlon recently, showed that the, ,. r -is,.,-. ..    .   .... .1. —-i.
organisation   lost mor. thsn •  «vs|»<>^f»j» *»«• t^-^s'>*■'t'*, m™
thousand members during the    !•■_ J'a__tiaUcmai    of
year.    An effort will be
0ONSTA-Tl_or'L_v July 35.-
The momentuoue utt el tto Suite-
ol Turkey ln im,cl___rg yeetarday
restoration of _» comtltution
bl 18,0, hu m t|*K<m-ation of
Conotoatinopls uai_ovedl .The
peot of the city    today Is  ^perfectly
sati elastic- of any
kind. Tho stolid fatsllau of the
Muisjelmen,, who fori ssatutKa past
have ban acsustomM to raj rime ol
I'srsonal rule and wfbc- are used to
political freedom, 1st sartfy' 46
Cumberland, July 20.
I Samuel Stockand, of Cumberland,
B.C., miner, make oath aad say:
1. That William Hunter, deceased
ln my presence, claimed that he was
the first white child of white parents
born on Vancouver Island. ?
2. That I assert the fact to be
that .William Irving, of Cedar Hill,
B.C., was the first boy born of
whits parents on .Vancouver Island,
ln the year 1851.
Effective June Oth.
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Daily at 9:00 and 15:58.
Trains r\r*ive at Ladjfsmiih 1
Dally at 11:57'and 17:1*,
CEO. L. GOUftTF|tr\Y
District Passenger Agent.
$102 Government St., Victor!».
No Honing—
No Grinding
You know from daily : r -
rlence,athemeorlnth,i'. ..er
shop, that the quest: -•—
" Why doesn't a rai.r '. Ad
Ita edge uniformly from heel j ,
to head without honing and If/
(rinding?" Whether it is a j '_\
safety, with the certain tax of r*j
new blades, er the ordinary J/u
onen-bladtd razor docs not | '■**
siter the question. You want I
the comfort end tuti.faction of I
a clean, smooth shave every I
morning with the confident \
knowledge that your razor
will be ready for instant uie
tlie next time needed.
The Carbo Magnetic hkvis
the only rssor unoondmon.
Ully guaranteed to da this.
r .1 -no   ,ch. ... -a I Thirty yeara of eludf on the"
July 26.-The EeoondJ w,orVtu„Um h„ -.arfeeted
» new secret process of
UhpTftlQ TCPtPEHIMO that \
day ol the regatta of th. Northwest
Bowing 'Association was held here
■jesterday, and as ou the previous
o_y, St. Paul carried off moat of the
honor*. The weather was ideal and
{the attendance very large.
'lhe flrst race, senior singles, was
Plain the apathy every whoro   a|ipar-|won by Cochrane of St, Paul, Muir
Largs Collection of Old- Coin*
Valued at $10,000 Stolen.
L»rd Klnnalrd, J**" "Mention ol    the O.tholl.
of members of   the ™*<*->*'on of Wisconsin, which   be-
      „„ .    __     j_____m_J__\     fi1n" "* ""8lon" h(!I» tomorrow. The
VANCOUVER,  Jury U7f, Thlsve.' «*S_____3Z__T_____1S-a- **?*    "" r",V",t'°" "'" "' *ttmM by    •>
-a-t night    b,ok. ,nto the Csraegl. 'ZZZw__,*S_"7_i ^   T "" ^^ *»> «"   ^
A greet coition 'miJSXLZvZ. ""* JT'' *■" Ju'y K"JTb* *•
"--"- Th. proceeding,   earn, lo M   opt, ^ZtlZV TT"** ™t '"  con-
*m ths P..,„g'of . moZont    a      ir^io^ T* "" a0n>-
mandtag that both houses of oarli .L .,     '        rnami mm>-
mt. m th. bm ..thoTi d*T       ,1 !•» »bmMm h0»" •* *->-*■
ent, addsd to thia la skepticism regarding tbt dunHiHHfr of the new
era promiaso*.
and ten o'clock „        	
of old coins vslued at from Ave to
ten thousand dollars were stolen.
This is the second robbery of the
kind within a year.
TflHEtoEN,    July    _&v
.-"■STL-,       "*""** to'«'•■'•"•« 1-Bvent.
joa p% Tahrli.    AccordU. to sdvlose
»-_lved her* th. klllsd numbtf' aoo.
*-—".    p
Paul flrat, Winnipeg second and Ke-
of Wianlt-g, second.
Junior   fours,     Mlnnesotas of St.
nora third.
Lapstrenk '   fours— Winnipeg flrst,
IlKenora second, Fort William third.
anevy L No American crew* entered for  this'
poidlvciy merges every particle of carbon (the life of steel)
Into ths metal—giving ■ diamond-like hardness uniformly _, 1
throughout the blade—some.r '
thing absolutely Impossible
with fire tempered atecl-used
In making nil other razon.
But teet this razor In your
own home—or If you prefer,
hsve your bsrber use it on yeu,
Give us your nsms, .
or call and see ths "Carbo
Magnetic" rssor, snd ws will
state our proposition for test.
log these razors fflthouf
^^^^^^^^^^. m-ntaSu together with our
Junior doubis. -Mlnn-ota. -^'C-^WfiSEi
Winnipeg second, I ths correct rssor position for
!Ths great ovont of the day was the »-»vlng*v*ryp«rtofthe«l«.,
ll ojght-nored race,   with two   entries,.
tJZtZ? 1^7' ' My M'~ "*•*• UtanU-. and St. Paul,    This was.
^(leath while „fcfyliig with matolwi. I crM. th, lhM, a ,.mrU.r „, a ^
ladysmith Hardware Co, TTJIlSBl-l FOB OLY-SPIO TEAM
News was received In the city yesterday afternoon irom Manager Peele
that Alex. Turnbull has been selected to play ih the Olympic lacrosse
game. During the fow days which
have elapsed since the veteran showed such'brilliant and consistent form
in the first match against the Shamrocks there have boen surmises made
with reference to the possibility of
his Inclusion In the team.
When tho news was spread abroad
today tho liveliest satisfaction wai-
exprotised on all sldus. New Westminster ie especially gratified to
think that she will huve a ropresen.
tutlvo of her very own at the groat
international fixture and the incident
is still more satisfactory becauso in
Alex. Turnbull she has a player who
will add to the laurels of his home
Killarney, Man., July 27.—During
a thunder storm which pn.ised over
this district lost night, the thirteen
year old son of William Baxter was
struck by lightning and instantly
Michel, B.O., July 27,-Guy Lu-
rella, an Italian, was klllsd while
rock quarrying in the Crow's Nest
Pass Coal Company mine on Saturday.
Berlin, .I uly 2-
in the Nev.   n "
rived here at -
—The American car
to Paris race    ar-
; — ook thie    uiorn-
Winnipeg, July 27.-J. J. Phillips,
Dominion fruit inspector lor western
Canada, died here yesterday alter a
short illness, aged 61.
Portage la Prairie, July 27.— M.
A, Rice, .bridge foreman on the G.
T.P. construction gang, fell to his
death ' from a girder on a bridge
near here. He was formerly a Winnipeg policeman, aged 80.
'  (Special to the Free Press.
Vancouver, July 27.—Three
member* of ths Black Hand
gang at Fernie, who escaped
Irom Jail, have been recaptured.
Chaa. England Drowned   ln Burrard
Inlet—Wile Attempta to Jump
After Him but la Restrained.
VANCOUVER, July 17.-Chorles
England, a machinist, owner, of the
yacht ll,ea|;rlce, wos drowned yesterday afternoon ten miles up Burrard
Inlet. England could not swim, but
remained un the surface two minutes
liter he fell Into the water. Delay
occurred In the excitement of unty- ■
Ing the dingy from tho yacht's stern
and ln preventing England's wlfo
rom leaping overboard. Just as
friends reached him he sank.
*MitttT'''''*PJ'-*'-m- ''TT,1', A1:,' r~~?— ""z*~t~-___ia—iSgtt—3 >'■'- •.'—'--*—•_-'■""_--—*"■-■
WINNIPEG, July Se.-Repoi-ts ot the OTIvlu Flour Mill* Co.,
received from their agents and travelling inspect—s show that the
ci-oj.B have mado steady gain uiij im.ro.viuunt during tho past
two weeks, good rains being fairly general, wvhicli, with tho warir.
weather will see a large proportion of the crop ready for the binders.     Barley harvesting has nlreudy started at some points.
SEATTLE, Wash., July 27.- The ,
I'ar-roachlng olfuct of tho Chinese'
boycott against   everything   Japan-1
ise, wos eviiloncod hero today with
tho sailing of the stoamer Shawmut,
carrying a capacity cargo to tho Orient, consisting for tho most part of
ihipmt'iit.i mudo by local Chinoso
limns. Undor ordinary conditions,
irnctically all of thoso shipments
would havo gono on the stoamer
ryo, wlllch sallod moro thnn a wook
tgo, but tho determination of tho
Chinese to boycott tbe .lapanoso lino
mused tho Iyn to sail without n sln-
rle Chinoso pnsRone;ur and with practically uo consignments of freight
rom tho Chinese merchants.
Lundon, July 27.—Advocates of peace and arbitration throughout
the world have assembled in London from many quarters of the
glob* to take part in the proceeding* of the seventeenth annual
meeting of the International l-cace Congress, which hus its formal
oi ening in Caxton Hall tomorrow morning. For several months
plans havo been in progress to mako the congress moro notable, if
possible, than any that has beon held in the post. Ths American
Peace Society has sent a large und distinguished dologation to the
. There are many prominent delegates here from the continental
countries and many of theso woro present today at the preliminary conference of those who desire to promote peaco on the ground
of Christian touching. Tho cuntinontul societies nro composed in
the main ot those who advocate peace on utilitarian und humanitarian grounds.
Tho general subject of discussion at the   conference today was
"Christianity  und  International   Peace: the Practical Work of the
Churches,"    The Bishop of Hereford    occupied    the   chair at the
' morning session, nnd one of tho s] oakers was Dr. I-'rnncis H. Riley
of Boston.
gt-ssxsxsisT' aa.'-'  ' * "i' l r?a**-r—**—:g
first floor Into one big room for cer-
tain occasions when such space is
required such as receptions or-other
sooial functions. The power wlll
be electric and 'he partitions, by
means of grooves will be lowered to
tbe floor level giving an unobstructed space of four or five combined
rooms if desired.
President and Managing Director.
— THE-
w.n. a. prcKAHi..      j3
ferret i rv-Ti-OHBurer. flf
THE    MONTH   Oil'   JUNE.
1907 169,419
The decrease was via ocean ports.
Immigration from the United States
Increased one pcr cent.
Man Wbo Dis.iunlilled Carpenter, the
American Crack, Mado but
a Sorry Exhibition.
Rochester, July 27.—Chas. Curtl-
co, an Ontario lake boat llremun,
lost his balance inn row boat last
nirrht on tho lake and was drowned.
Quebec, July 27.—It developed today that Pte. Stevens, who was
drowned ln St, Charles river    whilo
athing on Tuesday last, did not be-
-ong to the 90th rifles. Friends of
the Winnipeg Stevens had made arrangements for having the body on-
balined and taken home beforo the
mistake in Identification was discovered.
Kenoro. Ont., July 27.—Emil Brlk-
man, aged IS years, was drowned
yestorday at Rabbit Lake, near here.
In conipany with her brother they
went In br-ning, and getting beyond
her depth, was drowned bofore help
nrrlved. Her lady was rocovored a
hort time niter.
Nanaimo. July 27th.
Nnnalmo Gave Victoria Rail   Teom
An Awful Walloping Sunday—
Scoro 13' to 0.
Nunaimo put it all ovor Rondell's
team from Victoria yestorday. For
the first time in a long timo a local
hull team succeeded in gotting a
shut out on nn opponent, the scoro
yesterday at the conclusion of Victoria's ninth inning boing Victoria
0, Nanaimo lil.
The. visiting toam wns totally outclassed and although thoir young
boy pitcher Brynyolfson did hls best,
his arm weakened in iho otolith whon
8 runs woro scored against him and
ho could not, with tho poor sup.
port, keep tho scoro down.
Despite tho ono sidenoss of the
score, the gamo was not so rugged
us it might infer, Nanaimo scored
her "ilrst run in tho third whon Smith
walked from third on a passod bnll,
nnd four In tho fourth through timely hitting nnd poor Holding on the
part of tho Victorians. Tho last
score was mado in tho eighth, whon
ovorybody hit tho ball and no loss
than 8 runs camo iu. , , . __.      ......
Harrison pitched good, gotting ia|vl«<"y- The bluo Jeckots having
strike outs to his crodlt. Tho vlocals, this work In hand had mislaid thoir
batted freely, notably __ilth. Hur- ,__„«, Jack nnd lhev )md lo r ,.
rlson pulled     off a double play and    ... . .     '
Boyce made a sensational   catch    In °'tlo» °"f from tho "«<»•»«<"»    »»
right Hold. the Stadium.        Halswoll had done
Thoro was but a small attendance.' what ho believed to be right, but tho
Rondoll's toam Is a poor drawing experts feel thnt ho was hardly Jus-
card and tho   —'" ", '" ""* ""*"
OTTAWA, July 27.- The total im- NEW YORK, July 25,-Not the
lidgrution into Canada for tho month; ie"<>t interesting feature of the now
ol June was 15,087, as compared metropolitan sky-scraper will be its
with 87,013 tor June 1907, a de- chimes. Four large tells are to be
crease oi 22,000. The Immigration placed in the forty-sixth story of the
for tho first three months of the As- gigantic tower, which will be twice
cal year decreased 40 per cent, whilo 1- high as any other in the world,
for six months of tho present .calen- They will also be the deepest in
dnr year, thero was a decrease ot tone, the heaviest ever assembled,-,
78,800, or 48 per cont, tho figures a group, and will striko the auarter
IjelB-. 'hour in chime.    The noted chimes in
19q8  96,119 Trinity church, which stands at tho
head of Wall street, ring many times
during the day., and while they are
ringing it is easy to notice that the
hurrying crowd In the financial district walk a little more slowly and
generally glunco up at the imposing
Qothic spiro from which tbey send
forth thslr music.
A discovery was'mode ihe other
 duy   in    one of   the big apartment
LONDON, July 25.—Halswell, the houses that is hound to make aome
English runner, this morning had a „f the occupants a bit uneasy until
walkover in the fliuil of tho 400 me- the terms of tbeir leases expire,
tre flat race in the Olympic games when it is probable that some of
today which originally was run on tbsm will move, or the man who
Thursday.' Tho race was declared collects live euakes and keeps tbem
void by tho judges on tho allegation in his apartment will be asked to
by tho oillciais that Carpenter foul- depart. Thut there was a snako
cd Halswell. Carpenter wus disquuli- collector in tho house was not known
fled from competing again and J. until the collector asked a neighbor
11. Taylor and W. C. Coblns, Amor- to hold a bag, which looked inno-
icans, withdrew and would not run cent enough to be a laundry bag
today. {with   a  row   of   collars and shirts
Halswell did not really walk, he | tucked therein. But in a socond
actually ran, and run hard, iu an tho man dropped the bag- with a
effort to establish a new Olympic yell. "There are snakes In there",
record. His performance was a he cried and started down tho street
{great disappointment, aftor all that at a mad pace. To be sure he had
had been confidently expected. It was only felt them squirm. It wus soon
firmly believed that the most talked learned that tho lovor of snakes had
of athlete in tho Stadium, until the j boen collecting all tho deadly speci-
slarathon racers replaced him ln re-• mens hs could find in New England
gard, would clip at least a fraction
of a second oft the record of 49 1-5.
Instead lt took Halswell a full 50
seconds to cover the distance. Ho
sturtod hard, but just as on last
Thursday, he was all out when he
came to tho stretch after rounding
the turn whore nil tho trouhlo in tho
previous race occurred. A grent
cheer wont up whon Hnlswell finished
but much to thc surprise of tbe spectators, lt was several minutes beforo
a flag wos unfurled and sent to tho
top of the staff to denoto a  British
locals should got aftor' 7^. y '"" .,"", ■■—•-•-■.- ,—
tho big team in Victoria for a game. m*d In his predictions that he was
A game with thom should attract a side to    defeat Carpenter and Hob-
good crowd.
Tho Victoria teom wish it explained In tho pross that at tho Inst moment their pitcher, hacked dut of accompanying tho toam to Nnnalmo,
and rnthor than default the game,
thoy picked up a junior pitcher who,
considering ovorythlng, ■ pitched a
good gamo, until his arm tired    in
bins, both of ,whom made better
time on Thursday that Halswell did
London, July 25.—In the flnnl, the
110-motre" hurdle race wns won by
Smlthson, Multoinnh A. C, Oregon;
J. C. Carrels, Chicago, second, and
the eighth Inning and the locals bat- A. B.  Shaw,'Dartmouth University,
New York, July 27.—Edward McCarthy, seven years old, ol Newark,
wa* fatally Injured while watching a
baseball game ln that elty yesterday
when Otto Boise, playing left Held,
lor tbo Ironsides, ran Into the lad
while chasing a high fly. The boys
skull was fractured. Boise wa* arrested but wa* parolM when moro
than a score of witnesses said the
accident was unavoidable.
1     ■     "     4 "
Vlrden, Man., July 20'.—A terrific
electrical storm passed over this district last night accompanied by a
heavy downpour ol rain. Oa the
farm ol It. Brook two hired men
were killed. They were standing ln
the door ot a ' stable and wero struck
by lightning. One wns an Englishmen and ths other wa* a Scotchman.    Tha sta'-le wns not Injured.
Manila, July -7,-_t. Oiwalt, ol
the 19th' infantry, met death here
today accidentally by electrocution.
Tht officer wa* preparing to take a
bath and had entered the bath tub,
when he endeavored to arrange the
lighting current to take an electric
' bath; In some way he came tn eon
tact with the wires, receiving the
tull charge which proved Instantly
 »      ■. . .
Hm la   ft Ntw Topic lor the  Psychologist* to   Dlaeuss—Slater*
Warnlng ot Brother* Death.
BAST ST. LOUIS, 111., July 87-
Whlle her twin broth-* wa* being
to hi* death In the quick-
I ol Long Lake, near Mitchell,
111., yaetcrday, Merle Huber, 15 yeart'
old, who wa* 13 miles away at home
alone, shrieked tnd fell to the front
porch la a least. Neighbor* ran to
her aaeletanoa and revived her,
"Fred It dying, I can hear him
sailing to, m*. Be lt drowning, Ltt
me go to hlm." moaned the girl,
a^T__^5^.*_^'«"*    "Wy«*   that ho ragretted
the fcou_i bui ... h.„ back by herid    ,   tho law iMMUt ,„ th.mot.
"V1? _rUtL'^._tat ia    o t* ol senteneei for such crimes.  He
wm all   right.   , J>» ffW oould not
bt qutettd.       ™^ ■!*£"••  W*J tenc.    Anderson to a longer term,
a manage cams from Mltobsll that _...    .... „.„i-1__i, _, ,_, .„.,,
Fred Huber had bttn drowned. {*tb *"""d P""*"*" ot tlw ■■*•
Wbtn tht    ntwt reached hit sister    0Hops BUPPER PK0M j^oop,
the again tainted   and up to. a lata 	
hour last    night   wat In a critical    Antloeh,   Cal.,    July a7.-Nsarly The
condition. 200 feet of the Sen Jouqln rlvor le- president of the Troliert'Gns Engine
ted him all    over the field.    He
but a moro boy,    and    will devolop
Into a fair pitcher.
Magistrate   Regrets That the    Law
Does not Permit   ol Stronger
Punishment and Use ol Lath.
third. Smlthson's time was 15
seconds, which is the world's rocord.
He came ln two yards In front of
WINNIPEG, July 27.-Jatnes Anderson, the first man convicted of
Indecent action committed In a respectable residential district ot Winnipeg sines the police made a war
on   the    prevalence of tuoh crimes,
Regina, Snsk., July 25.— Premier
Welter Scott* wus nominated hy tho
Liberals of Swift Current for the
provincial parlinmont. Ho accepted
the nomination.
OYSTER DAY, July 25,-Presld-
ont Roosevelt has approved the dis-
wes sent to Jail for six months with missal from the United States milliard labor by Magistrate Daly this tary academy at West Point of eight
morning after Incriminating evidence caieia who were found guilty of hoz-
hnd been offered by a young married |0^ vnAm classmen. Both the re-
woman, and Detective Harry Green, cominondotion of the board vjhich
who caught Anderson In the act and Mod the oadeta, and that ol the su-
orreeted him aftsr a stiff fight. perlntondent of the academy     were
In   Imposing ths    scntcnoe Magls- approved by tho president.
ROCHESTER, N.Y., July 26.-An
automobile containing two women
end a man dashed into the Erie
canal at Broadway street this morn
Ing. Ths body of Miss Grace Turn-
MRy, daughter of a wealthy Rochester family, hot heen recovered,
missing mnn le E. S. Bnrtlett,
way yesterday and Jersey Company of this city.
"' ' "*****                      ves gave       . .
Renfrew, Ont., July 37.-_laborata i.tad, comprising 4,000 acre*,
ftatlvitle*   here   today   _-t»*d the cludtaff 800 acres ot celery, wns flood    The Montana State Federation eon-
celebration of tht fiftieth aanlvoreary „.,    -j. ptbptrty lost ls ettlitieted vention    wlll meet noxt month    at
Of the Ineorporatlon of Vtrntm.        at 111,000. Billing*, Wont.
.......... -   '    - • ■  -i.-.+ l rj ' i_--_-.-	
and keeping them in a- room in the
rear ol his apartment. He sells
mnny of the snakes for good prices
to a down town dealer.
One of the first questions that
arises in the minds ot visitors to
Gotham when they observe a big
hotel on almost overy corner is how
they all make a living. Within the
last fow years such magnificent hos-
tcleries os the, Astor, Belmont, and
Knickerbocker have been opened and
they are taxed to their capacity.
The number of apartment hotels
where people have their residence
during the winter months hns Increased rapidly and they cannot apparently be built fast onough to
meot the demand of New Yorkers
who prefer living In that way to
keeiiin- house. There nro hundreds
of hotels, howovor, scattered through
out the city that cator to the transient trade so it is always a surprise to Now Yorkers themselves
when announcement ls made of a
new ono that is to bo erected. However a now fashionable hotel is to
be constructed on Madison avenue
and Forty-Seventh street to compete with the aristocratic hotels a-
long Fifth avenuo. It ie to be
built by Robert W. Gooiet,
ber of the well-known millionaire
family by that name, at a cost ot
«2,O00,O0O. lt ls to be called the
Rltz-Carlton, tho same as the fashionable hotel ln London.
The thousands of New York business men who have their homes in
New Jersey are going to form themselves Into a union In order to get
better service from the various railroads. The plan Is being developed
by tbe New Jersey State Civic Fed'
oration, and already there are hundreds of commuters who have, slgnl-
lled their Intention of allying thom-
solves with ths cause. The league
is formed to take away some of the
troubles of tho commuters. Among
the troubles which lt seeks to abolish are grado crossings, ths Importune of drawbridges, the stubborn
car windows and tie-ups ln the tunnels.
Two houses that are to bs distinct novelties nre to be constructed
In the suburbs of New York. One
man Is to build a house pt the seashore that wlll revolve by the pressure of nn electric button. The »d-
vantagca of this whirling bungalo
ars obvious for It will catch ths
brttM comfng nnd going. The other
house Is to have disappearing walls
The advantage of
OF C0i!__fiCE
Head Office
- Touonto
Capita! $10,000,000  Rest $5,000,000,
$5 and under   3 cents
Over $5andnotej.ceed.ng$.0,   6   "
" $!_       " " $30, 10   .*
" $30       " "        $50, 15   "
These Ortlcrs arc payable a! par ;it any office in
Canada otn Chartered Bank, .scupt in tlio Yukon.
mil at lhc prim-ip-l bankit.|r point- in the United
Tliey arc negotiable at $4.0'- to thc £ -tcitiii)-- in
Great Britain and Irelnml. They form an excellent
method of remitting rimall sums of money with safety
and at small cost, and mav lie obtained without delay at any office ofthe Bank. U-
L. M.  de GEX  Manager
LONDON, July 2,3.—The beginning
of the Olympic games showed same
lukewarmness, Iu the United Kingdom, the morning papers today. reflect the enormous interest and enthusiasm witnessed l*y the strange
scene in the stadium yesterday.
There is only one voico, however, in
the whole-hearted tribute to the
greatest' of victories together with
the fullest sympathy for the pitiable fate of Dorando. There is not
a single note against the judge's decision, which on every hnnd, it is
granted could not have 1 een other
wise than it was.
Much regret is expressed that over-
zealous oillciais could not have been
oil the track so that Dorundot might
be left to his own efforts to complete the Journey if that was humanely possible which most 01" the
observers, think he was not in condition to achieve.
The Daily News, in en editorial,
says: "Nothing more painful or
deplorable was ever seen at a public spectacle. It was painful in tho
exhibition of human exhaustion, deplorable in the exhibition of human
folly. It may be questioned whether so great a trial of human
durance should be sanctioned. We|
hope the Stadium authorities, while
severely repudiating the action of!
the oillciais who helped thc Italian,
will congratulate America on her
complete and conclusive victory. It
loft England entirely out of the reckoning,"
The sporting ■papers are equally
convinced that the judges had no
other courso to pursue. They congratulated the Americans for their
splendid showing and expressed great
fHsappointment at the poor performances of the British runners.
The Times, in an editorial says:
"Doraadp. by his gallant    struggle,
LONDON, July 25.— The Olympic
games closed today. The winners
were presented with medals bv Queen
Alexandra of England and King Edward sont each a diploma and a
sprig of oak from Windsor forest.
C. Smlthson, of the Multonomah,
Oregon, A. C, broke a world's record when ho raced over the 110 metre hurdles in tbo astonishing timo
of 15 seconds.
The running, hop, step und jump
this morning, was won by Aheurii,
United Kingdom, with 48 feet 11-j
inches, Jlchoimld, Canada, \vns second, with 48 feet 5\ .nches and Law
son, Norwuy, was third, with 4-7
feet 2 8-5 inches. Bricker, Canada,
with 46 feet tt inches and Piatt Adams, N. \\, with 1() feet 2 inches,
wore .awarded corllficates of merit
for their jumps.
The final in (be 1500 metro swim
was won by Taylor, United Kingdom. Battersbury, United Kingdom,
was a rlose second, and continued to
the mile post in inn effort to make ft
now, record. He covered the distance
in- 21 minutes a;, seconds, wbich is
9 3-5 seconds 'better than the previous record. . Reaurepaire, Australia, was third.
Poreio; Italy, won tho lightweight
Grueco-Romnn wrestling, Orloff, Rus-1
sin, second, and Rlntan, Finland,
third.     .
Tho middleweight of tlio CJracco
Roman wrestling was won by Mar-
tenssen, Sweden, with Anderson, of
Sweden, second, and Anderson, Denmark, third.
The filial In the 1600 metro relay
raco was won easily by the American
team. Tito German team was second nnd lho Hungarian team third.
Timo 3 minutes 21) 2-5 seconds.
This was the last ovent of the
Olympic games.
The Junes Hotel
Gatacre Street.
CHICAGO, July 25.—Arrangements*
are -iract'oally comploted for tho eon
veutinn of the Independence party,
which la to meet in this city Monday to adopt a  platform and name
ZZZH VS_. ItetZe mmmMmMimimMmmmmmft
convention to complete ita business j
in two daya. Monday will bo devoted to the organisation of tho convention and the appointment of tho
usual commltteo, while Tuesday is
to be devoted to the adoption of tho
platform and the naming of the ticket.
In point of numbers tha convention
will not be very large. Some states will be without representation,
liut what the convention lacks in
numbera it promises to make up in
enthUBioein. Wm. B. Hearst, the
guiding star of the league, and his
asaociates, believe they have good
cause for Jubilation. They profess
to believe that the national election
thia year will be the lost wherein
the old Democratic party will seriously contest with tlie Republican
Party for the control of the government. In the next presidential election, they expect the Independence
party to be the leading minority
party and entertain hopes of winning in the presidential election in
With these Ideas firmly fixed in
ihoir minds, the men who have been
won over to the Independence Party
movement are preparing for a vig-
uroua campaign. They predict that
the purty'e candidate ior president
will poll 1,500,000 votes in the November election. The Hearst leaders make no secret of their determination to defeat the Democratic ticket this fall. In doing thia they
maintain they will ba opening tho
way for a real radical party. With
the tinea clearly drawn between the
radicals and the conservatives, Mr.
Hearst and his leaders profess to
oxpect_ eventually to defeat the Republican party and elect one ol the
Independence League following president.
It aeoms to be the prevailing opinion that the convention here next
week will nominate Hearst himself
himself with a whirl of excitement.
But Mr. Hearst insists he is not seek
ing the nomination. It ia possible
he may refuse It and insist on the
nomination of another.
♦  .   ■	
P.O. Box 54 'Phone 44
Dealer in All Kinds of
Meats Delivered free of charge on tha
Shortest Notice. I
Union Brewing Co.
■,'___ -Sit ______HM-__BB
1 a-^a,-*^^^.**-^---------*
NEW" YORK, July 2-l.-The real
philanthropist' of the Uowery is deadj }
and overyond in the groat East Side
mourns for him as for the loss of a
personal friend. For thirty-five
years llalph Davis run a clothing
store on Forsyth street, and in that
time he never turned anyone away
who came to him for help. He paid
their rents, and doctor's bills, gave
them food,* clothing and furniture,
and olitnincd work for the unemployed. i)avis was prominent with
many prominent men. 1 'resident
l,oos»'elt paid a personal visit to
his store some time ago. He look-
ud so much like Rtohnrd Crocker, tho
old Tammany boss, that he was mistaken for him on soveral occasions.
Davis always had a habit of saying
however: "You can mistake me for
the boss of Tnmmany as often as
you liko, lipt never tako mo for anything but a Republican
Hopublicnn, sir;
mil Stock of Miners' Tools.
Ship Repairing Work
r A Specialty
i     All kinds  o.'  Blacksmithtng
i Done at Short Notice.
and Pas ry
Always Fresh n_ Hand.
Wedding  and  Purty  Cakes  Mad^ to
Fruits and Cfihdbs of All Kinds
Prices are    very   reasonable.    All
national  Ciistoiuci-s trentod alike.
that's what I am.'
prospects nnifiii'i' von prank
Mr. Hnywiird's   Vlow of    the Situation In Xnnnimo District—Prospects Are Bright.
Says Saturday's Colonist:
Mr. Hayward. M.P.I', for Cowichan, who is in Lown, is confident that
the Conservatives stand more - than
excellent chance ol triumphantly
carrying the Nanaimo district a'
the next Federal election with thoir
candidate, Mr. Shepherd. Whilo ho
Is quite in accord with rarkor Williams .in saying that Ralph Smith
ls steadily losing ground, ho is confident thnt Mr. Haiythornthwalto,
the Socialist candidate, cun look for
On the 1-splnnnde.
Ladysmith, B. O.
Tl^e Best Butcher Sh,op
in Town is
proved again Itnly is able to breed
men of pluck and endurance. At the' proper,
some timo Englishmen will rejoice Ini "II we can only leave Nnnalmo
the victory ol aa American and inland the noitshliorhood with a good
the splendid display made by the | vote 1 eliind us." hc added,, "and at
representatives ot the United States."
a  vory slondcr support in Cowlchan   Rnhpl fs    St      ButdlPP
Salt Last, Jury 2S.-P. A. McFar-
land, ol   San .lose, Cal., won    the
10-mile professional bicycle champion .^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^-...——1
ship last night, breaking the world's lhe annual convention pf the Trad-
neord of 81.29 8-5, made by    Wm. ns anil     Labor Oonereaa ol Canada
thla arrangement Sampaon here Aug, 15, 1905.    Mo- wlll be
la to make It possible to convert the Fnrland's time wal 21.28 4-5. I*r.
the vory worst wo should be able to
accomplish thnt much, wo should certainly secure lho oloctlon of our man
hy tho very large proportion ol tho
electorate, whoso nsslstnnce we will        _m—.—_—_————_—_—____
uncmestionabiv     i    In the southern MEATS and VEGETABLES
parts ol the constituency.   And our Ladysmith. D. O.
pros; ects-are dally Improving."
Tho Welsh    miners are etlll    very
hold nt Halifax ln Septem- energetic ln their ellorta to got  tha
non-union mon Into the fodoraMon. PERSONALS r.'.'.""-""""""f
(» dozen heavy Blue Denim Overalls, .lust the thing for the
Summer Holidays. Regular values (35c and 75c, Special
Prico    46c
•I dozen Child's heavy Hlue Gingham Overalls, two pockets,
with lied Trimming i ml Hot! Shoulder Straps. Special
Piricd   60c
4 dozen Jack Horner Play Suits, hoavy Blue Gingham, Ijong
Sleeves, The most complete lit lie Suit ovor shown. Prico
2 dozen Extra Heavy Denim Overalls, double fronts and knees,
Two pockets, Bib and Klastic  Braces.    Only   TSc each.
Little Miss Eleanor Weaving, Is
spending her holidays with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. E. F, H.
Jeeves, of Victoria.
■ ■  + j i
' Mr. Ocborne, the blind Socialist
orator and two comrades, arrived In
town on Tuesday. '   j
S. s,
Selkirk Arrives with
imported ooal.
A daughter was born to Mi*, and
Mrs. E. Jones on Monday, and a son
to Mr. and Mrs. D. Davidson. All
are doing well.
The best Smotce in town is the
Grand Duke Cigar. Remember, it is
mado in town and don't forget to
call for   it. *
Mr. Osborne, the blind Socialist
clallst orator, delivered an address
lust evening at Blair tk Adam's corner. The attendance was small *"*
tho speaker's remarks wore'
to without interruption
I nollingham,.—A cargo of 154 tons
of coal from the mines at Ladysmith
B.C., was discharged yesterday from
tho steamship Selkirk to the bunkers of the G Street Dock Company.
The duty exacted by the United
Statos on imported coal is 67 cents
a ton, and for the Selkirk's cargo,
$103.18 was paid to Collector of
Customs McDonald,
Tho Selkirk is billed to bring two
additional cargoes of coal to this
There is nothing like It in the
smoking lino. The Grand Duke is a
smoking hot success. It is on sale
all over town. Try it and be convinced. X
Thero wore more scores made ut
the shoot on Sumiuy than appears
in the ofllciul score sheet, Indeed,
somo of the shooters who made a
"possible," have been shooting off
ever since, und at least they have
put up a record with tho ivories.
Mrs. D. Campbell was taken down
to Victoria on Tuesday morning to
undergo hosp'tal treatment. Mrs.
Oampbol! lias been unwell for some
time, and this last week or two has
grown worse instead of better. The
doctor, therefore, ordered her into
hospital and her many friends will
unite in the hope that the treatment
there will soon restore hor to her
wonted health.
In the results of the High School
examinations recently published, Miss
j-Geraldine Hirst figured as a bronze
Mr, Joo Malpass has returned from
a short trip to Northern points.
Miss Smith, who has boen spending a few days with Dr. and Mrs.
Frost, boarded tho Victoria train
Monday morning. Miss Ramsay and
Mrs, Frost accompanied her.
Father Nicolaye went down the
line on Monday morning.
Mr. J. M. Morgan returned to Victoria on Monday morning.
Mr. Jos. Fielding went down to
Chemainus on Monday to see the
boy -who underwent an operation on
Mr. Sutherland of the Big Store
left on Monday on a holiday trip.
Mr. W. E. Morrison left on    Sun
day afternoon for Victoria on a bu
Guest (in cheap restaurant)— Say,
waiter, what kind ol a steak is
Waiter—Dut's a  round steak.  See?
Guest—Have you any ldaa how
many rouoda It will take to knoek
It out?
Mr. 0. Walters went off on
day on a short business trip,
Conductor—This here transfer    ex-1
pli—I an hour ago, lady.
The lady (digging. In her puna,
snappishly)— No wondar—with note.
single ventilator open In the whole
I car!
Ur. —, tt. Yarwood, of Nanaimo
wa* in town on business today,
Mrs. T. —. Jonoa went down to
Viotoria thia morning.
Mrs. Jas. Kerr    was a passenger
on the Victoria train this morning.
lira, -vans and daughter, of Vancouver went down to Victoria yesterday morning.
Hi. .rook Little, superintendeot
of the Wellington Colliery Company
mines, came up from Victoria yesterday
The Grand Duko Cigar is on Bale
in Victoria at Westorndale's Hallway Cigar Storo, opposite thc E. _
N. Station, and also at the Jam--s'
Day Cigar Store, opposite the C. 1*.
R. Hotol. Don't 'forget this when In
■Vlctoriu. X
Tho local gunmen desire to express
thoir doop and hourly appreciation
of tho treatment tliey received on
Sunday on Gabriola Island. They
unanimously declare thut it is tho
best trip thoy ovor mudo and never
beforo wore they so lavishly entertained. They are all willing to ro-
now the experience and all hope another invitation will not bo too long
iu entiling.
Moat and lloat Houso.   Apply
A special meeting of tho Laurol Re-
hi'kuli Lodgo will he held tomorrow
Local swimmers arc reminded that
tlio provincial championship swimming meet will he hold In tho Gorgo,
Victoria, on Saturday first. The
hundred yards and quartor milo
championship ore lo bo decided, and
if any of the boys think of conipet-'
tug tliey ought to send in their entries right awny. The entries may
bo sent to H. Oromptoni secretary of
the Y.M.O.As, S.C.
Elea—The paper say* that the
bride wns unattended.
Stella—That notice was written up
in advance of the wedding, hut It
was a good guesa; the bridegroom
failed to show np.
Clearing out of Canvas   Shoes
to make room for tho Fall Shoes.
Men's White Canvas Shoes, Regular   92.50.     Selling for 92.00.
Whito Canvas Oxfords,
Beg $2 25 for $1.75
Also reductions on all our light
Summer  Shoes.
For Knitted Tl«.
William's Bloak
[Though   a  soothing    restful feeling
from the swish
Of the water as you squirt It    on
the lawn
May come to you nnd relieve you of
each wish,
You'd    lie   Into   the   hurly burly
Still tranquility becomes aoon worst
of lores,
And there never waa much fua     In
doing chores.
Thuugh tbe first rajoicinga over the
constitution grant—I to Turkey by
the Sultan laat week an at an end
the people are beginning to discuss
th* future. Tbey are clamoring n-
goinst those high officials who wore
responaible for tha abusea and Injustices of the old regime. Public opinion la demanding a cleo_ sweep,
especially of palace officials who an
identified with the daye of "personal rule."
The Sultan, it ia now known,
broke Into tears at the conference of
Friday at which It wal decided to
grant a  constitution.
The situation is calmer, but disturbances ars still feared.
LISBON, July 28.—The govern
mont, according to the newepapera
of Lisbon, haa discovered and Irua-
troted a widespread republican plot
for an uprising scheduled for today,
I the anniversary of the abortive revolt of July 38, whloh waa suppressed by ex-Premier Franco. Thla announcement follows a large number
of myaterloua arrests made during
the past few weeke. Alfoneo Coi-
ta und Bernardino Mochado, the Re-
publlcan leaders, are among those
under suspicion. They have bt
take* Into custody and kept under
sharp polios surveillance.
Portuguese officials will say nothing of the dotal--of the conspiracy,
except that many men are Impllcat-
led, Including; officers of the army.
I  ,	
PHILADELPHIA,   July 38.-Whlle
| speeding ln an auto along Penrose
ferry road In the extreme southweet-
erly pari of the elty early today,
Miss Catherine Sealer, 19 yean old
wae thrown nut and klHed by striking a telegraph pole and the other
occupnnta of the machine were injured. The auto wae running along
In a dark portion of the road when
•ilt crashed into the telegraph pole.
Miss Julia Lewis is spending her
holidays with friends in Nanaimo.
 _t _
London, July 28.—Sir The* Lipton entertained a party ol 06 vieit-
ing athletes, among them many Americana and Caaadiana, on his steam
yacht Erin. The party lelt London
this morning and boarded the yacht
at Southampton for a trip around
the Isle ot Wight and to view the
yacht races going on there. The
party will dine aboard the yacht
aad return to London tonight.
 ' ■      »   ■
I i i I '.I i I Mi  ! I l ii  i I i ii.
The Hague, July -M.-Tbe talk of
bombardment by Holland of any
Venezuelan port or ports, or even a
naval demonstration in Venemelan
waters, as a result ol the difficulties
between the Netherlands and the government of President Caatro wit-
today characterised ln official circles aa premature. Ths rupture between the Netherlands and Venezuela, It wae explained, was up to the
present diplomatic only.
♦ ■
LONDON, July 08— The business
—slon ol the seventeenth universal
peace conference, the regular session
of which opened in this city yesterday, woe inaugurated today with s
speech by Lord Courtney who emphasized the close connection between Justice and tPeece.
Hc declared that there would be
no Justice until ware were driven
out of the world, and the first step
in this direction waa to develop the
strength, scops and purity of International law which rose above Industrial nations Just as the national
law   woe above the Individual eltt-
©i) Sale!
All Odds and Ends!
foods i
Prises. |
Children's Plnaforea in Whito ' '
and Brown. Regular 50c. , ,
Special    25c ' '
Ladies' Whito Turn-over Col- , ',
lars. Regular prico of thoso • -
was up to 35c. Special, 10c,
Mon'u Canvas Shoes in "Brown, »,
I with Straps, 'Regular $2.50. [ | T
Special'  $1.75 i ,]l
Boys' Blousds and Shirt j 1T
Waists, in all colors, but i : >
won't promise all sizes; Spo- * ''
^^—\dt. %& dm
Mary Anderson de Navarro, the
American actress, who retired from
the stage when at the zenith of her
popularity and fame, was born July
28, 1869, at Sacramento, Cal. Her
father wae an Knglishinan ahd her
mother of German descent. Her girlhood woe passed in Louisville where
ahe wee educated in the Ursuline
oonvent and in the Presentation Academy. In her sixteenth year rhe
met Charlotte Cushman in Cincinnati, and to her conlided her ambition
to go on the stage. From the celebrated actress she received encouragement and after lees than a year
of study she made her debut at Mc-
Auley'e theatre in Louieville. Tho
date wee Nov. 27, 1875. Her Juliet waa enthusiastically received by
a large audience. A year later she
went to New York, where she won
immediate popularity in "The Lady
of Lyons." In both tha United
States ™>«l England she continued to
tour successfully in legitimate roles,
until 1889. In that year she married Antonio de Navarro and retired
liermanently from the at—go. Since
her marriage she has made her home
In England.
The Notion Store
Window is Not Dirty—it's a
flaw in the glass—but
there are
No Flaws in lhe
Goods We Handle
■ New
CLEVELAND, 0„ July 38.-P*ter
Sendak shot and killed hie wife and
ed hla own Ule with a bullet
thia morning. Sendak, earlier ' In'
the day attempted to kill hla three
children, but they managed to cecal* by locking themselves into
room. The tragedy It is aald fol-'
lowed a quarrel between Sendak and
hia wife over money matters. The
man had been out ol employment for
aeveral week*. 't
_ ,  |
LONDON, July 38.-Wlththe view
of aaeietlng the keel hop industry,
the British government Intenda to
prohibit the use of hop substitutes
In all bear brewed In the United
Kingdom. A bill to thla end will
be Introduced aad puehed through
parliament by ths government at
the autumn session. American brew
ere will benefit largely by thli measure ai many ot the brewers prefer
the American hope to loeal produot.
| The Classic. Shoe for f
• Ohildren
$   Natural Shapes   $
High Grade Shoes at I
moderate prices.
See them in our win-1
Come in and buy a pair t
for your children's fett *
they (it ihe feet.
I The Mi e 'an.
Visit the Foundry and make
your own choice. You will
save time and money, and get
better satisfaction.
All Work Quant-toed.
I WALTERS &       pi
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soo.,,,, McJntyre foundry
; :j! Company, Limited
*1 Afford to
Ba Without a
Come and   j
Inspect    I
my Stock of Latest Styles ln
Wall Papers
Picture Framing   a Specialty.
Oil Stovos with ono and two wicks,
I   From  7Bo to $1.90
I The Old Reliable Mason Fruit Jars.
I   . Gal., per dozen   $1.25
I   1 quart, per dozen   $1.00
|   1 pint, per dozon      .75
Rubbers of Best Quulity per dozon,
I 10c and 15c.
1  I	
S. Peterson
Phone 1-8,   First Avenue.
W  N'BD.
Jo ni tress far Oddfellow's Hall. Applications will !)_ received up to
noon, Monday, August 3rd. Information as to duties can be cbtnined
A four-roomed house with large
pantry on High Street, bet-wee i
Third and Fourth Avenues. Newly
papered and renovated. Lot fenced
and cultivated. Easy terms. Apply
Standard Office.
Tne Pog ply
fiowiing Alley
Cigars and Soft Drinks.
Launch fop Hire
Fastest lloat in Harbor.
Runs from the Dominion Wharf
Shell Beach every hour.
Thursdays, from 1 p. m.
Sundays, from 10 a. m.
Return Fare, 20 Cents,
\   Alley
And Billiard Saloon!
Pool and English
Billiard Tables.
Daily Prize for Highest
fiowiing Soore.
mm nium hi
■ »;Salmon, per pound  10o
' ', Ood, per pound „,... iOc
' | Ood, (Smoked), per pound   15o
,    Halibut, 3 pounds       25o'
Full line of 25- Hose I
Better Qualities    {
from 35c.
u """* M°M •">"■- _
The City
Cakes and
in Town
Orde.-s Promptly Attended to
A. BH-DAlRB, Prop.
.   A E. HILBERT   '•
» ——              ' i
I Telephone, 1 2-4. |
( Naniiimi I! G. )
; ■
j. m. mo-*GAi_,
Teachor ol Voice Production and
Engagements may be left at the
Standard Olllce.
Laaoeh fop Sale
WIU carry 15 persons.   Just fitted
with new 10 h.p. engine.
For particulars, apply
l hotogi apher
First Class Photos.
Lady mith Fish Market
High Street.
Rods a il Lines
Fli-is and Tackle
For All Kinds ot Fishing.
Excellent Boarding
1 Hotel Cecil
THAN WOOD.   .   .
H. Thornley
Every Convenience,   and Everything:
of tho Best.
Jos. NankiveH, Prop.
English Papers
and Magazines
Always on hand or
Supplied to
Boole Stox__
1st Avenue.
Ladyamlth, II. u.
Best Liquors and Cigars.
Four-roomed house with kitchen,
on High Street. Lot fenced and
cultivated,  Apply 0. Thompson.
[Teaoher of Mosio]
Studio in Williams'Block
MM ICMlfllf * NIK.
awiler Wirk._^>
%   MO-BRIAN   $j
Bond two So. inmin, imil-
?lt*'ii WIU at tn)' bean-
"(.ountrjr anil Hiilmrlini
llnnio.," lull ol Inlore.l.
IUR, vuluablo ami hiNL'M-
r-il Infiiraiaiien for borne
t, iWallY MITTM, A-HITICt, WHOam i.t.
A yacht, 29 feet over all.   Oan be
lean at Harrup'e Boat Hones.    Apply W. Oeorge, Bos UU


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