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The Ladysmith Chronicle Apr 17, 1909

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With Which Is Amalgattoted the Ladysmith Standard.
Vol. I.
Ladysmith, B. C, Sandfly, April 17, 1909.
P. R. Hindmarch
-1 Returns Thanks
A short time ago the Ladysmith
Football Club presented Mr. R. R.
Hindmarch with a handsomely engraved locket in recognition ol fits
services to the club as manager.
Thc initials "R. It. H." wero ir
raised letters on one side and or,
tho reverse side tho words, "Presented to R. R. Hindmarch by tlio Ladysmith Football Olub." The tribute to Mr. Hlndmarch's energy In
looking alter the altairs of tho club
was well deceived, and the following roply has teen received from
that gentleman:
Nanaimo,   April 15,  1909.
W. G. Simpson, secretary ol thq Ladysmith Football Club.  '
Dear Sir:—I have to acknowledge
the receipt ot your letter of the 13th
Inst., and the very beautiful locket
presented to me by the Ladysmith
Football Club as a souvenir of ray
connection with it in the capacity ol
manager. Let me say at once that
I, am both proud and pleased to b*.
bo kindly remembered by tho boyi
with whom for over a year I was sc
intimately associated, lt is always
a pleasure to anyone to know that
his nervices havo been appreciated,
no matter in what form the apprc
ciatlon may find expression. In my
case let me say that I am doltghteu
with the locket I have received and
am more deeply touched still with
tho kindly spirit of remembreni:o in
which it was presented. I beg,that
you will convey to your management
committee, and the boys themselves
my hearty thanks lor their handsome present and true appreciation
of the kindly spirit which prompted
There was no one In Ladysmith
more disappointed than 1 was at
not being able to bo present at your
banquet on tho 11th inBt. I had
had no hint that yon had any surprise in store lot- mc; but I would
have liked at least to tender a verbal thanks to you all. Now you
must accept In cold print the warm
feelings ot gratitude your kindliest)
has cooked.
1 want to make sure of saying Just
one thing, It Is that I W1 n(!V«r
likely to forget my connection with
the Lndysmith Football Club, lt did
not need nny souvenir to keep alive
the memories of the battles, the Victories and ueicats, we onjoyed and
sutlcred together but I am more than
pleased to know that I also am remembered. I have always said, both
in public and In private, and I still
say, that a tetter lot of boys it was
never my good fortune to be con-
Bectodwitll. You know, sir, that to
ect ns manager to a senior football
eleven is not always a smooth,nor
an easy task. My position was rendered perhaps still more diftlcult by
the fact that I was called on to
pass a iree and independent criticism
upon thc play bf the team as a
whole and upon the individual players. I only want to state hero that
I always, so far as I know, and so
far as I was able, wrote impartially and expressed my opinions on
what I honestly considered tne event
of the play, I never intentionally
t.pnnen* a word calculated to hurt, a,
player's feelings; but, ot course, H
was impossible to avoid giving ol-
tense to some. No man can please
everybody; more than that, no one
who ia a man will try, Tho point Is
thnt the players gave me credit for
at least fairness and honesty, and
ln the locket that I am now wear-
In; I have tangible proof tbat tbey
believe I was only seeking to the
best of my poor ability to serve
them and to advance tho Interests ot
the club. I shall ever look back with
pleasure to my connection with, the
club, and time will never blot out
tho memory of the many anxious
trip*, strenuous battles, and Jolly
times we had together.
In conclusion permit me to express
my best wlshos for tht future success of the club. In the season thnt
I was connected with tho club we
tell just short ot success, and In our
failure lack of fortune to us played
an even bigger part than lack of I
merit. Since my removal Irom ladysmith the club |s stronger than
over fn playing talont. But a team
ot stars will always tall betore .a
team of mcdlrcrltlcs unless thoy nre
In harmony ono with the other, nml<
ready to sink all dllleroncos to servo'
and secure tlio interests of tho club
as /» whole,  Ladysmith can turn'out.
to-day a stronger eleven than any
other club in tho province but, to
do full justice to themselves, the
boys must cultivato that cijprlt de
de corps which transforms cloven
units luto u single harmonious whole
With tho same fighting spirit which
characterized thc team of old they
ought to prove almost invincible on
any field on the coast.
This has grown Into a tremendously long letter, but I left in such
a rush that I was unable to put my-
sdll on "record." That it should
'lave fallen upon your devoted head
Is only poetic justice. I wish to
thank you personally for your very
kind references to myself in your letter, and with every good wish to
yourself, to the club, and to the
beys, I nm, truly yours,
Boom Town
May Submit
Another By-law
Big Football
Game To-morrow
A tract of land which several
months ago was a veritable wilderness in the central section of Newfoundland is to-day a town ot 2,000
inhabitants, equipped with the most
modern devices tor labor conservation, comfort and expedition.
The town is Grand Fulls, which
has its inception in the fact that a
wealthy English' newspaper owner dei
sired to assure himself of a continuous supply of pulp to manufacture
hilt paper is the latest ot the boom
towns which have sprung up on the
Eorth American continent periodical;
In the present case, however, private capital and enterprise are entirely responsible and tho inhabitants are men carefully chosen because ot their fitness as model citizens, skilled pulp-makers or laborers,
and their wives and children.
Within 60 square miles of territory
have been laid out and to a large extent, erected tbe various component parts ot this model municipality
in the ancient colony cf Newfoundland. Already a dam 1,000 feet wide
has' been built bo that 1,000,0001
test ol logs can be stored at ail
times, assuring the town's. Inhabitants ot steady occupation.
Two separate railroad line*, a power station ot 45,000 horse power capacity, a private telephone system
and nearly 400 attractive and serviceable houses are also.Included in the
present equipment of the town. It
Is expected to place several steamboats in commission on a regular
schedule as soon as active manufacturing Is begun. This will be early
next autumn.
It is understood that the origin*',
estimate of the laying out ot tho
town provided for the expenditure of
(6,000,000 inclusive of the land,
which was very expensive because ot
the great growth ot timber.
It is this extensive stretch of timber-which is the town's bread and
butter, From this, houses have been
constructed, the great, dam built,,
mills erected, steamboat piers built
and telephone poles shaped.
A corps of the leading forestry experts ot-Cnnada and tho United States has already planned the method
and mean* ol cutting the trees and
to provide for new growth.
lor, and tbe whole subject thoroughly discussed.
Mr. C. H. Burgess, representing Jfililam C. Brent, ot Toronto, reached Ladysmith last Thursday, and spent part of the day in consultation
with the Mayor, and late ln the evening the members of the City Council mot Mr. Burgess and discussed at length the trouble over thc present sower by-law. Mr. Burgee* wfis anxious to settle the matter as simply as possible, and with that end In view the council decided'to send
the Mayor to Victoria, and there in the presence oi Mr. Taylor discuss
th'i  whole question.
Yesterday morning Mayor Nicholson and Mr. Burgess went down to
Victoria and during thc afternoon a conference was held with Mr. Tay-
It was hoped that the
difficulty could le adjusted by   submitting   a   supplementary    by-law
which would fully mcet the requirements of the Toronto firm, and indeed
Mr.  Burgess expressed himself satisfied to accept this solution of   the
problem, provided it was strictly in accordance with tile law. But this
is where the hitch may occur, and it wa9   suggested ad   an alternative
proposition that the original by-law with  the additional clauses might
have to he submitted to tho ratepayers.   Should this be necessary the
tho by-law will be drafted in Victoria, and a copy kept there.   The original copy will be forwarded to the, company's    solicitor in Toronto,
and if satisfactory Mr. Burgess wlll6be notified by wire and the by-law
will be submitted without unnecessary delay.
In thc latter event, tbe Brent people are prepared to pay all expenses in connection with drawing tbe by-law and also the printing of the
now debentures.
to Stat Anyone
Police Magistrate . Harrison had
rather an Interesting1 assault case he-
fore him yesterday morning, when
Wa.ter Mylea hud J. II. Robinson
summoned lo explain certain conduct
towards Myles at his ranch last
Monday morning. Both gave evidence and the testimony of Mr. Myles was ln the direction ol proving
thntRoblnson bad ordered him away
from the cabin occupied by the latter and exposed a gun while doing
so. Robinson admitted having warn:
ed Mr. Myles to leave, but denied
having used threatening language
and Incidentally swore that tbe tact
that he had a gun could not be construed as meaning that he Intended
to shoot Mr. Myles, Robinson Is a
logger and ha* been cutting wood
on the land recently purchased by
Mr. Myles trqm the railway company. Th* latter wa* grailng hi*
horse close to tho cabin occupied by
Robinson, and thla gave rise to a
dispute when the latter removed It.
The evidence was conflicting nnd
tlie magistrate dismissed the charge,
but Robinson will lie. naked to sign
a bond to koep the peace.
Inasmuch ns lt may bo necessary to pass a new electric light by-law
tho suggestion hns been mado that it would bo well to submit both bylaws at onco, so that, there would) be no delay in the construction ol
both public utilities. Tlio matter will probably be discussed at thc
meeting of the council Monday night.
To Develop
Vancouver Island
William Whyto, vice-president ot the Canadian Pacific railway, passed through Ladysmith to-day In company with Mr. H. B. Tieasley and
a party of frlonds. It is understood thnt the principol object ot Mr.
Whyte's visit is to examine into the prospect* ot husinees to bo developed by tho extension of tho E. ft N. railway to the north end ot the
Island. In conversation with, a representative, of. The Chronicle Mr.
Whyto expressed himself as greatly interested in fthe development work
now going on around Ladysmith. Mayor Nicholson drtW Mr. Whyte's
nttontlon to tho necessity of a better steamboat service between here
and Vancouver, and it is quite likely the vice-president will glvo
matter bis attention during his present visit to the coast.
The premier football teams" of British Columbia, Nanaimo United and
Ladysmith, meet to-morrow in their
first game this season in the Island
League series. So far Ladysmith
have n good lead standing 7 points
ior four games, Nanaimo having 4
points for two game*, and a win
practically lands thc championship
here. The local boys are in good
shape, and are prepared to turn tbe
trick' on their old opponents. The
game promises to. be a good one, and
those who attend may expect to sen
the greatest game ot tbe season.
In the game tomorrow  the Ladysmith team will   be. the same that
defeated tbe AU-CalltoraU team last
Goal—Bougan. \
Backs—Rogers and McBoweli.
Halves—Main, Brass, Wynne, i"  -
Forwards — McLeod,      tVarburton,
Adorn. McGuire, Grainger.
Referee—Mr. Fred. Richardson oi
Manager Eno requests all players
.to have their shoes weil studded tor
the game with Nanaimo to-morrow
on account of the soft ground.
itioti, but good as the little fellow
is, he is hardly fast enough, or
strong, chough to hold Adam, Farmer knows all Jimmy's tricks, has
shadowed Mm in any number of
games, and it would a risky experiment to change him lor this match.
Harjoy will complete thc line and it
is fortunate that Scott has recover1-.
ed from his temporary loss of form.
For the forward liuc, perhaps tho
best that tail be done is to play
Blundoll and Cruictshanks together,
with .Mitchell in the centre and Mos-
sey and Steel on the other wing.
Thc line then wfil bo about as strong
as thc club could make- it, and ought
to give a good account pf Itself.
Certainly it will tc n ding-dong
struggle, and which ever way the verdict goes, it will only be after one
of the most exciting and memorable
matches ever played by the two
A Modern
Rip Van Winkle
The management of the Nanaimo
and Ladysmith Football clubs have
arranged with the E. & N. railway
for a special train, leaving Nanaimo at 7J30 p. m. The train leaves
here at 12 o'clock sharp on Sunday,
and gives the excursionists a good
long* afternoon- in Nanaimo. The tare
is 65 cents return, and the agent
hore requests thoso purchasing tickets to try and have thc change.
Tbe Nanaimo Free
following to say  ol
Press has thc
the big  soccer
Los Angeles, April 06.—Lost ia
the desert for 15 years, Albert
Courtney, a mining prospector and
British subject heard yesterday for
the first time that Queen Victoria
was dead and the name of President
Roosevelt was strange to him, and
not an echo of the Boer war had
reached his ears. All the great
facts and occurrences of recent years
were matters of which he was ignorant. Courtney was'a recluse and did
not seo a book or paper during the.
entire period from the time he buried himself in the desert until he
visited San Bernardino to ask amoilg
other things, after Queen Victoria's
"How is the queen?" was one ol
his first questions. He was told,
ence his question was understood,
that it Is now King Edward. An
auto sliot    past and the man from
Nanaimo United and Ladysmith j,lhe dcscrt, bacUcd hnstU>' into the
meet on Sunday afternoon tor their I doorwaJ,Jor I™***--* "And so
first game ln the Island League this | «"£»/ Vlctoria l8 imi< l cannot
season.    Tbo match ought to have
been played long ago, but the inclement weather around Christmas
caused a general postponement of
thc winter pastime. Ladysmith now
has got a long lead on tho local j
team in number ol games played,
but dropped a point in its match at j
Victcrla with tbo United team ol
that city.
believe II," he murmured, but tho
victory In South Africa raised his
spirits and he gave British cheers
on thc spot. Courtnoy is 70 years
old nnd is well preserved mentally
and physically.
The following arc the scores of i
different contestants In thc Tyee G
Club shoot held Thursday evening
This fact alone gives an ndded ira-|Wra.   Kcserich   i.
port ance and interest to the gamo T.
which will be played on thc cricket :JJ*
grounds   here on    Sunday.     A win
White   IS
Dititho   19
Allan   1»
McDonald   15
McGnriJlc    1>
Ahnond   U
Hepple   ii
Local and
Tho Twenty-fourth of May celebration In Victoria this year will Inst
three days.
Mr. O. T. Smithe, editor of the
Cowicban Leader, hns been seriously lit for some time, but ia now on
a fair -way to recovery.
It I* understood thnt George Hepple and 3. Conlan will, run a 50-yard
dash next Wednesday. Bejth I me*
•re training hard lor tbe event. •
Mr. and Mr*. 0. Mortimore desire
to thank their friends and neighbors
for tho sympathy shown them in
their' recent bereavement by the
death of their little boy.
M. Alllater, chtfrmaster; nnd,L.
de Qex, vestry elerk.
Lumber prices which have been
stiffening naturally 'or BOlne *eek9'
owing to an increasarig demand from
tho Northwest, will pjrobably be given an assisting shove In the upW*Vd
'direction very shortly ati a consequence ol the coofetence ot sawmill
operators in Vnncoinver tonliy.
The Rev. G. M. Ambrose* hopes to
be able to establish in Ladysmith a
branch of the Church of «h*tfUnd
Men's 8ociety. Thl* society, .-Jiougn
only a fow years old, numbers over
70,000 adherents In England. If' »
branch is started hero tt will he the
first in Brltl«h tJolumbla. The object of the society is to enliso the
men ln mora/, and social cfcnrch
The lacroMe men met last night
and orgnnlB.d lor the season. The
meeting wlm nn enthusiastic one,
and all present expreiied the bet let
that Ladysmith would have a good
team.   Tho following gentlemen have
for Nanaimo will   almost certainly: j-j.
mean the Island championship again; F.
The   boys of   Ladysmith are   fully j "•
aware of tula fact, and arc coming j   T1»6 ™%t meeting will be held next
up determined to even out the com- i Thursday evening at 6 p. m., alter
petition.   Tfiey are flushed with their I which there will be a meeting of the
victory over thc Cnlifornlana after; club.
Nanalmo\s. IJJItwe,  and dre resolved! 	
to wipe out their defeat* in the Pa-1   The Novelty Theatre hns been well
patronized   every   night during tbe
rifle Coast League.
So far as Ladysmith is concerned,
the game then will be a cracker
from start to finish. The boys are
playing classy ball just at present,
and they are all said to be in the
very best condition. Arrangements
are being made for a special traio
and If the company grants tho request there will be four or fire hundred rooters up to encourage the
boys. The excitement has reached
the old mark down below, and the
town will be up to sec its boys take
the measure of the champions.
Under tbe circumstances tho management of the home .team want to
week. Tbe. best picture was "Robin
Hood," *nJ the others were of an
exceptionally interesting character.
Monday night there will be a change
of programme, when tho following
programme will be presented: "Meri«y
Widow Hats," "Aeroplane Flights,"
"When " Reuben Comes to Town,"
"Klndhearted Bootblack," "Lady
Killer Fooled," and a "World's
Championship Baseball Match, Chicago Cubs vs Betroit Tigers." This
last picture alone should attract a
largo crowd, and the other pictures, the manager claims, arc tlie
best yet shown   at tbls house.     In
take  no   chance*.    It may be that addition to the foregoing there will
the   Ladysmith folk  are overrating be two good    songs, "Always Me,"
the merit* of their player*,.but that
tbe latter will put up a great game
goes without saying. The home
players must be prepared to put up
the game of the season, Rogers Is
utt/ortunately not yet available, but
In Walker the club has a good gritty substitute. Paddy will be brought
in from Campbell river, and the
choice (or his partner lies [between
Shorty and Wilson. It the popular
right . tun get into shape tbere
ought to b'
'O'Brien Has no Place to Go."
The last change of programme at
the Opera House was fairly well attended and the pictures pleased the
audiences. One tbat calls for special mention is "An Incident In tbo
Life of Edgar Allen Poo," which
shows how he received the inspiration to write the famous poem, "The
Rr.cn." The comic cad is provided
. by "The Hands ot a Winnrd," a pic-
jo hesitation in playing Un ot maglc. aiso ,.A Wrc(lth   ln
blm.   He is laminar wKu tne play
of the Ladysmith men, and has yet
The annual meeting of tho i Church
of England wos held on tho* evening
of April 13, nnd tho tollni'lng offl-
cors wero elected for tbe ensuing
year: F, W. Hawcs, roctor's warden;
Ctorg* Clark,   people's   -warden; fV.
been neleoted   a* officers: President, to play hi* first weak game against
the boy* from down below.   If he is
in any shape Graham should be tho
choice for this positron.
A.', for     halves ■ there cannot   bo
W. B.   Morrison;   vlte-preeldent, R.
Rolston;' manager, H. Wardrop; sic-
retary-treasurer,    B.    A.   TdcKelvio;
captain, George Gillespie; executive,
H. Wardrop, C   E   Jeff* and Z.   A. .»»*•■ change.   There  * some talk otiager Pecray cspects to break alloc*
McKeivi*.   ' IjlsVtoS "nmmtai in «te mist jo** office reccrip   o 2*3 etvrlr.
~ y.  " I
Time," which is real good comedy,
shewing bow Mr. Good Husband deceived his wife and went on a sjlrec.
Tho (5.00 prlto Inst Monday night
was won by Mrs. Irving, and the
drawing for the two orders on
stores takes place tonight and Man- % v\
*l '■■'.
h oTf
■      -     ■   ||     -        ■ ■—■■   llll—   llll  J* "■ '-•■■^--^-^-^'■^'1if^—S*«SM™SSSf'l'''l«»SS»*SSiSB***Mi****Ml**«»*^^
"TEST—SB*.        iik        33  fit      V      -i, V.,._iit"'     TST.
i• imitlt
There Is Money Being Made in Lots
in   Hast'ngs  Townsite, Vancouver
■■■.*     ■■ ■•      •■'■ ilifiUfMU i   S.%
.,   I havo several f or sale at truling,prices.,
.       .. .i          ifwiiUiii u)   JiiwiJ
Notary Public    'iQ.'T-L^^fMm&f^
LADYSMITH, B:0. ;■■■;• , -•;:
Head' Office  -.  •  Toronto
CAPITAL $10,000,0111): REST. $0,000,903
I IhiYitls if-'casmrt1 roarlers:  What "v*ill
i the 'tiotornor do'.'about it? 'if'there
I has   been -anything   wrong   in the
1 transactions.invesVgated„by the SPWt
| mission, it is manifestly the duty- ,ot
i the   (."overnor's   -advisers-  to-advise
| him" 16   authorize' "the"'hroce'eBlilg*
! necessary to set things right, to re-
Ar: a most convenient way in which  to cany ; cover ^J-Jt^B^it^^y^hiye^e^
,„.,„,y when travellingabroad'^hci «-o-^ , ^^       ^^^'^^^^^  ^ £
iicno.Timat.ons cf j#i«iuwhi     iti, -   .
tlO, MO, $50, 4IO0 and 4200     ; ^ u,ose "sponsible for such saltan,
«act.anio-nt payable in Anstrii.. Be'si™. j ■ dering, if it actually took place". I -Put,
ting tlie wor§t'construction'up^'n.'fbe
report, His' ftonnr 'should', order "pro-1
)■!.'   1 K.''B '
Hason^'Biiillfimgl' Laiysroitti ~ *
Matinee for School Children Saturday
VV ti* li ™ y *Usi        k.Jki 9\-f4~*-li^ilr
Programme Changed Honda? and Thursday
 - IM^ M.  " -
Admission: I Oc and I 5c
FOR SALE—149 acres next   to Che-
" mainits' mill'.1 '"liargfe ^htet—fTont-
age, good land,    will cut up well.
P"r\ce,"i!50"'1pcr toe.••Terms.--'Apply B. A. Harris,     Fort St., Vic-
ii_i...;i  r.-..._j
ana t*ie e:	
V'mSi Hfc-OeMnyfStSf Britain, Holland,
Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland is
Ettted cm the face of each cheque, while in other
countries they are payable at current rates.
The cheque anil all information regarding them
may he-obtained at every oftiM of the Bank.     I
I.APYS1HT.H DP.A^CH  .V: M.1do.Gex,Manaser
'TtW SAtfc.V-f'Bedroom   *u;te. and
ext!,'i.:bcd .*\nj_suiidry household turn
Ishiiijii.  "AitpfyA, radysmltli t'inxn
id* office.-- •-••'  ii --.— ;- .*-•
e'eedings against, himself. Putting, the! PGft 8Al,E-White.Legbiirn.<ggs.4*or
 XW$$t.   -\VHGN,rfyb.U . ARE
... -...,..A ^cjCrarfV' '•'  "-",:l
fc   , .nil        l.i.t s — —>.
^aaais pg    fr'i'i
^Iphn VW Coburn,
Preliocnt and S
Managina Ditector.
Ceo. O. Plc'.;ard,
Secretary Treasurer.
The Ladysmitli Lumber Co.,
;-' .-.-: ■■- ' ...f.^-Lintited. M^       ■'■   |
1   '      •    '   MANUFA'CTURHRS OF  ALL KINDS OF
Rough and Dresse$i6Pir liumlfer,
Red Cedar, Shingles and Lath
ii yM want ia nice young Ghicken
for your Sunday Dinner, you can always finii one, on Sale
Ifi-ioii      t.'ili-i,-   ::
Ryan'sMeat Market
rsost.iavraable.-constrjiction upon the
report, His Honor is surrounded'
vrith advisers, w'hohave advised him
' to' ti course' which'' his 'ptacca 'hini'in
nn ' exceedingly unpleasant light be-
,. i . ,       : j....: i [ore tUe.,publi(;..  No .matter^in ^vhat
. i    .   .   .   :<  ...'. i ■.   ..-.- way the case is regarded, there can-
PnblisliedbyCar!«yftCartayatl4idy«initJi.B.C_. nat,.p(,38fbly. *xist between-the Gov-
•very Wednesday and Saturday.
lift a Ifear.iB Advance, 25e P«r Knftb'j [
'A'dv-'rtlSfnif RatesbhapnllcatWn.
It "Joseph Martljr. evbrTrea61f«i UiC|
r.ritlsh"Hoti'iii ot CSmittdner •twr-'-'.Vs'lm
knock 'holes in 'l.Ue ' dlgnl'ty' of'the.
Htne-liOncfrai) lav.'-maUi»i; lnbUtutlon.)
CJanndi "noc'tls' only 237,/ii)u" siiuavc
iplics to   JLe as largo us die whole
continent    ot   iLurope,. ..IMs .sn^all
runount ot.teri'itr,ry.wlH.no.d..ulil<;l-t!
Ojljl'.iirctl in .tlnip.     ,,  ,     ,..
erncr and his advisers -that personal
cthEtletice which ought to b'c main
tained between the representative ot
,kc.,Ci;ojvn. and.„t))e :jnipistry, F.lth.cr.
tlie..minisl.irs-cari no-longer -trust the.
(lOTi'tiibV or-hc-tiiu'-no- longer 'trust'
tliciR!' rh'stieTi a 'c'ase7'',it scemB as it
some one^ ought to, -resign._ It the
Covernor does not, it.is difllcult to
see, .how he , can ayoid asRing his
mlnlatetsi to.do oo. ,It. tbe r,inort..Qt
the Commission is pushed "to ita-lor
E'll'al cttndusi'dn thc'Tclatiutn ot the
Governor ami ''bisVnd'ylncrs' can no'
lpngffi' I'npUmte, : They inust ..pari
ceitip'anJJJ Wo arc. iticJtRCtl, t.o,U:inh
it Is-the '('.overnor's move,- •     	
setting. Burl Leghorns and BlacVt
•MiticrcaS.- tt.50-a setting. -Apply j
Mrs.  Laird.
J^ai-t    ■-:■■■•■-    I- ;-■,,< ■    4	
WANTED—Quickly    in    every  town..	
Titvc'iafly-bT grfntlbttan'-vritli little [■<-
cash,   to  sell  the   dnstl?ss  Ideal
Vacuum    aeJthc.fr' (jdOd  p^DHtR, ""*
easy and clean work.     Apply   tor' _
particulars"'1  'to ""FranR * FranR,
Guflph, Opt;
Paf,erhaii£,er' arid Art' Decorator.
.-.-.■ i ---..ingir street. -1' !''
Box 17.1,
Phone 43
To Let—Furnished front room, Ap-
ly Mrs. Harry Lee, Esphmado.
WANTED.-TabUi v.-oavders. Apply
to'Mr's. :ias."G!hbiist',"'Ratieh-Po'wcll
street. *
•WANTKlViTwn t'esprctable young
men as., Uosrilt'is., Apply ,»lrs. ,AV
Wright, Metlmen street.
Carter's Store
Ice Cream 10c a pla'e.
HiTi is reporto'sl''from' Clio ' coutincni,
that Kins Edward is on his.. ,wuy
brick in London Inlly restored tjj
heallh. This inteiligcnce will cause
l'Ojolclng" throughout His ■ Majesty's
dominions, ,,    ,,    ,,
Longboat Returns to
n Fold
.. Toronto, ApriL 1 B.HrTpin.'/ Longboat
has once more: passed into the hands
of Tom Flanagan and. will endeavor
to redeem  his  lout .reputation.  ...In
-- i ---1'       '   — — ■■■    ■    ! tl'.c.jncaiitimc.-he will not; run again
' A rrcnoyt'eriun clergyman iti1 Was*f-  lor another..munth and will.-ba.-giy-
Ingtin KUt.e"iias been lorccd' to're-: en « "^ **»» C0^-Bl ^M™
,   , •'■■'  i The race witln Aired.Shrubb,, which
sign because... he. stnpked. a pipe,  In  ^ to, ,iftV0 .,icen held. next-Satur-
liritislt yolurnbia agseat nnjpoet^oljuay,wtta&-.ttctrai*'di^
clergymen.1 sntpk* Pipes, an,d nothing cd. .;..„.:, i i  ;&,;
sald'-ftboivt-lt.-.Tertians ,'tUoolot'y   is1 j When., tho month.,Is. *tp,,„ Flanagan
not SO narrow here & fit'is in W-Oeu? ,PMfciW .will, npt .bat .My oiLQ..in the
{..,.■■■        ,.    .-! world an/1 w^ll be ready | tor ..all cpmr
lngtcfl  ..ta-e.   . ^ i1 e*W,.;JH(j also-..states ,that..l.l  the, int-
•  ■'..   .." . "~.    .,  ,    di»n jfill ,trajn, fajtlituiiy. he, wi|l .bet
'it1 is yeported. irom London: that! the .W.9IW.on him .be. prpm,isod in. a
 ,  ...:.,.      , ,, .,.• ,,-.,.,. »! race, with 8t. lY\e* aniljl Longboat
the first, second,  and UiiT-1'division A*;w   *'*■*   ~  *»»»»-' >.-•• "    --
• ■■.■'   ..,■  i,   wins Jie w*. have. tus. rnoney, ijnd,.Jt
ot the home fleet anl •&« Atlantic\      ^^ ^ wjy ^ ^ hip,.a..cent.
fleet comprising    siity -eiEi'^   V1^16!"    ,','! tell..you', the, Indian can.be, put
ghipB and .cruisers r-ntl ,ix ,.enty:i5,ve into., cpndltion.; ...in, ,*,, month's   hard
torpedo boats willns,cra!.le at Spit-' training,     and Wo.. such._CQndltJop
head on June 10 ter' the inaction '■*!* he■ »». Wm- ^'^V,f'?n
or any pf thjm, apd, it I take hodd
ol.the coloalal journalists attendift:; ^^ j^ ^^^^.^.jj,,^
the Imperial prosa Confei'oactv       . j dp .this,"-*a'd Flanagan,   '/l. think
,,,..  ,. .,,_.t.—.,.,-, ..,, —7  tha,t ,t,he..Indian has. lenrnt: hi* leg-
'  fhcposUloa  occupied by Licuten- -W--W** ^ ^*¥^B^
... -.i ... ,, u     ,„.       LgBt down to   .wofk,. He came    ,in
nnt-Ooveratr TwecJle, U'^e1vrEI'tlna-i*lil'v v F    '       '         ' ■•  -     '
wick, is   unitiuc,
Opipnist.' lie appointed a royal cbm-
iWssloa- tP, iuiulrc , into .the f-ouduct
Ot o railway .board ot. which .ho,.him-
*el( had bcenft inerriber, and tbo com-
ml'gslon   has 'repl'itcd thai tie  'and
■,.-:.,-..(    . ...1     ,
. lt|o   tallow  memUr
, halve, lnadon ro'pcrt
hotirii iriifl
tlhguish' t.etwrcii pitU'Ici 'money ■- niid
their o\yn"us thi] i.i'nimiry pSnptrnc-
tlou .'plactid M&<?".. l!f ,P*fui<>suo
fionl.1 stem to W'iuii.1. it Is unite
true tliat the'-report doc* not allege
.trom {Jew ; York IfJjSt.n'jiht yifth, TJm
says tbe Victoria Q;Rpurkcv and Jie *ay4* -t^ait he   Is
rcn4y( to, s^art^work •rlght.away.  "i
wll,!,.send him. put ;tfl-d\ay .and krj^p
ihljm ,r,igjft. atj jt..  Het*jqt ijothlng
pi)t of the race,lii ^ew''york,;.and_ii>
.itddltipn ,iq,.pnt .hlBYtralfilji^^expcnB-
51*. ,j think., lt,,wa»_ a, big mistako
A. Litt
• «*»*«'•'ij     '»    If   /l) n\ |t' /
Charges moderate.
All work   left at   McOnllum's 2nd
avenue, near Fire Hull,  will receive
lirtiiript  ifcention.
E; Paititell
Meats and Vegetables
p. o. i-txu.      .  UtYSKlIH  .  . rhone u
thong Ike
i  Laundry
-Washing. njid.Iii)iiiiigpi'iii)Hitly attcnJed
to!- '■■'•■  .. •".    . ...
PV 0, riox-Sl.1    :' • :        i■-•: nils ATeinie.'
■ ■   OF.ALL KJNBS, S^AqjE A
Geo. Roberts'
Meat Market
Par. First Avfc. and Udbctts '(Street.
H -j
Light and heavy teaming.
Furniture 'and piano moving
— a specialty. • -   >j ■
"   !>•
.Telephone 1.,
lathe Opera House or Roberts St.
is il tf a i v> ■ ti c ■/ .' > .i. i
Short order meats at all hours.
Chowder a
.■D)Sfllti).T«iipt Ca's
'"    '   Celebrated Wasens
During tlie season Vie liavo fluid a large nr.
of l»agt»is. imniemanU and luggina trucks.
. EverrtWn* car|lca a iiurnntn
ill   tli'c   tioiif.i 'flVfji-, ^ettVig..„Wl., Pfty'9 ;1!aveJ.?ST
   wUcli''mlKht';Vel't^E,to,*l''ii»'lV^^ #}■}$<> .
" '   ~Zu iuS- il'J nothlnte agdinst him .b.ut^I found out
-^-raeianutt -that m^mf^X^^ ahBM] ■
net fen' n»; cswltil ts:uta 1 ri- *MrJRlhP»|tTmW-> ■'' "'^"' '■'
'■'' 'Belief Street ^ ;
.To- clean Black ;,Tflit»la liJUflb 4it
thorpjiitlily -WltU ajsott brush. , Bin
...    .        ...... '--nfn(r.
Tlitv-partnet-slt.lp lierclulnre. existing
down smoothly''to'a''padded fr6nfng1tet*ceTt: the >.indciui|i;ned carrying  on
^oafd'nw sp^fl^ff/'VlW'TOe^ at .dio C.ty
ing solution:- Two-Starts' ol-i-eold,
;|)lnck-coffee and one tahlcRpaontul ot
' that ia'e XiciVtcnant G'o'/ornor or hhyi amm.0nii}, .Turn %!   tatteto Ojnd re
* ™'i ^r'aetuall»"l»pVoyi"tod""W P^t "tlie" process; riiu'dry wtth,~ ti
one eloa actually ai-i" . i .. .. , , ute!trf,„soft doth,-.'WWitetul-not to
unhlic money l.o tlio!r own use, but ,favo too much r,( t|10   ai)i„tion   fli
.„,„ ..nnlnved bv Uio Com- the drying process,   as lt I* apt to
the lani!nac,o employed ny ">    ^^ -^ gm    ^ ^ M BtocWBg
. ...iw-tBi icavo   a] ,„„ „„„„„,,„,.   This Bolution Will »1bo
ot'Lfldysniith Is tlii« day disjiolvi'd ly
mutuarconRDnt,. ■'•, ...
Joseph-Teas/, will pay all tlcMs tind
receite all moiieys due to. tluisiuit-
nershlp.   . ',
.10S  fEUSIrJ, ■
U. i„ WOOI.
- -j j.i,   Ti.:.i-i    n.j.jpjt, |._,);v
Wcha-e.engaged a llrst-class bar
her, and the wants, ot our ciiBtomer.
will be ■promptly attended to.
■The only Shoe Blacking stand
the city.      .      , ':
Valuable ' rehted"property
for sale, cheap. Clear Title.
No Incumbrance. - Immediate'-possession. Applv to
owner on premises. Next
Opera House,.,.
W.F.. McLean.
We havethe'. largest' aasprt-'
 - ment of.... ,,. ,
Spring and
Pancy Suitings
I to 1)e fouud in the city. *
prices RitiHT::;;
Qatacti*, st.,... .Ltulysniit^, ,g.; 0,,
&AAAAA.y.>W>AA%AAAA%%A'to't^^^ ■
f Ladysmith Opera H^use!
1st Prtee  $10 erdcM>n Blair;..& Rdarri.
2iidh-iV.e-,$5,or.(seron.Cav£n.! ' "   	
New Programme
Two Shows - 7:45 and 9:00.
■• -     • -    102 and', 102...,!' 'TV J'l ."'
Have Your Houses
For Tei niH apply to
C. HISK, Vlastciw.etc,, Utljsnirth, 1?.'0;
-  Ultiittrj      i   ■tiiS'ti
Content Siiiewalks a specialty.
'-'•  < VE'ACtfER OP MUSIC;  .,
'"' "Studio 'lii"WlUiamV"Blbf»:-'.
««««««««««««>€ ^t^f^^^^^f^^Mi\ |
Excel.eift Boarding
comprising tljoyory best and MrtM^n tood producU flint tho grpcery trade
oan'supplyt are to V9 hafl.iil.tho utmost. pmCusion... Wlietlief yon liay.i only.
. a litlla family Ie»at, orjtn elalKtr»te.,b-inn.uot to belebrato- Ka«t*r, it will be- ■
gfeally lo yoitf tatotast, aswellascohvenloiipe', to so* out; s,tpe)i end eiiniino    J
■ our goods and[lilccs; as both1 are stlro to intetrati you,'
Scott's Building, First Avenue.   < ,JI. M*'l
-. " -T'-'-   ' t- if/,   ^i   '. r»i	
! x a 2-s set-
As Cheap as
Tinware !l
Y -
ylOqvt Cooking Pots, 800 each.
'4, 6, 8 qrt Preserving -Kettles,. 40c to 05c
sjlol.. ylmr*   i*J:
; Pie Plates, white, lOe eaoh. 	
'.-■ jlakers', white, 15a, 20o ann 2So each.
! Shanty Plates, white;, lOoeaoh.
'!Jlip-priw!*oao».i> 1 '■'■!'     ' '■ -.i'-'-ii
-!<IIand Mugs, 2for25o.
j Tea Stcopors, 25c each, . j.. I j).
.'■ JCgg Boilers, IOc each.
Gd»ToUi i   l"
j. J. Thomas
Ior Canvas Shoos in all sizes, for Meii, Boys
aivd Bquthi, also in toidle.', Misso' and
.'.      '"' '   Sit'?**    i»<f   fi If tf ';• S t. II   * li il
Children'*, in White aid Brown.
'"■Also a lot of very Pretty Seeks for Men
v ■ 1   li     (ill ri'iCi ii'.ii
and Fancy Hose lor Ladle*.
t^SjiliiiislinVWiiTsHatstojclsttr-; ]\
terdny from a. trip through the' coal
mines of ,Vrinequyer Island, \ arid  cn-
to dAit-*' eKe** JMiwsivto draw.iiu*iii$,i.| thuaituiticuliy tutioks -of jtl»> «o'«il   tn
JtW'tccn said that it>.tiil:es a rich man,
A pretty girl to draw attention, A toper to
draw a oorli, A freo luneli'to draw a- crowd
*n:l Qlobo Suspenders to dratv.iyour.trous-
.'.rstrp.   TRY THKtf.
Ladysmith gakery
Companf "
Cakes ot every; description,. lane
nnd    plain.    CajM.cfl  Ot dll,l<lhd8
Fruit oi all liindij Fres^'bi;eaJ.'ey.f5i- j
dul. '
1   lteasonahlc . I'.iiccs. . Come, and se
'out-lines and leave your orders.   VV
give carc'lul attention.
1 ♦J*^v»*****»*****«*j^*5»»j* •*5**,**'5**'*> **•******••• *****-• »J* ^**** * «I*'iZ»*** ***-*C^*** *t* ****** ****I* *** *•• **• •*
Vancouver Real Estate
-   aft
See us before rPuying Elsewhere
0 W   t;  j
j? First Avenue,       I.. afy'smiffi
Coal of B. C.
-     Great Asset
matter, such   as slate   and sulphur
balls, than the   Pittsburg coal;    is
yeryj pittclj flare readily .cpmfusXlble;
is freer from clinker, and above all,
i* easier   to   mine," he continued.
"For   steaming   coal it   is nearly
as good   as the   Tat! Vale coal of
Wales,   which   latter hns for years
With the awakening of China   and!"'1"* iBBtiii being shipped from WaV
the ever    increasing demand for   nj<*s to the-Pacific coast at enormous
j     .   _        », v„ n« _,^„i.. 1 expense,   both  tor   commercial   and
good, steam-coal by the .growing   - ' . . ■■, .    -. - _
v    .:„-'.".  „. vi'i..ii.j'.! naval purposes here and in-the Un-
merchunt marine of northern Facinc,        ■   ' ,     ■.
Z? el M
1 ; >j. t.i
Begin at the Foot land fesjrr ^
■   i
-  You can make a good beginning-by- coming' here
and let us fit you to a pairjof our Shoes. - <■ \.	
i '■ 1 ■    j    i ■ ■      1 ! ' ' '*
" Wc have 'some hew swell lines for Easter Trade.
- 'We' think we'can W eyetybociy, blown, if. s;e,; get
a chance.. .* »    ■
IW        MSI        1 ...; , 1. . S;,t  ,   .,       .
Cavin's Footwear Store
'We have a big range qf Ox Blood Slices ancf'Ox
Blood Hosiery to match the Shoes.
Just received another Shipment .of our;Ei,gUsh;
Kip Boots.   The best Pit Boot in Town.
■Waters,'18'lrJcaV-cs^aif tutp*ut equaled
by no other coal mines in the world,
is thc prediction ot Mr, William C.
tUairi ot-'Nc*''V6rk,"8i! coal mining
and coal machinery expert, now mak'
Irtg.' an" inspection ^ol JSriijisfi Bbmm-
liia..-Cflal ..ErpB.cxtiej„in._^3J!uil!i£ESStr'
of eastern capitalists
ited,. States,
that region ns   "ln    my estimation
far superior vto the average product
of''Pittsburg, Pa."
: "It 'Is hacder, frocr   from foreign
For Sale
'.."Whetj-thc'B. q.. e^oal: fields' are'de-
undoubtedly   Jo to   them,,   as they
put out every bit as fine a grade of
steaming^... coal, .minuB ,.the^ cost -S of i
transportation, ,
supply they
Also Bunion Protectors,
, Arch Supporters,
Tred air cushions and
i«iiijaiaiici& 1
Tfrtie Table Ni3.7
Trains leave ^-tMimo' G?l# ikz?
Triiins artivo Nauuimo 12:33 Daily
(Wuduesdayv Sittutilay., .Sunday, -
'-Trains leave'
Trains aviivc
Naimimo- ■ 15:1.3
Nanaimo l.S.ir>.
liqa Oovt. st,
•Bt -H-l-lCTW.ttl. :
Dist. Pass. Ap-t;
. Victoria,. B. C.
■■:   u^'Sy'f,;,i,i.
Another    source   of
ciuld eventually put oiit-of .bifDl-ness
1C|M 't-mmpEori'* ftfinai '' TaUi' the
' Sir. 'Malr* drtiVe'd' lh 'Vancouver" yes- ^tf
Horn. Pncific route" of the Pennsylvania mines. With the new transportation facilities- offered, greatly
decreasing thc bug-a-boo of thc coal
business, namely, freight'rates, and
at the same time thc yearly increase
of coal consumption all aver the Pacific coast nnd on' the waters 0! the;
Pncific, make thc B. C. co*U,tti*W8i*!a
invaluable necessity.
The Ladies of, the Junior
Guild of St. John's Church
^will hold' a' basket Social on
TuBsday, April 2Gth at 7:39 p. m:
at; the Mission Hall.
.The Social will be preced-
ecL,b-y.a.laughabie. coroedietr
taentitled 'Tour Aunt from
California." .:-.r
Admission   10er-'Ladies
"The Ainsituii. coni win never com- bringing baskets free.
PlyhionUi 4!dok'aiid Minorca'eggsj SI.,00
por sotting.
. Leevo   iirdcrs   with   Ccbrgo   Koborts,
Ilutohor, Lndysmllli, ..
Hop Lee, Prop.
Ksp)anr.de street,"' Ladysmith.
imni Steamfitting.
Pries? Raassaable.
it "15 s IHl
First Avenue, near New Westxii hotel
all the■■iJxto&i. jjovfeu's.-*..
We,c*M-ffi.,a;:.lar.s9.-.!;li:0F'* P[ E*ncy
Ktatioijcry.  ,.
U. WII.LlAMSOlJl,""Proiif.' '"
"   Wholesale' aad "Retail.
|! £Am Orchfestra
: consisting'-;by^i,v^apjfQBs:s
I Opch lot cngagcin'enls^froin     Two
; Piccw5iij>.       * ,..     tm
II ■ ^ves-iDairee. Eff'cVy Two WCfjl'sY-j
I: Foi{ full purticuiars, apply . \ \]
a    I \       \V. M.-AlLLlSTER.iScl.
Photbj^phcr   :'->
S.i. GlfFORD
Livery, Peed and Sole
First, Avcrtno.
Phone .lit.
, I npi ready to. ropnlr Boot*
Slibes.  '■Satisfaction' UuWdnt'ecd.
....,     FRANK   BPINAnjOi-- -
Corner Third avc. and High street,
1 pear Qucen'B Motel.
pctc. it, in ot an interior quulity
and gtMi!;ni|)hicuily out ot tho .raw.
What is needed, hiiwcvcr, bo(t)ic any
ifliHi' •*<<» be~: eMinpllsItcd * lsljr 'M-
t«f *ysteitf-ot—undsr-cutting-the- etuvl,
to dccrcniic thc percentage ot slack,
cpnblo,operator^ ti> worlylaFgcr.tci-
ritorj'' *t ifinhtlir^cosl, fwhfoflw tHe
same time raising tlie puy 6t llin
men. Tho methods employed here
about* we. tuitcdiluvlaa. Wlien one
compares the situation with that of
Pennsylvania, where one can seo ma-
[fill.        1 ... '   • I l i. I        lL\1 . , ; . t ,. I i ■ .  .
chines four lect In length oporatcd
by but two men cutting 200 linear
feet'of coRp'lit'foAr 'hour*!*'-'"•■''
"The installation ottmoucrn machinery in the Pennsylvania mines .had
no bad oftcct on tho men themselves.
Instead it changed tfrum unskilled to
skilled labor nt very much' hi|*,hor
wages, thtj.veryj same mcrr betore
employed without In any way diminishing their numbers, because ol tho
larger territhfy! it enabled tho opcr
Coffee served after baskets
are, auctioned.''"'
in the world. Mhtlern methods would
obviate that toaturc, while- at the
tame • time',' tho ' Increased output
.would lnorc-thari repay -the operators.        '  '   •' * .r   • -
"Wlille 1 have considered the Newcastle coal Holds ot Australia, I find
that" 'the 'poor-grade of their- coal,
together with the cost- of 'transportation, will ncver-allow- them to become a potent -factor in the. coal
trade qf-at least the tnortltrtajhcml-
sphtrc. 'H\\e miic'h'-heratflcd' awakening ot China, when it comes, together ^itlj tl)c, cypr increasing Shipping
on the Pacific ocean, will create a
consumption' ol coal whlclt British
Columbia, |by reason, ot, its nearness
to the demand and the Equality of its
coul alone will be able to supply."'
Mr*. ' M'afr,    wiio While* ia British
>•, >•-.■!       fiiiili I  .Mil
Surgeon Dentist
ators to work' oh the same number Columbia, will make his hcadqi.art'
of men.  With modern machinery, ths) crs at th<! ^m-5rc9s hotc'' ls a  c°al
miner, of wide .reput*',, p|eMwas   the
first man to introduce modern methods in the coal llelds of Germany
and Hungary, besides which he has
visited and installed American   ap
British Columbia fields would be thc
only large fields'west of thc Rocky
mountains,! whicll would give them
practically icoutrol. of the coal situation on the Pacific coast. At present, .
coal in British Columbia, but'a few »?™,*1U8..# ™£ thf "elsh   coal
hours distant from the mines is phe- j nelds.-Vancouvor World.        	
nominally high.  In fhet much highc*,   ^ c,arden S{,el,s       to the Drug
j propcrtionately than onj other place S|0_ . ... ,,,,'f,
i i   |
1   F
..!. ....i^.-.,.,.^j.-i*llit**.f
"''J'irsttt^ss''',Pnoio3i *'"
Gallery on First Avenue.
I VH*i VMtal
NORTHERN OIL, CO,   ..      ^
have, purchased,the most comphlo dri'ling outfit It Is possible to b ii*,s.<J'J the tame is now «i   Kfi
.iell»,:Moay to tttfilnstallel on our gfolind, \ We have:t«o jspurt drill men enigncetl,.     , ■. ! ; v 1 j;, ■
MMaililliMlaJ     tWtsistvlp^icEiia uBEtiiiV«iJ*^.i'iiALA*i''f«.*:,*'i'    »•>*<*»   y^iiiV*
Wo received our charter on February 5th, 11)03, and trom February 8 to March 2 wc succe'edod lit
"•closing but the. 100,0.00 nllDtpnent of .gluti-cgVut IJOc. per slmrc and in the-following eight days thc el-
;Iotmont;of 23,000 shares at 15c, pt'r uliarc wns.all, subscribed for., ,In. tweiuy.days more tho third allotment at '20c. per share' wits 'iill subscribed It.i'. .    :.       .   .i|
Shares are o j
With Another Raise in a few Diiy$    ^
When' you' think—Only "on tile "market about fitly-tlircc day*.     ]> ,\ -.'*;    |
Watch This Stock Go Up !
is* I
*"  >«. u ~ttt~mj/ .
Amorlcnn Oftlco:   330 3.11
■>.-: V.*i-V.a *.-
., «A.wlir MtV<«
PHONE  4327.
Pioneer   lluildlng, Seattle.
"beer "
 L  ..        ♦.
t.**  5     III  '.'r     '
Thf Hatters
■^•;i hi t'w>ByVi,vl Vi-tB
Portland Hotel
;■■ iri
'i «■*."■  it
Bircl^;^ Co|ilin,\;jf
•(,i» * ii :-«''ii   i.-ii ■. ey
Are You Going to Builc!
i a,. knee..or .»■ house,, if so constlt me, ts I
j can save you money cn MttiHsi*.' Hating
I purchased a low truck'.   1 am prefatxr) to
j move futiiit\irb a'rifl- jjiurfos. '"'"" " '
j    Fcriany..t*amiug ccnlult > _,•- <'•■.-.■• 1
I     Thornley
Hllbert Umlsrtaking Parlor:1
•Ii'thsurBlofjlKirad,' J.- W. Wsllaul, intend to
o:iply In thirty days to the Commlsloner of Lanila
for the pHvileite to lease the foMnwIrinr aeserlhnl1.	
kuiiid. for ii^sUt «ultui»: SlfUtEjg. fli\v.'.n Un
cltamsTi*WiT.Tiai!*jr a.». atfTIH'VrlBiT WWlrlffT
twelve rhuln» from a post marluri J, W. WtllOK'H
s. ». cwwivikft, iHiftlK|i|.y>illrarUoa, 4h*n»in-a
•estcrlr iliiJi'tloii eighteen olialns, tle.tra'lna
soothtnly direction twelve <" -tn3, ther.ee in an
easterly ilit-eetioneiclAfeMcl. r j to point*ofcom
mencementjWiiltaimiiK'*u'        - —"•    '
.1,3 and, r>,Bastion si.,Nj;uiin)
Phdnfe 1241'' Pi 0. fiox'i
'Wwily,ieies. '■   f
tl   :„WliU<E.,.i
, Win. Spetirr^.i .epfiipr  .While st. and
Potutli ore.,. Lndysniitii,. !<egs to .in'
tirii'ufe 'tlut'l he'lsp'repttrefl to 'iinilcr-j'
take all' kmiMiof'OMdfni-niir' Trees','!'
ghruts, Plants and Plowtvs of , allj
kinds to lie had on shortest notice.
i r\- i - 'il. £ iI
ladysmith Music Store
Agent for; Singer Sewing
Machine^nii Sharpies! Separators..  ;:•:!{-,
-4     All Unil c. thaJi ;-uiul Watclt R<"
<"i "i '».' i i |i'-::;-' ^yit'***rw'**!V-'
«..*.,,.,,... —    ■,,..„ i.,. ^j,- ^k.-, s E/asion* r
WOOd fOP Sal€. Practical Watchmaker.
P. INKSTER, phone eel AU wo* lcft at IT* Hushes' »*•»"
.will reocivo Promjt attentions lhctJtUfSIWIlH UHHUNlCix
Something for
Wo are strong in this department and are gradually branching o,ut in the lines fcr-the'boys.
t Biyi -Blouses
•j*   BOW HI.OUSKS In extra strong Denim, Fast Colo,?, and w.ll mads, Vm eatli.
T      BOYS' SHIRTS Fast washing' materials in oat meal cloth ami fancy stripe
•j.   Shitting a'fi Bin UV»'. a at Mo, Coo ifSe each.
4      BOYS'   SWEATERS, Plain   and  Pancy, made of good strong worsUtl.   See
J*   on-Dine Kiiijli.li Sweaters, "ue, loil.'i'i eaoh.
HOYS' STOOIvINOS Heavy Rib, spliced heels and toes.    Just the thing for
Rchu. , Sl'liJlAL lijoapair.
lij.b' CAPS Serge ami Tweed, utso'the Motor Caps at 25b and JOo each.
HOYS' SHOES  We arc well stnokoil in this lino and can give you Fine or
School Shoes atony old pi ice.   Qitr Special to-day  SI.00 a pair.
We have a complete stock of Boys' linen and straw
Hats, Handkerchiefs, Ties, Suspenders, Underwear,
i Etc.   ■ ' ; •.     .:-''/■,■ ■ '■>•■■«
Remember it is no trouble .0 show'goods
'Try Qbig Pail of Sodas 30c each
Do you want to save money. If
so visit Simon Leiser & Co., Ltd. on
Saturday for the biggest bargains
ever offered in Shoes.
Look out for the bills mh particulars. ' ,,:.:-
Simon Leiser &Co., Ltd
Hats Hats
A full  range of Harde-
men's American Hats in alt
shades, sTiapes and colors.
.   Pitt Hard Hats aU sizes.
Wilkinson hard Hats all
Beaver Brand hard Hals.
Kennel broad soft Hats in
Telescope, Crush or Fedora.
Prices from 75c tp $4.00.
We have tbe most complete range of Shirts in all
kinds to be seen in the town
from 50c to $2.50.
Fancy Sox
Tn the latest shad as, Green.
Wine, Pium, Pnrnle in Silk
Lisle Thread or Cotton, from
j$c to $1.00.
W. E. Morrison
The Clothing House
Williams Block
We have just received, another shipment ol those
News Notes
Try N'a Dru Cnavcpal Tablets lor
Dyspepsia.    At thc Drug Store.   *
Mr.  Bill  Peevor has lelt Ior Van-
Voi Garden Seeds go lo the Drug
Store. '    j
Mies M. B. Bird, ot Spokane, io
visiting relatives in Ladysmith.
Thomas Davis, ol Toronto, ho*
l.eon selected f.re chief Ior Victoria,
to sttcceoj Thomas Watson, resigned.
couver where he will reside in luttire.!
Use Na Dru Herb Tablets.
Ladysmith Pharmacy.
At the
Mrs. J. O. Brown, ol Victoria, is
visiting Mrs. Harry Warn, ot this
city.   ' .    *..   .
If you want a food Comb or Brush
all al the Drug Sture. •
The Chemainus baseball club gave
a dunce. in the hall last evening.
Quite a number Irora Ladysmith
were  in  attendance.
Robert CaSRBldy, K. C, ol Vancouver, formerly of Victoria, to-day
regards as a valuable) experience, tho
hold-up of which he was tlio t'.ctlm
Wednesday evening In San Ir.incls-
co. In company with J. W. I'tigh,
Mr. Oassldy wits held1'up nn Ouan
great pistol and relieved ol bin coin
boulevard hy a thug armed with a
and valuables. More than $200 repaid thc thug Ior his trouble. Alter
returning to his hotel Mr. Cassidy
was inclined to regard tho allulr us
a good joke and capital material for
a thrilling story upon his return to
British  Columbia.
Kodaks ond
We now have a full stock
on hand.
Knight's Book Store
I    Fiii« Eugliitli IVrk Pica, lr«li made d*My '
.loutJbr'n, UnUcre atret't.   'liyuie.   *
Church Services.
Pi-nest  (luco'.atps    rnd C'ontVetit.n |
cry iu lhe city at Hooper's. "   j
Harry Cue, David Hinds, John Mc-
Dill, (ieorge I'assidy and David
Turnbull, nil of Hurlford, Ayrshire,
Scotland, are recent arrivals ln Ladysmith,
Km lay services: At 8 a. in., lr.w
mass'. At 10:30 a. in,, high mass
it 11 p. in., Sunday school. Al 7
p m., evening service and l'cncdii'
Not only in Lndysmith, but all
over the Island, and in the lies', houses, in Victoria, including the Empire,)
Grotto, Bismarck, W. Harrison and
Empire, and all retail store/, is the
(';»nd Dule sold. :        •
Colorings in Wa!! Paper
Call and soc them. They are going fast.
A fall line ol Paln'.s roil Varnishes
in st'ocli*.
Picture Framing ''• up on shnrtcsl
tint'tr. Diin^ mi'i- | IcUllt'S and lw'
over oi:r-. mou!d;n,s.
Painter ml P?re lunger,
The   funeral    ol the   late   Mrs.
James Provan will take-, place   this
afternoon from the family residence
on White street to thc cemetery at
1:80 o'clock.
Not only ln Ladysmith, but all
over the Island, and in the best houses In Victoria, including the Empire,
Grotto, Bismarck, W. Harrison and
all retail stores, is Hie Orand Duke
sold. z
AfthV.r McLaren will challenge
the winner ol the McUaac-McNwnee
contest to meet him one week later
in a battl* (or tbe Heavyweight
championship of British Columbia. -
A Chance to Save Money
See our windows for bargains in Miners' Boots.
We want to clear out all the miners' Boots we have
in stock to make room for a shipment of the celebrated Kin .;■ oc the Pit Miners' 3oots we will receive
shortly.' It will pay you to buy a pair of these Boots
now a* we are selling them off at bar gain prices.
men's mm\m
•Morning service 11 a. m., Stnday
siIido! 2..10 p. m., evening service 7
Rev. (I. M. Ambrose, M. A. rector.
p. m. S'.bject morning service,
"The Ch' ."; cvenlntr, "The Herald
and tbe     ing."
Morning, 11 a. m.; evening, ,7 p. m',';
Sabbath  school, 2;30 p.   m,   Everybody welrome.   All scats tree.
Epwoith   league   meets    Tuesday
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
Sunday Services at 11 a. m. nnd (1
p. in. Bible Class and Suml'ty
School at S p. m. Prayei meeting
Wednesday at 7 p. m
. . New Collars
suitable for tailored shirt
waists.and for-aressy wear,
Wash Belts,   Leather Belli
Dressy Belts.
wf«tMT««t«sif«.TiT»T».fMf«»?wT»«i*i-tt»T*.T*»TwTf«fwT«f-T«.T»«* *JnffT»t»TnTMTMTMTs«?*.TMTM**.T«TnT'MT»T»twTnT*A
Cleaning Out
One Week Only
|   4 Hole  Steel Range with High f
Closet.   CASH $30.00.
::    6 Hole  Steel  Range with  Hot f
jj Water Tank.   CASH $40.00.
1 Tie
Ladysmith Hardware Co.,
We Have Everything You Need
The Watchmaker mil Jewel.tr. SptcUl Value for .Cull. 2." |i r tent ditemmf on all
Silver Plate, Cuss Goods and Lint''go China* in- tea sets, Chocolate Sets,Jltiead and
butter l'l ittis, Celery dishes' Kit., file., must go to make room for new stock,
Special values in watches and high grade Swiss Precision watches,    Oct our prieea.
I     1'ull Stock o'Culiriil'ii <w"i|iliciili,mi's in stock,    ('nil and tea them.   Sold on etsy
terns.   Colimbia   Iudis'ii tillable cylinder   I'.c.orda,   nho    lUxli-Jncli Double  Dso
W* want yi.ui' repaii wi.I. alaoip ieal w.ik.    Al woik g'arantted,
K. O. P.
Tho officers nnd member* of Lndysmith .Lodge, No. 2, Knights ol
Pythins, arc requested to meet at
th* Lodge room* on Sunday, April
18lh, nt 11:15 a. nt., for the purpose
of tuklng lite train to Nanaimo to
attend the funeral of our deceased
brothor, James Porrott, nt the Nanaimo cemetery,
8.  K.  MATT1BHAW, K, of IL.and B.
McNamec Is now training hard for
his meetlhg with Mclsaac and ei-
prcsecii conOdence ln his ability to
Mr*.    Jacorjoft,    of      Chemainus,
came down on the noon train.
Now is a gocd time to take Your Profit
Bjja*sj*****(fjjjstfjj*sjsjjssj«jB^sjj*itac^   I—I —■ —BMW M *a ■ J* - rrr~tn -'f»*i•«.« .i >c-n*M^Hi^nM*BM*H»^sa*M*sMHiW*|*BBj
mmmmmmWmmmwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmUmmmmmJmtUltUm,^   m,,Wm-m   1 i.lm^    ItIT 1 Mmm,t» ,mwmmmmmmmm*%mmmm\mmtmmmWm%mVmWmm
List, your property with Mr. John Stewart ol Lndysmith, or direct
with us, stating price and terms, and we will get you a buyer, I r-
wardlng your money to your local luck.
ACT NOW,  Write to-day.
18 Union Dank Building,
Vancouver, D. 0.
Mclsaac and McNamee arc putting [ Dan Haggerty, a logger, w*U
ln some hard work training for their known In Lndysmith, dropped dead
20-ronnd contest on the evening of Cora,)Va street, Vancouver, Wed-
April 20 at tho opera house.   II the I      ,   ■.., _ ±
Apt it «« ks*   v .„._„ nesdny alternoon.   Death wa* caus-
exhlbltlon 1* a* good a* the former,        '
one lt will be well worth aeelng.       ed by neert disease.
White and Gold Unaware and Canadian Wheat Flakes
Nothing (lncr has ever been usod bolero ns rrcmlum* than our NEW
LINE of WHITE AND OOLD CHINAWARE. The woll known Clover
Leaf pn»' *j*n imp Med by ourselves especially for these goods. Th* assortment contain* Cup and Saticcr, V'ates, Berry Dish, Porridge Dowl.
Egg Oup, Cream and Sugar. Will grace tiny table—can bo used by everybody.
Take homo a package—you will lie more than plcaaed. The Flukes
are Dainty and Delicious.
Your Grocer Sells.These Goods.
T he Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Meat I
Slakes j


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