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Ladysmith Standard Mar 7, 1908

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Array VOLUME I.      NUMBER 45
J. A. BbAItV
■ ■%-^%%^%gflB*r»^».»>^-%«*t^%^tji%^>V»<r^% <t4|B
JAS. ADAM,  i'
■'j.:Men-S'Negligee Shirts,  regular $1*,.
$1.25, and."$1,501 for.
A Reply    to    Rov. Jas. McMillan's 'eration of
I       Clearing at 15c n yard.
'   511c a Pair.
•All those are -Splendid Values, und
it .will pay you to look these over.
See tho .Topuiii'se    Silk   Fans,    10c.
S2.00 a Box,
See Our New Neckwear.
Bay* <.%»«>«■■»»%»»»>«*«>»< »«%gtJ»»>»»^»K
«\attasti«VaA.«».Aia\.Ai«\.4..1»a>-■*■■■»-■*   *.*..*..*.-- .~.*..a..a.
ToBeSold>0 theNBXt10Dy>
230 Pairs of LECKIE'S Famous
Ml Other Roods in       EJI-Olff I    CO
Proportion Only at    OI W FV L. CL   O
Editor Standard :
i Dear Sir,—In.the repoit of the So;
eialist meeting in last Saturday's
Standard, Mr. McMillan is credited
with saying that in his opinion, the
working cluss is unflittod to manage
modern industries by luck of intelligence. In conversation with Mr. McMillan since, ho has exkressed tttt
Mlllan since, ho hus expressed a wish
to have his position stated more accurately, as he fears a misconception
. may arise in the minds of tho working men who read that account as
to his real sentiments.
Mr. McMillan contends that he d iss
not for a moment useert that the
workers have loss native o-bility and
intelligence thut the other classes.
What he wished to convey to tho
audience was his belief that largely
owing,. it is true, to the economic
conditions under which thoy live—
thoy have not had the necessary
training to (it theni tor suoh positions of management, nnd therefore,
from his polno of view, the Socialist
proposal tor "the transformation ct
capitalist property in tho means of
wealth production into collective or
working-class property," and "tho
democratic organization and management of industry by the workers" is
unworkable and    downed to failure,
'and has beon proved a failure in numerous instances.
| Now, Mr. Editor, no one who has
talked wifah Mr. McMillan can have
any doubt as to his sincerity and
honesty in expressing his convictions
The same argument as to tho unfR-
noss of tho workers has been used
time and again by opponents of Socialism who are neither sincere nor
honest, and has been persistently repeated in the face of correction by
Socialists, 0n .the principle that il
plenty of mud is thrown, somo of it
is sur oto stick. This and similar
misrepresentations coming from that
class of people are    beneath  notice.
sharehcilders they will assist in producing values for the use and corals fort of those who produce them; in-
I, stead of being rewarded for wringing
large profits from the ruthless exploitation of the unfortunate, they
j will be rewarded for making the op-
 " —-   '"'    the social Industries   us ' Distinguished
safe;  clean,  light    nnd healthful
human intrenuity can render possible.
Class distinctions, which rest upon
class ownership   of economic power,
(i.e.,     possession    of tho means   of
wealth production),  will bo eliiirinat-i..      • ,    ,   .   .
ed when the working clnss have plao; tinSuls!lelJ  lfll|i'
ed that power in the hands of socie- 9r
Lady Traveller
Begin Series     of Addresses
Touiottow Night.
mH»w»i»iT'»'¥'T'f'»'»'»'»'f'M'|l|  ■'■■»■»■»■»i»iy^
WILL SOON 4tf HERB.   -.. ■
Good Tackle
Good j
to mako or repair anv part of
your    Watch,   be    it English,
. Swiss, American, or any other '
. mako/
Why?     UecaiifM! I have Jitud-
ieri     the   Wsteh from foil,  'a"
Sc.em.ific and Practical   View. .
and   understand the principals -
All  work guaranteed.    Prices •
In    accordance   with first-class ■
tllorologluul  Inst.,    Toronto.
Phont 7-0.
Albany, Mar. 5,—No further hearings will bt htld on tht antl-raca
track bills, to far at tha assembly
oommltttt It conctrntd. At tho con
olutlon ol an astcutlvt session of
that committee today Chairman
Murphy said that tha understanding
ot tbt mtmliers ol that committee
now It that tht committee had concluded ltt work so far aa tho hearing It coHtrncd, and It at liberty
to dltcuit tbt bill.
Montroal, Mar. 5.—A circular issued from Vice-President Nlchol's office thit morning announce! tho appointment of W. T. Payne us mon-
uger of the C.P.R. trans Paclflo service with headquarter! at Yokohama.
Brockville, Ont., Mar. 5.— Brockville Pretbytery nominated Rev. J at.
Carmlcheul tor moderator of tht general assembly, and Welter Paul of
Montreal, lor moderator of ths Synod of Montreal and Ottawa,
Port Arthur, Mar. 5.—Thos. Alt.
ktn, a braktman wbo had hit leg
crushed a tew days ago necessitating amputation, died at St. Joseph's
hospital yesterday.
Toronto, Mar. 5.—About ons hundred and fifty delegate! who havt
boen attending the tuberculosis conference in this city, aaked Premier
Whitney thla morning lor government
aid In their fight against tho whito
Ottawa, Mor. 5.—The funoral of
Brigadier General V'ldnl, late Inspector general ol Canadian militia,took
place this morning with military
honors to St. Joseph's church and
thence to St. Andrew's cemetery.
Brantford, Ont., Mar. 6.— The
frame dwelling of Mrt, Smith on
Darling street was badly wrecked by
gas explosion this morning. Mrs.
Smith, going Into tho cellar with a
lighted lamp whan tht explosion occurred, waa very badly burned on
the head and hands.
I bslievo Mr. McMillan to bo, it'   is
j worthy ol a reply.
By tho torm "working class" we
Socialists mean nil those who are
engaged in the    work ol production,
,or doing necessary work in relation
to production it thoy are not actual
producers. From our standpoint tho
manager of a coal mine is as rauoh
a member of the working class us
tho miner who digs at tho face, tho
driver or tho tracklayer. Ho is filling a useful position, doing work
that ls absolutely necessarv to the
production of coal, and is Just as
indispensable to tho operation of tno
mine ns tho digger, tho driver or the
tracklayer. Tho same applies to all
those In similiir positions in other
industries. Too managing directors
of tlio railways, smelters, foundries,
ercising their functions" as directors
and managers 'ore doing work that
under our modern scientific system,
of production, is absolutely indispensable, ami    tbey can consistonely
;bo regarded by Socialists as members of tbo working class. In somo
instances, of course, the nominal
manager is not tho real manager.
Ho mny be a hoiieless incompetent
who  bus been pitchforked into     the
'position through favoritism, or by
reason of having it "pull." In such
coses it is   liis   oflUilent subordinate
| who is tho rcul manager, to whom
these remurks apply.
j   No doubt many    of   these worthy
'gentlemen will indignantly repudiate
j tlie assertion that they aro members
of the  working    class.  'Tliey   point
I with prldo to tho fact that tliey
ceivo a salary, not a wage.   What Is
the difference? / You can search mo
ty, and each member of society will
be entitled to unci will receive the
full social equivalent of his or ber
labor, which ifjiall anybody ought to
Intelligence and nica-ul worth aro
not tlie monopoly of any class in
societ'- but I believe that the wording class, through their intimate
knowledge of. the construction and
operation of modern machinery and
scientific mothods^of a>i-udiiovion,., are
the only portion o<* . .iciety wiio lire
actually fitted, by education and
training, to take over in the, name
of society those social necessities,
Moro than thut, the economic pressure under which they aro suffering,
is forcing tbem. to consciously and
intelligently demand that thoy shall
bo the masters, not the slaves of tho
modern machine, and this intelligent
revolt is crystallized in the organized political party of thoir class, the
International Socialist Party.
Yours, etc.,
J. H. B.
\da L.  A, Murcutt, tho   dis-
ti-avollor und loctur-
will  begin  a   series  ol'
LONDON Mar. fl.-"The letter from
tht German emperor is purely a per
tonal    communication and thero    is
no reference therein to the naval es- Canvas of
This is    the reply of Lord  Tweed-
mouth, First Lord of the Admiralty,
,,","/"'y' LEAGUE
the City to   be Made to
Ascartuiu Whether the People
Flavor a Municipal Plant.
Tlie meeting of the Citizen's Lwag-
here  in thu  ope
nection, is the fact that, as a rule,
tho managers of modern industries
are not tho owners. They are merely the higher puid brain workers, and
they havc to' meet a similar competition In tho sale of their mental abilities to the owners of the Indus-
l tries as the ordinary proletarian has
I to meet* in the' process of finding a
purchaser fur his brawn und muscle.
'The typical capitalist of today
.takes no part and has no pluco in
the actual operation of industry. Ue
has evolved into a coupon clipper ■
a dividend receiver. He has handed
over to a hired manager the duties
he used to attend    to himself,   and
Ottawa. Mar. 5.— Tho public accounts committee ot the House ot
Commons this morning, opened inquiry Into transactions ln western
thnlier limits in which the name of
Fraser of Ottawa, and others figured.
Midland, Ont., Mar. 6.— Flre last
night destroyed the millinery    and
,wnil paper departments of the Flay-
fair    Preston   Co.'s    departmental
j store.     Ths loss Is heavy.
confine his activities to urgent demands for profits und yet more profits. Tho manager knows this, ho
knows that his assistant is hungering for his job, and it he shrinks
from ruthlessly exploiting the hist
ounce of energy in the men, women,
or children undor him, his place will
lw filled by one who has no such
scruples. Sumo fow do it willingly,
others again hate to do it, but are
practically compelled to do it
through economic pressure.
In proof of the assertion that thc
capitalists of today do not manege
their industries, I will point 'to tho
fact that J. 1). Rockefeller, on being
called Into court to toll what ho
know about the methods of tlio Stan
dard Oil Co. Inst year, said he could
give them no Information, as ho had
not boon In the company's offices for
•15 years. According to a recont magazine article, Mr. Flagler, who is
credited with "building" tho famous
railroad from Florida to Culm, mero-
ly sent his engineers out to see ff
tho route was possible, They reported that it was possible and ho refused to hear any more. He told
them to go ahead and build It and
not worry htm with details. Such
mon fill no useful position. Their power rests fn the fact that thoy have
possession of those things which nro
necessary to tho well boing of society, and which society, so long as it
recognizes and supports them in that
possession, must use on their terms.
They are parasites, pure and simple.
It is quite conceivable, Mr. fid i tor,
that whon the working class have
captured the poll tiont power of the
State and legally made themselves
the owners of the socially operated
maohlnory of production, that tho
present managers of Industries whero
thoy have proved their capacity,
will be retained fn their positions.
Instead of being responsible to a corporation, they will be responsible to
the new owners, tho workers; Instead
of producing   dividends for absontes
City League Games Will  lie Flayed
On Sports Ground on Sunday Afternoon.
There will be a City League game
on Sunday afternoon. There has not
been a rauten playod in this series
since the week before Christmas uiul
It will 'be remembered that tlie Shamrocks are leading with 7 points for
4 games. Next to them are the Cen-
trallus who have 4 points for three
gomes while the Hearts are credited
with 3 points for 4 gomes. - The
Thistles have the basement not having secured a point in the three engagements.
The urntcli on Sunday will be between the Thistles and Centralius.
The latter have still a fighting chance
for the City Championship, and have
considerably strengthened their lineup from tho now arrivals. There it
no doubt they will be out to win,
and tho Thistles are eager to break
through their spell of defeats. it
should bo a hard game and will
doubtless bo well at tended.
The kick-oil is fixed for 2.80 p.m.
aud Mr. H. Fulton will act us roi'e-
rxnr. \__Vt<n -♦ff**»:/,Jpdir-U-.*:.^ *■_,-.
Goal—It: Greaves.
Hacks—Parsons and  Kerr.
Halves—Saunders,   Clegg and
Forwards —McMillan, Michie
lander, Wynne, and Simpson.
Bucks—Hindmarch and Meek.
Halves—Forsyth,   Irving,   Bryden.
Forwards— Walker, Strang, Green,
Millar and Orde.
makes to tbe request made by the ue which was held iu the Council
Times this morning for the produc- ^wiuer uu Thursday evening was
addresses „on 0, . ,ett8r t0 ^^ William SE* ^tlT^l.m
tomorrow „_$ to Lord Tweedmouth on the us there is lots of work for tbe Leal
night, lhe lectures, five In all, urn subjset of the Britlth and German a™ to do in connection with the pro
ground under the title of "Oil the navai poi1(.„ together with the reply I""**1 '''■''"■"« schema. Ur. tt. U.
Beaten Track" and a glance „t the ^ 0B the ground tbot H^i^^^.®*
syHahus, as [united in the advertise- peror William's motive wat to influ- tuuitiee ior useful work were just
ment, will shuw how vory appropri- ence those responsible for the policy j °l"'ai'fg, und It was imperative that
nte and apposite it is. Japan, Now 0, the navy ln ths interests of Qer- JEfsfi," m '"^^ *"* tunbm
Zealand,  Russia,   „„d  Great Britain maIly. |   A]tw SUU1C mimal di6cuislon   0,
ure covered in the five addresses and     ]_ord Tweedmouth Intimated     fur- i ^'o *-* oi the plant and tie relative
Miss Murcutt even here" leaves    the '«*,,' that    information on the sub- (af*ivtu.t«Kes» of-* Hot rate ami a mtt-
.   .        ,, . ,er system,    secretary Wilson said ha
Ject would be given out In the Houso hud received a letter irom a Seattle
of Lords, Afar. 9. Company asking for tlie privilage of
. ,  „ submitting un estimate for the instal
in    u     xt ,     .,      *    mt    .      i   utiou °t a plant,   lie had sent tntm
!   Omaha. Ntb„ Mar. S.-The Amerl-' Ule nec8SSIU£ ullto Uul ,,ad Mtstact
can car    in the New York to I'arie heard irom theni.
ruce, loft Omaha at nine o'clock this!   ilayor -Nicholson,  who wus presont
morning taking the route along the, 8u|d.lluu \bn" .  attending the Oon-
,,,„,.„ „     , volition in iNunuiino ho hud taken Uu
Union Paclflo tallway.     The Italian! opportunity oi talking over the light .
car, which spent last night in Wood- J in"" uuestiun with. Mayor Hobiuton ol
bine, 70 miles east of Omaha, i
peeted here about 6 p.m.
road, of    tbe cosmopolitan
Kamloops. Ue had told Mayor Hob.
iuson that tliey were thinking of put
ting iu a plant here and that they
were mokin-r a oanvass .1 the town.
On mentioning that they were .iguf-
ing on a Ou cent liat rato for .-. 16
caudto   -.o.-oi  li^-iit mayor Kobitvon
AT '.'Oil1 U7II* DVCV!8*1"1 ""* wore ■•'''••'■•■i'w vu-: high.
Al   111L  YYnAliVjuD    Al Kuinloops, he said they puid»0
a ton for coal, aud their lights were
—— not nearly so high us that,   lt wus
| a city i-iwued plant .md they had uut
Up To Dato Eloctric Conveyers and out the ilut rat* uitogsther. He him-
Machinery to bo Installed. self had Id lights iu the house   and
Ureat    alterations    and   improve- tn8. "lost ho bud ever paid was *4.50
Her lecture on the old country includes a tolling expose of the sweating system, tho worst, most miserable and degrading offshoot of modern methods. There hove been Improvements since thc publication oi
Klngsley's "YoustV' but the evil   is [cry must havo     been struck.,  b	
still rniiiimnt   ami  Miss HI utt u-iii B'*" WUBU> °r coul 'l entailed.   The 2'5UU 'uhubitants, uud [he city own-
sun rampant   ami Miss MtiWutt.tfUl^^.,^   ^ Q( coal ^ ed lll0 „.„ter workB M ,ve|l M   UlB
show Just under what horrible    iind|iUj ,,Uaiity    and     tho condition in 'f'Shtmg sytteui.   Toucuuiro    thess
inriunous conditions a   largo propor-
meats are to be iniiile to the Wellington Colliery wharves this summer.
Anyone who bus watched the   lood-
and that was for the month oi December, On tho other hand ho hud
paid us   low us    :,0 cents including
ing ui ships by the present uiuehin-, t-llt-' '"cu*- ol the tiietur.
tue i   Kauiluopt    wus   i,   plmo of somo
Attell has signed articles to fight
Jerry Dryscol, ths crack) English
featherweight, for the championship
ln that class. The contest is to
take place In this city In April, tho
dato to be set later. Dryscol is to
bo gunranletf ?l,r>00, win or lute,
nnd allowed expenses. The weight
will l.o l-"2 pounds, ringside.
MARSEILI,ES, Mar. O.-'I'he Peninsular & Mongolia, outward bound,
with 400 passengers, put In hero lust
night with a fire in her baggage
hold. The crew was iinablo to extinguish lt and the hatches wen
stilled up, Sho came hero at fuM
speed and signalled from some distance out to have tho liromen ready.
After some hours' work tho flre wns
put out. Considerable damage was
done to the baggage. Tho mails
were transferred to another stesmor.
HALIFAX, Mar. 6.-In ths lnter-
ests ot tht whole dominion, I-yron
E. Walker, president of the Canadian
Bank of Commerce, who is ln the
city, says the difficulty between tho
Dominion Coul and Steel Companies
regarding the price of coal and tho
terms of contracts should be settled.
He suggested that the matter ho
placed before a tribunal of representative of Canadians and that public
opinion be so aroused that tho lenders of opposing forces would hnvs to
bow to It,
INDIANAPOLIS, Mar. <].- John
Grnblit, colored, who It charged with
tht niurdtr ol Wm. Collwan nsar
Rustvllle, Ind., contested yttttfday
that Mrt. Collwan assisted him In
tha crinit. Ht laid shs threw hsr
arms around ' htr husband's neck
while he struck Collwan with a hatchet. Another mob format) yttter-
day and Grubbt wat brought to Indianapolis tor taft kttpltur.
lion of tho city population of England eko out an insufficient existence.
Again, in hcr lecture on Russia, is
included nn account of a visit to
the convict settlement of Saghalleu.
So much has boon asset-toil of tho. inhuman cruelties practiced in those
convict prisons of Russia, bo many
romancas, boforo anil sinco Tolstoi's
"Hosuuirecllon," busod upon the
atrocious stilferings of exiles and
convicts, that It will be most Inlor-
ostiner, --•* '—*—-* - •- "7.— *-
the "experiences und observations ni
an actual visitor and eye-witness.
Miss Murcutt, it should bo reuieiu-
which It is delivered.    Tho less small j ""ay had borrowed -rliW.UUU.    Tliey
coul there    is, the higher tlio   price I *'*•* uWb uot    ""'J' l0 P».v interest
per ton, and hence   it is tho   truottr""1 sinking lund,-uut were able    to
economy to keep the coal in tho very curr'' out all their    street iiuprjve-
btst possible shape.
lu Nanaimo they have an arrangement whereby the full of cool from
the scroenis into tho curs is always
kopt as low us possible. Again, in
discharging the coul from the cars
into tlie ships, u conveyer is used.
By this moans thoro is no excessive
breakage of the coal und profits do
not go to waste iu coal dust.
The Wellington Colliery Company
are now making preparations to install electric conveyors on tho wharf
which wilt Ou uwuy with thu present
Pl,,lt«0,   ,      'l-lln     ,.,.„, »v.-      ...in    —H|.
right Into tlio hot is ol the ships,
uud besides boing more expeditious,
prevents tlio brook-ago of tho coal.
A gang of Chinese luborors ure busy
borod, always travelled tor a  liter- »»»' on tho company's piini line, just
'below    the uld  Victoria Hood,   pro-
ur.v syndicate 01- on behalf of sonic
social organization. There was 11
two-fold advantage in this. The first
was that sho had thc entree to a
number of sights ami scenes deniod
to the ordinary traveller. The second wus that she would naturally
hnve her powers ot observation highly trained and be forced to take care
ful and accurate nutos. Tho full effect of those special privllogcs and
training comos out In Miss Murcutt's
lectures. She also has tho gift of
fluency of speech and has rare elocutionary ability. It is no wonder
then, that, wherever sho hos been,
her lectures have always proved
Popular attractioi nnd
cd success.
I-'iir the first four lectures no admission foo Is charge:!, a collection
being taken up. On Thursday evening-, when Miss Murcutt lectures on
Russia and tho Saghnlton prison, a
charge of 25 cents will bo made.
puling tho ground lor u reservoir iu
which .water can bo stored for power purposes. The work will bo pushed uiioafJ and before the summer is
out the now system will bo operutiiig
ut the wharves.
Children All Ltava Building ln Good
Order and Escape iujury—Police Hold Back Parents.
NEW YORK,     Mar.     O.-A special
call was stnt into    tbt lire  department    headquarters from the public
school on lotlth street, between Amsterdam und    Broadway, shortly bs-
pronounc-1 on n00B todl,y.       All tht children
escaped Irom tha building. Thty were
marched out in perfect order,
bled ln the yard, and tent home.
Parents who rushed to ths building
wart ipravtnttd by the pollcs
clogging tht exiti and seat away.
Tht fire wat on ths top floor ol the
building, which is three stories high.
Cleveland, 0., Mur, 3.—Lata this
afternoon 101 bodies hud been taken
from the ruins of U10 Lukevlew
school at Collingw-ood where it is
thought lsu school children lost
thsir lives yesterday. Of the number ot bodies recovered, ISO have
been identified,
Judging from the number now
thought to bt misting, there may
bt fully twenty moro victims in tho
ruins. Ths iavostlgutiou into the
cause of the lira it being conducted
by both tht county coroner and tht
village olliciull of Collingwood. All
of tht bodies will bs burled at a
public funeral to be hold possibly tomorrow. They will be placed in
ono lot and ont large monument to
mark tht burial place la contemplated. Tht flag! upon ovary city
school building were at hull mast
London, Mar. 6.—The Times, •
in an    editorial thla morning, *
tuggests that China and Japan •
should submit their dispute ov- *
er the seizure by China of    the >
Japanese    steamsr Tattumaru, *
at Mecao,    to tha Hagut    trl- *
liunnl. a
Limn, Teru, Mar. 8.—Will Nel-
thrope Bencklork, the British mlnis-
1- to Peru, died today. He was
born in 184 B, and was a descendant
of tht eighth Dukt ol Stalbat.
meals on tho profits of those undertakings. Their tuxut on was used at
20 mills to the dollar and he ,vas
going to Victoria to ui-il out whether it could bo legally .-euucod other
2. mills.
He could . seo why, if these
lights were a pitying invot,tnioat w.th
them they should not at ff-tli in
Ludysmilh. w'hcu told that about
louu lights would be token, he told
they ought to have hod the plant in
long ugo.
Mayor Nicholson ulso staled that
tin hi,uu*i " h^V'.11'*'- iSWlU* -'dMstt
that thu company had no idea of putting in u plant; but if tho city did,
und their rates wore not exorbitant
ihey would buy lignt for their vliui-
Thu liut-stiou ot  the ownership   uf
tho jilai t Wfit then raised.   Everuody
is agrcou that no furUier liinealioub
bo lost, und Lhat .he ground attou,
bo uiudu us clour and easy at potsi' •
10 ior tbe Council.   Accordingly   -   1
witt decided that tlio Louu'iejt. ejroci -
live couuuitluu should appoint   cau.'
vussers ior     dillcreut soctiotif, of tit.
town.    01 courso the canvussora wl1
ue ior the city owned plantf, and the.,
will boor u petition with them otn
ing thu Council to bring a money by
law in order to get along v.ith    thi
scuctue.   These cunvassers will bo 01a
noxt    wooi,, and     upon thoir report
will largely depend the issue oi light
or dut'kuess.
SEATTLE. Mur. S.-Senaatlonal
developments, disclosing the Identity
and purpose ol a gang of Black
Hand conspirators, who havt been
terrorizing tht better element ot the
Italian residents in the mining districts ot this county art expected as
o result of investigations to bs
mads by Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Whithani at Black Diamond.
Whithnm will leave Thursday for
the scene of his investigations, armed with considerable evidence which
hat been procured through the work
of Deputy Sheriff Hodge, ot Black
Diamond, tht nature of which he declined to disclost in advance of the
preliminary hearing of the casts of
Dominie Umbra and Bnsquale Guar-
ini, who wero arrosted aa the result
of a murderous assault upon Jot
Vlttro at tho mining town on the
night of Feb. 14.
Ill is announced thnt the two men,
who are now prisoners In tho county
Jail, are members of an organised
Mafia, which hns boon lovjlng trlb-
uto upon tholr countrymen for somo
time, practically running things to
suit thomselves.
OTTAWA, Mar. li.-Wuto tht bi.i
for tht incorporation ol tht Bank oi
Vancouver was called todi.y in tha
Commons Banking and Couuuorcu
rrom Committee today, Hon. Mr. Fielding
said that before tbt charter wat
granted Uouunont should havt assurance of tlie ttuuding ol tht men
who were connected with tbt tnler-
111-; prose- pritt and their ability to carry it
through, alto that the promoters
would not bt coming back to parliament lor an extension ol time.
Mr. Guthrie, lor tbt promote™ ol
tht bill, said tne bank wat being or-
gaalstd In rttpoutt to a call on the
Pacific coast for a native bank in
touch with tht particular interests
ol British Columbia.
Assurances ware given by Messrs.
Matheson and Gailtber at to tha
atanding of tbo promoter!, when Mr.
Fielding expressed hit I
and tht bill ptioswt.
Mar. fl,— Immigration from the
United States to the Cansdlan
west hnB started In earnest. Every passonirer train arriving Is
Kindod with land seekers, from
ton to fifteen cars of efforts arriving dally.
It was expected that on Sunday
there would be 11 mutch hore with
Ule Kelowna Club, tno champions ol
lho Okunngiin Valley. Tho Club waa
written to in tbo Ibat instance and a
reply adopting on engagement waa
tent to Mr. Will Kills. In tho flrst
schedule ol gomes published In the
Vancouver and Victoria press Ladysmith was included In the itinerary
of the football tourists. However,
thore mutt havt boon some misunder
standing ln the final arrangement,for
the Kolowna boys are now definitely
booked for Nunaiino. liie match
would have come ln moot opportunely tor practico and Nanaimo are do-
cldoly lucky to get ln ahead. However, a club cannot bo lucky first
and Inst and thc boye up there are
welcome to tho luck of Sunday 11 it
is to come to us tbe following Sat-
urdoy. v
Toronto,   Mar. 5.—Ths Board    ol
Controls this morning ditcutssd the
ihoitagt discovered In tht accounts
of Gtorgt Adam ton, an official in tht
waterworks- department. Tht city
treasurer laid hs had men working
on ths books.
t £=
a , .. ■ tmarpitsrsimin-iistiat
If You Require Any
Or If You Require Any
Or II You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or tall Ont;   or II You   Want
Netaaaj raWit, Otavtraaotr.
|art glad to ■
To the man who goes tp New Zealand to be a tiller of the soil, the
land laws are very attractive.
The land for the- people ' is   'tin
bnto the press. We
'that there' is an end
tl this quibbling. The situation
hat beta aekaewlMged and accepted
it ought to    have been a  couple 	
of weeks agt.     The first result of it motto there, the area which any man
all has bean to give the whole oues- "iay hold being    restricted to    640
.,,,.__, ,, acres oi first-class and 2,000 acres
tlon greater publicity than it would o( ^ond-cluss land. This restrlc-
have got. In trying to avoid ono tion makes it impossible for any iu-
blsck eye, they have got two, and dividual to appropriate large urjoa
.. . ,,. ... .. . ,A ,, to the exclusion of less wealthy set-
it is possible that the outside world ^    Buu tm.tbm. t0 mmte    mi
has got an even worse impression of there shall bo all-round fairness, tho
the city than tho situation actually selection of plots of land is mado by
Justifies.     Aftor all, a constant, con
ballot,  all settlers thus getting
... ,      ,.,       . ,        .       „..       same chance,
tlnuous boom is not in nature. Inert ( jiu(.u to the disgust cit money-leu-
are bound' to be as many downs as ders, the' New Zealand Government
ups, and 'It Is only' right that both 'ft °VB" advances money to settlers
ahould be recorded.     The trouble is
in sums of from £25 to £2,500. at
the low rate of 5 por cont. interest,
that while our consciences will tolor-|and such is tho fertility of the
Ladysmith   Standard
Published on Wednesdays and Saturdays Afternoons by tho
Robt. It. Hindmarch,
Oas Year       11.60
six Months       75
Advertising Rates on Application
ate any amount of exaggeration
the latter head, they
suitor the bare truth on the second.
We sincerely hope that a few more
weeks will dispel the clouds of depression ami that we amy all enter
into a heritage of greater prosperity.
On,that the average    borrowed is
will scarcelv \loaB ln tho c°u''try's debt,
win scarcely j    ^    following     list gives one a
Prids goeth befoie a  fall, and nc
eordlng to the depth of tlie fall aad
the brag   and bounce that preceded
it, to in like measure ie the humiliation of tho fallen.    Cur proud    and
boastful neighbors of Nanaimo   have
fallen into evil days and have   sunk
Into    dire tribulation.       Of courso,
they are not alone in that. Wc have
all alike fallen on hard duys,     but
happily there is nothing In our past
to aggravate tho present.     We   are
far from desiring to rojoice at   our
aeifthbor's downfall, but there Is no
reasonable    doubt that tht humiliation of the presont situation jn Na-
aaiino is tho    direct result of    the
booming and boosting) of the     preceding months.     Nanaimo, to use a
correct slung phrase, was the   great I
Iefunij "IT."     Victoria was to     bs
left stagnating on its narrow peninsula.     Ladysmith, never at anytime'
ol any account,, was to remain     a
city of stumps and darkness.     Pro-
great and expansion    were naturally
stated In Nanaimo.     Everything   in
and nround it was magnified ten and
-  .umi«i mm.     its resources wers
exaggerated and its values inflated.
There wore a  few    months of unexampled  ' prosperity, accompanied  by
unprecedented boosting and boosting.
Then,,   like a  bolt   from   the   blue,
came first &  financial stringency and
next an Industrial depression.      The
blows    landed    with all ths greater
lorce on Nanaimo because of her pre-
rlous activity and the hopes she had.
cherished and    spread abroad of be-
eoaalng as Island Seattle.
Herein to an outsider lies ths te
tret of all the tore feelings that have
beta boiling over in the press and
oa tbt platform theso last few days.
It hat been accepted as an axiom of
public life in tho west that not only
lt it unwlto to speak the truth at
all times, but thnt it ie oquolly unwise to admit It upon all occasions.
For example to admit tho truth of a
certain situation might give tho
town or tho city, or tho provinco a
"'black eys." Therefore with all
the subtleness and sophistry available the truth Is solemnly denied.
Take the case of Nanaimo and you
have these principles operating right
through the present situation. Just
how many mon tho Western Fuel
Company havo discharged we have
never teen stated, but the first lot
lumbered throe hundred. That was
weeks ago and thero was thus an abnormal situation created right from
ths beginning. Thc condition nf
thing! have grown worse over since.
but either the gravity of the new
situation has been minimized nnd
hidden or lt hss been positively   do
So far at wt are concerned it is an
ostrich kind of policy to pursue.
There Is no getting sway front hard
ftcte, and a town depressed is not
necessarily a town damned. But It
seems aa II ths council hod decided
that to admit that thero was distress In tht town meant the en I of
all hopes,, tht ruin of Its future.
Thty acted accordingly, and, sn soon
at they found how unpopular their
action was, endeavored to throw the
LONDON, Mar. ii.—George Meredith agrees with Mr. Osier in the
main. Ht sets the chloroform a
little higher. Sixty-live is his figure, nor does he say specilically that
he would use chloroform at all. But
it it his opinion that lib is old enough. A man ought to die at three
score and' liis, hs says, aud if ho
dots not hs will regret it.
Tht English author's angle of observation is different from the American physician's. He discusses old
age from the old man's viewpoint.
Dr. Osier took tho viow rather of
society—raised the question whether
younger people can afford to let tht
aged live.
It will ba remembered that George
Meredith celebrated his 80th birthday recently, to ho ought to know
what ho is talking about. He went
Into tho subject in an Interview in
his homo the other day.
Old Age Unuseful.
"Whon n man lives to 80," said
he, "lt means one of two things
either ho Is greedily tenacious bf life
or so Insignificant that the fates
havo passed him by.
"It Is a misfortune to live so
long. A man's life ought to tnd
whon he It 65. He must stop working then, or the work hs does afterward will be inferior In quality. People will praise It at the time, hut
posterity will see Its weakness.
"When a man stops working nature hat unlshed with blm, and he
ought to go.
"For myself, I thall write no
moro— no more prose, at least —
pnlv a ii**u ,r—» 'ch. ,.f...-t—»
labor of writtiiig has grown tiresome
to me.
"I with I had visited America
when I wet younger. I he.i many
invitations'. I suppose my American
friends would have given me a lot,
of dinners and what I would have
been compelled to eat would have
helped me to do as I should have
done—died at 88."
Othtrt Don't Agree.
Other English celebrities don't gen
erally agree with George Meredith,
Many ol them art old men and the
very oldest ars figuring on how to
live to be still older.
A few of ths greatest wero Inter
viewed lately lor W. T. Stead concerning the best way to lengthen
one's daya.
"I always ate sparingly and insisted on plain but thorough cooking,'
said Sir Theodore Martin, aged 92
Aftor middle life I hays cared less
and less for wines. Today a glass
of port, largely tempered with water, satisfies me. I havo always
found coffee the best restorative Irom
brain exhaustion. I dislike smok
Ing extremely."
Dr. Alfred K. Wallact Is 85.
"Until I wss TO I ate whatever I
liked," he said, "but I feel that
with advanced years alcohol becomes
more and more hurtful. I have not
smoked since early youth,"
'I oat meat very moderately, onco
day," explained Sir Wm. Hughes,
agod 85, "with a larger proportion
of bread, a pint ol milk, fruit whon
in season, and fresh vegetables. Usually I drink only water and never
good general idea as to how
run in New Zealand:
Per weok, with board.
Farm laborers, 17S Od to £1 5s.
Ploughmen £1 to Jul 10s.
Cooks, liis to £2. fl
Housemaids, bs lo liis.
Needlewomen, 15s lo £1 4s.
Per week without lloui-d
Compositors, ua to £8.
Hatchers, Drapers' Assistants, Grocers' Assistants, J*l 10s lo US.
Dressmakers, 15s, to ' 1*2 10s.
Milliners, 18s, to £2 10s.
Per Day without Board.
Boilermakers uud Iron Shipbuilders, 7s to 10s.
Bricklayers, 10s to 18s.
Cabinet Makers, Us to 12s.
Carpenters, Vs Od lu lis 3d.
Engineers, 0s to lis.
Miners, 7s Od. to 10s.
Tailors, Painters, Sawyers; Engino
Drivers, 8s to 10s
Mechanics in New Zoalund work
only eii-ht hours a day.
With the except ion of 8-1 miles of
privately-owno-' .inos, lho wholo of
the railways (2,o00 miles) are owned by the Government, und railway
troublos, as wo know thom horo, are
unknown thoro.
Tho Government owns and works,
not only tho railways and telegraphs
but the telephones. it purchases
compulsurily, if necessary, largo 08-
and cuts thom up into small
holdings, it does about half of tho
[lil'o assurance business uf the Dominion, and while wo aro busy talking about old-ago pousk-iis Now Zoalund is qiiiotly paying thom, grunt,
ing a maximum pension uf £18 a
year to any British subject of good
character and ovor 05 years of ugo,
provided his income is under £52 a
year, and that ho lias lived in tha
country for a quarter of a century.
From a working man's point of
view, thtn. Now Zealand is well on
the way to becoming the ideal land.
Politically, Now Zealand is a country of comparative content. There ls
no "votes for women" agitation.
Women already ha he vote—and
use It. Thoro is no "one man one
vote" agitation. One man only gets
one vote. Thore is no scheming to
get one's son called a lodger so that »I*rf„,uu . ""
he may have a vote, f, r if he Is 21 ■ Ma""umiors
years of age he Is entitled to vote,
lodger or not. Even the Maoris en-
Joy the franchise, and are now Increasing in numbers—a sure sign that
SPORTING OMISSUS Inmate and     hardly-earned goa1.,ver an ideal   place tor carrying oat
The groat spor^ topic this we* I&?%?Zt %^ttJL*£ !SnvZ„f leu!, fni^tf* " '* ,
isthelslana-MainlanUmattihatVan-^ertes would have counted lh« ltT\! ni ', ,aud llw"\ ahoui'i
couver today.    It would have   exeit-|   Thi. continual howhnJ?*bout    the" °a thfl "****'
od    greater     interest    hud    not the referee,  is becoming a nuisance   The I        JlJNIOH cirv.MPinvamu
match with  Nanaimo and the locals writer spola   to the manager of the oumoR CHAMPIONSHIP.
Leon eo-near at hand.    Ab it. Is, per- Wanderers'    team on  Saturday    and'   mi,     .    •         "
haps this latter is the game that is he -declared himself -us entirely'antia i ■ ? ,J"nior Uhumpionship will be
oftouost    discussed,    and by' all   ap- lied with tho referee.    He had   ovorv iS   °7 m Ulu 8l,orts Ground
pearunees excitement will be at fever wason to be, and tlie "local boys'' ? afternoon' When tho iNonthWard
heat when the great day dawns. -who made such a statement to   the i       Na,JfilU0 -J0--*'s will flffhfc out tlie
However, the inter-leUgue game Free Press reporter, are the Doorast If"48*", , *ar us ^ writer 'has seen
comes flrst, and we shall deal with kind of sports, and certainly do not ,i Prt WaPd hoys shouM noW *
it first. Both Nanaimo and Lady, deserve publicity for their opinions i . atJvanta£°- u"t W cannot bo over-
smith have a big stake In it, and Referee Simpson cautioned one of vhttt.lhoy woufc dt»™ heavily
under tho circumstances,  the C.P.K.   player   for  dangerous  kicking,    and th  W uimo in lheir lu&t   gmwtf
Company are mailing a mistake in awarded a fret, kick for the oflence »i ar? ™Uler toc-ined to' question
not running an excursion which A few minutos lator he spoko to the iw i, i 8u decisions' ami to talk
would have included both cities. It same man, an Indian, for foul ohurn- f * U1T i lhin"s always mlli-
is exacted that at least tho boat ing, and again awarded a free kick v atfMnBt a team's chunces. The
will be held over to enable the play- This pretty near oxhausted the list ,aMUimo boyH uru -Wing well looked
ere und spectators to return the of fouls, although, of courso thoro it and may havo another surprise
same night, although, at tho timo of were some handling.. There wore no ,1""!'° ,, dmmljiolls. H the
writing,     oven    thiB   much   is not -severe   penalties   in   the gamo,   and S boTasronoT h"^ UlU
i mtttti. n.r.a*»
, ♦*<%%%% *%»%HH%<U%UtHW W* V " ' • ^■*<-fc»*t%»*«t»ii
oven     this   much    is not severe
known.    With this concession   even, thore is not    a player on the team
players     and    supporters from hero'who will   deny     that the play was
will   have   to     travel   by   the   ton ! clean and that tho referceing was im-1
i.1v+„«0|rt« „„,1    fhnn (.«»*!„!      Tho  boy8  wh0   sp()k0  t{)  thQl
lock* train to Kxtouston and   then}partial
gis by stage Irom ^here to Nanaimo.
Also, tliey will have to spend Saturday night in Nanaimo, all of
which is considerable of un inconvenience and a poor inducement to swell
tho troJIlc returns on the E. &l N.
•As regards the team and the game,
Ladysmith, in all probability, will
only tyavo two mon engaged. -McKinley has cancelled his appointment,
He has had a sore leg for weeks,
und by persisting" tn playing it has
got steadily worse instead of bolter.
He has therefore beon reluctantly
compelled to forego his'place on the
teum. Thackeray, who should have
i.-ul a position trom the first, will
most likely get the vacant place. Adam and (Jruhum are the only two
home players loft on tho team, and
O'Connell and Uraingcr will attend
as reserves. Certainly it is not a
very large representation from tho
bib holding the championship.
Ho far as tho game is concerned,
tho Island team should give a gcod
account of itself, lt cannot bo said
to ho weak in any department, al-
tho writer hus never seen fairly test-
though Struthers would be a big
improvement on Lorimer. Hurley,
ed, but he enjoys a big reputation
with the Nunuimo sports. Williams
also is hardly tu bo regarded as a
flrst class winger; uut, taken as a
whole, tho team should prove good
enough for tho Mainland representatives. Bradshaw, on the only occub-
|ion on which the writer has seen him
\ is-a-vis to Itogers, was the butter
man of the two, ..and Howitt will
compare favorably with any full-
burk lu tho province. Altogether It
will be a great surprise if tho Islanders do    not    lower the flag of the
Jt Is too early yet to discuss at
any length the grout match set for
tho fourteenth.   Tho Free Press man,
they are not an opposed race.     Six however, has already     taken a  proof them are members of Parliament! llminary   survey of  the  gamo,   and
As a health resort, too, New /ea- sjwaks in unwonted terms of respect
land Js uIujom'   y, •.«*  «'■'■■.«   »«r..». ,,r (j10 jUadysmlth olov«n.   Tbe wrltur
Edwin Mtddloton, in admits    that    the oxSiottfon of the
l uliiinsi
"The Penny Pictorial."
First Division Results to Feb. 15.
W. Li D. Pts.
Freo Press man*  cannot have   boen
players, and, of course, there are always those among tho -followers of a'
club who cannot take a boating. The Manchester United  .
Wanderers aro   not tho   team   thoy Newcastle United
were before the League season   com- „..„..    vot_A_.__t_*l...
menced, and they lost the game   on Shemeld   Wednesday
Saturday because thoy started    too Preston North End
slow, and played poor football. Bury	
There nre poo~n Victoria   w„o'Manchest8r clty -
aro ol tho   opinion that  Ladjumlth Middlesborough ... ,.
nro poor sports    and have not   yot Everton ...... '.	
learned how to -tak© a licking,   This Ashton Villa
dog-in-tho-niongcr business is intend- ,     '	
ed as an example of the magnanimi- Bns'01 ^'ty 	
ty with which tho lilttors of   deloat Sheffield United 	
should l.e    swallowed.     And   inenn-| 4
time,    thoy   nro hugging   to    their
» ANOTHlStt    F1UHT.             *
* Sua Francisco,    liar. 5.— A *
* despatch from Los Angeles says *
* that Jimmy    iirltt bas signed *
* for a 24-round contest    with *
* -Tacky" McForland of Chicago  *
* to take    iplace in this city on *
* the night of    March HI.    The •
* weight    will be 133 pounds at *
* 8 o'clock on   the day ol    the *
* light. •
 » ■■     1 .,
.... i
..... 9
.... 8
i 3
0 0
a 2
9 9
9   8
8 7
11 7
10   i
9 8
7   27
7 27
i   20
8 20
8 26
8   20
 —      —..-     ••'-   '—B5."H     x«      viroii-  r|'if,-)»fpafVW     AND MURPHY
hearts thc consolation that tho chain.moJ11FBO"    AMU m^UI
pions   have   a licking   in store   for BEADY.'
thorn from the foot of Nanaimo. Tho '.  *;l
"Times,"    which always exhibits   ft\   -     «      ,        „      „    ,,n..., -,
decided    penchant lor the Y.M.C.A.,1   San F'">elsco, Mar. 0.-"Cyclone
after ltt account of tho defeat of its^Thompson and Johnny Murphy have
proteges on Saturday, had tho  fol- finished tholr training and appear to
lowing to say:    "For Ladysinith the       ,    ,     . M   ,     thelr cont(!(!(. to.
goal keeper is to    be congratulated;       " -   ,        ,
on his first showing; in tho Mund, morrow, lhe contest will bo for
league, but tho I,n<l,vsmitli officials twenty-flvo rounds and will lie pulled
are reminded that It is not consist-!o(j umlor tho auspices of Coltroth's
ont to kick against tho importing of- „,„    „ „„. .  . .       ,
playors on the 1st of February, and ,<-><"> h<"-0-    nll|y Roach "ns ,)B'm ll°-
thon -before tho     month    is out to'cidod upon as referee,
bring over a goal keopor from Vancouver and play Provlns,  when    ho
has boen play ng for Senotlo alt winter."
Thompson and Murphy arc regarded as two' of tho best fighters who
have como to the front in their division during the past year or
Thoy aro evenly matched and are
counted upon to furnish ono nf the
liveliest contests that has been soon
here lor some time.
New Partnership
Cartwright & Barclay
Vancouver, March 5.— Androw •
Stetson, a hand loggor, hnd a *
tree fall on Mm In his camp up •
the coast Monday afternoon. •
The tree cut clean oft* his right «
leg nt tho kneo. Stetson was •
alono, and bandaged up hln leg *
above the cut, and with tho cut •
off member under his arm, ho •
- crawled two miles to tho bench, *
• and then rowed two miles 'to a •
• settlement nt Lund.    This Jour- •
" noyjaolrhlm fifteen hours, and *
• thifo ho collapsed nnd dlod noxt '
• day.      The   body was   brought •
• horo this afternoon *
homo boys ut Nunuimo on January
111th, wus u surprise to the Ntinuimo.
pluyers, und all their supporters, it
ARE     was a surprise to our -boys as  well,
___%       It was known thut the Nanaimo boyt
-•— , wero disposed to hold thom cheaply.
LONDON, Mar. B.-Owlng to    tho Notnl"S    ••'"s done lo disturb   that
,_■„. .        .  , . „.,       Impression, ami I I.o team went up to
Improvement in monetary conditions tUu mmiyB w   conndont in thoir
tho directors of tbe Dank ol     Eng- ability to achieve a surprise victory.
land today reduced the discount rata *» overyhody knows Nunuimo spoll-
,.„,,,.,      . ,. ed all    thoir    well    laid plans, und
from    i to 8, per    cent.     It wat wrestwl   a glorlous vlctorJ ovon   in
thought ln tome quartan that     no the hour of defeat,
change would be made owing to the    Thera '» n°   danger "of taking  the
a«,,.k     a„,»„i„„. ™u „ ..,—  ....   visitors at unawares on this   occas.
South  -American gold retirements, i(m    ^ ^ lYM Vmm __,ltm.
the lets satisfactory opposition in "The socurin« of some now men
Berlin and delavlng returning    gold recently    hus   made   the Ludysmith
from    Nsw York, but    with monoy !fra, yet ,Tn ',onM_Jbl,.-     a""y
,     „ , , uiuiraj paying W||i luraiy muko his presence
moro plentiful horo the receiving ol reit at outside lett, also Archie Olegg
over thirty million dollnrt,     which at con tie half.    Wynne, of Seattle is
probably will be Increased, from tho Buld i° bo, tt j*0111"", half than the
,, . , _ , ' ... man ho replaced, und Martioy, who
Ihipmenta from England, and fresh KcettUy Mt tho Nationals' is an lin-
arrlvuls from other centres, tho bank provomont over Morrison ln goal. It
authorities thought ll safo to rcduco i8 expected Tommy O'Connell will
ti. „„•*..     -m. ,  .   .     a    be sulllclently recovered from his uc-
Its rito.    Tho monoy market olroady old(mt  ,„   ?Mm.w  t0 ^   out and
had discounted the change by lower- prepare for the match on the 14th.
Ing tho rates of thoir months' hill to A" w"8 8uld tho othor day, tho chum-
j,  _er ccn^ pions will   mako a powerful bid   to
Tho "Times" man 1ms allowed his
partisanship to run away with him.
The Ladysinith officials havo bcon
guilty of no Inconsistency. Thoy protested against tho playing of Muln-
lund men, who had already tal.-i-n
part In tho flrst rounds of tho 11. C.
Cup competition, in tho Island League. They argued, and still argue,
that it is against tho constitutions
of the association that It Is bound to
Injure footbull on tho Island, and
that it paves tho wily to professionalism
the Island' Association, on those
points, always making It clear that, 1
If importations woro log 1. thon thoy claoa t0 taKe
w.mi-.i imunrf, nicy outninod a ru'-'game abroad. He has engaged posing, n ruling which made It eligible Bage ,or UmBal and manager and
for any Mainland player to compete , T . . „ , „ • . _„„
in the Island League. That having Elands to soil lor France tomorrow
boon decidod, they-have not hesitat- having completed partial arrange-
od to avail themselves of tho services ments   for    several flghtB In Paris,
of on'-    -Hid men who,  Barkus like, I   .„.   „.,„,,u.„ ,_ ,„.. .„ „,.i„,.i„,,
woro ready nnd wllllrtg to assist the' "*""• t">°mm '" Ju8t now euloylae
club. I more favor .than wus over tho   caso
To put tt as    briefly   as possible, before in the    French capital.    His
they are determined, if possible, 'to or6t match will probably bt    with
kinship.     a*- —
Vancouvor, March i.— Dy tho *
paymont of a quarter of a 'mil- *
lion dollurs within tho pust *
woek a throo million dollur suw- •
mill and timber deal hus boon *
completed. 'Lester W. David, of *
lllnine, bus, with othor share *
holders, disposed of interests in *
tho Fruser River sawmills, of *
Westminster, and largo timber *
areas. The mill will be rebuilt •
and made tho largest and best *
in D. I'., and will reopen iu Au- *
gust. *
Tho buyers are E. E. and Lou- *
iB Swift, Chicago packers, -Peter *
Jensen, lumberman of Nebraska, *
Col. A. A. Davidton, Toronto, *
and A. D. Mciiuo. •
——4—    '      '   .
New York, Mar. 0.— Willie Lewis,
      'who haa been working his way    to
Thoy asked lor a ruling from the front in the middle weight    di-
, vision at a  fast clip lately, has de-
a try at tho boxing
retain their title.
The announcement had little effect    "There can bo little    difference, If
on the market, whore buying still is any, between   thom und lho   Unltod
■final-     ,„,.„    ,..,-,_„,. U—A.— 1 1   and If tho    weather    conditions ars
most    meagre.   Consols hardened », „n0( th0   mat(,h 8||ouW g0 down  ,„
but In othor directions tho tone  bo- t|,0 history of Urltish Columbia foot-
came fli-mor with barely a  chnngo ln ball ns among   the greatest   of   tho
rlcg, lot.   If. memory serves aright Lady.
 . smith has never been beaten on  her
,.,- -„ ,.,„„„„„,  Qr,„.„™,„a °"'n grounds, and that thoy fully In-
SALL OI   DICKENS'   SOUVENIRS u.|ld  t0    ma|ntIl|n thut record goes
LONDON, Mar. ii.—Ths salt at without saying, and thut Nanaimo
auction at Chrlatlet' ol the famous Intends to break that record Is oq-
Dickens collection of porctlu.n w'hlcn l"«!7t »a grout match.
includes Une Drssden and Sevres sain with tho cliiimplonship as tho first
pies, attracted a host ol foreign main issuo. A line tiny, a good field,
dealers yesterday. a sqiiaio .leal,   uml   tho   best   team
' "• win—that is all «e ask.
DttpiU ths Unsocial depression, Having thus expressed himself re-
good prices were realized, 104 lots gurdlng lho seniors, the Freo Press
being sold for *140,000.     Tht high- "'.'V"' itoi'_ biKk *»»»*•>• stylo nnd
,      , ...rt . . spirit lo which we havo grown
est prices were *10,U00 for s tevres amUmml when Lndysmith Is his sub-
Jnrdincer 8; iaohtt high, palnttd by Ject.   Spouklng of tho gamo horo lost
Morln and Schiodx, and $17,000 for Saturday, he soys:   "As far as It Is
■ni    ... .to lie itBcortainod, lho match was   a
set of thrtt tecres vases and co- vol.v    C|0M ono   Bra, though   u^,.
vers    palnttd by Morln and Gildby smith wore   the aggressors   for   tho
BOSTON, Mass., March 5. — The
new scout cruiser Birmingham was
pieced Id drydock at the Chsrles-
town Now Yawl today to lit cleaned ..„„ ,„„„, „„„. „„ ,.„, .__   _.
£&&& l\a\ ri°rnn8"AP,cordn S^'th^\SS TmTml.
t«^n  nrX. \\W_\_\  tL ^",1-^Ml   ">«  P^™   b»  Pon"""^   thom    SOV-
SiVlftat&^la^rSi "S&SFfWJ*- M   -
over ths Rockland course next wook. „„'; l£ °™
This test will be followed by the Usual twenty-four hours' trial nt   sea,
In which the vessel must develop   a
best part of tho first hall, the Na.
tmliiio boys wero all ovor tho homo
team in tho socond period, excepting
that they were poor shots, nnd horo
It was that tho Wanderers lost. Had
thoy done ordinary shooting thoy
would hnve lientcn thoir opponents,
but failed badly ln front of goal.
Tho local boys say that tho roforoo
snttd of at least twenty-three knots ""j^ii
side. Bo this ns It
mny the local team lacked ginger at
tho Btnrt, falling to show the snme
desliv to   get in   and mix it   ns  ll
an hour In   ordtr to meet the    requirements of hor contract.
Nothing need he said of the   facts
of the game.    -But tht rcmarkt   nn-
ont tho roforeolng of the mntch call
for tomt sharp commont.   Mr. W. G.
Simpton, the secretary of the home
8.—Tht committee c,u,'> handled the whistle.    He   hns
' „„„„i„t,vi »„ ...... ...ui, ...   _i it.    one bad fault as a roforoo on a home
[appointed to confer with ths Metho- a,,,,,     „„ ,,„„ on,v „„ ^  offoncM
Ottawa,     Mar.
Ottawa, Mar. fl.-The sentence of
dtath' on Samuel Prltr, for tht mur-
dtr    of a  IKtlt girl    at Wolstley,
Bt*., hat been   commuted to    lift dlstt of thit dittrlet to endeavor to "oThis own srde,",'m1 always" grvos""ihe'
jmprisonmtnt   on the ground    that reach an agreement regarding doting visitors ths benefit ol tho doubt; On
Prltr wat not fully retponilble   for up of tomt of   tht smaller churehtt lh° 't"llor "mtcl1 *!ere °?- **?  ocoa""
hit conduct.                                       In rural poHlom
sslsltB- ~  -^sslslslslsltsIB ..-*.-.
Ion of the visit ol the North   Ward
oloven, ht refused the home boys
win the chanwionship. They woro
willing to compete for it with purely local talent, ann, Indeed, played
their own mon until tho point thoy
had raised had boon decided by tho
executive of the association. Now,
they are doing what they havo 'always said they would do, that is,
they are doing what others had been
doing all along. There is nothing
Inconsistent in thnt, and tho officials
may be oxcused if they refuse sacrl-
flce their legal chances to tho championship merely to please tho Y. M.
0. A. and Nanaimo clubs.
Those who saw Hartloy play at
Victoria on Saturday claim that he
saved the game, and am full of
praise of his abilities as a custodian.
Here ls what a Vancouver contemporary has to say of him. "Tho Nationals are without Hartley, who
has left tho city. It will bo a loss
to the National team to be without
a goalkeeper who was regarded by
many us being without an equal on
tbo mainland.'
By un oversight which the Editor
finds it hard to explain, no account
of the football match between the
Now Western nnd LadytmltU* Hotels
appeared ln Wednesday's issue of tho
standard. ' Let him hasten to
plain that It was not because he wus
helping the Ladysmith boys to cole
brate the r viceory, or that he was
assisting tho men of tho New Western to drown tho sorrows of dofcal.
As a matter of the very dryest fact,
tho Ed tor nover encountered oven
tho premise uf a bribe, and in all
these battles of tlie rival houses he
has beon loft high and dry amid 'all
the wot. It has been all through
tlie dryest kind ot sporting reporting
he has over oxperenccd. Uut ell
thit it neither cigars nor gtngor
hoer. Everybody lanows tho Ladysmith men drubbed the New Western-
era by throe goals to ono. Tliey could
have won by more bad all' their
plnyois been as quick w lh tho r
hands as Littio Tich, or If "Hitch"
had had more air, or If Bobby had
not barked his shin, or If tho other
team had quit. But they rim fnr
enough and were as phased with
their performance at thoy woro sole
with it tho next day. They had designs against the Tcmperanco men.
the city chumplons, but nt present
thoy are sitting on tho proposition,
tho only thing they have licen able
to sit on since Sunday.
Mr. Will Ellis, of Vancouver, has
taken a hand In tho controversy regarding tho vonue for the People's
Shield. In a loiter to tho "People"
ho takes -Dr.. Ing, of Calgary, severe,
ly to task. He points out that B.0.
would have been In tho competition
last year If any Information on It
had been available. He shows that
B. 0. Is tho biggest football province In the Dominion, and Vancou-
Mare Mauthlor,
the French    riium-
Australia haa won the last test
match by the comparatively tmall
margin of 49 runs ln tho cricket
matches bttween England and Austra
lie. England's second Innings having netted 229 runt, ot which Khod-
et scored 69.
Out ol the series ol flvt test match
1, Australia hat won four, thus demonstrating thslr superiority. But
It must ba remembered that the Eng
ilshmsn playod ln tho hardest kind
ol luck, losing nearly every toss ln
tht test matches whon the weather
was uncertain, and being deprived of
tho services of somo of their best
men on account of the Intense heat.
Tha victory of the Australians natures an Immense amount ol interest
being taken in tho game in England
when ntxt Australia sends a team
to England, when the -tennis can
meet under better conditions.
 ■ 4	
PEKIN, Mar, S.-Jupan is threatening to use force to recover the Ja-
punese ateonier Tatsuuiuru wbich is
still retained by iiong Pu on tht
West river. This vessel was seized
at ilaco on Feb. 7 by tho Chinese
customs cruisers on the charge that
the cargo of arms and aiiuiiunition
wus Intended for Chinese revolutionists, although consigned to a merchant of that placo. Tht cargo of
the vessel is ttill on board.
Chang Jen Chun viceroy ot Canton, before taking action, it ttuied
to bo awaiting proof that tbe vessel
und Its cargo should not be . con-
Uscated, The Souirion ot Cnlnn is
feared here on account ol tht weakness of the government, and because
of the doubtful legality.of the Chang
Jen Chun't action In seizing the Japanese steamer.
Duron Hulshl, the Japanese minister to China, yesterday handed to
the Chinese government Japan'! refusal to accept China's proposal, to
appoint a Joint Japanese and Chinese commission to examine all the
charges, ln the meantime releasing
tho steamer under bonds.
Japan demands flrst, the unconditional release of the steamer and,
second, an agreement to protect the
shippers from loss. This second a-
greomont means that China must
buy the cargo on board the Tatsu-
Today China proposed arbitration
by Vlce-Admirnl Sir A. W. Moore,
commnmior-ln-chiet ol the British
China station, but Japan refused
th's also and has warned the foreign buanl that such a proposition
Is unwelcome. She again expressed
her desire for tho release of the vet-
sol, failing which she said sho would
take the steps necessary to secure Its
Jauan resents .hotly the fact that
Chang    Jen Chuns soldleri boarded
the Tntsumnru and tnen hauled down
tho Japanese flag. ,
 4 ,
CALGARY, Alta.i Mar. 4. - Duncan G. Lomont has been arrested on
charge of embezzling tundt of the
North American Life Assurance Co.
Hs was liboi iIikI this morning, the
company's si.-llcltor announcing that
the case wi-.s one for civil not criminal action.
Nanaimo, March n.—
Should Seo That all Doors ol
Schools Open Outwards to
Provide tor Emergencies.
Tht attention, ot tho Freo Press
haa been drawn to a matter by a
parent of the city, that, in view of
the terrible disaster near Cleveland
yesterday, should be given immediate attention to by the local
school board. Uo states that in at
least two of the tchools the doors
open Inwards and that in one of
them tho inner door which opens outward, ond outer door inward, whon
opened, would mako it very Inconvenient lor tho tcholnrs to got out
In case of lire. All doors of public buildings should open outwards
to avoid at far as possible, Jams nt
tht exits In tho case of a panic. If
the' Informant is correct the School
Board might well look Into this mat
Winnipeg, Mar. 5.—The Maple Leafs
champions ot the Manitoba Hookey
Ltagut, leave thit evening for Montreal to play the Wanderers for the
Stanlty MP.
Boston, Mass., March 4.— The directors   of    the Calumet and   Hecln
Mining Company, declared a quarterly dividend of ti n share us against
the last quarterly dividend of |10.
I   Now Orleans, La., March 4.— Tha
[nine-hour law affecting railroad telo-
tho graphcrs caused about 25 per cent.
jof the southern Paciflc telegraph of-
I flees In Louisiana to be closed   today.
Steel Is Iron free from dirt, air I
er foreign substance fuse* with I
carbon. ,Cirbon gives toughncssl
slength, keenest tnd life.    . .
1 Thirty year's study of the rti
sltuallon has shown a way tor
add thi highest per cent of'
carbon to a Carbo Magnetic
[rasor blade throug a secret
IMD giving It a uniform diamond like hardness-something absolutely Impossible
With Arc tempered 1 razors,  .
and they arc Hamburg grouno.V
But Test this UNCONDITIOfVi
Ladysmith Hardware Co, I I Ft"
CLEVELAND, Mar. 1.- In tho
most terrible holocaust in the history bl this section of tne country,
over 100 children lost their lives today in a tiro which destroyed the
three story brick school building un
Coilomer avenue in Collingwood, a
suburb, Just outside the 'city limits.
The lire started in the basement of
the building Just after school con
vtntd.     lt was causod from am
The smoke from the nre quickly All-
ed the building and alarmed the chll
dren and teachers. A panic ensued
No flre drill was used In rescuing tbo
children. They madly rushed cr
tho doors and windows.
Walter G. Kelly, a newspaper man
two of whoso children were in the
building, was ono of tho flrst on tho
scono. Ho stated that tho roar
door, one ol two
Tho children rushed for the front ami
rear doors. The front exit was
jammed lull of fighting and panic
strlckon humanity. Many who got
to tho oxlt first escaped, but those
who followed chocked tho doorwn.v
Thoso who ioll wero trampled upon,
nnd many are supposed to have boo i
killed. Those behind thon turncl
and mndo for tho windows. Some
upon the second and third floors
jumpod from tho windows nnd cscap
ed. In this way thrco or four wort-
killed while others wore more for
tunate and escaped with slight in
The greater number of those who
met doath wero cut off from oscoi >>
by the smoke which blinded thom.
In thiB    mnnnor they    fell with thc
lower floor amid blazing timbers to
the basement below.
Bodies    were taken to tho morgue
at the    Lake     Shore and Michigan
Southern Company's shops.    It
now    believed that the loss of lives
will roach 11 not
Factories in the immediate vieln
ity dismissed tbeir mon who weul to
tbe rescue of the little ones. A fow
minutes after the school wns known
to be on fire it wat surrounded by
parents who wero frantic in tholr
dazed efforts to rescue their children.
Very few wcre saved from among the
children who were behind the jam at
the front door. Tht othert escaped
with sligiht injuries.
Tho flre wus started by an over
heated furnace. The (tamos quickly
spread, and a panic ensued wht-i
the building filled with smoke nnd
the 400 children uttempted to escape.
There were but two exits ln the
building that wart available. One
soon choked with children who duelled for the open air. Those who toil
in tho doorway were
by those behind and scon the doorway was impassable.
The frightened and: panic stricken
children turned to get out and tried
the windows and any other menus
that could be found. Escape by
this time wat out off by the flames
which by thit t me had spread all
through the rooms. Tho building
was al brick, yet this did not retard
the progress ol tbt Art.
tn a fow minutes the lower floo
fell precipitating scores of children
to tht basement among the burning
Tht scene about the building was
heartrending. Quickly the news nl
the terrible catastrophe spread all
ovtr tht village ind hundreds ol
parents were crowding about tho
building in toarch of their girls and
boys. In a fsw minutes 20 bodies
had beon taken Irom tht ruins, and
plainly tht writhing or stilled forms
ol dtutnt ot othert could bt seen o<
tht basement floor. Nturby factor
lot dismissed their men and instruct
ed thom to assist iu tht recovery ol
tht bodies. Tbey braved tho Are
and Bade heroic work to tavt thos-
who wart not dtad.
At ll.au twauty-Uvo bodies bail
been recovered from the ruins aud
were taken to the shops ol ths Luke
Short and . Michigan Southern railway, where the coinpaay't physicians
art attending tht Injured,
1 raotically every umbulanca In tin
outtern part ol Cleveland was called
at wall at every available physician.
Many ot ths children rescued aro bo
lisvtd to be fatally Injured eithe.
by lira or by being trampled upon.
Scorta of children have been taken I).
ths city hospitals.
Tlirtt little girlt met instant dealh
by attempting to Jump from the
third floor. They woro Mary Ridge
way, Anna Booth ond Gertrude Do
A man named Doran who arrived
upon tlie tctnt early, when tho children were crowded In the front door,
discovered hit little girl among the
mass ol Injured sod crushed. Ht
caught tht girl by tbt hands and' in
his frantic tfforts to tavt her
The laat four, who wart children of
tht Janitor of tha building, lost their
llvtt together.
Tht greatest lost of lift was caused by ant of tht exits being closed,
to    which    point scores ol child/-'.
i am Ti-r •'•'•?'■'•■•""'TirrrTi'is'inri'iVfr'
rushed, Their etcape • • ulocliod
by a dOoi- that opened .iiwurd, I -
thit manner they wore delayed iu
reaching the other doors aud ' windows. It IS said that us a result
of this stampede alone scures of tho
children lost their lives.
Reports of the number of dead ui-e
varied. Ths first estimate.) placed
the number as high as
Ueporls are cuniliuttng at tills liti o.
in liie excitement lt is uuijusuiuio l.j
lorni a reasonable oatiinale. Judging from tho number oi tiouius thai
have been recovered und tho number
.missing' together wiln lho number
thut can bo seen iu the basoiuuiil it
is safe to say thut luu have pons'
quarters had been provided for    the law which cntne to the province. In
younger children in the attic. stead ot    celling   it by   auction, a
, more .business-like method  would   be
Strange as jt may seem, more     of ,„„„;„,     The ,UM() w0UWbe admiu.
the pupils escaped from this     part iste'red   -by    officers ol 'the   Govern
of the school    than from any other.
The ohildren were
tliey had been practised frequently in
tho drill. Their touchers without
exception, retained their self-possession, showing grout courage In tho
fuce ol imminent death, and yot ovor
half ol theso littio ones died horrible dentils because of tho
arrangements.       The school    house
was two    stories and    a halt high.
The walls boing of brick and     concrete Inside,     it was a shell which
ed, und    the   list may grow us tlio burned with almost inconceivable ra-
u-utii ls revealed.
Of the nine touchers of the school
seven are accounted for. Tho Uo
missing aro Katharine Weiler of
ule,eland and 0 ..e Flske of East
Cleveland. Principal Frank 1'. wi.it
ney of tbo school, estimates the num
ber uf dead (rom- 76 to l&O. Thi
pupils were mostly little chlldro-,
rungiing Irom 9 to 10 years.
Up to one o clock Uut afternoon
sixty bodies have been recovered
from tho ruins. 01 those 32 woie
ldeutilied. The bodies of 12 boys
and 11 girlt are at tho morgue of
the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern railway, all are burned btyetu
The panic that had worked 'tu .
fearful results inside the building,
spread to tho crowd outside, but on
ly for a brief tune. Organised ••.
forts to rescue were soon under wa>.
Firemen played streams upon the
piles of bodiot in tht doorways an I
tried to drag odt the bodiot. wn.li
their Implements. Ambulances i-
automobile! were toon available tu
take the wounded to tht hotpitali.
Aftor the lire had beon coatroii-il
somewhat, pilea ol charred bodies
were still visible in the doorway, lc
tht rear door bodies, burned beyond
recognition, lay piled five loot l->v.
A man who reached the scono sh-jri-
ly afttr the Are broke out, decla ■•
tbat tha back door waa looked, lie
attempted to break it down, but he
failed. He then.smashed in tho win
down with tht aid of othert and rescued a number of children. '1 he
names rapidly thot up through the
central halls.
It is said tbe   children were terr.-
lied beyond all control, and the t«i-
ohors, although thoy struggled bra •
ly to marshal their ohildren out   nf
tho building, were utterly hclplcs.
CLEVELAND, Mar, 5.—One hundred and sixty-livo lives, all but two
of them children between tho ages of
0 and 15 years, nre known to have
been lost In the lire which yesterday
destroyed the public school in North
Collingwood, ten miles cast of this
city. Several othors still aro miss
ing and tholr bodies may possibly
>e in the ruins.
It probably will bo several days be
foro tho exact number of dead is no
•ur.itoly determined.
Of the bodies recovered 10H huve
con idontlliod. Tho remaining bo-
libi nro so blackoncd by flre and
smoke, so bnttorod and bruised by
the trampling, that it Is only by
means of some unhurnod articles of
wearing apparel thnt their names
can ho ascertained.
The cause of tho Are which, aided
>iy a frantic police, a narrow holt
way and doors, which It is claimed
hy many wcro nip-la to open inward,
still Is,a mystery. ' ft was at first
supphsed that It originated from an
overheated furnaco or nn oxplodod
holler In tho basement of tho school,
't lint boen established that there
was no explosion, and the janitor of
tlio school, Fred Hcrtor, threo of
whoso children perished, declares it
could not hnvo "boon from the furnace. Yesterday tho weather wat
comparatively worm and tho janitor
declares that ho malntalnod fires   nt
lower rato than usual. Foarlng
ha had not sufficiently warmed tho
building, he was, according to his
story, on his way to open tho furnace draft, whon ho was mat by
three little girls running from the
basomont who told him thore wus a
flro below. These threo littio girls
are now being sought by the police
and the flro commissioners, lt is
considered entirely possible by certain members of the Collingwood
school board that they may have,
through carelessness started the
bhut which cost the lives of to
many children. L. R. Gardner, a
member of tho school board, is positive In his assertion thnt the lire
waa ol
That portion ol the building ln which
It wat discovered thoro wart no
eloctrlc light wires, thero was no
waste or dirt or means ot creating
ment who would dispose, of it on business principles,
The member from Nunuimo wos
poiisible for the expM'lsicn of Win.
Wuiuwright, second Vice President
the Uil'.p., from the floor of the
House during the afternoon. While
tlio House was ill committee ull the
Clvil Service bill earlier in tlie afternoon, the Opposition, apparently
wishing to obstruct the bill as inuen
us possible, had objected to strangers on the lloor of the ilause. This
was raised -by John Oliver, and was
aimed at an actuary who iiad assisted tho Government in preparing thu
superannuation ond of the bill, and
who was sitting by tho lion. Dr.
Young tu ussist him in dealing with
tho bill. Thoso ou tho lloor uf the
chamber wero, according tu the rule,
asked to retire.
Later, when the G.T.-P. bill was
about to come up, Mr. Waimvright
and othor ottieiais of the G.T.P.,
took places on the lloor.
Mr. Hawthorntiiwiiito noticing that
thoso woro strangers, colled attention to tho situution, and requested
tho retirement of strangers.
Accordingly nil-. Wuiuwright und
his friends uud to boat a hasty retreat.
Tne Civil  Service Hill wns tied up
it'yesterday owing    to the obstructive
methods of the Opposition, John Oliver took     objection to amendments
pidity. The interior was a mats of
smoking    ruins     lying in tho collar
Within thirty minutes after the alarm oi fire was sounded.
| Miss Anna Morun, the principal of
the school, donlos that tho doors open Inward and insists that they were
never locked during school hours.
She ttid:
"When tho boll rang 1, and I suppose tho other teachers thought
was the regular flro drill.       Every
child In tho school has gone out ov-j moved   by   Dr.  Young, and insisted
or ond over again    from the second | tnat the amendment increased    tho
floor to the open air in ono mlnnto, K00 "1,"n <to province and would
, ,i._t a        ., ,   .    llmvo t0    uo    introduced by message
and thirty seconds.     You can Judgo from ills Honor tho Lieutenunt Gov-
from    that how quickly we reached (ornor.   After a lengthy doliato on tho
thc first floor. When wo nearod the
front door we saw the flames coming up tho basement stairs, and
wilhout knowing it, we led thoso
little children into the
Only one of the double outer doors
were open. The door was fastened
by a spring at the top, betore the
Janitor got to open It the children
had wedged themselves into tho vestibule and the others, in a panic,
stumbled and climbed over them.
It was frightful, so near safety. If
I could have turned my line back,
they would have had somo chance on
the third floor, but they kept   com-
1 subject, tho matter wus referred 4.0
tlie speaker, who askoti timo to consider the question. The committee
therefore rose until a decision should
be given.
J. A. Macdonald, speaking -in tho
evening said ho would support the
second reuding of the bill. Tho Opposition would keep this out of party politics. He did not, however,
agree that 23.UUU acres were necessary for terminal purposes at Prince
Rupert. Ho agreed it wus u wiser
move to convert the reversionary in-
terest of the provinco in those Indian
lands rather oliau allow it to stand
as .a reversionary interest which
might only come, into effect after several hundred years.
,W. J.'Dowser spoke at length on
the bill sotting forth tho bettor treat
ment which tho province had secured
for il.C,
.   t     |.«. tt.v. as compared with the   Doing down     nnd    we could not slop I minieu government.
Hon. Mr. Fulton  " Said so on Floor
of the House Yesterday ln Answer to Questions.
(From our uwu Correspondent.)
VICTORIA, .Mar. 4.—In tho houso
yesterday    afternoon before adjourn-
The Canadian Bank
Of Commerce
13. E. WALKER,
ment, J. U. HiwthbrntbWalto asked ALEX. LAIK.D, General Ma sgei-
The bill passed its second reading,
only Uje throe Socialists voting against it.
thom or do anything to save them,
From the outside ni«n were trying to
jmlt the children out, but the rrush
was so tight that it was almost impossible. A dozen died within a
foot of absolute safety."
An investigation into the cause of
the flre is promised. Governor Harris last ni.mht announced that the
state authorities would look into the
matter in ■ a most minute manner.
He issued instructions to the department of workshop and factory
inspection to commence an investigation at once.
The lire marshals are earnestly miek
Ing to establish the cause and place
the responsibility for the flre. The
officials of the coroner's ofllco are
also working to the same end. The
school board of Collingwood have' Vo,t Arthur' Mar* 4-Jm TbomV
taken up the matter «id will look l80"' tt contractor handling coal for
into it carefully. So far, however, lhe UnHed Coko Company, fell off a
no clues of value and no definite ln-1load ot coal - todej- breaking his nock
Ottawa, Mar. 4.—Deputy Min-
itter of Labor King leavet tomorrow for London to urge upon the Imperial authorities the
advisability of restricting immigration to Canada of Asiatics from Urltish possessions,
who to send and not to send.
formation have beon obtained.
Victoria, Feb. 28, 1008
Hon.  Richard McUrido, Premier.
Dear Sir,—In consideration of the
exemption from taxation grunted tu
cur company in its agrceinont wllh
your government, 1 hereby undertake
on behalf of the said company that
in tlie construction of its railway
within tho province white labor shall
be exclusively employed unless otherwise permitted by tile Lieutenant.
Governor ln Council.
1 further undertake to implement
the loiter by uny other or formal undertaking under the soul of tho company thut may bo necessary to glvi
full legal effect thereto.
Yours truly,
Socond Vice President,
Tho above letter was read in tho
House yesterday by the Premier,
whilo discussing the G.T.P. bill and
was greeted with loud applause, us
evidencing tho fact that tho local
Government lu its negotiations with
the G.T.P; had made an exceedingly
liivoriiblo arrangement witli the conipany us far us labor was concerned.
lt wns explained by the Premier
that tlie company had expressed ' a
strong opposition to the proposal 10
incorporate in the bill unything
which might- threaten disallowance ut
Ottawa. Any section which excluded
a particular class ot labor was therefore opposed, but the letter .ms given which Mr. Mcllrido said was sulli-
clont to guarantee tho work .if 0 instruction being carried out by white
labor. '
The Premier did not speak long on
the second rending ol the bill. Ho
outlined somo of the main features
of tile moasuro, stating thut the government had been actuated by only
ono motive in tho matter and that
was the inborcsts of tho provinco.
The Government had secured after
long negotiations several decidod
concessions. Tho first of theso was
tho immediate construction of tho
G.T.P. from tho Pacific terminus.
This wus secured after the Dominion
government had noglectod to havo it
siie'clfiod In tho Act when it was passed at Ottawa to. tho disadvantage ol
the province. Aftor continued negotiations tlio Government has also secured from tho company tho concession that supplies wero to bo purchased In the provinco. This assurance coming from a company of tho
stand of the G.T.P. was sufficient to
ensure Its being carried out. The
fnir-wugo clause had been Inserted,
making the Dominion's stipulation
to this effect doubly sure.
The Premier pointed out that   the
government   had    received 12.60 an
acre for tho t.'l.ooo ncres after - the
Dominion Government had requested
_^^^^^_^_ the local Government to hand    ovor
Thtro were In the building at   the the lands without the payment 0>  „
time of tho fire between 880 and 385'mt.     But 'his wos only a   small
,    ,        .     . . ,, part of the bonoflt to be derived. Tho
pupllt and nine    teaohsrs, two     ol qmTler interest   which was retained
the latter    aro among tho dead    in would, he felt suro, in tho noxt   do-
tht morgut nt Collingwood. onde nmount tomlllions.
Th. school wa. overcrowded    and ..».«*« "W**1- *. th° bl". *»   »■'
and causing Instant death. He was
2i years ol age and unmarried,
Winnipeg, Mar. 4.—The body of tht
lute Judge Kilam reached the city
today. Tho funeral will take, pi 1 .
Thursday afternoon.
Llndsny, Ont., Mar. 4.— Fred Stub
bins, 8G years old, a snow shoveller
was killed on the G.T.R. yesterday.
The man leaves n widow and three
London, Ont., Mar. 4.—Thos. Raw-
lings, 05 years old, committed suicide yesterday by taking carbolic
Man Tries to Kill Himself Six 1'imo.i
and is at Last Successful-
Takes Gas Route.
NEW YOUK, Mar. l.-John Grant
a former prize lighter, who had failed in six previous attempts to kill
himself, in one of which ho jumpo 1
from Brooklyn Bridge, aftor slashing
both wrists and swallowing carbolic
acid, committed suicide today by
inhaling gas In his brother's homo
in Brooklyn.
Grant gained consldornblo-proinln-
enco during his ring career by defeating Cal. McCarthy and lighting
long draws with George Dixon and
Oscar Gardner.
Ills escai 0 from death in his leap
from Brooklyn Brldgo was marvellous. When he took the ordinarily
fatal plunge the river was running
Pill of Ico floes, but, narrowly missing two tugs, his body plunged Into
clear wator and he waa only slightly bruised when rescued and taken
to a hospital.
CHICAGO, Mar. 4.—Lazlorus AVer-
bnch, ths young Russian anarchist,
who attompted to ussnasinate Shiof
oi Police Shlppy, and wat killed him
self, waa one ol the men who called
upon corporation counsel Brundidgs
several weeks ago to secure permission for the parade ol tin unemployed. Thla permission was denied be-
caiiso it' was bellevod lt would bring
about a clash between the "reds"
nnd the police.
Avcrluuch wns not a member of
the regular committee that accompanied Mr. B. L. Reltman over    to
the city hall.     He Wat a tort    ol
the method of administering  the camp follower
question as to whether the gov- A.
eminent had glut any further information respecting tlie situation in
Nanaimo regarding the unemployed,
lion. F. J. Fulton said that the
government was in communication
with &lr. Cameron and hud been informed that there were a lurgu null)
ber out of employment. Tlie exact
number could not be ascertained.
The majority of the man, Mr. Cum
eron said who rerortod to him said
they were "broke."
Mr. Hawthorn tli waite wanted tu
kuow if anything was being dune by
the government witli respect to gi\ ■
ing the unemployed work.
Tim duel' commissioner suiU tbut
work wus. tu be done on tlie rouUti
Which would give employment to a
cun&tuerabiu number. Tho work
would be extended also upon ths
roads, nut unly in the vicinity uf tin
city, but in Cedar District,
The Civil Service Bill passed its
second reading. J. 11. llawtburntb-
wuite supported it very strongly una
urged that tbe government should go
one step further and make it apply
tu all classes.
Ths only .Liberal who voted for
the second reading was Ur. Kerguu.
lho Socialists supported it.
The (irand Trunk pacific Bill wus
laid over by the Premier until thu
following day.
The bill tu amend the Liquor License Act provoked considerable discussion, it was explained by tbe
government that the bill had for its
object tho going back tu the conditions prevailing before lSU'J whereby
the liquor licenses were ulucod under the control of the superintendent
of proVneiul police instead of in the
(•the hands uf license commissioners,
appointed by the government.
The attorney general explained
that it had been decided to adopt
this course largely as a result **t
the dilliculties which . it was felt
would arise in connection with thu
opening up of such a large area in
northern British Culumbia.
By order-in-councll this course had
been agreed upon some time ago but
it was found that legislation was
required to enable the supenntjr
ent to carry out all his duties, The
licenses in municipalities would nut
bs affected by the now rule,
The opposition took tho gru'itU
that a dungeruus power wus being
placed In the hands of the ]n£xiucial
police. The superintendent would
have to be guided by tho advice of
the members of the force. Ths pro
vlncial police were in tho employ j|
the government and the effect woul.1
be that influence would be excited
for political purposes.
Hon. F. Carter Cotton, in supporting the bill, argiued that the system
at present in vogue hnd not given
entire satisfaction.
At the evening sitting, by agreement, nothing of a controverclal nature come up, A number of bills
wero advanced a  stuge.
E IRELAND, Superintendent
of Branches.
Paid-up Capital ®10 000.000
Rest     5.000,000
Total Assets.. 113.000.000
Brare'ies thrcugbout Canada unci iu the Unittd States and England
Farmers'   Paper   Diacountod.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received, and interest allowed at
cvtrron.'rates, The deptsifcoi' ia sulijeUt to no delay whatever in
the witl drawnl of ihe whole or auy part of the deposit
9:1)0 a. in., to 12.    4 p.m., to S p.
ni.    P p.m., to 8:30 p.m.
President and Managing Director.
-I i i-v-Ti-ciisiirer.
Conservatives, 31 Beats.
Liberals, 12 seats.
independents, a scats.
ST. JOHN, N.B., Mar. 8.- Atter
being In power twenty-live years the
Now Brunswick Libornl government
sulTeretl'a sevore detent in today's
Winnipeg, Mar. 4.—The following ia
the personnel of the now house in
New Brunswick: The election results give tho Conservatives ^1
soats, the defeated Liberal government 12 and tho independents 8. Tho
threo independents, who were eleetod
in Gloucester on Monday, will u,
doubtedly support the new Conservative government.
St. John, N.B., Mar. 3.-After being) in power twenty-live yoars un-l -
different lenders, tho Now Brunswick
government suffored a docisive defeat in today's elections. Going into the Aght with 35 supporters to
tho 11 possessed by the opposition,
the result tonight leaves the situation practically reversod, thc government having only IB members and
the opposition 31.
Tonight thc opposition are greatly
elated, for besides having to contend with tho ordinary resources of
the government. Hon. Wm. Pugsley.
minister of public works ln ths Laurier government, lent tho government
tlio full force of his Influence, making promises ol public works In return for tho support of the government candidates. Tht dredge, "W.
S. Fielding", was also brought to
St. John and put to work in the
hnrl-or. Despite all this the government wns badly beaten,
Meals Served at all 'lours.
First Class
Private Rooms
For Ladles
Clam Chowder nnd Oysters
w.LMOOlit   -    Proprlcior.
Stove Wood
Cut by White Labor Oaly.
Express!] an
The Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
P.t). Box 54 'Phone 44
Dealer In All Kindt ot
Keats Delivered free ot charge on tat.
Shortest Notice.
All Home Cured
Koberts St. Butcher
MONTREAL, Mar. 5.—The grand
jury has returned no bill against
William Foster llottomly, Grand
conductor, charged with niunsliiugli-
scr in connection with tho death of
Fireman Simiuunds, as the result of
collision ut St. Mary's Junction,
on the ground that the charge wus
TORONTO, Mar. i.— About three
hundred left for western Canada yesterday by the lirtt of till settlers
excursions ol the year. Tbe crowd
was much smaller than anticipated,
tn account ol tha blocked condition
of the railways. It will probably bt
fully madt up by later excursions.
BARCBLANO, Mar. 4.-Placards
posted throughout Barcelona announcing that an attempt would bt
made on the life ot King Alfonso on
hia approaching visit to this elty,
March 12. wart torn down and destroyed today by tbt police.
Union Brewing Co.
Ladysmith, B. C.
aqd Pis:*/
Always Fresh   n Hand.
Wedding and Party Cakea Made to
Fruits and Candles of All Kinds
Prices are    very   reasonable.    All
Customers treated alike.
Chicago, Mar, 4.-Chat. Yt»v
lutlt, 86 years old, alleged an-
nrckitt, was arrested today in
connection with the attempted
aaiassinntlon of Chief ol Police
Montreal, Mar. 5.—The hockey
match last night between tho Wanderers and Shamrocks was won by
the Wundorors by tho score of 4 to
0. At half timo the score stood 4-8
In favor of tho Shamrocks, but  the
Mayor Moore, Who Put the Lid   c
Soattle, ll Defeated by a
Big Majority.
Vancouver, Mar. 4.- J. M. Miller      _______________________________________________
wns sleeted Mayor of Seattle yetter- Wanderers outplayed the Shamrocks',
day by six thouiand pluralty. ln tne ,^0^ half.
mil Stoat ol Mlnert' Toolt.
Ship Repairing Work
A Specialty
All klndt ot Blaektmltblng     i
Boot tt Short Nottot. I
«f»f*%<>*e>%%%%%«f%ejo«>«»t»eye>e< .,%4> *>*«.**.»
LADIES' RAINCOATS, Just the Thing for This Weather.
MUSLIN WAISTS,   Full Range Just Delivered.
SPRING HOSIERY.Seo Our 50c.    Ladies'   Llama Hose.
LONG KID GLOVES, in Tuns, Black and White.
SKIRTS,  In All the Latest Styles.
EMUROIDERIES, A Very Choice Selection.
+««.♦♦♦*.■«.♦•» f--a.^-».-a.*-v*.^ •%■*>♦
•■«.<. e.-«-«.-«^*v«,%^
Two    or   three   rooms   to    rent.
Rooms unfurnished.     .1.  J. McNeill,
P.O. Box 3, Ladysmth.
The -following vessels called at the
local wharves during the week: Chins
man, Venture,     Princess lOna,  -Priii-
the agreement wus made possible by
an important concession by the king
in contenting that the parliament
have control of the Congo budget.
In addition the king gives to Belgium the magnificent domain of Captain Ferrat in the south of France,
reserving for himself the uso of it,
however, during his lift time.
Tho government on his part agrees
to proposo that the chambers vote
a special fund to curry out certain
undertakings in   the Congo and   the
leges during his confinement. Hi hat
never spent a night in a cell, it It
aald, having been given quarters tn
a large room on the lower floor of
tht prison. Hit work required hit
presence ln the main offlct ol thepri
son at all hours, It having been nothing unusual for him to start on
his work as early as flve o'clock and
to remain up until midnight.
During such time as the prison
work did not require his attention he
lias been studying French and German and Is snld to have become pro-
llciont In both languages. He was
not roquii-eil to wear the strlpoB of
a convict, and persons having business with the prison, transacted it
with him without having tho slightest Idea from his appearance that
they were dealing with other than a
l-nid officer of the institution.
Machen Is said to be the picture of
health, his condition being much better than when ho entered the prison.
His hair is a shade whiter than
when he was committed, but he is
In splendid physical condition,
During the three years he has beon
deprived of his liberty he has not
seen a member of Mb family, but a
photograph ol all ol them has formed part ol a glass paperweight on
his desk. It was his wish that mem
bers of his family should not seo htm
in prison, and his wish was respect-
Beatrice, all for i'iiel;^Cluyliiini jjelgium which fund will not' exceed
twelve million dollars, and at the
same timo a special annual credit of
»0O0,0OO would lie included in ' the
Congo budgets for 15 years for the
construction of hospitals and other
institutions in the Congo. It is expected that the annexation treaty In
its now form would bo presented to
the chambers on Wednesday or Thurs
day next. It was stated today that
the official gazette will publish shortly a royal decree about issuing 'the
crown domain in the Congo Free
and scows, cargo; Eagle, Queen and
Oscar, fuel; Doln and scows cargo;
Sudbury and scows, cargo; Czar and
Commodore, fuel; barges Two Brothers and Roliert Ker, cargo; the
Thor is at the T wharf waiting to
complete hcr cargo, and tlie Georgia,
-which brought up 100 tons of sample ore from Mexico, is loading . jal.
Sabbath Services, March 8.
Morning—11 a. m.
Evening—7 ». in,
Sabbath School and Bible Class at
2:30 p. mi
Sunday evening will be a Sacred
Song Service. Come nnd hear the
old favorites.
Beginning at ths latter end of this
month there will tie several big
shows in the local Opera House. The
series will liogin with "A Royal
Slave," on March 29, and there will
lie ether productions on April 3, 9,
10, and 11th. All the plays have
big reputation! and should prove popular attractions.  -*
"Pardon me, sir,** began the portly person in the railroad train to
the man who sat next to him, "but
what would you say if I sat on
your hat?"
"Suppose   you    sit on it and then
ask me," suggested the other.
"I did," admitted  the portly   per-
son, calmly.
WINNIPEG, Mar. 6— While being
taken to Portago La Prairlo jail by
Constable Williamson, Thos. Dempsey, of Rollin, Man., out his throat
while on the Canadian Northern
train, and ls in a dying condition.
Dempsey tried to shoot himself during tho night, and also tried to Jump
off tho train. The deed was dono
with a small knife which had been
hidden in his clothes, the man was
VICTORIA, Mar. 6.-The legislature will, according to the present
plans conclude its labors by Sutur
daj- night, The Intention 01 the
government is to get all legislation
necessary through by that time and
then prorogut.
Considerable remains on tho order
paper, although with two sittings a
day, the important bills are being
disposed of with excellent despatch
Yesterday was private members'
day in the legislature, and the lurgo
number of bills in the hands of pri-_
vats members got an opportunity to
come up for consideration. Tho afternoon was marked by the killing
of a considerable number of bills introduced by the Socialist members.
On most of these there were but four
hands raised in support, the three
Socialists, Messrs. Hawthornthwaite,
Williams and Mclnnes, and John Jar-
Mr. Hawthornthwaite's bill to regulate employment In dangerous industries v.liich proposed an sduca-
tional test for all persons working
in the mines, in powder works and a
number of other industries, was the
first to be voted down.
The   premier contended    thut     to
iI)Me fl Fit
The Derby
Shoe House
Slate &
>«v» %«>e.e>%%eKVe>eie>e>t>e>eve.%<tf
Telephone, 1 2-4
past the bill would mean to   throw
lot    ol Orientals out of employ- __,
ment,    In which they wort engaged,    Mr  John Ryan.loft town on  Wed-
and force them into others, thuB up- nesday evening for Victoria en routo
for his new homo in tho Yakima Vnl-
ff|clntyre Foundry &
Stove Conipany, Ltd.
Ladysmith, B. 0.
setting labor conditions.    Ue moreover argued that the Orientals would
readily   qualify to    takt tht educa-'  Mr, Jas. Adam returned heme from
tlonal tilt. Nanaimo Thursday morning.
J. A. Macdonald contended that' Mr 0muj Mui~Bitl!ll Nmmim0
thi bill was ultra viret and was on Wednesday ovenlng, returning on
clearly established aa such by    the Thursday morning.
decision   In tht    Dominion Colliery TTT
„ ■    •,       ..    __ ,      _       „     Mr. and Mrs. Chris Stevons loft on
Company, before the Privy Council. W(xmesday for the North;
Ht contended that the Socialist lead
Mr. and Mrs. Win. Brown and daughters went   down to Victoria   this
1 morning.
Mrs. Ross,  of Extension,   boarded
the Victoria train this morning.
Mr. A. J. Waskett went down
Victoria"* this morning.
er must have known ths bill to be
ultra viret, and charged him with
attempting to trick, the legislature
on the Question.
The bill was defeated on its second reading, only the four mentioned voting for it.
Tbt bill to provide for a general
eight hour day in the province, introduced by Mr. Mclnnes, met tht
tame fate.
The bill ol Parker William* to    rt- the Victoria train this morning,
gulate tht procuring or employment    Messrg McKinneiTKllloon and Wll
of workmen wat defeated in ltt sec- SOn, of Nanaimo, went down to Vic-
ond reading, although both Hon. Dr. toria this morning.    ,
Young and W. Ross gavt lt support.'   M.yor p,anta q{ ta,M/ wag  ,a
This blU aimed at doing away with town this morning..1
deception in bringing workmen   into ——
the country by requiring that     em-    The passengers    on' the Czar   and
ployers who sought then employees t,°*!_<'>r bae#> yf*wda;if ovorUn-K in-
/..     .   . ,        .■-,'.    '■;     eluded   Messrs. Jat. Adum, J. G-ra-
outside of the province should    give nfUtti    T  aBd j   O'Connell,   J.   A.
full Information in the provincial Ga- Knight, II. Thornley and T. Spratt.
Bishop Perrln pasted through town
this morning on his way to Victoria.
Miss -Pringlo was a passenger   on
Toklo, Mar. 6.—A serious lire
took place this morning at No-
datoy, a brewing town     near
Toklo, four hundred out of one
thousand    houses in the town
'   were destroyed.    The damage is
'  estimated at about $3,000,000.
BRUSSELS. March 4.- It Is announced that King Loopole and the
Belgian government have come to a
complete agreement of the question
of annexation of tlio Congo independent state.
It is stated in official circles   that
We aro now in a position to
show some of Our Spring Hats,
In Derby and other Shapes.
-Alto some Nifty
Shirts and Vests,
Patterns In
and    other
Leader in All New Spring Styln
William'! Block
NEW YOBK, Mar. S.-Twtntj- ol
tht largest drygoods and departmental stores in Manhattan und
Brooklyn havt ingaged Martin W,
Littleton aa counaol to pruttcute
ahop-lifting, and assurances have
been received from District Attorney
Jerome that his ollice will aid in
securing prison sentences for
table "kleptomaniac!.
The storekeepers lay they have
comparatively little trouble with
professional thieves. Their facet
are known and they are watched
from the time they enter the door.
But tht combined loss per annum
from well dressed women with money in their purses who cannot resist
the temptation to "lift" a bit of
lace or a pair of gloves or a trin-
kst Irom the counter whtre it lies
unguarded is said to reach 1500,-
It hat been comparatively easy for'
a woman caught stealing, in a store
to avoid txposurt and punishment,
Friends use their influence and restitution is mads and tbs case drips.
All this is to bt changed 11 the
of the merchants do not fall.
Notice is hereby givon that, at the
next meeting of tho Licensing Commissioners of tho City ot Ladysmith,
application will be made for a transfer of the interests of Edward Mul-
holllnnd, now deceased, in the retail
liquor license issued in respect to tho
premises known os the Ladysmith
Hotel, to Robert Barclay.
Executrix of the estate of E. Mulholland, deceased.
re***c" Ladysmith, B.C., Feb. 25, 1908.
WASHINGTON, Mar. 6— Augus-
tut W. Machen, ont of the ringleaders In the post office graft casts and
whose trial! established a record for
hard fought criminal cases in which
the federal government hat bean Interested, is about to become a free
man again.
Machen wat sentenced to serve two
terms of two years each In the West
Virginia penitentiary at Mounds-
villi. Hit good behavior hat had
tht effect of reducing the time to
three years and at midnight tonight
his sentence expires. Hs It expected to Join his family In ths city to
The officials at the Moundsvllle prl
son say Machen hat proved himself
to bt the mott capable prisoner who
hat ever been incarcerated then. Bis
work has had the effect of placing
tht prlton on a butlntn basis equal'
to thnt of any tttablithmtnt— prison or otherwise—In tht country. So
important ware tht reforms Instituted nt his suggestion, and so valuable wcre the changes madt, that the
committee of the state legislature
wanted to compliment him in their
report of an investigation made of
the prison, but he objected to receive tht compliment.
Machen's work In prison hat been
of such an Important character, and
his conduct so txomjilary that hi
has ben granted many extra prlvl-
Mr. Hawthornthwaite's bill provld-    Mr. John Curry,    who.   has   boon
i._ ... .. .i-uf f.„„. a... i.     .kin  spending somo weeks hero,   loft    on
Ing for an eight hour day in    ship- Tmirsdo"y maming (or aoatti0 ,vhero
building works was defeated on its he will take ship for the North, As
second nailing, with only the four a sond-oil, some of his friends ar-
nientiontd supporting it. """"J? " "'I'?™ <kn™}a tbo  0l'
iiumtu/tteu   •uppv.u.m   .v. wa Hou80    md  ove,.  w fr|on(]s   wcr„
A bill, introduced by Mr. Mclnnce prc^t. The dancing went on until
for man rigid inspection in logging two o'clock, and a merry, enjoyable
and other campt, was dsfsattd tl- »!a*t' was spent. Needless to sny,
ic v ■', ... ._, . i . „.~i' i.k Johnny was os much delighted —
though all the Liberals voted   with aur|)r|Sod, ond wont o(r on \ls
tht Sotialiiti ln tupport ol It.    .
Thi bill introducoir by A. E. Mc-
Philiipi lor tht protection of persons employed In factories passed
committee. It was amended so as
to allow of the employment of child-
Dp, %& »
All Work Guaranteed.
Assortment of Bamboo Goods.
Large Assortment of Fancy   China-
ware and Glassware, Etc.
G. Peterson
Pefcr Inkster
Ready for all kind of
Leave Orders with Blair * Adam.
Telephone 3-4.
Phone 18.
First Avtnut
Journey immensely pleased with such
■ a tribute to his popularity.
Popular Lectures
opeRft House
F. R. S. G. S.
Lecturer and
Commening Sunday.
March Ath, IMA
Sunday, March 8, at 8:15 p. m
"National  Righteousness."
Monday, March 0, at 8 p. m.
"Japan and the Japanese."
Tuesday, March 10, at 8 p. m.
Now  Zealand,   tho  Homo of
Wednesday, March 11, at H p. n
Women of   Other   Lands."
Women Only),
At 8 p. m.:
White  Slaves of Great Britain."
Thursday Afternoon, March 12, 8:45.
Entortninmcnt for Children.
Thursday, March 12th, 8 p. m.
Russia    and    Its   Island   Prison
For Sale
Househ Id Effects
Mr. J. Ryan
Corner cf Stevens'
Articles can bo Inspected
at any time,
ren in salmon canneries during   tho
canning season and in fruit packing.
At tht evening session tho jil'eiiilei
raised a point of order with respect
to tht hill relating to the Island
railway, tbs graving dock,, and railway lands of tbs province 1884, Introduced by Mr... Hawtbornthwaitt.
Ha contended that because of the
fact that this dealt with crown
lands lt was not competent for a
private number to introduce it.
Tht number for Nanaimo took objection to thit. He contended that
the decision of the Privy Council in
tht Settlers' Rights set at rest the
question of these lands being crown
Tht Speaker asked time to consider the point.
Mr. Hawthornthwaite called attention to tho lact that it was near the
close of the session, and he hoped the
speaker would show activity In arriving at a decision.
On tht second reading of the   bill
to grant an eight hour day to telegrapher! and signal men introduced
by Mr. Hawthornthwaite,    the Prt-
mltr contended that then had   been
no demand on tht part ol the tele
graphers lor It, and that the   most
ol ths telegraphers came within   the
Dominion authority as the railways
Do-' employing telographers were     under
the Dominion,
>.      I   The Liberals   supported    the   bill
(For which was    defeated.    J. H. Scho-
[field on the government tide,     tup
ported it.
The Premier took tht lamt objection to the bill to amend the Set-
tltrt' Right* case, that it was incompetent lor a private mtmbtr to
Introduci It.
Tht Speaker reserved his decision.
Ths bill Introduced by Parker Williams to provldt for ths* fortnightly
payment of waget wat defeated. The
Liberals, Soclallttt and w. Boat and
J. H. Schofltld voting for It.
The bill Introduced by H. C. Brew,
iter to secure the better payment of
mlnen' waget wat debated on ltt
second reading. The debate was adjourned on motion ol tht attorney-
The supply bill pitted ltt third
At an tarly hour In tht morning
thi civil service bill patted oommlt-
toe. Mr. Oliver contented to drop;
a point of order railed by him a
few dayi ago, Hon, Dr. Young agrte
Ing to drop tht luptraauatlon Motion ol tht bill.
Thtrt srs bright prospects for ths
passage of a child labor bill by tho
Mississippi legislature. The meat-
ure calla for a 56-hour week, and
places the minimum age at which a
child can be employed In gainful occupation! at 11 years.
Pods ard lines
Flies and Tackle
For All Kinds of Fishing.
Job Lot Snaps
r. E Smith,    Roberts Street
Philpott's Restaurant
b tht Plate for
Trains leave Ladysmith
Daily at 9 a. m.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday
At 9:00 and 15:68.
For Victoria.
Trains i\rrive at Ladysmith
Daily at 11:07.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday,
At 11:67 and 17.65.
From Victoria.
CEO. I. NUI,1E|ti,Y
District Passenger Agent.
102 Government St., Viotoria
Choicest Fruits
Cigars.  Tobaccos.   Soft Drinks
Excellent Boarding
In tht matter of- an application for
a duplicate certificate of.IMtle to
lots throe and'four (8 aad 4) Block
twenty nine '(«»*. Map 7oT>Mfowiislte
of Ladysmith. ' r :V>V*
Notice Is hereby given* that it is
my Intention at the expiration of one
month from ths arst publication here
of to Issue a Duplicate Certificate of
Title to the above land issued to
Mary Davies on the 28th day ol July
1003, and numbered 7945c'
,     . „   , Registrar Oeneral.
Land Registry Office, Victoria, B.P
the U day of February, i90B.
,       WAY COMPANY.
Proposal! for Clearing Land For
Agriculture, Vancouver Island, B.0
Sealed proposals will be received
by tbe Chief Engineer at hla offlct in
Vancouver, B.C., up to noon ol Tutt
day, March 81st, 1908 lir ths clear,
ng, grubbing, etc., required In opening up for settlement tbe first selection ol E. 6 N. Land Grant Landa.
Consisting ot an area of approximately one hundred and twenty-flve
acres adjacent to the town of Lady-
•mth and approximately one thousand ono hundred and forty acres situated between French Creak and little Qualicum in District of Nanoott.
Flans showing location and specifications can bs obtained by application to above offlct.
The luncst or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Chief Engineer.
Vancouvar,   B. C,   February loth,
1908. laa-to mia
THAN WOOD.   .   . -,
H. Thornley
Notice ls hereby given that an application will be made to the Legislative Assembly of the Provinet af
Britith Columbia for an Act to Incorporate a Company with power ts
equip, build, maintain and operate a
line of railway of standard or other
gauge to be operated by steam, electricity or oehtr power for the carrying of freight, uassengers and express from a point situated on Section Fourteen (14) or Fifteen (15) ln
Range Five (V,) Cranberry Dlstrltt,
or Section Fourteen (14) Range Six
(VI,), Cranberry Dlttriot; thence
south-easterly by the most feasible
route to a point aituatt on Oyster
Bsy in Oyster District, a dlstanot of
about twelve    miles mors or lies
  |*,th   »uthorlty  alto   to construct,
.equip, maintain and optiate branches
.,„„.„™ ,l!om *'me   to tint! Irom any  point
NOTICE. | or pointt ol tht proposed  iallw-Ti
Notlct It   htnby given that I  h> w1*'1 P°wtr also to .construct and op^
tend to apply to tht Hoard  ol   Ll- "att telegraph and telephone   Unit
centlng commissions!* ol the  ICunl- 'or ™* Purpose ol ltt business  and
olpality ol Ladysmith at their  next ,or ™. Pub''ci with power to   own.
regular meeting for a transfer of tht "•• end operate water powers   con-
wholetalt Liquor Lioanse now    held vsnlent to    th*  road, railway and
by mt lor the promise* oocupitd   hy "'n*' purposes, and with such other
mt tnd situate on Lot S, Block 91, P<><vert and privileges as an usually
BEST BOARDING HOUSE J^JS Va^V^""**- "om|,'V" im^^n
Special Meal Tlokets for
tha Weak
B. 0., Mth January,
Solicitor! lor Applicant.
1   I*tad it Victoria, B.C., ttuilBl*
i day ol January, 190S.
M.a.   ft ft uiuiw   a* '0M'*5S?f.h0,u"J,u,'t 5". P"*;h . Ai _\* ^f C"0"' a "on"-" oook,
BUra, P. Q. WMIT6. Avtnue.  Full lot, cleared and fenced, to assist In the kitchen, or to   take
' 1*00 cash taket everything. For par- full charge.    Apply Jat. Hill.  Hotel
titulara apply A, Brawn, Ladysmith. Cecil, Ladyimith.


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