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Ladysmith Standard Aug 8, 1908

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We carry everything tn Season.
Fresh Pineapples, each .....'. .' '.'. •    -Oo
i Prune Plums, per basket,   40c
, Peach Plums, per basket  40e
J Bartlett Pears, 8 pounds  25c
American Apples, 8 pounds ■'.     i  25c
Local'Apples, 4 pounds      95c
Watermelons, per pound  ..:  5c
Oranges, per dozen, 80c, 85c, 40c slid .........   50c
Fresh Tomatoes, per pound  15c
Fresh Teaches, per pound    12'c
1 Bananas, per dozen .........  .„    8**c
i Now Potatoes, New Cabbage,  Al Onions) always on standi
Palm Brah_'-Hno4p|JI6rTll Cubes, 2 Tins for ,..*, ,....': ...... 25c
Pork and Beans in Tomato Sauce   2 Tins for .'.. 25c
.. '
HI I HI 11111 l-l-IM i Will 111111M Wt'fW 111|
Mining Shoes at $3.00 are $3.50 at any
Other Place jit the City.  It pays
to Bay ,t Biekle's.
YOU CAN GET     m*
Clocks, Watches, Pictures, Books,
Razors, Etc*, Etc.
for White ftwan Washing Powder Cou|h>i>-
Send a Two-Cent Stamp for our Catalogue
B. C. »oa|> Work*, wowyyc.
iJTTi '
I   H%%%^-^*%%—%%%«%%<
Wall Papers
Oome- and Make Tour
Beleotion-new stook
freak in.
J. E Smith,    BoberU Stree
gallon P. ft.
Ice Cream
tl Home-Mads, Fieah Daily. Crltloa
proaounoe It to b* .Th* Bait   *rer
■aid la Ladyamlth.   Oome and  try
Hi   WarraaUd absolutely pur*.
Be, and IOc. P»rJ)Hli.
Wenls tad Private Partita Supplied
hy the Gallon.
'Hooper. Parlore
■*■* ■•■■* nf—1 IB -*—-Ib
> ■ II you 'have dolectlve Eye-sight '. ,
Glasses fitted to suit your Ti*- - -
. > lon alter caroful examination, j j
We have the Up-to-date Frames • >
'.'. and the Beat Quality Lenses.   [ [ I
All kinda ol Repaira prompt-', ', i
ly attended to. Watch repair-;;
ing Our Specialty, * [
II your watch la troubloaome , ',
give ua a try.
.'. Watchmaker, Jeweler and   Op- ''
tlclan. ' [
Oatacre Street. .'.
Merchants, Clerks, and Frionds Have
,  Enjoyable Picnic on Thetis
It wos a merry pnrty bont on having a good timo that sailed across
tho bay on Thursday afternoon In
the good ship, tho Flying Scud and
her consort, tho Fairy Sprite. Nothing was said as to destination,
Somebody hnd tho ordering ol the
cruise, and it was onough for some
, of the Jaded gentlemen to seo that
the fair crow ol tho Fairy Sprite
, wore provided with picnic hampors.
■Of courso, It is not exactly tho part
of fairies and sprites to pack heavily
laden baskets around, hut your mere
man, out for pleasure, enn swallow
all the incongruity in the world so
long as thero ls a sandwich lelt to
toko with It,
Howevor, lest the wrltor Is lod still
further from his subject by these
samo fairy questions, he had better
hasten to explain that what ho is
trying to do Is to glvo aif^ account
of tho . annual picnic of the Merchants' Clerks. All told a party of
about fifty foregathered at Harrup's
boat houso, and tolorably close to
the appolntod hour cast looso and
churned Into tho liny. Thoro was
some little dissatisfaction here. Whether It was the attraction of the
nnme, or tho machination of some
mischievous spark, the lodlos all
took passage in the Fairy Sprite.
Somo of the mon who ought to have
been attended, but who always man-
ago not to bo on the picnic day, felt
very wrathy nnd "grouchy'.' for a
time, but gradually thoy woro round
and thoy managed much hotter— on
the roturn journoy at night.
Thetis Inland was mado without
mishap, and thoro around by Mr.
Hunter's ranch a Jolly day was
spont. Mr. Hunter kindly allowed
tho party the uso of a Hold and there
wcro some vigorous games nt football. It wns benedicts against bachelors, or such as aro positively know
to be spllcod against thoso who nre,
or profess to be, single. In spito
of tho doubtful ond suspicious cases
In tho latter team the appropriated
stiffs put It all ovor them. Captain
Adam kept goal and spent such time
as he was not wanted between tho
sticks among tho ladles, so that tho
Benedicts were easily favorites with
the fair spectators, and received all
the encouregemont.
A Indies' game followed next nnd
lt soon developed that thero woro
some natural born klokers among
them. Tho wny somo of thom fair
players swatted that ball was Just a
revelation, However, there were
some of tho boyB who simply could
not stand this division of interests,
notably ono of tho town's most artistic docoratoos. So a game was
started in which everybody could loin
in. You know the game, anil' it
wont tho limit.
A camp Uro musicale wound p ln
sweetest hnrmony a most enjoyable
day's outing. If anyone felled to
havo a (rood timo it wns certainly
not tho fault of tho picnic. The
mere men are unanimous In their
praiso of tho spread provided for
thom by tho Indies. The refreshments -wore excellent; but as a brewer of tea. that snmo artistic ono has
something to learn. The committee
of management aro also to bo congratulated upon tho arrangements
thoy mado and upon the manner In
which they saw to everybody's pleasure nnd comfort.
William* and Hawthornthwaite Discuss Smith's Record and
Th* usual by-weekly meeting oi tho
Socialist party wa* held on tbe
Green on Sunday laat. Generally tha
Socialist* conllno themsolves to economics, but probably a* a reflex of
th* meeting held in "Nnnalmo by
Smith the previous day, there waa a
fair share of party politic* discussed
nono ot which was particularly complimentary towards Ralph Smith.
Mr. James Cartwright confined him
self to u discussion of the factors determining tho actions of ths Individual, pointing out that even th* so-
called "scab" wna usually the product of economic conditions.
Mr. Parker William* wont to somo
Pains to show the methods by whloh
the various party candidates are selected. There wa* a Socialist candl-
didate and a Conservative candidate
nominated for Ottawa fry conventions of the respective parties. The
Liberals had had no convention, but
Mr. Smith had the previous day declared himself tho Liberal candidate.
Mr. Williams'therefore, wanted to
know whether the Liberal pariy was
running Ralph Smith, or was Ralph
Smith runnini toe Liberal party?
Smith had stated that the C. P. R.
and the Grand Trunk Pacific had
eaoh ft "boby"—the Conservative and
Liberal partlea—and would doubtless
see that they wero supplied with the,
necessary campaign funds. The Socialist parly was the "boby" of no
corporation and need not look for
support from any such source. He
therefore appealed for financial contributions from the working men ol
I—dv smith.
Mr. J. H. Hawthornthwaite, the
Soclallat candidate, referring to
SmltlVs Nanaimo meeting, charnoter-
laed It s»" a samplo of political cowardice and mcadac'lv. Th* strained
effort to avoid giving aay offence to
th* Soclallat* wa* In marked    eon-
Pleasant Social Gathering In Mr. W.
G. -Fraser's Now Premises,
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Fraser should
never feel tho cold in thoir new premises on First Avenuo. If thero is
anything in a houso warming (and,
of course, there is a wholo lot), spoclal ventilators will bo required to
get the temnoraturo down to a point
at all tolerable.
At chia time of writing, Mr. Fraser has not moved into the now premises. Tho idea. Tho idea moving his ledy assistants in and getting up the house-warming was to
Bccure U"" warm atmosphere of
home which Is proper for a moving
in. AndV-U-y got tho atanosphere
all right. Ther*" was a large party
of frionds present, and with perfect
arrangements, a most enjoyable
evening was spont.
The ladies, of courso, saw to it
that thero was enough of amusement
which equally of course, took the
form of Indulgence in what the young
reporter with his future to make,
generally describes as the terpolch-
oroan nrt but which the quill-drivers past their first blush simply designate ns dancing. Mr. Job Smith
was at tho piano and Mr. Wm. Al-
llstor, helped liy Mr. Conlin, touched tho strings of the violin, and to
their excellent music os many young
folks as could find place' oh the floor
footed it right merrily and joyously.
To givo. a little woight and balance
to the party tho girls had invitod a
fow old "stiffs," and for these provision had been mndo in the shape
of a card room. Howovor, the editor was specially requested to refrain
from mentioning the nemos of the
card-players and he could not do oth
er than give his promise.
Refreshments wore provided and tho
houso was warmed from ond to end
and from floor to roof. It was left
warm with tho best wishes of all
present for the success and prosperity of Mr. and Mrs. Fraser.
Mr. Fraser's now premises will presont a handsome appearance when
finished and painted. Inside, both
storo nnd dwelling rooms are finished
In first class stylo. With tho exception of the work-room the houso is
plastered throughout, and doors and
windows and fittings are all of the
very best material. Mayor Nicholson has hod the contract In hand
arid the work would be a credit to
any contractor.
A. & B. FUND
The     following   aro tho disbursements made by the Medical, Accident
and Burial Fund   for tho month   of
G. Keserich     f 9.80
A. Barch     15.50
Chas. Gregart   81.00
Peter Colli  „. 10.00
John Harness   81.00
Frank Forrest     ....'.'. ,  17.00
John Chapman   25.00
Peter Cain  .-..-  27.00
Fred James   27.00
J. R. Williams   81.00
L. Walters  18.00
Vlotor Thompson   10.00
Wm. Lyoring   4.00
Hugh  18.00
Matt Alton   16.00
James Richard  ,  14.00
Victor Marrells   2.00
J. A. Knight, supplies  2.00
Leiser _ Co.,   5.50
.Tames Glen, salary   6.00
Wm. Russell, salary   5.00
Toronto, Ont., Aug. 0. -The Ontario Government has notified Premier McBride to draw on the Provincial Treasury to the amount of 15,-
000 toward tho relief ol tho B.C. flro
trust with the bold way ln which he
made aU kinds ol charges against tho,
Tories. Smith was not half the enemy ol th* C.P.lt. that he would like
ts be believed. He (Ur. Hawthornthwaite) had done all that his potitlon In Ul* local log—lat—* woukl
permit- to prevent Smith carrying „
bill through nt Ottawa that would
exempt the E. _ N. land grant from
taxation for ever. Smith talked a-
bout the tax exemption of 0. P. R,
lend oa the prairie, but had failed
to mention that the Interpretation
whloh ao honolltcd the C.P.R. wa*
mndo by vote of himself and the Liberal party.
' Smith had voted against „ motion
to prevent the employment ol Asiatics on the Grand Trunk paclflo and
excused himself by saying that it
was unfair because It did not apply
io the C. P. R. If Smith wu honest, instead of putting up »uch a
transparent plea, he should have
been the man to propose it, not only
aa a condition of the enormous G.
T. P. subddles, but also ol every
other that we* granted by the Houso
A few years ago Mr. Smith had
Mated that th* proper position for
a labor representative was to get
Jietween the two old partlea and
anuccKc all that could he got from
both ol them. Yesterday he had
stated that the proper position ws*
to hitch up to th* Liberal party.
Tracing, by means of the vote* ot
the Ron**, Mr. Smith's devolution
from Labor to Liberal, th* frequent
occasion* on which Mr, -Smith wa*
absent I* worthy ol eonm-tt,
Grant of *300 Made to Fernie   S.uf- -
ferers and Subscription List        .
Opened Out.
A   special   mooting    of   the City
Council was hold on Wednesday evening for tho   purpose    of considering
the bost stops to bo taken to    help
relieve the' distress of the sulTorors by
tho Fornlo disaster.     As reported in
Wednesday's Standard, tho Idea   of • •
deferring all   action   until pay   day i =
was strongly countenanced in influon- * *
tlal quarters.      The motlvo In thus *
postponing the movement for relief,
was emi -i>]_;    but to
many,   including   tho editor of   tho
Standard, It -was a huge mistake.
The best timo of all to take up a
subscription for tho sufferers - -■ any
disaster is while the shock of It ail
yot lingers on tho mind and the
strings of sympathy are tunod to
their highest pitch. Moreovor, it is
Immediately after a disaster that the
victims most need assistance and relief. Finally one mining camp is undor a moral obligation to help out
another In time of trouble. There Is
a community of feoling and of circumstance which links the camps togethor, and in the vory courso of nature drives the miner    to the  relief
TORONTO, ONT., Aug, 7.—Tom Flanagan, president of th* Irish •
Canadian Athletic Leuguo, who arrived home with Tom, Longboat, *
the Indian runner, turns the New .York reports of interview* -with *
Longbout, ia which tlio Indian described Hayes, the Marathon win- *
nor, giving him credit for boing tt greater runner than himself,  a* *
fakes and says he had no interview with _ New York paper what- *
ever.   Mr. Flanagan still believes that Longboat is the greatest run- *
ner In the world and described his failure to win the race as owing *
to the extreme heat.   Longboat bled at tho mouth and nose contin- •
ually and alter reaching the stadium in a motor    car, fell uiieon- *
selous and remained so for 21 hours.  Longboat will run again says *
Flanagan and prove to the world that   he is without peer in dls- *
tonco running. *
• *■ • s •;* s • '• s.s '*'•' • s  sssesseseeesssee*
• • • • • •
BERLIN, Aug. 7.—Th* Prussian ministry of public health has re-
ceived information that Asiatic choloru, as usual at this season of
tho year, is epidemic in the eastern and southwestern states of
European Russia. .Acting on this information, the Prussian central
health office directed a close -.nodicul inspection of the Hussion (nattier,, especially the river traffic on the Vistula and the Odor. Several grain barges from Russia wer* quarantined but up to ib* present time no case of cholera has been found.
FERNIE F1BE MADE HISUO-S     Mr; Hicks is from 0ntarlo and	
... Snook is from Truro,   Nova Scotia.
of mm. _oth „,.„   membors    0f   th0 Tritea
Wood Company staff and are well-
known and respected here. They
had intended to be married in October, but the destruction of the Ore
causod them to chango thoir plans,
crlflce of interest and every"hazard occu"'™t:')8 " *'°™° ttxaxx tie utwr.Tho wedding was private and there
of Hfo ' n_~™ desUtuiion iu   which many   of    the i were no presents.      The honeymoon
For'these and   othor reasons    tho poupl<' ha.v0 *"*?, le!V somo oI, t!fm 1may b0 sl>out in a88'84-* to   build
decision to postpone action until af- •*Jrs0,ns °'„ con9lde™ble means-belore the now city of Fernie.    They   have
ter pay daywas a mistake     T-Hv th0 flIU   But for **° prompt asslst" th0 8ood   wi6hes °t tho whole  city,
lay tiny «as a mistake.    Lady- „„„„ ,rr)m other CItlos hundreds    of'and will always bo able to remember
 s people in Fernie would havo; "
camp hardly    sulBciont   clothing to cover j
FE1INIE, B.C., Aug. 6.—Nothing is
ofa_""_-__TlBT_-_»" t"S«5?_; •>"* ^tbetle among all the tragic
rrlfkio nf lnf.»=f    ..a ....1. t'L.A occurrences at Fonuo than the   uttor
smith Bhouid kv« tan ™n.kf- anco from other CItlos h"™1"*18    <"   "nl will always be able to
-iSS tr«r ttssx %&^r° - •* •*_«*
-aOTwt£^f^.tt?«r- well-to-do hardware
nneral S/£_SSW T* ™h merchant on Saturday was compelled
Co-ncll nel»H ♦ y i ^Toicr, ^° Sunday to bog a pair of socks  and
2 V.1.W *« donate *800   to-^ b70ad 0, _ „0jghbor, but ho   is
to o__ Ifl -,ii^f.8UTrS, a-.d Pl-_nrn_ to rebuild his store.   That
c?tvXht »lv     wP»t^ll9t '" t,h0 '» typical of tho spirit of Fernie.
* on of Mr.Ty_ryZ    th°„ SOZfcl   At tho Impoverished     information 6tttte ot .,*„ httve th. ipMilll au.
In Connection With tha Affair* ol the
Canadian Exhibition at Toronto
.Toronto, Aug. 7.—So    serious     a
tendent   of   tho Extension mines,
ine Buperln- ofllctJi .^..h conaistB ot-a small tent
tli tors     found in the books of     the
thorough conoct.onTWii.-be token up rffiZf Zr\ bZ-i-g'. Canadian National Exhibition    that
iron* tne miners.    ■■ ,-j «■■*« **»   o.,.„ ....■=■
sue of the Standard.
pleaded not guilty and was remanded for a week.
 a 1	
,,,„, .. ,.       " is safe to   say An lnfll.m 0ui womau uamed Harding Colonel Knox Leslie,  former treae-
gratifying       * * alto«!ethor. como limping up to a tout seeking : urer,  wa, arrested „,,„ moralng m
if n i„ „„■ -i,   .,. . iiuformation of tho doath of her sou, i .    „,,.,._.    . .«.„,,„_ cinnnn   j».
„!•■_. b0„P°fslble,th'* amount    sub-jwho was a member of the Elk Lum-!tho charge °' "•»"ns" *10.000   dur-
scribed will be published in this   is- ber company brush camp which was|-_ the years 1907 and 1908. "     '
at first reported lost. A mop clutched hor by tho arm, saying, "Your
son is alive, I saw him a while ago
and ho is looking for you." with a
The funeral of little Mary Kesor-!haU suppressed cry of joy the old
ich who was drowned on Monday woman fell in a faint and was re-
afternoon. The tragic fate of the'vived with difficulty. Sho was pro-
little one had evoked the strongest Parild to receive bad nows, but good
sympathy for her stricken parents, now9 completely overpowered hor and
and her remains were followed to the sho co'laP8"1 Instantly.
Cathollo Church ond thence  to    tho Brav0 Mother's Act.
local cemetery by a largo crowd of A woman liviug in TVost Forme was
mourners including quite a number Wow11 '"to tho rlvor with her baby
of the decoasod's old playmates Fa- '" hor ttrm8- Th(J current was swift
ther Nlcolsye conducted tho services ana sh8 w"8 8wef>t Ilom h<ir iaet,
and   the   following    boy    and girl stl11 clinging to her child.    A  burn-
frlonds of the deceased acted as pallbearers: Alberta Provls, Annie Bom-
bara, Janle 'Allen, Mary Bombara,
Elisabeth Pogorly, E. Berto, Steve
Mruss; A. Pogorly, Jos Zboysky, S.
aiioysky, Jno. Vanger, A. Vanger.
1*W1_- !"'. il   .-!     - • ,   j   .-TBI
Proposed    Friendly Games   Botweon
_lidysmith und Nanaimo.
It is very probable that tho local
Iootball club will open out the season with a Iriendly fixture with Nanaimo United, their old rivals, and
this year's champions of tho Province. The officials ot both clubs,
are agreed that two friendly encounters would bo tho vory bost wny In
which to commence the season. The
gomes would furnish a fair test of
tho fighting strength of the two
teams, and would materially help
out, tho clubs on the financial side.
It had beon decided that a gamo
would be playod horo on the 16th,
botween two picked teams. This
date Is available for the proposed
friondly fixture and tho mnttor will
bo brought beforo tho executive meet
Ings of oach club early next week.
If Sunday afternoon, the 17th, is
agreeable to Nanaimo, tho homo club
will pluy tho roturn game on any
date that is suitable to thom. Each
club will keep Its own gate aftor pay
Ing tho travelling expenses of tho
visiting tenm. Tho matches should
prove great drawing curds and thoro
little doubt but that thoy will bo
Tho Committee who have charge ol
the Football Club smoker, which la
to bo held on tho 17th, have almost
comploted their arrangements. The
smoker promises to be a huge success and certainly a strong program
hns boen arranged. Pipes, tobacco,
and refreshments will also be provided and all who want to havo a good
time will bo suro to attend. Tho following programme will spouk for It-
H. Hughes—Song.
J. Sanderson—Sjmg.
A. Easton—Clog*dance.
J. Barclay and Meredith—Wrestling
Thos. Lewis—Song.
Robt. Cosier-Violin Solo.
Wm. Allister—Violin solo and song.
Job Smith—Song.
A. Radford—Song,
A. Strang—'Song.
J. Grainger—Song.
J. Thomas and ll. Roliorts—Duot.
Jas. Molyneaux—'Song.
T. Hamilton—Song.
M. Bennett—Song.
W. Thomas—Song.
A. and P. Morrison—Wrestling.
ing timber came floating down the
stream and the desperate woman,
grasped ono end of it, put out the
flre at one ond, thus giving hor
placo to seat hoi- child while she was
keeping her equilibrium by holding
to tho floating timber and pushed her
baby aud self to shore.
Separations of mothers from children and wives from thoir husbands
common. A little girl not
more than four years old ran scream
log through the streets seeking her
mother. A flying timber on fire, fell
ut her feet, covering ber with sparks
and sotting her hair on firo. Terror
stricken she ran toward tho burning building when an Italian, who
was passing, seize,! her, wrapped his
coat about her and extinguished tho
Fred Green, workman for tho Elk
Lumber Company, stayed at tho mill
until lt was all In flomos and tho fifteen million feet of lumber in the
yards was a sea of fire. He took refuge in tho Elk river, which Is a
mountain stream, swift-running aud
cold, but the heat was so intense
that he could not stay in tho river.
Liko Hundreds of others who know
not what to do ho fled in the direction the flro was going and escaped
with his Ills.
The most freukish tornado could
not have shown more favoritism
than did lho Fornlo lire. Uow the
Great Northern depot escaped seems
incredible. Every building around
lt burned, and added to this, on one
sido was a train of 07 cars loaded
with coke and tho other a string of
empty cars wcre soon ablaze, tin-owing out Intense heat against the do-
pot hardly SO feot distant. Tho empties ou tho othor siiio of tlio station
caught flro, but woro hauled away
while on firo. Tho coke burned for
three duys aftor tho city was destroyed.
life saving acta of bravery were
hardly more heroic than tlio endurance of some members of tho relief
committee and tho railroad employees. Mayor Tultlo did not sloop for
two nights and did not taste food
for iiii hours. H. H. Norman, Great
Northern oporutor, workod for three
days with only a fow hours slcop.
For ono stretch of .'Hi hours ho was
away from his wire only half an
hour, during which ho slept on tho
hard desk of the office. His meals
wcre carried to him by The   World
in-respondent. Great Northern oillciais showed groat courtesy to the
press, giving nows matter to Spokane and Vancouver right of way
on tho wire only excepting such messages as were absolutely necessary
for tho.operation of trains.
Stories of individual experiences
aro beginning to cumo in. John Pod-
bielanclk, who hud a flno homo lb
West Fornlo, surrounded by a two
aero lot, upon which was growing a
flno crop of potatoes and cabbage,
relates that his aged mother and
many of the women mul children of
the neighborhood found rofugb in the
gardon by lying flat upon thoir faces
beneath tho broad leaves ol tho cabbages and tho potato tops until the
heat of the lire had passed over
Wedding Among Hiiins.
Tho first woddlng In Fdrnle since
tho flro took placo last ovonlng at
the   realdence    of D. V. Mott, when
Health I* an Important factor   to
tho people of New York city and tho
public treaaury expenda 16,800 each M_-garet Snook, by the Rov, H. R,
day !• looking aftsr H. Grant, of tho Presbyterian   Chu'reh!
WATERTOWN, N.Y., Aug. —.-P.
J. Downey, of the State Board of
Arbitration, ha* boen In this city
tho past two days endeavoring to
settle the differences botween the International Paper Co.. and tho Paper Makers' Union. Tho paper mill*
are sstill closed and apparently no
agreement has beon reached. Three
mills, employing pulp maker*, which
did not go on strike wcro closed this
VANCOUVER, Aug. 7.-Dlrect from
lire-stricken aad desolate Fer-ie, Senator Robert Ja—ray of Toronto. _*»>
president af the Crow'* Nest Pa**
Coal company, reached hare today.
Graphic were the description* he
gave of the soena* he witnessed a-
mldst ths blackened ruins th* day
after the great conflagration. He
pralnd the bravery ol the suf—nra,
und added that many acta ot harolacf
will never bs recorded.
Senator Jeffrey left Fernie on Saturday morning and reached Cranbrook to loam that Fernie wa* In
flame*. Hs returned Ue following
day, taking an active part la th* Initial relief measures. Tbe dlstriot
iurnt over extended twenty-five miles
west of Ferule, with a width ol six
ni los. He said that liie town will ba
rebuilt more substnm. .ily thanef-i.
"Our company thought the . tua- ,
tlon oould be improved by getting
the miners to work as soon a* possible. Although operations were resinned at the Carbonado, Miehel and
Coal Creel, collieries on Tuesday, tbe
output ,vestorilay nt those points wae
1000 teas. This Is nearly hnlf of our
normal production, whloh wlll he attained again by next week. The coke
ovens ar* no doubt in operation by
now. On Monday construction was
commenced on our new $200,000
steel tipple at Michel. The company,
I understand, Is contributing $5,000
to lho sufferers. Outside aid la deeply appreciated."
William Patteraon, Proprietor ol To*
Uallua Hotel, Died In Victoria
Thl* Morning—Ag*d 01.
William Patteraon, proprietor of
The Dallna Hotel, Victoria, died In
that city thia morning.
The deceased was a former Nanal-
moite, an old timer hers and one
well known throughout the city aad
district. For > number of y*ar* he
managed Hull Bro*. butcher shop,
Hockley's present store. H* had b**n
away from Nanaimo eeveral ytar*.
but kept renewing old acquaintance*
here by frequent vliita. HI* loat
visit here wa* about a year (go.
LONDON, Aug. 7,-Th* D»ily Telegraph corr*spond*at at Oopenhagao
says he learn* from * high authority
that the French government poll—ly
refund Emperor William's proposal
to mart Pra-dont FalHeres In   th*
Mr. Wm. G. Hicks was united In the n-ui. _j,m. ,t_ „—.,,,_,» _„    __
bonds of    holy   matrimony to Miss. "Mi" *,n* tb* Pr*"ld«t "•»    •*
turning from Reval wher* h* recently mat Emperor Nleteau.
_..____-_a..i.!____., ___jj_«_ ___■
If You Require Aay
tin a* a   closet   utsasll    was also
doomed.      He   did not see that it
mattered   what kind of a receptacle
was used so long as the closet   was     TABRIZ,    Persia,   Aug. 6,—Ther*
kept clean.    A coal oil tin so -long h „„ - hy     ,
us it was good, or a box so long as "*■ """ '**"*      ""'" "•"»"- '" —>•
it did pot leak, was.as good as any- streets and c«' -ties, mostly caused
thing.'    The chief desideratum was by bo--T -arown from mortars, ars
the cleanliness of the closets, and if ..timated at 800. Many of the finer
,they had that he failed to see   that       ,. .   .      ,,        . .     .    .
[thore   was any necessity to   bother.residences of the oity and hundred*
AGREEMENTS Drawn about the receptacles.    There is cer- of shop* ltt th* baazar* hav*     been
tiiinly In   this argument a vein  of' looted,   the losses in this direction
strong common   sense, but then   as',,,,        ^    t tbm MW0
'Aid. McKinnell well knows,   common TT" •       , ,-'■'-,     ,     .,
sense Is the very last quality one!00*- A*-*1*** mlseionarl** in the
expects to find. in either national olty have been exposed to »tray bui-
laws or civic by-laws.    As a matter let*, but although thty hav*      had
t^-t-vr^Zve^. "woS .•-» narrow ~none haveb*n
boxes are permissible while coal oil injured. o •
Or If Yeu Require Any
Br II Yen Want to Buy a ■-.■■,
er 1*11 On*;   er If You  Want
K**i-r tPUU. OMmranear.
Ladysmith   Standard
Publlahtd oa Wednesdays ana -*»ur-
loyo Afternoon* by th*
Robt. R. Hindmai—i.
One Year 11.10
-U Mentha       Ti
Advertising Rates on Application.
aoclatlon witl work to secure  eltan tlon. , •
towels, six-foot shsets, adequate flre From ih* ton* of last night's meet
escapes and other things whloh tlie ing there ls no fear but that this
•■drummers" believe themselves en- year's team will leave no stone untitled to but which they do not al- turned to bring honor to the local
ways receive at the hands of the ho- colors.--Practice will commence very
t-1 proprietor*. shortly now.
he present meeting will b* ln ses-1 -■«
n   during the rematndar- ol   the
week,    flsfore It adjourns it is   ex-;C P. R. STRIKE AT VANCOUVER    •  slstant rector of St. Philip's church at Garrison, N.Y. •
parted    that the national organize-1 """ "      -..-.--.
tion will be given a good start. and!
tins aro not
Wherefore, if by-laws are. framed
and adopted with the intention of
being enforced there may be more
difficulty and confusion ahead as the
result of the Council's action on
Monday evening. 1*hat Is, of course,
technically;- for there really ought
to bo no difficulty in finding moans
to ensure that all. closets are kept
The action of the council on Wednesday evening will be endorsed, and
heartily endorsed, by every man and
.woman, in the town. There is no
doubt about it that instant i
uros of relief are called for,, by the
Fernie disaster. The full tale of the
calamity has not yet been told. We
know that the town has been wiped
out; that all that is left of it is s
blackened patch of smouldering, ruin.
We oan approximately reckon up the
loas in property. But a* yet the
loss of life is not known with nny
exactness. Ths dislocation of the
telogj-aph servioe has made it difficult to get news of any kind, and
no authentic or official statement of
the exact number of lives lost hss
besn published.
What we do know, however, Is terrible enough, and there is more to
be feared. Thousands of people have
been located in a mass In towns
where the ordinary eanitary condition* were none too good. The weather is hot and the utmost precautions will have to be taken to prevent the occurrence of even a worse
disaster than the desolating flre.
Even If an outbreak of disease is
Prevented, It will be some time yet
beforo the work af reconstruction can
b* commenced, In the meantime the
homeless victim* have got to be pro-
vfoed for.
The council „t a special meeting on
Monday night voted three hundred
dollars to the relief of th. sufferers,
and made arrangement* for the open-
Ins of a suueriptlon list. Thia Utter 1* what a big majority of the
P*>ple have bean waiting for and a
a-asrou* response to th* appeal i
ba counted on.  A. fw th. granV of
'three   Uundroa „„„„„   ,t _m    •
•tat* of depletion, a* almost all the
•vailabl. rsvenu. hi* already u__
expanded on the streets. But there
will be neither objection to the donation or criticism of the council',
action. The „eanlvo body 0f a
■nining temp wM not with dwei_
not to (peak of honor, get out i
voting as larg, a ,um M „„»„,,, t0
•ne people of another mining camp
unt_r auch unprecedented and dirtro*
ring clncumrtances. The only possl-
M. obfetlo. that torn '_, lo,^, J
gainrt the council is that It did aot
take action sooner, but now that it
ha* been made a movement right and
Prop*r under the conditions nothing
but approval wiU be expreand.
Jf_f—- fjou.
WASHINGTON, Aug. II.— Tw*lv»
baited Slates marines, facing a
iiiu.e, uuugur fiiuii luuy eoiUu over
huve to face In the fortunes of war,
marched Into the naval medical hospital here today to take the Pasteur
treat-ant tor hydrophobia.
Each man had besn bitten by a
inad dog In Panama and had bean
told that hi* only chance to liva waa
to gat the Paeteur treatment in the
United state* a* soon a* possible.
The twelve arrived in Naw York on
the Panama liner Finance yesterday
after a hurried voyage from the zone.
Following th* doctor* ordara, no
word of dog* or illne** waa mentioned during th* trip and th* men.
drilled ev*ry day.
On their arrival thay marched  to
th* Twenty-third street ferry     and
Wt for Washington.
CLINTON, Mass,, Aug. 4.— Four
persona, two ol whom were policemen, were slightly injured yesterday
in a battle between the police and
a band of striking Italian laborers.
One hundred laborer* employed by
the Bishop contracting company of
Woro—ter on an excavating job here
have been oa strike lor a weak, and
when *trik* breaker* and contractor* under the protection ol the board
of *election and thirty-live police officers reached the scene of the excavating work today they were mot
by fifty ol the striker*, who unfurled
American flag aad dieplayed a
placard bearing tbe word*, "Clinton
atrik*, ala* hour* and 11.75."
Th* police ordered them ofl the
field aad the strikers attacked tbe
officers with stones and other mi*-
slM. Th* officer* fired thtlr revnlv-
Into th* crowd, slightly wounding two Italian*. Tb* strikers returned the flre and drove the officers
back to a wooden shanty. It wa*
then found that two officers were
wounded. The officers sad select
men again attacked the strikers and
disponed than.
■     ■      t
PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 5.- Walking up to a policeman kite laat *vs-
ning, * young negro said-
Reckon you'd better lock me up,
boas, I killed a woman, but I did
it ia *elf dofonce, and I want to be
loekad up. I had to do It to (ave
lho policeman arrested the man,
who gave hi* name as Robert Barring, and hi* story wss then inves-
NEW YORK, Aug. 5.—Excssilve '.umldlty combined with high
temperature caused a great deal ol Buffering ln the crowded districts of New York Inst night and today. Ten prostrations and
, one death from heat were recorded before 10.80 a.m. The Rev.
Ward Neil, for 25 yeara paator of tha Protestant Episcopal church
of St. Edward tbe Martyr, who had suffered considerably from th*
heat for sevoral days, waB taken suddenly worse this morning, and
died before   a  doctor could   be summoned.    He wa* formerly as-
VANCOUVER, Aug. 6.-Flfty spe-
withln a few month* It ls hoped  to,"1*1 constable, are acting as
v—.. . ——.i—t,-   .     a .... ti.- surrounding the C. P. R. yai
hav* a membership of not less than
yards this
50.000.    Ifhe association will    take! ul0",in« ttnd f" refu8ine admission
in member* of both of the national
organizations of travelling men now
The aaaoclation will aim to bring
about the desired reforms thruugh
the medium of the law. Committees
will b* appointed to go before the
legislatives of tb* different States
the coming winter end speak in support of measures to do away with
the tipping system and discrimination in hotel rates against the traveling salesmen,
WOMAN MAY LOSE 950,000,000.
APiPLETON, Wi*., Aug. 6.— A
tame, a silver buckle and a silver
knife and fork stand between Mrs.
Frederlka Lorenz, VS year* old, and
an estate said to be worth 960,000,-
While there seems to be no doubt
as to her identity, the aged woman
cannot establish her right to the
estate which was left by her grandfather, unless sho is now able to recall his name and produce the knife
and buckle and the knife end fork.
The wlll provides that she call his
name and show the silverware, but
she cannot do either.
Mrs. Lorenz Bays the silverware
wa* taken by relatives and that her
memory is so poor that she cannot
remember the name. The buckle wa*
presented to the great-grandfatber by;
the King of Prussia. The property
has been tied up for half a century,
und may soon pass to the Prussian
government and other relatives of
Mrs. Lorenz.
1 i , i
Said Pashs, the Grand Visier and
the newly formed ministry have resigned. The Sultan has accepted
their resignations and tonight invited Jammedlln Affendl, the Sheik Ul-
islan and Dial Pasha to form a new
cabinet.   The newspapers assert that
Mohamid All Bey, minister to the Junior players are brought forward,
United States, has been relieved of and giveo a chance, the big team
hiB functions.
to everyone.   This is being dono on
account of the strike.   The place Ib
securely guarded and the best information obtainable Is that about ton!  *  recorded.
or twolve men have beon started to | ______=—__-
work ln the shops to take tho place
of strikers.
CHICAGO,' Aug. 6— Yesterday's heat record io Chicago was
almost a duplicate of Monday's. A scorching heat forced the mercury up to 94.5 degrees, Just 19-10 lower, than the high mark ol
tho day bofore.    Eight deaths and a  number of prostrations were
The question of thc city scavenging was boforo thc Council for a
few brlof minutes lost Monday evening, and as usual whenever thiB rather maladorous subject crops up there
was a fine confusion of issues and
principles. Tho Sanitary Inspector
reported that tho use of wooden receptacles in closots was a grave nuisance, and that they wore to be
found in the majority ol the closets
in the city. He wanted the Council's
authority to Instruct the householders to replace these offending and of.
l-islv* boxes by proper buckets. The
use of buckets apparently suggested
to Aid. McKinnell that the coal oil
* Billiards aad Pool '$
Bt-t Liquor* and Cigari.
Cartwright & Barclay
Naliuinio, Augr 0.—
Hondsoiuo Cup Donated to City Foot,
Ball League to Be Played For
Tha City Football League, which Is
to be organized shortly for the season will start out the game under
most favorable circumstances. Mr.
Ban Forcimmer, the jeweler, has do-
.tti.-i ., ...iidso.ue silver cup to tbe
league. The.cup ls to be played for
annually, to be the property for one
year of the team that wins it. No
other conditions are made in the
gift, except that there be at least
tour teams ln the league. Any other
terms to be made can no doubt bo
arranged between the executive of the
league and Mr. Forcimmer.
A strong city league is essential if
material Is to be developed for the
Nanaimo United team for unless the
The   rector's    wife rather objected    Waterton, N.Y-., Aug. 4.—John, the
tho gardener being a  single man, 6evcn ymr ol<j son of <jrttnt Qu^t,,
! .specially as ho lived ln a quiet pic- 0f Adams, waa Instantly killed    In
turesuue cottage. the Bo*emory   creamery at    Adam*
"You know." she said to him one ieBt night by an elevator in   which
day, "the ilrst gardener that    ever ba „,„ ,ome companion* were play-
lived had a wlfo." |)ngri       n ,,   .apposed that Gilbert
"Quite right, ma'am," replied   the wus ^ ^ gtoaaA Boot „{ 0,9 ,,„„,,_
A plague of moths Is infesting tho -nrd0118r' i"but Vve h81-W «"- «»t iag i00king down the ^    wtan
city ol Pari*. h0 didn,t keep hi" Job vory lon»"   a|- "» elevator which wa. at the top ol
a lor he got her.        y
T~* —4^	
The Turkish constitution ol
haa been restored.
There    are 70,000 acres of
space on Manhattan Island.
Hail has done great damage to tho
vineyard* in New York state.
Hughes will stand for re-election
for governor of New York.
The Fiance—But you admitted   to
floor nvy slstcr yesterday that you    were
in the wrong.
I   The Fiancee Suppose I did?
Tho Fiance—Well then,    why don't
you make up with me?
The fiancee— I will, as aoon aa you
■4± ,
the building, was released. The elevator struck Gilbert on the head,
cutting hia skull off diagonally, a
Portion falling to the floor beneath.
Death was instantaneous.
It ia estimated that-there are
000,000 caged birds in Europe.
North Bay, Ont,, Aug. 4.— Mrs.
Maude Lamothe, who resided ln the
township of Wlddlfield, one mile from
North Bay, suicided Sunday night by
shooting herself as the result of    a
—4  Jealous   quarrel    with her husband.
The houses ol England if placed in just before    the tragedy Mrs.   La-
Liverpool makes nearly ?800,00i
per year by municipal trading.
In n house in the southern section
of the city, tho police found Maggie
Albert, a young negress, dead with
five bullet hole* ln h*r head. Th*
revolver with which the murder had
been committed had been held so
close to th* woman'* face that the
powder had badly scorched her flesh.
Jealousy Is believed to have been
the motive of the crime.
♦        ■■   ■
BOSTON, Aug. 6.—Th* principal
•vest ea (fa* program of the Knight*
ol Pythl**' convention today waa
1 great parade of aubordlnate
lodge*. Chief Marshall Rathon of
th* pared* announced that about
18,000 would b* ln lln*.
Th* contort for offices ln the Supreme lodge I* also expected to be
settled today. H. P. Brown, of
Texas Is a strong favorite for au-
prem* chancellor, to eucceed 0, A,
Barnes of Jaeonvine, 111., who wlll
retire. j
 4v...-    . - ■-•—•
85,000 People Sign Petition In Favor of the Growing Idea,
Church Unloli.
TORONTO, Aug. 0.—there are 85,-
000 people In Toronto who favor
Church Union. Thi* la th* number
secured by Rev. W. H. Stacey, who
la circulating petitions.
When 60,000 names are affixed to
tttejfetltlon, It wlll be presented to
the governing bodies ol all protest-     _ __
ant   church**,    Includlr, Anglican.,'", £ ^"^ gj^
NO LU0K. ,
First burglar.—Well, did yer get
Second burglar (disgustedly)—Nahl
Th* bloke wot live* ther* 1* a lawyer.        %
. Flrrt burgl»r— That'* 'ard luok.
Kid yer lose anyflnk? — London,
(England Sketch.
-*.—■ »    '     —
UNION BAY, Aug. 6.-(Special)~T
A small robbery took place yesterday. Alfred Matheson, employed
here as a carpenter and while at
work, had his cabin entered and r
gold watch and chain and sixty dollar* taken. No clue to the affair la
known but lt ia thought to be the
work of (ome stranger.
Brentford, Ont., Aug. ».—F, Hal-
beratudt, bartender-at SplttaU'* hotel, Ue* probably fatally hurt as th*
result ol an assault by Edward Hud-
ton, of London, loat night. Hudaon,
who I* a cripple, dealt hi* victim a
vcious blow over the head with a
caae when h* attempted to charge
him tor „ sandwich which he thought
■hould ba free with beer. Hudaon
wa* arrested.
COPENHAGEN, Aug. 8.-Mylltu»
Erlckshon, the Danish explorer, has
met his death In the far north.. According to Information juat received
ln _ telegram to th* president of th*
Denmark-Greenland expedltHon.Erlok-
nnd two of his companion* who
•ailed on June 24, 1908, to the unexplored region* of th* northeastern
coast of Greenland, perished In
•now storm. Th* three men were oa
an expedition over th* lc* whan disaster overtook them.
The explorer had mapped out large
tract* of unknown land and charter,
ad th* entire northeastern coast of
Greenland. Erickihen and hla companions were on the Ice flos whsn
thoy wer* overt-—a by th* Itorm.
Tbe floe drifted out to *e*. Ths provisions of the explorer* soon became
exhausted and they drifted for som*
day*, growing weaker and w**k*r.
When the floe twos Anally driven back
to the land, th* thro* men did not
have sufficient strength to return to
Uie atatlon. They must hav* perished on th* shore. ,Th* Esquimau who
brought In th* new* of th* disaster
arrived at tb* itation In a dying
condition and succunthed Immediately;
alter making Ms report,
a line would reach 27,000 miles.
There are 80,000 proprietory medicines on the American market.
Prince Ching, Chinese war minister
1* anxious for the restoration of Wi-
will soon run down. The city league
games in the past have been closely
contested and almost as exciting and
interesting as the senior games. They
have also been responsible for bringing some good players forward, in
fact it waa owing to the city league
that the Nanaimo United was formed. No doubt the league will continue to do the same cood work this
year.  The gift of a -Iver. cup should tlon    of   an American Unlvorslties
do much to stimulate interest    and club in London.
mothe secured a revolver with the
avowed    intention of shooting ber
husband, but he put her out of the
house and took to the woods. She
turned the weapon oh herself.
'   Boston, Mass., Aug. 7.—Though the
official program of the Knight* oi
' During last year 89,484 were added to England's already large alien Pythias conclave came to an end to-
start the executive arranging      its
schedule and getting things In roadi-
wlthout delay.   ,
a        BOOM NOW.
day  with  the breaking up of   the
• camp at Franklin Park a Targa ma-
A scheme Is on foot for the forma- jorlty of the delegates and   visitors
in attendance have arranged to  remain In Bolton and vicinity during
• n Part of the coming week. For their
* Negroes of Lincoln, Nebraska, for- boneflt features ot entertainment are
mer Republicans, have pledged     to being provided In the ahapa of sev-
Bupport William J. Bryan. era) social functions nnd a number
• i of trips to places of hlatorio Interest
Of the 881 sorts qf birds found in jh nnd about Boston.   Special roilg-
Tenders will be received by the undersigned up to the, 4th day of August, 1908, at 5 p.m.,. for the purchase of the following property:
Parcel No. 1.—tot 10, Block I
part of section 18, Range 6, Mountain District.
Parcel No. 3. —»Lots   1 arid 2 In
Block 3, ln the town ol  Northfleld,
Upon this property. Is erected a sub- '
stentlal two story brlok   residence.
Parcel No. 8. —Lot 4 Block 18,
containing 5 acres. Town oi. North-
Parcel No. 4.. - Lot 87 Nanoose
District, containing 100 acres;
Parcel No. 5. Lot 5, Block 18,
town of Northfleld, map 538, containing li acres more or less.
The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Further particulars and terms can be had on application to the undersigned.
Nanaimo, 30th day of July, 1908.
Official Administrator   of   Nanaimo
County. ijo.to-
Timo for receiving tenders extended
till the 10th of August, 1908, at tl
p. m.
From the very large number that j, th8. j.^,. round
gathered in the Athletic Club    last 1 .
night for the election of officera   of|   MBjor Baden-Powell urges the Brl-
Great Britain, only 140 are residents ious services for tho vIsltlng^Knlght*
will be held Sunday In the
Congregational Church.   Rev.
the Nanaimo United team it is evi-^,,,, government to devote *600,000
dent thut the same healthy Interest to aeronautio,research.
which means so much to the success I +
ol * team, taken in football last! Diamonds valued at *120,000 are
yearls to be continued this year, (reported to have been stolen irom a
Ths election of officers resulted  a* traveller nt Genoa.
and Baptist* who so lar, have
entered Into the movement.
MILWAUKEE Wl*., July 8.— The
waiter, the porter end the ball boy
with th* itching palm must go. Tha
tipping custom must be abollabed.
'hls is tho edict ol the travelling
men of th* country assembled In Milwaukee today to complete th. organization of th* National Travel-
era' A**oclatlon. The proposed organization 1* to Mrv* a* a clearinghouse for all complaint* fromi commercial traveller*. Tht Mppl* '**
head* th* list of grievance* and I*
that problem hu ban *olv*d th* ae*
Hon. Pre*.—Thoa. Graham
Free Jas. McKinnell.
Vico-lYcs.—Aid. Barlow,
Secretary—J. D. Galloway.
ilVeaaurer—W. W. Gray.
Selection Commltteo — Messrs.. A.
Bradshaw, Geo. White, P. Gilmour,
J. Waugh, R. Yates, R. Adam, and
a -Waal.
The constitution to govern the club
locally a* drawn up by the committee recently appointed for this pur-
4>o**, waa adopted wito one or two
The color* ol the club will be gold
and gran. Th* membership fee waa
plaoad at S1.00. A proposal to
charge a fee of $3.50 allowing entrance to all games was discussed at
some length but was finally voted
down, lt being considered better to
charge the smaller fee whloh would
ensure a much larger membership and
more interest being taken in the
affair* of th* club by citizen* generally. .   1
Th* matter ol appointing a captain wu left in tbe hand* of the ox-
Th* City League was discussed ar.d
ltwu decided that lt would bs well
to have the league (tasted a* *oon
u possible Th* form ol manag*-
nt ol te* league wiU be d*cld*d
upon By th* member* of th* lugu*
at ther organisation meeting which
will be held very ahortly. It 1*
probabl* that th* league will be conducted a* in tht past-Independent of
ta* big team.
Th* need of practlo* mor* faithful
Ml (yatematic than that of lut
year wu pointed out to tb* m*m-
bsrs of th* senior team. Th* new
management will make an effort to
Improve th* team In thl* respect. It
la reallzad that this will b* necessary, too, u tb* Pacilic Coast
-•ague, whloh begin* In Saptembw,
will bring out tb* rtrongwt tcata*
Nanaimo ha* ever had to meat. All
Vancouver will be a mighty .trong1
team, u will alao Victoria, and
with th* small draft of players both
Naaalmo and Ladyamlth will hav*
to put in thtlr but lick* to hav* a
look-la. Certainly laok of praotlce
-Dan* ths death blow to th* mice***
of th* taut, for tb* men who wiU
raak* up th* oppoalng team* will
hav* caught their place* th*r* by
dint of hard work aad good condl-.
Twenty million feathers are sent
from Germany every yenr for millinery purpose*.
The. Chinese Navy association ls receiving     lorge   monetary assistance
from Celestials In Aushatla.
■ ■■*.■ ■
Four-fifths   of   all   tho  artificial
flowers used ln tho United States aro
made In New-York city.
♦ ■
At tho prevailing Increaso ln population New York city will ho tho
borne of 11,000,000 persona in 1982.
Clerical tailors In london have
nover known such a rush ol business
ns they are now experiencing.
Harry Thaw lost 91,500 In stock
transactions becauso he wns not permitted to use a telephone In "Jail.
Twenty-nine mall order houses
have been Indicted In Chicago on
charges of using the malls td defraud.
E. Stockdale, grand prelate of the
order, and pastor of the church, taking as hia subject, "Dominant Notes
In Pythlanlsm."
- ..    i	
AUCKLAND, N. _.. Aug. 7.- Tho
175,000 Inhabitants of tho provincial district of Auckland ere on the
tiptoe of expectation In anticipation
of tho arrival of tho fleet of American-battleships. Auckland Is --tho
first port in tho New Dominion at
which tho fleot will touch, alter an
unbroken stretch of 8850 miles from
Honolulu. Tho reception of tho battleships will provide a notable spectacle, and ono tn which tho people
of Now Zealand have beon looking
forward with keon interest fcr weeks
Ths fleot is due to reach port Sunday, but tho official landing will not
be made until tho following day, according to tho programme as arrang
od. The landing will be an imposing affair, the visitors marching ln
procession to tho Govornmont house,,
undor triumphal arches, and past
beautifully decorated buildings. The
New /jenland volunteers will act as
escort, and tho Federal officials,. ths
mayors and municipal authorities of
tho chief cities of New —salami will
form tho reception pnrty, which -will
bo headed by tho governor goneral,
Lord Plunkett.
Singapore, Aug. 7.—The United
States special aervlce squadron consisting ol the battleships Alabama
and Mains, on its way to the Atlantic, arrived here' today. •
■  »     ■ --
About 80,000,000 barrels (of 198
pound* each) of wheat flofir are consumed annually ln they United Kingdom of Great Britain aod Ireland.
While placing a noo** about his
neck for the purpose of committing suicide, Jas. Larimer a
farmer living near here dropped
dead yesterday. Death was duo
to apoplexy brought on by excitement.
London, Aug. 7.—Wm. Mulllna, a
young man from Dorchester, fell
from th* steps of a Pen Marquette
train lut night aad bad both lens
cut off below th* knee* from th. effects of which he later expired I. a
hospital bar*,
Effective June 8th.
Trains leave Lad/tmith
Daily at 9:00 and 15:58.
Tr-im i\rrin tt Udyimith
Dally at 11:57 aad iTiir,
District Psssenger Agent.
9103 Government St.. Vlctorlt.
Los Angeles, Cal., Aug. 7.—Paokle
McFariand and Phil Brock, who are
to meet in a ten-round boxing c
teat here tonight have finished their
work of preparation and appear to
be In fine condition for the bout.
Though no championship honors ar*
involved ln the battle. It hss nevertheless aroused a lively Interest ln
sporting circle* because of the fast
that both fighters are regarded u
among the best of tbeir class and In
line for the championship. Betting
favors McFariand, though Brock has
a host of admirers who baliev* hs
ha* a good show to stay th* full ten
round* by leaving hlmwlf open aad
swapping blows, in case he And* McFariand too fart lor him' othwwiu.
* Toronto, Aug. O.-Ald. Hales,
* Dominion Counsellor Royal Tem-
* piers ol Temperance,   who   hu
* Just returned'from Manitoba pre- •
* diets that there will be a great *
* victory for tho temperance   for- •
* cos in Manitoba next December,
* taken.
• •_•••
TORONTO, Aug, 8.—-eport** from
various sections of the province
shows that a great deal df damage
waa done by th* Thunderstorm of
Tuesday. In many districts, crops
were cut down by hail; .
No GrindSni
You know from dally cxpe-
lience, at home or in the barber
(hop, that th* question Is—
•'Why doesn't* rasor hold
Ils edge uniformly from heel
to head without honing and
grinding ?" Whether it la a
aafety, with thc certain tax ef
new blades, er thc ordinary
opcn-bladed razor does not
after the question. Yea wsnt
the comfort snd satisfaction of
* clean, amooth ahave every
morning- with the confident
knowledge that your razor
will be ready fer instant use
the next time needed.
The Carbo Magnetic razor la
the only rssor unoonMblon.
«_> guaranteed to do thla.
Thlrly ytara of eludy on tht
razor situation bat perfected
a new secret process of
fuonw TCMPoim-i that'
positively merges every particle of carbon (the life of steel) I
Into the metal—giving a dla- \
mend-like hardness uniformly a I
throughout th* Made—some-* I
thing absolutely  impoitibls
with fire ttmpc-'ed ateel—uaad
In making all ether, rasora.
But test this rasor In your   .
own home—er If you prsfsr,   I  H '
htvt your btrber unit on you.   I   ■.!;
Olve ue your name.- ***********
or call snd see the "Cares
Magnetic" rater,and we will
•ule our proposition far test.
tag thttt razors flthout
tag." Thl* bosk uluitratt*
th. correct rasor position for
•l-vliig *vtry part of the Ike*.
Ladysmit-Haftlware Co. -T-XXXM IS BATB-B,
-IRMINOBAM, Ala., Aug. 5.- At
Lewisburg mines, nine mile* north o|
here, last night, a group of strikers
threw a heavy charge ot dynamite
against the stockade surrounding the
md—ss. ...The men then ran to
ridge nearly a mile Irom tbe Btock-
ade and dperied flre with rifle*. No
less tha- 800 shots were fired into
tne stockade and twenty or more deputies around the mines returned the
fire with vigor. So lar as known
no one wu injured.
♦  ■
Toronto, Aug. 5.—The Ontario Accident Iniurance Company hu been
taken over by tbe London and Lon-
caehlre Guarantee end Accident Company Incorporated at laat session of
tbe Dominion parliament.
Orangeville, Ont., Aug. 5.—Living
alone and becoming apparently despondent of life, Mr*. Bolton, ot Or-
ton, a amell town 13 mile* from
her*, la now dying In the Fergus,
hospital from a deep razor gash ln
th. neck, Mrs. Bolton ls 60 years
of ag*.
 , 4	
NEW YORK, Aug. 6—Dlok Hyland
of California, outpointed Rudolph
Unholtz, th* Boer champion, In the
slx'round fight In th* Navera Athletic Club last night, Hyland outfought hi* opponent in every round,
and In the last round dropped Un
holz to the floor with a right to the
Jaw. The Boer managed to rise,
but Hyland beat blm all over the
ring and at the end Unholz wu almost out.
"*  .
• • Vancouver, Aug, 5,-Ths O.P.
• R. machinists quit work here at
• 10.80 today.
Rip Van Winkle awoke one day
To find that his beard was long and
gray.    .       \
That his eyes were dim and his hear-
___________________   J       'ng bad,
can sprinter, who won ths fin- j) His limbs . were    feeble, hls feelings
He apoke    u     with    a toothless
Hi* thoughts a  queer   and confused
His walk a  tottetlng move ot tears,'
For h* had been sleeping for    fifty
m m m — ■ ■ ■■> wf—'
1 Breaks ihe.
worm's Reccr.!
tl    Abergavenny, Eng., Aug. 5— »
2 A. E. Walker, the .South Afrl- _
al In the 100 metre dnah at
the Olympic sports, yesterday
broke the world's record lor
100 yards, his time being 9
2-5, which 1* 1-5 of a second
less than th. record made by
Dan Kelly at Spokane, Wash.,
on June 28, 1896.
* !     ■
terlor Rifle Association.   Capt.   Car-
"', T rle's friend* are urging him to   toko
trip to the coast next week    and
enter   the B.C.R.A. annual contests
at Clover Point.
But still he wu eager to hear
RICH MAN HAUNTED TO DEATH. [tlon „, whllt tbey ci. d0 __A  WJrur
ROME, Aug. 5.-A strange story ™" 'or **" mKcem °'the ,uture In-
of haunting comes Irom Daronsssl, a
village near Salerno, where
young landowner bas committed suicide, being driven to the act, so be
stated in a letter, by the continual
presence of an apuritlon.
It was one night last year that the
haunting begun, when the land-owner, Tom—iufio Giordano, who wu
only thirty years of age, returned
home from a Journey. As he approached tht houae he wu surprised
so ht told hi* triends afterwards, to
se* lt Ut up and the door wide open.
Thinking thieves had broken in, he
President and Managing Director.
Halifax, Aug. 5.—Newe come* from
St. Pierre, Mlquelon, that on Saturday lort a man named Luclenge Lar
rllux wa. robbed and then atabbed
te death in hla boarding houae by
three sailors Irom tb* French brlg-
antlns Marollr.    The men escaped.
4 —
Vancouver, Aug. 5.—Chines, riot
damage claims of 935,900 are being
paid today.
NELSON, Aug. 5.—Th* prospect*
la Crow*' Nut Put I* brightening
a little, though much work remain*
to be done yet before a froth start
can bs mads at Fernie. Contributions and offering* of assistance co_-
tlnue to come In from every quarter.
Th* relief organization at Cranbrook, headed by Mayor Fink, ft doing splendid lyatem-tlo work,
all offers ol help should be directed
then aad not to Fernie. The sanitary and general hygtnle conditiou
at Cranbrook hav* been organized
by Dr. King, ML A., Dr. Green end
Dr. Marctr.
Patrol* of »peclal conrtablea ar*
In charge of the camps taking special car* that the rules ahall b* exercised tntlrely.
There are no oaae* ot slckneu •-
mong the refugees and tn* patients
that ware taken ovsr trom th* Feral* hospital ar* having every pottl-
bh attention In the hotpltal at
Bath teate, washing tents, and lavatories ar* now la place for thos*
in camp, th* arrangement* being under the direction of Dr. King and
committees. Ther* are some 1.600
ohildren ot from a lay old to two
year*, and these art.being fed with
fresh new milk and other food y to
whloh many of them appear to have
bten utter stranger*. Many of them
'ars now clothed comfortably and
their parent* are fully prepared with
blanket* and bedding ln tbt tente,
whll* those In the public buildings
at** provided with spring bad*,
Th*r* hav* beon some alxteen
birth* during th* part two days and
th* little people are doing excellently. Nothing It being left undone to
prtttrr* th* healthy condition* ol
th* town'and •vary provtolon.l* being made to provide for possible con-
tlagcncl** that may aria*.
A special to th* Daily New* from
Craabrook aay* that at th* Elk
B|v*r Lumbar Company camp No.
4,' where ea wer* reported dead, all
hav* bttn accounted for but.two.
Authoritetlv* figure* by th* ooro-
__ at rami* state that
will cover tha fatalltlt* of th*   entire district.
(Viotoria Time*.)
W. Sloan, M.P., the popular member for Comox-Atlin In the House ol
Commons, arrived ln tbe city hut
svening, accompanied by Mrs. Sloan.
They will leave tonlg'it for Mexico,
and expect to be absent about two
months,    Mr. Sloan Is interested in
mine at Chihuahua and ls going
south to be present at a meeting of
the company.
Since his arrival at the coast Mr.
Sloan hu been to Graham Island ln
the Queen Charlotte group. He has
Just returned from there, where ho
inspected the timber interests which
ha has acquired on the island, and
Incidentally enjoyed some good fishing. Hs ls delighted with the timber lands, which lie close to Massett
and which were purchased by the
member for Comox-Atlin without his
seeing them. The limits are all
right, he says, and he Ib bringing a
small mill Irom the north to commence cutting, on the claims preparatory to erecting a large mill,
Mr. Sloan    wu naturally pleased
with th* rapid development he saw
on th* Queen Charlotte Islands.
*      ,
Th* Ladyamlth tennis player* will
meet th* Nanaimo tennl* players in
a return tournament in Nanaimo on
Aug. 33.   ■
l     _
VANCOUVER, Aug. 5.-A pestilence is now feared In Fernie and
Cranbrook, for there ia an entire
lace of aaaitatton ln both places. Especially in Cranbrook, the situation
ll very serious for two thousand woman and ch''—-on refugees are crowded very closely, and the weather la
exceedingly hot.
Two new oasts of small pox developed in Fernie lut night. Tbe
greatest care is being taken to lso-
atei them.
Paatsnger* on all train* coming to
Fernie ar* warned not to get off.
1 ut every train brings torn* people
who wiah to see the ruins.
Mechanic* aro not wanted, for
there will ba nothing to do tor week*
until the iniurance is adjusted.
Very little looting ls going on lor
ther* la hardly anything to loot.
Several men have been caught rifling
trunk*. Th*y war* Immediately
•tripped, lathed on their bare back*
and compelled to leave town Immediately. One Japanese wa* sentenced to six months in jail.
Ths first funerals were held yesterday. Several unidentified bodies
placed In one grave. Tbe remain ot another victim were found
at the outskirts ol the town today,
'lh* bona* Ml apart, but wer* gathered in a bucket and carried to tha
c—notary. It wu a gruesome eight
but th* people ot Fernie hav* grown
aceuatomed to horrible light* and
■  *	
Though thing* did rather his brain aroused his sorvunts, and directly he
confuse. >ud *° a" the lights went out.   The
Whon he went to sleep Taft wa* pre- house wu searched, nobody was dissident covered in lt, and nothing could   '
And had Just three months In     the '""■'d amiss; so ajordauc, wont
White House spent.
| Prosperity had returned again,
Conte'    was filling tho breasts
And repentant   Democrats were crying,
We've got enough of Mr. Bryan."
bed thinking himself the victim    of
an illusion, but towards morn ng he
of wus suddenly awakened.
Looking up he taw leaning     over
him an old woman dressed in black.
This personage announced herself a*
a  witch, and prophesied his violent
^^^^^ death.     Ever after thon th*    land-
In those fifty years as in a glass ' ,ord averred he wub continually par-
He saw great things-had come    to scouted by tbt witch, from whom in
pas*, vain he triad to escape.
All unfamiliar, strange and new— He continued to attend as usual to
Things like talry tales now come hla affairs, but he ulways complain-
true, ed to his friends and servant* that
Republican terms had come and gone he could not gst rid ol tb* woman/
And now on election again wu on. who, nine* th* first night of her ap-
"Who," hs cried, "are the Democrats pearanoe,   always visited him    day
tryln'?" and night, whenever he wu alone.
And grew young again ns thty told,     Giordano u a  laat retort,     went
l'Mr. Bryan."
to several doctors, who certified him
u ol sound mind, and told him to
travel and so divert hia attention,
But the woman would sit near him
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ in the train, and last week he
TORONTO, Aug. 4.—The temper- turned home, wrote letters to his
ance committee of the general synod -lends, -lying the witch had driven
of the Anglican church will recom- nlm to death, and then blew out his
mend at tho fifth annual session, brains with a revolver.
which opeu at Ottawa next month, .   *
that bar* be uncurtained, making it GRAVE CHARGE AGAINST BASS
illegal for minors    to enter a    bar SINGER,
where intoxicating liquors are sold, ———
shortening hours of sals by local Home, Aug. 5.—Signor Alfredo
option, and that full advantage be Venturini, tht renowned bass singer,
taken when practical of the adoption who recently returned to Milan from
and enforcement of local option   un- his triumphs at Covent Garden, hu
Cape to Cairo Railroad Now Built
2,000 Mlles North.
No longer than ten years ago the
Caps to Cairo railroad project of
Cecil Rhodes was laughed at as a
dream, but the present moment finds
lt extended 2,000 mlles northward
from the Cape, and prospects of the
Immediate further extension of 'this
southern section are bright. There
is only a little engineering dispute
as to the more desirable of two proposed routes. The firet step in the
construction of the northern section
ls the building of the great steel
bridge which ia now being thrown
over tho Blue Nile 1,000 miles south
of Cairo. Thla bridge will greatly
simplify the transportation troubles
to and from Khartoum and will- open up a rloh country which has boen
Inaccessible to this time. The bridge
is 1,700 feet long and rests on 14
stone piers, lt will carry railroad
track*, wagon road and foot path.
been arrested on a warrant charging him with aa offence against the
eleven year old daughter of a Milanese family which had accorded htm
hospitality. Tbe singer stoutly protests his innocence. Signor Venturini le a widower, forty years ol age,
and is the father of a boy oi sixteen and a girl ot fourteen, who
are at college ln his native town ol
Ancona. As the authorities absolutely refuse to grant bail, the slowness of justice ln Italy renders tt
probable that ths famou linger will
lie constrained to cancel hls engagement to sing In New York the coming seuon.
^^^____B| *
4 ______
A REASON. Halifax,    Aug. 4.-Thoa. Ellis, op-
She-Why is it that    men   always „„(,,,    ,„ _,„ offlce 0, «„    _,iKet
like the things which disagree   wlth|Cab„ company, became 111 oa    the
m' rtreet yesterday and in a few  min-
He-Bccauso they make good wives ]utfli woi    AtaA.    He WM 49 ymm
I siippose.-Yonkers Statesman. |oM ond cam, here from Wales    25
* ! years ago.    He leaves a  widow and
HE FOUND HIS WATCH. '*** children.
der the present lOntarlo llcenso laws.
 ♦        ■      ...
LONDON, Aug. 4.—The International Free Trade Congress was opened in this city today with Lord
Welly in the chair. Delegates were
present Irom Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Franoo, Germany, the United
States and Great Britain. In his
address of welcome, Lord Wellsy said
the prospects for* free trade wort
somewhat gloomy, that the Idea of
protection was advancing In an aggressive mahner, but In spite of this,
lbs policy of free trade ultimately
must (prevail.
CHICAGO, 111., Aug. 6,-Wlth an
attendance making up ln enthusiasm
what it lacks in numbers, a meeting
of offioere and leaders of the National Negro Democratic League began at the Keystone Hotel In this
city today to discus* plans for the
loaguo proposes to take in the presidential campaign. James A. Ross
of Buffalo, chairman of the general
executive committee, presided. The
meeting will issue an address to the
national convention of the league
this fall.
Boston is to have a balloon park.
And the loyal Bostonlan who follows Edward Everett Hale's advice
so "look up and not down," is
quite tlkoly to get a shower of ballast tn his eye.—Cleveland Plain Dea
LONDON. — Tho story ot a man's
cruelty to a bird was told at Westminster Police Court, when Charles
Lawrence, aged 25, tile layer, was
charged with torturing a parrot.
Edwin Stead, landlord of the
Globe beer house, Vauxhall, said he
was the owner of the bird. It
perfectly tame and was kept in the
taproom. -Lawrence took the bird
from the cage and plucked numeroue
feathers trom Its tail and wings.
Tho parrot screamed, and the witness saw it bleeding1 and quivering in
the prisoner's' hand. When asked
what ho meant by such conduct, tho
prisoner said, "Nothing, guv'nor,"
and ran out ot the houso. Ho was,
however, arrested.
Lawrence sain that be was having
a "littio game," and the parrot snap
ped at his fingers. Then it turned
around and his other hand "accidentally" caught its tail.        .
The magistrate, Horace Smith,
passed sentence of six weeks' hard
the man'* grief ovor his loss,     tol-!'" attendance at the annual national1!   BIRMINGHAM, Ala., July 5.-W-.
him he would leave no stone unt_-n-i <">i»aPmBnt °! toe ordor.    The  ev- j,,,^    colowdi   was lynched   last
An lriahman, resident of Nsw Jer-
5.—This wu another
**y, reported    to tht chiel of police
that he had lort a gold watch that    Boston, Aug,
hs prised highly because it wu    an|bu'lr ■»»    'otoresting day for    the
heirloom.     The chief, impressed   byl*8"8 <-' thousands of Pythian knights
Head Office • • ■ Toronto
Capital $10,000,000 Rest $5,000,000
(5 and under  3 cents
Over $5andnotexceeding$.0,   6   "
" $10       " " $30, 10    "
" $30       u "        $50t 15   "
These OrAtrtwttpayable at Par at any office in
Canada of a Charter.- Bank, except in the Yukon,
and at the principal banking points in tht United
Tliey are negotiable at $4.00 to tlie £ sterlintf in
Great Britain and Ireland, They form an excellent
method of remitting small stun*, of money with safety
nnd at small cost, and may be obtained without tie-
lav at any office of the Bank. Ul
L. M. de GEX  Manager
The Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
LONDON, Aug. 5.—A special despatch to th* Exchange Telegraph
Company from Genoa says:
The Sultan ol Turkey was stabbed
In ib* brasst Monday night by
minor palace official. The coat ol
mail which the Sultan always wears
deflected the blow. The would-be
anassln was arrested. Apparently
he had been bribed to commit tho
act, as ns had a large sum at gold
In hi* pocket* and hi* baggage wa*
packed ready for flight. The new*
wa* received In Geneva yesterday In
a tele-ram from Constantinople to
a Young Turk ben.
Old Alwt. Turnbull, the "daddy" of
the New Wostminster Lacrosse toam
received very bad treatment at the
hands of tbe Montreal lacrosse team.
A Toronto paper soys: "In truth,
tb* report* of Turnbull'* punishment
are not exaggerated, There 1* a cut
on the lelt side of hi* forehead with
three stitches, a smaller one on the
right side and the most painful was
one on the right side of the mouth
extending down into the lips. Four
•titchee were necessary to close tbs
gap and hi* mouth I* terribly swollen. Then, his nose is bruised and a
long cut extends from bis ear back.
"He looks a* though he hod oome
out ol a railway accident," one by
.    stander remarked.    Some of tbe oth
18 to   30 or> be*" batA *—oc*t** t00-"
1100,000 DAHAO-,
Blab**,    lAlt-,   Aug. 8.—
•tad-bnrst   ys*t*rday
out tkouMnd* of ton* at
New York, Aug. 4.—legislation es-
• Ubliebing   a campnbenalv*    mon*-
A • tary system undoubtedly will In tlm*
supercede tb*   Vr*eland-Aldrleh   Mil
in th*    op) ilon of Senator AMrich,
od until tho watch wae found.
Ill* Irishman went home, and later found bis watch where he had mislaid it. Thinking to relieve tho police ol any concern, he hurried baok
to the police station. On tbe way,'
he encountered a force of men re-
between the trolley tracks.
Pat ga—— at them in astonishment
and thon he called to tho foreman in
"Stop pullln' up thlm stones; I've
found me watch!"
BOSTON, Aug. --The Knight* of
Pythiu* national conclave was in lull
swing today, proceeding simultaneously In several departments. These
Included the encampment of the uniform rank, the opening session of
th* supreme lodge and th* opening
exercises of the several auxiliary bo-!
Tb* welcoming exercises took place
at the Somerset Hotel this morning,
with addresses ol greeting by Dr. D.
Woodworth, supremo representative of Massachusetts; Gov, Guild
and Mayor Hlbbord, wltb response
by Supreme Chunoollor Barnes of,
Tb« afternoon wa* given over to
the general parade of the uniform
rank. Several thousand visitor*
came Into the city to watch th* Py-
thlans march. Bom* 10,000 member* of th* order, representing many;
states, were. In line, under the command ol Major-General Arthur J.
Stobbart ol St. Paul. Th* line of
march wa* elaborately decorated and
the sidewalks, windowe and stand*
were crowded With apeotator* who
heartily applauded the many attractive features of the parade.
  ♦     '    ...
ent ln the forenoon wu* a parade ol n,gat at New litightvii ^ mltel
the subordinate lodges, made up oi Km pf BirmlnghM,. Deputies
10,000 maroher*, a More ol bond* br0llght milcr to Brighton lost ev-
and a number ot handsome float*, i^ on(, ft ma ^^ WM „,.
Th. competitive drills begin this ^ WAi ' H, wg, cbugtA wlth
afternoon at Camp Jo*eph H. Lyon, emp,,^ to ^ dynamiting of the
and wiU continue over tomorrow. ^^ 0, Plndlay Todfty wh^ _
Liberal pri-_s will be awarded to tbe deputy rtwlff WM ^ io flrigMon
winning oc-ipetltor*. who have en- lo brlng M„ler t0 m^ng.,.^ it
tared Irom all part* of the country. WM diKOTCrod q^ the JttU had ta;
' broken into.    The   body of   Miller
The following from a Nel*on paper _na ,olm(1 (n ^ woodl bming   ^
refers to several riflemen well known _ w   Ureaj   excltenlcnt   preVails,
in   Nanaimo,   among   others, Color ^ MomA Drlght(m (urther troubte
Sergt. Teague, son ol Mr. and Mrs.
J. Teague, Wallace Street:
Captain A. Carrie, of "C" Com-
| pany, 102nd regiment, Nelson, ls
one af Canada's western crack shots
He demonstrated his ability on Wed'
ls anticipated. Another house was
blown up last niijht at Wlnlan In tho
West ii'tut of ,the country.
Tilbury,    Ont., Aug. 4.—Constable
• from the mountain ~„o*~lnto~__ » *■ tmator mad* thl* announcement, Kimball ol Chatham, y**tero_y, com-
prlnelpnl streets of Btabee, and * to th* A**oolat*d Pre** before    hs
• fining damns* (itlma-d   .at * •etUd for   Burop* with hi*   tallow
• $100,000, * nwmber* of th* sub-cornmlttee on tbe
• • ******** o ****** »* moKtary *ji*t_u Investigation.
i Ui.fclJ;_l:llfil__«l
mltted for    trial on a chgrge    ot
mnnslnuehter In shooting A. J. Hen-
SWINEMUNDE, Aug. 4.-Emperor
nosday whon, with extemporized tar- William's new style of wearing his
0 s, nd rlr.mr Prom rudely construe- moustache caused his majesty to be
ted firing points, hs put on a score refused admission to one of the torts
of 101 at the 200, 600 and 600 yard here Juat before his departure for
ranges.    Ocoarlonally on th*   Coast Sweden.
where mark*men are a* thick as Th* emperor, accompanied by some
cones on a pine tree, some one makes officers, the entire party being in
a century and then the papars send civilian dress, approached the
up a howl of delight. Capt. For- trance to tho west battery where'-*
rest has done lt, and Lieut. Sclater; sentry.on duty prevented their' fur-
and they both received acclaims like ther progreas. His Majesty wa*
unto the congratulation* showered much amused at the occurrence, and
on . King'* Prize winner—like Sergt again vainly tried to pass. Then he
Perry.. But Capt. Currle hs* gone fcid to the entry:
beyond the century. Thla step from "You must let me enter. Don't
a score of OB to that of HK) Is con- you know mo? I am the emperor."
sldered a big one In rifle elrcle*; and The sentry thon looked more cloee-
the step from 100 to 101 is even iy at tbe emperor, not quit* reaa-
blggpr. Capt. Carrie's friend*, who mired, but •vantuiilly recognized his
have watched him shooting, oonfld- majesty's features, as lis presented
ently believe that betore many weeks arms and allowed him to pass,
pass ho will make the possible—105. The emperor reported the oceur-
And Capt. Carrie is not the only rence to the offleer of the guard at
Nelson man who can shoot. Th'-e the fort, praising th* soldier's sen*e
are about half a dozen others who 0f duty and recommending his pro-
can rank ln the first class—Including motion. -^
' '■« ■  -
"What make* you think young Mr
Spoodleklns Is a Br,y*n Bemocrat?'
"Didn't he Wrn the clock back two
ROME, Aug. 4.—Felix Savaingi, a
responsible priest of the diocese ol
Trebizonde, Asiatic Turkey, caused
considerable excitement at the Vatican this morning and resulted 11—illy in his expulsion from the Vatican
He desired the redress of certain
wrongs which he declared he had suffered at the hands of the Vatican.
An audience was denied, the authorities considering that the man's
claim did not Justify a hearing.
This morning Savigny placed himself at Rafael's lodge, a point where
the pope was expected to pass. When
the pontiff approached the gendarmee
asked the priest to move on. This
the man refused to do and he began
to shout and gesticulate In threatening manner, causing considerable
al-rm among a number of pilgrims,
who had just been received by the
holy father. The gendarmes wore
obliged to use force In order to get
Savigny from ths spot. He was
turned over to the police. The Pope
expressed his regret at the incident.
F_J__!_1UL'___AV_N, Aug. 6 -
The King of Wurtemburg called on
Count _eppe in his hotel here today
and conveyed to the aeronaut the
personal regret of Emperor William
over the deatructlon yesterday ol the
Count'* airship. The Emparor tale-
graphad: "I have heard with the
deepest regret of the destruction of
[your balloon in a storm, and I wish
you to know my cordial sympathy
at your misfortune. All the more
sincere a* I and Germany thought
we had every reason we could congratulate you on the glorious real!,
zation of your splendid epoch-making
achievement. Nevertheless what you
have accomplished must be recognized as of the highest order and that
must be a comfort to you in this
ln addition to the governmental
grant, of $125,000 to Count Zepplln
for the construction ot another airship, it appear* probable that tho
Count will be given even a greater
sum for ths construction ol a new
dirigible on the model of the one
that Was destroyed yesterday and
for extensive experiments with new
ideas. Ths national pride has made
the work of Count Zeppelin its own
and almost every city ln the empire
has opened public subscriptions to
raise money for the Count.
P.O. Box 84 'Phone 44
Dealer in All Kind* of
-eats Delivered free of charge on th*
Shortest Notice.
Union Brewing Co.
aqd Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding and Party  Cake* Made to
Fruits and Candles or All Kinlt
Prices are    very   reasonable.    All
Customers treated alike.
SALT LAKE, Utah, Aug. 6.- A
special from Ogden, says Edward H.
Harriman, who passed through Ogden late yesterday on his way to
Oregon, denied that there was any
truth in the report that he had or
would obtain control of the Gould
railroad properties. "I have,
courso, heard the rumors," ho sal'
"but-thero is nothing In thom."
"It Is true," he added, "that recently the system which I now control, obligated itself to meet certain Indebtedness of the Gould properties, but personally I was only an
incident to the transaction. There
is nothing in tho report that I am
to moot representatives of the Gould
railroad' holdings in Salt Lake 'or
any other place to discuss the matter."
Talking of the political situation,
Mr. Harriman said. "The election of
Mr. Taft or Mr. Bryan would not in
tho least affect tho railroads of the
country becauso the policies of tho
Republican and Democratic parties ln
the prosecution of railroads which
violate the law aro identical."
! Color Sergt. Teague, Lieut.   Anderson, Lieut. Mackenzie and Capt. Far-
On the 1—ploaade.
Ladysmith,  B. C.
Tl]e Best Butcher Shop
in Town is
Roberts St. Butcher
tlngton.    An efficient rang*, a  fair
opportunity and faithful practice   Is
all that   ls necessary to make   the
_ bovs d0 their, best.    1-hescore* they hours when.him ant. Marywas mak-
l*.v, whom he wa* attempting to nr-'nre now making In the Can*—en III-  In' love in the parlor last ntght?"-
rs*t a lew day* age. He League mntohee ar* a fair Indlca- Exchange. ,
-.IS;     1    It.,       .... , »  * ..'■■:■ ■   '   ■   .'■   *
Ladysmith. B. O.
"Oh, George, can't you Just
th* sal* water?" j
"Mor* than that, Maria, I can I Stratfoed, Ont., Aug. 6.— Charla*
taste it ln the ice-cream."— Chicago'Arbegut, aged 17, ws* drownsnto-
Trlbun*. 'day.In Blank Cretk whll* batUag. i have a few Men's and Boys' Canvas Shoes lelt which we
are offering at greatly reduced prices.
Ladles' White Canvas Oxfords, at :.. ..,..  »1._J
Misses' White Canvas Oxfords, sizes 11 to 2, to clear at ...11.00
Child's Whito Canvas Oxfords and One-Strap Slippers at ... 85c
The "Astoria" Shoe for particular men ls unequalled for style.
There 1* nothing like it in ths
smoking line. The Grand Duke ls a
smoking hot success. It ls on sale
all over town. Try lt and be con-
Jlncsd. X
The following scores wore made at
the medal shoot of the Tyee Gun
Club on Thursday evening:
T. White ,.  22
J. Wargo   19
. G. Hepple  ..*.,... ..'.'..'. 18
Tha beat Smoke in town is th*
Grand Duke Cigar. Remember, it is
made in town and don't forget to
call for lt. X.
The local Owls are arranging a
picnic across the bay for Thursday,
August 20th. The Owls have yet a
name to mako and they aro determined that this picnic shall be a success, and that everybody attending
it shall have a good time.
Tho Grand Duke Cigar ls on sale
tn Victoria at Westerndale's Bail-
way Cigar Store, opposite the E. _
N. Station, and also at the James'
Bay Cigar Store, opposite the C. P.
R. Hotel. Don't forget this when in
Victoria. X
Picnics are the order of the day,
and certainly the weather is ideal
tor pleasure seekers. This morning
the children of St. John's Church
Sunday school went down to Davis'
ranch for the day while those' attend
Ing the Methodist ohurch went across
the bay to Beach and Green. The
children were all apparently In fine
form and out for a full day's fun.
There are many complaints just
now from residonts about the rather
reckless driving of expressmen. Chil
dren havo narrowly escaped the flying wheels right on the main avenues of the town. Now there is little necessity for such wild haste, and
drivers should remember that pedestrians have equally as much right on
tbe road as they have. An accident
-would cause a loud outcry of lifelong regret to whoever was responsible lor tt.
The scores at Peevor's bowling alley this week have boon botter in the
five pin series than in the ■ ten pin
games. In the former Mr. and Mrs.
J. A. Knight each took a prize with
the same score of 71. At ten pins
the best score was 200, mado by T.
White, W. Dunwoody with 196, and
Joe Romans with'174, wero good
prize winners. J. Conlin with 146
was the only man to got an easy
Boat and Boat House.  Apply
Big Clewing of
-•Piece Suits
Clearing them out regard-** of
Suit*, regular $15.00  , ,,..
SALE PHIOB .........»11.50
Suit*, regular 117,60 .*..
SALE PRICE ......118.80
All other Suite Reduotd.
Willi*-.'• Bl**k
The Bartenders' Union at Pittsburg, Is reorganizing.
Cigar makers at Mayague*, Porto
Rico, have formed a union.
The International Typographical
Union will hold It* convention in
Boston next week.
The Photo Engraven' (Union, ot
North America, has recently adopted
i Union label.
The International Brotherhood of
Stationery Firemen will meet ln convention at Detroit next week.
The carmen of Wheeling, w. Va.,
have received an increase in wags*
of one-half and one cent on the hour.
The Trade Unionists at Walla Walla, Wash., have placed the president
ol the Trades Council as a candidate
for street commissioner.
The insurance agents ot Wheeling,
West Va., are considering the proposition of organising a labor union
for their self protection ln the near
The Negro Firemen in Pittsburg,
Pa,, will be organized and enrolled
in the ranks of the International
Brotherhood of Stationary Firemen,
in a short time.
The new National Federation of
Weavers held its first convention at
Fall River, Mass., with '38 unions
represented. The United Textile Workers' Union, from which the Weavers' union have withdrawn, is opposing the effort.
In connection with the effort tb reduce the number of accidents In the
mines, for which money was appropriated by Congress, plans have been
made by Secretary of tbe Interior
Garfield, to open in Pittsburg, Pa.
the first, experimental station.
Out of 7,248 cases settled by voluntary conciliation and arbitration
boards in Great Britain during th*
past ten years, only 42, or about
one per cent, were preceded by stoppage o! work by strikes and dlstur
bsnces were extremely rare.
1*he Soo Railroad has placed an
order with the Minnesota state free
employment, bureau for 7,000 men.
They are wanted aa harvest hands ln
Minnesota and North Dakota and
tbe wages offered are from 12 to 84
a day with board. Under the order
several hundred men have already
been placed.
As an expression ol appreciation
for their faithful service and courtesy to the traveling public, chocks
amounting to a total of $178,000
wore mailed to 1,158 conductors and
2,817 porters by the Pullman company. In each case the check wal
equivalent to one month's pay, at
average of $46.40.
The West Virginia Stat* Fedora-
tlon ol Labor continues to grow big
ger and stronger every week. President Welch is confident that by the
time of the next state convention the
Stat* Federation, reorganised at
Huntington last February, WU con.
tain all the labor unions In
Mountain State.
1*e prospect of smooth working- in
the labor world ln Sweden Is anything but bright, and a great deal
trouble Is expected during the'sum-
""J: ™« most threatening feature
is the conflict between the dockwor-
kers organization and the shipowners, which is bound to Involve ali
kinds of workers.
Miss Hazel McDonald of Chicago,
who some time ago advocated the establishment of a home for aged and
indigent portofflce clerks, has been
I •e^?d.? "'•'OS'1*'8 to the convention
iotthe .National Federatipn.*f.._\>it-
joffles clerk*, #hteh will open
-oulsviUe, Ky.. on Sept. Tth. _„,
will havs an opportunity to submit
her plan to th* convention.
•DIBS AT. I-JUTICAI, m__>tin_.
LOS ANGELES, Cal., Aug. 6.-
T. Pratt, a physician of thi* olty
plrod lost night ln tha Tempi* '
ditorlum, surrounded by marly
000 people who had gathered to
Judge Alton B. Parker of the «,„■
tlonal Democratic campaign In California. Dr. pratt WM ^m, friends,
and the speaking had not been begun
when he was sssn to lurch forward
and in a few minutes he Wa* dead.
Llttl* Reek, Ark., Aug,
bound San Franolteo , „_	
No. 30 wis derailed near Indcodan,
Ark., today. Engine* Cooper,
Memphta, Fireman Lee Booker,
Mstiphl*, and *a unknown man war*
killed. A -taair stork, nam* m-nown
wa* badly scalded. To* train I* supposed to bs burning. It I* fared
that aome of Uw pa«s*nger* havs
hav* bean killed.
_T   __!'':'    III
WINN-PEA. Man., Aug. 9. — Th*
Ogllvie Flour Mills Co., today wired
ths Mayor ot   Ferhle   as follow*: —
This Company will be pleased to
assist in the work of relief to the
extent of a carload of flour, or a
cosh subscription of one thousand
dollars. ■ Pleuse advise which would
be most acceptable.
'   ' :'t    '
In one ot the old and historic section* of N*w York known a* Greenwich Village there 1* a plac* where
they check, babies. Ttasy don't check
than ln exactly th* sums manner a*
thsy do umbrella*, but it ls possible
for wifeless men and working moth-,
an to -av* thsir little ones hire all
day and b* sure ot getting thair own
child when thsy return for it at
night. To be surs th* place 1* only
a day nursery but It is run on'the
plan of an up-to-date hospital and
the children getthe very best of core.
The children are carefully fed according to. formula* issued by the Board
ot Health. Everything ln tne way of
amusement 1* provided for the little
tot*, but tbey an mad* to take their
nape regularly end of court* hav* to
be bathed and fed on •ohadu-d tlm*.
It I* not an uncommon night to see
a father taking U* motherless chlld-
i<_ to __ nursery on his way to
work wfaer* bt leaves them' for the
entire day. In addition to th* earing for th* children the mother* are
Instructed In th* proper way* to
car* for their Uttle one* at home.
Manhattan ha* had a plague of ln-
•nt* thla summer which hi* not
only and* th* Inhabitant* uncomfortable but haa ktpt th* entomolo-
gt*t* busy trying to classify th* different pasta, lhe flrat vi-tatlon
consisted of million* of whit* moth*
that wer* attracted by th* gluing
lights of th* Great White Way. Th*
whiteness of tto Insect* only Inereaa-
•d the g__ral dozeling eflect of
Broadway at night, and *o thick
war* th* moth* that people coming
out of tto thsatrn thought for an
Instant that there had ban a slight
fill of snow. Tto moth* disappeared
after one or- two nights having round
tto quiet and seclusion ol Jersey preferable to tto nolle and glitter of
the Greet Whit* Winy. A few day*
later same an army of small, black,
hump-backed bugs. At least they
were so described by the laymen and
the Mien-eta In Gotham were completely stumped aod haven't yet been
able to cl**_fy th* unwelcome visitor*. These, too, disappeared and
all was comfortable with tto Man-
hattanltea until an IU wind from the
Jersey coast blow a formidable array ol the common moaqtrlto* across
tto Hudson which set all Gotham
•cratefclng. The fourth and laat
Pisgu* haa been a visitation of fleas
which caused some more saratohing,
hot thai* In turn dtaappeered leaving
the famous Ntw York water-bug in
sola possession of the elty.
Naw York I* laid- to b* rebuilt
wy forty year*. Th* eetssless tear
Ing down and building up leave
•r-retly a *tr**t undisturbed, probably In no elty In th* world are
gr*at and maative building* or point*
of rate and historic Interest mora
readily *acrlflosd. Th* "houaewrtck-
er" flourish** In New York, for an
army of man ar* constantly employ-
ad to tear down what another generation hu built up. Tto storage
yard* of tb* oldest Arm* of houae
wreckers are veritable museums.
There amy he **en still in th* debii*
_g- board* and different speclmena
of architectural or--mutation* that
wer* familiar sights along Broadway
fifty y**r* ago. Historic relics by
the ton which recall vary vividly the
architectural glory of the Old elty
ar* pltod about on (very tond. For
•xampl*, on* heap of marble, much
discolored, contain* all that la left
of th* famous Stewart mansion, once
tto pride of th* city. Th* Iron balcony" on whloh Washington one*
•tood to oddrea* th* crowd* ln Bowling Grata ia to be found in the rubble- as ,r* *oor<* of otter mtorset-
lng r-ll-a,
The prosperous broker* in Wall
(treat taks things vary easily during
ths summer month* and make it
poa-bl* for tto man who work* to
w_h thai to had their Job for » va-
cation. If tto variations In the market an not too troublesome th* *uo-
OMfful brokar g*n*r*lly leaves hi*
ofl_* early on Friday and depart*
for#hi* country horn* for tto week-
He «U_*r returns leisurely on
Monday evening ot Tuesday naming.
H* then has about thrs* day* for
work bstor* to oaa take another vacation. But for tto few day* that be
wor-i tto hour* of ten to thn* an
MM p great tax on hi* strength and
to genarally plan* to to aa comfort1
abl* a* posslbls. In tto Ilrst plao*
lt is tto etyl* with broken and all
their employ-*) to wear light pong**
aoat*. Tto broker Uuia' arrayed g*n-
trally takes Ms net In front at tto
ttator wH_ aa electric fan over his
Many of tto broken do not
l*av* ttolr offloe* al all during tto
day but have * bartor com* in    to
,v* than, and at noon Mo* hav*
ttolr lunches brought In, At three
o'eloek _ big touring car draws up
before ttolr offloe* and whlaks them
ofl to *o«e one of th* fsahlonabh
uptown chrba when thty play brtdg*
or drink som* *ool drink* until It I*
An* to dr*n for see
4  I wb
I A Pew of Our j!
Boy»' Pants — another shipment just received. All sizes
to choose from.
J_l 50°
i i Men's Negligee Shirts in a full
] ' range of Patterns. Values
up to $1.50.
Special, 75o
t++++4 ♦«*♦♦♦♦♦*•♦♦♦♦■♦♦•■♦
That are
marked to
dear them
Out Fasti
Ladles' and Children's   Aprons , ,
ln Plain and Colorod,
Speoial,;25o j
--«-__--*---_---»—-,■-.-■'     ■ I      I       ■■      US I t
Boys' Blouses — what wo have •
lett of them—to clear at
50- *
Janltress for Oddfollow's Hall. Applications   will bo    received   up   to
,.  noon, Monday, August 8rd.     fnfor-
iv  motion as to duties can be obtained
In Nanaimo, 50-
In Ladysmith, 35c
"Knight's ,
Boole; Store.
let Avsnna.
Ladysmlth, 11. C
f*i_*wntn i >.*: .1' f i'' .-i i •
Mr. Hugh Fulton   went down   to
Victoria yestorday morning.
Mr. H. Hughes took the morning
train to Victoria yesterday morning.
Mr. Jas. Barron has left for the
West Coast to engago in development
work on the sands ot Wreck Day.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. McLonnnn, of
Field, uro spending a few days with
Mo. and Mrs. Wilfred Akenhead.
Mr. F. Irving, of Walters _ Alton
head's store, ls spending his holidays
at Portland.
Mr. QaU went up to Cumberland
on a short visit on Tuosday.
Mrs. Mottlshaw boarded the Victoria train on Wednesday afternoon
Mrs. Jas. Adam is spending a holiday with hor pooplo In Vancouvor.
Mr. T. Mowatt   was
Thursday morning.
in town on
Mrs. James   Dunbar   came   down
from Nanaimo on Thursday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Putorson, are
spending a few days holiday In Vancouvor.
Mr. Jas. Boden, of Vancouvor, a
monollne specialist, has boon in
town during tho week.
Miss Mary Elizabeth I Sharp, of
Nanaimo, and Mr. Robert Strachnn
ot Victoria, wero married on Wednesday.
Mr. T. 'P. Mclntyre arrived on Friday evening with Mrs. Mclntyre and
Miss Conlin left on Friday evening
to spend s short holiday In Nannimo and Wellington.
Mr. T. Anderson, who has boen
spending a short holiday with his
brother, Mr. Wm. Anderson, left for
his homo in Winnipeg on Friday ovonlng. '
Mr. D. Campbell wont up to Nanaimo on Friday ovonlng.
Mis* O'Connell'lelt on Friday ovonlng for. a short holiday.
Mr. lien Forcimmer, formerly of
Ijadysmlth, lias donated a silver
cup to bo competed for by the City
IfSsgue Clubs In Nannimo. The conditions ore practically th* asm* aa
those governing tho Wesson Cup
h*r* and both leagues are run with
th* same e*4 ln view, namely, ths
nurturing std development of  local
i —      .
•  All Work Ouaraatwd.
Vislt the Foundry and mako
your own choice. Vou wlll
save time and monoy, and got
better satisfaction.
Mclntyre foundry
Company, Limited
W Afford to
Bo Without a ^
Meat Safe
ONLY $8.00 EACH.
OU Stovos with one and two wicks,
From  ;  vb0 to $1.90
Tho Old Reliable Mason Fruit Jars.
f Gal., per dozon ... .'  $1.25
1 quart, per dozon  .'. $1,00-
1 pint, per dozon  ...     ,76
Rubbers of Best Quality por dozen,
10c and 15c.
6. Peterson
Phone 1-8,   First Avenue.  '
[Teacher of Music]
[Studio in Williams' Block
Tho Best Pit Boots in   Town.
Not "Split Loathor" but Solid
They are
a pair,
and thoy, aro worth overy Cont
of it.,    SEE THEM.
Our windows aro full of thom
|    AB. HILBERT j
)    Telephone, 1 2-4,
I Nanainn B. 0.
j. m. mo-?GAi_,
Teacher ol Voice Production and
Engagements may be left at the
Standard Office.
Now is the time to lay in your
stock of winter fuel. Order
your wood right away..__>
H; Thornley
Collie Dog, 15 months old, suitable for rancher. Apply D. 9_ Loo-
nard, Third Avenue. 81-Ut
WiU bo in Ladysmith overy Wednesday at the Abbotsford Hotol, Room
S, Readings and" treatments will be
given. Best of referenees given as
to work done In Nanaimo.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lyme desire to
express their sincere thanks  for tho
kind sympathy extended to thom In
their recent    sad    beroavement by
their many friends.
 —* — j
Watertown, N. Y„ 'Aug. 7. - Th*
asBottnctmeat wu mad* her* today
by tha International Pap*r Co. that
tb* price of "n*w*" paper hu been
adyasMd ten cents par ton to $8.88.
AM t-ikt altuaUon Is unohangtd.
<Hf*i "l"l"l.. 1.111 IH III I
;   Oome around and  j
see Bargains in
Ladies' & Children's open
■ '.      FANOT GOODS ■TORE.  ' !
> i i
♦K-»frW*W44'W»M' 11*\
A four-roomed house with large
pantry on High Street, between
Third and Fourth Avenuos. Nowly
papered and renovated. Lot fenced
and cultivated. Easy terms. Apply
Standard Ofllco.
3, Japvlpenj
First Class Photos.
Lady mitti Fish Market
Salmon, por pound    10a
Cod, per pound  10c
Cod, (Smoked), per pound   16c
Halibut, 2 pounds, ., 25c
Come and   j
■   Inspect
my Stock of Latest Styles In
Wall Papers
Pictiu-e Framing   a Specialty.
High Street.
Rods and Lines
Flies and Tackle
For AD Kind* of Fishing.
Excellent Boarding
-vary Convenience,   and Everything
of the Bert.
Jos. Nankiveli, Prop.
The Notion Store
Window is Not Dirty--it_ a
flaw in the glass—but
there are
No Flaws in (be
Goods We Handle
Opeoed Out!
Toe Pog ply
iiog Alley
Cigar* ud Soft Drink*,
Hotel Cecil
Beat liquor* ud Cigar*.
And Billiard SaloonI
Pool and HnglHh
' Billiard Tablet.
(Daily P.l__ for Highest
Bowling Soon.
Mrpc-ftr WMt._^>
!$   M O'BRIAN   *J
-nd iwn •m. m
Ing, rnlimb*. nu
<- l infurmniitiii tit-
bill|i»_fi„. ' J-
A'CfiiTior. nm vr


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