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Ladysmith Standard Aug 19, 1908

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■HI 111111111II11HIIIH-H HI 111 It 11111111-*
Do Away With that
Smoky Taste by using
Raspberry Vinegar!
In Half Gallon Bottles.
.   Special i'lice this Week
60ca Bottle!
AU kinds ofOii-n-d Meats-nice for
A Cold Lnch.
j -.
Question of Open Billiard Saloons and Bowling Alleys
Discussed by City Counoil.
Big Conservative Gathering At SidneyV—Cheap —-cursiou 1— te s,
Tho thirty-ilrst meeting ol the City
Council was
and thc
Haworth,   Ma-
but he hardly thought they would
All the arrangement* ore now com
plete for the big picaic which ia   to
be held at Sidney on Saturday, tlio
22nd, under the auspices oi tho Conservative party,    tn additiou to   an
interesting programme oi athletic ev-
irst m—f.i»B *•*"*" T"'  Oiior any objections seclug thit they enU, tliore will be speeches from lho
held In the   City   Hal  ■baA compiB|,lw| so mul!n tth0ut what non, Richard Mcliride, Mr, F. She]
on Monday evening.    Mayor Nlchol- {,„l8 done a few weeks ago.    If   tlio fa   d   ,,,   HaywMd aad ot,hers.    Thu
..    n.n.1,1.,, nnd there woro present city grow unci    prospered and   then, • *
son presided and then. »»™P -},     ^^ ^ ^ ^ £ _._ « ^  M Reamer cltv ot Nm^o   ___,  beeu
right. ^ j chartered to carry the people    from
Mayor Nicholson said tho ■ matter I Nuaaimo ,^,1 Ladysmith and   it    is
hud boen laid ovor to onnlile him  to!  „  ,, ,      .  .    ...a      ,       ..   ..   .
.— .    .    . ni wcii tu state that onlv      !imi c,-1
get a survey.    Tho surveyor ho hud "™ ""v ou*
had in view hud not bcon available,; number of tickets are available.   The
Town lias Worst Experience in Its History and Elames
Ouly Kept liy i-lective Service oi the l'irenien.
Never before hus the town sulierod reuciied the road which run* up   to
For Choice Grocm-ies    "~~"
Win* 11111 ti 11 m w ■h4»i , i 1111111 ii i im 11
i    Sh ^ at S300 ae S3.50 at aay
-Kilter P-an- in to iy*   It pays
to Bay at Dickie's,
':,,..:        .          ,.       1              7-
Clocks, Watches, Pictures, Books,
Razors, Etc., Et..
for White ftwan Washing Powder Coujron.
Send a Two-Cent Stamp for our Catalogue
B. C. »o_|> Work*, *'«*-*. _c
-«■-«---%•»%»■»■» m-mp
for ciiiiin:
FINEST (,} i W
HAM A\|i  MA
, -%««%%-«
Phon* T-O.
lee Cream
I* ■«**-_ad*. Fr**h Daily. Crltlcs
pro»*_~e It to
b*   Ths B*«t
•old _i Ladysmith.    Oome and
It.   W-n-at*- stooluuty pure.
6*, aad lOo. Per Dish.
Male md Prlral* Parti** Buppllud
by tb* Oallon.
4Hooper9s Parlors
'•    mm MM* --r-w la Tow-
Oome aad  Make Tour
Selection—new stook
fresh in.
J. E. Smith,     Robert. Stree
i "f tf *H4+>H+*-++44+4+++ -
ij-W-iiil Noot;;
■ ■ II you'hav* detective Eyo-slght
[ I masses flttod to suit your vis- +•
.. ion after direful examination. \ \
• ■ We have the Up-to-date Frames ..
'.'. and the best Quality Lenses.   ' *
.             iM -1 T-  . .,
■ •    All. kinds ol Repairs prompt- .
• * ly uttonded to.    Watch repair- < -
','. ipg Our Specialty. '}''.]
• ■ '.
• • ' II your watch ls troublesome ..
• * give us a try.
', \ Watchmaker, Jeweler and
Oatacre Street.
Aldermen Campbell,
thoson and Brown.
A communication wa* read from
the Union ot Munlclipal Firechlefs of
B.C., inviting .tto^Council to attend
the convention to bo held in New
Westminster toword the end of next
lonth. The importance of learning
the best methods ol lighting flre nnd
minimising the damage occasioned by
the flames was enlarged upon and
the Council wus urged to attend. On
motion the letter wus ordered filed,
and City Clork Stewart instructed
to reply that as many as. possible
of the Aldermen would attend.
An Invitation to tho Mayor and
Councillors to attend the reception
given the victorious lacrosse boys
was too late and City Clerk Stewart was instructed to express the regret of the Council that the invitation arrived too late for them to
avail themselves of it.
Accounts totalling ¥834,15 were
presented and referred to the Finance Committee to be paid lt tound
Aid. Brown aald complaints had
been made to him about the hours
that the bowling alleys wore kept
open in town. .Young boys were
staying there till all hours ot the
night, some ot them black as they
came from work. There wa* gambling going on, too, and it was time
a stop wae put to lt.
Mayor Nicholson said they hud
gone to work and closed certain places, and they should complete their
work and make theso alloys the som
as the saloons. Tho latter pay heavy licenses and they should not dose
thom down and leave the others
Aid. Brown.—Boys should not be
allowed to stay In theso places, if
they went Into a hotol the saloon-
keeper would turn .thom out.
Mayor Nicholson said a fow w'ooks
ago, people in tho city had given
them credit for what they had dono
in oonhectloh with the hotels and tor
a time at least theso pluces woro vor
quietly conducted. On Sunday, ho
was told, thoy were as bad as evor
again. Thero woro somo of tho hotel-keepers who thought thoro wail
no law to closo their places on bun-
day. Thoso mon might bo fooled
ono of theso days. He did not want
to be too hard ori thom; but in enforcing their by-law ho expected thoy
would get tho full support of tho
town. They wore trying as far as
thoy could, to do their best for tlio
City. Ho roally believed that boys
should not be allowed out so lato ut
at nights.
It was up to tho Aldei-mon to bring
In a by-law to close theso places
down. There hnd beon complaints
about the noise of the alleys and he
thought thoy should bo closed at 'certain hours. Thore was, he believed, a
by-lnw in Victoria which thoy could
perhaps avail theinsolvos of, although thoy need not bo so strict ns
they wore in Victoria.
Aid. Brown remarked thnt lt would
bo advisable to get n cony und seo
what tliey could do.
Mayor Nicholson said he would try
to get one. He Intended going
to Victoria; but If anything camo ln
the way to stop him,' thoir clerk
could writo for one.
Mayor Nicholson reported that ho
had Been Mr. Little about tho proposod site for the electric right power-house. Tho site they had spoken
of below thc V',. _' N. depot wus uot
available Tho Wellington Colliery
Company proposed putting In somo
now sidings nnd they might require
all tho ground betweon thoir present
road-bed and the eclgo of the bluff.
As regarded tho septic tnnk, Mr.
Dunsmuir hnd marked out a plnco uu
tho map, which they, could use fur
that purpose. Pructically ho had
glvon tho Council permission to put
It In anywhere on tho wnter front.
Mayor Nicholson snld that hn had
Informed Mr. Littio that they bad
decidod to put tho tank on tho- 1—-
planado somewhere below Oould's, ns
that was the most favorable pluco.
They would have to look up some
other place for a site for tho power-
Aid. Brown: Will the tank not bo
a nuisance ?
-Aid. -Matheson explained that lt
would be porfectly sealed up aud
that there would lie no stench.
Dr. Fagan romarked his worship,
also looked over theso plans. The
only objection there was' to the tnnk
being there was that the distance
from the wator wan so groat thut
little blggor dtschnrgo pipe would
havo to he used. Mr. Mohun would
now soon be ready to put In his es-
timate of tho cost. Then they could
bring in a by-law and 11 by thnt
time they had not disposed of tho
electric light debentures they would
perhaps be able to . get rid of the
wholo lot easier.
The question of tho sidowalk on
First Avenue which was laid over
from last week was taken up again.
y.Ald. Brown snld hs hod been think-
• ■ <ng about the question all week und
in his opinion It would bo foolishness to lower the sidowalk ovor three
leet.   01 courso they had the  pwplo
and ho., would have t».,ui
othor week's grace.
Aid. Matheson said he wished to
express his agreement with Aid.
Brown. Tho grudo thoy hud there
now should ho established as the official grade for thnt section ot tho
Avenue. He thought it would lie
good idea for tho Mayor und sumo
of the Alclermen to interview the pea
plo u iio would bo affected by tho pro
posed eluinge.
Aid. Campbell uskod for information regarding the lumber whbh . ihu
Council hud grunted toMr.F. ijorslnl
to fiuinh the ililowiilk on Kltch-mor
Street and was told that It- .(ad Uaeii
On motion tho applicatlbwol
Worship for a week's j;ra_-o'lii
to got tho promised survey,
The Council thon adjourn.id'.
Football Club Put Up Great' Pro
gramme on Monday Kvonm,;.
—     tej
The only thing thnt was Jacking I o
mnko tho "Smoker" given by thoj
Football Club on Monday evening' u
complete success was a botter atiiin-
clunce. The untertnimnent wus lar
und away the best ot the kind that
hus ovor been seen in 'Ludysmith <. -id
It is ceruiin that the next will be
more 'liberally, patronised, -ot only
was there a ' really excellent programme, vocal and athletic, - but
thore were pipes and tobacco for the
smokers, beautiful ham sandwiches
for the hungry, and some iced lemonade for the thirsty. The churge 'or
the whole business was only 80 cents
and nothing cheaper has ever boen often— at the opera houso. Tho boys
will clear expenses and are cont—it
with this if, as is almost certain, it
is paving tho way forthe next enter,
Those who were there could certain
ly not complain of tho entertainment
ttflorded them. The musical numbers in themselves were excellent and
there were sevoral good athletic
turns. The brothers Morrison put
up an exhibition of wrestling such as
bus seldom, it over, been seen In Li
dysmith. -Pete is u pust master at
the gume, and in spite of Arthur's
greater bulk and strength, kept him
going. Ho had some new break-a-
ways, and hus tho too hold a la
(latch. The last bout of the two
brothers was particularly fast and
groutly nppreclated. Iko Portrey and
Meredith also mixed lt in willing
stylo and tho boxing exhibition betweon Brown nnd Wynne furnishod
tho amusement of tho night. Bouncer's antics wero irresistible; but un-
hnpplly, un accident in the second
round caused Wynne to retire and the
bout was never ended. Barclay and
McPhersun furnished tho real athletic business. Their bout was ot the
whirlwind order and with as much
hard swinging thc boxers from1 time
to timo took a hard punch. However
it was all in good feeling anil? indeed, it ht— to be suid that everything passed off. without a hitch und
that all present/were more than satisfied. Tho committee on bohalf of
tho club desire to express their sincere thanks to all those who contributed to thc evening's programme.
Mr. VI. Q. Frasor presided and the
following progrnmmo was rendered:
H. Hughos—Song.
W. Bennett—Song.
J. 'Sanderson—Song.
Pote „■ Arthur Morrison—Wrestling
T. Lewis—Song.
W. M. Alllstor—Violin Solo.
Portrey & Morodlth—Wrestling.
II. Itoberts _ J. Thomas—Pilot.
Wynne _ Brown.—Boxing.
J. Molynoaux—Song.
Jno. Korr—Song.
Jno. Barclay—Song.
Barclay — McPhorson—Boxing.
I). Copcland—Song.
Mr. Job Smith aotod as accompanist In his usual efficient stylo.
return rate from Ladysmith is only
T.*> cents for adults, children boibg
booked at 40 cents. It Is therefore
as cheap an excursion as has over
been run from tho town, and with
such weather as we are having ought,
such weather as we ate having ought
10 be well patronised. The boat
will leave the Provincial wharf at 9
o'clock a.m., and ticket* may be hud
of Messrs. D, Nicholson and It. - It.
There will be some local interest
the athletic meeting from the fact
that Mr. M. O. Simpson is taking
down his tug-of-war team, and
there is also a probability of the
Junior football eleven going down
All wishing to go had better get
their ticket* early.
——        «       r-.
A practic* game will be played on
Friday, night in order to give the
boy* „.ron out for thslr mat'ohwlth
Nanaimo on Sunday. The only un'
satisfactory feature of last Sunday's
meeting; fi-om the local standpoint,
was the result. The play was even
enough and everybody was content
with the way the players shaped, If
only the scores had tallied. Howavj
Br, these things will happen and it
may be Nnnahridj MA, on Sun-lny.
fbr Sunday and **» following   jilay-
The executive Committee nt their
meeting Inst night decided to run
nn eleven against the team picked for
Sunday, and the following players
were chosen: •
Ooal—iDfxon. I
Backs—O'Connell and Hewlett.
Halves-O'Conoall, Simpson, Jackson.
Forward* — MoMillan, Sanderson,
Coster, Simpson and Provins.
The gam* will be started at 6:30,
and Mr. Jno. Eno will referee.
MANILLA,    Aug.
chants Association
18.—Ths   mer-
of Manila hav*
Local  Eleven . Booked For
Match with Nannimo.
The return gam* with Nanaimo
will he played on Sunday afternoon;.
August 23. The Nanaimo boys want
the game before the month gets too
old, and of course, the homo boys
held themselves ready to fill any
date that-would suit tho champions.
It is to ho hoped that the game
wlll he as pleasant a fixture as thut'
of Sunday last nnd, of course, local
supporter* are looking to see tho
decision ravened. As will be seen
from the llno-up below some changes
ha-.e been made by way of experiment. " The team will b* aa follows
lioal—A. Strang.
Backs—Christian and Struthers.
Halve*—Main, Strang, Wynne.
Forwards— Gralncer, flrnham. Ad
am Spence, Warburton.
The klek-olT is times Iur 8   o'clock
and the tonm will drlvo up in rigs.
. ■♦
SAN FKANCISCO, Cal.; Aug. 18.
—The woather bureau here has no
report ol the earthquake anywhere
except at Eureka, which   scorns • td
uo much iicuu bush llros us it hus
done these lust few days. Happily
there hus be—t uu very greut damage
iiouo tu property, but it iuubi ue
conceded tuut mis in— L.eeu us  u(uui
the cemetery. Twelve hours later it
bad traversed tho bush which lie*
between thut roud and the (nd* ol
Third und Fourth Avenues. Another
braucu of th* lire had swept up lull
uud uuno into the bush uelr'nd    the
or iiiore, uwinu; tu guuil —Ok lUuu to temetory. Another lire wa* throw-
buuU —luiugcuumi. At vurious. sut- lU,, ou volumes of smok* In the rages oi the lire there seeiueU ull the uut) lltlc;. of the city and on Mon-
I'libsibiUtics uf uuutliei' I'emie dis- d&y .i,.r. wug _j outbreak down on
uster, Uut fortunately lor evorybbuj t,utJ heucli beside the 1'ruviucial wharf
coucerucd, the breeze always ite.il aud a buutliouse was destroyed,
low. Uud there ever a strung wind 'i;ut all the dangor and excitement
got up after Sundui muruiiig, lt is ;uv U1, lUe ion between the cemetery,
extremely doubtful whetlier iho lire ____, the north ond of the city.
could have been kept out of the The wiud kept steadily in th* ono
town and with ' the dry state the iiuarter and the lire brigade had
liuuses are in streets wuuld have dis. i cv duty on and oil all the week
appeared like matchboxes in a fur- 'the cemetery fence was damaged and
nace. As things are, the bouse ,ui tho full force of —-emea was called
Ben ilerto did catch lire yesterday uut on Ali,nday evening ta Save the
morning and the residence ol ..u. fence urouud the Sports ground and
Jones on Third Avenue wus onco in the property on Symo—_i Street,
imminent danger. Several tiiqss    the tire for the time
'the Ore began to assume turunda- tein,-, i.uder control, but a quickon-
able dimensions un Saturday after- ing in the breeze alway* brought it
noun,    when    a    fairly strong wiud bock again.
sprang up, bit-wing directly tuwiu-ds the clung of th* nre bell wash—it-
town. The lira at that time was fur the lirst time yesterday evening,
out beyund tbe Union Brewery com- the occasion being a nre at Mr. Ber-
pony's warehouses on the lelt of the to s residence. That corner ot the
Nnnalmo Hood. By midnight it hud town has always bean «, danger spot
travelled along towards town and and had rey—red the most careful
surged up tho hill towards the oeme-' watching all the time and ooca*ion-
tery. When the minors' train came ally the hottest and hardeet kind of
in, the Uro wo* burning fiercely aud work. Happily th* fire on tbs roof
the flames were roaring and ci-ackl- of the house was soon extinguished
ing through the bush over on area und the danger again averted and up
of acres, in the skies oven through tu noun, today, everything w_I agaiq
the thick pall of smoke, was  to   bo quiet. '■?.*
seen a ruddy reflection as of a sink- The town is now, wrapped in amok*
ing summer sun and ever and again- mists and 'besides all the other di-> .
some mighty tree crashed to earth conn'oris it inflict*, tbs smoke i*
with the bang of a big gun. Thc lery painful tp the eye*. What la
flames as usual continued to make wanted, and -wanted in the .worst
nil kind* of odd effects. Here a tal'. way is rain and plenty oi it. Tb*
tree shone out of the darkness with experience ol the last few day* vilt
a halo ot flomea round Its crown, serve the town for years, *ven pro-
ihen another blazed out like^ Colli- vided, as everybody hopes, tbat
orine wheel midway up the trunk and there is no worse to come, and tb*
ugain a squat stump sputtered   and lire brigade and its ehial ore   to be
congnatulatf—upon the  willing   and
had ouective servico they have rendered.
sparkled Ilk* a locomotive.
By Sunday   oiorning the fire
have ben
local *hoek of alight i
started „ movement to Induce Fresi-
blent RocMovelt to visit the Philippines either before, or after going af
ter big gam* In Alrloa, the Frt-ld
ant 1* planning' to take attar the Inauguration oi hi* »uocc**or next
- -i	
ALTUS, OkU.. Aug. 17. -   Alls*
Cart*r, 11 yeara old lut night  refund to marry Cha*. aTiaher, „ farm slon trains, the C.P.R. has had spo*
hand, against  tor pernta'   -*__**, chvl conMoblos'sworn   in to  nccom-
wher*upon ho.drew a revolver    and pany eat- road Of excursionists.
BOSTON,'Ma**., Dug. lS.-Freder-
Ick L. Norton, counsel for Peter C.
Haines, Jr., left for New York today. It Is understood that Mr.
Norton #111 take some action towards securing possession ol Mrs.
Hains*' chihtren who are now in
ch*_g* of lhe father's raltlvee.    '.,
TORONTO, A-iiR. 18.—In oWer  to
•top rowdyism In harvesters'   exeur-
ST.  CATHARINE, Que., Aug.  17.
■During a severe electric storm here
this morning, the transformer of the
Falls power house was struck and
damage done to the extent ol several thousand dollars. Several barns
and hay at—eke in the country are
roported burned. It waa the sharpest lightning seen here in soma
OTTAWA, Ont., Aug. 17. — The
will of the late Sir Adolpho Caron
was probated today, and the estate
valued nt $02,4tiu goes to the widow snd family.
OTTAWA; Ont., Aug. 17. — The
RUllway Commission puts the responsibility lor the collision nenr
White River, some day* ago, on
Brakemon R. Atkinson, of tne front
train, who did not go back far enough to flag tha approaching train
KINGSTON, Ont., Aug. 17.—Alexander Barnes, lumberman, ha* received reports from hia mon at the headquarter* of the Coulonge R ver, ln
Quebec, telling of the wiping out of
a family of Indians by lightning,
which struck n tree under which thoy
sought shorter. A day later the
Hudson Bay factor found fathor, mother and little girl dead. A baby In,
a cradle held by the mother, was
alive, with only a small burn
tbe nose.
Wooditock, Ont., Aug. 17.— John,
Cameron, who a month ago gave up
the Governorship of'Oxford Jail on
account ol old age, died this morning aa a result ol a toll laat night.:
On his return from church lt started
to get slippery. He opened the cellar door by mistake and fell down
the stairs. Judge Cameron of Winnipeg is a son.
MONTREAL, Aug., 17".— Trafflo
earning* of the C.P.R. for th* sec-,
nnd week In August dtcrsusd by
The Ancient Ordor of Forester* *r*
in convention in Victoria, the occasion being the 35th Annual Convention of the Columbia district.
The reports submitted revealed the
interesting fact that British Columbia is the only part of Canada
whore ladies courts in connection
with the A.O.F. havo been established, courts at Victoria aud Nanaimo
having been instituted during, the
past yeur. A juvenile court has also
been established at Vancouver, being
tho third of the kind in the province.
Thu membership roport showed that
. there are 1,712 names on the roll in
the Columbia district, an increase Of
4111 during the.post year, while tto
financial report showed that th* order here is extremely prosperous, hav
ing S-lu.oo to Its credit in the oa—k.
Thore aro now 14 courts in Columbia district, nine of which are men-'*
lodges, two women's and three juvenile.
The' following delegates were present: v
Vancouver—J. D. Pearson, L. 'Bar-
cloy, Mrs. Barclay, Mrs. A. Bag—ey.
Kamloops—A. H. Thomson;       -
Nicola—Thos. Heslop.
New Westminster—J. J. Randolph.
Nanaimo—S. D. Tippett, _. WU*
Hums, Mrs. C. Tippett.
Victoria—J. Wilcox, J. B. Manson,
Aid. W. F. Fullerton, W. H. Knight,
E. H. Hydes, J. Tagg, Mrs, B. H.
The following district officers were
present: A. Manson, D.C.R., Victor-
la; W. G. Grey, D.S.O.R., Vancouvor; J. Trace, D.T., Victoria; F. P.
Watson, .U.S., Victoria; W. H. Gower
D.B., Victoria; F. It. Oarlow, diatrlst
organizeir, Vancouver.
ahot and kiltod _*, and tr-t   com
mitted auletde.    BI* bodv fell upon
her body in tor home, i  Both   srar* Trunk snrnln s for the fto-nnT Wsf
•hot through th* heart.   Tiaher left of August deoreased by »182,000' a*
a hot* whloh showed th* double tra- compared with the ■*_• weak * year
living along the sidewalk to cb'.sld-'gwly wa* nremedit*t*d, ago,
i_ku..i i... t .,.',;,,'.
BERLIN, Aug. 17-^As the Parse-
val dirigible balloon was approach-
4. ■         <|jlng It* landing plac* here tbxlay,   it
MONTRDAL, Aug. 18,-Tto Grud w** forced suddenly downward    by
TANGIER, Aug. 17. — A windeM
despatch received train Abdol Ell
Aziz, the Sultan of Resold, announcing tbe victory ot his troop* o*iay
th* troops under Mulai Hand, tto
usurping Sultan, In an engag*__»t
which wal fought recently, during
tto march toward* Morocco City.
says that the de'ear of th* «___
wo* complete. The lone* of t tto
advan-ts ol Mulni Hand are aflar
ated at 300 killed nnd SOO woun-sd.
An immense amount of booty, In—ud
Ing tt large number of camel, wa* secured, Th* booty wa* *o great tto
victor* were ob_f*d to Mil at quarter th* market price in order to get
rid ot it. Abdol At_ at th* to**
ol a column d*f*at*d the
sribe, who were Supporting
Hand, killing fifty of th*
and taking 900 prlaon-is,
' ' 4 . ..—
nn air current while at a height of
00 feet. The gondola of the ship
struck tho ground violently, breaking tto   left. arm of Oaptitn  Von
Jack Thompson, ol England and
Jack Vlneent, of Australia, *r*
matched to fight 15 rourd* to '-_
•Athlrtlc Club, Nanaimo on
II You Require Any
WILLS,    ,
S TS Drawn
large claims for extras beyond what
had .top aliowadJhtnt. Dynuty Minj
later Butler lad pen   'Mr?-.,
iglnear and _r/-8chrolb|ir was
'(minted- to orbftra*e th»?Sl!%.
foWil- Mr. ,-aney -witUtod to -»W4,
633.33 mors than had besn allowed
nun and tbe. amount was promptly
paid.    This brings the total coat of
Or |l ,Y«u Require Any
y «b|
tj  -i LIFE. •   , n> « ' •' ' '   i
Pr If You Want to Buy a HOU-K,
or 8*11 On*:   or II Y*u  Want
....   „.,...    ,,...,,..    .,    „,((    I,...,;.-,    ... ,
Maksry rwbU*.' - • _«nv**__*r.
         LADY-MITH. 8.0.
■ ■■•Ladysmith   Standard
'" "   sEMI-WBHKLiY.
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Robt. R. Hiudaar**,
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Advertising ltat*s oa Application.
the bridge to ,1,365,376, or   abdutf ijeltlia-e.l :lniteiiJ*.<irs ifkuto,
double   the     estimate made at the
tithe the work was underway.
.ving equtjipedithl* atovily-M-
flcered craft, Capt. Howdan made another;„dlscpver^j4 Jn»—te^JJ—Jearn-.
ed that    uniforms    cibst more than
In our notice of the "Chronicle,'
reference wa* made to th* indenen-
dant policy of tbat Journal. Incld-l
entaily we remarked that Standard
readers did not need to be reminded
of the political' color of the last
newspaper that started out in Ladyamlth on just such a policy. The
HOrald in correcting us, boldly as-
wrted that the Ledger waa haver
independent, that it' waa always Liberal, but never ultra, that, in
abort, it waa a* much Liberal as the
Standard i* Conservative. Perhaps
w* were, nnd are still wrong, but
we were residing in Ladysmith when
tto Ledger made it* appearance, and
me read it* flrat issue. If It did
not declare its policy to be independent, and if its proprietor did
not give general assurance* of a policy of independence, thai we are
woefully mistaken and our memory
has played us a treacherous trick.
IWv can afford to leave the matter
with our readera.
Hiatory, however, will repeat It-
Nit, and the Chronicle apparently 1*
travelling the sum road ta did
th* Ledger, and just a* quickly.
Pint Of all there 1* the hearty ind
altogether unexpected commendation
of the Herald. From our experience
of that Journal, ita praise and •up-
port are reserved exclusively for
bird* of it* own feather. If this were
not enough, we had a visit fret R
Smith the other day and th* otunt
I* "splsatod" in tha front page of
tto "Chronicle;" We am ulso told
that Smith "empha- i _ hi* appreciation ol a good aawspao-r hy sun-
scribing for on* year aud.i»ying in
advance." W* are gli-i to nut'c*
that our Mend* of tb* -Ohr.inicle"
are smart enough to Unlit upon pay
mon* belli*; made In advance. It is
alway* tb* safest way when deallnv
with    politicians,   and especially
Uberal politician. Naturally ».*_
Ralph would ba attracted by tha p.>
hey of the paper. He himself w-»
one* lnderiendent. Bi* began
that ticket, and clearly he expect*
the Chronicle to bring up at tto
•am* Literal buoy to which to i*
tied up. That, at any rata I* th*
only kind of appreciation we would
expect him to show, and our conclu.
elons are shared by as many people
in the town as -we have talked with;
Kind you, we have no complaint to
make, but we are rather puzzled that
•uch a long mysterious road should
to followed to reach such a plain
and easy mark.
OTTAWA, Aug. 9.—Another sample of cost* and estlmatea ia afforded ln the hietbry of the Hltlshoro
Bridge ln Prince Edward Island.
-M* itructur* waa flrat estimated to
coat about 1500,000. When it waa
fairly undertaken by th* Hallway Department, the estimate had been'
r*i*ed to 1700,000. By th* time
tto bridge waa completed the - bill*
had run up to 11,900,000. Contractor Haney, who I* not, only a bridge
builder but a valuable supporter ol
tk* labsral party, afterwards put1 In
1 ,    Political Dredgers.
The dose * connection 'between
dreding and politics has been frV
quent.ly pointed out by Mr. Dennett
ahd others., Close relatives ol Members of Parliament flnd a great faa-t
emotion in dredging contract*. The
chief man in one dredging company
is the lawyer leader of the Ontario
Opposition. Another has a local le-
gislatdr 'ano" his brother and son-in-
law of a Dominion Membor as the
chief -owners:, ' A third seems to be
controlled by an ex-Member of Parliament. The fourth has the son,of
the member for Ottawa as the active
manager.   oj .,  .   ...       -i.. a .
A St. John Dredging Deal.
The Company last mentioned has
found a small fortune In St. John,
N.B., harbor. The Dominion Dredging Company was not required to
compete for this profitable St. John
contract. A local contractor tendered in 1905 and did much excavation at 05 cents per yard. He did
not find it profitable, and when the
work was offered next year he raised
his price to 90 cents. There was no
other tender, and tbe contract wa*
awarded to him at the higher rate,
which was largo enough to recoup
any previous losses and leave a substantial profit.	
An Easy Oontract
The Government then decided that
second dredge should be put ! on
It did not recognize the previous
contractor by giving him an ippjor-
tunity to get another' dredge and
continuing under his "existing contract. Nor was there a call for new
tenders. Instead the Department
gave Mr. Stewart's Dominion '. rouging Company the contract td' go I ln
and dredge at 90 cent** yard. There
Boat, the "Speedy" required large
quantities of such provlsltimras or-
inges, pears,, plums, .French peas,
spring chlcksn.U Red-or, water and
other supplies, for particulars oi
which see Public Accounts.
< 'Th* ' 'PtiMIc Account* Committee
asked the captain to explain why he
had to pay 16 cents a pound .'or his
spring chicken and othor high prices
for similar supplies absolutely necessary for proper towing. Here la his
testimony :
I will explain how the price  was
(hcreaietr.    If you are dressed ln the
Speedy" 'Outfit, with brass buttons on, and go Into tha'store to
bqy chicken,, Invariably they charge
you Just about double what the chickens Wworth." '■"'"'
HI* further explanation was: "We
have the patronage list, but sometimes when they get on the patronage list' they think you have to buy
from -torn hnd tip goes the price."
The Royal Commission'made ths
same discovery. ,,
Orand, Ilut Costly.
Tha result of these thing* I* that
the "Speedy" haa down to thl* year
cost over 1100,000, and. ha* done
about as much towing sa eould have
been performed1 b» a private'crlift for
a twentieth of tto money."
« .-
. . ■ , ,, :    ~        *.
Carnival weak" will he the moat pre l.ibaral. by 77 majority. SCOTCH WEDDINGS IN NANAHfa
tcntiou* aquatic event in the-annals    Saskatoon County,■■'* polls to hear ".' -AST FRIDAY. '•
of yachting on the great lakes. from, give   Sun_jerflel<|,   Provincial       t   ' ™"""
While th* aeries   of race* will   ta (tight* a small bad. '■
''.' '    ' 'iti PA'Ui?_»
Waablngtoo, D.O.. Aug. IB.- Baron Atoxaadar Da P_-y-B*rv», former
ly an aide to Btonarek and a
tor of oa* of G*r-_ny . greatest f_-
milia*. to* bean buried in a little
•uburban cemetery „„ th* Bladcn*-
burg road, * pauper and unknown,
Uut few of his friends knew hi* secret. When he died they went to
""  tierman Embassy   with paper*
upon the Company bought a. dredge that prov*d hi* Identity and an  at-
from the United States and set   to taoto of tto legation wa* dela_at*d
work.    ttabout    l*n'months'   the ,_ ..__, «- ft?„_-i
Governmsnt   haa    paid thia wmcrn ,t0J_*™_™f taT1;   ^
1375,000. out of which; acoordlnglto1   T1» baroa aarved la tha
estimates   made by partlea on   the army, married „ prlnoasa, got   Into
K.USlf!-'e c-1tr*c«!i„h£!-J*.d ,or *""*• •»- <W *rom tto fatherland
the dredge costing $140,000, tor re- „,«•_„,   __„ ..
pairs, working expenees an. all oth- _"* "*• ■*_om to *" »»• "«»
er outlay, and made $165,000 net bMB- altar to left Germany and ia
profit an   amy   ofBcar.    Tto baron   did
■_-.. „. . nM -ewapapar work In Haw York, mar-
'm S1'P", "' ' PU"' riad aa actr_a whom to UMr  drv-
Whatever claim the original con- oroad, raa a n*w*p*p*r In Winona,
tractor had to receive 90 cents pet Waa., and aecund a jw—Hon iri the
yard as the only tenderer, it ie evi- gpvetaamt printing offle*.   H*  dl*d
dent    that    the Dominion Dredging
Company had no such claim. This 'is * *fVlP,*T--
a private   contract,    made without '
art. M. P.,i deelare* that he has   no *1VB O^S
Interest in the concern, it is pointed [_*_*
out that hi* aon, ihe main man In NEW YORK, N.Y.. Aug. 15.- In
tto company, began business aa a',_ —ort to „„— --^ . ^
dredger, without capital or expert-iT" T_. . T^^ !"v"* *T* *""■
ence, ihortly after bi* father became I™ • rl*» la''t-»-Awagr,'a man b*-
member of parliament, and that he -evad to hav* been Edward J. Mais ndw receiving very special favors tor, waa killed
from the Oovernnieht. iFranklln Street
If there had heen anything big at
Issue several reasons might have
been given for the' Joss of the janu,
the opening game of what all tbe
club's supporters expect will oe a
great and successful season, on Sunday afternoon. Howevor, it wns
only a friendly game and serious criticism and analysisNrould he out of
Still there are a few things which
may be said in lieu of a report of
the match. The flrst Is that it u
the flrst time the red and white colors of the team havo gono down in
the duet of defeat on tho Sports
ground. 'And then again, It was the
opening game and not everybody is
yet. freo from superstition. At any
rate the prospects would have looked brighter and mnny of tho club's
supporters would have felt happier
had the decision been reversed.
For these kind of people I have anothor consideration to put forward.
I am referring to tho superstitious
people. The points at Issue botweon
Nanaimo and the home eloven ure
generally shared in turn. For example Inst season wo wore bonton in
Nanaimo and wo wero victorious horo
It was Nanaimo's turn whon we went
to Victoria, only it took two gamos
for tho charm to work. Naturally
wo defeated tho. champions at Vancouver and Sunday's match again
rounded off the series. Tho next
game will come to us or the i-harm
has boen broken. If that lie no wo
shall hnve the teams straggling Into
a victory or n defeat in any qld
shape by any old road which might,
or might not. add to the interest
created by the meetings of tho two
As for the game on Sunday, thore
Is no necessity to say very much
There was little botween tho two elevens, and play wns fairly ovonly, divided. Rogers had perhaps the most
shots to stop, but there were none
of them difficult, although Adam
once nnd Graham once shot from
close rouge. Tho play considering
the condition of the players, tho sul
try heat, and the dusty state of the
field was fairly fost and interesting,
The rally In front of Rogers' charge
a lew minutes after tho gamo commenced stirred up thc wholo crowd
ns woll it might for nothing more
prolonged or prettier has been seen
on the ground. ...      I.
Neither eleven was up to strength.
Hurren and Crulckshanks wero hot
with the champions and eithor of
them, would be missed from a forward line. The homo team can also
lie strengthened, and just how the
real battle botween the two elevens
wll!/;i it is hard to say. All lho
last season will be repeated, and the
Indications are that the struggles of
a goal on either side will almost "always decide the issue.
The champions had no new men
out except Rogers, who kept goul
for the Thistles last .season. Certainly he is a good man, and it is
doubtful If his equal Is to be found
in the provinco. But then Hartley-
is not back yet and we are content
to leuce the defenco of our citadel
to him.' All the other men we havo
tb* all-absorbing feature ot the week
the elaborate setting to be given
the event will serve to rob the sailing classic of much qt it* luster.
The Initial leg of the Lipton Cup
races 1* to bs sailed thl* afternoon,
tto aecond on Monday, with the
concluding flight on Tuesday.
In addition to the yacht rcces tho
program-- for the weak pro*, ides for
rowing contests, swimming races,
sailing Bailing parties, spaed trials,
between fasti power boats, dancing at
the club* skirting the shore, dinners
and luncheons.
On Wednesday evening the great
Venetian night celebration will be
given and it will be a fitting climax
to the outdoor demonstration. On
Thuiwday the Illinois Athletic Olub
will give it* initial regatta and over
eighty landing "canva* back*" an
expected to compete. Power boat
men will hav* their inning Friday,
when race* will b* given for the fastest ol th* "chug-chug" craft of the
local fleets.    On Saturday the   Ohi-
ngo Athloilc Association will   conduct Ita annual regatta  for (ailing
craft  under tbo Jurisdiction ol thu
lake Michigan Yachting aaaoclation.
'   *
DUNMAIlViEN, Aug. 17. — The
weight contest held yesterday between Martin J. Sheridan of the Irish American Athletic Olub, and
Thos. J. Klely, tho Irish lumper and
weight thrower, for the champion:
ship of Ireland, resulted la a draw,
Klely won th* hammer throw and
the 56 pound weight event, whilo
Sheridan won the 16 pound shot
put and the 25 pound weight event.
         «     —
Story of tha Speedy.
'ly tolay near
oa th* express track
of tto Underground   road.    Aceord-
,ing to tto atory told by tto ricket
Indirectly connected with dredging .g^t Mah-. Aurm -^ ^ y^
la the engaging story of the ataamer "? _" _TT 3t___?T T_-_T
"Speedy" 7urchaaed in 190* in New d,opw» *"thout P"**. a tfc-at In
York, aecond hand, for the purpose tto box Bad hurried to th* and of
ol towing dredges and bargee in in-' tto platform. Whan pur*u*d by th*
land waters. -' On the side, so to tlskst ehammm tk* __» _.«_• h.J»
speak, the Speedy has beon t_*l a. . S*L2_-__ _^*__!_nL J"?
"despatch boat," that is to *ay, by *™ mUpm and daabad through
the Minister of Public Work* and, -_ tub* and dlaappaarad In th* pit-,
other   politicians    to   go on little jcliy darkaeas.    Later,   toth    ticket
goneral   election   and tha result  ia
seen out; but it was McEwan's  flrst distinctly in   favor of tto Con»erv_.
MHHi.   In     MIAlt     eiunlinmi Will in     lo     n '
tive*.    Thro* of the Liberal   Minis.
game In such company.    Willie Is
tireless worker, fast, and gritty, and
promises to mako good in the rather ter* went    down   to defeat.    It 1*
onerous- position of centre-half,    Of likely that the gov*rnm*nt haa been
Jaunts of their own.   There are atill!
* B__i_-di and Pool *
Beit Liquor, and Cigan.
some g-,000 worth of all v.
plat* and cut glass in tb* dlnli
room. Th* corresponding boat on
the Pacific is called a lighthouse tender. On the Atlantic the like craft*
are supposed to prdWct' the fisheries.
But we have now to speak of the
towboat "Speedy."
Plus Commission.
Mr. Howden, Superintendent of
Dredging, testified to th* Public Accounts Commute* that he want' to
New York and purchaaed thia boat
for 185,000. True ther* wu a further sum of 11,750 commission, but
tb* officer explained that thia wo*
paid to a' New York broker. Th*
boat wa* aeven or eight year* 'old,'
and wa* bought furnistod ready for
Cruise of th* Piano.
On tha passage to St. Jobn, tto
"Speedy" encountered rough wnether
Her piano, a necessary part ol tha
towing outfit, broke loose and smash
td tha dining room table and chair*.
Therefore the1 following bill*:    '
Mahogany tabl* ...,   1100
Eleven dining room   chair* at
US each ...V..         183
Arm chair    16
Total ....i   .1348
With thi* mahogany furniture and
the piano uninjured, the "Speedy-
might be expected to commence towing at dnce. But it waa found that
tor boiler* war* insufficient.
ITtat was put right bv an expenditure ol $17,500.
Then it was discovered that   the
Speedy" waa still unsuitable for
towing St. Lawrence dredge*. She
ws* placod ln the dock* of tto Pol-
son Company for treatment.
Uniforms to Match.
The cursory observer might think
that with electric lights, several luxurious cabins, smoking rooms, num
erotts bathrooms, suite* of obam-
bars, elegant stateroomsi a piano,
mahogany chairs and superior uphol
storing, tto "Speedy" would pall
barges and dredges from one mud
flat to' another with good -Net.
Still something waa laeking. Tto
office™ and man, especially th* cook*
•toward*, waiter* and waiti
must have livery, to match. We
turd again to the Auditor's report,
and flnd: '
8 officers' suit* 0 f 93 each.
1 man'* suits 0,117,50 each.
Uniform for th**toward**»,»-5.
8 caps © 18 each.     "' "
7 cap. «J »1,(* *M_,
two or thru Minister* who hav. n6'*_** jf?  c,wfp"   ***** * ,
privat* car, and have to be content ****>• **"> a    -_•-_ for the mlss-
with a yacht.    Mr. Brodeur's yacht .lag nun.     A   abort dlttonc*  from
is disguised, a* an^ Ice-breaker,   and I Franklin atraat ttoy found hla  body
"*^t JI-CMrr-t-to' «ru»tod oa th* north track,.
^ H* waa still .breathing whan  found,
but died aoon *ft*r reaching th* hospital.    Tto pollco   arraatod    Jama*
Devi**, tto ticket agaat.
■""       '■''■'      ''♦'•       ■!	
CHICAGO, III., Aug. 15.-Anthony
t_omp»on, a aalooa tosper at North
«3nd and Watt Chicago Avaau*. waa
fouad dead tehlnd hi* bar laat night
with a b__t ia hla toad. A revol-
var, *ald to hav* baleagad to hlm
waa fouad lying a*ar tto body. His
•Mow told lho POM*, that aftor the
thot waa fired,, sh* **« two man run
from tha, front door. No on* <
•aw tha flaring smb. According to
the police, tto •aloaakaspar aad hla
wife had several quarrsls lataly.
Mra. T-o-npaoa aald. that aa aoon
na shs I now that baa husband wa*
•not, ah* r*a to tb* bom* of tor
tiottor, Oanial D. Furmaa, who
live* two bloak* from th* saloon.
Th*y ratura«l together aad. were
•tending in th* door-way wton th*
polio* arrivad. Tto cash drawer In
th* aalooa had net been disturbed.
Furm*n waa arrested and Mra.
Thompson placed under guard at ber
Full return* from th* Saskr.ti'he-
w«n elections are not in yet o it sul-
llcieut hav* arrived to indicate the
CO—vervative march atill cont, was
In the lut house the Conse-rtitl.es
had 9 member* and th* Governm _t
16. Sine* than there haa bona a redistribution of seats and the ltvls'a
ture has been increased numerically'
from 35 to 41 insmbersf In vaster
day'* election the Couervatifes
mad* sweeping gains and will bt<vc
17 to' 30 members. Th* Oovcru
ment will have 19 to 31 members,
Ther* ia (till a bye election to lie
held and whether, when the fiiljvcta
is in, ther* will be enough mv irlty
either way to carry on th* li norn-
blent remains to be seen. Thar* Is
no question but what tto election
waa sprung so suddenly to teat   tie
Nanaimo, August 17. -
One of tho saddest drowning accidents ot Nanaimo's history,'and the
first which has taken place this year,
occurred yesterday morning about
half past eleven. The victim to tho
cruel rapacity of the sea was Samuel Alnslee, who for the past year
has been residing with his family on
Milton street, this city.
Yesterday morning Mr. Alnslee, In
?ompnny with Mr. Hindmarsh, Oeo-
Atklnson and Mr. Andrew Jemson,
went down to the' beach below No.
1 shaft for a swim. As far as can
be gathered from the few bathers
who were enjoying their morning dip
at the beach, the deceased, although
an Indifferent swimmer, had swam
out to a small boat which was anchored a short distance Irom the
He then started on his return to
the beach against the tide which Just
at tbat place runs very heavily.
When about half way across. Hind-
marsh and Geo. Atkinson passed him
on their way out to the boat, When
nearing the boat thoy heard a slight
cough ln their rear, but thinking nothing of it they were not aware any'
thing had happened until they reached the boat. Then, on their looking
back, tho waters appeared to have
swallowed their companion. Without
further delay, they plunged in and
struck out for the spot where they
conjectured he had sunk. Several Indians, who happoned to be noar by,
and were brought to the scene by the
cry of the bathers, at once put out
to the spot in their canoes and aftsr
a little searching, they found the
body of the deceased in about seven
feet of water. Taking the lifeless
body at once to shore, immediate efforts were made at resuscitation and.
in answer to a message Dr. O'Brien
hurried to the scene. But all to no
avail. Despite the superhuman efforts which they exerted for several
hours, life was pronounced extinct,
and all human means proved futile
to restore life into what a few hours
previous had been a strong energetic
young man.
The ambulance was then called to
the scene and the body taken to
Hubert's undertaking parlors.
As Mrs. Aidslec for the post
week* has been in a state of very
delicate health, the news was broken
to her In the most gentle and guarded manner possible. But the shock
was too much for her and she now
lies in a stato of complete collapse
at the residence, Milton St., where
kind friends are doing all possible to
uphold her In this hour of gloom
and anguish. The deceased was 83
years of ago and was a native of
Cumberland, England. He leaves
two young children, aged flve and
seven. As stated before they have
been but a short time in the city,
and are strangers in a strange land.
The sympathy of the city and coun
try at large will be extended lo the
stricken family in their sad bereave
C P. H. TO
MONTHS kL, Aug., lfl.-Tto (trlk*
of th* C.P>. _, machinists, bollsr-ma-
kara, bhok-nttto, and carman who
rafumd to acetpt tto award of, tto
arbitrators appointed by tha Oaaa-
dian Government, to whmn they had
IppoaM, -HI hav* Isatod * fortnight next Tuesday. Tto eompaay
hu hittorto tallowed a conciliatory
pofcjr tmttrrtag to retain ita old
•e-sployM aad fir* th* man every
opportunity to -return to wot-,- bat
a number if toam not having don*
so a notice wa* Issued by tto eompaay today that aa Tuaaday ant
thty will eogag* <klU*d labor to Ml
course ho is lacking in experience and'
is not over-burdened with Weight but
he worries along and ls always on
his man. Harley. was played outside lelt and scored the only goal ul
the match. Certainly II there Is a
hall-back for his place he ia good nn
outside loft as Nanaimo have yet
Of the homo boys Sandy in goal,
was only beaten once, _nd even then
niter he had stopped the ball once.
At right -back Christian waa a great
success nnd he roally played a sound
hard game. He is a strong kick, a
robust tackier, and does not lose his
head in an emergency, Main was a
little on the slow side but in the
first half ho played his wing effectively. He Is a flno kick, places wllh
Judgment, snd hardly ever sends a
ball out of play. Jimmy Strang also
made a creditable debut. He has
not got used to the bounce uf the
ground yet and Bevoral times ran
under tho ball. At short rai.ge,
however, he is a grand tackier end
he never strays from his lositlon.
On Sunday he kicked out quits i, lot
too; but anothor crame or two s-vuld
cure him of that.
There remains only Warburton i ho
on the day's play easily made good.
He is very tricky, takes a pass
good and always in turn passes to
advantage. Of- the old boys Wynne
waa aeon to greatest advantage. Ho
played a great game and so did
Graham. Jimmy and tbe others did
not unduly exert themselves and both
he and Joe Sanderson, missed
opportunities of scoring..
For the rest the game was played
out In real friendly spirit. Scott
Harley got In the way; of Paddy
Hewitt once _ needed a minute or so
to come round. Shorty Graham also
collided with Adam and got rather
badly winded, but he was soon on
his feet again and playod out the
gams. Hugh Fulton's rofereoing
plessed both Bides and nothing occurred to mar tho game. Of course,
the home club's supporters would rather have had victory with their own
colors, but there was really little to
choose between the play of the two
elevens and then thore ts a chance
coming to take our revongc.
NOT YORK, N.Y., Aug. IS.- O
Shunter, ud O. Millar, who drove
U_ Amadou oar, wlnnar of -tto
Naw York tb Paria automobile race
durteg tto laat (tags* of it* Journey
arrival tor* today oh tto ateamer'
La Lorraln* from Paris.
sustained by a very small margii.,
but tto moral *_M- -It* la father strsngtlion th* Conservative
cause HEGINE, Alta., Aug. 15.—Iu
complete returns indicate Scott to
have 19 Mats and Provincial Right*
17 natal with four not beard fron,
and ana to to told later. Tto Pre-
mi*r carried Swift Current, p naw
constituency by about 100 majority,
but the returns are far Irom   cow-
Weddings .Last Night-Scot
Recently Arrived, Marrying Swsethearts Her*.
Two .real Scotch weddings      tot)
place last night and at both    them
wu a great gathering of the clans
Tb*    brides   are   recently   arrive
Scoteh lassies who left Scotland bit
the same boat where they met fo
th* flrat time and both came toNa
naimo for tbe some purpose.    ' Th*
groom* are Scotch by birth.
The flrat' wadding took plac* last. Andrew'* church at. 7 o'clock,
Mr. William Adam, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Adam, of Victoria Road'
and Miss Jean—a Steele, of Kilmarnock, Scotland, being united In mar-
riage by th* Rev; Mr. Stewart.
The bride, who was attended by
her aunt, Mis* Hall, looked charming ud quite won the heart* ofth*
assembled! guest*. MT. Frank Garnet
supported ths groom. Following tto/
ceremony a lawn supper wu given
at the home of the groom'* parents,
followed by a largely attondod reception. Th* grounds were decorated
for the occasion and* very pwrtty
scene euuad.
This   morning ths happy    young
Coupl* left on a honeymoon trip tb
Portland on their return from which
they wlll take up housekeeping    on ,
Victoria Road.,
Following, the wedding hv St. Andrew's ciuroh many (miting guests
trooped over to the Assembly BUI
whore Mr. John 'Smltn, who although but a resident of the city tor
_» Peat year, hu nmde many
friends, and hla Scoteh lass!*, Ida
Maiy Walker, of Ayr, were united In
marriage by tto Hav. John It-toon..
Th* brld* was attended by Mia* Jea_
netto B. Graham, oouiln of th*
brid«groom, ud Mr. William Walker
aupported tto groom. Following th*
"retnonyi a hvviah snipper wu served
In th* toabuet room, followed by a
marry duo* in which * vary large
-tfintor of Invited guests took part,
■r*. D*vi* of tto Royal R*»--urant
Prepared the (upper ud the wO
with which tto guest* disposed of
th* choice drticacie* wu . oompll-
meat to tor (Ull.
Mr. *nd Mrs. Smith win alao tak
up ra-dsoce oa Victoria Bond.
Hen. 0. A. Caldar Is Ilk*/
ed la Mllostoa, and Hon. W. R. Motherwell's defeat 1* conceded In Nortu
Qu'Appall*. Hon. Turgeoa wu defeated in Prince Alb*rl city, 'uut
carried Duck Lake (ty about 75
jority with returns lncoaplate.
Tto Provincial Righto Parly carried 17 seats, including South Uu-
'Appall*, Regina Co., by 900 majo.i
lty, Pipestone, Moowjaw Olty, Frinc*
Albert Oity, North QuippaU*, Maplj
Orwk, Sourls, Moose Mountn'n anl
probably Milestone.
Following |* tto conatttuaaclas u
ttoy now stand:
Henley, nine poll*, giv* McNeil, Liberal, 08 majority.
Maple Grade Wylie, Provincial
Righto, 178 majority.
South Qu'Appall* return* Mr Haul-
tain, 186 uoUe, giving him * major-
ty of 370.
North Qu'Appelle, MO poll*, giv*
J. A. McDonald, Provincial Righto,
115 majority over Hon. W. R.   Mo-
t-ww*-,- i- - ":;,, 111 |ii
Mooeejaw 01*, *M_a*>_-, Provln-
*l*l Righto, 81 majority.
Yorktoa, 18 out of IS poll* glvaa
Garry, lib,, 307, aad •lection  eon-
When tto taxicab* became oommon
In New York laat winter tb* average Oothaadte rejoiced that he could
no longer ba cheated out of a small
fortune by an unacrupulou* "cabby"
who alwaya claimed fare for two
milee whea to tod driven by on*. It
wa* believed tbat tha motor on tbe
taxicab* which registers both tbe
dlstonc* gone and the price to be
charged would be u truthful u
George Weahington but tha ohaffuara
have devised a mean* of Increasing
the colt aad atlcklag the passengers.
On of thq trick* that 1* worked I*
for tto chauffer to take the baggage
up on the *eet with him for which
there Is a charge of 30 cento tor
each asperate pi*c*. Another taxi-
cab trick la tto plaoing of the rag-
iitering lnatruinent on one of tto
back wheel* of th* machine Instead
of on one of tbe front wheels. Wton
etartlng up th* machine on a *et
pavement sometime* one ol th* rear
wheel* will *pln around fast enough
to regtoter almost a mil* before the
machine hu moved * foot. The
"cabby" with hi* dilapidated cab
and over-workad hor** had many
trie's, but from present Indications
to will have to dertee *ome mor* If
to I* to kasp pao* with hi* taxicab
■ »
Bffectlv* Jun* flth.
Daily at 9:00 ud 15:68.
Train. *\rrhr» at Udyimith
Dally at 11:57 and 17:1'
District Passanger Agsnt.
8103 Oovernment St.,        Victoria.
OHICAOO. III., Aug. 1S.-WH-tb*
outor harbor dotted with a fleet  of
Oaanlagtoa, 18 poll* out of 33,
giv* Stewart, Lib., 166 majority.
Mooa»J|aw County, Incomplete re-
tura* giv* Dorrell, Provincial Rights
46 majority.    8M tat doubt
_oat_ora.--*turu One, lib., Ly
188 majority, with 3 poll* to hear
South Battlaford, lacomplato, giv*
Simpaoa, Ub., 197 majority,
Uoydmiaater,   laoomplst*   raturn*
glvsa lUhM, Provincial Righto,    90 3utl*r.
maJorRy. | *  j   ■ -
Weyburn,   laoompteto return* giv* ZEIT-LIN AIRSHIP 	
Bstoctol, Ptovindol Right*, 66   ma-1   iY_drlctohav»,   August 18-Oouot
Jotlty. |_*pp*lla who on Saturday
MONTREAL, Aug. 18. - Strong
financial Interests in Montreal have
offered to come to the support of
tha Dank of St. Hyaolntho with a
view to its re-organisation on a
sound buls. It is understood that
a capital of at lesat 8500,000 I* at
th* disposal of those who might undertake the re-opening of the bank,
 —e —■   •'
MONTREAL, Aug. 18.—Earl Grey
left thi* morning on tto Government
steamer "Speedy" on p trip through
the canala and lake* as far a* Bust* Marls, accompanied by Deputy
Minlator   of   railway*  in
No Honing—
No Grinding
Van know hxm dally expe.
rlence.at home or in tha barber
(hop, that the question Is—
«WBjr doesn't, a ntsor held
It* edge uniformly Irom heel
to head without honing and
grinding?" Whether it ia •
Bafcty, with the certain Ms of
a*w blades, or tha ordinary
r-Haded rasor docs not
th* question. You wsnt
the comfort snd satisfaction of
8 clan, amooth ahave every
morning with lh* confident
tacwledge that your rarer
will to ready for Inatant use
•to nut tlm* needed.
The Csrbo Magnetic rsrorls
lh* only rasor as*ooa_Waa
pfy o__i_*«u- to do thla.
Thirty years of study on th*
auor aituatlon hu n*i
a nsw ascret process of
IU-tlWa ipMBVM that |
po*Mv*ly m*rg*> *v*rr p*r-
n_* of carbon (tto Uf* of steal) I
lata tto mstal-fivlng a dls.  ,
aMBd.Uk* hsrdnss* uniformly. 1
taroughou* th* blads-somt-'
thing absolutely ImpoaaibI*
with Brs tampered atael-uaad
to Buklnf ill other rasers.
But toil thl* rasor In yeur
owa home-or if you prefer,
tovtyourbarbarvaeitonyoa, I
Olv* u* your nam*.— '
Or call and ae* lh* "Carbo
Hatastlc" rasor, and w* will
a_ aa* proposition Mr Mat.
fag ih*** rasor* p-lthout
*^^*ma*a^L^*m*mm _a*J*>
.   .       -tcgsthwwithi
_".^,___4,J,U,,• »*• •*■-
tog."   TU* beck llhs-ata* i
*h* umot rawr pmHIm hr
Ptouant Hill*, 13 poll* giv* Will- hi* Intention to maaufaotur* i
way, Itovindal Bight* 180 majority la) for   a now airship at hla
Baft any.  laoomplst* returns giv* work*, Intend* to build thma glgaa- | _ ,__,
of   (ail aid   powar.'-vaaa, Provlaclal Righto 19 major- tic balooa hall* at wall aa faetorl** l__vl*go»*r> part"atthatm.
yasats of aU -«**, rig* aad daoerlp- Hy. aad workman's Quarter*.   Tto only!
Uoas, and * num-w   mor* known    Regina Couaty, raturni  Tata   by difficulty la tto way of oarryhjf oat —  ■ ■ ..
Hill,to to   oa   thdr way -tea varlbu. ovor 400   majority.    HU oppoomt the   plan la   the axhoritoat prkao I0M AGBNT-i
h* opaotd la aU OaaaaMaa dtlw for porta ataig tto   lake*, » look* aawill low hi* oVpoalt, owner* am demanding for land along IJflVtalBIlN HflMWf M VA I
If tto "Upton Cap Race. „d YaoEt   Sukatoon City,    raturna MaNab, tto *hor*. of Uko Ooaaaao*. U-UJOIUIIU UOfUWarD Wftl
^;"     WITH LIBEL;' , I	
 A--*- | 'i— GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Aug. 17.
REGINA, Aug. 1,'. -Tto Provln-|   REGINA, saak., Aug. IV. -  Pre- A despatch from i'etosky to theEv-
clal   Right*™ " hav* conceded Lloyd- ml*r Scott appeared   baton  magla- ening Pros says that the resorting
minster, wbich hu bung. in    doubt tnite Krant again today on a charge steamer Leelanaw wu blown up   on
fine* the   Uth, fo the Ctov*ra_*nt (of crimlnat libel, laid by H. W.  La- Carp Lake thia morning, with a loss
V side thl* alyemoon, when private ad- eld, in connection . with the   recent of 11 live*.
vice*" received ton, reported uw
beating bi* opponent Mile*, in tto
Southern dlsUlct poll* by a' small
So far figure* hav* not bean obtainable but the majority will be
m. ti. The do.'eat of three cabinet
ministers in thn* conatltuanoles 1*
looked upon a* a gnat gala for th*
opposition, tto Attorney -antral
Turgeon saving hla itat in Duck
I_k* with a majority ot 148 against
a oa* weak canvu by Frank Turcot, ol Regina, who wu looked upon
u a atraw man neat out to movent aa acclamation. Thar* will
doubtlea* ba two oppomnto again to
replace tto ministers . ol education
■ad of agriculture, whll* Moore'*
victory, ovor Minister OaWer in Mile-
atone, too highly pleased the oppo-
altion u - havs the huge majorities
shown for ttolr member* elect and
ttoy Mill olaim a fighting chonoe to
lower th* nous* majority In the
Mate to be protected or thrown open to minister*. Thay flgum that
tto Government apaakar will lower;
the majority ou which will _•**"•
Jtto liberals 10 majority In tilth* houae with protest* in W*yburn,
on account of on* poll told ln Uoos-
mon, on* poll of ballot* (polled, and
Uny alao data to disqualify R*d-
bsrry and i _loydmlm,ter with the
fighting chance against two new op-
enlnga for ministers. A recount may,
alao chang* tto majority ol 18 foff|
Sutherland ■ In Kuk.toun County.
-My alio claim thc tut that in thi
voting ia a show fo win tto popul-
ouadlMrieto witli coasldwable major-
iti**. Tto Government on the other
hand ar* well pleased with tto results end will not lose any openings]
that ' n.v "e mad* nocossary.
, VouSti.ttw County wu looked upi-n
u a euro wat and caused *om* on-
_l*ty. Mr. Bpl*'* victory in Bagt-
na, and McUab'a la Saskatoon Olty
l**r* both quit* a *urpria* in ttoir|
majorltia*. It I* ahnuM an admitted fact that c_e_t wu expected
ior Mlnlator Motharwell In North
Qu'Appall* and M-. Gaidar wu *x
psoted to mak* a (loo* run la lltiu-
atone, but wu considered a rimer
with » comfortable majority at but
Humbolt aad Bstavaa .-it ,1
aad an not Agonal la doubt, tto
Liberal* celebrated the ,-U* Sat
urday night with n torch light pro
cession aad epaaeb**. iMthsrwrll
aad Caldar spoke but did not refer
to ttolr defeat*. * Ths preatf stun I-
Ing Is: Ltbarala 30, Conaarvatlv**,
14, a* foilowa:
. -   Lobar*!* -tooted..   -
Arm R vet—Scott, 90 majority.
Cennlngton—Stewart, 300 majority
Caaora—Robarteon, 350 majority.
Duck Lake—TurgOon, 150 majority.
_*tev«_-_ell, 800 majority.
Franete-Stevsaooa, 100 majority.
Haalay-McN*lll, 50 majority.
BumboK, Nealy, 400 majority.
MooMomln—Smith, 70 majority.
Rsglaa City—Bote, 364 majority.
Hc_thern..__*, 810 majority.
Swift Currant-Scott, 337 majority.
South Battleford — Simpson, 155
Saakatoon Olty — atoNab, 116 majority.
I-tly-Johaatoa, 88 majority.
Saakatoon County — Sutherland,
13 majority.
Radbarry—Langley, 118 majority. '
Salt Coato- Kas-utt, 300 majority.
Weybum-MitcheU, BI' majority.
Touchwood—Atglnaon, 55 majority
Mooee Jaw County — Shepherd, 3#
W**B*-P_r»*-368 majority.  .
Conda-Tottka, 387 majority.
Yorkton-Oarry, 338 majority.
Lloydmdnater —LUle, majority un-
North Battleford — Flnlayson,  by
a (mall majority-
Provincial Right* Party.
UM Mountain-Anderson, 348 majority.
Milcotoao-Whltomon, 84 majority.
Moon Jaw City - Wellington, 81
Map- Cmk-Wyli*. 804 majority.
Ptouant Hllb-Wlllway, 180 majority.
FlpMtaM-Oi-b, 888 majority.
Prloo* .Albert City-Brad***, 184
Prine*.Albert County — Donaldson,
-186. _	
Noi-s-Qu'App*-*- KacDonald 115
inajoriti. ~
- South Qu-AppWo- Haultela, 874
Regla* Oonnty- Tate, 841 major-
Souris-Wddall, 330 majority.
'   "  ' ♦
MONTHBAL,    Aug. 15. - It wu
Frank Dadm-POw*-, brother of tto
ton. of M*f-t-ff.   who arrlvad   at
Quebec from' Liverpool oa tto
prat of Iiwtead yaaterday,   B* la a
Then are three to be known dead
Tto election Magistrate had heard t doiaa   or mon an missing,   and
arguments   a   weak, ago, ud    this auppond to b* drowned, two" an la-
morning he    gave   hia decision that tally injured and many wen seriously hurt-^
Tto only Taentifled body is that ol
there was no evidence of the publics,-'
tion ol tto' lltol by Ur. Scott, holding thf- th* only evidence wu that
of th* publication by Dodd*, who fil-
*d tto m nun go .at Herbert Telegraph ofioe.
Embury, appearing lor I—eld however, pointed out that Scott wu
responsible for th* manufacture ol
document* complained of and aa it
passed out of his possassion, Scott
muat to responsible. Ha quoted au-
thoritie*, ud on this the m% s.
wu forced to admit that wu right.
Accordingly to raveraad bla decision to had given, and bound Scott
over for 8300 and one aunty for
8100, that the Premier will appear
at tto next sitting of th* Supram*
Court to answer th* charg*.
D. S. McCain- went bail lor tto
HELEJNA, Moat., Aug. 15.- Montana claims tto honor of being the
lint Mate to get Its plan* under
way for tto conservation of the resource* of tto nation, ln accordance
with th* movement inaugurated by
tto manor—ile White Houae confer-
once of recent date. Governor Norris of thia State wu tto flrat to
appoint a commission in conformity,
with the auggestion* ol tto national
coafarauc* snd today tto members of
the commission met ln thto city to
orgeaiu aad to discuss plans In a
gaural way. Th* tint subject to
which tto Montana commlmlon will
devote it* attention to tto preservation of the foreM binds of th* State.
Nanaimo, August IT.
Along with tto general Improvement* and extension* now being
mad* oa tha B. & N. railway it la
•aid that tha company contemplate
another move Important to tto city
of Nanaimo. Whll* no official confirmation can be obtained, there I*
good reason to totleve that within
a very short tlm* work will to commenced on erecting a handsome new
depot. It ts *ald that the depot will
:;• situated opposito tto present de-
rot,, boing erected on Prldeaux atnM.
lb* old depot I* to to enlarged and
mad* Into n -right etod.
Than ia certainly every reason to!
bellev* that thla will to dona by tto
railway company for * new depot ls
badly r*-lUlrod and hu bean for aome
tlm* put, and also larger height
abed accommodation.        ■
Another Ire has recurred on the
is of tbe city, ul this tini
Mr. Milllgu. who r*_d** near tto
Quarter Way Houae, is tto sufferer,
tto houi* having been occupied by
hlm,.tto property ol Mr. McNlvsn,
of Cumberland, bring bturasd to tto
Tto art Martod Saturday night
JuM brior* 11 o'clock. Th* bla**
wu Ont noticed in u outbuilding,
ud in aa incredltably short ipao*
of timo tto flams*, at Ant a email
blast won. shooting twanty fast in
tto air. and th* who—' houae wu
MT. Milllgu had Juat
gotten lato bad, but wu able to
get all hia family out-in aafety.
Neighbor* trom tto Quarter Way
Houo* and aurroundlug buildings
rushed out to bad aasHtont-e, saving
most of tto lurniahiagi By _ hard
light, tto home* ot tto Whites, net-
ghbora, won a*v*d. .
Ia vlow of tto strong wind that
wu blowing, this wal « remarkable
During tto program ol the Ore
than wan Mvaral minor explosion*
of oartrldge* or oil and burning
■hinglM wen carried la all dlrec-
By gnat good luck aod hard
work on tto part ol tto flre flVht-
•rs, nothing else wu burned.
It i* not known bow tto flro   orl-
glaatod, wtottor it wu a cast of ar-
or   accident. -   Out   toward*
Northfleld, eapaclally since tto Half
Way - House   wu burned tto lut
tao ban*, sum or   1***
During   tto part   tow
yasra tton havo bom •■-*•* •« , troop 0f cavalry and a gattHng
myotoriou.   fln. m that dinctton. J^_ M ^ .^ out  by,
aad than U av*ry rmsoa to ballava o^n,,,,. ,Donon early in tho alter-
that aome Of Itom won from iaoan- noon, was busy noar the Jail and
■il,.- caua*. Tto polle* havo ao the local authorities had no men to
___» i. mimM in __ hlu* ht. *Pan 'or the Leper place. Finally
ttoory ia i^gard to tto bbu* -**-,£„ dMp,rate o^t t„ restore order
urday night. Ito*/ *ra workiag oa th0 caValry troops woro despatched
tto caae today. to the restaurant.
I I   Then tho rioting broko looso   sor-
CIRCUS TRAIN A00IDENT.        'oualy •"?„«"<*' we'f.""_ ■"* **»
. air waa lull ot miaaltea.   Many   fell
v.—„,.„-    s7T"i»   mruwi.n _ ln th« mala> *nii " '",, ho^     th,t
hf—i men wlll die u the result ul a     xu.. tu. M— h.A ..n—** t.
Mrs. Lamonta, Travwsl City, Mich.,
Mrs. Ralph' Hastings, and A. D,
Cook, both of Traverai City, ware
fatally Injured.
Two white men wen killed, an un-
knoi _ negro wa* lynched, more thaa
half a hundred were Injured and tw0
wore horse*, belonging to aom*
negroes were ourned last night u
the result of an attempt ol a inob
to lynch a negro who had assaulted
a whit* woman.
Alter a night of arson, slaughter
end riot, the state troops were called out by the Governor. One thousand militia men, including three com
lanie* from the city and companies
from Blummlngton and Dec—ra, Porta, Pekin and Pontine are parading
the streets' and It is feared other
riots will occur.
Wrs. Hal—n was assaulted by a
negro while the woman slept in her
houss on a populous street awaiting
the return of her husband. The man
broke into, the house, dragged her
intothe rear .-ard and assaulted bet.
Before noon Oeorge Richardson, a
young, negro, was arrested by the
sheriff, charged with tha crime.   The
ctim partially idontllied the prisoner. Crowds quickly gathered about
the Jail but -Sheriff Winter'i foi";e
and the police wen able to p.-oseive
order until nightfall without much
Shortly aftor three n clock a ntts-
cessful ru*h wu worked by tike authorities ud Bichardson .as sp'rit-
3d away to safety with the asaxubl-
ed officers, a false run by the tiic
lepartment temporarllv drew t'-u tt-
tentloa ot tto crowd during vllch
tbe negro va* hurried down an adjoining alley ud at the lint <• mur
■•as pushed Into an auto owned by
Harry Leper, a mtaic keeper,
who had -aa eworn In «s depuiy
sheriff. Before the -ml rtnlie d
•vhut had happened Ricni.--.,on w-is
King ruatod to a P°*at icrih il u-e
city whan a Chicago .« Alton train
vos stopped ud he was i ti ■ aboir 1
with a heavy guard nnd i js i - nv y-
sd to Bloamlngton and Ittt'r to IV
oria, along with Mrs. lti.-ii,inlion
and Jo*. Jane*, negro jrl-jonfi in
thc county jail who ,.ro * >' ■ 1 ut
killing Clergy Bnllnry, i s*nto •'!.«
ins actor. After hnvlnj; t^-tni.itrd
on aasault on Ballard's i_J,pV,*,
Ba lard went to her res-uo „rl i.ns
Btc ibed to death.
/ .'ter darkneu tod gathered ivcob
w unbled In th* vicinity lA I'a
coi rity. The mood oi the crowd waa
ug ; and appeals by the sheriff were
wl hout effect. The sheriff offered to
lot a committee from tne crowd go
thi mgh the Jail, assuring them that
both negroes wore gone.
"We will all go through," shouted
some one in tlio crowd and the cry
was taken up by hundreds. Then
som* one in tht crowd mentioned
that Harry leper, the restaurant
man, hnd furnished the auto In which
the escape of the prisoners had been
affected. "On to Leper's" they shout
ed nnd by this time the maddened
mob wos ready lor anything. A
i-tiHh was made upon the restaurant,
live blocks away. The proprietor was
warned, hut toiling to appreciate the
M'r'ousnean ol the situation, did not
i.t tempt to escape until the mob was
n-.nn the placo.
lie waa pushed by employees of
the place, together with his wife, Into a basement for temporary aafety.
iTort work was mads of tho restau-
rut. The auto in which the rescue
had been affected had been left in
Iro it ol the place. It wu quickly
turned upside down and flro wos set
to the machine. While tho machine
blazed frensied hundreds poured into
the cafe, tore fixtures and decora-
tlois from their places and piled
thi n upon the blase. Even the sltlo-
bo. rds and kitchen were stripped,
an I all the tablos wsre piled In a
hei p and set flre to. The flre depart
me it, which had boon called out a
half dozon timos in efforts to diapers the crowds, again made a run
to tho rosturant but wu powerless.
Evory line ol hose that was stretched was cut boforo a stream ol water
could be forced Into It. The reriau
rant wo* stripped clean by the mob
which destroyed -ithout leniency until its work was uoarly completed.
The local company of militia, con'
PITTSBURG,, Pai, Aug. 17— Eighty par cent of th* coal mines
aloag the Monoghaela River are Idle
and thousands ol miners are out of
employment u the result ol low water in the Ohio River. Practically
all the coal from thia district is
shipped by rlvar and lor aeveral
weeks the water hu been so low
shipments could to mads.
The consequence I* that every
barge is loaded with coal awaiting
shipment and no nion coal can be
mined until tto empty barge* are received to Mora it In. The situation
hi aald   tp    be the wont in recent
A new club was formed In tho city
last night. The club is tho result of
the meeting called to bo held in Dr.
Mason's offices of tho motor launch
mon. Thoro was a very large gathering ol tho different launch men present when the meotliig. opened.
There was little discussion on the
matter of forming a club that would
embraco the motor launch men, all
being in favor of such an organization. The sentiment of the mooting
even went further than that and It
was decided to form a club that
would be calculated to develop iu the
best wn- matters connected with all
classoB of boating in the city, and
for' thut reason the name of the club
will be "The Nanaimo Boat Olub."
Membership is open to anyone who
possesses a boat, be it a launch.skiff
or canoe. With such a wide scope as
this it is figured that there will be a
very largo membership and that ac-
quatlc sport, Nnnuimo's favorite pastime in. the summer, will boom as a
consequence, and .that with such a
strong organization looking alter
the interests of the sport generally,
much more enjoyment will be gathered from It.
Only temporary officers were elected last night until details are further completed and all have a chance
to associate thomseivos with the new
club when a general meeting will be
called and permanent officers'elected.
The officers pro torn elected last
night are:
f resident—Capt. Yates.
Secy.-Treas.—Harry Mclndoo.
Committee oi .Mahagument — Dr.
Mason, H, Mclndoo, Jof! Planta.
It was decided that tho club will
get up some races for Labor Day, cooperating with the Athletic Club In.
this matter. The present Intention
Ib to have launch races and likely
sculling and other races. It is Just
possible, also, that a grand march
of all launches, sailing boats, skiffs,
canoes, etc will be held on the harbor with perhaps an illuminated parade tn the evening. Such affairs as
this aro only a few of the things
that the new club have up their
sleeve,' and shows what a pleasant
time is to be expected from affiliation with this latest Nanaimo organisation.
For the launch races there will be
a handicap, based oh the results of
the former race, which excited | so
much interest, and if possible It will
be arranged so that the race will
circle the harbor ln sight of all spectators. In the recent race a number
ot launches broke down and to get
at:a fair estimate of their abilities
so that they can be placed In the Labor Day race, a preliminary raco will
be held for them before they are
Altogether the new club bids fair
to be a sourco of much genuine enjoyment to not only its members but
the general public.
Here's wishing it success.
slating ot a company ot infantry and
-arse ™«^™-.mii™_
wrack to th* Barnum. ud Bailey dr
After the mob had moved to other
sculptor   sad palater  of .fractured skulls and •nother    man
noto aad la paariag through   Moo- hu broken back,
tnal on hla way to British Ootam-    ,       -_—_  *
bla wton   bt   hop** to do somo "• §;. 00NS"I' DBAD-
haatlag.   -» li aoiompaalad by hla1 -. ^    nn»"~Z. i* -.to.-.
*itea_itm_di-_-   mimmJB^^v^m£^
la nam** avldatrtly ril tto causa of consul at Klns-aton for over
•nan, dtod thl* morning after
to.ln nur^ovSV-1; ?w--_v. _rr.i"__!T_fv__J.^'!*5
VANCOUVER, B. C. Aug. 15. -
On Sept. 15th, tto Aaiatic Exclu
|*loa Ltagu* will hold a convention
to nominate a candidate for federal
honor*. It I* practically certain
that the candidate will ,11a Mclnaaa.
At * meettog hut algM tto-aaoria-
tioa took up ths queMIOn ol the implication of the Japanese for coal
licenses. Tto secretary wu iaat.itc-
ted to call th* attention of th* Oov-
ernment to tto nature ot thaa* ■■ Implication* and to refer tha minister
[to a resolution on legialature of
lBoa that no concessions of thla nature should to granted to OriantaU.
A big meeting is being arranged
for Sept. 6th, in cobin»moration .1
last year- riot, No pared* will to
I told.
up In the rear ol Leper's restaurant,
'Alter nothing ol Leper'* place remained, a rush wu made for th*
levee which la usually populated with
negroes, but most ol them had disappeared.
Attack*   were  made upon    many
'Mora building* In which It wu   be-
tblrty lleved negroe* had been hidden.   _n-
a trance waa forced to these place* ud
0__iTl to'l-a m**ll tod Mibd lor 1J.I,,,,|B« ,,,»*"'   H* *•* 67 yure stocks    ol  merchandise was turned
r-turvey In the search.
These an troublenmo daya for
automobillsts ln Manhattan who liko
to drive ttolr machine* through tho
■haded road* in Central Park. A
law recently paas*d forbid*, th*
owners of smoky, leaky ud ill-smelling machine* from using tto park _
highway*, ud this together with the
old law against speeding hu appur-
itly removed for many th* lut in
jesntlv* to automobile. So tar there
hav* been Mveral offendera in spite
of tto wide publicity given to tto
now ordinance but all pf them have
bam diamiandr with * reprimand.
Tto now law will mak* tto park
much more enjoyable to the thou-
•and* who go there dally lor i
and qulM. TU* law together wit
tto crusade that is being conduct*
against all unnecessary noise ia th
city Is BKOttag with th* greatest ap
proval among Naw Yorkara. Whll
tto city ia far Irom enjoying a peaos
ful Btillm-s that characterises
email Naw England village on
Sabbath afternoon atill lt i* toltov*
that If tha lawa are enforced th
condition* can to greatly improved
Ooorgo Josoph waa placed under
arrest today at Regina charged with
j personation In taking the oath   and
•voting.   Another man was   arrested
on tho charge of Illegal voting    on
(the grounds ot non-residence.
OTTAWA, Aug. 8. tt Mr. Fielding
delivered hls last budget speech on
the seventeenth day of March, Just
two weeks before the close ol the
fiscal year. He should have known
pretty well how business was coming out, but his estimate was wide.
The revenue for' the year was less
than he estimated; and- the expenditure a good deal more. On March
Slst the debt had' Increased during
the year botween $14,000,000 and
815,000,000. Mr: Fielding had estimated tho increuse at only 81!*,000,-
Tho road Is under contract and Its
length is pretty woll ascertained. It
is now declared to be from the Quo-
Bridge terminal to Moncton
45(>i miles, and this wlll be a little
Increased. The saving as compared
with tho Intercolonial is 20 miles
instead of 100 or 120 miles. Moreover, the new road is to havo t
"pusher" grade, that is to say, n
grade which requires an extra engine to push tho train up. Everybody knows that the Intercolonial
could be shortened by much more
than 22 miles by cutting across
few minor curves. So that there is
really no shortening of distance at
More Than Double the Cost,
Now as to the cost. Mr. Fioldlng
said he had obtained careful statements from the Government 'Engineer making it 125,000 per mile. ' In
July of this year tho presont Minis
ter of Railways brought down tho
statement of tho present estimated
coM of this part of the road by divisions. Here it is:
For    39 miles   ... 682,573 per mile
For 50 miles     41,095 per mile
For 64, miles     45,841 per mile
For 61 miles     51,180 per milo
For 58 miles     65,771 per milo
For 1 mile     65,871 per mile
For 81 miles     88,570 per mile
For 82 miles  110,178 per mile
For the remaining 149 miles no estimate is given, but it Is said to be
as heavy as any section except that
last mentioned.
It will be seen that the average
cost will be at lease {60,000 per
mile, or between $28,000,000 and
124,000,000 for the whole; Instead
of only $25,000 per mile, and only
$10,000,000 altogether.
Mr. Schroiber and the Ministers.
Mr. Fielding now tries to throw
the responsibility of his bad estimate on Mr. Schroiber. The engineer Is not in a position to explain,
but Mr. Schrelber has not troubled
himself to discredit'the arrangement
which the Ministers havo made or desire to make with the Grand Trunk
Pacific people. It was shown lut
year that when tho Company put in
its first claim of expenditure to be
covered by guarantee bonds, there
was an item ot $162,000 of "preliminary expenses" which the engineer
objected, but tho bill was certified
wu askod to certify as a charge lor
actual construction. The accountant
Just the some, after Mr, Schroiber
had consulted the Minister of Jus-
tics. Finally it wna brought to the
attention of Mr. Courtney, the Deputy Minister of Finance, who set to
work examining tho Items.- Thereupon tho Company suddonly withdrew the claim to $56,000 and asked for the remaining $106,000. The
accountant objected to these, which
s largely payments to lawyers
and othor promoters. Finally Mr.
Schroiber took back his recommendation and the bill was not allowed.
An Easy Certificate.
The accountant who hold up the
claim was transferred to Moncton,
and it will ho remembered that the
items ol the $50,000 first withdrawn could nover afterwards be
discovered. Tho depurtinont had given up tho statement of claim without keeping a copy of It. It was
sent back to the compano, whose
proper officer \. iioii summoned to
give ovldonco - before the committee,
sailed for Europo, His assistant
testified that the paper had been destroyed, and tho govornmont majority
In the w •'•>'» Account- Committee,
sustained afterwards by tho majority, in the House, voted down all attempts to further Investigate theso
secret expenditures. Mr. Schroiber
would have had the wholo bill paid
without inquiry, ns his Minister
doubtless desired.
 ,»      ■
One of the flrst sights the stranger
to Gotham uka to see ia th* Bow-
cry. 11* hu read ao many atoriea
Of tto wickedness of the place that
to seldom cares to mak* th* trip
alone. Hi* disappointment le great,
howovor, for tto Bowery ol today
and tto Bowwy of ten year* ago,
about which the atoriea are told are
Iter different place*. To ba sure there
an sight* to he seen, but the average stranger seldom gets behind the
scenes, and consequently carries with
htm only the impression of a bust-
I itreM lined with small shops
and a crowd ol poorly-drcaaed oost-
Btdera. l'oaribly, however, aside from
the numerous historic epots ud signs
that an displayed on the different
bui!din'-B interest him moat. One nf
tto signs common to th* cheap barber ahop* read*: "First class shave
5 cents, with clean towel, 10 cents."
Another that b dlaplayed cn ona
of the small restaurants I* "Dinner
ten conts: hell of a gorge, fifteen
cent*." One of the moM recent signs
to b* displayed provokes a smilo
mon by it* Implication thu it*
wording: "Boarding houae mattres-
**• for sal*, IS."
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Aug. 15.
—The auxiliary cruiser Buffalo which
sails today carries an Immense amo
tint ot supplies for the Atlantic battleship floot, now in Australian wate
rs. The cargo ol Buffalo includes
among other oatables 600,000 poun
da of flour, 400,000 pounds ol pot
atoes, canned meats and desiccated
vegetables. The fresh meats used by
the Host are to be purchased in ths
varloua ports visited.
 ♦       '
OORH BAY, Oat., Aug. 17.- Fin
tonm- by a Wong wind airly Sun-]
day mofnlag dssteolsd fifteen places'
of buslass* and
__ __£_! _A_ _AA _A_ _AJ _A4 _AA _A_ aai S_h4 __^_A_m_A__d __u aai aa* __tf _^_ _^_._Aft_tt__^_l_^_r_l
21 m W Jff Iff \\m f flf!!! ffl Iff Iff Ifff Iff nTW Iff Iff Iff Ifflff Ifflffj
^z    President and Managing Director.
tVi TrtRt-y-Trensurer.
Head Office - - - Toronto
Capital $10,000,000 Rest $5,000,000
$5 and under  3 cents
Over $5 and not-weeding $10,   6   "
" $10       " "        $30, 10   "
* $30 #   " " $50, 15   "
These Orders are Payable at Par nt any office in
Canada of a Chartered Bank, except in tiie Yukon,
and at the principal banking points vt the United
They are negotiable it $4.00 to the £ sterling in
Great Britain and Ireland. They form an excellent
method of remitting .mall sums of money with safety
ud at small cost, and may lie obtained without delay at any office of the Bank. Ul
L. M. de QEX  Manager
The Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
Mr. Frank. Myers arrived in town
today to assist Uuy iu training ior
bis match with Bruco Ashman. Mr.
Myers is open to wrestle or box any
one in the vicinity hisweight, and
will challenge the winner ol tbs two,
local men wbo box here Labor Day. j
In regard to the report going the
rounds   that Gay has never beaten
Johnnie Uilliter, Gay has this    to ]
soy:   "I have beaten Billeter      and
have money to say it was the same;
Billeter who came here with DoBree'
a* his manager and wrestled   Sandy!
Swanson.   I am not looking tor any
noterlty or wishing to belittle  any- •
one, as I consider that Billiter is as'
fast as they make them at his weight
but I beat him at 13S and am wll-
ling to bet 1 can do so again at any
time or place, and ior any amount
he desires."
In relerence to the'Oay-BUleter.
match, the following from the Strea-
tor Free Press sets at rest any doubt
as to Gay having met Billeter, ths'
Toledo wrestler:
John) Billeter, champion 180-pound
wrestler ot the world, was last night
deloatod by Thomas Gay in two
straight fulls, it requiring but 8,
minutes for the first fall and 17} for
the second.
The Cleveland boy who on April
10th won the 180-pound. champion-
ship- by defeating Guy, proved an
easy proposition for the local wrestler In this match. At no time was
Gay In danger, and displayed hla superiority by at all times keeping Billiter on the defensive.
The first fall was secured by a
hommerlock and crotch hold. The
second -was secured by a half nelson
and cissors hold about the body.
Both were clear cut and not a
word wus uttered In opposition' to
the decjsion of the referee.
Gay was in the finest condition.
Sevoral months' hard training had
placed him in a condition which was
far bettor than at the time of ' the
first match with the Cleveland champion. He looked much better and In
every way showed that he was in the
finest condition:
It is a rccbgnizod fact that Gay ls
possessed of nfur superior knowledge
of the wrestling game from a scientific point ol view, but upon the
occasion of tho first match wns unablo to cope with Billeter's strength.
Gay having been forced, to train to
come within the woight limit.
Tho ngroomi-nt for tho mntch last
night included catch weights, Billeter going ln at 124 pounds, . whilo
Gay weighed 18.-1. This placed the
Streatoi* boy In a position to successfully copo with his opponent in
weight, and this, together with his
science, proved a barrier in tho path
ot. victory for the champion.
Uilliter wns tn hls usual' flno form
but owing to an-nccldent In the early
P.O. Box 54 'Phoa* 44
Dealer Id All Kinds ol
Wests Delivered free ol charg* on th*
Shortest Noties.
Union Brewing Co.
♦*■*■ *%..fc%^^«^^%**%-»'»^^%ifc..,
Fall Stook ol Miners' Tools
Ship Repairing Work
A Spseialt*
II  kind* o.   Blacksmith u
Sons at Short Notice
. and Pastry
Alwaya Fresh on H»nd.
Wedding and Party Cakes Mad,.- to
Fruits and Candies of All Kinli
Price* ars   very   reaaooabl*.    All
port of,the engagement wan consider Ottstomors traaUd alike. _____
ably wenlconod.   In tho fir9t hammer-1
lock hold which Guy secured In tho'
first fall.  Milliter's nrm wns    somewhat, sprained.
Aftor  tho   flrst   ht-mttorlbck  Gay
was In no dnniror whntovor. nnd had      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
his opponent puossInpr from thon on. j
In the seeimil full Gny. hy a remark- On the Eaphtnad*.
able henil spin, secured nn ndvnntng-
ootis hold, wliicli Anally resulted    in' Ladyamlth, B. O.
the second full. j
By tho wlnninjr of this mntch day]
Is plnceil in n position to challongo _-_—______—____——
any light welq-ht -wrestler In tho world |
nnd Is ready to do so for any  amount of monoy.
The Best Butcher Shop
in Town is
ROME, Aug. 15:- One ol the not-!
ablet. observances of pontifical Mgh
mas* by Cardinal   Gibbons. The core
mony,   which   was    lnrgolyattended.        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
took plnco In tho  Basilica of St. Ma! —   , „        n    .   i
rla ir, Trastcvere. over which the K0_6rtS St. BUt-ll-f
American prelate holds the title of, "W"*" »• w*' -"•*,-*»«»»
Jivg. IS:- A numberol
American* are among tha dolegatw
who hav* arrived In Dresden lor the
whit—Is to opsn tomorrow for * *e-
a*lon of on* we»k. Th* eongr*** will
b* nr**ld«d over by Dr. Zunenhol,
lh* author i,l th* la-gunge.
Ladysmith. B. 0.
Oman Nlant Path*, ha* b**n    ap-
| pointed minister ol wu to
I„kj*b I-aha,    who   dirt
— ya*t*ro_y ot *pop-xy. ■••
». Willi** __«,«"»*•" SUll |»JUH0TIX1_>, 91,, Allf. if,-'
as hew** always called, has Mm-' Lm(. _.At ^-^ ■ithout unto,
th. grnt majority. In other words iL** **t «**"** «»•»*. W»'
h» has taken unto hitnsolf a wlf*. wart Incident and lt was ctm-dently
The marriage took place on Satur-1 asserted today by t_o*e in charge of
d*y afternoon, the bride being Hose ^_ ,ituation that no mob ol    any
%*»%.»*.*»<»* -.
Jane Barnes,
Mrs.    Geo
daughter' of Mr.   and
Barnes.   Mr. and Mrs.
Only Three (3) More Days—Thursday,
Friday and Saturday!
Still further reductions to effect a complete clearing out of all our light Summer wear."""^^*-
Ladies' Skirts are further reduced for the last 3 days
Muslin Waists—Still a few nice designs in exceptionally good quality to be specially reduced.
Wrappers—3 dozen to clear out at each $1,35
In our Shoe Department we have had an exceptionally busy time, and to make a record we bring a
few more Specials for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Ellis   will take up housekeeping
the town.'
Two other young Ladysmith people
travelled the same road ithe same
day. These were Mr. D. Thomas and
Mills Angel Portrey, and they also
will reside ln Ladysmith.
An amusing part of the program
at the 'Conservative picnic at Sidney
on.Saturday will be a., voting contest for the 'Queen of the fete. Lady-
smith is asked; to send, a representee, and' a prominent Conservative
is hustling all over-town for men gal
lent enough to select a fair candidate.
The Owls have completed tholr arrangements for their picnic tomorrow, afternoon. Everybody will have
a good time and particular attention will be devoted to the children,
Launches will run every hour in thn
afternoon between Harrup -_ Hay.
den's boathouse and the Green, >m-l
all those who enjoy good fun and a
high old time-will make thb trip.
Thecollection from tho miners i.n
behalf of the Pornle disaster sufferers
has realised over $700 and Is not yot
siz* wlll form.
PORT WILLIAM, Ont., Aug. 17.—
Hire broke out in the coal dock*
hare yesterday afternoon "but was
got under control before any serious
damage was done. ■ The loss will
Mr. W. Bowater
was in town on
Miss Croston has returned Irom   a
short holiday up tho lino.
Mr. Arthur Morrison left yesterday
morning for a short visit to Spokane
Miss   Ramsay   came Jowu uu
train this morning.
Mrs. O. Pickard paid u visit tr, the
City this morning.
Mr. F. Pecivor was a passenger on
the Victoria fair, this mornui,—
Mrs. Jas. Dunbar, of Nanaimo, visited her people yesterday.
Mr. Mahrer of Nanaimo was in the
City this morning.
Mr. Hodgson passed through town
on the train yesterday morning.
Mr. J. M. Morgan, of Victoria,
want down to Viotoria on Monday.
Miss Rose ", .owls was a ;<ussunger
on board .'ho VictorU trj n this
Andy Hailstones has got ivT tu.
town after some months' absence on
the other side.
Miss Conlin returned home yesterday from a visit to friends In Nanaimo and Wellington.
Mr. T. D. Conway ,. taking it holiday, his place in the <'ui<t»ni* Iwuf*
being filled by Mr. Robt. Allan.
The Standard    has been requested
by Mr. Henry Burchell, of Thetis Is
land, to puplish the following warn
r /"V/N  1  X       t_Ta~~TTC*l  '"S on behalf of the land ownors    cf
JjUL/AjU    JN 1-VVS that l8land!   "During the last    low
^■wwAAij     f-'uil-   wwke wehMo pllt out aevarn)   ,IUPii
MONTB-AL," Ojue., Aug. i8.-T,wo
hundred additional men were   taken
out of the Angua shops by tlw C.P.-
R. This morning. >
—♦ ■
Hopkins, former President of the
Williams College, died ot pneumonia
at Rotterdam, Holland, today, aged
71 y*ar*.
BUFFALO, Aug. 18.—Arthur Lane
an aeronaut, who haa been making
ascensions at the local amusement
park, wa»,so badly Injured Inst evening that he died early to-day,
Lane, who was clinging to « trapeze
liar, perhaps 25 feet from the balloon, was carried by a strong wind
against the theatre building, and losing hla hold, fell thirty feet I n
ground, He was picked up unconscious and bleeding profusely.   Lane
There will be a practice of the Ladysmith Male Voice Party  to-night,
to 'get ready for the concert, and all , _58-  * ,
the members   are   requested to attend.
Mra. T. Cowan and daughter, who
went off to Scotland somo imictf
ago, returned to town yestafdiy evening.
The Misses MoCluskle and tho Mimes Hailstones, all of Soatti•>, are i-.t
present the guests of Mrs. Robert
Mr. Pete Morrison left town --ester.
day tor Ole Ellum where he will
train Ashman for hit* mutch with
Tommy Gay.
Mr*. Wm. Hardy, her two sister*,
th* Misses Waring, ud Mr. Harley,
took advantage of the game on Sunday to pay Mr. and Mrs. Jo*. Cartwright a viait.
Mr. and Mr*. W. Brown, Mr. and
Mrs. T. Conway, and Mr. and Mr*,
•fa*. Deeming returned Monday moling from • w*»k-*nd trip to 0»brio-
I* Island.
Th* beat Snuff* in town I* th*
Grand Duke 0Igar. Remember, it 1*
made In town and don't forget to
eall for it. X.
An invitation has been received
here for the Junior football eleven to
take part in a competition at tho
Conservative picnic on Saturday ior
a handsome silver trophy. II It is.
at all possible the boys wlll be sent
Thar* 1* nothing Ilk* it in. th*
amoklng Una. The Grand Duk* 1* a
smoking hot success. It I* on .Ml*
all over town. Try it and bs con-
Uneed. X
la visw of th* fset tbat It has
been d*_d*d to giv* a concert in a
fow weeks tlm* a* many membere of
th* Mai* Vole* Party a* possible are
r*qu**t*d to attend the practice tonight. All those who intend'taking
part ln th* concert mutt from now'
oa attend all the practices.
Th* Orand Duk* Cigar lion (ale
In Victoria at Weaterndal*'* Railway Oigar Store, opposite the B. t
N. Station, and also at th* Jams*'
Bay Cigar Store, opposite tb* C. P.
R. Hotel. Don't forget tht* whan In
Victoria. x
There lato be another store In
town. Mr. Robt. Gear 1* opening up
business of his own in Mr. Scott's
premises, recently vacated t>y Mr. W.
Fraser. The buslneas will be 1,1 ns
'Gear'* Ideal Grocery Store," and
nothing but the very best stack will I
be carried. Mr. Hear expects to bs-
abls to open out on Monday, and
with hia wide acquaintance in town'
should eaelly do a good business.
fires, all caused by careless plcnt
parties leaving their fires mrnlng
The north end of the Island is now
on fire too badly tor us to do nriy-
the land on Thetis Island is private property. Unless the
picnic parties are more carefil, in
self-defence -we shall be obliged
warn them off."
-*$?.%& dm
AU Work Guarantswl.
Visit the Foundry uiul.make
your    own   cholco.    You will
1   suvo timo and money, and  got
|  botter iiutisfuctlon.
wns from New York,
Will be in Ladysmith every Wednesday at the Abbotsford Hotel, Room
6.    Readings and treatments will be
to given.     Best of references given as
to work done ln Nanaimo.
; Mclntyre foundry
Company, Limited
gf*r%%%*»'%'*-»**^«_(%-%,.»*fc%% %j
my Stock of Latest Style,* In
Wall Papers
Picture  Framing   a Specialty.
m Afford to
Ba Withoat a
Meat Safe
ONLY $8.00 EACH.
Oil Stoves with one and two wicks,
From   750 to 11.90
The Old Reliable Mason Fruit Jars.
---Gal., per dozon   11.35
1 quart, per dozeu   $1.00
I   1 pint, per dozen 75
Rubbers of Best Quality per dozen,
I                   10c and 15c.
G. Peterson
Phone 1-8,   First Avenue. -
_frg„ Str**i.
!|MWr*A!WMtMMttW«AIJ | -j
— !  . \ '
Boat and Boat House.
T. _,
Ii) all oup
Everything to be sold out
to make room for onr Fall
See Bargain Counters.
ton STRAW Him,
William'* Blot-
Mr. Hugh Aitken of Nanaimo Is in,
town Just now looking after business'
for his firm, the Nanaimo Development Company. Mr. Aitken haa
some stock of the Imperial Laundry
Company, Ud., to dispose of, and
is hero pushing their sale. The laundry la to be erected ln Nanaimo and
the investment looks ss good ss any
thing that is going.
Colli* Dog, IB month* old, suitable for rancher. Apply D. L. Leo-
n*rd, Third Avenue. 81-2t
Constable Callander had two Sunday "drunk." before Magistrates Ma-
theson and Nicholson on Monday evening. One: was fined $5.00 and
costs and th* other who failed to appear, forfeited hla ball of $10.
Number 14, the powerful locomotive of the WelllngtonTjolllory 'Company, broke down on Saturday and
ia now undergoing repairs. In . the
meantime * shift la being made to
keep the mine* going with th* (hunting engine*. .
Constable Cassidy laid a charg* of
cruelty to animal* on Monday evening against two young fellows well
known In the town. The boy* ware
not ther* to answer tbe charge, and
warrant* were Issued for their arrest which means that they cannot
come back to town again. It seems
that than have besn many complaint* of late about the cruol manner in which horses have been driven
and Constable Cassidy ls determined
to make an example of aome on*.
Perhaps this warning will suffice.
Mr. and Mrs. Shilleto, of lat Ave.,
suffered a heavy (-lotion, on Saturday in the loss of their three-year-
old son, Wilfrid, The little fellow
was taken with dysentery, and un-
commonl sturdy, made * barve fight
for life. Gradually, TTowever, hi*
•trength gave away, and, |n spite of
all that could be done, he pawed
away. Th* funeral took place on
Monday afternoon, the Rev. McMillan officiating. The deepest sympathy ia Mt for the bereaved parent*.
, Advices trom Cowichan flap state
that about twenty Jap* an cruising
round ia search of some jiiaaing
boat*. The .oat* have not been
bwrd of *lac* th* blow over * week
ago, aad It I* feared that tha trow*
hav* besn lost.
Janitress for Oddfellow's Hall. Applications will be received up to
noon, Monday, August 8rd. Information as to duties can bo obtained
V»»-»»»_»r»%l»%%»»^%^^» IrW
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Sa, _______T______5
If You Require Any
Or If You Require Any
th* tli* ought to be borne by ths
companies responsible for causing it
'ibis, of course, although it concerns
us most closely, is only tbe smallest
side ol the question. Thousands ot
dollars north of timber has been
eaten up and ln this larger count ol
the damage done to the property ol
the Crown (the whole question of
responsibility should be subjected to
a strict investigation.
A   prominent   Victoria   Conwrva-
Or II You Wont to Buy a HOUSE,
or Sell On*;   or If You   Want
Notary I-bllo, Ooavtyaaoar,
[.adysmith   Standard
l-utiil.li.il od Weduesdaya ano -aiw
daya Alterations by ths
Itubt. U. Hindmarch,
On* leu $1.60
b.A    _„Mll.M            76
Aiiicrll—Ujf itutvs on Application.
The chief result o! the game on
Sunday afternoon last baa beeu to
set the prophets to- work. The remark is Just as applicable to Xanai-
itno as it is to I—tlysmith. Some of
our friends have found the result of
the season's play before ever it has
started. The great issue is between
Nanaimo and Ladysmith and Just
-- - .here is where tbe first difference
Uv» ln conversation with tbe Colo-!shows  itself. In
J 'glstered as either one or the   other.
1 i If a Victoria Qlub wont's to remain
strictly amateur tbat is all right;
but It is all wrong if, because of
that, the same club tries ta force all
others into the same position. There
is en amateur Scottish team com-.
petes   every year   with the Scottish!
Vancouver, Aug. 18.— For several
hours last night the residents In the
vicinity of ilageo station,   and   out
forest flre that threatened to   tiuin-
nist Monday said:
"Mr. Ralph Smith, M.
Nanaimo the boys
thore are plainly out ol it, while of
address* the elector, of Nanaimo as Cn iT™ T° "^^ "" in
;* had a Perfect right to do.TTav. ptlip' " ***> ** "" Cham"
wait*d for aomo time in the expeoto-
There hits been a g'*i" d8"1 of speculation in the Provincial press   a*
to the actual damage caused by the
bush tires.    Thero hus not,   as far as
wo have observed, been any attempt
to lay the responsibility for tho Ores
and nothing    bas been suggested in
the way of prevention,    fioth these
issues of the   main    question havo
Men brought   vary vividly home to
us this lost week.    It would, be Idle
to deny that at one time the town
wa* in   considerable   duuger, and it
Is   generally    agreed that a strong
breeze would havo meant liery annihilation.      Wo   may well thank our
good fortune that we escaped as    -
did, but whom have wo to, thank for
the cause of it all ?
T,o thi* question there is a pretty
unanimous answer. Most persons
have no hesitation in saying that
the fire* have been caused by sparks
from th* locomotive*. 01 course,
this assertion might be incapable ol
proof In a court ol law; but there
are one or two thing* to bs said
about which there is no manner of
- The first is that llres   have
         fta bs started by    ihe
■parks omitted from the smoke
•tack* of th* locomotives. The second is that the location of many of
the lire* is proof presumptive that
they were started by this cause. The
third is that this source of lire wa*
so generally admitted that there is
a govarnment regulation that the
■moke stacks of all locomotives
should be covered by a hood. Are
tha smoke stack* of the locomotives
running on the two local line* so
coveiod? They are not, and hero we
hav* a direct violation ot the law.
There is, or it ls said that there is,
some interference    with tho draught
tion that some of our mot* active
politicians would reply to him. No.
one, however, haa done ao, and
consider that misleading, delusive
statements by a public man should
not go unchallenged, I fear tog many
of u* ar* apt to believe evil of our
neighbors, and such of ua as know
the truth should remedy unfounded
1   have   much respsct   for    Mr.
Smith und the poaition he has made j
for himself in the body politic, therefore I Would expect him to deal with j
public questions fairly and squarely.
lie should by thi* time know   that
there    are two sides to every question.   Be waa reported in tha   Victoria Times as saying that ths Con-
wrvativ*    government   gave thirty-
two    million acre* oi land In tha
Northwest to friends,, but doe* not
toll what those acres were given tor.
Waa such a vital omission intended
to deceive?  The other aids which he
should have told the electors, which |
hs knows perfectly well to be true-
la that the Conservative government
granted twenty-five million acres and
twenty-live million dollars to the C.
P.' B., not because they were friend*
but to construct th* Canadian   Pacific    Railway, without which there
would be as Northwest a* w* have
It tod*-* with hundred* of thousand*
'of antorpriaing formers raising thousands of oattls aad millions of bush-
-'- of grain.   Be eould hav* told his
that   thousands
All this is perhaps only as it
ought to be, und, of course, it is all
fjuitu beside tho murk, it is far too
early yet to get a line upon tho
form of the two teams that is at ail
ileionduble and least of all can the
play on Sunday bo taken as any criterion of the real play of the two
—ovens, 'lbe gome, It is true, was
interesting, enough and never at any
lime slow; but, all the same, the
men were iu no sort of condition and
there wus littio or no snap and ginger iu tho play. More than that
tho one toam was without a goalkeeper and the other was without
Hurren and Hopper and these lattor
are both good men. ,
Yet there aro followers and judges
of tho game in each town who are
confident that tholr respective club
can play all round the other. Tome
' must confess this is clotted non-
use. Of courso, we never quite
agreed In the two towns last seaso-n
as to the comparative merits of thu
two clubs. Personally I could never
soo ani thing more than - toss-up
between them aud at least 1 havo
the Jesuits of the games played to
tack me up. Five matches .wereplayed and there were two wins eaoh und
a draw and if anyone wants uny botter proof of a fair stand-off thun
that then ho Ib deaf to facts and figure*.
If then wo begin with the assume
ption what do we have ? Nanaiint>
has changed it* goalkeeper,   is
professional   clubs   for  -cogue and IT^"" F*irV'm' ,or"1,!d ,nt0 « ">■'
Cup honors, and the samo thing can ipromptu flre l"1-«l», fought a huge
be done here.      Tlie Corinthians   ul- "   "      	
ways arrange a series of games with
tho loading professional clubs and
tno great cricket mutches of tho your
nro those botwoon picked amateur
and professional elevens.
It would servo no good purposo lo
labor this point, for I havo already
gono over It in one of my previous
„?,„■;•, aho Point Is that professionalism: is coming - |„to football, but
that no player is forced to become a
professional. Iho|)0| therefore, that
there will bo .no divisions in Victor-
ia, and that tho strongest   possiblo
olish their houses and property   and' ~ ________________________
place    their lives in serious danger. McINNES BOOM AN
All night long the great trees in the! UNCERTAIN QUANTJIYY
woods,    thousands     of tuns of dry ^m jy  ^y
TORONTO,   Ont.,  Aug.  21.—Thore was a   discussion at the City •
■Hall yesterday between members of the committee for the relief of *
the unemployed and delegates from the various charitable and ben- *
evolent associations.    The general opinion was that, distressing as *
wore   tho   conditions In the rity  lust winter,   the coming   winter •
would be worse.    Work had been  scarce during   the summer, par- •
unskilled labor, and there are no signs of Improvement }
• o o o l
cloven will bo placed i„ the field.
Mis* Dost—lu Eaton, 12 years   CM,
Swan* r* 6-8  Miles In 3, Hours
_ _»  Minute*.
SAUK*. «!___. Cal., Aug. 17. —
Miss -MOtlur -aton, the 12-yeur-old
daunt—«- — ooiessor Eaton, organ-
iat «* ■>»*_«y Church, San Francisco
is b»Us4 today as the champion
swims, iif nt Uw West.
She swam around the whistling
buov iimwHv afternoon a distance
of .. a__ and five-eights. The distance «-<i« accomplished in shree
liouf» o.m forty-live minutes,
is d-_emu
a WfU*a. mot-.
t      , ..B- Mclnne    Bo Ablo   To
Lund the Liberal Nomination
In Victoria?   Somo Doubts
^^___^^__       which
oi a .-lessor Cavin to be
waa accomplished    by
Professor Cavill aod Mrs, BoMnbau,
of -*- »^aoiKO „„,, a numbej.
wood, and tbe thick under, rush flared and crackled, fanned Into a roaring, raging furnace by the wind that
swept ln from the gulf, The cltl- Vancouver, August; 18-WIth nonn'n
70ns whose houses lay in the danger „tlon day in tho Liberal camp only
zone, assisted by scores of othors, tt wook distant, affairs regarding the
turned out and attompted to stay selection of a candidate to tako tho
the progress of the flames, but their •*»•» °' «• »■ Mdcpherson M.P.,
"  *T        ,. .        . ,    ,. a aro sald to bo In a   vory much mure
olorts would have teen ln vain had unsottlod condition than the.y were
not the wind changed suddenly and' ovon last week, when tho irst an-
carrled the lire in the direction    of nouncomjut    of tho convention   wns
Granville rtreet' Net tho loast surprising feature of
The houses of Mossrs. Adams   and tho    situation is tho announcement—
Garrick, two woll known   residents, mndo unofficially of courso—that   \\",
were In ths most Imminent   dangor, f- **• Mclnnes, who seemed to    have
.    .  ..    , . _ .-    ■  tho     nomination   plum   within I Is
and at the former houso an anxious Rr„8|)  |s perBm_ non grata ^ u(._
crowd was kept busy pouring water town; and for    that reason    Llbjral
over the roof and clearing the apaco party mon ure looking around today
around of waste wood.    Had    tho t0„Pltt™ J1"".' hamls m* •»'"' "-'ho
... - .      , ,  , ,       a will antlsfy Vancouver Liberals     -id
house not boen    made of brlok and ut tho samo timo not bo djsagreonlilo
cement it -would now be a heap    of at Ottawa.    'With this ond in vio-/,
nshos.   Othor residences wore in dan-1 ono or two men havo boon sugg-ted,
er. but were saved through the ef-—^    * ^iV'-l V,
forts of Br* fighter*. A (hlnglo   n      amongst    tho    best known   of   tho
operated   by   eleotrlcal nnwor.   and younger Liberals if tho city.
by eleotrlcal power,
owned by Mr. Douglas, wa* burnt
to the ground, with outbuildings,
and staok of lumber during the night
2,000 cords of    valuable wood, and
said that heavy support will ho
thrown to either one or tlio ' thoi- of
theso mon bofore convention day,
many of tho most prominent party
men of tho City being i.t tlio back of
'•■atmy Mut-piiy is to meet Leach
Ctem ao -u_ Buckley'* club in New
Yo-f a** 1.
bean known
 ...   Mitchell,
has its forward line the. same. I admit that in Rogers, the champHons
have secured a custodian of proved
excellence, but I don't see that ""
team is strengthened to any very
greut extent. With our own team
we expect to   work wm—   impri
of the Urea
consequent iom 0f
on a locomotive wlth
power, from these
smoke stack hood*   and merely
this supposition the regulation Is set
at naught.
Now very plainly th* question
wants looking into. If an obscure
individual were to set at defiance
the law* of th* province and burn
up a few lineal foot of timlier, he
would be promptly laid by the heels
and summarily punished. II his lawlessness ware to result In tbe destruction of property he would be
branded a* an Incendiary and be liable to punishment for arson. Why
woulthy corporation rece v«
Of acres I Jieriuieoting with its half-back line,
war* given to other companie*, not land with the exception of
tKcaua* th«y war* friends, but to
op*n up our great country, which,
without means of communication,
would be valueless, considering the
condition ol Canada from 1872 to
1878, I am not going to Mam* the
————I government and party over
tb* whole country for being opposed
to the bargain made with British
Columbia, th* oniei feature of wbich
wa* tbe cof-Uuctlon Of a railway
tram o——a to ocean which met with
th* strongest opposition. Th* .Liberal government of that tint* undor
Mr. Alax. Mackenzie wsa inexporenc-
•d, lacked faith in th* country, and
foresight, aad triad to break the
bargain with thl* province,
"Can Mr. Smith toll of any land
given by the    Conservative go vein-lend*—if b* know* I   do
*«**w*ll>_la Jack" O'Brien
Jack Hogan, ore giving
In the Canadian provin-
(uonroth haa been grant-
i"«-»'t to hold boxing bouts on
••fUbiklrto" of San Francisco for
■or. year.
..    , . . u. ...—  ^,fj neiiig i.t Uio hack nf
This was the most serious loss, over 0,™„olt*P °thor, rathor than In tho
Ai. ,__..-
"In hi* address h* alluded to scandal* and belittled than as if thay
did not exirt. Unfortunately for the
country and the government, revelations hav* bean mad* by tb* *vl-
dsne* ot gov*nunent oillclal* of a
disgraceful character, and not trump
ad up by  Conservative*,     Unfortu-
nutoly all government* and their sup,
portors place self intomt before that
of the country or general welfare.
Considering all thi* and th* unfortunate system of electors and middleman, securing votos and contribution* to election fund*, to b* repaid
by fkt contract* and other me*
tha present Liberal government Is aa
honest u* can lie expected. Although
th* means used to keep ln offloe, If
not actually dl_»one*t,
*v*nt* highly improper.
"Credit should always b* given
bar* credit is due, and all who are
not wilfully blind to actual facta
must acknowledge that the opening
up of ths great Northwatt is (ntlre-
' -  ■ tho
  awuiiu improvement and if tho form is developed in
each eleven that is expected the battles will be ' harder and more stu-
bornly contested   thun over.
Of course, I want the honors to
como this wuy as much as unyouo in
the town. Cut thc more evenly the
two teams are matched the better
it will lie for the game. If either
town should get a team "'*"'
markedly und obviously superior to
that of the other the interest in the
game would bo killed outright. Dut
i dont think there is tho slightest
fear of such a thing coming to pass
this your. So far as T
form an opinion
will he tho case uuu x
that the meetings of the
fllfXlBl,   *i	
Jimmy Brltt, wbo 1* reported to
b* doing well in England, may be
matchoC to matt Spike Robson in
th* nenr future.
■i ■♦ ■
Jim Buckley has arranged to bring
together Jo* Jeonnetto and Tony
Ross in a bout at hi* club in New
York early next  vs*k,
I am able to
quite the reverse
und I   anticipate
 Ba ui tne   cluds will
furnish the games of thofseason and
devolope In its highest form tho foot
ball craze.
It should also  be romomborod tint
with the Pacific Coast lfugue.
couver   has to   '"
reckoning. Tho
_  -„-„.    .Kll-
bo   taken   into tho
„   terminal   city si.s a
great field from   which to chMS'J its
playors and may.
Charley Rochette of Calilornla.who
retired several years ago, i* going
Into th* ring again, and is to box
in flve-ro-und bouts In Oakland.
Tommy Burns probably will return
to Americ soon after his bout with
Bill Squires next -week. It 1* ro
Ported that he hi , not found the fl
naaclal fruits of I, .visit to Australia up to his expect    jn*.
the majority of others lost outbuildings and wood a* well,
The fires were started by the clearing operations of a gang of Chinese
laborers, ^^^^_—
From Point Roberts thla afternoon
come a report that a large flre ls
running through some valuable timlier there on the Canadian side ol the
boundary line. It ls expected that
the loss will be large.
Another large flre 1* reported as
having broken out at Otter Bay on
Vancouvor Island, but no details
have been received concerning lt. Altogether new fires were roported at
the flre warden's office between 10
and 12 o'clock today. Th* smoke
hovering over th* city and inlet
comes from the flre on Rowan ialand,
which ts atill smouldering.
■   «	
support of J. H. Senklor, ,vho until
yosterdny wns regarded as tlm strung
est rival .of Mr. Mclnnes for convention honors. Thc namo of iiowui-'l
J. Duncan, It is said, is not seriously accepted by any large numbor t' f
About the middlo of September % tc
toria wlll be visited by a representative body of Scotch agriculturalists, including professors, landlords,
farm managors and larmers, who are
now touring- eastern Canada. While .
here the party will not only look Into the methods of agriculture .practiced on Vancouver island, but will
also examine into tho possibilities of
tho country and conditions generally.
After their roturn to tho Old Country tholr observations will be published, and in addition several members of tho commission will Ukely,
deliver addresses on their trip in various parts of Scotland,
Trips of this kind are taken evory
othor year bv representative Scotch
agriculturists. In 1901 a similar
commission visitod Denmark, and In
1006 Ireland, and tholr return from
both reports were presented aud addresses deliverer!- «,hi«** -»*—*--*
delivered,    which attracted
attention   in    the Scottish
& N.   LINE.
Promoter Cofiroth of San Francisco, got after Ow*n Moran and Aba
Attoli, whom he haa matched for
Labor     Day, ao hot th* other day
are at all
^^_JS".: _r -good"" •«- *• •»>«•
Players Z^°   ^d°n  D1»
city.   Thoro  is a
resorvo   from
  ._ u new forward mimed Snowden who claims to
havo heen a Kiddlosborough rescrv..
Tho Thistles also claim »« «•-««-
also claim to have some
new men and expect to get Hewitt
and Hogers back again. Wo will not
count on this, but the man who lus
os sight of Vancouver in discussing
Coast football is liable to huve ull
his calculations painfully upset.
Nothing has yet boen said of Victoria or Soattlo. The latter, so far
as 1 am concerned, is an unknown
quantity, but I don't apprehend that
much danger will come from that
quarter. We oro all acquainted with
the Victoria boys, and a united eleven representative of the best talent
in  the city should    »t»tni«i*» -'	
That recent rough and tumble affair pulled off at Spokane between
Bob F1Usi Damons and a stage manager, recalls ianumeratil* inatances
where professional pugi war* badly
baaten when out of their ring togs.
Many wonder why It it that the
fighter* come out second best.
Victoria Colonist Advocates a Douh.o
Daily Mail Service lietween
Nunaino and Victoria.
The Victoria Colonist in today's
issue snyB. "Thoro aro two datlj
trains en oh wuy daily on tho K. & K
railway, but only ono mail oauh
way. 1% desirability of having
two mails each wuy has be-.n
brought to tho attention of Mr.
Templeman by the Board of Trade,
and ho placod it before the Fost-
master-Gonoral; but as yet nothing
has been dono. There does not sc>ein
to be any good reason why this second service may not be provided.
We havo heard it said that thc mail
carried by it would be limited, but
this is pure guess, for although thore
would probably not be many letters
at the outset they would incroiuw
In number, unci what is moro tu the
point, the people living along tlio
railway line have somo right to the
additional futility. It wiil uo recall
ed how littio train uccommodution
sufficed for tho district served by the
railway only a fow years ago, but
as between servico was given business
Increased until now the lino is u
protty busy one. We have no doubt
that tho snme result would follow
from the establishment of a second
daily mall service along tho railway. We venture to suggest to Mr.
JSalph Smith thnt ho might properly
tfxercisc hls influence toward sneuriug
ait improved service."
Tho avorngo man you meet m the
streot appears to regard tho -felines
boom as about the tteless us a run
milk. Just what position the little
man from tho Ydkon will tako ou
tho quostion of the nomination of
the Asiatic Exclusionists is -trtao
causing the Liberal wiseheads a lot
of huther. Added to this there is
said to be the positive statement-
reported to havo beon recoivod with*
in tho last day or two by a Vancouvor Liberal—that Mr. M-Imios is
distasteful to tho leader of the b-
crnl party. So thut IJberal loaders
of tho city are face to fuco with tho
proposition—if Mr. Mclnnes is nnn-
inutod—of boing iu the position i.#f
financing his campaign without assistance from tho party barrel whose
contents aro distributed from pttn-
Thou there is tho unpleasant
feeling that perhaps Mr. Mclnnes Intends after nil to accept a nomination from the Exclusionists ind riliij
Liberal nomination or not.
on that tickot whether he gets the
All of which makes it a fine duy
for tho dark horses to get tn the running.
Effective June Sth.
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Daily at 9:00 and 15:68.
Trains A/riv. •** Ladysmith
Dally at 11:87 and l'A.
District Passenger Agent.
«oa Government St., Victoria.
.„ urn city snoiiltl   certainly glvo a
tfood account of Itself,    liut nt ;iro-
Tak* our own painful ex|ierlcnces
(luring this last week. In addition
to all the inconvenience to which we
have been subjected and the nctual
danger we hnve run ths city haa
been put to aa expanse which It Is
In no posltloo to meot. Now, we
cannot say that had all the locomotives heen provided with hoods there
would have besn no fires. What ws
do shy Is that a Br* which throat-
*n*d to wipe out the town wa* apparently started by (park* from locomotive* which wore NOT equipped
a* the law provides and that on this
PITTSBURG, Pa., Aug. 10. - A
strike of tao thousand coal miners
IB th* I'ltUburg diatrict ia threatened because the operators Into yesterday refused to grunt tbe demand
count alone ths axpmse* of fighting "' Uw °mtl*to «' ">• mln*- organization that they collect an   Ineraaae
tonm can Im got togo-
•I. O.Brown (and ho
ly due to th* determination of „.. gaal. nccount ,_, |t__iS""_J_t at ,i
««- ..nn. . ..IA .i,V." '""" ."U°x aM-ient, of Sir John Macdonald sent thoro In soma doUlit as to wl
say more consideration from; the nir charta! mbbm Tup , kee the- „ united team can be Put m.
Z. --" - * ,ndlvWua,?!falUi with Brlt-b Coluobla, and to "»r
open up th* Graat Northwest.   Suoh
Integrity sad eourag* placed Canada
on tha high road to prosperity. Liberal* In trying to detract from auch
progi—niv* aad marltorloua work do
not anhuncs thsir own standing.
 »    ...   .   ■
".,'';[(f0.f?"™ln8) h«s always onpos
* Billiards and Pool $
Beit Liquors and Cigars.
tignt e)
Cartwright & Barclay £.1
'cheek oil." At pr***nt 50 cents
a month is deducted from each mln
er. The omclals demand a deduction of Co cent*. Th* money thu*
deducted Is used for tbe exjienso ol
the Union.
■ ♦    ■      -
CLARKSBURG, W. Va., Aug. 31-
report which liecani* current laat
night of a wrack with several fatalities on th* Fennaboro and Harris
P. & H., narrow guage road at
Penneboro prove* to hav* bean unfounded. While an engine, pulling
■evaral concho* wa* taking water, a
light engine collided with (t shaking up the paesengors,
no ^_^_^
 a, ....« tMwffys opposed tho formation of tho Pacific Coast
Loaguo and according totlio Colonist
the othor day this opposition is likely to tako an active form.
I don't think It will in any way al
foct tho Leuguo or prevent 'Victoria
from putting In a team. Some of
the objections I can understand, but
there IA a lot in tho opposition to
tho Loaguo that Is merely personal
opinion and guess work and moro
I that is pure nonsense whoro It Is not
snobbery. Wo havo the old bogey
onco again rosurrocted, that, I mean
ol the dreaded taint of professional*
Ism. Tho Y.M.C.A. seoms to havo
taken unto itself tho task, If it has
not arrogated to Itself the right, of
looking aftor tho athletic morality of
tho Island. I havo no intoront objection to this so long as It Is pro.
porly exercised and the bounds of
goiid form and good sportsmanship
are not transgressed.
Howovor, I detest -Pharisaism! nnd
there is no excuse or toleration for
lt in the domain of sport. jFroles-
slonnllsm is not a taint 'iti any
sport, so long as it Is not dlsgulsod
or masked in the garb of amateur-
Ism. The Canadian Football Association aro all affiliated with tho
that, the same club tries to force all
parent association of the United
Kingdom, and according to their constitution amateur and professional
can play side by side. The same
thing can bo dono out here. If
man wants to
Charlie Mitcholl, a* brave a man
a* ever stepped into a -fag- encountered the master of ceremonies in a
restaurant in Cleveland once and wa*
beaten all around the plao*. John
L, Sullivan astonished Boston by
running wildly down on* of the
principal streets with a ferocious
barber In hot pursuit.
All* Attell ha* hud sevoral street
"Khts. „„d nt) and NornmiI golby
who lought under th* nam* or Kid
McCoy are tho only fighters who always win in Impromptu battles. McCoy had a run-in .„,«. thrcc t„,
young college men in New York tome
«h- *go. Th. studsnts did not
Wow who hs wa* and all three rush-
ad him at once.
T_a kid .-etched two of them before you could count thnn and then
tun_d his attention to the third, t
htjavyweluht who h_l a big cane,
with which he .truck at McCoy. Th*
fl-ater dodged .od smtahed th* col-
l*g* man with gnat fury In the
mouth. That ended the fight and Mc-
Coy w*_t into th* Matropol* to remove the .v-denc*. of atrlf*. When
•» began to waah hi* hand* ho discovered two front teeth sticking In
th. knuckle. 0f hi. rigbt hand- ^
had com* from th* mouth of th*
mnn who owned th* oan*.
St. Petersburg, August 19— Tlio
handing down of seven more ii-iiIoiic-
es ol doath was roported today mill''
Ing tho .total for ono dny yesterday
throughout tho Empire twonty-six
and constituting a sinlstor ..-coi-il.
Two of tho men woro formor pallors
attached to tho Blnck Sea fleet and
had boen found guilty of taking tin:
lead in an -ttompt to pillage un estate. Othors woro convicted of tri.in
robberies ami murder. Thero won)
two executions yostorday at Warsaw,
one at Tidis and soveral at St. Petersburg. A socond unsuccessful 11-
tempt was tnade yostorday ui-onhg
to assawsinate the Chiof of Pollco l'l-
atngor*. M. Govlnoll. Tho assassins fired tholr revolvers at the chiel
point blank, but failed to hit hint.
Tho pollcto shot one assassin, tho
othor escaped. A despatch from 'i'ch
erdln tolls ol an armed collision I e-
tween the Inhabitants of two neighboring villages ovor -to ownership of
a pteco of disputed land, In which
two men were killed and several seriously Injured.:
»     i i ♦  ■	
NEW YORK, Aug. 21,-Davld II.
Shollard, the Brooklyn policeman
who Is charged with homicide in
connection with the shooting of Barbara Relg in Yirvlng Fork shelter
house on July 23, was today dismissed from th* police force. Tho
charge against Shollard was absence
from his port.
ST. PETERSBURG, Aug. 19. -
The handing down of seven moro sentences of death wa* reported today,
making a total for one day (yesterday) throughout the Empire, twenty
six, and constituting a sinister record. Tho newspapers have ceased to
publish the executions oven in Moscow and St. Petersburg.     ,
 ~ ggjjBi
Steel Is Iron free from dl-f, air I
or foreign substance fused wlthl
carbon. .Carbon gives toughness]
stength, keeness and life.
Thirty year's study of the r«.
sltuallon has shown a way to f
add the highest per cent of ,
carbon to a Carbo Magnetic
razor blade throua* a secret
processor ELECTRIC TEMPERING giving It a uniform dla-
mono like hardness-something absolutely Impossible
with fire tempered - razors, i
and they are Hamburg ground.
Dut Test this UNCONDITIONi
home-or have your barber
mmm urwi |/cj   U9I
jlv days WITH
Ladysmith Hardware V?
Exhibited I
British Columbia's
Premier Fair I
September 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26
a_.in\'.mUgttJt -1-Th*' Br'thftWon-
aatntil unconditionally surrender.
Itn, „. Jk Korean Wttorltta to* odi
. a tor of the-vernacular edition of the
• mm it,   smut-.,k„   ,      .uv    P'W n" m amateur Dally News, who escaped from     th«
«. - ^stfajs* * »«_* offin
... .   i *M that th. athlete I. propwlj-  to- th. __.„* p™rietor 5 le.
proprietor tf th* paj)tr.'
' if ....—   .,
VANCOUVER, Aug. 10.— General
Mnnagor SperUng, to-day announce
that the Board of Directors o' the
B, C. Electric Railway had passod
appropriations tor British Columbia
for the *j-ear beginning- September, of
four million two hundred antl elgltt-
ty thousand dollar*.
Freight sheds will be erected In
Vancouver on Fata* Creek' front nt
thc foot of Carroll Street, antl construction will Immediately bo com
ir—need on -, two hundred thousand
dollar ofllco building to roplaco tho
present structure.
Th. entire plant ol the Pressed
Bt**l Car company at UcKees Rook*
Pa* employing Marly 10,000 men,
1* to ha put la operation aoon, ,
. ti ■.  ,-   a     . __.
Everything New, Modern and Up to
.-=___>      The Minute       <_^=__
New Attractions!
|_r Horse Show Every Evening
Cash Tombola Prizes Every Day^El
4 Days' Creat Horse Racing
Trotting, Pacing, Running, Steeplechasing.
Excursion Bates from Everywhere.   For
Prize Lists or information, address
And Now Marine lien Are Wondering
What Special Privileges She
—enjoys Over Others.
Th* ateamer Craig Bar paased
down the Gulf yesterday, alter coaling at Union Bay. II all the «liin.-s
stated about the Craig Bar are true
then thing* should be set in motion
at the quarantine station at Williams
Head. The Craig Bar is Irom Honolulu, an infected port, and looked
on by many marine men as one ol
tha worst ol the infected ports in
the Pacific. All Incoming steamers
are" supposed to pass Inspection at
the Quarantine station, near Victoria, but the Craig Bar passed up
Uie gulf without having to submit
to the scrutiny of the officials. Just
where the discrepency ie, .those who
interest themselves in auch thing*,
would, like to know. All Frisco collier* railing at Nanaimo have to be
regularly lnstecped, but tha Craig
Bar from Honolulu passed up unmolested.
What applies to one line of ships
should apply to all. Tha Craig Bar
from auch . port as Honolulu has no
right to pass ths quarantine station
without going through the regularities. If ths laws are worth framing tbey are worth being carried out
ROUE, Aug. 20. —The Pope has
been sulfertng since Tuesday with a
cold which affected hls gout, but
thia.morning is feeling quite well,
With the lormis ion of his physician* who hail yesterday directed
that all audiences be suspended in
view of his It- ursoness, granted au*
diences this uio.-ning to several persons, Including Cardinal Gotti, who
reported tho reason* for delaying tho
tl'S'-'-sslons before the congregation
i lit- < ropa-nnda or the appolnt-
i.iiit of a Condi tor Bishop of San
Francisco, for which olllce the Rev.
Dr. Edward J. Henna, of Rochester,
N.Y., ls the leading candidate.
BERLIN, Aug. 2.0—The i_rsevallo
and tha Gone ataerable balloons
ctulsed today for two hours over
They performed various evolutions
with great success and were close to
each other for tbe entire flight. They
sailed th* length ol Unlteden, Lin
den, .only a short distance above the
houae to* • and were cheered by I .e
crowd* on the streets.
Tha Duke of Saohaefen, Altenberg,
wa* again at tha helm ol th* Parse-
Both balloons will make dally ascensions for the purpose ol training
nsw men in their management.
, ■♦
s ___,
HOUSON, Hla*., Aug. 20.— H. B.
Suber and J. H. Gilmoro, rival merchant*, fought a duel with pistols
tn front of tha former's store laat
night. Suber wu ahot In the
brealt, Mb pletol having fulled to ex-
plod*, but ba retreated to hla
■tore and selling a shot gun emptied
tha content* Into Gilmer*'* back as
the latter wa* leaving the scene.
The wounded man war* conveyed to
tho Memphla hoapitai aboard a •pedal train.    Both wilt dla.
Will Be Held of Foreign Missions In
1010.  Tho First of Its Kind
To Bo Held..
New York, August 30—A foreign
missionary conference composed of
missionaries and workers from all
parte of the world, will be hold In
Edinburgh, Scotland, In June, 1010.
It will bo the first of Its kind and
haa received tho endorsement of President Roosevelt, William H. Talt,
James Ilryco and others. President
Roosevelt's letter says in part: "It
seems to mo this effort to bring to
gothor missionaries from all'parts of
tho world nnd from overy body of
Christians reprossnts a movement of
deep Importance and Impressivoncss.
Tho forces of evil aro moro mighty
than ever before but so are the
forces of good. It Is an ago of combination and il wo are to accomplish
anything of value we must all strive
together lar a  common,"
Montreal, August 20-It la
•uthorltively atated hero today
that tho Dominion elections
wlll he held on October 22.
Ottawa, Ont., August 20— A
moat persistent rumor in Conservative dries Is that the date
ol the Dominion election* ls Axed for Friday, October 28rd.
No confirmation can bo obtained but the date is said to have
been given out by high authority'    : ...
WICHITA, Aug. IS.- Mistaking
hi* wife, whan he got out of bad to
raise th* window, for a burglar,
Oeorge Parker, of Harper, Kan.,
ahot her dead lut Bight.
 » .    ■
Th* rtreet* of Parla ar* awtpt «v-
ery morning by 3,000 male aad 600
female.scavengers, divided lato 149
brlga-M. : ' ■ I ■ ! ' i I'! 1
Ottawa, Ont., _ugt-,„ 20—A laborer named Lauzo- walked on the Rl-
deau Canal I. accident or design
Tuesday night, and his body was re
covered today,    j
Biarritz, August 2u—Senor Franco
the former pretender of Portugal
has been staying ot a hotel here
for several days incognito.
' Meaford, Ont., August 20—Centra
Ontario high court I.O.F. in annmil
convention yesterday, ondorsod the
action of the Supromo Court in increasing rates on insurance.
St. Paul, August 20—Shortly before noon today Governor Johnson
announced .that he would accept the
nomination for Governor, tendered
him by tho Stato Democratic conven
tion at Minneapolis yesterday.
Sprlngflold, 111., August 20— Tho
first cavalry has beon ordered to
leavo Springfield tomorrow morning.
Only tho Seventh Infantry will then
he hore on duty.
Linton, Ind,, August 20—M. Carpenter, formerly pasSohgor tigont of
the 'Frisco system, was appointed
receiver of tho Southern Indiana
Railroad at Chicago this morning.
Now York, August 20—Gold shipments to Canada woro resumed today, fl,000,00O going to the Royal
Dank of Canada and said to he on
hundred thousand to tho Bank of
St. Catherine, Ont., August 20—
Fifteen Polish women, who said
they were on thoir way to Crlmsby
to work in a canning factory, wero
rounded up at Morrltton yosterday
afternoon by immigration 'authorities from Niagara Falls. They had
como from across tho border.
Bournemouth, Eng., August 20—J.
Pedman Bold, said to ho a wealthy
Amorlean, -was found doad In his apartment here today. He had shot
himself with a revolver wnlch was
found at his side. Au inquest was
hold, tho vordlct ol which was "self
destruction during temporary insanity." Mr. Reid came over to England in Mny lust. Nothing has beon
found as yot to establish his 'dent!
ty. A bank deposit receipt for flve
thousand pounds Is among his effects.
Toronto, Ont., August 20-Goo. L.
Stewart, Dominion immigration agent, says tho result of all Immlgra-
tlonists without homos in Toronto
going wost for harvest, will bo that
they will In all probability, will In
thrown on the city for support noxt
wintor. About twonty-llvo hundred
harvesters loft for the west /yesterday.
Oftawa, Ont., August 20—Dr. Bert
and Count Von (iugorn are in Ottawa to plan, if possible,' to bring out
one thousand Austrian fanners to
the Canadian Wost noxt Spring.
Thoy claim the intended immigrants
are woll educated, good people, and
able to speak English.
DUSSELFORF, Aug. 20.—Dr. Em-
unusl I.ills* won a remarkable vie
sory yesterday in the game of a series of eight up for the chess championship of th* world ln forty-one
move* aftor n calamatloua beginning
defeutlng^flr. Tarasch, the Nurem-
l-urg maater.
Pottsvlllo, Pa., August 20— With
hia throat cut and his skull crushed
In with rocks, tho body of Morris E.
Bonder, aged 40 yoars, a woll to do
mining- man of Orwin, this county,
wns found lying along sldo tho public road by his son Inst night. The
husband of tho murdered man''-
nloce, Rolph Ready, with whom In
had quarrelled earlier in tho ovonlng, is missing nnd a razor caso
found noar the scene of tho murder,
was Identified as belonging to tho
missing man. A general alarm has
boen sent out calling for tho arrest
of Ready.
Now York, August 20—Tho conference between Chairman Knapp ofthe
Interstate Commerce Commission,
ware, Lackawanna and Wostorn rail
road, resulted ln a friondly discussion of the disagreement with tie
and Vice-President Loomls, ot Delii-
Lackawnnnn's switchmen, but failed
to change the attitude of the company, according to an tinnnunccmei.t
made at Its offices today. The company holds that the point t issuo is
a mnttor ot discipline on which II
cannot give way.
Paris, Aurust 20—Gonoral Damadc
commandor of the French forces in
Morocco, telegraphing to the War
Office horo, stntes that ho had received a rep/irt Unit Morocco City
has surrendered to Abdul El Aziz,
the sultan of record, hut that this
report has boen confirmed Is icknow
lodged. It la known thnt Abdul Azis
wan not lar"from Morocco City a
day or two ago and a vangunrd of
the placo. According to tho latest
hia army demanded the surrender nf
Information, Abdul Aziz Inflicted a
cruahlng defeat on tho supporters of
Mulnl Haafld undor tho leadership of
Cold Moadon Olaoul, between the
town of El Kalla and Sldi Rahal
afterwarda occupying the lutter
 a      ,   ,.
Tombstone, Ariz., August 19—
Oeneral D. K. Wat-dwell has died
whll* In quarantine with his loner
wife. Her sufferings from tho combined offsets of leprosy and the nervous -strain following the attendant
notoriety of tholr caso have dethroned hor reason, and she is unaware
that her husband is doad.
General Wnrdwoll wu a veteran
ol tho Mexican and civil wars. Ellort* to deport Mr*. Wardwell to
the leper colony have brought out
many complications, the Moral authorities refusing to net under tha
'presont law. It Is probablo she will
Iromnin Isolated here and cared tor
until her death,
 ♦ ■
ROCHESTER, N.Y., Aug. 20.- A
forty-five mile gale kicked up a heavy sea on Lake Ontario last night,
and practically stopped navigation,
The large steamer Toronto being
hardly able to make port in the
gale. The stuamers North King and
Oaspian wore unable to cross ami
'tied' up In Canadian ports. The gunboat Sandoval put back into port
aftor trying to. roach Oswego whore
the training ship was to assist in
the entertainment of the stato volunteer firemen's association. Considerable damage wa* causod to Cottages along the lake front.
Duncan, August 10— Immediately
'aftor the passing ol the north hound
passenger train this morning flre
broke out in threo places oetween
Koksllah Station antl the Cowichan
river. The ground ls oXceodinly dry
and the section man and his gang,
with tho tlunts, had almost put the
flros out whon thoy broko out again, apparently traveling underground. ThiB ovonlng tho lire had
spread to almost a milo in extont.
It has burnod large woodpiles to
ashes. Tho rail fences show only
black stroak in the ashes.
Chew Deb, tbo Chinoso contractor,
who lost a few hundred dollars'
worth of wood In tho fire to the
north of Duncan, has 3,000 cords in
tho path ot this firo. A gang of
Chinamen is fighting the flre near
the wood.
The courso of the- breeze has
changed slightly and is blowing the
llro away from Glenora and towards
Koksllah Station. Though the outbreak Is only half a mile from Duncan, the Cowichan river is between
and it is very unlikely that It will
spread to the town.
Tho fires on Mount Sicker have
como to this sldo of tho mountain.
What is left of the townsite is safe.
Tho dangor now is to somo logging
camps on the side of the mountain.
■E___3__g_!5_ •^"■-my^s.'
Nan    Patterson    left. Pittsburg at
the request of the police.
SPRINGFIELD, 111., Aug. 20.-Fln
al relinguiahmcnts of the military
control of thia city will take place
tomorrow as the result of a conference betweon Gov. Denen and Oeneral Vonn„, this morning. The first
cavalry wlll be lent to Chicago, and
tha sola remaining regiment, the 7th
infantry will be held here in reserve
n case the sheriff'* fore* and police
are unablo to .preserve the police
which the troops have established.
Following the conference with tho
Governor General Young, issues
lengthy statement praising troops
for their conduct and calling attention to th* fact that lor three
days and nights no serious dlsturb-
inces have occurred and placing thc
responsibility of    maintaining   this
condition on the civil authorities.
LOS ANGELES, Aug. IB.—Regain
ng her sanity for ft few minutes yesterday and grasping for th* flrst
time full realization of the horrible
tragedy ot Thursday, Mrs. Mary Duf-
mothor of the young man and
■vonian decapitated by an axe in tho
lands of their father, was unable to
Hear the burden of grief and almost
Immediately relapsed Into babbling
Although the temporary flash ot
sanity vrstordny Is regarded u encouraging the doctors attending the
grief-stricken woman have little hops
that she wlll regain her mind. The*y
have advised that she be removed
from the matron'* department of tho
1*11, and It I* probable that ahe will
b* placed. In th* car* of friend*.
Dufty is at tbe hospital, where his
•ell Inflicted wound* are being attended. He 1* in a dazed condition,
and at no tint* alnce hla arrest haa
he shown any apparent realization of
hla deed*. No logal action wlll be
token until altar the laquwt I* held
■ver tb* bodies of hla victims.
Wlnnlpog, Man., August 19— Com-
lilete returns Irom Saskatchewan
five the Govornmont twenty-six supporters to fourteen for the Opposition. Lloydmlnster, tho last constituency to be heard from, olects Lisle
Liberal, 89 majority.
OTTAWA, Aug. 20.-An action hu
besn entered In the high court hy
Murphy _ Flahor, barrirter*, oa behalf of Charlie and Freddie Byrne,
to recover $25,000 damages from
ths Ottawa Electric Railway company. The action ariaea out of a
collision that occurred on the Britannia Una on Sunday, May 24, laat-
>Both ths boys loat their lags In the
Tha Aurtrmllan flag, Instead olthe
, Union Jack, bow -lea Irom all military lUfataf- In th* Commonwealth.
Vancouver, August 20— (Special)—
Miss Elma Brown, agod 22, was
drowned at English Hay bathing
bench at noon today.
Winnipeg, Man., August 20- All
hope for tho safety of Miss Edith M.
Turncock, Herbert Lnmourln and ]>.
G. Gilford, tho throo young Winnipeg
people who loft Wlnnlpog Bench Sunday afternoon Intending to visit relatives at Whyto Wold Beach, flve
miles distant, was sat nt rest by
the finding of thoir boat with a gaping holo In tho contro, the upper
portion being ripped asunder. It
points plainly to one ot the most un.
fortunate and distressing drowning
accidents that has ovor occurred on
the Lake
A British   board will . Inquire into
the methods for preserving meat.
Troops quelled the riots, in Bonibay
and a number of strikers were killed
The russlan town of Telschi is on
flre, and special trains are carrying
The Moslems of Turkey do not
seem to appreciate tho political freo
dom accorded them.
Seventeen men, women anil childr
en of Tecumseh, Oklahoma, were bit-
ten by a mad dog.
The famous and historical golden keyu ot Milan -have been stolen
from Sforzo castle.
Don Carlos, claimant of the Spanish throne, ia dying in London of
cancer of the stomach.
Tho salary paid to professors at
the University of Cambridge. England,  average! only $2,750.
Vienne haa 32,000
and many of them
livingthen workmen.
An enraged   Italian,
street baggats
make a better
New .York to ten
the Judge with the Mafia.
sentenced ln
years,   threatened
Lottie K-nerick, 11 years old, of
Pittflburg, Pa., fractured her skull
oy falling from a swing.
Charles Curtis, a fireman on the
G. T. It. ferry Ontario I., waa drown
ad In the Geneesee river.
■ ♦
fifteen boys were summoned in
Lowell, Mass., to answer for tho
theft of timber valued at f>500,
Chicago, August 19—Who will mar
ry Mary Rowans, aged 24, fairiy
good looking ami willing toquit her
job in the Heinz pickle factory to
take up that of mistress of a   home?
The home i_ all reuily, there is
$450 in the lti;,ik to llury's credit,
and tbe successful applicant for tho
job of Mary's husband can have all
three—Mary, the furnished home and
the bank account, says a Pittsburg
I despatch to the Record-Hen. Id. , *-
| Miss Rowans lives at 6 Pulu_ki ul- '£_
ley and was to have been married
last Friday. Her husband, that was
to havo been, was a young mill
worker. He had been out of work
for months and sought to delay the
wedding because he had no money
to buy a new suit.
Mary, however, came up with the
cash and also with $5 with which to
(Thy for, the bridal carriage. Then the
young man disappeared.
Today Mary announced sho was
willing to marry anybody who wants
her, that is, provided the applicant
is passably good looking and is not
already a benedict. She says she
will turn ovor a furnished home,
which cost $750 to furnish and hor
bank account.
Miss Rowans If tho orphan daughter of a former Lawroncevill mill
worker, and has been a workor herself over 12 years. Sho enjoys tho
friendship and esteem of hor neighbors, and It is not. thought she will
go long without a husband. Sho
"Harry treated mo most shameful
ly, and I nover want to see him again. Still, I have tho house furnished, and I may as well go on and bo
married. The houso is too large for
me to live in by myself."
Concerning her choico of a husband, should more than ono apply,
Miss Rowans said: "I want a man'
—s\\e emphasized tho word—"not ,,a
monkey like Harry. He professed to
love me, and when the time came ho
ran away. The next time I see him
I am going to pull his hair and
make him sorry he ever met me."
President and Managing Director.
— THE-
Sei Mnry-Traasursr.
Lobby gossip at Westminster has
it that Admiral Beresford asks to be
relieved of bis command.
■ ♦ ■
The Hague soys talk of Holland
making a naval demonstration oft
Venezuela is premature.
'     —-♦  '
The taxable valuation of   Guthrie,
tha capital of Oklahoma, Is $5,SpO,-
000, a* against 11,500,000 last year
Chinese merchants are promoting a
steamship line to San Francisco In
opposition to the Japanese.
An early diagnosis of tuberculosis
by measuring the thorax ls reported
by Dr. Bourotlle of Fori*.
NEW YORK, Aug. 18. - Hanging
150 feet ln mid-air, with no othor
support than a leather strap to
which he held with his teeth, remained in this perilous position for III-
teen minutes during a rainstorm,
with the wooden bridge over tho la-
goon at Dreamland under him.
. At the end ot that time the employees of the park had spread
net for him and He dropped Into thi*
to the great relief of thousands ot
pooplo who had watchod himt expect
ing te see him dashed to death nt
any minuto. The crowd cheered
Howard and his wlfo do a bicycle
act on a slack wire, at the end ol
which Howard does a slide "for lifo
over a wire cable hanging on by his
teeth to a strap. He had gone ut
a third of tho way when 800 feet of
There are mors women members of tho oabl6 suddenly unwound,- and the
clubs in New York city than ln any
two other cities In the world.
♦  —
The Newark, N.J., police   recently
captured a nam who made his escape
trom a New York Jail In 1908.
In Paris alons seven thousand persons are employed ln the preparation
of human hair for the market.
A python 80 f**t long and »oi I
Ing 812 pounds, was recently brought
from India to Naw York for the Zoo.
John A. Van Ronnssolaer, of New
York, charged with attempting to
blackmail his mother, is not.insane.
Joseph Chambsrlain celebrated his
72nd birthday last week and hls political career is believed to be at
an end.
Three people who became suddenly
111 in KcKeeeport, Pa., wars believed
to have been poisoned by sating canned tomatoes.
Death Interrupted a divorce case
which three rabbi* were hearing at
Chteago, when Rabbi J. B. Hamburger dropped dead.
MONCTON, N.B., Aug. 19.-G. T.
P. Police Commlaalonar Farria today
on throe charge* of selling liquor on
fined Nichols* Doacalln, an Auatrlan
the G.T.P. Hns. Da*calln paid S175
In line*, but hi* bartender, on Austrian, too, who was convicted on
thn* charge* also, not bring able ttl
pay ths Ole, wa* ant to gaol for
nln* months.
Ottawa, Ont., August 10—-Preparations for voters' list in unorganised
districts In Ontario for tho purpose
ot tho next gonoral elections nre now
under way, but It is somewhat hampered hy the desire Judges- and ot enumerators for fuller lnstrutittons In
regard to the way In which work
should he done ns given in tho Election Act of tho Inst session Parliament supplies.
man dropped with tho wire, but kept
his hold with his tenth. Unable to
move one way or the other; he hung
until the net wns got ready. -He was
limp and done out when rescued,
nnd his mouth was badly lacreated.
PORTLAND, ORE., Aug. 18-Dlp-
theria has broken out on the little
Island of Tatoosh, and it is feared
the entire population may be wiped
out by the diaease, which appears to
be epidemic ther* in it* most virulent form. A tug carrying a doctor
and two trained nurses left Fort
Townsend today to render whatever
asslatono* thay can. They ore well
supplied with anti-toxin, hoping by
thl* means to check further spread
of the znidemic.
The -l-year-old daughter of R. C.
Mitt*, In charge of the weather bureau station, died Monday morning
from the disease and Mr. and Mrs.
Mize atid a two-year-old boy are In
a seriou* condition. Baamusssn, one
ot the government employe*, is sick,
nnd it is feared that his case will
develop Into dlptherla.
Tatoosh Island, Wash., Is located
in the open ocean off Cape Flattery,
at the entrance to the Strait* ol
Juan de Fuoa. It la a mere cliff
sticking out of the ocean, nnd occupied on'v by crewa of a light station,
a wirelosf telegraph station and the
weather bureau.
 ♦ i   -
Major Russell, U.S.A., and el«ven
marines, who were recently bitten by
s dog nifforlng from rabies, have left
I-anam* for Ntw York tor treatment
Berlin, August 18—A now* ■itiltolln
ot tho Gormn-i Naval Looe-us dis-
1 tribute- today, makes tho following.
! statoment: "It has boon conflrmod'
I that Japan, In addition tn the bat
jtleshlps already known, Is to build
; two other vessels ot thl* typo, The
(keel of one will bo lojd In July and
the other In tho autumn. Both ships
-will bo built In 'Japan. Their ■ displacement Is to be of 20,800 tons,
speed 20 knots and main armament
ol 19 guns of 7.10 Inches each."
i    ,ti uJ;vi.'i_M*iM _-«_■-
PARIS, Aug. 18—Llsum Ling, the
Chinese editor of the China Mall,
who originated tbe ldsa ol an alliance between the United State* and
China, during th* count of sn in
t*rv|*w r*-amrmod that China is the
logical ally ot th* United State* and
declared that Germany wa* not fit-
tod for an alliance with the United
Satatcs snd ah* would bs unable to
render help in th* eaat.
Groat Britain's treaty rlghta forced
her to Join with Japan. The German-English sentiment, Llsum Ling
declared, would certainly lead Ger
many to throw her sword ln the
balgnce and dictate tb* result of the
ROME, Aug. 19.—The Pope today
is slightly Indisposed, having caught
sold which haa affected hi* gout,
Ills physicians have ordered that he
take a rest, and. consequently all audiences hav* been suspended.
£   =
Head Office • • • Toronto       i
Capital $10,000,000 Rest $5,000,000
$5 and under  3 cents
Over $5 and not exceeding $10,   6   "
" $!0      '" "        $30, 10   "
" $30       " "        $50, 15   "
These Orders are payable ai tar at anv office pt
Canada of a Chartet— Bank. Meept in Lhe Yukon,
and at the principal hanking- points in the United
They arc negotiable at U_* to the £ sterling in
Great Britain and Ireland, They form an excellent
method of remitting- small sums of money with safely
and at small cost, and may he obtained without de.
lay at any office of the Bank. US
L. H. do QEX  Manager
Ottawa, August 19—Tho Transcontinental railway commission will tomorrow open tenders for construction of sevoral gaps in tho lino betweon Moncton and Winnipeg.
Ottawa, August 19-The Hallway
Commission will sit in Winnipeg on
Soptomber 10.
Kingston, Out., August 19— Earl
Grey on tho Government steamer
Speedy with cotcrio of govornmont
officials reached here this morning,
remaining for n short time, whilo
tho Governor-General visited Col
Gordon at Armories. Later tho
Spootly cleared for Port Dalhousio.
Montreal, August 19-Miiximilliun
Giroux wus convicted today by Recorder Weir with interfering with tho
police in connection with the strike
ot C.P. machinists, but releasor! on
suspended sentence with warning him
and others that orders of tlie police
to "movo on" must be obeyed
Now York, August 19—J. J. Hayes
winner nf tho Marathon raco in tho
Olympic games, anil several other
partfcipithts in tlio games, arrived
today from Southampton oil tho Oceanic.
Now llritnin, Conn., August 19 —
After having bcon pronounced dead
by the medical examiner as a result
of carbolic acid poisoning last night
nnd permission for tho removnl of
the body given, Mrs. Eva Washkio-
waskl, of this City, was later relieved by another physicinn, and is now
expected to recover. Mrs. Washkie-
was'.i who is JS yoars old drank a
largo qunntity of the acid and thon
summoned her friends antl boarders
In tho house, saying that she wished
to say good-byo to them aB sho was
going on a long Journey. Sho then
lay down on 11 couch and soon be-
enmo unconscious.
St. Petersburg, August 19—Ton
more death sentences woro announced
today, flvo at Vllva, two ot Warsaw
and three at Lodz.
Bollevillo, Ont.. August 19-Charl-
os Kotchon, 28 years ot.age, larmor,
living near Sydney, was gorod to his
death todny by a bull. Ho was putting tho animal in the stnblo vhon it
turnod on him.
Toronto, Ont., August 19—Wm. M.
Blolthor, Monroe Avonuo. who Junto
from Maiiflflold, England, two years
ago, was run ov,"- pi I killed by a
train near King Stroot subway last
Montronl. August 19—Goorgo A.
Nicholson of Gould. Hue., delegate
to Grand Lodge, I.O.O.F.. In session
hore, wns run o.-er and klllod 1>-- nn
oloctric car al the cornor of Lawrence nud Ontario streets oarly this
Toronto, Out., August 19—A despatch from llrooklyn snys ltev. Josoph Wild, li.i)., formerly of Bond
Stroot church In this City, is dead
ot paralysis. Ho wns horn in 1681,
and was woll known throughout tho
Glace liny. N.S., August 19-^Ca p
bell Pushio, 28 years old, native of
Rlvor Pourgeolso, N. S., was this
morning killed while working on a
nsw lino ot the Dominion Coal company botweon Grand Lake and Lln-
Montronl, August 19—Prof. W. F.
Muir Edwards, H.A., civil engineer.
who had been connected with McGill
Coltogo some years, hns accepted a
similar position with Alberta University.
Halifax, August 19—Newfoundland
company's steamer flruco, which was
shore n't Baldwin's reef, had been
floated oft unlnjtirod, nnd has arrived at North Sidney.
Halifax, August 19—Percy Tilppor,
14 years old of Sheet Harbor, is
dead as result of a scufflo with com
pnnlons on tho wharl nt that placo.
The Jones Hotel
Oatacre Street.
P.O. Box 54 -phone 44
Dealer In All Kinds of
toats Delivered free of charge on ths
Shortest Notice.
Union Brewing Co
NANA."-!). B.C.
Full Btock of Miners' Tools.
Ship Repairing Work
A Specialty
All kind* o,' Blacluimithlng
Son* at Short Notice.
► %*.«.•_ -•*.^*-«_%%«.*w*--«,^«.«
aqd Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding and Party Cokes Made to
Fruits and Dandies of All Klnli
Prices are    very   reasonable.    All
Customers treated alike.
On the lieplanada.
Ladyamlth, B. O.
Tip Best Butcher SI)op
in Town is
Roberts St. Butcher
O. H. Lsavltt, of Manchester, N,
II.. annoyed by a family o( hen-
hawks near his home, took his doub-
Lndysmith. B. 0.
Real estate agents of New York
City estimate that 240,000 persons
trom the rnotropolls will find homos
ln the, suburb* thl* year.
F. W. Bouth, the   largest  outlery!
manufacturer ol Sollngon, Germany, cock throh*   from the Emperor*   ot
le*nrrell*d gun and klllod four of tho'I* ln*olvont as a remit "' the failure Dolhl ha* b*en acquired by the Mot-
hawks at on* ahot. of th*TSollng*n hank. ropolltan mussum, New ?«*•_
 u ■■-../-, .:-..isJmwtm
A mnrbls pedestal   from the  pea-
> sa
Whether you want to
buy or not—call anil see
them.   -
-HUH. Lift
|   The   Executive   ot   the Owls   who
'were responsible    for    tbe arrange-jn
.   'monts of the picnic on Thursday af-
Bovoridge paid a visit to|twnooI1| des,re ^ convey tbeir bml
thanks.to the ladies who so   kindly
assisted at tho table.
Mr. Wm
town yesterday
Mrs. P. Cain has got back trom
threo weeks holiday to Vancouver.
Miss O'Connoll returned yesterday
ffom a two weeks trip up the line.
Mr. T. Williams got   back yesterday from a trip to Vancouver.
Mr. Gust.   Kalllo got back   ho
yesterday Irom a short trip.
Miss E. Hughes lelt last night for
Nanaimo on her way to Vancouver
for a short holiday.
Miss L. Morgan has been spending
a few days    in   Nanaimo with   hor
Iriend, Miss S. Barnes.
Little Miss E. Woaving has got
back trom her holidays which she
spent in Victoria.
Mr. H. Marboeuf, Pither & Lelser's
representative wns In town yestorday.
Mrs. T. R. Jackson returned homo
yesterday trom a trip to Vancouvor.
She -was accompanied by her mothor
Mrs McQill, and her sister.
The Rov. Robt Wilkinson will ix-
change pulpits on Sunday with the
Bev. W. P. Bwing, ot the Halibut-ton
Street Methodist Church, Nanaimo.
Mr. Tom Mooro, for yours a resl-
dent here, familiarly known ns the
Major, was married last night to
Miss Annie Hall.
The rigs to convey tho playors   to
Nanaimo     for the game on Sunday,)
will leave at 11 o'clock and the pluy-
ers are   requested    to meet at the
Standard office in good time.
Th* beet Smew> in town i* th*
Grand Duke Cigar. Remember, it Is
nud* In town and don't forget to
call for lt. X
Mr. Geo. Clark, formorly High
School teacher at Grand Forks, i as
been glvon tho appointment hore by
the Board of Trustees. Mr. Clark is
a graduate of Queen's University,
and Is snld to have great success us
a teacher.
Boat and Boat House.   Apply
There la nothing like It in tha
emoktng line. The Orand Duk* 1* a
smoking hot success. It I* on *al*
all over town. Try It and be eon-
Hand. X
The death occurred on Wednesday
afternoon of Mr. John Allen who recently arrived here from Australia.
Deceased had ' only worked a fen-
months and leaves a widow to mourn
his loss. The funeral took place yesterday afternoon, Bev. Mr. McMillan
Mr. John Ivey went through an operation In one ot the Victoria hospitals this week. His many friends
will be pleased to learn that the ip-
eratlon promisee to he.successful and
that Jack is doing as well as could
be expected.
Mr. Archie Kerr has got a launch
and Is plying for hore. Archie has
never been able to work since bis accident on the Bunker grounds over
two yeara ago and with his wide acquaintance should receive plenty of
patronage.   His launch is roomy and
good seaworthy boat.
Mr. F. Shepherd was in town on
Thursday looking up his friend* and
getting things Inshape for the coming fight. He will pay the city another visit in the near future' and
probably hold a meoting in order tn
get a good exocutivo committee togethor. Mr. Shepherd is all ready for
the tight and is confident that he will
All Suits from $9 00 to
$12.50.  selling out at
Ottawa, Aug. IS.- Whan Hi-. Oliver and hi* colleagu** In tb* Mini-try were accused ol improper disposal ol timber limit* to their friend
they mid Conssrvative* war* allowed th* **sn* chance to buy. On*
ous in proof was given over and
ovsr again. Thty said that William
Cow_n ot -Mae* Albert, _. Co_nrv_-
tiv*r got - valuabl* limit Juat th*
•ant* a* Ur. Burrow*, brothor-in-law
ol th* Mlnlater in charg*.
Mr. Olivn-'e Betort.
lir. Oliver mad* the moat ol thl*
aolitary caae. "Thi* wa* not a earn
ot awarding berth* to political favorite*," ha **ld, "it wa* a question
of open competition," end then the
Minister said h* could prove it by
berth No. 1040 for 3S0 (quaremlle*
north of Prlnc* Rupert. Mr. Oliver
"On* tender wa* lor $3,610 by
Mschsnbacker Bra*., th* other for
♦6,000 by William Cowan ot Prince
Albert. William Cowan I* not _
-ember ol the Liberal party or a
•upporUr of thl* Oovtrnmsot. He
wa* th* Conservative candidate again-; th* praasnt Judg* Lafflont In
the provincial elections of IMS,
Mr. Amos a*k*d If th* Mln*t*r cou
Id tell who ware Mr. Cowan'* associates. Mr. Oliver u_w*r*d:"I hav*
no ld?a in th* world, and lt doe*
not mak* any difference. Mr. Cowan
put ln th* highest Under for tal*
limit aad he got it, and h* wa* not
p friend ol thl* government." Again
Mr. Ollvar aald: "Th* point I want
to make 1* that In th* oa** of a limit which our friend* opposite declar*
to b* especially valuable and hav*
ia*t*ae*d a* one ol th* caws la
which thsr* ww an improper 11 not
• corrupt transaction on tb* part
tu*   Gov*rn_*_t, it la on*   ol
Ottawa, got p 174,000 r*ko>oS out
of It.
Members Who Knew!
When Mr. Oliver aald he had not
tha (lightest idea who wer* connected with Mr. Cowan, there were three
member* who knew all about it. One
ww Mr. Silton, the miniiter who
■old th* limit, and whoa* brothar-
ia-htw arranged, tb* bid* and got the
rake-off. Another was the brother-
in-law himself. A third was Mr. J.
Cl. Turin, who was Cammis—oner of
Land* whan th* deal went through,
and who opened the tender and took
out Mr. Burrow'* cheque*. But thesel
three member* kept silent while Mr.
Oilier provided the Houae with ml*-
The True Story.
In January, 1908, application was
made for the sale of 500 square
| mile* of timber north of Prince Albert and around Churchill river, td
b* (elected in 60 bloeke of 10 miles
from tb* vaat area of 7,000 *quare
mile*. Whoever bought It would have
control of th* rewrv* supply of lumber for th* whol* Prince Albert district. Th* Government had never
explored that timber. Few possible
bidders wer* acquainted with It and
very few had capital to handle so
l*rg* a proposition, But th* Department at once advertised th* Mm-
! It*, with only *!x week*' notice from
th* tlm* th* ,*4v*rtl»emer.t we* is-
jsued at Ottawa till the tenders were
to be opened there.   On* Inwrtlon of
    advert!——ia—t   In   a
Winnipeg paper and one at Prince
Albert was th* Information given.
Whan than appeared only 6 week*'
time wa* toft and on* would be required for tb* tender to reach Ottawa. Four week* to explore 7,000
*gu*r* mile* ol country, pick out
SO ten-mil* block* of timber and get
back to Prlnc* AH_rt with th* estimate*.
Vain Protests.
There ww *_-Un_-t nod' alarm
la Brine* Albert town. Tb* Board
of Trad* passed resolution* and aent
thsm to Ottawa protesting «gain*t
th* aai* of all thl* timbsr at once,
addng lor long—- notice. Business
pax asked that lis month* be given
for i_(ui__-on, and that If the'!
whole of thla timber mu*t b* *old.
it ahould be aold in at leant 10 limit* instead of OM or two. The Mayor of Prlnc* Albert alao fired a
protect, but 0o____io__ Tun-in replied that tbe aai* would go on.
Mr. Cowan wanted thl* lttol- ii
someone else got it hls,large mills
would b* out of business and he
would ba at the mercy of tbe monopolists. Mr. Cowan bad come to
understand tbat b* would hav* no
chance ** a tenderer unless ha m—da
proper arrangement* with tb*  right
en.    Hs made them.
A* It Appeared.
The 600 mile* ol timber were put
up in two limit*, 1.048 and 1,049,
oa* the lirst choice of 950 aquare
the oth*r tha aecond choice.
Whan tb* tender* wer* opened, thero
were only two bid* for 1,048 *nd
only on* for 1,049. A* Mr. Oliver
stated, Mr, Cowan'* for 15,000 was
tb* highest, and the limit ww awarded to him. For the oth*r H&p
mile*, John MeBain ww the. only
Kidder at   ,11,000, and a* got   the
lielow the   Surtaoe.
But an examination bi tb* papers
and an inquiry.la tha Public Account* showed tbe matter in a new
light, Mr. Cowan d'd not, write, hi*
own tender. He did not fix the um-
ount. He did not furnish ths check.
Tha tender ww written by. A, W,
Frwar, tha Ottawa politician, who
I* now ta* Government candidate in
that city, and who ha* been mixed
up with the Imperial Pulp Company
Mr. Burrow* ln a, doaen Western
deal*, and hw carried through several of hi* own. Mr. Frwar was before the committee sad testified that
he had written the Cowan tender under Instruction* from Mr, Burrow»r
and not,from Mr. Cowan, that Mr.
Burrow* bad furnished the cheque*,
aad ww (bs only man be. knew In
Ul* matter.
Mr. Fraaar also stated that he
wrote the McCain tender, and that
MeBain had no Interest In lt, but
merely lent bis nam* for th* purpose
Mr. Fraaar bad another man ln
Montreal named Nolan, who also lentl
hi* name tb tb. Fraser aad to Mr.
Burrow*' Imperial Pulp Company,
whan thty did aot wish io appear lh
their own nuns. Mr, MeBain' obtained thl* lew* and assigned it to
MT. Franr.       >   A
ccot oow«n leo.ooo.
It only remained then for Mr. Burnt-  aad   Mr. Fraser to get th*lr
monty and dropout of the tra_*ac-
tion.    Before th* land had been aur-
or   anything had been  done
about It,   they aaatgned their bit*-1
**t to Mr. Cowan and Ua friend* for
180,000, which money ww paid   te
tbrea cheque* to   Mr. Burrow*, o.te
for 130,000   and   two for 195,000
each.    If Burrows and Frawr   paid
tfe> whol* 86,000 bonus toUnOov-
__y mad* 874,000. It Mr.
Oowaa paid a part of it tbey mad*
Th* Oov___*ot *old   this
limit tor 113 par *quar* mil*, whll*
Burrow* and Fraaar sold their Inter-
art In it immediately afterwards for
1160 per square mil*.
Mr. Cowan would hav* bean will-
lag to pay tb* Oovarnmeot u much
WiU be in Ladysmith every Wednesday at the Abbotsford Hotel, Room
6. Readings and treatments will be
I given. Best of references given as
to work dons in Nanaimo.
thslr own friand* who got it,
What Wm Not Told.
No doubt Mr. Cowan bw obtained
thi* Umitaad tea Coa*arvatlv* and
tb* bid in hi* nam* waa th* falgbart
But Mr. Ollvar did not know the olr-
cumataaoaa or *l*» wm wilfully d*-j
ceiviag the nous*. If th* Mlnlater
could hav* loramn tb* tvidanc* in
th* Fuhtio Accoiate ooamrlrto* given by a man who wrote tha Cowaa
tandtr, b* would aot-are mentlon-
•d th* cw*. For this I* one ot the
vary wont oi ib* Burrows' tteals. It
ws* put through   whan   Mr. Sifton ...,_.	
ww mlnlater, utt Mr. Sifton'* bro-' a* he paid Burrow* aad Frafear. Even
ther-ln-iaw with an aatoclat* who la'taan ha would hav*, a good bargain,
now   th*  Oovamme-t oaadtdate  In lor a nrtghborlng limit of 85  mile*
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J    Our-Fall Stock of those goods |£
is now complete and,thoy  tiro
J the Nobbiest BoyB-_   Suits   wo
have ever shown.
Double Elbows,   SeUts,   and'J
Knees, in any pri-e'yoiY   wish. J
Once you try n'l-fon   llriind"^
Suit you will havo no othw. " |£
Lipn, rtr«,ml Knickers—no t-tst- )
ter Hoys' Knickers, made in a •
full range of Patterns. ]
_\     Double Seats and Knees from «
50 cents up.'
i walters &
For Boys' Sweaters.
ww afterward* «oW ior 128,000, or
1800 per square mile. Thi* sale was
by the., Department ol Indian,
Affair*, tbe limit being well advertised end the area not too large to
be examined In the tine given.
Thla is now a Conservative is  allowed to obtain a. timMr limit    in
uw watt. .• .
Other Operations ot Mr. Fraser
It ba* been mentlbned that Mr: A;
W. Fraaar   ha* had a good   deal to
| tio with timber limits. He put ln
two bida for the Moos* Lake limit,
which document* form part of the
original papers that the Government
for reasons afterward apparent, held
back until supply ww relused and
mlnlater* wen forced tb aurrender.
In this case Mr. Fraaar used hi* own
| name tor e bid and borrowed the
name ot Mr. Nolan, oi Montreal, for
| the higher and later bid, which took
th* limit for Mr. Burrow*' Imperial
Pulp Company.    Mr. Burrow*    Iur-
niahed tha cheques, and the    .	
transaction was ^o irregular that it
led to strong suggestion of collu
sio*. There were two other limits
which Mr. Burrows'. Imperial Pulp
Company desired to obtain, and
which wore so distant that it
impossible for
| anything about them
1 Dp. %&imi
AU Work Ouaraatwd.
Visit tho Foundry nnd mako
your own choice you will
Bnvo time' and monoy, and - got
hotter satisfaction.
| Mclntyre foundry
I Company, Limited
Can't Afford to
Bb Withoot a
Meat Safe
Oil Stoves with one and two wicks,
I   From   75c to 11.90
The Old Reliable Mason Fruit Jars.
i Gal., per' dozen   $1.25
1 quart, per dozeu   $1.00
1 pint, per dozen      .75
Rubbers of Best Quality per dozen,
10c and 15c.
Phone 1-3,    First Avenue.
Janitress for Oddfellow's Hall. Applications- will be received up to
noon, Monday, August 3rd. Information as to duties can be obtained
who-!1"' Aymv»-
Ladysmith, II, O.
 . __ „    wa_'<WMAAA*V»*AAA'W^^AA*
competitor to know | Now is the time to lay in your
>—•   it wa. neoos-igtbck pf winter fuel.   Order
[tary to make aome *how of competi-l    •     _,„„j „i„Ui n__a„
E.      In both cue. Mr.'   B»rrbw.7<»Ur WOod "Kht flWay
put In a bid while Mr. Frosor used
tho name of Mr. Nolan for a higher I TT
offer.    Nolan afterwards assigning to J Jj|,
Burrow*'   Imperial   Pulp Company, |
HT. Fraser also obtained' for himself
120 miles In addition to the block*
sold    to   Mr. Cowan.    It has como
about that
4 \
Mr. Fraaar 1s regarded
jas -wealthy nun, and ha* been ablo
to cnili'i-e the Ottawa nomination
jagal ;st the sitting Liberal member,
I Mr. Stewart,  -.
-—I ■*. n-  ■•
WINNIPB-, Aug. 19.-Interest bore
today ls caoteredTn tbe report that
'the engineer* would tak* a band In
the *trike of the mechanic* on the
C, P. B.
It I* reported that th* engineers
hold a secret conference with the
[strikers thl* owning. The result 1*
: Yesterday afternoon general manager ol western line* Bury was waited upon by a delegation oompoesd
of tralamen high In' their respectivo
among whom ware William
O, Chester, chairman of tho Order
of Railway Conductors, and flrat en-
gi_*or W. McKinnon, of tha Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. It is
! Impossible to team the object of the
conference, but considerable importance is attached to it by those moat
interested. ■   >
Fort William, Aug,: 19.— The union here has received word from
Schriefcer and Chapleau, thai the
mas living In tb*. Canadian Pacilic
houses at these points who quit
work, hid beon ordered to vacate
tht houae* at ono*. Thl* will cava*
som* hardship, a* ln on* cue th*
wit* of a roan ordered out ha* Jurt
recovered from * long lUaeas.
Sehool lays
Begin a gain Monday j
that means
We have had made speo
lially for this trade a sturdy
line of Soliool Shoes that
[will give satisfaction
Try us for a pair, j
TLe Shoe Man.
>_o —» %mmm*mmm**Am »«mr
Telephone, 1 2-4.
Nanaini) Ii 0.
j. m. mo-^GAH.
Teacher ol Voice Production and
Engagements may be lett at the
Standard Office.
1 Great
| In Ladies' ft Ohil- !!
|   dren's open work
Stocking and
Ladies' White!
j! Miss Dren's I
','.      FANCY   GOODS   -TOlt-.
A four-roomed house with large
pnntry on, High Street, between
[Third and Fourth Avohues."' Newly
papered and renovated. Lot leficeo
ana cultivated. Easy terms. Apply
Standard Office.
,    Firet Clnss Photos.
Salmon, per pound    106
Cod, per pound, .........  10c
Cod, (Smoked); per pound ....... 18c
Halibut, 3 pounds I   35o
my Stock of Latest Style* lh
Wall Papers;
Picture Framing   a Specialty.
High Street.   '';'"
ALL KINDS OF       .  oi
Pods and Lines
Flies and Tackle
i    For AU Kinda of Flahing. ..    ,
Excellent Boarding
,IV;   Proprietor*.
I     '       •'      '      ' te
Every Convenience,   and Everything
of the Ben.
Jos. Nankivell, Pop.
Tne Pog fly
NEW.' ■
Olgars and Bolt Drink*.
Motel Cecli
Beat liquors and Cigar*.
HILL ft  8-.NDfl_t_.0N
And Billiard Saloon!
• i   ' j      : '
Pool and English
Billiard Tables.
Dally Prize tot Highest
fiowiing Soon.
" i "  '   ;,;-r 'TT.   i' «TM
."t'ouniry and Sullnrbin
llnei*i,,'fuM of l«i«n»m
int. VMlimble mill onfi-tl-
i»T itifiimstiM'■IWim ■*.
Ibuilitor.. I   ,,!
t. -win aiTTQi, xhitict, w«m to ,i. /j.' |


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