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The Ladysmith Chronicle May 22, 1909

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With Which Is. Amalgamated the Ladysmith Standard.
Vol. I.
Ladysmith, B.C.,, Saturday,Nay 22, 1909.
Grand Jury Condemned
B>y Citizens' League
There was. a large' attendance   at,could bo mado with a run bo as-to
minimise all danger.
Several members felt that the man
the meeting of the Citizens' Lcaguo
Monday evening, and the discussion
embraced everything from the conduct ot transcontinental railways to
tbe origin and privllegea of grand
Juries. Nearly everyone present bad
something to say, and the recent pre-
Local and Provincial
News Notes
Tho musical'EekbartB have lictn fleers were elected:   W. Allistcr, con
tentment of tbe grand jury at Nanaimo assises came in. tor a great
deal of well-merited criticism.
. Alter the minutes ot the previous
meeting bad been read and adopted,
a communication was read"from E.
McGaftey, secretary of the bland Development League, stating tbat be
would.be pleased to supply copies of
cards recently prepared by tbe local
branch of tbe League.
Tbe letter was Teceived and filed
for future reference.   _
Secretary Wilson reported tbat he
had written to tbe Provincial Secretary asking what had.been done with
regard to a-Provincial exhibit but
had not yet received a reply.
Secretary Wilson was desirous of
knowing if tbe committee bad yet
heard from Mr. Marpole with regard
to an Improved boat service.
MayorNlcholson reported that' nothing had yet. been heard from Mr.
Marpole. That gentleman had promised the committee that he would
communicate as soon as Mr. Troup
returned from the east, but he bed
not done so.' He was of the opin
ion that nothing would be dona this
season. The C. P. R. had now put
the Joan on a Sunday service to
Nanaimo, but the cltisens of Ladysmith bad not been able to get tbat
service so arranged that they would
be able, to get the time shortened
at even one end of their journey to
Vancouver. He believed the cltisens
should ronew the light, and show the
company tbat if lt was not able to
redress our grievances we would appeal to other sources. Tbe city had
not even been met half way. If wc
renewed the agitation Vancouver
would render desired assistance' aad
It was up to the city to get a boat
service even It a subsidy had to be
Dr. Dier, as one of the committee,
said that Mr. Marpole had promised
an early consideration of the tepre-
sentatlons ot the delegation, ay it lad
not done so. Mr. Marpole said tl at
he would be in Ladysmith ln a few
days and' give an answer, but that
was all that bad ever come ot the
Secretary Wilson said lt occurred
to him that Ladysmith was being
Ignored in many quarters. It seemed strange that we could not get an
. improved boat service. The 0, p.
R. waa eertainly getting enough out
of Ladysmith to do something in return.
It was resolved that the committee should take immediate steps to
get a definite reply from Mr. Marpole.
Tht attention ot the League was
directed to the recent attack on tbe
city council, by the grand jury in the
presentment at the Nanaimo assises.
This provoked considerable harsh
criticism, and it was pointed out by
several.of the members tbat the
grand jury displayed a latneotablc
ignorance cl the subject with which
It dealt. It wm also suggested that
tho grand Jury had only been follow
Ing In the footsteps of ths. Vancouver
World, the Victoria Colonist and the
Nanaimo Herald, when discussing
Ladysmith matters. Tbe grand Jury
should have known that tha Ladysmith' council was. putting forth every effort to secure a sewerage Bys
With regard to tbe report ot the
grand Jury tbat the Novelty Theatre
wm not sate, Mayor Nicholson stated
_ that beforo the picture show had
' started there had been many alteration! made, and that thero was a
double back door at tho end ot the
building.    Tho steps complained
agement ot tbe Novelty bad done
everything in their;power to protect
the public. f.
Mr. J. E, Smith remarked that
when he was fire chief he had investigated the arrangements .at tbe Nov(
city,1 and had suggested to the management that cards Bhould be printed instructing thoBe inside where
they should go in case of an outbreak of fire.
After some further discussion of
the grand jury's reference to tbo
city council in which Aid. Matheson
Uated that he knew all about the
■forkings ol f grand juries and their
reports and treated the whole rolcr-
enco to the city council with silent
contempt, it was resolved:
"That this League has every confidence ln the manner in which the
city council has handled tbe sewer
question, and tbat the League considers that everything has been done
that could have been done, and we
deny the erroneous statements reported to have been made by the
grand jury, and printed in the Nanaimo Herald.".        *>
In response to the question as to
how matters with regard to the hos
pitat were progressing, Mayor Nicholson said that the committee bad
selected a site in block 80 and ap
plication bad been made in writing
to Mr. Beasley for this land, who in
turn had forwarded it to Mr. Marpole. Some difflculty had been
found in   preparing
engaged for one night, Monday, Jott;
13, at the Opera House House, by
the Ladysmith Lacrosse Club,
Mrs.   Mary   HaiTies,.Grand Chef
, Pythian   SisteMl&jg^O.., returned
Wednesday afternoon, attjer attend!**;
Grand Temple sccslon held at Rossland. '.
Tho city council of Spokane baa
made a second extra appropriation
of $1000 to tight.the scarlet fever epidemic, which still grows in tbat city1
The number ot cases now undor quarantine neare 200, and two deaths occurred  last week. i
A missionary-meeting , will i bo held
in St. John's Church this evening
at 8 p. m. The Ven. Archdeacon
Scrlven will be tho chief speaker.:
All those interested in missions aro
cordially fnvitod to attend. Tbe
Ven. Archdeacon will hold services at
St.. John's Church to-morrow.
hospital, as the ordinary text books
on architecture made no reference to
hospitals. The committee had visited .Chemainus hospital, but that
building had been changed from time
Tickets will bo sold at the E. &
N. depot this evening between the
hours of 7 and 8 o'clock for tbe convenience ot those going over to Nanaimo to-morrow. On excursion days
there is always a great rush, and
a plan tor the'tn09e wno bl,y tne'r tick,!t8 thla cv-
ductor; J. J. Thomas, secretary;
Harry Hughes, treasurer; and Job
Smith, accompanist. A committee
was formed consisting of ii member
trom each choir to get names of
available vocalists. It iB desirable
to get the names ot those intending
to join at once so that the-necessary
music may be secured.
The Chemainus Baseball Club' wisb
to annouueo their intention of giving u ball on tho evening ot June
3rd. Tbe committee are'doing all in
their power to make this, thc closing ball of the season, a great success. Mrs. Halbed lias kindly consented to undertake thc supper arrangements, while tbe management
has already secured the services, of
Miss Thain's orchestra. Those who
hajvS attended previous dances; at
Chemainus this season will readily
admit that the ball, room floor is the
best in the district. This fact coupled with the careful arrangements being made, should ensure every visitor an enjoyable evening, and tjho
committee sincerely hope to sec
record attendance from Ladysmith.
Sewer By-law May
Be All Right
.It now looks as tt thc difficulty
over the sewer by-law would bo sa-
tisfactdl-ily arranged. /The absence
ot thc clause complained ot was not
due to negligence on tho part of the
city council. Tbe sewer by-luw agreed
to in thc first place had passed the
council and. wits advertised bctifre
the additional clause was received. It
would have complicated matters nad
thc by-law been reconsidered.and thc
clause added.   It is quite evinent that
this is the view ot the matter now
taken by Messrs. Mason /& Mann, Mr.
Brent's Victoria solicitors, for they,
have notified Mayor Nicholson tbat
they havo received the registration
certificate' of the by-law, and so fur
us they arc concerned theby-law Itself will be quite satisfactory. Thero
should be no further obstaclo in tho
way of getting tbo money for tlio
debentures, so that thc contract may
be let and work begin immediately
on the sewers.
ehtng   will   avoid thc crowding
tbe ticket office. ,
Little August, Bon of Harry Vol-
to time and had cost in the neigh- ,ners' boat  builder, of   Galiano Is
borhood of (13,000.
Mr. R. Rolston pointed oue that
the Scientific American, of Now
York issued plans unbracing architectural designs tor every kind of a
building.      ,
Secretary. Wilson said j matters were
progressing favorably, and that Mr.
W. G. Fraser, who was appointed to
interview the citizens had reported
that he had visited many of the
business men and would "shortly be
able to make his final report.       .   *
Mr. Theodore Bryant thought i(
tho committee reported progress
from time to time in tbe newspaper;
the public would not be so apt to
criticise what was being dose.
After some further discussion ot this
question, the meeting adjourned
Shipping Intelligence
' Vessels coaling during the week:
Amur, Tepic, Celtic, Czar, Spray, and
Scow, Transport, Trader, Cascade,
Owen and Scow, Queen, Rupert City,
Eagle, Etta White, Pioneer, Queen
City, Princess Royal, Edna Grace,
Sidney, Dola and Scows, Mystery,
Belfast, Stetson and Scow, Albion,
Northland, Beatrice, Vadso; Flyer
and Scow,. Princess Ena, Imp, Clay-
burn and Scow, Hope, Pilot, Princess
Beatrice, Kerr,
land, Is lost. No ane seems to know
how or where, but it is thought he
fell into the water and was drowned. Searches all night failed to, find
any traces of the child. The sympathy ,ot the community is with Mr.
Vollners and family.'
Ladysnitb May Get a
Boat to Vancouver
The Nanaimo Free Press says all
that is wanted to make the Victoria
Day celebration a complete success is
fine weather. The. .committee in
charge of the day's events have
worked hard, and they have secured
a splendid programme. Now it is
for the weather gods.to decide to
smile upon the day and there is a
royal time assured for alt.
A social was hold at Finn Hall,
under the auspices of, the Finn Temperance Lodge, on May 15th for tho
benefit of three widows, two women
with three children each and fine
with five children. The result ofthe
social after paying all expenses left
a balance ot J16C.90, which was divided amongst the threq women, and
they wish to thank thoso who contributed money and articles for their
Mr. George Kent, tho well 'u.cwn
real estate dealer of Vancoa.'cr, Is
in the city this morning, anl he
brings with him the encouraging information that Ladysmith will in
all probability have a regular daily
boat service with Vanouvsr in a
short time. A- company lus bom
formed, and it is intended tj !*an a
big boat daily between Vancouver
and Ladysmith, and a smaller boat
twice a week between the Islands
and Ladysmith. This ia just the
service -required by Ladysmith, an;
it is sincerely hoped that there will
be no delay in getting, the boats running. Tho men at the head ot the
company are well known in the
transportation world, anil they feel
satisfied that the venture will be
successful from tbe start.
Lady smith Will Celebrate Dominion Day
Quite u numbeo ol citizens attend
ed the public meeting at tbe city
hall Wednesday evening called or the
purpose, ol arriving at a decision as
to *.hc celebration of Dominion !»ay
After sitr.c Informal discussion tho
mayor .iulleii the meeting to or.lir
A motion was passed appointing
Mayor Nicholson chairman ol the
celebration committee.
Mr. Theodore Bryant was appointed secretary and Aid. William Brown
tronsurer of the committee.,
Tlio best method of celebrating
Canada's Natal Day was discussed
at length, and it was decided to
leave the details to a committee tu
he appointed at the next meeting
Thc method ot making collections
was next liken up and It wns de
cided to give the collector ten per
cent, commission on collections.' Mr.
J. E. Smith was appointed collector.
The next meeting will be held next
Wednesday at 7 o'clock, and it is desirable that as many representatives
ns possible from the sporting associations should be prerent. The
various committtees will be appointed, and the different sporting events
will be decided upon. The different
clubs should be ln a position to tell
the committee what part they will
beable to take in tbe programme.
There should also be a representation from the braes band, so that
Tyee Gun Club Shoot.
The following Is tbe result of
fourth shoot for tho modal, und
second shoot for the watch fob:
T. White	
J. Wargo	
W. Keserlck 	
M. Dultko 	
H. Haydeu	
Dr. Dier 	
M. McKlnley 	
F. Almond	
J. McDonald 	
 .: .ia
The attendance at. the Novelty
Theatre tbo last two nights haa been
all that could be desired by the
management, ..and tho programme
was an enjoyable one. The picture
of The Turkish Harem was tho best
in the programme. The programme
for tho• beginning.of the week is a
gbod ono, particularly the picture ol
the Poisoned Bouquet. The complete programme Is as follows:
U Naughty Little Princess, Paris Fire
Brigade, Innkeeper's Remorse, My
Uncle's Testimony, Motor Oar For
Sole, Poisoned Bouquet, The Escaped Ape, and two late songs.
Napaimo boasts that in a recent
test at the schools ot that city tho
Children had vacated the school
buildings within 46 seconds from the
time the-'alarm was sounded.'- A
similar test was made at the Ladysmith schools a few days ago, and
within 30 seconds tho children were
ot down in .tho grounds,
from the Conference
Rev. R.   Wilkinson   and Mrs. Wil
kinson returned -this morning from
the Methodist Conference, which re
ccntly concluded its labors at Ne
Westminster.     Mr.   Wilkinson
the conference was most satislactoiy.
from, every point of view, and tlo
reports show a rapid growth in Mo
thodism   in British Columbia.  Six
The Football Match
There is a great deal of interest
being taken in the championship
match to-morrow at Nanaimo, If
Ladysmith makes a win or a draw
the championship comes here, so lt
Is up to our team to do their best.
The team will practically bo tho
same an defeated Nanaimo last Pi n-
day, Crosier, being the only' change.
He hud his knee put out In thc last
match. Arthur Morrison will till his
position in the lelt back, and tbls
team should give a good account of
themselves. A special train has been
arranged lur those wishing to take
in tlie game, returning Irom Nanaimo at 7:1,1 p .in. The following is
the line-up:
.Backs—fingers and Morrison.
Halves—Wynne, Grainger and McKinlcy.
Forwards—McDowell, McGuire, Adam,  Brims,  McLeod.
ttcserves—Christian, Proving, Sanderson.
- The Island Association will appoint
a referee, as' neither team can decide on a man.
•• • •
The local team will,board thc Joaa
Sunday night for Vancouver, where
they will play an exhibition game with
the Celtics, the crack Mainland team,
on May 24th. The Joan will return
at midnight Monday to N'analmo.
Tbe fare will be *2 and return.
• • «'
The president, secretary and Maln-
they would be able to tell what that lana representatives of the B. C. F.
organization can do ln the way of A> wera „t NaD8lrao ,SBt nlgM to
supplyliiR music. Bt,eDd tlic Bl.ncjule meeting ot  tb»
association, but as the Island Association had not appointed delegates
no meeting was held. A special
meeting will be held at Vancouver
on the evening of May 24tb.
Victoria Day
at Nanaimo
The Victoria Day celebration at Nanaimo this year will be well worth
attending. The various committees
have not overlooked anything that
would add to the success ot tha celebration, and visitors to Nanaimo
cen feel assured that the hospitality
which' has characterised the citieens
oi that place In former years will
not be found absent this year. Much
of the success of Dominion Day celebrations in Ladysmith Is due to tbe
presence ol our neighbors, and no
doubt the Ladysmith people will be
sajs Just ns generous in their pntronaijc
of the Nanaimo celebration. The excursion . trains will run nt regular
intervals during thc day, and the occasion will afford an excellent opportunity  for    an   outing,   By all
The lacrosse boys aro becoming
very enthusiastic over the game and
are turning out for practice nearly
every night. Several new players
have joined the club and are getting
into fine form for the game. The
management of the club have secur-
edthe Musical ESckardts, Swiss Bell
Ringers to give a performance here
on June 14th for the leneilt it tha
new churches have been opened slma BW8ns let tbm ta a b,« tttrnout to
, ' _ . t „ . _ the Victoria Day Celebration.
January.   Some changes have been
made In the   list of stations.    In
Victoria district, Rev. A. N. Miller
The new jerseys for the tonv.il lutvo
not yet arrived hut lt is expected
that they will be here for the game
rn Thursday next, when Extension
will nrutin try and humiliate tha
home team.
• » ♦
The Nanaimo Lacrosse Club have
been writing In an endeavor to   secure a game, but as yet nothing definite hnB been arranged.   This will
Mackintosh Is visiting come up   tor   consideration at   tha
Tho . amalgamated   choirs   ot
city met Thursday ovontng in   the,Marine Mission, on tho boat Uldal.
Methodist  church,   and   doclded to The officers tor Victoria district arc
RoBslaml, and tho Miner says be Is meeting to he hold on Tuesday end
of Bndcrby, has been Ironstcrrcd  td looking wdi Bmi ■„ M debonair as'no doubt arrangements will bo mado
ever aqd Is as full of plans aud as 'tvt a game in the near future
optimistic    as   ho was  in thc days
when he brought $10,000,000 Into tho
camp (or investment and exploits I
tion, and was at the bead ot thc Brl-
James Bay, Victoria; Rev. J, W
Dickenson, ot Kamloops, comes to
Cowlchan; Rev. 8. Cook, of Michel
comes to Wellington;! and Rev, C. W,
Webber, ot    Wellington,   lakes   tho
The boys are delighted at the success of New Westminster and hope
they will be ublo to retain tbe cup
tish America Corporation, or   when until thc time comes tor Ladyemitn
he was governor   ol   tbo Northwest to bring tt home,
territories, or wh.cn ho was a mem-
form a musical organization to   be
known as the Ladysmith Choral Society.   Harry Hughes was chairman and Rev. J, W
of tho mooting, and tho following ut^ school secretary
Rev.  John Robson, chairman; Rev.
Robert Wilkinson, financial secretary
Dickenson, Sunday
bor ot parliament.
Miss Westwood, of Extension, was
The club will endeavor to secure a'
game here on July   1st with  somo
outside team   and  hope   to demon-
a passenger on tho morning train ton strata their ability to play Canada's
There Is Money Being Made in Lots
in   Hast'ngs   Townsite, Vancouver
I have several for sale at ruling prices.
Notary Public Conveyancer
'99999999999999999999tW49'M4$9949999999999999 I
Z f
1       We have the choicest lots in       |
| $
I Hastings  Townsite!
for Sale.
Come early and get first pick.
Head Office  -  ■  Toronto
CAPITAL $10.000,000: REST $6,000,001
Bonk Money Orders
ti and under
Uv«r I* »nd not exceeding 110,
"   $10      "      " »30,
•• »3o   ••   "     m
Thcss orders are payable at par at any office In
Ciinada of a Chartered Bank, except In the Yukon
Mid at the principal banking- points In the United
They or* negotiable at $4:90 to the £ sterling in
G.eat Brit fin and Ireland. They form an excellent method of remitting small sums of money
W'th safetv and at small cost and may be obtained without delay at any office of the Bank.
LADYSMITH BRANCH   L. M. da Gex, Manager
foWished by Carley & Carley st Ladysmith, B. C.
•very Wednesday an 1 Saturday.
I1.SI a Ysjr ia Atfvan*. 25c Ptr Manth
Advertising Rateson application.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed Tenders, supersciibed r.nri.r for
S.'hool-liouRtf.*' will be received by tin. Hoik .ral)l<
the Minister of Public Works up to noo. F Thur
day, the 17th of J une, 1909, for iho t rectk n and coin-
pletkm of a latTc one-rot.tr .rtune Sehoolhcuse at
Brechti, Nanaimo Dit iriot, B. C,
Plans, SHcitleations, contract and forma of tender may be seen on' nnd after the 26th day of
May, im, at the oiBces of the Guveirment
Agent a. Nanaimo,'and at the Deiartmen' of
Public Works, Victoria, B. C. .
Each proposal must be accompanied by an
accepted bank-cheque or certificate of deposit on
a chartered bank of Canada, made payable to the
Honourable the Minister of Public Works for a
sum cquvahnttotenper cent, of the amount of
the tenders, which shall be forfeited if the party
t-nderinu decline to enter into contract when
Called upon to do so, or if he fail to complete the
work io.itraded for. The cheques cr certificates
o* deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will be re*
t irneu to them upon theexecution of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out
on the forms supplied, signed with the actual
a mature of the tenderer, and enclosed in the
envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily
F. C. Gamdle,
Public Works Engineer,
Public Works Department,
Victoria, B. C, May 20th, 1909.
;': Real Estate i
I First Avenue, Ladysmith |
Novelty Theatre
Masonic Building, Ladysmith
New Programme
Ni,uclity Little Princess, Paris Five
Brigade, Innkeeper's Remorse, My
Uncle's Testimony^ Motor Car For
Hale, Poisoned Bouquet, The Escaped Ape, and two late soiij-s.
Admission: IOc and 15c
Matinee Prices Sc and IOc
John W.  Coburn,
' President and Managing Director.
The Ladysmith Lumber.Co.,
United.-     .  ' . ■
Rough and Dressed Fir Lumber,
Red Cedar, Shingles and Lath
If you want any Home Cured Hams
or Bacon, call around to
Ryan's Meat Market
Have Your Houses,Plastered
For Terms apply to
C. HINE, Plasterer, etc., Ladysmith, P. Ol
Cement Sidewalks/a specialty.
F. C. Fisher
Studio in Williams' Block.
; Shoe Repairing
I am ready to repair Boots   and
Shoes.     Satisfaction  Guaranteed.
Corner Third ave. and High street,
near Queen's Hotel;
Express and Teaming
FOR SALE—White Leghorn eggs tor
setting. Bull Leghorns and Black
Minorcas. $2.50 a setting. Apply
Mrs. Laird.
The origin of the Jury system haa
teen lost in the dark night ot treacherous history. Many theories have
been advanced as to its beginning,!
and while It was claimed by some
to have been one ot the achelvementa
ot Altred, other authorities main,
tain that it was derived trom Celtic
tradition based on the principles ot
Roman law. It is presumed that tbe
grand jury owes its origin to tbe
same    source as the petit jury, but
while the latter has its powers well
defined no one has ever been able to
state definitely where tbe authority
of the grand jury begins and where
it ends. In our present judlclalsys-
tem, the grand juay presents indictments tor trial by the judge and
petit jury. They consider the bills
ot indictment in private, and if, at
. ter due deliberation they believe the
evidence before them is sufficient to
Justify a reasonable presumption of
guilt they return a true bill against
the accused. In this, as one authority has expressed the belief, the
grand jury often baffles "the attempts of malevolence, by Ignoring a
malicious and unfounded prosecution."
• « «
But the grand jury, in all English
speaking countries at least, goes
even further. Custom has accorded
them the privilege ot visiting all
public Institutions within tbe judicial
district and reporting either favor
ably or adversely thereon. This is
known as a presentment to the judge,
and His Lordship Invariably takes
cognizance of the presentment 1. the
way of representations to the proper authority.
• • •
So long as the grand jury conSnes
themselves to matters which have
come under their own observation
thero is no reason why their recommendations should not carry at least
as much weight as the opinions ol
other men with practically the same
opportunities tor observation, but,
es was contended by several speakers at the meeting of the Citizens'
League Thursday evening, a grand
jury ln passing judgment on public
questions with which tbey are not
familiar, may be arrogating to
themselves privileges they do not
possess, and rendering dangerous l a
very Important part of tbe machln
cry of the law.  > *
PIANO FOR SALB.-Upright Grand
Dominion Piano, in first class condition. In use only a short time.
Apply Mrs. Bernard, Union Brewery, Ladysmith.	
This was " the view tpken by the
Citizens' League on Thursday evon-1
ing when dealing with that portion
ot the grand jury's presentment at
the conclusion of the Nanaimo assizes which referred to the proposed
sewerage system of Ladysmith. The
paragraph complained of reads as
"Ladysmith is in as lad a plight,
it not worse, as we are led to believe that the money has been voted
to build a sewerage system, but the
city council have lapsed Into a condition ot apathetic lassitude in regard to the matter 'which Is leptor-
able, and to which a harsher word
could be applied by any man with
the welfare of the   community     at
• a •
"Apathetic lassitude" Is good, but
how the term can be applied 1.0 the
etforts put forth by the Ladysmith
city council to secure a sewer.i.'C
system is not manifest, and the sentiment thus expressed by the s-rinl
jury was strongly condemned hi lhe
members of the League. Indeed thc
members of that organization could
not be accused of "apathetic lassitude-" in expressing their opinion ot
the grand jury—tbey applied harsher
words. A fair Interpretation of the
League's opinion of the grand Jury
would be that ln thus criticizing the
Ladysmith city council, tbey bad
been guilty ot Ignorance, Impertinence and malevolence. The language
was strong, but the provocation was
great. The halo that is supposed to
encircle the crowns of grand jurymen
was completely dispelled, and the
opinion was freely expressed that lt
presentments such as complained ol
were repented they would bring the
grand Jury system Into disrepute.
The League felt that the grand Jury
had gone out of their way to malign*
public men, and that that Judicial
body must not complain If they
were taken at the estimate placed
upon thorn hy tlie members ol tha
Ladysmith Citizens' League. The
Chronicle makes no reference to what
the council has done with regard to
providing a sewerage system. .Every
man, woman and ebild ln the city
knows, the conncil has done Its bent
-the lawyers have done the rest.
Real Estate Profits
If you lived in Vancouver you would hear every day storiessof men making huge profits from a small
investment in Real Estate.
_ It is simply a repetition of the history of all great Cities in their growing period. Seattle, San Francisco, Spokane, Chicago, Milwaukee, Denver and a hundred other cities in the United Statesuas well as
our own Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and now Vancouver have made and continue to make great wealth
for those who invest in suburban property that is as sure to increase in value as it is true that to-day
followed yesterday. There is in Vancouuer to-day a good deal of suburban property that will double
and treble in value within the next two or three years.
The City of Vancouver will double in population within the next five years according to tbe most conservative estimates, and with such rapid growth going'on, it takes no prophet to foretell that a wise
investment NOW will not only be perfectly safe but will also yield very large profits.
If you will look at the location of
the black triangular shaped p/ecein
the accompanying map you will see
that it is favorably located as to
street car lines.
If you were on the property and
could see its beautiful location as to
view, etc., you would feel as I did
when I first visited "Cedar Cottage
Park". D. L. 393, that it was the
most favorablv.situated piece of land
to be had for the price or double the
price in fact, near the City of Vancouver.
"Cedar Cottage Park" cannot fail
to become very valuable property in
the neat1 future and therefore 1 would
advise you to buy as many lots as you
can in this sub-division.
Lots in "Cedar Cottage Park" are
sold on very easy -terms, so easy
in fact, that any wage-earner in
Ladysmith may pay for at least
one lot from his monthly earnings.
Come to my office for a map and
learn fuller particulars as to prices,
terms, location, etc.
^^■■^ Baby Carts
Now Arrived
All Styles and Prices.
Within  reach of everybody.
Also fine line of Mattras:-
es. Linoleum from 50c to
$1.00 per yard.
Fruit Varieties and
Required Moisture
Furniture Store
Go To
J. J. Thomas
f ir Canvas Shoes in all sizes, for Men, Boys
and Youths, also in Ladies', Misses' and
Children's, in White and Brown
Conservation of moisture as one ot
the essential   factors   to successful
horticulture    Is  urged  by    W.   8.
Thornber,  professor   of  horticulture
in Washington State College at Pullman.   The growing of fruit in   the
semi-arid districts of the northwest,
ns well as in other parts ot the United States and Canada, is a phase
.« horticulture wUlch has received
little or no attention in the west,
hence it will be good news to many
that a system ot careful cultivation
and rigid selection ot varieties   and
care In selection of trees and vines
many fruits can be grown In the dry
districts,   .Professor   Thornber's argument follows:
It will be vnecessary   to practice
great care in the   conservation   of
crops of medium sized good fruit,
oven in tbe dryer parts of the northwest.
Fears, as a rule, are not adapted
to the dry sections, even though vers
good culture may be given to them.
However, should one desire to have
a few pears, even though the fruit is
years Peterluo's
main for several
oldest resident.
Mr. Maiitell was born in the pariah,
of Knden, Edgeware road, Middlesex
county, Eng., about six miles trom
London. His memory recalls among
his first experiences thc wild excitement, the shouts ot victory, the bon
■       '     " "'" """■"*,  ="""f*> oi victory, the bon,
not large, the early Bartlett or the] Ares and processions with which Na-
Seckel are rerommended and possib-,P<*leon's defeat at Waterloo was re-
few of the White Doyenne.   At ceived in England.    He was only
ly a
""" "".••    —I "" —° —    He was only   a
the Pullman     station wc have been chil(1 and with the other children he
surprised    during the last year   at'race<l through the country fields start-
the success that certain growers were'in<f at   Weeds,  shouting,  "Kill
achieving with these varieties on drjt J Frenchmen!"   thus   illustrating   the
general spirit of the  times
E. Pannell
Meats and Vegetables
P. O. Box 64.
moisture to make lt possible for
tree to grow and produce fruit     in
these sections. This is to be considered as a most important phase. We
ered as a most important phase. We
Alaoalotof very Pretty Seek, for Men muBt make ^ of ^ m moIflture
„i !•»..»., n~. f... t.-fi
end Fancy Hose for Ladies.
A few lines in Men's Hats to clear.
The Truth
It has been said that it takes a rioli man
t' Jrawa oheok, A hone to draw a cut,
A pretty girl to draw attention, A toper to
draw a cork, A free lunch to draw a crowd
and Globo Suspenders to draw your trousers up.   TRY THEM.
that falls, and make use of every
practice that will iponnsrveithis xnois
The sleeping sickness commission is
hoping tbat Theodore Roosevelt will
pay a visit to the expedition's camp
at Sesse, Uganda,   where Sir David
and Lady Bruce are in charge ofthe
segregation hospitals.    The governments of Germany, France and Belgium as well as the government  of
thc United Kingdom are loyally laboring together endeavoring to find a
cure or preventative for sleeping sickv
ness.  Altogether seven European dac
tors have   succumberd   to the fatal
disease since the determined attempts
to cope with the evil were commen- ago, when hejvent to Peterboro
k    ■       -    .   * \a   ins   aumai,  v:
A certain amount of well   rotted Fart a8 foUows
Ifllllirp    a.1,1,.,1     +«    AU-    1 a     :._	
ced ^^^^^__
Governor Sir Heskcth Boll describes his latest visit to the camp   in
The patients were lodged in large
thatched,baudas and were divided ac-
Hosiery  Bargains
This week at
Children's cashmere ribbed
. ose. Reg. 35c to 45, Selling at 26c and 35c.
1 Boys' worsted Hose. Reg.
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meg. 50c, selling at 40c.
Ladysmith Bakery
manure added to the land will help
bold thc moisture much better than
where no manure is used. Almost
every farmer and fruit grower is familiar with the methods of tillage           t m „uulu
that conserve moisture. Deep, thor-! the first outward signs ot the scour*
ough tillage in spring and constant | were just   appearing.     Unaware   ot
their impending doom the little black
He learned the trade of shoemaker
end in 1837 came to Canada, just in
time to take part in the McKenzle rebellion. He lived in Toronto, Co-
burg and London, where he followed
his  trade.
During a particularly cold   winter
he started to   leave London to go
south to a warmer climate when he
was overtaken at a little inn by a
storm that   lasted  several days and
blocked the roads.    The result was
that he remained at London Street,
seven nules from London, and lived
there 20 years.   He was later in business at Brant'ord and 27 years ago
moved to Tilsonburg where he worked at iy.s trade until eighteen, months
Phones 44
Paperhangpr and Art Decorator
High Street.
First Class   Photos.
Time Table No. 7
Trains leave Nanaimo 5:15 Daily
Trains arrive Nanaimo 12:35 Daily
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday,
Trains leave   Nanaimo 15:15
Trains arrive Nanaimo 18:35.
Dist. Pass. Agt.
1102 Govt. st.
1      DRINK      I
Mr. Mantell has been a member of
the Masonic order for 50 years, and
on hie departure from Tilsonburg he
was made an honorary member.
Mr. Mantell has no secret to good
health and longevity other than tem-
n«ll»rv nn First Avenim.
 **"-    """ 'uugevity other
cording  o sex and the.various stages pcrance and regular habits.   Regular
of the disease.   In one enclosure we | hours   of   eating   and   sleeping
saw a number   of infants, in whom
Cales ot every description, lane
land plain. Candies of all kinds
l?ruit ot all kinds.   Fresh bread ever
Reasonable prices. Come and se
iur lines and leave your orders. W
h'vs careful attention.
Hop Lee, Prop.
Esplanade street,   Ladysmith.
Ice Cream
Carter's Store
lice Cream 10c a plate.
_.-- SALU-Bxprees wagon in per
|tect order and harness. Apply Ar-
Itbur Howe, Chemainus.
UwJ8A.^"rour   roomed house In
|T>od   locality    in  Extension,   B,
Apply Ik* Storey.
liUNCH FOR BALB-Flrst class
[..pair. Eighteen feet over all
ppeed, 7| miles. J. O. Pendray
0. Box 568, Vietorla, B. O,
I M T. J. Tripp I Ci's
MtkriM Vims
tillage during   the  summer will do
more to make fruit grow ln these
dry sections than any other phase of
[cultivation, ^^^^^^^
Thus, by the addition ot well rotted manure, or the growing ot cov
er crops until the ground is in good
condition, and carefully conserving
the moisture that tails, or can be
secured, much trult can le raised
where none has been raised in the'
Following   closely    upon the management and care of these fruit plantations we   must select such varieties of fruits as will mature before
the very dry part of    the summer
comes on, or such varieties as will
stand an unusual amount ol drouth.
The Rome Beauty apple and Wag-
ener will    stand  more neglect and
produce   fair   sized     fruit on   dry
land any other variety that we have
thus far tested In our large experiment station orchard.
Varieties like the Wincsap, ,the Yellow Newton, the Jonathan and tbe
Spitzenberg, while they do remarkably well where tbe conditions are
favorable, fail almost absolutely if
there is not sufficient water to supply these later maturing fruits.
I Under no circumstances should
they be used in the dryer sections
unless plenty of
piled. ^^^^^^^
If a person desires an early, matur,
ing fruit, there Is nothing better nor
hardier than the Yellow Newton, or
some ol Its close relatives.
Other varieties of early maturing
hardy fruits are the Duchess ot Old-
enberg and the Glass Green.
The Red June, the Early Strawberry and a number of other apples
ot this class should not be planted
where there Is not plenty of moisture, even though they are early
fruits, because they cannot stand ex
cessive drouth.
In the ease of peaches, nothing
but tbe smaller fruits should be selected. One ot tbe best early and
one of the hardiest we have te the
Alexander, and its mate, the Amsden
June, These two peaches, as tested
out at the station, are very valuable (or the dry situation, or ll
placed where the conditions are   un
mites played and romped to their
hearts' content in the shade of the
banana grove, and only tbe swelled
glands at the base of their necks
showed that their fate was sealed.
"In,a row of sheds surrounded by
the banana groves which supply the
food for the patients, we saw num-
ners ot those who had reached the
second stago of the disease. Most ot
them appeared to be suffering acutely. Tbey seemed to shun the cool
shade of tbe broad thatched roofs,
and preferred to sit or lie iu the full
Ma e of the noonday sun.
"Further on wc came to those
who were In the last stages of the
disease. Lying about on withered
leaves they had reached a degree ol
emaciat'o-i which was homule tc
see. The unhappy creatures looked
like skeletons and their doleful
moaning indicated the presence of
lite in the wretched remains. A
tew ln whom nature was struggling
hard had gone raving mad and the
T. E. Sullivan
Plumbing, Gas and Steamfittinf.
Prices Reasonable.
II. I. c.
been his practice.   He used to smoke
in moderation, and even now he chews
tobacco, but not excessively. He be- 	
lieves the latter less   harmful   than
smoking, and   considers it in either fi^4 Avenue, near New Wcst-rn hold
form not harmful if used in niodera-  ~
tion.   He is   not   a total abstainer,
but as with tobacco,   he has never
used liquor in excess.
adroba; eorealis
The Aurora Borealis,  or Northern
Lights,   is described in   one of the
latest    works   upon the subject as
being a luminious   meteor of great
beauty which is seen in the northern
sky,  taking the form  of streamers,
arches,     or patches   which vary In
shade considerably,  being sometimes
smokcy black or steel grey, and at
others brilliant yellow, green, violet
flery red.   As usually seen the aurora
commences with the     formation  of
an nrch with ils apex to the magnetic meridian.
Auroral displays are most frequent
and brilliant in relatively high, latitudes, the lone of maximum frequency being between latitude 50 and CO
9 X
Livery, Teed and Sale
First, AvpniiB.
Phnne 5(1.
A. Litt
Charges moderate.
All work   left at   McCallum's 2nd
avenue, near Fire Hull, will receive
prompt ateentlon.
_      _..„   ..re  cy  i>c ^^^^^
poor crentnrcs had to be chained to north.  Nelson   is locatod   between
heavy logs to     prevent their doing!the 4!)tb   nnd 50th degrees nnd the
"It is generally accepted tbat a vayj the zone
ricty ot the tsetse fly, the glosslna
papaiis, is the principal if not the
only agent of thc transmission of the
disease. The fly exists in enormous
water can be sup- numbers on the shores of the Victoria Nyanza, and also on the borders of some other lakes and rivers of
Uganda. Its habitat, however, is restricted to a narrow belt of forest
city is thus just on thc  borderline   of
where theso   displays are
most   frequently   to    be   observed.
Auroral displays are most often
seen, states the authority quoted,
in April and October and most seldom  in  Juno and December.
The generally received theory .„
that the phenomenon is due to thc
ascent of positive electricity from
the    intertropical     surfaces,   which
Dr. R. B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
Chong Kee
Washing and Ironing p. -mjtly attended
t* Amem.
frowth adjoining water  n„„Z l™nt0»W    surfaces,  which
of two m,,os   s b"tedto he     ' m T *"■ ** «* "** * *
«"." of th. intesson,     0ut ^1   TT"'*'1"'^'™
tori.    Nyanza and th. is-1 highly rarefied atmosphere, with th.
terrestial negative electricity,  which
rnai,W„     i_     .it.
The City Market
Wholesale aad Retail.
Ladysmith, B. C
-   -      -       - r t
Portland Hotel
Barclay  &   Conlin,
Imperial Laundry
Hugh Thornley has secured tbe Agency
for tlie above Laundry.
Laundry shipped every Monday.
Terras Cash.
Down Town Office, If. Hughes' Store.
lands in the great lake over 200,000
havo already been swept out of existence audit remains to be seen whether the remainder can still be
"The extermination of the, tsetse
fly appears to be a hopeless task
and it has, therefore, been decided
to remove all the surviving population out of the reach of tbe fatal
results in tho luminous discharges
Intimate relationships exist between
sun spots, magnetic storms and auroras, the appearance of a large spot
on the solar disc being almost   invariably accompanied by a magnetic
f>rm   to B»   P«t» of   the globe.
During aagnet,ic storms auroral dis-
Plays usually take place but not a„
auroras are coincident with magnetic disturbances.   An instance of  the
electrical disturbances which generally occur about the same time
Barber Shop
*■"« carries a manatee.
•■Iter Stmt
Another   fruit tbat many 	
_,ii .. '  ."*•'»"■'I •""»    constitutional   walks   .i_ _.
will be surprised at th* •.. i».       L ,, •""■■»t   wains   almost
•■ th. a,,: .prtcl^r r: t'^r m^» —***
h.t„    ,. er*  Light8 be«>mc  visible
hale and hearty, enjoying good is *■•"> telegraphi
&rtltniilnn>    -1 t. .     . ~mia i_
Nestor Doumont has
opened a barber shop on
Fifth Avenue, corner of
Roberts Street, and has fitted
it up in good style.
Hllbsrt Ufldertakins Parlors!
I. 3 and s,Bastion St.,Nanaimo
Phone 124     P. 0. Box 1
Hens for Sale
<■ the otbb aprtM.   WM1. thta, ta th. „.U8,^Mt778"J"™y •«"
markable degree and the t
s on of message, during the duration
o   an aurora become. a matter Qf
difficulty owing to th. vibration and
 „ vl„DiB,   One  Hundred Hens for
tws instrument | sale.    Apply   D.   Davies
"ancher,   ™ Ladysmith! !fte«!<,P»*„
Leave orders at Robert's   "
Butcher Shop.
Singer and WheeCer j jjjjj
, If you are thinking of buy*
ing a sewing machine call
and see wm stcck cf she;:
soiled machines, at reduced
prices to clear.
-hhardi.; th«"tb; e m"Z'Z ZmZ ZT>   ? "* " * iT ~* * * ~- - ^R   »ALE-15   »   B~7~
'* apricot, «.prod«ca...WrC *•»«£ hiZ     I       * —^'"T". ^^   -   the magnetic «2^^£3 a^d 23ft il
««y,«rB»j«n.-y oi ms birth and expects to re- ?«edle.-News.                                . terest In noathouse. XddIv to j   a
                                                                                                            Knight, Udysmlth, B. O. •'
*& •*»*• o» ♦Slack and Watofc H>
'"•■   rfii.riji*
English Watcnes,, Spicialt-.
J. R. Easton
Light and heavy teaming.
Furniture and piano moving
a specialty.
Nicholson & Weaving
Telephone 1.	
Tha lillwint tuin nnise will bs in effect lot
MAY 24th
Loave Nanaimo 8.15     Leave Victoria 9.00
»     15.15        "          "    20.00
Leave Nanaimo S. 15 Leave Ladysmith 000
•«     U15     "          "        H.OS
.           ..     !4,00     "          "        H-Rft
■'     13.45     "          "        H«
..     i-u:,     •'          "        16.01
"     17.00     "
..          >i     20.00     "          "
,          ii     22.15     "          "
ii          ii
MAY 25th
L inve Nanaimo 8.15    Loavo Victot
•'          "      15.15
ia 0.00
This oiroulur oancols any previous advice
•egarding train sorvico on MAY 24 and 25
Dist. Pass. Agent.
Henry's Nurseries j
Tested stock, seeds for farm,
garden, lawn or conservatory,
from best growers in England,
Holland, France, United States
andloeal growers.        _____
Fertilisers, Bee Supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spraying Materials, Wire
Feneing and Gates, Cut Flowers,
157 page catalog free.
Office, Greenhouses aud Seed-
house: 3010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver B.C.
HM & McMie
Undertaking Ctmpany
First class Hearse sup:
plied in Ladysmith.
Telephone No. 262 and 180
P.O. Box 735    -      •    Nanaimo
On Friday u large block o! b'nlliV
ings waa completely destroyed in tho
commercial centre oi Belfast, Ireland, by one oi thc moat disastrous
fires in the history ot tho city. Thin
lire, which raged throughout the on
tire day, and caused serious injury
to qver a score ol persons, was attended by extraordinary scenes, lt
Lrokc out at 7:30 in the morning
through the collapse ot a large hogshead of whiskey in the large bonded
store of thc McConuell distillery.
The carrel, which was lull, tell to
tho floor, and with a crash it went
through the woodwork and beams into tho second floor, where it came in
contact with a gas jet. Thc force oi
the collision had burst open thc unprotected sections of thc barrel, nnd
as it fell the spirit was spread in
all directions. Some of it camo in
contact with the burning gas, nnd
immediately there was a blaze.
In five minute thc floor where, the
accident occurred became a mass ol
flE.mes, which spreading to the thouv
sands of barrels of whiskey in bond,
caused a mass of fire which no brigade could effectually cope with. The
brigade, which mustered at its lull
strength, immediately saw that all
they could hope to do was to confine
the outbreak if possible to the doomed bonded stores; but even this was
beyond their efforts, and in less than
an hour the [lames had caught the
premises of Messrs. Clarke & Co.,
wholesale chemical and grocery dealers, where a large quantity of tremendously inflammable material was
stored. The huge building now became like one roaring pile that extended over acres ot flooring'
Seventy thousand gallons of whiskey were destroyed. Dunbar street,
where are situated the bonded stores
that contained 500,000 gallons of
whiskey, was converted Into a river
of burning spirit, and in Grattan
street the gutters and channels were
ablaze with lighted whiskey from end
to end.
When the chemical works took fire
ripping panel aud collapse thc balloon so as to stop. Wc had,boon only
just in time, for it was the extreme
point of thc island, and another 100
yards would have found us in thc scai
Thc time wns 4:15, and wo had come
ii miles in 45 minutes.
Lord Lunsdownc, formerly Governor-General of Canada, had, when
yet Hail of Kerry and nn undcrgrad
uatc at Oxford, u remarkable pro
phecy made concerning him by Jow-
ett. "There goes a man," declared
the famous don one occasion, "who
is ns sure to be Foreign Secretary
in due time in whichever party he
chooses, as tomorrow's sun ia to
rise." As all the world knows, the
prediction came to pass. It is perhaps only in the fitnes* of things
that Lord Lansdownc speaks French
as well, and probably better than
the average Pasisian, when it is ro-
membercd • that on his mother's side
ho is descended from a famous
French diplomat. Unlike many a
lesser so-called French scholar, however, his lordship never uses the foreign language when an English expression will serve. Illustrating this
point on one occasion, Lord Laos-
down told ar. amusing story of an
Englishman and a Frenchman who
were bidding each other good-bye at
a railway station. The former's
should be, called out as the tram
knowledge of French was not all it
was moving, "Au reservoir." The
latter waved his hand and answered
There is a story of an envious tailor current with the French peasantry. He fancied that his neighbor,
who received a pension tor the loss
of an arm incurred while fighting for
his country, was better oft than himself. Both men went to pay their
rent on the same day.
"That's a lucky man," said the
tailor to thc landlord. "He gets
well paid lor his arm."
"But who would be willing to part
the flames leaped out with such fury ■ with nn arm, even lt ho were pntd'
that there was a general stampede
of the thousands of spectator!) lined
up on the opposite side of .the street.
A constant cannonading as various
chemicals  caught then began.
Thc flames towered to an enormous
height, and thc black smoke which
•at times shut out thc daylight, rendered thc scene weird and unearthly.
Notice is hereby given that lt Is
our intention to make application to
the Board of Licensing Commissioners of the City of Ladysmith lor a
transfer ol the retail liquor licence
now held by ne ln respect to the premises known as the Columbia Hotel
situate on First avenue, Ladysmith,
from ourselves to Joseph Tuesz.
Ladysmith, B.  C, 5th May, 1909.
a   large stock ol Fancy
The balloon New York, which ns-1
cended from the Crystal palace, L»n-!
don, last week, with Herbert Spencer
nnd throe passengers, hail a very narrow cscapo ol tailing into thc sea.
The descent was nutdo on tho extreme easterly tip of Foulness island, on the sea side of thc sea wall.
Mr. Spencer stated that it was one
of thc most exciting trips ho had
ever made.
Wc ascended Irom Crystal palace, he said, at 3:30. I had three,
passengers aboard—H. J. Hcasman,
of the Isle of Wight, who 1b contemplating buying n balloon, and to
whom I was giving his flrst lesson in
ballooning, and two brothers named
Saunders, from Burnham-on-Crouch.
We had some difficulty in getting oil
on account of the wind.
The day had started very bright,
hut at our scheduled time it was very
windy. The sky was overcaBt with
clouds, which hung no higher than
about 600 feet. We rose Just above
them, with the result that wc could
only catch occasional glimpses ot the
earth. We went along at this height
for about ten or fifteen miles, and
then we got into a warmer stratum
ot air and rose 3000 teet. We lost
sight of the earth entirely then and
could only see a silvery ocean ot the
clouds below.
We crossed the Thames at Firth,
Mr. Saunders recognizing the town
by a shipyard. Atter a while I got
a bit anxious about our course.
Suddenly wo sighted the sea. That
was enough for me. I hung on to the
valve. We came down fairly sharp,
hit the sands, and, carried-fcy a land-,
wards current, bounced fight ovor
the sea wall into a bean field.   The
for It?" said the landlord.
"I would," declared the tailor.
"You!" cried thc landlord. "Why,
man, you wouldn't be willing to
bear anything of the sort, no matter how much you were putd for It."
"I wish some one would try mc."
" Now, sec here," said the landlord, who had studied human nature, "I'll tell you what—lt you'll
wciu- even so much as a chalk mark
rn your back I'll remit your rent
us long ns you wear It on your coat
no it can be seen, thc condition being
ing that you tell no one why il. is
there.  "
"Agreed," suid the tailor eagerly.
"That's nn easy way to pay rent."
So tho chalk mark in thc tornj ot
a cross was made on the back ot
his coat, and the delighted tailor
sullied  forth upon thc street.
Strangers nnd acquaintances hulled him to tell blm ol thc mark on
his hack. Jokes were made at his
expense, children laughed at him,
and his wife annoyed him with conjugal familiarity and told him lie
wns a fool. The usually amiable
man grew surly und moroso; lie shun-
tied men, women and children and frequented back streets. Before tho
week was up the tailor tound himself embroiled In u quarrel with his
best Irleiid, his wile had threatened
to leave tils liouso, and he considered himself mlserablo und ill uuod.
Finally one night he took off bis
coal, and rubbed out tho chalk mark
and said' "Thorol I would not wear
that cross on my. back another week,
no, not it I could have all the money there is ln Paris!"
It ia not. improbable, says thc Tor\
onto Globe, that another inter-pro-
vinclul conference may be held tn
Canada this year, probably in tho
early autumn.
While no official arrangements have
been announced, it will he recalled
that some months ugo a despatch
was published from thc west iutimat
ing that British Columbia purposed
making a bid for the entertaining ot
thc provincial premiers, and it is
regarded as not unlikely that tho
meeting will be held In the capital
of ihc far western province.
Prior to the adjournment of thc
hist intcrprovincial conference nt
Ottawa, iu 1906, a resolution was
unanimously adopted sotting forth
"that a meeting of thc prime ministers of the several provinces of Canada be held each year to consider
matters of common interest, and
that every such meeting be conven-,
cd by the prime minister of the province of Ontario and the prime minister of thc province of Quebec."
The past two years, however, have
been busy ones for many of thc
provinces, several of which have had
general elections on their hands.
The present year, however, is regarded as opportune for reviving thc
intcrprovincial conference, and it is
expected when Sir Lomer Gouin,
premier of Quebec, and chairman of
the previous conference, visits Toronto ■ this summer he will confer
with Sir James Whitney as to the
date and place of meeting ol another gathering, lt is understood
that Hon. Richard McBeide, premier
of British Columbia, will bring
strong pressure to bear upon the
two knights in favor of meeting in
the west.
Many matters of importance are
likely to be dealt with at the conference, the outstanding business being
a united definition as to the jurisdiction ot the provinces. The reference ln the prorogation speech ot
Ontario's lieutenant-governor to thc
desirability ot securing a "permanent understanding" is believed to be
in contemplation ol some such united intcrprovincinl nrtion.
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Ol all European monarchs probably the most systematic speculator
is the Tsar ol Russia, who has a remarkably keen insight into tho intricacies ol tiic money market. Moreover, his Majesty rarely makes n bad
Investment., His Majesty adheres to
the excellent rule ol never allowing
his,, financial losses to exceed thc sum
ol -CO,000 a year. This is by no
means such u large sum wbon It iu
remembered that tlio Tsar is, with
Iho possible exception ol the Biiltnn
ot Turkey, the wealthiest sovereign'
in the world. Duly once did lie uc-
tunll; exceed in one year the tdmlt
to which bo is prepared to go. That
was live years ago, when his Imperial Majesty plunged heavily on some
Russian gold mining shares, which
afterwards turned out worthless. It
appears that on this solitary orais
ion ho went against his lilolong hah-
it and acted on tho ndviceol a lead
ing St. t'otcrsburg stockbroker, who,
knowing tbo property to bo in a bad j
way, Induced the Tsar to buy In or ;
dot that ho might get rid ol his own]
shores. The Tsar conducts all bis
financial transactions through nn agent, and once every halt yeer such
shines as His Majesty wishes to retain mc then registered la his own
MONDAY,   MAY  24th
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In regard to Madame Modjeska,
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a century ago, says "She was my
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artist and a beautiful and charming
woman. She ranked with Duse and
Resclee ln her art, and was certain
ly one of the greatest actresses ot
her generation. I played with her
for two seasons, principally as her
husband in Frou Frou, ss Romeo to
her Juliet, and as Leicester to  her
wind    was howling,   and   wo were Marie Stuart, one of her most heaa
dragged a quarter of a mile, nearly tllul characterisations, while she was
tilling the car with earth. one of (he most unselfish actresses
At last I   had  to tear down   the! I bnve ever known,"
Cariboo's busy season has commenced, all ol the mines are working
full crows cleaning ditcher, and other
necessary work, preparatory lor thc
season's run, says the Ashcrott Jour
nal. Everything looks Invorablo Indeed for a good season's water to each
and all of the hydraulics, most ol thn
mines expect to double their production over last yoar and having one
or.more new mines opening up this
season, we can look forward for
many surprises from old Cariboo.
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Lndysmith, 19tn April, 1909.
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In the mailer ot an application tor
n Duplicate Certificate ot Titlo to
Lot 2,   Block   21) (Map   703   A)
Town ot Lndysmith.
Notice  Is hereby given that It   is
my intention  at   the   expiration   ot
ono month from tho date of the flrst
publication hereof to Issue a Duplicate Ciirtlllcntii ol Titlo to said land
issued    to    William  Ilevcrldge    and
Henry lieitel on the 3rd day ot November, 1902,, and numbered 8203 C.
Kevlstrar-Goncral  of Titles.
Land   Registry   OTBct, Victoria, B
0-, m Mtb das t-' April, 19Q9,   . THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
Annual Meeting of Pythian
Sisters Held at Rossland
The Grand Temple of Pythian Sis.
ters was called to order ai 10 o'clock]
on Wednesday morning of last week
by Grand Chief Mrs; Minnie Agncw ot
Revelstoko. All the grand oftlcors
wore present. The following representatives were la attendance:
Mrs.     Elsie   Bennett,  Revelsto'te,
Crystal, No. 3.
Mrs. E. S. Fergjuson, New Westminster Mainland No. 14.
Mrs. Irene Altken,  Nanaimo,    S
Ver Leaf No. 2.
Mrs.  Helen Thomson,  Cumberland
Benevolence No. 9.
Mrs. Annie Bell,  Nanaimo,  M-itt
Lent No. 2.
Mrs. Julia Brown, Nanaimo, Silvev
Leaf No. 2. , I
Mrs.  Mary Larne,  Rossland,   Maple, Leaf No. 4. '
Mrs.    Annie     Swanson, Uois'and,
Maple Leaf No. 4.
Mrs.    Margaret   Reid,  Ladj;'m"li',
Ladysmith No. 5.
Mrs., Alta |  Itter,   Grand   Forts,
Grand Forks No. 6.
Mrs. JIartha Walker, Nsisui. i'el-
eon No 10. I
cers took place and resulted as tol-
Grann Chief—Mrs.   Mary   Harries,
Grand  Senior-Mrs,  Annie Wilson,
Grand    Junior — Mrs.     Elizabeth
Campbell, Rossland.
Grand Manager—Mrs. Minnie Dempster, Victoria.
JJrand    Mistress of   Finance—Mrs.
May Stewart, Grand Forks.
tho depot I'y a large rocoptlon committee and tho band, and a procession was -formed which marched
through tho principal streets to tho
opera house. A pcrtormanco consisting of a representation of "Damon and Pythias," and refined vaudeville was given which proved very
interesting.     Alter   the pcrformnncc
dancing was indulged in. At 12
o'clocK refreshments ;*vcre B,e*)yed<
Speeches wcro made by Grand Chancellor Townloy and others. When
tho train reached Rossland with thc
tired but' happy throng the sun was
observed to he rising over tbe east
cm hilltops,
Unfinished    business   was resumed
with receiving' of committees reports
Grand   Mistress   of   Records   and1 and   installation   of officers.     Good
Correspondence—Mrs. Veno M. Cjoilis,
- -/••-—i news was brought to thc newly cleit-
Rossland.                                   „ cd grand chiet tbat 1100 had been
Grand Protector—Mrs.  Aaza Rose, , ,  ,             ,
„ , donated   by     the   Grand Lodge of
G. G. 0. T.-Mrs. Helen Thomson, Knights of   Pythias    to tho Grand
Cumberland. Temple   Pythian   Sisters,    and the
Supreme       Representative      (two aran(J   Temple    gave     them   thrco
JeareJ-Mrs.  Lillian Thomas,    Ross- cheers':   The Grand Tcinplo Pythian
lan<l4 Sisters   adjourned    at 3 o'clock to
Supreme      Representative      (tour meet at Vancouver second Wcdnes-
| years)- Mrs. Laura Chappell, Grand, ''ay of noxt May, 1910.
Forks.   .
Supreme Alternate (two years)
—Mrs. Elizabeth, Brown, Rcv-
Supreme Alternate (four years)—
Mrs.  Margaret A.  Ncave.  Nanhimo.
there was u vacant chair draped in
black,  which was tied  with ribbons
oftho color of the order.   During the
uddrcss Mrs. Neavc gathered a handful of beautiful   lilies     and placed
them an tbe vacant chair, typifying
purity;  next a bunch of roses, cm-
hlcmiitic of lovo; then caine a floral
symbol  in the shape of a crescent,
forfidelity, and last    another tloral
emblem symbolical of equality.   Thc
flowers were handed to Mrs.  Ncavs
by two dainty littio girls drossod in
white.   The choir and audience sang
"Blest he the Tic That Binds." The
benediction was by Mrs. Collls. Mrs.
F. Grunt presided at the organ.,
ESQUHVULr & NANAIMO milwavcompany
On Wednesday evening in the Ma-
i sonic    hall,   the   delegates   to tbe
Mrs.   Joan Vey,   Victoria, Island| grand tcmple   were
No. 8
M>.i. Kate English, Enderby, Excelsior No. 12.
Mrs. Aggie Blackburn, Vancouver,
Terminal No. 15.
Mrs. Effle Marsgal, Phoenix, Mountain No. 17.
Mrs. Olive Gosse, P. C, Rossland.
Mrs. Elizabeth Rawlinson, P. C,
Shortly after the meeting waB called to order Knights jrvino, P. G.
0„ of Nelson, Ferguson, P. G. C,
of New Westminster, Supreme Representative Nelson, ot New Denver,
came with greetings trom the grand
entrtained by
Maple Leaf Temple No. 4. Tbe local
temple exemplified the ritualistic,
which was finely put on by the officers and the degree staff. The work
was warmly commended by the officers and delegates of the grand temple nf Pythian Sisters, so well and
The anniversary Memorial Scrvico
of tho Grand Temple Pythian Sisters
was held in tbe Presbyterian church
at Rossland on Wednesday afternoon
of-last week at 1 o'clock. It was
attended by the members of the
Grand Pythian Tcmple, and tho
GrandLodge of Knights of Pythias,
and by many residents ot Rossland
and visitoes. It was a beautiful
ceremony, finely put on. Mrs. Lillian Thomas presided and Mrs. Min-
Thc excursion organized by "Windy"
Young of Victoria to(visit his town-
site called Queen Oharlotto City, arrived at Trincc Rupert on Tuesday
and the visitors had twenty-four
hours in which to take stock of tbe
townsite. The party included newspaper men, most of whom managed
to make their way to the Empire
office, and all expressed, disappointment at finding that tbo editor had
gone below., "The Man from Bruce."
John P. O'Connell, editor of the
Saturday Sunset, Vancouver, whio
was accompanied by his wife, left
his card at the office of tho only
other independent newspaper in British Columbia. R. E. Gosnelt of tbe
Vancouver Province, W. Mackay who
managed the Port Essington Sun, T.
Cusack, printer and publisher of Vic
Lands for Sale
Agricultural, Timber and Suburban Lands for sale.
For prices and location apply to the Land Agent at
Victoria or the District Land Agent at Duncan.
TowixLots and cleired Suburban acreage for sale
at Ladysmith. Apply Land Agent, Victoria, and
Townsite Agent, "Ladysmith.
fil the 3um over to thc Empire ^Tt,
may bo used to build an additional
wing to the Prince Rupert General
Hospital. Tho Trinccss Charlotte
lett at midnight,—prince Rupert Lm
Agnew     of Revelstoko,    Grand '■ W' T"~  **"** the number   *°b
Chief,  delivered a suitable address. C^' f    "Wlndy" *■»*   *4
The   scripture   lesson   was read by' I     f      and Sh°Wed the ste«   ™
.Mrs.  Vene M.   Collis, of   x^ZtnolZ   ^       -"' "' *
so    complete   was  it put on. ' The "Oh Bring    Th, Sorrow" J! ,      I       "^ Wi" no aoubt «■»
Rossland temple Is entitled to much ent.y rendered by th. choir ana Z-l^ T *"" °' the Hmp''»'   *•
«—■*»--•--     'or having so eaP: ience.    Mrs. L. Chappell1   of I mursionI*'t8
 ,   __...*  ......   Mnmiucf.,   ana
lodge of Knights of. Pythias and each the occaslon~was greatly enjoyed by
made a short but stirring addross, all who participated iu it.
urging upon the temple tho necessity j   ENTERTAINMENT AT TRAIL,
of Harmony and of the uplifting of,   _, , ,  ,        , , .     ,
the. order. Then "Blest be the Tie1 The Brond Iodge and Rrand temple
That Binds" was sung and then the |were entertained at Trail by Trail
grand manager escorted the*, mights Lodge of Knights of Pythias on
from tbe hall.   Ten past chiefs took J Thursday   night.    A   special train,
containing about 250, including   the
delegates   and local
tbe   two   orders, left
_       i - --    were , mostly   p'eased
able a captain as Mrs. Thomas. A^Forks, gave The a^eT'of'the davTV "" aPPearanC8 °' the tow!t«
ter the eeremon.es there was an en- ,t-was an elonuentdiscourse on the1,"   SUrPr'8ed * **
tertainment. dance and banquet, and'object of the services, to pay     trt
the final degree. ^^^^^^^^^
The reports of the several grand gmn„ offlcra|8
officers were read and adopted. They
reveol that the affairs of the order mcl",)ers   "'
are iri a nourishing condition. |Ro8sland   at
On   Thursday the   election of ofll-, Trail at 8 p.
.--. a
bute to thc departed. A duet was
finely rendered by Mrs. L. Thomas
and Miss Flossie' Hooper. The report of the committee on necrology,
which revealed that four of the Pythian Sisters had died in this province during the past year, was read.
Tho choir . rendered "Tho Vacant
Chair." An eulogy was read' by Mrs.
Rose, of Nelson. Mrs. Neavc, of Na-
, inaimo,   gave tbo   flower     offering,
o'clock arriving   at which was a very interesting portion
They wcro met at'of
services.    On the platform'presented
progress made
building the town. 'Whether
"Windy" Young mado much or little
out of his little trip is u.it ki.nwn
here, but according to the views expressed by the various business nen
the visitors did not leave much of
tbeir worldly wealth ln Prince Rupert. One notable instance ol generosity is recorded howevor. A Vancouver philanthropist handed t one
cent piece to a little girl, telling her
to buy something with it. The
storekeeper to    whom the coin was
was   so struck   with the
The long discussed -question what
to* do with Kitchener has now,, it is
I       j
believed,   been    practically   settled..'
Lord Kitchener is the one soldier in
the British army in whom all classes have supreme faith.
When his term in India has expired, and his tour through Japan, China, Canada and Australia, is completed, he will probably be appointed to act in an advisory capacity to
the committee ot imperial defence.
He will continue in that position
until General Sir William Nichol*. ;i*s
term of office its chiet ol the general
staff and first military member of
the army council expires, when he
will succeed him In that position, retaining his sent on the imperial defence committee.
This arrangement was suggested by
the DUke of Connaught, and is welcomed as a good way out of a difficult problem. It seemed as lt there
were no position in the army that
Kitchener could take without stepping down or being practically shelved. He Could havo been kept idle
till Sir William Nicholson's term had
expired, but Kitchener is a man who
docs not care to be idle and wonl.l
certainly refuse to step down.
The real cause for thc slowing up
ot catchers, according to ''Peaches"
Graham, and Frank Dowcrman, ol
Romeo, Mich., and manager ol the
Boston Doves, both veterans who
havo seen enough service behind the
bat to know whereof thoy speak, in
tho   constant   crouching   tbo mask
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out ot shape and fattens a catcher's
underpinning all around," says How
trmau.     "There   arc   mighty   fevt
catchers who break   into the game
without speed, but they arc not in     ,,
dig harness thrco seasons before they | eises
get stocky and slow up.   I am  not
stout myself,    but I am not nearly
so fast as when I broke In.   I could
beat out any kind of a bunt In those
dnys.    The tact Hint I have slowed
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(tin as fast In any other department
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they nro now. It's this constant.
squatting down to give signals and
springing bark and forth that does
It. Ol couruc it slows n fellow up.
A whole lot of the catchers get
chubby, and those who don't get la\t
get slow because ln time they get
bow-legged, and tile only fast bow-
legged man I know'of is Hanu Wagner, and he doesn't run fast; be
cpriiivls fttt't," A
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Mr. P.'K. Winch left on the morning train for Victoria to take part
in the celebration.
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Mrs. J, J, Bland returned on tbe
noonlrnin trom a visit to friends in
Seattle and Astoria.
Aid. Geo. Haworth is still confined
to his house, but is improving nnd
will be able to be around again
Slncethe fence has been placed around tbe school yard, there is a
groat improvement in the appearance of the grounds.
Aid. Campbell went down to Vic
toria this morning, and whilo there
will give the city council tv tew
pointers on uipi to^datoj municipal
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The city council is considering
the advisability of laying down concrete pipes tor the sewers. By some
it is held that this £'pe is more durable than the other.
The Chronicle Is indebted to Mrs.
Mary Harries for the interesting report of the Pythian Sisters convention at Rossland, which appears on
the fifth page of this issue.
Mr. George Hillier has purchased
six acres of the recently cleared B.
& N. pfopcrty. It is understood
that Mr. Hillier will before long engage in fruit farming on his recently acquired estate.
This evening at 8 o'clock at the
residence of Mr. J. Bland, Victoria,
Mr. N. A. Morrison, city clerk, will
be united in' marriage to Miss Emma B. Bland, daughter of Mr. li 3
Bland, of this city, The groom will
be assisted by Mr. Joseph Sanderson and Miss Agnes McMillan will he
the bridesmaid. The young couple
will come up trom Victoria Monday
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Morning, 11 a. m.; evening, 7 p: m.°,
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Epworth   league   meets    Tuesday
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
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p. m.     Bible   Class   and   Sumliy
School at 2 p. m.   Prayei   meeting
Wednesday at 7 p. m.
Matins and Holy Communlon.il a,
m.; Children's service 2:30 p. m.
Evensong, 7 p. m,    *»ViX>
Mrs. T. B. Sullivan and children
went down to Victoria to visit a
week with relatives at the capital.
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Picture Framing done on shortest
notice. Bring yonr pictures and lock
over our moulding!.
Painter and Piperhanger.
TO RENT—Five-roomed House.   Ap
lllv at Telenhon* nm>«.
LOST—Bunch ot Keys.   Return to A
Chronicle  office.
June 2nd, 1909
TiCKETS-Gentlemen $1.50,
Ladies $1.00.
On sale at
Blair & Adam's,
J. A. Knight's.   ,
Mil's  -litliif,   riniskiifs,    Mots ui Shtis,    NitsiKGiis
Among  Breakfast  Foods
Is recognized as something unique, for in addition
to a largA package of dainty white Wheat Flakes, each
carton contains a gift of handsome White and Gold
Your Grocer will tell you about it and Show You Samples
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.


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