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Ladysmith Standard Jun 20, 1908

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Mill 11111.1 Vi .|.. 11 !♦ 111 ||.|.M m 111111 Ml 1IH-I
The Breakfast Food that is nil Food
The Earlf Bbyei* is the Suro Buyer.
imiiiiiiiiiiiiii itiiiiiii»-imiti-Mni
Looul Oddfollows    and Knights    of
Pythius Will Hold Momor-
lul Service.
Sunday :s Decoration Day with tho
various frutornnl societies, when it
'isthc iiractlso of tho members to
ktrow floral ollerlngs over tho graves
of dopiirtcd brothers. In past years
lho ludgts havo gono nut of town for
tho rousiin that deceased members of
tho lodKes woro interred oithor at
"Id Wellington or Nnnalmo.
| This yoar a now ilcpur-turo Is to bo
( made. Tho Oddfollows nnd Knights
of Pythias have joined hands, and
tliey will, decorate togethor. The
members of tho two orders will meet
at the Oddfellows' Hull at 2 o'clock
and, bonded by the band, will march
in procession to the local cemetery,
.whoro a memorial service will bo
This custom of keeping green the
memory of a departed brother Is a
wholly commondnblo one, and, as it
is the first time that the service has
1 oen held In Ladysmith, it Is expected that tho mon-1-oi-s of both lodges
will turn out in full strength.
For tho Wolcoino of Mr. und Mrs.
il. Akenhead on Wednesday
'Iho AtuioUc Ulub In -Nunuiinu hus
iirrantjOd fur a luil aHeruouu s sport
tufiuy, ffuuusjuiu urues time uoeu
put up una it iu puss.oie that souiu
Mr. und Mrs. W. E. Akenheud, par- Ludysiuitii rejireseututi.es way go
ticulurly' the latter, will (eel tha"; up. flic club wus iu uu way re-.
they have lots of friends iu the town sponsible for the utt.u unpluuBuui-
nfter the hearty receiilion wliicb '"*'» ^hut occuri'Ou ou tnu h.sl ue-'
wus accorded    them   in the Mission casiuu, aud thu Buouur thuso regret
Uuu    Juutw    Starts    Scheme VViiich
.Will Bring Axuei'icaa mid Uu-
outiiuu luuti.ul. Ctuuii
I uu •Junes him another scheme uu
huiiu, tolule in the city Uiu other
night he muL MoSai'B. Adam und bun-
uuison, ./resident unci becretai'y    re-
fryHHiyifH|ififitifififi»MMT'T't't'?'y  |i>'f'yn
m^B_ggjfmfggmmmmffmmp--^ *■■*■■■■ - mi*■■■■—. i  ■   ■■■-»»    .....-,,.
i*K(««X«»« 00)Wew»^<»)WC8»»5f^
YOU CAN GET -   "»»
Clocks, Watches, Pictures, Books,
Razors, Etc., Eto.
for White Swan Washing Powder Coubons
Send a Two-Cent Stamp for our Catalogue
B. C. Soa|i Work*; victobiaj b. c.
20 par eent off
Fop Pav Wetk
A few Snaps in Stoves
and Ranges. Oome in
and aee them. It will
p*y you.
and    Cleared   out   Old Stock.
New Stock
Ib now hero, nnd will bo upon- *
od up nt onco.    Cull nnd   seo '
'•    ijj US.
t T     Wa solicit your Bopalr Work,
|T and Clunruntoo satisfaction.
.r  ..      m     . .   . r i    ' +     Prices    iu   accordance   with
N.B.—Tents and Hammocks J pir8t Cins» work.
-complete stock.—('ASH.   _
-        iP.G.NOOT
Wntchinnker and Juwoler.
(latacro Stroot.
Ice Cream
Hs Home-Mads, Fresh Dally. Critics
pronounce lt to be   The Best   ever
sold In Ladysmith.    Oome and   try
It.   Warranted absolutely pure.
Sc, and IOc. Per Dish.
Picnic and Private Parties Suppllud
by the Gallon.
'lop's Parlors'
MoM iataet Parlor* la Towm.
rW+Wf-H4-+* *4 4 4 ♦, 4
Wall Papers
Oome and  Make Your
Seleotion—new stook
J. E. Smith,    Robert! Street
Tho Inhabitants if Kx-tension wero
thrown into a wild stato of oxcito-
irtont Wednesday when it was noised
around thut a large panther had
wandered into town. Thu women
barred their doors und windows. The
men armed themselves to the teeth
with knives, picks, guns and revolvers and hiud away like groused lightning to whero tho hungry donizeu of
the forost was holding camp. ' Each
knight wus more eager than the othor
to display his immunity from fear
and pressed on unhe.stiut ingiy to the
At last tho beast of prey wus seeu
from a distance, showing Its fangs
und lushing Us tall with fury. Presto,
a mighty change took place. This
fourloss bund intent only on tho un.-
nial's destruction, when they suw it
becume as meek as lambs.' Tho proverbial dog With his tail between his
logs was not iu it; feur prevailed ;
they caved in, turned, and fled.
All flod but ono man—Jim Frew by
namo—tho hero of many un onooun-
ter in the forest with all kinds of
gamo. He knew what was at stake.
With gun iu hand he strode rapidly
and boldly forward until within easy
range of tho panther, then, with
cool head, steady hand and eye that
never failed to take true sight, ho
uitnod the deadly weapon at tho ravenous boast, pulled thu trigger aud
the' panther rolled oyer ilo.ul, thus
uddlng another hide to his vast and
varied collection.
It might be as well to add that
there is money In panther killing,
and that Jim's shot was n well paid
ono, reaping us he did $L5.00 us
bounty from tho Government for its
extinction and still left thc proud
ownor of tho skin us a reference
whenever ho would tell tho story
hondod thus: "My Encountor with a
Panther at Extension."
It Is a long time since there was
anything on tho sports ground, and
the town has grown stair and dull
fur want ol aome spurting oxciteinoiit
Thoro Is a lull luud ol tho latter
commodity booked for Tuesday evening flrst whon the Chicago Ijidios'
Baseball Club will meat a lucul nine
on tho SpoTts grounds. Certainly a
team of lady players is a novelty
here; and curiosity to see how   they
ttpe at the bat, In lho field, or ut
tho buso should- simply crowd tho
Tho club, It should he said. is.
strictly business organization, The
players put up a gaud gamo und have
always proved an excellent drawing
card wherovor thoy hnvo appeared,
Tho gamo will lie no snap for tho
homo boys. It Is more likely to ho
tho other wny, which, while it may
ho rather hlttor for the playors,
should bo cxtremoly popular with tho
spectator-*. *
Tho Indies have a particularly nnt
ty costume. Commencing at i tho
top tliey wear a nobby bluck uud
red cap nnd a black sllkecn jncket.
Thon comes a short red ami black
skirt, roachlng to tho knees. It
would be rude to particularize further, hut it may lie said that thoy
hnvo the same kind of padded protection ns their brothers urd ore
fully equipped fur mi omefgeiioy slltlo
to base. Altogether the costume Is
moro thun fotclilng.
Tho game will start at (1 o'clock,
and n charge of an cents for admission will bo mndo. .Iust prior to
tho gumo. tlio Indies will parade tho
towm to the Held accompanied by tho
band, Just tu kind ot convlnco tho
skoptlcnl thnt thoy nre hero with
tho goods.
Tho tonm Is as follows; T. Whalon
p.; Blrille Onrloton, (captain. 1st b.;
Clnrn Ormsby, 2b.; Maud Orabbc, I.
f.] Allco Lansing, r.t.; Clraco Howard, 8h.; Holen Broostcr, tilt; Ulanoh
Orrlo, c.f.i Boggy White, c, Marie
Howard trill, ho spore maid.
Hull of St. John's church on   Wed- tacte    iiiuuouts ure forgotten
ncsday evening, ' uetter fur bulb towns.     I'nui'u    are
The reception, which wus organlz- se.erul eieuu in which the athletes
ed by the Ladies Guild of tho church 'ol this luwn could gi\e a good ac-
wus vory largely attended, and "Mr. cuunt of thuuiso.ies, ,u,u it is Lu uu
and Mrs. Akenhead will settle down hoped thut uuuic uf thom will nml
with the cheering memory of the | it possible iu uAteud,
very* nattering welcome they rcoelv-
The ladies, as usual, had provided
refreshments In tho shape of ice
croiim, cakes, soft drinks, and so
forth, and a jolly evening was
spent. A short musical progra-nmo
was rendered, and during the evening Mrs. Akenhead was presented
with a silver fruit basket, of as
charming a design as It was handsome in appearance, filled with pretty roses. Little Vera Bickle dressed all Jn white, presented the basket and Mr. Akenhead responded on
behalf of his wife.
Will, ct course, was takon unnwur-
es, nnd hud not prepared himself for
a speech. But he surprised all present,' and his licst friends declare lie
has developod a wholly unsuspected
gift of speech during the last ' two
weeks. Ho covered himself with oratorical glory in his hnppy little
siccch, In which he expressed his
deep appreciation of the kindness
and honor shown to Mrs. Akenhead
nnd himself.
Shelburne, Juno 19- James Tor.
ranee, a farmer wns cruthsd to
death by th* falling tlmows of a
l.arn yesterday.
The Stundard has often had occasion lo refer to the really wonderful powers ui ilnagiuatiun displayed
by thu Free Truss man. The follow-
iuua sturies are lrum his pen, and
are repruducod without a word oi
Two good uuiitiul stories are going
tho lucul rounds this week thut are
worth repeating,
Almost everyotfie in town knows
Mr. San Gillies and his fuiihful
black dog that shadows his toot
stei s. Mr. Gillies also has a cat
liccently the cat had kittens which
Mr. Gillies petted several-times
the presence of hls dog who showed
some displeasure, ominating from
Jealousy. The other day, when he
thought he wus unobserved, and during the absence ,01' the mother cat,
the dog stole around und carried oil
the kittens one by.one to a hole he
had dug in the ground. Having placed all the kittens therein, he scraped the dirt over them completely covering them up. And who will say
that a dog has no reasoning
The other story is that of a local lady who hatched an egg. Be-
contly a well-bred hen wns boing
brought Oiver on. the bout. Oh the
trip over, being an industrious hen,
she laid un egg. As the steumer
was not [intd for the freightage on
an egg the same wns appropriated
by one of the men on the boat— it
was not the Juan— and given to his
wile. - Boing from a prizo fowl, the
wife determined to havo it hatched.
Her hens were all through setting,
liut the resourceful woman managed
tu hutch the egg. She slipped it
every night under a hen with tho
little chicks, and getting up lirst
thing in the morning, tuok tho egg
and placed it inside the bosom of
her dress. When not carrying lt
there, or leaving it undor a hon, It
was placed in a warm place by the
stove. Ono day at dinner, a wee
cheeping wus heard, and on investigation, It was found thut the chicken hod ieen hatched in the lady's
shirt waist while at tho table. Tho
chick, which Is now grown Into a
fine springer, is a healthy looking
specimen and is now une of the most
promising looking of tho many fine
fowls in Mrs. yard.
(Nanaimo Free Free*.)
H. li. lteusly and Mr. Uuiuliridge,
uf the O.F.R., returned today Irom
(lualicum where they were yesterday
on business in connection with the
land clearing operations. About 40
acres are to b* cleared at presont by
way of experiment, but in all, one
thousand acres w 11 eventually be
cleared and divided up into small
farms at thi* point.
Briefly, the project 1* to tjrepare a
large portion of the C.F.R. lauds for
th* plow and then to Invite settlers
to take up the proporty, roiisunoble
terms lo b* arranged by the parties
concerned. It ha* been pointed out
by Mr. Murpol* that the object of
tb* C.P.R. wes to encourage the aet-
tloinent of the more sparsely populated sections of Vancouver Island,
and this could best be done, in their
opinion, by clearing the principal obstacles In the way ol the pioneer an-
vuluo ut Geo. (Javin; llrd prize, tijxlous to make sn earnest effort. It
cash; -1th prize, III value at Walters[wa< mucn _p_ii_. that they ehoUl*,be
WJuM ^■Sflftft W.l*-v« block, ready lo, agricultural
G. Fi-asor" "«* than'the* they should be placed-
Low aggregate,    Box   nt cigars,— on timbered areas wlllch would    ns-
Sinlth & Hepple.
Another big property dodl was put
through on Wodnesdny ovonlng when
the New Westorn Hotel changed
hands. Mr. nnd Mrs. Davis havo
wanted to soil out for some time and
hnvo advertised tho buildings for
sole. In tho end they found a pur-,
chaser in Mr. Albort Muhlo, who
bought out the whole business lock,
stock and barrel. No figures are
given, but Mr. Davis got a good figure, thero is no doubt of it thut
property In town has Increased In
vnlue these last few months.
Mr, Mahle is nut a strtingcr lo the
district. His pooplo havo resided In
and around Nanaimo fur yoars. chiof-
ly engaged in ranching, Mr. Muhle's
locnl connection will give him all tho
bettor chance uf making good, und
tho investment should provo both
sound nnd profitable.
Mr. Mnhld is running tho bar him-
solf. Ho was olilo to come to tonus
w|th Messrs I'aiischo and Dunbar,
nnd hc took possession on Wednesday. .Too Tensz is tending bar, so
that tho place is not nltogother
strange und it should rotnin all its
habitual trade.
The deal wos put through by tho
Planta Real Estate Co., Nanaimo,
through their Ladysmith agent, Mr.
Roiit. Gibson.
Tho following programmo has beon
nrranged by tho Tyco Gun Club for
tho First of July:
First Event—10 Singles.
First prize, ST rush; Snd, $5 cash;
3rd, SI.liO vnluo ut. Blair & Adam;
4th prizo, *a cash; Sth prlzo, *2.00
Second Event—15 Singles.
First prize, $7 cash: 2nd prize, tb
cash; 3rd prize $5 value at G. Jus-
sup; 4111 prize, ti rush;   Sth   prlzo,
$2..50 vnluo at .1. Bicklo.
Tonln    Shunt.
Six Men,  Ui  Singles.
First prize. $:io.    If four or  moro
tennis coinpele, (hero will In) a   soc-
uud prize.
Fourth  Event —10 Singlos.
First prize, *" cusli: and prizo. 80
vnlue nt W. E. Morrison; 3rd   prize
8ft valuo nt P. G.  Noot;   1th   prlzo,
83 cash;   ftth prize, 82 cash.
Fifth Kvent—1ft Singles.
First prize, 87 cash; 2nd prlzo   87
valuo nt It. Biilston; 3rd prizo   8ft
cash;    1th prize 83 cash; Bth   prizo,
82 cash.
Sixth Event-10 Singles.
First prize 87 cash;    2ml prize 80
tue speullvely, ui tho u.u.i'.A., und uui-
: lined lus proposition tu, tbem. ills
plan is iu urBanizu a PaciUc Coast
euotijall Leuguo, which will inoluuu
t.ew \\ostmiiisLor, \uficuuvcr, Victoria, .Nunaimo, Lutl'SimUi and
Seattle. The league will be pluyod
but in home and hume games the
visiting teams puy lug their u.wi expenses und the home team taking its
uuu gates.
'ihe idea is a guud une. The Seattle people will take it up enthusiastically. .On tho occusiuu uf thu
visit of the home tcuui iu the be^in-
nin of tile year this questiun uf un
iulcriiutiuii.il league enme up l'ur discussion. The Seattle boys woro very
eager l'ur it, und tho present writer
wus very favorably impressed with
tho idea.
Of course the dates in the proposed league will not have to dash with
the Island League lixture. ilut the
Islund seusun will commence earlier
this year.' and this will leave -mure
dates upon fur outside engagements.
According tu Con Junes they have
been wurking on the idea in Vancouver, and a meeting will be held
Bhortly at which there will be     re-
leseut'atlves from all tbe clubs. Mr.
..i.aiu will ie the Ladysmith representor e. lc is to be huped tlie,
scheme will materialize, and it if
dues, football this next season will
loom mure than ever on the coast.
Indians     Won't Race on July Flrsfi
Unless They Get 88.00
a Paddle.
The regatta on the First of July,
in all probability wlll.be without
what hus always been considered it*
une Inevitable feature. The Indiana
ure aski n ; for more money for their
iniioe r. i ei. Uight dollars a paddle was given them ia Nanaimo on,
ihe 25th uf May, and naturai'y they,
nbject to racing hi ro lur live dollar*
n paddle. Now, ut 88 n paddle
for the first bunt ihis race alone
would iigure out at SU4 and this
sum, it will be generally agreed, ls
considerably more than th* fsatur*
is worth. At any rate the commit-
lee have decided that they cannot
give more than live dollars a pad-
dlo for lirst, nnd if the Indians hold
out there will be no canoe races.
Meantime the committee are looking afler other attrnctiuns. They
have get tho Y.M.C.A. Swimming
Club, and are endeavoring to get
some four-onred crews. Thero is
nothing prettier to watch than a
"four", unless it be an eight, and if
only three or four crews can be secured the absence uf the canoe race*
will never be felt.
In additiun extra swimming race*
are being arranged, and a relay contest, uO yards, three men, wiU be
made a strong feature. The regatta, it should be understuod, will be
strictly amateur, but nothing hand-
sutuer in the way of prizes have been
ollerod on the Island. It is up to
the home boyB to get Into training
for the Victorians ore good water
men. Training, especially Is necessary fur the water polo game, and
it is time the team was picked, so
that regular practise can be indulged in.
On next Tuesday evening the Presbyterians will hold thoir annual
strawberry social', where all the
gaud things for which the hurniiu appetite craves will be pravided." The
band will also be iii attendance uud
ier some ui their usual choice selections. After the inner man and
woman is duly sutisiiod with strawberries, ice cream, cul.e, und many
uther things too numerous tu, men-
tiun. Miss Murcutt will give une of
her Ititost leeuiie.-,. A nominal foe
will be charged and un overcrowded
house is already assure.!, su ull those
who want ta hear Miss Murcutt will
do well     to secure a  seat in good
OTTAWA, Juno 10- In the public
accounts committee yesterday J. A.
Alundell, time keuper at thc marine
yards at l'rescolt, swore thut us far
us he knew the transactions with Dr.
Reid, M.P. for Grenville, in regard
to repairing his yachts, was quite
regular. He understood Dr. Held
had settled the matter.
Incidentally the wifnoss remarked
that the government had been using
the switch built by the Si-arch Company, ut which Mr. Reid wne president, a privilege tho value of which
could not be reckoned in monoy.
Dover, June 10— The annual yacht
ruce from Dover to Heligoland for
the cup offered by tho l-'mi enn- nf
Germany, was started this morning
'here were sewn entries, two British and five Germans.
Fernie, June 20— The mine train
is .iust -arrived from the scene ol
the 'explosion at Coal Creek, but
Iuib nono of tho bodies of the men
who were killed, as it is impossible
lo set thom' owing to tho goa In the
The nature nt the explosion i*
more of what is termed a bump,
whloh is on upheaval, and the three
men who were killed nre supposed to
le penned in whero they were working. Thc shock wns so severe lt
shook lho town of Coal Creek, and
wos felt in all the othor mines, the
men rushing to the surface a* they
wero aware something hnd happened.
liie accident occurred In No. fl, wesl
uf No. 2 mine, about a mile from
thc surface.
New York, June 19— Dr. Thomas
C. Small, chief surgeon ot lho American Line stcuuer St. l.uuis, commuted suicide in his cabin on the
steamer onrly today by shooting. No
cause for. the act is known.
Dr. Small had been eniployod by
the American Line nine years, and
hnd an extensive acquaintance a-
inung ocean travellers. Whon on
shore lie lived with his wile in this
SAN FRANCISCO, June 18. -The
police today are making a •ystur-t-
atic search of the burned district i*
un effort to clean up tlie city of drug
bonds who hubitate deu* dug out of
ruined cellars and beneath sidewalk*,
lhe state board of pharmacy, which
is making a stato campaign against
the sale of drugs to fiends, is assisting.
Today s scurch follow* a raid
mad* lust night on a den beneath a
sidewalk across the stroet from tho
Hotel Robius, a fashionable family
hotel in the down tuwn district. The
den was discovered by one of th*
guests of the hotel who noticed a
light beneath the sidowulk and notl-
lied the police.
Investigation proved that three
drug fiends hnd eutronchod themselves in the den, tho entrance i„ whloh
was guarded by riles of scrap Iron.
.Viler a light, the men were arrested.     In the cache was found a big
Uection of morphino, opium and
cocuine und hypodermic syringes.
' Of ssitalo tholr wasting time and
money in clearing before nny profit*
'could be derived   from actual farin-
Tucson, A*r>.., June 10— It la  rs- imported thnt In a  light between    th*|   Sgm0 Vancouver Chinese have  tho
Yamul Indiana ond M*xlcon troop* at COntruct for charing the first   torty
a   water holo between Guaymanand tcni
Hermoslllo,    seven Mexican soldier* —  *>
were killed.     The troop* are
pursuing th* Indian*.
day with thirty men. Mr. Fred Ilil-
l.ert lias been engaged tn handle the
commissariat department. As the
Work progresses nitre men w-ll!
employed nnd u now cninp will
opened shortly. By the timo
work is under full swing It ls
liected thnt 150 men altogether will
l e employed.
Mr. Kilmer Is a practical engineer
nnd snys ho will hnvo no illfnculty In
keeping within tlio estimates tor the
(Niinalmo Free Pre**.)
First actual Construction work   on
June 19— Th* Phllllplne the South Forks extension ditch will
nl7n'i7   M»   nn tha ava nf ad- oommence noxt Monday. The special
x   T 5\h„? nrflZsL, «. the »••«■<>••■'«' bV the council, mad. ar- ««t Scottish land In th. world, and
t      th v we» rZv terZXi *■»*•■    tlm, to superintend    th. <• nxed for July IB, and the    con-
thnt they wer* ready for Imraeoj.te ^ ^ __m ^ ^    |b ^ Mw §kat_
lnd.psnd.ae.. ...      fc- ^^ ^ ^ ^i,,. „,„_
(Nnnalmo Free Fross.l
Nnnalmo ls to hnve a visit
HEVELSTOKE, dune 10 — Tfe*
provincial government ha* promised substantial assistance toward*
opening up the Revelstoke route fur
both winter and summer for taking
in supplies and mon tor the G.T.P.
railway construction uf th* 70-mile
sectlun through Ycllowhead Pass to
Tote Jucn Cache, and 150 miles west
uf ihe cache provided the contractors adopt the Revetstok* route and
undertake to purchase such supplies
in this province ns can be procured
here on fair tonus.
Local people hnve also suh*crlb*d
820,000 towards construction of th*
roads, and the council will submit a
by-luw to ralee 810,000 for tho snme
It Is expected that the government
aid will amount to nt loast halt the
total coat and this, with th. aid
promised by citizens and the city
council will provide almost the total cost ol all facilities necessary for
eettiiie supplies nnd men nt nominal
It Is admitted by all unprejudiced
people that this route la shorter and
•aster than any of th. other route*. CONSULT ME
"' " r:.,u
It You Require Any
Or il You Require Any
f}r If You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Sell One;   or If You   Want
Notary PabUc, Conveyancer.
Ladysmith   Standard
Published on Wednesdays ana oatur-
dnys Aliei'iiuons by the
Robt. R. Hindmarch,
One Year $1.50
Six Muihi.s       75
Advertising Rules on Application.
There has been considerable comment in the local press on the land
clearing operations which ore either
now being carried uut, or which are
projected, by the Canadian Pacific
itailivay Company. The Vancouver
World had information that one
thousand acres of land were to be
cleared around Qualicum, from which
it was led to dilute un the policy of
the railway company and the future
of the Island. There Is, it uftpears,
. something in the Qualicum story.
A- small tract of land is to bo cleared up there, and if the experiment is
successful, larger sections will be
immediately prepared for cultivation.
The some thing can be said of the
operations now being carried out on
the outskirts of the city. Before
oven theso flrst one hundred und seventy acres ure cleared a start will
havo boen made upon'another and
a larger tract up the hill, Just back
ot the city. Should these areas be
bought up at all readily, atter once
they hav* been prepared for the cultivator, then, indeed, the colonization of the islund by the small farmer may be said to bo in sight. It
will very largely depend upon the
terms of sale. As everybody hereabout knows, the soil, taking It
right through, Is unoxcelled in the
provinco, If in tho Dominion, and the
climate Is everything thnt people of
English blood can dosire. If, there
fore, the terms nro reasonable there
ls every reason to believe that the
experiments will be nn assured success, nnd the colonization of the Island as a conso piont development ol
the near future logically follows.
This Is the view taken by some of,
our larger contemporaries, and It
is even declared to bo the settled and
deliberate policy of tho railway company. Whether thut he so or not,
a fanciful or foolishly optimistic position to tako, Of course the realization of the scheme will take time,
but the great point Is thnt a start
has beon mado. How for It will go
only the future can toll, but at
least the chnnces nro good for the
eoheme being carried through to
complete fruition.
Locally, we have mason to congra.
tuhtte ourselves on our good future.
Ladyamlth was chosen as the place
for the Initial vonture, and we
should reap a lirst nnd „vor incroos
Ing shire of whatever advantages
may accruo to Island communities
from the |>rogress nnd mwrntlon ot
this colonization scheme. There Is
no doubt nbout It that In thlH great
project Ladysmith hns more to gain
than any city on the Island, and
evory city, even Vancouver, Is looking to reap somo benefit from It.
TORONTO, OiitTTluno lfl._ On
chnrgo of throwing carbolic acid in
tho faco pf Edward Ohandlor, while
the latter waa on his way from his
work, on Lee Avenuo, recently, Mrs.
Elleabeth Taylor has been committed for trial. Chandler admitted
having beon Intimate with prisoner
a long timo betore his marriogo
(Special Correspondence).
OTTAWA, June 8.-*Lost week the
House discussed the cold storage op-
oration of Sir Fred. Borden, and his
son-in-law, L. S, Macoun. This week
tho Public Accounts Committee looked Into the mutter of $74,8(12 puid
to this same son-in-law by Sir Fled-
erick Borden's department in nine
months for supplies to Ao ITmiuion
\rsonal. This was for United Stutes
copper, bought at $880 por ton
The contract was given after offers
had been nskod from only three concerns. Two of these, Mr. Macoun,
and Mr.,0oglin,, tendered ,■ at ithe
samo prico, and a New York firm
put in a lower offor. Tho Now York
man required payment on dolivery cf
the goods, and the department rejected his offer, on tho ground, that
payment could not bo made until after the metal hnd been received and
tested. Of the two equal tonders,
Mr. Macoun's oas accepted. Thon a
queer thing happened. 'Against., the
protest of the arsenal superintendent
Mr. Macoun was paid practically tho
■hole price of his goods, not 'only
beforo testing, but bofore thoy wero
received. On ono order of $38,00(1,
a chequo fur $33,000 was issuod beforo the copper had beon dellvored at
Quebec. Mr. Jarvls, Secretary ofthe
Department, was shown the papers,
which proved that the contract -aid
not authorize this advance payment
which was evidently Contrary to tho
terms- imposed upon the lowest ton-
hirer. In unother case Mr. Macoun
got a contract, apparently without,
'ouipetition, for goods not made ln
Canada. Tills wus a $6,000 contract given for appliances sold by a
Rhode Island concern. IMr. Macoun
first appeared as an agent pf thla
Rhode Island' concern at tho time
the contract was mado, and -admitted that ho nevor sold any of -their
goods oxcoptto the Government.
Government organs havo had .a
short-lived enjoyment of a statement
made in the' Public Accounts Committee by an officer ol tho Mariae
Department to the effect that , Dr.
Reid, M.P., a Conservative member,
had ropaiis made on a yacht at a
Government wharf and by Government'employees, at Prescott, all at
public expense. Unhappily, It was
learned afterwards that the .officer
wa* mistaken and had himself reported that all the work was done
by menu for whom Dr. Hold paid.
That is where Dr. Reld's course 4K-.
i from some other politician!
whose case has'been Investigated.
. The revenue, expenditure and debt
statements for the two.months now
passed ol the present ducal year
have been given out, and are not
cheerful * reading. The revenue for
April 'and May compares with last
year as follows:
1907 $15,120,807
1008 11,899,881
Decrease  $ 3,221,526
Thero Is loss of $2,620,000 In customs, $300,000 In exclso and over
$200,000 from public works. The
latter item is almost, wholly, mado
up of' Intercolonial earnings, which
appear to have fallon off fourteen'per
cent. In the two months; -and still
moro If May is takon alone. The
decrease In current expenditure- lor
tho two months is, $960,000, :but
this is not a real decrease, since it
duo to the fact that the Government has not paid Its May accounts
pending the passage of the supply
Tho  net public debt stood at   the
end ot May In each year:
May 31, 1907  $258,899,561
May 81, 1908   265,616,496
X Billiards and Pool $
Best Liquors and Cigars.
Cartwright & Barclay
Star. Witness Takes Back All Accusations Against Walkertt in the
Vancouver Case.
VANCOUVER, Juu* 17-A new
sensation developed today In the
Wulkam case. "Miss Bond, now in
St. ileinardino, Cal., writes a confession in which she declares that
when giving evidence in Vancouver,
she wo* laboring under great mental trouble and made mistakes.. She
says she tried to rectify these while
still in Vancouver, but was not' allowed to do so by her frionds, end
ah* doe* not wish to see Watkem
suffer fn-- her mistake.
She declares that Walkem never
counselled her to go to Seattle for
an abortion operation, but snerely
requested her to go ther* for treat.
ment tor any complaint she slight
hav*. She also says she-swore
falsely when (he said hs gavo her
ergot pill*. She obtained these
from Mrs. King in Seattle.
I ■      ■■
TORONTO, June 17.—Two young
Englishmen, Arthur D. Hadley and
John Hynne Harley,' startled from
the City Halt here today on a three-
years walkissr tour. The wjager for
which they, are walking is $10,000.
and their itinerary is Toronto to
Vancouver, to Seattle, .to New York,
to Halifax, to Toronto,. (
According to the condition* of the
Wager they, must finish within dhree
year*, and not rest more than a
month between each section.
They must earn their expenses ea
route, sleep every night in a tent,
draw, their baggage la a hand cart',
and obtain the signature ot soma
official in every, town and village
through which they pass. ,
 —*—. '	
Say* to* Vancouver World: '
i The news that th* C.P.R. i. clearing land near Qualicum a* a beginning in Ha great cotonizaljion' schem*
is of gnat: importance to ths* city,
for Vancouver Island front Nannimo
north, and': west 1* in it* wmasxerclal
territory—a trod* empire, by tho
my, which, has yet to be adequately
exploited. : What about that direct
steam connection with the gulf islands, for instsooe?
The Colonist says:
It li noticeable that a very considerable amount of interest 1* being
paid' these day* by C.F-.R. official*
to th* company'* interest* oa thl*
*d. W» hav* every conildence
that whan th* plan* of th* greatest
transportation eompaay in the world
hav* fully matured a new. er* will
hav* been inhered in for on* of the
most Important atrateglc'point* iu
their entire system.
OTTAWA, June 18.—At the con-
tinuution of the marine department
enquiry before Judge Cussels yesterday afternoon B. .1. Coghlin, of Mon
treal, told of having supplied silverware to the government steamer
Montcalm, on which he lost SliOo.
He had been induced tu refund $1,-
100 to the department for alleged
overpayment, although the auditor-
general told him afterward that he
need not have done so. ,
Mr. liuchley/ ot Prescott testified
to having supplied the depurtmeut
with coal for live years un which he
made less than on urdinary customers. Bordeaux and J. i'
had bought coal from him, but
ordinary prices.
Increase in one yoar $ 12,615,985
Tho Government anxiety for unpaid public servants is evidently n
pretence. On Friday the Opposition
wanted Mr. Fielding to bring in and
Pass a supply bill giving effect to
the votos of last two weeks for customs and post office department salaries nnd wages all over the country. The finance minister refused,
declaring that none should be paid
until the monoy was voted, lor. all.
No public servant Is helped by his
stubbornness, while 060 mounted police, 60 militia officials, 8,000 post
office officials, clerks, letter, carriers,
etc., and 1,800 customs employees
are kopt out of their money. These
will bei Interested to know that $4,-
500,000 voted, by tho House lies
waiting for them and Is kept back
by the:finance ministor.
Another Ross rifle episode has
come to light. The Government undertook to bring down all tho papers respecting this contract. It appears that ono at least was kept
This was a report from the Government Inspoclor strongly condemn
ing thoi weapon. It formed an Important! part ol the documentary
history.' ,   ,   .,. .,,„,
Tho oxcuso given (or its anppres
sion Is that the report was conflden
tlol. The only think that made ll
confidential -was the fact that it was
a condemnation, . and the suppression wns an obviously dishonest act
In a dopartmont professing to furnishing the whole record.
Nashville, Tean., June 17.— Th*
Democratic    state     convention wa*
called to order hero today to 	
delegates to th* national convention
ut Denver. AU Indication* »t the
opening pointed to a harmonious
session. By agreement of the state
committe* and tae campaign na'i
gere the convention is to take no
action with regard to the gubernatorial campaign now on between
Gov. Patterson and ox-Senator Car-
mack. A* both factions are for
Bryan for the presidency there will
lie no opposition to resolution* Indorsing th* N'ebrasl-a leader.
— » '—
-   , ..-  i   ...    ,     ,-,   iiiiim
'Tight sleeves sad tight finger ring*
ar* a frequent *ourco of red hand*,
nnd the only remedy for thl* Is to
remove the source of cause.
Brood, oak* or cookie* win r«uin
their moisture and: keep much hatter
If placed la a *tona lar, thaa lath*
> When a baby fall* and get*,« baa
brula* rub butter on It. TV* will
k«*p the skin from (wailing aad becoming dlsoolond.
LITTLE FALLS, N.Y.. Jun* 18.-
Mr*. Finn used an axe to kill her
hufband, striking him a terrlblo
blow on ' the head a* he lay in bed.
When she reached her mother's homo
•he told"her mother what she had
done and announced her Intention of
committing suicide.
"Mr*. Finn is 42 ysara old, and hor
husband 45. Mr. Finn had taken
steps toward* securing * .divorce
from his wife and it I* believed that
domestic troubles woro the cause of
the tragedy.
' Mrs. Finn took poison and died a
few ho'iia* afterward..
' —-♦—	
Malone, N.Y., June 18.— Colin
Fraser, aged ,1 years, was caught
in a heuvy lot at I.y-nau's teed
mills nt Wyrpleville yesterday, nnd
whirled to death on the chatting.
,——. a 1 •
VANCOUVER, June 10.-"I hone
within the next three or four weeiis
to announce the location of our
townsite and plant. I am more than
pleasod with the prospects fur the
success of our enterprise since I wus
horo in Septombor."
This was the statoment mado by
J. T. Shadforth, tho English ironmaster, who is organizing   tho Nor-  ^
thorn Iron and Stool corporation and'T.^J™* 1_*.i,o~7fr«r
■Who   noln-nnA   tn  lh.   -\t._   fn.lnv Im-   P™3™"   l»°   ""'
SHIP. j 	
  I   Oakland, Cal., Juno 19.—Tho   first
WASHINGTON, Juno 18.— The automobile endurnnco run over con-
navy department litis fixed on July ducted by and for \ women ln this
11 as the dato lor launching tlie country is to take phtco tomorrow,
battleship South Carolina, now be- under the auspices of the California
ing built at tho Cramps shipyard in women's Automobile Club. The
Philadelphia. The South Carolina start is to bo made from this city
la a sister ship of the Michigan, re- nt IU o'clock In the morning, and
cently launched at Camden, and re- the finishing point will be at San
attempt of    thu  ,| uso.    This    course will be marked -
who returned to tho city todny from      ,,   ,
California,    having   socured In    tho United States government to     con- , y cunrettl    thruwn   from tho pilot
south promises of   financial support:struct a  vessel    the principal object car, and a  limit of throo hours will
for his initial plant which alono will 0f which is the carrying of as many be put on the contestants. Tho con-
omploy nearly ono thousand mon.      ■,.„,,„ „,,„.   „• „„„_ „„m.„„   „
Mr. Shadforth is accompanied    by h?"7 ^      °   ° °n CB ibr8 **
his wife and J. Cameron O'Neil,   a,d»flttCement will permit.
mining engineer, and relative of Pre-    The   displacement of the Michigan
mior Murray, of Nova Scotia.   Thoy Und the    South   Carolina Is 16,000
Fraser will leave for Victoria tomorrow for1 ton, mea M       ,   t „„„,,„„„    17
„» an extended   tour of tho Island, and| * • ■ -,
on tholr roturn will make tholr hoad-j 00° ton» °' °"> British Dreadnought
'quarters in Vancouvor   to   complete class.     But it is claimed that either
her ditions of the contest stipulate that
women must drlvo tho cars, and only women will bo allowed to ride in
Prof. Prince, commissioner of lish- other arrangements   for thoir undor-jot the American battleships will    lie
eries, It. N. Venning, assistant com- t^'"**. able to. tiro as many guns brondslde
missioner, and S. B. Keen. ,n charge J'^coiVnd 'iu? rSSnTit" - «" « «- « •* '-rots
of fishery bounties, had never known moro impressed with tho opportunl-.ol the Dioadnought.
of   irregularities.        J. G. Burdoau ties on tho Pacific coast for his pro- I
nover heard of any rake-offs in    the posed enterprise, and tho advantages ji| '
,.     _,,,„„„.      It ...     .   a ,   ,„    .v.. of British Columbia for Its location,
department.    It wa. not true    the Jn Ws vj(jw mUab Columbia „„„ us.
department    had not received     dls- sorabio vory cheaply, 75 por cont. of
counts on purchases.     Asked a*   to tho materials for. uso by a largo "iron
Kyere for and steel plant. Manganese would nry enquiry Into the Hodgins chorg-
have to be importod Irom Japan and as adjourned for the day to decide
j hematite from Lower California, but what   tbmm> BhaM ,,,),!,„ ln vlew
Ottawa, June 17.—The parliament-
advance payment to Mr.
deodorizers from tho Wingato Chemical Co. before    delivery     of goods,
Watson, counsel for the depurtiuont,' sentials   may yot
read a  lottor to tho Wingato   Com-1 couver Island.      - j
.        „ i,      ., .        "Wo have already signed proliinin-,
pany    from Lyore asking them    to'       contmcts ,or j^\ „„£"„tlty 0,
add to the order of the department [ steoi ,.aus a8   wm   j(0ep our   tnit.to.1 j
busy for four,
want them for Mr. Owen, chief   nc-'yoars," said Mr. Shadforth as an in
, It Is probable that both of those es- __*,—-,,_,i m v.... n  i .i
I......i A,   „„ f   b0 [0un,| on Van. of the retirement of I'rank Hodgins,
I K.C., counsel for Major Hodgins.
two extra cans "addressed to me, 1'plant, onco established
I years," said Mr.
countant,    and tor   Lt. Col. Gour-1ilication th-at «"> enterprise
deau, deputy minister, both of    the' to be flvo million dollars, ond
Kansas City,
flow   from the
June 17.—The over-
Missouri and Kawa
marine department. I cannot charge
anything for them." Bordeau testified thut ha .had iasuod checks to
Eyero under instructions. It might
te an Irregular practise, but he had
obeyed instructions.
Chief Accountant Owen said that
he was well acquainted with Eyre,
who sold sulphonnpthol to the department. Eyre was genial and had
many friends. He had seen Eyre's
letter on file but until a month ago
had never-knew tho letter had been
written. Certainly ho had never received a 'can ot napthol, nor did
Col. Gourdenu, He advanced Eyre
$250 because he had to Pay a portion in advance to the Wingato company. It may have been irregular,
hut It ,waa a small matter considering that deportment spent $6,000,-
000 in the year.
! >u ou ...u ........,.> u»i....a, ......    tho |„ p,  few days tho waters will more
cost of tho Initial plant Is estimated ,.      .-.   .    ... .    „„„„,„,   ,,„.
to   exceed   two and a half million "mn 'lko,y bo bnf to norn""' Pur"
dollars. "ft the Post  24  hours tho Missouri
foil almost a   fo t, and a  fn 11     of
more than thr. o   feet   wns recorded
SLIP SHOD WAY BUSINESS WAS for the Kaw„ for the'simo period.
, HALErOH, N.C., June 18.- Dan-
lol Jones, Frank* Spikes and Hey-
wood Lee (whito), all of this city,
were killed today at .the. Raleigh
(Phosphate Works on the outskirts of
the city by tho escape of sulphuric
aeld gas ln one of the rooma. Throe
others were overcome, but? roco-vored,
Midland, Qnt., June 18,-Over
950 foreigners at work on the
new Q.T.P. .levator her* anon strike demanding $2 a day.
Six of them wsre arrested- for'
creating a disturbance aad endeavoring to proveut other mem
from working, Club* and gss
Pipes were used. Many men
"waived a beating and on* waa
' badly hurt.        >    .1  i ■ . el
Convention 'Hull, Chicago, June W
—During the Republican convention,
ns the state* were called thero was
ao response until Illinois .was reach-
cd, when Congressman BouJtelle took
the platform to nominate Spanker
Cannon. A practical agreement to
udjourn for the day, after completing the nominntlon of presidential
■candidates has boon reached. The effect will be to postpone the vlce-
presldential nominations until tomorrow.
When Congressman Boutelle, in
nominating Cannon, mentioned President liousevelt's name, there was a
futile attempt at a demonstration,
but lt lasted only a  moment.
12.22 — Gov. Henley of Indiana,
takes platform to nominate Fairbanks amid cheers and cries. Hon,
Chas. Bookwalter of Indiana, seo
ohded the nominntlon of Fairbanks.
Congressman Fordney of Michigan
arose to second Cannon's nomination.
Ll.-Oov. Murphy of Pennsylvania,
nominated Know which was second-
# ed. by Hon. James A. Scnrlet, of
j Pennsylvania.
*|   itopresentativo   Burton was unable
# to begin his speech nominating Talt
t tot eomtrtm-ee minutes, while    the
cheering and flag waving continued.
. a'17- The ro" •"•" «' "totes was
continued until Ohio was reached,
whon the convention went Into    an
^ enthusiastic demonstration.
I   Flasn Bulletin- Taft receives   th*
OTTAWA, Ont., June 18.—The Cos
sells Inquiry continued an examination of Owen, Acting Chief of the
Marine Department this morning.
Witness know of cases of advances
being -made before the delivery ot
goods, but this occurred very seldom and only under special circumstances. He never heard of any official in the department relieving
commission from any contractor. Ho
charged marine agents at Quebec
St. John, and Nova Scotia with
rendering excessive accounts. He had
never seen any irregularities in Commander Spain's accounts nor had he
found any inaccuracies in the statements submitted by Dopkty Minister.
Commander Spain gave an explanation of an alleged overcharge of between $800 or $900, alleged by Auditor General Fraser yesterday. During 1904-05 he had been continuously-away Irom Ottawa. When he
had returned he had lost his notes
and could not definitely make up
accounts. /
Ministor Profontaine told him to
make accounts up as correctly as he
could, and attach affidavits stating
that the book was lost. This he
had done and the auditor's dopartmont had returned it on account ol
a couple of "errors. ' Thoso wore revised and a new account put in,
which reduced tho orlglnnl nmount,
he thought, between $400 and $500
Tuxedo, N.Y., Juno 19.—Nearly all
the leading horse show stables were
represented toduy whon the annual
shuw opened at Tuxedo Park, to
conUinio over tomorrow. Thirty
classes aro to be judgod at the exhibition this yeur and the competition among exhibitors promises to -
be exceedingly brisk.
New York, Juno 19.—Sam Langford, the colored middleweight lighter, und Jim Hurry, the strong and
hard-hitting heavyweight of Chloago,
uro slated to mix it up In a six-
round bout boforo a local club tonight. Tills will be tho sixth time
tho two have mot. Tho laat time
tho colored llghtor disposed of Jim
in two rounds.
' <	
Ottawa, (Int., June 18.—In tli*
Quebec bridge Inquiry this morning
II. AI. Price, of'Quehec, who has boen
> • o o o a a • at * « a a • a o-»
HONG KONO, Job* 18.-The
boycott against    the Japan*.*
Is   ■UB    strongly maintained.
Th* govwmnent has prohibit*!
to discuss th* uutstlon of self
government and similar subjects. In .1
A missionary arriving from'
the province of Hainan state*
that pooplo ar* dying of th*
plogu* like fllsa. Th* scourge
I* abating In Hong Kong.
• seeeeaeea^eiaaat'
NEW YORK, Junl 17.-'The   fun-
E«l, , of   Thomos   Wiggins,    better
lOwn   throughout    the country  as
Blind Tom,"    tho   talented    negro
pianist, was hold at Mobokcn, N.J.,
today,      Blind   Tom succumbed   to
paralysis Saturday night.
Mourners from ail walks of    life,
aMrtlSsfa'-at   restaurants called  " Indudlng many theatrlcnl people at-
ly, with th* result that thn*
loot    thsir lives, say* CheiUr Hon to settle
Buoksrugh. who Is under orraH  on
th* charga of, incendiarism, von nan
la tha halt of ths hot*, trhaa    th*
fir* wa* dt*oov*r*d.
tended tho funoral. Wiggins was tho
sensation of two continents many
year* ago, when ho first appeared before the public as a boy pianist, He
%n* known to throe generations as
-'Blind Tom," and was recognized by
royalty for his talent. lib was Born
in 1849, In Georgia, of slave parent*.
TilMBburg, Oat., Jun* 18.— John
Mero, proprlstor of tbs Queen hotel,
th* on* which fa* destroyed recent- iPolated by the Dominion government
Halifax, June 18- David Allison,
■President of Mount Allison Unlver-
a ty at Sockviiie, N.B., hu beta ap-
ia* member pf th* hoard of conclHa-
the threatened strike
of tb* minors of the Nora , Scotia
Steel Company. Ill* company declined to appoint a rtpressntatlve.
J. W. Haddln represent* th* men.
TORONTO, Ont., Juno 18. — Edward Billing, 3 yoars old was klllod,
and Arthur Billing nnd Ralph badly
injured through tho saving in of n
sand pit at tho head of Howlnnd
Ave Tho youngsters woro playing
In the pit. Tho injured boys will
Tlie Board of Control yostordny recommended .the granting ot $5,000
to* the Quebec Battlefields' fund.
THio Thirteenth Annual Convontlon
of t'bC Eloctrlcal Association oponotl
this corning with somo 200 delegates from all p.trta of the Dominion in attendance. Tho convention
will remain U> »'M'llon unt" tho on
"Thermo."'"™'*"* Inspection party
returned to .Tproato yestorday Iron,
a trip ovor «» Canadian Northorn,
from Sudbury »o Parry Sound.
■ *J>*
Recount ot MayorultY Vtrta Oaat la
N*w York la 1000   *-tlll Going
oa. -H*ar*t G. w*JU<«.
NEW YORK,   June   iW- la- th*
mayoralty election contet * th*
counting ot all ths ballot*' «**' . '"
the Bronx and Manhattan:' boroug-h
wa* completed. Ia S3 vnelacW
counted today, W. R. Hears » made a
pet gain of 15. HI* total n»* «•»■
for 1118 precincts I* as;. 'i \en recounting ot ballot* cut la tb* *—**
precincts of Brooklyn wu begun' .today.
Ottawa, Jun* 18-Dr. S. E. Da\
son, king'* 'printer for the lust   2
yairs, Is to h* granted *lx month* '
leave of absence, which 1* preliminary to hi*   ratlrement from service.
Names of C. H. Parmelee, M.P., for
SholTord, and Superintendent nf' the
Printing McMahon 'are mentioned  as
Ulely successors.
»»  ■■ —
Seoul, June 18,—E. T, Bethel, the
British subject who wu found guilty yesterday before a British court
of spreading sedition through th*
medium of a newspaper published in
the Korean vernacular, and of which
he Is proprietor, hr.» been sentenced
to three week* Imprisonment.
e .—i	
E'sr since Dr. Roller took up the
wrestling game with a serious intention of trying Tor the, ciuimpion-
ship, a lot of wise --ones around
Beattie, has-beens and nover-wases,
have been working their vocal organs overtime telling that the big
doctor was a false alarm, and that
his reputation was being cnrefully
manufactured. "If I could only
get a chance at thnt big follow I
would show him up" has beon the
proud boast of more than one fat
man as he leaned up against the --aland called for "a little of the
At the '■ cnoflt of tho Press Club
at Dreiuiil.ind Rink last night those
fellows hnd their chance. Roller announced mnny days before the benefit that he would meot all comers,
and give $100 to ' any man who
would stay on tho mat with him fifteen minutos without boing thrown.
Three men wont nftor that century
note and Holler downed, tho three of
them In threo minutes. A -man n
minuto is 'hitting up some speed.
At least ono of the contestants ii
nn experienced wrestler. F: A
Paulson, - a 220 pounder who en
tered the ring wearing pale blue
trunks and a puuuch like Dugdale's,
was considered some wrestler round
these parts fourteen yoars ggo. A-
bout that time the wrltor saw the
toe hold used for the first time whon
Paulson put it on Osciir Mtirbet ono
night in Tacoma,
Paulson was too fat last night fur
a hard match, of course, but he Is
no novlco at the gamo and confidently believed he could stay the fifteen
minutes. Roller pawed at Paulson's fat face a few seconds, whon,
with a quick dive he grabbed tho
fat man's legs and thero was a
crash as if the now government build
Ing had left its moorings. Paulson
landed underneath and slipping 0n a
half nelson Roller turned him over
on his back In one minute and 22
seconds. Paulsun said his shoulders hud not touched the mat, but
there was no possible ciinnce to got
away and as Eddie Gafl'noy gavo tho
decision, no attention was paid to
Paulson's kick.
Charley Wirth, a wiry, active Bailor, lasted one minute nnd 00 seconds. Ho knows something about
tlie game, and ho squirmed out of a
crotch hold twico betore Holler fin
ally nailed him.
G. W. Pate, a good looking fat
boy, was the third aspirant. Mr.
Pate entered the ring with a startled expression, and overy tlpio Roller
made a move In his direction, he
gJided buck with hands uplifted with
a "Nay-nay, Paulino" air. With a
very, quick rush Roller i-riibl oil Mr"
Pate and slummed Win until tho sup
port* of tho stage cracked. Mr. Pate
lost all interest in further proceedings.
Later In-Hhe ovonlng .Rollor showed
; bis versatility by boxing .three good
foundfi with Lonnie Austin.' As tht
doctor is sixty pounds heavier than
A sistln, there was no attempt at
r. High work-. Both men are won-
dt trfully fast, however, and ae It was
th a first timo that many of tho spectators hod seen Roller use the gloves this showing was a revelation to
Roller ts wonderfully fast on his
feet for p big man, and.many good
Judges ol (Hie game say that If he
wont Into the boxing   business''   he
connected with the enterprise slnce-
its inception snid the company had
been conducted on business principles.  _^
The annual convention of the Trade
and Labor Congress of Canada will
lie held at Halllax noxt September.
To make your ferns and house
plants thrifty pour cold, tea on them
overy three or four days and you
will soon see how hardy they will become.
The Montana Stato Federation of
Labor is initiating a petition, for
submission at tho next general election for the Employers' Liability
Act and nn act exempting labor unions from injunctions.
■    ♦   -
At Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the contract obtained on the new government building provides for union labor in tho construction of the building.
x •	
More than five hundred managers
of Chicago's places of amusement, In-'
eluding theatres, concert halls, nickel shows and public amusement
parks, recently received circular let-
tors of warning trom State Factory ,
Inspector E. T. Davies as hls first
stop in a crusado'against the employment of children In these place*.
Parents are also to be hold to (recount by the chief Inspector when It
Is found they permit tho children to
work in these places when they are
under sixteen years ot age.
.        '**    i , :
Employees ot the postal service of
Oront Britain nre getting an all-
round Increase of wages, amounting
to $5,000,000 a year.
No Honing—
No Grinding
You know from daily experience, at home or in thc barber
shop, that the question is—
•i.Why doesn't-n razor hold
its edge uniformly from heel
to head without honing and
grinding?" Whether it is a
safety, with tho certain tax of
new blades, or the ordinary
open-bludcd razor does not
alter the question. You want
the comfort and satisfaction of
a clean, smooth shcive every
morning with thc confident
knowledge that your razor
will be ready for instant use
the next time needed. ',
The Carbo Magnetic rfl'oris
tho only razor uneondlllonm
ally guaranteed to do this.
Thirty years of study on the
razor situation has perfected
a new socrct process of
positively merges every particle of carbon (the life of steel)
Into the metal—giving a diamond-like hardness uniformly/
throughout the blade—something absolutely impossible
with Are tempered steel -used
In making all other razors.
' But test this razor In your
own home—or If you prefer,
have your barber use It on yeu.
Give us your name.. ' ■'
or call and seo the "Carbo
Magnetic" razor, and we will
.State our proposition Tor testing these razors without
okfiroOon on your perl fo
MHjpteMa together with our
free booklet " Hints on Shsr.
DAILY BANOCRUFT. ,\ wont Into the boxing   business*   he; |B|l»   thli hook Illustrates
■ I would get to the top oeelor than he i the correct rssor position for
N*w ,Yotk, June JS7.-Amol« Dally;  »»■ In the wtwtllng game.    Several I •fc-vlng every part ofthe toes.
th* actor   and   thaatrleal ntaaagar^ t tlm»» mat night Roller set the nvus-|   , 	
filed a petition ia tb* district court p"" of .his.Jaw and stomach and let BOLE AGENTS-
today. Th* petltlom place* nl* Ua- '^nnle Iwhale away at him. .It was
bllitle* at tW.Mo ,mnd his assets at Hurt Hk* hitting a piece of boiler
•1.W8.        .   ,     , |    . , "Plate.       ;
j-.'ii      ..   I. .,«'• Li.
, OUl-IV   niiunii'i.
Ladysmith Hardware Co. MARIN!*! DEPARTMENT INVESTI-
Juno 17.—Cummins
OTTAWA, June 17.—At thelnqulry     CHK'AOi
into marine department affairs   yes- Falrban.s.     This is what tlie Cum-
terday   afternoon,     Watson, counsel mips nun aro declaring at tlie Legin-
for the department, called a  numt-er nin!I ot toduy'b activity, and     they
of officials in reply to criticisms   of are adding tlmt Fairbanks would not
the civil    service commission.   Prac. take t'ie nomination for vico-presld- oldest -'fii-uUsinun un the
tically all     felt   that their honesty out   If tendered     it, nnd that If lie'was killed lust night by falling    be-
and offlclency had been reflected upon would take    it   the   administration twejn tho   curs of    tho way freight J j;
and he wished to place tholr    side would not accd-.t him.     Supporters (Conductor Ford) (rom Nona mo,
or Oldest llrakesintin on tho E. & N.
'Killed at Russel Station
Last Night.
Richard Dibbs,     of
Is     TORONTO, Juno 10.—The report of
'. the temperance, prohibition und moral reform committee which was  dis-
! cussed  ami    passed    at. the Toronto
| Methodist conference, says:   "Wo de-
Victoria,     tlio  plore tho widespread vice of giimbl-
E. & N.,' hit. and especially the encouragement
given to it in connection witli horse
racing.    Wo regret thnt tho deinoritl
I i/.lng institution at Wiioilbiuo is op-
at,enod semi-annually under tho patron-
upon record, so that they might  go °( the    vlceipresldout did not accept Russell station.       Dibbs gave     tlio
on "with their work without fear   of "lis analysis of the situation,     liut signnl   for the freight to start    at
interruption. contended that    with tho presldeucy Russell    station    and three minutes
Dr. C. H. G-audln, head of tho ma- disposed of,    the supportora of    the later his mangled body was found on
rlne hospital service, said ho*   had successful candidate     would bo only tho    tracks,    minus an arm, a  log,
no purt in dishonest acts on tho part to° elacl to welcome tho ro-nomina- and with tho    head almost severed,
of officials.     Heglue Roy, In charge Uon °r too vice-president. They also He was 29 years of age, unmarried,
of station railway branch of tho de- urS° tllat untlor '—h pressure as   is and has a  brother in Victoria.   The
partment, hod seen nothing in    tho to be brought to hour on him,    Mr. deceased^    was well known In     this
department to arouso suspicion, nndi*1*'r'"1,>',»    will not be able to    re- city und had ninny friends who   will
know ol no favoritism to outsiders. ,us0 »■> permit the uso of hiB   name, rogrot lo hour of his terrible death.
Capt. McIIcnny,     nautical    adviser, .The Iowa supporters of Cummins are
hoard rumors of things going on in ,lncre.-.slng in numbers and thoy   bo-
the department, but knew nothing of 8un th» d<>y with un earnest
them personally.    0. F. Doutre, former   superintendent of    government
wireless stations, sole purchasing a
gent ol department, aald he used the
, patronage list when he could get fair
competition. He would regard ten
as likely to give the competition he
desired, but everything would depend
upon the nature ol the goods to be
purchased. He bad been told there
were a number of Conservuttves on
the list, but he knew nothing oi politics, or ol anyone on the list. Personally he believed the department
would be better able to purchuse its
own supplies at closer figures than
any private Individual. Asked aa
lo Irregularities in the department,
he said he knew ol coses where advances had been made by the department on goods before actual delivery took place. He had heard ol
the Marconi Company giving stock
tu some members oi tha department,
but he didn't know who they were.
B. F. Fraser,'assistant unglueer or
the department, knew nothing of influences when he had secured the position oi commissioner of lighthouses
ior J, F. Fraser. it waa quite apparent in ths department that there
waa some friction consequent upou
J. F. Fraser'* promotion. The roa-
»on wae possibly due to the chiel engineer and Anderson being Ignored
in th* appointment. The purchase
ot diapbone* waa commenced by Col.
lor a diaphone that cost $400 or
f BOO, but Anderson said he thought
ths price fair.
In the Senate last night Senator
Scott said tho government's Insurance bill was not likely to be pressed thl* season.
Niagara on the Lake, Ont., June
17.—By train, boat and route march
troops poured Into camp yesterday,
and before "lights out" Bounded ">,•
BOO men were comfortably settled
for twelve days of hard work. Present indications nre that the Ross
rifle, Jielng introduced and used exclusively for the flrst time at tho
range this year. - Owing to recent
criticisms emanating from Methodist
conferences and other sources, canteen regulations will be rigidly enforced. The. Y.M.C.A. has put up
n big tent .and will conduct religious services, provide refreshments,
reading room and writing room.
      4 —
Tlionitiaton, Conn., June 18— The
Seth Thomas Clock Company, one ol
the largest concerns or Its kind in
the world, shut down it* plant here
today and will not resume operations until some time next month.
Business In. the better grade ol
watches and clocks among the Connecticut manufacturers haa lallen off
since last fall and recently the demand for the dollar watches and
rheip alarm clocks, whloh kept up
woll during the earlier weeks of the
iloprrssion, hns also fallen off noticeably.
• *-
ROCHESTER, N.Y.. June 17.-L.v-
Ing In a pool of blood with his
skull crushed, Bill Loomls, was found
murdered this morning In his shanty
near the Empire Coal Co.'s plant,
at Border city, Just outside Geneva.
Loomls kept a saloon in his littio
shack. His body was found behind
.tho bar, besldo him was a broken
'beer glass- Ho was evldontly killed
by a blow on the head from a heavy club or Iron bar. His skull and
Jaw were rructurcd. Ho was 65
yoars of ago, lived alone in his
shark and was known fnr and wldo
in thl* community. His watch and
money are missing. It Is thought
his assailants Intended to hide their
crime' by means of flre, e( part ol
his clothing was burned. Evidently
owing to the stuffy condition of the
place the flame burned out.
9190,000 FIRE.
^^^^^^^^^^ effort
to o'.tuln the support of the full
dolegution for their man. At 11
o'clock some Of tlicm wore still (lrm
in thoir opposition, but tho Cummins people were not without hnpu
for'success. v»
Winnipeg,    Juno    17— Geo. Thor-
burg, aged   00, for many years    a
yurda   here,     was killed last night
while coupling cars.
 ♦ ,
OTTAWA, Ont., Juno 17. — When
tho inquiry into tho ulluirs of tho
Marino Department was resumed this
morning, Judge Cassels suggested
that tho diaphonu signal contracts
should bo thoroughly probed, as, it
seemed a matter of grave importance. During the pust three or four
yoars, 8180,000 profits had gono
into tho pockets of the Canadian
Fog Signal Co. Tho manufacturer
might churge fifty per cent, us a reasonable profit, but allowing $400 us
cost of the apparatus, and S1Q0 for
royalties, tho cost would bo' 8500,
and the Government had paid 81,-
'the transactions between the Government and the Company showed
that whero 825,000 should have been
paid for signals, it had actually paid
Possibly tlio Government hnd been
working under a misconception as to
tho cost, but in any event un unusual profit had bcon made in the
transaction, and if moro than a reasonable charge, tho Government, undor tho patent law, had itself thc
right to manufacture.
Johnstown, P*., Juno 17.—Joseph
Bengele, 40- year* old, director of
several banks, president ol the ('res-
sin Springs brewer]- company, and a
wealthy merchant, shot himself at
ftallltzln near here today. He hod
been 111 for som* time.
A Colonist despatch nays of tho
accident :
Tho train wus tlio regular freight
which arrived hern from Nunuimo at
11:45, It slopped ut Itussell station whore the caboose was dropped
nnd nt thnt timo Dibits was standing
on top of the fourth car from tho
rear, John Davio, roundhouso man,
saw him on top of the cur nnd waved a greeting to him and Conductor
Ford states that Dibbs answered his
Rignal. The train started for the
city for the purpose of putting tho
curs on tho siding at the east end of
tho bridge. No one apparently saw
Dibbs fall but nliout three minutes
after tho train left Russell station,
Dtivlo noticed something bright lying between tho roils on tho Catherine Streot crossing. He investigated and found a brakesman's lamp
badly broken. Something lying across the roils about fifty feet east
of -Catherine street attracted his attention. It was Dibbs' body horribly crushed. At thnt point is a
frog In tho rails and apparently the
man's hoad hud struck the sharp
edge of the short rail and the top
of his head Was cut off by tho ears.
When found tho body was bent forward until the" bend rested almost
between the knees and the back was
Rn ndhouse man Dnvie immediately notified Night Despatchor Armstrong stntionei] at Russell station.
by whom the police were informed of
tho accident. Soi-gount ltbdgravb anil
Constables Weill) and JlcUinnaii in
the petrol wagon went to tho scene
and took chnrgti of the body which
wns lying covered liy a sheet plucod
there by some of tho dead man's fellow trainmen who hnd sh'-i'tly after
tho accident rot'-rncd tu •
house with tlio engine of the freight.
The litidy was taken to W. J. Hiin-
na'-s undertaking rooms and tlio coroner, Dr. Hurt, notified. It is supposed that Dibbs either in loElng his
lantern .-overbalanced himself mill foil
between the curs or in sonic niniiiuir
slipped. Dentil must huve been instantaneous,
ago of His Majesty's representative,
tub Governor General. Whilo according hlm the right' to regulate his
own private conduct, yot wo fool that
one who occupies such u position
should not lend his influence to aid
an enterprise so vicious iu its tendencies."
Now Orleans, June li'.—Fietro
Gionni, a weulthy wine merchant,
killed three Italians who wore attempting to force his son to give
them a sum of monoy and his timepiece early today. The shooting occurred at tho home of (iiiiconni. The
dead aro Givunnoni Baruca and two
unidentified Italian*.
LONDON, June 17.—Richard Cro-
ker'B Rhodora, which is a favorite
for the gold cup at Ascot tomorrow,
was badly beaten ln the race for the
biennial stakes at Ascott today.
Rhodora was not even placed. She
started a hot favorite in the betting at 0 to 0 against. White Eagle was firet,- owned by Lord Hamilton.
Pittsburg, Juno 17.—According to
statements mado today the Alleghany National Bank which failed recently for about S2,UOU,000, will not
be opened, but the assets will about
offset the liabilities and there will
be no    assessment on the stockhold-
Tho driver of the tnxicob, John
N'olun, fell Into tlio water with the
iiiichino. Ho was ablo to swim,
however, ond wns roscucd.
Joseph Coleman, a chauffeur, husband of one of tho victims, Jumped
from the automobile bofore it reached the ond of tho pier. All wero
residents of this city, tho home of
the Colomans, Miss Borden and the
Knights child boing on West Fifty-
first street.
Pittsburg, June W.—llaglund crude
oil is quoted at 70 cents today, an
udvnnce of i cent*.
 , t
NEW YORK, June 17.—Ther* Ib a
possibility that the English uystom
of credit betting may solve th* problem which confronted the - bookmakers following the passage of th* iinti
race track gambling laws by the
state legislature lust week. . This
cannut be done without risk of arrest, but it will be only in the payment ol wagers that any danger will
be encountered, i'ver since the passage of the bills tho police have acted in a most determined rannnur to
•suppress gambling at the tracks in
overy form, and even have gone to
the extent of nut permitting three or
four men to talk together on the
lawns or in the Held.
Assistant District Attorney Elder
of King'* county, who hus been active in the effort to enforce the law
laid down ln tbe measures, said yesterday thut while he was as determined as ever to stamp out the gam
bllng evil at the tracks, still there
are aome points that cannot be Ignored. He said to get a clear caso
against a better or bookmaker there
must be a posting ol odds, passing
of money, or tho consummation of
some sort of contract. Unless that
could ibs proved there would be
case against 'any person arrested or
charged with violating the anti-betting, law. ,
Asked If this would not permit ot
j credit betting ot the tracks, Mr, Ei-
.dcr laid lt probably would, but    It
Fetoakey, Mich., Jun* 17.—Flre of'o' his rig, his head hitting a  stone. 1W0U|d not permit the payment    of
an unknown origin laat night tbtaH-,m had b-B lB B«*ka*°on ma   ■*'"'* I wagera    anywher*   else   at a later
ly destroyed the Imperial kot*l val.ireturnlnK    home   when the accident tIm0i Md that ,( auch pay„,ntl nre
u*d at •190,000.    The Imperial wa*' occurred. ^ made they very   likely wll). he taken
I cognizance of by tho officers nnd pro-
HAVANA, June 18.—At the trial
ol i'to. wynnell, of the 11th cavalry,
on the charge of murder, betore a
special military court at camp Columbia, Lt. Davis, counsel for the defence, placod in evidenco a cablegram from Sir Edward Grey, secretary lor foreign affairs, which stated that Harry Fearnly had enlisted
in tho West Yorkshire regiment but
was immediately discharged as incorrigible and worthless. Fearnly,
who was with Gwynnell and Cooper
at tho time the murder Ib alleged to
have been committed, turned stntcs
evidence in the case, and among other things,, swore he had served with
the British ln India, and had been
honorably discharged.
The prosecution in the present case
relied mainly on hls evidence to
cure a conviction against Cooper
and Gwynnell. Alter summoning for
defence by Judge Advocate Maloney,
the trial was closed.
St.    Petersburg,     Juno 17.— The
CHR1ST1AN1A, June 17.-ln' every purt of Norway today the 100th
unuiiersary of the birth of lleurik
hergeluud, the noted philanthropist,
poet uud patriot, was celeurated.
iiixcrciace cuininemuratiug tho life
aud deeds of Wergelund were held under the auspices of numerous putrio-
tic, historical and literary societies.
Born in 1808, lleurik Wergelaud
was the liisl poetic genius to raise
voice in the regenerate Norway oi
1814, In the struggle against as-
siiniiation which began immediately
after the union ol .Norway and Sweden was consummated, Wergelaud
took a leading part. To such aa
extent is he identified with that
phase ul the political history of Norway that In the popular mind of
the day he passed us the originator
of the celebration on the 17th of
May, the unniversury of th* adoption of the union.
ln his short life of 37 years Werge-
lund wus prominently ideutilied with
every movement having Ior its object tho welfuro and progress of his
country.     He urged the adoption of
Notice to Architects.—Competitive
The -Government of British Columbia invite tlio Architects of British
Columbia to submit competitive designs of a Public Hospital for the
Insane, which it ls proposed to eroct
at Coqultlam, situated near New
Westmlastor, B.C.
The designs, accompaniod by spo-
cificutions, reports and estimates of
cost, and superscribed, "Design, Public Hospital for tho Insano," and addressed to the Hon. tho Chief Com
missionor of Lands and Works, will
be received up to noon of Tuesday,
the 30th June,   1008.
The. designs, specifications, reports
and estimates qf cost shall have no
distinguishing mark or motto, the
author's name being enclosed in
blank envelope securoly uttached to
tho design submitted.
side tho Province, to bo seluctod by
the Government, alter the 30th J line
The design placed first by the Adjudicator shall receive a premium of
$700, and the one placed second, a
premium of $500.
The Government is not bound tu
eroct tho building from any of the
designs submitted.
If tho design awarded first placo is
accepted, the premium roforrod to
above Bhall bo included 'in the professional fee paid to the architect.
Printed conditions governing the
competition can be obtained by bona
fide competitors upon application to
tho undersigned.
Public Works Engineer.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., 7th May, 1908. td
President and Managing Director.
# ilUUliiJAi   jNUisiiiiiiit..
..an UlU Ititfut. tur JlUltt "Uuu tuiu
uuu uuu jliulur bijurts in Lauaua,
imuiiBiiuu uy W. %i, i'aylor,' tU ivuuU-
HluUK. urn,., uutui'tt upou iu* icuiu
iu-ii', uuu pruQucu-i as a uu'luuny
mimtjur OUO UlUl hub UOl UtMU tiui-
IHiiisoU oy uny Ol tan luu) ibbuua Uiul
huvu preutiutxi it, luvuryoue ui ttw
uiuuy articles appeals to spurUweii
uuu lovtjra ot outuour me auu may
be rouU witn lnluresi. luu rtwuiu-
unmiug mooHu uuut oi i>r. tt. ju
iuunru in auw iiruuswicK, turougii
vvuich, for tile lirst time iu the history oi the jjroviuce, the reuora u.
held by an outsider, is rightly given
prominent position. i-'islieriiieu
hu\e their interests well looked after. In addition to a paper ou
Live Unit- iiow to l^ucuro and Preserve the Sainti, a stcry of Burring
Fishing in the itidcau. and one de-'
Bcriptive of a One Hundred Alilu Canoe A'rip iu a Search Alter Boss, by
C. H. Hooper, must secure attention
Irom those who find their moat enjoyable recreo-tiou in ushing.    Judge
NEW YORK, Juno 10.— Two women and a child wero drowned nud
two mon .urrowly escaped dentil,
whon n tuxk*al> automohilo boennio
uncontrotlnhlo    on    West Fifty-sixih
Stal',Stthenlfo,ott"oTltnons[rer a'nd!^ ",' *-*» ~ * «* w.     ,   „
into tho Hudson river. ernment bill ior the double trucking | Mllt.v "o.gel. ud
Tho dead are:   Miss Adeline   Bor-' of tbo Siberian railway,
den, aged. 10;   Mrs. Josie Cnlcman, i .
aged 28; end Virginia Knights, agodj
■* yoars.
better agricultural methods und     to 1'raleck reminds us oi old times in a
promote education among tho coun- delightfully reminiscent article/on the
try peoplo, ho established parish li-] Waysids    Tavern   and the Shooting
brarios and published pamphlets and.ifu'oi.     The scarcity of partridges,
periodicals. a subject of.su much comment    a-
The constitution ol* 1814 prohibit- mongst sportsmen, is discussed, the
ed tho admission ot Jews into Nor- conclusion arrived at being that    In
the removal of this disa- all probability the birdB have    been
.directed sunie    oi killed    off by a  disease which   .has
his nolilost efforts.    Two of hla fin- been general in its character and roost   poems,    "Tbe Jow," and "Tho "ults.
. South Battlelord, Soak,, June 18—,
Maxwell Hardlsty, of -this place, wae
Iound dead on the prairie here yesterday hy a police petrol. He Is
supposed to have boen thrown   out
Jewess," wcre written with that end
in view, and he started a political
agitation 'which soon after his death
resulted in opening tho'country to
tho Hebrew race, lu grateful ro-
meuibrunce of his efforts in their he-
half, Jews residing outside of Norway causod the erection in 1847 of a
memorial over his grave.
The local gentleman who thinks he
has struck it rich with un 1849 gold
piece of United Stutcs coinage will
bo Interested ln the following item:
Philadelphia. J uno 17.—Two of the
rurest specimens of the American
private gold coinage are Bald to be
offered for sale at an auction ol old
coins which l.o^un here today. The
lirst of those ia a llve-dollnr gold
piece struck In Colorado during the
Pike's l'eak boom days by a llrm ol
jewollors and bankers, at a small
mining camp iu the famous Georgia
Guloh district. So far as known
there is only one other of these coins
in existence and that is in the coi
lection at the United states mint in
Ibis city.
The second colli Is a ten-dollar
gold piece issued by the Cincinnati
Mining und Trading Company, in
California in the daye of '40, and
bears an Indian's head, surmounted
by a chuplet of feathers. Though
the design is crude, this ton-dollar
piece enjoys tho distinction ot having brought the highest premium ever given for a. specimen ot private
gold coinage, $3,100 being paid recently for a similar specimen at a
sale In London.
Variety ls given In uu exploration
paii«r entitled Fresh Fields in the
Rookies: In a Boy's Camp in Te-
mugami, and others. My Experience in Shotguns und a Review of
Huns and Cunning, raise many questions connected with firearms which
cannot fail to interest all shooters.
The departments are one and all
up to date and the number testifies
to the leading position attained by
the magazine and tho strength with
which it-commences its tenth year ol
vigorous life.
a summer hotel and had hot yot
lieen opened for the season. The only
occupant ire* the caretaker.
 » ,    ... .
Chester, P»., .Ton* 17.—John Tl.
Poach, president of th* Delaware
River Iron Shipbuilder*' Work*,  and
       secutlons would follow,,	
Chatham, Ont., Jun* 17.— Alex, j Mr- Eld*r «-«■ lh conference with
Orov*r, 65 ytar* oia, committed «ul- doputy Police Opromtasloni-r Baker
'eld* thl* morning because summoned tod»y. He suid he wonted to dony
lo appear In th* police court. •lBnt th<!r« hod been any tiion'ile be-
! s——i  |twoon hlmsolf nnd tho pojlc* dopnrt-
| BOSTON, Mass., Juno 17.- Bos
ton today obsorved the ono hundred
and thirty-third untriversiiry of the
battle of Bunker Hill with tho usual
programme of parados, fireworks and
oratory. The patriotic celebration
contorod, as usual, in Chnrlestown,
tho scono^of tho famous fight. Thoi
progrnmmie for tho dny provided for
two big parados, one consisting of
military, iinviil tun! civic bodies, including detnehments of sailors and
murines from visiting warships, and
tho second nn oloctrical pagoant with
numerous handsome floats.
t   ^^^
eP ^   =
Great Field Day
and Big Regatta
Athletic Sports, Five - a - Side Football,
Pushball, Tug-of-War and Eelay Race,
Indian Canoe Races, Water Polo, Sculling
Races, Greasy Pole and Championship
Swimming Contests, Trap Shooting.
iggest and M- fine Day   r
Celehpation oo the -Island
jsft.t-i,JMH.Wr-111 BBgg-.f.v.wj.1 jt-jf-isafnuj r.
aqd Pastry  j
Always Fresh on Hand,
Wedding and   Party   Cakos Mad*:  to .
Fruits and Candies of All Kinds    ■
Prices are    very   reasonable.     All i
Customers treated alike.
Tlie Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
Union! own unci -Charleroi aro setting .. hot paco in tlie Pennsylvania-
West Virginia league. t
Stove llrtfltn is keeping tho Portsmouth team woll up among tno loaders in tho Virginia League race.
Jimmy Barrett, the former Boston
American loaguo player, is playing a
good gamo for the Providence team
in the Eastern Leuguo.
Losing evory game they have played this season, 21 in all, is tho record made by tho Oakland toaiu in
tho California Stato League.
Qui ney Ib tho premier city for attendance in thc Central Association,
notwithstanding tho fact that tho
tonm is not vory high up in the raco.
A rl io Latham, who was umpiring
iu tho now defunct Union Loague, is
holding the indicator in tho South
Atlantic League.
Tho Savannah team has got out of
the mine into daylight and is making a strong bid for first placo In tho
South Atlantic League.
Torry'McGovern, tho ox-pugilist, is
showing what he can do as a bnll
playor with the Terry McGovern
Baseball Club of Brooklyn, a semi-
professional outfit. Terry is said
to play a nice game.
Jack Tigho, manager of tho Holy-
oke team of tho Connecticut League,
did a nice clean trick rocontly when
ho spat'in Umpire Rorty's faco. Too
bad the gentlemanly Mr. Tighe doos
not work in the organization led by
-Bancroft Johnson.
On the Esplanade.
Udysmith,   B.  O.
The Best Butcher Sl]op
in Town is
Roberts St. Butcher
P.O. Box 51 'Phone 44
Dealer In All Kinds ol
Wonts llolivereil Ireo ol charge on ths
Shortest Notice.
WH0I.R?AM. ANI) liKT.Ml.
l.iiilysniith,  il, C.
Head Office
Dishes that the food haa dried on
before woshltiR may be washed easily by soaking them a tew momenta
liefi.rohond, face downward*.
THE YAOHT HACB. mat. .,_^^^^^^_
^^_________m_________ Now Votx, June 18.—Th* Sohrleott ■  ■ t
son of John no-ich, often referred to Fgnornnwi,    which   rs'od the Zurnh    When a itarmont Is scorched    but
p« thc father of th* American navy, from Bcrmuds for 820:' cup, passed not burned the stain mny bs remov-1 Tho skin taken cut of an eggshell
ill-il In thl* city yesUrday, as*d 89 SWlnml lightship this morning. Tlm od by hantrlng In the sun or In front la ar-sjood remedy lor sore eyes. Put
y**r*. Zurnh had nut boon sighted. of a blaring flre. - on top ol ltd and bandage ovsr It
Capital $10,000,000 Rest $5,000,000
Toronto, Jun* 1,'.—The consecration and installation ol Archbishop
McEvay took plac* thl* morning ln
St. Michael's cathedral end proved
to be one ol the most brilliant event* ot the kind ever witnessed in
Toronto. Priests and prelates from
many parts of Canada and th* Unit- j caniila rf« ctarte'mfBiuik,
ed Rtatee were ln attendance. Mgr. '' " """"' —--—
Sbarretti, the Papal delegate, chanted the pontlflclnl high mass, and the
ceremony of consecration wa* performed by Bishop Howling ol Hamilton. , , i       .,.,...,,
Union Brewing Co.
I find ted.
$5 and under  3 cents
Over $5 and not exceeding $10,   6   "
" $!0       " " $30, 10   "
" $30       " " $50, 15   "
Tlicne Order*- are Payable al par nt nny office in
Hada of* Chiirtercil Bnnk, except in the Yukon,
...-I nt thc principal HunUir.i; points in the Uniti'ti
They nre negotiable nt $4,911 to lhc £ ntcrlinu" ii]
Great Hritnin nnfl Ireland. They forth «n i-ncsjli-nt
method of remitting small Minis of money with safety
ami nt small cost, and mny W obtained without d»
lav at any olHce of tne Hank. •W
L. M. de GEX  Manager    v%%^ ^%^%%%%f%^*»»*v%»%»%%<(
fall Stock of MinM»V T00U.
Ship El»p*tr.iiK Work
A Specialty
All kinds 0: Blackimithlng
Bone at Short Kotlot. VISIT OUR
Men's Department
1, Men's Summer Suits, light Grey Stripes in Two-Piece. Special Trices, $12.50 and  813.50.
2. Men's INav'y Serge Suits "Progress Brand," guaranteed faflt
color,  Our standard  Suit, only $16.50.
8, Mon'j Pants in all sizes at, per pair, f2.50 to $5.09.*' We
havo a very large selection of these.
-I. Men's Summer Vests—some very nice patterns at Reasonable Prices.
5. Men's All-Wool Summer Underwear, very fine make, in sizes
from 84 to '12.   Specinl  Prico, $2.50 per Suit.
6. Just to hand—20 dozen of Mon's Ties. Very Special lot-
pure silk.   Nothing more natty to bo had.
7. Before going on a holiday, see our stock of Valises and
Hand lings.    We can suit you.
8. Men's Shoes in groat variety nt very keenest prices.
9. The largest assortment of Men's Shirts to choose from.
Ur. John afcOIIl. ol Vancouver, ls
visiting his sister, Mrs. T. Jackson,
of Roberts street.       -   i    ,
Mrs. p. Cain and family are spending a couple of weeks in Vancouver,
Mrs. Jas. Weir boarded the Victoria train yesterday morning.
Mr. John Pausche left town on tho
noon train on Thursday.
Mr. A. E. Hilbert was in town on
Thursday morning.
Mr. Russell went down the line this
morning, j
Mayor Planta, of Nanaimo, fas lit.
town on Wednesday afternoon.
Rev. W. Bowen, formerly Vicar of
St. John's Mission Church, was In
town Wednesday, leaving tor Victoria on Thursday. . j
Mayor Nicholson and MossrsM.
Matheson, J. Harries and Jno. Stow
art loft for Victoria on Thursday
morning to attend tho Grand Lodge
of Freo Masons in Victoria.
ii *ni   iiiWessl
ff\a  4 T     "VT17TX7Ci """''O108 ere Jackson, Korr,   Simp-
AJ\J A Jj   1> J!i VV IO so". McMillan and Michie.   All those
"'    should   be put on   Monday
Tho local Eagles put a caudldato
through on Wodnosduy evening.
Flvo candidates started put for
membership in the Oddfollows at the
last meeting uf the Lodge.
Painting is tho order of tho day,
and Mayor Nicholson is fixing up the
Muyorul resilience for the First.
The busubiill boys will not forgot
that they must get out to practice
for T-iiesiluy night. The Chicugo ladies have lust only two gumes since
they cume tu tho const and the locals will have all they can du to
make an even break. Manugcr Morrison has charge uf the urrangemehts
for the mutch and he wants all the
hoys out to practice.
The ladies of St. John's Church
Guild have arranged for a sale of
work on Thursday, the 20th inst. A
novel feature in connection with tho
iilTuir will bo a strawborry und
.cream festival on the Church grounds
which should prove very uttructivo.
The sale uf work will open at 2:30
p.m., and tea will he served from .'1
to 5 p.m. In the evening tho Ladysmith City Hnnd will be in attendance and nothing is wanting to make
the festival seasonable und enjoyable.
A pad-lock key, fastened with a
string to a piece of chip, was lost
on tho shell beach on Sunduy. Tho
owner cun havo tho samo by applying at the Standard uillcc.
Tho eleventh medul shoot ol tho
Tyee Gun Club did not produce any
record scoring. T. MeGarrigle was
first with 21, jf. Dintku. second with
20, und then cumo Messrs. H. Wright
and J. Rumsliy witli 18 each, and
Messrs. Ur. Dier H. MeGarrigle ami
J. McDonald with 16 each.
Don't forget tho Lawn Social which
is to bo held on tho grounds of tho
Presbyterian Church on Tuesday afternoon at 5 o'clock. There is no
charge for admission; hut ice cream,
strawberries und cream, and refreshments will bo *on sale and the city
band will be in attendance. Aftor
the social Miss Murcutt, thc famous
traveller, whose lectures proved such
a popular attraction hero a fow
months ago, will deliver an address
in tho church, at which a silvor col
lection will be taken up.
The five-aside tennis nre requested
to turn out for practice on Monday
night. Thoi-o,,»-ill probably bo threo
teams. Eno's tenm includes Strung,
McKinley, Sanderson, Adam and
Grainger. A socond team can he
formed witli Cosier, Wynne, Provins,
Graham nnd  Hailstones.  Tho   intcr-
I   Born, at "Came Dawn," the    wiie
of Jas. M. K. Clarke, of a son (still
I Mr. John Togorly is almost ready
to open out his bowling alley which
ho hus erected oa Buller Street. He
has one alley comploted and has now
I got all his bowls and pins. Tho lum-
| ber for tho second alley has been delayed somewhere, and for a week his
patrons will havo to content themselves with one alley.
Tho billiard tournnmont at Dave
Johnson's parlors is now in lull
swing, and so far the games have
been evenly distributed between the
scratch and long stnrt men. Those
players who entered the tournament
nre requested to try and get their
games played out as soon as possible.
The Rev. R. Wilkinson will offlciato
at the Memorial Service to bo held
in the local cemetery tomorrow alter
noon by the I.O.O.F., and K. ol P.
Mr. S. Kenyon has returned from
Westminstor, and is going his usual
rounds ngaln.
Thc ladies aro getting more Interested in tho bowling game, and are
turning out in greater numbers.
Somo of them also can compete with
the men on equal terms, and Miss B.
Bland one dny this week took the
prize for highest scoro at flvo pins,
hor score being 57. On ladies' day,
Miss Smith took first prize and Mrs.
Jno. Gillmnn second.
Tho cup tournament at the Bowling Alloy is now protty near finished.
There nre still some games to Iio
played, hut N. A. Morrison looks nil
over a winner. He has an average
of almost 100, which, considering
the short timo tho alley has been in
use, is exceptionally good bowling, -
Mr. Chas. Mains has covered the
screen front of the H. f_ W. store
with a vory small mesh wire 'netting.
Charlie wus obliged to do this because somo oae with more time than
brains at their disposal had poked a
stick through tho screen and slashed
it up. Mr. Robt. Williamson also
had a visit, but there a knife was
used and a clean slit mado. A pane
in tho window of the Socialist headquarters was also knocked out. and
it may be that tho Joke is not yet
pluycd out.
Do you want to keep your feot
cool thoso hot days? If so, call
In and soo our line ol CANVAS
SHOES in High Top or Oxfords,
in Whito or Brown with I/uithor
Two-Pieco Summer Suits, In
Light Groy, Drowns, Dark Greys,
etc. Just the thing for keeping
cool In.
Just the thing for boating or
lounging around in aftor work.
William's Block
The following Is tho standing of tho
Clubs in tho Northwestern   Busebull
League .*
Lost. Pet.
Spokane ,  20
IS      .684
Tacoma   24
18      .571
Vancouver   38
24     .489
Seattle   22
27      .449
Aberdeen  21
27      .438
19      .424
Thoro havo beon no exceptionally
high scores made at Parrott's bowling alley during the week. The following took prizos at flvo pins: Mr.
A. J. Waskott, 79; Miss B. Illaml,
57 and Mr. McKinley, 00. Messrs.
M. Churchill and Stern carried of)
prizes at ton pins with 151 and 141
"Oil" W. Barnard, Held How Aetlv*
Degrees than any Other Member of the   Order, *o
Far sa Know*.
CHICAGO, HI., Jun* IB- Gilbert
Wadswurth Barnard, well known to
tb* Masonic fruternity, died at hls
'resilience him.early today altar a
lingering illness of several month*.
Heart disease wa* th* cause ol U*
"Oil'' Barnard, as he ena known
to his friend*, held mor* native Masonic office* and had men degrees,
than any other member of hls order,
ao far as is known. HI* degrees
numbered mor* than 800, a largo
proportion of them bring conferred
hy collateral order*.
During th*   last few years of   hi*
Mr. Jno. Dunbar returned from a
trip to Nanaimo this morning;
Judge Harrison    passed    through
town on the train this morning.        I
___— • •
Mr. and Mrs. P. Hutchinson and
daughter left this morning for St.
Mr. Wm. Myles left yosterUay Ior
 * .:
VICTORIA, June 19—A* the climax to a eerie* of fires, each - the
work of som* unknown fir* bug, tho
paper bon factory and plant of T„
N. Hlt**n & Co., oeeupying the top
ot throe story building on Government street, wm destroyed by lire
this morning. The dumage I* a-
bout ¥75,000, mostly covered by insurance.
The Ur* bug began hi* work last
night when a Ur* wa* discovered
within a few yard* ot the Hlbben
building, paper* and Inuantablo material bring piled in an old box at
the rear of a wooden building on
Bastion street. Thi* wu quickly
extinguished with the chemical, and
an hour later a fir* was discovered
similarly ignited in the rear part of
* brick olllce building scarcely ten
yard* away.
Th* next blaze waa at Wieler Bros. [
furniture factory aad dry kilns on
Humboldt, atnet, the kilns being
destroyed. This was alio believed
to be a llr* of Incendiary origin.
Then at-4.65 a.m. tb* department
wa* oalled out to tb* Metropolitan
office block on Government strest,
where th* Incendiary had built up
som* inflammable material and fired
it on th* main floor near th* back
door, entrance bring effected by th*
breaking of a glass panel in th*
door. Thla wa* discovered early
and easily extinguished.
The Hlbben company Buffered the
moat, the top floor being entirely destroyed, and the offices on the socond floor and stores on Government
■treat, including the tobacco store
of ht. A. Morri* a. Co., the Indian
curio stor*   of li. Landaberg,    and
itlery store ot Fox Bro*., eulfored
considerably by flooding, most ol tb*
stocks being ruined. Moat of tn*
owner* carried insurance.
VICTORIA, June 10- A mysterious fir* bug, probably insane, who
is believed to have fired (even building* In all elnce last night, one of
the lire* alone resulting In serioua
damage, that which destroyed the
upper part of tn* Hlbben building,
occupied until fifteen year* ago by
th* Colonist newspaper, 1* considered responsible for threo mors email
blazes this morning sine* th* Hlbben fir* wa* extinguished.
' While the appurutue waa leaving the Hlbben building about 10,30k
a.m., aome paper and cuttings at
th* bottom of a chute behind th*
Turner & Beaton shirt and overall
factory waa find and quickly extinguished. An hour later the fire bug
ran into the office of Ridgeway Wilson, architect, on Bastion street and
set fin to a pile of paper oa th*
■lamming to* door and escaping whan soma parson* approached
tb* ofllc*.
During th* noon, hour another
email baue was started in a tailoring establishment On Yates street.
Tha polio* an searching for th* Incendiary.
 » ,
Bt. Jobn, Jun* 78.—Mis* Mary
Tweedle, daughter of Lt.-Oov, Twee-
die, of Now Brunswick,* has eloped
with David MoKeown; a young
Scotchman, who camo her* a . y*ar
ago, and for a Urn* acted as tbe
governor'* groom. Tha couple were
married at St. Stephen and are believed to be un their way to the old
If you are wanting anything
"' in tho way of Holiday Goods, i •
, , it will bo worth your whilo to J |
look Our Stock over.
.   Something    now    in    Motor
' * Scarfs    we are   showing in
large   range   ol   Patterns, ln
,, prices to suit' all. , J, j i
Ladies'  Merry Widow   Ties— • Mf' |
in  Silk and    Lislo,    in a   full *( I , i
' * range of colors. •' T
Ladles'    and    Misses'    Lace ,,   (
Gloves in J length, Dluck-and I j
[ nnd White only,   Silk  or Lisle. [ [
i    Fancy Collars—Anything you i>   I
[ wish in theso goods are to ho ] [i |
found hore. '']'-',
Ladies' and Misses' Parasols [11' ],
from 15c up. i >   ''
'■'■    '
IWALTERS &       i!
« <   For Straw and Linen Hats.
On the Grounds of tho
Tuesday, June 23rd
At 5 O'clock In the Aftornoon.
Ice bream; Too, and Cakes.
All Aro Wolcomo.
Strawberry and Ioe
The Lndios of St. John's Guild
will hold a side of work and Ico
Cream and Strawborry Festival on
the Church grounds,
Thursday, Jane 26th
proceedings to commence at 2:1.0 p.
m., afternoon tea, 8 to 5. Tho Ladyamlth Band have kindly promised
thoir services in the evening.
One hundred acres of first class
land a mile and a half from Oho
mainus Station. For full particulars, apply to Geo. Tranfleld, Blan-
ey's Crossing.   . jl9-4t
"Vesuvius and
Carnival of Naples"
Victoria, on Monday and
Tuesday, June 22nd
and! 23 id
In effect as follows, good going Saturday, Sunduy,    Monduy and   Tuesday, Juno 20th to 28rd„   Inclusive.
Final roturn limit, Spoclal train
leaving Victoria at 11 p.m. Tuos-
day, June Mid.
Wellington  18.70
Nanaimo  8.60
(Ladysmith   ... U:80
Chemainus   , .....:... 2.60
Duncan   ,  1,90
Cobble Bill  ,.. 1.55
Also rogular excursion rates from
intermediate points.
District FuSBongor Agent,
Victoria,  B.C.
Launch fop Hire
Fastest Boat In Harbor.
from the Dominion Wharf
Shell Beach every hour.
Thursduys, from 1 p. m,
Hundays, from 10 it, io.
Return Faro, 21) Cents.
All   members  of K. ol P. No. 3,
and I.O.O.F., No. 6, are requested to
life Mr. Bernard devoted himself  to mert ■*■*»• Ma follows Hall,   La-
h^.TnJT*   »th* rS""*1^-
bodiot   of   Illinois.    HU connection memorial service at the local   come-
with Masonry began In 1884.     Ur, tory.    Visiting brethren are cordlal-
Barnard wW   born ta Palmy Bah*/,1? """•*•' V'TS"™™-.™™.
■*la IMA I    '„'•     i     K- °' P- COMMITTEE.
Visit the Foundry and make
your own choice. You will
save time and monoy, and get
better satisfaction.
All Work Guaranteed.
Come and
my Stock of Latest Styles in
Wall Papers
Picture  Framing   a Specialty.
I. %cldii)g
Mclntyre foundry
| Company, Limited
Tenders will be received by the undersigned up till Monday, 22nd June
1908, at 12 noon, for labour only
for the construction of an eight foot
sidewalk commencing at tho north
corner of Blair It Adam's store and
running along First Avonuo to High
Street. Specifications from Alderman Campbell.,
Lowest or an/ toml«r not nocosanr-
lly accepted.
C. M. C.
A fow on hand yot which nro
going at
$10.00 Faeh
Iron Bod, full slzo elccTlcul
Woollon tops and Bottom Mat-
tressos at  $18.50
Throe-Quarter size at .... 12.50
One Half slzo, at   11.00
The Snow Flake Mattress,—
the Mattress for Comfort.
Samples on hand for   Inspection.
G. Peterson
'Phone 18.
First Avenue
High Street.
Bods and Lines
la 1884.
Notice Is horoby glvon that at tho
noxt regular sitting of the Board of
Licensing Commissioners for tho Oltv
of Ladyamlth, B.C., we Intend to apply for a transfor of tho Retail Liquor License hold by ua for the sale
of spirituous and fermented liquors
on the premises known as the New
Western Hotel, situate on Lots 4 at
B, Block 38, .Ladysmith, B.O., fromi
ourselves to Alfred Muhlo.
.    ■  ■'.    --./•' '..  '   Si   1
. -.Or tli j Best Bread
* t
are Increasing each month.
People aro beginning to realize that in tho Shoo Business
as well as any othor Business,
it pays to buy from a Specialist.
„     Wo make a Spocialty of   tho
4, Shoe Business.
We do not sell Hay.
Wo have the Nicest   Lino   of
[ White Canvas Shoes In  Town.
Tie She Mm.
Belts and Merry
Widow Bows,
" . i
• '      FANCY GOODS ITORB.     • i
1 ' Oo-_
Laaoch for Sato
Will carry 15 poraons.   Just fitted
with now 10 h.p. engine,
For particulars, apply
JL ilmlmjw)
. Ihotog-apher
first Olaas Photos.
Cakes and
in Town
Orders Promptly Al I ended to
A. 13.   HILBERT
Telephone, 1 2-4
Nnnuiin i
II c.
j. m. mot?GAH,
Teacher of Voice Production nnd
Engagements may be loft at tho
Standard Olllce.
Notice is hereby given that I intend to mako application to tho
Board of Licensing Commissioners,of
tho City of Ladysmith at thoir no-it
regular meeting for a transfer of the
Wholesale liquor liconso now issued
to me in respect to the promises situate upon Lot 9, Block 91, In tho
City of Ladysmith, from myself to
Napoleon Manca.
LadyBmlth, B.C.. 9th Juno, 1008.
Effect ivo Juno 0th.
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Daily at 9:00 nnd 15:08.
Trains r\rri»e at Ladysmith
Dally at 11:67 nud J!*:f".
GEO. I. MUipi7,A.Y .
District Pnsaongor Agent.
$103 aovcrm.io.it St., Victoria.
Fli ss-ndTackle
For All Kinds of Fishing.
Ice Cream
10 Ceqts a Dish
Cigars   Tobaccos. ^SoftDrfolw
Excellent Boarding
;' ':•_;■•;        THE
Special UeA Tickets for
the Weejk
Mrs. S. Decker,
, ■ I-
THAN WOOD. . . ,
H, Thornley
Hotel Cecil
Every Convenience,   and Everything
of tho Best.
Best Liquors and Cigars. JOS. Nank.V6llt   PrOD.
Roberts Street,
House   and lot On
Apply- Mr,   Jas.
' J10-81
StUITi llVOi'll. Nlmilt,*, (.(HI.
."ntiimiy mi.l hiiIhiiIi u
.Htmil*," full nf Milium .
liiir, viiiuiiliir mul ii «i-ii.
i'm! inl.irinnil.iii fin hu. o
t^ilMmtr MfTfO", AWHITECT. V-.fo ifk'fcl,


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