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The Ladysmith Chronicle Mar 10, 1909

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With Which Is Amalgamate<|the Ladysmith Standard.
Vol. I.
Ladysmith, B. C, Wednesday, March 10, 1909.
Sewer Rental By-lawj
Before the Council
Tho sewer rental by-law was the
most important matter before tlio
council Monday evening. There were
present, Alii. Matheson, McKinnell,
Brown, Dier, Haworth, Roberts and
Campbell, and Mayor Nicholson in
tho tlutr.
Thc minutes ol the previous meeting!
were approved as read.
The city clerk read the official an.
notnecment of thc appointment ol
Harry Hughes and George Rollprts a:|
licer.se commissioners and George
Smith and George Haworth as ppHcf
A letter was read Irom Dr. Fagan
stating that tho Government would
supply'antitoxinc at 50 per cent,
lower than it could 'be purchased
otherwise, the only condition being
that it would he supplied free to patients. ^
The letter was referred to the medical health officer.
From L. M. do Gex, local manaipr
ol tho Canadian Bank ol Commerce,
acknowledging receipt of debentures
and stating how they had been forwarded to Toronto.
Read and filed.
From the Provincial Secretary slating that Mr. V. B. Harrison had
been appointed police magistrate for
From F- A. Devcrcaux, Victoria,
stating that lie had secured a copy ot
thc plans cf the sewers from tho
Board of Health, and. that he would
like to put in a tinier lor the, construction af the sewers!, including the
engineering work, and that the city
would then only have to employ its
own inspector.
Th;rc was some discussion oh this
point, and it was at last dceidecj/ to
permit Mr. Devcreaux tosubmit-such
a tender.
Mr. V. B. Harrison forwarded a
copy of sewer rental by-law.
Received and filed.
F. (i. Dimgani, director of special
events at thc Alaska-Yukon exposition wrote slating that a Ladysmith
day had been decided upon, and that
the management would aid in every
way to make the day an enjoyable
and profitable one. .
The communication was referred to
the proper committee and Mayor
Nicholson remarked that he thought
it would be well if the council would
ask thc •Citizens' League to cooperate in the matter of making preparations.
A letter was received by the council to the effect that liquor was be--
ing sold in certain premises without
proper authority.
As tlio letter was not signed thc
council could not take action,
An account of $15.60 was presented and referred to v the finance committee.
From William Siler, enclosing
blanks lor blacksmith shop, and asking permission to build same.
Request was granted.
Thc gentlemen composing thc delegation to Victoria presented their report verbally, and were tendered m
vote i«f thanks.
The report appears in another column, m
<]i was felt by the council that the
Clti'.cns' League should name tho engineer to make the tests asked tor.
Mr. Bryant said that before the engineer made the tests with the sawdust two or three private i.llizens
were prepared to make tests and
should it prove that
would, carry the
beach it would not bo necessary to
secure tlie services of an engineer,
but should it turn out that the sawdust would he carried out into thc
bay then an engineer 'could be secured. .     v     •
and it was staled by tlie mayor that
tho engineer selected by thc League
to make thc tests would be paid by
tho council.
The question of thc sidewalk in
front of Wells & Cha,ppell's livery
stable was then discussed, and the
opinion was expressed that the work
should bo properly done.
Mayor Nicholson said that it would;
be necessary to get an overdraft ol
81500 to pay salaries, etc., and it
was resolved that this sum be borrowed from thc Canadian Ban'.; of
Aid. Matheson was granted permission to introduce his by-law to
impose sewer connection rentals and
frontage tax.
Permission was granted, and the
by-law received its first and second
reading and will be read a third lima
at the meeting on March 22nd..
The council then adjourned.
Engineer Will Test
the Currents
Last Saturday, Mr. Jolm Stewart,
Billy Moore Objrts
to. "Technicalities."
William 15.    Moore,    the   Roberts
Aid. Matheson, Mi'.    Theodore Bfy- street barber, has long been regarded.
Foresters Hold a
Pleasant Social
The Ancient Order ot Foresters
held their first social entertainment
in the Oddfellows' Hall on Saturday
night and if one may judge the progress of tho order by the great success of tho evening the future of the
A. 0. F. locl.s very urig.it indeed.
Thc committee who had charge of
the entertaining left' nothing lo lie desired, everything passing ott iu first-
class style. The order was practically represented by every member oil
the lists, who realized that much ot
the success of the evening depended
on their exertions to male the
guest:- have a good lime, and every
trlM present pronounced the affair a
great success.
Much intercut was taken in Iho
girossing competitions and no .little
excitement caused by those waitih:;
tlio.result. Thc successful winner:!
were: Founta'ii pen, Mr. Aitkcn;, box
of cigars, Miss Clay; and4 umbrella
'uy Mr. Fraser.'
Tin following pontributed to the
entertainment: Mr. Owen* Dabb, song.
Miss Jennie Cos.tcllo, recitation; Mr.
R. Morgan, song; Mr. AUister, violin
solo;, Mr. Molyneux, song; Mr. Lon-
cn, songj and Mr. D. Copeland, song.
A splendid exhibition of club
swinging was given by Master and
Miss Wilkinson, accompanied by Miss
Myrtle Ross. After singing "Auld
Lang Syne" the company broke up
on thc strikp of twelve.
Business Changes
Wells & Chapppcl will conduct
livery stable on First, avenue.
W. Er Morrison will add the staple
lines of dry goods to his slock.
ant, Mr.W. G. Fraser and City Clerk'
Mcrrisdnj visited Victoria, to interview Mr. Edward Mohun, the gentle,
min who prepared the plans for the
Ladysmitli rowers, with regard to
the advisatility ol installing) a septic
tank. While tho committee were pot
committed to a policy of antagonism,
several members believed the installation cf the tank "to be unnecessary,
but wore prepared to be governed by
the preponderance ot tbe evidence for
or against. Jn this- frame of mind
they entered upon their deliberations,
Last Monday night they presented
their report verbally to the council.
'I he committee met Mr. Mohun as
arranged lu his office at 1 o'clock, p.
m, Mr. Mohun explained why he had
put in a septic tank and .the reason
assigned was lhat Mr. Jos. Hunter
had brought in Capt. Walbran, who
said lhat the current coming in flowed against the city side ot the harbor and would throw all refuse on
the .-horc, and that it crude sewerage wer.e put in the harbor it would
all return to the beach.
Mr. Fraser, harbor master, ge.vc a
very explicit description of the tides
and eddies and opposed the contention of Capt. Walbran. He cited the
fact that the beach was one of-the
cleanest in thc country, and that
wl.cn the shingle mill put its refuse
in the harbor that it all went into
the centre of the harbor and eventually reached thc 'beach near Mary
Ann Point and often'to Thetis Islands, showing the (rend ol the current in that direction.
After this explanation, Mr. Mohun
said dial there should now be a report of tides from 411 independent engineer, who would make experiments
with sawdust which Would be. put in
sacks and lowered at. the point where
the outlet should be. Then the sawdust sbeuM be released from the lmg.
This sawdust would li.-e to the Surface and follow the eddy. 11 could
then bo seen if the sawdust would be
deposited 011 the beach?.: or not.
Cn the report from the engineer
Mr. Mtluti would base his opinion,
and il a direct outlet were in his
opinit.11 best lor the town he would
place his plan before thc L'oard cl
Dr. Fagan was present and said
that thc Board of Health would be
able to give an answer in less than
fivo days after Mr. Mohun's report.
Mr. Mohun said that there would
bo no delay with sewer work by
waiting for lhc experiments,: but that
If the .septic tank had .to go in bo
would like to have thc work competed long enough to make a good
job of the concrete work. ...
He also said that It would bo necessary to have a man employed to
clean out Ihi tank, el"., about once
or twice a month, and this would
cost probably |$i25.(X) per month.
Mr. Mohun explained that he  was
Ladysmith B Team
in the Lead
C. E. Jeffs   has   opened a gent's
furnishings store In toe Blckle block.
the currents
sawdust into tho
A. E. Palmer has moved his business across the street to the building
formerly occupied by J. Oilman as a
barber shop.
The   License    Commissioners
meet to-nijlit nt tho city ball.
It is understood that tJie government has been approached for temporary assistance in financing the Grand
Trunk Pacific. One of the proposals;
is a loan secured by ten mllion dollars in bonds. No decision has been
reached. Should the government agree to the proposal legislation Will
bo repined to confirm it.
as a man of genius, 'but it is doubtful if liis stauncbest champions ever
put forward the claim that in addition to his other qualifications he
combined more than a rudimentary
knowledge of thc principles and practise cfflaw. They knew that lie was
a tcKisorial artist ot, merit, 0 devoted exponent of the game ot lootball,
and a first-class singie^iaindcd orator,
but the tact that he possessed latent
forensic talent was only known to| a
few of his most intimate friends.
Thc revelation came ahcut in a
somewhat unexpected manner. Since
Mr. Moore moved into his new bai'Ar
shop he has been "cutting the ices,"
as they say in society announcements,
and in order to cater for the best
das; of trade he has had installed
among other modern improvements,
a bootblack stand. He en;j.ged a
young colored man to look alter the
bootblacking, and so far as the outside world was concerned the most
amicable " relations 'existed between
employer and employee. But there
was a skeleton in tbe closet, and ii;1>
Friday levelling, after hurling a few
oratorical gems at the head of. bis
colored 'servitor, under provocation, ill
is contended, it is alleged that Mr.
Moore threatened to remove him
from thc barber sho?, cither as a
whole or in small 'blocks'.
To this, method of yty.'ricctlon Mr.
Thomas, tho colored gentleman, apparently objected, wid laid complaint
agniutvt Nrlils master, and the case
came up in lhc police court before
Magistrates Matheson and Ns bolson
last evening. Several witnesses IcstH
tied lo the particular words 'hy which
Mr. Moore cmi-liasized ibis dcloi'miiia-.
lion to remove Mr. Thomas, ami
these witnesses were subjected to a
severe cross examination by the defendant. He impugned tho credibility!
of witnesses, demanded rulings of the)
court on irrevciaut testimony, and
when one witness mentioned tbat the
plaintiff wore a while shirt, Mr;
Moore promptly objected to the introduction ot "technicalities."
The court taCitily rulid iu favor of
the prosecutor. Then the defendant
gave ovidence in his own behalf, and
lulus cross-examined by Constable
Callendar, lie contended that a man's
house was hli castle, and that he
had n right to drink there if lie felt
so inclined.
As there-was no act bearing' directly on this point, no ruling-was given
by the court.
Then Mr. Moore asked for a postponement of his case, and the magistrate suggested that be should have
asved for an adjournment. Being
still in a contentious mood thc defendant objected to tbe latter construction being placed upon bis request, but after thinking the jnatter
over solemnly for a few moments he
agreed to push the question of definition and construction no further',, and
Esiuimaltwill meet the local seniors on tbe Sports 1 grounds this wccll
iu the senior island league series., So
far Esquimau have only won ono
game, defeating Victoria 3 goals to
2, and stand in this position in the
league. The sailors are coining up
strong and arc after the points. The
local players arc earnestly requested
to practice to keep in shape tor the
next few games will tfc hard ones and
the team in the best training is the
ono that is going to win.
Ladysmith B are doing well in the
second division seniors, rot having
lost a game and only three more
games to play, cne with Nanaimo in
that city and two with tec A team
here. Tho B's chances look very
rosy and they have our congratulations on their victories.
Thc local juniors lost their told
on the championship ty letting Nanaimo win out by a goal while our
lads could not penetrate the defense
of tho strong Nanaimo team. The
game was a good one and both teams
played right up to the rail of the
whistle. Our juniors were a little un^
fortunate this season but arc to 'be
congratulated on their showing.
hope our   neighboring f city i^in lhc
In the second division game played -
hove Sunday Ladysm.th defeated Nanaimo by a score of four goals to
one. In the first half Ladysmith had;
rather the best of tbe game and Sanderson, Morrison and Grainger each
so ured a goal tor the .home team.
After half time. Nanaimo pressed
hard on thc locals, but could not succeed in penetrating their tlefcnee. Afr
ter keepin; thc visitors at bay for
some time, Ladysmith broke away
and McGuire netted another goal,
making, four for the home team. Na
naimo then made a last determined
effort and Hewitt, in his new position of centre forward, scored the
only goal for the visitors. The p\anH
wns more even that thc score indicates, writes a local correspondent,
th: most noticeable feature being
that the goals were scored off paEpea
to tbe centre by Grainger.
Next Saturday the Nanaimo juniors travel again to Victor's, to meet
North Ward and their chances of winning the island championship arc
good. The Nanaimo juniors have out
best wishes and now that thc local
juniors are   out of the running   wc
Jacl: Johnncn, the world'c champion, arrived at Victoria yesterday af-'
tci'noon. In an interview with the
Colonist, he expressed his.willingrtf^j
to meet any white man in the ring,
but it is only fair to state that the
champion had not at the time heard
of Billy Moore's recent achievements
In the pugilistic line. Jack has a
white wife with bim now, a circumstance he may find difficult to explain'
to bis numerous colored wives eJrcady
on this continent. He has had a disagreement with his manager, nnd tbe
trouble is lhe woman In the case.
Gathering Bata on
not in favor of septic tanks, and that* dec-.i<,«1 to ™st his case
for some reason as.yet not understood by scientific men some septic
tanl.s bad proven failures and there
wa? no guarantee that if one were
built that 1t would be perfect.
The Ladysmith committee are
very much pleased with the result of
the conference nnd ?xprcss appreciation of the spirit in which, their cas
was received ly Mr. Moniin and Dr
John Houston, the Prince Rupert
philosopher, passed through Ladysmith last Saturday evening, en route
lo Victoria,. Mr. Houston's mission
is to endeavor to Interest the Government to establish a general hospital at Priirc Rupert. Ho bus his
paper," Thc Empire, advertised for
The magistrates were no doubt peri
plexed with thc multiplicity and fon>e
of the objections raised, and declled
to adjourn the case on their own account until next Thursday ?vcnin;»,
Mr. Moore bad a charge against
Edward Thomas of stealing 33 cents.
One witness gave evidence and this
case will also come up tor abjudication
cn thc same evening.
The court house was crowded, and
all present felt that they had added
considerably to their store of legal
Mr. Hugh McDonald, the well-
known contractor of Victoria is in
the eily to-day. He may put in n
tender for the construction ot the Ladysmith sewers.
The Provincial government is now
gathering information respecting fruit
canneries ami'cold storage plants so
as to tc able to deal with the subject intelligently.
While the erection of a cold storage-
i,ii,l canneries at several interior
points will probably be undertaken
this spring it is unlikely that much,
il any of,.this accommodation will be
available . to borticulturalisls this
year in time to bundle the fruit crop
of lhe coming season. It is learned
that it it tfic intention of the Provincial Government to lend financial
assistance toward the erection of the
cooling bouses and canneries, and as
probably lour oi thc former and two
of thc latter will be built, a considerable amount of money will be in-
For tho coast region it is proposed
to crtvit a cold storage plant at Agassi?.. This will taktj care oi prr.jtical-
ly all the shipments from the lower
Fraser valley, Vancouver Island and
other coast points. Another wlll.be
built at Rcvelstokc, one at OkanagaJ
Landing and a fourth at Nelson.
While construction will be assisted by
the Government it is underf.tood thaft
fruit-j rowers' associations at thc varJ
ious points named will have to care
for operation and maintenance expenses.    •
Oi canneries it is said that not less
than two will bo built, one probably
on Okanagan lake and the other    at
WillMeet in Ladysmitli
On the evening of Tuesday, March
loth, at toe opera house, Mike Wc-
Isaac will meet George McNamec in
a 10-ruund glo'-c contest-, McTsauc
was born at- Auti.-onish, N, S., and
McNamec is a local man. Mcisaac,'
though only a short lime in the ring •
has a record that should count i >r
something in the prize ring. He is
inly a little over 21 years if »•
and is by occipalic-n a j.fnait/. miner
lie has had ,, bri'ii 11 o'er Vr-yik
Suttlc, of Raymond, Wash.; knocked
out Sailor Charlie in four rounds at
Tacoma; lost decis'on to Charlio
Tucker of California in 13 rounds;
fought 20-round draw with Billy
Ross, ot Centralis, Wash.; lost decision to Dan Sullivan, ot Butte,
Mont,,, in 1") rounds; knocked cut-
Fred Debroe, ot Tacoma, in li
rounds; fought Curly Carr, of Daw.
sen 13 rounds; knocked out Billy
Rutcbow, of Qlympia, in 6 rouativ,
knocked out Charlie Tucker, ot California, in 6 rounds; knocked out
Dummy Rowan in 5 rounds, besides
several minor battles.
George McNamec fought G. Grims-
ctale 4 rounds knockout, at Halllstx;
Sergeant Dur.n a 10-round draw,
Prof. Hornbuckle, 8-round draw tt
Victoria;: J. Sullivan, 8-round knockout at Victoria; Kid Newman, 14
rounds, knockout at Victoria; George
Paris, 15-round draw, at Port
Townrend; and the Jew Kid at
Skagway, 2 rounds, knockout.
Tho contest here should be an in-
: attract a crowd.
Nelson.   Eventually the coast region. ......        .       .   ..    in
, teresting exhibition and no doubt will
may secure a   cannery.   These can-1
ning factories will take fruit trom ttic*,
farmers at times when thc market is
off-color or glutted, and so save thc
growers thousands of dollars which
are now nnnurlly lost.
It is expected the government will
finance thc erection of cold storage
warehouses at Calgary, Winnipeg and
at several points between those places on tho main line of the C. P.R.
A Chinaman working in the cut on
the new siding at Extension was
blown to picecs by a 'blast last Monday. It cannot be definitely determined just how the accident occurred,
•hut it is believed that he may .have
fallen over some rocks and was un-
o-'ble to get out of the way of tbe
The Photograph'c Studio over the
Bank of Commerce.
Notary Public Conveyancer
Head Office  -  •  Toronto
CAPITAL $10,000,000: REST $6,800,000
Aro a most convenient way in which to carry
money when travelling abroad. They are issued
denominations ef
$io, $20, $50, $100 and $200
and the exact amount payable in Austria, Belgium,
Denmark, France, Germany, Croat Britain, Holland,
Italy, Norway, Russia. Sweden and Switzerland is
stated on the face of each cheque, while in other
countries they are payable at current rates.
The cheque and all information regarding them
may be obtained at every office of the Bank.
disinterested engineer, and if it turns
out that the currents would deposit
the sewerage on the shore, the only
thing to be done is la build thc septic
tank; hut on the other hand.if it can
be shown that the sewerage will be
carried out to the hay, without danger ot it being relurned, there wrill ba
i.o need for a septic tank, and thc
city will thus be the gainer to thc
extent cf ?«,000.
LADYSMITH BRANCH   L. M. de Gex, Manager
Publtehcd by Carley & Carley at Ladysmith. B. C,
every Wednesday and Saturday.
$1.50 a Year in Advance, 25c Per Month
Advertising Rateson application.
The coming summer promises to he
a very busy one in the City of Ladysmith. The construction ol sewers
will employ a large number of men,
and besides thc sewers no doubtj the
new c-le trie light plant will le installed. Many cf the principal
streets will bo torn up, and no doul.ti
pedestrians will lie inconvenienced to
a great extent. A correspondent
dealing with thou? matters points out
that the council should enter upon ,1
systematic plan of road building
wbi'.e this is in progress, lie points
out that one oi the. best assets a city
can have is a first-class street, and
that a beginning should be made on thi
thc street.which is most used by the
public generally. Unfortunately the
funds of the city, at the present timo
will r.ot permit of a comprehensive
plan of roail-inak'in (, but yet a start
should be made even if only two
blocks could be done this year. By
duing this the council would establish a precedent that subsequent
councils would have to adopt. Every
dollar spent now on patching up the
principal street is only bo much money wasted, lul every dollar spent cm
permanent Improvements on the same
street becomes a permanent municipal asset. A few blocks oJ remanent streets en<h year would, before
long, show a marvellous change in the
city. Besides the Provincial Government has made a liberal estimate f>r
roads 'M Newcastle district i and no
doubt the road commissioners ,or 11;*-
district would be -t[Uile willing to
spend -ii generous allowance along ths
approaches to tlu main trunk line
running through the city, if thc city
would see that thai portion ot the
street, lying within the muni- i;ial
limits were built in accordance with
modern methods of road construction,'
In any event this ma•'.■-{ is worth
eor.sidorlng seriously.
The Vancouver papers announce that
the (J. P. P.. officials will proceed at
once to make satisfactory passenger
arrangements between Vancouver anc|
Ladysmith. It is also stated thai
tho terminal rate on freight between
Northwest points and Ladysmitti will
go into force at an early day. The
only hope is that when the passenger service is arranged lhat a comfortable- boat will be placed on the
route, and that the arrival and departure of the boats will be timed
to meet the convenience of the tra-.
vc'I's* pu'alic. A daylight service
would be most acceptable.
Novelty Theatre
Masonic Buildling, Ladysmith
 ; *	
Matinee for School Children Saturday
Propamine Changed Monday and Thursday
Admission: IOc ond 15c
IOc Matinee Saturday
Box 173
Phone 43
The various societies arc hcing no-
tilled ot thc meeting to be held to
discuss the hospital question', and it
is pleasing to note that the sentiment is universally in favor of gettinj
to work at once. All admit the ne-
ccss'ty ..of such an institution, and
under these circumstances it can be
readily seen that the only question
now is to decide upon wa; s and
irst Class
Mining Act
and Special
Mine liases
Hints for the Home.
'the result ef the conference between the Ladysmith delcgatien anl
Mr, Mohun held at Victoria last Rat-
unlay should be regarded*as perfectly satisfactory. It Is now very evident that Mr. Mohun himself was never in fa'cr of a septic ten:, and
only decided to substitute that method after pressure had Ihecn brought
to bear upen him hy apparently interested   partes.    The  experiments
Gelatine in Cubes.—Gelatine cut,in
cubes and served with preserved or
Maraohino cherries makes a very appetizing desert, and for an informal
party, il served with eaV.e, is sufficient refreshment.
Peas in Timbales.—Empty a can of
peas if.lo a saucepan and place over
thc flie. When warm pour over them
one cupful of sweet milk thickened
witti a level tablespoonful oi flour;
add butter size of a walnut and let
l.o'.l fir five minutes. Serve in timbales on lettuce leaves.
Stultcd Tenderloin.—Procure a pork
loin roast. Do net remove the tcn-
derloin, but slit it, and stuff with
dry dressing, made of stale crumbs,
highly seasoned with salt, pepper andv
sage, ltnast in usual manner, and
serve with potatoes roasted in pan
with meal, brown gravy and apple
ChopiCd Beet Bake.—TaUs two
pounds of chopped beef and three
tomatoes, add p'/pper and salt to
taste, adit three onions chopped fine,
th-n put meat in the pot, sprinkle
I.o u-over meat, and set in oven to
ba'c three-fourths of "an hour, and
serve. This is a cheap and wholesome dish.
.Stuffed Potatoes.—Cut a little slicl
from ena end of each potato to i make
tliein stand on end, then bkke and remove the other end. Sroop nut tile
cooked potato, mash, season and mis
wiih minced Irted bacon. Fill thc
potatoes heaping lull, sei on end in
the pan and reheat in'tbe oven.
raked for will   be rndertaken by   a the court
During the trial of a man who had
made an unsuccessful attempt at suicide, a lawyer bad badgered tho .witness to an exasperating degree, and
evidently intended to pursue the same
course with a meek-appearing little
Irishman who next took the stand.
'.'You say you talked with- the accused an hour after his attempt?"
the lawyer demanded.
"Oi did," was the direct reply.
"And did he give an; reason for
attempting to commit suicide?"
"He did, an' it was ai Rood reason."
"Well, and what reason did he
"Sure, an' he said be wanted to
kill himself," Pat answered and upset
Coal Mines Regulation Act.
Notice is hereby given that Examinations will bo held for 1st, ind and
3rd Class Certificates ot Competency;
under the provisions >'of the "Coal
Mines Regulation Act," at Nanaimo,
Fernie, Cumberland and Cou'llee, on
the Clli, 7th and 8th days of April,
lWil), commencing at nine o'clock ijn
thc forenoon.
Tire subjects will be as follows:
For Meats
Geo, Roberts'
Meat Market
Cor. First Ave. and Roberts Street.
John W.  Coburn,
President and Managing Director.
Geo. C. Pio'.:ard,
Secretary Treasurer.
The Ladysmith Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Fir Lumber,
Red Cedar, Shingles and Lath
Fresh Halibut on sale every Wed-
nesday and Friday.
Ryan's Meat Market
Third Class
Mining Act
and .Special
Mine- Oases
ieneral Worli.Ucneral Wort
Mining Act
and Special
Mine Oases
and Oeneral
Application .must bo made to the
undeisignod not later than Saturday,
March 21th, liiou, accompanied by
tbe statutory fee, as follows:—
By   an   applicant   for   First
Class   Examination , Sill 00
By an   applicant for   Second
Class   Examination ,...., ... 10 00
By an   applicant   for   Third
Class     Examination   r> 00
Tbe applications must hcjccompcn-
ied ly testimonials and evidence stating that:—
(a.) If a candidate for First Class,
that he is a British subject and has
had at least five years' experience in
or about the practical working of a
coal mine, and is at least twent™
five years of age:
(b.) If a candidate for Second
Class that he has had at least- livo
years' experience in or a'bout the
practical working cf a coal mine:
(c.) If a candidate for Third
Class, that hx( has had at least three
years' experience in oi a'bout the
practical working of a coal mine:
(d.) A candidate for a Certificate
of Competency as manager, Overman*
Sblftboss, Kireboss, or Shotlightei',
shall produce a certificate from a duly qualified medical practitioner showing that be has taken i, course in ambulance work fitting him, the said
candidate, to give first aid tc persons injured in coal mining opcrtv
Dated at Nanaimo, B. (V, December 18th, ItNJfl.
By order of the Board.
Light and heavy teaming.
Furniture and piano moving
a specialty.
Nicholson & Weaving
Telephone 1.
I Sell T. J. Trapp ft Co's
Celebrated Wagons
During the season we have sold a large number
ot wagons, implements and logging trucks.
Everything carries a guarantee
Duller Street
Paperhanger and Art Decorator.
High Street.
In the Optra Heuse on Roberts St.
Short order meals at all hours.
Oysters and Clam Chowder a
We have engaged a first-class bar
ber and the wants of our customer
will be promptly attended to. '
The only Shoe Blacking stand
tbe city.
Livery, Teed ond Sale
First, IA venue.
Phone fid.
E. Ponnell
FOR SALE—Half interest in the Well
ington Hot»l. Apply to J. Dumont,
Wellington, B. 0.,
Meats and Vegetables
P.O. Box Si
Phone 44
Elegant Patterns for
■    Summer Suitings
The Latest in
Imported Woollens
O.J. Matheson
datacre st.,   Ladysmith, B. C.
»<>««««««»<><>»c t>0«««»*eeee«««af>o»f>»e«« ♦>••♦«)
II" 'i
hu>   I.
^py3mWm*$Mttj9KMW   JBmmWlim
TBiTlrfifa mm
< II
A Careful Inspection
of our Imltor, cheose and cgjs ia a delight to thoso who love delicious, sweet
butter, freih I.iid eggi, and cheese made by the very best processes. Our
dairy proluoti are aliv.iyi fi.-sh frjin tho farm, and kopt up to tho very beat
Scott's Building, First Avenqe.
All kinds of Clock and Watch Repairing. Satisfaction Guaranteed ai
Reasonable Prices.
English Watches a Specialty.
J. R. Easton
Practical Watchmaker.
All work left at II. Hughes' store
will receive Prompt attention.
Excellent Boarding
Have Your Houses Plastered
For Terms tpply to
C. U1NE, Plasterer,etc., Ladysmith, P. O.
Cement Sidewalks a specialty.
Portland Hotel
Barclay  &  Conlin,
As Cheap as
10 qrt Cooking Pots, 85o eaoh.
4, 6, 8 qrt Preserving Kettles, 40c to 05c
Pie Plates, white, 10a eaoh.
Bakers', white, lfio, 20c ann 25c each.
Shanty Plates, white, 10c each.
Dippers, 2Sa eaoh.
Hand Mugs, 2for25o.
Tea Stcepors, 25c each.
Kgg Boilers, lOo eaoh.
Furniture store
Ladysmith Bakery
Cakes of every description, lane
and plain. Candies of all kinds
Fruit of all kinds. Fresh bread ever
Reasonable prices. Come and se
our lines and leave your orders. W
give careful  attention.
Hop Lee, Prop.
Esplanade street,   Ladysmith. .
T. E. Sullivan
Plumbing. Gas and Steamfitting.
Prices Reasonable.
First Avenue, near New Wcstim hoi el
Wc carry a   large slock of Fancy
•♦5***»f$********»**5**C'*^**»**5*********'**'***»*****5**»**5* **C*****»********5**T**2**«**$*****»********»*h*******»**»********-
Join Our
Circulating Library
We have a large number of books by the best Old
Country Authors including:
Guy Thorhe, Max Pemberton, Robt. Louis Stevenson,  Quiller Couch, Chas-Eddy,   and others.
First Avenue,
Local and General
The Masonic Lodge nrc figuring on
installing some up-to-date electric
ligjiting fixtures in their hall on (>ati
acre street.
Mr. R. J. .Trembath yesterday
morning went oyer, to the hospytal a{
Chemainus where he will remain , for
some time. Mrs. Trembath and thc
children went over on lhe transfer tq
Vancouver the same morning.
There was a satisfactory crowd at
the dance given by thc band in thcin
new hall Saturday evening. The
tand provided good music, and the
dancers were delighted with the
Poor lately pul down by the hand.
The next danoe under the auspices ,of
the band will he in the evening of
March 17.
The announcement that Ladysmith
■will shortly have direct steamer con.
ncction with Vancouvor is significant
of the progress of Island d'.'vclop-
ment. At the same time it shcild
spur the business men of Victoria to
greater efforts to hold the trado of
the Island, (liven a dircnt service ti|
Vancouver, Ladysmith will ho quite
as close, in point of time, to the
former city as Victoria.—Vi.toria
The City Market
Wholesale aad Retail.
Ladysmith, B. C.
Star Orchestra
Open for engagements from     Two
Pieces up.
(lives Dance Every Two Weeks.
For full particulars, apply
The Dog Tax for the year 1909 is
i.ow due and payable to the Cljty
Clerk at the City Hall. If not paid
forthwith the law will be enforced
with ro;.ard to delinquents.
City Clerk.
New Hats
Your,hat i3 hcre-the right shape
and style to suit your face and hoi^t
—for no one stylo is becoming lc
c ery man.
Wc have huth fiolt and doibys in\
Strachan Hats
which blend in harmonious and elegant degree tiicstylc features of (tho
Those are pre-eminently lhe hats
for young men nnd are genuinely good
qimlit.v throughout.
Also new lot of Shoes in different
styles, and new lines ol Shirts in (lit-
fercnt styles and shades, and Ihey arc
J. J. Thomas
WANTED—Two respectable young
men as boarders. Apply Mrs. A.
Wright, Mcthucn street.
Radium Baths in Old
Cornwall Mines
The Phoenicians and thc Romans
who went i) Cornwall for ihcir '.in
many centurie:, ago could not guo;s
that they were handling ore worth
many times its weight in-precious metals. Their disused copper nnd tin
mines have been found to contain deposits of pitchblende, from which can
be extracted radium worth ?5,200 peij
grain or thereabout.
Thi'. Cornish minci's of even half
century age sought for what ar
known as simple ores and threw asid,'.-
the complex ones as refractory.- In
tills way they found uranium ore and
scfit it to thc smelters as'iilack copper, only lo have it returned to then?
its rubbish, and some 10,000 tons of
ore containing perhaps 1(1 per cent of
pitchblende estimated to be worth
Sx.50 u pound has been found dum
ped at t'.io head ofthe Wheal Tren-
with mine near St. Ives. How much
more remains underground untouched
by ihc pick cf the miner it is rm-
poss'.hle to estimate. The Cornish,
ore is considered by experts to be
richer than that from Bohemia,
Chemists have concentrated their
atUiilioii cu (lie production of radium irom the uranium ore, but up tu
the present those researches have
been almost purely for scientific ,l»ur-
poscs, and it is only   comparatively
700 Pairs of Sample Shoes
Go on Sale Friday Morning
Cavin's Footwear Store
We bought the complete set of F. J. Weston and
Sons' Spring Samples. All kinds of Shoes-Men's,
Women's and Children's-All sizes and all widths.
You know how we sell Samples. We buy Samples
at a discount and this makes our profit. We sell
them at the Market Wholesale Price.
Cavin's  Footery
First Class   Photos.
Gallery on First Avenue.
Notice to Contractors.
City of Ladysmith Sewerage.
Ladysmith Music Store
Agent for Singer Sewing
Machine and Sharpies' Separators.
denied tenders, endorsed "Tender
for Sewerage," will be received up to
j p. iu., on Monuay, lUarcn mUi,
isitfsi, by the ufitlersigned for the construction o[ certain Sewerage Wor„s
fcr the Corpofatitli of the City ol
Ladysmith, B. C.
Mans, specifications, contract, bond,
and forms of tender may be seen on
and utter- tho 15th day ot February,
11,0.1, at the City Hall, Ladysmith,
B. p.
Each proposal must be arcompan
led by an accepted bank cheque ((or
certificate of deposit) on a chartered
bank of Canada, made payable to
Corporation ol the City ol Ladysmith, Ladysmith, for Iho sujnU'f One
Thousand Dollars which shall be forfeited it the parly tendering decline
to enter into contract when called
upon to do so, or If he fail to complete the work contracted for. The
cho!|Ucs or certiflciilcs ol deposit ol
unsuccessful tenderers will bcr'returned tu thciii upon the execution of the
Tenders will not lie considered unless made out on the forms supplied,
which may be obtained at thc office
of thc City Clerk, Ladysmith, , and
must he accompanied by a bond, In
the sum of Six Thousand Dollars,
duly signed by the. contractor himself and .two responsible parties, residents ol the Province of British Columbia, whose names shall 'lie subjivt
to the approval of the City Council.
Tlie Ttowcst or any tender not necessarily accepted,
» City Clerk.
Ladysmith, 1). C, February 15, 1009,
Dr. R. B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
F. C. Fisher
Studio iu Williams' Block.
Dissolution of Partnership.
The partnership heretofore existing
hot wean the undersigned carryings on
business as Hotclkccpcrs at iho City
of Ladysmith Is this day dissolved I y.
mutual consent,
Joseph Tous?, will pay all dcbjlB piii)
uoei'.T I'll money:; due tu lhe l ait
JOS  fEUS/.i
R. iu VVOOt),
Ladysmith, B. ('., 21) Feb., l'.i".".
recently lhat the production has been
conducted on a commercial scale. Sir
William Crookes was ono ot the first
chemists to extract radium from
pitchblende, on the lines, laid down by
Mine. Curric; that is, first of all uranium, was extracted, and from the
residue rndium was', obtained 'by
means of acids after a great deal of
A new rapid mode cf extracting ra*
ilium has just been announced by a
young Ensllsfi chemist .whose process
is to separate radium as u prV-wry
product, leaving uranium as u byproduct'; instead of Iho other way as
heretofore. From a ton of ore. containing 20 per cent, pitcliulciulc he
seemed l£ pounds uf radiuiiv-haiium-
tliliirlde. This' would produce 120
milligrammes or 1.80 grains, of rad|f
uni chloride, and lhe process only
takes about two days against p, wceli
by the present method, with its pro-
knged boilings and' washings in the
treatment of the residues.
It is now hoped that radium in the
near future will he brought within tho
reach of the general practitioner, as
regards both quantity and pi ice.
An interesting point is that th?
Cornish mines were drained in the
days of their activity to a common
centre, from which the water was
pumped, end for this purpose they
were made to communicate in their
lower levels, so that all thus connected are flooded to a certain depth.
The waters have now been found to
lie radioactive, and thc establishment
of radium baths is, expected to bring
increased prosperity to Cornwall.
Thc effect of a radium 'bath is to
create a feeling of exhilaration and
to Iny .. -tc the bather, although tho
bath itself, which creates a pricking
sensation between the toes and the
fingers and is occasionally attended
with other sensations that are not
altogether pleasant, may not appeal to everybody.
During my absence trom the oily
Hugh Thornley will hold my power
of attorney.
FOR SALB.T-At a snap, a good
Stanley piano, in good condition. Apply to II. Thornley.
A visitor to one of the hotels at
Carlh'hnd, Germany tells the story of
a gentleman lo whom the servants
and the proprietor paid the most
profound attentions. He was royally
treated, rather to the neglect of the
rest ol tlio gnosis.
Every lime he cftino out oi (he
lintel door ii strip ol green curpet
would he rolled down In Itpiil ot
him mid the attendants would take
off (heir cups nnd bow intbe most
deferential and obsequious manner.
Neither the visitor thus so strangely
honored nor th? other gucsls could
make mil what this deference iiicimiI.
Al fast some one looked in the
printed register, or Kurgan! Lisle.
Thorn Was the onli):
".hums the 1st, King of Buffalo,
N. Y.n
It was the native printer's render-
in; ot the American's name—James
I. King, of Buffalo, N. Y.
Flannelette in light or
Dark Styles only 10
pieces to sell. Reg.
price 10c, Special 5c a yard.
Prints, our stock of
these goods are here,
patterns to suit all. See
our Leader at 10c a yard.
Ladies' Colored Blouses in nice neat patterns.
Special 65c each.
Boys' School Pants in
all sizes.   Special 50c a pair.
Mens' and Boys' Caps
in plain or fancy Tweed
effects.   Special 25c each.
Remnants of Oilcloth
and Linoleums marked
away down.
Walter^ &
New Goads ire Here
Time Table No. 7
Trains leave Nana'.inii 5:15 Bally
Trains arrive Nanaimo 12:30 Daily
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday,
Trains  leave   Nanaimo  15:15
Trains arrive Nanaimo 18:35,
1102 Govt. st.
Dist. Pass. Agt.
Victoria, B. C.
John Pogorly's
Bowling Alley
A prize of $3 will be given
to the one making the highest score in ten sheets.
Now is the time to practice for the Yukon Alaska
| andSeattle expositions, which
give a grand prize of $10,000
to the best forty teams. It
pays to be a good bowler.
Learn now while you have
a first class bowling alley,
Good lights. Come in_and
John Pogorly,
Ladysmith, B. C.
U. B. C.
NANAIMO, B. G.    -   t
:<:      ONLY WHITE     1
4 4
Express and Teaming
WoodfOr Sale.
Aero Roller Rink
ir You Cant Shale
WcCan Teach   You.
Motninj; tftlili'.t tt out 10 uulil 12.
Afternoon scssiot, from 2.30 until 0.'
Evening session from  71,80 until 10.
Every Tiiesdu}' mottling skuling
tl'C0 lo Indies, pnd on Saturday
morning skating to school children
15 cents.
Manager ml Frojrittor
KOI'ND-A key marked Miller.
Owner call have same hy calling at
this office.
Try Na Dru Cmr.rnal Tablets for
Dyspensia.   At thc Drug Store.   X
I Jones
1      Hote!
James Duncan
Suits cleaned"and pressed.
Alterations made.
Charges moderate.
Wood to Burn
Stove wmiil ami cord wood for snlo.
Freight li.iul.'il.
Furniture iiiovihI,
For anything In tho tojming line,
See Thornley
Hllbjrt Uiiiljrtatoig Parlor:
I,Sand i.liil'.ai St., Nan aim a
ff »r»H"H-M"H"H"!-M"I"I"I"l"H-,^'t'
For Men and Women
The Latest American Spring Styles j j
are in-Black-Tan-Red and Patent. |
Give us a Look
The Famous Picadilly
Clothing has arrived and we
can show you something that
has never been excelled in
We have them in two or
three piece suits with fancy
cuffs in the latest cuts?.nd
Goods all marked in plain
figures.   One piece to all.
We have also received our
Prints and Ginghams
Shoes, Shirts, Etc.
W. E. Morrison
Williams Block
We have just received another shipment ot those
Colorings in Wall Paper
Call and sec them. They arc going fast.
A full line of, Paints and Varnishes
in ,slock.
Picture Framing done on shortest
notice. Bring your pictures and look
over our mouldings.
I Local and General
Ty I.ct—Furnished front room. Apply Mrs. Harry I.ee, Esplanade.
Mr. Martin   Clerrlsh, ot McKinney,
Texas, is    visiting   his cousin,   Dr
j Pay Day Specials j
Slater's :
• Shoes-Men's.Patent Balls, military heel,
• well known $5.50 shoes for quick sale at $3.95.
:    Men's Kangaroo dull tops, military hf el swing •
•last.   Slater's Regular $5.00 and $5.50 for $4.25...
• Don't miss this opportunity. -.   ,2
• Men's Box Calf Blu., heavy sole, leather lined. •
Regular $4.50 and 5.00, Sale Price $3.75. •
Ladies' Strapped Slippers, a genuine snap at $1.40 •
• a pair.
Men's Pullman Slippers, a snap at $1.35.  .
Dry Goods Specials
• About 30 pieces English Prints guaranteed fast •
I colors, all good patterns, only 10c per yd. •
J    Lace Curtains, Beautifuldesigns, 3 yards long, 60 •
• inches wide.   A snap at $1.35 5
• Girls' Coats, about 20 of these left and to effect a •
I speedy clearance we offer 25c on the dollar reduction.
~    Muslin Waists in some lovely designs beautifully
embroidered.   Sale Price 95c each.
Ask to see our new Range of Dress Goods.
Dont forget we are showms: our New Millinery.
Dont forget our Nifty showing of Men's Suits.
! Simon Leiser & Co.,Ltd 1
When asking tor tho
see that you get it.
"Grand Duke"
At St. John's church, on March 8,
hy Rev. tl. M. Amhrosc, Mr. VitUo
Thomas was united 1n. marriage with,
Miss Fcrdinaiitc Charlier.
Beginning next Saturday, The
Chronicle will publish a carefully
compiled monthly tide tahle.
When asking for the
see that you get it.
"Orand Du'- e"
Mr. John Howard, son of Superintendent Howard of the Western Fuel
Company, was in the city last Sunday.
Fine English Pork Pin, trash made daily
at Hooper's, Gutters street.   Try one.     *
For Garden Seeds go to tlie Drug
Store. *
Ashcroft Potatoes at R. Gear's tor
Sl.7-5 per sack. 4
The social announced by Laurel' Rc-
tekah Lodge tor March 11 has been
indefinitely postponed.
Notice To
Motor Boat Owners
H. M. Oslen, living 4 miles south of
town hes a fine driving horse for
sale. Tho horse is sound in wind
and limb and S years old. Call and
see him. **
The young ladies and gentlemen ot
St. Mary's church will give a concert on lhc liS'h inst., St. Patrick's
day, at the Y. M. 1. hall, commene.
ing at 8 p. m. Tickets DO cents and
25 cents for children.
There is a new vocalist at the Lndysmith Opera House this week, and
he is a great improvement on thc
former one.  Mr. S. II. Joyms is the
There wil ife a meeting ot thc share name of the vocalist, and he has  a
I have now a stock of
first class DRY BATTERIES
23 to 25 Amperes.
Knight's Book Store
holders of the Mclntyre Foundry Co,
at lhc (ills es of the company next
Friday night.
rsc Na Dru Herb Tablets.
Ladysmith Pharmacy.
At the
To the wile ol Tony Armand, Flftlj
avenue, there was horn yesterday
twins—two boys.
Painter anl Pcrei lunger
Try Na Dru Ctiartoal Tablets tor
Dyspepsia.   At the Drug Store.   »
O. W. Stevenson, representing tho
American Type Founders, Vancouver,
is in tho city to-day.
II you want a good Comb or Brush
call at ,lhc Drug Store.      „        *
FOUND—A key marKcd Miller.
Owner can have same by calling at
this office.
Mi'. A. Broolsbanks. has received
Irom a friend a seriec nf views of
Prince Rupert that arc. decidedly interesting.
Hot Tomalcs every evening at Hoopei
lBc, 2 for 5.1c.
Men's Shoes
We have just opened a nice line of Canadian
Gentlemen's Shoes and will be pleased to show you
our assortment.
They are Neat and Nobby and the prices are right.
We also have a good assortment of strong working Boots.
Call and inspect I hem.
B. C.
good voice. The pictures this week
have- leen very attractive, particularly the one of King Edward and his
court at the Olympic games. For
the last three nights "tit the week
there will be an entire change of programme, and Mr. Joyncs will sing
new songs.
The Novelty Theatre has been
crowded every night this week, and
thc programme was a good one.
There were several good funny pictures, particularly the two entitled
"Freedom for All" and "Checker
Fluids," The programme for thc
last hnlf of the week will lie: "The
Ooldcn Beetle," "Thc Plain Clothes
Man," "The Mystery ot thc Mountain," "The Dircctorlc Gown," "Thc
Leap Year Proposals ot an Old
Maid," and "Grandfather's Pills."
Messrs. Sanderson and Lewis will
sing "Mary Blaine" and "II 1 Should,
Fall in Love with You."
Next Saturday evening, March IS,
there w 11 be a double session ah the
Aero Roller Rink. The first session
will start at 7:30 ami close nt 10.
The second session will start at 10
and close at 12. In the first session
there will be a potato race, always
nn interesting event. The admission
will te 10 cents, and if those who
have paid 10 cents desii'o to skate
they will only have to pay an additional 15 cents. It should be borne
in mind that skating is free to ladic.l,
every Tuesday morning, end on Saturday mornings school children are
only charged 15 cents.
Mrs. Gardner has opened
Hair Dressing
on the Esplanade.
Hair Restored and Scalp
Tuesdays and Thursdays,
10 a. m. to 12 a. m., 2 p. m.
to 6 p. m.
Victdtia prolahly got a greater advertisement yesterday in consequence
ot the arrival here Irom the Antipodes
of Mr. Jack Johnson than it did on
tne occasion of the ccming via the
same route a few weeks ago of Lord
Koi'theote, ex-GovhrnpP General o!
Australia. Yesterday every newspaper in the world almost, ol any consequence, had dispatches bearing a
Victoria date giving the gist of an interview with the champion pugilMt ol
thc world, and wc will wager that
but comparatively few printed much
oil thc occasion of thc arrival here ol
one of the foremost British statesmen—which shows the sense of proportion possessed hy the newspaper
reading public. Great is the man
with a *ao,OC>0 punch.-Vietoria Colonist.
Jim Jeffries, in the day of his
glory was never so popular as now,
judging by the way the crowds arc
cheeringhiin whenever he appears. He
seems to have something ol thc general affection that was lavished   on
Mclntyre Foundry Co., Ltd.
You are requested tc attend a
meetln;, at the offices of the comply,
oh Friday, March 12th. The business
will be tho discussion of the general
development of the company, and al)
shareholders are particularly requested tc attend. An invition is also extended to anyone who may contemplate Investing in shares of the company.
Ladysmith, B. C, March 10, 1909,
' Cyphers Pood
Pol* Chickens
Chick Food
Scratching Food
Blool Meal
Beef Scraps
Ground    Oyster
A Fresh Consignment of the J
I Above Just received.
Ladysmith Hardware Co.,'»
4-H"H"i"I»H"H-l"M"'.-W-»»-H».- ♦H»r-M^-H"H"I"I"i"I"M-i-H-H
P. 0. NOOT
For. Watches, Clocks, Jewelery and
Optical Goods. Columbia Graphophones,
Double Disc Records, 10-inch 85c, Cylinder Records 40c.
1 •   (j*      INUU I 9    GATACRE ST,
We Have Everything You Need
I        JOHN  BICKLE        |
*M,%%%%M"'*AAAAAA%%AA*l,AZ' AAA%Att'AAAAAA*'*A*'*AAAM,A-,
Ladysmith Opera House J
| Home ofthe Finest Moving Picture :|
Plant in British Columbia       f:
13,000 Feet of Films. Two Illustrated Songs |
| Two Shows Each Night |
I .——-— *
I Programme Changes Mondays and Thursdays |
I Admission:   10 and IS Cents!
John L. Sullivan, although it wasn't
so manifest in the days of 'his championship renown. In those days thej
public seemed to regard Jell merely
as a,burly giant, a mammoth trcak,
and not as a live warm-hearted, sociable warrior, like good old John.
Since Jetlries left the game the public has come to realize that he was
needed. Nobody has filled his job.
The men who tried to ma', e good In
his position proved to be counterfeit'
era, and now the crown rests on the
woolly skull of a sable Ethiopian.
Wherefore—ovon though it may te too1
late—-tho light-loving multitude has
turned to Jc'frlcs, and is giving him
an amount of adulation that would
have tickled him to death a tew years
Some Dainty
White Waists and
New embroideries
Edging Insertions
and all over


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