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Ladysmith Standard Nov 25, 1908

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Pay Day
W.E. MOORE, Proprietor
New By-Law Will lie Voted Upon on Saturday the
28th, and is Expected to Carry
It will not be forgotton that Sat- Wellington Colliery Company hus bo-
urday is tho day on which thu 1'ate gun thu opening out ol a new mino.
ul tho now sewor by-law is to bo Thu new initio i.s an assurance of
decided, There is no reason to doubt yoars~of stability to tho town, and
what thu result will bo. At the tho only possiblo objection to tho
timo thu eloclrlc lighting by-lnw wus city borrowing monoy hus bocn wip-
Voted on thero wan an oven stronger od out.
demand (or a system ot sewerage] Now, a town witli lights and ti
than for light, As has already been sower system has inlinitoly more
stated in the Standard, rut-out do-; ohuueus o! growing ai'.ti expanding
volopmenls have only served to bring than a city of darkness draining it-
out moro forcibly thun over tho need self. Nnnalmo is twico the size of
in the city for a sower system. ILadysmith.    Why?   Because It is ton
The by-law will curry; but it is times us old? Not entirely. Nttnat-
to bo hoped Unit this feeling will | mo depends for its prosperity on the
not detor voters rroin casting their j mines, tno same us Ladysinith. Is
ballots. Tho poll on tho electric Its payroll twice ns big? Nol by
lighting by-lnw wns far short of' any means. Tho size of Ladysinith
what it ought  to havo beutl and this  is not nt all    in proportion to   its
can -almost be suid of every public
question submitted to tho pooplo of
Ladysmith. Surely under present
circumstances there will be a change.
It Is not a question of comfort or
convenience, bui of health, possibly
of life and denth. A sower is an
essential of henlth in a city, and overy taxpayer; if ho is truo to himself antl hns uny regard for his family, will turn out nnd register his
Tt mny bo that there are still somo
in the city who uro opposed to tho
Idea of plunging the city into so
much debt. Tho Standard hns little
that Is new to say on this bend. Tt
has already stated in overy varloty
of form that tho installation of
lights and of a sewer system should
prove n good business investment.
Sinco this statement wns nimde in
regard to the lighting question,   tho
pay-roll.    Anybody who thinks   oan
supply the reuson.
Install the lights und put in a sowor and tho town will bo us nttmc-
tivo as any on the Islund. The Island itself is in foe ii 'boom. Tho
land clearing operations of the C.I'.
R-, aro draw ing nttentlon to its agricultural possibilities. The E. „ N.
Mention to Alhorhi will open the
wny to commerce and . assuredly
build up the country round nbout.
The-South Wellington Conl Co., is
ovon now Inying down n railroad
from the mine to Rout Harbor, The
Islund generally and particularly this
locality is in for a big era of prosperity and the city should bo prepared to seize all it can get, Sewerage antl lights ure Ilrst necessities,
and, under all circumstances, nothing more thnn a gootl business investment.
How To Mark Your Ballob
There uro always spoiled papors at a ballot and yet the marking of
thom is simplicity itself. The ballot paper calls for Aye or No, and 11
you aro in the Ayes, that is in favor of tho sewerage system, you put
an X opposite tho Aye. II you nro opposed to the by-law, put uaX opposite the No.    For, example, hero is a voto In favor :
Mrs. tiarnett Anderson, Doctor, Elected to High Olllce ln
LOUISVILLE,    Ky.,    Nov.    23.-
Girth Spencer,    aged    114. years,   a
young furnier living at Owen, Indiana, wus accidentally shot and killed
.,,,,.   -by Miss  Ida Reinliart, to whom    he
LONDON, Nov. 31,.- Reports     to »„s     ohgagod    to be     married   on
tho elfect that Misr Dovo was olect-j Christmas Day, ut  the girl's   home
oil -Mayor of High Wycombo wero in- '" tllis city yosterduy.   Tlie tragedy
occurred shortly after Spcucor    had
finished breakfast     ut  the Rclnguit
correct. Sho lost tho election by
HI votes to 14.' The English mayoralty elections, howevor, did not
Puss oil without ono feminine success, Mrs. Garrett Anderson, a pioneer woman doctor, boing returned in
Aldoburgh, nnd is thus Englund's
Ilrst woman mayor.
A moro important stop In the woman's     movement wns tho appoint- pod    it   playfully.      .Mrs. Roiuhart
ment ol Miss Mono Wilson as a mem handed tho revolver back to Spoacor
ber of tho home ofllce committoo  to "nd h0    put tho    tw0 l,,,llets bnck
,„ „.,.„ ,_,    ,    . . ,    . „ .   into It.     Miss Reinhurt  did not seo
inquire Into factory accidents.     Hut „,,„ whon ,,„ ,.„„„„,,,., (hl. „„,     Ho
the suffragettes, graaplng atter ahadsjlinndcil buck tho revolver to her and
ows, puid. no nttentlon to this sub- sho snapped it again, tho bullot
stantinl rocoiinition of their sex speeding straight     Into  tho   man's
home. ..Miss Rnlnhart, her mother,
nnd Spencer woro sitting ubout the
table talking, when tho conversation
drifted to revolvers uud tholr uses.
Miss Reinhurt went tn u trunk and
procured a revolver. There woro
two bullets in it and Spencer removed them both before looking at it.
Ho snapped it sovoraJ times and
handed it to her mother who snnp-
An explosion of coal oil, which was
being used ln starting a fire . ii'.jr-
day, caused the death ol Albert A.
Bradbury, aged 15 years, fat. v
burnod Mrs. Emerick Garvin, an I
slightly Injurod two small children,
aged ton and flve,
Tho explosion occurred just as tho
funeral pnrty ot Aaron Bradbury,
who was an undo of tho doad boy,
was leaving tho houso. Anothor
member of tho family wos 111 of typhoid fetor ln the houso at tho
time. The undertaker rescued Mrs.
Garvin. Tho house wns slightly
Ottawa, Nov, 24.-Mr. Ed. Drun-
onburg, London, Eng., mining engineer, who lost a foot as a result of
a street cor accident hers last summer, has taken action against the
Ottawa Electric Railway Co, for
LONDON, Nov. 21.—A droll report
has reached Casablanca trom Fez,
slating that Mulai llalid hns manifested a dosiro to enter Into possession ol the harem ot Abdul Aziz. It
should be noted thut In Moslem states tho harem Is regarded as a mark
ot sovereignty rather than as tho prl
vatu and personal proiwrty ot the
If Mulai llatld should desire to
possess the imperial harem, Abdul
Aziz, it la understood, would gladly
hand it over to hlm, thc transaction
being, of course, conducted on a cash
basis, ami It is even stated that a
bargain Is now being struck,
At lhe present moment moro than
two hundred women aro lodgod in a
houso at Casablanca lielonglng to
tho government) where nlso thoir imperial master resides. They would
nil, with tho oxceptlon ot ahout
tlozon favorites of Abdul Aziz, be
packed off to Fez In tho event ot tho
negotiation being successfully concluded.
Dr. Fagan Praises   Proposed Sewerage Systeiti.     Court uf Revision
In Voters' List Will Sit   on.
December 2fjth.
The forty-third meeting of the City
Council was hold in the City Hall
on Monday evening. Muyor Nicholson presided und there was a full attendance of the Board of Aldermen.
A letter was read fa-oni a Seattle
company stating that they had soon
that thu city is contemplating installing a sewer system, and putting
boforo the Council then- stock of sewer fillings. The letter was ordered
lilud for future reference.
Dr. U. J. Fagan, thu Secretary uf
Uio Pl'ovlnclal Bourd of Health
wrote, saying that a copy of the
plans und specifications for the peo-
posod sewer system had been submitted to his board. The syljloni
was entirely satisfactory, and u de
elded improvement upon souiu of Liiu
sewers serving much inuro pretentious cities. 'The city would go
ahead with the installation provided
thut thu plans hud been finally adopted.
--.letter ou the suine subject was
read from Mr. E. Mohun, the ongiu
cor responsible for the plans. Doth
communications were filed.
A communication -wus roud from
Mr. J. A. Knight asking permission
to continue the sidewalk from Carter's store to Knight's Hook Store,
'i'he request was granted. Muyor Nicholson remarking that they could
not give too much encouragement to
merchants  to put down sidewalks.
Accounts totalling Sils.Oti wore presented nntl referred to the Finance
Committee to lie paid if found correct.
Mnyor Nicholson observed thut tho
doctor's bill at the hospital would
bo $300. The Provincial Secretary,
howover, assured him that tho Government would meot the doctor's bill'
and, if tho city would prepare hills
for thc tolnl expense incurred nt the
hospital, perhaps more assistance
could lie given. His worship hud not
since seen Uio Premier, but they
could forward the doctor's accounts
at least. He had no doubt thnt thc
•Provincial Secretary would redeem
his promise;
The Sanitary Inspector - reported
that hu hatl looked over the alleged
nuisance on Mothuon street, or rath,
or, In tho alloy-wny between Methuon
and White Streets. Ho hud found
no trnce of dirty water in the alloy
y. Thero was an open drain in
Mr. Allsopp's lot. lending right
down to the fence; but thore wns no
waste or dirty water to he seen in
tho alley-way.
The report was received and  (Hod.
Under the head of new business,
Mayor Nicholson rend nn excerpt
from the Municipal Clauses Act denl-
ing with the Municipal Voters' List,
and the regulations governing the
Court of Revision. Tlie net culls for
two aldermeu to sit ns n Court of
Revision, which Court shall sit on
December 21st. Aldermen Roberts
nnd Campbell were nominated and
the Court will meol in the City Hall
at 2 o'clock p. in.
The Council then adjourned.
Lucul i'lu-ytjrs    \UH    Meet L'uiiiijiiuid
MuiiiUimi iVum un aumiuy
Allure wui uti a M'bt; citibb gu-iuu --
'   1UUU.U11    un    WO    SjJUrto   UiUuiiUb     -in
ouiiUny ui-urnuuit msd    -\u\ Li,  au-
1 uiumii is uniting u^.' u   .ujiiMiu.u
1 LUtUU  .rum  ilwiUaiii wiiuiu  and    «Urt
j H-bumubiur. uy au uucuuiiUa it .a
' u aii'u.ig L.uiii, aau u _,uuu game ib
ati_ur_u. Ui culU'du, LhO uiuu naa Laid.
! lu guuraiiLue uiu \ iyttura i utuwr u
- sini Ugure; iur tne u\1'<jjis__ ui ua;
] tacit iruiii the iSlauu cannot* bui L>o
bOuVy, Given imu wptUHor, iiuwuv.r,
| Uie ciulj hus nu fourB bui wiiai jl
wiU nniUe guuit ami Lhat ia ail Uiai
can be cxjiucLed iruin such a game.
The game will be wuii worth, suuing,
und, ii it is I'uiruiiiM.'ii ua n uiigm
tu be, othor guinea ui thc same- mud
will hu urruugud.
Public Notice.
Notice is hereby given tbat all Churches, Lodges,
Schools and Public gatherings will be permitted on
and after 21st November next upon all parties
wishing to attend the same producing a certificate
of successful vaccination.
D. Nicholson, Chairman
A. C. Frost, M.D., Health Ollicer
Ladysmith, 13 O, November 17th, 1008.
Ernest Pendray Kun Over and     Instantly Killed in Victoria.
VICTORIA, Nov. 2-1.—Ernest C.
Pendray, eldest son ot W. J. Pendray, ot th* soap and paint works
here, was instantly killed at noon
today. Ha was superintendent ot
the Soap department and was just
leaving the works for home at 11.45.
He jumped on one ol the firm's rigs
to ride, whsn an automobile passing
frightened the horses and a kick-up
occurred. The driver jumped over
the hack and escaped unhurt. Pen
dray jumped oft tho truck at the
sldo and a wheel passed ovjr his
hoad and heart, Instantly killing
him. He was a young man, married, with wife and two children.
UHKAD 1.IM0 MAV  111-1 .MYTH.
NBW VOllK, Nov. 23.—That most
of tho unfortunates who stand shiver
ing ln New York's broad line waiting
for dry bread and a cup ot coffee,
are liars and professional hoboes,
who would not work 11 employment
was ottered thorn, is tho opinion of
T. V. Powtlerly, a Roverntncnt labor agent, who has made a study of
conditions here at close raimo.
Mr. Powdorly has suggested that
the stato purchase forms whero the
professional rocolvers of charity may
lie forced to work. If they refuse to
4o service thore, his plan Is to place
them In the hands ot some other
state department for handling and
A MALiUUUb LiiiliL
The .Nunuiino lleruld oa Wednesday
morning reverted once more to its
old-time method oi treating this
city. l_\en when its proprietors
were doing a good business iu this
town their prejudices always suiullv
ered every other consideration and
their one aim seemed to be to knock
the town in every conceivuble manner at every possible opportunity,
itecently the conduct of the journal
so fur as Ladysmith bus been
concerned, has been much better, but
ts editor must have had a very serious relapse on Wednesday.
it says; ''An Extension miner residing ut Ladysmith was taken ill
In Extension mine yestei-day and of
ter being removed to his home, the
doctors pronounced it a case of
lt must be confessed that there is
an atoui of truth in this statoment.
An Extension miner was taken sick
in the mine.        ilut it was not    on
ucsday, nor was he ever taken
homo, nor did the doctors ever pronounce it a   case oi smallpox.
There was a caso of smallpox in
Nanuituo a week or two ago. Thore
may be others even today. But the
Herald is the very last journal to
mention It. Why? Because of the
injury it would do tho town, tho
business it would destroy, and the
revenue it would curtail. Yet, on
nothing botter than old und idle and
indefinite hearsay, lt publishes a paragraph about Ladysmith, rejaixlless
of the harm it may work the city,
and its citizens. .And still the Herald comes into the town; still there
people who tal<e it; and still
there are merchants and societies
who give the Herald business and
iiitronage. Surely this nrtrues an
Invertebrate type of citizonship.
I    J be alternoon iptiot of Uiu streets
i was suuounly broKeii into yesterday
; by the crack, of a tremendous explo-
j slon.     'iiie sounu    in  the   blauuard
I olllce was liKo umo luu lulling of a
big rock or a large sized keg uu the
sidewalk    wmte  tae  wnolo   building
trembled una crooked v-.ua the    concussion.    Naturally     the    standard
man looked out and he found   many
persons on  Ule streets,   but ao    sign
of a lag rock or a large sized   keg.
Looking    along    Lhe,   Avenue deuse
clouds uf smoke were seen rising   beyond  MelilUen   Street   where  the laud
clearing operations are going on.
11 seems that twelve sticks of
blasting powder had been laid beside
a fire to dry mil. Fuses with caps
attached were ulso foolishly left lying around and one ni theso became
Ignited, and exploded the whole business. Fortunately, there was no
one around at the time and no danv
ago wus done, except that the
O'Conneijs had ;i window broken.
LONBPX, Nov. 23.- Football results oil Saturday were :
Woolwich Arsctiul t), Sunderland -1;
Nottingham County 8, Notts l-'orrest
0; Newcastle United 0, Ashton Villa
•2; llrislol City 1, Shellield Unltod
1; Preston North End 0, Ilury 2;
Middle.sborough 1, Liverpool ii; Sheffield Wednesday 8, Manchester City
1; I^lcestor Fosse 5, Chelsea 2; TCv-
orton 4, Ulackbrn Hovers -1; MnnchoB
tor Unltod 2,  Bradford City n.
Birmingham 1, Hull City 2; Helton Wnnderei-s 1. Wolverhampton
Wanderers 1; Burnloy 0. Clapton Occident l; Fullham ii, Leeds Olty I ;
flainslioi'uiightovvii n, Tottenham
Hotspurs 2: Glqasop 2, Ohosterllold-
town 0; Grimsbyt.iwn ll. Ilurnsley f;
Stockport County 1. Blackpool 0;
West Bromwich Albion 2. Derby
County 0.
West Hum United 2: Coventry 0 ;
Crystal rnhire 2. Alillvvnll 1; Itrent-
fhrd 1. New llriinipton 1; Lutein 3,
Northampton 1; Swindon 3, Queens
Park Hangers 1; Plymouth Athletic.
1. Portsmouth 2: Lev ion 0. Bristol
Rovers 1: Southampton I. Wulford
0; Reading 7, Norwich City 1.
The Yorkshire team sitlTerod overwhelming defeat nt the hands of Australians; score 21 to 0.
(Ottawa Citizen.)
Now some oi tlie experts claim
that there i.s no such thing as a
brain storm. Jud anyone ever stand
beside a man whose wife had opened
cans with liis razor?
LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Nov. 24.—
Two tornadoes, ono north and one
southbound, swept over West Arkansas destroying many lives and milch
property. All means of eomuiunica>1
lion was destroyed and nothing tie-
linito hos so far been heard from the
region visited by the tornadoes. It
is estimated that Rt least thirty and
possibly fifty lives were lost, and
the property loss is estimated at
hundreds of thousands of dollars.
One tornado started in the extreme
southwestern part of the state and
went north, following the second tier
of counties from the western bound-
ury line, tho other started in the
northwestern corner of the state and
out south following the third tier
of counties.
According to advices received the
storm was at its height when it
swept through Piney, a German settlement on the Iron Mountain railway between Knoxville and London,
Lute reports from Hussellville, the
nearest town with which communication can be had, are thnt betweon 12
and 2U persons were killed and ovor
30 injurod at that place. Five lives
are also reported to have been lost
tenmiles from Mulbury, where one of
the tornadoes did great damage. The
tornado also struck Walla Walla and
Dyer, small towns, doing great damage. Strips from two miles to half
a mile wide were swept clean in the
towns and open country.
From Knoxville a despatch was
received this morning which partially confirms the roport that Barr,
four miles trom that place, was totally wrecked. Section men who
wont to the scene, state tho entire
intermediate country has been laid
vaste by the wind and hail which
followod, the hail in some places
stand to a   depth of six inches.
Physicians ond nurses hastily made
up rel of parties and were sent from
Knoxville to both Borr and Plney.
OTTAWA, Nov. 21.—Chairman Parent, of the Transcontinental Railway Commission, said today: "If
any rojnitable journal, either at homo
or abroad, makes any charge against the honesty of tho commission, it
will be given on opportunity to prove
its charges in tho courts. 'I'he commission is lining its best to build
the railway honestly, and as economically as possible, and does not
propose qulotly to submit to oal-
umny and unwarranted criticism.
Tho commission alrondy has taken
stops to vindicate Its honor against
the London Times, and has asked
Charles Russell, Canndlan legal adviser in London to demand a retraction and apology from the Times."
Montreal, Nov. 24.—The Anglican
Synod assembled this morning to
elect a bishop, but tho ballot as announced this afternoon rosultesl In
no election. The lay vote gavo a
majority to Bonn Farthing of Kingston, but he only received 3B votes
out of 102 cast hy clericals. Bonn
Evani, of Montreal, obtained 41
clorlenl, but only 100 lay votes. Tho
second ballot Is proceeding
Sydnoy. N.S.. Nov, 24.—C. H. Frr-
gle, at one time connected with the
Dominion Coal Company, is here examining coal property in southern
Cape Breton in the interest, it Is
■aid, of the C.P.R. that company
being anxious to secure Its own coal
supply ln eastern as well as central
and Western Canada.
PEKIN, Novt 24.—The situation at
Nanking where a mutiny of tho part
of tho Chinoso troops broae out on
Nov. 11), is still sertiuis: There has
been fighting on lhc streets of the
city and the portion of tlie foreign
residents hnvo taken refuge on board
a British gunboat. Others of the
foreigners preferred to remain on
Monocncy, Md., Nov. 24.—A monument erected hy tho state ol Pennsyl
vanla In memory of hor soldiers who
(ought nnd toll ln tho battlo ot Mo-
nocacy was dedicated on tho battlefield today. The Pennsylvania regl-
ments represented wore the Slxty-
Soventh, Eighty-seventh and Ono
Hundred and Thirty-eighth regiments
ol volunteer Infantry.
TORT BURWELL, Out., Nov. 24.—
Tlie plant nf tho Port Rurwell Nows
owned and operetod by r. A. Burns,
wns destroyed by Ore this mornlnfr,
caused by the explosion nf a gasoline engine. Tho loss is estimated
at about $4,000.
HAMILTON. Ont., Nov. 21.—Robert Glmbell. 20 yenrs old. pleaded
guilty this morning to stenlingmnll
bags from n transfer wagon and wns
sentenced to three years In the penitentiary. If You Require Any
Or If You Require Any
,n».,_ uoiuie Lue.v reunzeu it.
Make of this what you please; but it
is playing the gamo so low asto be
absurd. The United States teen
selves are directly the result of Just
such a policy of meddling as I-ord
Milner would initiate, and the majority of Englishmen are not very
likely to forget it.
If Vou Want to Bay a HOUSE,
or Sell One;   or If You   Want
otuiy Public,
Quebec, Nov. 20—Canada's "navy"
lies in Quebec harbor dismantled  of
officers.        The situation is unique.'
The Montcalm lies at the dock   under orders that   she cannot execute.
Two sister vessels are at anchor   in
the river    undor similar conditions.
Mr. Perron,   iv.C, assistant counsel
for tho commission, says they were
'blocked"   by graft,     their captains
and oiitcors have been suspended, and
. thus far the marine depurtinont have
I 01 ] l\    S 11'1 VV A R I beea unau'e '° secure substitutes.
■s ' Mr. Perrun,     however, told a   re
porter that he did not expect     any
of those suspended to put in an appearance at tho   court;  "they     aro
every     one guilty, and they     know-
it," he said.
The whole deportment is full  of
it.     A number of them havo admitted it, and thoy havo been warned to
accept    the inevitable without causing trouble.     They have not    been
lubpoenaed, merely notiliod to come
to the court, if they so desired, and
give evidence, clearing up the    matter.     This the majority cannot   do,
and they will not put in an appearance at all, allowing tho suspension
to become     permanent.     They fully
realize this, and that the investiga-
_^^^____________^___     is not to bo tampered with. If they
It is only a few days ago that we g0 _, |0,. „_y perjury or impropriety
drew attention to some remarks we intend to pop them into jail im-
mude by Lord Milner to a   Canadian mediately.
audience. Lord Milner ispresumably "I tell you, for the post few days
auningto succeed Mr. chamberlain in i ha\ e had a terrible experience
the leadership ot the Tarill Reform with theso men. They are at tho
movement, and if recklessness of hotel at midnight and afte
statement and looseness of argument' f( re daybreak
Ladysmitli    Stundard
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will advance the work of the propa- up.  pleading,  expostulating,   begging
gtnda, he is an apt pupil.   Since we for leniency.     I have simply had to
Mooro mul his players to
uyslurs. Tho Good Tem-
i'il too hunt a nut to
,vnii out hy tlio scoro ol'
two goals iu nono. There was nevor iixuoh in Lho gumo, but it wus for
blood und tlio wrltor lost his share.
However, Captain Mooro is not sat-
isiioil yoL anu is willing tu start again for a c-hiekoii supper, He had
to start without his lull compJhnent
bi men. Oi twu old married still's,
one was Into nnd tho other failed
lo show up at all. By a unanimous
voto of tho team it was decided
that lie and ho alone was responsible for tlio defeat and that ho must
stand tho damage. The game was
witnessed hy qulto a mimbor of spectators win) apparently found as much
amusement as excitement in tho
gam ', The Sfooros aro not down-
hoar.ed, and till (hose not too son)
to travel had a swell feast at the
0. IC. Lunch Counter ou Sunday evening.
■ 1
Tlie g
;l tno
for the benefit
of two
of th
injured   players
on Sum
lay  i
was rather   on
tho tain
e sid
A number of tho re-
gular senior
were unable   to
turn out
.; bu
t t
thore wero   two
full olov
B11S   1
the field.     Hufty was
ado a
good  showing,
und  Lai
un  i
to be a valua-
or jail,
do not expect
up at court.
wrote our last articlo Lord Milner refuse to see them altogether
has left Canada and arrived in Lon- means permanent dismissal
don. Naturally be was pounced up- and thoy know it. I
on by the ubiquitous reporter, and any of them to turn
has given out his views on Canada' The investigation has boen In pro-
and Canadians. First of all he put gross now for thirteen weeks all
it on record that he had discovered told. Sir. Watson says ot least six
no prejudice against the English em- additional weeks wdll be required to
igrant in the Dominion. That, of get through. A few days more are
courso is very satisfactory so far as estimated for Quel.oc, as Judge Gusli goes. liut it does not go very sols has decided
far, aod if ever there had been very till midnight,
much in the cry of prejudice, which Mr. Perron statos that iinraedlate-
wu do not believe, we submit that ly UP°" the disclosures he had wired
Lord Milner's hurried tour did not t,ie 'l,cts to the minister of marine,
give him very much opportunity to recommending the instant suspension
say anything on either side of the of the men implicated. "Thero
Question, however," he added,
Then he    took up tho subject    of.urg° it-       As
to sit every night
tarill reform and preferential   trade
throughout the Empire.   There was,
he said, a   universal feeling in Canada    in favor  of it, and  that this
was not duo so much to any! calculations  of the particular benefits that
might accrue from it to Canada, as
to a general sentiment in favor    of
trade with liritain, rather than with
foreign     countries.   The    Canadians
would not object to a duty on their
imports if that duty was set at
lower    rato than   on corresponding
foreign imports.     It would be interesting to know where and how Lord
Milner got    his authority for    this
statement.     Certainly ae has spoken before quite a few city clubs, and
his words were listened to as    tho
voice of wisdom, and his speeches re
ported and    circulated at inordinate
length.      Now we have not noticed
thut    there   wus a   universal fooling
for preferential trgdc,   and we    aro
positive thut the Canadian merchant
like his prototype in England,    and
the world over, can only look at   a
business proposition from a  business
basis.     Sentiment hus no place    in
business.     Business cannot be    run
on sentiment.       The business    that
does not pay, that dues not yield  a
profit, doss not last, and profits are
the main end of   all business enterprises.     If the Canadian farmer loses
a dollar a  ton ln Import duty    on
the corn ha sends into England the
fact that the Hussion farmer is losing moro will not mako hlm any the
richer or uny thc happier. Tho   Uritish manufacturer of woollens   pays
something like a  30 per cent, duty
to land   his goods in the Dominion,
and stiil our own manufacturers are
not satisfied, and are seeking greater protection.      These   are  facts as
opposed to ths assertions oj    Lord
Htllner.    It is characteristic of    the
man that he should have dragged ln
the bogey of annexation by the United .States    to strengthen his    case,
"All Canadians    would emphatically
oppose annexation," he said,    "but
there were still many silent and   unconscious Influences at work    which
got the facts he ncted
reason the
^^^     was
no need     to
soon as Mr. Brodeur
That Is the
s aro all tied up."
CONTROL  lllll   till, COM
PITTSBURG, Nov. 18.- Several score of women stockholders in
the California Kern Oil Company,
who voted to exiwnd $80,000 for tho
improvement of tho compuny, and
also sustained the notion of the directors in ousting tbe principal stock
holders today, are preparing for the
row thnt is expected to follow thoir
The women mot last night at the
Monongnhela Houso and uphold the
directors who voted to depose Vice-
President Lafe Johnson, of Indiana-
polls, and Director I). E. Mack, of
Bakersfield. Tho women also approved of the new directors elected
to replace them,
lohnson owned a controlling Interest In the company and from tho
action of the directors it appears
that they voted him out of his own
.'ompany in his absence. Tho women will resist ony attempt on his
pnrt to regain control.
ble ninn. Tho game was fairly evenly contested, the second team having, perhaps, the bost of the play.
However, it ended in a draw of one
goal each whieh was at least sntis-
faotory. The gate was slightly ovor
Victoria City Longuo.
The .'ily League hi Victoria is being pushed ahead. It is certainly a
wise policy. The mistake of the season in local iootball was mndo in
lurching Lho City Ix?nguo and
■g it going. The practice games
nil been more or less fizzles,
is to them that the City Loa-
inies hnve been .sacrificed. The
e lies been the ease in Victoria, and there bus been quarrelling
when n City League fixture was interfered with even for a Coast League match. The result is that the
game is very much alive and tho
League is being fought out with the
keenest Interest. Victoria "West nro
first with 12 points for 7 games. Esquimau second with 0 points for 6
games and Hie [{ays third with 8
points for n games.
to Nuhaimu and the club of that olty
is now seeking his transfer. 'Phis is
the lirst wo have' heard of it. Certainly Wynne has gone to Nanainio;
but so far there hus booh no coiiir
muiiication from the Niuiaiino club
on the matter. It is hnnily likely
that thero ever will be.
That- proposed California soccer
teanv tour of the Pacific Coast seems
assured. Con Jones, president of
tho Vancouver District Football league, has guurantoed some §8110 expenses which the California men
stated -would be required for the
trip, and now it is up to the Southerners, If tho deal goes through the
team will bo in chargo of Sam Goodman, tho secretary of tho California
association, nnd the tour will bo
managed by Messrs. Con Jonos and
Will Ellis of Vancouver. According
to present plnns the team will leavo
San Francisco tho latter part of
March, 190$, and will come direct to
Vancouver. After playing thero on
Good HVidny and protmbly Easter
Monday, tho team will go to Ladysmith, Nonoimo, Victoria, Seattle,
Tacoma and so on down tho Coast.
Mr. Goodman, In n lotter to Mr.
Kills snys soccer is bUoming in the
south and threntons to outdraw
■Rugby in the near future.
Iii the course of uu Interview in
Australia Jack Johnson, the negro
heavyweight who is matched to moot
Tommy Burns on 'December 2©t'h lu
Sydney, Australia, said ho was roally glad to got within distance of
Tommy Bums at last.
"I have chased him out of America and London and Paris," ho remarked, "and now it sooms as if I
havo got him within reach, though
I won't he suro of him until the bell
goos on boxing day. He moy flit
out to San Francisco beforo that
date. No, I don't despiso Tommy.
Ho is a good littio follow, but not
good enough for me. What sort of
a flight will I make ot. it? Woll that
all rests with Tommy Burns, it ho
makes it merry, then I'm ready lor
it. If ho wants it flat-footod, why,
I can please Mm there too."
Opposed to Jeffries
On being informed that Jim Jeffries had beon approached ond had
refused to referee tho contest, 'Johnson broke out indignantly: "What
would have been tho uso of that? I
would not have stood JoiTrites for a
moment. Mr. Mcintosh night have
asked mo' about it flrst. Jeffries
would never fight mo, and he lias always heen prejudiced ngufiist mo,
though once he could havo handled
tho bost part of £10.000 for n Ight
with me. I think I hnd the best
chance of any man of giving Jeffries
a boating, though I don't say I
would hnve done tho trick. r-v*uiin-
ly I would ngrco to Mr. Harry Nathan being referee, thoujjh T think it
would havo boon bettor if the ('oily
newspapers of Sydney hnd chosen tho
referee betweon them. Two ^ond
boxers liko Bums end mvsi-i' do not
need a stalwart referee—a child could,
net. Onco -wo got a hint wo would
break away.
My dear." ho continued, "T think
I am sure to bent Tnhmy. I nm a
larger fellow, and cleverer. No man
living knows more about boxing.
than T do. Who has Burns beaten,
anyway?     Only Jnck O'Tirinn.    nnd
ng to u Vancouvor despatch
published in  lh    H      e -tundny,
Hurley uiul McDowell nre likely to
be suspended from lhe "n'mo for a
month or six weeks. Tt is more liko
ly still that either the Vancouver
scribe bus been misinformed or that
he doesn't know whnl lie is talking
about nnd all tho cha-ices nro on
the latter alternative, Thero was no
fight on the field or off tho fleld.
There vv-us never a blow struck. Tho
men were properly ordered off the
field nnd there their punishment will
end. The re^ree, of course, only did
his duty in reporting lhe incident.
Vnother despatch f»om the snme
(y nnd presumably dictated by tho
some hand, stntes that "Ginger"
McLean is report -' - - ' -ve left the
Thistles for Ihe Celtics nnd thnt
Randy Strang is going buck to Col-
gary.    Wynne, it continues, tlio well ^^^^
known Lndysmith player bun jumped I that fight wns 'a    crook.'    Tt took
bint IB rounds to beat Jim Flynn..
while I beat the same mnn in Jl
i a, ds. ituL may the best man win.
toiv.-'Ver, if-ho beats me I'll have no
e..e...,j. I wlll bo the first to.acknowledge my superior, and 1 hope
Tommy will do the same."
Johnson exhibited some ulnrm
when informed that Burns had laid
two narrow escapes from injury. The
colored man remarked: "Goo-moss,
I do hope n. '.hing wlll happen little
Tahmy. I do want him so bad,
That Bout With Hart.
When informed thut Marvin Flart
hnd defeated him and then gone
down to Burns, Johnson said: ' Why
1 beat Hart easier than any other
man. The decision was given against me, but it was not a fair ono
Hart only hit mo twice in tho 20
rounds. Next day lie went to tho
hospitul with a damaged face. All
the reputable American papers
agreed I was robbed. No, financo
didn't trouble mo much about this
fight with Burns. Tlio reason why 1
hesitated wus because I didn't seo
why Burns should get nil tho lolly.
1 would havo fought Burns under utmost any conditions and would havo
followed him around tho world. I
guess he'll havo to quit tho gamo
when I'm finished with hlm, All his
talk about settling in Australia is
only poker Bluff. Hc hns been going
to sottlo in Canada, London and Paris. He is nothing but a bluffer.
Ilut I'll show him how to fight. I
havo given ' up several important
London engagements to como out
hore, and according to my contracts
I havo to be back in London by Feb
runry 1st.
"Yes, I-Il meet Squires," ho added,
"though ho did refill to meot mo
before. All Burns' talk about playing for my body is rot. Am I going to hold my hands up all tho
time? No, you con tell the peoplo of
Australia thnt Tahmy will havo bad
enough of Johnson by the timo I'm
finished wdth him."
On tho     way out    on tlio Ortona,
Lady Dudley presented Johnson with
a scarfpln for being tho best dressed
gentleman at a ball given on board.
Tommy Hums Replies.
On boing"; interviewed regarding
Johnson's statements Burns suid
that when ho met Johnson in Sydney on boxiug day he would give
him a complete answer.
lt was not truo that Johnson had
chased him all ovor tho world. In
New York Johnson hnd failed to cover £500 put up by him, and it was
tho same with £10110 posted with tho
National Sporting Club in 'London.
The fact thnt Mr. 'McTntosh had offered Johnson a largo sum and expenses to como to Australia was
surely a sufficient refutation of the
running away declaration.
Burns said he was going to work
hard for tho match with Johnson.
Mr. Mcintosh referring to Johnson's remarks concerning Jeffries
said that the latter hud boon asked
to referee becauso hd was the retired champion and had not boxed
with Johnson or Burns. He looked
on hlm as tho fairest, nblost and
best man for the position. The question of the referee now remained for
Burns and Johnson to decide. Tf no
agreement wns como to he, Mr. McTntosh would exercise his option. His
only desire wns to seo a fair nnd
straight match. He was personally
risking £0,000 ovor tho match, nnd
wanted only a straight-forward do
Why have an oven
sufficient only for three
pies when "Sask-alta"
Range oven will take
four pies and other
cooking? The more
baking space you have
—the less fuel you use—the leas work you do.
Fuel and work are just about the main items
of expense in the kitchen.    "Sask-alta"
Range saves both for you.
London, Toronto, Montreal Winnipeg Vancouver, St John, Hamilton, Canary
Ladysmith Hardware Co. \
Boston, Mass., Nov. 21.—What is
claimed to bo the most complete und
perfoct tunnel for passenger traffic to
Great   Britain    where   the government's Small Holdings Bill is more
strongly favored than in those same
"Tho radical character of the pros-
bo found anywhoro in the world has out British government and its ton-
Just been comploted iu this city and rtoncy to iegiBiat0 along Socialistic
will bo opened for use during tho ,. ,, . . .,
coming week. It is known as the llnes ""* °»11»<1 to my «otlc0 °" sov-
Wushington street tunnel and is do- oral occasions, and Borne think that
signed to relieve tho congestion of this may affect tho demand for Brl-
tho nurrow nnd croojved strools of tjsh sec„rltles to some extont, and
Boston's business section. Tho tun- ., ... ,. . . , ..
nol will be used to carry the trains th0 rosuIt would be to lncronB8 tho
of tho Boston Elevated Bailway demand proportionately for colonial
Company   through     the down town investments.
section of lho city.    Tlio old   tunnel     ,n the ,_.      cU|es there abunda_t
known os  tho Tremont street   sub-      ,, ...
way,    which    was thc first to     bo "'ldence of tho great numbers out of
built In America,     will bo omployed employment,     and tho situation     ls
exclusively for tho so-called   surface worse at such times there than horo,
car trnmr     Wilh i„,fl. i,„,,,nie i.. ....
With both tunnels in uso
tically relieved of all stroot cars. nothimJ »» »" to go on when     out
Tho new tunnel is SOTO feot   long,   of work.     Tho distress among    the
It Is fire-proof throughout.    All tho .shipbuilding population ln   Glasgow
'   • is protected   by  and nanchester, wher0 tho blg aiT[ko
concrete from rust or firo.    All   the . .,        .. ,.,
doors and ticket booths nnd oscala- w"s °» ttt «10 cotton m1"8' WM «"
tor balustrades are encased in shoot peclnlly bad, but groat efforts aro
bronze. Tho telephone offices und being made to relieve the unemploy-
puckago rooms and electricians' clo- ed „ 8U„plying government work of
sets havo    tiled    walls of masonry. *        ' '   " *
The signs are _of metal and the seats various kinds.
I1AUVAHI1 WON  1110- CAME.       , g,A.Y F.NBMY
  I Oil.
AVEN,    Conn., Nov. 21.— , 	
„.,„„„    f     «.    ™« *_rf     WINNIPEG, Man., Nov. 21.-Start
won one of    the greatestL.^ uisclosui:c8 hav'0 ,,eon ,mul(J    in
battles against Yalo hy a score of I the Investigation ol the oil exploit to 0. A Held goal by Kennard, | sions resulting in the deaths oi four-
who was sent in at tho opportune j :^on Pooplo, throughout Manitoba
moment, gnvo hor the victory.
NEW YORK, Nov. 21.—When dawn
broke today the big force of workers
who had been struggling almost constantly since yesterday forenoon to
reach the bodies of the scoro or more
persons who wei-e entombed by the
explosion and cave ln in the grout
sower trench In Gold street, Brooklyn, saw many hours of labor ahead
of them. It would bo hours before
even tho emergency shoring which
would make it safe for the workors
to begin digging at tho hundred:
tons pf debris In the trench,
to completed, and
Yale's great defenco in the first
half against tho rushing of tho
crimson was mnde helpless by
egually stubborn defenco of the Harvard men against the ferocious attacks of tho desperate men in blue,
who snvv defeat before them. In the
second half tho ball was never in
Harvard's hands in Yalo's territory.
Man for man. tho playing wos superb, but nothing remarkable in the
new style of football wns Bhown.
Thlrty-dvo    thousand people     saw
thc gtamo.
In every case the oil was purchased
trom the AVinnipeg Oil Company,
of American and independent companies, rivals of the Standard Oil
^no company, The doctored shipments
' wore made botweon October ir) and
All the oil in ono consignment was
taken from the snme innlr, yet part
of tho shipment contained gasoline.
Tho company openly charges that
crooked work was done by somo enemy with intent to ruin Its business,
A swarm of detectives is nt work
on tho case. Provincial and Dominion officers rtro also engaged. Heavy;
doomage suits are throatoned by tho
relatives of tho victims. This is the
first case -of the kind in Canada.
speaks rnoM
UNION BAY, Nov. 28.— William
Hurwood, a young man 19 years of
age and second oldest son ot Mr. .1
Harwood, residing on a farm at
Trent river, has bcon missing since
Saturday alternoon. The young
man lett tho house taking with him
a 32 rifle, telling his mother that he
would be _aok in a fow hours.
Search parties havo been searching
all through places -whore he would
likely have gone and can find no
Great feara are entertained that some accident has
befallen him.
'ihle that aome ol tyin'77' "77a'llne mmUiPanty ot lhe tntnre    willt    Vl*!NNA,    Nov. 23,-The  German
some of the bodies might also rctuin lho 8|)lrlt Q( true dH___Jand Italian student, attending    the
BERLIN,    Nov. 21.—Emperor William made a  public speech in     this
city this morning on the occasion of
the centennial celebration of the formation of the city council of Berlin.
Instead of speaking extemporaneously, as Is   his usual custom, he read
Ids    address     from a  printed form
that was handed to him by Chancellor Von Buelow,    His Majesty sold:
"The municipality of Berlin     was'trace of him.
s ofjcroatcil in tho midst of the flree   ot
could | the    '"ars of   liberation,   liut since
— ~^n,,,nsien, ana mnny moro hours iti. t .-      ,- ,      —
would bo necessary    to cut thZ  ,   thnt tlmo !t •**• heen developed   by
«- 'angled mnss ^ ^   h-      j«- devotion of citizen, of the capl-
«"« the trench,    while it will bop^ tv' f™ '"8 the n0pe thttt
lightweight Pugiillst, Milter ol Cm-
monies at a  Bull Terrier Jright.
Neatly Dodges .trrsa',.
CHICAGO, Nov. 28.--AIter two
bull terriers had torn one another
for 30 minutes and had been prevent
od from ruiolng into a death grapple by Battling Nelson, the trustees
of the village of Burnham, with
dozen armed deputies at their back,
broko into the city hall in which the
fljrht was held. The flvo hundred
spectators jumped tb their feet and
a wild rush for tho doors und win
dows followed. Soverul shots were
fired in an attack by the deputies,
uut they could not stop the stampede. The trustees and deputies,
however, managed to capture nine.
Battling Nelson escaped tbe sami
fate by what his followers might
Call a nont exhibition of ring generalship. Whon tho scramble' began,
tho battler bethought himself of a
deputy's star presented him by nn
admirer in Obara, Mcx., last year.
Pinning that on his coat ho mingled
with tho deputies nnd Anally slipped
from the place unobserved.
% Billiards and Pool %■
Best Liquors and Cigiirs.
• found before nightfall, tho men l,.|.hi,
charge    of the work estimated that
«t least two days would pass before!
an the bodies are recovered.     Until,	
that time there will bo no way of CHICAGO, Nov. 21.-Ono man waa
definitely knowing tho exact nunnber I me<l nnd two are missing and eev-
of Uvea lost, | oral are injured In a  colliolon     be-
Ihe most conservative estimates |twc011 'wo Illinois Central freight j
today place the number of dead at Itrolni at Borwln near Chicago early
about 26. This number of persons j !-°d<kV- A dense fog is believed to-i
was reported missing into Inst Bight !hav0 cnus<"1 the wreck. Immediately;
end not one of the missing ones hasjafto1' v"o wreck both trains caught-
lieen found today. ] fire.
♦ ■ , ,   HOWELLj   Mloh
| University of Vienna,, came Into serious collision in the University pre-
-cincts this morning, and before the
'/.polios drovo the demonstrators away
revolvers had boon freely used and a
•number of young men were wound-
Mi. The trouble iwas occasioned by
•nn Italian demonstration in favor of
■the establishment of en Italian university at Trieste. The opposing)
•factions totalled twelve hundred men
>and they  sang themselves Into    the)
Nov. 21.—Two J
DEBUTS. trainmen were klllod and  threo   fa-
•My daughter," said Mrs. Noncash)*"1^ injured early today in »  eolM-
proudry, "comes out tonight.'
"How stwngel" cried Mrs. Kash-
ler, "So dosa my husband. Hciw
long waa your daughter ln for, mny
I saw"
sion between two freight trains    on
the Toledo and Ann Atjbor railway,,
BHEALAU, Nov. 38.-A German
balloon passed over Hussion territory laat Saturday and was fired on
by the Russian frontier guards near
the town of Zerkow. No less than
fifteen shots wero fired and this ln
spite of tho fact that the balloon
wna flying the German flag when the
bullets hissed alt around the airship,
and one of them pierced a sack of
hallaat ano* was lost ln the sand.
The aeronuats made a hurried descent and succeeded ln landing on
•Gorman territory. They were not
hurt. The balloon belonged to the
Sileslon Aero club.
istlcks and stones, but revolvers wore
finally used and a number of shots
Jirod. The Italians were driven from
the building   and   fathered In    the
near Lakeland. Following a change j streets. At this stage the police
of orders It Is undsratood that ono i appeared and promptly dispersed the
of the trains ran past a signal.        rioters.
»  t-  -.   .ii    -.'   I' .. ,v     i\
______ e
VANCOUVER, Nov.  23.- C.     A.
and benches of cement. There is
not a bit of wood throughout the
completely fireproof structure.
Tho construction of tho tunnol varies in different plnces, boing adopted
to the constantly changing conditions of the streets and buildings
above it. Sometimes a vault is used
held together by ties in some cases,
and sometimes the roof is spanned
hy girdors and in the choice of those
methods ono factor was the necessity
of continuing traffic in the streets
while construction wus in progress.
In accomplishing this the engineers
achieved a groat success, The tunnol wits begun and finished with no
disturbance to the traffic overhead.
To insure ngninst the cutting oil
of the current at nny time nnd thoro
by plunging the stations into darkness, threo different sources of supply arc arranged for, each independent of the other, and all so arranged thnt should tho current be shut
off from ono sourco it is instantly
supplied from another source uutoiba
tlcally by an arrangement of tho
main switches. To keep tho tunnol
free at all times from water, pumping stations nro Installed' at threo
different localities. There aro four
fan chambers to exhaust tho foul
air from the tunnel.
Tho walls of tho station nro glax-
ed tlio. Whoro color is used in tho
tlio work, as in the borders and
signs, it is of a distinctive color
for each station, and tho columns aro
painted of tho same color, so that
tho travoller on looking out of the
window recognizes his position by
tho familiar color of the station.
Tho platforms ol tho stations aro
oach threo hundred nnd fifty feot
long, and nro doslgnod to accomodate trnins of eight cars. At tho
principal stations escalators aro pro
vidod, besides tbo nocossary stairs
to tho exits and ontrnnces. Each
station is providod with package-
rooms, newB stands and public telephone booths.
Tho tunnol wns built by tho Boston Transit Commission, and leased
to tho Roston Elevated Rnilway
Company for twonty-llvo years from
tho beginning of its use. It Is built
through that section nf Boston which
contains tho highest priced land with
due regard    for     tho bost
"I attended a meeting of 0,000 of
the farming, population in the border
district of Scotland, which was addressed by Promlor Asquith. Ho devoted himself entirely lo tho Small
Holdings Bill, which of courso, ho
entirely believed ln. Admission to
the meeting was by ticket, and tho
womon who asked for them woro
watched closely to see that no suffragettes got in."
WASHINGTON, D. 0„ Nov. 24.—'
To tho list of oquostritin statues for
which Washington already is famous
anothor wdll - be adde 1 tomorrow
when a handsome statue of Gonoral
"Phil" Sheridan will bo unvoilod
and formally presented to the city,
The statue cost S3ti,000 and was
modeled by Gutzoll Borglnm of Now
YOrk. It has been placod In tho
contor of Shoridnn Circle at tho Intersection of Massachusetts Avonuo
and twenty-third street. At tho dedication tomorrow President Roosevelt is expected to speak and there
will bo a considerable military display. Tho ovont wlll lw nttondod by
tho widow and othor members of
Genernl Sheridan's family.
No Honing—
No Grinding
You know from dally experience, at heme or in the barber
shop, that ths question is—
■'Why doesn't]a raior hold
its edge uniformly from heel
to head without honing and
grinding?"   Whether it is a
safety, with the certain tax of I
new blades, or the ordinary I
open-bladed  razor docs not I
alter the question. You want I
the comfort and satisfaction ofj
s clean, smooth shave every
morning  with the confident \
knowledge that your razor
 wlll be reedy for Instant use
feasible   ,ne "•** time needed.
grade and alignmont with respect to! The Carbo Magnetic Mxor Is
tho narrowness and crookedness of »hc only rasoriiitooBiHWOit-
tho streets. Tts cost, together with ' any taaranleot to do this,
tho cost of Its approaches and equip : Thirty years of study on the
montmont, is estimated at ovor ton ~m situation has perfected
million dollars. Tho tunnel will Increase tho carrying capacity of tho
Boston Elevated Railwuy Company
system through tho heart of Boston,
it Is estimated, about ono hundred
and soventy-flvo por cent. -Its stations aro frequent, nnd aro In tho
midst of tho shopping nnd theatre
a new secret process of
positively merges every particle of carbon (the lifo of steel) I
Into the metal—giving a dla-
mend-lllce hardness uniformly,. I
throughout the blade—-«"•«-* '
Bight with stirring patriotic airs.     IjDertslor, civil engineer for the B.C
The lighting    started with    lists,  Ktectrlo Railway,  wns drowned     at
j,_hllillwack while otttrnptlng to cross
•the Veddor river on a raft. In mld-
Btream the raft on which wore Dert-
Bier and a companion, smashed to
.pieces on the rocks. Both mon were
I thrown Into the swift stream
Dertsler was never seen again.
t-     _l, en
________——_——, -some
thing absolutely impossible
with fire tempered steel-used
In making sll other razors.
But test this razor in your
own home—or If you prefer,
have your barber use it on you.
Give us your name.
or call and soo the "Carbo
Magnetic" razor, end we will
state our proposition for test-
lag these razors without
* ••■y»»»fo«'rlt
• together with our
free booklet " Hints on Bhav-
Ing."   This book Illustrates
TORONTO, Nov. 21.-"There   will
he quite a  number of Scotch farmers from   the border    counties emigrate to Canada next year,"     aald"
Mr. J. J. Gibson, manager of    the
Titles and Trust Company, who has the cornet razor position for
recently returned from a trip to the P-ovlagamy part of ths face.
old country.
"These    poople   aro   eager to get 1    ,       SOI 15 AflFVTS;
and'farms    of     their    own," ho   added.   liflflVfUll     1 HS!' Wf!l"'P
"There la probably no place on  all UUWJM,U,1,» ""' «    »  <•
;o. Telegraph News ofthe
World in General,"
formation   of the origii
Oil trust in 18811.
Pekin, Nov. 21,-The members     of     "I'm sorry to say that I  did not"
~»'cln. three said   Mr. ttuckefeller.     "I    cannot
the diplomatic corps In P'
representatives from each legation,
were received at the palace this eve-
Ming to express the condolence of
tholr governments In the deaths of
the Emperor and the Dowager Empress of China.     Every opportunity
claim any credit for that. Mr- Flagler and S. 0. T. Dodd conceived it. '
When recess was declared one ui
lhe reporters hundoil Mr. Rockefeller
the following writton question:
NEW YORK, Nov. 19— War, devastating and terrible, between the
United States and Japan is declared
to be inevitable by Gen. Viscount
Torio, the Japanese elder statesman,
nol Standard I anti one °' tlle c|osest fr'ends of the
Mikado, in aa interview by Richard
Barry, the war correspondent, published today in Hampton's Broadway Magazine.
"Come and see me when you     return from the lirst stage of tho war" them to go to.
Gcn.Torio said    to   his interviewer.!    "Nocowsandnomilk.Wl.nl   the
"Your,    hair   will    be as grey     as Hindus going    to    do in a  country
Nannimo,  Nov. 21,-
The scheme of the Dominion   goy
eminent to take all the Hindus     iu
British  Columbia  to  Honduras niay
not bo so successful as at ilrst    anticipated.    A Hindoo passed through
the city this week en  rode In vlsi.l
his couulrynieu wording  in  ilti.re.it
Parts of the island.     He clui      l! .it
ho has just returned  'roe.  t •■
to which it ie intended tu si
the   British Columbia Liudi.s    cud
says that it is not a   lit pi.ice   for
"Do you think you could    receive mine.'
has beon    seized to male this tunc- immunity   from prosecution becauso
Ching, for the first time since
passing away of thoir majesties,
peared officially at the head of
foreign board.
Paris, Nov. 21.—A despatch has
been rocoivod hero trom the governor
ot Indo-Chlna, saying that the authorities have succeeded in running
down the bandits who somo time ago
waylaid and murdered a French official named Dubarry. They offered
a most desperate resistance and all
eight of them died fighting. One
Frenchman wus killed.
NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 21.—Peter
Hellwege, of the cotton firm of Peter E. Hollweg waa run over and
killed Ly a railroad train at Ely-
slun this morning.
the' of your testimony in case proceed-
ap. ings are brought later?"
the Mr. Rockefeller leaned over as if
to whisper to the reporters and said
in a loud voice:
| "Please tell them that I am not
|l_."       •
'Are you tired of tho examination?" he was asked.
'It does not pay to complain. One
will live longer and better if ho doos
Nelson, Nov. 21.—Lester and Frank
Patrick, formerly well known in
eastern hockey circles, but who now
reside here, today authorized the
contradiction of the story that they
would play this coming season for
Edmonton in the ellort of that city
to capture the Stanley cup.   .
Blnscarth, Man., Nov. 21.—Joseph
Johnson, a prominent and highly
respected farmer of this district was
found dead today in his stable underneath a blanket covered with
loose straw. He had been missing
sinco laat Tuesday.
London, Nov. 21.—The King and
'Queen of Sweden, who have been In
England ns the guests of King Edward, left this city today for Stockholm via Portsmouth and Cherbourg,
I like that;" is the way heputs it.
'WIU it     be thirty yoars?" Barry!    Near Nunoose Bay there aro thirty
asked, j ilindus employed and he went there
"Perhaps a  hundred," was tho an-] on Thursday bearing his message.
swer of the Japanese warrior.
"You have a  grout nation, but we
have a   greul nation, too."
Vancouver Hindoo Tells Countrymen
to Resist    All Efforts to Send
Them to British Honduras.
Vancouver, Nov. 23. —PTof. Teja
Singh, M.A., Hindoo, preached sedition against British rule in India,
in an impassioned address which he
delivered this morning before a crowd
of his countrymen, whom he urged tu
resist all efforts of the Dominion government .o send thom to British
Honduras. He shouted: "India will
act constitutionally in this agitation. If her just rights are not
grunted, a leader will arise to direct the cause in open warfare. The
spirit of unchecked power Ib giving
us in India a class of white officers
who do not understand people. The
Sikhs are getting their eyos opened.
India demands justice. Col. Cunningham years ago predicted the advent of a native leader who would
sweep everything before him unless
England did her duty. No empire
can exist if held together by ties of
Members of the Hindu Committee
gave out a statement at noon to
the effect thut Interpreter Hopken
son, who accompanied Commissioner
Harbin and two Hindu delegates to
Honduras, offered them a bribe of
approximately three thousand dollars in cash to bring back a favor
able report that would result in the
Hindus leaving British Columbia for
• DENVER, Col., Nov. 21.—Sam •
• uel Gompers whs re-elected Pre- *
• sident of the 'American Fedora- *
• tion of Lobor.jtpdny, with only *
• ono dlssenting^^volce. *
Wlnnlpog, Nov. 21.—Harry Vldal
and John Stephenson, fishermen,
while setting their nets at Fishers'
Bay, lake Winnipeg, a few days ago
broke through tho Ice nnd were both
• 23. — Extraordinary precautions
• aro being taken here to   prevent
• tho spreading in Canada   of tho
• foot nnd mouth dlsonso now pro-
• valcnt In tho States of  Pennsyl-
• vnnla and New York, and   com-
» ploto embargo    Is being   placod
• on nil shipments of animal's fod
• der, manure and fresh hides.
SUFFOLflT, N.J., Nov. 23.- Two
freight trains met in a head-on collision during a heavy fog yesterday
near Nansemound station on the Atlantic Coast line. 'The front brake-
man, II. K. Snivel, of West Philadelphia, was killed and several other
trainmen were slightly Injured. Both
engines and twenty-one heavily loaded freight cars were demolished, the
debris catchingi fire from the locomotives. Snivel was burned under the
wreckage and was cremated,
Ths trains had orders to meet at
Vansomond but the engineer ot one
of tho trains mis-read his orders and
the collision resulted.
THE HAGUE, Nov. 19.—Tho government of tho Fatherlands has proposod to advocate the convocation
of an international committee to arrange for a third peace conference.
During tha debate today in parliament, on the foreign office budget,
Foreign Minister Von Swindsren
mado a general statoment on International policies, in tho course of
which ho aald he had decided to ask
tho powers for a declaration of neu-
'Itrality ln the caae of tho Netherlands, explaining that such a course
has been Incapable of independence
with Holland.
Toronto, Nov. 20.—E. E. Shepherd
a woll known newspaper man, proprietor of the Saturday Night, is
critically 111 in Arizona, whither he
wont some wee' s ago for tha benefit
of his health. He has been suffering
from lung trouble for some time.
CHICAGO, Nov. 21-Aftar an examination of the various documents
la tho offloe of Peter Vaa Vllaalngtn
convicted of forgery of mortgage
notos and deeds, Wm, 0. Nlcklao,
vice-president of the Chicago Title-
Trust Co., receivers tor the VanVlls-
alngen properties today declare that
the forgeries amount to. ovor a million and a half dollars.
TORONTO, Nov. 23.—Tom Longboat, tlie long distance running m,...-
vel of the age, last night threw down
the gauntlet to John J, Hayes, l'ie-
tro Dorando, Alfred Shrubb, Jujl u
Wado, the Japanese, or any other
runner who thinks he has a chance
with the Indian. The Indian la not-
looking for any soft spots, a ln Tom
my Burns, but will moot the work, s
best distance runners any place, at
any time, and allow them to noma
the conditions and distance.
Tho terms are the same to them
all except Shrubb, and he insists i,n
a renl long distance race for the
Englishman—not less than twenty
miles tor any sum. Tho monoy is
tho same for .luilro Wado, tho Jap;
Dorando, Hayes, or Deerfoot, and
any old distance for them from one
to fifty miles. A race with Shrubb
over the exhibition track or at the
Woodbine noxt week Is not Improbable.
"But is It possible for nations to
fight continuously for so long a
"in tho lifo of Japan a century is
but a day," said ths viscount. "Wo
havo existed since the growing of tho
Ilrst Anemone, and we will continue
to exist after the reaping of tho last
"We have existed so long for ono
thing—to preserve our national unity. As a nation we are only ono
member of a family. That family
covers lho whole continent of Asia
and the islands that lie thereby. It
has many members, from the 'old
grandfather,' * China, to the 'little
bad boy' in the Philippines.
It is a big family, a wonderful
family. Behind tho family wo remember nothing; beyond the family
we seo nothing. There is nothing
but the family, We are born, we
live and die for tho family. The family gives us our colossal strength
ond perpetuity. It gives us also
easy reliance on ourselves which lets
us drift, Bometitncs Ior centuries, secure always in tho faith that If some
of the membors of the family are
woak and foolish there will always
be thc strong to fight and maintain
their shields.
"Two thousand yenrs ago your boy
Alexander, strayed into our backyard. He was a bright boy, ven
ttirosomo and expert with both the
sword and spear. Went against him
our elder brother, Xerxes. The elder
brother fell and the younger brother
pushed on. For how long? For
breath: a laugh; a shy, exulting
shout, and then he slipped; he fell
he died and his notion perished and
wo lived on and tho family triumphed.
"We opened, we absorbed them, wo
passed them on and did not know
they had come. And therein
nlways win. If overwhelmed,
startled, if outwitted, we yield, wo
gracefully submit for a time. Then
thc family gathers its royal members together and loosely enfolds its
twining nnd terrible arms hospitably
about our victor. You have a family as we have. Your family is of
the Occident and four times in the
last two thousand years has some
member of your family strayed over
to Impose upon the rights of our
"Four times we havo cast "you out
and your marks havs hardly remained. Do you think, then, that the
fifth time you como upon us will
stay? That you take our lands,
keep our men and remove our money? Tho hundred and fifty years
you have been in India is but a day
and a half in our slow family pride;
your decade in tho Philippines Is but
an Interval between the smoking of
two cigarettes."
"To be exact then," asked his interviewer, "you mean Japan today
is the strong nation of Asia, and
that she will right the wrongs of all
the Orient; that you will drive the
Americans from thc Philippines; the
British from India; Russia from Manchuria; tho French from Indo-China,
and the Germans from Kiao-Chau?"
"Oh, you Americans. To be ex
act, we havo driven the Russians
from lower Manchuria."
"Why did Japan choose Russia
Ilrst among the whito iieople?" was
"Why doos the wounded buffalo
turn on the dogs?" he replied,
"And yot," continued his intervlow
er, "now that you hove Korea, the
natives complain more bitterly than
they did of the Russians. Is that
like a royal member ofthe family?"
"You are encroaching on tho rights
of our family,"
In reference to the Hindus in British Columbia, the following appears
in today's Colonist:
It will be remembered that Mr.
Harlan was sent to Honduras at the
instance of the Dominion government
to see whether tho plan suggested by
Lord Strathcona of transferring the
surplus Hindu population ot British
Columbia to that country was teas-
ble and ho wus accompanied by two
Sikhs, tho representatives of the local colony. His mission has been
heraldod in the press ns a complete
success and it has been asserted that
a large contingent of the Sikhs arc
going to Honduras as soon as the
necessary arrangements aro complet
Unfortunately it appears that the
wish has been father of the thought.
The Sikhs cannot he compelled to
go, and, acting on the advice of
thoir leaders, they have decided to
remain where they are. The Sikh
delegates who wont to Honduras are
stated on good authority to have
given a very unfavorable report of
the land to their compatriots. In the
first place they say that they were
treated with scant courtesy, and in
fact practically ignored in the conferences with the llonduran officials,
as to the terms on which the immigrants should come, and other matters of grave importance to their
'They say that at the conference in
Honduras they were asked one or
two-questions as to what the Sikhs
ate, and thcir cost of living generally, and were then told to retire from
the room, which they did with great
indignation. They claim, however,
to have met a number of Sikhs who
had spent several years in the country. Theso are said to have given
a most discouraging account, and
to have begged for enough money to
get out of the place, saying that
they had nover been able to got en-
lf ough ahead. They also claimed that
the climuto was very deadly to na
tives of India on account of its ina
larial qualities.
As the upshot of all this the Stkb
delegates came back determined tbat
if they could prevent it, nono of
their countrymen should go to Honduras, and since thsn efforts havo
beeu made to notify all that they
cannot be compelled to go, and that
if they ure wise they will refuse to
leave. In order to clinch the matter
mass meeting of Sikhs has been
called in Vancouver for Sunday noxt
when it is expected that at least a
thousand of the turbaned ones will
be present. The delegates will give
nn account of what thoy saw in Honduras, and those who are In touch
with the men have no hesitation in
saying that the result will be that
none of them will leavo British Columbia. Tho members of the Victoria colony are already on record
as saying that thsy propose to stay
where they aro.
tion alter the   due passuge   of   tbe
within contained by-law.
AND WHEREAS it is proposed to
give the gun
lion  of  the
I __J)Y_fflTH LUMT.Iffl CO. |
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Daily at 9 a. m.
Wedncsdey,  Saturduy and Sunt' iy.
at 9;00, and 15;0R.
For Victoriu.
Trains r\rrive at Lndysmith
Daily at 11:57.
Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
At 11:57 and 17:55
From Victoria.
j. m. mo^GAH
Teacher ol Voice Production and
Engagements may he left at the
Standard Office.
NEW YORK, Nov. 38,-John
(Rookfoller testified today that
did not   conceive tho plan for
WASHINGTON, Nov. 21. -fTho
first report ot an outbreak under the
new regime in China came to the
state department today from U.S.
Consul General Martin at Hankow,,
who reported that a riot had occurred on the Yangtse river in that
vicinity. Tho cause of the trouble
was not stated.
Hankow ls about four hundred mlles Inland and ls on tho railway line
from l'okin to Canton. It Is ono
of the largest Interior places In China.
Just two hours beforo Consul Martin's despatch came there was a cablegram from Minister Rockhlll at
Pokln reporting all milet thero and
adding thot none of his diplomatic
colleagues hnd received any despatches from the consular representatives
of tholr respective countrlos in China
tho indicating any disturbance.
NEW YORK, Nov. 21.—Thousands
of cattle, swine, and sheep, have
been hold In pens hero ns a result
of an order placing them In quarantine nil cnttlo antl other food ..supplies, animals coming from the
Statos of Now York, ond Pennsylvania, and today the local unihorl.
ties ore taking prompt slips to combat tho foot nnd mouth tllsoaso the
rapid spread of which made quarantine necessary.
It Is fonred that In addition to n
scarcity of hoof with resul'.nnt hiih
prices, a milk famine may bo enured. It Is believed hero by tho Inspectors that the disease originated
ln Europoan countries, and was
communlcatod by moans of cattle
shippod ronching American ports As
a result nil rattlo carrying ships
entering United States ports and nil
llvo stock trains cruising, the Olj.ll-
ndlan border will be rigorously In
spected for traces of fever.
cattle will be killed.
American Team Play 5-0 Gome With
Japanese Team Before Audience of 8,000 People.
TOKIO, Nov. 23.—In the presence
of on enthusiastic crowd of more
than 8,000 people the American baseball team which came to Japan .to
piny somo of the Japanese university teams, opened the souson yesterday aud defeated Wuseudu University
S to 0. 'Tho Wuseada played snappy ball, but did not get a man as
fnr us second baae. Count Okuma,
the sags of Wuseada University, wettr
ing the cap and coat of one of the
American team, tossed tho first ball
across the plate.
Aftor the game the American p .ay-
era were the guests of Count Ok una
at a garden party given Ey hl.u In
thoir honor.
of lhe Corpora-
City for securing
lho sum of money intended to be
AND WHEREAS the amount of
suid sewer rates and sewer rentals as
.(foresaid which will be imposed, ley-
... j,,,u collectable after the iustal-
..iliun nt the said sewerage system,
is estimated at $4800.
 > WHEREAS   the said amount
oi money intended to bu borrowed
pursuant to this by-law, will bo
primarily charged and' secured upon
the sewer rentals and sewer rates to
ie assessed and levied collectable an-
nuully under the authority of a bylaw or by-laws to ' lie passeil as
AND WHEREAS the computed amount to be collected unnually us
aforesaid from the sewer rentals and
sewer rates to puy the interest at (j
por centum per annum upon tho said
sum of $50,000 is $3,000, and the
amount required to bu sot aside annually to bear interest at 8 pet-
centum per annum to repay the said
sum of (150,000 In '25 yoars is estimated at $1,871.40 and it is estimated that thore will lint, be any
AND WHEREAS it is proposed to
borrow the said sum of $50,000 upon debentures as hereinafter appearing.
Therefore the -Municipal Council of
the Corporation of the City of Ladysmith, enacts as follows :
1. Tho moneys raised under this
by-law shall be expended in the construction of sowers und for the purposes generally mentioned in this
by-law, and for no other purposes.
2. It shall be lawful for the Muyor of the Corporal un ol the City of
Ladysmith to borrow on the security, primarily, of the snid sowor
rates and sower rentals to be imposed, levied and collectable by a bylaw or by-laws to be passed as
aforesaid (and by either or by any
of the ways ns aforesaid or by any
of the ways mentioned sin the Municipal Clauses Act) and by way of
guaranteo upon u r.uil of the
said Corporation by way of tho debentures hereinafter mentioned, from
any person or persons, or body or
bodies corporate, who may be willing to advance the same as a loan, ' JJ T_, Ch8tha_l
a sum of    money   not   exceeding in
the  whole tho sum  of $50,000 cur-' District Passenger Agent,
roncy, and to cause all such sums so 1102 Government St,
raised    or   received to be paid into
the hands of the Treasurer (or per-,' ""	
son acting as such) for the Corporation for the purpose and with the
object hereinbefore referred to. The
said debentures shall contain tho
guarantee of the snid City of Ladysmith, in the following terms, or as
near thereto as may be:
"Tho payment of the principal
" moneys and interest thereon un-
" der this debenture nt the respoc-
" tive dates when the same fall due
" under the terms of this debenture,
"'is hereby guaranteed by the Cor-
" porntion of the City of Lndy-
" smith.
3. It shnll be lawful for the said
.Mayor to cuuse any numbor of, debentures to be made, executed and
■issued for such sums ns may bo required, not exceeding, however, the
sum of $50,000 currency each of the
said dobontures being of tho amount
of not less than $1,000 currency and
all such debentures shall bo scaled
with tho seal of the said Corporation and signed by the Mnyor thereof nnd countersigned by the City
4. The Debentures shall bear the
dnto of tho day after thc final passing of this by-lnw and shall lie payable in 25 yoars from the said dato
at the office of the Corporation of
tho snid City of Ladysmith (or ot
such other place as may Iio designated thereon) and shall have attached to thein coupons for the payment of interest and the signatures
to tho interest coupons mny ho ol-
ther written, stamped, printed, 'or
5. 'i'he suid Debentures shall bear
nterest at thc rate of 6 per centum per nnnum from the date thereof,
payable half yearly on the last day
of June and Doceinber in each and
ovory year until the redemption ol
tho said debentures at tho office of
tho clerk of the Municipal Corporation of the said City of Ladysmith,
or at such other place as may bo
expressed n the debenture or coupon
0. It shall be lawful for Ihe Mayor of the said Corporation to dispose of tho sahl debentures at a
rato below par, and to the Treasurer to pay out of the sums so raised hy the sale nt tbe said debentures all expenses connected with
the preparation nud lithographing of
the debentures and coupons or any
discount or commission or other
charges incidental to the sale of the
said debentures.
7. -So much of the moneys collected for nnd received by the City
Treasurer under tho provisions of
the by-lnw or by-laws to bo passed
after the passage of this by-law os
uforemontioncd as shall bo sufficient to provide tho annual interest
on tho moneys borrowed on the security of the sahl debentures and
tho annual sinking fund for tho rc-
puymont of lho principal moneys duo
upon lhe snid debentures shall, immediately on receipt thereof, bo sot
astdo by the saui City Treasurer
and placed by him tn n separate account with the Rnnkcrs'of the Corporation of the City of Ladysmith,
and thoreout shall be paid the coupons or Interest, upon tho said dobontures or borrowed moneys as tho
same shell from time to timo fall
due, end tho moneys to provide tho
said annunl sinking fund shall be
placod on deposit nnd with tho interest thereon shnll bo allowed to accumulate, and thereout shall bo paid
tho principal moneys borrowed, ns
tho said dobontures shall from timo
to time become due. "*■"*
8.    This By-Lnw shall, beforo tho Will be ln Ladysmith every Wednns-
flntil pnsslng thereof, roceivo tho as- Aty „t the Abbotsford Hotel, Room
g JOHN W. COUtJUN. {.WO. 0   FICKAHb.        in
^Z     President and Mftna(_intf Director. *-•,., -■,.|..,*v Tronnvrer.      ^
ot 3
Hf  THE  ^
P.O. Box 54 'Phone 14
Dealer in All Kinds of
Ueati Delivered free of charge on tht
Shortest Notice.
Union Brewing Co.
-._-K:_.-^-^i^. j___aC5B-
Excellent Boarding
+ •*■"*- «*, ^.^*t«_*.'% ■*^-*-'*J%.^^^*^^4
Lndysmith. il. C.
Dcst Liquors and ClgarB.
i Kim
mil Stock of Ulnars' Tools.
Ship Repairing Work
A Specialty
All kinds  o.'  Blacksmithing
Done at Short Notice.
■At-.**. '..-.m-h-a.mm n-.mm.m'm^^^m.m
Barc'ay & Conlin,
aqd Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding end  Party   Cakes Mad.   lo
Fruits and Candles of All Klnl.i
Prices ure    very   reasonable.     All
Customers treated alike.
ii'. 0 tl.HSR       -:>
[Teacher of Music]     8
Studio in Williams' Block 8
On the Esplanade.
Ladysmith,  B.  0.
A BY-LAW to authorize the horrow-
Ing of a sum of SfiO.OOO upon tho
security of Sewer Rates and Sowor
Rentnls, with the Giinrniiteo of the
Oity of Ladysinith,
Wheroiis It is expedient to install
a sowernge system within the City
of Lndysmith, nrltish Columbia,
AND WHEREAS it is liitondod to
borrow the sum of $50,000 upon the
security of tho sewer rules nnd sower rontnls which shnll ho Imposed,
levied and collectable on the sewers
Installed In the snid sewerage system hy tho Corporation of tho City
of Lndysmith (oWi"'' bv way of
frontago rents or taxos   and   sewor
sent of the Electors of the said Cor- fl     j^,       and trcntm0nt3 wl„ be
porntion in the manner provided for    . „   ,    ,     , .
In tho Municipal  Clauses Act,   and **™*-     Best ol references glvon as
shnll tako offoct on tho day aftor the to work dono In Nnnalmo.
final passing thereof.
0.    Tills ily-iLnw may not he alter-    -   ' 	
ed or repealed   savo   with tho   con-      MILLION D01_.Alt  FEDERAL
sent   of tho Lloutcnant-Govornor-ln- BUILDING.
Connell. •   •
10.    This By-Lnw shall bo cited as     PROVIDENCE, R. I., Nov. 28. -
"Tho Sowers By-Law, 1008." Tho magnificent fcdernl building   ro:
Passed tho Municipal  Council   tho contly completod In this city was op
Frankfo: t Sausage, Head
Cheese, Pickled Tripe
Ham Sausage
i>>OCa8»»)W«iao5 Liver Sausage, Blood Pudding
Brown Bologna, Corn Beef,
Pickled Pork Hams and Bacon
Chicken aud Veal and Lard.
Always on Tap at
Ryan's Butcher Shop
lftth Day ol November, 1008.
Take notice that the above is a
truo copy of tho proposod By-law,
upon which tho voto of tho Municipality wlll bo taken at the City Hall
28th Nov-
m. §>    ui. connections    rontnl    or as the caso j^-smith, on Saturday,
Dlso'vod m>V he) according lo tlio tenor of a om,)0-   ]90Sp n, „ nm
by-law or by-laws to bo pnsscd   tor j   STEWART, C.M.C.
on?d for public InspoctloiT today,
with ceremonies under the auspices
of the Rhode Island Business Men's
Association. Tho building cost $1,-
000,000 and Is ono of the finest of
its kind In the country. It wlll contain tho poatofneo, the customs ofll-
ces. tho United States courts and
other federal offices.
j hotographer
•*       —♦—
First Class Photoa.
(■allory on  Find   Avenue        jt
:„o.o)»^jko».c,c,o.^civ.-;.^ CHRISTMAS
li See our New Silk Waists,
Furs and Umbrellas.
II The finest range of Ladies'
Fancy and Plain Combs ever
shown in town.
If Duchesse, Tray and Tea
Cloths, a very choice selection just received.
11 Eider-down Quilts, from
$6,50 to $10.00, must be
seen to be appreciated.
': Ask to see the new embroidered flannels.
SPHING-FIEIA 111., Nov. 24. —
Acting on recommendations made by
the Illinois Board of Live Stock
Commissioners, Gov. Denen yesterday issued a proclamation prohibiting the Importation of live stock
from New York and Pennsylvania in
which states cases of foot and mouth | tea secret service officers,
disease is said to exist.
Dr. J. M. Wright, state veterinary,
says the disease can be communicated from, an infected animal to a human being. Dr. Wright tonight will
leave for Michigan to mako a thorough investigation of a reported out
break in that state.
Simon Leiser & Co.
King, the photographer, will be in
town in u day or two and will be
jireparcd to do line Amns Photos at
his studio in the Nicholson Block.
Mr. Jno. Dunbar returned from a
short visit to Nanaimo on Monday
Mr. 11. Ward returned homo on |
Monday ufter spending the week-end
in Nanaimo.
Percy Winch's Grand Duko Cigar
is one of those rare things thnt improve with acquaintance. The more
you smoke it thc better you will
like it. XX
Senior players tire roquostod to
turn out tomorrow night for running practice, Trainers and assistants will he on the grounds at 7
VICTOBIA, Nov. 23.—The Taylor
case comes up on remand in the police court tomorrow morning. The
murder charge will be proceeded
with. Since Mrs. Taylor first told
her story ten days ago the provincial police have been busily searching for evidence and will tomorrow
produce some further testimony, it is
Mrs. Taylor will have to be exam
ined again formally on the portion
of her story which formed the basis
for the laying of the charge of murder, and she will lie cross-examined
by 11. C. Lowe, What testimony
the crown has in addition is being
kept (juiet, but it is expected that
overy ellort will be made to produce
corroboration of the wife's story.
The case of Alex. Lipsky,     whom
the crown accuses of trying to influence Mrs. Taylor's further   evidence,
comes up ou Thursday morning.
CHICAGO, Nov. 24.— That the
counterfeit So bills which have been
freely circulated in Chicago and other cities in the last two months were
manufactured by an organized band
operating in Chicago, and that this
gang is broken up, was the statement made last night by United Sta-
following a
number of arrests.
The men arrested are declared to
have made confessions saying that
$80,000 worth of bills wore made,
that plates were engraved by one of
t(^ gang and the false money was
struck oft in wholesale lots at a
place on West Adams' street in Chicago. With Lee Brown, Ed. Wheed,
and Ed. WcstcoM under arrest, nre
Dr. W. H. Young, George Anderson,
and Iloa Berkinson, the latter threo
held ln connection with circulating
the bills.
Mr.  John Muir
Monday morning.
returned home   on
Mr. H. Auohinvole    got home
Monday from a trip to Nanaimo.
The Ladysmith Male Voice Party
will resume ils practices on Friday
evening. Thc practice will be hold
in the Opera House nt thc usual
hour, 6 o'clock, and n full attendance of members is requested.
Mr. and Mrs. Mooney were passengers on the Victoria train yesterday
Mr. F.   O. Fisher nml son returned
to town yesterday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. W.
yesterday morning
Aid. Colin Campbell returned from
a trip to Victoria yesterday morning.
Miss N. Nash visited Nanaimo
The Lndysmith Orchestra is giving
a dance in the Opera House tonight.
A despatch from Union Boy 1 o thc
Free Press states thut William
wood, a young mnn 10 yenrs
went out with a .22 rifle or
urday afternoon and has been
Ing since.
of age
Satin iss-
Mrs. J. E. Smith returned from
Kamloops on -Sundny. Mrs. Smith
was called away by the serious Illness of hor mother, Mrs. M. Gibson.
Tlie latter rallied after Mrs. Smith
reached Kamloops and all immediate
dnngor hos now passed.
As a result of Mr. Etl. Quennoll refusing tho nomination of the Conservative Association to contest Nanaimo at the coming bye-election, there
will be no Conservative candidate
the field.
You may havo your own opinion
about the worth and value of a real
live Orand Duke: but Winch's Orand
Huke Cigar Is cIobs all over and
right through. It is the best smoke
In town, is made in town and has
flrst call In town. XV
Messrs. Roeddlng and Morrison nro
onguged painting the front of tho
Iiadysmlth Pharmacy.
There Is one good thing to be got
In Viotoria. That is Winch's Orand
Duke Cigar which is on sale at Wes-
terndele Railway Olgar Store, opposite the E. _ N. Station, at the
James' Bay Cigar Store, opposite
the C. P. R. Hotol, and at tho Hub
Cigar Store on Government Street,
run by Dave Lewis and Jesse Ev
ans. XX
Mr. A. ,7. Knight left on Tuesday
for Vancouver where ho expects to
meet his mother on her roturn from
a six months' visit to the Old Country,
Thc Abhotsford Hotel boarders nro
after tho scalps of thc men who
make the Temperance House their
home. The Temperance House holds
the football championship of thc city
but it hnd little to spare ovcr tho
Aliliotsford Hotel. Now the men of
tho latter house ore out with a ohal
lenge. They will pluy the Temperance men on any date that can ho
suitably arranged.
is   lookout    ut
Tho Ludysmith Orchestra
ing forward to a big turn
its dance tonight, as It is
weeks since a danco was given
town, liie orchestra will consist of
three pieces, namely: Violin, A. Au-
chinvolo; Cornot, I. Whltcombe, and
piano, Jos. Millar, nml some brand
now music will be put on. Admission, gents 75 conts; ladies freo.
VANCOUVER, Nov. 24.—The police are holding consultation today
on (he question of the proposal to
arrest Teja Singh on a .charge of
sedition in his speech to the Hindus.
So decision has yet been reached.
OTTAWA, Nov. 24. —Canadian
Trade Commissioner Larke in Sydney, Australia, reports that the gov-
ernmsnt of Now Zealand had made a
contract for a steamship line to Ta-
hltoo, where connection will be made
with a line for San Francisco. This
would enable mails to be carried to
San Francisco from Sydney in nineteen days.
Mr. Larko   reports that the total
dent of Australian   states is £245,-
047,722, an increase of £42,500,000
since 1901.
LONDON, Out., Nov. 24.—A resident of London went to the _rand
Trunk ticket office' yesterday and insisted upon paying for faro from Detroit to London for n ride he had
stolon on the railway 18 years ago.
The money was accepted.
OTTAWA, Out., Nov. 24.—Dun *
can Ross, ex-M.P., for Yale-Car- *
iboo Is in the city and is stated *
to ho looking for a vacancy on *
the railway commission rendered •
vacant by the death of Hon Mr *
Greonaway. *
These r,ooi.ls aro arriving overy dny so at the present timo
wo nro showing ti very large
range df haml-some ami useful
Gifts. It would bo impossible
to mention thom nil, na wo
hnvo so mnny. You will hnvo
to call and seo them for yourself.
White Blankets, full size. Specinl,  per pair  $8.75
Ladies' Blouses in a range of
Colors.     Special  75c
Ladies' Oolf Waists, while thoy
last.    Special   51.50
Children's School Tunis. Spo-
clfil "  25c
Full sized Comforters. Special   SI.75
TEHERRAN, Nov. 24,—The Shah
already has relented oa hla proclamation posted in the mosqiu'i v n-
terduy , in which it was s, t fo | :
that the people, ln spite of bis ! i. u.»
ises shall not have a constitution,
and tlurink the night he sent out orders to withdraw this proclamation
from circulation and to destroy ail
copies of it. Following! these instructions the proclamation posted
on the streets and niosijuos were hurriedly torn down,
This sudden chnnge of front on the
part of his majesty is attributed to
the vigorous representations that undoubtedly have been made by tho
British and Russian legations. These
powers, it is reported have notified
the Shah that he will be held per-
sonably responsible if any refusal to
give his people a constitution results in anarchy.
Youngly— Did you evor notice that
tlie matrimonial procoss is liko that
ol making a call? You go to adore
you ring the hello and you give your
name to a  maid,
Cynious — Yes, gnd then you're taken in.
Come and    |T;
Inspect    y
my Stock of Latest Styles ln
Wall Papers
Picture  Framing   a Spoclnlty.
%, l^oeddtyg
High Street.
and Oilcloth
Toronto, Ont., Nov. 24.— Goorgo
Coleman, for 50 years a woll known
baker and confectioner hero, is dead,
agod 81 years.
FOR SALE-A kitchen stovo, either coal or wood. Apply Rov. Jas
McMillan, Third avenue.
TORONTO, Ont.. Nov. 24.— It is
stated on good authority that tho
big hardware business of Rico, Lewis &' Co., is to be taken ovcr by
H. S. Rowland & Company.
LOS ANGELES, Cal., Nov. 24. —
Some anxiety is being felt here for
tho safety of Capt. August Mueller
and H. C. Hutchinson, who asconded
yesterday in thc big balloon "United States," intending to reach an' altitude of 20,000 feet if possible.
Ascent was made meroly os an experimental one and the bag was (Hied with illuminating gas which it
was estimated would hold the basket
up for at least twelve hours. Nothing has been seen of the balloon
since yesterday afternoon.
BERLIN, Nov. 24.—The Industrial
Union au organization composed of
many thousands of leading manufacturers and merchants of Cermany, is
at present holding a meeting in this
city and today it gave a remarkable
demonstration in favor of Emperor
William and in recognition of his desire to carry out his imperial duties
with benefit to the Fatherland.
The chairman of the Commercial
Committee,   Privy Councillor Wlrtb, j ~
in addressing the delegates, said the *
recent misunderstanding between the (_o___    and    MfikS   YOU.
emperor and tho people had been en-,    a„i„.«.;__    -.„„. _j.__i_
tlrely dispelled by his majesty's self-      BtfeOtlOn-neW Stock
repression and his spontaneous acts,
and had proved that he was animated by the highest ideal for the good
of his people.    The meeting came to
nn ond with repeated cheers for    tho
Four    gasoline    lamps, tank   and
wires.   Everything complete.    Apply
Wm. Hooperf n25
Wall Papers
fresh in.
J. E. Smith,'   Roberts Street
Notice is hereby given thnt tho
Court of Revision on the Voters'
lust will bo held iu the Council
Chambers. Ludysmith. on Monthly,
21st December, 1908, at 2 p.m.
Ladysmith,  B.C., Nov.  24,  1908.
LONDON, Nov. 24. - Herbert Leo
a music hall performer tlied In this
city today from tho elTccts of a
wound in tho head received during a
performance of a "William Toll" act!
at a locul hull last night.
Leo held a bull on his head at
which Madamo Clementine shot at a
distance of fifty feot.
Madame Clementine surrendered to
the polico. Mr. Leo hod been giving
this act for a period of 18 years
without having met an accident.
oooootX".'*) ■.'-•oooooij-j'tv*:
Penman's Elastic
All Wool Underwear heavy ribbid
Regular 13.00 a
suit   telling   for
$200 a suit.
ISee Our Window
The Kings Hotel has changed
hands. Mr. Jos. Tassin has sold
out to Mr. Josoph Hulagno. Mr. Ba-
lugno has for some years heen onguged in tho bottled boor and wholesale liquor trade and is favorably
known and highly respected throughout the town. ills many friends
will wish him luck in his now venture and certainly Mr. Bulugno can
be trusted to Igok after Ills business.
Pretty little Beryl Thornley is one
of thc lucky kind. Tho wee lady was
throe yoars old on Monday, and u
big birthday party was given to celebrate tho auspicious event. Ovor
twenty of Beryl's little plnymutes
spent Just a lovely afternoon and
had a glorious time. Thorn wero all
kinds of fun and u spread to hold
tho oyo and stay the stomach of oven a youngster at a party. The table was decked with a ininliituro
Christmas tree, strung with euto littio dolls nnd adorned with vari-color-
od candles. To every little guest
wus presented n bag of confectionery
nnd a doll or n horse and wagon,
just as their names called for, lt
was certainly a Joyous party, nnd
Beryl was both a proud and happy
little lody.
Tho meeting organizing tho An-
clont Order of Foresters will be hold
on Tuesday, Dec. lst ot 8 p.m., In
1. O. O. F.   Hnll.
Evory member Is requested to at.
tend. Visiting incmliers nro also
Sue. pro torn.
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 24.-. Fred
Bradley, the Boston heavyweight pugilist, who was seriously Injured In
a *ivage bout at the West End
Athlotic Club htn Inst night with
Kiibiak, known as the Michigan giant, li still la a critical condition
In the Presbyterian hospital. Be In
suffering from concussion of the fcrain
and possible Iracturea of the * ull.
The Physlelans say It Is doubttal If
he will mover.
 i . .      I J.l.
Great Slaughter Sale off
Christmas Gifts
Silverware, Cut Glass Ware, Bizarre
Sets and Bric-a-Brac
To get rid of Thorn wo aro offering   them    at   Cost  and  Less
than Cost Price.    Call in nnd  seo for yourselves.
Tho  Choicest and  Chonpcst Xmas Gifts evor ollorcd in Ladysmith.
Ladysmith   Pharmacy
Head office - - Toronto
CAPITAL $10,000,000   :   REST $5,000,000
Bank Money Orders
$5 nnd under 3 cents
Over <5 and not exceeding $10,   6  "
"  »I0      '■ " 1(80, 10   "
"  »3I)      " " <60, 16   "
These onlers arc payable at par at any olllco In
Cana'la of a tiliartercil Dank, except In the Yukon,
and nt the principal biiilenj; points in the Uniteil
Tliey ore tuv tiilile at I4.0O to the e tlt'iline in
tircaL ilritaiii and Ireland.,, The}' form an excellent
method of remittiii^ email inns of nnilc..- Willi safety
and at small cost and inay he obtained without delay
aj any cilice of the fl.nk
1.A1IVS.MITII MUNCH   ll   I,. M. Di 0_, Honager
P. 0 PISH BR      |
[Teacher of Music]    g
Studio in Williams' Block «
16 Is Time To Buy"
Xmas  Cards
Call in and look over our stock
H. HUGHES, lst Avenue
"I suppose your ploy starts with a
housemaid dusting tho furniture and
soliloquizing about the family affairs?"
"No, we've cut all that out. Instead we have a vacuum cleaner
with phonographic attachment."
How can we afford to be
without one of those lrrge
roomy Chester Drawers
or Chiffoniers when we
can get them right here
in our city for $12.00,
$15,50 and $20.00, with
or without Mirror at
Furniture Store
Phono 1-8, First Avsnue.
House Repairing op House
House Bulldli. and antral
carpcBlcr WeM.___>
)K   M. O'BRIAN   %l
Come In
And See
Samples Of
That Our Celebrated
Whole Stook English
Kip Jt-it Boots are
made out of.
We have also made
from the Stook a
Special Smelter Shoe
for Oharge-Wheelers
that ought to give
We have a side of
leather so as to show
you exactly what
these shoes are made
A Special (Lot
Knobbiest Ever Shown
In Ladysmith
John Thomas
The Old Reliable Shoe Store
Just Arrived
Call and See Them
Terms to Suit all Buyers
Ladysmitli Pharmaey.
Havo you seen those two
Pumpkins lu our window?
Do you think you can guess
how mnny seeds thoro are ln
onch ?
We nro going to givo a prlzo
of 810 worth uf Groceries to
the ono guessing lho nearest
numbor of Seeds In the larger
one, and 15 worth to tho ono
guessing the nonrost to the
numhor in tho smaller one.
Every Collar spent with us
from now until Now Years Eve
entitles you to a guess,
You might win hoth prises
H you nre a good guosser.
Telephone, i.      P.O. Box 805
Just Arrived
A New Line of
Novelties and
Fancy Goods at
Bight   Prices.
IVIcKslvie Bros.
New Line of All Wool  < •
i >
ii  Children's and  il
•i , >
ii Ladies' Stockings i:
All kinds of Stamped
and made up Novelties for Christmas.
IMiss Uren


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